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HIGH , .• ■■ :iSr• ' o TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening Homecoming A Study in Excellence.,, 34 Features 50 Sports 66 Clubs and Organizations Faculty 102 Sub-Freshman 7 75 Freshman 727 Sophomores 128 Juniors 134 Seniors 146 Ads 162 2 Opening p Our importance is measured in the of what we honor kiii fii x ■M I w v r ' 4 -i- S jk - Opening 5 Excellence is out goal! 6 Opening EXCELLENCE (ek ' so Ions) n. 7. fact or condition of excelling; supe- riority, as in quality, ability, or worth ... Moments of thought; creativity; relaxation t • iiteJ " 1 Ik 8 Opening I rouse a sense of accomplishment If any man seeks excellence let him forget greatness and 10 Opening ask for truth and he will find both. W 1] The man who does his work, any work, sense, excellent! 12 Opening conscientiouslyj . -. -,, -m ' m ■ n i ■ •■ mum Si im ■mm -mmm ■ 1 ■ J ■ 1 Jfl I - ' - v -- Opening 13 DEDICA TION EVANDER HOLYFIELD nb Xvander HoImML . HA ith kstyjishcs, (iQiUe.q) l eQtqQCf (v !f " AiXd ' ' ' — • 1 4 Dedication " - i The 1985 Forum Staff proudly dedicates this year ' s Annual to Mr. Evander Holyfield, winner of the Bronze medal in the Summer Olympic Games of 1984, held in Los Angeles, California. Evander was a member of the graduating class of Fulton High in June of 1980. He has followed the PATH OF EXCELLENCE that is the standard of REDBIRD country, by realizing his dream to become a profes- sional boxer. Evander turned ' pro ' on Thursday night, Nov. 1 5, 1 984, in Madison Square Garden when he won a decision over Lionel Byarm who said, " . . . he ' ll be a champion someday ' cause the man can box. " At 7:59 P.M., with maybe 15,000 spectators in their seats, Holyfield stepped into the ring wearing a red and white robe (Redbird colors). The legend on his back: " REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD. " Said Ken Sand- ers, the Atlanta automobile dealer who is Holy- field ' s manager, " I love Evander because whatever happens, he is real. " Evander began boxing at a very early age and won his first trophy at age nine at the Warren Boys Club at Grant Park. He has put much effort into his career and because of that, he has won many awards. Some of which are: The Budweiser Award, Cuba Boxing Award and the Pan-American Silver Medal. The FULTON HIGH REDBIRDS would like to congratulate Evander on his success and wish him many K.O. ' S in the future. Ife ' -• i " Please, Somebody! Anybody! Give the guy a toothpick! ' L 16 Opening FULTON ' S ROYAL RAINBOW 1984-85 Homecoming 17 HER RADIANCE MIA LYNETTE ROGERS 20 Homecoming 22 Homecoming - ' Her Royal Highness: Miss Mia Lynette Rogers Birthdate May 5 Birthstone Emerald Organizational Affiliations Student Government President, Senior National Honor Society, Beta Club, JETS, SECME, NAACP Youth Council, Cardinal Staff, Varsity Tennis Team Avocations Reading, Traveling and Sports Favorite Poem " The Creation " Career Goal Computer Scientist Favorite Quote " Sit on the tack of success and you will surely rise. " Advice to Underclassmen Set high goals and strive hard to reach them. A T T E N D A N T S MISS 1st ATTENDANT Antoinette McLaughlin MISS 2nd ATTENDANT Cappreccia Cherry 24 Homecoming MISS SENIOR Yolanda Malcolm MISS JUNIOR Felicia Black MISS SOPHOMORE Michelle King MISS FRESHMAN Ticy Moore MISS SUBFRESHMAN Yolanda Dalton G R A D E Q u E E N 5 Homecoming 25 MISS CARDINAL STAFF Dorcus Crumbley MISS DECA Adrian Willis k mi 1 1 MISS SPANISH CLUB CLVE MISS MATH CLUB Dorothea Heard MISS GAMMA CHI EPSILON Kenyetta Brooks MISS STUDENT COUNCIL . Melissa Saggus MISS FRENCH CLUB Andrea Ward QUEENS MISS JETS Torhonda Green MISS LITERARY CLUB Zenobia Thompson MISS BAND Alicia Taylor HOMECOMING COMMITTEES Script Mrs. M. Thornton Miss B. Morris Dress Mrs. L. McKeliar Miss B, Morris Scenery Mrs, C. Mitchell Miss N. Flowers Miss M. Tripp Spirit Week Miss B. Morris Mrs. L. McKeliar Mrs. M. Thornton Mia Rogers Music Mr. R. Dixson Sgt. T. Harris Mrs. B. Buster Publicity Mr. J. Smith Ms. T. Williams Dance Mr. Elder Photography Mr. J. Smith Angela Echols Brunch Mrs. J. Penn Mrs. B. Cox Mrs. D. West Mrs. McLendon Mrs. A. Smith Miss N. Flowers Reception Mrs. J. Penn Mrs. M. Rocker Mrs. Linda Luke Mrs. McLendon Mrs. Cox A dminis t rotors Mrs. Bessie D. .McLemore, Principal Mr. A.Z. Holloway, Assistant Principal Mrs. Donna Sellen, Assistant Principal 30 Homecoming £? i Homecoming 31 T MISS JUNIOR CIVITAN Wendy Luke MISS FIRE PREVENTION Tracie Harris » FULTON ' S RIG GUY Once upon a time there was a seven year old boy injured by an automobile and described by the doctors as " never to walk again. " After coming home from the hospital, the little boy fell flat on his face trying to walk. But he got to his feet all by himself and stood tall — he ' s been getting taller — and Tall- er — and TALLER — ever since. A gentle soul, soft-spoken Anthony Butts proves that " All nice guys don ' t finish last. " The most sought-after defensive lineman in the nation, with 88 colleges hoping to lay claim to his 6 ' 5 " , 270 lb. services, Fulton ' s B-l-G GUY REACHED FOR THE GOAL OF EXCELLENCE and has a tight grip on it— WE LOVE YA, ANTHONY!!!! PARADE ALL AMERICAN SOUTH FORT ALL AMERICAN ADDIDAS ALL AMERICAN KODAK ALL AMERICAN USA TODAY ALL AMERICAN ALL METRO ALL AMERICAN ALL CITY ALL AMERICAN ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT WRONG ALL AMERICAN ALL STATE TEAM GEORGIA-FLORIDA PLAYER INTOWN EXTRA PLAYER OF THE YEAR SOUTH FORT DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR NUMBER ONE PLAYER IN THE STATE NUMBER ONE PLAYER IN THE SOUTH EAST NUMBER TWO PLAYER IN THE NATION GEORGIA SUPER SEVEN ATLANTA TOUCHDOWN CLUB SALUTE TO A FRIEND MRS. CLARA NALLEY % P m feJS » " No man is an island ... no man stands alone ... we need one another, " etc. goes a well known song. The Fulton family believes this philosophy and so a big REDBIRD SALUTE goes to Mrs. Clara Nalley, who volun- teers of her time and talents freely to assist whereever she is needed. A familiar figure on campus, usually in her ROTC uniform, Mrs. Nalley has also worked in the main office, library, sched- ule office, cafeteria, and class rooms, for five years. Mrs. Nal- ley has proven to be a friend to FHS. Each month the students at FHS are encouraged to showcase their skills and talents in visual arts by entering a drawing or painting in the on-going Artist of the Month contest. Any student may enter, regard- less of whether he is enrolled in an art class or not. Entries are judged by the art teachers and the winner ' s work is displayed in the library throughout that month. Shown in the photo above are winners and Ms. Nancy Flowers, sponsor. L-R: Michael Dorsey — October and Feb- ruary; Jeffery Cox — December and March (tied); and Mathis Col- quitt — November. Not shown are: Trina Hurley — January and Keith Foreman — March (tied). The painting in the photo is called V ILD FREEDOM by Michael Dorsey. MS. NANCY FLOWERS, SPONSOR Honors 35 SALUTE TO THECOACHSS A. Head Football Coach, athletic director B. Varsity baseball; varsity football offensive coordinator ass ' t. boys ' basketball C. Varsity boys ' track; varsity girls ' basketball; varsity football defensive coordinator. D. Varsity boys ' basketball E. B-team football and baseball F. B-team girls ' basketball; B-team boys ' football; varsity girls ' track G. Eighth grade boys ' football, basketball, track H, Eighth grade football I. Tennis; cross-country; soccer; ass ' t. football J. Eighth girls ' basketball; track K. Varsity golf L. B-team girts ' track M. Vorsfty rifle teom E. Robert Robinson F. Jesse Walton H. John Prey ear SOfinv NO PHOTO I. Don Doran K. John Davis L. Lynda Smith 36 Honors DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF CARL RAYMOND BRADFORD Mr. C.R. Bradford was a pioneer for several youth groups in the community, which included the Student Life Ministry, Youth Fellowship, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. For years he actively supported the Fulton High football and basketball teams and his presence was visible at both the intown and out-of-town games. After a year- long illness, Mr. Bradford passed away on January 27, 1 985. The graduating class of 1 985, faculty and staff of Fulton High School dedicate this page in the 1 985 Forum as a lasting memorial to the work and memory of Mr. Carl Raymond Bradford. Honors 37 — aaaa-j-.afiijifetow. . STAR STUDEILt jjhe senior who scores the highest on the SAT Stic Aptitude Test) is named the S iNT. This year the Star Student is Ho SrnrnOns of homeroom 12-1. Howard chose as his ISStar teacher, Mrs. Marcene Thornton. iS; Commenting on Howard ' s attributes as a stu- S|dent, Mrs. Thornton says, " Howard is an excell faroduct of the Information Age. One recogr " IB Sis high intellectual and academic abilities ain gj instantly. His versitility and knowledgeability j S kariety of disciplines is basically a result of | liotivation and his personal interests In his 4, iwf fbnment. These attributes distinguish him as ai { ;dent and make him a pleasurable challenge in! ■™ s :lassroom. | I My selection as his star teacher Is a disti ' ' nor. To know that Howard feels that I M tited to his educational growth and devel- itis a very great compliment. " , — ■ REFERENCE ■s« R am mmd ■ S " iilti ' " 1 __lliW m «»; wn. k K. S £3 TOP TEN GEORGIAN ALL SOUTH TOP 25 ALL SEC NATIONAL RANKING— TOP 35 DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE WEEK OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK EXTRA POINT CLUB 100% WRONG CLUB WQXI OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK SECOND TEAM ALL AMERICAN ATLANTA TOUCHDOWN CLUB ALL METRO ALL AMERICAN ALL CITY ALL AMERICAN ADDIAS ALL AMERICAN I To be called a BLUE CHIPPER— as well as a Isold chipper— as well as 5 player in the " loutheast — as well as 6 player in the nation, ietc, etc . . . Is enough to make any young man Iswell with pride and become ' self-important ' . Not so with Darrell Kenneybrew, who has racked up idny number of honors and awards (as shown), tfeven though his head must be in the clouds, his feet are planted firmly on the ground. GOOD LUCK, DARRELL!!! PISA Celebrates King, (left) and Pres. Molone Elaine Smith has the honor of being chosen the FIRST FEMALE BATTALION COMMANDER in the history of JROTC at Fulton. The battalion connmander is chosen from a group of second year cadets se- lected to come back for a third year and participate as officers in the JROTC. The cadets attend Officers Candidate School during the summer for seven days and compete with other schools as well as their peers from Fulton. The ca- dets graduate and receive a score for their participation. Their scores for their participation, attitude, ability, along with recommendations from the former battalion commander and superiors, are then taken into consideration and the battalion commander is then cho- sen. A REDBIRD SALUTE TO ELAINE!!! On page 171 of the Academic All- American Scholar Directory, Vol. II, is pictured EDWIN BERNARD WHITE, who was chosen for this honor be- cause of his excellence in ACA- DEMIC DISCIPLINES. To qualify for the program, a stu- dent must earn a 3.3 or better grade point average and be selected by a secondary school instructor, counsel- or or coach, as being among the schools top students. CONGRATS TO EDWIN!!! 