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 - Class of 1926

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svff,!."-Hifi, 9" ' .-. Qt X my ff K fmfhy 3- M ?f'Q'ff J.-f was ff 1 . N - 'U is ' ' " F MYKSZRFI, f - . -ir-Andq. if Q 1- ' A M '-!1Y'j' N' "T. V1 . ,fg'x?4-T ...,. . ir' " 5,555-..'-iv!! jj A 3 1:'i?1:.Q5?',.:'.1, ' .lf 'Em 1 A ... i ' "l" ' f ' f W .lf hr' 1:1 F, 4 , ., A 4 ,V 'il' .N.,,.44f4ug: . ' ., A SQ' A ' . 2.51. ,."'v-.1-""uQ 5 Xi s. 1,67 K Q 4.1 X .5 J, "'-7-'QI Qiilgfff V 5 1439! -' XF 7: my J M Hicks 35 Mit Edztor Kxti "NX mx xx 7 Q Fx, 'mv' J S WALKER V P' 1 f" 'VZ' R fi? sf LJ N V X -35 -fm A 0 'X Q Y X E .C-'S' .4 xfffuxx amz., . .,'.Ql?3.'.' k ,-:TW if-2-jf ,!q b 'QW ',-3. r, , , 5 - , x ' ht- , 1 v'-f .. s. ,, NJ., j ., .aff ' I .Q qs .3 t rt ,Q N it fr I I ,,,, I h-I X Z' if'YQ'.f: I " W .lk V L 'iff ffl! A KK '1 ' -'eil V R, ,' A,,., . . x .5 in . ff' -1 3 if 1'- 1-, Busmess Managcz' I ' af :.,,: 15' .N I "" ' .g'Q-"Ei 7 " - . ' ' C' E P Avy' , K ,J M "f' .."5 .I We x g I , ' QESYQ, 'ff' 2 Q ,K 'Ki 1 g - M 1 1, ' 'x , t '57 A' ff b. 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Y- , ,Y , -. 4 Q x I K MQ, Q. f Zig 1 1 L 1 4 X , 1 l 5 1 4 4 i I .J in Jqlma Jifaler ,WWA X i lho MOL1ntz1in'CiLy is hun' immi, 1,1 N mountain 1-iv:-1' hives ha-1' fm-tl QS' ut from fm' coasts hm' c:l1ihl1'v11 vruluv, Q, Q.: Xml 4-town hot' brow with ilowvr: " " Swim-tg a And 'ni-nth hm-1' shzmdu thi-y ri-st sv- cure, And ilriuk from wisdonfs flilllltiliil puns, And rzxlly, loyal sims mul iruv, 'Round our dual' Alum Mzitur. ship oi' royal marks- is she, And 1u'ing','s hier liwzisixm Hum ilirilf, Ilvr truth it is that nlalws us 1'1'vu, Xnrl shines hm' hvzicmi likv a Stzxr. 'Twus I-'un-mu11's lmml Llml lziid hwx' In-1-l, Ami Judson set hm' ribs ol' stu-lg Thu I'12ll1'l61'S, 11l'ilyk'l'fLi1 for our we-ul, Launvhi-d our dval Alma Muti-l'. mothm' guntlu, fair, and wisv, 'U -Xml fl','l'ZLV1f with wi-ight uf sturiiui lore, Shi- gn-m-ts us with lux'e's 1-zidizmi 1-vos nd chains our 11L'Zl1'tS l'1v1'evi-rnml'--. Old Furman! g1'z1tv1'111 sons 1111- wl- Our lovv, OLII' livvs wi- gixw to thu-: XVe'1l keep 1':iith's vow to sn-rve but thou, Our own ds-zu' Alma Mntvx: QEIDXVIN M. POTEAT. Fl-I LT. TH E BELL TOVVER THE ADIXIINISTRATION B UILDING TH E LIBRARY TH IE REFECTORY J LIJSON ALUMNI HALL RICHARD FURMAN HALI JAMES C. FURMAN HALL OF SCIENCE JOHN XXI. GEER HALL "Y " , w TH E GYMNASIUM 1322 2:13-- , THE QIQRYXRY A' 1 1.7. V CHARLES S. VVEIIB NIEBIORI,-XI. INFIRMARY if 2, W REEDY RIVER Historical Slcetch 1 82 6-I 926 E- HF history of our noble University may well be likened to that of a Royal Ship, K5-IFS built by Royal hands a11d for all time manned by Royal men. Si11ce the be- ginning when Dr. james C. Furman laid the keel of our good ship, and Dr. Charles H. Judson set her ribs of steel, has Furman plowed her way through many a turbulent sea, and from an o'erwhelming power of destruction and complete oblitera- tion has emerged victorious to display her Beacon as a Star high in the Heavens, one to which thy sons, Dear Alma lNIater, may pledge their sacred vow. The resolution of the Baptist State Convention establishing the institution was adopted in December, 1825. The piece of property on which it stood at Edgefield was deeded to the State Convention March 17, 1826, and the institution opened January 15, 1827, at Edgefield, as "The Furman Academy and Theological Institution." After a year and a half in Edgefield, it was moved to the High Hills of Santee, where it re- mained till 1834. It was suspended for the two years, 1835-36, and subsequent efforts resumed i11 February, 1837, resulted in the opening of a lVIanual Labor Classical School on a large tract of land four miles south of Winnsboro. The Theological Department began again in 1838. Theological instruction was given from its foundation to 1859, when the Theolog- ical Department became the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. There was an academic department during the period at Edgefield and again during the first two years at VVinnsboro. This work was resumed on the removal to Greenville. Some academic training was given to the ministerial students throughout the period, but others than theological students were not accepted for most of the years before the removal to Greenville in 1851, when it was re-chartered as The Furman University. Fifty-nine acres were purchased at first, but a part was afterwards disposed of. In 1852 the College of Liberal Arts began its work. Four years after the University was opened, the Treasurer, C. H. Judson, reported to the Convention that 543,500 had been spent for buildings and improvement of grounds, 31,000 for purchase of real estate, 53,825 for interest and exchange, 333,300 for Library, and 537,000 for salaries of instructors and agents. In 1859 the Theological Department, under James P. Boyce, grew into the South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary with John A. Broadus, Basil lN'Ianly, and VVilliam VVilliams completing the famous quartet as Professors. In this year, 1859, Dr. Fur- man became President of the University, and served in that capacity till 1879, as Chair- man of the Faculty till 1881, and as Professor of Moral Philosophy till his death, in 1891. Dr. Charles lN'Ianly succeeded to the Presidency in 1881 and held that position till 1897. The period from 1865 to 1885 was a period of precarious struggle. At its be- 23 of J IIGPP- Nb fx 1 tgflqig'-xp-' .1 Q E lllggg ' it .44-Q iw . O 1 Z ' 3 .3 , E f E11 Af 1-1 'ii 'FS . .,, 05 . I Q' Q29 ru' .M 0 IM Q.. It I a I., . I HA, Q. M, , A in gn was , 1 We A 4-XM , b u gg 5 ,n-I-:sq 'oe-vi' .. . . .C 1115.656 f X r iifkanvilsf ,f-6,4 'fail elm? ' ' H il ,Q i -Q,. BONHOMIE 0 .1 A 'P AW T i -T H l 1 'bel' ginning the University was stripped of everything but the campus, the main building and several thousand dollars held for ministerial education, and it was only in 1885 and 1886 when, by the successful agency of R. H. Griffith, a considerable endowment fund was raised, that the institution breathed freely again. In 1897 Dr. A. P. Montague became President, and during his incumbency of five years the Alumni Hall, Fitting School, and lliontague Hall were built. Dr. E. M. Poteat succeeded Dr. Montague in November, 1903. In the same year, under the agency of Rev. Joel I. Allen, subscriptions to the amount of SI25,000 were secured for endowment. In March, 1905, Mr. Andrew Carnegie proposed to give SI5,000 for a Library Building, on condition that 515,000 be raised as an endowment for the Library. This condition was met by Dr. Judson, who created the Charles H. Judson Endowment Fund for the Library. Dr. Judson died January 12, 1907, in his 87th year, after having served the Uni- versity in various capacities, Professor, Treasurer, Acting President, Dean, for fifty-six years. In recognition of his eminence as a mathematician and teacher, shortly before his death, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement 'of Teaching granted him a pension of one thousand dollars per annum. In his last will and testament Dr. Judson made the Library Endowment Fund residuary legatee of his estate. The University is now under the Presidency of Dr. VV. sl. llfIcGlothlin, under whose guidance giant strides have been taken. The growth, which had been steady and con- tinuous for many years was greatly stimulated by the Seventy-five lVIillion Campaign. The student body and the faculty have been more than doubled during these years, de- partments of Education and of Law have been established, and the resources of the institution in buildings, equipment and endowment have been greatly increased. 24 JO 'CQ G'-QT' 92 'ww EOJTFP "' gg dank ' mw1D""'lftnfof!va1-an ' A Vlbnv D Ao A . ---rf' 9 5,1 t c .V F 1 zz 'A www . A, .M A fltanifgll 1 , f . BoNffOMzE 1'5Q6 5' I . -. 15 ...Tp h P A 50 5 U . ,Q-A U Q 8 ay- Q , ,,. . mf Q CHARLES HALLETTE JUDSGN. LL. D. APRH. 20,1820 " JANUAFlY12,1907 ---. PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS 1851-1907 A workman that 110611011 not fo Ill' ll5ll!lll1!'I1-- CHARI.ES H. -IUIJSON Reprfsentirzg Favulty 25 as 47"-Xgfdf' V 1' TNVW 5 1 9 sv - ,Q 7-'A f 1 - , 1 ', .'- ' ' -,g,:w M2 . b : Q.. 3- BONHOMIE 1926 Q9 103 'f'J '5Q4, 'J 9:q'f4fdfZ9 7q:'Za 1m,f1fQ W ,fWM,,,.m ,4 Q, Y " - -N 51,1 4 S aul' J r -4 -- W Q.f,x,2,,a,,:3,1zMi,ee QM, K ,, W,,,w ,QW . l . I . jg -H M V ' 'lu av" 1 ' r 0 VVll,l,IAM JOSIQPII Mcc3I.0'1'l11,IN, Im.D., 13.11, I.I..D. PI'1'.fizfz'IIl 26 M- 1-:7iF'w'?'-:f1v'rr"frw"1"-r'f"7f,.- f?p1 f-W 27F'w:1 n X AA wfa-rf, -ff 0---f 'MQ""Wf' 'mmtf f-m'17'1-"" 1'ft'4Yfj W ' ,dlx,,.f,.,,..,gQi,QE' Q, f,,,,g3 W., , M ,:'f..,,, ,hvk. A-L.lx,,,f,,M Q,,,,,,,,5,ci M, KASQQQQ' f Ai iig,g:n ,. .., Vwggugs-'img' i ., , .., . ,. if mtvm 5 5 Q' . wi ' 6 4 4 M USP' -XV if L 41112415 . ,,- ' ' H--I, , A w'lIl!'j I X J Q O 4 Faculty Q NIARSHALL IDELPH EARLE, M.A. l'rof4's5or of fvlllfllflllllfifi 0 SIDNEY ERNEST HRADSH.-XXV, M.A., PH.D. Profexwor of Modvrn l,anguag1'.r HIDEN Tm' Cox, KA. Profvssor of Pllyxifs OR1.1N O'1"1'.xmN 1"1,E'1'cuER, M.A., D.D. Profexsor of Plzilosoplly and Sofia! Sfimm CEEORCE AI,l2X1XNIJliR B UIST, M.S. Profwssor of Clzvmistry HERBERT VVINSTON PRUVENCE, BLA., TH.D. 1'rofrssor of Christianity 1 W i 27 'Y' vf 'f""ff"v'W3T""'w'f JOY-7' lm, l 1 50058 , ge twi g. ii.. ,W , , , .. , . 7 - n I OC A .meai CN if Q5 t "W,-:sf fa JDJ- . A R A A f S 2,-5 H 6 -3? II' K, M 3, Faculty f V JOHN SCOTT 1x1URRAY, M.A., LL.U. l'rofz's.for of .'17ll'il'Ilf Languagrs , vi' 225 ff 11 ROBERT NfJRh1AN DAN1El,, M.A., PH.M. Proffxvsor of English FRANCIS PIZNIJLETON fjvAlNI?S, RIA. I PH.D. Pl'0fI'550f of English SIETH Sum-ARO MCKAY, M.A., PH.U. Profrymr of llisfory IUANIIZI, JAMES BLOCKER, MA., DD. Proffsmr of Plzifoyoplzy HARRY HENDERSON CLARK, M.A., LLB. Profzznror of Edufation 28 C A 1 Eff A tg BONHOMIE 1926 2 he L 1 ... Ill? Faculty X Q LAWRENCE H ENRY BOWEN, M.A. 3 A-Issofiate Professor of Mathematics V fi 0 ' EDGAR HERBERT HENDERSON, lN'I.A. 'rlssofiate Professor of Philosophy and Sofia! Srience EUGENE ELMORE GARIJNIER, NIA. Assistant Professor of Freneh ROBERT IVEY AI.LEN, RLS. Assistant Professor of Physics ALFREIJ TAYLOR f,DELI,, M.A. flssistant Professor of English ROSSER HOWARIJ TAYLOR, M.A., PH.D. Assistant Professor of History 29 Ei Q ' -I Mlffff I ' Q A A i i':4 I I f 'M , L0 "" i -Mui, MEQRSSJEQ V Faculty WILLIAM WORTHAM PITTV, JR., RLS. 1 V, ,. Assistant Proffssor of Modnrn Languages ANDREW LEE PICKENS, THB., M.S. Acting Proffssor of Biology HUBERT INMAN HESTER, BA., TH.M., TH.D. Hdiizg ffxsofiatn Profmsnr of Chrixiianily CURTIS VANCE BISHOP, B.A. Instrurtor in English JOHN ALLEN CJSTEEN, B.S. Instriiflor in Malllematics and Plzyxifs HARRY LEE RILEY, AB., THAI. lnslruftor in Christianity U CLAUDE FURMAN INMAN, B.S. Dirertor of Clzemifal Laboralorifs 30 .v.,lTy,f. l A - Q ,gg ,-A-,. '.Q. . ...,, ',.' A m, .L 4 ,www Q1-q-JV' sf'-"'f-1.-, H gs. ' 1 2 ,. T' " SP QY5i1,Ef,ff" " f'Qm?JEiQQfE? BONHOMIE 1926 Q 'ff 'f'zIf"12"f5-' Q! 'gli-5"43 :'ff""Ji2i5f""+- 'CYUQQDQ 'EJ bl"ssfr.isQgE5j1 il V , 51 : 'K L ' iftmfi " S Mrss EVA WRIGLEY N Librarian Q 'er DUPRE RHAIVIE, B.S. 4 Director of Religious Activities G HARVEY TOLIVER COOK, M.A., L1TT.D. Emeritus Professor of Greek FRANK KENNETH POOL, M.A., TH.M. ' Assoeiate Professor of Christianity HENRY WARE RILEY, B.A. Instructor in Commeree JOHN WILEUR H1cKs, B.A., j.D. Professor of Lafw and Dean of Law Depart- ment JOHN LANEY PLYER, B.A., LL.B. Assistant Professor of Lafw. i HOKE BARRYMORE BLACK, B.A., LL.B. Instrurtor in Law SI M 'nf "Aw-Q 'camp " Q rx- N " """"f.5?1u'1" so e o ot ff L E ,Milf N A e i . W '11 Q-" 1"""M '-11" .A.. Q, 40 f S' 6 0. -"": Administration AIRS. IRENE S. HOWARD MISS BYRDIE KELLEY MR. E. VV. BROCKMAN MISS CORDELIA MCCURRY MR. P. A. XVILHITE B1RS. E. P. EASTERLING Bliss XVINIFRED BRUNSON RQRS. RIARTHA ICNIGHT 32 I I3 - i'fY. ' , ., ' C, gf! ,f'fl'o1- A . A V , ' Y , Cr , Q, ax Xlrxxia 111,535 f 2,1-5 :itll P 4 "' 'fm rg 'Wi gm' .-fxgm-Mm. V f'l7l?653C'U BONHOMI1-fl 19126 F? gf-3 Wgfgovwt I f M- A A, 41424 95, ' - Q xl ?Jw.u?w!s. Y,-gym f i:axI7,9fLf 5257 f- Y 4, , ,zz - N " Al, t , 4'-,H 'HU mi' K R A ' A . ,v' K 0 A V Al L' 'ug 1 G ' 4 -- 'f S Q 1 0 as-'m . Qi' O? " ' 0 1 v Q " ., 'users . A lm dm QW W-x fl j f . H- L Q 4 -1 . .,,, A Q "'ll"'M 0 ew w' 1 4 f -mv! -Q, i 'Q K 1, W? ii ij, fy f C , Qi! si K ' I I-f " 'ff Aff ra - ' 1, W 4 lx Q en.fS.9 ffff WUI ilu 14 1 Mfg: " 96' AZ" I'f1'jIfE5 1 1.1: ,,3"' .xllf 'Sgr , -VW. .Auf 1444! iiaz ,376 'ful W ? ..g"'m ,. -... 454 Qgarfzy., wwf, I, Y 3 "" A-IW' ' -5 44155 ' I... ,n lhlg, 5- I r- ,f Z ' 'iacwk wvflfv fIw""' " 4' 1 'Q V XX - Ugg' f':W7,,'1EY3Q1"YQyAW 5 5 Q' vwiiisif g ,l 24 v P f g' ' FEE:-? 'W 1'-S -'V H-wc" X 31-uv.vE' -'-y -, QX .- x -fZ f ' - f-S -. Zavflfzg f f f A L .L-Ti' ,, "P-'fzgfw 'fifg-r"'1,'f 555 -6 .4 f efkf sa: Nf- nl er ff-X 'i sa' 5 42? ,-X4 ,i. Z Gini '50---mf fr X ' ff-if'-E-X ':.:x 24162, fi Ilrr truth it is Ilzat makes us fref, find shiny: her bvacon like a star- -FROM ALMA MATER. 35 "v' 4 ,ft iff .1 W .Y +V 'Y gina: AW f 2 HH ,W ,N Ng, i,'ffwV 'lik-Ml I Q vw QE . w4Q13iEl ':a1A, J-L,,,Q:? mean, "'Qi"Q72aw,, ,,,,,W , 4, ... .'Lf--'Him i ' ' xr' ' 5 - +.f.?'JG. ' 1 i 'S' , - , ,M - A, 4-5 ,a,.lQQQg,1q 3 BONHOMIE 1926 6: , 0 Gag? 5 .'...4f 1.5.1355 mrffii ' ea-avi' .., .W iw- 'Sasaki' J!f rnJlllf3'afNll fp, V Y.-'Eff H133 'ae H' Senior Class Poem 5 f At last the final day has come for which we all have sought, S A day that lay with luring power across an endless sea, A glitter first had caught our eyes, a hope for which we fought, 0 An ever brightening glory that forever seemed to Heeg And on our long-expected day a lesson we have caught: The prize is in the glory of the thing that is to be. Today each sees the pattern of his life made with the years, Yet none would have this pattern as his final life's decreeg VVC have not learned to greet with joy each day as it appears And live the noblest life we know as all the moments fleeg VVe still look to tomorrow and hear ringing in our ears: The greatest part of life, O man, is life that is to be. The greatest songs, the greatest words, we do not understandg We cannot name the beauty found in every flower and treeg A flaming sun within the sky, a tiny grain of sand, And in the mystery of life a thing we fain would seeg Yet on the sky in words cerise we read the great command: Fight onward to the future, to the thing that is to be. And we, each one a friend in each, turn with a sad regret To you, dear Alma liater, for 'tis you who made us freeg In parting now we bind more strong the ties made when we met, For now we know the ideal and the love which are in theeg We promise, then, with sacred vow we never shall forget: As each with grateful heart shall seek a nobler man to be. -POET. 3 6 w fc '4 fqi3,'Yi.'1" ' l" ' ,, fa? l BONHOMIE 1926 Q 'QJEQZQWG-fl" : J- "' w"""', A' yen" 4 f if , 0 3. ,. Ham W Centennial Class OFFICERS J. H. TILGHMAN . . ...,. ..... P rvxident A. G. MCGUEE . . Vim-Prrsident T. C. BROWN ..... ..... S rcretary A. B. QIALLOVVAY, JR. . . Trcusurfr D. F. CROSLAND, JR. . . Historian DAN IIARTLEY . . . . Por! J. T. MARSHALL . . Prophvl R 37 ' ' R' ff .fwfr fn- 2-T - R, +21 n 'R of 1' A R -' - RUBY LEON ABSTANCE DENMARK, s. C. Candidale for B.S. "Rube" inflimitvs the haudlo for the YHRD almovv. Indoorl for tho first tllroc years we might have srnoothvfl our von- svii-nvf-s in tho lvolin-F that tho nomon was :L IJ!-'I'f'Pf7t litg hut, behold the "Rube" of today! Ultra-niorlc-rn flue t-Ven i'hzu'- lostonsj in vvery way, this, our vrstwliile mute is a living: vxuniple of what l'Ulll'L1'C does for 11 young main. "Rube" is niore alivo than y0u'il think from casually lis' tening to his slow drawl and seeing' his unpc-rturhed exterior, for we have soon him move. Our best wishes go with you, "Rube," NEWTON JERUE BABB FOUNTAIN INN, s. C. Candidate for ILS. Freshman Football: lVian:1p:fi-r ol' Varsity Basketball, 1433 Rlovk Lotta-r Club, I-U5 Centaurs. Fountain Inn moyf-fl to Furman in thc nf-rson of nono other than tho gelitleinaii listvd ulmvu. The f3Hf.I'Z1IlCi9 of this vlon- Hiitfxfi spew-inwn of fI'il-'IlfHi'llk'SS onto thu vmnpus was but Iwesuging his eixti-alive into the hearts of euvh and exury uno of us. Jorue possesses one of those rare pewsollalities which find IL note of sin:-1-ro zvlmirution in tho hearts of nli pcoplv, ltr- they men or women, young or old. Full of rust-nlity, this H1"0Lll1l,Ili'il" is fcr- ewer bubbling' over with the corrr-it ik'-rr mula to chasil the worst kind of bluvs, away. Jerue is it splc-ndid merzhonire, and so it may lm that ho will try his "sunny disposition" on ailing Forclsg but, what- ever he may do, we fool sure that Sur:- cess will be spelled with a Capital "S" at his goal. Centennial Class ROBERT HARVIE BARKER DANVXLLE, VA. Candidate for B..-I. Honor Roll UU, Adm-lphiztn Litornry So- rioty, Pri-sidont Fall Term Q-lj, Intvr- Sm-iety IM-hatm-r 43, 433 Dc-Mite Cmnu-il ffl, -ij, XX'inn4-r of Enclel lu-1-lnnizxtion Modal, 127, Mr-Millan Medal ISU, llnrnnt Staff 13, H: lntt-rmitinnztl lic-lations L'luh 13, 433 Vluistvr 13, 45, Scimivv Clulv 43, 45: Compu-rativo Biblo Classg Quzwti-rniztn. This son of thu Olsl Dominion has von- duvtvd himself in at manner that has raised him, as it wt-rv, to zu. most vnvia- lwlt: position in the affovtions of his vlziss- mates. Suffice- it to szty that his intellec- tual ability has 4-nalill-rl him to read the storios of Xvnuphon and grnpplce with problems of nit-taphysit-s. Howuvvr, he has not lmen 11 rt-c-lusnzg rather his versa- tility has prompted him to 11 most ht-nrty participation in Studi-nt activities, In liturary society lm has won rvputation as a debate-r and lt-rider. Harvifw fools that his work should be sur-h as will render A :ftrrvico to mun, and hc- has vhosen the tuztching of English as a. life profession. The hope of a throng of vlassmates is that his cripafritifes are but potential signs ol' succf-ss. ROMAYNE ALBERT BARNES GREENVILLE, S. C. Candidalc for B..-I. Tan Kappa Alpha: Cluistl-rg l'hiloso- phinn Literary Sm-il-ty: l"i'oshxn:tn D04 hate-r: Junior Varsity llvlv:itm'g Varsity lluhzitm-l'g llornvt Stuff tl. LH, Evhn Stuff l2Jg liusinuss IVlz1n:154'v1' E1-lm C333 'l'n-nnis t'luh H15 XX'inner lil:-Vollutlgqli :incl Emil-1 Mefluls. Hnniuynl- juins thi' list ful' thrusv 4-lovt, who have thv mnntnl :tml physir-nl :thility in finish in tlirvs- years, when ho re- foivvs his rliplomu in Jun--. 'l'hough hr- hns lu-1-n with us only tlirt-4: ytfzlrs, hi- has niurlu thrust- yi-urs 1-mint. Ile has dis- tinguished himsvlf as 11 de-lrzltl-r, a spezllioi might lm prnucl. lt was llnnmynl-, along with Lowis lfuwlt-r, who won zu, unani- mous ch-vision ow-r thu strong: Emory l'nix't-rsity ill-lmtinn: tt-:un in Atlanta in the curly Spring nnd lvrmight :iddt-el glorg' to himself und his Alina lvlnta-r. lfol him, wi- pre-clit-t El snr-1-ess in 21113 linc- of c-biicln-nvor wliit-h hv might sw fit to 4-Loose. llc is :L xmtivo of Gun-iiiilllz. Centennial Cfass and :L gentll-ixizin ul' whnm any r-ollwgv A ,,,. ffv -lush 2 : ERNEST MAYS BISHOP CRliiiNVIl.I.li, s. C. Candidate for ILS. I-Zrm-st 1-zixnu to us fruni North flmwii- Yillm- Avzuloiny in thx- Full ol' 1922. Ilv is nmrrii-fl hui this has not iiiivi'i'1-iw-il in his mining splnfnllifl si-hmnl work, for hu hus siimd infill' tho top nl' his class luring: his l'ul1i'-year siaiy at l"l1rln:Ln. 'I'ln-rw vain' no' lu- an ill wmwl spuluen -mi' Iirn--sl, for lw is :L g1'viillmui:1ii. lil- is :in mr-sm-i'x'i,-0 Inwn, mul wi- :ill mliniiu- hiin fm' his nannly qvwlilii-s. Suuvuss i4 his. C FRANCIS RAXYMUNIJ BLACKVVIELL ifi.0RieNCE, s. C. Camlidatc for ILS. lFI'i'SlIlll?1H lfnutlrnll HJ: Varsity lfuntf hall 12, 3, 451 Vim'-1'1'4-simli-lit Frvsilinzln Vlassg l'iw-sicli-nt Snplionimw- Vlussg Arlvl- pliizin llili-rziry Sm-il-tyg lim-rn4ition:xl llo- lgitinns Vinh, Mni'sil:Ll iflbg Hlrwli Ili-itci' Club, lwcsiilvilt UD: M1-:nhl-r' Pi ilzunnnl Mu. "liI:n'liiu" is going in South Annfrivzi as ai i'ifpi'i-sl-iiiziiiviz nr' smnu Ann-ri:-:in Erin, :ms soon :is it is lmssihlv fm' hiin to li-:rue all thi- lassivs in the Status. If this lad frmn Flori-in-v 4-l1ur'g,:i-s thc: Iwi-ml linu with the Sunil- viin that chur- ucterizvel him as invinln-1' nr' om- ui' Fur- mun's Hl41'2lT4'Sf lmylhall ti-znns, wi- :uw in- flow! sorry for thi- man :it the othn-1' vnd of thu hzirguin. Ili- is p:1':lvo, umlssuining, and mlniirahlv, :ind as :L friend thi-rc has in-U-1' hen-n zi hetti-1' inn-. Blzivkwl-ll is not only :L gmul Studi-nt and uthls-tO, hut ln: is pruinim-nt, :Ls well, in all phases of school life wln-me individuality and tau-tfulin-ss :irc liens-ssziry require- ments. So long, Red! entennial Class HORACE GREELY BOLTON LANDO, s. C. Candidate for ILS. Philosoiiliiain Literary Sm-it-ty 111, Y. M. C. A. tl, 213 Judson lVIn-inoriail Burn:-u Ulziss, 1111 l':1liL'llI'6ltIlS. Horan-v is, in part, it 1n'olluvt of Lando, in part, at 1-rl-ation of tht- num- famous Spzimuii An-zulvmy. Possvssing an in- dvsf-rilmblo rarity of wit :ind nuivety, ho has always boon a. favoritl- among tha- lmys. ln his Sophomoro yi-zu' the now l"LlI'1I'lfi.ll-l'2llll0llS name, HSl'ill'fOOt," was bostowml on him, and by this so apt, descriptive, :ind oxpressivt- name he has In'-on known on-r sinco, "Soul-foot" up- holds thl- dortrino of szifvty in numbers, :ind all through his c-an-vi' he has hon- orvd many l':iir damsvls by ln-ning the-in lmvo tho privilvge ol' living: his "bvst l'l'l9lld." Though he docs not in any do- gree nvgll-vt the social, hu has always In-on 21 pxooml studvnt, und IIUVA-PX' forgn-ts to speak to ova-ry profossor. C JOHNNIE FALLAW BOZARD CAMERON, s. c. Candidate for 13.11. Adelpliiun Lili-r:u'y Sooivty, Svnior Cen- sor 445, B:u':u':1 Ulassg Y. M, C. A., Stu- di-nt Counvil ill, 45, Sovri-t:u'y HJ, Clois- tvr 4435 Intl-rnutionnl Ra-lations Club 1455 Frnnch Club CIS, 41, Presiili-nt HJ, Cor. S1-4-. Gre-un-r l"ur'inan Club 1333 Hunt Vlubg fwI'8llLZ't'iYUl'l-I' County Club. "t"liiggvr," though inhe-riting his nick- name from :in ohh-r brother who attended Furnizin, has fillm-d a uniquv place in tho life of the University. At all times zu. sc-holurly follow, he has uovur let his study como botwoen him :ind the friend- ship of thi- student bully as a whole. Ill- is :L fellow who is zippziw-lilly always hzippy, knows tho Value of a smile in work and ploy, and thorn-foro has become popular among :ill the boys. As 21 Incin- bur of tho lfloistvr and pri-sident of tho l4'runch Club, he has provn-cl otlivieut and 4-zipzlblo. Hut "tThigg0r" hzis other phasvs to his lifo than thoso 1-xhilmited among.: his fellows. llv is quite Fl favorite with tho young lzidivs, and wht-ther it be in thc- land ol' Orzmgoburg, in tho vicinity of Andvrson College, or in Greenville, tlwre is always lnanifostvd on the part, ol' l':1ir women 21 genuine intvrust in him. "LThigger's" future sumfess ls, there is no doubt, assured. entennfaf Class DORAN ALEXANDER BRAMLET LAURENS, s. C. Candidate for B.S. Philosophian Literary Som-ietyg Y. M. C. A. 11, 253 Tennis Club 11, 2, 31, Epicu- roansg Hobo Club. "Peto's" a Laurens man and proud ol' it. Vl'e wanted to save this until last, but it was impossible to do so: "Pete" and "Farmer" Brown are the best look- ing boys in the Senior K'ldSSifl'0I'Il Lau- rens, Someone has said that "O1nitting all the other boys on the Hill, 'Pete' is one of the best liked students." VVe have popular boys, famous boys, notorious boys, lazy boys, industrious boys, and what have you, all listed at Furman, but, we Can't re-Pete "Pete." "Pete" says that a good man can't be kept down, and sinrre his rodent days he has been among us proving that t'hobo" cfxperienve broadens something other than the feet. Now he is to reap the reward, "that skin you love to touch," and if avr-ounts are cforrcc-t, he may obtain another "skin you love to touch," this time from North Street. If this report is true, may I be the nrst to wish for them many ":-ertiti- rates." VVe Cannot begin to tell you of "Pete," but we do wish to say, "VVe shall not forget 'Pete,' and the days of 'Auld Lang Syne'." l 1 NEBRASKA EDVVARD BROVVN TIMMONSVXLLE, s. C. Candidafc for BJ. Philosophian Literary Soriety 11, 2, 3, 46, Treasurer 121, Senior Uritie 133, Vice-President Fall Term 141, President Spring Term 143: VVinner Philosophian Improvement Modal 1133 XVinner Philoso- phian Debate Medal 13Jg lntersox-iety Debater: Varsity Debating Squad 145: Hornet Staff 143, Art Editor, Bonhonxie 11, il, 41: International Relations Club 13, 45, Secretary 131, Vice-President 1-Og Philokalean Club 12, 3, 41, Vivo-President 133, President 143, Cheer Leader 13, 413 Y. M. C. A. "Red's" sunny and jovial disposition has won for him the distinction of being one of the most popular members of the Senior Class. His enthusiasm in any undertaking, and the thoroughness and eliic-ienffy with which he performs his every task has made him at loader in college activities. Under his eager guid- ance the student body has time and again cheered the Purple Hurrieane on to victory, As president of his society and of the Art Club, "Rod" has also demonstrated his ability as a leader. One only waits to cheer him as he realizes success in the business world. Centennial Class THADDEITS CECIL BRONVN WALTER ALBERT BVLL GRI-TYVIIIF s C LAURENS, S. C. U41 - - , . Camlidan, for Els' Candldaic for LL.I?. l7roshm:Ln lfootlmllg Varsity Football .,1lr'ffm.'lltHm 'Uwrnffy fm: P9.nm.ur' 42' 3' U: Blovk IAMNT Club tg, 3, U, All lS ull that 'his Ililllllb lrlllu-:lu-s, T1,MlSul,vr H71 Tmmis Vluh H' 25: Y. M' zlhll thwu smnv. Ill- lsvu IHAIIYQ ot Green- 04 Ad Rurmiu Plugs: Smlretmvv Senior vllll- :mal 11 truv sun oil LiUl'lllZlll.A All has vlasss Studvnt Pound! HM Phifosophiuu zllwztyf haul Aunt- lmzlnllug ambltmug thhztt l,ite-ratrv Such-tyg Epimlm-ansg Qual-wp. zuhlnltum lwlllg to lwn-4,1110 u-sum-l-sslul man' ' l'I'lIlllll2ll luwy--r. llxs sllm-floss ln the law DNN, N-mhxr' Wm are now gklzing at sm-honl lusfurus us that thu wo1'ld's g'1'vut- the lint-zulu-llts bf none other than our vsp 'Tummll mwymv' UIm'M?O'? Darrow' gum! frivmly ,,l1,m,nmrA,, The fellow who will souls- alzty sl11'n-11lll1x'4l11s 1-rowh out bears this nom:-n is about Seventy-foul' lwml guns tu :L Sim or Furman' uv., inn-hos tall :tml uvvrv inch a Mzm's Mun, has WANT Nfml 0ul'm'guvd or dctentewln as wa-ll as at L:uly's lnztn, "Farmer" is il hw CMILUHUUHS uf lm always. Hmllws vetn-run w:u'riox' ol' many a gruelling :n'il"fiMl-Sf!mHlsU.d'T1tUIt' If htcvcmf football vnvuuntor, Through it all, how- IM H'm'Hrf, out 'O' t lf' 'Edd or ff-HHH! m'vx', his "lxzxlxllsmnz-lxoss'' hasn't boon msg Ul'fl"umm3J long Dnough fo gd fl spoilvrl uno hit, Yk'l1y, now he even wears SuIfSF:ffnHfl Amit' uw Pehfls' monkey the 4-uh-st llltll- 1-1-rl mustzxr-lmfhis girl 'riwfm' will mmf "MAH hugatvd aim, Yu- must lutvv told him that betwoell the Sulxvth"Ul54'IVl'5U1t01l'E'il11'O1ll'1USlU!lS, two ol' thvlll shv lil-it-d it "just lots." 1?ill"Il!4'I"S zt gn-ut follow mentally, physi- r-ally, :mud morally. Show 'om what real men are lnzuiu of, Thaddeus. Centennial Class MALTRICE GWINN BURNSIDE MOTTE MCGEE CALHOUN, JR. COLUMBIA, S- C- ciufiaxwooo, s. C. v - v Camlldmf for BA' Cdllditillfl? for ILS. Adi-lpliian Liturary Soc-in-Ly 11, 2, 31, Vritil' 129, P11-sills-in 1353 Allyprtising Advlpllian Litvrary Sowiotyg Plaraf-a Managn-r l+l4-lm 123g .Junior Assoviate Vlassp Y. M. li A.g l4'rl-slnnan Foolballg t'lii1-l'JlIsfi4-4- 12,1 U11-rk oi' Vourt 133, Ho- 'IN-anis Vluhg Hunt Plulmg Hobo tfluhg pr-rtvl' and tbrrvspomliiig Sv:-rs-tzmry 143g l'1lPif'l1I'1'2lIlS. 4'orrl-sponeling' S4-:'r'4-tary South Varolina UY"'l'HWUU'l. if is f"'l'UliU, WHS I'1'1Llf'lf1l1f I1m-i'r'oll1-g'i:1t4- ll1'atoric'al Assom-ialion 12173 40 1-UW' UP Ulf' lH'f'Sl'lll'H of IVIPGNX, bllt Worlds l'x-olvlvm 1'lul1 1115 lntvrnational without lu-r loss Ilrl-vnvillv and Furman li1'l2lli0llS "lull 13. 