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.K ,4,y'g.. i Q 5 s a Y E E 5 i 3 E 1 Y Q 3 5 E I n WWWMQ ff fwyz gpgmwwwimmww QMW W WH , CL any b . u my , M W wfff 41 I -'iji w Mi My ijyfiwk iVe5iy,ib!y'J0MM iaEif2i3w? Fxgh at K TN KwfS5 + N 5 AWK? 355329 is aifffwg 1 -in , ' , AWG ,,,A,-,..,,,.x .,,, L ,- 3, . .- , . ' . , ,, V , ' , le 1949 ORUM 2 4 ' "JV x ,- ' v-J Diff-'J' W 4 x , A47 I My 1 J' Y .4 ' V0 .Qm - xv .H if if www ZQQQWJ if dill, fx Csfvafi O O ,M F . X H jfmw X Ps G' 1 me M RUSSELL RAY Editor .lolz SULLIVAN Business 1VIa'r1age1' MEMBER National Scholastic Press Association Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of Fulton High School Atlan ta, Georgia Volume 25 oniwonn It is a comfortable feeling to be among friends, a warm glowing contentment as soothing as the summer sun. Here at Fulton High we bask in this friendly atmosphere each day in the year- this atmosphere of friendship so close to our COTE h t Social Life . , . 6 ear s. A X ' ' ' . . 4 7 In creating this volume of the FORUM we have f Cuvmes D , , , Recreation , . . 8 tried to store within these few pages that which , , Mlork . . . 9 will be a treasure-trove in the future years. May . , Dedication , , . . 10 we leok back on these happy days and still feel , , , Administration , . 4 . , ll the bonds of friendship that linked us so closely , Faculty ,.,. 4 12-13-15-16 together in the days of auld lang syne. Classes at WVork 4 4 , . 15-16 Seniors . . . 4 . 18 ,Aj M W'ho's who ...., . . 32 if Students in V-1, V-2, D-l 4 , .4... 36 L-Y X 2, Sophomore, Freshmen, Sub-Freshmen Classes 37 ' - 'iif - Military Personnel , . . 4 . . . . . . 45 Activities , 4 , , 4 51 il Athletics 4 .,4.. . 469 School Life End Sheet , . 5-81 The bird a nest, X. y f Q wi VFW 1 we X is ' i4,.-+34 li,-.i i ,...g 1-:-e l it N J WZ X ,X the spider, a web and man, friendship - WILLIAM BLAKE E sw z S E 2 Q e X g.',1.n4y,1.-.ul-4-.n-..-.-.v-uvvv S 5 2 E n I 5 5 E DEDICATl0N For her beautiful smile, for her wonderful spirit, for her attrac- tive personality and for her willingness to help others, we, the 1949 FORUM Staff, dedicate the twenty-sixth volume of the FORUINI KO Miss Cornelia Montgomery 10 lVllN ll Tl Miss PAULINE NIAGRUDER Assistant Principal, Fulton High School Her smiling way of straighten- ing out unpleasantnesses has made her liked throughout Ful- KOH. MR. E. VVHITE Principal, Fulton High School His ability to handle any sit- uation with kind understanding has made him esteemed. MR. KNOX WALKER Assistant Superintendent, Fulton County Schools His endeavor to do something to help the students of Fulton County has set him high in their praise. MR. PAUL D. XVEST Superintendent, Fulton County Schools His way of showing imparti- ality to all the schools in the county has made him liked throughout the county. MR. Hove NIRS. MURREI.l. Miss NIAGRUDFR MR. BLITCH MR. EPPINCIQR Miss VVIN'1'ERBOT'I'0NI MR. YVILLS MRS. FLOYD MR. CHoNko MR. HU'l'ClHINSON COMMHRCIAI.-The students in this department take typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, and other subjects necessary for success in the modern business world, Mr. L. YV. Hope, head of departmentg Mrs. Ora H. Murrell, Miss Pauline Magruder, Mr. Parrish Blitch. BIATHEMATICS-'1'l1C students in this department are learn- ing one of the fundamentals. Today more than ever a thorough knowledge of math is needed in preparing for college and the future. Mr. J. C. Eppinger, head of de- partmentg Miss Mary VVinterbottom. SCIENCEiTl1iS department holds many exciting surprises for the student who takes scientific subjects. Mr. Claude C. VVillis, Jr., head of departmentg Mrs. Helen Mloyd, Mr. Bill Chonko. ENGLISH-Verbs, nouns, adjectives are quite a pain while we are learning about them but later on in life a knowl- edge of them really helps a person out. Mr. Ben H. Hutchinson, head of department, Miss Cornelia E. Cooper, Mrs. George YV. Abercromnie, jr., Miss Cornelia Mont- gomery. SOCIAL SCIENCE-LANGUACJE-KHOWA'lCdgC of our country's his- tory is very important to us. Citizenship helps us to know our duties as citizens and to perform them for the good of our community, state, and country. Foreign languages and geography are also included in this department. Miss Sarah C. Webster, head of departmentg Miss Nell Lyle Newman, Miss Edna F. Potts, Mrs. Ora S. Fentress, Mrs. Clyde C. Price, Mrs. Mlarren T. jackson, Mr. jess P. Purcell. HOME ECONOMICS-In this department the girls learn cook- ing, sewing, and other essentials of housekeeping. This year a course in Family Relations is being given for any students desiring a successful marriage and home life. Miss Ann Bailey, Mrs. Evelyn Mae Clark, Mrs. War1'e11 Beale. Miss COOPER MRS. ABERCROMBIE Miss MONTGOMERY Miss WEBs'rRR Miss NEWBIAN MIss Po'I'Ts MRS. FENTRLSS MRS. PRICE MRS. JACKSON MR. PURCLLI MISS BAILEY MRS. CLARK MRS. BEALE MISS MCCALLIE MR. ROBINSON PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Fulton is very enthusiastic over this course, which includes games and dancing. Miss Edith McCallie has charge of this department. MUSIC-"Music hath charms which soothe the savage beast." Fulton is very proud of the Music Department, which is headed by Mr. Don C. Robinson. LIBRARY-ThE library is located in the center of the build- ing is truly the heart of our school. This very necessary part of school life is under the care of Miss Ethel Troup, who is always Willing to help one select a good book. OFFICE-PLlpllS all dread to get that summons to come to the ofllce. But when they arrive they are greeted by the friendly spirit of the clerk, Mrs. Alice Awtry. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-The part-time students in this department learn while they work on the job. This group of students is directed by Miss jane' Foley. ART-This department is new to Fulton, but many students are taking it. Mrs. Allene M. Freeman is the adviser. SHOPS-The boys learn how to build different articles. This department is under the administration of Mr. Mathis. Mrs. H. M. Bowden has charge of a most important de- partment, which she manages well-the cafeteria. MRS. BOWDIALN Miss 'l'ROUl' MRS. AVVTRY MISS FOLEY MRS. FREEMAN MR. MATHIS SHOP immy Burton Qleftj helps Mfalter Buckner carve out a base stool on the lathe in Woodshop. , CLASS s 6 AT PM our Fulton is proud of her work in developing her students physically and mentally. Each course is designed to help her students get a broader out- look on life. Although it is impossible to show pictures of all classes at work, the following rep- resent the different departments and types of work. MUSIC M1 Don Robinson Qseatedj teaches the following students how to sing Lett to right, standing: Harold Hawkins, Frank Stallings, Henderson ord Rainwater, Sara Turner, Opal Morgan, joann Reinhold u CL s s qi 0RK MATHEMATICS Bobby Conner fleftj shows Miss Winterbottom's Algebra III class his problem as jimmy Woolley is still working his. RADIO Left to right, standing: Ralph Joyner, Doris Reyn- olds, jere Randall, Ruth Smith and Betty Hawkins are rehearsing their radio scrips. FAMILY RELATIONS Mrs. Beales' Family Relations class is studying how to get along with others and how to select their , lifetime mates. GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS Mr. Mathis is performing an experiment While II group of his General Science boys look on. 'k'k'k English, Social Science, and Language are conducted in classrooms similar to that in the mathematics picture. W ..,.,..... eft to right: Eloise Eavenson, Treasurer, Tommy Vaughan, Presidentg Roy Martin, Vice Presi- dent, Betty Gardner, Secretary. MJ" Gently, so gently they'rc: stealing away, One by one they're flying, Days that we've all spent happy together, Vanishing and slowly dying. High school days that, passing, leave memories, Memories none will forget, Laughter and faces and voices, Friends so dear that wefve met. Now as the end is approaching, Minutes seem to fly, Wonder how many of us are ready, To part and say good-bye? 6'Ll"8lfU0 Paths for some have been easy, Others struggle far in the night, Mastering laborious, diflicult subjects, Winning the challenging fight. These last visions to our eyes will be sa Seen in a misty light, Aims and ideals we learned at Fulton, And friends we love with our might. VVhen from Fulton friends we have parted, And different paths we have trod, May we be in the end united, At the golden bar of God. RUSSELL RAY SENIOR OFFICER cred enior CHARLES HENRY ADAIR com MERCIAL Entercd from East Clayton Junior High September '47, Best Drilled Company '48, Perfect Attendance '48, D.E. Club '49, Treasurer '49, D.E. Bowling Team '49. ELLEN ARMISTEAD "Kopina" GENERAL Entered from Avondale High September '48, Red Cross '49, Dance Club '49, F.H.A. Club '49. DANA KATHLEEN BEARDEN "Kitty" GENERAL Girls' Reserve '46, Y-Teen '47, F.H.A. '46, '47, '48, President '49, French Club '47, '49, MARGIE ELLEN BOYD "Floggie" COMMERCIAL Student Activity Council '47, Honor Roll '46, Dance Club '46, '47, '48, Y-Teen '46, '47, '48, '49, Block Letter Club '48, Honor Athlete 46, '47, Cardinal Stall '49, Perfect Attendance '47, Personality Club Secretary and Treasurer '49, Bas- ketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Who's Who '49, Swimming Certibcate '47, Cardinal Rep- resentative '4-9, Athletic Representative '48. JOSEPH ADAMS BROOKS "Josephus" sciruriric Entered from Sewanee Military Academy September '47, Captain '48, '49, 0Hicers' Club '48, '49, Football '49, Block Letter Club '49, HARRIETT CLAUDIA ANDERSON ACADEMIC Latin Club '46, '47, Glee Club '46, '47, Red Cross Certificate '48, Nature Club '48, French Club '48, '49, Dramatic Club '49, Girls' RiHe Team '49. ALBERT LAMAR BATTLE, JR. "Buck" ACADEMIC Student Council '46, lst Sergeant '48, lst Lieutenant '49, Merit Bar '48, Best Drilled Company '48, '49, Oiiicers' Club '49, Football Manager '49, Block Letter Club '49. 1 My BARBARA ANN BOND "Babs" GENERAL Y-Teens '46, '47, Dance Club '46, Stu- dent Activity Council '48, D.E. Club '49, D.E. Bowling Team '49. MARLENE L. BOZEMAN "Molly" GENERAL Entered from Miller High School, Macon, Ga., '48, F.H.A. '49, Maskers '49, MARY ELIZABETH BRYANS "Libby" GENERAL Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, First Aid Certificate '47, F.H.A. '48, Y-Teen '48, '49, Block Letter Club '48, '49, Honor Athlete '47, '48, Home Room Officer '46, Music Club '49. PEGGY RUTH BUICE upegsx GENERAL Basketball '46, Cafeteria Staff '46, '49, Student Activity Council '46, Dance Club '46, '47, '48, Girls' Rifle Team '48, Squad Leaders '46, '48, Music Club '47, '49, French Club '47, '48, Cheerleader '48, '49, Who's Who '49, Junior Civitan Club '48, '49, Junior FoRUM Assistant '48, First Aid Certificate '48, Cardinal Stall' '49, Y-Teen '48. JIMMY MARTIN BURTON -,Pippin commnaciat. Student Activity Council '48, Who's Who '49, FORUM Staff '49, Football '49, Base- ball '49, Dance Club '48, Merit Bar '48, SHIRLEY JEAN COCHRAN "Shirley" coM:vir:Rc1A.L Cafeteria Staff '46, Y-Teen '47, '48, Per- sonality Club '48, F.H.A. '49. LARRY CARSWE LL COLVARD HMMU GENERAL Minor Sports Representative '46, Cardi- nal Stall '48, Red Cross Representative '47, FORUM Representative '48, GLORIA ANNE COPLEY usisn COINIMERCIAL Y-Teens '46, '47, '48, Student Activity Council '46, '48, Red Cross '48, Band '48, '49, Letter '49, D.E. Club '49, Otlicer '49, Dance Club '47, 60-80-Word Shorthand Certificate, Perfect Attendance '47, '48-, French Club '47, D.E. Bowling Team '49, Senior Ring Committee '48. enior DANA BURNETT ACADEMIC Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, '49, Perfect Attendance '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '46, '47, Glee Club '46, Student Council '47, Secretary '48, Y-Teen '47, '48, President '49, Dance Club '47, '48, Secretary '49, Vice President Nature Club '48, Library Club '48, Music Club '43, Rifle Team '49, French Club '48, Vice President '49, Cardinal Staff '49, First Aid Cer- tilicate '48, Junior Civitan Club '47, Chaplain '48, National Honor Society '48, '49, Who's Who '49. JOYCE MARIE BURTON "Blondie" cl-:Nt-:HAL Y-Teen '46, '47, '48, Red Cross '48, Student Activity Council '47, Dance Club '46, '47, '48, Basketball '46, D.E. Club '49, Squad Leaders '46, '47, '48, P. Ed. Letter '48, D.E. Bowling Team '49 RICHARD LaRUE COLEMAN GENERAL Military Sergeant '46, Hi-Y '47. JOE H. COOLEY "Cuba" ACADEMIC Boys' Ride Team '47, '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, Sergeant '46, '47, '48, Freshman-Sophomore Hi-Y '46. . I ANNIE B. COWAN HBH., WWA? COM MERCIAL Music Club '47, '49, Y-Teens '48, F.H.A. '47, '48, Library Club '49, Cafeteria '47, Foxum Representative '49, Office Staff '49. enior SARAH .IEANETTE CROWLEY "Sally" GENERAL Glee Club '46g Music Club '47, '48, Y-Teen '47. HOWARD DAVID DAVIS GENERAL D.E. Club '48, '49, Vice President '49g D.E. Bowling Team '48, '49g Sergeant '47g Music Club '48g Perfect Attend- ance '4-8. ROBERT EDMUND DAWSON '-Bobby" SCIENTIFIC Hi-Y '47g Sergeant '47, TfSergeant '48, 2nd Lieutenant '49, Best Drilled Company '47, '48g Student Activity Council '47, '48g Junior Civitan Club '48, '49g Na- tional Honor Society '48, '49g Basketball '47, Manager '48g Block Letter Club '49g Who's Who '49, President Homeroom '49g Officers' Club '49g Senior Escort '4Bg Honor Roll '46g Merit Bar '48. RICHARD JULIAN DONEGAN GENERAL Military Sergeant '46, Hi-Y '47g Cardinal Stal? '49. BARBARA SUE DUKE uRed,- GENERAL Band '48, '49i F.H.A. '48, '49: Cafeteria '46g -Latin Club '46, '4-7: Personality Club '48g Music Club '49. FLETCHER GRAY CULPEPPER, IR. "F.c:.'f GENERAL Best Drilled Freshman. JULIUS TRUMAN DAVIS GENERAL Sergeant '47, Best Drilled Company '46, '47, '48, Color Guard '48, Music Club '47g D.E. Club '49g Red Cross Repre- sentative '49. WILLIAM EUGENE DAWSON nceneu GENERAL SfSergeant '48, Ist Lieutenant '49, Of- ficers' Club '49, Merit Bar '48, Best Drilled Company '46, '47, '48, Senior Escort '48. ANDRE LOUIS DuBOSE uAndyn GENERAL Sergeant '45. CONSTANCE LOIS DYCHE "Connie" COMMERCIAL Glee Club '46g Girl Reserves '46g Music Club '47g F.H.A. Club '48g Dramatic' Club '49, Music Club '49g Radio Club '495 Perfect Attendance '47, '4Bg 60-80- Word Shorthand Certificate. ELOISE EAVENSON "Wen" SCIENTIFIC Student Activity Council '47, '48, '49, Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, '49, National Honor Society '48, '49, Dance Club '47, '48, Y-Teen '47, '48, '49, Athletic Rep- resentative '46, Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49, Honor Athlete '47, Perfect At- tendance '46, '47, '48, Library Club Vice President '49, FORUM Staii '49, Basket- ball '46, '47, '48, '49, Who's Who '49, Civitau Club '48, Secretary '49, Fonmvt Assistant '46, American Legion Essay '46, '47, Treasurer of Senior Class '49. PAUL EUGENE FLEMING Hear, GENERAL Entered from Moreland High School '46, Student Activity Council '47, D.E. Club '49, Bowling Team '49. KATE EVA FRATZSCHER "Katie" ACADEMIC National Honor Society '48, '49, Nature Club '48, Dance Club '47, '48, '49, Squad Leaders' Club '48, French Club '48, '49, Latin Club '46, '47, Y-Teens '48, '49, Honor Roll '48, MONA MAE GARRETT -fpunkn COMMERCIAL Girls' RiHe Team '47, '49, F.H.A. '48, '49, Y-Teen '48, Dance Club '48, Spon- sor '49. BARBARA JEAN GILBERT "Little Gilbert" GENERAL Y-Teen '48, First Aid CertiHcate '47, F.H.A. Historian '49, Cardinal Repre- sentative '49, Red Cross '46. eniors HAROLD PRENTISS FIELDS ACADEMIC Senior Escort '47, '43, Colors '47, '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, '49, Ser- geant '47, Tfsergeant '48, Ist Lieutenant '49, Cardinal Representative '46, Fonurvt Representative '47, 0HiCers' Club '49. MURRAY LEE . -ORENCE "Longlegs" AcAneM1c FORUM Representative '46, '48, Honor Roll '46, '47, Junior Hi-Y Oiiicer '47, Ride Team '47, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, Best Drilled Private '4-47, Senior Escort '47, '48, Sergeant '48, Lieutenant '49, Officers' Club '49, Junior Civitan Club '49, Who's Who '49, Dance Club '49, National Honor Society '49, Merit Bar '48. BETTY ANN GARDNER ' 'Bnoger' ' COMMERCIAL Student Activity Council '46, Glee Club '46, Music Club Vice President '47, Y-Teens '47, '48, '49, Basketball '47, 60-80-Word Shorthand Certificate '48, Fonum Staff '49, Basketball Manager '49, Nutrition Certificate '46, Junior-Civitan Club '49, Honor Athlete '47, Perfect Attendance '46, '47, Secretary of Senior Class '49, Sponsor '49, National Honor Society '49, BILL GENTRY "Buck" ACADEMIC Entered from Tallapoosa High '46, Stu- dent Activity Council '49, Dance Club '49, Block Letter Club '49, Football Manager '49, Sergeant '48, Lieutenant '49, Senior Escort '48, Oflicers' Club '49, Best Drilled Company '47, '48. BETTY .IO GILBERT "Bird" GENERAL Music Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Y-Teen '48, F.H.A. '49, Red cms '46, '47, Dance Club '48. enior ROBERT EDWARD GILSTRAP "Eddie" ACADEMIC Glec Club '46, '47, Music Club '48, '49, President '48, Band '46, '48, '49, Color Guard '47, MfSergeant '47, lst Lieutenant '49, Officers Club '49, Junior Hi-Y '47, FORUM Representative '46, Cardinal Rep- resentative '47, Cardinal Staff '49. BETTY MARIE GRIFFIN "Sweet Pea" ACADEMIC President Homeroom '46, Sponsor '46, '49, Junior Red Cross '46, '49, French Club '47, '48, Girls' Rifle Team '46, '47, '48, '49, Dance Club '46, '47, '48, Y-Teen '49, Forkum Representative '49. WILLIAM GRADY HALL "Billy" ACADEMIC Entered from Hoke Smith '47, Best Drilled Company '47, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Band '48, '49, Cardinal Stat! '49, Senior Escort '47. CAROLYN HARRIS "Lulu" AcAnEMlc Y-Teens '48, '49. BETTY DEAN HAWKINS GENERAL Music Club '46, '47, Basketball '47, Y-Teens '47, '48, '49, Treasurer of Dance Club '49, Dramatic Club '49, Cafeteria Stall '49, Ballet '49. MARJORIE ELAINE GORDON nLane,, GENERAL F.H. . '48, Vice President '49, Y-Teens '47, 'G Li'rary ,Club '48, '49, mmm Rep sen 'Qe ,'48, Red Cross Repre- ajjf 49, Student Activity Coun- U 1 cil 'fl-8. L. CARLTON VERNER GUNTER "Skeeter" GENERAL Sergeant '46, '47, Basketball '46, '47, '48, Baseball '47-'48, Junior Hi-Y '46, Cardinal Stall '49, Red Cross Represen- tative '46, Cardinal Representative '47. ROYAL IVEY HARDMAN, JR. GENERAL Cardinal Representative '48, Basketball '47, '48, Football '47, Sergeant '49. CARL EDWARD HARTNESS "Baby Face" GENERAL Best Drilled Freshman '46, Homeroom President '47, Basketball '46, '47, '48, Student Activity Council '49. HAROLD MORRIS HAWKINS nRed,, GENERAL Entered from Miami Edison '46, Mili- tary Sergeant '47, 2nd Lieutenant '48, '49, Oliicers' Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, Secretary '49, Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49, Football '46, '47, '48, '49, Basketball '47, Vice President of Dance Club '49, Award Athlete '47, Honor Athlete '48, Senior Escort '47, '48, Cardinal Stall '49, Red Cross Represen- tative '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, '49. BETTY FRANCES HENDERSON ..Buby,, GENERAL Girl Reserve '46, Music Club '46, Y-Teens '47, '48, Red Cross Representa- tive '48, Personality Club '4B. VERNON HUCKYEBERRY uBuckn GENERAL MARGIE EVELYN HUGGINS uN-igv GENERAL Dramatic Club '48, Music Club '47, Nature Club '47, Dance Club '47. JOHN EARL HUNT, JR. "Johnny" ACADEMIC Junior Civian -Club '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Football '48, Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Baseball '48, '49, Sergeant '47, 2nd Lieu- tenant '49, Officers' Club '49, Block Letter Club '49. PATRICIA ANNE JOHNSON npaln COMMERCIAL Personality Club '48, D.E. Club '49, D.E. Bowling Team '49, Glee Club '46. enior MELVIN RAYMOND HOBGOOD uH0pu ACADEMIC Military Sergeant '46, Merit Bar '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, Riile Team '47, '48, '49. ROBERT WARREN HUDLOW "Bobby" GEN:-:RAL Military Sergeant '47, SfSergeant '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, FoRuM Representative '46, Best Drilled Company '48, Perfect Attendance '48. BETTY JOYCE HUMPHREY ugabyn ACADEMIC Cardinal Representative '46, '47, '48, Y-Teens '47, '48, Junior Civitan Club '48, '49, Personality Club President '49, Who's Who '49, FORUM Staff '49, Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, Perfect Attendance '46, '47, '48, National Honor Society '49. ELLEN DORIS JACKSON ' "Dottie" GENERAL Student Activity Council '47, Red Cross Representative '47, Y-Teen '47, Cardinal Representative '48, Vice President of Squad Leaders, 148, Dance Club '48, Cheerleader '49, Publicity Chairman Dra- matic Club '49, Music Club '49. DONNA JEAN JORDAN "Donnie" GENERAL Dance Club '47, '48, President '49, F.H.A. '49, C-lee Club '46, Red Cross Club '48, President '49. enior RALPH EDWARD JOYNER, JR. "Buddy" COMMERCIAL Corporal '45, Sergeant '46, SfSergeant '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, Hi-Y '46, Personality Club '48, '49, Music Club '45, Captain Volley Ball Team '45, Baseball Team '45, '46, '47, Football '45, '46 Dance Club '4'7. GERALDINE LANCE COMMERCIAL French Club '47, Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Library Club '48, Personality Club '49. 1 DOROTHY JEAN MANN "Jean" COMMERCIAL Entered from McComb High, Mississippi, '47, Perfect Attendance '48, Music Club '48, '49, Y-Teens '48. JERRY LAMAR MANSELL "Pee Wee" COMMERCIAL Junior Class Ofiicer '48, Cardinal Staff '49, Student Activity Council '46, '47, Red Cross Representative '48, '49, Per- fect Attendance '47, Corporal '46, Ser- geant '47, '48, '49, Merit Bar '48. MILTON LEE MARTIN UMW. GENERAL Sergeant '45, '46, Baseball '46, '47, '48, '49, Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Horne- room President '49, Athlete Representa- tive '48, Honor Athlete '48, Block Letter Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '49, Hon- orable Mention in the Atlanta Journal All Star Baseball Team '48. BILLY RICHARD KENT "Bill" GENERAL Hi-Y '46, Military '46, '49, Band '48, '49, Sergeant '47, MfSergeant '48, Cap- tain '49, Red Cross '46, '47, Boys' Chorus '49, Perfect Attendance '48, '49. JOAN ERNESTINE LEE ffJ'L.,, GENERAL French Cl b '47, Cardinal Representative ' 6, 14.9, i Reserves '46, Dance Club '46, ' g, Y-Teen '47, FoRUM Staff A '47, FoRuM Representative '48, V. 's Who '49, Sponsor '47, '48, '49, eerleader '47, '48, Homeroom 0H5cer ' Go-Captain of Cheerleaders '48. 4 Q ' MARLE NE MANN "Chicken" COMMERCIAL Entered from McComb High, Mississippi, '47, Perfect Attendance '48, Red Cross Representative '48, First Aid Certificate '48, Music Club '48, '49, Y-Teens '48, Library Club '49, BARBARA JUNE MARTIN "Bobbie" COMIVIERCIAL Student Activity Council '46, Music Club '47, Personality Club '48, F.H.A. Club '48, Treasurer '49, Rifle Team '49. ROY FELTON MARTIN "Squash" GENERAL Junior Civitan Club '48, Treasurer '49, Who's Who '49, Junior Class Ofiicer '48, Senior Class 0IF1cer '49, Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, FORUM Staff '49, Cardinal Stall '49, Merit Bar '48, Award Athlete '47, Honor Athlete '48, Football '49, Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Baseball '46, '47, Co-Captain all N.G.I.C. '48, '49, Captain Basketball '49. JAMES RALPH MASHBURN, JR. NDOCH GENERAL Atbletic Representative '47g Hi-Y '43, '49g President Homeroom '48g Corporal '46 JOSEPH DOUGLAS McARTHUR r.D0ug,, GENERAL Dance Club '46g D.E. Club '48. 'N 4 INIARION MARGARET MCDANIEL UMHCH GENERAL Entered from Academy High School, Erie, Penn., '47g Cheerleader '49: Office Assistant '49g Cafeteria Cashier '4-93 Y-Teen '48g Dance Club '4-93 F,H.A. '4-9. HORACE LAMAR MINTON "MinlD,' GENERAL Glee Club '46g Best Drilled Company '47, '48g Color Guard '48, Color Bearer '4-93 Football '49g Sergeant '48, '49, Senior Escort '48g Block Letter Club '49. HERBERT ALLEN O'NEAL "Hebrew" GENERAL Entered from Marlow High School '47g Hi-Y '48g President '48g Basketball '47, '48, '4-93 Football '48, '49g Baseball '48, '49g Block Letter Club '48, '49g Student Activity Council Treasurer '48, President '49g Junior Civitan Club '4-9g Honor Athlete '48, '49, All Star Basketball Team '47-C Teamg All Irish Football Team '49g Cardinal Staff '4-9. l, . o Ss 1, 9 I . -f i , y -, ' "fr 7 enior HAZEL LOUISE MAULDIN "Gadget" COMMERCIAL Music Club '47, '43, '49g Squad Leacler '47. VIRTIE VIRGINIA McBURNETT "Birdie" COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves '46, '47: Library Club '4-95 Music Club '4-9. BETTY JEAN MILLER "Susie Q" COMMERCIAL Snonsor '4-83 Secretary of Squad Leaders Club '48g Y-Teens '47, '48g Personality Club '43, Dance Club '48, '49g Office Staff '49, ELIZABETH NEWTON ullizzyn GENERAL Music Club '4-6: Y-Teens '47, '4-83 Li- brary Club '11-8g Dance Club '48. RENA JEAN OWENSBY "Fl0orm0p" GENERAL Paslzetball '46, '47, '48, '49g Y-Teen '47. '48g Library Staff '46, '47, '48, '49: OPF1c'er of Library Club '49g Library Club '48, '-49g Honor Athlete '48, Block Lette: Club '49g Library. enior KATHERINE OSSIE PARTAIN f-KM-r ACADEMIC Sponsor '47, Girls' Rifle Team '48, '49g Cafeteria Stall '46, '47g Dance Club '48 '49g French Club '48, Secretary '49l '47 Music Club Secretary '48, Y-Teens '48, '49g Perfect Attendance '48. VIVIAN CLAUDINE PETTYJOHN .Winn ACADEMIC Entered from Chamblee High '47, French Club President '48, Treasurer '49g FDRUM Stall '49g Cardinal Stan' '49g Nature Club '48, Secretary '48, Y-Teens '48, Secre- tary '49g Public Speaking Council '48, Vice President Girls' Rifle Team '48, '49g Student Activity Council '49g Red Cross Representative '48, Cafeteria Staff '49g Dance Club '48, '49g Library Club '49g Basketball '49s Squad Leaders' Club '48, GEORGE WILLIAM PITTS "Harp0" GENERAL Best Drilled Company '45, '46, '47g Rifle Team '4-73 Senior Escort '46g Red Cross Representative '47g Best Drilled Fresh- man '45g Merit Bar '45. BETTY LAVON PORTER "Porter" COMMERCIAL Cafeteria Stali '46, '47, Athletic Rep- resentative '47g Junior Civitan Cluh '48, '49g Dance Club '48, Squad Leaders' Club '48g Basketball '47, '48, '49g Home- room President '48g Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49g Music Club '49, BETTY RUTH RANDALL "Shorty" GENERAL Glee Club '46g Red Cross Representative '46g Cardinal Representative '47, Dance Club "48, '49g F.H.A. Club '47g Wl10's Who '49. - MARTHA MAE PASS HPZISSH GENERAL Basketball Team '46, '47, '48, '49g F.H.A. '48, Secretary '49g Y-Teen '48g Perfect Attendance '4-75 Honor Athlete '46, '47, '48, Athletic Representative '47g Library Club '48, '49g Dance Club '48g Music Club '49g Personality Club '48g First Aid Certificate '48, Nutrician Certifi- cate '46. BETTY LOUISE PILGRIM .-Bef, COMMERCIAL Y-Teen '47g Dance Club '48g Personality Club '48g Squad Leaders' Club '48g Sponsor '48s Music Club '49, MARY JOAN PLANT ugubys s COMMERCIAL Dance Club '47, '48g Squad Leaders Club '48. HAROLD WILLIAM POSS "Flying Cloud" GENERAL Sergeant '46g Baseball Manager '48, Bas- ketball '47g Block Letter Club '49g Hi-Y '49, Cardinal Staff '49g FORUM Represen- tative '49g Red Cross Representative '47. JERE M. RANDALL uzekes, GENERAL Junior Civitan Club '48, '49g .Iunior Red Cross '47g Music Club '45, Dance Club '49g President Dramatic Club '49g Oili- cers' Club '47, '48, '49, President '49g Band '-459 Corporal '46, TfSergeant '46, 1st Lieutenant '47, Captain '48, Major '49, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, '49, Senior Escort '47, '48g Library Staff '46: Cafeteria Stall '47g FORUM Representa- tive '48g Football '48g Junior Class Pres- ident '48, Editor in Chief of Cardinal '49g Radio '49g Merit Bar '48, Volley Ball '47g Freshman Debate '45. RUSSELL JULIAN RAY "Rusty" ACADEMIC Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, '49g National Honor Society '48, '49g Junior Civitan Club '48, '49, Editor in Chief of FORUM '49g Dance Club '48, '49, Perfect At- tendance '4-6, '47, '48g Who's Who '49g Cardinal Representative '47g Red Cross '46, '48g Football Manager '49g Block Letter Club '49, lst Lieutenant '48, Cap- tain '49, Best Drilled Company '48, Secretary-Treasurer '49, Officers' Club '48. VANITA GRACE RIGGINS "Blond ie" GENERAL MARY JOYCE SANDERS ffpign coMMEnc1AL Library Club '46g Squad Leaders '48g Y-Teen '43g Personality Club '48g Dance Club '48. GILBERT JACK SHELLNUT f.Kay0,, GENERAL Sergeant '47, Ist Sergeant '48, Best Drilled Company ,'48g Homeroom Presi- dent 'isg Hi-Y '46, '47, '49g Football '49g Perfect Attendance '46. MARTHA LORINE SIMMONS frM0l1n GENERAL FoltUM Representative '46g Music Club '46g Cafeteria Staff '46: Dance Club '469 Majorette '47, '4B. enior DORIS GAY REYNOLDS "Dimple.s" ACADEMIC Honor Roll '46g American Legion Essay '47g 2nd Place Oratorical Contest '48g Y-Teen '48, '49g Basketball '48g Junior Civitan Club '48, '49, Dramatic Club '49g Music Club '46g Library Club '48g Li- brary Staff '49g Public Speaking Club '48g Secretary French Club '47g Senior French Club '48. DONALD THEODORE RUSTIN nD0nn SCIENTIFIC Student Activity Council '46, '47, '48, '4-95 Junior Class Officer '48g Athletic Representative '46g National Honor So- ciety '48, '49, Junior Civitan Club '48, '49g FURUM Staff '49g Dance Club '48, '49g Who's Who '49g Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, '49g Perfect Attendance '47g lst Sergeant '49, Sergeant '48, Best Drilled Company '47, '48, '49, Merit Bar '48, Hi-Y '47. LEWIS EUGENE SHAW nBuckn GENERAL Corporal '46, Sergeant '49, Best Drilled Company '48. FRANCES VIRGINIA SHOPE "Jenny" coMMERc1AL Student Activity Council '46, Dance Club '46, '47g Perfect Attendance '46g Y-Teen '48g Personality Club '49g Senior Ring Committee '48g Nutrition Certificate '46. AUDREY JEANETTE SLATER "Jeannie" COMMERCIAL Music Club '47: Student Activity Coun- cil '473 Senior Ring Committee '48g Y-Teen '48, 60-80-Word Shorthand Cer- tificate '48, '49,. enior MARY RUTH SMITH "Rufus" ACADEMIC Honor Roll '46, '48g Y-Teens '46, '47, '48, '49g Treasurer French Club '47, Secretary '48, Junior Civitan Club '48, Vice President '49g Vice President Stu- dent Activity Council '49g Cheerleader '48. Co-Captain '49g Attendant to Regi- mental Sponsor '48g National Honor So- ciety '48, '49, Glee Club '46, Secretary Music Club '48, FURUM Staff '49g Cafe- teria Stali '47g Squad Leaders Club '48g Dance Club '48, '49g Cardinal Staff '47. IDA MARIE SPURLOCK "Tubby" CUMMERCIAL Student Activity Council '49g Honor Roll '46, Dance Club '47, '48g Y-Teens '47, Girl Reserves '46g Perfect Attendance '47g Homeroom President '47g FORUM Staff '49g Civitan Club '49, F.H.A. '46g French Club '47: Senior Ring Committee '48g Cheerleader '48g Office Staff '47, '48, '49. BETTY JOYCE STANLEY "Sugar Baby" COISIMERCIAL Perfect Attendance '46, '48g Basketball '47, Manager '4-95 Honor Athlete '46g Girl Reserve '46, Y-Teens '47, '48, '49q Glee Club '46 Music Club '47, '43g Offi- cer '47g Personality Club '48, '49g Dra- matic Club '49g Nutrition Certificate '46g 60-80-Word Shorthand Certificate. EMILY STOREY "Kitty" COMMERCIAL Cardinal Representative '47, Dance Club '47, '48g Personality Club '48g FURUM Representative '49, D.E. Club '49g 60-80- Word Shorthand Certificate '48g