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THE TALESPIN 0F d FULTIIN num salmon Prepared and Edited by THE SENIIIR CLASS SUPERHNTEN IDIENT MR. E. V. BEKKEN In serving your first year as superinten- dent of the Fulton High School, your sincer- ity has won the friendshin of many. DNUINIISTRA THU PRIINCIIPAL MR. M. J. PAINE A constant friend, an able coach, sympathetic teacher, man among men. DEDIICATIIUN We the senior class of 1947 proudly dedi- cate this twelfth volumn of the Talespin to you, Mrs. Magee, in appreciation of your tireless and understanding efforts in helping us to carry out many worthy activities. HIGH SCHU UL FACU MARJORIE GREGG English k Biology HATTIE WYATT History, English Sz Latin NORMA GARTHE Band PAUL P. ANDREWS Shop J. J. COOK Vocational Agriculture ESTHER LANPHERE I-Iomemaking E. LY L E MAG E E Commercial GRADE FACCULT LUCI NDA RESSEGUIE Grade Principal MABLE BIDDINGER Seventh Grade BERNICE HINTON Fifth Grade wlNNnFREo wnLn.nAMs W ,' Q 5 Sixth Grade A iff. - A . :AK1 21 t , his afbfyr ii ivy ALICE L. KILEAN Fourth Grade A PEARL M. DENNEY Third Grade U NA SIM M ET Second Grade .+A LOREE ALLEN First Grade CARO L LOWRE Y Ki'1del'garten LAU RA BLEM Secretary SENHURS ... ... . N47 At the top of the list of seniors scholastically were: Robert Feighner, Merlyn Sherwood, Muriel Smith, Carol Glazier, Charlotte Parfitt, Don Acker, Leatha Hinton, Marilyn Davis. In the sports world the following boys made a hit: Don Acker, Maynard Cole, Gerald Cook, Edward Divish, Jack Pomeroy, Merlyn Sherwood, Russell Smith, Bob Stadelberger, Merle Troub. Charlotte Parfitt and Leatha Hinton were on tl1e girls basketball team and Charlotte continued on as a varsity cheerleader again this year. Dorothy Baxter was chosen vice president of the F. H. A. Robert Feighner, Merlyn Sherwood, Carol Glazier, Jack Pomeroy, Leatha Hinton, and Charlotte Parfitt were honored for high citizenship. Leading the senior class were Bob Feighner as Presidentg Don Acker as Vice President, Edward Divish as Treasurer: and Leatha Hinton as Secretary. Left to right: Don Acke1', Leatha Hinton, Mrs. Wyatt, Advisor, Robert Feighner, Ed- ward Divish. ef" CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS COLOR: Green and White CLASS MOTTO: "Life is what we make It SIENIIORS H947 DONALD ACKER "Education is sometlmes palnful, but ls the only true path toward success" Basketball '44 '45 '46 '47 Football '45 '46 '47 Baseball '45 '46 '47 President '46 Vice President '47 Glee Club 344 "Aaron Slick from Punkln Creek '46 Annual Staff '47 DOROTHY BAXTER "Here ioday and gone tomorrow" Glee Club '44 F. H. A. '46 '47 "Aaron Slick from Punkln Creek" '47 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 MAYNARD COLE "Everyday ls ladle: day wlfh me" BlBketball '44 '45 '46 '47 Baseball '44 '45 '46 '47 Football '44 '46 Track '46 '47 GERALD COOK "When I become a manfl wlll put away chlldlsh things." "Million Dollar Cook" '47 Football '45 '46 Track '46 '47 sf' iw X ' ..,, .- . -Y. . rzgygs- N :fit ' 'ifllxt E li MARILYN DAVIS "She has a giggle all her own" Band '44 '45 '46 '47 Band Concert '45 Journalism '46 Glee Club '44 '45 Annual Staff '47 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 EDWARD DIVIS1-1 "I long to be famous like famous men of old" Baseball '44 '45 '46 '47 Basketball '44 '45 '46 '47 Football '44 '46 Journalism '46 Treasure' '47 "Aaron Slick from Punkln Creek" '46 LOIS DUBOIS "The greatest pleasure of Ilfe ls love' Band '44 '45 '46 '47 Glee Club '44 '45 '46 '47 Gym '44 '45 Band Concert '45 DARWIN DUFLO "No girl can turn my mind from work" Football '46 '47 SENIIU MARGIE EDWARDS "Good things come in small packages" Glee Club '44 Gym '44 '45 JEAN ENGLISH "She loves one, she'll love no more" Band '45 '46 Band Concert '45 Glee Club '44 '45 Journalism '46 ROBERT FEIGHNER "Quiet and studious, yet always ready for fun" Track '46 '47 Vice President '46 President '47 "Aaron Slick from Punkin Creek" '46 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 Annual Staff '47 WANDA FEIGHNER "Love 'em and leave 'em" Basketball '45 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 "Aaron Slick from Runkin Glee Club '44 '45 '46 F. H. A. '45 Annual Staff '47 Creek" '46 RS N47 RICHARD GARNER "The less