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" 5 ' Yrfzart-'f a,"f1L-r. V-.,,....g-5 W WW -QV' FT f4"'V"-K' """'1" ' ' V ' A Y . 1 J - ' 4' -, p, H .'.. - Mu., hy ' ' 1 ' .ing KI 2 " - 1?-Ll ' gizf 51 M. .11 . .5 .. :Q . Az-zz f 155' 1 5 'i A ul. 1 ' , A. - :Tiff , V A nqfx I I A I if' Maw . '- , ' QVQW ik ' ff: K V . 4,4 , b J . 1 V, ?.. Sk' "'0"'N""s 5 ' "dm 'U' " "W" ' X - -1:1 .' ,...x ,.:1- , f , -'-. , ..'5R3Cu':L4f.,....4,,k'i Sf ,ing rm mn.. .. ..,..1:..g3A- ,, -1 .X. ' V' U ""1 I sf- - ' , s W: fx Q ,... L. . -N " 1- " ' .,:1 Y, HA .-',.,-, , su . H 1 I f 55. N . .p L1 X 1 I 1 JV! ?aZj0v"'JJ ffgwff A 0070 ,1!2..,v r,'vjL " f i.j..'f' '. ' . , , ,.' 'Y H -: ' 'A' X . I-L' keg' T 4 , , n A . V , . . A , ,V F A ..:k -Hg .. . v b - ' "H 4- 1 -,Q H 5 .,, I5 P P., I a V V 51 V. P r V , ig . ii. ki ,gf Lg 'LHC ,, .1 H' yr- , u 1.5 r . ,M- 5., 'V ' x L' sr.. .L , .ni -x ufml 71' ,S- r : 'C v F . 5, r, ' . we Li, ur ' 7. 1 , r ,. l 32,1 fr.: 'G :lg , ji V A V--11 .-.gligb . ."' -:ir Q fj:!'1,11 y if: ' 521 f-tg - I a .-1 . -I ' If Q , 1 E , i' :lg ' 23 f Lf ,5 15 .-- 7 . . Z 1. EH - 'n x ' 1 5 - 4 f ,-m YF ,V , -f PY. , , 'Y -E! 1 ' . 1 -1 7 -.6 , .j 4 .I fi ,h il 1-. in f i UH A - - Y ,FJ , Ll-L. 1 ., h V - iii. 'fr 1 A A , , x ' ' 'iq ' . -- : 5 S1-"iff - , 1 f' f' . ' - 1 v f , -' 1 , - S' -1 .JY Y- ' - ' V nM V -'Aj I , , 1 'VV ' - I V , , .. ' . , -, L ,wi ..,-, ,fl ' 2 -:-: - , 7 f :V L 14 .- ,-- f " " tu- Q ., . - 7 .- ' H' 4 f -f'-Q: li 5 1.9 2- 'f " LL., I, , Y.,-.-1-51. .1 -,Y ,,4-.'.1.x.s,gf, M-y I f.1: ,- gg: ,.a,..:-q1'gmgkq1i'-1-,., P+, ': MJ... f,siz..1ei5L.. sem -1-'-1,f.,',Q,,, E... J K v 1 x 1 J R x 1 I! XX XXX ff! y XQ ,1 ff X wx mm ,,,,m.w,3.g-gn v,,,,,,,,,,i""'a y .,,, X K' " 'iw N594 X' W! eb Nx X f' JWEkSbXi !'!j4l ,ivy xtb X XX ,,'S"' ' l 51 sz, ' - E A WL, I : , xfjfigf, ' , ' Lf , . Kigf X "5 fyfrszurze' V f go' NWS, L, --f' QfIi-3gi1:1:g:- ' V ,KQV Y'v3'?f,+ . ,.gg.'if5gf-A'iT'.'-W ---- M ,-'Qi i Ny .Asfilfi -531'15:?- L-1-X af1'?iR'xX if . rw.:-11 if-ff' , 6 If 1. r x'-fxfik r , 1' If 51 ,ir -,-A Q 1.7, 1. ff 943, -2 ,ff 'vpxxvx u, .' Y 1 Ja, A .ns W WRX Q37' w ' C.-' WL - fall' 1' N fl' 'ix - ' N ff, My yx f U , -' "QNX, if E2 565 ,"' ' M, af-xy, ,SF :H If , Y xx , -1, uf, ,.--V! ' x Ev 1 5:4 -J 1 Y "f"' ' A 4.31 . Q X 'ig 'Q S1 V ' - 5' Q. .1:'vf V 4,9-, div "4-as 1 ---ff , Y X vx 5 lf 1 3 I' , . 2,1 ' EX LlBR IS N 4:2 I. X I 1 X K. x Lg A XX L- Y . V! . I 3 L L Y--QL, x I '--Q '- Copyright 1936 ELIZABETH GIBSON, Editorfin-Chief M.ARY COURSEY, Business Manager DOROTHY HALL, Advertising Manager Iihn 'III uxklllxu-"' u If X 'ffl ffm 41, fra W-1' :mg N , 52515, Y S lf i VA yr v, 1 2 if f E ? i V g - I ,ri ', 'I !:,g T 5, -, P' I . Q ia ' 1' - Jill Fl- A I A 'A Y ' THE Fonum P U B L I S H E D B Y THE STUDENT BODY OF FULTON HIGH SCHOOL ATLANTA, GEORGIA . . . . . . . . VOLUME THIRTEGN DEDICATICN In appreciation of her efforts to establish and maintain a high degree of scholarship, p Because of her devotion to the school and the training of her pupils, and In consideration of her spirit of cooperaf tion in the promotion of all those things which promote the develop' ment of the highest type of young manhood and womanhood, We, the staff, aifectionately dedicate this, the thirteenth volume of the Forum, to our teacher and friend, MRS. ORA H. MURRELL l MRS. ORA H. MURRELL ju Vx in '+'+a-'fnivsvr' ax , IJ FGREWORD As we, the class of 1936, prepare to leave behind us our four years of love and labor, a period during which we have had many trials as well as many joys, We desire to preserve these experiences. If with the passing of years, this book shall be a medium through which the memory of the days which we have spent at Fulton High shall be kept alive, then, we, the staff, shall feel that we have performed well our task. BLE OF CCNTEN C L A S S E S MILITARY FEATURES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS MR. JERE A. WELLS SUPERINTENDENT OF FULTON COUNTY SCHOOLS After serving for several years as a Fulton County teacher, Mr. Wells was elected Superintendent -of the Fulton County Schools in 1925. Under the leadership of Mr. Wells the Fulton County School System has grown from a small, poorly equipped one to one of the largest and hest equipped in the State. Since he has been in oHice, Mr. Wells has introduced many things which have made our schools capable of render'ng greater service to the children and patrons of this county. MR. R. L. RAMSEY PRINCIPAL OF FULTON HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Ramsey, after serving for several years as a teacher and Supervisor in the Fulton County School System, became the Principal of Fulton High in 1930. During his administration this school has maintained an excellent record in scholarship. Mr. Ramsey's influence upon the members of the student body is of a very great value to us who are attempting to prepare ourselves for the ref sponsibilities of life. SALLIE E. SHANNON, Assistan Mathematics MARGARET ALLEN Librarian MARY M. BEARD Commercial ALLEN BOYLE English MARY L. BROOKS Home Economics C. R. BROWN Mathematics MRS. J. C. BROWN English J. BLAKE CASH Science CORNELIA COOPER English MARY CRANE Language J. A. EAKES History J. C. EPPINGER Mathematics t Principal G. W. GASQUE English MRS. GERTRUDE GORDON Clerk JOYCE HENDERSON Home Economics H. C, HODGES En glislz L. W. HOPE Commercial PAULINE MAGRUDER Commercial DOUGLAS G. MACRAE Language SARAH M1DDLEBROOKS Commercial WALTER L. MORRIS Social Science MRS. ORA H. MURRELL Commercial EDITH MCCALLIE Science MARY B. MOCANTS English A E. P. MCILWAIN Science VIRGINIIA MCJENKINS Asst. Librarian G. E. PITTMAN Commercial CLYDE C. PRICE Social Studies AGNES SANDERS Home Economics DOROTHY SENTER English IDA SHEPARD English W. M. SUTTLES Commercial C. E. TAYLOR Mathematics SARAH WEBSTER H istovy 1. E. WI-IITI2 English C. C. WILLS, JR. Science ALMA MATER Fulton! Fulton! Our dear school, This song we sing to thee, Of worthy praise of our school days Of love and loyalty. Oh Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, 'Oh proud indeed are we Of our great school, its golden rule And honored faculty. Oh God above, help us, we pray, To keep our morals high, Our conscience right, our armor bright, With truth and honesty. Oh Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, May this our motto be, As proud as I am of Fulton High, I'll make her proud of me. Oh Fulton High, in future years When dark clouds do appear, The thoughts of you, so good and true Will make them disappear. Oh Fulton High, Dear Fulton High, We never shall forget, The golden haze of happy days, Dwells 'round about us yet. --LEOLA SMITH, '27 SCHOOL HISTORY In 1915, the Fulton County Board of Education, assisted by the County Commissioners, perfected plans for the establishment of a centrally located high school to serve all the county. In September, 1915, Fulton High School became a reality. The hrst school was located in a small building at the corner of Garnett and Whitehall Streets. From the names'of these streets our school has derived its colors. The Hrst school had an enrollment of 145. The following made up the hrst faculty of Fulton High School: Mr. William Hopkins, Principal, I. R. Campbell, Miss Dona Bailey, and Mrs. F. H. Richardson. At the end of the hrst year the school was moved to larger quarters on the corner of Whitehall Street and Trinity Avenue. The first graduating class of 1917 was composed of live members. In January, 1925, the student body moved into the present school building on Washington Street. In 1919, Mr. Guy Moore succeeded Mr. Hopkins as principal and served until june, 1922. Mr. W. F. Dykes became principal after Mr. Moore and served as our principal until 1930 when he and several other members of the Fulton High Faculty were transferred to the newly established North Fulton High School. Mr. R. L, Ramsey, our present principal, succeeded Mr. Dykes and has rendered a faithful service in maintaining the excellent reputation of our school. Our school has been fortunate in having several members of the faculty who have served faithfully for a great many years. The following teachers have been on the faculty for more than 10 years: Miss Sallie E. Shannon, Assistant Principal, I. C. Eppinger, G W Gasque H C Hodges, L. W. Hope, Miss Edith McCallie, E. P. McIlwain, W. M. Suttlesl Miss Sarah Webster! Miss Mary Brooks, and J. E. White. - ' Many graduates of Fulton High have made excellent records in colleges, Others have taken prominent places in the commercial and industrial life of our city and county. All who have attended our school have been prepared to assume places as useful citizens. ts, iss -Q Q- L . Tr ' 535 gfzsgr 1 -1 K. 1 -s , sis I T l 1 L ' r S f Q 5 V 6 his 't N ax 'K '-'f.'3:: -N' X . ':f:f?If'f ' "'i' QE X-S' "" 'ffiiii 'gif L-Z-gfij 3 v. lx -3-i Aki? -.lg .LQ CLASSES THE FULTON FORU SENIOR CLASS K,-,. O F FIC E R S President ..... -.... J IMMIE SCI-IELL Vice President -.,. -- .... OSCAR BAKER Secretary ..... ,.... D OROTHY WATSON Treasurer--- .... WILLIAM DOBSON 'Ek 1,,', v-a-'A If-' ,154 FULTON FORUM ORRIs ALTMAN "Duff" General "Where there's a willg there's a way." Band '33, 2nd Lieutenant '36, Officers Club '36. MARY JEANETTE BAKER "Jennie" Home Economics "This old world we're living in, is mighty hard to beat. You get a thorn with every rose, but ain't the roses sweet?" Home Bc. Club '33, '34, '35g Dramatic Club '36. CHARLES OSCAR BAKER "Hon" General "He's little but he's wise, he's a terror for his size." Lieut. '34, Capt. '35g Major '35, '36, Rifle Team '34, '35, Best Drilled Ofhcer '35g Sec. Ofhcers Club '35, '36, Who's Who-Best All Round Boy '36g Pres. Social Studies '35g Vice Pres. Senior Class '35, '36g Pres. Art Club '34g Sec. Art Club '35. EDNA OCTAVIA BALDWIN "Huh" Bookkeeping "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you ' may die." Athletic Club '35, Library Staff '34, '35, Know At' lanta Club '35, '36g Cafeteria '35, '36, Staff Writer '35, gal.. If if "1 2 'f WHT' utr FRANCES BANKSTON We are sorry that Frances had to withdraw from school. JAMES HOYT BARNES, JR. "john Henry" Stenogmphic "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow." Military '32, '33, '34, '35, '36g Football '36, Baseball '36. RUTH ANDREW BATES "Rufus" Stenogmphic "Play the game and if you can't smile, grin." President of Home Class '34, Annual Representative '34, '35g Girls' Baseball Team '34g Dramatic Club '35, '36g Girls' Rifle Team '36g Sponsor of Boys' Rifle Team '36g Order of Gregg Artists '35, '36. SHIRLEY KAYE BEASLEY "Greasy" ' Classical "Never accept as a friend anyone you would be ashamed to marry." French Club '34g Girl Reserves '35, '36g Secretary Girl Reserves '36, Honor Roll '33, '34, Attendant Queen's Court '36g Military Sponsor C Company '36, Who's Who '36. THE FULTON FORUM SARA EVELYN BORING "Chick" General "Never trouble another to do for you what you can do for yourself." Home Ec. Club '32, Secretary of Senior Home Class '34, Glee Club '34, '35, '36g Gym. Club '36, Girls' Rifle Team '34. WILLIAM HAROLD BRADFORD General "Every cloud has a silver lining." Military '32, '33, '34g Second Lieutenant B Com- pany '3'2.g Athletic Club '35g Manager Football Team '36. A HARRY BRIDGES "'1'msseI" Scientifc "To search for pearls one must go below." Second Lieutenant Military '36g Athletic Club '35g Hi-Y Club '36. JESSIE ELIZABETH BROCK "Liz" Classical "This old world is mighty hard to beat, you get a thorn with every rose, but ain't the roses sweet." Poster Club '33, '34, Glee Club '33, '34g Know At' lanta Club '34, '35g Library Club '35, '36g Library Staff '35, '36, Home Ec. Club '35, '36. , MARY C. BROOKS "Tip" General A "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow may never come." Glee Club '35, '36, Dramatic Club '3 5, '36g Sponsor Second Battalion '36g Special in Glee Club '35, '36. LAURA ALICE BROWN "Cookie" General "If I will, I willg you may depend on itg if I won't, I won'tg that's the end of it." Girl Reserve '34, '35, Know Atlanta Club '35, '36. ELSIE ELIZABETH BROWN "Pe1kie" Bookkeeping "Never do today what can be put off till tomorrow." Girl Reserve '33, '34g Library Stag '35: Know At' lanta Club '35, '36g Military Sponsor B' Company '36g Staff Writer '35. WILLIAM HAROLD BRYAN General Commercial "Practice makes perfect." Athletic Club '34g Publication Club '35g Corporal in Military '34, Sergeant '35g Second Lieut. '36. 