3. -U. licwxlwlilig Sl-m'-1'o- would han- in-va-1' lu-1-n lnlessod as tha-y tary fill, 'I'l'l-asu1-lfx- 133, 1'0,-1-Uslmuqing W1-rv when ln- lllillll' his advent lu-re. S.-1-,-4.13,-5' U37 In-.-si4lv11t, Fall Term 1,153 lflarly in his rat. yi-ar hu was g'ix'vn the 11.-1.-gala to Nldioma wmff-1-uni-Q at Bam- llfllw- "Wi11l1." and Thl'UlllJll his four mor:-, Md., 1233 11111-1-U-d Representative yvars al thi- University this name has nl' f'oll4-gps of tho Snufh U, bg held in slum-li to him and has lu-1-onw a "house- l,onrlou. linglaml, 'llilg llusine-ss Nlaiiagex' hold word" among.: thu ll-llows. "XVink" I. ll. 11 Sbllllltffll t'oi1l'n-xx-live 131, S91-1-1+ is naturally thi- kind ol' follow one likws: tary 1255. unassuming. l'I'll'IllllY, sim-n-ro, and in no Uliurnii-" is our most aspiring studentg Will' il lwllillll- 3010112-Sill!-T 10 thi! f3IHOUS and, :1 man who attains the high ideals "Hunt "lull," IW 11215 lllilllb' i'llill'1Lvtl'1'istivs of INN young ,mm will SuC,.m,d. --Bah of gmulim- uniqun-nl-ss: a Yoi4'epw'ulial'1y Ning," HS 11, is fm,,i1m,,l3- Omlvd' is 3 his own, a walk that has ul-vvr been 1-onstant workvx' along wllatvver liur- he illliilllvll 1'XfH'llY, 211111 21 lH'1'S0llHlil5' of may strive. For a whilo he studied Law, 1'SlM'f'i1ll INHYUI' Mild 1'0I1Yil'tiUl1. thvn dl-z'idm-d a "l+!.S." was what he wanh-rl, and lu-'s been battlin' ever sinwe. liurnil- has always hm-n iiite-rest--d in llistory and l'oliti1-al Swim-in-L-, till now he has mlm-idx-d to malu- a lil'c-1 study of the sulljl-4-1, Our l'rii-ncl says that lu-'cl enjoy organizing' l. ll. 4'.'s among the Young Lady Institutions of the country. It is written. Centennial Class ROBERT CLYDE CAMPBELL ANDREVV GARLAND CARTER GREENVILLE, S. C. SUTIIIZRLIN, VA. Cundidaic fm' 12.11. Camiidalc for I?.S. Thonizis-Ks-ys Rihlo Ms-iizll IU, Acivlpiiizln Lili-rziry Sum-in-ty fl, 2. 313 y y Sn-iviufv Vluh Qi, L., Ci, ij, In-siilviit 11193 l'11iu1':iti1n1 l'iulw Qi, 2, 211, Yiifv-l'l'i-sid:-iii 42515 Studi-nt Assistant in Biology Laing Intern:1iim1:il Ili-lations Vlulmg l'i thuniiizi Mug Hn1':ir'n Vlziss ii, Zig 1'mm1n-i'atix'm- iiihli- Vlzissg Y. RI. C. A. This Virginian i-ntvi'--nl Furman as :L Suplmiiiure, hziving tziiim-n his I"r4-shrxiuil work :Lt Nlzirs lliil Coils-go. Ihiring his three yi-urs in-rv, Anzlrvw has 1u'ox'n-cl hinisi-Ili :in zillwound student, doing his most ilislilnrtivu work in the si-i4-nm-s. His zihility :is :L Biologist won for him in his Senior your th-A plume ui' student :issistant in that subjem-t. Of il Sedum- :ind ra-- sm-1'x'n-mi, yet Winsome nzituiw, Vurtui' has llllldt' many frim-ncis :inning us, Thi-so qualitius, togotiiei' with his good judg- ment :incl Illgll s--nssg ni' honor, 1111-S150 for him ai brilliant futurc. This lad l'1'0lU tlrvuiixilln-, through thn- sln-1-r i'm'i'u ul' 1wi's1-vi-i'uI1v-1-, has zlvilivvud the umliiiiun whil-h 1-ausuml thc vullvgrf tu iw thi- In-in-tifAiz1l'y of a struna: :ind sri-riing 1'i'l5lI'2ll'i0l' und un inquisi- tiw- mind. The :u'hic-venivnt, of thzit, :un- Ivition, :L ILA. :im-g.g'r'uu, has not lvssuiu-id his desiri- for still pxruate-1' suvcessvs, He is not yi-t cvrtnin of his X'0f'2'tli0!'l, Vacil- lziiing hm-tween thu ministry and the tm-au-hing Dl'l7l-ESSi0ll. Howe-vcr, his suc- vi-ss is vc-rtztiu wlizttovel' his vocation, for sin-h qualities as steadim-ss, lnnniiness, und poi'sm'i-1':1n4-u 4-:Lnnot hut aid in the rvnlization of attainment. Centennial Class CHARLES MARTIN CONNIER M'coR:viicK, s. C. LAVVTON EUGENE COX YONGES ISLAND, 5. C. , v Candidatc for 11.5. liui':iv:i Vluss fl, 235 Ads-lpliizui liitvr- 2ll'y Sovivty C233 SCivi11'v l'luh iii, -133 Ifiw-sliiiiziii 'l't-miis Tn-sung T1-nnis 'IH-:ini 12, 3. 43, iVl2lllil24'1'I' Tennis Uluh :intl 'IH-nnis 'iivillll LZ3, XVinni-r Douhlt-s Uup S. 12 '1'ourmxmm-nt C23, Presidvnt 'IN-nnis Vluli 1335 l'i's-sillviit of S. C. l1itui'i'ollm-gizltv 'Fvnnis Assoi-iutioli H33 Assistant Main- :igt-i' lfmmtlizill 'lk-mn 12, 33, Glu- Vinh :incl l3r1-In-strzi 13, 435 Hlof-lc Lclttvi' Vluh 12, Il, 135 lCpi4-ui'n-mis. This hronzt-ml ind from Mr4'oi'inim'k, S. V., is tht- ont- that thv word Yi-1'szltility uns invi-ntvrl for. Hn 'plays' :znytliing from ii moonligrlit sonata on his vigzir lmx mnnilolin to ax squzishing gziixn' ol' tennis on l4'urm:in's spacious 1-ourts. XVO woultl not hy any means darn to intl-r that lu' mlm-s not work as wull. llo has clistingiiishml himself as an zttllli-tv, stu- slt-nt, I-l'4'llfll'lll21ll, and a prospw-tivo XYil- lizlm Tilrim-n. Ho, along with John llvw- ell, sniaishvrl their way to the rlouhlvs 1-lizimlmirmsliip of the State in tho tour- nzinn-nt in H924 for tennis lmnors. llv is also, sail to say. nurnlwrocl :inning thc- fvw of tho graduating Class who imm- givvii mzitrimony at serious L-onsiclvrution. Pnl--ss hm- clisvards sur-h notions we nn: sorvly fczirful of his future. Candidate' for B..-1. .luslson lVIi-inm'inl Barat-11 Classy Y. M. U. A.: l'liilosopliiz1n Lita-rnry Sm-ioty. "Fuss" Fox halls from "du low houn- try," win-rv. it is rumoreil, thv worlil's gm-zitm-st 4-ztlalmziirs-s grow. "l'uss"' rut yt-zu' was :L inajt-stir: onv, hut through it all ho inuintaiini-tl the position :is woimtn- hzttvr ol' tho 1-ztmpus, and it is unrlvr- stuucl that he- got his first nlatt- 1lirmi5.:h l'Xl3l'l'illl4'llHll ohservzition at fl, XV. V., :ull oi' whif-h iw-sultt-d in his ht-ing zt shark in psy:-lmlogyg hut "Puss" has always 1-nnttentli-il that thorn is morn- in 1-ollt-go life than im-iw-1 hooks, so in his stoif-:ll nlannvr, 1l0I'lI'1lYiHg thought too claw-is for words, hv has 1-ompiled a Iwrsonztl nn- thology nf the real mvrits of college life. Centennial Class ANSEL ELBERT CREAMER PIEDMONT, s. C. Candidaic for B..-I. Varsity 'l'rar'k TI-:ini 42, fi, Hg S, I. A. A. M1-Milv Vlinmpiori 1123, Mi-mln-r South- 4-rn Hovorrl I-2 Mile- Ile-lay Te-:im 1373 Blum-k In-tt:-1' Vlub 12, 32, 453 Iiaslq--Ilmll iljg Glu- Vluh 1151 Pi Gzimma Mu 1433 I. R. C23 1'ir4-ulation Nlzinayzer Thu- Hor- net 12, 3, -U3 Philosnphiun Litvrzxry So- I-ietyg Bziiwu-:i Vlassg Y. M. C. A.g GrI---n- ville Pounty Vlub. Piedmont, is famous for many things, hut sho is fzimous most of all for Ansel E. Crezunm-r. This promising young: man set out four years :urn to brush aside L-vu-ry ohstm-Iv in-tive-I-n him and 21 diplo- ma and ho has slim-s-4-ch-d ov:-n to the extent ol' passing Grin-k. Crcann-r do- m-idvd that u littlv 1-xi-rr-ise would mix we-II with his 1-ollvgu dutius and so he turned to thx- track, whn-ru he has vstzib- lished an 1-iiviahle record. He holds the S. I. A. A, quarts-r niilu record for 1925 and is zu nn-mire-r of the tc-am that won the Southi-rn half-milv title. HI- is a me-min-r ol' tho Pi Gzunnla Mu and I. R. l'. fraternities, and has served eilif-iently as c-irvulution managm-r of the Hornet. We prophl-sy for Ansel u great futurs-. C DANIEL FRANK CROSLAND, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. Candidaiv for BJ. Philosopliinn Tliim-I':1i'y Snvil-ty: Y. M. l'. Ag Ifrl-slimun Iiitm-iw-olln-gxizito In-hailing.: 'l'van1 III: Junior Varsity Iiolmting 'IH-:im 13, -Up Iii-porti-rs' Vlulr, Iiorni-t Stuff ll, 253 Editors' Vinh fflj: Assistant lllrlitor- in-Whit-f, Thi- l-I4-ho UU, Hflitoi'-iii-Vliim-I' I-ijp Evho M4-Ilzil 1353 l'I0iste-r lil, -il, Sf-I-r0tai'y flbg 'I'z1u Kzmpu Alplm, 111, 43, Sm-i'r-tu1'yA'l'i'1-:1su1'c1' 1-Hg Vlass Historizin 1-U1 Iiitc-rnntimizil Iii-lzitions tfluh 1273 Pi Gamma Mu MJ. "Dan" is thi- type of stuch-nt who pos- sssses giwzit zihility in many lin:-s of I-ndoavnr. but who has to he ixitixiiziti-ly known he-t'oi'v his pi-rsonnlity 1-un Im apprecizxtm-il to thc- fulh-st 4-xu-nt. Iic- hzis rnadne 21 mark for hiniss-ll' in iii-Irzitiiig 1-irc-les, :incl his lite-1'zu'y zilrility has muni- fe-stod itsm-If in the fuvt that he has hr-1-ii Q-ditor-in-I-hii-f of Thx- I-In-ho and the far-t that hv won 'Php Evho nie-dal in his Junior ye-my I-Iv possess--s a km-ii zilmrv- f-iation of good lite-rnturi-, and is on- dowed with one of thc- In-st anzilytiv-ul minds on the vzinipus. "Ivan" is planning to continuz- his work in Iflnglish, :incl we fr-e-l sure that hr- will lu- il sucf-I-ss Ivoth as a graduatn: student and as a teacher, entennfaf Class JOSEPH HYDE EASLEY GRIZENVILLE, S. C. Candidate for B.S. Glee C'luIv 12, 3, 41, Mmmgei' 1413 Bon- honiie Stuff 131: Adelphizin Tliterziry Se- m-ieiy 11, ZZ, CS, 413 Y, M. C. A. Joe will seine clay be ns widely known its :L f-ertzxin South Curolinzt senator if he ever ziguiii has the nerve to tr-ll Dr. Blom-lavr thzit Serial Svienve is too easy. That, however, we thinli, was just one oi' Joeys outbursts that inake hiin alto- gether inexpliezible. in the modest space that we luive here, we could not ever begin to tell of the urhievemc-nts that lnxve c-onie to Joe. First of all, he had the good fortune to be a native of Green- ville, 21 inember of l7'ur1nun's t'11H.lY1D10l'1 glee eluh, 11 stern :und impressive stu- dent, and one whose memory all shall ever hold very c-lose. Joe is headed toward the reulni of the truly great sur- geons, though he does not as yet know it. MENDEL SMITH FLETCHER Ksusimw, s. C. Camlidalc for R..-I. Aclelphizm Literu,ry Society, improve- ment Medal 111, Fresliinun-Sophomore Orutoric'al Medal 121, Item-ording Secre- tary 131, Intersoeiety Deliziter 131, Presi- dent 1413 YVhorton Medal 1113 llornet Staff, Reporter 111, Sports Editor 1413 Cloister, Serfretury 131, President 1413 In- tern:,ttion:1l lielzxtioiis Club 131, Treztsurer 1413 Y. M. C. A.3 Representative Prince- ton VVorld Court C'onfe1'en1'e 1413 Fresh- man Debating Team 1113 Junior Debating Team 1213 Varsity Debating Team 13, 413 Debate Council 13, 413 Tau Kappa Alpha. 13, 413 Quzirternizin. This youth has impressed fellow-stu- dents with his sterling I-hnraeter. At Fur- lnztn, where he has won many friends, his inliuenee has been positive, stznbilizing, and all inclusive. lVlenclel's endowment of mentality and habits ol' persvver'zL11c:e are his great assets. Not minimizing his elass work, which has been most excel- lent, he has been zz hearty pitrticziptuxt, und, from time to tiine, a trusty leader in student activities. His ability as 21 debater has heen established in that he has represented Furinan in seven inter- collegiate debates. Mendel experts to rnztke teachings his profession. It is be- lieved that his service will reileet honor upon his Alma. Mater. Centennial Class JOHN BOYDEN FOGLE cmvirskox, s. C. Candidate for BA. Adi-lphian Litcirary Soc-ietyg Furman Tennis Club. "Bunk" l4'm.:'l0 cams to Furman from the swamps ui' Four Holm-s to win his way in a mods-st manner' into the hm-arts ot' thc boys, and to inveiglt- the favulty into giving him a diploma. liowevvr, Bunk is truo to his word, true tu his friends, and Sim-:wie in 1-va-rytlling that hc does. Though he is a profvssvd woman-hater, we doubt his sincerity in this, for his closvst friends say that he has a girl- and, perhaps two of tht-nn. Fnlrlv is CCF- tain to win his place in the world through his habit of vonsistent hard work. LEVVIS IIFNTER FOVVLER ATL.xx'1'.x, GA. Candidalf for Bal. lf'1'csh1nan Tiitc-ywvllctgiatv l'JQl1atv1'3 Lawton lu-hating l'rizv 1133 Freshman- Supliornorl- lx1tf'1'r'r1llm1:izxt0 in-hater 1233 Varsity I1111-1'ffnllvg.fin,to lk-bali-1' 13, 453 llllt'l'S1J4'll'fj' ln-lratvr 12253 liiti-rsocia-ty ln-- lvatvrs M4-clal 131, In-lrate Vmiiir-il 13, bij, Sm-i'vta1'y 1-ll, llm'nvt Stall' 11, 2, Ii, H. Sports Lhlitur 123, Assistant, Editor-ilu tfliiof 11133 l"hilr1snplii:ux Lit,s-Vary Som-it-ty 1l, 2, 3, -lj, ltvr-urcling S1-4'l'1-tai'y 125, Vrosirletnt 1433 lntm-rnatinnzll Relations 1'luh 12, Ii, U, S1-:tri-ta1'y 1215, Prosirlm-nt 141, Tau Kappa Alpha 13, 17, Prvsiclont 1413 Gloistvr' 13, 43, Vice-l'r1-sidcznt 135, 'I'1'4-asurur 1-113 Advisory Boarrl Greater lfurnian Vlulv 1313 Stuclunt Assistant in History 13, -153 St-r'1'cta!'y Student Body Q43- This youth has ln-on a rlynaniic far-tor in stud:-nt life at l4'ur'nian. llis very fino pi-rsunality has won the a4l1ni1'ation ol' stucln-nts as wc-ll as profossnrsg his toni- pi-rate mnnlun-t and 4-len-1' disposition havu won fm- him many elm-vote-d friends. Imwis' vlass work has hom-n most oxvvl- I1-nt. In tho lwuinning his nanif- was varved high in tho roll ul' first lmnur stuniunts, and lliorn- it has ri-xnainf-ni. As il lvzulcri' nl' 1-Xtra-1'Ll1'l'ic'ulum zxvtivitin-s his lllflLlHIli'i-5 has lmon ut' a positive and in- spiring nalurv. llis ability as a pnluliv sp--alter is proywl by the wundi-1'1'ul rv- mml whif-h hw has mado as a mln-h:utni'. L1-wis fi-vls an invlinntion inward law as a profvssion. It is lmlie-vi-tl that what,- vvvr lw may do will retlt-vt lwnoi' upon his Alina Mater. Centennial Class 5 V A , , 3 ll.. L GVY BERNARD FVNDICRBVRK ALBILRT BRI CE GALLOXVA5 PAGEIANII, S. C. CLlN'I'0Nv S- C- Camlidalr for li..-I. Caffdldllfl' for 8-S- l'hilosr11nl1inx1 l.iln-1'zn'y So-'il-ty 11, 2, 15, l"I'l'Sillll2lll Vniutlmllg Varsity Foothflll U, If'1'l-shnmn I1iipi'ox'l-iii:-lil Mm-rl:l1,Svi1ior ff. :UI i"l'4'SllH121ll BHSKHUMUIZ VGFSUB' 1l'ili4- 112,11 'l'l'Y'Il1 till, Vi:-l--l'n-sillmxt Basin-tlmll 12, 333 Fiwsliinzui Huswhzillg Spring TQ-i'm HJ: Ilornm-l Stuff llli In- Varsity Ilzisl-hull 12, 521, Hlork TA'-ltvl' tc-rinltiomil lil-lznions l'luI+g I'i lhunnizi Vlulf 42. 3. 431 Y. M- U. A.: Glvo Club Hug l'niu-rsity Hunll lil, Up Y. M, U. A., l3. lj: 'I'1'4'usi1x'i-1' S1-nior Viuss. lizliuvzi Vliissg Ministl-rinl iiunllg Post "Chin-lc" is 41 wi-ll rounllvll ff-llow for 'llnsll-r 12, 3, -U. tin-rv is no phasv of vollvgl- lil'-1 that hw lfroin "m'll1' thi- hill's of lludll-y" mnnl- 1-:lnnot Q-ntl-r :xml takv thv lend. Ni-rwssily this inlrl-pill soul lo iwovl- to us that is thi- xnollivi' ol' invl-ntion, and so it wus lliogl-nos missl-ll his 4-liumlv whl-n looking that somv In-viii' Srmlioniorl- in ilirv nl-ml lor :ln lmnl-st main hy ovvrflooking what ol' vo:-ul nnisil- soon dis+'ox'm-in-rl to Fur- xou loolu-ll onli' abou-. "if'unlly" husn'l nizin the fine voivo our friend has. thi- looks ol' an Valli-nlinu, hut hm- has thx- "1'hil-k" has sung his way into the in-arts mills: and thut's what vunnts. "l"unmly" of many un auclioxivm- on thi- Give Pluh N MSU il WW! of H0 Nl"2Hl lliiiiily- 'VNS trips, unll has llzun-ed his way into iho lui hzis 411-xnonstrntocl on nunivrous in-f hom-fs of mglny or' us hy his l-vor rl-gldy HISUHYS bi' NS rm-ilzils zu lmiiqlla-f, tml, UI' siniln- :mil ple-:ismit laughter, In favt, his itll- "l"Ul1fl5"' IIHSIVY 0Y4'1'SU'l'SSl'li 'ill' whoil- lifl- in-ro al Furman has hm-n Pl som-izll sids- of wulll-gc lifv to thl- lil'll'illll'llf mug Dlgaging 1131-11111115-3 and' ffvl-yyoyw ol' his 1-oll--go work for hc- allways has ai knows nw pam frmn thi- vvusing' of rl-zuly zuiswi-1' lyou should lmvv iiuzuwl oxrguisits- musirf, "gnu-li." wx- VOUf'hS21i'0 501110 UI' illvllli ffl suvh llU4'l'i0S SLS UNSI for you an :111pl'Qr'izltiw- world zlftvi' Vour Mr. l4'undurliurk, what is Lovv?" Unix-,msity fmt,-S au. dune' B0 good. Centennial Class ALVA DOZIER GASKIN KERSIIAXY, s. C. Candidalv for Burl. Ach-lplliznx Literary Sovivty Cl, 2, 3, -IJ, lil-1-4-iwlilig' S--vrerary U53 Ss-lem-fe Club 13, 413 lG1luc'zxtion Club 1-lb, S+-4-iw-tary HJ. .Xlrn is 11 lirocluvt of K1-rsllzuv, that umm-sl little towll tus-lu-cl :muy in the rod hills oi' ilu- Pin-rlmont border, This 1n'os1n-utivv young professor is 11 typivul 1'eprm-sl-11tntix'o of his home town in that he sm-ulcs with dm-mls rather than words. lt has ln-on sl-ini-smwretly rumored that i he has :1 waxy ol' "logging" the fm-ulty with his silm-nl-mf, lin- that ns it may, he mzllu-s eiwclitzllule mzirks mul says noth- ing' :Lhout it. lt is also reported thnt he talks more fluently in 11 c'o1n11:xny than in ZL 4-rowd-Hvo1iside1'i1ig.g' tho us conuumy. This may he due in pzurt to the boldness and dignity that hm- has assumed since donning his senior tis- and c-zine. Anyway hm- has he-4-11 a 1'z1ith1'ul mute for four JOYCE VVARREN GEORGE DILLON, s. c. Candidale for BA. Adelphizln Literary Society 11, 2, 3, 45, Senior Cvnsor XVinter Term C-U5 Educa- tion Clulm 1451 Y. NI. C. A. 11, 2, 3, 41. "J. YV." is one ot' the hardest workers on the cmnpus. The old saying, that we so often quote is, "Some men inherit greatness, some uvllieve grl-atm-ss, and some have greatness thrust upon them." XXI: believe that J. YV. may be clussihed ns zx great man. lle has zu-llieverl great- ness. He is rather serious in his work, hut no doubt he should be. Thorne is one lesson that he has learncd in life, and that is to stick to the job. George is planning to be n great teacher after grzuluationg many other boys have planned to do the same, hut failed. In George's 1-use, however, we prophesy a great future. years, and we are expecting grezlt things ol' him in the future. Centennial Class VVILLIAM JENNINGS GIBSON YoNcx2s ISLAND, s. C. Candidate for 13.51. Philosonhian Litvrary Soviotyg Barara Flassg Y, M. C. A.g The Fri-nc-h Club C-lb. Bill made his di-but at Vurnian as zx vonnoissour of mouth organs and with a potentiality for an acleptmfss in brilliant hull shooting. Ho was nut, liowover, wholly engrossed in theses things, but soon luarned to tri-all tho fatl-ful road to the kingdom of fair womvn. H1-ro he Hrst learned thu nlovtrinr- of oleic-tive ailin- ity, and though small in size, ho has slum-fe maintainvd his position as a mam- moth philosopher. HERMAN LAFAYETTE GREENE SPARTANBURG, s. c. Candidate for B.S. Adelphian Literary Sovietyg Y, M. C. Ag Barat-a Class, Glue Uluh 42, 433 Ten- nis Club Cl, 2, 3, 493 President Epicur- cansz Orvhcstra 12, 41. NYhen we think ol' Horman, we pause. YVne might as we-All try to analyzv the emotions 01' Jas:-ha lleifitz during onu of his converts as to try to ch-pict the quali- ties of this dohonair youngster who calls Spartanburg his homo. To thoso who know him intimatl-ly, his presence of niind, wit, and IilLlSii'2L1 ability amount allnost to a blessing. To thosv who do not know him so well, ho has distin- guished hilnss-lf Ivy his snappy dress, his pleasant znanner, and his friendliness. To the faculty, and the whole college com- munity, he is notfecl for his scholarly tastes, his c-loar brain, and his quiet and unassuming manner. Ile says he might be another Elman, and he might not. Centennial Class ERNEST HENRY IIADDOCK LORIS, S. C. Candidate for 12.11. Honor Roll 11, 253 XVlizu'tnn lN-c-l:xm:L- tion lilvdzll 1111 Hornet Stuff 11, 213 Finis- tvr 12, 313 X'il'4'-i'l'0Sid4'llf Su,-ivllf-v Flui- filjg lntc-rnzitionzil lil-lations Clul-, 12, 373 Pi Cillllllllll Mug IU-4-or4ling Sm-1-x'ctn1'y Ach-lphizin Litvrary S04-is-ty C333 Henri Pre-sidf-nt, il, XY. 12- f-Furman B. Y. P. L'.'s 131: f'or1lvm-rzLtivn- Bible l'l:1ss C355 Trac-k Squad il, 2, 35. llauidovk, hy virtue oi' his strong: mind, has lunch- :in rixm-1-lla-nt rm-1-r:x'fl during his ymfurs at l"ll!'IllZUl. Besidv living an honor student, ho has thi- distinction of com- ph-ting his rolls-gn vourso in thrvu years. Although 1-hiefly interested in things in- tl-lls-ctual, "IC, H." has zu-tively pzirtivi- puked in OXl!'2L-f'lll'I'ii'UlUlIl :xr-tivitil-s. 114- hzi:-: fU1'iill'I' lmokc-11 the mwlinary routiusr ot' collegi- life lay "or'f:usiu11:il visitzitilms on the :u'vnue." A serious mineli-fl, vnu- svin-ntious youth ol' :in atrzu-tive :ind com- nizmclinyr pi-rsorlulity, Ilzulcluvk hzxs won thu mlmlrsition, und rcspvs-L of his many friends who wish him grvut sum-4-ss as hu ll-avi-s 1-ollogu Lu pursue: the profession of his choice. HORACIE GREIELEY IIAMMETT CLIFTON, s. C. Camlidaif for 13..I. .Xcim-llvliizln l.it01'ul'y Sari:-ty, S4-11i1n'1'unf sol' CSU, S1'l'l't'i?ll'X f2Jg Y. M. 1'. A.: I"i'im-nilshlyv 1'nunf'il: l5zll'z14':1 Vluss: li'l'vsh- man lfumlmllg Yursity l"mullv:1ll 122, lb' 'l'r:u'k 12, Il. My ll:-lzxy T--um 42, ZZ, ljg Nlvliiimvl' ol' IU-lay 'IR-:lm llulding' Suullwrli Rw'rvI'cl3 XYUIIICI' ul' Ilzivul liil-ilzllg lligh Svrxlw-i' lfin-lil Imy tiibg L':xpl:uix1'l'i'alr'li 1411 Sw-1'l-t:u'y l4'1'vsl1n1:111 Vlussj Histnrizul Junim' Classy l'1'4-sinll-nt ol' Hlllfivlll Holly 143g Vivv-l'1'4-sidvlli ol' fV:l't'2lii'l" I4'ui'mnn C'luln ISD: lllun-li I,--tim' Vlulv, 12, Ii, 415 tfluislvi' iii, ll, Tr--zlsuror 12333 lnlvrna- tionul Rvlzllions Flulv 13, HL Pi Gaunnui Nlu 1473 limlhonliv Stuff flip El-hu Stuff 123: Qnzirll-rilizui. llrmrzlvl- llzxmmwll, thi- stzllwzirt son of Cuwlumis, is :L trul- Vllrmzln main tliruugli and tliruugli. Ili- has ilislimqliislu-ll him- svll' in ulnmst, 4-vs-i'5 wzilla ul' 4-ollmw lifv mul in his S--nim' yuur wus gin-xx ihv highl-st lirmm' that vain 1-fmlv to 21 stu- fivlli, tim pri-sidl-114-y ul' thi- stlldn'-in lwmly. For thru- yi-urs hv wore- 11 Iuurplv jvrsey and XVPIS :ll thx- szllm- Limn- the- must out- Sturlaling mn-lnlu-I' ui' thv travli tvzxnl whivh holds the Suutlu-rn iw-lay rw-mtl. llis zuilliexi-iiivxlts in Ihr- r'lznssi'c10m, m-s1u-- vially in English, un- fur allow: thi- :aver- agv. Hzunuwtt will he l'4'Ill0Il'AiH'l'l'fl as an zithlcii-, us a siurh-nt, :und as :1 fine Christian guiitlernan. ntennfal Class ERNEST SPENCER HARRELL DAN HARTLEY MARSHALL, N. C. Candidate for 12.4. Freshman Baskm-tball: Fra-shman Font- hall Captain: Prvsiclcnt Frm-shman Classg Varsity Football 12, 3, 43g Tre-asurer Stu- dvnt Bodyg Treasure-r Gin-au-r 1-'urnian Plulvg I. R. C.g Nlanagvr Hass-lmllg Block Leettvr Cluhg Barat-a Ulassg Y. M. C. Ag Fvntaur: N. U. Clubg Quartornian. NVhOn we think of "Old Man" Harrell we always know that Furman shall ever lm hanpie-1' and hi-th-r for his having 4-ome here. Spvnf-or is om- of those boys whom Pvvryone on and off tho campus lovvs. A star foothall anzl basl-hall player, he has vombinm-tl his athlutir' ability, his knowledge and his rvanly wit and made himself one of thx' most popular boys that c-Ver stuflie-rl at lfurinan. From tho first time he vntm-rt-nl Furman four years ago, he has hm-n 1-vase-less in spreading his dm-trine of good will, his ready smile and his "bull." The lattor has bi-en handvd with partivular vniphasis to the faculty and to som.: young ladios in the iinmcfdiate vicinity. Spam-or is from Marshville, N. C., but gm-ntlo reader, he can't help that. BAR NVVELL, S. C. fjIlllLlit16lf6'f0f B..-1. Horn--I: Pull lic-1m1'tl-1' ill, Stall' lla-- porte-1' 123, lnts-1'wnllvgiatl- I-lmlilm' 1213: Em-ho 1'irw11lalion Alilllllgvl' 1315 Vloistm' 12, 3, llg lm I'n-l'vl4- l"1'anrais 42, Il, -ll. Se-r'roiary and 'I'l'n-asilrx-l' fir, l'x's-sifln-nl 1351 Elltn-:ntiml Vluh 1233 Vlass l'm-I C-HZ Pliilosolrhian Ilitn-l'a1'y Sovin-tyg l4:1r:x4':4 fflassg Y. M. V. A. Ilan ln-lnmgrs In that group nl' lruys ul' XVIIUIH wt- llval' niuvh and lrnnw lilllv. Tliougli lu- has clislinguishl-fl hiinsl-ll' as a povt ol' mwnnisx-, we L10 not know as :nut-h about him as Wu might. lim- is Quint, 1lll2lSSllllllIl5L', null slwndstln':x'1-aim' part ol' his iiniv lvrowsilig ainony.: nlml books and palm-1's in ilu- 1llhl'2ll'X. In ilu- Class ol' '26 ln- has flonv his part and niurv. As a nu-inlwr of the- lai11:u:1p.:'u L-lulws, 'l'h.- Ilorn--1. 