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Fuquay Springs High School - Greenbriar Yearbook (Fuquay Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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.VMXSAsM ta m. im i§j|| m 4 km $mw Y ixM, k m ¥A , h, .■v.ira .$ 3« v«, ■- ' :■• . i« %M|Q WH9M ip?: . ft Mm §?j fess ft fei III iVSffit’ nfrtroi? Hunter ' s Yearbook Service School Photographers and Publishers of Quality Engraved and Offset Yearbooks. 1118 Crestwood Drive Phone 4-3761 Winston-Salem, North Carolina rJnnA u AAnxin vf AAnJU AAAJ AAJ AAAA AnA uxA AAAixm nA vn vruvfu n vr vf j Varina Senior ol Library Our Passing Parade of Memories GREENBRI AR 1952 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL Fuquay Springs, North Carolina " At first the pages of this book Were blank and purely fair, But time hath written memories And painted pictures there. " This annual, the 1952 GREENBRIAR, is brought to you in the hope that through the years it will serve as a constant reminder of our wonderful days at Fuquay Springs High School. " Memory is elusive — in this book we have tried 1o caplure it for you. " We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has helped to make our yearbook possible. THE GREENBRIAR STAFF t W O THE SENIOR CLASS of FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL Presents THE 1952 GREENBRIAR Editor-in-Chief SHIRLEY MUDGE Assistant Editor PEGGY GUTHRIE Business Manager PORTIA MITCHELL Advertising Manager JANE RILEY Sports Editor Club Editor BEN BENNETT BETTY JO BECK Senior Editor FRANCES POE Junior Editor BARBARA JANE THOMAS Sophomore Editor_ RAY BOWDEN Freshman Editor JOANNA JOHNSON Adviser_ DOROTHY RAYNOR DEDICATION In sincere apprecialion of her patient guidance, her firm but gentle hand in leading us ihrough our high school years, WE THE SENIOR CLASS dedicate our 1952 GREENBRIAR to one who has not only given tirelessly of her time and talents, but has also set by her everyday living, standards of character and moral integrity seldom surpassed. To our kind and under¬ standing friend, MISS LUCY PERKINSON this book is inscribed. four I Miss Lucy Perkinson five S I X FACULTY I MR. E. N. FARNELL, Principal SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Mr. D. T. Harvell, Mr. Rex G. Powell, Mr. L. B. Gunter Mr. H. E. Wilkersor Mrs. W. W. Johnson. eight HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY First row, left to right: SARAH L. AIKEN, Meredith and Peace College; Music. VIVIAN BURTON, A.B., University of Georgia; B.L.I., Emerson College; M.A., Northwestern University; English. RUTH CARROLL, B.S., East Carolina Teachers College; Commercial; School Treasurer. MRS. W. O. COUN¬ CIL, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College; Science. WILLARD O. COUNCIL, North Carolina State College; Physical Education; Coach. Second row, left to right: GLADYS DEES, B.S., Wake Forest College; Science; School Publicity Chair¬ man; FRED L. HUNT, B. S., North Carolina State College; Agriculture; Adviser, F. F. A. MRS. RALPH JARRETT, JR., A.B., Meredith College; Home Economics; Adviser, F. H. A.; High School Counselor. LUCY PERKINSON, A.B., Meredith College; English; Adviser, Beta Club. DOROTHY RAYNOR, A.B., Wake Forest College; English; Adviser, GRFENBRIAR. Third row, left to right: ELEANOR SOUTHERLAND, A.B., Flora MacDonald; Mathematics; Librarian; Adviser, Book Club. MRS. PAUL N. STACK, A.B., Greensboro College; Social Science; Adviser, Student Council; Adviser, Future Teachers Club. MRS. N. R. STELL, JR., B.S., Mary Washington College; Mathematics. JOSEPH T. WEEDE, JR., Wake Forest College; Physical Education; Assist¬ ant Coach; Adviser, Monogram Club. Not Photographed: GORDON R. HOWELL, Birmingham Southern College, Coyne Electrical School, Atlantic Christian College; Physical Education. nine ELEMENTARY FACULTY Top row. MAY ADAMS, B.S., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina, Oxford College; Seventh. MRS. DENNIS AR¬ NOLD, Meredith and Appalachian State Teachers College; Seventh. TEMPIE BASS, A.B., Atlantic Christian College; First; MRS. JACKSIE DANIELS FISH, A.B., Atlantic Christian College; First. MRS. SARA STEPHENSON DUPREE, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College; Fifth. Second row: MRS. LUCILLE HADDOCK, A.B., Duke University; Eighth. MRS. MANKIE HODGES, A.B., Duke University; First. MRS. MYRTLE SCHOLL HOPSON, A.B., Woman ' s College, Univarsity of North Carolina; Fifth. MRS. ALICE BRYAN JOHNSON, A.B., Meredith College; Fourth. MRS. ELLA G. MURROW, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College; Second. Third row: MR. EUGENE MURROW, L.I., B.S., M.A., Florida Southern College, George Washington College; Eighth. MRS. KATIE RAGAN, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College; Sixth. MRS. KATE JOHNSON RUSSUM, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College, Third. MRS. AZZIE SEXTON, Wake Forest College, Western Carolina Teachers College; Fourth. MRS. LILLIAN T. SMITH, A.B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina, Atlantic Christian College, University of North Carolina; First. Fourth row: MRS. A. B. STARNES, Weaver College, West Carolina Teachers College; Special Teacher. MRS. JOHNSIE TATUM, Lenoir-Rhyne; Sixth. MISS LOIS WADDELL, East Carolina Teachers College, Wake Forest College; Sixth. MRS. MARY DUNN WHISTNANT, East Carolina Teachers College, Peabody College; Second. MRS. S. A. YANCY, Ph.B., Elon College; Third. Not Photographed: MRS. E. N. FARNELL, A.B., East Carolina College, University of Tennessee, Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Fourth. MRS. WILLIE MAE McSv VEENY, B.S.M., Winthrop College; Second and Third. ten STUDIES Piano 1 BETTY JO BECK 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleac ■ADfficer of Sophomore Class; Ofl BKbr Play; Football Sponsor 4; Ann; Superlative (Best All Around). | lEPH CARY BOWLING, JR. I 3, 4; F. F. A. Camp 1, 2, 3; $ lee Club 1, 2; Treasurer of Class! larter 3, 4 ; F. F. A. Scholarship)! Club 3; Variety Show 2. ' read AAARY JANE bridges eleven SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Ellen Howard, Vice-President; Zoie Oliver, Treasurer; Frances Parrish, Secretary; Bobby Coats, President. - jow; MAY ADAMS, B.S., Woman ' s College i Meredith and Appalachian State Teachei JSIE DANIELS FISH, A.B., Atlantic Christian: Fifth. L row: MRS. LUCILLE HADDOCK, A.B., C 1 ’ 1 MYRTLE SCHOLL HOPSON, A.B., Woman; Meredith College; Fourth. MRS. ELLA C j row: MR. EUGENE MURROW, L.I., B.S., f fc,N, A.B., East Carolina Teachers College; [ MRS. AZZIE SEXTON, Wake Forest Co ! J an ' s College, University of North Carol h row: MRS. A. B. STARNES, Weaver Colj . -- ♦ • .or-,. “ DAVID BRENT JONES MASCOTS SARAH ANN BROWN twelve mm- SE ROBERT MAURICE ADCOCK F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; F. F. A. Camp 1, Class Officer 3. FRANCES MERLE AIKEN F. H. A. 1, 2; French Club 3; Book Club 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Office Clerk 3; Advertising Staff 4. WILLA JEAN AKINS F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; Student Coun¬ cil 1; Basketball 3, 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Monogram Club 4; Advertising Staff of GREEN- BRIAR 4; Office Clerk 4; F. H. A. Camp 3; Super- perlative (Most Original) ALONZA DEAMS AVERETTE, JR. Book Club 3, 4; President of Book Club 4; French Club 3; Civics Club 2; Variety Show 1. MALISIA CARRIE BARBOUR F. FI. A. 3, 4; F. FI. A. Reporter 4; Glee Club 2; Book Club 4; French Club 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Treasurer of F. T. A. 4; Office Clerk 3, 4; Librarian 2; Editorial Staff of GREENBRIAR 3; Advertising Staff of GRFENBRIAR ,4; Bible CJub 4; Piano 1. BETTY JO BECK Book Club 3, 4; F. FI. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Class Offcer of Sophomore Class; Office Clerk 4; Junior Play; Football Sponsor 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative (Best All Around). JOSEPH CARY BOWLING, JR. F. F. Club F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Camp 1, 2, 3; $eta 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Treasurer of Class 1; A. Reporter 3, 4; F. F. A. Scholarshipj 3; Science Club 3; Variety Show 2. MARY JANE BRIDGES F. hT’aTT, 2, 3, 4; F7ah6 3. SENIOR WILLIE LEE CRABTREE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Reporter 1; Glee Club 1, 2; President Junior Class,- Beta Club 3, 4; Vice- President of Beta Club 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. RACHEL DICKENS Glee Club 1; F. H. A, 1, 2, 3, 4; F, H. A. Camp 3; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Book Club 3, 4; Junior Play; Basketball 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Secretary Monogram Club 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Advertising Staff of GREENBRIAR 4. JAMES LLOYD FISH F. F. A. Camp 1, 2 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; Bera Club 3, 4; F. F. A. President 4; Treasurer of Junior Class; President of Student Council 4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Junior Play; Representative to Student Council 3; Vice- President of Book Club 3; Treasurer of Beta Club 3; Superlative (Best All Around) MARY ELIZABETH FOWLER F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; Book Club Reporter 4; Beta Club 3, 4,- Book Club Treasurer 4; Office Clerk 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play Usher. CLASS JACK MANUEL BROWDER BEN EUGENE BURCHETTE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 3; Baseball 1, 2; Vice-President of Wake County F. F. A. 3. ERWIN CATES F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Rural and Parliamentary Pro¬ cedure 3, 4; Electrical Demonstration 3; F. F. A. Camp 3. BOBBY LEE COATS Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager 2; Variety Show 1; Junior Play; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. President 3; Senior Class President; Glee Club 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; F. F. A. Camp 4; Corn Contest Winner 2, 3; Safety Award Winner 3. fourteen ANNE MARIE HENDERSON F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play Usher. SHIRLEY ANN HOLLAND F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class Secretary; Junior Play; Glee Club 1, 2. ELLEN DALE HOWARD F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. Camp 3; Book Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play; Office Clerk 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; Bible Club 4; Vice-President of Senior Class. THOMAS WOODY HOWARD Glee Club 1, 2; Student Council Representative 1, 2, 3; Vice-President of Student Council 3; Soph¬ omore Class President; Monogram Club 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Beta Club 4; Book Club 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Superlative (Most Attractive). VIOLET FAE HOWARD F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. President 4; Freshman Vice-President; Book Club 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; French Club 3; Junior Play 3; Student Council 3; Glee Club; Advertising Staff of GREEN- BRIAR 4; F. H. A. Camp 3; Bible Club 4. ELIZABETH ANNE JOHNSON F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Advertising Staff of GREENBRIAR 4; Book Club 3; Beta Club 3, 4; President of Beta Club 4; Glee Club 1, 2. HAYWOOD JUDSON JONES F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Camp 1, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Monogram Club Vice-President 4; Bus Driver 4; Glee Club 1. MARY JOYCE JONES F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 ; Glee Club 1; Beta Club 3; Popularity Contest 2. fifteen SENIOR UNA LOU MANGUM F. H. A. 1, 2; Sophomore Editor of Hi Times 2. PORTIA VANN MITCHELL Book Club 3; Business Manager of GREENBRIAR 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Marshal 1; Latin Club 2, 3; Treasurer of F. H. A. 2; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Student Council Sgt.-at-Arms 1; Student Council Secretary 2; Advertising Staff of GREEN- BRIAR 3; Monogram Club 4; Co-Captain of Bas¬ ketball Team 4; Superlative (Most Athletic). CLASS RACHEL EMILY KING F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Book Club 4; Band 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Editorial Staff of GREENBRIAR 4; Librarian 2, 4. LAWRENCE SELDON LANE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3; F. T. A. 4; Book Club 3, 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 3, 4; Band 1, 3, 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; F. F. A. Camp 1; Variety Show 2; Glee Club 1, 2. LEWIS BARHAM LANE Football 1,2,3, 4; Book Club 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Band 1, 3, 4; President of Band 4; Baseball 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Advertising Staff of GREENBRIAR 4. JAMES WORTH LINEBERGER, JR. Book Club 3, 4; Beta Club 3 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play 3; Public Speaking Contest 2, 3, 4; Librarian 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN MUDGE F. H. A. 1, 2, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; French Club 3; Chief Marshal 3; Junior Play 3; Editor of GREENBRIAR 4; Student Council 4; Superlative (Most Intellectual). ZOIE MAE OLIVER Freshman Class Secretary 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Sci¬ ence Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club Treasurer 2; F. H. A. 1, 2; Book Club 4; Senior Class Officer; Office Clerk 3, 4; Bible Club 4; Beta Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; Marshal 2. sixteen SENIOR CLASS FRANCES HOWARD PARRISH F. H. A. 1; Latin Club 2, 3; Piano 1, 2; Editorial Staff of GREENBRIAR 3; Junior Play 3; Class Of¬ ficer 4; Superlative (Most Popular). CLARA FRANCES POE F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; French Club 3; Treasurer of Book Club 3; Superla¬ tive (Most Attractive); Cheerleader 3; Office Clerk 4; Librarian 4. WILLIAM BLUCHER RAGSDALE Glee Club 1, 2. JANE ELLEN RILEY F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4 - Book Club 3, 4; French Club President 3; F. T. A. Club President 4; Advertising Staff of GREENBRIAR 3; Glee Club 1; Art Editor of H, Times 1; Junior Play; Student Council 1; Advertising Manager of GREENBRIAR 4; Office Clerk 4. JOYCE ANN ROGERS F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Beta Club 4; Book Club 4; French Club 3. CATHERINE MARIE ROWLAND F. H. A. 1, 3; Editorial Staff of GREENBRIAR 3, 4; Junior Play 3. CHARLES EDWIN SCHOLL Superlative (Most Original). WALLACE RIED SHERRON F. F A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; F. F. A. Camp 1, 2, 4, Football 2, 3, 4 ; Football Co-Captain 4, Basketball 3, 4, Student Council 1; Glee Club 1; Vice-President of Junior Class 3; Bus Driver 4; Monogram Club President 4; Basketball Co-Captain 4; All-Eastern Football Team 4; Chemistry Club 3. DAVID EDGAR SMITH F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Club 3; Class Officer 2, 3; Superlative (Most Popular); F. F. A. Vice-President 4; Football Co-Captain 4; F. F. A. Camp 2, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Mono¬ gram Club 3, 4; Civics Club 2. JACK WAYLON SMITH F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver; Chemistry Club 3. RUSSELL GAITHER SNIPES Baseball Manager 1, 2; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4, 5; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play. RETHA ROSE STANCIL F. H. A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. SENNIE IOLA TAYLOR t-H Club 1: Science 1, 2; Music and Choral Appre- iation Club 2; Dramatics Club; Glee Club 2, 3. SARA JO VAUGHN F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Book Club 3. BEN HENRY STEPHENSON F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Football 