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-No.2 Publications Class VESPA STAFF HI-LIFE STAFF Co-Editors ....... Joyce West Editor ......... Doris M. Saling Lynnette Humphreys Associate Editor . . . Linda Ehrsam Sports Editor ...... Leon Godley Sports Editor ...... Steve Hampton Business Manager .... Judy Williams Business Manager . . . Mary L. Green Advertising Manager . . . Judy Atkinson Advertising ....... Dorothy Holt Circulating Manager ..... Barbara Circulation ...... Kathleen Murphy Thomasson Mary Lou McVeigh Photography ..... George Johnston Sponsor . . . Miss Mossie Humphreys Sponsor . . . . . Mr. K.M.Craghead Foreword The goal of the publications class is to preserve in this annual the experiences of your year so they may become lasting memories. The activities and achievements of the students form the basis for this preservation. To you, the students of Fulton High School, this has been a busy, enjoyable, and profitable year, during which you have accomplished much that deserves recognition and should be preserved. With these facts in mind, the 1958-'59 staff presents --------------- VOL. XIII Fulton High School Fulton, Missouri Administration and Faculty Classes Organizations Sports Activities Advertisements The hours of effort he puts into taking and developing pictures and in directing student photographers in helping to make the pictorial sections of Hi-Life and Vespa are equaled only by the time he spends teaching vocational agriculture and helping F, F. A. members work out projects. Every student in high school has become familiar with Mr. K. M. Craghead's "Lookthis way, please" -- as he stands behind the press camera to get those photographs that go into record making that is so important. One major interest with him is sponsoring Future Farmers of America which he does in an encouraging and interesting manner. He has also been a sponsor to many sophomore classes and Student Council. Although he may be best known by agriculture students, his enthusiasm, his willingness to help, and his clever wit endear him to all. No doubt, his long experience and wise understanding of agricultural problems in this area are of great benefit to his students. Mr. C raghead is a graduate of Westminster College and holds his masters degree from the University of Missouri. The publications class proudly dedicates the 1959 Vespa to the sponsors, Miss Mossie Humphreys and Mr. K. M. Craghead, who have contributed so much in bringing this as well as previous editions to the students of F. H. S. Dedication No class can be more effective than the preparation and effort that is put behind it. Development of good citizenship through civics courses and the treasured Hi-Lifes and Vespas which keep alive school experiences for students and alumni are to a great extent, due to long hours of work put in by Miss Mossie Humphreys as she plans projects and directs and inspires her students in carrying them out. Since joining the faculty at F. H. S., Miss Humphreys has been a vital part of school life. Her years of experience and her under- standing of student needs make her classes a pleasure as well as aprofit. Through the years, she has been sponsor of freshman classes, Stu- dent Council. N, H, S., and International Club. She is agraduate ofWi1liam Woods College and the University of Missouri and has done her graduate study at the University of Missouri, University of Wyoming and Wash- ington University. Her participation in varied outside ac- tivities shows that she practices, in her community, the active citizenship she teaches. Her conscientious example will ever be treasured by those to whom good things are worth working for . Qf X, .M ff.,-M""r ,R 14 . Board of Education ROW I: William Boyd, Barbara Bezler,Secre- ROW H: M, E, DeNuei, Presidentg Neal Powers tary to Superintendentg Mrs, Vernon Grogan, Overton Harris, and W. V. Hill, Superintendent and Julian Kaiser. Members of the Board of Education are civic-minded Citizens who are interested in the education and welfare of Fulton's youth. They are aware of school problems and student needs. They work toward bringing about the best possible results for each. To them the appreciation of the students of Fulton High School is expressed. M ' Secretaries MRS. MARGUERITE ROLAND Bookkeeper MRS. BARBARA BEZLER Secretary to the Superintendent Superintendent of Schools W. Victor Hill, Superintendent of Schools, assumed this responsibility August 25, 1955. He came to the system in the fall of 1952 as principal of Fulton High School. Mr. Hill was born near Dexter, Missouri, where he received his elementary and high school education. He is a graduate of Southeast 'Q 'Missouri State College and holds his M , A, from the University ofMissouri. Additional graduate work has been done at George Peabody Teachers College, Nashville, Tennessee. During World War II he saw service in France, Luxemburg, and Germany as well as in the United States. His professional experience before coming to Fulton includes teaching in Southeast Missouri and in Hickman High School, Columbia, and serving as principal of the Jackson High School. ani' --.W 4. Principal Robert D. Elsea, Principal of Fulton High School, graudated From Northeast Missouri State Teachers' College, Kirksville, in 1950 with the B, S, degree. He took his masters in 1951 from the same institution. Mr. Elsea spent two years in active mili- tary service with Korea being the scene for the major period of his service. Ln the field of teaching, he directed the physical education program, coached at Baring, Missouri and was Superintendent of Schools for two years at Knox City before coming to Fulton in the fall of 1957. He is now working on his Ed. D. at the University of Missouri. ff'-rf 'hifi 'awww 1 , .assi xxtx -, 1 Secrets ry Above: Mrs. Roslyn Morrow, Secretary to Principal D ,, 4 A s 7 ""', ,V J -'GAT' i I . -W L. AQ i 2 . 9 E Student Aides Below: Mary Ann Murray, Jo Ann Nichols, Mary Murphy, Jean Harrison Martha Ann Davis, Carolyn Bartley, Ann Baker, and Tamara Hawkins Social Studies BELOW: ROW I: Miss Shirley Dunavant, Guidance and American History, Miss Mossie Humphreys. Civics and Publications: Mrs. Myrtle Walker, Junior High Geography. ROW II: Joe Briggs, American and World History: Mrs. Mary Martin. Civics and World History: Mrs. Helen Babbitt. Junior High Social Studies, and Clyde Burch, American History, American Problems and Geography. Facult Fine Arts John Long, Speech and Debate, Mrs. Leota Baber, Junior High Reading: Mrs. Jean Berry, Art: G. W. Lawrence, Band Director, First Semester. p. W-'7 . ff- .