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TABLE OF CONTENTS USS FULTON (AS- 11) 2 COMMANDING OFFICER 4 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 6 OFFICERS 8 CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS 9 ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT 10 COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT 16 DECK DEPARTMENT 18 DENTAL DEPARTMENT 22 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 23 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 26 SPORTS 34 weapons department 38 facts figures 48 liberty ports life at sea 49 ops nav maa 84 repair department 86 supply department 106 homecoming 122 :redit page 126 USS FULTON (AS-11) HULL Length Overall Beam Max. Ht.-Keel to top most part 530 ft. 6 in. 73 ft. 4 in. 124 ft. 10y 2 in. SHIP ' S DATA MACHINERY Type of Propulsion Propulsion Shafts Shaft Horsepower Speed Diesel Electric Two 5,600 ea. 17 Knots ARMAMENT Single 20 mm Single 50 cal four two SHIP ' S HISTORY The USS FULTON (AS- 11) is the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of Robert Fulton, inventor and ship designer. The FULTON was built by Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, California. Her keel was laid in July 1939 and she was launched on 27 December 1940 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Arthur T. Sutcliff, great-granddaughter of Robert Fulton. FULTON was on her shake down cruise when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. During World War II, she serviced fleet submarines operating in the Pacific. As U.S. Forces closed in on Japan, FULTON was moved progressively from Pearl Harbor to Brisbane, Australia to Milne Bay, New Guinea. Halfway through the war, FULTON returned to the United States for overhaul, and then returned to the Western Pacific Theater on her second support mission. During this tour she tended submarines at Midway, Saipan, and Guam where she remained through the last patrols of the war. One of FULTON ' s most notable wartime achievements was her rendezvous with the cruiser PORTLAND and the destroyer RUSSELL to receive 101 officers and 1,790 enlisted men who survived the sinking of the fighting aircraft carrier YORKTOWN (CV 10) which was lost in the historic battle of Midway. FULTON also played an important role as support tender for submarines engaged in experiments and tests of sonar mine detection devices which enabled American submarines to successfully penetrate the minefields guarding the Inland Sea of Japan. FULTON took part in the Bikini Atoll atomic experiment following the war and was decommissioned on 3 April 1947. On 10 April 1951, FULTON was recommissioned and assigned to the newly reactivated Submarine Squadron TEN at New London, Connecticut, where she resumed her role in support of the submarine fleet. She has spent the ensuing years performing this mission at State Pier in New London, with brief absences for training cruises in Argentina, Newfoundland; Rothesay, Scotland; Portland, England and also in the Caribbean. The importance of FULTON ' s support mission was heightened in 1958 with the assignment of three nuclear powered submarines, NAUTILUS, SKATE, and SEA WOLF to Submarine Squadron TEN, making her the first submarine tender to support nuclear fast attack submarines. In 1972 the FULTON made a five month deployment to the Mediterranean. The FULTON ' s mission was to prepare for full time use, an advance refit site for nuclear powered fast attack submarines. This was the first deployment of a World War II vintage submarine tender to the Mediterranean since World War II. After a shipyard overhaul in 1976, the FULTON returned to New London to continue the support of Atlantic Fleet Submarines. FULTON was most recently modernized in 1983-1984 during an extensive overhaul conducted at Electric Boat, Groton, CT and General Dynamics, Quincy, MA. Submarine Squadron TEN, of which FULTON is the Flagship, includes the USS JACK (SSN 605), USS TINOSA (SSN 606), USS GREENLING (SSN 614), USS GATO (SSN 615) USS PARGO (SSN 650), USS TREPANG (SSN 674), USS BILLFISH (SSN 676) and TWR-681. Commanding Officer Captain Montgomery grew up in Marion, Kansas and graduated from Marion High School in 1956. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and commission as an Ensign in 1960. In December 1961, following nuclear power training and submarine school, Captain Montgomery reported to USS TULLIBEE (SSN 597). In May 1964 he joined the construction crew of the S5G Prototype at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit, Idaho Falls, Idaho and, in April 1967, the precommissioning unit of the USS NARWHAL (SSN 671). In September 1969, he reported as Navigator on USS JACK (SSN 605). In March 1971, Captain Montgomery reported as Executive Officer of USS SEAWOLF (SSN 575), then undergoing major overhaul and conversion at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California. In April 1974, he became Commanding Officer of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit, Windsor, Connecticut. In May 1978, following completion of prospective commanding officer training, he assumed command of USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (SSBN 656) Blue. In September 1981, he reported as Chief Staff Officer, Submarine Refit and Training Group, La Maddalena in Sardinia. In July 1984 he assumed duties as Commanding Officer of the USS FULTON (AS 11). Captain Montgomery is married to the former Susan Henderson of Franklin, Massachusetts. They have six children. CAPTAIN DAVID R. MONTGOMERY Fellow Crewmembers: USS FULTON (AST1) and units of Submarine Squadron TEN established our initial submarine maintenance presence at La Maddalena, Sardinia during a Mediterranean deployment in 1972. History repeated itself in 1985 when FULTON again deployed to the Mediterranean to relieve a sister tender of maintenance responsibilities for a period of several weeks. As any experienced mariner will verify, readying a ship for a major deployment within a few short months of completing an overhaul is an awesome task. This crew met every challenge imposed by a rigorous preparation schedule. Enthusiasm was the hallmark. This 43 year old ship was deployed for 128 days and steamed in excess of 11,000 miles with no major degrading material problems. That attests to the quality of our ships and our people. Your professional performance and conduct as ambassadors of your country were superb. It was a privilege to have sailed with you. D.R. MONTGOMERY Commanding Officer Executive Officer Captain Weisensee was born in Brighton, Massachusetts, on 10 May 1933. Captain Weisensee enlisted in the United States Navy in January 1952 and was advanced through the enlisted ranks to the grade of Chief Electronics Technician in the nuclear program. In July of 1962 he was commissioned as an Ensign in the Limited Duty Officer Program. Captain Weisensee was one of the first Limited Duty Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in February 1985. Captain Weisensee ' s sea duty includes tours in USS THUBAN (AKA 19), USS AMBERJACK (SS 522), USS SABALO (SS 302), USS TULLIBEE (SSN 597), USS CUSK (SS 384) and USS NEREUS (AS 17). He was the first Commanding Officer of SHIPPINGPORT (ARDM 4) from February 1979 to February 1982. Other tours have included commissioning SIC Nuclear Prototype at Windsor, Connecticut; Electronics Material Officer, Submarine Squadron 16; Assistant Material Officer, Submarine Squadron 10; Director of Operations Advanced Training at the Naval Submarine School, New London; and as Assistant Repair Officer for Extended Refit Programs at Charleston Naval Shipyard. His