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Y 4 School THE STATIC Presented by the Senior Class ot 1950 Fulton High School Fulton, Illinois Page 2 Staff Editor: La Vern Hoogheern Assistant Editors: Dorothy Kooi Berneice Kinney Frederick Mohrman Counsel Table lllllllllIIllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHII' PRINCIPAUNND BOARD Room' 5, Q 5: Q 1 ' O F 1 A NllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllI IIII RADIO QA, CONSOLE P Q FCE Floor Plan Page 4 We present for your inspection the floor plan of our new school. You, the students, are the journeymen and appren- tices, who will profit from the advice and leadership given to you by the members of the counsel table and the faculty, who are the architects and constructors of future citizens. Use this plan wisely. Mr. Henderson We, the Senior Class of '50, dedicate this annual to Mr. Charles DeWild and Mr. Lyle J. Henderson in appreciation for their work as our instructors and coaches and as an exe- pression of our esteem for them as our friends. Dedication Mr. DeWild Page 5 Board of Education Mr. Sikkema This year the Board of Education has worked extremely hard in order to get our new High School building completed. The Board has been composed of Donald Sikkema, presidentg Thaddeus Jones, secretary, John Decker, Garrett Sterenberg, and Thomas Woods. We the students of F. C. H. S. know that there will be a feeling of great satisfaction the day the doors of the new school are open- ed. We, too, know that each student will be very grateful to these men on this day, as we are all looking forward with anticipation to moving int oour new building. We want to thank these men for their time, their effort, and their leadership. This year Mr. Jones retired from the Board of Education after serving nine years and spending much of his leisure time getting the new building started. He did a excellent job, and we want to thank him and also want him to know he will be missed. I Left to right: T. Jones, T. Woods, J. Decker, G. Sterenberg Page 6 f .lllllll 5 IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1E Z f f Z X W Architects I llllllllllllllllllllllg ....L. Page 8 Mr. Flinn "Congratulations to the "Static', Staff and their Advisors for having produced this fine book. The successful comple- tion of tasks of this type is a mark of distinction for the energetic members of the committees responsible for the finished project. V May the spirit of determination and achievement, as represented by this completed task, be the guiding light for every student of "Dear Old Fulton Community High School." Faculty Snapshots Use both hands, girls! Watch the game, Mr. Flinnl Boy, that's a sweet job! Teacher's smiling? Oh, schoo1's out. Result of Faculty-Senior basketball game. The Big Wheels. We didn't know you were bashful, Mr. Swanson. Page 9 Faculty TOP ROW-Mr. Flinn, L. Henderson, J. Balk, D. Ryner. BOTTOM ROW-M. L. Schlintz, B. Hall, R. Chamberlain, D. Wendlandt. LEWIS FLINN, principal, B. S., Illinois Wes- leyan, Bloomington, Illinois, and M. S. University of Illinois. LYLE HENDERSON, assistant principal, as- sistant coach, and instructor of phy- sics, B. S., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity. DOLORES RYN ER, instructor of commercial subjects, B. S. in education, State Teachers College, Macomb, Illinois. MARY LOU SCHLINTZ, instructor of girl's physical education, B. S., MacMurray College. Page 10 ROBERT CHAMBERLIN, instructor of sci- ence and biology, B. S. in education, Northwestern Illinois Teachers Col- lege. HAROLD VANCE, instructor of vocational agriculture, B. S., Western State Col- lege, M. A. University of Illinois. FERN WATSON, instructor of social studies, B. S., Illinois State Normal, and M. A., University of Illinois. DONALD WENDLANDT, instructor of in- strumental and vocal music, B. M., University of Wisconsin. Faculty Top Row : M. Tobin, C. DeNVild. S. Carlson, T. Swanson. ' Bottom Row: II. Vance, A. McNamara, F. Watson, B. Sluymaker. MARY TOBIN, instructor of commercial sub- jects and English, B. S., College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minnesota. SHIRLEY CARLSON, instructor of Mathe- matics, B. S., in education, Northern Illinois State Teachers College, De- Kalb, Illinois. CHARLES DeWILD, instructor of world his- tory and boys' physical education and coach, A. B. Central College, Pella, Iowa. THOMAS SWANSON, instructor of English III and IV and Latin, B. S. in educa- tion, Central Missouri State College. JOAN BALK, secretary, graduate of Fulton Community High School, class of 1948. BETTY JO SLAYMAKER, instructor of home economics, B. S. in education, Northern Illinois State Teachers College, Associate Degree, Blackburn College. BETTIE HALL, instructor of art, B. E. North- ern State Teachers College, DeKalb, Illinois. ANN McNAMARA, instructor of English? library, and dramatics, A. B., Uni- versity of Illinois. Page 11 Snapshots BRHSH xt EEHER5 . Cutting up again. Helen Hook. . Contest time again. . Rose between two thorns. . Art class or street commissioners? . Hi-Mae! ! ! 7. Must be a pedigree. 8. Pain is over their heads. 1 2 2. The Moon Shines Over the Mountain. 5 6 Page 12 9. 10 11 12 13 14 Nice view of the -ahem- shrubbery. That isn't uthe new book." Bob Davisson - What happened to the curly hair? Look alive boys! Draw your own conclusions. A11 that meat and no potatoes. J ourneymen E S -iumnuumununnunun Pg 13 Senior Class Advisors Miss Watson Mr. Henderson We wish to thank our class advisors, Miss Watson and Mr. Henderson, for their guidance, time, and interest, which were given so graciously and earnestly throughout our last year in F. C. H. S. It is our hope that the inspirations that they have given us and the patterns that they have set for us will continue to guide us long after we have left F. C. H. S. Officers l Page 14 D. DeGunther, G. Hill, M. Van Zuiden, D. Ryder HAZEL ANDERSON G. A. A. 1, 2: F. H. A. 1. 2. LOIS BALK Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1. 2, 3, Secretary 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Girls' Sextet 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 1: Class President 3: Relay Attendant 1: Relay Queen 2: Class Play 3: Li- brary Staff 1: Static Staff 2: Annual Staff 4: Camera Club 2: Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Secretary 4: National Honor Society 4. ELMER BOONSTRA F. F. A. 2: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Quar-- tet 3: Boys' Quintet 4: Speech Club 4: Annual Staff 4. LEO CASEY B. A. A. 2, 3. 4: Track Letter 2, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. Seniors NANCY ABBOTT G. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: F. H. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council 1, 4: Static Staff 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: Girls' Gfee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Giris' Sextet 3, 4: Camera Club. EUGENE BLINK Foolball Letter 4: Varsity 4: Library Staff 2: Annual Staff 4: B. A. A. 3, 4: Track Letter 4. LORETTA BOS Girls' Glee Club 1: Mixed Chorus 2: Annual Staff 4. GERALD COSSMAN Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 3. 4: Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: Library Staff 2, 3. Page 15 Seniors EMILY COYN E G. A. A. 1. 2: F. A. 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3. RICHARD DE GUNTHER Annual Staff 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 4, President 3: Football Letter 2, 3, 4: Basketball Letter 3, 4: Speech Club President 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council 1: Static Staff 3, 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4: National Honor Society 4: Class President 4: Track Letter 4. ROBERT DYKEMA Class Treasurer 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Vice President 4: Boys' Quartet 3: Boys' Quintet 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4: Annual Staff 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Track Letter 2, 4: Latin Club Secretary 4, President 4: Marching Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Pep Bnnd 4: Class Play 4. RICHARD FAGAN B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Ninth Hour Chorus 2: Annual Staff 3, 4: Camera Club Vice-President 2: Football Letter 4. Page 16 ROBERT DAVISSON Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Library Staff 2: Class Play 4: Annual Staff 4: Ninth Hour Chorus 2. EUGENE DIEPHUIS F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Annual Staff 4. GARRETT DYKSTRA Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4: Boys' Quartet 3: Boys' Quintet 4. JOYCE FLIKKEMA Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Ninth Hour Chorus 2: Girls' Sextet 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. 1, 2: Speech Club 4: Static Staff 2, 4: Library Staff 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: D. A. R. Award 4. ,insult Fl HARPER HARVEY Annual Staff 4: F. F. A. 1: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Letter 4: Basketball Letter ll. 4: Track Letter 2, 3, 4: Speech Club 4. LA VERNE HOOGHEEM Concert Band 1, 2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Director 4: Hungry Five German Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Class President 1: Static Staff 4: Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4: Latin Club, Vice President 4: Class Play 3, 4: Boys' Quintet 4: Mixed Chorus 4: National Honor Society 4. CLIFFORD JOHNSON B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, President 4: Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Track Letter 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermans' Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Speech Club 4: Basketball Letter 2, 3, 4: Football Letter 1, 2, 3, 4. NORMA KOENES G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 : Annual Staff 4. Seniors GEORGE HILL Class Vice President 1, 4: Football Letter 3, 4: Track Letter 2, 3, 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, ,4: Letterman's Club 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer .4: Speech Class President 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3. MAE HOOGHEEM G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: cn-is' sem: 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Club Treasurer 4: Annual Staff 4. DONNA JONES G. A. A. 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Annual Staff 3, 4: Class Play 3: Homecoming Attendant 4: Pep Club. DOROTHY KOOI '- F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Static Staff 4: National Honor Society 4. Page 17 Seniors HENRY KRAMER Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Static Staff 2, 3: Library Staff 2, 3: Speech Club Secre- tary 4: B. A. A. 2. MELVIN LETCHER Football Letter 3, 4: Basketball Letter 4: Class Play 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermans' Club 3, 4: Track Letter 4: Concert Band 1, 2. 3. PHYLLIS MARING F. I-I. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, A: Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Annual Staff 4: Static Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Glass Treasurer 1: Class Play 3, 4: Cheerleaders' Letter 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS MILLER Class Vice President 3: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, President 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, 4: State ic Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Library Staff 4, Secretary and Treasurer 3: Student Council 4: Pep Club 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 3, Treasurer 4: Girls' Glee Club 3. 4: Homecoming Attendant 3: Relay Attendant 3: Homecoming Queen 4. Page 18 DANIEL LEAHY F. F. A. 1. 2, 3: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3.4: Static Club 3: Camera Club Vice President 2: Annual Staff 4: Ninth Hour Chorus 2: Track Letter 4. LINDA LLOYD G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Points Manager 4: Student Council 3: Mixed Chorui 1, 2: Class Secretary 2: Static Staff 2, 3: Assistant Editor 4: Camera Club 2: Class Play 3: Annual Staff 3. 4: Pep Club President 4: National Honor Society 4. JANE MILLER Mixed Chorus 1, 2: F. H. A. 1, 2: G. A. A. 1, 2: Annual Staff 4. FREDERICK MOHRMAN Annual Staff 3, Associate Editor 4: Static Staff 2, 3, Editor 4: Library Staff 2, 3, President 4: Speech Club 4: Boys' Quintet 4: Marching Band 1: - l WILMA PRINS F. H. A. 1, 2, 4, Secretary 3: G. A. A. 1: Static Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Camera Club 2: Mixed Chorus 1. HOWARD ROWLAND F. F. A. 1, 2, Vice President 3, Presie dent 4: Student Council Treasurer 4: Annual Staff 4: National Honor So- ciety 4. DONALD RYDER B. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Vice President 3: Var- sity Club 2, 3, 4: Football Letter 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 3: Class Treasur- er 4: Student Council 4: Speech Club 4: Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4. JOAN STUART G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 1.2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Static Staff 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Camera Club 2: Student Council 4. Seniors JACK QUAINTANCE Ninth Hour Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Annual Staff 4. J EANNE RUS F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, President 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Girls' Sextet 3. 