40 Honors Adopt- A SchooI Program Atlanta Public Schools, in a cooperat- ive effort with the Atlanta Partnership of Business Education, launched the ADOPT-A-SCHOOL program. A school adoption by a firm or college simply means the administration of the firm an- d or college and the principal of the school have agreed that the two institu- tions are in an adopter-adoptee rela- tionship and that certain things will be done together. This relationship will help individual students improve achieve- ment levels in reading, writing and arith- metic, while having real life exposure to the ' world of work ' and job opportuni- ties. It will develop a more positive con- tact between adults and young people and help youth to see how their educa- tional experience relates to their future career choices. FHS has been adopted by CLAYTON JUNIOR COLLEGE and the FLEMING CORP. Shown here are personnel from Clayton Junior College and Fulton at the signing of the ADOPT-A- SCHOOL agreement between the college and FHS. SEATED— L-R: Dr. Harry S. Downs, president of Clayton Jr. College; Mrs. B.D. McLemore; Dr. Lowrie A. Fraser, Systems representative for the Adopt- A-School program. STANDING— L-R: Dr. Billy R. Nail, Dean of CJC; Mrs. Margaret Fletcher; Mr. William Shepherd; Mrs. Georgia Bartley — all of FHS and Mr. Matt A. Murphy, Minority Recruiter from CJC. Honors 41 THE CARNEGIE FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF TEACHING Award for the Promotion of Excellence In Education This is to Certify Has been selected as a winner in the national Carnegie Grants Program for High School Improvement Competition, April, 1984. a sr . ( Z w. — Scott D. Thomson ' Executive Director National Association of Secondary School Principals W.M. Marcussen President Atlantic pichfield Foundation President The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching In 1983-84, FHS applied for and was awarded the prestigious Carnegie Grant for High School Improvement Award. The purpose as set forth in the application was: to involve English teachers in developing a Writing Laboratory to improve students writing, thinking, and speaking skills. The funds from the grant are being expended for teacher training and Consultants, with a portion used to teach a short writing course for students and parents. ' 42 Honors a ' a o r s OPEN DOOR STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM The Open Door Student Exchange program allows students from abroad to come to the U.S. and vice-versa to participate in a variety of programs, including: School Visit Program (3 months), School Semester Program {5 months) or School Year ProgramdO months). Coming to the U.S. and FHS for a semester this year was TAMI MANOR, from Israel. Tami was the house guest of the Lukes — Mr. and Mrs. Larry Luke, Wendy and Larry. Shown in the photo are Mr. Larry Luke, Mrs. B.D. McLemore, Tami Manor (exchange student), Gov. Joe Frank Harris, Wendy Luke and Mrs. Larry Luke. 44 - Mr. and Miss Supertiser the titles given to the seni young man and young lady w ing in the most (total mone idvertising or complimentd i for the Forum. This yeai .,Jmmendations go to Pome Bradford, who was the highe solicitor and Edwin White, se ond highest. ABRADFO - A . 1 B k X p A f ■ 1 L £« CO TheCma Matom For three years Mrs. Thelma Malone has been the guiding spirit before the Fulton PTSA {Parent, Teacher, Student Assoc). It is her philosophy that at the TOP is the only place to be and she has consistently striven to put Fulton ' s PTSA where it is— AT THE TOP. In 1 982-83 the PTSA increased in membership from 260 to 801 , the highest increase of any local unit in the state. In 1 983-84 the unit was 1 00% and had the highest membership in APS resulting in being the Most Outstanding Unit in 1 982 thru 1 984. For two years the local unit has been 1 00 % , meaning every home in the school was represented in the PTSA — this year ' s unit is ! ,266 members strong. A very humble and gracious person, honoring someone else is what Mrs. Malone loves to do. She is constantly saying and doing nice things for Fulton ' s faculty and its student body and her co-workers in the PTSA. A full-time Public Health Nurse, the wife of Rev. Willie Malone, the mother of Rodney, Owen, Coata, Marquette and Sir- quette and the Aunt of Nancy and Tracy, Mrs. Malone has a busy schedule, but she has made Fulton and its welfare her full-time job also. The torch will be passed on to someone else next year and so the REDBIRDS GIVE A GREAT BIG REDBIRD SALUTE TO A SUPER PRES.!!! 46 TEACHER OF tHE EAR Mrs. Washington competed with other teachers in Area II school ' s for the Atlanta Public School ' s Teacher of the Year and was selected as a semi- finalist. Mrs. Washington, who is an honor graduate of Alabama A M University in Huntsville, Alabama received a M.S. degree in biology from Atlanta University, and she studied at several other colleges and universities. Mrs. Washington ' s position as a science teacher is not limited to class- room teaching; she is involved in community and extra-curricular activities such as the PTSA, Health Fairs, Booster Club activities. Mrs. Washington ' s philosophy of education is that, " Education must be in the direction of students ' involvement and decision making in an atmo- sphere free of authoritarian restraints. In this atmosphere of rights, privi- leges and responsibilities, the student can develop advantageously as both a student and a young adult. " There is no magic plan to teaching, but along with a lot of love, she has learned that students will respond through compliments a s well as helpful advise. tAr. Vernon Ford Assistant Principal A native Atlantan, educated in Georgia, Mr. Vernon Ford joined the Redbird family on February 1 1 , bringing with him a wealth of experience. Mr. Ford attended Smith High School, graduated from Henry County High and did his undergraduate and graduate work at Georgia State University. He was a teacher of mathematics and assistant principal at Murphy High for 1 2 V2 years; at Area II office for I year and at Roosevelt High for 4 years prior to coming to Fulton. Mr. Ford is married to Rena; has two children — son, Doug, 21 and daughter, Sandi, 17. The Redbird family welcomes you, Mr. Vernon Ford!!! w w H A P P l j}.rs Fioon ' wiL Vi ' SS }QU M, ■ 1 M 48 The early morning hours provide a variety of sights even before the school day is officially underway. Cars parked at the curb signify staff members scurrying to beat the 8 o ' clock bell. °l am the Corridor, the friendships made within me are among the most important aspects of excellence in education because success in life depends as much on learning how to communicate and work with other people as it does on the formal and technical knowledge you learn in the classroom. 50 Features BST KMATICS R[4D,MG ORTH FULTON 93 FULTON 62- An Olympian Odyssey At FHS in 1984-85, the emphasis has been on EXCELLENCE . . . taking the majestic, long, adventurous jour- ney to the TOP. To the top in BST, CAT, Sports, Blood Drive, ROTC, at- tendance and all other phases of school life. - . ' ' i ' ' : ' ' ■ ' .■ " i i ' -i Features 51 WHO? 52 Features There ' s some- thing about being a student at F,H.S. It ' s like living on a big sphere in the middle of space where you can see, hear, run, walk, sit, stand, stretch and take advantage of all the experiences that surround you. 54 WORDS O F THE YEAR Varsity Boys ' Basketball Coach WILLIE SHEPHERD, sharing his views on hard work and determination: " HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, AND FAITH ARE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS IN GOAL ATTAINMENT; HOWEVER, IT IS WELL THAT WE REALIZE THAT NOT REACHING A GOAL DOES NOT INDICATE FAILURE. WE FAIL ONLY WHEN WE DO NOT SET GOALS FOR OURSELVES AND DILIGENTLY WORK TOWARD THEM, WE WILL BE BIGGER PEOPLE AND BETTER CITIZENS FOR HAVING DONE SO. " MRS. CAROLYN CROWDER, District II School Board representative stressing the insignificance of environment on success: " IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM, AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING. " Head football coach, WILLIE HUNTER commenting on the importance of an education to an athlete: " EDUCATION SHOULD BE UPPER MOST IN AN ATHLETE ' S MIND. HE SHOULD STRIVE AS HARD TO DEVELOP NOT ONLY HIS FOOTBALL SKILLS BUT OTHER SKILLS NECESSARY TO FUNCTION IN THE ACADEMIC WORLD. ATHLETICS IS A MEANS TOWARD AN END. WITHOUT EDUCATION ATHLETICS BECOMES A DEAD END ' STREET. " Junior CARRIE STAFFORD noting that she has had a change in attitude towards education: " IN 1 980, WHEN I ENTERED FULTON I DID NOT REALIZE MY TRUE POTENTIAL AS AN ATHLETE. I MERELY PLAYED THE GAME OF BASKETBALL FOR THE FUN OF IT. HOWEVER, WITH THE HELP OF MY TEACHERS AND LOVED ONES, I FINALLY BEGAN TO FEEL MY FUTURE AND HONEST POSSIBLITY FOR SUCCESS. I CHANGED MY ATTITUDE TOWARD FRIENDSHIP AND LATER MY ATTITUDE TOWARD EDUCATION. SINCE THIS REALIZATION MY FUTURE AS AN ATHLETE, STUDENT AND RESPONSIBLE ADULT IS BRIGHTER THAN EVER. " As the nation ' s 6 offensive football player, senior DARRELL KENNYBREW gives advice to aspiring student athletes: " TO ALL OF THE STUDENT ATHLETE ' S, I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU TO TRY TO DO THE BEST YOU CAN IN SCHOOL: DON ' T PUT SPORTS IN FRONT OF EDUCATION, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU ' RE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF AND NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN; SO WHAT EVER YOU DO, TRY TO BALANCE OUT EDUCATION AND WHATEVER YOU PLAN TO PLAY— ITS JUST LIKE IF YOU BREAK ONE OF YOUR LEGS, YOU HAVE ONE TO FALL BACK ON. WHAT I ' M SAYING IS, GET YOUR EDUCATION SO IF YOU GET HURT, YOU HAVE YOUR DEGREE TO FALL BACK ON AND YOU CAN STILL GET A GOOD JOB. " ANTHONY BUTTS, the nation ' s 2 defensive football player sought by 88 schools responding to the pressures of Choosing: " THE ONLY DECISION BIGGER THAN THIS ONE, IS DECIDING WHO YOU ARE GOING TO MARRY. " 56 Features Features 57 WE ARE SHARING TOP-LEFT: Two TOP REDBIRDS, Miss Fulton, Mia Rogers and this yeor ' s HONOREE, Evander Holyfield, share a quiet moment. BOTTOM-LEFT: Each year at Thanksgiving, the FHS family shares with those families of unfortunate circumstances. Student government officers, Jimmy Jones, vice-president; Mia Rogers, president and Nathan Williams stand with Mrs. McLemore, displaying some of the baskets that will be given to make someone happy. BOTTOM-RIGHT: Rev. Zebulon Ellis, popular neighborhood pastor and the Thanksgiving Assembly speaker, share a smile with some Fulton students who are perhaps his members. 58 Now really, folks! Does the smile on his face mean you ore NOT in trouble? ? ? ? Did you know that administrators are people . . . and they have fun, too????? 59 YOUTH MOTIYA TION DA Y February, 1985 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK Theme: VOCATIONAL EDUCATION; IT WORKS The first three hours of each day provide practical application in science, wood- shop and typing, OR . . . other methods of SELF-EXPRES- SION. New realms open at FHS as students come toge ther in a unity for the purpose of learning. It ' s in the living of each day and each exper- ience that lets us grow and unlock new dimensions of our own being. 