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Lanvton Wells Hazel Edwards Louise Tinsley U ........ Editor Co-Ed it or Co-Business Manager Business Manager Dean CouchOF '' l ,iMAN d body,1 ,7: -fiSWe began our college careers in a world which was at tear. We watched the world that we had previously known fade and disintegrate into a mass of confused aims and blurred sense of values. During those years speakers and writers told us of a new world which was to be. And ice ourselves dreamed dreams of that new world—a world of goodwill, understanding, and cooperation. We cherished those visions, and they sustained our spirits during the dark years. Then, last summer, peace came. The curtain rose, and we looked about us for the glories of our new world. The world of August Fifteen, however, was equally as maladjusted as the world of August Thirteen. But we remembered the rest of what the speakers and writers had told us—that we must build that new world; that tee, the students of today, would be the leaders who would determine the success or failure of this hard-won peace. And so this year we have gone about our college work with 6clear aims and ideals; we have been aide to see the purpose in? our education. Already we have seen many changes on our campus. There are greater numbers of men, men with gold lapel pins. We are proud of these Furman men, and we respect them for what they have done. We are confident, moreover, of their contribution to a better world of the future. There are coaches at Furman again, and the athletic program is getting under way. Webb Ilall has returned to its original role as an infirmary after a brief period of dormitory usefulness. Work was begun on the Hurricane Home at Paris Mountain. . . . And the Bonhomie is returning to 100-gauge paper. Yes, this has been a bright and eventful year of hope and transition, and we, the staff, hope that the pages of the 1946 Bonhomie may preserve for you the choicest memories from this year. 7TO EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR HER INTEREST IN EACH INDIVIDUAL, FOR HER NEVER-FAILING COOPERATION IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES, FOR HER REFRESHING AND GENIAL SENSE OF HUMOR, AND FOR HER DEEP UNDERSTANDING, WE GRATEFULLY DEDICATE THE “1946 BONHOMIE” TO MISS FRANCES BAILEY. 12The President and His Sons Jl ADMINISTRATION Now we have peace. With peace we must again have progress—scientific, cultural, spiritual. In this generation in which so much lias l cen destroyed we must prepare ourselves to build again, to build a kindly and a peaceful world. We have a new era in which to grow. The discovery of the atomic bomb has given us a new age overnight. It should give us an idea of the power of Cod. Let us discover the atomic spiritual power in our lives and spread that power throughout the world. After we have fortified ourselves spiritually, we must equip ourselves with knowledge so that each one of us may be of greatest use in this day when we must have depth of character and breadth of wisdom. As Furman people we are striving to meet the demands of this day. With Gods help we will. JOHN LANKY l’LYLKK ROBERT W DANIEL. Ph.M.. Litt.D. Dean of the UniversityAssistant Dean CHARLES W. BURTS, Pli.D. Registrars CHARLES I). RIDDLE. M.S. EULA BARTON, M.A. Treasurer JAMES A. ORR, M.S. Bursars BYRDIE K. SMITH GARLAND CARRIER, B.A. Director of Student Personnel MARGUERITE CHILES. M.A. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds SAMUEL VV. GARRETT, M.A. JOHN I.ANEY PLYLER President Burts Riddlk Barton GunOdeu. Mii.i.kh FURMAN Cai.iioun Barton Daniki. Doxs'alb M. Cu.PATmcK C. L. Pittman Pittman HUMANITIES Department of Art: Catherine B. Calhoun, M.A., assistant pro-Hkhci iavskii fessor. Department of English: Jesse S. Barton, B.A., instructor; Kob-ert X. Daniel, Litt.l)., professor; Elizabeth Donnald, M.A., assistant professor; Meta E. Gilpatrick, M.A., associate professor; Alfred T. Odell, I), dc l’Univ. de Paris, professor; Charles L. Pittman, Ph.D., associate professor. Department of Ancient Languages: Harold W. Miller, Ph.D., associate professor. Department of Modern Languages: Albert S. Berghauser, M.A., assistant professor; Aileen Coggins, M.A.. associate professor; Eugene E. Gardner, Ph.D., professor; Gwendolen W. Heed. M.A., associate professor. Department of Music: Mona Keeney, associate professor; Wendell Keeney, professor; H. Merrills Lewis, M.Mus., associate professor; Lcnnic Lusby, associate professor; Lenoir Patton, B.A., instructor; Arnold E. Putman, M.Mus., associate pro-Gabdnkh fessor; DuPre Rhamc, B.Mus., associate professor. Patton Reed M. Keeney W. Keeney Lewis Lusby 16FACULTY Department of Religion: Alton W. Greenlaw, Th.D., assistant professor; Elmer F. Haight, Th.D., professor and chaplain of the University; C. Frank Pittman, Th.D., assistant professor. Department of Speech: Frances M. Bailey, M.A., assistant pro- j BUMNKri fessor. SOCIAL SCIENCES Department of Economics: Henry CL Hendricks, Ph.D., associate professor. Department of Education: Olivia Futch, Ph.D., associate professor; Henry G. Owens, Ph.D., associate professor. Department of History: Jessie S. Burnett, M.A., assistant pro- d. ii. Ciuathh.k fessor; I). H. Gilpatrick, Ph.D., professor; R. II. Taylor, Ph.D., professor. Department of Home Economics: Vera E. Burnette, M.S., assistant professor; Orrissa P. Simpson, M.S., instructor; Ethel R. Watters, M.S., professor. Department of Physical Education: Lyles Alley, B.S., instructor; Rosina D. Carter, B.S., instructor; Hubert Ray Dobson, B S., director of athletics. K u taym»« V. Buknkttk O. Simpson CllKKNLAW Smith Wattkiw Ai.iky Cahikii Dokson Haight C. F. Pittman Haii.ky Hkndiucks Fitch 17CUHK il. Taylor Ilccms Fisiilr Muij.kns Sampky Riuolk Be ms Prkvost Kimbkovch Eiiaucii FURMAN SOCIAL SCIENCES—Continukd Department of Physical Education Continued: Hazael Taylor, B.S., instructor. Department of Political Science: M. Clyde Hughes, Ph.D., acting professor. Department of Psychology: Charles VV. Burts, Ph.l)., professor; Cerda Prcvost, M.A., instructor. Department of Secretarial Science: Thomas B. Kimbrough, M.A., assistant professor. Department of Sociology: J. Leon Clark, Ph.D., professor, Laura S. Ebaugli, M.A., assoeiatc professor. NATURAL SCIENCES Department of Biology: Paul L. Fisher, Ph. D., professor; Nora E. Mullens, M.S., assistant professor; Charles D. Riddle, M.S., professor. Department of Chemistry: John B. Sampey, Jr., Ph.D., professor; Arthur P. Slcdd, Ph.D., associate professor. Department of Geology: Alfred T. Navarre, M.A., associate professor. Slkdd Navarre Blaokweij. Bowen Our Adams 18K. W. Simpson Earle Fleker Pickki. FACULTY Department of Maiheniatics: H. C. Blackwell, Ph.D., associate professor; L. II. Bowen, Ph.D., professor. Department of Physics: James A. Orr, Jr., M.S., assistant professor. ' LIBRARY Alice Adams, B.A. in L.S., assistant librarian; Francis Willard Simpson, B.A. in L.S., librarian; Sarah Earle, cataloguer; Jane C. Flener, M.A., assistant librarian; Kathryn Pickel, cataloguer; Evelyn Coggins Smith, cataloguer. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mary K. Byars, secretary to the registrar; Elizabeth P. Collins, dietitian, Woman’s Collge; Mary Kelley, assistant to the bursar; Ethel Langston, hostess at the Womans College; Edna Marshbanks, secretary to the dean; Emma Lee Morrison, secretary to the dean; Nancy Sadler, secretary to the president; Mary Lou Simpson, head resident of Montague Hall; Lula Whitesides, R.N., nurse; June Williams, assistant in public relations; James A. Howard, field representative. Smith By. iis Coluks Kku.ky Langston Mahmiiianks Morrison Sadlkh M. L. Simpson Whitesides Williams Howard 19 WMcass • o v. v.jt JSJv £ 1946 he fourth rung of the ladder of learning has been reached, king down we see the yearly rungs and we decide that the or step has l cen the best. It was an enjoyable year for the iors vnlh the campus becoming more like that of pre-war The senior stunt stood out as one of the main events. re ( vere anxious moments while the script was slowly being - into form. Then came the Big Night with everyone tense and anxious as the curtain went up, the reassuring applause, and the sudden thought "This is our last stunt.” There were the applications for prospective jobs to be filled out, teachers’ examinations for those bent on “bending the twigs” of young America, and wedding bell plans for prospective June brides nearing completion—always a consciousness of nearing the finishing line. Now, with black robes lying folded in readiness, the seniors heave that “gee-but-it-was-wonderful" sigh and square their shoulders to meet the New World. 27SENIOR OFFICERS MENS OFFICERS Earl Y auchn Cbami Scorr Bert WlLUAMS Sammy Siieitkhson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer WOMEN S OFFICERS Caroline Mason President Saha Frances Martin Vice-President Cynthia Toim Secretary Sybil Burns Treasurer ?3SENIORS ALEXANDER F. L. ANDERSON M. V. ANDERSON M. W. ANDERSON BARB BALL FRANCES LA VERNE BARNETT, B.A. Greenville, S. C. "Barney" . . . an attractive day student . . . sweet and friendly ... a Sociology major hut has definite ideas for her Home Ec minor . . . S«x-iology Club . . . Chanel Choir . . . strictly up-to-date on dance steps . . . dislike for loud people. EVANGELINE BLACK, B.A. CnEENVILLE. S. C. "Van” . . . friendly and always willing to help . . . likes athletics, especially ! asketball . . . has a keen sense of humor . . . W. A. A. president . . . her original sayings spread the- campus like wildfire . . . will really make good in whatever she docs. 24MARGIE SAYLORS ALEXANDER. B.A.. Anderson, S. C. Marge left school several years ago to become "Mrs." . . . back to finish her education while Alex is in ......loves army life and hopes she and her husband can continue it when she graduates ... a Music Education major. FRANCES LETITIA ANDERSON. R.A., Florknci:. S. C. Blonde with blue eyes and big dimples . . . pretty clothes . . . firmly believes in co-education and Montague . . . B. S. I , treasurer. Social Standards Board, Sociology Club . . . plans «o Im a teacher but our guess is not for long. MARGARET VIRGINIA ANDERSON. B.A., Nkwbkrry. S. C. Known by all as “Maggie” . . . smart . . . thrcc-ycar graduate . . . member of Sociology Club . . . plans to enter social work . . . came to Furman from Coker College in 10-14 . . . always friendly . . . pleasing personality. MIRIAM WESTMORELAND ANDERSON. B.S., Sum vkport. La. "Piggy " . . . lively personality . . , talks continuously . . . ability to make friends . . . completely natural . . . transfer from Limestone . . . President of Chi Beta Phi . . . plans to do graduate work at University of North Carolina . . . wants to lie lab technician . . . likes spirit at Furman. MARCELLE BABB. B.A., Pkinccton, S. C. "Mareie" . . . quiet and sincere . . . understanding and dependable . . . loves everything about Furman . . . studious . . . B. S. U. council . . . Y. V. A. president . . . her favorite hobby is collecting miuialilre shoes . . . plans to Ik an educational church worker. REBA CAROLYN BALL. B.A.. Cray Court, S. C. Contagious good humor . . . amiable and capable . . . contributed her talents generously to Bach Choir . . . plans to Ik- a social worker ... a wealth of curlv hair . . . ambitious to travel the world . . . enjoys taking pictures, walking, tennis, horseback riding and reading. BARNETT K. BLACK 25SENIORS J. L. BLACK BOLLINCER BOYD BRADLEY BRIDCEMAN BRINKMAN VIOLET ADAMS BROWNING. B.S. Clinton, S. C. "Vi" made people happy at Wintlirop and I . C. before transferrins' . . . Van Johnson’s best publicity a Kent . . . reads "Who Dunnits’ . , . majored in Home Ee. . . . loves Montague ... a smile for everyone . . . becoming feather bob ... a favorite at summer school. SYBIL LEE BURNS. BA. Lancaster, S. C. Likable and co-operative . . . understanding and unselfish . . . immaculate appearance . . . one who has loads of dot lies and really knows how to wear them . . . likes midnight feasts . . . Commercial Club, Y. W. -C. A. Council, Treasurer of Senior Class . . . plans to be a stenographer. 26JULIA LOWRY BLACK. B.A.. Greenville, S. C. Oiio of the outstanding seniors . . . Who’s Who. Senior Order. Day Student Association president lead her list of honors . . . has a friendly interest in others that few of us achieve . . . a certainty for success in Spanish commercial work. VIRGINIA BOLLINGER. B.A.. Belton, S. C. “Vcchee" . . • tall and attractive . . . always to be found whore there is dancing . . . college queen of the tccn-nge canteen . . . Freshman Advisory Board and May Day attendant . . . postgraduate year will find her teaching—maylx . WILMA C. BOYD. B.A.. Gastonia, N. C. Keeps up with current events . . . enjoyed practice teaching history hut lias a diamond that says her career will lx- home-making . . . tactful and tlxxightful . . . likes to quibble with Dr. Odell . . . nice to know. MARCARET ANNE BRADLEY. B.A.. Pelzer, S. C. Slow talker . . . has a faraway l x k in her big. brown eyes ... a wealth of clothes . . . likes the friendly atmosphere at Furman and lias done her part in making it prevail . . . wants to work with Eastern Air Lines. ROSA ELIZABETH BRIDGEMAN, R.A.. Spaiytanburg. S. C. Knthusiastic participant in school activities at Anderson College . . . keen about class cuts here . . . wants to do either secretarial or s xial work . . . quiet and sincere . . . abhors nosy people . . . ambition is to loam to fly . . . summer-school graduate. BETTY JANE BRINKMAN. B.A., Greenville. S. C. From Mary Baldwin to Furman . . . just been here two years, but everybody knows and loves her . . . definitely an asset to Furman . . . Prelude president, marshal. Spanish Club . . . Spanish major . . . plans to go to laitin American Institute after graduation . . . d«x s everything well . . . wonderful person—ask anybody. BROWNING BURNS 27SENIORS CAMPBELL CARR CHAMBLEE CHANDLER CLARK CLINKSCALES JAMES HERMAN COBB, B.A. Gnkknviijlk, S. C. A successful and capable minister . . . dependable . . . jolly and friendly with everyone . . . makes helpfulness a rule of his life . . . Served as an Army Clrap-lain . . . likes people, fishing, and traveling . . . will probably go to Southwestern for graduate work. SUE ELLEN COBB. B.S. Catkkchkk, S. C. Came to u from Asbury College in Kentucky her junior year . . . kind of girl we’d liked to have bad all four years . . . always ready to do something for somclx dy else . . . majored in Home Ec and plans to do nutrition work. 28BEULAH ELLEN CAMPBELL, B.A.. Ghkknvu.i.k, S. C. "Bonnie"—a blonde with clear blue eyes . . . loved lx ing a day student . . . came back to Furman after spending junior year at University of Georgia ... a grand artist . . . wants to be a "top notch” dress designer . . . favorite professor Mrs. Calhoun. MILDRED MARIE CARR, B.A., Piedmont, S. C. Hangout was'in Day Students room . . . lues that ring on her finger for Wayne . . . second home at Sam’s . . . always having or planning a good time . . . unselfish and friendly . . . another Sociology major with the usual fondness for Miss Ebaugh. NANCY DEAN CHAMBLEE. B.A., Anderson, S. C. Quiet personality, sincere and likable . . . Chi Beta Phi and Y. W. C. A. . . . likes summer school . . . her pet like is getting mail . . . hates Saturday classes . . . plans to do teaching or banking . . . we’ll never forget her long distance call from Rome, Italy. LOIS IRENE Cll WDLER. B.A., Crker, S. C. Transfer from Mars Hill . . . fond of reading . . . riding . . . and people . . . wants to lx an educational director at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary . . . Dr. Haight tops her list of professors . . . English major . . . exemplifies F. U.’s spirit of friendliness. CHARLES ODELL CLARK, B.A., Ghkknvu.i.k. S. C. Friendly . . . understanding . . . always smiling . . . returned for his senior year after Army service . . . active pastor . . . his favorite professor is Dr. Taylor, under whom he took his major . . . bis sincerity and energy assure success in the ministry. SALLY SULLIVAN CL1NKSCALES. B.S., Anderson. S. C. J. II. COBB S. E. COBB Co-operative and dependable . . . friendly arid sincere . . . likes walking in the rain and fall of the year . . . dislikes deceitful people . . . transfer from Anderson College . . . Home Ec Club . . . Y. W. A. . . . Who's Who . . . B. S. U. president . . . plans to l o a religious director or teacher. nSENIORS COCKERILL J. E. COLEMAN M. L. COLEMAN COMER COOPER CORDER C. DEAN COUCH. Jr.. B.S. Greknville, S. C. A smile and a good word for everybody . . . throe-year grad and a Biology major . . . plans to do graduate work at Emory University . . . active in Student Legislature. Student Council, Theater Guild. Alpha Psi Omega . . . President of Chi Beta Phi . . . hobby is photography. JAMES LOUIS COWARD. B.A. CllEKNVlI.I.K, S. C. Transferred from Emmanuel College . . . an active pastor . . . sincere, independent . . . net likes include eating and reading . . . majored in Education and minored in History . . . plans to do graduate work. 30STELLA VIRGINIA COCKER1LL. B.A.. Sumter, S. C. From the lower part of the State . . . has a I lobby of collecting poetry . . . grand leader as shown by positions she held in Student Body and class office . . . Beauty Section choice . . . graduating in three yeans . . . will make a wonderful social worker after graduation. JULIA ELIZABETH COLEMAN, B.S., Saluda, S. C. "J. C." never seems despondent . . . big brown eyes ami matching hair . . . friendly . . . sparkling wit . . . lists teaching as proKible profession . . . has a definite inter«-st in the State of California . . . majored in Home Ec . . . transfer from Anderson. MAXWELL LEWIS COLEMAN. B.A., Crkknville, S. C. A versatile ministerial student . . . he shouldered his responsibilities in a manly sort of way . . . Init always found time for sports, in which he excelled . . . left for Southwestern Semi nary in January ... a sure success in the ministry. ALVIN HEYWARD COMER, B.A.. Union. S. C. Neat, appearance . . . courteous manners . . . numerous honors and activities at North Greenville before coming to Furman . . . majored in English: nrinored in Political Science . . . ministerial student . . . will continue his studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. MARGARET ELIZABETH COOPER, B.A.. Crkekville. S. C. Another day student . . . natural brown hair and brown eyes . . . quiet and reserved . . . often seen at Sam’s . . . loves chocolate candy . . . adores people who talk fast . . . plans So enter social work . . . grc:!t ambition is to find an ideal man. COUCII COWARD LEN C. BROUGHTON CORDER. B.A.. Ruffin. S. C. Amiable and conscientious . . . dependable and always willing to help a friend . . . eating comes second only to Ills desire to preach like Paul . . . plans to do graduate work at the Baptist Bible Institute . . . “Slim” will be remembered on tnc F. U. Campus. 