'run FULTON ronuivi ANABEL BUCKNER "Annie Buck" Stenographic "The right angle to approach a diflicult proposition is the tryfanglef' Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36, National Honor So' ciety '35, '36g Annual Representative '33, '34g Glee Club '33, '34, Dramatic Club '35, '36, Perfect At- tendance '33, '35, '36g President Home Class '33: VicefPresident Home Class '34, Shorthand Certihf cates '34, '35, '36. CLARENCE WILMER CAIN "Hurry Cain" Scientijic "A good anvil does not fear the blows of the hammer." Football '34, '35g Band '33, '34, '35, '36, First Lieutenant '36. MARTHA FRANCES CANNON "Coldnst Blonde" Classical "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, Weep, and you weep alone." French Club '33, '34, Glee Club '34, '35g Dramatic Club '35, '36. TRESTER EMERY CATES General as "Live and learn, Die and forget it all. Military '32, '33, '34, '35g Football '34, '35, '36g Baseball '34, '35, '36, WILLIE MAE CATHCART Classical "Tu ne cede malisf' Honor Roll '34, '35, '36g Perfect Attendance '34g French Club '34g Glee Club '35, Publication Club '36. CoaA M.-XE JUANITA CLEAPOR "Cody" Classical "Take it with a smile." Glee Club '35, Dramatic Club '35, Girl Reserves '36, Dancing Club '36g French Club '34, i CHARLIE RUTH COCHRAN "Dooley" Stenographic "Never try to repay an evil deed. If you should succeed, it would be the greatest failure you ever made."-I. A. Duren. Dramatic Club '35, '36, Art Club '34, EVELYN IRENE CAWTHON "Eine" Classical "I never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles me." Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36g French Club '34g Glee Club '35, '36, National Honor Society '35, '36, Annual Representative '34, Annual Staff '36g At- tendant in Queen's Court '35, k,f' w THE FULTON FORUM DOROTHY VIRGINIA COHEN "Duney" General "When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on." President Sophomore Home Class '34, Athletic Club '35, Publication Club '36, GLENNIS COLE "Lorna No. 1" Scie-ntihc "Play hard and fair, but if you lose, don't alibi." Corporal Military '32, '33, '35, First Lieutenant Military '36, Officers' Club '36, Baseball '35, '36, Basketball '36, Perfect Attendance '32, '33, '34, '35, '36, Athletic Club '35, Vocational Club '36. IRMA ELLEN COURSEY General "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and the world laughs at you." Camp Fire Girls '34, '3 5, Annual Representative '34, '35, Glee Club '35, '36, Girl Reserves '35, '36. MARY JESSIE COURSEY "Lamar" General "Nature made her what she is and never made another." Dramatic Club '35, '36, Annual Staff '36, Queens' Court '33. - k, ' -- U . ..- , V,4. D . I n .g,y,p,.., R IR'l PRES kg RAY Cox "General Cox" Scientifc "Strike three on the batter." R. O. T. C. '35, '36, First Lieutenant Company B '36, Secretary Vocational Club '35, Athletic Club '33, '34, Football '35, Baseball '35, '36, Officers' Club '35, '36, Private R. T. C. '33, '34. MARION GERTRUDE DAVIS "Main" Stenographic "It matters not how long you live, but how well." Spanish Club '34, Dramatic Club '35, '36, Glee Club '36, Honor Roll '34, '35, Shorthand Certificates '34, '35, '36, Perfect Attendance '34. EUGENE ALLISON DEAL "Gene" Bookkeeping "A quitter never wins, a winner never quits." Band '33, '34, '35, '36, Corporal Band '35, Lieu- tenant Band '36, Baseball '35, '36, Basketball '36, Perfect Attendance '33, '34, '35, '36, OfHcers' Club '36, Rifle Team '36. GEORGE DOEES "Geedie" General "Hold what you got and grab for mOre." Corporal Military '31, '32, Sergeant Military '32, '33, Captain '33, '34, Lieutenant Colonel '35, '36, Vicefpresident Officers' Club, Vicefpresiclent Dra' matic Club, Presidents' Club, Rifle team '34, '35, '36, Vice'-president HifY Club. ,V V! Tl-IE FULTON FORUM WILLIARI JAMES DODSON "Lotta No. 2" Stenographic "He who docsn't toot his horn, his horn goes untooted." Military '32, '33, '34, '35, '36, Sergeant '33, First Lieutenant '36, Band '36, Hi Y '34 , '35, '36, Basketball team '35, '36, Rifle team '34, '35, Second Marksman '35, Silver Medal, Treasurer Senior Class '36. LENA KATHERINE DODD "Bugga" Commercial Honor Roll '33, Girl Reserves '33, '34, Annual Representative '34, Cafeteria Worker '34, Home Economics Club '35, Athletic Club '36. BERTHA DUNCAN Stenographic "Be the best of whatever you are." Home Economics Club '34, '35, '36. LUCILLE IMOGENE DUNCAN "Dimples" Stenographic "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive." Girl Reserves '33, '34, Secretary Home Class '34, Dramatic Club '35, '36, Secretary junior Class '35' Perfect Attendance '33, '34, '35, '36, Secretary So' cial Studies '36, Shorthand Certihcates '34, '35, '36, Secretary Dramatic Club '36, Annual Staff '36' Dramatic Club Play '36. - s SARAH KATHERINE DUNLAP "Cappy" General "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone." Glee Club '35, Dramatic Club '36. DORIS ELLORA EUBANKS "Punk" Stenographic "A little work, a little play to keep us going- and so good-day." Girl Reserves '33, Poster Club '34, Who's Who '36, Athletic Club '35, Queen's Court '36, Dramatic Club '36, Band Sponsor '35, '36. LUCIAN GEORGE FOLSOM "Shorty" General "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean." Corporal '33, Sergeant '34, Captain '35, Captain' Adjutant '36, President Home Class '33, Presidents' Club '33, Senior Escort '34, Secretary Officers' Club '35, Block Letter Club '35, '36, King's and Queen's Court '35, King and Queen Escort '34, President Olhcers' Club '36, President Dramatic Club '36, Dramatic Club Play '36, Sponsor Girls' Rifle Team '36, Who's Who '36. CHARLES OSRAR FRASCH "Okus" Classical "Non sibi sed alus." French Club '32, '33, Glee Club '34, '35, Publi- cation Club '35, '36. J THE FULTON FORUM EVA ELIZABETH FULLER "Darling" Stenograpliic "Her hair is red, her smile is gay, She has a merry winning way." Honor Roll '33, '34, '36, Shorthand Certificates '34, '35, '36, Dramatic Club '35, '36. CHARLES EMNIITT GAFNEA "P1eaclze-r" Commercial "Steam that blows the whistle never the wheel." Military '33, '34, '35, '36, HifY '35, '36, President HifY '36. FRANCES ELIZABETH GIBSON "Libba" Classical "Hitch your wagon to a star, Keep your seat, and there you are." Honor Roll '33, '34, Annual Representative '33, '34, '35, Tennis Team '33, Perfect Attendance '33, '34, '36, Girls' Rifle Team '34, '35, Treasurer of Home Room '34, Library Staff '34, '35, '36, French Club '34,, Library Club '35, Glee Club '35, '36, Glee Club Special Group '35, '36, Block Letter Club '35, Secretary Home Room '3 5, Citizenship Service Card from Faculty '35, VicefPresident of Publication Club '36, Who's Who '36, Editorin-Chief of Annual '36, National Honor Society '36. uv-4. ' CHARLES PARKS GILLELAND "Charlie" General "A woman is just a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke." Military '33, '34, '35, '36, Athletic Club '34, Foot' ball '32, '35, VicefPresident Junior Class '36, Man' ager Basketball '36, JAMES BOZEMAN GILLELAND "jim Bill" General "Hit hard, but play fair." Football '34, '35, Baseball '35, '36, Military '32, '33, '34, 'si SARAH MOZELLE GILLELAND "Floss" Bookkeeping "Eat, drink and be merry today, For tomorrow you may die." Athletic Club '35, Know Atlanta Club '36, Cafe' teria '36. JACK GOODE "Babe" General "He who would search for pearls must dive below." Band '34, '35, '36, Circulation Manager, Band Club. FRANCES NAOMI GORMAN "Sister" Classical "It's the smile that makes life worth while." Dramatic Club '35, Glee Club '35, Library Club '36, Library Stall' '36, Girl Reserves '33. 'f"l A I .sr .kia Q26 THE FULTON FORUM MARY ELIZABETH GORMAN "Roy Junior" Classical "Live, laugh and love for there will come a time when you can't." Girl Reserves '33g Glee Club '37, Art Club '37, Library Staff '36, Library Club '36. ELIZABETH ROSE GRESHAM "Lizzie" Commercial "A quitter never wins, a winner never quits." Dramatic Club '34, '37g Know Atlanta Club '37, '36, EDWARD LAFAYETTE GRIFFIN, JR. "Eddie" General "Any task worth doing is worth doing right." First Sergeant, Rifle Team, President of Vocational Clubg Secretary of English Classg Glee Clubg Third Rating Bicyclist in Georgia. . BONNIE GRIFEITH "Begee" General "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die." Physical Training ' 3 6. l DOROTHY JACK GROGAN "Dot" General "Silence is goldeng actions speak louder than words." Home Economics Club '37, Glee Club '37, '36, Know Atlanta Club '36. HUGH AUGUST GUNTER General "Drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die." Football '34, '37, '36, Baseball '37, '36g Basketball '36, Athletic Club '37, Hi-Y '36, Writers' Club '36: Military '33, '34, '37, '36. JAMES ERNEST GUNTER "GeeziV' General "Never do anything today that you can put off till tomorrow." Football '34, '37g Baseball '37, '36g Military '33, '34, '37, '36, Corporal '33, '34, '37, '36g Athletic Club '34, HifY Club '37, JULIA MARGARET HALE "Judy" Classical "All's well that ends well." French Club '34, Honor Roll '37g Girl Reserves '36. THE FULTON FORUM DOROTHY HARRIET HALL "Little Bit" Stenographic "If you can't be a winner, be a good lOser." Athletic Club '33, '34, '35, Home Economics Club '32, 333 Dramatic Club '35, '36, Baseball Team '33g Shorthand Certificates '34, '35, '36g Advertising Manager of Annual '36, ELIZABETH HAMILTON "Libby" Scientific Annual Representative '32, '33, French Club '33: Girl Reserves '34, President Girl Reserves '35. WILLIAM JACKSON HARPER "Patty" Bookkeeping "My feet are heavy but I go On." Football '34, '35, '36g Basketball '35, '36, Baseball '35, '36, Military '33, '34, '35, '36g Wh0's Who '36. MARIE NORENE HARPER "T ad" Classical "The night is long that never finds a day." Dramatic Club '33, '36, Girl Reserves '33g Glee Club '35, '36, ll' his ,f., .. i,,f 'ki Z s?3x JOHN PRYOR HAYS, JR. "Peavine" Classical "Food, fun, and football-that's all." Military '33, '34, '35, '36, Athletic Club '35g Publi- cations Club '36g Football '35, '36g Perfect At' tendance "35, Honor Roll '33, '34. WILLIAR4 EVERETT HEMBREE "Rowboat" Classical "Live and learn, die and forget it all." Glee Club '34, '35g Know Atlanta Club '35, '36g Corporal '34, '35, Second Lieutenant '35, '36, Milif tary '33, '34, '35, '36. THELMA NADINE HERREN "Dean" Stenograpllic "Give to the world the best that you have and the 'best will come back to you." Girl Reserves '33g Annual Representative '33, '34g Paper Representative '34, Library Representative '34g Glee Club '33, '35, Dramatic Club '35, '36g Perfect Attendance '33, '35, '36. WILLIAM CLEVELAND HIGGINS "Cincinnati" Scientific "I dare do all who dares become a man, who dares do more is none."-Shakespeare. Glee Club '35, '36g Treasurer Library Club '35: Dramatic Club '36g French Club '36g Military '33, '34g Library Staff '35. THE FULTON FORUM HARVEY CURTIS HIX "Brother" General "Like unto light breezes and very like unto a fleeting dream." Corporal '32g Sergeant '33, '34, Captain and Ad' jutant '35g VicefPresident Home Class '33g Assist' ant Advertising Manager '36g Glee Club '35g HifY '31, Perfect Attendance '35, '36. JOHN LUTHER HOPKINS "Hop" General "Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow." Freshman Company '32, '33, Corporal Company A '33, '34g First Lieutenant and Drum Major in Band '34, '35g Captain and Drum Major in Band '35, '36g President Home Class '35g President junior Class '36, GDEA ELIZABETH HOWELL "Beth" Stenographic "Drink not too deep at the fountain of knowledge, lest ye strangle." Library '33, '34, Cafeteria '33, '34, '35, Joseph E. Brown Literary Society '33g Home Economics Club '34, '35, '36g Shorthand Certificates '35, '36, JAMES THOMAS HOWELL "Jake" Stenograpltic "A winning smile or a cute little grin, A lady's heart will surely Win." Hi'Y '36g Football '35g Baseball '36, Oflicers' Club '35, First Lieutenant Military '35. -. ' I ,I ...J 3 1. 