62 We come to school to learn about a truth we can meet and witness. And in searching for it, we find o common bond which ties us together with more strength. Our teachers help us to discover these truths through gen- tle persuasion and guidance, but most of all, we help each other by caring enough to give our time. ' ■I l 1 1 ■ 1 » j R » 1 .V :. f ■ 1 B 1 1 1 SSi. ' I HJ -. v JH 4 A " ' " • - r i ft iH r ■ »» " Vt ! ■ Shepherd, Mrs. M. Thornton, Mrs. jot Governor ' s Prayer Breakfast. •;re m- M ' Mn % ' t . If V i» r ' ' • ' OcHE Mignay j evsixvs ff 1 Tracy Rachell 63 Harris Banks 64 Robert Smith 50 Kevin Brown 73 Randy Smith 72 Marvin Howard 77 Anthony Butts 54 David Rocker 83 Darrell Kennybrew 7 Anthony Slaton 67 Rodrick Johnson 41 Chris McGee 15 Jose Griffin 1 1 Oscar Cain 17 Kirby Early 86 Rickey Blake 51 Meco Favors 52 Lamer Brown 53 William Wynn 55 Milton Welch 2 Shelton Gresham 60 Gregory George 22 Marcellus Brower 20 Jerald Dalton 14 Booker Wheat 21 Darrell McWhorther 84 William Shaw 10 Melvin Spearman 3 Tony Russell 5 Frednck White 25 Charles Jackson 26 Earnest McGee 86 Billy Cobb 44 Lewis Fleming 33 Terrell Allen Starting Offense Starting (Defense 1 St row left to right: W. Shaw, T. Rus- sell, M. Spearman, F. White, C. Jack- son 2nd row left to right: B. Wheat, T. Rachell, D. Kennybrew, R. Blake, E. McGee, K. Early. Receivers 1st row left to right: K. Brown, M. Favors, L. Brown, W. Wynn, D. Rocker. 2nd row left to right: M. Welch, K. Early, H. Banks, G. George, R. Johnson 3rd row left to right: B. Wheat, M. Howard, A. Butts, R. Smith MM Litietnen 1st row left to right: W. Shaw, M. Spearman, T, Russell, F. White, B. Cobb 2nd row left to right: E. McGee, T. Allen, M. Browner, R. Blake, S. Gresham, C. Jackson, J. Dalton, L. Fleming. 3rd row left to right: D. McWhorther, J. Griffen, B. Wheat, D. Kennybrew, C. McGee, O. Cain, A. Slaton, T. Ra- chell. Defensive Backs ' • Si fMi left to right: Tracy Rachell, Kevin Brown, Darrell Kennybrew, Anthony Butts. 1st row: left to right: E.McGee, W. Show, T. Russell, F. White, B. Cobb. 2nd row: left to right: J. Griffen, T. Rachell, C. Jackson. 3rd row: left to right: K. Brown, B. Wheat, A. Butts, D. Kennybrew, R. Smith left to right: Owen Malone, Coach R. Turner, Victor Bowles c a P t a I n s Sports 69 ' 3 1. .kN..!L r- sW M--?— ■ " ». - 70 - T ' i: . L L 71 y A R s I T Y B O Y S ' B A S K E T B A L L Tyrone Brinson — Trainer Albert Bell 33 Eric Wortham 25 Darrell Kennybrew 22 Melvin Weems 23 David Rocker 34 Keith Herring 45 James Parris 12 Melvin Spearman 10 Jonathan Tukes 24 Walden Thomas 13 Alforia Hightower 15 William Wynn 41 Steven Bailey 11 72 Sports i Captains and Coach Darrell Kennybrew, Coach William Shepherd, Melvin Weems Darnell Kennybrew, Jonathan Tukes, James Parris, Steven " Sleepy " Bailey, Melvin Weems Sports 73 74 Sports B A L L Adrian Willis Brenda Davis Allicia Flournoy Patricia Crawford Michelle King April Reddicks Rhonda Thompson Stephanie Tatum Trina Beatles Carrie Stafford Adrian Willis, Coach Alvin Neeson, Carrie Stafford 75 76 Sports Sports 77 c " a B A S K E T B A L L 78 s o c c E R Top row; L-R Meco Fovers, Morcus Jones, Coach Duron, Vmcient Honey, Keith Carter, Anthony Jones, Lorcell Banning, Kenneth Couhoun, Reginald Cloud, Keyword Dorsey, Coach Perdue, Willie Bennett Middle row: L-R James Freeman, Victor Bowles, Roji Allen (Capt ), Kevin Brown, Willie Savage, Howard Simmons Bottom row Tim Owens, Tigris Mahone, Roderick Johnson, Eric Honey, William Peer, Tony Pierce 80 . " H BI B ' ' ' ■ fc- — JC- hti fk 3A i ml U " ■H jO i ' P JAt . This year ' s VARSITY CHEERLEADERS were most rewarded with talent, enthusiasm, Pep, and not to mention energy. The Varsity Cheerleaders are instructed by Mrs. L. Dan- iels and captained by Valerie Eason, Darsha Huguley, Aremeal Smith, Wanda White, and Cappreccia Cherry. The remaining members are t Elizabeth Neely, Bar- bara Wise, Tanger Ste- ward, Felecia Black, Pa- mela White, Victoria Harris and Stephanie Tatum. The Little Miss Varsity Cheerleader is Jane McLemore who is not pictured. The B-Team Cheerleaders are carefully selected by several cate- gories which include originality, pose, and beauty. These cheer- leaders consist of Malesha Carter, Cap.; Denelda Gardner, Co-Cap.; Tenesia Sterling, Monique Spurl- ing, Raquel Durham, Kametha Scott, Consula Miller, and Felecia Perry. B C T h e e e a r m I e a d e r 82 iii ' Mrs. C. Tripp and Mrs. L. Harris ore the dedicated sponsors of this spirited and energetic group, which is called the CARDINALETTES. The captains are Sa- brina McCullough and Anita Goodman. The other members are JoAnn Boggs, Pamela Bradford, Agetsha Smith, Mig- non Render, and Se- lina Calhoun. The mascot is Marquette Malone who is not pictured, CON- GRATULATIONS to Pamela Bradford who was named " MOST IMPROVED CARDINALETTE! " miss VARSIT9 CHEERLEADER Wanda UKite The Officers Of The FBLA Are: Pres. M. Dankins, Vice Pres. A. Good- man, Business Managers: D. Lett C. Johnson, Sec. T. Small, Par. C. Benning, Ass. Sec. M. Durham, Hist. J. Boggs. The FBLA members who should receive special recognition are M. Dankins A. Goodman and S. Ward, who were dele- gates at the Fall Leadership Confer- ence. M. Dankins was the Team Leader at the Fall Leadership Conference. HomERoom 10-1 Tops in attendance for the first two 20 day periods, Homeroom 10-1 isconstantly in the fore-front in all areas striving to maintain the honor of being (10-1 .) Several individuals have brought " home " honors: Christopher Weems was a finalist in the Governor ' s Honor program in Language Arts and Belinda Arm- strong was a nominee in the same program for Science. Michelle King was named " Miss Sophomore and Bren- da Nash has the honor being 1 0th grade presi- dent, Rhonda Thomp- son and Melissa Sag- gua are also 1 0th grade officers — Vice- President and Treasur- er respectively. Homeroom officers are: Sabrina McLaugh- lin, Pres; Ferron Pitt- man, V-Pres.; Brenda Nash, Secretary and Melissa Saggus, Trea- surer. Mrs. L.M. Kellar is the advisor. Homeroom 8-8 The members of Home- room 8-8 are new Redbirds who come from several surrounding elementary schools. They have elect- ed to follow President Diedre McConnell and Vice-President, Quentin Gates. These " Go-Get- ters " were the top home- room in sales for the PTSA Candy sale, with third in in- dividual sales. Ms. L. Smith is their advisor. HOMBnOOM 8 rtiA The Future Homemak- ers of America are com- prised of an advisor, Mrs. V.R. Cofield, along with of- ficers: Natasha Carswell, President; Marcilla Ben- son, Vice President; Sher- rell Tye, Secretary; Sharon Foster, Treasurer; Celes- hne Woodland, Parliamen- tarian, and club members: J. Albright, F. Benson, C. Broomfield, C. Cherry, M. Cunningham, B. Davis, G. Gray, J. Jackson, D. Mitch- sll, H. Nix, N. Toomer, K. Walker, R, Williams, and A. Sims. The organization ■node great strides this ear by achieving Honor Roll in State. Anticipated projects are: To adopt a senior Citizen at Imperial Cursing Home to visit Tionthly; adopt a unit at 3rady Hospital to deco- ote monthly. The Medical Careers Club is made up of individuals who are interested in a career in on allied medical field. Their variety of activities includes: mak- ing Thanksgiving baskets for the needy, visiting their adopted unit at Grady Hospi- tal to take fruit, books, and provide joy at Christmas. The Officers of the Medical Careers Club are: Pres. T. Pearce, V. Pres. K. Smith, Sec. T. Stewart, Treas. D. Graves, and oth- er members includ e: M. Creech, T. Manor, M. Butler, T. Green, D. Robinson, J. Mays, M. Benning: Miss Allied Medical Careers Club, Danielle Graves. The Medical Ca- reers Club Advisor is Mrs. B. Winston. MEDICAL CAMERSCLU8 The Drama Club Advisor is Mrs. B.J. Nunnally. The Presi- dent of the Drama Club is Bar- bara Wise. In the Spring of 1 985, the Drama Club will be featuring the musical play, " Purlie. " 86 Clubs Organizations The members of Homeroom 8-4 are: Front Row L. to R. Kerry Heard, Anthony Bailey, Takia Dodson, Cara Peters, Capri Mitchell and Edward Hightower. Second Row L. to R: Rhonda Buron, Naomi Donkins, Ramona Fannin, Morketeio Gant, Andril Brewer, Sharon Williams and Nathaniel Whatley, Third Row L. to R: Dedrina Steele, Sylvester Evans, Romondo Davidson, Ramonn Carter, Desmond Brown, Derrick Sanfield, Eugene Robinson, Yolando Murphy and Stephanie Strozier. Homeroom officers are President: Desmond Brown; Vice President, Sylvester Evans; Secretary, Nathaniel Whatley; Treasury, Andril Brewer. Homeroom Teacher is Mrs. H. Walker. Clubs Organizations 87 CarcCirud Stci Five times during the school year, the Cardi- nal Staff presents to the Redbird Country the of- ficial school paper filled with news of Redbirds and other interesting matters. Leading the competent staff are: Dorcus Crumbley, Edi- tor: Christopher Weems and Sharon Beatles, Co- Editors: Mia Rogers, Lay-Out Artist. Other staffers are: Sherri Gates, Michelle King, Nathan Williams, Mar- vin Howard, Anthony Darden, Brenda Nash, Wendy Neal, Robin McLaughlin and Jimmy Jones. Mrs. T. Williams is the advisor. Experiencing new horizons and new to the Redbird Country are these members of Homeroom 8- 1 1 . Encouraged by Advisor, Mrs. B. Buster with the fact that attendance Is the pre-requisite to learning, these sub freshmen achieved above 96% in attendance for the first reporting period. Homeroom officers are: President, Angela Barney; Vice President, Enrique Jones; Secretary, Ta- meka Brown; Asst. Secretary, Douglas McWilliams and Treasurer, Cassandra McCullough. Clubs Organizations THE SPANISH ClUB Habia usted espanol? Studying this second Language are: First row: C.Hollis, P.Cothran, L. Wooten, J. Doiton, M. Smith, K. Perdue. Second Row: D. Minus, W. Thomas, D. Smith, S. Gates, T. Andrews, L. Bridges, C. Peavy, D. Dofabs. Third Row; Z. Barnes, D. Rocker, D. Heard, B. Nosh, D. King, C. Wright, T, Harris, S. Clay. Fourth Row: Senor Rogers, Y. Fleming, M. Saggus, S. James, R. Thomas, D. Brown, B. Wright. Fifth Row: S. McLaughlin, B. Rosser, K.Rosser, A. Lowe, M. James. Mr. and Miss SPANISH CLUB Jerald Dalton and Darsha Huguley Club Officers are: Melissa Saggus, Tres. Yvonne Fleming, Pari. Jerald Dalton, King. Mary Smith, Pres.Katonia Perdue, Sec. Michelle King, V-Pres. Clubs Organizations 89 ' r " r MR. RICKEY DIXSON, BAND DIRECTOR The Band Officers are those who promote the band ' s every need. They are, President — William Belcher, Vice President — Dominic Smith, Secretary — Kymberly Barber, Treasurer — Wendy Neal, Chaplain — Alphea Sharpe, Spirit Master — Maurice Benning. As a reward for the band ' s outstanidng performances they go on an annual trip. This year the marching Redbirds sailed to Freeport Bahamas and also they showed their talents off in Orlando, Florida. Each summer the " Drill Team " participates in Jerry ' s Drill Team Camp, this year three of our " Drill Team " members were nominated to the All Star Drill Team. They ore Yolanda Hamilton, Donzala Moreland, and Tamika Alexander, The following students have Musically Achieved goals because of which they are selected to the Who ' s Who in Music: Angela Astin, Glenn Barbour, Maurice Benning, Mechelle Butler, Bernard Dixon, Anthony Gates, Reta Lowe, Kimberiy McClain, Delano Robinson, Alphea Sharpe, Alicia Taylor. The following band members has been selected to the All American Hall of Fame. Glenn Barbour, William Belcher, Maurice Benning, Mechelle Butler, Bernard Dixon, Montreal Mcintosh, Wendy Neal, Dominic Smith, Alicia Taylor, Edwin White. Instrumental Section of the year, " Trumpets " Auxiliary Section of the year, " Drill Team " . Classy Clarinets Magnetic Majorettes t%-% « »- " « te»i:-v«- . ' ' ' . ' ;« ' ■ - ' -CSS Dancing Drummajors «r- - «. , .