4: Twirler 2, 3: Drum Majorette 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4. RICHARD SISSING F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4. ROLAND SWANSON F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Class Play 4. Page 19 Seniors EUGENE TEMPLE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Club Presi- dent 4, MILDRED VAN ZUIDEN F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Static Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Cass Secretary 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 3, J OHANNA VOSS F. H. A. 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Static Staff 4: Annual Staff 4. EVELYN WIEBENGA F. H, A. 1.2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Static Staff 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 4. Page 20 U J EANETTE TEMPLE F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Static Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Li- brary Staff Secretary 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Class Play 4: Pep C'ub 4. ROBERT VENEMA F. F. A. 1, 2, 4, President 3: Football Letter 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4: B. A. A. 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. GEORGE WALTER Class Play 3, 4: B. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: lettermans' Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2: National Honor Society 4: Annual Staff 3, 4: Static Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 1: Football Letter 3, 4: Basketball Letter 4: Track Letter 2, 3, 4. DAVID WOODS Annual Staff 3, 4: Varsity Club 3. 4. President 2: Football Letter 3, 4: Bas- ketball Letter 3, 4: Speech Club Treas- urer 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Class Play 3: Static Staff 2, 3: B. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Track Letter 2. THOMASQWOODS A A. , 2. , :Le emans' lu Seniors nt Council lg Football Letter 3: 1 3 4 tt 1' C b PATRICIA WRAY President 4: Homecoming' Attend , Senior Class History When Seniors think about that last day of school, they think it has been long, but really has it? When you think of all the little incidents which have happened along the way, whether they were sad or joyous, weren't they really the best days of our lives. When we left grade school in the fall of 1946 to enter F. C. H. S., which seemed quite large to us, there were seventy-four boys and girls. Green ,seemed to be in the air for sev- eral months. Remember the fun we had at the initiation party when Linda Lloyd fed Harper Harvey dill pickles and baby food, any many other clever stunts were enacted. We were all scared but just a little proud, too, to think the party was in our honor. Then we got down to business and elect- ed our first class officers. They were: La- Verne Hoogheem, Presidentg George Hill, Vice-president, Lois Balk, Secretary, and Phyllis Maring, Treasurer. When we came back the following fall as sophomores, it felt good to be able to look at all the new "green freshman", although we realized that we had been the same only the year before. Our officers for that year were: Dave Woods, President, Pat Wray, Vice-president, Linda Lloyd, Secretary, and Irma DeWeerdt, Treasurer. Then we began to take part in extra- curricular activities, each to his own interest. Some of those activities were G. A. A.. B. A. A., F. H. A., F. F. A., Library, Static, and Choruses. The class of "50" is fortunate in having many who joined the band -- Pat Wray, Phyllis Maring, Johanna Voss, Norma Koenes, Lois Balk, La Verne Hoogheem, El- mer Boonstra, Jerry Cossman and Bob Dyk- ema. I think you all remember our all-school party and our hayrack ride and how we took some road, on which we had to walk part of the way because the tractor couldn't pull us up the hill. At last the next year we were upper- classmen. Lois Balk was our President, Phyllis Miller, Vice-president, Kenneth Wier- sema Cwho later left schoolj, and Don Ryder as Secretary, and Bob Dykema, Treasurer. In May we planned our prom for the graduating seniors, with the help of Miss Ainsworth. I don't think anyone will forget the fun and long hours spent in decorating to change the basketball floor at the Coli- seum to a theme of "Neptune's Kingdom." In the spring we gave a play, "Those Websters." Remember, there was an epi- demic of measles, and we were all afraid someone in the cast would get them. We wish to thank Miss McNamara and Miss To- bin again for their fine direction in making our play a success. Remember the all-school party we gave, the selling of "Steamers' " plates, the skit we had to prepare for F. H. A. party, our class picnic to Blackhawk in a truck, the bake sale? Back to school again for our last year, we started the year's activities with our class play. We chose for our play "The Perfect Idiot". Miss McNamara and Miss Tobin added a few more grey hairs to their heads because they again directed the play. When we entered F. C. H. S. in "46", we totaled 74 members, but the class of "50" now totals 49 members. In our junior year Al- berta Smith, Ruby Roggendorf, Marjorie Bowman, and Shirley Pyse transferred to the Morrison High School. Remember when Joyce Flikkema receiv- ed the D. A. R. award and when the National Honor Society was chosen? LaVerne Hoog- heem, Howard Rowland, Lois Balk, Robert Page 21 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 11: Marching 1, 2, 3, 4:17. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4:G. A l, 2, 3, 4: Static Staff ?, 3, 4: A I Staff 4: Class Play 43 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Sextet 3. 4: Student Conn Senior Class History, cont. Venema, Linda Lloyd, Dorothy Kooi, Dick DeGunther, George Walters were members from our class. Our student council members for these four years were Pat Wray, Cliff Johnson, Nancy Abbott, Howard Rowland, George Walters, Lois Balk, and Dick DeGunther. To attend the football queen we have chosen Linda Lloyd, Irma DeWeerdt, Pat Wray, Phyllis Miller and Donna Jones. Phyllis was queen in our Senior year. To attend the track queen we have chosen Phyl- lis Miller and Lois Balk. The Class of '50 can boast some fine ath- letes! Cliff Johnson, George Walters, Dick DeGunther, Harper Harvey, Melvin Letcher, all exhibited skill in football, basketball and track. Then there were George Hill, Don Ryder, Robert Venema, Eugene Blink, and Daniel Leahy representing us in football, Dave Woods in basketball and George Hill, Senior Class Prophecy Whew! What a job! I just finished taking the 1960 census for the Fulton area and naturally I saw most of my old class- mates. You'd really be surprised to find out how our "Class of '50" turned out. For instance, who ever thought Cliff Johnson and Nancy Abbott would own a duck farm? They did, but finally had to sell out. They couldn't stand all those big bills. Elmer Boonstra had a bit of bad luck, too. He and Phyl Miller operated the "No Drip" Oil Com- pany down in Texas. They gave it up, how- ever, because they weren't used to going to bed so oily. Bob Dykema couldn't decide whether to be a tailor or a lawyer, so he de- cided to become both. He's now pressing law suits. Dick Fagan is a conductor on the streamliner "City of Denver". He's still tell- ing people where to get off. Bob Davisson and Gerry Cossman are swimming instruc- tors at the University of Garden Plain. Speaking of spaghetti, Joan Stuart lost a high-salaried job at the new Italian restau- rant reading tea leaves. Her fortunes weren't very good. The "Winky, Blinky, and Nod" Circus, owned and operated by Eugene Blink just pulled into town. Gene was there with his long line of wild animals, and George Walter was there with his long line, too. Don Ryder is now owner of the "Eat and Weep" chicken feed corporation. I've heard it said that Ryder eats like a chicken too, a peck at a time. His old girl, Donna Jones is in the Page 22 Dave Woods, Don Ryder, Robert Venema, and Daniel Leahy in track. Phyllis Maring was the cheerleader from our class. I think it will be a long time before we forget having our Senior Class pictures tak- en, receiving our class rings, initiating the freshman, the many hours spent working on the Static, Senior dinner at the Legion Home, work on the Annual, F. H. A. and F. F. A. Fairs, and Student Council programs. There are so many things to remember in these four years, that it is impossible to include everything that each person remembers. As we come to the close of our Senior year, we hope no member of the class will 'forget the many good times we shared as members of the "Class of 1950". We are sorry to leave, but we will often return in spirit to F. C. H. S. Remember Seniors, you're on your own now with no teachers to guide you along, so we should be grateful for what the teachers have done for us. bakery business. She's really making the dough. Pat Wray has finally learned to play the piano like Tchaikovsky. Both hands. Richard Sissing binds mummies at the Chi- cago Museum. He's all wrapped up in his work. Jeanette Temple recently took a course in beauty culture. She 'glamored' for attention. Mae Hoogheem and Emily Ann Coyne are co-owners of the "Stuffy Storage" Battery Company. No charging allowed. George Hill turned to professional swim- ming for a living. After having much early success, he attempted to swim from France to England. He failed, however, whereupon he decided to conduct his efforts through dif- ferent channels. Leo Casey resigned his position as a guitar player in the "Fulton Alumnus Pep Band". Too many strings at- tached. He plans on attempting to swim the English Channel so that the good town of Fulton won't be humiliated after George Hill's failure. Apparently he thinks it will be a long grind, because he is taking his trunks along. David Woods and Linda Lloyd are riding merrily down the road of life, but she's still doing the driving. Mel Letcher is now heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. "Letch" fights just like a hydraulic jack, he always gives his opponents a lift. Roland Swanson was in the carpet business, but it got too rugged. Loretta Bos and Jane Miller are now owners of the "All-Purpose" Truck Line. They haul any big freight. Gary Dykstra turned out to be a psychiatrist in a pottery factory. He examines the crack- ed pots. Johanna Voss married a lumber- jack from the north woods and now has eight little slivers. Millie VanZuiden is still on the loose. She's got a mind just like a bache- lor's bed - never made up. Dick DeGunther is now a pitcher for the Brooklyn Bums. He always was pretty good at throwing it. Jeanne Rus married the manager of a steel corporation and now has two little "Rustys". Going with Jeanne made you feel like a pearl. You were just another one of the string. Gene Temple had his thumbs amputated this morning so that he wouldn't have to pay thumb tax. Jack Quaintance is now Ser- geant-at-Arms in the U. S. Senate. Well, I guess I'll turn on the radio and see if I can get some news. - Good evening friends, this is Station PHEW bringing you Wilted Winchell with the latest world news -but first a word from our sponsor. Kram- erettes! The only cigarette company in the world able to cram 37 cigarettes into a pack- age the size of a salt shaker. Proof l - In a survey taken by Dr. Earle Lawton that - "the more you drag, the more smoke you get." No other cigarette can deny this statement. - And now the news. Chicago is being honored tonight by the presence of LaVerne Hoog- heem at the Aragon Ball room with his fam- ous "Boomer's Bloomers"g an all-girl band. Lois Balk today announced her forthcoming marriage to Swooney Cable. This will be Miss Balk's fourth marriage. Joyce Flik- kema has been hired as physical education Senior Class Prophecy, cont. teacher at State Pen-er-I mean Penn State. Evelyn Wiebenga is back on the job after a Mediterranean cruise. She's giving walking lessons to young women, and walking papers to young men. Daniel Leahy, world famous stunt driver in the "Daredevil Auto Show", has walked out on the company which op- erates the show. His job just wasn't what it was cracked up to be. Phyl Maring was ap- pointed head of the lingerie department at Marshall Fields and Company. We hope business isn't slipping. Harper Harvey be- came a confectionery store owner. He soon bought numerous stores throughout the coun- try and became owner of a large confec- tionery chain. He is now a malted-million- aire. Norma Koenes, Dorothy Kooi, and Wil- ma Prins were hired to test the new bed mat- tresses made by the "Big Bounce" Bed Cor- poration. They are acting as undercover agents. The newest thing on the market is a little something by designer Bob Venema, called "Western Unions". Don't be alarmed folks, it's only cowboy underwear. In the National