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THE Bonhomie NINETEEN TWENTY-TWO VOLUME XXII PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF FURMAN UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, S. C.■arJiititiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiB 4 In preparing this, the twc:.ty second volume of the Bonhomie, our purpose has heat to create a bool( in which one map find a complete and interesting review of the 1921 -1922 session. It is hoped that through this bool( the memory of the session map be perpetuated. It is designed especially for those who this year leave the college never to return. If in after pears these pages shall speal( to such a one of daps gone bp—of a helpful friend, a pleasant experience, a worthy achievement— then this volume shall have fulfilled its mission.MARSHALL DELPH EARLE, M.A.Stratum MARSHALL DELPH EARLE Our Honored Professor of Mathematics A NOBLE CHRISTIAN GENTLEMAN AND A LOYAL FRIEND OF YOUNG MEN; FOR HIS FAITHFUL SERVICE TO THE COLLEGE. AND HIS PATIENT AND UNTIRING EFFORTS IN AIDING THOSE WHO HAVE GONE FROM HIS CLASSROOM — WE DEDICATE THIS. THE TWENTY-SECOND VOLUME OF THE BONHOMIEUNIVERSITY CLASSES ATHLETICS CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS MISCELLANEOUSiW ACollegiate ViewAlumni HallGreer Hall Fir " y!$f fwMontague Hall McGee HallOld Mill Stream2122WILLIAM JOSEPH McGLOTHLIN. M.A.. Ph.D.. D.D.. LL.D. President 24Faculty Harvey Tolliver Cook. M.A., Litt.D. Professor Emeritus Marshall Delph Carle, M.A. Professor of Mathematics Sidney Ernest Bradshaw, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Hiden Toy Cox. B.A. Dean and Professor of Physics and Astronomy Orlin Ottman Fletcher, M.A.. D.D. Professor of Philosophy and Social Science 25Faculty George Alexander Buist, MS. Professor of Chemistry and Geology Herbert Winston Provence, M.A., Th.D. Professor of Christianity Lawrence Henry Bowen, B.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics John Scott Murray, M.A., LL.D. Professor of Ancient Languages Lueco Gunter, M.A. Professor of Education 26Faculty Robert Norman Daniel, M.A.. Ph.M. Professor of English William Harold Coleman, M.A. Professor of English Earle Keith Plyler. M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics Frank Kenneth Pool, M.A.. Th.M. Associate Professor of Christianity George Roland Wilkinson, M.D. Professor of BiologyJohn Wilbur Hicks, B.A., J.D. Dean and Professor of Law Department Eucene Elmore Gardner, B.A. Assistant Professor of English Clay Campbell Ross, M.A. Acting Professor of Education Claude Furman Inman, B.S. Director of Chemical Laboratory) Paul Edgar Hubbell, M.A. Professor of History Faculty 2831Senior Class History HI-, war was on. The armies of the F.ntentc Alliance and ihc armies of imperialism were grappling in a fight to the death. The eyes of the world were turned upon Europe, the stage of this dreadful conflict, and the hearts of men almost ceased to beat as they grew fearful of the outcome of the struggle; for was this not a battle which would settle the destinies of all the nations? Then, in the autumn of 1918, came the telling force in the hour of nred the Bluchcr to the aid of Wellington, as it were.— the Class of 1922 had arrived at Furman University. It is true that the war did not stop just at this point, but just as soon as the news of the S. A. I. C. at Furman had spread across the seas, the Kaiser hastily hoisted the white flag; and the war was over. After having taken a few days' vacation, in order to celebra’e our victory o or the German arms, which we had won without a blow, we came back to Furman with the beginning of the new year determined that mathematics, physics and English should likewise fall victim to our superior prowess. Several men who had dropped out of college the year before in order to enter Uncle Sam's army, and who had been made happy when news of our great S. A. T. C. reached them on Flanders bicldr, rejoined us to begin with us the journey through the land where snows never cover the verdant foliage, the Kingdom of Ratdom. One of the first things we learned was that the sophomores, and not we. were the owners and operators of Furman University. Of course, we had occasional contact with the professors. but they were never able to impress us as did the wise men. It was simply the difference in methods that made the distinction. In fact, the sophomores so dearly loved us that they scarcely ever allowed our books or our studies to interfere with what they termed our college course. In spite of all these impediments, however, toward the close of the session we began to realize that we were in college for a very defmilc purpose; and that purpose was. in our minds, to be sophomores. Ah. bow unfortunate! That day came all too soon. One day in September we awakened to find ourselves in the Sophomoie Class. How we ever got there was as much a mystery to us as to the faculty. But since vve found ourselves in this class of classes we raised no howl to return to our former state of existence. Of course we had no desire to show our superior knc.wlcdgc to the new men. but because of custom we proceeded to uphold the Iradi-lio $ of the Sophomore Classes, which group of men had for ages before been considered wise. Perhaps our role was difficult, but wc did our best. Our financial affairs were in particularly good ccndilicn throughout the year, for we were able to amass a fortune from the sale !o the rats of radiator tickets, skirmish lines, chapel scats, loaded cigars, and sundry other articles. In fact, the only thing wc did not offer for sale was our classification as numbers of such a distinguished body. I oward the close of cur career as sophomores wc began !o realize that our real purpose in college was to prepare ourselves for service to our fellowman. We came to understand that along with the privilege of receiving college training came a great responsibility. It was then that a great determination to make goed welled up within our hearts; and it was then that some of our gicatcst resolutions were made. I hus. with the past at our backs, and with great confidence in the future, wc passed out from the second year of our course. As a class, eager to assume the dignity of upperclassmen, we returned in September of 1920 to begin our thitd year's stay in these beloved balls. Since several of our number bad dropped out. wc were only fifty-two strong. Howe:er, a new man or two joined us, and vve were ready to take up our share ol the burden. 32mxm All in all, we arc able lo lay truthfully that our claw made an exceptional record. We were represented on the gridiron by at least one all-state football man and several other men of great ability in the art of carrying the pigskin. Those of us who were not in the game were always right there on the sidelines cheering our team to victory. We are particularly proud of our representatives on the bateball diamond. Two of the greatest pitchers of the state went from our class, and won laurels for themselves and for Furman. These two men showed up well against some of the best teams in the South. We would not forget the literary phase of our work, but rather would we seek to lay great emphasis upon it. Many of our men have won distinction in their respective fields of literary endeavor. Perhaps none of us will develop into Shakcspeares. Wordsworths, or Wcbsters, but we shall count upon many to reach the honor and fame which rest in store only for the men who arc worthy. In the inter-society debate a man of our class won the medal which was offered for the best individual debater. With the end of the session of 1920-21. the first three years of our college life came to a close, and we turned away with a sigh of relief. Three reels had been enacted, and we were ready to begin the fourth. Now. as we come to review the last year, we are joyful; yet through all our joy runs a thread of sadness. We are sod because we must go out from these halls which we have grown to love; because we must separate from the friends we have made here; and because we are to part contact with the noble faculty which has guided us so straight through all difficulties. Wherever our paths may lead, we shall never forget our Alma Mater, but shall always strive to do honor to her name. We would not boast of our accomplishments a» seniors, nor lament our failings: we would only give thanks that we have been able to brave all dangers and to come out victorious. The road at limes has been hard to traverse, but we have faithfully held to our purposes. We note with pride the strides which our Alma Mater is taking towards being the greatest university in the South. One of the finest dormitories anywhere is now complete, and adds much lo the beauty of our campus. A beautiful new refectory Has been erected during the course of the past year, and now holds forth its hospitable arms to the hungry, plodding students. A large and modern central heating plant also fills a long-felt need of students as well as faculty. We shall soon boast of one of the finest gymnasiums in the South. or anywhere else; it is now under process of construction. In brief. Furman is growing so fast that we hope to have, before many yean, a student body of twice the present size. Let us all work and plan for our Alma Mater. We are indeed happy that our class, which had such an auspicious beginning, graduates during the year which marks the dawn of a great new era for Furman. With hearts full of mingled joy and sadness, we take leave of thee, our Alma Mater. May thy name resound with honor throughout the land, and may thy service to mankind be forever as noble and unselfish as in the past. We. the Class of 1922, must go our separate ways into the world, for. “The past is a dream, the future a vision, and our great task is but begun." I IlSTORlAN. 3311. J. Howard . Frank Keith S. W. Vandiver Treasurer Historian . . Poet Senior Class Officers . . . . President I I. C. Hudson . . . . Pice-President C. B. Loins . . . . . . Secretary A. E. TlBBS . . R. L. Richardson..................Prophet 34Senior Class Rob Roy Adams GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "In mat hem at lev ho I the best. In other studies not fur behind the real.” Favorite Saying "Take it easy, boy " Favorite Amusement—Breaking test tube Economy—Academic studies Extravagance—Scientific knowledge Greatest Defect—Not serious enough Greatest Attainment— A mathematician "par excellence" Peculiarity—Always doing something Vocation—Research chemist President Mathematics Club '22; Chemistry Assistant '21; Physic Assistant '22. Archie Gray Allen WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Candidate fox B.A. "Do your best." Fa vorite Saying- "Great grief” Favorite Amusement Writing love letters Economy—Washing his own socks Extravagance—Smoking ten-cent cigars Greatest Defect -Going to sec "Sweet Stuff" Greatest Attainment President Senior Club Peculiarity- Expert adviser for ambitious "he-vamps" and aspiring "tea-hounds" Vocation—Professor of English and philosophy I'hllosophlnn Literary Society; Stnndnrd-Bearor. Spring Term. ’! : Assistant Conductor, Kail Term. •20; Class Vic --President J9; (Jloe Club ‘13. '20. 21; Football Squad ‘IS: Hornet Staff ’21. '22; Student Councilman -20; Vice-1'resident The cloister '22: Harnca Clan: V. M. C. A.: President Senior Club; Olce Club. ‘22; Vice-President Baracu Class. 21; Treasurer Creator Furman Club, '21; Committeeman S. C. I. O. Association; Vice-President I'hl-losophian Society. Spring Term. ’22; President Out-Of-Stato Club; PI Kappa Phi. 35Senior Class Herbert Putnam Bailey CREENV1LLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. ••Do your duty.’’ Favorite Saying "Lei’s go out tonight, ‘Dunk’ ” Favorite Amusement—Going out Economy Taking dinner al home every Sunday Extravagance- Having two kinds of razors Greatest Defect—Having one tinted photograph Greatest Attainment—Every acquaintance a friend Peculiarity—Using Nelson's "No-Kink” hair dressing Vocation—Partnership in B. M. I. with "Spat" Adeli»liIan I.it entry Society. Thomas Mallalieu Bailey GREENWOOD. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "He a true imin." Favorite Saying—"Look out, I'll knock your block off" Favorite Amusement- Shooting cither "bull" or pool Economy Going to parties for refreshments Extravagance—Buying a wiener once in a while Greatest Defect Freckles and big feet Greatest Attainment—Finishing course at Furman Peculiarity—Spraining his wrist when he goes to sec his girl Vocation Commandant at B. M. 1. Adclphlan l.ltornry Society. 36Senior Class William Henry Barfield JEFFERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. ••Tli.to arc dagger in men' amilw: Don't worry, hi arc only Cupid iiitown." Favorite Saying "I ain't dunno" Favorite Amusement -Playing tennis with— Economy -Good look Extravagance- Yodeling Greatest Defect— Lack of "sticktuitivencss" Greatest Attainment—President of B. Y. P. U. at Central Church Peculiarity—Grasps at first sight Vocation Educational missionary f’hllo ophlnn Literary Society; Freshman Improvement Medal 'Vi: Correspond I nK Secretary • i ; Chap-Inin '20; Knrnen Class; V. M. . A.; Cabinet Mom-her 'I! . ’20. '21, "22; Student Volunteer Hand I'iosI-dent 20: Kdltor of South Carolina Student Volunteer Bulletin 20; Chairman of Kxhihit Committee ’21; Ministerial Association. John Benjamin Barker CREF.NVILLE. SOUTH CAROMNA Candidate for B.A. ••In arguing, too. the parson own'd hi skill. For e'en tho vanquished, ho could argue still." Favorite Saying—"You don't say so" Favorite Amusemcnl—Argumentation Economy—Sel f - revelation Extravagance—Work Greatest Defect—Useless energy expended Greatest Allainmenl—Completing college course Peculiarity—A so| orific altitude Vocalion—Country pastor and teacher rhlloKophlan Literary Society.Senior Class George Stebbins Blackburn Candidate for B.A. "Some place. some work, a smile. Are all to George worth while: He knows the value of good hooks. And does not brag of Ills good looks." COLUMBIA. SOUTH CAROLINA Favorite Saying—"You think it is?" Favorile Amusement—Playing "Alma Mater" in chapel. F.xlravagance- -Sending football tickeli to G. W. C. Greatest Defect—Failure to make varsity football team. Greatest Attainment Member of the Cloister. Peculiarity—Walking on heels to keep from wearing out soles. Vocation—Medical profession. I’hllosophlnn Literary Society: Historian, fall term ‘l . spring term "20; Reporter. 21: Corresponding Secretary, fall term 21; Clis Secretary. '12: TV usurer. '20: Y. M. A.: Bnmca t’laxs; Glee • Tub. '19. '20: Feotball Squad. '19: Tennis Club: Echo Staff. ‘22: Library Assistant. '22; The Cloister. ■21. '22. Conway Anderson Bolt CRAY COURT. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Always doing something. A task he will not shirk: He shares his Joy with others. And is always found at work." Favorile Saying—"Great day!" Favorite Amusement—Finding something to do. Economy—Physical exercise. Extravagance—Wasting shoe polish. Greatest Defect—Lack of interest in society. Greatest Attainment—Art Editor of BONHOMIE. Peculiarity—Keeping everything in its rightful place. Vocation—Medical prof es. ion. I’hllosophinn Literary Society: Harnett Class: Y. M. C. A.: Tennis Club: Laurens County ciul»: Honor Roll for Chapel Attendance. '19. '20. 21; Art Editor Bonhomie. '22.Senior Class TfTf Tff - Albert Smith Brown CAMDEN' SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for 13.S. "Tile maid you now court In vain will quickly run In quest of man." Favorite Saying—"Catch the train and ride." Favorite Amusement— Playing ----- Economy—Art in reading French. Extravagance—Always hunting a dear. Greatest Defect -The wanderlust fever. Greatest Attainment—A star in the Furman minstrels. Peculiarity—Ready wit for the gloomy. Vocation Furniture manufacturing. Adelphlnn I.Horary Society; Barnco Class; Football Squad. 'I! , ’2i); Assistant Manager Baseball. '20: Purple Hurricane Minstrels. '21; Senior Club. Dunklin Sullivan Burnside GREENWOOD. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Always answer opportunity's knock.' Favorite Saying—"Suits me.” Favorite Amusement—Frequenting North Main Street. Economy—Letting the girls pay for the drinks. Extravagance—Trip to Atlanta. Greatest Defect—Proud posressor of D. A. P. pin. Greatest Attainment—Graduating in three years. Peculiarity—Ask “Mack." Vocation—Doctor of modern languages. Adolphinn Literary Society; T’ub'lc DeclnInter. '21: Y. M. C, A.; Rnraca Class; Class President. '20: Echo Staff, '22: Bonhomie .Staff. '22: Secretary Student Council. '21; Secretary Tennis Club. '22: Championship Player, '21; Secretary Boosters' Club. 21: Che Club. '20: Baseball Squad. '21; The Cloister. '22: Senior Club. 39Senior Class William Clinton Carter LAKE CITY. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "A Htudont an l an athlete ton. In love ever been: He allow great Interval In the glrl . And maybe one lie’ll win." Favorite Saying—‘‘I'll be dogged if I do” Favorite Amusement Playing baseball Economy—Choking "Ducks” Extravagance- Using three kinds of hair Ionic Grealesl Defect—Gelling off-side in the Furman line vs. G. W. C. Greatest Attainment—Manager of the 1922 baseball team Peculiarity—Incredulous as an Indian Vocation—Business Adrlphlau Literary Society: Class President ’19: Member Student Council ’It : Assistant Manager Ltnseball Team 21. Manager '22: Member Block letter Club; C!a» Bdltor Bonhomie "22. William McNeill Carpenter GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Work while the sun uhlnen." Favorite Saying—"Aw. not that" Favorite Amusement—Seeing the movies Economy—Having a drag with the business manager Extravagance—Possessing six Sunday suits Greatest Defect—Being strung Greatest Attainment—Cheer leader-in-chief Peculiarity Prodigality of pep-instilling antics Vocation—Ear. eye and throat specialist Adoiphian Literary Society; I’renldont Tennis Club ‘22: Scrub Football Squad ’20; student Councilman ‘20. ‘21. '22: Chief Cheer Leader; Hnxk-thnll '19. ‘20. 21; Senior Club. 40Senior Class r netfii t Edwin Elmore Colvin The ('lotelor Advertising Manager Keho ’"i; Reporter flub 21: Athletic Editor Bonhomie ’Si ; Greenville County Club. Joseph Guy Cothran TONEY CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. “The elements No mixed In him Hint nature iniKht mum! up And say to all the world, 'Thin was a man ." Favorite Saying—“Hey, fellers” Favorite Amusement—Riding in cars belonging to others F.conomy—Soft speech Extravagance—Fixing up Greatest Defect—Having Sam Reid for a roommate Greatest Attainment—I las conquered a self-centered life Peculiarity—Being popular at Central Church Vocation—Ministry Phllosophlan Literary Society: Vice President '21: Ministerial Association; Vice-President '22: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 21. 22. GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for li.S. "Woman Is man's bread of life. And I have already action hungry." Favorite Saying—“Go thou and do likewise" Favorite Amusement—Learning the art of housekeeping Economy—Ladies Extravagance—Kisses Greatest Defect—All work and no play Greatest Attainment—His wife Peculiarity -Having acc-high trump when it comes to winning Vocation—Proprietor of daily newspaperSenior Class John Anderson Christopher LANDRUM. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Short, quilt stout. Knvied of tli.- lii.li.-s, ItrlKltt In 80tn - thing . Amt Mpcdnlly in Geology.” Favorite Saying—‘‘I don't know; a»k me" Favorite Amusement -Studying geology Economy-—Existing on two meals a day Extravagance-Rooming with a "Penny" Greatest Defect- Coming to summer school Greatest Attainment—Analyzing pepper Peculiarity -Sleeping with the lights burning Vocation Doctor A.I.Jphlnn Literary Society; Conductor ‘21; Rarnca • 'in : Secretary, Kali Term. '22: V. M. c. A. Charles Floyd Daniel LANDRUM. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. •‘Hi remly wit. his cheery smile ThO in stature he is small! Make him welcome all the while. This loyal friend of all.” Favorile Saying — "How's my mustache getting along?" Favorite Amusement—Making the dummy for the Hornet Economy—Using Octagon instead of Palmolive to get the coupons Extravagance—Dates in Anderson Peculiarity—Being low up and high around Greatest Defect—Falling for 'em all Greatest Achievement—Stringing two sisters at one time Vocation—Journalism Phltusophliin Literary Society; Stan.hud-Rearer. Fall Term, '20; Assistant Sergcant-at-Arm . SprltiK Term. 20; Treasurer. Kail Term. ’21; Junior Critic. Spring Term. '21; ItnrncA Class; Secretary. Fall Term. '21; Treasurer. Y. M. C. A. '22: Tennis Club ‘IS. '20; Class Kdltor Ronhomlo 'I?; Class Secretary '21; Honor Roll '19. '20; Honor Roll for Chap.-I Attendance 'll . '20; French Translation Prize "2«; Kdltor In-Chlcf Hornet '22; Physics Assistant 21, '22: Reporters Club '21: The Cloister '22: Treasurer S. C. c. P. A. '22; Senior Club. 42Senior Class William Washington Davidson CREEKVILI.E, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. me n little time And 1 will try to be sublime." Favorite Saying "Oh. well" Favorite Amusement--Watching the baby Economy -Housekeeping Extravagance—Preaching Grcatcsl Defect—Interest in the trivial Greatest Attainment—Marriage Peculiarity—Five minutes late for first period Vocation—Ministry l'hllosoplilan Literary Society; Ministerial Association. William Joseph Ellen berg GREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Tilla a wretched world! Tribulation If you love, and torment If you do not love." Favorite Saying "Open up. Big Shad, I'm right" Favorite Amusement Writing to G. W. C. Economy Cigars and razor blades Extravagance- Calling council meetings Greatest Defect—Being hen-pecked Greatest Attainment Running five miles in four minutes Peculiarity—Being late for chapel Vocation—Hardware business Adclplilun Literary Society: Marshall ‘20; Senior Censor. Spring Term, '20; Cash ter '21, '22; Class President 20: Barnca CInas: y. M. e. A.; Tennis Club: Scrub Football Sound 19; Kcho SlafT ’20; Secretary Greater Furman Club '21. '22: Assistant Business Manager Bonhomie '21: Business Manager Bonhomie '22: Student Council '20. '21; President '22; The Cloister; Senior Club. 4344 Senior Class Humphrey Kay Ezell, Jr. CROSS ANCHOR. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Life for me will never darken If to my plea she will ever harken." Favorite Saying—"That's right" Favorite Amusement—Singing Economy—-Expenses in college Extravagance- I iigh grades in college Greatest Defect—Physical laziness Greatest Attainment Pastor of half-time church Peculiarity- Skeptical attitude toward women Vocation—Country pastorate Philoffophliin Literary Society: Assistant Conductor. Kali Term. '30: CorrespondInic Secretary. Spring: Term. 21; Junior Critic '31; Cashier 2"; Reporter •22; V. M. c. A.: Hqrncn Class; Treasurer '23: Mtulstorinl Association. Benjamin Glover Field CRF.ENVILLF., SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "As straight ns an arrow, Upright ns the host; Give him a elinnce And he'll do the rest." Favorite Saying- "It's the dying truth" Favorite Amusement—Playing at tennis Economy—A winsome personality Extravagance- Sacrificial service Greatest Defect —Use of props (“huh") in speech Greatest Attainment—A successful city pastor Peculiarity -His ideal the greatest good Vocation—Pastor of large city church Phllosoplilnn Literary Society; Ministerial Association.Senior Class Howard Montague Finch KEMPF.R, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Self-reverence, xoIf-knowledge. self•control. These three alone lend to sovereign power.” Favorite Saying—"Dog bile it!” Favorite Amusement- Playing tennis. Economy -Making date . Extravagance- Abundance of appetite. Greatest Defect—Sees the gloomy side of everything. Greatest Attainment—President Adclphian Literary Society. Peculiarity -Thinks he can sing. Vocation—High school professor. Adclphhm Literary Society; Treasurer, fall term '20: Public Debater, 'lft; President, full term ‘•-'I: Tennis Club. Treasurer "22: Reporters' Club, '21; Bnraca Claw; Senior Club, John Royce Flynn TAVLORS. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Smooth in his contour. Simple In bis speech. A favorite with the Indie . And always very neat." Favorite Saying—“Oh. hurry up!" Favorite Amusement- -Abend ng picture shows. Economy —Making debts as a Iasi resource. Extravagance—Time spent before mirror brushing hair. Greatest Defect Losing his appclile over girls. Greatest Attainment—Passing two years of math. Peculiarity—Short in length, big in woids. Vocation—The world calls for him to be a merchant. A'tolphlan Literary Society. Assistant Sergeant-at -Arms ‘21. Sorgoant-nt • A rms '22: Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Club; Vice-President Senior Club.Senior Class Charles Glenn Gambrell BELTON. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Sol exiled) afraid of work, but rather not be Intimately n« icSated with It." Favorite Saying—"'Taint nothing previous" Favorite Amusement—Doing nothing Economy Razor blades Extravagance Words Greatest Defect —Sleeping most of the lime Greatest Attainment—Putting Belton on the map Peculiarity Week-end trips (as bluffs) to Anderson College Vocation—Business Adolph hoi I.Horary Society: .liinlor r'eimor. Spring Trim. • I; Assistant Sergeant-at-Arm . Spring Term. Marshal 22: Basketball ’I!': Tennis Club: V M. (’. A.: Burn on Class: I'rmlilwit r Belton Club ’22: Senior Club. Charlie Davis Garner KEI.TON, SOUTH CAKOUNA Candidate for B.A. "Independent, rare free. Knt. and brown f hnlr; owns a littit tllvvcr. And rides it everywhere.” Favorite Saying "Shucks, what do you care. Billy?" Favorite Amusement Playing with Fords F.conomy College studying Extravagance I looting about himself Greatest Defect Procrastination Greatest Attainment—An F. U. diploma Peculiarity—Looks out for number one Vocation Baptist evangelist PlitlOKoplilan Mternry Society: Sergcant-nt-Arma, Fall Term 'l«; Treasurer. Spring Term, 'is; Recording Secretary ’20: standard-Benrer. Spring Term, '20; Chaplain. Kail Term, ’lx: Member of Student Connell ’111; Bnraon Class.Senior Class Clarence Bate Graves DUB1.IN. GE0RC1A Candidate for Id.A. "My only honks were women's looks. And folly's n l they’ve taught me." Favorite Saying “Well. I wouldn't ask you." Favorite Amusement Playing a mandolm during study hours. F.conomy—Cigarettes. Extravagance Brains and eggt at Pete's. Greatest Defect—inability to leg professors. Greatest Attainment—Member of the Purple Stringers. Peculiarity—Regularity of visits to North Street. Vocation—Insurance burinesi. Adelplitau Literary Society: liftmen Class; V. M. C. A.: Purple llurtifiiiie Minstrels. 1 1; .Mandolin flub. 21, 22; Senior flub. Benjamin Franklin Hasty camdf.n, south Carolina Candidate for lij . "4if soul sincere; In action faithful; and in honor clear. ' Favorite Saying "Hello there, old slick-in-the mud." Favorite Amusement Playing Unnis. F.conomy—Greek verb forms. Extravagance Willy speech. Greatest Defect—Not enough forethought. Greatest Attainment—President of the Y. M. C. A. Peculiarity—Always has a friendly word for everyone. Vocation—Doctor of theology. Plillaxophlnn Literary Society. Xerjream-at-Arm , full term 'll : Chaplain, sprlnic term '20; Senior Censor. fait term ‘20; Tr usurer, sprint: term '21; President, fall term 21: ISarnca Cass. Treasurer '20. President '21; Y M. ( A. Cabinet. '20. '21; President. '22; Ministerial Association. Secretnry-TrtMuri'r '21: Heporters Club. '20. '21: Tennis Club. 22: Student Councilman. 21. '22; Senior Club. 47Senior Class Julian Folcer Hawkins IVA, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "I have fonuhl n good HRhl, I IiuVp finished my courxo, I have kept the faith: therefore, there In laid up for me n Furman diploma." Favorite Saying—"What do you say, bo?" Favorite Amusement—Walking with raincoat and umbrella Economy—Avoirdupois Extravagance- An excess of repetition Greatest Defect Kindness Greatest Attainment—Finishing college Peculiarity Seclusiveness Vocation Country pastor and teacher Phlloxopldan Literary Society; Winner of improvement Medal 'IT: V. M. A.; Barnoa Class; Minis-terlnl Association. Henry Jacob Howard LIBERTY. SOUTH CAROUNA Candidate for B.A. “A man of lofty thouKltt. A friend whom all can love: Already n nolde work he has wrought, Great problems of life he will solve.” Favorilc Saying—“Aw. get off with that stuff" Favorite Amusement—Pitching horseshoes Economy—College expenses Extravagance—Happy disposition Greatest Defect—Physiognomy Greatest Attainment—Editor-in-chief of Bonhomie, 22. Peculiarity—A red-headed senior Vocation -Superintendent of a high school I’hllosophlnn Literary Society: Junior ("ritle. Fall Term, 21: Vice-President. Kail Term. 22: Y. M. C. A.: Secretary ’21; Glee Club 'SO. 21: Class Historian ’21: class President ’22; The Cloister ’21. 22: Senior Club; Founder's Day Speaker for Student Body 21. 48Senior Class Homer Clarence Hudson GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B-A. tx what you have taken, 'hameter lx what you nive; U'lion to till truth you uwuken. Tin n you trctcln to live." Favorite Saying "Now. boys. I'll jus! Icll you." Favorite Amusement -Driving a flivver. Economy—Words. Extravagance—Loving the fair sex. Creates! Defee!—Old-maidish. Greatest Attainment Skill in mathematics. Peculiarity Thinks louder than he speaks. Vocation—Professor of mathematics. Ailelplilan I.Horary Society: Senior (Viator. fall term ’-0; Kobo Staff. ;• I: llonur I toll for Scholarship. 20; Honor ltoll for ('Impel Attendance, ‘"0: V. M. « . A.: TVnnlx ’lni : ;r«-rriVlllc t'ouuty Club: Seel■•tmy MnthciimtU-x t'lul . “.’2: fhuw Tt anuivr. ’22: Settlor Club. James Larry Jameson EASLEY. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "lie’ molded well In varied day And formed Into a tnan; What bettor can wo • ver ny Than lie a I way does the bext ho oftn?” Favorite Saying—"Boy. ain'l that ihe s-t-u-f-f?" Favorite Amusement—Treating the "vamps" rough. Economy- -Shoes never shined. Extravagance—Clothes: suit for every class. Greatest Defect—Too inconsiderate of others. Greatest Attainment -Legging Dr. Murray in Greek II. Peculiarity—Sleeps with head under cover. Vocation—Professor of Greek. Adt-lphlan Literary Society: Y. M. f. A.: Rumen I'lusx; Raaketbnll. ’I: : Junior cvitle. kiuIiik and fall tertn . '21; Senior Club Treasurer.Senior Class Frank Keith PICKENS. SOUTH CAROLINA Carulitlotc for B.S. "A mighty nmn Is h In nlxc nml weight nml looks; Hut more than thin, lie In A mighty man In hooks." Favorite Saying—"Good gracious, lhat stuff” Favorite Amusement—Learning to play ping-pong Economy -Calling on the ladies Extravagance—l.ong stride in walking Greatest Defect—Not cute Greatest Atlainment—Physics laboratory assistant Peculiarity—Studying with feet propped up on table Vocation—Breeder of choice stock Aileliiliinn 1.tierary Society: Reporter '21: Recording Secretary. Spring Term. '21: VTcc-PrewUlent. Fall Term. "21: Y. M. . A.: Harnca Chixs: Member Student Council "-‘2: 1’hyslw laboratory Assistant 21. '22: Vtcc-l’reJtlilent Settlor t'lass; Senior Club. Francis William Keller CREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA CanJiJalc for B.S. "A follow kind mid true. A loyal member of '22." l avorite Saying "Don’t frisk ‘cm. don’t frisk 'em" Favorite Amusement Pitching horseshoes F.conomy—Making dates Extravagance Digesting philosophy Greatest Defect Blissful silence Greatest Attainment—Assistant in physics laboratory Peculiarity- Grinning when he laughs Vocation—Doctor of philosophy Adelphian I.Horary Society; Recording Secretary. Full T'-rm. "20; Marxlml '21; Itaraca ('lax . Treasurer. Spring Term. Ilornct Staff '21: V. M. A.: Huxbiexs Manager Helm ‘‘.’S: Physics l.ahora-t«ry Xgxtxtant 51. '22: Senior Club. 50Senior Class William Fuller Lancaster SPARTANBURC. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for li.S. "With Krncoful ho atrhlex tho at root And amtha on nil tho Indio avveol." Favorite Saying—"Boys. let's get a date tonight" Favorite Amusement—Lighting his pipe Economy—Last fifteen days of each month Extravagance—Having his clothes altered Greatest Defect—Lending his last dime Greatest Attainment—That old "comeback" for a "dip" Peculiarity Never studying B-4-A-4 straight Vocation—Hosiery business Adelphlan Literary Society: Bnracn (Tina : V. M. A.: Totuil Club: IJnnkctbnll '20. '21: Football 'll . '20; Purple Hurricane Mlnatrel '21: Senior Club. Charles Broughton Loftis TRAVELERS REST. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Whatever he did wan done with o much ruse, In him alone it wax natural to plcnae," Favorite Saying—"You tell 'em. Hula" Favorite Amusement—Eating Economy—Studying clhics Extravagance—Quarreling with the girls Greatest Defect—Fish fries Greatest Attainment—Lover of composition Peculiarity—Breaking dales Vocation journalism A del ph Inn Literary Society; Reporter '22: Hlxtorlnn '22; IJitraca Clast; Y. At. C. A.: Tciintx Club: Senior 51 BHI’hltoMophlnn I.Horary Society; .limlnr Cenior, Spring Term. 21: OrniipondliiR Soeromry. Kail Term. '21: ISnrtu-n Ckt : V. M. . A.: II»n»r Roll Chnpol Attcnilniico 'IV: Horn 1! Stuff: Reporters Club '21; OlAiu Tiwiiri'r "21; Chemistry Assistant ■JO; I’r.-M.-illcnl Club '21; Senior Club. Thomas Lee Looped EAS1.EY. SOUTH CAROI.INA Candidate for B.A. ••Upright nntl cantont lx In . Ami iifvi-r icen to frown: Wo fool tbitl some nenr «lny bo’ll ho A mnti of great renown.” Favorite Saying—“For the landsakcs" Favorite Amusemenl— Hiking Economy—Dolling up Extravagance -Studying philosophy Greatest Defect—Looks Greatest Attainment—Assistant in physics laboratory Peculiarity—He occasionally says something Vocation—High school professor 1‘litloxnplilnn l.lternry Society junior Censor. Spring Term. ’21: Senior Censor. Full Term. ‘22: Rsrncn Clnss; Y. M. c. A.: Assistant in Physics Laboratory •« -4 Senior Class James Burdine Looper EASLEY. SOUTH CAROI.INA Candidate for B.S. •HIm quiet wove unit faithful work Are sermons Ktrone to those who shirk." Favorite Saying -"Boys. HI l»e fair with you" Favorite Amusement—Smashing dishes Economy— Spending money Extravagance—Interest in scientific research Greatest Defect Overloading himself with studies Greatest Attainment Assistant in chemistry laboratory ’20. Peculiarity—Always has a cheerful smile Vocation—Research chemist 52Senior Class Arc mi- Pm l Me I .i-.oi IOUNI.MN INN. SOI Til i'AKOl.lNA Ciiiuliilntc fof f .S. ‘H r i» :••• n t hi r.ia ti.itll A ll«l III- a 3111 JlHP’ll, 'tlx I'll! . l. 4it In- ; !xit xlmlSiX. Ai muxt nttili''.i x l-’.ivoriic Savin ; "Watch my speed." Favorite Amusement Athletics, ficonomy Step . F.xitAv.igan c •Being tin- hcM |o; king man in Senior Class. Cieatcst Deled Combing In hair. Cucatest Attainment C.i| id:n "Purple I lii.ic.Mir. Peculiarity L'lictjualctl endurance. Vornticn V’nivereily coach. I liil lui |il l:iii IJlt'i'no Sni-ti'i,v■; Kuuu-Ji «'lnx»: Vsn--jty i-'.-nti'aM. «:• .1. Mi-j !iit«- Tm-I. i•ii|»iiihi-i S v i.«i i: xi-ii.il' T.i II-Sratv. 'IS. '.'I Asnsluit MlllIKK- I ISiixk. l- InU; Ti. MiiniiKcr 'i • I'x xnti'iii stuiicut Itmly: I'j.-x .lent isi«fk « :ut»: tt-nfoi )Ol IN WA I M M AH I IN PKNOI.KTON. SOI III .".KOI IN A uiuliitolc for li.S. "Ill WMl'.ll lilili- lllx {.III III (initio- till Inixlli ! Ilf li-S ininli my . • r..vo,,« Saying I got In write a letter.' Favorite Amusement Reiiding hi “l m- Well limes.'’ F.conomy l.ilurnry society work. Kxlravagancr Postage stamps. Greatest Defect Procrastination. (uMtcsl Attainment Spending four yean in C hcni-istry. Peculiarity Nm ea ily wrought up. Vocation Medical profession. I | (tin I.IIi mpy Sm'li'i.'i Itprui’ii iVu 'I in» ''luli; ii(liixi n i •••nut i ■•liiii. Si-uim i luliSenior Class Darcan Edwin Montgomery GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for li.A. ■They verve Coil well Who nerves Ills creatures. Favorite Saying—“I wonder why you tell me that” Favorite Amusement—Chewing gum Economy—Spending money on the girls Extravagance—Getting his shoes shined Greatest Defect—Falling for the ladies Greatest Attainment—Leading public song service Peculiarity-—Quite sensitive Vocation—Baptist evangelist Ailvlphfnn Literary Society: Recording Secretary, Sprint; Term, ""I; Y. M. C. A.: Bnmen Class; dec Club ’22. Henry Miller Moore. Jr. SIMPSONVILI.E. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for D.S. "He looks wise anti act wise. Ami seldom crock n smile: Hut when It come to iloinK thlnjcs lie' matte of •tuff worth white." Favorite Saying- “Old dearest" Favorite Amusement—Visiting a girl in town every afternoon Economy—Hair tonic Extravagance - Driving a Mitchell Greatest Defect—Bashfulness Greatest Attainment—Passing French I Peculiarity—Badly in love Vocation—Scientific farming 54 Class Historian 20; Damns Class: Y. M. C. A.Senior Class Julius David Nelson riitloKophtan Literary Society; Stnmlord-Beur.r. spring term :•; Sorm-anl-ltt-Arm . full term 'll ; Axxixinut Sergeant-nt-Arms, spring term Bn-r»u tt Clarw: Football Squad. 