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575' l'I.ll.-'PEN gig Officers of School Government 1923 - 1924 Zllayor ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,..,... 3 Iary Leone Freund Vice-ilfayor ........ .........,,,, C Tliurlottc Bisscll flerlf .......,.....................,....... .,.,.,,,, IN lnrtliu June Admins Welfare Chief ............,,,..,.....,, ,..........,..,.,.. R obert Elwcll Assistant Welfare flhief .....,.... ,Y,,,,,,,, R olmcrt Mr-Elllcncy Assistant Welfare Chief .,..l,.... ..l,YY..,l.. D orotlxy Hnllcr Sanitary Chief ,,,l,,4,,,,ll,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,l,,Y,,,,,,,,, R ohcrt Dolin Assistant Sanitary Chief le,,,..,,, .....,.... X Yillinni Mm-Fadrlen Attendance Officer ......,,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,lll,Al I ,ouis Loiliorvitz Assistant Attendance Office: ',... .,.,lll,,lll ,l...,,,.....,,.,....,... ,.,,,c,,,. I L ibel lfrie COUNCIL MEMBERS Violet Raeder Sam Rosenberg Billy Bellman Mildred Benholf Donald Crook Catherine Terry Peggy Happ Jeanet Ncafic Yirginiu Perry Doris Taylor Edward Rathlmun Dorothy Gibbons Arlinc Nels fiw w L-. ,-1 .f , A ,.f .1 L- I Z fv- - A v ,. L. . L L4 'L Rf ,-. , 1 -I-4 gd ... L4 -L4 .. 525' l'l-Il-'PSN EE Officers of School Government Jil' The sr-hool government ot'l'i1-ers for 1923 :intl 1924 from the hezuls of the departments tlown flitl their work with great effieieney ztnml ereclit to themselves. It must eertninly follow that the suinll experienee in eitizenship amd self govern- ment will bring into their Inter lives ai better untlerstunding of eiyit- inztttters. PICTURE Standing, left to right: Catherine Terry, Sznn Rosenburg, Dorothy llib- bons. Lewis Gibbons, Robert MeRlheney, Robert Elwell, Peggy Hzipp. Sitting: Dorothy Haller, Robert Uohn, Margaret Mullhollanrl. Mary Leone Freund, Arline Nies, Lewis Leiboyitz, Malrtliai June Atlunis. Bottom row: Violet Rmler, Nun Betty Jnekson, .lunet Neufie, Etlwurtl Rathburn, Charlotte Bissell, Virginia Perry, Betty l'rie, -M. L. F. Sfzwr as Splendid work, good 1-o-operzition and 1-:een insight were the keynote of this sue:-essful year of the ss-hool government. Mary Leone Freund as Mayor defied all jeers and predif-tions whieh originated beeuuse she dared to assume the duties and honors that the boys of Fulton seemed to think belonged to their sex, and ably controlled the government. Charlotte Bissel proved invoduzlble as Viee Mayor, eondueting the 4-ouneil meetings with vigor and good judgement, and proved that all girls needed is il 4-limit-e to show what they 1-un do. -M. L. F. E zghl l"l-ll-'I'ZINI Fmillttoim .mf Hail, :ill hziil to Fulton, The sm-hool that we reyerel Come lift our you-es high, Anil let them ring out 1-leur In songs of loyal love, Antl worlls ot' highest pmise, To our clear Fulton S4-hool, Uh let Olll' yoim-es mise. v Y . F-I fLfT-1 l-B , The sf-hool of quzilityq Your blue it stzuitls for truth, Your white for purity. F-U-L-T-0fN. The sm-hool of quality, To you we plight our love, Anfl our fiflelity. Though our pzlths shoulfl wainrler In many rlistunt ways, We'll keep in memory The goorl oltl Fulton tlaysg We'll cherish :ill our lives, No matter what befalls, The happy tuiies we spent Within its pleasant walls. ll if--I,-T-4 1fN. The svhool ol' quality: Your blue it stztnmls for truth, Your white for purity. F-U.-LWT-O-N, The school of quality, To you we plight our love, And our fidelity. EE N ine 575' r-ul.-r: gig MISS UHL'HSI.ER'S VLASS Standing, left to right: Margaret Caves, Miss Burt-hheld. Charlotte Palmer, Margaret Mullholland, Doris Taylor, lone Chapman, Virginia Rothert, Miss Ueehsler. Edmund Collins, Elfrid Nix-hols, .lennie Applebauxn. Sitting, left toirightz Peggy Stoekford. Christine Sala, Catherine Rogers, Betty .lane Davis, Virginia Bigelow, Hester Tom, Philip Kass, Robert Whit- more, Dorothy Haller. Kneeling, left to right: May Louise Cooley, Gertrude Owen. Rosabelle Streetman, Rose Beek, Mollie Zuker, Louis Perlmutter, Paul Flrler, Harold Knorr. Harry Feldman. Bottom row, left to right: Mary Agnes Swanwiek. Harvey Fain, Mary Leone Freund, Cleon Cady, Doris Idoine, Ardenelle O'Neil, Robert Gross. We have been ealled "Angels" and "Infants" by the other elasses, and per- haps you van guess the reason for these names. But we have proven ourselves eflieient, for IHOST of the Fultonian staff was selem-ted i'I'UIl1 our roonig we have eontributed some music-ians to the sehool orehestra, and have written a f-lass magazine entitled "Uoksie's Angels." Mary Leone Freund, mayor of the sehool. was a member of our room, and so was Margaret Mullholland, assoeiate editor of the Fultonian. The offieers of our 1-lass, who have brought us through a sum-4-essful year are: Charlotte Palmer, president, lone Chapman. viee-president: Virginia Bigelow, seeretary: Margaret Caves, treasurer, Margaret Mullholland, eouneil- man, and Ardanelle O'Neil, sanitary ehief. Miss 0eehsler's 1-lass was endowed with an industrious feeling this year and started three elubs: a dramatir-, literary, and odds and ends elub. Eat-li week one of these groups gave an entertainment suitable to its subjeet. T11 that way the monotony of the week was broken and drainatir- talent, literary virtues, and originality were shown by our pupils. This year we had a eira-ulating library whit-h proved very popular. The books were donated by the pupils and taken out for a week's time by any pupil who wished to read them. May Louise Cooley, our librarian, proved able to hold her position well, and kept the library in good order. Do our futures look bright? We'll say so! History of Miss Oechsler's Class 1924 HE Good Ship Fulton, 1917, has just left Home Harbor. on a eruise aeross Experienee Ocean. Commodore Marker is eaptain and is said to have a reliable erewf' lVe read this ship notiee happily, for we were passengers on tl1e Good Ship Fulton and were anxious to begin our journey. We set sail in September. with many farewells and good wishes following us. and sailed tranquilly to the first stopping plaee. At the Chase Coaling Station we gathered fuel and were prepared to eontinue on our journey. The sea beeame rough and billowy, but in the distanee a lighthouse gleamed. beckoning to us. This lighthouse was situated on Huston Island, and there we paused for a short E lever: 575' r-l.ll..1':N ET? while. Sorrowfully we left this safe refuge because the Captain was anxious for us to continue our journey. Having left Huston Island, which was really our first stopping plaee, we sailed to U'Brien's Cove, where we paused for a while. After spending a time here. we grew restless and moved on to Nettleman Bay. This bay appeared restful and quiet. but looks are sometimes deceiving. Many of us found that the water was deep and treacherous and caused a good deal of sea sickness. Although a few passengers were having a deplorable time, the rest of us were anxious to venture onward. The dread sea sickness, which is a common thing on such a journey, 4-aused some of our crowd to stay on the island at Xettleman Bay, and with great sorrow we bid them farewell. Hur captain notified us that we were to be put in the second-class cabin because we were such sturdy sailors, and happily we sailed to Brown's lnlet, which was known for its splendid opportunities to such plodding passengers as we pro- fessed to be. Our progress from this point was speedy and sure, for we were not handieapped by seasiek, uncertain fellow passengers, Passing Brown's Inlet, we went surging through the ocean until we came to the calm Gulf of Weyburne. Slowing un slightly, we iourneved through this gulf. While here we were taught which way the needle points, and although many of us received prim-ks for our efforts. we were better off in the end. The needle on the compass pointed south, so we headed for Yeslin Point. Basking in the sunshine at this place, we received much knowledge, especially about nature. Hur eargo was lightened, also, when we threw overboard, into the deep blue sea. a large number of geography books which had grown cumbersome. At this place, with great pleasure. we admitted to our jolly company, Stewardess Malone and Carpenter Tryon. Although our ship was in good trim, Carpenter Tryon prepared the boys so that they 4-ould tinker, if the emergency arose, while Stewardess Malone prepared the girls so that if the chefs should go on strike, they would be ready. The sun shone and the waters were smooth and blue, while we sailed tran- quilly onward, on the last leg of our journey. In the distance we saw smoke-i stat-ks, steenles and spires, the sure sign of a thriving eitv.-The Shining City of Inlet-hsler, where. under executives Oeehsler, Benster and Myers. it is a veritable spotless town. With hearts filled with gratitude and thanks, we arrived at this magnificent city and were greeted with open arms. After being here awhile some of the boys found that the girls were very interesting. and with Philip Kass and lidmund Collins as the leading shciks, they cultivated the girls' acquaintance. Une of the neighboring cities sent to us, bag and baggage, three law breakers who were too much of a eitv nuisance. NVe welcomed these young people gladly for the Shining City of Oechsler is known to be able to reform gorillas tif neces- saryl. The newcomers were known as Robert Jones, Robert Stein, and Fred Searle, and they soon settled down, for they knew they could get nowhere by silly actions in this city. Much to our sorrow, we were divided into classes and put in different cities, but we were made happy again by the thought that, at the end of our stay, we would again be united. Dolly Rothert, one of our blue ribbon species, astonished us by having her curly locks clipped. and, lo. thereafter there were no more curls, but a marcelle that was a work of art. Tzc'f1z'e gi75 r'l...ll.