-:PQ pd English ABOVE: ROW I: Miss Georgia Richardson, Li- S' brarian: Mrs. Ama Gallo- , way, Junior High English. ROW TWO: Mrs. Katherine Mrs. Anne Stahr, English: Mrs. Edith Dean, English: Mrs. Gladys Books,l-Inglish and Latin. ' if W. Q-Q Turner ,English and French, Facult Mathematics And Science Miss Irene Salmon, Scienceg Jay Daniel, Junior High Science, Miss Joan Dishman, Mathematicsg Orval Hargrave, Science and Driver Training: Mrs. MildredCook, Junior High MathematicsgCraig Hendrick, Mathematics, Mrs. Lottie Ruth Tate, Science and English. We-I 3. fm qv. 4,-of gr Physical Education Edward Bender, Football Coach and Physical Education, Don Maxey,Basketball Coach and Physical Education. C5 ..,5.- Practical ,- Arts ROW I: Mrs. Evelyn Besher, Commerce. Mrs. Celia Craghead, Vocational Home Econo- mics, Miss Carolyn Thomson, Commerce. ROW II: William Helm, Trades and Industry, Francis Turner, Indus- trial Arts, Tharon Baumann, Industrial Arts: K. M. Craghead, Vocational Agriculture. gl Mrs Juanita Woolery, Dietitian. Mrs Mary K Love Mrs Judy Bender, Teachers' Tea Once each week the mem- bers ofthe faculty get together for acup oftea, or coffee, and tarry for a little socialvisitation. In this way they get to know one another bet- ter tha.n they would otherwise be able to do. 4 fx 'Ar- 'TN ul ' 1 , v,, 'D 0nn,, ""01n I, Ol v,,. og.'...O o,,.' Q., . , X ,,M,,, .....,.-.muy- og, 'bog 'O Class Presidents Carolyn Bratton, Terry Atkinson, Lance Randolph, Larry Beaver a 'ug ,': o "i ' '01, "I, .,. WK 'fh- 'fcJ',, 9, auf' 'uh-'X M Nur Wfft W . QU' Sen lors KENNETH ADAMS F, F, A, l,2,3,4. JUDY ATKINSON N, H, s, 3,45 Pep club 2,3,45 Student Council 1,2,4g J, C, L, 2,3,45 Hi-Life Staff 4. LINDA ATKINSON Cheerleader 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Playg Chorus 1,2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. ALDA ATTERBERRY Chorus 25 F. N. A. 4. ARNOLD AUTENRIETH JEAN BACKER F, H, A, 3,45 F, T, A, 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 French Club 2,35 A Cappella Choir 3,4. e Had Finally ade It pr'- OMER BALL CAROLYN BARTLEY Librarian 35 Chorus 15 Office 4. JIM BAUR F, T, A. 2,3,45 Debate 25 N, H, s, 3,45 Golf 25 Science 4. LARRY BEAVER Football l,2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Class President2,45Junior Play. JERRY BELL F, F, A. 1,2,3,4. ZOE BENEDICT Band 1,2,3,45Majorette2,3,45Debate1,2, 3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 French Club 2,3, Seniors WILLIAM BERRY Band 1,2,3,4: J. C, L. 2,3 4 Junlor Play A Cappella Choir 43 Scxence Club 4 STEPHEN BERRY Basketball 1,2,3g Visual Educat1on2 3 4 Science Club 4. GENE BEZLER F. F, A, 1,2,3,4, CHARLES BLACK Football 2,3,4: "F" Club GARY BLAKLEY SANDRA LEE BOLTON Librarian 3: Chorus 1,4 e ere Seniors at Last LARRY BONARD Junior Play: Track 3, JEAN BOOKS F. T. A. 2,41 F. H. A RUBY FAYE BRANCH F. H. A. 4: Chorus 1, DON BRANDENBURG F, F, A, 1,2, CAROLYN BREWER Pep Club 1,2,3,4g N, H. S 3 4 J C L 1 2,3,4g Chorus 1: Class Offxcer 2 RUSSELL BREWER Seniors CAROL JEAN BROWN Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Arr Club 2,3,4g N, H, s. 3,45 Chorus 1,2,4: Student Council 1,33 Junior Play. JAY BROWN Band 4: Visual Education 2,3,4g Science Club 45 F, T, A, 4: Designed Vespa Cover. JUANITA BROWNING BOB BUSH Track 2. JANE BUTCHER Chorus 1. BILL CALDWELL Art Clubg Dramatics Club. Theres So uch to Remember LIN DA C HIRNSIDE Cheerleader 2,3,4g N, H, S, 3,4g Student Council 15 F. T, A. 1,2,4g Senior Play. BONNIE CRUMP Art Club 4. SUSAN CUMMINGS French Club 25 Science Club 43 Palette And Brush Club 4. AGNES CUTHBERTSON Band 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g F. T. A. 1, 2,33 J, C, L, 2,3,4g Chorus 1,4. KATHY DAHL Ba.nd 1,2,3,4g Majorette 2,3,4g J, C, L. 1, 2,3,43 Debate 1,2,3,43 N, H, S, 3,4. ERNIE DAVIS Football 3,43 Chorus 1,23 Track 1,2,3,4. Seniors MARTHA ANN DAVIS F, N, A, 1,2,3,4g PepC1ub 1,2,3,43J. C. L. 2,3,4g Junior Playg N. H. S. 3,4- RONALD DAWSON F. F, A. 1. FRED DIEHL Chorus 1,2: Track 1. SHIRLEY LOVENE DOLMAN F. H, A, 45 Chorus 1. WILLIAM DUTTON Student Council 1,2,4g Football 4: Track 3,43 Junior Play. JAMES DUDLEY Track 1,2, And the Year Went So Fast RANNY EBERSOLE Track 2,45 Chorus 1,2. MOSS EDWARDS Football 35 J. C. L, 2. LINDA EHRSAM N, H, S, 3,43 Debate 1,2,3,4: J,C. L. 2,3 43 Hi-Life Staff 45 Pep Club 2,3,4. ROGER ELDER F, F, A, lg Science Club 45 Football 1 Track l. C LARENC E F ERGUSON Basketball 1,2,3,4g "F"ClubgChorus 1,2 Track 1, GINNY FREUND Pep Club 2,3,4g F, N, A, 2,3,4gChorus 2 45 Class Officer 45 Student Council 4 ,sis L. ,pw-Q as it-'of QR. M .ff Q C .- 2 Alias ffm Se n i 0 rs CAROLE FRIESZ F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3: F. T. A. 47 Pep Club 1,25 A Cappella Choir 4. ALVIN FRITZ Track 1,2,3,4g "F" Club 2,a,4. HAROLD GENTRY Debate. BETTY SUE GIESLER Chorus lg Palette Sz Brush 4. DON GILMORE F, F, A, 1,2,3,4g F. F. A. Reporter 4. LEON GODLEY Student Council 2: Vespa Staff 4g Basket- ball 1. There ere Parties 3' 'uu- TOM GOWINS MARY LEE GREEN Pep Club 1,2,3,4g French Club 3,45 N. H, S. 43 Hi-Life Staff 45 Senior Play, JOE HACKMAN Visual Education 4g Science Club 4. CHARLES HALEY Drarnatics Club 45 Band 1,2,3,4g Visual Education 4g Science Club 4, PAT HALL Pep Club 25 J, C. L. 2,3,4g Librarian 45 N. H. S. STEVE HAMPTON Student Councll 4 F" Club 3 4 H1 Life Staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Track 2 3 4 , Term Pape YS Seniors LILBURN LEROY HARRIS Basketball 15 Homeroom President 1,2. NORMA HARRIS ROB ERT LE E HARRIS F, F, A, 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,25 "F" Club 2,3,45 science Club 4. JEAN HARRISON F, T, A, l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Drarnatics Club 2. TAMARA HAWKINS F. H. A. 3,4: N. H. S. 4: Chorus 1. KATHY HIGGINS lf. H. A, 45 Chorus 1. usic, Contests, and Plays, FORREST HILLGARTNER Student Body Vice President 45 N, H. S, 3, 45 F. F, A, 1,2,3,4. DORIS HOCKMEYER Chorus 1. CURTIS HOLLAND Track 3,45 Chorus 1,4. DOROTHY HOLT Student Council 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 N. H. S. 45 Hi-Life Staff45J.C, L, 2,3,4. MARY ALICE HOLT chorus 1,2,3gF,H,A,2,3,45 PepClub1,25 F. T, A, 1. DENNIS HOLMES Football 1,25 Student Council 15"F"C1ub 2,3,4. ,Q we ' Miken, 'ID as fs Seniors JAN HOPKINS 11 .3 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Student Council 15 J, C, L. 2,3,45 Dramatics 2. KAY HOWARD International Club 1,2,35 Dramatics 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,35 Chorus 1,4, PATSY LOU HUDGENS chorus 15 F, H. A. 2,3,4, JOHN HUESGEN Science Club 4, 'fn' LYNNETTE HUM PHREYS All-'X Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Playg N, H, S, 3, T' ' 45 Debate 1,2,35 Vespa Editor. JIM HUMPHREYS N, H. S, 3,45 Student Council1,25J,C, L. 3,45 Junior Play5 Band 1,2,3,4. Those Athletic Events, and GEORGE JOHNSTON Vespa Staff 45 Science Club 45 Band 1,2, 3,4. JUDY JOHNSTON Junior P1ay5 Band2,3,45 F, N, A, 1,25 Pep Club 35 Chorus 1,4. CAROL JONES Chorus 1,2,35 F, H. A. 2,3. SHARON KAY JONES Pep Club 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 F. N. A. 1,25 Senior Play. JIM KADOW JILL ROSELLE KENNET Chorus 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,25 FrenchC1ub 2,35 Band 4. Seniors LINUS KROLL F, F, A. l,2,3,4g Football 2,3,4. CAROLYN KRUEGER Art Club 2,4. EARL LOGAN Art Club 3,43 Basketball 29 "F" Club, Football 45 Track 1, ROBERT LOGAN Football 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2. C LARENC E MCC ALL F, F. A, lg Science Club 4: Visual Ed, 1,2 ,3,4, PAUL MCCORMACK ,. 