2' . '21; Varsity llutie-ball. '20. '21; V. M. C. A .: Otvonvllle County Club: Block I.ctier Club: Tennis Club; Senior Club. Joseph Jefferson Nixon NORTH AUGUSTA. SOUTH CAROLINA CauJ'uIale for B.A. "A buxine man In principle true. A ml. what lx more. good-looking. too; Ever o'er lllx ImOkx he bent. And over lived on enrtli content." Favorite Saying "If I were impresario." Favorite Amusement—Ragging his roommate. Economy- Huyler's candy. Extravagance—Studying ethics. Greatest Defect—Failure to "make" the Glee Club. Greatest Attainment Bu lines manager Hof net. Peculiarity Getting things down pat. Vocation Wholcrale grocery business. Adelphinn l.lternry Society; Winner Improvement Medal. • i: : Senior Celtic. '20; Junior Critic. "- 1: I Hub Client. '21; t’rexld. nt. apt ins term '22; Hitmen ClrtKs: Tennis Club; V. M. C. A.: Advisory Board Creator Kurmnii club. '22; Adelphinn Literary Society Itei ordinu Secretary. ’21; Senior censor. Junior Censor, "21: Buxine Mniuua-r Hornet. "22: ltoporternf Club. 21; Senior Club. FOUNTAIN INN. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "And. nit! for a man to rise In me. That the man I nin may cease to be." Favorite Spying "That’s the stuff. Cy." Favorite Amusement--Practicing with the foolball squad. Economy—Ladies. Extravagance—Prying to leg the professors. Greatest Defect Building air castles. Greatest Attainment—Gelling block "F" in base ball. Peculiarity—A snow-capped senior. Vocation—I ligh school teacher and coach. 55Senior Class William Gaines Padgett CREENVII.LE, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate lor Ii.A. "Il.'rt go Hl lii n|lil«M x. lit K«Hut III clltjCSe . !•» . Ill nianliouil !m uiu|Ui'»1 toned. (•rent thing III life lie'll do." Favorite Saying "Me and .you. kid." Favorite Amusement Spend.ng Sunday afternoon at G. W. C. Economy—Socks. F.xlravagancc—Profound thinking. Greatest Defect -Traveling. Greatest Attainment All-State pitcher. Peculiarity—Efficiency in things compulsory. Vocation—Business. Manager Footlmll Team. ’21; Vandty Raiscbnll. 'IN. ‘20. "21. '22: Clolater. '21. 'T:. I’lajw Vlce-Preuldont. 21; :»«•!• Oluli unit Orcheiitru. 'IS; Senior dull. Charles Edward Perry. Jr. RIDGEI.AND. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for 13. A. "Work, study, love, and tin. great cut of tlnip Is love. ' Favorite Saying—"Shoot ’em all, but save six for the pallbearers." Favorite Amusement -Gathering clothes for Pressing Club. Economy -Standing up to be easy on trousers. Extravagance- One G. V. C. girl. Greatest Defect -Being in love. Greatest Attainment Becoming a Greek shark. Peculiarity—I lis own line. Vocation—Member of the bar. Adolphinii Literary Society: V. M. C. A.: Raracfi Class; Purple Hurricane Minstrel. ‘21: Senior C'luh. 56Senior Class George Franklin Posey WARD. SOUTH CAROLINA CamliJale for li.A. “He Ik lirlRlu anil Jolly iik can bo. In phnie of KctiUe vouriray; Yet il seem that tone anil RCKture lilcnil. Ia'.»» used to am- than to command.” Favorite Saying—"Yet. sir; .yet, »ir." Favorite Aniutemcnt —Smoking cigarette . F.conomy—Rolling hit own. Extravagance—Killing lime. Greatest Defect—Milling h’s wisdom. Greatest Attainment—Patting Physics I. Peculiarity—Making n dale and telling nobody his business. Vocation I ligh school profcs:or. Adclphlnn l.ltornry Society. Norman Levi Past CAMERON. SOUTH CAROLINA CanJiJale for II.A. "A place in the ranks uwnltx you. You have some part to play; The paxt amt the future nre nothin ; In the face of the »tern today.” « Favorite Saying—"I lot ziggidy!" Favorite Amusement—Selling swagger sticks. F.conomy—Visiting the girls. Extravagance—An enormous appetite. Greatest Defect—Studies no more than is necessary. Greatest Attainment President Adelphian Literary Society. Peculiarity—A drowsy disposition. Vocation- Scientific farming. Adelphian I.Horary Society: Winner Improvement Medal: Junior Censor, full term 21: I’resident, full term ‘22; Hiimcn Clmot; Y. M. A.: Reporter ' Club. 21: Bonhomie Cin » IMItor. 21; Advertlalng Mann iter, 22; Tennln Club. 57Senior Class Howard Meacham Reaves UNION. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "A mind l » conceive, A heart to resolve . And a hand to execute." Favorile Saying—“Hi yi" Favorite Amusement—Improving ihc Echo Economy—Sleep Extravagance—Popularity Greatest Defect Bouquets for women Greatest Attainment—President of Student Body. Peculiarity—A host of friends Vocation—Member of the bar of Union Philosophlnn Literary Society; Chaplain '13; Winner if Improvement Medal 'IS; Trvaaurer '20: Senior Critic '20: President. I'it 11 Term. 21: Public Debater '2ft: IntrMocloty Debater's Medal ‘21: Emtol Medal ‘20; Secretary Debate Council '21. ’22: Y. M. C. A.! Treasurer ’21; Bonhomie Staff ’20. ’21; Assistant Kdltor Hornet '21; Kdltor-ln-Chlef Kcho ’22: ltoostm Club. Vice-President '21: President Greater Surmari Club ’22; President Student Body ’22: Tennis Club: The Cloister '21. '22: Corresponding Secretary K. C. C. P. A. 21; Senior Club. Sam Dolphus Reid CAMPOBELLO. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.S. "Rare compound of quality, noble and true. With plenty of sense and Rood humor too." Favorite Saying—"Don't get hard now" Favorite Amusement—Playing rook at tea parlies Economy—Making camphor instead of buying it Extravagance Buying soap Greatest Defect Coming in before the milkman Greatest Attainment A host of friends Peculiarity—Wearing trousers without a belt Vocation—Pharmacy Adetphlan Literary Society; Senior Censor. Fall Term. 21; Y. M. C. A.: Ilarnca Class: Senior Club. Secretary,Floyd Samuel Rusmton WACENER, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate Jot B.A. “Short In stature, but Ions In .ill that rocs to make a likeable fellow." Favorite Saying—“Gee whiz” Favorite Amusement—Talking to the ladies Economy Stature Extravagance- Ebullience Greatest Defect— Discontentedness Greatest Attainment—Self-discovery Peculiarity—A characteristic grin Vocation—Missionary to Brazil Senior Class Robert Lee Richardson SIMPSONVIt.I.E, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. “In basketball the best In his class. In studies not far behind. He tercets you with a ready smile. A friend he Is to all mankind." Favorite Saying—“Aw. say it ain't so" Favorite Amusement—Basketball Economy—Doing without breakfast Extravagance—Eating "Kandy-Kakes" Greatest Defect Failing to meet chapel Greatest Attainment—Block "F" in basketball two years Peculiarity—Indifference to the fair sex Vocation—Professor in Simpsonville High School rhilosophlan Literary Society: Assistant Conductor. Spring Term. '20; Junior Censor. Full Term, 81: V. M. A.: Bnrncn Class: Vice-President Class ’20: Class Prophet '22: Baseball 'H : Basketball '20.'21: Block Letter Club; Corresponding Secretary Greater Furman Club; Senior Club: Kalamazoo Club. I'hlloaophlan Literary Society; V. M. C. A.; Student Volunteer Band: Bnrncn Class; Ministerial Association: Senior Club.Senior Class Charles Spurgeon Scott GLF.NSIt E. PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for B.A. “Tull ami nlHloly now ho stands. Ami ho never folds his hands. Hut In plnnx what lie ran lo VVhon he'it thought and dreamed It through." Favorite Saying -"Oh, joy. joy. joy!" favorite Amusement—Searching for books in the library. Economy—Keeping his wit for someone lie knows. Extravagance' -Feet and inches. Greatest Defect—His reach is so high. Greatest Attainment—Preparedness for the foreign field. Peculiarity—Assigning duties to others. Vocation—Educational missionary. Phlloxoplilnn Literary Society; Chaplain, spring term 'IS: Recording Scerotnry, fall term 'SO; Treasurer. up id me term '21: -Senior Critic, full term '21: Harnca Class; V. M. C. A. Cabinet, '20; Student Volunteer Hand. President '20; Chairman Deputation Work. '21; Tennis Club; Hornet StsilT; Y. M. C. A. Editor. "20; Exchange Kill tor. |; Exchange Editor Echo. '21: .Ministerial Association: Class Editor Bonhomie. ’21; Library Assistant, '21; The Cloister. '22; Senior Cltib. Albert Elias Tibbs CRF.AT FALLS. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidalc for B.A. "Lives In tho suburbs. Eeeds on the nlr: lie can sure write poetry. And in Greek he's right there." Favorite Saying—"Do you believe that?" Eavorilc Ainuiemcnl—Walking lo and from school. Economy Association with fellow students. Extravagance Writing poetry. Greatest Defect—Impatience when the trivial happens. Greatest Attainment—Winner of three medals. Peculiarity—Easily wrought up. Vocation—Educational missionary to Brazil. Phllosophlnn Literary Society. Vice-President '21: Bnruc.a class. President '22: Y. M. C. A.; Student Volunteer Hand. President '22: Echo Staff. ‘20. '22: Hornet Staff. '21. '22; Pivsldom .tuninr Class. 21; ThO Cloister. '21. ‘22; Winner of Wtiarton Jlvdlll, '20; MeM titan .Medal. '21; TUoinas-Keys lilblo Medal. '20; Senior Pool. 60Senior Class Edward Pinckney Vandiver. Jr. ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. "Htmory nntl l.ntln ore Ills slellKht. Iii tlifno lie will tillmii t » it very ssi'ent height. Favorite Saying "Oh. you did. didja" Favorite Amusement Admiring ihc beautiful Economy—Piano playing Extravagance—Friendly suggestions Greatest Defect—Vamping Anderson College Greatest Attainment—Rending Plautus and Terence Peculiarity—Browsing in the library's slack-room Vocation Professor of history Attelphlnii Mtemry ftndeiy: I’nblle fx-bntcr 20; Junior Visitor. Spring Term. 21; Vlie-I'nslili'nt "21: Y. M. C. A.; Ilaracn Clnaa I’ntnJst '21. '22; Senior Club. Sanford Watson Vandiver ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROUNA Candidate for B.A. "I Imi.l |||« wurlil but n the worlil: . !t»go, where every man muss play n part." Favorite Saying "Nothing else" Favorite Amusement Receiving letters Economy Speech Lxlravag.mcc Week-end trips to Anderson Greatest Defect I hat old clay pijse Greatest Attainment—Master of Latin Peculiarity Electing Latin IV Vocation—Banking V. M. C, A.; Harness (’Ins ; twit Its IV t'lub; s'lnsa Secretary '22; Senior Club. 61Senior Class Broadus Elford Wall CAMPOREt.I.O, SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate {or B.A. “Never morniiiK won' to evonliiK Ilul In- Koine In-art illil Im-nk." Favorite Saying ‘‘I’ll heal ihe fire oul of you" Favorite Anuiiement Dealing in Fnrdi I'.conomy Knowledge F.xlravagance— Fiec advice Greatest Defect I Icart-smnshing Greatest Attainment Skill in hit defect Peculiarity -Makes blessing at meals short Vocation—Country pastorate rhlloxoplilnn t.llxr.-iry Society: Senior Censor. Spring Term, ‘at: President of Specln) Ou«« '21; Athtelle I'M! tor I toluol ‘21; Y. M. C. A.: Ministerial AsSOein-tlon. Frank Wilkins Wkbster COWPF.NS. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for B.A. ••Here we tinvo a pretty boy Who Mud ten very linril, Kxpcclnlly Indira fnees. In which he ha ri« peer,'’ Favorite Saying—"Boys, she's good looking, loo" Favorite Amuiemcnt—Visiting Pete's every night F.conomy—Washes his own clothes Kxtravagance Taking in the latest show Greatest Defect Goes to meals in bedroom slippers Greatest Attainment Getting in the Cloister Peculiarity—l akes a cold bath every morning Vocation—Member of the bar of Cowprns Adelpliliin l.lt-niry Society: Itoi-imllnK Secretary, l-'nll Term, '21: •’orrospoinllnK Socreimy ‘22: V. M. iv A.: Burnett On : Term lx Club: (’orrexpondltiK Seeretnry Crentcr Kiirntnn Oul» '22: On llixtoriun 21: Kctm Stoff ".M : Hornet Stuff ‘21: Treasurer The Cloister '22; Public Debater 21: Senior Club. 62Senior Class Toy Wood CREER. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for li.A. "He came here to study. And his mission lie lias truly fulfilled.' Favorite Saying—"Don't give up the ship" Favorite Amusement—Reading French Economy—Knowledge Extravagance—Displaying his strength Greatest Defect—Mentality Greatest Attainment -Mastery of French Peculiarity—Wants to hiss everybody Vocation—Professor of Modern Languages J'lilloxuplilau Literary Society: Treasurer. SprliiK Term, ‘20: Standard-Hearer. Kail Term, '2I; tto-jmrter for Hornet ’22: Class Historian ”.‘l; V M. ’. A.; Harnen class: Tennis Club 'Jo, ’21; President of tin- Spartan Academy flub ‘21: Honor Holt for Chapel Attendnnee ‘IS. ‘1!». ‘20; Class Haskett.nil Team ’21; Track Team T. : Senior Club. William Bennett Austin HONKA PATH. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for li.A. "Tell me not In 'phnno hook numbers Life In not an endless Strife; Since "tlss triii- a man should marry. How Is In- to ho his wife?" Favorite Saying—“Step on it. hid; let her go!" Favorite Amusement—Girling, the famous indoor sport. Economy —Lord Chesterfields. Extravagance—Glasses. Greatest Defect—Good loohs. Greatest Allainmenl—Honorary discharge. Peculiarity—Constancy. Vocation—Teacher. 63Senior Class Prophecy I wot an autumn afternoon in the year 1940. I had just finished a h ud day's work and sat down on my front porch for a little rest. I he gentle zephyr brushed my hair and cooled my heated brow. My faithful old pipe afforded me exquisite pleasure. While sitting alone, lazily smoking and listening to the birds in a nearby tree, I fell fast asleep. In my dream a large molb Came flitting by. It was a beautiful specimen; its wings were marvelously colored with the varied hues of the rainbow I immediately decided to capture this beautiful creature, and to send it to llic Furman Museum. I chased it for several miles. It would light upon the flowers, but each time I would try to catch it. it would quickly make its flight. I fallowed the moth until, to rr.y surprise. 1 found myself in a cavern where dwelt many fairies I looker! about me. On one side there was a throne, upon which sat the Queen of the l aities. I he moth flew toward her and lit on her shoulder. 1 followed it. and a I attempted to c.-tch it. the queen gently protested with raised hand. I hesitated, whereupon the queen said to me; "Why. sir, do you pursue this, my creature?" as slio gently touched the moth. A» she spoke, although she seemed to hr gentleness itself, there was an aspect of authority in her bearing, involuntarily I bowed and said: "Oh. queen, why do you hinder me in my pursuit of this beautiful creature?' I lie queen replied: "It ■ given l me. sir. to lie the guardian of all these winged creatures. ... I ?re, sir. by your fallen countenance how very earnest is your dejire for the moth, is there not some other gift that I can bestow instead of ibis creature some precious gem or a revelation of the present and future life of yourself and friend ?' At her words 1 forgot the moth, and thought only of my college friend and their careers. Here was my chance to learn f my old friends, and I raid: Oh. queen, tell me liovv it is with my college chums." hereupon she proceeded. l’lie first revelation was concerning my old pal and roommate. John ( htislopher. He wa living in Iris native town. Landrum, lie bad become « prosperous farmer and Mock raiser, and lived in one of the finest houses in town. There was something more than a fence running about his home. Yes. "Shorty" Daniel was in the newspaper business, and was making the Spartanburg HctalJ the leading newspaper of South Carolina. "Bill" Lancaster had settled down in Spartanburg, and had been made president of one of the South's largest hosiery mills. One had fallen » victim to Cupid. Larry Jamison was married. I le was director of the Spartanburg "Y.” Howard Reaves continued bis studies in one of the Northern universities. I le is now editor of the Atlantic Monthly'. Joe Fllcntscrg owns the leading hardware store in Greenwood. I le spends his off days in teaching the youngsters how to "kid" glove , "string" bean:, and "bull" frogs. Then there was my good « ld friend. "F.gg" Brown, who had spent several years globe-trotting, hut who hod finally settled down near Camden. He is the father of four little Brown children. Guy Cothran had finished at the Seminary. Guy is the leading preacher of Laurens. S. C. Behold "Mullikcn" Tibbs, the celebrated poet of the twentieth centuiy! I le commands the attention of the public with hi rh.vtbmic lines and touches of satire. J. B. Baiker finally married. He is principal of the Spartan Academy. My good friends. Field and Davidson, arc ardent disciples of the fai’h. Field has a grand« r. six months young, while Davidson has a ton in the Junior Class at Furman. "Billy” Sunday and Rodehcavcr had long since passed away, but their place had been amply filled by “Raison' Lrcll and "Dugan" Montgomery. I he former was raid by the popular press to be a twentieth century Moody; concerning the latter many said. "A greater than Caruso i» among us." H. C. I ludson. the able successor of Professor I'.arlc, bad won world renown by his discovery of the fourth dimension, which he hud demonstrated a few days since to an enthusiastic group of ardent disciples by the use of an cggihcll. Toy and Mrs. Wood are mighty contented on their farm near Greer. I hey are engaged in raising chickens, ducks and seedless persimmons for Northern markets. Having learned more philosophy than he could retain. "Baby" G.unbreM. in order to prevent self-destruction from asphyxiation, published a text-book on that subject. Yes. Rushton went to South America, and is doing a great work there. Incidentally he has invented a noiseless telephone. S. W . indiver is Andersen County's most public-spirited «iti rn. lie i« one of llic leading business men of Anderson, •4Succeeding Kit father. E. P. Vandiver is now president of a large bank in Anderson. He is unmarried. After having tried several jobs. Charlie Perry at last found his calling. He is an insurance agent. After three defeats in the contest for the blouse of Representatives, C. B. Loflis staged a "comeback" and was elected. Experts of the Department of Justice arc working day and night to ascertain the cost of Congressman Loftis' propojed Home for Superannuated Vagrants and Burglar . T. L. Looper has acquired a great reputation as a teacher. One of his iron-clad rules is that no pupil shall whisper above the top of his voice. The religious life of South America has been greatly strengthened by the earnest work of Barfield and Hasty. I he first is an able teacher in the Baptist Seminary; the latter is a peripatetic evangelist. Upon leasing Furman. Frank Posey set sail for Russia to become Trotzky’s legal adviser. On account of the weather and the precipitous depletion of the treasury, he returned to New York. I 1c is now fond of singing "Home. Sweet Home." J. R. Flynn astonished all his friend by finally settling down in New York. He is the able proprietor of a weiner stand on the Fast Side, with branch stores in Boston and I aylors. J. F. Hawkins is pastor of a country church in the Possum Kingdom section. With his raincoat and umbrella, he present a familiar spectacle to the people of that community. F.d Colvin is editor of the Piedmont, which has advanced rapidly under his leadership. "Doc" Carter ha been with Liggett-Myers Tobacco Company for several years. He has just returned from a trip abroad. For the past few years C. A. Bolt’s cartoons have been appearing