last assignment was Security Officer, Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut. He is qualified in submarines both officer and enlisted. CAPTAIN WILLIAM J. WEISENSEE XO NOTE: We aboard FULTON have chosen to serve our nation through service in the Navy. The keyword is " service. " We serve our great nation by helping to preserve the peace, by preparing for our primary mission of L eing able to deploy to an advance site to tend submarines. Deployments are also an opportunity for service in diplomacy. We aboard FULTON passed all the tests with flying colors, from underway for preparations at GUANTANAMO to completion of weapons load-out at Earle, New Jersey, on the way home. The outstanding record of our service at work and ashore, and the fact that we left New London, did the job assigned and returned, all on schedule, is commendable to say the least. Additionally, as many of the pictures in this book will attest to, we not only did well, we enjoyed ourselves while accomplishing this service. That was not always the situation for everyone who served during the deployment. It was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who said " It is very hard in military or personal life to assume equality. Life is unfair " (news conference, March 1962). No more telling meaning could have been given to these words than for the loved ones we left behind us. They too gave their fair share in the service of our nation and to the success of our mission. In that service they won our respect and esteem. They kept the leaves of autumn raked, the snows of winter shoveled, the kids taken care of, and the letters coming. Their pictures are not in this book, yet they also passed the test with flying colors. I am proud to have served with all of you who participated in this extremely successful deployment. Well Done. W. J. WEISENSEE XO of the " Home of the Professionals " v «£v 1 9 I : V f m f «f y? Officers 1st Row L to R: ENS Suarez, LT Hale, LTJG Looney, LT Cadenhead, LT Petronio, CW04 Engele, CAPT Weisensee, CAPT Montgomery, LT Raacke, LT Henninger, CDR Whaley; 2nd Row L to R: LTJG Kusiak, ENS Lemons, ENS Caylor, LTJG Gamble, LTJG Truitt, ENS Decarolis, CW03 Rogers, CW02 Piper; 3rd Row L to R: CDR Kirk, ENS Murphy, CW02 Rutledge, LCDR Smith, CW04 Pacheco, ENS Cockerham, CW03 Newton, CW02 Cowles; 4th Row L to R: LT Barber, LT Slone, LCDR Tenaro, LT McNeeley, LCDR Karaman, LT Bevill, CDR McCarthy, LT Burba, ENS Johnston, LCDR Simerly; 5th Row L to R: CW03 Trelewicz, LT Cherry, LT Wilson, LCDR Bowers; Last Row L to R: CWQ2 Zaleski, CAPT Davies, LT Barry, LT Evans, LT Eble, LTJG Weaver The Leaders of the Pack, Dining Out CPOs Kneeling 1st Row L to R: MRC Jones. MMC Astle. OMC Bellamy, PNCS Clabom, YNCS Gray, TMC O ' Neal, EMCS Stewart. MSC Price. NCC Ciocco; Kneeling 2nd Row L to R: HMCM Anderson, QMC Moran, HTCM Taranto, HTC Curtain, HTC Spann, HTC Aheam, ETC Graham, BMCS Wargo, ENC Hotchkiss, EMC Stewart, 1CCS Maria, MRC Sharkey; Standing 1st Row L to R: SHC Wilson, SHCS Ertl, EMCM Bruce, MMCS Van Fleet, MMC Bartlett, ENC Sullivan, SKCS Huges, HTC Rower, ETC Joy, EMCM Skinner, MMCS Earl, FTCM Hooker, ENC Edwards, HTCS Enckson; Standing 2nd Row L to R: TMCS Hetfeman, MMCS Meyers, TMC Raber, ETCS Porter, HMC Wilnch, MAC Michalak, TMC Wismewski, TMC Hill, TMCM Angelo, DTC Lewis, ICC Payfer, UC Wilcox. ADMIN DEPARTMENT 1st Row L to R: PNCS Claborn, YNCS Gray, PN1 Maldonado, MS2 Lee, SN Farr, LN2 Dunn, YN3 Woosencraft, SN Heming, PN3 McCasslin, YN2 Severance, LTJG Kusiak; 2nd Row L to R: SHCS Ertl, LT Cadenhead, SN Clowes, YNSN Day, YN3 Dettmer, PN3 Gallagher, SN Singh, PNSN Tuck, RP3 Bonet, PN2 Doggett, NCC Ciocco, CW02 Rutledge; Back Row L to R: FTCS Heffernan, SN Dufault, PCSN Ratican, RP3 Kennedy, PNSN Davis, RP3 Lapointe, YN2 Cleveland, PCI Bagley, ENS Johnston. The Administrative department provides the following service for units assigned to COMSUBRON 10 and units visiting State Pier: ADMIN OFFICE— Provides administrative assistances as required. PERSONNEL OFFICE— Provides service to personnel transfers receipts, discharges, advancements, TAD. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICE-ESO provides services for advancement, rate training courses, and tuition assistance for college courses. POST OFFICE— Post Office capabilities consist of normal U.S. Postal service abilities. COMMAND CAREER COUNSELOR-For tended units SQUADRON 10 Career Counselor provides support liaison for matters regarding reenlistment processing incentives, preseparation counseling, NMPC liaison, fleet reserve retirement counseling and planning, etc. These same services are provided on board FULTON by the ship ' s Career Counselor. COUNSELING AND ASSISTANCE CENTER- CAAC is available to Commanding Officers of submarines of SQUADRON 10 to provide recommendations and references for personnel involved in drug or alcohol related incidents. CAAC may be reached after normal working hours for assistance by contacting the CDO on board FULTON. LEGAL— The Legal Office is equipped to provide the following services and counseling on an appointment basis in the following areas: Automobile vehicle problems, Civil rights, Consumer credit problems, Contracts, Divorce separations, Adoptions, Name- change, Child custody, Landlord tenant, Powers of attorney, Taxation, Wills, Civilian criminal problems, Notaries. 10 CHAPLAIN— Counseling is available to FULTON personnel and their dependents. The Chaplain will be glad to speak on any personal problem, family difficulty, sickness, housing referral or religious matter. FULTON ' s Religious Program Specialists are also located for assistance in the Library. Communications Kneeling L to R: RM1 Marchese, RM3 Coffey, RMSR McMann; Standing L to R: RM3 Carbera, RM2 Harlan, RM3 Noss, RM3 Winters, RM2 Pirrone, LT Henninger, RM2 McCarthy, RMSN Lewis, RM1 Cawthon, RMSN Nevill, RMC Menzel. Communications Department ' s capabilities: Communications guard IAW COMSUBLANT OPORD 2000 and NTP-4. Telephone notification of all commands on guard list of priority precedence and above message traffic pending delivery. General message distribution point. Operator training upon request. Access to autosevocom communications facilities. Equipment check-out (on-air) upon request. Communications ' Repair shop ' s capabilities: Install, adjust and put into operation cryptographic equipment. Repair, adjust, lubricate, and ultrasonically clean cryptographic equipment including on-line and secure voice equipment. Maintain customer ' s equipment repair log custody cards. Provide technical assistance, trouble shoot and test ship ' s operational cryptographic systems. Certify crypto repair kits operational for deploying units. Repair and maintain red and black interface patch panels and power supplies. Test, repair, and overhaul both high and low level teletype machines and systems including printers, keyboards, tapepunches. Perform adjustments, lubrication, ultrasonic cleaning, range settings, ECT, of teletype machines, including high and low level teletype systems. Conduct operational tests on teletype systems, adjust and or repair, as required, to meet operational requirements. Communications (Repair) Kneeling L to R: ET1 Leuer, ET2 Levesque, RM2 Pitts, ET2 Pelletier, ET2 Trudo; Standing L to R: ET2 Jenkins, ET2 Allen, RM1 Stanley, ET3 Sapp, ET3 Wright, ET3 Sepulveda, ET1 Kennedy. H, NA, • 1 w i 1 1 1 K i y .. . mL 0£ i a h { A 1 W rU C 1 B v™ Ml Deck 1st Division First Row L to R: BMCS Wargo, BM3 Troupe, BM3 Gaer, BM3 Zilberman, BM3 Johnson, BM3 Desjardins, BM2 Uland, CW03 Newton; 2nd Row L to R: SN Sutherland, SA Bost, SN Cox, SN