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 - Class of 1953

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Wm Wa 44 "nk '31 'saws ., X4 ix few .Q V P' ' may P .. 'A 1 V...-K ,,g,..,.,f.--"M" MM ff M Wigan , , : ""155'476',.,1fw, WWW P, Wsgqwfrwf - ,.Vf.jV X ,,W.. f .pw 1 W ,x'.L1Q:fJ, -F, wamzv., ' "5F,,1l,,-:.gm,M1gg- Qcfggiwgf 1 ..,4 J,l.,, igiwf , ,fafaf:f2Sff'+1?f:"ff- " - xmfw:-A - lf' zi'F1'4 F- ff' '+" , Q 'Y' , wfw' .- 1: . ' wr n:?"'fi?fW3g.gQ2"'L53Q,.x,,... . Qgaf?-7. W -' " 1 ' K wx. . ff We Wa .. , 54- ' f-'am . '. .X n2,nfi,e .4, feifdwgw .. Y 35 W V. Ng' ' ' K-'atxwbvs .:eg.iX5i 5-:. 44. Him . -5,3-4 V, J ty It 5' 1+ AQ Z .. Q.: T2 , I J, ' A 43 . , A ' ,, Q E 5-'fn M , "hs1'9-'Ln-I v- ,,,,...f'f" v.: ,L .4 I 'X . iw' uf, .Fr - em 'N' QL ' mmf mfr K ,A QW. 5. Nr 4,5 - wif ...w- " W, x li- JE- ' in -5 , .4 I PL f' l 1 n,,a 'f 1 V, 6' 'sf' 3 W ,, -BX-H-1 -,.-QE ,gg . , ,..' '- - .Will , . , w . v . X' 7, gg V -- , na 1+ gl ,W A- -A ' Bw' -f " MEN 3 - , " ,,,. 1 . ,X 1' ,qmxff-'Vw fV,L,yw - 4 W rx- J, U. ' Q Q-:ff I Y aria . Nw--52 'hifi .-3 " 1 ' - i Y535f'.f'I ' ' 76 .1 . 1 ,gf . ' .." - 59 4 V 4, .qw A . . - .L-1 glam QM V i3 7- G Y- ,Q sm --NI X if ' ,. ii " " "L' - f, , iw- fQ2g2,,,Qi?-vf., " MM f f -J ,Aw - ,KL 7 . ' 'P' M. , ,E ,L 5, xu A V. K -ww .. ,' , 1 ' ww ,. W, " f al- Q ff , fs, QW :- , . X MF' 1, X Vu pw 'jf Q 'fig' .4 ' A A , V. 9 3 ...L ' if Zi ,Q WK 1WE!Q3Q QQQ3O 'Y Q 0dr9fndJ Dfi:f Vqyb six M Q is fgjfifflf R Ei Aww? X32 pg? M Wwyfw ii, is xl Q if Ji Ni ,Mig is 7,415 ,M JG pffji W My 51 Wf?:?3 5222? MMM ff f K ,. ff WMM X S Q AIA' 1 K 5 1 2 gifs Q , 5 " 1 K if W Q 1 A ills . , , K " ,' 5 -H nf i ' Q, 1 1 7 'Q f S' Q. f 1 - Q - f . A- , S- "fb" ' M 1 -wfl fu ' 44 1A 44.4.1 1.44 f ' Q' in if -A,-Q Q 4, '- fl , 'uf' U- Q Wffffffqdft ,J atlbl v -I 'J ' 1 ' W'ff",zt ,W ii , , F ,tv ,W -A - fiifhd Tu! 4 ,Wt nf' A I1 1 RB 2, f 1 ,tl 0,1 ust two short years ago, on a September morn- A 'Xl Ni ing in 1951, Fulton High School officially opened its kv N it X doors to the girls and boys of North Knoxville. At D A3 gl that time, it meant only a building to us, a place to ' . Q Q l go five days a week and study. Then, as time rolled V X3 Q V' by, and we worked together, played together, and Q 1 3 X5 shared good and bad fortune alike, it ceased to be X N sys, lx' an empty shell and became something real, a place ' 13 it N XX in which our academic life and a great deal of our, ' ' QQ social life was centered. . Q Q x' You and I are Fulton High School. lt is, and will X tg 5 Q S - be in the future what we make it now while it is X yet young. Nlili I' 'h 'dh hFl ff X Q. X t is now wit pri e tat we, te acon sta , ' present to you, Fulton High School, our 1953 year- A book and with it a sincere desire that the memories herein will be safeguarded and cherished in our Q hearts forever. Q N ' YOUR ANNUAL STAFF ,, g R, PES 3 61 sc? R lm -e . XX: A J 3 . 1 X y 1 . 3- Rx NN 1 lj to X GX Fig Xxx 0 . ,Q ef F t s we . Q Q 3 ' Q- - Ni N3 SN 5 Q5 1? 2 l l 1 D' I .'. ' I 3 Raymond Bell Co-Editor Carolyn Heins Business Manager f Mrs. Beverly "N Adviser ff if U Seated left to right: Katherine Johnson Barbara Buckley - - - Sandra Levinson -- Robert Reeverts --- Raymond Bell .... Frank Blackett .... Shirley Williams .... Iva Lee Hill .............. Standing from left to Saralene Johnson - 4 right: -- - Typist ------------- Feature ---- Circulation Manager Asst. Feature Manager ------------- Co-Editor ----- Co-Editor --- Club Editor ---- Advertising -- Business J .. QT Frank Blackett Co-Editor Bessie Van Hook Advertising Manager bg! Bessie Van Hook --- ........ Advertising Manager 'mm'. .j Charley Jean Eudy --- -- Asst. Feature Editor :EEQ A Bill Puryear ,....... ..... ........... A r tist g bzlrx ':" il Melba Brewer -- ........ Artist iiyi iiyffaf, Jimmy Ward --- .... Photographer f fiA Carolyn Heins -- Business Manager A ZAAAAAA' A i if Shirley Etherton --- .... Photographer Mr. 'GCIMITIOU Marcia Goodstein --- Advertising AClViSeI' Eugene Cox .... Barbara Davis --- --- Sports Editor -- Feature Editor 5 Mr. Robert Gammon It is with great pride and pleasure that we of the Falcon Staff dedicate this, the 1953 Falcon, to Mr. Robert Gammon. His willin n ' g ess to serve others without thought of personal reward has caused him to be- respected by all with whom he has come in contact. come admired and Gammon at work 1 3' fs fi' from S . 'ff Znoxacfle 5640434 Mr Wilson New To The Student Body of Fulton High School: My congratulations to all of you for your progress in school thus far. To the senior class, especially, much credit is due for your continued effort through twelve years of your school work. I am sure that for many of you there have been times when you felt like saying, "Oh well, what's the use." lt takes ambition, courage and hard work to reach the goal of high school graduation. To all underclassmen, let me express the hope and belief that you will continue along the education highway until you achieve high school graduation. l wish to express to each and every one of you my sincerest thanks for your high standards of scholarship, sportmanship and for being good citizens. High School graduation is really a COMMENCEMENT. Upon finishing high school you may "commence" a college career or you may embark on a business career directly. Whatever your goal, may success go with you. WILSON NEW Superintendent 8 l I Knozadle geared of S Dr. John Moore Mr. Wallace Frazier President First Vice-President Mr. James E. Goddard Mr. Wiliium Wilson Mr. Henry L. Bradley Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Board Room in the Board of Education Building 9 Mr. W. M. Davis Mr. W. M. Davis, our assistant principal, is most co-operative with the staff, and, be- cause of his personal interest in each student, he is tireless in his efforts to help them fit happily and properly into the school life of Fulton High. He has been an asset to Fulton in the past two years of its existence, and we are looking forward to his faithful leadership in the years to come. Mr. Tom Johnston If any one person could be responsible tor a school as big, as unique, as wide in scope as our Fulton High, then that person would be Tom Johnston, our principal. Not only has he helped plan the building, but also has set up a comprehensive school within its walls. He has successfully managed it through its first two years, and we sincerely hope that he will continue to lead the youth of our community. ..,,, gan-iv , fi bw X' Via. A Y- if Miss Adcock Mr. Alexander Mr. Andre Mr. Ball Mr. Bentley Mrs. Beverly ' Mrs. Burger Miss Butcher Miss Butler is Miss Byrd f -REQ' Mrs. Cclruthers X Miss Chesnuh' Mr. Corn Mr. Cruze Miss Doiy SQ.-,K qx , X N A I 1 Mrs. Dowling Miss Durham Mr. Elmore Mr. Farris Mr. Fine 5 Mr. Forkner XmL31',?- - Mrs. Fowler Mrs. Franklin Mr. Gammon Mr. Hill Miss Kent Mrs. Kirby Miss Lowe Mr. Lowery Mrs. Lusk Mr. Lusk Miss Mosterson Miss Paul Mr. Petree Mr. Sharp Mrs. Sherbokoff Mrs. Shipe Mr. Stout Mr. Thornton Mr. Torresoni Mr. Turley Miss Underwood Miss Vaught Mr. Vinyord Mr. Wallin Miss Weigel Mr. Wildman Miss Windham Mr. Wirth Mr. Wright Mr. Pointer Miss McNab Mrs. Frawley Office Staff FIRST ROW - Miss McNab. SECOND ROW - Katherine Johnson, Thea Ridley, Nancy Jo Norton, Jo Newcomb, Barbara Shattuck, Joanne Tipton, .loan Adams, Anne Truan, Marcia Goodstein. THIRD ROW - Charley Jean Eudy, Shirley Steele, Mary lou Stonecipher, Evelyn Stamps, Saralene Johnson, Pat Taylor, Iva Lee Hill, Carolyn Webb. 16 3 ai 'Y I Vx: , l 'W S i G E 'sl g inf j ff' X fl W ' , 2 hql , 3 C, R yu ' --is-r r M WWE Ti? a-11 H4129 -.1 Don Edwards Gene Cox Charles Kennedy President ce President P bl u Iflfy Chairman Shirley Williams Historian Ma rllyn Coutney Secretary Treosu rer 655- ' ik ., ,e fr-Sf -.. amiga, Q xTim K Q eff ' -,iw WL.. ri.- ffl? gi - z fe, 3 2 qzS'es: 'Rd sv Bs :Ei as 5 ,fe is if nf Q s f was Alf ia N' . giiflnvfsg E. Exe ww ,gen he ,,, k k.,,r . -- ss ., 2 Xgalcf. ,L ---J, -:ff 2 N-wie 2 A , li ' 'Wil 1 'Jn fs M M' lffklvi. ii? - . ' ' ififil 1 iff f - K 1 010' Miss Elnoru Paul Adviser Mr. A. W. Torresuni Adviser 18 Nancy Abbey Joan Adams Nathan Allison June Ammons Charles Atkins James Atkins Hazel Badgett Louise Bales Joyce Barlow Mary Charles Barnett Elbert Beeler Patsy Beeler Raymond Bell Roy Bentley Roberta Bridges Gwendolyn Brooks Buddie Bruce Barbara Buckley Betty Buckner Thula Burns Wanda Caldwell J. R. Cavin Billy Chambers Palsy Chambers Ray Cinnamon Bob Cliff Judy Coile Morris Collins Nancy Connelly Eugene Cox Carolyn Craig Barbara Davis Joan Shiflet Davis Peggy Davis Lonette Donahue Joe Easterly Don Edwards Jack Ellis Norma Ensor Shirlee Etherton Charley Jean Eudy Ronald Foulk Ralph Faulkner Shirley Fielden Evelyn Ford Mark Franklin Faye Frazier Thomas Frazier Martha French Jimmy George Gail Giles Mitzi Green Wanda Hall Wilma Hall Hugh Harbin Marie Harper Wanda Henry Margarette Hobbs Patsy Honeycutf Mary Ann Hooks Owen Hornby Donald Hunt Jackson Ivester Phylis Jarboe Kenneth Jenkins Katherine Johnson Robert Johnson Saralene Johnson Jackie Jones Laura Kellems Charles Kennedy Doris Kesterson Betty Koontz Faye Large Earl Lane Elizabeth Lauthner Howard Lee Don Leeson Sandra Levinson Faye Lockhart Don Longmire Peggy Lovett Stanley McAnalIy Jerry Martin Wilma Mode Gene Moses Sam Murphy Bill Neel Jo Newcomb Edmond Nicely Nancy Jo Norton Bill Ousley Paula Parker Bill Peters Eula Peters Betty Prater Dean Roberts Gene Roberts Joe Rogers Charlotte Rollins Ed Scott Douglas Smith Mary Smith Leroy Smithwick Shirley Steele Angela Stramiello Shirley Surrette Hulinda Tapp Patty Taylor Jessie Thompson Ann Truan Bessie Van Hook Bob.Wallace Martha Wallace Jimmy Ward Bill Warwick Ned Warwick Don Watkins Carolyn Webb Earl Wells WJ 55, jjw Y 3,k2J' 47 H '31 Jw!!! Frances Whaley Mary Ruth White Shirley Williams Sylvia Williams Jack Willbanks Jim Wright John Wood Jimmy Young Ray Accuff Cecil Arp Louise Bales Betty Ballard Boyd Beeler Richard Benson Joan Bickerstaff fb! lg? J q J l K A 'f I0 7 I Ulf 'X A J i flj X gy 6 . fjglf, Bertha Black Frank Blucketf Shirley Brummeii Anna Byrd Clyde Campbell James Covalaris Francis Cherry Jo Anne Chihum Marilyn Coafney Roger Cureion Paul Dinkins Charles Durham Kyle Elkins Earnest Elsion Mary Jo Fleming James Ha Caro ll lyn Hatcher Charles Hawkins Tommy Hays Caro lyn Heins Sandra Helms Bob Henderson Pat Hickam Pat Hinds lva Lee Hill Edna Irwin Karen Ka Vic Betty Jollay Y King Malcolm Knight Kay Lennon Don Lobertini Peggy Looney Marion Love Don Loy Howard Maples Bonnie Miller Mary Ann Miller Roberi Miller Vera Miller Jack Ronald Newman Bob Norris Norma Jean O'Neil Margaret Oxencline Vivian Phillips Patsy Pitts Gerald Raine Robert Reeverts Bob Repass Shirley Ricker Pat Robertson Bill Rook Bill Sattertielcl Ralph Stalsworth Bernard Steele Joan Summey Eureka Suttles Patsy Taylor Bill Todd Betty Turner Bill Warwick Bill Watkins Mono Weaver Carolyn Webb Janice Whiteside Linda