Elections of the Lonely Hearts Club today, Fred Mohrman was elected president and. Eugene Diephuis treasurer. Howard Rowland has been missing for three weeks now. He was last seen headed. FLASHQ Tom Woods became the winner of the World's Pocket Pool Tournament late this afternoon. Somebody stole Tom's cue just before the final round, so he talked his op- ponent out of the championship. - Signing off till next year, this is Wilted Winchell wishing the Fulton students loads of luck in their new high school. Page 23 Senior Class Will To Joe Naftzger, I, Boomer Hoogheem, leave that bent piece of pipe I call a trom- bone, because he has plenty to blow. I, Pat Wray, do bequeath my skating ability to Neil Housenga, but not my skates. To Lois Hoff, I, Jeane Rus, do will my troubles with boys and teachers. I, Henry Kramer, do bequeath my curly hair to Bob Blean, in the hopes that it helps him get a girl. I, Danny Leahy, do leave my superior ability in athletics to my buddy Jimmy Wes- sels, hoping he uses it to better advantage. I, Melvin Letcher, do leave my position as linebacker on the football team to Harlan Balk. To Leona Housenga, I, Dorothy Kooi, do leave my worries over my studies. I, Phyl Miller, do leave my chore of milking the cows at 5 A. M. to Paula Buik- ema, knowing she has plenty of pulley. To Gene Drennen, I, Eugene Temple, leave my ability to command the attention of the opposite sex. I, Joyce Flikkema, leave my innumer- able boy friends to Berniece Kinney. I, Donna Jones, leave my slim figure to Jeanne Letcher, I, Cliff Johnson, do bequeath my lop- sided Chevrolet Cdue to Nancyl to John Blod- gett and Betty Ven Huizen. My good grades in Physics, I, Richard Sissing, do bequeath to Harlan Housenga. P. S. I hope you understand Luke's slap-stick too. To Charlie Flikkema and Cecil Dykstra. I, Dave Woods, leave the task of helping my girl Linda Lloyd for the next three years, in the hopes that by that time she will grad- uate. We, Eugene Blink and Johanna Voss, do hereby leave and glad of it. We, Elmer Boonstra, Bob Dykema, Gary Dykstra, and Fred Mohrman, do bequeath our positions on the boys' quintet to Wilbur Wiersema, Wayne Petersen, Leon Wassenaar, and Jerry Wiebenga. We, Roland Swanson and Eugene Diep- huis, do hereby leave our quiet attitude to- ward life to Norman Burns and Marguerite Norman. We, Loretta Bos and Jane Miller, do hereby leave our truck drivers to Loretta Housenga and Phyl Engelkins. To Tom Yopst, I, Tom Woods, do leave my skill in pool, because he's behind the 8-ball most of the time. Page 24 I, Earle Lawton, do hereby will mygood grades in school to Charm Decker. We, Jerry Cossman and Bob Davisson, do bequeath our knowledge of electricity to Peggy Fuller, hoping she gets a charge out of it. - I, Phyllis Maring, do hereby leave my position as cheerleader to Geneva DeWitt. To Marlene Housenga, I, Evie Wiebenga, do bequeath my diamond so Dick DeGunther won't have to send to Monkey Wards for one. To Betty Kruse, I, Bob Venema, leave 50 lbs. of weight to help her handle Hill. I, Lois Balk, do bequeath my position on the National Honor Society to Arnie Prest- ley. I, Millie Van Zuiden, do leave my timid emotions to Mardell Nelson. I, Donald Erwin Ryder, do hereby will all my troubles with Donna Jones, to Art Sikkema and Kenny Norman because I know it will take two to handle them. We, Norma Koenes and Wilma Prins, do leave our pleasing personalities to Betty Dykstra to go with her figure. I, George Hill, do leave my favorite parking place in the cemetery to Cliff Cran- dall and Francis Smith because it will take two to occupy it. To Jackie Brondyke, I, Hazel Anderson, do bequeath my diamond just in case Donnie Snyder doesn't come through. To Rush Wilkens, we Jack Quaintance and Howard Rowland, do bequeath our abil- ity to get along with teachers. I, Harper Harvey, do leave my long arms to Wilma Decker to help her get around the men. We, Mae Hoogheem, Joan Stuart, and Jeanette Temple, do leave our combined love for Mr. Swanson to Francis Kustes. She'll need it. I, Richard Fagan, do leave my quiet, calm mannerisms to Arlene Balk. I, Emily Coyne, leave my troubles with English to Lois Balk and Phyl Muur. To Bobby Rowland, I, Leo Casey leave my corn-cob pipe and corn silk, if he's man enough to stand it. To Willard Kraft, I, George Walter, leave my Annual Staff duties in the hopes that he is more capable of satisfying the requisites of the sponsors. llllllllllllll gunna -3 Y P X Juniors FRONT ROW-M. Braun, B. Dykstra, L. Houzenga, L. Hoff, P. Fuller. SECOND ROW-G. DeWitt, H. Balk, C.Flikkema, C. Dykstra, N. Houzenga, J. Wessels, M. Houzenga THIRD ROW-J. Brondyke, N. Burns, P. Engelkens, A. Balk, L. Bulk, W. Decker, P. Buikema. BACK ROW-L. Housenga, J. Blodgett, R. Blean, H. Housenga, C. Crandall, G. Grennen, Miss Slay- maker-sponsor. Junior Class Officers Page 26 FIRST ROW-B. Kinney, B. Kruse, P. Engelkcns, L. Bulk. Juniors FRONT ROW4M. Nelson, P. Jones, J. Letcher, F. Kustus, M. Norman. SECOND ROWf.I. Wiebenira, L. Wassenaar, W. Kraft, J. Naftzger, A. Sikkema, R. Rowland, B. Stutler. THIRD ROW-P. Muur, B. Ven Huizen, B. Kinney, J. Williams, P. Pidde. FOURTH ROW-K. Norman, F. Smith, R. NVikens, VV. Petersen, W. Wiersema, Mr. De Nvlld4SDOllS Junior Class I-lisiory The first time we Juniors got together as upper classmen was September 9, 1949. At this meeting we elected the officers for the coming year. They are Berniece Kinney, presidentg Lois Balk, vice-presidentg Betty Kruse, secretary, Phyllis Englekins, treas- urerg Phyllis Engelkins and Cliff Crandall, Student Council representatives. Our class sisolrasors are Miss Slaymaker and Coach De- 1 . On January 21 our all school party was given. Dancing and games were played. We had several bake sales and sold hats to the Pep Club as a source of getting money to give the "Best J r.-Sr. Prom" ever. February 13 was a great day for us. We ordered our class rings. Now we can't Wait to get them. Junior class members who are represented in the band are: Marguerite Norman, Fran- ces Kustes, Lois Balk, Cliff Crandall, Harlan Balk, Charles Flikkema, Art Sikkema, Leon Wassenaar, and Jerry Wiebenga. Cliff Crandall, Francis Smith, Rush Wil- kens, Leon Wassenaar, and Jimmy Wessels did their share during the basketball season. As football players we had Francis Smith, Jim Wessels, Joe Naftzger, Gene Drennen, Charles Flikkema, John Blodgett, Rush Wil- kens, Cliff Crandall, Tom Yopst, and Bob Blean, Mgr. Betty Kruse was the football queen at- tendant and reigned as queen over the Ful- ton Relays. Page 27 Sophomores fLeft to Rightl ROW 1-N. Baird, M. Dykstra, N. Leibert, R. Feldt, J. Beach. ROW 2-J. Bielema, H. Hill, M. Fagan, B. Baker, D. Jamison, D. Bush, M. Leavens, A. Glenn, B. Dykhuis. ROW 3-L. Flynn, K. Fanderclai, F. Fiet, K. Balk, A. DeWeerdt, D. Loftus J. Fuller, D. Cross. ROW 4-E. Kolk, L. Kettler, J. Kopenga, R. Flinn, D. Housenga, J. Frazier, J. Jones, Mr. Vance, sponsor. Sophomore Class Uflicers l FIRST ROW-F. Fiet, R. Flinn, K. Fanderclai, J. Bielema. Page 28 Sophomore Class History The Sophs have not been idle in the way of extra activities. Many showed interest in sports, band, and chorus. The boys who participated in football this year are Don Snyder and Vernon Sik- kema, who played on the varsity team, and T. Snyder, L. Kettler, F. Fiet, D. Wiersema, B. Ziegler, U. Wiersema, R. Temple, G. Wier- sema, J. Bielema, D. Loftus, B. Flinn, G. Voss, A. Temple, G. Mickleson, J. Voss, R. Muur, J. Fuller, and J. Schuler went out for Fresh- man-Sophomore football. Ron Temple made a good showing of his basketball skill with the Steamers this year. The Soph boys who played on the In- dian team are J. Bielema, G. Voss, L. Kettler, T. Snyder, B. Flinn, A. DeWeerdt, D. Wier- sema, D. Loftus, C. Rogers, and V. Sikkema. The boys out for track are J. Bielema, L. Kettler, D. Snyder, H. Hill, T. Snyder, D. Loftus, G. Voss, D. Wiersema, F. Fiet, A. DeWeerdt, R. Temple, B. Flinn, G. Mickleson, G. Wiersema, J. Schuler, and V. Sikkema, who is manager. A Those taking chorus are Noreen Marx ! Sophomores tLeft to Rightj ROW 1-E. Petersen, L. Medendorp, B. Shipma, L. Sterenberg, N. Marx, H. Wiebenga. ROW 246. Vander Bleek, E. Wilkens, B. Van Zuiden, I. Renkes, J. Voss, G. Wiersema, B. Van Kampen, U. Wiersema. V ROW 3--Miss Ryner, Sponsor, R. Maring, A. Temple, C. Rogers, J. Schuler, G. Mickelson, B. Van Houten. M. Van Zuiden. ROW 4-R. Muur, D. Wiersema, R. Temple, T. Snyder, R. Temple, R. Ziegler, G. Voss, D. Snyder. I Sophomore Class History Joyce Beach, Bonnie Baker, Margy Leavens, Ruth Feldt, Marian Fagan, Edith Petersen, Lois Sterenberg, Irma Renkes, Betty Dyk- huis, John Frazier, and Jack Voss. Edith Petersen and Lois Sterenberg are in the sex- tet. The sophs in the high school band are John Frazier, clarinet, Jack Voss, Retta Mar- ing, Helen Wiebenga, Maxine VanZuiden, and Ed Kolk, percussion, Carl Rogers, bari- tone, Gerry Voss, trombone, and Don Loftus, bass horn. Ruth Feldt was chosen as our sophomore attendant to the football queen and also as attendant to the track queen. We are coming to the end of our sopho- more year, and I know we are all looking for- ward to our junior year, a year we are upper classmen, but not the year we have to leave F. H. S. The sophomores came into the school building with assurance. It wasn't like last year when we didn't know where to go or what to do. We feel as if we belong to Ful- ton High now. The class officers were soon elected. They were: Kenneth Fanderclai, President, Joel Bielema, Vice President, Bob Flinn, Sec- retary, and Fred Fiet, Treasurer. Class clues were set at 50c a semester. Our class advi- sors are Miss Ryner and Mr. Vance. In October the class decided to have a hayrack ride just for its members. Don Wier- sema and Fred Fiet furnished the transporta- tion. The party started at the school, and we went for a ride in the country which end- ed up at the Barrel Pit. Hot dogs and pop were then devoured by the hungry sophs. Another ride was enjoyed, and we headed back to town. A few people fell off the hay- racks now and then, but all was fun. Our sophomore class gave their all- school party on March 24. The theme was "The Old Barn Dance". As the guests enter- ed the Coliseum through the swinging barn gates, they were confronted by the soft glow of red lanterns and the musty smell of hay and old leather. The farm set which center- ed the refreshment table completed the au- thenticity of the scene. The students enter- ed into the square dances, which were di- rected by Mrs. Fagan, and soon made the "Old Barn" shake as they slid and stomped through the calls of the dances. Singing, games and social dancing was also enjoyed, as were the not-to-be-forgotten refreshments. Page 29 Freshmen E LEFT T0 RIGHT-FIRST Row-s. Miller, s. Koenes, B. Pannell, B. schipper, M. Parker, A. otteiisf J. Pidde. SECOND ROW-A. Schuler, A. Tiesman, R. Wiebenga, B. Riordon, R. Ven Huizen, C. Walter, E. Leibert, M. Kidwell. THIRD ROW-Miss Carlson, sponsor, D. Tiesman, H. Snyder, M. Remery, M. Van Zuiden, R. Stuart, I. Wray, L. Swanson, D. Vlfiersema. FOURTH ROW-W. Peska, R. Prins, M. Sterenberg, P. Norman, D. Venema, J. Williams, D. Van Zuiden, M. Temple. Freshmen Class Officers FRONT ROXV-E. Balk, M. Parker. SECOND ROW-S. Miller. Page 30 Freshmen Class History The Freshmen made their first becom- ing appearance at F. H. S. on September 6, 1949. The spacious study hall with ever so many seats gave us no warm reception, and we wondered how we'd ever be able to find our own seats. Then came initiation. The girls were to adorn thmselves in men's green socks, peer shyly from men's bibbed Coveralls, on back- wards, and a green stripped shirt forcing its ridiculous appearance here and there. The girl's dainty feet were roped or corded in plow shoes. The boys wore ladies green hatsg green skirts with jeans rolled up to display their ladies' sheer black hose. To top off everything, they had to wear a green stripped pajama top. At the end of the day our arms felt as if not only did we carry our books and the Seniorsg but it felt as if we had to carry the sophomore's and junior's books too. At night after making sure we were red in the face from lipstick, the Seniors let us in the Coliseum, only to be found guilty in the Senior court. Each Freshmen had to pay his penalty. If he didn't pay his penalty he got the hot seat. Some got the electric chair as Freshmen LEFT TO RIGHT-FIRST ROW-D. Brondy M. Dykstra. ke. Eads, M. Graham, A. Dyke, G. Heun, J. Baker, SECOND ROW-A. Euglekingf. F. Carlsen, G. Hoese, C. Bailey, R. Ebheri, M. Ammon, B. Bielema, E. Balk. THIRD ROW-K. Huizengra, R. Hamstra, B. Bramley, L. Bonneur, D. Hofesinger, H. Hook, S. Baird. R. Crossma FOURTH ROWAI. Hoogrheem, A. Foster, L. Boelkens, A. Eissens, D. Ardapple, V. Borgstrom, W. Angefse, Mrs. Chamberlain, sponsor. their penalty. Freshmen Class History Our first meeting was held on Septem- ber 8. The following officers were elected: LaVern Boelkens - President Shirley Miller - Vice-President Evelyn Balk - Secretary Marjorie Parker - Treasurer Darlene Tiesman - Student Council Irwin Hoogheem - Student Council On April 4, Shirley Miller was elected attendant for the football queen and on May Basketball: I. Hoogheem L. Boelkens P. Norm an G. Hoese L. Bonneur A. Eissens D. Ardapple Football: Art Schuler L. Boelkins R. Hamstra A. Eissens I. Hoogheem D. Ardapple D. Venema J. Flannery L. Bonneur Robert Wiebenga W. Anglese Cloy Walter 3, an attendant to the queen of the Fulton Relays. On October 20, 1949 we won 331.50 as sec- ond prize money in a skit for the Homecom- ing. Also we won a prize in the Fall Festival parade for the float we entered from our English Classes. "Courtesy Week" was the theme. ' On May 5 the Freshmen had a big suc- cessful all school party. Everyone had a wonderful time. Now for the Freshmen sports. Those that have gone out for sports are: Track: LaVerne Boelkins D. Mickey I. Hoogheem V. Borgstrom R. Hamstra G. Hoese C. 