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tr , »:r. MlWJriri 11 ITT - v .«jf x. M»M9Bonhomie B-ein tV (Official Annual publication- furmati Mmpers% tfjrcentnlle, $.£.To record permanently the memorable em b of Hie Wit eeeeion hae been the purpose of the staff in building this the. twenty-ninth volume of the Bonhomie. Dedication To the 'furman thuuersity of the-- future with her increased facilities" for furthering the duration of young tnm is this the twenty-ninth uolume-of the bonhomie trustfully dedicated.3Eli erne Ip'rora Hie Horsemen, those hold Hikings Jr of old whose sails once dotted the-, northern seas and who were among' the first to sight the shores of America, comes the colorful and meaningful-, background of this the twentg-mnilt. volume of the Bonhomie .Contents tinipersily TM]leWej£-3 eauhj BclnnWes' Organization featuresm s f $• I i ❖ L £lje cftctor;p HKmumigT) o d r1 H Kj William Joseph McGi.qtiii.in PI 1.1 . I O., i.l. n PresidentM. D. EARLE s. !•: Bradshaw H T. COX G. A BUIST M.A. M.A.. Ph D. B. A. MS Mmhematu ■. Modern Languages Physics hi-rni.ilru 1. w Provhnch Emeritus J. S. Murray R. N. Daniel D. J. Bl-OCKI M.A.. Th.D. M.A.. M.A.. l h.M. M.A.. D.D. Religion Ancient Languages English PhilosophyH. H. Clark M.A.. I.L.D. Education S. A. I vi s S.M.. Ph.D. Riology L. L. CARPENTER Th.D.. Ph D. Religion V-. K. POOL M.A.. Th.M. Religion R. H. Taylor Ph I) History P. H. I:PI S M.A.. Ph.D. Ancient Languages [.. H. Bowen M.A. Mathematics !•. H. Gardner M.A. Modern LanguagesA. T. Ol !:LL D. H GlLPATRICK A. G. GRIFFIN L. S. Poston. II MA. M.A. M.A, M.A. English Hi .lory Economics Modern Lunguages C. D. Riddlf R. C. SMITH C.. V. Bishop v. K. Taylor S.M. B.S. M.A. MS. Biology Sociology English PhysicsC. K Inman B.S. f hcmisiry Howard Mi-roni-y M.A. linalish J. A OSTI1-N B.S. Physics Eva WriCiLUY Librarian J. L. Pl.YLF.R BA.. LL.B. Law J. W. day A M.. J.D. Lou.' J. D. Pol l AT B.A.. LL.B. Law John Ritchif. rd B.S.. LL.B. LawAdministration MRS. Frances K. i.yde. Secretary to Jr. McGlothlin Mrs. IRliNI S. HOWARD . Secretary to Dean Miss Beulah Berry. Secretary l fit nines.-. Manager Miss BYRIME Kelley . . . Bookkeeper MlSS MARY KELLEY .... Bookkeeper Miss I.ewei.lyn Nichols. R N. . . Nurse Mrs. M. H. MIDDLETON . . . Matron MR. FURMAN C. SMITH .... Dietitian A G. TAYI OR Business Manaaer Top row: Nichols Middleton. Howard. Smith. Bottom row: M. Kelley. B. Kelley. Berry, I.yde.esbliss (Constance rPratt Sponsor Senior (Dlass —Senior Class J. W. V INCH NT . W. L. POWER J. W. .. 'Payi.ok J. S. 1:1.1.HNBERG G. P. SOUTHERN V. G. CAU: . . J. H. DEW . . . . . Vice-President . Secretary , . . . Treasurer , Historian ................Poet ................Prophet .................Lawyer C. W. BURTS I Resident Top row: Vincent, Power. Taylor. bottom row: !:llenbcry. Southern. Calc. Dew.Theron James Anderson Timmonsoille. S. C. Candidate for B A. Y. M. C. A. (I 2. 3. 4); friendship Council (I. 2): Philosophian Literary Society (I 2. 3, 4). Chaplain (I). Secretary 3). Vice-President (4), President (4): Student Volunteer Hand (I. 2. 3. 4 . Secretary (2 : Delegate Tenth Quadrennial Student Volunteer Conven tion 3); Vice-President S. C. Student Volunteer Union (3). President (4): Editor S. C. Student Volunteer ’News Letter" (4): Honor Roll (2): Corresponding Secretary Greater Turman Club (2): Track Squad (3. 4): Cross Country Team (3); Baptist Student Union Council (3. 4); Education Club (2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). Vice-President (4). President (4): Hornet Staff (2. 3. 4). Quietly and unassumingly he traversed our campus. "T. J.’’ is one of those chaps who. realizing the need of a conscientious performer in this world to get to the top of the ladder, has been a worker of consistent and dogged determination. He has done well in his scholastic work but not coming to college with the measly idea that books alone constituted one's education has made a number of honors worthy of mention. He has been prominent in his literary society, the Education Club and other extra-curricula activities. "T. J.’s" real Christian leadership has shown us his aptitude for work, he having loyally supported and shared in all religious activities of the campus and in the city churches. ’T. J.." here’s hoping that your stroll down life’s lane will be a most pleasant one. and we are almost assured that it will be. whether fortune comes your way or not.Thomas Anderson. Jr. Waterloo. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. M. C. A. «l 2. V 4): friendship Council (2): Adclphiin I henry Society (I. 2): B.u.ka Class (2. J. 4). Secretary-Treasurer O). President i4): Honor Roll C)): B. S. U. Council i 4 : I rench Club (4). Secretary-Treasurer t4): Education Club (4). Secretary (4). If Waterloo, other than the one associated with Napoleon, doesn't mean anything to you. dear reader, then you have much to learn for the above likeness proudly claims the little town of Waterloo as his home. “Tom" doesn't deny that the little town has suffered from his absence. From the time when he was a timid freshman on through his college career he has been a good student. “Tom'' is a conservative, conscientious, modest, and easy-going chap. Like many great men. intimacy is required for one to know and appreciate him as he really is. "Tom s' modest quiet nature has not prevented his participation in numerous college activities, nor has his religious life been neglected, he having served as president of the Judson Memorial Baraca class in '28. par exemple. "Tom” belongs to the category of "one girl'' men. As long as we can remember a certain little brunette of Greenwood has held a first and only mortgage on his heart. His frequent visits to that town give us ample reason to believe that this mortgage will soon be foreclosed.Jamks Thomas Arnold Pclzer. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Baracj Class (2. 5. 4): Honor Roll (2) : Y. M. C. A. O 4): french Club (4 » : International Relation-. Club 4). tote Here's an Arnold. He doesn't possess, no not any of the characteristics of the traitor Benedict, but he is known by the majority of students as ‘Benedict. How he acquired the name is unknown. He is a very studious fellow, but when it comes to writing Ethics' term papers he is a procrastinator right. He begins writing immediately after assignment. but the paper is never finished until the night before the date on which it is due. It has been hard to ascertain the fact why he goes home for the week-end so often, but at last this mystery has come to light. He is enamored with one over at the "Zoo.'' and it has been discovered that they go down together on the "P. M. and N." He says he doesn't like dates in public parlors so he goes home to have them in a private one—all by their lonesome. "Benedict" is firm in his beliefs, a diligent student, and one of dogged persistence. His knowledge acquired here is but preparatory to a textile engineering course which he plans to pursue at Tech.Samup.i. Marion Ask ins. Jr. Lake City. S. C. Candidate for B.A. “Sigma Sit Sigma" Y. M. C A. (I. 2. 3): Addphian I iicr.irv Society (I. 2. $). Secretary O): Hornet Staff (I. 2. }) Assistant Advertising Manager (I. 2). Advertising Manager III: Ministerial Band 1 2. 5) Bonhomie Stall I 3 I. Club liditor (5) : finishing in three years. Just a rollicking, jovial, carefree, and frolicsome sort of fellow with a touch of—but who dares attempt an analysis of such a peculiar complex as Askms It would be lar easier for a Furman student to analyze a chemical compound. An inseparable blend of good humor with a bit of temper (just enough to make him human), of carelessness with gentility, and of gaiety with a brand of seriousness that few of his fellow schoolmates possess. In other words, he's just a regular fellow. To know his movements is to know the ways of the wind: to discern his innermost thoughts is to comprehend a mystery: anJ to understand where next he will be is to know that of which even he is not aware. Despite his incom prehensive character, however, we do know that his presence is felt among us that there is something that is missing when he is not in our midst: and that his place will forever be vacant when he leaves us. Ilis name is not inscribed on the highest roll of honor, but is indelibly stamped upon the hearts of those who know him best.Robert William Bailhs York, S. C. Candidate for B.A. Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2); Ministerial Band (I. 2. . 4). Secretary Treasurer (4 1: Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 3. 4 » : Friendship Council 2» House Committeeman (2): Phi Kappa Delta (2. 5. 4 1. Secretary Treasurer (4). "Bill ' hails from the shire of York in the county of York and while he isn't an English Lord of Parliament he docs make his influence felt in certain circles, especially the ministerial. Bailes is a quiet, easy-going chap but he does have the capability of becoming pepped up and that spizzerinctum which occurs as a result makes its appearance. He always stands up for what he believes to be the right, and the good point about it is that he's most always on the right. Bailes lias decided one of the most momentous questions of life and he’s chosen "the one." the Greenville News having carried an account of his engagement in a February issue. And possibly it won’t be long now—in fact we don’t think it can be fo' those wedding bells'll be tollin sweetheart you're mine and I’m yours. "Bill" plans to attend the Seminary this fall, having chosen the ministry as his life’s profession and we know he’ll have success if he carries his better half along but if he doesn’t there won't be much studying on account of their being separated.Cl.INTON TlIKODORI: BALDWIN Orangeburg. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Psi Chi” Frcshnun Track; Philosophian Literary Society (I): Y. M C. A.: Baraca Class: 1 lotnc Stall (I i. Assistant Circulation Manager (I ): Student Assistant in Library 2. 1. 4): Tennis Club (2); Scoutmaster's Certificate 2 ; Correv ponding Secretary Greater Turman Club: Varsity Track Team (5. 4 ; Interna tional Relations Club 4) : Glee Club 4); Education Club (4). Although entering Furman under the handicap of being from Orangeburg. "C. IV as he is addressed by his intimates, has become one of the most dependable and likeable chaps on the campus. "C. T.‘" has surveyed numerous books during his assistantship in tlx library, yet. he is not so diligent in his studies as he could be for he is often absorbed in the thoughts of his girls. Falling short of high scholastic standing only by his failure to apply himself more diligently to his studies, he has turned to other fields that appeal to him more. Under the nom de plume. "Seedy" he has made numerous contributions to the Hornet. "Seedy" is a mystery to many but that does not keep him from being liked. I:veryone enjoys his dry wit and that he has in abundance. Track is C. T.'s" favorite sport and be has become a "Greyhound" of the track. He is independent and has some very unconventional ideas that in all probability will be of great value in after-school days.J. C. Lowhll Barni.i t Greer, S. C. Candidate for IVA. Philosophi.in Literary Society (I. 2. ). Marshal O): Y. M. C. A. 1. 2); B.uacj Class O) ; finishing in three years. Lowell, better known as “Baby.” comes to us from Greer, the peach-growing center of the state. He has been with us only three years, having completed the required work for his degree in this time. During his sojourn lie lias acquired not a few friends and is loved by all for his genial disposition. Barnett is a very capable student. At first he liked one study as well as another, but now he has found his favorite—History. He is planning to enter the field of leaching and we wish for him great success. "Baby." like many of us. is greatly enamored with one of the fair sex. For sometime we wondered why he made frequent trips to Greenwood, until one day lie betrayed himself by his keen interest in Lander College—the rest was easy to conjecture. All that he will say is "love is wonderful."Wai n r Smi th Bennett Checryville. X. C. Candidate for B.S. Philosophijn I iierary Society ( I): Tennis Club (1, 2. 3. 4): Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. V 4 : Student Assistant Biology Laboratory (4 ; Honor Roll (3). j Walt is conspicuous because of bis peculiar brogue. Anyone who has ever heard his dialect and boyish laugh can never forget 'em. If he were from Charleston we could account for the fact of his unusual manner of speech but since he is from the Tarheel State we are left wondering. He ever enjoys life and seems to radiate happiness and glee to those with whom he comes in contact: he's whistlin' a merry tune if he's not a-singin' that little song entitled "Gee! 1 Wish I Were a Belgun." Bennett prefers a smoke with a chum or a chase after a golf ball far more than a laborious por ing over textbooks. Of course we don't want to discredit his classroom work. Because of his ability and knowledge of biology he was chosen to serve during his senior year as Lab. Instructor in Biology I. Walt, we will always remember that funny little "ha. ha!" and it’ll lend cheer to us in the troubles encountered on Life's highway and will ever remind us of the "good ole days" spent at the old school.Robert Judson Blackwell Jefferson. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Tennis Club O): Math Club (3. 4), Secretary-Treasurer M : Baraca Class (4): Y. M. C. A. (4). Blackwell moves about in a quiet way among us. taking care to offend no one. yet always prepared to perform any act of kindness for his fellow students. Those of us who know him best have found him to be a true friend, an ambitious student, a loyal Furman man. a gentleman. "Bob’’ is one of the intelligent of the class, having completed the regular four-year course in three years. This is no easy job. as you may know, but "Bob'" did not come to college with the measly idea that the soft, easy jobs alone constituted success. He has a great liking for Professor Earle and his math and we think algebraic and geometric notations have become thoroughly imbedded in the gray matter. With his qualities of steadiness, perseverance. energy, loyalty, and honesty he is obliged to succeed in the profession entered.Gilbert Judson Bristow Bennctt ville. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Preshman Track (I): Varsity Track (L 4); Varsity Club (V 4): Corresponding Secretary Creator Putman Club (4 : House Committeeman (4): Chi Beta Phi (4). One may view Gilbert from many dimensions—but what of that? He's a whale when it comes to courses under Dr. Ives. We don't exactly know whether you could accuse him of being a legger but we do know one thing— he and his profs certainly stand in well. His knowledge of Bugology must be proficient 'cause during his last year here he was chosen to serve as Lab Instructor in Biology I. and. too. he's taking his senior subject in the Botanical field. He's quiet, possesses a unique air of pride and dignity, and he’s a fellow who minds his own business. His efforts have not been concentrated on textbooks alone because during the afternoons in early spring when a large number of us. victims of that malady called spring fever, were sleeping away our time he could be seen warming up the cinder path and it's no flattery when we say he's a good track man. Sh-h-h! this is confidential—they say he's dead in love. Don't tell anyone. Gilbert, may you run over life's path — smooth, rocky, pebbled, and weedy—as easily and as gracefully as you did the cinder path.Track !. ). Hovnv Eugene Brock Seneca. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Brock, the gentleman whose likeness appears above, hails from the Red Hills ' of Oconee County. His campus residence has been brief during his three year stay with us but those who have known him have found him to be a friend in the truest sense of the word. After completing the junior year in high school he decided that he had acquired enough book learning to do him for a while and so he took the roving spirit, joining Uncle Sam's Navy. His learning did not become static but increased greatly with his voyages over the stormy seas. During his two years' stay with the navy, ports in South and Central America and Panama were visited. At last adventure lost its charm and he returned from the high seas to complete his high school career. And on to Furman. "1 think my greatest task has been completed.” said he. referring to the fact that one of the fair Oconeean daughters had been persuaded to say ' yes.” Brock intends to instruct the youth of the land and without any hesitation we prophesy that he will make good for he possesses that stick-to-it-ness that means much.Ernest Claud Bumgardner Belmont. N. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. »: Glee Club "•»); finishing in three years. Ernest has been a quiet and inconspicuous student who has done bis work honestly and well. An independent thinker and a dependable worker he has passed onward and obstacles met have but served to blend the sterling qualities latent within him. He is a steady worker and has won in three years what it took the majority of us four years to attain—that coveted "dip." Slowly did he make his friends but strongly did he keep them. To those of us who know him best Ernest is a friend indeed: he's a gentlemanly chap who minds his own business. He never wastes words on trivial subjects and uses few on those more important. No he isn't talkative, but he's concise and to the point when he does utter. His efforts have not been concentrated exclusively on his curricula activities despite the fact that he's crowded up his schedule in order to finish with our illustrious class—he is a valuable harmonist having lent his ability in singing on the Purple Harmony Chorus his senior year. With his honesty and sincerity, coupled with his knowledge, surely nothing but success awaits him in the teaching profession.Charles Watson Burts Macon. Cm. Candidate for B.A. “Centaur" Imhnun Pool tall; Freshman Basket tall. Cjpt.tin: President Freshman Class. Philotophian Literary Society (I. 2 3. 4); Freshman Improvement Medal Critic (31: Thomas Keys Bible Medal I ) : V M. C. A (I. 2. 3. 4». Vice-President 3» Secretary 1.4): International Rela lions Club (2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). President (4): F.iulel Medal for Declamation (2): Student Council 12. 3. 4). President (4): Varsity Basket tall (2. 3. 4» Captain (4): Varsity Club (2. 3. 4 . Co-Editor Football Program |4 : Debate Council 3. 4 1. Secretary (3 Varsity Debating (3). Tau Kappa Alpha. Furman Representative on Committee of S. C. Oratorical Association t 4 ) Ten nis Team (3. 4). Member State Doubles Championship learn (3); Secretary Junior Class; Cloister (3. 4): Education Club (3. 4): Co-Chairman S. C. Baptist Student Conference . 4): Can didate Rhodes Scholarship (4); Pres idem Senior Class: Honor Roll (I. 2. 3). % He has been a leader ever since lie entered Furman four years ago. During that first year he was president of the class and captain of the Freshman basketball team. Other honors came thick and fast and have never ceased during the four years that he has been a student here. He has proved himself worthy of the confidence of his fellow-students by the efficiency with which lie has disposed of tasks. Presidencies and captaincies probably mean little to him now. for he has had so many. Athletics, literary organizations, scholarship, politics, fraternity life—all have claimed his attention. He has entered into many activities and has acquitted himself well in all of them. He is a leader, a good all-round athlete, an exceptional student, an ardent silent lover, a popular and respected man on the campus.William Graham Call Hendersonville. .V C. Candidate for B.A. "Mack Cat" I rcshmjn Tennis Singles Champion ship: Hornet Staff 5 . Joke Liiitor (}l ; International Relations Club I V Trench Club O I ; Prophet Senior Class; I nish in in three years. I hree years ago Hendersonville gave to us its horseshoe King in the person of Mr. William Graham (.ale. Bill" brought with him an air of loftiness, a characteristic no doubt of his native atmosphere. But the ’ Bill” of today is unlike the green "Bill" of three years ago. He was then quiet and reserved, but now there are many who fear the scorching wit of his tongue. Occasionally he drops his mask of satire and proves himself a human being. "Bill" has made a name for himself as a student, and his three-year record is an enviable one. Like his brother who went before him. "Bill" has mastered the finer points of tennis and hangs his racquet with the varsity squad this year. A good boy. a polished gentleman. a true friend. "Bill" is unlike some other bills, for he will pass with no show of counterfeit ness. s SllERARD Eugene Callahan Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Sigma A u Sigma" Y. M. C- A.: Adclpbian Literary Society (I. 2. L 4 ; Education C!ul 4 : Glee Club O. 4 . Quartet 4t. Echo St.ilT (V 4 . Advertising Manager (3), Bum ness Manager (4 » Just one of those steady kind of fellows, one whom you can always depend upon to do what he says, never boasting his own wares, caring little for the praises of the world, but prizing more highly the sincere confidence of his fellow-students—that’s ”S. E." With an individuality and personality all his own. somewhat different from the rank and file of the students, he is a person who will demand the friendship of everyone and will usually secure it. You can’t help but like him when you know him. Ready to give praise where praise is due. to keep criticism to himself, and to lend a helping hand to the one who needs it. "S. E. has won the admiration of many Furman students who will realize that something is lacking somewhere when their old comrade fails to return to the old hill next year. E.” has had an active part in the publication and in Glee Club activities while at Furman and surely nothing but success awaits him.JAMI-S MAXW1-I.L CAMPBELL Doer tin. Ga. Candidate for B.A. Rjraca Class (I. 2. Ministerial Band (1. 2. J. 4): Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 4). S» M. .w. Explain the inexplicable and define the indefinable. It can't be done. Well it would take Professor Inman to analyze the component parts of "Jim. He said he was going to study for the ministry when he entered Furman but we think he has changed his mind. There's no authenticity to this last statement, sc you see it has very little weight. "Jim likes to have a big time and he doesn't allow studies to interfere too much with his having a big time. He is rather talkative and he’ll surely make his way if this factor plays any part in weighty matters. And. too. he's always got a grin on his face and radiates fun and joy where'er he goes. Tis said that he's dead in love— how true it is we do not know. "Jim." it’s been a pleasure and our wish is that you succeed.Mf.lvin Pai.mi-r Campbhu Helton. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Adclphian litcr.ii y Society (I): Greater Furman Club (2): Y. M. C. A (3 41: Honor Roll 1»: liducation Club 3, 4 : Baraca Class (41; House Committeeman (4). ‘M. P.." as he is called by those who know him best, is a fellow who demands the respect of his friends. We have learned to like him because of his sterling characteristics, being noted especially for his friendliness and ready wit. Campbell has done admirable work in the classroom and especially in history. his chosen field. His activities have not been confined to the classroom altogether because he has participated in extra-curricula activities such as I. R. C. and Education Club. M. P. has not allowed his social life to suffer either during his stay on the hill. One wonders why he has such a fondness for Spanish but one visit to G. W. C. on either Thursday or Sunday afternoon would solve this question. Those of us who know him predict for him great success in the teaching profession.Harvey Waters Capps l lorcnce. S. C. Candidate tor B.A. "Sigma Phi Delta'' Ircshmjn boot Kill; t'rc- hman Baseball : Varsity loci ball (2 V 4 . All Stale M) ; Varsity Baseball 2 I; Greater I urman Club « 2»: Varsity Club (2. V •I): Education Club (V 4). Treasurer (4). A Florentian! When the name of Harvey Capps is mentioned there appears in our minds a thrilling football game on Manly field and we see the ball punted and received by one who takes it down the field with head as erect as if he were numbered among a band of victorious soldiers who were on parade through the streets of a captured city—that person is none other than Harvey Capps. He shall ever be remembered among Furman’s great grid heroes. Though mighty on the gridiron, he was mighty elsewhere—in the classroom and in his studies. He was a diligent student and one who has left behind a record of which he might well be proud. Though many hours of practice were spent on the field he found time for other things, being interested in and an official of the Education club. Harvey you can’t but succeed if your fight in life is characteristic of your combats on the gridiron.Jambs Marion Cherry Sumter. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Pi Kappa' Adclphian Literary Sociccy (I. 2. 3. •4 i. Sergeant at-Arms (I) Senior Ccn sor (4 ; Hornet Sr.ilT 1. 2 . Staff Reporter (I. 2). Delegate to S. C. Col lege Press Association (2); Bar.ua Class II) Y. M. C. A. (1.2. . 4). Priend ship Council I ) ; Corresponding Secretary Greater Furman Club (2): Pan Hellenic Council (3): Education Club (4 . Secretary (4 . Environment has played its part for four years and tin' once green Cherry is now full ripe. "Jim” came to Furman bringing a capacity which has been well developed. You will notice from the numerous honors which are deservedly his that he is one of the most popular students on the campus with both student body and faculty. "Jim’s" popularity does not stop on our campus: he has made a host of friends in Greenville as is shown by tlx fact that when he ascends or descends the main drag he is continually meeting a "Hey! Jim" or a "Hello! Cherry." He shows a friendly attitude toward every one and is always ready to help those to whom he can render assistance. I he Parker High school has been fortunate to secure his services as a substitute teacher in the English Department. "Jim" is a Christian gentleman of high ideals, a diligent student, and a seeker after truth.Thomas Bowi-n Clarkson. Jr. Gaffney. S. C. Candidate lor B.S. "Psi Chi" Philosophian Literary Society ( 1) ; Y. M. C. A.: Tennis Club (I. 1. 1. 