Wight Phyllis Williams Sonny Wilson Gayle Wolfe l l Bobby June Wright Bill York Charles You ng Barbara Dunn Lester Malmquist Charles Stevens Last Will and Testament of O the Sen lor Class When in the course of human? - events it becomes necessary to depart from dear ole' Fulton High School, we of the Senior Class are about to shed some duck tears. We have to leave, but we can't take it with us. So-we leave to: THE JUNIORS - All our bandages and medicines in the hope that they won't get cut as much as we did. THE SOPHOMORES - The Green Hornet, in the hope that they can make it run. THE FRESHMEN - All our ropes in the hope that they will be able to hang as loose as we did for 4 years. COACH SHARP - All our fathers' suspenclers in the hope that something will come up. COLONEL LOWERY - The duck tears that we have just shed in hopes that they put out the fires in the sinks. ' MISS VAUGHT - An elevator lhandy pocket sizeb so she won't have to walk up those 99 steps from Broadway. MISS KENT - All our cuss words, if you'll pardon the slang. MR. TURLEY - A ioke book to replenish his threadbare supply of iokes. MISS BEVERLEY 4 The hopes of selling more annuals next year. MISS PAUL - Another historical fact: Mr. Andre was the best metal termite in the nation. MR. TORRESANI - All the sawdust out of our heads for use in future students. MISS CHESNUTT - All our imperfections along with a tear for the few students that didn't have any. MISS ADCOCK - A beautiful orchid to wear in her hair to school everyday. MR. GAMMON - Our gratitude for the good ole' Joe he has been to us. MRS. CARUTHERS - All our clocking typewriters in hopes that she will get a per- manent room for them. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all students are created equal lTeach- ers! Please take note and make an effort to pass us.D We therefore, solemnly leave .......... if we can. The Senior Class by Barbara Davis Barbara Buckley 33 x Attention Ladies cmd Gentlemen, Goofs, and Idiots! You are about to witness the greatest spectacle of all time. - 4 seconds - 3 seconds - 2 seconds - l second - And now the "Big Bad Bird" is zooming into space. Destination - land of Eternal Stupidity. You know of course, that the brains behind this deal is none other than the great master mind, Eugene Cox. And we must not forget the wonderful mechanical geniuses who built the ship, Owen Hornby, Bill Watkins, and Earl "Nashville" Wells, As we look into the control room, we see Gerald "Sex Appeal" Raine, Ozzie Huffaker, and Fern Lou Bales fHaw'd she get in heref-'J vainly trying to decide which way is up. You see, Gerald insists that to go up you must head sideways. Leaving the control room, we step into the kitchen of the ship. Cooking madly away are Pat Chambers, Marilyn Coatney, and Iva Lee Hill. Peering over their shoulders is the universally famous dietitian, Faye Large. Over in the corner we see the two most successful dishwashers of all time, singing "Granclma's Lye Soap" and using same, Joe Rogers and Pat - ah! Pardon me! - Patricia Hinds. Now we are entering the recreation room. In the center is a beautiful and gigantic swimming pool. Swimming around is the wonder of the universe, Saralene "Sardine" Johnson. A reporter standing by, Charles Kennedy, tells us that there has iust been a bathing beauty contest. Judges were: Robert Reeverts, "Frankie" Blackett, and Charlie "BuIl" Durham. They are now warbling their theme song, "Knight and Day". Instead of having a head iudge, there was a "figure" judge, Raymond Bell. By the way, the winner was the gorgeous, figure-perfect Buggy "Buck" Buckley. At this time we must mention that we have the new president of the United Mine Workers, Bill "Mogo" Rook, with us today. By the way, he is also the heavyweight wrestling champion of the universe. As the strains of "In the Sweet By and By" reach our ears, we see Rev. James Cavalaris conducting a prayer service for Billy Neel. Poor Bill'is loved by all women, especially one Louise Bales, and has a horrible time keeping them away. Next is the Night Club, where a stupendous fmostly stupidi floor show is going on. These is the immortal J. "Cobb" Easterly singing "Asleep in the Deep" iWe wish he werel. And now the beautiful torch singer, Barbara Davis is practicing fire swallowing with her torches while the band plays "Kiss of Fire". lncidentally, the band leader is none other than Don Edwards. Entertaining the poor sats on the first row, lWildl Bill "Big Red Dooker" Satterfield and Bob "Little Red Dooker" Miller, is a marvelous bubble 34 dancer, Betty Turner. However, she is having quite a bit of Trouble trying to keep the "coon" brothers, Leroy Smithwick and Roy Bently from bursting her bubbles. Now the chorus line staggers - I mean dances - out on the stage. They are Pat Robertson, Wanda Henry, Jo "Iodine" Newcomb, Charlie Jean "Mother" Eudy, Pat Taylor, Bessie Van Hook, Nancy "Eenie" Norton, Peggy "Toons" Looney, Carolyn Craig, Angela "Swiv- el Hips" Stramiello, Katherine Johnson, and Shirley"'Wool" Williams. Slipping around is our gal with the long tresses, Bertha Black. We'll never tell, but she is really the head of our "spacers" vice squad, selling: C-I2 H-12 N-2 O-3 powder. Her accomplices are Mona Weaver, Sandra Levinson, and Don Loy. Over in the corner are the hat check girls, the "Royal" Martha "Frenchie" French and the peroxided beauty?, Hulinda Tapp. Sad, but true is the fact that not all the people in the world today are successes, and as we look in the closet on our right we see Nathan Allison and Patty "Kissable" Taylor, standing on their soap boxes, debating the subiect "Which Comes First the Chicken or the Egg" to their audience of a cocker spaniel and 2 iay birds. Hark! Do we hear some melodious voices singing a lullaby? Why look - it's Jimmy "ldiot" Ward, Glen "Cherokee" Keeton, Bob Norris, and Charlie Stephens bounc- ing their brats on their much used laps. Last but not least, we have some leaders who seem to be much needed among our lowly "spacers". They are Kay "Pres" Lennon and Donnie "Veep" Lobertini. We hope that some of their teachings will help Carolyn "Hot Rod" Heins and prevent her from being "Rooked" into anything. Ouch! What was that bump? Oh, Say folks! We're here! Here in the land of eternal stupidity! Just breathe in the air. lt really does something to you, doesn't it? You know, the horse is the most useful of all animals. So is the cow. My mama had two ducks. One of them died. It smelled awful. lt there's anything l hate, its a Horse. Z! Z5-au J -44.01, ' . J , M . er? '44-l.f'?,45 . 9' 35 Douglas Smith Pat Chambers Sanclra Levinson Bill Watkins Charles Kennedy Marilyn Coatney Don Lobertini Betty Prater Carolyn Craig Gene Cox Sonny Wilson Iva Lee Hill Gayle Wolf Joe Easterly Jimmy Ward Pot Robertson CBN?- yb ? NYGF L ease, Qt owl' Hlflbgmn PL eff FRQEND 'W' warms, r ! 1 I Pussy 2, muff!-165 K Nf- . lk Sf Q lt LA k, 5 , ,, V INC' Q 'f by i fg9,Gffx' 4- SMF' sq? HAN6 LUOS EN MQDMQ 3230, ,Yu S AR P' NF Fhkis x 0c?igm A R?- 7 PIP! 01109 5 5 his 5 W e NF THW' rwsn "5 WAJT H Miuufe. fherd Fivsgf lzpbfflilmf cf-ff" Whp 2553 LUN, FW91' ffofv' s ll-1 digg I Qig 3 5 Eflwff fund 2-Nm' ye Q oTey P T ,Hoge Re-lfvflalg od ,Yr spwm J S 'gee-5 if-7, f .,,' Q 'L:.55.-:fin Y 5 A .jr A pw fs l 6 Peg -A 1 H H? 9 1 5 5 5 3 E s 4 3 Q E Kf- QI' T 0.3, f 'WS CL., UM Neal Busch Benny Dyer Margaret Miller Teddy Baker Joe McAfee Publicity Chairman President Secretary Treasurer Vice-President 42 Norma Abbey Bobbie Acuff Catherine Adams Rosie Lee Adams Wayne Allen James Ausmus Ed Ault Jake Baker Teddy Baker , Lloyd Bales Joe Barnes Thomas Beck Betty Beeler Herman Beeler Richard Bellah Lewis Blackburn Harold Bowman Melba Brewer Patsy Brewton Yvonne Bridges Gerald Brimer Janice Broyles Marvelyn Buckner Bobby Burcham Herbert Burnett Kathy Burnett Ronnie Burkhart Bill Burger Neal Busch Bill Byars Robert Byington Paul Caldwell Lillie Capps Betty Jo Carmichael Bobby Carmichael in we 5 .1 f. .ex Patsy Chittum Joyce Cianciola Aline Clark Grace Cleveland Barbara Clifton Bernard Clifton Bruce Clifton William Coatney Rosetta Combs Bill Comer Patsy Conner Mary Copeland Virginia Cornett Trula Cockrum Ann Cox Joyce Cox Marsha Cox Dorothy Crossman Patty Dixon Bill Doggett Nathan Douglas Bill Dyke Benny Dyer Giles Dye Yvonne Dunn Barbara Dunlap Martha Elkins Keith Ellison Pat Elmore Jimmy Embry Faye Emery Juanita Esslinger Bob Evars Clyde Farmer Jimmy Farris Ruth Ferrick Glenna Force Patsy Forrester Bob Foust Roberta Fralcer Donald Fox Sue Frazier Barbara Gaut Charlie Gentry Artie Mae Gilmore Jim Goodman Marcia Goodstein Dick Goodgame Marlene Goolsby Betty Green Eleanor Green Bert Gronseth George Groseclose Barbara Haliburton Marion Hall Rogan Hall Eleanor Harb Ramsey Harb Charles Harrell Jim Harrington Ballard Haskew Gerald Hathcote Charles Henry James Hauther Delores Hay Sonny Hines Shirley Holt Jimmy Hong Shirley Hood Bob Horton Gail Hughes Gerald Humphrey Carolyn Hunley Patsy Irwin' Pat James Emma Johnson Hubert Jeffries Sam Jollay Raymond Jones Betty Julian Glenn Keck Pat Keebler Milton King Carolyn Kirk Johnnie Kiser Pat Kiser Betty Kosier Barbara Lambdin Roy Lavik Annette Lawhorn Bill Lawson Wayne Leatherwoocl Roy Lester Charles Lifford Lawrence Long Betty Lowe Nadine Marcum Joe McAfee Johnny McDade Fred Massengill Connie McGill Blanche McGill Eula McKinney Patsy McKinney Barbara Miller Eleanor Miller Margaret Miller Phylis Miller Virginia Minton Joe Miracle Jean Mischlich Joanne Money Frances Morrison Marilyn Moser Bill Moyers Kenneth Mynatt Phillip Mynatt Mary Ann Needham Curtisdeane Nelson Pat Nelson J. H. Nighbert Doris Nine Earl Ogle Lois Owens Charles Painter Ronnie Peake Lois Perkins Don Pierce Sara Pierce Larry Pittman Carol Pitts Gordon Porter Bobby Powell Eugene Price Peggy Price Eugene Proffitt Jack Pryor Jimmy Pryor Bruna Mae Puckett Darrell Qualls Burl Rainwater Earl Rainwater Edward Ray Emily Remine Evelyn Richeson Bill Rogers Nancy Rogers Laura Mae Rush Mary Lou Sanders Joyce' Satterfield Dewayne Seagraves Norman Shannon Lewis Sharp Barbara Shattuck Barbara Sherrod it 4 .xy , fl l Bob Shipley Becky Slack Curtis Smith Eugene Smith J Onieda Smithwick Sandra Snodderly Johnny Spainhower John Spencer Douglas Spangler Bogle Standifer Faye Standford Martha Stansberry Linda Stanton Melba Stewart Mary Lou Stonecipher Verneena Stout Joanne Strauss Jewell Suffriclge Margaret Suttles Wanda Sweargin Wi Dale Thomas Fred Toole Billy Turner Jim Turner Vivian Turner Paul Underwood Wilma Valentine Wayne Vinyard Wanda Waggoner Bob Wallace Mary Waldroup Bruce Walker Carolyn Walker Ernie Walker - Gwen Warwick Pat Watkins Eugene Watkin Shirley Weaver Dan Webb Iva Webb Patsy Weisgarber Sylvia Wheeler Doris Whedbee Carolyn Wight Jimmy Williford Glenn Williams Phyliss Williams if Howard Wilson l Loretta Wilson Shirley Wilson Cara Nita Winn Marjorie Witt Rodney Wolf Nancy Wong Gene Woods 7 ll 1 u i f 5 ' , Qigf - f 4, J 'H' 'F 5 I xx A ,E I 5 P Q, Georgia Worshcxm Alice Wright Carolyn Wyrick Jerry Yecxrwood s -0---Q... 4' . ga 4 ,, , F Y, A. Riffs 253, iv wx , H43 K Q It my gi K ,v xr 31" ?H: ar , ' 1 W 34' Y .