there IS learned the lens ihere is to forget" CAROL GLAZIER "If music be the food of love, play on' J. W. Sexton H. S. '45 Glee Club '46 '47 Journalism '46 "Aaron Slick from Punkin Creek" '46 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 Girls Trio '46 '47 'Freasurer '46 Annual Staff '47 D.A.R. Award WILBERT GRAHAM "If silence is golden, he will never b bankrupt" Football '45 '46 '47 LEATHA HINTON "Absence makes the heart gro fender" Secretary '44 '47 Band '45 '46 Glee Club '44 '45 BaskeLbal1"46 '47 F. H. A. '44 '45' Annual Staff '47 "Aaron Slick from Punkin Creek" 'L 'Million Dollar Cook" '47 SENIIURS IHARLOTTE PARFITT She Ie a glrl of rlght good wlll" sident '45 retary '46 ketball '44 '46 '47 ferleader '46 '47 ,s Trio '46 '47 lllon Dollar Cook" '47 lual Staff '47 e Club '44 '45 '47 ,ron Slick from Punkln Creek" '46 JACK POMEROY "I am only young once" otball '44 '45 '46 '47 sketball '44 '45 '46 '47 seball '44 '45 '47 ze Club '44 nual Staff '47 ack '46 '47 MERLYN SHERWOOD "Guaranteed not to run down" ootball '44 '45 '47 asketball '44 '45 '47 aseball '44 '45 Words and Music" '43 'avy '46 MURIEL SMITH "On her llpe phlyed a smlle" Land '44 '45 :and Concert '45 'ym '44 -lee Club '44 '47 'reasurer '45 .nnual Stat! '47 Mllllon Dollar Cook" '47 I 1 L L 5 7 A ' ll I If., L M ,. X 4 nb -U as 1 91? 1 I I 'Fl 5, .V 32 I av 1 yi V' ,... Q Vkik "1:'?5'1itl . - f 5 52-,. V , " wliila 1' ii Q4 ' I Qli?f'5flf1f1fV ,, 'f ' 'S "' ' 5 Qgggf zljs if .7 fl. ' K F ,M I I K .3 ,ri J' ' 7 if To ' , Q 4 Y 5 Eu MM ' f ' qi ' fa" 275. f 4 ' . aw, 113' '- . of . , -.Mfpu X we il- Q 1:3 ff. -'mm ,. . . We W . 5, . l -'- ' ., " ' 'Q' Q5 4? 'S Elf 'N I xo " 5 ii" F 'gg 1 A is 5 .. gg '13 W ,L rl , wi. -.L'k '4.,3,,,?' f . 'vqxlzl .Nov H-. , ,,..o4if X, on 1 X iggeik ' P,J In , +4 ,A-W "'-4 on xiii! , ' ii 2 . ., .fl mrianv f M 347' - . ' ' ' 119417 RUSSELL SMITH "A qulet guy lt tlmee" Football '44 '45 '46 '47 Baseball '44 '45 '47 ,ROBERT STADLBERGER Hlncldentallyl I just happened ti thlnk" Football '44,'45 '46 '47 Baseball '46 '47 Basketball '47 MERLE TROUB "Greater than I may have llved, bu I doubt lt" Football '46 '47 Track '46 '47 "Million Dollar Cook" '47 HARRY VAUGHN "He le llttle, he ll shy: there's m chief ln his eyes" ww 5 s..A I I CLASSES The top quarter of the Jumor class earning scholastic honors were: Bonnie Glazier, Dorothy Barnes, Shirley Cole, Gale Wood, Bob Zamarron, Majel Duflo, LaVonna Hinton, and Joan Lowrey. The Juniors active in sports were: Alden Akin, Don Coleman, Dennis Cooper, Gene Craig, Rex Edwards, Dale Hardman, Mart Harlow, John Kaminski, Ronald Richards, and Bob Zamarron. Girls playing on the basketball team were: Dorothy Barnes, Majel Duflo, LaVonna Hinton, Joan Lowrey, and Pauline Svok. Dorothy Barnes was chosen President of the F. H. A. Citizenship honors were shared by Dorothy Barnes and Gale Wood. -Joan Lowrey, Majel Duflo, and Pauline Svok were chosen by the student body as Varsity Cheerleaders. The officers of the class were: Joan Lowrey, president, Bonnie Glazier, vice- presidentg Rex Edwards, treasurer, and Theresa Zelinski, secretary. - Left to right: Joan Lowrey, Rex Edwards, Bonnie Jean Glazier, Theresa Zelinski. unio U Top Row sf Duane Taylor, Gale Wood, Martyn Harlow, Keith Sathtler, Dennis Cooper, Robert Zamarron, Dale Hardman, Rex Edwards Second Row - Gene Craig, Jack Taylor, Ronald Richards, Howard Troub, Robert Patterson, Joan Lowrey, Bonnie Glazier, Pauline Svok, Majel Duflo, Mrs. Magee. Third Row - Theresa Zelinski. Kathryn Howe, June DeMott, LaVonna Hinton, Shirley Cole, Mary Chovance, Josephine Sparks, Dorothy Barnes. Irene Blair JUNHURS In the fall of 1946, the Junior Class had an enrollment of twenty-eight pupils. September 20, 1946 at our first class meeting, we elected as our class officers, President Joan Lowreyg Vice President, Bonnie Glazierp Treasurer, Rex Edwards: Secretary, Theresa Zelinskig Class advisor, Mrs. Magee. Our first party was a. roller skating party at Crystal. A wonderful Christmas party was held at the home of Mrs. Magee where a pot luck supper was served and afterwards we attended the movie. After the movie we returned to Mrs. Magee's, small gifts were exchanged and refreshments served. The class gave lovely gifts to