'raw A. 3, - . Smells on Chemistry Days. GENE MCCUBBIN LINDA Mc DONALD Chorus 13 Librarian 4, F. H, A, 3,4. MARY LOU MCVEIGH Hi-Life Staff 45 N. H, S, N41 Chorus 1,43 Arn Club 3,4. JERRY MADDOX Art Club 45 Science Club4g French Club 25 Visual Ed. 1,2,3,4g Senior Play. FRANK MASON - Football 2,3,4g Co-Captain 49 Track 2,3 Basketball 3. BETTY METZ F. T.A, 1,2,3,4g F. H, A,2,3,4:J. C. L, 3 45 Chorus 1,2. W ,,,C ga in ax of 'R Seniors MARTHA MIKA N. H, S, 3,43 Class Officer 13Chorus 1,2, 3,43 Pep Club l,2,3,43 F, H, A, 3. KATHLEEN MURPHY Hi-Life Staff 43 Chorus 13 Pep Club 1,2, MARY ANN MURRAY Pep Club 1,2,3,43 N, H, S, 3,43 F, T. A. 1,2,4g J. C, L, 2,3,43 Student Council 1, MARGARET MUSICK Band 1,21 Majorette 2,3,43 F, T. A, 1,23 F, N. A. 2,32 Chorus 1.2. MILLY K-XY NEUKOMM Cheerleader 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4: F. T. A, 1,23 Junior Play. JO ANN NICHOLS F. N, A, 1,2,3,43 PepC1ub1,2,3,43J,C, L, 2,3,4g Junior Play, N, H, s, 3,4, And to here Did the ear G00 , ?'3:"::i 1-'TY'-wa 1-?5' i'i Saw 'l'r'l' W3 RAYNALD NIEDERGERKE Football 1,2,33 Golf 1,2,3,4: StudentCoun- cil 3,43 Student Body President 43 Class Officer 2,3. KAY O'DONLEY Chorus 1,2Q Pep Club 2,3,4: F. T. A.2,3: Student Council 4. ' DELORES JEAN PETERSON Chorus 1. BOBBIE JEAN REID N. H, S, 43 Pep Club l,2,3,4:J.C. L. 2,3, 43 F, N, A, 2,3,4, LARRY RENNER F, F, A, 1,2,3,43 N, H, S, 3,4. GLENN RIPPETO Agriculture 1, Se n i 0 rs LEE ROBERTSON Football 1,2,3,4g Co-Captain 3g "F"C1ub 2,3,4g Track 1,2,3g J. C. L. 2,3,4. DORIS SALING F, T. A. 1,43 Pep Club 1,35 N. H.S. 49 Cho- rus 1,3,4g Hi-Life Editor 4. an GENE SALMONS F, F, A, 1,2,3,4. A 1 KENNETH SALMONS Track 3. RIC HARD SALMONS si? 3. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g"F"C1ub 2,3,4, JOE SC HNE LLER Basketball 1,2,3g Track 2,3,4g Palette Ka Brush 43 Debate 43 Science Club 4, To the Shelves of Used Time EMIL SCHULTE F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. JIM SCOTT F. F, A, 1,2,3. MARILYN SMITH Chorus lg Pep Club 1,2, ALBERTA SPAIN Chorus 1,2,3g F, H. A, 2,35 PepC1ub1,2, 39 Senior Play. RONALD SPYERS F. F. A, 2,3,4q Football 1. KENNETH STEPHENS Band 1 2 3 4- Science Club 4' J C L 2 ul N fs, Ae, 'Q 4f"5- is Hi 1 Imac. is alw- ,vw Seniors JERRY TERRELL Football 1,2,3,4g Co-Captain 45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Student Council 3. MARGARET ANN THOMAS Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,41 F. N, A, lg French Club 33 A Cappella Choir 4, BARBARA ANN THOMASSON F. T. A. 1,45 F. N, A. 1: Pep Club 1,23 Vespa Staffg N, H, S. 4. CAROLE TRIMBLE Chorus lg F, H, A. 2. NORMA SUE WALKER Chorus 1, F. H. A, 4, CAROL LOU WALLACE Pep Club 2,3,4z Chorus 1: F. H, A. 3,4. ut We ee It in Mem'ries, Uur Fine Class, Fift -nine T 'lin--.. Pie? A 6' HOWARD WATTS Football 1,25 Track 1,21 Science Club 4: J. C. L, 2,3,4. JOYCE WEST Band l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g F. H. A. 1.2: Vespa Staff 4: N. H. S. 4. LOLA WICKELL Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Play: J.C. L.2. 3,49 Chorus 1,3,4. JUDY WILLIAMS Pep Club 1,2,3,4: N. H, S. 4: Student Council l,2,3g Vespa Staff 4: F.N. A. 1,2. 3,4. JUDY WOLKEN Librarian 45 Chorus 1. Juniors Carolyn Adams James Atterberry Jerry Austin Ann Baker George Ball Larry Baumgartner Sam Baysinger Patricia Bellemany Barbara Black Helga Blackburn Barry Bloom Donna Bock Rosann Brandt Beverly Burton Dora Bruns Nellie Burry Marjorie Burton Cecil Cason Wayne Chambers Wayne Chiles David Cleland James Cleavenger Terry Craghead Marjorie Cuno Carol Duncan Doris Durk Kenneth Evans Montie Fennell James Fisher Tom Fleming Ronald Fritz Barbara Galbreath B J .fswzfvfi we . f X5 1 1' 1. , JJV L .X 'T 1 . M .3 c.. , di fx , 'C f, -I. ,,,q4,3:l:e , an -'- izw Hz'-: 233.- .Q is 'iff z..., 7 ,MH ' 1 S H, JF? s' x 'h I dwg Q x,Y gf bfi! " xx s.,i v '70 ID- Y L, J e 0' ,544 X f 5' :Ji , ' ,L.y, at V ' . A1 H.. N J J to r- ' ,gs ' me - J :Simi ' -: - , ,. 1 -f 1 "W '11 . ':, 1 .-of gl' I .. .. I . .K V '71 X I g Q, W cs Q ,..- ,fh .. xl 'F ,X is Freddie Joe Galbreath Mike Garnet Karen Gilbert Wanda Giboney Ann Gish Gary Glascock Donald Glover James Gowin Lorraine Guerrant Eugene Hamilton Dennis Haymart Ralph Herring Peggy Hillebrand David Hilt Shirley Hockemeyer Sharon Hoffman Charles Holmes Francis Hook John Horstdaniel Thomas Howard Jo Ellen Jatho Jane Jennings Betsy Keel Eugene Kemp Judy Kennett Velma Kemp Tony Klick William Klobuchar Robyn Koupal Denny Kurtz Everett Lamers Joy Langley uniors Elaine LaRue Herman Lechner John Long Sharon Loutzenhiser David Loyd Nadine McClellan Leroy McCubbin Tom McFarland Carrol McVeigh Waym an Martin Diane Meinhardt Benny Miller Gladys Miller Mary Miller Patty Miller Gary Mirts Lois Mirts Ernest Morts Mary Murphy Charles Nichols Cornell Pasley, Jr. Donald Payne Carol Phillippee Norman Philips Ruth Phillips Thomas Potts Lance Randolph Kay Rentscheler Pathia Richmond Trenton Robinson Lynda Roland George Rootes i' 'In . U N C -1' i 1' '. , Q! H 2 il J vs S N, , - -m ' ,M f B I 'J 'N dx, , t ' - ,.,s li " , x X ' is - fs W Pz'.w 51:2 ,'l .V ,::' 1rzf:l.::::'E,Qf7L ' ' R355 D ru fs. 5::5g5sih!ilii!af..16? 25- x Tl a ' ' K ' if - H' ' ,P 4 ' a gs' l s r . an A sf- 4, W' ps T ' :iii V ws? i W W4 -M 3 M P ' X' E YW -,. 1 f' 5 .EJ .. . 1.. Qi: uv It Q T Q' 15,2 I , ,Q go N . an V . we Q., s' , ',: 4 h r A at fflar oy o .V ' : if . yiryr J,f'f,'1:1 ' fg ii 3 Y' S f 1153 ' Mu 5235 2 it T S rs: 1. -A es: W' "' v I fl 3' avi K 45 QQ g'?Vl 5 . ix T x 1, f '9 ' jf in if 5' if W s r difjvx ' ' V 'M : A ' - xxx- L L4 . fr 4, , Aim? 