Honor Roll '46, '47: D.E. Bowling Team '49. DWIGHT LYMAN STRICKLAND, JR. "Duck" GENERAL Sergeant '46, '47g Football '46, '47g Basketball '46, '47, '48, '4-91 Baseball '47, '48, '49: Vice President Hi-Y '49g Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49g Honor Athlete '48, '49. PERRY HOWELL SMITH HPEPM GENERAL Sergeant '47, Best Drilled Company '45, '46 '47 JOAN ELIZABETH STALNAKER GENERAL Entered from Santa Barbara High School '48g Music Club '48g D.E. Club Presi- dent '49. WALTER HENRY STEELE "Super" GENERAL President Homeroom '46g SfSergeant '46, Ist Sergeant '47, Captain '48, '49, OHS- cers' Club '48, '49, Vice President '49g Senior Escort '47, '48. MARY LEE STREETMAN "Tootsie" COMMERCIAL Music Club '47g Y-Teens '48, '49g Per- sonality Club '48g Student Activity Coun- cil '49g D.E. Club '4-93 D.E. Bowling Team '49q Cafeteria Staii' '46g 60-80- Worcl Shorthand Certificate '49. BETTY SUDDUTH GENERAL ' JOE CHARLES SULLIVAN GENERAL Perfect Attendance '4'7g FORUM Staff '49, Merit Bar '48, Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49g Baseball '46, '47, '48, '49g Football '49, Superior Athlete '43, Award Athlete '47, LOYD .IAIVIES TATUM "John L" GENERAL GUY HAROLD TEDDER "Sonny" GENERAL Entered from I-Iapeville High '48g D.E. Club '49. HAROLD FREDERICK TODD GENERAL Entered from Tech High School '46g D.E. Club '43, '49g D.E. Bowling Team '48, '49g Red Cross '47, '48. MARGARET HILDA TURPIN H7-urpn COMMERCIAL Student Activity Council '46g Y-Teens '46, '47, '48g F.H.A. '46, '47, FoRUM Assistant '47, '48, FDEUM Staff '49, Presi- dent Homeroom '47, '48, Sponsor '48g Cheerleader '48, '49g Dramatic Club '49, Vice President '49g Junior Civitan Club '48, '49g National Honor Society '48, '49, 60-80-Word Shorthand Certificate '48, Dance Club '4-7g French Club '47, Presi- dent '4-7g Girls' Riiie Team '46g Honor Roll '47, '48. enior VIRGIL LUTHER TANNER GENERAL Military Corporal '45, Sergeant '47g D.E. Club '48, '49, FQEUM Staff '49, D.E. Bowling Team '48, '49g Perfect Attend- '45, '43, '49. FRANK THOMAS TAYLOR "Tommy" GENERAL President of Homeroom '46g Rifle Team '47g Hi-Y '47g Sergeant '46g D.E. Club '49g Best Drilled Company '48g Cardinal Representative '49, D.E. Club Bowling Team '49. JOHN DIXON THOMAS nJ'D.,, GENERAL Football '46, '47, '48, '49g Basketball '46g Homeroom Oflicer '46, '47, '48, Senior Escort '47, '48, Officers' Club '47, '48, '49, lst Lieutenant '47, Captain '48, Colonel '49g Outstanding Sophomore '47, Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49g Athletic Representative '48g Honor Athlete '47, Merit Bar '48. ELIZABETH ANN TURPEN ulwurpn GENERAL Personality Club '48, Library Club '49, 'Treasurer '49, Who's Who '49, Honor Athlete '48g Dance Club '48, Perfect Attendance '48, Basketball '46, '48, '49, PAUL STEVENS VAN WYCK "Pablo" GENERAL Sergeant '46, '47, '48g Student Activity Council '48g Football '47, '48, '4-93 Co- Captain '49g Block Letter Club '47, '48, '49, Basketball '46, '47, Cardinal Stat? '49, Hi-Y '46, '47, Athlete Representa- tive '46, '47g Junior Civitan Club '48, '49, enior THOMAS EARL VAUGHAN "Tammy" GENERAL Presidet Senior Class '49g Who's Who '49g Football '46, '47, '48, '49g Co- Captain '49g All City '48, '49g All N.G.I.C. '49g Basketball '47, '48, '49, Captain '48g Baseball '48, '49g Honor Athlete '46, '47, '48, '49g Block Letter Club '46, '47, '48, '49g Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, President '49. RUBIN WHITE "Rusty" GENERAL Student Activity Council '4-94 D.E. Club '49g Sergeant '47, ANNIE CAROLYN WOOTEN NAME, GENERAL Y-Teens '47g D.E. Club '4-93 Cardinal Stuff '11-9. JIM WORRILL "The Whistler" GENERAL Entered from Smith High School '48g Cardinal Staff '49. SENIOR HONOR ROLL DANA BURNETT JOYCE BURTON GLORIA COPLEY ELOISE EAVENSON RUSSELL RAY DONALD RUSTIN 30 JAMES WEST ' 'S lugger' ' GENERAL Best Drilled Private '47. WILLIAM LEWIS WILLIAMSON, JR. -fBmy,, ACADEMIC Military '46, '47, Sergeant '48, '49, Senior Escort '48, Best Drilled Company '48, Perfect Attendance '46, '47, '4-95 Rifle Team '48, WILLIAM HOYLE WOOTEN "Billy" GENERAL Hi-Y '46g Sergeant '47, Dance Club '48, Best Drilled Company '48. BEST STUDENTS The Senior Class did well in choosing Dana Burnett and Donald Rustin as its best students. They are both outstand- ing in scholarship and End time to take part in school activities as well. They are members of the National Honor Society and Junior Civitan Club, and make good marks in all their studies. lVe believe that they are best suited for this honorable title. A03 A0 MOST VERSATILE The most versatile students are the students who take part in sports, are good in their studies, and are engaged in some of the activities of the school. Eloise Eavenson and Roy Martin are the most suitable for this position. Eloise is a member of the National Honor Society, is on thc Honor Roll, Junior Civitan Club, and is a Varsity forward on the Basketball team. Roy is in the junior Civitan Club, is good in his studies, and is quarterback on the Football team, guard on the Basketball team, and centerfielder on the Baseball team. AOQ A0 MOST DEPENDABLE The Most Dependable post is the hardest position to get. There is not a shadow of a doubt that Betty Humphrey and Russell Ray deserve it. They are always trying to help others. Betty is on the FORUNI Staff, in the Junior Civitan Club and also National Honor Society. Russell is the Editor-in-Chief of the FoRUMg he is in the National Honor Society and the Junior Civitan Club. MOST POPULAR It is always hard to pick the most popular students but it wasn't very hard this year because everywhere you see Joan Lee and Tommy Vaughan there is a crowd around thern. Aoi A0 DAINTIEST AND BEST GROOMED The students at Fulton High every year pick the two students who dress most attractively. This year they made a wise choice in picking Peggy Buice and Bobby Dawson because they always wear the latest in styles. PRETTIEST GIRL AND BEST-LOOKING BOY Of all the Wl1o's Who honors, being elected the prettiest girl and the best- looking boy is one of the best. The race was a close one, but after you see Betty Ruth Randall and Murray Flor- ence you will say they deserved the victory. Aoi A0 JOLLIEST School is a place in which one is to gain an education, but there is not a person at Fulton who wants too much weight on his shoulders because 'iweight is what broke that wagon down." If ever you want a lift just get in a conversation with Elizabeth Turpen or jimmy Burton. Before you know it, you will be laughing and soon forget your troubles. Elizabeth Turpen and Jimmy Burton well Ht the title, Ujolliest Boy and Jolliest Girl." ' MOST ATHLETIC The most athletic students must participate in the various major physical activities of the school. They must show good sportsmanship and have plenty of pep. Margie Boyd and Herbert O'Neal are just right for this position. They are both varsity players. Left to right Harry Goss, Presidentg Beth Tant, Secretaryg Billy Morris, Treasurerg Harold Sullivan, Vice President. UNDER CLASS HONOR ROLL MARY BARNETT BEVERLY BEAVERS ANNA BUREL DAY BURNETT KITTY CHESTNUTT PATRICIA CHILDS SHIRLEY COWAN BARBARA JEAN DAVIS BEVERLY FIELDS JOYCE FOSKEY MARIAN GARBUTT QUINITH HULSEY ROSIE LEE INGRAM GRADY KEITH ANN KENDALL I JOYCE LEDEETTER 35 JOYCE LOGAN ANNA RJALONE CYNTHIA NIANN YVONNE BIANN NANCY B4ORTON JEAN NICVVILLIAMS BARBARA PILGRIM BARBARA SLIGH GEORGE SLIGH PATSY SOUTHARD PATRICIA TANT JERRY TERRELL SARA TURNER JOANN VVEST MARY BOYTE WILSON JU l0R 0FFlCER First row, left to right: Barbara Bond, Joyce Burton, Grace Reggins, Gloria Copley .... Second row: Charles Adair, Howard Davis, .Jamie Helms, Annie Wootan ,... Third row: Ruben White, Tommy Taylor, Julius Davis, Harold Todd, Virgil Tanner, Mary Streetman, Emily Storey .... Fourth row: Paul Fleming, Guy Tedder, James West, Pat Johnson, Joan Stalnaker. V-1 V-2 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS The D.E. Class is a club and class combined. The students of this class call themselves the D.E. students because D.E. means Distributive Education, and Distributive Education means learning something and putting it into use at the same time. The students learn about business operations and also learn how to express their ideas in speech and how to put them into action. What the students learn in D.E. also helps them in their other subjects. The subjects in this class learn about the business world because they have a job in the afternoons with some retail establishment. - D First row, left tu right: Jackie Henderson, Flora Folds, Virginia Hogan, Beth Tant, Dorothy Mann, Earline Lanier, Mary Barnett, Eleanor Lee, Elizabeth Kilgore .... Second raw: Cumhic, Betty Sudduth, Ruby Callahan, Annie Pearl Walton, Faye Jackson, Carolyn Harris, Margaret Neisler, Betty Scay, Katherine Strickland, Hanes .... Third row: Billy Wooten, James Fleming, Neil Mitchell, Rena Owenshy, Miss Winterhottoin, Henderson Rainwater, Charles Keheley, Billy Kent. . . . Fourth row: Billy Patrick, Harold Sullivan, Charles Patterson, Carl Hartness, Gene Mills, Kenneth Kilpatrick, Joe Cooley, Bobby Cooley, Charles Dyche, Walter Buckner .... Fifth row: Loyd Tatum, Harry Goss, Billy Morris, Donald Heyden, Charles Thompson, Arthur Kuettner, ' 36 First row, left to right: Barbara Fowler, Marie Gallimore, Ethel Strickland, Nan Childre, Dot Hubbard, Day Burnett, Dorothy Harris .... Second row: Neil Gunter, Norma Thompson, Joyce Ledbetter, Frances Strickland, Frances Hopkins, Jewel Beauchamp, Grace Langley, Frank Blair .... Third row: Barbara Parham, Lubert Newman, Boss Gallman, Betty Black, Jimmy Bryson, Mary Frances Bryant, Robert Bradley .... Fourth row: Harold Fannin, Earl Moore, Mr. Purcell, Billy O'Brien, Douglas Spence .... Not in picture: Bill Cunard, Lloyd Britt, Jack Hunt, Slcrlyn Denny, Donnie Barnes, Rosie Ingram. First row, left to right: Edith Black, Jackie Ward, Jean Fentress, Jean Pair, Faye Jenkins, Joyce Foskey, Joan Robinson .... Second row: Betty Hudlow, Jean Hudson, Ann lfanner, Susan Awtry, Connie Clark, Barbara Sligh .... Third row: Damien Hudson, J. C. Cox, Henry David, Emmett Eison, A1 White, Tommy Burroughs, Donald Ward .... Fourth row: Bob Peel, David Nelrns, Edwin Jones, Richard Burel, George Brooks, Jimmy Wolley .... Not in picture: Betty Hutchinson, Constance Campbell, Rayford Calaway, Franklin Hill, Dan Welch, Tommy Ferris. 37 First row, left to right: Joan McDaniel, Edna Earl Jones, Barbara Christmas, Anna Malone, Jean Turner, Mary Edna Scott, Mary Ann Schell, J. P. Jordan .... Second row: Eleanor Ham, Barbara Bowden, Carolyn Jones .... Third row: Barbara Meason, Louise Robinson, Marie Thompson, Betty Campbell, Dorothy Hatfield .... Fourth raw: Don McGiboney, Grady Wite, Harry Stapp, Roy Crosby, Bryon Wise, Ferrell Early, Frank Stallins, Billy Gardner .... Fifth row: James Barnett, Buddy Davis, Danny Barnes, Bobby Estes, Warren Williams .... Non iri picture: Marion Summers, Allen Slalling. First row, left to right: Muriel Harrison, Mary Boyte Wilson, Helen Mauldin, Margie Johnson, Jean Me- Williams, John Avery, Jimmy Cooper, Ray Johnson, Barbara Graham, June Dyer, Pat Peel, Kathering Van Wyck, LaVonne Holcomb, Helen Tarelton, Jean Tarelton, Patsy Burton .... Second row: C. B. Summers, Bobby Jones, Charles Wfilkerson, Bobby Conner, Milledge Hanson, Ted Davis, Leland Davis, Grady Turner, Frank Dillard, Eugene Meason, Dan Newman, Charles Stalnaker .... Not in picture: Alma Harris, Elva Jackson, Bill Christmas, Herbert Eason. 38 First row, left lo right: Shirley Cowan, Beverly Beavers, Betty Matheson, Betty Nell Howard, Kitty Chesnutt, Mary Frances Brown, Martha Bradshaw, Mary lngrain, Elaine Ellenburg, Claudett Smith, Barbara Pilgrim, Ann Rogers, Mrs. Beale, Yvonne Mann .,.. Second row: Louise Tribble, Ann Ayers, Anna Burcll, Annie Ruth Hanes, Joyce Barde, Dot Attaway, Beverly Fields, Nancy Morton, Beverly Duke, Louise Smith .... Nat in picture: Philomeno Sosebee, Thelma, Sandra Moser. First row, left to right: Oscar Gardner, Anne Nelms, Shirley Slater, Margie Owensby, Opal Morgan, Patricia Taut, Jimmie Culpepper ,... Second row: Alex Jenkins, Ronald Oldham, Gwen Smith, LaVerne Daniel, Jackquelyn Lee. Sylvia Duster, J. R. McKenzie, David Crifiith .... Third row: Leland Thompson, Melvin Black, Glenn Barnett, Aubrey Oden, Billy Brown, Charles Ellenhurg, Mrs. Clarke .... Fourth row: Donald Turner, Sidney Pope, Forrest DcMoss, Paul Clark. 39 First row, left Ln right: Keith McMahan, Jimmy Cook, Billy Pickett, Steve Knowles, Berlyn Compton, Peggy McNair, Martha Dobbins, Ann Lott. Johanna Ward, C. S, Fields, Gene Jackson, Ray Crumbly, Bill Drake, Winford Critfein .... Second row: Basil Doster, Harry Atkinson, Jack Coggins, Edgar Hughie, Patsy Southard, Martha Owensby, Joann Oglesby, Sara Turner, Norman Williams, Doris Hayes, Davi-l Smith, Esther Honea, Joyce Logan, Betty Jean Shivcr, Vera Ellison, Charles Simpson, Dickie Hooper, Weston Anderson. Harold Hoggs .... Not in picture: Adel Martin. First row, left Lo right: Barbara Mylius, Joyce White, Shirley Rush, Joann Reinhold, Mary Harrison, Patricia Childs, Betty Golden .... Second raw: Janice Kendrick, Miriam Hendrix, Eleanor Dudley, Glenda McLendon, Joan West, Evelyn Danforth ..,. Third row: Jimmy Peck, Eugene Hobgood, Robert Hitchcock, David Pittman, Kenneth Ward, John Bridges, Tommy Holley .... Fourth row: Marcus Tuck, William Henderson, Charles Philips, Clifford Johnson, Jerry Terrell .... Fifth row: Fred Reid, Lawrence Irvin, Robert Mathews, Edwin Foster. Edwin Chester, Malcolm Simpson, Mrs. Jackson. 40 First raw, left to right: Agnes Dyche, Barbara Head, Betty Lou Robinson, Claudia Romedy, Miriam Carbutt, Mildred Holman, Shirley Stokes, Dorothy Barnett, Harold Lindsey, Sammy Jenkins, Teddy Tyre. . . . Second row: Mr. Chonko, Corbelt Liles, Earl Tulison, Bobby Swanson .... Third row: Bob Smith, Richard Harris, Charles Yarborough, Ray Thomson, Charles Monroe, Richard Lively, Ivan Tatum, Mike Rudin, Raymond Crurnbley, Grady Keith, Bobby Samples ...., N 'ot in picture: Joe Etheridge, J. B. Hobbs, Kemp Haynes, Betty Sheats. First raw, left to right: Bobby King, Helen Bruce, Charlotte Henderson, Delores Estes, Mary Elizabeth Stilley, Mary Ellen McClure, Shirley Maddox, Oliver Britt .... Second row: Curtis Cawtbon, Clara Mae Winters, Shirley Gable, Bobbie Sue Oliver, Ann Kendall, La Rue Jordan, Helen Nelms, Marian Davis, Jimmy Haynie .... Third row: Gerald Paris, Bobby Hodgson, William Crowe, Jack Little, Freddy Fraker, Dennis Tanner .... Fourth raw: Junior Adams, Richard Hall, D. L. Jordan .... Not in picture: Ray Butler, Jackie Johnson, Betty Motes, William Parker. 41 First row, left to right: Eugene Mills, Herbert Chisenhall, Eleanor Cordon, Geneva Cox, Kathleen Harris. . . . Second row: Emerson George, Quinith Hulsey, Joan Damersun, Erhelene Wallace, Martha Jo Childs, Shirley Hendrix, Frances Moody, Miriam Bryant, Helen David, Nancy Bussey, Herbert Cox, Robert Taylor .... Third row: Jean Gunter, Grace Jackson, Evelyn Anderson, Jacqueline Hardman, Joyce Glover, Carolyn McQuaig .... Fourth row: Hubert Carney, Leonard Lynn, Joe Class, Billy Kegerries, Larry Kersey, Donald Jordan, Mickey Sonthard, Volney Rogers, Martin Johns, Mike Eason, Charles Harris, Donald Hollingsworth. ,... Nut in picture: Floyd Bailey. First row, left to right: Stanley Pearce, Eleanor Hudson, Peggy Smith, Mareese Smith, Juanita Ramey, Curtis Beavers .... Second row: Douglas Johnson, Anita Brooks, Hilda Campbell, Nancy Jones, Jimmie O'Barr, Lewis Bell, G. W. Pittman .... Third row: John Linton, Wynell Tumlin, Barbara King, Shirley Ergle, Dorothy Dawson, Raymond Martin .... Fourth row: Billy Cain, Torance Webb, Eugene Dickson, Mrs. Price, Douglas McCravy, Bichard Bruce .... Not in picture: Birtice Karr, Carolyn Rozier, John Culpepper. 