31SENIORS CRAFT J. E. CRAIG L. L. CRAIG K. E. CRENSHAW L. M. CRENSHAW DARGAN DOIUS CAM BRELLYNE DAVIS, B.S. Anderson , S. C. Finislied ;it mid-term in two and a half years . . . has beautiful light brown hair and contrasting eyes . . . majored in Home Economics . . . Home Management House . . . Home Kc Club member . . . plans to do graduate work . . . plenty of dates. MARYAN FRANCIERE DeCOUKSEY. B.A. Grkknvii.i.k, S. C. Colorful, collegiate "Mymic" . . . constantly worried about over cuts and that inevitable overdue term naper , . . always seen rushing to Webb between classes . . . one of the fashion plates of the campus . . . strong likes and dislikes . . . Prelude . . . Spanish Club. 32ALVIDA CRAFT. B.A.. Lkmncton, S. C. Friendly, understanding. and unselfish ... a summer-school graduate . . . hales fire drills . . . Student Volunteer . V. W. A. CiNindl. Lewis Music Club . . . plans to do graduate work at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Baptist Seminary . . . everything a good missionary nurse should lie. JEAN EVELYN CRAIG, R.S.. Chari.kston. S. C. Charleston brogue . . . transferred from College of Charleston in her junior year . . . biology major . . . wants to do lab work after graduation . . . plays no favorite among professors . . . likes Furman's friendly atmosphere . . . collector ot records and snapshots . . . likes people who enjoy life. LYNDA LEWIS CRAIG. B.A., Pickkns, S. C. Popular Zooite . . . has a gift for making jx-ople laugh . . . W. A. A.. Sociology Club ... a redhead with an even temper . . wants to own a ranch some day . . . enthusiastic about athletics . . . coffee drinker . . . Dr. Odell, her favorite prof. KATHRYN EL01SK CRENSHAW. B.A.. Crkfnvillk. S. C. Poised ... a good sense of humor . . . would like to Ik1 an efficient secretary and definitely wants to fly . . . transferred from College of Marshall, Texas, in her junior sear . . . likes to colled hooks . . . Commercial Club member. LILLIANN MILDRED CRENSHAW. B.A., Chiknvu.i.k. S. C. Another of those Crenshaws who is interested in aviation . . . reserved , . . likes j iconic who arc sincere . . . collector of -good music . . . transferred from the College of Marshall. Texas . . . likes the spirit of genuine friendliness that prevails at Furman . . . lists I)r. Gardner as favorite professor. i DAVIS DcCOlRSPA HANNAH LOU DARCAN. R.A.. Cukknviixe. S. C. Coloratura soprano voice . . . reaches high "C" with no apparent effort . . . genuine and sincere . . . hospitable . . . quiet and reserved . . . expects to do graduate work in music . . . transfer from Anderson College. 33SENIORS DeSHIELDS EDWARDS FEWELL FINLEY FLANDREAU FLYNN BETH' JANE FONVILLE, B.A. Greenville, S. C. “B. I.” admits she wants to Ik- a housewife . . . mil-forest in “Ebanghofogy? . . . Sociology Clul» . . . kept a scrapltook . . . loved first floor West and nx n housc at the Zoo . . . Freshman representative on Council. CATHERINE FOX WORT! I, B.S. Pin I--, wood, S. C. Transfei from Anderson College . . . Home Ee major . . . had Dr. Wagner in Home Management House and member of Home Ee Club . . . blonde with big hazel eyes ... a favorite Home Ee Student. 34FRANCES VIRGINIA DeSHIELDS. B.A., Cukknvii.i.f, S. C. Transferred from North Greenville Academy . . . day student . . . congenial and easy disposition . . . sincere . . . neat . . . future plans include teaching . . . majored in Education . . . ininnred in History . . . Miss Etiaugh rated with her. HAZEL LEONIA EDWARDS, B.A., Grkenmllk, S. C. One of Furman’s most valuable seniors . . . attractive an l popular . . . dependable ... a smiling and fun-loving girl . . . Who's Who, Senior Order, (awditor of llontii and Bon iiomik . . . s«tretary-treaxurer of Commercial Club and Alpha Psi Omega . . . likes walking in the rain—we bet with Harry. CATHERINE FEWELL, B.A., Chkknvillk. S. C. A speech major . . . transfer from Gulf Park College . . . impertubable, except when people imp chewing gum . . . Theater Cuild member . . . interested in radio work . . . special liking or golf and tennis . . . fond of poetry. NED WILTON FINLEY. B.A.. Greenville, S. C. Ministerial’student who lived his Christianity . . . always courteous and helpful . . . conscientious student . - . majored in Sociology, ininnred in Education . . . great ambition to be an humble servant of Christ . . . plans to go to Southwestern Theological Seminary. JOAN ELIZABETH FLANDREAU. B.A.. Allendale, N. J. A yankoe with plenty of Southern spirit . . . Joan’s clever wit makes her outstanding in any group . . . likes people (especiaJK O'Dell) and Furman huscS . . . Senior Order . . . House President . . . Bach Choir . . . Glee Club . . . language loser with a major in French and minor in Spanish. CAROLYN FLYNN. B.S., Tryon. N. C. Contradicts adage that “redheads must have tempers" . . . nonchalant, carefree . . . never worries or at least never burdens others with her troubles . . . wears casual clothes successfully . . . has subtle, dry wit . . . sincere . . . Home He major . . . transferred from Mars Hill in her junior year. FOX VI LI.E FOX WORTH 35SENIORS GARRETT CIBSOX GILLESPIE CRAY S. E. GREEN V. A. GREENE GRACE HALL. B.A. Pklzeb, S. C. Usually found smiling ... no conception of the word insincerity . . . accommodating . . . doesn't know what it is to have an enemy . . . one of those who discovered her ”() and O” at G. A. A. B. . . . wears a diamond third finger left hand. MARGARET GIBERT HARDEN. B.A. GREENVILLE, S. C. One of the nicest people of the senior class . . . understanding and unselfish . . . outstanding personality in the Missionary field . . . has already served in Brazil . . . wants to translate the Bihle into unwritten Indian languages . . . sincerity is what she admires most in people. 36MARY ALTA GARRETT, B.A.. Six Mile. S. C. Major in Education . . . Sociology minor . . . plans to teach in elementary school . . . Alta attended Anderson College in '44 . . . Y. V. A. . . . favorite professors are Miss Elxtuch and Mr. Putman . . . likes friendly atmosphere of Furman's campus . . . likes basketball, football and other sports . . . dislikes conceited people. PEGGY ELIZABETH GIBSON. B.A.. Ghkenville, S. C. Finished in January . . . plans to 1m- a school inarm . . . but great ambition is to get married and “I . G." usually gets what she wants . . . French Club . . . V.-Pros'. 1. It. C. . . . Pres. I. R. C. . . . can say more in one minute than anyone else can say in five. JANIE RUTH GILLESPIE. B A.. Ticki«vii.i.k. S. C. Until transferred from North Greenville College where slie received the “Best-all-round" im-dal . . . makes friends easily with her grand |M-rsonality . . . sincere and dc|K-ndable . . . will make a good social worker . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Y. W. A. Gonncil . . . Sociology Club. MARY NELSON GRAY, B.A.. Nkwpohi News. Va. "Tibbs" can 1m- identified a« the girl with the Virginia brogue . . . blonde hair which falls gracefully over her shoulders . . . has a big block of ice from Bob . . . deigned Echo covers tor two years . . . Vice-President of the Social Service Federation of South Carolina College Students. SARA ELIZABETH GREEN. B.A.. Simpsonville, S. C. "Sammy" came to Furman from Montreat College in lu-r junior year . . • plans graduate work at U. N. C. . . . likes Furman in fall . . . collects autographed Ixioks by Southern authors . . . enjoys her advertising job at Greenville Xrir-v . . . Spanish Club . . . abhors 8:30 classes. HALL M. C. HARDEN VICTOR ADAIR GREENE, B.A., Chattanooga. Tens. A student of the Ministry who nlans to do graduate work at the S. B. T. Seminary . . . served on B. S. U. Council for three years . . . Proxy his senior year ... a job well done . . . versatile . . . Straightforward . . . genial . . Ministerial Association . . . Theater Guild . . . one of Furman's Im-sI. 37SENIORS HARMON HEATH B. HARDIN HAYES HARIUSON HESTER MARTHA IIINTON, B.A. Pickens, S. C. "Pick" to all her friends . . . efficient and likable , . . 11 tree-year graduate who plans to teach . . . treasurer of Sociology Club . . . Y. W. A. . . . has five pet likes her brothers . . . official greeter at the Zoo. VIVIAN ELLEN HODGENS, B.A. Ghhknvii.lk, S. C. Fair complexion and hazel eyes are accentuated by her feather bob . . . effervescent personality . . . will do Ciduate work at Columbia University in piano . . . wis Student Club president . . . House President of North . . . likes symphonic music. 38BETTY HARDIN, B.S., Gkovkr, N. C. Another bhic-rycd blonde . . . walks with grace of a model . . . would like to do graduate work at lax Angeles Hospital to complete studies for Dietitian . . . likes Surge's food best about Furman . . . is always found in the midst of a crowd. FRANCES LAURA IIARMON. B A.. Statksviixk. N. C. A transfer from Phdffcr Jr. College who has become a great asset to Furman . . . ixvainc a Dr. Nick supporter . . . plans to go to law school and do governmental work . . . House Presklent and Social Standards Board ... a ! cuutifui girl as well as a good sport. JANE McGOWN HARRISON. B.A., Grkknvillk, S. C. The life of anv gathering . . . could make any class interesting . . . hopes to lx an air lines hostess some day . . . member of Sociology Club and I. It. C. . . . worked hard on the stunts all four years . . . colorful in dress as well as in personality. MARILYNN HAYES, B.A.. Lake View. S. C. Shows her willingness and ability in everything she undertakes . . . takes her work seriously . . . will I an excellent teacher . . . collector of dolls of various countries . . . an Education major . . . transferred from Coker ... a staunch friend. MARY RUTH HEATH. B.A.. Willard, N. C. Her chief aim in life Ls to help others . . . preparing for mission work ... a special fondness for the cltaocl programs at the Zoo . . . enjoys needlework and driving a car . . . another Cilpatrick fan . . . sweet .disposition. HINTON’ V. E. IIODCENS SADIE VIRGINIA HESTER. B.A., Greenville, S. C. Day student ami liked it . . . quiet assurance . . . brunette with contrasting eyes . . . Sociology major and Political Science minor . . . no worries at all. not even classes . . . easy-going . . . independent . . . nonchalant . . . Baelt Cl oir memltcr. Hornet and Sercnaderx. 39SENIORS S. E. IIODCENS IIOWELL IIUFF HUMPHRIES HUNTER HUTTO EBENEZER FRANKLIN INMAN. B.A. Union, S. C. Friendly and humorous exterior . . . serious and purposeful interior . . . lx-gan an active college career at North Greenville . . . transferred here as a junior , . . valuable member of Student Volunteers and Ministerial Association . . . graduate work at Southwestern will climax hLs preparation for missionary work in Africa. BETTY JEAN JENNINGS, B.A. Orangeburg, S. C. From Mary Washington to Furman . . . thought Greenlaw and Montague Ixstli tops . . . writes poetry and collects it . . . Theater Guild . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . majored in speech . . . intriguing personality . . . found much interest in G. A. A. B. 40SARAH EVELYN IIODCEXS. B A.. Gkh:n ui.k. S. C. Will Jong Ik- remembered for her soprano voice . . . plays the piano, too , . . luis a knack for making good grades . . . friendly disposition . . . lists Rhanu- as favorite professor . . . has In-cn active in music dub . . . will probably do graduate work in music. JEAN ELIZABETH HOWELL. B.A., Crkknvii.i.k. S. C. Happiness is her noted habit . . . hates insincerity . . . pleasing personality . . . Home Kc Club member . . . Chapel Choir and Bach Choir . . . loved Home Management House . . . will nuke a great manager of her own home some day. ADDIE SUE HUFF. B.A.. Wiluamston, S. C. Susie is Montague's prexy . . . lots of enthusiasm for Furman . . . loads of personality and friends . . . contagious g xxl humor that keeps everybody happy . . . an all-round favorite . . . complete naturalness . . . loves a good time ... a lengthy list of activities. Freshman Advisory Board, W. A. A.. Senior Order. Serenuders. ELAINE HUMPHRIES, B.A.. Wauiaij-a. S. C. "Lane" . . . cute and tiny . . . loves a good time . . . wants to do office work at Southern Hallway in Atlanta . . . Secretary of Junior Class . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . pet like a boy named Paul . . . another Montague girl who approves of co-education . . . firm supporter of Ur. Gardner. DOROTHY MAE HUNTER. B.A.. Lancaster, S. C. Prefers classes under Dr. Odell . . . hopes to improve the English of high school students . . . dislikes afternoon classes . . . loves walking in the rain . . . sweet and sincere . . . transfer from Wingate Junior College . . . member of Student Volunteers. B. S. U. Council, and Y. W. A. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH HUTTO, B.A., St. Ceorcb, S. C. Better known to all her friends as "Lightning" . . . from St. George way down in the lower part of the State . . . crazy about Dr. GiUv and Mr. Rhaine . . . has a grand soprano voice . . . sings in a number of choirs . . . likes holidays more than anything. INMAN JENNINGS 41SENIORS II. C. JOHNSON C. E. JOHNSON JONES D. E. KING PAUL KIN NETT, Jr., B.A. Grkkb, S. C. His easy-going manner covers a serious outlook . . . college career interrupted by military service . . . C. A. A. and Theta Chi . . . supremely loyal to Furman . . . plans to do graduate work here, and his ambition is to teach here . . . fond of sports, especially basketball. FRANCES FIT HUCII LANDRUM, B.A. Landrum, S. C. "Landrum ' preferred . . . intelligent . . . outspoken number of senior class . . . commendable frankness . . . dependable . . . congenial . . . plenty of dry humor .... Senior Order . . . Who’s Who . . . president of Theater Guild . . . Editor of Echo . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . plays no favorites among professors. 42HARRIET CAROLYN JOHNSON. B.A., Cukknvu.i.k, S. C. Brown eyes and auburn hair ... a frien l to everyone . . . conscientious about her work . . . plans to be a history teacher . . . economics anti history major . . . Day Student Council. Advisory Board. Hornet staff . . . likes Dr. Gilpatrick and everything in general at Fnnnan. CUV EUGENE JOHNSON. B.A., IUtiikrfordton, N. C. One of Furman's most conscientious and impartial ministers . . . Sociology major . . . transferred from Gardner-Webb . . . plans to attend Southwestern . . . likes people who can .smile . . . B. S. U., Ministerial Association. Student Council, Student Volunteers. MIRIAM JONHS. B.A., C.rkknwood, S. C. One of the Lost dressed girls on the Furman campus . . . neatness iversonified . . . easy-going . . . dislikes people who are always complaining . . . makes a hobby of letter writing . . . Advisory Board, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . wants to teach. DELLE DANIEL KELLY. B.A., Anderson, S. C. Graduated in three and a half years . . . transfer fn m Duke . . . independent and frank . . . married summer of ’-15 . . . ambition is to In- a good wife . . . Iik«vs to knit . . . English major with a minor in Dramatics . . . Theater Guild. DWAYNE EARLE KING. B.A.. Creknmi.lk, S. C. Returned vet . . . attended several A. A. F. schools, hut glad to get back to Furman and his study of Economics . ... likes KUs liberality . . . hobbies arc fishing and hunting ... a whiz at accounting . . . day student who shouldn't have any tumble making a success in the business worn!. JOHANNA!I ELIZABETH KING. B.A.. Grehnvii.lk, S. C. KINNETT LANDRUM Characterized by long dark hair and pastel clothes . . . has sense of humor . . . likes to study ixroplc . . . accommodating and dependable . . . nonchalant . . . Advisory Board. French Club, Spanish Club. Hornet staff . . . plans to do secretarial work after graduation. 43SENIORS LINCLE LIVELY LONG LOOPER LOVINCOOD LOWNDES CLINTON JONES LUPO. Jr.. B.A. Greenville, S. C. Voted the "scholar" of the Scnor Glass and worthy of that title . . . majored in English and minorcd in Spanish ... a Methodist preacher . . . always neat and con-enial . . . Ministerial Association . . . Cloister . . . Stu-ent Council . . . held a pastorate during school days . . . plans graduate work at Emory . . . headed for tnc top. ERNESTINE FLOY LYNN. B.A. Lyman, S. C. Tall, attractive blonde who knows how to wear clothes . . . went to Limestone, University of Miami, and then to Furman to graduate . . . ardent movie-goer . . . Dr. Kuehner rated with her . . . "Tina's" great ambition is to model and wc arc sure she’ll make a great success of it. 44KITTY ELAINE LINGLE. B.S., Lancastkh, S. C. Dependable. good natored . . . will make a wonderful Home Ec teacher . . . Kitty uses her hobby by helping with the flower arrangements . . . pet like. going to the show . . . hates studying for tests . . . another of Dr. Odell's fans. LOUISE LIVELY, B.A.. Grkknviuj S. C. Shining eyes and quick, bright smile since Smith walked in . . . daily adds plans to her future . . . Dot's roomo, so got her share of the Hornet . . . boarding student in Webb first semester . . . easy-going. IDA ERNESTINE LONG. B.A., Ckkenvii.i-k, S. C. Energetic day student loved by all . . . always rushing here and there . . . quiet sincerity, dependable and co-operative . . . clever wit . . . wants to out-talk Miss Ehaugh . . . member of Chapel Choir. Spanish Club and Bo.viiOMlK Staff . . . plans to do psychiatric social work after graduation. EVELYN LOOPER, B.A., Pickens, S. C. Just call her ''Droop" and she’ll answer . . . transferred from Winthrop her sophomore year . . . likes Dr. Odell and the informal atmosphere most at Furman . . . majoring in Economics but major interest now is home . . . loses to have a good time . . . always happy. MAUREEN LOV1NGOOD, B.A.. Morphy, N. C. Blonde, blue-eyed beauty . . . perpetual May Quirt attendant . . . beauty section . . . gifted in music . . . versatile and sincere ••. . ambition was to Ik- a doctor . . . Theater Guild . . . Interested in dramatics but changed all her plans when Karl came along . . . wedding Ih-I1s rang in December. JACK PRITCHARD LOWNDES, B.A.. Atlanta, Ca. LUPO LYNN Jovial . . . friendly . . . conscientious . . . his sincerity was felt in his every contact . . . versatile in student activities . . . Iik«-d and was liked . . . as vice-president of the Student Bodv he conducted a successful Freshman Orientation . . . future pastor of some successful church . . . left in January for the Seminary. 