'J L gl , if f , -' eff? X S irly f L ' K , -,'. it fy, , ,w i L, 41 , f' as A ' xi ff,-V if Q 4 lx? 5 ,.. gint! f. , X O X 2 .Lit " gk 'fm , TA n K 'fhx 7 L I J ul ' 'Q' Henry Schmidt Judith Schroer Susan Schulte Lee Scott Sandra Selby Robert Simmons Roger Smallwood Linda Smith Richard Smith Beth Snyder Jerry Spencer Henry Stephens Lloyd Stiers Carol Sullivan Chester Surface Edward Taylor Gary Taylor Helen Toomes Dan Tucker Robert Wade Harold Walker John Wallace Barbara Ware Wanda Warfield Larry Werder Darrell Williams Betty Windsor Kay Windsor Harold Wright Juniors Sophomores Billy Acison Carolyn Adams Larry Atkinson Terry Atkinson Linda Atterberry Everett Austin Linda Autenreith Richard Ball Gayle Baysinger Don Beckley Starrett Bell Neil Bezler zz' iii? 1 A Richard Bohning A V 4 W Garrell Boone Q, Q John Bosch 1 - I Janice Boyce A J H ' jg:-' Joan Brauner I f' L' ' Clifford Brooks W , A Y " I i - - N12 in z-'fel 'P s y a 1 X. gg-'X ,pf-2 !'1.I:.T1l"--Jif -' at-' Sharon Brooks Donna Browning David Bura Dorothy Bush Harold Butler Robert Cantrell C arolyn C arter Nelson Cassidy 9 J' David Clay GX wr Danny Cleland W7 Robert Cleavenger x Richard Cloud l ' V x X ...., .. 5 at Gary Cole . - Sally Collins Gordon Crew Nancy Custard Carlene Davis Danny Davis 5 4 Tom Dean Kenneth Diehl Carolyn Dillon Darlene Douglass Gary Douglass Robert Duenow M .K ' is -sg 3 , i ' s. g i! 11 7 ,. 1 s x v gglfllmmvar llffflfllllfg T W fflldvmllfffzzrfrzlg-m:ppgug4y,,WM' Nl Wllllllfilllllffllilflllllmwzuwnmfm Mi Ilmakfi- . 1 ks's5aQf:11riimQy, iw ', . . .. . hqsaf. I A 1 ,. , .', , ,A 5 W 5 l A 'Q J my Q 1 f X- F 3 sig!!-3,-fsfii , q R Rd Sv 'Epi ,gg N13 Q ov- ' N 1 Sophomore-5 Susan Kennett James Kidd Melvin Kistner Carolyn Kroll James Laswell Gary Lawrence Randol Logan Rosetta Loucks George Loyd Philip Meme John MCC ray Charles McClatchey Larry McCubbin Arnold McLerran Judith Maddox Patricia M addox Larry Marshall Marlyn Martin Mattie Martin Ralph Martin Bud Maune Carl Mertens Charles Mertens John Mertens Richard Millard Dennis Miller Katie Miller Ellen Morris Bette Morts Velma Muencks Diana Parsley Larry Perkinson Mitchell Polmateer Glenda Porterfield Penny Prada Tania Pulliam Curtis Quick Earl Ray Sue Reed David Renner Booker Richmond Arthur Richmond .R-. 6- ta, f' i K1 '-2? .Ui s- .EE"SE7:5Y35 t--7--:TIT 6- ba 'i lzfsg. gl?" H, Y ful cg... fx ? ' 4' L ex kj, xy f L. f Qtr! A 'vs K j-fi ,Z p- l 41 war I K YJ? N J 4 u 'Ol T ..-Lf. Q , A A '.:.',4:.? - ' "T . ...L 6,1 . , I .,4e5w.g5d2 i- 'N f -mfr' r 293.53 P J X K - I . mv- 5 4' Q ' . 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I Sophomores Winifred Rumbaugh Gary Schoening David Scott Barbara Seaman Mary Sue Shay Larry Shirley Terry Sims John Smart Ray Smart Gary Smith Margaret Smith Gary Stephens Nancy Stephens Nancy Stewart Roy Stiers Marjorie Stockhorst Marie Tackett Gary Tate Beverly Taylor Glenn Taylor Mary Ann Taylor Beverly Thompson Larry Todd Banks Wagener Betty Lou Wallace Udell Warren James W Denny Mary Lee Wetherell s e pn Ann William Zanda Ruck Billy Hugh N Q., Williamson Susan Wilson 'N William Hollis Winingear Susan Woerth 'ws Dean Rose Lois Wolfme Sherry Wolki Ernest Wood Richard , Woodward ii -' Ronald Charles W va Lynne Yancey Freshmen Adams Adams Adams Adams Allen Althiser Atkinson Atkinson Austin Baisden Bass B aumgartner Baumgartner Baur Bolton Bonaparte Bowen Bradford Br adfo rd B ranch Brandenburg Bratton Breid . Bridges Browning Brumett Byrd Carter Cason Chenoweth . Cooper Craig Craghe ad . Cremer Crump . Danuser Davis Dudley Duenow Duenow Dunavant Dungan Durst Forsee Fritz Galbre atb Galbreath Galbreath Lx' , i ,x . N. X ,VV as A f- Q K ,U ' '.e.1 P 1x 4 ' 1 H .ag 'F fs. ? vi 1 Y RCW 'v -11. aj" ii--1 sg - in Rx F aa? Nik Q ,I I ., Y 5 . ' 5 9 '4"+'e r W -sw Ga 4, . ',..'4'.'nv 'ks 'W 9' I! 'fd 5. 'uf' 1- G. , 5 5 54 1 Y I 1 A A '33 B 4 A w i f? NN "fl a , Wi 'Q' 'J ff is A 2 2".V' 1,s5i3f ' ly ' 1 xv '-L., . '44 'ii ' ii-651 A 'Q ,ff V Q A 4 Y' 1 -' .. S , "J , 4 4 wr 4 s - ' , s , if N 1 Freshmen Galbreath Gallatin Gamet George Gibbs Giesler Gifford Gilmore Glover Grace Griggs Grojean Guinnip Hackman Hall Hall Hardin Hartzell Havrum Holland Huffman Hughes Johnson Jones Jones Kennett Kennett Klick Kuehner Landers Largent Lee Lepley Link Loutzenhiser Luedmann McAtee McBee McBride McClure McCown McCray McDonald McDonald McVeigh Marsh wg' I Q L- tm' I if-1 ' tw Q f ,L 4' Hu 3' , V I Q22 ,Q h Q ,Fifi - Q sf. . ,Q if li' ' '55 in al ' 5235 ! 5 EE3fiL" Cs' .11 , S Ui me N' W McVeigh low. Marshall ,aa-5 ,Q in im ' 'af J' 7: X 3. 4, - ,4 Rb. pn, I 5' 9 he ff. r X Q Q 5' x -.W 'fu s W5 B 3, if fi ? ' , 3 ., . r 'il-'M 912. .: IH up 11 ,. in I mm ' ,5 L Ay,-f x ,X ,, Freshmen L. D. M B. L. T. B. P. M S. W. J. P S. P G S. L K. B. F. M B. B. A. W B. A. M J. C. C. W. C J. E S. R L A M C J. D G K M. D Mason Mealy Metz Meyers Miller Millard Mirts Moore Mosley Munford Musgrove Neal Niblack Nichols Patrick Payne Payne Perkins Peterson Poff Prince Prince Proctor Renner Roberts Robinson Rogers Rootes Safire Salmons Schaffer Pitt Schmid Schroer Schulte Scott Sebastian Shaon Shafer Spain Spencer Spiers Stewart Stiers Taylor Taylor Taylor Thompson -Q. flu A S 4 ' A Q - A Q Q ' 'se K . . .S 4 Wav ? lu. ' L ' X ...ff - W K wg, 3,-' 3 1 ' , we 'fs A' I , i 6 Y Il ,f fs, :E of .3 A I . .. L 'iz le 2 5' Q sw -1 7,-, ...- ' 4135, XFX ,, 4 L. 'CJ' ' 4' A tyt, . "r- "- A i A' 5 S. f . ' L4 F V. vy- v - V 1 is i f ' ' L A , if xv is i. X 1-X . fuk Q 45 v 3 fi. G i - , ' 1 Q A 7 xx . ' y . Z ' x. . i t as M My-iii 'I ' H' '- -Q 1 .' .. :- c :sly '. P SM it M ' .N C A 4- 9 L- s. , . YF' ,f yn ,S 5 1 A, q f , 'P I' n. ' X- , H' 1 7' , . , ,, . gil , A 4 ' , ' 6 - 'Q -.Mi Qt, K iv 7 l 'f' Freshmen R. Ward S. Ware D. Wickell L. Wilhite R. Williams R. Williams M. Wilmsmeyer G. Winters M. Wise G. Witte P. Woods J. Wright . Wells . Welsch . York . Zbinden . 7ehner 50. -- , 5, ! 5' ii 'Y X'9Q. P u- l A if .5 0 J' my V 'LN . 1 .:- K iq, - . l ... L ' J ' "': -. Q' -' 'Mx .4 Q' .. is Hia, If 'W I A VL , in ei e w "x , 'star J . 7 "TSX . - x L S so ., Student turn to politics. ...Tm i W ,..- . .5 S S . .4 553, .n .... f Y W 5 Ie. r .,: .. 7 Q slim . i as rg.: . 1 X " Student photographers - Judy Williams and George J ohnston. Students attend session at Career Day MRS. COOKE, Sponsor BA ROW I: J. Robinson, R. Collister, D. Schmidt, G. Ashurst, D. Starkey, S. Helwig, L. Ebersole. ROW II: J. Jeffery, S, Koziar, K. Gregor, D. Benedict, P. Gibson, B. Friesz, J. Millard, ROW III: J. Burt, C. Grogan, S. Birks, J. Prada, G, Rucker,B. Smith, A, Keckeley, Mrs. Cooke. ROW IV: D. Friesz, K. Mahnken, R. Patterson, N. Powers, R. Murphy, N, Murphy, B. C1oud,J. Bagby. I 4 Eighth Grade MRS. BABER, Sponsor BC ROW I: Sue Ball, G. Harris, S. Eldridge, L, Herring, D. Ridgel, C. Salmons, C Harrison. ROW II: E, Warden, B. Spyers G . Leeper, T. Sneathen, P. Musgrove, E. Coffelt, D, Paul. ROWI.II:D. Prosser F, Robinson, L. Workman, Mrs. Baber R. Hook, J. Bailey, J. Brigleb. a 1 4 1 1- MRS. WALKER, Sponsor 8B ROW I: S. Thomas, L. Hughes, S, Gilman, C. Neal, J. Stevens, R. Workman, K. Roberts. ROW II: J. Wheeler, R. Douglass, M. Porterfield, J. Dillon, M. Rentscheler, L, Dean, J. Wallace. ROW II: J. Baur, D. Jackson, C. Galwith, P. Haley, L, Phillips, G. Branch, Mrs. Walker. ROW IV: S. Hazelrigg, B. Chirnside, J. Davis, M. Trotter, L, Hagans, D. Shaw, R. Anderson. 