Stubblefield, SN Hanna, BMSN Hickey, hidden, SN Chandler, SN Canter; 3rd Row L to R: SN Greeno, SA Brown, BMSN McDonald, hidden, SM Remington; 4th Row L to R; BMSN Heathcott, SN Chumack, BMSN Minnott, hidden. Deck 2nd Division First Row L to R: BMCS Wargo, SN Kogok, EN3 Upton, SN Terry, ENFN Milligan, SA Zahn, BMSN Fisher, SN Dill, BM2 Dahl, CW03 Newton; 2nd Row L to R: BM3 Meyers, SA Elwell, BMSN Metham, FN Strahan, SN Holmes, SN Cunha, FN Ziegler, BMSN Aubuchon, HT3 Pallaschke; 3rd Row L to R: BMSN Mix, SA McAdoc, EN3 Burdo, EN3 Hedgepeth, BMSN Minnotti, SA Edwards, BMSN Meyer. 1st DIVISION I W 1st Division is responsible for the preservation, maintenance and operation of the 01 level and main deck weather decks, foc ' sle, ship ' s sides, ship ' s paint locker and all departmental spaces. 2ndDIVISION 2nd Division is responsible for the preservation, maintenance and operation of all 02 level weather decks and the ship ' s small boats. J assb DENTAL Sitting L to R: DN Kubisky, DN Fewell, DN Myers; Standing L to R: LCDR Bowers, DTI VanWinkle, CAPT Davies, LCDR Karaman, DTC Lewis, DT2 Clarke, DT3 Flick. The Dental Department carries responsibility for providing dental care to personnel of FULTON and Submarine Squadron 10. Prevention or remedy of disease, disability, or injury of the teeth, jaws, and related structures which may directly or indirectly interfere with performance of military duties is the goal. Dental conducts sick call from 0745-0930 Monday through Friday, except holidays. This time is reserved for required annual examinations, check-in and check-out examinations, and emergencies. Emergency treatment is also available on a twenty four hour basis. MEDICAL Sitting L to R: LT Raake, HMCM Anderson; Standing L to R: HM2 Williams. HM2 Tomsons, HMC Wilrich, HM3 Brown, HN Moore, HM1 Sandmon, HM3 Kelemen, HM2 Cruise, HM2 Bartholomew, HM1 Rouse, HN Berry. Normal FULTON working hours, in port, commence at 0745 and end at 1630 on weekdays. During these normal working hours, Medical Department personnel are available for technical services. Therefore, it is to the requesting facility ' s advantage to make use of these normal work day hours for routine services. During periods in which only one Medical Officer is assigned, the Medical Officer will employ maximum use of previously arranged appointments for routine services. All physical examinations, psychiatric interviews and other special appointments will be seen by appointment, personnel with complicated medical problems may be screened at sick call and asked to return at an appointed time for a more extensive evaluation. The Tender Medical Watch is capable of handling emergencies at all times. 23 SICK CALL : ' " c? J A Division Front Row L to R: MM3 Carbone, MM1 Greene, FA Zavakos, FA Kalblien, MM3 Woolard, EN2 Kennerly, MM2 Fulco, CW02 Cowles; Back Row L to R: MMFN Webb, MM3 Sheythe, BT2 Manning, BT2 Rossetti, MM3 Ross, MM2 Dagenais, MMC Astle, MM1 Burgess, MM3 Busch, MM3 Ballance. Auxiliary Division operates and maintains the ship ' s boilers, compressed air plants, fresh water systems, sewage pumps, refrigeration plants, air conditioning units and steam systems. The division also produces liquid oxygen and nitrogen for use by tended submarines as well as providing fresh water and sewage services for both tender and units alongside. 26 " DC Division Front Row L to R: HT1 Deeher, HT3 Townsend, HT3 Confran, HT2 Gilhouse HT3 Berry, HT1 Bradley; Back Row L to R: HTCS Erickson, HTFN Avona, HT2 Murawske, HTFN White, SN Harvey, HT3 Moffitt, LTJG Weaver. The Damage Control Division is responsible for the maintenan ce of the various installed firefighting systems and the repair lockers located throughout the ship. They provide general repair services and are responsible for the ship ' s plumbing system. The DC Division is the at- sea fire party known as the flying squad and are distinguished by their red hats and shirts. 