- v % l rv i ' (5 Dynamic Drummers Lower Brass Clubs Organizations 9 1 s E N I O R N A T I O N A L H O N O R S O C I E T Y This organization was developed to recognize students who have achieved scholastically. The requirements are A) sophomore with a 3.50 GPA, B) strong leadership abilities, C) good character and D) a willingness to serve. These four requirements must be kept and maintained until a student graduates. The cur- rent members are; S. Beatles, K. Brooks, A. Chambers, D. Heard, M. Howard, S. James, J. Jones, W. Luke, R. McLaughlin, M. Rogers, M. Spearman, A. Taylor, N. Williams, and Tomi Manor who was an honorary member from Isreal. The special personnel consists of Nathan Williams: President, Marvin Howard; Vice President, Angela Chambers; Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon Beatles; Asst. Secretary-Treasurer. Mr . John Smith and Mrs. Bonnie Williamson, sponsors, are proud of this year ' s Society. 92 Clubs Organizations Freshmen 9-4 are proud of their president, Micheal Tophia: Vice President, Willie Patten; Secretary, Melvin Griffin and Treasurer, Danny Parsons. Other class members are A. Brewster, M. Brown, J. Garden, T. Davis, R. Durham, F. Fort, A. Howard, A. Johnson, S. McKneely, J. Morris, J. Mitchell, S. Rice, T. Sanders, K. Walker, C. Weems, and R. Williams. Mrs. F. White, advisor. H O M £ R O O M 9-2 Proud to be part of the CLASS OF ' 88, Homeroom 9-2 poses with their advisor, Mrs. N. Flowers. Officers are: President, Micheal Smith; Vice-President, Denelda Gardner; Secretary, Barbara Strong; and Treasurer, Stephanie Thomas Clubs Organizations 93 E T MRS, M, FLETCHER, SPONSOR C L 13 OFFICERS Anthony Darden, President Hiram Stegall, Vice President Sharon Beatles, Secretary Mia Rogers, Treasurer MEMBERS Karia Durham Jimmy Jones Sharon Laney Elaine Smith Edwin White Nathan Williams 94 Clubs Organizations CHORUS 6 f miSS CHORUS vonne FletningJ Mrs. Bettye J. Buster Choral Director The Choral program at Fulton con- sists of the 8th 9th grade chorus, the Intermediate chorus and the Advanced chorus. Students who have talent or who simply like to sing may join by con- tacting the director, Mrs. Buster. The chorus performs for various as- semblies, presents a Christmas Concert in conjunction with the band and or- chestra and performs at Baccaulaur- eate. The chorus anticipates perform- ing at Festivals for chorus as well as solos. 1st Platoon — " C Company 2nd Platoon — ' C Company 96 Clubs and Organizations Color Guard Drum Bugle 1 St Platoon — ' B ' Company 2nd Platoon — ' B ' Company 3rd Platoon — ' C Company Rifle Team Clubs and Organizations 97 HOmEROOm 12-1 nir .ID. Elder , Advisor Always striving to be TOPS and remain on top once there, Homeroom 12-1 chose for 1984- 85 officers: Wendy Neal, pres dent, Sharon Beatles, vice-president; Dorcus Crumbley, secre- tary; Antfiony Dorden, treasurer. Other members of this homeroom are: 1 . Steven Bailey 14. Tonya Mines 2. Johnny Barnes 15. Stephanie Johnson 3. William Belcher 16. Jimmy Jones 4. Christopher Bennings 17. Sabrina McCullough 5. Carles Bowden 18. Antionette McLaughlin 6. Anthony Burney 19. Therick Mosley 7. Anthony Butts 20. Tracy Rhodes 8. Joe Clark 21. Mia Rogers 9. Demetrius Cook 22. Howard Simmons 10. Tonya Dodson 23. Elaine Smith 1 1 . Stacie Goode 24. Tammy Smith 12. Anita Goodman 25. Hiram Sfegall 13. Cyril Gresham 26. Natham Williams The members of the Student Council are truly models for the student body to emulate They are ACHIEVERS. Some of the members who have achieved are: Jimmy Jones — Proficiency Medal, Ga. State Certificate of Merit; Mia Rogers — Ga. State Certificate of Merit; Sharon Beatles — Member of Model U.N. The Council annually sponsors Black History Month in February, the Blood Drive in March, the Talent Show in April and Student Elections in May. Mrs. Louise Larkin is the advisor. HOMERODM II -I OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mia Rogers VICE PRESIDENT Jimmy Jones SECRARY Antoinette McLaughlin TREASURER Deborah Lett MEMBERS AT LARGE Anthony Darden Wendy Neal s T U D E N T O u N C I ROSTER T. Abney F. Bailey H. Banks F. Black, Jr. Class Secretary A. Chambers, Secretary S. Darden M. Derricott S. Dorsey C Eason T. Evans L. Greene V. Hams Z. Hooks M. Howard, Treasurer; 1 among Jrs, S James, Jr. Class V- President, 2 R. Johnson S. Lewis W. Luke, Jr. Class President, Miss Jr. Civitan K. Lundy T. Manor R. Mclaughlin D. Newton C, Owens D. Peavy Y. Peek K, Perdue F. Prothro M. Spearman A. Taylor, Miss Band Z- Thompson, Miss Literary Club S. Tye, President W. White, Vice- president; Miss Cheerleader V. Wright ri TT J cr " Zl 5 Q Zl Q Z] Q n c • i Jonzo Crim Superintendent Atlanta Public Schools Mr. Alvin Dawson Superintendent, Area II Mrs. Bessie D. McLemore Principal Fulton — 1 years Mr. A. Z. Holloway Assistant Principal Fulton — 15 years Mrs. Donna Sellen Assistant Principal Fulton — 4 years 1 Mr. Leroy Safford Mr. Robert Simpson T3- m Mr. G. Morris Ms. Mary Thomas s ' EcmLisrs A builder builded a temple; He wrought with care and skill; Pillars and groins and arches Were fashioned to meet his will; And men said when they saw it ' s beauty; " It shall never know decay. Great is thy skill, O Builder, Thy fame shall endure for aye. " Gone is the builder ' s temple; Crumpled into the dust. Pillar and groins and arches Food for consuming rust; But the temple the teacher builded Shall endure while the ages roll; For that beautiful, unseem temple Was a child ' s immortal soul. A teacher builded a temple; She wrought with skill and care; Forming ch pillar with patience. Laying each stone with prayer. None saw the unceasing effort; None knew of the marvelous plan; For the temple the teacher builded Was unseen by the eyes of man. Mrs. Lucinda Amos Morris Brown — B.A. Moth — Fulton — 4 yrs. Ms. Lyneve Anderson Go. Southern — B.S. P.E.— Fulton— 25 yrs. Mrs. Robbie Anderson Clark College— B.A. Math — Fulton — 6 yrs. Mrs. Carolyn Barnett Morris Brown — B.S. Math — Fulton — 10 yrs. Mrs. Mary Jo Barnett Attendance Office Fulton — 16 yrs. Ms. Marian Baker Clark College— A.B. N.Y.U.— M.A. Counselor — Fulton — 9 yrs. 1 04 Faculty y ' Col. James Bishop Jacksonville St.— B.S. ROTC— Fulton— 8 yrs. Mrs. Georgia Bartley Savannah St. — B.S. Atlanta U — M.A Counselor — Fulton — 16 yrs Mr. Edward Bowman Morns Brown — A.B. Science — Fulton — 1 5 yrs. Mr. Dave Brock U of Miami U. of Howaii M.S. Plonetonum— Fulton— 9 yrs. Mrs. Sadie Brooks Spelman — B.A Atlanta U — M A Soc St. — Fulton — 16 yrs. Mrs. Bettye J. Buster Mary Allen College — B.A Tex. Southern U — M Mus Ed. Chorus Yearbook — Fulton — 4 yrs Mr. Willie Carmichael Morns Brown — B.A Atlanta U— M A Science — Fulton — 17 yrs. ' • - ' ' ,. ' ' r.ii Mrs. Alice Cason Pora-professional Fulton — 1 ' , ' 2 yrs. «i) . Mrs. Barbara Cathcart Sacred Heart College — B A. Go. State— M.Ed. Language Arts — Fulton — 15 yrs. Mrs. Robbie Clark Pome College — B.A Howord U. — M A Voc Ed —Fulton— 15 yrs Mrs. Versie Cofield Spelman — B.S Go State— M Ed Voc Ed —Fulton— 10 yrs Faculty 105 Mrs. Brenda Cox Clork College— B.A. Ga. State— M.Ed. Bus. Ed.— Fulton— 8 yrs. Mrs. Helen Crutchfield Library — Fulton — 2 yrs. Mrs. Leila Daniels Kentucky U., Atlanta U.— B.S. P.E.— Fulton— 6 yrs. Teaching is . . . Counseling and guiding Giving sympathetic understanding Seeking to develop character in your students Respecting your fellow workers Being the kind of teacher you ' d want for your children Keeping abreast of thrends ' " Mrs. Sandra Douglas Go. St. U.— B.S.— M.Ed. Language Arts — Fulton — 3 yrs. a Sgt. John Davis Dekalb Community College — Ass. Degree St. Leo— B.A. ROTC— Fulton— I6yrs. Mr. William Davis Columbus College — B.S. Go. State U.— M.A. Soc. St. — Fulton — 2 yrs. Mr. Ricky Dixson Ala. St. U.— B.S. Band — Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Evelyn Dortch FAMU— B.A. Language Arts — Fulton — 16 yrs. Mrs. Gwen Page Dunncville Spelmon — B.S. Atlanta U.,— Go. St. U — MA. Language Arts — Fulton — 8 yrs. Mr. Walt Elder Clark College— B.A. Soc. St. — Fulton — 6 yrs. § Mrs. Margaret Fletcher Ga. State— M. Ed. Language Arts — Fulton — 1 5 yrs. 106 Faculty Mrs. Nancy Flowers Murray St.— B.S.— B.F.A. Art — Fulton — 7 yrs. Ms. JoAnne Foster Fort Valley State— B.S.—M. Ed. Language Arts — [Fulton — 3 yrs. P Mrs. Johnnie Freeman Schedule Office — Fulton — 4 yrs. Mr. Bobby Grimes Savannah St. — B.S. Automotive — Fulton — 5 yrs. Mr. Glenn Grissett Tuskegee Institute — B.S. Soc. St.— Fulton— 10 yrs. Sgt. Tommie Harris Saint Leo — B.A. ROTC— Fulton— 7 yrs. Ms. Susie Halton Savannah St. — B.S. Go. State— M.Ed. P.E— Fulton— 6 yrs. Mr. Jack Holt Memphis St. U.— B.S.; U. of Tenn. — M.S. Soc. St.— Fulton— 1 1 yrs. Ms. Lena C. Harris Clark College— B.A. Atlanta U.— M.A. Language Arts — Fulton — 1 Vi yrs. Mrs. Winda Horton Clark College— B.A., M.B. Ed. Go. State— Ed.S. Bus. Ed.— Fulton— 10 yrs. Ms. Melody Joan Houk Youngstown State — B.M. Orchestra — Fulton — 1 yr. Faculty 107 Photo not Mrs. Jency Jones Morris Brown — B. . Soc. St. — Fulton — 8 yrs. Mr. Willie Hunter Ft. Valley St.— B.S. Head Football Coach — Soc. St. Fulton — 8 yrs. Ms. Catherine Jefferson Glassboro St. — B.A. Math — Fulton — 5 yrs. Mrs. Marjorie Jones Morris Brown — M.A. Language Arts — Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Sara Hutcherson Morris Brown — B.S. Fisk— M.S.Ed. Science — Fulton — 7 yrs. Mrs. Julia Johnson Spelman — B.A. Atl. U.— M.A. Science — Fulton — 14 yrs. Mr. Ronald Jones Savannah St. — B.S. New York U.— M.A. Woodshop — Fulton — 4 yrs. 1-. Mrs. Louise H. Larkin Spelman — B.A. Atlanta U.— MSLS Librarian — Fulton — 14 yrs. f ■. Mrs. Portia Ligon U. Cincinnati — B.A. Moth — Fulton — 4 yrs. Ms. Gloria Lott Morris Brown — B.S. Math — Fulton — 2 yrs. Mrs. Carolina Marshbourne U. of North Carolina— A. B. Ga. State— M.Ed. Counselor — Fulton — 13 yrs. 1 08 Faculty Mr. Billy R. Mears Memphis St.— B.S. U. ot Alabama— M, A. Counselor — Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Rosie B. McCoy Albany St —B.S. Voc. Ed.— Fulton— 9 yrs. Mrs. Lois McKellar Fort Valley— B.S. Math — Fulton — 13 yrs. Mrs. Marcia McLendon Clark College— B.A Bus. Ed —Fulton— 10 yrs. Mrs. Carnella Mitchell Morns Brown — B.A. Art — Fulton — 7 yrs. Mrs. Annette Moore Paine College— B.S. Go. State— M. A. Hearing — Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Patricia Moore Tuskegee Institute — B.S. Soc. St. — Fulton— 7 ' 2 yrs. Ms. Barbara Morris Southern U— B.S Math — Fulton— 1 4 yrs. Mr. Alvin Neeson Morris Brown — B.A. Atlanta U— M A. P.E. Girls ' Varsity B ' ball Fulton — 1 3 yrs. _ Teaching is . . . Correcting papers Planning lessons Working with individual students Supervising auxiliary personnel Knowing when to listen and when to act Mrs. Barbara Nuuually Morns Brown — A.B Language Arts — Fulton — 12 yrs Mrs. Gwendolyn Payton Clark College— B.S. Go. State— M. Ed. Math — Fulton— 7 yrs. Faculty 109 Mrs. Jacqueline Penn Alabama St.— B.S. Bus. Ed.