-r:N 'e-53 Most of us thought the Shining City of Oeehsler had a gum-tree grove, for many had its produet between their jaws. Our eaptain said that the chewing of gum was against ship orders and forbade us to use it. From then on, praetieally no more gum was used, and we did not look like a tribe of vows, 1-hewing their eud. From the very beginning of our stay, we were visited by a plague or epidemit- whieh was very frightful indeed. This disease was known as the dant-ing fever and it spread rapidly. Many eould not sit still when they heard musit-, but felt- the blood tingling in their veins, and were up to danee. The erisis of the disease was the Freshman Party, where we daneed to our hearts' eontent. But this was the least of our experienees. .lust as measles and other diseases are so easily c-aught from a little germ, so did this danf-ing bring about a more complicated trouble. A majority 1-aught the little germ of so-1-alled love. The ones who were suseeptible paired off and many "tender" whispers and mueh love making ensued. Of eourse a great deal of this was "puppy love," for many turned fiekle and t'repaired." Some eitizens of a mueh less renowned eity, namely Mary Agnes Swanwiek, Doris Taylor and Virginia Bigelow, were so impatient to rome to the Shining City of Oeehsler that they 'tdug deep into their books and were promoted to our 1-ity. They entered into our lives as eompletely as though they had always been with us, and we enjoyed their eompany immensely. At this interesting eity we experi- eneed many other ineidents, but they are too numerous to tell. The heavens are studded with brilliant stars, triumphantly proclaiming us victors, forfthrough Experienee Oeean we have sailed and are now safe at port. -MARY LEONE FREUND. Prophecy for Miss Oechsler's Class 1924 VVAS sitting on the sofa of my apartment on Riverside Drive, gazing out at the falling snow, when I became aware of a ring at my door. I was tired after my day's work at the studio. Painting steadily always makes one tired. I slowly erossed the room and through the mouth pier-e asked who was there, but the only response I received was, "It's a friend." Curiosity led me to push the button, and as I stood waiting at the top of the stairs, I tried hard to think who this "friend" eould be. "Dorothy I-Iallerl" I gasped, as a smiling-faeed young lady eame into view, "Where in the world did you eome from?" "Oh, Mugs, I'm so glad to see you. I was in New York and thought that I'd stop in." 'II am surely glad you did. Here, let me take your eoat. What a darling jacket you have." "Thank you. By the way, I got it at Betty Jane Davis' and Ardanelle O'Neil's little shop in Toledo. They have darling things there." "That reminds me of the old class! Let's see, it has been fifteen years since our class graduated from Fulton and eight years sinee I left Toledo. Have you seen many of the old class lately?" "Well, yes. Last week, when I was in Toledo, I saw Elfrid Nic-hols. You know she has married Robert Whitmore, a millionaire. Then there's Harry Feld- Th iriem 575 r'l.u...TuN 153.7 inan, who has eharge ol' a large tleparlnient store in Flevelantl. I reall in the paper the other alay that Doris Taylor anfl Iithnunfl Collins were hoth in Europe sturlying inusie. You know Ditty always flitl have an eye for l'l1lIllUl1l'l. The talkative Pete llross is now an auetioneer ansl well tittesl for his tratle, He always rlitl like to talk anil he the I-enter ot' the stage." "Have you been to the Rialto this week?" UNO, I haven't lieen. I hearil it was very good." Aiclllllt' on, let's go. Shall we take a r-ah or walk?" "Ia-t's walk. It will mlo us gootl antl I shoultl like to see the sights," After obtaining our wraps, we hurrietl to the street anll startetl in the iliree- tion of the theater, Soon we eaine fave to laee with an elmlerly lawly elothetl in a large fur eoat. walking aimlessly flown the street. "That walk looks familiar to ine." "I was just thinking the sanie, Mugs. Why, it's Miss Net-hsler!" "Miss Het-lisler of all people. So it is. LIUIH0, we'll speak to her." llHf'lll3, Bliss Ile-q'l1slQ1'," "Why, I tIon't believe I reeognize you." "Well, if you 4Ion't, just think baek about fifteen years annl renieniher one good little girl anil one bail one. That's we." "It eoul1ln't lie Margaret anml Iiorothyln "It eertainly is. You hit the target this tiine, Miss Het-Iisler. How are you?" "Just fine, thank you, anti 'how are you girls? " "The saine, Are you living in New York now?" "Yes, I have been living here for the last five years. I ani teal-hing in a private sehool. Well, I niust go now. I have a guest from Toletlo, Miss Marker, and :nn giving a party for her this evening. You reinenilier her, of eourse. She is still prineipal at Fulton, hut of eourse it is a Ill 11' builrling. I hail better hurry along now. Hootl-bye." "flood-bye, Miss Ueehslerf' We hurried down the street annl soon arrived at the theater. There we pur- ehasetl our tiekets anal took our seats in the hox. Right next to us sat a very large, stout Inan who looketl I-ike a politieal boss. I whispereml to Dorothy, "IDoesn't that look like Blair I'nkenholz'?" "It eertainly floes, but Blair was a little fellow." "Well, he has had a goorl ehanee to grow, it seems." "Isn't that jazz orehestra wonmlerfull That reinintls nie of the mlaneing we harl at rem-ess when Philip Kass useil to play. Why. that leaaler is Philip! Who ever thought ol' seeing hiin here?" "I reatl in the New York 'Sun' that he was taking his jazz orehestra on a tour around t-he Unitetl States." "IJoesn't that toe rlaneer look like Dolly Rotherti She Inust have regainesl her eurls and gone on the stage. It always was her ainbition to eolne to New York." After the performanee, we got up and were making our way towards the door, when a young lady on the stage sairl, "Will everyone please be seated?" We turnefl around and to our astonishment saw Mary Leone Freund. the noterl eluli woman from Kansas, amhlressing the audienee. She wantetl aitl for the tubereulosis fund, and hearing this we quiekly hurried out. 7 F 0 u rteen 525' rug-r:N ERE .X large lighted sign aeross the street enllglit our eye. ln it was Written, "Zuker tv Swanwiek. lbelieatessenf' We both agreed that a soda would not taste so had. so we walked at-ross the street and entered the shop. It never om-urred to us that we were about to meet more ol' our former elassniates. Foniing up to meet! us, we saw Mary Swanwiek while hlollie Zuker was at the easl1iei"s desk. "Something for you, ni:ulani'?" "Yes, Mary, we would like two elioeolate sodas. please." After drinking our rel'reslnnents we made our way towards home. As we neared a eorner, we notivefl two people in earliest eonversation. They were Mar- garet Caves and Peggy Stoekford, ol' eourse. They are two reporters for the soeiety 4-olumn of the "Herald," "Hello, girlslu we exelaiinetl, "what are you doing in New York?" "Why, hello there! We are here buying our spring elothes. Are you going down this way 'YH "We were just talking about Hester Tom, You know she has been eleeted president ol' the Soc-iety for the Suspension of Cruelty to Seholars in New Orleans." "We had the most wonderful salad for our luneh. Can you guess who made it?" "I have no idea." "Mrs Meyers, with the aid ol' .lat-ob, has finally sueeeeded in perfeeting the reeipe for IInele Billy's salad. I never tasted anything so good. Mrs. Meyers must be a good eookf' "'I'liat is more from Fulton that we have heard aboutl Do you know of any more?" "Yes, I know that." said Peggy as she pointed to a sign above a large restaurant whit-h said, 'Catly's Restaurant' " "Why, that must be Cleon t'ady," said Dot. "Yes, and it's .Iennie Applebaum's, too. She has beeome Cleon's eashier and they are running the restaurant together. .Ienny always did bring enough for five at ret-ess, anyway." "I heard the other day," said Dot, "that Kitty Rogers had won the beauty eontest for Flapjaek County, Indiana, and is now in Hollywood in the movies, with a eontraet for five dollars a day!" "Well, Kitty has made good use ol' her beauty." "My, who's that snob going by in the limousine?" "Snob, did you say! 'l'hat's Charlotte Palmer from Tampa, Florida, She's a well-known soeiety woman." "Where did she get all her money, pray tell'. "Her aunt! Ophelia died and left all of her estate to Charlotte." "How do you like my new dress, girls? Virginia Bigelow designed it. Shes doing fine work for Vogue, one ol' our fashion magazines, and is making lots of money. She lives somewhere in Illinois, I believe." Milli, yes, and Ione Cliapman is posing as a model for Rose Beek, the painter." "You know Ione lives in Greenwich Village and is the life of the artists' eolony." "I went to the opera the other night to hear Madanioiselle Cooley. It was May Louise that used to be in our room. She-'s a wonderful singer." "Did you know that Harvey Fain was clisinherited by his father ber-ause he went to Hollywood to be in the movies? That doesn't bother him though, ber-ause he is making plenty of money as a reporter for the Detroit, Free Press." ju Fyhvn gjfg' I-l..ll.'r:N gig U . - . 11 .11 11 111-1'1- :11'1- 11111 s1:11'111g 111 11111-1111, I1111? 1111, I 11111 living :11 1111- 5I1'1'1'TI11:l11 111111111111-111s." "S11'1-1-1111:111f 11 s1-1-111s 111 1111- I'1'1- 111-:11'11 111:11 llflllll' 111-1'111'11. 1111, 11-s, R11s:1- 111-111- 5T1'1'l'1lIl3l1l, S11 SI1l' is I11t1'I'1'Ftl'lI 111 1'1-:11 1-s1:'111-'f I 11l'i1l'11 111:11 11 s1-i1-111is1 111' 1111- Il.lll1l' 111' Miss I31'llPI1'I' 111111 1111111111 Il 1-111'1- 1111' 1-11111-1-1: 1s11'1 111:11 11'11111,11-1'1'111'?" U, 1 11. Hugs." s:1i11 I,1',lfQy. "I 11':1s :11 1111- 11I'IJIl1lIl 1Xsy11111111 111 C11-1'1-1:11111 1111- 111111-1' lII1f' :11111 111111111 111:11 1'111'is1i111- S:11:1 11':1s 111 1-11:11'pg1- 1111-1'1-. I :1111'111's 1111111g111 111:11 s111- 111111111 111- s111111'111111g 1i1i1' 111111. 5111- was 511 1111111 111' s1'1111111. Y1111 1i111111'." I 1.X'l 111 1'1-1111-111111-1' P:1111 I':1'I1'1'. 111111'1 111117 XY1-11. 111- is 111111' 1111'111-1' 111' 1111- 13111111-. 11 11':1s IIIS :1111111111111 11111-11 111- 11':1s lll s1-1111111. H1- :1111'z11's 11111111-11 111 k111111' :111 111:11 11'-1s g11i11g 1111. H1- ,Q1-1s 11is 1-11:1111-1- 111111'." I 111111 1111s1 il 111-111111' 111111111 111 'I'1111-1111 211111 s:111' 1i1-1'11'11111- 11111-11 in 1111-11- 111z111i1'111'i11g s111111-11111-'s 111191-1'11:1i1s," "S:11'. girls, I 11':1s j11111'111-1'i11g 11l1'1l1l,lI11 1111-1-1111'i1-11 Yi11:1g1- 1111- 111111-r Ilflyv 11111-11 111:1ss1-11:1 111111-s1111'1-. 1111 1111- 11111111111' 11 s:1i11, '11' 1111-1'1-'s 11111'111i11g 11111 11'11111. 111- 11-11'1- i1. II Iill11I'1'.. " --H H1 1Y1111's Iil111I'I"?n :11'11111 111111113 111 1-11111's1-, H1- 11':1s S11 1-r:1z1' :111111l1 1-11111'11s ,qi1'1s, 11111-ts :11111 :1r1is1s, 'I'11:11's 11'111' 111- Q111 1111s 5tl1I'l'.II R 1 . 13111 11'11:1I Ill117111'111111 111 IJ111'1s 111111111-? 1111, I IlH1'Q1I1 111 11-11 11111. S111- is 111 P:11'is 11,-111-11i11g1111111-ing. S111- 11:'1s :1 p1'i111-1- 1 ,.. 21111111111 111-1' l11111115.11111. 1111-11 1111-11 is L11111s Pl'I'III1111I1'I'. 1111111 :11111111 111111'?" 1111,111-1s11-:11-1111111511111s1'1111111 1111' 1111- 111-111 111111 111111111, I 111-:'1r, :11111 111111131 111-11 .11 111.11. 111-11. 111- 11111s1 111I'Il I11'I'l'. 11 11':1s 112111111 111:11 111- 11'1-1'1- :11111-111 151-1 111g1-1111-1' :11111 111114. 1Il1Il1l' 111111 s1-1- llx girls. 