4) Band (4): h'ducjtion Club (4). % From the town of "Gaffney" Smith and other noted characters comes Goofy." Oh. well, he may not become as famous as his fellow townsmen: in fact, we wouldn’t dare make such a prediction, for we can never see the other side of the balance which is held unscrupulously in the iron hand of fate. But well may we believe that with such an environment it will be only natural that he should after a while do something that will make us all glad that we knew him and that we were associated with him in college. "Goofy—how he acquired the name we can’t say ’cause he certainly isn’t goofy—says that women do have their charms. He believes firmly that the time he has lost in chasing, wooing, and pursuing the look that lies in women's In his work here he has done well and we are waiting to hear of the time when he scores a knockout.WFSLKY Wl-NDHLL COBLL Monroe. N. C. Candidate for i$.A. "black Cat" Freshman Footfall Team: Freshman Basket-lull Team: Frehman Baseball: Y. M C. A. I : Var itv Baseball Squad (2): Varsity Football 2. V 4 . Winner Hal. Trophy for Most Valuable player on Purple Hurricane (4), All-State Football Team 4 1: Corresponding Secretary Greater I urman Club l I : Varsity Club (2. V 4). President 4 : Pan Hellenic Council 4 1. President (41. It’s hard lo write a parting eulogy of such a person as "Wes Coble. To enumerate his attractive qualities would be unwise, to enumerate his unattractive qualities (yes. we all have them) would be unfair. Its hard to describe in cool matter of fact prose such a personality as his—a personality sometimes open and inviting and sometimes closed like a book. "Wes" is a football player extraordinary, a bored student ordinarily, and a ladies man interminably. His popularity and ability are evidenced by the many honors which have come to him during his college career—a career, by the way. almost as brilliant as your mother wanted yours to be. Although "Wes’ docs not evade friendships, it is only fair to say that he must be known to be appreciated. At first acquaintance he is a bit reserved, asking no favors and giving few. Later, however, he is a real friend, a friend one would like equally well to take on a trip home or to the mountains, to agree with or to argue with, to live with. To repeat, it s hard to fairly picture "Wes." It's done best by this one short sentence—"Wes Coble is a man.Gll-BI R'l Hi NKY Cox Spartanburg, S. C. Candidate for 15.A. I rcshnun Baseball: Varsity Baseball ( ; V M. C. A. (I. 2. V 4 1: Fresh-nun Foot lull: Varsity loot lull 12. V 4 1 All-State and All-S I A. A. '4i Varsity Club 2. 5. 4). Puss might be called Puss 11 for he is the second one of his family to bring recognition to his Alma Mater on the gridiron under the title of “Puss." Arriving here in the fall of '25, this fellow started out at once to sweep all opposing football teams off the field and has been doing that very thing in a somewhat crushing manner until the close of his college career. He has been an All-State man for two years and was chosen for the S. I. A. A. this year. "Puss' " fine disposition and his ability to make friends at all times will make him as popular everywhere as he has been for four years on our campus. He is one of those whom it will give us great sorrow to part with, but who we are sure will bring honor to himself in this world as he has brought it to our class and college.Thomas LeRoy Crosby X or field. Miss. Candidate for B.A. “Sigma Xu Siyma' i-reshnun Basket-ball: I reshman 'I rack: President Freshman Class: Adclphian I.it crary Society (I. 2. ). Treasurer 2 . President ( U : Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. ). Cabinet (2. ). Editor of Handbook « 2 . President ( ) : Ministerial Band ( I 2. ■ ). President : Pan Hellenic Coun cil t 2 ) Assistant Chaplain Student Body (2): Baptist Student Union (2. Vice President O): International Relations Club (2. 1). Treasurer (i . President t); Education Club (5). Treasurer : Sociology Club ( ). President ( Member of American Sociology Society ol Chicago O) : Cloister (1): Honor Roll (I. 2. ): Finishing in three vears. True Christian gentleman and scholar, with every word of that phrase ‘ Truth" personified in Roy Crosby, the contribution of Mississippi to Fur man’s class of 1929. There is probably no other man on the campus who commands the respect of the student body as a whole as does Crosby. A com plete or suitable tribute can not be paid here, for his character is without alloy. Crosby has sacrificed some things in order that he might apply himself to more useful projects. He is one college man in many who has held true to the finer things and has profited and not lost by his fealty. The confidence of his associates in him has been expressed in many ways. Practically every honorary organization has honored him with membership and he has been president of not a few of them. He is a student above the average, finishing in three years. A well-rounded man destined to fill a high place in the world as a Christian leaderCharles Edward Davis Charlotte. .V. C. Candidate for ft.A. “Pd Chi“ Freshman Pool ball: Irishman Base ball: Varsity Football (2. 3. 41 : Mono: Roll (2. 3): International Relations Club (-I : French Club (4): I'ducat ion Club 4 » : Student Assistant tn History (4) "lid" is safe for the rest of his days. He could cover a bank robbery in a maze of nick-names. If "Charley" is disclosed he can rely upon Ruben. "Sleepy." "Country Gentleman." "Meek, and "Arthead." ftut "Ruben centers that football for S. C. fans and will again next year. He also knows what baseball and basket-ball are. ftut as a dashing track man. he would make a fine cat-fish. "Ruben" thought he would be a regular guy with a ft.A., but now he thinks that a shingle with "Attorney" is more attractive. If you want to know why the Pope never professes children, or why the Germans like the "Diet of Worms" it's all duck-soup to him. ftut there is one hitch: if you question him he will inevitably end up with some long, drawn-out runaway story that happened in Mecklinburg County when he used to go barefooted. "Ruben" has shown little weakness toward the dames in this burg, even slagging at the Varsity Club ftanquet. but we believe that there is a little heart beating up there in the old North State that makes his tick too "15David Carroll DkMlnt New Orleans. La. Candidate for B.A. "Kappa Alpha'' Addphian Literary Society I) : Corresponding Secretary Greater l iirnun Club (I): Tennis Team (2. V 4). Manager O). Captain (4): I'cnnis Club 2. L ■4». President 04: Irench Club 04; Varsity Club (2. 1. -4 4: Cloister (-4 ; International Relations 4 : Cheer Leader O. 4). Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the likeness of David Carroll DeMent scholar, gentleman, friend extraordinary. A young man. who. being in full possession of that ingenious quality that Hlinor Glynn calls "it." has not failed to endear himself to all who have known him. Be not deceived, however, good people, by his innocent looks and unsophisticated expression, for alas and alack even he has not escaped susception to the wiles of the "beautiful but dumb” members of the "slicker sex. A veteran of many campaigns at Converse, not to mention a few minor conquests in Greenville, he has escaped unscathed, save with one possible exception. Please however do not get the impression that lady killing is this "boy scout’s" only accomplishment. Besides hitting a mean lick along scholastic lines he is one of the reasons why Furman opponents lose their sunny dispositions in tennis tournaments. A cruel racquet wielder is "Dave." we are here to inform the universe. "Dave's" own modesty and the veracity of the Bonhomie prevent our saying that he is handsome but if "handsome is as handsome docs" then David is an Apollo de Belvedere, a John Gilbert. or what have you.JOSIAH HARTWHI 1. Dl;. V Lana. S. C. Candidate for IVA. "Centaur " freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball 2. 5. 4), Captain (4 1: Assistant Man ager football (I. 2 : Varsity Club (2. 4. 41; Student Council (4. 4). Sec re tary Treasurer (4): french Club (V 4i; Manager Bookstore and Canteen (4 4 ) ; Pan-Hellenic Council i4). Secretary Treasurer 4 : I asvver Senior Class. «•; During the past four years Furman has been signally honored by the presence of one. Joe Dew. "Peter." his acquired nickname, came upon the campus intent upon following in the footsteps of his brother. Duncan, who had already made a name for the Dews of l.atta. Not content with waiting until his sophomore year Joe began accumulating honors during his "rat" year. He won a berth on the Freshman Baseball team and soon afterwards was elected to a place on the Student Council. These honors he held during his entire stay, having been a mainstay on the Varsity Baseball Team for three years: and other honors did he win. Joe is held in high esteem by all who know him. and though his name may not be found individually on the pillars erected by the Class of '2( at the main entrance to the campus it will live long in the minds of his school- mates.John Ali.fn Donaldson Meggelt„ S. C. Candidate for B.A. Freshman Baseball: Y M. C. A.: Jud-son Memorial Baraca Class (I. 2. L 4). £ "Donne.” to the privileged few who call him by this name, has wonderful potentialities: coming to us from the salt marshes of Mcggett this rugged son of the Carolina Lowlands with his sound philosophy, mischievous nature, and frank open smile has convinced us beyond a doubt that these same Carolina Lowlands are contemporary, as well as historic, in their breeding of what we like to call real men. Baffled at first by physics and one or two other necessary college evils. Donne” by his perseverance is at last to receive the coveted dip. "Donne" in whatever field you decide to try your talents, we. your frinds at Furman. Know that if you exhibit the same characteristics that you did while with us you can not but succeed. Whatever you undertake, we. your friends, are behind you to the last ditch.Marshall Lari i- Duncan Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. I’hi Kjppj Delia ( 4 . Marshall, another of our town students, came to Furman after having studied at North Greenville Academy. As a man of character he stands high among his friends and associates. Fruits of his work are seen and felt throughout the community at large in which he resides, he having taken an earnest and eager part in the religious activities. He is a man of whom we know much but from whom we hear little. With a man of his nature it can rightly be said that actions speak louder than words. He is steady, persistent and congenial both in the classroom and in his campus associations. To those who know him best he is a true friend and we know that his achievements here will be but stepping stones to greater things.Jim Barn ns I-astiri.ing "The Open Road Candidate for B A "Centaur" I’hilosopln.m Literary Society i I » : I riendsbip Council I 2 ) : Corresponding Secretary Greater l-'urnun Club ( 2 t Claw Historian 2 : International Relations Club »4), Chief Marshal i4): l.e Cercle I rancais (4): Cloister (4). Treasurer Student Body 4 t ; Student Council t 4 » Bonhomie Stall (T 4). Assistant Hdiior 13). I-ditor-in Chief 4 )—and roomed with Son Powell two WHOI.I: years' Shout your loudest curses "Stick-in-the-muds." Conventionalists, and Anti-Individualists—I am the master of my own write-up. Four years ago I came to Furman because my family sent me. Now. 1 leave Furman because I can't carry it with me. I entered arrogantly proud of a high school diploma. 1 leave humbly conscious of my insignificance and ignorance. I am an honor student and a member of the "F:" club as well. Strangely enough. I am equally proud of both. 1 am net an idealist: yet I idealize certain linds toward which I move. I am not a cynic: yet I doubt because doubting often leads to the Real Truth. I am not a philosopher because I fear to tread in that intangible realm: yet 1 like to speculate on the more human side of this life. It 1 am a thinker, it is because thinking leads to a fuller understanding of one's-self. If I have a high regard for human beings, it is because being only human myself I am capable of any number of foolish acts and errors. If I am unconventional, it is because I believe too much conventionality leads to the graveyard for personalities. If I dwell on the minor affairs of life, it is because through them I seek a greater appreciation of the major features of this existence. If I continue to live, it is because I find life interesting and worthwhile. And now. I come to the end of my four most meaningful years:— "Comrades, leave me here a little. while as yet tis early morn."Julian S proles Ei.lhnberg Greenwood. S. C. Candidate lor B.A. “Pi Kappa" Y. M. C, A. (I 2.4. 4 : Baraca Class (I. 2 Adclphian Literary So cidy 1. 2. A 4 ». Treasurer (2 ) Senior Censor 4). President (4). Winner Ben Cieer Freshman-Sophomore Oratory Medal (2). Society Orator lilect (4» Hornet Stall (I. 2. V 4). Start Reporter (I 2) Exchange Editor (V). Club Editor (4). Delegate to S. C State Press. Association (2): International Relations Club (4. 4 ) ; I rcnch Club 4. 4 , President t 4 » : Winner Translation Prize (4 ; Education Club (4 1. Vice President 4 1; Cloister i4) Pan-Hellenic Council (4 1 ; Bonhomie Start (4 ». Senior Editor f 4 ) : Historian Senior Class I irst Honor Student (I. 2. 4. 4). Some fellows come here and are injured by college life, some remain on the same level, and others improve. Under the last class falls Julian Ellen-berg. Few get more out of college than he has received at the hands of his Alma Mater. Since he entered here four years ago. he has shown a rapid and marked improvement, and is now beginning to reap some of the fruits of his efforts. Julian is dependable and for that reason is worked to death most of the time. Energetic and loyal, he is an important link in anything that is honored by his association. A pleasing personality and steady character have drawn about him a strong group of friends. As recognition of his ability and interest in affairs, he has been elected to membership in many honorary organizations. May he ever succeed, borne on the wings of St. John.”Barni v Martin Ei.i.is Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. B. M." is a Tarhcelian who came to us two years ago from Mars Hill Junior College after having tasted and drunk a supply of that stuff someone has termed "knowledge" at the fountain there. His participation in extracurricula activities have been concentrated in two of the campus clubs, the Mars Hill Club and the Ministerial Band. His sunny smile and his kindly nature have made those who have been associated with him like him much. He is quiet and unassuming. His outstand ing physical trait is his well known grin. This is always in evidence unless he is perturbed over some obstruse physics’ problem, and even then his smile is clouded only momentarily. Behind that smile of his one may catch a gleam of determination to succeed; whether it be solving physics problems, deciphering Greek hieroglyphics, or preaching the Gospel we wish for him much success in his high calling.William Runs Ellis Fur man, S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Sigma Nu Sigma" Freshman Track Team: Philosopbian literary Society (I): V. M. C. A. tl. 2. V ♦): Hornet Start (I. 2. I). Assistant Advertising Manager ! . Advertising Manager (2). Business Manager (M: Bonhomie Start «-4 . Advertising Manager (4): Math Club (4): Honor Roll ( 2 . Here tis dear reader—the smallest member of the class. And he's just another proof of the old saying "the best goods come in smallest packages." W. R. doesn't believe that one comes to college just for a big spree: he has his pleasures but at the same time he is a consistent worker ranking well in his classroom activities. Professor Earle and math are his hobbies and promptness and accuracy have so become instilled within him as a result of his labors in the mathematical field that he's never known to have been late to classes—he'd rather be at class ten minutes before the regular beginning than a half minute late. Ellis' business ability is indeed noticeable: he's aided greatly in the business management of both Hornet and Bonho.MIL. having received the honor of being elected business manager of the Hornet his junior year and advertising manager of the BONHOMIE his senior year. Ellis has made known his decision to take graduate work in accountancy. A true friend, a pleasing personality, a Christian gentleman—that you are. We can not but predict success for you.William Roblri Erwin Hartsville. S. C. Candidate lor B.A. '‘Centaur" Y. M C. A.. '24-'27: Baraea Class: Addphian Literary Society: Tennis Club 24 28: Manager L'reshman Basket-ball. '26. Hartsville has been a very large contributor to Burman during the past ten years in more ways than one. She has given of her money but more noticeably of her youth. One of the most popular contributions Hartsville ever made to the "ole institution on the hill" was that contributed in the fail of 1924. At this time "Little Squirrel" Erwin donned the freshman insignia of Purple and White and settled down to a strenuous pursuit of knowledge. "Squirrel" was somewhat hindered in his college work on account of sickness, but by hard and conscientious labor he was able to master all required subjects by the close of the '28 Summer School. "Squirrel” made a great name for himself while a student. Although small of stature he was large in spirit He was liked by all and may leave us in body but his spirit will always remain with all who were closely associated with him in campus life.George Marion Faile t ravelers Rest. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Education Club (4 Here's our entertainin' speaker—oh! we do love to hear him elucidate on certain subjects. He adds that humorous touch to everything he says. And too he's never taken the Dean’s course in public speaking, or. if he has. he violates one of the most important rules—that of arm and hand movement in explaining things. Faile’s a very likeable fellow and a good student. He came to us in '27 determined to have a B.A. degree if it took sixty years. It did not take that long, however, for Faile has applied himself well and is a very practical student in all branches of art. There is a telltale twinkle in his eyes indicating his keen sense of humour. He dips into the future as far as the human imagination can conceive. To him there is no mystery without some method of solution. Faile goes out with that unbeatable combination of brains and humor, and we feel sure that he will become a valuable asset to the teaching profession.Leo McCarreli. Fai.law Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Philok.ilc.in Club (I. 2. J. 4). President ( . Vice-President «4»: Tennis Club (2): Student Assistant in Biology Laboratory (4. 4): Cloister (V 4). President ( 4 ) : Chi Beta Phi ( 4 ; Band (4 : I irst Honor Student (2 4. 4 l Lee-Lee—Ah. Lee's a good fellow—when he's asleep. But he doesn't sleep much. This lad is a three letter man. He is versatile, vigorous, and veiled. He is veiled in that he says little that is not essential. And you can call him a connoisseur and one of the literati at the same time, either by profession or by choice. We've heard him on the piano, seen him on the basket-ball court, and in a fix. but he sounds best when he pulls his boat up to the curb and says "Ride?" And that walk! It's a ten-foot sailor gait. Watch him walk and you will never forget that a straight line is the shortest distance from here to there. Lee believes his word is final—"The word of Lee is the word of the law." And sure, he can tell you all about Henry Siedel or Mr. Untermeyer. but he will not say just what made David Copperfield the way he did when he saw Oliver Twist "The Tale of 1 wo Cities." So Lee. it s been a pleasure and may the cup of plenty overflow much for you.Ci.Audi- Sawyi-r Fox Monet la. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Adclphian i iterary Society I): Y M C. A. (I. 2. 4 : French Club (4): F.du cation Club (4 i; Honor Roll ' : Scout Master ( 4 . Here's a lad who hails from the small town known as Monetta. but his ability is not to be measured by the size of this little place. He joined us in the battle for the sheepskin four years ago and has encountered the pleasures, toils and pain of college life. Other boys may learn more quickly and easily, but you will not find one more conscientious and more thorough than Fox He has a great liking for French, having completed all the courses offered in this subject. Fox has reached no definite conclusions concerning the profession he shall follow in life. He’s interested a mighty lot in the Zoo” or rather a fair lassie who is enrolled there. It seems evident that he has been controlled by the hand of this one and it's a well known fact that love and reason do not mix. However, the first throes of love do not last forever, and some day reason will guide his course—then, and not until then will Fox be truly himself. In spite of this handicap we feel sure he will succeed and the class of '29 extends to him best wishes.Edwin Fulton Florence. S. C. CJ.indid.itc for B.S. “Sigma Phi Delta" Adclphian Literary Society ( I ): I resh man Baseball: Varsity Baseball 21 Band 1. 2. I 4t: Philokalean Club (I. 2. 5. 4). Secretary (1). President (41: Glee Club J ). Wh.it ho! this hid hails from Florence--we can't hold that against him tho'. "Ed" has succeeded as the rest of the dignities in drinking the required amount of knowledge from Furman's overflowing fountain and he can drink as much— water as the next man. “Ed" is very quiet: he possesses that quality of being a good listener who says little but does much. And when it comes to the art of drawing lie’s not a shark—he’s just a whale. His ability as an artist led his camaraderie limners to elect him to the presidency of the Art Club his senior year. You can always recognize "Ed" when the Purple and White Band struts its stuff across Manly Field—he’s so easily perceptible because of that tremendous bass horn he carries and he really does bass it and make it sputter. In "Ed" we find that happy combination of a good average student who invariably passes his classes and still finds time to keep up with the many phases of life in general—his nature is essentially pleasure-loving and he'll en joy life in this old world.Eli Wi-lch Garrison Bradenton. Fla. Candidate for B.S. Psi Chi'' Ircshnun Loot ball Team: Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 4 1. Cabinet 4 . Philosoph- ijn Liu-rory Society 1. 2. V 4 1. Treasurer O) President (4): Office Assistant (2): Delegate to All Southern Baptist Student Conference. 26: Varsity Track leant (2. 5. 4): Cross Country leant 2. Varsity Club (2. 3, 41; Sigma Pi Sigma (2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). Presi dent 41: liducation Club (4 ; Baptist Student Union Council i4) I he world is made up of two kinds of people—the pathmakers and the pathfollowers—and to the former of these belongs Eli. that red curly-haired lad from the sunny state of Florida. Fie will have a worthwhile place in the world because he will make it for himself. He faces his problems in such a calm, patient manner that their solution never presents many difficulties. Eli is to be commended for what he has been able to accomplish at Furman. He has paid his own way through college by working for the Greenville News, but this work has not been done at the expense of either his classroom work or his participation in extra-curricula activities. He has been a very active worker in all religious and social activities of the campus, he has done a great deal of Sunday School and B. Y. P. U. work at one of the local churches, he holds membership and offices in a large number of the cultural clubs prevalent on the campus, and he has been one of the outstanding men on the track team. These things attest his alertness, ability, and popularity and are evidence that he will be missed at Furman.Allard Has lord Gaskins Hemingway. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Philosophian Literary Society 1.2. 5. 4 l, Treasurer (4): Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball; Varsity Football (2. 3. 4 ); Varsity Baseball (2. I, 41: F.du cation Club (2. V 4). Gaskins, one of Dad Amis' mighty guards, hails from South Carolina's southern sea coast. He left the serene breezes of Williamsburg to join the Purple Hurricane of Furman. On the Varsity he has stuck for three years, after making a fine showing on the Rat team of '25. Football had its place in his career, but the luring of baseball also had its effect. This year makes the third season in succession that he has acted as one of the team's leading mound artists. Though athletics claimed him to a large degree, this phase of activity has by no means dominated his whole career. His work in the Philosophian Literary Society and the Lducation Club has distinguished him as a mainstay in the class. And to cap it all. he has decided to espouse law as a life profession. Gaskins' sound reasoning and persuasive argument promise to buoy him through the sea of professional and possibly political waters.Haywood Charles Gathings Greensboro. X. C. Candidate lor B.S. “Sigma I hi Delia" Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2 3). President (3): Freshman Tennis Team: Freshman Frack Team: Tennis Club 11. 2. 3): Y. M. CA.(I,2.J): Hornet Stall (I. 2. 3). Advertising Manager (2 . Business Manager (3): Band (I. 2. 31 : Glee Club (I. 2. 3) ; Glee Club Orehestra (I 2. 3 ; Greater Fur man Club: Baraca Class: Science Club (2): Chi Beta Phi (2. 3). Charter Member. Secretary 3 ) Sigma Pi Sigma. Vice-President 3 ) ; Honor Student ( 1. 2. 3 ) ; finishing in three years. Who's who and what's what on the Furman campus? Just give Haywood the floor and use a little persuasion and he'll convince you of a few things. Talking about shootin' bull but this chap can do that thing. No matter the subject, scientific, philosophic, or otherwise, he's always prepared and sometimes unintclligentiy so. He uses his hot air to advantages other than leggin' his profs. He's musically inclined—being a musician of no mean renown. A member of the Glee Club Orchestra, the Purple and White Harmony Singers, and one of the leading jazz orchestras of the city—the "Hotfooters." To see and hear his peppy work on the saxophone, one might wonder why he plans to forsake such a seemingly easy path for one so rugged. He really tongues that sax and makes it talk. l oo. he's got the strut of a barnyard cock and with that senior hat on the back of his head, that pipe in his mouth, and that grin on his face, how shall such a sight e'er escape our memory. Gathings. nothing could be more pleasant than to meet and have a general bull session in later life. You've got the stuff and success will be yours.John Woodfin Grady. Jr. Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.S. “Mack Cat" Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 4 : Freshman Football: Varsity Football (2. 4): Varsity Club (2. 4). Ladies, gentlemen, and Furman grads, you see above the most astounding paradox of a parodoxical age—in brief. Mr. Jack Grady. He's a man about town, yet passes sociology: he's popular with girls, yet never falls in love: he doesn't seem to care how he looks, yet always looks well: he talks a great deal, yet sometimes does things. Rather a happy-go-lucky fellow. Jack is a real comrade. He’ll borrow from you. scuffle with you. shoot bull—or rather carry on intelligent conversations with you. join in any kind of party with you. and then put you to bed. Jack never docs an underhanded thing nor tells an unnecessary lie. He may have faults, but they arc the faults of a gentleman. Original, frank, individual, straightforward is Jack Grady. One can t wish him success, one must predict it.Quincy F-arle Gregory Kershau,', S. C. Candidate for B.A. “Sigma Phi Delta' Duke University. '27-'28: Furman University-Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball: Adelpliian Literary Society ( I ) : Baraca Class: Y. M. C. A. Quincy has drunk from Pierian springs located elsewhere than at Furman. Last year be ventured up to the Tarhcelian State and took up an abode at Duke—it is rumored to have a big time as well as to spend laborious hours in poring over his books. Possibly he desired to see if courses which were inflicted upon him here could be as difficult there The prodigal returned to again be numbered as one of the illustrious class of '29. Winthrop is his Mecca and not a few pilgrimages has he made to that shrine to behold the—oh. well, you know—girl of his dreams. Gregory we hope that you secure her and that your stroll down life's lane will be indeed a most pleasant and joyous one.Arthur Lee Gross Great Falls. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Freshman Debating Team: Philosoph-ian I iterary Society (I. 2. T 4». Vice-President (4): Y. M. C. A. tl. 2. 4): Hornet Staff (2 3. 4): Winner McMillan Declamation Medal (3): International Relations Club I 3. 4); Debating Team 14): Phi Delta Tau (4). Secretary (4). .«► .a. mm Great Falls' pride! Boy orator and forensic debater par excellence. Gross has taken his work seriously. He finds it hard to leave the old school and so he has decided to return next year and drink more from Furman's fountain—not literary but legal knowledge. His ability as an orator will serve him in good store when he faces a jury, not as a prisoner, but as a lawyer or judge. Gross has his share of temper and we know he'll make it hot for the law offender in the courtroom. That which he believes in is what he stands up for regardless of what others say. and he has the pugacitv to stand up. He joined a literary society when he came to college and has taken advantage of everything in that line. Gross, ole boy. our association at Furman has been a pleasant one indeed, and our parting wish for you is a bon voyage over life's great and tempestuous sea.William Harold Hammett Greer. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Hammett hails from Greer, the peach-growing center of the State. A steadier student with a stronger determination to do well and that which is right is hard to find. While his scholastic record has not been so outstanding in all fields it has been extremely so in the field of Chemistry and Biology. He has been thorough in all of his work and has a great fondness for sciences. Hammett's stay off the campus has kept him from being so well known but those who have had the opportunity to have been associated with him count him as a friend of the truest caliber. Capable, steadfast, faithful, and conscientious—that you are and you have our best wishes for your success in life.John Lewis Heaton Reevesville, S. C. Candidate for B.S. “Sigma Phi Delta' "Little Samson." as he is called by his associates, hails from that section of the State where are situated large game reserves. Before relating more of the qualities of this excellent marksman allow us to give you some insight as to the derivation of his nickname—he possesses the strength of Samson, the great Biblical figure—no kiddin'. It is as easy for him to muscle out a pair of exercising springs as it is for the majority of us to stretch a string. He attended Citadel for two years and possibly some of his power was acquired at that military fortress. He's nothing short of a man! John prefers a hunt through the excellent game reservations found in the environs of his home or a fish on the banks of the mighty Ldisto to classroom recitation any day. He has no particular objection to textbooks but has a greater liking for Nature as a teacher. Here’s hoping. “Little Samson." that your life hunt will be successful and that you'll bag much game.Newman Henry Henderson Chesnee. S. C. Candidate for IVA. Philosophic n Literary Society ( I ) : Ministerial Band (I. 2. V 4): V. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4): Baraca Class: Phi Kappa Delta (4. 4). i -Mi-Mi Mi M.' Newman is one of the serious-minded members of the class who preferred to sail the sea of matrimony before that of knowledge. He has been with us during our four-year struggle and has won the confidence of his classmates. He has always been faithful to his Alma Mater and has shown his loyalty as a true Furman man in every respect. In his scholastic work Newman has shown unusual interest and ability having been a hard and persistent worker Too. he is one of the few members of the Furman student body who boast a new Ford and he cools it out too. His originality always makes the classroom recitation interesting and in the time of trouble he displays a calmness and poise which make him a master of trying situations. May you before long have climbed high on the ladder of success.Rembert Allen Hodge Livingston. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. 1. C. A. (1.2.3. 4): Ministerial Band (1. 2. L 4). Secretary 4 ; Phi Kappa Delta (4) Honor Roll Student Volunteer Band (4 . Secretary 4); Sociology Club (4). MAM No! Livingston. S. C. is not a city. town, in fact hardly a village but from that "wide place in the road" came one Rembert to drink with us draughts from Furman’s fountain of knowledge. He's had his fill or he's drunk the required amount of knowledge as the rest have done. Hodge is a fellow who is always at work and he never shirks his studies and the other activities he engages in. He seems to obtain a lot of kick for puttin' out hard labor for no other reason than the satisfaction that his work has been well done—whether high grades ensue or not. He's on the job at the exact minute and not a moment late—he raises us from our slumbers at seven on the dot and he has never fudged on the class periods not even a tick. He pulls that bell cord as one having authority. Peculiar to the vast majority of students he has a great fondness for Greek (can you imagine such) and has oft repeated "I wish I had nothing to do except study Greek." If you pull the throttle of your bark on the sea of life with the same vigor, vim. and determination that you’ve pulled that ole bell cord, success will surely be yours.Ci.ari nci Hugi-ni Hudson Chester. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 3. 4): Philosoph-ian Literary Society (I. 2. T 4 : B.uaca Class (I. 2. 5. 4): Winner Translation Prize 12); Trench Club (4). S'il vous plait, monsieur Socrates—he himself in person! Before further procedure allow us to give you some insight as to why those who know him best called him such—perhaps you’re wondering. He has a habit or custom, unique indeed, of attending one of the latest road hits and returning to the campus and shoot in’ bull until twelve (if it hasn’t approached that hour before his return). When the distant city clock strikes the midnight hour and not until then does his study hour begin. He's one of the few who has consumed his share of the midnight oil and more. Possibly Mr. Taylor would do well to look into the matter ’cause the author knows that he's burned at least two more kilowatts a term than is allowed -and you know what that means—cash! It's rumored that he didn’t begin steppin' out to see the flapperettes until this year and it's evident that he's vitally interested in St. Paul's Methodist Church at present—or just one of its at renders—that must be it.Hi-:nry Grady Jarrard New Holland. Cm. Candidate for B.A. North Georgia Agricultural College-Decora l iterary Society; President Student Body. '27; Champion Debater ‘28; Turman University-Adclphian literary Society (4); Ministerial Band (4). as ii .w.v.w,- .9 fit Jarrard came to us from North Georgia Agricultural College (Dahloncga. Ga.) at the beginning of our senior year. He was one of N. G. A. C.'s very best debaters. The students showed their esteem for and confidence in him by electing him president of their student body. He has a long record as a school teacher and preacher. During his ten years in the ministry he has baptized six hundred and twenty-three persons and has married one hundred and three couples. He has never seemed a stranger to us. From his first day with us he has tried to join in and be one of us. The fact that he was seized by the spirit of "Hail the White and Purple" was shown by his loyal support of the Purple Hurricane. He is the kind of preacher we like to have on our campus, being a splendid gentleman in every respect. We wish for him a future of continued and greater success in the vocation to which he has been called.Juan Marcus Jarrard Natal. Ga. Candidate for B.A. North Georgia Attricultur.il College-President Decora Literary Society; Ch.im pion Debitor. ’28: College Band: Debating Council: Junior Oratorical Medal; College Representative Georgia University. 28: Furman University-Adclphian literary Society (4); Ministerial Band ■»). Another Jarrard! A brother to "H. G." and another recruit from N. G. A. C. In that school he was a member of the Band, was one of the college's best orators and he with his brother made up the best debating team of that school. Since he is not married the moonlight of the North Georgia mountains was a continual source of joy for him. However, the "moonshine" which is manufactured in the bushes around Dahlonega was not of interest to him— that’s what he says. Jarrard has entered wholeheartedly into the student activities at Furman. And talk about school spirit! He felt it his duty to be at every "pep'' meeting ready to "blow it out" when "Buffalo" so ordered. He likes plenty of fun and is an all-round good fellow, being the same Jarrard seven days of the week. With the sunshine always in front of him. his shadow must fall behind. That his life of service in the Ministry may be crowned with glorious success is our wish for him.Jambs Rov Jackson Spartanburg. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. i. 4): Philopoph-ian Literary Society (I 2. 3. 4) : B.uacj Class (I. 2): Tennis Club (4). Put comradeship and fun together and you have Roy. He through sheer personality and pep makes friends for himself wherever he might be. Despite his joy making and happy spirit he can be serious when the occasion demands. He is another of those happy-go-lucky fellows who enjoys college life to the fullest extent and does burn much of the midnight oil. If he does, dear reader, this energy is not expended in acquiring data and material to be dispensed with in daily recitations, tests, and exams. Yet he does not seem to have suffered to any great extent by not having boned any. Jackson, hails from our rival city of Spartanburg and he seems to like our city immensely since his stay here—perhaps they all would, could they but abide in the "Metropolis” for a short period of time and accustom themselves to the ways of a city. Jackson plans to enter the field of dentistry and we feel as if he will be quite efficient in this work.Milton Aldhn Kay, Jr. Honea Path. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Sigma Phi Delta" Y M. C. A. (I. 2. V 41 : Baraca Class: Tennis Club (I. 2. 4): Corresponding Secretary Greater Furman Club (I. 2. : Philosophian Literary Society t2): Math Club O. 4 ; French Club (5. 4 . Vice-President (4): Honor Stu dent. A sheiky fellow right! The ladies of the fairer sex go wild over him. His neat appearance ('cause he's always among the first to welcome new styles) may be the cause for such: maybe it's his line 'cause he does shoot one: or perhaps it's the easy and graceful manner in which he glides over the dance floor: whatever it is. it gives him power over the "wimmen.” The education courses strongly appealed to him for two reasons: firstly, because it is education that he desires to impart to the knowledge-thirsty youths, and secondly, someone told him that the education group was a crip. He was good in his studies, but if studies interfered with his having a big time don’t think he hesitated a moment to let studies go. He was ever to be seen among the nocturnal and matinal (not a few times did he dance up into the wee hours of the morning) paraders. His interest in extra-curricula activities was concentrated in two clubs, the French and Math. Our parting wish is that your sail over life's sea will be as easy and as smooth as your graceful gliding over the dance floor.Oki.ando Dickson Kelly. Jr. Lynchburg, S. C. Candidate for B.A. "I i Kappa" Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2. 5). Secretary (2) Vice-President (J . President ( : Y M. C. A. 1. 2. 31: Bar oca Class (I. 2. 3 . Secretary (I). Vice-President (2). President O): Track I earn (2 : Swimming Squad (2): Historian Junior Class: Glee Club ( 3): Advisory Board Greater Furman Club (3): Instructor in Biology Laboratory Summer School. '28; Education Club (3): First Honor Student (1): finishing in three years. O. D.." Lynchburg's "Matinee Ido!' and "Beau Brummel,” is a very likeable and handsome fellow and a good student. "O. D." has not been with us the past year tn our struggle in which both joys and sorrows were encountered but has been striving up in Fruitland. N C.. in that mountainous district to give those desiring knowledge some light. We can not but feel that his task has been accomplished because he is a diligent student and diligence and hard work are essentials in attaining success. While at Furman his hobbies were mainly sciences of three kinds: Biology. Botany, and Singology. His knowledge of Biology is attested for by the fact that he was appointed Instructor in Biology 1 during the '28 Summer School and his voice was one of the number that sang the victory of the Southern Glee Club Championship to the Purple Songsters in 28. He's a sheik and a Czechoslovakian "pa-pa” when it comes to the ladies. When he left us last year he was immune from the prognosis of hymeneal relations but since he's been away you can't tell what's happened.James Crawford Keys. Jr. Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Delia Sigma' .J. C. Keys. Jr., a Greenville product who chose to satisfy his ambition for higher education in his home town has finished a task which has been exceptionally well done. And yet we understand that he is merely following in the footsteps of a noble father: for after completing his degree in three years he expects to take his pen in hand and begin what we term for him a brilliant career in the Keys Printing Establishment, where his father acts in a capacity subservient to none. Versatility characterizes J. C. exactly. Even a master key fails to solve the intricate problems of the class wrangles, and the web of politics which consistently bind the college campus of the present generation in the way J. C. has done, seemingly holding a magic tiny “Key” to the existing relationships of human experience. Dependable, strong-willed, a brilliant mind, a consistent and hard work er are all attributes which have served in molding this likeable character.Milton Howard Lackey Manning. S. C. Candidate for ft.S. I rcshman Bukcl-bjll; Freshman Baseball: Corresponding Secretary Greater Furman Club ( 1 ) : Science Club (2) : Sigma I i Sigma (2): Math Club (3): Glee Club (3). Ah. tis queer indeed—and we don't exactly see the point. Lackey gives his hometown as Manning but the greater part of his life was spent in the fair metropolis of Greenwood. S. C. In fact he came to Furman from that prosperous center and the Greenwoodians insist on laying claim to him if he doesn't recognize their claim or rights. A mere glance at this four-eyed youth would give one the impression of scholarly attainment. And it is a fact that he. as several others of the class, has drunk his draughts in three years—so you see his capacity for drinking must be rather large Don't misunderstand us, we re still speaking of his capacity for sipping knowledge. Lackey's delight is in the sciences and math—these has he concentrated his efforts on chiefly while here. Lackey we know not in what direction you plan to pilot your bark but it is our parting wish that whate'er the direction be the winds of chance will be kind to you.Thomas Maxwell Lawton Greenville, S. C. Candidate for B.A ”P$i Chi " Y. M. C. A.: ii.tr.icj CIjss: Addphun Literary Society. Treasurer (4) 'Track Squad (2. 3. 4); Education Club. 8? jjfc Thomas Maxwell—better known as "Max” Lawton is a native of Green villc. so we shall not lose him entirely from our midst. Although "Max" has not lived in the dormitories he has been active in extra-curricula activities. We do not know whether he will enter the insurance field or politics but we feel certain that his hearty handclasp and friendly smile will win for him his profits or share of votes as the case may be. We have enjoyed working and playing beside "Max lor these four years and our wish for him is a successful career. We can t but wonder, however, if on some of his many jaunts to the mountains and elsewhere he has run across some member of the fairer sex who will eventually cause him to permanently forsake us.Sam Franki.in Lommond Monroe. X. C. Candidate for B.A. " Pi Kappa" Freshman Football: V M. C. A. (I): Varsity Football (2. 3. 4). Captain (4): Varsity Club (2. V 4t; Varsity Baseball 3): All-State Football Team (3. 4): All S. I. A A. 14 : Honor Student (3); finishing in three and one-half years. We now have tlx honor of introducing “Cap'n Sam’ Lommond of Furman's '28 Hurricane. If notable achievement in athletics makes for success in the school of life then “Sam” is due to get his letter. We have in "Sam” a perfect combination of an all-round athlete and a good scholar. He is a most diligent student, who. despite the fact that many hours were spent in laborious toil on the gridiron, downed his textbooks with the same skill as he downed his opponents and completed the requirements for graduation in three and one-half years. He didn't have to worry about giving the weaker sex a treat while here or search for someone to stroll the lane with ‘cause he had taken before entering college an oath at Hymen's altar with one of the fairer citizens. "Sam." if you hit 'em on life's highway as you've hit ’em on the gridiron success can not but be yours.Uakvi y Alton l.oi ns Travelers Rest. S. C. Candidate for 13.A. Mars Hill. '25 • 27: l.uthaiian I ii«fr.uy Society (I. 2). Officer (2): S. C. Club (I. 2»: Furman University, ’27 ’2( : Y M. C. A. (5. 4): Baraca Class O. 4); Mars Hill Club (4 ; Phi Kappa Delta (5. 4). This unique person having a pleasant personality completed his first two years of college work in a co-ed school and there he became enamored with the fair sex. He came to us from Mars Hill in the fall of '27 and since that time he has been a loyal member of the class of 29. He always greets you with a smile and ever has he proved to be a true friend. His willingness to help others when in need of help has endeared him to his associates. His smiling face and mischievous disposition may suggest to a passer-by the fact that he regards life too lightly but not so—he can be serious when he wants to be. Woe unto the one who engages in a wrestling match with l.oftis for he shall truly draw a "nub!" His classroom work has been commendable: no one could doubt this in light of the fact that he is an ardent admirer of that language called Greek.Walti-r Nathaniel Long Janesville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Adolphi.in Literary Society (I. 2. t. 4l; Ministerial b.»nd (I. 2. 1, 4». Vice Pxfsidcnt ( 4 ; Phi Kappa Delta ( 4 I. .w.-.-.'r ; -.W.-sWir Dear readers cast your eyes upon ibis specimen of homo sapiens and upon that on the opposite page. What? You discern no similarity! Now play fair. Walter is one of the quartet of Long brothers at Furman who have chosen as their vocation the ministry. Walter and the other three of his family who are delving in the mysteries of art here have received some publicity recently, the Atlanta Journal which covers Dixie like the dew. the Greenville News and numerous other papers having carried a picture and a lengthy write-up of this quartet. Gee! such popularity is to be deserved. As a result of this publicity Walter received a crate of luscious oranges from the land of balmy breezes, flowers, and sunshine. Walter is known by all the members of his class and is a diligent and hardworking student. One trait alone distinguishes him from his brother—his geechiness. Walter, before long we ll be expecting big things from you in the higher plains of the Ministry.William Wardlaw Long Jonesville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Adclphian Literary Society (I, 2. 3. 4). Treasurer (2): Ministerial Rand (I. 2. 5. 4 . Vice-President (4). President (4) ; Phi Kappa Delta (3. 4). Vice-President (3). President (4). What ho! Just another of the Long ministerial quartet. The lime lights have shone down on them to such a great degree that besides all publicity they’ve received in the newspapers they have stationery bearing the headline “The Long Bros.” ”W. W.” ably supported by ”W. N.” can rise to oratorical and forensic heights undreamed of when it comes to debating against the Jar rard brothers in the renowned Adciphian Hall. Gee! it's a scream and they do sling mud and make insinuations. It’s a show and a scene that shall ne’er escape memory. And talk, if talk was a gas Wardlaw would be a giant dirigible. Don't take us too seriously because this is not intended to be an eulogy or funeral hymn. Wardlaw is an earnest fellow, a good student, who accepts honors not as causes for pride and conceit but as duties. When he is asked to perform a task, however hard it may be. he is always ready to do his share and more. Wardlaw. we know that some day we ll find your name carved in a high niche in the Hall of Fame.Elbert Ray Lynch Pickens. S. C. Candidate for B.A. V. M. C. A (I. 2. ; B.u.u.1 Class (I. 2. J) : Philo.sophi.in I Horary Society 2. ): Math Club (1); finishing in three years. There is popular tradition which is often quoted "that after the maturity of General Grant, nature experienced a severe shortage of iron." Upon Lynch's coming into existence near the village of Pickens, there must have been in that region for a number of years following a great lacking of substance more enduring than iron. Ray has completed the four-year course in three and this means a rather hard schedule. “Seed, as he is called by his associates, is a very apt and capable young man. One could hardly be endowed with more arguing and talking ability. It has been reported that no one has ever become lonesome while in his company. He would have you believe that he is satisfied with himself, but he can be bought with the price of Cupid's darts and we must congratulate the one who wins him.Hugh Cothran McCravy Lou tens. S. C. Candidate for B.A I’hilosophian Literary Society; Y M. C. A.: Second Honor Student: I aurens County Scholarship: International Relations Club (4) finishing in three years. Just another from the burg of Laurens! Cothran is popular among his classmates and to those who really know him he's a true pal. We always find him seated on the loggers' row—for what reason we can't ascertain, but it seems to have given him quite a pull with Profs "Gille" and Poston. Cothran is not quiet—he's not as stingy when it comes to silence as are ether of his classmates. He. too. has got a line and he seems to make good advantage of it too. He's a good student and a worker of dogged perseverance. For an unknown reason he was unable to be with us our "Wise" year but despite the fact he has met the requirements and will receive "ye ole dip" in May. We must mention his hobby—it's barbering. Not a few curly locks has he clipped and those excellently. If the character of "Mac's" work here is to be taken as an index to his future, his success is assured.James Harrison McGlothlin Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Mack Cat " V M. C. A. (I. 2): Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2): Freshman lias-ket ball Team: Hornet Start (I. 2). Reporter tl. 2 : Varsity Swimming Squad I 2. Tennis Club 12. 4) : Cloister (V 4). Vice-President (4): International Relations Club 4»: French Club 4»: l.cho Start O. 4). Assistant Editor (5). Editor-in-Chief (4): Student Assistant iii English O. 4 ; Firxt Honor (I. 2. 3. 4). Get ready to listen folks—here comes "Little Jimmie." He docs like to argue with the professors and raise questions for discussion in the classroom. He always has something to say and what he says has some significance. He is well informed of the happenings of the day and can carry on most intelligent conversations on any subject that may arise. Above all. he is an omnivorous reader. His life at the Univ. has proved a round of pleasures ranging from the festivities of Old linglish and German verbs to the frivolities of Lnglish Constitutional. French and other histories with occasionally something as serious and as elevating as "The Forsyte Saga" for a change. He is undecided at present as to just what line of endeavor he will tackle for life but his friends feel sure that he will meet with scintillating and brilliant success. He can give the world a lot if it will only heed.John Quinci-y Mahalpey. Jr. Texarkana. Tex. Candidate for B.A. "Black Cal" Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 4): Tennis Club 2. ') : Cheer Leader (V) Varsity Cheer Leader (4); Pan-Hellenic Council . flw Behold one “Buffalo" Mahaffey. cultured, refined, educated, and endowed with a magnetic personality that is equalled by few and surpassed by none. With a pair of dancing feet that would make Arthur Murray a wall flower, c ur hero is unrivaled in Greenville’s dancing circles, and fortunate indeed is the "miss ’ whom his caressing arms entwine. Leaving a trail of bleeding hearts in his wake we now follow our hero to the Furman campus where he is an active participant in many fields of endeavor. As good a cheer leader as ever donned the Purple and White. "Buffalo" has reigned supreme in this capacity for the last two seasons. However his achievements are not only in the physical realm, for as a scholar he is well above the average. Although his mode of speech reminds one of the put-put of a motor boat, he may be understood by attentive listening on the part of those present. So here’s wishing you the best of luck. "Buffalo." and may your tribe increase.William Ernkst Mprrii.l Brevard. N. C. Candidate for B.S. B.wj«m Class 1 2) Secretary ( 2) . Adel phi.in Literary Society (2. 