42 First row, left to right: Mrs. Freeman, Jackie Jackson, Emogene Slater, Marie McKensy, Betty Stanfield, Anne Cline, Barbara Davis, Delores Cook, Ann Dickson, Edna Nuten, Martha McDonald, Beverly Wright, Ray Fricks, Charlotte Rosser, Ann Peak, Mary Holman, Joan Gilleland .... Second row: Fred Schoenfeld, Donald Smith, W'enLlell Tarleton, Bobby Ingram, Tommy Stovall, Robert Young, Marion Lee, Eugene Sherinlon, Ray Pressley. First row, left to riglzl: Frederick Edwards, Joyce Patrick, Betty Ann Martin, Ann Jackson, Peggy Moore, Joyce Hendrix, Shirley Bramlett, Miss Newman, Flora Gardner, Betty Mae Ellenburg, Roxie Hartncss, Shirley Ingram, Evelyn Malone, LaVern Ayers, Cynthia Mann, Nita Crawford, Ray Stephens, Eugene Riggins .... Second row: Donald Jackson, Werner Kuettner, Jackie Tucker, Jerry Minton, Charles Gazaway, Gene Robinson, Bobby Black, Billy Stamey, Bobby Adams, Jere Helms .... Not in picture: Bobby Jones, Norma Jean Dunlap. 43 X. ND' JL O Bottom low, left to Tight: Shirley Roberts, Dorothy Ann Gallimore, Roberta Rider, Dorothy Donegan, Margaret Crowe, Joyce Spence, Mickey Miller, .Ioan Nicholson, Patricia Edge, Charles Bradford, Milton 1 Cline, Jimmy Lynn, George Sligll .... Top row: Wilbnlr Lamb, George Davis, James Motes, Paul Thomas, Randall Ballard, Alvin Nix, Johnnie Ward, Edwin Kuettner, Frank Jackson, Denneth McCleod. . . Nat in picture: Bobby King, Tommy Trueluck. I Freshmen Joe Etheridge fleftl, Betty Sheats, and Kemp Hanes MBS NCWYHHTI and Efeddy EWS' Q11 examine Of COYPQTHI P11lliSh take a last-minute look at Silas Marner before exams. ment as it is not administered at Fulton High. 44 5 i x x x E 2 E E Q 5 1 i I 5 3 3 5 2 5 5 5 2 4 3 2 X E ! E E FULTO HIGH . .T.C. Lu1U'rcNAN'r COLONEL ALBERT N. WARD CAPTAIN DANIEL F. Roolis Professor Military Science Assistant Professor Zllilitary Science and Tactics and Tactics For 32 years Fulton High has had an outstand- ing military unit. It has won an almost unbroken line of honor school ratings. If a school is judged by its military unit, Fulton is surely tops. The boys are trained in courtesy, drill and command. This training not only helps them in actual combat but in future everyday living. Mfhen the end of the term draws near two 1 big events take place in which the school re- sponds wholeheartedly. One of these is County Competition in which Fulton participates for top honors. The other is Federal Inspection Day when the unit is judged by inspecting oHi- cers to see if it gets an honor rating. The honor school symbol, the familiar red star, is Worn proudly on the R.O.T.C. uniform. SERGEANT lsr CLASS R. L. COLQUITT RIFLE TEAM First raw, left to right: Buddy Davis, Captain .... Second row: Sammy Jenkins, Melvin Black, Grady Turner, Frank Dillary, Alex Jenkins .... Third row: Clifford Johnson, Billy Gardner, Eugene Mills, Robert Brazlly, Ross Gallman. . . . Fourth row: Waltei' Buckner, Kemp Hanes, Hugh Hanes, Basil Duster, Harry Stapp. OFFICERS' CLUB First row, left to right: Captain Walter Steele, Colonel ,lere Randall, Captain Russell Ray .... Second row: lst Lieu- tenant Joc Brooks, Lieutenant Colonel J. D. Thomas, Captain Albert Battle, 2nd Lieutenant Harold Hawkins, Captain Billy Kent, 2nd Lieutenant Billy Gentry .... Third row: lst Lieutenant Prentiss Fields, Captain Eugene Dawson, lst Lieutenant Murray Florence. 2nd Lieutenant Buddy Davis, 2nd Lieutenant Johnnie Hunt .... Fourth row: lst Lieutenant Walter Buckner, 2nd Lieutenant Bobby Dawson .... Not in picture: 2nd Lieutenant Donald Rustin. STAFF First row, left to right: Lieutenant Colonel J. D. Thomas .... Second row: Captain Walter Steele. Colonel Jere Randall. . . . Third raw: 2nd Lieutenant Bill Gentry, Captain Albert Battle, lst Lieutenant Preutiss Fields, Captain Russell Bay. . . . Fourth row: Sf'Sergeant Jerry Mansell, MfSe1'geant Charles Keheley, Captain Billy Kent .... Fifth row: Sergeant Harry Goss, MfSergeant Horace Minton, T,.'Scrgeant Neal Mitchell, Sergeant Joe Sullivan. BOYS' BAND First row, left to right: Billy Kent, Eddie Gilstrap .... Second low: Frank Stallings, Ted Davis, Dan W'elch, Teddy Tyer .... Thinl row: Donald Warrl, Charles Ellenburg, David Gritin, Leland Davis .... Fourth row: Raymond Crum- bley, Damien Hudson. Charles Harris, Billy Willianison. 47 fi? 0 an MSE? ? W 252 me Eg? PM Q 1 K A K w 2 ii UMCQIAIS CLVL6! CSEOOVL5 01015 Cadet Colonel J. D. Thomas, Beverly Beavers, Cadet Lt. Colonel Jere Randall, Barbara Meason, Cadet Major Walter Steele, Mona Garrett, Cadet Captain Russell Ray, joan Lee, Cadet Captain Albert Battle, Anna Malone, Cadet Captain Prentiss Fields, Betty Gardner, Cadet Captain Eugene Dawson, Muriel Harrison, Cadet Captain Joe Brooks, Betty Ruth Randall, Cadet Captain Billy Kent, Betty Griliin, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Bill Gentry, Nan Childre. 50 3 2 f 2 3 5 5 5 Q 5 . s Q i 5 E 1 5 1 3 3 E z 1 1 ATIO AL H0 OR SOCIE Y The biggest and best honor that can be bestowed on any person in high school is to be a member of the National Honor Society. They help during basketball season by getting there early to sell and take up tickets, and also help with the senior play by giving out programs. The National Honor Society is what the name implies. The members are chosen by their high standard of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Left to Right: Dana Burnett, Gloria Copley, Kate Fratzscher, Betty Gard- ner, Betty Humphrey, Marlene Mann, Russell Ray, Donald Rustin, Jeannette Slater, Ida Marie Spurlock, Emily Storey, Hilda Turpin, Ruby Callahan. 52 OFFICERS BOBBY DAWSON . ...,. . . President ELOISE EAVENSON . , Vice-President lWiURRAY FLORENCE . . . Secretary RUTH SMITH , . . , . . Tffeasurer BEN H. HUTCHINSON . , Faculty Adviser EIRPLY "The Moon Makes Three" Marsy and her friends at the Halloween Masquerade Ball. THE Radio Announcer ..... Grandma Jackson, the fairy godmolher . John Henry Bailey, the baby grandson . Marsue Bailey, the bool-:worm who wakes Eleanor Bailey, the queenly bride . E-Ann Bailey, the popular granddaughter Nickie Barlow, one of E-Ann's beaux . . .lere Randall Dana Burnett . Bill Gentry up . . Marlene Mann . . . Ruth Smith . . Doris Jackson . . Johnny Hunt Eve Wilson, the hula girl at the masquerade . Connie Dyehc Frank Hall, Eve's date at the masquerade . . . J. D. Thomas MTS- BGHCY. the mother ...... Hilda Turpin CHARACTERS Freddie Smith, another of E-Ann's heaux . . Bobby Dawson Terry Randolph, the hey next door . . Eddie Gilstrap Wenxlel Wilecmx, the bashful groom .... Russell Ray Jenny Mae West, the Indian at the masquerade . Ida Marie Spurlock Minetta Miller, the Dutch girl at the masquerade , Elizabeth Turpin Roger Armstrong, the Romeo ..... Tommy Vaughan Director ....... Miss Mary Wintcrhottom Stage .... Miss Cornelia Montgomery Wledding Dress . . Mrs. George Abercrombie Produced by special nrrflngemenz u'iLlz Szzmuel French Preparations for Eleanofs Wedding are interrupted by John Henry's complaint that his trousers are too small. 55 0RUlVl STAFF RussELL RAY Editor-in-Chief JOE SULLIVAN Business Manager The FORUM Staff has a tremendous job. First of all, planning the book. Getting the ideas is the big task. VVeeks were spent on going over good annuals, getting suggestions, choosing a theme, and working it out through the book. Next came picture schedules and pictures. The ad campaign was on in full force at this time and the staff worked on that as well as the plan for the book. Next came the routine work: identifying the pictures, doing the Writeups, sending pages to the printers and engravers, typing the ads and correcting the spelling. Except for the advice given by the faculty, the FORUM is purely by the BETTY HUMPHREY Asst. Business Manager students of the school. JIMMY BURTUN Literary Editor ELoisE EAVENSUN Asst. Literary Editor ROY MARTIN Asst. Literary Editor HILDA TURPIN Asst. Literary Editor IDA MARIE SPURl.ocK Circulation Manager DONALD RUSTIN Asst. Circuiatian Manager JEANETTE SLATER Typist BARBARA NIARTIN Typist RUTH SM1TH BETTY GARDNER VIVIAN PETTYJQHN VIRGH. TANNER VIRTIE BJCBURNETT Typist 54 Advertising Manager Asst. Advertising Manager Asst. Advertising Manager Asst. Adv. Manager FORUM STAFF AT YVORK Sealed, left to right: Roy Martin, Hilda Turpin, Ida Marie Spurlock, Russell Ray, Eloise Eaven- son, Ann Tanner, Margie johnson .... Standing, left to right: Betty Humphrey, joe Sullivan, Beth Tant and James Fleming were elected Junior Assistants. Anne Tanner and Margie Johnson were elected Sophomore Assistants. Hilda Turpin, Anne Tanner, and Margie John- son attended the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation Convention at French Lick Springs, In- diana. FACULTY ADVISERS Left to right: Mr. Hutchinson, Miss Newman, Miss Cooper, Mrs. Abercrombie, Miss Magruder. Mrs. Allene Freeman and the art class aided the staff with the art work. Jimmy Burton. 55 FORUM REPRESENTATIVES Bottom row, left to Tight: Annie B. Cowan, Janice Kendrick, Opal Morgan, Betty Grillin, jean McWilliams .... Second row: Billy Morris, Betty Campbell, Emily Storey, Nancy Norton, Martha McDonald, Corbitt Lyles .... Third row: Earl Moore, Harold Poss, C. C. Fields, George Brooks .... Not in picture: Cynthia Mann, Betty Hamley, johnny Wlard, Mary Ellen McClure, Peggy Smith, jacquelyn Hardman. OFFICERS Eloise Eavenson, Secretary, writes the names of new members as Vice Presi- dent Roy Martin, President Harry Goss, and Ruth Smith, Treasurer, look on. JUNIOR CIVITA CLUB MR, WILLS, Advimr The Junior Civitan Club is sponsored by the Southside Civitan Club of Atlanta. The qualifications for membership are good citizenship and leadership. Each year the Club presents a chapel program when the new members are received into the club. One of the highlights of the club activities is the annual banquet held by the senior club in honor of the junior members. OLD MEMBERS First row, left to right: Russell Ray, Ruth Smith, Roy Martin, Hilda Tur- pin, Harry Goss .... Second row: Paul Van Wyck, Betty Porter, Bobby Dawson, Eloise Eavenson, Donald Rus- tin .... Third row: Dana Burnett, Betty Humphrey, Mr. W'ills, Jere Ran- dall, Doris Reynolds. NEW MEMBERS Eleanor Hudson. First row, left to right: VV. H. Cunnaid Billy Morris, Mary B. VVilson, Johnny Hunt, Frank Stallings .... Second 'row Harold Sullivan, Betty Seay, Barbara Sligh, Murray Florence .... Thzrd row: Betty Gardener, Ida Marie Spui lock, Damien Hudson, Day Burnett First row, left to right: Ann Slater, Anita Brooks, Marian Davis, Barbara Mylius, Martha Dobbins, Barbara Pilgrim, Vivian Pettyjohn, Mary Streetman, Mary Boyte NVilson, Ruth Smith, Beverly Duke, Ida Marie Spurlock, joan Robinson, Delores Cook .... Second row: Aubrey Oden, Bobby Cochran, Kathleen Harris, Eloise Eavenson, Malcolm Simpson, Miss YVinterbottom, Donald Rustin, Stanley Pierce, Tommy Stovall, Bill Gentry, Damien Hudson, Jimmy Haney, George Sligh, Dorothy Donegan, Shirley Bramlett, Claudia Romedy, Anna Malone, Mary Frances Bryant, Jack Hunt, Mrs. Abercrombie, Beth Tant, Joe Etheridge, Gene Jackson .... Third row: Volney Rogers, Bobby Estes, Carl Hartness, Frank Dillard, Herbert O'Neal, Rueben Vfhite. STU'2!ll,l,,,,flf5,l!l!I!,,,, CW The Student Activity Council, which is com- a suggestion box which gave the students an osed of two re resentatives, a bo and a 'irl, 0 ortunit to submit their ideas of im rov- Q P Y 8 PP Y P- trom each home room has accom lished a in' our school. YVe also sent re resentatives I P 8 . U P great deal this year. It has sponsored a clean- to the annual "Georgia Association of Student up drive, devised a program for the improve- Government Convention" which met at Mfay- ment of scholarship and attendance and used cross this year. OFFICERS Mary Boyte Wilson, Secretary, Ruth Smith, Vice President, Jack Hunt, Treasurer, tack up poster and a sug- gestion box for students to use in making requests to the Student Ac- tivity Council. Herbert O'Neal fab- sentj, is President. 57 First row: Peggy Buice, Herbert O'Neal, Ruth Smith, jerry Mansell, Dana Burnett, Margie Boyd. . . . Second row: Tommy Vaughan, Harold Poss, Roy Martin .... Third row: Billy Hall, Jere Randall, Eddie Gilstrap, Carlton Gunter, Richard Donegan, james West, Harold Hawkins, Bobby, Hudlow, Paul Van Wyck, Larry Colvard, LaRue Coleman. CAHQ1..Al...,...TAFF A'Please, oh please finish your assignments before tomorrow. The deadline has slipped up on us again." The editor-in-chief is issuing a Final call to the reporters, the page editors are making last minute check-ups on copy, the advertising manager is trying frantically to get his ma- terial straight, the whole Journalism class is a mad-house the day before the Cardinal goes to press. The Cardinal is one thing that is always appreciated by everyone connected with the school, young and old alike. Advised by Mrs. Freeman for the third year, the good old Cardinal marks another great milestone in the history of Fulton High. First row, left to right: Her- bert O'Neal, Roy Martin, Ruth Smith, Bobby Hudlow, Larry Colvard, Harold Haw- kins .... Standing, left lo right: Peggy Buice, jere Ran- dall, Harold Poss, Paul Van lVyck, Annie Vlootan, Mrs. Freeman, Margie Boyd. CARDI AL TAFF Everyone must hurry with their Writeups if we want to get the paper out on time. The reporters, as usual, Finish on time, type it up and once again the Cardinal is published. The Cardinal, Fulton High's newspaper, with the help of the Journalism Class, is published twice a month, for the students of Fulton. 59 First row, left to Tight: Mick- ey Miller, Barbara Gilbert, Anna Burel, Eleanor Gordon, joan Lee, Shirley Gable, Ma- reese Smith, Agnes Dyche. . . . Second row: Owen Smith, joe Etheridge, Marie Thomp- son, Al WVhite, Muriel Har- rison, Tommy Vaughan, Ann jackson, jerry Terrell, Mar- gie Boyd .... Third row: Keith McMahan, Eugene Sheridan, W. H. Cunard, Herbert O'Neal, Kenneth Kilpatrick, J. B. Hobbs, Mrs. Freeman .... Not in pic- ture: Tommy Taylor. RED CROSS Miss Porrs, Advisor VVash cloths, jars, gift boxes, these are only a few of the things the Red Cross Club is getting for veteran hospitals and needy children in Eu- rope. The Fulton High student body has re- sponded wonderfully and many children will be rnade happy by Ful- i First row, left to right: Nancy Bussy, Barbara Jean Davis, Joyce Patrick, Betty Griffin, Eleanor Lee, Day Burnett .... Second row: Fred Reed, Billy Brown, Joyce Foskey, Barbara Meason, Ann Ayers, Dorothy Dawson, Jere Mansell, Bill Drake. . . . Third row: Julius Davis, Charles Stalnaker, Tommy Vaughan, Mike Ruden, ton's good work. Day Burnett, Treasurerg Bar- bara Meason, Vice President, Betty Griflin, Secretaryg Don- na Jordan, President. Mrs. Awtry and her assistants make up Fulton's Oflice Staff. Mrs. Awtry handles all of Fulton's business problems. With her assistants' hel , Fulton is a pretty smooth-running sc ool. WVyan Smith. 0FFICE TAFF Left to right: Betty Jean Mil ler, Bobby Connor, Annie B Cowan, Mrs. Awtry, Ida Ma- rie Spurlock, Hilda Turpin Marian McDaniels. A N MR. ROBINSON, Director First row: john Avery ..... 