11111111-1111-." "1 1111111-11Vl'In XY1- 11111111-11 :1 11-11' 1lI1I1'1i4 111 si11-111-1-, I 2111-ss 11'1- 11'1-1'1- 1111111 111i11ki11g 111' 1111- 11111 1-1:1ss .11 IAIl1It11Il. I'i11:1111' 1,111 s:1i11. u.I1ISI IIIIIIIQI W1- 111-:11'11 111111111 1l11I' 11'111111- 1-111ss 111 11111- 11:11'I H11s11'1 i1 111-1-11 1111'1-ly?" S1,1'11'cn fK1.1111:.1111-LT M1'1,11111,1.1'-.N11 .xN11 1111111s IDL1INI':. 11" '-1167 . 25 N Il. -3 f f" f U-'J' fs, 14" K ' 'Af 4'-'3 11 1 - 41 2 xx fn s , - E 575 I-LII-'FZ 'gig . 1 --J Some 4l2lf', not f:1r 11lSIilIlt, we expel-t to see some proniinent movie p:11:1ee zulyertise 11 week's run, starring the fxunous shiek, Frank Ar1nstro11g. and Mary Piekfornl, il minor stair. for our truflie offieer is l1llf1i'IllU.11lY good looking. It is our most sineere hope that next year we may see Mr. Ar1nstrong's shining fnee wel- eoming us 111111 have his helping 11111111 guide us safely 111-ross the street. -M. I.. F. Traffic Oflicer The st1'o11g :lI'Ill of the lim guides 15111101115 1111111111-s nero 11I1Il,QQ6'I'1lllH 1'1lI'IIl'I'S every flux 111111 is IX'l'SUllll11'1l 111 :1 11111 hlusliiiig young 111:111. This yuutllful guiile wus I1I'U1l5llllX horn to he :1 1111111-1-111:111, for 111 goes hy the llilllll' ul' l'il'IlIlli Arni strmigg. As you 1-:111 see hy 111 lllllglllllgl. shy pieture, he is very 1-:1p:1111e 111111 well :1111e to fillxk 111111111-:11'1-111' lllS1'llIll'jl:l'S, liUl't'Y to LL 1 though you Illilf' he :llmle s ' tlilllllf' white 1-11l1:1r peekiiig ox L1 the top oi 111 S llllllHI'Il1, 110 IS strong. l.l'1ll'lk'SS 11f1iee1'o1'111e hm . ,el- Scurrzrfm 575' l'I-ll.-'PEN 1535 Left to right, stunsling: llonnhl llrooli, Vaughn Fisher, Herlnert Bissell. Marian Samzenlmelier, George llieltey, Bliss lienster, Burton Wing, Dim Tziylor, .loeelyn Menu-liami, George lloore, Robert llothert. Left to riglght, sitting: tlortlon Slielliehl, Ruth Kleinlixi, ltielnatrrl Jzieolis, Bella Reehtmatn, Marry Wurtl, Rlzirtlm .lame Awlamis, hllltlrerl lSenhol'l', Robert Elwell. Oliver Cfomstoelt, Dorothy NI:-Atee. Left to right, kneeling: t'h:1rles Hxivilamtl, lflohert linseh. lfrefl Searle. Philip Harris, Howaril Wuril. Paul Perlmutter, llziuriee Zzmyille, Walter Miller. Left to right, front row: lflmlwzirsl Munn, liohert l7ohn, Rohm-rt Jones, Delores Bruning, Frunees tlernhxuwl, Irene Kliyuns, George .l:l1'li11l2lll, Robert Stein. When sehool openeil in Septeinher our 4-l:iss :it onee orggmiizefl :mtl eleeterl offieers, tfliurles lflanyihmcl was presialent: l'Iilw:ir1l Munn. viee-presirlentg Donulrl Crook, seeretnry: Rlilflreil l5enhot't', szmitnry ehietg Blairtlm .lane Afluins, eouneilnmn, :mtl Robert Rothert, tiezisurer, tlur ehtss has been helpefl through this year by these very eflir-ient ollieers. From our group we seleetell Herbert Bissell. Rlnrtlizi .lame Amlzims, Cliairles Haviluiicl, George Dir-key :mel Robert Stein for at eluss orehestrai, known :is "Twenty's Nifty Five." When the sehool orehestr:i wus l'o:'meil our room helpefl out hy tlonziting some ol' our greatest musieizins. During the sehool year we haul several elnmges in our tem-him: stuff. .-X few months after sehool openeil Bliss Sipe, our ziritlmietie tezieher, fountl it neeessary to leave town heeatuse ol' poor health. She was sue:-eetleil by Mrs. Myers, who helped us very mueh to untlerstunil the 4lil't'ieulties ol' insurzinele. taxes and square root. Miss Burehfiehl, our art tem-lier, has instruetesl us very sueeessfully, and we are now zihle to furnish our homes :mtl to rlress anrtistiezilly. We puhlisherl two monthly lnugztzines. A history inaiguzine eulleil the 'tHistoryseope," and :in English nmguzine. We also eontrihuterl mziny things to the "Fultoni:m," to the HPIIIILIIHQI Culiul Book" :mtl to the '"l'r:tnsport:ition Book." Most of us are going on to Sm-ott without at stop :tt Summer S:-hool for re- inforeements. Those who :ire lllllitlifllllilll' enough to nmlie this stop will no ilouht blame the clzite for their hurl luek. During the sehool year we have :ill trietl to nleyelop ai spirit ol' eo-operation. :Intl with our tenehers' help, worlt for the welfare ol' our ehiss :is zi whole. Class History of Room Twenty Life is only :1 journey, its paith is either 1lSl'L'IllllIlg.1Q or fleseentling, leumlingg through pleasant yziles or au-ross szmlly wzistes :intl rugged peaks, For long stretehes of this pilgriinzige many may truyel together :mtl thus it happens that we find the members ot' the Class ol' '24 assembling for sue-h an journey one line September morning in 1915. After the twins, Mary :incl Howurml, haul elimlmecl the Steps ol' Early t'hil1l- hoorl, the little travelers. eager to eontinue their journey through Life. ehose the beekoning rozirl, nzimeil Knowledge, :mtl went eheerily on their way, They fol- lowed this roml for several miles, meeting mzmy other little people going in the szune flireetion. So it huppenecl that :i merry lmml ol' nearly hull' 11 hunrlreil' .Ylnrwrfz 5575! r'l.u.'r:N 253 tinally turned the eorner and for the first time gazed upon a beautiful golden. gate that reaehed eompletely at-ross the road and eonneeted a high, thiek, brit-k wall. They all loolietl at eaeh other in amazement, and wondered what this beau- tiful gate and wall enelosed. None of them was very bashful, but Oliver, being espeeially brave, turned the large h:mdle and the gigantie gate slowly opened. 'llyl how beautiful it is in here," said Paul, "just listen to the sweet songs ol' the hirds and see all of the beautiful flowers and treesg this surely must be someont-'s garden." 'I.et's go over and sit under one ol' those beautiful trees," suggested Marian. "It seems to have spread out its beautiful hranehes just to shelter us from the hot sun." added Martha. All agreed. When they were all eomfortably seated under the spreading maple tree, an old man suddenly eame out of the bushes behind them. They all jumped up at onee and stood quite still, very embarrassed and frightened. "Fear not. my ehildren. I am good Father Learning, and it is a great pleasure to have you in my kingdom," he said with a smile. "Kingdoml" gasped the three Georges, "why we thought that we were in a garden of some rieh estate." "To he sure, my dear ehildren. Now il' you all sit down in your plaees again, I will tell you ol' my wonderful eountry. whieh everyone enters during his life, but few really appreeiate its great beauty," said Father Learning, "Do tell us," the ehildren eried, Waltt-r's voiee rising above the rest. "It is a long story and I am afraid you will not be mueh wiser when I have finished. If you eould only spend the time, I would take you on a tour of just one provinee and I am sure you would like my eountryf' said Father. "I lhl let's go." "How long will it take?" "lYe have plenty of time." "We love to travel." eame in a ehorus from the six Roberts, who were lis- tening eagerly. "'l'hen eome. First, however. take a last look at the Holden Gate, for you will not see it again for ten years. when you return to go on down the Road of Knowledge." said Father Learning. "We are all ready, Father Learning," said Philip, who felt that he eould at ont-e put his eonfidenee in this aged man. Iiveryone agreed, and several sprang forward to help this good man arise. "First, I must take you over to the palaee to see Queen Nettie Marker: she is the lady who rules over this provinee of my kingdom, or Fultonia, as this won- derful land is ealledf' responded Father Learning. As the boys and girls trooped around the thiek bushes they saw the beautiful palaee a short distanee away and, after due formality, were ushered into the Queen's present-e, She ehatted with them a bit and seemed to be very pleasant, not at all the queen they had feared to meet. "You might take these ehildren aeross the Plains of Kindergarten, Father Learning. There they may eome to know my friends 'Qbedienee' and 'Courtesy' and learn mueh from them. Also they may help Lady Chase and Lady tlasso- way. who live there, to design the tlowers and trees, whit-h Mother Nature did Ilot put on these beautiful plains." deelared the Queen. "'l'hat will be line," said Franees, elapping her hands. After saying good-bye to the Queen, they followed their guide out of the palaee down a long shady lane and in a few minutes reached the low, smooth Truwll' 575' l'l.ll-TZ EE Plains of the Kindergarden. After being introdueed to the ladies of the manor, the explorations began. At the end of an enjoyable two years, the tiny pilgrims notieed that the plains seemed to be getting higher and higher. All at onee they found themselves in the Foothills of the First Grade. Hllyl how steep these hills are," exelaimed Fred, "Indeed it will take a long time for us to 4-limb that' "No, it will not, my boy," said the good Father, "probably it will he hard for some who do not work hard to get to the top, but to those who show their ability, it will he easy." First they were introdueed to Lady Feik and Lady Freed. who were to be their hostesses during their elimb up the First tlrade Hill. It was a hard task for most of them to elimb the hill, as they all had to learn how to use some new tools, the pen and peneil, and to praetiee some new arts, ealled Writing, Spelling and Arithmetie. "Now, my ehildren, sinee we have elimbed this hill in ease. we will elimb a little higher one, the Sen-ond Grade Hill, where you ean meet' Lady Miller and Lady O'Brien and see what they have to tell you about their land," said Father Learning. When the ehildren started their elimhing they soon found that the penman- ship they had learned in the First Grade was a very good friend. William, Dan and Gordon had misplaeed their aeernmplishments during the summer and had to spend several months trying to find them. At the elose of a very happy year the little eompany had gained so niueh knowledge and were so tired that they felt in need of a long rest, whieh they took by sitting on a huge tree stump for quite a while. 