4, 5; Monogram 4, 5. LEAMON DURWOOD STEPHENSON F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Monogram 3; Football 1, 2. LIBBY LANIER WALKER Book Club 3, 4; Vice-President of Book Club 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Advertising Staff of GREENBRIAR 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Office Clerk 4; Librarian 1, 2. JERRY MATTHEW WILLIAMS Monogram Club 1, 3, 4; French Club 3; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain of Basketball Team 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Superlative (Most Athletic). JAMES CHARLES WILSON F. F. A 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Treasurer 3, 4; Football Co- Captain 4; F. F. A. Camp 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Rural and Parliamentary Procedure 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball Co-Captain 4; Chem¬ istry Club 4; Glee Club 1. with Bet! The therrbhQfogj-gphed our " finis gone. R —KIE DUKE in the Ji| Gaither S consisti and parts in Sen the Leading characters in the Junior Play The cast of the Junior Play " OUR MISS BROOKS " n i n + e e n Believe it or not! That ' s us! twenty OUR H ISTOR Y Who would possibly guess that the high and mighty Seniors of ' 52 could have been a group or contused, green freshmen only four short years ago? It took us a while to get used to tne routine of high school, but when we finally did, we really felt a part of tne school. David Smith, Bobby Coats, and Lewis and Lawrence Lane were on tne football team, which, incidentally, won the county championship for the second consecutive year. On the basketball court Shirley Holland, Portia Mitchell, and Jerry Williams wore the green and white. We really got into the swing of things as steadily rising Sophomores. Violet Howard, Tommy Howard, and Portia Mitcnell represented our ciass in the Student Council. Wallace Sherron and Charles Wilson this year earned berths on the football squad. Class officers were Tommy Howard, Rachel Dickens, David Smifn, and Betty Jo Beck. The tour of Washington, D. C., proved most interesting botn educationally and socially! After a brief summer vacation, we trudged back to the little red schoolhouse, but witn lignter hearts, tor we were now Juniors! Willie Lee Crabtree served as our very capable President this year. Ten " brains " sported Beta Club pins, with Betsy Johnson and James Fish Vice-President and Treasurer, respectively. The theme for the Junior-Senior Banquet was a " Dream. " We were all proud of our " finished product " and telt it was wortn all the trials and tribulations under¬ gone. Rachel Dickens proved her acting ability when she played the leading role in the Junior play, " Our Miss Brooks. " Otner characters were portrayed by Gaither Snipes, Betty Jo Beck, and Lewis and Lawrence Lane. The tootball team, consisting largely or Juniors, won tne championship for the fourth straight season, and were we proud of them! Cnarles Wilson and Jerry Williams played important parts in winning the county championship in basketball. Seniors! We had finally risen from the ranks to the number one spot! At the beginning ol the year, we implied to the teachers that we knew everything and that there was no use to try to teach us anything else, but were they dis¬ couraged? No! Even with knowing everything, we found tnat we had to ' brusn up " on our lessons before class. It was a big day for us when our be¬ loved rings arrived. And, too, we felt important when we selected our invita¬ tions and calling cards. David Smith proved to be one of the big guns on the gridiron, as was Wallace Snerron, who was chosen for the All-Eastern team. Our team, which started out slowly, came back to win the county cnampionship for the fifth consecutive year. Betty Jo Beck was their attractive sponsor at the home¬ coming game witn Cary. Racnel Dickens and Willa Jean Akins won guard positions on the basketball team. Bobby Coats presided over the Senior meetings, while James Fish took charge in chapel every Friday as President of the Student Council. Even though our four years at Fuquay High were short, we have made every minute one to remember. The friendships which could never have come about if we had not come to this school will be lasting ones in mind and in real life. We are indeed grateful for all the exciting annual events which could only be acquired at our own Fuquay Springs High School, and may those afm sev d?6i - as happy times as we have had. w starring i at Duke II working en in just twenty-one CLASS PROPHECY May 16, 1962 My, what a change ten years can bring! You would really be surprised to hear wnat has happened to the seniors of ' 52. The other day when I was visiting in my old home town of Fuquay Springs, I dropped in at school. Imagine my surprise when I found Jane Riley teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic to those dear little sixth graders, and Malisia Barbour teaching home economics! While I was there, Coach Lawrence Lane dropped by to say hello and tell me about his State Champion football team. The most interesting part of my visit at school, however, was sitting in on Mrs. Stack ' s Sociology Class. Yes, everything is about the same. She ' s still calling on those involuntary volunteers! I paid a visit, too, that day to Lewis Lane ' s Circle L Ranch. Imagine (or can you?) a huge cattle ranch right here in dear old Fuquay. And who do you suppose this big tycoon has hired as secretaries? Why, Betty Joe Beck and Frances Parrish. And to top it all off, he has Tommy Howard and Charles Scholl roping steers! When I picked up the local newspaper, now published by Billy Ragsdale, I was very pleased to read in the headlines that Deams Averette had just won first prize in a National Art Exhibit. You know he has just returned from Paris where he has been studying for the last two years. And guess whose picture stared at me from the front page? None other than Miss Frances Poe, who has just accepted a position with Saks on Fifth Avenue in New York, modeling (you guessed it) bathing suits! While reading the paper, I ran across numerous items concerning our fellow seniors. There was a lengthy account of Wallace Sherron ' s outstanding per¬ formance in his last professional football game; an item concerning State Prison Warden Jimmy Lineberger ' s vacation which begins next Monday; and also a notice that Doctor Rachel King and assistant Ellen Howard are going to open a small clinic in Fuquay soon. One night I attended a large square dance and was surprised to find the music furnished by none other than Willie Lee Crabtree and his Fuquay Fiddlers. Over in the corner I recognized a group of old pals and hurried over to speak to them. Ben Burchette, Judson Jones, Waylon Smith and Charles Wilson were engaged in a heated argument concerning who could grow the tallest corn. Almost every time I visit Fuquay, I meet Maurice Adcock, several times a day, riding in his ' 62 Bel Air Chevrolet from farm to farm. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy between Maurice and David Smith as to who really owns the most land. It seems David owns about half of Willow Springs and Maurice a good share in Varina. The only local business firm owned and operated by a ' 52 senior is the " Rest in Peace " Mortuary Parlor owned by Jack Browder. He encouraged me to direct any possible business his way. I had time for only a brief visit with Mary Joyce Jones, Jane Bridges, Violet Howard, and Rachel Dickens, those lucky young ladies for whom the golden bells of matrimony have already tolled. These were the only seniors I saw on my visit, but I did hear from several others. James Fish has turned out to be a second Fred Astaire and is now starring in a new Broadway musical. Portia Mitchell is a laboratory technician at Duke University; and Jerry Williams, Junior Bowling, and Erwin Cates are still working ' or Uncle Sam. Would you ever have guessed in 1952 that so much could happen in just ten years? ty-three JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Allie Mae Hester, Treasurer; Nancy Cooke, President; Jimmy Norris, Vice-President; Phyllis Ann Jones, Secretary. JUNIOR CLASS MAXINE ADAMS RHUTEEN ADAMS BRANTLEY ADCOCK VIRGINIA AIKEN BEN BENNETT JOE CADE DELPHIA LOU CARTER JUNIOR CLASS ELEANOR CLARK FRANCES CLARK BETTY COATS THOMAS COATS NANCY COOKE MARSHALL CURRIN MARY REE DICKENS SHIRLEY DUKE GLENDA FERRELL GOLDA FERRELL CHARLES GARRISON MARILYN GRIFFIN PEGGY GUTHRIE HALLIE GUY FREDERICK HARVELL twenty-five JUNIOR CLASS ALLIE MAE HESTER ERNESTINE HOLLEMAN HAROLD HONEYCUTT WAYLON HONEYCUTT PHYLLIS ANN JONES PEGGY KESLER HENRY LAWRENCE LOUISE LEE ROY MORTON BETTY JO MYATT WILMA JEAN MYATT JIMMY NORRIS CHARLES PARKER GLORIA PEARCE GLENN POWELL t w e n t y - s i x JUNIOR CLASS CAROLYN PRITCHETT BUCK ROWLAND HELEN ROWLAND JEANETTE SAUNDERS SHIRLEY SHERRON MELBA SMITH MICKEY SMITH DORIS STEPHENSON FRANCES STEPHENSON GERRY STEPHENSON HERMAN TAYLOR PROCTOR TAYLOR BARBARA THOMAS NANCY TILLEY PATSY WALTERS twenty-seven SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Janet Pope, Secretary; Don Holioway, Vice-President; Mable Cotten, President; Jean Turner, Treasurer. twenty-nine SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to right, first row: Barbara Adams, Charles Adams, Shirley Adams, Max Ashworth, Shirley Baird. Second row: Phillip Barnes, Waylon Beasley, Betty Bla¬ lock, Patricia Blalock, Ray Bowden. Third row: Mary Nell Bradley, Connie Burch, Ruth Burchette, Charles Cates, Margaret Coley. Fourth row: Donald Cotton, Mable Cotten, Mary Ann Crabtree, Kay Currin, L. C. Davis. Fifth row: Joyce Dupree, Nellie Dupree, Rosa Dupree, Joan Farmer, Annette Fleming. thirty SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to right, first row: Alma Sue Fuq Griffin, Robert Haddock. Second row: Don Holloway, Roger Honeycutt. Thi Martha Harriet Jones, Drexel Jorden, Billy Kinton, Hunter McGee, Zelma McGei Winnifred Mills, Edna Morris, Mandy Poll 1 nn Godwin, Braxton aire, Rachel Harvell, , Jo Ann Johnson, row: James King, row: Sidney Mills, t hirty-one SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to right, first rowow: Barbara Adams, ’owell, B. J. Rowland, Bobby Rowland, Barbara Sherian. Secaird. Second row: Phy, Jerry Sherron, Dwight Smith, Thomas Smith, Clinton Spivs, Ray Bowden. Thirrelle Stephens, William Stephens, Bobby Stephenson, Charlarles Cates, Margaret ( Taylor. Fourth row: Durwood Thomas, Jean Turner, Jimm Crabtree, Kay Curri ' alker, Peal Weathers. Fifth row: Dwight Wilson Juprtki, Kosa Dupree, Joan FarmrWallace Young. thirty-two FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS nnie Proclor, Secretary; Jerry Currin, President; ,on, Vice ' President; Patricia Powell, Treasurer. Freshmen Catch On Quick thirty-three FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right, first row: Kay Adams, Patricia Adams, Thomas Adams, Frances Adcock, Kay Arnold, Sherwood Ashworth. Second row: Donald Averette, Haywood Bow¬ den, Bobby Barbour, Betty Beasley, Edna Beckwith, W. L. Benton. Third row: Billie SueBetts, Leonidas Betts, Carolyn Bradley, Johnny Bryant, Malisa Burch, Ann Byrd. Fourth row: Betty Callis, Robert Carter, Bryant Clark, Barbara Coats, Jerry Currin, Bobby Davis. Fifth row: Mavis Dawson, Earl Dean, Jerry Dean, Marshall Dean, Phillip Dickens, Fred Dupree. Sixth row: Bobby Ellis, Mary Lois Evans, Jimmy Farabow. thirty-four FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right, first row: Jimmy Fowler, Leamon Haire, Glenn Harvell, Gene Humph¬ ries, Gerald Humphries, Harold Johnson. Second row: Joanna Johnson, Lydia Johnson, Bryant Jones, Linda Keith, Maynard Keith, Mattie Lee. Third row: Shirley Lee, Donald Lloyd, Jackie Mills, Billy Oglesby, Aaron Olive, Mary Oliver. Fourth row: Jo Ann Parrish, Maynard Pearce, Gene Pleasant, Loretta Pope, Harold Powell, Martha Powell. Fifth row: Patricia Powell, Jennie Proctor, Jimmy Proctor, Roy Puryear, Ann Ragan, Doris Ragland. Sixth row: Thelma Rambeaut, Ann Ransdell, Nelson Reuschling. t h i r t y - f i v e FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right, first row: W. H. Rhodes, Milton Riley, Lector Rogers, Faye Rowland, Shirley Rowland, J. C. Searcy. Second row: Jean Sherron, Charles Smith, Maynard Smith, Rex Smith, Glenn Spivey, Nora Stephens. Third row: Billy Stephenson, Jean Stephenson, Jimmy Stephenson, Larry Stephenson, Lena Stephenson, Nancy Ste¬ phenson. Fourth row: Oscar Stephenson, Dan Talley, Mollie Tilley, Bobby Thomas, Mary Thomas, Rebecca Truelove. Fifth row: Eleanor Van Hook, Virginia Wade, Carolyn Weaver, Gypsy Williams. Sixth row-. Bobby Wilson, Marie Wilson, Doris Wood. thirty-six WHAT DID WE DO IN ' 52? It all began in ' 51 on a bright Wednesday morning in September. Beneath our groans of regret at the reopening of school there was a tinge ot excitement and enthusiasm mingled with just the tiniest bit of curiosity; for few of us had even seen Mr. Farnell, our new principal. We realized in chapel that morning that there would be some changes made, wnen we found that in our home rooms the boys and girls were mixed. Of course, we offered no objections to this change.,- and as we became accustomed to those which followed, we realized they all worked out for the best. Immediately we began to think even more of our new principal when he bought a new Public Address System and arranged for us to have music while we ate. Although our football team got off to a rather slow start this year, before the season was half over, it was again a terrific powerhouse. Led by Co-Captains David Smith, Wallace Sherron and Charles Wilson, the team proved a true credit to Fuquay High School. For the fifth straight year they brought home a new trophy — Wake County Champions! The new Beta members and the F. F. A. and F. H. A. members are not likely to forget the outlandish stunts they performed or the horrible punishments they were subjected to on ini¬ tiation night. Remember how Eleanor Clark sat on the street corner under her umbrella and counted to 2,000? And how Tommy Howard was forced to crawl the length of a block and back? My, what fun we had! Fuquay High received a real Christmas present this year — a new gym floor. This gift was especially appreciated by Portia Mitchell, Shirley Holland, Jerry Williams, and the rest of our basketball stars. They had to play a pretty good game to outshine our new floor! Another highlight of the year was our election, planned and carried out by the Student Council exactly like real town elections. We fi.ed for office, campaigned, and voted by secret ballot in real booths. Closely following the week of elections came the Junior Play entitled " Our Town " — di¬ rected by Miss Vivian Burton. The play, which was written by Thorton Wilder, requires no scenery and therefore requires excellent acting. Given just that, the play proved both novel and very entertaining. Everyone was very disappointed when our physical education teacher and assistant coach, Mr. Joe Weede, left us at midterm; but we all welcomed Mr. Howell, his successor. Fads this year were numerous. We wore turtle neck sweaters, suede loafers, windbreak- ers, and anything which proclaimed our undaunted loyalty to the Confederacy! The thing that most definitely distinguished us as teenagers, however, was the fact that we had a language all our own. Thanks to the coaching of Ben Bennett and Willa Jean Akins, practically the whole school was talking pig-latin. When Maurice Adcock and Barbara Thomas added " evurbody " , " shug " , and " I spec " to our vocabulary, nobody but nobody could keep up with our conversa¬ tions. The students at Fuquay might have fallen out with the local newspapers this year if their mistakes had not proved