'Phu E4-ho, anml olln-r organixatinns xxln-re 4-mistaiiwy and viii. 1-il-ncy vrlunt, ivan has always lu-un at the lu-lin. That hm- is loved anll allnlin-rl by all is mu-rilvss to say. Wi- 4-xp--1-t, to heal' from Ivan soon in tht- AtIanl.ir: Monthly, S1-rillm-rs, or some othor nation- ally known liwrary publication. Centennial Class IIOY IIICNDRIX JOHN XVITIIERSPOON HEXVFLL GREENWLLE, S. C. Candidalc' for BJ. Matlivnizttif's Clnli QS, ,UQ ltltluwzitioli Vlub 42, SJ. This is to introrlnt-0 lloy, our tfounti' 5 T1-:un 12, 3, 43g Uiilllillll Ti-nnis 'Fvzun 42, Gvntlt-inziu. Most pt-oplo say, "tio wrist i young' nizin. :intl grow up with the vo ti'y,'l hut lloy W--nt to tht- r-ountry :ind inside things grow. lf'i'oxn the opt-n Spams ln' nizilu-s his wlziily pilgrinizige to lf'ur1n:in :intl inztlws things 'huin' zirountl ln-rt-. ln the r,-lzissrooni, Hoy is sc-Islom without :tn zuiswe-V, :intl this couplt-ml with his ht-lit-t' in tht- old motto, "Work whilt- working ly won for him good pwzules. lloy sw,-ins un- tlt-vidt-tl as tu just what his future will lu-, but so wt-ro XY:x:4l1im.rtot1 :intl XYilson :tt suvh :in t-:trly t-rsi in lilo. lloy, a inun ot' your c-lizirzivtoi' :intl cletorniinntion :ind play whilt- plzxying," has vonsistvnt must sue-tgeml, NYu'ru with you! C llll- GRliliNVll.l,li, S. C. Candidate for ILS. Arlelphinn Litorm'y Sovit-ty fl, 2, 3, 413 I"l'1'ShIll!ll1 Ti-nnis Tvzinig Varsity Tennis , 333 Muiiziyrer 'lwnnis Twain Hjg XYinns-r llonlvlt-s Vup of South L'zii'olinu lnti-rc"oI- lt-gizite Moet 1215 Vim--P1'4-Siclvlit South t'zu'ulin:i 'I'0nnis Assoc-izition L-UQ Y. M. V. A. 11, 2, 3, 413 l'Ipi1'ili'4-ails. John is pronrlttr of the fu:-t that he is :L I'l'i01ll1 to eu-ry Vurnian nizxn than tho fri:-t thzit he is the In-st tonnis plnyvi' in Grvt-nvilltt. John is rt real nmn, Though ho has he-en lizindim-zipped in his 4-ollvgro at-tivitit-s soinvwhzit, owing: to the far-L that he livvs oft' tho 4-uinpus, he has nov- Qrtlieloss shown htfyoml thu doubts of miyom-2 thzit, ho has tht- stuff that has for yours fwliziractorized l4'urinzin incn. Ht-, along with Clizirlio Connor, won thu- dou- lwlvs chzunpionsliip ot' the state in tennis in H12-1, :Ln honor that shows in :L snlnll int-:isuro the mln-give ot' D6I'Sl'Y4:'I'llll4'0 that he puts into :ill avtivitivs in whit-h hu takes part. Johnnie, we sulutc you! entennfaf Class JAMES MYERS IIICKS FLORENCE, s. C. Candidaizr for B.S. Student Counvil 11, 2, 3, -15, Pr:-sitltlnt 145, 1-'rt-shman l-'ootltztll 115, Varsity Squad 12, 353 Basin-tllnll Squad 1153 Vif'e-Prvsident Sophtnnort- t'l:lssg Vivv- Prosideut Junior Vlassg lionltotniv Staff, Art Editor 11, 25, Assistant lfitlitrmr 135, Editor-in-Chief 1-153 Intl-rnattionatl Rola- tions C'lub 12, 3, 45, l'hit-f Marsltnl 1355 C'loistor 1453 twxrrvslmntling Stwrctztt'y Philosophian Litt-rary Sovit-ty 1153 lit-- Cording Sur-rotary, S. U. ltitt-rr'ollt-priate Oratorittal Assm'iztt.ion 1-153 l'rt--Metlival Sm-iuty 1455 Philokalt-:tn t'lt1lv 12, 3, 45, President 1353 Crt-:ttor lfurntztn t'luh, President 135: ltlattagut' l-'rvshman Bas- ketball 125, Asst. Mztnn1.:'t-r Varsity Bas- kvtball 135g Pi Gzunnta Mu 1453 Epi- t-uronnsz Quartvrnian. Jim posst-sses that rare- anal f-h:trmin1.: 1-harut-toristic-, originality ol' pc-rsonztlity. Sinr'-0 his "rut" y+-ar ht- has stt-:ttlily gone on making frivnds, until at pri-sont it is doubtful whetht-r ilu-rv is any hwy at Furman who is so gout-rally loyt-tl and rospectvd as is Jim. lfroin a tinted City, he Could not possibly ltayt- vsvnpt-tl im- hihing sotno of tht: putt-ntiztlity of great- ness and 1':tm+f, and your hy yt-nr, as Jim has moved among ns, wt- have soon this potentiality but-unto re-ztlizotl in 21 most actual and prratifying manner. Honor after honor has rlusc-temlt-cl upon him, hut not in the least dt-1.frvo has this Changed his mannt-r of :wtilm or his atti- tude of solf-portrayal toward the rest of the fellows. ROBERT ELVVOOD HIPPS CANTON, N. C. Candidalz' for 12.41. Freshman lftmtlntllg l-'roshntnn Bztskvt- bnllg Frt-shman Heist-luullg Varsity Foot- ball, '24-'251 Varsity iinskt-thztll, '25, Var- sity Baseball, '25-'2li3 Ilornt-t Stuff, '23- '24, '24-'253 Blot-k In-tu-r Vlultg Mt-ntlwt-r tho "Boudoir", Qu:trtt-rniztn. Bob is anotlwr nzttiyt- ot' North t':tru- lina who has lvroul.:'ht l':tnto to l"nrrnztn. Het-auso he brouglit 1-rt-rlits from anotlwr Collego whtwn ht: 1-ntl-rt-rl Fnrmztn hu is able to finish in thrt-0 yt-nrs. Ilu is at star athletug one ol' tht- ht-st foollvatll and basketball stars that l4'urntan has turnvd out in somo yttars. In lmst-ltztll, ltfwvovc-r, he has gained must ot' his glory. lit- has been for the past two yt-ars tho lm:-at First baseman in South l'arolinzt, and has al- ready signtttl a c-ontrztt-t with tht- Phila- delphia Athlc-tivs to whom ht- will go as Soon as ho has the diploma suit-ly turtkt-tl away. Last your ht- was yotvtl tht- host looking man at tht: Fniyvrsityg this favt, Coupled with a nt-at littlt- 1-oupo that is at his disposal at ull timt-s, has st-rw-tl to make him tht- L'niyvrsity Ht-nu llrutnnic-l. lf it is his will, and he has at strong.: onv, we shall see hint lwvnntt- ont- nf tho best. first sat-kers in the major lt-ztguos. Centennial Class XVALLACE EDVV ARD HOVVARD GREENVILLE, S. C. Candidate for BJ. llowzirtl is uno of flI'1'0l1Yllll"S own and 4-unnl tu us front Crm-ixx'illv High. He hzis bet-n :L guull stuiln-nt :intl espl-4-ially slid hu shinc in l'hysi4-s. His L-ontrilnution to this important suhjevt and that Of Suvinl Sviviirw- would prove itivziluulrlv to future st-vlu-i's illltvl' lill0XVlt'llgi:! at the lf'ui'xn:Ln sl-at ul' lL+m'iiii1i.5. lluwevvr, the wurld will liuu- to t'rn'1-go thi- pleasure of in-rusiin: :my work froin his pen since lnf has :lt-cidt-cl to furin a vhuin of gro- r-L-ry sturus extunclim: from 4-oust to voust. For tlirov years he hus hel-n spending: his simun- titno lzxhuring t'or the Lfelvlmrated liogvrs' storf-s, und ln- now fovls that the llll'0l"l'11Zlfl0ll ln- has gzxiin-d is surfivivixt to insure his sum-4-ss us il chain store oper- utur. ilu is ulrm-mly looking to sum-1 tinzinviul gonius of thc 1926 vluss tu fur- nish thu nevessury vuirital. JOHN CLARENCE HVGIIFS ORAXGEBURG ,s.c. Candidate for BJ. Y. M. C. A. fl, 2, 3, 417 l7'ri1-inlslxip l'0unl-il CE, -tjg Pliilusopliizxn Lita-i'ury So- ciety ll, 2, Cl, 47, S1-niur Vritiv, Full 'l'er1n 145, Via-Lf-1'i'L-sich-lit Sprim: TL-rin 4453 County Plulvp Ministt-i'izLl li1LlldQ Gln-v Cluh HJ. J, U. is :L small llynanm of human strength. Ht- is strung. :Lt-tivv. and alvrt. He flizl not posit as :Ln nthli-te while :Lt l+'urinun, but we nrt- hoping' that his re- sorvt- strength will ht- an important aitl in the lj2ll'!'ylIlg out of his lifv's work. He h:Ls zLlrc:tLly shown pruinising signs uf a vuluuhlv L-mu-L-r sinw- lf-nving.: his honn- town, Ui'zLng1-hui'g. Sinn- 4-onvinw- ing tht- oti'ic'izLls ot' Lhu Glm- Cluh that hn- has :L vzipuvity for singing, he st-4-ins to he trying to iinpnsl- the- suniv nj'onx'it-tions upon tin- nmrm- nnllumliuus si-x. At luast this is saLiLl tu lm truu in I'l'lI2lI'il to il vm'- tuin ynung lzuly in :L 1'01'i2llll fenmlu col- lege in this state. XY4- ill'v still :Lnxiousl5 looking fox'w:u'd tu his sul-L-Llss, mul. also, wishing fur hiin :L t1'ax't-rszLlulL- road in his career. l Centennial Class EDYVARD JAY INGLIC wiasi' Asuiaviima, N. C. Candidalc for II..-1. Ari:-lpiliuli Lili-i':u'y Suvivty, Vllziplziiii Hb, 4'0i'1'ifsfmmiix1g' S4-vi-1-t:x1'y 125, Vice- I'r1-sidvnt 424, lb, Pr--sinivm L-Hp Minister- iaxl Uilllli, Cui'x'usprxx1:iing.: Sn-n'l'vt:iry iff, l'rwsimi4-lit C493 Y. M. l'. .-X,. l'ilHil'0Sft'i' 12, -U, Vzlhixivt 141, if'ri4-mlship Vuunr-il K-Hg Ifimiulwltiull Club UU, iwvsiilvlll 1-H. "Mil" is 21 Yillllilillt' unisiiliou to thv um- from whom we will part. Ilis ability and wk lmw- lim-xi manifest liti-rury sm-im-ty :md the ations. ilu unix forcmi in on-A Msn' :md upon his 1-lass ui' '26, and lu' 1'l'lUf'f1lY1f to rn-:uiixwss to wr vsln-vizxlly in his 11-liiziuus urg'uixiz louvi- svhooi for rm-turn hm- was 1'w---ive-d with juy, for he was ni---ded. A li-vvl hc-mi 1,-lxzxra sunny dispusitimi and zu u-I4-rizv this l1I'if'Il1i. Our hulu- is that E113 upiifinmg iiiflueiiur- may huvv aiu eval'-widening spin-rv. C ROBERT PATTERSON LAMB I'OR'I'IiRlJALli, GA. Camlidafe for 12.41. Ministi-riul Baud. "Sin-vin." whn is proumi ui' iwing' il Gm-m,1i'gi:l "1'r':n-In-1'," ivft thv iirnpirv sin!-A soiiii-tiriw M-lwixm hi- I-:uiw in lfuriiiain, :ind though hi- u:1i14l1-ri-mi fill' hm- dial xml w:xu-- fu-i' unwis-'lx' whwn hi- t'IiI4'l'L'll I". V, wuh thv Vlzxss ui' '2li. It is :L vmxnm-mizmlile-e fzxwt thzit, :LI- tlmugli hi- mm-rif-ml :luring his I+'1'n-shmaui yhzir, Lumix hus 1-1-inziium-xi with thi- 4-lnss tlu'ou1.g'h thx' fuui' yvzlrs. Ili- is fzninwi fur his iulmvi-ill humor, and hv Sm-Mus to hun- morm- lirsl-h:1u1i iui'ux'nxz1li0h lhzln he himsvlf is 1-mlsviuus of. Iii- is just :i uniqui- Gi-mwgizi "t'x'm-Kult" entennfal Class HARVEY LAMBERT HEMINGWAY, s. c. Candidale for B..-I. Education Club H53 Ministerial Band. From the vity of llorxiimgwuy, Ilzirvey hails. Since ln-ginning his vourse at Fur- man, ho has boon vory por-sz-ww-1'ix1g in his work and loyal to his Alma Motor. NVe fool that his friends bar-k home have It perfm-vt right to lm proud of him. His work in the classroom has lvvon of at high type. Although Harvey has not been in the dormitory, his relationship with the boys hats been very rlose. All who know him like him, and have rfonfidenve in him. Harvey is one of our married few, He is planning to teach after graduation, and we feel that he will make an elli- cient professor. Tl'II'RS'l'ON DARGAN LAXVSON Ill.ENlllilM, s. C. Candidale for ILS. l-'rom infancy wo liavo ln-en 4-zlutione-ll about 114-Q1-pling ziiiytliiiigq but tho origi- nal, :ind wo lmvo the oriuinul "Boll KVM-- vi1" :LL Furnian. This notziblo hns sur- vived tln- four yours ot' storm and calm at tho Ynivn-rsitv :ind is not in the least Supl-rrilious lwcousi- of it. To look nt this friend one would think that ho should bo able to utter plirnsos ol' astounding IIlL'3llillj.2' for tho world: but alas ho has not spoke-n. Indeed, his slo- gan must bo, "My tonguv within my lips I rr-ipxn, for who talks mnvh must talk in vain." llis pon is mightier with him than tho "sword" for wo all know that he has acliix-vcd ai 954 on Psyvliology. "Boll YVeevil," wo all look to you to mastvr thi- world of business us you have- lnaslm-rod your course att Furman. Centennial Class RALPH BALLICNGIER LOF'l'lS JOSEPH THOMAS MARSHALL GREENVILLE, S. C. GRICENVVOOII, S. C. Candzdatv for ILS. Candzdare for ILS. Loftis is I1 town stuilvm :ind vzlzne Ad01D11i1111 Lif1'1'411'3' 31'1'i1'15', lh-wu1'ili11!h to us from Groulivilll- High svlmnl. lli- is SW'f'9U11'Y 1372 Y- M. V. A.. Sl-vim-tz11'3' 145 11, quia-t, unc1l,+t1'usivv Sufi of 1-imp, hui is Burava Class, Ho--1'ctz1l'y KSU, l'1w-sillmit always ra-early to do his pnrt in :iny pro- 4-il: i"l0iStf-1' 4411 lllivwiillliulllll lin-lntiuns ,ii-vi unlle-1'tzilw11 by the- 1-lnss ur studvni Vi'-ll' HJ: Pi Gzllnnln Mn IUZ l"1'4'111'l1 Ivumly. Nut living nn tin- vzixnpiis, lu- has Vim" Vi1'f"1'1'+ASif11'111 UP: Svivilw- 1'lul1 not had nn uppfwtunity Us pn1'tivi1mt1- in SP1'1'1'1211'5' 1453 fll'4'iil1'l' l'llll'lll11ll Vlnlr, Ail- llw 1101-if Ur 11111 S.-vl-1-111 1-1111.5 Alllll swiil- visory 13021111 QSM Flaws l'1"+l1l11'1: '1'r:H-If tie-:J on the llill. lln- is tnliing :i li,S. T1'21l'l1- 1'uL11'sv, and tlmsv tu whom ilu- sviuxn-us 0111 -T09 is 0111' 01' UWN4' 111115 111111111 lN'0- airv li liiglitmzirm- will 11-nllily 1-0114-ui' in lJl1' 11111111 of Wl11'11 il Ulillll 111'1'1lS 111 In tho opinion that hm- must lm :L goml stu- 50111-1 1'1Hl11- A1W215'S Hfilllilllll-I wvll in his 11111111 "Sti11xv11L1-1-51-1,111 11.-pp," il is 511111, vlzisses, he has at thi- szunl- iinn- tnkvn und il' this is trul- in thu wish nt' Ralph Dart in most of thi- 114-tivitil-S 111' 1l1+ we ure surf- that ln' will lllillii' good in 1'0llPgf'- T119 fllvl 111111 l11' l121H S11 0l'11'11 wluiti-ver he u11pl1gr111kw4, svrvufl ofnvially in thi- nmny vlnlfs ul which he has lvl-1-n Il ini-nnlwr witm-ssvw for his 11opulzu'ity and fin' his villl-iviix-y Joe. with his l1n1u11y, rvnnly sniiln- is :1 friend to be lovell, 2UlIlllI'l'4l, nnll 1'-1111--1114 bered. Centennial Class i CHARLES GVVINN MASON VVliS'I'MINS'l'IiR, S. C. Camliilafe for RJ. Silfflivn- is guldifn wi 1'h:11'li1- must IN- rivh. l'vrlm1ws hl- lvl-li--u-s that "NYl11i talks muvli, must talk in X':1iii"3 who lixmws? lluxvs-mix' 1'h'xi'li1- iQ 'i in-llnw ul' rim- wisiluui :incl jumigvm-nt, :xml vs-ry welll lik--1l by us ull. To know him illii- ximtoly is to jllxlgm- him fm' his truv worth, l'hm'li1- is mlm-vp, :md his t'l1tux'4' :i iiiystsfry to himsvlf :ind to his ln-st l'rii-mls. XY1- may xziy in par1im.54 "His idwxls mu- soumlg hu has the hm-sl that, :1 good insritutimi 1-aiu u!'l'1-r. lls- will suv-- 1-vvdf' Mu:-h suv-ness iw yuurs, "l'liu1'li1'." :md ull joy yours v XVALTIER KENNETH MAT'l'lSON SENECA, s. C. fjflllliidllfi? for BNI. Vhilosnpliizxu Lili-vary Sm-il-ty 11, 3. 43, 1'ori'vspmi1lii1g' Svvrc-l:xi'y 115, S1-nim' rw-nsor 1123, .IL1nior1'ritif- 12. Sly. lwvsiclefrit 1ly3 Y. M. 1'. A., 1'1ihin1-1 135, l'l'1isi-le-iit 1-135 F. l'. Arlilvlil- Ham-l 11. 2. Hug lizirzxf 1-11 f'laSS, Vivu-l'i'1'si1l1'i11 12373 Ilhlilvntioii Fluh 13, All, Viml-l'i'1-sirlviil 1-ij: lntvriiu- tiulizil llvlutions i'll11r 113, Krgune-th Alziltiswn tulivs zi lvzxrliiiu plzifw zunongr, that grpmixp nf nu-11 who vlnim lhn- l':iii' hill ul' Oc-mime :is thu-ir own. This sun of S1-in-1-ri vzinim- to lfurmzui with thi' avowed pl1i'p0S1- ui' lnakimr good :ind ho has wiilmut douht rvzilim-ml his umhitimi. A good studs-nt in thv 1-Iussrcmm und ei 11-zuioi' in r'oll1'p.:i- zurtivilii-s, "Ki-ii" has won a plum-11 in thi- lie-nrt of 1-vs-ry num who has 111-vu zissmwizitvfl with him. It is flue in :i lzxrgw- rm-zisurv to his sph-ndi1l ffffnrts thzit, Mr, Glvnn was ahh- tu put over tha- 1-iulowim-111 1-miipziiygii mul tlmrv- hy insuro the futiirv of thv mwllvgv. llv has serv-el l':iithI'ully as IvI'1'FiCivlli uf thnx Philosophizin LiIt'l'5ll'Q' Suvivty zuul this Y. M. C. A. entennfaf Class ZANGVVELL VVARREN MIEEKS ANDERSON, s. C. Candidaif' for 8.41. Fwslxnmn Football: Vursity lfootlmll 12, 3, 'Ng Trzu-k 12, 3, 47, Vuptztin 11335 Blom-li Lcettei'1,'lulm 12. Ii. -U, S1-r-rx-tziry 1-Hg l'l1ilokz1li-an 1'luIw 12, 34, AU, Sw-x'vt:xi'y 1393 Fnmpus Editor, Tin- llorlu-I 1395 Amicl- phian Litci'z1ry Sm-is-ty: liuiuu-:L Clussg Epivurezms. A good atlxlvtv, it 1.50011 stuelm-nt, :i 1bI'i1l1,'C of u fr-llowfthufs the lexus-t LiL'Si'1'lIlil0ll ol' Zzmgwi-ll. 'l'lizLt llc is onu of the most popular stuilm-nts on tlu- hill is ovirlcixm-cl by thu nmny impurtzuit posi- tions that he has hi-lsl in our student life tliroixgli the f-lmive ol' his lllllow vluss- mzttvs, 'For' one to try to fiml at lwtts-1' Lrm-li man in thx- stale is to uml1-i'1:xlu- :L task that czLu't be zu-voixxplisliml. Xang- wi-ll has clmson as his lil'v work tha- Iivlsl of journalism. H1-st of luwlc. ulsl main. XV:-e know that your guniul disposition will gain for you there the Sllllli' sum-1-ss that has lwvzi vl1az'zxL'tf-l'iSti1: of your foul' ym-urs at Furman. HUBERT THOMAS MCELVEEN EFFINGIIAM, s. C. Candidate for ILS. Varsity Football 12, 3, -Hg Varsity Baseball 13, 433 1"r4-shmzxn lfnutlmll and Bnseballg Bloc,-k L1-tn-r 1'lulx 12, Il, 41: Alternate Captain Fontlmll 143: Vuptziin Baseball 1435 Burur-zi Clussg Y. M. 1'. A.: Epi:-uroans. "Mzu"' hails from thu 1-uunty of lflor- enrrv, and that f-ounty is wvll x'1-pn-s1-iitsetl in this person, an zitlxlm-in annum.: our host, having lu-on for thrvc- yours :L mvm- hur on the footlzall and lmzisi-lvzxll squnrls, H0 is all that and than sonic. "Mau" is well liked on tho hill. Thi-ru is at kind of magnotisln about him for those who know him well. Centennial Class ARTHUR GLIZNN MCGHE ALTON BERT MILLER ANDERSON, S. C. LAKE VIEVV, S. C. Candidate for 1?.S. Candidate for B.S. I"l'l'SilU1Zlll lfootlmllg l"1'0shman Baslwt- Baraf-11 Classy Y, M, 1'. A.g Tr-nniS Club hall: l1'1'vsl1n1an Bass-hall: Varsity 1-'nuff 11. 2, 35. ball 12. 3. ill Varsity Baskwtlvzlll ffl, kill It has lvol-n saicl lay snnw gri-at pnvt V2U'Si1Y Bflgvllflll 12, 3, U, Vzlyrtain 1372 that "All gmail things ilu not 1-fume in Tl'I1l1iS Club Ci. 473 Iillwli Ll'U1'l'f'1UIi KZ. largv var-lizuqn-s," anal this saying has 3. 'UZ MUNI Vlllb Kill: A-U1f1P!'S0!1 COUHU' certainly prow-cl to bi- true in thu person CUNY! Y. M. V. AJ RGIVGIUEL VIHSS fl, 371 uf Bi-rt. Lilllv but lnnml, he has mailn- Vim--l'resiflom Sonior Plass. his lriw-siiixffu fvlt anmng' us for the past llUl'ill1-I IHS 4'2ll'lf0Y' at Fllflllllll, "Hill" four ya-ars, Ill- is a trul- and loyal friend HHS l'Si21l01iSll4'4i Fm illliwidualify thilf is and wo hate to suv hinl 1:0 out from the known far ancl wich-. AS Z1 football, has- Old Sglmol, Ggggd luck, Bgrt, ketlwall, anal lmsol-all playvr, "Maggi4-" has avconiplislied niuvh for Furinan sinifn his t?Iltl'2tYlf'0 four yuars ago frrnn Andor- son, a nearby villagv, "Rip's" see-rning lnzinn-ss is an institution at l+'urnmn now. Ile has thu rm-putation ul' ln-ing: able to ilu thv gwatrlst amount, of worl: with lhu loast vxpmnliturc- of 4-l'1'ort ol' any man who has 4-sv:-r been at Furman. lf om-, liown-yer, would think that ho is lazy, ask Noavh Laval. lil- has ln-un a star athln-to for l'oar-h "Billy" and Furman sinvv the tinn- hc- vann- on thi- hill, "Rip" will nmko n million some day, hy spcriu- lation or by somc othur easy way. Centenniaf Class SAMUEL DAVID MINNICK JAMES HARVEY Ml'1'C'IIIiI.I. s,11.1:11,x, 5. C. sA1.u11.1, s. C. Ca1z1I11la11'fo1' lf..l. Cam1'i1lat4' for l?.S. Vairsity Fvflilrilll 12, fi. 111 V2ll'Sii5' A111-1111111111 Liu-1':11'y S111-i1-typ Y. M. t". IMS1-112111 12. 31, -113 191-1-s11111:111 1-'+1r1111:1l1 A.: Frie-11f1s11i11 13111111-il 111: Sf-i1-111-v 1'111I1 111111 Hz1:11-1111113 V011-11 1111- Mum Y:1111:11111- I-413 Edu:-11111111 4'luI1. 1'1'1-si111-111 5111-1111: M1111 1111 1111- 11:1s1-111111 T1-:1111 11111-11114 1935. T1-1'111 1-113 V111u11t1-1-1' 11111111 1113 1'1-1-411-11. 'I'111'1,1up:11 1'1,1u1' yn-urs 111' 1111r1i 111111 111:1y, 51-5,1 gm-il-ly 111, S11--1-1-ss 111111 1'uil111'1'. .ii-1' 111111 S'-1'rww. M111-11+-11 is S11 111111-1 11111- 111111111 l1i"x1'1' smile-S 211111 if-Hrs 211111 Iili' lik-'. fill' VIHSH kimw that 111- wus 1111 1111- 1-:11111111s ii' 111- nl' 'flli has 111-111 r'l:1i111 to 1111- 1'1'i1-111111, wt.,-0 Imt S,1,.u. '1'1,,,m-11, 111. M15-S limi., 111- I'n'11l'l1'SS IRIN' Millllivli- lil' is IVUSY' thinks 1'11u1'11. This is s111111'11 hy 1111- I':11'1 W0Y'ii1N'1 flK'1H'1liiIli1l1', SWIWHIKLZ' 211111 lllwililii' that 110 was out 111' If'111'111:L11 for 11111- y1-111' :11-lv i11 his 1-1111vi+'li111lS lvl' I'i1J1ll. 211111 111111 1111-11 finislu-11 with 11is11w11 1-Iuss, 111- 111'1111g', H1- is 11 1111111 I'1'i1-1111. is 1111 t'?lY'T1l-151 111111 1-rms:-i1-11li1111s wmk--1'. 11. was 1111 11111'111'g'1-1:111l1- '1'l1:1111:s1,givi111.: galuda C-mimg hiyn ,114 41 54111, 111111 1111 c1:1y11l'192i, whs-11 l1z1i'1- iw-4-11111-il 1111- fur- doubt, is I,H,u11 uf him. H, Wm un. W2ll'l1 IHISS Wllifll li"Si1ll4"1 ill fill' N'ii'U'1'Y d111111L1'ed1y bring: 111111111' to his 1111111 as Ol' 1110 PUYIPU' HUl'l'ii'1Ul" UWT UU! Vlmll' well as to his A111111 M1111-1' S111111- 41:1y. 1111 s1,111 Tigurs. is very re-S1-r1'1-11 ill 1111111111: 111' hi- 111'1-'s 111z111S, but his i11li111:111- 1'1'i1-1111s 11111111' t11.1t 111- has a wu1't11y 1111111111011 111111 :1 1111411 1:11111 toward w11i1'11 to 11111'7a. 111111-.11', 111: 1.:0od. Centennial Class FOREST ORION MIXON CLAYTON E. MCMANAXVAY YENIASSHE, 5, C. CREENVILLIZ, S. C. Camjidaf,-f,,,412h1. Czzndidalf for 13.5. Tmmis film, QD: Y' M. C. A-1 pummi Alh-lpliiau l4llUl'ill'1' Suwivty 11, 2, 3. 433 11, 2, 31: l+'i'ie-ridsliip c'0unl'i1 12. :img M- V- AI- ll, 2, 14, .111 Wwkills Hows Fri-in-li Cluh qillg Phi Kappa In-lta. 1'rl-s- Hull fl- 3, -lf 'U- "M:u'li" is 11 flimwiixilll- boy whu vzinnl idvnt C315 Ministerial Blind, Yive-Pi'l-si- dent 121, l'i'4-sident IKM Adm-lpliian Lit- erziry Sowil-ty, Cliaplin 125, Vim-e-1'i'a-si- dont 1315 llonor Roll C2J. l". O. Mixon, he-ttm-r known us "Dall," rmm- to l"u1'inzin just thrf-0 yi-urs zum, Dail has hm-n very sum-essful in ull his work here :it l"ur1nzin, and zilsti hm: dunn- a grvut dn-nl of work in 1ietii'h,' rliuwlxi-s. Ile has hom-n :ugtivi-ly 1-lithium! in th-A ministry sins-0 hp has h--rin :xi Furnizin. Dull has not only hm-n populus with ilu- hrothrl-n. hut he has also lv'-n popular uxnrnip: thv fn-llows. N-Jt only is hw 11 litvrury main. hut ho has zlvilmiistrziiul his zxhility us football plztyer zinfl ii trnvlc main. Lu.yim.: all johns nairlv wi- pri-lliwt that 'illladu will sonn- din' t:1k-- his stzincl aniong tho hip: pi'e:1r'lwrs. ill- is plun- ning to 1-ntl-r the U-:ic-Elixir: lfmfe-ssimi aftl-1' leziviiig Furman, und also says that ho is going to thi- Seminary in the nvnr futurm-. NVQ wish him grunt sucr-4-ss and trust that all his tx-iualulws will not rvzivli highn-1' than his 1-hin, :incl they must go sonnl to do that, lm' li-1 is on-1' siv fu-t. to ns lroni thi- 101-nl Ili. lln- has nut livml in thi- 4lm'i1iit1li'ivs hut ln- has hi-L-n avtivu in thi- lil'v ul' ilu' Vnixvrsity. Altlmugli, nm thi- llmilmll stun' that his lriwnllwl' was, Mm-li xxzxs ailwuys llii-iw in his zipprn-1-iulimi of zltliln-iivs. XXXL xlu not zittvinlxl. to nmlue 111'o1vln-1-ies, hill, if plws- ent aiimpvziiwiiil'-fs min ln- ri-liml upon. "Mzu'la" is to ln- mn- Ill' thi- li-:uh-rs in thv business win-ld. Vlzxyton inn-nds in ri-nmin in his "Old Hunn' Town." and ws- :-onsiiln-r' thu "Texii1u Venti-r of thu South" fortunziu- in huxing hiin do So. Centennfaf Class FRANK IIORACIC ORR HEXDIZRSOXVIILIC, x. c. Camiidate for I2..l. Frvslmiuii l-'ofvthzillg Yairsiiy lfuutl-:ill QU, 0, flj, All-Stair lftmtlmll 'I'--:im CHL Prvsi- 1iL'X'lfJuI1iO!'l'l1lSSQ liittiiizitifmzil livlextimis Vluh CZ, 333 Bliwlt livin-1' Vlult 112, II, li: l+'rvshni:Lu In-lizitiug 'IH-sim: .luuiur 'l'x'i- uliglte Lit-lmtim.: 'l'vnmg Wimit-r .Kali-llmliimi Ill-r'l:iIxie1's Mvilzil tlljg Xvillllvl' .Mli-lpliiziti Lmbzihis M4-slzil 121. "Ka-ti" is ouv ut' tht- must ylupiilui' lmys on the CQLIIHPIISQ lms :ilwuys hw-ii ai lvndul' in Hvery zu-tivityg :tml hits zllwzlys mzule sur-r-ess his. 4'miiiiig,: tu us, :is ht- clid, from the Applt- Stat:-, ht- hats livml up to and amply pihxw-ml tn us tht' worth :ind SU1llfi?II'ilS ot' at North t':1i'uliu:i m:1u. Frziuk is uni- ot' thu lbw lllvll who tlui'iui.g' their Cullt-egv l'2ll'k-'UI' uri- lmiwiw-tl with thu privilege of ri 1-hiss pn-siili-iis'y. Passing' to his :itlilt-tit' zu-tixili-is wt- Ilml ltvd on Mainly lfivlcl, wlii-rv liw hats uvliiuvcd one of thv ln-st Ikmtlmill rt-:'hi'iis i-vm' made :Lt i"l1l'Illilll. Iii-cl is wus- nl' the few mt-u who :multi tht' .-tll-Htaxtv tvnm. lu all young' mi-u's lin-s tlil-rv vuxxws a timt- whmi tht-5' :nhl th tht-h' troulyles a "loud siwzilu-r," sn lu slit-zilt. Rvd vanw to us, wt-ut to ldairlt- strvvt, has st-en, and we trust will 1-uuquvr. "Nuff sed." C AVBREY YVALKICR PARKER n,xi.zi1i.i,, 5. c. Cdllziinfllfbl fur l1..l. X. M. 1. A, tu, -ir, .Mlm-Ipliiziii lilti-t':ii'y Smlit-ty 13, -lj. l't's-sitli-ht. St-1-mul 'IR-1'ni til Pzlrkvl' is thi- ilimlhutixi- im-iiilwi' ut' that St-uint' 4-hiss, :tual 11 li-ruling his-mln-1' uf thu l'ziiversity's limit Vluh, llv is :ui zuloptvd nit-xulu-i' ul' that vluss, lizxvihg' 1-mink to us from :i tit-iglmlmi-img tlrillt-gi-. Just why hu l'm'suhlt thu 'l'ig'i-r's Luiz' is not known, but midi-xitly tht' luri- ul' tho i'lll'IJ1H and XX'hit4- wus tim g.fi'v:it. To lizive st-on him wv:irim.1' his hlm-lt wiiulsur tis- mid lit?--lilt Clizirlii- -w . ' 4 t'z1l'i'yi11g si 1-uhh is to i'1-will zi vm-ry cz lvivturt- nl' thv wi-Il-ltimwn Clizipliii. l'z1rltv1' is p:ii'tif'1iI:irly popular with tht- t'vmii1iut1 si-x. :intl truly tlt-si-:ww-S thv zilupt-llutitm Uvutt-" whivh thvy have giu-11 him, II4' zispiiw-s in join the trilw ot' lvlililvumt, :tml thi- 4-r--ilit- zlhlv work hi- lifts tlnm- iii 4'r1lli'g'v igivvs liruuiise of at sun-1-1-sstul min-4-1' in his wlmsezi profvssimi. "Nutt-" hzis inks-ti :in ziritivu part in thu xxurlt ut' thi- .tilt-lpliiun Lite1'a1'y Soc-it-ty, zmrl svrvi-il its l'i't-siclm,-ut for the Spring 'l'A'l'lll this yi-ur, entennfal Class MADISON EDVVARD PARRISII NEVVBIERRY, s. C. Candidate for ILS. Adelphian Lit:-rzlry Soc-il-tyg Pre-Mmli- 1-ul Suvilety. "Slvvpy," as he is known in his nanny friends, rec,-eivud his nil-lcimiiie from tho one and only Rip Van XYinlclm-, and thn- writur vunturvs to say that the nunnr, "Slvepy," was attached ln-re for thu Sami: rn-zison that it was zitt.:n'lied to Rip. But, unch-rlying: this seemingly sleepy ux- terior, one will always find a Chee-rful disposition and ai truo friend, XVhu knows but that some day one of this fair' ladies of Newlmm-rry may sin-1-vcd in driv- ing away this sh-vpy appu:u'unce. Any- way, wv helieyl- it can ln- doin-. A gond fellow, und a good friend, the essentials of popularity. C JOHN HOXVARD PENNEBAKER COLUMBUS, KY. Caniliilalc' for 1i'..'l. llnrnut Stull' C2, 3, -lj, l'hlitur-iIivl'liivi' 1-li, Business Mniizign-r, 'Phu E4-hu flijg 'l'r4-zxsnrcr, Y. M. C. A. Q-li: Vis-c-l'1'csi- mlm-nt, Pliilusupllizui Lili-I':il'y Sovivty, First Tvrm Hi, l'llZlll'Ill2lll S. 41 l'iuptisL Stu- nll-nt t'u11fl-iwiilv Q-U5 Sl-1-i'vuu'y. Student lllxnpluyinent Hnxw-:mu lil, -Hg Tl1v4'luistQ!' CCE, -IJ: lnu-rnulional lim-lzllimis Vluh 12, 3, lj, Prosich-nt, Pi Guininu Mu MJ, Min- isu-riul Band. "lk-nny" is uni' "Jolly olu Mun," tho llun'1 let him lim-ur us say il. You l'2lll'f. gui-ss just how young hm- really is, for you 1-:Ln't think along lhnt linm- wllilx- in his 4-unipany. I'--nny nulizmu-s a wi-nllh of lnizxlthy optimism that is liarll tn ln-ut. Tlnu is not :ill that this litvrary gvnius rzulizlles, ini' hw may usually be fuunrl in his nllin-le pri-pairing for tin- press thl- nm-xt 4-upy uf Lhv llnrin-t, "IN-nny" has :ulmlvd tn his nmny mln-r honors thu job ul' gm- tini: slmn-tliiiig' to do for the nmn w wants work. Thl- Lrnwl hvlps thnsl- who hvlp tin-nisl-lvvs, und 4-slam-iu.l1y mlm-s ln-lp thoscs who ln-lp otln-rs, NVLI are as- surwd tliat "IH-nny" will inn-i'ensv in vuluc entennial Class ho hw JAMES DOVGLASS POTEAT GREENVILLE s. C. ALLAN BRODIE RAM SAY , GREENVILLE, S. C. Candidate for LL.B. Chief Justice oi' the Law Srhool CSJQ Quarternian. 