Mrs. Magee and Mrs. Gregg, our Home Room Teacher. Everyone had a very enjoy- able time. The class is now anxious to start rehearsals for its play "The Daffy Dills", which we hope will be a great success. The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom will end our activities for the year, and we have worked hard selling pencils, stationery and magazines to malfie this a big event. Lett to rigl Sophomore boys participating in athletics were: Perry Claeys Stanley Divish Russell Feighner, Bill Johnson, Dick Parfitt, Ray Peterman, Harold Upham, and Ralph Zamarron. Sophomore girls making the basketball team were: Joanne Corson and Bonna line Feighner. Joan Rasmussen and Pat Martin were chosen by the student body as second team cheerleaders. Taking their place in the upper quarter of the class sclionstitall '11 D' ik L , .. : y.'e: 14, Parfitt, Joanne Counsellor, Dolores Cole. Joanne Corson, Joyce Hinton. .loan Rasmussen. John Snider, Alice Wood, Pat Martin and Bonna Rae Feighner. Dick Parfitt and Delores Cole were honored for citizenship. Jack Craig and John Snider were chosen Presid t z l V'e ' ively of the F. F. A. The class officers were: Ralph Zainarron, President: Beverly Hull, Vice Presi- dent: Perry Claeys, Treasurer and Pat Martin. Secretary. , en inf ice lresident respect- iti Patricia Martin, Perry Clacys, Beverly l-lull, Miss Garthe. Advisor .YOPAOMOZQJ Top Row -- Dorothy Ramsey, Beverly Hull, Russell Feighner, Claude Ovenden. Ernest Klug, Joe Shelest, Perry Claeys, Louis Hoffer, Harold Upham, John Newton, Mr. Paine. Second Row - Edna Klug, Joyce Hinton, Alice Wood, Merle Hinton, Bill Johnson, Norman Wood , Ray Peterman, Ralph Zamarron, John Snider, Stanley Divish, Richard Parfitt, Jack Craig Third Row - Joanne Acker, Delores Cole, Eunice Vining. Betty Brown, Joanne Coun- sellor, Phyllis Smith, Patricia Martin, Joan Rasmussen. Joann Corson, Bonna Mae Feighner. Fourth Row - Donnavere Abbott, June Trefil, Phyllis Price, Leona Peterman. Beverly Hoard, Twilla Moon, Wanda Dickinson. SOPHOMURES In the fall of 1946, the Sophomore Class had an enrollment of forty-eight members, but four left, one being Charles Zelinski, who had to leave because of an eye injury. At our first class meeting we elected as our class officers: President, Ralph Zamarron: Vice President, Beverly Hullg Secretary, Pat Martin: Treasurer. Perry Claeys: and Class Advisors, Miss Garthe and Miss Allen. Our main event of the year was initiating the Freshmen. Early in the fall the entire high school witnessed the Freshmen being put through their paces in the Perrinton Town Hall. That night we took the Freshmen on a hay ride to the Ithaca football game. On the first semester honor roll were: Adonna Baker, Kenneth Robar, Connie Sandford, Francis Tuyls and Kenneth Litwiller. In the athletic field Were: Robert Gribben, Connie Sandford and Jean Baker. The class officers we1'e: Robert Gribben, President: James Martin, Vice President: Darlene Palmer, Treasurerg and Connie Sandford, Secretary. Kenneth Litwiller was honored for high citizenship. Left to right: Connie Sandford, Robert Gribben, Miss Lanphere, Advisor. James Martin, Darlene Palmer. Tzeffmen Top Row - Richard Baker, Albert Deitrich, James Winsor, Kenneth Robar, James Martin, Gary Glazier, Stanley Grubaugh, Minor Vining, Charles Wood. Second Row - Miss Lanphere, Kenneth Litwiller, Alvin Hiner, James Baker, Morris Tolan, Robert Gribben, Joe Barrett, Reva Taylor, Norma Caesar, Charlene Johnson, Beverly-Joslin, Darlene Balmer, Patricia Smith, Third Row - Mary Renipp, Irene Humphery, Zetta Charter, Bonnie Cook, Maxine Mills, Adonna Baker, Francis Tuyls, Wreatha Chaffin, Connie Sandford, Jean Baker, Fourth Row - Elmer Havelka, Glenn Johnson, Verna Duflo, Edith Andrews, Barbara Barnes, Lial Knight, John Stoneman, Bruce Avery IFRESHMEN The Freshman Class of 1946-47 elected officers as follows: President, Robert Gribbeng Vice President., James Martin, Secretary, Connie Sandford, Treasurer. Darlene Palmer. We have had one party this year. It was a theatre party at Ithaca. There are forty-four members enrolled in our class. Our Class Advisor is Miss E. H. Lanphere. X. ...Q-W. SQ F? 1 TM '- 'Q i Q f I 4 i ,pn Q -. 7'fvh6-V" Ml MQ- ? ,,.. . 