4 ki: 1 I 1 I :Ain Y' .4 an ' v W' MRS. HELEN BABBIT Sponsor 7 B ROW I: B, Hoover, R, Baker, B, Ball, M, Crump, P, Hansen, L, Potts, D, Langley, J. Bagby. ROW II: J. Madsen, M. Gannaway, S. Baumgartner, J. John- ston, K. West, B. Newsom, S. Potts. J. Suttmoller ROW III: R. Williamson, A. Hogan, H. Hinkley, S Sax, B. Laswell, J Williams, K. Nichols, L Workman. ROW IV: A Sheets, G. Wilkerson, M Bower, L. Wolfmeier, V Walker, C. Rippetto, C Baysinger, D. Stiers, N Gordon, Mrs. Babbitt. Seventh Grade lr lit-sq 0 L? L' Qx. K. X If MRS. JAY DANIEL, Sponsor 7A ROW I: V., Diehl, D. Burre T. Berry, N. Cave, L Friesz, H. Bond, D. Pul- liam, D. Wilkins. ROW II G. Lawrence, J. Kelly, L Kennett, D. Jameson, A Harris, J. Maerz, M Cleland, N. Gibson. ROW III: M, Hamilton, R, Harris M. Robnett, C. Stout, P Williams, L. Seaman, J Dye, P. Glenn. ROW IV L. Maddox, V. Lorenz, N Hill, D. McClanahan, Mr Daniel, W. York, R. David- son, S. Thorp. Oo one? sq.. I Whig MRS. AMA GALLOWAY Sponsor 7C ROW I: D. Gilbert, J. Hoover, R. Garrett, H. Leeper, B, Brooks, J. Lepley. ROW II: L. Estes, C. Newland, B. Rich, E. Bernard, J. Gilmore, D. Brewer. ROW III: L, Phillips, R. Dugan, B. Hall, L. Day, J. Holmes, L. Jennings, L. Hudson. ROW IV: C. Gilman, J. Holmes, L. Galwith, Mrs. Galloway, E, Lorenz, D. Wyatt, D. Holmes. Jr' -1 L Eta V E WILD FLHNT5 T H E E 5 :irc Q Ft' I' r 1 r 1 Y 'I c, ww S 5 fs s ' lf' ' ff, - i P' S yv X' 5' mf-- J i r 1 7 Q 1 E B A K " K 4 ' esss M - 1 'Mix , 1 A . 1 ' W n 6 ' 'Ai 1 , 1-k A , at 4 f if FW' X '79 1' L PN t fm. ?f,. Y L Vaggf ,, 'fff4'f. 'Ewa' 'cis uf -pn L9 ii' .Q x A if ' 5 'ii Q Q 4 is E Q an 1. mt, g' ffh 'F' ',g sk ' Q- L- 7 K x 4 . V l 4 519' Science Fair Grand Prize Winner Nadine McClellan, shown above with her leaf exhibit, won the grand prize at the first annual Science Fair. Sponsored by the Science Club, the fair, was held April 10th and 11th in the High School Auditorium. Many Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School students entered interesting and varied exhibits. 37 il -5-avg.. ROW I: L. Randolph, J. Atkinson, F. Hillgartner, R. R. McDonald, R. Logan, B. Zehner, L. Hackman, li. Niedergerke. ROW II: L. Atterberry, L. Mirts, B. O'Donley, Miss Dunavant, Sponsor. ROW IV: R.L.Elsea, Seaman, C. Bratton, V. Freund, E. Duncan, L. Crump, Principal, D. Holt, T, Atkinson, R. Herring, S. Hampton, D. Durk. ROW III: K. Windsor, N. Stewart, M. Grant, G. Taylor, L. Beaver, and J. Fisher. Our Student Council is a representative body of students working with their sponsors to form an official contact between students and faculty. Its main objective is to promote the general welfare of the entire school. ROW I: M. Gordon, S. Hoffman, D. Durk, A. Rootes, J. Backer, D. Burns, R, Brandt,S. Munford,S.Carter,ROW III: B. Windsor N. Durst, T. Pulliam, A, Gish, B. Thomasson. ROW II: J, M. Green, J. Books, K. Gilbert, B. Thompson,M. Metz, A, Link Baur, D. Saling, M, Murray, L. Chirnside, E, Duncan, C. Griggs, K. Rentscheler, A, Dunavant. as Sponsored by -- DANUSER MACHINE SHOP uwwuslauamie use uma-Wm wa-9. af W!" i 1' ,. 5 il' P-vr"'V 'Yen' ., :mf .. , ,,,, 1 "xl 2 W7 srl' wi, ' ROW I: Karen Gilbert, Robyn Koupal, Betsy Keel, L. Guerrant. ROW II: John Bosch, Kathy Haley Ann Williams, Pat Bellamy, Ann Gish, Mrs. Turner, Sponsor. ROW HI: D. Browning, Garrell Boone Denny Kurtz, Mary Green, J. Baur. ROW IV: John Henage, Doris Durk, Mary Shay, Ralph Herring, H. Williamson Dick Bohning. Q '7 ' Q " E oy' Randolph, ROW III: J. Neal, J. Humphreys, H. Watts, J. Maddox, J. Huesgen, G. Lawrence, J. Wallace, D. Davis, G. Taylor, R, Millard, Tom Potts. ROW IV: J. Brown, S. Berry, G. Johnston, J. Hackman, K, Stephens. ROW I: P. Prada, D. Browning, B. Taylor, M. Mika, H. Gifford, S. Wilson, L. Baumgartner, L. Humphreys,J.West. ROW II: L, Baumgartner, R. Logan, A. Dunavant, B, Thompson, S. Findley, S, Collins, R. Brandt, C. Haley, L. Sponsored by -- LA CROSSE LUMBER COMPANY R G7 K ROW I: Linda Ehrsam, John Bosch, DanCleland,Nancy Glenn, Banks Wagener. ROW II: John Long, Sponsorg Hugh Williamson, Lance Randolph, Karen Kennett, Sally Collins, Joe Schnellers. The purpose ofthe Forensic League is to stress speech activities. Debate, declamation, extemporaneous speaking, and poetical interpretation have been engaged inby club members as they participated in tournies and contests throughout the state. 2 4- .r I .RE HQMEM . """". "" WW fav WPS -4' .1 se' r 3 fi N .. ,gsafinr-L , is 1' .. .ha 59 4. C, Q-cm-l OO was ,N -.M Q ---:...,...,g.v e"1 'F Q? , . ag 1 bs 'P as .X - . . H fb!! 'lo x 64: ROW I: B. Metz, L. McDonald, S, Loutzenhiser, K. Rentscheler, B, Ware, T. Hawkins Shaon. ROW II: D Luedmann, J, Herring, P. Miller, S. Bolton, B, Morts, M, McKinney, L. Galbreath, R. Branch. ROW III: A Holt, H. Glover, M. Cooper, P. Hudgens, M. Cuno, J. Backer. J. Gibbs, C. Adams, G. Miller, K. Miller, J Chenoweth. ROW IV: P, Niblack, J. Schulte, L, Guerrant, C. Carter, J, Maddox, S, Dolman, K. Higgins, M Miller, C, Freisz, M. Tackett, S. Sebastian. ROW V: D. Bush, F. McKinney, A, Zbinden, P. Patrick, J Books. S. Bock. N. Walker, B. Grojean, S. Payne, N. Stephens, E. LaRue. ao Sponsored by -- A Sz W ' ,W ...Y T1 ' -W-WM W- -We-W--W D ,Q Q R ,sf a .Q -- . my cis J -X Q " fn , Q 119: '1 V , X " l . L wr 1' . f fs J.. - i sa V 5 at U., L' K l K K ., fy , 1 VV 's Q. 1- ' 'B is Q' , , , -. .K I s 'J ' - TE' 3, T his l , li fi! Xa.. 5 . ' Q. 5 M I P7 T 1 zrlir as I1 N a f F H Q z ' 1 s 'N ' 'I y rl ' t I"g Q ROW I: L. Randolph, R. Fike,Consulsg R, Smith M. Mur h , P Y, scribes. ROW II: Mrs. Books, sponsor, N. Custard, L. Atterberry, S. Schulte, D. Meinhardt,J. Jennings, N. Stewart E. Morris, M. Musick, J. Hopkins, K. Howard, T. Pulliam ROW III: C. Duncan, J. Jatho, J. Schroer, H. Toomes, S Hoffman, S. Brooks, B. Harrison, B. Taylor, C. Carter, J Johnston, S. Kennett, K. Windsor, B.Windsor,N.McClellan S. Reed. ROW IV: J. Williams, B. Seaman, R. Logan, C Mertens, D. Kurtz, N. Stewart, R. Loucks, N. Glerm,J 'i.,1 I , v . 'Q . 'NI' '- .Q V 'NN Q we 1, 5 - Y '13 X' 7:2 1 . 5 'N -sg' .v g . ' 4 ' T 45.4. ,. ' K 1 . .. iv, ir, lit. f , ' A . 