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 - Class of 1947

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E . N 4 V ,, 3 H I 5 K V 'I I 2 B. B. if ,i E s is r 5 1 li' :Lv 4 ll u vu . ,M ,r , .. 1. f' . Qu, 1 1 1 ,rf I ,ufif z1"1Q, ' my" M A4' . . A , , 539, ' ,3"g.5, . . rf ' r'6H',', ,K 'J' ., n.. ' - , 1' -.d.A1'1 ' '1' s . jrww. V, . 1' ' 7- " x , on , .0 if", 5 . . J . .0 ,A 'N . K .AQn,f J: , . , in ,sf s ., ,, J-. . . ails' + ' .,v " -. vf gf, K . 'fs' AZ' .h. Ny' W 54 ,FY U w- , , 1 '... ,I ,. fag-1. 33' QV 5,,',r.. 'bf v.. .vm . i fo 614. t 'I .N Y...1 .5 ,s.. . . WM. Q2 -' f 519' "' " - .x 92.2. ST vAw GUREN .rf . 5 X ' Q, .. Q-q,,, V f 1 . , . ' , A - '-,f g V -Te. ' ' hc . -' ' ' . jfgivlzg , 'wx . - fr 5, ' Q Q 9 .5,far?!' ffl., 'L - . V WMM, 17 W 5 f k ' """ Y' 'ifw QEQQ Q n -5 O ,lx -- figifg 3 , 'QW .3 K 335i2ijE?14? SZ S6315 44 Mgr- :fd H3 W " A ML j .School e Cnesk, "YYlich. ,.f' . NZ tt it I 1 'A t A photo album is always a source of interest to all, so will your 1947 Paean be a treasured album of good times, swell kids and fine teachers . . . Dedication To our dear friend and guide, to whom we, the class of '47 give a note of thanks for showing us the right road. Mary lane Hornback. N ' 1 if My tg X j7 -+7,,.-P ,M Y sm vwkk , y ..x. K .f.,marFiW , f:7ifS'i'FNw , ' VL P? W 363' A :ws W5 nm xg-Ming W MS M 793 . ,ff 1. ' M- I ML AW x M,4,,,.....w-W X F fir - wwf Vocational School Battle Creek, Michigan -ng-p qi' QE ffm M ,- 4 pg ...- "T'. , 9 em W .1 it-M ..... . ... , ,.,,,, ..4..,..... I SCHOOL BOARD Elected by the people to administer the business of the schools, including the spending ot money, school improve- ments, and repairs, selecting teaching methods and instructors, is the School Board consisting of seven members. They are the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three trustees. DR. ROGERS Doctor Virgil M. Rogers has spent the last twenty-five years as a teacher in elementary, junior and senior high schools: as principal ot junior and senior high schools and as superintendent ol schools. Dr. Rogers received his B.A. degree from Wolford College. The Master's Degree in Educational Administration was awarded at Western State College ot Colorado. He received his Doctor's degree in Education at Teacher's College, Columbia University. He is a member of the graduate educa- tional fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa. His college work was interrupted when he ene listed in the Field Artillery during World War I. After the war period he completed his degree and went West. Two years ago Doctor Rogers leit the position of Superintendent ot the River For- rest, lllinois public schools to come to Bat- tle Creek ond take over the position of Superintendent of schools. Superintendent Rogers is an active mem- ber of many associations and clubs. Among these are the American Association of School Administrators, the National Edu- cational Association, the American Legion, The Rotary Club and others. Dr. Rogers has served as guest faculty at several large universities. We have enjoyed the guidance Dr. Rogers has given us and sincerely hope he will continue on in future years. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. George N. Cannon. Secretory: Robert F. Brevitz, Treasurer: Boyd H Redner: Raymond B. Roof, President: Samuel G. Gorsline, Vice-President Edwin L. Harding: Wendell E. Doty. MR. HALVERSON Although Mr. Halverson has been prin- cipal in the public schools, he is new to us in the High School this year. Those who have come in contact with him have found him to be an experienced, and sympathetic friend and worthy advisor. His congenial manner and democratic way has not only helped the faculty. but has helped the student's interest in school par- ticipation. His patient understanding and guiding interest will give us reason to look back in future years. DEANS Ruth C. Penty. M.A. Iohn W. Postma, M.A. Dean of Girls Dean oi Boys' and Veterans' Counselor RUTH PENTY ln her work as Dean of Girls, Ruth Penty, has helped students solve their problem, giving sympathetic and help- ful counsel in a spirit which evidences her genuine interest in young people. She is Faculty Advisor oi the Student Council, in which she helps the mem- bers to solve the problems oi the school and helps to guide them in planning activities for the benefit of the student. She is also Advisor of the Daughters of Liberty, in which every girl oi the school is a member. IOHN W. POSTMA In his work as Dean of Boys. Iohn W. Postma has done a remarkable job in guiding and directing the students of Battle Creek Central. He is the Advisor for the returned veterans, who have come back to iinish high school or prepare for college. He is the Advisor of the Commence. ment Program. in which he has served as a very worthy advisor. MR. PELTO'S GENERAL SHOP SUPERVISORS W. M. Alexander, Ph.D. Milton F. Ellison, lVl.A. Director of Curriculum Coordinator of Business and Guidance EduCUii0I1 Robert S. Hale. B.S. Linus W. Heydon. M.A. Supi. of lI1CiUSiIiCil Printing. Director of ECl11CCIiiO1'1 Adult Education Oscar E. Powers. MA. Paul Tqmmi, M.A. History. AiieI1dOlHC9 Director of Music. Director Band, Orchestra COUNSELORS Margaret A. Fesing, M.A. K, C, Chapman, B,S, Senior Counselor Senior Counselor Helen Houvener, M.A. Frances McCowen, M.A. Iunior Counselor Iunior Counselor Othu E. McCracken, M.A. C. Van Andel. M.A. Sophomore Counselor Sophomore Counselor I . l MISS FESING AND MR. CHAPMAN IN C-6 MISS BURKE IN ACTION IN C-14 FACULTY V. Marie Allwardt. B.5. Home Economics A. W. Anderson, B.S. Mechanical Drawing Iames Aselline. B.A.E. Art Rulh Athey, B.A. English Mary lane Bahlmann. A.B. Social Studies Henry W. Baker. A.B. Chemistry Tressa Banks. M.A. Social Science Iacqueline Barret. B.S. Physical Education Evelyn E. Burke. M.A English FACULTY Madge Burnham. M.A. Spanish. English Marion Canaday Auto Mechanics Mertace Canan, M.A. English G. E. Carlson. B.E. Bookkeeping, Economic Geography Harlan A. Colburn, B.S. Machine Woodwork Edna M. Cook, M.A. Social Studies Margaret Ederle, B.S. Home Economics Iulia Fries, M.A. Shorthand. Typing Clifford H. Gettings. M.A. Physical Education f , 3' 5 MISS COOK AND MAPS IN C-1 .K I' N I ox . ' 'la- .1 FACULTY Earle W. Gibbs. A.B. Social Studies Gerald Graham, A.B. Physical Education Kilborn L. Hall. B.S. Physical Education Deldee H. Herman, A.B English, Debate Melvin I. Hetland. B.A. Math Mary lane Hornback English, Social Problems Claribel l-lusted. B.S. Physical Education Mary Ketchum, M.A. Latin, English Margaret L. Lemke, A.B. English FACULTY Mildred A. Linck, IVLA. Math Nancy E. Lonqwell, B.A. English. Social Studies Emily I. Marsh. B.S. English, Speech Ruth Martin, B.S. Home Economics Robert Mowerson, M.A. Physical Education C. M. Pelto. M.A. Gen. Metals, Math Loyal I. Phares, M.A. Chemistry, Physics Donna Powers, A.B. Librarian Katherine Pullen, R.N. Physical Education MRS. POWERS SMILES ALL THE WHILE IN THE LIBRARY C. A. Treadwell, A.B. Biology Mr. Reynolds was welcomed back to B-3 FACULTY Edward Reynolds. M.S. Biology Alfred Richards, B.A. Vocal Music Gordon M. Ross. B.S. Mechanical Drawing, Math Eleanor G. Rosl. A.B. English Helen Sager. B.S. Shorthand. Typing Sylvia Schermerhorn. A.B. Office Practice, Shorthand Typing Ava B. Seedorlf. B.S. Math Frank Smith Machine Shop Lola E. Sparks. B.S. Physical Education FACULTY F. R. Vander Meer, MA. Social Studies Hazel Wakefield, A.B. Math Elizabeth C. Walters. NLR. French, Spanish, English Robert I. Waldori, A.B. Physical Education. Social Science Evelyn G. Waterman, B.S. Commercial Law. Shorthand, Typing Georgiana Fuller Registrar Beverly L. Bonney School Secretary Frances Reploqle Attendance Secretary Ola Weiss Vocational Secretary s N..,.F Julia Wagner Office Clerk Miss Burnham pleased us with her Spanish N fi K, xx X 1 K W X X 5 .5 P .XJ a f G x AJ XX v X, R X , X X X X X ff U! W ,ff---. 2 fm' 'g Xxx ' X X Q, N, H, -X ix ff XXX 1 X k'k XT? X X X X f x X X X Q Xe, N . ,f-v"" 35. XX X J, ,, ., .. .. .. X N 1 'A ,,,,,,f- . 2 ,f' , f f , X pf X55 NX xg x A f X, !M,,-X,,,, fp5?NxX5WkXX REX Y! QXX X X fff A . , X, A ' KX X . N xxx XX X ,, X Xa X X K z H W 'W X E X XS . , ,. f' XA N X X ' 1 'K -. xX X X x x x X ,X . X X A X X .R . I A x f, X 1 XXX K XX N ky xx Xspyff f my K fx XM ff V fy ff gf X xii MIXER YR xg X fxfl X XX XX Rx XM! ffff X PM X VI x Q! Nz N JD KJ,- 4 'X 'X X X, xl . ,hx 1, . ff If If f s 4 ,ff 5 SX f , X 4. X .XXX x J f N NS' N X Xxx SX XX X S X E XX XX X. X X X X x 'r Q. X If I, f rj ,+X X jf X xx Q XXX Q 23' XX N , 5 , 'X A W xx X , "A i xxx f . ,X m x ,1 XX X R A Wx gt M XXX IN. X KX X Z X X X f X X ' ff ff " X- 'L if X N 1 I -X X ' 9:23 XX ' J Y S L X fw wx ' F xx XL A' A aqui 6 ww V K H xx KX R X Qin- S 'X A . ..,.Q f X QNX 'X, X mi-f X X w X 'xx '46, X xxx X 4 XX J xy l Xi? lx.. XXX H N kwyq k .X lxxzl XZ .V 4 ,a Q ,ff j fix. xQ Si.,,j. . V 1 Xxx WY. 'X '-X, 056W X7 fi!!! - QL ,mul UM XXX ,ix 1 Z,..f-.,...m...K,.M. - N -Q 5, W ,, ..1"""' .ff ,!,,,,.., ff' ' f-"""x ,. X ,giyj In 'K Uv YY U 9ffg?2Li'gZ3AA' XA WL Ami To Row: , X P ,f 1 Nix Qfzf WC,g9,,Mg A0 X Ballon Row Qscxrrmw W TREASL RER A ' A K. s X. K - M ""' " ,Q K x HX 1 J Cl X . , A ,L xx V! C, lj, . ,v '5 H . fa Q. .-Q ...f A ' X' ' 'E xx N GLS? xg X X. J ff, E. X X NX I , I . X :airy I O -wk Q T A N L " K' X 'N T x 'W' - W.. - M 5 ae? RE X A ,- ' ff 'I' ' f'f""S-.,,, -11, W L1 -A xy, ff., ' - -vQ M .. 4 4-X211-A - f 'Y Ag .'.X5,u '3 Q' Mg f- Y -Y- " "W - AM , ,i"f-- - YW.. .-t ' b, , - - M fi 'X' 1.1 fue? XX R f ,f A 1 . ffl - n " ,f ' + . , - v 9 ,J 1 ' 'Q 7 F9321 L ff ,IQQL " . - :fl fl . 'fill 1 " 0, A 1 r Nfl 'I My 'X Snap MR. DARKEY OUR IO . . . ANDY AND HAL POSE GLORIANNA SURPRISED! ! ! TWO OF A KIND SHIRLEY AND PEANUTS EDITOR AND MANAGER DON AT GOGUAC National Honor Society 58 members of the class of 1947 became members of the National Honor Society. This is a great honor because the National Honor Society is to high school as Phi Beta Kappa is to college. Students are chosen by a special faculty committee according to their scholastic record. Any student who is a member of the National Honor Society can be justly proud be- cause it takes both above average intelligence and many evenings of laboring over home- work to get all of those "A's" needed to be in the upper 1529 of the graduating class. This year the National Honor Society gave competitive examinations for scholarships to the upper fifth of its members who intended to enter college next year. 15 students in Central took these tests. FIRST ROW: D. Parmelee, A. Horsburgh, E. Warren, S. Oster, H. Earl, M. Nicola, I. McLean, I. Hook, M. Stevens, K. Chute, N. Weiss, D. DeMaso, I. Lampman. SECOND ROW: B. Greenfield, B. Dygert, M. Strabbing, B. Iarvis, E. Johnson, I. Cox, M. Brown, L. Coyle, I. Clark, L. Gootas, I .Osborn, G. Peaslee. THIRD ROW: I. Iden, M. Wiederhold, I. Foster, I. McGee, I, Shay. M. McLee, I. Pelto, E. Noon, P. Richards, Z. Choc- hott. I. Crane, D. Wass. FOURTH ROW: P. Vastbinder, R. Selby, B. Traut, C. Adams, K. Simons, C. Gilley, L. Walker, D. Matherly, L. Adams R. Clegg. B. Davis, B. Mellin, A. Schwencer. if i xx 1 Charles Lynford Adams Keith Edward Aldrich Patricia LaRue Anderson Richard Willis Bailey Hobart Wayne Barnhart Lief S. Adams Arthur M. Allen Vanqel Angelo William David Baird Patricia Ann Barton Helen L. Addison Eugene Lee Alling Iacqueline Lou Ashley Mildred Alberta Baker Lawrence William Bartzen Verna Maxine Adrian Norman Oscar Amos Lillie Mae Ashley Ioan Yvonne Bannister Chester Duane Baurs Gerald M. Adrianson Owen Lind Anderson David Charles Bailey Louis Merle Barnes Betty Louise Beem Robert Earl Be Betty Pro nces Blatchiord tts Ern rs leunne Morie Boucher George DeRoy B Ronald Gor don Buckner G Norma Ma rigqs Richar est Irving Bennett, Ir. Mary Lou Blowe ry Bouzan d Edward Brigstock race Marie Bush Donald Lee Bentley Roy Eugene Bond Donald George Bowers Ioyce E. Britton Nona Marie Bush Bonnie Ruth Biqnell Duane Preston Bone Roy Denver Bowers Maretta Fae Brown Stephen E. Bush loyce Irene Bruce B Billington ernard Borchordt Lois lone Bretz Lawrence Ford Elizabeth Bryon! Louise Caluutti . ,mwsimlvmi ' .1- 1 SQ 1. ffl Theodore Burton Callahan Vivian Jean Childs Jeanne Louise Clark Harold A. Coss Ruth Louise Coyle 3-pe.,-.-F Emilio Paul Caluory Zdravka Chochoft Gordon M. Clegg Carol Ann Cottrell Robertson Mace Crandall Sara Ann Campbell Patricia Irene Choflin Ora Nadean Collins Ernest C. Cowell, Ir. Jeannette Ilean Crane Salvatore A. Canale Kathleen Mildred Chute Ancil Alva Conley Jacqueline Joyce Cox lacqueline Phyllis Crippen Donald Otis Carpenter Frances Jean Clark Jeannette Cool Phyllis Louise Cox Jacqueline Joy Crotoot G ertrude Mae Cross Cleighton David Gilbert L. Darling DeGreqory Elizabeth L. Douglas Cecil K. Emb ury Marjorie Gae Cross Bill Iack Davis Dora Dolores DeMaso Beverley Ieanne Dyqert Ada Lorraine English Barbara Ieanne Cull Gloria Ieanine Davis William H. Dempsey Helen Marie Earl Jacqueline May Evans Belly Lou Cummings Lucy May Davis Richard Franklin Dole Robert East Mary Lou Evans Ro bert Watts Darkey Mary Alice Davis Richard Doud Loren W David Edwards ilma Mae Evans Dennis Eugene Fales Myles Lewis Ferrall Jacqueline Geneal Foster Margaret Arleen Frey Bernard Gilmore Marietta Esther Fales Martin Lee Finkbiner Garland Roehl Fox IeanAnn Frick Betty Glover Richard Duane Fast Shirley lean Flanders Roger Rector Fox Carolyn lean Gibbs Iames Leonard Goff lames Edwin Feeney Betty lean Fletcher JoAnn French Bertha G. Gibson Mary Ellen Goodrich Keith Clinton Ferguson Georgia Fletcher Ioanne Elaine French Charles Edward Gilley Ioyce Lorraine Gooley Lia Gootas Barbar 'X a Louise Gren Lorraine Louthella Hall Fonzo Hardman Linus William Heydon. Ir. Glenn Richard Graham Ramona Clark Grier Carolyn Ioyce Hamilton Iohn Robert Harrington Athanacea Marie Hirakis LeRoy Maxwell Graham William Henry Griffin Margaret G. Ham Glen Eldon mons Harris Iosephine Mary Hook ,-Y-Q5 Richard T. Greene Beverly M. Gruss Cecilia Preci Lora A Audrey Lisbeth Horsbur h ous Hanley M nne Harris D Betty Louise Greenfield Charles Willia ary Ann Harding avid Ross Hawks g George Lawrence Ho m Gustine W9 .ki Carroll Eugene Hughes Robert Howard Hurd Vivienne Ioan Iden Dorothy Louise Iier Lena Johnson Naum K, Kapiliathis Iohn Maury Keedy Velda Marie Kerr Robert Baxter Knapp Mary Jo Knowles Bernice F, Hutson Wilbur C. Islam Joyce T. Katz Wayne Wood Kiger Charles Ellsworth Kolb Vivian B. Hyatt Beth Ioan Iarvis Nyda Mary Katz Kathryn Ann Kitley Paul Joseph Komarck Robert I. Hyde Elvera Onice Iohnson H. Bradley Keagle Gerald Lewis Knapp Joan Winitred Kuehnle Bud Earl LaBe Donald Furm Elirie Margaret Ellen Iane Addline M rteaux an Levy da Marie Lindenielser Ludlow arkovich Ioy Eileen Lampman Barbara lean Lewis Betty Sue Link Willa Mae Lynn Virginia Louise Marshall Rosemary Archer Lee Lloyd Frank Lewis Richard Lyle Loutit Ioyce Doreen Lyon Harold Robert Martin Eugene H. Leiter Franklyn Clare Lindauer Betty Low Maxine Eleanor Manley David Ervin Matherly V Richard Neale Lind Florence Hele George I N iolet Louise Levitt ClU9f n Loyer oseph Markham, Ir aomi Ruth Matheson .A - Patricia Ann Maurer Anita Maximorf Marie Irene Mazuk Donna Lorraine McConnell James Allen McDermid Eleanor Sue McDonald Jeanne Marie McLean Mary Jeanne McLee Doris Jean McNiel Grover Clinton Mellin, Ir. Robert Clayton Mellin Shirley Ann Mellin Donald Lewis Miller Graham Lee Miner Joyce Elaine Monroe Mary Lou Mazuk Joyce Elaine McGee Dora Jean McRae Harrison Mavel Mercer Verna Jean Monroe l Norma Jean McConkey Rosemary McHale Jennie Medich Lynne Millar Marilyn Frances Montgomery ,roman A Robert Frank Moore Glorianna Needham Iohn W. Oesch Shirley lean Oster Richard Robert Peacock Doris Anita Morrison Mary Nicola Robert Lee Ogden Robert Addison Owen Marian Gene Peaslee Raymond Robert Mulder Emajene Lucile Noon Donald E. Older Rex Mearl Owens Ioyce Ann Pelto RoseAnn Myers Margene Ann Norris Kenneth Charles Olsen Maxine Marie Paddock Beverly Ann Perkins v Leonard Marvin Myers Glenn Albert Nunnally Janice Lee Osborn Doris Marie Parmelee Johnnie Gene Perry 4 if Iucmita Mae Peters Iohn E. Rabbitt Merle Edwin Reynolds Edith Mae Robinson Geraldine Eleanor Rogers Mary lane Pickle Iames Arthur Raub Darrell Alan Rheynard Helen Louise Robinson Dorothy Elvira Rosine Marilyn Pio Beverly lean Rector Phyllis Marie Richards Jacqueline Marie Robinson Hugh Craig Ross Shirley Ann Poole Iacqueline Rae Reid Chester Alto Richlie Lynn Leo Robinson Mary Louise Ross Virginia Lou Pratt Harmon Earl Reynolds Duane Luman Robinson Charlie Harold Rogers Florence I. Rowden Wm Donovan Llewell lose-ph Nicholas Saitar Ralph Allen Shafer Frederick Iohn Shouldice Dorothy Mae Smith yn Royal Ethel Mae Ruble Robert Louis Schlubatis Evelyn Iune Shaffer Curtis William Simmons Frances Lee Smith Marvin Rush Mary Lou Schram Irene Doris Shay Kenneth Clair Simmons Halired Clesson Smith Elinor lean Sackett Albert Schwencer Mary Iosephine Sherburne Garth Eugene Singer Ioyce Johanna Smith Lauren King Sackrider Ralph Irving Selby Donald K. Sherman Iohn Richard Siver Hugh Alan Spaulding '11 Velma Rosetta Spriqgs Bernard Squires Donald Earl Stine Donald Earl Swan Eric Talbot Nancy Anne Springer Richard Leo Stambach Billie Mae Stout Andrew Dean Swank George Tassopulos Nancy Irene Sproull Mary Ioan Stevens Marion Stout Harold Lewis Swartz Alice Ioanne Taylor Bernard Eugene Squires Thomas Ioseph Stevenson Richard Ezra Stout Sallie lean Symons Mary lane Thiesen .,,,, -W " " "' Nettie Yvonne S Ioyce Hannah quires Stimpson Margaret Strabbing W'll' 1 iam Howard Tait Barbara Anne Thom US Robin Maurice Thomas Rob ert William Traui Carolyn lean Ure Marilyn Louise Gord VanWaqner on Lloyd Young Verity Lois Aileen Thompson Betty Louise Troutfetter Ioyce Mae Van Aman Virginia VanWagner Richard Edward Vincent F 3 1 n Tindol Ioanne Louise Thomson Modrelle Louise Thornsberry Constance lea Winifred lean Truman 'Wendall Kieth Tungaie Virginia Lee Ure Frederick George Van Asperel-Iubefg Eugene Vcmdebur Ardis D. VanWorme Bonnie Io c V Y e oorheis Charles S. 1' Florence Onamee a V g Marian lean Vander Vcen g arner John Phillip VaslBinder Walker, Ir. Ella lean Walk OI M..-A, as rylew.r-mai J Manuel Lorenzo Walker Robert Alton Walter IoAnn Rogers Wedel Deborah May White Barbara Mae Williams Eugene Allen Wallace Erdine Lorraine Warren Barbara Ioan Weiglein Betty lean Wideman Lynn Williams Martha Iohannah Wallace Shirley May Wallace Nancy Lee Walsworth Richard Albert Wass Larry G. Watson Richard Charles Weakley Nancy Anne Weiss Oscar Wellington Betty Lou Wertz Donald Iohn Wilkins Donna lean Wilkins Evelyn Mae Wilkinson Mary Louise Williams Glen Wilson Gordon Wireman Dorothy Mae Wise Louise Yengst Donald C. Ellis Mayonne Elaine Gehrman Aleshkewich, Alex, Ir. Barber. Wilson H. Barton, Raymond R. Birchard. Alton R. Brawner, Alvin D. Brownell, Albert C. Brownell. George A., Jr. Clark, Harvey Clark, Robert S. Coss, Ralph E. Day, Albert C. Downs, Ernest C. Dragoo, Delbert L. W r 1 Charles Gilbert Wolle Pamela Clinton Wood Joanne Beverly Wright Alice Ruth Yepez Robert Louis Schlubatis Ernestine Martha Yohp Richard Garriott Yunt William John Zielinslcx Roy Lee Jacobs Warren V. Keathley DuPott, Donald Fullerton, Iurel L. Fultz, Wendell M. Gilbert, Lawrence E. Gilmore, Richard C. Good, Elden W. Gunsch, Wilbur I. Holcomb, Richard F. Huff, Paul L. lden, Wendell D. Johnson, Glenn J., Ir. Kellay, Cassius J. Klepper, Gerald E. PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Marion Helen Kivin Alex Ely Kogen VETERANS Knapp. Roger W. Knapp. Daryl N. Lam, John H. Lawrence, Walter E. Leatherman, Gordon F. Levitt, lack F. Lockwood, Richard L. Lynch, William A. Marshall, Robert E. McCrary. Raymond E. McShan, Oran C. Moody, Joseph L. Moulds, Phillip R. Don Earl Lockwood Jacqueline Merriam Murphy, Darrell Norcross, Mace W. Payberg, Raymond Peterson, Everett M. Pittard, William P. Pratt, William Puckett, Gale R. Pyritz. William D. Rasmussen, Arthur Riste, Nickola Roach, Donald I. Root, Raymond A. Smith. William I. Zin illlvmnriam GLORIA A. KELLEY Born October 15, 1929 Died July 7, 1945 6 ye, if 1 Shirley Anne Yates Myrtle Elaine Yohpe Patricia Ann Potzner Lyle Arthur Wilbur Spitler, Richard Stewart, Wm. D. Sullivan, Charles Torres, Carl P. Tyler, George L. Willard, Herbert Willbur, Wm. D. Williams. Richard Wood. lohn R. Wright, Gordon L. MOST POPULAR IACKIE CRIPPEN OWEN ANDERSON BEST LOOKING PAT BARTON CHUCK KOLR MOST STUDIOUS HELEN EARL BOB MELLIN MOST FLIRTATIOUS NANCY SPRINGER KEN SIMMONS MOST DIGNIFIED JOYCE sT1MPsON DAVID MATHERLY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED NANCY WEISS GORDON VERITY qfatecq CEM-:At MOST ORIGINAL IO HOOK LORENZO WALKER BUSIEST SHIRLEY OSTER BOB DARKEY MOST SINCERE BETTY WERTZ IIM FEENY WITTIEST IO SHERBOURN BILL DEMPSEY MOST TALKATIVE NANCY WALSWORTH DICK LOUTIT FAVORITE TEACHERS Miss EDNA cooK MR. EARL GIBBS FIRST ROW: G. Needham, M. Evans, B, Gruss, I. Wedel, M. Schram, E. Warren, B. Cull, N. Walsworth, P. Anderson, V. Pratt, S. Symons. SECOND ROW: N. Bouzon, F. Cox, G. Hammons, D. Rosine, I. Bannister, P. Wood, B. Blatchlord, D. Parmelee, M. Nor- ris, H. Robinson. THIRD ROW: S. Mellin, A. Maximofi, N. Springer, A. Hirakis, I. Crippen, P. Barton, M. Montgomery, M. McLee, D. DeMaso, B. Link. Senior Prom Couples attending the Senior Prom found themselves in Davy Iones' Locker as they stepped through the doorway to the Social Room, which was strung with fish nets and life preservers. Pat Anderson, Senior Class president, was general chairman of the semi-formal dance, which was held from 9:00 to 12:00 P. M. on March 29. Iimmy Shafer's Band furnished the music. l"""""'r -Q" . .. -2 :1 2- - '..::.,.::. .-.-4.-:-:-'--"'f::-22 1 - "2 5-..::...2h-1 -2.3 -az' . , . -s Z...EE...E?