'tHave we very mueh farther to go, Father Learning'?'l questioned lrene with a great sigh. "One ean never reaeh his goal at the end of the Road of Knowledge." said Father. "if he wastes his time as you ehildren are doing now. Come, we must hurry." Eaeh hill that they elimbed seemed to be higher and higher. and at last they reached Third Grade Plateau. Their stay was made very interesting by Lady Keplinger, who presided over this region. She was very niee to the travelers and their work was also quite pleasing. Gradually they neared a plain and their eyes soon gazed upon a beautiful lake, Lake Eliieieney. This lake would always be an outstanding point in their life, because from its peaeeful surfaee they were shown so many new plaees, sueh as Point Geography and History Peak by their pilot, Lady Shively. After erossing the lake they found themselves at the dor-ks of a flourishing town. This was Fifth Grade 'Town and proved to be the key to many later travels. At the far side of this town was a high wall with a well-guarded gate. With the aid of Father Learning and Lady Johnson and Lady Glass, most of the wanderers easily sueeeeded in passing the sentinel, but it was here that several stragglers, who had been playing by the wayside, arrived too late. They found the sign marked, "Detour to Summer Sehoolf' hanging on the gate. This was a great shoek. "They must work, and work hard, in order to eateh up with us," observed Riehard wisely. He and his eompanions were resting for a time after the exeitement of pass- ing the gates. "This will surely be a lesson to them," said Charles. "I like to be on time so I won't miss anything," announeed Donald modestly. T:4's:zU'-mze 575 I-l.n..T:N gig When tlu-y rt-sunu,-tl tlu-ir ,iouriu-y tlu-y I-:niie prt-st-ntly to tlu- loot ol' the Sixth tlrault- llaingt- :intl ri sight ot' ht-:iuty nu-t their eyes. "Look :it those snow 1-oX't'1't-tl peaks," i-xt-lztiineil .lot-t-lyn, "I iu-yer saw sut-h :i lu-:uitiful sf-1-lu-." 'AYLNH IlI1SWt'I'l'll lillfll, liorotliy ttlltl IN-lor:-s :ill iii om' Yoit't'. "mul I'll lJCt they will lu- hurtl to 4-linihf' The Sixth firrule Iizinge- wats paissi-ul. howi-yt-r, without any vi-ry serious 1-itsiiztlties. Although for at rinu- tlu- outlook wus tlzirk when tht- guitle, Lady III-tltlm-ii. It-It tlu- little hzuul :it tlu- sunnnit ol' the tullt-st pm-:ik :uul nioyx-tl to the Stxitt- ot' Xhttriniony, Rs-lu-I t-:tnu- soon wlu-n I,:uly Mt-Willi:u1is tooli 1-luirge :intl tlu- ilt-sw-nt wus inxult- with l'4lIllI51l1'IlfIVl' i-:ist-. ,Xt tlu- outskirts 411' St-vs-iitli tlriult- .Innglt-s, the intrt-pitl explorers were plzu-t-tl inult-r tlu- lt-:uh-rsliip ol' I.:uly Pt-rliins. Yztuiu- stories ot' tlu- tt-rrihlv tlungt-rs lurking in tlu-se :awful jungles soon rt-zu-lu-il tlu- 1-:mrs ol Qin-en KI:i'lit-r. so slu- th-1-itlt-tl to str:-nggtlu-n tlu- hznul hy vol- lt-t-tingr :ill tlu- tourists ilitu oiu- party. 'lllu-ri-l'ors,-, I,:uly Nowlzufs :intl I.:'uly tu-1-lisli-i"s pnrtit-s were sunnnoiu-tl :uul tlu- "IM-p:irtnu-nt:il I':ii':iv:iii" stztrtefl lvl':ty1-ly into tlu- hivltlt-n pn-rils. "1 Phlu lu-wiiilt-tl Kliltlri-tl, :il tlu- eiul of tlu- trip. "Nothing very serious hztp- pt-iu-il Io us, l wits surt- sonu- ul' ns were going to lu- t-:itt-n hy wiltl zininiails or lost in tlu- sw:unps." "It is :t WMIltll'I' sonu- tluln't get lost," ohst-ryt-tl Ht-rlu-rt, "the wily they kept struying oil' lroni tlu- rt-st ol' tlu- party," It surt-ly wus :in I-xt-iting trip." mul Yilllgllliill. "I lizivt- t-:u'toonetl it all :nul I shatll pnhlish tlu-ni in tlu- Ifultoniatn wlu-n this trip is over." "'l'h:it will lu- l'iIll'.'- suitl l"zitlu.-r IA-:u'niiig. "I'onu-. let us hurry on." 'I'lu-y soon rt-zu-lu-il tlu- nuiunt:iin ul' "Siu-vi-ss." tlu- lust 1-liinh they were to take. It loolii-tl vs-ry I-zisy to 1-linih hut i-ontsiinetl niuny hithlen pitlnlls, whit-h wt-H: :ilwziys rt-:uly to 1-nuull' tlu- 1-nrt-lt-ss tr:iv4-lt-r. Thi-y wt-re rt-w:u'tlefl, howeVt'1', hy :t plt-usuiit stop :it tlu- Inn ot' "1"i'f-sliiiizni Party." :uul :1 grt-:tt "pit-nic-" in .Xuflitoriuni lil'ox'1'. "How lun-il it will lu- lor ns to ln-:ive this lcingilonif' sight-tl xIIlllI'iI'L' when they were :igziin in sight ol' Qin-en Klairlci-r's Pztlzu-1-. "YL-s. iiult-t-il." :uiswi-rt-tl Iinrton :uul lirlwuril, who haul I-oine from the nenrhy proviiuw- oi' Hu-nwootl. "We will surely rt-int-inht-r tlu- happy tlziys wt- spent in tlu- Kingtloni ol' I"ultoni:i." "How 1-:in wt- ever thzinli you lor what you luiyt- iloiu-. Ifntlu-r I.t':l1'IlII1g?H :islet-tl Bt-ll:1. "Yes," satitl I,'linrl1-s, who hy hratyery shown in 'lunge-rs haul her-oine their lezifler. "now that we :ire to It-:ive our lust guiiles. Lzuly Benster. Lzuly Het,-lisler and Lauly Myers, who luive lu-lpt-tl so nun-h. How min we show them that we uppreeiiitt- whait they liaivt- tlont-. :nul how 1-:in we ever thunk Queen Marker for lu-r liospit:ility'? Pleust- tt-ll us. Fntlu-r I,+,-ziriiiiigf' "Sit tlown, niy 1-liililren. :nul I will tell you. Wlu-n you pass the Golden Hutt-s, eau-h one ol' you will lu- given at tiny goltlen key. t-zillecl 'Trustwortliinessf for :i souvenir of this tt-n yt-airs ot' journey. This key is the most valuable pos- session you 1-un lirive. for it will never fail you if you keep it well polished, but it is also tlu- niost tlaingt-rous ot' :ill things. If you neglect this key it becomes tzirnislu-fl :nul poisonetl :intl its tout-h will hurt you just when you need its help niost. You wunt to show your uppret-intioii to the rulers of my kingdom and to nie? Then go through tlu- Holilen Hutt-s :nul bourtl the Diploma Express bound Trvnzlfx'-lu-t1 gjfg' l'l.lL-TZ gig for Sc-ottonia, the next kingdom on the Highway of I,ife, but don't heeonie all busy admiring the seenery that you forget to keep your 'keys' well shined, Hood- bye, my ehildren, sue:-ess." "Good-bye, Father Learning and dear old Fultonia, Trust us to keep our keys bright," promised the happy band as the Iliplonia Ifxpress steamed away toward Seottonia. -Marian Sanzenbaeker and Herbert Bissell. Via Radio-Prophecy of Room Twenty "Are you going to Dan Taylors home this afternoon? I hear he has finally finished his invention and intends to have a reunion of all our elassinatesf' said Mildred Benhoff. Fulton's new kindergarten assistant. "Yes," answered Martha J. Adams, Ubut what I am wondering is how he ean have them all. There are only a few of us in Toledo. He has told no one about this invention and I 1-an hardly wait. I think this ont-e, all the pupils of Room Twenty will be on time. Well. good-bye until later. I must go down to the Auditorium now and rehearse that oreliestraf' tAfter twenty 5-ears of hard labor. Martha had at last beeome the leader of the Fulton Sehool Ort-hestra.l Mui-h to their surprise. the girls found only four of their old st-hool friendf, present when they arrived at Dan's that afternoon after sr-hool. "I thought the whole elass was to be here." said Robert Dohn. the newly appointed Serviee Direetor of Toledo. "This is all that are left in Toledo." Dan informed him. "but don't worry. they will all be here before long. As you know," he eontinued. "this is my first showing of my invention. the Radio-Movie, and I want just my sehool friends to be present. IYon't you eome into the next room and we shall see how it works'?' "The what?" asked Martha, euriously. "Say that name again." advised Robert. As they entered the laboratory they saw a few i-hairs and a eoinplii-ated apparatus on a large table. It eonsisted mostly of wires and a large phonograph horn. Over the mouth of which extended a white movie st-reen. The horn was attaehed to a large box eontaining rows and rows of switehboard keys. "I have not perfeeted the appearanee of it yet. but I think it will furnish us with a little entertainment. Be seated, please. First, I will explain the name. It is ealled radio beeause it 'tunes in' the same as any radio, but unlike other machines it also produees on the sereen the image of the seene desired. In other words it is a radio and movie eombined. Now let's proeeed with the program. I promised you a elass reunion. Here it begins. Lower the shades, Robert, and help me here." Speeehless with astonishment, everyone obeyed. The program opened with the California Symphony Orr-hestra. The pieture flashed on the sereen as in any other movie, but the notes of the wonderful eon- eert also eame through the sereen, and flooded the room. The leader turned around to bow to the audienee at the end of the seler-tion. "Why it's Herbert Bissell," gasped Martha. The seene shifted and a tall, slender lady dressed in erimson velvet trimmed in ermine eame upon the stage. She began to sing and as her voiee rose higher and higher every one realized it was Irene Klivans, reaehing her famous silvery high tones. Ta 1' n t y-Nz ree 575 F'I.ll-TSN gig "Uh, l1ow W'H1l1l1'I'l'l1l,H 1'C1l121I'lil'1l Robert Dohn. Hlllll glz111 you like it. Now begins the reul event of the evening," suitl 132111. t'Tl1is is 1111 11ll-st:11- 1-11st i11 the W'1lI1lll'I'fl1l l'l'il1LlI'Q writte11 111111 11ire1'te1'1 by Mr. Robert B11S1'll. the worl11-1':1111o11s movie 1'lire1-tor. It l1i1S taken l1i111 over two yeurs to tulqe the v11rio11s S1'1'I11,'S 111111 he IIUW offers them for your :1pprovr1l. The 11111111- ol' it is, 'Yin 111111111 '." "S1111I11lS like l311s1'l1," s:1i11 Mr. llohm, l'1l1Lt'I'lY. "111-t's begin." "Hur story opens in flillililbflllll in 1944 :lt tl1e W1lllIl0I'f1ll vill11 of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Wing. Mr. Wing fU'fll1l1'l'll l1is w1-111th us :111 Efl:l1'1txIll'Y Expert, sl1ow- ing lHllSl11l'SS men l1ow to run their l-Cll'i1lI'l1'S witl1 less noise 111111 w11ste11 energy." "Mrs, Wing, Illlllllllifll she hus TIllit'11 on 11voir1l11pois. is eusily re1,-ognizerl 115 o111'ol11 liI'lt'llll. 1111111 R11-i11lc:1. She 1-11t11rt11i11s l:1vish1y 111 her 1511111111111 ll0Il1C.'i 'irlllll' play IIHW 111-gi11s," 1-1111111 1l11'111lgll the l1or11. "Burton, 111'11r, 1 just I'1'1'l'lYt'1l :1 sp1-1-1111 II1l'HS21gK' 1111111 Delores Bruning say- ing th11t she will he liere to visit 115 ov1-1' th1- week-e111l. We must 1111111 to have her visit 1'1l-lliyillblv. Whut wo11l11 you suggest 11oing'?" "Wt-ll. Ruth, what ev1-1' yo11 Illilll to 11o will meet with 111y aipproytil. You know 11s for 11s 11ll111l'y is 1-ou1-erne11 the sky is the limit." :111swe1'1-11 l1er l111sb1111d, :is l1e t11r111-11 f1'o111 the S111lI'1lIlEQ page to the sto1-lt fllltlltliltllli Then follow1-11 S1'C11t'S showing Ruth prep:11'i11g for the great t'I11C'I'tZ11I1I11CI1t. She e11g11ge11 'l'we11ty's "Nifty Five" 1'1r1-l111str11. "The orehestrzi has ber-ome W'OI'lll liil!l11l11S owing to the original S1lXi11Jlll111l' player, 111-orge D11-key, and tl1e 1':1111ous tmp fl1'll1IllllC1', 1'l1:u'les H21X'llClIlll,ll 1111111111111-e1l the r1111io. 1Cverytl1i11g wus IIUW' i11 I'L'211ll1lk'5S for the guest. When the 1l:1y 2tI'1'lX't'1l Xlrs. Wing's 1-l11111fl'1-111: Mr, 11111111311 Sheffield, 11rivi11g llt'I' 1X1f'FI11lf1Cll 1':1l', took her to the slzltion to 1111-et Delores. "ln spite ot' the l-1101 111111 111111 1-111' 111111111 Willi11111 R11-191111111111 21 111illior111ire, he 1lrives il lI'lUI'1l ll11llSCll',ll 111111 111111 his :1u1lie111'1' :lt tl1is point. Among the Illilllf' 1'I'lK'1lllS that g:1tl1e1'e1l thut 1-ve11i11g at the bull were some of C11li1'or11i11's 11-auling 1-itizens, Wlilfltlll Sl1IlZK'1llJl11'lit'I'. the lez11'1i11g soeiety lady of Los Angeles, 111111 Blfltllllllt' Bella R11-ht111:111, tl1e fainous Russian movie star. But what ple:1se11 Delores most was to meet lltxl' ol1l sweetheart, Riehard .1111-obs, tl1e labor "org1111izer." 111111 the final liiltllt-0111 pre11i1:tetl that they would "live happily ever after." 