so amusing. Remember how the Fuquay Senior Officers were pic¬ tured as the Wakelon Class Officers? And who has forgotten the basketball write-up in which Barbara Thomas was best on defense? Mixed with our laughs there were, of course, a few sorrows. For instance, the time when Charles Wilson broke his collar bone and was able to play in only a few football games dur¬ ing the season, or the basketball game our girls lost to Lafayette by one point which they scored on a free shot after the game was over. All things considered, however, it has been a good year, a happy year, and one not to be easily forgotten. thirty-seven We Wore Wind Breakers, Turtle Neck Sweaters, and Confederate Caps We studied — a little We played ball and had fun in general thirty-eight i ACTIVITIES h i r t y - n i n e The staff that aged over night! THE GREENBRIAR STAFF Of course there were times when we wished we had never heard of an annual, but it has really been fun. Those nights when we all worked together, taking turns at the typewriter, drawing ads and doing all the many other things connected with putting a yearbook together, will go down in our memories along with all the happy events of the year. I know our advertising staff will not soon forget those many days they trudged from business firm to business firm, rain or shine, always trying to impress upon everyone the value of ads in the GREENBRIAR. And what members of the editorial staff can ' t remember the nights they sat for hours gazing at a blank sheet of paper while their minds went on world tours — Ideas just wouldn ' t come! Finally it was finished, however; and in a way, we missed it. But now it ' s back and this time to stay, constantly reminding us of a wonderful year at Fuquay. i J forty I ADVERTISING STAFF Left to right, front row: Libby Walker, Mabrey Adams, Jane Riley, Advertising Manager; Rachel Dickens, Betty Jo Beck. Second row: Betsy Johnson, Malisia Barbour, Willa Jean Akins, Frances Aiken, Lewis Lane. Third row: Portia Mitchell, Business Manager; Violet Howard, Lawrence Lane, Barbara Thomas, Charles Scholl. EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right, front row: Joanna Johnson, Frances Poe, Shirley Mudge, Editor; Betty Jo Beck, Peggy Kesler, Ray Bowden. Second row: Rachel King, Portia Mitchell, Ellen Howard, Barbara Thomas, Catherine Rowland, Ben Bennett. forty-one Our Lawmakers STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Malisa Burch, Joanna Johnson, Peggy Kesler, Treasurer; Louise Lee, Vice-President; James Fish, President; Annette Fleming, Secretary; Roger Honeycutt, Sergeant-at-Arms; Mrs. Paul Stack, Adviser; Shirley Mudge. The Student Council, under the leadership of Mrs. Elizabeth Stack, has had a very successful year. Their greatest undertaking was the planning and carrying out of our weekly chapel programs. It was the plan of the Student Council to have speakers from as many varied professions and businesses as possible in hopes that their talks might help some of the students decide for what work they were best suited. Another important project which was carried out by the Student Council with the aid of one of Mrs. Stack ' s history classes was the fall election. Together they studied and worked out a system for the election of grade and organization officers. Students were required to file for office, register, and vote by secret ballot in regular voting booths which were borrowed from the town. This project was enjoyable to the student body as well as educational. Still another project which the Student Council undertook with the aid of the Monogram Club was the Homecoming Dance held in the gym following the Cary ball game. Along with winning the game, which gave Fuquay the County Cham¬ pionship, the evening proved most enjoyable. During the five years since the Student Council was organized it has been constantly improving, and this year has been its best! f o r t y -1 w o mm Brains??? Left to right, front row: Frances Aiken, Frances Stephenson, Shirley Sherron, Barbara Thomas, Frances Wood, Eleanor Clark, Jane Riley, Golda Ferrell. Second row: Louise Lee, Delphia Carter, Zoie Oliver, Betsy Johnson, President; Glenda Ferrell, Secretary; Willie Lee Crabtree, Vice-President; Mary Elizabeth Fowler, Treasurer; Carolyn Pritchett, Shirley Mudge, Willa Jean Akins. Standing: Peggy Kesler, Nancy Cooke, James Fish, Pearl Jones, Violet Howard, Joyce Rogers, Frances Clark, Maxine Adams, Phyllis Ann Jones, Mickey Smith, Jeanette Saunders, Tommy Howard, Joseph Bowling, Roy Morton, Ben Bennett, Jim¬ my Lineberger, Miss Lucy Perkinson, Adviser. The Beta Club is a National Honorary Organization composed only of Juniors and Seniors who are selected on the basis of leadership, character, achievement, and scholarship. This year our Beta Club began its activities by initiating the new members. Dressed in outlandish costumes, the victims were sent uptown to perform un¬ heard-of feats, anything from counting bricks in a building to drawing footprints around a block or two. At the following meeting our new officers were installed in a very impressive Rainbow Installation Service. Everyone has enjoyed the use of the gift left by last year ' s Beta Members - the large hall clocks. This year the Beta Club sold drinks at basketball games to build up the treasury. Several of our members attended the Beta Club Convention which was held this ' year at the Sir Walter Hotel in Raleigh. forty-three They know all about Caesar LATIN CLUB Left to right, first row: Malisa Burch, Winifred Mills, Peggy Sandy, Leonidas Betts, President; Harold Johnson. Second row: Barbara Coats, Ann Byrd, Jean Stephenson, Pearl Jones, Ann Ragen, Secretary; Patricia Adams, Treasurer; Mary Thomas; Third row: Mrs. Lucille Haddock, Adviser; Kay Adams, Shirley Lee, V irginia Wade, Donald Taylor, Charles Smith, Lydia Johnson. Book worms! BOOK CLUB Left to right, first row: Mary Elizabeth Fowler, Reporter; Frances Poe, Secretary; Libby Walker, Vice-President; Deams Aver- ette, President. Second row: Rachel Dickens, Betty Jo Beck, Eleanor Clark, Malisia Barbour, Violet Howard, Zoie Oliver, Joyce Rogers, Barbara Thomas, Gloria Pearce, Willa Jean Akins. Third row: Jane Riley, Allie Mae Hester, Frances Clark, Peggy Kesler, Miss Eleanor Southerland, Adviser; Betty Jo Myatt, Frances Stephenson, Virginia Aiken, Frances Aiken, Nancy Tilley, Tommy Howard, Bobby Coats, Jimmy Lineberger, Rachel King, James Fish, Ellen Howard. Fifth row: Shirley Mudge, Lawrence Lane, Lewis Lane, Carolyn Pritchett. Not photographed: Patsy Walters, Secretary. forty-four Sweetest music this side of where? BAND Left to right, first row: Ray Richter, Bobby Thomas, Bobby Dean, Jerry McCanley, Mrs. Rabb. Second row: Jimmy Ashworth, Hubert Shearon, Harold Johnson, Jimmy Proctor, Joanna Johnson, Polly Adams. Third row: Donald Bullock, Robert Carter, Charles Adams, Oscar Stephenson, Rachel King, Maynard Keith, Kenneth Rowland. Fourth row: Lawrence Lane, Jimmy Line- berger, Lewis Lane. Hard practice is rewarding MONOGRAM CLUB Left to right, front row: Portia Mitchell, Lucill Haire, Gloria Pearce, Mabel Cotten, Peggy Kesler, Shirley Sherron, Barbara Thomas, Treasurer; Rachel Dickens, Secretary; Judson Jones, Vice-President; Wallace Sherron, President; Wi I la Jean Akins, Don¬ ald Cotton. Second row: Tommy Howard, Durwood Thomas, Max Ashworth, Roger Honeycutt, Mickey Smith, Roy Morton, Carolyn Pritchett, Jimmy Norris, Buck Adcock, Charles Wilson, Maynard Smith. Third row: Lawrence Lane, Glenn Godwin, Ben Bennett, Lewis Lane, Glenn Powell, Jerry Williams, Charles Garrison, Don Holloway, Sam Garrison, David Smith, Bobby Coats, William Stephens, Marshall Currin, Dwight Wilson, forty-five Education marches on! FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Left to right, front row: Frances Stephenson, Secretary; Jane Riley, President; Martha Harriet