in the leading magazines. He contributes not a few to the iurman Hornet. I laving given up the idea of studying medicine. J. W. Martin married early after graduation. He is a prosperous business man. "Dunk" Burnside was still a resident of South Carolina. He could not leave, because the name has a certain charm for him. Fie is once more paying Furman bills, and G. W. C. hopes to be drawing on him in the near future. J. B. Looper is at the head of the Chemistry Department of Furman. He has astonished the scientific world by his formula for producing radium. The formula is CP2SAIW'L3HBT4B VSIO. which means, being interpreted, equal parts of essence of cowpeas. spirits of sapolio. distilled walrus liver, granulated huinming-bird tongue, and vaporized boll weevil sweat. The most popular professor in Mercer University is George Blackburn. He went to Yale, where lie received his M.A.. later accepting the chair of English in this college. C. D. Garner is in the "Y" work. He is the leading speaker at the Blue Ridge Conference every year. Yes. "Di zy" Mcl.cod is superintendent of the Judson Mill of Greenville. "Dudic" Nelson is director of the bank of Fountain Inn. I Ic spends his afternoons at the high school helping to coach the football team. H. M. Moore is in the dairy business. It is reported that he ha laid up a considerable "roll." Rob Adams is professor of mathematics in a Northern university. Rob claims that the theory of relativity is very simple. Herbert Bailey is still making the ladies happy. He is proprietor of a tea room in Travelers’ Rest. South Carolina. Down at Cameron. Rast holds the position of mayor. He is also president of a cotton oil mill in that town. Behold the speaker in the House of Representatives in the Old North State. A. G. Allen! He still carries his suit case with him. After finishing his literary course at Furman. Webster studied law. He is a member of the bar of Cowpens. He is new contemplating running for solicitor of his district. Over in Africa the natives arc receiving "long distance messages" through "Charlie" Scott. "Charlie" married just before going abroad. B. E. Wall finally ceased his quarreling with the ladies and signed a matrimonial treaty of peace. Greenwood continues to grow greater through the aid of "Tom l it" Keller. He is a leading business man of this thriving city and is president of the Chamber of Commerce. Back in the hills near Gowensville there is a physician of no mean ability. Sam Reid has established a large practice. Although not in his line of work. Dr. Reid is occasionally called on to amputate a carbuncle from the eyebrow of a mule. By his faithful work and pleasant manners. C. B. Graves has recently been chosen cashier of a large bank in Atlanta. Probably the greatest radium specialist in the United States is “Mac" Carpenter. 1 Ic ha even removed warts from cucumbers with perfect ease. 65Well, "Shad" Padgell is putting out championship baseball clubs down at Tampa. Besides being manager of the club, "Shad" still twirls the old "aggie." B. M. I. has been changed to B. M. C.. with "Spat" Bailey as president. "Spat" is the leading educator of the Palmetto State. "Jeff" Nixon is still arguing no longer with signboards, but with a class in philosophy at Furman. Frank Keith is superintendent of education in Pickens County. Frank is doing a great work in this capacity. Yes, H. J. Howard is stdl as good-looking as ever. Henry is now dean of Furman. Finch is superintendent of the city schools of Anderson. He is unmarried. Austin became the sole proprietor of a music store in Ninety-Six. He has built up an extensive trade in phonographs with the Delectable Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Due West. Upon hearing my own name called. 1 awoke to find that my wife was calling me to supper. Class Prophet. Senior Class Poem ADIEU Amid the glory of a faultless day There often steals upon us unaware A cruel time when shadows follow on the way. And friends must of their fellowship despair; To us in all its undiminished glare New hope is given that we again shall smile. For youth, if robbed of friends, can soon repair As life is long and all the while Old wounds are healed as decades pass in file. But one dear friend we ne’er again shall find Nor feel the heart-throbs in her classic walls As oft the master moves the sensitive mind; Her life is paid, and at our feet there falls Her mantle, sacred as the sacred halls— We must forever bear her standard on! The dream eternal the master's soul enthralls Is but the life we bear from the diamond dawn Through the golden sunset back to the morn. Today emotions swell within our breasts Which all but rend our youthful hearts in twain; And gladness too. in turn, at lime’s behest. Is mingled in he strange yet matchless train. To bid adieu our friend brings boundless pain, But still we must, and like brave men, we can. Though be our accents all in vain. Wc bid adieu and breathe a prayer each man Will live and die for what this school began. 65A. M. Bradley J. H. Barnett . . . C. G. Campbell........... W. K. McGee . . . Sam Swofford Junior Class Officers ................................. President ...................................Vice-President ..............................................Secretary ........................................Historian ............................... Treasurer 68Junior Class Leon McGee Acnew DONALDS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course I’hllosophlnn Literary Society; Conductor. spring term '21; Standard-Bearer, fall term '21; Hnwcn flux ; Y. M. C. A.: Tennis Club; Junior Soccer Team. Clifton Judson Allen LATTA, SOUTH CAROLINA B. i. Course Adolph fan Literary Society; Winner Freshman Improvement Medal. "20; chaplain, fall term '20; Treasurer. KprlnK term ’21; Public Oeelalmer. 21: Wtnnei A. L. S. Orator’ Medal. 21; Second Place. Inter-society Oratorical (Tomcat, ‘21; Winner l.enlmxlt debater's Medal. ’21: Senior Critic, fall term ’21; lnn-i • society Debater. "22: Debate Council. '22: Student Council. ’-2: The Cloister: Hornet stnfT. '21, ’22; Echo Staff. '22: Winner Wharton Medal. '20: Bmaca Class: Secretary. spring term '21: Y. M. O. A. Cabinet Member. '21. '22; Tennis Club. Elbert Df.Vore Andrews CREENWOOD. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Adelplilan Literary Society: Public Debater. '21; Treasurer. '21; Standard-Hearer. '22: Baraca Class; Assistant Editor-In-Chief Hornet, '22: Winner Sophomore Declamation Medal. "21: Tennis Club; Varsity itiisketb.il! Team. "21. '22: Varsity Rnfo-ball Team. '21; Assistant Football Manager. '22; lllock "K" Club. Thomas Nathaniel Barksdale LAURENS, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course 1‘hllosophlan Literary Society: Ha ram Class: Y. M. A.: Member Student Council. '20: Class Treasurer. "20: Class Editor Honhomle. '20: Purple Hurricane Minstrels. John Haskell Barnett CHEER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course 1‘hllosophtan Literary Society; Scrgcant-at-Anns, fall term '20: Historian, spring term '21: Corresponding Secretary, fall term '21; Clan Vice-President. 22: Baraca Class: Y. M. C. A. Joyce Alvin Bearden WESTMINSTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phlloxophlan Literary Society: Baraca Clam: Y. M. C. A.: Iloporters' Club; Math Club. 69Junior Class Jesse Llewelyn Bozard CAMERON. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Addphlun Literary Society: Hnrncn CIom; Y. M. C. A.; Math Club. Alvah Moore Bradley BRADLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Vnrally Football. '1». '2l . ’21; Vnt-slly IL.x.bnll. ’20. 21; Vice-President Lins . -2t: I'rosldiiit Clara, '22. William Efridcl Brant ULMERS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phflocophinn Literary Society; Standard-Bearer. Kpiins; term 'If ; Honor Roll for Chapel Attendance. 'IB. Robert Brownlee GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Ailclplihiti I.Uerai-y Society; Math Club. Joseph Edward Brunson NINETY-SIX. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Adejphlitn Literary Society; Itaraen CInM;' Y. M. O. A. Carl Grant Campbell CAMPOBELLO. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course l'hi|o«ophlan Literary Society; Chaplain, full term '21; Record I n i; Secretary. xprliiK term 21: Senior Critic, fall term '22; Y. M. C. A. Secretary. '22; Vlcc-Prcal dent Ramok Clan , fall term '21; Student Council. '22: Hornet Staff. '22: Clara Secretary-. '22: Scrub j Baseball, '20. 21. 70Junior Class Otis Leonard Carter LANCLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Atlelphlan I.library Society; Vic— rr.sldent Block "F Club. “82: Varsity Basketball, ’l: . 20: Varsity Football. '20. 21: Varsity Baseball. '20. 21. William Edgar Clyde CREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Charles Max Cox FOUNTAIN INN, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course I’hlloaophlun Literary Society: V. M. ( A.; Barnett Class; Tennis Club: Groeiivlllo County Club. Lonnie Boyd Creech BLACKVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Gilmore Eaves Daniel ROEBUCK. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course I’lillonopliian Literary Society: Bamea Class; Tennis Club, 21. Raymond Williams Dobson CAFFNEY. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Ailolpbliin Literary Society; Bunion class; Member Clajw Basketball Team. ‘20. 21. 71Junior Class Wilton Robinson Earle GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Andrew Marion Foster LANDRUM. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course AilelphlAn Literary Society: Borneo ’l«w: V. M. C. A. John Morrow Foster LANDRUM. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Scrub Football Team. 'It, 20; Sophomore Football Twin. ‘21. Clinton Brown Galphin ST. MATTHEWS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course V. M. C. A.: Baraoa Cltuui: Treasurer Math Club. ‘22: I'hyslc AoaUtant. 22; Tennl Club. ’22. Walter Eugene Greer, Jr. BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Atlclphlnn Literary Society: Treasurer. Tall term ’21: Baraoa Claim: Tennla Club: Alumni K lltor Hornet. '22; I'hototrsphlc Editor Bonhomie. '22: Math Club. Elmer Francis Haight CREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course 1‘hlIoKophlun Literary Society: Junior Critic, fall term '21: Avatutant KdItor-ln-Chlof Bonhomie, ’22: Custodian of tho Cloister; Intersociety Debater. ’22. 72Junior Class James William Haynie BELTON. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Atlelphinti Literary Society; .Sergennt-nt-Arina. spring term ’SI; Itnrara Clus.i; Juke l-lditor Bonhomie. "21. C. Boltwf.ll Jeter SANTUC, SOUTH C AROLINA li.A. Course Edgar Johnson MULLINS. SOUTH CAROLINA li.A. Course Phllosnplilnn 1 .ueriiry Society; V. M. c A : Ministerial Association. John Ephriam Johnston GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROUNA li.A. Course Adelphlnn Literary Society; Tennis Club; Y. M. i'. A.; Itarnca ‘liiss; Oroeuvltlo C.'ounty Club, Mellville Lewis Jones CREENVII.I.E. SOUTH CAROLINA li.A. Course Adelphlnn Literary Soelety; Class Orator. ‘21. Irby Overton Lee PICKENS. SOUTH CAROLINA li.A. Course I'lilloxophfan Literary Society: Improvement Medial. !? : Conductor, full term Junior Censor, fall term ’21; Barnea Class; Y. M C. A.; I’fckens County Club. 73Junior Class William Kay McGee ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Addphiuu Ulvrary Society; Sera cant-at-Arm , fall term ’20 and '21: Chaplain, spring term '!!: Junior Censor. fall term 21: Public program, '22: Clans See rotary. '21: Class Historian, '22: Hornet Stuff, '22: Chattel Honor Roll. '20. 41: Ministerial Association: Haruen Class: Vice-President Y. M. C. A.. '22. John Wf.slf.y Mahaffey INMAN. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Adet| hlnn Literary Society: Chaplain, fall term '20. spring term '21: Rnraca Class: Ministerial Association: Spartan Academy Club: Spartanburg County Club; Class Football Team, ’ll : Football. '20: Assistant Football Malinger. '21. William Fred Mauldin EASLEY. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phllosophlan Literary Society: Baracn Class: Y. M. O. A.: Tennis Club. James Robinson Mauldin EASLEY. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phllosophlan Literary Society: Conductor, fall term '21; Bn rum Class. Stuart Nicholls Miller PAUIJNE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course PliiloRoplilnn Literary Society. Walter Kef. Mobley DALZELL. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Adelphlan Literary Society: Standard-Bearer. '20: Sergeant-al-Arm . 21: Custodian Math Club. 41: Bn-raca Class: Y. M. C. A. 74 Junior Class Edwin Nathaniel Nungezer, Jr. ESTILL, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Y. M. C. A.: linracii C'lasw; H or not stiff. '21; (’«rn-npon lliiK Secretary Greater Furman Club. '22: Ketio Staff. -22. Lewis Patton CREENVIU.E, SOUTH CAROLINA B. i. Course Ail«lphliin Literary Society: Senior Connor. KprluK term ‘2t: Corresponding Secretary Booster Club. 21: The Cloister. ’22: Hornet Stuff. '22: Bonhomie Staff. ’22. Henry Grady Picklesimer . PIEDMONT. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course PhUooophlnn Literary Society: Burma Chum; Y. M. C, A.: Minlaterlnl Association; Krettlimnn lilble Medal. '19. Samuel Alfred Pittman TURBEVILLE. SOUrH CAROLINA B.A. Course I'hlloaophtan Literary Society; Y. M. C. A.: Huraea Clann. James Douglas Poteat ELMHURST. NEW YORK B.A. Course Adclpltlan Literary Soeiety; Foot bn 11 Squad, ‘20: Var-I'lty Football. 'SI; Block "F" Club. '21; Glee Club, ’19. '20; (juurtetlo, '20; TellnIII Club. '19. '20. 21. Curry Dickenson Quisenberry CLINTON. MISSISSIPPI B.A. Course Adc'phlan Literary Sochty; Chum Vice-president. ’19. Cheer Lender. ’21; Varalty Basketball, '20. '21: Block "F” Club; Reporters' Club. 75Junior Class William Preston Rochester CREENVILLF.. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Addphlnn Utciarj' Society: Ministerial Association. Evedon Howell Still BLACKVII.LE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phllosophlun Literary' Society: V. M. ’. A.; Barnett Claw; Math Club. Theodore Ernest Stokes GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Adolphlnn Literary Society. Sam Swofford COWPENS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Adi-lphiati Literary Society: Recorder and Junior Censor. fall term '2J: V. M. C. A.: Rnrnca. Class; Tennis Club: Debate Council: Recording Secretary. '22: Vice-President Math Club. '22: lot. rsoclety Debater. '22: Clasj Treasurer. '22; Bonhomie Staff. ‘21. '22. Norman Douglas Timmerman EDCEF1ELD. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Phllosophlan Literary Society; Y. M. C. A.: Ministerial Association: Corresponding Secretary Literary Society, 'll. Albert Peoples Youmans FAIRFAX. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Adeiphlan Literary Society; Sorgeant-at-Arms. spring term 51; Treasurer, fnll term '22: BnrftCft Class; Y. M. C. A.Junior Class History HR environment of the boys of '23 since they entered Furman has. no doubt, been the most favorable one that a class has ever had the opportunity of working under. It was the first session after the Great War had closed, and conditions were most encouraging for one to press forward in the attempt to develop himself fer a life of higher service. Then. too. in the same year that we came to Furman President William Joseph McGIothlin. our illustrious ?nd beloved leader, also came. It is needless to remind the reader of what Furman has already accomplished under his leadership. At that time this glorious period of expansion had just begun. We are proud of the fact that our class can be ranked with the builders of Furman. We came here in the fall of 1919. numbering one hundred and twenty-five; and although we can claim only about half that number at present, our record has been resplendent and cur work an intrinsic factor in Furman’s development. Show us a class that has ever made a greater contribution to our Alma Mater during its first three years than has this one. look at it from whatever point of view you wish. The faculty has been almost doubled since our coming, and at the beginning of the present session Furman's standard was raised. This is proof enough that she stands for scholarship more than ever. And do the Juniors measure up to the higher standards? We do not like to make a statement that we cannot back up. and so we invite him who is unwilling to trust our word to come and see; the records of all our work are open. Outside the class room the literary achievements of this group arc manifested in the literary societies, debating and oratorical contests, college publications, and the like. Last spring, when the lads of 23 were still in scphomoric realms, three out of the four who are to represent the literary societies in the intersociety debate this session were chosen from cur number. We consider that we are rightfully proud of the three Juniors who were chosen over our Senior brothers. And we are confident that when the debate is held, these three—Sam Swofford. the handsome and modest man of ability and determination; Rimer Haight, our last year’s president, a man of unquestionable power and one whom everyone greatly admires: and Clifton Allen, a deep and trustworthy thinker, with his dazzling line—will bring honor not only to themselves but also to their class and to Furman. Furthermore, during last session when the oratorical contest was held for the purpose of selecting our state representative, among others, who should deck the platform but C. J. Allen and M. L. Jones. And do not forget that they were only ’’Sophs.’’ Although a member of the Class of ’21 captured first place, “C. J." soared to the summits of oratory, leaving the remainder of the Seniors, Juniors and others in the twilight. So do not be too confident. Seniors, for when the big fete comes again the Juniors will be present in their rhetorical pomp and with an unyielding determination—we give you 77a warning! Our class is well represented in both literary societies, and the work these members are doing would be a credit to any group. 