91543 N. ARCHIE HUGHES "Little Red" General "I'll do it, let somebody else undo it." Foul Ball Club '34g Athletic Club '35g Hi-Y '36g Officers' Club '36g Perfect Attendance '33, '34, '36, Military '33, '34, '35, '36, Corporal '33g Sergeant '34g First Sergeant '36g Honor Roll '33. MAR JORIE LUCILE IRWIN "Little Irish" Classical "If you want enemies, excel othersg if you want friends, let others excel you." Glee Club '35. '36g Public Speakers' Club '35, Library Stall '36, Secretary Library Club '36. MARY LOUISE JOHNSON "Lou" Bookkeeping "If you can't be a winner, Be a good loser." Reporter for Pilot '34g Dramatic Club '36g Service Card from Honor Society '3 5. JAMES EVERETT JONES "Gangster" Scientific "Nature made him what he is and never made another." Corporal in Military '33, '34g Lieutenant '34, '35. '36: Glee Club '34, '35, Rifle Team '33, '34, Officers' Club '33, '34, '35, '36, Dramatic Club '35, '36. THE FULTON FORUM MARY KATHERINE JORDAN "Kitty" General A ' "Play the game fair and square, if you can't win, smile." Glee Club '35: Know Atlanta Club '35g Citizenship Card '35, Dramatic Club '36g Annual Representaf tive '34. JACK WARREN Jusrus "jack I." Bookkeeping "Live today for tomorrow never comes." , Sergeant Military '33, '34, '35g First Lieutenant Military '36g Best Drilled Cadet '35, Rifle Team '35, '36, Officers' Club '36, Athletic Club '35, HifY Club '35g Secretaryffreasurer HifY Club '36, Senior Escort '35g King and Queen Escort '36. WILLIAM KARWISCH "Bill" "Success is failure turned inside out." Corporal '33, '34, '35g Lieutenant '36g Athletic Club '35g Vocation Club '36. . MARGARET KELLY "Shipwreck" Stenogvaphic "Play the game, see the thing through, don't be a quitter whatever you do." Athletic Club '34, '35, Glee Club '33, '34, Know Atlanta Club '35, '36g Rifle Team '35, '36, Girls' Baseball Team '33, '34, Stenography Certiicates '35, '36. FRANK THOMAS KENNEDY "Red" Bookkeeping "Always put off today what can be done tomorrow." Band '33, Corporal Band '34, '353 Athletic Club '35, Second Lieutenant Band '36, Cfhcers' Club '36. MARVIN MERRELL KENNEDY "Captain" Commercial "Wl1eII girls interfere with your work, quit work." Public Speakers' Club '35g Captain Military '35, '36g Dramatic Club '35, '36g Annual Staff '35, '36. JAMES WILLIS KENNERLY "jim" General "Say whatever you like, but be careful where you say it." Baseball Team '35, '36, Military '32, '33, '34, '35. JOSEPH FRANCIS KIRK, JR, "joe" Bookkeeping "Be merry today for you may kick the bucket tomorrow." Military '33, '34, '35, '36, HifY '34, '353 Public Speakers' Club '34, '35g Officers' Club '35, '36g First Lieutenant Ordinance Oiiicer '35, '36, Rifle Team '35, '36, THE FULTON FORUM JACK LAMB "Stonewall" MARY EDITH LYLE "Eadie" Scientific Classical "The man worth while is the man who can smile when everything goes dead wrong." Vocation Club. NANCY LOUISE LAND "Lou" Stcnogfaphic "Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and the world laughs at you." Athletic Club '33, '34, Library Club '34, '35, Phy- sical Training '35, '36, President of Home Class '35, '36. DOROTHY MYRTLE LARIMORE "Dot" Commercial "Count that day lost whose lowrsetting sun views from thy hand no worthy action done." Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36, Ntl. Honor Society '35, '36, Home Economics Club '33, '34, Annual Representative '33, Girl Reserves '34, Dramatic Club '35, VicefPresident Home Room '35, Cafeteria Worker '34, '36, Library Staff '35, '36, President Library Club '36, Glee Club '36, Spelling Contest '36, Asst. Editor in Chief of Annual '36, Perfect Attendance '33, '35, The Cadet Staff Reporter '36, Reporter for Pilot '34, Service and Scholarship Cards '3 5, Who's Who '36, Shorthand Certihcates. JUNE CAPRICE LEONARD "Bug" General "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Girl Reserves '33, '34, Clee Club '35, '36, Dramatic Club '36. ll l ,,x tt" 5 .fQS'fQ" .Sc "Never apologize, your friends don't care and your enemies don't count." Girl Reserves '33, '34, '35, Perfect Attendance '32. FRANCES ADELAIDE MANNING "Frankie" Stenographic "Not too serious, not too gay, just jolly in my own way." Home Ec. Club Secretary '34, VicefPresident '35, President '36, President Home Class '35, Honor Roll '33. CHARLES THOMAS MARTIN "Pepper" Classical "In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of wisdom." Band '33, '34, '35, '36, Corporal '34, Sergeant '35, lst Sergeant '36, Foul Ball Club '34, Athletic Club '35, VicefPresident of Home Class '34, Baseball '34, '35, HifY '36, Olhcer Club '36, Science '35. GLENN R. MARTIN, JR. "Ta-fzan" General "Hold what you've got and grab for more." Student Council '32, President of Home Class '32, Military '32, '33, '34, '35, Corporal '33, Sergeant '34, lst Lieut. '35, Foul Ball Club '34, Poster Club '34, Art Club '35, Athletic Club '35, VicefPresident of Home Class '35, Officers Club '35, Hi'Y '36, Football '35, Who's Who '36, THE FULTON FORUM VIRGINIA GERTRUDE MCEACI-IIN "jenny Maude" Stenographic "She has a charm, we must admit, sparkling eyes and bubbling wit." Library Club '35, HifY Sponsor '36, Athletic Club '35, Cadet Staff Reporter '36, Dramatic Club '36, Perfect Attendance '25 through '36. DORIS CAROLYN MCLAIN Home Economics "It's the songs you sing and the smiles you wear, that makes the sun shine everywhere." Annual Representative '33, Home Ec. Club '33, '35, '36, Girl Reserves '33, Cafeteria Worker '35, Sec' retary-Treasurer Home Class '36, Queens Court '36. VIRGINIA LEE MCLAIN "jenny Clam" Stenographic "In forgiving hold not back, in kindness have no lack." Poster Club '33, '34, Art Club '34, '35, Library Club '35, '36, Library Stall' '34, '35, '36, Glee Club '35, '36, Annual Representative '34, '35, '36, Short- hand Speed Certificate '34, '35, '36, IRA B. MELTON "Oscar" General "Study as if you were living always, live as if you were dying tomorrow." HifY '32, '33, Olbcers '35, '36, Athletic Club, Dramatic Club e"",f"-l vt, . ,U CLAUD MILLS, JR. "Spud" Bookkeeping "Know the past-profit by it in the.future." Honor Roll '32, '33, Corporal Military '33, '34, Athletic Club '35, Publication Club '36, Oflicer Club '36, Captain Staff '36, Annual Staff '36, Senior Escort '35, EMMA LOUISE MITCHAM "Lou" Stenographic "It is the greatest thing in the world to live, most people only exist." Girl Reserves '33, '34, Cafeteria Worker '33, Home Ee. Club '35, Sponsor '35, Athletic Club '36. JAMES MONROE "Lu, Lu" General "Every cloud has a silver lining." Military '31, '32, '33, Second Lieutenant '34, Ofh' ccrs Athletic Club '34, Football Manager '35, Hi-Y'34. MARIAN INEZ MOON "Mary Ann" Stenographic "Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you." Girl Reserves '33, '34, '35, '36, Home Ec. Club '34, '35, Shorthand Certificate 60'8O words, Library '36, Perfect Attendance '33, '35. THE FULTON FGRUIVI JOHNNIE FRANCES MOORE "Johnnie" General "The most precious articles come in small packages." Sponsor Of First Battalion '36g Sponsor of HifY '35, '36g Representative Annual '36g Dramatic Club '36. BEss1E FAY PEACOCK "Betty" Stenographic "If I will, I will, you may depend On itg If I wOn't, I won't, and that's the end of it." Dramatic Club '34, '35, '36, Girls Baseball '32, '33, '34g VicefPresident of Home Class '36g Literary Editor of Annual '36g Shorthand Certificates '34, '35, '36g National Honor Society '36. DOROTHY ANNE PETERS "Don" Classical "All are needed by each one, Nothing is fair or good alone." Publication Club '36g Glce Club '35, '36g Vice' President of French Club '36g WhO's Who '36g Annual Representative '36g Honor Roll '36. LAURA ELIZABETH PIERCE "Parthenia" Classical "Non sum, me indice, tOrti." Honor Society '35, '36g Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, Home Economics Club '33g French Club '34g Draf matic Club '35, '36g Secretary Home Class '35g Annual Representative '35g Baseball Team '33, '34, Girls Rifle Team '35, '36g Perfect Attendance '33, '34, '35, '36g Pilot Reporter '34. 1-R ly r'-. " ,g 'ilsif' MARY PINKSTON "Pinkie" Classical "Sera nimis vita est crastina: vive hodic." Honor Roll '34, '35, '36g Library Staff '35, '36g Library Club '35, '36g Treasurer Library Club '36. HOMER EDWARD PHILYAW "Phefee" General "Let others do the worrying." Dramatic Club '35g Rifle Team '35g Vice-President Home Class '34g Sergeant Military '33, '35g Know Atlanta Club '34, Lieutenant '36. ALMA COLEMAN ROGERS "Honey Bunch" Classical "Not tOO serious, not too gay, just jolly in my own way." Clee Club '34, '35, '36g Dramatic Club '35, '36g French Club '34g Joseph E. Brown Literary Society '33g Honor Roll '34. WILBUR CHAPMAN ROOKE "Talmadge" Scientific "DO you not know that it a race, though all run, only one gains the prize? Run so as to win the prize." Prize for Summer Project '34g '34g Band '3'3g Perfect Attend- ance '32, '33, '34, '35, '363 Glee Club '36g Public Speakers Club '35g President Publication Club '36g Annual Stall '36g Joseph E. Brown Literary So- ciety '33. Winner P. T. A. Military '32, '33, THE FULTON FGRUM JIMMIE SCHELL "Jimbo" Scientific "He who blushes is not quite a brute." President Senior Class '36g Who's Who '36, Kings Court '36, Captain Personnel '36, Oilicers' Club '35, '36g Vice-President I-IifY '36g Senior Play Art Di- rector '33, '35, President Home Class '34, '35, Second Lieutenant '35: Hi-Y '35, '36g President's Club '34, Poster Club '34g Staff Sergeant '34, Presi' dent Art Club '35, Forum Staff '3-4. KATHLEEN SEGARS "Kat" General "That which is worth iighting for, the harder the ight, the more fun." President Home Class '34g Annual Representative '33, Pilot Representative '33, Dramatic Club '36. MARY RUTH S1-IEILs "Rufus" Classical "Smile and soon another smile and soon there are miles and miles of smiles." Dramatic Club '35, '36, French Club '34, Glee Club '35, '36q Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36g Annual Staff '36g National Honor Society '35, '36. AUDREY ELAINE SMITH "Shorty" Stenograpliic "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow ' you may die." U. D. C. Medal '34, Athletic Club '34, '35g Glee Club '35, '36g Physical Aid '35, '36. I I I EDNA ESTELLE SMITH "Olive Oyl" Stenograpliic "A merry student never sad, with her smiles she tries to make others glad." Dramatic Club '35, '36. JAMES F. SNEAD "Jimmie" Scientific "Live and learn." Art Club '32, '33, '34g Publication Club '36g Pla' toon Sergeant B Company '33, '34, First Lieutenant ' C Company '36. MARION VIRGINI.'X So.RREI.Ls "Jenny" General "Do you know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak." Home Economics Club '32, '33g Library Representaf tive '33, '34g Glee Club '33, '34, '36g Cafeteria Worker '33, '34, '35, '36, President Sixth Period Glec Club '34, '35, Secretary Know Atlanta Club '34, '35, MARTHA ELIZABETH SOYEZ "Mott" Stenographic "Oversleeping will not make your dreams come true." Baseball Club '32, '33: Dramatic Club '34, '35, '36g Shorthand Certificate '34, '35, '36. THE FULTON FORUM CAROLYN JEAN STILWELL "DumpIin" Classical "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." French Club '33, '34, Glce Club '34, '35, '36, Library Stall '35, '34, '35, Dramatic Club '35, '36, Rille Team '35, Hi'Y Sponsor '35, Military Sponsor '36, Honor Roll '33, Glee Club Special Group '35, '36, EVELYN STRICKLAND "StriclQ" Stenograplzic "Care to our coffin adds Il nail, no doubt, and every grin, so merry, draws one out." Dramatic Club '35, '36. MARY NELL TAYLOR "Polly" Classical "Wear Out, but never rust out," Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36, National Honor Sccicty '35, '36, Winner Algebra Contest '33, Girl Reserves '33, '34, Dramatic Club '35, Library Club '36, Library Stall '36, Glce Club '35, Tennis Team '33, Rifle Team '34, 35, '36, Captain Rifle Team '36, President Home Class '34, '35, Presidents Club '34, Who's Who '36, Citizens Card '35, Agnes Scott Playday '34, FRANK THOMPSON "Tl1ompl,ms" " Scientijic , "To live so that the preacher won't have to lie at your funeral." Military '32, '33, Sgt. Military '34, Lieut, Militarv '35, Olhccrs Club '35, Public Speakers '35, Dramatic Club '36, Y I'-7, 1,810 JULIA HUNTER TIMOTHY "Jul,ie" Home Economics "A merry student never sad, with my smiles I try to make Others glad." Home Ec. Club '32, '33, Dramatic Club '34, '35, lfirst Bat' talion Sponsor '34, '35, Secretary Glee Club '34, 35. 