45SENIORS MANN MARET S. B. MARTIN S. F. MARTIN MASON McAUSTER john McDowell, jr.. b.a. Git KEN WOOD, S. C. Plans government as career ... as President of Student Council, gained experience lor liis chosen profession . . . Who's Win) . . . Student-Faculty Co-o|x-rati e Com-mittee . . . likes the Tower and summer-school . . . hohbv is meeting people—n trait which will prove worthwhile in his future work. LAVIMA JOAN McFALL. B.A. Andkhson, S. C. Jo to her numerous friends . . . cute with dark brown eyes . . . wears green often . . . happy-go-lucky and unselfish . . . usually found dancing in the Lounge . . . favorite hobby is collecting snapshots . . . aspires to do radio work . . . Theater Guild . . . Vice-President of Aiplui Psi Omega. 46RUTH ELIZABETH MANX. B A.. Pickkns. S. C. Another three-year graduate . . . majoring in Math . . . friendly and sincere . . . lover of picture shows at all times . . . Student Volunteers. Y. W. A.. B. S. U. . . . hopes ti do graduate work iit the University of S. C. . . . plans to teach. LOIS ADRIENNE MARET, B.A.. Andkksox, S. C. Innate intelligence . . . eonseientious . . . always willing to help out . . . Junior Class president . . , Senior Order . . . has her own private racket, tennis . . . ail admirer of the Cilpatrieks . . . really a wonderful girl ... is called “Mule" hut is more often a lamb. SARAH BYRON MARTIN, B.A.. Chkknyilu-:. S. C. A favorite at Furman . . . life of any gathering . . . original and artistic . . . majoring with I)r. Gilly . . . Chairman of Social Standards . . . Prelude . . . Treasurer of Home Ee club . . . says what she thinks and means what she says . . . one girl we wouldn't have missed knowing . . . no conception of the word insincerity. SARA FRANCES MARTIN. B.A.. Wii.uamston, S. C. Her beautiful, friendly smile expresses her personality . . . never a dull moment when Sara's around . . . loves fun, but not at the expense of others . . . sincere in all things . . . vice-president of Senior Class . . . held various offices in local and state B. S. U. NANCY CAROLINE MASON. R.S.. Woodruff. S. C. A personality as pleasing as her appearance . . . lists Mrs. Gilpatrick and Furman spirit as her favorites . . . one of the two Junior rnemlnrs of Zctosophia ... a lengthy list of activities and offices . . . sincere and friendly . . . thosr who didn't get to know her have missed something. CLYDE FURMAN McALISTER, B.A.. Grkfr, S. C. McDowell McFAI.I. "Mac” will long be remembered on tin- campus . . . irresistible sense of fun . . . tireless in student activities . . . editor of Hornet. Edu staff. Junior Class secretary. Theater Guild, student legislature. I R. C. . . . has high ideals without bciug a halo boy . . . completely sincere . . . unusual ability will take him far. 47SENIORS McKOY MERRITT MILLS MOORE MOSS MULLIKIN MARY ELIZABETH MUNDY, B.A. Jonesboro, Georgia Transfer from Mars Hill . . . .shining red hair and Furman's "Brown Eyes"... a priceless individual ... English major . . . plans to teach . . . indispensable as a Theater Guild and Alpha Psi member . . . thoughtful but fun-losing . . . conscientious . . . pet likes—people, sports, campusology ... a Georgia peach. LEILA DUVA NIXON, B.A., Lyman, S. C. “Skeeter” ! elievcs in people and Furman . . . sincere . . . friendly . . . personality one dreams of . . . President of Student Body. Who’s Who. Senior Order, Zetosophia . . . plans to do personnel work . . . loves music, poetry, walking in the rain . . . philosophical . . . F. U. won't be the same without her. 48ANNE WIER McKOY. B.A., Greenville, S. C. Sweet and reserved . . . Greenville girl with u love for dormitory life, especially Montague . . . third linger left hand also denotes another love . . . interested in photography . . . collects stumps and toy dogs . . . pet hale, parallel on Monday . . . transferred from Queen's and likes! Furman well enough to stay three years. INEZ HUSSEY MERRITT. B.A., Greenville, S. C. Crecnville'x own guide ha ires! beauty . . . sparkling blue eyes . . . Bonhomie beauty section her freshman and soph .more years . . . after receiving her MRS. degree she cams back for her B.A. degree ... a different personality . . . just plain lovely to look at. JUNE ESTHER MILLS. B.S., Prosperity, S. C. "Butch" to her friends . . . five year nursing major . . . actually likes to write letters . . . remembers the little things that make others happy . . . dislikes malicious gossipers . . . usually seen riding her bike from Greenville General Hospital to Furman. ANN MOORE, B.A.. Rutitkrkordton, N. C. ‘Tarheel" and proud of it . . . thinks Montague and the Furman campus are tops . . . history major . . . actually enjoyed practice teaching at Greenville High . . . talks a mile a minute when excited, which is often . . . loses a go x! time hut can lx serious. MARY FRANCES MOSS, B.A.. Burlington, N. C. '‘Frankie’’ transferred from Campbell College in her junior year . . . friendly to everyone . . . understanding and unselfish . . . likes anything chocolate . . . has a hobby of reinemlrering birthdays . . . d«K sn't like people who are not friendly . . . Advisors' Board. Y. W. A. Council, Student Volunteers. ELIZABETH LORENE MULLIK1N, B.A., Greenville, S. C. MUNDY NIXON Quiet . . . neat . . . good looking clothes . . . nice disposition . . . plans to tench in an elementary grade . . . collects toy musical instruments . . . plays no favorite among professors . . . an all-round girl w ith no special dislikes. 49SENIORS A. II. OWENS N. E. OWENS PACE PARKINS PARKS PENNELL MARY PETTIGREW. B.S. Charleston, S. C. Transferred from the College of Charleston where slu was B. S. U. president . . . enjoys the deeper, more meaningful things at Furman . . . friendly . . . conscientious . . . favorite hangout-science building . . . plans to be a lalniratory technician. CATHERINE GUERARD PINCKNEY, B.A. Bi.uffton, S. C. Kitty for short . . . never seen without her knitting . . . friendly and sincere . . . intelligent . . . reserved, with easy disposition . . . Bonhomii: Staff. House Board vice-president. Freshman Advisory Bonn! . . . Commercial Club . . . one of the Mr. ''K" fans . . . known for her low-country accent. 50ANITA HART OWENS, B.A., Gbkekviixk, S. C. Talented music major . . . Cluipol C . . . Bach Choir . . . Lewis Music Club . . . adores tall men ami Christmas holidays . . . aversion for red hair . . . ‘’A’' to her close friends . . . quite witty ... a staunch friend. NORA ELEANOR OWENS. B.A., Grkknville, S. C. Excellent student ... in addition to studies, hohls position as Educational and Music Director if a Greenville church . . . transferred from Anderson, where she was president of B. S. U., and House President . . . plans to do graduate work at Southwestern Seminary' some time in the future. EDNA ALICE PACE, B.A.. Ckxtkr. Ca. West Georgia transfer in senior year . . . really enjoys teaching, which she plans to do, and will make a fine one ... a Welds girl first semester . . . sweet . . . independent . . . the initials K. C. interest her . . . likes hulling . . . too to 1m- with . . . unpredictable. CORA JEFFERSON PARKINS. B.A., Cbkknvuxk, S. C. "taikie" . . . lovely blonde day student . . . sweet and unaffected . . . lists Stenography as Kohahle vocation alter graduation—hut hits a ring that preludes matrimonial plans . . . Dr. twen heads her list of favorite professors . . . abhors afternoon classes . . . fond of swimming. SARAH JACQUELINE PARKS. B.S.. Chki nvii.i.k. S. C. Entered Furman junior year .... a mind of her own . . . frankly spoken . . . beautiful black eyes-accentuated by shining black hair . . . her home Economics major will conic in handy when Fred comes marching home . . . loves working with girl scouts. BEVERLY PENNELL. B.A.. Columbia. S. C. PETTIGREW PINCKNEY “Penny" . . . always laughing and talking . . . clever sit . . . frank . . . likes the happy-go-lucky time she has had at Furman . . . another one of Montague's engaged girls . . . pet like is Byrd . . . Secretary and Treasurer of Prelude . . . pod table vocation after graduation, marriage . . . ambition is to write a novel. SISENIORS POE RAINWATER REEVES RICHARDSON RIVERS ROCHESTER FRANK PAUL ROGERS, B.A. Greenville, S. C. "Jack”, as some call him, transferred from Mars Hill Junior College . . . active and efficient pastor ... serious mir.dcd and dependable . . . majored in History and minnred in Psychology . . . plans to continue his Theological training at Southwestern. MARY ELIZABETH ROPER. B.A. Laurens, S. C. Betty majored in French . . . also excels in music . . . always chasing a Furman bus . . . loves to knit . . . tall and very charming . . . easy-going ... a member of Serenaders . . . Bach Choir . . . always looks good in pastels. 52ROBERT BRADLEY POE, B.S., Greenville, S. C. Chemistry major . . . “the lab has been his home" . . . plans to go on to Medical School and do graduate work . . . great ambition is to be a psychiatrist . . . SAE . . . Student Legislature . . . Cloister . . . Student Council . . . German Medal. JACQUELYN McKENZIE RAINWATER, B.A., Bennettsviuj:, S. C. "Jackie” . . . attractive brown-eyed brunette . . . blue-jean fiend with "that ole’ Furman spirit" . . . President WAA . . . President House Board. Senior Order, Who's Who ... I. R. C.t Hornet . . . P. S., History major with aims for Law School . . . ambition is to teach P. S. at Furman. NANCY REEVES, B.A., Gray Court, S. C. Lovely green eyes . . . sweet disposition ... a wonderful friend . . . completely natural and sincere . . . Glee Club. Bach Choir. I. R. C.. Commercial Club . . . likes the bus rides and girls best alxmt Furman . . . harlxirs a deep affection for bull session , bridge, and Sam’s . . . dislikes Saturday classes. MARGARET RANDALL RICHARDSON. B.A.. Greenville, S. C. Transfer from Lander . . . always a May Day attendant . . . honey blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes ... a beautiful girl . . . loved Oddi . . . ambition is to lie an airline hostess . . . voted prettiest girl in the Senior Class. FURMAN SMITH RIVERS. B.A.. Chesterfield, S. C. A ministerial student . . . aided in his work by a fine wife and son . . . appreciate the kindness of the students at Furman . . . an active member of the Ministerial Association . . . hopes to do graduate work at Southwestern after graduation in August. FRANCES SCHROEDER ROCHESTER. B.A., Wauialla, S. C. A mid-term graduate . . . now touching first grade at Cletnson . . . her main interest is her husltand . . . unusually smart . . . little bit of a girl collector of records. quiet and sincere . . . reserved . . . KT-f Jr Hg y ROGERS ROPER S3S E N IO R S ROSS RUSSELL SANDERS SCHW1ERS SCOTT SCURRY SAM GLASGOW SI I EPPERSON, B.A. Greenville, S. C. His philosophy summed up: "No matter where you go. there you arc' . . . chi'crlcadcr . . . plans graduate work at Faith Theological Seminary . . . ambition: to Ik a woman’s home companion . . . majored in Odell, minored in Gilly . . . always the center of attraction with his perpetual wit. HAROLD B. SIGHTLER, B.A. Greenville, S. C. Harold attendee I classes, presented the Bright Spot Hour, pastured two churches, and was successful in all three . . . majored in Creek and minored in History . . . conscientious . . . dependable . . . has a promising future in the ministry. 54PEGGY ROSS, B.A.. Crkknviixe, S. C. Naturally curly red liair . . . wonderful sense « ! humor . . . vm neat . . . loves fun . . . smart . . . transferred from Columbia Bible College . . . twosome on the campus: Marian and Peggy. CHESTER FLOYD RUSSELL. Jr.. Navy Yard, S. C. Student Body President . . . interested in the students of whom lie was leader . . . he married In-fore entering his senior year . . . hd our student body through this important year of transition . . . sure to succeed at the seminary and in his future ministry. SARA FRANCES SANDERS, B.A., Anderson, S. C. Came to Furman from Anderson College . . . outstanding in sjx rts —basketball. hockey, softball . . . enthusiastic . . . plans to teach history after graduation . . . Sociology club vice-president . .. I. R. C. . . . sincerely interested in people . . . jolly and good-natured . . . orchestra. MARY FRANCES SCIIWIKRS. B.A.. Greknvii le. S. C. Five feet one. blue-eyed blonde . . loves good-looking clothes and lias lots of them . . . baseball and horseback riding her favorite pastime' . . . likes Dr. Ci!| atrick and would have taken all "courses under him if possible . . . minored in French. JOHN CHAMP SCOTT. B.A.. Crkenvilu:. S. C. Xeat appearance . . . practical mind . . . majored in Political Science . . . minored in Psychology . . . Student Legislature . . - vice-president of Senior Claw ... Pi k.ipjsa Phi . . . married during his senior year . . . bis favorite professor is Dr. Gardner . . . horseback riding is his chief sport. ELISABETH CRAY SCURRY. B.S.. Greenwood, S. C. “GAY", typical of her fame . . . with magnetic personality and a contagious smile ... a K. A. favorite . . . member of Student Council and of Student-Faculty Committee . . . Social Chairman of Montague . . . Gay anil Bill ”a constant twosome” on the Furman campus. SI I EPPERSON SICHTLER 55SIMPSON SLAUGHTER S E N ICRS D. SMITH J. A. SMITH W. E. SMITH SPOTTS CHENEY CARTER STANFORD. B.A. Grkknvillk, S. C. Contagious good humor that keeps everyone happy . . . has that Vogue appearance . . . left in December to marry David . . . Glee Club participant . . . collects light opera music . . . likes cocker spaniels . . . seldom Seen wearing socks . . . Miss Reed heads her list of professors. ALMA DAVIS STEAD INC, B.A. Greenville, S. C. English major; Spanish minor . . . plans graduate work . . . ambition to be a college prof. . . . hockey team . . . Athletic Council, Chi Beta Phi . . . fond of loud plaid skirts . . . pel hate, people who won’t play on class sport teams. 56 MARTHA LOUISE SIMPSON, B.A., Greenville, S. C. University of Chicago Ixnmd . . . Sociology major . . . constantly talking . . . commendable frankness . . . favorite profs. Miss Ehaugh and Mr. "Put" . . . likes "Brown Eyes" and “Joe College” . . . Imrsclxick riding . . . pet like “ a certain yankee” . . . dislikes people who are not dependable. DOROTHY ELLEN SLAUGHTER. B.A.. Greenville, S. C. Vivacious . . . ready and willing to help with anything and at any time . . . eats, sleeps, and thinks "Homer ... a Ix-amiug smile . . . lias her eye on radio script . . . grand imagination and sense of humor . . . friendliness and l)ot are one and the same . . . Who's Who. DORIS SMITH, B.A., Greenville, S. C. Wherever there's fun going on you'll find "Pinky" . . . Ix-nutiful rod hair that always attracts attention . . . efficient on the Bonhomie staff as well as in everything else . . . poised and soft-voiced . . . her smile packs personality plus . . . Senior Order, editor of woman’s College Handbook, Spanish Club. Day Student Council. JESSE ALLEN SMITH, B.A.. Laurens, S. C. I lardworking and definitely a possessor of that great characteristic, sincerity . . . headed for Baptist Bible Institute and missionary work in Africa . . . will be a definite asset to the foreign fields . . . quiet but always smiling . . . transferred from North Greenville. WINIFRED ELIZABETH SMITH. B.S., Ruffin, N. C. A Phcilfcr Junior College transfer . . . Ix-tter known to all as "Wink" . . . always loves a good time . . . took tip knitting and lost a hot . . . frank. dependable. easy-going . . . Dr. Black-well rooter . . . Chi Beta Phi. I. R. C. . . . plans to lx- a mathematician. MIRIAM FRANCES SPOTTS, B.A., West Memphis. Arkansas Nicknamed "Spotty" . . . one more swell girl who transferred to Furman her Junior year from Ovachita College . . . great addition to music department . . . capable and friendly . . . Bach Clioir ... A'. W. C. A. . . . can't decide whether to teach or lx‘ an air stewardess. 57 STANFORD STEADINGSTEVENSON STOKES SENIORS STONE STRICKLAND TAYLOR THOMAS JEANNE MEREDITH THOMASON, B.A. Brevard, N. C. PvtitC blonde . . . returned to Furman after spending sophomore year at Brevard College . . . Education major . . . plans to teach . . . Miss Ebaugh her favorite professor . . . likes Montague best about Furman . . . infectious -smile . . . beautiful clothes with a knack for wearing them. HENRIETTA CONNOR TINDALL, B.A. Pixewood, S. C. Connie . . . lovely blonde hair with blue eyes to match . . . Sweet . . . quiet personality . . . favorite pastime is sleeping . . . likes to base a good time . . . wants to travel abroad . . , hates to study ... Mr. "Put” favorite professor . . . House President of Main . . . Commencement Marshal. 58FRANCKS STEVENSON, B.A.. Columbia, S. C. Known its "Steve” to everyone . . . petite and etite with dreamy blue eyes . . . loads of per-souality and friends . . . contagious laugh . . . President of the Y. W. C. A. Council, Lewis Music Club. Freshman advisor . . . fond of music . . . plays cello . . . loves horselxtek riding. sunl athing and excitement. JAMES PORTER STOKES, B.A., Gukkh. S. C. The incomparable "James” . . . lie drives buses as he drove ambulances ... a three-year grad who plans to continue Ins preparation for tlx ministry at Louisville . . . his activities are B. S. U. . . . Press Student Volunteers . . . Ministerial Association . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . likes Odell . . . dislikes insincerity ... a friend to everybody. JESSIE LULA STONE. B.S.. Greenville. S. C. Another girl who met her "One and Only" when the cadets were at Furman . . . her Home Ec major will come in handy when he comes home . . . reserved and sweet . . . plans to teach after graduation ... a day student. MELBA STRICKLAND. B.A., Waiik, N. C. Friendly . . . happy . . . quiet . . . transfer from Campbell College last year . . . member of Honor Society and House Council there . . . plans to teach high sclmol next year . . . g x-s out of her way to In- thoughtful and courteous to all. HELEN TAYLOR, B.S.. Greenwood, S. C. Sweet and likable . . . fun to lx with . : . Ira' a wardrolrc any girl would lx- envious of . . . Pres. Home Ec Chib . . .Freshman advisor . . . blonde hair and big blue eyes . . . has a hobby of arranging flowers . . . likes horseback riding and a grand lime. THOMASON TINDAI. HAZEL MARIE THOMAS, B.A., Roanoke. Virginia “Tillie" to those who know her best . . . has no special dislikes . . . transfer from Mars Hill . . . good Matured . . . enjoys working in the Furman Library . . . plans to go to W. M. U. Training School in Keiitucicy . . . Studyii g to Ik- a foreign missionary. 