3'1- A- ., L ,4.:.. ,H V me 4 , ,L Li-gy! 1 E .f ..f.:,L x- URGANHZATIIU H Standing - Robert Feighner, Charlotte Parfltt, Muriel Smith, Marilyn Davis, VVanda Feighner. Sitting -- Carol Glazier, Joyce Martin, Merle Troub, Dorothy Baxter, Leatha Hinton. Gerald Cook. ll llllt PLAY UA T "Million Dollar Cook" A Comedy Drama in Three Acts Directed by E. V. Bekken CAST Madge Talmadge, the mother .... ...,.. Glenn, the oldest son ,......... Alexander, the youngest son . . Inis Pruitt, Madge's sister . . . Tucker, Inis' son .,....,..,. .. Gladys, Glenn's young wife . . . . . Lura Scudder, the outgoing cook .... Annie Bassett, the incoming cook . . , Freda Borden, the girl next door . . Kathryn Bock-Smythe, a socialite . . ...... , . . . Flora, Ka.thryn's daughter . . . . . ..... , , . . . . SETTING . , . Joyce Martin Robert Feighner . . . Merle Troub Charlotte Parfitt . . Gerald Cook .. Carol Glazier . , Marilyn Davis . , . Muriel Smith , Leatha Hinton Wanda Feighner Dorothy Baxter The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of a large, old-fashioned country home The place is a small, Mid-YVeslern community near n large city. ACT ONE: Early afternoon ACT TYVO: Earfy morning, a week later ACT THREE: Several hours later than Act Two Time: The 1-'resent I SPUR C fs Q Q4 X! F.. 5 as FOOTBALL '1'upIluu --- Alb:-rr In-ilrivh, A1ill1II'YiIlillH. H:lI'5 lilumvr, lmhf II:L1'1Inmn4 Huh--rl qirlhll--n, lwu If-I-nl In Xlnxlvll Ilnlluxx llill lghu. sun, Hamill Uphnm, ' ' ' S--cond Row K Mannq l':dVY1ll'd Divish, .lm-li l'mm-roy, Aldvn Akin. Third Row - llonulnl nzlrd Cul., M -54 WZ" H i' f- , 1: rw! 1 " as . 1-rlyn Sh Russ:-ll lf.-iulmm-1'. Ili:-lunrds, Mvrlw- 'l'l'0llh n-lwvmurl. vr, Rolu-rt lf'0igl1n01', Hull rh Zzunzlrxf-n, liichzlrd I'arfitt lim IH-xv:-n1:u1, limbo-1 5 5 a 1' E '1 Sindlhg-1'gm', Dun xr-lx--1 Em BQ Q. 1. 1- at ' 9 A "J fp- H , , .F is-i W2 Lk' W " l ' .Q S I " " 4 I . .Qi ' gk' 4..f5Q.f, -ij! '-A--iff. 1 .' "AH:--. ye, - ' Y 5 ' :W ,.-. A .um . g11.f1..,1W1g5:w .1.,-A-vim I sl s W' 4. Q qw 2 -- W 2 1 WZ ' if, mp, J.. u ' .1 ,f ww- f YH A f ' ' 'F ' .5 1 X' - w . . L ' 1 . ff? 31 . 5, K1 .W-., .,g,.g33H U, f f fi A. S 1 r , R X lv . In-unix lmnlv.-n'. I:-.lu-rt Zzun:u'1--m, Ps-x'1'y Claeys, ook, Hnssvll Smilh, May. z,.. . -... A . . , ..,, :ff Wg. gxz , ef 5. an ' '- 'f ag aww . Q L M ' . wr? S5 ii " w .Q 'ik XX 1.12: In 2 5 iii - iEL,,i., 5 A lx- .LLVL , 27 e .. S Q.. gg. 7 . W E ,... ,ffm , - . .LN ' , , f A Z.. ....... . 4-h-Q MAJ . M, -ww -.51 ' ' M ' W' ' ' F ' . N 1 - K . ' :. ' wwf .: -.: . :f1, , 1225. , , E A :W ' iv, :Viz :sid wi E: -- I '.-Sjfizggi' BASEBALL Top Row - Tom Zamarron, Perry Claeys, Dennis Cooper, Joe Halmo, Robert Staddberger, Wayne Smith, Ray Peterman, M. J. Paine, Coach. Sitting - Howara Smith, Russell Smith, Edward Divish, Wendell Somers, Maynard Cole, Don Acker, Dee Cooper, Jack Schafer, Dick Parfitt. GIRLS? B SKET SHALL Top Row - Mrs. Gregg, LaVonna Hinton, Connie Sandford, Leatha Hinton, Bonna Rae Feighner, Jean Baker. Second Row - Pauline Svok, Majel Duflo, Charlotte Parfitt, Joan Lowrey, Dorothy Barnes, Joann Corson. Left to Right - Richard Parfitt, Jack Pomeroy, Edward Divish, Ray Peterman Acker, Maynard Cole, Johnny Kaminski, Keith Sattler, Manager, Mr. Paine, Coach. Don Top Row - Dennis Cooper, Ralph Zamarron. Norman Wood, James Baker, Kenneth Robar, Russell Smith, Howard Troub, James Martin, Bill Johnson, Richard Baker. Minor Vining, Albert Deitrich. ' Second Row - Joe Barrett, Joe Shelest, Duane Taylor, Louis Hoffer, Harold Uipham, Russell Feighner, Claude Ovenden, Glenn Johnson, Elmer Havelka, Stanley Divish, Gary Glazier, Alvin Iliner, James Winsor, Charles Wood. Third Row - Stanley Grubaugh, John Stoneman, Merle Hinton, Lial Knight, Robert Pattt-rson. John Snider, Robert Zamarron, Gene Craig, Earnest Klug, Robert Gribben. Sitting - Ray Peterman, Martyn Harlow, Keith Sattler, Kenneth Litwiller. lF.,il-QA., Each year the business men of Middleton and Perrinton work with the F. FJ A. in sending five boys, who win our local parliamentary practice contest, to the Inter- national Fat Stock Show at Chicago. The following, George Lalnbie, Leal Glazier. Jack Sattler, C. M. Dodge, Orville Miller, Harley Counsellor, Earl Luc-as, The Farinvrs