'X' 'F Q During tl1e first i11te1'111ission, while tl1e Sy111pl1o11y 11r1-l1estr11 was playing, D1111 PXI1l2'llIlt'll 111ore fully ubout l1is inve11tio11. "lt 1'1'I't2lll1lj' is 11:11-11 to I'l'llllZl' that we are 11ot sitting i11 ll re11l DlI'tllI'C show," s:li1l hlihlrerl. "This 1'-111111111 help 11111 lJt'1'UlIl1,' pop11l11r, Dun," observetl Martha, "how are you going to put it on the 11111rket'?" "Oh, Robert Rothert is going to he 111y agent. He 1'z111 sell 211111081 anything. He just talks 111111 talks 111111 people buy his goods just to hear l1i111 suy good-bye. Here is Port Two." The SVC110 opene1l in the village ol' Nortliville, where the spinster, Franees Ger11l1:1r11. was r1-1111i11g il t1-legr11111 1'1'o111 her ol1'1 frincl, Mrs. Xvlllg, telling of the e11g:1ge111e11t of her li11I'I11PI' s1-hool fri1-1111. Frances clef-i11e11 to go at out-e to See Delores 111111 to lltltll' 1111 t11e news she 1-ould tell. She put o11 l1er best Sllllfltlj' gow11 111111 :Ill tl1e lilllllily jewelry. Then climbing i11to llttl' For11 li111ousi11e, she r11ttle11 proudly through tl1e town 111111 i11 less than two hours 111111 1-overt-121 tl1e two lll1Il1.lI'L'1l 111iles lJ01Wf:'QI1 Xorthville 111111 LOS Angeles. Tn. 'en lyfo 14 1 575 l"I-Il-'PEN gig., After commenting at length upon Miss Bruning's good fortune, Frances ex- claimed, "Delores, you are just the one person that I have been wanting to sec. for I know you can tell all the news about our former school friends. Dorothy and I used to be quite good chums. Where is she now?" "Dorothy McAfee is very busy contributing to different papers and maga- zines. She gives advice to love sick boys and girls. You remember her failing in school, note writing? I think that is where she gained her experience and knowledge of such affairs," volunteered Delores and the radio brought her voice clearly to the eager listeners. "Do you ever hear anything about Vaughn Fischer?" asked Ruth. "He used to draw such lovely cartoons." "Oh, can't you guess what Vaughn is doing? The original 'Bud' Fischer has retired and Vaughan has taken his place in the cartoon world so 'Mutt and Jeff' can still live on," chorused Delores and Frances. "How wonderful. By the way, do you know George Jackman owns a chain of Five and Ten-Cent Stores? He has the most attractive things to sell. Just look at this lovely string of beads I bought there," said Frances with enthusiasm. Just then the telephone rang and Mrs. Wing was summoned. It was George Moore asking Mrs. Wing and her guest to join him in a game of golf. George Moore had become well known as a golf champion, He had at last found a way to become famous without much exertion. Hastening back to her guests, Ruth asked Frances to accompany them. She declined, saying she did not care for such mild pleasures. After hurriedly donning sport clothes they were ready for the long pleasant drive to the club. On the way they passed the wonderful fruit farm of Maurice Zanville. "He is called the second Burbank," Ruth told Delores, "and has gained a handsome income from his fine products." A short distance from the fruit farm Delores noticed a very attractive sign board that improved the scene instead of marring it. "Uh, that is one of Paul Perlmutter's signs. He is employed by the California Sign Company to make these artistic signs along all our beautiful highways," explained Ruth. This sign in particular was advertising the wonderful Stein Circus. The main at-traction advertised was the owner, Robert Stein, in his famous wrest- ling act. "Well, what do you think of it all?" asked Dan, to break the pause that had fallen. "It seems too wonderful to be true," marveled Martha. "By the way," asked Robert, awakening from one of his day dreams, "what is Edward Munn doing?" "Oh, he is the designer of the clothes used in the production," replied Dan. t'Don't you think he picked the right profession?" "Yes," I think that fine," exclaimed Robert. After a very pleasant afternoon on the links, George Moore and Richard Jacobs took their guests to "Komstock's Kandy Kitchen" for refreshments. "Oliver Comstock has the best candy in the United States," said George Moore, "because of his official candy taster, Jocelyn Meacham. who, as you perhaps know, has no equal." After spending some time visiting with Oliver and Jocelyn they left the store, but much to their surprise they found Georges car gone. They immediately reported the theft to Chief Robert Elwell, head of the Detective Agency, who immediately sent out his trusted assistant, Donald Crook. T2venl13f?2 e jig' -F"l.Il-.'I"ZN gig "Tho saying is it tnlios 11 vrooli to into-li :i vrook :intl llonrtltl nvye-r fails to fintl thc guilty Thait party." proiniswl Cliit-t' lilwt-ll. Q-wiiiiig Mr. :intl Mrs. Wing tlot-itlt-tl to tzikt- thcir ,Que-st to ai levture 1-ours:-, lol' sttwiuil pt-oplo whoni thvy laiitlw win- to spwik. The first speaker on thv proggr: tin wits Philip H:u'i'is, who gain- :in unusually short talk. This sur- priswl Dt-lorvs. :ts sho l't'Il1l'II1it'l'l'tl Philip was :ilwaiys "long" on talking. The lztnious Mliiwl Twins :ipptgztrvtl nt-Xt, Mftry :intl How:irtl. M:11'y's talk wats on t'How to Rtftliivc hy t':tloi'it-s." :intl Hou':u'tl's was :ts usual just the oppo- sitv. "How to Hain hy fitlitII'lf'S.H Tho niost l,'I1IiHfx'2liiil' nuinhttr on tht- IH'tiQ'I'illl1 wis giwii hy Mrs. Myers, the wt-ll-lint tu' This talk n llilTl1l'l"liSl. on Iitltlitg T':if'Dillll1T. Kitty Kfnignroo :intl Bertie Bulfnlo. was welll untlvrstootl hy tht? 1-hiltlrcn nntl Wits most Qiijoynhlc for the ggrown-ups :ts mill, "Whilc' tho orc-ht stint is plziyintx, liww xyouhl you lilct- to lmvc- sonic- refretsli- limits?" snitl Dun. "Hap PY lhl'UQlit." siirlivtl Hohvrt, "4 ':tn't 1-vm' scryv too soon for inc." lit-lorv tht-y ywiw' quitt' finish:-tl tht' Rziflio-Moyic st:tI't0fl on tht' thirfl pztrt ol' tht- pro graiiii. lhf' nuxt inoriiing wlitfn llolort-s t-:nnv tlown sho stztrthwl heir hostess hy the following zninoiint-t-intfnt: "Hit'il21I'Il :intl I liztyv tlcw-itlwl to ho ll12'lI'I'i0lT ininietli- :itvly so wtf r-:in join Miss Mttrkt,-r's pt-rsonzilly voiitliivtt-tl tour to Europe in her IIUXY IJHSSUII ti 'll got' nirplaniv, '1"ulto1ii:ni'," suitl I7t'loI't's. YN ll. this is sutltlvnf' t-xt-lniiiit-tl liurton, "Tliut's lim," soitl Ruth. "You niust ht' iiixtrriutl hy our nttw lI1il1iSt6'l'. the R L-yt'i't'iitl Watlttfi' Mills-ix" Ile-lort-s :tgriww-tl :intl they wxtstt-tl no tinit- in 4-:trrying out thcir phins for the "1"ultoni:u 1" wus to snil tho following Tut-stluy. Ihr- trip through tht' :iir wats inxttlt' in twtnty-six hours :intl was too thrilling to rt-l:ttc'. hut tluc' to Miss M:n'kc1r's sternly iivrw zinfl hvr l:titht'ul frienrl, Pilot Fiwl Sf'l1I'lt'. tht' ship kcpt its h:tl:nii-Q :intl tht-y :ill lzuirh-tl sur-t-Qssfully. The inziin zittrzit-tion tluring the trip, liomfvtir, was tht- tfxpurt took, Robert Jones. Unf- ot' thc plnt-vs Mr. :intl Mrs. .hu-ohs visits-tl yyhilt- in Paris was Mzulzuno I-50iistvr's lltsliioiinlilzi inoflistt- shoppt-. Mrs. .Int-ohs llc:-itlml to buy her tl'OL1FSE'2Ill lit-rc, sins-c sho hull haul no tiniv to ilo this hvfort- lt-aiyiiigg Aiiirit-ti. While sho was f'll0'1lU't'll in this tinjoynthlt- tztsk, Countvss Nonicains, forinerly Miss Oct-lisleix c-nine . PT PT in. SUTIII gt- ot sity, this wculthy AlIlt'I'it'ill1 girl inurrietl at t-ount with no nicans hut zi WOIlIlC1'l'Ul fzunily tim-ci with plc-nty ol' hrznit-hes. Her vhicf worry now is to furnish Afttlx' the mont-y to support thcsv various hrzint-lics. scoingg Europc tho iic-wlywc-tls will still flown in at 1-ozy bungalow in Culiforniai. "Thus cnth-th the initial pc-rloi'1xnnir'e ol' thc Rtulio-Movie," lailglied Dari. "Uh, "It st TJ'euli',xl,1' wasn't it wonth-rl'ul'?" ext-luiiiie'-tl Milclretl, in-ly is it silt-vc-ss," tltlt-lziml M:n'thz't. +ThI2'll'lilii .hnitg Athnns, Miltlrc-tl Bcnhoff, Prophets. 6575 l"l.Il-TZ gig K V KA .,-Us-Y.. ...v..- - - l U :.T-- .-., . - .V .. - ii '4 Hs' -.it :Vw ' K i 212: '- ', ,..g3 'Qi " . 'mi V tyg-irq. if , 'A' f lax- . 5 e ' V-:Ai :P- E . ol" W 4 E. . 1. PRINCE This is Prince, who has not been absent nor tardy once this year. Prince is Mary Mandleids pal and attends Miss Siek's first grade. He has passed into the second grade as you may see from his proud looks and passing card tied to his collar. Prince may be a dog, and his family tree may have tails, but he is interested in many things that we are. He has done what every other pupil does throughout the year. He has listened to the lessons, taken a nice comfy snooze when his eyes got tired, and watched the clock until the recess time came. VVe will not be surprised in some we see an article in the Fultonian named, t'Right Off the Chest," by Prince, for several times during the day ive hear him expressing himself with what appears to be right off the chest. Fulton would not be quite complete without its mascot, so we hope that after many years have passed, Prince will show his grandchildren his eight pro- motion eards from Fulton School, and advise them to follow llis illustrious footsteps. -M. L. F. Tzuelzlj'-sr: 'L n CI ASS MYERS' IRS. IX ,75 I-l.ll.'r:N EVE Mrs. Myers' Class At the beginning of our eighth year we organized our elass and elet-ted the Iollowmg ofhr-ers: Robert Sehmidt, president, .loe Benis, viee-president: .lane Y Crandell, seeretaryg Lenore Dresser, treasurer, and Louis Gibbons, eouneilman. These oflieers served us faithfully. Miss Sipe was our teaeher until the Christmas holidays, when she was foreed to leave us on aeeount of illness. Mrs. Myers then eame to take her plaee for the remaining time. Several of our members were elassified in the A set-tion, when a division of the elasses aeeording to seholarship was made. This seetion wrote a book on the Panama Canal, eaeh pupil eontributed soinethingg to it and Robert Ma-Iilheney of the original Room 19 was editor. We always had a good time, for when Melvin Hankenhof wasn't tied in his seat with a rope he was amusing us. .lolm Mandler always had something funny to say, too. While on the other hand, Edwin Seabury and Robert M4-lClheney were very studious. As a result they entered S1-ott with high grades-but we're not saying anything about Melvin and John. We ean't overlook the girls for Doris Williams and Dorothy Stophlet talked a good deal. While Lueille Pool and Hazel Smith represented our more studious erowd. We have had an