'VVC have in the person of James Doug- lass Poteat a man of many qualities. Across the horizon of football one sees the name, "Pot0at," emblazoned as one of the greatest football rnen of the South. All Doug had to do was to walk into a room and the ladies smiled, This hand- some young man could not stay free long, and ere he decided to take up the legal profession the knot of wedlock had been tied. It would be useless here to name the many honors that Doug has re- ceived from his fellow students. These honors have all been reserved. Ho has not only made enviable records on the football Held, but he has always been one of the leaders, if not the leader, in his Classroorn activities. As J. D., Jr., crawls up into his lap may Doug inspire him to do as much for his Alma Mater. Candidaie for I?.S. Pro-Medival Society C433 Historian Sophomore Clussg Secretary Junior Classg 'l'rar'k Squad K3, 43. There is one thing that we Could never understand, and that is why "l"ount" :lid not obtain his oduc-ation PIltil1Z'0i,llPl" at G. NV. C. But then we are glad that he rlicln't, hevause the Senior Class has had a big addition in this person. "Count" is the type of fellow that will help any class. He has alway provml himself ready at any time, to do anything' for his class, His "alluring 1noustar:he" is bristling with possibilities of attracting the fairer sex. Centennial Ciass EDVVARD PA'1"1'ERSON Rll.liY rzlxkxwmt., s. C. Candidaltr for I,l,.Ii. l4'rvslimn,n Ffmtlmll: 1'!l't'Slll1lZlll Hnsos lmllg Varsity Bztsvlmll t2, Iijg Vnrsity Fnntlsull 12, 355 Axle-lpllizul I.it1f1'ni'y S0- vi-ly ll, 23: lilot-lt 1.1-tu1i't'llllu lllvg Vt-nf tnnr. Il' uno shuultl go to Rnrnwvll :incl ask Thi- Polic-4-xnzxn who Tml llilm-y is. that wortliy would prfnnlly stun-1 "Hn is thc must witty fi-llow l'l'0lll tht- Enierztl Isle, for truly hu is ft snn of Kilzlrnoys-ninl ol' Bzu'nwe-ll." Ted vztnne to l4'nx'm:m in or- dor to rvnlizo his 1:i'v:ttvst nnibition, that is. to he Bnrnwvll's most rwnownvtl Crim- innl lawyl-iz This is soon to he vonsum- Inzttuil, mul tht-n, in orclvx' to he political hoss, he is going' hm-lt honn- with at sm-k of 1-4-nient :intl pun- thi- town. Sonn- yt-zu's ago lite nn-t 11 ln-:iutifnl girl with nhoni hu ln-rranlo very inuc-li inlntuntvrl :intl his wt-ekly visits to the luwor pzlrt, ul' tho stzttt- imlit-zito that his Iirst Yt'llillI'l' in low- is about to ho pwfet-ft-tl in this tit-lcl of nizttrirnony, ln losing T4-al, the vzunpus lost-s ouo of its must zwflviit sons, but the world, int-lunling Hzirnwc-ll, is sure to gztin in tho loss that lfurnntn sustains, HAROLD LEE RILEY, JR. GREENVILLE, S. C. Candidatc for B.S. Gln-v Vlub 13. 411 Pre-lVl0dir':1l Society Q-lj. Now it so liztppt-In-cl that tht- Housm- of Riley found favor in thv eyes ul' liivflluth- lin, Vlnxxivolloi' of thi- Vnivvrsity known by rnvn ns lfurniatn. Anrl McfGlothlin looltt-cl and ln-liold, thu Univvrsity was without DYOIWUI' r'l1zu'gv. Thx-n :Lppvmwtl 4:1-rtztin of tht- Housn- of Hill-y :ind ops-nt-d their mouths and spake snying, "NVQ would team-li." And Mc,-Glothlin was pltlzist-tl, for it was wull. At, that time also 1-:une Ilzxrold from tln- Univt-rsity Callml llivlnnond :incl found great fnvox' in tht- Halls of 1"lll'IllLll'l. And Harold was ol' the "l"r1Lt" 4-:ullm-d Phi Kappa Sig- xnzt and also nizulagrt-d the business ol' 21 YL-zu' llook that wus nlistrilnltvtl througli- nut tht- Vxliu-1-sity. llnrultl tlitl prospvr :intl ilnurisln-cl exvw-nliiigly in thc- now land so that nine, Os:-:ug 1-nlloml Millor, of the i'l1ztiiL'vllol"s Gltw Vluh, tlicl Inztlti' hiin uno of the 1-hosvn simqvrs. Anil llarolsl yvt lllvzxsl-tl tht' vhiefs ol' the Gloss Club so that lu- wus nizule Vi4'u-Pri-sicle-nt. And tho inultitumlt- was stirrn-tl xniglitily, und stnno 1-tied, "Glory unto Miller, for ho hath vlxosen wisely!" Aftl-1' the oight- ventli month llarolxl was rm-wzlrtlt-xl for faitlifulness to his Allllil. lvlzitux' and did VVitllllI'1lW and went unto tho University of North Curolinal And thore was sor- row att his dopzirturc. Centennfal Class WILLIAM F- RUISICRTSUN, JR- VVILEY ALBI3R'1'i'S ROBERTS GREEXYIIJAIC, S. C. CAMDEN, s. C. Camiidarv for ILS. Ca,n1ida,L,f0, ILXI. Freshmmi Fmnlmllg lfrvsinxizxii ilzwluitk mug vm-my i"mmi1l:n1l 12, :sig xml-my 4.,IL::?11f3'fimxif"ML'f1.mi?, Basin-thzlil 12, 33, Vzumaiili KSU: iilmii Ministvriiil Randi " ' imttefl' Viuh Q2, 333 iwvsimivxlt-lil:-vt Svn- ..SisVf.0w'S., hlmul is Vmndml' S. 1.- iottfiugfi EI'1'U"i mls' , Aftvl' finishing North firm-4-nviliv Ac-zuivniy Blu' UU! hm"l'lu"k mi'mI"'r "1 Kumi he ffzulw to Furmzul. lla- has so pixrsllvrl 4-lass, ur nion- vfunilirnmly tlmugght ut -us his work sim-v 1-ntcerim.: lfurnmn that flip miin with mhi- I-ngigi-N-t li-'i'4f,Yxi.1.5 null Umxidmm may wi-ll lm prmlil ul' him. ln us umm H", l"'gm'm1,'4 "I 'hw 5""' u""1' all zu-tivitivs '4Sis-Vow" has hm-n IFUL' to lui- wuz? f01'f'4'nl to quit svhuul on :lf-vimiilil the Spirit Ot- his Alma Mmm.. His work Ui 1111 mJ'f"y if 'bf' t""""':'i wfgi U' hm in the vlussruom has iPl'4'll good, showing: Mfg' SuSf'a,im'd "',"""I':'llj .Hill WHS if his stumiimess und his pm-r'sist1-mm. To big' Zlfidltllllll tr14I'u1'1x1:ll1 .ln ihlo- rm-iilni ml thine who know him ho is H wllumi mh1"Uf'S' Dfisldps Imlylmf HM ,lmlh friend. NVhil0 at i"UI'Hlll.Il liulu-rts has hw vfzxs for two yi-:urs :x mn-mlwl' ml 1111- been engngvd in Minishriul work' :L Full, varsity fuotlmll -:uid lm-ski.-1lmll is-zxms. ing to which he has duvimld 'U dpvow his Our high 1lllp1'U1'l2Ltl0!l ui hw worth was lim. pzlrtly I71'lJYt'li by hix 1-4-1-n-iviliu thnx hmmm' position as Svllilll' Vlzxss l'rvsi1l--nt. Illn- dowvd with that old ah-ti-rminution "to do. and to do wvII," thi-rv is no dfmlvt hut that sunwxlziy 'I'h1- 411-4-1-iivillv N1-ws will ffzu'1'y iurgv in-zuilin--s 1-xtulliug NYU- lizim Frederick Ilulwrtsoll. Jr. Centennial Class DAVIS MILTON SANDERS SENECA, s. C. Carzdidan' for 11.11. Y, M. 1'. A.: l4'i'i'-mlsliip Vnnnm-il 11, 2, 33, Valwim-t 143. lirlilru' Hniilllmnlc 1133 Pliilusuplliun llitvrzwy S04-if-ty, liv- 1-fwmliiig' Sw-iw-t:i1'y Ifnll Tl3l'lll 123, Ilismr- inn Sprillu' 'l'v1'n1 123, Sn-llinl' Uriill- Ifnll 'l'--rin 133. l'Hr1'vspn1nliixg Sl---iw-tnry Spring 'l'1-rm 133, Svnim' IH-nsol' l":xll Tt'l4lll 143, 1'm'r'1-spuinliing' Sm-rl-tzwy Spring Tn-rni 143, Vusliier 1133 Intl-rnzitimnxl lla-lations Vlulw. 'l'l'i-:xsilrn-1' Spring 'l'n-rin 1223. l'iw'm'4ling Sm-x'vtn1'y l":xll Torni 1-133 l'Irll1w'aiioii Vlub 12131 Phi linmm ln-ltai. Sw-in-tzii'y-'l'1'l-ns- llI't'l' 1431 lklinistm-rizll Rzlnrl, SQf'r1-t:n'y- 'l'ri-:isurn-r 123, Pri-siilmxt 11133 Pi iluinina Mu 1433 l'nivf-rsity Athlwtif- 1-Build 11, 2, 7233 Tennis Vlub 133. ll. M. Szinmlors is known on the- vninpus :is plain "IPnx'iS." lmvis is :L niinlsim-rizil sluih-nt: hv has taken grn-:xt intl-iw-sl in ilu- re-ligiuus av'llviti1AS nl' the 1-ullvlrc. llzlvis is 11 gnml stullunt :xml is n ll-llow that many finvlighi, to assur-inte with bo- l'2lllS0 ul' his mainly quzllllin-S. lluvis is onv we all have th-3 ntrnosi vniifimlviim- in. and one fur whnni we pn-rlif-1 gm-ui sm-- mass as u lllllllSiL'l' nl' thr- Gospel. Illness- ings on him and his work. C LEMONT TIIICODORIC SANSISVRY 'l'lMMONSVlLl.li, s. C. Camlidale for ILS. .-Mlm-liwlxillil llitm-r':l1'y Snwie-ty: li2ll'ili'Jl Vlzissg 'IN-nnis Vlnli 113g Phi H4-in Omi- 4-rim. "l3ill3:lv," as hs- is liimwn all nw-1' thn- wzixupils, is li prmlur'i ul' 'l'ininmnSx'lll4-. Nnv xxonlnl wnlslxlvl' hinx quitv nn allf Vounnl slnmli-nt. s-X4-11 if ln- dm-sn't lnkl' pnrt in nthli-li:-s. Tu thu 13:-mmplv of fh'vc1iix'illl-, "l3inL1lo-" nm-als un ini1'mlnn-- lion, fm' he is known the nity ox'01'. In-mont iniunnls In go into thi- hixsinn-ss wlwlll, und wi- nn- sun- that that worlnl will iw-wngnizv him, llnving limi al gowrl llc-all ul 1-x1wx'i1-lim' with iuhzu-1-u, he is. wv pn-mllv-1, to lu- anntlu-1' J. ll, lluliv. Let us lmpe thzxi he will lm us irnml tn lfurmnn ns thu- into tnlm--wo king, entennfal Class HENRY ARIAL SAWYER SALLEY, s. C. Candidate for I?.S. Philsophian Literary Soriiety Cl, 2. 3, 43, Sergeant-at-Arms, Fall Tl-rm 123, llistorian, Fall Ti-rms 1435 Y. M. C. A. il, 2, 435 Bararia Class Cl, 23. H. A., though flerriuro to thv world at large, is lively and full ol' lifmx, esnoc-ially among his intimate friends. Nor don-s his apparent dignity keep him, as would ssfeni, from being' a lady's mang c-orning.: from Salloy, where his early training prepared him to 1-otnbat with tho femi- nino eenerny, he always has a number ol' fair damsnls on his list. and it is under- stood that for him brevity is truly the soul of enjoyment. Ho has recently ao- quired tho habit of keeping tho road hot betwoen Greenville and Spartanburg, showing that hc may ho one of our host track msln this Spring, if he will only consent to 1:70 out. All in all, H. A, is a good friend and a good fellow. HERMAN EDVVARD SMITII cizoss HILL, s. C. Candidate for BJ. Froshman Football: Varsity Football C2, 3, -13, All-S. 1. A. A. C431 Captain- Elec-t 1533 Fra-shnian Basketball Cap- tain: Varsity Basketball f2, 3, 43, Captain 1435 Travk 'Foam 12, 3, 433 VVin- mer of State and S. I. A. A. Jaw-lin and Iris:-us Throw 1333 Vi4'E5-IJI'l2Sllil?lll Blorclc Ls-tter ljlubg Y, M. U. A., Barava Class: Philosophian Literary Sovietyg Swimming Instrur-tor, Summer School 12, 33. It will bo many a day heforo Furman mon forget "Baby l'ug'gy's" stollar work on the gridiron, the baslcsztball 1-ourt. or tho cinflvr path. "Red" is a hard works-r and a vicious fighter. and has gin-n many an opponvnt more than he could hanrllm-. Red is more than an athletmzfhe is a 1-lean, fine gontlornan. Best of luck, "Rl-ed,"-go out and battle the world as you have battled for Furman. Centennial Class VVILMOT IJOVGLAS SMITH GREENVILLE, s. C. Candidate for B.S. A111-lnhian Literary Soc-iety. "lining" is onl- of our veturzui class- mates, i. il., ho has bw-n with us quits- al while. lloug is :L queor pin-we ol' humani- ty, but :1 mighty I-ine ont- at thzil. Chem- istry :incl Geology, along.: with a few othor st-it-nves svvni to he his spvviul hobbies, Sinitli is a town slush-nt, but holds tho tlistini-tion ol' stir-king around Furnmn more than any othvr of tho town follows. NVQ might repeat his vrvod: "Some may come, and some may go, but l gofthis your." YVv prophesy in part only wht-n ws- say, "Doug" will some dziy hold zi position as lvzivher ol' Svivnces in ai lzu'1.1'0 University, :md will the-re iinluirt to others tho vast store of knowleclgv whivli he imbilled from Prof. Buistl' C l VVILLIAM AMZIE STEPIIENSON GREICNVILLIZ, s. C. Candidate for BJ . New Testann-nt Grt-vlc Club i453 Pus- tor of Shady Gruvr- t'hui'r:hg Pastor of liroaflxnouth Uhurch. Aftor liaving' spent two yvzirs at Mars Iiill College, Mars Hill, N. tl., NV, A. Stophvnson lu-1-:miie Pastor at Chestvr, S. C. Aftor a number ol' years of sc-fi'x'il-te tliori-e lu- bevzllin- pastor in Union County, and from Union he valine to Furman. NYvll inziy Mars Hill, t'ln:stvi', :intl Union lm proud of hiln. Sinvo coming to Fur- man four years Ilg0 hw has not only vom- ploted his cullvge work, but ho has also lleen for the pfiwatf-1' port of the tinio in 4-liargw of 1lZLSlO1'2lfl'S. His classroom work has been most 1-oninwiulztlvlo. llis friondship is to be highly esta-onloil, for in his :ittitudws lm is kind and affowtion- ate. XVQA fort-1-ost for "XV, A." a lurge place in life. entennial Class VVILLIAM ERNEST SXVITATT SAMVICI, DAVID TALBFRT VVOODRUl"l", s. C. MQCORMICK, s. C. 1 ' ' ' Land1i1'alffor 1?..I. Cfmdldaff' fo" 3-S- Philwsophizm Liu,I.m.y Sm,iMy, tflmpliu Aiivlpliizm Tiiti-rilry Sm-icetyg Rniuxrfa 11, 21, '1'y-,iusuyer lgji Y' M' 41' A' cl' 2' Vlzxssg Y. M. l'. A.g Vlliluknli-:ln t'lulr 13, :Hg B211'2l1'2l Vluss 11, 21g i+'1'un4-h Club 1433 473 S-'iw'-A "mb 13- 'UZ 'HW' Vllliv 13. 43, pollpgk, 1,4,,.U,y 11, 2, jg, U. lH'r'l14-strzx ilig TL-nnis l'luiv Cl, 2, 3, -U, XX'i1liu, if --un limi.-siiy ii.. sum. is ii l"'1'Sid'fHf UN THIHUS 'I'-'flm UH: Mh- frieud to 1-vi-ry fi-llow on thi- vaunlmus. Not 1"Uf' BNN 155- 43. l'I'1'Si1l1'lII C-U1 i'llI'IflP only is his frivndship strung, hut thvre is Sl"iUP5i'l'S U' 2' 331 Mllllilgvl' 'Fl'1lL'k .L lnutuni I1-llnwship ln-twuvll :ill thu buys ""'1"" U73 I"""Sh1U4Ul l"'NPUVil1lI "f1!'I'0S- :ind him, Iiis kind :uni syrxlpzxtiivtir- dis- Vumlmf-7 S"""i"i'l'3H '7"1'11U'I' VUl'lll2lll "lub, pnsitiun hns Iitu-ii XYilliv to iw in friend 4373 E1'if"U"'1l"S, vspuciaily in the siwii. :ind ull hnvi- von- IV "mHSi-' 7"' thi' "WUI UV lUV"i" UIIYU Iiiiiencv and trust in him. Nu inuttvr will YWYVI' hUIUJl'l' UH' INV". HK' IulnYS it what his trials, lu, is always Syuiliugl snxupllonv, vlzirinvt, lmillilolin, g'uilau', Nut aww, il, al fmvm-gh. among tht, boys :ind ainmst :my othi-1' instrum-Ant, He iloos VVillii- rntv, but nt, sununm- sr-hooi, ills" ISUGS HU' Fllvlflily UV lliS NWS Vlrivf' it is rn-pul't4-ri, he is :L lin-rul shi-ik :Huong U' HI" Glm' Ulub- the woxni-n, XYiiiw inmi-s in stuiiy meiii- l'1lVf' if? Ifl1'2lSiHE-5 ill NS Yll3ll!ll'I'. 1'0ll1'- i-inc Somi- 4135-I mm UU.,-1. is no m,.m1,,,I. 14-uns, and :1i'i'z1l1le and has that frii-niily of the dass who will he SU m.dt,nt1x. iiisnusitinn whivh iln-ri-aisvs with :n-quzLin- wuwhcd by so lmgl, A numlml. ol- thlk tiuivie and In-vin' si-vnis In vuol. il' Mu- fvllows :uni hu so vnnstaultly thought ol' 1'fH'111i1'1f 'HIS NNY muh' like I-mV"f Fm" is yyill yyillie main NY3l1fSfhl5lll. Centennial Class DIEVVEY TATE 'rAx'LoRs, s. C. Candidalf for B..I. tfunipleti-d Ai-auleiiiiv XVork in Thrs-0 YL-urs. 'I'lil'i-0 yt-:il's ago lu-nw-y wus uni- of thi- vvrilzint "Nuts," but ht- luis won for hiin- self il rm'-nx'il ul' whim-h hi- inziy justly lu- prouml. Ht- 1-ntn-red l"UI'lllZ11l without zul- vaiin-wl c1'i-dit und has c-miipli-ti-ti his voursi- in tl!l'4't' ya-airs. His i-lzissrmun work has ht-i-n of thi- highest type, :intl thi- zu-tivitivs ul' the University have nut lm-lu-al his pri-si-nm-. Iiuwf-y is good will ini-zii'xiz1ts-ml, ai 4-lean spurt. :intl u. frit-nil who is tru-- blue. I-'iw-in-li has he-en his lmlnhy, and History his pastinii-. "Lovi- thu lizitlivsn has lu-1-n his motto. :intl dumping sww-t-dye-unn-rs his 1-hit-f spurt. Hi- plains tn tt-at-li aifti-1' finishing pnst grauluzlto work. Limit out, Mr. K'olli-g.5i- Prtssiilt-ntg lin-iw is at maui ziftur yum- juh. Dewi-y has hi-i-ti trum- to his motto, but alzis, he has li-t hiinsi-lf fall. Luvk to you, In-we-yi Treat hi-r good. C ROY CARLISLE TAYLOR ckoss Axcimk, s. C. Ca ndidalf for I3..1. Pliilusopliiaxll Lite-i'nl'y Srwii-ty fl, 2. 3, -tj, Pri-sident Spring 'IU-rin H53 Y. M. U. A. ll, 2. 31, I-'i'iw-uclsliip Count-il 12, Zip, lint-i'ii:itiomil Ri-lations Ciuh 43. -Hg 1"!'9Ilt'll tfluir 13, -lj, l'i'e-sith-nt Spring I-Hg ilnrni-t Stull' 12, 3, -lj, Adu-rf AIZIIIZIKUI' CSJ, Iiusim'-ss Mziimgi-1' rm-side-nt l". U. G. NY. C., li. Y. P. l'. i-1-111 HJ. is om- nl' those- fi-llows who possess 'ae I'i1H.1'lllg vuivt- whit-h is so indis of a iw-:il 1-olnrziih-. His popularity sti-ri by the nunn-rnus utlim-s he has n the studi-nt OI'LL'iL11lZ?lllUllS of tht- sity. Huy has found tiini- to ilu 1-omnit-nclzihle B. Y. P. ll. work in tfity anal :it our sister institution, G. NV. Tc-rin tising C453 l' Full T Huy that ran meltin- is ulti- he-l4l i Uliivm' xnur-h thi- tf. Lluring his Si-ninr yi-nr he hzul thi- hnnoi' ol' in-ing pri-siilient ol' the B. Y. P. U. at G. XV. lj. XVL- umli-i'stzuid now that ltoy has :it lust 1-i-ntert-cl his wholl- heurt on simn- fair dzitiglxtei' ul' l-Ive who iivi-s in :XlltlvI'S0ll, S. ti Ho is quit-t and unassuniing in nianiii-r, hut his ll0lf'1'lIll' nation of purpnsi-, his sinf-1-rity and di-- pundalvility, xnziki- hini uni- ol' thi: must valuzilvli- nn-n of thi- fflaiss of '2.!t1. entennfal Class JOSEPH HENRY TILGIIMAN NEWPORT NIEVVS, VA. Camlillan' for ILS. Prvsiih-nt, Seiiim' Vlzlssg Vim--l'1'0Sidlviit, Studi-ui limly Q-U5 Y. lil. l'. A.: Outlet' Stull-s t'lillv3 Filovli lmttol' Vlulu 12, 3, -H1 Varsity lfuutlmll 12, Zi, 45, l'upt:iin 1-ij, All Sinn' 13, 45, All S. I, A. A. 1-H, LIVII- tiuu All Suutlivrix til, tb, Must Yuluuhln- l'l2lXL'l', 15125, XX'inu1-r of Silva-1' Trophyp Varsity lizlsl-hall fit, Hg Frsfshmzul Basie- lmllg l"i'4-sh mun lfuntlnill. A 4-uurtly g'mutlvin:u1, a sph-mlinl zith- ll-to, :1 tinmf stuclvnt. :i loam-1' in student life-3 th:xi's Jo-1, This lud Mitt-rucl Fur- man nut lfmlcimq fur Yann-, hut fame L-:une tn him. Juv lonlmd, howl-vor, for low-, :xml lite has I1-rw-ivvfl it i'i'om ew-ry one ot' his 1-lassmuts-sp and lu- has alsu rr-ffvivl-nl it trom :L l't'l'i2llll yryiiiip lady all G. YV. V. who hus promisl-ml to "lovin honor, :tml uheyl' 'l'hn- said uuptiul ccrvf mouy, for thv first time, r--pri-svnts 21 von- litirm ol' G. NV. U. fzuzulty and lf. U. stu- dent holly. Joe, we pray for you suc-voss in this yuur now wuts-rprisv, :mil may ull your troubles be little ones. l ARTHIIR RALPH TODD siMPs0xvn.l.H, s. c. Candidafrr for B.S. Philosophiztn Litm-rzlry Soci V. A.g Bni':u'zi Classg 'l'a-nnis Zi, 'Hg Tvimis 'Foam LZ, 3, 42. "llor"' 'I'mlcl, ziftvr 4-mining Qty: Y. M. Club Cl, 2, tu us from whicli is ll- toxin of :uni write ability, has 1- Sm-iology "'l'hU IN-:irl nt' tliv Pivilmontf' his terniimmlugy for thv litt Simpsmivilla-, ll-m'm-ll to renal :xml he:-:Lush of his swlmlzistir- ln-vulliu :L mam of :mtv in th r'l:xsS1'o0m. XYIN-n thi' sulrjvvts ul' love ur uf girls values up, it' he uwukl-ns from his morning' nap in tims-, ht- lllY2lY'lfll,il8 makes stzntvmeuts showing his ux'l-rilow- ' ing supply nl' kllOXVlt'ClJ.1'4' on sur-h sulrjm-nets. "Doc" is :L very lmpulzu' stusll-nt, both with thl- students :mil with thi- t':u-ulty. ill- is sl hard SYUl'lit'I' :xml his iilwzilnll- pm'- sunulity :mil PYPI'-Ill'L'Ni'llf smilv uizilcv him wulcomu 4-vvr'ywl1i-iw-. Ill- is PI guml ten- nis playvr, and in tn-mxis as ws-ll as in othvx' coll:-gn nr'-tiviiivs hw has slums good work for Furmzm. Simpsunvillv will be proud of him some duy. entennfal Class XVILLIAM XVAUGII TVRNER, JR. ERNEST ALONZO NVALDIEN VVINNSHORO, S. C. SN'l'l'ZliR, S. C. Cantlitlnlt' for ILS. Candidate for ILS. l-!:tr:tt'z1 Vlzissg Vliiltistipltiztii Litt-rttry I'hil0S4'I'hif1ll Y-il41'l'?lI'B' 5fj"i"U' U31 gm-i,.U-Z y' M. tt. AJ 1-I-0,1t1,.dil-,Ll S,,,.i,.ty li:lr:xt'z1 i'i:1ss fl. ZZ, .i, H3 .Xsslstnni lftmt- NM Rami KR' 43V vim,-Ii,-,,,4i,19,,t tit: lvzlll Mzilntgt-1' 12, SU: lftwtitlvsill M:tn:1ig'cr ltlltit-ut't-mis: 'l't-nnis1'iuh ill, ii, Hg l4'rt-sh- fllii Blitfli lwtfvl' Vllllf U73 l"l'1'I1f'l1 Vllll' mzin Fotrtlvzilli Varsity l-'nttthtill LLZJQ U' :JL N11-1-'-lf ""UUf'11 UTS X. M, 12 A, Mt-mltt-r oi' "lit-d" Iltvlvson's Syilrtilvzitl-rs U- -1- 0- U- "Switzt-r," frtnn tht- sttirt, has lit-t-n FL wtrrkur t'tmr Furmztn. Ht- wus niftnzigxt-r this yt-nr. of tht- t-litunlvitinsliip ftitvthnll sttuutl of tht- Stzitt- :intl plttyt-tl his part wt-ll. lit- has nlwziys ht-t-n init-rt-stt-tl in ftmthttll :intl ultlmutxh ht- tlitl not play hitnst-lf. ht- tlid tis innrh ttrwzxrti winning tht- staitt- t-litmipitntsliip tts :my nntn on tht- twain. NW- nt-vt-r ht-tix' "Switzer" slit-nk tif girls, hut, wt- httvt- zt ft-:ir that in some- plttt-0 in his ht-nrt tht-rt-'s :L wzlrln spot :intl summer tmr lzitt-r, this wurln spot 1335 Iintwil 1lrt'ht'-strzi L-111 l'ul'i't-slit-iitlilig St-t-rt-tnry, llrt-zxtor Furman Vinh 131. I-'ttr four yt-urs tht- vhiss ui' '26 has ht-t-ti prtmtl to t-Iztini as tint- tif ht-r numht-r this t-xvt-llt-nt t-ltttrttcter, known to his ht-st frit-ntls us "Stun" "Stub" is quit-L tint! rt-st-rvetl in his lll2lllllt'l', hut somt-hnw hte ttlwnys lintls ti hipfh whztir with tht- fztirt-r tint-s ul' his gt-tit-1'tttitm. Pt-rlntps that is beruust- ht- has ti fztir vurntilt-xittn hirnst-ll'. lit: says littlt- hut thinks mut-h :intl nt-ts wt-ll. llt- prutlnt-t-s ti rzttht-r I ' strikin: al-lit-zimittt-t'1 in fztt-t, ht- is oft:-n 'S Wlmg U' "W"m"' UV'-'Vhf'f'Uifl 1----1 Um' clttsst-tl its tt "Tell-lllJllllCl." "Stub" has ssturtly t-lttsstnntv will gn clown with tht: throng. lit- has ht-t-n ratht-r unft'n'tnn:ite sint-t- his rut ye-ur, wht,-n ht- wus fissigqnetl :L room with llailph Ttztltl :intl for the whole four yt-urs hzis ln-t-n in tht- stunt: rtmtun, IN-rlittps ht: vnn oxt-rt-tune this in yt-:trs to t-tnnt-. "Switzt-r" wztnts at little lmntt- for two, :intl tht-n ntxiyltt- inure. Ernt-st, wt- wish you t-ntvrnitius snt-t-t-ss in this :intl :til other onturprisus. quilt- :L ft-w :tm-tnnplishmt-nts but hu st-t-ms to ht- nttist :it honie in the tlrnni ctwps, in tht- Itttntl, :intl in tht- mt-ln-strzt. Musit- stunt-htiw just naturally fintls ti hztrinttny in his rhythniit' nzitnre. Wt- shttll wattzh with init-rust Stulfs futnrt-, l'nr wt- art- t-t-rttiin his kll'hit!YL'lll0IlfS will ht- t-tninent. Centennial Class JAMES STANLEY VVALKIER CHAkLi:s'1'0x, S. C. Candidatn for I3..l. Ath-lpliizui Litt-rury Sm-it-ty, Vim-1-fl'r1fsi- clont, Spring' T1-rin 1133, und l":ill Tvrm 1411 Y. M. V. A. Uzilvint-i 1Zl. lj, 1'rmlin4-il 142, Einplnyvtl Sturlvnts l'r1-sid--nt 13. ,Hp .-Mlvertising Mnimyxvi' limilnnnh- 1513, llusf invss llflaimgn-r 1133 Atlvn-rtising 1X1:xii:nu'1-r Evho 1-ijg Editor Y. M. L'. A. Ilzlnml liuult 133g Editor Foutlinll l'ru1.7r:i1n 1-ll. t'Judge" is the husin-st, nntn on thv mun- pus, and yet with it ull has tinnx to lu-vp his friemlsliips st-c-uri-. Juflgu has nizin- :igc-tl and umlvm-rtist-ml, hut, always smnu honor 1workJ positiun whim-h tho studs-nts wish to See W1-ll tlmn-. ll1- is in1l1'0d "A VS'0l'kIl121ll that un-1-ch-tli nut tu ln- znslninn-rl of his lxancliworlcf' :intl for this und his lilwalvle r'liarnc't1-1' h1- is ont- nt' tht- In-st lovwl students on thc- "ul4- lIill." XV1: hatO to Say "Conti lwym-, .lutiyzm-," sn W1-'ll only say, "Sue you luu-r, :uni Gcnl hh-ss gnu," C JOE PAYNE VVATERS ifnoiucxcs, s. C. Candidate for ILS. lfimisliriiuii Ifnutlizxll 'l't-ning lfiw-sliixiziii Bzisketlmll 'l'1-ning Yursity lfmntlmzill 12, RJ, Varsity lizislv-tlrzill 123g lilo:-lt l.t-tu-r Vluh 13, -lj: Bzu'zu':t Vlziss 1lJg 2-iv1'r1-t:it'3, Grt-alter lfurmun 1'luIn 12113 rwfntnur, "Midgvt" wrmie-s fruni lf'lm'vi11-4-, um- ul' the fnstvst 11.:t'0wingJ r'iti1-S in thv Ulrl South Stats-. This 11:11-sn't nn-an that Mitlgn-L is fast, 1-x1-vpt un thu- gi-imliruii :tml vourt. Hnwvvt-r, tht- llztts Llmught him 11 "pain," and thu girls ltnmv him for 21 real "l'rinf'e: Cll2Ll'llllllQ,.f." Jrn- l'. 1-urly guintwl tht-sv two zippvllattirms, :tml "sn:-h popularity niust ln- 1lvsor'v1'tl"fflvy su:-h 21 "llord ChE1SiL'T'fll'lll." lln- is 1:4-in-i'z1lly quivt. but vveli in that 1-lzissrmnn, wlu-11 vnlln-Ll upon, he risvs tu tln- mm-zisiniii Mirlpftlt fl0eSn't lu-lit-Yo lhut zt 4-ulln-uw' lvrvcl nmn is zu Nui'-yum' lout' vulnprxsl-1l zilonc of dough. for hcl is in vmisixtvnt, hurclf wurlcing man, stands wt-ll in his 1-lnssws 1uight and rlayj, mill is lmw-rl hy ull. Grp-at nn-n, it is un1l1-rstrmsl, lmvc thoughts in 1-rnnnion, Su it is with Juv P. and "Bill" Slizilu-spt-:ilu-. for tht, ful- lowing inscription may ln- tkvunml on thi- hut walls of His Lurcls:liip's mloniit-ilv: "T man who hulh at tongum- l say is no nmn, it' with that tfnigut- ht' r-unnot win ex wornanfl Hvre'S to you, Jov. entennfaf Class JAMES ROSS VVFLDON VVARRICN XVILSON XVILLIAMS VVESTMIXSTER, S. C. AI,l.iiNDAi.E, S. C. Candidailr for ILS. Caminlafzr for lf..l. Bz1r:1Ca Flziss: Y. M. C. A.: Tennis Vlulu .Xcls-lphizin l,it4'i'ni'y Snwioiyg .lllflson 11, 2. 33, 04-uin-m-I Uunnty Vinh 123, Sl---rvf Mn-xxmriu! linrnw:1 Vlussg 'I'--nnis Vinh il, i t:u'y-'1're-nsilrvr 1235 Ilurinfi Stuff 123. 2, fi, ll: llunt Vinh, Mmlcst, qnivt, vnlm, i'l-svrvn-fi: tli:it's "IXli1lg'vI." or "I'inl1v:x4l."nshe is known XXX-lmion. N1-V1-1' too Sn-rirwus for fun, hut nn the- m':unipus, liziils I'i'+nn thi- 1'1ii1' town nut all fun and no sz-riousnl-ss. Aimilivr ul' All-Axnlnl+J, lint, flvspiiu this fm-t. hv of XX'c-xstininsu-1"s suns who has hml a luis grfmn :it ll-:isi nn inf-h in hi-iglit splvnllid 4-z1l'm-vrzit, i"l1l'1l'A2lIl. llf- has not sim-4-A 1-mixing ln-rv in 1922, and we ull rnzulv thi- hig.:hf-sl. nmrlcs in his 1-lass. lvul know ln- has agrmvii niuvli in kiinwli-flgo, has civvvlfml-rl into un a'l-round Milli-gn 4-sim:-izilly lfiw-iuwli. "1'mlillnc"' had thv fl-llnwg zlnri in Boy Svriut work in the :llvility their no :mv 4-lsu hns 1-V4-1' had :lt r-lty he has hum-n l!lll.SI2lilliill1Q'. Su-'14 'ss lfurinun, tlnxt nt' "M-ggiiip' Prof. Garri- is hound to follow :1 fvllnw with suvh in-r in lfrw-in-li. XY. XV. has th-1 suprmnl- high ideals. XVh4itr1x'vr his plans, we Lrift of making :xml retaining fril-ndsg iw know that he-, with his :ilvility anal his hus n livziri thzit 1-an zxlxxnys luvv ons ambition, will risv to thl- highi-st :ind nmrc- l'i'il-nd :mul yi-1 lu- true to :ill this nulmlm-st things in life. iw-st. Swxxirmnl lnis said that XY. NV. was small, but sul-h sizmtuim-in should he vor- i'l-vtvcl -ln- is just "slmrt." To know "Pinhi-ull" is to love him. Centennial Class LIONEL EDELL VVOOTEN GREENVILLE, s. C. Candidate for LL.B. Adelphian Literary Society Iniprovc- ment Modal 113, Freshman Debating 'Feani 111, Sergeant-at-Arms 623, Vicee President HJ, President C413 Interna- tional Relations Club 12, 3, 1135 Senior Associate Justice Law School 145. From the time he was a little fellow skating around over the VVest End of Greenville, Lionel thought of and kept constantly in mind his desire to be a lawyer. His is a splendid example of a young man deciding early upon the pro- fession that he would like to follow through life, then carrying out that de- sire. H0 immediately took advantage of the opportunities that the Literary So- ciety would give him in his profession, and, as a result of his untiring efforts, he has hold almost every honor that his So- ciety can give, including that of Presi- dent. Lionel had broadened his knowl- edge in the 1. R. C. and strengthened his muscles on thc football field. Aside, We might remark that he stopped foot- ball because of heart troubles, but this being only hear-say, gentle reader, and since he is an especial friend of ours, we might volunteer tho almost certain fact that he is perturbed with dreams of a little rustic shack for two. 3111 llivmnriam .,E:i'?f, EDGAR SHIELDS YELDELL Died July 19, 1925 K"l'ln-'e is a mystic bormlerlarid that lies 1 Just past the limits of our workday world, And it is peopletl with the friends we met And loved a year, a month, a week or day, And parted from with aching hearts, yi-t knew, That through the distance we must lose the hold Of hand with hand, and only clasp the thread Of memory. But still so close we feel this land, So sure We are that tht-se same hearts are true, That when in waking dreams there comes a Call That sets the tluwaml of memory aglow, Nve know that just by stretching out thc- hand ln written word of love, or book, or llowx-r, The waiting hand will Clasp our own once more. Across the silence, in the sarnc old Way." Centennial Class -. .. 