5?TINSLEY TODD SENIORS TRAVIS TRIPLETT TRUSSELL TURNER RUTH TYSINCER, B.A. Salisbury, N. C. A “Tar-Hcil" from way back . . . generous and gracious . . . a true Pi Knppci Phi girl . . . Beauty Section . . . Senior Order . . . vice-president of Junior Class . . . loves to dance, walk in the rain, doughnuts and coffee. Dr. Miller . . . double major in Psychology and Business Administration. MARY ELIZABETH TYSON, R.S. Fi.orknck, S. C. Known to everyone as Betty ... a science major finishing in three years . . . likes best at Furman the nights out . . . Dr. Sledd and Professor Riddle arc her favorites . . . Chi Beta Phi secretary . . . plans to be a laboratory technician. 0LOUISE HELEN TINSLEY. B.A., Creknviiak, S. C. “Lou" is a Greenville girl who conldn't resist Montague life . . . English major . . . mainly interested in sleeping, dancing and West Point ... on Hornet staff four years . . . co-lmsincss manager of Bonhomie . . . Theater Guild and Alpha Psi Omega . . . always on the lookout for fun. CYNTHIA CAROLINE TODD. B.A., Anderson, S. C. Transfer from Anderson Junior College . . . called ’Toddy" by her friends . . . dependable, intelligent and efficient . . . interested in religious work . . . class secretary . . . vice-president of B. S. U. . . . Social Standards . . . Y. V. A. . . . prefers classes under Odell and Gil-pat ricks. LaVERNE TRAVIS. B.A., Pollock, La. Entered Furman as a transfer from Louisiana College . . . favorite practice- teacher of the Greenville High footi all boys . . . sings in the Serenaded . . . sweet and lovely . . . radiant personality ... a certainty for success. BETSY JORDAN TRIPLETT, B.A., West Hartford, Conn. Pleasing personality . . . charming looks . . . petite in stature . . . left us in '44 to marry Paul but relumed to finish her education while he was overseas . . . Home Ec major . . . Bach Choir member . . . Social Standards Board . . . B. S. U. ROSE ANN TRUSSELL, B.S., Greenville, S. C. Likable day student . . . an asset to the grand crowd of girls she chums with . . . dark-eyed and sweet . . . corresponding secretary Chi Beta Phi. Freshman advisor. Day Student Council . . . advocate of Professor Riddle . . . likes stunt night at Furman. THELMA ROSE TURNER, B.A.. Pklzer, S. C. Sociology major. Education minor . . . favorite prof. Dr. C. L. Pittman . . Webb . . . collects pictures . . . fond of eating and dancing . . . dislikes friendly and lots of fun . . .plans social work after graduation. 61 TYSINCER M. E. TYSONSENIORS M. L. TYSON YARN B. M. VAUGHN T. E. VAUGHN WALTERS WARD MARY LEE WEST, R.A. Abbevii.ix, S. C. Transfer from Winthmp College . . . finishing in three year . . raves about summer seliool and G. A. A. B. . . . a Miss Provost fan ... a certainty for success in her ambition to Ik a known psychologist ... a black coffee fiend. WINBURN LAWTON WELLS. Jr.. B.A. Sl'MTKK, S. C. Known on tin- campus for bis low-country accent and bis friendly spirit . . . captured numerous honors . . . Cloister . . . Student Council . . . Theater Guild . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Ministerial Association . . . Bonhomie editor . . . conscientious . . . sincere . . . -versatile . . . Inis made a real contribution to student life at F. U. 62MARION LESESNE TYSON, B.A.. Florknce, S. C. "Typie" to her friends . . . tried Mary Washington and Anderson but liked Furman well enough to stay . . . talkative and likable . . . favorite hobby is collecting bridge tallies . . . doesn't like pessimistic people . . . ambition is to lx a good teacher. ANNE LAWTON VARN, B.A.. Beaufort. S. C. Efficient ami del vendible • ; • likes the things Furman has done for her . . . conscientious . . . co-operative . . . doesn’t like people who "don’t care" . . . Theater Guild . . . Advisory Board . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Council . . . Senior Order . . . postgrad year will find her teaching. BESSIE MAE VAUGHN. B.A.. Greenville. S. C. A very quiet and sincere girl . . . double major in History and Heligion . . . plans to continue her studies at Southwestern Theological Seminary with Karl . . . I r. Haight topped her list of professors . . . likes to do oil paintings. THOMAS EARL VAUGHN. B.A.. Ciikenmllk. S. C. A congenial married ministerial student . . . transferred from Mars Hill where he was President of the Literary Society and on the B. S. U. Council ... at Furman. Senior Class president and educational director of a local church . . . sincere and neat. FAY CATHERINE WALTERS. B.A.. siikviu.f. N. C. Lively blonde from the "tarhecl" state . . . Home Ec major with too many afternoon classes . . . dancing talent . . ..a pet like for Bugs Bunny . . . dislike's coining in at II o'clock . . . Home Ec Club . . . V. A. A. Council . . . Block F. MARY KATHLEEN WARD, B.A.. Edknton. N. C. WEST WELLS Kat to everybody . . . effervescent personality . . . her consideration for all her friends made her a favorite . . . spontaneous smile- . . . Spanish Club. Bonhomie Staff. Commercial Club . . . likes Mr. "K" best about Furman U. . . . another Furman "Brown Eyes" . . . groat ambition is to work in U. S. Embassy overseas. 63SENIORS WHITMIRE WIGGS WILKERSON WILLIAMS WILSON WITTE EMELYN WOFFORD, B.S. Greenville, S. C. "Em” spent most of her time in Science Hall . . . consequently adorer! S!c kl and Riddle . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . abhors letter writing; . . . wants to '» • • Lib technician . . . one of the friendliest girLs at F. U. CLEMENCE WOODS, B.A. Easley, S. C. "Keine” would like to do graduate work in English at Columbia University . . . likes best alxmt Furman the men professors . . . her other likes are "bull sessions" anti a mixture of Van Johnson and Tom Drake . . . lovely crystal blue eyes. (AFRANCIS LEE WHITMIRE, B.A., Greenville, S. C. Majored in History and minored in Political Science . . . conscientious and very neat . . . has served churches as their pastor during his school career . . . admires Dr. Haight ardently and plans work at Southwestern ... in Christian work, his sincerity will lead to a serviceable future. BETTY JEAN WIGGS. B.A., Greenville, S. G. Student Volunteers, B. S. U. Council, Advisory Board . . . plans to Ik- a missionary some day . . . will make a real contribution to any foreign field . . . the kind of person one always likes to stop and talk with. REBECCA FAY WILKERSON, B.A., Winston-Salem, N. G. Becky to her unlimited number of friends . . . always loves a good time . . . never forgets the good ole days of Furman cadets . . . Homo Ec major but wishes there were no chemistry labs attached . . . wants to be a nutritionist . . . Home Ec Club . . . Chapel Choir . . . Theater Guild. BURTON EUGENE WILLIAMS, B.A., Swansea. S. C. Unusual combination of tact and absolute frankness . . . popular in all circles of Furman society . . . talented in painting, singing, and dramatics . . . great love for simplicity and beauty . . . SAE president . . . Student Legislature . . . Theater Guild vice-president . . . Freshman advisor . . . will continue preparation for the ministry at Louisville. JEAN ELIZABETH WILSON, B.S., Greenvii.i.e, S. G. A Greenville girl . . . enjoys life . . . takes things as thev come . . . Home Ec major . . . hopes to be able to put it into practice some day . . . mainly interested in student teaching... loathes nosey people . . . Home Ec Club member . . . smiling blue eyes. WOFFORD V(X)DS CLARA MARIE WITTE, B.A., Brentwood, Mo. Dependable, capable, co-operative, friendly—that's Clara . . . came to live with Betty and attend Furman . . . lots of school spirit . . . Prelude . . . Chapel Choir . . . member of Day Student Council . . . ambition is to do radio work. 65SENIORS MARY FRANCES WOODWARD, B.S.. Greenville, S. C. Mar)' Washington transfer who decided to give her home town college a tryout . . . thinks Montague is tops . . . Air Corps enthusiast . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . hates 7:13 alarm . : . ambition to type -15 words a minute . . . Dr. and Mrs. Greenlaw are M. F.’s favorites at F. U. JULIA WRIGHT. R.A., Greenville, S. C. "Foosic" . . . great ambition is to fly . . . treasurer of South Carolina Confederation of Social Workers ... a Sociology major with the usual fondness for Miss Kbaugh . . . likes Furman campus . . . fond of dancing and open fires on cold rainy days. ELLA YOUNG, B.A., Dover, Dei.. Yankee from Delaware . . . majoring in Sociology and Home Economics . . . plans to do social work . . . active member of Sociology club and Canterbury Club . . . President of Iwtli . . . usual fondness for Miss El augh . . . likes ail sports and is proficient in a number of them. 66 WOODWARD WRIGHT YOUNG67WHO'S WHO at man DOROTHY SLAUGHTER HAZEL EDWARDS “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges” is the only national means of recognizing honor students without initiation fees and dues. Membership in Who’s Who is considered to be the pinnacle of collegiate attainment. JULIA BLACK John McDowell FRANCES LANDRUMUniversity JACKIE RAINWATER LEILA NIXON Representing distinction in character, scholarship, leadership, and possibility of future usefulness to business and society, this honor sums up all other honors. Three boys and eight girls were chosen to represent Furman in this year's edition. SALLY CLINKSCALES 69 CHESTER RUSSELL STELLA COCKERILL Clyde McAlisterBEST ALL-ROUND SENIOR WITTIEST Best All-Bound EARL VAUGHN—LEILA NIXON Wittiest SAMMY SHEPPERSON—EVANGELINE BLACK Most Likely to Succeed LAWTON WELLS—LEILA NIXON Most Athletic JACKIE RAINWATER-LEWIS COLEMAN Best Looking JIMMY STOKES-MARGARET RICHARDSON MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING 70SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED Best Dressed MICKEY JONES—JIMMY STOKES Most Btisinesslike HAZEL EDWARDS—JOHN McDOWELL Most Popular BERT WILLIAMS—STELLA COCKERILL Most Intellectual CAROLINE MASON-C. J. LUPO Best Leader LEILA NIXON—CHESTER RUSSELL MOST BUSINESSLIKE MOST POPULAR MOSTINTELLECTUAL BEST LEADER 71as§ 1947 u,li',,ss v -inics as c . ’ v Wfa 4 ir- rt artecl ofl with cheers ' ' ' ■■.a gage through the halls c Vith Miss Chiles as class sponsor, Juniors had FUN this year. when “big sisters” began carrying lug-of WC for the incoming freshmen, and particularly when we reached the stage of unpacking for them. Then came the “truth-consequences” party for the freshmen who were dressed in kid clothes. We got a new idea of selling peanuts, popcorn, and cokes at the basketball games. We came out with another annual stunt which went over big. Our birthday committee did a nice job with its individual ditties, too. And then in May, we gave the seniors a dinner in the form of a voyage as a climax for the year’s work. Now we are looking forward to next year when we will have reached the top. 72JUNIOR OFFICERS MEN'S OFFICERS Virgil Davis President Calhoun Johnson Treasurer WOMEN S OFFICERS Margaret You man President Betty Brunson ..............Vice-President Charlotte Brown ................ Secretary Dorothy Patton ..................Treasurer 73j UNIORS ABLE, ELIZABETH ANN, St. Matthews, S. C. ALLEN, HELEN. Greenville, S. C. AULD, CAROLYN, Greenville, S. C. BALLENCER, LEE. Chkknvili.k. S. C. BATSON, SARAH, Crhenmlle, S. C. BOLICK, HAZEL. Lenoir, N. C. BRANNON. MELBA. Inman, S. C. BRANYON. BOBBIE JO, Creknville, S. C. BROWN. CHARLOTTE. Florence, S. C. BROWN. JAMES, Creenville, S. C. BRUNSON, BETTY, Greenville, S. C. BURNS, BILLIE. Lancaster, S. C. CALDWELL. LUTHER. Fork Siioai.s. S. C. CAMPBELL. BETTY SUE, Greenwood. S. C. CARROLL, BETTY JANE. Creexvvood, S. C. CARROLL, JOSEPH. Greenville, S. C. CARROLL. RAMON. Ckkkh. S. C CARTER. ROSS. Creknmixe, S. C. CHAPMAN. ROBERT, Spencer, N. C. CHILDERS, WACO. Greenville, S. C. CLAPP, LOUISE. Spencer, N. C. 74« CLINK, HELEN, Siiki.by, N. C. -• DANIS, V'lRCIL, Basskiki.d, S. C. DAYTON. GERALDINE. West Asheville, N. C. «» DILL. ROSELLE. Greenville, S. C. •» DILLARD. ELOISE, Six Mile, S. C. .. DODD. KLEINE. Navy Yard, S. C. .. DUNCAN. LUCILLE, Augusta, Ca. EASON. HETTY JO. Whitmire, S. C. « EZELL, ANN. Spartanburg, S. C. «, FARMER. EUNICE. Campohkllo. S. C. -» FLEMING. TOTSY, Laurens, S. C. FOWLER. JOYCE. Greenville, S. C. FREEMAN. FLORINE. West Durham. N. C. .. GARRETT, RUTH. Nonius, S. C. GAULT. SARAH. Fountain Inn. S. C. .. GENTRY. JOHN. Easley. S. C. .. GILLESPIE. MARTHA, Tigkrvillk, S. C. GLOVER. LENA, Green-mlle. S. C. «. GREEN. IDA. Simpsonville, S. C. .. GREENE. PHYLLIS ANNE. Simpson vim-:, S. C. «- GREEN. VIOLET. Chksterkikij), S. C. 75JUNIORS HAIR, PETE, Greenwood, S. C. HALL, LUCILLE. Grkenmijjs, S. C. 1IALL, MARGARET, Anderson, S. C. HASTY. KATHLEEN. Ottumwa, Iowa HEARN. LEONA. Greenville, S. C. HILTON, RUTH, Laurens, S. C. HIPPS. MARILYN. Kannapoijs, N. C. HOWARD, MARY FRANCES, Aruncton, Va. INGLE, BETTY, Greenville, S. C. JEN NESS. MARY BESS, Greenville, S. C. JOHNSON. CALHOUN, Magnolia, N. C. JONES. MARGARET. Taylors. S. C. KELLEY. GLENN, Greenville, S. C. KELLEY. MARGARET. Augusta, Ga. KELLEY, ZOIC. Greenville, S. G. KING. ANNE. Greenville, S. G. KING. ZELDA. Dunbarton, S. G. KIR1AKIDES. SOUMELA, Greenville, S. C. KIRK, ANN, Greenville. S. C. KOURY, BERTHA, Crfjenveujk, S. C. LANCASTER, HELEN, Smndale, N. C. 76LATTIMORE, SOPHIE, Cheat Falls, S. C. LAUCHLIN, SARAH. Mar- ion, N. C. «» LOFTON, AMY, McCleu-anville, S. C. «» LUCIUS, ANN, Greenville, S. C. «» LUPO, PATRICIA, Greenville, S. C. «» MANN, BETTY, Greenville, S. C. «» MARTIN, MARIAN, Greenville, S. C. MAUNEY, MARTHA ANN. Shelby, N. C. «► McCOY, RUTH. Concord. N. C. «» McGILL, MARY. Anderson, S. C. .» McKINNEY, LI DIE, Greenville, S. C. » McLAURIN, GLENNIE, Dillon, S. C. «. McPHETERS, EDITH, Salisbury, N. C. «» MILES, EVERETTE, Greenville, S. C. MOBLEY, ELEANOR. Kershaw, S. C. «» MOORE. FRANKIE. Brevard, N. C. .. MOORE, PAULA, Lenoir, N. C. «» MORGAN. CONSTANCE. Westminster, S. C. «» MULLINAX. MARY SUE, Taylors, S. C. «» NES-B1TT, BETTY, Duncan, S. C. «» NEWMAN, ANNIE, Columbia, S. C. 1946 Bonl lomie 77JUNIORS O'DELL, ISABELLA, Pickens, S. C. ODOM. BILL. Gibson, S. C. OWINGS, JOHN, Greenville, S. C. PASCHAL. LUETTA, Creenville, S. C. PATTON, DOROTHY, St. Ceorce, S. C. PERRY, FRANCES. Campouello, S. C. PERRY, MYRA, Liberty, S. C. PERRY, VIRGINIA, Kannapolis, S. C. PITTMAN. KATHLEEN, Columbus, N. C. PORTER, CURTIS. Pickens, S. C. PORTER, MARY. Pickens, S. C. PRATT, BETH, West Columbia, S. C. PUTNAM. SAM. Greenville, S. C. ROPER, MARTHA, Six Mile. S. C. SHARPE, RUTH. Wilmington. N. C. SHERWOOD. THOMAS. Greenville. S. C. SLOAN. MARY ANN. Simpsonville, S. C. SLOAN, MYRA, Inman, S. C. SMITH. FRANCES, Charlotte, N. C. SMITH, LOUISE, Ciiocowinity, N. C. SPARKS, MARIE, Mars Hill, N. C. 78STEELE. VIRGINIA. Greenville. S. C. STONER. GUY. Inman, S. C. «» SURRATT. WINIFRED. Chkknviij.k. S. C. «. TRUSSELL, BETTIE JANE, Greenville, S. C. •» TURNER, GRACE, Ellenboho, N. C. «» UMBACII. FLORENCE, Greenville, S. C. WALKER. FRANCES, Greenville, S. C. «• WALKER. SAM. Greenville, S. C. «. WEBB, MARY LOIS. Forest City, N. C. «. WELCH, OPAL DEAN. Montgomery, Ala. «» WEST, MARION. Greenville, S. C. «» WHATLEY, CAROLYN. Greenville, S. C. WHITLOCK, JIMMY. Lake City, S. C. «. WILKINS. MARY LYNN. Granville. S. C. « WILLIAMS. ROMA, High Point, N. C. «» WORLEY. WADE. Tuxedo, S. C. - YOUMAN, MARGARET, Euzabctittown, Ken- TUCKY 194 6 Bonliomie 79September 19, 1945, found many of our class walking on '•X v; • " r - ■’ fev y'ouId it he because some freshman had just pointed some of us.'„out as mighty sophomores? It was fun getting back to school, seeing all those familiar faces again, and digging out those beaten up lx oks. Rat week marked the first big event of the year. It was sort of hard, at first, getting used to calling others rats but we finally managed to do it with a great deal of ease. Basketball and girl-breaks proved to be the order of the day. The class of 48 came out with another original stunt. The sophomore-senior breakfast proved to be one of the best yet. And May heard the strains of the Daisy Song issuing forth from "The Zoo”. 