-.1 Lf 'V Y iw , NY I ' 'a,. Q A Y. K if 1 -1-7 ' Jim Reed Margaret Yarnell Treasurer Publicity Chairman Rosemary Lobertini Phil Schulz Betty Kelly Vice President President Secretary 52 C! Miss Adcock's Homer? FIRST ROW - Jack Beal, Ed Auli, Helen Beeler, Gay Aichley, Judy Boyce, Carolyn Ball, Philip Blevins, Jerry Allen. SECOND ROW - Joe Bacher, Richard Adams, Wayne Acuff, Bill Adams, Trula Berkley, Loretta Bowling, Martha Brimer, Juanita Ammons, Ruby Beard. THIRD ROW - Franklin Baskins, James Bowles, Gene' Baker, Jack Alexander Tipion Barnes, Wanda Beeler, Muncey Ballenger, Betty Bellah. Mrs. BeverIy's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Glenda Cochran, Mary Jane Cockrum, Gail Carroll, Eugene Bryson, Gene Cliff, Margaret Clark, Elizabeih Caldwell, Carolyn Collins. SECOND ROW - Virginia Carter, Donna Bunch, Wilma Coffey, June Cardwell, Mary Ann Buckner, Gladys Collins, Jo Ann Clifion. THIRD ROW - Roy Cole, Robert Clemons, Charles Broyles, Charles Brown, James Cannon, Kenneih Colburn, Donald Chapman. 53 f fb .f jf' Mr. Andre' Homeroom J L " ff ,I ffl Y X is R " , R I ,tk . FIRST ROW - left to right -- Roger Cross, Bobby Comer, Bill Dow, Dorothy Davis, Betty DeRieux,SECOND ROW - left to right - Richard DeBusk, Earl Do glas, Charles Dobbs, Tommy Craig, Jimmy Corum, Harold Cunningham. 4541 rs. Burger's Homeroom FIRST ROW - left to right - Kay Duncan, Mrs. Burger, Dorothy Evans, Shirley Frost. SECOND ROW - Eddie English, Larry Ferguson, Paul Frerking, Ralph Estes, Lee Roy Dyer, Herbert Frost. THIRD ROW - Raymond Faulkner, Stanley Field, Robert Faulkner, James Ferguson, Cecil Ford, Doyle Edmondson, Elizabeth French. FOURTH ROW - Mary Ellen Ford, Wynona Dupree, Shirley Drinnen, Jerry Ellis, Audra Freeman, Dana Ford, Martha Foulks. 54 Miss l nutt's Homeroom lui. I' FIRST ROW - Sue Greene, Shirley Gresham, Evelene Graves, Barbara Garrett, Emelda Harms, Elaine Gorghis, Catherine Hackworfh, Shirley Grodeman. SECOND ROW - Charles Glick, Jackie Hauther, Annette Hanley, Gerrie Haggard, Richard Hall, Lem Godfrey, Miss Chesnutt. THIRD ROW - Carl Hall, Harolcl Griffin, Buddy Hale, Jack Harrell, Terry Hartman, Jimmy Groseclose, Burl Harris, Miss Durham's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Joan Hensley, Patricia Hunley, Shirley Helms, Libby Houser, Jean Heotherly, Irene Horner, Carolyn Holder, Carolyn Hunt. SECOND ROW - Miss Durham, Lester Householder, Jesse Helton, Priscilla Human, Yvonne Hudson, Yvonne Huffaker, Linda Houston, Helen Huffaker. THIRD ROW - Howard Hudgins, Gerald Humphrey, Ross Hill, Charles Hood, Melvin Hutson, Dan Heavner, James Hensley. FOURTH ROW - Bill Irvine, John Huffman, Dennis Hershey, David Hubbs. 55 Mr. Farris's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Nora Kirkman, Barbara Jones, Zora Lee Knighl, Jo Anne Kellems, ancy King, Helen Jones. SECOND ROW - Jack Kirk, James Kesterson, Robert Jackson, Warren Jones, Bobby Jinks. THIRD ROW Jim Gibb Johnson, Leonard Jones, Maynard John- son, Richard James, Fred Jones, Lloyd Jollay. wwfgjfg, ' . Kirby s Homeroom Rx J . M in FIRST ROW - Billy Long, Marvin Lane, Gordon Lambdin, Carlos Lakin, David Linkes, Timmy Lay, Bob Lane, Raberl Lillle, Melvin Lillie, Ken Lee. SECOND ROW - Ed Larue, Sylvia Litlleiohn, Joanne Lauria Carolyn Lealherwood, Joan Lemarr, Joan Long, Rosemary Lobertini, Carolyn Laugherty, Margaret Koehn, Eulo Jean Lambdin, Marjorie Lacey, Lois Laugheriy, Emalee Llewellyn, Mrs. Otlie Kirby. 56 r. Ball' Homeroom FIRST ROW - David Miller, Lillian Mavnarcl, Shirley McMahan, Mr. Ball. SECOND ROW - Charles McMahon, Jimmy Miller, Dickie McCoy, Gilbert McCulley, Bill Mellon, Johnny McCoy. THIRD ROW-Emma Lee McMahon, Shelvia Loy, Barbara Loy, Mary McDonald, Carolyn McKinney, Janet Merril. FOURTH ROW - Frank McCarter, Billy McFalI, Bill Lovell. A r. Forkne 'X Homeroom 'QFTFYXWQQQQ iff 'J , X 1 f FIRST ROW - Joan Mynall, Marlha Neil, Aileen Ownby, Dorolhy Miracle, Pat Newcomb, Kalherine Parks, Kay Mynalt, Mary Mur- phy SECOND ROW - Bobby Payne, Bob Moore, Robert Oxendine, Warren Nighbert, Gary Orfield, Shirlene Mynaft, Jimmy Ownby. THIRD ROW -- Fred Newton, Mr. Forkner, Bill Moses, Thomas Patiy, Thomas Murphy, Claude Patty. 57 L f A, rw' ijuff i ' i 4. al. I I ms' .rj Q Qi XN Tir- A Y N L Mrs. Shipe' Homeroom FIRST ROW - Mrs. Shipe, Jean Rice, Thea Ridley, Janice Queener, Don Reeverts, Jim Reed, Bill Rose, Bobby Reep. SECOND ROW - Betty Peters, Doris Perrin, Della Ramsey, Jack Phillips, Bill Puryear, Kirby Rand, Thomas Perkins. THIRD ROW - Allen Roberts, Dennis Reeser, Jack Perky, Jack Roberts, Robert Potter, Donald Reed, Kenneth Riffey. FOURTH ROW - Ernest Pittman, Charles Roach, Thomas Rogers, Wade Ridenour, Houston Pratt, Ray Rose, Robert Pultz. Mrs. Sherbakoffs Homeroom FIRST ROW - Paula Schart, Don Sharp, Phil Schultz, Mrs. Sherbakoft, Bob Smith, George Smith, Joan Seagraves. SECOND ROW - Bill Shreve, Molly Shults, John Sherrod, Nancy Shoff, Joann Roth, Robert Smith. THIRD ROW - Vaughn Shanklin, Gail Shoemaker, Shirley Smith, Sara Sisk, Neal Solomon, Bob Spurling, Harold Sexton. FOURTH ROW - Hobert Simmons, Vincent Rouse, Lowell Smith, Billy Smith, .lack Sexton, Tom Staclum. 58 Y Y Mrs. Windham's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Ja Ann Stalsworth, Peggy Vandergriff, Sara Lynne Stein, Evelyn Stamps, Marjorie Swatzell, Joyce Stanton. SECOND ROW - Frank Tiddle, Clarence Turner, Joe Taylor, Harold Tallent, Jimmy Stalsworth. THIRD ROW - Billy Thorpe, Thomas Van Hoo- sier, Eddie Stevens, Monty Taylor, Charles Steele. l l O , Mrs. Dowling s Homeroom FIRST ROW - Russell Williamson, Mrs. Dowling, Bill Wise, Jerry Walker, Margaret Yarnell, Benny Walker. SECOND ROW - Eugene Badgett, Robert Wolf, Eddie White, Robert Williard, Charles Wayman, Dorotha Wilson, Elizabeth Wright. THIRD ROW - Edward Woods, Robert Webb, Carol White, Mary Alice Witt, Jeanne White, Bobbie Whitt. FOURTH ROW - Ronnie Williamson, Ranny Wor- ley, James Ward, Eldon Wright, Curtis Williams. 59 - ' Q ,,, .-4.g1. 55 , W QSM .km ff my ,. ff x 'V . . . 1' Miss ButIer's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Shirley Bailes, Georgia Amburn, Sandra Armstrong, Maiorie Bryan, Betty Burns, Rose Cadle, Pauline Akers, Mary Buckner. SECOND ROW - Glen Bloomer, Bobby Barlow, Doug Anderson, Jody Burnefte, Jack Allison, David Bratcher, Miss Butler. THIRD ROW - Bill Bunch, Bobby Blankenship, Sammy Beeler, Dalton Baskin, Clyde Arden, Sammy Bryant, Marshall Bost. FOURTH ROW - Kenneth Caldwell, Dan Arden, Walter Cadle. Mrs. B rd's Homeroom - Y VX FIRST ROW - Ben Carpenter, Patsy Connor, Katherine Clayton, Sue Carey, Mary Crawford. Dan Edwards, Thomas Cinnamon, Hay- den Dutton, Richard Edmonds. SECOND ROW - George Draper, Jimmy Day, Lynn Colthorp, Glenn Dicken, Bill, Cox, Bob Eason, Hughie Duncan, John Dobbs, Bob Carver. THIRD ROW - John Croley, Jim Davis, Annetta Cross, Janet Chittum, Barbara Cockrum, Patsy Daniels, Christine Dyer, Carl Cechini, Bill, Chestney. FOURTH ROW - Bill Cockraum, George Cook, Fred Chadwell, Kenneth Coffey, Charles Cole. 62 Miss Kent's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Miss Kent, Joe Ford, Frank Esslinger, David Goodpasture, Carroll Gwyn, Jimmy Green, David Gorghis. SECOND ROW - Shelby Faddis, Norma Engle, Virginia Ferguson, Joe Green, Charles Elmore, David Hull, Jimmy Farr, Don Hale. THIRD ROW - Elizabeth Emerson, Ruby Grubbs, Mary Ruth Harris, Alice Harless, Juanita Hammock, June Harrell, William Harmon, Joe Franklin. FOURTH ROW - Rosemary Ferree, Shelby Grodeman, Joyce Harper, Ray Farr, Verlus Gray, Harold Fields, Bobby Gregg. i 9 Mr. Petree Homeroom FIRST ROW - Ernest Human, Shelby Knight, Virginia lvester, Delores Jackson, Swaneza Lynch, Audry Lowe, Sharon Irion, Milton Jennings. SECOND ROW - Glenda Hunley, Peggy Hollifield, Sue Hathcock, Virginia Hunt, Patsy Hunter, Louise Hurst, Cecelia Hodge. THIRD ROW - Jack Laugherty, Kenneth Hopkins, Roy Irwin, George Leach, Robert Henderson, Lawrence Lewis, Thomas Lee. FOURTH ROW - Kenneth Huskey, Charles Jones, Roy Hendrick, Eugene Hurst, Jimmy Loy, James Lackey, Billy Marshall. FIFTH ROW - Richard Lindsay, Bill Johnson, Roy McClellan, Eugene Haynes, Albert Ison. 63 J Mr. TurIey's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Gordon McCroy, Bill Perry, Mickey Merritt, Glenetta Maples, Katherine Noe, Ada Noe, Patricia Miller, Fanny Payne, Allan Monday, Bill Park. SECOND ROW - James McCubbins, Walter Mc Daniel, Jack Peters, Fred McCormick, Shirley O'Shell, Jo Anne Myers, Joyce Miller, Jerry North, Tommy Morrisey. THlRD ROW - B. D. Mc Millin, Gerald Markham, Jerry Mc Coy, Harvey McGinnis, Eugene Muncy, Clarence Nelson, James Mincy, Johnny Merriman, Herbert Mc Daniel, Raymond Murphy. YS . Ll S S O me YOU In M L k' H FIRST ROW - Barbara Sparks, Ceora Smith, Joyce Robertson, Wanda Shiflet, Gretchen Snyder, Ann Sands, Patricia Smith, Peggy Prestwood. SECOND ROW - John Picquet, James Pierce, Benny Smith, Elmo Pinkston, G. W. Scott, Robert Stokes, Harry Slagle, Da- vid Raleigh. THIRD ROW - Billy Scruggs, Robert Ritch, Frank Shattuck, Richard Pratt, David Rymer, Dan Smith, James Suffridge, Mrs. Lusk. FOURTH ROW - Clifford Reed, Kenneth Russell, O. V. Smelser, Dan Spears, Kenneth Pope, Charles Savage, John Sexton, Ted Smiddy. 64 Mrs. F-owIer's Homeroom FIRST ROW - Alfred Zehner, Wilbur Wilson, Iris Wade, Anita Wilbanks, Dorothy Wolfenbarger, Gaye White, Joyce Thomp- son, Freddie Tindell, David Vittetoe. SECOND ROW - Mrs. Fowler, Martha Walden, Judy Summitt, Pearl Workman, Mary Walker, Elizabeth Thomas, Bobbie Vandiford, Dorothy Vittetoe. THIRD ROW - Buddy Yates, James Wilson, Robert Whitaker, Charles White, James Woody, Bobby Wollard, Robert White, Virgil Vandergriff, Jack Turner. FOURTH ROW - Gerald Sumners, Kenneth Thomas, Bobby Watson, Homer Wallace, Carl Turner, Eugene Torver, Bob Tyler, Tommy Troutman, Charles Warrick, James Wolfenbarger. A w 'vwmlz se1ww1':1Lm ueQm es-n-u in ,vnu ,1-:2 mmm: all -me Qslunnma tnfxrl.-mnwezr ,sm-nuumuuu1u w 13356 v 1 5,15 5 2 , ,,: - , -uv" ul' .... '. V A -. ., yn, X E1 1 Q -1 iv D- '-1t,.',.f.,h--, 4 - 5 ' rs. ..,:,ix.,..21is..,, A N .2 A -Wx K A u Q, M Ya ww- Www? ' 'X sara , 3 2 L K L," 5 lj. . Q f4"'N -4 . NX., .Q-X X. f 3f""" :sms V . Lxgikh yw,A,X ,, , ., :: V A , as IA'2 :'Q Q BA aw W , Q.. .WW M M lf w 3, KL F F ai vfwfmfw-1---..,,,, an M gf . f-Y -r, A . 5 raw K 7515? X H fm f-X ' . -ff' N' , x 2:1 x - ph za , K i 4 K K .Xg5,'?!gkLy5? !.xf-xl f. ..' . I ,H - K xx at xl vb I K, 3 V., I I L55 'pjggz ,355 f' 5?!11Wf3n . , W- 1' . A . l , 1 u Fix .3 I v : . ,-X., ,f . f -:gifs 5? Q ,, PY :SF ,, As ,mx Q 'va ,uv 'f .SW Q 1 , -.ikkiii 3, ,rg 54 S , Kiwi? Q Y 2? 