'S econd row: Nan Childre, Betty Seay, Ann Malone .... Third row: Frank Stal- lings, Teddy Tyne, Ted Davis, Dan Welch, Charles Dickenson .... Fourth row: Charles Harris, Malcolm Simpson, David Griffith, Mary F. Bryant, Billy O'Brien.. . . Fifth row: Katherine Van WVycke, Gloria Copley, Leland Davis, Charles Ellenburg, Donald Warcl .... Sixth row: jewel Beauchamp, Ronald Odom,' Donald Smith, Betty Campbell, Ann Tanner .... Seventh row: Gwen Smith, Raymond Crumley, Billy Patrick, Ver- non Huckleberry, Billy Kent .... Eighth row: Billy YV illiamson, Shirley Rush, Barbara Duke, Jimmy VVoolley, Damien Hudson .... Ninth row: Jerry Minton, Bobby Estes. Forward March . . . one, two-one, two-right year band has grown into a sizeable organiza- leftffight left! The Fulton Band has realli' tion since its formation at the beginning of fallen in step wrth the many school 21Ct1V1t1eS last year- Stunt night, Inspection Day, Spring and varied programs. The total number of students enrolled in the instrumental program numbers over F-0 for the present. This second fallen in step. GIRL 9 RIFLE TEA- Music Festival .... Yes, the Fulton Band has The Girls' Rifle Team meets every week. They practice for the coming matches which they will have against girls of other schools in the spring. First row: Betty Griffin, Kathrine Partain .... Second row: Mona Mae Garrett, Joyce Ledbetter, Ruth Smith, Day Burnett .... Not in picture: Vivian Pettyjohn, Dana Burnett. 61 First row: Hilda Turpin, Doris Jackson, Jere Randall, Doris Hayes, Shirley Gable .... Second row: LaRue Jordan, Charlotte Henderson, Joyce Hendrix, Flora Gardner, Evelyn Huggins, Mr. Blitch, Faye Jackson, Betty Stanley, Agnes Dyche, Betty Nell Howard, Claudia Romedy, Jimmie O'Barr, Kitty Chestnutt. . . . Third row: Connie Dyche, Alma Harris, Ann Lott, Elva Jackson, Eleanor Dudley, Harriett Anderson, Marlene Bozeman, Ann Kendall, Doris Reynolds, Jackie Jackson, Betty Hawkins, Nancy Norton, Joan Reinhold, Sarah Turner, Ethelenc Wlallace, Shirley Cowan, Roy Fricks .... Fourth row: Patsy Southard, Billy O'Brien, Martha Owensby. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS QLEFTQ Left to right: Hilda Turpin, Vice Pres- ident, Doris Hayes, Secretary and Treasurerg Doris Jackson and Jere Randall, President. D. E. CLUB OFFICERS CRIGHTJ Left to right: Joan Stalnaker, Presi- dentg Gloria Copley, Secretary, Howard Davis, Vice Presidentg Julius Davis, Treasurer, and Charles Adair, Chap- lain, officers of the D.E. Club, posing DRAMATIC CL B MK. BLITCH, A dvisor Mr. Blitch, a former ra- dio announcer, helped Ful- ton to have a Dramatic Club for the lirst time. The club is called the Maskers. The Maskers stayed after school to prepare a play to the student body which was entitled "The Love Pi- rate? D. E. CLUB Miss FOLEY, A dvisor The D.E. students have learned that a person in the business world must know how to mix and mingle in social groups. 'Through club activities, mem- bers of the group have organized a bowling team, had parties at each festive season, and have at- tended the local, state, and na- tional convention. for their picture. First row, left to right: Gloria Copley, Mary Streetman, Barbara Bond, Joyce Burton, Patricia Johnson, Jamie Helms, Grace Riggins, Joan Stalnaker, Emily Storey, Annie Wooten .... Second row, left to right: Virgil Tanner, Paul Fleming, Rubin Wfhite, Charles Adair, Howard Davis, Miss Foley, James West, Guy Tedder, Julius Davis, Harold Todd, and Tommy Taylor. 62 .9 I Jill d b CAFETERIA TAFF NIRS. BOWDEN Director Seated, left to right: Oscar Gardner, Vivian Pettijohn, Ethel Strickland, Peggy Buice, Marion McDaniel .... Standing, left to right: Betty Hawkins, Barbara Head, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Bowden, Miss Bailey, Jean Turner, Dan Newman, joan McDaniel, Grady Turner, Dorothy Hatfield, Kathryn Strickland, Foye Jenkins, Joan Dameron. Soup's on! Come and get it. We are ready when you are ready. F.H.A. OFFICERS Martha Mae Pass, Secretaryg Elaine Gordon, Vice Presidentg Barbara Gilbert, Historiang Bar- bara Martin, Treasurer, and Kathleen Bearden, President, oliicers of the Future Homemakers of America Club, looking over the fashions in the Charm Magazine. First row, left to right: Betty Jean Robinson, Mona Garrett, Ellen Armistead, Donna jean Jordan, jean Pair, Jean McWilliams. . . . Second row: Martha Mae Pass, Kathleen Bearden, Shirley Cochran, Gene Hudson, Betty Gilbert, Elva Jackson, Barbara Martin, Elaine Gordon, Ann Lot, Mrs. Beale .... Third row: Barbara Gilbert, Mrs. Clark, Miss Bailey. 63 Fo H0 O AIRS. BEALE, Miss BAILEY, MRS. CLARK, Advisers The Motto is: "Toward New Horizons." Our purpose is: To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. To emphasize the importance of worthy membership. To encourage democracy in home and community life. To work for good home and family life for all. To promote international good will. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. To provide a wholesome individual and group recreation. To further interest in home economics. JU IOR-SE I R .HI-Y OFFICERS Sealed, left to right: Billy Morris, Tom- my Vaughan, Roy Martin .... Second row: Harold Hawkins, Harry Goss, Henderson Rainwater. to ri ht Sterl n Denn Harold Hawkins Henderson Rain First row, left g .' y y, ' Y .. Water, Billy Hall, Tommy Vaughan, Frank Stallings, Robert Bradley, Bobby Cooley, Lloyd Britt .... Second row: james Mashburn, Johnny Hunt, Gene Mills, Milton Martin, George Pitts, Harry Stapps, Byron Mlise, Mr. Eppinger . . . Third row: Ro Martin, ack Shellnutt, Billy Morris, Harry Goss, Dan The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and commu- nity high standards of Christian character. Hi-Y leaders emphasize social responsibilities not only to local schools and communities but to the na- tion and the world over. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE HI-Y MR. PURCELL, A dvisor First row, left lo right: Guy W'Vebb, Fred Fraker, 'Wendell Tarleton, Eugene Dickerson, D. L. jordan, Charles Harris, Richard Hall. W. F. Parker, Frank jackson, Derrill Mliddor, Bobby King, Charles Bradford, Milton Cline, Robert Young .... Second row: Curtis Beavers, lfVilbur Lamb, Bobby Ingram, Curtes Cawthorn, J. l,. Parish, Dennis Tanner, Kenneth MCLeaods. James Sudduth, Jacky Johnson, Fred Schoenfeld, Randall Ballard, Mr. Purcell, james Motes, Oliver Britt. Y J Welch, Tommy Ferris. OFFICERS First row: Freddie Fraker writes down the list of new members as other oiiicers look on. Left to right: Tor- ance VVebb, Frank Shonefield, Charles Harris, D. L. Jordan, W. F. Parker, Robert Young. FRE CH CL MRS. PRICE, Advisor B FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Kate Fratzcher fleftjg Katherine Partain, Sec- retary, Vivian Pettyjohn, Treasurer, Dana Burnett, Vice President, look over some lit- erature while john Avery, Presidentj, and Harriet Anderson look on. The French Club is interested in learning more about the French peo- ple and their customs. They learn to sing French folk songs and Christmas carols. They read a French newspa- per, "Le Petit Journal," which con- First row, left to right: Mrs. Price, Dana Burnett, Katherine Partain, Kate Fratzcher, .John Avery, Kathleen Bearden, Vivian Pettyjohn, Elizabeth Kilgore .... Not in picture: Harriet Anderson. L Tl CLUB M lss COOPER, Advisor tains interesting articles about France, short stories, and a, comic strip. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club looked forward to every other Friday when they saw movies of Italian life, slides of famous buildings and paintings, sang Latin songs and played Latin games. They had a wonderful Christmas program. They learned "Adeste Fideles" and enjoyed "Ava Maria" on record. They were very proud of their pins. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS PRACTICE CHRISTMAS CAROLS First row, left L0 right: Mary B. Wilson, Presidentg Damien Hudson, Treasurer, and Day Burnett, Vice President .... Not in picture: Peggy Mc- Nair, Secretary, 65 First row, left to right: Anna Malone, Margie Johnson, Joyce Ledbetter, Susan Awtry, Barbara Sligh, Mary Boyte VVilson, Barbara Christmas, Day Burnett. . . . Second row: Damien Hudson, Gwen Smith, Margaret Neisler, Peggy McNair, Mary Stott, Dorothy Hatlield, Donald Wfard .... Third row: Jean Hudson, Ann Tanner, Mike Rudin, Richard Burel, Charles Stalnaker, Leland Davis, Aubre Oden, Dorothy Barnett, Miss Cooper .... Not in picture: Rosie Ingram. LIBRARY CL li Miss TROUP, Advisor The Library Club is made up of the Fulton students who are interested in books. Most of them help by stamping books, receiving library slips, and re- placing books. First row, seated, left to right: Eloise Eavenson, Joyce Ledbetter, Susan Awtry, Elizabeth Turpen, Jean Turner, Martha Mae Pass. . . . Second row: Dorothy Hatfield, Grace Langley, Mary Barnett, Miss Troup, Rena Owensby, Perry Smith, Elaine Gordon, Carolyn Jones, Charles Ellenburg .... Not in picture: Annie B. Cowan, Virtie McBurnett. OFFICERS Elizabeth Turpen, Treasurer, and El- oise Eavenson, Vice President, are look- ing over the magazines before placing them on the shelves while Grace Lang- ley, Secretary, and Perry Smith, Presi- dent, look on. PERSONALITY CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: Betty Humphrey, Presi- dentg Jerry Terrell, Vice President, and Margie Boyd, Secretary and Treasurer. They are shown looking at a magazine to select some good points on per- sonality. First row: Frances Strickland, Claudette Smith, Dorothy Hubbard, Jean Fentress, Ann Schell, Marie Gallimore, Cynthia Mann, Dorothy Harris .... Second row: Jean McWilliams, Jean Pair, Betty Humphrey, Margie Boyd, Norma Jean Dunlap, June Dyer, Rosie Ingram .... Third row: Barbara Parham, Barbara Sligh, Martha Bradshaw, Anna Burel, Anne Ayers, Ann Jackson, Geraldine Lance .... Fourth row: Jerry Terrell, Ralph Joyner, Earl Moore, George Brooks, Lubert Newman .... Not in picture: Nan Childre, B Nita Crawford, Barbara Fowler, Joyce Patrick. Miss NEWMAN, Advisor Shake the moth balls off your manners and join the Personality Club for expert service in pol- ishing and grooming. The theme of our club is consideration for others at all times. Truly this is the basis of all lovely person- alities. 66 As a social organization backed by Christian prin- ciples the Y-Teen have realized that to be better women for tomorrow they must improve their personalities today. During the year they have studied leadership, program planning, hobbies, etc. FRESHMAN-SOPH Y-TEEN OFFICERS Y-TEENS Miss FOLEY, A drliser First row, left to right: Edith Black, Barbara Christmas, Day Burnett, Anna Malone, Pat Peel, Dana Burnett, Doro- thy Hubbard, Jean Fentress .... Sec- ond row: Frances Strickland, Joyce Foskey, Eloise Eavenson, Katherine Partain, Mary Ellen Stott, Margie Johnson, Joyce Ledbetter, Edna Earl Jones .... Third row: Barbara Parham, Doris Reynolds, Betty Hawkins, Rosie Ingram, Margie Boyd, Ruth Smith, Vivian Pettyjolin, Miss Foley .... Fourth row: Mary Boyte Wilson, Bar- bara Sligh, Mary Elizabeth Bryans, Susan Awtry, Betty Gardner, Betty Humphrey .... Fifth row: Betty Stanely, Kate Fratzcher, Mary Street- man, Betty Griiiin. Thev have had as their motto "Others" This was demonstrated by each member making a kit hlled with toilet articles for emergency patients in Grady Hospital. and raising money to help World wide Y-Teen groups. JUNIOR-SENIOR Y-TEEN OFFICERS Doris Hayes, President, explaining to Betty Dana Burnett, President, Mary Boyte Wilson, Howard, Vice President, and left, Eleanor Dud- Vice President: Vivlali PCKlY.l0hH, SCCYGIHYYJ ley, Treasurer, and Barbara Mylius, Secretary, Edith B121Ck, TTCHSll1'f31'- how to record the minutes of the meetings. First row, left to right: Louise Tribble, Sandra Moser, Barbara Mylius, Joan Reinhold, Betty Nell Howard, Doris Hayes, Eleanor Dudley, Agnes Dyche, Martha Bradshaw, Martha Dobbins, Joyce Logan, Sarah Turner .... Second row: Beverly Beavers, Peggy McNair, Sylvia Doster, Flora Gardner, Frances Moody, LaRue Jordan, Charlotte Hen- derson, Dorothy Donegan, Patricia Edge, Eleanor Hudson, Joan Gilleland. . . . Third row: Beverly WVright, Shirley Bramlett, Helen David, Joyce Hendrix, Anita Brooks, Kitty Ruth Ghestnutt, Shirley Cowan, Ann Hitchcock, Betty Motes, Shirley Maddox, Quinith Hul- sey, Barbara Kirgy, Mrs. Price, Mary Harrison, Beverly Fields, Maurice Smith ..., Not in picture: Patricia Childs, Geneva Cox, Betty Ellenburg, Grace Jordan, Juanita Ramsey, Roberta Rider, Patsy Southard. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE Y-TEEN MRS. Prucu, Adviser 67 USIC CL B MR. ROBINSON, Adrfism First row, left to right: Wendell Tarletnn, Paul Thomas, W'illiam Parker, Donald Smith, Tommy Stovall, . . . Second row: Byron W'ise, Eddie Gilstrap, Joan West, Frank Stallings, Junc Dyer, Henderson Rainwater, Claudette Smith, Tommy Vaughan, Joyce White, J. D. Thomas, Dorothy Harris, Leland Davis, Barbara Gilbert, Richard Burel, Martha Mae Pass, Bill Christmas, Faye Jackson, Harold Hawkins, Sarah Turner, Kitty Ruth Chesnutt, Jimmie O'Barr .... Third row: Shirley Slater, Sylvia Doster, Billy Patrick, Katherine Strickland, Billy O'Brien, Joan Rheinhold, Billy Williamson, Dorothy Attaway, Louise Smith, Billy Kent, Betty Gilbert, Virgil Tanner, Miriam Garbutt, Yvonne Mann, Bobby Swanson, Beverly Fields, Anna Burel, John Bridges, Opal Morgan, David Smith, Betty Howell, Charles Harris, Hazel Mauldin, Betty Hudlow, Elinor Hamm, Evelyn Danforth, Shirley Ingram .,.. Fourth row: Jackic Jaclfson, Anita Brooks, Shirley Roberts, Joyce Patrick, Nita Crawford, Ann Jackson, Cynthia Mann, Marie McKinley, Roxy Hartness, Joan Dameron, Shirley Bramlett, Mary Ellen McClure, Mary Holman, Emogene Slater, Marion Davis, Mareese Smith, Carolyn Rozier, Barbara Jean Davis, Jacqueline Hardman, Helen Nelms, Linda McLyndcn, Flora Gardner, Jean Hudson, Carolyn McQuaig, Marlene Mann, Libby Bryans, Betty Porter. Left to right: Betty Hawkins, Treas- urer, Donna Jordan, President, Dana Burnett, Secretary, and Harold Haw- kins, Vice President. First raw, standing and seated, left to right: Harold Hawkins, Ted Davis, Robert Bradley, Russell Ray, Bill Gentry, Dana Burnett, Donna Jordan, Betty Hawkins .... Second row: Henry David, J. D. Thomas, Harry Goss, Tommy Vaughan, David Smith, Betty Martin, Ann Hitchcock, Shirley Maddox, Shirley Bramlett, Flora Gardner, Ethlene Wallace, Jimmie O'Barr, Mareese Smith, Frances Moody, Helen David, Quinith Hulsey, Nancy Jones .... Third row: Anita Brooks, Ann Jackson, Cynthia Mann, Delores Cook, Louise Tribble, Ruth Smith, Vivian Pettyjohn, Ellen Arinistead, Charles Keheley, Barbara Mcason, Jackie Hardman, Jere Randall, Kate Fratzscher, Grace Jackson, Barbara Mylius, Doris Hayes, Barbara Christmas, Barbara Sligh, Pat Peel, Marion McDaniel, Day Burnett, Susan Awtry, Jean Gunter, Katherine Partain. 68 DA CE CL B NJISS lVlCCALL1E, Advisor Come on, 1et's all dance and have a wonderful time. Yes, that's what the Dance Club is for. All the stu- dents enjoy the dances that are given during the year. QSM 0 , X31 w e +A 'Q 55 This year the Redbirds enjoyed the most successful football season in the his- tory of the school by winning five and losing four games. The team's success was credited to the line spirit and great coaching of Mr. XVills and Mr. Chonko, who worked very hard with the team. COACH C. C. 