-'gE!:::1Z:::: :::5Q2?5Ei2--3-..,,..:l . - " .Www-f -, ,,,,,... --ww b :,..'1m5--.. .. - FIRST ROW: B. Darkey, S. McDonald, I. Childs, I. Siver. SECOND ROW: D. Matherly, D. Wilkins, I. Pelto. I. French, I. Adrianson Senior Play BY PHILIP H. BARRY The cast of the "Youngest," the class of '47's Senior Play production, was excellent and acclaimed so by the critics. Under the capable direction of Emily Marsh, the actors and act- resses went about their parts like true veterans. Their's is the glory and acclaim and they are deserving. The Senior Class may well be proud of their effort and success. St-znion Slbinectonuf CI-IARLESI LYNFORD ADAMS-"For though he is a wit he is no too Haloween Hop Dec. Comm, '45-'4B: Wolverine Boy's State '46: Iunior Play '46, Stage Manager: Band Follies '46: Science Club '48-'47, Pres. '47: Player's Club '47: B.A.A.: National Honor Society. LIEF E. ADAMS-"The most maniiest sign oi wisdom is continued cheertulness." B:.A.A.: National Honor Society: Intramural basketball '46-'4'7. HELEN L. ADDISON-"Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Volleyball '45-'46-'47: Softball '45-'48-'47: Pingpong '46: Bad- minton '46: Basketball '47: Bowling '47: G.A.A. Boardmember '45: D. ot L. VERNA MAXINE ADRIAN-"Most good things are done up in small packages." G.A.A. '44-'45: D. oi L. GERALD M. ADRIANSON-"An ounce of wit is worth a pound ot sorrow." Player's Club '46-'47: Usher Club, '46-'47: Science Club '47: Band '47: Wolverine Boy's State '46: A Cappela Choir '47: Band Follies '4G: Iunior Play '46: Iunior-Senior Reception '4G: B.A.A. KEITH EDWARD ALDRICH-"In all respects the best tellow in the world." Golt '44s'45s'46: Football Manager '45-'46-'47: Senior manager '47: Swimming '46-'47: Varsity Lettermen's Club '47: Pan American Club '46: Spanish Club '46: Intramural Basketball '47: Wolverine Boy's State '45: B.A.A. ARTHUR M. ALLEN-"Heroes are made not born." Cheer Leader '45-'46: Intramural Basketball '46-'47: Cross- country '46: Wrestling '47: B.A.A. EUGENE LEE ALLING-"Flaming youth with llaming locks." Orchestra '44-'45: Ir, Merchants Bureau '45-'46: B.A.A. NORMAN OSCAR AMOS-"I want to be bashtul but the girls won't let me." Science Club '45-'46: Reserve Football '45-'46: Varsity Foot- ball '46-'47: Reserve Track '44-'45: Varsity Track '45-'46-'47, Co-captain '47: Varsity Lettermen's Club '47: Wrestling '47: Student Council '45: B.A.A. OWEN LIND ANDERSON-"Great is an athlete's honor." Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: Reserve Football '44: Varsity Football '45-'46: Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47, Captain '47: Track '45-'46-'47: Wolverine Boy's State '4B: Hi-Y Club '44-'45: Student Council '45-'46-'47: Pres oi B.A.A. Board of Control '46-'47, PATRICIA LaRUE ANDERSON-"Her nature is an oil on troubled waters." May Party Dec. Comm. '45-'46: G.A.A. '45-'46: Fall I-'rolic Dec. Comm. '46-'47: Senior Prom '47: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45-'47: Sophomore Spring Dec. Comm. '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. Chairman, '46: Iunior-Senior Reception '467 Iunior Play '46: Student Council '45-'46-'47: Player's Club '46-'47: Senior Class Pres. '46-'47: Band Follies '46: Horseback Riding '45-'46: Commencement Comm. '47: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: D. oi L. VANGEL ANGELO-"I tavor not the five day week, but the tive day week-end." Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. IACQUELINE LOU ASHLEY-"Concentrated sunshine that's ackie." Student Council '45-'46: Riding Club '45-'46-'47: Bowling Club '44-'45-'46: Science Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm.. Band Committee. andillnvitation Comm. '47: Senior Class Treasurer '47: D. o . LILLIE MAE ASHLEY-"I have cr heart with room tor every Icy... Sottball '45: D. oi L. DAVID CHARLES BAILEY-"It matters not how long you live, but how." French Club '44-'45-'46, Pres. '46: Political Science Club '45-'46-'47: Pan American Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Science Club '45-'46: Student Council '47: B.A.A. RICHARD WILLIS BAILEY-"The secret of success is con- stancy to purpose." B.A.A. WILLIAM DAVID BAIRD-"A sense of humor is the salt ot lite." B.A.A. MILDRED ALBERTA BAKER-"A way to a man's heart is known by this 'Baker'." French Club '44-'45-'46: Player's Club '46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '44: Sophomore Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Student Council '44-'45: May Party Dec. Comm. '45: Table Tennis Club '45-'46-'47: D. oi L. IOAN YVONNE BANNISTER-"Practical, clever and jolly too, Her charms are many, her faults few." Latin Club '45-'46: D. of L. Representative '47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm '45-'46-'47: Christmas Formal Dec. Comm. '45- '46-'47: May Party Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. ot L. EUGENE EDGAR BANNISTER-"He has a common sense in giuiy that is uncommon." Louis MERLE BARNES-"rf d it 1 ' H Ambassadors for Christ '4s.'4Ir?uTliiurg:YB.f.R. ask him' ROBERT WAYNE BARNHART-"A man of few words but great meaning." gag? Club '46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: Track '44-'45-'46-'47: PATRICIA ANN BARTON-"O, thou are fairer than the eve- mng air, clad in the beauty ot a thousand stars." Orchestra '44-'45-'46: Chorus '46-'47: Vice-Pres.: Christmas Dec. Comm. '46: Maiorette '45-'46-'47: Junior-Senior Reception 46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: May Party Dec. Comm. '47: Football Queen '47: Modern Dance Club '47: D. ot L, LAWRENCE wruum BARTZEN-"Be merry if you are WISG. B.A.A. CHESTER DUANE BAURS-"There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight." Retailing Club '46-'47: Chorus '45-'46: B.A.A. BETTY I-or-HSE BEEM-"FGilh. hope and charity, this one has all three." Cheerleader '45-'46: Usher Club '45: D. ot L. ROBERT EARL BETTS--"He looks sate but so does gun- powder." ' Entered Sept. '46 from Cal.: B.A.A. ERNEST IRVING BENNETT, IR.-"Youth comes but once in a lifetime, so I'll use it while I may." Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. DONALD LEE BENTLEY-"He is the kind of person that you gre cinroxxltl gg call a friend." an ' -' -'46-'47: O h t '45g HZY ' - - f . . BIGNELL-"Like k' 'gh bedight, on all she sheds her graziinrssnlilghiles W1 sims Hobby Club '46: Chorus '45-'46-'47: D. ot L. IOYCE IRENE BILLINGTON--"As calm and unruflled as the summer sea. gihiancgiseoirg:'4gsR1Si.Political Science Club '45-'46-'47: Player's BETTY 'FRANCIS BLATCHFORD-"Her fiery hair was clus- tered o er a brow bright with intelligence, fair and smooth." I-Hop ,Dec. Comrn. '4S: Usher Club '45-'46-'47: Y-Luncheon Club QS- 47: Latin Club 'ft6: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: Swlmmlflq Club 46: Bowling Club '46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. 46: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec- Comm. 47: May Party Dec. Comm. '47: D. ot L. IVEARY LOU BLOWERS-"She excels all women in the magic ?f helloifkii d orse ac i ing '45-'46: Ush Cl b '45-'46: C b '47: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Dfroi LT O usml Club ROY EUGENE BOND-"To be a tine gentleman is to be a generous and a brave man." Student Council '45-'47: Reserve Football '44: , Reserve Basketball '44-'45: Varsity Basketball '45-'46: Science Club '46: Intramural Basketball '45-'46: Baseball '47: B.A.A. DUANE PRESTON BONE-"Fleet oi toot strong ot limb, deeds ot prowess were common to him." Student Council '44-'45: Reserve Football '44: Reserve Basket- ball '44-'45: Varsity Lettermen's Club '47: Varsity Baseball '45-'46-'47: Intramural Basketball Champs '45-'46-'47: Science Club '45-'46: B.A.A. BRUCE BERNARD BORCHARDT-"Small oi stature, quiet of iminxer-but what a man." IEANNE MARIE BOUCHER-"To think that my high school days are over." G.A.A. Board '44-'45-'46-'47: Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47: Base- ball '45-'46-'47: Volleyball '44-'45-'46: Badminton '45-'46s'47: Ping Pong '46: Bowling '44: D. of L. NORMA MARY BOUZAN-"A sweet coquette is this pretty brunette." Pan American Club '46-'47: Book Club '46-'47: Modern Dance Club '47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: May Party Dec. Comm. '45: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. ot L. DONALD GEORGE BOWERS-"He fills the air with music." Band '44-'45-'46-'47: Swimming Team '45-'46: Movie Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Pres. '45-'46-'47: Chess Club '47: Orchestra '46: Gasoleers '44-'45-'46-'47, Pres. '46-'47: Sophomore Spring Swing '45: Senior Prom '47: B.A.A. ROY DENVER BOWERS-"It matters not how long we live, but how." B.A.A. LOIS IONE BRETZ-"The rays of happiness, like those of light are colorless when unbroken." Latin Club '46: Science Club '46-'47: D. oi L.: Entered '46. GEORGE DeROY BRIGGS-"O, this learning. what a thing it is." Basketball '44-'45: B.A.A. RICHARD EDWARD BRIGSTOCK-"No one knows what he can do until he tries." Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '44-45: Reserve Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. IOYCE E. BRITTAN-"Life is a perilous voyage." golleyll Ball '46-'47: Bowling Club '46-'47: Soit Ball '47: . of . MARETTA FAE BROWN-"Dark eyes but bright prospects." G.A.A. Board '46-'47: Ping Pong '46: Basketball '46-'47: Vol- leyball '46: Baseball '46-'47: Badminton '46-'47: A Capella Choir '44-'45-'46-'47: D. of L. FORD BRYANT-"He was a man, take him for a in a ." Band Follies '4l-'42-'43-'44-'45'46-'47: Band '44-'45-'46-'47, lgresident '46-'47: Orchestra '45-'46, Vice-President '45-'46: .A.A. RONALD GORDON BUCKNER-"What should a man do but be merry?" Band Follies '47: Orchestra '44-'45-'46-'47: Band '46-'47: lt. Merchants '45-'48 B.A.A. GRACE MARIE BUSH-"Happiness is a by-product oi an ef- gart ftoL make someone else happy." . o . NONA MARIE BUSH-"When she is with us we happy grow she tries our better selves to know." ghoilui '45-'46: Girl Reserves '45-'46-'47, Vice-President: . o . STEPHEN E. BUSH-"You can't keep a good man dowu." Student Council '44-'45-'46: Pan American Club '44-'45-'46: Track '44-'45-'46: Football '46-'47: Wrestling '46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46: B.A.A. ELIZABETH LOUISE CALAUTTE-"Earnest and willing, she alwayxs tries, careful, hard working, her journey she plies." Frenc Club '45-'46: Band Follies '47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. THEORORE BURTON CALLAHAN-"To be happy here is man's chief end." Band '44-'45-'46-'47: B.A.A. EMILIO PAUL CALUORY-"A man who by his jolly good manner earned a place in everyone's heart." Gasoleers '44-'45-'46-'47, Secretary: B.A.A. SARA ANN CAMPBELL-"Wise to resolve and patient to perform." G.A.A. '46-'47: D. of L. SSILVSTORE A. CANALE-"A rough exterior with a heart o go Entered Sept. '46: B.A.A. DONALD OTIS CARPENTER-"He always thinks betore he speaks. B.A.A. VIVIAN IEAN CHILDS-"Such looks as none could look but beauty's queen." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: Science Club '46: Player's Club '45-'46-'47: Book Club '47: Student Council '47: Modern Dance Club '47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46-'47: I-I-Iop Dec. Comm. '4G: Senior Prom '47: May Party Dec. Comm.: D. of L. ZDRAVKA CHOCHOFF-"Kinder eyes nor a sweeter smile, have we ne'er seen in many a while." Usher Club '46-'47: Cobustra Club '47: National Honor So- ciety '47: D. of L. PATRICIA IRENE CHOFFIN-"She has a pleasant, cheerful way, that haunts your memory many a day." C.A.P. '45-'46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: Key Staff '45- '46-'47, Exchange Editor '46-'47: Bowling '46-'47: Ping Pong '44-'45: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. Representative '46-'47 Y-Luncheon Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Science Club '45. KATHLEEN MILDRED CHUTE-"She seeketh diligently after knowledge." Latin Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: National Honor Society: D. of L. FRANCES IEAN CLARK-"A girl whose musical laugh and blue dancing eyes win the heart oi every one." Volleyball '44-'45-'46-'47: Swimming '45-'45-'47: Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47: Softball '44-'45-'46-'47: Bowling '45-'48-'47: Bad- minton '44-'45-'46-'47: Ping Pong '44-'45-'46: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Pan American '45-'46-'47: Student Council '46-'47: Paean Board, Girl's Sports Editor '46-'47: Band Follies '46: '44-'45-'46-'47, Vice-President '46, President '47: D. o . IEANNE LOUISE CLARK-"She smiles and the shadows de art." Hobby Club '46-'47: National Honor Society: D. of L.: Span- ish C ub '45-'46: Pan American Club '45-'46. GORDON M. CLEGG-"Still waters run deep." National Honor Society: B.A.A. ORA NADEAN COLLINS-"A successful woman loses no rep- utation." Iunior Merchants '45-'4G: D. oi L. ANCIL ALVA CONLEY-"Don't take life too seriously-you'll never get out ot it alive." Bowling '45-'46-'47, President '46-'47: Swimming '44-'45-'4S: B.A.A. IEANNEITE COOL-"Charming? Well, what do you think?" Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '4G: Science Club '46: Volley ball '44-'4S: Basketball '44-'45: D. of L. HAROLD A. COSS-"Better to die ten thousand deaths, than wound mine honor." Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: Track '45-'46-'47: Football '45-'47: B.A.A. CAROL ANN COTTRELL-"To be b for out of question you were bornmsifger gsingsfingfsr You' Igilayeias E1uFf1"45"Ig: Ch'i5""f'S Play '4s: Band Follies. '46- orse ac ri i ' 5 M . , . ' Honor Societwng- of L- ay Party Dec. Comm, 46. National ERNEST C. COWELL. IR.-"All gfmq teelgo well myseuun Qreat men are dead and I ayer's .lub '45-'46-'47: Hobby Club '45-'46g S ,T . Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Wolverine Boy's lSiatgeg:6: Paean,Board. Club and Activities Editor '46-'47: Swimming sei..4.2:-iQ..i:'::':s..2:ub its ' I -- on amm. ' -' 7 " ' Club '46-'47: National Thespian Society '47:Pg2?A?l Science IACOUELINE JOYCE COX "True fr' d grecious and mms' - ren s are like pearls. 'ow ing Club '44-'4S: Horseback R'd' '44-'47: B 14 44-.'45f.S0f?b'111 'MJ467 Truck '45f'4lag BadmintonQs'4l3?4xS! Swimming 45-'4S: Science Club '45-'46: D. oi L ' 23122: 5-ggliffagggf-"A chic, sweet maiden with a wit anAmerican '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: Modem D Club '47: Book Club '47: Iunior-Senior Reception Tilcrlrii Comm. Chairman: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46: May Party Dec. Comm.: Christmas Formal Dec. Comm. '46: I-Hop Dec Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. ' RUTH LOUISE COYLE-"A shyness. a sweetness that stays In YO'-11' mmdl, the type of a girl it's so hard to find." French Club 4Q- 47: Chnstian Crusaders for Christ '45-'46-'47, SGC- 45. Pres- 47: D. of L.: National Honor Society. ROBERTSON MACE CRANDALL-"Every man is a volumn if you know how to read it." Entered Sept. '4S: B.A.A. LECILIJNETTE ILEAN CRANE-"Her eyes are two shining National Honor Society: D. of L. IACQUELINE PHYLLIS CRIPPEN-"One in a million." Player's Club '45-'46-'47, President '47: Y-Luncheon Club '44-'45: Bowling Club '44-'45: Christmas Play '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Key Staff '45-'46-'47, Feature Editor '46-'47: Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-President '46: Spanish Club 46-"47: Quill and Scroll '46-'47: May Party Dec. Comm, 46: Publicity Comm. ,Iunior-Senior Reception '46, Chairman: ?UQ11Cl'Y Comm. Iunior Play, Chairman '4G: Band Follies 46--47: Paean Board '47, Editor-in-Chief: Student Council '47: National Thespians '47: Chorus '44-'45: A Capella Choir '47- Pmg Pong '44: D. of L. ' glC?TiEI-INE IOY CROI-'COT-"Worry is unknown to me." .o . SERJTRIIDE MAE CROSS--"I can be serious but l'd rather ay. Girl Reserves '44-'45-'46-'47: "Y" Teens '46-'47: G.A.A.: D. of L. MARIORIE GAE CROSS-"Her thoughts are up in the air." Players Club. '45-'46: French Club '45-'46: Science Club 3531163147: Christmas Play '45: Assistant Librarian '45-'46-'47: . o . BARBARA IEANNE CULL-"Twinkle, twinkle goes her eye, I wonder who's the guy and why." Student Council '45: Fall Frolic '47: Christmas Formal Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. Representa- tive '45-'48-'47. BETTY LOU CUMMINGS-"Nor know we anything so fair as the smile on her lace." French Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: Usher Club '46-'47: Hobby Club '46-'47: Band '44-'45-'46-'47, Secretary '46-'47: Iunior Play Costume Comm. '46: D. of L. ROBERT WATTS DARKEY-"Beware! I may yet be great." l-Ii-Y Club '44-'45, Sec.-Treas., '45-'46 Vice-President. '46-'47 President: Pan American '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Basketball Manager '45-'46-'47: Swimming Manager '46-'47: Wolverine Boy's State '44-'45: Cross Country '45-'46-'47, Cap- tain '47: Track '45-'46-'47: Paean Board '46-'47, Sports Editor: Key Staff '48-'47: Senior Board '46-'47: Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: Track Manager '44-'45: Intramural Basketball '46-'47: B.A.A.: Senior Play '47. CLI-IIGHTON DAVID DARLING-"He has an eye for color, especially blondes and redheads." Usher Club '44-'45-'46, Captain: Bowling '44-'45: Intramural Football '46: Intramural Baseball '47: Iunior Merchants '46-'47: B.A.A. BILL IACK DAVIS-"My heart's in the highlands, my heart is not here." Entered Sept. '45: Student Council '45-'46-'47, Chairman of Improvement Comm. Band Follies '45-'46-'47: Latin Club '45-'46: Science '45-'46: Bowling Club '45-'48: Golf '45-'46'47: Christian Crusaders for Christ '45-'46-'47, Vice-President: Player's Club '45-'46: I-Ii-Y Club '45: Band '45-'46-'47: Christ- mas '45: Orchestra '45-'46: B.A.A.: National Honor Society. GLORIA IEANINE DAVIS-"A dimpled smile that melts the laarfleit heart." .o . LUCY MAY DAVIS-"When of a friend you are in need. just call on her, she's one indeed." Latin Club '45: Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: Y-Luncheon '46-'47: G.A.A.: D. of L. MARY ALICE DAVIS-"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Entered Sept. '46: D. of L. GILBERT L. DeGREGORY-"Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles you." Glider Club '46-'47: Swimming '44-'45-'46-'47: Band '44-'47: B.A.A. DORA DOLORES DeMASO-"It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Usher Club '46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: Pan American Club '45-'46: Science Club '46-'47: Player's Club '47: Political Science Club '48-'47, Secretary '47: I-Hop Program Comm. '4G: Iunior-Senior Reception Dec, Comm. '46: Iunior Play Program and Publicity Comm. '46: May Party Dec. Comm. '46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: Christmas Formal Dec. Comm. '-46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. WILLIAM H. DEMPSEY-"The thief of bad-gags." Wolverine Boy's State '46: Player's Club '45-'46-'47: 'Science Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-President '47: Iunior Play '46: Band Follies '46-'47: Christmas Play '46: Intramural Basketball '46-'47: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: B.A.A. EICHARD FRANKLIN DOLE-"Good intentions are half the attle." Chorus '44-'45: B.A.A. RICHARD WILLIAM DOUD-"I would like to see the man who can worry me." Band '44-'45-'46-'47: Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Captain, Sci- ence Club '46-'47: B.A.A. ELIZBETH L. DOUGLAS-"With her 'tis summer throughout the year." Latin Club '45-'4S: Science Club '45-'46: Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46: Halloween Hop Dec. Comm. '45-'46-'47: D. ot L. BEVERLY IEANNE DYGERT-"ln thy face I see the map oi honor, truth and loyalty." Hobby Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-President, Secretary: Band Fol- lies '46-'47: Science Club '45-'4S: Player's Club '45-'46: Iunior Play '46: Swimming Club '45-'46: Bowling Club '46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception Invitation Comm. '46: Brass Sextet '45-'46-'47: Band '45-'46-'47: Orchestra '46-'47: D. of L.: Na- tional Honor Society. HELEN MARIE EARL-"Come, sing now sing, for I know you sing well." Senior Class Vice-Pres. '47: Vice-Pres. G.A.A. Board '47: Bowling Club '45: Basketball '45-'46: Softball '45-'46: Volley- ball '4S: Tennis '46: French Club '46-'47, Social Chairman '461 Student Council '45-'48: Key Staff '46-'47, Associate Editor '47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46: Band Follies '47: Quill and Scroll '47: Commencement Comm. '47: Senior Prom Ticket Chairman '47: A Cappella Choir '47: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: School Mixed Quartet '47: Badminton '45-'46: Ping Pong '46: National Honor Society: Rotary Award: D. of L. ROBERT EAST-"Schools a good thing but why run a good ahing to death." .A.A. LOREN DAVID EDWARDS-"He is a man who will make his way." glider Club '46-'47: Softball '45-'46-'47: Football '45-'46-'47: .A.A. DONALD C. ELLIS-"A real man within the body of an athlete." CECIL K. EMBURY-"Good to the last drop." Tennis '45-'46: B.A.A. ADA LORRAINE ENGLISH-"Wearing confidence like a halo." Swimming '46-'47: D. ot L. IACQUELINE MAY EVANS-"It's a wonderful lite!" Latin Club '45: Key Start '46: G.A.A.: D. of L. MARY LOU EVANS-"Heaven can wait- May Party Dec. Comm. '44-'45-'46: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '45-'46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '46-'47: Student Council '46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '45-'46: Sophomore Spring Swing Comm. '44-'45: Player's Club '45-'46-'47: Iunior Play '45-'46: D. ot L. Board, Secretary. WILMA MAE EVANS-"Always a friend ot those who know her." Entered '46 from Owosso: D. of L. DENNIS EUGENE FALES-"l'm content to mind my own business." Intramural Football '44-'45: Intramural Softball '46: Intra- mural Basketball '47: Retailing Club '47: B.A.A. MARIETTA ESTHER FALES-"When she smiles you are her slaves." Entered '4S: D. ol L. RICHARD DUANE FAST-"Small but he gets around." Bowling Club '44-'45: Student Council '44: Intramural Soft- ball '46: B.A.A. IAMES EDWIN FEENEY--"With him on the basketball floor, you can ask for nothing more." Reserve Football '44: Varsity Football '45-'4G: Reserve Basketball '44-'45: Varsity Basketball '45-'46-'47: Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: B.A.A. Board '46-'47, Vice-President. KEITH CLINTON FERGUSON-"An individual with individ- l't ." Bgwgng Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Secretary: Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: Varsity Baseball '44-'45-'46-'47, Co-Captain '47: Intramural Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47: Intramural Football '46-'47: B.A.A. MYLES LEWIS FERRALL-"He has a manner all his own." Intramural Softball '45: Hobby Club '46-'47: Latin Club '4B: Proiector's Club '45-'46-'47: Intramural Basketball '47: B.A.A. MARTIN LEE FINKBINER-"He speaks not when there's nothing to be said." I 1 I Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: A Cappela Choir 46-47: Band '45-'46: B.A.A. SHIRLEY JEAN FLANDERS-"She looks as clear as morning roses newly washed with dew." Usher Club '45-46-'47: Horseback Riding '45-'46: I-Hop Dec. Comm. 146: D. ot L. Representative '45-'46: May Party Dec. Comm. 45-'46: Iunior-Senior Reception '45-'46: Cobustra Club '45-'47, Secretary: Treasurer of D. of L. Grade Group '45-'46. :SILTY JEAN FLETCHER-"Her crowning glory is her brilliant D. oi L. GEORGIA FLETCHER-"Everybody's friend, nobody's en. emy. A Cappela Choir '46-'47: Girl Reserve '44-'45-'46-'47: D. of L, IACHQUELINE GENEAL FOSTER-"As welcome as the flowers in ay. Usher Club '45-'46-'47: Cobustra Club '47: National Honor Society: Vice-President of D. of L. Grade Group. GARLAND ROEHL FOX-"His head may be iron, his muscles steel, but his heart is gold." Reserve Football '44: Varsity Football '45-'46: Intramural Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47: Varsity Baseball '45-'46-'47: Iunior Class Vice-Pres. '45-'46: Varsity Lettermen's Club '47: B.A.A. ROGER RECTOR FOX-"Life is what you make it, the world how you take it." Engaging Club '46-'47: Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: IoANN FRENCH-"Courtesy is the law ol lite, and it's best ruit." C.A.P.C. '45-'46: D. of L. IOANNE ELAINE FRENCH-"Hitch your wagon to a star." Usher Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-Pres. '46, President '47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47, Treasurer '45-'46: Pan American Club '45-'4S: Student Council '46: G.A.A. '46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Iunior-Senior Recep- tion Comm. '46: Secretary of D. ot L. Grade Group '45, MARGARET ARLEEN FREY-"Ready with unfolking chatter." Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44-'45: Christmas Formal Dec. Comm. '45-'46: Student Council '45-'48: D. ot L. IEANANN FRICK-"The fun just twinkles in her eyes." Pan American Club '44-'45: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Spanish Club '45-'46: Book Club '45-'46-'47: Modern Dance Club '47: D. of L. IVIAYPNNE ELAINE GEHRMANN-"We're born to be happy, a o us.' D. ol L. CAROLYN IEAN GIBBS-"It's better to be out oi the world than out oi fashion." G.A.A. '44-'45-'46-'47: Player's Club '46-'47: Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '4B: Cheerleader '44-'45: Science Club '45: D. of L. Representative '46-'47. BERTHA G. GIBSON-"Frame your mind to mirth and mer- riment." D. of L. CHARLES EDWARD GILLEY-"Central won't be Central with- out you." Spanish Club '45-'46: Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Student Council '47: B.A.A. EETTYL GLOVER-"Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts." . o . IAMES LEONARD GOFF-"A man ot varied interest he: in Iact, he's quite a prodigy." Student Council '45-'46-'47: Sophomore Class Treasurer '45: Baseball '47: B.A.A. MARY ELLEN GOODRICI-I-"Grace was in all steps." D. oi L. IOYCE LORRAINE GOOLEY-"Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." D. of L. LIA GOOTAS-"A face like the cameo of purest gold." Pingpong '45-'46-'47: Volleyball '45-'46: Baseball '45-'46: Basketball '45-'4B: Bowling Club '45-'46: Pan American Club '46: Hobby Club '-16: G.A.A. Board '46: Cobustra Club '47, President: National Honor Society: D. of L. GLENN RICHARD GRAHAM-"A handful of humor is worth a bushelful of learning." Iunior Merchants Club '46-'47: B.A.A. LeROY MAXWELL GRAHAM-"To work or not to work, that is the question." Cheerleader '45: B.A.A. RICHARD T. GREENE-"We grant that though he had much wit, he was very shy in using it." B.A.A. BETTY LOUISE GREENFIELD-"A maiden here we see who enjoys lun and jolity." Iunior Merchants Club '47: French Club '45: National Honor Society: D. of L. BARBARA LOUISE GREN-"A charm attends her every- where, a hard heart loves her anywhere." Iunior Merchants '46-'47: D. ot L. RAMONA CLARK GRIER-"She lives for the love ot living." Entered Sept. '46: D. of L. WILLIAM HENRY GRIFFIN-"Al1 the world loves a wit." Band '45-'46-'47: Track '46: Cross-Country '46: Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: Intramural Football '45-'46-'47: Intra- mural Baseball '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. BEVERLY M. GRUSS-"Mighty thoughts and many pass daily in this little head." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: G.A.A. Board '45: Bowling '45: Basketball '45: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: May Dance Dec. Comm. '45-'46: Student Council '46-'47: D. f L R . Eilxlaxva lgfnaor-Senior Reception '46: Senior? Prom elgeg. CHARLES WILLIAM GUSTINE-"Life's o iest and all things show it. I thought so once and now l know it." Intramural Basketball '47: B.A.A. LORRAINE LOUTHELLA HALL-"Everyone can read the lan- guage of a smile." Y Luncheon Club '46-'47: D. of L.: Latin Club '45-'46: Hal- loween Hop Dec. Comm. '46. CAROLYN IOYCE HAMILTON-"Without athletics this world would be a dull place." Cobustra Club '47: D. of L. MARGARET GERALDINE HAMMONS-"A bundle of loveli- ness from heaven." Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44-'45-'4G: May Party Dec. Comm, '45-'46-17: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '4G: D. of L. Homeroom Representative '46-'47. CECILIA PRECIOUS HANLEY-"A friend, indeed, to all who ask: and nothing to her is a task." lllgylgs Vzllieatley Girl Reserves '45, Asst. Secretary: G.A.A. I . 0 . MARY ANN HARDING-"Ycu're as pleasant as the morn- ing. as refreshing as the rain." Usher Club '45-'46-'47: Pan American Club '46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: D. of L. ECRNKO HARDMAN-"Great fires spring from tiny flames." IOHN ROBERT HARRINGTON-"He's not only a scholar, but a gentleman and a good fellow." Band '45-'46-'47: Orchestra '45-'46-'47: Band Follies '45-'47, Leader '47: Band, Student Director '47: B.A.A. ELDON HARRIS-"Great hopes make great men." LORA ANNE HARRIS-"Laughter makes dull life gay. And you have lightened many a day." D. of L. DAVLD ROSS HAWKS-"For the apparel oft proclaims the man. LINUS WILLIAM HEYDON, IR.-"He who sings scares away his woes." Swimming '47: Track '45-'46-'47: Cross-Country '45-'46: Band Follies '45-'46-'47: Boys Bowling Club '44-'45: Wolverine Boys State '45: Science Club '45-'46: Radio Inner Circle '45-'46: Varsity Club '45-'46-'47: Band '44-'45-'46: A Capella Choir '46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: lunior Play Props Comm. '46: Mixed Quartet '47: B.A.A. ATHANACEA MARIE HIRAKIS-"Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Player's Club '45-'48-'47: Usher Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: Pan American Club '47: French Club '46-'47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: Christ- mas Dance Dec. Comm. '47: Band Follies '46-'47: Iunior Class Play '46: Modern Dance Club '47: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. IOSEPHINE MARY HOOK-"Lovely and peppy and brilliant too. we open our hearts to the dearness of you." Pan American Club '45-'45-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Bowling Club '45: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45-'46-'47: New Year's Dance '45: I-I-lop Dec. Comm. '46: May Party Dec. Comm. '46: Secretarly and Treasurer of the A Capella Choir '46-47: Paeon Art ditor '47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: National Honor Society: Student Council '45-'46-'47, Vice-President: D. of L. AUDREY LISBETH HORSBURGH-"Her work's an expression of herself." Usher Club '45-'46-'47: Vice-President of the Cobustra Club '47: I-Hop, Chairman of the Hospitality Comm. '46: National Honor Society: D. of L. GEORQGE LAWRENCE HOWE-"Why worry when life's so short." Hi-Y Club '45-'46-'47: Printing Club '47: Swimming '45-'46: Track '45-'46: Wrestling '47: Intramural Basketball '45: B.A.A. CARROLL EUGENE HUGHES-"Life is short without sports." A Capella Choir '46: B.A.A. ROBERT HOWARD HURD-"A good fellow among fellows." B.A.A. BERNICE F. HUTSON-"Modest, demure, yet full of fun." Y Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: D. ot L. VIVIAN D. HYATT-"To be gentle is the test of a lady." Bowling '45-'46: Basketball '45: Horseback Riding '47: G.A.A.: D. of L. ROBERT I. HYDE-"A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." Chess Club '47: Swimming '47: B.A.A. VIVIENNE IOAN IDEN-"Her eyes as stars of twilight fair: like twilight too her dusky hair." Bowling Club '45: Luncheon Club '45: French Club '46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Band Follies '45-'46-'47: A Capella Choir '47: School Quartet '47: D. of L. Representative '46: National Honor Society. DOROTHY LOUISE IFER-"Being all that she is and nothing that she is not." Chorus '45-'46: D. of I.. WILBUR C. ISLAM-"Upon his brow nature has written-- gentleman." Boys' Bowling Club '46: B.A.A. ROY LEE IACOBS-"What a fine world this would be if gvirxone were as friendly as he." BETH IOAN IARVIS-"lmpulsive, earnest and quick to act." French Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '45-'46-'47: Y Luncheon Club '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. ELVERA ONICE JOHNSON-"A sweet attractive kind of grace: a full assurance given by looks." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Y Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: National Honor Society: D. of L. LIENAHIOHNSON-"The mildest manners and the gentlest ear . lblobbyll Club '46: Y Luncheon Club '47: Cobustra Club '47: . o . NAUM K. KAPILIATHIS-"Though small in stature, gigantic in purpose." A Capella Choir '47: B.A.A. JOYCE I. KATZ-"Do well and right and let the world sink." Y Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: G.A.A. '4S: D. of L. NYDA MARY KATZ-"Her eyes are deeper than the depths gf wirfr stilled at evening." . o . H. BRADLEY KEAGLE-"My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Student Council '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: French Club '47: B.A.A., Board of Control '46-'47: Swimming '45-'48-'47, Co-Captain '47: Cross- flountxgy 1346: Band '45-'46-'47, Vice-President '47: Band Fol- ies '4 -'4 . WARREN V. KEATHLEY--"Burdens become light when cheer- gully borne." .A.A. IOHN MAURY KEEDY-"Why hurry? The tortoise got there." Latin Club '46: Usher Club '46: Spanish Club '4S: B.A.A. VELDA MARIE KERR-"The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid." Spanish Club '45: Player's Club '46: Science Club '46: Band '45-'46-'47: Hobby Club '47: Girls' Glee Club '46-'47: Bowling Club '47: D. of L. WAYNE WOOD KIGER-"Caesar was small, Napoleon was small and I'm not so tall myself." Usher Club '45-'48-'47: Player's Club '46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: Political Science Club '47: B.A.A. KATHRYN ANN KITLEY-"Silence in women is like speech in men." D. of L. MARIAN HELEN KIVIN-"I bear a charmed life." D. of L. GERALD LEWIS KNAPP--"Good measure in both talent and strength: on the football field we gasp at his length." Football '45-'46-'47: Swimming '45: Student Council '45: ln- tramural Basketball '45-'46-'47: Intramural Softball '46: B.A.A. ROBERT BAXTER KNAPP-"Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow." Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. MARY IO KNOWLES-"Nothing can keep this little girl down." Band '45-'46: Orchestra '45: Y Luncheon '45-'46: C.A.P.C. '45-'46: First Aid '47: Home Nursing '47: D. of L. ALEX ELY KOGEN-"Good men are scarce." B.A.A. CHARLES ELLSWORTH KOLB-"He is determined to suc- ceed." Student Council '45-'46-'47: Pan American '45-'46: Swimming '45-'46-'47: Spanish '46-'47: Science '46-'47: Golf '47: B.A.A. PAUL JOSEPH KOMARCK-"He was full of ioke and jest." Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47: Intramural Basketball '47: B.A.A. IOAN WINIFRED KUEHNLE-"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." Player's Club '45-'46: Book Club '45-'46: Girls' State '4Gt lunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46: I-Hop Publicity Comm. '46: Student Council '47: Pan American Club '47: Iunior Play '46: Paean Business Manager '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. BUD EARL LaBERTEAUX-"He was a gentleman on whom we built absolute trust." B.A.A. IOY EILEEN LAMPMAN-"She is the perpetual fountain of good sense." Iunior Merchants '4S: National Honor Society: D. of L. ROSEMARY ARCHER LEE-"She seemed to be a quiet lass until we saw her out of c1ass." Pan American Club '45: D. of L. EUGENE H. LEITER-"As steady as a clock." B.A.A. VIOLET LOUISE LEVITT-"She lives for the love of living." Ping pong '46: G.A.A. '46: D. of L. DONALD I-'URMAN LEVY-"His goal is set high and he will reach it." Science Club '45: Reserve Football '45-'46: Reserve Basket- ball '45-'46: Intramural Basketball '47: B.A.A. BARBARA IEAN LEWIS-"l'm happy---what's wrong with the rest of the wor1d." French Club '45-'46: Pan American Club '45-'46: Player's Club '45-'46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: Soph. Spring Swing '45g May Party 45: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45: Soph. Class Sec. '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Book Club '45-'46-'47, Dec. '45-'46: D. ol L. LLOYD FRANK LEWIS-"I'll be merry and free, I'll be sad for nobody." B.A.A. FRANKLYN CLARE LINDAUER-"His thoughts have a high aim. Boys' Bowling Club '46-'47: B.A.A. RICHARD NEALE LINDAUER-"Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his image." Boys' Bowling Club '46-'47, Secretary: B.A.A. ELFRIEDA MARIE LINDENFELSER-"A lovely girl is above all rank." Junior Merchants Club '45-'46: D, of L, BETTY SUE LINK-"There's a gleam of mischief in her e es. Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Book Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-Pres. '45, Pres. '46: Science Club '46: D. of L. Home Room Representative '46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. COITIIII. 245: Soph. Spring Swing '45: I-Hop Publicity Comm. '46: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom '47. IQOXNAEARL LOCKWOOD-"Anything for a quiet life." RICHARD LYLE LOUTIT-"Wit and humor belong to geniuses a one. Student Council '4G: Varsity Football '45-'46: Reserve Basket- ball '45: Key Staff '46-'47: Band Follies '46-'47: I-Hop Tickets and Publicity '45: Iunior-Senior Reception '45-'46: Science Club '45: Intramural Basketball '44-'46-'47: Boys' State '4G: Sophomore Football '44: B. C. Letterman's Club '47. BETTY LOW-"Her heart is true as steel." Chorus '48-'47: D. of L. FLORENCE HELEN LOYER-"Your presence a blessing, your friendship a truth." MARGARET ELLEN LUDLOW--"A violet by a mossy bank, half hidden from the eye." D. of L. WILLA MAE LYNN--"Haste thee my nymph, and bring with thee jest and youthful iollityf' Pan American Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: D. of L. IOYCE DOREEN LYON-"An angel might have stooped to see and bless her for her purity." Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47: D. of L. MAXINE ELEANOR MANLEY-"She who has a thousand friends, has not a friend to spare." Softball Team '46: Cobustra Club '47: D. of L. GEORGE IOSEPH MARK!-IAM, IR.-"When it comes to ath- letes, he is hard to excel." Spanish '46-'47: Football '44-'45-'46, Captain '46: Swimming '44-'45: Wrestling '47: Track '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. Board of Control. IANE ADDLINE MARKOVICH-"Her smile is light and airy as the swallow's flight." Latin Club '45-'45: Hobby Club '45-'46-'47: Horseback Riding '45-'46-'47: Bowling '44-'45-'46-'47: Swimming '45-'46-'47: Base- ball '45-'46: Science Club '45-'46g D. of L. VIRGINIA LOUISE MARSHALL-"A beautiful girl is a pic- ture which drives all who behold her mad." Bowling '45-'46: Fall Frolic Dec. '46 Chairman: May Party Dec. Comm. '46: Student Council '46: Queen's Court '46: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. Board. HAROLD ROBERT MARTIN-"And when a woman's in the case, you know all other things give place." DAVID ERVIN MAT!-IERLY-"He is well paid who is well satisfied." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Vice-Pres. '46-'47: Player's Club '45-'46-'47, Treas. '46-'47: Political Science '45-'46-'47: Science Club '45-'46-'47: Iunior Play '4S: Band Follies '45-'46-'47: I-Hop Orch. Comm. '46: Iunior-Senior Reception Orch. Comm. '46: National Honor Society: B.A.A. NAOMI RUTH MATHESON-"A child no more: a maiden now: a graceful maiden with a gentle brow." Players' Club '46-'47: G.A.A. '45-'46-'47: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. PATRICIA ANN MAURER-"Thrice welcome, darling of the spring." Cobustra Club '47: Chorus '45-'46: D. of L. ANITA MAXIMOFF-"More than wisdom, more than care, a merry heart that laughs at care." Spring Swing '44: Fall Frolic '44-'45-'46: Christmas Formal '45: I-Hop '46: May Dance '48-'47: Senior Prom '47: D. of L. MARIE IRENE MAZUK-"She hath a natural wise sincerity." D. of L. MARY LOU MAZUK-"Her airs, her manners, all who saw admired." D. of L. NORMA IEAN MCCONKEY-"Oh, be my friend and teach me to be thine." G.A.A. '45-'4S: D. of L. DONNA LORRAINE MCCONNELL-"There is a lass I know. and her voice is low and her face is fairer than dawn." Science Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Latin Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Hobby Club '46-'47: Y-Luncheon '48-'47: Usher Club '46-'47: A Ca- pella Choir '46-'47: G.A.A. '44-'45-'46: D. of L. IAMES ALLEN MCDERMID-"Of manners gentle. of affection mild, in wit a man, simplicity a child." Chorus '44-'45: B.A.A. ELEANOR SUE MCDONALD- "Her goodness brightens eauty." Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: Usher Club '46-'47: Hobby Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '46-'47: A Capella Choir '46-'47: Ir. Play '47: Costume Comm. '46: Senior Class Sec. '46-'47: Senior Prom '47: D. of L. IOYCE ELAIN McGEE-"Happy and free from care is she, always contented will she be." Cobustra Club '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. ROSEMARY MCHALE-"A merry heart hath made a cheer- ful countenance." Entered '47, St. Phillip: VD. of L. IEANNE MARIE MCLEAN--"She's fair, she's wondrous fair." Pan American Club '47: Student Council '46-'47: Fall Frolic '45-'46: I-Hop '45: May Party '45: G.A.A. '45: National Honor Society: D. of L. MARY IEANNE MCLEE-"The desire always to go forward." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47, Treas- urer '47: Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception '46: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Fall Frolic '46: Christmas Dance '4B: Senior Prom '47: Stu- dent Council '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. DORIS IEAN McNIEL-"A true friend when you need one." D. o L. CORA JEAN McRAE-"Raven hair and eyes to match a dis- position that is bound to catch." Fall Frolic '46: School Store '46-'47: Senior Prom '47: Y-Lunch- eon '46-'47: D. of L. Representative '47. IENNIE MEDICH-"Thy soul is not too high for lowly things." Basketball '441 Softball '45: Volleyball '44-'45: Badminton '45: Tennis '45: D. of L. GROVER CLINTON MELLIN, IR.-"Time is never lost that is devoted to work." High School Band '44-'45-'46-'47: Band Follies Band '44- '46-'47: B.A.A. ROBERT CLAYTON MELLIN-"There is no kind of thing in the versal world, but what he can turn his hand to." National Honor Society: B.A.A. SHIRLEY ANN MELLIN-"Oh! spirits gay and kindly heart. precious the blessings ye impart." Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '48: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Paean Secretary '46-'47: D. of L. HARRISON MAVEL MERCER-"A man of aspect seeming stern, but jolly and studious in turn." 1 Science Club '45-'46-'47: Latin Club '45-'46-'47: Track Mgr. 46: I-Hop Publicity Comm. '46: Hall Cadet '45-'4S: Basketball Mgr. '46-'47: B.A.A. IACQUELINE MERRIAM-"She'1l find a way." D. of L. LYNNE MILLAR-"Good natured as a girl can be. Sweet, bright and full of iollity." Band Follies '45-'46-'47: Players Club '45-'46-'47: Y-Luncheon Club '47: Science Club '47: Fall Frolic '46: D. ot L. DONALD LEWIS MILLER-"A heart all loyal, a soul all kind, a cordial manner, a thoughtful mind." B.A.A. GRAHAM LEE MINER-"A boy of unknown quality that only those who know him see." Soph. Football '44: B.A.A. IOYCE ELAINE MONROE-"If everyone in the world had a disposition like hers the world would be a brighter place." Bowling Club '46: D. of L. VERNA JEAN MONROE-"In the classroom or in the hall. a welcome smile she has for all." I I Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club 45-'46- 47: Players Club '48-47: Political Science Club '46-'47: Band Follies 477 D. of L. MARILYN FRANCES MONTGOMERY-"A maid of grace and l t ' t ." Llzrhlgreaugulis-316-'47: Players Club '45-'46-'47, Sec.. '46-'47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Science Club '46-'47: lunior Play '4S: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Comm. 47: Pan American Club '47: Paean Feature Editor '47: Modern Dance Club '47: Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. 46: Christ- mas Play '47: Kazoo Assembly '47: D. of L. ROBERT FRANK dMOORE-"Ready 'lor anything. W0l'k 01' pl . I-Ie's a goo scout every ay. ' I D Lacilfi Club '4B: Movie Prolector Club 45-47: Iumor Chess Club '47: B.A.A. DORIS ANITA MORRISON-"Always ready for work or play, 11 l ay." ?ff.T..:i-.e1l:. lC,Fd1l::X4g-F4,7iySeg., '47: student Council -45-'45-'47: D. of L. RAYMOND ROBERT MULDER-"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." B.A.A. ROSEANN MYERS-"Her very frowns are fairer far than the smiles of other maidens are." Y-Luncheon Club '46- 47: D. of L. k h t A NEEDHAM-"T th se who now t ee no no ?vIo?tgu:cYrlfl paint, and those Svhooknow thee know all words gxiftcgxgwing Dec. Comm. '45: Latin Club '46, Vice-Pres., '46: French Club '47, Social Chairman '47: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Paean Panel Editor '47: Modern Dance Club 47: May Party Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L- MARY NICOLA-"Bring a friend to everybody. She is every body's friend." Cl b '45-'46-'47: Girls' Basketball '45-'47: Girls" Bowl- i5iLgbbClubll46-'47: Girls' Softball '46: Home Nursing 46-47: National Honor Society '47: D. of L. EMAIENE LUCILE NOON-"Vim, vigor and vitality are three of her good qualities." Usher lub '45-'46-'47, C.A.P.C. '46, G.A.A. '45-'46-'47, Basket- ball 46- 46- 47: Bowling '47: Softball '45-'46-'47: Volleyball 45-.46-47: Home Nursing '47, Orchestra '46, National Honor Society '47, D. of L. MARGENE ANN NORRIS-"Always very full of fun, ready to help everyone." Fall' Frolic Dec. Comm. '46, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, D. of L. ALBERT NUNNALLY-"His silence is golden." IOFIN' W. OESCH--"My home is heaven, I'm here on a visi . Tennis '44-'45-'46-'47, Swimming '45-'46-'47, Iunior Class Treas., '45-'46, Iunior Play '46, Players Club '45-'46-'47, Band '44-'45-'46-'47, A Capella Chorus '45-'46-'47, Pres.. '46-'47, Mixed Quartet '47, I-Hop Comm. '46, Band Follies '46-'47: B.A.A. ROBERT LEE OGDEN-"He talks little but thinks much." Football '45, B.A.A. DONALD E. OLDER-"A quiet man, but quite a man." Track '44-'45-'46, B.A.A. KENNETH CHARLES OLSEN-"A welcome smile for every- one." B.A.A. IANICE LEE OSBORN-"A girl worth meeting. Her words bear repeating." French Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Sec., '46, Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Iunior Merchants Club '46-'47, Sec., '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44, Scholastic Art Award '47, May Party Dec. Comm. '45, National Honor Society '47, D. of L. SHIRLEY IEAN OSTER-"Fun and laughter makes her days bright and joyful always." Key Staff '45-'46-'47, Literary Editor '46, Editor-in-Chief '46-'47, Book Club '45-'46, Usher Club '45-'46-'47, Sec., '46-'47, Y-Luncheon Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Sec., '45-46, Pres., '46-'47, Student Council '45-'46-'47, Badminton '46, Science Club '45-'46-'47, Christmas Dance '45, Christmas Dance Pub. Comm. '46, Senior Prom '47, C.A.P. '45-'46, Personnel Officer: Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Commencement Comm. '47, Na- tional Honor Society '47, D. of L. ROBERT ADDISON OWEN-"Many great men were bashful out s." Reserve Football '45, Cross-Country '46, Reserve Basketball '44-'45, Varsity Basketball '45-'46, Baseball '45-'46-'47, Co- Captain '47, B. C. Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Intra- mural Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47, B.A.A. REX MEARI. OWENS--"Good manners are the small coin of virtue." B.A.A. MAXINE MARIE PADDOCK-"Nor bold nor shy nor short nor tall, but a pleasant medium of them all." Spring Swing '45, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46, May Dance Dec. Comm. '46, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, D. of L. DOFIS MARIE PARMELEE-"She is nicest as her own sweet se ." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Political Science '44-'45, Science Club '45-'46-'47, Latin Club '45-'46-'47, Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, D. of L. Representative '46-'47, National Honor Society '47, D. of L. RICHARD ROBERT PEACOCK-"A man of might we know full well. He's fair and square we all can tell." Usher Club '46-'47, B.A.A. MARIAN GENE PEASLEE-"Pardon me, I have a date with success." Pan American Club '44-'47, Spanish Club '45-'47: Science Club '45-'47, Usher Club '45-'47, Players Club '46-'47, G.A.A. '45-'46, Swimming '45, Iunior Play Properties Comm. '46, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, Paean Board '47, Na- tional Honor Society '47, D. of L. IOYCE ANN PELTO-"Iolly and full of pep is she, her mid- dle name is vivacity." Players Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Science Club '45-'46-'47, Book Club '46-'47, Modern Dance Club '47, Student Council '44, Band Follies '45-'46, National Honor Society, D. of L. BEVERLY ANN PERKINS-"Quiet until you know her." Igani American Club '45-'46-'47, Spanish Club '45-'46-'47, . o . IOHNNIE GENE PERRY-"You speak for yourself Iohn, our words seem useless." Football '44-'45-'46, Basketball '45, Track '45-'46-'47, B. C. Lettermen's Club '46-'47, B.A.A. IUANITA MAE PETERS-"A welcome smile for everyone." Student Council '45, D. of L. MARY ,IANE PICKLE-"Her words are simple, her soul SIIICBTS. Girls Bowling Club '46-'47, D. of L. MARILYN PIO-"Merrily, merrily, shall I live now." D. of L. SHIRLEY ANN Pan American Representative PATRICA ANN POOLE-" Club '45-'46-'47, Science Club '46, D. of L. '45, D. of L. POTZNER-"An eye like mars, to threaten and command." Usher Club '45-'46, D. of L. VIRGINIA LOU PRATT-"A daughter of the Gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair." Spanish Club '46-'47, Pan American Club '46-'47, Student Council '46, Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45, I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46, Chairman, Backdrop Comm., Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, Chairman, Sidewalls Comm., D. of L. Representative '45, D. of L. 50:2 E. RABBITT-"He must be known to be appreciated." LAI? ARTHUR RAUB-" 'Tis noble to be good." BEVERLY IEAN RECTOR-"Full of sweet indifference." Iunior Merchants '46-'47, Treas., D. of L. IACQUELINE MAE REID-"Witty and clever she's right iolly ever." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Pan American Club '45-'46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46-'47, Student Council '46-'47, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'47, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, Iunior- Senior Reception Comm. '46, Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '44I I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46, D. of L. HARMON EARL REYNOLDS-"A grown up boy all set for fun." B. C. Lettermen's Club '47, Varsity Football '45-'46, Intra- mural Basketball '45-'46-'47, Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47: Band '45-'46, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, B.A.A. MERLE EDWIN REYNOLDS-"Who soweth good seed shall surely reap." Intramural Softball '44-'45-'46, Intramural Football '44-'45, Hobby Club '46, Student Council '46, B.A.A. ISARRELL ALAN RHEYNARD-"Industry need not wish." .A.A. PHYLLIS MARIE RICHARDS-"She has a winning way, a joyful look, and ever finished what she undertook." Usher Club '45-'46-'47, G.A.A. Board of Control '45-'46-'47, Secretary '45-'47, Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: Volleyball Club '45-'46-'47, Badminton Club '45-'47, Basketball Team '45- '46-'47, Baseball '45-'46-'47, Ping Pong '45-'46-'47, Swimming '45-'46i.'47, C.A.P.C. '45-'46, National Honor Society '47, D. o . CHESTER ALTO RICHLIE-"No man is wiser, for his warn- ing, wit, and wisdom are born with a man." Pan American Club '44-'45, Science Club '45-'46, Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47, Intramural Softball '45-'46, Intramural Football '45-'46, Basketball '44-'45, B.A.A. DUANE LUMAN ROBINSON-"I am sure care is an enemy of lite." Intramural Softball '45-'46, B.A.A. EDITH MAE ROBINSON-"A girl with a purpose in life." Girl Reserves '45-'46-'47, Treasurer, D. of L. HELEN LOUISE ROBINSON-"When from her lips the laugh- ter springs, gladness to all our hearts it brings." G.A.A. '45-'46-'47, Y-Luncheon Club '47, Student Council '45, Horseback Riding Club '45, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46, Fall Frolic '46, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, Senior Prom '47, Christmas Play '46, D. ot L. IACQUELINE MARIE ROBINSON-"She shall always be known for her sweetness." Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47: G.A.A. '45-'46-'47: Latin Club '47, Pan American Club '47, Halloween Hop Dec. Comm. '47, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, Paean Feature Editor '46-'47, D. of L. LYNN LEO ROBINSON-"I will find a way or make one." Hi-Y Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Football '45-'46, Student Council '45-'46, B.A.A. CHARLES HAROLD ROGERS-"To be a well favored man is a gift of fortune." A Capella Choir '46-'47, B.A.A. GERALDINE ELEANOR ROGERS-"Great souls are not cast down by adversity." Latin Club '46, Science Club '46-'47, D. of L. DOROTHY ELVIRA ROSINE-"A girl whom we must ad- mire, for she has all which we desire." Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46, D. of L. Style Show '46, Latin Club '46, Secretary, I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46, Christmas Dance Dec. Clomm. '46, Senior Prom '47, D. of L. Representative '45, D. of . HUGH CRAIG ROSS-"The world knows not its greatest men." Swimming Team '44-'45-'46-'47, Reserve Football '44, Stu- dent Council '45-'46, Tennis Team '47, National Honor So- ciety: B.A.A. MARY LOUISE ROSS-"Truth needs no color." Bowling Club '45-'46, Baseball '45-'47, D. of L. FLORENCE I. ROWDEN-"A heart that will be ever kind, a good deed she can always find." Cobustra Club '46-'47, Band '45-'46, D. oi L. DONOVAN LLEWELLYN ROYAL-"Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, and so do I." Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Football '44-'45-'46, Swim- ming '44-'45-'46-'47, Track '45-'46-'47, Boy's State '46, Senior Board '46-'47, French Club '45-'46, Science Club '45-'46, lgyiog-iexior Reception Comm. '46, Commencement Comm. ETHEI. MAE RUBLE--"I'll say she looks as clean as morn- ing roses newly washed with dew." National Honor Society '47, D. ot L. EJAKIQIIN RUSH-"Handsome is as handsome does." ELINOR IEAN SACKETT-"True as the needle to the north pole or as the dial to the sun." Latin Club '46-'47: Political Science Club '45-'46, Science Club '46, Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47, I-Hop Ticket Comm. '46, D. of L. Representative '46, Mav Dance Dec. Comm. '46, D. of L. LAUREN KING SACKRIDER-"No sinner, nor a saint per- haps but-well the very best of chaps." Boy's State '45, Political Science Club '47, Intramural Base- Bcgll 14?-X6-'47, Intramural Basketball '47: Y-Dance Board '4 : . . . IOSEPI-I NICHOLAS SAITAR-"A favorite toy of this bold man was a football via the gridiron plan." Varsity Lettermen's Club '47, Vice-Pres., '47, Football '45-'46, Baseball '45-'46-'47, Student Council '45-'46, Intramural Basketball '45-'46-'47, Iunior Class Pres., '46, Iunior-Senior Re- ception Comm. '46: National Honor Society '47: B.A.A. ROBERT LOUIS SCHLUBATIS-"Come get me girls, I'll wait." Spanish Club '45-'46, Pan American Club '44-'45-'46, B.A.A. MARY LOU SCHRAM-"A disposition kind and sweet, a ioy to all that she may meet." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Spanish Club '45-'46-'47: Pan American Club '44-'45-'46-'47: D. of L. Representative '46-'47, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45, Iunior-Senior Reception gomrni 46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, Band Follies '44, . O . ALBERT SCHWENCER--"A heart so kind, a friend so true, is seldom met the whole world through." Pan American Club '44-'45-'46, Spanish Club '45-'46, Science Club '46-'47, Treas., '47, Student Council '47, National Honor Society '47, B.A.A. RALPH- IRVING SELBY-"He possesses a peculiar talent for producing effect in whatever he does or says." Political Science Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Pres., '46-'47, Science Club '46-'47, Players Club '46-'47, French Club '45-'46g Var. sity' Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Mich. U.S. Forensic Assn., '45-'46-'47, B0y's State '44-'45, Debate '46-'47, Football '44- 45- 46, Reserve Basketball '44-'45, Cross-Country '46, Track '44-'45-'46-'47, National Honor Society '47, B.A.A. EAKLRH ALLEN SHAFER-"Ambition has no rest." EVELYN IUNE SHAFFER-"Bright and cheerful, loving fun always well her duties done." ' Y-Luncheon Club '44-'45, D. of L. IRENE DORIS SHAY-"To know her is a liberal education." G.A.A. Softball '46, Cobustra Club '47, National Hoi-my 50. ciety '47, D. of L. MARY IOSEPHINE SHERBURNE-"A jolly good scout just Prim full ol pep. You'll have to go some to keep in step with her." Players Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Vice Pres., '47, Spanish Club '46-'47, Pres., '47, Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47, Vice Pres., '47, Orchestra '44-'45-'46-'47, Sec., '47, Pan American Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Alunior Play '46, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46, Senior Play Prompter '46, Halloween Hop '45-'46, Band Follies '44-'46-'47, Kazoo Pep Assembly '48-'47, Christmas Play '45, Key Staff '46-'47, Senior Prom Pub. Comm. '47, D. of L. K. SHERMAN-"Trust him not that he seems a sam . Football '44-'45-'46, Intramural Basketball '44-'46-'47, B.A.A. IQREDERICK is-IOFILDICE-"I've had my moments." Wlmmmq' -' -' , unior National Chami ' ' 'rmck '47, B.A.A. P onshlp Relay' CURTIS WILLIAM SIMMONS-"Dignity without deceit." Swimming '45-'46-'47, Players Club '45-'46, Ad. Staff of Key '45-'46-'47, Band '45-'46, Track '46-'47, Intramural Baseball '45-'46, I-Hop Comm. '46, Spring Swing Comm. '45, B.A.A. KENNETH CLAIR SIMMONS-"As a stepper full of pep, he can be sure to win the bet." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Hi-Y Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Treasurer '45, Science Club '45-'46, Key Staff '45-'46-'47, Bus. Manager '48-'47, Reserve Football '45, Varsity Football '46, Basket- ball '45-'46-'47, French Club '45-'46, Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Quill and Scroll '47, Intramural Baseball '45. '46-'47, Intramural Basketball '44-'45-'46, National Honor So- ciety '47, B.A.A. GARTI-I EUGENE SINGER-"Quiet and reserved is he." Usher Club '44-'45, Hi-Y Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Treas., '45-'46, Sec., '46-'47, Intramural Baseball '46-'47, Tennis Team '46-'47, A Capella Choir '46-'47, B.A.A. IOHN RICHARD SIVER-"A gentleman and a scholar." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Players Club '46-'47, French Club gig-'47, Band Follies '46, Iunior Play '46, Golf Team '47, DOROTHY MAE SMITH-"An easy friend to meet and keep." Usher Club '46, Science Club '46, D. of L. FRANCES LEE SMITH-"You can always rely on her." Horseback Riding Club '45, Band Follies Make-up '46, Play- egg Cgubi'g5-'46, May Party Dec. Comm. '46, Christmas Play , . o . TIILLFRED CLESSON SMITH-"On the football field he never ai s." Football '44-'45-'46, Swimming '44-'45-'46-'47, Co-Captain '46-'47, Track '46-'47, Student Council '46-'47, Varsity Letter- rzieng glib '46-'47, Pan American Club '45-'46, Spanish Club '6, . . . IOYCE IOHANNA SMITH-"lust keep cool and calm, don't get excited." Political Science Club '45-'46-'47, Players Club '46-'47, Y-Luncheon Club '45-'47, Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, EI-lop LPub. Comm. '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46, . o . HUGH ALAN SPAULDING-"All the world is a stage and I'm acting up." Usher Club '45-'46-'47, Hi-Y Club '45-'46-'47, Wrestling '47, gelrlirgs '47, Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47, Band '45-'46-'47: VELMA ROSETTA SPRIGGS-"True to herself, true to her friends, true to her duties always." Modern Dance Club '47, Girls Glee Club '45-'46-'47, Girl Reserves '45. Sec., '45, D. of L. NANCY ANNE SPRINGER-"Maybe not great in affairs of state, but in affairs of society, oh boy!" Usher Club '45-'46-'47, I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47, D. of L. NANCY IRENE SPROULL-"She's pretty to walk with, witty to tcilk with. and pleasant to think on." W D. o L. ' BERNARD EUGENE SQUIRES-"Bright eyes, keen interest. and zip a hustler with a steady grip." Science Club '45-'46-'47, Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47, Football '45, Intramural Softball '45-'46, Student Council '47, Iunior- Senior Reception Comm. '46, Intramural Football '44-'46, B.A.A. NETTIE YVVONNE SQUIRES-"As nice a person as one rould know." D. of L. RICHARD LEO STAMBACH-"A serious look, a quiet na- ture." Band '45-'46-'47, B.A.A. MARY IOAN STEVENS-"She makes the best of opportun- ities." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Spanish Club '46-'47, Science Club '45-'46, Y-Luncheon Club '45-'46-'47, Halloween Hop '46, G.A.A. '45-'46-'47, D. of L. THOIVIAS IOSEPH STEVENSON-"Oh, these baseball he- roes." Basketball '44, Football '45, Baseball '45-'46-'47, Student Council '45, Intramural Basketball '46-'47, B.A.A. IOYCE HANNAH STIMPSON- "Dignified is my middle name." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Spanish Club '46-'47, Frolic Dec. Comm. '45, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. , D. of L. Representative: D. of L. DONALD EARL STINE-"His smile is his greatest asset." Football '44-'45-'46, Science Club '45, Pan American Club '44-'45-'46, Band Follies '47, Christmas Assembly '46, Pan American Assembly '45-'46-'47, Iunior Play Bus. Mgr. '46, Student Council '46, Chairman Interior and Exterior Comm.: Spanish Club '45-'46, Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Band '45, Paean Business Mgr. '48-'47, I-Hop Ticket Comm. '46, Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47, B.A.A. BILLIE MAE STOUT-"A merry heart prompts merry laugh- ter." Cobustra Club '47, D. of L. MARIQN STOUT-"Her smile will carry her far." D. of . RICHARD EZRA STOUT-"Nature formed but one such man." Student Council '45-'46, Display Comm. Chairman, Players Club '46, Y-Dance Board '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46i B.A.A. MARGARET STRABBING-"If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-Pres., '47, Spanish Club '46-'47, Pan American Assembly '46, Band '44-'45-'46-'47, Sec., '45-'46, Key Staff '46-'47, National Honor Society '47, D. of L. DONALD EARL SWAN-"Every man is best known to him- self." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Spanish Club '46-'47, Science Club '47, B.A.A. ANDREW DEAN SWANK-"When fortune smiles on thee take the advantage." Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47, Football '46-'47, Reserve Football '45-'46, B.A.A. HAROLD LEWIS SWARTZ-"A good disposition is more valuable than gold." h Bowling Club '45-'46-'47, Baseball '46-'47, Spanish Club '45-'46, Science Club '46-'47, B.A.A. LULA MAE SWEET-"There'll come a day." D. of L. SALLIE IEAN SYMONS-"To be merry becomes you for out of question you were born in a merry hour." French Club '45-'46-'47, Book Club '45-'46-'47, Modern Dance Club '47, D. of L. Board, Treas., '45-'47, Student Council '46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44-'45, May Party Dec. Comm. '45, Sophomore Vice-Pres., '44-'45, Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '477 Girl's State '46, Scholastic Art Award: D. of L. WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT-"They can conquer who believe Pau '44 - they can." Football '46, Bowling Club '46-'47, Student Council '47, Youth Bldg. Comm. '47, Band '44-'45-'46-'47, B-A-A. ERICATALBOT-"Trust and they will be true to you." .A. . GEORGE TASSOPULOS--"I wish they'd left poor Adam's rib alone." Intramural Softball '46, Intramural Football '45, Intramural Basketball '46-'47, B.A.A. ALICE IOANNE TAYLOR-"What's gone and what's past should be past grief." Bowling Club '45, Tennis Club '46, G.A.A. '45, D. of L.. MARY IANE THIESEN-"She is liked among her friends." . fL. BARBARA ANNE THOMAS-"She will always have friends wherever she goes." . Y-Luncheon Club '44-'45-'46, Vice-Pres.. '45, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45, Bowling Club '44-'46, Science Club '46, Modern Dance Club '47: Halloween Hop '45-'46, Pan American Club '46, l-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: May Dance Dec. Comm. '45, D. of L. H ROBIN MAURICE THOMAS-"Beware I may yet be great. Iunior Merchants '46-'47, Intramural Basketball '46-'47, Intra- mural Football '46: B.A.A. . LOIS AILEEN THOMPSON-"Of manners gentle of affections mild." Y-Luncheon Club '45, Hobby Club '47, Girls Glee Club '46-'47, D. of L. IOANNE LOUISE THOMSON-"Always a friend to those who know her." Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46, Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45-'46, May Dance '45-'46-'47, I-Hop Dec. Cornm. '46, Iunior- Senior Reception Dec. Comm. '46, Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45, D. of L. Representative '46-'47, D. of L. - - MODRELLE LOUISE TI-IORNSBERRY-"Quiet and knowing is she." Hobby Club '46, D. of L. CONSTANCE IEAN TINDOL-"Always ready, ever steady, who could ask for more." I Pan American Club '46-'47, Spanish Club '47, G.A.A. 45, Junior-Senior Reception Comm. '46, Science Club '45, I-Hop Ticket Comm. '46, D. of L. ROBERT WILLIAM TRAUT-"Silence is better than explan- ation." lntramural Softball '45-'46, Intramural Football '45, National Honor Focietvi B.A.A. - H BETTY LOUISE TROUTFETTER-"She'd put pep in pepper. May Party Dec. Comm '45-'46, Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. 462 I-Hop Dec. and Band Comm. '46, Student Council '46, Chorus '45-'47, Bowling Club '45, National Honor Society, D. of L. WINIFRED IEAN TRUMAN-"She does all things well." D. o L. WENDELI. KEITH TUNGATE-"Man of few words but great meaning." Intramural Basketball '46-'47: Intramural Football '46: B.A.A. CAROLYN IEAN URE-"Pretty and sweet, what a combin- ation." Band Follies '44-'47: D. of L. VIRGINIA LEE URE-"Life is short without sports." D. of L. IOYCELMAE VAN AMAN-"Speak little, do much." D. o. . FREDEPICK GEORGE VAN ASPEREN-"What's the use of worry." Intramural Softball '46: Intramural Football '45-'4S: Intra- mural Basketball '4S-'47: Iunior Merchants '46-'47: B.A.A. I-IUBERT EUGENE VANDEBURG-"What? No girls in heaven? Then just leave me here." Varsity Lettermen's Club '48-'47: Intramural Basketball '44-'45: Intramural Softball '45-'46-'47: Intramural Football '45-'46-'47: Capt.. Varsity Basketball '45-'46-'47: Band '44- '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. MARIAN IEAN VANDER VEEN-"Saying and doing have quarreled and parted." Iunior Merchants '46: D. of L. VIRGINIA VAN WAGNER-"Love cannot well be hid." D. of L. MARILYN LOUISE WIEDERHOLD VAN WAGNER-"Taken-- isn't a shame?" Student Council '44: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '44: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Key Staff '44-'45-'46: French Club '44-'45-'46: Senior Pin and Ring Comm.: Band Follies '45-'46-'47: A Capella Choir '47: Pan American Club '46: Quartet Accompanist '47: Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46: Spring Swing '45: May Party '45-'46: National Honor Society: D. of L. ARDIS D. VANWORMER-"Known to all. and to all a friend." D. of L. FLORENCE ONAMEEGA VARNER-"Always a friend to those who know her." D. of L. IOHN PHILLIP VAST BINDER-"Gentlemen are rare these da s." Sciznce Club '46-'47: Hobby Club '47: Intramural Basketball '45-'47: Reserve Basketball '45: Tennis '45-'46-'47, Captain '47: Intramural Softball '45: National Honor Society: B.A.A. GORDON LLOYD YOUNG VERITY-"A fellow with both manners and intelligence." Varsity Letterman's Club '47: Latin Club '46: Science Club '46: Swimming '46-'47: Cross-Country Team '46: National Honor Society: B.A.A. RICHARD EDWARD VINCENT-"Sometimes I just sit and think, and sometimes I just sit." Track '46-'47: Intramural Softball '45-'46: B.A.A. BONNIE IOYCE VOORHEIS-"A really nice person to know." D. of L. CHARLES S. WALKER, IR.