3' 'KTA 'SN 43 A E 'S fs sm? Strings FIRST ROW: Emily Remine, Bruna Vlae Puckeii, Barbara Cale, Eliza- beih De Rieux, Beiiy Kelly, Mary lane Murphy. SECOND ROW: Mary nn Hooks, Jimmy Groseclose, Bar- xara Halliburion, Mary Jane Cock- rum, Debbie Pierce, Elizabeih French, Robert Oxendine, David Miller, Don Ford. Officers ight to Left: David Miller, Barbara ale, Gerald Raine, Beity Kelly, mily Remine, Elizabeih French, Mary Ann Hooks, Mary Jane Mur- ahy. Wind 'FIRST ROW: Carol Maynard, Jim llohnson, Gerald Raine, Rosemary lloberiini. SECOND ROW: Sonny ines, Dale Thomas, Hughie Dun- n. Orchestra , J' A J i ,. 1 1 7 'l -ww V f .A:1wm L Q1 Q1 - Wolf ayle -G Secretary Easterly Joe President Bales Treasurer - Louise Vice-President - Pat Hinds Accompanist - Margaret Miller Garrett, UTD rb Ba yce, Shirley Brummette, Nancy Connelly, Peggy Davis, Charley Jean Eudy, Bo Barlow, Judy Joyce NOS OPRA S - C 2 T: Z E U D. L C 0 E 4- 0 n.. o m L o 2 E o vt C -C o "I an C 2 u L. U an .E Z D C 'U LI-I C su .1 U ss- ss- 3 I 0 c I: O w 5- L vu .K o o I C 1: 42 - U L O E 0 eu U 2 .9 'C 4 :- L o 2 Anne Truan, Mona Ray Weaver, Doris Jean Whedbee, Charlotte Sanders, Lou P'- .. U E Ur .. 3: D. Ps ... .. U CL .fr .- r: D. 'E L 5 U ui U L ll A. .C U 1. U CD Wolf. ayle n, Shirley Wilson, G Wilso Carolyn Craig, onciolo, Ci yce rs, JO mbe ha C tsy Caldwell, Pa Elizabeth Beeler, Helen Bales, uise Lo tchley, A GY -G OS ALT LL BA MR. LOUIS Barbara Puckett, Bruna Mae .lo Ann Money, Linda Houston, Mary Ann Miller, Emery, Emelcla Harmes, Faye Davis, CFC fb Ba Ol' Direct Sherrod, Vivian Turner, Shirley Ann Weaver, Nancy Wong. Wilson. rd Neel, Howa att, Bill yn Phillip M Moses, Billy dman, 00 mG Ji Huffaker, Hinds, Bill NORS - Pat TE Frost, Balla rd Faulkner, Herbert Bob Eddie English, Bowman, Joe Easterly, Harold Bentley, Roy Bellah, Richard BASSES - er, Bill l'l1 mmy Tu Ji ick, Leroy Smithw arp, Bob Smith, Sh McDade, Don Johnny ers, GY BEM Bob Miller, William rvine, Hoskew, Wise, Jimmy Ward. Debating Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Bessie Van Hook, Sandra Levinson, Joanne Strauss. SECOND ROW, left to right: Bill Watkins, Nathan Allison, Johnny McDade, Jimmy Pryor, Paul Frerking. Dramatic Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Windham, Barbara Buckley, Martha French, Bessie Van Hook, Saralene Johnson, Barbara Lambdin, Doris Jean Whedlaee. SECOND ROW, left to right: Jimmy Ward, Joanne Strauss, Eula Lambdin, Mary Jane Murphy, Nancy King, Carolyn Leatherwood, Margaret Clark, Carolyn Craig. MRS. PENNY WINDH M Director "" V i 75 G53 - km we SS. f 2 s 4 Hr. Q if Q Q X fs 1 " -bt qi. X ' K . SXT X E1 z 7 5 ' i fri '12, -v Q . S fl ssl i . ' , K ig, S - --................,.e.......,,....,.......,W.,,w-,,,,,,,,,.., ,,,, , H www W W Y0l .. ll ss-rss 1: E is s, s wg -Tig, '42 so ' 1 . . X it .3 4 3 l l if A S n fi. if ggi Mols?" -M L , 't' sv exft--es Ve ,f ssrgxrw ,, K -3 KJ! f 37,2 f ,Said Patsy Pitts, Doris Kesterson, Hulinda Topp. f Left to right: Angela Stromiello, Peggy Davis, Joyce Cincillo, M arol Pitts, Nancy Connelly, Teddy Baker, K f iluf f All ' Uaeixzit -lll. A s Vwlzfwss-is u ldllsfwltfg :ie1i'ml.fem llfliliiffk Pull- 5 ffm' f"ir"2fl' U' NANCY coNNELLv tw- Editor BUYAI' ,yn, 53151 Quia? 'at Fulton are very proud of our school paper, e Falcon Quill. Where, in the south, is there another paper of such quality which is written, edited, published, and sold by school students? The Quill's staff deserves a wealth of appre- ciation. They have earned it. May our paper grow in fame as will our school. ' s fel t 1 ri v21sftz'3X - Qi: , 1 fl? is Q, mf lift?-li 4 1-liii -. 5221 Xi l lllvliv -5111 ' X Q' as 'Vx lig it mail: X i lliiiilx xox Jones, Jimmy aenune, nn y Officers eated Left to Right: Wanda Caldwell, Treasurer: Phyllis Jarbo, Secre- ary: Vic King, President: Don Hunt, Vice-President, Judy Coile, Sargeant t Arms. Standing Left to Right: Eureka Suttles, Typist: Jack Ellis, eporter. FIRST ROW: Norma Jean O'Neil, Ella Wilson, Wilma Mode, B onnie Miller, Hazel Bagett, Thula t H tt, Eureka Suttles, Betty Koonetz. SECOND ROW: .lack Burns, Judy Coile, Eula Peters, Pa oneycu Ellis, Margaret Hobbs, Wanda Caldwell, Norma Ensor, Barbara Dunn. THIRD ROW: Vic King, Buddy McDaniel, Donald Hunt, Buddy Elsto V I t' A B rd, Pat Hickam, Kyle Elkins, Shirley Fielden. n, Kenneth Jenkins, Louis Sharp, Paul lacy, Jackie Distributive Education MISS SOPHIA MASTERSON Adviser QMMHQ f"x2q U79 ?' 'tab A Qjl S 4' wb Nfq vt CW I 'Yo if ' KY D Q il llilgi 2 b ' Y' 4 ,, O -. FQ' FUTURE HOMEM Fulton Hi h Chapter MOTTO: "Toward New Horizons" COLORS: Red and White FLOWER: Red Rose PURPOSES: 'I - To promote a growing appreciation of the ioys and satis- factions of homemaking. 2 - To emphasize the importance of worthy home member- ship. 3 - To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4 - To promote international good will. 5 - To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 6 - To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 7 - To further interest in home economics. 74 We .V fzfwffgaw X 51: -53:13, - "z. J 'fig-1'ITT5i?N Snf? 'N 75. 1 iii. if ffpfi-' , 'V M gs, -:gre S- 'A ' in - , ev , H 2 N' we A X Q31 MISS MARY CHESNUTT Adviser F. H. A. Officers Left to Right: Paula Parker, Secreiaryf Miss Dorothy Aclcock, Sponsor: Shirley Hood Vice-President Faye large, Presidenip Betty Lynn Lowe, Treasurer. RS OF MERICA FIRST ROW, left to Right: Bill Lawson, Bill Puryear, Jim Johnson, John Spainhovier, Gene Cox, Jim Harrington, Gene Watkins, Bill Dykes, Bill Watkins. SECOND ROW: Phil Mynatt: Mr. Turley, Adviser: Mr. Gerald Bell, Kiwanis: Robert Reeverts, Sect.: Pat Taylor, Sweetheart: Raymond Bell, Pres.: Frank Blackett, Treas.: Mr. Tom Johnston, Kiwanis: Bill Hutfaker. THIRD ROW: Don Edwards. Bill Peters, Jim Reed, Ernie Walker, Pat Hinds, Phil Schulz, David Miller, Stanley McAnally, Don Reeverts, George Smith. Key Club The Key Club is an organization that was started to help our school and community. The name stands for ex- actly what it says, Key Club, the key club in the school. lt is a non-profit organization, and we raise money only to send delegates to District and International conventions. This club has been organized here at Fulton nearly two years and we think that we have gotten off to a good start. This year we plan and hope to be one of the leading clubs in the area. We are very fortunate to have in our club one of the Lieutenant Governors of the Kentucky- Tennessee District, Robert Reeverts. Officers FIRST ROW left to Right: John McDade, V.-P. Pat Taylor, Sweetheart: Raymond Bell, Pres. SECOND ROW Left to Right: Robert Reeverts, Sec.: Frank Blackett, Treas. 76 MR. GEORGE TURLEY Adviser I is .Club 1 NP ,, mf-' V A. rf' fzdbzxx nl ,, Officers FIRST ROW: Benny Dyer, Presidenip SECOND ROW: Don Loy, Vice-President Shirley Etherfon, Secrefaryy Bob Evars, Treasurer THIRD ROW: Fred Newion, Sergant at Arms: Pct Weisgurber, Reporter: Bob Wallace, Purliamenfnrianp Mr. Forkner, Adviser. 77 MR. FORKNER Adviser MISS UNDERWOOD Adviser we if QXJIX Hag-nur 5 sqm we W Q7 'S ww f' a gmMf1.fAl5,, 'NEW , .y Q ix E xg 1. i . 3 fx ,K P r i 'I . '1J':f2f:+1,,,1 K 'M A XL wif: V-.L fa. sa- is me . km, iii? 'KW R1 'Zi Q? h- F ' .c-:,::.., '- - ? 5 5' X X if , , , 55 .ef Hi X13 X NJ , 1 ? .. Iva Lee Hill Eugene Cox Charley Jean Eudy Raymond Bell Secretary President Vice-President Treasurer Miss Doty Adviser uxnomnu nom? sgcrrrv S Z l l 7 3 V 5' FIRST ROW - Louise Bales, Frank Blackeit, Miss Dory, Barbara Buckley, Berry Buckner. SECOND ROW - Barbara Davis, Paul Dinkins, Lonneiie Donahue, Faye Frazier. THIRD ROW - Owen Hornby, Vic King, Betiy Koontz, Faye Large. FOURTH ROW - Sandra Levinson, Jo Newcomb, Paula Parker, Betiy Praler, Robert Reeverfs, Angela Siramiello, Joanne Summey. FIFTH ROW - Patty Taylor, Betty Turner, Bill Watkins, Martha Wallace. 80 L'b A ' t t FIRST ROW - Robert Moore, Jerome Allen, Owen Hornby, Nathan Allison, Curtis Smith, Gary Ortield, Paul Ferking. SECOND ROW - Caro- lyn Walker, Margaret Suttles, Evelyn Richeson, Mary Copeland, Grace Cleveland, Peggy Lovett, Carolyn Holder. THIRD ROW - Nora Kirk- man, Lois Perkins, Deborah Pierce, Martha Elkins, Emma Johnson, Emily Hinds, Rodney Wolfe. FOURTH ROW - Bill Neel, Spencer Culva- house, James Atkins, Sam Murphy, Mr. Farris. 9 FIRST ROW - Emily Hinds, Shirley Surrette, Jo Ann Stalsworth, Carolyn Hatcher, Roberta Fraker, Betty Burns, Joan Mynatt, George Grose- close, Marilyn Coatney, Marcia Goodstein, Shirley Etherton, Mrs. Ottie Kirby. SECOND ROW - Sharon Irion, Mary Copeland, Curtisdeane Nelson, Roy Cole, Roger Cureton, Gerald Humphrey, Howard Maples, Charles McDonald, Charles Henry, Bobby Hensley, Jim Davis, David White, Billy Long, Raymond Murphy, David Vittetoe. Latin Club FIRST ROW - Neal Bush, Jay Bayless, Mrs. Byrd, Margaret Clark, George Cavalaris. SECOND ROW - Jim Kesterson, John Sherrod, Robert Potter, John Huffman, Melvin Hutson, Buddy Cunningham, Roy Dyer, Terry Hartman, Paula Scharf, Jo Ann Strauss, Bessie Van Hook, lrene Horner, Mary White. THIRD ROW - Judy Summitt, Georgia Worsham, Jo Ann Lauria, Phil Shultz, Jim Johnson, J. R, Cavin, Betty Kelly, Carol Maynard, Yvonne Hudson, Yvonne Huffaker, Pat Newcomb. FOURTH ROW -- Rosemary Ferree, Elizabeth Fren..1, Mary Jane Murphy, Wynona Dupree, Elaine Gorghis, Marsha Cox, Cara Nita Winn, Carolyn Wight, Sandra Snodderly, Martha Stansberry, Jerry North, Wayne Vinyard. FIFTH ROW - Pat Elmore, Connie McGill, Yvonne Bridges, Iva Webb, Doris Kesterson, Eleanor Miller, Patsy Brummitt, Vir- ginia Ferguson, Nancy Choff, George Groseclose, Joe Franklin. SIXTH ROW - Stanley Fields, Paul Ferking, Charles McHannon, Ed Ray, Dale Thomas, Bert Gronseth, Roy Lavik, Dennis Reeser, Dan Webb, Bruce Walker, Fred Massengill, Jerry Walker. French Club FIRST ROW - Becky Slack, Bill Lawson, Mrs. Fowler, Rodney Wolfe, Barbara Sherrod.s SECOND ROW - Charles Painter, Shirley Weaver, Hubert Jeffries, Betty Jo Carmichael, Jim Embry. THIRD 'ROW - Dewayne Seagraves, Marilyn Moser, Shirley Holt, Martha French, Jewell Suffridge, Doris Whedbee. FOURTH ROW - Annette Lawhorn, Vivian Turner, Johnny McDade, Loretta Wilson, Alice Wright. sweeefmmewe eemy 1 Spani h Club FlRST ROW - Becky Slack, Eleanor Harb, Don Reeverts, Mrs. Fowler, Patty Dixon. SECOND ROW - Shirley McMahon, Gay Atchley, Joann Lemarr, Janet Merrill, Carolyn Kirk, Molly Shultz, Emily Remine, Artie Gilmore, Carolyn Wyrick, Glenna Force, Paula Parker, Sara Lynn Stein, Dorothy Evans. THIRD ROW - Sonny Hines, Judy Boyce, Nancy Wong, Betty Beeler, Barbara Miller, Gwen Warwick, Jean Mischlich, Mary Waldrop, Marvelyn Buckner, Carolyn Leatherwood, Kay Connelly. FOURTH ROW - Bill Doggett, Harold Bowman, Earl Rainwater, Joe McAfee, Bill Adams, J. H. Nighbert, Norman Shannon, Warren Nighbert, Jim Groseclose, Fred Weed. FIFTH ROW - Benny Walker, John Spencer, Phillip Mynatt, Eddie Stephens, Eddie English, Eddie White, Tommy Von Hoozier, George Smith, Don Sharp. SIXTH ROW - Robert Byington, Ernie Walker, Jack Pryor, Johnny Spainhower, Howard Wilson, Fred Toole, Chick White, Buddy Hays, Jack Frost. Future Teachers of America Club FlRST ROW - Marvelyn Buckner, Publicity Chairman, Saralene Johnson, Historian, Becky Slack, Vice-President, Eleanor Harb, President, Patti Dixon, Treasurer, Lonnette Donahue, Secretary. SECOND ROW - Joann LeMarr, Shirley McMahon, Gay Atchley, Marlene Goolsby, Linda Houston, Sara Lynn Stein, Dorothy Evans, Bessie Van Hook, Emily Remine, Artie Mae Gilmore, Janet Merril, Patsy Irvine, Joyce Cianciolo. Lunch Room Boys 1 S 1, Bdots and Saddle Club , , , ,Q . 