36, President Know Atlanta Club '35, '36, Secretary Civic Club '35, '36, JAMES IRWIN TRUSSELL "Bullets" Classical "Time wasted is existence, used is life." Corporal E Co. '33, Corporal B Co. '3-l: Corporal A Co. '35, Captain C Co. '36, French Club '34, Boys Glec Club 35: Dramatic Club '36, Officers Club '36, Senior Escort '35, Queen Escort '36, Rifle Team '35, '36, MARY FRANCES VEAI. "Martine" Bookkeeping "When I meet sorrow, I put them Off till tomorrow." Athletic Club '34, '35, Know Atlanta Club '35, '36, Paper Representative '35, '36, Perfect Attendance '33, '34. WILLIAM HOMER WAITs "Bill" Commercial "Birds of a feather flock together." Athletic Club '35, Hi-Y '36, ' FRANCES LEE WALLACE "Shorty" Classical "Between right and wrong never balance a moment." Girl Reserves '33, '34, Glee Club '35, '36, Pianist '35, '36, Publication Club '36, Tennis Club '33, French Club '36, Dancing Club '35, '36, President of Glcc Club '36, Honor Roll '33, Golden Quill '32. THE FULTON FORUM RUTH LOUISE WALTERS "Luke" Stenographic "B Square" Home Ee. '33, '34, '35, '36g Annual Representative '33, Dramatic Club '34, '35g Baseball Team '33, 60, 80, Shorthand Certificate. DOROTHY LUCILLE WATSON L'Dot" Stenograpllic "Nature made her what she is, and never made another." Secretary and Treasurer Home Class '34g Dramatic Club '35, Treasurer of Dramatic Club '36g Secretary Senior Class '36g Rifle Team '36, Staff Sponsor '36: Annual Staff '36, Cadet Staff '36. MARY PAULINE WHEELER "Polly" General "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Home Ee. '33, '34, '35, '36. WENHAM CANNON WHITE "Bang Bang" Scientific "An idler is a watch that wants both hands." Military '33, '34, '35, '36, Athletic Club '35g Offif cers' Club '36, Honor Society '35, '36. DEAN LESTER WILLIAMS "Industvious" Scientific "If women interfere with work, quit work." Corporal Military '35, HifY '32, '35g'Glee Club '35, '36q Dramatic Club '36, Boys Glee Club '36g Boys' Rifle Team '36g Officers Club '36, Captain Military '36, Perfect Attendance '34, Athletic Club '35. - , 1" 'S-ily lil JACK WILSON ufellie Bean" General "Hold what you got, and grab for more." Corporal in Military '32, '33g Hi-Y '32, '33, Cor' poral in Military '33, '34g Athletic Club '33, '34, Know Atlanta Club '34, '35, Sergeant Military '34, '35, Major in Military '35, '36, Dramatic Club '35, '36, DOROTHY WOODS "Dot" Commercial "Stick to the battle and see the thing through, don't be a quitter, whatever you do." Art Club '34, '35, Battalion Sponsor '33, '34g Draf matic Club '35, '36, Home Class President '34, '35. DORIS REBECCA WOOTEN "Little Bit" Stenographic "Silence is golden." Home Economics Club '33, '36, Dramatic Club '35g Perfect Attendance '35. ALTHEA YOUNG "Tum" General "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die." Home Ec. Club '31, '32, '33, '34g Physical Aid '35, '36: 60'S0 Word Shorthand Certificate. THE FULTON FORUM CLASSPOEM We sailed forth on a beautiful morn, Freshfwashed with sparkling dewg Unaccustomed to the ways of the world, We launched forth in Uthirtyftwof' Upon the good ship "Fulton," We sailed full speed from the bay. We had a glimpse of the ocean We would sail upon some day. We braved the sea, full speed ahead- Full speed -upon new seas. Our compass always straight and true, We raised proud heads to the breeze. We are entering a beautiful harbor, Leaving our cares and glad times behindg From here we soon depart .From comrades and friends so kind. But tho' larger ships we sail, The joys, the hopes, the fears we know Dear "Fulton', of our -byfgone days In memory will ever clearer grow. -- DOROTHY PETERS, '36 ' Begg if - ,,:' THE FULTON FORU SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On a beautiful September morning in 1932, the largest group of Freshmen ever known to Fulton at that time assembled in the school auditorium. After Mr. Ramsey talked to us a while he assigned us to our homerooms. Our teachers gave us Our schedules and book lists, then we were dismissed. Thus ended our first day in high school, which began our 'high school career. We are proud of the fact that a large group of our Freshmen were on the Honor Roll. During our Freshman year we were saddened by the death of our dearly beloved teacher and friend, Mrs. Ruth Ralston Johnson, who died March 13, 1933. In the fall of '33 we re'entered Fulton, acquainted now with our school and faculty, and proud that we were no longer Freshmen. Many of our students took part in the various activities afforded at Fulton. Our Junior year came, bringing us many honors. Seven members of Our class were elected to the Fulton Chapter of The National Honor Society-Anabel Buckner, Evelyn Cawthon, Dorothy Larimore, Laura Pierce, Mary Ruth Sheils, Mary Nell Taylor, and Wenham White. The annual dance given to the Seniors by the juniors was held in the school auditorium, and was apparently a success. At last we are Seniors! What a grand feeling. We feel very important now and are proud of it. This year the membership Of the National Honor Society was increased by nine members from our Senior Class-Shirley Beasley, Willie Mae Cathcart, Marian Davis, Eva Fuller, Charles Gafnea, Elizabeth Gibson, Virginia McLain, Bessie Peacock, and Alma Rogers. Cne fact that we are very proud of is that our school won the banner for the best-drilled A Company, under the leadership of Marvin Kennedy, at the annual R. O. T. C. day exercises, held this year at Russell. Even though we are somewhat glad to finish high school, we hate to leave dear ole Fulton and the dear Faculty we have learned to love so well. Regardless of the fields that we might enter into, we shall always have pleasant memories of the days spent at Fulton High School. ELIZABETH GIBSON '36, HONOR ROLL ANABEL BUOKNER WILLIE MAE CATHOART EVELYN CAWTI-ION EVA FULLER CHARLES GAFNEA DOROTHY LARIMORE Bsssxs PEACOCK DOROTHY PETERS MARY PINKSTON IJITARY RUTH SI-IsILs MARY NELL TAY LGR I Q-lt If : r . is ff! ,l Tl-IE FULTON FORUM . f5'-jk lxff THIQ FULTON FORUM JUNIOR CLASS O F F I C E R S President ,....... ................. ...... J o HN HOPKINS Vice President ........ .... C . P. GILLELAND Secretary and 'Treasurer .,,.. WILLIAM BARREIT H O N O R R O L L DEAN MCCALL NELLIE SMITH We nw ... f ' ' 34.17337 3 xibw T H E K U'L T 0 W F 0 R U Wi JUNIOR CLASS ROLL SARAH BARRETT EARL BARTON ALBERT BIZZELL IVIARGARET CLARK DORA BELLE CLEVELAND HAZEL COOGLER HELEN COURSEY JEAN COURSEY HUGH DAY DOROTHY DUNPHY LOUISE EDNVARDS FRANCES ELZY MAURICE ENDSLEY JACK FINCH NEWMAN FLOYD LILLLIAN FLURRY LUKE FONVLER LORENE GILBERT MARRY HALL LUCILLE HARBIN BETTYE HICKS EVELYN HILL LILLIAN ZUBER I L4' I 1:5143 CARL HOXVELL GLADYS HUBBARD CALLIE JORDAN EMILY KARWISCH THELMA KITCHENS GEORGE MCDONALD PHILIP MASSEY KATHERINE MAYNARD BOBBY MOORE MARY ELIZABETH MOORE WILLIAM MORRISON BROOKS MURPHY ALICE NICHOLAS H. T. SARGENT BELLE SLIDER MARGERY STRICKLAND BILL TRAINER WILLIE LEE WALDROP KATHERINE WALLACE GEORGE WELLS BILLY WOOD FAY WOOD TH E FULTON FOR JUNIOR CLASS ROLL HAROLD ADAMS KARL ADAMSON BILLY BOGGS ALLENE BRANNON FRANCES BROWN FLYNN CHANDLER CECIL DICKSON KATHERINE DUNLAP VIRGINIA EPPS CLAUDIA FULLER C. P. GILLELAND TOMMIE GREEN SARAH GRIFFIN WALTER GRISWOLD HUGH GUNTER JOYCE HARRIS JEWELL HENDRICK DAVID HERNDON FRANK I-IICKB JUANITA HICKS KATHERINE HICKS TROY HORD JOSEPHINE HUGHES BEN WOOTEN ISI 4 ,ig 'L uk., rin' ARTHUR IRWIN SARAH JABLONSKI KATHERINE JORDAN WALTER KNIGHT FRANCES LAMB BOBBY LUMMUS DEAN MOCALL FRED MCLENDON G. S. MITCHELL BILLIE PUCKETT ED. RHOADS MINNIE SUE ROBERTSON DORIS ROBINSON CARSON SHAFER BILLY SMITH COOPER SMITH DON STEPHENS MAURELLE SUTTLES MARY LOU TUGGLE BEN WEATHERLY DOYLE WHITE WOFFORD WILSON LOYD WOOD E FULTON FORUM JUNIOR CLASS ROLL MARGARET ALLGOOD SARAH ARNOLD WILLIAM BROCK INEZ BUREL EMALENE CHASTAIN LUCILLE CLAY BLANCHE COBB EDWARD COURSEY MADGE COURSEY RUE CRANE JAMES GUNTER DORIS HARPER JOHN HOPKINS CECIL HOWELL JERRY HUGHES EVELYN INZER MARGARET JOHNSON JEANETTE JONES LOUISE LAND EUGENIA LEE LUCILLE LEE VIRGINIA LENNIGER CLARA LORD JIMMIE MANNING DAVID MAYO ALLEN MODDY LOUISE MOORE ROBERT MOORE JACK MURPHY JANNETT MYERS SARA PHYLLIPS MILDRED PRICKETT FRED RANSBOTHAM KATHLEEN SEGARS WILMA SEXVELL PAT SHUGART NELLIE SMITH FRANCES STUEES WALTER THOMAS MARTHA VANDERGRIEE CARL VINSON VLRGIE WALDROP HOMER WALLACE LORENA WATSON TH E FULTQN FORU JUNIOR CLASS ROLL WILLIAM BARRETT ELMO BORDEN FRANCES COMPTON NELLIE DODGEN EUNICE DONALD CHARLES ELLIOTT JUANITA EVANS J. B. GILLILAND LON GILLSTRAP JOSEPHINE GINN LEONARD HERNDON KATHERINE HODGES DURAL HOLLIS CLARENCE LRWIN BENSON JORDAN LORRAINE LETTEER JOSEPH MAYO ELIZABETH MCCURLEY ALVIN MCLAUOHLIN FREEMAN MCLURE EDWARD MILLS JOHNNIE MOON DORIS MONROE .CLEON MORGAN , .Q-5 111- ,,, .7412 If ff ANNIE MAE MORRIS HELEN MOSS THOMAS MYERS POPE NASH GRADY NATION THAD PARHAM FRANKLIN POTTER LYNETTE ROGERS MARY RUSSELL SAM SHELTON DOROTHY SHEPHERD EIOISE SHEPPARD MILDRED SMITH HAROLD SOCKWELL BERNARD SPROUSE CLINTON TUCKER ROBERT VANSANT O. L. VENABLE HELEN WATERS MARY WATERS LOUISE WATTS MARIAN WILHOIT C. RUTH WILLIAMS SUSIE WOOTEN Born Died h I J, H Q: J A, .K I N M E M O R I A M DURAL MARCUS HOLLIS . October 2,1917 . March 26, "I know not where His islands lift Their ffronded palms in airg I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and cafe." 1936 ,A xx. 'K ,f ., .., ,. '11 T44 If H: -, la' rw F-Af: QT' U1 H1 SOPHOMORE CLASS HONQR ROLL CHARLES BOSSHARDT ESSIE MAE BRAND CLARABEL BUCKNER EVELYN HENDON MARGARET HERLIHY ANNIE RUTH KESTLER BETTY MACK EMMIE WOOTEN ,-'K XL " BERTHA McCoY' SARAH NEELY MILDRED PEACOCK RUTH PUCKETT LOUISE ROGERS CAROLYN SORRELLS MARY STORY HE FULTON FORUM SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL RUBY ALLEN MARIE APPLING DAN ARNOLD DOROTHY CARSON HORRIE CARSON RAY CHAPPELL GEORGE CLYBURN ALLEN J. COUCH WESLEY COXVAN MARGUERITE DICKSON CLEMENT DONALD DOUGLAS FINN LAVINIA FLOWERS ELOISE GUNTER FRANK HAMILTON LOIS HAMILTON EARL HEIST MARGARET HERLIHY PAUL HUDGINS JOYCE I-IUEE THELMA IVY LOUISE JARRETT C. L. JONES MARY LOUISE KARXVISCH A. B. KEITH LOUISE KENNEDY ANNIE RUTH KESTLER MARIE LAND LEROY LETTEER EUGENE LYLE HAROLD MAMMOS FRANCES MAUGHON wg.. ,T ,L V3 ffl ELIZABETH MAYES E. D. MAYES JOHN MCCLURE ROBERT MCDON.