-"His heart as far from fraud as heaven from earth." A Capella Choir '45-'46-'47: Intramural Softball '44-'45: In- tramural Football '44-'45-'46: Intramural Basketball '44-'45- '46-'47: Track '46: B.A.A. ELLA IEAN WALKER-"Full of pep and ready to go." D. of L. MANUEL LORENZO WALKER-"What direction is he turn- ing his talents and abilities?" Hobby Club '46, Pres., '46: Vice-Pres., '47: Political Science Club, Treas., '47: Players Club '47: Science Club '46-'477 Paean Art Editor '47: Intramural Softb-rll '45-'46: Intramural Football '44-'46: Intramural Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47: Na- tional Honor Society: B.A.A. EUGENE ALLEN WALLACE-"We live to work and play." Baseball Mgr.. '46: Sottball '45-'46, Intramural Capt.. '46: In- tramural Basketball '46-'47: Intramural Football '45: B.A.A. MARTHA IOHANNAH WALLACE-"She is as constant as the stars." Girls Glee Club '46-'47: G.A.A. '45: D. of L. SHIRLEY MAY WALLACE-"Gentle and kind." A Capella Choir '45-'46-'47: Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47: lunior- Senior Reception Comm. '46: Iunior I-Hop '4B: G.A.A. '45: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. NANCYLEE WALSWORTH-"As a talker she can't be beat, her speed takes you off your feet." Fall Frolic '44-'45-'46, Ch'tirman '4S: May Party '45-'46-'47, Chairman '46-'47: D. of L. Board Vice-Pres., '46-'47: Orch. '44-'45-'46-'47, Treas., '46, Pres., '47: Pan American Club '46-'47: Spring Swing '45: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '4S: Iunior- Senior Reception Comm. '46: Senor Board Member '46-'47: Commencement Comm. '47: D. of L. ROBERT ALTON WALTER-"Nothing common can seem worthy of him." Bowling Club '47, Treas.: Swimming Team '46-'47: B.A.A. ERDINE LORRAINE WARREN-"She seems to know just what you like. and always happens those things to strike." Pan American Club '45-'46-'47, Treas., '46-'47: Spanish Club '46-'47: May Party Dec. Comm. '4S: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: lunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46:Paean Panel Editor '47: Key Staff '45-'46-'47: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46: D. of L. Representative '45-'48: Quill and Scroll '47: National Honor Society: D. of L. RICHARD ALBERT WASS-"Here's a lad we'll all agree takes his lessons seriously." Hi-Y Club '47: National Honor Society: B.A.A. LARRY G. WATSON-"He's a jolly good fellow." Usher Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Treas., '46-'47: Science Club '45-'46: Swimming Team '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. RICHARD CHARLES WEAKLEY-"Eager to greet any task and have it done." Hi-Y Club '44-'45-'46-'47, Treas., '46-'47: Spanish Club '45-'46: Tennis Team '46: Intramural Softball '46: Intramural Basket- ball '46-'47: B.A.A. IoANN' ROGERS WEDEL-"As a musician Iew are her egua . Band '44-'45-'48-'47: Sophomore Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. Representative '45-'46-'47: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '45: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '45-'46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: D. of L. giCgtR WELLINGTON-"Live wires are seldom stepped on." gAR??.RA IOAN WEIGLEIN-"Efficiency and personality." .o . NANCY ANNE WEISS-"Anxious to help. she's always fair, loving kind. and on the sguare." D. of L. Board Member '45-'46, Pres., '47: Latin Club '4S: Sci- ence Club '47: Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: Modern Dance Club '47: Student Council '45-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46-'47, Gen. Chairman '47: May Party Dec. Comm. '46-'47, Gen. Chairman '47: D.A.R. Good Citizen '47: B.A.A. '45-'46-'47: National Honor Society: D. of L. BETTY LOU WERTZ-"Though she is little and not very tall, you can't help liking her best of all." May Party Dec. Comm. '45-'47: Student Council '46-'47, Corres. Sec., '46: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Christmas Dance Dec. Comm. '46: Iunior Play Properties Comm. '46: Queen's Court '46: D. of L. Style Show '46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '46: Assembly Comm. Chairman '46-'47: Iunior-Senior Reception Comm. '46: Paean Board Secretary '46-'47: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. DEBORAH MAY WHITE-"Golden qualities attract lasting friendships." Usher Club '45-'46-'47: A Capella Choir '46-'47: C.C.C. Club '45-'48-'47, Treas., '46: D. of L. JEAN WIDEMAN-"Of manners gentle. of affections mi . Phyllis Wheatly Girl Reserves '44-'45-'46-'47, Sec., '44, Vice- Pres., '44-'45, Pres., '45-'47: Interclub Council Rep. '44-'45- '46-'47: Interracial Council Rep. '44: D. of L. RONALD IOHN WILKINS-"He is a fellow game for every- mg. Varsity Lettermen's Club '46-'47: Cross-Country '46-'47: Basketball '45-'46: Track '45-'46-'47: B.A.A. DONNA IEAN WILKINS-"Her friends are made by her pleasant manner." Latin Club '45-'46-'47: Science Club '45-'46-'47: Political Sci- ence Club '45-'46-'47, Vice-Pres.. '46-'47: Players Club '45- '46-'47: Student Council '46: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Hal- loween Hop '4t5: Y-Luncheon Club '46-'47: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44-'45-'4S: Band Follies '46-'47: D. of L. EVELYN MAE WILKINSON-"A modest maiden with deep thoughts." A Capella Choir '46-'47: D. of L. IEYI-LERARTHUR WILLBUR-"Quiet little man." BPRBARA MAE WILLIAMS-"It is nice to be liked by peo- p e. Iunior Merchants '45-'46: D. of L. LYNN WILLIAMS ' B.A.A. MARIYHLOUISE WILLIAMS-"Eyes like stars. teeth like pear s. D. of L. Rep. '45-'46: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Iunior Class Secretary '46: Cobustra Club '47, Treas.: May Party Dec. Comm. '46: Horseback Riding Club '45: D. of L. gIg"1IiN WILSON-"Silence is better than a crown." GORDON WIREMAN-"Lessons don't bother me. Neither do gir s." gating Club '44-'45: Softball Noon Hour League '45-'46-'47: DOROTHY MAE WISE-"There's never a dull moment with her around." Players Club '46-'47: Softball '45-'4G: Swimming Club '46-'47: gaslgeiball '47: Volleyball '46: A Capella Choir '46-'47: . o . CHARLES GILBERT WOLFE-"We live to work and play." Spanish Club '44-'45: Student Council '46: Wrestling '47: Scholastic Art Award: B.A.A. PAMELA CLINTON WOOD-"Always doing what she is supposed to do." Student Council '44-'47: French Club '45-'46: Modern Dance Club '47: I-Hop Dec. Comm. '46: Senior Prom Dec. Comm. '47: Players Club '44-'45: D. of L. IOANNE BEVERLY WRIGHT-"l'll be merry. l'll be glad. but one thing sure. l'll not be sad." Pan American Club '45-'46: Spanish Club '46: Fall Frolic Dec. Comm. '44-'45: Spring Swing Dec. Comm. '45: Iunior- Senior Reception Comm. '46: Volleyball '44-'46: Bowling Club '44: Science Club '44-'45-'46: A Capella Choir '46-'47: Table Tennis Finals '46: Swimming '44: I-Hop Pub. Comm. '46: May Dance Dec. Comm. '45: D. of L. SHIRLEY ANNE YATES-"Good natured and a friend to all." Spanish Club '46-'47: Pan American Club '46-'47: Usher Club '47: Hobby Club '46: Tennis '46: Badminton '46-'47: C.A.P.C. '45-'46: Bowling Club '45-'46-'47: Horseback Rid- ing Club '45: Student Council '45: Assembly Comm. I-Hou Comm. '46: Basketball '45-'46-'47: Volleyball '45-'47: Baseball '45-'-16: D. of L. LOUISE YENGST-"A disposition as bright as sunlight." D. of L. SLIGELRUTH YEPEZ-"Always a kind word for everyone." . O . gnnizsfartus MARTHA roms-"Lite is short and so am I." M'Yii'r1is ELAINE roi-rn:-"A modest maid um I." D. o . RICHARD GARRIOTT YUNT-"God save the King and l'll save the Queen!" Band '44-'45-'48-'47: Student Council Alternate '46: B.A.A. WILLIAM IOI-IN ZIELINSKI-"Who me! afraid of girls?" Cheerleader '46-'47: Iunior Merchants '47, Vice-Pres., '47: B.A.A. Shirley Mellin . . . cute Kas a bug's earl . . . conscientious Cas a studentf , . . capable las one of the Paean Bcard's secretariesl . . . Helen Earl . . . grand girl . . . line job as Senior class Vice Pres.. and Key Staffer . . . big future ahead . . . Pat Anderson . . . Madame Presi- dent . . . sincere . . . good friend... Iackie Crippen . . . Editor of Paean '47 . . . Writes Kitty. not Katty . . . happy kid . . , Marilyn Montgomery . . . Paean Feature Editor . . . quiet but friendly ...nice smile . .. Iean Clark . . . Girl's Sports Editor who did a grand job . . . likes trum- pet players . . . and sports . . . Ioan Kuehnle . . . sharp Business Manager . . . favors horses to men . . . and who could blame her . . . -mf, K' st we -5 if Nancy Weiss . . . DAR good citi- zen . . . D. of L. mainstay . . . smart . . . Bud Cowell . . . Activity Editor of Paean . . . moneymaker . . . swell guy . . . George Markham . . . likes football and sophomores . . . moonlight and roses . . . hotdogs and mustard . . . Bob Darkey . . . Boy's Sports Edi- tor . . . sports man himself . . . go- ing places . . . Pete Knapp . . . good Ioe . . . plays fine football . . . a friend to all . . . Chuck Kolb . . . big help in Stu- dent Council . . . voted best look- ing . . . anybody want to argue . . . Lorenzo Walker . . . Fine Art Edi- tor . . , swell friend . . . zooming to the top . . . Owen Anderson . . . "Andy" . . . Prefers blondes . . . heap big sports- man . . . Don Stine . . . capable Business Manager . . . woman hater . . . just a big friendly puppy . . . Pat Barton . . . Football Queen . . . voted best looking . . . wonderful gal Gene Peaslee . . . Activity Editor good worker . . , nice to know Iackie Robinson . . . soon to be a Bush . . . Feature Editor . . . nice personality . . . Erdine Warren . . . cute child with a cute name . . . fine Panel Editor EIS , likes baseball and ball play- Betty Wertz . . . dotes on fun . . . knows how to have it . . . fine sec- retary for Paean Board . . . G1 gal line orianna Needham . . . sweet ...knownbyall...dida job as Panel Editor . . . Shirley Oster . . . Grand job as Key Editor . . . has many friends lots of fun Io Hook . . . up and coming artist Student Council indispensable more lun than a barrel oi mon- keys. Miss Mildred Linck . . . still putting out a good yearbook . . . friend of both students and faculty . . , never to be iorgotten . . . Bradley Keagle . . . swimmer ex- traordinary . . . nuts too . . . but we love him . . . Bob Owen . . . baseball whiz . . rather take Erdine than Iodine . . swell fella . . . Ralph Selby . . . Central's line speaker . . . smart as a whip . . . our candidate for success . . . Norm Amos . . . tall, strong, silent . . . good looking too . . . good in sports . . . Hal Smith . . . Co-Captain of swimming team . . . your friend and mine . . . always to be remem- bered . . Keith Ferguson . . . another star in the Baseball Heavens . . . little in stature but big in heart . . . every- body's pal . . . Ioe Sajtar . . . his grin makes you grin . . . swell personality . . . foot- ball lancier . . . xx, L 1 Q 1 1 k x u 3 A 3 ,. J . , 3 lg 1 ' , fry H 5 3 1 , Y, U , 1 Q ', 4 " W Y 2 G A Vi I ' ,' .FY X if .. -wa. k - L? ll gud" 'X N 3 is A 1, 9 Li X Ei 1 1. , A I: 2 i . . A X gi 3 - ,, nv a ,sl X f a 1 , 5 Ji .5 X- R X My K , K. . ,1 V. ' N sf: 2 51 H' , f,,6wf" I XX 1 ' .V , , X C' . 'fn fjg' 1 X My Q 1 H x3,xKW.,y..ig Am .R X A E L X k X 7! MC! . nb Kgiakv ai Aa X Y , A xawm X A A A M Q K T k , , t K XS! E xi 1 S was xx :bv Q' ' F' X K , , x 2. EX 1 71 X 3' We XXSQX-01531025 Rx X ' 'N' X' ik ex - at LYSEXHXL-1p,1.5 .'9"'1ww Ex ,, , , , - lk! A ' 4 U :N .i R K ww- , Rf XX it V iii , Nw ,xy ..,. X x 1 J 1 HX. NX ' f'7 im M n N X RW k 4: gf -.27 QQ, X f 'S X 1 " 5 ' 4 1 Q " ' ' gx L? Q : EN w z ij f 2 vi xy V-M A A X my W if-, .L N V f R' ,, , f. 0. ,f1,v'2,,1?4u57Z I xl, R 2 iF3? "'fTK4 -Ca xv ik 2? L iff? fy gif fix pw R ' M-f'?'1 fwzf' X M 2 'Q ' if ,753 xx' 5 X Q, I 1 4 , l .W , E m RX K . mf if iii .2 MQ L X3 we I S , K Y W X y S X x s 4 66 vr,,,,,,.,.- I M15 f?4'LC 1,1 ,f .f f M'-,,'ff,, ,,,..,-- A- "" .v ' 'S f X ff as A T0 ,1 nf sffigx X R if -3 1 n ' " ' Q QU! TV? "Q D' nS3QjMlf lf, W- V ,,. I, ,. ,. M,,,,-.--H' ""' ' ff E! ff, 'V vi MN,,A,,,,,, ff, 4 L, .f ,,f"'wf K, ,ff ,ff"' f.,--' ,f If X. ,XXX N in . w . Y 4 4 13" X XR X X 3. xx Y If X Mgr' Ig, X Q , V,.i1l A X ,v. kg I I K " fbk f 1 Vf'4,2 W , f Q -1 " f - . . . V 1 cfzfiaf, 5 M ff-2 ff F' If 7 K ,yy . 'f Q . 42 , C JW ,ff pf., .f A .f',, C VA - filly!! 34 .X q , R I f ff 1? ' , X xx L4 f 'V ' LiJf4.',p,3fi,2 5 j ,X 22 f Lf? gfglodlg ml , X ,ff ' . f , 4. f 4 f C , -- . I, , 21,14 ,gfqnf X , 5 E ,ff-ff J ,ff-3'iii'7fi 'L"T J ' " fgfff-""M"'A ' g,f3,ff ' ,ff ,,f' iff XXX rf, Ml. X xxx: .f' J 4 , . X 1 , 'K Kxy , A A ,fff , x S Agnew, lean Ahrens, Robert Ahrens, Shirley Akers, Beverly Allen, Erta Allen, Mildred Alling. Shirley Anderson. Delores Anderson, lack Anderson, Thor Arnold, Ioe Arnold, Marilyn Ayers, Ellen Babcock, Ioe Bailey, Don Baird, Betty Banazak, Don Banazak, Stephany Barker, Ruby Barnum, Charles Bauer, Barbara Baurs, Helen Beach, Lester Beaty. Faye Becke, William Bell, Kenneth Bennett, Beverly Bennett, Robert Bigley, Donald Be linger, Gene Billington, Myrna Binger, Harold Bishop, Forrest Bizzis, Eleanor Blankenberg, Herman Blankenburg. Edward Bollinger, Richard Borgerson, Ioan Boston, Charles Boston, Roy Bowers, Maynard Boyd, Ioan Marie Branyan, Wesley Brawner. ludith Brenner, Fred Bridenstine, Ioyce Brigham. Edward Bristol, Richard Breach, Robert Brooker, Helen Brott, Barbara Brott, Marion Brown, Patricia Browne, Shirley Bruce, Loretta Brudi, Carol Bryant, Emily Buck, Richard Buckout. Paul Buenger, Irma Buncich, Anna BundY, lanet Burch, Arnold Burke, Fred Burkholder, Shirley Burris, Herbert Busha, Franklin Butler, Bruce Byrd, Leona Campbell, Patricia Carlson, Wally Carter, Robert Casey, Charles Carterline, Gladys Cemer, Thelma Chalmer, Maxcene Charles, Maxine Cioni, Mathilda Clark, Carol Clark, George ClaY. Iames Cole, Joyce Coleman, Mary Coller, Fredric Lee Coller, Helene Collie, Dorothy Collige, Marcia Collins, Iohn Collins, Marilyn Conway. lean Cook, lean Cooper, Iacqueline Correll, Evelyn Cosgrove, Dorothea Cosgrove, Patricia Cowan, Bruce Coy, Beverly Craig, Joyce Crain, Donna Crosby. Myrlen Cross, Mary Io Crosslan, Dorothy Crowell, Audra Curtis, Donald Curtis. Dorothy Darkey, Kermit Davenport, Dick Davis, Grace Davis, Robert DeBruine, Clarence Dennis, Bonnie DeNooyer, Donald Desmond, David Dickerson, Beverly Dimitri. Helen Dines, Helen Dines, Stella Dinsmoor. Charles Dobbs, William Dodge, Howard Dodge. Patricia Dore, Betty Ugnehe nting Dornielt, Lucile Dorsett, William Douthwaite, Norma Dove, Iacqueline Dragoo, Donald Drewne, Edward Drikakis, George Dunn, Raymond Dygert. Rose Dziach, Frances Dziach, Fredric Drury, Stanley Eagles, Iune Ann Eakins, Kenneth Earl. Patricia East, Robert Edgerton, Dorothy Edwards, Ralph Elliott. Bill Ellis, lack Elsie, Evelyn Frard, Beverly Erickson. Dave Erk, Louise Evans, Don Evans, Lillian Face, Iack Ferrall, Faith Fisher, Ioan Fisher. Thomas Fitch, Floyd France, Marian Francis, Shirley Frary, Charles Fraser, Mary Fredenberg, Lynn Fuller, lack Gale, Lenita Gardner, Virginia Garriott, Iim Gingrich, Charles Geesin, Donald Gibson, Samuel Gilbert, Elmer Gilbert, Edward Gilmore, Bernard Glover. Lee Roy Godde, Ethel Goodacre, George Goodrich, Eugene Goodwin. Tom Gooley, Gene Goretzka, Tom Gould, Arthur Grant, Barbara Graves, Earl Greenwood, Frederick Grieve, Elizabeth Grimm. Charlene Grindol, Fred Grodavent, Betty Grohens, Helen Gronewold, George Hall, Richard Hall, Helen Hallmark, Wilma Hand, Ierry Hansen, Nancy Hansen, Eldon Hammons, William Harris, Kizzie Hart, lean Hart, Leonard Hart, Robert Harter, Tom Hatch, Norma Hay, Esther Haughey, Norman Headley. Betty Hendrickson, Dewayne Hewitt, Vera Hickey, Don Hickman, Bill High, Richard Hildebrandt, Ann Hill, Patsy Himelberger, Nancy Hirons, Katherine Holcomb, Georgia Holmes, Iames Horn, Barbara Howay, Keith Howard, Edna Hoxey, Margie Hrenkcvic, Iean Hughes, Garry Hunter, Iack Hurley, IoAnn Hutchinson, Nancy Iackson, Berna Iacobs, Gilbert Iacobs, Ray Iamieson, Betty Iohnson, Geraldine Iohnson, lack Iohnson, Laverne Iohnston, Margaret Iones, Lulu Wilder Iudy, Alora Kohler, Bette Keagle, Roger Keagle, Ruby Kidder, Duane Kidder, Gloria Kidder, Ima Ieanne Kinq, lackie King, Pearl Kinney, Marvin Kipp. lack Kitchen, Robert Klein, Robert Klopienstein, Robert . th E, uniona Knapp, Patricia Knoblock, Barbara Knowles. Mary Io Kolb, Iane Kowalski, Mary lane Lahr, Roy I. Lam. Shirley LaMont, Ianeth Lampman, Edward Lanq. Dorothy LaParl, Iohn Large, Arthur Last, Donadeen Latimer, Loring Lawrence, Russell Lazarus. David Lehman, Herbert Letner, Imogene Lett, lean Leveiller, Marylou Lichty. Bob Lindsay. Edwin Lines, Betty lean Ling, Earlene Lipscomb, Iames Low, Patricia Luke. Shirley MacDonald, lack Mackaluso, Robert Maifert, Corinne Manning, Ioyce Markes. Evangeline Marler, Barbara Marshall, Gwendolyn Marriott, Rosemary Martin, Donna Mason, Ioanne Maxson. Iames Mayol wason MayO.' illiam McCleary, Daisy McClintic, Mona McCormic, Helen McDonald, William McGarvie, Betty lean McGlocklin,' Willard McKeen, David McKinney. Barbara McNeil, Norma Medich, Mike , Merriam, Marvin Merrill. Marvin Metz, Anne , Michael, Marvin Miller. Eugene , Miller, Howard Miller,.Vonde1la Mirier, Rosemary 'nierfloyce Ann , i'lEunice ' Morrisf"Shir,1e,y' ,4- Montgomery, Vera Moody. Richard Moore, Carol Lou Moore. Hessie Moore, Martha, I. Moss, Mildred Mrozovich, Steve Mull, Harold Mulvaney. Ward Mutchler, Katherine Myers, Beverly Myers, Alfred Myers, Ruth Neff, Iacqueline Nemrava. Edward Newton, Galen Nicholson, Marian Nicola, Virginia Norton, Eleanor Nudinq, Robert N ye, Donna Oakley, Lavone Oaster, Marian Opich, Ann Osborn, Gloria Otis. Connie Paris, Norene Parks, Shirley Parmelee, Margery Parris, Hattie Parsons, Arland Pasche, Kirk Perry, Beverly Perry, Doris Peters, Dave PettY. Doris Petty. Dortha Pezzetti, Iames Phares, Joyce Philley, Marion Phillipson, Gloria Pittman, Luella Platt, William Ploehn, Ruth Popovich, Mary Porter. George Porter, Mary Powers, Shirley Pratt, Lucile Quiqg. Elsie Quinn, Helen Race, Robert Radtke. Leonard Rain, Martha Rogan, Carol Rathbun. Betty Reeves, William Reid, Iames Replogle, Charles Reynolds, Iack Rice, Ioanne Rich, Norma Richart, Elaine Robert, Tom Roberts, Ioan Robertson, Ioan Robinson, lames Roddy, Agatha Roebuck, Shirley Rogers, Phyllis Rogers, Virginia Rolfe, Georgia Rond, Albert Ronk, Wilma Rose, Frank Rose. Ruth Rosine, lean Rosine. Ioyce Ross, Charlene Royer, Barbara Rudy, Bonnie Rupersberg, Edward Rush, Marvin Sanders, Norman Sass, Beverly Sawyer, Carroll Schacht, Richard Schafer, Robert Schlubatis, Beverly Schnau, Marvin Schwab, Sally Severance, Wilma Shilts, Virginia Shively, Stanley Sholes, Don Sholes, Iris Shouldice, Larry Shouldice, Nan Shrank, Iacqueline Sigourney, Viola Skidmore, Gloria Smith, Iames Smith, Mary Arlene Smith, Patricia Smith, Terry Solomon. Horlene Spears, Peggy Spyker, Ioyce Spyker, Wayne Stack, Patricia Stainoft, Robert Stanfield, Fred Star, Marjorie Stearman. Dick Stevens. Curtis Strong, Edwin Stone, Mariorie Stout, Rhoda Stuart. Doris Sullivan. Patricia Swank. Bill Sweet, Margaret Tack, lean Tatro, Bob Taylor, Earl Thiel, Marie Thompson, Iohn Thompson. Laymon Thorne, Dave Traut, Elaine Tungate, Shirley Tupper, George Tutewiler, Ioan Tyler, Betty Valente. Charles Van Blarcum, Laura Vaughn, Mendell Voke, Ianice Venn. Marilyn Vester. Roger VonBubla, Louis Wales, Glen Walker, Donald Wallace, Richard Walters, Donna Ward, Kathleen Ware, William Warren, Walter Waters, Marilyn Watkins, Charlene Watson, lack Weakley, George Webster, Melva lane Wedel, Bill Weiss, Richard Wencke, Nancy Werner, Robert Wheeler, Robert Whitcomb, Harley Wickens, Bennie Wideman. Wilhelmina Wilbur, Gerald Wilklow, Iewel Wilder. Ralph Wilkinson, Philip Williams, Ethel Williamson, Will Wilson, Dave Wilson, Glenn Winans, Betty Lou Wissink, Burr Wiswell, Nadine Wolt, Edna Wolf, Elmer Wood, Maxine Woodard. Marjorie Valerie Wright, David Yengst, Betty Yesic, Milan Young. Martha Yunt, Ianet Zasadil, Gloria Zinn. Fred CAST OF CHARACTERS Iunior Play "Growing Pains," the play chosen by the Iunior Class and directed by Miss Emily Marsh was given in the W. K. Kellogg Auditorium on November 27th. The play follows the trials of George and Terry Mclntyre, the unsophisticated teen-age children of a univer- sity professor. Terry who has always been a tomboy and played with the neighborhood gang of boys suddenly finds herself not wanted by them. She then decides to become more fem- inine and she and her brother give a party at which she expects to show everyone how grown up she has become. Of course, everything goes wrong at the party, but by the end of the play everything is straightened out and everyone is happy. The setting, one of the most unique ever used for a Central play, was the patio of the Mclntyre residence in Northern California. It was designed and built by Mr. Max Grant. George Mclntyre Terry Mclntyre Professor Mclntyre Mrs. McIntyre Dutch Mrs. Paterson Elsie Prudence Traffic Cop Vivian Edward Rupersburg Esther Hay Edward Brigham Ioan Roberts Charles Casey Pat Campbell Ianet Yunt Kizzie Harris Fred Zinn Ioan Borgerson Iunior Personalities Kermit Darkey . . . friendly as can be . . . popular with all . . . very good worker . . . Rody Minier . . . Class President . . . fiery hair . . . likes a St. Philip's student . . . Ruby Keagle . . . fine job as Student Council Social Committee Chairman . . . Iunior Paean Board member . . . nice to know . . Tom Harter . . . outstanding in football . . , next year's captain . . . nice build . . . Iack Ellis . . . ct man's man . . . all 'round athlete . . , swell fellow Iohnny LaParl . . . excellent Student Council President . . a smile for everyone . . . he's taken, girls . . . Gloria Kidder . . . Shapely drum majorette . . . but yes . . . golden tresses . . . shy smile . , . Mendell Vaughn . . . fast boy . . , friendly to all . . . liked by all Dick Davenport . . , fancy fingers . . . small but swell . . . smart Helen McCormick . . . lunior Paean Board member . . . great things expected next year . . . a laughing face... Anna Buncich . . . Paean Business Manager next year . . . good too . . . swell personality . . . Bob Shafer . . . swell in sports . . . nice grin . . likes a '46 graduate . . . Esther Hay . going up . . . Ianeth LaMont . . . cute . . . Barb Bauer . . fectious laughter Betty Rathbun friendly . . . cute cute . . . personality plus . . . super strutter . . . friendly smile next year's Paean Editor . . . in- . conscientious worker , . . . future Paean Panel Editor . . PAEAN BOARD . . . Work to make dead line , ,Ny-:M . . . buy a Paean . . . get studying done on the side . . . hand in pictures . . . see if name is on the Senior list. T' STUDY HALL . . . chewing gum . . . get caught . . . hit with spit ball . . . got to get studying done . . . talk . . . doughnut sale . . . nice and gooey . . . where's my nickel. MORE DANCES . . . gotta get a date . . . wear my new dress . . . attend modern dance club . . . girls in leotards . . . leaps . . . dirty gym floor. 'C' 04" FRESH PAINT . . . scaffolding . . . painters everywhere . . . looks nice . . . cooking class . . . smells good . . . makes us hungry school . . . fun. F wi- ik f qs. 1 My Q 1,4 H Q kts bg " I ,N XX .. xx 4 4 .I gxi ,X iv 1 3 N NW af , Rx 13 R Q' XXX XX M, ,,,, uwx 'ZX l . N X- X Rx XR ,,, ,,,, , ,,, .A, v VUL .K M, H A -4- ' f , N Y , -r, , . Q M W f1 X Q + ' JfffwqgwRY To Rowif . dw? J , N 7 esmewf edribmm-11 MWA gl Vrcfawrzv T V109 VY ,75ffH1,m,,., ,f 4, 4. ,,A.