4 ml. , ,a-111 ...,. .,M-,...,M .,.,-,A L Airy.-,.,,...W mv, A N- 9. wx I-1:pw,iasiwf,i:v'1mw llied Youth Mr. Wrighr, adviser Rosemary Lobertini, Secreiary Bill Dykes, President Johnny Spainhower, Vice-President Gay Atchley, Treasurer Y-Teens FIRST ROW - Doris Kesierson, Treasurer, Mary Charles Barnett, Nancy Wong, President, Laura Kellems, Vice Presideni, Jo Anne Chitlum, Miizi Green. SECOND ROW - Jo Anne Kellems, Sandra Snodderly, Carolyn Wight, June Ammons, Belly Burns, Margaret Oxendine. THIRD ROW - Thea Lynn Ridley, Evelyn Stamps, Nancy King, Mary Buckner. Stage Crew FIRST ROW - Gerald Halhcole, Harold Talenl, Jimmy Haulher. SECOND ROW - Jimmy Young, Bob Wallace, Benny Dyer, Ronnie Williamson. fr 23.1 . Audio Visual Crew LEFT to RIGHT: Paul Dinkins, Joe Miracle, Wayne Vinyard, James Jones, Bruce Wal- ker, Clyde Campbell. Square Dance Club FIRST ROW - Alice Wright, Bobbie Wrigl'1l,,BeHy Buckner, Faye Frazier, Mary Buckner, Virginia Minton, Party Taylor. SECOND ROW - Peggy Lovett' Yvonne Huffaker. Margaret Clark, Thea Ridley, Nancy King, Fannie Jo Payne, Shelby Faddis, Mrs. Sherbakoff. THIRD ROW - Patty Dixon, Becky Slack, Eleanor Harb, Carolyn Kirk, Johnnie Kiser, Carolyn Halcher, Alice Harless. I Fulton Captains With Lotspietch Trophys Left to right: Coach B. E. Sharp: Head Coach, Charles Wildmang Captain, Frank Blackett, holding rotating trophy, Co-captain, Bob Norris holding permanent trophyf Coach Pete Craig, and Coach James Bentley. U I I I l Re Um l 9' l 'O FULTON-I3 . . . YOUNG-6 . . . The Falcons opened the season with an impressive win over Young. The play of the game was disrupted by faulty ball-handling resulting in many fumbles. Don Lobertini scored twice and was ably assisted by Glen Keeton. De- fensive standouts were Jim Harrington and Bob Norris. Bill Rook suffered a dislocated shoulder and was lost for the greater part of the season. FULTON-48 . . . FARRAGUT-0 . . . Admiral Farragut went down with his ship to the score of 48-0 as Coach Wildman turned the Falcon Squad loose on the undermanned and out-fought Admirals. Everybody got into the act as Lobertini scored two T.D.'s, Keeton, two, Satterfieldg Wilson, and Edwards, one each. FULTON-33 . . . BEARDEN-7 . . . Glen Keeton and Jerry Yearwood led the Falcons to a 33-7 victory over the highly-respected Bearden Bulldogs. Lobertini was side-lined but Keeton more than replaced him at tailback. The climax of the game was the scoring of three quick T.D.'s in the last half. Keeton led the scoring with three T.D.'s He was aided by Yearwood with one and Stephens with one on a blocked kick. As a result of Keeton's rampage, he was selected State Player of the Week. FULTON-19 . . . ERWIN-6 Caught napping by a speedy, "Split-T" Erwin team, the Falcons fought from behind to win a roughly played game 19-6. Paced again by Keeton and Yearwood and a fine defensive line, the Falcons more than met the challange. Yearwood, Keeton, and Lobertini each scored one touch- down. FULTON-21 . . . JEFFERSON CITY-7 . . . Cool weather and streaks of impotency hobbled Fulton against the Jefferson High Elks. After they finally got to rolling, the score ended a respectable 21-7. One encourag- ing fact for the Elks, however, was that they scored their first T.D. of the season. Keeton hogged the show with three touchdowns. FULTON-6 . . . RULE-20 . . . This one was just too inhuman or was it too much Human? Yearwood tallied for us first, that's all! From then on it was iust too much Golden Bears. Led by Human and a defensive line land a halfh Rule dominated play. This seemed to be their day and were they taking advantage of it. Our offense was impotent and the defense only slightly less so. FULTON-6 . . . CENTRAL-0 . . . Them county boys liked to have handed us another'n. This'n was really tough. Only in the fourth quarter did we get the break we needed. Norris recovered a fumble, Bob Foust executed a beautiful pitch-out to Keeton on the next play, and he set sail to the Central 6. From there we scored in two plays. That was it! FULTON-41 . . . DAYTON-15 . . . With smog in their eyes, Fulton defeated Dayton to the tune of 41-T5. Everybody got into the act again as Keeton, Foust, each scored one and Dyer and Yearwood each got two. The Yellow Jackets baffled the Falcons with the "T" again, although we solved it to the Jackets downfall. FULTON-26 . . . WEST-i3 Two quick T.D.'s in T3 seconds of the first half is all that kept a fired-up West crew from upsetting the home team. They threw everything they had - eight and nine man lines, "T" formations, and a surprising "I" formation - in an ef- fort to upset their bigger cousins from across town. Scoring were: Keeton on a buck, Dyer on an intercepted pass, and Lobertini, with two, on a pass and a reverse. FULTON-9 . . . EAST-7 . . . Boy's this was it and was it tough! This game was good old rock 'em-sock 'em football with a little spice thrown in by East's attempted razzle-dazzle formations. When the smoke had settled and firing ceased, we were on the big end of o 9-7 score due to Glenn Keeton's T.D.: Yearwood's block of Cox's kick, resulting in a safety, and a fine defensive game on the part of the whole team. This was the big'un and cinched the trophies shown at the top of the page. GENE COX Dr. .lohnn Lehman Our sports section would not be complete without mention of the fine cooperation and faithfulness given us by Doctor Johnny Leh- man. Serving as our team physician, Doctor Lehman was on hand at every football game. Surely some of the credit for success of our team goes to Doctor Johnny for keep- ing our team in top notch physical condition. Athletic Managers Left to Righty Gene Cox, Manager Football, Basketball and track. Charles Harrell, Manager Football, Basket- ball, and Baseball. Tommy Hayes, Manager Football Basketball, and Baseball. Not pictured Roy Bently Manager of Football. 1 1 V k F U LTO N x . FIRST ROW, left to right: Head coach, Charles Wildman, Herman Faddis, Jerry Walker, Herman Beeler, Bob Evers, Benny Dyer, Captain Frank Blackett, Bob Faust. SECOND ROW, left to right, Line Coach, B. E. Sharp, B Team Coach, Jim Bently, Clenn Keeton, Leroy Smith- wick, Sonny Wilson, Don Loy, Bill Satterfield, Bob Arwood, Jim Harrington, Bill Peters, Louis Blackman. THIRD ROW, left to right, Kay Lennon, Jim Brady, Gene Woods, Bill Rose, Jim Read, Robert Smith, Jay Bayless. ,v FA RCONS Q2 ' Aw' f fy bfjgjlp f FIRST ROW, leff fo right, Co-Captain, Bob Norris, Jerry Yearwood, Bill Rook, Fred Massengill, Phil Dickens. Manager Gene Cox. SECOND ROW, left to right, Ballard Haskew, Buddie Bruce, Don Edwards, Bill Huffaker, Eddie Stevens, Charles Harril, Roy Benlly, Backfield Coach Pele Craig. THIRD ROW, left to right, Don Loberlinni, Ronnie Peake, .lim Stroud, Ray Cinnamon, Bob Porter. l9l it 1 N lu, ax., : I -Q W, . . I fy .tight ' a - ' E.: .Z hi, V 195' D , fx Fx' H is ,E h EE , . , -5 .-1:51534 , , xx XF! IH x3 Lv Q Q A X I Q ' l"' ..,x MW w. Jw N ' X 7 K H f 1 I I, Raw.. Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Fuhon Co-Captain Bruce Clifton, Coach Pete Craig, Captain Bob Reeverts Resume I953. --- West ---- Carter --- ...... Powell -..- --- Oak Ridge Oliver Springs --- -- Elizabethton ---.. Briston ---, -----..-- Rule ..-- .... Oak Ridge ------ South ---..-- Rule ---- Central --- --- Elizabethton -..-- Alcoa 53 31 56 47 52 80 44 52 45 52 40 41 65 49 Fuhon 42 --- Fuhon 91 --- Fuhon 65 .... Fuhon 68 --- Fuhon 60 --- Fuhon 52 --- Fuhon 70 --- Fuhon 65 --- Fuhon 61 --- Fulton 74 ..... Fulton 68 ........ Season's record Won 20 ....... ---- Catholic ----- Carter Oliver Springs ----- Young ----- East --- Central ---.. Powell -..-- East ----.. West --..- Young -- Catholic --- Lost 48 72 57 58 75 47 65 56 67 55 54 5 Basketball Squad . . . l952-53 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Clifton, Jay Bayless, Robert Reeverts, Don lcbertini, Earl "Herbie" Wells. SECOND ROW, left to right: Johnny McDode, leroy Smithwick, Roy Bentley, and Earl Ogle. THIRD Row, left to right: Jimmy George, Bill Byers, and Put Hinds. .WLSZJQ Q5 QXXLT FIRST ROW, left to right: Rodney Wolf, Don Reeverts, Tommy Craig, Phil Schulz, and Joe McAfee. SECOND ROW, left to right: Don Sharp, Chick White, David Miller, George Smith, Jim Day, Jim Emory. THIRD ROW, left to right: Ronnie Pealceflack Proyer, Roy Banks, Bob Byington, Bill Cox. 95 A Q5 if x 4' I 1.12253 553132-Q,W is 5.9 -ol' A.Jg ,hQ K M3221 L3 ii Vi E 5 l . a k - ll? A l953 Track Schedule March 21-Oak Ridge, there. March 28-Knoxville Relays, here. April 3-Central, West, and Rule, here. April 7-T. M. I., there. April 10-East, here. April 14-West, Rule, and Young, here. April 'l7-Chattanooga City, here. April 22-Baylor, there. May 2-District Meet, Oak Ridge. May 9-East Tennessee Meet, here. May 'I6-State Track Meet, Memphis. Captain Bill Dyke, Coach B. E. Sharp, Captain Don Edwards. Track Squad l953 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Rook, Charlie Durham, Bill Watkins, Gene Watkin, Don lobertini, Bill Dyke, Don Edwards, Douglas Smith. SECOND ROW, left to right: DeWayne Seagraves, Fred Toole, Bucldie Bruce, Jay Bayless, Robert Reeverts, Fred Massengill, Jim Harrington, Bob Norris. 98 1 f"g.4, x ,, f .X - N ex QX 3 1 ' 556 X Q KS- 6 zzi qs' 2 'ew if ,Q K X af' .. Ex f 'x J R W x A ,ifwi 5 ,- ii 4 . 4 5 KW Rn Q Q X N I Y Left to right: Coach Charles Wilclman, Captains Jimmy George, and Joe Rogers. Baseball Squad . . . l9'52 FRONT ROW, left to right: Frank Bates, Jimmy George, Bob Evars, Don Keith, Bill Comer, Jim Rogers, Sterling Cantwell, and Bernard Clifton SECOND ROW, left to right: Kay Lennon, Bud Chessir, Bob Adams, Don Hale, Burl Jinlcs, Charles Harless, Joe Rogers, and Bill Byars. 100 f 18.1. J, ...qv f ggggxfgrw 1 173' ROVEYZV 6000? ap AWA f 17: 7441? fl' Wm, days u fffdkyg' .5'WEf7 Ulf-ff? "7fVAS'fV meg a,eue'f,f JUMP 5,411 ! ,-F i , M: 'T lift' "fl .Si " r t - ' X it Q5 fr, it -fvgfg .4 gze it Fe LE ADER5 ROW, left to right: Betty Turner, Rosemary Lobertini Becky Slack Carol n Cr ' P t , , y avg, o Faye Stanford, and Put Newcomb. SECOND O ' - ' ' and Johnny Spoinhower. R W, left to right. Jlmmle Word, Carroll 15 . -1 fig., xllvg Wil MW ff? f x elm '22-A f 3 7' 47 W r ,f ui . Q4 we 'W . . 3 M Zifw WJ 1 Al. Le Beiiy Beeler. Pictured below is a e , Jewe' Suffridg ft to right: Pot Robertson, Marilyn Couin y B rbora Gaul. e, and d Johnnie Sue Kiser, Anile SWIMMING TEAM Prciured leh to right Carolyn Krrklan La Marr Nancy Wnlbanks Georgia Worsham, Nancy 'th French, Sharon Irion, Wrlbonks .loan Tipton .loan Molly Schultz Mary Murphy Elnzabe crolo Margaret Clark. King, Marilyn Coatney, Becky Slack, Bruna Mae Puckett, Carol Pills, Joyce Clan 4 I VOLLEYBALL Mrs. Sherbakolf, lnsirucior 94? Q45 1- 'gl mg 42 .W was 5 i . ,, .1 , J - ' .V I" Qfdai , wqyewf fx -2 5335 X Q.