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- --f Y.. -,... .... -,-,,,, ,- . , ,,-- If "z , -'-ff f- - -W -,-,.,...Y,, my-K R ' -.,-'Kill ' ' A- Y .f --. .' ' ' . " 1 "--1 5----7 -- W- .... ,,..-.....-.... ...., . ....- - .....,.,- .- -mi H.. -L -........,. Y- .,. -..,...a.-..x.,,,,, Q-...,. - , A Qu jlgwg--H, f nw- 4 Lf' - "A ,..l R ALMA ms mam? sw ms W www Emwigxmxvsn mm maui wx' my ms ss mm, ss mn xx ss mam 'sm- man'-W ' x its ss wi ma mm H Bm E Em M gg MM mam M , W H mm S SWF, -M! H542 '34-:HBS ss me mn E E ' sxnmnQK??EM TER was swag? was Q msn 59x nm mn mam smsmiigszmna H mnmwin nassaui an a ss a a ss 5 .mg AHEEHBSS SS 3885355 rleyrfrsm ligig ' ss,-mn - :mms amass nggj an nmnenwem ss On the banks of the old Oswego Where Indian camp tires gleamed, Now stands our Alma Mater, True guardian of the stream. Tho' our strength dwells ever with We never stronger seem, Than when we are defending l7ulton's royal Red and Green. Though it be on field or platform, That our valor meets the test, We are fighting for old Fulton, And she bids us do our best. Then with victory as our portion, Our banners may be seen, Waving high in glorious triumph, Fulton's royal Red and Green. In these halls of our ambition, True loyalty we learn, NfVitl1 courage to uphold it, liver steadfast, sure and Hrmg 1.1 S So that when in life's broad vineyard, Eartlfs fruits we seek to glean, We shall always live to honor Fulton's royal Red and Green. Foreword "liduc:1,tion is Il journey-always we are enroute." As we travel through life, many treasures are uncovered and cherished by us. Memories of schooldaysg friendships that will endure forever. Through four years of work and play, we have attained the goal for which we were striving. Now that it is accomplished, bigger and better goals can be attained. Looking to the future, we see ourselves traveling on a road burdened with the 'task of reconstruction and the problems of world peace. We the Senior Class of '46, realize the responsibilities we have in the years to come. The world we live in will be the world we make, We must avoid the errors of the past and hold true to the upward way toward one world where all nicn are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. .4- THE FULTONIAN KW Q? Published by SENIOR CLASS 1 946 FULTON HIGH SCHOOL FULTON, NEW YORK T Table of Contents Decliczmtion . ..... . Snapshots ..... Diary ......... Faculty ...... beniors ..... . Senior Poll and l-lonor Roll The Seniors Say ................. . Senior Class Officers ...... Yearbook Staff ......... Student Council ..... Senior Science ........... Junior Class Officers ...... Sophomore Class Ol:l7iccrs . junior Class . ............... .. Soplioniore Class ..... Freslimzin Class .. . Foolish 'Follies .... Senior l-'lay ........... . l..lll1'Zll'y Assistants ....... Oilice VVorkers ..... Carpe Diem ......i.... . Commercial Club .................. l7ulure lfzirniers Ol' America Junior Red Cross ....,....,...... Girls' Glee Club ....... llzinrl .................... lflowling . ........ Girls' Bzislcetbnll ....... l--'I oekey ............ Vollcylnzill .... Clieerleaclers lflnslcetlmll .... Football ..... Hziselozill .... Track ........ Autographs ..... Page 9, 39, 75 10, 6, 37, 40 19 34 35 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 76 Dedication A radiant smileg a friendly wordg a helping handy a cheerful dispositiong a magnetic personalityg an unassuming manner-things We shall never forget. ln return for these, we, the Senior Class of I946, proudly dedicate this issue of the Fultonian to Mr. Robert S. Rose. -7.- 9 -xp' 5 lflf'll'IlKl0l'1l Girls: Dan Story, Park Rockwood, Rodney VVhalon, Bruce Good-- fellow, Charles Geers, Allen Boyce, Fred VVeskc, Sam lilevacqua, Tony Czxvoue, Sum BOIIIIPIIIO. Sum llouuzmo-on the blaekboz11'cl is part of an advertisement for the Cour- tesy Czm1pz1ig11. Helen l-lyfle, Florence Taylor, Barbzmrzl I'l?1lTll11011Cl, Marlene Pitcher, Put VVlllizm1sou, Thelma Crouch, Evelyn Peterson. !lCZl1lCllC Tzlroulo, Helly Licourt. In-:lu Fitch Lora Ruger, Ruth Buell: Hubba, Hubba, Hubba! . 7 Q The team after El game. Clyde Nlelixven, lid Duver, Charles Geers. Veronica Russell. Mary Suuers, hlezumetle Scerbo, Gloria Simons. Gloria Simmons, jezmnette Scerbo. -3- 'TQ EL' www iv Notes From Our Diary September 4, September 10 September ll September 26 September 28 September 29 October October l October 3 October 9 October 1.0 October ll October l2 October l7 October 19 October 20 October 23 October 26 October 26-27 October 27 November 2 November 6 November ll. November 16 November 19 1945 School opened. Miss Andrews, Miss Short and Mrs. Smith were added to our faculty. Conspicuous for their absence were Miss Hump, Mr. Cole, Miss Markham and Miss O'Neill. Registration Day. Total number of students signed up was 845, including 12 postgraduates and three veterans, journalism Club organization meeting-Pauline Holmes, president. Twelve Varsity Cheerleaders were selected. Assembly: Mathematical Wiza.rcl was extremely interesting. Ted Holmes was tested on stage by the g'CI1l1.lS-1ll2l1'VClOL1S- we mean Ted, too. Football game at Recreation Park-Oswego, 125 Fulton, 7. Bubbles being blown all over the place-it's the fad. Mr. Agne joined the faculty as a teacher of Commercial Subjects. Assembly Edward jeamby cane collectorg urged the stud- ents to have a hobby, asked all girls named Jean to write to his daughter, jean, since that is her hobby. He told us that in some South African countries a suitor sends a bundle of sticks to his love instead of a ring .... we wouldn't advise it, fellas: you'll be sorry! Student Council elected officers-Norma Todd, president Music Club organized. Senior Class organizedg Miss Preston, adviser. Requirements for try-outs for Yearbook Staff were made known. Pupils from room 212 collected money to buy Christmas cards for servicemen. junior Class organized: Miss Di Stefano, adviser. Display in the library, "Nursing As a Career." Student Council sponsored the Freshman Frolic. Precedent for use of decorations was set. No school today--Columbus Day. Sophomore Class organized and elected officers. Assembly: Variety Show. Music enthusiasts went to the Eastman Theatre in Rochester for the opera, "ll Trovatoreg" collision on the way home. Yearbook Statjf announced. , Freshman Science Club organized: Gerald Foster, presi- dent, Philip Le'Pine, vice-president: james Galusha, secre- tary, George lfleckwith, treasurer. Pep Asscmbly-Cheerleaders showed us how it was when grandma was a cheerleader. Snake Dance: sponsored by Student Council. Empire State School Press Association Conference held in Syracuse 3 Bus.: and Fultonian representatives attended. This housing shortage! . 'Fulton-Oswego football game in Oswego. Song Assembly. Assembly: Elsa Moegle, harpist. Armistice Day-no school. Senior Harvest Dance-Chairman of Committee, Sheila Murphy. King and Queen of the dance were Hollis Fitch and Ann Rowlee. Welcoiiie Home Parade honoring veterans of World War llg followed by a Victory Bond Rally in F. H. S. Audi- torium, rainy day. 110-. FACULTY -S W S xx S a s. ad--4-n -11-an-i-n11l l V ' ' KI--T ?'t'i'i'K Rl Mr. Miles Abbott Science A.B. Union College M.A. New York College for Teachers A sense of humor is the sure mark of a keen mind. Mr. Robert Agne Commercial Subjects B.S. Albany State Teach- ers College. It is not his plan of things that interests be con- fined to one field. Dr. E. M. Anderson Physician M.D. University of Michigan A.B. Williams College Always willing to help and helpful with a will. Mr. Willard Anderson Physical Education B. S. Syracuse University. Ability inspires confidence. Miss Florence Andrews English A.B. Syracuse University. Softly speak and sweetly smile. ,gi Fultonian Mr. Ernest Black Agriculture B.S. Syracuse University. A worker, friendly-an i1zd'i'z1'id nal. Mr. George R. Bodley Superintendent A. B. Syracuse University. Labor conqnersviall. Miss Gladys Bonner English B.S. St. Lawrence M.A. St. Lawrence. "A sparkling wit." Miss Isabelle Davidson Social Studies B.S. Newt York State Teachers College. Taet comes as innch from goodness of heart as from fineness of taste. Miss Corinna DiStefano Librarian A.B. Syracuse University. B.L.S. Syracuse University. Vifaaeity and efficiency are the shortest rontes to happiness. Fultonian Miss Marjorie Edmunds Physical Education Phys. Ed. Degree. Arnolcls College. Her enthusiasm is infec- tions. ' Miss Doralda Erb Art A.B. I-lood College. To do easily what is diffi- cult for others is the mark of talent. Mr. Wayne Farrow Speech B.S. Adrian College. M.A. lndiana University. , "!lfVlziose words all ears 'Hook captive." Mr. Mathew Frawley Industrial Arts Oswego Normal School. "Criterion of a good worker is ftreetswnf' Miss Marion Gorman Secretary Central City Business Institute. Reward of patience is aclifievevnent. is New Miss Iras Hague English A.B. Alfred University. I riitiatizfe is the essential factor in the moulding of great people. Miss Gertrude Johnston Vice-Principal English A.B. Smith College. Grace and poise go hand in hand. Mr. Albert McCarthy Social Studies B.A. Niagara University. U niqne discipllnarian. Mr. Robert C. Macdonald Principal A.B. Wesleyan M.A. Columbia. Responsibility, together with a syrnjnatlzetic nature and a just mind, marks him as an nnexcelled confidante. Miss Ann McGinnis School Nurse R.N. Crouse-Irving Hospital. BS. Syracuse University. To be of true help t0 others is a distinction grant- ed to but few. Miss Margaret McGraw Commercial Plattsburg State Teachers College. Wihat 'wisdom can you find that is greater than kina'ness? Mr. john Muscalino Physical Education B.S. Ithaca College. Perfection through practice Miss Beatrice O'Connell Social Studies A.B. Albany State Teachers College. "She is gifted with gen- ius who knoweth much by natural inspiration." Mrs. Rose Mary O'Connor English AB. Cornell University. . Information, Please! Miss Marcella Otis Science B.S. St. Lawrence. Coolness and absence of heat and haste indicate fine qualities. Fultonian :L..4J l. i. -. ! E' Pr' ms , as g ss w sg' :inf ,mga me '-as is iii' is e Mr. Robert Otis Social Studies A.B. Colgate. Humor is a part of de- niocracy. Mrs. Beatrice Pratt Study Hall Teacher Fredonia State College. Naturally nice, nicely natural. Miss Lona Preston Mathematics A.B. Syracuse University. M.A. Syracuse University. Her methodical mind converts chaos to order for her students. Mr. Robert Rose Social Studies A.B. Syracuse University. M.A. Syracuse University. Life runs more smoothly if frequently oiled with cheer- fulness. Mr. Carl Rowland Industrial Arts B.S. Oswego Normal. Ability speaks for itself. Fnltonian Miss T-lelen Seymour French AB. Syracuse University. A friend! 77'l'l!'7'L and an , , an active disposition. Miss Mary Short English A.B. Syracuse University. Siatcerlty and truth are the basis of every fairtue. Mrs. Helen Smith A Mathematics A.B. Albany State Teachers College Her path is that of pleasaaztness and peace. Miss Elizabeth Smolik Commercial AB. Hartwick College. ll4'C11l7'lt?7'.Y gentle, yet fu-Il spirited mm' wllolesomc. Q55 v - , if , :KTA JY. p ,H .. 