-KLD MELBURNE McLENDON MARY BELLE MOORE SARAH JANE MONROE HUGH MURPHY ROSA NELMS THOMAS NICHOLAS DORIS NICHOLS DORIS PASS MILDRED PEACOCK ALLEN PENN JACK PERRY VON CEILE PINNER KATHERINE PLUNRETT DOROTHY PUCKETT RUTH PUCKETT MARTHA RANDALL CHRISTINE ROBERTS LOUISE ROGERS WANDA SARGENT ROBERT SCRUGGS WILLIAM SHIELDS BETTIE SMITH CURTIS SMITH EDXVARD SMITH J. W. SMITH FAY STANFORD MARY STOREY FRANCES TARLETON THLE FULTON ro SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL RAYMOND APPLING FRANCES ARCHER IRENE ARRINGTON JACQUELINE BAILEY LOUISE BARTLETT VIRGINIA BATES MARY LOUISE BOWERY DENNIS BROWN EUGENE BROXVN CHARLES BRYANT JUNE BRYANT CLARABEL BUCRNER HOW.ARD BUCKNER NORMA BUTLER RUBY COUCH AMOS CULPEPPER ROY CULPEPPER MARGARET DARLING CLARA BELLE DAVIS HOWARD DAY FRANCES DONALDSON FAY ECHOLS EDITH ELLISON GEORGE EUEANKS RAYMOND FITZGERALD FERIBY GAINOUS CORINNE GIBSON ELIZABETH GRIFFITH SMILEY HANSON EVELYN HENDON ALINE HERNDON THEDA HUDSON 1 I I IR -! '-'A yi. C -iff Qi ZS- WILLIAM IVY J, C. JARRETT JAMES JOHNS HAROLD JONES FLOYD LAMB IDA LANDAU CAROLYN LEE PAUL LITTLEFIELD JOHN MAYES LARSETTE MCDANIEL DOROTHY MCELHENNEY CHARLES McGRAW ANNIE COLA MIMS MILDRED MITCHELL HELEN MONROE LILLIAN MOON FORREST MORGAN RUBY NASH GERALDINE PATE JAMES PINNELL CLAUD PRESLEY FLORENCE RUSH L. T. SARGENT DOROTHY SARRATT JUANITA SHULTZ VENICE SMITH VIRGINI.'X SOYEz EMMA STONE FLORA STRAUSSER LESLIE TIDWELL MORRIS TURNER BOYD UPCHURCH ' Hi Y " U L 'A' CCS' 'fr' 'F F? U PM SOPHOMORE CLASS RCLL MARIE AIRENS RUBYE BAKER EMILIE BARRETT LOYD BELL FARRIS BLAIR WILLIAM BOND O. W. BOXVEN THOMAS BRADLEY DAVID BROOKS LOUISE BROWN GOLDEN BUREL MONROE CATES JOHN CATI-ICART JAMES CLARK LINTON COBB VIVIAN COLEMAN CHESTER CRAFT CORNELIUS DARBY ROGER DODGEN WANSLEY ELLIOTT KATHRYN GRAHAM EDMOND HALE CURTIS H.'XRBIN BUEL HARGROVE J. T. HEARN J. O. HENDERSON DOUGLAS HINTON NORMAN HOFFM.AN EMORY HOLCOMB GORDON HOLDER MARTHA LEE A. J. LOGAN SAMUEL MACKEY H. H. MAXXVELL BILLY McDOWELL FRED MCGINNIS WILLIAM MEELER LAMAR MORGAN GERTRUDE NASH JIMMIE NEWMAN DOUGLAS NORTON MAXINE OWEN MAVIS PATRICK ALFRED PAUL SARA PHILLIPS FRED PIERCE MARY LEE POWELL VIRGINIA POWELL EUGENE PRESNELL ROBERT PUCKETT J. B. SMITH F. C. THOMAS THE FULTUN P11 SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL RAY ALLEN CLYDE APPLING EDDIE BAILEY VIVIAN BAKER MARY BELLE BARRON HAROLD BELL MARGARET BLACKMON LOUISE BOSSHARDT GRACE BROOKS TAYLOR BUFFINGTON DOLLY KATE BUIOE BUREN BUSEY FORREST BUSHMAN EDWIN CARTER FRANCES COLEMAN DOROTHY COLLINS MYRTICE CONN ANNIE RUTH COOGLER ANNA LEE COPELAND RUTH CORBIN LOIS CROWDER CAROLYN CRUNBLY FRANCES DENMAN HATTIE DENNIS VASSAR EDWARDS DOROTHY FRYE DORIS GIGNILLIAT MARLIN GILBERT MILDRED GREEN LOUISE HALL ROBERT HAYGOOD 7 ,X 'jx E 1.-i 4 -A pf - "hip GWENDOLYN HENDON LOUISE HUGHES J. W. HUNT CATHERINE JOHNSON MARTHA LEAPTROT HOWARD LILLY MAR JORIE MANER HENRIETTA MQCLURE BERTHA MCCOY WILLIE MAE MCCOY PEARL MCDONALD GLADYS MONCKTON MAJOR MORGAN CARRIE LEE MORRIS VIRGINIA Nix BILLY O'FARRELL CAROLINE OQFARRELL EVELYN PATTON FRANCES PEEK MARION PENN DOROTHY PERSONS CARRIE LOU PHILYAW ALLENE PRUITT MARY ROBERTS LOUISE SAFFOLD TOMMIE SHERIDAN EVA SHORE DOROTHY SPENCE MARY SPRINKLE CHARLES VAUGHN E. A. VEAL E FULTON FORUM SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL INEZ BAGLEY EVELYN BAREIELD LORENE BARFIELD MILDRED BARTOW CHARLES BOSSHARDT ESSIE MAE BRAND CLIFFORD BRINSON BRADY CARSON FRANK CHAFIN PRESTON COMPTON J. T. CROWE WALTER DODD JACK DUPREE HOMER FLYNN JACK FULTON DOROTHY GREEN CECIL HALE H.ARRY HOWARD HOWARD JOHNSON WILLIAM KILPATRICK W. E. KING EVELYN LEFTWICK ERNEST McCLESKY BILLY MCGRIFF DOROTHY MILES BILLY MOCK SARAH NEELY EDWIN RANSEOTHAM ALDINE RAY THOMAS RAY JUANITA RUTLEDGE CLAUDE SMITH LOIS SMITH CAROLYN SORRELS ALBERT SPROUSE BABBIE STANSELL THOMAS STEPHENS EVELYN THOMAS RUTH THOMAS CATHERINE TODD VERA MAE TOLBERT JAMES TOMLIN VERA TROGLIN MILDRED TRUSSELL HENRY TUCKER MARJORIE TUNNEY GERALDINE USSERY JOHN USSERY EUGENE VAUGHAN ROBERT WAGES CLYDE WATERS WALTER WEST MY.RA JO WHITE JEAN WIER JOE WILHOIT CECIL -WILLIAMS FRANCES WILLIAMS J. B, WILLIAMS CONEY WILLINGHAM VERA WILLIS CORINNE WILSON ANNE WOOTEN REBA SCOGGINS JACK YOUNG EMA WOOTEN THE FULTON FORUM FRESHMAN CLASS HONOR ROLL BETTY ANDERSON HERBERT BABB FRANCES BARTON MARIAN CHILDS CORBETT CIARK MILDRED COLLIER LAMAR DAVIS FRANCES DUNCAN BARBARA FIELDS MARVIN FINCH THYRA JANE GWIN ELAINE WILSON I II- ff I +'?QS' MARY HOEEER VIRGINIA HOLT VIRGINIA HUBBARD SARA KENNERLY MILDRED LEFTWICH ALFA LOMAX MARY MORRIS LOWMAN CGLESBY ROBERT SMYTHE DOROTHY SPEARS CLARENCE WESSELL 'EI Ii? 'WS F U3 I- 'I' U N F 0 .R 'U M - ,NS , DONALD AKINS HAROLD ALVERSON EUGENE ANHEIR MANSFIELD ARNOLD ELIZABETH ATKINSON HERBERT BABE DORIS BAILEY GILBERT BAKER LORRAINE BENNETT FRANK BETTIS FRANCES BOOTH DOROTHY BRADFORD ANDERSON BROWN JENSIE BROWN ELMA MAE BRUCE MILDRED BRYANT MARION BURDETTE JIMMIE BUTLER HORTON BYAS BERNICE BYRD MARY FRANCES Cox DOROTHY DANIEL MARY MERLE DUNN LOUISE ELLIS FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL HELEN ESKBW BOYCE FANNING RUTH FRATZCHER HENRY GARMAN DELL GRIFFIN THYRA JANE GWIN HARRY HALL WILLIS HAMILTON WINIFRED HARRISON CECIL HEAD MELBA HENDRICKS VIRGINIA HUBBARD NELL HUDGINS FOSTER JARRETT MARY JONES GEORGE JORDON MATTIE BELLE JORDON MILDRED JORDON HERBERT KENNEDY MARY FRANCES LAMB ROSA LANDAU EARLENE LEAPTROT RILEY MATHEWS LOUISE MAYNARD I ' K .QL y .J 'fxgff' LORRIS MEANS LOUISE NUNNELEE BRUCE PARKER ' BILLY PIERCE EDNA EARLE ROLADER JAMES RUTHERFORD ROGER SAMPLES ATHEL SCOTT CHARLES SCRUGGS FRED SIMPSON DOROTHY SPEARS DOROTHY STANFORD MARY KATHERINE STEELE ROSIE STROUPE BARBARA TODD MARGARET TRAYNHAM CLIFFORD TRITT PAUL UFCHURCH JACK VALDES JEAN WADDELL DOROTHY WARREN BERTHA MAY WATTS ELAINE WILSON BILLY WOODS CARL WOODS THE FULTGN FGRU GUY ADAIR FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL GUY FISHER HOWARD ADAIR LUTHER FITZGERALD FRANKLIN ALEWINE EARL ASHENDORF WILLIAM ASHENDORE ROY BAKER BROOKE BALLARD P. W. BARRETT ROY BERRYMAN W. A. BOSTWICK, JR. CLIFFORD BREWTON ROBERT BROWNING CLARENCE BUCHANAN ROBERT BURDETT CLIFFORD BURTON EARNEST CALLOWAY BILLY CARNES' HULON CAWTHON HAROLD CONNOIR CLARK CORBETT HUGH COURSEY WILLIAM DANIEL LAMAR DAVIS CLARENCE DE FREESE WALTER EVANS JAMES GRISWELL ROGER HAMBY THOMAS HEIST STANLEY HERNDON WALTER HERNDON GUY HOPE MARSHALL HORD JAMES HUNT JAMES IRWIN ALBERT KEHELEY WILLIAM KNIGHT ALLEN LADE MARVIN LANDRUM JOSEPH LATHROP FRANK LEATH ALFA LOMAX MELVIN MARTIN GENE MASINGILL E. A. MATHIS, JR. JACK MCLAIN ERNEST MILES LIOYD MONROE CHARLES MOODY 4.1, L A I -.AI vu. 'GSW MERRILL MOORE CHARLES MOORIS HERSCHEL PALMER EDWARD PATTON ROBERT PERRIN RAYMOND PRESSLEY JAMES RAY HAROLD SAMPLES JOHN SESSIONS BILLY SHINLEVER EARL SLIDER GORDON SMITH PAUL STOVALL VERGIL SUDDUTH ROBERT SUGGS CLYDE TALLENT DOUGLAS THOMASON LEXVIS THOMPSON JASON A. TUGGLE, JR EDWIN TYSON DAN WAITS FRANKLIN WALLACE CLARENCE WESSELL HIRAM WILKIE ROY WOOD ' JOHN ZARING THE FULTON FORUM ELMA ADAIR NEVADA ADAMS FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL MARY RUTH ESTES TOM FRAZIER ROBERT ANDERSON TOM GAY LEON ARGO MARY GARY WENDELL ARGO VIVIAN GLOSSON HUGH BEAL ALMA JEAN GROGAN GLADYS BEAVER RUBY FRANCES BELL MOSS BOURN HENRY BROWN ROBERT BROWN MARY ELIZABETH BUREL FRANCES BURNSIDE STERLING BUSH MONTINE BYRD CLYDE CARROLL FRANCES CLAY JOYCE CLAYTON EVA COCHRAN CAMILLE COUEY SARA CRAWFORD GERALDINE DAVIS VIRGINIA DUNCAN WINDELL ELLIOTT BERNICE ENDSLEY ,J GRACE GUNTER JAMES HARRIS DAN HEAD CRANSTON HENDRIX HAROLD HENSON GERALDINE HICRS MARY HOEEER NAN JONES JACK KILGORE ALTALENA KIMRALL MYRTLE LANE MARY LANIER CARL LANIER LILLIAN LEAPTROT MARCTORIE LEE VOLNEY LINDSEY RUTH LONG LATRELLE MANN HARRY MELTON I9 A 32,1 I BILLY MYERS EULA MAE NIXON ALOWMAN OGLESBY OSCAR OWENS BYRON PATTERSON BILLY RUTLEDGE ROBERT SCOTT LILLIAN SCHUMPERT DELL SHAXV DORIS SHAXV DAWSON SMITH NORA SMITH PEARL SMITH ROBERT SMITH VERNON SPRUELL WILLIAM SPURLOCK M. H. STEPHENS WILLIAM STUBBS DOROTHY TAYLOR JEWEL TURPEN THOMAS UNDERWOOD CHARLES VENABLE MARY ALICE WARNOCK GLENN WATKINS SARA FRANCES WRIGHT THE FULTON PORU LOUISE ALLEN MAR ,IORIE AIKENS CATHERINE BARRON FRANCES BARTON MARGARET BOBO ERNESTEEN BOWLESS BETTY BROADWATER PAUL BROOKS THERON BUCRNER TOMYE BURTON JACQUELINE CHASTAIN MARION CHILDS JUANITA CLEMNER MILDRED COLLIER RUDOLPH CORYELL IMOGENE COUCH IRMA DENSON FRANCES DUNCAN AUDREY ELKINS DOROTHY ELLIOTT ALBERT ELZEY DAISY ELZEY JOHNNIE ESTES VIRGINIA FAGAN FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL DOROTHY FAULKNER BARBARA FIELDS MARVIN FINCH DOROTHY FINN RUBY FLEMING ROY FOLDS CHARLES FOLSOM ELIZABETH GARRETT MURPHY GARRISON MADELINE GERNAZIAN CLARA BELLE HICKS RUSH HUCKS, JR. EDYTHE HUNT DOROTHY HYDE JAMES JERNIGAN MARGARET JORDEN KENNETH KING MILDRED LEFTWICH EUGENE MAUGHON BARBARA MCBRYDE HOKE MCCLESKEY SHIRLEY MCCLURE ELIZABETH MILLER JAMES MIMS IRI' A . ' "1 DOROTHY MITCHELL MYRTICE MITCHELL ELSIE MOCK DORIS MOON GENEVA MOON EDITH MOORE VIRGINIA MORGAN DOROTHY MORRISON ROY MOTES HUGH OLOHAM JOHNNIE OVERCASH LOIS PALMER MARIE ROBERTS RHUNELLE ROCHESTER ESSIE MAE ROLAND DOROTHY SEWELL ALMA SIMS ALLEN SMITH RUBY SMITH MILDRED SOCKWELL FLORA STRASSER JAMES TOWNSEND JESSIE MAE WATTS RUTH WEST LUCILLE WHITMIRE II' ., ., , . . -, . Iii LL, P' U il, 'TI' G? hi L' KP Ui .WI POPE ALLEN DORIS BARTLETT RICHARD BONE CLARENCE BRIMER AGNES LOUISE BRITT VELMA BRITT DORIS CANTRELL LOUISE CARROLL SIDNEY CASTLEBERRY MATTIE RUTH CATES FELIX CHANDLER THOMAS CLOWER DAVID COCHRAN JEWEL COLE LUCILE COLE ODESSA COLE LEONARD COOLEY LUTHER COOK CHRISTINE DAVIS HOWARD DONEGAN O.RRIS DONEHOO DOROTHY DUNC.-KN MARTHA DUNLAP OWEN ELLIOTT DOT FAIRFAX FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL CATHERINE FERNANDEZ OLIVER FLYNN EDWIN GALLOVJAY CLARA GARNER CALLASTER GARRETT HELEN GLEN GAVIN HERSCHEL GILBERT BEATRICE GOSNELL BYRON HALL HAROLD HAMPTON JAMES HAMPTON BERNICE HARRELL VIVl.4N HILL AGNES HOGUE ALVA HONEA J. B. IVY J. W. JOHNSON MYTRLE LEWIS BERNICE LITTLE CECIL MANNER EMMA MASON DORIS HELEN MQCULLOUGH MAYEELLE MQDONALD CHARLES MOORE JANE NASH lm E GRACE ODOM VIVI.fXN PERRY MARGIE LEE POPE KATHERINE PRITCHETT LOUISE PYE EMILY RANDALL ASA SCHELL RUTH SEWELL ELIZABETH SMITH GWINELLE SMITH OPHELIA SMITH SARA SMITH CHARLES SOYEZ LILLIE MAE SPINKS EUNICE FLORENCE STEED MARTHA TOMLIN MYRTLE TUMLIN DAVID TURNER DENNYLENE VINSON JOHN WALDROP LUCILLE WALKER DOROTHY WESTMORELAND MARGARET WHEELER HOWELL WHITE CALLIE NELL WILLIAMS JEANETTE WILSON RUTH YOUNG E FULTON' FURU ROBERT AIKEN BETTY ANDERSON W. T. APPLING MILLER BARFIELD PEGGY BARNES FRANCES BENNETT NELL BOWMAN DORIS BROWN DORIS BRYANT LERAH BRYANT BOBBIE BUICE EILEEN BURROUGHS BROUGHTON BUSBY WYOLINE CARSON BENSON CHANDLER ALPHA MAE CONKLE C. W. CORBIN LLOYD CULPEPPER SARA FITTS CARL FRAZIER NELLIE FUTRELLE ARCHIE GARY JAMES GOLDEN FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL LOGAN HARRISON THELMA HAYNES MAYNOR HEAD LARKIN HILL KATHERINE HOLLINGSNVORTH VIRGINIA HOLT JOHNNIE HUNTON HARRY JARRETT BILLIE JOHNSON AGNES JUHAN SARAH KENNERLY JACK LAMB DAVID LEMMING COLEMAN LINDSEY GUY LITES MARY JEXVELL MARTIN KENNETH MAXWELL MARY SUE MCCOY LUTHER MCDONALD CORTEZ MCELHENNEY LOIS MCGRIEE WALTER MCGRIEE MARGARET MEREDITH QL- .L .3 J., 72615 ALVIN MORGAN MARY MORRIS SARAH NEWTON CLARENCE NIX S. J. NOBLES PAULINE NIXON CLARENCE PAGE S. O. PARSONS EDWARD PEEK ROBERT POSS J. W. RAKESTRAW BOVVBN RAGSDALE JACK RAGSDALE JOHN ROBERTS WOODROW ROBERTS ROBERT SMYTHE RUTH STRAWN WALTER TUMLIN LILLIAN TYNER HOWARD WARREN DARWIN WHITE RUTH WILLIAMS FRANCES WOFFORD ANNIE KATE S lm lW,.4M ff! f 11' A , 'wx D A ff' H K 2, ' S 1 X YI 1if fr. ? A , Cl, :A Q5 xkb: I V'.:' H 5 xxt, Q. Q, K I ..a u Y MEIA . M,--M Y - N " II .L'lY'-ff 5 in 1 Y, .f , ,,,- ' -' " X-..I:yrf'. tl, f i"f A S4 A rf' "X fic V - f-ff' if 4 f XXV fr """" ffm!! 'GMA s! g- X2 9 ,ak ljassg 239.2 .lk BX MILITARY ,.., FULTON HIGH SCHOOL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS G. DOBBS O, BAKER J. WILSON G. FOLSOM J. SCHELL C. MILLS STAFF . . Lieutenant CoIoneI . Tvfajor fFirst Battalion! Major fSecond Battalion, . Captain and Adjutant . . . . . .Captain . . . . . . Captain J, KIRK . . . . First Lieutenant H. BRYAN . . . Second Lieutenant G. NATION . . ..... Sergeant H. FLYNN . . .... C0rporaI J. HEARN . . . . CorporaI C. WILLIAMS . ...... Corporal fa! ,DO THE FULTUN FORUM ,A , FAY WOOD ' DOROT JO HNNIE nm an .NAI H,-r C. R. A. E. G B. B. B. M. R. THE FU'L'I'llN FQRUNI B A N D J. HOPKINS . . ......... Captain W. CAIN . . . First Lieutenant E. DEAL , . . . Second Lieutenant F. KENNEDY . . Second Lieutenant O. ALTMAN . ....... Second Lieutenanl NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS MARTIN . . . VANSNAD . BRASELL . . BARTON . . MCDONALD . SPROUSE . . SMITH . . JORDAN . . SUTTLES . . MOORE . . . G, ADAIR E. ASHENDORF B. ASHENDORF E. ANHIER R. BAKER E. BROWN R. BERRYMAN R. BURDETTE R, BROWN C. DICKSON C. DONALD R. FITZGERALD H. GARMAN J. GOODR E. HEIST DORIS EUBANKS . . . First Sergeant . . . Sergeant . . Sergeant , . Corporal . . Corporal . . Corporal . . Corporal . . Corporal , . Corporal . . . . Corporal E. HOLCOMB P. HUDGINS J. HUNT R. HOOKS F. LAME L. LETTEER P. MASSEY E. MATHIS J. MAYO A. MODY H. MURPA1-IY D. NORTON O. OWENS B. PATTERSON B. PUCKETT R. PUOKETT J. RUTI-IEREORD C. SCRUGGS R. SORUGGS C. SCHFER B. SHINLEVER P. SHUGART C. SMITH G. SMITH J. TUOGLE W. T RAINER C. WESSEL D. WHITE R. WOOD . . Sponsor .bfi 5' .fl , f. .' A fi . 