immensely good time in this, our last year at Fulton and we hope our sueeessors will enjoy it as we have. Standing, left to right: Ruth Carnes, Robert Sr-hmidt, Edwin Seabury, Ray- mond Soldner, Sam Kaplan, Carl Lavey, Mrs. Myers, Louis Gibbons, Bert. Selig- man, Charles Kehoe, Harold Maek. Sitting, left to right: Leona Harris, Robert MeElheney, .lane Vrandel, Leon- ard Heeht. Doris Williams, Wellington Sr-haal, Virginia Eekhardt, Hazel Smith. Kneeling, left to right: Lenore Dresser, Dorf-as Caswell, Mareella Bossie, Helen Fox, Lena Rappaport, Virginia Harring, Milton Weisman, Lueille Pool, Melvin Hankenhoff. Front row, left to right: Margaret Osborn, Nelson Thal, Dorothy Stophlet, John Mandler, Louis Leibovitz, John Turner. The Race of Room Nineteen NLIKE other raees, this raee was not earried out on any prominent raee traek, it had no eheering or exeited erowds in grandstandsg it was not noisy, nor did it start out with the shot of a pistol. Surprising as it may seem, all of us have been in one of these raees at some time in our lives, taking eight or more years to finish it. Sueh a raee takes plaee along the Road of Study. Room Nine-teen's entry into the raee was in 1915, when .lolm Mandler, Dor- othy Stophlet, Ruth Carnes, John Turner, and Virginia Et-khardt were tueked into a ear of the kindergarten type whieh was driven by Miss Chase. For one glorious year they played and played with no worries of the future. As might be expeeted, the road was not all as smooth as it was the first year. The ehief delays were eaused by the rapid inerease of roeks, whieh were of the T:iv'nlr-run: 575' I-l..ll.'r:N gig lizlllious "Three R" sort. Although eausing niueh trouble at times, very few ears were stopped by these roeks. The seeond and third grades passed uneventfully. but in the fourth grade no fourth-grade type ol' autos were to be had. so the elass had to use "portable" ears, whieh were for those who did not get the regular ears, By this time the t-lass was eonsidered able to have its own government, so the different ofht-ers neeessary to room governinent were eleeted, Room government and portable life both turned out sueeessfully. The filth and sixth grades had to be spent in portable ears also, the only trouble arising in this period being in Deeember. 1921, when the sixth-grade driver. Mrs. lfiniiieiieeker, left. The remainder of the year was spent in Mrs. Huber's po1't:tlrle t':lI'. When the elass started out again after summer vat-ation, it was det-ided that they should try out a new system. This was the departmental system, in whieh the seventh and eighth-grade instrut-tors were to ehange autos and teaeh its oeeupants one or two sublieets that they speeialized in. This eaused some eon- fusion tor a while, but toward the middle ol' the year it was settled. The three seventh-grade instruetors at the end of the year were Mrs. Nowlan. Miss Oeehsler, and Bliss Perkins. Although it took a stop of about three minutes for eaeh change, they got along the road faster. The publieation ol' an linglish magazine, "t.'lass t,'rumbs," was enjoyed by everyone. and was good reereation, Then eame the last year oi' the journey. This year, some very severe engine trouble was eused by two ot' the regular drivers from Room Nineteen leaving. However, Airs. Alyt-I's eame to the reseue, and as the master meehanie, she repaired the disorder. After that, things went smoothly. Time was taken to leave the autos and vote in the tlffieial Election of the, Seliool. It was Hot slleeessful for either ol' Room Nine-teen's eandidates, bothf losing. But the elass was duly represented in Fulton's affairs by the appoint-- ment til' lidwin Seabury as liditor-in-t'hiet' of the "Fultonian," and Robert St-hmidt. Sport liditor ol' the same paper. Shortly alter Mrs. Myers eame to the rest-ue, in January, Miss Burt-hfield, an outside tea:-her, eame to the autos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to instruet their oeeupants in art. With only a few more miles to go. in early April, 1924, three sec-tions were made. elassitietl as the A. li, and t' Set-tion. Eaeh pupil was plat-ed in the proper auto aeeording to his general standing in grades. Another feature of this plan was that the pupils 4-hanged autos instead of the drivers, and, as one pupil res marked, "We are getting more like St-ott every day." Things were made joyful for everyone at the Freshmen party. All of the ears stopped lor an afternoon, and the girls wore new, pretty dresses, while the boys wore long, white duek trousers. All had a good time daneing, and were sorry to hear. "Home, Sweet Home." And so endeth the raee, with more or less vietory to Room Nineteen? ereditt. Let it be hoped that the lessons learned in Fulton may be applied with added sueeess in Seott High, their destination. -EDWIN SE.-KBYRY. 7711111 575' I-"I.ll-.TZINI 'gig Class Prophecy of Room Nineteen E, THE Al'TI-IDRS of this paper. tirell ol' the eonstant rush anll roar of New York, anll our work there, lleeillell to return to Tolello, llhio. anll see how many of our elassmates of Fulton flays we eoulll finsl. Dorothy Stophlet. my eo-author, is an enthusiastie worker for the rights of womankinal anll has spent most ol' her time sinee finishing at Fulton, preparing herself for that work anll putting into praetiee what she has preparell. You will lincl out a lit-tle more about me later on, After flue eonsilleration we lleeilleul to make the trip in an airoplane anll were llelightetl to finll that our pilot was to be Nelson Thal. We were soon on the way ancl enjoyell it all greatly. ln an ainazinggly short time we were in Tolello, anrl cleeirling on a taxi as the best metholl of transportation. erossenl the street to where a number of them were slrawn up. But there was not a taximan in sight. We lookell at eaeh other in amazement. A man, seeing our bewilller- rnent. erossell the street anfl askell if he eoulal he of assistanee. The man was Sam Kaplan. He hall beeome an artistg no garret style one, but popular eyen to "Studio Teas!" We explainell our troubles :intl were taken baek to Fulton clays in earnest when Sam's laugh at our ignoranee prec-erlefl his answer. "Uh, tlon't you know," he saill, "all the Yellow Cabs are run by raclio waves? You speak through this transmitter anal they hear you at the ofliee anll rlireet you by rallio to where you want to ego," "Uh, I won't risk 1ny life in that thing!" Dorothy saifl, lleeillenlly anll mueh to my llisgust, I hall to agiee to a street ear. We lookefl arounll for one, but none was in sight. Not even a street ear traek, Then arounll the eorner eanie a ear. There were no traeks! Again Dorothy was rather lil'lfllllt'llQll, but lleeillell to risk it. As soon as the ear startefl we began looking arounll for familiar plat-es anfl people. Aheall of us in the ear was a tall. quiet woman. Surely that was Leona Harris. the author. She hall written "Lost Souls," "The liartlen of Ellen." ete. l'nl'ortunately she got off the ear before we hall an opportunity to speak to her. The next thing to startle our eyes was the sight of a man apparently stanfl- ing in miclair. We got off the ear at the next eorner anll ealling up to the fat, dirty-faeefl earpenter, askefl him how he llill it. He was so startle-cl that he almost rlroppecl the eiggar that he was smoking. The surprise was mutual for the carpenter was Charles Kehoe, "Do it," he exelaimerl: "why this is easy. I am helll up here by eo-hesion anrl all-hesion." "Better go in anll see the boss." was his next remark. We went into a near-by shell anll founll that the boss was Louis Leiboyitz. After a little visit with him we were on our way again. The next stop was Fulton Sehool. Miss Marker was no longer the Prineipal for Miss Keplinger hall taken her plaee, She tolll us what hall beeome of our former Prineipal anll the three eiglitli-grade teal-hers. Miss Marker. Miss Ueehsler, anrl Bliss Benster were perfeeting an illea for a ehain of sehools through- out. the United States, whieh woulll he taught by raclio, Hallios were eheap now and it was thought that mueh time anll expense eoulll be sayell by this metholl. Miss tleehsler eoulwl still say, "A llolllen Goose lieu," but it woulll be impossible to say, "Empty your mouths," unless the teaehers hall unusually goonl hearing. Also the pupils woulll be lueky as they eoulll not hear the jingle of Miss Marker's keys, whieh usually proeeelletl a ealling llown for some offense. sueh as note- Thll Uvour 575' til-l.ll.."l':N egg writing, gum-ehewing, or window-breaking. Mrs. Myers, who had substituted during the latter part of the eighth year had retired from the work, owing tot inf-reased demands on her time at home. She was happy there with her duties and 'ilaeobf' After getting this information, we went on our way. I felt the need of some 1-hange so we stopped at the bank and nearly eollided with the janitor, who turned out to be Edwin Seabury. He had married Margaret Usborn and we wondered how she liked being a janitor's wife. Un at-eount of being strangers we had some trouble getting the money and finally had to interview the presi- dent. After that there was no trouble, for the president was Robert MeElheny, and he was willing to take'the risk. While we were talking in walked Miltonf Wiseman, and we found that he was viee-president of the bank. Leaving the bank we walked aimlessly down the street trusting our next! eneounter to luek, and she was with us, for we soon eaught sight of a sign bear- ing the names of .loe Benis and Raymond Soldner, followed by the word "Stock- brokersf' We went right in and found Doris Williams typing away for all she was worth After greeting her we asked for Joe and Raymond. She pressed a button and there was a blinding Hash. Dorothy aetually turned green with fright. "What on earth is the matter?" asked Doris. "All the offit-es have this sys- tem now, It is very eoinmon in Toledo. You see, when I press the button the flash showed you to Messrs. Benis and Soldner. If they wish to see you they press another button, and I push this lever, eausing the door to open. Doris showed us in to our old friends. They were prosperous stoekbrokers and prosperity agreed with them. We had a regular gabfest and learned during the eonversation that Wellington St-haal had beeome ehief of poliee. He had invented a new method of holding eourt by radio at any desired time. Again we eontinued on our way, but had gone only a short distant'-e when Dorothy turned her ankle and it was neeessary for us to find a plaee to rest for a time. Fortunately there was a ehureh near by and we went in there. The minister was seen entering just ahead of us and something about his abruptness