3. 4) V. M. C. A. (1 2. V 4): Tennis Club (I. 2. 3): Student Instructor in Botanv Cantp (3 ; Science Club (3); Student Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory ( V 4 ) : S. C. Academy of Science (4 ) : Chi Beta Phi ( . 4 : Vice-President (4). No! he isn't blushing—it’s just natural. Nature was very kind to this youth in one respect—she endowed him with that palmolive skin and that in abundance. And. too. his hair is red. Red on account of the proficient knowledge acquired in chemistry during his first two years at Furman while sipping in formulas and chemical terminology at the feet of Buist and Inman was elected to serve at the beginning of his third year as Chem Lab. Instructor, and this capacity he well filled during the remainder of his stay. He's a bit bashful and when it comes to the fair sex he's a confirmed womanhater and declares that ever he'll be a member of the fratres bachelor Perhaps some day he’ll meet his match and Fate will change his tune. At present he seeks consolation in reading Schophauer’s ' Essays on Woman." Red plans to venture further in chemical head of the Science Department in some leading university. His character, personality. ability and sincerity will bear him afar on the sea of life and "ole boy" our best wishes for success and happiness go with you. fields and some day he'll beEdward Alexander Okr Liberty. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Y. M. C. A. (1. 1. 1. 4 ): Pandemic Chemistry Club t 4 ). Alex is another reason why Liberty is so well known (Prof. Odell and Patrick Henry being causes for its renown). Our forefathers gained Liberty and seemed satisfied but not so with this demure youth. Liberty and “liber" Seemed to him a good combination—and so it is. While he boasts no brilliant record at Furman, he has been a good, steady, and hard-working student. The fact that he is finishing as one of the youngest members of our class is proof that he has taken advantage of his opportunities both in high school and .it Furman. Alex's inclinations at Furman have leaned mainly toward sciences—Chemistry. Biology, and Feminology. all three being basic in the medical profession, his chosen field. Judging from reports, both oral and written, he has been quite proficient in these subjects. Upon taking a second look at this handsome lad one is made to wonder how he has remained in the ranks of celibacy so long. We have heard more than one little dame describe with an all-inclusive expression—he is so cute!Hi-nry Thomas Owi.n Alexandria, l.a. Candidate for B.A. Now my patient reader cast your weary orbs above and view this worthy specimen of the Pelican State. We find here back of a natural reserve an interesting personality and a staunch friend. Three years ago he came to join the austere group of intelligentia. better known as the student body of Purman University. He soon proved a valuable addition to the musical organizations of Greenville, being a violinist of no mean ability. But wait, dear friends, have you heard his insurance line yet.' (If not you must not know him). The insurance prof’s maxim is "If in doubt, ask Owen." Here’s a pointer for you —his sincerest wish is that those who patronize his policies will live long and healthy lives. In delving into the annals of the future we are sure to find success awaiting Henry, not only in business, but in life. Take heed, ah ye of the fair sex. for here indeed is a covetous prize.George Down l Powell Monroe. ;V. C. Candidate for IVA. “Sigma Phi Delia 1 rcshm.in Basket ImII: Adelphian I.i tcrary Society (1. 2. 3. 4»: Treasurer Sophomore Class: International Relations Club (2. V •♦ : Varsity Track Team (2. -4). Alternate Captain (-4): Varsity Basket ball (-4): Varsity Club (2. V -4 : Trench Club (V 4): Honor Roll (I. 2. 3. 4). Cast your eyes upon this handsome and lanky lad from the Tarheel State and see if you can possibly detect the reason for his power over "wimmen Some who know him best say the art is due to the sweet and innocent ex pres sion of his physiognomy. Son is subject to heart attacks at times, this malady being due to his one obstacle—his irresistible inclination to the fair sex. A princely reserve, a rather nervous temperament, a trust-worthy friend and an athlete of no mean ability—these are but a few of the merits of this classmate. “Son" came to college with the understanding that a knowledge of books did not make complete one's college education—this fact being attested for by his participation in track, basket-ball, and numerous other extra-curricula activities. "Son" has been a mainstay on our track team and it is believed that he dons winged sandals. If through life you demonstrate the same ever-striving strides that you have exercised throughout your college years your future is unlimited [%. ' ♦ « A fm M J 1 L rWilliam Lewis Power Laurens. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Pi Kappa" Philosophian Literary Society (I ) : Y. L C. A. (I. 2. 1. 4): Greater I urman Club (I. 2. } 4 Corresponding Secretary (2): Swimming Squad (2. ): Baraca Class (2. T 4). Vice-President ( t) ; I rcnch Club ( V 4 , Treasurer ( 4 ) : International Relations Club (4): Mouse Committeeman (4): Secretary Senior Class: Second Honor (V 4). Bill hails from the small burg of Laurens but since his four-years stay in the big city he has given up the ways of the miniature metropolis. Power he has—a strong dominant will power. An inborn reserve, a quiet and unassuming manner, frankness, a true friend, a good student and a diligent worker - -these are some of the virtues which endear Bill to those of us who know him—and to know him is to like him. And. too he has a dry sense of humor: he delights in driving but not so much in being driven. Though he doesn’t allow social activities to interfere with his work he does not permit his social life to suffer. This handsome “Romeo" with sleek, well-groomed, black hair and with sparkling blue eyes captivates the fair ones, crushes their poor little hearts, treats 'em mean, and tells 'em nothin’. Bill if you hit 'em in life as you have hit 'em in college for your "dip" we re sure you'll realize your golden reveries dreamed while listening to symphonies and strains of gorgeous music.CHRISTOPH! R BRAD1.F.Y PRICK Greenville. S. C. Candidate for ft.A. Mars Mil! Scriblcris Club: I incoln Memorial University International Relations Club: l-'urman University Ministerial Band (1, 1. 5. 4): Honor Student (2. Phi Kappa Delta (4). With stately dignity, orderly and very neat in appearance did Price stride into our midst to philosophically browse in Furman's storehouse of literary knowledge. Friendly he is without being fresh, and sociable without being gushing. When he speaks his classmates are made to realize that a bunch of gtay matter has an abode underneath his well-trained pompadour. Price is a fellow whom one can’t help but like when one knows him and one whom everyone would like to know who hasn't yet had the privilege. He is a diligent student and when it comes to Or. ftlocker's Psychology and Fthics he’s a shark. He's already joined the matrimonial bar and is now the possessor of "a little blue heaven"—a wife, a darling baby and the rest. Our associations together at Furman have been pleasant and if the future can be seen through his past and present. there's nothing but happiness and pleasure ahead of him in his fight for Salvation of men.Clarence Butler Rail Chester. S. C. Candidate for B.S. B.uaca Class (I. 2. ?. 4): Y. M. C. A. (). 4 : Sigma Pi Sigma (4): Math Club (4). •to w A A w As soon as the name of Railey is mentioned his friends begin to smile because he is the synonym of fun. having the ability to say anything in a humorous way. 'I'he crowd may be depressed and blue but when Railey comes around all gloom vanishes and ripples of laughter begin to resound through the air. "C. B.” is always gay and contented. Although full of fun he is not of the boisterous type. He is a bit quiet and reserved. Railey is a fellow who minds his own affairs and does not meddle or pry into those of other individuals—this quality is admirable. He is not a person to make a big-to-do about nothing and is not the boasting type of fellow. In some way Railey has acquired the name of "Snake Doctor”—it is said that his boon companion bestowed such upon him but for the veracity or authenticity of this statement we can not vouch. Railey. it has been a pleasure to have been associated with you. and life for you can not be but grand and glorious—your gayness will ever dispel the clouds of gloom.Charles Lewis Rasou Mount a lie. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Phi Pi Sigma” Y. M. C. A. ( I. 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (2. 3. 4 . Friendship Council (2): lLir.ua Class I. 2. 3. 4 . Secretary (3 : Student Council (I. 2. V 4). Vice-President (4): Freshman Basket-ball: Adel-phian I iterary Society (1, 2. L 4). Secretary ( 3). Senior Censor ( 3) . Vice-President (4); Hornet Stall (2. V 4), Exchange Editor (4): Secretary Sophomore Class: President Junior Class: Baseball (I. V 4): Debate Council (3): Baptist Student Union 3. 4 1. Vice President (3) . President (4): Echo Staff (3. 4). Circulation Manager ( V 4 : Interna tion.il Relations Club (V 4): French Club (V 4), Secretary (4) President (4) : Cloister (3. 4 . Secretary (4): Greater Furman Club 4 1: Varsity Club «4): Vice-President Student Body (4): Honor Student (I. 2. 3). % Lewis is a little bashful when around certain people, but he is power with others. It is his modesty and sincerity that have made for him a place of importance and trust among the other students. Genuine and conscientious, he has done well the tasks that have fallen to him. And these tasks have been many and heavy. Lewis didn't hurry through with his college work but has taken his time and has done it well. Seldom have we seen his grade fall below an "A”. Yet studies have not taken all of his time. Cast your eyes over the list of his honors. Athlete, student, literary shark, linguist, and so on and on far into the night. But above all. he is a good fellow popular with all and trusted by all.Hermon Stevens Ray Hiroshima. Japan Candidate for B.A. University of Missouri. '2 -'27: Phi litj Sigma. Secretary: Furman University. '27- 20: Summer School. 28: Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. S): Ministerial Band (1. 2. : Student Volunteer Band (I. 2. ' . Secretary 2». President ): Glee Club (I. 2. }). Soloist and Quartet t2): Tennis Club O) ; l-irst Honor Student (I. 2): Philosopbian Literary Society : Cloister : finishing tn three years. C- All men can be divided into three classes. There are those who are con tent to stand by idly and let the world progress as best it can with never a con tribution from them: there arc those who have high ideals, but who lack the will power and the stamina to instill those ideals in the hearts of their fellow-men: while there are those whose minds are full of noble ambitions, whose lives are irreproachable, and whose characters are blameless, and who are not satisfied until they have made the world see things as they do. To this latter category belongs Hermon. Let the world disagree with him if it chooses. What does that matter' Possibly the world is wrong. At least he doesn't intend to dispute it. He will just persist and live his ideals until the world is compelled to cease laughing and take note of him. the world murmuring while it does "Furman has been compelled to take note of Hermon—not that he has been obstinate, but because his brilliance and his high ideals can not be lightly passed over."Walter Howell Reed Social Circle. Ca. Candidate for B.A. Cumberland Collv'nf. '25 27; Ciccron i.in Literary Society (I. 2). President 2 : Collegiate Sunday School Class (I, 2). President (I. 2): Cilee Club (I) Choral Club (2). .Male Quartet 2 : As sistant in Education I 2 : Assistant Dean of men c 2 : Furman University. '27-'29: Y. M. C. A. (V 4): Baraca Class O. 4). Vice-President (41. President (4): Sociology Club 4 . Secretary Treasurer (4). Rccd joined us in our battle for the parchment at the beginning of our Junior year. The two years preceding his arrival were spent at Cumberland College where he made an unusually good record. By recommendation. Dr. J. L. Creech, president of that institution stated that Mr. Reed made an excel lent record both in scholarship and deportment. He is the sort of young man who will profit greatly by a college education and will do honor to his Alma Mater. He is a man of calm nature who talks little hut thinks before he speaks and when he docs speak something worthy of note has been uttered. He is slow in forming friendships but once your friendship has been gained—that he holds. He is active in club life on the campus. Whether fortune comes his way or not he will succeed, for he is ever ready for a patient struggle and he will win in the long run.WlIITMHLD D. RlCKF.NBACKER Cameron. S. C. Candidate for B.S. “Pi Kapfta" Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 3. 4): Addphian I itcr.uy Society (I. 2): Temporary I ife Ciu.ud Summer School. ‘28. Regardcz! Behind the mild exterior of this lad who hails from the old South State we see a bit of deviltry. The sages have crowned him with the unredeeming black crown of a heart-breaker—he who has boasted. Huh! Injun chief kechum heap much squaw.” has at last in a mighty war been defeated by one of his own arrows shot by cupid. In finishing his four years work. he. to our regret, must leave us—to be another in the great corps of Furman's alumni. We will miss his wit. stories, and companionship: the lurking gleam now of jollity and now of passion which burned in his eye and his congenial character made us his admirers. If you must, go! and go with our good wishes. Tackle the great game as you have at Furman and win!Lawrhnci- Roberts Greenville. S. C. Candidate tor B A. Roberts came to Furman with a purpose to make good and his stay here can be taken as an indication that he will continue to do so. While he has made no dazzling record he has applied himself to the best of his ability to his work which has been done thoroughly—what else can one do. After spending sometime at Mars Hill College he. as many of the other grads from that institution, chose well and wisely when he made the decision to continue his search for that stuff termed ‘‘knowledge" at dear old Furman. Lawrence has an inborn reserve and with it a great quietness, these qualities making him hard to get acquainted with. But once his friendship has been gained—that you keep. Roberts has joined the order of matrimonial brothers and now serves the pastorate of a country church. Carry your high aims and ambitions onward to success in the Ministry as you have in laying the foundation diligently and you'll win the game.Bhnnii: Roghrs I Mite View. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Pi Kappa' Assistant Track Manager 2. Track Manager -4 . Here he comes, there he goes. Indeed Bennie was cut out to be an athlete but the scissors slipped and he became manager of the track team instead. It is probably under his miraculous care that our team has been faring so well. Bennie is a well known character on the campus. One part of his anatomy in particular is outstanding—the auditory members by which he is easily recognized. By his quick and easy athletic stride we know he means to reach his destination. Bennie is an anti-womanhater personified. If he wore apron strings he wouldn't be able to walk for the "weaker’ sex would be a pullin' so hard. At a dance he makes plenty o’ "whoopee" and really vibrates that— you know. "Call the referee he's in a cinch." I his lad is a true gentleman of Southern character, a sincere friend, courteous. humorous, and affable. Here's hoping that you glide over life’s cares and troubles as easily as you glide o'er the dance floor, "ole pal."Manuri. Janu s Rogers Tulsa. Okla. Candidate for B.A. "Phi Pi Sigma" Southern College. 25-'26: President Freshman Class I ) : Managing Editor The Southern: Furman University. ’26 '20; International Relations Club (2. 3. 4). Treasurer (I). Vice-President 4 : Philosophian Literary Society (2. 3. A). Treasurer (4): Y. M. C. A. (2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). Cabinet (V 4): Baptist Student Union Council (3. 4). Treasurer 4): Vice-President Junior Class: Hornet Staff ( 3. 4). feature Hditor O) (editor in'Chief 4 : Student Assistant in Library (3. 4): Vice-President Greater Furman Club 4 : Pan-Hellenic Council (4 1. Vice-President (4): Cloister t 4 : Alpha Phi Lpsilon (Omega). Just an inseparable compound of good humor, frivolity, witticism, and good old common sense wrapped up in a bundle called Manuel Rogers—"Sheep-head'' for short. The above qualities characterize this golden haired lad from the sunny state of Florida. It is rumored that all the students of Southern College mope sadly around the campus the year round since they lost their favorite source of amusement three years ago when Manuel struck out for Furman and civilization. Most popular among the Furman student body, a very active leader in school and religious activities, a Christian gentleman, noted throughout the intercollegiate journalistic groups of the State for his expert work as editor of the Hornet. Manuel must of a necessity be missed when he departs from the old Furman hill this spring and takes his place in the world which we knew will be filled adequately and efficiently. He is a man deserving of much praise, and time will prove his worth to his Alma Mater.I.OUSAN DUNNAM RUGG Alexandria. La. Candidate for B.S. ts © A iVv VV m I ho fall migration of college birds to Furman found a Pelican who had spent the previous season among the cacti and cowpunchers of the University of Arizona. After drinking deep draughts from fountains of knowledge in Louisiana. Tennessee, and Arizona, this solicitous bird decided to spend his senior year at our historical old school. Dunnam took his place in the campus life with an ease and grace which only a broad association with people can give. His quiet friendliness and willingness to help others soon won the respect of his associates. His wavy locks, natural modesty, and interesting southern drawl caused luscious hopes to rise within the hearts of maidens whom we met. However "Curley” successfully weathered the past leap year, which (considering the circumstances) is an accomplishment in itself. and looks forward to a few more years of bachelorhood.Walti-r Mose Satterimei.d Simpsonuille. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 5. - : Baraca Class (2. 5): Philosophian literary Society (2. i. 4). WvVC f. When Mose unhitched tin- old gray marc he left the plough standing tn the middle of the field, a silent monument, which would bear mute testimony to his desire for higher and better things. He left the jungles around Simpson-ville and ventured forth in a search for the fountain of knowledge, ending his search with us over on the "old hill." As to his good qualities we can not make a complete analysis but we can say that he is a man of industry and energy, and one who by his friendliness and hard work has become exceedingly popular with tlx student body and faculty. Modest, quiet, calm, reserved—that's Mose. Never too serious for fun. but not all fun and no seriousness. He has a wonderful disposition and you will always find him ready to sympathize or ready to do his share in any work or rough-house, as the case may be, and feel richer for his having done such. Though Mose has not made the highest marks in his class, he has developed into an all-round classmate. We are predicting that Mose will make a great success in the field of Insurance for it is this profession that he has chosen to follow.David Ralph Shands Abbeville, S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y M. C. A. (4): Math Club (V 4 . President (4). The old saying "the day is too short for the happy child" can well be applied to Shands. Were there more hours in a day it would be impossible for him to find time for his studies, for as it is his time is spent playing promiscuous tricks, corresponding with the fair ones, and rushing some of Greenville's fairer citi7.ens. This product of Abbeville is a man of whom his home town should be proud. To the casual observer, he appears to be a firm believer in Epicureanism. Truly he is a pleasant and mischievous person, but we can't help but admire him for it. To those who know him best he reflects that inward per sonality which is filled with sympathy. Shands is a man of broad vision and stick-ability Not a small amount of his time has been used in working to defray his expenses at college. We hope he will find life's pathway as easy and as joyful as his college career.Jamhs Herbert Shelley. Jr HartsoiUc, S. C . Candidate lor B.S. "Sigma Phi Delta'' Hornet Sufi (I. 2. 1. 4). Sports Editor (5). Managing Editor H): Barjca Class (I); Glee Chib (I. 2. T 4 I librarian (I 21. Advertising Manager ». Business Manager ('), Quartet (4): Y. M. C. A. (I): Assistant Track Manager (I. 2. 1 : Adelphinn 1 it-ernry Society I : Tennis Club (2): Greater Eurman Club 11 . President (1 ; Bonhomie Stall ( . 4). Assistant Business Manager (1), Sports Editor Business Manager (4): Sociology Club (4): Pan Hellenic Council (4): Honor Roll (I, 2 I : Cum l.aude. Jim is undoubtedly a great man even if he docs wear a size eight hat. His proficiency as an efficiency expert is an admitted fact: his versatility is universally recognized on the campus—the skeptical may refer to his record in scholastic and campus activities. Furman has Hartsville. S. C.. to thank for Shelley and her native son has done her proud. We are unable to prophesy whether Shelley will be president of the United States, or third assistant to the truant officer of Darlington county, but we have the feeling that, whether or not he ever takes a course in Furnace Repairing. he will undoubtedly someday be a "grate'' man.Arthur C. Sherwood. Jr. Erwin. Tenn. Candidate for B.S. Psi Chi" Wingate Junior College. '25-'26: Gladstone Literary Society: Wingates Ten nessean Orchestra: Furman University. ’26-'29: Prc-Med Club: Band (2. T 4» Concert Band 41 : Glee Club (2. I. 4): Glee Club Orchestra t 2. 4 ». i-v •.«. m Clarence is one of our musical fellows. As a member of the band and one of the Furman "Hotfooters" he does as many tricks with a saxophone as a grand opera singer can do with her voice—that is as many trills and runs. If the immortal Pan could have heard this young musician, he would, in all probability. have retired from the field at once. Clarence came to us in the fall of ‘25. and. except for the spring term of last year which was spent at Carson-Newman. has been giving Furman the benefit of his musical and scholastic abilities ever since. His easy, although outstanding, personality, free from that temperamental quality which characterizes most musicians, will combine with his sterling character and high ideals in causing the world to make a real gain from the University’s loss.William Hi nry Bf.lk Simpson Greenville. S. C, Candidate for B.A. “beta Theta Pi" Intcrnatiorul Relations Club (4) : French Club 4 . Man of affairs, continental traveler, mon tie la morale, and already one of Greenville's rising young business men. Henry with his phlegmatic smile was a campus character. And this same enigmatic smile has been responsible for ffutterings of many a feminine heart. William Henry is among those who finished Furman in three years but his Sophomore year was spent at Davidson. While there he made Beta Theta Pi. as well as St. Cecelia Club. Coming to Furman. "Bills' worth was recognized and pressed into service by the 1. R. C. and the F rench Club. In addition to all this. "W. H. B." is shifty with the fencing foils, a dangerous man at bridge, and a veritable paragon of punctuality.Thomas Ai.im rt Smith Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Another of Greenville's native sons of whom she can justly be proud. He chose wisely and well when he made the decision to secure an education from an institution in his hometown—in fact we don't think he could have chosen a better place at which to transform and increase mental activity. "T. A." is a diligent and hard worker, yet one who despite his heavy schedule always finds time to aid anyone whom he can. Southern's chief delight is found in journalistic work and quite a bit of his leisure time is spent in the Greenville News Building where he is engaged in learning more practical knowledge and experience in this field. It wouldn't be out of order to state that he is paying his way through school by his work on the News and for this he is to be highly commended. Though extremely quiet in nature and very unassuming he by his willingness to work hard will someday attain great heights in the journalistic profession.William Arthur Smith Fairfax. S. C. Candidate for B.A. 'Delta Sigma" Band 1. 2. V 4 . President t 3. 4): Glee Club (I. 2. 3. 4). Advertising Man ager (4): Glee Club Orchestra (I 2. 3. 