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Fuquay Springs High School - Greenbriar Yearbook (Fuquay Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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- 5 f • : li ' v • • , v .V. v 7{- - • •• V t ; ' .V . - - i ' V .’ - ' V; •• ' • ;( ry? :M’i FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Fuquay- Varina Senior High School Library 1962 QfieenM Uafi fuouay high sc rf+UfftfUf, Sp utujA tMialt School 9 ,laMi e of Go+Uo+tti ADMINISTRATION 8 STUDIES . 18 SENIORS 28 JUNIORS 56 SOPHOMORES 62 FRESHMEN 68 ACTIVITIES 74 ATHLETICS 92 ADVERTISEMENTS 105 KAYE HOWARD Editor ELIZABETH ENGLE Assistant Editor fytULM.ay SfVUtUjA ' , A.3. 3 SCHOOL LIBRARY fyosLewosul It is with the greatest pleasure that we, the Greenbriar Staff, present the 1962 edition of our yearbook. We sincerely hope that every page of this book will bring to your mind memories of cherished events. In choosing a theme we have tried to settle upon one which is a common language to all students. We have chosen the language of music. As Time Goes By we will leave Fuquay Springs High School, but we will find past events within it Now and For Always im¬ pressed on our memories For Sentimental Reasons. Even when our September Song has changed its tempo and become a college tune, well Remember Always that These Are The Little Things that make high school days irreplaceable. Pictured below are your guides for your tour through the yearbook, Sally and “F” Sharp. Sailif, and " fy " liciAsp, 4 edicaitOH, To you, Mr. Leonidas Betts, we dedi¬ cate the 1962 edition of the Greenbriar We will always remember that great interest you have shown in us and in our activities and abilities. We recognize you as a man who makes friends easily and because of his own youth under¬ stands our youthful ideas. We especially want to thank you for your profound interest in our individual rights and problems and your increasing good nature, which lightens school tasks. A favorite pastime. Off for a County Beta Club meeting. 5 Another hard fought game. Our pride and joy. American Education Week. Members of our Administrative Committee. We show our school spirit on “Lick ’em Day.” Cheerleaders lead the Falcons in. 6 Ann Motley and the sign-out book. Senior English Class Seminar. David Pope and Kaye Keith show off their class rings. . - -J -1 — High School Bowl, A contest between classes. Homecoming court and escorts. A familiar sight at recess. 7 syf Ljou C y r Jte tf-titn ie " AdnUniAbiatiaH, MR. E. N. FARNELL As you venture from the protection of the home and community agencies to which you have become so accustomed and enter a world of challenge, uncertainty, and opportunity, I leave these thoughts with you. Forty odd years ago Woodrow Wilson said, “Men’s hearts wait upon us; Men’s lives hang in the balance; Men’s hopes call upon us to say what we will do. Shall we live up to the great trust? Who dares fail to try?” With this in mind, I challenge you to dedicate: YOUR HANDS to the work of the world. YOUR EARS to listen to the cry of children, and the prayers of women for peace and to the appeal of man for guidance. YOUR EYES to the search for good men as your leaders. YOUR HEART to serve injured humanity. YOUR SOUL to recognize no fear except its own unworthiness. To proclaim as your creed that proclaimed by the Man of Galilee when he declared “Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them.” And to pledge that you will always strive to practice the GOLDEN RULE. 10 MRS. LINDA JONES Office Clerk MRS. MITCHELL LAWRENCE Guidance Counselor MRS. BETTY ASHWORTH Secretary MISS RUTH CARROLL Treasurer 11 JlUjJt ScJtaoJ, MRS. JOY AVERETT Woman’s College, A.B. English, Tenth Grade Home Room MR. LEONIDAS BETTS University of North Carolina, A.B. English, Twelfth Grade Home Room, Beta Club Sponsor MISS RUTH CARROLL East Carolina, B.S. Business Education, Eleventh Grade Home Room, School Treasurer MR. HAROLD ELLEN Campbell, Elon, A.B. Biology, Tenth Grade Home Room, Coach, Monogram Club Sponsor MRS. DORIS ELLINGTON East Carolina, A.B. Math, Business Education, Twelfth Grade Home Room, Greenbriar Sponsor MRS. GLADYS FARNELL East Carolina, A.B. Home Economics, F.H.A. Sponsor MR. EDWIN GRAHAM University of North Carolina, A.B. Social Studies, Ninth Grade Home Room, Coach MR. WILLIAM CRAHAM N. C. State, B.S. Plane Geometry, Physics, Tenth Grade Home Room, Science Sponsor MRS. LUCILLE HADDOCK Duke University, A.B. Latin, English, Ninth Grade Home Room, Latin Club Sponsor MR. FRED HUNT N. C. State, B.S. Agriculture, F.F.A. Sponsor PHYSICAL EDUCATION STIBRUP m n H ' ft - M ■ 5§i$ faculty MR. TOMMY JONES Guilford College, A.B. Health and Physical Education, Ninth Grade Home Room, Coach, Monogram Club Sponsor MRS. MITCHELL LAWRENCE Meredith, A.B. Guidance Counselor, Student Council Sponsor MR. FRED MANLEY N. C. State, B.S. Agriculture, F.F.A. Sponsor MRS. SAVONNE MEDLIN East Carolina, A.B. Health and Physical Education, General Science, Ninth Grade Home Room, Monogram Club Sponsor MR. JAMES PAGE East Carolina, B.S., M.A. Band and Chorus MISS ANNA PRIVOTT East Carolina, A.B. Math, Tenth Grade Home Room, F.T.A. Sponsor MISS ELEANOR SOUTHERLAND Flora McDonald, A.B. Librarian, Library Club Sponsor MR. W. D. SUTTON Wake Forest, A.B. French, English, Eleventh Grade Home Room MR. WILLIAM TAYLOR Western Carolina College, B.S. General Science, Chemistry, Eleventh Grade Home Room, Science Club Sponsor MR. HARRY TURNER University of North Carolina, A.B. Social Studies, Twelfth Grade Home Room MRS. MARGUERITE AKINS Fifth Grade MRS. CAVELLE BATTEN Seventh Grade MRS. BOBBIE T. BATTS Sixth Grade MRS. KATHERINE BRIGMAN Third Grade MRS. AUDREY CAYTON First Grade MR. HOWARD CAYTON Seventh Grade MRS. GLENDA J. COATS Fifth Grade MRS. MABEL COUNCIL Seventh Grade MRS. PATSY W. ELLEN Sixth Grade MISS IRIS EVERHART Seventh Grade MRS. MARY P. FISH Fourth Grade MRS. HELEN HOLLAND Fifth Grade MRS. MYRTLE HOPSON Fifth Grade MRS. ELIZABETH HUNT First Grade MRS. HELEN JONES Second Grade 14 MRS. JANE C. JONES First Grade MRS. AUDREY S. KERWIN Second Grade mrs. willa McCauley Fourth Grade MRS. JEAN J. PARKER Third Grade MRS. RUTH A. PRINCE Fourth Grade MRS. KATIE RAGAN Sixth Grade MRS. KATIE J. RUSSUM Third Grade MRS. JEANNE SHAW Eighth Grade MRS. MARGARET SMITH Elementary Librarian MRS. LINDA SURRATT Sixth Grade MR. JASPER THARRINGTON Eighth Grade MRS. KAYE TICE Second Grade MRS. FRANCES P. TINDAL Second Grade MISS LOLA WATSON First Grade MRS. BERTHA B. WESTON Eighth Grade 15 Mr. B. W. Holland, Mr. Fred Callis, Dr. Wiley Cozart, Mr. Marvin Stevens, Mr. Julian Pearce. 16 MRS. B. B. WILLIAMS Manager 0 oV v - JltutcJuKuxm. §t H 0 Mrs. Guthrie, Mr. Bowling, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Driver, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Williams. o c ltooJe, SttulieA’ 19 Ctuflillt Candace Harris and Gene Frazier are looking at a typical English bulletin board. In English classes at Fuquay Springs, students begin with the very necessary foundation, grammar. After they have begun to master this, they branch out into the fascinating field of literature. They read such works as Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth. In the senior year they study briefly Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Literary selections range from the Anglo-Saxon period tg modern day. Interested seniors gain additional aid from the Senior English Class Seminar. Ellas Stephens uses his knowledge of the card catalogue to find a book. Sara Maser, Vickie Hoff and Steve Ashworth make use of our new record player. Anna Adams and Sylvia Burroughs are diagramming a simple English sentence. 