11,555 TH E FULTON FORUM COMPANY A M. KENNEDY J. JUSTUS . B. CARSON . ...........Captain . . First Lieutenant . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . . . . . . . Second Lieutenant F. CHANDLER ...... E. RHOADS . NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS D. MCCALL .......... . . First Sergeant J. H. BARNS . . . . . Sergeant W. GRISXVALD . . . Sergeam D. HOLLIS . . . . Sergeant F. HIOKS . . . . . Sergeant C. HOWELL . . . . Sergeant B B B W. MEELER. . . . Sergeant F. CHAEIN . . . . Corporal G. CLYBURN . . . . Corporal G. EUBANKS . . . . Corporal F. MCCLURE . . . . Corporal D. WHITE . . - . . . Corporal B. WEATHERLY . . . .... Corporal H. ADAMS J. P. HAYES C. MORGAN C. APPLING C. HAMILTON B. MACKEY B. BOGOS C. HOWELL E. MCCLESKEY W. BOND C. IRVIN J. McCLURE W. BROCK W. KILPATRICK B. MURPHY L. CODE W. KNIGHT W. PENNY M. ENDSLEY A. B. KIETH F. POTTER D. FINN E. LYLE F. RANSBOTHAM C. GAFNEA B. LUMMUS J. B. SMITH C. I-IARBIN B. MCGRIF B. STANSELL L. HERNDON W. MCGRIFF M. TURNER T. HORD H. H. MAXEWELL L. WATTS H. WALLACE J. WILHOIT RUTH BATES . ...... ' ............... Sponsor Dix I5 , ',l l I .' Sie? ,. , 9 D. NVILLIAMS G. COLE . E. JONES . TH COMPANY E FULTON FORUM . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant I. Melton ........ W. KARXVISCH ...... NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS E. GRIFFIN . P. NASH . . G. LITES . . J. FULTON . W. ELLIOTT . F. PIERCE . . J. TOMLIN. . M. MCLENDON W. SHIELDS . B. BUSH . . J. W. HUNT M. BAREIELD H. BELL T. BUFFINGTON G. BUREL B. BUSBY G. CARSON M. GATES B. CHANDLER R. CHAPPELL J. CLARK W. CORBIN ELSIE BROXVN Second Lieutenant , . . First Sergeant . . . Sergeant . . Sergeant . Sergeant . . Sergeant . Corporal . Corporal . . Corporal . .Corporal . .Corporal . .Corporal H. DAY S. HANSON R. HAYOOOD G. HOLDER H. HOXVARD H. JOHNSON C. L. JONES A. J. LOGAN C. MCDRAW G. MITCHELL C. MOORE J. MURPHY C. PAGE T. PARHAM R, SAMPLES C. SMITH H. SMITH J. USSERY C. VAUGHN O. L. VENAELE R.'WAGES C. WILLINGHAM . . Sponsor u,,f'. ,r . . . gi- . igffif 'Biff' V-g. - . ... D-, I . . 4 -'1 F' A II' Bl I+-' .I my . J. - A .1 . C C M P A N Y C I. TRUSSELL ....... '. . . Captain W. WHITE . . . . First Lieutenant R. Cox . . . . First Lieutenant J. SNEAD . . . . Second Lieutenant E. HENIBREE ........ Second Lieutenant H. BRIDGES NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS J. DUPREE .......... . . First O. ELLIOT . . . . N. FLOYD . . . . A. IRXVIN . . . . L. BELL . . . . . J. CATHOART . . . . D. SMITH . . . C. BOSSHARDT B. JOHNSON . J. HENDERSON P. LITTLEFIELD . . . . H. BUCKNER . J. RAKESTRAW J. PINNELL . . . . . . . . . Second Lieutenant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal D. AIKENS L. COOLEY S. GIBSON G. JORDAN F. NICHOLAS L. TIDXVELI. R. AIKENS J- COUCH W. EGHOLS F. JARRETT J. NEWMAN H TUCKER P. ALLEN H. COURSEY E. HALE J. JARRETT B. OQFARRELL R' THOMAS R. ALLEN E- COURSEY C. HALE W. E. KING A. PAUL ' H. ALBERSON C. CROFT D. HEAD H. LILLY J. PENNELL B- UPCHURCH M. ARNOLD A. CULPEPPER H. HALL F. LEATH H. PENN E. VAUGHN G. BAKER L. CULPEPPER N. HOFFMAN M. LANDRUM B. PARKER J. VALDES H. BELL J. DARBY D, HINTON E. MILLS C. PRESSLEY E. A. VEAL F. BUSHMAN J. DAVIS E. HARGROVE F. MORGAN S. PARSON W WEST O. W. BOWEN W. DODD F. H.A.MILTON B. McDOWELL E. RANSBOTHAM ' T. BRADLEY R, DOGEN W. IVEY E. MAUGHON J. W. SMITH W' WOFFORD B. BUSHBY B. FANNING H. JONES L. MORGAN A. SPROUSE B- WOOD E. CALLOWAY M. GILBERT J. JOHNS F, D. MAYES L. T. SARGENT J. YOUNG SHIRLEY BEASLEY ........ ............ .S ponsor COMPANY D THE FU J. MOON ........ .... C aptain C. VINCENT . . . First Lieutenant R. MCDONALD . . . . First Lieutenant W. BARRETT . . . Second Lieutenant H. PHILYAXV . . . Second Lieutenant NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS A. HUGHES . . . LTON FORUM First Sergeant H. ADAIR J. GOLDEN J. MCLAIN L. ARGO J. GRISWELL L. MEANS C. BRUTON E. GALLOWAY K, MAXWELL B. BALLARD J. GUNTER R. MATHEWS R. BONE H. GUNTER S. NOBLE T. BUCKNER C. GILLELAND R. OGLESBY H. BROWN S. HERNDON H. RAY H. CAWTHORN W. HERNDON W. ROBERTS H. COURSEY C. HEAD R. SMYTHE C. CARROLL W. HAMPTON R. SMITH S. CASTLEBERRY J. HAMPTON R. SUGGS C. DE FREESE J. HARRIS W. TUMLIN A. ELZEY R. HAMBY D. THOMASON K. FRICKS J. KILGORE D. TURNER C. FOLSOM J. LAMB J. TOWNSEND M. GARRISON J. LATHROP J. WALDROP G. WATKINS J. ZARING BELLE SLIDER ..................... Sponsor LY 1, :I fl 1240 T E FULTON FORUM W. T. APPLING C. P. BARRET BUCHANNAN C. BURTON J. BUTLER P. BROOKS A. BROWN C. BRIMER B. CRONER L. COOK J. COOK H. DONECAN W. ELLIOT R. FOLDS C. FRAZIER T. FRAZIER C. GARRET HELEN MOSS . G. WELLS . W. THOMAS L. GILLSTKAP R, APPLING E. BARDEN . J. HARPER . COMPANY E . .... Captain . . . . First Lieutenant . . . First Lieutenant . . . .Second Lieutenant . . Second Lieutenant . . . First Sergeant NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS L. HARRISON B, PIERCE T. HIEST R. PRESLY H. HENSON A. SCOTT G. HOPE J. SESSIONS J. IRWIN C. SOYEZ J. JOHNSON V. SPRUELL A. KELLY M. STEPHENS K. KING V. SUDDUTH C. LANIER W. STUBBS G. LINDSAY C, TRITT M. MARTIN P. UPCHURCH J. MIMS D. WAITTS LRFQIXEIJSIQQE H. WALLACE H. GLDMAN H' WILKIB A. MORGAN R- WOOD H. PALMER C. WOODS . . . . . . . Sponsor pig Y '. If -LPI 'Lx -J-J rfliip B. WOOTTEN D .MAYO . . D. HERNDON D. MONROE C. TUCKER K. ADALISON . . . Second Lieutenant . . . Second Lieutenant . . . Second Lieutenant THE FULTON FORUM COMPANY F . . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . . First Lieutenant NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS W. EVANS . .... ..... . First Sergeant F. ALEWINE T. GAY D. LEMING B. RAGSDALE W. ARGO A. GARY A. LOMAX J. RAGSDALE H. BABB H, GILBERT C. MANER b J, RAY E. BATES B. HALL , G. MASSINGALE B. RUTLEDGE F. BETTICE W. HAMILTON I H. MELTON H. SAMPLES M. BOURN C. HENDRIX H. MILES R. SCOTT R. BROWNING L. HILL M. MOORE E. SLIDER H. BYAS A. :HONEA C. MORRIS B. SPURLOCK F. CHANDLER M. HORD H. MCGLESREY F. SIMPSON C. CLARK J. IVRY L. MCDONALD C. TALLEN1 T. CLOWER J. JARRETT C. NIX L. TOMPSON D. COCKRAN J. JERNINGAN J. OVERCASH E. TYSON R. CORYELL H. KENNEDY E. PATTON T. UNDERWOOD W. DANIEL W. KNIGHT E. PEEK B. WOODS L. DAVIS A. LADE B. PERRIN H. WHITE M. FINDH V. LINDSEY R. Foss H. WARREN MARTHA VANDERGRIFF ............ .... . . Sponsor ASEE kffvalg-L In A ..---.-., 1A:7J:::5El5L3T1f?:.,,, ?L1,lfjefii-Ag,-v:i,:i:br:.,e-.-..Mfg,-fl.. -L ,.. - , X-,-,N .. .L F .. ., . , H , I ,.. Af.----.. -- ' fa- T -1.1,-'f"' .L-ff .fa X133 E FULTON FORUM BOYS' R!FLE TEAM J. WILSON . . . . Capwm K. ADAMSON J. KIRK B. CARSON W. MEELER E. DEAL ' C. MILLS G. DOBBS R. MCDONALD E. GRIFFIN H. PHILYAW J. JUs'rUs I. TRUSSELL M. KENNEDY D. WILLIAMS D. WILLIAMS EUNICE DONALD ........ ............ S ponsor 'tv-L- .3 KJ ' L. 'U' J- if 6,1 'iggf' ' THE FULTON FORUM GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM M. TAYLOR ........... Capram R. BATES M. HALL S. BEASLEY B. HICKS A. BRANNON V. LENINGER F. BROWN L. PIERCE E, DONALD E. SHEPPARD J. EVANS M. VANDERGRIFF S. GRIFFIN W. VALDROP GEORGE FOLSOM ........ ........... . Sponsor ,QQ K' 'E' - f "'.?':::?x THE FULTON FORUM OFFICERS' CLUB G. FOLSOM . . . . President G. DOBBS . . . Vice-President O. BAKER . . Secvetavy E. JONES . . 'Treasurer K. ADAMSON B. CARSON J. HOPKINS I. MELTON W. THOMAS O. ALTMAN F. CHANDLER J. JUSTUS D. MONROE C. TUCKER R. APPLING G. COLE F. KENNEDY J. MOON I. TRUSSELL E. BARDEN R. Cox M. KENNEDY C. MILLS C- VINSCN W. BARRETT E. DEAL J. KIRK H. PHILYAW G' WELLS D. WILLIAMS H. BRYANT L. GILSTRAP W. KARWISOH E. RHOADS J WILSON H. BRIDGES E. HEMEREE D. MAYO J. SCHELL B: WOOTEN W. CAIN D. HERNDON R. MCDONALD J. SNEED W. WHITE CAROLYN STILWELL . .A .' .' .' .' . .' . . ....... Sponsor wg-:--4-H' '- -.':::-.,, ,. . ,RKQ-. ,fr-rf -'T' --v--1.-y .- ' I-vffff 'vi 1.--EA' X -.NZ-11f:333f5.: rfnfjggx - '1-" 'A'--in-.. 55 " JR -.,,1g1f:L:..iQ J . .- J 49- lf' rx FEATURES Y -YW YYY . Lugg? Y: Y, w n , n . . 4 ., f " 1 1 f .y n 'u..,n Y,-,Q arm. ,. ., u. 1... -1 gn Q 'mi' --I 1 f , ' ' s. - . . . . Q 1- 'HY A f ' .' 42252-2 V bf- ,Q-.',g1f . 11 -, . -1 -I WL- .1i' .Q!J1..f- ,J ,Veg if ' 11.-' ' ' 'I .- ga 3,44 :,.:1'v.Z'.4'1V ,gy Y g V ,.,,L, ll L 1 ' ' ,pzfrv I vw ,..1g!,g,, , , , -- V , - ' QZQSQKSRV " 1 '- 1 ' W ' ' A ' Best AUfRo1,md Girl Best All-Round Boy ELIZABETH GIBSON OSCAR BAKER Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy JOHNNIE MOORE JIMMIE SCHELL Best Girl Student, Best Boy Student DOROTHY LARIMORE WENHAM WHITE Prettiest Girl Best Looking Boy DORIS EUBANKS GEORGE FOLSOM Best Girl Athlete Best Boy Athlete MARY NELL TAYLOR JACK HARPER Best Gi-rl Sport Best Boy Sport MARGARET KELLY GLENN MARTIN Most Dignifed Girl Nfost Dignified Boy DOROTHY PETERS MARVIN KENNEDY Sweetest Girl Daintiest Girl MARIAN DAVIS SHIRLEY BEASLEY g,g.x lm.. Iwi ll ll Jn:-an-4 !lT" mg m M nlglgllgw -'fi . : u - :I 4 . , ' E1 XI in i , I E II.-'Ili'- 'ff' -2 1 YF A X-f SIX-A I x . X-X w i:-- iI A 5 , l f T7 il iqizggzin.. ll :Eli-Qffrfi r lu: .I 3 All: flliflll- ' -"1-':'."-Fl 4'-Fl?--6 ? 5?--'IL ,,' I:-4' L.. IW ' ' Lsp!! ui'I 'in nv sunk.. 1 un l'lv Wm", If , I z r ' F V 3 'f , 1 7 i Z l ag ' Z , X A fa 1V H 1 ' ' f l H !' I 'K 'ft - i , ,f L 1 , -44-i if AC T 'VITIES TH E FULTON POR FOOTBALL TEAM MR PITTMAN . . Coacn HAROLD BRADFORD . . . Manager JAMES MONROE . . . Managew J. H. BARNES "I-IURRY" CAIN TRESTER CATES CARL Cox C. P. GILLELAND J. B. GILLELAND HUGH GUNTER JAMES GUNTER JACK HARPER JOHN HAYS J. T. HEARN J. T. HOWELL GLENN MARTIN f 1 ' ,..,, I , ., . .. wif. O THOMAS MEYERS BOBBY MOORE ROBERT MOORE JOE MORRIS BILLY MYERS GRADY NATION ALFRED PAUL ASA SCHELL DON STEPHENS HENRY TUCKER JOSEPH WILLHOIT JACK WILSON LOYD WOOD THE FULTON FOR UM BASKETBALL TEAM MR. MQILWAIN . . Coach GLENNIS COLE . . . Manageo C. P. GILLELAND . . Manager EUGENE DEAL WILLIAM DOBSON . ORRIS DOINEHOO HUGH GUNTER JACK H.ARPER J. T. HEARN ,L A JACK LADE BOBBY MOORE EDWARD RANSBOTTOM ROBERT SGRUGGS ALBERT SPROUSE GEORGE WELLS H ,L .gg ..., Ry, ,X A THE FULTON FOR M BASEBALL TEAM MR HOPE . Coach FRANR KENNEDY . Manage? TRESTER CATES GLENNIS COLE RAY COX EUGENE DEAL WILLIAM DOESON R. DODGEN J. B. GILLELAND HUGH GUNTER JAMES GUNTER JACK HARPER J. T. HEARN . ,,'A ,. ,f Y LOYD WOOD D SQ. 7 1' 419- TE I atv., M59 DAVID HERNDON WALTER HERNDON E. HOLCOMB JAMES KENNERLY CHARLES MARTIN MCGARITY ALLEN MOODY BOBBY MOORE BILLY MIERS ROBERT SCRUGGS ALBERT SPROUSE HE FULTON FORU 1VffX.RGARET ALLGOOD FRANCES ARCHER DORIS BAILEY DOT BRALEORD ALLEEN BRANNON MARY BROOKS MILDRED BRYANT M. ELIZ. BUREL TOMMIE LOIS BURTON NORMA BUTLER BERNICE BYRD DORIS CANTRELL BILLY CARNES WYOLINE CARSON LUCILLE CLAY BLANCHE COBB MADGE COURSEY RUE CRANE MARGUERITE DICRSON EUNIGE DONALD LOUISE ELLIS DOT FAIRFAX LUTHER FITZGERALD LAVINIA FLOWERS ELIZABETH GIBSON GLEE CLUB DORIS GIGNILLIAT SARAH GRIFFIN DOROTHY GROGAN MARDELLE GUNTER MARRY HALL NORENE HARPER BERNICE HARRELL MELBA HENDRIX BETTYE HICKS AGNES HOGUE NELL HLTDGINS MARY FRANCES LAMB ERLENE LEAPTROT MARTHA LEAPTROT CAROLYN LEE JUNE LEONARD LORRAINE LETEER SHIRLEY MCCLURE CORTEZ McELHENNEY VIRGINIA MCLAIN MARY BELL MOORE MARY ELIZABETH MOORE LOUISE NUNNELLE HERSHEL PALMER DOROTHY PETERS 1 ,:' 'II , . Y, . Y .