-fxgvg w1f.QIwffLX 1j x .f" -'L L My-wifffweif ew' N T :I -fifk 1'-wr ' ' . f f X Keir , ':,g.-.zedmw ff.: . , V ' Yfffvfs 9- A 1 11' .w3'.. , V , -my L , , .Q--M ,. ' J-rf Eafffrzin ffm s , on -1:1 .ff 4 is h 1 v - ' . x:'1viQ... 2 , - ws me r .. 'K -X w 3325 , 'Ki QQ' 4' 1' Q - gs? 12415-H , Q , 1 'ff wg tm: Y A is 3 Q D9- mw, - M, 5 1 Z 1 33 5 5 .1 v 2 u ! u I I5 l E Z a Q li E U- wmnnv 1 H x . ffm X: 9-1 , xf 4 5 iw... iiigif-1,32 A x V' i Q7' Pictured above is the wood workers banquet. The banquet was a rewo rd for the hard work and many f f 'ture for our school. They were culled on to hours given by these boys in building various pieces o urn: do this work and all unanimously answered the call. ' ' h' f' rk. Mr. Thornton and M r. Torresani are their instructors and are to be congratulated on t IS me wo l the e instructors and students o debt of gratitude. Fulton truy owes s Robert Reeverts, Principal Sandra Levinson, Principal ,X 55 Commencement Speakers The Commencement Speakers and their alternates were chosen for their high standards of character, outstanding scholastic ability, ability in composition, and delivery of speech. Barbara Buckley Alternate Frank Blackett Alternate lll l.' , Y getty Frater rj r l- A 1 l J x Daughters of the American Revolution Each year the State division of the Daughters of the American Revolution award the Good Citizenship Award to the out- standing senior girl of the state high schools. Like the winner in every state, the Tennessee winner receives a one-hundred- dollar U.S. Government Bond. Betty Prater is the winner in Fulton High this year and will represent us in the state contest. She was elected by the Senior class on the following qualifications: 'l. Dependability-Truthfulness, loyalty, punctuality. 2. Service-Cooperation, courtesy, and consideration of others. t 3. Leadership-Personality, originality, ability to assume responsibility. 4. Patriotism-Unselfish interest in family, school, community ',, and nation. lf lidl f Wi" lmffy lxiulk f if ,X 1 V x u if Y ln Closing This is the end of the feature section of your annual. We realize it is not perfect, but we have worked hard this year toward bringing you a fine yearbook. We know the staff will work iust as hard next year, and if anyone has any suggestions which will tend to improve next yeor's annual, don't hesitate to let them be known. Finally, we sincerely hope these pages will mellow and become a sentimental treasure in the years to come. We would like to express our appreciation for the fine cooperation given us by faculty and students in producing this book. YOUR ANNUAL STAFF 112 ' ,M X -' "" , - - W , J gi HH M 5 gin - rf:-,,.,. -,U ,. in... x .szzdtcarf - YYNN i x T-:N A im:-.q gy , fl ff' ' Q E455 5 vi 1 4 We, the Falcon Staff ..... wish to express our appreciation to the advertisers on the following pages for making our Annual pos- sible. F i Special Coffee Phone 4- Miles Music Store Band and Orchestra Instruments 1419 121-123 S. Gay St Browning Belting and Supply Co., Inc. Wholesale Mill and Mine Supplies Leather Belting ancl Textile Specialties Compliments of STONE PRODUCE Highest Quality Poultry and Produce JOE PARROTT SIGNS "Quality is our Reputation" BEST wus:-ies TO CLASS or 1953 SHARP'S DRUG STORE 2832 Broadway, N.E. Phone 3-5139 Compliments of WEAVER FUNERAL HOME You furnish The girl We furnish the home Lester Maxwell Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishers DIAL 5-III5 208-I0 S. GAY STREET Special School Rates - Shoes Free - Daytime to 6 P.M. MAGNOLIA BOWLING LAN ES A. G. HEINS CO. 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PHONE 4-4636 to Fulton High School "The church in the heart of the city for the hearts of the people" RIVER BREEZE DRIVE-IN Ashville Highway "Home of Good Movies" "Dependable Service Since 1910" JOHN BERETTA TILE CO., INC. Tile - Terrazzo - Asphalt-Rubber Tile Your dealer in East Tennessee for the Saint Charles Custom-Built Steel Kitchen SEE OUR DISPLAY 217 Walnut Street . l' 'Wi 1' r.i.l - PE T , . f' "" 1 "5 ""5 A 'ffl' W ' J jg 3 new nmuum , Two Fine Foods "" ' i"' ' Q, A ' 1 K 'I ' -9 P CUIYINAID ---... I4 A - t ytyl : S Ulllml Milk 7' 'C E C RE 5 l"""' -il:-wr.- .,,,, ,,,. . ei ' 3 X . a2352225352522222232255211 v .:::rk:E:21gyg.5:5gja1:5: -:4..-eggs' PET DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Phone 4-2571 e U 2 CAQJRQ rxxx V QDIXW 6 APES WILLIAMS X Q' ' ef6 V f 3 M L FLORIST ,Zffel We 'W 6 e ff H f X Tzlwfigvqffxpf Telegraph Delivery Service Af l x fbi A J 638 Broadway Phone 2-5616 f ,Q A.. :I E, .F--M-vvfu-zf wzmaiiaw Facult Directory Miss Dorothy Adcock: B.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Noel Alexander: Mr. H. L. Andre: University of Tennessee Mr. Louis Ball: B.A., University of Tennessee Mrs. Leonora Beverly: B.S., Tennessee College for Women, M.S., University of Tennessee Mrs. Zoe Burger: B.A., University of Tennessee Miss Mildred Butcher: Miss Isabel Butler: A.B., M.A., University ot Tennessee Mrs. Eva Byrd: B.A., M.A., University ot Tennessee Mrs. Amelia Caruthers: A.B., M.A., University of Kentucky Miss Mary Lynch Chesnutt: B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. William Frank Corn: Mr. George Craig: University of Tennessee Mr. Allan Cruze: B.S., University of Tennessee Miss Elizabeth C. Doty: A.B., M.A., Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, University of Tennes- see, Columbia University Miss Gertrude Durham: A.B., University of North Caro- lina, M.A., University of Tennessee Mr. L. L. Elmore: B.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Allan Farris: B.A., Murray State College, Certificate Piano and Pipe Organ, M.A., George Peabody College, B.S. in L.S. George Peabody College, Work completed for Doctor's Degree, George Pea- body College, Carnegie Library Certificate Mr. Sam Forkner: L. A., University of Tennessee Mrs. Ann R. Franklin: A.B., Tusculum College Mr. Robert T. Gammon: University of Tennessee E Mr. Raymond A. Hill: B.S., Middle Tennessee State College Miss Anne Kent: B.A., M.A., University of Tennessee, Columbia University Mrs. Ottie Kirby: B.S., University of Tennessee Miss lsabelle Lowe: B.A., Maryville College, M. A. University of Tennessee Mr. J. Clyde Lowery, Sr.: B.A., M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. R. A. Lusk: University ot Tennessee Mrs. Katharine H. Lusk: B.S., M.S., University ot Tennessee Miss Sophia Masterson: B.A., Maryville College, B.S., University of Tennessee Miss Elnora V. Paul: B.A., University ot Tennessee, M.A., Columbia University Mr. C. G. Petree: B.A., B.M., Carson-Newman College, M.A., University of Tennessee Mr. James Pointer: Graduated Fulton High School Mrs. Ann Ross: A.B., Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia Mr. B. E. Sharp: B.S., East Tennessee State College, M.A., Iowa University, Special Certificate S.M.U., Dallas, Texas Mrs. Ruth Shipe: B.S., University of Tennessee Mrs. Gwen Srite: B.S., University of Tennessee Mr. K. Deane Stout: B.S., M.S., University ot Tennessee Mr. Charles Thompson: B.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Fred Thornton: B.S., East Tennessee State College, M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. A. W. Torresani: B.S., Stout Institute, University of Tennessee Mr. George P. Turley: B.S., University ot Tennessee Miss Agnes Underwood: B.S., University of Tennessee Miss Allie A. Vaught: A.B., University of Louisville, M.A., Columbia University Mr. J. E. Vinyard: B. A., Carson-Newman College, M.A., University of Tennessee Mr. L. E. Wallin: B.S.A., Berry College, M.S., University of Tennessee Miss Henrietta Weigel: A.B., M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Charles F. Wildman: B.S., University of Tennessee Mrs. Oma Windham: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College Mr. H. L. Wirth: B.E., Wisconsin State College, Platte- ville, Wisconsin Mr. George Wright: B.S., Middleiifennessee State College I. e . X kill Eb YL IDP fl , ' . I ' ' Xt JI xl! , x l . I, i . ,t ,:3m: N. Nl yt 1 Nfl' ax XJI, X I JI l 1, . .7 ' ,.' Sc A 1 131 ,xl ,-4' . :l NANCY ABBEY B12 Atlantic Avenue 2-2429 F.H.A. 11 Receptionist 12 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Commercial Club 12 JOAN ADAMS 2439 Buffatt Road 4-7346 Group Ofl1cer10-11-12 Student Council 10 Glee Club 10 F.H.A. 11-12 Y-Teens 11 Commercial Club 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 BUDDY ALLEN 204 West 5th Avenue R.O.T.C. 10 Spanish Club 10 D.E. Club 12 Group Officer 10 JUNE AMMONS 711 Oakhill Avenue 3-6901 Pan American League 11 Y-Teens 11-12 Folk Dance Club 12 Receptionists 12 CECIL ARP 1817 Cecil Avenue 4-6198 T. 8- I. 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 JAMES ATKINS 2114 Cecil Avenue 5-7484 R.O.T.C. Hiking Club 10-11 Stamp Club 10 Spanish Club 10-11 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 Library Assistant 12 HAZEL BADGETT 820 North 4th Avenue 4-3000 D.E. Club 12 IRENE BAILEY 1503 N. Central Avenue 2-9941 FERN LOU BALES 1214 Kenyon Avenue Art Club 11-12 Pan American League 11 F.H.A. 10 Glee Club 10 4-H Club 10 Monogram Club 10 LOUISE BALES 2002 Highland Drive 6-3896 Glee Club 10 Y-Teens 10 F.H.A. 11-12 Honor Society 11-12 Bible Club 12 Group Officer 10-11-12 Senior Directory Choir 11-12 MARY CHARLES BARNET1' 1626 Edgewood Avenue 3-B586 Spanish Club 10-11 Hiking Club 10 Y-Teens lSecretaryJ 11 Y-Teens CProgram Chr.J 12 Allied Youth 12 Folk Dance Club 12 Dramatics Club 12 JOYCE BARLOW 121 Oldham Avenue 2-3019 Glee Club 10 Choir 11-12 F.H.A. 1 1-12 BOYD BEELER 1024 Overton Place 5-4384 R.O.T.C. 10 ELBERT BEELER 401 E. Oldham Avenue 3-8685 R.O.T.C. 10 Receptionist PATSY BEELER 2400 Brice Street 3-9538 Spanish Club 10 Library Assistant 11 Student Im. Council 11 Glee Club 11 Group Officer 12 RAYMOND BELL 5201 Sunset Road 2-7554 R.O.T.C. 10 Spanish Club 10-11 Hi-Y 10 Group Officer 11-12 Honor Society Officer 12 Key Club Officer 11 Key Club IPresidentJ 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 Co-Editor of Annual 12 RICHARD BENSON 710 Oakltill Avenue 4-5365 Group Olficer 10-11-12 Track 10-11 Football 10 Basketball 12 Kitchen Helper 10 Hiking Club 11 T. 8- I. Club 12 ROY BENTLY 1435 6th Avenue 2-8871 Hi-Y 1 1 Student Imp. Council 12 Football IManager1 11-12 Basketball 11-12 JOAN BICKERSTAFF 1152 Eleanor Street 2-22938 Y-Teens 10 Glee Club 11 Commercial Club 12 Spanish Club 12 Receptionist 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 BERTHA BLACK 22 W. Atlantic Avenue 3-0501 Y-Teens 10 Glee Club 10 Bible Club 10 T. 8.1. Club 11-12 F.H.A. 11 Choir 11 FRANK BLACKETT 2416 Fountain Park Blvd. 2-7064 Group Officer 10-11-12 R.O.T.C. Latin Club 10 Hi-Y 10 Football 10-11-12 Football Captain 12 Key