-at-Qflflsh eTLmLw..xNww j1.,fNNXxx X ,luxsll: -- M,, M M K hw 'Zinc aff., ,NLM 4--lx. , M L Q - S R 'R-L .. -NANN. , Y RER- ffl , ,,f-f A 2 H k W g NMUWUSKW i x Adams, Erin Adrian, lay Aitken, Dorothy lean Aldrich, Dale Allington, Ioan Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Ralph Antuck, Wallace Armstead, Elizabeth Avery, Jacqueline Baak,Rhodora Babcock. Gordon Baker, Clayton Baker. David Baker, Ioyce Baker, Shirley Banghart, Barbara Barbour, Leon Barnes, Elver Beamish, Iack Beard, Wanda Beaudoin, Leonard Beck, Wallace Bell, Iim Bell, Patreik Bennett, Arthur Benoit, Ardis Benson, Gerald Bird. Louise Bishop. Donna Bissett, Thelma Black, Bernard Black, Ianice Blackburn, lack Blakeman, Beverly Bliznakoft, Eileen Blum, Betty Bond, David Bordner. Merle Boston, Marian Boutell, John Bowden, Marilyn Bowerman, Delores Bowers, Barry Bradley, Bernice Bradley. Gordon Bradley. lacqueline Bradley. Kenneth Brauer, Robert Bremer, Donald Brenner. Helen Briqstock, Ioyce Brott, Lewis Brown. Helen Brown, Ierry Brown, LeRoy Brownell, Bonnie lean Bryan, Edwin Brunson. lames Buck, Arleen Burden, Barbara Burks, Darrell Burkeholder, Shirley Burt, IoAnn Bush, Ella Bush, Frank Button, Mary Ellen Byers, Donald Cable, Edward Campbell, Ierry Campbell. Richard Canale, Sara Canfield, Yvonne Cannon, Eleanor Cantrell, Phyllis Carlson, Celia Carlson, Donald Carlson, Doris Carlson, Roland Carroll, Larry Carter, Margaret Ann Cary, Norman Case, Richard Chadderdon, Iohn Cheek, Gloria Christ, Mary Clark, Edwin Clark, lack Clark, IoAnn Clark, Robert Clear, Dorothy Clifford. lack Coash, Shirley Coay, Kenneth Codling, Alice Collins, Herbert Collins, Shirley Colver, lack Colwell, Frank Coney, Yvonne Congdon, Iames Conklin, Betty Conklin, Richard Cook, George Coss, Leslie Covalt, Clara Cowan, Richard Cowham, Dick Craig, Fred Crane, Ieann Crawford, Colleen Crippen, Shirley Cronkhite, William Curtis, Lawrence Curtis, Mary Dahlman, Patricia Dalgleish, Ioan Daniels, Neal Davis, Audrian Davis, Evelyn Davis, Iohn Davis, Mary Ann Davis, Susie Day, Diane DeLano, Lyle Devine, Barbara Dickerson, Marie Disher, Elizabeth Doud, Audrey Doud, Fred Dove, Don Drake, Alberta Drake, Leona Drake, Leon Eakins, Frank Earl, Dick Eberhard, Donald Eckley, Mary Ederle, Betty Ann Edgell, Iune Edwards, Sally Elliott, Gerald cP neat-1 ating Elliott. Laitita Ellison, Ioan English, Eunice Ensign. Marvel Erickson, Beverly Evans. Melvin Fansher, Paul Farley, Bill Ferguson, Ierry Fershee, Luella Fettes, Catherine Fiiield, Edgar Finney, Charles Finney, Velma Fisk, Bob Fitch, Robert Foote, Georganna Ford, Tom Forster, Beverly Fox. Dick Fredenburg, Stuart Frederick. lack Frederickson, Veda Freemire, Lowell Fugate, Edward Fuller, Arlene Gage, Walter Gaskell, Marcia Garman, Phyllis Garriott, Don Garriott, Patsy Gault, David Gault, Ioan Gibson, Barbara Gibson, Lillian Gibson, Mayard Gierke, Charles Gillis, Annie Glyshaw. lim Goodrich. Ethel Goos, Don Gore, Lois Reva Govier, Ioanne Goundrill, Elizabeth Graham. Buddy Graham, Frances Graniors, Aileen Granit, Norman Graves, lerry Graves. Phyllis Graw, Clifton Gray, Richard Gray, Robert Green, Paul Greeriman, Max Grim, George Hall, Elizabeth Halsey, lack Hamilton, Walter Hamm, Leo Hancock. Gene Handley. Garland Handley. Margaret Hanlan. Frederica Harding, Donald Hardman, Lula Harman, Ellen Harnish, Leland Harris, Lois Harris, Ralph Hart, Betty Hart, Russell Hartson. Verne Hawkins. Robert Hawk, Charles Hawks. Carol Hawthome, Doris Hayward, Bonnie lean Hearn, Thomas Henry. loan Herr. Martin Hewitt, Leone Hibgee. Barbara Hickman, Bonnie Hicks, Steve High. Phyllis Hill, Don Hjerpe, Elma Ann Hoagland. Geraldine Hobbs, Erma Hodges, Gertrude Hoflman, Mildred Holcomb. Eleanor Holds. lohn Hollister, Doris Holtom, Helen Houghtsling, Doris Howard, Ernest Howe, Charles Howes, David Huard, Holland Hughes, lean Hulbert, Alice Hughey, Ralph Hull, Barbara Hutchins, Floyd Hurley, David Ireland, lim Irving, Mollie Islam, Ioyce Ismirle, Iim Iackson. Donna Iackson, Elinor Iackson, Kathleen Iacox, Robert Iames, Catherine Iames, Harrietta Iarvis, Maurice Iones, Gloria Iones, lacqueline Iones, Patricia Iudd, Larry Kerr, Marilyn Kiblinger. lanet Kilpatrick. Harold Kilpatrick, Norman King. Don Kinsley, Don Kiser, Bill Kitley, Ioyce Klimmer. lerrY Knowles, Ezra Komarck, Angie Kriner, Richard Krontz, Roy Ladley. Betty Lahr, Marion Lambka. lack Landreth, Lois Landreth, Lylda Langs, Mart a Lawhead, Dick the Soho ho monezl Lawrence. Doris Lawrence. Virginia Lee. Donald Lemon. Mark Lewis, Lorene Lind, Milburn Lipps, I im Lipscomb, Charles Lockton. Maurice Lockwood. Ierry Lodwell. Mary Logan. Glenadine Lovelace. Marie Lowe, Iulie Lucas. Wilma Lum, Arlene Lyko, Henry Lyon, Don MacDonald, Harvey Magrum. AnnaBelle Mains. Kenneth Malik. Kathleen Manley, Barbara Manwarren, Anita Marsh, Marilyn Marshall, lean Marshall, Ioyce Mathis. Doris Martin. Barbara Martin, Gloria Matherly, Walter Matteson, David Maxson. Richard May, Dwight May, Iames Maycurick, Rose McAmis, Wanda McCann, Geraldine McCarthy. Robert McConnell. Rex McCully. Bessie McDonald, Duane McGrift, Delbert McLaughlin. Marion McPeake, Shirley Meech, Amber Mellin. Doris Mercer. Alice Merriam. Helen Merrick. Beverly Meyers. Arthur Micklatcher, George Miles. Carol Millar. Kenneth Miller, Albert Miller, Clarence Miller, Iohn Miller, Kent Miner. Edna Minges, Thurston Mitchill. Theola Moldenhauer, Barbara Monroe, Carl Montgomery, David Moon, Robert Moore. Fred Morgan, Bette Morgan. Frank Moser, Vivian Mosher, Betty Moulton, Bernard Mueller, Carl Munger, Eva Munyon, Lyle Murphy, Dorothy Myers, Ester Myers, Rheatha Myers, Walter Narmore. Luke Newton. Patricia Nicolich, Minka Nobles, Frank Noble, Iames Noel. Noella Norris, Don Norris, Meddy Norris, Shirley Norrod, Margaret Ann Norrod, Paul Norton. Margaret Ann Nuding, Alice Nuding, Edward O'Conne1l, Richard Oesch. Priscilla Olds, Pauline Orphan, Patsy Osborn. Marie Osbon, Richard Parker, Bob Patterson, Marlene Patterer, Peter Payberge, Lois Payne, Shirley Pelto, Maurice Pennock, Charles Pennock, lohn Perkins, Lowell Petch, Donna Petch, Iacqueline Peters. Barbara Peterson, Emil Petty. Patricia Pickard, Iim Pilling, Barbara Pittman, Leonard Potter, Myrtle Potzner, Ruthelma Price, Barbara Price, Donald Price, Helen Prior, lack Babbitt, Mary Radabaugh, Shirley Rasmussen, Harry Rasmussen, Marilyn Ray, Billy Record. Gordon Reed, Gloria Rice, Bob Richards, Charles Richards, Norine Richardson, Virginia Robinson, Iosephine Robinson, Virginia Rogers, Beulah Rogers, Joanne Romick, Bill Roseberry, Lloyd Rose. Bob Rose. Ruth Ross, Conrad Rounds, Alvin Rounds, Beverly Ryan, Virginia Ryason, Sonny Saitar, Steve Sandwith, Beverly Sandford, Richard Saxton, Lois Schaeffer. Robert Scullion, Charles Seeley, Nina Segur, Edith Severson, Bonnie Seymour, Imo Shafer, Dora Shatter, Delores Shatter. leanette Shelton, Spence Shirlaw, lane Sietke, Arletta Simmons, Barbara Singer, Darlene Six, Patricia Smith, Delores Smith, Dortha Smith, Bill Smith, Margaret Smith, Marie Smith, Robert Snyder. Ronald Sorum, Donna Sovern, Red Spaulding, Mary Spasofi, Mary Lou Spidle, Gerald Spohn, Roy Spyker. Leonard Star, Evelyn Stark, loan Starr. Rex Sterling, Ioan Stiede, Winitred Stock. I oan Stoothoft, Dick Storey, Barbara Stoudinqer, Kathleen Stout, Norman Strickland. Robert Struwin, Carole Lou Sullivan, Suzanne Sumril, Donna Swaliord, Iames Swank, Donald Swanson, Iacquelyn Tabiadon, Rose Taft, Delores Taylor. Russell Teeples, Earline Tenney, Eddie Terrill, Lee Terry, Peggy Thompsett, Iames Thompson, Marilyn Thomson, Dorothy Thorson, Robert Tice, Theola Tidwell. Donald Timmer. Herman Tracey, Beverly Traut. Duane Tuttle, Jeannette leler, Edmond Upson, Shirley Upson. Walter Van Asperen. .Alyce Van Camp. Mary jane Van Houten, Eugene Vandenburg, Mary Vanderlip, Luella VanDcngen, Mary VanPatten, Robert Varga. Gizella Varner, lean Wagner, Richard Wakefield, Robert Wallace, Don Wallace. Ruth Walls, Nina Walterhouse, Raymond Walterspaugh, Wilma Ward, Ioan Ware. Randall Warren, Robert Washington, Lois Waters. Larry Watkins. Floyd Webster, Ieannette Weddle. Robert Weeks, Judith Welker, Marie Wellington, Vivian Wencke, David Werner, Marilyn West, Don West. Eleanor Westphal, Iack White, Bill White, Dorse Whitney, Parker Wickham, Iack Wierenga, Wendell Wilber. Stanley Wilbur, Mildred Wilder. Iames Williams, Frank Wilson, Alton Wilson. Barbara Wilson, George Wilson, Ioann Winslow, Everett Winter, Margery Wireman. Gerald Wissink, Margaret Wolf, Mary Lou Wood. Dean Wood, Elaine Wood, Shirley Woodman, Phyllis Wright, Donna Wuerlel, Robert Yates, Ioan Yaw, Edward Young. Beverly Zimmer, Ida Zoodsma, Richard Zull, Keith if-2 Q-. M.-is-. Eleanor Iackson . . . pretty lass . . . nice Harem Dancer . . . winning smile Martha Langs . . . well liked by us . . . and George too...sweet... Ethel Goodrich . . . very thoughtful . . . sweet as honey . . . our girl . . . Ace Davis . . . the devil in his eye . . . fair minded . . . candidate for suc- cess . . . Beverly Blakeman . . . nice personality . . . lovely to look at . . . swell to know . . . Ierry Lockwood . . . none better . . . wonderful to work with . . . great fu- ture . . . Hank Lyko . . . football player . . . Sophomore President . . . easy to look at . . . Dick Earl . . . Student Council talker . , . fun . . . we think he's swell . . . Verne Hartson . . . a gentleman . . . easy on the eyes . . . old faithful . . . Dave Hurley . . . swell smile . . . the girls' swoon . . . soon to be a Senior superman . . . Sophomore Personalities Steve Sajtar . . . follow- ing i n iamous footsteps . . . that's a nice smile . . . re- liable and dependable .. Ted Sovern . . . every- One enjoys knowing Ted . . . swell to work with . . . good Iac lady cute t disposition . . . kie Swanson . . . a ...1ikedbyal1... oo... Mary Lou Wolf . . . swims well . . . looks good in a bathing suit too . . . Sophomore officer . . . Charles Gierke . . . al- ways smile friend on the job . . . cute . . . everybody's lack Clark . , . a swell sport . . . good student . . . finds time for everything y ' xx . -Y VS 51 x Ix il A f x Lx .,, ik J'X L- ' 1 Y Q Q 1 . ' K , A W W X I X1 s ,D . A Q, U' A CjLx,,Eiv'1 - cj vb A ' V K X SWK xx U M' KHXN n 1 . Q 4 V mx 1 X 3 1 'KV Paean Board SENIOR PAEAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief - Feature Editors Panel Editors Club and Activity Editors Girl's Sports Editor - - Iackie Crippen Iackie Robinson and Marilyn Montgomery Erdine Warren and Gloriania Needham Gene Peaslee and Bud Cowell - lean Clark Boy's Sports Editor ----- Bob Darkey Business Managers - Ioan Kuehnle and Don Stine Art Editors - - Io Hook and Lorenzo Walker Secretaries Shirley Mellin and Betty Wertz Adviser - - - Miss Mildred Linck IUNIOR PAEAN EDITORS Editor-in-Chief - Feature Editor - Panel Editor - Business Manager Art Editor -Y Barbara Bauer Ruby Keagle - Betty Rathbun Anna Buncich Helen McCormick Student Council The Student Council, acting as a representative body of the students, with their ad- viser, worked together with the administration. the faculty, the parents, and community groups to bring about better understanding, to promote student activities, and to carry out worthwhile projects. OFFICERS President . .. . Iohn LaParl Vice-President . . . .. . .. Io Hook Treasurer . . .Kermit Darkey Corresponding Secretary . . ,,,. Ioan Kuehnle Recording Secretary Anna Buncich Faculty Adviser . .Miss Penty STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW: M. Langs, S. Morris, B. Myers, P. Anderson, I. LaParl. A. Buncich, K. Darkey, M. L. Evans B. Wertz, I. Clark, V. Robinson, R. Penty, Advisor. SECOND ROW: E. Goodrich, B. Hayward, M. Leveiller, I. Spyker. R. Keagle, C. Otis, V. Pratt, E. Williams B. Blakeman, B. Brownell, I. Reid. M. L. Wolf. THIRD ROW: B. Martin, G. Davis, D. Wilkins, S. Oster, I. Crippen, R. Baak, B. Royer, P. Dodge, M. Porter B. Bauer. E. Star. FOURTH ROW: A. Davis, E. Graves, I. Goff, D. Wallace, I. Miller, D. Loutit, B. Davis, B. Butler, D. Earl R. Kriner. I f The Student Council proved to be a successful and efficient organization this year. The foremost project was the backing of the War Memorial Stadium with Central com- ing out on top in selling memberships. At the beginning of the year the Council took action and set off a section of reserved seats at all football games for the patients of Percy Iones. It also developed an organized cheering section for the Kazoo game. Many out of town conferences were attended by Council members. The most prominent conference was the St. Mary's Lake Workshop, which was the foundation for the beginning of the All-City Student Council. 5-A League and state conferences were also attended. The Student Council carried on the furnishing of the Social Room, which was started by last year's Council. Drapes were hung at the windows, a recorder and amplifier were purchased, and a back-drop for the stage put the finishing touch on the project. Many school problems, such as dance etiquette, awarding of letters to activities other than athletic participation, and the senior exam question were handled and solved by the group. One hundred dollars was earned and sent to Cavite to assist in their school re- building program and money and school supplies were sent through the Red Cross for educational reconstruction in Europe. The Council worked on the problem of solving the Vocational Bridge tie-up and adopted the plan of using traffic guards, which proved successful. The renovation and furnishing of D-floor is being carried on as the second big proj- ect and the Council hopes to hold its meetings there when the necessary equipment is pur- chased. STUDENT COUNCIL SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW: E. Hay, P. Anderson, R. Keagle, I. Crippen, S. Oster, I. LaParl, A. Buncich, I. Hook, K. Darkey, I. Kuehnle, M. Thomson, Miss Penty. SECOND ROW: B. Hayward, N. Weiss, I. LaMont, I. Reed, P. Wood. M. McLee, S. Morris, M. Todmell, I. Childs, D. Morris, B. Brownell, B. Bauer. THIRD ROW: M. Wolf, E. Goodrich, P. Dodge. B. Ftoyer, M. Porter, K. Brooker, R. Baak, D. Bailey, G. Cheek, D. Davenport, D. Earl. I. Blackburn. FOURTH ROW: A. Schwencer, B. Davis, I. Goff, I. Miller, W. Matherly, V. Hartson, B. Taft, B. Butler, A. Davis. We Q ,KW A We af QM .www ,wwf f N X if 'M A mf? in All! ., ww - . ww QYFQ' .ink V1 ff if iff' 9' LA' X 91 Q 1 A 4. F' X N , rm :J .3 Queen and Court The seniors made a fine and tair choice in their Football Queen, Pat Barton. She was crowned at her Coronation in the W. K. Kellogg Auditorium by last year's queen Phyl Hou- rnan, and honored by her at- tendants, Virginia Marshall, Betty Wertz, Gloria Kidder and Ianeth LaMont. A bevy of beau- ties to surround a beauty! PAT BARTON 19-16 Football Queen Pat, being crowned by last year's queen, Phyl l-loumrm, and surrounded lry attendants. D. OF L. BOARD ,..-l ji-' FIRST ROW: S. Symons, N. Weiss, Miss Penty, N. Walsworth. M. Evans. SECOND ROW: M. Leveiller, A. Buncich. R. Keagle, V. Marshall, M. Fraser, M Wolf Daughters of Liberty Every girl upon entering high school automatically becomes a member of the Daugh- ters of Liberty. This organization sponsors activities throughout the school year that are of interest to most girls. This year a system was organized by which every girl could be reached through her homeroom representative and encouraged to attend and take an active part in the Daughters of Liberty program. In an effort to keep interest high the Daughters of Liberty Board tried to plan to have at least one activity for each month. The year was started off by welcoming the Sophomore girls with a tea and by helping them get acquainted with the girls clubs in high school through an assembly in which all the clubs took part. During the Christmas season the D. of L. presented a program and tea especially for their mothers. They were fortunate to be able to give their Banquet in the high school cafeteria. To help round out the year, at one of the meetings foreign war brides came and talked about the countries from which they came and some of their many interesting experiences. In an all girl assembly Dr. Alice Keliher led a very helpful panel discussion on topics the girls themselves suggested. And the year wouldn't be complete without the annual Fall Frolic and the May Party. Needless to say they were both a huge success. Daughters of Liberty Some of the service projects undertaken by the Daughters of Liberty were a tag sale to collect money for the Percy Iones Magazine Fund, contributing towards the purchase of tea service for the school, and buying mirrors for the teachers' restrooms. We hope that in the future the Daughters of Liberty will continue its very worthwhile program and that as the years go by more and more girls will take an active part in this organization. D. OF L. ADVISERS Miss Barrett Miss Linck Miss Wakefield Miss Penty FIRST ROW: M. Christ, I. Ellison, B. Cull, I. Wedel, M. Schram, I. Bannister, G. Hammons, I. Manning, D. Hawthorn, L. Dorntelt. SECOND ROW: B. Rounds, H. Merriam, P. Choflin, E. Iohnson, G. Rogers, M. Rabbit, I. Black, M. Young, I. McRae, B. Perry. THIRD ROW: E. Myers, I. Tuttle, B. Severson, I. Lett, D. Mellin, M. Webster, L. Wosheryton, I. Webster, A. Hildebrandt. FOURTH ROW: G. Rolfe, P. Garriatt, I. Borgerson, B. Peters, P. Wood, I. Cooper, D. Collie, V. Gardner, S. Davis B. Wilson, S. Alling. FIRST ROW: N. Rogers, C. Miles, I. Smith, M. Porter, Mrs. Herman, P. Campbell, R. Selby, K. Darkey. SECOND ROW: M. Wolfe, E. Godde, E. Coney, E. Brigham, S. Hicks, I. Swanson, I. Clark. Debate 1946-47 was a banner year for debating at Central. As a member of both the 5-A and Michigan High School Forensic leagues, Central's debaters participated in sixteen debates in the preliminary series. Two teams were used in each debate-one affirmative and one negative. Besides the 5-A schools Battle Creek debaters met Grand Rapids Union, Grand Ledge, and Howell. In the 5-A league, Central tied with Lansing Eastern for second place with tive wins and two losses. ln fact, Battle Creek qualified in both leagues for the district elimination tournament and a wall plaque for "excellence in debating." At the District Elimination Tournament at Kalamazoo February 13, Battle Creek was vic- torious, winning over the other live schools-Muskegon Heights, State High, Hudsonville, Galesburg, and Albion. This victory brought a gold banner and placed Battle Creek in the quarter-finals for state championship, one ot eight schools left in the competition. How- ever, in the quarter-finals at Flint Central, February 28th, Battle Creek lost by the narrow margin of a two to one decision of the judges. Flint Central went on to become State Champion. This year's debate squad was the largest in the school's history and also had the most extensive schedule. Seventeen debaters completed the semester's work. Everyone partici- pated in at least two inter-scholastic practice debates. They took second place in the 5-A prac- tice tournament on October 24. On November 2, Battle Creek had ten teams at the State Practice Tournament at Lansing. This year Central's debaters have participated in nineteen decision and titty practice debates. With eight experienced varsity debaters back next year, Battle Creek should rank high in debating next year. VARSITY DEBATERS Virginia Rogers tone debatel Mary Porter Carol Miles lone debatel Iames Smith Kermit Darkey Ctwo debatesl Ralph Selby Pat Campbell FIRST ROW: P. Campbell, M. Porter, Mrs. Herman, M. Evans. M. Leveiller, V. Rogers. SECOND ROW: R. Selby, K. Darkey, I. Smith, E. Howard, E. Brigham, M. Pelto. Oratorical Declamation Dramatic Declamation Extempore Speech - Oratory - - Oratorical Declamation Dramatic Declamation Extempore Speech - Oratory - - - Sprinq Speech Contest 1945 - '46 1946 - '47 In 1945-'46, Edward Brigham and Ralph Selby took first places in oratorical declam ation and extempore speech in the district speech contests. - V Edward Brigham, lll Pat Campbell, Mary Lou Evans - Ralph Selby. Iames Smith Kermit Darkey, Virginia Rogers Maurice Pelto, Ernest Howard Pat Campbell, Marilou Leveiller - - - - Iames Smith - - V Robert Bennett In 1948-'47, Pat Campbell won first place in dramatic declamations while Marilou Leveiller tied for second place. Ralph Selby was selected as the Senior who had contributed the most to debate and public speaking in 1946 - '47. For this he was awarded a membership in the National Forensic League and a N. F. L. membership key. FIRST ROW: F. Doud, D. Wencke, I. Siver, R. Earl, L. Walker, I. Adrianson, W. Kiger, C. Adams, E. Brigham, E. Good, R Selby, I. Chadderdon. SECOND ROW: B. Bauer, D. DeMaso, I. Lowe, E. Williams, C. Otis, K. Ward, E. Goodrich, I. Sherburne, I. Crippen, M. Mont om D M h g ery, . at erly, B. Dempsey, D. Wallace, A. Hirakis, Miss Marsh. THIRD ROW: D. Hawthorne, M. Evans, V. Rogers, I. Minier, P. Campbell, E. Cannon, P. Anderson, N. Wencke, I. Bundy, K Harris, I. Roberts, M. Rain, H. Brooker, D. Wilkins, F. Ferrall, I. Brawner. FOURTH ROW: B. Blakeman, R. Baak, I. Pelto, L. Van Blarcum, I. Eagles, N. Coney, I. Cook, I. Cooper, G. Cheek, I. Spyker D. P , B. R h ' ' erry at bun, A. Hulbert, I. Childs, V. Gardner, A. Buncich, G. Peaslee. . FIFTH ROW: E. Star, M. Christ, I. Ellison, I. LaMont, B. Manning, M. Wolfe, E. Howard, M. Leveiller, M. Spasofi. Cowell, S. Shively, W. Matherly, I. Smith, R. Kitchen, I. Monroe, I Players' Club The Players' Club has had a busy year, with many and varied activities. Starting oft with the party for new members in S t b h ep em er, t e club then presented the annual Kalamazoo Pep Assembly in November. This year it featured a football game between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek in the year 1890. It was written and directed by Io Sherburne. The Christmas play, written by Mrs. Iane Farley Norman, had a part for nearly everyone in the club. Accenting the three holidays in February, Lincoln's Birthday, Va1entine's Day, and Washington's Birthday, the club gave a "Hearts and Heroes" party. A one act play, "Sup- pressed Desires", directed by Io Sherburne, was presented in an assembly. The cast in- cluded Iames Smith, Ioyce Manning, and Doris Hawthorne. Other activities throughout the year included a scavenger hunt and an end of the year picnic. OFFICERS President .. M ..Iackie Crippen Treasurer , ., .David Matherly Vice-President ,. . . .. , Io Sherburne Sergeant-at-Arms Bud Cowell Secretary . . .. . . Marilyn Montgomery Faculty Adviser H I H Miss Marsh FIRST ROW: M. Burnham, M. Schram, I. Stimpson, I. Reid, M. Stevens, I. Sherburne, E. Gravesii C. Ross, M. McLee, M Strabbing, M. Harding, S. Yates. 