'Walters A. Eissens J. Flannery L. Bonneur R. Holisinger P. Norman W. Anglese J . Rogers R. Stuart Page 31 Calendar SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER 5-Faculty meeting. Fate of the Fulton Truants was discussed pro and con. 7-School starts. Cheers and groans. Seniors cheer and Frosh groan. Some Seniors are glad to be back particu- larly Marlene and Dick, some Fresh- men too, Irwin and Sylvia. 16-First football game of the 49-50 sea- son. We lost. Need we say more? 27-Freshmen initiation. Electrocutions, tortures and the revalation that Miss Watson can't carry a tune. Her dad could though he was a piano mover. 30-First home game. First victory of the season. We were on the ball then. OCTOBER 7-We played our traditional rivals, Mor- rison and were all set to repeat the feat of the year before but were glad to settle for a tie at the end of the game. Seniors came to school all dressed up in their Sunday finery. The occasion: Senior pictures were taken the 6th and 7th. 20-21-The teachers went from an institution to an institute Cteacher viewl. Stu- dents were paroled for good behavier. fhalj. 21-Homecoming game. Phyllis Miller reigned as queen and the sky just rained period. We played Polo and lost, 15-13. 25-F. H. A. Picnic. Good time was had by all. 27-Latin Club Picnic at Eagle Point Park. Page 32 We can still see Mr. Swanson chasing Berneice Kinney around the table be- cause she wouldn't let him have any more potato chips. - 4-Our last game of the season. We played Savanna and needless to say, we lost. 15-Frosh skating party at Savanna. More hard feelings. 18-19-Senior Class Play. "The ,Perfect Idiot". George Walter had the lead. Why not, he was the perfect fit. 22-First basketball game of the season. We played Clinton and lost. 23-25--Thanksgiving vacation. The faculty gave it and we thanked them. 25-First home game. We lost to Dixon. 29-F. H. A. Initiation. We never did get what the rolling pins were for. DECEMBER 2-Band Concert. The band did very well, as usual. 8--G. A. A. Steak Fry. Everyone took weiners. 9-Latin Club Party. Miss McNamara sang a solo and Thomas F. Swanson honored them with a piano solo. He played it all by himself. 20-Christmas Choral Concert. Never thought they would get through "The Night Before Christmas". It was only 32 pages. 23-Jan. 3rd 119501-Ah! fsighj Christ- mas Vacation. Best part of the whole school term. 27-30-Mt. Carroll Invitational Holiday Bas- ketball Tournament. Third in '48. Second in '49, First in --? .ara F. Calendar JANUARY ' MARCH 19-20-Semester Exams. What a thing to be mentioned in the same section as Christmas vacation. 25-Senior Class Party at the Legion Home. What a shindig. We had a wonderful time even though the Boys Quintet sang. Miss Watson won the Canasta prize. 28-F. H. A. and F. F. A. Carnival. Re- member the shows? If so tell about 'em cause we didn't get to see them. FEBRUARY 10 -Basketball game with Morrison. Teachers Institute at Prophetstown. We lost the game, too bad, but we can't win them all. 16-Group pictures taken. Remember the kids stood around in the halls and counted up how many pictures they were to appear in? 23-Speech Club presented a round table discussion on T. B. Miss Kirk added several comments. 27-March 3-Basketball regional tourna- ment at Mt. Carroll. We also ran. 6-Ouch! T. B. tests given. 9--Whew! Nothing happens this time 14 just the reading of the T. B. tests. -"To be or not to be, that is the ques- tion." To go is the infinitive though and that is what the senior class did. They went and saw "Hamlet" at the Sterling theater. 21-Cheese it! the brains. National Honor 25 Society initiation. -Hail the conquering heroes. The solo- ists and ensembles returned from the Hanover District Contest for Solos and Ensembles. They received 19 firsts with 19 entries. 28-Illowa Band Concert. What a day. Boomer was singing "The Johnson ftwinj Rag" for a week afterwards. APRIL 1-District Band Contest at Hanover. It 7-10 ivvas April Fool's Day but our band didn't get fooledg ours got first. Easter Vacation. What a day. The Easter Bunny was here, but all the eggs we found were frozen. 11-Illowa Choral Festival at Savanna. It was a very interesting day for Mohr- man. He slept every minute he could. Page 33 Calendar 17-Anchors Away and Come to Black- burn! The seniors heard talks by a Naval Recruiting Officer and a repre- sentative from Blackburn University. 19-Davenport Relays. Fulton is the de- fending champions -- Qcheck up on Thursdayl. 21-22-Junior Class Play - "Galloping Ghosts". We heard two ghosts talk- ing the other night. One said to the other ghost, "Do you really think there are such things as human be- ings?" 25-Fulton Relays. Our boys shone that night. Betty Kruse was Queen of the Court. 25-29-State Band Contest at Champaign- MAY Urbana. Ah, Boy, that's what the band members have been waiting for since last time. 2-Geneseo Relays. 5-La De Da "A Van Eck". The art class went to Chicago Art Gallerys, and the Home Ec girls went to Marshall Fields. 6-Gateway Classics at Clinton, Iowa. 10-Freshmen-Sophomore Relays at Mor- Page 34 rison. 12--Shades of General Grant, The Amer- ican History Class went to the mu- seum in Galena, Illinois. 13-District Track meet at Rock Island. 16-Illowa Conference track meet at Ster- ling. 17-Fresh-Soph Illowa Conference track meet at Sterling. 10-Combined Band and Choral Concert. 20--State Track Meet at Champaign. 26-Junior-Senior Prom. What a niteg or should I say morning. We've been waiting for this all year. 30-Vacation. Memorial Day. Calm be- fore the storm. JUNE 1-2-The storm, groans and grunts. Semes- ter exams, need we say more? 4-Bacculaureate service. Very impres- sive, it got us ready for the time to come. 6-At last. We've waited 12 long years for this and now that its here we wish it weren't. C'ofQRf00R. Interior Decorators mum 1 un l IIIIIII ui enum IIINUIIN lll I Ill IHH I lllll nun I! I gunng 5- E Z E gugigIimlllillllllllllllllllHHllllllllllllllllmlll ig Eillmllllllll IlllIIIHIIIIIHllllllIIIQKIIWWIIlllllillllllIlllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll IW 2 umm ugmu IlllIlllllllllllllllmmillll T' 5 '3 : ' ' Q .E 2 ' - U. - Em E ,, J u U Z O IL V4 " w 5' D- E , sv nge gm' C l null! H35 Emu, ng E E 5 E E HIE - FK llllmllu Isiinnuu En? V 5 lu Fpc5 NIIINH LL A illll 2 illll 5 ghllllllIUIIIIIllllllIIllIllllXllllllllll!1lllIHlllllllllllll I P g 35 National Honor Society FIRST ROW'-R. DeGunther, L. Balk, R. Venema, D. Kooi, Miss Carlson, sponsor. SECOND ROW- B. Kinney, G. VValter, L. Hoqgheem, R. VVilkens, H. Rowland, L. Lloyd. Although in 'previous years the National Honor Society was chosen only from the grad- uating class, this year two members of the junior class were also chosen. One of the reasons for this choice was to have active members next year who will know something about the activities that are carried on. This year fifteen per cent of the senior class or eight members and five per cent of the jun- ior class or two members were chosen. The other ten per cent of the junior class will be chosen next year. The candidates must pos- sess four qualities: Service, Leadership, Character, and Scholarship. The initiation of the new members was held March 21, at the Fulton Community High, School. The initiation was conducted by James Mohrman, Betty Jo Slaymaker, Jane Mohrman, Robert Isenhart, Joyce Tem- Page 36 ple tHuizengaJ, Doris Kooi, and Irma Hoog- heem. The speaker was Mr. Robert Whitnall of Lyons High School. Miss Carlson is the advisor of the Fulton National Honor So- ciety. The new members are: Seniors: Lois Balk Richard DeGunther LaVerne Hoogheem Dorothy Kooi Linda Lloyd Howard Rowland ' Robert Venema George Walter Juniors: Berniece Kinney Rush Wilkens Student Council .. FIRST ROW-H. Rowland, P. Wray. L. Balk, Mr. Henderson, sponsor. SECOND ROW-D. Tiesman, M. Fagan, B. Ven Huizen, P. Miller, W. Decker, P. Engelkens, J. Stuart, N. Abbott. THIRD ROW-J. Cossman, I. Hoogheem, C. Johnson, R. Sissimr, G. Drennen, C. Crandall, L. Kettler, D. Ryder. The Student Council is made up of six- teen members, two from each class, one from each organization, and four executive mem- bers. The officers for the year were as fol- lows: President, Pat Wrayg Vice-President, Cliff Crandallg Secretary, Lois Balkg Treas- urer, Howard Rowland. The other members were Nancy Abbott, Clifford Johnson, Phyl lVliller, Don Ryder, Joan Stuart, Betty Ven Huizen, Phyl Engelkins, LeRoy Kettler, Gene Drennen, Darlene Tiesman, Irwin Hoogheem, and Wilma Decker. This group has sponsored many things this year, the Christmas Party, the Home- coming and Dance, and many Student Coun- cil programs. Lt. Whittaker with his inter- esting talk about his war experiences, a pian- ist, singer, the magician team, and others were enjoyed by many of the students. Two of the projects this year, which were discussed, were the standards for en- rollment in our school clubs and re-organiza- tion of the Student Council, so it might be more successful in years to come. Page 37 G. A. A. t fLeft to Rizlhtj ROW I -L. Flynn, I. Eads, P. Wray, P. Buikema, M. I-Iouzenga, H. Snyder, M. Van Zuiden, R. Cossman. ROW II -N. Baird, J. Baker, M. Kidwell, L. Lloyd, B. Kruse, P. Miller, H. VViehenp:a, J. Stuart, Miss Schlintz. D. Tiesman, I. Wray, S. Baird. ROW III-E. Wilkens, R. Feldt, B. Van Houten, J. Brondyke. B. Kinney, L. Hoff, M. Dykstra, M. Parker, G. Heun, M. Fagan, B. Baker. ROW IV -M. Leavens, J, Beach, N. Burns, S. Miller, N. Koenes, B. Van Zuiden, P. Maringr, S. Koenes. P. Emxelkens, R. Mating, B. Van Huizen. ROW V -J. Pidde, D. Van Zuiden, L. Balk, F. Kustes, J. Letcher, N. Marx, B. Dykhuis, B. Bielema, M. Van Zuiden, W. Peska, I. Renkes. ROW VI -N. Abbott, L, Sternberg, M. Norman, C. Bailey, E. Petersen. M. Sterenberg, M. Nelson, L. Iiousem.-rn, E. Wiehemra. J. Rus, M. Hoogheem. The Girls' Athletic Association has been very active this year. Its principal objective is to teach its members the fundamentals of the games and to promote good sportsman- ship. This past year many good times have been enjoyed together. The basketball tour- nament was climatic. The activities were: Basketball tournaments, play day, Wiener roast, and a swimming party. All girls worked for points in order to get numerals and letters. Page 38 Officers for the year were: President ,.,,.... -.- . ..... Phyllis Miller Vice-President .... ....... B etty Kruse Secretary-Treasurer Helen Wiebenga Points Manager .... .... L inda Lloyd Student Council Representative, J can Stuart Sponsor ..... .... M iss Schlintz . l B. A. A. ROW ROW ROVV ROW RO NV I -J. Blodgett, H. Hill, H. Balk, Mr. Henderson, Sponsor, G. Hill, C. Johnson, R. DeGunt.her, Mr. DeWild, Sponsor, J. Schuler, D. Loftus, J. Voss. II -J. Fuller, A. Temple, F. Fiet, T. Yopst, C. Walter, G. Hoese, J. Bielemu, A. DeVVee1'dt, J Wessels, C. Rogers, L. Bonneur, R. Hamstra, G. Mickelson. III-B. Rowland, A. Schuler, G. Wiersema, C. Flikkema, L. Wassenaar, U. Wiersema, D. Ryder, D. Leahy, D. Snyder, R. Fagan, L. Casey, L. Kettler. IV -J. Naftzger, I. Hoogheem, D. Ardapple, C. Crandall, P. Norman, D. Woods, A. Eissens R. Muur, G. Voss, G. Brennen, G. W'alter. V --F. Smith, R. Flinn, R. Dykema, R. Temple, T. Snyder, H. Harvey, R. Venema, R. Blean M. Letcher, G. Blink, R. Vlfilkens, D. Wiersema. 