1 he same could be said of the Cloister (English Club) and the Math Club. When the intercollegiate debaters arc chosen wc arc confident of a worthy representation. Space does not permit an unfolding of the honors which the juniors have earned in connection with the college publications. But suffice it to say that this year there are seven juniors on the Horrid staff, three on the Echo staff, and three on the BONHOMIE staff. In fact, our class has furnished more than her full quota in practically every worthy organization that exists at Furman. But just because wc have said so much concerning our literary attainments do not think we have not produced a good representation of creditable athletes. During the football season it was a common spectacle to see “Wop" Bradley, our All-State left end. throw an opposing back for a loss, seize a forward pass for a long gain and sprint for a touchdown; or. after the oval had been punted, race down the field to be present by the time the ball settled into the opponent’s embrace. Hie other wing was also well taken care of, for “Blackie" Carter was always much in evidence when the Purple Hurricane was on its warpath. It was an extremely rare occasion when an opponent made a gain around his corner of the wall. And on the offense he was just as sure. Many said that the Purple Hurricane was seriously crippled when she lost “Speedy" Speer; but “Doug” Poteat proved a worthy successor as a running-mate for I ec Rhamc. “Doug” may dream of------------------- at night, but when he gets that pigskin tucked under his wing he is evidently dreaming of a touchdown, if one may judge from the way he hits the line and skirts the ends. These three did their full share in winning the state banner this year. As to basketball, when the roll of the quintet is called the Juniors will answer in the persons of "Blackie” Carter and last year’s captain, “Quiz” Quiscn-berry. ' These two are a credit to our team and always mean trouble for an opponent. And when you review Furman’s baseball teams, which won the state pennant for the past two years, again “Blackie" Carter is seen in the limelight; this time bagging a fly in left field, or. if at the bat. crashing a three-bagger through second or over a fielder’s head. I hen appeared "Blackic’s" brother also. “Peewee" Carter, our last season's star shortstop. Here again we find “Wop" Bradley, our class president, scooping up a fast grounder to catch a man at first or laying out a runner at second. Lastly, we come to consider our twirlcr. Devore Andrews. Although last session was his first year with us. he. nevertheless, made good in the pitcher’s box. And so, dear reader, we feel that we have a right to be proud of our class. Since we became a unit here wc have grown to love one another and have always worked for (he advancement of our Alma Mater. Practically every man has distinguished himself in some line of college activity. Ilicrc has also arisen among us a deeper love for our faculty, and we have found that they arc here for the purpose of doing what they can to help us. We have become very much devoted to our Alma Mater, and pledge to her our continued love and unwavering loyalty. 78SOPHS■ Sopk omore Cl ass Officers L. F. L AN FORD............................................. President C. C. Gillespie.....................................................Pice-President W. L. BRASINCTON......................................................................Secretary J. A. Howard........................................................... Treasurer J. H. Woodside...............................................Historian 60Sophomore Class Thomas Ansel Alexander GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course David Bright Alford LATTA. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Curtis Stephen Anderson WOODRUFF, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course James Givings Arnold. Jr. GREER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Fred Bagwell GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Ref.ce Croxton Blackwell JEFTERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Ernest C. Bolt CRAY COURT. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Joseph William Bolton GREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Walter Leroy Brasincton CHERAW. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Enoch Dean Breazeale WESTMINSTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course 81Sophomore Class George James Brothers. Jr. FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course William Herbert Brown ASHEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Joseph Harris Bryant REEVESVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Hoyt Cromwell Burnett SALUDA, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Robert Monteith Caine LAURENS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Clarence Carey Cox BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course William Edward Cook IVA, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Henry Johnson Elrod SENECA. SOUTH CAROLINA Pre-Medical Course Murphree Claud Donnan CREER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Fred Owincs Drummond FOUNTAIN INN, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course 82Sophomore Class William Crayton Elrod HARTWELL. CEORCIA B.A. Coufic Jasper Martin Encland SENECA. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A, Course Alfred Ralph Erwin HARTSVI1.1.E. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Junius DeLeon Finklea FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Lawrence Eucene Flowers DARLINGTON. SOUTH CAROUNA B.A. Course James Clinton Foster CREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course James Thomas Garrison, Jr. FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Benton Mendenhall Gibson CREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course George Clark Gillespie FRANKLIN. KENTUCKY B.A. Course Ned Gregory LANCASTER. SOUTH CAROUNA B.S. Course 83Sophomore Class Richard Thomas Hallum, Jr. PICKENS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Mike Justice Hester RUTHERFORD TON, NORTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Nathaniel Welch Hicks. Jr. FLORENCE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course John Van Buren High SPARTANBURG. SOUTH CARO! ISA B.A. Course David Rufus Hill EPPINCHAM. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course John Gordon Holt GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course James Alexander Howard TICLRVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Victor Alonzo Jackson NICHOLS. SOUTH CAROMNA B.A. Course William Thomas James GREER. SOUTH Cf ROIJNA B.S. Course Willie Pierce Johnson JOHNSTON. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course 84Sophomore Class James William Jones GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Herbert Hanes Kyzer LODGE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Louie Fleming Lanford LAN FORD. SOUTH CARLOINA B.A. Course William Mendenhall Lawton ESTIl.!.. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Daniel Henry McKinney GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course John Alexander McLeod CREELYVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Julian Dwight Martin FLORENCE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Preston Heyward Moore CREENWOOD. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Leonard Wells Nelson GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Herbert Duvall Osteen SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course 85Sophomore Class John Allen Osteen PIEDMONT. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Bryan Jordan Perry RIDGELAND. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Hampton Eugene Price HARTSVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course John Barmore Razor. Jr. CREENVILI.E. SOUTH CAROUNA B.S. Course Leopold Willimet Rentz VARNVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course DuPre Rhame SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Joseph Miles Robinson HLACKSTOCK. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Fulton Floyd Rogers WACENER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Wade Montgomery Shanklin WOODRUFF. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Archie Pinckney Shirley HONEA PATH. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Joseph Calhoun Shirley 80WERSVII.I.E, CF.ORCIA B.A. Course 86Sophomore Class Paul Simmons CREER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course William Acker Simpson PIEDMONT, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course James Broughton Southern ROCERSVILLE, TENNESSEE B.A. Course Henry Tollison PELZER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Charlton Watson Walsh SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Charles K. A. Wang KAIFENC. CHINA B.A. Course Henry Herbert Wells, Jr. SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course James Bruce White ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A. Course Robert Ellsworth White, Jr. UNION, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Roland Wilkins COWPENS. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course James Henry Woodside GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course 87Sophomore Class History N a progressive institution like lurman each class has the distinction of having something new introduced to the university during its freshman year. One class had the S. A. T. C.. another introduced Dr. McGlothlin; but the Sophomore Class witnessed the beginning of something entirely different from cither of these. We experienced the cafeteria system in the dining room. This system was not enjoyed so much, but it afforded a release from at least one hardship: We did not have to pour water for the thirsty upperclassmen. Aside from this change, our campus experiences were similar to those of Freshmen who have gone before us and who have already related the Freshman’s tale of woe. It might be said that, as Sophomores, wc can now see that most of the rebuffs came when we were a bit ‘‘fresh." and wc now believe that they were for our benefit. This merely concerns our "rat" difficulties, and wc must not forget that while these were taking place a number of our classmates were making names for themselves, for their class, and for Furman in all college activities. In all branches of athletics '24 has been represented. In football she has furnished more varsity men each year, not to mention "scrubs." than any other one class. Not only did some of the members make the varsity team, but most of those who did were given a place by the football mentors of the state on the mythical All-State team. Stars have been produced in both baseball and basketball from the ranks of ’24. Furthermore. the end of the 1921 class basketball season found the Freshmen leading the league. But too much time must not be given to the part the Sophomores have played in athletics, for there are other important achievements which cannot go unmentioned. We have won our share of oratorical and debating honors, among them the distinction of having had a Freshman intersocicty orator. The staffs of the publications have also borne the names of Sophomores, and the religious organizations of the university have chosen seme of our number as officers. These are some of the honors gained by individuals of the class, but the spirit of ’24 is such that its members do not look upon such positions as personal honors. On the contrary, they realize that they have been placed there for the purpose of serving their Alma Mater. flic upbuilding of Furman is the aim of the Sophomore Class, and to this end we shall always strive. Faking all things into consideration, the writer feels that the Sophomore Class has done her part in upholding the standards set by the founders of the university. Furthermore. wc believe that when other classes take up their work here, they will find a larger and better institution through our having been here. 8889Freshman Class Officers R. T. Chewninc...................... N. W. Bradburn....................... ... H. R. Dobson.................................. J. A. Bull. Jr........................... M. C. Littlejohn.................... President Vice-President .............Secretary . . Treasurcr Historian 90FRESHMAN CLASS 91FRESHMAN CLASS 9)Freshman Class Members L. L. Alverson J. C. Green W. A. Ashmore B. F. Greer R. C. Banks H. P. Griffin T. B. Barnes Elbert Hancock Robert Bland G. B. Harris J. T. Bo.mar Robert M. Harris W. C. Boyd Lawrence Hart Demont Boyi.ston Ruff Hatchell Norman Bradburn W. S. Hatchett R. A. Braun A. W. Hawkins L.. A. Brock J. C. Henderson J. A. Bull. Jr. Hoy FIendricks A. H. Burcess W. H. Hicks W. A. BYARS John M. Holliday M. W. Byrd Paschall Huff R. J. Campbell W. C. Hunter P. H. Carr E. J. Incle Remincton Chewninc J. W. Incram Richard Christopher M. S. Jones J. H. Coleman A. B. Jordan M. C. Collins Harold Keating J. E. Craic M. E. Kelly J. M. Creech 11. L. Kinard C. J. Crocker C. E. Kolb Gordon Crymes B. H. Lancaster C. L. Cuttino. Jr. H. N. Lance Turner Davis C. C. Lawson Georce Dempsey Thomas J. Licon H. T. Dodenhoff B. C. Little H. R. Dobson M. C. Littlejohn J. E. Edwards. Jr. N. D. Loadholt Robert Elgin Frank Martin F. F.. Eskf.w D. P. Matheson T. J. Eskew J. A. McDowell D. L. Fickunc T. M. McElveen W. M. Finch 1 Iarold McKinney James Fogle Wells Meadows J. H. Ford G. J. Merrell I I. W. Fox T. G. Miller J. A. Gatiiincs C. M. Moore J. H. Gentry Benjamin Moore W. H. Myers H. Z. Nabers L. A. Nimmons E. L. Owen, Jr. Marion Pai.mer C. W. Parham, Jr. M. E. Parrish W. C. Pearce Richard Pettigrew J. N. Pinson Lewis Pollock R. L. Pruitt J. E. Pruitt I If.yward Raines J. C. Reaves J. H. Reed W. A. Roberts Cephus Rogers J. S. Rocers. Jr. S. B. Rush Joe K. Sanders H. O. Satterfield John M. Settle D. A. Smith F. C. Smith M. A. Smith W. D. Smith A. V. Suddeth L. B. Taylor P. M. Taylor. Jr. R. B. Thomson J. S. Walker Newton Watson C. D. Williams 11. P. Williams J. R. Williams O'Neil Williamson P. C. Willingham L. E. Wooten J. B. Worrell Herbert Yarboro, Jr R. E. Yarboro 94Freshman Class History T was in the middle of September, 1921, that we gathered from far and near to begin our life at Furman. We were welcomed with a relay greeting—by the Seniors and Juniors at the station: by the business manager at the office building (now we say Administration Building) ; and by the warm-hearted Sophomores at our rooms. Hie opening chapel exercise was one of great importance to us. There were many announcements, which applied mostly to us. Several speeches of welcome were delivered by the local pastors and business men. The dominant message of the exercises was one concerning our opportunities to develop into practical men. Our first appearance in the society life of the college was at the Freshman reception given in the G. W. C. parlors by the Y. W. C. A. of G. W. C. and the Y. M. C. A. of Furman. We were conspicuous by our gay colors. Although we were green and awkward, on that evening we were very popular. This was shown by the fact that a member of the faculty tried to pose as a "rat." After the arrangement of courses, we settled down to work. We decided that to make our class the best we should choose some leaders. The following were elected: R. T. Chcwning. president; N. W. Bradburn. vice-president; H. R. Dobson, secretary; Jim Bull, treasurer; M. C. Littlejohn, historian. We have proved ourselves to be hard workers not only in the classroom but in other phases of college life as well. l our of our men won places on the "Purple Hurricane.” The Freshman football team showed its mettle by the victories won. and by the distinction of being defeated only one time. We arc well represented also in the societies and other activities of the college. There are four student volunteers and eighteen ministerial students in our class. We purpose, as a class and as individuals, to make our class, the Class of ’25. the best, excepting none. We are striving not only to attain the necessary training to be useful men. but also to make the type of alumnus that Furman will be proud of. 95Special Class Arnold Jordan Alexander GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course Clarence Lee Bell GREER. SOUTH CAROI.INA Special Course Robert Cleveland Black CAKFNEY. SOUTH CAROI.INA Special Course Charlie Alexander Byrd KERSHAW, SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course James Samuel Cobb GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course Charles Henry Hollis GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA D.S. Course Jennings Johnson MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course Wilmot Howard Johnson MINTURN. SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course Loy Cleveland Jones SIMPSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Special Course James Ransom Mackey PIEDMONT. SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. Course Benjamin Augustus Osborne NINETY-SIX. SOUTH CAROI.INA Pre-Medical Course James Robert Smallwood LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI Special Course 96Law Officers and Dean J. Wilbur Hicks, J.D............... R. L. Ballentine............. Jake Rasor............ Miss Anna M. Beaty .........................Dean ..............President . Vice-President Secretary 98Elbert DeVore Andrews. Jr. CRF.F.NWOOD. SOUTH CAROLINA "A speaker and an athlete, too. Though a modal lad is he; His thoughts arc high, his words arc true. And his manners franl[ and free.” Robert Lee Ballkntine ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA "ll'ith his real sharp tongue And his ready wit. As a lawyer lie can’t l(ecf From making a hit." Anna McCants Beaty GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA "Conscientious in her worlf. Retiring, neat, refined: She does her very hest at everything; Is endowed with a brilliant mind." 99La School John Vann Dunford ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA ‘This boy is Ifiiotm as I ann. He lai(cs life Very easy; He likes the ladies Very Well. A ltd his smile is joyous and breezy." Robert Lee Edwards SALUDA, SOUTH CAROLINA "Robert is a good-natured boy, And he's clownish in a degree; He is a "math" sltarl(. too, they say. And as ambitious as can be." John Ephriam Johnston CREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA “Faithful, shrewd and fearless. An excellent old sport; He’s a mighty good student, And some dey will shine in court." 