-, ,gr l'h' .' VIRGINIA POWELL MARTHA RANDALL EUNILE RANDALL ALMA ROGERS LYNETTE ROGERS JUANITA RUTLEDGE RUTH SEXVELL MARY RUTH SHEILS BELLE SLIDER LILLIE MAE SPINKS EUNIGE STEED CAROLYN STILWELL FRANCES TARELETAN JULIA TIMOTHY BARBARA TODD KATHERINE TODD VERA MAE TOLBERT JEWELL TURPEN LILLIAN TYNER CHARLES VENAELE FRANCES 'WALLACE DOROTHY WESTMORELAND FRANCES WILLIAMS JEANETTE WILSON ELAINE WILSON EJFULTON PORU ELMA ADAIR HAROLD ADAMS VIVIAN BAKER PEGGY BARNES I EMILIE BARRETT EARL BARTON FRANCES BENNETT BILLIE BOGGS EVELYN BORING VELMA BRITT EVELYN CAWTHON FRANCES CLAY EVA COCHRAN IRMA COURSEY MARION DAVIS DOROTHY DUNPHY DOROTHY ELLIOT MARY RUTH ESTES DOROTHY FAULKNER IVLRRY GARY -"T ,V ' Wg" 'L ,, :,,...f-A-- xwff GLEE CLUB BEATRICE GOSNELL EDWARD GRIFFIN WALTER GRISWELL LUCILE HAREIN ALENE HERNDON LEONARD HERNDON CLEVELAND HIGGINS MARY HOFFER DURAL HOLLIS MAR JORIE IRWIN NAN JONES MILDRED JORDAN C.-XLLIE JORDAN WALTER KNIGHT ROSA LANDAU DOROTHY LARIMORE RUTH LONG BOEEY LUMMUS LA TRELLE MANN If-Ta lf, ,,,f:::j-g"f'lQf :rg-71 , .5 :im , . ,... -, ,, . ., JIMMIE MANNING VIRGINIA MORGAN DOROTHY MORRISON GEORGE MCDONALD PAULINE NICKSON GRACE ODUM VON CEILE PINNER MARY LEE POXVELL ED RHOADS ALMA ROGERS WILBUR ROOKE DOROTHY SARRATT DELLE SHAW DORIS SHAXV TOMMIE SHERIDAN CURTIS SMITH EMMA STONE VIRGINIA SORRELLS DENNYLENE VINSON BILL WOOD G- ,A-,N----YN --. .TS-Rr - '.. 2-.,,,,.,- -' T'-rr ' ' RG.- :::,,.. .J A- HE FULTON FOR GEO.RGE FOLSOM GEORGE DOBES . LUCILLE DUNCAN DOROTHY WATSON MISS BOYLE . . HAROLD ADAMS KARL ADAMSON JENNIE BAKER OSCAR BAKER RUTH BATES MARY BROOKS ANABEL BUCKNER MARTHA CANNON EVELYN CAWTHON MARGARET CLARK RUTH COGHRAN MARY COURSEY GEORGE DOBES ' MARIAN DAVIS LUCILLE DUNCAN KATHERINE DUNLAP DORIS EUEANKS GEORGE FOLSOM EVA FULLER WALTER GRISWOLD SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB JOYGE HARRIS NORENE HARPER NADINE HERREN CLEVELAND HIGGINS JOHN HOPKINS SARAH JABLONSKI LOUISE JOHNSON EVERETT JONES KATHERINE JORDAN MARVIN KENNEDY FRANCES LAMB JUNE LEONARD JIMMIE MANNING VIRGINIA MCEAGHIN DEAN MQCALL JOHNNIE MOORE ANNIE MAE MORRIS WILLIAM MORRISON BESSSE PEAGOOR SARA PHILIPS BEN WOOTEN -flial' j'- K SRM ,E ax ,V ' 'iasl-'95 . . . President . VicefPresident . . . Secretary . . Treasurer . FacuItyAdvisc1 DOROTHY HALL HOME.R PHILYAXV LAURA PIERCE ED RHODES ALMA ROGERS KATHLEEN SEGARS MARY RUTH SHIELDS EDNA SMITH MARTHA SOYEZ CAROLINE STILWHLL EVELYN STRIGKLAND IRWIN TRUSSELL M.LXRTHA VANDERGRIFY DOROTHY WATSON DOYLE WHITE DEAN WILLIAMS .TACK WILSON BILLY WOOD FAY WOOD A DOTOTHY WOODS 'TH E FULTON FORU PHYSICAL ED. CLUB MISS MAGRUDER . . Faculty Admser MARGARET ALLGOOD SARA ARNOLD EVELYN BORING BLANCHE COBB RUE CRANE KATHERINE DODD NELLIE DODGEN JOSEPHINE GINN SARA GRIFFIN BONNIE GRIFFITH DORIS HARPER CATHERINE HICKS KATHERINE HODGES THEDA HUDSON EVELYN INZER VIRGINI.-X LENNINGER MAE MAYO LOUISE MITGHAM MARY BELLE MOORE HELEN MOSS JEANETTE MYERS ALDINE RAY MARY ROBERTS MARY RUSSELL MILDRED SMITH NELLIE SMITH WILM.A SEWELL AUDREY SMITH JUANITA SHULTZ VIRGIE WALDROP LOUISE LAND CARROL RUTH WILLIAMS LUCILLE LEE SUSIE WOOTEN LL ,., . ,.,. ALTHEA YOUNG ,fjfv I1 - :Ln-'L If TT ,, ff Gif -1 A R, I .J E? ,Gig TH E FULTON FORUM CHARLES GAFNEA . JACK JUSTUS . . C. C. WILLS . . JOHNNIE MOORE . VIRGINIA MCEACHIN BROOKS BALLARD ALBERT BIZZELL HARRY BRIDGES CHARLES BROCK CLIFFORD BURTON BRADY CARSON FLYNN CHANDLER WILLIAM DOBSON HUGH GUNTER HLY CLUB JAMES GUNTER J. T. HEARN EMORY HOLCOMBE HARRY .HOXVARD J. T. HOWELL ARCHIE HUGHES GUY LITES MELBURNE MQLENDON CHARLES MARTIN EDWIN TYSON fm S.- O,,,L. I fbi .., , I , ,,:-,x.:..... ' sn- I QQ I . . . . President . Secretaryffveasurer . Faculty Adviser . . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor WILLIAM WAITS GLENN MARTIN E. A. MATHIS JOHNNIE MOON BOBBY MOORE JACK MURPHY ASA SCHELL JIMMIE SCHELL WALTER THOMAS SPONSORS JOHNNIE MOORE VIRGINIA IVICEACHIN THE FULTON FORU GIRL RESERVES ELIZABETH HAMILTON . . Paesldem LUCILE I-IxRB1N . . . Vice Premdenr SHIRLEX BEASLEY . . . Secrerarv MABRY HALL . . . . . .'1'I'eas1,wI.'r MISS DOROTHY SENTER . . Faculty Admser CATHERINE BARRON MILDRED BARTOXV SHIRLEY BEASLEY DOROTHY BRADFORD DOROTHY CARSON CORA MAE CLEAPOR IMGGENE COUCH RUBY COUCH HELEN COURSEY IRMA COURSEY JEAN COURSEY DOROTHY DUMPHY LOUISE EDWARDS VASS.-XR EDNVARDS JUHNNIE ESTES JUANITA EVANS MADELINE GERNAZIAN JULIA HALE MABRY HALL ELIZABETH HAMILTON LUCILE HARBIN LILLIAN ZUBER S - Q .,1 hiv- A .! .ft fp- MELBA :HENDRICKS EVELYN HILL VIRGINI.'X HUBBARD NELL HUDGINS JOYCE HUFF JEANETTE JONES CALLIE JORDON MARTHA LEAPTROT LOIS MDGRIFF LOUISE MOON MARION MOON MARY ELIZABETH MOORE CAROLYN O'FARRELL LAYNETTE ROGERS EDNA EARL ROLADER DOROTHY SPEARS DENNYLENE VINSON MARY WATERS ' BERTHA MAE WATTS ELAINE WILSON ANNE WOO1'EN HE FULTON FORUM HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FRANCES MANNING . WILLIE LEE WALDROP EVELYN HENDON . . MARX' LOU TUGGLE . MISS MARY BROOKS . RUBYE ALLEN MARIE APPLING RUBYE BAKER EMILY BARRETT VIRGINI.A BATES ELIZABETH BROCK GRACE BROOKS INEz BUREL FRANCES COMPTON MANNIE RUTH COOGLER HATTIE DENNIS BERTHA DUNC.-KN VIRGINIA EPPS CLAUDIA FULLER ELOISE GUNTER EVELYN HENDON .IEWEL HENDRICKS ALENE HERNDON ELIZABETH HOXXJELL EVELYN INEZ CLARA LORD 'NVILLIE LEE McCOY ELIZABETH MCCURLEY PEARL MCDONALD CAROLYN MCLAIN MAR JORIE MANER FRANCES MANNING ANNIE COLA MIMS MILDRED MITCHELL GLADYS MONCKTON LILLIAN MOON CARRIE LEE MORRIS RUBY NASH DORIS NICHOLS VIRGINI.A Nlx fi 2 . . President . VicefPreside1It . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Faculty Adviser MAXINE OWVEN MILDRED PRICKETT DORIS ROBINSON LOUISE SAFFOLD DOROTHY SARRETT VIRGINIA SOYEZ EMMA STONE MARJORIE STRICKLAND MARGARET TRAYNHAM VERA TROGLIN MARY LOU TUGGLE WILLIE LEE WALDROP RUTH WALTERS HELEN WATERS PAULINE WHEELER MARION WILHOIT VERA WILLIS DORIS WOOTEN TH E FULTON FORU CAFETERIA WORKERS RUBYE BAKER EDNA BALDXVIN MARGARET CLARK FRANCES COMPTON RUE CRANE MARGARET DARBY MOZELLE GILLAND JOSEPHINE GINN LUCILLE HIKRBIN DORIS HARPER EVELYN HERNDON MAR JORIE IRWIN DOROTHY LARIMORE FRANCES MANNING 'rv ' kll. FY' EI Ika-Q2 MILDRED MITCHELL GLADYS MONCKTON CARRIE LEE MORRIS DOROTHY PERSONS MILDRED PRICI-:ETT DORIS ROBINSON BETTYE SMITH CAROLYN SORRELLS VIRGINIA SORRELLS VERA T ROGLEN WILLIE LEE WALDROP MARY W.ATERs DOROTHY WATSON FULTON FORUM KNOW ATLANTA CLUB JACK DUP.REE . . . . Preszdent ESSIE MAE BRAND . . VfCCPTCS1CIC7lu MARCARET DARBY . . . . Secremm TAYLOR BUFFINGTON , . . Treasurcv' CLYDE C PRICE . . . Faculty Admsew MARIE AKINS CLYDE APPLING RAYMOND APPLING ESSIE MAE BRAND DAVID BROOKS GRACE BROOKS LOUISE BOSSHARDT TAYLOR BUFFINGTON DOLLIE KATE BUICE LOIS CROWDER MARGARET DARBY CLARA DAVIS HOWARD DAY MARGUERITE DICKSON JACK DUPREE LILLIAN FLURY MARLIN GILLIENT DOROTHY GREEN ELIZABETH GRIFFITH ROBERT HAYGOOD J. W. HUNT THELMA IVY au ES. 5 Q-J BILLIE JOHNSON MARIE LAND IDA LANDAU CAROLYN LEE EVELYN LEFTWICH JOHN MCCLURE DOROTHY MILES EVELYN PATTON FRANKLIN PATTON KATHRYN PLUNKETT MARTHA RANDALL WANDA SARGENT WILLI.AM SHIELDS LOIS SMITH VENICE SMITH DOROTHY SPENCE VERA MAE TOLBERT GERALDINE USSERY ROBERT WAOES CATHERINE XVALLAOE BEN WEATHERLY JACK YOUNG THE FULTON FORUM n EPPIN KNOW ATLANTA CLUB GER . EDNA BALDWIN SARAH BARRETT LOUISE BARTLETT MARGARET BLACKMON GRACE BROOKS HOWARD BUCRNER ELSIE BROWN EDWIN CARTER DOROTHY COHEN PRESTON COMPTON ANNA LEE COPELAND- CHESTER CROFT JUNIOR DAREY JACK DUPREE GEORGE EUBANKS MOZELLE GILLELAND MILDRED GREEN ELIZABETH GRESHAM DOROTHY GROGAN DOUGLAS HINTON NORMAN HOFFMAN DURAL HOLLIS . if '- " ' l"'ldw'I . Facult LOUISE JARRETT EUGENIA LEE MARY JENVELL MARTIN DEAN McCALL FRED MCGINNIS ' SARAH NEELY THOMAS NICHOLAS ALLEN PENN MARION PENN CARRIE LOU PHILYAXV CLAUDE PRESSLEY MARTHA RANDALL EVA SHORE H.-XROLD SOCKWELL CAROLYN SORRELLS FRANCES STUBS LESLIE TIDWELL JOHN USSERY O. L. VENABLE CATHERINE WALLACE VIRGINI.'X WILLIAMS CONY WILLINGHAM y Adviser THE FULTON FORUM PUBLICATION CLUB WILBUR ROOKE . ELIZABETH GIBSON . ALLEEN BRANNON . MARJORIE TURNER . MISS COOPER . MR. WHITE . ALLEEN BRANNON PI.-KROLD BRYAN WILLIE MAE CATHCART DOROTHY COHEN OSCAR FRASCH FERIBY GAINOUS CORINE GIBSON J. P. HAYES ALENE HERNDON GLADYS HUBBARD ARTHUR IRWIN . P-resident . Vice-President . Secfetary . . Treasurer . FacuItyAdvise1 , Faculty Adviser FRANK KENNEDY CLAUDE MILLS DOROTHY PETERS RUTH PUCKETT WILBUR ROOKE DOROTHY SARRATT JAMES SNEAD FRANCES STUBBS FRANCES TARLETON MAR JORIE TURNER vy f . ' .-S I '- .-f LA 5 fm '-'D .133- THE FULTON FORUM LIBRARY CLUB AND STAFF DOROTHY LARIMORE . VIRGINIA MCLAIN . . MARJORIE IRWIN . . . MARY PINKSTON .... MISS VIRGINIA MCJENRINS . EARL ASHENDORF HERBERT BABB ELIZABETH BROCK FRANCES DENMAN ELIZABETH GIBSON FRANCES GORMAN MARY GORMAN DELL GRIFFIN AGNES HEGUE MARJORIE IRWIN RUBY JONES MILDRED JORDAN qi 11555 . . President . VirefP1fesident . . Secretary . . . Treasmer . Faculty Adviser ROSA LANDAU DOROTHY LARIMORE VIRLTINIA MCLAIN EMMA MASON RILEY MATHEWS MARY PINKSTON MINNIE SUE ROBERTSON MARY NELL TAYLOR DOROTHY WARREN CLARENCE WESSELL RUTH YOUNG THE FULTON FORUM MRS MRS. MRS MRS. MRS MOTHERS' CHORUS . WALKER BROVJNE . . E. A. MATHIS . . . F. A. SI-IEILS . . J. B. BRANNON . . J. G. BROWN . MRS. A. L. BARTON MRS, J, B. BRANNON MRS. N. T. BROWN MRS. W. O. BROWNE MRS. H. C. BUGKANAN MRS. U. G. BUGKNER MRS. J. E. COURSEY MRS. F. F. EDXVARDS MRS. R. E. FINCH MRS. J. P. FRASCH MRS. J. S. GIBSON MRS. R. P. HEARN MRS, H. G. HIGGINS MRS. J. W. HOPKINS MRS. L. G. JUSTUS MRS. A. M. KEI-IELEY MRS. A. B. KEITH . . Presmdem . . Vice Premdent . . Secretarv . . Tveasuref . . Dwector MRS. W. R. KNIGHT MRS. A, E, MRTHIS MRS. G. V. MOORE MRS. G. S. MORRIS MRS. H. W. NEWCOMER MRS. A. A. PARKS MRS. A. C. PEAOOOK MRS. R. B. PUCKETT MRS. H. N. PETERS MRS. E. A. RHOADE MRS. C. E. SAMS MRS. F. A. SHEILS MRS. M. V. SMITH MRS. H. F. STILWELL MRS. A. M. WILDER MRS. C. H. WRIGHT MRS. L. C. YORK TH E FULTON FDBU CAMPFIRE GIRLS Miss CRANE . . Counselor ANNIE RUTH KESTLER DORIS PAss ELIZABETH MAYES BETTIE SMITH LOUISE NUNNELEE BARBARA TODD MISS MCC CATHERINE TODD DANCING CLUB ALLIE . SHIRLEY BEASLEY ALLENE BRANNON CORA MAE CLEAPOR VIRGINIA CRANE EUNICE DONALD LOUISE EDWARDS VASSAR EDWARDS JUANITA EVANS ELIZABETH GIBSON BETTY HICKS MAY KESTLER MQ In 'NS .,,, ,- 1. 6150 MARY ELIZ MOORE CAROLYN 0'FARRELL RUTH PUCKETT ELOISE SHEPHERD TOMMIE SHERIDAN MARY RUTH SHIELDS EVA SHORE BETTY SMITH CAROLYN STILXVELL MAR JORIE TURNER LILLIAN ZUBER Director HE FULTGN FORUM ELIZABETH GIBSON DOROTHY LARIMORE MARY COURSEY . JACK GOODE . . MARVIN KENNEDY Do.R0THY W.ATs0N LUCILLE DUNCAN BESSIE PEACOCK . CLAUDE MILLS . EVELYN CAWTHON MARY RUTH SHEILS JACK HARPER . . DOROTHY HALL HARVEY HIX . . WILBUR ROOKE . RUTH WALTERS . Miss MCCANTS . MRS. MURRELL . Mlss SHANNON . MR. WHITE . THE FORUM STAFF . Asst. . Asst. . Asst. . Asst. . Asst. . Asst. 1'-":'. ' ' .li I- .3 1 ra turf? . . EditorfinfCl1ief Asst. Editor-in-Chief. . Business Manager Circulation Manager Circulation Manager Circulation Manager Circulation Manager . . Literary Editor Asst. Literary Editor Asst. Literary Editor Asst. Literary Editor . . Athletic Editor Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Manager . . Faculty Adviser . I Faculty Adviser . . Faculty Adviser . Faculty Adviser THE FULTON FORU ANNUAL REPRESENTATIVES DOROTHY PETERS Bf'7 MARION DAVIS Bf8 VIRGINIA MCLAIN B-9 LUCILE HARBIN A'1 FRANCES BROWN Af2 MARTHA VANDERGRIFE Af3 FRANCES COMPTON Af4 JOSEPHINE HUGHES A-5 LOUISE ROGERS Af6 ROBERT SCRUGGS Af7 FRANCES ARCHER Af8 THEDA HUDSON A-9 EMILIE BARRETT AflO RAY THOMAS Afll Af12 BETTY ANDERSON I .. 1 - ...A.,g -f . 5:3319 EVA SHORE DOROTHY FRYE SARAH NEELY THYRA JANE GWIN ROGER SAMPLES ROBERT BURDETT JOHN ZARING MARY RUTH ESTES LOWMAN OGLESBY DAISY ELZEY MARION CHILDS DENNYLENE VINSON HERSHEL GILBERT MARY JEWEL MARTIN THE FULTON FORUM NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY WENHAM WHITE ............ . ...... Premdem: MARY RUTH SHEILS . . . . Vice P-resadent EVELYN CAWTHORN . . . . .... . . . . Secretary 'T'reasuI'er CLASS OF I936 SHIRLEY BEASLEY ANABEL BUCKNER WILLIE MAE CATHCART EVELYN CAXVTHORN MARION DAvIs EVA FULLER CHARLES GAFNEA ELIZABETH GIBSON CLASS OF MARGARET ALLGOOD LORENE GILBERT WALTER GRISWALD ,, L , gs fs' :YL W3 I,-un . if WM' DOROTHY LARIMORE VIRGINI.A MCLAIN BEssIE PEACOOK LAURA PIERCE ALMA ROGERS MARY RUTH SHEILS MARY NELL TAYLOR WENHIAM WHITE I937 LUCILLE HARBIN DE.