4). Manager (4». ■‘Smitiy"—handsome, cleancut. and a prince of a fellow. That's enough, why say more of the other attainments of this lad. During his four years at Furman. ‘‘Smitiy'' has been the nucleus in the organization of the band, which does not have a superior among the colleges of South Carolina. His musical ability is not limited to his clear toned trumpet, but in the Glee Club be has been a guiding spirit, executively as well as nominally. He is the hottest little hot footer" that ever performed on any platform with the famed Furman " Hot footers’ ‘ jazz orchestra. “Smiity" bringing forth from his instrument gladdening music to which he added his gift of singing has practically earned the entire forthwith for his college education. In all. he is an unusual character bereft of all unpleasantries and effervescing with personality and an indominable spirit for his Alma Mater. Add to these qualities the remarkable gift of association and the self-satisfaction of being a friend, and in Smith you have what Emerson terms "a masterpiece of nature.Ci.Ym Caleb Sorrels Ci I key. N. C. Candidate for B.A. Sorrels—though rarely does tt happen—is one of those persons who desires to impart knowledge as well as pursue and gain it. He is a teacher in Welcome High School and as a side line is completing his senior year with us. This unique figure was a student at Wake Forest College from 1915-17. He is one of those who served with other Furman men for his country in the World War. having spent eighteen months in action across the sea. When he returned to America and to his native town he began the teaching profession again, a work in which he hopes to continue. During vacation periods he con tinued his search for education, having attended both Peabody College and Furman. Though his residential study has been only two years with our class he has done his share in keeping up the class scholarship. Our wish for him is a bon voyage over the stormy sea— teaching.William Broadus Southi run Travelers Rest. S. C. Candidate for B.A. I’hilosophian Literary Society (I). Y. .Vi. C. A. (1.2. 1 : Ministerial Band (I. 2. finished in three years. -».• . . .if. Southerlin is another who strove with us for three years, finished the requirements for a "dip" and labored the past year with a cane in one hand and with a textbook in the other in an effort to instill in some, knowledge through which the higher and nobler things of life can be realized. Broadus possesses a rare sense of humor and is noted for his ability to cheer up his associates when they become subjects to that disease or spell termed "melancholia.” He's effervescing with indomitable pep and is ever ready to share in funology. We've missed you and your optimism the past year and know you'll brush away the clouds from many a fair maiden’s heart by your associations in the classroom and in life at large.George Frederic: Southern Greenville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Signja Phi Delta" Hornet SulT (1. 2. 3). Feature Editor (3): Philosophian Literary Society: Y. M C. A.: Echo Stall (2 3i. Associate Editor (2) Fiction Editor (3): Winner Faculty Echo Medal (2 : CUss HU torian 2): Historian Junior Class: Eon homie Stall iJl: Poet Senior Class: Cloister (3) : finishing in three years. ‘ Omnipotent and omniscient —thus in two words we describe the whole makeup of Mr. Southern, well and favorably known as 'Sot.' Erudite, slightly pedantic at times, yet unlike most scholars in that he throws trite conventionalities to the four winds. Southern can always be depended upon to give a polished and humorous finish to the conversation, no matter what the subject may be. Southern is a mystic, his ways are devious, the opinions of long-haired intolcrants do not hamper him in the least His philosophy is Epicurean, and Khayyam s "Rubaiyat" might well be dedicated to him. George looks on life as a thing to be lived as one sees fit and not as a narrow walled-in path bounded by restrictions and opinions. He is dreamy, his soul is filled with music, and those who know him best often wish for some gift which would enable them to introspect this philosopher. “Sot will not be a millionaire nor a big figure in industry—these are not for him. Instead, he will plod along doing things as he comes to them. He will enjoy life, and his worries will be few. His belief in fatalism is marked, and his inner feelings have been expressed by himself: hf soul is a caged tiger Sullen, moody, and silent."Ad Ni-wton Stall Greenville. .S'. C. Candidate for B.S. Philok.ilcan Club (I. 2. L 4). President 2 . Vice President (M. Secretary-Treasurer (4»; Bonhomie Staff L 4). Assistant Art Hditor (1). Art Editor (4): Y. M. C. A. (4). O O C © t« W..®. v . Newt is the sort of fellow any college can make a place for. Unassuming but quietly determined, he possesses the dignity that is the best natural protection of a man. Stall was the dean of l-'urman artists and served as Art liditor of the 1929 Class Book. And besides demonstrating this artistic ability on the campus, he kept occupied in spare moments by selling sketches and original drawings to various nationally known periodicals. He seems to like Prof Poston's Spanish II immensely for he has been known to labor over it quite a bit. He is liked by all who know him and to know him intimately is to like him. When Newt devotes, as he probably will, his full time and efforts to the developing of his great natural talent. the top o' the ladder is no further than he can go.William Gainwt.i.l Stroup Pineville. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Wingate Junior College. '25-'27: Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2): Ministerial and Volunteer Band (I. 2): l urnun University. '17-19: Glee Club (5. 4 : Y. M. C. A. (J. 4»: Ministerial Band (V 4). Here’s Stroup, a singer and a soloist of no mean ability. He's gifted in the musical field, being a choir director, and a piano tuner. He's some tuner 'cause he almost had to put tune in our chapel piano—before he went to work on it there were so many discords that the music which ebbed and flowed forth from it resembled the delicate strains of a calliope, but now you can tell it's a piano. Gain well having spent the first two years of his college career at Wingate-Junior College decided to cap his knowledge acquired there with a ' dip'' from this renowned institution and so joined us in our third year’s battle. Stroup is a good student and when he makes a friend he keeps him. Listen! he almost ruined himself in the Ethics class one day. You know “every expression is an admission of a condition” and he did make some expression—the class having been dismissed because of the panic of laughter which followed. Stroup has chosen for his vocation the noble work of Gospel Singing and may he ever have the greatest success in singing peace and calm into troubled souls.Harry Hoi.ler Slmmi-rlin Roch Hill. S. C. Candidate for B.S. "Sigma Xu Sigma" Science Club (2); Pre-Med Club: l irst Honor Student (I. 2. finishing in three years. The quest of truth and knowledge is one of the greatest attributes that any man can possess. In fact, truth is divine, and the ardent seeker of truth bears within him a sort of satisfied, as well as dissatisfied, characteristic that lifts him above the level of the ordinary man. Harry is a scientific seeker after truth, continually doubting, weighing, and ascertaining laws of nature and of man: and as such he is satisfied that his is the highest calling, and dissatisfied that there is not more truth to discover. The greatest of obstacles seem small to Harry, if it is possible for those obstacles to be overcome with a brilliant intellect and human endeavor. Nothing must remain hidden to his scientific eye. no matter what the cost of revealing its true nature. Of such are scientists made, and Harry has chosen a scientific career—he is obliged to succeed!James William Taylor. Jr Little Rock. Ark. Candidate for B.A. " Psi Chi'‘ Ircshm.tn Football: Y M. C. A. 1 2. 3) : Tennis Club (1. 2): Adelphian Literary Society (I. 2. V 4). Senior Cen soi (4), Vice-President (4): Hornet Staff (I. I. 4). Feature Writer (41 Track Squad (2. V 41: Glee Club (2 3. 4). Secretary (3). President (4): Band (V 4): 1 irst Honor Student (2 3); Student Assistant in History (V) Student Assistant in English (41: Cloister (3. 41. Treasurer (4 1: Education Club (4). President (4): Treasurer Senior Class. Out of the West came this young l.ochinvar to impress his personality upon the thinking constituency of Furman. His versatility and genius was well demonstrated during his four years stay here, he having been prominently identified with most of the worth-while intellectual and artistic activities on the campus. "J. W. Z.'s" popularity among the students is attested by the fact that in his senior year at the University he headed three separate clubs, among which was the Glee Club: and among the faculty by the fact that he was never refused a letter of recommendation. “Jimmie” possesses that invaluable thing—originality. As a columnist in the college weekly he furnished a spice formerly not found there. Undoubtedly this blithe spirit has the ability to capture that glittering ephemeral it y—suc- cess.John Henry Tollison Taylors. S. C. Candidate for B.S. Pbilosophi.in I iter.uy Society ■Jtfi » .»w V . .9. Another of our number who has been patiently laboring to instill knowledge into the youth of the land. He joined the ranks of the teaching profession in 'll and after six years spent in this occupation he deemed it wise to return to his Alma Mater and complete his work toward a degree. His vacation periods were always spent in seeking more knowledge at the summer schools of this institution. Though he has been with us only in the last lap of our race he has co-operated in maintaining a unique class spirit. His home is at Taylors, and he chauffeurs a Dodge “coup over daily to meet classes and then directs it home again and to his family returns—he’s a married man. His stay off the campus has prohibited his participation in extra-curricula activities His chief interest is in things educational and after receiving the coveted “dip” we predict even greater things for him in the noble profession of teaching.Grover Claude Tuten Estill. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Addphi.m Literary Society (I. 2): Ministerial Band (I. 2. J. 4); Y. M. C. A (I. 2 3. 4); Student Volunteer Band (I 2. 3. 4): Phi Kappa Delta 3. 4). Vice-President (4 ). Dr. Tuten." as he is so commonly called by his associates, is a pretty good fellow despite the fact that he is a preacher. Although the mastery of the Greek language was an easy task for him the fairer sex has given him a problem which he has not been able to solve. We hope however that this social unrest will pass away as the dew of the morning and render "Dr. Tuten a valuable citizen and preacher. Tuten has a pleasing personality and greets you with a smile or a laugh, but beneath this trait there is a seriousness which is manifested in the eager pursuit of his calling. He is a man of vision who shows evidence that he will make for his Alma Mater a record of which she will be proud. As a man of ability and particularly a leader, he ranks unusually high in religious activities of one of the city churches.John William Vinckni Hampton. S. C. Candidate for B.A. '‘Sigma Phi Delia'' Fresh nun Baseball: Freshman Track S» ujd; Band (1. 2. V 4). Manager 4): Varsity Track (2. 3. 4). Captain (4); Philosopbian Literary Society (3 Treasurer (3): Treasurer Junior Class: Inter national Relations Club (2. 3. 4 »: House Committeeman 3 ; Advisory Council Greater Turman Club: Varsity Club (2. 3 4 1 Secretary-Treasurer 4 . Trend) Club (4» : Y. M. C. A.. Cabinet 4): Secretary Student Body (4 . Vice-Pres ident Senior Class. iW.i'r. .Vs. He is a whale, but hails from a little pool: in other words, he is from the village of Hampton (Search warrants issued to all applicants). As this goes to press, it is thought that a drug store will be erected soon for all the villagers who can appreciate soft drinks and who can meet the S. C. tax requirements. By some he is characterized by the term "Higgledypiggledy" but these are few and far between. His track ability is surpassed only by Nurmi. Possibly this is the reason why he is said to be in trouble with the ladies. If Vincent is as powerful at the bar—legal or illegal—as he is on the trial of some little skirt he will be wearing a senatorial toga by 1930. Nevertheless. "Johnny" is meticulous in all his dealings. As a daily observer, we predict that the next time that we hear Taft administer an oath to a president-elect he will be the victim. John is a friend to all students and is held in high esteem by all members of the glorious class of '29.Coi.n.WAN L. Waldrhp. Jr. Laurens. S. C. Candidate for B.A. Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. 3. 4): Bjraca Class 3 4): I-'reach Club (4). Layton says little until someone makes a remark concerning a good town, then he tells of the "golden opportunities” of Laurens. Attempt after attempt has been made to show him the better opportunities of another town but he is ever true to his first love. "The Center of the Piedmont.' When his days at Furman have become a dim memory, we know that he will be just as loyal to the Purple and White as he is to his old home town Layton has not let books take up his entire time in college—in fact only a small part of it. He believes in enjoying himself and any night can be seen among the number of nocturnal paraders on the main drag. Layton is in love but don't tell anybody—it's a secret. Languages are his weakness, in fact he is so much in love with them that he has Latin for breakfast. Spanish for lunch, and French for dinner. He has a phenomenl love for languages and he makes good marks in 'em. We don't know whether his excellent grades in languages are due to his aptness for learning them or whether he stands in well with the profs—giving him the benefit of the doubt, we expect it's the last 'cause he does have a pull with Prof. PostonFrancis Edward Washington Nashville. Term. Candidate for B.A. “Sigma jYu Sigma'' V. M. C. A. (I, 2. i, 4 . Friendship Council ( 2 . Cabinet (V 4 . Vice-President (4 1: Treasurer Fresh nun Class: Freshman Football: Freshman Basket ball; Freshman Tennis. Singles and Doubles Championship. S. C. interco! legiatc Doubles (3): Varsity Football (2. 3 : Varsity Tennis (2. i). Captain (5): Philosophian Literary Society (I. 2. 3. 4 ). Vice-President I 4 ; Varsity Club ( 2. V 4 I : Baptist Student Union Council ( 3. 4». Treasurer (4): International Relations Club (3. 4). Secretary (4). They call him "George"—why we can't say: but probably it is because his last name is Washington, or possibly it's because he never told a lie. or maybe it's because he is a leader of men. Wc can't vouch for the statement that he has never told a falsehood even when he cut down his father s cherry tree, but we can state that his last name is Washington and that he is a leader among the Furman students. But where the first George won his fame on the battlefield and on the floors of the various legislative halls, this latter "George" has made his name secure at Furman by his prowess on the gridiron and tennis courts and in the various social and scholastic clubs of the campus. Just what occupation he will take up when he departs from his dear old Alma Mater we do not know, possibly he doesn't either, but we do know that his friendliness, his integrity, and his full share of human nature will win a place for him somewhere.Edwin Robeson Watson Cheraiv. S. C. Candidate for B.S. “Sigma l hi Delia' Y. M. C A. (I. 2. : feraca Claw (2 “J) : Corresponding Secretary Greater Turman Club 2): Pre-Med Club (2. : Science Club ( 2) : Chi Beta Phi O). President (J) : Assistant in Biology ( 2. M Honor Student (I 2): House Committeeman (V) : finishing in three years. Some day he might wield a surgical knife over your prostrate form—but you needn't worry. That knife will be in trustworthy hands, and the operation will be well performed—even if you don't recover. Fid'' has been con- scientious and thorough in all he has done while at Furman—that's saying a good deal: for "Ed" has been interested in quite a few worth-while projects while here, however, his chief interest having been in things scientific. Much of his time has been spent in the Hall of Science preparatory to a berth in the Hall of Fame which will later ensue. Lucky are those men who have known Watson intimately. He has a fine personality and is a true friend. His neat appearance is recognized by all students and he is very popular. His acquaintances are not limited to boys, however. He often receives summons from the State Capitol—and always speedily treks there. Summer School has meant much to him—he’s got a kick out of it. The best o' luck in all you do. "Ed. Wii.i.iam Larsen Wharton Waterloo. S. C Candidate for B.A Freshman Football: Adelphian 1 itcrarv Society (I): Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4 . Baraca Class (2. V 4). Vice-President 4 . William Larsen Wharton, better known to bis cohorts as “Bill.” came to Furman from the wild and open spaces of Waterloo. S. C. He said that he had come seeking a college diploma, whatever that might be. and soon began to labor diligently for it. His ambition has been realized after four years of striving, despite the fact that he had a ires terrible combat with French and English. “Bill" has never made any indications of what he plans to do after graduation. but that will never be the cause of alarm on our part. He has been selling some insurance and if you see him cornin’ with that little insurance book and you’re not ready to buy you'd better shake a foot ‘cause he’ll rake you in with that line o' bull he's got. We know you can succeed in life and we ll be expecting great things of you before many years have elapsed.Joseph Wiu.ard Williams Springfield. S. C. Candidate for B.A. "Centaur" Assisunt Manager Baseball loam (I. 2 i Pan-Hellenic Council (2): Advisory Board Greater L'urman Club (4). • ft '•"fc •" Allhough of a very retiring nature. Joe has not failed to make his presence felt and noticed on the Furman campus. He began his struggle with the Class of 2{) and like all other members of the class hopes to receive something from Dr. Mac on the twenty-third day of May. We sincerely believe that he has a good chance of being after the aforementioned date an alumnus of Furman with a B.A. degree. By virtue of his election to a place on the Advisory Board of the Greater Furman Club, we can see that he is held in high esteem by his fellow-students. It'll be a sad day when he departs from the "hill” with the autographs of Dr. Mac £5 Co. under his arm. "Rats” may come and ‘'rats ' may go. but will there ever be another Joe? There is a serious doubt in our minds as to whether anyone can ever fill the vacancy that he leaves behind.John Harrai.l Younc, Greenwood, S. C. Candidate for B.A. Phi Pi Sigma"‘ Adclphian I ilcrarv Society (IF: Corresponding Secretary Greater F urman Club (1. 2. i): Assistant Football Manager tl): Assistant Baseball Manager (I. 2. ' Manager (4 1: Swimming Squad ( 4 ) : Varsity Club ( 4 ). O C «r® i® 1 »r« A ‘ Runt" is a well-known and popular figure on the campus. If you ever sec him, you won t wonder at the appellation. It is one of respect on the part of his friends, and they are many. Ordinarily, he is quiet and not in the least forward, but don't think he can't take care of himself if the occasion demands it. If he had a hundred pounds added to his present weight he would be a great athlete, for what there is to him is Man and More Man. Since he didn’t have the additional hundred he devoted his time to the managerial end of college baseball and this spring was the highly efficient manager of the Purple Horse-hide Hurricane. When one knows "Runt" it is impossible not to like him. He is a true friend and has the stuff in him to make good. Some day Furman will be proud to claim him as an alumnus.Senior History It is natural to look luck, and despite the fate of Mrs. I.ot it is most often profitable. It is filling that we. Seniors, pause and look hack over our college davs. We should check up on our gains and losses, In September of I 25 one hundred ninety four of us came to Furman. Young people have a carefree, hold, unafraid air but those of you and of us who have been freshmen know the sinking feeling that comes away down inside. We had the air of conquerors hut soon learned that sophomores, not freshmen apparently owned and operated the Furman Campus, hut there wc hesitate even today to relate our rat' experiences. The sophomores certainly did love us and scarcely ever lei ns forget our humble station in college. Ilowevet this kind attention from them aroused us and we purposed to he sophomores. 1 oo soon that day arrived 1 sav too soon— it seems so now. We. in the fall of '26. somehow found ourselves as sophomores W were secretly sur prised in a degree- perhaps the faculty wondered too—but we had no desire to exchange places with anyone. The coveted state of importance had been attained. No doubt the class of HO can best tell how wc upheld the sophomore traditions. Another eventful year soon passed, hut not before we began to realize that we were at "the ole school on the hill" for some definite purpose, some service. Our great conceit or state of importance received a distinct j.ir and we waked up more and more to the fact that life is responsibility The best in us came to the surface and we determined to grasp every opportunity to better ourselves—to use our college training wisely. With this arousing another year came to an end. Again we returned—a class with a realization of new dignity. the dignity of upper class men We were ready to carry on.” notwithstanding our losses: for each year brought new men to our ranks. No doubt every Furman class has claimed the best of records, hut where would we he without our pride' It is justifiable to sav that the Class of 29 has an enviable rating. It has figured prominently in all phases of life at F urman. We have been represented in foot ball, basket-ball, baseball track and tennis. I he class record holds the names of such grid iron heroes as Capps. Coble Cox. Frank Davis and I.cmmond. Aye. wc are proud of them Furman is proud of th:m too liven though none of iin will he I ennvsons or Wcbsters we arc justly proud of our literary members. Furman has offered men of this bent great opportunities through its societies religious and cultural dubs, and its publications. Furman and the Class of '29 expect much from these men. Thus the year. I ' 17 28. came to a dose Wc sighed and eagerly awaited 1928 29. Out last year had arrived. We pause to lake an inventory. As we hesitate and retrospect, our joy is seasoned with sadness We are glad for the four year race is run. We are sorry that the end is so near. When wc entered we felt "Oh. to be through college;" but now we say "Oh. to begin again " Wc have lost that important self-satisfied feeling and in its place is a feeling of humbleness, of our smallness, a realization that wc are about to enter a new life, a different sphere. We are sad to leave Furman. 10 separate from classmates and friends. It gives us a sense of out feebleness to leave the guidance of the faithful faculty which l»as helped us through so many difficulties. We are grateful for our accomplishments, sorry and humbled over our mistakes, hut we feel equipped to face this nesv era and to come out victorious l-urman has grown during our stay: she will ever continue to grow. Alma Mater is filled with the great spirit of progress. Wc boast of her. and when in years to come, we hear her name, we shall he proud to ever claim her as our own. Our hearts arc full, our voices tremble as we take leave of thee, dear Alma Mater, as wc bid friends adieu. The joys and sorrows, our achievements and failures, have been caught and skillfully woven by the Hand of Time into a gorgeous glowing sunset. It fade : wc see the dawning of a new day. We shall no longer he one the Class of '29. hut each must go his own way for tomorrow has become today—the future is before us. Historian.eSHGss tyrances eflCcirtin Sponsor Junior (JlassJunior Class OFFICERS H. E. HUFF . . . Vice-President T. G. BONNFTTF . . Treasurer S. M. Smith . Secretary FRF.D NO! President Left to right: HUFF. SMITH. BONNHTTI .7 op row: William Allen. Fort. Fort Valley. Ga.: I. W. Barber. Jr.. Mt. Airy. N C.: G. .1 Bennett. Jr.. Chcrryville. N. C.: J. D. Blackburn. I.incolnton. N. C. Hot tom row: A. H. Bolen. Orangcbutg. S. C.: J. B. Boh Belton. S. C.: T G. Bonnctte. Orangeburg. S. C.: H. L. Bovter. Woodruff. S. C. Top row A. C Bozard. Orangeburg. S. C.: J. P. Brock. Summerton. S. C.; !: R. Bull Greenville. S C.: I.. W. Cairnes. Horse Shoe. N. C. Bottom row: W. C. Brissie. I.aurens. S. C.: J. P. Brothers. Florence. S. C.: C. G. Bnrriss, Jr.. Piedmont. S. C.: J. K. Cass. Greenville S. C.lop rotv: P. I:. Christopher. Landrum. S. C.: I" V. Cox. Woodruff S. C.: G. R. Laslcy. Greenville. S. C.: I S. Hired. Hartwell. Ga. Bottom rote: B. H. Clary. Gaffney. S. C.: R. A. Crawford. Jr.. Del.and Ha.. J S. Hd wards. Demopolis. Ala.: G. M. Faile. I ravclers Rest. S. C. Top rou': .J. L. Farris. Shelby. N. C.: R. D. Gambrcll Piedmont. S. C- David Geer. Green villc. S. C.: C. V Gilstrap. F.aslcy. S. C Bottom row: O. O. Funderburk. Pagcland. S. C.: C. L. Geddings. Sumter. S. C.: R A. Gentry. Anderson. S. C.: B. M. Goldsmith. Greenville, S. C.lop row: V. K. Gosnell. Greer. S. C.: J. A. Herring. Luquay Springs. N. C.: J. H. Hoover. Orangeburg S. C.: J D. Huggins. Jr.. Boiling Springs. N. C Holtonf row M. Ci. Henderson. Ompobello. S. : H. C. Hinson. Kings tree. S. C.: H. I Huff. Greenville. S C. A. M Hughes. Simpsonvillc. S. C. lop n w: R. M. Hunt Greenville. S. C.: J. A. Keys. Greenville. S. (' : B. M Lipscomb. Ninety Six. S. C.: H. S McKinney. Chesnec. S. C. llollom row: V. A. Hunt. Greenville. S. C.: I’.. M. Langley. Tjylors. S. C.: C L Me- li.Khcn, Fountain Inn. S. C.: L. li. Mincey, Nichols. S. C.Top row: If. A. Mooney. Sumter. S. C.: l:. W. Noe. Morristown. Tcnn.: J. B. Oulla. Greenville. S. C.: F. J. Putney. Darlington. S. C. Hot tom row: W. I.. Morgan. Greenville. S. C.: I;. M Osteen. Greenville. S. C.: C. A. Owens. Jr.. Monroe. Ga.: J. If. Pettigrew. Jr.. Florence. S. C. Top row: W. H. Revis. Greenville S, C.: C. C. Sanders. Jr. Spartanburg. S. C : R. R. Scales. Jr.. Greenville. S. C.: M. V. Schaihlc. Hartsville. S. C. Bottom row: G. If. Rollings. Orangeburg. S. C.: J. T. Sanders. Barnwell. S. C.: A. M. Scarborough. Greenville. S. C.: C. A. Shands. Abbeville. S. C.Top row H. J. Smith. Springfield S. C.: J. P. Smith. Cowpens. S. (!.: H. O. Southerlin Travelers Rest. S. C.; C. II Sullivan. West Greenville. S. C. Holton} row: H. H Smith. Gaffney. S. C.: S. M. Smith. Greenwood. S. C J V Stallings. Williston. S. C.: C. I.. Talbert, Edgefield. S. C. Top row: E. B. I hornpson. I.aurcns. S. C.: B. E. Williams. Allendale. S. C.: J M. Wingo Campobello, S. C.: W. I-'. Wright. Greenville. S. C. Bolton) row: R. K. Truluek. Olanta. S. C.: R. J. Williams. Greenville. S. C.: H. H. Wood Fountain Inn. S. C.: George Wrigley. Greenville. S. C. SSr Q dJLO UO {(Jo£ xosuocIS x l!b !PV ss!M Sophomore Class OFFICERS S. T. Hardin .... Vice-President R. P. WILDER .... Secretary E. C. JACKSON . Treasurer M. T. SllWHLl Historian H. A. MARSHA! I President Lett to right: Hardin. Wilder. Jackson. Sewell.Top rou, W. M. Abrams. Hinton. West Va.: B. I . Allen. Johnston. S. C : J. h. Austin. Ir.. Jellieo. Tenn.: R. I Bailey. Burnsville. N. C.: K. C. Beason. Woodruff, S C.; S. C. Brissic. Hodges S. C. O. H. Byrd. Andrews. S. C. Bottom rou,': A. I: Adams. Greenwood. S C.: I.. J. Andrews. McCormick S. C.: W. C. Babb. Jr.. I t. Inn. S. C.: J. L Beach. Cherryvillc. N. C.: G. D. Beam. Chcrryville N C.; J M. Bruce. Greer. S. C.: S. R Cain. Laurens. S. C. I Dp rou C. I Campbell. Greenville. S. C.: W Carson. Saluda S. C.: J. 11. Compton. Jr.. Orangeburg. S. C.: T. A. Cothran. Toney Creek. S. C : B. Ci. Crosland. Cireen-villc. S. C.: S J. Deerv Spartanburg. S. C.: W. A. Edwards. Jr.. Saluda. S. C Bottom rou'. C. A Cappcll. Greenville S. C.: I.. W Chandler. Pfizer. S. C.: J. V. Cooke. Conestee S C.; I R. Crain Campobcilo. S, C.: O. V. IXan, Jr.. Bishopville. S. C : J. B. DuRant. I ake City. S. C.: G. I.. Elliott. Lyman. S. C.10 top row: H. I.. Ferguson. Woodruff. S. C.: N. J. H'h.