10ULaw School Clarence Harper Morrison ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA "Clarence all(i with great and mighty stride. He has some winsome ways; He is an orator of note. Possessed of a merciless gaze." Fred Grant Swartz CREENVILI.E, SOUTH CAROLINA "First, last and always A lad of good report; He sticks to every friend he has, And is a splendid sport." Charles Albert Young CARTERSVII.LE, SOUTH CAROLINA "Jolly and dependable. Trustworthy and true; Capable and effective. An excellent student, too." 101 A Sketch O university is profession is becoming more and more popular each year, as is evidenced by the increasing number of graduates of law schools. Moreover, it is absolutely essential that the law schools be of such a character as will train young men to become impartial upholders of the law, instead of merely making their profession a source of income. Our judges and lawyers of tomorrow must have the good of the people at heart, and must strive to give justice. More and more arc our colleges and universities realizing the need of a department of law which will train men for real service to state and country. The trustees of Furman University, realizing that Furman could not be complete without a school of law, and desiring to render a greater service to the young men of this and other states who wish to follow the legal profession, while in session in June, 1920, passed the resolution to establish a department of law at Furman. Dr. J. Wilbur Hicks, a prominent and successful lawyer of Florence, S. ('., an alumnus of Furman and of the University of Chicago, was secured as dean and professor of the law school. Dr. Hicks has proved himself a very efficient and able teacher, and is loved by every student on the campus. The department has secured the assistance of three of the best lawyers in South Carolina as lecturers. They arc Judge H. H. Watkins, a prominent attorney of Andersen. S. C.; Hon. FI. J. Hayncsworth and Judge T. P. Cothran, both brilliant lawyers of Greenville. The services of these able men will mean much to the law school. I hey will have a keen interest in Furman, especially in the law department. Furman is very fortunate in being able to offer to the law students a large and well-equipped library. This library contains the leading reports, text-books, digests and encyclopedias in the country. The law library will be added to from year to year. The Furman Law School is now in its infancy, and too much is not to be expected of it at first. As it grows and expands, new professors will be added, as well as more courses. There arc about fifteen students in the department this year, and the work in the classes is progressing rapidly. F.ach year we hope to see an increase in the number of students. 'Fhe establishment of a department of law at Furman will add a great deal to her prestige and rank. She is successful in all her other departments; why should she not be in this? It will add materially to the great educational mission which Furman is performing for the young men of our state and our country. of the Furman Law School or can be complete which has not a school of law. 1 his 102Coack William L. Laval A citizen of the Palmetto state, n «n of old Furman. iirul n ranking conch of the South I Conch ••Billy" Laval. who has become a vital |»art or Kurmnn University. Conch I .aval's Job at Kurmnn If the supervision of ihv throe lending sport —foot hull, basketball and bnsoball With these In I actively engaged nil the year. With Kroon inntorlnl each our. Conch ha turned out xonn of the best football team that the state has noon. Kor three year Furman ban been undefeated In the state. and now the Purple Hurricane In It mrotiK and dorlant wind wnv.n a football championship Hag over Kurmnn campus. We 1 1 l y the present allowing of the basketball team end its rapid rate of development that Conch l.avnl will eventually put otit one of the beat quintets In the state. Last year the fault of the team was due to limited time for practice. This year they hid fair to rtnlsh first or second in the race. You can Imagine what will happen when Kurmnn sets Iter gymnasium. As a baseball player Coach l.avnl I known nil over the South. League teams desire Ills services; but his Interest is In Kurmnn. lie has Furman at heart, because hi was once a student at Kurmnn. This, together with Ids ardent love for boys mid Ills ability for leadership. Is the sole reason that Furman has turned out excellent baseball teams and can Justly boast of the championship team for the lust two consecutive years. Other colleges can boast of their mentots from the North. Bast, and West; hut Kurmnn. with her son, •'Billy" I Aval, still holds her own. J. H. Speer, Assistant Coack "Speedy," a he Is known by the boys, needs no Introduction. Ills football career at Furman Is familiar to alt the rootball fans of South Carolina. He Is making a similar record as assistant director of athletics. Ills success Is shown by the victorious freshman football team which he built up this year. In addition to Ills athletic ability, he possesses n personality which makes him a favorite with all the fellows. In short. "Speedy" nils the place of rlght-hnml man to Conch ••Billy” Laval as no one else could do. We ar. proud to see him as assistant In uthletlcs. and wv believe thnt he will moan much to Furman. 106CAPT. McMANAWAY The quarter with brain as well as muscle. LEE RHAME The "iron man" of South Carolina football; five years a star halfback for Furman. Jakf. RaSOR. Assistant Manager V. G. PaDCETT. Manager 107 E. D. AnDRF.WS. Assistant Manager THE TOUCHDOWN THAT WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP BABE" HAMMETT The keystone, who gave "Bum" Day something to think about. SEE "STUD" WATERS The thinking fullback of the Purple Hurricane. "DOUG"POTEAT The man who carried the ball over Carolina’s goal line.LEE RHAME PUZZLING GAME COCKS "BLACKIE" CARTER Fast right end who spill almost every play that comes his way. “WOP" BRADLEY An ex-sailor who still sail into every play that comes anywhere near him. "BUD" LANFORD The tackier with a keen eye and indomitable energy. 109"SIDE-KICK" LANCE As hard lo gel over a one of his native mountains. "DIZZY" McLEOD Captain-elect of Furman's 1922 Hurricane and a tactic Jc luxe. "DIAMOND HEAD" BUYCK Changed from guard to tackle, he found himself and almost won a place on the All-Stale team. A MIX-UP IN THE CAROLINA GAME 110 "JACK” DEMPSEY The man who it expected to take the place of "Dodc" Phillips in Southern football. "R. T.” CHEWNINC Kicked the only drop-kick attempted by Furman during the whole season. "PUSS" cox Fast, hard-hitting guard who has wonderful strength and endurance. A CENTER BUCK III"SLIM" NLLSON Would have made Furman a great end if Bradley or Carter had been out of the game. "BIG JIM” IIOWARD The heaviest man on the squad. Me is always thcic to fill a tackle s place. "RED" DOBSON Able substitute for center. Watch him next season!r,-r r.t . (Left to fight) Coleman. Carter. McLeod. Lance. Hammett. Lanford. Buyck. Bradley. Hicks. Bradburn, Chewninc. Cox. Waters. McManaway, Poteat. Rhame, Burnett. Picklesimer. Rasor. Dobson. Howard. DuPre Rhame. Nelson. Dempsey. White. Coach Laval. Purple Hurricane Schedule and Results for 1921 Furman University 42; Erskine ... 7 Furman Universily 63; Newberry . . . 0 Furman Universily 7; Universily of Georgia . . . . . 27 Furman Universily 0; Georgia Tech ... 69 Furman Universily 0; Clemson . . . 0 Furman Universily 42; Citadel . . . 0 Furman Universily 37; Mercer . . . 0 Furman Universily 7; Carolina . . . 0 Furman Universily 62; Wofford . . . 0 Furman Universily 23; Davidson . . . 0Football Review HONFRONTF-D with two enormous gaps—those left by ihe lots of Speer and Jeter— Coach Laval had a huge task to build a 1921 Purple Hurricane that would uphold the record made the previous year. The fact that the undisputed stale championship title for this season belongs to Furman is proof enough that he succeeded. "Dode" Phillips and the rest of the Erskine team were defeated. 42 to 7. As usual. Furman made six touchdowns against the Seceders. but, contrary to custom. "Dode” managed to get through for a touchdown. This counter came as the result of two successive long runs by Phillips. The second time he eluded the whole Furman team, running thirty-eight yards for a touchdown. Phillips was the only member of a South Carolina team to cross the Furman goal line in the season of 1921. A week later the Hurricane blew through the Newberry Indians for nine touchdowns. 'I his game was somewhat easier than the F.rskinc game. These two easy games did not require hard and careful playing, and so the team was not in the right condition for the next two games. October 8th found the Hurricane battling with Georgia at Athens. Although Georgia had the strongest line in the South, our team drove through it for one touchdown. No other Southern team, to say nothing of Harvard or Dartmouth, was able to smash through Georgia's line during the season. At the end of the first half we were leading with a score of 7 to 6. In the second half Georgia shoved over three more touchdowns. The final score was 27 to 7. The next game was with the Golden Tornado. The Hurricane was fierce, but the Tornado was fiercer. I he score was 69 to 0. Coach Laval sent in almost every man on the squad, but no combination seemed able to check the rushes of the "Tech" aggregation. The game with Clcmson was the most disappointing one of the whole season. Furman played her worst game of the season, and the Tigers played their best. The scoreless tie cast a gloom over the whole campus. Furman would, no doubt, have beaten Clcmson two or more touchdowns if the game had been played at any other lime during the season. After much talk about holding us to a close score, the Citadel Bulldogs went down by the score of 42 to 0. Poteat apparently discovered himself in this game. His running was one of the features. Buyck. who formerly played guard, seemed to become master of his tackle position. These two played wonderful football during the remainder of the season. After holding Georgia to a 28 to 0 score. Mercer came to Greenville with the idea of beating the Hurricane, but before the sun went down Furman had 37 points to Mercer's 0. In this game Chewning kicked the only drop-kick seen on Manly Field. The championship of the stale was decided November 12th. "Sol" Metzgar's Gamecocks fought fiercely, but the Hurricane tore their feathers off. Both teams played for a break: a Carolina man was the first to break under the strain; Furman seized tho opportunity and carried the ball for a touchdown. McManaway punted to Snipes, who was hit by Bradley and Buyck just after he caught the ball. He lost the ball and Buyck recovered it on the one-yard line. Brains put the ball over the goal |ine—the brains of Bill Laval. McManaway dropped behind the other backs and called signals; Rhame got up and started back toward him; the ball was snapped to Poteat. who dived through the hole opened up by the right side of the line. The whole Carolina team was thrown off its guard. Furman scored only nine touchdowns on a rain-soaked field against Wofford. McLeod kicked the wet ball between the posts eight out of nine limes, making the score 62 to 0. The Terriers were game, but they lacked the ability to hold such a team as ours. Having no reason to hold anything in reserve. Furman cut loose an offensive against Davidson on Thanksgiving Day that amazed all the spectators, as well as the Davidson team. Davidson was helpless before the varied and deceiving attack. Furman crossed the line once each quarter. 1 he score was 28 to 0. Wildcats came to Greenville; tame kittens went away. 114Front Ro» (left to right)- Ql-isenberry. Wilkins. Captain Waters. Pearce. Simpson. Second Ron -Manager McLeod, Nelson. Brock. Coleman. Andrews. Taylor. Dobson. Coach Laval. 1922 Basketball Schedule January 13—Furman v . Newberry.................................................Greenville, S. C. January 14—Furman vs. Georgia..................................................Greenville. S. C. January 18—Furman v$. Spartanburg “Y"..........................................Greenville. S. C. January 21—Furman V . Piedmont College.....................................Greenville. S. C. January 24—Furman v . Clemson.....................................................Clcmson. S. C. January 30—Furman vs. Clemson................................................ Greenville. S. C. February 2—Furman vs. Newberry ..... Newberry. S. C. February 3—Furman vs. College of Charleston....................................Charleston. S. C. February 4—Furman vs. Citadel..................................................Charleston. S. C. February 6—Furman vs. Carolina...................................................Columbia. S. C. February 14—Furman vs. College of Charleston....................................Greenville. S. C. February I6-Furman vs. Citadel..................................................Greenville. S. C. February 20—Furman vs. Carolina . Greenville, S. C. Pebruary 23—Furman vs. Spartanburg "Y".........................................Spartanburg, S. C. February 24-25—Southern Tournament........................................................Atlanta. Ga. March I—Furman vs. Wofford ........................................Greenville. S. C. March 4—Furman vs. Wofford.................................................Spartanburg. S. C. 115Review of the 1921 Baseball Season URMAN'S baseball season of 1921 was one of the most successful from every standpoint that Furman ever had. The team, which truly won the name "Purple Hurricane." swept the state with an avalanche of victories. ' The fighting spirit which enabled the team tc win on April 2 a decisive victory from Newberry was still evident on May 9, when the season closed with an overwhelming defeat of Wofford. Coach Laval very truly deserves his name as a "miracle man." because it is due largely to his genius that a state championship team was developed out of new material. Two veteran pitchers, two outfielders, two catchers, and one infielder were the only old men he began with. Coach completed his team with some promising young stars recruited from the ranks. The new men developed very quickly, so that it was necessary to shift his team but a few times until he had moulded together a machine that captured the flag, which has now waved over Manly Field for two consecutive years. For the benefit of our readers we publish the schedule, with the results of each game. April 2—Furman ..................9; Newberry.................2 April 13—Furman .................4; Clcrmon.................. I April 20—Furman .................2; Clcmson................. | April 21—Furman .................9; Citadel..................6 April 26—Furman .................5; Erskine..................4 April 27—Furman .................3; Erikine..................0 April 28—Furman .................0; Newberry.................I April 29—Furman ................10; Carolina.................4 May 4—Furman ...................II; Carolina..................7 May 5—Furman ....................8; Wofford...................4 May 9—Furman ....................4; Wofford...................3 1161171922 Baseball Prospects With the beginning of early spring, hateball activities will be resumed. Once more the inlcrcsl of students and athletic fans will l e centered on Manly Field. The ijueslion with everyone is whether or not Furman will be the proud possessor of another championship baseball team. The prospects for a successful year are bright. Coach Laval will begin the work of training with a number of valuable veterans of the diamond. In the outfield will be seen O. L. Carter and "Puss" Cox; for infield positions he can depend upon Jake RasOr, Moore Bradley. "Brick ' Brasi-gton. and Fred Drummond; and Padgett. McLccd and Andrews will be cn hand ft:r the mound work, with Lance at the recei ing end. I his group of star players, together with a large number of promiring frcchrnan candidates, should enable Coach to build a winning team. I he schedule for the season is as follows: March 27—North Carolina State . . Raleigh April 24—Wofford . . ... Spartanburg March 28—Wake Fore:t . . . Wake Fo es! April 25—Uni ersity of S. C. . Greenwood March 29—Elon........................... F.lon April 26—Da'.idson.Gaffney. Rock Hill, Union March 30 Trinity....................... Durham April 27—F.lon................... Greenville March 31 -University of N. C. . Chapel Hill April 28—Citadel................. Greenville April 6—College of Charleston . Green- ille May I—Errkine................Due West April 10—Wofford....................Greenville May 2—-Newberry .... Newberry April 11—Newberry . . ... Greenville May 3—University of S. C. . . Columbia April 13—University of N. C. . . Greenvi'le May 4—College of Charleston . Charleston April 13—Clem'.on.......Greenville May 5—Citadel . . • Orange April 19—University of Alabama . Greenville May 12—Clemson..................... .iemson 1181922 BASEBALL SQUADTennis Club Officers W. M. Carpenter...........................................................President I I. 1. Finch......................................Secretary Members J. H. Ford G. S. Blackburn E. C. Kolb V. M. Shanki.in C. B. Loftis W. A. Byers R. J. Campbell B. F. Hasty J. N. Pinson V. T. James H. C. Hudson J. R. Smallwood V. F. Mauldin V. H. Myers F. W. Webster J. G. Arnold J. C. Shirley D. S. Burnside C. S. Andes son F.. M. Arnold W. F.. Cook C. L. Bell H. M. Finch H. J. Howard C. C. Cox V. A. Jackson H. K. Ezell 12010 STRIVE. TO SEEK. TO RNO. AMD KOT TO TTETf . . Jo!