20 fya eA j t Jla+ujAicUfeA Diane Prince and Michael Cotten display some French projects. Jennifer Ashworth conjugates a familiar Latin verb. Shirley Strickland, Beverly Allen and Wayne Vaughan are using the language lab. While all French and Latin students may not rem¬ ember all verb endings and conjugations they still have some valuable information to carry away from their courses. Familiar passages everyone will remember are “]e t’ aime” and “Ego Amo te.” Students have a choice between Latin in their Freshman and Sophomore years and French in the junior and senior year. Through our language laboratory French students gain a knowledge of the defects in their speech. 21 VaccUiostal Jlo-me, Ccost nUcA, Gloria Powell and Paulette Welch experiment in cooking with the aid of a recipe book. Diane Ellis explains one of the Home Economics projects. A girl may know all there is to know about housekeeping, but if she doesn’t know how to apply this knowledge it won’t benefit her. In Vocational Home Economics girls learn child care, the fine arts of sewing, practical etiquette, interior decorat¬ ion, facts on fashions and fabrics, and of course cooking. Girls at Fuquay Springs may take Home Economics in their Freshman year. Two years must be taken in order to receive credit for the course. However, one may take it in either three or four of her high school years. Becky Capps points out the characteristics of a future homemaker. 00 Jerry Coats, Simpson Currin, Bobby Beckwith, John Robert Pruitt and Larry McLaurin demonstrate practical knowledge learned in the shop. Vocational agriculture prepares those who are planning to make farming their profession. It also helps boys who don’t plan to be farmers but may need a knowledge of these various activities in other fields of work. Classroom discussions teach these boys facts, while demonstrations enable them to comprehend these facts, and actual participation in supervised projects adds the final touch by letting them profit by their mistakes. The fields of study are mechanics, crops, livestock and actual manage¬ ment. Two years are required for the course. Jerry Smith, Jerry Wood and Bill Kelly learn the art of trimming shrubbery. Leon Carroll shows Carl Ragan and Donald Jeffries the correct way to groom a calf. 23 Social Studied, Priscilla Dye and Simpson Currin admire a Geography-Government bulletin board. We’ve all argued the point that history isn’t im¬ portant because it’s in the past, but it’s only with a knowledge of past mistakes and problems that we can confront our modern problems. The courses offered at Fuquay are North Carolina History for eighth-graders, World History for Sophomores, Economics-Sociology for Seniors, a television course in United States History for juniors, and a combined course of Geography and Government for any student in high school. Four units in Social Studies are re¬ quired for graduation. Elizabeth Engle turns on the television for U. S. History. Robert Powell and Joan Wilson are learning about investments through the Economics bulletin board. 24 uAi+teA4, C tuocUio t Linda Prince and Pansy Hargis are practicing their shorthand. Nell Spivey enjoys her bookkeeping. There is an excellent field open for those interested in any type of business at Fuquay. Students are being prepared for any number of these jobs. In bookkeep¬ ing students learn to handle balance sheets, accounts and other profitable records. Typing aids a person in spelling, letter writing, and even exercises the hands. Shorthand prepares a future secretary and business arithmetic helps the student apply math to his business operations. Actual work with business machines also helps. Science, In the various sciences, basic mysteries of the earth are exposed for the student’s analysis. Chemistry students loam (by trial and error) the contents of certain mixtures. Physics students learn about motion, equili¬ brium, force and other complicated elements. Biology offers a nice study of frog dissection if you’re brave, and General Science com¬ bines some of all the sciences into a basic study for Freshmen. We have good reason to be proud of both our Chemistry and our Biology laboratories. These laboratories are well equipped for any scientific experiment. Bobby Roberts and Phil McLean have fun using the burets. Becky Holland and James Payne are able to learn a great deal from “Oscar.” Donald Powell and Hal Cloer seem fascinated by the aquarium. Ken Moore and Kent Mangum use the oscilloscope. McMtentaliol Proofs, theorems, identities, radians, equations — these are words likely to be heard in one of the math classes. It is difficult to know the practical side of algebra I and II, but when a problem has been solved there seems to be a feeling of satis¬ faction. Setting up plane geometry proofs can be fun if it is tackled in the right way. Senior Math presents a certain amount of review and the practical side of math. Trigonometry and Solid Geometry pave the way for the college bound students. Katie Olive and Jerry Holland find plane geometry intriguing. Jean Vuncannon hopes to find senior math helpful. Jane Smith and David Stephens use graphs in Algebra I and Algebra II. Trigonometry often gets more complicated than drawing a circle, just ask Jimmy Stephens and Ann Tingen. 27 28 " fjuAt A Matte Oj time " SesUoAA ' 29 ' .irk Senior Class Officers vifr£- i ■■ " ' V ' ' k : ' 3 NELL SPIVEY . Secretary JIMMY WILLIAMS President ANN TINT JEN. ' Treasurer DOTTIE CCRRIN . Vice-President 30 BEVERLY JO ALLEN " Women may be a fickle thing, but it is where the captivation is of her fancy- not of her heart. " F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4: Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer urer, Freshman Class. Monogram 4; Treas- THERON RAY ADAMS JR. " Life is not life at all without delight Latin Club 1,2; F.T.A. 4; Monogram Club 4. LYNDA MAE BECKWITH " To cultivate kindness is a valuable part c c- the business of life.” F.H.A. 1, 2, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4, Secretary -n Library Club 4. MELVIN AVON ARNO - ’ " " That’s all there is; there istnebbe »»• F.F.A. 1,9 ' SHIRLEY CRAY BAKER “A kind face is a beautiful face. " F.H.A. 1, 2; Monogram Club 4. ROBERT WESLE Y COTTEN “He plays well the game of life.” Latin Club 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Beta Club 3,4; President 4. 31 CHARLES LANE CAMPBELL “Industry is the parent of success.” F.F.A. 1, 2, Secretary, 1; Monogram Club 3, 4. HOWARD MARSH BROOKS “Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry.” F.F.A. 1, 2, 4; Monogram Club 2; Vice- President Freshman Class. Photo Not Pliable CALVIN RAY CARDEN “As many men, so many minds; every one his own way.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. 