Elevator at Middleton and Harry Bolyard sent the team that won this honor in 1946. The winning team in our local school for the year 1947 consists of Kenneth Lit- willer, Kenneth Robar, Ma1'tin Harlow, Norman Wood, Stanley Divish and Johnnie Kaminski as alternate. These boys will go to the International Fat Stock Show in Chicago providing they continue their F. F, A. work. The boys who did outstanding work in their agricultural program for the year 1946 are Harold Upham, John Snider, Russel Feighner, Robert Patterson and Robert Zamarron. These boys receive letters for their work W was nfl, 9 iso- X. "" ' Veg 670 oi 5 ls .A ' Q 6 f!cui5 ' U IJ v Top Row -- Miss Lanphere, Connie Sandford, Jean Baker, Bonna Rae Feighner, Joyce Martin, Lavonnzl Hinton, Francis Tuyls, Dorothy Baxter. June Trefil, Phyllis Price, Bonnie Cook, Eunice Vining. Second Row --- Irene Blair, Edith Andrews, Joanne Acker, Alice Xvnod, Dorothy Barnes, Joan Rasmussen. Donnavere Abbot, Edna Klug, Leona Peterman, Barbara Barnes, Paitricia Smith, Pauline Svok. Third Row - Majel Duflo, Verna Duflo, Wreatha Chaffin, Adona Baker, Josephine Sparks. In-no Hum- phrey, Charlene- Johnson, lteva Taylor, Darlene Palmer, Beverly Joslin F ll-ILA. The officers of the Fulton Chapter of F. H. A. are: President, Dorothy Barnes: Vice President, Dorothy Baxter: Secretary, Darlene Palmer: Treasurer, Connie Sandford. The Chapter Mothers are Mrs. L. Tuyls'and Mrs. L. Hinton. One of the club's first activities was an outdoor party with the F. F. A. at Mr. Cook's home. Each month the girls enjoyed a movie 'with the F. F. A. Members of the F. H. A. attended the District and State conventions. The Chapter Mothers took many homernaking projects to display at the Rural Caravan in Ithaca and the girls attended during the day. To earn money for their letter awards, the F. H. A. sold pop corn and pop during' the noon hour and at the ball games. - . T U K g 9 9 V GER S' GLEIE CLUB Top Row - Patricia Martin, Phyllis Smith, Charlene Johnson, Joanne Counsellor, Alice XVood, Jovtwe Martin, Ilonnie Cook, Pauline Svok, Majel Duflo. ' Si-cond Row -- Miss Garthe, Verna Duflo, Wreatlizt Chaffin, Darlene Palmer, Adoilna Baker, Frances Tuyls, Carol Glazin-r, Muriel Smith, Eunice Vining, Edith Andrews. Third Row - Norma Caesar,- Beverly Joslin, Maxine Mills, Charlotte Pariitt, Joan Lowruy, Durotlir Ramsey, Lois Dullois, Kathryn Howe, June DeMott. A BAND Top Row W Jimmy Johnson. Carroll Snyder, John llosencrans, XVayne Robison, Miss Gai-the, Caroline Smith, Joyce Isham, Tommy Beard. Second Row - Shirley Cumberworth, Lois DuBois, Marilyn Davis, Beverly Joslin, Barbara Barnes, Karl Feighner, Carlisle Hoard. Norman Abbott, Leslie Smith, Billy Sandford Third Row - Mona Kay Johnson, Glenna Riggle, Paul Roland, Geraldine Winsor, Bonnie Glazier, Ruth Sattler, Jacqueline Lowrey, Kenneth Rohzir, Harold Hinton, Milton Honrd, Jack Vining, Tommy Roland Absent - Marilyn Irwin. 3 W X . ,X F' F -1 as-Mr ME' A N Q Qs? N N P WM M Q X X wi W-W , J .. I 4 A Q' RES ERVES Top Row - Keith Sattler, Manager, Bill Johnson, Stanley Divish, Ronald Richards, Dennis Cooper, Robert Zamarron, Gene Craig, Mr. Paine, Coach. Second Row - Dale Hardman, Martyn Harlow, Robert Gribben, Merlyn Sher- wood, Perry Claeys, Rex Edwards. CI-IEE LEADERS PAULINE SVOK MAJEL IJUFLO JOAN LOWREY CHARLOTTE PARFITT PATRICIA MARTIN JOAN RASMUSSEN KIINIDERJGA TEN Top Row - Larry Leslie, Margaret Holland, Helen Kaputska, Freddie Schneider, Gordon Dean, Gerald Gleason, Duane NVitter, Bruce Harlow, Carolyn Burkholder, Dannie .Caesar, Caroline Riggle. Second Row - Sharon Peters, Bllly Bentley, Beverly Wilkinson, Carla Yeomans, Kay Lynn Boiyard, Judy Leiby, Phyllis Pendall, Beverly Price, Eunice Harter, Peggy Isham, Alan Schaefer, Bobby Divish. Third Row - Jimmie Gallagher, Larry Biddinger, Gary Biddingcr, Charles Baker, Bobby Cole, Donald Miller, Harry Piper. Janet Salisbury, Delores Antes, Donald Beard. Absent - Leo Baker, Roger Bush, Russell Langdon, Patty Redman, Jean Harlow, Bobby Nevllls. FHRST GRADE Top Row - Barbara Pendall, Ruth Ann Taylor, Joan Prahin, Dickie Davis, Kenneth Cramer, Tommy Todd, Erma Jean Root, Carol Henney. Vicky Fisk, Miss Allen. Second Row - Sharon Richards, Beverly Baker, Thiel Burtis