'ng t Il- J ti h J f A11 It A5 N hx' 1 Q35 J . ,I 1 5 4 lf i- c - -.J ' it Z. 4 Miss Virginia Turner Dental Hygienist Rochester School of Dental Hygiene. "Assistance to others," is her first name. Mr. Daniel Wagner Music Fredonia State Teachers College l3.S. Ed. Syracuse University His action was strong like a principle, and mas- terful like an iristirtct. Mr. Chester Wood Science BS. Albany State Teachers College. Pd. M. Albany State Teachers College. Character and intellect are united. Miss Agnes Wallace Latin A.B. St. Lawrence A sense of humor and an e jficiertt man-ner are her forte. E IOR I WW xwxx pid QWIH 27511 HH, mm -1 l ,, Fultonian JEAN AOOME Bland, naive Jean played basketball 2, 3g was a member of Junior Red Cross 15 and an efficient library worker 2, 3. PAUL AESCH Blithe, spontaneous Paul attended for four years. LEE AHERN Reticent, appreciative Lee participated in Arts and Crafts Club 1, 23 Intramural Bas- ketball 1g Defense Shop Course 3, Bowling 3g Carpe Diem 4, and Boys' Glee Club 4. LUCIA ALLEN F.H MADELINE AN CONA Helpful Madeline, efficient secretary of the Senior Class and member of the editorial Staff of the Yearbook, led a well-rounded social life at F.H.S. Besides being in Dra- matics Club 3: Madeline played newcomb 1, 2, 33 volleyball 1, 2, 35 badminton 1, 4, softball 1, 2, 3, hockey 1, 2, 3, and basket- ball 1, 2, 3. "Foul! Jump ball!" Lucials voice pierced through the shouting of excited girls play- ing in the gym. After partaking in bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 softball 1, 2, 3, volley- ball 1, 2, 33 newcomb 1, 2, 39 and hockey 3, Lucia became sports manager in her fourth year. She was also active in the Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Csecretaryl and Dramatics Club 2, 3. WILLARD ANDERSON Bill has been extremely active in school sports. He participated in Ski Club lg bowling 2, 3, 45 Junior Varsity basketball 2, 3, 45 baseball 43 football 23 Varsity foot- ball 3, 49 Senior Science Club 4, tsecre- tarylg Freshman Science Club, Dramatics ELIZABETH AUSTIC Club 2, and Boys Glee Club 4. LEIGH ANDREWS Unobtrusive, unostentatious Leigh attended regular classes for four years in F. H. S. This lover of baseball and swimming hopes to become a school teacher. Comely Betty was an industrious member of Carpe Diem 3, 4 CSecretaryJp Bicycle Club 2, 33 basketball team 25 volleyball 23 newcomb 25 girls' bowling team 1, 2. Fultoniaii ELSA BECK ' A very athletic girl, red-headed Elsa was a member of the cheerleading squad 25 Dramatics Club 25 played basketball 1, 25 newcomb 1, 2, 3, softball 1, 2, 315 volley- ball 1, 2, 33 bowling 1, 2, 3. In the latter part of her high school days, Elsa had a part time job in Woolworth's. MARY BECKER Sports have had a great fascination for Mary. She was active in basketball, 1, 2, 31 hockey 1, 2, 3g volleyball 1, 2, 3, new- comb 1, 2, 35 Bicycle Club 2, 3: softball 2, 3, badminton 1, 2, 35 and bowling 1, 2. She was also a member of Carpe Diem 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2. 33 and was club editor of the Yearbook Staff. NORMA BELLINGER Norma participated in noon hour sports 1, 2, 35 basketball 4. During her third and fourth years she worked in the library. SAM BEVACQUA This virile, naive president of the Senior Class was musically inclined during his high school career. He was a member of Music Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, and Boys' Glee Club 4 CVice-Presidentl. He was also active in Journalism Club 2, Dra- matics Club 25 football 3, 45 and Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. In his Senior year, Sam worked on the milk route for Triangle Farms. JOSEPH BAR-BAGALLO Likable, retiring Joe participated in Intra- mural Sports for four years. He was also chairman of a committee to select a class motto. "Bag" spent much of his time working in his father's florist shop. INIABELLE BARKER I The interests of effervescent, agreeable Mabelle centered around basketball 1, 3, 45 bowling 43 and noon hour sports 1, 2. During her spare time in her Senior year, she worked in the Acme Super Market. MARJORIE BARTLETT Dark-eyed, friendly Marjorie participated in basketball, volleyball, newcomb, bad- minton, track and softball during her sec- ond year. JOYCE BAYLEY Tenuous, animated Joyce was mainly in- terested in sports during her four years in F.H.S. She was also chairman of the Sen- ior Announcement Cards Committeeg and hglpfgl in the production of the "Follies O. ! -11 DONALD BROWN Stoic, incomprehensible Don joined the service soon after his graduation from F. H. S. in January. RONALD BUELL Friendly, cooperative Ron was engaged in several extracurricular activities during his high school career-Intramural bas- ketball 1g Junior Varsity basketball 2g Varsity basketball 43 track 1, 2, 35 foot- ball 3, 49 Freshman Science Clubg Dra- matics Club 35 Yearbook Staff 43 Journal- Fultonian DOROTHY BIDWELL Dorothy took up noon hour sports and bowling while in her freshman year. During the war Dotty made an exception- ally laudable record of corresponding with 46 servicemen. Her ambition is to be a singer. SAM BONANNO Sammy has made himself well known on the basketball court, having starred in this sport during his third and fourth years in F. H. S. He also played baseball 43 and was president of the Boys' Glee Club 4. ism Club 4. MARY CALTABIANO Creative, modish Mary played baseball 23 bowling 1, 2, 33 basketball 2. She took part in the Pan American Minstrel Show 23 and was both library and office Worker 1, 2, 3. Her central interests were in the ALLEN BOYCE A1 bowled during his first three years in high school. While a freshman, he was a member of the Freshman Science Club and tiie Junior Red Cross. He also participated in football 4, and Aeronautics Club 3. He is noted for his "Hashy" Suspenders and neckties. CAROLYN BRIGGS Benevolent, urbane Carolyn took part in Dramatics Club 1, 3g Variety Show 1 Bowl ing 1, 2, 33 and Victory Club 1. art courses. LEO CAMPBELL Smiling Leo, with his yellow sweater, made himself well known at the bowling alleys 1, 2, 3. He also played baseball 3-3 and football 4. . 1 k ibn: ., - 'TJQJI . i I 'ii , . ' . i , ' Fultonian HELEN DE CAIRE This tall figurative brunette especially en- joyed sports--hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 newcomb 1, 2, 3, 4, softball 1, 2, 3, 43 track 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, and bowling 1, 2. 3, 4. Deke was also an active member of the Senior Science Club 3, 4 tvice-presidentl. ANTHONY CAVONE Sports interested Tony during his four years at high school. "Stony," as he is known to his many friends, played Varsity football 43 Varsity basketball 3, 4, was a member of the Dramatics Club 2: and secretary of Boys' Glee Club in his senior year. EILA CLARK Shy Eila devoted her time to her studies during her four years in high school DONALD CLEMENTS Don was active in noon hour sports 2, 3: and Went out for baseball and golf in his fourth year. JANET COMSTOCIK Music was the main interest to Janet dur- ing her years in high school. She was a member of the Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 flibrar- ianl, 3, 4, hiking 1, 23 bowling 2, basket- ball 2, and Dramatics Club 2. PATRICIA DELANO Pat, the blond, amiable vice-president of the Senior Class and business manager of the Yearbook, has led quite an active life in F.I-I.S. She delighted in playing bas- ketball. volleyball, newcomb and softball, all four years. She also participated in badminton 1, 23 bowling 1, 23 hockey 2, 4: track 1, 3, 43 Junior Red Cross 1, Freshman Science Club 1, and Commercial Club 4. PHYLLIS DEL BROOCO During her first year, "Fifi" was active in both volleyball and in the Junior Red Cross. Besides eagerly pursuing her studies in fourth year, she was a member of the Commercial Club. WAYNE DICKINSON Wayne was active in noon hour sports 3, 4. After graduation, he plans to enter the State Rangers School at Wanakena. .- .gl QEHT .-...T-? revs FW! is EDWARD DUVER Reserved, cooperative Ed, besides study- ing for .four years. Was busy in several school activities-Journalism Club 2, 35 Assembly Committee 4, Music Club 3, 4: Carpe Diem 4 CPresidentJg Band 1, 2, 3 CL1brar1anl, 4: Editorial Staff of the Yearbook. After school hours, Ed Works in his father's grocery store. EDITH ERB A student in the Commercial Course, "Eddie" attended regular classes for four years. In her spare time, she enjoys movies and collecting all types of photo- graphs. MARTHA FALANGA Marty ' was active in basketball, hockey, volleyball, newcomb, badminton, and soft- ball during her first two years in high school Her other activities include Dra- matics Club 3, Hiking 1, and Carpe Diem ANGIE FERAZZOLI Angie was an active member of the Poetry Club 25 bowling 3. After graduating, she would like to become a hairdresser. Fultonian DORIS DODGE Blond, blue-eyed Dokey played the clari- net in the band for four years, and dis- played her charms and skill as majorette of the F.H.S. Band. KENNETH DODGE Ken spent much of his time studying in the Academic Course. He was in Aeronautics Club 4. A lover of Nature, Ken enioys hunting and fishing. GENEVIEVE DUDEK Petite, Well-dressed, blond Genevieve en- joyed noon hour sports 1, 25 Junior Red Cross 13 and Commercial Club 4. MARY JUNE DUMONT Petite Mary June spent most of her time on her studies. She participated in noon hour sports 1. , . lx , 'TM GUS Fultonian MARY FICHERA Friendly, blue-eyed Mary, a 'Commercial student, Was active in noon hour sports 2, 3, 4 CManagerJ. HOLLIS FITCH Taciturn, inimitable "Sid," who joined the Navy soon after his graduation in January, participated in Aeronautics Club 33 Dra- matics Club 2, 35 Victory Club 13 and In- tramural Sports 3, 4. 