80MEN’S OFFICERS Eam. Paulk. Jit. Mahoi.d SiiVC.CS Perry Turner, Jit. William Kinnctt President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer WOMEN’S OFFICERS Mary Anne Jkekeries Alice Welijorn Juanita Way Plarle Payne President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 81SOPHOMORES ABERCROMBIE. NANCY ADAMS. BESSIE ADAMS. PRISCILLA ANDERSON. JANE ARNETTE. GLENN ARNOLD, ELOISE ASHLEY, ELEANOR ASHLEY. EMILY FAY ASHMORE, ELIZABETH ASK I NS, SARA FRANCES AUSTIN. BETTY AUSTIN. SARAH AVERY, AURELIA BABB, CAROLINE BAGWELL. JEAN BAKER, MARY BELLE BALLENCER. M. FRANCES BALLENTINE, BETTY BANNISTER. ROSE BERRY. WESLEY BEST. ADELAIDE BIESECKER, DOROTHY BLAIR, ALGENE BLAKELY. J. II.. JR. BLOOM. SHIRLEY BOBO, BETTY BOLEN, DORIS BOLGER. MARY BREAZEALE, FRANKLIN BRIDGES. ANNE BRI DWELL. INEZ BRIG MAN, ELOISE BROOKS. JEAN-BROWN. GENE BROWN. MAXINE 821Q4-6 Bonhomie BRUCE. ANN BRYSON. HELEN BULL. BEVERLY BULL. LUCIE BULLARD. DOROTHY BYRD. BEN CAMPBELL. JOY CAMPBELL. VIVIAN CARSKADEN. JEAN CARTER. CLINTON CHAPMAN. ELAINE CHEROS. EUGENIA CHILDRESS, MIRIAM CLEVELAND, MARY JANE COCHRAN. MARGARET COLEMAN. MARY ALICE COTHRAN. FLORIDE COUCH. BARBARA COX. JESSIE CRANE. CARLA JEAN CROUT. YVONNE CULBERTSON, RUTH DARBY. CAROLYN DAY. LOUISE DENNY. ELIZABETH DOBSON. DORIS DURANT, EULA LEE DUVALL. HAROLD EARLE. MARGARET EDENFIELD, CHARLES ELLERBE. FLORA ELROD, MARY SPEARS ELROD. OPAL EVANS. ALICE FA NT. MARGARET 63SOPHOMORES FARRAR, GERALDINE FISHER, ELIZABETH FONNER, MARILLYN FOWLER. JERRY FRANKS, PATRICIA GAMBLE, LAMAR GARRISON. JEAN GAULT, ANN GIBBS, BETTY JEAN GILLESPIE, SARAH GILMORE, HELEN CLAZNER. ROBERT GOODMAN. BOB GREENE. BONNIE GREENE. ESTHER GREGORY. REBECCA CRENLXER, GLADYS GRESHAM, BARBARA HARDING, ANN HARRISON. MIRIAM HAYWOOD, BE TTY IIECLER. SARAH LEE HENDERSON, SHIRLEY HENDRIX. CLARA HORTON. ELLEN HUFF. FRANKIE HUFF. JEAN IVES TER. BETTY I VIE. BETTY ANN JACKSON. CORNELIA JEFFERIES. MARY ANNE JENKINS, ANNE JENKINS. HELEN JOHNSON. BETTIE JOHNSTON. ALICE K. 84 KEITH, CAROLINE KINNETT. WILLIAM KISER, CHALSMA KLEIN, MARGIE KUYKENDALL, IRENE LESLEY. MILDRED LINDSAY, BETH EVANS LIPSCOMB. BETTY LOFTIS. FLOYD LOOPER, MILDRED LYBRAND, BETTE MACRUDER, JANE MARLIN. MONTISE MARTIN, DORIS MARTIN, DOROTHY MARTIN. HAZEL MARTIN, JEAN MARTIN, MOUZON MAXWELL. SARA McALHANY, ANNE McCALL. PEGGY NlcCOY, IN A MAE McKinley, juby McKinney. Raymond McKinnon, saraii McTEER, ESTHER MILLER, BETTY MILLIGAN. DEANNE MOFFITT, JUYNE MOORE, BENA MULL. BETn' JO MURPHEY, MARY EVELYN NELSON. NORMA NEWTON. BETTY ROSE NORRIS, JUANITA 1Q4-6 Bonhomie 85SOPHOMORES OKR, LAURA DYE PARKER, JACKIE PATRICK. CLAIRE PATTON. WILDA PAULK. EARL. JR. PAYNE. LILLIAN PAYNE. PEARLE PENNELL. MARGARET PERRY. GLADYS PHILLIPS, MARGARET PINSON. FLOSTER PITCH FORD. MARY PITTMAN, SARAH MARTIN QUERY, PATRICIA RAMSEUR. ANNE REED. ETHEL REID. BETH REID. BETTY REID, SARAH MARGARET RICHARDS. MILDRED RICHEY, FRANCES RIGGINS. WAYLAND ROBBINS. JEAN ROE, THOMAS ROPER. JOHN ROWLAND, VERNON RUSSELL, ROGENE SECUREST. CAROLYN SEGAL. PATRICIA SHOAF, PATTY SIMS. BILL SIRES. NORMA SLEMONS. CAROLYN SMITH. ELIZABETH SMITH, DORTHA CLARK 861Q46 Bonhomie SMITH. MARGARET SMITH. MILDRED SMITH, RUTII SNUGGS. HAROLD SPEECLE, LYNN STANTON. ELSIE STEP! IENS. FLORENCE STOKES. COLLEEN STYLES, MARIAN TATTERSALL. MARJORIE TAYLOR. ELOISE TEMPLETON. JANE THOMPSON, VIRGINIA TOLLISON, LAURA TROWELL. RUTH TURNER, PERRY VOGEL. HENRY WALLACE. BERT WALTON. MARCELYN WATSON. MARTHA WATSON. MILDRED WATT. EDWARD WAY. JUANITA WELBORN. ALICE WELBORN, LAURA WELLS. KITTY WILLIAMS. DOROTHY WILLIAMS. IMOCENE WILLIS. PATRICIA WILLIS. THEODORE WILSON. GLORIA WOODS. NELL YOUNG. JEAN 87Freshmen, easily distinguished from other members lxxly by purple caps and green faces, turned our toward the strange and unknown ventures of eager to see and be seen. There were gay registration lines . . . trying orientation tests . . . last minute term papers . . . blue slip reminders . . . frequent bull sessions . . . co-eds at Town I bill and Community Concerts. . . . We learned everything from the “do s” and “don ts" in the handbook to bow to manage a package from home. Truly this was a great year with the l est yet to come. 88FRESHMAN OFFICERS MEN’S OFFICERS Sidney Jay Dick Dominick Jok Smith, Jr. Kay Ey.ki.i. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer WOMEN'S OFFICERS Elizabeth Keys President Bhink i Stanley Vice-President Mary Ellen Shumaxn Secretary Jackie Benson Treasurer S9FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW DAMS. AMANDA •» AIKEN, PERRY «. ALEXANDER. JOHN .. ANDERSON. JEANETTE .. ANDERSON. MARY LOU «» ARMSTRONG. MARY JANE «. ASHLEY. BLANCHE .. ASHMORE. IX)ROTHY SUE .. ASHMORE. MAURICE. SKCOXO ROW BAGWELL. HOWARD «» BALL. WILLIAM T. «» BALLENCER. FRANK .. BALLENTINE. JOYCE BARTON. BETTY -• BATES. MARIAN «• BEDENBAUCH. CHARLES •• BELL. NANCY ■ » BENCHOFF. ROBERT. TIIIRI) ROW BENSON. JACQUELYN .» BIDWELL. JEANNE .. BLAINE. AUMENTA .. BLAIR. JAMES .» BLALOCK. BARBARA «. BOLIN. DEAN « BONHAM, MILDRED «» BOWEN, RAY «» BOWLES. LORRAINE. FOURTH ROW BR AM LETT. BILLY •» BRA M LETT. LUCIA «. BRAY. ROBERTA «. BRUCE. TRENTON «• BURDINE. JEANNE «. BURK. PEGGY .. BYBEE, DICK .. CALLAHAM, SAM «. CAN TRELL. VIRGIL. FIFTH ROW CARPENTER, ANNABEL «. CAUBLE. ANN «. CHAPMAN. DORIS « CHARPING. JAMES .» CHASTAIN. BETH «. CHEROS. BESSIE «» CLARKE. CAROLYN «» CLYDE, SARA KATE COCHRAN, 10NEENE. 90FlRSr HOW COLE, FRANCES '» COLEMAN. BARBARA ANN .. COLLINS, RAYMOND «» CONVERSE, MARTHA « COPELAND. MABEL «• COURSEY. ERNESTINE «» COURSEY. HELEN .» COURSEY, WILLIAM «. COX. BE'ITIJO. second how CUNNINGHAM. MARY ANN - » CURTIS. FRANK «» CURTIS, HENRIETTA « DACUS HENRY “ DAVENPORT. CHARLES DAVIS, BETH .» DAVIS. CATHERINE «. DAVIS, MARIAN DAVIS. MARY LOUISE. TIIIHD HOW DENNIS. BROOKS «• DENT. JANE .. DESHIELDS, ELIZABETH . • DILLARD. LLOYD .. DIXON. DOTSY DODSON. IMOCENE .. DOCCETT. BOBBY «. DOMINICK. DICK .. DRAKE. SELINE. FOURTH HOW DUNCAN. FRANK «» DYE. WILLIAM •» EARLE. JANE «» EASTERLIN, BERNARD .. EID-SON. NIMA JEAN «. ELLERBE, MARY NELL ELLISON. MARY RUTH •• EM1N1IIZER, GENE .. ENSI.EY. HOWARD. FIFTH ROW EVANS. MURIEL «. EZELL. CATHERINE .» EZELL. KAY «. FINCH. FURMAN .. FLYNN. MARY HINES «» FOGLE. EDDIE «. FOLSOM. HON «. FORGIONE. ROSE «» FOSTER. DAN. 1Q46 Bonhomie 91FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW FOWLS, SYLVIA JANE ■ » FOY. ISABEL .. FUTRELL, JEFF «. GALLEMORE. VIRGINIA .. GANTT. BETTY «. GENTRY, FRANK «. GENTRY, JAMES .. GIBSON. BARNWELL «» GILLESPIE. CHARLES. SECOND ROW GILLESPIE. GENE «. GIVENS. LEA «» GLASS. BETTY JO .. GLENN. BETTY JANE «» GOD-LEY. ELIZABETH «» GOLLER. HAROLD «» GOODNOUGH. CHARLES « GOSS. EDGAR .. GRAHAM. IRIS. THIRD ROW GRAVELY, ANN MARY ALICE «» «. GRAY. JAMES LEE «» GRAY. NELL « GREENE. GEORGIA «» GRIBBLE. GRIFFIN. FLOYD «. GRIFFIN. JANE «» CRISTE. BETTY «» HALL. NANCY. FOURTH ROW HAMBY. RALPH LEE «» HAMRICK. RACHEL «» IIASELDEN, JIMMY «» HASTY. DOROTHY «• HAWKINS. FRANCES «» HAYES. GERALDINE .. HENDRICKS. JULIE .. HILL. PATSY «. HILTON. BARNEY. FIFTH ROW HILTON, MARY HELEN «» HILTON. SARA JEAN «» HINSON. PATRICIA «» HIOTT. BO « HOWELL. SARAH «. HUFF, COLLEEN «» HUMPHRIES, THOMAS .. HUNNICUTT. DAVID «. I RICK. BETTY. 92FIRST HOW ISLER, EMERSON JACKSON, BETTY ANN ■ JANES, SUZANNE .. JAY. SIDNEY «. JEF-EEHIES, ANNE «. JEFFORDS, WILLIAM .. JLNERETTE. ROSALEEN «. JONES, BOBBY «. JONES. DORIS. SECOND now JONES. ANNE -» JONES. POLLY «» JULIAN, DOROTHY «» JULIAN. HOY «. KAY, LEWIS « KELLEY. CAROL «» KENNEDY, LAURA BESS «» KEYS. ELIZABETH KING. BILLY. THIllI) BOW KIRKLAND. IIASKELL «» KIRKLAND, LOYD «» KNIGHT, ALFRED .. KOGER, PATRICIA .. LANEY, MARTHA JEAN -• LANGLEY. DORIS LEE. FRANK «. LEE. DIXIE ■ LEE. DON. FOURTH HOW UNCLE. JOYCE «» LITTLE. BETTY «» LITTLE. PEGGY «. LLOYD. MARY LOU «. LOCK-WOOD. ANN «» LONG, ADELENE «. LONG. ELLISON «» LOY, JUNE «» LUSK, RICHARD. FIFTH HOW LYNN. BETTY «. LYNN. WILLIAM «. LYONS. JAMES •» MACIIEN, ELIZABETH MANLY. ROSALIE «» MANN. HELEN « MARTIN. LADD «• MARTIN. PAUL «. MAY. MARGARET. 1046 Bonhomie 93FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST HOW McAllister, doris mae .. nucall. Charles «» McCall, david «. McCall. nancy .» McCLEARY, BETTY JEAN McCORKLE. JULIA - McCUEN, JEAN «. McDOWELL. EDWARD «. McHUGH, PATSY. SKOONI) HOW McINTOSIL JACK «. McINTYRE. CAROL «» McKINNEY. JACK «. McL.AUGHLlN. BETTY «» McMahan, betty ann .» Mcminn, willie love «. merritt. Carolyn «» mer- R1T. FRANCIS «» MILLER, BETTY. THIRD ROW MILLER. EDWIN «» MINTER. GEORGE MISKELLY. ROY «. MITCHELL. HOWARD MONTAGUE, WILLIAM «. MOORE. BARBARA .» MOORE. BOBBIE JEANNE «. MOORE. MARY MOORHEAD, JAMES. FOURTH ROW MORGAN. LIONEIL «» MOSTELLER. IMOJEAN «» MULLIKIN. WILLIAM «. NEALY. JULIA NEIL. MARY FRANCES «» NEWMAN. MILDRED NISBET. WILLIAM .. NORMAN, BARBARA «. PADCE1TE. PAT. fi mi how PALLAGUT. PATRICIA .» PALMER. RHYME «» PARSONS. JACQUELYN .» PARSONS, JANET .» PATTERSON. FRANCES «» PEPPER. ELLA «» PETTIT, JEAN .. PITTS, MARTHA POE. ELEANOR. 944 FIRST now PRATT. JUANITA «» PURSER, CONSTANCE «• PUTMAN, ROBERT «» PYLE. FLORENCE «. QUATTLEBAUM. EDWIN «» REAVES, BETTY «» RHAME. ELEANOR RICE. MAX «» RI DC ILL. CAROLINE. SECOND ROW ROGERS. ESTHER «. ROWAN. GRACE «. RUSSELL. ELLEN «» SANDERS. JEAN .. SAND-MANN. RUTH «» SCARBOROUGH. DARRELL «• SCHUMANN. MARY ELLEN «» SCRUGGS. ZENECA «. SEBASTIAN. MARY CATHERINE. THIRD ROW SHELTON, TED .» SLOAN. BETTY JO .. SLOAN. NANCY «» SMITH. FAIR ICY .. SMITH. ARNOLD «. SMITH. JOE «» SMITH. LAWTON «» SMITH, MARGERY «» SNIPES. DOROTHY. FOURTH ROW SOMPAYRAC. ELEANOR .» STANLEY. BERNICE .» STARNES. ELLA «» STATON. INEZ .» STEPHENS. CLYDE «» STEVENSON. IRIS .. STEWART. BETTY .. SULLIVAN. JAMES .. SYKES. SARA. FIFTH ROW TARBOX. JOHN • • TAYLOR. WILLIAM «» THACKSTON, WILLIAM .» THARP. LI ELL «» THOMASON. BILL «» THOMASON. ELLA . THOMPSON, JOHN .. TIMMS. JAMES .. TODD. BETTY. 1Q46 Bonhomie ?5FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW TOLLISON. EVELYN « TURNER. CHLOR1S .» YARN, BETTY VEA' .KY, WALTER WATERS, JOE .. WATT. MARGARET. SK(X)Xl) ROW WAY, HARRIET ANN «. WHEELER, GRADY «» WHITAKER. LEONORA «. WHITE, CHARLES «» WHITE, MARY ANN «» WILBURN, MARY HYRNE. THIRD ROW WILLIAMS. ELIZABETH •• WILLIAMS. ORAL «» WILSON, JANIS »« WIMPEE, ALEEN .. YOKLEY, CAROLYN «. WALDROP, SARAIL 96Students Entering F urman Sec Edwin Lee Allen Lewis Allen Charles LcRoy Anderson Kcrmit lav Atkinson John Girl Bagwell James William Bailey Alvin l ickcns Barker I.uthcr Zcdic Barnett William llerlu-rt Barton Ray Franklin Bell Jolm I. Blaloek Bernice Overton Bowen James Edgar Brandon Ansel Lee Bridwell Frederick Martin Broady Thomas Wiley Brown Harry Odom Bryan Kdmtmd llynson Cass James W. Childress James Troy Cobb Frank K. Collins Jack leathern Coin Charles Bryan Cooglcr Homer Stanley Compton jolm Augustus Craig Chesley Herbert Crews, Jr. IXixid Singleton Cross Francis Edward Daniel Paid Wayne Daniel' Harold Iaivvrenec Dillard Charles Archer Dodson Thurston E. Dolor FRESHMEN Louis Thomas Earns Jolm William Ecklcy Ned Oliver Epps, Jr. Frank Stunner Fayssoux Claude Daniel Finley Robert Douglas Floyd Billy C. Franklin Walter Hal Freeman Lester Charles Canter Doyle W. Garrett Samuel Randolph Garrett Joseph Edward Garrison Harry Marshall Green Frank Thomas Greene Fred Greer Roliert Ragsdale Griffin llarr ' Campbell Hammond Eugene Elmer Hance David William Hanis Myron Evcrcttc Hatfield Edward Campbell llcnderse Walter Joe Henson llershel Dempsey Herd Cecil A. Hester James Landnim Hill Roliert Lv Horton Wilton Earle Howard (Carlisle Ternnce Huff James Malcome Ivester Jesse A. Jackson, Jr. Bert McCarthy James Ralph Stuart Kancy Carl Jagar Kilpatrick William Fred Kilpatrick James Frank Kneecc, Jr. Thomas Howard Law Charlie Ardcll Lindsey Benjamin Grant Lollis Harold V. Lollis Leon Brady Lovvmait William Cl.,nlt.m Lynch Charles Burnett McCarson William Garrison McCuen James Talntadge McElrath Williams Wilds Mclvcr James David McKinney, Jr. James Patrick McNamara Ivy Clenn McWhorter Thomas Lucius Mann John K. Miley Douglas Arnold Morrison Harold Moseley William Wells Neal Lemuel Nathaniel Norrrll Lloyd Houston N'eil Paul Berlin Nix Louie Morroson Owens Lewis Charlie Penson John H. Pepper Charles Joseph Piekelsimcr Robert Clinton Poole Arthur Cooper Price William Dalton Pritchett Jonathan G. Rice SOPHOMORES llcrln-it Lewis Allen Julius Ilerlicrt Baggett Hugh Earl Bolt Jackson Edward Bowen Many Edwin Coggins Edwin Ba il Commins Daniel Bates Gaskins John Lawton Harley Jesse lac Hill David William 11 lot t George Jackson Hughes William llarieston Julian Charles Roper Iarathcrvvood Louis Eloyd McAuley Joseph P. McMillan Fred I mu is Mulliiiax Hal G.rtc . Norman James Allison Nunneiy Joseph Bennett Owens Pete C. P.magakos James Edwin Porter JUNIORS Jack Edward Ayers Lloyd Ellis Batson Herbert Barter Berry Willie Waymon Boles Charles Stanley Brown Harold Vernon Cole James Wilhuni Coyle William L. Culbertson Lawrence Dillard Walter Daniel Errante Roliert Wells Gregory Roliert Karl Guggenheim John Henry Holliday Paul R. Hudson, Jr. William II. Hughes John Edwin Johns John Monroe King Lewis Norman McDaniel Walter Edwin McDaniel William M. McMillan James Rogers McQueen Tierce Riley Machen Samuel Roliert Mitehell. Jr. Milton Traynham Monroe Harold I«ce Moore John Pershing Odom John Samuel Oliver SENIORS James Wallace Alexander John Bunyaii Crouch Harry John llaynsworth Bruce D. Barton Charles M. Harbin Lawrence Peter Hollis on cl Semester Clark Olin Riddle Douglas Roddy Howard Milton Rogers Patrick Anthony Ryan Harry Fulton Sanders Ih.licit C. Scott. Jr. Ren Dav is Shi Hr t Fdward Ward Shingler Carey Weldon Sightler Gisper R. Smith Keimetli Smith Samuel Neely Smith. Jr. CuK’In Milton Snipes James Wesley Snyder T. J. Sullivan Fred Albert Tate Jesse Howard Tate John Stuart Taylor Edward Charles Tlmmas Haddock McClure Thomason Thcovald Leopold Tilman Harold R. Tollison Neely Edward Tamer Roliert William Wade Holland Roscoc Watson Howard Victor Wellman Thom;is Arthur Wham Charles Otto White James Courtney Williams Robert F. Williams, Jr. Jack La Wood Thurman Alfred Woolhright Victor Woodruff Prince Ccorge Lindsay Rankin Albert M. Rickman Franklin Simmer Smith Robert Harvey Stewart, Jr. Carl Richard Thackston Ccorge Furman Williams Donald Stewart Rohinsdn John Caswell Roper Gary Mack Shipman Jack McConnell Summers Jack Walter Sword Julian F. Upton Clifford Cornelius Wester Whitfield Brooks Wharton Thomas Randolph Russell ( 9798W9 Student Bod V MEN'S CAMPUS With the increasing number of men students, the executive officers of the student government on the Furman campus have had a busy year. Chester Russell as president of the student body presides over Thursday morning chapel programs and serves as intermediary between the student body and the administration. Jack Lowndes heads the Freshman Advisory Board. John McDowell, acts as adviser to the Rat Court in the enforcement of freshman regulations. Virgil Davis serves as chairman of the House Committee in Geer Hall, besides handling student body funds. Chester Russell, President Jack Lowndes, Vice-President John McDowell, Secretary Virgil Davis, Treasurer CunsrKR Russki.i. ICOOfficers IQ4(3 Leila Nixon, President Stella Cockerill, Vice-President Ruth Hilton, Secret art Helen Bhyson, Treasurer Lkila Nixon WOMEN’S CAMPUS Performing their tasks with precision and competency arc these four girls who head the woman's student body organization. Leila Nixon presides over meetings of the student body and the council. Stella Cockerill has complete charge of Freshman Orientation. Ruth Hilton posts offenses and handles correspondence, and Helen Bryson takes care of financial matters. 101Bob CiiaI’Mak Dean Coucii Pete 11 aiii Cuy Johnson Jack Lowndes C. J. Lupo John McDoot:i.i. Bon McLane Bobby Poe Bh.i. Sims Ed Watt Lawton Wells Student Carolyn Auu Marckli.k Babii Evangeline Black Julia Black Hulls- Bryson Joy Cami’bku. Sally Ci.inksgai.es Stella Cockkbili. Bktty Jo Eason Ruth Hii.ton Susie Hun Bbtty I hick Mary Anni: Jekkeiues Mary Bbtii Jen ness Elizabeth Keys Byiion Marvin Caroline Mason Jane Mooiie Leila Nixon Saraii Martin Pittman Jackie Ralnwatkii Gay Scurry Frances Stevenson Margaret Youman 102MEN'S CAMPUS The Student Council is the judiciary body of the Student Government Although it has many powers, such as interpreting the Furman Constitution and conducting all student body elections, its main function is to enforce the honor system. The honor system is based on the principle that a Furman man is always considered a gentleman until proven otherwise. However, when a member of the student body has been found guilty of any one of the three violations—lying, cheating, and stealing—of the honor system, the Student Council has no alternative but to ask the person to leave the campus. The Student Council is a twelve-member body elected proportionately from each class to serve until graduation. John McDowell is president of the council, with Jack Lowndes as vice-president, and Bob McLane as secretary. Counci WOMEN’S CAMPUS Student Council . . . Wednesdays at 7 o'clock . . . governing the academic and social activities of women students . . . holding to principles of the Honor System at all times . . . l e-lieving that personal honor and consideration of others are bases for group responsibility . . . handling infractions of regulations . . . planning the December College Conference . . . studying nights out . . . revising the Womans College Constitution . . . striving for a balance between responsibility and independence. As president of the study body, Leila Nixon heads Student Council. Council members are composed of student body officers, class presidents, organization heads, student head residents, and representatives at large from the various classes and from the day students. John McDowkij. Leila Nixon 103Student Legislature Henry Vogel .................................... President John McDowell Vice-President Virgil Davis ................................... Secretary Gene Brown Sergeant-at-Arms I'he Student Legislature is organized for the purpose of formulating laws and rules which govern the activities of the student body. Recently it has taken on the job of modernizing the Furman Constitution. It is composed of representatives from the dormitories, day-students. and the fraternities; and to it is given the power to do anything which does not infringe upon the rights of the student body officers, the Student Council, and which is not within the range of faculty supervision. Its members are: J. II. Blakely, Gene Brown, Virgil Davis, Howard Lamar, Vernon Rowland, John Roper. Henry Vogel, and Marion West. 104Julia Black....................... ... President Mary Bess Jknness Vice-President Margaret Cochran Secretary-Treasurer The Day Students’ Association was formed in 1940 in order to unify the day students and to bring them into closer relationship with the boarding students. It aims also to encourage day students to participate in all school activities. To assist the officers in leading the day students is a council consisting of representatives from each class. Council members are: Algenc Blair, Betty Brinkman, Ann Kirk, Elizabeth Machen, Lidie McKinney, Mary Pitchford. Eleanor Rhame, Doris Smith, and Clara Witte. 