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THE 1 ONHOMIE BOBBY SAMS.. EMILY BUI.I.. JEAN COMBS.. BUGS BURRISS ..........Co Editor ...............Editor Co-Business Manager . . . Business Manager 2ONHOMIE The Woman’s College and its bevy ol girls Imvc performed wonders in every branch of campus life, formerly attributed to the men. Yes. Furman has been affected by "women drivers." and is none the worse—except maybe in the case of ye old BoNMOMll'.. I he '44 Boniiomii-: intends to show you tile closer relationships between the campuses, resulting from accelerated. emphasized programs in every phase of school life. 3 '4 « »DAY AT SCHOOL "Hurry, llic first bell's rung”—thus begins the busy activities on our campus. As we rush over the campus to our math, sociology, or English class, we see the tower which keeps constant vigil over Eurman. We wonder when the old swarm of boys will again be under its view. Then, the cadets come along and remind us that the boys won't be back until our army is strong enough and smart enough to defeat its enemies. We enter our classes, proud that we still have the opportunity to receive a college education. With a determination to learn, we go through the class schedule without many breaks. I lowevcr. a snack at the shack, rilling the bus to the "Zoo." and loafing there, odd pleasing touches to the dull routine. The day nt Furman this year has been changed and we admire the students lor their gallantry in handling the situation. The girls have had to go without many dates: the boys have constantly received frightening questionnaires: and the social activities ol the students have been nt a standstill. Even so. the students’ morale has remained high. The one wish of this entire student body is world peace and universal brotherhood. Until that is accomplished, we will continue working our physics problems, planning our term papers, volunteering our lime for our country, and trusting in God. 5DEDICA MUSIC LIFE AT FURMAN CENTERS AROUND I IIESE TWO FACULTY MEMBERS. THEIR WILLINGNESS AND EAGERNESS TO HELP EACH STUDENT IN EVERY WAY MAKES THEM LOVED BY ALL. IT IS WITH THE DEEPEST APPRECIATION OF ALL THAT WE DEDICATE THIS Bonhomie M TO MR. AND MRS. WEN-DELI. KEENEY. 6 m1" I lie old order chungelh, yielding place lo new. And God fulfills liimscll in many ways, l.esl one good custom should corrupt the world. I hat the old order is changing there can he no douht. What shall lx the shape of things to come? At the meeting of the Association of American Colleges in January of this year educators were challenged lo help prepare youth to shape a better world—a world of good will, understanding and coo( eration. I pass that challenge on to you. the Class of 1911. trusting that you will accept it in the same heroic spirit that characterizes the sons of Furman who ure giving their lives on the battlefield for a better world. JOHN I.. PLYLFR. President. 8GARLAND CARRIER, B.A. Bursar. Woman’s College CHARLES D. RIDDLE. M.S. Registrar KATHERINE C. CATER. M.S. Assistant Dean of Women EDDIE M. TIDWELL M.A. Assistant Dean of Women SAMUEL W. GARRETT. M.A. Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings JAMES A. ORR. JR.. M.S. College I raining Detachment Coordinator • • • FURMAN ROBERT N. DANIEL Ph.M.. Ltt.D. Dean of the University EULA BARTON. M.A. Arfing Dean and Registrar. Woman's College C. FRANK PUTMAN. B.A.. Tn.I). Assistant Professor of Religion. Chanel Chairman at Woman's College 9FACULTY Sd.if.nH UvW l' I'■•I' (f !i W i)rnl III l)K Nwvkiii s TlimJuy i| 'oiot|V at HUMANmES Dr.rART.MENT of Akt: Catherine Boyd Calhoun. M.A.. assistant professor. Department of English: R. N. Daniel. Ph.M.. professor: Eli .uheth Donnald. M.A.. assistant professor: Mela Gilpatrick. M.A.. assistant professor: A. T. Odell. Pli.D.. professor: C. L. Pittman. Ph.D., associate professor. Department of Ancient Languages: H. W. Miller. Ph.D.. assistant professor. Department of Modern I-ancuaces: A. S. Berghnuscr. M.A.. assistant professor; Ailcen Coggins. M.A.. assistant professor; I.. E. C .ardner, Pli.l)., professor; CGwendolyn Reed. M.A.. assistant professor. Department or Music: Mona Keeney, associate professor: Wendell Keeney, director and professor: Merrill Lewis. M.Mus.. assistant professor; Lennie l.ushy. associate professor: A. I'.. Putnam. M.Mus.. associate professor: Dupre Rliaine. B.Mus.. associate professor. Department of Piiiix sophy: Robert Linn Ormsby. B.A.. acting professor. Department of Religion: Prank A. Pool. Pli.D.. professor (deceased). Department of Speech: Prances M. Bailey. M.A.. assistant professor: L II. Swain. M.A.. assistant professor. SOCIAL SCIENCES Department of Business Science: Majorie Warren. M.A.. instructor. Department OF Kconomics: Brant Bonner. Pli.D.. associate professor. Department of Education: Olivia Putcb. Pli.D., assistant professor: Kenneth George Kueliner. Pli.D.. associate professor. Department oi History: Jessie S. Burnell. M.A.. instructor: D. II. Gilpatrick. Pli.D.. professor: R. I I. Taylor. Pli.D.. professor. Department of Home Economics: Vera Burnett. M.S.. assistant professor: Orris sa P. Simpson. M.S., instruc tor: Sara Stepliens. M.S.. instructor: Virginia S. Swain. M.S.. assistant professor. Department of Physicai Education: S. S. Edwards. M.Ed.. assistant professor: Mary Rose Jenkins. B.A., instructor: I Inward I.. Parsons. B.S.. assistant pro fessor: I la .ael Taylor. B.S.. instructor. Department oi Pouticai Science: Nicholas P. Mitchell. Pli.D.. professor. Department oi Sociology: I..aura S. libaugli. M.A.. associate professor. NATURAL SCIENCES Department of Biology: Charlotte Easton. M.A.. assistant professor: S. A. Ives. Pli.D.. professor. 10FURMAN U. zJtcm '''Jlest =l lJe JLi nFACULTY ffteay e with patience 12FURMAN U. 'tthtitr it II on.. Ultlooit or l H 0 fcjJ WV natural sciences Department of Biology: Charles I). Riddle. M.S. Department of Chemistry: Arthur I . Sledd. Ph.D., acting associate professor. Department of Mathematics: R. C. Blackwell. I’ll.I)., associate professor: L. H. Bowen. Ph.D.. professor. Department of Physics: G. G. Quarles. Ph.D.. assistant professor. LIBRARY Alice B. Adams. B.A.. assistant in reference and circulation; Francis W. Simpson. B.S.. assistant librarian: l‘.va Wrigley. librarian. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS EllJUibeth Collins, dietitian at the Woman's College: Bertie I. Jones, matron: Claire S. Lucius, hostess at the Woman's College: Lula Whitesides. R.N., nurse: June Williams, news bureau director: Doris Davis, secretary to the dean: Nell Davis, secretary to the Bursar: Irene Howard, assistant to the registrar: Edna Marshbanlcs. secretary to the dean: Kathleen Mode, secretary to the dean; Mary K. Patrick, secretary to the registrar; Beatrice Rimmer. secretary to the superintendent. 13A URRYING TO A MEETING. DRESSING FOR A PARTY. OR WORKING HARD ON A COM Ml I I EE. Tl IE STUDENT SOMETIMES GIVES THE IMPRESSION THAT CLASSES ARE THE LEAST IMPORTANT PART OF HIS LIFE IN COLLEGE. THIS. HOWEVER. IS NOT TRUE. TO LEARN IS. AFTER ALL. THE CHIEF REASON FOR A STUDENTS PRESENCE IN COLLEGE. AND UPON CLOSER OBSERVATION ONE COULD NOT FAIL TO NOTICE THAT STUDYING OCCUPIES A PLACE OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE IN THE SCHEDULES OF FURMAN STUDENTS. 14CLASSES IJUJE PULLER I Ri:i) MAUNEY Wc have made it! Hie Class of ’ll has come through with flying colors—some rather the worse for work, hut all ready lor what is to come. Ours is an uncertain time, which is shown not only in the small number of men: the hurried, worried looks of older folks: but is shown in the unusually large number of "three yearers." Yes, fifteen weeks ol summer school certainly has its advantages, especially when everyone is located at W. C. Last year girls residing on the men’s campus was the vogue. I his year it is really something to have men there. It gives one a sort of awe to see how stripes, pastels and flowers can lx? camouflaged to such an extent by tics, pipes, magazines and pin up girls. Montague certainly has th masculine look now. Who would have thought that girls almost as well as the varsity, or S. A. E. s would have a joint d thought that half the senior class w faculty would do such a good job o in their skit. Who would have thoi would take cuts to sell bonds at the parlors would be in Carpenter House. V cm and wc did ’em. Yes! we are in there I he Class ol 44 has a job to do. Now that over, we will fill to the utmost the emergence war. Some have to change majors or to leave one is doing bis part in making the first reunio of 44 soon and complete. lay foo the K. A. »d ice would have engaged, or that the Renting students at senior we thought shock is by the . Every (’lass 16CLASS ...1944 These are I ho ones who led us on through. We arc shining and decrepit examples of Furman as it used to he.WILLIAM LEE ANDERSON Duijcru • Iim. Pa. One of the hut o( what Furman boy oner wrtc . . . S. A. I'l president . . . member ol Student Council . . . hong wit «l Stone Brother . . . «lu nik ally minded. MARTHA BADEMAS Anderson. S. C. rrnnifrrml from Andenon College to I'urmnn and Ironi Montague to Main . . . Main Dorm’ liouw peetiilent . . . jophut cnlrd cowl look . . . HKwIile. JAMES LARRY ASIU-FY Ghii.nvii.ii. S C. I hr Methodiat Minister" . . . IiiurIi nt anything . . . ul caw in sociology nn l political science ihwrs . . . cmw icntiocis in »pu.