4 . ry Nichols, B. Metz, C. Merens, B. Reid,J. Atkinson, D. Durk W. Rumbaugh. ROW V: R. Herring, G.Rootes,T. Oestreich R. Niedergerke, M. Davis, L. Chirnside, M. Murray, C Wyatt, B. Wagener, E. Ehrsam, P. Hall, Mr. Green, E Hamilton. ROW VI: H. Wright, J. Humphreys, R. Ball, D Glover, S. Hampton, W. Berry, L. Scott, W. Wilson, T Fleming, A. Cuthbertson, C. Brewer, L. Wickell, K. Dahl D. Holt. ,' 44' ' 'K SEATED: Joe Schneller, Donna Browning, Tania Pulliam, STANDING: BettyGiesler,SusanCummings,Gary Lawrence, Sharon Hoffman, Sue Wilson, Jerry Maddox, Sandy Selby, Bonnie Crump, Carolyn Kruger. Sherry Wolking, Carol Brown, Mrs. Berry, Sponsor. Sponsored by -- NEUKOMM'S INS. AGENCY AND GAMBLES 41 F N U U T R A U S R E E S i4"'y'W,af 1 was rw 'UC ROW I: Jo Nichols, Judy Williams, Martha Davis, Officers. ROW II: Alda Atteberry, Ruth Phillips, Pat Johnson, Nadine McClellan, Bobbie Reid, Virginia Freund, Lynette Humphreys, Darlene Douglas, Mrs. Jean Long, Sponsor, ROW III: Sharon Loutzenhiser, Beverly Thompson, Jo Hill, Wanda Adams, Elizabeth Keel, Carol Schroer, J. Schroer, B. Haymart, Judy Maddox. Future Nurses attracts to its membership girls who are considering nursing as a career. Throughout the year each girl does aconsiderable number of voluntary work as nurses' aides at theCallaway Memorial Hospital and the State Hospital. In this way they find information about nursing at first hand. I R N E ... T L E A R T ...fs nr-vv 2 ,Q U. A 0 e2 -is I T N " 9' I S if 0 . N A L ROW I: Susan Kennett, Bev Taylor, Sue Wilson, Carolyn Collins, Donna Browning, Penny Prada, Diana Parsley, Carter, Kathy Haley, Susan Woerth, MarthaGordon.ROW H: Marilyn Martin. ROW IV: Richard Millard, Chuck Wyatt, Ann Smith, Nancy Stephens, Shirley Carter,Janice Boyer, Phil McAte, Gary Lawrence, Dan Pendergrass, Danny Nancy Gordon, Beverly Harrison, Ruth Ann Fike. ROW III: Davis, Joe Briggs, Sponsor. Elizabeth Flippln, Nancv Stewart. Sherry Wolken, Sallv Members of the International Relations Club are concerned about becoming more familiar with people, their customs, and conditions in other lands. Their objective is to strive for better understanding of world conditions and relations. Sponsored -- GREYHOUND POST HOUSE 42 Kingdom City, Mo. , 1 ROW I: D. Gilmore, J. Bell, L. Rermer, -R. Harris, F Hillgartner, L. Kroll. ROW I: G. Baisden, R. Craig, D. Werder, M. Duenow, L. Shaffer, D. Duenow, R. Loutzenhiser, M. Grant, D. Renner, G. Smith, L. Miller, G. Althiser, Mr. Craighead, sponsor. ROW III: K. Adams J. Harzell, H. Haden, W. Atkinson, G. Witte, L. Ruehner, D. Loyd, L. McCown, P. Brumett, M. Polmateer, C Austin. ROW IV: E. Schulte, N. Bezler, G. Cole,J. , - Gowin, D. Rose, J. McVeigh, C. Foster, L. Perkins, J. Gilmore, H. Stephens, E. Lamers, T. Atkinson. ROW V: T. Klick, E. Austin, D. Miller, J. Guinnup, E. Scott, G. Salmon, M. Hall, D. Hudson, B. Hudson, H. Gentry, J. Austin, G, Jefferson. ROW VI: G. Crew, C. McClatchy, J. Wallace, L. Atkinson, G. Stephens, L. Perkinson, H. Schmidt, R. Shaon, R. Cantrell, G. Bezler, J. Scott, T. Craghead, B. Gentzsch, L. McCubbin, L. Hunt. Under the supervised farming program, F, F, A, members learn many farming skills and the correct methods of applying them that will prove invaluable in later life. Their purposes are best summed up by their motto -- "Learning to Do, Doing to Earn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve !" S L T I U B D R E A N R T , T I L' 5222-A A N C. Krueger, M. Martin, M. Taylor, C. Wallace, D. Saling, L. McCormack, J. Bosch, P. Hall, J. Maddox, J. Wolken, E. LaRue, W. Adams, M. Cuno, SEATED Miss Richardson, Librarian. The student librarians assist students in finding, reading books and reference material. They perform the many duties that keep our school library running smoothly. Sponsored by -- CECIL'S 43 . L ' -I, L V- K Q .V "" ' I 5' - Q 4- vt . ' . lf V Q . -ff' T A 4 L L , 4 H, , , 1,1 L , ,L K A ' MQ ,L 3 , A ph W- f A , ' ' 1 .. F H K . . L Q.. X , K , 4 E .. .. ,, . 1 H . , , f- A - 5 ' , f ,Q . ' 'f . A ' -f - -' , , . 4 A ' " ' r ' E t V 5, A but A A ,VM pi - -Q " 3 .I r A J ' A 1 f Y x W I 1 , , , W, L I 1 X x , , xx X 3 5 rf -vm A Cappella Cholr FRONT ROW M Mika D Sallng P Miller D Brownlng R Flke H Toomes J Breid L Atkinson L Wlckell P Bellamy L M Wlse R Brandt J West C McAtee N Stewart C Clark Z Guerrant N Gordon M Metz L Wilhite G Lawrence K Benedict J Freund P Prada J Backer C Bratton M Gordon Stephens C Wyatt B Bloom R Herring G Rootes K D1ehl B Morts T Pullxam SECOND ROW M Safxre L Baumgartner M Edwards A McLerran Mr Dennis Dlrector ,H 'Yr ,ao- +4 -A MIXed Chorus FRONT ROW K Howard D Salmg P Holland D Mealy M Wxse Galbreath M Cooper M Prince M Tackitt C Glfford B L Wllhite M Metz C McAtee C Clark A Zbinden N Holland Haymart P Patrick S Payne G Taylor W Rob1nson L Marshall N Harris P Johnson B Morts SECOND ROW V Kemp B A Spam M Edwards M Welsh A McLerran ,.,Tll"3'.g if Girls Chorus FRONT ROW J Langley M Mxka R Flke H Toomes J Schulte ROW B Green M Saflre J Chenoweth P Bellamy D Melnhardt J Backer S Wllson S Bolton SECOND ROW T Becker R A Cuthbertson M Neukomm L Atk1nson B Harrlson J Jenmngs Brandt J West N Stephens L Wolfmeler P N1black C Adams M Shay L Rolland B Galbreath F Prmce FOURTH ROW C M Cuno L Guerrant L Ehrsam P R1chmond V Freund THIRD Jones M Spencer D Bock L Wlckell Z Bened1ct J W1ll1ams Sponsored by OVERSTREET AND WILSON Q I L K LV , 7 V... My X, , , .. Q M. A l X -my . H ---W , : . , . ' , . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . 1 - y 2 w - y - 1 - v , . , . y - v - n - . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . ' ' Q We--N Mr" -2 , ,f Q, L ' Y . 3 K. L af L gy Q' - - Q ,T . x , Q- ' L m L 5 . 5 , I ' ' x . - ' ' ' - 1 1' " .1 f . - L -L, 1 Q7-LQ! A' f f - L A ' - X f LL L L r 1' we if., -V , . - A - .a s 4, L. 1 J I X. X lf - ' - V 3 1 lf 3 - W 1 ., L 5 Ll V df AJ: ., ? xl, th C l L , ,Si - V E H-. K K A 55 1 ' - .L ' F L ' I ' X , I K . 1- ' 'X L " " N ' l 1 ' cfs--vw, L 2 A ,fi , , ' 3 ' ! ' i ' 7 I ! A y 1 n y n , I , u S ' - , . , . . : , , . , , . , . , . . L L L- wg ,L-,L 1 , A Lg'jg,11 gm fifgljfifz , LL .W g,.f L V We ' ' :rg , Q ww' ' V ' " - f. v 4 5 f L P ,- ., L , 1 gag . L, N I I I S ,g W as X i L 1 M .Q ' ' .L M ' t JL H 'A , K N. 7 2 we . as v . - 4 - 'f " ,E ' J - , - n ' N 1 . 8' ' H L lil . J me . 'ff , 4 l A 3, 1 v A W , , . V V ,V .4 . , s ,W ' ' t ' ,r - 1 ,iff I L , . L -, N L f . ll, 1 H . , 5 5 'fx xi I 'l ' r I - , - ' , - , . , . , : . , . ' , . , . , . ' - , - , . . : . , . . , . , . , . ' , . ' - - - - f . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : - 1 - 1 - y - , - . , . , . . . I . . ' , . l l l' N fx Pep Club represented school spirit and faithfully supported the Hornets. FRONT TO BACK: C Cremer, G. George, B. Mirts,L. Roberts,M. Murphy, J. Williams, S. Schulte, R. Fike. B. Harrison J. Maddox, B. Rogers, B. Meyers, N. Holland, L. Atteberry, S. Brooks, H. Davis, S. Nichols, C Wallace, C. McAtee, J. Hopkins, S. Loutzenhiser, B. Keel, S. Hoffman, R. Koupal, D. Holt, D Meinhardt, J. Jennings, E. Snyder, C. Shroer, P. Holland, J. Atkinson, N. Durst, A. Rootes, L Crump, B. Duncan, M. Shay, B. Reid, C. Brewer, B. Black, A. Galbreath, B. Galbreath, S. Payne D. Parsley, A. Smith,S.Collins,S. Findley,N, Gordon, J. Hill, N. Stephens, A. Dunavant, L. Wilhite J, Breid, L. Baumgartner, R. Brandt, L. Humphreys, L. Ehrsam, M. Taylor, J. Nichols, M. Murray M. Davis, L. Wickell, A. Cuthbertson, C. Brown, G. Freund, A. Gish, B. Seaman. ? x SQN Hi if 5531 N 2 The pep and enthusiasm of these girls helped cheer the Hornets on to victory. FRONT ROW Milly Kay Neukomm, Linda Chirnside, Helen Toomes. SECOND ROW: Doris Durk, Karen Duck. THIRD ROW Linda Atkinson, Patty Miller. Sponsored by -- BAUMIESTER'S AND SAFIRE'S ...4.,.