— Fulton— 16 yrs. Mrs. Betty Powell Language Arts - H k i " i , " 1 1 ' Mrs. Brenda Powers Clark College— B.A. Language Arts — Fulton — 7 Yrs. Mr. John Preyear Tennessee St. — B.S. Metal Shop — Fulton — 13 yrs. Mr. Robert Robinson Jackson State— B.S. Science — Fulton — 4 yrs. Photo not Available Mrs. Nancy Scandrick Savannah St. — B.S, Math— Fulton— 3 yrs. Mr. Charles Rogers U. of Portland— MA. Spanish— 8th Gr. F ' ball B ' ball Fulton — 6 vrs. Mr. William Shepherd Albany St.— B.S. P.E.-Boys ' Varsity B ' ball Fulton — 1 2 yrs. Mrs. Mattie Sanford Morris Brown — B.A. Language Arts — Fulton — 15 yrs. Ms. Marjorie Simmons Ga. Southern — B.S. Registrar — Fulton — 31 yrs. Mrs. Anna P. Smith Para-professional Fulton — 6 yrs. 110 Faculty Mrs. Anna S. Smith Clark College— B.A. ' Ga. State— MBA IS-5 Bus. Ed.— Fulton— 11 yrs. Mr. John B. Smith Morehouse — B.S. M.S. Math— Fulton— 8 yrs. Mrs. Lynda Smith Bishop St. Jr. College — A.A. Alobamo St.— B.S. Soc. St.— Fulton— 9 yrs. Mr. Claude Stroud Social Worker Ms. Eleanor H. Taylor Spelman — ' B.A. Ga. State— M. Ed. Language Arts — Fulton — 2 yrs. Mrs. Marcene R. Thornton Spelman— B.A. M. Ed. Language Arts — Fulton — 1 yrs. Ms. Carolyn Tripp Fort Valley— B.S. Language Arts — Fulton 10 yrs. Mrs. Doris Steward Miles College— B.S. Science — Fulton — 15 yrs. " Good morning, class. Well, it ' s taken three months and a lot of hard work and cooperation among you, your parents, the administration, school board, the press and others, but today is the day all that effort will finally pay off — I ' m going to have my long awaited nervous breakdown. " Mrs. Harriett Trippe Florida St.— B.A. Language Arts — Fulton 2 yrs. Mr. Roland Turner Alabama St.— B.S. P.E.— Varsity Baseball, B-Team Boys ' B ' ball Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Carolyn Van Dyke Spelman B.A. St. U. at New Poltz, N.Y. M.S. Math — Fulton — 4 yrs. Faculty Mrs. Pauline B. Washington Alabama A and M U. — B.S. Atlanta U.— M.S. Science — Fulton — 1 4 yrs. Mrs. Frances Lee White Miles College— B.A. FAMU— M.Ed. Phy. Ed.— Fulton— 14 yrs. JUSt camera; shy Mrs. Joyce Daniel Main Office — I yrs. Mrs. Helene B. Walker North Carolina A and T U. B.S., M.S. Foreign Lon.— Fulton— 8 yrs. Mr. Jesse Walton Fort Valley St.— B.S. Atlanta U— M.S. Science — Fulton — 1 yrs. Mrs. Marilen Watkins LaGronge College — A.B. Peabody College— M.S. Librarian — Fulton — 12 yrs. Mrs. Dorothy West Paine College— B.S. Go. State U,— M.Ed. Voc. Ed. — Fulton — 7 yrs. Mrs. Carolyn Wheeler Secretory — Main Office Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Theodosia Williams Alabama St.— B.S. U. of Dayton— M.S., Adm. Long. Arts Newspoer Fulton — 4 yrs. Mrs. Bonnie Williamson Grand Valley St.— B.S. Ga. State U.— M.Ed. Moth — Fulton — 5 yrs. Mrs. Barbara Winston Grady Hosp. School of Nursing Nurse — Fulton — 8 yrs. Ms. Beverly R. Roberts Paraprofessional — Fulton — First yr. Photo not Ms. Evelyn F. Mathis Go. College — B.S. Math — Fulton — First yr. Photo not Available Ms. Leona Agnes Powell Morgan St. College— B.S. Coppin St. College — M.S. Special Ed. — Fulton — 1 yr. Treon Abrey Alicia Acree Rodney Albert Felicia Allison Stacy Andrews Tracy Andrews Carlos Atchison Anthony Bailey Angela Barney Karon Barney Tabitho Barber Patrick Battle Angela Beedles Johnny Belcher Corey Bell Chynell Berry Tamika Billingsleo David Billingsley Herschel Blash Melissa Bowens Andril Brewer Charles Brewster Desmond Brown Felix Brown Tameka Brown Victor Brown William Brown Arnita Bryant Demetria Buckles Tanya Burson Michael Burton Rhonda Burton Corey Butts Demetria Cain Cedric Calhin Tywanna Calhoun Youlanda Collier Nikki Canady Fernando Connor Raymonn Connor Latonia Chambers Samaria Cherry Brenda Clark Kathy Clark Marcus Cobb Carlos Collins Travonda Collins Lorry Colquitt Sharon Columbus Valerie Colvin Jimmy Cook Derrick Cooper Pomelo Copelond Tobitha Covington Katrina Crumbley Debra Crowder Tamika Culline Kelvin Curry Daniel Curver Yolanda Dolton Yolanda Daniol Naomi Dankins Romondo Davidson Sub-Freshmen I 15 James Davis Kiwanis Davis Micell Davis Cynthia Dawley Kevin Dawson Tahia Dodson Angela Dorsey Trenise Dotson Thomas Douglass Thaddus Duffey Cathy Dimas Angela Dunn Tavia Dupree Tyrona Epps Valesia Epps Faron Evans Sylvester Evans Antonio Fambro Romona Fannin Falicio Finkley Maria Flowers April Freeman Lavelle Goither Kanitha Gammage Marketeia Gant Julio Gasper Quentin Gates Gregory Gipson Gail Glass Teresa Goodwin Janice Golsby Linda Gray Alexander Green Richard Green Jacquelyn Grier Barbara Grindle Marcus Hailburton Selasia Harper Thomas Harper Felicia Harris Jeffery Harris Tammy Harris Tara Harris Tawanna Harrison Lumumba Hasam Kerry Heard Lisa Heard Edward Hightower Steven Hill Amisha Hogan Wanda Hollingsworth Chandra Holloman Eugene Huckeba Frances Huckeba Delynda Hunter Jarvis Hurst Jessie Ingram Andre Jackson Rodney Jackson Marquis James Valerie Jenkins Jarvis Johnson Larry Johnson |i , . ) JHE H i f 1 16 Sub-Freshmen Sharl Johnson Stephanie Johnson Tobitha Johnson Anthony Jones Carlton Jones Charon Jones Enrique Jones Jessica Jones Joseph Jones Toney Jones Belinda Keen Harold Kendrick Reginald Kilgore Kelvin Kilpotrick Rhonda Knowlton Melinda Lane Arlonda Lawson Michael Lay Kimberly Lee Robert Lee Michelle Lofton Vickie Lowe Deron Mack Evelyn Mack Maquenda Madden Wendy Modden Cynthia Maddox Jeff Morshall Eric McBride Jennifer McClain Deirdre McConnell Hope McCoy Michelle McCrory Cassandra McCullough Larry McCune Timothy McGhee Cindy McKenzie Stuart McLester Tameka McNease Douglass McWilliams Marcus Meadows Consula Miller Caprice Mitchell Delaney Morgan Sapada Morgon Bardril Mosley Demetrius Murray Symecia Nash Bridgit Nealey Bennie Nelson Tremona Nichols Donny Ogles Yvonne Oliver Grady Paschal Frederick Parker Dennis Parks Vegas Peavy Jacey Peek Richard Pennymon Jimmy Perry Cora Peters Angela Pittman Latasha Preston Sub Freshmen 1 17 Sharon Pryor Antwone Potts Didelle Powell Eric Rainer Kimberly Raines Terrell Rice Era Robinson Roger Rogers Allen Roscoe Shirley Ross Alex Rowland Derrick Sankfield Haneefah Shckoor Melvin Sheffield Michael Sims Sheila Sinyard Erika Slaton Dellmond Smith Derrick Smith Kasha Smith Mary Smith Regina Smith Tyrone Smith Latasha Sneeze Derina Steele Adrian Stewart Lashaye Stewart Cednck Stone Grady Strozier Heather Strozier Stephanie Strozier Antonio Swinney Jeffry Taylor Stanley Thorpe Natasha Toomer Dwyla Tuggle Nancy Turner Orrlander Turner Tamillia Tuft Vickie Vaughn Calvin Walton Gartrell Walton Cornelius Watts Angela Webb David Weems Marcus Weems Nathan Whatley Nathaniel Whatley Nathan White Nicole White Melissa Wilder Veronica Wilkes Robert William Bill Williams Deborah Williams Eulicia Williams Rayshawn Williams Sharon Williams Deborah Wilson Maria Wood Latanya Woodfin Chamica Wright James Wright I 1 8 Sub Freshmen SUBBIES CLASS OF ' 89 Sub-Freshmen 1 1 9 Charles Adams Rodney Adams Jesse Alexander Darron Allen Loretta Allen Vernon Allen Reginald Anderson Yalunda Anderson Janeen Andrews Jennifer Arnold Rashel Baker Merlin Bonks Corey Barlow Chauncey Barnes Timothy Barnwell Gail Baucom Daphne Bell Felicia Bennett Willie Bennett Marcilla Benson Kimberly Bibbs Angela Blake Andre Brewster Joseph Bridges Tammy Brinson Addie Brown Chelsie Brown Erica Brown Monty Brown Stacey Brown Richard Browning Ricky Buckles Demarcus Burdett John Burnett Shanon Campbell Kimberly Campbell James Cordon Melishia Carter Orlando Carson Thomas Chafin Shameka Chappie Stevenson Chappie Truitt Cheeley Jason Clark Mortise Clark Sharon Clark Chnstopher Clements Lisa Coleman Johnette Colquitt Kenneth Coons Derrick Corbett Gabriel Cosby Latorsha Cost Felicia Cox Marilyn Creech Nancy Cross Towanda Culler Trina Cunningham Jeffrey Currey Adriane Davis Lisa Davis Melinda Davis Welborn Davis Freshmen 121 Miron Daniels Lefarcia Dean Charles Dillard Ed Dodson Sabnna Dooley Ricky Dorsey Aaron Dotson Bernard Duffy Patrick Dukes Raquel Durham Loita Ellas Anthony Evans Fredrick Evans Russell Evans Michael Fears Allicia Flournoy Gerald Floyd Fernando Fort Cedric Foster Evonka Foster Keisha Foster Corey Freeman Kenitha Gammage Denelda Gardner Trina Gatlin Steven Gittens Victoria Graves Ricky Green Torhonda Green Adam Griffith Curtis Griffen Melvin Griffin Juan Hall Ursula Homier Camilie Hardy Pauline Harris Bridgett Harvey Joelond Hayes Lawanda Hector Delois Henderson Lisa Hickson Marsha Hindsman Sally Holder Takita Holland Gayle Hollinger Christopher Hollis Anthony Howard Jimmie Howell Reginald Humphrey Christopher Jackson Jonathan Jackson Dexter Johnson Leila Johnson Sobrina Johnson Alvin Jones Belinda Jones Catorris Jones David Jones Mario Jones Michael Jones Pamela Jones Randy Jones Scherlanda Jones I? A A .O. iu:0 w mrm: i iik i f f a 122 Freshmen 1 ixKir Michael Jordan Kelvin Kelley Lawana Kilpotrick Darrell King Reingmus King Debra Kinsey Tammy Knox Marcus Losfer Larry Lee Howard Lemons Andrew Leslie Tressa Lett Michele Lofton Anthony Lowery Larry Luke Reginald Luke Marcus Luckie William Mabry Rhonda Madden Juadolyn Maddox Therrel Maddox James Mays James McBride Latonya McClain Stephanie McKneely Melynda Miller Marcus Mitchell Shannon Mitchell Robert Mongomery Desi Moore Ticy Moore Felicia Morris James Morrison Devita Mosley Avonda Nash Audrell Nash Shannon Neal Kelvin Osborne Joseph Owens Ann Parham Nathan Parish Sherwanda Parks Willie Parks Danny Parson Willie Patten Tora Patton Sedric Peavy Felicia Perry Meiko Perry Tony Pierce Renee Pittman Quowonna, Pittman Alonzo Phillips Katheryne Phillips Patrice Pleas Harry Porter William Pugh Vaughn Ragland Leilani Raston Sonya Rice Leslie Roberts Jacques Robinson Nathaniel Robinson Freshmen 123 Connie Rocker Terrance Roach Keisha Rome Kevin Rosser Mary Russell Willie Russell Talmadge Saddler Korean Sanders Carolyn Sanford ' Kaletha Scotf Marshal! Scott Angela Sheffield Lizzie Shields Tina Shipp Clannda Sims Myran Sims Jimmy Simmons Marcus Simmons Tammy Simpson Patience Singleton Derrick Smith Gaetonia Smith George Smith Kimberly Smith Michael Smith Regina Smith Tommy Smith Vananda Smith Joseph Spear Pelter Spear Sabrino Spencer Sabrina Spencer Willie Spikes Terion Spurling Charles Stafford Tonya Stafford Sonya Stegall Tonya Stegall Daiuana Sterling Vicent Stillwell Santonia Storey Elgin Stover Barbara Strong Desmond Sumlin Stephanie Summerour Kenny Swan John Swanson Demetrius Terry Andre Thomas Stephanie Thomas Derrick Tolliver Gregory Toomer Michael Tophia Victoria Tucker Maria Vaughn Willie Vaughn Kemesha Walker Sheryl Walton Andrea Ward Dedra Ward Chandra Weems Rodenck Welch Calvin White 124 Freshmen Freshmen 125 " We are special, and special people are never satisfied with being just faces in the crowd. " V -.. ■J " SBr li Surprise! Surprise My favorite period of the day — LUNCH! osing and get to class! 