-r. Campobcllo. $. C.. A. H. I-owlcr. Kclton. S. C.: Emmet Garner. Kelton. S. C.: H. 1.. Gillespie. Franklin, Kv.: I'. T Goldsmith. Jr.. Greenville. S. C.: W. H. Griffin. Seivern. S. C. Bottom row: I; R. Fickling. Jr.. Lancaster. S. C.: S. p. Logie. Jr.. Cameron. S. C.: I. A. Fowler. Simpsonvillc. S. C.. H. B. Geiger. Greenville. S. C.: J. W. Going. Greenville. S. C.: L. O. Grant. Easley. S. C.: J. II. Mall. Abbeville. S. C. Top row: S. T. Hardin. Greer. S. C.: H. C. Harrell. Marshville. N. C.: W. W. Harrison. Lavonia. Ga.: J. R. Hays. Wagcner. S. C.: R. W. Hollis. Blythcwood. S. C.: J. I.. Hughes. Greer. S. C.: E. C. Jackson. Manchester. Ga. Bottom row: H. A. Harmon. Gaffney. S. C.: J. A. Harris. Leon. Iowa: M. B. Hatcher Macon. Ga.: R. J. Hcaron. Bishopville S. C.: I H. Hughes. Greenville. S. C.: A. J. Hurt. Chcraw. S. C.: L. I. James. Greer S C7 op row G. N. Jameson. Orangeburg. S. C : H. R. Jameson. Orangeburg. S. C.: J. B. Jefferies. Gaffney. S. C.: J. H. Jones. Greenville. S. C.: M. I . Knight. Laurens. S. C. M. L. Lesley. Rasley. S. C.: G. T. Long. Janesville. S. C. Bottom row: J. ft. Jameson. Greenville. S. C.: W. II. Jeffers. Florence. S. C.: C. M. John son Greenville. S. C.; W. H. Jordan. Nichols. S. C.: W. C. Kendrick. Cherryville. N C. H. R. I ivesay. Newport News. V'a.. .J. S. McGee. Honca Path. S. C. Top row: If. C. Mcl.awhorn. Greenville. S. C.: H. A. Marshall. Lydia. S. C.: A. R. Meadors. Jr.. Fountain Inn S C.: I:. M. Mellichamp. Summerville S. C.: C. ft. Mitchell. Lay lors. S. C.: J. M. Morgan. Lavonia. G.». Bottom row: J. ft. Major. Pel er. S. C.: I-’. C. Martin Honca Path. S. C.: David Nielli champ. Summerville. S. C.. Robert Miller. Jr.. Covington. Tenn.: V. I . Moore. Conestee. S. C.: R. S. Nceson. Atlanta. Ga.Top rote': J. A. Orr. Jr.. Richburg. S. C.: W. M. Ponder. Dacusvillc. S. C.: Sam Ranich. cigler. III.: J. M. Ready Samaria. S. C.: R N. Richardson. Conway S. C.: B. I Rogers. Liberty. S. C. Bottom row: L. B. Pipkins. Hufaula. Okla.: H. D. Quinn. Greenville. S. C.: Lari Rawl. Wagoner. S. C.: Q. M. Rhodes. Darlington. S. C.: S. L. Richey. Carteret. N J.. H. J. Rudder. Blidgpart. Ala. Top row: G. L. Rutland. Neeses. S. C.: M. I Sewell. Lavonia. Cia.: V. W. Simmons. Greenville. S. C.: W. H. Southerlin. Travelers Rest. S. C.: Ci. A. Sterling. Greenville. S. C.: Kenneth Taylor. Taylors. S. C. Bottom row: M. B. Seigler. Batesburg. S. C.: R. H. Shircy. Chavics Ala.: R. IV Smith Ridge Springs. S. C.: I:. L. Southern. Rogcrsvillc. Tenn.: L. I.. Stewart. Strawn. Texas: R. K. Taylor. Jr.. Greenville. S. C.l op row: I-. I.. Tidwell. Greenville. S. C.. J. I I'indal. Kenbridgo. Va.: M. B. Tollison. Fountain Inn. S. C.: j. C Tomlinson. Olanta. S. C.: W. J. Verdin. Greenville. S. C.: W. T. Walker. Greer. S. C. Hollom row: J. R. Timmerman. Jr., lidgefield. S. C.: L;. P. Todd. Simpsonville. S. C.: H. C. Tomlinson, l ake City. S. C: W. J Truluck. Olanta. S. C.: T. D. Wakefield. Greenville. S. C: W. G. Wallace. Lake View. S. C. .. rou-: C. M. Warren. F.hrhardt. S. C.: S. P. Wells. Holly Hill. S. C.: R. P. Wilder. Woodruff S. C.: H. 1.. Williams. Charleston. S. C.: S. M. Wilson. Greenville. S. C.: J. B. Workman. Jr.. Ware Shoals. S. C. Hoitom row: J. A. Watson. Bladcnboro. NT. C.: J. J. White Greenville S. C.: C. L. Williams. Heath Springs. S. C.; H. K. Williams. Marion. Va.; W S. Wood Newport News. Va.: H. S. Yarborough. Jenkinsville. S. C.dMiss cPearl Deery Sponsor Ureshman ClassFreshman Class OFFICERS F. J. Aiken .... Vice-President Davis Jeffries, Jr. . Secretary O. W. CALLAHAN 't reasurer P. L. DUNSTAN Historian G. W. BLACKWELL President Left to right : AIKEN. JEFFRIES, CALLAHAN. DUNSTAN.Top rote: II. Able. ). C. Able. I". .1. Aiken. . S. Aiken. Anderson. Austin. Hailey. Middle rote: Hiker. Hallow, Marlon. Henson, Hlacktiton, Hlackwcll, Honne. Hottvm rotv: Hoyil, Hoynton, !. H. Hrown, K. A. Drown, U. t.'. Drown, Huftington. Hurkheimer. Top row: Hurnett, Hurts. Cain. Cnllimtn, Callahan. Camp, Carson. Middle row: Carswell, Casey. Cates. Catoc, ChumJler, ( hisolm, Christopher. Hot tom row: Cleveland. Crain, Dew. Dunstan, Kd wards. Kskew. Haile.Top row: l ‘rcc. iMiriMaii, .Je»uy. !oods«V», C.raliam. » 'ruldi . llftrrel»on Middle rote. I Inyo's. Ilornilon, llillcy. Hodge. Holmes. 1 Ioward, Ilowoll. Bottom row: Hutchinson, Ives, Jameson, Jeffrie , Jolly, Jordan, Kendrick. Top row: J. K. King. K. I„ King. l-nnford, l-nming. Ijioghriilse. I-vitncr. l.ii eom1'. Middle row: I.ong, McKmuvn, McLean. MeLccs. McPherson, Madden. Miller, Bottom rote: K. 15. Morse, K. II, Morse, Murdock. Newman. (VKclIey, t . T. Orr. U OrrTop rim': Parker. Patillo, Pearson, Pcdcti, Petty. P»,mj‘tt. I'it tiro it. Middle rote: Potter. Powell. Pyle, P. M. Roger . ‘1 . ». Roger .. Scruggs. Soiglcr. Bottom rote: Shuman, Siler. Skelton. Slo.ni. J. II. Smith. I.. I’. Smith. Snuak. Top row: Staggs. Stogner, J. II. Stone. W. M. Stone, Simpson, G. II. Taylor, I.. I.. Taylor. Middle row: TliackStOn. Thompson. ’. T. To’.liscn, J. S. TollUon. Trawcek. Trotter. Wwithers. Bottom row: Whitman. Whitworth. Williams, Willtmun. Woodson, Wright. Wysong.LAWcJYCiss £lizctkech Laney Sponsor Lav SchoolLaw School OFFICERS J. F. Clarkson . . Associate Justice W. W. Wilkins................Sheriff W. J. BARRON Secretary and Treasurer E. J DENNIS . . Prosecuting Attorney G. W. FREEMAN Chief Justice Left to right: CLARKSON. WILKINS. BARRON. DENNIS.William Joseph Barron Morristown. 'Venn. Candidate for LL.B. "Delta Sigma" Freshman Football: Assistant Football Manager (2. ): Football Manager (4): Varsity Club (4): Secretary Treasurer Law School (4). “If it please your Honor: In presenting this young advocate before the tribunal of Liberty. Justice, and Mercy I wish to speak a few words of censor that you might know him as I do." "Reared in the hills of East Tennessee by the Grace of God. a loving mother, and two noble grandmothers he now stands upon the threshold of his chosen profession. Gifted with a silvery tongue that bespeaks of the orators of old. possessed with a heart of manly simplicity, endowed with commanding presence, he awaits the hour that will call forth his talents in defense of common right.” "At times. William Joseph Barron is careless of his associates, forgets himself into radical thought, and often loses sight of his goal. His ability is potential. his talent inherent, and may the Great Judge forever be jealous of these derivative powers and keep them with the right."Hugh Alton Beasely, B.A. Laconia. Ga. Candidate for LL.B. B. A. Degree. 27: Freshman Football: Freshman Basket-ball: Freshman Track: Varsity Football (2. 3): Varsity Basketball (2. 3. 4): Varsity Track 2. 3. 4): Varsity Club (2. 3. 4): Adelphian Literary Society: Student Council (3. 4). Vice-President (4): Honor Student (4). Take great determination, mix it with untiring effort, pour in a little humor sprinkled with personality, place it on a motorcycle and you have Hugh Alton Beasely—athlete, business man. law student, and friend to everyone commanding his respect. "Hiram” has been a familiar figure on two wheels about the Furman campus for the past six years, having received the academic diploma in 16. During this period Beasely has won an athletic letter in the four major sports, while lately he developed athletic heart and has taken unto himself a very pretty bride. Wherever life’s ever-changing fortune places Hugh he will be busy doing something, and such industry merits the best in life. May the legal profession ever return all that Beasely puts into it. and then he will have achieved much.Pascal Mhadors Camak. B.A. Greenville. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. B. A. Wofford College: Master in Hquity. '27-'2 ); Sheriff. '28: Delta Tau Hpsilon. jjS, £ Business affiliations and city residence of this promising young attorney have robbed a majority of Furman students of the privilege of knowing one of the wittiest and most likeable characters enrolled under the Purple and White. Camak is a graduate of Wofford, a ward of Furman, and a meticulous Methodist, being the son of the illustrious Rev. Dr. D. M. Camak of Greenville. S. C. Under such varied environment it is no accident that this legal light is endowed with many talents. As an orator his voice resounds from Spartanburg to Greer, while as a courtier his pursuits extend to every holt and heath." But best of all. as a friend his sympathy is only encompassed by his ever willing smile that at once draws you into that select circle of friendship. With his personalitv plus, suc- cess is assured, and may he ever feel loyal to Furman.John Floyd Clarkson. B.A. Xe ivberry. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. "Kappa Alpha " B. A. Newberry College: Clerk of Court. ‘28: Associate Justice. '29: Member South Carolina Bar Association; Member Law l-'irm of Hunt U Clarkson. Newberry. S. C. “Hear ye! Hear ye! Court of General Sessions of Newberry County is row Holden: Judge Clarkson presiding." These words may truly ring out to our already practicing attorney for as a repository of the law he stands willing to dispense justice tempered with mercy. Having passed tlx state requirements of admission to the Bar last spring. “Johnny" ranks with those “premature brilliants" who do not have to complete their full law course before surviving the ordeal of the state bar examinations. This achievement is a compliment to any law student, and in presenting this barrister to the citizenry of South Carolina it can well be said: "With prospects bright, into the profession he came.— Imbued with love of right, strong desire for fame: Men watched the way his lofty mind would take. And all foresee the progress he will make."Charles Frank Davis Morrisiou'n. Venn. Candidate for LL.B. “Delta Sigma" Freshman Football. Alternate Captain. Varsity Football (2. 3. 4). Alternate Captain (4): Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball (2. 3. 4); Freshman Track: Freshman Basket-ball; Varsity Basketball (2. 4). Manager (4); Vice-President freshman Class: Vice-President Sophomore Class; Secretary-Treasurer Law School (3): Hornet Staff (3). Staff Reporter (3): Delta Tau Fpsilon 3. 4). President (4); President Student Body (41; Y. M. C. A. (4). Cabinet (4): Varsity Club (2. 3. 4). Vice-President (4): Philosophian Literary Society (4). Critic (4). One afternoon in the fall of 1925 a tall freshman from Tennessee stood in the fleeting shadows of Manly Field and scored a punted football eighty-five yards down the field: and Furman took her first look at one of the most dependable punters of her football history. Now as he leaves us. those white cross lines of lime which he has so frequently crossed in fancy leave their places and against a sward of emerald green form the glorious and noble name of Frank Davis. Should he experience the success before the bar that he has enjoyed in college there is no doubt as to the outcome of his life: but even his most optimistic friends hope that he will find he is really practicing law and not economy when he leaves school. With the aid of the bald-headed shyster with whom he has tied the bonds of partnership. Frank should not have very much trouble in keeping the shingle waving. T he only justifiable characterization of a person like Frank is: He is a great Man.Edward James Dennis. Jr. Pinopolis. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. Baraca Class (2. V 4). Secretary (4): Adelphian Literary Society O. 4). Setre-tary (V 4): Prosecuting Attorney Law Class (V 4); Student Council (4); Winner Corpus Juris Contest (41 ; Delta Tau Epsilon. With due deference to the other students in the Furman Law School it can be said unequivocally that “E. J.” is the most studious of them all. This description usually leaves the impression that the one so spoken of is a bookworm. but with Dennis it is merely one of his many accomplishments. His interests extend to practically every activity on the campus, and only his reticence has prevented him from being an outstanding leader in many realms of Furman endeavor. “Scheibert." as he is familiarly known, is capable of very close friendship with any one except a member of the “rogue gallery." His activities in this field have been limited, either by the only “girl-in-the-world" back home or an indifferent heart: for it is true that many have smiled but few were called. Being the son of a successful attorney there remains little doubt that this factor coupled with his inherent ability will carry Dennis to a high position in the legal profession.Patrick Claburne Fant. B.A. Easel y. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. "Phi Pi Sigma" B. A. Degree. ‘27; Associate Justice I aw School (2): Delta Tau Epsilon. Fant and his iegal cohort and roommate. Sam Matthews, set a pace for promising lawyers when they passed, in grand style, the bar examinations of the state of South Carolina early in their senior year in the Furman Law School. And “Pat” didn't wait until summer to hang out his shingle but has already begun the practice of law with a firm in Pickens. “Pat” is an all-round good fellow. He is popular on the campus and elsewhere. That elsewhere can be accepted in its intended sense. He has worked hard while here, and college for him has been far from a failure.George; William Frliman. Jr. Bennettsuille. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. "Kappa Alpha" Chief Justice Law School. '28-'29: Member S. C. Bar: Member S. C. Bar Association: Associate Haynsworth Haynsworth. Attorneys. smmm, The above scion of juristic achievement is without a reasonable doubt the most popular member in the Furman Law School. By a preponderance of the evidence we find him guilty of being Chief Justice of the school—the highest honor a Furman Law Student can be convicted of. In this capacity he has served well. and. now. as he resumes Ins already active participation in legal work every good wish for continued success goes with him. George peregrinated through the tar laden regions of North Carolina before he felt the call to Furman. While at Wake Forest College he was eagerly received into one of the leading fraternities. His membership and experience in a fraternal order have made George a valuable example of fraternity manhood for our pioneer advocates of fraternities on the Furman campus.Samuel Crotwell Matthews Newberry. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. "Phi Pi Sigma” Tennis Club (2. 3. 4): Philosophian I iter.iry Society (3): Delta Tau Epsilon: Student Council (3): Treasurer Law School (3). To like and appreciate Sant is absolutely necessary to know and understand him. That's true of many of us. Don't think that gloomy look reflects his nature at all. He is serious and. therefore, has a serious countenance. But underneath that seriousness there is keen wit and an appreciation of anything that is apt to bring out a laugh. To tell the truth. “Sammie" is wholly unconventional. He is a hearty "Colemanite" and speaks freely of it. He loves to be around boys, but his chief joy is exemplified when he is associating with his girl friends in one town or another. We hope he grows some more, for he realizes what a whale of a difference a few inches make.Hugh Plf.ss Roberts Morristown, Tenn. Candidate for LL.B. "Delta Sigma' Phi Della Phi. W W liV ' Roberts, original in all and gifted with the keenest sense of discerning conceptions. promises himself a future in what is termed a crowded field—that noble profession of law. In speculative conversations, in moot trials, and in the game of bridge. Hugh is second to none. Several colleges have done their bit in preparing Hugh for the great task which he has chosen for his life's work. In concluding his study of law at Furman. Hugh has shown a judgment that is to be commended. Hugh is quiet, sober, steadfast, and resolute in manner and action. Yet. he possesses the remarkable gift of wit which comes as natural to him as snoring in his sleep. A lover of music, choice literature, and his profession, and in all a capital figure—that's Roberts. In any one of the above mentioned. Hugh is capable of rendering a severe, critical opinion which forecasts a brilliant future for him in legal practice in the Tennessee mountains around Morristown which he calls home.William W. Wilkins. B.A. Inman. S. C. Candidate for LL.B. “Centaur" Freshman Basket ball Team: Varsity Basket-ball Team 2. V 4): Assistant Football Manager (2. ), Business Manager Football Team (4): Varsity Club (2. V 4). Vice-President (4): Honor Student (5): International Relations Club (4); Lawyer Senior Class: Delta Fan Fpsilon: B. A. Degree. '28. Here’s to tlie pride of Inman! Lveryone calls him "Bum"—how the name was acquired we can’t say. but it is a well-known fact that he is anything else but a ’'bum.” His scholastic ability is attested for by the fact that he has received both a B.A. and an LL.B. degree in five years—ordinarily a seven-year course. He gained much fame and recognition at the '28 Summer School as the dashing life-guard, lord of the swimming pool. Probably he is known by some as a womanhater. but we who know him best know that he has a weakness for blondes—someday there'll be another blonde in the Wilkin's family. His efforts have not been spent entirely in the realm of study as one would perhaps judge from his finishing in five years, but he has been for three years an able guard on the Purple and White Indoor Hurricane. As a financier we predict great things for him. for it is said that he will squeeze a dollar till the eagle squeals— he's far from being a spendthrift. A nickel with him will buy more than a pack of peanuts. His chosen field is law and we predict that someday he will be an eminent jurist.Junior Law w. H Arnold Woodruff. S. c. J. R. Babb Fountain Inn. S. C. C. H. BUSH Liberty. S. C. R. A. HARLEY Barnwell. S. C. A. L. HORNI: Nichols. S. C. J. P.. RHODES Estill. S. C. s. L. Sellars Paulins. S. C. r. M. Ward Greenville. S. C. Coaching Staff T. B. ' Dad'' Amis Head Coach and Director oi Athletics A. P. McLeod Asst. Coach and Director of Physical Education Ed Crowley Assistant Coach Pool hall F. B. Rawl Assistant Coach hoot hall L. F. Carson Freshman ( oach T. B. ("DAD") AMIS Director Athletics Left to right: McLEOD. CROWLEY, Rawl. CARSON.A Few Furman Yells We've got the Rep' Rep! Rep! We've got the Pep' Pep! Pep! P-U R M A N FURMAN! F. U. rah, rah. Furman U.. Fight. Fight. F. U. rah. rah. Furman U.. Fight. Fight. F-rah. U-rah, Furman fight. U. F'ight. F. U. rah. rah. Furman U.. Fight. Fight! Fight. l ight. Purple and White. Fight, Fight, Purple and White. Fight, Fight. Purple and White. Fight! Fight! Fight! Mail to the White and Purple, Floting on high: Hear the shouts of triumph Echo to the sky. Rolls the cheering onward. Ever full and free. Victory be now for the UNIVERSITY. "Jell tco" Austin CHEER LEADERS "Buffalo" Dave "Low-Hip" Mahaffey Dement barber eTfCrs. S• Lemmond Sponsor football ■■■Sam Lemmond Captain I'ootballTom Bonnetti: End bush Bull Center Harvey Capps Half Ushered in with unpretentious omens the 1 ‘ 29 Lsue of the Purple Hurricane swept with fury into one of the most difficult schedules ever confronting a Furman team. The Blue Devils, favored to win by a large score were tossed aside on Manly Field by the lighter but inspired Furman team. For three periods the Blue Devils led by the crashing Jankoski approached Furman's goal in vain. For three periods the Purple Warriors clamored in vain for a touchdown that meant victory. In the closing minutes of the final period a completed forward pass. Clary to Capps, placed the ball within the shadows of the coveted goal. A line buck by Deery failed: Capps lost a yard at tackle: Clary took the ball and with the speed of a deer circled end on a dash that brought him to rest with six points for his trouble. A few more plays and the game was over Another Furman victory won by sheer determination and fight. T1 i!j Kenneth Cass Quarter Earl Carson Half "Ikly” clary Half The Moccasins from the University of Chattanooga employing the famous Noire Dame shift ran rampart in two periods for a total of two touchdowns, and in the fourth period a blocked punt added a safety to the rising score. Bulldog—the University of Georgia Bulldog, a traditional foe of Furman and a leader in Southern football circles, was the next opponent. Inspired by the spirit of the large delegation of students. supporters, and spectators the Purple clad warriors fought the tenacious Bulldog to a standstill throughout the game. A forward pass executed at a crit ical moment in the game spelled defeat for the Purple. Presbyterian College. a mighty state foe came to Manly Field and threw a scare into the dopcsters who had already chosen Furman the favorite. Aided by the running of Jimmie Green and the skill of Barnwell on defense. the Blue StockingsWes Coble ' Puss” Cox "Rube' Davis End Guard Center held the onslaughts of Capps. Clary, et al. to naught for the greater portion of the game, but in the closing minutes of the game little I key Clary V3S sent into the game and things went bur man from then on. An old rival, but new in contest: Wofford next appeared on Manly Field to lose the only state game on their schedule. Heralded by a fanfare of publicity Finney. Dargan. King, and others of equal repute pitted their ability against a determined Purple Hurricane. In the first half of the struggle Wofford gave all she had and soon after the beginning of the second period Furman scored at will amassing a total of twenty-six points. The feature of the game was the great exhibition of .Joel Decry. He plunged, tackled, and galloped with equal facility. Charlotte. North Carolina, played host to the Furman-Wake Forest encounter and a good time was had by allFrank Davis Quarter Joii Dei-:ry Jack Grady Pullback Hair the Furman hacks. The Demon Deacons were as calm as an unoccupied pew and the Purple children romped about at will. Harvey Capps, the blonde successor to the fame of Rawl shook his heels for much yardage being rivalled only by the trial size Pipkins. Harmon played a good defensive game, as did Coble. The need of points after a touchdown was shown again for all were lost. The sand strewn terra firma of Charleston for many years was a near Waterloo for the fleet footed Furman heroes so Manly Field was chosen for the 1928 epic of the in flated dermis commonly called pig skin. Everything was going fine until Mr. Capps blew aside the all-state King and spurted for a touchdown. The Cadets were beaten by two touchdowns in a game that was full of honest to goodness football. To the victor belongs the spoils, and to Carolina belongs hundreds of spoiled handkerchiefs for every Fur-Hoss" Harmon Fullback Sam lemniond Tackle KNL’TE Livesav End man supporter left lying on the arid splinters of the state university stadium one or more tear drenched emblems of great wailing and gnashing of teeth. For eleven years one William L. Laval guided the destinies of the Purple and White. For six years Carolina knew not the cheers of victory. Then came the dawn of a day that gave to Carolina a potent factor in the machinations of her defeats by a smaller school. The leader became the opponent; the worshipped became the enemy. Laval goes to Carolina. Beat Carolina! The game. yes. it was played in Columbia. The. entire Furman student body was there. The bands played, the students cheered, the spectators yelled. It was a regular game: the kickoff: runs, passes, tackles, and the battle was on. Sure. Furman was going to win. Furman always wins what was that ? — a forward pass — look, he caught it why he' Rip' Major Tackle "Gaffney” Smith Tackle V. L. Tidwell End is running toward Furman’s goal — someone will stop him—well. well, he scored a touchdown against Furman. and his name is Boineau. ’I’he half is up— Furman will come back and score five or six touchdowns the last half—Furman always comes back and beats them— why. you haven't seen anything yet—what did I tell you—pass from Frank Davis to Coble gains twenty yards another pass and the ball is within the shadows of a sure goal—look, another pass he caught it on the one yard line what, he was tackled—thass alright, they’ll put it over in one play—two plays—three plays—and still the ball is on that one yard line—-one more chance—oh. they'll put it over—Furman always docs—but they didn't and the game was lost. The roaring Clemson Tiger, by the consent of Mr. Gee came to Manly Field for the historic Turkey Day argument and made feast ofBoh Wilder Guard ' Fuzzy' wood Guard the sacred organs of Purple and White victories. Clcmson was doped to win —they did win—thanks to McMillan. Padget. Hall. Pressley, and the skill of Josh Cody general of the jungle. Prank Davis threw forward passes. Wes Coble caught them. Pari Carson fell heir to one for a touchdown. Kenneth Case forward pass cd. I ivesay received one and scampered over the six mark line, and still Clcmson won for ere McMillan tried he scored a touchdown, and he tried four times. Captain l.cmmond fought every min utc. All the Furman team fought at times when it was of no use. They didn't give up. Clcmson had the better team and wc wish they could make their lair at Manly Field next year. Coach Amis. Coach Crowley, and Coach McLeod deserve lots of praise. Harvey Capps. Wes Coble.Results Furman .... 6 Duke . . . . . . 0 Furman .... 0 Chattanooga . . 15 Furman .... 0 Georgia . . . . . 7 Furman .... 6 PC . . 0 Furman .... 26 Wofford . . . . 0 Furman .... 18 Wake Forest . . 0 Furman .... 12 Citadel . . . . . 0 Furman .... 0 Carolina . . . . 6 Furman .... n Clcmson . . . . 