1 EDWARD FRAWLEY Incorrigible, argumentative Ed spent much of his leisure time playing football 2, 3, 43 basketball 1, 25 baseball 1, 25 and bowling bH5 was also a member of Dramatics u . RICHARD FROST A strike! was the cry When Dick rolled that ball down the bowling alley during his senior year. Aspiring to be a tool maker, Dick was particularly interested in his shop courses. GERTRUDE FUCHS 1 Trim, meticulous Gertrude devoted most of her four years in high school to making a good scholastic record for herself. In her fourth year, she was a zealous mem- ber of Carpe Diem and Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook. She worked in the library after school hours in her junior and senior years. During her spare time, "Red" en- joyed experimenting in art. HILDA FULLER ' Hilda was strictly the athletic type, having taken part in bowling 1, 23 basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g softball 2, 3, 4: volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 newcomb 1, 2, 3, 4: and badminton 1, 2, 3, 4. t MARY GALINI As a freshman, Mary went all out for sports-basketball, volleyball, newcomb, hiking, hockey, track, and softball. Her last three years have been devoted to studying and working part time in Wool- worth's. NICHOLAS GALIZIA Nick has held our school assemblages spellbound by his excellent renditions of music, both classical and popular, on his accordion. Helping to plan the meetings of Carpe Diem as the vice-president of that organization, and working in his dad's barber shop have kept Nick busy. ' -Y ..24-. E s a-3 ml s ,- 1, ,ss BRUCE GOODFELLOW Besides attending regular classes for four years, Bruce has participated in bowling 3. Bruce hopes that the familiar cry "Timber" will find him operating a lumber mill. He would like to spend his leisure time ski- ing or flying in an aircoupe. MARGARET GREEN Margaret devoted much time to basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 newcomb 1, 2, 3, 45 badminton 1, 2, 3, 45 softball 1, 2, 3, 45 bowling 25 and noon hour sports man- ager 45 and Senior play, "Young April." PAULINE HOLMES GEORGE HAIG Roguish, adroit George, before entering the Service, participated in basketball 1, 25 Arts and Crafts Club 25 Track 2, 35 base- ball 45 and bowling 4. ' Pauline was active in bowling 15 basketball 1, 25 Bicycle Club 15 badminton 1, 25 track 25 cheerleading 3, 45 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3: Journalism Club 3, 4 CPresidentl5 Student Council 15 Prize Speaking 25 Three One-Act Plays 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Mix- ed Chorus 35 Music Club 35 Senior play, Fultonian CHARLES GEERS Chuck was a member of Ski Club 15 Fresh- man Science Clubg Arts and Crafts Club 2, and Journalism Club 2, 3. He also took an active part in bowling during his second year. Besides these, he has been a part- time worker at Putnam's Pharmacy. FRANCIS GIGLIOTTI Gig, as he is popularly known, played the clarinet in the band 1, 2, 3, 45 was a mem- ber of the Music Club 2, 3, 45 baseball team 3, 45 and football 3, 4. ' PHILIP GILLARD Cheerful, athletic Phil was busy during his high school years-football 1, 2, 35 basketball 15 intramural sports 15 Dra- matics Club 1, 25 Victory Club 13 Jour- nalism Club 1, 25 Machine Shop Crew 35 . Arts and Crafts Club 3. Besides work- ing in Dilts Machine Shop, Phil takes pleasure in skiing and swimming. HELEN YOUNG Placid, affable I-Ielen was in such extra- curricular activities as: hockey 3 leap- tainl. 45 volleyball 1, 25 newcomb 1, 25 basketball 3, 45 bowling 45 Senior Science Club 45 and Band 4. w v 1 , 4- Fultoiiian PAUL JOHNSON Studious Paul took part in the Aviation Club in his junior year. He came to us from W. C. Mepham High School, Bell- more, Long Island, in 1944. He would like to enter some field of aviation. AVEREL KITTS "Kitty" has participated in Girls' Glee Club 3, 4 tSecretary-Treasurerlg Music Club 3g Operetta "An Old Kentucky Gardenf' Dramatics Club 33 Variety Shows 3, 4, Bond Rally 4, Basketball 1, 4. During her senior year, Kitty entered a singing con- BEATRICE LA CLAIR test in Oswego. PAUL KITTS Shy, quiet Paul faithfully attended classes for four years in F. H. S. Beatrice devoted the majority of her leisure time to sports-softball 1 Ccaptainl, 2 tmanagerl, 3, 45 volley ball 1, 2, 3, 43 new- comb 1, 2, 3, 43 badminton 1, 2, 3, 4, bowl- ing 1, 2, 3, hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4. She also taught grade school sports on Saturdays in her Junior year. She was a member of the Junior Red Cross 1, 2. THEODORE HOLMES Valedictorian and treasurer of the Senior Class, Ted was a Student Council mem- ber 3, 4 tvice-presdentl. During his high school career, he supplemented his stud- ies with many extracurricular activities -Ski Club 13 Junior Red Cross lg Carpe Diem 3, 43 Freshman Science Club: Sen- ior Science Club 3, 4 CPresidentJ: Music Club 3, 4 tSecretary-Treasurerlg Arts and Crafts Club 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3 tLibrar- ianl, 4 tPresidentl. From May through August, 1945, Ted had a War job in the Chocolate Works. JOANNE HUNT Joanne joined badminton 25 basketball 23 and cheerleading 3. She came to F. H. S. from Whitesboro Central School in her sophomore year. PATRICIA HURLEY Charming, cheerful Pat came to F. H. S. in September 1945, from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, Before return- ing to New York in January, Pat played basketball. Her main interests are read- ing and collecting pictures and articles about horses. BARBARA IVES Barbara devoted much time to Girls' Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 23 Office Assist- ant 23 Library Assistant 3. a is t Iv!! 6... as an is E is is s s HB E , E a was me ELIZABETH IJCOURT Coo erative smilin Bett 'oined basket P v g y J ' ball 2, 35 volleyball 2, Commercial Club 4, and was art editor of the Yearbook 4. CHARLOTTE LINDSLEY "Chotty" was active in Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 basketball 43 hockey 4, bowling 45 Commercial Club 4. JAY LOLLIER Humorous, friendly Jay enlivened Carpe Diem 43 was a Commando 13 went out for bowling 4. MADLYN MANGEOT Friendly, accommodating Madlyn vvas act- ive in Dramatics Club lg Commercial Club 4, Hiking 23 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. Fultonian FRANCES LA VECCHIA Quick, ,cheerful "Fran," besides working for Mr. Bodley, participated in basketball 1, 2, 45 volleyball 25 bowling 4, Commercial Club 4 ipresidentlg and hockey 4. HELEN LE BLANC Sportive Helen was active in basketball 2, 3, 45 volleyball 1, 2, 39 newcomb 1, 2, 33 badminton 1, 2, 43 bowling 1, 2, 4: soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Helen would like to travel around the world after she has earned enough money. PAUL LEHON Paul, whose favorite subject is mathemat- ics, devoted part of his time to Freshman Science Club, Ski Club 13 Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2g Junior Red Cross 1, 23 and Carpe Diem, 3, 4. During his senior year, Paul won second place in the American Legion Oratorical Contest in Oswego County. JOHN LE VEA John took part in the Science Club in his freshman year. .QQ Fultonian MF? g.-13, PATRICIA MGNAMARA Fun loving, redheaded Pat managed to keep herself well occupied during her spare time. She went out for volleyball 13 new- comb 15 hockey 1, 2, 33 hiking 1, 2, 39 bowl- ing 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3. In her senior year, Pat was an assistant busi- ness manager on the Yearbook Staff. VINCENT MIRABITO Smiling, dark-eyed Vince was a Student .Council member 1, 2, 3 C'1'reasurerl, 4, and assistant sports editor on the Yearbook Staff. He also participated in baseball- 2, 3, 4: basketball 2, 3: football 4, and Senior Science Club 4. Besides these and his studies, Vince works in his father's JUNE MUCKEY store. ELIZABETH MOORE Classes for four years kept Betty fairly busy. As a side line, she played newcomb, volleyball, and softball in her junior year. Cooperative, placid June went out for soft- ball 1, 23 hiking 1, S25 badminton 1, 27 volleyball 1, 23 basketball 1, 2, 35 and bowling 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH MARANO Joe devoted much of his time in school to his studies. He went out for track 1, and noon hour sports 4. A lover of the outdoors, Joe enjoys hunting and fishing. NUNZIO MARANO Wary Nunzio worked hard at his studies for fourpyears in F. H. S. and in Senior Science Club 4. Another outdoor man, he also likes hunting and fishing. After graduation, he plans to take up Aero- nautical Engineering. ROBERT MGDONALD Redheaded Bob has been a busy Future Farmer for four years. In his senior year, Bob was president of the F. F. A. His sole attraction for sports came from Intramural basketball 3, 4. CLYDE MCEWEN Along with regular classes, Clyde enjoyed Freshman Science Club, Journalism Club 2, and Bowling 2. 'iv ..2g.. Fultonian JANE N EWSBAUM Blond, light complexioned, pleasing Jane has devoted most of her time to the sub- jects of the Commercial Course. In her fourth year, she was vice-president of the Commercial Club. After graduation, this fan of roller skating plans to attend a business school in Syracuse. an is- vr- ss- is s nn is sz- is' s nn ' nn an is nn sas is .s ,, VANCE OSBORNE Good-natured Vance was a member of F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 Cvice-presidentl, 4: and play- ed intramural basketball 3, 4. Besides working on his fatherls farm, Vance as- sisted Mr. Black in the cafeteria during the noon hour. nn is s ir is is i s s nn '- ss ix WALTER PEALO Aeronautics Club 35 and Noon-hour Sports 3, 4, gave Walt all the extra activities he could handle. CAROL OUDERKIRK Tall, blond Carol played basketball, vol- leyball, newcomb, badminton, hockey, soft- ball, and bowling all four years. She also took part in girls' track 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 13 Freshman Science Clubg and thc Yearbook Staff 4. GLORIA PALMER TERESA PREBIO Terry, formerly a studentin Blessed Sacra- ment School in Syracuse, came to F. H. S. during her third year. She was a member of Commercial Club 4. This tennis fan hopes to be a secretary after she graduates. Blond, congenial Gloria was kept busy with basketball 1, 2, 33 badminton 1, 2, 3-3 arch- ery 2g Bicycle Club 13 Junior Red Cross 1, Ski Club 1, Carpe Diem 35 Dramatics Club 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Music Club 2. Working on the Editorial Staif of the Yearbook took up much of her spare time in her senior year. After grad- uation, Gloria plans to study to become a singer. J OANNE RASMUSSEN In the sphere of sports, vivacious Joanne ardently pursued badminton 1, 25 ski club 13 basketball 1. 2, 33 archery 2 and cheerleading 3, 4. She Was also an act- ive member of the Junior Red Cross lp Dramatics Club 2. 33 Journalism Club 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 2. 3: Carpe Diem 35 and Yearbook Slaff 4. In the executive field, Joanne was vice-president of' the junior class, and a progressive member of the Student Council in her senior year. ALLEN RATH g Reticent, blond "Al" has varied his activi- ties in school. He has played in the band 1, 2, 3, 43 football 43 baseball 3, 43 and was ar member of the Senior Science Club 4. Fuitonian .- , .-:ff-.-4. ii- - 41 . sa. , Y ,t ...lx 2 . Y L' 1 i , - - 5 X ' ' - 'E' Q' J.: ' ' 'a ' V w l if f 1 '1 i' ' e . Ili. 1 'Qtr' ' ,. ., A .5111-1, tl ' " i-4-'fiaizi-.C -, '- a 12.111 . . ,, .. 1 alexa . R .. - 1 switffass 1 1 i:3,i.g,. ' 1 , ., -, y.,-. , iw, 4, rfjisi.