7 Association 105Vine11. Davis Clydb McAlister John McDowell Bob McLane Earl Paulk Lawton Wells Bkht Wii.ua.ms man Frances Anderson Carolyn Auld Virginia Boi.i.ingku Wilma Boyd Bobrik Jo Biiakyon Charlotte Brown Lucille Duncan Bi-tty Jo Eason Joan Flanimp.au Totsy Fleming Peggy Cibson Lena Clover Martha Hinton Su.mi: Mupt Elaine Humphries Virginia Murro Mary Bess Jknnkss Carolyn Johnson Anne King Johannaii King Ann Kirk Frances Landrum Louise Lively Lidie McKinney Glennie McLauihn Iaiis Maiiet Byron Martin Sara Francks Martin Caroline Mason Mary Frances Moss Betty' X'esbit Dorothy Pation Catherine Pinckney Margaret Richardson Bctty Roper Cay Scurry Frances Stevenson Helen Tayiajr Connie Tindal Cynthia Todd Ruth Tysingeii Betty Tyson Anne Varn Mary Lois Webb Betty Wires Margaret Youman 106MEN’S CAMPUS The Freshman Advisory Board on tin men’s campus has the responsibility of getting the new men students off to a good start at Furman. In the fall when a new class of freshmen arrive, the Advisory Board members are there to help the students in every way possible. They carry out an intensive orientation week as well as offer assistance throughout the year. Jack Lowndes served as head of the group this year. Jack Lowndes visorv Board WOMEN'S CAMPUS The Freshman Advisory Board shoulders a major part of the orientation of each years new students, helping them to become adjusted quickly and happily to the program and spirit of Furman. The advisors, appointed by the vice-president of the student body with the approval of the director of personnel, act as counselors to the freshmen. Interpreting the college program on the basis of their own experience, they assist freshmen in registering and help them to understand the regulations of the Womans Self-Government Association. Stella Cockerill headed the Iward this year. Stella (ax:kkiiii.i. 107c ommercia 1 cu Julia Black Sybil Burns Hazel Edwards Ann Ezell Bob Chapman President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Co-Chairman Program Committee Co-Chairman Program Committee The aim of the Commercial Club is to promote an understanding of modern business methods and current business topics. Membership is open to upperclassmen who are majoring or minor-ing in business administration and to all two-year commercial students. Mr. Thomas Kimbrough is the faculty advisor. Members of the club are: Eli al cth Ashmore, Elizabeth Bridgman, Lucia Bramlett, Eloisc Crenshaw, Mildred Crenshaw Imogene Dodson, Joan Flandreau, Jane Griffin, Patsy Mill. Suzanne Janes, Laura Kennedy, Martha Jean Laney, Louise Lively, Imojean Mosteller. Cora Parkins. Kitty Pinckney, Nancy Reeves, Caroline Ridgill, Grace Rowan, and Kathleen Ward. Julia Black 103Senior Order is an honor society which recognizes outstanding leadership among women students. From the junior class each spring are selected to wear (he Senior Order pin girls who have shown unusual abilities through their college career and have rendered meritorious service either in the college or the community, proved themselves co-operative citizens, and whose personalities show growth and development. The members, not exceeding in number twelve per cent of the class during its junior year, meet each Monday night to discusS problems relating to the school as a whole or to individuals of the student body and quietly work as a group to make any contribution they may to the welfare of the school. Miss Eiila barton and Mrs. Meta Gilpatrick are honorary members. Senior er Jui ia Black Stki.i a Cockkhiij. Ifazm. Eim'aiux Joan Fi andhkau Si-’mk fIvrr Fiuncin Lanimiom Loin Maiikt I.kila Nixon Jacxik Rain-watch Onus Smith Hum Tvmnckh A.vxk VannHan an 1 ore Membership in the Hand and Torch is the highest honor that can lx bestowed on a lx y at Furman. The club is composed of those few men who have attained exceptionally high scholastic averages, and who are otherwise outstanding on the campus. Not more than one-tenth of the graduating class may l e chosen. Members arc chosen by a faculty committee. CiiAitTKii Mkmhkks 1927: R. S. Funderburk. L. C. Hartley. J. C. Matthews, NV. J. McGlothlin. Jr.. H. Nl. Ramsay. J- C. Robert. Jr.. C. W. Sensible. J. A. Walker. II. L. Ware. Class ok 1U3B: J. II. Bagnal. D. S. Boyd, R. R. Clanton, J. I). Hughey. J. M. M. Young. C. A. Christcnbcrry, F. S. IXirrmw. Class ok 1928: K. K. Allen. R. M. Duetts, Jr.. S. I). Ezell. M. F. Hawtlmmc. U. R. lade. J. I). Massey, W. E. Moore, W. II. Nixon, Jr., M. II. Polk, J. S. Schneiweis. Cl.ass or 1937: W. I.. Cannon. I.. II. Clirwning, Jr.. W. I.. Smith, Jr., J. II. Wright. Jr.. M. C. Allen, W. S. Hawkins, C. R. Pace. Ci sssok 1929: C. W. Hurts. T. I.. Crosby, J. S. Ellrnl org. I. . M. Fa)law, J. II. McClothlin. G. I). Powell. C. L. Rasor. II. S. Ray, II. H. Summerlin, I’. E. Washington. Ci.ak.sok 1930: J. W. Going, R. M. Goldsmith, I. A. Keys, E. A. Mooney. Jr.. E. R. Thompson, I. W. Burner. R. A. Crawford. Jr., E. J. Putney, C. C. Saunders. Class or 1931: T. T. Coldsmith, Jr., E. C. Jackson. W. H. Jeffers. R. I. McD.tvid. Jr„ M. T. Sexvell. R. K. Taylor. Jr., J. R. Timmerman. Jr. Class ok 1932: G. W. Blackwell. C. II. Cleveland. J. W. Oillwrtvm Timritco Catica. W. I). Patton. C. T. Thompson. McChord Williams. Class ok 1933: H.L. Botnar. J,.. R. L. Mooney, L. L. Rice, Jr.. I). I). Ritchie, II. K IWues. Jr.. T. C. Furman. C. F. Haynes worth. Jr.. J. I. McKittrick. M. I). Earle. Jr.. J. R. Scales. Class ok 1938: J. II. Earle, W. I). Hull, X. I.. Smith, Jr., C. W. Whitworth. It. W. Gurrell. L. O. Hughes. C. M. Mason. Class ok 1939: James Caskey, J. W. Johnston. II. E. Simpson. M. R. Smith, M. C. Sturgeon. A. E. Radford. C. L. Rodgers, C. T. Fountain. R. II. Ayers. Cl ass ok 19-10: I. B. Cauthcn. C. J. Coniglio. E. W. Davis, Jr.. F. S. Pawcett, Manuel Fowler, L. E. Mathcson, II. G. Morgan, B. C. Padgett, R. P. Stimpson, W. II. Walker. Ciawok 1WI: E. C. Crouch, Llge Hicks. Don Loutlutn, Henry Miller, Marion Wright, Jack Bloom. Paul Buffington, Dorsey Horton. Morgan Miliord. Roy McClain. Class ok 19-12: Harold Stalvcy, Melvin Bloom, Biff Dc-Lnney. Wright Horton, Joel I.awhon. Henry von llasseln, David I.ingle. Hilly McDaniel, Ccorge Tindal, Herbert Cullick. Ci asx m 1943: Pendleton Banks, Emanuel Cheros. James Culp, Reese Hawkins. Jr.. Walter Hcacock, Dwight Smith. Gilmer Weatherly, Gordon Wcckley, Jr. p twnOK-9 : M J Boggs. DuPont Cuerry. WilIm Unn",R , ,m' ‘ T' jcSter Ch»rlcs McGee. Jr.. C. II. Class ok 1935: ularo, W. J. Yost. D. K. McCall, II. Townes, Cennam Fam- Class of 1944: Ralph Lake. Coley la-opard. Ronda Robbins. Ci-assok 1945; John Cooley, I-uther Cribb, David Jenncss. T. J. Kelley. Class ok 1946: C. |. I.upo, Jr., Clyde McAlister, John McDowell, iaiwton Wells. 110Id Zetosophia. the honorary scholastic fraternity at the Woman’s College, was organized May 24. 1922, at the instigation of the College faculty who wished to “recognize publicly students who showed marked scholarship and ability to do independent thinking." Lenoir Patton Mary Katherine Byars Nell Edwards Susie Patton Bagwell President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Mcmber-at-Large Ci $s ok 191$: Class ok 1914: Class ok 1913: Class ok 1916: Class or 1917: Cus or 1918: Class ok 1919: Class ok 1920: Class ok 1921: Class ok 1922: Class ok 1923: Class ok 1924: Class ok 1925: Class OK 15)26: Class ok 1927: Class ok 1928: Class ok 1929: Class ok 1930: Class ok 1931: Class or 1932: Elizabeth Robertson Alford. Ann Orr Brock Reid. Mat-tic James. Venita Curcton. Olive Busby, Marie Padgct Hamilton. Eula Barton. Wila Bryant Profitt. Ethel Simpson. Helen Morgan Lindsay. Katherine Easley, Mary Holliday, Christable Mayfield Williams (deceased). Rawie Jones McM.mawuy, Martha Peace Thomson. Eleanor Kcesc Barton, Helen Harris. Kathleen Childress Hillers. Groce Lons, Tliarce Mauldin Baker. Christine Cooper Ellcnburg, Isabel Easley Asbcry. Ai-leen Coggins, Gertrude Vermillion. Estelle Cooper Tilgham, Eugenia Still (deceased). Eula Bums King. Nancy Day. Both Jones Freeland. Lucille Nix. Edith Out . Humphries, Gar-land Carrier. Clara Childress, Grille T. Setzler. Mars- Camplx-ll Johnson. Elizabeth ComptO n. Mnry Hamilton Jorrion, Edna Langston Carlson. Ruth Provenc . Nancy Hughey White. Susie Lee Patton Bagwell. Thelma Ashmore Gentry, Frances Dodson, Dorothy Mac Smith. Lucille Edwards, Elizabeth Mittel Worthington, Laura New, Mary Lancaster Reeves. Mabel Dom Reeder, Lucy Cullum Crawford. Mabel Mason. Earle Campbell Lindsay, Margaret Strom Harris. Marian Burts. Cornelia Bramlett. Miriam Right-mire Epps. Elizabeth Moore. Grace Lancaster Tate. Doris Campbell W o o d s, Mattie Lee Cox Drum- mond. Month' Chapman Cmxland, Lucille New Ritter. Class ok 1933: Margaret Allen Dunston. Mildr 1 Smith. Class ok 1934: Sadie Riddle Bridges. Ella May Cox Swiccgood, Jewel Alice Lee Miller. Margaret McCr.wcy Simian. IxMMiir Patton, Ruby Phillips. Class ok 1935: Mildred Pollard. Claudinc Thomas, Sara Jane Frye Waltlrep. Jessie Smith Barton, Kthelyn Towner Snell, Selene Rodgers Russell. Martha Frances Morgan, Marie McDavid Barrett. Class ok 1936: Allene Coker. Nell Edwards, Mary Hope, Julia Irwin Wright. Alice Ives Purser, Louise Vaughan. Class ok 1937: Martha Horton, Evelyn Wells Hughey. Frances Cash Cannon. Frances Edwards. Helen Edwards. Sadie Franks. Sant Inman Broadnax, Margaret Johnson. Eleanor Jordan Lund, Nancy McCain Clarke, Eleanor Stanley, Annalx'll Townsend. Class ok 1938: Virginia Dodson. Helen Rhyne Marvin. Dorothy Smith, Hazel Waller. Frances Wcrts Owing . Dcmaris Grincr. Mary Etta Henry. Evelyn Mar-rett Harvolcy. Mary lam Mints Reid, Dorothy Plowden Futrul, Alice Ross. Class o» 1939: Virginia Brown Sweeney. Grace Pearson Plowden, Dorothy Snipes Wcl-bom. Catherine Broek-man Sanders. Virginia Fritts. Josephine Harris. Anne Louise May. Ruby Pearson, Virginia Roper. Class ok 1940: Mary Gray Smith. Vashti Keys Gilkerson, Martha Bennett Ellis. Ruth Brcc-don, Lenora Brown, Dorothy Burton Peri cola. Sarah Cunningham Ran- dolph, Nancy Ducworth. Margaret May Pool. Verona McCrary. Mabel Morsbach, Carolyn Pace, Elizabeth Smith Alford, Emily A. Smith. Class ok 1941: Virginia McKcivcr, Dorothy May Harrison Lobs, Margaret Burdette. Fronds Keys, Doris Wright Goodlett, Erma Riggins. Margaret Vogel Phan-stiehl. Priscilla Adair. Harriet Boggs, Eugenia Evans. Cerda Provost, Ann Rutledge Packer. Muriel Todd. Class ok 19-12: Beth Bryson, Anna Fountain, Virginia Garrison, Mary Frances Johnson, Blossom MeCarrity, Margaret Pritchard. Edith Wells. Mary Katherine Patrick, Margaret Palmer McClain. Class ok 1943: Eleanor Turner. Doris Davis, Sarah Aiton Davenport, Mary Chambers Christopher, Evelyn Dill, Virginia Lee Gower, Bertha Haulhmok, Jean Hendricks Furry, Bertie Lee Kendrick, Frances Lancaster. Mary Le-Grande. Louise Moffett, Mary M. Nicholson, Dorothy Sutton, Miriam Whitaker, Bert Wilker-son. Class ok 1944: I-oulse Wells. Lillie Fuller. Carolyn Moseley. Lula Cray Harris, Beth Me-Nabb, Christine Mobley, Mary Frances Davis, Peggy Wright. Lina Marauder, Eliza Henry Brown. Class ok 1945: Marian Smith. Ixriita Evans, Marian Horton. Lillian Simpson. Sue Barton. Mary Black. Jean Graham, Ann Lawrence, Jeanne Coleman. Glass ok 1946: I«cila Nixon, Caroline Mason. I Ionohahy Mk.mbkixs: Miss Charlotte Easton. Mrs. Eminis Gaines Padgett, Miss Virginia Thomas. Mrs. Carrie Bostick Lane (deceased). IllCharles Bedes baloii Bon Chapman Viucii. Davis H. K. Ezell ClIAHIJM ClI.LKSPlK VICTOR GREENE I lowAiii) Lamaii Jack Lowndes Roy Miskki.lv Chester Russell Jimmy Stokes Periiy Turner Ei Watt Lawton Wki.ls Beet Williams Tiieodohk Willis baptist Shi Frances Anderson Jane Anderson Marckixk Barm Beth Chastain Sally Clinkscai.es Totsy Fleming Catherine Foxworth Jean Garrison Violet Greene Mary Bess Jensens Anne Kino Beth Evans Lindsay Sara Frances Martin Leila Nixon Marie Sparks Frances Stevenson Cynthia Todd Anne Vahn Betty Wioos ll?MEN'S CAMPUS The Baptist Student Union seeks to aid and unify all religious organizations on the campus. Its highest aims is to lead every student to a personal fellowship with Christ Besides its regular activities the Union brought to Furman many fine Christian leaders for "Religious Focus Week” and for five "Inspirational Nights", the latter having been inaugurated this year. B. S. U.’s chapel programs, social, and other special services also played an important part in this year’s campus life. Victor Greene is president of the Union with Jimmy Stokes as enlistment vice-president, Perry Turner as social vice-president, and Theodore Willis as devotional vice-president. Vic.-nm C’kkkni. dent Union WOMEN’S CAMPUS When a person becomes a mcml er of a single religious unit, she becomes a member of B. S. U., the organization which serves as a connecting link between the church and the college student. B. S. U. offers an attractive, challenging, and organized program for students. Its ultimate aim is to make Christianity collegiate, college life Christian, student friendships happy, and student Christianity maximum. Sally Clink-scales heads the organization as president, serving with Sara Frances Martin as enlistment vice-president, Cynthia Todd as social vice-president, Anne Yarn as devotional vice-president, Mary Bess Jenness as secretary, and Frances Anderson as treasurer. Sally Cunkscaijcs 113Ministerial Association Virgil Davis Guy Johnson Lamar Gamble Howaki) Lamar President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer To prepare and enlist its members in Christian service is the aim of the Ministerial Association. It is concerned with the spiritual and intellectual growth of each member. Members are encouraged to take their places of service in the local churches, in missions, and on the campus. The Association enjoys close fellowship, common interest, and a common goal—service. Members are: Virgil Cantrell, Lewis Coleman, Virgil Davis, Jell Futrell, Lamar Gamble, Barnwell Gibson, Frank Inman. Emerson Islcr, Guy Johnson, Roy Julian, Howard Lamar, Jack Lowndes, Roy Miskelly, Howard B. Mitchel, James Moorhead, Earl Paulk, Wilson Poston, Edwin Quattlebaum, Furman Rivers, Chester Russell. 114Y. W. C. A. Council Frances Stevenson Mickey Jones Jane Anderson Caroi.yn Auld President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The Y. W. C. A. works for the promotion of fellowship and Christian ideals among students on the campus and attempts to meet the personal needs of each student. It endeavors to follow the purpose and objectives set up by the national student Y. W. C. A. in the United States. The members of the Council are: Jane Anderson, Carolyn Auld. Adelaide Best. Helen Bryson, Sybil Burns, Helen Cline. Frances Harmon, Mickey Jones, Amy Lofton. Frances Stevenson, and Mary Lois Webb. Miss Marguerite Chiles is adviser. ns-Faculty Coope ra tive Com m 1 ttee Out of a student conference held at Duke University in the spring of 1945 grew the idea of a Student-Faculty Cooperative Committee for Furman. The Committee was organized in the fall of the same year and assumed as one of its chief functions the responsibility of working out the details in the coordination of the two campuses. Serving as a link l etwccn the students, faculty, and administration, this Committee is especially interested in bringing about harmony in all activities of interest to both campuses, in improving general morale, in fostering a homogeneous spirit in all phases of college life, in carrying out plans and projects rather than merely talking about them. John McDowell is chairman of the group. Mary Bias Ji wr.vs Frances Landrum John McDowell Karl Paulk Cay Scurry Jimmy Stokes Margaret Youman Dm. H. N. Blackwell Miss Marguerite Chiles Miss Laura Eraugii Dll. C. II. GlLI'A THICK John McDowell 116Chi Beta Phi Okas Coucii Dkan Couch. President Carolink Mason, Vice-President Bktty Tyson. Recording Secretary Rosk Ann Thusskll, Cor. Secretary Annk King, Treasurer Fionnik Umhacii, Reporter Nu chapter of Chi Beta Phi. honorary scientific fraternity for undergraduates, was established at Furman in 1928. The object of the fraternity is to promote interest in science by keeping up with scientific investigations through lectures, movies, papers and general discussion. Only science majors with a “B” average in twenty semester hours of science are eligible for membership. Members are: Eliza! eth Ann Able, Miriam Anderson, Roberta Broadwater, Nancy Chain-blec, Barbara Couch, Dean Couch, Jesse Cox, Carolyn Darby, Sarah Gillespie, Margaret Kelly, Anne King, Irene Kuykendall, Caroline Mason, Mar Pettigrew, Winifred Smith. Harold Snuggs, Alma Steading, Rose Ann Trussed, William Turpin, Betty Tyson, Flonnie Umbach, Emilvn Wofford, and Mars Frances Woodward. Honorary meml ership has been conferred upon: Dr. L. II. Bowen, Mr. C. 1). Riddle, Dr. John R. Sampey. and Dr. Arthur P. Sledd, faculty adviser. 1171 lieater Guild Fmaxcks Landrum Franges Landrum Bert Williams Barbara Gresham President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The Furman Theater Guild is composed of students interested in any phase of drama. Its chief purpose is to foster interest in the theater by presenting plays which offer the best in entertainment and in dramatic training. Members are chosen by a point system. These points may Ik gained by assisting with stage management or by Inang in the cast of Guild plays. This year the student productions consisted of “Papa Is All”, “Our Town”, and a series of three one-act plays. Meml crs are: Hoy Brown, Helen Bryson, Beverly Bull, Dean Couch. Carolyn Darby, Hazel Edwards, Alice Evans, Katherine Fcwell, Victor Greene, Barbara Gresham, Betty Haywood, Susie Huff. Mary Anne Jefferies, Jean Jennings, Frances Landrum, Frank Lee, Jack Lowndes, Jane Magruder, Betty Miller. Elizabeth Millikin, Mary Mundv, Clyde McAlister, Ruth McCoy, Joan McFall, Betty Rose Newton, Pearl Payne, Margaret Phillips, Floster Pinson, Mary Porter, Rogene Russell, Carolyn Scchrest, Betty Jane Trussell, Louise Tinsley, Ed Watt, Lawton Wells, Marion West, Bert Williams, Roma Williams, Clara Witte. Miss Frances M. Bailey is faculty advisor. 