'i SECOND ROW: C. Watins, B. Gruss, B. Link, P. Cosgrove, P. Brown, D. DeMaso, I. F. Clark, E. hlbohnson, V. Pratt,-P. Cox W. Lynn, G. Peaslee, B. Bauer, THIRD ROW: S. Frances, H. McCormick, B. Keaqle, R. Buck, D. Wright, D. Moody, F. Zinn, I. Robinson, B. Darkey, B. Broach L. Larimer, L. Dornfelt, D. Last. "1-llianza Espanol" CSPANISH CLUBD "Alianza Espanol," the Spanish Club is under the sponsorship of Miss Madge Burnham. Second semester Spanish students are eligible for membership in the club. The purpose of the club is to have social meetings to give its members opportunity to speak Spanish. This year the club's funds have been used to buy Spanish records, games, and crossword puzzles. One of the main events of the year is the Pan American assembly, in which the Span- ish department cooperates with the French, Latin, and Music departments to put on one of the best assemblies of the year. OFFICERS President Io Sherburne Treasurer . . Mary McLee Vice-President . . Earl Graves Program Chairman Pat Brown Secretary . .. . Charlene Ross Faculty Adviser Miss Burnham FIRST ROW: M. Wolfe, G. Phillipson, F. Ferrall, I. Cooper, G. Peaslee, S. Yates, I. Crippen, D. DeMaso, A. Hirakis, M Montgomery, V. Pratt. I. Stimpson. SECOND ROW: M. Leveiller, K. Ward, V. Ryan, V. Rogers, P. Dodge, D. Crosslan, G. Davis, I, Zimmer, M. McLee, P. Cos grove, N. Walsworth, C. Grim, E. Star. THIRD ROW: B. Severson, I. Rogers, B. Martin, N. Paris, N. Hutchinson, E. Brigham, R. East, K. Millar, M. Langs, I. Reid I. Pennock. Pan American Club The Pan American Club is open to all students of Battle Creek High School. Students joining the club purchase as many addresses as they wish of students living in other coun- tries. Spanish students usally correspond with young people in Spanish speaking countries and French students enjoy writing to young people who speak French. Many students write at least part of their letters in the language they are studying. Of course, correspondence is carried on with countries where other languages than French and Spanish are spoken. Members oi the club receive letters from Egypt, Palestine. England, and other countries all over the world. At Pan American Club meetings members read and discuss letters they have re- ceived from their pen pals. Miss Madge Burnham is the capable adviser of the group. It is groups like this club which help to tie up all countries of different languages. customs, and beliefs into One World, by creating and understanding oi the countries through corresponding with their people. Pan American Club OFFICERS President Ioyce Spyker Vice-President Molly Strabbing Secretary Erdine Warren Treasurer Charlene Ross Adviser Miss Burnham FIRST ROW: A. Hildebrandt, S. Browne, D. Collie, C. Ross, M. Strabling, I. Spyker, E. Warren, A. Melz, E. Allen. SECOND ROW: P, Stack, I. Brawner, P. Smith, I. Cook, I. Robinson, I. Lowe, N. Holt, S. Alling, V. Gardner. l. Hart THIRD ROW: I. Graves, R. Bennett, D. Bailey, H. Burtis, L. Latimer, R. Darkey, B. Keagle, S. Sullivan, M. Hoxey. FIRST ROW' H E l . . ar, P. Dodge, L. Iohnson, B. Butler, H. Burtis, D. Thomson, Mrs. Walters, S. Browne. SECOND ROW: B. Cummings, S. Morris, S. Symons, B. Myers, B. Iorvis, L. Coyle, A. Hirakis, P. Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Lines, I. Siver, D. Wallace, D, Bailey, B. Keagle, E. Allen, A. Metz. Le Cercle Francais IFRENCH CLUBl Le Cercle Francais, the French Club, is an organization formed to promote the students interest in the French language and in the French speaking countries. The meetings are held every two Weeks. The iirst part of the meeting is usually devoted to business, but the meeting ends with games or other divertisements. The majority ot the members of the French Club have correspondents in other coun- tries and find the letters they receive very interesting. OFFICERS President Bruce Butler Treasurer LaVerne Iohnson Vice-President Herbert Burtis Adviser Secretary Miss Walters Pat Dodge Modern Dance One of the newer activities in the High School this year was the modern dance club. Before we worked on a composition, we practiced dance techniques, had limbering exercises and created rhythm patterns. The adviser of our newly formed club was Miss Iacqueline Barrett who practiced along with us and made the after school practices much more enjoyable. Wednesday was the day set aside for our practices at which time we donned our shorts and went to the girls' gym to practice. Our first composition "Schoo1 Daze" was completed in the Spring. This dance rep- resented the graduation class reminiscing their past three years in High School with shy sophomores, know-it-all juniors, and sophisticated Seniors. Another composition on which we spent many days of practice was "Rhapsody in B1ue". qua- l FIRST ROW: N. Bo uzan, P. Coller, I. Frick. V. Spriggs, I. Barrett. Adviser: S. Morris, M. Iohnston, I. Pelto, B. Thomp- son, N. Weiss. SECOND ROW: E. Cannon, A. Hirakis, H. Quinn. I. Bird, G. Cheek, S. Sullivan, G. Skidm THIRD ROW: B. Burden, N. Himilburger. P. Cox, S ore. E. Traut. M. Wolf. . Symons, G. Needham. P. Parton, I. LaMont, P. Cosgrove, I. Clark, FIRST ROW: M. Hoxey, G. Peaslee, S. Flanders, Z. Chochof'f, M. Thiel, M. Schram, S. Oster, D. Matherly, I. French, L. Watson, I. Hart, D. DeMaso, M. Harding, D. Smith. SECOND ROW: I. Foster, G. Davis, N. Hatch, B. Tyler, D. White, P. Richards, E. Noon, I. Eagles, A. Horsburgh, I. Voke, A. Hirakis, S. Burkholder, E. Allen. THIRD ROW: B. Bauer, A. Buncich, P. Cosgrove, I. Lamont, B. Yengst, M. Montgomery, M. McLee, B. Blatchford, N. Springer, I. Phares, I. Reid, D. Parmelee. FOURTH ROW: I. Siver, D. Peacock, D. Doud, S. Shively, I. Adrianson, B. Dempsey, L. Iohnson, I. Lahr, W. Kiger. Usher Club This year the Usher Club, under the guidance of Mr. Loyal I. Phares, really looked like the efficient organization which it is. The new wine colored uniforms which the girls made to match the boys uniforms helped to give the ushers a business like appearance which was impossible to achieve during the past few years when material for new uniforms was unavailable. The "46-4'7" season of ushering began with the "initiation" at which new members were tested to see if they could take it. Needless to say, everyone lived through it and found that ushering could be a lot of fun. Among the events for which the club ushered this year were, "Spike Iones," "World-At-Our-Door" lectures, "Wildlife" films, the "Band Follies", the Iunior and Senior Plays, and concerts, lectures, and "Hillbilly" shows. A member earns a certain number of points each time he ushers. If at the end of the semester he has the required number of points, the semester is counted towards his pin and guard. After two semesters of ushering, a member is given a gold filled pin by the club. At the end of the third semester he receives his guard with the year ot his gradua- tion on it. Every member of the Usher Club can be proud to wear his pin and guard for they stand for many hours spent in serving the school and the community by ushering. Belonging to the Usher Club is not all work. This year the club has cooperated with the Science Club and rented the skating rink for the evening on several occasions for roller skating parties. The club also had a Christmas party and a spring picnic at which officers tor the next season were elected. OFFICERS President Joanne French Treasurer Larry Watson Vice President . . . . David Matherly Faculty Adviser Mr. Phares Secretary . . Shirley Oster FIRST ROW: B. Rounds, D. Mellin, B. Pilling, M. Eckley, S. Yates, S. McDonald, D. McConnell, Mr. Phares, B. Cum- mings, M. Winter, L. VanBlarcum, M. Wolf, I. Allington, I. Lahr. SECOND ROW: G. Osborn, P. Dodge, B. Peters, C. Moore, D. Walters, N. Seeley, M. Smith, I. Brawner, D. Sumrill, C. Miles, A. Crowell, B. Anderson, I. Shirlaw. THIRD ROW: I. Chadderdon, D. Bond, D. Buck, E. Strong, E Peterson, W, Matherly, I. MacDonald, H. MacDonald, D. Wallace, D. Earl, F. Doud, FIRST ROW: V. Rogers, D. Bailey, L. Walker, D. Wilkins, Miss Cook, D. DeMaso, R. Selby, I. Monroe. SECOND ROW: W. Kiger, E. Brigham, I. Smith, D. Matherly, G. Taylor, B. Cowell, B. Bennett. Political Science Club The Political Science Club found no trouble in obtaining and choosing topics for discussion, because of the numerous important problems during the year. Some of the most heated issues were: The F.E.P.C. Bill, the Palestine Problem, the Greek Situation, the 49th State, and Presidential Candidates. The club met once cr week on Friday under the leadership of Miss Cook. A chair- man was chosen for each meeting. Although the club was small in membership, the members found the meetings, inter- esting and educational. OFFICERS President , . . . . .... Ralph Selby Treasurer ., . . ..,, Lorenzo Walker Vice-President . , .. . . Donna Wilkins Faculty Adviser Miss Cook Secretary . ,Dora DeMaso FIRST ROW: D. McConnell, R. Marriott, L. Walker, Miss Rost. F. Stanfield, B. Dygert, M. Nicola, B. Cummings. SECOND ROW: I. Hurley, P. Vastbinder, N. Brant, I. Zimmer, R. Dygert, I. Manning, I. Clark, S. MacDonald. Hobby Club The Hobby Club under the sponsorship of Miss Eleanor Rost, who joined the faculty last tall, had many interesting meetings. A constitution was written and adopted the second semester. The club organized several committees that efficiently carried on the business of the club. One of the most active was the Program Committee, which invited several members of the faculty in to speak. The high-light of the club meetings was the Christ- mas meeting and party. Membership in this club is open to any Centralite with a hobby. OFFICERS President . . ,. Fred Staniield Treasurer .,.,. , Rosemary Marriott Vice-President . . . Lorenzo Walker Faculty Adviser .. . .. Miss Host Secretary ,. . . Beverly Dygert ..,,...wmau i1--7 FIRST ROW: K. Marris, E. Traut. G. Skidmore, Miss McCowen, M. Arnold, E. Goodrich, S. Lang. SECOND ROW: N. Bouzan, B. Link, P. Cox, M. Fraser, I. Lowe. S. Sullivan, S. Symons. THIRD ROW: M. Langs, I. Pelto, I. Phares, P. Sullivan, N. Wencke, B. Martin, I. Frick. Book Club The Book Club held its meetings once a month at the homes of various members. At each meeting there was a short business session followed by a book review by one of the members. Among the books reviewed this year were "Star of The Unborn" reviewed by lane Kolb and "Paris Underground" reviewed by Mary Fraser. loyce Phares gave a review of "East River" and Nan Wencke gave one on "Lydia Bailey". Any student who enjoys reading and talking about books may join the Book Club. At the meetings one might hear a report on her favorite book or perhaps a review of just the book she had been wanting to know about but couldn't find time to read. OFFICERS President .. . ..Iane Kolb Treasurer . . . , Marilyn Arnold Vice-President .,..,.. ,. .. Ethel Goodrich Faculty Adviser . . Miss lVlcCowan Secretary . .,,..,. .. ..,. Nan Shouldice FIRST ROW: M. Ketchem, P. Stack, K. Ward, D. Desmond, D. Earl, G. Davis. H. Mercer, L. Bird, S. Shively, I. Eagles. SECOND ROW: D. Parmelee, V. Moser, M. Gaskell, C. Miles, M. Rabbit, M. Thompson, D. Sorum, H. Merriam, P. Campbell, D. Hawthorne. THIRD ROW: I. Tuttle, B. Hull, M. Cross, I. Roberts. M. Moore, G. Cheek, B. Banghart, D. Wilkins, K. Chute, B. Rathbun. I. Minier. Latin Club The Latin Club of Battle Creek High School was formed in hopes that it would bring a knowledge of the ancient Roman civilization and a deeper understanding of our neigh- boring countries, which is so important to international peace. Scientia omnia vincitl Our largest projects so tar have been the buying of the club pins and the selling of doughnuts. We also assisted in putting over a very successful square dance with the Spanish and French clubs. OFFICERS President . Ethel Williams Treasurer . Dick Earl Vice-President Grace Davis Adviser Mrs. Ketchum Secretary Ianeth LaMont FIRST ROW: Mr. Phares, I. Cooper, L. Millar. B. Dempsey, Vice-Pres.: G. Skidmore, Sec.: A. Schwencer, Treas., C. Adams, Pres.: L. Bird, D. DeMaso, A. Hirakis, P. Stack, C. A. Treadwell. SECOND ROW: I. Brawner, B. Iarvis, M. Montgomery, B. Akers, S. Ahrens, K. Chute, N. Hutchinson, K. Ward, I. Pelto, N. Weiss, P. Dodge, I. Monroe, I. Blackburn. THIRD ROW:D. McConnell, D. Buenger, E. Correll, M. Eckley, M. Thompson, D. Sorum, I. Gault, G. Cheek, M. Smith, M. Spaulding, B. Peters, B. Rounds, B. L. Cummings, S. McDonald, G. Peaslee, B. Thomas. FOURTH ROW: R. Selby, D. Davenport. D, Wallace, I. Lahr, I. Holmes, M. Walker, W. Matherly, I. Adrianson, H. Burtis, H. Mercer, R. Barnhart, L. Iohnson, A. Parsons, B. Bennett, B. Kiser. Science Club What a lively year for the Science Club. All year long the Science Club, 134 strong. was busy watching the wheels of Science turn. The big event of the year was the trip to Chicago where they visited many interesting places. Several other trips were taken to near by factories here in Battle Creek. The Science Club had several interesting speakers at their meetings, which were held once or twice a month. An interesting and educational time was had by all members of the club. Any student who is taking or has taken any of the three scientific subjects offered at Central, biology, chemistry, or physics, may join the club. OFFICERS ADVISERS President ..,..., ,. ..,.., ..,. C harles Adams Mr. Phares .... ............ ,... M r . Treadwell Vice-President ,. , ....,,.... Bill Dempsey Mr. Baker ..., ,.,.. . Mr. Renolds Secretary , . ,... Gloria Skidmore Treasurer ,.., ..... . Al Schwencer Quill and Scroll Eight names were added to the roster of top journalists this year, when the Quill and Scroll Society accepted eight new members. They join, with Shirley Oster cmd Iackie Crip- pen, charter members from last year when the Centralian chapter was formed, to make a membership of ten. The installation ceremony was held in early May. The aim of this organization which is an international honorary society for high school journalists. is to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism. According to the international constitution, members of Quill and Scroll must be chosen from the students in high school who meet the following requirements. C17 They must be of at least junior standing. Q27 They must be in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing. 13? They must have done superior work in some phase of journalism or creative endeavor. C41 They must be recommended by the adviser or by the committee governing publications. Q59 They must be approved by the executive secretary. OFFICERS President . , , . .Shirley Oster Secretary Helen Earl Vice-President . . ,Erdine Warren Treasurer Ken Simmons FIRST ROW: M. Crosby, I. Brawner, I. Crippen, S. Oster, E. Warren, H. Earl. SECOND ROW: K. Simmons, S. Shively, Miss Burke, D. Loutit, K. Darkey. FIRST ROW: Mr. Ellison, B. Zelinski, B. Rector, I. Osborn, E. Miller, D. Walker, K. Eakins. SECOND ROW: P. Spears, M. Waters, M. Cioni, I. Neff, C. Sawyer, B. Greenfield, E, Wolf, P. Gren, W. Ronk. THIRD ROW: R. Fox, R. Thomas, F. VanAsperen, E. Talbut, R. Anderson, R. Mackaluso, E. Leiter, D. Bowers, D. Graham. Iunior Merchants' Club 'The Iunior Merchants' Club is an organization of all students in the Cooperative Re- tailing Course. The students in this program work part time on a retail selling job and are in school part time. The primary purpose of the club is social, although provision is made in the organ- ization whereby meetings may be devoted to discussions of store and selling problems which confront the members in their actual job situations. In April the officers of all Iunior Merchants' Clubs in the state of Michigan will meet in Grand Rapids to arrange for the first annual all-state meeting at some popular lake re- sort. All students in all the clubs throughout the state will be invited to attend. OFFICERS President Eugene Miller Vice-President William Zelinski Secretary Ianice Osborn Treasurer Beverly Rector Faculty Adviser , Milton F. Ellison Christian Crusaders The Christian Crusaders were organized in Battle Creek High School one year ago for the purpose of fellowshipping with christians. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday noons in room D-l. The meetings con- sist ct the singing of hymns, prayers, musical numbers, and a speaker. Each member has taken part as either a speaker or song leader. Some of the guest speakers whom the club was privileged to hear included: Steward Fettes, Dale Stevens, Kenneth Hasper, and Mr. A. L. Blesh, a Gideon. The group is composed of representatives from various churches in the city. Each mem- ber planned to visit in the different churches during the year. OUR MOTTO "But it we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another. and the blood of Iesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." KI Iohn l-73 OFFICERS President Louise Coyle Treasurer Dorothy Edgerton Vice-President Bill Davis Faculty Adviser Mrs. Hornback Secretary Catherine Fettes FIRST ROW: M. Button, D, Edgerton, L, Coyle, Mrs. Hornb ack, B. Davis, C. Fettes, D. White, D. Crosslan. SECOND ROW: E. Allen, G. Davis, I, Shirlaw, L. Iohnso n, I. Manning, B. Gibson, N. Cary. FIRST ROW: B. Wheeler, K. Aldrich, B. Darkey, G. Markham, N. Amos, M. Vaughns, B. Schafer, D. Loutit, D. Wilk- ins, H. Vandeburg. SECOND ROW: B. Keagle, I. Perry. R. Iacobs, K. Darkey, I. Feeney, O. Anderson, H. Reynolds, R. Vester, Mr. Gettings. THIRD ROW: D. Royal, H. Lyko, H. Smith, H. Ross, D. Stine, G. Newton, H. Mull, P. Knapp, C. Boston, R. Selby. FOURTH ROW: D. Hurley, B. Davis, K. Simmons, B. Owen, T. Goretzka, A. Swank, T. Hatter, M. Mayo, B. Gilmore. Lettermens Club President . .. . . . Bob Schafer Vice-President . . . . . .Ioe Sajtar Secretary and Treasurer . . Mendell Vaughns The Lettermens Club is a new club in Central this year, and was founded for the purpose of helping athletes to get more out of high school life, and to make Central sports a little better. All the other 5-A schools have had a lettermens club for many years now. The membership of this club is open too all boys who have won a varsity letter in any sport while at Central. After getting out of high school, they are eligible to join the Battle Creek Lettermens Club. Although their activities have been limited this year, watch for this club next year. FIRST ROW: L. Iohnson, L. Williams. S. Flanders, Miss Schermerhorn, A. Horsburg, L. Gootas, I. VanAmen. SECOND ROW: P. Maurer, F. Bowden, B. Stout, M. Manly, C. Hamilton, Z. Chochoft, I. Foster, M. Blowers, ' Cobustra Club lub, one of the new clubs in Central is composed of sixteen enthu- e trainees, who meet and tell of their varied experiences and help each other with suggestions for improvement thereby increasing their abilities as office workers. The Cobustra C siastic offic The club offers a word of praise to their faculty adviser, Miss Sylvia Schermerhorn. for the time and energy she has spent to make it a better club. The club has enjoyed many interesting activities during the past year. Among them were: A demonstration of the office practice class work for their parents, a social carry-in lunch at which their coordinator, Mr. Ellison, was guest: a dinner party at the home of their advisers, some business and educational meetings: and an ofticers' trip to the state meet- ing at Grand Rapids. The pep and enthusiasm of the members has given the club such an impetus that it will surely carry along in future years. OFFICERS President ., Lia Gootas Treasurer Louise Williams Vice-President Audrey Horsburg Faculty Adviser Miss Schermerhorn Secretary Shirley Flanders ,,..........-l 1---1 FIRST ROW: E. English, M. Carter, W. Wideman, A. Ayers, S. Morris, A. Gillis, G. Iones, O. Collins. SECOND ROW: I. Robinson, E. Armstead, E. Hobbs, B. Wideman, L. Gibson, G. Cross, I. Bradley, B. Morgan. Phyllis Wheatly Y-Teens The Phyllis Wheatly Y-Teens was started ten years ago. It is composed of students in grades ten through twelve. Many girls continue their Y-Teens work after graduation in the Y-Sileberties. The purposes of the Y-Teens are to grow as an individual and to broaden friend- ships with persons of all races, religions, and nationalities. The Y-Teens is part of the lnterclub Council. This gives the girls a chance to learn what other clubs are doing. This year's program consisted ofthe following: Working with the Altrusa Club at the U.S.O.: the Christmas Formal: Boy and Girl Relationships: The Mid- Winter Conference, etc. OFFICERS President . .. . , . . , Dorothy Curtis Treasurer .,,... ..,. , .. . ., .Ellen Ayers Vice-President . .. . .. Shirley Morris Interclub Council Secretary . ..... Wilhelmena Wideman Representative . ,....,.. Theola Mitchell "Y" Dance Board FIRST ROW: R. Keagle, E. Hay, I. Minier, B. Bauer, I. Heatley, M. Arnold, D. Pyle. SECOND ROW: M. Youngblood, H. Barnes, B. Raabe, L. Sackrider, D. Gould, M. Fraser, B. Godde. "Y" Luncheon FIRST ROW: I. Monroe, M. Iohnston, B. Peters, M. Porter, I. Sherburn, S. Oster, D. Morrison, B. Forster, D. Wilkins M. Stevens. SECOND ROW: C. Grim, S. Coash, I. Brigstock, D. Walters, V. Ryan, M. Rain, D. Singer, I. Robinson, L. Howard, E. Howard. M S 'th M. Wilbur, B. Iarvis, W. Lynn, D. Stuart, THIRD ROW: S. McDonald, D. McConne1, I. McRae, P. Chofiin, . mr , D. Parmelee. FOURTH ROW: L. Hall, D. Lawrence, M. Smith, N. Seeley, Y. Coney, C. Otis, C. Clark, I. Roberts, E. Douglas, B. Thomas. FIRST ROW: D. Wass, H. Spaulding, G. Singer, K. Darkey, L. Robinson. SECOND ROW: C. Howe, B. Bennett, S. Shively, A. Parsens, S. Hicks, R. Nuding. Hi-Y Club The Hi-Y Club is a branch of the Y.lVI.C.A. and is the senior organization of their world Wide youth groups. This club has high ideals and therefore their purpose is to create, main- tain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Last summer the Y Men's club sent four boys to Camp Hayo-Went-Ha, the Hi-Y training camp on Torch Lake. The Hi-Y sponsored several projects this year. Dr. Fry's talk at the two assemblies was under the sponsorship of the "Y" Luncheon Club and the Hi-Y. Dr. Fry also spoke at a joint meeting ot the two clubs in the evening. The Hi-Y sponsored two Hi-Y induction ceremonies and had a turkey raffle on which they earned SSO. They gave S30 to the World Youth Fund, which is helping young people in the War torn countries. OFFICERS President . . Bob Darkey Secretary , Garth Singer Vice-President Kermit Darkey Treasurer . . Dick Weakley Boys' Bowling Club This year, the Boys' Bowling Club saw a rnarked increase in active membership over the last two years. Through the help oi their adviser, Mr. Treadwell, they have been able to successfully carry out their tournaments consisting of singles, doubles, and mixed dou- bles, besides the regular team competition between seven, four-man teams. The names of the teams were as follows: The Flying Gismoes, The Flying Ten Pins, The Sloppy Ioes, Iust Us, Pin Busters, Pick-ups, and Bill's Squad. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the various tournaments. OFFICERS President Ancil Conley Secretary Richard Lindauer Treasurer Robert Walker Faculty Adviser Mr. Treadwell FIRST ROW: D. Bremer, G. Handley, D. Bond, C. Casey, R. Lindauer, Mr. Treadwell, A. Conley, B. Walter, E. Blank- enberg, P. Stootholt. SECOND ROW: H. Swartz, B. Bennett, B. Davis, B. Tait, F. Lindauer, D. Tyler, I. Robinson, R. Snyder. THIRD ROW: P. DeNooyer, L. Shouldice, L. Vonbubla, M. Potter, G. Tyler, H. Blankenburg, G. Briggs, I. Reynolds. 