---A 9 L o 1 QQ va' On April 17, 1959, the Senior Class presented the play, "Love is Too Much Trouble," The three-act farce on college life was directed by Miss Carolyn Thomson. Members of the cast were Kenny Stephehens, Lynnette Humphreys, Jim CLUSEU at Ofillfflof Inf H l Baur, Mary Murray, Martha Davis,Carol Brown, BillBerry, Sharon Jones, Jerry Maddox, Mary Green, Alberta Spain, Larry Bonard, Kay Howard and Linda Ehrsam, Linda Chirnside was student director. v if 1 ,r' JPC NAS 'S , 1 w , R' N fl t if Y ' 'J ' 'R 2 K " . iw' .- ' vw . as sf' l if ew M95 "Stray Cats" was the comedy stagedby the Junior Class on November 21, 1958. The play under the direction of Miss Carolyn Thompson, depicted the trouble money causes. Members of the cast were Susie Schulte Pat Miller, Helen Toomes, Doris Durk, Ralph Herring, George Roots, Barry Bloom Lance Randolph and Dick Smith. Ann Gish was student director. 48 Sponsored by -- KESTER'S PAINT 9 . S C Va 23 Q fX'!-11931 . W x3"I?'f' x v,,Q 'N nik as ,E -evfPQ P36 3.513-411 X Danny Tucker Cornell Pasley Tom Fleming Q Clifford Brooks -x ,F ROW I: Ernie Davis, David Clay,Charles Black,Cornell Pasley, Ronnie Roberts. ROW II: Linus Kroll, Bill Dutton, Don Glover, Lee Robertson, Terry Sims, Carl Mertens. ROW III: Jim Fisher, Dave Cleland, Danny Tucker, Franklin Mason, Bud Maune, Jim Watson. ROW IV: John Horstdaniel, Bill Klobuchar, Robert Harris, Jerry Terrell, Glen Taylor, Freddy Galbreath, Coach Bender. F Q 0 T B A L I- Richard Salmons SCHEDULE Fulton 25 . ...... Mexico 6 Fulton 0 Helias Fulton 0 Hickman Fulton 13 Sedalia Fulton 31 . Rolla Franklin Mason Bill Klobuchar Jerry Terrell Curtis Quick Charles Black :Qi ,,,m4 Everett Austin "" 't'r' W E54!if'f""f:W?'f'4 f 'F ,Q T1 is 6 g 1 I Al t . 11, 4 .x xt. if I ."5l""fi' , ... + la J as 1 E l vw iff i X I7 z ' 2 H E ,X I ' 0' f X, ,R . . , X N. 2 S 5? .Sw ' ,NM -fr FRONT ROW: Dicky Ball, Student Managerg Mike Grant, Bud Maune, George Roots. THIRD ROW: Udel Warren, John Horstdaniel Earl David Scott, Gary Stephens,Student Manager. SECOND ROW: Garrell Ray, Jerry Terrell, Fred Galbreath, Coach Don Maxey Boone, Larry Mason. Jim Fisher, Carl Cason, Tom Fleming, Varsity Basketball Squad Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton 50 50 35.. 29 33 38 50 46 47 40 Basketball Scores . . Helias . . . . Sedalia . .Columbia . . . Sedalia . . Boonville . . . Rolla . . . . . Moberly . . . Mexico JeffersonCity . . Hannibal 46 Fulton 40 . Columbia 60 Fulton 49 . Moberly 45 Fulton 48 . . Mexico 23 Fulton 54 . ..... Rolla 31 Fulton 57 . ...... U. High 39 Fulton 34 ..... Jefferson City 51 Fulton 48 ..... Hannibal 87 Centralia Tournament 70 Fulton Tournament 70 Regional Tournament Action ! DUN 33g 1 ROW I: Raymond Bradford, Thomas Bradford, Bob Jones, Steve Hardln Brad Zehner Student Manager ROW II: Jerry Baur, Douglas Thompson, Larry Hackman, Carl Cason ROW III Coach Bender Fred York Fred Adams, Bruce Renner, Archie Spain. Freshman Basketball Squad Bas ketball Scores Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton 17 . . . . Jef Jr 44 Coach Don Maxey Co-Captains Beaver and Horstdaniel Actxon I ' F I 't"'l d' l I r l rel llele r if zlq I V Q , A Q it' . I , s gf"-M A P ' N r..,,.,,g.,, ' A . I D llllll I rack Team 1 lf +5 . A if . .av ii. , Mx. I sv! , 'fro X ' S M vnu ' ' ' Y f "' , n s i 5' 5' 4 I " 4, , -" fm- , Q of f ef :3 I 'HM lvrui NlL'l'0N ' .J"""""'A If l l l.'l'0,x , IIS I A llliq I IIS 'us Us ' llggus I , skf 1 if 'I x,.,v4 fl, ms.-71 y lI.,,.,..f-' A I ROW I: Larry Clark, Alvin Frltz,Ronnie Roberts,Davld Clay, Mike Gary Stephens, Curtis Holland, Larry Beaver. ROW III: Jerry Gamet, Donnie Glover, Raymond Bradford, ROW II: Dick Ball, Terrell, Richard Salmons, John Horstdanlel, Earl Ray, Steve Student Manager, Cornell Pasley, Robert Simmons, Gary Payne, Hampton, Freddie Galbreath, Coach Ed Bender. The track team did not participate in many events this year. However, the 880 yard relay team set a new conference record, and the entire team won a triangular meet from Helias and Eldon and a dual meet from MSD. Sponsored by -- TUCKER'S SPORT AND SCOTT'S FURNITURE The Girls' Physical Education Classes engaged inavolleyball tournament this spring. Below, teams 2 and 5 play the final game, of which team 2 was the victor. - fl sg55r:'gri'gE:l h , my I .f W EJ, tml 'E .W may I , 0 ,,,,,..,.N-. 3 1 Kiki, V f...K,...'q,-Q. 7- 1 ll umm kwa f 3 aw-, fs , jf I fqff Te n n I 5 Tea m 'libwl wnfnfn-rl ,,, i ": 3:3 Q-asf, - Q23 'w U ' in 4 MIX nf- ! Y H EE? cu5g W5 CJ v-1 EW rv-9-Us swam 052 U-'CDD Q35 1'-gi gag O Q55 :om mn ,Evo 1105 4 ME raw" 223' neg' mga '12s-+ SGS msg pu'-1 mE-E ga: S' 2310 5'-1 age mam sw mga QC'-1 -W5 -4 aw ming E253 4:42 Q- :r 1423 3:12 WHS Ee' ,- mn-'R 'SSO ogg 95,9 gang is xii H514 FP WS? Bum o H5 Q: r-Im No mc: 'U cr Z ... .- 'o E C 3' FV' CD 0 D. E Q Q 5 :s Q. o ..- -o :- 3' .- m '1 on Q cm 91 o c: 'U o "5 cm ,.. -4 ... U1 :r as 4 0 nw ..- UI o Q. m Z' 2'- fb Q. sn Q. FD U1 ... v1 CD FP o gg. 'K Nfs. "'ln.' Golf Team I I -C-I llll if!! WW -ii '.Z The golf team continues to be "champ1on" 1n sports at F H S It has partlcipated ln lnterscholastlc contests and turned in wmnmg records slnce 1955 Superlntendent W V H111 organized the f1rst team and was lts coach Jay Dan1e1 IS coachmg thls season Members of the team are above Denn1s Kurtz, John Henage, Tom Fleming, Raynald Nledergerke, and Garrell Boone Sponsored by KROGERS I 5 - f A it my . 1"f'A . of-L gb H 4 of . ,QM x -I ,J 'S , . Q ,IJ , M 559, v ',. -.3 .S .- , . -., gf-Q: - N - X . ,. , 5,3 8 ' ' ' Q Meer ' V. ,A , - 32: Y. '1.1.k .f , ' B 3 Q , 1 i . , I 3 - I i . , - , -as 5 f A -f K on YQ -'Q , eq, e .. A '- ,gs , A V T- ' ' if v .X , - :1 - ,g gb- ' 's ' I, K 5: I 8 5 15517 Q3 K if A ' k 4 if e h e 5 .n X. W e NDT' i K 'Q 1 xx , r F, Q 5 f Q o , N A , K :I I L Q A KW , , 'V 1:23. e, xp: P. ' . . 2225. Q, .lf 5' 1 A51- 54 5 ., A, Z he gr 'M fi 2 xx f-. 'N'-.. 1 ' W, 1 J A' 1 Hx . , ,. A' ' ' . I , . . . 3 . . . - - 2 ' , ' , , , , - 2 , ' , , , ! S . . I ' w 1 K V In ' 5 A 3 I . 1 V xA V , ' ,Z 5? ' :gk MM-sww X . 