27 Bin. Barron Manager f ootball THE SQUADFreshman Football Coach “Scaly” Carson, head man of the Freshman teams had a banner year in football. His yearlings romped through many teams composing the cherished material for future varsity players. The freshman schedule was limited to state opponents and all were defeated except the Citadel rat team which suffered the Purple youngsters to call it off with a tie game in the city by the sea. Pearson, flashy back dashed off some long gains against Carolina and P. C. Holmes, giant tackle created a commotion in each play. Brown. Burnett. Able. Burkheimer. and Wright made the varsity coaches regret that they had not entered Furman the year before. RESULTS Furman 34 Erskine .... 0 Furman 26 PC 0 Furman 0 Citadel 0 Furman 41 Carolina .... 0 Furman 28 Wofford .... 0 FRESHMAN SQUADeJXCiss dftCargaret Cope Sponsor Basket-Ball Chosen by alternate -0api. Hujf Charlie Bi rts Captain Basket-BallVarsity Basket-Ball CHARLIE Burts Forward ' RI.D" Hasley Guard Henry HUFF Forward SON" POWELL Center SAM RANICH Guard With only two steady veterans answering the call for recruits to the cage game. Coach A. P. Me I.cod was confronted with the problem of moulding a new team to supplant the State Championship one of last year. In Captain Burts and Huff, high scorer. Coach McLeod bad a nucleus for a winning combination. Practice sessions were begun soon after the football was ended, and a large number answered the call. After a few practice games the team invaded the neighboring State of North Caro lina and dropped a couple of closely contested games, while winning one from the strong Davidson quin let. In the State race Furman was rather successful. Clcmson was defeated in two interesting games. Carolina. Citadel, and Frskinc split games with the Purple Pointers and when the season averages were totalled it was found that Furman was second to Citadel for the championship. Burts and Huff played the for ward positions to perfection, being ably relieved bv Horton Shirey. and Mack Paris when the occasion per mined. Fasley. Powell. Ranich and Wakefield did some excellent guarding of the Purple goal. Watson showed unusual ability at center until he was removed for an irregularity. The most interesting game of the season was the one with Carolina, played in Columbia. For the first sixteen minutes of play Carolina failed to make a single point while Furman amassed a total of eighteen points. The final game with the Citadel played at the Citadel was another thrilling encounter. but the Charleston ■‘complex'' again showed its affect on a Furman team. Citadel won the game and with it went the State championship held by Furman last year. An unusually strong team is promised next year as the freshman team contained some very adept cagers.SCHEDULE Wake Forest 34 Furman 26 N. C. State 43 Furman 34 Davidson . . 40 Furman 55 Tkuett Wakefield Newberry . . 40 At Furman 39 Guard At P C... 22 Furman 58 P. C. ... 22 At Furman 67 At Wofford . 24 Furman 41 At Newberry 34 Furman 43 Clcmson . . 33 At Furman 42 At Frskinc . 44 Furman 36 At Clcmson . 28 Furman 29 Frskinc . . 21 At Furman 51 Frank Carolina . . 46 At Furman 42 Davis Citadel . 24 At Furman 39 Manager At Carolina . 22 Furman 39 At Citadel . C. Charleston 5a 15 Furman 38 VARSITY SQUADFreshman Basket-Ball Under the watchful eye of Coach "Scaly" Carson the freshman basket ball team developed into one of the strongest aggregations ever representing the first year class on the hardwood court. Playing a varsity brand of basket ball throughout the season the plebes kept their record inviolate except for a defeat early in tin- season by the Greenville High five. Hrnest Southern. Center, and Ohlscn. guard, were the stars of this championship quintet. Wells and Graham played good games at forward. Morse. I.aughridge. and Burkhcimcr relieved Brown at the guard position on various occasions. This group is expected to bolster the varsity squad next year to a championship height. RFSULTS Furman 24 Greenville High . . 32 Furman 63 Fork Shoals High . 13 Furman 40 Travelers Rest High 14 F'urman ... 40 PC 20 Furman . . 43 Fork Shoals High . 10 Furman . . 40 Taylors High 20 Furman 34 Travelers Rest . 10 Furman 4 1 Clemson 3C Furman 50 Erskine 32 Furman 61 Frskine 20 Furman 75 P. C 23 Furman 34 Clemson 22 F'urman . . . 42 Carolina 32 FRESHMAN SQUADTRACKeTtfiss Frances 7CiIl Sponsor 'BrackJohn Vincent Captain TrackVarsity Track Gilbert BRISTOW 100. ’’0 Eli Garrison Two Mile ‘‘SON’ POWELL 440. 880 H. H. Smith Javelin J. P. Smith Shot Track, heretofore, an unpopular sport from an attendance standpoint assumed great popularity under the engineering of Coach Amis. From the first meet of the season, that with the University of Georgia, great interest has been shown by students and the general public in the races and field events of the Purple cindermen. Furman is strong in the middle distances and a few of the field events. Captain Vincent engaged in some timely contests for honors as the State's leading two miler. His time in the mile event is good also. Garrison overslept the Georgia event but awoke in time to win many points for Furman in other meets. Gaffney Smith hurls the javelin with record distance, and Major throws the discus with the might of a Greek warrior. Bristow. Pipkins and Deery showed good speed in the dashes. George Powell was the hero in the middle distance races, carrying off many honors in the 440-yard run. Wood and Rhodes did the hurdles in g r e a t form. Cairnes did some high flying with pole vault, while Porter Smith showed his ability as a track man in various roles. Next year promises to be an eventful one in track as several track stars are with the Freshman class of this year. Furman entered several men in ihe Tech Relays in Atlanta and a creditable showing was made.SCHEDULE April 6— Georgia at Furman. April 1 3— Tech Relays. Atlanta. April 16— P. C. at Greenville. April 20— Carolina at Columbia. April 24— Clemson at Greenville. May 4— State Meet at Clinton. May 10— S. I. A. A. at Clinton. John Vincent Mile BENNIE Rogers M onaiit'c VARSITY SQUADFreshman Track Coach Amis is a firm believer in the advantages of track and its aid to football aspirants, if the number of freshman football players on the track team arc to be considered. Practically the entire squad was composed of football men. Hughes, mercury heeled Texan, was the mainstay of the freshman track team, being exceptionally good in the dashes. lie ran the century in ten flat on several occasion. Pearson showed many speedy opponents his heels in the 440. Holmes, another big Texan threw the weights for record distances. Newman. Brown and Pittman also gave good account of them selves in the events in which they were entered. Carson, a member of the famous family of athletes threw the shot put for a new freshman record. Judging from the showing made by these athletes F:urman should be a championship contender in the State meet for a few years to come. SCHEDULE March iO—Triangular meet Greenville and Spartanburg. April 1—Bailey at Greenville. April 6—Georgia at Greenville. April 16—Presbyterian at Greenville. April 20—Carolina at Columbia. April 24 -Clcmson at C.lcmson (pending). FRESHMAN SQUADc VCiss Louise Chappell Sponsor BaseballVarsity Baseball College baseball is fast fading in many sections but at Furman the old horsehide appeal is still strong. Coach McLeod had several discouraging features connected with this year's schedule, among which were the lack of a practise field and adequate playing ground. With the co-operation of Manager Walker the Furman nine was permitted to use the Park of the local city team. This irregularity placed a burden on the players but they came through in fine style, defeating some of the state's strongest baseball teams. A few preliminary games were played against the Greenville Spinners in the early stages of the training season, and though the Furman team was defeated they profited greatly from encountering such strong opposition. Frskine opened the college season with a victory by a score of 10-6. Elrod and Rasor being pounded with regularity. Hatcher, a Georgia rookie showed up well in this game. A weird game with Wofford followed. and besides its many humorous tragedies was an exhibition of daring baseball. Tidwell pasted out two home runs with Ruthian wallops. Rasor did some sharp pitching, while Hayes and Faris chased fly balls to perfection. Cass. Tidwell. Captain Dew. and Osteen pulled many fast plays in the infield. Wilder. Faris. Frank Davis. Hayes. Williams. and Cox played theVarsity Baseball outfield. Among the leading hitters were. Dew. Tidwell. Cass, and Faris. Harris Marshall contributed some good pitching to the slab artists’ records. SCHEDULE April 2— Wofford at Spartanburg. April 5— Erskine at Greenville. April 16— Newberry at Newberry. April 1 7— P. C. at Clinton. April 1 9— P. C. at Greenville. April 20— Clemson at Greenville. April 22— Carolina at Columbia. April 23— Citadel at Charleston. April 24-25— Paris Island Marines at Paris Island. April 27— Clemson at Clemson. April 30— Carolina at Greenville. May 2— Wofford at Greenville. May 3— Newberry at Greenville. May 6— Erskin at Due West. May 9— Citadel at Greenville. Henry Huh- Fred Osteen Lewis Rasor JACK WilliamsVarsity Baseball VARSITY SQUADofflCiss eTtfary hooper Sponsor tennisDave Dement Captain TennisVarsity Tennis Bill Abrams Charlil Burts Bill Call Am davh DlMl-NT Jim Going Tennis, the most delicate sport at Furman, received a tremendous ovation from its supporters ibis year due to the great playing of the Furman Tennis Team. The Purple Racqueteers displayed some rare tennis in their varied engagements. Not since the days of 'Fribble. Tilden and others has a team been more successful. Matches were played with teams representing the leading colleges of North and South Carolina, and uniform success was accorded Captain Dement. Burts. Calc. Abrams and Matthews in these contests. The honor of being first ranking player w a s earned by the versatile Burts who possesses a service similar to the famous cannon ball service employed in national and international matches. Captain Dement and Abrams were strong on stroking and many thrilling placements were shot against their opponents by this duo. Gale was exceptionally strong on smash shots, and this young son of Tarheelia added many a point to his credit by his nonchalant strokes. Wofford. Lenoir Rhyne and Davidson were defeated on the local courts, while Carolina. P. C.. and Citadel were bested on foreign courts. Hrskine claims the only victory wrested from the Purple Racqueteers.SCHEDULE March 26— Erskine at Greenville. March 29— Davidson at Greenville. April 4— P. C. at Clinton. April 5— Carolina at Columbia. April 6— Citadel at Charleston. April 8— Lenoir Rhyne at Greenville. April 10— Wofford at Greenville. April 1 1 — Davidson at Davidson. April 12— Lenoir Rhyne at Hickory. April 1 3— Wofford at Spartanburg. April 22— Erskine at Due West. April 25— Carolina at Greenville. May 8. 9. 10-State Meet. Sam MATTHliWS HOWARD MURONI.Y Coach VARSITY SQUADSelected by the presidents of the student body. Senior Class, Junior Class, Sophomore Class, and Freshman ClassoMiss 5H!elen SherrilleMiss Kate 'Riversc7)(Ci$s Qpttedrue Drcc Sponsor bonhomie Bonhomie Staff J. H. SHELLEY . . . Business Manager I. W. Barber . . . Assistant Editor S. M. SMITH . Assist. Business Manager R. W. ELLIS . . Advertising Manager A. N. Stali..................Art Editor J. S. ELLENBERG . . . Senior Editor S. M. AsKINS. Jr...........Club Editor J. E. AUSTIN .... Snapshot Editor C. F. Davis...............Sports Editor JIM EASTERLING Editor-in-Chief Top row: Shelley. Barber. Smith. Ellis. Bottom row: Stall, Ellenberg. Askins. Austin, Davis.eJtyfiss Ura Qreene Sponsor S."HornetHornet Staff J. H. SHELLEY . . . Managing Editor E. B. Thompson . . News Editor G. F. SOUTHERN . . . Feature Editor J. S. ELLENBERG .... Club Editor C. L. IlASOR .... Exchange Editor W. G. Gale................Joke Editor H. C. GATHING3 - . Business Manager S. M. Askins. Jr. . Advertising Manager I. W. BARBER . . Circulation Manager Top row: Gathings. Shelley, Thompson. Askins. bottom row: Southern. Kltcnbcrg. Rasor. Ole. Barber. MANUEI J. ROGERS Editor-in-C.htiimm Echo Staff ii A. Marshal!. Assistant Editor G. K South I- RN fiction Editor L. M. Pali.AW .... Poetry Editor S. H. CALLAHAN . Easiness Manager C . I.. Rasor . . . Circulation Manager I I.. CROSBY . . Advertising Manager .1 II MCGI.OTHLIN Editor in Chief T«P r« u Callahan. Marshall Lallaw. Bottom rote Southern. Rasor. Crosby. dfttiss rRiith tyojx. Sponsor Student Body rrp ' ' Student Body Officers C. L. Rasor Vice-President J. W. VINCI-NT . . . Secretary JlM EASTERLING . Treasurer C. V. DAVIS President Lett to right: Rasor. Vincent. I-astcrling.Bfta c 5l effliss Lucy Lee 'Wilbur Sponsor Qreater urman Qlub  Greater Furman Club OFFICERS M. G. ROGERS .... Vice-President C. W. Burts .... Secretary ADVISORY BOARD o. D. Kelley j. w. Vincent J. H. SHELLEY J. W. Williams President Leii to right: Rogers. Burts. Kelley. Vincent. Williams. Director President Manager QUARTETTE J. P. Brothers . . First Tenor J. H. SHELLEY . . . Baritone S. E. CALLAHAN . . Second Tenor J. V. Z. TAYLOR . . . Bass Glee Club PERSONNEL First Tenor M. A andi-rson J. l . Brothers M. H. Calhoun I. A. Fowler W. V. Harrison M H. LACKEY Second I enor C. T. BALDWIN R. A. Brown. Jr S. E. Callahan W. H. JF.FFERS J. E. Lipscomb H. A. MARSHALL H. S. RAY H. C. CATHINGS Baritone H. C. BOYTER W. A. SMITH R. C. Brown W. H. Southerlin r. A. Harley J. H. Shelley A. C. Sherwood E. C. Bumgardner Hass j. B. gentry. Jr. s. M. Smith T. T. GOLDSMITH. JR. J. W. Z. TAYLOR M. V. SCHAIBl.l- J. R. TIMMERMAN. JR. G. H. Edwards. Jr Student Council OFFICERS J. H. DEW . . . Secretary MEMBERS R. A. Crawford. Jr. h. n. Hur-r- E. J. Dennis F. w. Non Jim Easterling J. R. Timmerman C. W. BURTS R. P. wilder President Top r»u : Dew. Fosterling, Rasor. Dennis. tiotton) row: Huff. Crawford. Noe. Timmerman. Wilder.Band OFFICERS W. A. SMITH.................President J. W. VINCENT .... Manager C A. Owens. Jr. . Drum Major W. A. SMITH President xzx v tons Mr L ‘ f x • ____ _ - 1 Cloister OFFICERS J. H. McGloTHLIN . . Vice-President C. L. RASOR . . . Secretary J. W. Z. TAVLOR . Treasurer MEMBERS C. V. Bishop R. N. Daniel a. T. Odell C. w. Burts T. L. CROSBY Jim Easterling J. S. Ellenberg J. H. MCGLOTHLIN j. n. Pettigrew. Jr. C. I.. RASOR H. s. Ray m. J. Rogers G. r. SOUTHERN J. W. Z. TAYLOR E. B. THOMPSON L. M. FALLAW President I op rout: Daniel. Odell. Bishop. Burls. Crosby. Easterling. Ellenberg. Bottom rote: McGlothlin. Pettigrew. Rasor. Ray. Rogers. Southern. Taylor. Thompson.  (Pfliss 0arabell l jng Sponsor £t(ath (?lub coir Mathematics Club OFFICIiRS P. J. PHILSON .... Vice-President R. J. BLACKWELL . Secret ary-Treasurer MEMBERS M. D. Earle L. H. Bowi n .1 A. OSTI:!:N K J. Blackwell A. H. Bolen W. R. Ellis B. M. GOLDSMITH M. A. KAY M. H. Lackey e. R. Lynch V. L MORCiAN P. J. PHILSON C. B. RAILI Y W H. Rl-VIS R. R SCAMS C. A. Shands D. R. SHANDS President Top to Earle. Bowen. Osteen. Blackwell. Bolen. Ellis. Goldsmith, Kay. Holton: row: Lackey. Lynch Morgan. Philson, Railey Revi-. Scales. Shands. VARSITY Top row: Barron. Beasley. Bonnettc. Bristow. Bull. Burts Middle row: Capps. Carson. Cass. Clary. Cox. C. H. Davis. C. F. Davis. Bottom row: Decry. DeMcnt, Dew, Easley, Garrison. Grady. Harmon. W. W. COBLE President Varsity Club officers V. W. COBLE..........................President C. F. Davis.................Vice-President J. W. VINCENT . . . Sec. if Treat. MEMBERS W. J. BARRON...................Manager Football H. A. Beasley..........................Football T. G. BONNETTE .... Baseball-Football G. J. Bristow............................Track E. R. BULL.............................Football C. W. BURTS.................Tennis-Basket-ball H. W. CAPPS...........................Football E. W. CARSON...........................Football J. K. CASS..................Baseball-FootballVarsity Club (Continued) MEMBERS B. H. Clary . . . . . . . Football J. B. Major . . . , Football C. H. Cox . . . . . . . Football G. D. POWELL . . Basket-ball Trailt C E. Davis . . . . . . . Football Sam Ranich . . . . . Basket-ball C. F. Davis . . . Bau'ball-Football C. 1.. Rasor . . . Baseball S. J DEfcRY . . . H. H. Smith . . 1 rack-Football D. C. dement . . J. P. Smith . . . . . . . Football J. H. Dew . . . . . . . Bast-ball S. M. Smith . . . Basket-ball C R. Easley . . . . . . Basket-ball L. I.. Tidwell . . . . Football F.. w. Garrison . . . . 7rack E. P. Todd . . . . . . . Football J. W. GRADY. Jr. . . . . . Football J. W. Vincent . . . . . . Truck H. A. Harmon . . . . . , Football T. D. Waki field . . . Basket-ball H. E. HUFF . . . Ba ,kct ■ bull Baseball F. E. Washington Football S. F. I.EMMOXD . . . . . . Football R. P. W;i DBR . . . . . . Football I. Q. Mahaffey. Jr. . . Cheer Leader W. W. Wilkins . . . . . Basket-ball H. R. l.IVESAY . . . . . . Football R. J. Williams . . . . . Baseball Top row Huff. I.emmond, Mahaffey. lively. Major. Powell. Middle row: Ranich. Rasor. H. H. Smith. J. P Smith. S. M. Smith. Tidwell. Todd Bottom row: Vincent. Wakefield. Washington. Wilder. Wilkins. Williams. Wood.International Relations Club All Cl 1.1. Rfc'AMi, spoil.-iff r.M.I. TK'RAI V. I’.iki President OFFICKKS SPKIXH TKU.M W. Ili KT ..............................President M. J. Rooms ... . ’. rice-Pr idciit I . lv. y. 5iiixcri:v......................Secretary T, l CrC'SHV..............................Treasurer C. 1). Po v»:Lt..............................Marshal T. I- . President I», I’nttai...........................rice-president I. V. ICakiii:m, .In. ..... Secretary V. Hvhts......................... . . 7rcasurer Ji u p.vM lai.tNC....................... . Marshal Members: 1 . II. (.'iltatrick. .1. T. Arnold. .1. K. Austin. T. Ikildwin. I. W. liarlicr, Jr.. M. 1 . ("amj'licll. W. I. Calc. T. I.. Crosby. C. K. ll.ivi.-i, Jim ivasicrlinjt, J. S. Kllenbcri:. A. I.. C.ro.s, II. C. McCrnvy, J. II. McCIntlilin. II. A. Marshall. K. . Mooney. (i. I». I'..well, V, II. Power, C. I.. Kn» r; II. S. Ray. M. J. Ro«cr-v. V. II. I! Simp,'on, K. I!. Thompson, J. K. Timmerman. Jr.. J. W. V»»ic nt IN’IT.U NATIOXAl. UI-:i.AT|ONS Cl.I I! lap llote: Oil|uiiriek. Arnold. ViiMin. linldwin. liarbcr, Campbell. Cnlc. Crosby. Davis. Middle rote: Kiisterliny. Kllcitbrrv. im ». MrCravy. AjcCiotldiii. Marshall. Mooney. Hottom row: Powell. Power. Ka«ur. Ray. Rogers, Simpson, Thompson. Timmerman, Vincent. J S. ELI.ENBERO.. President French Club OFFICERS FALL TERM J. S. ELI.ENBERG......................President M. A. KAY. JR....................Vice-President C. L. RASOR.........................Secretary W. L. POWER...........................Treasurer SPRING TERM C. L. RASOR.......................... President J. w. VINCENT....................Vice-President fllOMAS ANDERSON. JR. . Secretary-Treasurer Members: S. E. Bradshaw. E. E. Gardner. L. S. Post on. Ill, Thomas Anderson. Jr.. J. I Arnold. W. G. Calc. C. E. Davis. J. H. Dew. Jim Easterling. C. S. I:ox. C. E. Hudson. E. C. Jackson. M. A. Kay. Jr.. J. H McGlothlin. G. D. Powell. W. L. Power. 1. T. Sewell. W. H B. Simpson. E. B. Thompson. J. R. Timmerman. Jr.. J. W. Vincent. Top rout: Bradshaw. Gardner. Poston. Anderson. Arnold. Calc. Davis. Middle Rout: Dew. Easterling, Fox. Hudson. Jackson. Kay. McGlothlin. Hatton rote’: Powell. Power. Sewell. Simpson. Thompson. Timmerman. Vincent.Education Club OFFICERS l-AI L TERM J. V. Z. TAYLOR........................President T. J. ANDERSON .... Vice-President THOMAS ANDERSON ... . Secretary H. V. CAPPS............................Treasurer SPRING PERM T. J. ANDERSON.........................President J. S. ELI.EKBERG .... Vice-President J. M. ClHiRRY..........................Secreturu T. L. CROSBY..........................7 reasurcr EDUCATION CLUB Top rou': Clarke. T. J. Anderson. T. Anderson. Baldwin. Burts. Campbell. Callahan. Middle rou.Capps. Cherry. Crosby. Ellenberg. Haile. Bottom rou,’: Garrison. Gaskins. Hunt. Lawton. Railcy. Thompson. Members: H. H. Clarke. T. J. Anderson. Thomas Anderson. C. T. Baldwin. C. W. Burts. M. P. Campbell. S. E. Callahan. H. V. Capps. J. M. Cherry. T. L, Crosby. J. S. Ellenberg, G. M. Haile. E. W. Garrison. A. II. Gaskins. W. A. Hunt. T. M. Lawton. C. B. Railcy. E. B. Thompson. J w. z Taylor. President n l:D FULTON President Philokalean Club OFFICERS I.. M. FALLAw .... 'ire-President A. N. STAL!..........................Secretary Members: I.. M. Fallaw. Edwin Fulton. R. I!. McPhcripn A. N. Stall. J. V. Stallings. Left to right Falhw. McPherson Stall. StallingsMiss Lena Joiinstom, Spoaaor Rov L'amiV, I'reiUient OFFICERS I. V. Bar...................................................................................I'lceJ’retiJeHl C. V. Hr .........................................................................................Secretary K. B. Tiiommox.....................................................................................Trennircr Members: J. F.. u ti», Jr.. C. I". Davit, E. W. (iarrimi, S. T. Ilariliii, II. A. Mar all. ( L. Ra »r, M. C. Rogers. S. M. Smith, J. II. Timmerman, Jr.. .1 W. Vincent. Top rt a ; llarlH't. Burls. Ihnmi'SOn, Austin. Davis. Garrison. Hoi loin tore: llanlin. Marshall, Rasor, Roger , Smith, Timmerman, Vincent,Baptist Student Union Council C. L. RASOR. President T. I.. CROSBY . . . First Vice-President C. W. BURTS . . Second Vice-President I:. B. THOMPSON.................Secretary I . E. WASHINGTON .... Treasurer I. W. BARBER. JR. . Sundau School Rep. "I'HOMAS ANDERSON. JR. . Pataca Class Rep. Miss Pl.lZABETH MCCANTS. Sponsor T. .1. ANDERSON. Student Volunteer Rep. M. J. Rogers . ... h. y. . U. ReP. if. w. Garrison . . y. M c. A. Rep. S. T. HARDIN . . Ministerial Club Rep. I.. L. Carpenter .... Faculty Rep. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION I op row: Carpenter. T. J. Anderson. T. Anderson. Barber. Burts. Bottom row: Crosby. Garrison. Hardin. Rogers. Thompson. Washington.Student Volunteer Band Miss Ruby Blackburn. Sponsor h. S. Ray. ’resident OFFICERS T. J. ANDERSON .... Vue-President B. M. GOLDSMITH .... Secretary Members: T. J. Anderson. P L. Dunstan. G. L. Elliott. C. I.. Gcddings. B. M. Gold- smith, S. T. Hardin. R. A Hodge. Davis Jeffries Jr.. I . V. Panning. V. V. Long. S. I: Murdoch. H. J. Rudder. C. T. Thompson. G. C. Tutcn. STUDENT VOL UN I HER BAND Top row: Anderson. Dunsian. I lliott. Gcddings. Goldsmith. Hardin. Hodge. Bottom row: Jeffries. I anning. Long. Murdoch. Rudder, Thompson. Tutcn. Ministerial Club V. N. LONG. Vice-President OMICERS Miss ANNIE GlI.RHATH. Sponsor PALL TERM T. L. CROSBY.......................President W. W. LONG....................Vice-President R. R BA ILLS . . . Secretary-Treasurer SPRING TERM W. W. LONG ...... President W. N. LONG......................Vice-President R, A HODGE . . . Secretary-Treasurer Lett to riaht: W. W. Long. Hodge. Crosby. Bailcs.Ministerial Club MEMBERS Top roiO: t:. K. Anderson. S. M Askins. Jr.. J. B. Boll. VV. 1 . Boone. V. C. Brissic. R. C. Brown. Second row J. M. Bruce. R. M Cain J. S. Omp, J. V. Cooke. T. A. Coihr.in M. ! Duncan. third row. I.. G IJlioli B. M. I !! is. H. I. lerguson. R. D. Gambrel I. C. I.. Geddings. b. M. Goldsmith. Bottom row. I O. Grant W. II Griffin. V I Mall. S. T Hardin. N H. Henderson. R. W. Hollis. Ministerial Club (Continued) MEMBERS I op ruic: II, I. Hutchinson. 11. G. Jarrard. J. M. Jarrard. Davis Jeffries. Jr.. C. M. Johnson, L. V. banning. Second G. I'. Long. H. V. Long. H. A. Marshall. E. B. Morse. C. B. Price, li. S. Ray. V bird rote: T. G. Rogers. G. E. Rollings. H. J. Rudder. J. T. Sanders. M. V Schaibic. W. G. Smoak. Bottom rote: V. G. Stroup. C. H. Sullivan. C. T. Thompson. M. B. Tollison. G. C. Tuten. C. M. Warren. Baraca Class OFFICERS A. G. GRIFFIN...................Teacher W. L. Wharton Vue-Pa-s,dent C. E. HUDSON . Secretary Treasurer Members: A. G. Griffin. H. E. Brook. S. R. Cain. Jr.. W. G. Calc. M. P. Campbell. E. J. Dennis. C. E. Hudson. E. R. Lynch. L. C. Martin. J. A. Orr. W. L. Power C. B. Railey. C. L. Rasor. T. G Rogers. C. I Waldrcp. Jr.. W. L. Wharton. W. H RhhI). President loft rote: Griffin. Brock. Cain. Calc. Campbell. Dennis. Hudson. Lynch. Bottom rotv: Martin. Orr. Power. Railey. Rasor. Rogers. Waldrop. Wharton. Adelphian Literary Society Officers FALL TERM T. L. Crosby.....................................................President C. L. RASOR..........................................Vice-President J. V. Z. I AYI.OR............................Senior Censor S. M. Ask INS. Jr..........................Secretary I'. M. LAWTON......................Treasurer SPRING TERM J. S. Ellf.nberg President J. W. Z. I'ayi.or J. M. Cherry E. J. Dennis Secretary C. 1.. Rasor .... Davis Jeffries. Jr. . Junior Censor C. I- Rasor miss Ellen Rasor Vice-President Pall Term Sponsor J. s. Ellenbi rg President Spring PermAdelphian Literary Society MEMBERS A. 1£. Adams. I:. J. Aiken. O. S. Aiken. S. M. Askins. Jr.. J. E. Austin. Jr.. G. W. Blackwell. W 1: Boone. S. I Callahan. S J. Camp J. M. Cherry. I I Crosby. S J. Decry. I:. J. Dennis. J. C Dew. J. B. Durant. J. S. Ellenbcrg. H. I . Terguson. W T. Tree. C. W. Gilstrap. W. H. Griffin. W. A Hunt A. H. Hurt. S. A. Ives. J. B. Jameson. H. G. Jarrard. J. M. Jarrard, V H. Jeffers, Davis Jeffries. Jr.. T. M. Lawton. G. T. Long. W. N. Long. W. W. Long. W. I; Merrill. I:. B. Morse. A. I:. OKellcy. Jr.. J. B. Parker. G. D. Powell. C. L. Rasor. G. I:. Rollings. G. L. Rutland. C. C. Sanders. J. T. Sanders. R R Scales. M. T. Sewell T. B. Siler. R. K. Taylor. Jr.. J. V. Taylor. J. B. Workman. Philosophian Literary Society Officers FALL TERM H. C. GATHINGS............................................President 'I . J. ANDERSON................................Vice-President I. W. BARBER. Jr...............................Secretary A. H. Gaskins........................'Treasurer A. L. GROSS . . . Corresponding Secretary F.. B. Thompson .... Critic SPRING TERM T. J. Anderson............................................President A. L. GROSS.....................................Vice-President E. W. Garrison.................................Secretary M. J. Rogers..........................'Treasurer E. A. Mooney . . Corresponding Secretary C. F. Davis................Critic J. H. McLean . . Marshal H. C. GATH!NOS President Pall Term miss Evelyn Snyder Sponsor T. J. ANDERSON Preudent Sprtna I ermPhilosophian Literary Society MEM D HRS T. C. Able. T. J. Anderson. L. J- Andrews. I. V. Barber. Jr.. J. C. L. Barnett. C- W Burts. R M Cain. A J. Casey H C. Gathings. C I Geddings. A. L. (iross. B. M Goldsmith. S. I'. Hardin. C. E. Hudson J. I Hughes. .1. R. Jackson. G. N. Jameson I:. R Lynch H A Marshall. J. II. McLean, h. A. Mooney. R. H Morse. J. A. Orr R. D. Pitman I rnest Pittman. H. S. Ray. M. J. Rogers. H. J. Rogers. W M. Satterfield. R. H. Shirey. D. M Simpson B. H Staggs. C. T Thompson. I B Lhompson. J R. Timmerman. Jr. W G. Wallace. E. I Whitman. J. M. Wingo. P. M Dunstan. W. J. Truluck. I:. W. Garrison. S. R Cain. C. V I aughridge. W H Jordan. A. H. Gaskins. C. L. Davis. M. V Schaible. J. V CookeCHARLES MANLY It COMO aRCSiocnr A.R MONTAGUE. THIRD I06NT THE FIRST BUP.OlNG ' t® 5 I uames Furman THE HEART Of THE CAMPUS 1927 BOa LDViN MCNEILL POTEAT FOURTH PROIM.NT WILLIAM JOSEPH fUGlOTHUN rirTH PMLJIOtNT j. 0 B B EXTRA! TKA OKA OAT ATE XBO KA g effliss Saluda Rgese Sponsor" Qhi IBeta 'Phi  Chi Beta Phi (Science) OFFICHRS V. E. MF.RRILl..........Vice-President H. C. G'ATHINGS . . Recording Secretary G. J. BRISTOW . Corresponding Secret art A. C. BOZARD.................Treasurer Members: A I: Adams. A. C. Bozard. G. J. Bristow, I.. M. Fallaw. J. L. Hughes. P. J. Phil-son. F. J. Putney. H. C. Gn things. V. H. Merrill. R. M Dacus. li. R. WATSON. President lop row: Adams. Bozard. Bristow, Fallaw. Hughes. Hot tom row: Phi Ison. Putney. Gathings. Merrill. Dacus.  