'POSIN' PICNIC PANIC I'RAL'S ZIEGPIELD GIRLS B SHAFER. A CATCH IEAN AND IOAN AT GORDONS SWEET SHIRLEY HAREM BEAUTY TWO HE-MEN. ANDY AND DON f N THIRD HOUR WITH HELEN NANCY, BEFORE THE PROM DICK EARL, SUNNING MADAM PRESIDENT! ! ! THAT'S OUR GIRL, EMILY THAT OLD GANG OF MINE LORENZO AND MANUEL. BROTHERS AND PALS THE MORNING AFTER 4, rlbvffiy ,. if 4 4 Sui 5, 1.4 Band The B.C.H.S. band has ended a very successful and busy year under the direction of Mr. Paul Tammi, As usual, Mr. Tammi has done a very creditable job of directing the band. Besides giving splendid and fascinating exhibitions at all of the football games, they played at various pep assem- blies. Special concerts were given and broadcasts to Percy Iones General Hospital. They climaxed the season by playing very well at the annual spring concert. A dance was held after this concert and the proceeds went to the P.T.S.O. All in all we are very proud of our band for the fine performances it has given. Orchestra The orchestra ended a very successful year at the Senior Play, May 2. Under the direction of Mr. Paul Tammi, the group gave several impressive programs. Besides playing at the Iunior and Senior plays, it also helped out at the Band Follies and participated in the annual Spring Concert held April 23. The orchestra did a very admirable job on all these occasions and we will all agree that it had a very eventful and outstanding year. Band Follies On Ianuary 15 and 16 the Band Follies were presented to a full house. The crowd enjoyed it very much and many say it was the best one ever given. The setting was in a Sultan's court and he Was royally entertained. Dick Loutit acted as the Chamberlain and did a fine job. The show contained a lot of variety which is essential to a well liked per- iormance. The rnain feature of the program was the harem dance in which six girls dressed as members of the Sultan's harem, did a very appropriate dance. They appeared twice on the program. All in all, it was a very successful event and one that will be long re- membered. IACK FULLER, BLOWIN' HOT A i , N. HOT BAND SHORTNIN' BREAD WITH THE MIXED QUARTET THE HAREIVI GIRLS DANCED 'wx fi' Q fi A lv .U 'J .,g-,N JP . L Sf? Ai ,f A-,iff-V V , V 42 i , Rh? Z1 mm-,A . 4-,.,,,' x.-w M V85 ,,..w , Q-wiiseiwf' WW' 4 l A Cappella Choir FIRST ROW: P. Oesch, M. Shram, I. Tack, I. Gooley, S. McDonald, V. Shilts, D. White, I. Iden, S. Wallace, D. Tait, D. Shaffer E. Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: D. Stuart, V. Montgomery, I. Robertson, I. Wright D. Wise, G. Zasadil, B. Sass, B. Baird, D. McConnell, H. Earl A. Opich, B. Grant, M. Brown, I. Lyon. THIRD ROW: N. Kapiliathis, G. Wilson, I. Perry, A. Myers, I. Max- son, C. Hughes, I. Aclrianson, K. MacCreery, L. Oakley, M VanWagner, I. Bundy, G. Fletcher, S. Parks. FOURTH ROW: D. Robinson, B. McGlockIin, L. Graham, B. Race, B. Grittin, C. Walker, B. McDonald, B. Heydon, B. Kiser, I B. Griffin, c Walker, B McDonald B. He don B. Kiser, Li Finkbiner, G: Singer, G. Gooley, D. Desmonld, I. 'Oesch. GIRLS GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: G. Iones, D. Day, P. Cantrell, M. Curtis, T. Spriggs, A Magrune L Drake C Moore D Curtis I Kibbin er, T. Tice, L. Payberg, B. Manley. SECOND ROW: L. Harris, B. Sandwith, S. Upson, M. Rasmussen, M. Van Dongen, G. Hodges, P. King. THIRD ROW: P. Garman, B. Higbee, B. Lewis, T. Mitchell, P. Low, D. Lawrence, C. Fettis, A. Komarck, I. Shirlaw. FOURTH ROW: S. Morris, E. Munger, I. Avery, I. Hobbs, V. Kerr, M. Vandenberg, A. Lum, I. Monroe, B. McCulley, N. Hansen, H. Quinn, B. Tracy, L. Thompson, M. Smith, H. Brenner. 2.-'t Q it vi' , KVWQWHJCQ iix KW 1 f W EKU 0 H N200 4' A J ij KW? T.. I Ma" 'QA AM, fm 0fw1fc,ef1Z.!N 2 Fall Frolic "Seventh Heaven" was the theme of h t e Fall Frolic, the annual girl-date-boy semi-formal dance which is sponsored by the Daughters of Liberty Dancin - Q was from 9 to 12 o'c1ock to the music p ng org's orchestra. Nan Walsworth was general chair- m an and was assisted b y Beverly Bl k ia Cheek, Ioan ginia Pratt, chair- of Gordie S ri b a eman, Io Hook, Glor Borgerson. and Vir men of the various committees. FIRST ROW: P. Anderson, R. Keaqle, G. Cheek, B. Blakeman. I. Hook, N. Walsworth, V. Marshall, N. Weiss, V. Pratt. I. Borgerson, I. Ellison. SECOND ROW: H. Robinson, M. Norris, D. Thomson, N. Himelberger. H. McCormic, S. Francis, D. Rosine. G. Hammons, I. Hrenkovic, B. Cull, B. Knoblock. THIRD ROW: I. Wedel, I. Minier, E. Traut, M. McLee, R. Miner, I. Eagles, B. Blatchforcl, P. Brown, S. Mel' lin, I. Mason, I. Reid, B. Thomas. Christmas Dance Snowmen and candy canes were a featured part of the decorations for the Christmas Dance, which was held in the Social Room on Dec. 21. The dance was a semi-formal affair and was sponsored by the Student Council. Dancing was from 9:00 to 11:45 to the music of Iimrny Shafer's orchestra. Ruby Keagle was general chairman with many committees working under her. FIRST ROW: B. Blakeman, H. McCormic, I. Hook. H Keagle H Rob nson M Norris M McC1mtic N Himelberger. SECOND ROW: B. Knoblock, E. Traut, R. Miner, I. Spyker B Blatchford M McLee I Boyd B Iamleson THIRD ROW: D. Thomson, S. Francis, D. DeMaso, E Holcomb C Otis F Bea y B Rudy S Mellrn ., , ma Q , im.. 1 61 , I Q' Nu f h I I K" Q1 .-I 1-naw , - 5'ti"'52?iI' 'I' ki, OOAA' Xai 57' 226 .99 A-"4" X- X: al Q ' L., .C F an ...af my fm is IS X X . BATHING BEALITIES Io ANN cmd PAT RIGHT FACE ALL READY FOR THE BIG DANCE TWO CUTE GIRLS WATCH THE BIRDIE EMAIENE NOON POSES FOR US EXUBERANT MAY ANN HARDING TAKE IT OFF Q -nfl. 'ff . ,. '.,c'. pk? .,' . MMS M61 f - 4Q-ggi'-ff?'?,:..'..2 15 5, ,J -lg.. .'f--: ' ' . '5"'3':dW x -3- '-g-'lx' ' Q w L " 'n.'n- ' ' . 'sf ' Q 'IB' 'Q . . . H-QJF ' , ,'....- rc' 3 , - ,av-rib' . M! eff' 1 gg 'I s Fl I M , A- ,, ,-'S 1 nf' J' , I ' -- ,,. . 1 . ??:t:i.L', . J 1 . S 4 n a . i ' ' a ' ' . vt ""'. .Q . ox A7 'f Fi sts. . t ' W 'K' Qt' . ' ' Z is Ein .. ,.,. A ' A 1- ' , . 1--L ' 2' 12.1 ' ' , . ' 1 1' ' . . 'aa :. . - ls " I , :"" . ht: tr 12. - . , F I 4 If ,,., KST' Q 3 .Q ax' ' . -'GV ' .- Q Q2 , Q , 0 Z L 'H - Q Q s 1 ' ' 43. ' rf T 'D 1 X s ' .-n 5 - K 1 'S Q H' . . ' . 4' 1 1 - a mt- -ffl 'a ' I .. , ,. . , . 9+ ,::.--- 1 . 1. o 'x, alsw' ' f""".'-I . 'Q 1- fwfr I 9 f""' 1 7 O. ANDERSON N. AMOS G. MARKHAM Right End Right Guard Right Tackle Five of the Bearcctt's stalwarts made the second annual all city football team this year. This speaks very well for the gridders this year. George Markham also made the all state football team. SCHEDULE AND RESULTS OF GAMES September 20 Marshall 7 12 October 4 Iackson .. . .. O 2l October ll Albion . .. .,.. 0 41 September 27 Lansing Eastern .. . 6 8 October 18 Ann Arbor ,r.. .13 7 October 25 Lansing Sexton ii,. 21 7 November 8 Muskegon Hghts. 19 6 November 15 Kalamazoo . O 6 Total . ...BS 106 H. SMITH Center 'il' fvx K G. KNAPP Leit Hall Football The Bearcat gridders ended their season with four wins, three losses, and one tie. Breezing through their first three games with three successive wins, it seemed that we had uncovered a secret weapon of our own. One of them was a prize 21-O victory over Iackson, and 41-O defeat of Albion which was the largest score yet in this series of long standing. Then, Lansing Eastern tied us 6-6 in a very surprising ball game. Ann Arbor, Lansing Sexton, and Muskegon then tasted the sweet fruits of victory after defeating the team in three hard fought games. Then as a climax to a successful season, we defeated a tough Kalamazoo team who had been rated third in the state by a close 6-0 margin, FIRST ROW: Medich, M., Bush, S., Becky, B., LaParl, I., Markham, G., Capt.: Smith, H., Wheeler, B., Miller, I., Kitchen B., Mgr.: Matherly, W., Murley, D., Royal, D., Butler, B., Loutit, D., Perry, I. SECOND ROW: Vaughns, M., Knapp, G., Wales, G., Sherman, D., Tupper, G., Carlson, D., Hartsen, V. THIRD ROW: Aldrich, K., Mgr.: Lockwood, I., Platt, B., Simmons, K., Weakley, G., Fox, G., Schafer, B., Reynolds, H. Hand, I., Sajtar, S., Wilkinson, P., Clark, I., Waldorf, B., Coach: Hall, K., Line Coach. FOURTH ROW: Delano, L., Mgr.: Sovern, T., Erickson, D., Mayo, M., Amos, N.. Hickman, B., Stine, D., Anderson O., Feeney, I., Coss, H., Bishop, F., Harter, T., Capt.-Elect: Banazak, D., Taft, B. I 1, V. 'R M 1 GN . se .101-v N, -v 4 .. 1 M. vs ff X Q . ,g . A ab Q 39 3 mf W8 x Xxwmlvr? X Q FF N S 4 , k I -rffx-' vb . J x f N-if new . -1 wx Q' .ff --Q ff 9 .Q M m, 5 X", x A If Q X, f N5 w 'w S-0 .X J .. wg 'Bag .. A ? , A .... X, M, NX ,S R m ,4L1 my V ,3 43,4 Y W f VA, f'- . 7 v 1 1 . , In K ' Y. 33 Q jg, 5 I n Y sy is ir? 'V , ,-:b ?, , ms ' I vi 5 ,,:wV"'3 , ' Q X ! X 'S 5 G Mg R .fx Y ,Q M 9 if . mf Lf ,G , . W? Y l 1121 X' if si r r ' f ...Q gg4Q'S xt i, , . 4 ,. 7 1 a QQ ix , Y"' FIRST ROW: K. Ward. D. Wallace, M. Leveiller, K. Millar. SECOND ROW: E. Hobbs, B. East, M. Wolfe, Mr. Reynolds. Cheerleading Squad Without these peppy individuals who make up our cheerleading squad our football games, basketball games, and pep assemblies would, indeed, be very dull Imagine our school without this group of energetic fellows and girls. A great deal of credit should go to Mr. Reynolds for his fine job as adviser. Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek RESULTS OF BASKETBALL GAMES , . ,. ,. ..... 38 St. Ph1l1ps ,.,.. . ... Grand Rapids South Benton Harbor .,., .. , ,... 23 M38 Kalamazoo Ann Arbor ., M24 . ...37 Iackson , Lansing Sexton Lansing Eastern . . . 32 Kalamazoo .. . , ,... 36 t. ...20 .,..28 Ann Arbor ...,... Lansing Sexton ., Lansing Eastern , , .. 27 ,. M25 .. H 26 Iackson ...... Muskegon . . M23 , .21 Basketball The basketball team with only a nucleus of 3 lettermen back, overcame many diffi- culties last season to field a team that was worthy of the highest traditions of Central sports. Although they won only five games all season the fellows were scrapping and fighting in every ball game. They played their best ball against Benton Harbor and Kalamazoo, defeating Benton Harbor for the first time in 4 years and splitting with Kalamazoo in two games which helped to make it a successful season after all. Owen Anderson was Captain this season and lack Ellis was elected Captain for next year. At the close of the season 10 varsity letters were given out. FIRST ROW: Vandenberg, H., Newton, G., Squires, B., Anderson, O., Capt.: Feeny, I., Simmons, K., Hurley, D. SECOND ROW: Dorsett, B., Mgr.: Drikakis, G., Ellis, I.. Capt.-Elect: Gibson, S., Medich, M., Wilkinson, P., Mercer H., Mgr. Baseball The baseball team under Coach Gerry Graham look forward to the forthcoming baseball season with a great deal of anticipa- tion. Bob Owen and Keith Ferguson are Co-Captains of the team this spring. Other lettermen who are back this year are Galen Newton, Ioe Sajtar, Garland Fox, and Duane Bone. There are so few lettermen back this spring, that the reserves will be counted upon very strongly in the heavy schedule ahead of the team. Garland Fox and Duane Bone are the standbys of the pitching staff and Ioe Sajtar and Galen Newton are their battery mates. The baseball schedule is as follows: April 18 .. ..... ,.., .,...,...... ...,..,.. . . . ...... ...,... ,..., . . . . ,.... St. Phillip April 29 .. ...... ..,. K alamazoo May Lansing Eastern May ,. ,.,. Ann Arbor May ,...........,. Iackson May Lansing Sexton May Lansing Eastern May ..,.... Ann Arbor May .. ,. Kalamazoo FIRST HOW Sa1tar I Newton G, Owen, B., Co-Capt.: Ferguson, K., Co-Capt.: Bone, D., Fox, G. SECOND ROW Medrch M Ferguson, I., Buckout, P., Stevenson, T., Bond, R., Swartz, H., Tupper, G. THIRD ROW Dnkakis G Mgr Hurley, D.: Gibson, S., Shively, S., Clark, I., Knapp, G., McConnell, R., Ismirle I Track Central's thinclads, defending 5-A champs enter the 1947 sea- son, determined to capture their fifth successive 5-A title. Their first meet will be a triangular affair with Kalamazoo State High, and Hastings, participants with our own thinclads on April 16. Their real test will be the River Rouge Relays on April 19th: 700 athletes are entered. Fourteen lettermen are expected back for track this year including four juniors and ten seniors. The track team is especially strong in the middle distances this spring with Tom Goretzka, Bud Heydon, and Bob Darkey back in the mile. Don Royal, Ralph Selby, and Capt. Bernie Gilmore in the quater mile. Other award winners back are Harold Mull, Iohn Perry, Mendell Vaughns, and Bob Wheeler in the Sprints Owen Anderson and Harold Coss are back in the field events as are Capt. Norman Amos and George Markham in the shot put 1 FIRST ROW: A. Davis, Mgr.: D. Hall, T. Goretzka, G. Verity, R. Moon, S. Ryason, Mgr SECOND ROW: B. Heydon, S. Bush, D. Wilkins, D. Royal, B. Gilmore, Capt.: N. Amos Capt G Markham I Perry D. Vincent, R. Selby. O. Anderson, H. Coss. THIRD ROW: B. Fitch, C. Stevens, L. Thompson, R. Ware, D. Hickey, F. Zinn, B. Barnhart B Kitchen R McGloclm C. Dinsmore, F. Shouldzce, D. Lyons, M. Vaughns, B. Mowerson, Coach. FOURTH ROW: L. Waters, B. Elliot, I. Prior, V. Hartsen, W. Antuck, H. Smith, S. Fredenberg I Miller K Darkey B Thorson, H. Mull, F. Watkins. Swimming Battle Creek again established itself as the High School Swimming capitol of Mich iqan, as the result of this years successful season in swimming. The paddlers captured their sixteenth league title in seventeen years, defeating the rest of the teams with almost no competition and scoring more points than the rest of the schools together The state title wasn't won quite so easily. but the compet1t1ve spurt of the team couldn't be stopped, even after injuries had threatened to halt their t1tle hopes Therefore another jewel was added to Battle Creek's swimming crown. Twenty-eight Varsity letters were awarded at the end of the season Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Battle Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek RESULTS OF SWIMMING MEETS Iackson ,.. 23 Michigan State Frosh. .70 East Grand Rapids . , H43 Saginaw Arthur Hill ......6l Ann Arbor ,. . . M62 Kalamazoo . , . ......,35 Saginaw Arthur Hill .. N55 South Bend .. .. H70 Kalamazoo ,. , .. . ,62 East Grand Rapids .. .. 27 Michigan State Prosh 61 Iackson , ., . . . .90 5-A Meet .. .. .H30 Michigan State Frosh . 39 State Meet . . ., FIRST ROW tlett to rightl: R. Edwards, I. Lockwood. R. Vester, R. Davis, T. Harter R Wheeler D Barley D Des mond, T. Goretzka, D. Thorne, D. Bigley, R. Boston, S. Shelton, L. Iudd. SECOND ROW Cleft to rightl: G. Degregory, B. Simmons, C. Boston, D. Royal, K. Aldrich F Shouldrce H Smith B Keagle, L. Watson. I. Oesch, B. Walters, C. Kolb, G. Verity, H. Ross, E. Cowell, Coach Mowerson THIRD ROW lleit to rightl: P. Iarvis, D. Earl, I. Anderson, D. Peters, E. Blcmkenberg, H Blankenberg B Thorson B Heydon. F. Zinn, I. Brunson. T. Roseberry. E. Barnes, D. Wright, D. Gray, C. Finney I Campbell I Wilkinson D. Wagner, I. Thompsett, I. Glysaw. T. Ford, B. Darkey, Mgr. FRONT ROW Kleft to rightlz B. Keagle, G. Markham. BACK ROW: O. Anderson, President: I. Feeney, Vice-President. B.A.A. Board The B.A.A. Board is the governing body of all boys' athletics in the high school. The members of the board are elected by votes of the boys. They decide on such mat- ters as to who will win a letter, what type of letters, or the size of the letter. Other matters such as girls wearing a boys' letter sweater or how many strips they can wear on their sweaters also come under the control of this board. ' K FIRST ROW: I. Paddock. R. Wilder, K. Bell, Capt.-Elect: F. Morgan, M. Norris, F. Burke, D. Evans, M. Kinny, I. Hand. SECOND ROW: D. McGrifl, L. Latimor, W. Warren, G. Winslow, G. Wales. G. Howe, B. Elliot, A. Allen, B. Becky. THIRD ROW: I. Thompson, F. Stantield, D. Bentley, Capt.: H. Spaulding. I. Smith, N. Amos, E. Bryant, C. Wolfe, M. Mayo, P. Gibson, M. Hetland, Coach. Wrestling The Wrestling team has overcome many difficulties this year to place wrestling among the sports oi the school. No points were given toward the 5-A all-sports trophy this year. But, next season wrestling will receive the points of a minor sport. They lost three matches and won two in seasonal competition. Placing second in the 5-A, they gained revenge for earlier defeats at the hands of Lansing Sexton and Ann Arbor. Ten varsity letters were awarded at the end of the season. Don Bentley was elected Captain for the year. Kenny Bell is Captain-elect for next year. Tennis FIRST ROW: Hunter, I., West, D.. Ford, T., Vastbinder, P., Capt.: Boston, C., Latimer, L. SECOND ROW: Stanfield, F., Mgr.: Fisk, B., Lyko, H., Singer. G., Robinson, I., Nuding, B., Waldorf, B., Coach. April April April April May May May May TENNIS SCHEDULE GOLF SCHEDULE Eastern . . Here April 18 Eastern , Ann Arbor Here April 25 . .,,, .... . Sexton Iackson There May 7 . Kalamazoo Sexton ,. . Eastern ,. , Ann Arbor Iackson . Sexton . .. , Here May 9 . There May 13 There May l7 Here May 22 There Golf .Ann Arbor Iackson , Kalamazoo There . Here , .There . Here .There Regional ,. Here FIRST ROW: Cable, E., Bristol, D., DeNooyer, D., Bigley, D., Rush, M. SECOND ROW: Siver, I., Morgan, F., Harter, T., Barnum, C., Hammons, W., Shouldice. L. l l V s FIRST ROW: B. Owens. B. Heydon, D. Wilkins, B. Dcxrkey, Capt.: T. Goretzka, K. Darkey, Capt.-Elect: R. Selby. SECOND ROW: B. Bennett, M. Bowers, B. Werner, G. Verity, T. Roseberry, G. Griffin, R. Moon. THIRD ROW: B. Keagle, D. McKeen, Coach B. Mowexson, H. Mull, A. Allen, B. Elliott. Over Hill and Dale Under the capable direction of Coach Bob Mowerson, the Battle Creek Harriers ad- vanced this hard sport another rung on its way up to becoming a varsity sport, and taking its place among the major sports of Battle Creek High School. Team balance was the key to the Bearcats success this year, as they emerged vic- torious in three out of seven dual meets. They climaxed the season by placing third in the conference and fifth in the state finals. The Bearcats started the season by defeating Lansing Sexton 20-36, then lost a close meet to Charlotte 23-32. Hastings fell defeated 18-28. Kalamazoo defeated the harriers 23-34. Lansing Eastern fell prey 18-38. The Five-A Conference meet was held at Ann Arbor this year at the Hills Park course, in which Battle Creek placed third. The State Meet was held on the Michigan Normal College course and the Hill and Dalers placed fifth in a l4 team field. Ninety-eight fel- lows ran over a muddy course. Seven harriers were presented with major letters at the conclusion of the season, while three others received reserve letters. Bud Heydon, Tom Goretzka, Don Wilkins, Ralph Selby, Bob Owens, Captain Bob Darkey, and Captain-elect Kermit Darkey received their varsity B. C's. Tom Goretzka was the outstanding harrier this year, as he set a new conference rec- ord of 1O:28,and placed second in the State Meet. GSW MX' N X xx , ' ' V ': v ' l - id ,Aff ,O 411 g qllyfffw MQW f V I A 'Ll 4 CC Awf77 v dw 345- FIRST ROW: I. Boucher, C. Gibbs, P. Richards Secret urer, M Brown H , ary: I. Clark, President: H. Earl, Vice President: I. Lett, Treas- . , . Addison, C. Husted, Adviser. SECOND ROW: L. Sparks, Adviser: M. Wolf, R. Elliott, V. Nicola, N. Hutchinson, G. Davis, I. Brawner, M. Spasoft, N. Richards. G.A.A. Board The backbone of the Girls Athletic Association was the Board, which met the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Due to the planning of the Board, we had the first girls' award assembly ever witnessed in Central by the whole school. The number of points required for the numeral of the graduating year is 300 points. The second award, the monogram B. C., requires 600 points, while the highest award, the G.A.A. pin, requires 900 points. 75 points are given for each major sport and 25 points are given for minor sports, pro- viding the member attends at least two-thirds of the after school practices. This has been the best year for the G.A.A. with more girls coming out for practices in the various sports. We are hoping that the Future will bring more and more girls who find their interests in sports. The sponsors of the Girls Athletic Association this year were Miss Claribel Husted, Miss 'Iacqueline Barrett, and M rs. Lola Sparks. .-,,,,..---- ...--o .till ik 'fs in ' Ya , .3 an 'L he-... .,.5, v' 5 "' -, K ,N 1 if W Y. Q J' li.. 15 O ii N X Qld Ml U ' i . , K A Q an fo N, s "RSI is x -s. ,via W Q Nix" 'V' It 5 f, ble Xa.: iw! '32 .1 -n FIRST ROW: L. Dillman, L. Enqlish, B. Blakeman, A. Sielke, R. Ploehn, D. Wise. SECOND ROW: C. Husted, Instructor: I. Ellison, I. Huqhes, M. Reinoehl, V. Ryan, L. Erk, L. Stebel. THIRD ROW: M. Rabbitt, I. Cook, H. Brown, D. Bowerman, M. Smith, I. Clark, P. Richards. Volleyball Swimming FIRST ROW: I. Barrett, Adviser: I. Brawner, L. Bird, N. Hutchinson, B. Grodavent, S, Yates, Capt.: M. Smith, G. Reed, C. Husted, Adviser. SECOND ROW: B. Forster, M. Brown, Capt.: S. Campbell, I. Clark. Capt.: N. Paris, G. Davis, I. Gault, M. Wolf. THIRD ROW: V. Ryan, D. Singer, I. Brittan, H. Addison, Capt.: E. Noon, P. Richards, I. Boucher, M. Lodmell, M. Spasofi, B. Simmons. M.. . . Horseback Riding I. Brawner on Cheynne H. Brooker on Lucky Duke I. Hawks, I. Barrett, Adviser: I, Markovich, I. Cox 9 'E FIRST ROW: D. Hawthorne, M. Lodmell, B. Headley. M. Porter. SECOND ROW: G. Grimm, B. Grodavent. N. Hutchinson, I. Lett, Capt.: P. Richards, Capt.: C. Husted, Adviser: R. Elliott, Capt.: I. Clark, Capt.: G. Cheek, H. Addison. THIRD ROW: I. Brawner. M. Nicola. B. Forster, M. Brown, D. Iackson, I. Gault, S. Campbell, B. Peters, M. Wolf. FOURTH ROW: I. Boucher, N. Paris, G. Davis, V. Shilts, M. Smith, E. Noon. G. Reed, I, LaMont, M. Spasoft. B. Simmons. asketball Bowling FIRST ROW: P. Sullivan, G. Skidmore, I. Clark, Secretary: R. Marriott, Treasurer: I- Hurley, Vice President: R. Elliott. President: N. Richards. D. Mathis, B. Thomas. N. Weiss. SECOND ROW: I. Hart, M. Hoxey, G. Rolfe, B. Burden, B. Dygert, S. Yates, M. Nicola, C. Ross, M. Wolfe, C. Husted. Instructor. THIRD ROW: B. Forster, G. Reed, M. Lodmell, M. Smith, E. Noon, P. Richards, N. Hutchinson, H. Addison, C. Otis, I. Brittan. Softball FIRST ROW: C. Grimm, N. Paris, V. Shilts, M. Lodmell, SECOND ROW: N. Hutchinson, B. Grodavent, G. Davis, I. Lett, I. Brawner, B. Burden, G. Cheek, B. Peters, M. Porter, I. Clark. THIRD ROW: I. Brittan, V. Ryan. D. Singer, B. Forster, M. Brown, H. Addison, D. Iackson, I. Gault, R. Elliott, B. Headley, M. Wolf. FOURTH ROW: I. Boucher, S. Campbell, R. Myers, M. Smith, S. Yates, E. Noon, P. Richards. G. Reed, M. Spcrsoff. B. Simmons. 'A :xv ,V E. .1 'IF Q 9?- ' :: ,.,f,,:5g. 3 xiii .V 15? . sag 'iii S' 2 iii: :f-T' 1 . s x 3 N x n 1 5 Q ' K 5 'Y f B- ' Q x x,

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