- ( i happy-go-lucky attitude. FRANCES GARDEN BAIIJ-T GaEr_vvu.Lt;. S. C. Exceptionally keen Intellect . . . Le Salon l nmim |.r. .i.Ui,| . . . Prelude member . . Editor ol the f orru-t . . . rriocvcd yet friendly ami altogether likeable . . . quick writ and untiring con-vrrvitianolnl and correspondent. STI I ANI BUSI ARD ATWOOD Wvcprr. EnglifL or at Five Ml-A Andenon main r major whose ( Tih and in . . icntd «•WIN JAM ARTHUR BOYCE FKID VICTOR BROWN HAROLD B!j KF- BROWN Wil l IAMSTON. S. C. Oik- ol Monlrtifuc home committee member . . . .in I mulish nwijor . . . likccdde . . . »rnfJ .1. liMMirrr of Senior Clas thi you . . . aho found lime for nn office In llic Ministerial Auocinllea, mm I ROSE BRYSON Fountain Inn. S. C. An alliiidhv history major . . . chief hkoi nl I'lifman were liittory (In- major) and music . engaged want teaching for « carter or ninyftc liiMt» kcrj lng. Greenville. S. C. A ssell liked trori.li r from North Greenville . student . . . good for a p.«y« hology class any day (lil major) . . . Student ljegidaturc one of the iimiMti ri.il group. HORACE I!. Bl 'DOIN’ Tuhblviu-c. S. C. Student Roily president . . . well known hy Junior I li|jh student . . . hotter known by Furman »tu-dent . , looked forward to r.Impel nidi Wed-Itovluy . . . Who' Who ... a future niinirief. Duncan. S. C. Always nn authority one of Furman' faculty cducat rifory . . . . liked the and ( hys onl EM Tayi.I Beauty with lirain very true . . . perer lion . . . editor of Bo.V? well done . . work Into three . . . 11.11.JF1 always pert and popular . A. A. for year . y !»• (file but ll’» of Benuty Sn . . n bind job year of (oDqK 1 D« . . ■ bul treasurer of W DOROTHY CARWIli: Abiii vii.i.i. S. C. Capable |Mil lk wlioul inutie •tiiilrnl . . . cli.ii.if tensed l»y |uirl a liarili Altai copper -colored Imir . f.all .anal aillrna live. nmif cunt (•hi r-wn 11. S. C. Alw.» » knitting . . . .in-ill.i r niiii-Minc lcr graduate . . . si tain a ntajui . . f.tn a (fra- Inti between F. U. und the Zoo. JEAN VASON COMBS Dublin. Ga. I randrirrd from Mar Hill . . . Co-bminrat manager ol Bo.miomii . . . practice leather ... I. I(. ('.... Advitatry lliMial. MARTHA JO C0CKFII1D I'uwota. S. C. Sociology m.ijof . . . Iikail education too . . . quit school to be imniirtl in March . . . really a imcirt girl. CECIL W. CO II IRAN Cakoli i n. N. C. Any ol Malt Uwiifili'. ln«ta-« Ilia linngoait . . . wall go far an nunWerial codal . . . liked by all iltiili-oW (Hill tencbrrt at well ... a sure tanali-data for beat liked at Turman.GRANGE COTI IRAN Gkm.xviu.e, S. C. A fn»t worker who la finldiing in three years . . . one of ptycholotfv major . . . Onn .l y w.» hi pl k of ihc family . . . plant to have religion wotfc for lil career. ojZABrmi danifi. Gw ENVtU.lt. S. C. Yiolinht in the I Jiiemljr . . . | ji( liifi major . . . linn 1 w f of f jrt Sijtnui Ifii . . . prl dialtkt— who Lid lln- (Iron (laughter , . . likrnide li.iy Undent we will ml . FLOY WKST COX. JR. C'«i r«. S. C. I i»nn. I linn off for niinialcri.d work to pound for the lloftwl . . . CVIre ( lull. Student Volunteer . Student Count if . . . tiuiiilly seen with Bob Sullivan . . . alwayt in a hurry. MARY FRANCF5 DAMS Swansea. S. C Comcacnliom B. S. U. president . . . Prelude . . . Who' 7»o . . . Senior Order . . . her i.U are intpir.ttiorwd to oil who come in contact with them. Kr « n v A wonderful and ux io|oM| Studfflt Ct.il [erntan LN l-.KI-. ITE IIUBI-RT CROXTON C man killer. Ir.tdrr. • I,il b»c I my . . . vkepreudrut of a ii;k DAVIS s. c A four year 1‘lkoul'fi n«nr . . . kepi you luush Ing . . . aenior president . . . land the l»rrtlie«t room In Monlagiir . . . Minl»le fc l A - MM i.ltlOII R I MABEL WRAY DOGGCTT SlIELBY S. C. IL d a wonderful j. l. even l-clnr.- die graduated ir January . . . Y. W. A. officer . . . Home i;r mj r. MARY IJM.li: DOCGinT SlILlKY. S. 0. A wlii nl m.-itli. . . Mnr Hill Iranafet . . . Y. W. A. . . Y. VV. C. A . . unaffected . . . thoughtful ol other , . . education major. JAN'i: EARLE Gin i smi.i.i. S. C A wifkilogv major nwiy Account for hrr inlrmt in jieoiJe . . . linking comhinntion of Ll.uk liulr and • lark eyr . . . Air Corfu enlliutin t. GRACE DONNALD Gm i.NYiu.i;, S. C One of Grrrnville nnliilmtiom In die cum|H4% •. . Air Corp cnlliiiiiatl . . . Interested in iuononik —holli home Mid limine . . . uumiinl didike for early clone and Ink . MARY earle Greenville S. C. Day Student A.ux lotion officer . . . ikelcliei . . . Irrncii and math club . . . like to dream over record . . . ha :i collection of mrring .LI JNA EDWARDS Greid. S. C. A vl-mix I. «u| |MXlr ill tin- Puiple Ibirrimne but llu« nr die' rooting lor Navy . . . t|uM dlipoii-lion . . . akvnyt limiiaiulal.- . . . dnilltd Ironi title lluliii'l ilr|i and rbotc a bimnrtt administration course. PATTY FAIRBANKS Port Washinoton. N. Y. Petite Yankee ... a »lii» nt diortbnnd . . . would make ow MHUllvr II (npabte irrrrl.iry . . . cooperation in last .ulKilin, KA'IIII RINE iajj RD Corn i ma. Ga I'onJnrtt for |iarotrtKip« and Air Corp . . . genuinely friendly . . . transferred IriMii Piedmont College in Georgia . . . piiMuity diaitmnn ol lewis Miimc Club and member ol Glee Club. Ibuli Clioir. .uid B. S. U. Council . . . you urn Irll lier main inti ml and mujor it musk. MARY FAZIO Gr» KNVnjLC. S. C. Political science innjor ... a choke wliirb mini bav. I wen inlluriMid by lief foolrwn (or Dr. Mitib.-ll . . . black nn«l green nail iwilish . . . Rood looking bl.uk linir . . . poind arid intelligent. JEANNE QJJTSON C. . . always out (or at tin- Hut. FERGUSON N 1 Cmloulitnlly ■oiullliri in Alpha P.J Board . . maixl ol foyrJJe . . . and wittiest per-. . president ol . . . Advisory . alway in com nny situation ru-polo- personifiedSARA GATLIN Aw.UJfTA, Ca. LIIJ.IE IIUJ-R c; i nwooo. s c. i i jzablth mjaiming SuMTKR. S. C. Ijhio ha a mule lor everybody . . . her golden-mi hair ha brightened up the darkecl day . . . n hard worker . . . enjoy life thoroughly . . . never lack fo» dale . hit-landing abilitic . . . pillar of -Indent government . . . prevy of wnloi la » . . . S. O . . , Who’ Who . . . Zrfcuopliln . . vrrwlllr ulwav- nil inlcreitlng companion . . . will tuccred in whatever die doc . GLADYS ('.01)1 J'Y WaLTI BOOICO. S. C. Mon In teach secondary «liool . . . root Mock hair . . . olway teen willi Millie . . . another from Ifni country. Comcienllou . ■ • drpctul.ililr mxl ha n good lime, loo! . . . loyal member of Theatre Guild . . . honored by Alplin l’»i Ome£n . . . her poc frnynl In "Claudia” and "Letter lo Lucerne” will ulw'iiy be rmirmbcrcd. BETTY GUUCSIAN I'l l M INtlULI. N. Y. A refrediing pel tonality with a dry. lever wit . . . individually! . . . wear lovely tailored clothe with diytinclion . . . tkillrd in writing -kit and book review . . . Prelude and lLentre Guild.KAIJK CARPI VI I K IIAMMI.'IT Cm i nvii 11. S. C. Worked . . majored In hi tory . . . interested In Fdiuation an l Dr. MlUff . . . plan to enter the temln.tr) in September. IJULA CRAY HARRIS Cur I.SVtLLI, S. C A Uueeyed blonde ... on echoed didiLr lor Ihxrallel reading . . . mainly interfiled in deeping. dancing, and Leeping up morale . . . major• Ing In biology. JOHN RICHARD HELLER Di.Mi.u tt. Mo. From Mar Hill to Fuintun . . . another niiniiterial ttndrnl majoring In liMocy . . . Student Council . . . big (Jan ahead for I Idler in Southwestern Seminary. ELIZA HENRY CowrcNs. S. C. Another tmart girl to HniJi college in three year . . . Irecjuent vltitor at Wofford . . . attractive hmni'tte ... a much fun ux'lally a die i oul-•tamllng In nrholnrdiip . . . nlwnv on Dean ll t. KATHERINE IIFIDT NiMHini, . . low countrv a oft voice and to education. Mi I'iiaugli't Innlor Claw . vtaunch Iriend . home thi year HICKS S. C . Vice- President d individual! ! ...» to commute froin inclined.IRVING VICTOR JONES ( BI I NVILl.l . S. (' A transfer from North Greenville . . . majored In religion . . . likeable when yon gel lo know liirn . . . Joy iltnlenl . . . worked . . . plan to enter seminary. auce juijan Cmtkvu.li:. S. C. A home cc. iriii|of . . . brownette from the hl« city . , . loves animals and her friends . . . mousy . . . finishe l in January. Rim I JONES Gbi:i Nvn.i.r. S. ’ ll win in link lh.it Ruth didn't choose to lie n Joy student . . . wh.it fun the dorm would hove mmed! . . . I’enuinrly cooperative . . . shining red hair . . . n loyal member of linst. EOLINE KEEFER Ki vs Mountain. N. C. Contagious niile . . . plan to teach history nnd religion in North Carolina ... in Glee Club . . Dramatic C.luli . . . nnothcr little blonde VIRGINIA ANN JONES C. stature remcm-cutrnets. and TwiiJdin; voice 1 Ijood time Rhutne. keuetit Inn. S. C. . her smooth contralto . . . loves having n voice under l iofei«u nuii.WXn’ KIJNCK North Auousta. S C. Betty tame to Furman via Montagu? Hall her fiioiof year from Augatlu Junior College . . . lav? to nml dort have a good Unto . . . 