'vV11.Ls, JR. COACH BILL CHoNKo FO0TBALL First row, left to right: Johnnie Wlard, Joe Brooks, Horace Minton, Tommy Ferris, Dan YVelch, Lloyd Britt, Bobby Cooley, Byron Mfise, Jere Randall, Mike Rudin .... Second row: Jimmy Burton, Billy Morris, Paul Van Wyck, J. D. Thomas, Harry Goss, YV. H. Cunard, Tommy Vaughn, Herbert O'Neal, Billy Hall, Albert VVhite .... Third row: Coach Wills, YVendell Tarleton, joe Sullivan, Sterlyn Denny, Frank Stallings, Harold Hawkins, j.'B. Hobbs, Roy Martin, Harold Sul- livan, Gene Mills, Buddy Davis .... Fourth row: Russell Ray QManagerj, Royal Hardman, Jerry Terrell, Billy Brown, Gene jackson, jack Shellnut, Perry Oden, Harry Stapp, -joe Etheridge, Charles Simpson, Hugh Hanes, jack Hunt, Albert Battle QManagerj, Coach Chonko .... Not in picture: Ray johnson QManagerj, Bill Gentry fManagerj. 70 FOOTBALL TEA PAUL VAN WVYCK HAROLD SULLIVAN YV. H. CUNARD Jon BROOKS TOMMY VAUGHAN HARRY Goss ROY MARTIN F RANK S'I'ALI,INr:s JOE SULLIVAN J. D. VTHOINIAS :HORACE NTINTON STERIXN DENNY TOMMY F ERRIS LLOYD BRI'1"I' 71 j. B. Homes HERBERT O'NEAL HAROI.D HAWKINS BILLY MORRIS M22 ',.. 1 F15 A x ! 28 V, 9 .21 I Lk' " -V54 A Tommy Vaughan, Fulton star tackle, made the Region 3-A All-Star Team. Several other players made honorable mention. Fulton 12-Thomaston 6. The Redbirds opened the sea- son with a 12-6 victory. Frank Stallings, Tommy Vaughn, and Herbert 0'Neal starred for Fulton. Fulton 0-1fVest Fulton 13. Fulton got off to a bad start and lost 13-0 to Wlest Fulton in the second game of the season. J. B. Hobbs' passes were the chief threats for the Redbirds while Harry Goss stood out on defense. Fulton 33-College Park O. The Redbirds got back on the winning side by defeating College Park 33-0. The running of Harold Hawkins and the passing combination of Martin to O'Neal helped the Redbirds to victory. Tommy Vaughn scored 2 touchdowns on tackle around plays. Fulton 14-Canton 0. Canton was handed its first loss of the season by the Redbirds. Stallings, Paul Van 1'Vyck, Harry Goss and Tommy Vaughn stood out for the Red- birds. Fulton 0-Marietta 13. Fulton lost its second game of the season 13-0 to Marietta. The running of Hobbs was outstanding for the Redbirds. Tommy Vaughn, Harry Goss and VV. H. Cunard were outstanding on defense. Fulton 7--Dalton 21. An overconfident Fulton team lost to a scrappy Dalton team. Stallings ran 31 yards for a touchdown on the outstanding play of the game. Harold Sullivan played a good game at safety on defense. t'Hold that line, hold that line!" yells the crowd in the grandstand at Hapeville game. Fulton 6-Hapeville 33. Paul Van Wyck scored Fulton's only touchdown by falling on a Hapeville fumble in the end zone. Fulton G-Russell 0. The Redbirds defeated Russell for the first time in 15 years. VV. H. Cunard played a brilliant game on defense for Fulton. Fulton 14-Spalding 13. Fulton closed the season with a thrilling 14-13 victory over Spalding. joe and Harold Sullivan turned in outstanding runs for Fulton. Fulton's Harold Sullivan intercepts a pass from a Mlest Fulton player and runs for a touchdown. BLOCK LETTER CLUB First row, left to right: Betty Porter, Mary Elizabeth Bryans, Margie Boyd, Rena Owensby, Eloise Eavenson, Betty Black, J. D. Thomas .... Second row: Harold Sullivan, Bobby Dawson, Ray Johnson, B. Hobbs, Herbert O'Neal, Tommy Vaughan, Harold Hawkins, Earl Moore, Joe Sullivan, Bobby Cooley, Roy Martin .... Third row: Bill Gentry, Henderson Rainwater, Billy Morris, Hugh Hades, Frank Stallings, Russell Ray, Paul Van Vlyck, LV. H. Cunard, Dwight Strickland, Milton Martin .... Not in picture: Charles Patterson. The Block Letter Club is formed by students who have won a letter in either football, basketball, or baseball. Wllen you see a student wearing a letter you know he has spent many hours after school in order to produce a better team. The Block Letter Club has always been noted for its line spirit and sportsmanship. CHEERLEADERS MAJORETTES First row, left to right: Henry David, Leland Davis, Sidney Left to Wghlff Nan NC!EQfl?11LeC, Betty Seay, Anna Pope .... Second row: Peggy Buice, Hilda Turpin, Doris A ' Jackson, Beverly Beavers, Ruth Smith, Marian McDaniel. If you See the girls Walking around "Let's take Clap your Hands and everybody strutting in front of the band or put- really yell." That's what you hear at the football ting on a show at the football games and basketball games. its those steppy rnajorettes. 73 ' VARSITY Left Left to right: Geraldine Lance, Marie Thompson, Betty Black, Patsy Burton, Betty Porter, Rena Owensby, Barbara Sligh, Libby Bryans, Eloise Eavenson, Margie Boyd .... Eloise Eavenson and Betty Porter, both seniors, were elected co-captains for the year. The Fulton Girls' Basketball Team enjoyed a fairly good season this year. The team was hampered by the lack of experience but made up for it with hard work. The girls displayed the finest of sportsmanship throughout the en- tire season and gave Coach VVills their full cooperation. Eloise Eavenson, high scorer for the girls, led the team to victories over some of the best teams in the league. The Redbird guards, Mary Eliza- beth Bryans, Rena Owensby, Margie Boyd and Betty Porter, did a fine job of holding down their opponents. Betty Black, Marie Thompson and Barbara Sligh played fine ball from their forward positions as they shot many points through the basket. to right: Betty Stanley and Betty Gardner, Basketball Managers. Elizabeth Turpen is doing a fine job of guarding at the Decatur game. JUNl0R VARSITY Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton 4195 4115 C235 4125 4125 4205 C187 42455 4225 4125 4125 4115 4125 4225 4239 4125 4125 4125 4215 C265 4125 4125 C235 4225 Left to right: Pat Edge, Sara Turner, Joann Reinhold .... Stmzcling: joan lVest, Anita Brooks Sandra Moser, Mary Boyt WVilson, Anne Tanner, Susan Awtry, Elizabeth Turpln, Patrlua Tant Shirley Rush. GIRL ' ASKETB . . Russell . , Decatur S. WV. DeKalb , Clarkston , N. Fulton College Park Marietta A Hapeville Avondale Clarkston Campbell , N. Fulton , , Russell S. YV. DeKalb Druid- Hills , Napsonian , Hapeville , Marietta Sacred Heart , Campbell , Avondale , Decatur College Park , Napsonian 4105 4225 4225 4115 4225 4125 4225 C1215 4225 4115 4205 4115 47 5 4205 4225 4125 4125 4125 4 5 4225 C225 4395 4325 C335 C. C. XVILLS, JR., Coach Mr. YVills coaching: Left to right: Libby Biyans 1:10156 75 Eavenson, Betty Black Kneeling, left to right: Jack Hunt, johnny Hunt, Henderson Rainwater, Herbert O'Neal, Ken- neth Kilpatrick ..... 9 econd row: Coach Chonko, Roy Martin, Tommy Vaughan, Harry Goss, Dwight Strickland, Milton Martin. BOY' ASKETB BILL CHONKO, Coach The Fulton boys, with Chief Chonko taking over the coaching responsibilities, came up this year with one of the most successful teams in the history of the school. Eight members of last year's varsity were hack to try for starting berths on this year's team. After losing the first game of the season to Russell by a narrow margin, the Redbirds settled down to play winning ball in almost all of their remaining games. They never gave up, even when the odds seemed to be against them, but put all of their ability and strength into the game, playing the kind of ball that usually overpowered their opponents. This year's team had many outstanding play- ers. Henderson Rainwater, who tops the list of scorers for Fulton, also heads the N.G.I.C. scoring list. He tallied more than 484 points during the season. Roy Martin and Harry Goss were out- standing on defense, while Milton Martin and Tommy Vaughan held down the pivot spot with notable success. Dwight Strickland, with the able assistance of johnny Hunt, held-down the other forward spot, and Herbert O'Neal alter- nated with Roy and Harry at the guard posts. Everybody worked hard to win all the games and it was through good sportsmanship and team- work, as well as individual abilities, that the boys were able to achieve such a clean record. In the Fifth District tournament, the team went all the way to the championship by defeat- ing Lithonia, Tucker, West Fulton and Stone FULTON-DECATUR Herbert O'Neal jumps high into the air to get a rebound Clllflll the Fulton-Decatur game. Roy Martin Qllj and Henderson Rai water QSJ stand by. B-TEAM First row, left io right: Keith McMahan, Richard Hall, Milledge Hansard, George Brooks, Ted Davis .... Second row: Joe Eetheridge fManagerj, Raymond Martin, Eugene Mills, Leland Thompson, Charles Simpson, Bobby Connor, B. Hobbs, Manager. Mountain. After throwing Lithonia in the first round, the boys clashed with a strong Tucker team and finally came out victorious in a double overtime period. West Fulton gave them another scare, but Fulton refused to give up and over- came them in an overtime period. In the finals, Fulton had another strong team to face. It was C-TEAM row, left to right: Boop Rogers, Raymond Martin, Wade, Keith McMahan, Randall Ballard .... row: Mike Eason, Ivin Tatum, Malcom Simpson, Charles WVilkerson, Bobby-Black, Wendell Tarleton. rough going all the way, but the Fulton quintet was determined to win. VVith two minutes to play and a scant two-point lead, the boys froze the ball and kept it until the final whistle blew. This is the first time Fulton has ever won the trophy, but all Fulton is looking forward to another next year. Fulton Russell . . Fulton Decatur . . Fulton S. W. DeKalb Fulton North Fulton Fulton Clarkston , Fulton VVest Fulton Fulton College Park Fulton Marietta . Fultryn Hapeville Fultgn AVOIldai6 Fulton Clarkston . Fulton Campbell . Fulton North Fulton Fultgn RLISSCH . . Fultgn NVest Fulton Fulton S. VV. DeKalb Fulton Druid Hills . Fultgn Hapeville Fulton Marietta Fulton Campbell Fulton Avondale . Fulton Decatur . . Fulton College Park 77 BILL CHONKO, Coach First row, left to right: Coach Chonko, Joe Sullivan, Herbert O'Neal, Harold Sullivan, Billy Morris, Earl Moore, Johnny Hunt, jimmy Burton, Coach Chonko, Harry Goss, Milton Martin, Buddy Davis, Dwight Strickland, Tommy Vaughan, Charles Simpson, Roy Martin. BA EB ALL BILL CHoNKo, Coach Fulton had a fairly good season last year and won about half of its games. They were ham- pered by lack of pitching. They had one good pitcher in Milton Martin, but he had to pitch twice a week and had little relief. Fulton had three All N.G.I.C. players: Roy Martin, center Held, Harry Goss, second base, and Bobby VVard, catcher. Roy Martin was a fine fielder, making many starring catches and also was a good hitter who batted very high. Harry Goss was star around second base. When a ball came his way you could count the batter out. Harry was cool at the plate and batted up high. Bobby Ward was the best catcher in the league. He knew his business behind the plate and like the others, he could hit, too. Fulton also had good players in Joe Sullivan, Herbert O'Neal, F. Bryans, Dwight Strickland, Jack Callahan, Billy Morris, Johnny Hunt, Charles Simpson, Buddy Davis. In the team for 1949, Joe Sullivan, star short- stop, is expected to switch to pitcher to aid the pitching situation. Harold Sullivan, who was ineligible last year, will play shortstop. Tommyf Vaughan will play first and "Trip- pi" Burton is expected to play a lot at the hot corner. HERBERT O'N15AL HARRY C055 HAROLD SULLIVAN jon SULLIVAN CoAcI,I CIIoNRo BASEBALL Oh, Baseball is the sport for me, It's fun to play and fun to see, It isn't hard to play at all, If only you stay on the ball. When flowers bloom, you know it's time To find your glove and make it shine. To get your shoes, and tighten the cleeks, QThey look like you've been wading creeks!j A crack of the bat and you're away. Around the bases as easy as play, And back to the bench to rest a while, So next time up you'll hit a mile. Then out in the Held to catch some flies! You miss a few, for the sun's in your eyes. The umpire, though the rightful boss, VVill sometimes Cause you quite a loss. VVhen summer's gone and winter's here, There's no more baseball for this year. So oil your glove and put it away, To find it again on a summer day. -LARRY COLVARD and BILL GENTRY 79 BILLY NIORRIS lVIILTON MARTIN Roy lVIARTIN DWIGHT STRICKLAND EARL MOORE Left to right: Gardner, Margie playing horseshoes. Left to right: Roy Martin, Elizabeth Turpen are practicing up on their chinning. Left L0 right: Hilda Turpin, Elizabeth Turpen Marie Spurlock playing softball. I OR PORT This is a program that allows students who do not participate in the major sports to have a form of recreation. It includes volleyball, horse- shoes, touch football, homeroom tournament in basketball and many others. Points are awarded and honors given at the end of the year. They are classified into three groups: Honor, Superior, and Award Athletes. There is no tackling allowed in this game of touch football, but it is still a lot of fun. The Athletic Representatives have the important job of keep- ing the points made by each person in the homeroom. These points are given for baseball, basketball, football, and the va- rious minor sports. First row, left to right: G. XV. Pittman, jack Shellnut, Moser, Betty Black, Joyce Ledbetter, Bobby Connor, Sleigh .... Second row: Mike Edison, Ronald Oldham, lvelch, Jerry Terrell, Ferrell Early, Billy Pickett .... Third Harold Sullivan, D. L. jordan, Horace Minton, Bobby George Pitts, joe Etheridge, Donald Smith. ,S Cll00L LIF Stunt Night-Ninth Grade-These Sophomores are trying to get admittance into the United States by showing their talents. Eleventh Grade Stunt - J. D. Thomas iuipersonates Martha Mae Pass in the Senior Fashion show. Tenth Grade Stunt-Coach Mlills and Chief Chonko try to resuscitate hero, Vaughan, in the Sophomore Stunt. Peggy McNair and Frank Stallings are CR R enjoying the best part ot the' day, P Lunchtime. xi ' V 81 Eighth Grade Stunt - Girls hold pies for boys in pie- eating race. Left to right: Harry Goss and Mr. Wills. Mr. Wills presenting to Harry Goss an all regional football trophy in chapel. CHOOL LIF Clockwise: Russell Ray and -Ioan Lee sure are studying hard, aren't they? . . . Armistice Day Ceremonies. . . . Libby Bryans, Milton Martin, Flora Folds and Billy Morris seem to be having a nice time at the Leap Year Dance. . . . Doris Reynolds and Sidney Pope, Christmas Pageant readers .... Ann Tanner and Ted Davis in Christmas Pageant .... Malcolm Simpson, Vivian Pettyjohn, Martha Bradshaw, Ruth Smith, Kathrine Partain in Christmas Pageant .... Malcolm Simpson and Ann Tanner in Christmas Pageant .... Daisy, whom we highly respect, has been our faithful cook for many years. COMMENCENIE T DA CE Sweet is the scene where genial friendshzfp plays . . . -O. M. HOLMES T0 THE CLASS or '49 rr A little more kindness, alittle less creed A little more gifving, a little less greed,- A little more smile, a little less frown A little less kicking a man when he's down,' A little more "we," a little less "Inj A little more laugh, alittle less cry,' A little more flowers on the pathway of lifes A fewer on graves at the end of the strife." FULTUN HIGH PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION MRS. R. R. SMITH ..... .... P resident MRS. R. H. HARRIS .... .... F irst Vice-President MR. C. EPPINGER. . . . . .Second Vice-President MRS. B. DAVIS ..... .... S ecretary MRS. W. B. SPURLOCK .... ..... T reasurer MISS ETHEL TROUP ..... .... P arliamentarian Bob: "My brother hit Joe Louis in the mouth." Bill: "Let me shake hands with your brother." Bob: "Do you think Km going to dig him up just for that?" 84 Compliments of E-2 MILTON MARTIN JERE RANDALL . . BETTY GARDNER .. JOAN LEE . . . MARY ELIZABETH BRYANS PEGGY BUICE KATE FRATZSCHER CAROLYN HARRIS BETTY HENDERSON MARLENE MANN BETTY JEAN MILLER ELIZABETH NEWTON JOAN PLANT MARTHA MAE PASS BETTY PORTER DORIS REYNOLDS JOYCE SANDERS JENNY SHOPE ELIZABETH TURPEN BILLY WILLIAMSON MISS CORNELIA E. COOPER . ....President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . Treasurer ALBERT BATTLE LARUE COLEMAN PRENTISS FIELDS CARLTON GUNTER MELVIN HOBGOOD BOBBY HUDLOW DOUGLAS MCARTHUR JERRY MANSELL GEORGE PITTS HAROLD POSS DONALD RUSTIN PERRY SMITH MARTHA SIMMONS IDA MARIE SPURLOCK . Teacher PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 85 THE ALTERMAN RROS. WHOLESALE GROCERS Use "Mrs. Bell's" Preserves and J ell y 533 Whitehall St. Wa. 9095 Compliments of ANDREWS PHARMACY Quality - Service - Courtesy 1699 Howell Mill Road At. 6346-6347 OFFIce: Be. 4451 Res.: Ra. 2590-Am. 2038 ALDREDGE GENERAL SUPPLY HARDWARE - PAINTS BUILDING MATERIALS Northwest Atlantis Most Complete Hardware Store 2560 BANKHEAD HIGHWAY, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia JIM ALDREDGE BUD. ALDREDGE Compliments of MUTUAL CLUTHING CIIMPANY IZ7 Whitehall Street, S. W. Atlanta, Ga. Compliments of SPRINGLAKE PHARMACY 2002 Howell Mill Road, N. W. I He. 7153 BURNETTES Cleaning and Altering Compliments of LATIN CLUB Motto: Non silzi sed omnibus O MARY BOYTE WILSON ...... .....,..,.......... P resident DAY BURNETT .............., ....,...., V ice-President 644 McDonough Blvd., S. E. PEGGY MCNAIR """ """"""" ' secretary DAMIEN HUDSON ............,... Treasurer Ma. 5072 Atlanta, Ga. Miss COOPER ......... Faculty Adfviser Joe: "My uncle works for the circus." jim: "What does he do?" Joe: "He sticks his right hand in the lion's mouth." Jim' "Is that so? What's his name?" Joe: "Lefty Jones." 