32 ROBERT GLENN CARDEN “A silent mans words are not brought into court.” F.F.A. 1.2,3,4. CONNIE RAY COATES " Deeds are fruits; words are but leaves.” F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4; Treasurer 4. JAMES ELLIS COLEY, JR. " Yes, an’ no, an’ mcbbe, an’ mcbbe not.” GRACE MERIL CONNOR “More have repented of speech than silence.” F.H.A. 1,2,3. ROBERT WESLEY COTTEN “He plays well the game of life.” Latin Club 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Beta Club 3,4; President 4. 33 JAMES ROBERT DICKENS “Life is very short, and very uncertain; let us spend it as well as we can.” F.F.A. 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Student Council 4. GLENN ROLAND CURRIN “A contented fellow always in good humor ” LARRY THOMAS DENNIS “Learn as if you were to live for ever; live as if you were to die tomorrow.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. JUDITH LEE DUDLEY “Women are the poetry of the world.” F.H.A. 1,2.3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4. DOTTIE SUE CURRIN “Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom.” F.H.A. 1,2; Library Club 1; Vice-Presi¬ dent Senior Class. TIMOTHY HOLLAND DICKENS “How oftentimes is silence the wisest of replies.” F.F.A. 1,2,3. 34 JEANNE EVERONDE FARABOW “I’ve taken my fun where I ' ve found it.” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Presi¬ dent 4; F.T.A. 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. HERBERT LEE HILLIARD, JR. “The gladness of the heart is the life of a man.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 3. PANSY MIRANDA HARGIS The greatest and sublimest power is often simple patience, " Library Club 4; F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 4. OLIVIA OGLESBY HAYES " True honor is acquired by nothing but good conduct” Library Club 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,3. JAMES EDWARD HOLLAND, JR. “Crown every passing day with some good action daily.” Latin Club 2,3. 35 MARY KAYE HOWARD “The many sided mind is right for every prize.” Latin Club 3, President 3; Library Club 2. 1,4; F T. . 1 S( ience lub 2. Beta Ini, 3,4, Wake County - Treasurer 4; Secretary, Freshman Class; Secretary, Sophomore Class. EVA FRANCES IIOLLEMAN FRED LEE HUNT “Kind words don’t wear out the tongue.” SANDRA KAYE KEITH Willingly sh " does each task, never letting idle moments pass.” Library Club 2; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 3,4, Student Council Representative 4; Science Club 3, Secretary 3; Student Council 4, Treasurer 4. “Afrending we will go Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3,4,Vice- President 3, President 4; Monogram Club 3. DONALD ALLAN KEITH “You’ll know it’s him by the noise he makes.” F.F.A. 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4, President 4. WILLIAM TRYON KELLY “A man of few words, fair and square.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. 36 ERNIE WHITT LAWHORN “All the world loves a modest person.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. KENT WARREN MANGUM ‘Patience is a sure guide to success.” Latin Club 2,3. SARAH EMILY McCAULEY “A little body doth often harbor a great soul” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; President Sophomore Class. ANNIE BELLE McLEAN “A fair face will get its praise, though the owner keep silent.” F.H.A. 1,2,3. 37 PATRICIA ANN McLEAN VIOLET SUE MESSER ELEANOR ANN NEWTON “She that is rich is satisfied.” F.H.A. 1,2. “Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.” Library Club 4; F.H.A. 1,2. “Wit makes its own welcome, and levels all distinctions.” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Secretary Junior Class. KINCHEN CARL MOORE, III “Fame is the thirst of youth.” F.F.A. 1,2, Treasurer 2; Science Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Student Council Repre¬ sentative 4; Vice-President Junior Class. PAULETTE NEWTON “With a smile that glows.” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 4. 38 JEFFREY LYNN NUTT “hi the life of a young man the most es- sential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship.” ALICE HART PARTIN “To heck with books; experience is the best teacher.” F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 4. DAVID EARL POPE “A good friend makes a good companion. " Science Club 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4- Beta Club 3,4. JIMMY NEIL POLLARD “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of work.” F.F.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4. ROBERT HESTER POWELL “It is sure to be dark if you shut your eyes.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4. 39 LINDA FAYE PRINCE “Variety is the $j)ice of life.” Library Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 3,4, President 4. JAMES BLYTHE RECTOR “There is nothing worth so much as a mind well instructed.” Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 1,4; Beta Club 3,4. VIRGINIA CAROLINE PRINCE “Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses.” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Student Council Representa¬ tive 1; F.T.A. 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4, Sergeant at Arms 3, Secretary 4. NELL BRENDA REVELS “The days that make us happy make us wise.” Library Club 3,4, President 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. BARBARA ELLEN PRUITT “Happiness is a habit with her.” Library Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 2. CHARLIE MICHAEL ROWLAND “Happy I am, from care I am free! Why aren ' t they all contented like me?” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. 40 WAYNE LEE VAUGHAN “He said but little, but to the purpose.” F.F.A. 1,2, Reporter 2; Beta Club 3,4; STEPHEN ALLEN SMITH “He was ever precise and promise-keeping.” F.F.A. 1,2; Science Club 3; Monogram Club 3. rober McKinley spainhour, JR. “Little strokes fell great oaks.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. ' PAULETTE STARLING “Charm with a genial smile.” Library Club 1; F.H.A. 2; Science Club 1. 41 ELLAS RAY STEPHENS “With dancing feet and mischief in his eyes, for fun, on him we can rely.” BARBARA ELLEN PRUITT “Happiness is a habit with her.” Library Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 2. SHIRLEY RUTH STRICKLAND “A girl on whose capabilities you can depend.” F.F.A. 1,2,3; F.T.A. 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Beta Club 3,4. THOMAS ELTON TURNER “I take life as i t comes and enjoy it.’ F.F.A. 1,2. 42 WAYNE LEE VAUGHAN “He said but little, but to the purpose.” F.F.A. 1,2, Reporter 2; Beta Club 3,4. JAMES BENTON WILLIAMS JERRY OWEN WOOD “Live, love, and be happy.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. “A man of courage never needs a weapon.” F.F.A. 1,2, Vice-President 2; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; President Junior Class, Presi¬ dent Freshman Class, President Senior Class. LENA KATHRYN WILLIFORD “Virtue is the truest nobility.” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; F.T.A. 3,4. PATRICIA ALMA WOOD “With a face to the sunshine, and a heart in helping others.” Library Club 4; F.H.A. 1, 2. 