(C Editor Exchange Editor Athletic Editor Athletic Editor Hornet Staff C. F. Daniel . . . Prof. R. N. Daniel .... Faculty Editor J. J. Nixon....................Business Manager E. D. Andrews. Jr. . Assistant Editor-in-Chicf Lewis Patton .... Advertising Manager . . . Editor-in-Chief W. K. McGee . . C. S. Scott . . . Frank Webster . . J. B. Southern . . nan FURMAN WINS STATE TITLE —Hornet Staff W. E. Greer..................Alumni Editor J. H. Woodside. Jr................Local Editor J. A. McLeod .... V. M. C. A. Editor C. J. Allen . . . Adclphian Society Editor DuPre RhaME .... Circulation Manager C. B. Loftis . . . Adclphian Society Editor C. G. Campbell . . . Circulation Manager Toy Wood . . . Phitosophian Society Editor N. D. Timmerman . Phitosophian Society Editor 125H. M. Reaves.............................................Editor-In-Chief E. P. Vandiver...............................................Assistant Editor-in-chief Prof. W. H. Coleman..................................................................Faculty Editor Associate Editors A. E. Tibbs.......................Literary D. S. Burnside . . G. S. Blackburn...................Literary E. N. Nuncezer . C. J. Allen.......................Literary H. G. Picklesimer . C. S. Scott.......................Exchange W. H. Brown . . G. C. Gillespie.................I 'esv Booi(s . . . Exchange "Laugh With ur . . Nets Bool(S . . Net floods Managers F. W. Kei.I.ER..............................................................Business Manage E. E. Colvin..................................................Advertising Manager A. G. Allen......................................Circulation ManagerETA — ADELPHIAN SOCIETY PRESIDENTS — PHI H.M.Finch (Fill TcrmJ E P. V.i !id ivcr (Spr,ng 7(rrt) J.J. Nixon T»rn ) 127Adelphian Literary Society ETA SECTION Officers I'all Term Spring Term N. L. Rast..................................President......................E. P. Vandiver. Jr. E. P. Vandiver. Jr.......................Pice-President..................... V. J. Em.enrerc F. V. Webster......................Recording Secretary...................Sam Swofford S. D. Rf.id..............................Senior Censor......................F. W. Keller Sam Swofford.............................Junior Censor.......................Lewis Patton W. E. Greer.................................Treasurer.........................F. W. Webster M. C. Donnan................................Chaplain........................J. W. MaHAKFEY E. D. Andrews Members R. L. Edwards J. W. Mahaffey J. W. Boi.ton W. J. Ellenberc D. E. Montgomery J. L. Bozard J. R. Elrod 1-ewis Patton A. L. Brodif. J. R. Flynn C. E. Perry D. S. Burnside C. G. Gamrrell W. C. Pearce W. C. Boyd W. E. Greer N. L. Rast H. P. Bailey B. F. Greer S. D. Reid T. M. Bailey J. W. George J. S. Rogers Robert Bland •T. E. Hancock J. B. Rasor H. C. Burnett Robert Harris W. P. Rochester W. Burns J. W. Haynie Sam Swofford W. M. Carpenter M. L. Jones R. C. Smith W. C. Carter J. W. Jones J. R. Smallwood C. C. Cox J. E. Johnston L. E. Taylor J. E. Craig W. H. Johnson F. W. Webster R. G. Christopher F. W. Keller Ciias. K. A. Wanc R. J. Campbell W. F. Lancaster J. H. Woodside R. W. Dobson W. M. LaWTON R. Williams M. C. Donnan C. B. Loftis L. E. Wooten 12d Tj(f 11 If c -— JI llv M hM II JJ.C Adelphian Literary Society PHI SECTION Officers I"all Term Spring Term H. M. Finch.................................PresiJenl............................J. J. Nixon, Jr. Frank Keith..............................Vice-President............................Frank Keith J. J. Nixon. Jr........................Recording Secretary..........................C. J. ALLEN G. F. Posey...............................Senior Censor..........................W. K. McGee W. K. McGee...............................Junior Censor.............................L. Jameson A. P. YoumaNS...............................Treasurer............................ V. H. Brown W. 11. Brown.................................Chaplain . J. V. Hicii T. A. Alexander Members J. T. Garrison J. J. Nixon, Jr. D. B. Alford B. M. Gibson P. J. Perry C. J. Allen H. P. Grifff.n R. C. Pettigrew Robt. Bland M. J. Hester G. F. Posey G. J. Brothers J. V. High C. D. Quisenberry A. S. Brown C. H. Hollis J. C. Reaves W. H. Brown E. J. Ingle DuPre Rhame J. H. Bryant Jameson C. E. Robinson V. A. Byers Frank Keith J. M. Settle M. M. Byrd H. L.. Kinard J. B. Southern P. H. Carr B. M. I-ancaster T. E. Stokes J. A. Christopher C. C. Lawson P. M. Taylor. Jr. J. H. Coleman J. J. 1.IGEN I). G. Thomas 11. F. Dodexhoff M. C. Littlejohn J. S. Walker J. E. Edwards. Jr. N. B. Loadholt R. Wilkins D. L.. Fickunc W. K. McGee II. P. Williams 11. M. Finch W. K. Moblf.y P. C. Willingham V. M. Finch S. L. Moss C. F. Wolf J. D. Finklea W. I I. Myers I Ierbkrt Yarborough. Jr. J. H. Ford A. P. Youmans 130A.E.Tjbbs Trrn-.’ J.G.Cot hran (Cpri«f Ttrm) GAMMA — PHILOSOPHIAN SOCIETY PRESIDENTS — SIGMA 131Philosophian Literary Society GAMMA SECTION Officers Fall Term H. M. Reaves..............................President . H. J. Howard...........................Vice-President E. F. HaICHT...................... ... Senior Critic C. S. Scott.............................Junior Critic A. E. Tibbs . . . J. B. i.OOPER . . . J. G. Arnold. Jr. . R. L. Richardson . G. S. Blackburn . Archie Baughman . A. G. Allen J. G. Arnold. Jr. Mitchell Arnold J. B. Barker Archie Bauchman G. S. Bi.ackburn J. T. Brown O. 11. Broadway A. H. Burcess C. L. Bell J. A. Bearden L. E. Culbertson G. E. Daniels L. E. Flowers J. H. Fccle H. W. Fox B. G. Field G. C. Gillespie E. F. Haight Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Senior Censor Junior Censor Treasurer . . C Itaplain Members H. J. Howard G. B. Harris J. F. 1 Iawkins A. V. Hawkins V. A. Jackson Elgar Johnson M. S. Jones T. hi. Keating C. E. Kolb L. F. Lankord J. B. Looper J. E. Lewis T. D. Lide W. F. Mauldin W. I I. McKinney D. H. McKinney D. P. Matheson T. M. McElveen Spring 7 am . . A. E. 'I urns . . A. G. Allen H. J. Howard N. D. Timmerman . G. C. Gillespie Paul Simmons G. S. Blackburn . L. F. I.ANFORD . . J. B. Looper . Edcar Johnson J. D. Nelson L. A. Nimmons H. G. Picklesimer C. W. Parham. Jr. 11. M. Reaves R. I.. Richardson F. F. Rocers F. S. Rushton W. A. Roberts J. 11. Sanders C. S. Scott Paul Simmons A. P. Shirley H. O. Satterfiei d N. D. Timmerman A. E. Tibbs H. Wells Newton Watson C. D. Williams 132Philosophian Literary Society SIGMA SEC TION Fall Term B. F. Hasty- . . . J. G. Cothran . . C. G. Campbell . I . K. Emu. . . . J. A. McLecd . . J. H. Barnett . . T. L. Locper . . . I. O. Lee . . . . C. A. Bvrd, Jr. . . D. R. I Iill . . . Officers . . President Vice-President . . . Senior Critic , . . Junior Critic . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary , Senior Censor . . . junior Censor . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Chaplain . . . Spring Term J. G. Cothran . C. F. Daniel . M. K. Ezell . . I. O. Ixt J. H. Barnett C. D. Garni k J. A. McLeod J. R. Mauldin . C. A. Bolt J. A. 11oWARD L. M. Acnew W. A. Ashmorf. V. 11. Barfield J. H. Barnett J. T. Bomar W. E. Brant R. A. Braun C. A. Bvrd. Jr. R. C. Bl ACKWEI.L C. G. Campbell J. G. Cothran C. M. Cox C. L. Cuttino C. F. Daniel Y. W. Davidson I. T. Davis T. L. Earle H. K. Ezell Members F. R. Fast I - E. Flowers C. D. Garner J. A. Catmincs I!. M. Guyoit R. T. I Iai.lum B. F. IIasty Ruff 1 Iatchei.i. Sam Hatcheti D. R. Hill J. A. Howard W. T. James J. Johnson Victor Jackson 11. II. Kyzer I. O. Lee R. I.. Landrum. Jr. W. J. I -ANTORIJ T. L. L.ooper J. R. Mauldin W. K. Meadows C'. K. Morrison J. A. Osteen Lewis Pollock J. H. Reed Wade Shanklin A. P. Shirley F. C. Smith M. A. Smith F. 11. Still C. K. Trui uck B. F.. Wall J. B. White R. F. White Toy Wood J. A. McIxod W. P. Johnson 134Intersociety Debaters Adelphian Literary Society Sam Swofford C. J. Allen Piiilosophian Literary Society H. M. Reaves E. F. I lAicirr 135 f 1 ADELPHIAN SOCIETY ORATORS E. I). Andrews. Jr. C. J. Allen J. B. Southern PHILOSOPHIAN SOCIETY ORATORS A. E. Tibbs C. C. Campbell N. D. Timmerman 136Inter-Collegiate Debaters E. F. Haicht E. D. Andrews 137 N. D. Timmerman H. M. Reaves J. J. Nixon C. J. AllenDebate Council Prof. W. H. Coleman . Chairman Dr. O. O. Fletcher Prof. C. C. Ross 11. M. Reaves. Correiponding Secretary Sam SwOFFORD. Recording Secretary C. J. Allen E. F. Haight 138President Pice-President .............Secretary . . Treasurer . Editor 139 Officers B. F. Hasty.................... W. K. McGee.......................... C. G. Campbell........................ ... C. F. Daniel......................... J. A. McLeod...................THE YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIONY. M. C. A. A. G. Allen Members G. B. Harris C. J. Allen R. T. ! Iatchei i Curtis Anderson J. F. Hawkins J. G. Arnold M. J. Hester Mitchell Arnold J. V. High E. D. Andrews. Jr J. A. Howard J. H. Barnett H. J. Howard J. A. Bearden M. Hutto C. 1.. Bell H. C. 1 Il'dson R. C. Bi ackwi.i l E. J. Ingle J. L. Bozard W. T. James G. J. BROTHEks. Jr. Edgar Johnson A. H. Burgess W. H. Johnson D. S. Burnside F. W. Keller C. A. Byrd. Jr. C. E. Kolb C. G. Campbell I. O. Lee J. G. Cothran M. C. Littlejohn L. E. Culbertson J. A. McLeod J. E. Craig T. M. McElveen C. K. Daniel W. K. McGee M. C. Donnan W. K. Mobley V. C. Elrod Lewis Moss H. K. Ezell J. J. Nixon, Jr C. B. Galpiiin J. A. Osteen J. T. Garrison E. N. Nuncezer. Jr. G. C. Gillespie Georcf. Pennell R. T. 1 Iali.um, Jr. H. M. Reaves T. E. 1 Iancock N. L. Rast S. D. Reid W. A. Roberts F. F. Rogers DuPre Rhame C. S. Scott E. H. Still Sam Swoklord J. B. Southern A. F.. Tibbs E. P. Vandiver, Jr F. W. Webster S. W. Vandiver J. S. Walker A. P. Youmans • 41THE JUDSON MEMORIAL BARACA CLASSJudson Memorial Baraca Class Mr. B. E. Geer. Teacher Dr. O. O. Fletcher. Auistar.l Teacher Tall Term Officers Spring Term A. E. Tibbs A. G. Ai.len John Christo:her ... J. I I. Barnett 11. K. Ezell Members A. G. Ali en J. W. Ingram J. B. Southern C. J. Allen V. A. Jackson F.. 11. Still V. B. Alford W. T. James Sam Swofford C. S. Anderson J. L. Jamison L. E. Taylor J. G. Arnold. Jr. W. 1 . Johnson P. M. '1 ayi.or. Jr. J. H. Barnett Frank Keith R. B. Thompson Archie Bauciiman F. V. Keller J. 11. Tollison C. L. Bell M. E. Kelly E. I . Vandiver. Jr. R. C. Blackwell W. F. I-ANCA5TER H. 11. Wells. Jr. J. L. Bozard II. N. 1.ANCE J. H. WOODSIDE A. M. Bradley 1.. F. Lankord C. D. Williams A. H. Burgess I. O. Lee C. K. A. Wanc H. C. Burnett |. E. Lewis Toy Wood C. A. Byrd. |r. I. B. l.OOPF.R A. E. Tibbs C. G. Campbell T. L. Looper |. T. Garrison O. L. Carter V. P. Matkewson J. V. High J. A. Christopher V. F. Mauixin 1. M. England C. C. Cox J. R. Mauldin H. M. Finch ). E. Craig |. A. .McDowell T. L. Earl R. G. Christopher T. M. Me l;'.’.VEEN 11. Johnson C. L. Cltitino W. K. McGee S. L. Moss C. F. Daniel H. McKinney F. W. Webster G. E. Daniel A. I’. McLeod A. P. Youmans J. T. Davis W. K. Meadows Lewis Pollock J. E. Edwards S. N. Miller 1. B. Rogers W. J. Ellknherg V. K. Mouley DuPrf. Rhame W. C. Elrod J. J. Nixon. |r. C. A. Young H. K. Ezell. |r. E. N. Nuncezf.r 1. E. PRuirr Mrs. O. O. Fletcher |. A. Osteen D. G. Thomas L. E. Flowers G. L. Owen. |r. M. D. Jones 1. W. George C. F.. Perry R. C. Retticruf. G. C. Gillespie I. N. Pinson 1. A. Bearpf.n C. B. Galpiiin S. A. PlTMAN R. 1 . Pruitt V. E. Greer N. L Rast E. C. Bolt 1? T. 1 Ialllm. Jr. II. M. R avis II. 1. F.-rod T. E. Hancock S. D. Reid I. W. Martin R. H. Harris R. L. Richardson A. R Erwin B. F. Hasty W. A Roberts 1. II. Bryant A. W. 1 Iawkins F. F. Rocers I. D Nr.'son 1 F. Hawkins H. O. Satterkield 1. M. Setti.e V. S. Hatchett C. S. Scott C. R. Graves D. 1C Hm W. M. Shankun 1. W. Mahaffey J. A. Howard M. A. Smith A. Byars J. R. Smallwood 143Officers R. R. Adams..............................................President Sam Swofford....................................................Vice-President H. C. Hudson.....................................................................Secretory C. B. GaLPHIN........................................................Treasurer W. K. Mobley.............................................Custodian Members Prof. M. D. Earle Prof. L. H. Bowen R. L. Brownlee J. A. Bearden W. E. Greer, Jr. J. L. Bozard E. H. Still 144Officers H. J. Howard...........................................President A. C. Allen....................................................Picc-President H. M. Reaves..................................................................... Recording Secretary I -EWis Patton......................................................Corresponding Secretary I-. W. Webster.......................................................Treasurer E. I'. HaichT...........................................Custodian Members Prof. R. N. Daniel D. S. Burnside C. S. Scott Prof. E. E. Gardner A. G. Allen Prof. V. H. Coleman C. F. Daniel G. S. Blackburn C. J. Ai.i.en W. G. Padcett W. J. Ellenberc A. E. Tibbs E. E. Colvin 145Reporters Club Molio; Report all you can. and can all you can't A. E. Tibbs, Pteudent J. A. Bearden I Iaroi.o Keating J. B. I.ooper Paul Simmons C. D. Quisenberry A. E. Tibbs A. P. Shirley C. C. Gillespie A. 11. Burgess 146Ministerial Association C. J. Allen J. W. George H. G. Picklesimer J. T. Brown C. I). Garner L. L. Painter W. E. Brant G. B. Harris J. 11. Reed J. B. Barker J. V. High W. I . Roberts T. B. Barnes J. A. Howard A. W. Roberts V. 11. Barfield 1. F. Hawkins F. S. Rushton W. 11. Brown E. F. 1 Iaicht II.O. Satterfield R A. Braun D. R. Hill M. A. Smith Archie Bauchman B. F. Hasty C. S. Scorr R. C. Black A. W. Hawkins J. R. Smallwood P. F. Capell E. J. Ingle J. H. Tollison J. S. Cobb Eicar Johnson D. G. Thomas C. G. Campbell Iennincs Johnson N. D. Timmerman W. E. Clyde T. D. Lide A. E. Tibbs J. G. Cothran R. L. Landrum, Jr. B. L. Wood H. S. Compton I. W. Maiiaffey |. N. Watson M. C. Donnan W. K. McGee C. K. A. Wang W. W. Davidson Dargan Montgomery B. F.. Wall J. M. Encland J. A. McLeod 11. H. Wells. Jr. H. K. Ezell. Jr. J. G. Newton C. D. Williams B. G. Field G. T. Pennell. President I. S. Walker L. E. Flowers A. L. Pollock R. H. FIarris J. H. Gentry 14 M. C. LittlejohnStudent Volunteer Band A. E. Tibbs................. Charles K. A. Wang . K. S. Rushton . C. S. Scott Officers ..........................................President Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary ............................Secretary Chairman Deputation Committee Members W. H. Barfield R. A. Braun R. H. Harris M. C. Littlejohn G. T. Pennell A. L. Pollock O. H. Broadway G. B. I Iarkis Jf.nnincs Johnson 148I prfln Officers W. J. Ellenberg......................................President A. M. Bradley.............................Secretory Members W. M. Carpenter B. F. Hasty Frank Keith C. J. Allen C. G. Campbell J. B. Southern H. N. Lance J. H. ColemanOfficers H. M. Reaves...........................................President E. F. Haight..................................................Vice-President W. J. Ellen'BERC.......................................................Recording Secretary J. V. DUNFORD.............................................Publicity Secretary A. G. Allen............................................Treasurer Advisory Board W. M. Carpenter J. J. Nixon. Jr. W. G. Padcett Corresponding Secretaries C. J. Allen J. A. McLeod J. B. Southern E. E. Colvin E. N. Nuncezer F. W. Webster G. C. Gillespie R. L. Richardson J. H. Woodside. Jr. Paul Simmons Greater Furman Club 150 Ml Greenville County Club Mollo: Greenville first, last anti always W. M. Carpenter. President V. M. Carpenter E. E. Colvin J. G. Cothran J. R. Flynn 11. C. Hudson C. B. I.orris A. P. McLeod J. D. Nelson R. L. Richardson J. 11. Barnett C. M. Cox W. R. Earle I. E. Johnston H. M. Moore. Jr. T. E. Stokes T. A. Alexander J. G. Arnold. Jr. Fred Bagwell Members W. A. Bull B. M. Gibson J. W. Jones D. 11. McKinney P. H. Moore L. W. Nelson J. R. Rasor. Jr. J. B. Rogers Paul Simmons W. A. Ashmore T. B. Barnes I. A. Bull. Jr. F. E. Eskew I. A. Gathincs H. B. Griffin Lawrence I Iort |. C. I Ienderson Hoy Hendricks J. P. Huff M. S. Jones T. 11. Keating M. E. Kelley F. W. Martin B. S. Moore C. M. Moore H. 7. Nabers. Jr. H. M. Raines V. D. Smith T. H. Taylor L. E. Wooten A. J. Alexander E. M. Arnold C. I.. Bull T. D. 1-IDE R. L. Martin B. L. Wood C. G. Campbell 151 Motto: Ride ihc Pickens ‘‘Doodle" and grow fat T. L. Looper. President II. J. I Ioward J. L. Jameson J. B. Looper I. O. Ue J. E. Craig V. C. Hunter P. M. Taylor, Jr. Frank Keith Prof. 1.. 11. Bowen R. T. I Iallum Spartanburg County Club Motto: Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow C. F. DaNIEL, President V. F. Lancaster S. D. Reid B. E. Wall F. W. Webster C. G. Campbell J. A. Christopher A. M. Foster J. M. Foster Sam Swokkord Rot and Wilkins L. L. Alverson R. G. Christopher. Jr. M. C. Littlejohn B. I I. Lancaster R. B. Thomson C. D. Williams T. I.. Earle G. F.. DanielR. L. Bland Turner D vis DoPrf. Rha.me J. 11. Focle Sumter County Club Mollo: Furman then Sumter DuPre Rhame. President Members E. C. Kolb C. L. Clttono H. H. Wells, Jr. C. W. Walsh O. H. Broadway I I. D. Osteen 154Belton Club Motto: Hang together, hoy , or we'll hang separately C. G. GA.MfiRF.LL. President C. C. Cox J. W. I Iayxie P. C. Willingham J. H. Ford B. F. Greer W. E. Greer, Jr.Laboratory Assistants Physics I V Kr.'ilk K. R. Adam T. L. I.oo-ik I r, vk Km ii C. K. Daniei C. R. Cai phis Biology V. R. I'.ARI I. I5COther States Club Motto: Pay a» you cnler Officers A. G. Ai.I.EN.............................................................President C. B. Graves........................................Secretary Members A. G. Ai.un R. T. Chkwninc R. H. Harris C. D. Quisenberry W. C. Bovd C. J. Crocker M. J. Hester C. S. Scott N. V. Bradburn W. C. Elrod E. J. Incle J. C. Shirley R. A. Braun G. C. Gillespie A. L. Pollock J. B. Southern W. H. Brown C. B. Graves J. D. Poteat C. K. A. Wanc 157The Purple Stringers Orchestra Herbert Osteen Saxophone Gordon Crymes Piano DuPre Rhame Drums 158 W. F. Sancho Violin B. K. Humphries Banjo Carl Goodson MandolinFurman Glee Club F. W. Webster................................................. Manager Prof. G. H. Schaefer................................Director First Tenor— E. C. Kolb J. D. Martin W. H. Myers 1-1. J. Howard Baritone— DuPre Rhame J. A. McLeod R. C. Blackwell P. M. Taylor Second Tenor T. M. Bailey J. M. Roberts B. K. Humphries Ned Gregory M. F. James A. G. Allen Bass— D. F.. Montgomery C. B. Loms J. S. McCurry Furman Quartette J. C. Bull...................................First Tenor M. F. James.................................Second Tenor DuPre Rhamf...............................Baritone J. S. McCurry.................................Bass 159A. P. McLeod. Pres. M. F.. McManaway Jake Rasor W. C. Carter L. F. Lanford J. D. POTF.AT F. D. Cox F. . D. Andrews C. D. Quisenberry W. L. Brasincton V. B. Hammett J. D. Nelson V. F. Buyck J. L. Rhame C. M. Waters A. M. Bradley H. N. Unce Roland Wilkins G. M. Dempsey L. W. Nelson L. A. Brock R. L. Richardson W. M. Carpenter W. G. Padcett H. R. Dobson O. H. Carter J. A. Howard F. O. Drummond R. T. Chewnino J. O. McCurry i6C163MISS CHRISTINE COOPER Bonhomie Sponsor 164MISS CLEO HALLUM Senior Class Sponsor 165MISS KATHRYN HUNSINGER Junior Class Sponsor 166U Tfe MISS LOURENE DAVIS Sophomore Class Sponsor . ■ 167MISS MARY FORD Freihman Clan Spomcr 168MISS HELEN GASSAXVAY Law Class Sponsor1 MISS EMILY CATO Football Sponsor 170MISS DAVIS PADGETT Basketball Sponsor 171 MISS MARIBEL WATERS liateball SpoinorAlma Mater. F. W. B. Barnes. Dr. E. M. Poteat. 4 0 tz - f-5=z±±ft—•r—t 0-f EE- r i i 1 i u 1. The Mountain Cit - y is her home, A mountain riv-er laves her feet, 2. A ship of roy - a! mako is she, Ami brings her treasures from afar, 3. A moth-er gen . tie fajr an(j wjge( And grave with weight of storied lore, 4 • Et-EEg ±+r-' 4 •-0-0 • J—J------— •--------£;-[-- -J. ■—' r----------------------------«- -4 T-J -J— .J J - . -----f t I 0 0 -00 I If f I I + + 0 9 • - ; from far coasts her children come And crown her brow with flow-ore sweet; truth it is that makes us free, And shines her bea-con liko a star, greets us with love’s radiant eyes, And chains our hearts for ev - cr-more. r »ir3r- tpfc- ± - S—I- ----N-4 ■ —r -J—tv- ! i a Tf • ' Fr?El And 'neath her shade they rest secure. And drink from wisdom’s fountain pure. 