Jones, Vice-President; Malisia Barbour, Treasurer. Second row: Shirley Sherron, Nancy Cooke, Martha Powell, Jeanette Saunders, Eleanor Van Hook, Gypsy Williams, Shirley Mudge. Third row: Barbara Coats, Mrs. Elizabeth Stack, Adviser; Violet Howard, Kay Dell Arnold, Nancy Tilley, Delphia Carter, Patsy Walters, Malisa Burch, Barbara Adams. Fourth row: Patricia Adams, Dwight Smith, Ann Ragan, Lawrence Lane, Frances Poe, Nancy Stephenson, Shirley Lee, Kay Adams, Lena Stephenson, Jean Stephenson. Safety first is their job BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Proctor Taylor, Judson Jones, Willie Lee Crabtree, Thomas Coats, Marshall Currin, Bobby Coats, Ben Bennett, James Fish, David Smith, Joseph Carter, Wallace Sherron, Gaither Snipes. f o r t y - s i x F. H. A. MRS. RALPH JARRETT Adviser F. F. A. MR. F. L. HUNT, Adviser The Future Homemakers have been very busy this year. C ' osely following the opening of school in September, the new members were initiated. T hese unfortunate little freshmen were blindfolded and sub¬ jected to showers of water and flour. Quite a few of the F. H. A. members attended the County Rally at Cary and the District and State Rallies, both held in Raleigh. At the State Rally special honors were presented to Violet Howard and Frances Poe. Both girls received the State Homemaker ' s Degree. The Future Farmers took as one of their projects landscaping local homes and planting shrubbery. As a joint project the two clubs placed a fireplace and picnic table in the new picnic area. Still working together, in December the clubs held their annual Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Banquet in the school cafeteria with Mr. Robert Cotten as speaker of the evening. During the summer of ' 51 a group of about thirty-five girls and boys jour¬ neyed to the Tom Brown Camp near Asheville, where they spent a delightful week swimming, hiking, and taking part in several types of sports. At the end of the week a tournament was held in each sport and Fuquay brought home a new banner for winning more of the contests than any other school. And so end the events of another happy and successful year for the Future Homemakers and Future Farmers. forty-seven ? FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OFFICERS President_ Vice-President Secretary-.. T reasurer_ Reporter_ Parliamentarian_ Historian Song Leader Program Chairman Social Chairman Project Chairman VIOLET HOWARD FRANCES CLARK ELEANOR CLARK MAXINE ADAMS MALISIA BARBOUR PORTIA MITCHELL ANN RAGAN MALISA BURCH FRANCES POE BETSY JOHNSON PEGGY KESLER forty-eight 1 FUTURE FARMERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter . Adviser_ OFFICERS JAMES FISH DAVID SMITH ROY MORTON CHARLES WILSON JUNIOR BOWLING - MR. F. L. HUNT ATHLETICS wins, losses, sportsmanship f i f t y - o n e Football FOOTBALL TEAM Left to right, front row: Tommy Howard, Jerry Williams, Judson Jones, David Smith, Charles Wilson, Wallace Sherron, Bobby Coats, Charles Garrison, Lawrence Lane. Second row: Buck Adcock, Jimmy Norris, Roy Morton, Durwood Thomas, Milton Riley, Max Ashworth, Phillip Dickens, Dwight Wilson, Bryant Jones, Man¬ ager. Third row: Coach W. O. Council, Maynard Smith, Don Holloway, Glenn Godwin, Jimmy Wood, Sam Garrison, Glenn Powell, Oscar Stephenson, William Stephens, Charles Smith, Carlyle Page, Lewis Lane, Assistant Coach Joe Weede. Sponsor — MISS BETTY JO BECK The Fuquay Fa ' cons opened cons ' almost completely ine favor — 32 to 0. On the following Thursday night game ending with a score of 21 to 0. gh School Capitols on September 7. The FaI- that night, and the game ended in Raleigh ' s journeyed to Massey Hill, only to meet defeat again in a hard fought On Friday afternoon, September 28, the Fuquay team rr»3t their first conference rivals of the season in a very ex¬ citing, but disappointing game. Several times the Falcons threatened, only to be pushed back by a strong Garner eleven. During the game, the Fuquay team gained 20 first downs, losing chances for four touchdowns because of fumbles. The game ended with Garner out in front by a score of 12 to 0. Then came the Methodist Orphanage game played in Raleigh, and a new defeat for the Falcons — 37 to 0. The whole team seemed to have a bad case of fumbleitis. Still undaunted, however, by the fact that they had not yet scored, the Fuquay eleven resolved to put an end to this record! Next came Wakelon, and Assistant Coach Joe Weede hit on a brilliant idea to put an end to the Falcons ' scoreless record. Coach Weede carried along a bucket of Fuquay dirt so the Falcons could play on home ground. Sure enough the Fuquay team turned in a winning score of 39 to 6. Buck Adcock led the Falcons ' attack by making the first touchdown, not only of that game, but of the year. The following Friday night Fuquay played host to Erwin. This was the first home game and the large number of Fuquay fans who attended were not disappointed. David Smith scored once on a 40-yard pass and later Jerry Williams went over for another touchdown on the ground. Charles Garrison was outstanding line man. The game ended with a score of 25 to 6 in Fuquay ' s favor. Wendell was next on the Fuquay schedule, and the Falcons handed in an easy 32-0 victory. Coach Council said this game was his team ' s top performance of the year. Rain immediately reminds us of the Hillsboro game. Fighting rain and mud plus the Hillsboro eleven, Fuquay ' s winning streak was temporarily ended. The Falcons played a splendid game, however. Jerry Williams scored the one touchdown from the 7-yard line. Fuquay threatened a second time from the 4-yard line with 40 seconds left in the game, but were penalized. Final score — 13 to 7. Next came the Selma game which proved the most exciting of the season for the fans. The score at the first quarter was 14 to 0, in Selma ' s favor. During the second quarter Tommy Howard scored on a quarterback sneak from the 2-yard line, and Glenn Powell took a 25-yard pass and scored again. During the second half the Falcons made a real comeback, the hard running of Glenn Powell setting up 2 more touchdowns and making the final score 26 to 14, in Fuquay ' s favor. Cary was the game that counted, and no one knew this better than David Smith. It seemed that this Smith boy had a hand or a toe in on all points. The entire team played a very good game. The final score — 26 to 14, in Fuquay ' s favor. And so ended another season with Fuquay bringing year. Coach Council was heard to say that this team Outstanding line men for the Falcons this year were renca Lane, Maynard Smith, and Ben Stephenson. The outstanding backs were Jerry Williams, Tommy We were very proud of Wallace Sherron, who was home the Wake County Championship Trophy for the fifth straight improved more in one season than a ny other he had ever coached. Wallace Sherron, David Smith, Charles Garrison, Bobby Coats, Law- Howard, Buck Adcock, Charles Wilson, Lewis Lane, Glenn Powell, chos . n on the All-Eastern Football Team. fifty-three Football )0 T B A L L TEAM ■H, Jerry Williams GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right, front row: Rachel Dickens, Shirley Holland, Portia Mitchell, Wilts Jean Akins, Gloria Pearce. Second row: Mable Cotten, Faye Rowland, Kay Dell Arnold, Annette Rowland, Lucille Haire, Kaye Adams, Shirley Sherron, Barbara Thom¬ as, Carolyn Pritchett. Third row: Gypsy Williams, Joanna Johnson, Jo Ann Parrish, Nancy Stephenson, Coach Joe Weede, Helen Rowland, Ann Ragan, Patsy Walters, Peggy Kesler. SCORES THROUGH FEBRUARY 1ST Fuquay Springs Opponents 51 Bells 47 40 Angier 40 49 Apex 54 57 Green Hope 53 46 Angier 42 59 Garner 70 56 Lafayette 57 64 Cary 64 41 Lafayette 37 73 Garner 65 61 Millbrook . _ 45 58 Apex 62 f i f t y - s i x Left to right, front row: Mickey Smith, Lewis Lane, Wallace Sherron, Jerry Williams, Tommy Howard, Roger Honeycutt. Second