43 JACKIE SUE YARBOROUGH “How far that little candle throws its beams.” Library Club 2; F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 4. A tribute to Jo Anne Cotten for her determination and high spirit. In spite of her temporary confine¬ ment to a wheel chair, she managed to keep up with all her studies at home. The Greenbrier Staff, class and student body salute you, Jo Anne. (1) Judy and Bobby represent our class well in the (2) Another phase of the “Beat Garner Campaign.” Student Council. 44 Momestti 7a HenvemLeA, 45 Se+Uosi Glow, Jli tosuf, Emily McCauley prepares for her part in the play during Senior Week. The year is 1962. For us this ’61-’62 year of high school is our last. At last, we are on top. It seems like only yesterday that we were on bottom looking up. _ It’s easy to remember when we were first entering senior high school. Everything was so new to us, and we were so “green.” That year we were able to join clubs for the first time. The two available to us as freshmen were the F.H.A. and the F.F.A. Our officers for that year were Jimmy Williams, president; Howard Brooks, vice-president; Kaye Howard, secretary; and Beverly Allen, treasurer. We were well represented in sports that year. Jimmy Williams, Bobby Dickens, Larry Williams, and Billy Adams played football. In basketball and baseball Jimmy Williams was our only representative. Our homecoming attendant for that year was Jo Anne Cotten. Now, let’s move on to the next year. We weren’t quite as “green” as we were last year. And now we didn’t have to look up to everybody. There were at least a few below us, and they were in the position that we held last year. Our officers for our sophomore year were Emily McCauley, president; Tom Buffaloe, vice-president; Kaye Howard, secretary; and Reginald Shaw, treasurer. There were other organizations available to us this year, too. Some of these were the Library Club and the Monogram Club. This year we were fortunate to have two girls to make the cheering squad. They were Ginger Prince and Dottie Sue Currin. We had a new sport at school this year. It was track. Our class was represented by Jimmy Williams, Wesley Cotten, Fred Lee Hunt, Billy Adams, and W. E. Medlin. Seven b oys more than last year were on our football team. They were Howard Brooks, W. E. Medlin, Donnie Keith, Wesley Cotten, Fred Lee Hunt, Steve Smith and Charles Campbell. In baseball our additional players were Bobby Dickens, Larry Williams, Jimmy Stephens, and Reginald Shaw. And last, but not least, there was basketball. Here we had four more representatives than last year. These were Bobby Dickens, David Pope, Larry Williams and Donnie Keith. This year we also had a number of girls playing basketball. The six who played were Jo Anne Cotten, Ann Tingen, Jeanne Farabow, Pat McLean, Beverly Allen, and Judy Stephens. Our homecoming attendant for this year was Ginger Prince. This year twenty-four sophomores were chosen to be waiters and waitresses at the Junior-Senior Prom. They were dressed as Geisha girls and coolies to add a realistic touch to the “Oriental Gardens” theme. Our Junior year was probably our most exciting year. For this year, we had the privilege of honoring our seniors with a Junior-Senior Prom, which we planned ourselves. The year got off to a booming start as we elected the following officers: Jimmy Williams, president; Ken Moore, vice-president; Patricia McLean, secre¬ tary; and Jimmy Stephens, treasurer. Once again the doors to additional clubs were open to us. This year we were able to join any club for which we met the requirements. 46 This year three additional boys, Larry Dennis, Ellas Ray Stephens, and Eddie Holland, helped represent our class in football. Our additional base¬ ball players were Larry Dennis, Donnie Keith, Ellas Stephens, and David Pope. In basketball, Fred Lee Hunt was our only new representative on the court. Shirley Baker was our only new representative on the girls’ team. Our homecoming attendant for our junior year was Ann Tingen. Another of our girls, Shirley Strickland, made the cheering squad. We had two majorettes this year. They were Judy Stephens and Emily McCauley. This year we were eligible for the Beta Club. We had ten to be received as members. These were Kaye Howard, Shirley Strickland, Judy Dudley, Wesley Cotten, Ken Moore, David Pope, Jimmy Rector, Jimmy Stephens, Tom Buff aloe and Wayne Vaughan. We will probably never forget selling all that candy to make money for the Junior-Senior. How¬ ever, none of us regretted the effort put forth when we walked into the gymnasium that night and saw the decorations of an authentic Mexican village. Our theme was “Mexican Fiests” and, though we did work hard, we found that it was truly worth the effort. Neither will we forget our junior play directed by Mr. Taylor. Those appearing in our play, “Stranger in the Night,” were Shirley Strickland, Judy Dudley, Donnie Keith, Larry Dennis, W. E. Medlin, Howard Brooks, Beverly Allen, Emily McCauley, Joan Wilson, Mack Spainhour, Dottie Currin, and Pat McLean. As this year closed, nine were chosen from our class to be marshals. Those chosen were Kaye Howard, chief; Judy Dudley, Shirley Strickland, Beverly Allen, Linda Prince, David Pope, Wesley Cotten, Jimmy Rector and Wayne Vaughan. And now here we are in our last year. We know what it feels like to be on top at last. We have so very much to which to look forward. And we have so very many treasured memories of our high school days. The officers chosen for this year are as follows: Jimmy Williams, president; Dottie Currin, vice- president; Nell Spivey, secretary; and Ann Tingen, treasurer. We are still well represented in all sports with the same players. Ginger Prince was chosen head cheerlea der for this year. At our homecoming game this year, Judy Stephens was crowned queen with Ginger Prince as her senior attendant. We have anticipated our senior year for a long time with excitement. This year so much will be happening. We will get our class rings. Everyone was bubbling with excitement as they received their class ring. We have the Junior-Senior Prom and graduation to which to look forward. Graduation always brings a rather sad feeling as we think of leaving high school. But we know as time goes on so must we, in order to make way for those who are following the same paths we have trod. Class Historian Judy Dudley Ginger Prince crowns Judy Stephens, our home¬ coming queen. Kindergarten commencement Our fifth grade Christmas play. Ma caU, PAMELA WAGSTAFF AND ROBBIE HOLLEMAN Motto. “We follow today and lead tomorrow.” 