Tau Kappa Alpha (Forensic) OHICKRS n. B. Thompson. President I. W. BARBER ... Secretary Treasurer Members: W. H. Arnold. I W. Barber. (. V. Bures. C. C Sanders. B. B. Thompson. .« ' fo r phl: Arnold. Barber. Burts Sanders. S$Yc Phi Kappa Delta Miss ADA HAMES l ow, sponsor OFFICERS Ci. C. TUTEN..............Vice-President H. A. V. V. I.ONVi. President I.OI-TIS . . . Secretary-Treasurer Members: I.. L. Carpenter. I K. Poole. H. W. Provence M. E. Duncan. C. I. Geddings. N. H. Henderson. R. A. Hodge. H. A. Lofiis. W. W Long. C. B. Price. G. C. Tuten. Top row: Carpenter. Poole. Provence. Duncan. Geddings. liottom row: Henderson. Hodge. Lofiis. Long. Price. Tuten Phi Delta Tau (Law) OFFICERS V. W. WILKINS..................Vice-President A. L. GROSS .... Secretary-Treasurer Members: J. W. Day. John Ritchie, rd. J. R. Babb. H. A. Beasley. C. E. Davis. E. J Dennis. P. C. Fant. A. L. Gross. A. L. Horne. S. M. Matthews. R. L. Mcares. H. P. Roberts. J. R. BABB. President S. L. Sellars. J. W. Vincent. W. W. Wilkins. Top rout: Beasley. Davis. Dennis. Fant. Gross. Bottom row': Horne. Matthews. Roberts. Sellars. Vincent. Wilkins.Delta Tau Epsilon (Law) Miss Frances Hamilton. Sponsor C. F. Davis. President OFFICERS J. F. Cl.ARKSON .... Vice-President P. M. CAMAK . . . Secretary-Treasurer Members: J. D. Potcat. V. H. Arnold. V. J. Barron. P. M. Caniak. J. F. Clarkson. J. H. Dew. G. W. Freeman. Jr.. A. H. Gaskins. J. E. Rhodes. R. M. Ward. J. W. Williams. Top rou.': Potcat. Arnold. Barron. Camak. Clarkson. bottom row: Dew. Freeman. Gaskins. Rhodes. Ward. Williams.Kappa Delta (Sociology) Roy Crosby. President Miss Anna Plrry Langston. Sponsor OFFICERS H. H. SUMMERLIN . Vice-President W. H. Rl-l-0 . . Secretary-Treasurer Members: R. C. Smith. I.. V. Cairnes. R. A. Hodge. W. A. Hum. E. M. Langley. L. M. Lawton. H. A. Loft is. li. A. Mooney. H. S. Ray. W. H. Reed. R. R. Scales. C. A Shands. J. H Shelley. S. M. Smith. C. H. Sullivan. H. H. Summerlin. E. B. Thompson. G. C. Tuten. Top rout: Smith. Cairncs. Hodge. Hunt. Langley. Lawton. Loftis. Mooney. Ray. Bottom rout: Reed. Scales. Shands. Shelley. Smith. Sullivan. Summerlin. Thompson. Tuten. Kappa Alpha Poundecl 1865 Number of Chapters 60 D. C Di Ml Ni G. R. EASI.l Y DAVID Gi l R Membership 16.752 192) AVu- Orleans. La. GEOROE FREEMAN, .18. licnnellsVille 950 . Greenville Greenville R Richardson . GEORGE WRIGl.nY, JR. Conivay Greenville 1931 M. B Hatcher . . Mat on. Ga. v J. F. CLARKSON . . . G. H. EDWARDS. JR. . PLEDGES . . Newberry R. H. MCPHERSON .... Greenville . . Greenville J. E TINDALL . . . Kenbridqe. Va.Kappa Alpha Top row: DcMcni, Freeman. Hasley. Geer. Middle row: Richardson. Wriglcy. Hatcher. Bottom row: Clarkson. Hd wards. McPherson.C. II. BUSH . C. W. Burts J. H. Dew . William Allen I: R. Bull . J. H. HALL . H. A. Harmon r. j. Hi ARON J. K. JONES . O. S. Aiken J. E. CATES . . J. C. Dew . . R. S. NEWMAN . L. B. Pipkins . Centaur FACULTY A. T. Ol)l:LI.........Liberty LAW . . . Liberty R. A. HARLEY . W. W. Wilkins..............Inman 1929 Barmcell Macon. Ga. JlM EASTERLING . . Latta J. W. WILLIAMS . 19-JO Greenville Springfield . Fort Valley, Ga. J. K. CASS .... . Greenville . . Greenville H. E. HUFF...................Greenville H. K. WILLIAMS. JR. , . Marion. Va. 1931 . . . Abbeville . Gaffney . Bishopvtlle . . Greenville H. a. Marshall . G. W. McMANAWAY Ernest southern R. P. wilder . . . . . . Lydia . . . Greenville Rogersyille, Term. . Woodruff PLEDGES . . . Florence Eufaula. Ohla. . . . . Latta . . Neufnan, Ga. . Eufaula. Okla. J. E. KING . . R. D. PITMAN . E. L. STEWART . I.. H. Trawler M. v. Wells . H. p. Willimon . Orangeburg . Neivnan. Go. . Slraivn. Texas Lampasas, Texas . Eufaula. Okla. . . GreenvilleCentaur Top row: Odell. Bures. Bush. J. H. Dew. Easterling. Second row: Wilkins. J. W. Williams. Allen. Bull. Cass. Harley. Third row: Huff. Hall. Harmon. Hcaron. Jones, Marshall. Bottom row: Wilder. H. K. Williams. J. C. Dew. Southern. Trawcck. Willimon. Delta Sigma mill l-T- FACULTY A. P. MCLEOD.......................Greenville 1929 W. J. Barron . . . Morristown. Tenn. J. C. KEYS. JR Greenville R. M. Dacus . . . c. F. Davis . . . . Morristown. Tenn. V. A. SMITH Fairfax 1930 l W. NOE . . . . Morristown, Venn. C. A. OWENS Monroe. Ga. 931 J. n. AUSTIN. JR. . . . Jellico. Tenn. L. 1. JAMES Greer S. J. DEERY . . . . . Spartanburg ROBERT MILLER. JR. . Covington. Tenn. I;. L. GILLESPIE . . . Franklin. Kg. S. I . RICHEY .... Carteret, S'. J. A. J. Hurt . . . PLEDGES W. M. Abrams . . . Hinton. W. Va. R. L. BURNETTE . . Wilmington. N. C. J. H. Bailey . . Greer J. E. LIPSCOMB Greenville G. T. BLACKWELL , . . Spartanburg G. T. PEARSON . . . Fort F.ustis. Va. W. L. BURKHEIMER . Wilmington. S'. C. W. S. WOOD . . . Newport News. Va.Delta Sigma Top rote: Barron. Dactis. Davis. Keys. Roberts. Smith. Second rote: Noe. Owens Austin. Abrams. Decry. Gillespie. Third row: James. Miller. Ritchie. I id well. Wood. Bailey. Ilotlom rote: Blackmon. Burkheimer. Burnette. Hurt. Lipscomb. Pearson. Black Cats W. G. CALE . W. W. CONI.0 . 929 Hendersonville, N. C. J. V. GRADY. JR...........................Greenville . Monroe. N. C. J. Q. MAHAFFEY. Jr. . Texarkana. Texas J. H. MCGLOTIILIN Greenville C. L. MCEACHERX 930 fountain Inn C. C. SANDERS. JR. . . . Spartanburg 931 J s. McGee Honea Path W. T. WALTER . . . Greer E. L. Williams . Charleston PLEDGE F. V. FREE...........BambergTop rout: Calc. Coble. Grady. McGlothlin. Middle rote: Mahaffey. McHachcrn. Sanders McGee. Bottom row: Walker. Williams. l:rcc.Sigma Phi Delta FACULTY D. H. CilI.PATRICK .... Greenville 1929 H. W. CAPPS.....................Florence G. D. POWELl.............Monroe. N. C. H. C GATHINGS . . . Greensboro. N. C. J. H. SHELLEY..................Hartsville Q. E. GREGORY..................Kershau' G. P. SOUTHERN.................Greenville .J. I.. HEATON...............Reevesville J. W. VINCENT....................Hampton M. A. KAY. JR..............Honea Path P. R.. WATSON............................C heroic 1930 J. S. EDWARDS . . . Demopolis. Ala. W. P. WRIGHT..............Greenville 1931 j. I.. Chisolm.............Vamvillc T. D. Wakefield .... Greenville j. B. Jefferies...............Gaffney PLEDGES R. A. BROWN..................Greenville E. C. HOLMES . . El Campo. Texas M. H. CALHOUN................Allendale W. I.. MILLER..................Greenville O. W. CALLAHAN .... Greenville J. K. OHLSEN . . . Wilmington. N. C. M. W. GRUBBS....................Belton JACK WILLIS...............GreenvilleSigma Phi Delta Top row: Gilpatrick. Capps. Fulton. Ga things. Gregory. Second row: Heaton. Kay. Powell. Shelley. Southern. Third row: Vincent. Watson. Edwards. Wright. Jeffries. Wakefield. Hot I on) row: Brown. Callahan. Calhoun. Chisolm. Holmes. Miller. Sigma Nu Sigma FACULTY C. D. Riddle.........Greenville 929 F, E. Washington . S. M. Askins. Jr. . S. E. Cali ah an . Nashville. Tenn. . . . Lake City . . . Greenville T. L. Crosby . w. R. Ellis . . H H. Summerlin 930 !. W. Barber . A. C. BOZARD J. P. Brothers Mt. Airy. jV. C. . Orangeburg . . Florence W. A. Hunt . . I . A. Mooney. Jr. I:. B. Thompson . 931 A. E. Adams . . Greenwood E C. JACKSON Jack Barfield J. D. Casey . W. H. Jeffers J. H. Mcl.l AN Nor field. Miss. . . Furman . Hock Hell . Greenville . . Sumter . Laurens Manchester. Ga. PLEDGES . Greenville J. B. PARKER.................McColl Henagar. Ala. URBAN PATILLO. JR...........Florence . . Florence T. S. POTTER...............Florence . Aiken E. T. WHITMAN . . . Mt. Airy. N. C. [ffrV5.flSigma Nu Sigma Top row: Riddle. Asking. Callahan. Crosby. Ellis. Second row: Summerlin. Washington. Barber. Bozard. Brothers. Third rou.': Hunt. Mooney. Thompson. Adams. Jackson. Jeffers. Bottom row: Casey. McLean. Parker. Patillo. Potter. Whitman. Phi Pi Sigma FACULTY C. V. BiSHOP . . . . . Greenville 1929 P. C. PANT . ...........Hastey S. C. MATTHIWS . ... Newberry M. J. Rogers . . . J. H YOUNG . . . Tulsa, Ohla Greenwood 1930 W. H. Arnold . . . . . Woodruff R. A. Crawford • . . De Land, Fla. J. P. Brock . . B. M. Lipscomb . . . . Ninety Six B. H. Clary . . Gaffney J. I . RHODES . . Estill R R. Scales . . Greenville 1931 J. A. Harris..............Leon. Iowa W. A. Good ale Camden Q. M. Rhodes PLEDGES Darlinulon P. M. ROGERS MtColl Top roiv: J:ant. Matthews. Rogers. Second ron': Young. Arnold. Brock. Clary. Third rote: Crawford. Lipscomb. Rhodes. Scales. Bottom rote: Harris. Goodale Rhodes. Rogers.r' ■ - ■ faW Pi Kappa J. M. Cherry . J. S. ELLENBERG FACULTY R. !!. TAYLOR.........Greenville LAW s. i„. Sellars............Pauim? 1929 . . Survicr W. I.. POWER . Greenwood V D. RlCKENBAKER B A. ROGERS .... Lake View 1930 J L. FARRIS .... Shelby. S'. C. 1931 Laurens Cameron J. I.. BEACH Cherryville. S'. C. W. W HARRISON . Lavoma. Ga. K. C. BEASON . . . . Greenville W. C. Kendrick . Cherryville. S'. C. l'V rl »v«. H. B. Geiger . . Greenville .] B. Workman. Jr. . . Ware Shoals L. I.. BENSON T. B. Siler . PLEDGES . . Taylors J. J. WHITE . . Jellico. Tenn. H. 1. WHITWORTH . A. J W’VSONG .... Greenville . Fountain Inn . . . Greenville Pi Kappa Top row: Taylor. Cherry. I'llcnbcrg. Kelley. Power. Second row. Rickcnbakcr. Rogers. Sellars. Parris. Beason. Third row: Beach Geiger. Harrison. Kendrick, White. Bottom row: Workman. Benson. Siler. Whitworth. Wysong.  Psi Chi FACULTY H. H. GARDNER.......Greenville 1929 C. T. BALDWIN . . Orangeburg T. M. LAWTON . ... Greenville T. B. CLARKSON. JR............Gaffney A. C. SHERWOOD . . . Erwin. Tenn. E. W. Garrison . . . liradenton. Via. J. V. Z. Taylor . . Little Rock. Ark. 1930 S. M. Smith.............Greenwood 1931 L. J. ANDREWS................McCormick H. L. BOVTER.............Woodruff J. R. Timmerman. Jr. . . . Edgefield c. n. Davis . J. L. Hughes . l- G. Kendrick PLEDGES Charlotte. N. C. D. M. SIMPSOS . . . Greer J. F. WEATHERS . . . Greer CARL WRIGHT . . . . . Greer Forest City. iV. C. . ftoaz. Ala.Psi Chi Top rou : Baldwin. Clarkson. Davis. Garrison. Second rou : Lawton. Sherwood. Taylor. Boy ter. 'I hied rou,': Smith. Andrews. Jameson. Timmerman. Bottom row: Kendrick. Simpson. Weathers. Wright. Owls GRADUATE MEMBER P. J. PM1LSGN......Cali my Orangeburg . Piedmont Chesnee Greenville . Orangeburg . Springfield mo T. G. Bonnette . . C. G. Burriss .... H. S. McKinney . . . F. M. Osteen . G C. Rollings . . H. .1. Smith . 1951 J. B. Major.................Pei .er PLEDGES J. C. able . . ... Lce ciile F. J. AIKEN ... . Greenville T A. Carson . . . Saluda R. H. PliDEN . Fountain InnOwls Top row: Philson. Rolen. Bonnette. Burris. Middle row: McKinney. Osteen. Rollins. Smith. Bottom ron'; Major. Able. Aiken. Carson. Petlci. Pan-Hellenic Council C. T. Baldwin.............P-i Chi C. Ci. Bi'RRISS. jr.............Owl V. W. COBLE............Pluck Cam J. H. DEW...................Centaur J. S. OLLENBERG..................Pi Kappa I-'. W. Not.............Delta Sigma M. J. ROGERS..........Phi Pi Sigma J. H. SHELLEY . . . Stgma Phi Delta !•. B. THOMPSON . . Sigma Nu Sigma V. W CO BIT. GEORGE WRIGLEY. JR. . . Kappa Alpha President I'op rote: Dow. Baldwin. Burris. Ellcnbcrg. Bottom row Rogers. Noe. Shelley. Thompson. Wriglcy. Characteristic Seniors Ha rrow VvErf Com x n .Yi!ntrs:' Chaeue PvET5 $ « capable BUFFALO MaHAFFEY bfg ttf s ieih Jim 5hKu.ey bfyyesf buffer ;5on Powku, raw ; we? Walt Bennett • buy eM bum  Characteristic Seniors bvFKAU) MAHAFFKY 1 cf'Owes: Fcamk Davis mast iiih eth" 3ili. Cai.E wittiest Gkaeui: vp:rj bes aftdTZX fict Jin Kasthrunci most business tike L;-:wis £asou mast popu str y The Parade" of192 5: important looking profs, black-robed seniors, with insignificant under' classmen trailing in the dust."Off‘Moments'.’ Tta'Hairless’’ Borron, lanky George, —Aw You know ’em.Vermin today, ermine to-morrow." Rat day with a 5nap or two of the Soph.-Hat color scrapThose who wear the sacred P must pay and. How !Scene about the campus: the falls Old Fur man” the doughboy, the tower, and in the distance town. And then winter comes j icy wituls, flaky .snow, .silence ,......Snowballs, sore arm 3, wet feet, si ush 1k Here, there — everywhere. A future Mar, a covey of blackbirds, the pompous drum major - G1RL5! And in these dens dwell the "Knights of the Protherhood"Down the main street, through the 5enior gift," up the hill to the tower, Montague, the gym, McGee, and Manly field as it will look on. next Thanksgiving day — Page Mr Gee,e—■— ---------------- — PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS LIST OF ADVERTISERS Belk-Simpson Co. Merchants Wholesale Grocery Co. Chas. M. Britt Co. New York Shoe Shine Parlor Bush-Krebs Observer Printing Co. Carolina Theater Patton, Tillman Bruce Coker College Pearce-Young-Angel Co. W. P. Dowling Pioneer Life Insurance Co. Duke Sandwich Co. J. A. Piper Roofing Co. Eckerd’s Piedmont Dairy Efird’s Piedmont Lumber Co. Foote Davies Co. Poe Hardware Supply Co. Furman University Provence, Peace Martin Furman Lunch Simpson's Garage Gallivan Construction Co. J. E. Sirrine Co. W. T. Grant Co. Southeastern Life Insurance Co. Greenville Ice Cream Co. Southern Baptist Theological Greenville Woman's College Seminary Hale’s James Chevrolet Co. J. 0. Jones Co. Keys Printing Co. S. H. Kress Co. Lipscomb-Russell Co. Southern Public Utilities Co. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Southern Teachers’ Agency Stewart-Merritt Co. Livingston Co. L. H. Stringer Jones McAfee Co. Thomas Howard Co. Meyers-Arnold Co. Albert T. Vaughn, Inc. FURMAN UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Courses are offered leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Bachelor of Laws (LL.IL). Able Faculty, Beautiful Campus, Healthful Climate, Moderate Expenses, Excellent Buildings and Equipment, Central Heating Plant, Unrivaled Athletic Field, Gymnasium with Swimming Pool, Library Specially Endowed, with Trained Librarian. SIX OR TWELVE WEEKS' SUMMER SESSION. FOR CAT A LOCI I- ADDRESS W. J. McGLOTHUN, Ph.D., D.D., LL.I)., President. tt'lo e liStRVIC J. E. Sirrine Company ENGINEERS Greenville, S. C. At Home or At The Fountain BE SURE IT S GREENVILLE ICE CREAM m Greenville Ice Cream Company Phone 2238 711 W. Washington Street Greenville, S. C. GALLIVAN CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Greenville, S. C. 77 . n t LP J. 0. JONES COMPANY ‘•FURMAN HEADQUARTERS OVERTOWN” Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothes Florsheim Shoes Nettleton Shoes Manhattan and Enro Shirts Hats and Furnishings A BIG QUESTION One of the biggest questions before every college man is: “What shall my life work be?” You may do well to consider our line. Life insurance is the biggest business in the work! and one of the best. Pioneer Life Insurance Company 16 Floor Woodside Building Greenville, S. C. S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25 CENT STORE X= 0 07 RELIABILITY IN TRICE AM) SERVICE IS THE FIRST PRINCIPLE OF 01 R ORGANIZATION FOUNDED 1856 HALE’S Jewelers Diamond Merchants Silversmiths ■■WHAT WE SAY IT IS, IT IS” Sole Agents For New Standard Class Rings tiLO New York Shoe Shine Parlor Hats Cleaned and Blocked Cor. Washington and Main Sts. Greenville, S. C. The Observer Printing Co. 33 West Me Bee Avenue Phone .’1237 Greenville. S. C. “The Best in Printing Quality and Prices" I). W. Ilioit, .1. B, Southern. Owners -lust as a man's greatest and most lasting success in business comes when he begins at tin bottom and works tip. so his business in improving his personal appearance conies when lie begins at the foot. PRICED FROM $5.00 TO $14.50 PATTON, TILLMAN AND BRUCE Shoes and Hosiery of the Better Kind Merchants Wholesale Grocery Co. Wholesale Fruits, Produce and Grocer Specialties Phone 1037 Greenville. S. C. TEACHERS WANTED We especially need first grade, seventh grade, science, combined with athletics, modern languages, domestic science, penmanship and drawing. We invite correspondence from all well prepared teachers. Continuous registrations. Four offices. Southern Teachers’ Agency Columbia. S. C. Chattanooga. Tenn. Richmond. Va. Louisville. Ky. Livingston Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS P. X. WAREHOUSE Phones: 678-679 Box 1005 77 ECKERD’S CUT RATE DRUG STORE Southwestern —-----------------------------------------—= DISTINCTIVE 1. Men uml Women Trained. 2. Strong Course for Preachers. 3. Trains Religious Education Directors. I. Train? Sacred Music Leaders. 5. Trains Mission Workers. 6. No Tuition—Low Living Cost. 7. Great Opportunity for Church Work. 3. Delightful. Healthful Climate. 9. Wonderful Evangelistic Spirit. —W K I T E — L. R. Scarborough, D.D., LL.D., . . . Seminary Hill, Texas Vitaphone and Movietone The Talking Pictures CAROLINA ONE OK TIIE ITBEIX PEARCE - YOUNG - ANGEL COMPANY Wholesale Baptist Theological Seminary NEXT SESSION OPENS SEPTEMBER ♦ ♦ COM E College Men and Women arc cordially received at “Southwestern." The big majority are college trained and they represent many nationalities and all sections of I'nited States. Here is an excellent blending of scholarship and evangelism under a world-wide co-operative program of Kingdom building. THEATRES Home of Paramount Pictures FRUIT AND PRODUCE Also Large Distributors Chas. M. Britt Co. WHOLESALE BROKERS —of— DRIED BRASS AM) EV A BOR A TED ERL ITS Greenville, S. G. 31."» W. Washington Street S86 PHONES 887 ‘ To hold as (were the mirror up to nature" is the art of the portraitist. WM. PRESTON DOWLING TS recognized as an exponent of the best in por-traiture, having successfully served the leading men and women—those holding the highest positions in government, church, slate, education and society. The reproductions of child life made by MU. DOW ld. (i have brought praise and many commissions from the foremost families of culture and wealth of this country and Europe. ATELIER: ;REEN ILLE, S. C.Qiii .-- - —■ - - %-i - KEYS PRINTING COMPANY G«tabls»hc l 1869 GREENVILLE. S. C. oik MOTTO W. T. Grant Co. ‘ Cleanliness, Quality, Department Stores Service and Courtesy" Known for Values Furman Lunch Your Patronage Appreciated (You own i.rxrn room) Main at Coffee Streets L. H. Stringer Druggist A Good Line of Stationery and School Supplies Agents for ATERMVN'S FOl M i PENS tND WHITMAN'S FINE CANDIES II e$l End Drug Slorr Men's $2.00 Imported Broadcloth Shirts Belk-Simpson Co. 3 S for 5 : 7j err?7 - ■ « ; b’’ n COKER COLLEGE A COLLEGE OF DISTINCTION I LEY accredited liberal arts college with Christian ideals dominant. Attractive provisions for the happiness and symmetrical development of the individual. Stimulating scholastic program. Distinguished record of student honors and achievement. Students from 14 states and 43 of the 46 counties in South Carolina. Reservations should he made now. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE —and— BOOK OF REVIEWS CARLYLE CAMPBELL l R ESI DEN T II ARTSY I ELK. SOUTH CAROLINA - - —---------- ' ="n bWHERE Genuine Scholarship and Spirituality World-wide Christian Fellowship Natural Beauty and Architectural Charm Evangelistic Fervor and Missionary Zeal Comprehensiveness of Curriculum Progressive Orthodoxy and Love of Truth Practical Work and Pastoral Opportunity Central and Accessible Location BID CALLED-MEN A CHALLENGING WELCOME THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY JOHN R. SAMPEY, Acting-President LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY Hardware Finishing Hardware Mill Supplies Radios : Sporting Goods Agents for Spalding’s and Kawling’s POE HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. 108 South Main Street GREENVILLE, S. C. I . (). Box f o 5 Pho li e 14 Fashionable Gifts for Smart College Hoys to 'resent Fashionable ) oung t.cdies Albert T. Vaughn, Inc. -if ruir I mi Greenville, S. C. High Standard : Moderate Prices Jones McAfee Co. Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Day and Night 210 V. A[cBee Avenue Greenville. S. C. Phone 91 bGREENVILLE WOMANS COLLEGE GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 1820-1929 A COLLEGE OF HIGH GRADES—Standard college courses leading to A.B.. B.S.. and B.Mus., and diplomas in Expression and Public School Music. Standard equipment throughout all college departments. All professors hold degrees from standard colleges ami universities. EXCELLENT FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT A complete Fine Arts Department with strong Piano. Voice. Violin, Organ and Expression courses. Teachers have received first class training and have had successful teaching experience. ERADI ATES Students holding A.B. and B.X. degrees from Greenville Womans College have been given full credit for their work in the highest institutions in the country and receive their Master’s degree in the minimum time. Among the institutions whieh have granted this credit are the Universities of Columbia, Cornell. Chicago. Arizona. Pittsburgh and California. Graduates in the Fine Arts Department receive equally as good recognition. Highest grade teachers’ certificates granted in South Carolina and other states. LOCATION—In the historic city of Greenville and in full view of the Blue Ridge Mountains; mild and bracing climate the year round. Health record unsurpassed; best cultural advantages afforded; easily accessible to many families residing in Greenville and surrounding country. For Catalogue or Further Information Write PRESIDENT DAVII) M. RAMSAY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA James Chevrolet Company Sales and Service ullO THE OUTSTANDING CHEVROLET SIX Greenville, South Carolina I woke to look upon a faro, silent, white and cold. friends, the agony that I felt can never he told. We've lived together for a year. Too soon it seemed to me to see those gentle hands outstretched and still that toiled so hard for me. GREENVILLE'S GREA LEST SOUTH CAROLINA'S GRANDEST g?T.'lT»?i,T sroTFl s.h3jj nc. tOftr CH oomtinc Mttcnwint. ( Tr ecnfcilU. S’.jC. My waking thoughts had been of one Who now to sleep had dropped— ) friends, ’twas hard to realize —My lngersoil had stopped. A father told his son who was leaving for college that ,,e Women and Song were the three Great Evils—-the young sprout stopped singing. r:b§25 .; — FURMAN TRAINED 1 A number of our officers and many of our most successful firldmen are Furman graduates. We have room for more like them with the Company that leads all companies in amount of ordinary insurance written in South Carolina. Southeastern Life Insurance Company Organized 1905 C. O. Milford. President : Greenville. South Carolina Old Line Insurance with low cost GUARANTEED not estimated. EFIRD ’S Greenville's Fastest Griming Department Starr The Economical Place to Buy Men’s and Boys' Furnishings, Clothing, Shoes, Etc. Always Something New Phones: 2851 3096 Simpson’s Garage U-Drive-It Storage and Service Station OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Largest uln Storage House in South Carolina Cor. E. McBcc and Spring Streets Fireproof and Steam Heated liuHdinp J. A. Piper Roofing Co. Thomas Howard Co. Incorporated Everything in Sheet Metal, WHOLESALE Fire-Resisting Roofs GROCERS Court and River Streets Greenville, S. C. Greenville, S. C. 10 AT — YK HAVE Kl KMSHED grade A milk to DUKE’S SANDWICHES Furman for more than five years. We Always Fresh appreciate this business, and we are glad to know that the mighty Purple Duke Sandwich Co. Hurricane thrives on our milk. Greenville, S. C. The Piedmont Dairy MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED E. E. Chapman, Proprietor 7 '------------------------------------------------------------------------- — ------Steadily increasing rolurne, low 91 customer - mortality, and growing customer confidence trove that we do deliver—consistently ? ? wo.s for each dollar spent — - «=SS BKSWW I NCORPORATEO Qrccnvillc.SC. “YOU CANT GET MOKE THAN YOU PAY FOR” ASK FOR— EL PRODUCTO CIGARS FOR REAL KNJOYMENT Lipscomb-Russell Co. In business more than fifty years Stewart-Merritt Co. MICHAELS-STERN CLOTHES R. II. Stewart and Tandy Jones. Proprietors Education is the realization of modern conveniences, whether they be conveniences of knowledge or conveniences of living ELECTRICITY, that most modern convenience, provides us a better mode of living SOUTHERN PUBLIC UTILITIES CO. “Elect ticity— The Scr ran t in Tltc Home" PIEDMONT LUMPER COMPANY BRICK LIME AND CEMENT LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL FLOORING. ( FILING. SIDING. SHINGLES. LATHS AND DIMENSION STOCK OF ALL KINDS Phones: 324 and 325 Greenville. South Carolina A Scotchman was arrested the other day for walking down the street naked—he was on his way to a strip poker party. tko door of the bobber Annual i3uilder'- FOOTf c DAVIf S ATLANTA’ERE WE PART. Thank Heaven! This is one time a woman won't have the last word. We couldn’t run everybody’s mug a dozen times so quite naturally there will be some criticism about the 1929 Bonhomie. That will be wonderful, for it will show that there is at least someone interested enough to glance through it. But rave on (). Critic. The only reward for your trouble will be a raucous horse laugh from the worn out editor. And now, in the most casual way possible may I express my appreciation to those who have helped me either consciously or unconsciously. 1. Foote Davies Printing Co.—Especially Mr. Earl Sanders and Mr. Clayton Webb. 2. Bush-Krebs Engraving Co.—Including “Cym" Crouch. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Preston Dowling. 4. Myself. 5. My roommate—he has borne up well under the strain of listening to the mad mutterings of an often frantic editor. 6. Those who have not hindered me. 7. Myself again. 8. The Business Manager and those associate editors whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. And finally, you, gentle reader, I want to thank you for purchasing this book so that I can afford second-hand toothpicks and worn out B. V. D.’s. all the rest of my life. —Jim Hasten ling.

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