'T Y- I ' . ' K 8 fx z , 7 , n Q - x h ' 2 x A Junior 's In Action 1-2-1-2 Physical Education contributes to the integration of personality and total development of the stu- dents. Here girls and boys learn to share responsibilities for creating men and women who are physically fit, mentally alert, and emotionally stable. Qualities of co-operation, self-confidence, honesty, fair play, leadership and courage, help to develop a sound mind in a sound body. Hg? I Wwe I ,ig , Nz? N new f"15 Vespa Ki ng and Queen Steve Berry - Joyce West Fawn uv, W ,-,za-.NK ig-'ox u,,...k3 -Wrfaamma' Homecoming Queen-Miss Carol Jean Brown l,'Q . , -,EL ' w A , 4 ares. wi 5 is Q ,- 1 Q Ci.. M Km L L . ...1 my-hfrwm m ag j ' if f x . kk x 4 ggfl-U, XM ,aff fr f Eg 1 J i1?g,x'hf, ffv , 'sf' 55' ' z 0' , 51.- Ap, Let'-in , x W - A 'E I '.""5,,, Macs ,, wi -. 1' e v - wr-A 9. - ki: ' 1 f" ' gl Q V . 2 ' 'f'N'T59'+. af-w 2.-'Q'-'Qf:.f" M if rv E Harvest King and Queen John Horstdaniel - Doris Durk 5. , 5 QQ -- . n a fx 1 ,. ff. . x . 4' , . n u . H x .4 PQ 5,5 E K 3 Q .is y 4, f nw. . A . Y,-4 - 0' -V . A, , IV If y u- Hr ' . , ,FN W A Q . , sq.. . s. argl. V , . 5 ' x 'ie' t V W A U .. i ' I " LN , A ,Keen . -4 Q . ' -I Junior-Senior Prom One of the most exciting moments of the Prom came with the coronation of the 1959 Prom Queen to reign over Neptune's Court. Kathy Dahl was crowned queen by Lance Randolph, junior class president. Members of Neptune's Court are above: Bill Klobuchar, Students dance to the melodious strains of Hubert Saunders' Band. N1 E' 1 Ann Baker, John Horstdaniel, Doris Durk, Ronnie Prenger, crown bearer, Kathy Dahl, Lance Randolph, Martha Ann Davis, Jim Fisher, Judy Johnston, and Ralph Herring. me' "V 42" H ' 0 . Prom goers take a pause from the evening's festivities. ...Q 1' I 4 Z' ,V V I il .V L4 - 3 W rs J at J ., H , J ri ,S 3 fa fl ' f 8 X l r "" Q ' Q W.. ,-.x .N , e -' - ix X x. . ZA 5 'Q fl ii . .LL W gli 3 xii wa A ' .4 V . 4 ,.,t..' - A , ,, ..ff,,,,.,, x Kan. .f ix 'A', f,,f , ,, . Y 4 N I ' . .U - Juniors, Seniors, and their dates enjoy the highlights of the Prom. The class presidents and their dates attend the banquet. The Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet was held May 8. The theme of the prom was "Neptune's Court." Decorations of deep sea fish, sea shells, mermaids, and fishing net added to the aqua setting. Music was furnished by Hubert Saunder's Band. Sponsored by McINTIRES lun., g f"'yr ,ua-" K Ju rw-4 ,,rf",9"' Phmvi 'DL YW' fin mor Sensor Prom L, an Queen MISS Ka X thy Dahl :FM k p.,A,,, Y, X s 1 ,f -' - ff . ,. , bb b M ky.. A ' A7 Q.: 1 R is 7 'K ,V -.:'. N U igfkililhgy A 1 s 7 ' Q sf.. as A M Law, k X w x ky K K X Judy Chenoweth and Bitsey Cremer Choose Gifts With Help of Mrs. Williams At Williams Jewelers Mrs. Jackie Britts Aids Mary Lee Green and Barbara Thomasson Find That Right Spring Dress at - I-lIRSCH'S 5:"'w...,s if "', aryl uf. , Y, XE j X K , ff? ,Lf eff 4-39' gy-bf ',L'L ,. fa I 3' H ii COM, B UMMY'Sm '52 'TQ " L X. Kathleen Murphy and Margaret Musick Serve Refreshments To F. H. S. Students At Dunavanfs Drug 6 avid Clay, Jim Giesler Penny Prada, And Joyce Griggs Stop For Sandwiches And Cokes lay's Cafe om City, Missouri ,man .sv D Joyce West Assists 'ancy Durst and Ann Rootes With Food Problems At East End Market W. T. Miller, H. E. West, Proprietors 'il ' W e Ann Dunavant and Marsha Danuser Select Groceries At I G A Foodliner With Gene Bezler Checking git Nancy Ann Glenn Helps Bruce Renner and Sam Craghead Choose Show Time Refreshments At Fulton Theater "Finest in Entertainment" Nd. 1 wi o Davis Paint Store Offers C hoice L. Hackman and J. Bosch Look Over TV'S Western Auto 1 1 Gifts f 1 X. K 1 .Q -wAwA 'Aa 4... o +L W ,YJ .f XNNN"1u A - - 5 'X 'to xx XY ff . fffwii ,Jef . 351,18 -1 qnnuoo I ?l-p -2 :mst vs mms Lynwood Farms Dairy "First in Quality" 69 Linda Baumgartner and h h Susan Wort c oose spring wardrobes at Montgomery-Bell J. H. ATKINSCN INSURANCE AGENCY FULTON, MISSOURI litl Dlxle Drive-In ----Q xi. 74, f. -q.q5, VY.. Q Mary Saffire, Barby Seaman, and Ralph Herring Find Records to Please Teen Agers at - WICKEll's l ' .uhm-L--ruff' Blattner Furmture Company Turn to 900 on Your D1a1 For Bob Hamilton And "Best Show In Rad1o KFAL UA Lis. UlxL1Ul'l. James Baur and Danny Tucker Look Over Guns as Mr. Harry Estes Explains Their Fine Points at - Estes Hardware I Garrell Boone Stands By As Nancy Gordon Rings-up His Bill For Groceries At Jefferson Street Ma rket Millie Kay Neukomm and Joyce Hopkins Select Gifts From - Neukomm's Clothing Co. V P L1nda Ehrsam and Judy Atkinson Select Cosme- tics With Help From Miss Blanche Davis at- Rexall Drug - N -1 cf. a A V K 4 -Q-'L fe: 'E-K, Hydro Gas Company K N I .g fx l H , , Wil BLATTNERS Marriot-Reed Coal Company Lindbergh, Missouri 73 45,4-Jw A M' a Robert Martin demonstrates the 1959 FORD to Leon Godley, Roger Elder, Steve Hardin, and Tony Klick from stock at - JAMESOINVS IN at V 1 fi n-.,..5u2EfM Visual Aid Equipment Used at F. H. S. is Purchased From - LA S S I T E R ' S em .mn 55 use W "'Y'1'a--4 Patromze Come to Da1ry Queen for Cool Refreshments after School John s Super Service I MOTEL gl Restaurant Best Western AAA Fulton, MISSOUPI Hlghway 54, South -f Q . Q ge: A .-- -"" ' WAl'A ' '.' etee AAAA 3 A 'A A 2332? . e ERVICE .,, - t i A I I g fs 1,3 , i A .I I 'h - ,pn " r,u., . , I H Lynette Humphreys, Judy Williams, and Jerry Terrell Make Deposits of Savings The Callaway Bank Established 1857 Jim Kidd Serves Ice Cream Cones to Sharon Loutzenhiser, Marilyn Taylor, and Tamara Hawkins as They Pause for Refreshments at - Central Dairy Earle Maerz and Judy Williams Help Carolyn Brewer, Millie Neukomn, and George Johnston Select Gifts at - Williams and Maerz Jewelry Co. 1 I Don Gilmore, Steve Hampton, and Linus Kroll Secure the Advice of B. G. Tutt in Selecting "Menswear" at - G. E. Tuft gl Son Clothing Co. Real Estate and Loans Jameson Building Phone 205 Harvey S. CIapp,ReaItor g a Fulton, Missouri Call 1140 for Taxi Service Anytime Anywhere WILLIAMS WOODS COLLEGE Fulton MISSOUPI Your Jun1or College 1n Fulton Tralnlng Young Women for Serv1ce and Bountxful L1v1ng For Inform at1on Vislt ADMISSION OFFIC E ACADEMIC BUILDING WESTMINSTER CCDLLEGE , . Fulton, Missouri For Luggage and Typewrlters Students Shop Stewarts Book Store cada Premium Qualify Mull: Packaged for Modern Llvlng

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Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 67

1959, pg 67

Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 28

1959, pg 28

Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 55

1959, pg 55

Fulton High School - Vespa Yearbook (Fulton, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 82

1959, pg 82

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