111.1(01 in kirfocy. cynthia knight Portsmouth. Va. Cradoui Virginian with more tli.in the UMial tpioln of good look . . . violin major . . . home president of lin»t . . . tdwayt having or planning a good time . . . n welcome member of any gathering. RALPH HOWARD LATT1M0RR Great Falls. S 0. A leading participant in all rrligiou activities on llie canipur . . . one-half of the fxoparJ.Latiimore Irani . . admired Dewn Daniel . . . climaxed hl» college career by liulding office in the IV S. U. and Minitlerinl Awoeiation ... he i» IkuuicI to succeed in mini.tonal work. RALPH ALBERT LAKE C RI I NMI.LT. S. C. A brilliant «tiiflrnt who hailed to U from the hill of Wyoming . . . completely ttudied hit Iruont for every da , even Dr. Bowen’ calculut . . . different . . . liked helping Mr . Mdntodi in the regi»tmr’« office . . . Hand and Torch. JOSIE LEARY Gnu Nwooo. S. G. loitered her junior year . . . t|ient mort of her lime in Home Ec. Inh. . . . popular . . member • l the Y V A . . Home lit. Club . . . rr porter fur llie Horne I.COI.IT LIVINGSTON I JEOPARD Augusta. Ga. A true und COniWiilcJ ( htUllnn . . . ipi'nl fir»t two year ni Aiicu l« Junior College wlme he retrivod high scholastic honors . . . took port in Sluilnil Volunteer and 1$. S. U. . . President of Ministerial AwadaDon hi senior year ... I land .irxl Torch member . CAROLYN MrRAI-Dillos, C. Devoted humh of her lime while nl school to working in the lihniry . . . capable mvj depend-nWe . . . Y. W. (’. A look her spare time. SARA McLAUKlN Dillon, S. C. Cnlm, df-assurance rnnrk this Dillon girl who lukc it oil right in her stride ...» hork nl bridge , . . n.ii.illy teen in office signing in or out . . . nlway Irue lo K. A, . . . her favorite Ixxiiutr of a certain future M.D. VIRGINIA MACK COROOVA. S. C. President of Prelude . . . Vke-President of Alpha Psi Omega . . . B. S. U. Coundl . . . I neotre (Juihl . . . constantly on De.ui li.t . . . intelligent and popular. A beautiful Bid. Ilii Kentucky girl reaflv gav her music mnier nil die Imd . . . Usuiillv foupd In the prat Ik r halls . . . made A' unite Me- ('.ilpatrkk sweet. loc.iMe disposition . . . meinlier of Ij«n StliAnl Music Chili interested in Air C« p» BETH McNABB Newnut, Universally Coup . I aryBrill MARTIN StMCSONVHI.I. S. C. I RID At X JUSTUS MAUN IT. JR Raw Crick. N. (' VIRGINIA MI RRriT Grm svii.i.r. S. C. A loyiil xiipjiorlcr of all xtudenl intis itio. . . . when »hr »« •» noinrthinH will lw done you ran ►lop worrying nboul il . . . Ircmendoudy In-kr»tcd in Dr. " 'rillyV history i I««m . . . rapcddy rencd n» Rrrddmt of V YV. A. ELEANORlMlSlS GRCENVILtrXS . I'reudent of Day JSudenU Cottiiil Iloinc l -t ( lull Who ' Who . . . FMKT hnir . V’doiI i«l In round « il who finiihrd early. An Itnlituul •Indnil who Ir.iii.frfrrd here from Wingate College . . ■,.« !o i| thol tin- ZooItoi had lr.importiilii.il river lo tho tucn'i ciirn|iu . . majored in iii.lnry . . . lucky enough nol lo law lo ollend i liii|M l . . . Rrr»idrnl wnlor daw «nd IrotHlKt Ministerial Association. OIRISTIN'R MOBIJIY LaNC.VMIR. S. C Twinkling .mill- . Soeiolocy dull . . W- Rroklrnl ol Y ' A. , . lovrs (li-tnton nod il« dance . . . Interested in fir.I crude . . . Denn'» lid. I’inl.hctl tnkhiM'niodrc . . . haul working I loon-lr. major . . . belonged lo Home lie. Club, Sludrnt Y’oliiiilerrn, B. S. U.. and Y. V, A. . . . intensely inlrrnlrrl In llie wrlfnre of olher pco|Jc . . . plum lo lencli. DELIA MOFFETT ( R| I -Wit II. S. C. One of llie prrtlle.l rind lied-lilicd day dudentu . . . hlilory. hn major, dniined tnudt ol her lime . . . liked Dr, Oilpntflrli . . . rcirrvrd.CAROLYN MONTGOMERY I XH IAVII I I:. Kv. I'riinilcr from Virginia Intrrmont . . . i|uirkly made liifvlf itl home in Monl«i;ur . . . math, lit rn.1 jor. ner«la-d u lot of lief attention . . . handled 1iff coutte will cwte DORIS NI1SON Oiiar liston. S. C "Pinky.’ never .it a h» for n cotiirliack i% alwayt ill lief lie‘I when vx li.insmg irni.uk with I)r. Mitchell . . . majored in economic . . . willing' lo lcn«l n helpiiiR hand . . . personality pfu . JOE MOORE Gr I I.NVILLI’. S. C. A hoy rvrnxinr liked to hnve around . . 'tinhorn . look a per meal rouiM- anal rllral unalrf Dr. SJrdd , . President of Medical fra ternilv . . . Student Council . . . now attending Charleston Mcdlail Collesc DOROTHY O'DFIJ. ftatsj. S. C. One of the nio l faithful ottrndrri of llie U. S. O. |Mrtie . . . took (Mil In rrliciou activities, especially at the |'iit| Baptist . . . hn shown her |« r evernncc juk! dependability hy her Brand work for four year in the ilininc mom CAROLYN MOSELEY GnecNviLi.it. S. O'DI JJ- S. U. Wo . Student . . plant lo MAM A Itrautiful K'tl • die clothe whiali student . . . . . had .CREIGHTON MITCHELL OLIVER. JR. ClIAkl tSTON. S. MILLARD OSBORNE Fl.ORF.NCt. S. C. JACQl ELINE PAROLE Lanc.vsi i n. S. C. A wry likeable oik I ocIKt chop . . . held nunv "ffwen during III llirro vnn ill I III man . . , look put hi tlt.irn.it and did lii part well . . . majored n psychology . ."broke away from hi regular routine liy pledging Pi Ka|ojo Ijjii •lurins hi enior year ... I rcaxircr ol Slii.fcnl Body imtl President ol luJrnl Voluntce GRACE Cm.tNMU An itlMdlir Grremillinn . Iikrtf cut •bout Furman . . . claim hrrWii internt mm . . . Dr. Futch and » lu. alien were lirr favorite . . . plan to do secretarial work A Ivpii.d preodier . . arrived At Furman from CArupfiell College for lii junior year . . . nrdictl around planning radio program that year . . . "tlerpi like lie'. druggedroommate . . . continually did wxiologv or church e ten.ion work ... I )r,in Crain. Jr. JULIA PARSONS PlCKFNS. S. ('. Satunier ehool addict . . . lull . . . bn runny friend though die i« quiet . . . look forward to grndunlion . . . got nny idea . Julia? An active and attractive Rirl . took part in «l«»l and religion nctivltic . . liked movie and CKorn . . Secretary of Senior Cla « . . . mcni-of B. S. I ... majored in elementary cdocn-tion and plan to use il in teaching. WIUJAM BAY1.US PARSONS Fountain Inn. S. C. A quiet but pleating fellow . . . liked economic , hi major . . . Iilitory. minor . . . ollen mUtakcn for Bill Pnmorw. llie gym imtrurlor.VIRGINIA PATTERSON Port Pierce. Fla. A nkc music major . . . Ii;n lli.tt Meridian look . . main IntrtMl Krmi tn By with I In- Air Ctnn Glee C.luli. B;«cii Choir. Mu ic ( lull. V. A. A member . pi on to leach. then cttle down. MARTHA REDW1NE I.EX1NCTOX. N. C. I rainier iioin Appalachian Stole Teachers Col-h ue . . . Tiu could tell thiii by her manner . . . W. A. A. Coiuuil, I’rrlwlc . . . the month of June will deckle her future. ANN I‘OF. Gnii nvilh. S. C. Ann 1% ’top '' . . . pleasing personality. odinir- o hie disposition nnd .1 wonderful leadership ability . . . outstanding honor : President ol Student Body. Senior Order. Who' Who . will rnalcc n splendid librarian. HONDA COWARD ROBBINS l.lNKXt. S. C An exceptionally capable ltd from God’ country in the V ( mountain . . . majored in I'nghdi and ml noted in Grech . . . ort.i shallow on top ol hi httd but there nothing shallow beneath . . . active in ministerial tirel« . . . I hind and Torch. THELMA ROC K S. ( Amiable . . . halls of Montague . lie in sociology . Iteeouse of her ability campus Irnm llir scholastic interest good In her field with people. hair. In- PmVICTOR MILLER ROSS Ghi i». S. C. ANNE SAMS GuMNVIll.l. S. C. MARTHA SACI-S Smoak». S. C. l)« ilwlml Pander from Spnitoiihiirg Innlor Col-lece KiI Iiim W . . .major—hiitory. minor— (duration , . . likeable . . imltr the ilr.in i lot . . . Ji( ly hold pastorate nl linilry. MABl Ru o»; ltf ,i livr, rupulili . lot more mi-.111 Mnlx-1 f« lln- Lest In college ti het four yrari . . . Vi. Body . . . Iionotoil by Senior Order and Vl| WU A dociiloil brunette mink major • - - lc k college in un o.iiy way by attending summer schools . . . loved theory. Mr. Keeney, ami lire dunk be t . . . worked on B. S. U. radio profit ami during her junior year . . . plant to leach mIiooI and piano . . . intelligent. DOROTHY SHIPMAN ClIF.F.NVILl.l:, S. ( '. Give tlie mountain . . . diy . . . luiglidi ami I'rcnch air niituiidt with her ... a true repre-tcnlotivc of Greenville girls. A Iriend to all who know her . . . interested in home MMiMiikt . . . so modi in that the llnldied in tlie mi Idle of thii year to Iraih it ami U now many lep» ahead ol the re»t of at. CAROLYN SKELTON SfcNtCA. S. C. Continuing ml from Anderson College . . . Ait Glitor ol Bonmomii: . . . Y. W. A. . . . love, oil . . . B. S. U. Council . . attractive . . . always polled.aJKFOKD SMITH Ghkcnviu.k. S. C. rnntfnrnl from ( oliitnhin Bible College . . . Back Choir . . . like organ music . . . education major . . . always has a flower In her hair WINGATE BRYANT SPIVEY Fairmont. N. C. A Imntfer from Mar Hill ... a Boot! fellow in a (range way . . . newt . . . comdentlocis . . . Troaturer of B. S. U. and Ministerial Association. MADELYN SMril I S.WT1E. S. C. Y W C. A B S U. . . energetic . like o i.11 work «n l flflli grade children . . hides her thoughts . . . gel mail galore NONA SQUIRES ( MI I NVII.I.I. S. (' I lore from Mary Washington . . . another three-yrar sociology major . . . dean s list . . . loathe to come to school in the rain . . always doing field work. MARTHA -SMITH Gseentut, S. Day Htud ill . . . Zoo . . . considerate . . . . . . timid to any shock GIKOUD SLU J Laukkks. S. C. An mtrl( iinintf niiniilrri.il iludenl . , . rintfcf III. (link.I year and lirotlier lie v,n . . lot a millc for everyone . , $ ■- dii'inn . . lint tffe.it wifi | j” 'dwninter then entcre-1 " i K OKt I NVILl.t; .. ■ (Indent wlm w. ulwwy uHiietliliitf win li.ippcnlnp lier own friind. . lion . . . tr - ARTHUR TYSON Nashvuxc. Ga. A Georgia boy with that certain Georgia tyle . . . low! lummrr whool and dancing . . . Montague "pin up" boy . . . the only tcnlor prr-med Undent ... no liarder worker In the Kience deportment ... a n»o l tliKere and true Iriend ... he deoetve the beat. HARRIET VAUGHAN CftEfNVU.Lt, S. C. pjltrnady intrrecled In psychology, her malar . . . •pent fir t yeor» ut Africa Scott . . . day ttudenl . . . hat ability. BETTY WALKER SvMMIBTON. C. I let aumbiny red hair typifir her personality . . . Y. W. C A Council and B S U. Council member . . . tfrouurr ol clan . . . hiUory major— a In which in ibeil. prove Kef willingnet to v»oA. MIUJE WAIJCER I’llRIICKOr. S. G Contributed her talent generouJy to Chapel Choir. Student Volunteer . BONHOMIf and Home •talli . . . Secretary of Sociology Club . . . education major . . . love mid-night mack . mu k and (lemon dance . MARGIE WAGNER w mi f I1k.ii Point. I lun to he ceiled jtroplr a deep a Her (ion Urine . . . PreMcIenl of Vfcc-Preaidfnl of litr Social ration of South Carolina College AWALKER Is C A day tludenl orgmal j b a little 1 41 north of South Carolina . . . armed force he fore (oming to l unuuiHr. ervrd in total churche a a uppfy preacher . . . dependaUe . . . motored in religion, minored in hUloey.LOUISE WELLS SuMTCJt. S. C. B. S. U. iKtiurn . . . nttittniil to !»