1 Varsity Club RONV I -Mr. DeNVild, T. Yopst, J. Naftzger, A. Temple, J. Bielema, Mr. Henderson. ROW II fJ. Wessels, D. Ryder, D. Snyder, D. Woods, D. Fagan, G. Hill, C. Johnson. ROW III-G. Walter, L. Casey, C. Crandall, G. Drennen, G. Blink, R. Vllilkens. ROW 'IV -D. DeGunther, F. Smith, B. Venenm, H. Harvey, M. Letcher, B. Dykema, J. Blodgett. Page 39 F. I-I. A. QLeft to Rightj ROW 1 -R. Cossman, A. Faber, N. Leibert, I. Wray, B. Pannell, L. Flynn, I. Eads, H. Snyder. ROW II -J. Stuart, B. Van Houten, R. Feldt, L. Lloyd, N. Burns, P. Engelkens, L. Balk, W. Decker, Miss Slaymaker, sponsor, D. Tiesman, S. Baird, H. Hook. ROW III-N. Baird, A. Ottens, M. Graham, J. Baker, M. Kidwell, B. Ven Huizen, B. Baker, M. Fagan, M. Dykstra, M. Parker, J. Beach, E. Wilkens, P. Wray. ROVV IV -P. Muur, S. Miller, E. Balk, I. Renkes, P.Maring, P. Miller, B. Schipper, M. Van Zuiden, N. Koenes, B. Ven Huizen, G. Heun, M. Leavens, A. Balk. ROW V -J. Pidde, M. Van Zuiden, L. Balk, M. Hoogheem, J. Rus, N. Marx, L. Sterenberg, D. Hanson, E. Wiebenga, N. Abbott, A. Dyke, W. Peska, M. Dykstra. ROW VI -M. Nelson, L. Housenga, K. Dykstra, G. DeWitt, D. Kooi, E. Petersen, M. Sterenbcrg, C. Bailey, J. Williams, W. Prins, M. Norman, B. Shipma, D. Brondyke. The F. H. A. consists of girls who have taken Home Economics courses at least one year. They hold regular meetings once a month. This year they selected as their officers: President, Phyllis Engelkinsg vice-president. Lois Balk Jr., secretary, Linda Lloydg treas- urer, Norma Burnsg chapter Mother, Mrs. Clarence Balkg student council representa- tive, Wilma Decker. Miss Slaymaker guides and sponsors the F. H. A. girls in their work. To start the year the F. H. A. had a float in the Fall Festival parade and won second prize. On October 25 a wiener roast was held at the Slaymaker farm. Mr. Slaymaker pro- vided for the transportation in his truck and hayrack. On December 6 the Freshman initiation was held in the Homemaking building dur- ing noon hour with the sophomore girls and Page 40 the officers in charge. Refreshments were served. During the day they had to wear an apron and carry a kitchen utensil. They also were given red and white pledge ribbons to wear. On January 28, the Third Annual F. H. A. and F. F. A. Fair was held at the Coliseum. There were decorated booths announcing games, movies, food, and baked goods. Phyl- lis Miller and Howard Rowland were crown- ed as the most popular girl and boy. They were elected by the votes in which everyone could take part. On March 11 about fifteen girls went to the F. H. A. Spring Rally at Polo. In May the F. H. A. saw state slides of the F. H. A. camp, which Phyllis Engelkins and Miss Slaymaker attended in August. One of the projects of the F. H. A. was selling pin cushions. F. F. A. ROW I -J. Schuler, R. Muur, F. Smith, H. Rowland, B. Rowland, F. Fiet, M. Van Zuiden. ROW II fK. Huizenga, R. Hamstra, L. Swanson, B. Bramley, K. Fanderclni, R. Ven Huizen, G. Mickelson, L. Bonneur, D. Holesinger, N. Houzenga, M. Ammon. ROW III4A. Schuler, J. Bielema, C. Flikkema, R. Sissing, E. Diephuis, J. Flannery, D. Mickey, V. Borg- strom, U. Wiersema, A. Tiesman, A. Temple. ROW IV -D. Snyder, R. Ebbers, D. Venema, A. Eissens, B. Venema, D. NViersemn, R. Temple, E. Temple, P. Norman, A. Anglese, A. Foster. to the degree of Chapter Farmer, the Offi- cers' Leadership Training School, which is held for the purpose of training better lead- ers in F. F. A. chapters, the F. F. A. and F. H. A. Fair, and also field trips, soil testing, milk testing, farm machinery repair and painting, a picnic, and a judging team to Champaign. The Fulton Chapter of Future Farmers of America started the school year of 1949 with the knowledge and interest to learn more about the future in farming. The chap- ter also takes great pride in practicing the motto, which is: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve This year proved to be full of many worth-while activities and projects for the organization. Among these, there are the formal initiation of the freshmen to "Green Hands" and the raise of former Green Hands Officers for 1949-50 are: President, How- ard Rowlandg Vice-President, Francis Smith, Secretary, Russ Muurg Treasurer, Robert Rowland, Student Council representative, Richard Sissingg Watch Dog, Don Snyder. Mr. Harold Vance is the new and capable sponsor of the group. Page 41 Latin Club g FIRST ROW-H. Housenga, B. Kruse, B. Kinney, B. Dykema, L. Hoogheem, R. Wilkens, Mr. Swsnaon, sponsor. . SECOND ROW-P. Buikema, H. VViebenga, J. Jones, E. Petersen, J. Letcher, B. Bielema, N. Marx, M. Van Zuiden. THIRD ROW-L. Hoff, S. Koenes, A. Engleking, F. Carlson, C. Rogers, B. Riordon, R. Stuart, M. Leavens. FOURTH ROW-C. Walter, G. Hoese, E. Kolk, G. Voss, R. Flinn, J. Kopenga, I. Hoogheem, D. Ardapple. The Mostellaria Latin Club was organ- ized in the fall of "49" for the purpose of pro- moting common interest for the Latin stu- dents of this school, to further the interest of Latin, and to provide a social outlet for the members. Membership is limited to the students who have taken or are taking Latin. The meetings of this club were held once a month. The first meeting consisted of the election of officers as follows: lst Semester 2nd Semester Dux Berniece Kinney Bob Dykema Legatus " Bob Dykema LaVerne Hoogheem Scribus Lois Hoff ' Betty Kruse Coactus-Pecuniae Rush Wilkens Rush Wilkens Centurion Harlan Housenga Harlan Housenga Sponsor: Mr. Swanson Then came the night of the party. About 4:00 o'clock everyone was hurrying to get the decorations and everything set up on time. Although there was little time for prepara- tion, the party was a success. The gym was decorated in streamers of green and white with balloons flying in space. Entertainment Page 42 consisted of social dancing, games, songs by the Junior Sextet and a couple of Latin tunes by Laverne Hoogheem, Irwin Hoogheem, and Jerry Voss. Last of all came the delicious re- freshments of pop, ice-cream, cake, and fin- ally the gnawing of different colored pop- corn balls. Speech Club FIRST ROW-D. WVoods, M. Hoogheem, J. Flikkema, E. Temple, G. i-Iills, R. DeGunther, P. Wray. SECONDDROIQW-C. Johnson, E. Boonstra, F. Mohrman, Mr. Swanson, sponsor, H. Harvey, H. Kramer, . yder. A new activity was introduced to our high school this year when speech was of- fered as a part of the curriculum. The thir- teen students who became known as the "Chatterbugs" under the leadership of Mr. Swanson, began the year by writing the con- stitution for the club. In this way we became experienced in parliamentary procedure. One of the activities of the year included a special radio broadcast over station WSDR. We gave a skit which was our part in the pro- gram for National Education Week. Our speech making activities during the past year were valuable lessons, and it is hop- ed that the success of this venture will es- tablish a permanent speech department in our high school. Page 43 Library Club fLeft to Rightzj I K FRONT ROWMP. Miller. F. Mohrman, J. Temple. SECOND ROWiJ. Beach, N. Burns, M. Leavens, A. Sikkema, M. Nelson, B. Kinney, P. Bnikemn. BACK ROW-fN. Marx, M. Dykstra, B. Dykhuis, J. Kopengrn, J. Letcher, B. Bielema, E. Petersen. The Library Club was busy this year caring for the 100 new books which were purchased. With Miss McNamara as their leader, they rebound some of the old books and rearranged the library for the conven- ience of the students. Their main job has Page 44 been to act as librarians during study halls. The student library staff has as its presi- dent Fritz Mohrman and as secretary-treas- urer Jeanette Temple. The staff is looking forward to a busy year next year in the new building. Pep Club l theft to Righty FIRST ROWfH. Snyder, R. Cossman, S. Baird, L. Lloyd, B. Ven Huizen, M. Houzenga, Miss Schiintz, sponsor, P. Buikema, D. Tiesman, L. Flynn. SECOND ROW-B. Baker, M. Fagan, N. Baird, M. Van Zuiden, H. Wiebenga, J. Baker, A. Faber, J. Brondyke, M. Parker, M. Dykstra. I. VVray. THIRD ROW-B. Ven Huizen, F. Kustes, J. Beach, E. Balk, E. Petersen, P. Engelkens, L. Bulk, NV. Decker, P. Fuller, L. Hoff. FOURTH ROW-R. Marimz, P. Maring, P. Miller, J. Stuart, D. Bush, G. Bailey, E. Wiebenga, N. Marx. J. Pidde, S. Koenes, S. Miller. FIFTH ROW-J. Jones, B. Dykhuis, B. Bielem a, W. Housenga, M. Van Zuiden, N. Burns. CHEER! CHEER LOUD! CHEER LOUDER! That is the motto of the Pep Club. The Pep Club is one of the newest organizations at Fulton High School. This club's purpose is to promote more pep and spirit in school games and activities. Thus Peska, J. Letcher, J. Williams, M. Nelson, L. such as games. Officers also have been elected. They are: Linda Lloyd, president, Marlene Housenga, vice-presi- QConL. on next pagcl Pep Band far the Pep Club has had a few activities, bake sales and group cheering at home Snow I4V. Voss, D. Ardapple, D. Stuart, L. Hoogheem, L. Balk, M. Norman, L. Fraizer. ROW II fE. Boonstra, C. Crandall, J. Cossman, C. Flikkema, D. Loftus, B. Dykema, J. V0sS, L. Hoogheem. H. Balk. The Pep Band, consisting of 15 members, was under the direction of LaVerne Hoogheem. The band played at all pep meetings and home basket- ball games. They played the accompaniment for a group of twirlers, under the direction of Mrs. DeWi1d, at the halves of many home games. Also a new feature of taking the Pep Band to all out- of-town games was started. The "Hungry Four", a German Band, made up of LaVerne Hoogheem, Dick Stuart, John Fraz- ier, and Don Loftus, played at several occasions throughout the year. They were originally the "Hungry Five", but one man starved. Page 45 Marching Band Pep Club Cont. 1 dentg and Betty Ven Huizen, secretary-treasurer. The club's sponsors are Miss Carlson and Miss Schlintz. The Pep Club got its real start at our first home football game. The students were all there, but they Weren't sitting in a large group, so their cheering was not heard. After this game the sit- uation proceeded in much the same fashion until the club was organized. Then at the last home game a section for the Pep Club members was roped off to help give it a fine start and a chance for a bright future. Twirlers Jeane Rup Page 46 This club has sponsored three bake sales dur- ing the school year. The money from these sales was used to help pay for hats, which the Club bought. I Next year the Pep Club intends to purchase uniforms to make it possible for them to march on the football field and basketball court. The uniform is to consist of: a hat, shoes, blouse, vest, slacks, and possibly gloves of the same design and color. The marching will consist of panto- mine drills and stunts which will be worked out by club members. Next year we are looking for- ward to a larger membership, the new school, and more spirit. One student is all that was enrolled in the Fulton Community High School Twirling Corps this year. The title of "Drum Major- ette" has been bestowed upon J eane Rus, a veteran of previous year's corps. She has been enrolled three years, was a twirler for two years, and a leader her senior year. She has been instructed by Mrs. Charles DeWild, a champion batonist. Concert Band ROW I -J. Frazier, I Schaver, S. Koenes, C. Dykema, M. Norman. L. Balk. ROW II -P. Maring, P. Wray, L. Wassenaar, J. Wiebengza, F. Kustus, M. Legal, E. Boonstra, N. Koenes, C. Bailey, L. Balk, I. Hoogheem ROW III-P. Crandall, D. Ardapple, D. Stuart, V. Voss, B. Bell, R. Ebbers, J. Cossman, A. Sikkemn. C. Flikkema, G. Hoese, B. Riordon, B. Dykema, J. Voss ,L. Hoosrheem . ROW IV -H. Wiebenga, H. Balk, E. Kolk, J. Voss, D. Loftus, K. Rogers, M. Vnn Zuiden, R. M111-ing, Mr. Wendlandt, director. The Concert Band consists of forty-three members. Johanna Voss and Leona Meden- dorp are two of the members not pictured. Throughout the year individual lessons and group sectionals were given to all members. The Band provided marching maneuvers and snappy marches for half-time activities at all home football games. This year two concerts were given. The Fall Concert was given on December 2 and a Spring Concert on May 19. The Second Annual Illowa Music Festival was held at Morrison, Illinois, in which all bands in the Illowa League participated. Each band was criticized individually, and in the evening a massed band, composed of all bands at the Festival, gave a concert. The Band competed at the District Con- tests held at Hanover, Illinois on March 25 and April 1. Nine solos and ten ensembles along with the band participated. The State Contest was held at Champaign, Illinois on the 28th and 29th of April. The results of last years Band Contest held at Charleston, Illinois were: Class C, Concert Band--I Division, Sight-reading-I Division. Officers of the band are: President, La- Verne Hoogheemg vice-President, Robert Dykemag Secretary, Lois Balk CSU, -Treas- urer, John Frazier. The band is under the very capable and skilled direction of Mr. Donald Wendlandt. Page 47 Mixed Chorus Flltzsl' i.uwfE. Balk, R. Feldt. G. Heun, M. Graham, J. Baker, D. Tiesman, P. Wray, P. Buikema, Mr. Wendlandt, director. SECOND ROW-S. Miller, J. Temple. M. Kidwe'l, B. Baker, M. Fagan, M. Parker. J. Brondyke J. Beach, N. Burns. B. Kruse, Rita Cossman. THIRD ROXV--B. Ven Huizen, J. Flikkema, B. Dykstra, B. Biefemu, I. Renkes, F. Kustus ,D. Hanson L. Hoff, P. Mil'er, B Kinney. S. Baird. FOURTH RONV-B. Dykhuis, M. Dykstra, J. Letcher, N. Marx, M. Norman, M. Sterenberg, J. Rus, M. Hoogheeni, L. Sterenberg, M. Van Zuiden, M. Leavens. FIFTH ROVV--J. Frazier, G. Dykstra, L. Hoogxheem, H. J. Voss, G. Hill. The mixed chorus, under the direction of Mr. Wendlandt, was organized at the begin- ning of the school year. The second hour chorus met on Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- day, while the third hour chorus met on Tues- day and Thursday. An enjoyable concert of Christmas music was presented in December. Senior Sextel Kramer, R. Dykema, F. Mohrman, E. Boonstra, The program included such favorites as "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" and "The Night