row: Jerry Sherron, Manager; Jimmy Norris, Oscar Stephenson, Glenn Powell, Jimmy Wood, Max Ashworth, Mr. W. O. Council, Coach. Fuquay Springs 60 30 37 53 39 36 47 47 40 49 68 57 SCORES THROUGH FEBRUARY 1ST _ Bells _ Angier Apex _ Green Hope Angier _ Garner - Lafayette Cary Lafayette . Garner . AAi 11 brook Apex Opponents 43 60 44 39 40 33 66 79 60 37 67 53 fifty-seven Give ' em a good substantial yell! Yea, Fuquayl! Left to right: Jennie Proctor, Jean Turner, Betty Jo Beck, Eleanor Clark, Chief; Peggy Guthrie, Rachel Dickens, Libby Walker, Gloria Pearce, Gypsy Williams, Eleanor Van Hook, Patricia Adams. fifty-eight FEATURES those outstanding seniors f i f t y - n i n e SENIOR BEST ALL AROUND BETTY JO BECK JAMES FISH sixty SUPERLATIVES MOST INTELLECTUAL SHIRLEY MUDGE WILLIE LEE CRABTREE s i x t y - o n e mtm SENIOR MOST ORIGINAL WILLA JEAN AKINS CHARLES SCHOLL s i x t y -1 w o SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC PORTIA MITCHELL JERRY WILLIAMS xty-three SENIOR i I MOST POPULAR FRANCES PARRISH DAVID SMITH sixty-four SUPERLATIVES MOST ATTRACTIVE FRANCES POE TOMMY HOWARD fl ' s i x t y - f i v e " When you think of smart ladies ' apparel, think of Dunn ' s. I will take partic ular care and pride in serving my home town friends. " IDA MAE TALLEY DUNN SMART THINGS FOR SMART WOMEN 1 1 7Vi Fayetteville Street Over McAn — Adjoining Ambassador s i x t y - s i x COMPLIMENTS O F PRINCE, MUDGE POWELL, INC. INSURANCE HONEYCUTT MUDGE REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE - LOANS PHONE 122 FUQUAY SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA sixty-seven MITCHELL CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES - SERVICE Your Chevrolet Dea ! er for 18 Years FUQUAY - VARINA - ANGIER J. M. MITCHELL, Prop. PHONE FUQUAY 200 s i x t y - e i g h t COMPLIMENTS T O CLASS OF 1952 BANK OF VARINA A Home Bank for Home People Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation VARINA, NORTH CAROLINA s i x t y • n i n e EDUCATION and BANKING ARE VITAL TO OUR NATION ' S ECONOMY We Bank on the students of our schools and invite you to Bank with us. BANK OF FUQUAY 43 YEARS OF SERVICE CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $350,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation seventy PHONE 20M FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. K. B. JOHNSON SONS Distributors KEROSENE " Serving the Community for Thirty Years " ATLANTIC PRODUCTS GASOLINE MOTOR OILS - GREASES FUEL OIL seventy-one TWIN CITY RADIO APPLIANCE CO. " WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL " A Complete Line of Home Appliances See Us for Your Television Needs Refrigerators and Home Freezers PHONE 198-W FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. COMPLIMENTS T O THE SENIOR CLASS PIONEER MOTOR SALES PIEDMONT AUTO SUPPLY JOHNSON ' S TIRE SERVICE seventy-two STEPHENS HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. HARDWARE - FARM IMPLEMENTS FURNITURE - FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES COLEMAN HEATERS - FLOOR FURNACES Fuquay-Varina, N. C. COMPLIMENTS O F BRADLEY LUMBER COMPANY seventy-three FOR THE BEST IN GROCERIES and FOR THE FRESHEST IN MEATS Patronize POE ' S GROCERY VARINA, NORTH CAROLINA W. F. V. G. " Home of the Big Folk Music Festival " 350,000 DAILY LISTENERS 1460 On Your Dial 1000 WATTS J. M. Stephenson, Owner FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. seventy-four C. M. MATTHEWS Q. A. VAN HOOK MATTHEWS-VAN HOOK MOTOR CO. DODGE-PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. J. I. CASE TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, HARDWARE ECONOMY SPRAYERS, FURNITURE PROCTOR-BARBOUR COMPANY, Inc. DUO-THERM HEATERS PHILCO APPLIANCES - CAROLINA OIL CURERS WFiolesale and Retail Hardware and Farm Equipment FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. seventy-f i v« CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 THE FOOD CENTER " For the Finest in Foods " LOCKERS - COLD STORAGE - PROCESSING - MEAT CURING COMPLIMENTS O F POPE ' S 5c-$5.00 STORES " WE ALWAYS HAVE GOOD VALUES " seventy-six “THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE " JOHNSON ' S DRUG STORE REXALL DRUGS FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. WOODROW JOHNSON, Prop. PHONE 109 TILLEY - MATTHEWS - MEDLIN SEEDS - FEEDS - PAINTS - FARM SUPPLIES STOKERS - OIL BURNERS MAYTAG APPLIANCES A. A. Tilley — Leo L. Matthews — Winifred Medlin FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. PHONE 199-W seventy-seven " Thirty-seven Years ' Drug Service " ELLIOTT ' S PHARMACY Whitman ' s Chocolates — Penslar Remedies Yardley Toiletries PHONE 24 FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. A. G. ELLIOTT, SR. A. G. ELLIOTT, JR. HOKE C. POWELL FUQUAY FURNITURE COMPANY " The Home of Fine Furniture " Open on Evenings by Appointment FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. PHONE 251 seventy-eight VARINA FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Electrical Appliances and Radios Floor Coverings, Sieglae Oil Heaters VARINA, N. C. PHONE 45 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT H. H. GRILL STEAKS - CHICKEN - SANDWICHES - HOT DOGS - HAMBURGERS CURB SERVICE 1 V 2 Miles North of Fuquay-Varina, U. S. 1 5-A J. P. HONEYCUTT seventy-nine COMPLIMENTS O F STANDARD HOMES COMPANY FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES to CLASS OF ' 52 ADAMS CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. PHONE 219-W FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. eighty " Insurance Specialist Since 1945 " WRENN INSURANCE AGENCY 202 BANK OF VARINA BUILDING FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. REPRESENTING OLD LINE STOCK COMPANIES WM. P. " BILLY " WRENN Owner-Manager TELEPHONES Office 330-W Home 220-W Writing LIFE - FIRE - HAIL - AUTOMOBILE - BONDS AND HOSPITAL CARE ASSOCIATION, INC. " YOUR HOSPITAL BILLS PAID IN FULL " With Surgical Benefits RILEY MOTOR COMPANY DODGE and PLYMOUTH - SALES and SERVICE DEPENDABLE USED CARS JACK RILEY, Proprietor LILLINGTON, N. C. PHONE 3491 The Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1952 FUQUAY HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS eighty-one WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Phone 144-R FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. HOME OWNED E. NASH SHAW COMPLIMENTS O F THE NELSON PRINCE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS O F WEAVER BUICK COMPANY BUICK SALES SERVICE FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. PHONE 343 eighty-two Varina Welding Co. WELDING RADIATOR REPAIRING Phone 233-R Varina, N. C. Compliments to FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL Glen B. Judd, M.D. BALLENTINE ' S DAIRY " Home of the Jersey Cow " LACTIC ACID - HOMOGENIZED - PASTE ' |r CHOCOLATE - BUTTERMILK - 1 1 she r Phone 72 ijments of ' GROCERY - VEGETABLES - MEATS tme Owned Store PHONE 166-R c Stephens Lanier ' s Crown Service KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES Washing - Polishing - Greasing PFione 204 Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Compliments of John C. Adcock ' s Grocery Store Wilbon, N. C. Henry ' s Eats PIT-COOKED BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS We Specialize in BAR-B-Q - REGULAR DINNERS Fuquay-Varina, N. C. eighty-three LYNWOOD T. STEPHENSON Wholesale CANDIES - CONFECTIONS - TOBACCOS DRUGS - CARDED GOODS FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. PHONE 1 1 7-R HAROLD E. PARKER —FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishings HOTPOINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - G. E. RADIOS 134 S. Main St. 613 E. Broad St. FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. VARINA, N. C. COMPLIMENTS O F ' WN TOBACCO COMPANY c Inc. WEAVER BUICh- BUICK SALES FUQUAY-VARINA, N. C. EANERS ot, Prop. .US DEPENDABILITY 15 GS, N. C. eighty-four