in moving made us think of sehool days. So we hurried all we eould and, sure enough, it was Melvin Hankenhofnf. Yes, sir, he had turned good at last. So you ean never tell what may develop from a not very promising beginning. He told us that Dori-as Caswell and Virginia Harring had a little hat shop around the eorner. As soon as the ankle permitted we went around to see them. They were very glad to renew old friendships and showed us all through their shop. W'hile we were talking in eame Ruth Carnes and Lenore Dresser. Ruth had inherited some money and Lenore was her traveling eompanion. Ruth had eome to buy a hatg blue was the desired eolor, so Virginia pushed a blue button a.nd all the blue hats in the store eame out. Une was selef-ted and paid for. It was time for dinner. and after that we planned to go to the opera. Our luek still held, for the Prima Dona was Virginia Eekhardt, and another member of the east was Robert Schmidt. We had heard that they were playing together and were very glad that our visit to Toledo eoineided with theirs. The Waldorf was to be our headquarters while we were in Toledo, so we re- turned there now feeling satisfied with the number of old friends we had seen that day. I was turning from the desk when Dorothy exelaimed that Jane Crandell was sitting aeross the lobby. We approaehed her and asked her if she were not Jane Crandell. She replied that she formerly was, but that now she was Th r'r!y-Iwo 575' I-"l.lL..'l"ZINI gig Mrs. William Murphy. The name suggested something to ine, and after a time I was able to plaee it. Mr. Murphy was the great ehewing-gum manufaeturer and Jane was loyally advertising his produr-ts. After talking with her for a while she told us that she was due for a dam-ing lesson and asked us to aeeompany her, As that was right along my line we were glad to aeeept her invitation. It didn't take long for me to dec-ide that New York was ahead in that partieular if not in some others. They were just learning steps that I had taught my elasses th,ef previous season, There were a number of points that I eould give the instruetor and he seemed appreeiat-ive, The next morning, when we inet for breakfast, we der-ided to start out inde- pendent. of eat-h other, as I wanted to visit a barber shop and Dorothy didn't2 want to sit around waiting for me. When I entered the shop a vaguely familiar voir-e asked, "Hair eut or shave?" I found that I had ehaneed on a shop owned by Bert Seligman and that .lohn Turner was his assistant. It was .Tohn who had addressed me. He also told me that Hazel Smith was Bert's wife, but that they more frequently disagreed than agreed. From .lohn I got the additional infor- mation that Harold Mat-k was a sec-ond "Babe Ruth," While I was at the barber shop, Dorothy had gone for a walk and, among other things, saw a double house. There were two signs on it. Une read, "Leonard Heeht., Dom-tor," and the other, "t'arl Lavey, Undertaker." She heard that they were doing a thriving business. When we met and I told her that, Harold was playing in Toledo, she suggested that we attend the game. But in some way we got lost- and landed at a sc-hool for blind children instead. There we found Mareella Bossie teaehing the pupils musie by eleetrieity. YVhile we were there Helen Fox eame in to give them an "Intelligent Test." She was a regular old-fashioned sehool teaeher, with her hair pulled baek and wearing speetaeles. IYe told her that teaehing hadn't improved her appearanee and she replied that it wasn't mueh fun to grade over a hundred papers every night. There wasn't mueh time left to think about how one looked. From there we went to .Iohn Mandler's "Home for Cats and Dogs." At. first we e0uldn't tell whieh was John, but got straightened out after a time and later he told us where we eould find another of our elassmates. After a short walk we saw a sign whieh read, "Lena Rappaport, Washwoinanf' VVe entered the building and Lena eame to Hnd out our wants. She didntt look like wash- women are generally supposed to look, and we soon diseovered whyg for while we were there a youngster eaine in and asked for B's wash, She had worked out. a st-heme by whieh the wash was all done by eleetrieityg she was having an easy time of it and getting rim-h, too. Our last visit was to the Board of Eduf-ation's olfiees. Lucille Pool had at- tained tlie position of Superintendent of S1-hools of Toledo. We had a little visit with her and found that even if some things had f-hanged a lot, boys and girls were about the same as ever. Now we had seen all our old elassmates, not one was missing, and we had enjoyed it all immenselyg so we were ready to go baek home and settle again to our respective tasks of uplifting womankind and tear-hing the world to be frivolous. Perhaps some day in the future we will take another vacation, and if We do, hope to find all our old friends at least as happy as they now are. -DOROTHY STOPHLET, Louis GIBBONS. '17u'rU'-lhrep 575' r'l..n..'r:N gig Fultonian Staff M The Staff ul' tlnc Fultonizin lzilimw-ml 1-unsl-ieiitiuusly through tlio past ycur, :incl unselfislily gnvt- tlio lic-st ul' tlwir literary gifts to their reiult-rs, If tlicy made mistakes in 4-lmusing mzitcriul tlmt was subniitteml, tliey liopc tllt-ir rcaiflingg public will forgive- fllt'Il1 :mil will rcinoinlwr that the best of editors lmvc faults. PICTURE Standing, lc-ft to right: Frunm-is flC'I'IlllHI'1lt. Virginia Rotliert, Donailrl Crook, Edwin St'lllJlll'j', Rulwrt S1-lnuiwlt, llnn Tziylor. Margaret Mulliollaricl, Doris Taylor. Seated, loft to right: Robe-rt Elwc-ll, Gertrude- Uwe-n, Mary Lt-imc Frcunrl, Rosabelle Strt-c-tiiiam, Rust- Bw-k. Doris Ifloinr, Etlwarcl Munn. 7'l11'zt1'-ffm' 575' run..-r:N gig Th 1'l'fj-51.37 lDi d Flowers of Room Twontq Clllll-IITY Plznit-Philip Harris. Trailing Ai'lmutusfRolJvrf Bascli. 1 - 7 A QultsI1mtfHv1'lwi't Bisss-ll. Yiulc-t l 7 P-Froil Sv:n'lQ. Winml FltNVl'I'fXv1lll2Ill2iIl Fislier. .I:r1-lq-ili-tlu,--PulpitfBurtnn Wing. Stan' Flowr-r-Bcllar RQl'lllI1111I1. Bum-lc-Brarnfl Gonrgr Kloniw. Iyjllllllffllilll--Ijlill Taiylor. Tln- liznlyk Slippi-r'fE1lw:zrel Munn. HIJIIPXSII1'lill'f1Xlillll'QCl Bciilioff. 'l'rinnpr-t FlllXVUl'fRUl5CI't Rotlic-rt. Inilizrn Pipv-.lm-1-lyii Blt'I'U'll21111. Slnnnrcan-li-f-Rolw1't llolin. Wilil Gso-rrniiunifllntli Ixlililllill. XYlllU'TgI'l'k'Il--RlDlJi'I'T Stl-in. lYil4l S11I'S1lI5IlI'lll1l-flFOUL' Klivuns. Hullylirwlifllulwltlly Blu-Xl'CE', ButtQ-rr-rip-Fruin-rs lik'I'IlllU.I'1l. Flznnc FlowrrfUlivor Unnstor-k. lD:risyfM:n'i:m Sznizeiilizu-k01'. Sun l'llUW1,'I'fl,iUiP1120 Dim-liffy. Vnrn Fluwr-1'-1 Goorgc .Im-lcniali. Bluvl'mellfM:1rtln1 .lflllfl Arlains. l5ul4l0n H1l1l+R4llJk'Tt Elwixll. Swwtlirie-r-Dolnrvs Bruning. Frwgrt-IXIQ--Not-llir-liarrl Jacobs. Anirn'yllis-C'li:rrlvs Havilaiid. Lzrurol-Paul P1-rlinuttor. Boniif-iiig Bet-Walter Miller. Wilrl friillgd'-Xvllllfilll Mc'Faclde1i. Spring Bm-11nty-Mzuirirv Zanville. IVF'-R0l3L'I'f Jolirs. Morning Glory-Iiolinlrl Crook. Wilnl ROSC'-l.i0l'1lUIl Slieflielcl. Twinflowrr--Mary :incl Howard Wa Brown-eyml SusanAlNIiss Benster. -Frances Gernhard. rd F'LJl-TEN EE gf' LLOYD E. TRYON Hamly Shop Imsfruvfoz' ELIZABETH BIALONE Trusfy Cook 771114 5525 l'l-Il..'l"ZN EE, Fulton Orchestra Ja" HL-re's to our um-lic-strznl Tu our violinists, wliusv swvet nntos liziw rvstwl us iuamy :1 timi-3 tu our mlruliiiiieix who has pliml his ilruui stivks in4lust1'iu11sly: tu our puiuo player, who has uiailc thc ivory kc-ys prousl tu lifivc him :is thvii' mais- teri tu our c-lnirinot :mil vorne-t plziyvrs, who have lull iiuiiicrous pin-1-Qs with vigor :mil goml tustv, and lust, hut not hiest, to nur s:1x:1plm11o plxiyvrs. wlmsc llc-epi notes lmvc tli1'illi-rl 111111 inspired us. May tho 1-omhiiiul llilfllllllly null uiusir- uf thosc- 111L1Sll'i2lIlS cc-ho fur and wielo, so that :ill will know and give- flue aulliiimtiuii to FllltUI1lS orc-lic-stra of '24. Stuucliug, loft to right: Dunzilfl Crook, Louis Pc-rliiiilttor, Clorsilmi Hlin-ffielfl, He-Phu-rt Bissm-ll, Fri-cl Scurles, Ge-orgc Dir-kvy, Doiiulml I3al1'y1iiplc-, Rohm-rt Stein. Rolwrt Dohu. Sitting, lcft, to right: Chzirlvs Huvilzmil, Be-ruurcl Bolliiiuii. Florciii-0 Suiiflf-. Hzxrrict Collins, Phyllis Kasle. Doris Idoino. John D'Altou, Ralph Zukor. -M, L. F. x an in LQ H" Tl11':l,1sn1nL Experient-ing glorious yietories and suffering severe defeats, the Fulton teams of 1923 and 192-1 eaine "smiling through," With high standards of eligi- bility, and good, honest playing. the various teanis were aggregations that any sehool might be proud to 1-laini as her own. We 1-an not give too niueh praise to Miss Ennna Linabury, our faithful eoaeh and booster for our organization, and for the eneourageinent and good ad- viee that she always had for us when things looked hopeless. Miss Linabury is certainly some good sport. Basket ball season furnished the sehool teains some ext-iting tiines, and though the beginning of the series was one of repeated defeat, the last three games were grand vim-tories and niatle the teain feel that they were not quite good for nothing. Indoor baseball has always been l"ulton's favorite ganie, Years ago when it was the eustoin to have a t'ity's series for the ehalnpionship in regular base- ball, Fulton always managed to appropriate the pennant. When regular base- ball was eonsidered too strenuous for ss-hool playgrounds, indoor baseball was substituted and Fulton took to it like "dum-ks to water." Sum-h games as were played and sueh squabbhng over the possessions of the tlianiondl The eighth grades always thought they owned the privlledge to play all the tnne. P? In the tram-k nieet held in Waite High bowl, the girls did the honors for our school winning sew-ond plat-e in the New York Relay, third plat-e in the Two.