«■ regitlrnr . . . Prelude nnd Flench (1uh member . . . Senior Order. Zetntophia. Who' Who. nnd winner til liir tint of scholarship for three year ore .1 lit! of I Hxl»e t dutie and ho prove ilia I MARY Gun v Enviable trlf assurance helleve lint never lone. iLirh eyrlothr counterltalance firr encrgelic pnrtlcifKitlon In Ctuli nntl Both Oioir . . . plant to IcikIi. NANCY W1UJS Gastonia. N. C. A mini ill- nnd capable Senior Order ntember . . . tened the school in tmuillrtt way . . Proldent ■ l Y. W. C. A., tlntt officer. Student Council member . . . weet, sympathetic. KATHLEEN WILSON Bhi.vavii. N. C. I rantfer from Brevard Junior College . . . buti-wtt administration nui|or whose muln inlrretl it Dr. N’irh'n" claue . . . rffervewent with good humor and frirndlinr . . . "Kit" mode n valuable reporter and feature editor for the Hornet. DOROTHY WOOD Eaiuy. S. C. I.lie to draw . . . amarine blue eyet with clothe to iunttfi . . visit P. S. claue . , . commute from Earley. KATHLEEN WOOD ClIAHLOTTI., N. C North I fall |K |ai)ar boute president . . . tall. iCootf loot which won hrr May Court nnd Beauty Section honors for four year . . . efficient home economic major . , . impeccable taste in clothe .PEGGY WRIGHT Cm i nvii.i.i , S. ('. A iLiy tltnicnl lull liked Im-ihc aI the tollcyo . . . always V'l.nl to lend u Imrxl . . . like fun and cuU . . . |M |Milnr mill lief friends. MARTHA YON I Andomw, S. G I Irr iiinln inlerctl In I Kane economic and In Ouiflir should uo well ti yrllirf . , . could dunk chocolate nnlk dinkct nil dny lony . . . mcraliff ol tlic Glee Clul nnd Home f'jconoinU Club , . . n ready smile and soft voice. lut lime cuperinlly (.line to . . , (Kitlor at Folkways is happy. . . . What sort WHO’S WHO "Yes! I knew them when—they went lo Furman. ’ We aren’t alone in our ideas and ideals about certain members of the Class of 44. I on students have been chosen to represent our Alma Mater in this year’s edition of W io s Who Among Students in American Universities and C olleges. I hey are our honor students and are getting their first taste of national fame. Remember?—Mary Frances Davis, I .illi Fuller, Ann Poe. Louise Wells. Mable Sawyer. Ho Buddin. Also Beth McNabb. Fleanor Mims, Fverett C ton. Joe Boyter, 4?JUNIOR CLASS I'rcshmen. sopiiomorcs. now JUNIORS—much reduced in size by llie large number of lliree-year seniors and I he Armed Forces. College and classes are much an old story they're getting monotonous. A class which is eagerly looking foiward to next year— I hen ire'll be Seniors!FIRST ROW BARNETT. MARY FRANCES. Rom . Ga. .. BENJAMIN. HORACE. Coronaca. SO .. Bl NN'ETT. SUZANNE- Dillon. S G W-ACKWIJJ.. MARY ANN. Skneca. S. C .. BI-EDSOE. HILDA. MacDonald. Ga .. BOITER. MAR I HA. Rinrum. N C .. BRELAND I RANCES. Wai i.bi«»bo. S. C. M (OSI BOW BROADWATER. ROBERTA. Atlanta. Ga. - BRYAN. UJJS. Eocrnru). S C. MARGARCT. Sc-Mr«. S. C. .. CANNADA. HFLF.N. Grmxville. S- C. .. CA Augusta. Ga. -- CHANDLER. RALPH. Pm.zib. S. C .. CHAPMAN. SUE VU.LT. S. C. THIRD BOW CLYBURN. MARGAKLT. GRLENVUXK. S. G .. COLEMAN. JEAN. Saluda. G .. O DOROTHY. Cl.mson. S. G -- GOOLKY. JOHN. Gray Court. S C. -- COOPER. ROBI Wal.ialla.S.C .. CRI1JB. LUTHER. Grecnvillc. S G - CROCKER. JAMES. Union. 44FURMAN U. MUST ROW DAVENPORT. HIED. Inman. S. C — DAVIDSON. BEVERLY. Dkcatl-n. Cm. .. DEANI'I. BEITY ANN. Gkkmvhxc. S. G. - DENNIS. BIU.Y. Pinotolw. S C .. DENNY. ELLFX Gkiinviiii. S. C. DERM ID. JUANITA. Gurutviuk. S. C. •• F1J.IS. KITH I. Gumn «ur. S. C. SICONO ROW ANS. LOUTA. Mamaroneck. N. Y. .. FMASTER. EMILY. IWaro, N. C. - FELDER. GINIA. llo.i v Hiu.. S. C. .. FERGUSON. COLEE. P.iomovt. S. C .. FERGUSON. THA. Gnr.rNvn.Lr. S. C. .. H.OYD. GWENDOLYN. Gallivants Firry. S. C .. KS. LINDA. I auki ns, S. G. 1111 0 ROW IE. ELIZABETH TioiRvnir. S. C - GRAY. BFTIY. Atlanta. Ga - GREER. CnrrR. S. C .. IIAIJ„ KATHIjEEN. Cum son. S C .. MALE THOMAS. «■ MAMMITI. IANR. Ormnvum. S. C HAND. FRANCES, Pm »r. S. C. ■ 5 ■■JUNIOR CLASS IIK T ROW HARRISON. DOG. Cumw, S. C. » IIATOUCLL. MIIJWI D. Orangw««g. S. C .. HI V DRICKS. CAROLYN. Picki ng S. C. -» HORTON. BONNII. P«.rs uir. S. C. .. MORION. HARRIET ANN. Bn to . C » HORTON. MARIAN. Bm-to . S. C. - HONVELL J B.. Grllr. S. C. KOOND ROW III IIIAM. SARAH ANN. Moroiiad Cnr. N C .. JACOBS. JOYCL. V,s..icud. JlWLSS. DAVID. Gri.nvill . S. C. « JOHNSON. LOIS. G«i.r. S. C . JAMIES ERNEST. Iva. C - KlfLLLT. THOMAS JOL Grixnvuh. S. C MARTHA. BrLTON. S. C. THIRD ROW KINSEY. FRANCES. Waltirmmo. S. C .. I All I AM. CENF, G ec vnxr. S C. lAWRFNCE. ANN. Wii.ra Pi«». N Y .. LEVAN. JOHN WAYNE. Onsvn.it. S. C. I.LWIS. HERMAN I. Eamiy. S C .. IJNDSLY. MARY IJ I ABLIH. loN.wmt. S C. M CAULEY. GRADY II. Gm«. S. C. 46FURMAN U. n«5T now MclNTYRE. BERNICE. Cuo. S. C McTEER. INEZ. I wio Island. S. C. .. MAIM . DOROTHY. Laki: Gty. S. C. .. MOORE. BEITY. Cowpens. S. C .. PADGETT. VIVIENNE, NValtirroro. S. C. .. PARKINS. CORA. Greenville. S. C PATTERSON. AIMEE. GrEENVILLE. S. SECOND ROW INNIR. JEAN. Creenyilli. S. C. -- PONI IOC’S. LOCISE. Waltirroro. S. C .. JRTLR. MARCARIDA. Brawl. S. A. .. RABB. DOROTHY. Greenville. S. C. rNE. DOROTHY. Clem son. SC .. RICE. MARTHA. Hartwell. Ga. .. ROBINSON. •ANOR. Scmilr, S C. U IL V Six Mar. S. C .. SIMPSON. LILLIAN. Gmenvilll. S. C. .. SIMPSON. ARSHAIJ. R . C u.»nvii 11. S. C .. SIMPSON. MARSMAIJ.. Greenville. S. C. .. MARY LOUISE. Greenville. S. C .. SKELTON. SUE. Senlc a. S. C. .. SMITH. Bi auiort. S. C 47JUNIOR CLASS first row SMITH. TOMMIE. Crux. S C. - SPEAK. IJLUAN. Clinton. S. C. .. STEWART. RAY. GRr.Nviu.fc S. C. - VARCAS. JOSE EMILIO. San Josr. Costa Rica .. WAITES. JASPER. Monroe. Ga. «• WALSII, MARY. Columbia, S. C. -» WALTON. RUTH. Pleasant VILLE, N. Y. 48Oh. yeah! . . . I ihouflhl this parly was for freshmen. . . . Carol yn. . . . He II oo. hell o. . . May Day. . . . Wture off. . . . j oin of a hind.SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Lillie Fuller................................ » AH Around Dot Collins...................................Most Athletic Ann Ferguson...................................... illiest 1.11.lii. Fuller.............................Most Likely To Succeed Ann I i; Kc»i- M)N .................. I a c’nlcf Lillie Fuller............................... I ’sl D odor Virginia Ann Jones............................best Dressed Virginia Mack.....................................Prettiest Ann Poe.......................................Most Popular Betty Gin man...........................Mosf businesslike Louise Wells...........................................Mosl Intellectual FrU» Mauney.....................best All Around Fverbtt CrOxton ... MlLLARD O.SOI RN . . . Honda Robbins..... Coley Leopard..... Horace Buddin..... Sam Davis......... Billy Boyce....... Furman Touciibi.rry Sam Davis......... Coley Leopard.....SOPHOMORE CLASS I he Sophomore Class on the men s campus this year has worked under extreme difficulties. I om Shirley and Jac k Hughes were elected to lead the class hut like most ol the sophs, they were caught in the draft. I he girls were very active under Mary Frances Warren. I hey worked especially on a stunt which was splendid. TOM SHIRLEY. President JACK HUGHES, Vice-President KENNETH BAK .OWN! )l I.KII-A NIXON Secretary JOAN MYPJLS I reasurerSOPHOMORES wwr row Adam. Ltmitx, Fort Mill. S. C. «• Acer. Loyi«. Green-vtll. S. C «» Anderson. Frances. Ilotmec. S. C. •• Asoi n.«)N. Jane. (rtwnvllk. S. C. SECOND ROW ustin. James. Greenville. S. C. «• Bagby. Harry. Clir ter. S. C. «- Baker. Kenneth. Bcnnrtlsvillc. S. C. -» Banks. Anni . Bristol, Torn ihiki row Barnes, Garnet. IjuIcv. S. C. «» Barnett. Frances. Greenville. SC • Barton. Sui. Greenville, S. C. •• Black. F.vangei.ini:. Greenville. S. C. iourth ROW Bi.ack. Julia. Greenville. S. C. » Black, Mary. Slmpton-villc, S. C. «» Boli.inoer. Virginia. Belton. S. C. «■ Bowi n. Jack Edward. Giecnvillr. S. C. rimi row Bradley. Margaret. IVlzrr. S. C. «• Bripgis. Marjorii. Greenville. S. C. «• Broomt. Ciaire. Greenville. S. C. «• Bryson, Pauline. Wixxlmff. S. C. SIXTH ROW Burns. Sybil. Ijuxn ler. S. C. «» Flein. Gremvillr. S. C. «» l urc. S. C • ■ Carr. Mudrid, Pierlmonl, Greenville. S. C. «• Childress. Scorr, IIOII III ROW Clark. Charles. Greenville. S, C. CK ester. S. C. «» Cooplr. Maroahi t Cox. Frances. Belton. S. C. S Miriam. s. c. 52FURMAN U FIRST ROW Cram. Dovojiiy. Easley. S. C. «» Davis. Juanita. Entity, S. C. «» Dtcoussr.y. Marion. Greenville. S. C .» Dc-loACII. C»l IN A, Sfoliil. S. C. SECOND ROW Dint. Prances. CpIumLiii. S. C. «» Edwards, IIszii.. Greenville. S. C. «» Farrilly. Kuril. Roil Wasiiinfiton. . Y •• IlNLTY, Na . ClWIYlllf. S. C. third row I iam.riau. Joan. Allenilule. N. J. -• Ionvilli. Betty Iane. Greenville. S. C «» Gibson. Peogy. Cittrvilli'. S. C. .. Goodwin. Sara Jam . Union, S IOIRTII ROW Graham. Jean. Greenville. S. C. «» Gray. Mary. Newport N'rW». Vft. • OrIINI. I.Sl.Y, Cllentelfielll. S. C. •« G»m, Margaret, Greenville, S. ('. nmi row Gui.lick. Mary. Greenville. S. ’. •• IIai.l. Graci. Pel er. S. C. ■» Mai I., 1-ircu.E. Greenville. S. C. «» Hamilton. Nona, Sinter. S. C SIXTH ROW Hand. Mary Elizabeth. Greenville, S. C Hare. Kutimmma, Oweniiwto. Ky. • - Harrison. Jane. Greenville. SC’. •• IliitLMR. Jam. PeUinm. N. Y 53SOPHOMORES FIRST HOW IIlwim. Jack. Greenville. S. C. •• Humphries. Mi.aini. W.illiall.i. S. C. •» Hutto. Virginia. Si. Gewft. S. C. -» Jinninos, Jean. Kkiffevillc. S. ('. M.CONI) ROW Johnson. Carolyn. Greenville. S. C. •» Johnson. IU.ianora. llarri on, N. Y. •• Jones. Miriam. Greenwood. S. C •• Jordan. Ill tsv Ann. W«l HartfonJ, Conn. IHIKI ROW Jordan. Hiiin Ruth. Sptilnnliure. S. C Kennedy. Chari in. Greenville. S. C • King. Johannaii. Greenville. S C. •• Kiser. Barbara. Ctuuk»iun. S. C. ini.krn row I AMiRl'M. I'RANCI.N. I.nullum. S. C I .ANI . LYNN. Roeervville. 