118Alplia Psi Ome a Marion West President Joan McFall Vice-President Hazel Edwards Secretary-Treasurer The Eta Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic fraternity, established at Furman University in 1939, aims to develop dramatic talent and to cultivate a taste for the best things in drama. To wear the pin of Alpha Psi is the highest honor available for a Guild member. Miss Frances M. Bailey is the faculty advisor for the fraternity. The mem ! ors of Alpha Psi are: Dean Couch, Barbara Gresham, Jean Jennings, Frances Landrum, Jane Magrnder, Mary Mundy, and Louise Tinsley: 119Ellen Hodcens, President Betty Brunson, Vice-President Evelyn Hodcens, Secret ary-Trees. Lewis Student M US1C Clut 'I he music club was organized three years ago principally for the purpose of original composition but also for an increased interest in the enjoyment of good music. Not only music majors, but all students who love music are invited to join. Student, faculty, and guest musicians arc featured at the meetings. Mr. II. Merrills Lewis is the faculty adviser for the club. Members are: Caroline Babb, Lee Ballenger, Betty Balentinc. Betty Brunson, Beth Chastain, Doris Dobson. Jane Earle, Opal Elrod, Catherine Ezell, Esther Greene, Evelyn Ilodgcns, Mary Frances Howard, Virginia Hutto, Poll) Jones. Billy Po King, Rosalie Manly, Juyne Moffitt, Anita Owens, James Reddick, Betty Jo Sloan, Francos Spotts, Frances Stevenson, Ruth Trowell, Gloria Wilson and Carolyn Yokley. Ellen Hodcens 120Arnold E. Potman Director Tihijy Gray RUST SOPRANOS Jean Carskaden Hannah Lou Dargan Margaret Earle Tibby Gray Esther Greene Miriam Harrison Clara Hendrix Marilyn Hipps nn Kirk Joyce Lingle nnie Newman Dorothy Patton Mildred Richards Elizabeth Smith Margery Smith Ruth Trowel I Juanita Way Sara Weaver Laura Wclbom Clara Witte SECOND SOPRANOS Jane Anderson Caroline Babb Frances Barnett Marian Bates Roberta Bray Beverly Bull Catherine Davis Doris Dobson Sarah Gillespie Betty Jo Class Ann Harding Anne Jefferies Betty McLaughlin Norma Nelson Pat Padgett Ethel Reed Caroline Slemmons Mildred Smith Mary Frances Walker Mary Ann White Leonora Whitaker Man.' Hyrne Wilburn Mary Lynn Wilkins Business Manager ALTOS Elizabeth Ashmore Barbara Blalock Betty Bobo Ann Bruce Beth Chastain Floridc Cothran Jane Earle Spears Elrod Mary Flynn Sarah Lee Ilegler Elizaln-th Keys Frances Landrum Ida Long Betty Lynn Rosalie Manly Juanita Norris Laura Dye Orr Sarah Reid Caroline Scchrcst Frances Spotts Jane Templeton Elizabeth Williams Pat Willis Qids Glee ClubCii HKRTO, Lagos A. La I ertuha Espanola Cii.hkhto Lagos A. Joy Campbell Kathleen Hasty Boh McLane President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer This was the beginning year for La Tertulia Espanola. The Spanish students felt a need for a club on the campus to promote conversational Spanish among the students taking the language and to acquaint them with the customs and culture of the Spanish speaking people. Therefore with this purpose in mind La Tertulia Espanola was formed under the direction of Dr. Eugene Gardner and Miss Gwendolen Reed. Members are: Glenn Arnett, George Barksdale, Julia Black. Barbara Blalock, Eloise Brigman, Betty Brinkman, Ben Byrd, Ionecne Cochran, William Coursey, Maryan DeCoursey, Dick Dominick, Eddie Fogle, Sylvia Fowls, Elizabeth Godley, Bob Goodman, Julie Hendricks, Dorothy Julian, Lloyd Kirkland, Margv Klein, Sophie Lattimore, Dixie Lee, Don Lee, Beth Evans Lindsay, Betty Ann McMahan, Willie Love Mc.Minn, Betty Miller, Imojean Mostellcr, Mary Moore, John Owings, Frances Perry, Virginia Perry, Doris Smith, Harold Goller, Eleanor Sompayrac, Florence Stephens, LaVerne Travis, Clara Witte. 122Le Salon Francois Dorothy Slaughter Joan Flandreau Betty Roper Evangeline Black President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Le Salon Francais is organized for advanced students with a special interest in the French language. It is designed to acquaint students with French culture and to develop ease in speaking French. This year s activities included the presentation of one-act French plays in the Keyhole Theater, a drive for French Relief, and the sponsoring of French movies on the campus. Members are: Jane Anderson. Caroline Babb. Roselle Dill, Peggy Gibson, Sarah Lee Megler, Mary Frances Howard. Mary Bess Jenness, Johannah King, Lois Maret, Dorothy Patton, Margaret Phillips, Ruth Trowell, Mary Frances Walker, Juanita Way. Miss Charlotte Easton is an honorary member. Miss Gwendolen Reed and Miss Aileen Coggins are sponsors for the organization. Dorothy Slavciitkh l?3House As Student Council began accepting more and more responsibilities, students became aware of a need for another division of the Student Government Association. House Board was therefore organized to accept part of the responsibility originally held by Council. The duties of House Board center around the enforcement of dormitory regulations, conducting fire drills, and the promotion of any action, program, or activity which may be in the interest of dormitory students and which may make dormitory life more pleasant. House Board consists of the president, Jackie Rainwater; vice-president, Katherine Pinckney; dormitory presidents, Connie Tindal, Joan Flandrcau, Ellen Hodgens, Frances Harmon, and Betty Todd; student head residents, Susie Huff, Gay Scurry, and Joy Campbell; proctors elected monthly, and student body president, Leila Nixon. J. kik Rainnvatkm 124The Social Standards Board makes an effort to be familiar with all phases of campus life. Its chief function is to see that high standards prevail in every aspect of college life and to set the standards for the social conduct of the women students. They not only sponsor parties, teas, open house, and Sunday after-dinner coffee, but lend their support to making any affair successful whether it be for the whole student lx dy or a few of the group. The theme of this board is expressed in the pamphlet, Co-Etiquette, which is compiled by members of the lx ard and which should be of assistance to newcomers to the Woman’s College campus. Byron Martin is chairman of the lx ard. Memljers arc: Frances Anderson, Yvonne Crout, Mary Gray, Frances Harmon, Marilyn Hipps, Glennie McLaurin, Deannc Milligan, and Cynthia Todd. 125Helen Tayi.gr Helen Cline Gay Scurry Byron Martin-Sally Clin ksca les Doris Davis President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Handbook Chairman The Mildred Swift Home Economics Club is an organization for all students interested in home economics. Two meetings are held each month; one meeting consists of demonstrations and talks on subjects pertaining to home economics; the other meetings throughout the year are socials of various kinds. Members of the club are: Mary Lou Anderson, Dorothy Ashmore, Mary Baker, Bobbie Jo Bran yon, Roberta Bray, Annabelle Carpenter, Sue Cobb. Julia Coleman, Doris Davis, Jane Dent. Elaine Dodd, Carolyn Flynn, Marilyn Fonner. Catherine Fox-worth, Jean Garrison. Phyllis Anne Green. Clara Hendricks, Mary Helen Hilton, Ellen Horton, Jean Howell. Rosaleen Jencrette, Betty Johnson. Carolyn Keith, Zelda King, Sara Laughlin, Kitty l.ingle, Ann Lucius, Byron Martin, Marian Martin, Ann McAlhany, Mary McGill, Frankie Moore, Mary Frances Neil, Jackie Parker, Ruth Pettigrew, Elizabeth Poole. Mary Porter, Constance Purser, Mary Anne Sloan, Ella Starnes, Jessie Stone. Eloise Taylor. Betsy Triplett, Sarah Waldrop, Fay Walters, Lenora Whitaker, Mary Lynn Wilkins, Becky Wilkerson, Jean Wilson and Ailecn Wimpie. Miss Vera Burnette is the faculty advisor. 126Sociology Eu.a Young The Sociology Club is organized for students showing a definite interest in gaining a better understanding of the various phases and problems in the social field. Ella Young is president of the group with Sarah Frances Sanders, vice-president. Martha. Hinton, treasurer; Anne McKo.v. secretary; Mary Cray, State vice-president; and Julia Wright, State treasurer. Members of the Club are: Frances Anderson, Frances Barnett. Margaret Bradley, Stella Cockcrill, Margaret Cooper, Lynda Craig, Betty J. Fonville, Ruth Garrett. Ruth Gillespie, Mary Gray, Grace Hall. Martha Hinton, Anne McKoy, Martha Roper, Sarah F. Sanders, Julia Wright. 12?International Relations Peggy Gibson...................................... President Cynthia Todd ................................ Vice-President Lidie McKinney................................. Secretary Patricia Lupo .............................. . Treasurer PlCCCY ClBSON The International Relations Club is an affiliate of the national club of the same name. Its meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month when the members come together for discussions and programs about current events. New members, limited to upperclassmen, are admitted each fall by competitive examination. The members include: Wilma Boyd. Alice Evans. Martha Gillespie, Frances Harmon, Jane Harrison, Mary Frances Howard. Susie Huff, Guy Johnson, Jack Lowndes, Clyde McAlister, John McDowell, Joan McFall, Ina Mae McCoy. Jackie Rainwater, Nancy Reeves, Margaret Richardson, Sarah Frances Sanders, Sam Shepperson, Winifred Smith, Louise Tinsley, Martha Watson, Earl Vaughn. Mrs. Jesse Burnett is the faculty advisor. 128Prelude, honorary literary organization for women students of Furman, was established in 1924. Mem- bership is limited to twelve students. Prospective members are recommended by the English faculty and elected upon the basis of original compositions which they submit to the club. Prelude’s aims are to encourage the writing of varied types of creative literature and to foster ideals of literary appreciation e and criticism. At the bi-monthly meetings this creative literature is read and discussed. Betty Brink- man is president of the group and Beverly Pennell is secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Meta Gilpatrick is faculty sponsor. Betty Brinkman Betty Brunson Maryan DeCoursky Kranckn Lanihium Byron Martin Link McKinney Annie Newman Dorothy Patton Beverly Pennell Dorothy Slaughter Ruth Trow ell C iara Witte 129Student Volunteer Band Hum Cillespie The Student Volunteer Band is a group of Christian students who are definitely interested in Christianity as the way of life for themselves and for those about them. Along with programs of devotional, inspirational, and informative nature, opportunities are presented for participation in programs at various churches and other Christian assemblies. Ruth Gillespie and Jimmy Stokes are co-presidents cf the group with Betty VViggs and Edwin Quattlebaum as vice-presidents. Other members are: M. Babb, II. Bolick, J. Brooks, J. Campbell, V. Cantrell, B. Chastain, S. Cockcrill, A. Craft, S. Clink-scales, V. Davis, C. Farrar, G. Foxworth, L. Gamble. R. Garrett, M. Gillespie, V. Greene, B. Gregory, S. L. Ilegler, P. Iiinson, F. Huff, D. Hunter, F. Inman, C. Jackson, M. Kelly, G. Lagos A., II. Lamar, II. Lancaster, S. Lattimore, J. Lowndes, B. McLaughlin, W. L. McMinn, P. Moore, J. Moorehead, F. Moss, M. Murphy, I. O'Dell, V. Perry, J. Pratt, |. Roper, C. Russell. E. Russell, M. Sloan, W. Smith. M. Sparks, E. Stanton, q Stokes. M. Strickland, C. Todd, L. Tollison, M. Watson, D. Welch, G. Wheeler, B. Williams, E. Williams, T. Willis. Jimmy Stoms 130Woman s Athletic Association W. A. A. Council sponsors all athletic events on the Woman’s campus. The council is made up of members from each class and representatives of each of the major sports: tennis, hockey, swimming, basketball, dancing, softball, and individual sports. One of the highlights of the year was the intramural basketball tournament. The association also encouraged recreational swimming, sponsored a life saving course for interested students and presented a carnival for the women students. Evangeline Black is president of the organization with Lynda Craig as vice-president, Beth Pratt as secretary, Helen Cline as recording secretary, and Betty Jane Carroll as treasurer. Other members of the council are: Carolyn Auld, Pat Franks, Sarah Gault. Martha Jean Lanev, Lois Maret, Sarah Frances Sanders, Bernice Stanley, Alma Steading, Marjorie Tattersoll and Fay Walters. Evancki.ink Buck 131Maiuon West The Alpha Chapter of Gamma Iota Alpha, national veterans organization, was formed on the Furman campus this year to aid veterans of World War 11 and prior wars in a rehabilitation program, to enable all college veterans to get together socially and culturally, to promote good will and general welfare among members of the organization. Membership is open to all veterans on the campus. Veterans Association Glenn Arnett W. T. Ball James Blair Dean Bolin I)il Charles Burts Hoy Brown J. J. ClIAIll'INC Waco Guilders Henry Dacus Boh Harden Pete Hair H. L. Hamby Barney Hilton Clarence Iseman Sidney Jay Paul Kinnktt David McCall Arthur McKinney Everett : Miles Bill Oiiom John Roper Bill Thackston William Turpin Henry Vockl Marion Went Wade Wori ky Sam Walker 137s erenaaers l DuPre Rhame, Director Betty Baleen-tine Helen Bryson Joy Campbell Virginia Hester Ellen I Iodgens Evelyn IIodckns Susie Huff Virginia Hutto Rosemary Johnson Sara Frances Martin Betty Nesbitt Leila Nixon Claire Patrick Betty’ Roper La Verne Travis Marcelyn Walton Carolyn Whatley Carolyn Yokley 133Block F Club Jack Summkhs With the beginning of second semester and returning of Furman veterans who had seen action from the purple side of the line before going into service, the Block F Club was reorganized. Jack Summers was named president; Preacher McQueen, vice-president; and Skeeter Coyle, secretary-treasurer. Other members of the club include Bill Bailey, Junior Boldes, Wes Berry, Ed Cody, Roger Gregory, Sam Mitchell, Marion West, and Ace McDaniel. 134DuPhe Riiame Director Tom Hanks Accompanist FIRST BASS Charles Bedenbaugh Bill Culbertson Walton Errante Ted Machen Sammy Shcpiterson Charles Gillespie I nvton Wells Bill Melver SECOND BASS H. D. Floyd W. T. Ball Harold Lollis Grady Wheeler Furman S. Rivers John S. Taylor Bert James Jack Wood Ed Watt Ted Shelton Bert Williams Lit Ballengcr FIRST TENOR T. A. Woolbright II. M. Thomason James Porter Edward Shingler E. J. Miles SECOND TENOR Harold Smiggs, Jr. Richard Lusk Charles Edenfield Mack Shipman John King Homer S. Compton. Jr. Charles Pickclsimcr Thomas W. Brown Raymond Melchers J. K. Mi ley Roy Brown Dave Hants 135Y.W.A. Council The Y. W. A. is an organization on the Woman’s Campus for the purpose of fostering the study of missions. Through creating among students a deeper understanding of all peoples of the earth a step closer is taken to the World Christian Community. Marcello Babb heads the organization. Miss Alice Adams is faculty adviser. Members of the council are: Martha Ballenger, Betty Bolx , Alvilda Craft, Lucille Duncan. Ruth Garrett, Ruth Gillespie, Sara Gillespie, Sis Creneker. Martha Minton, Paula Moore, Frankie Moss. Mary Murphy, Mary Pettigrew, Martha Roper. Marjorie Smith, Melba Strickland, Laura Tollison, and Martha Watson. 136©uarternion The Quartcrnion Club was founded in November, 1903, by Mr. J. C. Keys, Mr. K. M. Mauldin, Mr. I. R. Rice, and Mr. C. F. Uaynsworth. It is an honorary club with new members elected annually from the upper classes. "Old College”, the first building on Furman campus, was turned over to the Club by the Trustees in 1910. The building was erected on the present site of Geer Hall in 1851 for use while Main Building was under construction. Dr. Judson held classes in the north end while Dr. Furman’s classes met in the south end. The interior has been remodeled for club purposes but the exterior has been maintained as it originally appeared. The building was moved to University Ridge when Geer Hall was erected. Two undergraduate members, Bunny Crouch and Harry Uaynsworth, returned this spring from military service. 1377 he 1946 Ann Kirk, Associate Editor: Kathlkkn Waiu , Associate Editor, l)oiih Smith, Club Editor: Gknl Hminhi .ur, Photographer; Svuii. Burns, Typist: El i .arktii Maciikn, Typist; Pkgc.y McCall. Typist; Kirrv Pinckney. Typist: Nancy Hkivks, Typist; Nancy lit m . Adoetthing Assistant; Virginia b iuncmv u mrmifag Assistant; Bevuim Bull, Advertising Assistant: Martha Converse, Advertising Assistant; Jean Garrison, Advertising Assistant; Nr 14. Gray, Advertising Assistant; Elaine Mumi-IHUIa, Advertising Assistant; Ansi: Jrnkins, Advertising Assistant; Ii»a LoNC, Advertising Assistant; Bihty Mann, Advertising Assistant; Bill Thomason, Advertising Assistant; Juanita Way, Advertising Assistant; Beht Williams, Art Assistant. We have had the privilege of producing the first post-war Bonhomie. In our work this year we have been freed from many of the handicaps which confronted the staffs of ’4 f and ’45. We realize that this greater freedom has increased our responsibility to you. And truly our staff has worked faithfully to give you the best annual that our resources permit. We hope that now and in the years to come you will find genuine pleasure in turning through the pages of this lx ok. If this is true, we shall he content. Lawton Wkias Editor Ha .ki. Euw arhs Co-Editor 138BONHOMIE In an endeavor to put some personal touch on each senior write-up, we sought the aid of a great many people. Space is insufficient here for all their names, hut to them is due the credit for the senior sketches. And we would thank all those students who wrote scripts for all the divisions. Special appreciation is due to Miss Elizabeth Donnald and Dr. Eugene Gardner for their constructive advice.Although working under a distinct disadvantage at the beginning of the year with labor-shortage at the printers and experienced journalists-shortage at school, the Hornet succeeded in showing itself on the campus every Saturday for twenty-seven issues, from the small Freshman Extra to the Commencement issue in May. Tlic staff saw much midnight oil-burning to turn the paper off the press each week, and it endeavored to maintain the high standards set by the former staff and to deserve the title “Voice of Furman" with the standard eight-column newspaper which it inherited from last years editors. The staff saw the return of the veterans to the campus en masse and with the number several experienced columnists for the Hornet. Monday-through Wednesday of each week found the office on second floor of Fletcher Hall buzzing with journalists. Ci.yim: McAustkii Editor 140 DOUOTHY Sl-AUCIITKH Co-EditorBv Saturday morning the paper was available to the students on both campuses. Appreciation is here expressed to all who cooperated in making the Hornet a creditable paper, and special credit is due to Miss June Williams who served as adviser for the Hornet. Lime McKinney, Stationing Editor. Carolyn Johnson, S’eu % Editor; Kathleen Hasty, Failure Editor; Frank Ballkncur. Sports Editor; Jackie Kainwateii. Sjrorts Editor; Csse Emjnihzeii. Photograidicr; Carolyn Darby, Editorial Awii iont; EuzaukTII Dlnny, Editorial Assistant; Saraii Lee IIw.i.kii, Editorial Assistant; Emerson 1m.hr. Cartoonist; Ed NVati , Cartoonist; Betty Bobo, Columnist; Barbara Gresham. Columnist; Charles Kiumii u), Columnist; I.orisr. Lively, Columnist; Ann it Newman, Columnist; Mary Kli.en Schumann, Columnist: Bltty Jo Sloan, Columnist; Perry Turner, Columnist; Louri Tinmky, Columnist. Ed Watt Business Manager 141 Ann K i.i.i. Co-Business ManagerFrances Landrum Frances Landrum Dorothy Patton Liimk McKinney Ei Watt Frank Lee Paul Martin William Montague Editor Associate Editor Ed itorial Assist an t Hook Review Editor Business AIanager Business Assistant B usiness Assist an t The Echo is the literary magazine of the college and is published three times a year. The purpose of the magazine is to encourage the creation and the appreciation of literature and to maintain a high literary standard at Furman. Each issue consists of short stories, essays, editorials, book reviews, and verse. The cover and the illustrations of the magazine are designed by students. Mrs. Meta Gilpatrick and Mr. A. S. Bcrghauser are faculty advisers for the publication. M2Han dlo ook As a new student enters Furman, there are a thousand and one little things he or she