Club Officer 11-12 Honor Society 12 Co-Editor of Annual 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 Basketball Game Announcer Commencement Speaker ROBERTA BRIDGES 607 Radford Place 3-0309 Science Club 10 Beta Club 10 Philomathian Club 10 Commercial Club COfficer1 12 Folk Dance Club 12 Group Officer 12 Receptionist 12 GWENDOLYN BROOKS 718 Hiawossee Avenue 4-1733 Group Officer 10 Y-Teens 10-11 Hiking Club 10 Glee Club 10 Sketch Bugs 10 Folk Dance Club 12 Commercial Club 12 BUDDIE STERL BRUCE 116 Oklahoma Avenue 3-9829 Stamp Club 10 R.O.T.C. Spanish Club 1D-11 Football 10-11-12 Track 1 1-12 Library Assistant 11 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 Student Imp. Council 12 SHIRLEY BRUMMIT 703 Luther 4-9339 BARBARA BUCKLEY 1434 North 4th Avenue 2-1054 Latin Club 10-11 Honor Society 12 Dramatics Club 12 132 Group Officer 10-11-12 Bible Club 12 Choir 11-12 Glee Club 10 Swimming Club 12 Annual Staff 12 Commencement Speaker BETTY BUCKNER 1173 Folsom Avenue 3-0927 F.H.A. 11-12 Honor Society 12 Commercial Club 12 Y-Teens 12 Folk Dance Club 12 lOfl'icer1 Receptionist 12 Group Officer 11 THULA BURNS 2019 Coker Avenue 5-8635 Spanish Club 10 Band 10-11 Hiking Club 10 Dramatics Club 12 Y-Teens 10 F.H.A. 10-11 Group Officer 10 D.E. Club 12 Centralite Staff 11 C.H.S. CLYDE CAMPBELL 220 Dameron Avenue T. 81 I. 10-11 Audio Visual 11-12 JAMES D. CAVALARIS 2204 Emoriland Blvd. 3-4046 ' R.O.T.C. 10 Hiking Club 10 Student Improvement Council 11 Latin Club 11-12 Bible Club 12 J. R. CAVIN 1110 Melbourne Pl. N.E. 3-0697 Latin Club 11-12 Boots and Saddle Club 12 Hixson High School, Hixson, Tenn 10 PATSY CHAMBERS Merry Lane 7-4817 Group Officer 10-11-12 Glee Club 10-12 Y-Teens 10 F.H.A. 11 . Choir 11-12 ' Student Improvement Council 11 Allied Youth 12 Commercial Club LOIFICGYJ 12 WILLIAM RAY CHAMBERS 916 Marion Street Phone 5-2871 FRANCIS CHERRY 1023 Broadway N.E. 5-7747 Latin Club 10 Student lm. Council 10 I Bancl 9-10-11-12 JO ANN CHITTUM 4110 Broadway N.E. 3-4062 Bible Club 12 Y-Teens 12 RAY CINNAMON 1811 Worth Street 4-6261 R.O.T.C. 10 Group Officer 10-11-12 Football 11-12 Track 11-12 Falcon Quill 12 Allied Youth 12 ROBERT CLIFT 503 Woodland Ave. N.E. R.O.T.C. 10 Hiking Club 10 Football 11 Track 11-12 Allied Youth 12 Library Asst. 11 MARILYN COATNEY 430 Oldham Ave. N.E. 4-2882 Y-Teens 10 Glee Club 10 Group Officer 10-12 Swimming Team 10-11 Swimming Team, Co-Capt. 12 F.H.A. 11 Maiorette 11-12 Office Asst. 12 Commercial Club 12 Arts and Crafts Club Allied Youth 12 Class Officer 12 DONALD COLLINS 317 Springdale 3-0439 Band 9-10-11-12 NANCY CONNELLY 941 Maynard St. 4-B513 French Club 10-11 Glee Club 10 Choir 11-12 Group Officer 10-11 Falcon Quill 11 Falcon Quill Editor 12 Y-Teens 10 GENE COX 3121 Maxwell St.' 3-6424 Latin Club 10 Annual Staff QSports Editorl 12 Honor Society KOlficer1 12 R.O.T.C. 10 Group Officer 10-11-12 Football fManagerJ 12 Basketball "B" Team 11 Track lManager1 11-12 Hi-Y 10 Key Club 11-12 Volleyball Team 12 Class Officer 12 Basketball KManagerJ 12 CAROLYN CRAIG 846 Hiawassee Ave. 4-4763 Spanish Club 10-11 Cheerleader 11 Cheerleader Capt. 12 Literary league -10 F.T.A. 1 1 Annual Rep. 11-12 Choir 11-12 Student lm. Council 11 Masquers 10 Swimming Club 10-11 ROGER CURETON 115 Patton St. 4-9245 Art Club 11-12 BARBARA DAVIS 1727 Emoriland Blvd. 2-5357 Spanish Club 10-11 Choir 10-11-12 Group Officer 10-11 Masquers 11 Honor Society 12 Spanish Club fSec.J 11 Annual lFeature Ed.1 12 F.H.A. 12 Student Im. Council lSec.1 12 PEGGY DAVIS 1041 Overton St. 502077 French Club 10-11 Glee Club 10 Falcon Quill 12 Choir 11-12 F.H.A. 12 PAUL D. DINKINS 143 Hillcrest Rd. 6-4452 Band 9-10-11-12 T. 81 l. 10-11 Honor Society 11 LONNETTE DONAHUE 3201 Orlando St. 2-2798 Spanish Club 10-11 Glee Club 10 Honor Society 12 F.H.A. 12 F.T.A. 11-12 Y-Teens 10-11 Falcon Quill 12 BARBARA JEAN DUNN 328 Cedar Ave. N.E. 2-2169 D.E. 12 CHARLES DURHAM 1715 Nickerson Ave. 2-5791 R.O.T.C. 10 Track 10-11 Group Officer 10-11 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Hiking Club 10 Bible Club 12 Allied Youth 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 JOSEPH COBB EASTERLY 2804 Copeland Avenue 2r5327 Choir 10-11-12 Choir President 12 Debating 12 Band 10-11 Hiking Club 11 C.S.U. 10 DONALD EDWARDS 415 Woodland Avenue 3-439 R.O.T.C. 10 Hiking Club 10 Student Improvement Council 10-1 Football 11-12 Track 11-12 Track Captain 12 Group Officer 12 Key Club 12 Senior Class Officer 12 Allied Youth 12 LUTHER KYLE ELKINS 154 Price Avenue 2-6053 Camera Club 10 D.E. Club 12 Student Improvement Council 12 JACK BRYAN ELLIS 2204 Lawson 4-3444 Student Improvement Council 11-1 D.E. club tommy 12 NORMA ENSOR 128 Oldham Avenue 4-7384 D.E. Club 12 Group Officer I0 CHARLEY JEAN EUDY 3808 Essary Drive 6-6863 French Club 10-11 Choir 10-11-12 Annual Staff 12 Honor Society Nice Pres.J 12 Office Asst. 12 F.H.A. 12 Group Officer 10-11 SHIRLEE ETHERTON 1317 Delaware N.W. T. 8. I. Club 10-11-12 Art Club 11-12 RALPH FAULKNER 223 Hazel Place 3-8947 BILL FIELDEN 1360 Shepherd Place T. 81 I. 11 SHIRLEY ANNE FIELDEN 1113 Overton Place 2-1816 Glee Club 10 D.E. Club 12 Annual Rep. 10 8- 12 Group Officer 10 ESSIE EVELYN FORD 2805 Barton Street 4-1866 Glee Club 10 Bible Club 12 RONNIE FOULK 1613 Lombard Place' 5-6090 MARK FRANKLIN 2411 Canterbury Drive 3-1068 Group Officer 10 Latin Club 10-11 Dramatics Club 12 133 Hi-Y 10 AUGUSTA FAYE FRAZIER 1806 Worth St. 4-8269 Y-Teens 12 Honor Society 12 Commercial Club 12 Folk Dance Club 12 THOMAS FRAZIER 1806 Worth Sf. 4-8269 R.O.T.C. 10 R.O.T.C. Glee Club 10 Latin Club 11 Choir 11 MARTHA FRENCH 2913 Gaston Ave. 5-B866 F.H.A. 10-12 French Club 10-12 Dramatics Club 12 Group Officer 10 Student Imp. Council 10 Swimming Team 10 JIMMY GEORGE 2728 Washington Pike 3-0654 R.O.T.C. 10 Hi-Y 10-11 Group Officer 10-11 Baseball 11-12 Basketball 11 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Bible Club 12 GAIL GILES 1707 Grainger St. 5-3764 Group Officer 10-11 Library Assistant 10 Falcon Quill Rep. 11 Commercial Club 12 Office Assistant 12 MITZI GREENE 1721 Broadway, N.E. 5-6413 Group Officer 10 Bible Club 10 Sketchbugs 10 National Art. Honor Society 10-11-12 Pan American League 11 Y-Teens 11-12 Art Club fPresident1 11 Allied Youth 12 Drama Club 12 Falcon Quill 12 JAMES HALL 601 Chicamauga Avenue WANDA HALL 2508 McCroskey Avenue 3-3515 Glee Club 10 Choir 11 Commercial Club 12 Bible Club 12 WILMA HALL 2508 McCroskey Avenue 3-3515 Glee Club 10 Choir 11 Commercial Club 12 Bible Club 12 MARIE HARPER QMINCEYJ 1 107 Bernard Avenue 2-3790 Glee Club 10 Oflice Assistant 10 Swimming Club 11 F.H.A. 12 HUGH L. HARBIN 405 Scottish Pike 4-6253 T. 8. I. Club 11 CAROLYN HATCHER 1138 Rider Avenue 3-0873 F.H.A. Club 11-12 Folk and Square Dance Club 12 Art Club 10 TOMMY HAYS 801 Farragut Avenue 2-7221 Baseball Manager 11-12 Football Manager 11-12 Basketball Manager 11-12 R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 10 CAROLYN HEINS 108 E. Glenwood 3-9306 Home Group Otticer 10-11-12 Annual Staff 11 Business Manager 12 Falcon Quill 12 Y-Teens 10 Member Quill and Scroll 12 Allied Youth 12 ROBERT HENDERSON 448 Drive, Western Heights No Phone Cheerleader 10-11 SAUNDRA HELMS 246 McNutt Street 2-2916 Glee Club 10 F.H.A. 11 Commercial Club 12 Bible Club 12 WANDA HENRY 407 Churchwell Avenue 3-1286 Glee Club 10 F.H.A. 11-12 Y-Teens 10 Home Group Officer 10-11-12 Receptionist 12 IVA LEE HILL 415 Burwell N.E. 3-1719 Honor Society 11-12 Student Improvement Council 11 Oltice Assistant 12 F.H.A. 11 Y-Teens 10 Home Group President 10-11-12 Commercial Club 12 Girls' State 11 Alternate Cheerleader 12 Dramatic Club 12 Allied Youth 12 Receptionist 12 Annual Stal? 12 PAT HINDS 1171 Coker Avenue 3-5395 Basketball 11-12 Latin Club 11 Key Club tt-12 Home Group Officer 11-12 Hi-Y 11-12 Student Improvement Council 11 Choir Ot"1icer11-12 Volunteer Boys' State 11 Baseball 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 MARGARETTE HOBBS 522 North East Radford Place 3-4503 Glee Club 10 Stamp Club 10 Swimming Club 11 D.E. Club 12 Bible Club 12 PATSY HONEYCUTT 908 Chipman Street 3-2249 T. Bt I. Club 10 Swimming Club 10 D.E. Club 12 MARY ANN HOOKS 2147 Chapman Place 3-3709 Orchestra 10-11-12 Band 10-11 Spanish Club 11 Home Group Officer 12 Y-Teens 10 Receptionist 12 Dramatics Club 12 Choir 10-11-12 OWEN HORNBY 2709 Washington Pike N.E. 3-6945 R.O.T.C. 10 Library Assistant 11-12 Home Group Officer 12 National Honor Society 11-12 Library Club 12 HAROLD HUFFAKER 3314 Shaw Drive 4-1608 Spanish Club 10-11 Hi-Y 10 Hiking Club 10 T. 81 I. Club 12 Boots and Saddle 12 DON HUNT 953 North 4th Avenue 4-9864 Dramatic Club 10 Hiking Club 10 R.O.T.C. 10 Home Group Ofiicer 10-11 Key Club 12 Vice-President D.E. Class 12 EDNA IRWIN 2415 Fine Avenue 3-9652 F.H.A. 11-12 Choir 10-11-12 Receptionist 12 Library Assistant 10 JACKSON IVESTER 214 Burwell N.E. 2-2737 R.O.T.C. 10 Dramatics Club 10 Hi-Y 10 T. 8- I. Club 11-12 Bible Club 11-12 PHYLLIS JUNE JARBOE 318 West Oldham Avenue 2-6302 Y-Teens 10 D.E. Club 12 Oftice Assistant 12 Home Group Otticer 12 KENNETH JENKINS 500 Hiawassee Avenue 5-6682 Football 10 T. 81 I. Club 10 D.E. Club 12 Hi-Y 10 KATHERINE JOHNSON 1927 North Hills Blvd. 3-8372 Latin Club 10-11 Student Council 10 Hiking Club 10 Otiice Assistant 11-12 F.H.A. 12 Allied Youth 12 Annual Staff 12 Glee Club 10 Group Otticer 10-11-12 SARALENE JOHNSON 2903 Fountain Park Blvd. 2-2841 Annual Representative 10-12 French Club 10-12 Choir 10-12 Glee Club 10-12 Boots and Saddle Club 12 F.T.A. 10-12 Bible Club 12 Dramatic Club 12 Allied Youth 12 Annual Staff 12 Student Improvement Council 10 Office Assistant 12 Home Group Officer 10-12 Summer School 11 BETTY ANN JOLLAY 738 North Third Avenue 2-2965 Latin Club 10-11 Glee Club 10 Student Improvement Council 12 Choir 11-12 Home Group Officer 1 1 Commercial Club 12 DWIGHT JONES 405 East 4th R.O.T.C. 10-11 D.E. 12 FRED JONES 1032 Freemason Street 4-7646 R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 10 T. 8- l. 1 1-12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 JACQUELYN JONES 405 East Fourth Avenue 3-4558 134 D.E. Club 12 Y-Teens 11 LAURA JEAN KELLEMS 2929 Dempster Street 3-3616 Allied Youth 12 Y-Teens 11-12 Folk and Square Dance Club 12 F.H.A. 12 Latin Club 10-11 DORIS KESTERSON 1212 Lutrell Street 5-7222 Choir 10-11-12 Spanish Club 10-11 Y-Teens 11-12 Latin Club 12 Falcon Quill 12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 THOMAS VICTOR KING 418 Columbia Avenue 5-7769 Group Officer 11 D.E. Club 12 Honor Society 11-12 MALCOLM KNIGHT 407 Emerald N.E. 3-8056 R.O.T.C. 10 Band 10-11-12 Band Captain 12 BE1'I'Y KOONTZ 1911 Fine Avenue 3-9357 Latin Club 10 Glee Club 10 F.H.A. 1 1-12 D.E. Club 12 Honor Society 11 Library Assistant 11 EARL LANE 2919 Boright Ave. 4-4827 T. 84 I. 1 1-12 FAYE LARGE 212 Raleigh Ave. 3-0788 Group Officer 10-11 Glee Club 10 Student Council 10 F.H.A. Nice Presidentl 11 F.H.A. KPresident1 12 Honor Society 12 HOWARD LEE 132 West Anderson St. T. 81 l. 12 DON LEESON 2107 Fairmont Blvd. 4-7664 Key Club 11-12 latin Club 10-11 Hi-Y 10-11 R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 11 Choir 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 CHARLES LETT 332 lredell Ave. T. 81 I. 11-12 SANDRA LEVINSON 1149 N. 3rd Ave. 3-7477 Band Sponsor 12 Office Assistant 11-12 Spanish Club V.P. 