'lenn •• IJ l.. I jill. Khigtlree. S. C -• 1.1 avis. Barbara. ClenMon. S. C. nmi row I -iN .i.i. Kitty, Lanoulcr, S. C -• Ijvr.i.Y, Louise. Greenville. S. C • lx o. Ip, . Greenville, S. C. •• IjOWNors. Iack. Atlanta. Go. sivrii row McDowiu. Anm. I larrfoon. N. Y «• Mel Icon, lovoi;. IViullclon. S. C •• McInTVRP. .Vanii . Clio. S. C McKtc. Mart Ann. Wilmington. N. C. McMcrtri v. Bi tty Amlrruoo, SC «» Martin. Sara I ram is. Mason. Caromm, Woodruff. S MAN. Green -llle. S. (" » VI .. Mu i m. Alice. NINTH ROW Mitciii I I. Virginia. Greenville, S. C. Srlmn. Ain -- Mui.iikin, Fi.TrAin.ru. MuSSIR, Myka. fleluKin. S C C. •» Mar it. I aus Greenville, S. C. •• Massinglai. Itr Rainey Martiia.FURMAN U. FIRST KOW MvtKS. Jl.AN. Sunpionvllle. S. C. •» Myirs. IoaN. Brinr-cliff. N, Y. «» Nixon, Leila. Wrllford. S. C. Oihlir. Barbara. WhIwowL N. J. SECOND MOW Owens. Anita, Greenville. S C •• Palmer, Rachel. Greenville, S. C. -- Parks. Mary Ann, Clmrlolle, N. G «• Pinckney, Catherine. Bluffion. S. C. THIRD ROW Pool. Kknnitm. Greenville. S. C. ■» Poole. Ruth, Greenville. S. C •• Port. Btttv. Colon. S. C -. Portir. CuiTK Pfckmt, S. C. EOL-RTlt ROW Powell. Wiii h er. Greenville. S. C. -• Prickett, Kellam. Si. Mallhew , S. (' «» Rainwater. Jackii, Benneitsvllje, S. C. «■ Reeves. Nancy. Gray Court. S C. FIFTH ROW Riddle. Tiiad. Greenville. S. C. •• Rilling. Virginia. Wortcrn Spfintf.. III. «• ROCHESTER. FlANCM ScilKOlDEH. WrIKoIU. S. C. «» Rogers. Josephine. Blenheim. S. C. SIXTH ROW Roper. Betty. Lauren . S. C. •« Schnit ir. David. Greenville. S. C. «■ Solwar waeedi R. Jl AN. New Rochelle. N Y. «■ Schwiers. Francis, Greenville. SC. ROW C. ■» Shaw. IIarolo. Green-Carrel. Greenville. S. C. •» G Iowl s. c. G •» Simmons. Mart Martha. Greenville. Slaughter. Barbara. Alhinlo. • • Spangler. Frekea. Shelhy. N (' C. Smith. Greenville. S- ('SOPHOMORES HB.vr ROW StumXi, Alma. Greenville. S. C. «• Stoiilns. IIirbiet, Jrtlrr»on. S. C. «» Stlvi'NSON. FRANCES, Columbia. S. C. •• Stonl. Ji SAIL. Greenville. S. C. srcovo now Stuart. K. I’.. Greenville. C. ■» Sullivan. Dorothy. Greenville. S. C. •» Swygt.RT. KlltCCA. Wnlrrloo, S. C. • • Taylor. HrifM. Greenwood. S. C. Tima now Tiiomas. Gunn. AU eville. S. C •• Thomas. Herman. Wiillrliall. S C. a Tinpal, Ht.VBir.TTA. I'inrwood. S C. • • TlSSLtY. I.OUWI, Greenville. S. C. rtHiHTH now Truss ill. Rost Ann. Greenville. S. C. •• Turrentine. Sammy, Greenville. S. C. •» Tysingir. Kuril. Sollibu y. N. C. •• ’arn. Anns. Beaufort, St C. nmi row Vaughn. Dorothy, Greenville. St C. •• Vooel. Henry. Greenville. S. C. •• Walker. Franco. Greenville. C. • • Wai.kir, Jamis, Greenville. St C. SIXTH HOW Walker. T O.. CreeT. S. C vllle. N. I . «» • • Watson. Wilkcrson. RmrccA. Liams. Margaret. Union. I mi if in. S. C «• Wilson. eighth WoOOOON. Billy. Greenville. Gfeenville. S. C. •• Young. Young. John. Florence, S- C. 'Kr s c WlL- Trultt. Co- s. c. Wright. Julia. I Jrlnwnre « • S DR. PRANK POOL "A friend, a leader, a stabilizer, and a servant of Goc — a workman that needeth not to be ashamed . I oo. he taught us I lie Bible, the Christian staff of life, in such a way as to direct young people to a proper under ing of that Bibl e and its message. A business man who knew him said. 'Dr. Pool, the blest ti Her of the soil and the most affluent banker alike, the image of the Eternal.' I hus said, we feel as a Slue Body that our sentiments arc lelt. HORACE E. BUDDIN. President ol the Student Body. 58FRESHMAN CLASS Living in dorms. I)eing away from home, classes every other day, orientation, making new friends, and college life in general dazzled the new freshmen. So much so that the first few weeks they couldn t get the hung ol the new environment. ifh time came composure and studies. Louis linrnelt and Stella Cockerill were made presidents respectively ol the hoys and girls. I lighlighls ol freshman ac-tivitv were the stunt and plans lor a memorial to l)r. Pool.FRESHMEN FIRST ROW I'jizabi 111 Ann. Iris Armstrong, Carolyn Auu , March ■» Babb. Margaret Bach. Riba Ball. 1.1 I BalIINOIR. ('|IARM BrNJAMIM BaRNKTT. I. t V| Barnett M COM ROW Kivhii Itl'ctsi BellI'ni. I rii» Brrits. Ci.tor. B« ill. B»m Bloomir. Wilma Bovo. Nanct Brockman. Charlotte Bro n. Connie Brown. Bittt BrcnsosFURMAN U. FIKSr 0 Roy Cnowt, Bitty Dams. Dorns Dams. Rosiiii Dm. Etoot Dillard. Finsr [)« . I Amu. Dvscas. Auci Dus hah. Bitty Dusut. sr.coso now fkm lo l: sos, Nancy Eowahds Ass lv.ni, Muiot Tkastih. Mary Finmia. I'oim v I li ming. I his FotcoiNi'. brci: l:owun, Carolyn Furr. THIRD ROW Adi u itiros. Omlsa Gasaiy, Sum Gavlt, Harry Gilliam, Borst Giving, Lina Gtovu, Ida Gnus, hint is Ass GnrcN, Vjolit Guns tOVUTH now KV)H Gmjh, Naomi Omnia, rank Gkomh, Ronntr Gvsrut, Ralni Hall, J. P, Hatcmkr, Pau Hayix William Tiiomas Hay is. Paw, Hinson. 61FRESHMEN nk T now Ruth Hilton, Martha Hinton, Marilyn Him, Matmi I am Mow . I Kirin Norm. Mary I'rancln Howard, Calvin Mint. Betty Inolc. Mary Buna Ienntsn SI COM ROW Rosemary Johnson. Ci.aith Ionia. Kli am tii Jordan, Jam Jl'ltt, William Jacob Kay. Rmiicca Kin,r.TT. Xoi Kiii.lt. Ann Kino, ' uxw Kino 62FURMAN U TOST ROW Ann McKot. Cmnnii McLal rin. Carl McMahon. |j trii McPiieters. Rom Mamalm.v, Ruth Mann. Frances Marshall. Marion Martin. Marian Martin. SECOND ROW Bitty Mn i ir. Charlotte MwmKind. Eleanor Mom i v. Miumir Mori.lv. Henry Mooov. Iasi Moori. Marv Sul Mullinax. Betty N»wtt. Asmi Niwman. think row Isarella O'Dcll. Laura Orr. Vivun Parm i Dowoniv li an Patios, I V. P end ijm, rasa. FrancisFRESHMEN second how Jimmy Stokin. Winifred Surratt. Carolyn Tai i.i y. Ixoisi Taylor. Kdwin Taylor, I-outsi Trammell. Mumui Trammu-i. Brhii Jam Trua.mi.i_ tiiiko ROW Bitty Tyson. Fi.okinci. L'miacii. Mary Wren. Annie Laurh VVwsrr . I-awton Wells. VViiayi.i y. Bi tty Iian Wkx-s. Mary Lynn Wiikin , Burton Williams FOURTH ROW I R. WlLMAMS. LoUlS Wit.I.IAMS. I.OUIM VVlU.IAMS. ROMA WlLMAMS. Joi WlLLIS. Bl Til Rmit.yn Wofford. Mary Kathryn Wood. Christine Woodall. First row Bomiy Sams. Carolyn Scott. Mildred Siilfeiild. Vernon Shill. Sara Shii-man. Pecoy Sims. Hassci.i. Si.ido. Mary Ann Sloan. Ii» Stuart. Margaret Youman. Bitty Jane You.no!1 VEN WITH THE ABSENCE OF VARSITY TEAMS IN FOOTBALL. BASKETBALL. TENNIS AND TRACK. ATHLETICS IS STILL SEEDED NUMBER ONE AT FURMAN. YOU CANT LOSE BY BACKING THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DE PARTMENT. IN OTHER WORDS-THIS IS A SURE BET FOR A SOUND PHYSIQUE. PLAIN GOOD OLE FUN. SPORTSMANSHIP. SKILL. AND RESISTANCE TO EXAM FAILURE. uATHLETICSCO-ED ATHLETICS I lllni(l YV. A. A. Council is behind all (he athletic ventures at the Zoo. I he Council has mem hers from each class and representatives horn each of the major sports: I ennis. archery, hockey, swimming, dancing, softhall. and individual sports. Each of these presents a program for her sport when it is in season and sees that tournaments. relays, races, games, etc., are carried through. I he Council acts as a unit to loster Open I louses, the Candy Kitchen and the Game Room. I he last two are open at all times. Martha Keys has done a grand job with the Council and its activities this year. Rainwatir. Craig. Bi.acx. Bum.. Keys. Kins. Auto. Collins, Lie 68FURMAN U ’ i 'unflf I lie Physical Education on the Woman's College has been under llie direction ol Mary Rose Jenkins and Ha .ael I nylor this year. First semester, their program stressed calisthenics, hockey, newcomb. and volleyball. With the coming ol second semester, square dancing, posture practices, tennis and outdoor sports will he in the limeli ght. f he boys' program is just as full as the girls . I hey are having basketball games and are naturally playing somolhing all the lime. 69CO-ED Two up—Tu'O down (Sow three down) Touch football Tu-o more Touchdown he m lATHLETICS Hotkey 71 (till football—taUh that |xi »CTivrriES si h i. function efficiently and REGULARLY ON THE WOMAN’S CAMPUS ALII IOUUII THE SUPPLEMENTARY ORGANIZATIONS "ON THE HILL" HAVE BECOME ALMOST NOMINAL YES. ANOTHER EFFECT OF THE WAR. BUT ONE THAT HAS SERVED RATHER TO STRENGTHEN THE WOMENS ACTIVITIES THAN TO DISORGANIZE THEM. SOME OF THE MENS CLUBS HAVE DISBANDED: MEMBERSHIP IN OTHERS IS UNBELIEVABLY SMALL. BUT THE SPIRIT OF BO I II CAMPUSES’ ACTIVI TIES CONTINUES TO FLOURISH. nACTIVITIES7 en s Campus lloKXCI IkpOIN The core ol Student Government is ils officers. Horace Buddin. as president, serves as mediator between the students and faculty, and presides over Wednesday chapel programs. Harry Warren, vice-president, organizes the work of the freshman Advisory Board. I he secretary. Jose Vargas, is the advisor to Rat Court in their treatment of offenders. In his office as treasurer. Creighton Oliver acts as advisor to the House Committee as well as handling student body funds. I hose officers are elected by popular vote in April and assume their positions immediately. STUDENT BODY 74Womens Campus Woman’s College Executive Council is presided over by Ann Poe. It is lier duly lo preside over student body meetings and council: to appoint committees: to handle data concerning infractured rules, and to represent the student body upon occasion. Mablc Sawyer is vice-president, who handled freshman orientation capably and was in charge of the Freshman Advisory Board. I he secretary, Mildred Hatched, must keep the Student Council minutes, post all offenses and penalties, and attend to the student body correspondence. Student body dues are paid to Sarah F. Martin. She also handles other financial responsibilities of the school. Officers are elected in March by the entire student body. I he president and vice-president must be boarding students, while the secretary must lx a junior and the treasurer a sophomore. OFFICERS 75Even under llic wartime conditions of Furman, the Student Council -influenced the student hotly to live by the honor system. Everette ( roxlon was president, assisted by Dwight llughey. vice-president, and Hill Anderson, secretary. I heir work is to enforce the honor system. It acts as the Supreme Court of I'urman with jurisdiction over the Rat Court and the House Committees. It tries a Furman man only when lie has not proved Himself to he a gentleman. Lying, cheating and stealing are the only violations, hut a person found guilty of one ol these charges is shipped. 