'fm' BONHOMIE 1926 f f...-a i62Q3'f5+f-at ,Q 1 . ... ea-Q. . .-siiiiz ,g 5 enior Class History OUR years ago, Furman University experienced an influx of rats whose sole preoccupancy was a delight in the absurdity of living, except at those times when predatory upperclassmen roamed about destroying the already decrepit furniture on innocent flesh. Strange to say, the college remained stoically unaware of our presence. We did not remain obscure for any considerable length of time, how- ever. As the duties of the different athletic managers increased and as the Seniors grew weary, we became famous, being seen always either at work on the athletic field or putting to order the room of some taciturn Senior. The year grew interesting, to say the least. An interest was especially manifest at the first initiation ceremony of rat caps and at a part of that ceremony called the "gauntlet" Despite these hardships, we survived, showing that "you can't keep a good class down." Physically worn out, we were too tired to object to the arrival of the next collegiate session, that session came on, anyway, and with it there came the inflation of our ego, indicated by our cold treatment of the "Rats" and the cynicism that we directed against the Juniors and Seniors. During this session we had opportunity to scrutinize college life more closely, to discover that there were classes calculated to improve the mind, extra-classroom activities designed to give us a versatility and urbanity that a man of the world should have. We indulged lightly in study and in these activities, with the result that in the class work we did fairly, and that in other activities, such as writing, debating, oratory, and athletics, we even surpassed our predecessors, it was said. Too, our experience that year served to curtail any undue emphasis on "self," so that, toward the close of the session, we learned that we were practically innocent of knowledge. Summer came and passed, and once more we found ourselves on the grounds of old Furman. We were determined to make that year our most prosperous year. Accord- ingly, we organized and set out toward our ideal. We accomplished much that year. A wisdom that came through sadness and a freedom that came from the knowledge of required work disposed of, enabled the class to spend the most enjoyable period of its college career. Summer again passed, and in the fall we were greeted with the word, Senior. How that word thrilled us! We had arrived at that stage of painful dignity that so awed the faculty! Fearing that some callous soul would not notice our position, we immedi- ately began to look for a mark that would set us off from the rest of mankind. VVindsor ties, and canes were decided upon and evoked some admiration and--a great deal more amusement. However, our time was not spent entirely in trivialities. Our existence during that session was contemporaneous with a phenomenal success. In debate the school established an illustrious record, in football the school won the State Champion- ship, in all other activities, the school stood to the front. And, through the bustle 81 QQ2E3:f i+"ig 'A tiiiizaceif Q um .w8i9:i."O!aahl6.i1-sa, -M.,. , ,,.,a H y V ew'--xii f Q' .1-.f:Q':'-yy-Ag-'sfg "' 5 n " ,.af'.:-QQ?-s4..,.,ie News X MJ-i ,a i Ti'-S 5 lllfans 0 G ill' .. ee of that, our last session, there was an undertone of sadness. As the end of the year drew closer, we realized that the class was about to reach the timewhen it will have 'fnmuthed its last upon the stage." We knew that before long we would depart from the old hill, with its traditions, so immaterial, so elusive, so evanescent, and yet so powerful and so animating. The class is proud of its achievement, but, realizing the danger of looking back- ward, it turns its face once more to the front where opportunity awaits seizure. The class hopes that its departure will be more felt than its arrival and that its improvement here will be but an intimation of the large success that will come later. And, as we hle out forever from the halls of Furman, we dedicate ourselves anew to the service of our God, our Country, and our University, and renew our determination that, "as long as the sands o' life shall run," our endeavor shall be "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yieldf, HISTORIAN. ll. 82 53 Q Oi N fl ,I QE Q f M M BONHOMIE 1926 f -5Q ,ffCf'Eii ' , ,.. .... dh 2513 55 . 4 5 f,, M' X xg fW Zi fl Ship of royal nzalcf ix sllf, 4-'Ind brings hvr lrrasurws from afar. --FROM ALMA M.'x'1'm4. S3 ,. w . 7' T " ' , ' x ' Q "' 'M ' i'F7fi?7' ' 5-We 11 fm vig' SWT ' new QW WT f' 5. ' -1 , Y A34-.gxpg ,Exif '45p:5lAg gQ,.fTfFv ,g,g:1g,j,g. 3-55 Jgiigixywvglj, A pi 55 by j"""lQlf-QQ ima 11" y,gg ,pam-KW f 3 vw gi t- 0 0 we 1 a. ,g ,E QY A 11-A H r - was War! ' 'A' V -' f g f.. f l BONHOMIE 1926 0,3 a 1, gf- ,E A ,,,1 .fa M W Wm M M, 1 x f an-.5 ,- -5 fi? 4' . unior Class History E AUSING at the end of the Junior year, we can glance back with interest over the events of three great years in our lives, the years we have spent at Furman. These years, which have filled us with a reverent love for our Alma hlater, brought us unshakable friendships, and broadened and deepened us, are never- to-be-forgotten years. VVe entered Furman in the fall of ,23 as the largest Freshman Class on record, over two hundred men. Our most notable achievement during this first year was the adop- tion, in conjunction with the other classes, of the honor system. Our athletes, writers, speakers, and religious workers began to make themselves known in their special fields. The next year, as Sophomores, with numbers somewhat reduced, we returned to Furman, possessing a sense of proprietorship for the old school. Again we were Well represented in every branch of college activity. By adopting the ring of the Class of ,25, we standardized Furman rings. , For the Junior year the class elected the following officers: John A. Walker, Presi- dent, Burroughs H. Prince, Vice-President, Alvin A. Smith, Secretary, E. O. Garner, Treasurer, and Henry L. Ware, Historian. And now at the end of the Junior year, two events, one distressing, the other joyous, stand out signally. On March 19, one of us, Charles Burts fFirpoj VVood, gentleman, student, athlete, and friend, died in the Greenville City Hospital following an acute attack of pneumonia. A memorial service was held in chapel soon after his death. The joyous event was the annual banquet of the Junior Class. More than forty members of the class with their friends spent a happy evening at the Poinsett Hotel. In college activities the Juniors have played a significant part. The athletes are few but important. Among them are Thomas, Beasley, Corley, Wood, Duncan, Walker, Brice, Garner, lXfIcElveen, Bentz, and Chaplin. Two Juniors were officers of the Glee Club, NI. C. Collins, and VV. McGlothlin, Jr. One, B. H. Prince, represented Furman in the State Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest. Three, R. S. Funderburk, B. H. Prince, and H. L. VVare were varsity debaters. Several, among them L. C. Hartley, J. A. Rogers, and B. F. Singleton, held important positions on the publications. The year can be called a successful one and it points to a Senior year of increased honor and responsibility. -HIS'FORIAN. S4 21? gif,-Q' W Gimp, .1-an-fr f- yj3'I?fQ is w'1"'f""'f"" by W 'Wy . IW ,Inga-:4Q"""'gCIuv W .4-1... ww 3'-4,0 X QKIZVJLQ nu' + fl' ff, 1 -" EEE f ' zv. 57 i " 2 f , M. E 4' Q z ' is Nev s Fw .3 i w ix iff . A Qi . , V K .. -Q 'S 1-if fs XL.1 . S ff 3 ' .X E . 'E .. . ., A..W wg... I V 1 an R im Sy as A E ....,. ff.: . . -. i x.:. E - -Z I -- n . : I J. A. VVALKER. . . I unior Class CD1-'FICERS . . . . . . . . . . . .P1'c'sidf'11t B. H. PRINCE . . . . .lfiCf?-IJfFA'iI1c"7lf A. H. SMITH .... ..... S fcretary E. T. CEARNER . . . . Treasurer H. L. WARE . . . Historian L. C. HARTLEY . . . . Pod Ss f, -'Q' www jf WV YVOJYTV-Y -Ay' E1'i7 F" " ' . """E ' 'iligi' -fan E EE" 1 EQ.. .lrfiff ' . E EEEE G' ,,,4eeezsefE,. 'W ' ' A A '., tiT!Q, I I BONHOMIE 1926 cawwif W A f- iJ0..UF4P" 612... H-5kunJs:Q ,E ,gf --f' J' Xi, 'L' .1 Tvs? 5i'fA-A ,, Junior Class ' I Av v S I 1 6 ALTON VAINLF ARMSTR ING OWINCS, SOUTH CAROLINA w ' SILAS GAINES BAGVVELI, GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA SELZER BAl.Dw1N MART C CORIJOVA, SOUTH CAROLINA JAMES ANDERSON BASS ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA HUGH AI,TON BEASLEY LAVONIA, GEORGIA RICHARD LAROCHE BENTZ GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA JAMES RAYMOND BIVENS MCCOLL, SOUTH CAROLINA JAMES CLOWNEY BRICE CHESTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 86 LRRREA.f?f R4R1?f"Q1V"'QS ffAA4z,+::,Az:4'AffM XQJVERQRES-fxakfasffw HQ LGWW9 'A BONHOMIE 1926 vii' ,,-A I 0 wg '-'5L'i.nl"i f f,Q"",,.,IZ,1:'E':3Q"OrE7?F::'2-gywt' f M, ,mn 632 4.:'Jf'ansr.!s. ff -jg-g TTVJIWF Jumor Class P CARL YVILLIAM BROCK IIONICA PATH, SOUTH CAROLINA ' I 5. SAMUEL JAMES BROWN A LAKE CITY, SOUTH CAROLINA ' 1 I JAMES FRANKLIN BURRISS WESTMINSTER, SOUTH CAROLINA NVILLLAM EDWARD CARMICHAEL MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA RICHARD NVILLIAM CHAPLIN, JR. RAVENHL, SOUTH CAROLINA IWONTAGUE THOMAS COLEMAN IIYMAN, SOUTII CAROLINA IYTAXIE CARLTON COLLINS, JR. LAKE CITY, SOUTH CAROLINA CEPHAS NEWTON CHRISTIAN, JR. WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA 3 S I N 87 J ,,gei1'21E5!g,f"?F" !'f' f'vif"'42F C f ' --- if-'D ' Q f ' BONHOMIE 1926 gQ3Q5 19g9Q:'7'-A,A W A ' f ', .- s'aC.h...Af, ,hm Umgi I Junior Class E 4 VVAYMOND EUGENE DAVIDSON I GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA ITAROLD IVIANNING MCCOWN 1Freshman---Classification Errorj ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA IDUNCAN MIKI5l,L DEW, JR. LATTA, SOUTH CAROLINA ROEERT HENRY DILWORTH NIEVVRY, SOUTH CAROLINA CHARLES AURREY DUNCAN GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI I1EONEI, BLANTON ERGLE RIDGE SPRING, SOUTH CAROLINA HENRY WESNER FALLAW GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA K 5 A PATRICK CLABOIQRNE FANT E EASLIEY, SOUTH CAROLINA s 2 88 eyyfii i CfW7?Q33'?f?iESN???T W WW' f 9032, . 1 'ln11:2!'w i n 'I 2 ' A ' I I fu-I-ear,-f-9 0 A 4IW57 '9QLC5D6! BONHOMIE 1926 If 9 9? U I I A Lf I v 5 13156 C3-lm, 245' I't?"I Junior Class ROBERT STEELE FUNDEREURIQ GREAT FALLS, SOUTH CAROLINA HAROLD CDTIS CTADDY MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA ETHAN OTIS GARNER KELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA MARZIE BIZZELL CTARRISON ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA WILLIABI EDM U NIJ GIARRISIJN PIEDMONT, SOUTH CAROLINA EDWIN AIACK GOODBIAN LYNCIIBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA MYRON WILCOX GORDON, jk. SPENCER, NORTH CAROLINA JAMES OAKLEY GOSSETT fSeniOrJ SPRINGFIELD, SOUTH CAROLINA 3 F I, -' a f. ff -f I Dfw ' M e2fffff?'IffffEfff 2. Q96 4 11:32 O' fi A wiifj f mg A., .,.-. y :L Q BONHOMIE 1926 o 'gwqi-5? Q. , . , , 'f. ,V , U ., 4 'mf Q C - M , any ' f ,Jw -Q-.Q bww? ,I M, M, .W f1fI....I A--IM5""'Jug .fc-fm LA ,..,: ' . , ,,'fx I L'Jf1 Q7lus"' g A Jumor Class 2' OTIS HAM NEVV ZION, SOUTH CAROLINA . 5 AIURRAY CHARLES I-IAMBLETON, JR. FORREST CITY, ARKANSAS ROBERT PALMER IIAMBY MOUXTAIN REST, SOUTH CAROLINA rIxI'IOMAS ALFRED HARDING LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI Emma FLOYD HARREL CICORCIETOVVN, SOUTII CAROLINA AIOHN EDYVARD HARTER FAIRFAX, SOUTII CAROLINA LOIJYVICK CHARLES HARTLIEY BATESBURC, SOUTII CAROLINA -I. C. HENIJIERSIJN, -IR. BIEIIION, SOIVIOII CAROLINA Q0 ' -' ' '. f 3 T ff-J ,f A wr- ' , -'A I iffirfw vrrf-A I I if fnwm- f Q 4 V ryyy 5 -EU5f m I f ,I 5'.9ff?g3TN,igfff,,ff7 L r , i WIifrJx if fgmxza 3' N . 4 CfO""'!llf5 4Ml?f"7f'1'-'W If -'N ,Q 1 f ff Vmnnf, W ,, , , OOO ! A J , J WJ U '1!,',?,a..,,3 0 G 47 Aj: l l BONHOMIE1926 ' Riff-ilffoloi ...R me ,fxa"?aQf?'i'i'i'E'uvQt, L IL, M., .n,,, ,gJg5i2rJiE A Junior Class W JAMES VASIITI HERLONG TRICNTON, SOUTII CAROLINA C' JAMES NELSON HOLTZCLAW COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA 9 FURMAN CRAWVFORD HLJRTIJN KERSIIAVV, SOUTH CAROLINA DEE DUPREE I'TL'NT CRICIENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA TJRAN VVAYNE JACKSON INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA EDWIN HOLMES JONES COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA POXVELL BURNIETTE JONES IJILLON, SOUTH CAROLINA CARROL THOMAS JORDAN IIARTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA v, 'Jn in . ' 'E li ' fi? ig, fy gf "" 'Q 91 -A gt 0, D' Q' ix-A"C5f'1xf"xf"-f"'m' ,, ifjwr km., Rig! H! A 'J JuQQ5.AkJ,Qil1,:',i4lM"l's"Tf,,,iAijLIxr .,V, Wflg , sf fgnjrj G-.firity 3454155 Q 1 imma ' f Q-1-' f 1'-IW I I Ef' ? 1 M llli gs., ,,, Q , f ,X M " 1 . 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GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA I I .IAIWES IIIABRY IVICILWAIN tl COKESBURY, SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGE ELLIOTT INTAXWELL FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA CLARENCE AIDDISON IIIAYFIELIJ GREENVILIIE, SOUTH CAROLINA HAROLID PEARSON IIIIDGLEY BENNETTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHN BUNYAN MILLER GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA IIIRAM BURNARD IIIORGAN INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA JAMES KELLEY NELSON FOUNTAIN INN, SOUTH CAROLINA 93 ,ul . , -q,, , ,, , A , M , M I f f A "f'vg f' ' E f""" HQ? 'X-I?'9f"!-""'5f4f'?"fi"?S , - ,, 4' ' 2 , I A 5 4 .., . ' 1 0 f..W i S I ., Le, 00,65 X :?Jians1JLsfl fag!! 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MACON, MISSISSIPPI VVILLS PINKNEY RODGERS TAYLORS, SOUTH CAROLINA JAIXIES Al,TON ROGERS AYNOR, SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGE VVI LLIAIXI SCHA1 la LE IIARTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA BROADU s ELVV ELI. SINGLETUN WES'l'MINSTIiR, SOUTH CAROLINA ALVIN HAROLD SMITH ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 95 ,gllllpg 4 Q?-lily in-lb.. Q-'gf fawvmkw 0 G 'MWF QQ ll 1 1 BONHOMIE 1926 5 1 z f,!m" ,-gite-3-'sag-?f:?IiAR1,,,,, mm fsi ?S'4'?Qa- T .eI3I,5-512:51 5, Q, ,R fl "' 5 in 'nn Junior Class CHARLES ANDREW SMITH CI-IICO, TEXAS WARREN KIRKLAND SMITH SPRINGFIELD, SOUTH CAROLINA FRANK JAINIES SIMMONS GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHN AI,BERT SOUTHERN ROGERSVILLE, TENNESSEE HENRY SUMMERALL AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA ADAIXI TROY SIWHOMAS EFFINGI-IAM, SOUTH CAROLINA PAUL JONES VERDIN GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA THOMAS MARION VERDIN, JR GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA FEW JFFWEQ F I ,. 3 a. A ,1urng,l.m--v A V wm v, W ,. A . , V E, J , W IAII " AA - L I I I Q -A a t if ,, , In Q an it J t ,vii il- .1 :tg H f V ' .H - f .4 ,... ' . W.. X if tl 3 M 'll I9 H Junior Class .Q I if 3 t b 3 VVYATT MCKITRICK WALDREP LAURENS, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHN ALBERT NVALKER WALTERBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA HENRY LOUIS WARE DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA WILLIAM NORMAN WATSON, JR. GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA MARION BUEL WEBB AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHN VERNON WILLIAMS SPRINGFIELD, SOUTH CAROLINA MONTAGUE SPURGEON WILLIAMS SPRINGFIELD, SOUTH CAROLINA HAZEL ANDERSON VVITHERSPOON SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 97 'F Q," if vgq ip j' I 1 f" '-" -Y ,ky W, VL- T ij" ' , 7 fn I!,E51,y Fai fgtllqg ' ss QEFIIDWQ thigh ,, . M k '43, fl 'WAW 0 G IIIMIUQ QCC-'fin BONHOMIE 1926 Sw A Q ymgfg ,L up 3 55" q,,,..,g -A fave-'GSBH Lfxi-Amin fm sf 4 Junior Class JOHN HENRY IWICELVEEN PLANT CITY, FLORIDA VERNKJN XVJYLIE VVESTON CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA CHARLES BURTS VVOOD VVILLIAMSTON, SOUTH CAROLINA CHARLES TERRY WOOD NEW PORT NEVVS, VIRGINIA CHARLIE INEWTON VVYATT EASLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHN PERRY YOUNG, JR. CHESTER, SOUTII CAROLINA QT EL Zilla' SERS Eva .A 'V', . .I I A I' :IQ ' r. Q Ki' , A jgi "2??-- ..J'.n:11:2.3Q'Q::AgCJt?!3f :A . , ,A DU- - Qkuwl ,r id -lil! I -ML X lfwa 4 fu 4 , 4 I ' I 3 f f T f f... W If' Q Q' ' I 42 4 if A my Q ,un Q-"H Q' 1 . ' ravi f .4 ' Q 4 0 -N .-if J f 1- - - . x Ng- ef if W ar' ""': t A Q. 4-. W Q' 35 X ' -r-1 ll J at . il J ' 3 , is 1 Snphu re X 0 '-S'-i1 . X- X px . h W ff ,jp 0 vw 2 -:flax Q -as -- - Xa' :, KX,-4 -4 N , -- ------- - . tu -'ti' Q9 0 - -REQ f fi?-X qi gg, Y 255 ,-X--gli ,.., 1513: -i1 f l?3:i1J A .,x,. SZ x x 4: :-'ww + f A' - x X ' nlhitimgf ll :fi ,fy-X ,X 'Asp fxi 3215 Kal: U J Kia 1 I .fi R ' x ' 2 r - 'f , 1 ' " MK u,.f+2-on J' . Ni xxx -s w i v if 'M SW-S,,,t1, ,? :W I ' iw M ' -Thr Faihfrs, prayrrful for our fwfal, Launfhrd our dfar fllma Malrr. -FROM ALMA MATIQR. 99 ui," n' 5, 'f' YA ' Q Av gf. V '5'i '. 7 ix igiimijgloi, 1',, T is r N fs' fx-I-J J QQ E' 67 fffizfifffig Vlyitgfgegbl Ai,a,3c" f agssvwghagyz'-, V... , ...aa-.g,. .,,,,,.. A ,2,f,...:,3N1 . , riff L, '-'vi' v, - . . - , ' F , ' -. ,""" 'lg' in 'M BoNHoM1E 1926 65,3 ,,g,Q1?fJ?f1f?9ee0ef-atV- V ,.. M, M . ., atQuf4v'G3Sf ..!.4LS431r.5'CQ fjafl 5 .X J, . lb 'l v l' ill5Zv'i5'i , E5 Sophomore Class History l' the Fall of IQ24., we came to Furman in the proverbial state of verdant y . Q, greenness, self-admitted numskulls, but willing to learn. It is only now that we, looking back over the road which we have traveled, from the more exalted 0 ' position of Sophomoredom, can perceive how pitifully green we really were. However, thanks to the doubtless well-intended efforts of upperclassmen, we learned, prohtably though painfully, during the course of the Freshman yearg and our acquired knowledge has stood us in good stead, for Sophomores, you know, being the most im- portant people in the World, have need of knowledge. Anyhow, let it never be said that the upperclassmen under whom we served our period of apprenticeship were not stringent and exacting teachers. VVe caught early that most valuable possession of all Furman men-the Furman spirit. We learned to love Furman and the ideals for which she stands, we learned to cherish her traditions, to glory in the fact that we were Furman men, and, most im- portant of all, that We must try to live so as to bring honor to our Alma Mater. When we came back to the old hill in the Fall of '25, after the summer vacation, we felt not as if we had left home, but as we had merely come from one home to another. Of our accomplishments during the past session we can justly boast. Probably the most remarkable has been the predominance of our members on the various athletic teams. It can be stated unreservedly that athletes from the second year class have been invaluable to the excellent teams with which Furman has been blessed. In football, there were Byrne, Perry, Pulley, Sewell, Ferguson, Hammett, Pipkins, Laney, Rawl, Clary, Grady, Garver, Carson, Funderburk, lVIcNinch, Brunson, and Hurt-a galaxy of stars of which any institution could be proud. The high scorer for the season in basketball was a Sophomore, Dorman, whose Sophomore teammates were Brabham, VVilkins, Funderburk, Byrne, and Black. VVe may be "wise fools," but we have usually had our fingers in the pie when Furman took athletic victories. It has been said that a college education does little more than teach a man how ig- norant he really is. That idea has taken on a special significance as we have come to the close of our Sophomore year. The more we learn the more there seems which must be learned, and We fear that if we learn much more we shall be utter ignoramuses. However, that idea leaves a bad taste in the mouth, so we shall let it pass. During our Freshman year we learned much which has been of value to us, as has already been mentioned, yet our second year has not been without acquisition. We have learned what in our Freshman year seemed a collosal thing, but which now seems comparatively nothing-how it feels to be upperclassmen. After all, Sophomores are only "Rats" with an acquired air of superciliousness. Frankly, we are just that. -H1sToR1AN. I00 - - forfwals We-1.2-fjqfw , Q WWW 'f "11"'v'f"""+f jg : ' A 'i iQ 'ii'W13?QC"iD ' BONHOMIE 1926 4 f noi T "-, 'ffl .Q . ' s, ,wg-.wnl"'2g uw-at f , ,,.. ,M .W 1 .9 ...vw .1-.... an-Ji-:wiv E " "I , "v, 2 ' , L' R, . jzggf .f.w, Q .riff Li I 19 f ' A yjff' ' jj? ffljgzf. I.. K 3 . J-ff. .. .... ,Z W' was nf fk .m.w'fff'fM' . A QV We 5? ef' f9 , E. fd fi if U: S Q. ,R P, ,N-, ig Ig.. i sf gr? 1+ 1 5.59. yi X 3 'K if ff: ' W I . r 56' " 'Q - N nf 1, 4 si I " i 2' '-as 'N' Q' . 'Yu' 'Ay -A W . 56.2 , lg? ' . 5,253 . V gfgfv 9 ,fWFg f j' Q If . mmA. f f , S1 .ffl-N 9g'h?"fpfiaQ?Nh ., 2' Y. K Qf 1:'.'fa..,,:zw JP' 57 . - If 5151335 V W "" H 81 ' 4 1.3" F + r ffu ' w ff 5... fQf,,Ni'Wf- L 1J'..lWf' X353 .223 'HY -ii-f We AA-. 'fi- W ' "4S'f,f3w "f Iii 4 ii 'sf . JI' "Ty "4 A A -v ' fi' YM"f'fM2'V-f if Q . Qs.: sf.fXi+:.f.s?f:.f. Af.. sf.f'i'E:... gf.-.f.1f.,s.w.'..... SOphOI'I1OI'e Class OPHCCYS S. D. Ezliu, H. J. Fowmik S. H. JONES Pact Prrsidrnt Vita-l'n'5idL'nt G. A. JEFFICRS P. H. LERADY Sccrclary-Trmsurer Ilislorian rox 1 4 T A A 7' f A . 'QV f ' W 456 f'90u 'ZW ' 'T .' 1- -X ' ' 5' lj fl' 1 .aa . 2 ' ' G .WJ dw Q Q - Q is ia .Q ji4gugg5Qg,:,.Q.a 1 -":v?gam v . g5 ...R - - "" ,. I . WQ' gfMzrf.e:,-"1-.mg if 0 'i1fl0f LC'E f' BONHOMIE 1926 fgiwg fffgff ' HW ' A 3 P A-f. , X 'wc...Ff' 0523 3',f 7A54" ow-Etf',..., ,,... ..... ,... fav'-T' 512-W I-9'-H" ' 165' 1 i-, w p . , wflnn W x Sophomore Class , K ' W., ETHAN FRN!-IST ALLEN if Q T GRE!-INVIIIIIIE, s. C. 5 JOEL OIJIEIIII ALIIGOOD , I.mER'rY, s. C. OREN IXLIEXANIIICR ANDERSON K NICIIoLs, s. C. RUSRIN QERECORY ANDERSON VVOOIIRUFF, s. C. VVILLIAM LERoY HAIR IIAR'I'sVILLE, s. C. PIIZNRY BANNISTER IIDNEA PA'I'II, s. C. PERRY rfRAMMIiLL BATES MARIE'l"l'A, s. C. VVILIIIAM LARRY BEASON WOODRUI-'19, s. C. JAMES HAMPTON BLACK RINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. LELAND CLEVELAND BOMAR POR'I'SMOlj'l'lI, VA. 'IDIIN LYLES BOYD CIlARl,0'l"l'E, N. C. HOWARD BRIDGES BoYLs'roN GREENVILLE, s. C. PIENRY MULLEN BRABIIAM INMAN, s. C. PAUL IJENVITI' BRAGG GREER, s. C. EDMUND LYNN BREEDEN BENNE'l"1'SVILLE, s. C. I 02 nf 4 I lie 5 Qi lat grin nfsf.i1"31F" ' "'QQ1!? am Q' O o oi 'F' Q A 1 :I A M fbi A b , ,1n, . ,M , 1 ' , . I 9 V, . gg.. ' I . . ..I . ' ' Ef f EQ BQNHOMIE 1926 I ff 5555? . J f ' L . H I ,F .AI ZZ R ' 9' s M If' ' SOp1'1OITlO1'e C1355 JIQIPFIQRSON VVAI.LACIi BRXSSIIC LAURIZXS, s. C. fV?ILBliR'l' JUDSON I5RIs'1'0w BIINNETTSVILLR, s. C. CIIARLIQS IIAYWOOII BUSH LIBERTY, s. C. VVILIIIAM BENJAMIN BYRH PI,liASAN'l' LANIQ, s. C. MICHAEL JOSIQPII ISYRNIQ NIcwPoR'I NEVVS, vA. JOHN CARTER CALI3 HENIIERSONVILLII, N. C. CHARLES MONIAGUE CALIIOU N GREENVVOOD, S. C. MARTIN .AXSEL CARSON SALUIJA, s. C. SUMPTIER MARION C'AssI3Ls liI.LEN'I'ON, s. C. VVILI.0UCIIm' CIREER CIIENM' CIIARLIas'I'oN, s. C. WILLIAM S'I'IcIfnLY CLARY L0CKIIAR'I', s. C. MARTIN ANSICI, CLOVVNEY sCRAN'I'0N, s. C. JOHN CALHOUN COOPER, jR. sCM'rIsR, s. C. BIQNNHQ DIIWARH CORLEY S.-XIIUDA, s. C. JAMES CARSON C'RAvvIfoRH IJELAND, FLORIDA llllftu . G , . P 4? . 'C 0' 0 i i I Z I 103 . f-1 ' ----- - -,f - ' - Af- iff? y,"-'- " L . A ,, -I' A -F 9 A Rf' ,Zig 5:3 .sf . ffkf' if YF... .swf ff":.QxZ'i75l:-fff.T':'+.E 1 CQ. ig, 5:-.1..,.,NxT..-'37 ?.-L,,IN,,4Q""'Vw Jiiui A ' 7' flank 303930 0 0-is I A-Nw, af' J ffgrff dx: f-Wham ,G BONHOMIE 1926 5,6 E G ...I .QA.,.,M......,f-- , , A ww .. 4.-As.....Ic ,EB s ' .: " NV Quill! X M 1 A.,v1"g ' Qin' ' 'WW' A 'R 2 J ' ""g,'5 'guns . "" A Qu Nw 'i '.,,.,,L,. 1' rx 4 Sophomore Class FRANK BLAIR CRAYTON, 2NO. ANDERSON, s. C. ROBERT MARRY DACUs, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. ' I PAUL MANNING DORMAN 0 CAMPORELLO, s. C. HUGH THOMAS DURHAM IIENOERSONVILLE, N. C. VPIIOMAS 'IQIIERON EARLE GREENVILLE, s. C. VVILLIAM ROBERT EREVIN IIARTsvII.LE, s. C. STILES DEAN EZELL INMAN, s. C. LEwIs HARVEY FERGUSON AUGUSTA, GA. GUY EOWARO FICKLING JR. ORANGEEURG, s. C. ASA DEAN FINCII PAULINE, s. C. CAJO DEAN FINCII SPARTANBURG, s. C. ETHAN EDVVIN FINCH PAULINE, s. C. MARCUS ALONZO FINCII, JR. PAULINE, s. C. I'IALLE'I'TE JUDSON FOWLER ' ATLANTA, GA. I ROBERT EARLE FREEMAN 1 TAYLORS, S. C. 104 v'-Q 2' 'Q , ' V ?v', "' J, ca!-.rJQ"f Q Y W Fglo-" yr .gg sq- CT li, A , . . , A- ' ' A Faq ' ,,, A-Lififhir-L51 K 'wif .QR 3 J fa gitiilh i i w ?!lQQwjitl5 ' , JAM W 337 ,.J7.'f?'7Q'w-H qu-.wi C"--' uf-1' 61 5S.:i'5n?Jbg fb 4? 'N-nv' V 3-.".'5 'am Q M E21Q..'1Q QLff'Ea I A In E1 Sophomore Class COBLE FUNDERBURK PAGELAND, s. C. JAMES PRESTON GAINES GREENVILLE, s. C. ROBERT LEE GOLPHIN GREENVILLE, s. C. SAMUEL JEFFERSON GARONER BLACRVILLE, s. C. CLARENCE LORING GEDDINGS SUMTER, s. C. JOHN NI.-X'I"l'ISON CEEER GREIiNVIlI.I.Ii, s. C. HARVEY TAYLOR GIBSON GREENVILLE, s. C. VVILTON JAsoN QFIBSON GREEK, s. C. JOIIN VVOODFIN fIRADY, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. PRESTON HENRX' GRAIJH' GREENWOOO, s. C. CHARLES MARION GUFFIN CHARLESTON, s. C. VVAYNE CLAUDE GUNTER VVAGENER. s. C. JULIUS ERVIN I'IAMME'l"l' CLIFTON, s. C. LAWRENCE ORR HARPER, JR HONEA PATII, s. C. I'IOUSTON HART GREENVILLE, s. C. IO .Q , Afr'C'f'-Xgf1"Qfpf:y.gf-:N. vm-ff Qgyzw Eg' L Cfcxw Hff,...,.g . 2 f. Wx M-.. 4 L, 1- J N J gg?-jj BONHGMIE 1926 ,we f Q ,1Q2,'fo5 1 ,Jani-7-3Q'f ..-Sf. S: o f S--f ..2ithmJs fd 'IIB SOph0I'1'101'6 Class 25 ' Enw1N IIEREER1' IIEAROX, JR. f mSHO1-vH,1.E, S. C. JOHN N1X'l'IIJXNIl1II. IIIEKLUNC 'lkRliN'I'0N, S. C. 33 ALTON JAMES IIINSON L33 V+. I 106 SUMMIERTON, S. C. XVII.l.I.XM AUf:LfS'1'US HOUGH CHIiS'I'liRVlIiI,D, S. C. JOHN II,xkOr.n HUDSON GREEK, S. C. VVILLIAM FERGUSON PIUCCINS OmcEr.EYvH,1,E, s. C. AALIENDIQR MARION HUGHES SIMPSOYVIl,I.Ii, S. C. JAMES ULARK YIURT IEUI-'AlJI.A, OKLA. I,Iili ONS IIU'r'ro SVVANSIEA, S. C. CEIEORCIZ r'XR'lJllUR JEFFRRS JACKSONvH,1,E, ELA. BROAHIE IZOc:,xN -JERNIGAX IJOVICSVIILE, S. C. LONE YATIES JOHNSON JONESVILLE, S. C. JAMES B. JONES, JR. mum: S1-RINGS, S. C. JAMES CLAUDE JONES LIBIiR'I'Y, S. C. JOHN HENRY JONES 11ONE..x PATH, S. C. -S A ' :cv wi: f""SV 'O' O S SCC ff' Sf f'W2'fzffff N 2 L- E S J .FAI 7 f- " 11" ,fx Zu 5373 Q...if'+ 1 1 . f. 