-Q-. -- ' .5:i':5:1:'.L1 tween-sI1zlS3': :Trix - iw +I-- VERONICA RUSSELL "Foul! Ba1l's in play!" yells noon hour sports manager, Veronica. She knows her work well, for she has been in noon hour sports for four years. She was also a member of Aeronautics Club 3 and Glee Club 4. After graduation, Veronica plans to attend Fredericks in Rochester to study hairdressing. MARY RUSSO Petite, cheerful Mary managed to have time to participate in various activities, such as: basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 newcomb 1, 2, 3, 4g badminton 13 softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Science Club lg Commercial Club lg Junior Red Cross 1. MARY SAUERS Charming, sprightly Mary took her part in basketball 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 noon hour sports 2, 43 Junior Red Cross 1, 4 tPresi- dentig Hockey 1, 2, and Music Club 2, 3, 4. J EANNETTE SCERBO Slim, sportive Jeannette participated in Junior Red Cross 2, 4 tSecretaryJ: and softball 2. ROBERT RICE Bob, besides attending classes for four years, played on the football team 3, 4. PARKER ROCKWOOD Tall, reticent "Park" was a member of F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 treporterl, 45 track 33 and noon hour sports 3, 4. He worked part time in the cafeteria for Mr. Black. FREDERICK ROGER-S Jovial Fred often helped brighten many dull moments. He was active in Dramatics Club lg Senior Science 33 Aviation Club 3-, and Carpe Diem 3, 4. ANN ROWLEE In her senior year Ann was secretary of the Student Council. She certainly has been a busy girl in F. I-I. S. Her activities include: Freshman Science Club: Music Clubg Journalism Club 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 33 Badminton 1, 43 basketball 49 newcomb 4g bowling 43 hockey 45 volley- ball 4. Ann was in an operetta, "An Old Kentucky Garden." as-is nas. nm .. is ma, nm is is ,lg- ,sw is we nm in VIRGINIA SMITH Kind, industrious Virginia attended regular classes for four years, having particular interest in mathematics. ROSE SORBELLO Gay, energetic Rosie spent much of her leisure time on her three favorite pas- times-music, sports and dramatics-by partaking in Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3-g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 39 basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 new- comb 15 volleyball 25 badminton 15 soft- ball 1, 2, Dramaiics Club 1, Senior play, operetta, "An Old Kentucky Garden." For some time Rosie had a part-time job in Fishman's. HAROLD STEVENS Tall blond ood natured Harold has . , S ' .brightened many a dull moment with his ready smile and ,quick humor. He par- ticipated in intramural basketball, bowl- ing 1g Carpe Diem 33 and was a member of the stage crew 2. Besides working part time in Johnson's Market, Harold likes to tinker with the piano. WILLARD STEWART Lackadaisical Bill attended regular classes for four years in F. H. S. Fultonian EILEEN SCHREMPH Companionable, blond Eileen put the em- phasis on her studies in high school. She sought a great deal of fun in roller skating. DONALD SEMERARO Don, with his winning personality was active in Intramural basketball 1 Junior Varsity basketballg Varsity basketball 4 In his senior year he was a competent as sistant to the club editor of the Yearbook Staff. VAUDEAN SIMMONS Placid Vaudean followed a varied plan of social activities. She took part in vol- leyball 1, 2, basketball 1, 2, newcomb 1, 2, hockey 1, 2g bowling 1, 29 Freshman Science Club, Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GLORIA SHVIONS Cheerful Gloria was mainly attracted to sports-basketball 1, 2: hiking 15 softball 1, bowling 1. In her senior year she was treasurer of the Junior Red Cross Fultonian RAYMOND TERPENING Redheaded and freckled Ray likes farm- ing. That's why he was a faithful Future Farmer of America during his four years in F. H. S. NORMA TODD The amiable, vivacious, dark-haired "Ma- dam President" of the Student Council is Norma. She was also Secretary-Treas- urer of the Junior Class. She was a par- ticipant in basketball 1. 2, 3, 45 bowling 1, 2, cheerleading 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Besides, Norma works part time in Ingamell's Store. EDWARD TRACY Quick as a flash in the realm of F. H. S. sports is friendly, good-natured "Booba" who made himself famous in bowling 1, 2, 33 baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 football 3, 4, and basketball 4. JEAN TREPASSO Bcwitching, vivacious Jean was active in bowling 13 basketball 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 25 Carpe Diem 3, and Girls' Glee Club 2. DANIEL STORY Winsome Dan was twice chosen to repre- sent his classmates in the Student Council in his sophomore and junior years. He was president of the Junior Class and a mem- ber of the Editorial Staff of the Year- book. He also participated in Three One- Act Plays 3, and Band 2, 3, 4. DEAN STUBER Herculean, inscrutable Dean attended F.H.S. for four years before entering the service. MARGARET SULLIVAN An enthusiastic journalist, 2, 3, 4, is tall, slim Peggy. She played basketball 1, 2, 33 badminton 1, 2: was in- Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, archery 33 and Ski Club 1. Peggy also works part time at Woolworth's. FREDERICK SWIECH Besides attending regular classes for four years, Fred worked part time in the Choc- olate Works. MARY ZAPALINSKI s nu s . s '-. s W F sm new s -was s , meme " sewa- ima PAUL KOVAL Winsome, jaunty "Pauley" found pleasure in bowling 1g and Journalism Club 2. He spent many hours working as an office boy in the Sealright. Still he had time for his hobbies, particularly collecting postal cards and taking snapshots. MADALYN MURPHY Poised, complacent, garrulous "Murph" was active in Dramatics Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 4 lSecretary-Treasurerlg Buzz dis- tributor 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3' Operetta 2g Mixed Chorus 2, Yearbook Stai 4. SHEILA MURPHY Willowy, sweet Sheila took advantage of nearly all the musical affairs in F.H.S.+ Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Club 1, 2, 3 lPresidentl, 4 iPresidentl: Sampson Naval Review 1, Pan American Minstrel Show 2, Babes of Fun and Operetta 33 Three One-Act Plays 2. Sheila also played basketball 1, 23 bowling 1, and was a mem ber of Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3. Fultonian S. DAVID VASTO David was a member of Dramatics Club 2, 3. He likes to read blood-curdling murder mysteries. Dave held a part-time job in the Sealright. MARGARET WARD Peggy has led an active life, especially during her freshman year, when she par- ticipated in hockey, hiking, basketball, volleyball, newcomb, Bicycle Club and Junior Red Cross. She also went out for basketball in her sophomore year. RODNEY WI-IALON Playing the clarinet in band has kept Rodney busy for four years. He also Went out for football 3, 43 baseball 3, and Jour- nalism Club 4. After graduation, he would like to enter college and study mechanical engineering. Pretty, pleasant Mary was another sports fan-basketball 1, 2, 33 volleyball 1: new- comb 1: and badminton 1, 2. In her senior year, she was a member of the Commer- cial Club and served as capable secretary on the Yearbook Staff. I ll-lnlltoniian Theodore Holmes Sheila Murphy Mary Becker ...... . Madeline Ancona Gertrude Fuchs ....... joan Rasmussen . Sam Bevacqua .... 'Patricia Delano ....... Helen DeCaire Best Athlete ..... Best Dancer ....... Best Sport ........... Best Vocabulary ...... Class Comedian . Done Most for Class ........ Done Most for School 'Easy on the Eyes .............. Hard to Get ............. . Hottest Temper ......... Livehest ........................... Most M ost Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Attractive Eyes ........ Attractive Figure ........ .......... Attractive Hair .... .. Attractive Smile ...... Cooperative ........... Courteous ....,.. . ............ ......... Likely to Succeed ........ ......... Uri ginal ........................... ......... Pleasing Personality Popular .................,.. Talented 1n Art ...,......... ...... Talented in Dramatics ...... ...... Neatest Dresser ................... ...... Senior Honor Roll Senior Poll Ed Tracy Bill Anderson Tony Cavone Ted Holmes George McGivney Sam Bevacqua Ted Holmes Dan Story Bill Stewart Ed Tracy George McGivney joe Marano Sam Bonanno Bob McDonald Sam Bevacqua Ted Holmes Ted Holmes Ted Holmes Tony Cavone Francis Gigliotti Bill Anderson Rodney Wehalon Dan Story Nick Galizia -34- 96.39 92.87 92.70 91.53 91.43 90.68 90.63 90.43 90.00 Helen De Caire Pauline Holmes Helen Le Blanc Mary Becker Helen Le Blanc Norma Todd Norma Todd Helen De Caire Joanne Rasmussen Martha Falanga Helen Le Blanc Terry Premo jean Trepasso Terry Premo Pauline Holmes Madeline Ancona Gertrude Fuchs Gertrude Fuchs Gertrude Fuchs Ann Rowlee Norma Todd Betty Licourt S-hella Murphy Genevieve Dudek Fultonian The Seniors Say: It's been a long, long time-Paul Aeseh. Four years of horror-Lee Ahern. It was fun while it lasted-Lucia Allen. It's a wonderful life-Madeline Ancona. A good deal-Bill Anderson. It's a great life, if you don't weaken-Joyce Hayley. I'd like to do it all ,over again-Norma Bellinger. Parting is such sweet sorrow-Sam Bevacqua. I shall return-Sam Bonanno. It's about time-Tony Cavone. Itls been miserable--Don Clements. It could have 'been worse-I-Ielen DeCaire. To leave is to grieve-Phyllis Del Brocco. I'll never forget it-Vtfayne Dickinson. .It's music to my ears-Doris Dodge. An accomplished task without regrets-Kenneth Dodge. I wouldn't come back if you paid me-lid Duver. I't's a very nice place, now that l'm leaving-Edith Erb. I'd do it all over again-Angie Ferazzoli. Ild like to begin it again-Mary Fichera. High school was alrightg but Im glad to be out and on Very enjoyableg but I'm glad to get out-Richard Frost. A series of prodigious events-Gertrude Fuchs. No regrets-Hilda Fuller. What an experience-Charles Geers. A lot of fun while it lasted-Francis Gigliotti. N. C. KNO Commentj-Frances Gimondo. It was worth the effort-Bruce Gooclfellow. It was a hard fight, but I finally won-Ted Holmes. I'm glad it's over, but dehnitely-Joanne Hunt. D It doesn't seem possible that I'm a Senior now--I aul johnson. Love it-Paul Kitts. I am glad it's over-Paul Koval. It'll do-Paul Lehon. I'm glad it's over withfjay Lollier. I've come a long way-'Vince Mirabito. More fun-Sheila Murphy. O. Kj but what a let down-Walt Pealo. Glad 'to get out-Bob Rice. Itls been a mad house-Park Rockwood. . Unpremeditatedg unintentionalg unendurable-Fred Rogers. I enjoyed every minute of it-Ann Rowlee. It's a wonderful institution-I-Iarold Stevens. I'd do it all over again-Ray Terpening. I'll be back-Ed Tracy. It kept me busy-especially history-David Vasto. -35- my way to college- Ed Frawley Fultonian Notes From Cor Diary November 20 November 26 November 27 November 30 December December 6 December 7 December I2 December l9 December 20 il anuary -Ianua ry pl anuary january January january january -lanuary january bl an uary ,lan ua ry January il anuary 19 2 5 8 9 ll l4 15 17 18 25 ZS 46 -31 School closed at noon for Thanksgiving vacation. Final savings stamps drive was sponsored by Student Council. We passed the 33,000 goal and reached 37,218.20 Plaques from F. H. S. were placed on Fulton boys' hospital beds in Rhodes and Sampson. F. I-I. S. Philatelist farmed a social group under the super- vision of Mr. Agne. Committee for Senior Play was selected at Senior Meeting -Ann Rowlee, Chairman. Talk of the Month Clubg speaker, Judge M. Braude from Boys' Court in Chicago. Assembly: prize speaking contest sponsored by Student Council. Ruth Buell won first prize. Clean Up Campaign sponsored by Student Council. A pic- ture for the neatest home room was awarded to ll3. Student Council bought red feathers which they sold to pupils to wear at games. Talk of the Month Club: Osa Johnson, speaker. Fourth anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Sophomore Christmas Dance. Students operated the school today-Norma Todd, principal -sponsored by Student Council. Seniors voted to dedicate Fultoifiian to Mr. Rose. Christmas Assembly. Vacation began at 3 :35. Student Council purchased records for the P. A. System. Mr. McCarthy came to teach Social Studies l0. Back to schoolg we discovered that a Public Address Sys- tem had been installed throughout the school. "Please give your attention to