76 Men s Campus SlanJlmi McNam. l or- Daw. Morion. B. Martin. Kivj. lutw. Inu» -- SralrJ Wamin. Binnitt. Auu . I Iatciii i i. Davidson, S. Martin. Mims. Sawytr. Willis. Ioms FURMAN U. Made up of the outstanding girls in school. Student Council at the Womans College serves as a body of leaders rather than as a police force. Most new ideas, big plans and rule changes go to council first—their viewpoint on the particular situation usually represents in general that ol the entire student body. Women s Campus 77Fred Avers HoRACr Bl NJAMINt Billy 1 Joyce l!u» Bryan I Ioraci Blown Futiier Caldwell I -ANCI Cari Ralph Chandler Charms Ciark Fiov Cox James Crocker Everett? Croxton Tiiio Davenport Coley Ferguson Harry Ckllam Victor Greani Ralph Mail Thomas I Iall Rktmard Hiller Dwight Highly loll N NY IaMIS Kllis Julian Krnest Killly Conrad Fanning Raipii I .MII'IORI Colly l.ro pa up IacK I-OWNt»tS C J. I.LPO Fred Mauney Crik.imon Olivik Millard Osborne Honda Bobbins Bryant Spivrv Ed Stewart James Stokes Rom re Scluvan Furman FoLOIBI XRt V. IL Walker Iawion Wells Bruton Williams The Ministerial Association has been one ol the most active groups on the Kirman campus this year. It has had an unusually large number ol students on its roll. I hey have sponsored many movements on the campus such as no clapping in chapel. I lie group has filled many pulpits throughout the community for churches which are without ministers. I he Association also had charge ol a "Student Sunday when each of the I'urman ministers fillet! one of the pulpits in a Baptist Church. The president. C oley I .eopard. showed remarkable leadership ability by the way he promoted Furman s religious activities. 78STUDENT LEGISLATOR! Organized for the purpose of formulating laws and rules which govern the activities of the student body, the Student Legislature is composed of representatives from the dormitories, day students, and fraternities. I his non-judicial and non-executive body is empowered to do anything which does not encroach upon the rights and duties of the student body officers, the Student Council, and which is not within the range of faculty supervision. Kenny Baber, president, and the Legislature have aimed at building student government. Other officers are: Dwight Hughey, vice-president: Johnny James, secretary: Boh Sullivan, sergeant-at-arms. Mavnry. Pomra. Hambon. James. Hughey, Scott. Strim 79FRESHMAN ADVISORY BOARD The f' rcslmnm Ad visory Board ca( al lv direclcd the freshmen. I hey saw .to it that the freshmen had an instructive and entertaining orientation week. Members of the board took the group ol new Furnmnitcs and helped them choose their courses and become acquainted with the activities of the campus. Members were: Horace Buddin. C reighton Oliver. Harry Warren. I'urman I oachberry. Doc Harrison. Hill Anderson, Glenn I homas and Kenneth Baker. CO Men s CampusFRESHMAN ADVISORY BOARD I liis board of upperclassmen lakes upon its capable shoulders the major pari of llic orientation of each year’s groups of freshmen, initialing them into the intricacies of the administration, the regulations in the handbook, and the social conduct of Woman s College students. Each advisor has a group of six or seven freshmen. I lie board continues to function throughout the year, with a compulsory meeting every month to discuss further programs for smooth adjustment of freshmen to school life. I he Student Council appoints all advisors who are headed by Mablc Sawyer, vice-president of the student body. Women s Campus 8!HAND AND TORCH Membership in the I land and I orch is the highest honor that can be l e-stowed on a hoy at Furman. I he club is composed of those few men who have attained exceptionally high scholastic averages, and who are otherwise outstanding on the campus. Not more than one-tenth of the graduating class may be chosen. Members are chosen by a faculty committee. Charti k Mimbirs 1927: R. S. Funderburk. L C. Hartley. J. C. Mtlllirw . J. VV. McClothlin. Ir,. R. H. Rnimey. J. C Robert. Jr . C. W. Schaible. J. A. Wallwr. II. L War . Elected 1929. F- F. Allen. R. M. Darns. J,.. S. D. EarO. M. F. Hawthorne. U. R. liilr, J. D. Mnwy, W. E. Moore. W. II. Nixon. Jr., M. It. Folic. J. S. Stbneiwci . Elected 19JO: C. W. Burl . T. I.. Crosby. J. S. I'JImlmrg. L M. Follow. J. II. McGiotklin. G. D [Well. C l_ Knur. H. S. Roy. II. H. Summerlin. F. F. Washington. F_ A. Mooney. F., B. Thompson. J. W. Bnrber, C, C. So ruler . F. J. Putney. R. A. Crawford. Jr. Elected 1931: J. W. Going. B. M. Goldsmith. J. A. Key . IxECTfo 1932: R. K. Taylor. Jr.. M T. Sewell. J. E. Austin. Jr.. I I. Goldsmith. Jr.. R. I. MrDavlA Jr.. J 11 M«l .eon. J. A. Orr. Jr,. J. R. Timmerman. Jr.. W. II Jefler . E. G Jnditon. Fi.tcrtn 1933: II. I- Bonuir, R. L. Mooney. L. L Rice. Jr.. I). I). Ritchie, It. K. Townes. Jr.. T. C. Furman. C. F. Ilnym -worth. Jr.. J. L McKjttrklc. M. D. Earle. Jr.. J. R. Scale . Fi.cctco 1931: W. G Babb. M. J. Bon . DuPont Gucrry. Ir.. F. T. Cunningham. II. T. Jester. J. C. McGee. G. W. Wilson. Elected 1933: D. K. McCall. C. It Towner. G. Famularo. W. J. Yo t. ELECTED 1936: Reid Clanton. J. D. Hughey. George Christ-enhe ry. Marion Young. Frank Doremui. Hetrhet Bagnal. David Boyd. Elected 1937: J. Harold Wright. Jr.. W. Lindsay Smith. Jr.. I. Harris Chowning. Jr., William L Cannon. Marion G Allen. William S. I law kin . George B. Pace. Elected 1938: W. D. Hull II. J. II. Earte. C«r on Sturgeon. N. L Smith. Jr . Charles Whitworth. Charter Mason. Robert Gurnet). Floyd Hughe . Electid 1939: Jome I Jdrktge Caskey. Jr.. Marion Emert Sturgeon. Albert Emert Radfor. Charter la-land Rodger . Grigg llioma Fountain. John William Jolinslon. Robert Hyman Ayer . I l.imell Everett Sitnpson. Mallory Reynolds Smith. Elected 1910: Irhy Bruce Cwuthen. John Crglto Conlglio. Edgar Washington Davis, Ir.. Trank Shumate Fawcett. Manuel Fowler. Leslie Eugene Malheron. Hugh Gerthon Morgan. Brantley George Padgett. Ritchie Pie Stimpson, William I Infold Walker. ElECTID 1911: |jge Hick . F_ C. Crouch, Don Louthnn. I lenry Miller. Marion Wright. Roy McClain, lack Bloom. Paul Bnllington. Dorsey Horton. Morgan Milford. EliCTID 1912: Harold Stnlvey. Bill Delaney. Wright Horton. Joel I .aw horn. Melvin Bloom. Bill McDaniel. George Tindal. Henry von Hniseln. Herbert Gullick. David I-ingle. Electid 1913: l’.mr»t Arnold. Pendleton Banks. Fnianuel Oiero . Janse Culp. Reese Hawkins. Walter J. Hear nek. Dwight Smith. Gilmer Weatherly. Cordon Weekly. Electid 19H: Ralph l-nkc. Coly Leopard. Ronda Rohhint. 82Uinnv. Glover. Earli. Mims. Trussell. Black. El lb. Jisnkv DAY STUDENT ASSOCIATION Willi llic aim to unify the day students as well as to bring a closer relationship between the day and the hoarding girls, the Day Students' organization was formed in 1940. In order to bring an even closer relationship between these two groups ol girls, the president and vice-president also serve as members of the Student Council. Heading the list of activities is the tea given lor the freshmen early in the year. This year Mary Earle. Ellen Denny. Julia Black Rose Ann I russell. Lena Glover, and Mary Bess Jenness assisted Ruth Ellis as Vice-President and Eleanor Mims as President. 83QUATERNION CLUB Men s Campus In 1903 R. M. Maulden. Rex Rice. C. F. Hayncsworth and J. C. Keys organized the Quaternion Club for campus leaders. Quaternion tradition is that new members wear red bandannas and whitewash Old College. the club house and oldest building on the Furman campus. Members of the undergraduate club this year included Joe Boyter. Everett Croxton. Billy Dennis and James Walker. S4SENIOR ORDER Leadership, scholarship, dependability, cooperativeness. personal appearance, unselfish service, and sincerity —these are the qualities on which membership in Senior Order is based. I his honorary leadership society of the Woman’s College began with the Class ol 1938. Membership is limited to twelve per cent of the junior class. I he group meets each Monday night lor the purpose of fostering scholarship and citizenship, to organize and work out some definite project lor the school, and to meet any need which may arise in the student body. Those chosen for Senior Order membership this year are: Carolyn Mosely. Ann Poe. Beth McNabb. Nancy Willis, Mable Sawyer. Mary Francis Davis. Ann Ferguson. Mary Alice Bolen. Louise Wells. Lillie Puller. Virginia Ann Jones. Women s Campus 65Yhmunia An.V Joni a Pn-tjJenl Under the leadership ol |»olite Virginia Ann Jones, and the sponsorship of the newly-acquired director. Frances M. Bailey. Theatre Guild has had a successful season. I o take an inventory, four productions were presented: “Letters lo Lucerne.” a tragedy based on the outbreak of World War II; Vivacious Lady, a comedy concerned with a Broadway star and a professor in a small college town; “I he Night of January Sixteenth, a murder trial mystery with the jury picked from the audience the night of the performance, and finally. "You Can t l ake It With You. the comic farce about a frivolous family. For the first time season tickets were issued to the student body and faculty. Service men from the cadet training detachment at Furman and from the Greenville Army Air Base were always welcome to per-formances. A special performance ol “Vivacious Lady was given for the benefit of hospital patients