PONTIAC " The Most Beautiful Thing on Wheels " WELLS PONTIAC COMPANY FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. For Over a Quarter of a Century MEN ' S AND BOYS ' CLOTHING " Shoes for the Entire Family " THE ELMO COMPANY FUQUAY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE INDEPENDENT " Your Hometown Newspaper " TODD H. CALDWELL, Publisher Compliments of FUQUAY GROCERY DELICIOUS GROCERIES - VEGETABLES - MEATS A Friendly Home Owned Store FREE DELIVERY PHONE 166-R Mack Stephens eighty-five Compliments of BONNIE BELL BEAUTY SHOP Our desire is to please — Our policy is to give you as mu ' " 1 " or more for your money than you get elsewhere. Permanent Waves $3.50 and up Upstairs in Bank of Fuquay Building Phone 1 44-W Mrs. Agnes Crabtree Willie Grace Dones ASHWORTH ' S Clothiers for Men and Boys VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS - WEATHERBIRD SHOES - FLORSHEIM SHOES PURITAN SPORTSWEAR - DOBBS HATS - GRIFFON SUITS Phone 293 — Fuquay Springs TWIN CITY LAUNDRY CLEANERS o. s. McCauley g. w. scott BAKER OIL COMPANY W. L. BAKER, Prop. WHOLESALE DEALER for ESSO PRODUCTS GASOLINE - KEROSENE FUEL OIL - MOTOR OILS GREASES Fuquay Springs, N. C. e i g h t y - s i x COMPLIMENTS OF Martin ' s Jewelers COMPLIMENTS OF Wall ' s Garage J. W. DALE J. L. DICKENS J. W. DALE INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance and Bonds " It Pays to be AETNA-ized " BOX 312 - PHONE 1 1-R FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. Compliments of W. C. Bethune Agent, SMITH-DOUGLAS FERTILIZERS and INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Compliments of Clark ' s Esso and Fuel Co. ESSO PRODUCTS QUALITY COAL C. B. Clark PHONE 100 FUQUAY SPRINGS FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. PHONE 345 FUQUAY SERVICE STATION MOBIL GAS and OIL E. E. Fuquay, Proprietor eighty-seven FUQUAY ow ‘SnewAYu ’ SELL YOU! WITH YOUR CHOIC; J. W. JONES,a VARINA BRICK SOUTH SIDE CARLIE ADAMS JOE W. STEPHENSON TALLEY BROS. PLANTERS NEW DEAL A. R. TALLEY W. M. TALLEY R. B. TALLEY : ome ) TOBACCO Si WAREHOUSEMAN ' ales Supervisor BIG TOP GOLD-LEAF CENTRAL KING ROBERTS E. E. CLAYTON R. H. " BOB " BARBOUR P. L. " BUDDY " CAMPBELL S. T. PROCTOR eighty-nine Compliments of Farrior ' s Bookkeeping and Tax Service Compliments of Fuquay Florist Operated by MRS. CLYDE GILBERT Compliments of GILBERT-SUGG FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE - DAY OR NIGHT FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. PHONE 14-J Kesler ' s of Fuquay HIGH QUALITY WEARING APPAREL AND SHOES Rollins Jewelers WATCHES - DIAMONDS JEWELRY For Ladies and Children Fuquay Springs, N. C. RANSDELL BROS. SHOES AND CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS Exclusive Adam Hat Agency ninety COMPLIMENTS OF George W. Adcock, Jr., D.D.S. Sinclair Refining Co. NELSON MEADOWS, Distributor SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PHONE 5 Fuquay-Varina, N. C. The Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF ' 52 FUQUAY HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCC ESS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 Capital Ice Coal Co. ICE COAL GAS OIL Phone 132 Compliments to FUQUAY SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL from CORNELL-DUBILIER ELECTRIC COMPANY FUQUAY SPRINGS DIVISION ninety-one Carolina Feed Co. HAY - GRAIN - FEED SEED and COAL Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Phone 9 K. Kannan Dept. Store We Carry LADIES ' DRESSES, COATS, SWEATERS and SHOES " Your Patronage Appreciated " Varina, N. C. Lee Brothers Men ' s and Boys ' Clothing and Shoes DRY GOODS and NOTIONS Varina, N. C. Phone 180 Varina Cleaning Co. " GROWING BIGGER BY SERVING BETTER " Phone 89-R Varina, N. C. FEEDS - SEEDS - FERTILIZERS VARINA FARMERS EXCHANGE ROY F. BERT, Manager PHONE 133 VARINA, N. C. TWIN CITY CREAM CENTER HOMEMADE ICE CREAM - THICK FROSTY SHAKES Phone 243 E. T. BURCHETTE, JR. ninety-two Five Points Service Station ESSO DEALER - GENERAL MDSE. Phone 2902 Fuquay Springs, N. C. Claude Jones, Prop. Three-Way Garage Operated by SAM LEWTER EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS Varina, N. C. 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 Byrd ' s Flower Shop Phone 163-W Fuquay-Varina, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. J. R. Edwards, Jr. Compliments to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF FUQUAY HIGH from WAKE MANUFACTURING COMPANY i Lewis Fruit Stand ON HIGHWAY 15-A ! 4 Miles North of Fuquay Springs, N. C. " The Biggest Little Fruit Stand in the South " ' Wheeler Industries FLOUR MILLERS - FEED MANUFACTURERS COTTON GINNERS - DEHYDRATORS Phone 157 Varina, N. C. ninety-three Powell and Hardee DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS RED GOOSE SHOES Fuquay Springs, N. C. Twin City Cab Co. J. G. (Gold) Williams, Prop. COURTEOUS - DEPENDABLE PHONE 82 Fuquay Springs, N. C. The Gem Shop ELGIN, BULOVA HAMILTON WATCHES ART CARVED KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS Harry Holstein Hubert Lanier, Props. Phone 224 222 S. Main St. Fuquay Springs, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. A. N. Johnson C. R. Ferrell, Jeweler COMPLIMENTS ! OF DIAMONDS - JEWELRY WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Dr. A. G. Crumpler ELGIN - BULOVA 1 Box 168 Angier, N. C. THOMAS J. BRIDGES CONTRACTOR PLUMBING AND HEATING FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. TELEPHONE 1 1 1 STATE LICENSE 394 ninety-four Powell Jones Hardware Everything for the FARMER, BUILDER and HOUSEWIFE Phone 205-W Fuquay Springs, N. C. TOM ASHWORTH ' S GULF SERVICE WASHING - LUBRICATION - POLISHING U. S. ROYAL TIRES QUAKER STATE AND GULF PRIDE MOTOR OILS ROAD SERVICE - WHEEL BALANCING PHONE 64 New Deal Garage B. C. TILLEY, Owner General Repairing on All Cars Night Phone 27-R — Day Phone 27-W Fuquay Springs, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS BRINK ' S JEWELERS A. " Brink " Oliver, Owner FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. Stephenson Tailorinq Shop TAILOR MADE SUITS Men ' s and Ladies ' Alterations Fuquay Springs, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF The Groceteria n i n e t y - f i v e COMPLIMENTS OF Wm. B. Oliver ATTORNEY AT LAW COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 Dr. S. S. Friedman VETERINARIAN COMPLIMENTS OF A. Y. Hairr GENERAL CONTRACTOR 1 Angier Radio Co. SALES and SERVICE SMALL APPLIANCES AM and FM RADIOS TELEVISION KEITH TRACTOR and IMPLEMENT COMPANY FERGUSON TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS " The Most Copied Tractor in America " FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. TELEPHONE 241 McLean ' s Service Grocery J. L. McLEAN, Prop. Fuquay Springs, N. C. Phone 188 COMPLIMENTS OF Robert A. Gotten ATTORNEY AT LAW n i n e t y - s i x Compliments of Williams Sea Food B. F. WILLIAMS, Prop. Fuquay Springs, N. C. Phone 214 Compliments of Honeycutt ' s Mill CORN MEAL - FEEDS OF ALL KINDS Compliments of WALTER MYATT SERVICE STATION GAS - OIL - TIRES - BATTERIES and GROCERIES WILLOW SPRINGS I Ragan ' s Grocery Woodward-Adams Co. GROCERIES, FEED, GAS AND OIL FERTILIZERS NITRATE OF SODA " Shop where yoor dollar buys the most " TOBACCO FLUES COTTONSEED MEAL Willow Springs Willow Springs Progressive Stores W. T. Fish Grocery Hardware WAYLON FISH, Prop. " HOME OF BETTER VALUES " WHITE FLASH DEALER - Fuquay Springs, N. C. - GENERAL MERCHANDISE Willow Springs Speak gently! It is better far To rule by love than fear — D. Bates DR. W. S. COZART DR. WILEY H. COZART AUTOGRAPHS tdjSf® axajM JL 1L KrJLi ' , (OLlO - a esz c-c? 1 e tiluc i) aaM-£— 1fb . J Ji IvJto, ninety-eight AUTOGRAPHS , u , 1 i feiilll rrtx -rpi .|L .x • J. J -rhr r--r- “ m i ' l-- , " ■’■ ' , J._CL EsM SNli I ir ' 5 " " — :r? . i DATE DUE 1952 Yearbook mBt ' L.

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