Before Christmas." On April ll, the chorus attended a music clinic in Savanna. The Spring Con- cert, which was held on May 19, was a huge success. M A gg-A-lj P. VVray. J. Rus, N. Abbott. M. Hoogrheem, L. Bnlk, J. Fukkema, M. Norman, pianist. ' F Page 48 Girls Glee Club KLeft to Righty PFFFFPFP FIRST ROW-E. Balk, R. Feldt, G. Heun, M. Graham, J. Baker, D. Tiesman, P. Wray, I. Wray, P. Buikema, Mr. NVendlandt, director. SECOND ROW--S. Miller, J. Temple, M. Kidwell, B. Baker, M. Fagan, M. Parker, J. Brondyke, J Beach, N. Burns, B. Kruse, R. Cossman. THIRD ROW-B. Ven Huizen, J. Flil-kema, B. Dykstra, B. Blelema, I. Renkes, F. Kustes, D. Hanson L. Hoff, P. Miller, B Kinney, S.Baird. FOURTH ROW-B. Dykhuis, M. Dykstra, J. Letcher, N. Marx, M. Norman, M. Steernberg, J. Rus M. Hoogheem, L. Sterenberg, M. Van Zuiden, M.Leavens. Junior Sexiei M. Norman, pianist, P. Buikema, J. Letcher, L. Sterenberg, E. Petersen, F. Kustus, L. Hoff. Page Boys' fluiniei M. Norman, pianist, G. Dykstra, L. Hoogheem, R. Dykema, F. Mohrman. The Boy's Quintet, which was at one time a quartet till Boomer Hoogheem came along, is composed of five male voices, one fe- male accompanist, and one male director, which, added up, makes seven, and if you want to count the piano we will call it an octet. Directed by Donald Wendlandt, band and choral director of FCHS, accompanied by Miss Marguerite Norman, and comprised of five senior boys who are: First Tenor - La- Verne "Boomer" Hoogheem and Garrett "Gary John" Dykstra, Second Tenor - Rob- ert "Dykey" Dykemag Baritone - Elmer "Bones" Boonstrag Bass - Frederick "Fritz" Mohrman, the quintet has gained fame an en- tertainers for local organizations. The quintet Went to Hanover, Illinois, March 25 as one of 19 Fulton entries in the District contest for solos and ensembles. There, receiving a first division rating, they, the band, and the soloists and ensembles won the District Sweepstakes Trophy. This trophy, not unlike the trophy pre- sented to the winning team in the Regional Basketball Tournament, was given to the school which accumulated the most points. Page 50 Points were given for first division ratings, second division ratings, etc. Fulton, which had nineteen entries, and received as many first division ratings, was selected to receive this trophy. The members of the quintet feel that they were instrumental in Fulton's receiving the trophy. The quintet will journey to Champaign, Illinois, April 28 and 29 as one of the entries in the State Band Contest. They hope to fare as well there as they did at Hanover. After having sung on numerous occa- sions, all the while building up a sizable rep- ertoire, the members of the quintet were curious to find out which of their numbers were liked best. Taking a poll of their au- diences, the members of the quintet found that these were some of their most popular numbers. Q13 "Shortn' Bread", C21 "Song of the Jolly Rodger", Q31 "American Folk Song" by Peter Illich Tchailovsky. The latter being by far the most popular. There is no definite assurance that there will be a quintet in the future, but the mem- bers of the incumbent quartet hope that some of the boys in FCHS will take up where they have left off. Senior Class Play fLeft to Rightj ROW I -J. Flikkema, B. Dykema, J. Voss, F. Mohrman, J. Rus, P. Wray, M. Letcher, D. De Gunther, B. Davidson, L. Hoogheem, J. Temple, N. Abbott, G. NValter, J. Cossman. "The Perfect Idiot," which was held in the Coliseum on November 16 and 17, 1949, was acclaimed the greatest dramatic production ever presented by Fulton Community High School students. It was a typical family-comedy centered around the efforts of the perfect idiot, fwho was really a perfect geniusj to go to college. After much trouble, with his folks, friends, best-girl, and a soap company mag- nate, his aspirations were finally fulfilled, and his life became normal once again. The play was a fitting climax, not only to the Seniors, but especially to directors Miss McNamara and Miss Tobin, who only a year before had presented another smash success, "Those Webster's" with this Very same class. Cast of Characters Rhodora' -,-,-,,.i,,,,,,,,..,..,...,.,,.,.,...... Johanna Voss Prof. Van Barf ,...... ..c...r. J erry Cossman Puff ...ceere..,,,,,.,..,,.,,... ,...... Walter Latherby Policeman ..,.,,,c.,. Mr. Tennyson ....,, Mr. Barnard ....,ci Melvin Letcher Dick DeGunther Bob Dykema Bob Dykema Fritz Mohrman Mrs. Tennyson ,...,.. ,.,... J oyce Flikkema Miss Baker .......... ............. J Sane Rus Carla .....,c..,,,..,.., ..,.,.,.,...,..e...... P at Wray Jeannie .,,,,,,,,i,,.,...,... ..,..... J eanette Temple Daniel Tennyson ,..... ....... G eorge Walters Kathy .,..,,i,.,,,.ii,,,, ,,...,..... P hyl Maring Miss Booth ........,.,,,,, a,.,.,........ N ancy Abbott Jackie Tennyson LeVern Hoogheem Page 51 Junior Class Play QLeft to Rightj T. Yopst, J. Wiebenga. M. Housenga, J. Letcher. P. Buikema, M. Nelson, C. Flikkema, R. NVilkens. B. Ven Huizen, J. Blodgrett, B. Kruse. On the night of April 21 and 22, the Jun- ior Class made their debut into the dramatic world. The successful comedy-mystery they presented was "Galloping Ghosts." Miss Mcglamara was the director, assisted by Miss To in. The curtain opens at the home of Miss Elizabeth Barton. She is expecting her nephew, Richard, his wife Berkely and with them Madam Dupre, a friend. Richard is planning to plant some gold at his aunt's home and have her find and keep it. Excite- ment sets in, however, when the gold dis- appears and Madam Dupre and Albert are suspected of taking it. When the ghosts ap- pear the audience is provided with a lot of laughs and shivers. Finally in the end the gold is found and the crooks captured. Phil Page 52 and Pat can now enter college and Aunt Eliz- abeth is happy. The members of the cast were: Miss Elizabeth Barton Richard Barton ...,rrii,rr. Tom Barton ...i,.l,. Philip Barton ........ Patricia Barton Berkely Barton ..,.,,,i. Jeanne Letcher John Blodgett Rush Wilkens Jerry Wiebenga Paula Buikema Betty Kruse Mrs. Melinda Todd . ,....i..i...,., Mardelle Nelson Marie Farrell vr,.........,. Stephen Dykes .,...i., Madam Dupre .i...i.i Albert i,,... .. Marlene Housenga Charles Flikkema Betty VenHuizen Tommy Yopst Siaiic Staff FRONT RONV-G. Wiersema, W. Prins, G. NValter, F. Mohrman, L. Lloyd, R. DeGunther, D. Kool. SECOND ROW'-Miss Ryner, sponsor, J. Flikkema, M. Leavens, B. Dykhuis, H. Housenga, V. Van Zuiden, J. Stuart, B. Ven Huizen, J. Te BACK ROWV-R. Maring, L. Bulk, NV. Decker, P. Miller, P. Maring, S. Miller, P. NVray, H. Wiebenga, M. Van Zuiden. THINK! WRITE! PROOFREAD! AND REWRITE! That is what the Static reporters are doing every month about two days before the publishing deadline. The typists are typ- ing like mad. The editor and sub-editors are chasing around after material, and Miss Ry- ner, the paper supervisor, is wishing it were all over. It's a lot of work, but the staff has fun working together to publish it, and the students always look forward to the day when the "STATIC" comes out. You don't think it's work? We'll trace an article through the process. The reporter, who wrote and rewrote it half a dozen times, hands it in to Miss Ryner who corrects it and gives it to the typists, who try to figure out what it says. After they do this, a dummy is typed, and then it is ready for typ- ing for the paper. After it is typed on a sten- cil, it is run off on the mimeograph. Simple isn't it? The "Static" editor is Frederick Mohr- man and the assistant editor is Linda Lloyd. Among the sub-editors are: Dick DeGunth- er, feature and sports editor, George Wal- ter, gossip editorg Harlan Housenga, art edi- torg and Mildred Van Zuiden and Joan Stu- art, exchange editors. The front page is drawn by one of the three people in the art department. They are Margaret Leavens, Linda Lloyd, and Har- lan -Housenga. The typists, the poor girls who have to get everything typed up at the last minute, are Wilma Prins, Dorothy Kooi, Phyllis Maring, Phyllis Miller, and Johanna Voss. And last but not least are our mimeo- graphers, Gerald Wiersema and Frederick "Fritz" Mohrman, who put the final touch to it all. The other people on our staff are re- porters. Page 53 Annual Stall-Editorial FRONT ROW-Miss Tobin, sponsor, F. Mohrman, L. Hoogheem, D. Kooi, B. Kinney, L. Lloyd, Miss Watson. SECOND ROW-L. Balk, B. Van Houten, J. Cossman, H. Rowland, P. Miller, L. Balk, P. Wray. THIRD ROW-P. Mating, J. Miller, B. Dykhuis, W. Prins, N. Koenes, M. Van Zuiden, J. Flikkemn. FOURTH ROW-C. Johnson, R. Sissing, G. Diephuis, D. Woods, R. De Gunther, R. Wilkens, I. Hoog- heem, G. Hill, G. Vlfalter. While the editorial staff was censoring this article and that article with such com- ments as, "Hey! We can't put that in!", "We have to rewrite the prophecy," the business staff was out searching for new sources of revenue. Money was "raked" in by the sale of advertisements and candy. Remember those noonday refreshments? It is no small task to organize and direct the activities of a large group and forgetting no important details for any sizeable project, such as this. Let us give credit where credit is due - to our editors and sponsors. Page 54 We think we have the biggest and best ANNUAL on record in Fulton Community High School. This success can be attributed to the whole-hearted support of staff mem- bers, student body, and the business commun- ity. We hope you are as happy with this suc- cess as We are! We especially Wish to thank our advisors, Miss Tobin and Miss Watson, for making this publication possible. Annual Staff-Business FRONT ROW-Miss Watson, sponsor, G. Johnson. R. Fagan, R. DeGunther. H. Houserma, Miss Tobin, sponsor. SECOND ROW-D. Leahy, D. Ryder, R. Davidson, L. Casey, G. Dykstra, J. Temple, W. Decker, N. Burns. THIRD ROW-J. Stuart, N. Marx, J. Rus, L. Bos, M. Hoogheem, N. Abbott, E. Wiebenga, R. Rowland. J. Quaintance. BACK ROW--G. Wiersema, G. Blink, W. Wiersema, M. Letcher, R. Dykema, C. Vander Bleek. Editor ...........,........,....,,.....,.....,..,.. LaVern Hoogheem Assistant Editors Senior Editors ...... Activity Editors ...,... Sports Editors ..,,,.. Art Editors .... Typists ......... Proof-Readers ...... Business Managers ...... , ,........ Dorothy Kooi Berniece Kinney Fritz Mohrman Joyce Flikkema Wilma Prins Pat Wray Richard Sissing David Woods Gerald Cossman Mildred Van Zuiden Beatrice Van Houten George Walters Johanna Walters Johanna Voss Eugene Dephuis Howard Rowland Mary Kidwell . ......... George Hill Rush Wilkens LaVern Boelkens Linda Lloyd Wilburt Wiersema Phyllis Miller Phyllis Marina Lois Balk Jane Miller Mae Hoogheem Norma Koenes Dick Fagan Dick DeGunther Assistant Business Managers ..,......... Cliff Johnson Chairman of Subscriptions Business Staff ....,.. Harland Housenga Bob Dykema Gary Dykstra Wilma Decker Marian Fagan Jean Rus Jeanette Temple Melvin Letcher Nancy Abbott Eugene Blink Elmer Boonstra Loretta Bos Leo Casey Emily Coyne Robert Davisson Harper Harvey Donna Jones Henry Kramer Daniel Leahy Jack Quaintancg, Donald Ryder Joan Stuart Roland Swanson Eugene Temple Robert Venema Evelyn Wiebenrf Tom Wood' Lois Balk tJr.J Norma Burns Noreen Marx Willard Kraft Robert Rowland Gerald Wiersema Clarence Vander Bleek Page 55 Snapshots V I 1. Mr. Cossman seems to be the center of attention. 7 2. Remember these characters from the Senior Class Play? 8 3. Easy does it, Joan! 9 4. Two happy teachers! 10 5. If looks could kill . . . 11 6. Two dumb bunnies with Two Easter bun- 12 Page 56 nies - LaVerne and Irwin Hoogheem. Isn't love grand! George Walter and Lois Balk. Two posts and a dog - Wilma Decker. My look at that nice bunch of - groceries! That flashy lady killer - Ronald Temple. Right on Main street - Daytime, too! The class of "50" in second grade. Exterior Decorators hiiiilllllll W ' g rr- WP I 5 N 2 52 Si TEXT gil: 'U'UMlH!HHUH-----U11UUlm!