at the Air Base. Apprentices may become members of the Guild by working back-stage with stage management or by appearing in the cast ol Guild plays. Each spring new members are elected on the basis of their previous dramatic work. FURMAN THEATER GUILD Pat'iini Bkvm.n I xh.it a Evans Ann Fiikcwson Bitty Cuiituon Sara Gatlin IIllcn Roth Jordan JoYCI Kill ITT Saba Met al'bin Virginia Mack Lm M.ablt imii Patterson (can Pisnir I'm i ma Pbatt Dot Rabb Ann Varn Iaamm Waitis 86Eta Psi is Ilio Furman chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic fraternity. Among its members are those students sincerely interested in the drama and have proved that interest by doing the dirty work necessary for stage productions. Members of I heatre Guild are graduated, so to speak, into Alpha Psi when they prove particularly outstanding. I hese are the members this year: Lolita Evans. Ann Ferguson. Sara Gatlin. Virginia Ann Jones. Virginia Mack. Jean Pinner. I helma Pratt. Ann I'rjicusoN 1‘rrii.lrnl ALPHA PSI OMEGA Evans Joni.i PlNNfK Mack I I KCl-tOX Pkatt Gatlin 87 I lie Baptist Student Union lias served this year as the needed link between the college students and the local churches. It has been an integral part of the religious life at lurman. Besides performing their regular duties the Baptist Student Union brought to l urman the top religious leaders in the South for Religious hocus Week. I heir join the church day and occasional chapel programs have also been great successes. Hie Council was headed by hllis Bryan, president; Everettc Croxton, vice-president: Marry Warren, social vice-president: Creighton Oliver, devotional vice-president; Ralph Baltimore, secretary, and Bryant Spivey, treasurer. Other members were Louis Barnett, Roy Crowe. Sam Davis. Bobby Sams. David Jenness. Coley Leopard. Horace Buddin. Keliam Prickett. and l urman Pouchberry. BAPTIST STUDENT .S'lanJjngr Cun JiNHro Davis Barnett S nm Bryan LsTIIMORC I .tOP ABU Warren Spo trJ: Bums Crovtos Olivih l oucitni KM Prickett «8B. S. U. ( Council seeks to guide and unify all religions organizations on the campus. Its highest ideal is to lead every student to a personal and practical application of Christianity. The establishment of a Greater Council climaxed this year’s activities. The least pronounced but probably the most effective phase of their work has been the daily vesper service, which has created a growing undertone ol permeating Christian atmosphere. Every student taking an active pari in a single religious unit is a member of B. S. U. I he members with Council responsibilities are: Mary Frances Davis, president: Dene BisholT. first vice-president; I hclma Pratt, second vice-president: Martha Keys, third vice-president: Carolyn Moseley, vesper chairman: Eleanor Robinson, secretary: Louise Wells, treasurer: Jo Rodgers. Jackie Part!lie. Belly Walker. Ruth Farrelly. Ruth Rock. Jessie Stone. Ann Poe. I . Evans. Carolyn Skelton. Leila Nixon. Virginia Mack. Kal Ellard. Beth Martin. Bernice McIntyre. Nancy Willis. Prances Stevenson. Margarida Porter. •In her effective and inspirational background work, as director of Religious Activities. Miss Doris Davis has proved an invaluable aid to I In B. S. U. this year. Marv I kancis Davis UNION COUNCIL Top lo bottom: I’arihji Walk i u Mack Sii vi nson UtXM.lRA I'katt Martin MclsTYKr. Por I.II.AKIl Wins L'vans UoCK Nixon Daw Ki vs Momuy Davis Ski i. ion 89Kin.vv Baklk Cakoi.yn I'mr.r O.Mf.vA Casket Htrrv Cuusun Nona Hamilton Siwr Hurr I n ancm KiNsrv Mac McConnell Maritia Ri.oui.ni Plooy Sims Manias Smith Citr.v.v Thomas ? •• - Bull fuJjior Miiuk Walkm limn YValto.vDead Ii me Willi llic firs! girl editor in its history. Emily Bull, the 1911 Boniiomii: gol oil to a good start. However, not all the work was done hy the editors alone, for many students gathered to work even if the gathering only turned out to he a “gossip circle. Serving his first year on the staff Bobby Sams proved that a freshman can do what seniors have done heretofore. I here is no doubt that had it not been for Ginny, Fergie, Betty. Kinsey. Marian. Furman and Glenn, the annual would have been incomplete because it was they who wrote and typer! most ol the copy. 91THE HORNET EXECUTIVE STAFF Glenn Thomas... I Uzi-i. Edwards... Frankie Barnett.. Ixjuis Williams... firs Howard...... Martha Bad km as. . Lewis Barnett.... Wyndiiam Burkiss Mac McConnell.. .....................Editor ..................Co-Editor .........Business Manager ......Co Business Manager Assisting Business Manager Assisting Business Manager ..........Managing Editor ......Circulating Manager .........Circulating Editor REPORTOR1AL STAFF Kenneth Baker... Frances G. Bailey Ruth Walker... Lolita Evans.... Jknky Summers.. Betty Tyson...... Elsie Lee........ Pauline Bryson.., Betty Davis...... John Young....... Jean Combs...... Kit Wilson...... Staff Photographer .........Columnist .........Columnist .........Columnist .........Columnist ........ Reporter ..........Reporter ..........Reporter ..........Reporter ..........Reporter .... Feature Editor ....Feature Editor 92No office, no staff, no phone —no nothing. I he Hornet was moved around like a foundling and finally dumped at No. 16 Main. With prodding of and by Mr. Garrett 3970 was installed as communications outlet. An unwritten | eace pact was drawn up between the two publications. 1 yf cwriters. such as they are. were oiled, and the presses rolled. Glenn organized and reorganized his staff. He dropped some reporters between semesters and transferred others to the cause. His force was so organized that it resembled an actual big time weekly, except there was no clock to punch and no pay check on Saturday. For the first time in some years the Hornet scoops were virtual scoops—the "News’ got the news second. Our staff had the inside dope on every change in the school calendar, every bit of gossip, everything sensational. Every"! MING (except who Miss Bonhomii: of 4 1 is). The Hornet changed its type, its style, its contents (remember the controversy on gossip columns?). Editorials smacked of sarcasm, irony, pessimism, optimism—and they hit home. too. Ours was a modernistic reality of the old familiar stinger. Glenn, you. I lazel and Frankie did a swell job. 1944 93RATCOURT I lie Rat C ourt functions primarily to enforce freslimnn regulations. It is tliis group that lagged each freshman, got his rat cap, his handbook, and showed him the proper use of the broom. Since few freshmen will remember those handbook tests it would bo needless to mention such a minor fact. I he court tried freshmen each Monday night for violating regulations. Rat Court members shown here arc: Pom Shirley. Harold Shaw, Herman I homas. 94PRELUDE Prelude, llie Woman s College literary club, is composer! of twelve members elected upon tlie basis of an original composition. Under the leadership of President Virginia Mack and sponsor. Mrs. Gilpatrick, Prelude meets twice monthly to criticize original writings of the members and to discuss current books. I he I luirsday night meetings at which the members exchange ideas and value one another s compositions are usually informal affairs, with the girls sitting on the lloor of Poteat Parlor. I hese arc ordy a means to an end. lor Prelude s primary function is to publish the college magazine. Echo. 1 he twelve members of Prelude are: Virginia Mack, president; Ann Lawrence, secretary: I'ranees B.iilcy, Mary Frances Davis. Ann Ferguson. Betty Gulesian, Betty Gray. Devoe Holmes. Aimce Patterson. Martha Redwine. Marian Smith. Louise Wells. 95ZETOSOPHIA Zotosopbiu. llie honorary scholastic fraternity at the Woman s College, was organized May 24, 1022. at the instigation ol the college faculty who wish to “recognize publicly students who. during their four-year course, showed marked scholarship and ability to do independent thinking ' OFFICERS Jessie Smith Barton..............................President Doris Wright Goodlett.......................Vice-President Mary Etta Henry....................... Secretary Treasurer Lucy Crawford............................Member-al Large El.lZABETH Moore.........................Member at Ixirge Cujr 01 1913: Ehr.dwlh Robertson Alford Clam Ol I9IT. Aim Orr Itiwll Reid. Mattie Jnror . Clam oi 1915: Vrnlla Cureton Clam oi 1916: Olive Bu»hy. Maiir Padget Hamilton. Class of 1917: Eula Barlon. Wila Bryant Pro (ill. Ethel Slmpvon. Class or 1918: Helen Morgan l.ln l .,y. Class oi 1919: Katherine Eadey. Mary Holliday. ClriitaW Mayfield William . Class or 1920: Rawir Jones MiMnnattiiy. Martha Peace I I1 M 1 011. Class or 1921: Eleanor Kreco Barton. Helen Harris. Class oi 1922: Kathleen Children Hillers, (once Iaior. Thnrcc Mauldin Baker. Class of 1923: Christine Cooper Ellenhurg. ImiIk-I Kiulcy Atbeiy. Alleen Coggln . (ierlivwle Vermillion Clam oi 1921: lutelle Cooper Tllghom. Eugcnui Still ( dccnucd ). Class or 1923: Iuiln Burn King. Nancy Day. Rulh Jane Freeland, Liu dir N'i», Edith Out Humphries. Gotland Carrier. Class or 1926: Clara Children . Cattle F. Selzler. Class o» 1927: Mary Campbell Johnson, Elizabeth Compton. Mary Hnnilllori Jordon. Edna Langston Carlton. Ruth Provence. Claw or 1928: Nancy I lughey While. Susie l-ee Pillion Bag well, Ihelrnn Ashmore Gentry. I'ranees Dodion. Dorolhv Mae Smith. Class or 1929: Lucille Edwards. Elizabeth Mind Worthing-lon. Uum Nov. Mary Lancaster Reeve . Mahel Dorn Rceilcr, ljucy Culluni Crawford. Mnhd Milan. Class oi 1930: Ivaile Campbell Lind toy. Mugairi Strom Hants. Class or 1931. Marian Burl,. Cornelia Bnunietl. Miriam Rightmur Lpp . EJiznbelh Moore. Class oi 1932 Grace Ijincailrr Tale. Dori Campbell Wood . Mnllie Lee Cox Drummond. Monlie Oupmin Crodnnd. Liuillr New Ritter ClAM or 1933: Margaret Allen Dun ton. Mildred Smith. Class or 1931: Sadie