28 E Division Front Row L to R: CW04 Engele, IC3 Angrilla, EM3 Couch, SN Mariscal, EM3 Desmarais, EMFN Robidoux, IC2 Eble, IC3 Conner, EMC Stewart; Middle Row L to R: EM2 Baston, EMFN Collins, EM2 Copeland, EMI Lapoint, EM3 McAleer, EM2 Lovely, EMFN Mahan, EMI Jones; Back Row L to R: EM3 Stokes, EM3 Rice, EMI Thompson, IC1 Hansen, IC2 Green, EM3 Smith, IC2 Smith, IC2 Scott, EMFN Gibboney, EM2 Dix. FULTON ' s Electrical Division (Electricians and Interior Communications Electricians) are responsible for installation, safe operation and maintenance of all shipboard electrical equipment ranging from simple power circuits and lighting to the complex interior communications system and navigational gyrocompasses. FULTON ' s electricians also operate and maintain the ship ' s electrical power plant, which supplies electrical power to FULTON ' s habitability and vital systems as well as to the various submarines that moor alongside for tests and repairs. M DIVISION Machinery Division is responsible for the maintenance and operation of six main propulsion engines, six ship ' s service generators, two reduction gears, supportive auxiliary equipment, and over one million gallons of fuel. We are the prime movers that provide electrical power and lighting for FULTON, and propulsion power to take the ship and crew anywhere in the world. Top Picture (Aft Engineroom) Front L to R: FA Malone, ENFN Wright; Middle L to R: EN2 Neff, EN1 Compton, EN3 Rios, EN1 Lasley; Back L to R: EN2 Reed, FN Heridia, ENFN Ellis, EN3 Prindle. Bottom Picture (Fwd Engineroom) Front L to R: EN2 Conklin, EN2 Toye, ENC Edwards; Middle L to R: EN3 Fields, ENCM Bruce, EN3 Jensen; Back L to R: ENFN Adams, EN3 Varner. 32 Oil Kings Front L to R: ENFA Stogner, EN3 Johnson, ENFA Blow; Back L to R: ENFN Brianis, ENl Okvist, ENFN Walters. FULTON ' S " D " TRAIN BASKETBALL TEAM Coached by MS2 Doss TMSN Toomer, TM3 Bush, TMSN Robinson, BMSN Moor, HT3 Townsend, BMSN Minott, SM2 Heyward, BMSN McAdoo, EM3 Medina, BMSN Aguilla, EMFN Nesmith, MR3 Beck, TM3 McGee, MR2 Ferguson, HM2 Williams. Game 1 FULTON " D " TRAIN 65 ORION ' S SYSTEM 68 Game 2 FULTON " D " TRAIN 55 PORT SERVICES 46 Game 3 FULTON " D " TRAIN 79 ORION ' S WEAPONS 75 Game 4 FULTON " D " TRAIN 64 ORION ' S FIRST CLASS 60 SEMIFINAL SCORE FULTON " D " TRAIN 50 ORION ' S SYSTEM 49 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FULTON " D " TRAIN 56 ORION ' S SYSTEM 54 CADET BASKETBALL TEAM FULTON " D " TRAIN 95 ITALIAN NATIONALS 74 v W-l Division Front Row L tc R: TMC Raber, TMSN Rice, TM3 Graves, TM3 Washok, TM3 Smyers, TM2 Keown, TM3 Jimenez, TMSN Georges, TM2 Lynch, CW03 Rogers; Back Row L to R: TM1 Pitchford, TMSN Hiett, TMSN King, TM3 Bush, TMSN Toomer, TM2 Canty, TM3 Dolciamore. W-l Division is capable of stowing, handling, receiving, and preparing for issue MK 48 torpedoes, harpoons and tomahawk cruise missiles in support of tended submarines. W-l ' s highly proficient and well trained crew safely and efficiently handle tons and tons of high explosives each year. 38 , ' , .1 , ' " • W-2 Division Kneeling L to R: TMSN Boyle, FTG2 Gluck, TM3 Evertsz, TMC O ' Neal, SN Poston, SR Motley, GMG2 Warner; Standing L to R: GMG3 Jones, FTG2 Steele, FTG2 Lindsey, TM3 Cabral, FTCM Hooker, TM3 Culver, FTGl Massengale, GMG3 Gordon. W-2 ' s capabilities consist of: — MK 113 MOD 6 8 underwater fire control systems and associated components — MK 117 Fire Control Systems — MK 140 amplifier — Periscope bearing transmitter — Synchro amplifier — MK 8 range and bearing indicator — MK 19 plotter — Repair of plug in type amplifier and modules — Weapons systems inspections — Fire control internal external alignment checks — MK 21 indicator panel — Pyrotechnics