'll Debate Club 12 Annual Staff 12 Group Officer 11-12 Commencement Speaker DON LOBERTINI 2312 Money Place 2-8422 Hi-Y 10 Football 10-11-12 Basketball 10-11-12 Spanish Club 10 Track 11-12 Bible Club 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 FAYE LOCKHART 1208 Maryland Ave. 5-5093 F.H.A. 10 Glee Club 10 Y-Teens 10 Group Officer 10 DON LONGMIRE 414 Oakhill Ave. 4-3706 R.O.T.C. 10 T. 811. Club 11-12 Volley Ball 12 PEGGY LOONEY 1445 8th 2-B984 MARION LOVE 429 Morelia Ave. 4-2748 R.O.T.C. 10 T. 8-1. Club 11-12 DON LOY 1224 Luttrell St. 2-0006 Hi-Y 10-1 1 Junior Class Oflicer T. 8. I. Club V.P.10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Group Oflicer 10 HOWARD MAPLES 615 Domeron Ave. No Phone JERRY MARTIN 4411 High School St. 6-1995 R.O.T.C. 10 Hiking Club 10 Track 11 Football 11 Volleyball 12 STANLEY McANALLY 1429 Kenyon Ave. 4-0915 R.O.T.C. 10 Spanish Club 10-11 Key Club 12 Track 12 JIMMY 'RAY McDANIEL 343 Cedar Ave. 5-7593 D.E. Club 12 BOB MILLER 226 Oak Hill Ave. 2-B437 R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 12 Spanish Club 10-11 Choir 12 Group Officer 12 KATHERINE L. MILLER 314 Oldham 2-5880 D.E. Club 12 MARY ANN MILLER 226 Oakhill Ave. N.E. 2-8437 Glee Club 10 Student Council 10 Y-Teens 10 Group Otiicer 10-11 F.H.A. 11 Choir 11 Falcon Quill 11-12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 Swimming Team 11 Commercial Club 12 ERA MILLER 2923 Orlando St. 5-6803 Y-Teens 10 Group Olticer 10-11 F.H.A. 11-12 Oltice Asst. 11 GENE MOSES 414 E. Woodland 4-0845 T. 8. I. Club 11-12 Student Imp. Council 11-12 Group Officer 10 JO NEWCOMB 3400 Orlando St. 2-3543 Norris High 10 F.H.A. 10 Spanish Club 10 Pan American 11 Y-Teens V-President Office Assistant 11-12 National Honor Society 12 Receptionist 12 Choir 12 RONALD JACK NEWMAN 4-4988 2391 McCroskey Ave. R.O.T.C. 10 T. 84 I. Club 11-12 EDMOND NICLEY 4108 Porter Ave. 4-6187 T. 8- l. Club 10-11-12 BOB NORRIS 618 Watauga Ave. 4-4078 Football 10-11-12 Football Co. Capt. 12 Track 12 Group Officer 11-12 Glee Club 12 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Junior Class Olticer NANCY JO NORTON 3331 Bellvue St. 4-1002 Spanish Club 10-11 Glee Club 10 Student Imp. Council 11 Falcon Quill 11 F.H.A. 12 BILL OUSLEY 2737 Tarleton Ave. 4-7814 MARGARET OXENDINE 205 E. Oklahoma Ave. 3-5349 Y-Teens 10-11 Swimming Club 11 Pan American League 11 F.H.A. 11 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 PAULA PARKER 2404 Buffat Mill Road 2-0459 French Club 10-11 Group Officer 11 F.H.A. 11 F.H.A. Secretary 12 Honor Society 12 Receptionist 12 Spanish Club 12 ARCHIE LEWIS PERKINS 508W Magnolia Avenue Transferred-Pleasant View High School 11 T. 8. I. Club 12 BILL PETERS 115 N.E. Scott Avenue 3-8876 R.O.T.C. 10 Pan-American League 11 Key Club 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 Track 12 Football 10-11-12 EULA GRAY PETERS 425 E. Springdale Avenue 4-5327 Y-Teens 10 F.H.A. 11 D.E. Club 12 PATSY PITTS 3326 Barton 3-0134 Spanish Club 10 Glee Club 10 Group Oliicer 10-11 Pan-American League 11 Choir 11-12 Falcon Quill 11-12 Quill and Scroll 12 Dramatics Club 12 Bible Club 12 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Folk Dance Club 12 Allied Youth 12 BETTY PRATER 509 E. Caswell Avenue 3-1085 Library Assistant 10 Secretary of Latin Club 10 Latin Club ll Glee Club Pianist 11 Science Laboratory Asst. 11-12 Honor Society 12 D.A.R. Representative 12 Dramatics Club 12 ROBERT REEVERTS 2021 Coker 5-2927 Hi-Y 10 Hiking Club 10 Spanish Club 10 Pan-American League 11 Basketball 11-12 Key Club 11 Track 11-12 Student Improvement Council QPresi Ofiicer 11-12 Basketball Captain 12 Lt. Governor Key Club 12 Annual Staff 12 National Honor Society 12 Commencement Speaker BOBBY JOE REPASS 120 Baxter Ave. N.W. 2-0035 R.O.T.C. 10 GENE ROBERTS 1115 Eleanor St. 2-5721 R.O.T.C. 10 Track 11-12 T. 8. I. Club 12 Group Olticer 12 PAT ROBERTSON 130 Springdale Ave. 4-2435 Glee Club 10 Student Improvement Council 11 Maiorette 11-12 F.H.A. 12 Group Otiicer 10-11-12 JOE ROGERS 517 Caswell R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 10 Hiking Club 10 Basketball 11 Group Oflicer 11-12 Baseball 11-12 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 CHARLOTTE ROLLINGS 1715 Worth Street 2-7725 F.H.A. 11 Group Officer 11-12 BILL ROOK 3013 Kenilworth Lane 2-0959 Spanish Club 10 R.O.T.C. 10 Band 10 Hiking Club 10 Hi-Y 10-11 Pan American League 11 Football 11-12 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Group Officer 12 Key Club 12 Class Otiicer 11 BILL SATTERFIELD 211 W. Oldham Avenue 3-9147 R.O.T.C. Group Officer 10 Basketball 11 Hi-Y 11 Football 11-12 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 Allied Youth 12 gi, I off" X fy? ffjsfilofs A...-.UU - Choir 10-11-12 LEWIS SHARP 40 Scottish Pike 4 s' . . Club J AN SHIFLET DAVIS E. Churchwell ce Assistant 10 Glee Club 10 ROBERT DOUGLAS SMITH 134 Leonard Place 4-3746 R.O.T.C. French Club Ofl'icer10-11 Hiking Club 10-11 Track 11-12 Roper Staff 12 Quill 8. Scroll 12 Volleyball 12 MARY SMITH 915 Lee Avenue 5-3325 Pan American League 11 Commercial Club 12 ANGELA STRAMIELLO 2215 Edgewood Avenue 5-7188 Glee Club 10 Spanish Club 10 Student Improvement Council 11 Pan-American League 11 Falcon Quill Staff 11-12 Office Assistant 12 F.H.A. 12 Honor Society 12 Quill 8. Scroll 12 SHIRLEY SURRETTE 1708 Jourolmon Avenue 2 3321 T 8-I Club 10-11-12 Bible Club 12 Arts 8- Crafts Club 12 UREAKA SUTTLES L 1 Davanna Street 5 N 0 lub 10 il A 11 D Officer 12 H INDA TAPP 1 1 Emoriland Blvd. amsh 10-11 ee Club 10 R Cross Representative 10 ual Representative 11 A 12 Pa r StatT11-12 roup Officer 12 P SY TAYLOR iawassee Q13 I I x I lg Gro Of1'icer10 8.12 Glee Club 10 Cheerleader 11-12 Swimming Club 12 F.H.A. 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 Key Club lSponsor1 12 Oltice Assistant 12 KWWL ANNE TRUAN 701 Columbia Avenue 5-7119 Choir 1 1-12 Oflice Asst. 12 F.H.A. 12 AUDREY HERRON TUDOR 2613 Jetferson Avenue - 2-7938 T. 8.1. Club 10-11 BETTY TURNER 325 E. Columbia Avenue 2-2265 Y-Teens 10 Latin Club 10-11 Glee Club 10-11 Choir 11 F.T.A. 10 Cheerleader 11-12 Bible Club 12 Office Assistant 11-12 Annual Rep. 10-11 Honor Society 12 Commercial Club 12 JIMMY VALENTINE 233 N.E. Emerald Ave. 2-6547 ' ' R.O.T.C. 10 Basketball 10 D.E. Club 12 BESSIE VAN HOOK 1500 Coker Ave. 3-8632 Latin Club 11-12 Office Assistant 11 Swimming Team 11 Group Officer 11-12 Student Improvement Council 11 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 F.T.A. 12 Bible Club 12 Annual Staff iAdvertising Managerl 12 Dramatics Club Nice Pres.1 12 Rockwood High 10 Cheerleader 10 Library Assistant 10 Biology Club KPres.1 10 BOB WALLACE 906 N. Broadway 4-2267 State Sec. of T. 8. I. 11 Parlimentarian of T. 8. I. 12 Student Improvement Council 11 Annual Rep. 12 T. 8. I. Contest Winner 11 Boys' State Rep. 11 Hi-Y 11 Swimming Team 11 Stage Manager 12 JIMMY WARD 1604 Coker Ave. 5-6030 Aeronautics Club 10 C.S.U. 10 Group Officer 10-11.- Choir 10-11-12 Cheerleader 12 Annual Staff 12 1- 136 M7 Office Worker 11 Allied Youth Officer 12 Boots 8- Saddle Club 12 Hi-Y 11 Dramatics Club 12 Curtin Club 10 BILL WARWICK 2376 McCroskey Ave. 5-4826 R.O.T.C. 10 Glee Club 10 T. 811. Club 11 NED WARWICK 2200 Lawson Ave. 3-7094 R.O.T.C. 10 WILLIAM T. WATKINS 937 Churchwell Ave. 5-0931 Somerset High School 10-11 Band10-11-12 Debate Club 10-11 Glee Club 10-11 Track 10-11-12 Key Club 10-11-12 Honor Society 11-12 Group Officer 10-11-12 Drum Maior 10-11 Drum Major Merit Award 11 MONA RAY WEAVER 3333 Clearview Ave. 4-5109 Library Asst. 10 Latin Club 10-11 Choir 11-12 Glee Club 10 Boots 8. Saddle Club 12 Bible Club 12 Group Omcer 10-11 Receptionist 12 EARL WELLS 211 Burwell Ave. 5-5730 Isaac Litton, Nashville, Tenn. 9-10-1 1 Science Club 10 Group Officer 10 Basketball 10-11-12 Baseball 10-11-12 FRANCES WHALEY 1505 Grainlger Ave. 4-0503 1. JANICE CAROLYN WHITESIDE 714 Quincy Ave.. 4-5307 F.H.A. 12 Group Otlicer 11 LINDA WIGHT 107 Raleigh Ave. 3-3862 ,r F.H.A. 10-11-12 Spanish Club 11 JACK 'FHILLIP w1LaANKs .1 11 Cedar Ave., 4-7017 ko.r.c. io PHYLLIS ANN WILLIAMS 106 Flenniken Ave. 7-1881 ' J My-.... Young 1 - Y-Teens 10-11 Footlight Club 11 SHIRLEY WILLIAMS 1709 Fairmont Blvd. 4-6017 Group Olticer 10 81 12 Masquers 10 ' Glee Club 10 spanish Club io-11 Ee B Student Imp. Council 11 X Falcon Quill 11 Annual Staff QActivities 8- Girls' Spartsl 12 F.H.A. 12 Senior Class Secretary SONNY WILSON 1325 Armstrong Avq 4-6998 ig Key Club 11-12 . Basketball 10-11 Football 11-12 Baseball 12 Group Officer 11-1 Junior Class President Latin Club 10 Student Imp. Council 11 Boots 81 Saddle Club 12 GAYLE WOLFE 820 North 4th Ave. 4-3000 Choir 10-11-12 French Club 10-11 French Club KSec.1 11 F.H.A. 12 Choir Olticer 12 Receptionist 12 Swimming Club 11 Group Officer 10 JOHN WOOD 801 E. Churchwell Ave. 4-0844 R.O.T.C. 10 BOBBIE JUNE WRIGHT 214 Hazel Pl. 5-561 1 . Spanish Club 10-11 Y-Teens 12 F.H.A. 12 Bible Club 12 JAMES WRIGHT 4109 Porter Ave. 3-0609 T. 811. Club 10-11-12 T. 8. I. COfticerJ 12 BILL YORK Robert Hul"f Rd. 4-1880 ' JIMMY YOUNG 1701 Edgewood Ave. 5-6457 T. 8- l. Club 10-11-12 T. s. I.iOFficer1 12 Student Imp. Council 11 Stage Manager 12 CHARLES YOUNG 1005 N. Broadway Boys' State Rep. 11 F MMM W I My jfimfiwfg 125322 WW WWMWZ, 'WWI ZffjVMw5MMfM fy VW? WV Wifjytqwwg 2 mf J' WM PM AQ Qfogpff' Q36 IW MJ . 'Y QQ mbbcqggyjf X HX M fw 9352345 ifgwf 1 R if ww - - W gag? QM fwi A 1 .PJFVWMTQ Qdjggfjfpiy 'gifgjfw sk. Qu 5i1:qTe2Q 4 gig 32 flkilfin gill? QSEWQ'-3 722' xg My WSW? w52iwfl ' 'L ' H- 1 A . hy. X W 1 "Ab N'?b,,.w , 1 - L+ .. 3 ' J ' f 'k f dw 1 , Vfse f-2 HQ ,fl We V, J z - 1 " -222 az- , 'E ml ' "fag-,Yf h fy . , ' - Q- ' .wwf Q i5?5 7 Q ?Ea3' ' 1 , . QQSQSIZQQ ,fa - vw 1 - Q aa-x,R-Wai 1 sr 'F fa: ' .. 1-as 2-.ir gg ' f I ef , -rf . ,Q-,,,.::'1 , . I L, - 6? V - ,P - V - ,.,1 Wgawmf .Q , I f N , K Q - .af .,, 5 . ,N . . ,. 1111- M 1 Q1 X r Q 'V' H ' 4 .,m,,wfie'x-ff , A X . 3 -5 swf! 1f"": . - A. ' 'f'a, ,pg-sg -gg ,A ,M . , W , 4'iwQEzg V V, , f f xl 1, , , ...Q-1 . - 4,il,g..s.:v-f"J ,A ,,,a.fvf' Y ,. AM.. ,, 'J 7 V v A I -L. . X ' - "-9? . 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Suggestions in the Fulton High School - Falcon Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) collection:

Fulton High School - Falcon Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Fulton High School - Falcon Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 38

1953, pg 38

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1953, pg 13

Fulton High School - Falcon Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 78

1953, pg 78

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