48 GIgAA Po+m YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW Success was not reached by a single bound. We built the ladder by which we rose To a broader view and a higher ground, With a vast and infinite purpose. All the past things are gone and over; The tasks are done, and the tears are shed. Yesterday is now a part of forever, Those good days and bad days and sad days are dead. Yesterday’s errors let yesterday cover; Let them go, since we cannot relive them, Cannot undo and cannot atone. Only the days to come are our own. Nell Spivey Class Poet QoloM, RED AND WHITE. fyloMtesi RED ROSE. 49 BEST ALL AROUND Ann Tin gen Jimmy Williams lUl ip : wm SetuM MOST ATHLETIC Beverly Allen Bobby Dickens MOST ATTRACTIVE MOST INTELLECTUAL Kaye Howard Jimmy Rector MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy Dudley Tom Buffaloe I •1 f i MOST ORIGINAL Kaye Keith Donnie Keith Su UcUiiAe MOST POPULAR Judy Stephens Fred Lee Hunt JUDY STEPHENS 54 GINGER PRINCE Senior Class Go44Slt ROSALYN HOLLEMAN Junior Class LEIGH JOHNSON CAROL BATTEN Sophomore Class Freshman Class 55 X( 0 9 ' ue Gome Gf Acpe fJu+UosiA, 57 PRISCILLA MIZE, Treasurer , JUDY JONES, Secretary, DIANE PRINCE, President. LARRY ADAMS JULIA AIKEN BECKY ARRINGTON JARVIS BARBOUR BOBBY BECKWITH TOMMY BENNETT RACHEL BETTS JEWEL BLANCHARD JERRY BRADLEY SAM BRINKER PHILLIP BROWN JAN CALLIS SUSAN CALLIS EMMA CAMPBELL BECKY CAPPS 58 BETTY CHAMPION JERRY COATS LARRY COATS MICHAEL COTTEN FORREST COUNCIL ELIZABETH ENGLE PATE FISH MARY FLEMING LARRY FRANCIS GENE FRAZIER JUDSON GUY CANDY HARRIS JAYNE HOLLEMAN LUKE HOLLEMAN ROSALYN HOLLEMAN BARBARA INSCORE ELLEN DALE INSCORE DORSEY JACKSON PEARL JOHNSON PHYLLIS JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON ANDY JONES JUDY JONES LARRY JONES PHIL JONES ROGER JONES SARAH JONES ANN JUDD BRYANT KEITH BILLY MANSHACK 59 PRISCILLA MIZE MABEL McGEE MARGARET McGEE LARRY McLAURIN PHIL McLEAN RONALD McLEAN W. T. NASH DEWEY OGBURN JERREL OLIVE SUNNY OWENS TONY PAINTER BOYD PAYNE ANNETTE POWELL DIANE PRINCE JOHN PRUITT BOBBY ROBERTS ROBBIE ROBERTSON MILTON ROGERS JIMMY ROWLAND LINDA SAUNDERS PAUL SAUNDERS MARILYN SEAGROVES MOLLY SEAGROVES BARBARA SMITH JANE SMITH JERRY SMITH TONY SPAINHOUR SANDRA STEPHENS BETTY SUE STEPHENSON JIMMIE STEPHENSON 60 RICKY STUART JOHN DAVID TALLEY DAVID VANCE LARRY VAUGHN NANCY WADE GLORIA WELCH BETTY JEAN WELLS LARRY WILLIAMS BRENDA WILLIFORD JOAN WILSON BARBARA WOOLARD LARRY WORTHAM LETHCO WRENN WILLIAM WRIGHT “Not Pictured” Gene Barbour, Carolyn Newton. The “Victory Chain” with the names of all attending the Garner game. The campaign was a big success and we handed Gamer their first loss in quite a long time. 1 Mr. Jones introduces some of the players at a pep rally. 61 62 " BMy iocki % Btackincfi " 63 Mary Olive Johnson, secretary, George Powell, vice-president, Diane Ellis, president, Donna Ellis, treasurer. Anne Adams Bobby Armstrong Patsy Arrington Joan Ashworth Steve Ashworth Trudy Ashworth Donnie Barnes Mildred Beasley Walter Blackburn Jennifer Blanchard Leon Carroll Barbara Champion Danny Cotten Kay Cox Paul Cox Carolyn Currin Simpson Currin Gloria Davis Anne Dean Donald Dean Brenda Dickens Jimmy Dupree Tony Dupree Priscilla Dye 64 Billy Eatmon Galen Elliott Gaye Elliott Diane Ellis Donna Ellis Peggy Evans Ellen Fish Pete Fish Brenda Frazier Jane Geddie Gloria Grantham William Gray Patsy Hancock Glenn Harper Joe Hester Tommy Hilliard Vickie ' Hoff Jerry Holland Rebecca Holland Jack Honeycutt Wayne Honeycutt Ray Horton Brenda Howard Donald Jeffries Hettie Johnson Leigh Johnson Mary Olive Johnson Gayle Jones Arnoret Judd Suzanne Keith Dennis Lovette Joe Lyles Sarah Maser Don McCauley Linda McCullock Tommy McGee Danny McLean Fred McLeod Allan Meadows Jimmy Meadows Betty Messer Ann Motley Johnny Myatt Wilbur Ogburn Katie Olive Jimmy O’Neal John Parrish Linda Partin James Payne Tommy Pearce Polly Pinion Joyce Pope Cheryl Porter Elizabeth Powell George Powell Judy Powell Judy Prince Linda Pruitt Carl Ragan Jimmy Ransdell Judy Ransdell Louise Reardon Billy Rector Dell Russum Michael Seawell Dwight Smith John Daniel Smith Donna Stephenson Ariadne Stinson Joyce Strickland Nancy Stuart Sandra Tutor Jerry Vuncannon Marlean Wagner Kenneth Walters Bobby Williams Annette Williford Barbara Wood Madge Yarborough 66 Elections call for much serious thinking. Vickie Hoff, as the good fairy, and Sunny Owens, as the little girl in tire F.H.A. Chapel program. It never will open when you are in a hurry. F.H.A. girls helping to keep the Open House running smoothly. 67 68 " feecaute rf-n Um+H, 69 Carol Batten, secretary, Sally Cozart, vice-president, Don Liles, president, Ann Vaughan, treasurer. Anna Adams Brenda Adcock Jessalyn Allen Linda Allen Joyce Anderson Larry Arnold Jimmy Ashley Jennifer Ashworth Jimmy Atkins Nelson Austin Linda Baker Linda Baker Pete Baker Elizabeth Barbour Sandra Barbour Carol Batten Helen Berry Janie Bowling Johnny Brown Craig Bullock Sylvia Burroughs Mary Ann Campbell David Cates Curtis Champion 70 Joyce Champion Peggy Champion Peggy Clark Hal Cloer Doreen Conner Mike Cotten Jack Cotton Sally Cozart Joyce Dean Melvin Douglas David Dupree Nola Dupree Charles Eatmon Larry Gamer Patsy Gilbert Royce Grantham Verdeana Guy William Guy Ann Hair Stuart Hair Terry Harvell Tommy Hillard Sarah Holland Phillip Honeycutt Richard Horton Bobby Howard David Howard Joyce Howell Joyce Ivey Elaine Jackson Ralph Jeffries Jenny Johnson Barbara Jones Ceresy Jones Ernestine Jones Geraldine Jones Jimmy Keith Patricia King Glenda I.angdon Georgia Lassiter Donald Liles Billy Mangum Ronald Mangum Susan Maser Bob McAullife Betsy McCauley Carolyn McLean Rose Mary McLean ( 73 Annie Messer Boyd Mills Clara Mincey Carolyn Moore Ronnie Moore Brenda Morton Faye Myatt Sandra Myatt Rue Ogbum Daniel Owens Leon Phelps Donald Powell Gloria Powell William Pugh Steve Ragan Earl Ramey Gennie Ransdell Robert Revels Dale Roberson Becky Rowland Linda Rowland Sherry Sandlin Brenda Saunders Deborah Saunders Eddie Seagroves A1 Simpson Johnny Smith Phyllis Smith Raeford Smith Wesley Smith Mary Lou Spence Sue Spivey Steve Starling David Stephens Jerry Stephens Phillip Stephens Brenda Stephenson Danny Stephenson Linda Stephenson Melinda Stevens Allen Stuart Betty Lou Stuart Judy Tart Billy Thompson Phyllis Tilley Mary B. Tingen Mary E. Tingen Donald Tudor ,cs m C |! A 11 1 jfl V? " 70 Deanie Vance Ann Vaughn Jerry Walker Paulette Welch Mary Lou Wheeler Larry Wilkes Larue Williford Danny Wilson Judy Wilson Kenneth Wooten Not pictured: Brenda Arnold Richard Clark Donna Eason Wayne Johnson Martha King William Nutt Patsy Powell Jimmy Reardon Fay Seagroves Lewis Williford The drugstore at 3:25. i r 73 74 £cltool " Act iv ities 75 KAYE HOWARD Editor GREENBRIAR STAFF KAYE HOWARD Editor ELIZABETH ENGLE . . Assistant Editor ANN TINGEN. . Business Manager WESLEY COTTEN . . . Co-Advertising Manager BOBBY ROBERTS Co-Advertising Manager ANN JUDD . Club Editor GINGER PRINCE . Feature Editor JIMMY WILLIAMS . S ports Editor JUDY DUDLEY . Typist SHIRLEY STRICKLAND . Typist NELL SPIVEY T typist JEAN VUNCANNON . Typist BEVERLY ALLEN T typist FRED LEE HUNT. . Senior Editor MARY FLEMING. . Junior Editor LEIGH JOHNSON . . Sophomore Editor SALLY COZART Freshman Editor don McCauley. . Photographer BOBBY ARMSTRONG . Photographer MRS. DORIS ELLINGTON . Advisor MRS. ELLINGTON Advisor ELIZABETH ENGLE Assistant Editor ANN TINGEN Business Manager QieettJvUGA ' 76 j .. ill k in il j Left to right: Bobby Armstrong, Don McCauley, Elizabeth Engle, Fred Lee Hunt, Kaye Howard, Nell Spivey, Wesley Cotten, Ann Tingen, Shirley Strickland, Bobby Roberts, Jimmy Williams, Judy Dudley, Beverly Allen, Sally Cozart, Mary Fleming, Ann Judd, Jean Vuncannon, Ginger Prince and Leigh Johnson. The actual beginning of a yearbook is in the spring when the staff is appointed. During the summer months the pages are carefully drawn up and theme decided upon. Locations for pictures have to be found as well as the people who are to appear in them. For several days, pictures are made, after they have been developed they must be identified. For certain sections of the book, paragraphs or explanations must be prepared. These are then typed by the staff typists on copy sheets. All material has to be collected and sent to the publisher at a designated time. We later receive proofs, which we examine to see if any corrections are to be made. Our work is rewarded, however, when we see our yearbooks on Annual Day. jbay 9±n ' t loncj, 11 Student JUDY STEPHENS President Seated: Ken Moore, Michael Cotten, Forrest Council, vice-president, Judy Stephens, president, Ginger Prince, secretary, Kaye Keith, treasurer, Mrs. Lawrence, sponsor. Standing: Aijioret Judd, Don McCauley, Jennifer Ashworth, Gloria Welch, Robert Powell, Bobby Dickens, Leigh Johnson, Mary Lou Spence, Ellen Gale Fish, Hettie Johnson. 