126 Freshmen Sash oround my waist, Slippers on my feet. I ' m my mama ' s little girl, Don ' t you think I ' m sweet? y r wi ' iJ2 o %v Y -d. d ( M S S ci Terrell Allen Cynthia Allison Andrea Andrews Belinda Armstrong Donnie Arnold Michael Astin Kymberly Barber Kimberly Barge Hillary Barnes Letitia Barnes Zundra Barnes Sherry Barney Ernest Bough Larsell Benning Michael Berry Bridgette Bibbs Kotrina Boulwore Trocey Bowles Victor Bowles Kelethia Boyd Lisa Bridges Tino Brinson Tyrone Brinson Corey Broomfield Corey Brown Gwendolyn Brown Schwann Brown Sherrod Brown Stevie Buckles Ernest Calhoun Natasha Carswell Reginald Carter Angelique Clark Antoine Cloy Valerie Coes Vanessa Conley Myrick Copeland Marion Cordy Jeffery Cox Wylinda Cullins Wayne Cunningham Greg Dallas Jerald Dalton Deletes Dobbs Angela Dorsey Nancey Duffey Ben Freeman Cynthia Files 128 Sophomores Yvonne Fleming Reggie Flud Victor Fraley Sherri Gates Gregory George Jeffery Goodwin Tracey Graves Shenita Green Tamiekoe Green Bruce Gregory Howard Griffin Cassandra Griggs Dolly Grindle Cassandra Guice Charles Guy Donald Harris Katrina Harris Ronald Harris Troci Harris Patrick Heard Morayla Henry Keith Herring Rickie High Kenneth Hillman Daryl Howard Darsha Huguley Joel Hunter Angle Jackson Quinton Jackson Regina Jackson Ron Jackson Vivian Jackson Michael James Sybrenna Johnson Alfred Jones Marcus M. Jones Marcus O. Jones Shawn Jones Timothy Jones Tracey Kelly Michelle King Angelique Laney Michelle Lester Timothy Lewis Tracey Loucas Derika Lovett Robin Lowe Rufus Loyal Sophomores 129 Jerry Lucky Sandra Mahone Francine Malcolm Owen Malone Tasha Mangnay Thonecia Martin Alicia McClain Tonya Mcintosh Sabrina McLaughlin Stacy McWhorter Tracy McWhorter Chris Mickens Katrina Molden Wanda Moore Michael Morelond Darrell Morris Brenda Nosh Marquette Nash Marvin Nash Michael Neeley Shannon Newson SuAnna Nichols Dexter Oliver Lisa Palmer Teresa Parham Evette Peavy Anthena Pennyman Kesha Perry Yolanda Person Derron Pittmon Perron Pittman Randy Pitts Coretta Rainey Lisa Ray Joe Rayton Nicole Reams Sabrina Rector April Reddicks Robert Render Lopez Reese David Rocker Angela Rogers Mildred Rogers Valarie Ross Brad Rosser Carlo Rozier Reginald Russell Melissa Saggus Vli ' . U A 1 , 1 30 Sophomores Lamoura Sanders Dwight Sands Pamela Scott Wanda Sheftield Darrell Shields Joshua Shy James Simmons Annette Sinyard Agetsha Smith Dexter Smith Jeftery Smith Joel Smith Donsha Stegall Jammar Stegall Kelvin Stephens Tinesa Sterling Anthony Stinson Derrick Stone Stephanie Tatum Ronald Taliaferro Rafael Thomas Rhonda Thompson Curtis Tolbert Tommy Tucker Vickie Tucker Eric Walter Lewis Watkins Herman Watts Sharon Webb Christopher Weems Havert Wedner Joel West Walton Wilder Darrell Williams Joyce Williams Cassandra Wnght Sophomores 131 s o p H I S T I C A T E D " School is a building that has four walls — with tomorrow inside " . — WATTERS 5 O P H O M O R E S C L A S S of ' 8 7 " If you wont to improve, let them hear the nice things you say about them to others. " — GINOTT The Ups and Downs of Science Fair Participants n H m i ■ " H Eul PVn B 1 ! EnBJBE KM, HP_ Pl ■ X ' Whopper and Whopper Jr. Like Wow Man, Really Groo-ve And Honey 132 Sopho Tabitha Abney Raji Allen Juliet Arnold Vincent Askew Angela Astin Fred Baily Horris Banks Shirley Banks Glenn Barbour Cathy Barnes Willie Barney Joyce Battle Trina Beatles Albert Bet! Britonia Bell Maurice Benning Tracy Brinson Juantues Brittian Felicia Black Ricky Blake Jason Boddle Jeffery Boggs Eric Bowles Kennyetta Brooks Samantha Brooks Marcel Brower Marenda Browning Tony Burkes Michelle Butler Daphne Byrd Potrina Cade Oscar Cain Johnnie Calhoun Keith Carter Angela Chambers 1 34 Juniors Aletha Chappie Bobby Clark Stephanie Clay Reginald Cloud Stephanie Clowers Mathis Colquitt Patricia Cothran Sharon Conley Jerome Coons Lorry Curry Sherlanda Darden Cornelieus Davis Norman Davis Willie Davenport Antonio Dawson Monica Derricott Michael Dixson Al Dorsey Salena Dorsey Steven Dorsey Ericka Dukes Gary Dumas Kirby Early Cedric Eason Cynthia Eason Valerie Eason Frederick English Tony Evans Tony Evans Lekesy Everhort Meco Favors Carlton Finney Keith Finnin Louis Fleming Darryl Fountain Juniors 1 35 April Freeman James Gaines Otis Gaston Patty George Albert Gibson Daralynn Gilliam Michael Gillis Robin Gleaton Robin Goode Derrick Gooden Danielle Graves Kenneth Green Chante Grayer Horace Green Latonya Green Reginald Green Wesley Green Eric Honey Victoria Harris Curtis Hayes Sean Head Dorothea Heard David Heard Kelly High Cheryl Hlllman Zondrea Hooks Marvin Howard Trino Hunter Willie Hunter Mallssa Jones Kenneth Jones Rod Johnson Mario Johnson Deborah Johnson Aaron Johnson 1 36 Juniors Sherman James Sallie Jackson LaVerria Jackson Eric Jackson Keith Karr Wanda Keaton James Kemp Jacquelln Kennybrew Iris Lee Sheila Lewis Andre Lowe Rita Lowe Wendy Luke Kim Lundy Lamar Maddox Tigris Mahone Tami Manor John Marchman Kimberly McClain Chris McGhee Robin McLaughlin Darrell McWhorter Anthony Miller Martina Miller Doris Minus Allan Moore Pamela Moore Donzale Moreland Timothy Morris Elizabeth Nealey Diane Newton Juniors 1 37 Boris Oliver Julian Oliver Brian Owens Charles Owens Eric Parham Charles Porris Anfonio Pearce Darrell Peavy Yolunda Peek Marco Perry William Philpot Andrea Portes Millicent Pressely Felecia Prothro Katonio Purdue Woodrow Rhodes Delono Robinson Tamekia Robinson Kathy Rolland Capricia Ross Carl Roscoe Alphea Sharp Tracey Shepherd Seannae Sims Aremeal Smith Dominic Smith Howard Smith Jessie Smith Mary Smith Rodney Smith Sherice Smith Melvin Spearman Carrie Stafford Demetrius Stewart Sironeon Storey 1 38 Juniors »r Capathia Strozier Samuel Junel Alicia Taylor Johnny Tatum Woiden Thomas Zenobia Thompson Derrick Todd Darryl Tolbert Ellis Tolbert Cheryl Turner Sherrell Tye Dexter Usher Kimberly Walker Michael Walker Pamela Walters Charles Washington Milton Welch Shawanna Whit Wanda White Alfred Williams Andrea Williams Edmund Williams Adrian Willis Barbara Wise Perry Woodley Lenora Wooten Demetrius Wright Venesia Wright William Wynn Juniors 1 39 GIRL GEORGE??????? Is this half-time? Or Isn ' t it????? MM. JAZZY JUNIOR Don ' t mistake me for Gomer Pyle. Qf Queens and things. 1 40 Junior Ummmmmmm GOOD!!! Lamar Brown and who ' s ????????? PRINCE in uniform!!!!! Juniors 141 jjumojis sTmio ' Rs KARLA DURHAM Beta Club . . . Junior Civitan award . . . Social Science award . . . Homeroom 1 1 -3, secretary ... Jr. class president . . . Student Council secretary, ' 83- ' 84 . . . Student Council ass ' t secretary ' 84- ' 85 . . . President, homeroom 12-3. ANTHONYBUTTS NHL lineman of the year . . . USA Today All American team . . . Number One Player in Go . . . Atlanta Touchdown Club Player of the Week . . . Parade All American . . . Southfort Player of the Year. MIA ROGERS Beta Club . . . National Honor Society . . . Student Body president, ' 84- ' 85 ... Jr. class queen ... Jr. class treasurer . . . Miss Homecoming, ' 84- ' 85 . . . Super Redbird award . . . Social Studies award . . . University of Georgia Merit award. 144 m m OK, guys, what do you mean, the quarter has two heads? - - _-A ' «i5 If you know the password, you may approach Oh but, you mustn ' t lick your fingers! 146 Seniors Seniors 147 Tamika Alexander Earl Antonio Allen Sonja Allen Melvin Allison Tony Danile Archie Sharon Atchison Steven Bailey Anthony Frederick Barber Marcus Beatles Sharon Lynn Beatles William Belcher Jr. Christopher Benning James Betts Bergita Mae Bibbs Joann Boggs Charles Bowden Kelton Vernard Boyd Pamela Rena Bradford Rita Shawnette Broce Christopher Angelo Brooks 1 48 Seniors Latosho Brooks Latonya Evette Broome Carlo Broomfield Kevin Romone Brown Anthony Burney Leisa Burkes Keith Burks Minelli Guinevere Burr Anthony Bernard Butts Selina Teresa Calhoun Cappreccia Yvondo Cherry Joe L. Clark Troy Clements Billy Cobb Demetrius J. Cook Stacy Lorenzo Cox Dorcus Delinda Crumbley Melissa Deneatress Cunningham Marion Dankins Anthony Darden Seniors 149 Anthony Gates Debra Lisa Gatlin Stocie L. Goode Anita Yvette Goodman Thomas Chester Green Cyril David Gresham Gwendolyn Grey Jose Juan Griffin Yolanda Maria Hall Yolanda R. Hamilton 1 50 Seniors Cassandre Levette Hardeman Brigette Denise Harmon Godfrey Harper Susan Harper Lorie Ann Harris Trina Hector Sheldon Berlin Herring David Wayne Hightower Zina Patrice Hightower Angela Hill Tonja Yvette HInes Sarah Delores Holder Anthony Hollowoy Charles Anthony Jackson Irvinna Jenkins Cynthia Johnson Stephanie Mechelle Johnson Anthony Jerome Jones Crystal Jones Jimmy Jones, Jr. Seniors 151 If you believe that, let me lay this on you. 152 Seniors Eat your heart out Charlie Brown! Like totally boring!!! I should have stayed in bed! Quick, this smile is frozen. Any excuse to miss class! Mr. Preppie ????? I promise to fight for a pep rally before every game. Laretta Lashell Jones Sharon Denise Laney Deborah Lett Trez Lamon Ligons Tannie Delrine Lloyd Charmayne Waltina Lowe Sonya Teresso Lowe Jacqueline Luckie Paris Lumpkin Yolanda Denise Malcolm Candice Tarita McCoy Sabrena E. McCullough Janis Ann McCune Ernest Nathaniel McGee Monica Charmaine Mcintosh Montreal Antonio Mcintosh Adrian McKnight Antoinette Denise McLaughlin Phillip Derrick McMullen Dyllne Mitchell 1 54 Seniors Myraio Lance Mitchell Santonio Jose Mobley Sabrina C. Mobley Sidney C. Moore Althea Morris Therick L. Mosely Wendy Sherrelle Neol Kimberly E. Newton Helen Darlene Nix Sandy Oglesby Bridgette Joell Peeks Edwina Phillips Tracy Allen Rachell Harriette Wylene Ransby Mignon Patrice Render Tracy Yvette Rhodes Quolondo Jakova Roberts Quondo Javonne Roberts Nelson Robinson Mia Lynette Rogers Seniors 1 55 Donald Eric Rosser Carlo L. Rozier William Shaw Guandrell Tony Shields Gwendolyn Renee Simmons Cassandra Reene Sims Mechelle Denise Sims Tyrenia Lajuan Smalls Elaine M. Smith Kevin B. Smith Randy Renard Smith Tammy Vanessa Smith Terina Denise Smith Roberta Stephens Scottie Sterling Tanger Denise Stewart Connie Frances Stiles Senito C. Stilwell Sabrino Dashieo Thomas Sonia Breandette Thomas 1 56 Seniors Johnny Tukes Jonniffer Bernard Tukes Carterri Weaver Fredrick Jeronfie Webb Melvin Weems Tracy L. Weems Marcie Mozelle Welch Melanie West Booker T. Wheat II Edwin Bernard White Fredrick White Jomes Williams III Nathan DeAndrea Williams Joey Willis Celestine Woodard Rudolph Wordiaw Jr. Maria R. Wright Seniors 1 57 AUTOGRAPHS 1 58 Autographs AUTOGRAPHS Autographs 159 ALMA MATER Tune: " America the Beautiful " Fulton, Fulton, Our dear school. This song we sing to thee. Oh, worthy praise of our school days, of love and loyalty. Oh, Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, oh proud indeed are we. Of our great school, its golden rule and honored faculty. Oh, God above, help us, we pray, to keep our morals high. Our conscience right, our honor bright, with trust and honesty. Oh, Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, may this our motto be. So proud am I, of Fulton High, I ' ll make her proud of me! Oh Fulton High, in future years, when dark clouds do appear. The thought of you so good and true will make them disappear. Oh, Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, we never shall forget, The golden host of happy days, dwells round about us yet. Leolo Smith Class of 1927 tf • 160 .Almo Moter Congratulations to Mia Rogers In God ' s creative purpose you have a special place. For his eternal goodness has touched you with his grace. WeVe glad God gave you to us, and you have made us very proud throughout th e years of your secondary education. Keep striving and pursuing your goals, and most of all, put God first. Father — Melvin Rogers Mother — Ermie Rogers Brother — Michael Rogers 162 To my lovely daughter, Debra Gatlin You ' ve made me proud Love, MOM Congratulations Sis Love, Tcina Best Wishes to Nathan Williams Wisdom is the principle thing therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7 May success be yours From, Mom, Dad, and beloved