-KN MCCALL NELLIE SMITH THE FULTON FORUM E FULTON FORU Luis, J n Q 1:-4-K' f N4 ' l ADVERTISEMENTS THE FULTON FUHU P. T. A. The Parent-Teachers Association of D i Fulton I-ligh School Extends lts Greetings to the Class of i936 E FULTON FORUM AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Decalur, Georgia WE WELCOME The Gracluales of FuII'on High School YOUR RECORDS Have Been Gralifying Agnes SCOH offers exceplional opporlunilies in general college work Music, Ari, and Spoken English. ITS STUDENT ACTIVITIES ARE VARIED AND INTERESTING For Lileralure or Informalion Apply 'ro PRESIDENT J. R. MCCAIN ' Box F-2 Thousands of people consisfenlly FO H Hh B d, r ea y o les re-order our coals and New Minds ATLANTIC ICE 81 COAL CQMPANY Grade "A" Pasfuerized "Baby Brand" Milk and Ice Cream There is a reason MODERN MILK 81 ICE 'CREAM CO. Phone .MAin I900 325 Capilol Avenue MAin I033 THE FULTON F0 THE DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE High School and characfer references enirance requiremenls. Placemenl Depam' meni' fills on an average of 'lorfy posiiions per mon+h. Organized on a Junior College basis in Commerce-In Ouesi of Oualify. Peachfree af Baker Sireei' A+lan+a, Ga. Complimenis of JERE A. WELLS Shorihand, Typewrifing Bookkeeping, Filing Mimeographing, Dicfaphone Compfomefer, efc. CRlCHTON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Corner Plaza Way and Pryor Sfreef Telephone WAlnuf 7342 MONTAG BROS., INC. Manufacfuring S+a+ioners Sfeel Die Engravers High School and College Siafionery Social Sfafionery Loose Leaf Nole Books and Files School Tableis and Supplies MONTAG BROS., INC. I8O-I96 MarieH'a S1'ree'I' ATLANTA, GEORGIA n Ln.-ihfuizon STIINOGRAPIIY BOOIIEEPING ACCOUNTING MAIN 7800 EXTENSION cm:nNu:Ar MOG! of .glljllleif ofgvofeaf to iefcfinf 4 -vi- ii-,1 A3 Q - ii I 1 1 ., RU E FULTON 0 RUM BATES CASH 81 CARRY We have if or will gel il I7OO Howell Mill Road I'IEmIocIc 0890 Allanla, Ga. Complimenls of PIEDMONT LAUNDRY Complimenls of J. W. SIMMONS CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT Complimenls ol HAVERTY FURNITURE CO. Corner Edgewood Avenue and Pryor Slroel 58 Harris Sheet N. E. Walnuf WRECKS COMPLETELY REBUILT JOE MILAM DECORA-I-ORS Body and Fender Repairing Floor Coverings- and Drapery ALSO PAINTING CO"I'aCIO's no PIEDMONT AVENUE JA. me THOMPSON ATLANTA. Complimenls of T. M. DANIEL Jonesboro Road "We Serve You Wifh a Smile" Complimenfs of RHODES-WOOD FURNITURE COMPANY Allanla, Georgia , I 'Q if ' vi. THE FU Lroexu ronum Complimenfs of EDGAR A. POMEROY Complimenfs of R. A. MORRIS Complimenls of VIRLYN B. MOORE Complimenrs of COCHRAN FURNITURE COMPANY 85 Alabama S+ree+, S. W. Arlanla, Georgia Complimenis of BURDETT BROTHERS' AUTO SERVICE I05 Chafiahoochee Ave. Opposiie Seaboard Shops "CHECK" BURDETT JOHN F. BURDETT W. F. COX CERTIFIED DAIRY Cerfified Milk Grade "A" Raw Milk BUTTERMILK AND CREAM Dependable Delivery Service Our Dairy Producfs Are of Highesf Qualify RAymond 4I05 Complimenfs of T. V. DANIEL FURNITURE STORE Bolion Road I Riverside MASON BROS. AI'lan'ra's Greafesf Furnifure House EASY TERMS I68 Miichell S+ree+, S. W. 'iigigl' if. Ha il Q75 ak- TH E FULTON FORUM PLAITING BUTTON HOLES BUTTON covERlNe " ' Ilcalefplllafil TFBCTOTS HEMSTITCHING and PICOTIN6 I9 Peachfree Arcade Downsfairs ATLANTA, GEORGIA Road Machinery 634 Wlwilehall Sl. Aflania, Georgia Complimenis of HAZEL BAKING COMPANY A. R. Anderson Mrs. L. M, McGrifF Complimenis ANDERSON-MCGRIFF HARDWARE CO. 755-757 Mariefla S+. PHONE MAin 268i-2 Pee-Gee Painls, Carey Roofing, Garden Seeds, House Furnishings and Building Maferials Complimenls of THOMAS J. FREER Official Reporfer Superior Couri' 8I9 Courf House Sold loy good grocers Jrlirouglwoul' Arlanla STONE BAKING CO Ailanla, Ga. .-mr. 'ff N-1 r 'ke-ef. lf ,.',,'y ' il THE FULTON FORUM GRANT 81 CO. Selecfed S+oclcs - Bonds Complefe invesimenf service. Sound counsel and inieresfed cooperaiion in line handling and developmenf of invesf- menl' funds. Ask us for currenl informa- iion and quolafions. bl FORSYTH ST., S. W. MA. IIBI Cornplimen+s of KNOX WALKER Complimenls of JOHN C. BURDETT WE SUPPLY SCHOOLS wifh 'rhe BEST IN PURE FOODS J. H. BULLOCK GROCERY COMPANY l7l MITCHELL STREET Complimenfs of CASCADE P.-T. A. Complimenls of MRS. MABEL MAC NEILL Treasurer, Fulion Couniy Complimenfs of WEST HAVEN SCHOOL Gordon Road HAZEL BAKING COMPANY Gordon S+ree+ A+lan1'a, Georgia 5- wihif f. , .f.,-3. , ...... , if ...-.. A..-L, L- A. --V--Q.-, -, ...::.:.:,d ,,Lg:.g. . Toi. SW, THE FULTON FORUM A. R. Anderson Mrs. L. M. McGriFf Complimenfs I ANDERSON-McGRIFF C0mP"me"'S HARDWARE CO. of 7554757 Mariefia Sfreei' PHONE MAIN 268I-2 R' O' Pee-Gee Painh, Carey Roofing, Garden Seeds, House Furnishings and Building Maierials Complimenfs of ATLANTA SAUSAGE COmP'imen+S COMPANY of 9I4-I6 Howell Mill Road Phone Hemlock 73I7-73l8 DR. W. L. GILBERT Complimenfs of FRED TAYLOR 979 Marieffa Sfreef compnmems of TRIANGLE MOTORS CHICK BARRON DIAMONDS ELGIN - HAMILTON - BULOVA GEORGE C- ROBERTSCN FINE WATCHES D CI ' A. G. MOSER ry eamng JEWELER Work Called For and Delive d W Experf Repairing and Engraving l707 Howell Mill ROM-I I Phone: MAin I l54 I6 Merieife Sfreef Aflenfe, Ga. BELMONT I652-R THE FULTON FORUM SOMERSET TERRACE APARTMENTS 677 Somersef Terrace, N. E. Well arrangecl, four-room aparimenis, porch, frigidaire, garage: furnished or unfurnishedg half block Ponce cle Leon. 337.50-S4-0.00-S4250 Mac J. PickeH', Manager WAlnu'I' 5069 Complimenis of JOHNNY JOHNSTON GARDNER POTATO CHIPS SALTED PEANUTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES PEANUT CANDY BARRETT FOOD PRODUCTS CO. Faciories All Over Dixie Around the corner from anywhere Millions of people every day enjoy the refreshment of ice- g N cold Coca-Cola. Its life and sparkle go quickly into energy. .S 77 k Coca-Cola is pure, wholesome, energy-giving refreshment.. .containing no artificial flavor , A.r. ,,-: l gf.. T, .. YW Vu... V ,- 1: , , . , , E FULTON FORUM SOME DAY.. When you are a married man or woman -You are going 'ro be mighfy happy To seleci' rhe furnishings for your home from This large sfore . . . and we'll say righf now, we'll be mighfy happy 'ro serve you. STEBCIIPS II6-I20 Whiiehell S+. Complimenfs of R. L. RAMSEY Complimenfs of JOHN T. EZELL UNIVERSAL PICTURES Fine Wafches, Diamonds and Jewelry E. A. MORGAN JEWELER I I9 Hunfer Sfreef, S. W. Esfablished I905 "There is economy in a few sfeps around 'rhe corner." -lui .--Q .gf'if'z- M ,Em 1+--.wii--I-.-. W-,eg1::r.1:gk .-11,-4,f1f".,j2F:::5.V,,, f--e:1:4TQ- 'ff' im?-5 N 'fm it iv' THE FUI. Complimenfs of Douglas G. MacRae T 0 N P 0 Candy Pulling by Special Order GARROWS CANDY COMPANY 'r, S. W. I38 Whifehall Slrree Phone JAckson 9l I0 Esfablished I884 RUM Complimenrs of HALEY-STEWART ELECT COMPANY 77 Walfon S1'ree+, N. W. RICAL Complimenis W. D. HARD RAymond 4156 AWAY COAL CO. Phone WA. 2769 All fypes of elecfric-ai fixiures for fhe home TWENTY GRAND BUFFET 5- H- MCKEAN Compnmems Courf Reporier and gf Disposifion Commissioner 802 Couri House Ailania C. B. FRANKLIN Complimenrs of PAUL D. WEST Complimenfs of J. H. DUGGAN, JR. Courf Reporrer Peachfree Arcade 5251911121 . 'E 'N -:il ,.,-f-k.1:,YL - 'r-A .-g::'.:4:2., .-.. 'f7q+:g-1 ' ' 7' iffy HE FULTON FORUM Complimenfs of LAKEWOOD HEIGHTS SCHOOL SOUTHERN FEED STORES, INC. Where Your DoIIar Does Ifls Dufy Office ancI Warehouse 78 Milfon Ave. MAIn 4300 Joe C. Ki+chens, Gen. Mgr. Branch Sfores Hapeville and Souih Aflania Complimenfs of PAUL DONEHOO CORONER 609 Courf House FULTON CAFETERIA TRAMMELL SCOTT SPORTING GOODS Broad S'I'reeI' ATIar1Ta, Georgia Complimenfs of S. D. TRUITT COUNTY AGENT Fulfon Counfy CompIImen+s of DR. WILLIAM L. PRITCHETT DENTAL SPECIALIST Exodonfia - Arfificial Denfures 29V2 MARIETTA STREET Walnuf 0523 Florsheim Shoe WALTER A. GUEST Popular Priced Men's Wear 237 Mi+cheII S+reeI', S. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA S THE LTON FOR UM MEGAHEE 81 TOMLINSON JEWELERS I4 Auburn Ave. Ailanfa, Ga. WAInuI' 3089 Complimenlrs of GUY A. MOORE Complimenfs of CAMPBELL HARDWARE CO. zen Pefers s+ree+, s. w. Phone MAin 73OI BlSHOP'S PHARMACY Prescripfion Druggisfs I699 Howell Mill Road Phone Belmonf H46 DRUGS - SODAS - CIGARS BOB ALMAND GROCERIES, SEED, FEED 30I Pefers Sireei, S. W. A'rIanIa, Georgia Complimenls of E. P. HOWELL SCHOOL Feafuring HOSIERY LINGERIE THE STOCKING SHOPPE Two Enhances I Broad Sfreef, N. W. I46 Peechfree Arcade PEACHTREE HOSIERY SHOPPE No. I. I2 Peachfree Sfreel No, II. II4 Peachlree Sfreel' Complimenfs of PERKERSON SCHOOL P.-T. A. H E P U L T U N F 0 H U M Phone Jackson 0762-22I Marierra S+. cr-IAS. R. CAMPBELL COmP'Ime"IS of Walches, Diamonds. Jewelry JOSEPH W. HUMPHRNES Fine Wafches Repaired Wafch InspecIor- P.-T. A. N. C. 8: ST. L. RWY. ATLANTA, GA. DOWN 81 LITTLE MAln 'loo 8I4 Banlxhead Avenue Dry Goods - Shoes and Hardware A Good Place Io Trade MITCHELL MOTORS, INC. Your Oldsmobile Dealer 330 Peachfree SI., N. E. Complimenfs of LENA H. COX SCHOOL DEVELOPING AND PRINTING Why Ialce unnecessary chances wirh your snapshors Ialcen during school days? Re- member Ihese days are passing forever. Leave your exposed film with one of our snapshoi service sI'a+ions. PHONE WALNUT 7288 FOR YOUR NEAREST STATION LYLE a. eAsroN,'lNc. Masfer Pho'I'o Finishers American Mofor Carrier Official Organ Soufhern Mofor Carrier Rafe Conference Sou'rheas+ern Bus Tariff Bureau Only weelcly Truclc and Bus Journey in Ihe Sourh . pf. , 4. -- HK Q-...rf ' ,. ---A. ' . TNM.. ...-,.. I ' 91 3,2 THE FULTON F0 Fulton Phormocy No. I Across from Fulron High Washingion Sireef and Woodward Avenue HARRY LEFKOFF, Mgr. DOMESTIC COAL Dixie: For use in furnace. Slow burning, holds fire over nighi, low in ash, does noi' clinker. Creech: For graie, healer, aufomafic sroker and cook siove. lgnires quickly, burns freely, makes roaring hol' fire. WAInuI' 47I I RANDALL BROS. 35 .Marie'Ha SIree'I UNIVERSITY SYSTEM EVENING SCHOOL Now Offers A.B., B.S., and B.S. in Commerce. A.B. and B.S. and B.S. in Educa'I'ion 50 Facully Members IOOO Sludenls 223 WaI'Ion S+., N. W. A+Ian+a, Georgia You can depend on CAMPBELL COAL All coal looks preHy much alike . . . bul +here's a vasr difference in Ihe safisfac- 'rion if gives. CAMPBELL COAL gives you Ihe guaranlee of fiffy years of ex- perience and repuraiion. CAMPBELL COAL CO. JAckson 5000 gh Pt nk. IPX .7 , 1-T ff' Y , 'sing , ffaifff RUM PHE FULTON FORUM ,- Cf 0lQ1flJ7fl:l1LCI'Li.5 of R. L. RAMSEY , JIMMIE SCHELL. WILBUR ROOILE DOUGLAS G. MACRAE - ORA H. MURRELL KNox WALKER MR. 6? MRS. L. G. JUSTUS MR. Es' MRS. I. C. MASON J. E. WHITE , VICTOR R. MORELAND MISS VIRGIN:A HUBBARD GUY CAMPBELL - MRS. S. B. STROUT DR. E3 MRS. LOvIcK H. WILLIAMSON DR. E! MRS. M. K. SAPP NADINE HERREN G. E. PITTMAN PAULINE MAGRUDER W. M. SUTTLES J. C. EPPINGER M. M. BEARD MARGARET ALLEN C. C. WILLS, IR. GERTRUDE GORDON CHARLES E. TAYLOR DOROTHY L. SENTER SALLIE E. SHANNON SARAH C. WEBSTER JACK GOODE ik jjziniel Ag wang: az MARTIN, INC. l I6 RIITCIIELL ST.. S. IV. ATLANTA. GE0llGl.-I if 41-' i gf' . -qi, 9,11 . kd fr If - , v ' Je iw f fr ' Q za 532- -" wi if H ' Q ,.a 4 Ng gi 1 " a-: ,mg al . I 1 J -'yr W' , xx ELS-S X. ' ' ' 5 ' -x ff 1 1' -E138- 'Q if? , . ' Q P ffm in i :wif 1:8 Q N 1 ie, "ggi 31 ?'?lf-M 1 ' in 2' f E i ' A v I U ,- .L , 3' ia 351 -'M ,M V Y A' J r K XWNNN ' In IFIBBX SUUXH X YEHRBUUK W 'Pi'?,,f'?55 ,N??AV'No? C0 ' '. . if -, - -- - 5 I' sig ..Z A . .. In fran P-'UIQTQN' rwbnum 'AUTOGRAPHS' L . ' ,Q r J- ' 1 U W 9 1 ' 'Tu 5. f..1:iff-,,ql S I ,:,1f' 4 X r . , . , -W Qt .,,,..g 1 .f?V,:. . , A 5 ,Q-Qt, iV4......, --tr . S, - ' ' Us J I . 1 1 . Y 1 Y W 1 f W i i Q i i I w 4 Y W Y Y 1 Y 1 l V inn.. T ,. ff I A .-'I Q. . f"ff.a....

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