78 Q uuuUl The sole purpose of the Student Council is to represent the student body. It serves as a voice for the entire high school. Most clubs and each class elect a representative. The president of this organization composes and helps con¬ duct all assembly programs. Some important events sponsored by the Council have been dances, assembly programs, Orientation Day for new freshmen, spring and fall elections. This year the Student Council was in charge of American Education Week activities. Four members, Ginger Prince, Judy Stephens, Michael Cotten and Forrest Council attended the State Student Council Convention in Fayetteville, North Caro¬ lina. In order to be recognized by the Student Council, a club must draw up a constitution and have it approved by the Council. Those clubs which are recognized may have a representative on the Council. The four offic ers of the Student Council became members of the Administrative Committee. The Council sponsored “Beat Garner Week.” A “Victory Chain” was placed in the hall with the names of those attending the game. Paul Cox and Elizabeth Powell fulfill their duties as a host and hostess for the week in the lunchroom. " Jet ' A cJiaue A Panty " Michael Cotten, Ginger Prince, Forrest Council and Judy Stephens preparing to leave with Mrs. Lawrence for the State Convention. , The Homecoming Dance 79 Beta QluL The Fuquay Springs Chapter of the National Beta Club admits juniors and seniors on the basis of a 3.3 quality point average. To remain in the club a mem¬ ber must maintain a 3.1 average. In October the new members from the junior class are inducted in a special assembly program. Upon entering, each member pays his dues of four dollars and fifty cents. In the spring of the year the Betas attend the State Convention. Every month a few representatives of the club attend meetings of the Wake County Council of Beta Clubs. Officers this year are, Jerry Bradley, vice-president, Wesley Cotten, president, Judy Dudley, secretary, Jimmy Stephens, treasurer. 80 MgaaUoU, Left to right: Judy Dudley, Wayne Vaughan, Beverly Allen, Jimmy Rector, Kaye Howard, chief, David Pope, Linda Prince, Wesley Cotten, Shirley Strickland. Every spring, according to their academic standing, nine students are chosen to be marshals. The duties of the marshals are to usher parents, give information, and in short keep the baccalaureate and graduation exercises running smoothly. It is the duty of the chief marshal to lead the seniors in their march and to entertain the mascots. The marshals are very proud to have a chance to accept this responsibility. Each time one of them hears a graduation march he will be reminded of his green sash and activities as a marshal. QiaduaiioK 81 The F.H.A. and its sponsor, Mrs. Gladys Farnell. “Toward New Horizons” is the motto found on the seal of the Future Homemakers of America. The F.H.A. is the largest organization in the high school. It is composed of all girls who are taking or who have taken Home Economics. During the year, the members of the club attend three rallies. These consist of both district and country rallies. A Mother and Daughter Banquet is held during the year, at which the mothers of the members are honored. In order to raise money for the activities of the year, the club sponsors cake bakes. A fashion show is given each year by the girls who are taking Home Economics. °4 America F.H.A. Officers, left to right, Brenda Frazier, Diane Ellis, Betty Jean Wells, Elizabeth Powell, Jeanne Farabow, president, Kay Cox, Kathryn Williford and Mary Lou Spence. 82 fyu-tuA tyaAm U. AmvUca ou Mac rmald ' ' F.F.A. Officers, left to right, Bryant Keith, Robert Powell, Simpson Currin, Larry Dennis, president, Larry McLaurin, Ricky Stuart, Ray Coats. The F.F.A. is the brother club of the F.H.A. The Goal of the members of the club is to learn by doing, to improve every phase of farm life. The F.F.A. participates in the annual livestock show. They present several radio programs each year. These programs are concerned with their studies and general information about farming. Each year, the F.F.A. gives several parties to which they invi te their sister organization. The parties usually include a Hoe-Down in-the fall, a Ghristmas party, and a picnic in the spring. Working with their sponsors, Mr. Hunt and Mr. Manley, members of this club enjoy learning more about the art of farming. The F.F.A. and its co-sponsors, Mr. Fred Hunt and Mr. Fred Manley. 83 JULiaUf Gink Officers, Nell Brenda Revels, president, Jean Vuncannon, treasurer, Jane Geddie, secretary, Candace Harris, vice-president. " My Jleasit 96, An Open floak " HuA, GUiM Larry McLaurin, president, Larry Coats, vice-president, Jan Callis, Tony Spainliour, Andy Jones, Bobby Roberts; second row, Calvin Carden, Tim Dickens, secretary, Jack Honeycutt, Bobby Williams, Larry Jones, Larry Wortham; third row, Luke Holleman, Eddie Holland, Bobby Dickens, Sempson Currin, Jimmy Pollard. Not pictured. Mack Spainhour, treasurer. " Ooe i 7 he dwe i And liAeucjJt ke tl oodU " 84 Science, Glub Officers, Fred Lee Hunt, president, Billy Rector, vice-president, Mildred Beasley, secretary, Joyce Strickland, treas¬ urer, Hettie Johnson, student council representative. QeU 9k Ijou t, jHatin GJnb " lea mUt My latln Officers, Galen Elliott, president, Annette Williford, secretary-treasurer, Suzanne Keith, vice-president, Ellen Fish, student council representative. 