sister 163 CONGRATULATIONS Monica Montreal Mcintosh Mrs. Eula Cheely Mrs. Lynette Banks Ms. Rosy Davis Ms, Sammie Summerour Mr. Eric Sanders Mr. Rand Humphry Mr. Ron Sigman Ms. Gail Hunter Ms, Joyce Hunter Mrs. Ruth Henley Ms. Vernita Weems Ms. Mary Heath Mrs. Josephine Jennings Mrs. Margie Gary Ms. Dorothy Lee Mr. Mrs. Willie Jennings Ms. Dorothy Fullwood Ms. Margie Hoggins Ms. Mary Furlow Ms. Virginia Ballard Mrs. Bennie Turner Ms. Joyce Sherman Ms. Angela Woodard Mrs. Dorothy Mays Mrs. Willie Mae Evans Mrs. Mary Green Mr. Bernard Scott Mr. Thomas Hudson Ms. Geraldine Huff Mrs. Ernestine Gray Congratulations to Sonia B. Thomas Aunt Agnes Saggus Mrs. Manda PoweH Mr. Mrs. Margene Cousin Miss Sherley Calhoun Miss Velma Zachory Mrs, Sylvia Jones Miss June Weaver Miss Rosa Lofton Miss Esther Zachory Mr, Horace Edwards Miss Pamela Zachory Mr, Benny Brooks Congratulations Tracy Rhodes Love Mama To My Best Girl Wendy Neaf From Authur L, Gibbon 1 64 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS To A Very Wonderful and Loving Son and Brother NATHAN DEANDRA WILLIAMS Take Time to Think It is the source of power Take Time to read It is the fountain of wisdom Take time to pray It is the greatest power on earth Take time to be friendly It is the road to happiness Take time to work for it is the Price of Success From Mother, Father and Sister Advertisements 1 65 Wll CONGRATULATIONS TO DEBRA USA GATLiN In climbing the ladder of success, May God, our Lord, forever bless For all your hopes and all your dreams, Can be fulfilled by His everlasting beam. Mrs. Eliza Gatlin (grandmother) Mrs. Katherine O ' Hara (aunt) Mrs. Artie Scott (aunt) Mrs. Sallie Harris (aunt) Mr. Freddie L. Gatlin (uncle) Mr. J.C. Gatlin (uncle) Mrs. Eddie L. Williams (aunt) Mrs. Barbera Bates (aunt) Ms. Clementine Gatlin (aunt) Mr. Bob Gatlin (uncle) Mr. Eugene Bates (uncle) Mrs. Valerie Bates (cousin) Ms. Pamela Bates (cousin) Mrs. Barbera Hollis (aunt) 166 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS Pamela Rena Bradford If You Need A Bus , . , Call US SUPER RIDERS COACH LINE Chartered • Touring 2539 Bankhead Hwy, N.W, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Phone: (404) 792-8187 BEST WISHES CASSANDRA HARDEMAN FROM Mrs. Sharon Cameron Mrs. Mflrgaret Dollars Mr. John Smith Mr. L. Jones Vernon Armsteod Advertisements 167 From: Your Mother Father Love Always 1 68 Advertisements Best Wishes To Debta Gatlin Mary Leonard Dionn Robinson Linda Turner Yolanda Scott Angela Kindle Patricia Draege Tim Davis Peggy Cosby Bank South East Atlanta CONGRATULATIONS Tracy Rhodes Best Wishes And Good Luck Your Friend Robin B. Foote Kroger ' s CONGRATULATIONS To Our Daughter Tonya Broome From: Your Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS Pamela Rena Bradford from The Abernathys CONGRATULATIONS Best Wishes To Wendy Sherrelle Neal Mr. Mrs. Emory Searcy Mrs. Lillie Nelson Advertisements 1 69 Congratulations And Best Wishes To Sonia B. Thomas Fronn: Grandmother Grandfather Mother and Michael Williams 1 70 Advertisements Congratulations ' And Best Wishes To Vincent C. Haney If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try, again. Remember to always Keep God in your heart, knowledge in your head and make success your goal, Love your. Family friends Advertisements 171 CONGRATULATIONS to Pamela Rend Bradford and James Betts Browns Mill Park Baptist Church 500 McWILLlAMS ROAD, S.E ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30315 622-6463 SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 AM MORNING WORSHIP 11:00 AM EVENING SERVICE 6:00 PM WEDNESDAY 7:00 PM PRAYER MEETING BIBLE STUDY LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER Come Worship God, Follow His Son Jesus Christ, Receive Comfort and Power From The Holy Spirit, and Fellowship With Your Neighbor 1 72 Advertisements Congratulations to Sonia Breandette Thomas From: Mr. Arthur Cooper AAr. Joe L. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sears Mr. and AArs. Mitchell A. Pettes AAr. Nathanied Hendson, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. Frank Uncle L.T. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jackson AAr. Cloude Mills Mr. and Mrs. J.F.Whitehead Miss Erma Todd Mr. and Mrs. Q. Pass CONGRATULATIONS Monica and Montreal Mcintosh From Jonesboro Rd. Superette 2491 Jonesboro Rd. Bobby Jordan, owner CONGRATULATIONS WENDY NEAL From: Jack W. Holt GOOD LUCK Tracy Rhodes Love Deloris Peek Tiara Associate AQvertisements 173 ■ .■. ■ ' ?,-aij -»;: ' ».l:.« -s CONGRATULATIONS to Mia Rogers Compliments of your Sweemeof, Dorrow Bronner Brbnner Brothers Cosmetic Co. ■:mmi::} 0 Selig Drive Atlanta. Ga. 30336 4404)691-5053 174 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS Roberta Stephens Best Wishes From Mother and Stepfather Annette and Percy Landers To my daughter; WINNER Remember that a loser is fearful of failure; The winner is confident of victory. The loser is controlled by obstacles; The winner is excited by challenges. Because of your strong confidence, success will be yours. To My Loving Daughter WENDY I am proud of you. Study and get ready and perhaps your chance will come. Love, her GOOD LUCK TYRENIA wishing you all the luck in the world. Congratulations to you on leaving high school and into the big world. Love, Mr. Norman Whitman CONGRATULATIONS TO QUOLONDA ROBERTS I am proud of you; let ' s go further with your education Love always J.H. Barbecue Advertisements 1 75 BEST WISHES TO PAMELA BRADFORD Miss Green Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Giles Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ford, Sr. Mrs. Bessie Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Gregg Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Ware Mr. and Mrs. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Twilley Mary Harris Tommy Lane Harold Bess Don Lampton Ethel Watkins KeJuan Gregg Annie Ruth Martell Bradford Sharon D. Collins Maldred Coad Amelia Kendricks Jerald Gleaton Mildred Caldwell m M — — — mi . • ' 1 76 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES Senita StilweH " Coa-Co " From: Norrell Services, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes Kelton Boyd Ms. Janet Williams Ms. Judy Hagans Ms. J.T. Dorsey Ms. Jackie Berry Ms. Chynell Berry Ms. Gloria Blossom Ms. Marietta Loptien Ms. Betty Rolley Ms. Beatrice Gilliam Ms. Valarie Chandler Ms. Sarah Mosley Ms. Mary Stokes Ms. Sabreen Shareff Ms. Joan Young Monica and Montreal Mcintosh " Much success in the near future " Friends of Western Peachtree Plaza Bill Tate Cydney Tate Billy Tate Joyce Shean Advertisements 1 77 TO OUR SON, Kelton Boyd Congratulations We love you very nnuch From your mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boyd grandmother, Mrs. Magnolia Clark sister and brother, Kelethia and Terrance Boyd Congratulations to my granddaughter Debra Lisa Gatlin love, Julia Hester Congratulations to our niece and cousin Senita Cotette Stilwell You have made us very proud. Agape love, Helen and Carol Moss To my li ' l sister, Tonya Broome wish you much success in the years to come. love. Big sister Lynn Best Wishes to our daughter Tyrenia Smalls Congratulations, sweetheart Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to our Baby daughter Pamela Renee Bradford May Happiness, talent, knowledge, and peace follow you. For success shall always be with you. From, Mom and Dad Advertisements 1 79 BEST WISHES TRACY RHODES From ATandT Technologies Gwen Devereut Sammy Johnson William J. Ruitant Shirley Neal Jim Wiley Luis Martinez Gerald Sanders Joey Bailey Homer Boyce Willie Young Roxie Paubin Dot Heard Annie Raglin Mr. Mrs. Larry Brown Bill Moore Jerome CONGRATULATIONS Miss Zina Patrice Might ower Mrs. Joyce V. Hightower Mr. Willie J. Hightower Mrs. Hattie Benton Mr. Ira D. Shepherd Mr. Rickey Dixson Ms. E. Dixon Mrs. Annette Partridge Mrs. Vanessa West AArs. Johnson Mrs. Guilday Mr. Willie Hunter Mr. Franklin Mr. Author Collins Mrs. Brenda Cox 1 80 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS Keith Demetris Burks BLESSINGS COME IN MANY GUISES When Troubles come and things go wrong. And days are cheerless and nights are long. We find it so easy to give in to despair By nnagnifying the burdens we bear — We add to our worries by refusing to try To look for ' ' the rainbow " in an overcast sky — And the blessing God sent in a " ' darkened disguise " Our troubled hearts fail to recognize, Not knowing God sent it not to distress us But to strengthen our faith and redeem us and bless us. As for God, his way is perfect. Psalms 18:30 Love Your Parents and Grandparents i fk M t . Nhpk ■i " njJHi H w y i l -M •: «4 Advertisements 1 8 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DARLING DAUGHTER SENITA COLETTE ' CO-CO A ' ' STILWELL Although your twelve years have been long and hard, you have fought the fine fight, you have finished your course, and now it is time to accept your reward . . . YOUR LOVING MOTHER— ANNIE STILWELL HEARD CONGRATULATIONS WENDY5.NEAL Willie Bryant Larosa Verton CONGRATULATIONS To Edwin S. White Compliments of Cleveland Ave. K-Mart 230 Cleveland Ave. Atlanta, Georgia CONGRATULATIONS TO QUONDA ROBERTS You made it and I am very proud of you. Love, J.H. Roberts Landscaping Co. - „ . :eep achieving the success that was meant for you Love, Rafael Alesia P. Souf front 1 82 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS ANTHONY AND STACIE FROM Mother and Father Goodie C. Kirkland B. King S. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Ross r Mother and Father Barber Grandmother Bessie |r. and Mrs. Bobby (Flash) Anderson ' . Ms. Gwen P. Dunnaville Advertisements 1 83 CONGRATULATIONS and MANY BLESSINGS WITH LOVE ALWAYS FROM YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS 1 84 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS SHARON DEMISE LANEY From Your Family and Friends We all Love you Dearly Amanda Robinson Terri and Greg Taylor Rufus Hall Grandmother Spurling Grandmother Laney Reginald Laney Aunt Tootie Tina and Lowe Miller Shirley Laney Gruthie Robinson Anthony " Antman " Robinson Claudia Anderson Mrs. C. Barnett McAurthur Robinson James Wells Carlton Manns Tim Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Smith Debra Jones Margaret Curry Quito Tukes Gary and Elaine Jencie Advertisements 1 85 BEST WISHES TO OUR LOVELY DAUGHTERS Quolonda Jakova Roberts Quonda Javonne Roberts We Would Like To Soy This is G time we can say we are happy and very proud of you both. In the twelve years of school, there were times of struggle. Hard and Good times but you made it. Now you ' ll be faced with adulthood, the hard and good times are ahead. You again will make it. Be determined and strong. We Love you, Jim H. Roberts and Jacqueline Foster 1 86 Advertisements TO M Y MOTHER, AUNT and UNCLE I would like to express my love and appreciation to you, for many years of love, patience, and understanding that you have shown me. Thank you, God, for everything — the big things and the small, For " every good gift comes from God — the giver of them all — And all too often we accept without any thanks or praise The gifts God sends as blessings each day in many ways — First, thank you for the little things that often come our way. The things we take for granted but don ' t mention when we pray. Then, thank you for the " Miracles " we