Andrews, Rebecca Riggle, Gail Williams, Sally Fetty, Rosalie Kuprcs, Leola Winsor. Third Row -- Ice-nneth Roles, Billy Finch, Dale Vilvs, Kent Curtis. Robert Trefll, Brent Glazier. Noel Duf-10. Roger Caris. N, ,,. SECOND G ADD Top lion .Innn4-- Sn-linfi-r, Blnry Linz lvlllllll, Ji-riy Vining, Mrs. Sininicl, iv-iili Umilc. Lin-uin'y Itigglw. .I-ist-pliiiw lh-llinui-r, licvvrlg Vaughn, XX'ziri'vn Slrulvle-, Jam- Bula:-r. lliclmrrl Andrf-ns, Gertrudp Smith, Putty Arnkild, Second Rim' - Bz1i'lmra Gallagher, Lauren Winsor, Delorvs Soinpi-5, ,Imiiin llufln, Cnrol I-Witty, Ann Vilt-s, Bobby Si-hneidvr, Marlin Glzizior, Phyllis Johnson, Noel Julinsnn, Connie' Lew Johnson Third Ron - Bobbin Todd, Jinnniv Hole-s, .lc-rry Roles, Sarah Hollanu, llilly Siniin, lizinrzi lim-lor, In-llzert lsurlcholdi-r. Parole XYill-ciiismi, Teriy Prir,-f-, Richard Li-slii-, Absent -- lluth Daniels, Garold Siniison, Gary Wilkinson. l l. - Q A34 THIRD GRADE Top Row - Betty Williams, Marilyn Root, Billy Smith, Patricia Caslvr, Geraldine Knnutskn, Marli-me Miller, Daniel Roland. Billy McRae, Carolyn Irwin, Maitland Cole-, Frances Kay Hawley,Di-11 Maker. Second Row - MVS- DOHHY. Nancy TI'Pfil, B3l'b8-Fil B0lyard, Connir Voters, Chnrlos Arnold, Gnrla Davis, Kelvin Price, Orville Hector, Bernice Healy, Sharon Fisk, Audrey Roles, Elsie Nelson' F'au-nz-ine Price, Third Row - Jacquelyn Corson, Roger Salisbury, Melvin Leiby, .fanu linsvripnflig, Jani-1 Frallin, Carolyn Wilkinson, Sharon Henni-y. Sammy Andrews. Glenn Baxter, Grant Riggle-. Absent - Ruth Ann Redman, Dean Bekken. FUURTH GRADE 'Fun limi f Mrs. Iiili-an, Jani-'s Craig, Gary l,nrli, llnnzilil Viiwsar, Marvin 1'uinlu-rxxarlli, Margaret Grubaugh, Gary S:.lisliiir3'. XYl1ulilJlll'll Vining, Ituln-rt XVillnnns, Lnuii- Kapnlska, Sliirlvy Mak.-1" I-'lrii-.-in-p Duilo, Ss-cond ltuw Y I'--nny Zyzvlrnski, l'arnl Morsn-. lmrna Mai- Smith, liurrainv liainutska. Supliil- liapulska, Tommy Rulaiid, Ki-mn-ili XX'ilkinson, 1.1-unard llarnvs, Us-vi-rly lli-r, liilawn lli-nny. Third limi' - Ili-lly lmn Ti-achwortli, Sylvia Ni-lsun, Gary Gallzipzli-'i', Larry Svliafvi. Miriam llurkholrli-r, Lor- raimz liiiish, t':irnial+1ia Anti-s, Absn-nl --- llose-mary Salllvr, Lvnnard Siniisnn, IAIIVUIHI1''l'llHl'lIlUYl. FIFTH GRAD Top Row - Mrs. Hinton, Max Fuland, Jackie Vining, Adiian Cnltvr, .luhnniv llusuncraiiis, Clark Strublv, Tommy In-ard, MQ-rrivl Smith. S4-cond Huw -- David Crxnner, Dick Johnson, Milton Hoard, lie-x Foland, Il0sal--4- Feiglnn-r, Maynard Schneidur, Jimmie Johnson, llrygf-i' Ym-nlans, Betty Fisk, Marilyn VVinsur. Third Row - Sybil Holland, Yklanda Charter, Duane Harlnw, Dolly Miller, In-no Bollinger, Mona, Kay Johnson, Ronnie Gallmzhur, Mary Lou Redman, linger Rigzlm-S. Fourth Row - VV-'sley He-nm-y, Mary Lou If:-iuliln-i', Kayann Bzlkn-r, Joyce Cuvsai. Shirlry lmihy, Rivllard Biddimxvr, 'Fonnny 'l'rvfil. Absent --b Marilyn Irwin, Lyln- Newifni SIXTH GRADE Ton lion' W- Maxrjnrim- liuricholdvr, Clara Lee Finch, Ailrno Thornton, Shirli-y Cunibr-rworth, Robortn. Brnuher, Mnrvzn Cola-, Curnlynv Smith, Ellen Cutter, James Svok, Harold Somers, lf'i'0llvi'ick Barnes, Dnzun- Marlin. St-cond Row - Mrs. Williams, Glenna Riggle, Jo Ann Teachworth, Bonnie Payne, Don Dee Andrews, NVnyne llrnny, Juyuv Islizun, Joycv lim-llingt-r, Florence Wood, XVilnm Root, Charlus King, James Holland, Gene Hinton, llrilierl Cook, Carrol Brown, James Iler. Third Row -- Murlvne Szyinunski, Elma Mm- Dvitrich, Shirley Davis, Nolan IN-ters, liilly Sandford, Glcn YVinsor, Garry Grf-gg, In-an Henny, Lorraine Rasmussen, Ruth Avery. Al-sl-nt --- limlith Nvlsun, Pauline Kaputsku, Phyllis Johnson. mm , . N7 SEVENTH RADE Top Row - Roba-rt Marvcf-lc, Joy Iler, Carol Cramer, Bonnie Xvagur, John Garner, Mary Zelinslci, .loycu Ilur, Viv- inn Root, Jennie Hector, Lawrence Dufln. Se-cond Row - Rhva Antes, Vern Hustvd, Leonard Hector, Donna Vining, Grace Strublo, Lillimn Counsvllor, Jac- que-line Lowrey, Iivtty Nt-lson, Edna Zittr-I. Maxine Leihy. Third Row -- Eddie Vining, Dean Ile-vlu-i', Huburt Chaffin, Honard llurlclmlder, Dale Morse, Otto Pelvrman, Paul llolnnd, Pnrrnll Snyrls-r. - L 1 HIGH H ADB 1'opRow - Richard Miller, Joan Schneider, Delbert Cutter, Carl Snydvr, Bcivvrly We-rniurli, Jack Williams, Carlisle