'E' ig' XT' Sf' Sf YA L45 gf ffl-I ,fx YSQ1, . , gf-1,5N"'1?'ff Q., Kwf .Je f J? Q ' C E... :f,,L3L3 ,,Ciygwfzs5:?....,,.,,Ei....gg..f-...1...g,2.....ff4.:.14l.....S.1i....'S f' Sf.,a..A,l,Q., JSA., H5 if -a we BONHOMIE 1926 I 4 : JR cw-I.: I , ...... --a6I...JEQx,,Egg,,kI Sophomore Class J SAMUEL IEIOVEY JONES P PICKENS, S. C. 1, RUFUS PRESTON LACKEY I CENTRAL, S. C. W JOHN XYATES LANEY MONROE, N. C. HARRY STANLEY LAWI-ION GREENVILLE, S. C. RUPERT LESLIE LIZARY GREENVVOOD, S. C. VVILLIAM VVARREN LEATHERS, JR ANDERSON, s. C. PAUL LONG GREENVVOOD, S. C. ARTHUR KENNIi'l'H LOOPER EASLEY, S. C. ROBERT CLARENCE LOOPER PICKENS, S. C. WVYAIT MILTON MCCUEN BELTON, s. C. ROBERT LEE MCGEE, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. ERNEST HOYT MCLAUGHLIN EFFINGIIAM, S. C. FRED VVYLIE MCNINCH CHESTER, s. C. VVILLIE f3RIFFIS MCMANUS EOOEFIELII, S. C. JOHN THOMAS MARTIN FLORENCE, S. C. IO7 ,, , , . EE MOL., I f ,E - -- few., 111 : -ww ,?ifrfvf'Q"'-f RN YY YC?-N .ffffilf-I f . M255 ,WF Q0 L Q- A ,-L - 17" ' J' A . Q '- Elf BUNHOMIE 1926 f:m2ff Q.QJ 51933 1- nv Ee, qi: ,,vf.bA --bS5mrJ few ' 'fuk 0 -' - ' 'jV " 55 61331151- E Sophomore Class 3 JOSEPH CHESLEY MATIIEWS JACKSONVILLE, FLA. P SAMUEL EUGENE MILLER k PAULINE, s. C. FRANK IIIOTT MITCIIELI, 0 IIONE.-X PATH, S. C. VVILLIAM EDGAR MOORE BISHOPVILLE, s. C. VVOOOWARII PIOVVARD MORGAN HARTSVILLE, s. C. ANIIREW JACKSON NORMAN STEVENSBURG, VA. JOIIN ROGERS ORR LIBERTY, s. C. ANTIIONY PEARSON, JR GREENVILLE, S. C. JOHN MORTEN PERRY RIDGELAXD, s. C. l'IAROLD LEE PHILLIPS SUMTER, S. C. PAUL JAMES PHILSON GAFFNEY, s. C. HERBERT MINER PIERCE YANGCHOW, CHINA OSCAR XVILLIAM PIPKINS EUEAULA, ORLA. S. B. PRATT, JR. , SHARON, s. C. 1 FRED B. RAVVL f BATESBURG, S. C. IO8 q-kv, ,47 C73 -qw-f V,:.J7, Yew-wf'1'9'fS,,y.f fl-If A J 'C QSC A Aeefw 'X 9' -' x L, affqfl C- , ,V RA ' jf? Ax X ' M' A, ?RIf'f,.f2TL wftff H- tg -.-':,aZ.s- Egfr. I h im BONHOMIE 1926 ff.- Q A, owwf. , - C... n v awszsmgx m f Sophomore Class WALTER CIEDDINGS RICKENDACKER, JR. CAMERON, s. C. BAILIS CHILDS RILEY I GREENVILLE, s. C. SM I'rII LEROY SELLARS PAULINI-1, s. C. ,- I an ,El HAROLD SEWELL LAVONIA, GA. MILLEDGE 'FRUMAN SIIULL VVAGENER, s. C. MERTON BENTON SMIIAII GREENVILLE, s. C. XVILLIAM VVHIIAKER SMIIII, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. VVILLIAM ZADOCK SMIIII YORK, s. C. PIENRY JACKSON SOUTHERN, JR. GREENVILLE, s. C. YVALKER ROBERT SPINKS FLORENCE, s. C. CIIARLES BURNETT STEPIIENS IvIORRIs'1'0wN, TENN. CLAUDE rIiOVVNSEND SULLIVAN ANDERSON, s. C. DIAL FRANK SWEENY GREENVILLE, s. C. ANDREW HILTON FIXOUCIIBERRY MAYESVILLE, s. C. RICHARD FRANCIS VVILIDER SUMTER, s. C. 109 . ...N Q . 'ff-Y I ' gig-'--Sf" 'Enya-,j' QQ?-X"3f"?'I79m,-1,-T575 AFM " Q If fi , gf, I , ' N .s iw, A ff -N N541 fff..,gf,V ,gixl Aff v K? H 5-C L ilk: 1 ,sb A., . wgrllpfpvialq I-If' Mfg: -ag ,awgw 'Y Q 'Ad'-Q3 Q'--iq Gigi Tex. '5 4? ' N3 ,'I's'fN -:v uq B. M V. ml V, ,. . ie, 'mb' , - I Jian: J "1-L-uv" 3 . ,sig l . " "" I mflns '- 1 , I f ' Ek 5 ' 1' W Sophomore Class .I 'ie' X f 1 MICHAEL JOSEPI-I BYRNE NEWPORT NEWS, vA. ' ' WILLIAM WALTER WILKIINS INMAN, s. c. -9 I JAMES ARTHUR HOWARD , Ckoss ANCHOR, s. C. 0 JOHN T. WOOD TIGERVILLE, S. C. RICARDO ALVEREZ TEMUCO, CHILE THOMAS POPE YOUNG, JR. OREENWOOII, s. C. WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH NEWARK, OHIO IIO Q. W EST fgfl-:':gllmv' .gw,f-ag.-53 ff ff' mf' . .,Ai 'uf ., 1 V. T "1 BONHOMIE 1926 oi , , I . nl A J ' W W .. , M 1 , ,bg .X bggeduib h 3lL5a33nJfaMfg,':fw Q + 1' 1 1' e 5 man - , f ffffnw ,Q S , WQXQJ jf .V WV l Zz' I 6 Q Xim k fy 'E fQiMfIililZlE?lmZA K, me nr ga' ff gmvagi QA J' mai ?'3tg'?:?717g"' 711 in 2, '-'N' 5i- iw -1- 5 'Q-Ig-' HV WWW F W N J , Z f1..,.1,1. K -'T ' Furman? hand that lazd her level, ' r I 'find J dson .wt liar ribs of 5 ec ,'- -FR0 Ax.. A MA III ami: as 'Gr'4"'4stifu'9' - sham -- ' - -"1 ' " , '21"' " v "'::' as-S MQ if B-We in N' gan, .,.:sf-.Qs-ff QW.. -so ai. i i e ..i'e'f:4? f fm-'U' far.: l un ,E ri- , -wp -.J-re' - ' , ...,.... .. ' Freshman Class History N September, 1925, the largest Freshman Class in the history of the institution GQ? I assembled at Furman. Into our membership there came from all sections of South Carolina and from many other states about two hundred men to make Furman their Alma Mater. Several weeks after our arrival we were required, as is the custom, to don "Rat" caps which were placed on us with an appropriate ceremony. In outlandish regalia we paraded through the business section of Greenville and on over to the Greenville Woman's College. All of us had an hilarious time and are looking forward to a similar event next fall when we shall be among the conductors. Several social events occuring in the fall term proved delightful experiences. On College Night, which was sponsored by the Y. M. C. A., we had the pleasure of meet- ing those who are now our very close friends, while at the Furman-G. W. C. Recep- tion, we made the acquaintance of the students of our sister institution. Nlarked by an auspicious beginning, the progress of our class has been exceptional. The Little Hurricane, going through the season undefeated, exhibited a class of football superior to that of any of its opponents and, thereby, won the much coveted State Cham- pionship. VVe are offering valuable material for next season's varsity squad. Though not state champions, our basketball team did creditable work and deserves much praise for the good spirit manifested. Our track and baseball teams are in the middle of a successful season. Honors are sure to come to them. The class is doing remarkable work along literary lines. Much interest has been in evidence in the societies, debating, oratory and declamation, while the classroom work has received the hearty approval of the faculty. After Christmas, seeing the dire need of organizing the class, under the supervision of Drs. Blocker and Clark, elected the following officers, C. W. Burts, President, C. F. Davis, Vice-President, H. C. Robert, Secretary, F. E. Washington, Treasurer and U. R. Lide, Historian. There is a sense of wholeness and solidity in our class that is very unusual. What- ever we have accomplished has been done with the absence of factionary tendencies. VVith this harmony we hope to uphold the traditions of our University and thereby prove an important factor in making for her a substantial future. -HISTORIAN. II2 Vjlgifjlgfgg H lfavkp in 1969! .,.: v.VV,. , A . a,Q, -BR Q . MW D i l BONHOMIE 1926 W . ,r . - AA,.. - Q N f 1 ' FI'CS1TlT1aI'l Class OFFICERS C. VV. BURTS ..... . . . . ...... President C. F. DAVIS ..... . . . . Vice-President H. C. ROBERT . . ...... Secretary F. E. WASHINGTON . . . Treasurer U. R. LIDE . . . .Historian 113 N L 'ff' r ggiffif-'EEQ f93!'?9W grains 4 -. . q, l i A l ' A v l ' D My gre' . 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M. ..,.,,, V ,...,, .,., 1, ,, . M ..,, 3 .. .. . ww. V ,... H , 45,4 5 .V .. - - - . ,.... 2 ,... , sg. , OEFICCIS of the Law Class J. D. POTEAT .... ........ C Ihief Justice J. H. VVOOIJSIDE . . . . . Associate Chiff Justice VV. A. BULL ....... . Prosecuting Atlormfy Miss IVIARY YVILRURN . . Clerk of Court EUGENE BRYANT . .Sheriff H8 Qf A AwD'0.mv"' "ff 'Y Q Kg ,R 7iQs I YJ l - Q-fd igjfv A ly V Cie L I Y V' 'Af' V.-x T i ,wwj ir,-4 A MV J - ,sf E UUA L ,. .., ""'3"Ii1 59" -3 L' A I I 'OE I 1" 'E , 5 l ' ' 5 1 ' i 'E' . 0 G ff' BONHOMIE 1926 J., ,M fx R w ff gf olqi JL 353 fig'-.mf2fie.v.vwi 1 ... V ' A... .W A,- 4 v..2JSPan1rJsLfQ'kx- J Wh 71'-21" m'll1u3'-I ' r L - ' Q"' . In I a J s 3' :R 3 P, 2 'W' fi , , ny. ., ,,." V . I OW lq' M " . '23 I " ,gig . 12. 0 ' ::'1 If ' - fr-131+ if 0 , A -' -I -VQZ 1 .. . ff! I I .224 -.2 If ' . A ' , ,V , 'V f V . J? I ,L" W A pw .4 jk S 6. . 6 Law Class ROIIERI' T. ASIIMORE JACK LIORTON LELANO F. SIMPSON, JR. IDUGEXE BRYANT MURRELI. I.. JOIIxSOx JAMES IE. rfAYLOR XVALTER A. BULL ARTHUR L. JONES CHARLES K. r1'RUl.UCK FRANK P. CAVE LEVVIS REX JONES MARY S. VVILRURN SAMUEL IC. COLVIN, JR. L. LEWIS KANTOR JUIIAI. 0. VVILLIAMS C'AI.I.IE L. FORTNER JAMES D. POTEAT JAMES II. VVOODSIDIS, JR. NEO GRIECIJRX' FLOYD D. RAINEY LIONEL VVOOTEN GEORGE R. RICHARIISON EDVVARD P. RILEY II9 W-. fn Qflfsfimf ' 'af I I..g.,ai4gfi?,L1fLf..453'- I . 5-msg.-av., milf ' tf, 1 " ""'quem'2p' - bag-gg ' M ' " 31, 'X 3. ,A-Ng.,-s.a '1 1, i'55,'f."-'S iMf' i yn . 43 25 BoNHoM1E 1926 gait 0 - ifig ig 0 -.2L'5:'5JQ owvfi Y A ,.. .,. ..... ., ,1,5 ,zgliib QLEMUJLQ be A in-:sf mar.-:S ms. aj I 5 l Sketch of the Law School 0 HE Furman Law School is comparatively young, but in its fgyjjiy, brief five years of existence it has grown until it is one of the major parts of the University. This marked growth and success can be attributed to many things, but chiefly to the ability of the faculty and to the comradeship and enthusiasm of students and instructors. Stu- dents are from Hve states, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. They are doing exceptionally good work. The Law Library now occupies the entire space of the first floor of the lfurman Library and consists of over twelve thousand volumes. In addition to the six thousand volumes presented to the school by the University, and several hundred presented by Haynsworth and Hayns- worth, substantial contributions have been received from Rev. Black- well, and Judge C. J. Ramage. lVIr. sl. H. Duke, in connection with his recent gift to the University, expressed the desire to see the Univer- sity build one of the finest Christian Law schools in the South. The faculty of the school is composed of Dr. VVilbur Hicks, Pro- fessor john L. Plyler and Professor Hoke Black. Dr. Hicks, formerly a prominent and successful lawyer of Florence, S. C., is an alumnus of Furman, the University of Chicago, and Harvard. Prof. Plyler, also a graduate of Furman and Harvard, is connected with the firm of lVIann and 'Plyler of Greenville. Prof. Black, who has been with the school only one year, is a Harvard man. 120 - v'-4' ' 5 f f A" H D -C:-fe' 5-' , vi'-FvQv.wfr7'f U Tiff? W b 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 in , v ML A N A 5 335,353 Q5 ,, M 4 4 ..,-., ,- Q Gif L ' Q, 3 -V "2 In - ' l A R A I ri, -A .,,, W 1 . Jifgigfvezfffguuiwfi ,A - '...,. . :1. A XG 3f6fi':55 'J' B If A I H fm .V.4 M ,, , Ew j 2 '- 9 'K W1 ,lf " ' 4. ' .I X ar ' ,aofqilkr Q aw 4.7 ...r a , ,n"n-, fu i 1 - O K 0 f 2 J 0 ol "' 'f Q ' ,, P A , fr J, sa ' ' 1 W -f W, A H , ' Q... za 41" 1. Q." VR ,- . . V. .. 7 r kt N -1 gf 'im'-A kj, ' hgge . 9f215E?gfWm,, q M mi mi? 6 X W l 11 i 233 9,4 fa ,M W Kg '1 ,F K, M 4 QW 1: W ff, 4' f K M. Q Jig, in 4' ' if jf, , AAN Q' 9 wg f ,Wig if W 4 if ,M 61? 2 2 J S., ve g ,M YL: ff 1 F J gif L J K f is S V e Fe W H I ,Q F? g A A inf if 'g VARSITY COACH ES KADIZZYV' Mchsou VVILLIAM L. LAVAL UBI.ACKIE" CARTER llrad Cvflllfll A FEWV TROPHIES 123 i 0 'V f Q i "Af Q ,M g WW dfxiiifisfi zilfjf fng L A--,1i5?'? 92. 'AAA 'iw ' I 3 551 ' T 'A1f , 'h , - ifi' .n f-1 V ,f ',, f-1 ,d o 4,A , A, .W ., A h ,,, ' "-4,61 d o in """" "1"""' """" ""' ff A,.WQ oodood o v,q' I 3 2555 ozigfgj BONHOMIE 192 5 ,43 W ' Mx M W t am' H ,ly 'XM ii Cheer LeadC1'5 "F1RPo" WOOD "BUCK, PRINCE "RED" BROWN -that good old Furman spirit. It's good enough for me. 124 19 0 Q E A EB. 'K T,. ii W 5 1 1? ' ,A A 0? fix? 348112 1 Z if Q Q .EW ow .Nl 35--5 1:9 N ,, M A v ' A i f , " ,,fJ" 5' Z ' L . Mm... M... T Tux M , .. , A 4, M., gi A J STATE FOOTBALL CHA IPIONS, 25 - 'fa .A 125 'tRen" Oki: CAP'r. "Joe" TILGHMAN t'BooD" PIPK Guard ' End Hulfback HREDH BLACKWELL Guard HRIPY, MCGEE Halfbark A Review of the 1925 Football Season Now that the 1925 football season is a thing of the past it IS with increasing admiration that we look back over the schedule and note the results. The "Purple Hurri- cane" won seven out of ten scheduled games, defeating all opponents met in the state and but for a defeat at the hands of the Mercer Bears at Macon would have been champions of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Asso- c1at " " ion. For the second year in succession the Hurricane won over both Clemson and Carolina, giving Clemson the soundest licking they have suffered at the hands of Furman since the two schools have been meeting on the gridiron. Victories over Newberry, VVashington and Lee, Citadel, Davidson, Presbyterian College, Carolina and Clemson marked one of the best seasons that Furman has ever had in football. The "Hurricane" lost to Georgia, Mercer, and VVake Forest. In the account that follows, we shall try to give an exact and unbiased account of each game, placing blame where we may and offering praise where we feel that it is due. Beginning a season with a veteran line and a green backfieldg in the first two games of the season, the team won the praise of sports followers all over the South by winning both of the games by staging hair-raising ral- lies in the last half of each. At hardly any time during the whole of the season was Coach Laval able to muster the full strength that would have been available had it not been for numerous injuries, Perry and Corley, both stal- wart guards, were injured at the first of the season and were never able to participate in other games. Newberry College brought the best team they have had in years to Greenville on September 26 for the first game of the season for the HHurricane." The Indians put up the game of their lives in the first half and scored IO points while the t'Hurricane" was scoring one lone touchdown. Aided by "Ripp" McGee and the rest period during the half, the t'Hurricane" staged a great come-back in the third and fourth quarters, completely haflling Newberry and final- ly winning the game 27 to ro. This game brought one fact 5. ,Q-5 iw 1 1-.. ef. U? I x W, M 5 1, E if fi 53,- 94 155 'W se afffx , .J..'. 33,1 t 'rf' an M 1 gf f ff i a 1 1 1 . T if ,...., ,af 1' 1 Y 'jf f f Q Ez s T, fiaia' at . , , e c S , ' if L E. A. WVALDEN HOLD MAN" HARRELL TERRY Woon "FLASH" HAMME'1'T A "MIKE" BYRNE Manager Fullback Tackle Halfback End before Coach Laval and the public, Furman had the po- tential strength to make one of the best teams that had ever represented the school on the hill. The following Saturday, Captain joe Tilghman, a na- tive of Virginia, led the football squad on an invasion of his native heath. The soil made sacred by Lee and Jack- son served as a fitting place where the "Hurricane" was to score their greatest triump of the season over Washington and Lee. VV. and L. led the offense in the first half, scoring I5 points before Furman was able to tally. In the second half, Furman was able to tally. In the second half, Fur- man came back strong, sweeping the Generals off their feet and winning the game amid semi-darkness, 20 to 15. It was one of the really great triumphs of a Furman ath- letic team and served again to commemorate that spirit which has always been characteristic of Furman teams, the spirit that triumphs despite all obstacles. f'Old" Man" Harrell showed that he is not so old after all when he scooped up a fumble in the third quarter and raced 65 yards to a touchdown. The "Purple Hurricane" celebrated Home Coming the following Saturday by taming the Citadel Bulldog, 7 to 0. It was a game of thrills, Furman scoring the only touch- down of the game in the first period by a concentrated drive through the Citadel line. Pipkins and Rawl were the main cogs in this October I0 issue of the "Hurricane" carrying the ball behind a powerful charging line with the other backs running beautiful interference for them. Cita- del threatened to rally in the last quarter with Berry and Weeks carrying the ball for good gains. Three victories in a row must have been too much for the "Hurricane" for the next Saturday, October 17, at Augusta, Ga., the Georgia Bulldogs overcame the Purple and VVhite team and won 21 to o. The Pony backfield did not work so well and Georgia blocked two punts for touch- downs. Furman supporters who were there to a man got a thrill out of the game when Rawl passed to Pipkins for 40 yards and placed the ball well in Georgia's territory. lt was tl1e same old story that has marked the Georgia- Furman games for the past four years, Georgia had too much reserve strength for the t'Hurricane" and overcame Furman by superiorly concentrated offense. The team saved enough reserve strength to give Davidson a sound drudg- ing the following Saturday at Charlotte. They did not, 'KMACKH MCELVEEN "WH1TEY" RAVVL HBUNKU LANEY 'ABULLH PERRY HREDH SMITH End Quarter Ilalfback Guard Tackle however, overcome the Wildcats with ease. A pass from "Rip" McGee to Captain Tilghman in the last stages of the game did the trick, and the team returned to Greenville victors, 7 to o. October 31, against Presbyterian College, Furman ex- hibited probably the best offense of the season. The back- Held and the line working in perfect coordination ran wild over P. C. and won a great game, 27 to 3. It was too much Laney, Rawl and McGee for P. C. These three backs had the biggest day of their season. Laney, in par- ticular, proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is really a great football player when he broke the P. C. line time after time for good gains. "Rip" McGee also proved his sterling worth again when he returned a punt 67 yards for a touchdown. The game was not won, how- ever, without the stiffest opposition from the Presbyteriansg Stamps and VVilson played a great game. Stamps added his name to the list of many other prominent South Caro- lina football players when he kicked a goal from the 45- yard line. November 7 found the purple squad in Macon, Ga., where the Mercer Bears were waiting for the f'Hurricane." This is a story too sad to tellg Furman, thinking of the game the following Saturday against Carolina which was to decide the State Championship, let the Mercer team do almost as they pleased and consequently got the small end of a I7 to o score. Mercer was up to their old tricks, the tricks that had brought them through triumph over the 'APurple Hurricane" for the last two seasons and tucked the game away in the first quarter with a beautifully exe- cuted pass and a fumble-punt, both for touchdowns. The defeat served only to give the "Hurricane" added impetus, for on the following week-end at Greenville they knocked Carolina's championship hopes into a cocked hat and won from the Birds, 2 to o. The small margin of vic- tory was a safety, Rogers being downed behind his goal line after a bad pass from Carolina's center. It was one of the hardest fought games that Furman has ever entered, the margin of victory which was clearly due Furman does not tell the whole story of the great victory of the Purple team. Laney gave the numerous Carolina sup- porters heart failure when he broke loose over the Game- cock line and ran 45 yards to the 5-yard-line before he was downed. All efforts of Carolina to score proved naught. wu- K ' gy N X 4, -ang, , ' '.: vb 1 E .. ,315 , .4 ,ry ,335 r1iROY TPIOMAS HDUROCKH CORLEY "Ci-iAPEAU" Bruce HSAILORH PULLEY HFARMEIU' BROWN Cenlcr Guard End Tackle Tackle Furman was working on all eleven cylinders, each with the determination to give Carolina men something to re- member. At Asheville, N. C., the Friday following, the VVake Forest Deacon's sermon on aggressiveness was just a little too strong and Furman lost for the third time during the season. The game played before a large crowd was a thriller, both teams playing on even terms for the first half and well into the third quarter. It was after that, a tale of too much Rackley and Greason for the Furman team. These two star backs who have been playing several seasons with the Deacons put up a fine football exhibition for VVake Forest. Furman had one of the greatest Thanksgiving celebrations in their history, we celebrated the 'tPurple IIurric:1ne's," 26 to o, and the little "Hurricane's" xg to 6 victory over the Carolina "Biddies." Both games brought champion- ships to Furman. In their victory over Clemson, Furman retains for the second year possession of the Focus Club Trophy, emblematic of state football supremacy. The Clemson Tigers, fresh from a victory over Citadel, came to Greenville with the avowed intention of giving Furman a licking. That is just what they did not do. The "Hur- ricane" getting started early in the first period were never headed during the game. Rawl, Laney, Pipkins in the backfield and the whole line working like an Elgin never gave Clemson the slightest chance for a threat during the entire game. All in all, Furman had the most successful football season since football was re-instated by the trustees some ten years ago. In our praise we will not forget those men that made the brilliant victories of the varsity possible, those men who are the power behind the throne: Coach Laval, the best in the South, and assistants, McCleod, Carter and Nor- man. Then there are the scrubs and the Bohunks that gave their all during the week and warmed the bench on Saturday and watched their bigger brothers plow down the field for that other touchdown. Too much cannot be said for these men, these men like whom Furman has always had a representative number, these men who love Furman most of all. D BONHOMIE 1926 ' O fg. 4' .f s ' t'i'i'I1 9.35"i'W ... .,. I.. .... VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Standing: BYRNE, CAPTAIN SMI'1'n, BRAIIIIAM, FUNIJERBURK, BEASLEY, WILKINS, lVlANAGliR Blum. Kn1rvling.' IJORMAN, MCGEE, BLACK, BENTZ, GIBSON Varsity Basketball, 1926 The 1926 Varsity basketball team had a good record, and considering the fact that the squad was composed mostly of Sophomores the results are more outstanding. There was only one old man on the team, the others being Sophomores. Early prospects were not so favorable, but an even break on the Georgia trip showed up the strength of the purple quintet. The state games were very successful, every team played being defeated one time and several twice. The Purple team triumphed over some of the best teams in the South, including the Jewish Progressiv Club and the Charlotte Y. M. C. A. The prospects for next year are unusually bright. VVith the return of the skillful experienced men of this year's varsity, and promising recruits from the Freshman squad a championship team is expected. 130 ' 601 . " ' lff:"7i' If I I U7 ff' sa, ' iQ," 0 6 21.7 NH MIE 1926 f a-gf Q l -Q ,,.,. .afhfggqgt---2"-i545?433s2l'QC?gi 3 ' we l 63'3'i'5'l , l i li?-wg . ' S1 .. V Standing: MANAGER HARRELL, WVoon, MCELVEEN, JONES, CAPTAIN MCELVEEN, LANEY, TRULUCK, 'TIl,GHMAN, COACH LAVAI.. Smtfd: Tiioivms, Huooms, RAw1,, McGuire, M1NNicK, HIPPS, cASSfS'l'AN'l' MANAGER MELLICIIAMP, absenlj. Varsity Baseball, 1926 Offering an effective defense, both in pitching and fielding, and presenting pre- ponderous hitting attacks in practically every game played, the 1926 Furman baseball team established a record unequalled in twenty years at the Baptist institution and probably never paralleled in South Carolina college baseball history, by winning I3 out of I6 games to llflay I, for a percentage of .SI3, and tucking in I2 consecutive vic- tories before being stopped. State champion honors were gathered in by the Purple bats and gloves, the Hur- ricane winning I0 state games and dropping only one for a percentage of .909. No other Palmetto team neared this record. Newberry halted Furman in her mad win- ning streak by taking the thirteenth game played by the Hornets. The Indians were the only state players to triumph over Bill Laval's artists, the score being 6-4. As the 1926 season draws near its close at this writing, no more than two games remaining on the schedule, six wearers of the Purple are approaching the end of their three years of valuable and willing service to their Alma lVIater. Dave lVIinnick, stellar pitcher, Bobbie Hipps, Rip McGee, Hubert lVIcElveen, Joe Tilghman and Squat Truluck will turn in their uniforms to don them no more for Furman with the end of the season. ISI A wma. .P we fe 0 Q lfflt m g Bm-.QM.E .926 Q :ffl ,lf ,' . - ' A 5 .., M' g, V '. Y 135' c ' aeavf-as ei? f kffliigt Q Q "'f-nul"'A? W 11-,,-,'! iilfins at Varsity Track, 1926 From a very humble beginning in track three years ago, Coach Norman has developed a team that is a chief contender for the championship of South Carolina and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Though the Bonhomie goes to press on the eve of the State Track and Field Championships and no result of that meet can be had, Furman has even at this time done remark- able things in South Carolina track circles this Spring. Clemson, who has been head and shoulders above other track teams in the state for the past twelve years fell before the Purple and White trackmen in one of the most thrilling dual meets ever staged in South Carolina. The final score of the meet was 56 I-2 to 55 1-2. In the Southern Relays, held on Grant Field in Atlanta, April IO, Furman retained their S. I. A. A. mile relay championship and won third place in the half-mile relay. Hammett won third place in the 220-yard special-event while Meeks won second place in the 440-yard hurdles. In dual meets with Presbyterian College and University of South Carolina, Furman won overwhelm- ing victoriesg winning the P. C. meet 78 to 48 and the meet with Carolina, 90 to 36. The remarkable times and distances made by the men in various events this year is a culmina- tion of three years of hard work. With the able coaching of Coach Norman, the men have devel- oped until they are taking rank with the best in the South. Captain Hammett has run the hundred- yard dash in IO seconds Hat and the 4.40-yd. dash in 50 seconds. Meeks has stepped off the rzo high hurdles in 16.1 seconds, and consistently won the broad jump. Creamer, Smith, Ezell, Mar- shall and others have made excellent time in the runs, while 'fRed" Smith has proved himself the best weight man in the state, having failed in only one meet to win all first places in the shot, discus, and the javelin. Ezell, T. B. and Carson are assisting him in these events. The team plans to enter the S. I. A. A. meet in May, the Southeastern A. A. U. Track and Field Championships in May, and the National Track and Field Championships to be held in Chicago in June, if the good work which has been going forward continues. After the' South- eastern A. A. U. championships, Coach Norman plans to have the men who have been doing especially well in their events to continue the work with more specialization in preparation for the National meet. 1 3 2 .i a 153. 