86 When visiting your fashion store or dress department, insist on being shown the latest fashions by CARLA GAY Compliments of the Girls' Rifle Team BETTY GRIFFIN ................ Captain RUTI-I SMITH DAY BURNETT DANA BURNETT VIVIAN PETTYJOHN KATHERINE PARTAIN JOYCE LEDBETTER M G oNA ARRETT HARRIETT ANDERSON BARBARA MARTIN of ATLANTA S. L. Nelms Insurance Maaeby Agency Atlamlians 1671 Jonesboro Road, S. E. Lakewood Heights-Atlanta, Ga. far Reprexenting 1 Hartford Accident Insurance Company Hfldnffflnf Citizen's Fire Insurance Co. of New Jersey Ma. 0792 Compliments of 5 The original patented Compliments of 5 is fi L: sz E fventilated E E "l"""'1""' FRENCH CLUB i E JE, El awning JOHN AVERY . . . ...... President Metal Awning Co' DANA BURNETT ......... Vice-President 344 Luckie St., N. W. Phone Wa. 8201 f Compliments of PHILLIPS GRIICERY KATHERINE PARTAIN ......... Secretary VIVIAN PETTYJOHN .......... Treasurer KATE FRATZSCHER ...... Pro. Chairman HARRIETT ANDERSON KATHLEEN BEARDEN ELIZABETH KILGORE I JONESBORO ROAD Adviser - MRS. PRICE La. 9073 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS A. S. 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WA. 5529 LA. 4850 Compliments of CANTEEN KITCHEN S South Bend Community House Ijlegd Open each Thursday Evening Mllhng9 Inc. for High School Students Visit - Join 8 MCDONOUOH BLVD Phone Ma. 4300-4301 Harold: "How do you feel, james? james: "I feel like the bottom of a stove." Harold: "How's that?' james: "Grate." Compliments of the Compliments 0 ATLANTA B-2 DRESS MART, Inc. CHARLES ELLENBURG .... Preszdent . ALEX JENKINS .... . . . Vzce Preszdent PAUL CLARK .... ..... S ery U Treas 175 Whitehall Street Atlanta, Georgia MRS. E. CLARK . . Teacher Wa. 6972 Compliments Compliments Of Of F U L T 0' N PHARMACY JUNlonH1Y DR. WILLIAMS DR. CROOKS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 93 Compliments of FRANK STALLINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . ......... President J. P. JORDAN, JR. . . . . BYRON WISE, JR. ............ . James Barnett Danny Barnes Buddy Davis Ferrell Earley Bobby Estes Billy Gardner Don McGiboney Harry Stapp Allen Starling Marion Summers Warren Williams Marie Thompson Betty Campbell .... . . . . . .Vice-President . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary and Treasurer Barbara Bowden Barbara Christmas Eleanor Ham Dorothy Hatfield Edna Earle Jones Carolyn Jones Joan McDaniel Anna Malone Barbara Meason Louise Robinson Mary Edna Stott Mary Ann Schell Jean Turner Barbara Duffy LEFTWICH FEED 8: GROCERY C0. FANCY WESTERN MEATS MAin 2246-7 1659 Jonesboro Road LAKEWOOD HEIGHTS Lcl kewoool Bakery 1646 JONESBOR0 ROAD Lakewood Heights ALpine 1676 Georgia Art Supply Company Corner Spring and Garnett Streets Diplomas Framed Liberal Discount to Graduates Compliments of GENE MILLS Redmond Auto Parts AND Company BUDDY DAVIS Automotive Parts and Compliment: of DOUGLAS G. MAC RAE Machine Shop Service Phone MA. 3955 McDonough Blvd. and Lakewood Ave. Atlanta, Ga. Lakewood Theatre and Forest Park Theatre Home Owned Come and Feel at Home Your Patronage Appreciated H. T. BUTLER, Wlanager Compliments of B-3 Weston Anderson Harry Atkinson Jack Coggin Berlyn Compton Jimmy Cook Ray Crumbley Bill Drake Martha Dobbins C. S. Fields Winford Grilhn Doris Hayes Esther Honea Dickie Hooper Edgar Hughie Gene Jackson Steve Knowles Joyce Logan Ann Lott Keith MclVlahan Peggy McNair Joann Oglesby Martha Owensby Billy Pickett Betty Jean Shiver Charles Simpson David Smith Patsy Southard Sara Turner Johanne Ward Norman Williams MR. BLITCH . . Teacher PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 95 Compliments of HARRIETT ANDERSON KATHLEEN BEARDEN DANA BURNETT SHIRLEY COCHRAN LARRY COLVARD SARAH CROWLEY ROBERT DAWSON ANDRE DUBOSE CONSTANCE DYCHE MONA GARRETT WILLIAM GENTRY BARBARA GILBERT ROBERT GILSTRAP BETTY GRIFFIN BETTY HAWKINS VERNON HUCKLEBERRY EVELYN HUGGINS BETTY HUMPHREY JOHNNY HUNT BARBARA MARTIN ROY MARTIN JAMES MASHBURN VIVIAN PETTYJOHN BETTY PILGRIM LEWIS SHAW JACK SHELLNUTT JEANETTE SLATER BETTY STANLEY WALTER STEELE DWIGHT STRICKLAND LOYD TATUM BILLY WOOTEN MRS. ORA H. MURRELL . Teacher George A train cut a dOg's tail off and I sewed it back On, but a policeman arrested me Moe What for?" George For retailing dogs without a license." Y-TEENS, PURPOSE To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share His love for all people and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. SONG lf we can grow as simply as common blades of grass, Both tall and straight as trees grow to the sky Then we can learn to know, to know and understand Ourselves and others-what We do and why. If we can grow in thinking as broad as all the earth, Make tasks at home enlarge our world wide goal: Grow out of little dreams, take all into our plans Our country will be loved from pole to pole. VVC, the younger generation, are lf we can learn to realize the one who loves the world, Feel friendship with all seekers after Him: Live justly and with mercy, walk humbly every day- We shall spread a light that never will grow dim. lf we can stand for freedom for all from every fear, Be healers, helping folds to understand- We'll be the good companions of those who've led mankind Bring out the best of every race and land. striving now to build a better world. Peace and unity, freedom and brotherhood- 'l'hese we have set to be our goal. PATRONIZ E OU R A DVERTISERS 97 Compliments of JUNIOR CIVITAN HARRY Goss ....... . ...... . ........... RUTH SMITH ..... ELOISE EAVENSON ROY MARTIN ..... DANA BURNETT . Peggy Buice Bobby Dawson Betty Humphrey Betty Porter Jere Randall Russell Ray Doris Reynolds Donald Rustin Hilda Turpin Paul Van Wyck Murray Florence Betty Gardner Mary B. Wilson Johnny Hunt Billy Morris Herbert O'Neal Frank Stallings C. CgW1LLs,JR. . . Adviser CLUB .......P7'BSilll?llf . . . .Vive-Presizlenl . . . . . Secrefary . . . . . Treasurer ...........Cha,blain Betty Seay Ida Marie Spurlock Harold Sullivan Lloyd Britt Day Burnett W. H. Cunard Damien Hudson Barbara Sligh JERE RANDALL HILDA TURPIN Doius HAYES DoR1s jAcKsoN MR. BLITCH . Compliments of the 6' M A SK E R S 9' 1948-49 . President Vice-Presia'ent . Business Mllllllg81' . Publicity . Sponsor jerry: "It's raining cats and dogs outside." Keneth: "How do you know?" Jerry: "I just stepped in a poodle." 98 CRYSTAL BATH RUBBING Complimenis of ALCOHOL Used in Hospitals and Sanitoriums B-5 HCI-HEP" CI-IONKO'S CLASS Compliments of RZEIIVFSEK BUILDING SUPPLIES South Side Lumber LELAND DAVIS . ..... Captain Company RUTH SMITH .... .... C o-Captain 17 SZWQSQAZZZZC' S' E' PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 99 B E A U D R Y -INCORPORATED- ATLANTA'S QLDEST F 0 R D DEALER Home Uwned and Operated for 32 Years C 143 CONE STREET N , . W. Cypress 3424 Compliments of CECIL BRO0KS CAFE Sandwiches and Drinks Jonesboro Road and Lakewood Avenue Compliments of JEAN AND RALPH Lots of Luck JOAN AND JAMIE C. W. DYEIPS Grocery Store I JONESBORO ROAD Cy, 9033 Compliments . of Congratulations to the B-4 Class of '49 PAULINE BLACK Graduate of '48 Charles: "Do you know the best Way to ralse corn, beef and cabbage?" Richard: "No, how?" Chgrlqsg "With a fork and knife." Best Wishes To Our Classmates KATHLEEN BEARDEN AND BARBARA MARTIN Good Lufk to Seniors of '49 BETTY GARDNER PRENTISS FIELDS Compliments of GATE CITY FURNITURE CO. A Compliments of ELIZABETH NEWTON SARAH CROWLEY DORIS GAY REYNOLDS Lamar 6641 Lamar 664-2 BEAVERS' Furniture Company WE BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE NEW AND USED FURNITURE 300-302 Marietta Street, N. W. Cor. Thurmond "We Work Like Beafvers To Please You" Compliments of LIBRARY CLUB Compliments of JERE RANDALL JERRY MANSELL A. B. QBUDI FOSTER FULTON COUNTY SHERIFF Compliments of GRACE BISHOP AND HOWARD DAVIS Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of'-119 MARION AND LELAND CAROLENE COFFEY FRANK GRAHAM C0-MPANY LINCOLN and ZVIERCURY AUTOMOBILES 600 West Peachtree Street. N. W. TC1CDh0I1C VETHOH 0701 ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I0l CHARLES ADAIR Carroll Furniture Company General Oflice BARBARA ANN BOND Abe Siegel Accountant General Gflice JOYCE MARIE BURTON Carroll Furniture Company V Secretary GLORIA ANNE COPLEY Fulton County Board of Education Clerical Assistant-Textbook Dept. HOWARD DAVIS Davison-Paxon Company Auditing Dept.-General Oilice JULIUS DAVIS Rich's Inc. Contingent Squad PAUL FLEMING Colonial Stores Inc. Stock Clerk JAMIE HELMS Rich's Inc. Contingent Squad PATRICIA JOHNSON W. T. Grant Company General Office GRACE RIGGINS Jacobs Drug Stores Sales and Fountain THE DISTRIBUTIVE MISS JANE E. FOLEY Betty: "I read in the paper that a farmer cut off his hired help's head and threw it in the alfalfa." Margie: "Is that so?" Betty: "Yes, it was like looking for a noodle in the haystacki' 102 FUR JOAN STALNAKER George Muse Clothing Company General Oflice EMILY STOREY Fulton County Board of Education Clerical Assistant-Library Dept. MARY LEE STREETMAN Fulton County Board of Education Clerical Assistant-Audio-Visual Dept. VIRGIL L. TANNER Milleris Book Store Receiving--Shipping Clerk TOMMY TAYLOR Davison-Paxon Company General Cffice and Register Reader EIFUCATIIIN CLUB COORDINATOR EVER GUY TEDDER Regenstein's Shipping Clerk HAROLD TODD F. W. Woolworth Company Stock Clerk JAMES WEST, JR. lVIiller's Book Store Stock Clerk RUBIN WH1TE Sears Roebuck SL CO. Catalog Sales Clerk ANNIE WOOTEN F. W. VVoolworth Company Sales PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Luck to All Compliment: of from VIVIAN GILBERT TWINS AND BILLY GENE Compliment: of CYPNSS 5079 JACKIE GRACE MCINTOSH ELECTRIC COMPANY AND Wiring and Supplies SHIRLEY ETHELENE 343 Pryor St., S. W. Atlanta G Compliments tothe Class of '49 from QUALITY CLEANE 1525 Howell Mill Road, N. W. R S Atlanta, Georgia Burnetfs Neon Signs Sales-Service Compliments of Humphreys Service Station Phone 416 McDonough Boulevard MAin 7614 La, 9711 Luck Zo the Graduates of '49 From A-3 EUGENE DICKERSON DOROTHY DAWSON ELEANOR HUDSON . NANCY JONES ..... MRS. PRICE . . Teacher . . . . . . . . .President . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . Treasurer Hoop: "My sister married an Iridhmanf' Ida Marie: "0h, really?" Hoop: "No, O'Rei1ey," IO4 Compliments of FURNITURE C0. Truth and Honesty Wins J' 0' WE BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE P NEW AND USED FURNITURE GROCERIES and MEHTS 299 Marietta Street, N. W. lVIAin 3760 1630 Jonesboro Road Wa. 1801 Atlanta, Georgia ECUNUMY FURNITURE CUMPANY BEAVERS BROTHERS, OWNERS We Buy, Sell ana' Exchange . . . . . . New and Used Furniture Low Prices Easy Terms 310 MARIETTA STREET, N. W. Phone Main 1410 Atlanta, Georgia J0hnst0n's Service Sfatiilll PERMA SHADE GROCERIES AND MEATS GARAGE Aluminum Awning General Repair - Welding Road Service A. 822 Corner Briarcliff and Claremont Road C 4 Ve. 9245 Compliments of PERSONALITY CLUB BETTY HUMPHREY .... ...... P resident JERRY TERRELL . . . ..,........ Vice-President MARGIE BOYD .... Secretary and Treasurer PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 105 Wlzat's in a Name? We naturally look for the makerls name on a manufactured article to determine its Worth. The average person is impressed by an appearance of quality, or the lack of it, but he verifies his appraisal by observing the trade-mark or imprint of the maker. Fine products are identified by the name of the producer. The "Stevens" imprint on engraved stationery has earned an enviable reputation throughout half a centuryis experience. When considering the purchase of engraved stationery, consult this estab- lishment. J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CDMPANY Established 1874 110 PEACHTREE STREET ATLANTA, GEORGIA SOCIETY STATIONERS Compliments of FIELDS 0IL HEATING CDMPANY ll0 Fairburn Road, S. W. 'S 470 Sawtell Avenue, S. E. RA. 6591 Atlanta, Georgia Compliments of c0.c1mAN-LEE FURNITURE co. DENTAL LAB- 85 Alabama Street, S. W. Q INDEPENDENT Atlanta, Ga. , I 27M BROAD STREET We have been furnishing Atlanta homes for 53 years. . . ' Robert E. Patrick Low prices and terms to suit your convenience. LaVern: "Seven people walked under one umbrella at the same time and nobody got wet." Patsy: "Why not?" LaVern: "It wasn't raining." lO6 Compliments of FULTON HIGH DANCE CLUB OFFICERS DONNA JORDAN, President DANA BURNETT, Secretary HAROLD HAWKINS, Vice-President BETTY HAWKINS Treasurer Compliments of B-1 MRS. W. W. BEALE . . Teacher SHIRLEY COWAN . . . ..., ....... P reszdent BETTY HOWARD . . . ........... Vice Preszdent KITTY CHESNUTT ........ ...... S eeretary and Treasurer Dorothy Attaway Elaine Ellenburg Ann Ayres Joyce Barden Beverly Beavers Martha Bradshaw Mary Frances Brown Anna Burel Beverly Duke Barbara Pilgram Ann Rogers Louise Smith Sarah Glenn Beverly Fields Annie Ruth Haines Mary Ingram Yvonne Mann Betty Matheson Nancy Morton Sandra Moser Claudette Smith Phil Sosebee Louise Tribble PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS l07 THE DFFICERS' CLUB JERE RANDALL .... ..... P reszdenr WALTER STEELE . . ......... Vice Prerzdent RUSSELL RAY .......... ..... S ecretary and Treasurer J. D. Thomas Buddy Davis Albert Battle Joe Brooks Prentiss Fields Bill Gentry Eugene Dawson Walter Buckner Johnny Hunt Harold Hawkins CAPTAIN ROOKS SGT. lcl. COLQUITT .... Murray Florence Donald Rustin Robert Dawson Robert Gilstrap Billy Kent Damien Hudson .... .Asst. PMSUT. . . . Sergeant Instructor Compliment: of GLORIA COPLEY Complimentx of MARY SAIERJEETMAN LIBRARY STAFF Compliment: of Compliment: o ROBERT E. GILSTRAP DAVE AND DONNA Compliments of Compliment: of I HENRY S N ELMS SERVICE STATION Furniture and Seat Cover . Upholstering Highway 42 Compliment: of Compliment: o EVELYN HUGGINS AND JAMIE HELMS N UNNALLY Sz MCCREA CO 104- Mitchell Street S W Atlanta, Ga Electrician Qto assistantj: "Grab one of those wires." Assistant: "O.K." Electrician: "Did it shock you?" Assistant: "No, why?" Electrician: "Well, don't grab the other wireg it's got 2,000 volts in it." 108 Compliments of PHILLIPS-BROWNE "Best Wishes" SIGN C0. MILLIE allll BILL BRADLEY ' 59 SIMPSON STREET, N. W. Wa. 3251 Compliments of Service Station Gas - Oil - VVashing - Greasing Polishing - Steam Cleaning 330 Peters Street, S. W. MAIN 0839 Road Service 1491 Howell Mill Road At. 9219 Atlanta, Georgia Lockhart Insurance and Realty Co. Real Estate - Insurance - Loans Auto Financing 1636 Jonesboro Road, S. E. Wa. 6323 Your business is appreciated Compliments Of HUFFMAN WOLF CO. of ATLANTA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS m59f'f7,0,f A fascinating job with voice-contacts with faraway places may be yours when you become a telephone operator. Distance across continents, even oceans, quickly melts before the speed of the telephone network at your command. For high school graduates who qualify, here's inter- esting important work with good pay and opportunities for advance- ment, in a company known all over the South as a good place to work. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY H0 'IIADE-MARK REG- U. S. PAT. OFF ATLANTA COCA-COLA BIITTLING COMPANY TOMMY VAUGHAN ...... DWIGHT STRICKLAND . . . . HAROLD HAWKINS ROY MARTIN ........... HENDERSON RAINWATER . BILLY MORRIS .......... Robert Bradley Lloyd Britt Walter Buckner Bobby Cooley Sterlyn Denney Tommy Ferris Harry Goss Billy Hall J. B. Hobbs Johnny Hunt Compliments of HI-Y Byron Wise . . . . Vice Preszdent Sergeant at Arms James Mashburn Milton Martin Gene Mills George Pitts Harold Poss Jack Shellnutt Frank Stallings Harry Stapp J. D. Thomas Dan Welch MR. EPPINGER . . . Adviser PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Ill Compliments of F. H. A. KATHLEEN BEARDEN ........ President ELAINE GORDON ........ Vice-President Cvffliflifflfflf-Y Of MARTHA MAE PASS ..... Secretary BARBARA MARTIN .. . . . Treasurer T. F. J0lINSON Advisers Miss BAILEY MRS. BEALE MRS. CLARK Congratulations Seniors from HENDERSON RAINWATER Best Wishes to the Class of '49 MARTHA ANN COBB HARRY Goss V Compliments of Compliments of SARAH JOANN W. T. fBILLl GILSTRAP BETTY NELL SHIRLEY Compliments of C pl. Z f Om 1171671 .9 0 KATHERINE VIVIAN AND DANA BETTY MARTHA AND GERALDINE Compliment: of BETTY STANLEY AND JACK PATRICK Compliments of THE TOGGERY 191 Mitchell Street, S. W. A flying instructor was teaching a pupil to ily. He did loops and dove straight at the ground and about 50 feet from the ground he pulled out. Instructor: "I'll bet 50 per cent of the people down there thought we were going to crash." Pupil: "Yeahl and, about 50 per cent of the people up here thought so, too." Complimentx of MR. Sc MRS. M. P. BLACK H. L. GREEN Co., INC. Operating Silver's, F 8: W Grand, and Kittinger's Compliments' of C pl. t if BILL WOOTEN om mm 5 0 JOAN IQEDBINSON SILVERMAN PHARMACY Compliment: of IDA MARIE SPURLOCK Compliment: of BRYANTVS GARAGE AND JOAN LEE cy. 3977 Bert Wixlzes to the Senior: Compliment., of '49 of MISS TROUP MR. ISL MRS. O. W. HAWKINS mbmian, HENRY DAVID .... JOYCE FOSKEY . . . BETTY HUDLOW .... EDITH BLACK ......... Susan Awtry Constance Clark Constance Campbell Gene Hudson Jean Fentress Betty Hutchins Faye Jenkins Jean Pair Joan Robinson Barbara Sligh Anne Tanner Jackie Ward Richard Burel Thomas Burroughs Compliments of C-2 . .........Pre.vident . . . . .Vice-President . . . . . . . .Secretary ..... ......Treasurer Rayford Callaway J. W. Cox Emmett Eison Tommy Ferris Franklin Hill Damien Hudson Edwin Jones David Nelms Bob Peel Donald Ward Dan Welch Jimmy Woolley Albert White George Brooks PATRONIZE O UR ADVERTISERS 113 THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA CENTER N 0 rw TIIE ATLANTA DIVISIIIN 0F THE UNIVERSITY 0F GEORGIA congratulates the 1949 graduating class of Fulton High School. Plan now to continue your education at our new 32,500,000 center, 24 Ivy Street, S. E., where last year over 7500 students were enrolled in morning, afternoon, or evening classes. DR. GEORGE M. SPARKS, Director M. FREEDMAN I. A. ZION ALp1ne 5302 Furniture Company J 0 S E P H , S "In Business for Your Comfort" COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHERS FIRST IN FASHIONS Cash or Terms 218 Peachtree at Cain 150 WHITEHALL STREET Phone Walnut 7789 Presented by Atlanta, Georgia ATLANTA, GEORGIA HEALTH at ACCQQENT ASS N WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE MFE INSURANCE C MMINY Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing I I - ERVAY'S JEWELRY BE 1718 Lakewood Avenue, S. E. 1'9:: ' - -- - - vm ,5. . - --.'.- -.- .-an:-ze:-,:- .-,W-,, Mr. Purcell: "Mr. Hope, why are little birds sad in the morning?" Mr. Hope: "I don't know. Why?" Mr. Purcell: "Because their little bills are over dew." 114 HARRY Goss ........ HAROLD SULLIVAN .... BETH TANT ...... BILLY MORRIS . . . HARRY Goss , ..... . .... HENDERSON RAINWATER .... HENDERSON RAINWATER. .N. lllary Barnett Walter Buckner Ruby Callahan Bobby Cooley President . . . Vice-President . . . . .Secretary Treasurer All N. G. I. C. Football Center N. G. I. C. Basketball Forward Clorzzplillzczzty of ll- l G .l.C.and CountyLeag11e Baskellzall Sroring Clzanzpion DeVaughn Cumbec Charles Dyche James Fleming Flora Folds Hugh Hanes Carl Hartness Jackie Henderson Donald Hyden Faye Jackson Charles Keheley Elizabeth Kilgore Kenneth Kilpatrick Arthur Kuettner Earlinc Lanier Eleanor Lee Dorothy Mann Gene Nlills Neal Mitchell Margaret Neisler Rena Owensby Billy Patrick Charles Patterson Katherine Strickland Betty Sudduth Billy Kent Charles Thompson Annie P. VValton MISS M ARI' W INTERBOTTOM . . 7'eat-lier PATRON IZE OUR .XDVIiR'I'ISliRS 115 ' lj0lIlf?1fllll'l1fS Io the GRAD UA TING CLASS I YANCEY BR0lS. C0. V.. , . w . 4, Compliments Of TIMMS JEWELRY C0. the old RELIABLE since 1897 3 BROAD STREIz'r, N. W. CIIASTAINS Service Station GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING All Ufork Guaranteefl 2138 Stewart Avenue Day: CA. 9107 CBuckJ Night: CA. 0222 Compliments of James R. Venable Compliments of A-2 Complinlents of E. Il. Harper Service Station 339 Techwood Drive Cypress 2197 Complete AUTO Service Mr. Chonko: "Mr. Mathis, when did Moses sleep four in a bed?" Mr. Mathis: "Yeah, I know thatg when he slept with his forefathers." Compliments of A43 CHARLES BRADFORD .... .... P resident PATRICIA EDGE . . . . . . Vice-President FRANK JACKSON ........ Secy. if Treas. Compliments of S C H 0 E N Bl 011IEIlS, Inc. P. O. BOX 1387 ATLANTA, GEORGIA LAWRENCE COBB - FURNITURE - 271-273 Marietta Street Compliment: of KATHERINE AND BENNY GUTHRIE BEAUTY SALON 1531 Gordon Street, S. W. Best Wishes to THE STUDENTS OF FULTON HIGH RA. 1636 KNOX WALKER Compliment' of Compliment: of ULU Luf' AND A FRIEND HRUSTYU Good Luck Senior: HARRY AND BARBARA Compliment: of JEANETTE, SHIRLEY AND EMOGENE SLATER PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of E-1 TOMMY VAUGHAN . . . Preszdent JOE SULLIVAN . . . . . . Vzce Preszdent ELOISE EAVENSON Secretary PAUL VAN WYCK .... Treasurer Ellen Armistead Margie Boyd Marlene Bozeman Joe Brooks Jimmy Burton Annie B. Cowan Eugene Dawson Richard Donegan Barbara Sue Duke Murray Florence Betty Gilbert Elaine Gordon Billy Hall Royal Hardman Harold Hawkins Jim Worrill BEN H. HUTCHINSON . Doris Jackson Donna Jordan Ralph Joyner Geraldine Lance Hazel Nlauldin Virtie McBurnett Marion McDaniel Horace Minton Herbert O'Neal Katherine Partain Betty Randall Russell Ray Ruth Smith J. D. Thomas Hilda Turpin . Teacher james: "Why does it take longer to run from second base to third than it does from first to second?" Perry: "I don't know, why?" Jamesg "ThCIC'S a short-stop in between " 118 SECKINGER SONS C0., INC. PLUZVIBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 180 Forsyth Street, S. VV. Atlanta, Georgia CARDINAL STAFF MARGIE BOYD PEGGY BUICE LARRY COLVARD LARUE COLEMAN RICHARD DONEGAN CARLTON DONEGAN Compliments HAROLD HAWKINS of BOBBY HUDLOW JERRY MANSELL J. E. WHITE ROY MARTIN I ' HERBERT O,NEAL Pmmpal VIVIAN PETTYJOHN HAROLD Poss JERE RANDALL RUTH SMITH PAUL VAN WYCK JAMES WEST ANNIE WOOTEN JIM WORRILL 5 . PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 119 Best Wislzes to the Class of '49 LLOYD BRITT .... ..... . Preszdent STERLYN DENNY . . . . DAY BURNETT ..... Donnie Barnes Jewell Beauchamp Betty Black Frank Blair Robert Bradley Mary Bryant Jimmy Bryson Nan Childre W. H. Cunard Harold Fannin Barbara Fowler Marie Gallimore Ross Gallman Neil Gunter Dorothy Harris . . . . . . .Secretary and Treasurer Frances Hopkins Dot Hubbard Jack Hunt Rosie Lee Ingram Janie Lee Jones Grace Langley Joyce Ledbetter Earl Moore Lubert Newman Billy O'Brien Barbara Parham Douglas Spence Ethel Strickland Frances Strickland Norma Jean Thompson CRANE Service Station 1689 Howell Mill Road Phone At. 6161 GEURGE PIERCE, Inc Men's Department Store Corner Pryor and Decatur Streets ATLANTA, GEORGIA Compliments of E. L. SPRINGER GROCERY 1690 Howell Mill Road HOME FURNISHERS FOR oVER 60 YEARS Georgia stores Atlanta 4' Athens 'f Dalton Macon Rome Johnny: "My report card is under Water." Billy: "What do you mean?" Johnny: "Its below 'C' level." Compliments of MRS. ABERCROMBIE . . Teacher MARY BOYTE WILSON . . . LELAND DAVIS .... .. JUNE DYER .......... Patsy Burton Betty Dillard Barbara Graham Alma Harris Muriel Harrison Elva Jackson Margie Johnson Helen Mauldin Jean McWilliams Pat Peel Helen Tarleton Jean Tarleton Catherine Van Wyck Harold Matthews . . . . . .President .. . . . . . . . .Vice-President . . . . . . . . .Secretary ana' Treasurer John Avery Bill Christmas Bobby Connors Bobby Cooper Ted Davis Frank Dillard Milledge Hansard Ray Johnson Eugene lVIeason Dan Newman Charles Stalnaker Grady Turner Charles VVilkersOn Hubert Eason Awnings- T. s. Cofield at ern the J. L. Swaneey Modem A SHEET METAL WORK Manners, ROOF REPAIR AND PAINTING 3554 Gordon Road Phones: Office Am. 0866 Res. Am. 4742 Free Estimates CheerfullyGiVel1 "There's N o Satisfactory Substi- tute for Canvas Awnings f GEORGIA TENTEAWNING GU. 228 Margaret St. Cy. 7551 FICKETT-BR0IWN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. MOPS - BROOMS - COTTON YARNS CHARLIE BROWN, President "KING KOTTON-THE BEST MOP MADE" Trade Mark Registered ATLANTA and MAYSVILLE, GEORGIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Of BARBARA POSTON Charles: "I got a ticket for going too slow." Jack: "For going too slow?" Charles: "Yeah! the cop caught me." 122 Automatic Stokers Furnace Cleaning 0 By Vacuum Oil Treated 0 Stoker Coal Red Ash 0 Lump 24 Hour Egg Stoker Service ' 0 Furnace Furnace Repairs Lump Egg Compliments Of THE JELLICO COAL COMPANY, INC. F. D. SUDDERTH, Manager TELEPHONE: MAin 4100 ATLANTA, GEORGIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 123 TAYLOR'S CASH MARKET GROCERIES AND MEATS Free delivery l706 Howell Mill Road, N. W. He. 0890 Compliments of J. W. SIMMQINS CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT Compliments of MR. l'lUTCHlNSON'S STH PERIOD ENGLISH 3 Sz 4 3550 Compliments of A. H. HBABEU SIMS, JR. Gordon Road, S. W. AM Groceries and Meats 2566 Compliments of BETH AND PAT TANT Compliments of MR. Sc MRS. J. W. SMITH 18 Tallulah Street, N. W. Compliments of FULTON HIGH CAFETERIA Mrs. Fannie E. Bowden, Manager PAT AND ALLEN AND EMILY AND LEWIS Compliments of WYCHE SERVICE STATION 2097 Jonesboro Road Compliments of JEANETTE SLATER AND MARY STREETMAN They were breaking in a rooky for the police force and they were asking him questions. Captain: "If a band of crooks were chasing you down a lonely road in a car doing 80 .miles per hour, what would you do?" Rooky: "I'd do 85." STEPHENS GARAGE o and SERVICE STATIIIN 1538-40 Jonesboro Road Compliments of GENERAL AUTO AND REPAIRS Complete Serfvice Gas, Oil, Greasing and Washing MR. 8: MRS. B. D. STEPHENS Phone CY. 9590 . Overhead light Prices are right Compliments Compliments of of NATIUNAL HONOR SOCIETY A-1 WILLIAM PARKER ....... . . . .President CHARLOTTE HENDERSON ..Vice-President LARUE JORDAN .......... FREDDY FRAKER .... . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer FULTGN CHAPTER BOBBY DAWSON ..... ....... P resident ELOISE EAVENSON ....... Vice-President MURRAY FLORENCE .......... Secretary RUTH SMITH .............. Treasurer BEN H. HUTCHINSON .. Faculty Adviser PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of A-4 Beverly Campbell Leonard Campbell Ann Cline Delores Cook Barbara Jean Davis Ann Dickson Roy Ericks Joan Gilleland Mary Holman Bobby Ingram Jackie Jackson Marion Lee Martha McDonald Robert Young MRS. FREEMAN . Marie McKenzie Edna Newton Ann Peek Ray Pressley Fred Schoenfeld Eugene Sheridan Emogene Slater Donald Smith Betty Stanfield Tommy Stovall James Sudduth Wendell Tarleton Beverly Wright . Teacher Compliment: of A FRIEND I Compliments of VIRGIL D. WOOD AND BILLIE BARRETT Compliments of Mr. HutchinSon'S THIRD PERIOD CLASS ENGLISH 3 AND 4 SIMS SERVICE STATION 3552 Gordon Road Complete One Stop Serlvire Compliments of SUPREME WATCH CRYSTAL Co. 23 Broad Street, S. W. Compliment: of J. U. SUBER Complimentx of ANNE WOOTEN SAMS FLOWER SHOP "Home of Beautiful Flo-wwf" 1771 Lakewood Avenue, S. E. Flowers-by-Wire Main 6686 Tommy: "What do they call Harry: "I don't know, What?" Tommy: 'AA cop cake." a police cookie?" 126 Sincere Best Wishes to the Graduating Class F U L T 0 N HIGH SCH0I0L BAND FRANK STALLINGS . . President TEDDY TYRE . . Vice-President ANNE' TANNER . . Secretary GWEN SMITH . . Treasurer Compliments of GERALDINE INGRAM Compliments of BETTY RUTH RANDALL JENNY SHOPE ELAINE GORDON MARTHA MAE PASS Best Wishes to the Seniors of '49 BETTY HUMPHREY Compliments of MR. dz MRS. RICHARD D. WILLIAMS Compliments of JOAN AND HAROLD Compliments of STEVE THOMPSON AND PURCY YOUNG Compliments of MONA GARRETT AND WALTER STEELE Compliments of VIRGIL TANNER CHARLES ADAIR TOMMY TAYLOR PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 127 CLUB CASINO SKATING RINK LAKEWOOD PARK Skating Every Evening 7 to 10 P. M. Saturday and Sunday Matinee 2:30 to 5:00 P. M. Skating Classes Every Night Except Wednesday and Saturday 10 to 11 P. M. For Primate Parties Call CY. 9710 Compliments of Sunshine's Department Store 795 Marietta Street, N. W Patronize RUGERS' CUT RATE DRUG STORE QBack of Kesslexdsj 117 Hunter Street, S. W. Compliments of R0BERTS01N GROCERY Groceries and Meats AT. 5511 1519 Howell Mill Road Compliments of A-5 FREDERICK EDWARDS . . . President JOYCE HENDRIX . . . . Vice-Prmdenz BOBBY COCHRAN . . Secretary and T1'Ed5U1'67 Joc: "Did you hear about the Georgia Cracker that got married and had a crumb?" Jimmy: "Yes, and did you hear about the bearded lady that got married and had a little shaver?" 128 BOYS' RIFLE TEAM BUDDY DAVIS . . . . . . Team Captain Congratulations MELVIN HOBGOOD ..... Team Manager to the ROBERT BRADLEY SENIOR CLASS ROSS GALLMAN HUGH HANES WALTER BUCKNER M I L I T A R Y CLIFFORD JOHNSON ' BYRON WISE BILLY GARDNER GENE MILLS SGT. 1 CL. ROBERT L. COLQUITT, Coach LEATHERCRAFT SUPPLIES AND TooLS B-lake your own billfolds C pl' I . Jake ll. wllensky " Leather Co. 34-36 Pryor Street, S. W. A 1 , G ' ACTIVITY CUUNCIL t am eorgla HERBERT O,NEAL . . . ..... President RUTH SMITH ........... Vice-President Compliments of MARY BOYTE VVILSON ....... Secretary JUNE DYER JACK HUNT ............... Treasurer PAUL FEEMING MRS. ABERCROMBIE, Adfuixer MISS WINTERBOTTOM, Adviser Compliment: of JAMIE AND BILL PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 129 WM GV-A4 'YQMAWK S ff, JL y Gwlx Jar U7M3'.f E 9

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