the notices" became the familiar call to order of Mr. Macdonald. Seniors were eagerly exchanging their Yearbook pictures. Cortland game'-our loss-36-29. American Legion Oratorical Contest-Paul Lehon won sec- ond prize. Student Council purchased pins for members-National Association of Student Councils. Carpe Diem elected officers-Ed Duver, President. Central Square 39, Fulton 35, Cheerleaders' Dance-raised enough money to pay for their uniforms-megaphones and school pennants added color to the gym-the dance was sponsored by the Student Council. Talk of the Month Club-Chester M. Tobin, speaker. Committee for Announcement Cards was selected at a Sen- ior meetingg Joyce Bayley, chairman. Night school begang veterans were in the majority. Vincent 'Burns-poet, actor, speaker-gave readings in Assembly. We especially remember "Sure It's Fun.' Mr. Burns concluded with urging us all to aim for "a liner qual- ity of living." Cortland game here-we won, 46-28. March of Dimes collection under direction of the Student Council. Noon hour dancing began: sponsored by Student Council. Dancing after basketball games was also inaugurated. Regents VVeek-a few lucky birds flew out free from the cares of history and Fnglish. February February February February February February February February February February M a rch March 4 1 5 8 9 15 20 21 22 26 March 4-9 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March l l March 15 March 18 March Z0 March Z2 29 March April 3 April 10 April l2 Fulltonian Notes From Our Diary Organization Day-Mr. Farrow became our speech in- structor. He is an ex-serviceman, is married and has one ch-ild. The Buss reported that Miss Mary Egan will organize a home economics class here in September. Sam Bevacqua was elected president of the Senior Class to succeed Darle Frymoyer. Registration Day-more "vets" are joining our classes. Football Dance tonight: balloons and crepe paper were used decorating. junior and Senior girls went to Oswego for sports games. lT'S TRUE! F. H, S. was closed this afternoon because of a blizzard! Part of the Yearbook staff began struggling with an instru- ment called a "proportion calculator." Mr. Rose was the only one who really learned how to use it. George Vlfashington Dance sponsored by the junior Red Cross. Chairman of 'the committee was Mary Sauers. No school-George XlV21Sl'llHgtO11,S Birthday. Freshman Class organized. Miss Smolik, adviser. Student Council had the Hag in the auditorium dry-cleaned. Highest January Regents marks were: Ted Holmes, Solid Geometry, lO0g John Trepani, lnt. Algebra, 100. Gratiasl Cast for Senior Play chosen. Courtesy Campaign, sponsored by Student Council, began today and will continue throughout this month. Posters, announcements, skits acted as reminders. Four F. H. S. art students had their works on display in Edwards Store in Syracuse. Movies were begun during the XfVednesday noon hour. Talk of the Month Club--speaker, X1Velthy I-l. Fisher. Basketball game--Oswego 44, Fulton 36, in Oswego. A few art students went to Syracuse with Miss lirb to see the exhibit of contemporary art sponsored by the Encyclo- pedia Britannica in the Syracuse Museum of Art. Assembly: speaker on Russia. During every period today, the Student Council members Made announcements over P. A. System for the Courtesy Campaign. Assembly: Mr. Frank Ash showed movies which he took in Iacksonhole, Vxfyoming. About ZOO high school pupils enjoyed a social evening at the C. Y. O. St. Patricks Day party. Miss Bonner's 'isnippyu tests are still causing failures. No assembly--we went around with long faces all day. Music Assembly produced by the newly organized Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club and the Band. Doris Dodge was Majorette. The band gave an amusing rendition of the UThree Blind Mice" Symphony. Bank Day began in F. Pl. S. Students make deposits every week. Slogan-"Save for Bank Day." Assembly: Alonzo Pond, anthropologist, spoke and showed pictures of his explorations-the case of "Lost john's Body" intrigued all of us. Carpe Diem meeting: last meeting for playing bridge: most members won at least a pencil. Assembly: preview of Circus plus four short movies: a most entertaining hour. "Follies of '46": circus sponsored by Senior Class-remenr ber the Floradora Girls? By 8:15, there was "standing 137- Fultoniatn l. Conch and First String. 2. Jean 'Fitch doing zu cartwheel. 3. Joann Hunt, Jean Trepasso. 4. Mr. Agne. 5. 'Rose Volotta, Marilyn Osborne, Marlene Todd, Ann Yardley, Jean Delano, Yvonne Nihart, Carol Seymour, Natalie Smith. 6. Senior Harvest Dance from the Balcony. 7. "Trip it on the light fantastic . . . b. Mrs. O'Connor. 9. 'King Fitch and Queen Rowlee being crowned at the Harvest Dance by Bill Bidwell. 10. Betty Austic, Sheila Murphy, Pat McNamara, Ron Buell, Bruce Goodfellow, Paul Lehon. ll. ? D ? ? ..33- FULHlC01U1li3LJUL ltiultoniaii April April April April April May May M ay M ay May May May May M ay M a y Ma y M ay M ay May May ,I une ,lime june june .lune -lune Qlune 17 24 25 29 1, 2 3 7 9 10 1 41. 15 17 21 22 24- 27 29 30 7 10 10 14 17 23 2 30 2 Notes From Our Diary room only." General chairman of the committee was Sam llonanno. Today was "Wes-t Side Vest Day." Easter vacation began at 3:35. Semi-formal Easter Ball sponsored by DeMolay. C. Y. O. semi-formal Easter Dance-another opportunity for us to meet our schoolmates during vacation. Back to the sweat shop-it won't be long now fsaid the monkey whose tail was caught in the lawn mowerlj Results of the Seniors' aptitude tests being interpreted. New York State Regents Scholarship Examination given to Seniors. junior Dance-K'Spotlight Capersu-unusually beautiful decoration. The "Junior Girl of '46" was Ialeen Rogers. No school-teachers' meeting in Mexico. Deadline for material for the May issue of the Bites tonight. As usual, it was far from complete-oooooh, the nasty words that Hoated on hot air in 212. Senior honor students: Ted Holmes, Sheila Murphy. No church school today. Assembly at 2145: C. Findley Bowser, mountain climber, gave illustrated demonstration-lecture, "High Adventure." He came on stage dressed in all the equipment necessary for mountain climbing, and explained all these. Football Banquet tonight at the Grange Hall. The voice heard all over the school this morning first bell belongs to temperate Miss Bonner. What would this school be without her? Senior "Pin-Up Prom"-Bill Bidwells' orchestra played various types of dance music. Chairman of the committee, Gertrude Fuchs. Chaperones: Mr. Agne, Miss Andrews, Miss DiStetano, Mr. Farrow. Reserved seats for "Young April" went on sale for Seniors today. Last issue of the Buzz distributed. Assembly: preview of Senior play. Senior Play, "Young April," under the direction of Mr. Farrow, was presented at 8:15. A swell Way to spend an evening-and 5Oc. Buzz banquet at All Saints Episcopal church. Awards given to 17 members. Assembly: Mr. Lawton lectured, "On the Beam." Spring Music Festival, directed by Mr. Vlfagner. Final meeting of Carpe Diem for this year-a hot dog roast at Fred Roger's camp. Assembly: Memorial Day speaker. Senior Banquet at All Saints Church. Dancing after the first-class meal. Memorial .Day. No school. Award of sports letters. Date set for the delivery of the Fultozrian. Seniors took General Knowledge test. Class Dayemore fun! Regents Weelc-all that cramming did help! Miss DiStefano's projects about her vocational guidance displays in the library are on exhibition in Buffalo. Baecalaureate-speaker was Rev. Williani J. Tracy, Pastor of Holy Family Church. Graduation-Junior girls ushered. "Magna cum laude" we leave, we hope! ..40- CLUB if' X X S f:-I 4.7- ! H 1 1 .- X E S X iff Z'-Z' XS 124 "S:-5 SX .:,,F:, X X X X X X Fuiltonliaun Left to Right: seated: Madeline Ancona. Sam Bevacqua, Patricia Delano. Theodore Holmes. Senior Class Oflricers L SAM BEVACQUA ........ PRESIDENT ........ smiling ........ sincere friendliness ......... pleasing voice ........ nonchalant ........ tranquil and serene manner. PATRICIA DELANO ........ VICE-PRESIDENT ........ vital ........ agreeable ........ con- siderate ........ happy disposition ........ a quiet manner of accomplishing much. MADELINE ANCONA ........ SECRETARY ........ unostentatious .,...... capable ........ willing ........ punctilious ...... .efficient ........ "service with 21 smile." THEODORE HOLMES ........ TREASURER ........ candid .... unassuming .......... ema- lytic mind.. ..,... zealous ........ magnanimous., ...... prototype of the scout virtues. SENIOR CLASS ........ 1946 ........ good natured ........ unpredictable ........ optimistic ....., Harvest Dance ........ Foolish Follies of '46 ........ Pin-up Prom ........ "Young April" ........Class Day Assembly........Baccalaure:1te........Commencement. MISS LONA PRESTON ........ CLASS ADVISER ......., fairness ........ graciousness limitless forbearance ........ tireless effort ........ our ideal friend and counselor .-43.. Fultonian Left to Right: sented: Carol Ouderkirk, Mary Becker. Madeline Ancoua. Madalyn Murnhy, Gertrude Suche. Gloria Palmer. Joanne Rasmussen, Norma. Todd. Patricia Delano, Patricia McNamara, Betty icourt. Standing: Donald Semeraro, Sum Bevacqua, Edward Duver, Ronald Buell, Daniel Story, Mr. Rose. Yearbook This years Fultonian. Staff really began working from scratch. The count- less questions which darkened the hopes of the staff and its new adviser, Mr. Rose, were cleared up by the printer, Mr. Millerg Frank Pannafino, photographer 3 and Mr. Plank, photo engraver. "Dummy," "galley proofs," "copy,,' "crop as marked," "proof-read," all became common expressions for these Seniors. lNhcn the flilmpire State Press Association held its annual conference in Syracuse October 26-27, Mr. Rose, Gertrude Fuchs, and Patricia Delano attended They went to lectures at Syracuse University on various helps in making at year- book. The program ended with the representatives attending the Syracuse-Dart-1 mouth game. . After meeting its deadline in the traditional way, the Yearbook Staff offers the results of its labors to the public. VVC wish to acknowledge the generous assistance of Miss Bonnerg Miss Di Stefanog and Jean VValker, Senior Class of '47. Editor-in-Chi ef ................................................... .......... G ertrude Fuchs Assistants .......................................................................... Madeline Ancona, Sam Bevacqua, Edward Duver, Gloria Palmer, Daniel Story. Business Manager ..,...,......................................................... Patricia Delano Assistants ................ ................................... Sheila Elhage, Pat McNamara, Mary Zapalinski. Art Editor .... . ...... Betty Licourt Assistants ....... Madalyn Murphy, Assistants ..... Carol Ouderkirk, Don Semeraro. . Norma Todd. Sports Editor . .......... Ronald Buell Clubs Editor . ...... Mary Becker Assistants ...... Vincent Mirabito, Joanne Rasmussen. .44- ltiulitonian Seated: Mrs. O'Connor, Ted Holmes, Norma Todd, Amn Rowlee, Vincent Mimbito. i Second Row: Carl Jul'mS0n, -761111 DGIHUO. Mary Ann Buell, Rose Volottu., Bob Jones. Francis Miralnitn, Natalie Spada. . Third Row: Donald Bradshaw, Jane Ann Sullivan, Jaleen Rogers, Joanne Raamursscn. Student Council "Please standg salute the tlagg remain standingg and sing the Iirst stanza of our National Anthem." At the beginning of every assembly, when the last few measures of the band's music had died out, a Student Council member made that series of requests to the audience. Under the direction of Mrs. O'Connor, faculty adviser, the Student Council of 1945-1946 became one of the most active groups elected to this organization in many years. In its attempt to make all around improvements in our school life, the Student Council sponsored the Freshman Frolic, the Eighth 'War Loan Driveg purchased red and green feathers which the students wore at basketball gamesg collected money for Christmas gifts to orphans of Oswego County and for vic- tims of infantile paralysisg conducted a Clean-Up campaign in january, and a Courtesy Campaign during March. The Student Council also took the responsi- bility for the Student Day, December 12. Open meetings were held during the year so that students could see their Council at work, and offer their opinions. President ............................................... Norma Todd Vice-President ..,. Ted Holmes Secretary ........ ........... A nn Rowlee Treasurer ..... ..., V incent Mirabito -45- lliulltonian Front Row: Theodore Holmes, Willard Anderson, Helen DeCaire. Back Row: Robert Wood. Mr. Wood, William Bidwell, Vincent Mirabito, Alan Rath, Shirley Woxrd, Judith Terzulli. Senior Science Club The second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, the Senior Science Club met to delve into the mysteries of radio. Workixig in pairs, these amateur scientists constructed simple radio sets which they gradually improved under the super- vision of Mr. Vtfood. They also made a miniature P. A. System which they tried out in the hall. Members lienelit doubly from these activities. They are both practical and interesting. The information gained may some day prove useful to those who wish to make the study of electrons and protons their career. In the future, some radio engineer may lool: back upon his experiences with radio sets in Room 223 with gratitude. President ........ .... T ed Holmes Vice-l"resident .... .... H elen DeCaire Secretary ....,... ..... B ill Anderson Treasurer .. ..... Bill Bidwell -46.. Fultoniarn Left!-lt? Right: seated: Rosemary Walsh. Mae Heppell, Francis Mirabito. Lucy Inpolito, Mary Jane a'i'ate. Junior Class Officers FRANCIS MTRABTTO ........ PRESIDENT ........ quiet .......... amiable .......... sporadic subtly humorous ........ complaisant ,....... industrious. MARY HEPPELL ........ VICE-PRESIDENT ........ sports entliusiust ........ versatile spontaneous ........ enterprising ........ loquacious ........ complacent. LUCY IPPOLITO ........ SECRETARY ........ obliging ........ conservzitive ........ friendly impish ........ reliable ........ mirth ful. RGSEMACRY WALSH .......... TREASURER .......... sincere ........ magnetic .......... soft- spoken ........ conscientious ........ perse-vering ........ modish. MARY JANE LA FRATE ....,... HTSTORIAN ........ ambitious ........ companionable affable ........ carefree ........ voluble ........ gracious. MISS CORINNA DI STEFANO .,...... CLASS ADVTSER .47.... Fultoiiianii Left to Right: sented: Carl Johnson. Tom Johnston, Jane Ann Sullivan, Chzulottze Meyers, Mary Lynch. Sophomore Class Oflficers JANE ANN' SUl...l..,lVAN ............ PRESIDENT ............ cultured ............ dependable inquisitive ........ przictiezil ....,.., sedulous ........ resourceful. THOMAS IGI-INSTON ,....... VICE-PRESIDENT ........ modest ........ reliable ......... W diligent .....,.... inscrutzible .......... sch olarl y ........ Winsome. C l-IARLOTTE MYER S ....,..... SECRETARY ............ genuine ............ creative .......... pleasant ........ composed ........ inimitable ........ personable. CARL IGH NSON ........ TREASURER ........ assi duous .,...... unbiased .......... efficient appealing ........ honest ..... zusolieitous. MARY LYNCH ......,. il-NSTOR lAN .......... generous .......... intelligent .......... adaptable faithful ........ poised ........ cooperative. MR. ROBERT OTTS ,....... CLASS ADVISER -.481 vi , - -- ... A-image. fi-E: www? W K 'Ima' ff FQ' faihfiej . ,gf ' fm V .Q S ww? -'-41.525 aie ia gms' mqiii. .I "M H H 'E H X SW M 52123 :ZZ S " 'E E AI 5? -Q 2'2"5'3'1iQi225 ' . E . . , M my ,Q A .. r 4 ,,,. Q., NEWS Z fi 'fxiwwmmaa 9222555 E A .L N S- , H ' ,, K ggi Quik E ggvm H mg ... 5 . "" H -, -maxima ww- .EW if 'Q Aw-sw ..,,. .. KK: ms Zim' QW sf Mwwigm EW 52' .1f4.5.wa.a-:,. is .wx.g:,-g,,,..,.g.- mama msg an 2 :swf Hayman :-: KMWQ Lmsxw ww Mm ,W ,.L BQ E SW: -. . , nm' ' Ms,-sw Q PM blur' E 'H W , KTFP' 4 'EL 'mmggxmmw E aww 11- """ -:- if 1, A ' Hmm? ' in mmf 5 ... H H y H w .. SWWHM www -' me -. - :..i, , ' ."' ' L . V, 5 - ......xr A -A w H H X H W ,, N E' '- 'Yi ff Lx W if E w fl sl A , -'A - W ai ...Mlm ww. mm W Firm d uty,-f ,UW ,. in " W N. . 1-W , H MM M QQ. - I A L -- , A . .QQ W v . vf- I , , X i ,I . N, 1 H A . y my Y ...ggi-fgxcim wmLsvgg ? 'LK if MWMMAXQZ, A gj - Q ' - ".,:11L-'mf' Q PM . . V I --. EH X ..-ww-'f 1-"'5Qmwm--- Af W H 1 1 1 . ,,, , . 1 P W l , H y E Zum' 1 f 2- qw N V .W '. f, gg, R. wx - " x i ,U B Afgwa . 'Jang "Y fwfr ' ' ' 1 D ' 4, .Q ' ' Ls E: W ' if WW . A 4 Y Q W -1 5, 'w 1 M --,. .E., ,, Ms... g, W 4' .wa , , "' .1!?rr" K . , 'K 'W ff B M 1 H B312 sf www Ziff 223, m 'V X 3-wa .5 Y A . H H' ,. -Q N Q 5 'S E F wi -H: E f , M . H w Q .X ,5 K QA H 3 mm w' .. . H Q ' . 55 W Q M 2, , ...... , ,K A 1 M ,E Mmm gm. I X,,..,h- U I X ww Q 4 wa Q fx . A' si A T ' H W5 we E v ,ms 9 -A w Q ' F -is wg., W .. W5 , . -. ww Sw 1 M H A , A . ,Q K ,Q ,W ,X 5 A x me Q , .-.:,3 . -4:-.,.-. -.-x . A wk A . 1 E, Q-W' W " ,, as Q Nw Q . B mf Fi' . L M X. K , W1 W- ' ' ? s w wi H B B , x A . X' ix , 'gg 5 S mf ,:- W -w PQ ,I .Mm Q' Ei'f'f2f V -. 2 E H 1 H mg X- X A E B na W WM - ,, W 1 ,W ' .. .,. n:g,.., ' ' ,.........5::s.s 5 ms y E , xx s f' ,W A ww. ', gg. H mms A wg af. gi- -H , A L f , . .. V A 'ani . " 4 -q "'I,E1EsI J' V ,A ' -: ww Qwwrff ,A , 6 ww? .-my - ,,,-,, ? A V wg ,, 1 . ,... y Em. E ,W '30 LEE nm.,M Sk, ,Q We Q' f ' -- Af ..- ffm X f ' fa M, A, Q lm W , . . .W L mm, S 5 I. ,, , , -. Q ' 'Hs W ,. Q- ,S - was 'si W S' + W. I 3 " f 'L E' . as Q W 3 v X " . . 2"' ??5'f2:f fb Q" we 5' ,I ... """"" " ' ' w ' 3. , b' Bi Y M '1 "3 -:- X ' " Aw W I I wx 'Nazi' Y I W V .. .L S :-:... -. Q A A M .,.,45.,' Z.: :-: V A 3 Q H3 , . 5 .1 3 .W . W . M . 1... 4 ., .I IB.. if K ,... -I: S, sw K . Q 1? In -: I I In 5, I V W W N . 3 135 K S55 I i an .... .H in if A 'sf .. 1 '.,: : 'I' '. "' K :-: HP., Q K .- 5. Q B W , . 555 wg 9, F H . H X Hr M E: f .. .2 ...... 3 . mf an m . , .. 133 4. 3 E n w . .. Hx. 4 ,Q -. "1 'ff' X Q .u mf - ' " ' ss E .ww . ... rv .Q W WL H Q . in ' ' uf ' A1 ' if -9.8 ww my 81 t . - 4 -- . 4 ..,., wg dk, 'W Q :-: M ,, .Y-. V W, Vg ,.V ... - .K Qing .1-,., .. 1 .Q x N sf H., .. ,S ,, .AV Y ' " o V M . Q B5 .3 . f.- v w : ... ' Y 9 'Wing ,. - ' , was g 1 V 1 -1 LA 1. ., AWQEJQ e 'V .3. a " ' Q ggi?" "iw Q, V 'f . : ' ., Q fE'm,g':2gm . ' , , ':' I ' : . E- :-: ..: W ' - F1 H SS N MS Q is-1' .H . .j. 1,5 . H I ' BZ QQ .4 ,-M . if g V ,U Q si M ' 'N R4 ll Ni x K V 4 f . un- S ga V, E :V , Q ' Q 1 K 1 1 , kk B V E .-A 1 5,1 mn znews..-.ni-.ma-1 Lea-nasal 1 Sophomore Class Hardened to the routine of high school life, but still "sopht," the 253 tenth graders of F. H. S. organized on October 17. On 'December 7, they sponsored a Christmas Dance in the gym. "Since" QSophoMOrEj was there. Santa Claus QDominic Clavellij also carne to bring cheer to the dancers. "Rooming" near 214, the Sophomores often "rubbed elbows" and kicked the ankles of their neighbors, the Seniors. During the year, the Sophomores initiated a fund from which flowers could be bought and sent to members of the class who were ill for a long period of time. K yy mm lqw, gxsmxilx ' zzkmik Zl5M rss mu, . 3 .nmwa :bzww :Mfmx -x -Q v .. WVQNW :M M -- A KH wg v ina :rf---.-f ., Xway: m EM? . H M' - f-- - r ,wxww E weswffiff M sawn K""m" xy W naxwsfwxw ,X . M Q E ff-QBWEV Hgwmbw- W W Fits' A Q H IQ! Ii .iifnili M X ' M , ,Q - 'K ,mr lf' f"'m-4' Q . i W '25 M ,,, 2 2 h W Q V JS W sf-4 , N if , x sl HZFN ui 5 i 59 F. .. 'Zigi ,. ' W 1 GP! 4 if U J M ygffqi 'wifi ,Q l , ' gg R A - ,F , - R. i"i2f1 I ff 'A' i'f3QQ2'W J 3 Hawk -, ' 'ii:1?':i-:WEL - .4 5 M , 5' Q 'Q as Y' A - M -15:1 W . -l , V 'ig . Q 7,32 ft, - QR if i' a ff- :. 3 E 5 l L 'Q 452 sfiisiag 'Q E ,f K 1 L ll' , ' , 413 Svff' M md ff f amz: K M 3 E lf ini r . .PEW wg QTX XM' if ' A A Q fi 8 W 1. ' S14 1 f'3Qf5'Y fy, ww Q V dfw, Q ,W gg wif fu w x9 lg 5 5:24 . . .. gg W 1 1 Q, 3? Wi' 3 QL, ' P 'W 2, 'U' fl RS .5 Q Q -xg V 5 .yfzf 3 gf. X A. Ww159" ix A T E in 1 Z X . ,Q xmw ww uf? mms mmf gm E. ww me P21 msswxmx 7X sa Fultonian Seated: Joanne Rasmussen, Norma Todd, Margaret Green. Mr. Wayne Farrow, Pat Delano. Rose Sox-hello, Helen DeCaire. Standing: Helen LeBlanc, Clyde McEwen, Bill Anderson, Sheila Murphy, Sam Bevncquzi, Ed Duver. Young April Remember young and beautiful Terry Mclntyre who almost married Stewart Miller, a mama's boy, until handsome Brian "took over ?" And remember when George Mclntyre came home from college very much in love with sweet 'Diane Gilmore? Oh golly but that was ri wonderful play the Senior class presented May 17, Norma Todd was very Cute as Diane and Bill Anderson made a manly George. Everything was wonderful. -53-. lF'uII1toniian Poems From The Senior Scrapbook SIMPLY A SPIDERKS VVEB rI'IlCl'C,S beauty in a spider's web That puts man's art to shameg 'But with Mother Nature on her side Slit-'s on a different plane. With each concentric circle Radiating from the center, The spider performs a splendid feat VVith the instincts Nature lent her. And when the sun shines on the dew drops Collected over the night, Its beauty excels even the earnival's lVlulti-colored lights. -Theodore I. Holmes A TOAST l was a piece of gum, All alone in a yellow pack. Awhile ago there were four more, All heaped up in a stack. One by one my cousins left me Until I alone was kept Inside of l1l'ope's blouse pocket And I wept, and wept, and wept. I wept and I propose a toast, A toast to those days now gone. When people in pre-war days Could chew from night 'til dawn. Could chew from dawn 'til night, Could chew 'til their jaws were numb. Ah yes-I now propose a toast, A toast to a piece of gum. -Martha L. Falanga --54-. ltinltoniatn Left to Right: seated: Norma Bellinger, Jean Acome. Beverly Knstler. Joanne Rasmussen. Standing, First Row: Veronica Russell, Joan Barry, Ellen Rowlee. Florence Bullaril. Janet Dixon, Beverly Ives. Standing. Second Row: Jean Walker, Priscilla Vant. Library Assistants These girls were willing to sacrilice one study period daily in order to lessen the weight of Miss Di Stefands workg and simultzmeously to increase their own knowledge of library organization. Routine tasks included: checking out, carcling and shelving booksg taking attcndanceg putting new magazines in the rack and filing old perioclicalsg and keeping the library, in general, in good condition. Doing these jobs so cheerfully and so well made it possible for Miss Di Stefano to be free for the more intricate parts of her career. Those eager for more information about library work received further in- struction from Miss Di Stefano when business was slack. ,55- Fullitonian l - mgssw si-mms w a msg e am E ,EWs.mm. H B . :m .