would like to know alxnit the college and life on its campus. An attempt is made to answer those queries in the Handbook which becomes a handy friend not only during one’s freshman year, but all four years. Each campus publishes a separate booklet. Hon McLaxe Furman Editor Doms Smith Woman's College Editor Mary Anna Grant, Ellen Hoixjkns, Jane Moore Editorial Staff Betty Brunson, Betty Brinkman, Clara Witte business Staff Box MrLank Dorns Smith 143144MEMBERS Boh McI.ank Clinton CAimiii Cknk Bhown Biu. Odom Boh Goodman Li-oyo Kirkland Bill Sims PLEDGES Howard Baowki.l Dean Bolin Kay ExKU. Harold Goi.i.kr Jimmy Gray Victor Greknk Bill Jkkeohds Ed McDowell Bill Nishit John Borkii Oral Williams Bob McLane ................................... President Cunton Carter Vice-President Gene Brown.................................... Secretary Bill Odom .................................... Treasurer 146KAPPA ALPHA Five brothers and two pledges gave K.A. a good beginning this year. Rushing began with a steak supper at Paris Mountain and a mountain party at Miss Ebaughs cabin in North Carolina. Pledge Ceremony brought nine freshmen to a K.A. pledgehood. . . . Informal initiations found pledges confronted with confusing, non-answerable questions. The first house party would have put all K.A.s and dates in the infirmary with pneumonia had it not been for "Grinder and Molly" supplying firewood.... “Chico" Bolin fought the battle of I wo right in the living room. Brothers and pledges enjoyed two steak suppers at the Poinsett Hotel. K.A.s racked up two basketball victories from SAEs. As the end comes to a successful year each K.A. still knows what brotherhood means ... a great deal more than wearing a good-looking K.A. pin.MEMBERS Bert Williams Roiinrr B. Pok Dick Dominick llAUOI.lt Duvall Lawton Smith PLEDGES William Coursky Floyd Griffin Sidney Jay Lewis Kay William MontacUE Max Hic k Ted Shelton Joe Smith Bill Thomason Bert Williams................................. President Kirby Quinn Secretary Robert B. Poe . .. Treasurer 1 8SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SAE, taginning the year with only three members, yet true to that ol’ SAE spirit, set out to regain its former position of leadership on the campus. Hush week was trying but the results were gratifying. The fraternity was greatly aided by the return of many of its former members from the services. . . . Bill Iliott, Ted Machen, Bill Barnwell, Harry Coggins, and others. Hi-lights on the calendar were . . . the mountain party during rush week, the party at Paris Ml., the house party at Cedar Mt., and the progressive dinner given by the newly organized Minerva Club. This was the year for the National Convention in Chicago. W illiams represented S. C. Phi and was accompanied by pledges Duvall and Dominick who were initiated in the Leverc Memorial Temple. Altogether, it’s been an eventful year for the SAEs.MEMBERS Marion West Waco Cidi.dehs Buddy Blakely Vernon Rowland PLEDGES Perry Aiken Charles Davenport Bobby Dooobtt Dan Foster Jerry Fowler Gene Gillespie Bo IIiott Bobby Jones James Sullivan Bill Tayior Marion West Waco Childers Buddy Blakely Paul Kixnett President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 150THETA CHI N This is Theta Chi’s first year on the F. U. campus and it’s off to a good start, taking a lead in campus activities with nine brothers and twelve pledges. Highlights of the year include the many rush parties . . . fowling party, picnic at Paris Mountain, supper at Jane Harrison’s . . . eventful week-end at River Falls, and also the house party at Camp Parker . . . Theta Chi’s Red Bombers took their part in sports activities . . . K.A. basketball game with the Bombers winning 29-11! In all it’s ljccn a year filled with the spirit of brotherhood and with memories worth taking.BASKETBALL Furman’s spirited and smooth-functioning 1946 basketball team, composed mostly of freshmen, completed its campaign with one of the best cage records in the history of the University. Fifteen victories and four defeats automatically clinched the State Championship for Furman in its first post-war participation in intercollegiate sports. The Paladins bad a Southern Conference record of seven wins and four defeats, but due to several misfortunes they did not receive a bid to the annual tournament. Coach Lyles Alley, who was a Furman baseball, basketball, and football star several years ago, returned from the Navy and, taking a small squad of frcslnnan prospects, he developed them into a surprisingly strong quintet. Effie Evington, with 226 points, and Hob Stewart, with 187 points, were the highest scorers on the team, and they ranked among the best scorers in the State and the Southern Conference. 15+CHAMPIONS 1946 Record Furman 44 Wofford 29 Furman 38 1 )avidson 34 Furman 40 Davidson 47 Furman 36 Clemson 44 Furman 50 South Carolina 42 Furman 49 Davidson 46 Furman 38 Davidson 36 Furman 39 Wofford 22 Furman 54 Newberry 50 Furman 50 South Carolina 58 Furman 47 Presbyterian College 39 Furman 52 Newberry 33 Furman 58 Charleston 39 Furman 65 Citadel 45 Furman 49 Clemson 39 Furman 32 Wake Forest 36 Furman 58 Charleston 44 Furman 50 Presbyterian College 33 Furman 58 Citadel 45 155’I’lie athletic phases of Furman life are staging a quick recovery after the interruption of war. Already we have produced one championship team, and there are bright prospects for several others. The 1946 Purple Hurricane has l egun spring practice with a core of pre-war letter men, a squad of big freshmen and transfers, and a coaching stafF of Smith. King, Lcfflcr, and Alley.At FURMAN Other players will enter next fall, and we predict a victorious football season. After a successful basketball season. Coach Alley will step forward again this spring to lead the baseball team. We hope the Hornets will prove as successful as the Paladins. Coach Leffler is making plans for a tennis team and Coach King is making plans for track. In the intra-mural bracket we have already had a football tournament and a basketball tournament, and the softball scries this spring will prove to be interesting.CO-ED ATH The athletic program at the Womans College offers each girl the opportunity to participate in many sports such as hockey, archery, badminton, folk dancing, softball, swimming, tennis, and basketball. These athletics are sponsored by the Woman’s Athletic Association with Van Black as head and the Department of Physical Education supervised by Miss Rosina Carter and Miss Hazacl Taylor. In the fall there was keen competition between the class basketball teams and in the spring between the class baseball teams. Hockey also provided the classes with competition. Swimming, one of the most popular sports at W. C., is taught to students who want to learn to swim as well as to those who want to perfect form, speed, and various strokes.LET ICS In addition to its regular activities W. A. A. has equipped the Social Ilall as a game room and directs Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon Open House. Also included in the Department’s list of activities is the directing of the dancing for the Hanging of the Greens and May Day. 159The Bonhomie is proud to announce that John Robert Powers, noted model connoisseur, has selected “Miss Bonhomie of 1946" from the eight co-eds voted loveliest by the student body. Miss Mary Porter, of Pickens, S. C., is his choice for the title, with Miss Esther Greene, of Greenville, S. C., in second place. 1604slyIt SidJLMAY QUEEN 170 (fiMay Day, one of the most beautiful celebrations of the year at Furman, was staged on the grassy lawn of Furman's amphitheater again in 1945. Miss Linda Franks was surrounded by Furman’s loveliest girls wearing soft pastels accented by spring bouquets. Although the program was not elaborate, the celebration was gay, consisting of music and dancing for the queen and her attendants. Crowning the Queen The Queen and her CourtAttendants MISS SUZANNE RENNETT MISS MILDRED HATCHELL MISS LOUISE PONTIOUS Attendants MISS TINA LYNN MISS MARY PORTER MISS MAUREEN LOVINGOOD Attendants MISS EMILY FAY ASHLEY MISS ESTHER GREENE MISS PAT QUERY FURMAN MISS LINDA FRANKS Queen MISS CAROLYN IIKNDIUCKS Maid of HonorMiss Carolyn Hendricks was elected Maid of Honor. The other attendants were Suzanne Bennett. Mildred Hatched, and Louise Pon-tious from the Senior Class. Representing the Junior Class were Joan MeFall. Virginia Bollinger, and Margaret Richardson. Tina Lynn. Mary Porter, and Maureen Lovingood were Sophomore Representatives. Emily Fay Ashley, Esther Greene, and Pat Query were the attendants from the Freshman (’lass. Attendants MISS JOAN McFALL MISS VIRGINIA BOLLINGER MISS MARGARET RICHARDSON UNI VER SITY Dancing for the Queen and her AttendantsThe Board of Marshals was organized this year as the need was seen for a definite body of girls to serve at numbers of college functions. Six of the board were chosen to serve as Commencement Marshals last May and the remaining six became a part of the lx ard this year. The marshals ushered and assisted at both student and community Town Hall, Community Concerts, school programs and stunts, and Religious Focus Week. They also served as official hostesses for the Student Government Conference. Although the board is a new organization at Furman, it has met a definite need on the campus. 174MARSHALS Nineteen Forty-Six Varn, Marilyn Hipps. Billie Bunts. Mary Porter. Ellen Hudgens, Emily Fay Roma Williams. Mickey Jones. Betty Brinkman, Priscilla Adams. Totsy Flcmi 175 ■P W9Ai. M xoas Pf?£S D£ZVT Stvdsa t'Body ftoBFfrT SlflOGHH-F Co-£d to Mormft Jt l A A M 9SOA PF£S DFA T S FA tOR CtRSSJOA A As ( E'ow .S ? P T07? PcvO fr £‘£ £’ fevs P jFS O A'T A' ?P r9 I ? J(SA Oft Cz ?SS PfG-G V P ?£S £ £A T Ftf£S A4flA 9 V .A?M ?£ A C£ G TOA? £zTS £ M jF ! P ZJZS D A T S£A 0 ClfiSS0 A UJY SCICIOTHE APPAREL SALON Smart Apparel for ('olleqe ( iris 221 . Main St hi it Gri invii.i.i. S. ('. ( ompllmcnls of .. . EMERY HILL 21 Pendleton Strict Greenville ('omplirnents of BOLTS' DRUG STORE ♦ 4- + 4- + 8 Pendleton Street Piioni: 18 RITZ SHOE SHOP V« Specialize in Invisible I lalf-Solinq II S. Main Street Phone 114 E. EUGENE EMINHIZER CAMPUS PHOTOGRAPHER V:Il ii if «fty -Hostess 11 ICE CREAM SuNOHIIS AND CoS.Ml TICS ECKERD'S Prescription I)ruq(jists 213 Main Street Greenvii.i. ROY HUMPHRIES' STUDIO Photographs of Distinction Phone 6334 ■ News Hi.do. r WILLIAM A. FARRAR. Branch Mgr. SECURITY LIFE TRUST COMPANY + + + + + "Our Policies Are RliC ISTIiR.HI)" + + + + + Telephone 812 Greenville, S. C. 184 1 Compliments of ©2LILARID) P PE3I COMPANY Greenville. S. C. Charlotte. N. C. Greensboro. N. C. 185McKOY-HEIGERSON GO. BUILDERS FOOTBALL STADIUM ERECTED BY THIS FIRM iSt SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY "Shop at S( ’«rs and Sure 234 N. MAIN STREET GREENVILLE. S. C. TEI.EPHONE 6300 Compliments ... O’NEAL WILLIAMS’ CAROLINA COMPANY • SPORTING.GOODS CENTER ♦ + + ♦ RIVOLI North Main Street • GREENVILLE. S. C. THEATRES Monies Are ) our Best hntertainmenl THE PM DRUGS SELECT SEA FOODS MEATS, FISH AND POULTRY + + + + ♦ + 126 Pendleton Street 112 Pendleton Street Greenville, S. C. "If ll Swims V« llaee ll" 13 188Compliments of MEYERS-ARNOLD + + + ♦ ♦ " 'or Pleasant Shopping” HEYWARD MAHON CO. Greenville’s Style Center FOR Young Men I’urman Headquarters "Over Town” OBSERVER PRINTING CO. Complete Printing Service 33 W. McBf.e Avenue Greenville. S. C. i). w. won . (Wr LEAGUE'S, INC. FURNITURIi-PIANOS RADIOS—SHEET MUSIC ROGER'S PAINTS. INC. ARTIST MATERIALS. PAINTS. WAIIPAPEK Compliment of I HOTEL GREENVILLE Greenville. s. c W. II MYERS. M«r SILVER'S Five Ami Ten Ccnl Store Main Street Greenville. S. C. ——— MISS WEST 11 ATS IS North Sthi i t (!kii mui. S C. Compltmenbi of CHARLIE'S STEAK HOUSE SHIRBY'S For Smart jtmior Dresses Compliment of BRUCE AND DOSTER GRESHAM FLORAL SHOP Tin REX ALL DRUG Store: 227 onii Main Sthi i t 1 Hi S. Main Stru t Tiiipiiom: 1242 GrkcmyiuA S. C. 189COMPLIMENTS OP .. . H. LEE, FURRIER 215 NORTF I MAIN STREET Greenville's Only Exclusive Fur Shop ('LEANING REPAIRING AND REMODELING STORAGE ON THE PREMISES 190 Diamonds Watches Clocks ('omplimcnls of .. . Silverware J. C. PENNY SMART THAYER COMPANY JEWELERS 118 S. Main Greenville. S. C. I’or Hotter. 1'aster Service in Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repairs and Engraving 12 Main Street ( ■kei nvii.i.k. S. C. C onsul! Us For T hr Above Telephone 660J THE PEOPLES NATIONAL ('omplimcnls of llw ... BANK BLUE RIBBON CAFE. INC. ♦ + + + ♦ Greenville. S. C. 13 W. Washington Street MEMBER OF F. I . 1. C. Greenville. S. C. Compliments of . . . JEAN WEST W. T. GRANT CO. TOWN AND COUNTRY DRESS SHOP ★ 101 N. Main Street 20 W. North Street 191THE ORIGINAL DeLUXE DINER 336 N. Main Sthi i i Next to Cakomna Theatre COMPLIMENTS OF S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY KINGOFF BROS., INC. (iwnnllfi QuaIlly ruvlrtt 28 South Main Street HAMILTON'S URRICANE Two Great Names to De tend Upon We Carry Oni.y Nationai.i.y Advertised Merchandise HAMILTON'S IEWELERS 18 S. Main Street EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE leaders in IjOw Prices' M-16 Soi tii Main Street ( ireenvh.ee, S. C. BELK-SIMPSON CO. for LARGER SELECTIONS STEWART-MERRITT CO. Men's ( lollies Since 1907 • • • Gri envii.ee. S. C. Compliments of RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE Greenvii.ee, S. C. CANSON'S lion Short ‘or limy () ration CANNON SHOE SHOP 2 South Main Street I’or 7 hat 7 ouch of Smartness REED'S MILLINERY CO. 201 omn Main St«i ,rr SAM'S LUNCH V. ('. and I’urman Students Always Welcome 109 C01.1.EOE Street Greenville. S. C. 192DRINK— PET PASTEURIZED MILK yours for belter health Delicious and Refreshin C ompliments of .. . CLEAN CLEANERS 39 Al.OU.STA Stri i I I »IONF. 1083 "('lean ('lollies ('lean co.'MJMixrs or Of Friend ahr (Hall Su yrrarh is A (tall llrrparr I lie Soulliern llantist I hcologic al Seminary, rich in tradition and experience. willi unahated zeal for scholarship and evangelism, is expand ing in faculty and in Iniildings to meet I lie needs of llic many students who desire to enroll for study. I lie strategic location of llie Seminary affords its students maximum opportunity for practical Christian service in churches as pastors and special workers. For catalogue, write: SIif Suntthmi laptist Sljpnlnijiral $rminarg Ei.lis A. Fuller. President 2825 Lexington Roai» I.oiisviiii:. Kentucky 193LIPSCOMB-RUSSELL COMPANY WHOLESALE MERCHANTS PHONES 2 am. 3 I UTILITY STREET GREENVILLE, S. C. POE PIPING AND HEATING COMPANY Power Piping, Healing, Sprinkler Systems. Pipe Fabricators 112 S. Main Street C iREKKVIl.l.K. S. C. When i I say . SOLD IN GREENVILLE BY ('nmplimenls of . . . LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY 17 Augusta Stki i t 194OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1 946 BONHOMIE COLLEQE ANNUAL DIVISION B R Y IN - A L A N S T U I) I O 8 •120 W. LAFAYBTTK STRKHT t-i TAMl'A 0. FLORIDA (PRICE LIST SENT ON RE QUEST FOR ADDITIONAL PORTRAITS FROM ANNUAL POSES) 195THE HOUSE OF QUALITY ESTABLISHED IH44 in its Second Gentunj of Service, with faith and confidence and pledges to its patrons continued progress, unexcelled service and personal attention....................... OVEN A CENTURY OF SERVICE The IV L. Bryan Company COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL HUNTERS BOOKSELLERS • STATIONERS • SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES • PRINTERS • BINDERS • RULERS Columbia, South CarolinaINDEX Activities Division ........................ 98-143 Administration ........................ • 1 1- 15 Advertisements 184-197 Alpha Psi Omega 119 Athletic Division ........................ 152-159 Baptist Student Union (men).... 112-113 Baptist Student Union (women) 112-113 Beauty Section .......................... 160-109 Block F Club 134 Bonhomie Staff 138-139 Campus Scenes........................... 8-11 Chi Beta Phi .................................. 117 Class Division .. ......... ... 2(1- 97 Commercial Club................................ 108 Day Students’ Association 105 Deans 14- 15 Dedication ................................ 12-13 Dramatics 118-119 Echo 1 12 Faculty ..................................... 13-19 Foreword 0- i Fraternities 144-151 Freshman Advisory Board (men) 106-107 Freshman Advisory Board (women) 106-107 Freshman Class --- .. 88- 96 Freshman Class Officers 89 Girls’ Glee Club .. ......... ...... 121 Hand and Torch Handbook Home Economics Club Hornet ................................... 140-141 House Board ... 124 Index .............. . 19S International Relations Club .... 12S Junior Class ......................... ... 72- 79 Junior Class Officers............................ 73 Kappa Alpha Fraternity ............. 146-147 Le Salon Francois 123 Lewis Student Music Club 120 Marshals 174-175 May Day — 1945 170-173 Men's Glee Club 135 Ministerial Association 114 New Students — Second Semester 97 Prelude 129 President’s Message 14 Quartcrriion 137 Senior Class . . 22-67 Senior Class Officers 23 Senior Order 129 Senior Superlatives .. 70-71 Sercnadcrs 133 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 148-149 Snapshots ISO-183 Social Standards Board 125 Sociology Club 127 Sophomore Class 80- 85 Sophomore Class Officers 81 Spanish Club 122 Sponsors - 176-179 Student Body Officers (men) 100 Student Body Officers (women) 101 Student Council (men) 102-103 Student Council (women) 102-103 Student-Faculty Cooperative Committee 116 Student Legislature 104 Student Volunteers 130 Theater Guild 118 Theda Chi Fraternity 150-151 Veterans Association 132 Who’s Who . .. 68- 69 Women’s Athletic Association 131 Y. W. A. Council 136 Y. W. C. A. Council 115 Zctosophia 111 198LULA Just one more thing before we breathe that sigh of relief as we go to press! We want to thank all those who helped make the 1946 Bonhomie possible. To Mr. Buck Shelton of Charlotte Engraving Co., Mr. Bob Davis of The R. L. Bryan Co., Miss Rebecca Svdnor and Mr. C. IL Ricker of Bryn-Alan Studios, we extend our sincere thanks for their help on the design and makeup of our lx ok. We are greatly indebted to Gene Eminhizer for his many hours spent on pictures. We also wish to thank Dr. E. E. Gardner and Miss Elizabeth Donnald for their expert advice. And to the members of the Bonhomie staff who worked untiringly to make this ! ook a reality, we extend a special note of thanks. HAZEL and LAWTON

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