Hoard, Duane Winsor, Neil Ke-rkes, Harold Hinton, Junv Avi-y, Gertrude Trl-fil, Second Row - Mrs. L. Resseguic, Norma Kerkes, Geraldine Wirisoi-, Marilyn llollingvr, Joanni- Trnub, Ruth Sattlur, Karl Feighner, Leslie Smith, Marguerite Baker, Sully Iinetynka, Sliirli-y Shaw, Marvin Leiby, Gerald Deitrich, Robert Harris. Third Row - Bernice- Ives, Junior Miller, Norman Abbott, Maynard tfasler, lflowiurc- Slmw, Juan Grubuugh, Wayne Robinson, Gertrude Teachworth, Elizabeth Hoffer, Bernita Ants-s, lfrnmrrs Hull, Surah Abbott, Gaylord Craig. AN NTUAL STAFF Standing - Jack Pomeroy-Pictureis, Marilyn Davis-Write-up, Leatha Hinton-Assistant Business Manager. Charlotte Parfitt-Editor, Don Acker-Advertising, Carol Glazier-Associate Editor and Cover Design, XVsnda Feighner-Pictures, Muriel Smith-Advertising, Robert Feighner-Business Manager. Sitting -- Mrs. Magee, Sponsor. i . -"-Ms. M::.X..4.-,. '-' N F i -.,..........Z 3 W cv. ' EM ...........,..... in 2 X W 1, 7 f 2:57 TW? 1549 :L 7 a A 1' Q 1 X E ai 4, M.,....N , -.mm "vnsuugw ik , , i ' K gf'fg's1 9 .. 5 F iii.. N? 5 1 i A- , K .X 2 5 V 'ii ' I ' ' wk? ,QL , if K , ri' , I-.ai , , . 4. E e . 5 5 f b , 4 Q K z 1 I 1 .- E . -x i i f W ' 6 3 A ' -IL, , 'sf A K. 1 5 jlf. 3' h. 4' ,...:- ,- ' k -3 'ij-l"!35'3" L f 'i L '52, 4 phl' JU, , f ' - . S' ' jf., sf' QL-4' tion. ef' X N-. V. ,M ' ti'- fil- " ki. .X 4 A Y ,.-X ADVERTISING Compliments of NEW HAVEN STORE H. 0. STADLBERGER, Prop. Middleton Michigan Compliments of HAW'LEY SL COLE FILLING STATION Compliments of Shinny's Garage Miami-ron ivuci-HGAN H. G. Shinabarger Sz Sons Compliments of I Firestone Tires 6. Home Appliances General Car and T k Repair Mens AND enocemss Q Phone 2524 Middleton Michigan MIDDLETON Mic:-HGAN Compliments of Compliments of . M. Dod e . . , C g M1ller's H1 - Speed MORTICIAN FURNITURE Middleton Michigan Middleton Michigan Compliments of MIDDLETON F ARMER'S ELEVATOR- CO. Middleton Phone 2474 Michigan We Compliment Your Achievements In the Classroom and Athletics HULL'S SUPER SERVICE RAY HULL Middleton LEWIS YEOMAN, Ass't Lewis Caesaris M ccoRMlcK-DEERING. TRACTURS IMPLEMENTS Restaurant Jack J. Sattler An-ruc sEAn.1-ss-r :ce cnaAM SALES h SERVICE - REPAIRS Phone 2534 Middleton Michigan Middleton Michigan ALVA L' BLAIR Compliments of Optomemst CURTIS PACKAGE STORE Latest Styles in Rimless Glasses Glasses Cor ectly Fitted ' Middleton Michigan Middleton Michigan ACME PAINTS GENERAL HARDWARE of LUKE'S HARDWARE C- E- GLAZIER SPORTING Gooos BR'CE STORE U i . Phone 2173 Mlddlet0n Mlchlgan Middleton Michigan Compliments of L. E. GLAZIER Fancy and Staple Groceries and Meats Dry Goods and Shoes Phone 2484 Middleton Michigan Compliments of ASHLEY HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE - - PAINTS PLUMBING - - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone 2485 Perrinton Complimonts of , THE GIFT SHOP Corson s Phone 2589 Service Sta-tion PERRINTON MncHnc.AN MOBIL GAS and OIL THORNTON 'S BEAUTY SHOP WELDING Rhea Thornton Perrinton Michigan MIDDLETON MICHIGAN Compliments to the Class of "47" from LAMBlE'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - - MEATS - - FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES DRY GOODS Phone 3582 PERRINTON MICHIGAN Compliments of DR. ED. ZYZELEWSKI 'OSTEOPATHIC Physician and Surgeon Middleton Michigan Compliments of K H l GUERNSEY'S GARAGE 3' ev 5 ace C' "' FUERNSEY' mp' Blacksmithing, Arc and Phone 2589 . n . PERRINTON MICHIGAN Acetylene Welding of all Klnds W ' Compliments of Av CITIES SERVICE GAS 81. OIL C. W. METZGER Phone 2586 BARBER SHOP , Perri-nton Michigan PERRINTON MICHIGAN Congratulations Congratulations 664777 to Best wishes for all the years SENIORS OF 1947 to come from CLYDE A. WOOD Perrlnton Elevator Co. Al cl KENNE1-T' Mgr. POMPE-H MICHIGAN I Best Wishes THE BORDEN COMPANY Perrinton Michigan Compliments of POMPEII STATE BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PDMPEII MICHIGAN MAsoNlc TEMPLE BLDG DR. W. J. LAIRD Miller's Market Osteopathic Physician SELF-SERVE ITHACA MICHIGAN Phone 5 Compliments of DR. S. C. BROWN Pompell Mlchlgan ITHACA M IC H IGAN A Good Place to Eat - REMEMBER GOODWIN'S DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE SPRAGUE HAS IT Ithaca