- hundred-twenty-yarnl Relay, while Doris Taylor eanie in third in the l"ifty-yard dash. GIRLS' RELAY TEAM Standing, left to right: Marguerite Rupp, Dorothy Gibbons, Margaret Perry, Miss Linabury leoac-lil. Dorothy Haller, Charlotte Bissell. Sitting, left to right: Delores Bruning, Dorothy Seliginan. Gladys Podinore, Marion Steinberg, Jennie Applebauin. Ardanelle tYNeil tIIll1I12i2CI'l. BASEBALL TEAM Standing, left to right: Burton Wing, Robert Sc-hinidt, George Diekey, Donald Crook. Seated, left to right: Robert Baseh, Robert Elwell, Robert Mm-Elheney, John Ryan. Kneeling: .lohn Turner, Robert Dohn. BASKET BALL TEAM Standing, left to right: Robert Elwell, Robert Selnnidt, Miss Linabury teoaehl, Donald Crook, Maurice Zanyille. Seated, left to right: Robert Baseh, Robert Dohn, Edward Munn. Fnrlj'-um 57g l"LIl-TSN gig Gee Clu A goodly number ol' dandy songsters have been among us this year and we have enjoyed and appreeiated their talent. With untiring eiforts they have light- ened our daily toiling at tedious tasks and have given us niueh needed entertain- ment. Their voiees, mingled in song, have helped the 1-lub to live up to its name and have given "glee" to all of us. This sineere hand has shown us what eease- less training, perfeet, eo-operation and good voiees are able to aeeomplish. Long after we have parted, we shall remember and praise our Glee Club. PICTURE Top row, from left to right: Robert Baseh, Allison Smith, Donald Crook, Mrs. Nowlan, direetorg Burton Wing, Nelson Thal, Oliver Comstoek, Philip Kass. Middle row: Elmer Goldman, James Aeklin, Avery Leiserson, Morris Klop- fenstein, Norton Cassady, Herbert Levine, Robert Dohn. Lower row: Robert Stein, Irving Frank, Arthur Hoffman, Harvey Fain, Billy Elton, Philip Musser, Irving Blumberg. fM. Ii. I". H11 U'-Uufe ll1ll1llllllll1ll1lNWlllllllN1I1I1llNMIWIHH NIWI 31833 01814 9952 535' r'l.u.1-l::lN EE B 11 3111 015 on R Com Tw 11111' 1,'l11ss-"T111- 1111111-s1 11111111 in 1111- 11111111 is 1111- 11111111 1111 i111p1111'1-1111-11t." 111'l1l'Qf' 31111111-f"N1-1'1-1 1111 11111111 1Y1lZ11 11111 1-1111 11111 411:11 1111ti1 t111n111111'." P21111 P1-1111111111-rf"l,1-n11 1-1'1-11' 1111111 1111 1-111. 11111 11-11' 1111 11111g111-." .111111 'I'111'l111-full' F1111 21l'1' l11111cing 1111' 1111111111-, 1'1111'll 1:11111 it," lX1llllI'l1'C Z11n1'ill1---'l'110 Illllll 11111111 11'11il1-. ls 1111- lllllll 111111 1-1111 sn1i11-. 11111-11 1-1'1-11'111ing 51111-s "111-1111 11'11111g." 11111111111 B11-191111111-11f---"T111- 111-1111-st 11111' 111 Il 11111111 111-1111 is 11111111gl1 l1is S1OIH2L1'1l.H Iglllltilll Wi11g-S111n1- f111l1s 111111111 1:11111-1' l1l1111' 1111-i1 1'111'n 1111111 1111111 listen 111 F1111s11's lpgllllll. H1111-flllfl 11111-11-W 'l'l11- 1-11-1'11t111' t1'1 Sll1'1'1'SS is 11111 Tlllllllllgftlllii' 1111- st11i1s. 1111111-1 M1111-1f"'l'11v 11111111 is S11 11111 111' il 1111111111-1 111' things, l 11111 s1111- we sl111n11'l :111 111- 215 111111111 Ili kings." 1111I'l1l1ll S111-1111-111n"l311-ss1-11 is 1111- 1111111 111111 111111112 111111111152 111 s111'. 111-1-ps 1111111 fI1Y1Il,QQ 11'111-111' 1-1'i111-111-1- 1711, 1111- 1111-1." 1111111-11 S11-in H11-111 sing1-1-s 11'1-11- 11n1-1- 51111111 1,111ys. 1111111-11 H111111-11s-1"H1- 111111 is 2111111 111 xnnliing 1-x1-11s1-s, is s1-11111111 11111111 111 11111'- 1111112 1-1s1-.H 191-urge .1111-111111111-"l,11zin1-ss t1:11'1,-ls S11 sl1111'l1' 111211 111111-111' s111'1n 111'Q1111kes it. B1 ll'l1l'l',lH Xvilllgllilll F1sl11-1f--1'111n1n1-1-1-1- 111111 in1111s111' 1111- 1111- 111-s1 inine-s in 11 1-1111n1ry. R111l1 Kl1-i11li11f-"l,itt11- l'1ll111I'f'll s111111l11 111- s1-1-n 111111 11111 llt'ilI'l1,H :Xl21I'1111l A1111111sf-"l.i11l1- 1 11s1i1 lllj' 111111124 1111- 11-11'." ,l1111111l11' B11'A1'1'f" 111111- 11111111 is 11111-111 11111 1111n11111111's." l-'111111-1-s 11l'l'1111I11'l1'ft-1111 111111 1111- l1Jlll1'l'!H Ri1-1111111 .1111-1111sf1X111'111's 11'1-ll l1I'QQZl1l1Zl'1l. Mil111'e11 B1-11111111At'A s1i11-11 i11 111111- s111'1-s nin1-." lI'1-n1- K1i1':1ns-'l'1111 1ittl1- 111 111- 111st111'111-11 111' big tliings. .1111-1-1111 31l'll1'll1lI1lf'fHSPHFQ' 1111- F1111 111111 5111111 1111- 1-111111," l-11111111-11 RI111111-"All is n111 211111 111111 9411111-rs." D1-1111-1-s B111ningfA''W111111-11. like 1is11, 1111- 11-ss lik1-ly 111 get lllftb 1111111110 if 1111-1' lit-1-p 1111-i1 IU1lllT1lS 1'l11s1-nl." B1-1111 Rl'1'll1ll11l11f".-X 11'is1- 11111 1111'l live-11 i11 1111 111111. T111- 1111111- s111- s1111', 1110 11-ss she- spoke. '11111' 11-ss s111- sp11k1-. 1111- 1111111- s111- 1lCiiI'1'1. W111' 1'illl'1 111- 1111 111- lik1- 1111s 11111 111111?" BlI1l'l11Il S1111Z1-1111111-111-1f"T111-1'1- is Il 111-s1 11111' of 111111111 011-11'1l1i11g." AIHFY XYilI'1l-A sn1il1- 1'1l11'111's p11ss1-s 1111 its 1':11-1- 1'11l11o. F11-11 S1-11111--"lCx111-1i1-111-1- lu-1-ps 11 111-111 s1-111101. but sumo pc-ople 11'ill 1011111 in no 111111-1 11111." 01111-1' C'111nst111-li-"Einpty 1111,-2011s 11111149 1111- most noise." D11n11l11 C1-1111kft'l.1111gl1 111111 the 1Y11I'11i1 11111g11s 11'itl1 you." R1111c-11 BllS1'1l-rlllll' 1-1111-k 111111 nc-1'1-1 runs 111111'n. R11111-11 H1111-ll-"11111-11 1111-11-'s fl 11'ill 111911-'s Z1 11'ny." R11111-11 13111111-"P11-1-i11us 1l1i11gs 1-111n1- in s1n1111 pa1-k11ge-s," G1-111ge D11-lie-1'-'l'l11-1' 111111 li1'1- in g11s1,1lin1- tanks, 1111151 never 1111011' 1111111-l1es. Philip H1111'is-Sl1111' but not 11l11'11ys sure. F1110-f111 r 575' l"l.ll-'FZINI EE Charles H11vi111111lwLife is short. but 1lll'l'U is lllW1lA'S time for 1-o111'tesy. Robert .lolies-"It is never too llltl' to lllt'l1rl.N Herbert Bissellf-Tliiiigs11o11't turn up in tl1isxv111'l11, unless Slllllvfllll' turns 11101111111 Miss Mzirker-hlie 11152111505 ln-rs11lt 111 21 1-1111111 111 tllllllfy. Miss Benster-"A soft 1111sw1-1' lLIl'Il01ll 111v11y XVI'2l1ll.H Mrs. Myers-"A gllllll 111111111 is Yiltllel' to he 1'll0Ft'll 1111111 great l'lI'llL'S. 111111 loving favor rather than silver 111111 gold." Miss Oe1-hslerHA sense of lllllllljl' is "A thing ol' 111-1111ty 111111 il joy 1'111'ev1-rf' Our Favorite Books Llglltllllll-RUlJCI't Wl1it111o1'e. Eat 111111 Grow Tl1in-Philip Knss. The Flirt-Dolly Rothert. Little Lortl F111111tleroyfCle1111 C1111y. Rose i11 Bloorn-Rose Berk. Call of the AAvll1,l-Hllffllll Knorr. Fl11111i11g Youth-P11111 Erler. When iKIl1glltl100ll Was ill Flower-L1111is PL'l'l1I1ll1tQI'. Book of Kiioxvleclge-IIollie Znker. 11111011-11ts :xlJI'lJ211l7:XI'flt'llCllC t'VNeil. Slim Pri11eess-Peggy St0l'lifOI'll. Other Wise 311111-ROlJE'I't Gross. Hearts A11a111efI1111e Cl111p1111111. Mutt 111111 .1efffE1l11111111l Collins 111111 Harvey F11i11. Touiboy T11ylor-May Louise Croley. 15111 fllfl-F3S1llOIlCl1 Girl-C'l1risti11e 511111. A Very Naughty 11i1'lfM11ry Leone FI'Clll11.l. A 312111 Without 21 C0llI1tl'YfBli11I' LvllliQI1llOlZ. The Littlest Rebelsfiertrutle tlxven. Striving for His tlwn-H11rry Fe-lfl1111111. Silent RC1iCl9I'flAI21l'j' S1v1111svi1-k, Hidden Tre11surefYirgi11i11 Bigelow. Most Popular I'n1 Forever Asking QUC1St1tlllS-DLJT1S T11f'lOl'. You'c1 Be Surpriserl-Clinrlotte P11l111e1'. Song of Love-Dorotliy H11ller. The Daily Dozc-nfBetty .I1111e D11vis. I Love Me-Doris Itloine. Whispering-M11rg11ret Cares 111111 Elfritl N11-hols. The Gum Solo-Kitty Rogers. 'I Ai11't Going to Eat No More-Rosulbelle SU'L'01Illl1Il. TOIIIOTTOXX'-1hII1FgiITCt Blllllltilllllltl. Wrigley's S9FE'I1i1llQ1-HCStCl' To111. Wl1o's Sorry Now'?- -Jennie Appleb11un1. F01!,1'j11': 52751 1 EE Famiiiar Q1111Q1ca11i'1111111s 1 11721111 Xvlllll' 1'1111ivi111-11 A1t0111i1111"fM1s. My01s. --H urryf 1,111 W11iti11,1g"-Miss Be-11s11-1. 11 101 Who 1Di11 111' ,111lf' 1Cig11111 fir11110, 1 S11pp11s11"-Miss A111 11 live M11 A11 Your 1111111 211111 1':11111y"-Miss 1101- s W0 1-11112111 1ik11 1111111 111011, 111112 111111 w011, We 11111-11 1116 1111111 with "English" s111i11, Many 1-111111111111-11, 11111 s1'11110 fc-ll, F111 f'X1I'Il 111111111 was i11 v11i11, 1 1111111 111 11111 s1-1111111 11111111s 11113111111 1111-, '11111' 1r:1111pi11g 111' lllftlly 10013 T110 511111141 111' 1111111s 111111 1111- 11111-11011 A1111 v11i1'0s 11111 511111. 11111 s11'01-1, 1'r11111 1113' Sl'1l1Nl1 r1111111, 1 sc-0 in 1110 sunlight 1'l11s0 111 1110 111111111 111111 stair. 1i1:1v0 l1iss B1'I1St0I' 111111 111ughi11g Miss U01-11s111 A1111 Mrs, Mycrs with g1111'1011 111111. Y11i1-0s 111111 111011 il si11-11110 Y01 1 k1111w 113' their 011r110s11 1-yes. T1lf'f' 1111- 1710111112 111111 p11111ni11g 10,151-1111-1, T11111 11111 gr11110s sh1111 ris0 111111 1is0. DELHI? Queries "Now 11111 011111111 gr11110 work is 011111-11, A1111 111 1-'11111111 we 1111 1111110 go, May W0 f11rg1-1 1111 111111 we 1011111011 t11010'?" 1101"11s10r, "1111, my, no. Q1111111 Miss 111 L'M:1y W0 1011v1- 11111 pu111"1u:11i1111, May W0 May W0 "May W0 M115' W0 M115' W0 '-.wlr Furl! l11s0 11111 g1111r111111r rules, fo1g01 our 1'-1111116-sy 10ssons when Quoth Miss U01-11s11-1, W0 go 111 S1-1111 High 50111101 1'T11E1j"I'l" your 11101 1111011 gum if we W11111 111, whisp01 111 11111 f1i01111s, 1111g01 just Rl ID1I1Ll1f' to s00 how this storv e111'1s'? Quoth Miss 001-hsl01, "Not again!" 5575 i"I.IL-TSN EE Bright Spots ot Room Nineteen It is the "Brigzgl1t Spots" i11 life that IIIIIIQPS it livable, so let's all lllllgll together at tl1is 1-olleetion of them. No one doubts the oltl s:13'i11g, "That it is 111111-l1 plealszuiter to he lauglierl with, than to he luuglieml nt." All l'K'illly? Ho! Benis, .loefHe's llilllgjllty, hue l1e's nit-e. Bossie, Mxtreelln-Me11 nmy 001110. unsl 111011 niziy go, but I go on iLUI't'Vi'l'. Carnes, Ruth-"Sile11ee is tl1e grutitucle of true :tffef-tion." Uraswell, I,0I'1'1lS7u.X sinile for ull, il well-o111e glzul, A happy 1-ouxiny way she h:ul." CI'lllNl0ll, .IQIIIOA-SIIG' is pretty to walk with, Anil witty to talk with. Anrl pleasant too, to think of. Dresser, Iienore-"Her talents :ire niore of the silent elassf' Er-kliarflt, Yir,qi11inf"I love to winfl 1113' Illtllltll up. I love to hear it go." Fox. Helenfu.-Xll great women are flying. I do IIOI feel well Inyselff' Gibbons, Lewis-"He nc-ts bore-sl and basliful, too, When l1e's helcl up to publiw- view." Hankenhof. Melvin-"A little nonsense now and then is relisheml by the best of men." Harring, Yirgiiiifl-Aiitl her tongue is never idle, Harris, Leona-Good l1u111or and good sense are her Companions. A tooth for ll tooth." Her-lit. I,eo11:1rrl-"Ali eye for an eye, Kaplan, Sam-"Life is a jest and all things show it, I tliuoght so onee but now I kIlOW it." Kehoe, C'l1:1rles-"A haul penny always returns." Anal women, not at all." Lavey, Cilfl-HAIHII mlelights 1110 little. Iieibovitz, I,ewiss"Fron1 little zu-orns large oaks grow." lfon Ir-.wwe 1 175' i"I-IL'l'Z ,153 31:11-11. Hl1I'l1l1l'AAxX'l111t I'1'11 111-1-11 1:111gl11 I'1'11 111g11t A1111 111111 I 1111011 0 ,QQ111-ssG11," BlI111lll1'I', -11111117 "Si11-111-11 if 111' 1111- gg1111S. 111111 1111111111115 1'1lLl11QI'.-l lXl1'Elll1'116'f', 1111111-1'1-"Hu 11'l111 1111il11s 1'll1'1I'l1l'11I 1 111 9,111 ext 1111111111 11sl1111'11. Kl:11'g:1r1'1f"1X SlI1illl I1111l1' 111.1911 l1:1r11111N I1 1111 P1111l. 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Suggestions in the Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 59

1924, pg 59

Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 37

1924, pg 37

Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 38

1924, pg 38

Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 38

1924, pg 38

Fulton School - Fulton Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 43

1924, pg 43

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