-.T...1 s . Kms ss E. EEE H M is me Simms gsm s-mga --1 E as si s w,Q asses Sixth " x Left to Right: Elle-n Osborne, Beverly Ives, Delores Koskowski, Jean Brown. Hice VVorkers "At your service" may justly be considered the unproclaimed motto of Miss Gormans office helpers. During a free period each day, these girls volunteered -to perform some of the menial tasks connected with the office. They collected absence slips from the class rooms, delivered blue passes and mail to the teachers. They also checked up on detention evadersg and served as reliable messenger girls for the office. The installation of the Public Address System has relieved them from passing the notices at dismissal. -55- ..,.k,..-,.sesfarcR Fnllitonian ms Yvfmfv-A' " mr A ..-, . . .. , . - , -.. , . K as sm E A' msn-me ms was .- s M. . Seated: Martha. Falany:a, Gertrude Fuchs, Angela Castorina, Shirley Wood, Betty Austic. Ed Duver, Nick Galizia, Suzanne Fuller. Harriet Grant. Jane Rowlee, Mildred Davey, Jean Barnard. Standing: Fred Rogers. Harold Stevens, Donald Parks, Eva Blanco, Priscilla Vant, Virginia Taylor, Jaleen Rogers, Jean Shaver, Virginia. Lawless, Nancy Buell, Mary Becker, Paul Lehon, Lawrence McCarty. Ted Holmes. Carpe Diem "Pass"-"One spade"-"Your bid." The second VVednesday of every month this was a common ordeal at the bridge games undertaken as a part of Carpe Diems schedule for the year. Under the supervision of Miss Wallace, members learned to bid and play a simple game of bridge. Although the members have not developed into Ely Culbertsons, still these College Entrance students have become better acquainted with this aspect of social life. In place of the usual open meeting, it was unanimously agreed to have a hot dog roast in the middle of May. A committee was chosen to arrange the affair. In previous years, Carpe Diem was visited by speakers who talked of college hte andof topics of general interest. This year, however, solving the mystery of contract bridge was preferred. President ................................ .... E d Duver Vice-President .... Nick Galizia Secretary ........ ....... B etty Austic Treasurer .... ..., S uzanne Fuller -57. lldultoniiann X Left to Right: Seated, Front Row: Mary Zupalinski, Betty Licourt. Seated: Second Row: Madalyn Mnmxeot, Phyllis Del Brucco. Stzlncliliu: Madeline Ancona, Miss McGraw, Patricia Delano, Madlyn Murphy, Jane Newsbaum, Frances LaVecc-hia, Charlotte Linclslcy. Commercial Club To the click, tap and buzz of typewriters, adding machines and mimeographs, the members of the Commercial Club met once a month with their faculty adv1ser, Miss McGraw, to better acquaint themselves wlth the busmess world. Before the war, the members were permitted to visit the offices of Fulton factories and other business places. There they saw in operation the machines which they were learning to use. Due to wartime restrictions, these tours had to be abzmclonecl. Although this yezu-'s Commercial students could not see these plants, they profited by talks about modern business. 'There were occasionztl parties and social activities planned so that all Work and no play would not make these J1lls dull girls. President ............................................................. .... F ranees LaVecchia Vice-President ....... .. .... Jane Newsbaum Secretary-Treztsurcr ..... ..... M adlyn Murphy -53- Fulltonian sf H ri gals We an We E . First Row: Joe Sommers. Henry Hudson, Parker Rockwood, Raymond Ternening. Mr. Black. Second Row: Glenn Hartenhoff, Vance Osborne. James Capron, Michael Prull. Fred Rumsey, Edwin Llpzhthall, Rodney Johnson, Fred McGinley, Donald Allen. George Sydner, Alan Downing. Third Row: Roderic Dickinson, Dana Downing, Donald Downing, Adam Ellis, Joseph Arena, John De Santas, Leland Cooper. Stanley Downing, Alfred Erb, Adrian Kidd. Future Farmers of America Meeting the first and second Wediiesclays of the month, the Future Farmers extended their activities through the summer as well as the school year. Many of the meetings were centered around preparations for F. F. A.'s participation in the Sandy Creek Fair. ln August, 1945, this club's exhibition at the Fair won 3400. Cn October 19, Henry Hudson, Bob McDonald, Vance Osborne, and Mr. Black attended the annual F. F. A. judging contest held at Canton Institute. F. F. A. also sponsored a basketball team in the City League. Occasionally these "Aggies" made suppers for themselves in the school cafeteria. At such times, the fragant aroma drifted throughout the school. President .................................,............. .... E clward BOWCI'11ig Vice-President ..... .... I Qobert McDonald Secretary ......... ....... I -Ienry Hudson Treasurer ..... ...... I oseph Sommers Reporter ..... ....,.... P arker Rockwood Watchdog ............. ..... R aymoncl Terpcning Faculty Adviser ..... ..................... M r. Black Fnltonian I Scntod: Marlene True, Rachel Metevier, Barbara Hammond, Jeannette Scerbo, Florence Taylor, Mary Sailers. Stsmclinfr: Miss Andrews, Jean Collier, Antoinette D'Amieo, Geraldine Garvey. Rosalyn Orlando, Barbara Fuller, Eleanor Vescio. Joann Fox. Joan Dishaw, Bertha Roberts. Miss Otis. Junior Red Cross The Junior Red Cross has been one of the busiest and one of the most alert clubs in school this year. Being a chapter of the Red Cross, the projects on which they worked were not only developed here, but throughout the nation. On llebruztry 22, they sponsored a George Wfasliiiigton Dance. The gym was decorated with cherries and hatchets, so arranged that we were Surprised George didn't arrive in person. l'-le certainly would have if he had known about the refreshments. liveryone had an enjoyable time. During the year, the members of this organization worked busily on the annual drive for ineinberslnp. They also sponsored a campaign for clothing for the needy people of Wai'-ravaged Europe. President ........ ..... lN lary Sauers Vice-President Florence Taylor Secretary .... Jeannette Seerbo Treasurer .. .... Gloria Simons -50- Pultonian First Row: Joyce Distin. Georgianna Sorbello, Joan Buttman, Gwendolyn Dwyer, Emma Matzski. Carmelia St. Phillips, Averel Kitts, Dai-le Frymoyer, Sheila Murphy, Carol Smith, Carol Seymore, Shirley Cole, Marjorie Wilcox, Mr. Wagnner. I Second Row: Marlene Todd, Madeline Harris, Geraldine Garvey. Jeannette Dixon, Marilyn Hicks, Mary Lindsley, Patricia Gates. Joan Larned. Shirley Parker. Marilyn Moors, Eloise Howard, Anm Doney Beverly Osborne, Ida Mae Brown, Esther Sampson. Third Row: Betty Bracket, Marilyn Sikes, Natalie Smith, Mary Gillard. Teresa Fegley, Margaret ghofnarii Yvonne Nyhart, Jeanne Walsh, Jean Fitch, Eleanor Doty, Mary Leotta, Mary Cafolla., miy anitta. Girls' Glee y Club 'iDo,te la sol fa mi re do." Sixth bell every Monday and Vtfednesday, strains of melody waited on the air from the auditorium to the corridors. No mistaking it, the Girls' Glee Club is always at it, merrily vocalizing under the direction of Mr. Wagoner. These girls worked on a program of selections which was presented in assembly. The favorite piece was "Summertime" from George Gersl1win's opera, "Porgy and Bess." The girls combined with the newly organized Boys' Glee Club to present the music to an eager audience. President ........ ..... S lieila Murphy Vice-President .... ..... A nn Rowlee Secretary ........ ................ A verel Kitts Treasurer ..... Carmella St. Phillips -615 liiulltonian First Row: Theodore Holmes. clarinet: Lina Lathrop, clarinet.: Francis Gigliotti, clarinet: David Brown, liute: Alun Todd, clarinet: Frank Daniels, clnrinet. Second Row: Sam Bevncqua, clarinet: Doris, Dodge, clarinet: Pntriciann Scott. nlto saxophone: Daniel Story. nlto clarinet: Leonard Ycomams, bass saxophone: William Rebor. horn: Robert Phelps, trumpet: Richard Burrit, cornet: Robert Jones, cornet: Elaine Dunsmoor, clarinet: Helen Galusha. clarinet: Rodney VVhalon, clarinet: Clinton Osborne, clarinet. Third Row: Edward Duver, clarinet: William Westmiller. Orin Lindo, trumpet: Kenneth Garner, trumpet: Robert Wood, trumpet: Paul Goodfellow, trumpet: Henry Jackinek, cornet: Carl Wilcox, trumpet: June Galushn, trumpet: Don Dlstin, trumpet.: Fern Rice. trumpet: Ivy Payton, baritone: Allen Roth. baritone: Leonn Bnrry, baritone: Joan Dishaw, clarinet: Edward Bifntz, clarinet: Harold West, clarinet: Robert Korfhage, clarinet. Fourth Row: John Dix. trumpet: Helen Hyde. cornet: Jean Delano. cornet: Gloria. Osborne, cornet: Roger Dunsmoor, snare drum: Donald Kelly, snare drum: Richard Holmes, snare drum: Shirley Wood. snare drum: Edward Buillnrd. base drum: Robert Casey, tuba: Alan Downing, bass horn: Mr. Wagoner: Tom Hzirvell, trombone: Gilbert Rogers, trombone: Dwight Murphy, trombone: Law- rence McCarty. trombone. Absent from Picture: Wallace Corzett, snare drum: William Lehon, snare drum: Joy Meade, alto saxo- phone: Mary Sinners, clarinet: Harold Beardsley, horn: Edna Lightball, cornet. Band Three Blind Mice tap dancing: ballet dancing: stepping in an Griental fash- ion: imitating Cossaclcs: marching to the tune of a military band: tripping gaily to a light circus medley . . . It was not the least bit difficult to imagine these scenes when the Fulton High School Band gave its exquisite rendition of the Three Blind Mice Symphony in the Music Assembly on March 29. It was the 'thing most talked about that day. Each movement was announced by Ed Duver. The Band practiced in the auditorium the seventh period of every Monday, Wednesday and Friday under the direction of Mr. Wagiicr. An annual Spring Music Festival was planned for May 24. Among the features offered by the red, green and gold uniformed Band were: "Three Dances of Henry VIII," "Donkey Serenade," "Lus'tspicl," and "Kiltics March." This active organization has become renowned for its consistent excellence at assemblies, football games, and other school activities. P-resident ..............................................,....................................... Ted Holmes V ice-President .... ..................... D Wight Murphy Librarians ....... ..... .... P a triciann Scott, Fern Rice -52- SPURTS 7 1 W. - X . 0 jf , Cx Xxx ,- T-g wi' '-' t7 "T-5 -".