'Twas Fur-man’s hand that laid her keel, And Jud - son set her ribs of stoel; Old Fur • man! grateful sons aro we. Our love, our lives we giro to thee; Then ral - ly, loy - al sons and true.’Round our dear Al • ma The Fa - there, pray’rful for our weal. Launched our dear Alma We’ll keep faith’s vow to servo but thee. Our own dear Al ma It .. , , — -r ir T 3 5 0-T—-2-.- 1731 L. MELL GLENN Furman Alumni Association L. Mell Glenn. Alumni Secretary "Onr of the moil gratifying feature of progress nia !c in the interest of 'Old Furman in recent months i the active and serious effort now being made by the Alumni Association to organize all Furman men for effective service for their Alma Mater and her part in the educating of the young men of South Carolina and adjoining state ." So wrote President McGlothlin last fall concerning the first definite step taken by the alumni to render organized service in behalf of the "old chool on the hill." In particular he had reference to the Alumni Association employing for the first time a paid secretary. The movement had been talked about for years and its value recognized, but somehow it was never set going. At the annual meeting of the Alumni Association last commencement theie was manifest a determination to get all men who had ever studied at Furman aligned again with the college as far as that is now possible. I he Greenville l urman Club, in particular, had interested itself in the effort for a forward movement, and had a financial plan to offer which would assure the salary of a competent secretary for at least three years. Other organizations--that is. the Pec Dee Furman Club and the Spartanburg County Furman Club—fell into the movement with heartiness and vigor; while the individual alumni who were present gave their enthusiastic endorsement. 174The result of the discussion was the appointment of a committee to select and employ a competent secretary. After some consideration and discussion among the alumni in informal conferences and by mail. Mi. L. Mell Glenn, managing editor of the Anderson Daily Mail, was unanimously and heartily chosen for that important position. He began his work the first of August, and has since been rendering most excellent service in many ways. For one thing, he is very rapidly enlarging our knowledge of the men who have at some time attended Furman. These, very many of them, hold high and honorable positions among their fellow citizens, and their Alma Mater is justly proud of them and is delighted to get into more direct and vital touch with them. We want to get the name and address of every man who ever attended Furman. If his name was ever on the books of the college, we count him as a Furman man. Another line of work which Mr. Glenn took up soon after entering upon his duties was that of organizing Furman clubs wherever graduates, former students and friends of the institution in sufficient numbers could be found. He has organized clubs covering every county of the state. F,vcrywhere the alumni secretary received the most enthusiastic support in his efforts to discover and organize the Furman men. The plan of organizing Furman clubs called for twenty-three chapters. In numerous instances there were a sufficient number of Furman men in a given county to warrant the organization of a club for that county alone. In sparsely populated sections of the stale it was necersary to combine two or more counties in order to get together enough men to make up an organization. The roll of Furman clubs organized under the direction of the alumni secretary reads: Anderson County. Pickens County. Union County. Oconee. Laurens. Grcenwood-N’ewberry-Abbeville. McCormick. Chester-Lancastcr-York-Fairficld-Kcrshaw, Richland-Lexinglon, Saluda, Aiken, Ldgefield. Barn-wcll-Allendale, Orangeburg-Bambcrg-Calhoun. Florence. Sumtcr-Clarendon, Marlboro-Chcsterfield. Darlington-Lee. Dillon-Marion-Horry. Williamsburg-Berkelcy-Charleston-Dorchester-Georgctown. Hampton-Colleton-Jasper-Bcaufort. Cherokee. Mr. Glenn is also doing a very valuable work in giving to Furman University a more adequate publicity than it has ever had. Much of great interest takes place on the campus which the public wants to know and ought to know. The newspapers "play up" athletics, but the reel life of the college expresses itself in the class room, in the societies, and in similar ways. Comparatively little news concerning this phase of college life had been getting into the press of the state until Mr. Glenn, an experi- enced newspaper writer, began preparing this matter in a form acceptable to the newspapers and mailing it to them at frequent intervals. The alumni secretary has also made considerable headway toward compiling a roster which will contain the name of every man who ever matriculated at hurman University or the Furman Fitting School. Heretofore the college authorities had time to keep a record only of the actual graduates of the institution, but Mr. Glenn is including in his roster every man who stayed on the campus long enough to have his name entered on the student register. Besides the names of the matriculates, this rosier will contain the addresses, occupations, years of attendance at the university or fitting school, degrees conferred on graduates, etc., of all Furman men. This roster will be arranged in card index form, thus affording an easy means of obtaining data about any man who attended the college. It is likely that at a later date this information will be published in book form for distribution among alumni and friends of the university. In the judgment of the president, the work which the alumni have undertaken is of more importance than anything else they have initiated in many years, perhaps of more importance than anything else they have ever undertaken. It deserves the hearty and united support of every loyal Furman man. 175Editor’s Note Wt wi»h to take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of llie excellent work of the members of the staff, through whose able assistance the preparation of this volume was made possible. The several sections will indicate the good work of the respective class editors and others. We also acknowledge our indebtedness to all others of our fellow students who have assisted in this work. H. J. Howard..................... W. J. Eli.enbf.rc .... E. F. Haight . . . Sam Swofkord N. L. Rast . C. S. Scott . W. C. Carter ...............................Editor-in-Chiel ........................Business Manager . . . Assistant Editor-in-Chief Assistant Business Manager . . Advertising Manager . . . Senior Class Editor . . . Senior Class Editor 176 V. E. Greer . C. A. Boi.t . . C. C. Cox . . Lewis Patton . D. S. Burnside C. L. Walsh . J. B. Southern J. W. Haynie . . Photographic Editor . . . . Art Editor .... Art Editor . Junior Class Editor . . . . Club Editor . . . . Club Editor Sophomore Class Editor . . . . Jol(c Editor 17 Helpful Hints to Visitors Gucsls wishing to rise early will be given self-rising flour for supper. Guests must rise early and late for meals. Breakfast at six and supper at seven. 1 hose who wish to do a little driving will find a hammer and some nails in the basement. If you arc fond of athletics and like good jumping, lift up the mattress and see the bed spring. Baseball fans desiring a little practice will find a pitcher on the stand. Anyone troubled with nightmares will find a bridle in the basement. If the room gets too warm, open the windows and see the fire escape. If the window-panes are dirty. look through your glasses. While carving steak in the mess hall do not appear covered with confusion—although you may be with gravy. If the room is overcrowded, raise the window and throw your chest out. In case the clock should stop, let the bed tick. If you want running water, grab your pitcher and stop the water wagon. In case your modesty is shocked, don’t blame it on the telephone. If anyone steals anything from you, don’t blame it on the electric light globe, for it will be hard to bring him to light. 178AS SEEN ON THE CAMPUS 179What Is Which and How What is a wireless without a sender? What is a peanut without a vender? What is a sport without a flivver? What is a pig without a liver? What is Christmas without a carol? What is a bunghole without a barrel? What is a library without an Adams? What is love without the madams? What is a mess hall without grits? What is a mad dog without the fits? What is a hug without a kiss? What is a brother without a '‘sis’’? Nothing But Something “What luck!” remarked Curtis Anderson, as he saw the table laden with steak. “Yes.” answered "Shorty" Brock, "but it is tough luck." Dr. “Pal": 'Who was the first profiteer?” "Parson" E cll: "The whale that swallowed Jonah—he swallowed all the prophet in sight." Dr. Provence: "What is the best way to catch a mud turtle?" "Puss" Cox: "Give him a plug of tobacco and hit him on the head when he comes up to spit." "Rusty" Thompson: "What is the matter with your face? It is all covered with freckles." "Uncle" Brcazealc: "I swallowed a twenty-dollar bill when I was a baby, and it broke out in pennies all over my face." 180181Ye Almanac for the Session September 15 A warm reception for the freshmen. September 21 "lea Hound" Broadway took a bath. September 22—Broadway seriously ill. October 3—Moss got a hair-cut. October 15—Dr. Provence failed to say anything about Shanghai. November 2 "I lambonc” Hawkins seen on Main Street without an umbrella. November 12 "Killdcc” Martin got a black eye. November 28 -“Socrates” Adams was not seen in the library. December 3 Dr. Murray "cut" a class. December 8—Chicken served in the mess hall. December 30 "Chicken" Rush failed to answer the Majestic Roll C all. January 2— Dr. “Pat" greatly alarmed—Davidson arrived for Philosophy II on time. January 3—"Rat” meeting in ( -10 Montague. January I I—"Shorty" Ingram had a thought. January 24— Piece of meat found in hash served at supper. February 4—C. B. Graves bought a pair cf sox. February 7—Great consternation in dining room—Lancaster showed up for breakfast. February 21—"Jit” Brunson met all his classes. March 8 Brunson I .oadholt did not go to "Pete's.” March 15—Buyck was caught studying. March 21 "Buck” Wilkins failed to chew his chewing gum. April I - A. G. Allen sustained internal injuries from the explosion of a loaded cigar. April I 7—Dr. Bradshaw took dinner at G. W. C. April 20—Ras! swallowed his dinner bell. May 5 -"Cy" Young pitched a no-hit game against the Simp-on ille "High." May 27—Lonnie Creech gained admittance to the lea Hound Club. June 3—Upperclassmen sign the rats' diplomas. 182FAMILIAR SCENES Scenes at Unveiling. Aliss Cleaton ''Manitoba " 183PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ADVERTISING DIRECTORY American Bank Trust Co. Anderson College Armstrong Pharmacy Ashmore McDavid Bull Paint Co. J. A. Bull Grocery Co. Greenville Ice Cream Co. Citizens Trust Co. Clinchfield Fuel Co. Coker College Davis Bros. Co. Duke Tea Room First National Bank Piedmont Savings Trust Co. Furman University Gallivan Building Co. Greenville Bakery Greenville Floral Co. Hawkins-BIanton Co. Hotel Imperial Huntington Guerry Ideal Laundry J. O. Jones Lawton Lumber Co. Lipscomb-Russell Co. Norwood National Bank Ottaray Hotel Patton, Tillman Bruce Peoples National Bank Piedmont Shoe Co. Poe Hardware Co. Pollock’s Provence Printing Co. Reynolds Earle L. W. Rogers Co. L. Rothschild W. A. Seybt Co. J. E. Sirrine Co. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary The Mitchell Studios. The Rochester Theological Seminary The Southeastern Life Insurance Co. Thomas Howard Vance-Clardy Co. Albert T. Vaughan West End Drug Co. F. W. Woolworth Co. Yeager’s Quality ShopDAVIS BROS. COMPANY “House of Quality” FEATURING Hickey Freeman Quality Clothes Stetson Hats Manhattan Shirts Florsheim Shoes Telephone 40 Greenville. S. C. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary AND MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL SEMINARY HILL. TEXAS A theological and missionary institution for preachers and for women preparing themselves for mission, church, Sunday school. B. Y. P. U., W. M. U., and evangelistic work, in the home and foreign fields. We have a great faculty of forty consecrated men and women; a student body in the middle of the term of 1921-22 of nearly 700; a great spiritual, evangelistic atmosphere; abundant opportunity in all branches of theological and practical work in the Kingdom of God; departments of Religious Education, Missions, Gospel Music, Correspondence. Woman's Missionary Training, and in all theological studies strong, virile and far-reaching. For further information, write to L. R. SCARBOROUGH, D.D., President SEMINARY HILL, TEXASNORWOOD NATIONAL BANK OF GREENVILLE Capital, Surplus and Profits Deposits over .............. Total Resources over ....... $1,400,000.00 4.000. 000.00 7.000. 000.00W. A. SEYBT COMPANY SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Phone 504 127 South Main GREENVILLE ICE CREAM COMPANY The Home of All Kinds of Delicious Cream You Can’t Miss It When You Buy Greenville’s Ice Cream THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND PIEDMONT SAVINGS TRUST COMPANY Its Savings Department, Main Street and McBee Avenue We Respectfully Invite Your Business Duke Tea Room Ottaray Hotel, Greenville, S. C. Banquets and Dinner Parties A SPECIALTY Insurance, Investments Mortgage Loans CITIZENS TRUST CO. Masonic Temple, Greenville, S. C. A. D. L. Barksdale, V. Pres.PROVENCE PRINTING COMPANY 203 Augusta St., Greenville, S. C. A Modern Plant, Equipped for Producing High Grade Catalog, Magazine ard Commercial Printing We Specialize in College Publication Printing The Meeting Place of Furman Boys We carry a complete line of Fountain Pens, Stationery, Toilet Articles and Tobaccos. Our Ice Cream and Sodas are the Best Ever. REYNOLDS EARLE Incorporated 111 North Main Street Agents for Norris Candy We carry a complete line of Wearing Apparel for Misses and Women, consisting of Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Silk Underwear, Hosiery Corsets and Millinery Fitting of Corsets a Specialty. We Invite Your Inspection YEAGER’S QUALITY SHOP 209 North Main St. Telephone 424 Greenville, S. C.IF IT IS THE BEST—WE BAKE IT GREENVILLE BAKERY THE IDEAL LAUNDRY Cleaning Strictly High-Class Work East McBee Avenue Telephone 2086 Ottaray Hotel RATED AS THE HIGHEST CLASSED BY The Greenville Inspector HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS INDIAN GIRL CIGARETTES Vance-Clardy Co. Incorporated) Cor. Washington and Laurens Streets Phone 900 Greenville, S. C. 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"Speed ami Economy"HUNTINGTON GUERRY “The Electrical Store” ALL ELECTRICAL CONVENIENCES—COMPLETE RADIO OUTFITS Telephcr.es 178-2946 106 South Main Street (Storeroom formerly occupM by Pnttnn Tillmmi liiuci'i GREENVILLE FLORAL COMPANY "Say It With Flowers” Greenhouses, 807 Augusta Street. Telephone 1613 Store, 114 West Washington Street. Telephone 2741 GREENVILLE, S. C. PATTON, TILLMAN BRUCE. FINE SHOES OUR FIXED AIM Our aim is to sell you Shoe that are so y.oo 1 and fit o well that your SHOS TIIOl SHTS will be pleasant and always with us whenever you are in need of Shoe . If you want one hundred rents worth of good Shoe value for every dollar you inve-t. here i where you will find it— along with an almost unlimited variety of style , sixes an l models, ami at n price to please you. PATTON, TILLMAN BRUCE GREENVILLE. S. C. STUDENTS OF FURMAN AND THEIR FRIENDS Are Cordially Invited to Stop at the HOTEL IMPERIAL C. S. 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Patronize Our AdvertisersSenior Class 1922 Thu accompanying picture of thin year' Senior Class was taken at the edge of the "Rellection Pool" of the Open-Air Theater. This view lx ono of thirty more picture to be found in our new Book of View .. If you tiro Interested, write the Regis-trnr for a copy of this handsome booklet showing buildings, grounds ami college activities. Col(er College Hartivillc South CarolinaJfiuman Uninpraitg GREENVILLE, S. C. Courses arc offered leading to the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.). and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). Able faculty, beautiful campus, healthful climate, moderate expenses. New dormitory, central heating plant, unrivaled athletic field, gymnasium under construction, library especially endowed. Trained librarian. FOR CATALOG SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOLDER GIVING ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS OR ADMISSION BLANKS ADDRESS W. J. McGLOTHLIN, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D. PresidentMore than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1922. | This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. CJ From the beginning to the end we arc your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. Surely if “Experience is the best teacher," as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. “College Annual Headquarters”roue lAucr ncoas 300 PtOPlC and prompt delivery have built for us one of the largest engraving and art establishments in the country". Courtesy co-operation and personal interest in our customers arc additional inducements we offer in return for your business. JAHN , OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 554 WEST ADAMS STREET. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS of iees la nwinj' r I »! « g ansi Tfe B0MS0M1IE HAWKINS-BLANTON CO. INCORPORATED DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, LADIES’ READY-TO-WEAR GENTS’ FURNISHINGS 120 North Main Street Greenville, S. C. TELEPHONE 353 W. M. WHEELER. JR. J. WOODFIN MITCHELL Modern Portraiture, Industrial Photography OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS •‘THE BONHOMIE" THE MITCHELL STUDIOS GREENVILLE, S. C. FOR THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY The demand for pan tors who are "thoroughly furnished" foi the work of the mlnimty wan never greater than today, the opportunity for nervier never more luvltliiR. The Itochenter Theological Seminary neck to prepare men for the practical work of the minlatry by a comprchetwlve training In Innli neholamhlp nnd method of aervh-c. The Seminary ha a Fatuity of ten member , ami n Library of Srt.ooo volume , including the famoua Xetinder collection. It offer a wl«le choice of elective , and grunt the degre. of lt.I . nnd M.Th. All eour in the I'nlvcrelty of Rochester arc open tt Seminary tudent . The city of Rochester fuinlihm a reinnrknlde Inborntory for observation and for participation in church and charitable work. Send for lliuatrnted catalog. Rochester Theological Seminary. Rochester. N. Y. t’larciiee A. Harbour, ITcKidrnt; .1. W A. Stewart. Dean. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS

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