- M Football ROW I -H. Harvey, D. Ryder, G. Hill, M. Letcher, D. Snyder, B. Venema, R. Wilkens. ROW II -Mr. Swanson, G, Walter, G. Drennen, D. De Gunther, J. Wessels, C. Johnson, D. Woods. Mr. De Wild. ROXV III-B. Blean, C. Crandall. C. Flikkema. J E. Blink, V. Sikkema. The Fulton High School football team had a very successful season and would like to present it's grid stars at this time. Left End - Rush Wilkens fJr.j and Gene Blink CSr.J shared this position with Blink doing the defensive Work and Wilkens the offensive. Both boys had limited experience from last year. Left Tackle - Bob Venema CSr.J better known as "Little Benjie", kept his position under control with about 225 pounds. Art Schuler backed him up as a reserve and saw limited action. Left Guard - Don Snyder CSoph.J did the work here and was the only Sophomore or Freshmen to earn a varsity football letter this year. Center - Melv Letcher CSr.J, the de- fensive sparkplug, added another 200 pounds to the Fulton lineup. Melv made all con- ference team and all state honorable mention and had played the previous year for the Steamers. Right Guard -- George Hill fSr.D, was selected to the all-conference lst team and was backed by Joe Naftzger, who also saw much action. Right Tackle - Don QTimJ Ryder CSr.j Page 58 . Naftzger, J. Blodizett, D. Fagan, F. Smith, D. Leahy. was another 200 pound pillar in the Fulton defensive and offensive wall. Don was play- ing his third year on the Steamers football squad. He was injured several times but always went back for more. Right End - Cliff Crandall CJr.J one of the most improved players of the year. He will be of vital importance as a defensive man to the Steamers of 1950. Cliff is also fast as an offensive end. Quarter Back - Jim QGeneralJ Wessels fJr.J did the signal calling. Jim was playing his second year as varsity quarterback, and will be back next year to call them again. Right Half -- Dick fMopeJ DeGunther fSr.J played his second regular year as a back. He played well his sophomore year and was in quite often last year. Fullback - Gene Drennen, another of the Albany boys, should be a main factor next year along with Jim Wessels. Gene was a good line plunger and contributed many val- uable years to the Steamers' cause. Left Half - Cliff Johnson fSr.j last, but by far from least, is a senior who will be missed very much next year. Cliff has won four varsity football letters and was all-con- ference selection the past three years in a row. Lettermen Position Yr. Cliff Crandall End ' 3 Rush Wilkens End 3 Gene Blink End 4 Harper Harvey End 4 Bob Venema Tackle 4 Don Ryder Tackle 4 George Hill Guard 4 Don Snyder Guard 2 Dick Fagan Guard 4 Joe Naftzger Guard 3 Melv Letcher Center 4 Jim Wessels Back 3 Dick DeGunther Back 4 Gene Drennen Back 3 Cliff Johnson Back 4 George Walter Back 4 Fulton 14 - Lanark 26 Ctherel The Steamers started their season by dropping their first game to the powerful Lanark eleven. This was a non-conference game, and it gave them a chance to improve before their first conference game. Fulton 6 - Lyons 25 ttherej Although they werebeaten they were one of two teams to score a touchdown against Lyons. The Steamers fought hard all the Way and made Lyons work for what they got. tLyons became the conference winner laterl. Fulton 14 - DeWitt 0 therej This time they hit their stride for their first conference win. DeWitt, last year's conference champs, could not hold their ground and the Steamers handed them one of their many defeats. Fulton 13 -- Morrison 13 ftherej This being Morrison's homecoming they were trying to upset the Steamers, as the Steamers did to them last year at the Fulton homecoming. They were highly surprised, and as the game ended, both teams only equaled each other in score. Steamers Ramble On Fulton 13 - Polo 15 Qherel Despite mud, rain and the final score the Steamers led through most of the game. This was the homecoming, and even though it rained, the Steamers played a good ball game. This was a non-conference game. Fulton O - Sterling Community 7 ftherej This game was played on the Sterling field and the Steamers couldn't seem to make things work well enough to get a much need- ed seven points which the Comets had got- ten early in the game. It was a conference game and the only one in which Fulton was held scoreless. Fulton 6 -- St. Mary's 6 ftherej Once again the Steamers battled to a draw, this time the Saint Mary's of Clinton. Both teams could only go so far before the other would stop them and take over theball. In this case their home field seemed no more of an advantage to the Steamers than it did to St. Mary's. Fulton 6 - Savanna 19 Qherej This was the last game for the Seniors on the Fulton team and they all fought hard, but injuries held them back considerably. The game was played at Fulton and ended the 1949 Illowa Conference Football season with Lyons becoming champs with no de- feats. Won 1 Tied 2 - Lost 5. '1'Fulton 14 Lanark 26 Fulton 6 Lyons 25 Fulton 14 DeWitt 0 Fulton 13 Morrison 13 'tFulton 0 Polo 15 f Fulton 0 Sterling Community 7 Fulton 6 St. Mary's 6 Fulton 6 Savanna 19 iiNon-Conference Games. Page 59 Senior Lettermen 0.119-I 0-nj we JM AMW 596,6- eww Freshmen-Sophomore Football ROW 1 iT. Snyder, L. Kettler, D. Venema, F. Fiet, D. Wiersema, A. Schufer, B. Ziegler, U. Wiersema, l R. Temple. ROW II -T. Woods, R. Hamstra, G. Wiersemn, I. Hoogheem, L. Boelkens, J. Bielema, D. Loftus, B. Flinn, G. Voss, D. Ardapple, Mr. Henderson. ROVV III--A. Temple, G. Mickelson, C. Walter, J. Voss, R. Muur, A. Eissens, W'. Anglese, B. Wiebenga, J. Fuller, J. Schuler, L. Bonneur. The 1949 football team, coached by Mr. Henderson, consisted of freshmen and sopho- mores. The team won one game, scored in two, and lost four. Although it did not add up to a record winning season, they gained needed experience which will be useful in coming years. They practiced daily and worked hard throughout the entire season. There were freshmen and sophomores who received awards. They were as follows: Sophomores, Ronald Temple, Ursal Wier- sema, Don Wiersema, Gerald Wiersema, Torn Snyder, Art DeWeerdt, Joel Bielema, Don Loftus, Jerry Voss, Bob Flinn, Julius Schuler, Leroy Kettler, and Fred Fiet. Freshmen: Art Schuler, LaVerne Boelkens, Irwin Hoog- heem, Richard Hamstra, Alvin Eissens, Don Venema and David Ardapple. Fulton O - Clinton fFroshJ 6 Fulton 0 - St. Mary's 18 Fulton 15 -- Morrison 0 Fulton 7 - Savanna 28 Fulton 0 - Sterling 20 Pa ge61 Cheerleaders FRONT ROW-B. Kinney. R. Cossman, H. Hill. N. Baird, P. Marina. Newly-elected cheerleaders were Rita Cossman, freshman, Dutch'Hill, sophomore, and Berniece Kinney, junior, who joined Phyl Maring and Nannie Baird for the 1949- 50 pep work. The first big pep-rally was held the night before Homecoming, kindled by a huge bon- fire, snake dance and class skits. Cheerleaders assumed their regular cheering duties at all athletic contests and arranged numerous pep meetings before cru- cial games in conjunction with the pep band. D Uniforms for this year were in the tra- ditional red and black. During the football season the girls wore black slacks and letter sweaters, and during basketball season black blouses and red skirts. The school will be sorry to lose the peppi- ness of Phyl Maring, senior, and wishes her much success. Senior Cheerleader Phyllis Maring Page 62 Steamers ROW I -F. Smith, G. Walter, J. Wessels, D. Wood, D. De Gunther, H. Harvey, R. Temple, C. Johnson, M. Letcher, G. Crandall. ROW II-Mr. De Wild, G. Hill, J. Blodgett, R. Blean, R. Wilkens, L. Wassenaar, H. Balk. The Steamers closed the books on their last year of play at the Coliseum with a very successful season. They started the year with an inexperienced and young team, but with the aid of height and a fighting spirit with plenty of teamwork, they began to click almost immediately. They lost their first two games to Clinton and Dixon, but from there they couldn't be halted until they met Rock Falls in the finals of the Mt. Carroll Holiday Invitational Tournament. For the next few weeks they played very good bas- ketball, reaching their peak against the Ster- ling Community Comets as they upset these Illowa Champs. Then disaster struck, ill- ness took first one player, and then another, whereupon the team became demoralized and some very spotty play followed. They cop- ped a tie for second in the conference by edging St. lVlary's and got past Milledgeville by one point in the first game of the regional at Mt. Carroll. The season came to an end, however, two nights later as they lost to Mor- rison in the semi-finals. The five most popular games probably were Fulton's victories over Byron and Sa- vanna in the holiday tournament, and Mor- rison, Erie, and Sterling Community in the regular season. A post-season game between the seniors of the team and the faculty re- sulted in a 55-54 victory for the seniors. Team roster with individual records and performances: Dick DeGuntl1er finished his high school basketball career by breaking the season scoring record formerly held by Don Dam- hoff. Dick poured in 402 points at forward and was named to the All-Illowa Conference 1st Team as he led his mates through a suc- cessful season. Senior, 6' 1" tall. Ron Temple tied the old scoring record as he fired 370 points through the hoop and won a position on the All-Conference 2nd team. With two years of varsity play ahead of him, Ron is expected to become one of Fulton's greatest stars. Sophomore, 6' 2" tall. Page 63 I HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Steamers, cont. Harper Harvey completed the "big 3" scoring punch, playing outstanding basket- ball at the center position, and scoring 195 points even though he missed the last six games, due to illness. He, too, gained All- Conference fame, being selected as center on the 2nd tearn. Senior, 6' 6" tall. Cliff Johnson, the veteran of the team, missed the first few games of the season be- cause of a football injury, but nevertheless came through with 106 points at the guard position and honorable mention on the All- Conference team. His defensive play was a vital part of the teams' success. Senior, 5' 9" ta l. Jim WVessels, the "little playmaker", hit for 102 points, but was more famous for his ability to set up the offensive pattern. He was the boy who "got the ball rolling". Next year he will return to his guard position on the new floor and should once again become one of the team's most valuable players. Junior, 5' 7" tall. Varsity Basketball Schedule "'Illowa League Games Page 64 SCORES OF GAMES Fulton 19 Clinton 56 Fulton 48 Dixon 60 Fulton 52 Prophetstown 39 iFulton 42 Lyons 36 'Fulton 55 DeWitt 31 t'Fulton 52 Sterling 64 i'Fulton 47 Morrison 38 fFulton 47 Savanna 49 Fulton 50 Polo 34 iFulton 44 St. Mary's 38 Fulton 48 Prophetstown 45 Fulton 53 Erie 43 'tFulton 63 Lyons 40 'tFu1ton 55 DeWitt 42 'tFulton 65 Sterling 59 iFulton 43 Morrison 59 iiFulton 66 Savanna 67 'iFulton 69 St. Mary's 63 Fulton 54 Amboy 59 Fulton 42 Polo 60 Total 13 Wins - 7 Losses Dave Woods, who scored 61 points, gave the guard position some much needed height, and became known for his deliberate style of setting up plays. His greatest honor came. however, when he won the free throw cham- pionship trophy by hitting for a .605 per- centage. Senior, 6' tall. Francis Smith, a promising prospect for the center position next year, filled in at the end of the season for Harvey and contributed 32 points to the cause. "Smitty" lacked ex- perience, but he made up for it with ag- gressiveness. Junior, 6' 3" tall. Mel Letcher, alternating at center and forward, scored 26 points. By filling in very capably, he helped the Steamers out of num- erous tight spots with his defensive play as well as his offensive play. Senior, 6' 2" tall. George Walter, who was the veteran guard of the "Firewagon Five", saw consid- erable action along with Cliff Crandall and Leon Wassenaar, two boys who will see plenty of action next year. Walter is a Sen- ior, 5' 8" tallg Crandall is a Junior, 6' tall, and Wassenaar is also a Junior, 5' 9" tall. Fulton 59 - Elizabeth 34 Fulton 49 - Byron 44 Fulton 55 - Savanna 33 Fulton 39 - Rock Falls 44 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT A Fulton 48 - Milledgeville 47 Fulton 46 - Morrison 49 ILLOWA CONFERENCE STANDING W L Sterling Community .,..,, ,....,. 1 1 1 Fulton ...................,.....,,. ........ .... 8 4 Morrison ,.... ag .,,,.,,. 8 4 Savanna L ,... 8 4 St. Mary's .,..... ,,,, 4 8 DeWitt ,.,,, ..,. 1 11 Lyons ..,..... .... 