'E'wz?Wuwii'9w'i me so V '21" 1 f -A-f '- fre A on '??z'ue' ,ff , M h I vyfj V-'V I , 1 ' ' , 'gg F J..-3. 4 fauna 4 U'-9 5'-U ' if-3 '7 51.35 -. ' " 1 f A"1 BONHOMIE 1926 , 633 b ig A " .9 au... I A ,.. A... .1 . 6 ....... -J L" . CONNOR, HEWELL, CHAPLIN, Toon, CALE, BANNISTEP. Tennis. 1926 This year has been called the most successful that Furman has yet experienced in the field of athletics taken as a whole. In this success, tennis has played its part. The team composed of Hewell, Connor, Chaplin, Bannister, Todd and Cale has brought credit to the institution. Hewell and Connor, who have starred on the courts for the last three years, were again this year the outstanding players of the season. Chaplin and Todd, playing their second year on the varsity, are much improved over last year's form. By next year, Chaplin, who is a Junior, should make a strong bid for the state championship in singles. Bannister and Cale are both Sophomores, but have both exhibited an excel- lent brand of tennis. They should be among the best in the state before they graduate. The Furman netmen have thus far this season defeated teams from Mercer, Uni- versity of South Carolina, College of Charleston, and the Presbyterian College of South Carolina. In the lost column comes one match with the Yacht Club of Charles- ton, and one match with the University of South Carolina. 133 5 0 '1' A M or F' 555 Si g ' 5 '-er'i' ' 3 A 5 ..r5 - 3 ,.m:.'91.s'-at .0: ,f5w ?., 4 1 A BQNHQMIE 1926 ' aa... w r, Q 15155 . Q1 m e-'rr , , , 5, 1655 ., 5,...w...s?E'f-35,3 Q We w.ws:j3-,ff . k' trk, I ,A' In I 5 -ha. 'uJ'iff7f-5.31 . egg il"n 1133 Tabulauon of Results W Football, 1925 ' Newberry .... . . . 105 Furman . . . . 27 Q Washington 8: Lee . . . 155 Furman . . . 20 The Citadel . . . . . . 05 Furman . . . 7 University of Georgia . . 215 Furman . . . o Davidson ..... . . 05 Furman . . . 7 u ' P. C. of S. C. .... . . 35 Furman . . . 27 V. Mercer University . . . 175 Furman . . . o 7 U. of S. C. .... . . 05 Fu1'man . . . 2 6 Wake Forest . . . 95 Furman . . . o Clemson . . . . . . 05 Furman . . . . 26 Basketball. 1926 Atlanta Atheletic Club . . . 665 Furman . . . . 38 Fort McPherson . . . . . . 205 Furman . . . 48 jewish Progressive Club . . . 265 Furman . . . 30 University of Georgia . . 435 Furman . . 34 Duke University . . . . . 225 Furman . . . I7 Hampden Sydney . . . 185 Furman . . . 56 Charlotte Y. M. C. A. . 365 Furman . . . 35 Spartanburg Y. M. C. . . 275 Furman . . . 32 Newberry ..... . . 245 Furman . . . 44 Clemson ...... . . 205 Furman . . . 36 College of Charleston . . . 265 Furman . . . 18 The Citadel .... . . 375 Furman . . . 23 P. C. of S. C. .... . . 335 Furman . . . 55 Charlotte Y. M. C. A. . . 185 Furman , . . 69 Davidson ..... . . 335 Furman . . . 40 College of Charleston . . . 165 Furman . . . 46 Davidson ..... . . 315 Furman . . . 29 U. of S. C .... . 155 Furman . . . 43 Clemson . . . . 315 Furman . . . 37 U. of S. C. . . . 275 Furman . . . 24 Newberry . . . . 385 Furman . . . 34 P. C. of S. C. . . . 255 Furman . . . SI The Citadel . . . . 225 Furman . . . . 33 Baseball, 199.6 Pitcher Clemson . . . . 55 Furman . Minnick Clemson . . . IQ Furman . Jones Newberry . . . 05 Furman . Minnick Erskine . . . . . 35 Furman . Minnick VVake Forest . . . 25 Furman . Minnick Erskine . . . . 25 Furman . Minnick P. C. of S. C. . . . 05 Furman , Jones The Citadel . . . 05 Furman . Minnick Carolina . . . . . IQ Furman . Minnick N. C. State . . . 31 Furman . Jones Davidson . . . . 35 Furman . Wood The Citadel . . . 75 Furman . Minnick Newberry . . . 65 Furman . Minnick Carolina . . . . 55 Furman , Minnick Oglethorpe .... . . . 65 Furman . Minnick Oglethorpe .... . . . 35 Furman . Minnick Duke University to be played May 5th. P. C. of S. C. game pending. 134- '- I 2 ' 'V "-fe!" '01, H f gy 5, U13 -,nm . lava' ' gggar., -Y., , -Mi ' --Qu "1: M- ,f , "". NA In .....A- ' i.-txt' gl saw? L2 R, We iw., Q A YQJ -QQ? Mp? i 'Gm ,T ' Jw-'M 9' wr? I ' 5 i':2u'f' TT Q ,-4 Tk -T M - A-A ' -61: N " ' 5: ? vvvfw Nu 5 :iz C 5-'MW if 4 QQ , 4 FRESHMAN COACHES A. VV. NORMAN HARVEY LANCE "DOUG" POTEAT fifflzl' Coarll THINGS TALKED ABOUT gf fg 'vffi 2 ,.,, , ,Qi-gil., sw: wfff-,?gQQg4,f1, FAQ -' L 75-51' ,.. WML ,.LA.gAf,A-,LA 1 75- QM, MJ. , , . -af mf -5+ --Q '-- " "2Wf?"g " ' '- 1 - i1"f?"'7f. 1 15, . 12 . ' , , , T T T mum T f ' F I T jg T 3 , QQ TTTT : Za 2, f miiii' !i5iEQ4 '51 "Siig3Ql ' ,,'P w i? Y T5'L 5222- ' Q A H 'f ,T '- - NEW? WDA? I z Q ' 5,5532 1+ A . if Vw-11 V 2 f?iSEfi2iN'4a'ff:w-w U ' ' i A5ff4:?l-,EICA.z , 'fiESi" ffgfl "A-JU i-MH-V5-A39 9AfYLx'X:?" ' SR 5' ' ' 'Af' I -3 sr "F T' T-7' JF LIT." ' AY' -im' k'M": " ' ' -74' "f?'K5"A QM"Y'ffv' JV' MA'JuL"- -459' I ' T- - L'--, -Y .,f., M s ,A...,, f 5 Q' . - LW V' S -TL- ,-.' iftr, , I V ' 5 :shi-.,g 5 : .9 g., iz .fm ' . iff -. f , 'gy g Q , -5 . skgijagag . g hnelder Elected - T W p Team , A W ' -ii' ' , V,,, ' ,. ff 1 ' f2?'iVi,. f , ,M f 2i3rSi ': V . 1 ' - 35. . - 1, . f - ' 2' 9 ' ' E' x' ' ' "' ,::, e V . FR M . ,WA 1 . ' f S Q93 J - 51' milk. L CHA : r T T :gi ' T ' T + 5 ' - 21 -H m , EVERYBODY QET A MAN , '5 4, , Z -Mwhlgm cufgffw, ' K M ? 135 v., -f j,. ' ' fo -of ga' 7' 4f'?"f'm-fav" f new iCZ?,fR WQQAQ -gbfkff H -' F I -i I. AA Y V X " V V, Y' .,-V 'R fn-fa iwgf' ,Ifmf f - V 'W A Q - . , ,'G" W , ..., ,,, . ,fare 3, Gig' Q,:'i."8lI8'9 p-me ' ' f""" ' ' 46955 U, at-A W cf SWWQXDQ1- M Qfesqlaoatia-A. as I, i . .. - O. g ef wffiit '53-4411f'vt fit: - -.1 fu is ' Q ' ' ' a,r R 1 so .E at iii., " 'tn- '21 xt. 3 1 0 , -, I ' ' Top Rofw: MANAGER Born, BLOUNT, ROPER, DEMPSEY, COGGINS, DOUTHIT, TQAYLDR, GARRISON, POWEII., HAW'I'll0RNE, RoIsER'I', DENNIS, KOHI.ER, FEI,'I'I-IAM, MARTIN, COACH NORMAN. Middlf Rofw: BROWN, MASON, VVHARTON, COX, BARRON, HERRING, ARNOLD, BRODIE, SMITH, DAVIS, MINCEY, LEMMOND. Bottom Rofw: SIMPSON, TIIJWELL, MOORE, CAPPS, SCHNEIDER, FAIRLEY, DAVIS, BURTS, COBLE, VVASIIINGTON, GASKINS, BcN'I'I.EY. "Rat" Football, 1925 The Little Hurricane ably upheld the traditional glory of Furman on the gridiron. The "Rats" went through their schedule without a single defeat, and so were awarded the State Championship. The Hrst game with Erskine gave the Little Hurricane a chance to show their potentialities. This contest gave us the bacon at 39-O. The Hrst real contest for the Little Hurricane, however, was with fighting the Citadel Bullpups. By that old drive we woII this contest, 21-6. While the varsity was at Macon, the Little Hurricane played host to the strong Davidson aggregation. This game was one of the fastest 'lRat" games played on Manly Field, the host winning over determined opposition by the score of 42-O. The next game came our way also, Furman winning the lion's share of a 33-14 score from P. C. With the prospects of a State Championship confronting him, Coach Norman more than ever drilled the Little Hurricane in a manner calculated to trim the Carolina Biddies. VVhile the Varsity was defeating Clcmson to win the State Championship, the Little Hurricane was defeating the Biddies, I3-6, the last game between them and the coveted title. To ennumerate the value placed upon Coach Norman would be but to point with pride to the fact that in the past two years he has produced the Freshman 'Championship Teams of the State. x36 .1 igflfilj ,.-W "D"""Q,f!l9'?lf if-iam, "" Q. f 4 h ,md-4-Qswt, 4-,-.4 .V if A 5453 ff www- . t as BONHOMIE 1926 ,. elf-5--'-riff it S 5 lf ff Q Standing: COACH NORMAN, CLARKSON, DAVIS, Wooos, CALLAWAY, VVILLIS, McGLoTHL1N, NTANACER Ekwm. Sealatl: RASOR, POWELL, Bums, VVASHINGTON, CALLAWAY "Rafi Basketball, 1926 The Freshman basketball team, though not as successful as the Varsity, made an acceptable record. Of the six intercollegiate games three were won and three lost. Two games were divided with Clemson. The Newberry 'tRats" were twice victims of the Purple Basketeers, but Carolina with an unusually strong team defeated the Furman Frosh in two encounters. The Freshmen also played a number of high schools and prep games. All of these resulted in victories except one, a game played with Greenville High early in the season. As the records show the desired results were not realized, but the team worked industriously, secured training that will be valuable in their efforts to aid the Varsity in the future. 137 .0 G if fe-aff! BONHOMIE 1926 4 , A til t O ag , O . . ' if ei-gg. i'Jif4iuJ? b fw, .ms,v, Qi. gn,-gf , f ,4 .aww maj r , -'A r , Q ?f,,....fL .i x ,. ,.,p Z . .im i ln 1 ,t ' D Q , . 4 egxd 4 ' ' fl WY? -' 3 K ' at-'I ..v71-2 s an ,M mn J , 4 8 - 0 II, Q Kitts 1 4 ig K Standing: MANAGER Bruce, MAsON, BAILES, VVEATHERLY, Cox, RASOR, GROSS, GAsKxN, V1NcHx'r, BRODIE, DAvxs, COACH MCLEOD. Scan-dx B'l.oUN'r, SCHNEIDER, DAVIS, BENNE'1"r, Daw, Comm, FAUQLEY, FULTON, CAPPS, DONAI.D- soN Cabsentj. "Rat" Baseball, 1926 While the 1926 Freshman baseball team has not set any records for the University, the team has shown good training, splendid ability, and has had a rather successful season. Shortly after the Spring holidays Coach "Dizzy" McLeod sounded the call for Freshman baseball practice. About 30 "Rats" responded and the team, after quickly getting down to hard work, soon began to round into shape. Every afternoon found the would-be Ty Cobbs and VValter Johnsons on the field with a determination to have a championship team. After several weeks of training and practice games, played with Greenville High School and the Greenville Y. M. C. A., the team met the Carolina Freshmen on Manly Field, in the first collegiate game of the season. After an erratic game, the "little breeze" came off the field with the small end of a I3 to 8 score. The team then went on the roadg meeting and defeating Newberry by a 5 to 0 score, and again losing to Carolina by the close score of II to Io. Another game is to be played with Newberry and a game with Bailey Military Institute is being planned. The team in these two games is expected to continue its creditable playing. 138 1 an if i ' O . do f riresiezeffef .. sf Qstsiw iveiii .lfiisEdZ5 1 I r Q i x N 1 1 ? P 5 N l 1 5 I A BONHOMIE 1926 ' gg . ..R FS.i?55cQE?gSi 3 -'B in 'ins' '- s MM... A....., .. I ' Q 3 . 1 E 'G 9 , Bonhomie Staff J. M. HICKS ........... Editor-in-Chief H. L. WARI-1 . . . . Assistant Editor-in-Chief J. S. WALKER . ...... Business Manager J. A. ROGERS . .... Assistant Business Manager I-I. G. HAMMET1' . ....... Ad-vertising Manager E. H. P001 ,.... . . . Assistant Adfverlising Manager N. E. BROWN ..... .... C llief Art Editor PHILOKNIEAN CLUB , . . Assistant Art Editors 141 .sf Q 'Q' wg? ,N if t,9'0.2'P:V- Y W ' i M... f A' f ll ' g BQNHQMIE 1926 Y Q' gg - Q , , A W, ,. J' Q 1,14 9 Q A in fu. M ALM- Winder' ,.. I 1 ,. and .sq M 0 wma' ia 9 .R ,V 44 mtg w as . ' 1 .. 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Cirfulalion Managfr J. C. ROBERT . . . . Book Rmvimc Editor II. L. VVARIA: . . . Exlkflllllffl' Editor T43 Q . . 'R' 75-..2"f-R Rf wg. h'W'f wwf Q1 :LQ GQ J f ' 'TQ A- -ww R 'fy R. 3l'H".ff , 1' - QQ gf .. J4,.4 'ifClr.pr1xi.w4l4Q4f"if4ZAf J., ' M frw QE QQZ QQ E' BONHOMIE 1926 a vi ' ,A .' EM E. ...Q-:.szQ, 3E:fi3f'giv'f iff-ffsiiifis 456 too.. M The Hornet Staff J. H. PENNEBAKER . L. H. FOWLER .,... R. C. 'TAYLOR . . . A. E. CRIQAMER B. E. SINGLETON R. H. BARKICK M. S. FI,E'1'c11ER J. A. Rooms . . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief . . . Assistant Editor-in-Chief . . Busincys Manager Cirfulalion Manager 11 dfvcrlising Manager News Editor . . Sportx Editor . . Society Editor L. C. IIAk'r1.EY, 111. . . . Campus Editor D. M. DEW, JR ..... . . Exfhange Editor N. E. BROVVN .... . . ..... Joke Edilvf 1 'vf" ,':':ll!! 9 Q4- gg.. W "" 'A ' " M " if +:1.. .A1 5 41 BONHOMIE 1926 f 5 l95f.?fE'fEf5i wc. , .- is 41. . -..ae.aafJ.QM 31 ? . Q 17 5 'F 0 SQ Reporters, J. A. SOUTHERN J. C. CALE S. D. Ezlcm. R. S. FUNUI-LRBURK J. C. M.x'1"rm-:ws G. XV. SCIIAIBLIH OTIS HAM JAMES McG1.0'1'11L1x J. H. SmaI.LEY ULMER Lim? J. VV. Z. TAYLOR 145 'ri 1-...V F 'R . R ' R iQ., ..:l 9 ingfggffg BONHOMIE 1926 jim 3 ' jg W 5 0 35' Z5'4'f4"H 'GPi-viiiti f .1 ' 4... , , ...?:6z3mJL The Cloister O1f'1f'ICIiIlS M. S. F1.1c'rclllf1x ..... ..... ......... I J rfsidrrzl 1.. II. 1'iUVN'l.l'1R .... ...,, I fin'-l'1'1'sid1'11l D. lf. i'.ws1,ANlJ . . ..... . Scrrrlzzry-Trrzzslnwr Rlmxllzliks R. II. limuu-:R II. G, ll,xMM12'1"1' I. 'I'. M.xksu.xLI. R. A. Bxxxl-'s DAN lI.xR'1'1,l-ix' J. ll. PIQXNEBAKIQR -I. F. lirmnur I.. C. II.xx'1'I.m' AI. C. Rnrzllim' II. Ilmmocu J. M. Hrcxs II. L. XVARE FAQ L' Ury M ml Il mas C. V. BISHOP R. N. DANIEL F. P. GAINES A. T. ODELL 146 he .Y F A Y 3 l,,.T'x,f.- W iff' 'finfff' ,-. "1---1 A ' 'fl rg!-f'i-" ' iT5'f'S'J'oj fffffxi 'ff 1.fj3-g,-'avi'- gfi ., WW 'P' ff . ,ng Q57 'f' . 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GARDNER 147 . . . . . . . Pmxviflwrzt . . . l'irc-I'f'r'sidvnt '1 rwlary-'l'r1'1ls1n'1'r XV. IC. SVVICATI' DEVVI-ZX' '1'A'I'l'I R. C. '1i.XYI,UK J. A. XV.-XLKICR VV. VV. P1'1"1' .ff . .. - ff? xLG.l5 iw '?.QL.:.'f,.f,.E'..,1f,3SghE.fQQ. f.1gM..i4.f4fb-?'3...1 N'f..,xf'f,2Sll ffl.f'72'lMf4LQ3'Mf'QLL.5r,.afl1lI:,i.Q:.1.N1lf'.'wg21M..ZAJ..l.,,1i,,Qi'fM f fl G FYZ QQ BONHOMIE 1926 ma-1 .-f1f! ' Tg'ai'T?.?5g3JiEM j 1 l:gq Sa i -aa a, ma a., . G?n .mmwgd 3 51' a Phi Kappa Delta M155 Lukuxx CANON, Sponmr OFFICERS F. O. Mxxox . . . . ....,. ........ . Pn'si1lrnl S. H.j0x1as ..... . . . . ...... Via'-Pr'z'5izl'1'1zt D. M. Sxxm-:Rs . ...... . . Srrrrtary-Trvaxurer NIEMBERS RICARIJO A1.vmuaz J. F. Buluus R, P. HAMBY D. D. MCCRAW VV. A. S'1'EP11ENs0N FACULTY MElXTIiERS H. T. Cox H. I. HESTER H. W. PROVENCE 148 - -1 ,f A . ff fy "' A , . , 'H-'--'cw-A , f, Awwf- 'M-q1f"fff ,, N, '-V f rw-'fm . v1'f'5?f,4'ff, if f"'f7,Q . ,ij ,W ww VW' Q 'Hip-ffg a Y L.QiE3J2i,,fgiW4..3?FQgf,.-.f,.lf:fff afg' 5. af''k?.f5Jg5Lff.J1g,gfLa,.f,,,3f,Jgelizxfdgfw ' W5 .. ? 6 C A, A f . fr: Q n . A CC D fQliONHOMIE 1926 E O E f W V 3 N Y , Education Club OFFICERS E. J. INGLE .... ....... ..... P r widen! VV. K. MATTISON . . . . Via'-President A. D. GASKIN . . . . . Svrretary A. G. CARTER ..... . Treasurer MERIBERS A. V. ARMSTRONG J. VV. GEORGE J. H. MITCHELL R. H. BARKER OTIS HAM M. H. VVIEBB T. F. FINKLICA HARVEY LAMBERT C. B. WOOD C. G. MASON 149 C . R A R- R :SEM ..R f 3 E of lffixi? BONHGMIE 1926 f 5QeA:f3Q?,?4 '54o 3 ",V J 5' , , 25 , ki The SCiEI'lCe GIFFICERS A. G. Cfxlwxalz . . . ....... ..... 1 'rrsidfnt E. II. llmmocx . . ..,. lviff'-PI'I'.X'idL'llf J. T. MARSHALL . 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JACKSON llov lllaxnkxx IXIEMBERS Miss ENA SMITH VV. F. CARMICIIAIZI. VV. J. MCfJI.0'l'PlLIX, JR. FAC U LTY M mlmsks W I'rfsidr11l . . Vin'-Pr1'5iJ1' . . S1'f'r1'lary Trz'a.vz1r4'r P. J. YICRDIX Loxx I vc I.A Nr:s'roN Ill I.. II. liowraw M. IJ. FARLE J. A. USTIZEN I5I 'J A f Q1 J' ff Wli .L'3E,,2 ,vfffaa 'f1v.'.f,-1-E4"f'?'v .f-ff f2.'E?E1T1.fE2W..,.21.Tg5.fT,.f.'i3.. "i" J ' . TRII1 1 ' 'E 7 I .E . X A ,Q J, bo V J .i - -AMW. .lg gf' Sf BONHOMIE 1926 R 2 eg. -si' H n Q.A' .kfthnfflfw " A',A.' 5:'5 5 Iliff ,,,, 95' 0 J. A. SOUTHERN ..... R. G. ANDERSON . . . E. H. JONES . . S. D. EZELL J. M. HICKS J. T. MARTIN J. H. MITCHELL Club Aesculapian OFFICERS MEIXTBERS H. B. MORGAN H. L. RILEY, JR. W. W. TURNIER, JR. A. B. RAMSAY J. N. HOLTZCLAW Presidfnt . . . Vice-President , . Sffrretary Treasurer H. L. XVARE W. B. BYRD M. E. PARRISH 152 A ,Q f I I , V '?i,y wi I ,Ti VA ir., 1. ,A , .- .,,,, ,, gg? T BON H OM IE 192 6 5655? V . vi L N-'f ..,.. ...Ml -.QJEZME Pfx efs llllvt.-1 R 2 f If 2. I ", "'f:,e MM E ef' ,. V 5 4. The International Relations Club Miss I.u1.,x YOUNG, S,bon,vor OITFICIZRS Fall Tfrln Spring Term L. H. FOWLER . . . . 1'rn.vid1'nt . . . M. G. BURNSIDIZ N. E. BROVVN . . . . l"in'-Prvsidmt . . . J. T. NIARSHALI, D. M. SANDERS . . Rwmnling Svrrflafy . , , R. C. FIQAYLOR M. G. BURNSIDE . . . C0l'P'f'5fJOIZdiIZg Srrrvtary . . M. S. FLETCHER M. S. FLu'rcu1sR . . . . . Trfa.vun'r .... . R. H. BARKLR 153 C' i NYT? t VT' .Qf if 52 EET., 1 Y: gif' T M 'i.Lf?..,'ff5.f1'fifl f titgpggfgg afvfzjw gylbqv fnnglg M i jffigx , A P J ,,., ' , - ., Zfmb wg fy: .1 J ' lpn O f- 2 W' "VF Ah eff BONHOMIE 1926 rr f s ' 2fff'Q,o'! i.g," xY ,4r,'-760g--iq , , , ,- W I j""gnlg.,,j' f asC Qif"' F-W1 '-ffm Q-Q2-1f12',,.i. Ar,,., H, V,,. ,, r M, wmv V' f- '--""g"" ' A i, A 8l'llui"f l 0 . W W GRITIITIH. Mu OFFICERS J. H. PENNIQRAKER ....... ...,. P rvsidvnl II. IIAIJIJOCK . . . . . Vice-Prvsidmzt D. M. SANDERS . . . . . Sefretary A. E. CRIQAMER . . Treasurer 154 ,Ffr if f'fWi3, iiff ff' WW CQQ Mfffigzigigi, f c MW A BONHOMIE1926 'QE' 1 ' .. 6, A y gf,-W2-Jig OKQQ 420001, q ,...,, ' W .,,. , m L ,.53.J3f5'7' xx---s 'I-133577-J5Qq:f63'4 f?Q" 5f'f V un l . V fi " Tau Kappa Alpha OFFICERS L. H. FOWLER . . ....... ....... P rcxident D. F. CROSLALD ..... . . Secretary-Treasurer IVIEMBERS R. A. BARNES M. S. FLETCHER J. A. Gfvmlxcs A. T. ODELL F. H. ORR B. H. PRINCE J. A. SOUTHERN 155 DG. A Q , Y x'il125,ib.'f, fgifj 1 iiiif 'V .,,,,, ':,,,,,jJ,g A4-Bjjlruqy .,,, ., 3 - -,,-- Q dip . r " b' 3. V V 1 . .A - .S FU-R Ibis-3 Q' '3 5 aww 5. . A... A,,,A . ., ' ' v 41 A ,5t9au5?5s 'tiff ' V' -,.. A-1:-rf' Q I7 mv ,W . .mf ' . ff df gqkwffw 'llllw' '4 0 Student Council OFFICERS I. M. Hicks . .... . . . Pnr.vident J. F. BOZARD . . . SL'l'fA'fHfjI MERIBERS T. C. BROWN A. T. r1'HOMAS H. A. BEASLEY C. II. Busu C. B. VVOOD R. T. ASllMORli E. A. VVALDEN P. M. DORMAN 156 r'-5 ff -.QA T 5? A 1 ' 2:9 "iif5"'gf QT ,I W-r ' W' Q , 5 flf iPE BON HOMIE 1926 5 ' ':, , V "'7"'H' 5-11-E... 1 Aww- Q' ' 'A S A xx X ., 2,. -35 Qi in .1 oe 'll E Y m y I .gg , ff M " v A.. , Intercollegiate Debaters R. A. BARNES D. F. CROSLAND, jk. M. S. FLETCHER L. H. FOWLER R. S. FUNDERBURK S. H. JONES F. H. ORR B H. PRINCE H. L. WARE 157 ,Wo E YV G57 'vxxxij-Q' ?,ff-Tywfdxvfj 1 9 X'-77' B J , " gw "Wy ee- e e ra' ... N afs.a., W QZM QQ Q " -av '----S I - ,.., .P te, 'f...... .. ' t -1.5 H f Sr W , i - 4 1 'Q . J 6 The Greater Fuxlman Club OFFICERS J. M. IIICKS . , . .... ..... 1 'rrsidcnt II. G. HAMMET1' . . . . lficf-Prfsidnnt J. P. VVATERS . .... Sffrzrfary E. S. HAIKIQEIL ........... Trmxurcr Anvxsonv Bomw L. H. Fowmzk J. T. MARs11A1L T. F. REECE 158 f . e f f f Q M' f'M e4f- -21 1 A "1 R Q D " TT QQ , BONHOMIE 1926 f e 2 .ae-112,44 xk"i flnuP' 'YQ if Jia. Q' '-' sf ,S ,. Q"1 .1 S 'N dr Y XQ- ,L Q, ,I "wh 1' N 1. gs . Q' in it Y I as my . MQ? 'Q . 'Nw 4,1 . 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Bass Horn FOWLER, H. J. . . Trumpet TXALBERT, S. D. . . Saxophone DEMENT, D. C. . . Trumpet MORGAN, H. B. . . Saxophone GARNE'Fl', R. D. . . Trombone HUNT, D. D. Saxophone FANT, P. C. . . . Trombone DEW, D. M. . . Saxophone DAVIDSON, W. E. . . . Trombone BANNISTER, H. . . Saxophone SEVERANCE, R. W. . . Clarinet BUSH, C. H. . . Saxophone VINCENT, I. W. . . . Clarinet COOPER, J. C. Saxophone FUNCDERIIURK, G. B. . .... Clarinet TIJRNER, W. W. . . . Drum JONES, E. H. . . .... Alto Horn RHAME, D. . . Drum TERRY, J. B. . . 160 . . Drum Major in , ' 5 'AT T' I Hg' g BON HOMIE 1926 Q 14, - AA v ',, - - , iv? VV A 'L ' M . 6 G fr' l 'I i Tillie-a . I G Q V f , J. II. EASILY j. OSCAR IVIILIJQR M. C. UOLLINS, jk. IVIa1zag11'r Dirwcfor 1'r1'.vidc11l QUARTETTE 161 Q-:M 12 ' 4',, 1 .--' ,Lf m w Xr, 'ary 'X-- X 44 I My M I . If .V U K x N --j, , 5 5 -,. X lM'k...4, K V -. 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' 4. 0 ij Fzrst Y mor- Second I enor- First Bass- Second B11ss-- H. B. MORGAN VV W LEAT IERS, JR. J. H. EASLEY R. A. HARLEY C. M. Co.'xER Jnwd-1 A. B. GALLOWAY L. O. HARPER, JR. R. H. DILWORTH J. H. SIIELLEY S. D. TALRERT 9' KV. F. HUGGIXS E. H. POOLE J. C. HUGHES BUEL VVEBE H. L. RILEY , 6 C. A. SMITH OTIS HAM XV J. IN CG .0THLIN, JR. D PRE RHAM R. D. GA NETT 'Q M. C. COLLINS, JR. C. L. PITTMAN J. C. CooPER, JR WV. A. SMITH H. T. GIBSON 'M' 'Cd' RICARDO ALVAREZ J. R. VVOODWARD J, F, BURR155 5' 'Q H. VV. FALLAW Ui ' 4. - 52 ,J Q? r-.23 gf. W 'Q-J R MSR .: HN, :Wifi . G K 3,3 R. R . I . ' ,I E1.V Rr 'f J Q, . Q J . spa, 1' fig' " 1 f 'M imma. i n F"z'f:A'w""kW f f wfia f 'Q . is is 3 3 m 2 Z L-4 'sig P 2 if Y S an ml. if Qfiiy IMF. W:-2553. ? BARACA CLASS , W- .. 0 J UDSON DIEBIORIAL b Q FJ 53,1 gig? M Ffiii L52 T 164 'asa-:iz .F '4QQ:'x,5..'!l'i'a'9w4naQE A ,. . PM S 5 Styx? Q all IVAA 3 .4 K AL" -IS. 1 I A A A JA N ---.' 5 I J L . ,if Q ':??' .21."i:",Q ov-Sim .--2.13.39-9 JUN' V Vg-12, '3 N4 I ' in In Iv' ind! I Judson MR. B. E. GEER First Term J. T. MARSHALL . . J. M. GEEK . . . LONNIE LANGSTON J. C. CALE . . THOMAS ANDERSON A. V. ARMSTRONG T. C. BROWN TOM BENNETT W. B. BYRD S. C. CALLOWAY M. A. CARSON C. M. CALHOUN H. W. CAPPS W. E. CARMICHAEL F. P. CAVE W. G. CHENEY G. H. Cox D. M. DEW J. S. ELLENBERG S. D. EZELL Second Term . J. H. PENNEEAKER . P. M DORMAN . R. M RAMSEY . C. L RASOR A. J. NORMAN MCHIOYIQI BaI'aC8 Class TEACHERS DR. O. O. FLETCHER PROE. E. H. HENDERSON OFFICERS . . President . . Fire-President . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . MEMBERS L. B. ERGLE MRS. O. O. FLETCHER F. H. ORR P. C. FANT M. S. FLETCHER A. D. FINCH M. A. FINCH A. L. GROSS L. C. HARTLEY H. G. HAMME1'T C. E. HUDSON J. C. HUGHES W. H. HENDERSON L. V. JOHNSON M. L. JOHNSON T. D. LAWSON H. L. LANCE S. D. MINNICK H. T. MCELVEEN E. H. MCLAUGHLIN W. E. MERRILL S. E. MILLER J. Q. MAHAFFEY, JR. 165 VV. G. PARKER E. H. POOLE G. D. POVVELL DUPRE RHAME C. B. RILEY C. S. REEVE J. H. SHELLEY VV. A. SMITH C. G. SULLIVAN J. P. SMITH G. C. TUTEN P. A. WILHITE V. W. WESTON W. M. WALDREP H. - .i KWH! 'gag A " e.'E" ' A -f S- , "-f"""J'FW"' .SMTP .Q F' ' 1. W J f,. g...fg , 057 ' A if Aw? ...Z .f Y .A BONHOMIE me EWS? - . - M ,, Q wh' I I F. O. MIXON . . IE. E. SINGLETON . R. AI,vEREz R. BAILES J. A. BASS J. W. BASS Ministerial Band OFFICERS . . . Presidfnl D. M. SANDERS . . ViI'c-Prrsidwnt S. H. JONES . . RKIEMBERS D HAMBY C. H. LAw'I'ON R. P. HAMBY' J. K. LAWTON F. VV. flAYNIE VV. W. LAVVTON, JR. N. H. HENDIZRSON R. L. LEARY . Srfrvtary . Treasurer J. II. REED J. R. REED G. L. ROBERSON VV. A. ROBERTS W. P. BIGGERSTAFF C. W. HILEMON VV. VV. LEATIIERS, JR. J. A. ROGERS A. H. BOUKNIGHT R. A. HODGE VVAI.'I'ER LONG D. M. SANDERS P. T. BRADIIAM J. A. HOWARD VVARDLAW LONG M. SAT'l'ERFI!iI.D P. BRAGG C. HUGHES M. C. LOOPER L. B. SILVER J. BRISSIE G JEFFERS VV. G. MCMANUS F. J. SIMMONS S. J. BROWN B. JERNIGAN D. D. MCCTRAW B. E. SINGLETON J. F. BURRISS C. JOIINSON J. C. MATHEWS C. E. SLOAN J. N. CAMPBELL F. JONES F. O. MIXON G. W. SMITH C. CATER R. F. JONES C. H. MOSS VV. B. SOU'I'HERI.IN M. COLLINS S. H. JONES VV. G. NEWMAN VV. A. STEPIIENSON M. E. DUNCAN N J. KIMIIRELL WV. OVVISNS VV. E. SWEATT G. FUNDERBURK J. H. LACKEY R. A. PARKER G. C. VFUTEN S. J. GARDNER R. P. LAMB J. H. PENNERAKER J. S. VVALKER H. T. GIBSON H LAMRERT H. M. PIERCE C. D. VVESSON PRESTON GRADY H. S. LAWIION C. L. PITTMAN C. VV. VVYATT T. VVOOD WWW? A 4:5 " 'Y Erf. QASSJWL 1:5 fT'ffii'?f C fc... f':..Lf.W - Ex r .sS:.3?5 3 ,?JiC.'ff3if3W5ISff4SS ea f "" Iliff i l, """ , IQ 15559535-m-s-.,Q I 'x?! L.,w:L ww G33 5 ,QJLEBSYQJ5 " fi , .., Lg: I I Q ' 5 brll FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL Mxss RUTH GILES, Sponsor MAXIE COLLINS, Chairman 167 - I ' ,ff If , , A fy."-ff ' I 'ff--1--' , " W-Tk wif? . 'W fm, A ff ,, .J gf, -N1 J f..jsQ.,Jl.:.TT,-...... M.J.., L.-..-ww, .,,,MM,m..!.,,,,,-,,,,.,i ffmmm V A5 wgimvvm-.M M o Q! F' W , " , ., -'K' 63 LM - W ,,- - ' - ' " ,fr M,,,'g' . 'fu HW 8 Q51 ' sf IW JF 2 5 L' 5 4 F11 15 1 v- 455 5 .. S ns ON if A V' f fy, I '.NV g sf ii? 'Q 'ggi , if Q33 5 .5 .l ,Q JAC? TIOIX 0 ASSOCIA N EN S CHRISTIAN YO UNC 1 by , W 168 Q-aff '2-"""'1f-9'f9f'W" 4li "9:5B if A A -'AL' 33" ". gig . - Q i, A "" ' -+ .Y -. 1-. gg: --, N A ul-gy-"2fz"'ig' d v BONHOMIE 1926 3? ,'of-- :.s.'E-3,90-'Ff2s' vqi' og. ,W T. 5vi'fn1:JiE'Q?E:.3f,w4 . kv ' V L51 Tv, 4 L dying us' -f S 0 0 9 e o e u Young Mens C11r1st1an Assoc1at1on CABINET Offcers VV. K. MATTISON . . ...... ..... . Prrsidml J. A. VVALKER . . . . . Fire-Prfxidonl J. T. MARSHALL . . . . Sfrrfrary J. H. PENNEBAKLR . . Treasurrr COMMITTEE CHAIRINIEN I G. A. JEFFERS .....,........... . Poster M. C. Conuxs, JR ...... . . Friendxhip Council E. J. INGLE . . .... . Music F. O. MIXON . 4 . . Biblf Study D. M. SANDERS . Editor Handbook 169 ' 1 ' gps' Q. 3 f' """ " ,d o f K. f "'?"" " ff'- ff .w w f FTW BONHOMIE 1926 ,iz-'SEEQ :wet x-' Q-1 ,.,ai:w fG3i ....3 -?Js53?i5fQA Q5 I .3,, W N I Q 5+ H nz U C cn D- nc 4 nc L! E-1 H .1 7 'fi .. I L .1 Ll 2 'C 170 ,Q Cf - f 3:7 'A f". J . 2 ' - "Ch" -gf' 'VTETH' if-3' W , F ' f k..q'5N H- Q 'vfwxlffwsggfg 2 f ? 42 v , -, ffaw- ,Q :,,gQ,:!'j2,x '3,.Lgg-ul,-, :g,fT',w,f4gf4+g:4Ld: ,,2"L"M UQ ff'-if Fall Tfrm ..nQe?v,.:S. DOSIOW4?-Da. - 1' ""1 E T - . ., MEE T -'2'ff'fS+f.Q.., vc- -. ., ,. ,,V.ak . sgirfggsi' A V W 3-fw?'555Q...fC?'g,J L .haf I nu f . Hg. Ag,,.,1'fM. ff' 9 -A Q , J V , "1 ' I-' ff: N- . K- gi, , WA,. MS., 5. 1 f pfgf TS, liar k'-, Q- V I. 1:X' , 4 ww 522 15-R...2 aww w I BONHOMIE 1926 ' A A f Q mg? .. 6599 Q. 