Michigan Sprague' s Drug Store Compliments of J . L . B A R D E N ITHACA MICHIGAN Ithaca Michigan Compliments to the Class of "47" POIVIPEII HARDWARE CO. Pompeii Michigan Compliments of LARRY'S HARDWARE Phone 71 ITHACA MICHIGAN ITHACA MOTOR SALES Authorized FORD Dealers , BUICK - G M C TRUCKS B d K P I M K THE DAVIS CO. I Compliments of P U T M A N C O . Ithaca FARM SUPPLIES ITHACA MICHIGAN Compliments of ITHACA LOCKER STORAGE GAY'S 5c and 10c STORE ICE CREAM and LOCKER SERVICES ITHACA M'cH'GAN comp-mfs of WILLIAMS BAKERY Home Made Bread and Pastries JENKINS BROS. HARDWARE Fresh Daily 146 East Center Street ITHACA MICHIGAN Ithaca, Michigan RELIABLE I Radio and Appliance Co. 113 NORTH PINE RIVER Phone 113 Ithaca Radio Service and It's Best ' HOWARD -- DELCO - FADA - HALLICRAFTERS Satisfaction Guaranteed BOWEN'S KASCO FEEDS The Quality Feed IN DRESSPRINT SAX lthaca Michigan OR LONG WEAR and COMFORT WEAR Comlilimenis of WOLVERINE HAFF N ER'S 50 to 81.00 STORE HORSEHIDE WORK SHOES HACA M,CH,GAN Fleming Clothing Co. c""""""mS 0' H. SL H. CLEANERS Ithaca Michigan ITHACA WCHIG Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF ITHACA lthaca Michigan ltllatla Radio SaleS Compliments of and Service Wilma's Beauty Shoppe PHONE 163 PHONE 192 Ithaca Mlchigan Ithaca Michigan For Better Lumber and Coal at No Extra Cost ITHACA LUMBER and COAL CO. We Have Everything To Satisfy Your Building Needs PHONE 24 Ithaca Michigan Compliments of Compliments of , IDEAL THEATER Helmanhs ITHACA MICHIGAN Service Station KERNENS STYLE SHOP 5 Miles West of Ithaca Milinery Ithaca Michigan chu" d L d R dy t ' I-rHAcA g MICHIGAN LESLIE H. SIMMETT GENERAL INSURANCE Ithaca Michigan WAYSIDE GREEN HOUSES Compliments of Quality Flowers and Plants at R b, P Hanners Magazine H c REED P p Ithaca Michigan Ithaca Michigan Coal - Grain - Beans - Seed Government Grading of 'Eggs ITHACA ELEVATOR CO. Phone 184 FEEDS FOR EVERY PURPOSE A. L. ALDRICH Montgomery ward ITHACA MICHIGAN Office Hourjsz 10 t 12 a,.m. and 2 to 4 p.xn Wednesd y d S turday Nights 7:30 to 9:00 Jvhn R- Murphy EWING'S STUDIO 112W E. Superior St. Alma Michigan ALMA, MICHIGAN PHONE 472 We Specializ 0 B bies Y Pric R ght Compliments of W, H, Harpgr Varsity Shgp HOUSERVILLE BOOKS - OFFICE SUPPLIES PHONE ALMA 24F3 ATHLETIC GOODS voun JOHN DEERE TRACTOR AND IMPLEM ENT DEALER Alma Michigall FURNITURE - FLOOR COVERINGS -- GIFTS APPLIANCES - RCA-VICTOR RECORDS BEEBE Ithaca, Michigan REILIABLE FUNERAL SERVICE A LESSON 'FROM THE CHINESE The story is told that the Chinese pay the doctor to keep them well, and if they contract illness, the doctor pays them instead. Whether or not this story is true, the general idea is sound. Serious illness often can be prevented by regular health examinations. Form a habit of visiting your doctor often - at least twice a year. If you do not have a family physician, we will be glad to recommend several from whom you can make your selection. DAUD DRUG CO. Thomas J. Burns Compliments of W. B. BALTZ STORE ALMA MICHIGAN Martin Stores A GOOD PLACE T0 BUY YOUR Buy Your General Electric Appliances Af SAWKINS Music and FuRNl'ruRE EXTRA TROUSERS Alma Michigan noun Ftoons Alma Michigan See - - G. J. IVIAIER Q Norman F. Geller, Alma JEWELER for "GIFTS OF DISTINCTIONU Young Men,S Clothing and Shoes Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Alma Michigan Hosiery Arrow Shirts SAUNDERS MEN'S WEAR Compliments Of If we haven't it ECONOMY STORE We have Better ALMA MICHIGAN Alma Michigan c""""l"""S of J. C. PENNEY co. SHOP AT THE BIG STORE 126 w. suPEmon sr. IN Alma Michigan ALMA NILSON'S JEWELER and GIFT STORE High Grade Clockwand Watch Repairing School Supplies - Magazines Phone 528 Alma, Michigan Compliments of Your Jeweler W. T. 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Creamery Co. -'EVERY PATRON IS A MEMBER" Harold Blackmer C C't 'Y Phone 79 Compliments of CARSON cm' CARSON CITY LOCKERS Phone 88 M ROCHESTER Auth l d D I CARSON CITY MICHIGAN Brooks 82 S011 CARSONCCITY QEIISEVATOR C 't tt t Gra31:ii1Jci1Bea1nsy an Feeduansggljis RAYYS and Bows Coal, Lumber 'and Building Material T F h Meats, Groceries, Work Clothing WE DELIVER ANYWHERE PHONE 63 CARSON CITY MICHGIAN

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