1 ' 11 Senior Lettermen P 5 Indians ROW I -J. Bielema, J. Voss, L. Kettler, P. Norman, T. Snyder, B. Flinn, A. Eissens, I. Hoogheem. A. DeWeerdt, ' ROW II-Mr. Henderson, L. Bonneur, D. Stuart, D. Ardapple, D. Wiersema, G. Hoese, D. Loftus, C. Rogers, V. Sikkema. The Fresh-Soph basketball team, which was coached by Mr. Henderson, was fairly successful this season and played good ball most of the time. The team traveled with the varsity. Six freshmen and six sopho- mores made up the traveling team. The starting lineup was a combination of seven players, namely, Art DeWeerdt, Irwin Hoog- heem, Joel Bielema, LaVern Boelkens, Leroy Kettler, Bob Flinn, and Tom Snyder. The other boys saw action mostly in the closing moments of the games. Irwin- Hoogheem acted as the playing captain through most of the season. The team won nine and lost eleven of their scheduled games. They also won one of the two extra games which were played with the Clinton-Frosh. They prac- ticed daily during the eighth and ninth per- iods, continuing until four-thirty. The award winners were: Kettler, Flinn, DeWeerdt, Bielema, Boelkens, and Hoogheem. Page 66 Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Clinton CSoph.J Dixon Clinton CFroshJ Prophetstown Lyons DeWitt Sterling Morrison Savanna Polo St. Mary's Clinton tFroshJ Prophetstown Erie Lyons DeWitt Sterling Morrison Savanna St. Mary's Amboy Polo Track ILeft to Right ROW 1fV. Borgstrom, A. Engleking, D. Snyder, L. Wassenaar, C. Johnson, J. Wessels, D. Leahy, F. Carlson, G. Wiersema, D. Dickey, G. Walter, J. Flannery. ROW 2-G. Hill, G. Crandall, L. Boelkens. W. Anglese, R. Sissing, L. Casey, L. Kettler, J. Voss, D. Woods, A. Eissens, D. Ardapple, P. Norman, A. Schuler. ROW 3-I. Hoogheem, J. Schuler, L. Bonneur, O. DeWeerdt, H. Hill, H. Balk, J. Bielema, B. Wie- ' benga, G. Hoese, B. Riordon, D. Loftus, R. Stuart, D. Hamstra, D. Ryder, V. Sikkema. ROW 4-Coach DeWild, J. Sikkema, F. Smith, B. Dykema, B. Blean, T. Snyder, H. Harvey, R. Temple, M. Letcher, D. DeGunther, B. Flinn, G. Blink, Coach Henderson . The following 'is an actual account of the track meets Fulton participated in this season. April 12 - The Fulton Steamers had a tri- angle meet with Savanna and Rock Falls, Rock Falls took first with 85 points, Savanna second with 48 points and Fulton last with 47 points. April 14 - Fulton held a quadrangular meet with Lyons, Lanark, and Morrison. The winner was Lyons with 52 points, Fulton second with 4792 points, Morrison third with 42175 points, and Lanark with 38 points. April 19 - Fulton the defending champions of the Davenport Relays went to Davenport to defend the title. The Relays were won by Galva, with 43172 points, Princeton 37 3A points, Fulton 3792 points, and Tipton 37 points.. Harper Harvey grcilge the high jump record of 5' 97s" by jumping May 3 - Fulton made another attempt to de- fend another of their titles, the Fulton Relays Champions. They were defeated by DeWitt with 55 points, Fulton 44 1-3 points, Lyons 34 pomts, and Sterling Community with 29 points. Fulton won only three races and received as many trophys. . May 6 - Fulton again went to defend the Gateway Classics Champion Class B title but were not successful. Fulton placed around tenth in this track meet. Oelwein was the 1950 champion. The only boys to place were George Walters, sec- ond in the HQ mile, Harper Harvey was first in the high jump, and Dick DeGunther was tied for third in the high jump. May 10 - The Frosh-Soph team went to the Morrison Relays but they didn't have much luck, They placed in four events but they placed sixth in the rest of the events. Temple got third in the shot, tied for third in the pole vault. The Fulton team placed fourth in the 100 yard run and Kettler got 4th in the 440 yard run. May 13 - Five boys went to the District Track meet from Fulton but only one boy was successful. George Walter placed 5th in the Vg mile run. None of Fulton track squad will go to the state meet on May 20th. Page 67 Fulton Relays l S, Miller, B. Kruse, R. Feldt The Fourth Annual Fulton Relays was won by a well-balanced team of DeWitt thin- clads. This marked the first year that Fulton failed to top the championship trophy. How- ever, the Fulton crew was able to take three of the individual relay trophies. The low- hurdle team, composed of Johnson, Smith, Hoogheem, and Casey won one trophy and the two-mile relay composed of Leahy, Row- land, Wassenaar, and Walter and the dis- tance-medley team composed of Kettler, Page 68 Dykema, Wassenaar, and Walter copped the other two. Other relay teams from Fulton which placed were: Varsity 440-Johnson, Kettler, Dykema, Casey, 4th, the Fr.-Soph. 440-Bielema, Boelkens, Snyder, Borgstrom 5th, the 880 relay-Johnson, Walter, Dykema Casey, 5th, and the mile relay team-Snyder Kettler, Crandall, Boelkens took 5th. In the field events Harvey placed second in the high jump and DeGunther tied for fifth. 7 7 Track Letterman lLeft to Righty L. Casey, G. Johnson, D. DeGunther, B. Dykema, H. Harvey. M- Letcher. G- Hill, D- Leahy- Cliff Johnson was hampered his Senior yearcby an illness toward the end of basket- ball seasong however, toward the end of track season he regained his speed and was a val- uable asset to the team. He went to State his Junior year in the 200 yard low hurdles and holds the school record with a time of 23.4 seconds. This was his fourth year as a track letterman. Harper Harvey completed his third year as a track letterman in the role of one of the leading high-jumpers of the area. He placed high in nearly every meet of the year. Dick DeGunther won his first track letter as a high jumper. Dick placed in nearly every meet also. Melvin Letcher was the best shot putter of the team and won his first track letter. George Hill, star sprinter and hurdler, was injured during midseason and thus end- ed his high school track career. He was a large point-getter. This was his third year on the varsity squad. Leo Casey was the leading dash rnan of the team and specialized in the 100 and 220. This was his second year as a letterman. Bob Dykema, another sprinter, offered valuable assistance in the relay events. This was Bob's second year as letterman also. Dan Leahy, distance man, ran on the two- mile relay team which took first place in both the Davenport and the Fulton relays. George Walter completed his third year on the varsity as the leading distance man of the area. He went to State in the half-mile run in his Junior year and holds the school record with a time of 2:06.' Page 69 Snapshots Where's the gold? Junior Class Play. A stitch in time saves nine. Grind 'em till they fit. Stick 'em up! Phltt! ! ! It's not polite to point in public. Look at those pretty - streamers! Smile Robert! All that meat and no potatoes. That pretty white-house! ! ! Phyllis Maring, Wilma Prins, Jeanne Rus and Evie Wiebenga in their younger days. Millie VanZuiden and her little baby- buggy. "Gov" Norman and two little fishies. Page 71 Sign My Book We wish to thank all those who helped support our book. Compliments of GOODENOUGH'S DAIRY Ph 107 F It Ill Best Wishes to the Class of l95O MURPHY AND DORNBUSH BUICK SALES and SERVICE Flt Compliments of FU LTON WATCH SHOP Guaranteed I DECKER S WATCH, CLOCK AND JACK SPRAT Foam STORE JEWELRY REPNR' -GIFTS- F If III Ph 48 F It lu Compliments of NOBLE'S GARAGE Phone 220 F It III B AND B HARDWARE HARDWARE-G. E. APPLIANCES LENNOX FURNACES B ll A cl ppl Bud Wiersemo JAHN'S HoME FURNISHINGS Fulton, Illinois Fine furniture ot fair prices. You ore olwoys welcome to come in and see the newest in furniture ond floor coverings. 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IOO4 Lincoln Way Phone l29-M Compliments of BUD'S MARKET More People Use Morton's "WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS." DR. D. R. MILLER Eyes Examined-Glasses Fitted Visual Analysis-Lenses Duplicated l000 Lincoln Way Phone IIO Fulton, Illinois Compliments of a FRIEND DR. B. J. SNYDER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Congratulations to the Class of l95O. Walter's Building Fulton, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95O. SMA LTZ B ROTH ERS Plumbing and Heating Fulton Illinois The PAASKE SHOPS, Inc. FURNITURE LinoIeum--Rugs-Corpets--Draperies APPLIANCES Phone 5062 63-67 Main Avenue YOUTH IS THE "BARGAIN DAY' OF LIFE INSURANCE Inquiries Invited FIIJELITY LIFE ASSOCIATION Home Office-Fulton, Illinois Compliments of hm ' A THE STORE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Clinton Iowa Compliments of THE FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK A FRIENDLY BANK IN A FRIENDLY TOWN Member of F.D.I.C. Albany Illinois DR. C. P. HENDRICKS -DENTIST- F I III Compliments of FULTON STATE BAN K Fulton, Illinois Member Fed IR B k 'AIIDp t I d FDIC C pl f THE FULTON JOURNAL Compliments of DOLAN'S JACK SPRAT FOOD srone Alb y In BAKER BROTHERS COAL AND ICE CO. NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS Ph 45 F I lll Compliments of FULTON LOCKER SERVICE BETTER LIVING FoR Less Ph 252 F It In DECKER'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO SERVICE Ph 292 F I III CHUCK'S SHELL LUNCH SHORT ORDERS CHICKEN IN THE BASKET STEAKS CHOPS F I III Compliments of MODEL GROCERY "OUR FAMILY MARKET" Ph z I Fun III Compliments of HOME APPLIANCE co. Fulton lllinoi Compliments of FEDERATED STORE Louis Modder A F lt III ,I . Compliments of GAMBLE STORE THE FRIENDLY STORE Maurice J. Wiersema A h D I KLIMSTRA 6' KOOI FURNACES AND SHEET METAL WORK lll6 Fourth Street T Ph -223-M and 226-W. KELLER 6' YARBROUGH Electrical and Heating- K I inotor Applionc - SPARTON RADIO nd TELEVISION H03 F rth St t F l Ill FULTON SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILYI B I Sh S ice. E p t Sh R p g F It Ill Compliments of HELDT'S MEAT MARKET Phone 14.4 Fulton, Illinois JOSTEN'S WILLIAM A. Fl NDLAY Treasure-Croft Jewelry and Stationery Box 202 Sterling, Illinois There's Equipment for Your Better Game BASEBALL FOOTBALL GOLF BASKETBALL TENNIS TENNIS HUNTING Gnd FISHING At ROD FlTCH'S MARTIN MORRIS SPORTS DEPT. 229-31 Sth Avenue, South Clinton, Iowa A Most Complete Sport Store HOLESINGER IMPLEMENT C""""I"'e"'s of 'S JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service ATTORNEY AT I-AW Fulton Illinois Allison Building Fulton, Illinois l BEST wisi-IES TO CLASS or '5o. FLIKKEMA S FUEL, GRAIN ll pays To Look Well! Cr FEED DE WEERDT 5' HCOGHEEM QUALITY MERCHANDISE BARBER SHOP mme izs Fusion, Iliinois llulloll llllmls l BLANKENBERG l Photographers for the Annual originators and producers of the Photo-Annual Kankakee, lllinois MASSEY-HARRIS Better Built Form Equipment. ROY BRONKEMA YOUR MASSEY-HARRIS DEALER Phone 80-M Fulton, Illinois Compliments of H. F. KAACK, JR., M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Fulton Illinois CONSI DI NE'S INSURANCE AGENCY Office Phone 290--Home Phone l77 Fulton Illinois J. H. POTTS AND SON JEWELERS AND OPTOMETRISTS lowa's Oldest Jewel-ry Store. Established 1854. 7l Main Avenue Clinton, lowo CONGRATULATIONS: CLASS OF '50 We wish you Success and Happiness in your Future A ,J,guv"' W'- "'5' A KL! lI'S DEPARTMENT STORE - - 'LS Y 6' 1-Y Clinton ' Iowa ALL LINES OF INSURANCE. STRATING SERVICE CO Specializing in Old Line Company. In Business.Over 35 Years. Phone 232-W Fulton, Illinois Best Wishes From MUFFY'S MEN'S SHOP MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHING Clinton, Iowa Phone 3760-J 81 Main Avenue HILLTOP GROCERY QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone l95 Fulton, Illinois JOYCE LUMBER CO. LUMBER-BUILDING MATERIALS - AND PAINTS Phone 39 Fulton, Illinois JOHN SMIT STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Phone 2ll Fulton, Illinois PAUL A. DE GUNTHER Tank Wagon Service Phone 212 Fulton, Illinois A. D. MITCHELL Serving This Community Since 1866. GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone l63 Fulton, Illinois , , , Our Congratulations to the Class of 1950. FULTON DELUXE CLEANERS Courtesy-Promptness--Satisfaction. We Pick Up and Deliver. Phone 138-J. Fulton, Illinois GUS A. BRUMER, JR. -JEWELER-- The Home of Square Dealing. 509 South Second St. Clinton, Iowa FOR YOUR MUSICAL NEEDS- BENDER MUSIC CO. 411 South 2nd St. 1127 Main St. Clinton, Iowa Dubuque, Iowa "EVERYTHING IN MUSlC" CLINTON NASH SALES REPAI RS-PARTS BODY WORK Phone 182 132 Fourth Avenue, South, Clinton, Io. . . . ACCURACY . . . Patience and precision are absolutely neces- sary in compounding medicine. They are the cornerstone on which our reputation was built. For complete accuracy, for prompt professional service, bring every prescription to . . . , Your Rexall Drug Store T. E. Woods Fulton, lll. RAY L. MATH ER JEWELER Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova and Normandie Watches lBeloved Diamond Rings Regis- tered and lnsuredl. 1847 Rogers and Community Silverware, Rogers Sterling- Sheaffer Pens and Pencils. A Fine Line of All Jewelry. 325 Second Avenue, So. Clinton, Iowa Compliments of BALK'S STORE Phone 14 Fulton, Illinois STUEDEMANN'S SHOES SOM of Fulton Territory Wear Our Shoes. W. A. Stuedemann Clinton, lowo CLEANERS ELGIN, HAMILTON, and BULOVA WATCHES O d y rvice-in at nine, out atf F P' k-Up nd Deli e y 208 Main Avenue CI t I H O d R y V b k P p Compliments of -JEWELERS- DORNBUSH HARDWARE KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS STORE ELGIN and HAMILTON WATCHES Expert Repairing. A"' Y "' 402 scum s d sf cram I ...EAT... HILAND POTATO CHIPS HILAND KORN KURLS CONGRATULATIONS To the Senior Class. BIELEMA 5' SCHAVER SINCLAIR SERVICE ' E It III SIKKEMA GEORGE BALK FUNERAL HOME , b I PHILLIPS 66 Smcerity In Service. TANKWAGON SERVICE D Id J skk ' Ph 266 F It III Ph F It 26 Courtesy of MELODY MILK BAR HAMBURGERS MALTS Ice CREAM Phone 287 Fulton, Illinois Congrotulotions ond the best of luck RASTRELLI'S RESTAURANT Hershey ond Chorlie Pollostrini, Props. Fulton Illinois Congrotulotions ond Success to the groduoting closs of 1950 PATENT NOVELTY COMPANY Fulton Illinois Joy M. Fay Llewellyn Fay Compliments of FUNERAL DIRECTORS American Agricultural and For 70 Years. Chemical Co. J. M. FAY AND SON SUPER PHOSPHATE Fulton Illinois MIXED GOODS RUS AND WILKENS Compnmems of FEED AND FUEL C0. FERTILIZER--FEED-COAL HILL'S GARAGE POTATOES-BABY CHICKS TEXACO GAS-GREASES-O I LS Albany Ill Ph 106 F I III Sign My Book P s fx , 5 3 I i T l.mmQ --M N: . wrxswisw-uv Q- 1gLmff mn:,mLg- - mxmcAm:Af.fsnl 1

Suggestions in the Fulton High School - Static Yearbook (Fulton, IL) collection:

Fulton High School - Static Yearbook (Fulton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Fulton High School - Static Yearbook (Fulton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 29

1950, pg 29

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1950, pg 73

Fulton High School - Static Yearbook (Fulton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 87

1950, pg 87

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