'ff -I f I ' -M ' - " I , ' Adelphian Literary Eta Section OFFICERS Society S M. S. FLETCHER E. J. INCLE . E. H. HADDOCK J. F. BOZARD . . President . . . . Fire-President . . Rfcording Sccrrtary . . Senior Ccnsor . MEMBERS TIIOMAS ANIDERSON VV. E. CARMICIIAEL I. T. IIA ' 1 ' I Spring Term o . E. J. INGLE . F. O. MIXON . . A. D. CIASKIN G. W. GEORGE MARSHALL RICARDO ALvEREz J. F. BOZARD S. J. BROWN O. K. BURCDORF J. F. BURRISS CLAYTON CALLOWAY THOMAS CALLOVVAY CIIILES Cox FRANK CAMPBELL ILIARVEY CAPPS A. Cf. CARTER M. C. COLLINS M. S. FLETCHER CLAUDE Fox P. M. FELTIIAM Ii. E. FINCII ALLARD GASKIN A. V. QEASKXN J. VV. GEORGE E. H. IIADDOCK CLAUDE HAMMOND E. J. INGLE S. H. JONES J. H. JONES A. L. JONES M. J. KXMBRlEI.I. W. W. LAWTON W .W. LONG VVAIQIER LONG 171 D. D. MCCRAW F. 0. MIXON VV. H. MORGAN VV. 11. NIXON ll. M. PIERCE LEWIS RAZOR G. C. '1'U'I'EN M. B. VVEBB J. R. VVELDON D. C. WESSON L . we EA 1 Y? YYRY-TJ? 'W 'PP Q7 Q- Q.. R. Q! Q -, RR - - ' fwffdi- , m y 1 Q z A442 1 : A1 R R W . ' S f R i fR.f? 7Ti2 fi? BONHQMIE 1926 Q A F mm MR xr I K' 'Q "' We 5 ,4 1 lim ADELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY PRESIDENTS M. S. FLE'rc11ER E. J. INGLE R. H. BARKER A. VV. PARKER 172 fax in L 52 Xi qzlgxfiiyzg,-:,f--?g:jyLr-n.L: '-15j7:.ff .,?.? 'f' K, " I I vf, i jf? w,fx,,fw in ' . fe ff' .f-'73 'f,-'Mn E-xg' ,MW 'ff ' ,W ' ,,,.f,,-W-W xy A' W K 'JL .xx 1 1 ., sf , ' Q zfi' ' 1 Y' 1: , ,,..,.f,-ff R Vkf1f:lf KJ if 11+ w K' ,, Mi- N' mv' M .-'- ' M. L' W ' U ...YW 3 f L? F" N'-. if f A Qzgizib-.,-,J.4fiZi,i,,E g,,,,w,.4,,4y.'fk:z-x3m..,... ,"' ffi.,.L3:WlWfi,,,jw-.,,...,1.g,,f gli 'wh.f..,.,g7Lg..Q...W....fm.l.y...mi..AgMMg:gJiQ:f2,m,g'W f K A SLL A QYs2IiflH? LQ?3 BONHOMIE 1926 J a1'fx'i'g3Q'v-i'Qvvwf'1' ... ,.. I VAV- - i6,.09'Jgmf -5fIu1I.ftgJ'5f6.fik 5 Aclelphian Literary ociety U Phi Section J. OFFICERS o Fall Tcrm Spring Term R. H. BARRIER . . President . . A. VV. PARKER J. S. WALKER . B. H. PRINCE . . J. A. BASS . . . Vim-Prfsident . . Rffordiny Sefrclary . Senior Censor . MEMBERS J. E. FICKLINC, JR. R. H. BARKER . S. D. EZELL J. H. MITCHELL J. H. SHELLEY J. A. BASS H. A. IIEASLEY J. L. BOYD II. M. BRABIIAM J. M. CHERRY W. J. CIIIINEY D. C. 17liNIl-INT E. J. DENNIS D. M. DEW, JR. J. H. DEW VV. R. ERWIN S. D. EZELI. J. S. ELLENBERG J. F. FINKLEA J. II. FERGUSON J. O. QIOSSETT J. Il. HARVEY M. F. IIAWTXIORNE F. C. HOR'rON C. T. JORDAN PRESTON LACKEY J. H. MITCHELL A. VV. PARKER VV. G. PARKER C. L. PXTTMAN B. H. PRINCE G. D. POWELL '73 G. VV. SMITH J. P. SMITH W. Z. SMITH J. A. SOUTHERN S. D. TALRERT J. S. VVALKER VV. L. VVIIARTON VV. VV. WHLKINS C. L. Woon J. B. WOOD J. H. YOUNG J. P. YOUNG I I A if 191 4 mff' w-A,, X G Lg, 5 ' W Q fi gg Wi 1 :E "1 2 Qi' 5 if F11 igg .3 H ff ' S if m is P Q HILOSOPH 3 AN LIT ,aligxl ER ,,,,, 5, RY SOCLET U .:Q,' QV4:Q', it Y NAQNAV U! iz, "'V p iigffg 1,1 . A 3118139 "w?:k':5n4r..w'YQ6.ma-as A Q A H- wvwwv 4 A " ' A' 5 W A T?-r apr-'O' 'Q 'iff Rf b 4.4.3. gf-:fJ'E'Q' 544 ggi ...na .I f eww 'N--ff'-' ev an digg' in i- : V .,h J V ,f,. .. J 1 . J an 'Icvgggiiiiifi BONHOMIE 1926 , 4 " 17 WHT? t A N W, V. 'Z . K---... xuJSa A ' "ui 5 I' ' 'l L-.-if I nu Philosophian Literary Society Gamma Section OFFICERS Fall Tfrm W. K. MATTISON . . . President . . J H PENNEBAKER . LONNIE LANGSTON . R C TAYLOR . . . . Via'-Prfsidfnt . Rrrording Srcrrtary . .Critic. . . ROBERSON . . . Chaplin . MEMBERS H. VV. ARNOLD R. E. FREEMAN R. W. BAILES G. B. FUNDERBURK C. T. BALDWIN E. VV. GIXRRISON S. C. BARTLEY H. T. GIBSON P. T. BATES O'l'IS HAM C. VV. BURTS E. H. HEARON FRED CARMON G. A. JEFFERS R. W. CHAPLIN, JR. L. LANOSTON M. A. CLOWNEY W. R. ELLIS W. W. LEATHERS, JR. J. C. MATTHEWS W. K. MATTISON S. E. MILLER W. E. MOORE J. W. J. MCGLOTIILIN W. G. MCMANUS J. K. NELSON R. A. PARKER J. I-I. PENNEEARER 175 H. MCGLOTHLIN . JR Spring Term R. C. TAYLOR . . G. B. FUNDEREURK . LONNIE OTIS HAM LANGSTON . R. W. CIIAPLIN, JR. G. L. ROBERSON J. A. ROGERS VV. A. ROBERTS D. M. SANDERS H. A. SAWYER VV. A. SMITII R. C. TAYLOR J. A. VVALKER F. E. WVASHINGTON C. N. VVYATT will , Q. . ' .fin 31.5 voqqb Q, G.f'f?'T A -Sz-W 3.-jgrg I 0 -F21 fgo.,-mv , iq 0 TS fU?""3:f'fF'flCQ4f"4iE'ZA AA?' Af- A. . ,.-u , -. if . ' .. ' 6 2. fb O H. v iw 41... W -.Q , - ,Q ii ? W.: ,. ... ... ...g f2 i ff37l. -1' -1'-"W"'m A , ,, . w f'M V 'ff 4 , . . 2 K 31 k i , , , K .. I . 5 'K ,tk .QQ 1 ' . ' ' K . ,. 'K A ' W7 L K 'hm O . .. . . I - f - ,........A,.. . K .' ' H ' . ., J 4 c K w ...H WAVE' .iff ,A M. PIIILOSOPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY PRESIDIENTS W. K. MA1'T1s0x R. C. TAYLOR I.. II. FOWLHR N. E. BROVVN X76 7 . JA k L-A 'K+ -- , Q 1 Ki., ...f fy-ifkx 4gf?n'fx "ng-f.f'v"'rprmrngj..1gr!'f'fif'wM." , JCE f -. 1.41 ' Q - 1' , . , AQ..-LEP: V A-w'Q.,:T3173ff4LfQEz-.lug 2.1.6. w,.,j2,:1,g.L.lZ11w.p '-.f.,fDQ:.:tiCi'hf9wJm' 725 J. W. BRISSIE P. C. FANT J , '0"""!e!0ff., 'H' .g 'Q mi ..f" . ff 1- :fff'ffff - 'W' TQ f 5.f':J:' 22.541 'F' - C LR.R 4 A-Pu' 4-43 if ,....1-.Tig uvwif-. . , , A00 Jmms J' '-.Jil wiv-.JI W un 2 f - ' M f 'M R ' . -'ff QQ EONHOMIE 1926 1 GJQ QQE Q oi 12 in J r M S Philosophian Literary Sigma Section OFFICERS Fall Term L. H. FOWLER . . . President . . N. E. BROWN . . . . . Vim-Prrsidcnt . R. S. FUNDERBURK . . . Sefrelary . J. C. HUGHES . . . Crilif . . B. E. SINGLETON . . Chaplin . MEBIBERS T. J. ANDERSON P. M. IDORMAN J. E. BLOUNT II. J. ELROD P. D. BRAGG L. B. ERGLE Society U. R. LIIJE Spring Term . N. E. BROVVN . J. C. HUGHES . J. W. BRISSIE . H. L. WARE T. J. ANDERSON PAUL LONG W. E. MCCURRY P. J. PHILSON N. E. BROWN W. M. BYRD J. C. CALE C. E. CATER W. S. CLARY I.. H. FOWLER R. S. FUNDERBURK S. J. GARDNER C. L. CPEDDINGS A. L. GROSS VV. C. GUNTER M. D. HAMBY C. E. HUDSON J. C. HUGHES R. S. HUGHES J. R. JACKSON E. H. JONES '77 W. A. PITTMAN R. M. RAMSEY G. WV. ScHAm1.E B. E. SINGLETON H. L. VVARE ' EO. ' fwi I II? II C D 1 1 BONHOMIE1926 fn W A ,E M1 ,IL A asibvgyfgai a , Hour 'LI.ttles Sistersn CCOKER COLLEGEJ Standing KReading loft to righlj: MAUIJE MILLs, ROsE BECK, NELL CANNON, LILLIE BUSH LIIILIAN BRIGIITMAN, LOI,s BXSHOP, LOUISE CONE, EVELYN STAFFORD, MAYME JONES, ALICE LEE, JENNIE LOU HUTTO, RUBY SMITH. Knmling fLeft to riglztj: RUTH ADAMS, GLADYS JOHNSON, ANNIE PI'I'1's, VICTORIA TIIAMIES, VFHELMA PAGE, SALLIE SON, MARY HARVEY NEWSOM, WINNE'1'l'A TIIOMAS, EMILY INGRAM. Sitting fLcft to riglzlj: RIO SMITH, KATE BRUCE, MARY ELIZADETII WYEONG, BEULAH PENNING- TON, MARGARET LAKE, HELEN GRIFFIN, ELOISE MILLER, ELEANOR DUNBAR AND LUCILE SOMPAYRAC. Ylbxeni: ETIIEI, LEE. 178 P 'TUE 7 if A . L' LL ' QA 4 l M P E T 1 1 i WMA 4 H1185 JUNE ROSCOE, Sponsor Ihr Bonhomie JAMES M. Hxcus, Editor-in-Clfirf Bliss EVELYN BICIDANIEL, Sponsor the Efhu DAN F. Ckos1,ANn, Edilor-in-Chinf RIISS LILA GIBSUN, Sponsor Thr' Ilornet I. H. PENNEBAKER, Editor-in-Chief MISS FRANCES BIARTIN, Sponsor the Senior Class WILLIAM F. ROBERTSON, JR., President-elect ,. ,J-fn, 4 xx ggiff ,E-'96 Hi? rigs afSaf:ea2Sf3e2ff2 VH fifrf'-'J ' - , P 6 g RIISS RZIARGARET DOUGLAS,.Sponsor the Sophomore Class H. J. FOWLER, Prgqident MISS NELLIE GILES, Sponsor Ihr I"xfc"Slll1Z!l7l Class CHARLES VV. Bums, Presidmzt . .-..a1.n.v,?..f.....,.....-..-.,u.--u..4a.,w....-4..a1, --. -Emp N..-4. .K-H..4a.fu:.n.-mnwnvauww-7:mr:ffn..mzH: : ..,.....,.m..1....x.,..,,.,......,.,.,,,-.......,.-.,..m,ff,.1m..1.w..g....-,... -... . M ,.., X., . . ,,. .. , . , :wi x 2' : 2 1 ' 4 MRS. J. D. P0TEATfsj3l,iiQw f,f,ffig'Law Sfhgoz ,-7.3, Y ,, V , QV, Jw. D. P0TE.AT,iChief Jzistiqe W.. ,-.f , w.w:,-.www-w.m-aw.f.,-.Am -. .,,, Y ....,.,.., -1-2 - V:-U.--.A-m..-,..,..5..,,.,.....,.......4,..,...f.......J. MISS ESTELLE CQ6Qgif5,'lKS2707lS0f Football J. HL TILGHMAN, Captaid x., K -vmmwum--in-ww, . :mv aww.-rwrnv:-m nmsvu-:rn 1: 1 -ff . 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IIAMMLTT, Captain Mlss ELIZAB ETH IJOLLIS, Sponsor Iilork "F" Club F. R. BLACKVVELL, Prvsidcnl IVIISS ELOISE BRAMLITT, Sponsor Tau lfapjm Alphfz Lswxs II. FOWLER, Presidcnt Miss BETTY RUE, Sponsor flu' Cfoixtrr M. S. FLETCHER, 1'residen! Miss Bl2RN1cl2 W1I.scJN, Sponsor lhe Give Club MAXHQ C. Cm,1,1Ns, JR., PfI'5id1'l1l i rnin, e ,, -E gglfiw 5,1441-5, , A F, - U j - ff o ' -Wlfly gg n BONHOMIE 1926 'm!. fM4 f ' m '?ff"AJ 1.6-,I .W .M M' A"2 A A '-'. 1 :C- 9'6iA 'm"3g' I -.... Neighbors From G. W. C. Ulight to Lrflj First Ro-w PFARLIZ JYARN, l'rfsidfnl,- MARGARET KINARO, l"irrr-I'r'f5idnIt,' EDN.-X SAUNDERS, Srfrzvlary, MAUOE HUNTER FRANCES VVHITE BERYL BRAWLEY ANNIE LAURIE PINSON VALIEIRA GREGORY MAMIE SUE QIRAY RUTII JENKINSON MATTIE COGGINS LOUISE CROIVIER MART PIEPIIOFF, Trvasurcr Second Row MIK RGARET COUINTNEY IUOROTHY l7ENNING ANNIE VVILLIAMS Third Ro-ZU GLAIIYS LOCKMAN RU'I'Il BOYLSTON BETII FIJURNER Fourth Row ANGELINE VVALKIER IIIZOLA f3II,REA'l'H JULIA r1'ANNER Those flbsent TERESA TAYLOR IIIA MAE 'THRAILKILL ELLEN REID CLARA CHILIJRESS LAURA KAY IETIIEL JOHNSON MAIIOE CUIIBFRTSON JUI.IA PICRENS IEIINA SMITII CHARLOTTE BROAIIUS AIIIISIZN ANTLEX' CAIILIE MAYRE TIIOMAS MAUD CATIICART 197 QM-NI " V' 1 R N '-A A I ,ya u, ,E ,,1,a?0. an I A ,,,d 1. 4. ..,z,. . ., ,Y Mk M Mm gg , BONHOMIE 1926 i 5 Q ""'-31 u,.-:KK 4' f X w B' "' ' ,.. ,. ' 6 -v ,Q . , ...W .. , Q , I l Z f ' f Q Q Qm .,,.x,..,f-, e w ea w4.,,44 ' Nfilnsv' pals O' Mfne s......, 198 T4 54 V . h Q A ax ' ' . , 'L K Q in ,EV ,. L mfu-1 J,..3.j",Q -?fT7'1'cJwv" -,,1-- X fC ul'-9. 531' ix' Uxfnniflf 5 'p f I , -uf, c ,M ,W .. .. fx -.M .. -if '- mfffini M M A "P'2 big! .,'1 3 ' VN , C ' ' gk .mu , R' +2 X 4 fd ' X 1' N .1 - ' N . -' I s 1 . 'B ww. "Ml :Nita X QI f Z 'F fx f ' X ' 4-'f' "'.'4- H 'x 3. ,fp ill? XX ' f fl'-W "HI U WN 2' u Q . R .4 yy I if , ,-4zgzff' :gfw-: ei X, . gs MX 415' gl El V V -isa. xi i ' 09 E15 1" ,, L..wQw ' ifF " :i . - A ms Ei IERXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxviq IE f f 9 f 1 fo fffff X El V :Milf ,f,j9 - ..... ,. .. ,i -. .,,1' 'jf 1' 2 ' 1 I ,,, ff f . f. : x 's fl 60 I' Z , . 7, -: 43- 3' ' " -1 1 fl, I 1' IE ' f 0 El SEK 0 ll!! Qllll! : " s A , ' f, ' 1 5 w f 1 -I 1 Q 1 " 1 . 41- 4' H X 1 2 IZ X ah'-A 1 0 . A X Q Q a ' , 0 s Q x . . 1 9 V: 5 s .WW X mxxxxxm W. 5 , , N ' f 111 ' 44 X f I f .. , 'lf-1 Q g . ,im ., -- " A, f::1 1: 1 ' 5- m xwxxxxx xxxxx X x xxx xxxm xx -' . iz C-1 ,757 ' Z. ,Q Q MM: x i KZLkTr'7-'n'- X 51 5 10 X xa N fll ' xy HA QI 5- f M N 2 DITRTISEMQG "'The time has tomff the lValru: said, 'To talk of many things: Of shoes-and ships-and .waling-fwax- .-ind cabbage:-and kings-"' -Lefwis Carroll. I 99 Qi535PJ ?+'+i' 9 ' ' .TQ K American Band 8: Trust Co. Livingston 8: Co. i i i i Iv? , y iWi , 1 . 1 lj :Lf ...4?m.3. A , Cduwt ,, .,,, ....,. 5.129 MUN 5gH,g35 I' z 5 aw.: was M 0 -Nga: - . .T :ima , X E 5: 'Alex 1: X :f1TS2iilill Bai? 'FW BONHOMIE 1926 i i- at e a tfetiaee M36 1 M ' F 1 Q-ny t , K J " '53 - M50 , L i ,, , ...L ,, . av L -2.2 Ji p Advertisement Directory e Charles M. Britt 8: Co. Battery 81 Electric Co. Benson Printing Co. Belk-Simpson Co. Citizen Trust Co. Capitol Engraving Co. Citizenls Lumber Co. Coker College Carolina Baking Co. Cadillac Sales Co. Duke Sandwich Co. Efird's Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary Fowler Drug Co. Furman University Furman Lunch First National Bank Greenville Hardware Co Greenville Baggage Co. Greenewald Clothing Co. Geer Drug Co. Greenville Floral CO. Gilliam's Gallivan Building Co. Greenville Ice Sz Fuel Co. Greenville Shoe Hospital Greenville Ice Cream Co Hale's Judson Mill's Store J. O. jones Co. jones-McAfee Co. S. H. Kress 8: Co. Kinney's Keys Printing Co. Ligon's Habertlashery Merchants VVholesale Co. Meyers-Arnold Co. Meadors Manufacturing Co. A. H. Monteith McKeithan's Poinsett Barber Shop Poinsett Hotel Provence Printing C0. Poe Hardware 81 Supply Co. Peoples National Bank Patton, Tillman and Bruce Peace Printing Co. Pollock's Pioneer Life insurance Co. J. A. Piper Roofing Co. Reynolds 8: Earle Simon Auto Co. I. E. Sirrine 8: Co. A. G. Spalding 8: Bros. Southern Public Utilities Co. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary South Carolina National Bank Stewart-Merritt Co. L. H. Stringer Sz Co. Sullivan-Markley Hardware Co. W. A. Seybt Sc Co. Thomas Sz Howard Co. W. M. Thompson United Tire Co. Upchurch Motor Co. A. T. Vaughan, Inc. White Studio 200 Ei2. 3fE2' i ' 3 ff? 'WS f or e BONHOMIE 1926 ' S1.'Q2g3r5,1:3,l War te r A.. er a J. O. JONES COMPANY 6 Hart-Schaffner E97 Marx Clothing Nettleton Shoes 0 "Furman Headquarters in Greenville" Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary SEMINARY HILL, TEXAS , A great institution composed of four schools-Theology, Religious Education, Mission- .gy Traintilng, and Sacred Musicg with two important departments--Practical Work and orlgejgliwyegliemore than forty well-trained, scholarly, evangelistic professors and teachers, and a student body of more than 650 for this session to date. Great spiritual atmosphere-a fine place for study and practical efliciency. For further information, write L. R. SCARBOROUGH, D.D., President 9 Belk-Simpson Co. . ' Schloss Bros. Co. Clothes Ralston Shoes LOWERS Arrow Brand Collars GREENVILLE.S.C. GREENVILLE, S. C. f L Q fa- r e + i"y'F"'T'7't rs ' , fQafgJffwf tis f 5- r 'M' """'5f5' W W of 'l' . BONHOMIE 1926 govt' ' Our Motto ig "Clean and Quick Service" ALL KINDS OF DRINKS, TOBACCOS 9 CANDIES AND SANDWICHES It's Your Lunch Room FURMAN LUNCH E 0 , O A , 9- Serve It and You Please All GREENVILLE I6 West Washington Street CO. u wtuywil I liff 7 urtuvtzkl Just a Whisper Off Main Street . 711 West Washington St. Shoes and Hosiery Stewart-Merritt Co. 'H APP'efi"ff0" Cfofbfefs GREENVILLE R. H. STEWART AND TANDY JONES Proprietor' 22 West4Washington Street W. M. THOMPSON LINCOLN FORDSON 3 2 4ai'3353?:41,,g"TliZf "!!ff1?29"'?' w':.!H1E3' S' WT E. ,.i.-,-,ff1': " 5 f 1's'1 BONHOMIE 1926 SLSMEQ 'xagwifs ,ig "South Carolinzfs Own Candy EAT Fdff0fy" Duke's Sandwiches ALWAYS FRESH CQMPANY DUKE SANDWICH CO. ' GREENVILLE, S. C. h GREENVILLE' S' C' Mail Orders Solicited KEYS PRINTING COMPANY za EAST McBEE AVENUE PHONE 543 Service First-Satisfaction Always KEYS OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 116-11s WEST McBEE AVENUE GREENVILLE, S. C. GREENVILLE PHONE 22 CO. Prescriptions Filled Promptly and We Deliver Promptly 4 PENDLETON STREET GREENVILLE, S. C. Fowler Drug Co. PHONE 154 FIVE POINTS ' ' ii IWW QQFQAET, "' ' ""'7" i""iQ P!f"".1'T .G BoNHoM1E 1926 y . ? A. J. E. SIRRINE Ea CDMPANY fn Zyl ears GREENVILLE, S. C. X, -, pp e r POINSETT HCTEL i "Carolina's F inest" 1 r il ' E if E-E CL EE .i , zoo ROOMS zoo BATHS QR.: RATES sz.so UP EUROPEAN . I gg . - . , N , MORTON HARTMAN, Manager Edwin Clapp, Num and Bush, Friendly 5 and Other Good Shoes for Men. Holeproof, Phoenix and Kayser Hose for Men and Women Our Shoes have justly earned a diploma for the highest degree of Style, Comfort and Durability. No matter what your taste in Shoes may be, we have styles that will please you, and they have durability in them that will please you through long service. In other words, Good Shoes, Honestly Priced, from 55.00 up. PATTON TILLMAN AND BRUCE Shoes and Hosiery of the Better Kind GREENVILLE, S. C. , b , i i illurmem Hmuermtg GREENVILLE, S. C. g. 0 Courses Are Offered Leading to the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts CB.A.j, Bachelor of Science CB.S.j, and Bachelor of Laws fLL.D.j Able faculty, beautiful campus, healthful climate, moderate expenses, new dormitory, central heating plant, unrivalled athletic Held. gymnasium with swimming pool, library, especially endowed, trained librarian. FOR CATALOGUE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOLDER GIVING ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS OR ADMISSION BLANKS ADDRESS W. J. McGLOTI-ILIN, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D. President fe-EE 1 .. BONHOMIE 1926 C A 3 ,MQ ,A M as... ?Ji5mnJs if fl- -ff P h . b t t ll u I waz. M Y fo Upchurch Motor Co. , STUDEBAKER AUTOMOBI'LES tg, standard of me World SALES AND SERVICE 5 ' 15-17 East North St. as Cadillac Sales Co. G P"0'f:l30'g' C jg GREENVILLE, s. c. mlm e' ' ' 0 When buying gifts half the people of Merchants Greenville think of Wholesale Company S Wholesale and the other half are glad they re- membered. Albert T. Vaughan, Inc. Jewelers ll8 S. Main Street Greenville. S. C. FRUITS, PRODUCE AND GROCERY SPECIALTIES Phone 1937-1938 W. Washington St. GREENVILLE, S. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Corner Main and McBee GREENVILLE. S. C. S. H. Kress '03 Co. 5-10-25 Cents Store Everything You Need W. N. CLARKE CO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. The largest packers of No. 10 cans and preservers in New York State. Represented by Chas. M. Britt Co. Wholesale Brokers GREENVILLE, S. C. GREENVILLE BAGGAGE CO. CHARLES DUSHAM, Proprietor "Carriers for Furman" TELEPHONE 736 FQ 1 0 G W BONHOMIE 1926 '?:'ig2ifEQf2F' 55Q1 1 .NG SQ ge-qsgzou'-'0'03"5,tJW in ' ' aw 61?-e. Aan-yellif-fJeQdi:fQ'j:E exfvei First Mortgage Loans ' All Lines of Insurance "Greenville's Fashion Center" ",' Clnsurance Departmentj M Y CITIZENS TRUST ' N 'ae gq g g n nnndi A. D. L. BARKSDALE, President y . V DUDEE BROTHERS specmg TYPE -13 SEDAN SIMON AUTO COMPANY DEALERS Geer Drug Co. Wholesale Druggists Distributors of Dr. West's Toothbrush Ask Your Druggist 210 W. COURT ST. Jones Mc!-Xfee Co. Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Day and Night 210 W. McBee Avenue GREENVILLE, S. C. Phone 91 ART DYERS, EXPERT CLEAN- ERS. PLEATERS, HATTERS Suits Sponged and Pressed 1V1cKEITHAN'S 113 E. Washington Street GREENVILLE, S. C. Peoples National Bank GREENVILLE. S. C. Capital and Surplus S 6 00, 000 Reynolds 3 Earle Druggists 11 N. Main Street Agents for Whitmnn's and Johr1ston's Candies .aff we E fvrrmi ref,-,V an fs-via W'wTemseiff r f x,-Rfk? ' 3 R A, ia, I .O el 'N xi,J01f'i'L,.w,,Lff Mrljjff fry.: vLL.i1.fs,,mf9111r.rj4f'1-2d,f 'flu i f ' 'ff 1 "' Q P ' W1 3 4 0, BONHOMIE 1926 A1 f Reliability in Price and Service is the First Principal of Our Organization D1 L 0 FOUNDED l 85 6 HALE'S GIFT SHOP Jewelers and Silversmiths Agents for Furman's Class Rings, 1921-22-23-25 Sole Agent for New Standard Ring Judson Mills Shifting, Fancy Dress Goods, Cotton and Silk Bordered Handkerchief Cloth Direct From Loom to You WRITE FOR SAMPLES J UDSO-N MILLS STORE IW-P-+11 1D""!llm9 fi 1-sz f' ' ' P xx J K R ... . A 1 4, V V 1 jf A ll 'luv - - 91521 G' f"::i'a, .X Q Q3 , ' e-F2 E E I :E 5 O lf Z fs I E ' AL E 'S 1 LD 3 xc ox' f,,, , 5 wig, v-QQ . WIA rf ii THOMAS 8 HOWARD WHOLESALE GROCERS GREENVILLE, s. c. ' 1 0 . American Bank and Trust Company GREENVILLE, S. C. W. L. GASSAWAY L. C. ELROD Vice-President B. E. GEER Cashier C. M. MCGEE President E. JORDAN Vice-President Assistant Cashier LIVINGSTON 3 COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS P. AND N. WAREHOUSE BOX 1005 PHONES 678-679 l GREENEWALD CLOTHING CO., Inc. A Store for Men and Boys Featuring HICKEY-FREEMAN QUALITY CLOTHES MANHATTAN SHIRTS DOBBS HATS and a Complete Line for College Men CORNER MAIN AND WASHINGTON STREETS PHONE 40 6 'Q' , 57 JA" T S "a'iQ"' Qi' , ww ' l likr-M. 4'-'-af ' i " " aff? M ' " 13oNHoM1E 1926 ?T: ff.??v epe,-wtf ,par ,,.. ,ra . , :.w fri 6iv....f."Q..?1SlQ3?1JEQ I4 ' Hi 'li t bv. - CAROLINA'S BEST Q . I Sulllvan-Markley Hardware Co. 5 GREENVILLE ANDERSON BELTON GREER Everything in Good Hardware 0 L. H. STRINGER, Druggist A Good Line of Stationery and School Supplies Agents for Waterman's Fountain Pens Agents for Whitman's Fine Candies WEST END DRUG STORE PAINT BUILDING MATERIAL GLASS CITIZENS LUMBER COMPANY PENDLETON STREET AT GREENE AVENUE GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA WINDSHIELDS REPLACED HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS MILL SUPPLIES Finishing Hardware Steam Vapor and Hot Water Heating Installations Poe Hardware 8 Supply Company 108 SOUTH MAIN STREET P. O. BOX 595 GREENVILLE, S. C. PHONE 14 ,gg5'2 gwJ'f wQ,:x-Broa n 15-ang' . L- -E " BoNHoM1E 1926 3 2325559 ljg pea ,...r:si-7.Q eawst- .zelue gs!-,wJu:'Q ri ffs 55 - M- f ,fl A 'lush The South Carolina National Bank Q Consolidation of The Bank of Charleston, N. A. B. if CHARLESTON ' The Carolina National Bank COLUMBIA 0 The Norwood National Bank GREENVI'LLE The first and only state-wide banking system operating under a national charter. Oilices: CHARLESTON, S. C. COLUMBIA, S. C. GREENVILLE, S. C. PEACE PRINTING COMPANY WILLIAM LEBBY, President Printers-Publishers-Rulers-Engravers Engraving Office Equipment GREENVILLE, S. C. EFIRDS W. A. Seybt 'Z5 Co. Th f t t m'l' ' h w..51d."Sv5Z 0.23. .lA3'i.,,5,'i.iE,e'?hirl2-nEnZ OFFICE SUPPLIES large department stores in the Caru- linas and Virginiail if it's new, if it's ,'f't' tl' . hd h 't. zogouhgl 1SIeii1'ZiIClotheg, S Shiixisl and PHONE 504 Furnishings a Specialty EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE Our Telephone iS Your Self- GREENVILLE, s. c. Sfaffef " 'V' I iiqalsiif' " QQ f .7313 PM ? Q.. A J E ii. w i 54 95 5.52 ,f-ogg, N i f ve 4, n 'f t c f s S: 13oNHoM1E 1926 I emu-eta 2JSf'anuJcQ rcs SERVICE colAL ssnvicn A, H. ' GREENVILLE ICE 3 E FUEL CANDIES AND TOBACCOS x"' PHONE 82 AND 83 Wholesale only 4:3 fi Greenville's Oldest and Largest GREENVILLE' 5' C- I Ice and Coal Establishment PHONE 766 The Southern Baptlst Iheologlcal Semlnary LOUISVILLE, KY. E. Y. MULLINS, President Tuition free and assistance where needed: famous faculty of sound Christian thinkers: world-wide student fellowship' and alumni brotherhoodg practical and comprehensive curriculum: buoyant, optimistic and positive gospel message: largest theological semi- nary on the globe: in the midst of numerous student-served churches: training for head, hands and hearty at center of nation's population: new suburban home, modern throughout. South Carolina's Thirty Invites You The Acme of Modern Civilization Electricity Puts Dependable Servants in Your Home Because Our Interest is to Keep Them Working SOUTHERN PUBLIC UTILITIES CO. "Service Always All Ways" GREENVILLEQ S. C. COMPLIMENTS Provence Printing Battery 5Electric Co. C0mPanY- Inc' Everything Electrical for the PRINTING' RUI-ING' BINDING Automobile 103-105 Augusta Street ll2-114 West North Street Phones 960-2262 GREENVILLE, S. C. GREENVILLE, S. C. sf n ':' N 1 ' Q an a a wi- ax A XWmp1lnm.,,, X m x 'f- ' X ll S mm ' lie: 2 N mM11'n'nmmHrri'r ' E 2 i 'if ,, 4 4 f 'gn 5,55-v, 71 ,,,r"' in , ,w f. f 4 A N' 1. N , M at fa: an . qs """ 'x A ' su. ii ' Q in. fo C109 . , K "3. K--- "' N25 X M WJ? .w w w . --M nn- Q -I i U'F!y'l,'H A S wi' ...j - g ' -- .--.1-i 4, -i1 Nxdhu f 1' H XS mi W V X ii 0 l fff XX 4 , . X 4 ' - -M fl complefe organizafion of E - cone Q annual experfs assuring 5 ou Quahf Enqravincjsprornpf Q 6elive1fy,I5elpFL1l Coaperafion and personal Inferesf in sack GH d QVSYy' fanflllffil pY'OClU.CSC1. CAD1ToL EN GIEAVING C 0. NASHVILLE TENNESSEE 1 W ' ' fiffmf f"'ee ie- A --we Q f A -a t 'N BUNHCWIJITE 1926 .,,, n is 3 l COKER COLLEGE Liberal Endowment, Splendid Equipment Member of the Association of Southern Colleges Conrses Leading to the B.A. and B.S. Degrees. Music Diplomas in Piano, Organ, Violin Voice, Public School Music Faculty of university trained men and women, modern dormitories, beautiful cam- pus, open air theater, swimming pool, Prest- wood Lake for canoeing, endowed library. Fine Atmosphere for the Development of Personality, Culture and Christian Character Write for Catalog and Book of Views CARLYLE CAMPBELL, President HARTSVILLE, S. C. or U , V at ,, A , Y '- q w: e '9 4-i""ea- 2' a t a 'ff c ' t ' M i Z SH QQQ BoNHoM1E 1926 t ? ?5i3" ' :.'1'1"f42Q'-Q..-.2-. get t o-f ,.. - as A .,gi3fbi GLli, ..I 9fFz3?7JfQKk,qf:g'f5li fit ? E N , ' - ' . ,,.' Swv Equipped With Many Years Experience in Making Photographs of All Sorts, Desirable for Illus- trating College Annuals. Best Obtainable Artists, Worlqmanship and the Capacity for Prompt and Unequalled Service White Studio Photographers to "THE BONHOMIEU 220 WEST 42ND STREET, NEW YORK .- f e 1 -ff'f 1 . T' BONHOMIE1926 'A oi W. lr, lg, lm, .. X ,wm,,,,, 0543. 3,2 rw,...1xs.'e1.Q'-..:fE':lf.......:-f 1,,?. U T .1, gave. 6132... ..w...,.xeQ I! El ',,. , . 'Na N-.-ff Q llll'lwi ' 'kc , -UNITED TIRE CO, Carolina Baking Co. f Wholesale Bakers g I7 COLLEGE STREET , Miller's Southern Bread 3 PHONE 2900 Miller's Southern Cakes vf We sen Good Tires 315 Augum Sum ' GREENVILLE, S. C. 0 GALLIVAN BUILDING COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR Furman University Science Hall Furman University Stadium Furman University Power Plant John M. Geer Hall Furman University Refectory Furman University Gymnasium Webb Memorial Infirmary Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Construction Our Motto: "Speed and Economy" Company, Inc. Pioneer Life Everything in Sheet Metal Insurance CO' Fire-resisting Roofs Home Office COURT AND RIVER STREETS S. C. J. A. Piper Roofing GREENVILLE, S. C. X7 X5 1 'YC gm? R-Jkaw .l.:?..E:K'f"""'l'--'es:1.v.J'T5i THIS BOOK PRINTED BYU BENSO N 1 - LARGEST CQLLEGE ANNUAL Puwsx-lens IN THE woaw HIGHEST QUALITY IWORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOTI I PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE. KTENN. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS! 8 'ft' if 5.1 H I ,gf "j""'T" ' T 11... -.S V K 1. - , . A. i ii? fe - , - ty - -T ITL js ...R A A A Ud o . , ' Lf. . J., .1 W. x t I y , I gig, A . ax d I fy 3 510 C J IQQI " I5 i i i . . , 1 -M 3 N' -' ' . ., ' O T 'eau 31.553 , 5 N f e? 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TELEPHONE 274l GREENVILLE, S. C. Tlfggei-.1-e::g13S.E,,,.4':..Z. .l.-,,,,9P NC, :..f1'T-I-WJ..-...Let X- gx,E,:iL.:1::,LL:'...2.g, L.4.-I,,.,,,,"-L2J,f.Q,,j'.: 4 g g 4 W,ua41',f - V f ' Q 7,5 G,,,bF BONHOMIE 1926 ' 2?2I Q Qf2g51 '-:maven-vi' ,,,,., 'M M., - x..3Jl!'3nsJsg Huw ll WWE BUNHGIDMIHE 519216 QQ!!-Jimi S15 ff Ri 0 Www 51fS.LffQf,,Q,,.., 9:62 ff-54,419 - I N ,ff ' W fi! ' b jp .X ,A 'B , D 1 , , 'QP' , 44' VV!! o I 1 QQ, -- X x , X 5QW .W X A ,nf ,""fw U ' ET! I Q 4 isialiliw x x-:jg JILL ? it If rf nom Si7lC2TB7y yOu7'S, THE BONHOMIE STAFF. fi! Jfff.'Y2af- 1 . .. 'eatin , , . , B 1 1 , N . Q xt' yr . ' f 53 fl, Q , llgys ., uw V SQ 0 W " ,," Q 1 5'5i1K g4'4f',- ,?.. f W , 4 V if '.Af 'PN ? 't,fm -V -' gi f 5 M 7 Y ' -- f YQ. fn "TB g . - , -, ff 6 , A ,.

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