are much too blind to see. And give us new awareness of our many gifts from Thee, And help us to remember that the Key to Life and Living Is to make each prayer a Prayer of Thanks and every day Thanksgiving. For of him, and through him, and to him are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Romans 1 1:36 Love, Selina Teresa Calhoun Advertisements 1 87 Congratulations and Best Wishes To Terrence Dennatd Felts You have scratched the surface of success. Keep digging. Those that strive the hardest go the farthest; so, when opportunity stretches its arms out for you, meet it with your arms, stretched out too. From Jessie (father); (mother) Rosie; Aunt Gerri; Jermaine (brother); Rhonda Felicia (sisters). Congratulations To Edwin Bernard White Let Your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works. And glorify the father which is in heaven. Matt. 5:16 From Your Grandparents and uncle Advertisements Congratulations To An Intelligent Young Man From Family and Friends To Edwin White t Ars. Marie and Jennifer Bussey Mrs. Essie Cook Mr. Mrs. Horace Cox and Family Mr. Tea Dorsey Mrs. Idell Harris Mr. Mrs. Oliver Hart Cecil and Priscilla Howard Mr. H. Johnson and Family Ms. Margaret Jones Ms. Mia Jones Addie Keith Donna Little Robert McMillan and Family Gussie Peters Mr. Louis Mathis Mae Lue Prothro Rev. Martha Randall Mr. Mrs. Ron Spratling Family James Storks Steve and Nancy Staton Family Brenda Strozier Raven Varner Billy Waddell Robert White Michael Williams Mrs. Mojorie Willis AAr. Mrs. Henry Wilson Mary Wimes Mrs. Cloudine Jackson April and Joseph White If a task you once begun, Never leave it till it ' s done. Do it well great or small, do it well or not at all. Advertisements 1 89 CONGRATULATIONS Edwin B. White Trinity Chapel C.H. Church 2365 Candler Road Decatur. Ga. 30032 CONGRATULATIONS Edwin B, White Best Wishes in your future career. Robert Cook Best Wishes UEAL ESTATE Anthony Frederick Barber J. Willioms, Jr. Realty Co. Specializing In Sales, Investment Consultant, and Satisfaction (404) 98 1 - 1 552 42 1 Buckell Dr. Dec, Ga. 30034 Jack Williams, Jr., Broker Edwin B. White CONGRATULATIONS To My Darling Granddaughter Tracy Yrette Rhodes From Grandmother Rhodes ■B IH HII E- S T WJ - ' - i J 1 W i ' ' ' ' 4;« Sr.. 1 CONGRATULATIONS to our son Edwin Bernard White Love, Mom and Dad B Compliments of Commerical Cold Storage 4300 Pleasantdale Road Atlanta, Ga. 30340 1 90 Advertisements ■r. ai v- ' --i -s . - . ' ■--.■ CONGRATULATIONS to Sheldon B, Herring Advertisements 1 9 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON DREXEL JERRARD COPELAND ii You have faced the trials and tribulations of this i year. You have stood the test and won. etc. ] ' Best Wishes And Much Success Mom and Dad 1 92 Advertisements ■r a F Congratulations to J Drexel Jerrard r i 1 Copeland Hi X r 7 1 thought that you would like to know that someone ' s thoughts go where you go. That someone can never forget the hours we spent together since we first met. That ' • life is richer, sweeter by far, for such a ■ V sweetheart as you are. And know my love my prayer will be, that God may keep you " safe with me. With love. Miss Nakeysia Childs LOOKS LIKE YOU MADE IT. CONGRATULATIONS ANGELIA -HK BUT THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING WE LOVE YOU, FAMILY, FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND A BUS DRIVER Advertisements 1 93 CONGRATULATIONS SHELDON B. HERRING MR. ANDRA GREEN MRS. LILLIE GREEN MRS. YVONNE HOWELL MRS. TRACIE SUMMERLINE MR. MRS. BOBBY GREEN MS. ANITA PACKS MS. SANDY MORRIS BEST WISHES FOR MUCH SUCCESS ANGELIA ECHOLS FROM, A SPECIAL FRIEND hn LV V. " 1 XY ' ' i- v 3 Y i ' ' ' " r . . - « " „- j ' ?- - ' Q " .j - . - , ; . • " I H -= . •■- z ; . w .c. ?- ' ) - ■ r- 194 LATONYA BROOME rccNS Mr. Blackshear Mr. Ricky Dixson Melissa Figuera Gibson Clottee TRACEY RHODES Charles Crosby Judy Williams Mr. and Mrs. Collisem Scott Elizabeth Herston Billie Jordan QUOLONDA and QUONDA ROBERTS Pumpkin Mrs. B.J. Winston LORI HARRIS Mrs. J. Penn Eric Foster Tanya G. Lee Mr. Willie Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Walker Mr. Alvin T. Neeson Lemuel Cox Mr. and Mrs. Willie Graham TYRENIA SMALLS JACQUELINE LUCKIE Mr. Jessie Brice Mr. Jessie Walton Geoff Duke Ms. Gwen Rowland Mr. Marshall Holybee Mr. Willie Woods, Jr. Doris Luckie Mr. and Mrs. Tim O ' Hara TANGER STEWART WENDY NEAL Mrs. Lousie D. Trice Mrs. Marri Bussey Ms. Quinn Mrs. Nanct Dorsey Mrs. C. Delany Mrs. Mary Stewart AAs. Eloise M. Pittman Ms. Sharon L. Price Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Guldy ANGELIA ECHOLS Mrs. W.C. Kemp Mrs. M. Amullah Ms. M. Baker Mrs. Morris Mrs. C. Mitchell Ms. Lee Ms. Greason EDWIN WHITE Mrs. J. Meredith Ms. Murdis Woods Mr. and Mrs. Claude Buster Patrons 1 95 IN GRATEFUL APPRECIATION TO THE MERCHANTS AND BUSINESSMEN REDBIRD COUNTRY FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND COOPERATION THE PUBLICATION OF 1985 FORUM OF FULTON HIGH SCHOOL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS THE PRINCIPAL AND STAFF OF FHS MR. JOHN SMITH, PHOTOGRAPHER MR. LARRY LUKE, PHOTOGRAPHERS THANKS THE FORUM STAFF KYMBERLY BARBER, EDITOR ANGELA CHAMBERS, CO-EDITOR JAMES MAYS TORHONDA GREEN TONYA STAFFORD SHERMAN JAMES RANDY PITTS SHANON CAMPBELL URSULA HAMLER SHERWIN YARBOUGH 198 Appreciation mm SENIOR FACE-FINDER f Aa Alexonder, Tamika 90, 1 48, 1 53 Allen, Earl 148 Allen, Sonja 148, 153 Allison, Melvin 148 Archie, Tony 13, 148 Atchison, Sharon 148 Bb Bailey, Steven 72, 73, 77, 98, 148 Banks, Arthur 31 Barber, Anthony 1 48, 1 52, 1 86, 196 Barns, Jenny 98 Beatles, Marcus 148 Beatles, Sharon 6, 26, 28, 60, 99, 148, 153, 197 Belcher, Jr., William 90, 91, 98, 148 Bennings, Christopher 98, 1 48 Betts, James 148 Bibbs, Bergita 1 48, 1 53 Boggs, Joan 61, 83, 84, 95, 148 Bowen, Jr., Charles 98, 148 Boyd, Kelfon 148, 178 Bradford, Pamela 9, 45, 83, 1 48, 167, 176, 179 Broce, Rita 1 48 Brooks, Christopher 1 48 Brooks, Lafasha 1 49 Broome, Latonya 1 49 Broomfield, Carlo 1 49 Brown, Kevin 31, 68, 69, 84, 149 Burks, Leisa 1 49 Burks, Keith 149, 181 Burney, Anthony 98, 149 Burr, Minelli 149 Butts, Anthony 8, 9, 12, 26, 31, 34,68,69,98, 144, 147, 149 Cc Cherry, Copreccia 21 , 24, 27, 82, 147, 149, 153 Chunn, Valerie 8, 27, 28, 1 49 Clark, Joe 6, 98, 149 Clements, III, Troy 1 49 Cobb, Billy 9, 13,68,69, 149 Cook, Demetrius 98, 146, 149, 152 Copeland, Jerrad 192, 193 Cox, Stacy 1 49 Crumbley, Dorcus 27, 28, 88, 149 Cunningham, Melissa 149 4 Dd Dankins, Marion 1 49 Darden, Anthony 88, 94, 99, 149 Davis, Brendo 75, 76, 77, 1 50 Dickey, Tornecia 1 50 Dodson, Tonya 98, 1 50 Dunn, Pamela 84, 150 Durham, Karia 1 44, 1 50 Durham, Melanie 150 Ee Echols, Angela 150, 193 Felts, Terence 1 50 Ferrell, Stafford 1 50 Foster, Sharon 150 Gg Gates, Anthony 90, 91, 150 Gatlin, Debra 150, 163, 166 Goode, Stacie 90, 95, 98, 150, 183 Goodman, Anita 83, 84, 98, 1 50, 184, 196 Gray, Gwendolyn 150 Gresham, Cyril 98, 1 50 Griffin, Jose 8, 12, 16,31,68,69, 150,152 Hh Hall, Yolanda 150 Hamilton, Yolanda 90, 150 Honey, Vincient 80, 171 Hardman, Cassandre 61, 84, 90, 91, 151, 167 Harmon, Bridgette 151 Harper, Godfrey 151 Harper, Susan 151 Harris, Lori 90, 151 Hector, Trino 151 Herring, Sheldon 147, 151, 153, 191, 192 Hightower, David 151 Hightower, Zina 90, 151, 180 Hill, Angela 151 Hines, Tonya 28,95, 98, 151 Holder, Saroh 151 Holloway, Anthony 8, 151 Ji Jackson, Charles 68, 151 Jenkins, Irvinna 151 Johnson, Cynthia 84, 151 Johnson, Stephanie 98, 151 Jones, Anthony 27, 80, 151 Jones, Crystal 151 Jones, Jr., Jimmy 3, 4, 8, 92, 94, 98,99, 151, 153 Jones, Loretta 1 54 Kk Kenneybrew, Darrell 5, 6, 12, 26, 27, 38, 68, 69, 72, 73, 74, 77, 147, 154, 196 u Laney, Sharon 154, 185 Lett, Deborah 84, 1 54 Ligons, Trez 147, 154 Lloyd, Tannie 154 Lowe, Charmoye 1 54 Lowe, Sonya 1 54 Luckie, Jacqueline 154 Lumpkin, Paris 1 54 Mm Malcolm, Yolanda 25, 26, 154 McCoy, Candice 154 McCullough, Sabrena 9, 83, 98, 154 McCune, Janis 85, 154 McGee, Ernest 68, 69, 154, 197 Mcintosh, Monica 154, 164 Mcintosh, Montreal 154, 164 McKriight, Adrian 154 McLdughlin, Antoinette 6, 21, 24, 27,j98, 146, 154 McMLillen, Phillip 1 54 Mitchell, Dyline 85, 95, 154 Mitchell, Mario 6, 147, 155 Mobley, Sabrino 155 Moore, Sidney 155 Morris, Althea 155 Mosely, Therick 98, 152, 155 Nn Neal, Wendy 6, 8, 26, 27, 32, 88, 90,91,99, 155, 164, 169, 175, 197 Newton, Kimberly 1 55 Nix, Helen 155 Oo Oglesby, Sandy 155 Pp Parris, James 72 ' | Peeks, Bridgette 1 55 Phillips, Edwin 155 ' ffl Rr Rachell, Tracy 12, 68, 69, 155 Ronsby, Harriette 1 55 Render, Mignon 83, 95, 155 Rhodes, Tracy 98, 155, 162, 164, 180 Roberts, Quolanda 95, 146, 155, 186 Roberts, Quonda 7, 62, 1 55, 1 86 Robinson, Nelson 1 55 Rogers, Mia 1 , 3, 4, 20, 21 , 24, 27, 28,60, 88,92, 94,98, 99, 144, 146, 147, 153, 155, 162, 174, 199 Rosser, Donald 1 1, 95, 153, 156 Rozier, Carlo 156 Russell, Tony 68, 69 VMj . Shaw, William 31, 68,69, Sheilds, Guandrell 156 Simmons, Gwendolyn 156 Simmons, Howard 38, 80, 98 Sims, Cassandra 156 Sims, Mechelle 156 Smalls, Trenia 84, 156 Smith, Kevin 7,86, 156 Smith, Eloine 38, 94, 98 Smith, Randy 6, 31, 68, 69, 156 Smith, Tammy 98, 156 Smith, Terina 156 Stegall, Hiram 98 Stephens, Roberta 1 56, Sterling, Scottie 1 56 Stewart, Tanger 82, 153, 156, 168, 197 Stiles, Connie 1 56 Stilwell, Senita 1 56, 1 77 175 Tt Thomas, Sobrina 1 56 Thomas, Sonio 10, 90, 146, 156, 164, 170, 173 Tukes, Johnny 72, 73, 74, 157 Tukes, Jennifer 157 Ww Weaver, Carterri 157 Webb, Fredrick 157 Weems, Melvin 21, 72, 73, 74, 77, 1 46, 1 47, 1 57 Welch, Morcie 157 West, Melanie 157 Wheat, III., Booker 1 1 , 68, 69, 157 White, Edwin 38, 45, 61, 84, 90, 91, 157, 188, 189, 190 White, Frederick 6, 68, 69, 157 Williams, James III. Ill, 157 Williams, Nathon 3, 10, 21, 60, 88, 92,94,98,99, 146, 147, 152, 165 Willis, Joey 157 Woodord, Celestine 85, 157 Wordlow, Jr., Rudolph 91, 146, 157 Wright, Mario 1 57 Index 199 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Kymberly M. Bather The Fulton High School Family has " STRIVEN FOR THE GOLD OF EXCEL- LENCE. " Memories of what it took to accomplish this mammoth task will lin- ger forever. The putting together of this proud creation afforded me the oppor- tunity to utilize my innovative ideas. Be- ing Editor-in-Chief has truly been the highpoint of my sophomore year. Although the work was hard and sometimes demanding, because of the limited number of staff members, we were persistent and the result was, as we expected, a superb yearbook. The production of this year ' s Forum is conspicuous — one that could never be done without a dedicated, creative, and willing staff. Special thanks extended to our advi- sor, Mrs. B. Buster, and also my Index Editor and PHOTOGRAPHER of the YEAR, James Mays who was always there to help me conquer incompleted deadlines. These two worked untiringly and without them this production would not have materialized. I sincerely hope that this 71st edition of the Forum has captured some of the highlights of 1 985, as well as helped you relive memorable moments of your high school career: Conslusively, it is my sin- cere gratitude that you will take pride and pleasure in our finished product. Sincerely yours. Kymberly M. Barber EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 200 Colophon 1 ■ .iv. ' Rv. : A-Ai: ' .s2ffl® i

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