- "- Fulltoniiauui Left: to Right: Anna Strikewerda, manager: Jnleen Rogers, Jean Bowers, Gloriu. Franceisconi, assistant manager: Carolyn G1-assi, Mary Jan LaFrate. Bowling In the Bowling League the Junior team proved to be the best team. Led by their manager, Ann Strikewerclzx, :mtl assistant mzmager, Gloria Frzmcesconig they won through to the championship. Members of the team were: Ann Strikewerda, managerg Gloria Francescoui, assistant managerg jaleen Rogers, Jeanne Bower, Carolyn Grassi, Mary Jane La Frate. Fultonian Left to Right: Mae Hemuell, Myrlene Hawksby, Anna Strikewerdn, captain: Jaleen Rogers, Jeanne Bower, Carolyn Gmssi, Jean Brown. Girls' Basketball Competition in the Girls' Basketball League was very stiff this past year. There were many good, close games throughout the season. When the season ended the Sophomore team, captained by Natalie Rogers, and the Junior team captained by jaleen Rogers, were tied for first place with neither team having been clefeatecl. ln a play-off game that was very close from start to finish the Junior team was declared the champions. The girls on the Junior team have played together for two years and expect to be back together again next year. Members of the winning team are: Jaleen Rogers, eaptaing Jean Brown, manager, Jeanne Bower, Myrlene Hawlcsby, Carolyn Grassi, Ann Strikewerda, joan Dyer, Mae Heppell. -66- lfiltiltonian Kneeling, left to right.: Mae Heppell, Mary Jane LnFrztte, Lucy Ippolito. Standing, left to right: Valia Cardinali, Jean Brown, Jean Bower, Anna Strikwerda, Gloria Frzuicesconl, manager: Jenny Wroniak. Not in picture: Irene Denniston, captain: Judy Terzulli, Carolyn Grassi. Girls' Hockey Earl Stanton remarked -one afternoon while watching the girls play hockey, that he was glad that he played a nice safe game like football. These girls really fought, and fought hard, for the winning title. However, the only mishzrp was a broken stick. The four teams, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, waged a battle 'royal all through the season with the undefeated juniors hnally coming out on top. ..57... lFullto1m'iaum Left to Right: Helen Gulushn. Vernlce Miller, Ruth Buell. Barbma Nettlcton. captain: Jayne Krawczyk, Donna: Mcllermott, Charlotte' Meyers. Volleyball The girls' volleyball teams were very evenly matched this past season. The girls played very lmrd and at the end of the season Jean Collier's Freshman team, Barbara Nettlet'ou's Sophomore team, and Ann StrikeWerda's Junior team were in :1 three-way tic 'f or first place. 'lu :1 playoif the Sophomore team defeated both the Freshman :md Junior teams to become the Champions, Members of the winning team were: Bzlrbam Nettleton, captaing Vernice Miller, jane Crosiclc, Charlotte Meyers, Ruth But-ll, lrlclen Gnlushzl. --6S-- Pultontan Standing, ton. left to right: Barbara Michaud, Ruth Buell, Florence Bullard, Pauline Holmes. Joan Rasmussen, Natalie Rogers. Kneeling. bottom. left to right: Jeanne Walsh, Carmella St. Phillips, Mary Ann Buell, Natalie Snuda, Jean Fitch. Norma Todd. Cheerleaders "There's a reason for a coach. There's a reason for a team. That's the reason why we've got plenty of steam"-and our 12 vivacious cheerleaders have just that! In September the girls were chosen by live faculty members, who judged them on voice, posture, ability and appearance. After weeks of practice and drilling, accompanied by aching muscles, they were ready to make their debut at the opening football game. As the season progressed, new cheers and formations were produced and taught to the students in various assembly programs. Among these were "The Reason Yell," "One, Two, Three, Four," 'tThe Hoodoo," "FU" and "The l-lello Yell." Later acrobatics were introduced in "The Upside Down," "The More For" and "The Football" yells. The highlight of this years Pep Assembly was a skit, enacting cheerleading "When Grandma Was a Girl," complete with gay nineties costumes, hair-dos and music. At the first basketball game our cheerleaders stepped out in new green velvet- een uniforms, purchased by the Student Council. Twelve busy girls were engaged in dressing the gym for their dance on the afternoon of January ll. Crepe paper and megaphones, in Fulton's royal red and green, were strung across the ceiling and college pennants brightened the walls. Under the capable guidance of Miss Di Stefano, their 'faculty adviser, our twelve cheerleaders have proven themselves to be one of the best squads in F.H.S. .69-. Q Fultonian Kneeling: Don Seme1'u.1'o. Jim Utick, Dick Mareino, Fred Weske, Ed McGin.n, Sam Bnnanno. Stuncllnxxt Dominic Immlito, Max Borek, Barney Naioti, Ron Buell, Tony Cnvone, Conch John Muscalino. Basketball Fulton l-ligh School's 1945-'46 Basketball team had one of the most success- ful seasons a Fulton I-ligh School team has had in many years, Under the mas- terful coaching of John "Baron" Muscalino the team ended the season with a record of lwclve wins and six losses. The team lost two very good centers during the season due to sickness and the armed service. Aldan WHI'HCl', 6 foot, 3 inch center, was lost to the team in mid-season when he was stricken with rheumatic fever. VVarren Cusack, last year's center, returned -to school in January to take over the center position. 'l-le played in but three games and then he was called into the Navy. Dominic "Zip" Ippolitto was called up from the junior varsity to till in at center and "Zip" proved to be a great asset tothe team. The varsity players were: Sam Bonnano, Max Borek, Ronald Buell, Tony Cavone, War1'e11 Cusack, Dominic lppolitto, Edward McGinn, Barney Naioti, Don Semeraro, Edward Tracy, Aldan VVarner, and Fred Weslce. Tom Johnston was manager. ltiultontan iffil1fQiiri' i g-- .- Firstelgogi. seated, left to right: Dominic Ippolito, Dick Marsino, Leo Campbell, Don Kanaly. Dominic V 1. Seconcl row, seated, .left tolriirhtz George Haig, Russell Bowers, Ray Morris, Ed McGimn. Barney Naioti, Vince VEBCIO, Vince Mirabito, Bob Rice, Jim Udick, Charles Wells. Thirdlrow, standing, left to right: Coach Muscaliruo, Nick Naioti, manager: Marty Kanaly, Dick Johnson, Bill Anderson, A1 Rath.. 'Pony Cavone. Ed Frawley, Ken Pluff, Paul Devendorf, Jack Fisher, manager: Francis M1TRlllt0, Maumee McGuane, manager, Coach Amderson. Football Ready hike! There they go right down the field for a touchdown. Boy, what a team! T hat's our Fulton High football squad. In an early season game with Baldwinsville High, the Red and Green showed plenty of promise by defeating the visitors 14 to 6. Fulton High's next gridiron opponent was Oswego High. The boys played a hard game, but found themselves on the short end of the 12 to 7 score. For the third game, the Red and Green gridders traveled to Oneida to play a hard and wild game of football. Fulton took the lead early in the game. Oneida came back and tied up the game in the third quarter. The Red and Green then rolled up two consecutive touchdowns. Oneida struck back to score two touch- downs, and extra points in the closing seconds ot the game which ended with Oneida leading 21 to 20. St. Mary's of Cortland was the next toe of Fulton High. Neither team was able to score due to the wet, soggy lield. The game ended in a 0 to 0 tie. The following Saturday, Fulton scored an impressive 26 to 6 win over Geneva. The Red and Green banners were waving high and triumphantly after the final whistle was blown in the second Fulton-Oswego game. Fulton scored early in the iirst quarter, after a long drive down the field. Oswego bounded right back to score a touchdown in the next few minutes of play. In the second quarter, Fulton took the lead again when Stanton hurled a touchdown pass to Tracy. The Red and Green went into the scoring column again when McGinn cut off tackle then made at lateral pass to Tracy who scored. The team played one of its best games of the season to defeat Oswego, 18 to 6. -71- Fultonian . - , , rr... ,. -- , tr. f. ., ,-i V ,'---.. ...Q- .,g., - ,- f- ,f t-nuuvif - .1 -ig.. .-1, .. ,, "'LSQ17f"+, 'i'i"" lf ' . Vo' "Eg 1 V . V ,. Q-4' 'Ears' -. J A 455:15 1- M.. 4' 1 ,fade uh nf, f . .. ,. 1,4 ,V.,q ,e. , ,. .. .. -mi" --,fm , ':"" ,v'!'Z".-112262 w,-f ., .' , fi---" -- ,se-r' ,i 1 i-vrf::.+'ff.w'Z'Ezaatlf,:4'1-17.-+2 Seated: Fred Werske, Ed McGinn. Sam Bonanno, Adrian Kidd, Edward Tracy, Max Borek, Barney Naioti, Dominic Cluvelli, Bob Snow. Frank Libra, Dick Marcino. Standing: Coach John Mu.-scalino, Alan Todd. Santo Bonanno, Louis Loosen, Raymond Sheltra. Bill gluebller, Joe Smith. Alvin Painter, 'Tom Downs, Don Kanaley, Vincent Veseio, Jim Galvin, Nicl: rmo iUo. Baseball Gver 50 candidates reported to Coach John Muscalino at the opening of the baseball season. Fulton opened its season at Recreation Park by romping over Phoenix, 12 to l. The mound duty was divided among Ed Tracy, Al Rath and Bill Gaebler. Our arch rival, Oswego, was the next team to taste defeat at the hands of the Fulton High nine. Ed Tracy hurled a six-hit ball game as the Fulton team - rolled a score of 13-4. The Manlius Cadets entertained the Fulton High baseball team on May 4. The cadets proved to be too fast for the Red and Green, Manlius won, 18-O. For the fourth game of the 1946 season, Fulton battled Central Square. The game developed into a pitching duel as Fulton won, 2 to 1. Ed Tracy struck out 16 Central Square batters and allowed two hits. The Central Square hurler fan- ned ll Fulton bat men,- The rest of the 1946 baseball schedule was as follows: Auburn ..........,..................... May 11 Auburn ........ .... M ay 28 Central Square ..... ...... M ay 15 Manlius ....... ..... J' une 5 Phoenix ............. ..... M ay 21 Cortland ...... ...... 'T une 8 Cortland .... ...... M ay 25 Oswego .... ...... I une 14 .-72-. I . Fuitonian llfms' - is Front Row: Bernard Coe, Michael Hogan, Robert Jones. Fred Sumner. vv-vvwquv Second Row: Ives Gehring, Charles Buttner, James Utick. Russell Bowers, Leo Aluzzo, Donald Parks. Standing: Richard Larrabee, Francis Koskowski. Robert Viscome, Ronald Buell, Donald Bradshaw, Track Fulton High Schools'1946 track team is hard at work getting into condition for their first meet. Most of the boys are out for track for the Hrst time. There are only two of last year's letter winners returning. Miler Ron But-ll, is return- ing for his third season of track. Parker Rockwood is back to do the high jump- ing for the team. The first meet is on May 18, at Utica. Russell Bowers is the fastest runner in the 100 and 220-yard dashes. jim Utick is shaping up as a speedy 440-yard dash man. Bernard Coe is running first in the 880-yard run. Coach Anderson is giving the boys pointers and is giving them time trials twice a week. The team is making steady improvement. The meets are as follows: May 18-Utica Free Academy. May 25-Vtfatertown. June 1-Liverpool Invitation Meet. june 8-Colgate University Sectional Meet. The boys who are candidates for the team: Lindy Aluzzo Russell Bowers Ronald Buell Charles Buttner Don Bradshaw Bernard Coe Ives Gerhing Bob Viscome Robert Jones Richard Larrabee Bob Murphy Don Parks Parker Rockwood Paul Tyner Jim Utick lFullt0nia1.n l. M12 Ruse. 2. lV'll'2l1Ili Koskowslci. 3. Three uf each. -l-. lfoollazlll tczun. 5. Gertrude Fuchs. 6. Cif:u1'g'L: St. Phillips, Lt-0 Andrews. 7. " l Jaw" llfl l.11'l3l1y. 8. Pcggy Sullivan, Kate Smith. 9. Couch Anc'le1'sn11 from the back. IO. Normal Todd. A l l. Charging forward. 12. Drum SClNCl'ill'O, Ivy Payton in the hall-tslc! tsl H74- x mn nm m mms ms ss an as ss a a mn n gggx ss nm mn nam sr mmm a an m Fulltunian nm an -m ss mn E ss ms my V. an N82 :am a ms ,Q ss ,ul 1 if . P7 V -fy A , . Q ' wif 3.-A, -V , iw .-4-' . " f V lik' J- A ' '3'L'xv1':1. 3 a n Q' M.: 'qw , 1.,. 1 ,., ' sw , B .' '.1'BS?' m -sf- ..75.. .A 'N Jfuiograp fzs .... PHOTOS BY PANNAFINO PHOTOS BY CROUCH ENGRAVING BY PONTIAC PHOTO-ENGRAVERS PRINTING BY PALLADIUM-TIMES, INC. N I' II J w V wx ' ' ' "M ' " A l l ' " "

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