85 Officers, Jimmy Pollard, treasurer, Brenda Williford, vice-president, Linda Prince, president, Linda Beckwith, secretarij. Armed with a desire to help others and a hopeful future career in teaching, the F.T.A.’ers tackle their jobs. They learn actual teaching situations by observance and actual teaching. At the end of the year they sponsor Teacher Appreciation Week, during which each teacher receives a flower, an apple, aid from the future teachers, and other small services which describe gratitude. Jeanne Farabow learns the methods of teaching. " eacitesi ' b Pet " tyutu of America 86 Donnie Keith, president, Beverly Allen, secretary-treasurer, Bobby Dickens, vice-president. High school students who have received a letter in any varsity sport are eligible for admission to the Monogram Club. A member may be easily spotted, by their lettered jackets and sweaters. The main object of the Mono¬ gram Club is to stir up school spirit and energy among the students. A welcome sight on a basketball or a football night is the concession stand, which is operated by the members. " Jef little Qitl 9k 9he Jlicfk ickool SiueateA. " 87 MostoijSuim Club MR. PAGE Director Band Officers S. Jl. s. 88 04ul The Fuquay Springs High School Band provides the main source of school spirit. We have all had good reason to be proud when they march on the football field playing “Everything’s Coming up Roses,” or some other peppy tune. The half-time programs they give boost our spirits whether we be winning or losing the game, and the aid they give the cheering section is greatly needed. This year the band and majorettes have received beautiful new uniforms. Through the tireless efforts of the Band Boosters Club these uniforms have been paid for in full with money made by various projects. The band has participated in many parades in¬ cluding the annual Christmas parade in Raleigh, for which they sported tiny green Christmas trees over their plumes. They also ventured to the home¬ coming game at State College. Each year several concerts are held including a special afternoon lawn concert in the spring. Five factors make the band a good one (1) talent (2) an excellent director (3) determination (4) a modern music building which provides a pleasing atmosphere and adequate room for equipment (5) Band Boosters Club. A new flag has been added to the color guard this year, the Confederate flag. Band is considered a regular course and members are graded as in other subjects. 89 GUoauA First row: Mack Spainliour, Annie Belle McLean, Patsy Hancock, Annette Powell, Sunny Owens, Emma Campbell, Paulette Newton, Jimmy Williams. Second roiv: Jeff Nutt, Mabel McGee, Sandra Myatt, Linda Beckwith, Sybil Ogburn, Dottie Cur- rin, Jean Vuncannon, Ellas Stephens. Third row: Mr. Page, Jerry Smith, Tim Dickens, Howard Brooks, Melvin Arnold, Larry Williams, James Coley, Glenn Currin. ' s r llte Melody lincfete Oh " 90 MafOAettcA, Left to right: Gloria Welch, Becky Capps, Judy Stephens, Emily McCauley, Diane Prince, head majorette. " 9 Only Jlaue Gala QugsuI Left to right: Mildred Beasley, Margaret Mc¬ Gee, Ellen Gale Fish, Jane Geddie, Gaye Elliott, head color guard, Betsy McCauley. r n 91 92 " All 9k 1he Qame " Athletic , 93 VasiAity fyoatLall First row: Donnie Keith, Charles Campbell, Ellas Stephens, Wesley Cotten, Jimmy Williams, Eddie Holland, W. E. Medlin, Larry Dennis, Bobby Dickens. Second row: Allen Meadows, Jimmy Stephenson, Jan Callis, Andy Jones, Forrest Council, Michael Cotten, Steve Ashworth, James Payne, Wesley Smith. Third row: Jerry Holland, Phil McLean, Jerry Bradley, John Daniel Smith, Larry Williams, Joe Hester, Larry Francis, Paul Cox, Ricky Stuart. Fourth row: Mr. Jones, Don McCauley, Gene Barbour and Mr. Ellen. " fycM, Qatta He A tytotkall cM-esto- " A hard fought game with Apex. 94 LARRf DEW IS CAMPBELL ' ELLAS STEPHEN ' S MR. ELLEN AND MR. JONES GUeesU aAesiA, Left to right: Jayne Holleman, Julia Aiken, Ann Motley, Becky Arrington, Ginger Prince, head cheerleader, Joyce Strickland, Shirley Strickland, Judy Jones, Jane Smith. Spirit was really high at the Homecoming game. 96 " 74 7 ? % 7 ! ' We ' ie, 7oo- ' Ijcuuncj, " flusuoA VaAAity fyooiball Mr. Cayton and Mr. Graham, J. V. coaches. First row: Craig Jones, Jimmy Atkins, Johnny Smith, Dan Honeycutt, Richard Horton, Stuart Haire, Jimmy Ashley, Tommy Harris, Eddie Seagroves, Dan McAuliffe. Second row: Mr. Cayton, Jimmy Holland, Kenneth Thomas, Donald Powell, Danny Owens, Fred Honeycutt, Dwight Flannigan, James McLean, Ting McAuliffe, Bobby Armstrong and Mr. Graham. 97 First raw: James Payne, Bobby Roberts, Theron Ray Adams, Larry Vaughn, Jimmy Ransdell. Second row: Lethco Wrenn, Bobby Dickens, Ellas Stephens, Jimmy Williams, Larry Williams, Galen Elliott, Jimmy Stephenson, Ricky Stuart. 98 Uga LoU " Oake Me Out Oo- 0he Qallcfame First row: Mr. Jones, Bobby Dickens, Jimmy Williams, man, John Daniel Smith, Danny Cotten, Larry Williams, Gene Barbour, Ricky Stuart. Second row: Phil McLean, Billy Eat- Ellas Stephens. 99 First row: Jerry Bradley, Gene Frazier, Don McCauley, Forrest Council, Jimmy Williams, Donnie Keith, Jimmy Stephenson, Pate Fish. Second row: Mr. Ellen, Bobby Boberts, Lethco Wrenn, Johnny Parrish, Larry Frances, Bobby Dickens, David Pope, Simpson Currin, Larry Williams. feoyi ' HcuiketLall Qmd timin ' r r 100 LARRY WILLIAMS DAVID POPE BOBBY DICKENS DONNIE KEITH JIMMY WILLIAMS 101 QisUi ' liaiketluiU First row: Cheryl Porter, Gloria Grantham, Ellen Gale Fish, Jeanne Farabow, Ann Tingen, Shirley Baker, Beverly Allen, Joyce Pope, Jane Geddie, Dell Russum. Second row: Jo Anne Cotten, Sherry Sandlin, Carolyn McLean, Hettie Johnson, Priscilla Dye, Jennifer Blanchard, Gaye Elliott, Annette Williford, Sue Spivey, Mary Tingen, Mr. Graham. 102 SHIRLEY BAKER BEVERLY ALLEN 103 HESS (1) We hope these practice teachers have enjoyed their work at Fuquay. (2) Mr. Honeycutt is greatly appreciated around the school. (3) These two ladies keep our piano players in tune. (4) We are proud of our trophies. (5) Our maids and janitors render valuable services. (6) An attractive display on first aid. (7) The display case is a fine addition to our school. 104 Adv Ui emetUA, 105 COMPLIMENTS TO FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL From CORNELL-DUBILIER FUQUAY SPRINGS DIVISION BAKER OIL COMPANY W. L. BAKER, Proprietor Wholesale Dealer ESSO PRODUCTS Gasoline—Kerosene—Fuel Oil—Motor Oils—Greases FUQUAY SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA TOP ' S CLEANERS Drive-In Service—Night Deposit Phone MU 7-4504 Fuquay-Varina 106 Compliments of THE INDEPENDENT Todd H. Caldwell, Publisher “A Growing Newspaper In A Growing Town Subscription Price: $2.00 Per Year Compliments of VARINA FARMER ' S EXCHANGE BALLENTINE FARMS ‘DAIRY PRODUCTS SUPREME’ Lactic Acid — Homogenized — Pasteurized Chocolate — Buttermilk Phone MU 7-2662 107 Greetings and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF ’62 Compliments of ADAMS CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. ELLIOTT’S PHARMACY Whitman’s Chocolates — Fountain Service Cosmetics — Magazines Drug Service Since 1914 Phone MU 7-2277 Fuquay Springs, North Carolina 108 PRINCE, MUDGE AND POWELL, INC. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Select and consult an independent insurance agent as you would your doctor or lawyer. Phone MU 7-4244 Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Prompt Delivery Metered Service RAGLAND OIL COMPANY Associated Sinclair Distributors Fuel Oil—Kerosene—Gasoline—Motor Oils—Lubricants Goodyear and Kelly Springfield Tires Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Phone MLT 7-4204 Phone MU 7-5254 (Day or Night) (Night only) 109 WE SALUTE SUPERINTENDENT E. N. FARNELL OUR FINE STAFF OF TEACHERS, AND THE STUDENTS OF FUQUAY HIGH 52 Years of Service Our Business is to Serve Your Banking Needs One of North Carolina’s Largest and Strongest Small Town Banks in one of North Carolina’s Finest Communities BANK OF FUQUAY Main Office and Northfcide Drive-in Branch in Fuquay and Cary Branch in Cary Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 110 MITCHELL CHEVROLET COMPANY Your Chevrolet Dealer Since 1934 111 STEPHENS SUPPLY CO Myers Sc Fairbank Morris Water Systems Frigidaire Appliances Hardware—Building Supplies—DuPont Paints Sales Service I lardware Department Plione MU 7-2261 Building Supply Department Plione MU 7-4335 Fuquay-Varina JOHNSON’S DRUG STORE “The Store of Personal Service Woodrow Johnson, Prop. Phone MU 7-4666 Fuquay Springs, North Carolina 112 Compliments of GLENN B. JUDD, M.D. Compliments of G. W. ADCOCK, JR. Compliments of BANK OF VARINA Two convenient locations FUQUAY AND VARINA HOME OWNED BANK FOR HOME TOWN PEOPLE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 113 Compliment ' s of MACKS 5-10 25c STORE Your Friendly Self-Service Store Fuquay Springs, NortFi Carolina Compliments of YOHANNA RESTAURANT DRIVE IN Cliff and Celene Painter BYRD ' S DRIVE-IN “Where the Red Bird Flics” You are Always Welcome at Byrd’s Fountain Service Curb Service 114 Fuquay Springs ' Most Complete Department Store Hudson-Belk Belks ' for better selections, better buys Belks ' for Certified better Values PARKER ' S FURNITURE STORES Fine Furniture Reasonably Priced Fuquay Springs, N. C. Varina, N. C. MACK ' S VILLAGE We extend to all a special invitation to visit Mack ' s Supermarket When shopping for fine foods. MACK ' S RESTAURANT Spero Series, owner and operator " The Flome of Good Foods " For Reservations MU 7-4430 115 Compliments of GILBERT-SUGG FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Day and Night Air Conditioned and Oxygen Equipped Fuquay-Varina Twin City Laundry Cleaners Shirts Beautifully Finished Wash, Dry, and Fold Service SLAUGHTER BROS. CHIP CO. Conserve Forest Waste Make Your Woodlands Pay Dividends We Buy Slabs And Pulp Wood Mechanically Unloaded Duncan, N. C. Telephone MU 7-4945 116 Compliments of Standard Homes Company Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina THOMAS ' PHARMACY The Prescription Store John W. Thomas Mickey Smith Varina, N. C. Phone MU 7-2271 Friends of The 1961 Greenbrier JOHNSON-LAMB COMPANY Advertising Staff Manager 117 Compliments of T. R. ASHWORTH ' S, INC., DIST. ' Finest Car Service in Town ’ Gulf Oil Products Tire Recapping Fuquay Springs, North Carolina KESLER ' S CLOTHING AND SHOES for THE ENTIRE FAMILY Fuquay Springs, North Carolina 205-209 S. Main Phone MU 7-4142 Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of ' 62 “For the Finest in Foods’’ THE FOOD CENTER Community Frozen Foods Locker Lockers—Cold Storage—Processing—Meat Curing Slaughter Plant—Lard Rendering Fuquay Springs, North Carolina 118 FUQUAY MOTOR CO., INC. Your Friendly Ford-Mercury Dealer Phone MU 7-2228 Fuquav-Varina WFVG 460 ON YOUR DIAL Central North Carolina ' s Favorite Music and News Station NEWS AND WEATHER EVERY HOUR MUSIC THROUGHOUT THE DAY . . . Compliments of POPE ' S 5c to $5.00 STORE Fuquay Springs, N. C. Compliments of STROUD PONTIAC " Dollar for dollar you can’t beat a Pontiac.’ 119 HOWARD ' S TASTEE-FREEZE CONES - SHAKES - SUNDAES of all Flavors HOT DOGS - HAMBURGERS Fuquay Springs 120 DICKENS ' INSURANCE AGENCY, INC, Personal Service —Phones— Bus. MU 7-4011 Res. MU 7-4595 1 12 W. Depot Street Fuquay Springs, North Carolina DRINK Royal Crown COLA The Fresher Refresher TWIN CITY RADIO AND Compliments of APPLIANCE COMPANY JOHNSON ' S TIRE SERVICE We Sell—We Service! QUALITY RECAPPING MU 7-4711 Phone MU 7-5225 Fuquay Springs, N. C. Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Compliments of JOHNSON ' S CLOTHES Ladies and Children’s Ready-to-Wear Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA FEED COMPANY Russell Goss, Prop. Varina, N. C. 121 Compliments of VARINA WHOLESALE Hotpoint Appliances Fine Home Furnishings Building Supplies Compliments of WAKE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Fuquay Springs, N. C. HEULON DEAN STUDIO Fine Portrait Commercial Photography “Air-Conditioned” 213 Woodland Dr. MU 7-2865 Fuquay Springs, N. C. MATTHEWS GENTRY Service Station and General Merchandise Highway 401 8 miles North of Fuquay Compliments of BROWN TOBACCO CO., INC. Fuqimy Springs, North Carolina Compliments of J. E. WRIGHT, M.D. TILLEY BROS. BODY SHOP Front End Alignment Rear Service Body—Glass—Upholstery Phone MU 7-4338 Compliments of COTTEN ' S FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Fuquay and Varina Friendly Flower Shop Depot Street MU 7-4369 MU 7-5688 Compliments Collins-Warren, Inc. Hot Dogs — Hamburgers Curb Service U. S. 401 North ASHWORTH ' S, INC. CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS Van Heusen Shirts — Buster Brown Shoes — Florshein Shoes Puritan Sportswear — Dobbs Hats — Griffon Suits FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Phone MU 7-5201 123 Compliments of CLARK ' S ESSO FUEL CO. McLEAN GROCERY Esso Products—Quality Coal Fuquay Springs, N. C. Phone MU 7-4040 RANSDELL BROTHERS Quality Merchandise Reasonably Priced Shoes and Clothing for Men and Boys Fuquay Springs, N. C. Compliments of CURL ' S BEAUTY SHOP Dark Avenue Phone MU 7-5200 LANIER ' S CROWN SERVICE Washing—Polishing—Greasing F uquay—V arina Phone MU 7-5455 CITY BARBER SHOP J. D. HARRISON—PI. C. McGEE J. C. WAGSTAFF, Prop. “We Satisfy” J. P. THOMAS SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Your Business Appreciated Phone MU 7-4341 Route 1 Varina, N. C. BRADLEY LUMBER CO. Manufacturers of AIR DRIED LUMBER Phone Mu 7-4839 Kipling, N. C. Rough and Dressed Compliments of JOHNSON ' S JEWELERS Compliments of Raleigh, North Carolina SUTTON ' S SERVICE CENTER PANTHER LAKE Compliments of Boating—Skiing—Swimming—Fishing PROCTOR ' S FLORIST 16 Miles South of Raleigh on Old Stage Road MU 7-5236 Mac Proctor, Prop. Compliments of ROGER ' S ESSO SERVICE Compliments of JACK SENTER Attorney at Law HOUSE OF GIFTS Fuquay Springs 124 Compliments of FUQUAY FURNITURE COMPANY The Home of Fine Furniture P.O. Box 188 Phone MU 7-5424 FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. A COMPLETE LINE OF HOME FURNISHINGS Your Patronage Appreciated—Open Nights by Appointment FUQUAY FLORIST “When it ' s flowers, say it with ours” Mrs. Ethel Bowling Boh Strother Designers Day—Phone MU 7-5353 Night—Phone MU 7-4381 Compliments of SMITH-BUICK Your Buick-Rambler Dealer You Have Tried the Rest Now Get the Best Compliments of TILLEY MATTHEWS 125 SELL YOUR TOBACCO With FARMERS WAREHOUSE Durham, N. C. Maynard Talley, Sam Mangum, Boh Dale For Top Quality in Footwear ELMO ' S, INC. Fuquay Springs Sell Your Tobacco at BIG TOP WAREHOUSE Everett E. Clayton And Talley Bros. Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Telephone MU 7-4550 Compliments of LYNWOOD T. STEPHENSON Wholesale Confections 505 North Ennis Street Fuquay-Varina, N. C, FUQUAY-VARINA INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance To serve you better, coll us before you need us Ray D. Moore Robert C. Sandlin 104 North Main St. Fuquay-Varina Phone MU 7-2205 Compliments of KEITH TRACTOR IMPLEMENT COMPANY Massey- Ferguson Dealers and Keith Irrigation Service Compliments °f DR. A. G. CRUMPLER Compliments of FUQUAY GLASS CO. CAIRO DRIVE IN THEATRE JANEY ' S BEAUTY SALON Hair Styling for Women Who Care Telephone MU 7-4748 127 COMPLIMENTS OF OLIVE ' S CASH SERVICE CENTER cA rcduct of 128 _

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