Riddle Bridge . I Jin May (’ox Swire Rood. Jewel Alice I-ee ''filler. Marv’aret McCravcy Srinian. I.ruior Patton. Ruby Philip . Class of 1933: Mildred Pollard. Claud ine Ihomo . S«rn Jane Frye Waldrep, le ie Smith Barton. Llhdyn I owner Siell. Selene Rodder RuMell. Martha I'ranee Motc.ui. Marie MdXivid Barrett. Class i 1936: Allenc Coker. Nell Edward . Mary Hope. lulin Irwin WriRhl. Alice lie Puuer. Lame Vaughan. Class or 1937: Martha Horton. Evelyn Well Hughey. France Cash Cannon France Edward . Helen Edward . Sidle Frank . Sira fnman Broadnax, Margaret Johnson. Eleanor Jordan land. Nancy McCain Clarke. Eleanor Stanley. AnnalM'll l ow mend. Ciam or 1938: Vticlnia Dod on. Helen Rhyne Marvin, Dorothy Smi'.li. Hazel Waller, Erancr Wert Owing . Demur 2 Griner. Mary E.tta Henry. Evelyn Manctt Haneley. Mary loci Mini Reid, Dorothy llnwdrn Eulrul. Alice Ro ». Claw of 1939: Virginia Brown Sweeney. Grace Pennon Plowdrn. Dorolhv Snipr Wdhorn. Catherine Brockrunn Snndrf . Virginia Iritt . Josephine llarri . Anne I.oube May. Ruby I’ear con. Virginia Roper. Class of 19-10: Mary Gray Smith. Vnditi Key Gdkmon. Martha Bennell E'lli . Rnlli Breedon. lienor a Brown. Dorothy Burton Pet kola. Sarah Cunningham R:uulol| li. Nancy Diicwoilli. Margaret May I’ool. Verona McCrary. Mabel Moflhach. Carolyn Pace. EJl .dx-th lallwil Smith Alford, Emily A. Smith. Class or 1911: Virginia McKcivcr. Dorothy May 11,muon Loll . Margaret Burdette. E'ronti Key . Dori Wright (iood led. Ijni.i Riggin . Margaret Vogel I’hnmtiehl. Priwilla Adair. I I.uriel Bogg . Eugenia Evan . Girrda Provost, Ann Rutledge Parker. Murid Todd. Class or 1912: Beth Bry on, Anna Fountain. Virginia Garrison, Mary Ericncr Johmon. BIo »om M(Gani|v. Margaret Prit hard. Lilith Well . Mary Katherine Patrick. Margaret Palmer McClain Class of 1913: Eleanor Turner, Dori D»vi«. Sarah Alton Davenport. Mary Chandler (limloidirr. Evelyn Dill. Virginia Lee Cancer. Bertha I laulhrook, lean I Irndrick, Fairy. Bertie Ijrc Kendrick. E ranee Limncter. Mary -r-Grande. louiie Moffett. Maty Margaret N'khol.son, Dorothy Sutton. Miriam Whitaker. Bert Wilkenon. Class or I9-E1: Lillie Fuller. Loutre Well . I Iosokaky Mimhihs: Ml»» Charlotte Easton, Mr liimnii Caine Padgett. Ml Virginia ThoUuit. Ml Carrie Boiliik Dine (decerned), 96Do il. Keys. . . . . . . Calling Dr. Day ( )ucli! Is. Vailing on stnq play Bio eh I A-1 Loll.SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Tradition bound, I lie SAE s began another year —the frat house and trophies missing. Even though these were not present. Anderson. Bagby. Woodson and Kiddle were. I lie year began with rush parties and ended with meetings at "Uncle Henry s office as per usual. MEMBERS Bill Anderson. Prcfidrnt U-MtHV BaC»Y, IWd Riooli S crfUxry Bill Woodson, Vlw-PfwiJrnl PLEDGES: Paul Henson Bonny Poi Mel Raliy Hassell Sum Ed Stewart James Walker Bill BarnwellKAPPA ALPHA Certain things make a fraternity: Brotherhood . . . a good time . . . high ideal ... a sense of knowing which fraternity is best. I hose things made Iota at Furman the best Kappa Alpha Chapter in existence. No other school has a Billy Dennis. Harrison. Barnett, or I liomas car. MEMBERS: Bil l V Dl NNIS, Protklent Doe Harrlson, Vice President I’OM SlIlRI.EY. Sc ro( if y PLEDGES: 1.1 win Barnett Wtndham Burris Jack i luonts Mac McConnci.i. Bu55Y PoSTOM VViimu k Powi.i.l ( un.v Thomas Sammy Turrentine 1.01 is Wit LIAMS 99Meet Gene’s boys. I hey pledge more titan any Iraternity. Rush parties Yes! Bakers convertible and camera? 'los! A quite sizeable crew ol fraternity material. Pi Kaps were certainly active in every way this year. PI KAPPA PHI MEMBERS; Ginb Latht i. Pfrtlilfnl KlNNLTM BaKI'H. VlfT Pmfcfrnl CuRTtS I’ORW. II tetotkm Jaspir Wmtu. .wftoiy PLEDGES; IIohm-1 Be own Kov Crowe S m Davh I runs FottOINI. VlCTOR 0 1 I N Tommy Mali Clark Ionia Lynn I am. Bin. l.unicK Carl McMahon Obiiciiton Ouvcr I Iakoi n Shaw I'YrMAN lotCliriRRV Marry Warrin ALSO: I. J. Blacky ml Randy Gramma Bia Howard Art Tyson ). Whim, Jr S. Burts C. SCOTT Furman Mavhm.all K P. Stuart ICOWatching lit ' boys. I jitters to f-u rente Jo$ .Or. Ives in Ins glory. . . . Off to mess. . . . miss. The faculty stands up for the Ixtrd of Misrule.E WERE FORTUNATE IN SECURING LT. JON WHITCOMB OF U. S. NAVY TO PICK Miss Bonhomie OF I9T I. I IF IS AN II .1.USTRATOR FOR HEARST MAGAZINE CO. AND HAS DONE MANY WAR POSTERS ALSO. ALICE MILLER. A SOPHOMORE FROM GREENVILLE. WAS HIS CHOICE WITH ELLEN DENNY. JUNIOR AND ALSO FROM GREENVILLE. AS SECOND. LT. WHITCOMB DECLINED AN INVIT ATION TO SKETCH Miss Bonhomie AS HIS NAVAL DUTIES ARE SO GREAT' AT PRESENT. HE EXPRESSED HIS DEEPEST REGRETS THAT HE COULDN'T DO THIS. I0i 08109Y t "uLj L “My Ideal JI mm TAYLORS. S. CIllM2mIM CORDOVA. S. C.IISINDEX TO 1944 BONHOMIE Activities Division ..........................72- 96 Activity Snaps .................................. 97 Administration ................................8- 9 Advertisements ..............................ID—123 Alpha Psi Omega ................................. 87 A Day at School...............................-1- 3 Beauty Division .............................106-113 Buniiomii. Stall .............................90- 91 13. S. U.......................................88-89 Contents ......................................... 3 Copyright ..................................... 110 Co-ed Athletics ..............................66- 77 Day Students' Association........................ 83 Dean ............................................ 9 Dedication ....................................... 6 Excerpts ....................................102-105 Faculty .......................................9- 10 Fraternity Division .........................98-101 Freshman Advisory Board .....................80- 81 Freshman Class ..............................00- 64 Freshman Class Officers........................ 59 Freshman Simps .................................. 65 I land and Torch ................................ 82 llornet .....................................92- 93 Index .......................................... 116 Junior Class ................................44- 48 Junior Class Officers .......................... 43 Junior Snaps..................................... 49 Ministerial Association ......................... 78 Quaternion Club ................................. 84 Hat Court ....................................... 94 Senior Class ..................................14-40 Senior Class Officers............................ 15 Senior Order..................................... 85 Senior Snaps .................................. 41 Senior Superlatives ........................... 50 Sophomore ( lass .............................52- 56 Sophomore Snaps ................................. 57 Student Body Officers.........................74- 75 Student Council...............................76- . Student Legislature.............................. 79 Theater Ouild.................................. 86 Title Page........................................ 1 W. A. A. Council................................. -0 who's Who ....................................... 42 Zctasophia ...................................... 96 THANKS We’ve enjoyed working on the- Bonhomie lor ourselves as well ns lor you. and we hope you enjoy it in return. To France Kinsey. Marian Smith. I ihby Gray, and Carolyn Skelton we are especially indebted. Martha Maunev of Charlotte Engraving Co.. Boh Davis of The R. L. Bryan Co.. Rebecca Sydnor of Bryn Alan Co., and Jon Whitcomb of I learst Magazine Co., made our cause easier and really worth wh lie. I hunks lor everything and we hope you like it. Emii.y Bum.. 116 Pool. Dr.. Memorinm Prelude ............ President's Message 58 95 8 Published by llie Student Body of Furman University nj-i-lAdvertisers 117BRYN ALAN STUDIO i2i EAST MAIN STREET SPARTANBURG, S. C. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for THE i 944 BONHOMIE 118FRATERNITY IMS’S • RINGS F. U. BELTS AND BUCKLES F. U. OFFICIAL CLASS RING uWhat wa say it is—it is” ♦ • HALE’S Leading Jewelers and Diamond Merchants Since IS 6 BRUCE DOSTER DRUG COMPANY Grkenvii.i.k, S. C. I'uifHOMn 116-117 116 Sovtm Maim St» t JEAN WEST SHOP Town and Country Shop Exclusive But Not Expensive 20 W. North Telephone 5719-R IVEY-KEITH COMPANY ONE OF CAROLINA’S PREDOMINATING STORES It Greenville’s Fashion Headquarters for Students l IVSHOP AND SAVE AT 0 9. fPEPAA TMENT STORE 14-16 Soliii Main Smitr Ghuiviim, S. C. BROCK’S JEWELERS 218 N’mth Main Sthut Phon 2J46 SAM’S LUNCH W. C. anJ Furman Students Always Welcome Gkkknvii.le, S. C. 109 Collixi. Street C A BA NISS-G A RDN ER COMPANY, INC. Correct Apparel for Women Corn pitmen is . . . CAROLINA CENTER RIVOLI THEATRES Movies are Your Best Entertainment MISS WEST HATS 18 Wot North Stiut Guintiui, S. C. STONE BROTHERS CIVILIAN and MILITARY CLOTHIERS • • • 108 North Main Stkrrt Gxkknvii.lk, S. C. SH IRBY’S For Smart Junior Dresses FIVE POINTS PHARMACY. The Store of Personal Service Corner Laurens and Buncombe Streets Phone 48 Greenville, S. C. PATTON, 'PIEMAN and BRUCE INCORPORATED SHOES AND HOSIERY OF THE BETTER KIND North Main Strait Crfenvill , S. C. 120mCOCHRAN JEWELRY CO. Watches, OutmonJs, Silverware 211 N'orra Main Smm CmNvuxt, S. C. ASHMORE’S PHARMACY, INC. Tiik Fkikniu.y Stork 228 Nann Main Sntrr l’nosr» 648-649 Cmwiui, S. C. VAUGHAN’S JKWF.I.KRS II VtAII in C«CKNVII.Lr J. K. SI RHINE AND COMPANY ENGINEERS Greenville, South Carolinau U oust 0 llhj ... aspotoa eA w ttaaWecon p THE R. I. BRYM CONMNY COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL PRINTERS COLUMBIA ♦ SOUTH CAROLINA pictures a century-o A fts M ViaA as Ls ot ectwe tta w autW s wotAs, ac A tW a L s tVve meA’wim oJ tV e pnnteA

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