and small arms ammunition issue receipt — Small arms qualification 40 1 J f j 11 «a J it It r It li i ■ S Hi fr -iSL i V 6 r 1 s ■1 _ .i • ' Eas W-3 Division Kneeling L to R: TMSN Wilson, TM3 McGee, TMSN Martin, TM3 Short, TM2 Wilkinson, TM3 Dubeau, TM1 Sleeman, TM1 Nerdin, TM1 Toth; Back Row L to R: CWQ2 Piper, TMSN Robinson, TM3 Anderson, TM3 Payton, TM3 Clanahan, GMT3 Burgess, TM3 Ellis, GMT1 Doughty, TMC Hill. 42 _FltfK ll W-4 Division Front Row L to R: BM2 Rheaume, QM3 McCoy, EM3 Connors, TMSN Davis, TM3 Imburgia, TM1 Smith, BMSN Gehrke, TM1 Mills; Back Row L to R: BMSN Ober, MM2 Lincoln, FA Davis, IC3 Ford, EM3 Medina, BM3 Story, TMSN Klein, TMCM Angelo. Cranes conducts all lifts aboard ship. Our 21 man division provides services to Supply Department, Repair Department, Submarines, and various other requesting activities. We also perform the on-board rigging services necessary for our own onboard repair. Our motto is " No Rig Too Big, No Lift Too Hard " 44 NO RIG TOO BIG WA 5 J ' i 1 Br W-6 Division Front Row L to R: CW03 Trelewicz, TMC Wisniewski, TM3 Melendez, TM3 Marchmon, TM3 Stofko, FTG2 Williams, TM3 Potts, TM1 Moore, IC3 Carr; Back Row L to R: TM3 Leclaire, TMSN McDaniel, TM3 McKenzie, FTG2 Diamond, TM1 Maher, TMSN Miller W-6 Division ' s capabilities consist of: — Weight test of all handling equipment — Manufacture submarine weapons handling lines and cables — Pneumatic hoist repair — Torpedo tube repair alignment — Submarine weapons handling gear repairs — Magazine sprinkler valves inspection and overhaul FACTS AND FIGURES Underway total of 120 days Traveled over 11,000 miles Tended 9 units alongside 756 jobs completed 71,060 man hours expended Left 3 January with 788 ship ' s company Returned 10 May with 769 ship ' s company Feed water used in Santo Stephano: 400,000 gallons Fresh water used in Santo Stephano: 1,700,000 gallons S-2 served 168,591 meals in 49 days (average of 3,440 a day) Resupplied submarines with $100,000 of provisions Ship ' s Store gross sales: $71,000 Vending machines gross sales: $16,000 Laundry cleaned 6,000 lbs; Pressed 1,220 pieces Line items increased from 800 to 1600 Laundry operated 24 hours a day Disbursing sold 2,770,000 lire = $140,000 Requisitions processed: 5,000 submarines 8875 FULTON 2000 ORION Money Order Sales: $670,000 Stamp Sales: $16,800 Incoming Mail: over 50,000 lbs. Outgoing Mail: over 12,000 lbs. 48 BARCELONA SPAIN ,, , jm H ' .»S «« ■ - ' . ' Tim s©. ■_ ' _■-;, ' ::_. ' LAMADD 55 i tff ftBYiiliii .1 r „ • fi • " i ' ' . J ■ m . " -. . : |Ei s, — ■ f... 1 al ■ j " ;. ' % Sa i K f | •■ ' , j ■ M£$31 J UJ RISTORANTE (cola LARAGOSTA g MSNffiXl fwmfOT 1 apetto lutto 1 anno ■h let 737208 1 noi vi sttendamo qui In una 1 II posiiione meant evol j J a 50 mctri dal mare L J •! — E R O M A Ik • .•? • ■; i ?i T " - " ■■J. -- ■- (4 i ' 4i p JlM - • f Wi . — ' 1 1 I ' Bil.jBI [Hjii II 1 1 1 irJ II 1 i Will J ... L V ?§£Ml v ■ " i i ■ r - ' - 1 1» w 1- 7 .m P 11 V " s? V n r T 1 - Bl, m H V 1 k Sri V 1 . • • ■ rK« ' ;S$ ' ; : : ■:$£$ ' -• ' I BERGEN NORWAY »« » „ :„ •- ' -... ' ■■■- Ai. 1 T gntju win? - t0± ■ nil iMr st ■BB ■ 1 1 - r .rt f .■ qfi ' fJ7, irn mi e=a «-M . Tt.ii i ii M ■] B ZS ■ L 1 Wlk.j hI bfew JS S H 1 ,; t:R9E I H L Bi ' ' ' |w| aaW. -vr l % ' illl il«B 1 mk ' «• « ' $ ' MiJ08AHHBB IHl[ l a 1 — ——______ J ■ B T v SjSH to,., ' Jti rt-uti t_ FWI) 1 • liJS v --?-,. I j , - Kv iV V A J f " ! V ■ MM «t DECISIONS DECISIONS — 1 ■ • 1 1 2 ±r ft I - FIELD DAY 1 r 41 ■ " [ ■ ¥. -y V • m M o C S OPS NAV Kneeling L to R: SMSN Ruiz, QMSN Caballero, QM3 Totton, SM2 Deneault; Standing L to R: QMC Moran, QMSN Higgins, QM2 Bright, QM2 Muhammad, SM2 Heyward Navigator Operations Department consists of the quartermaster and signalman divisions. OPS NAV orients itself towards USS FULTON matters; however the department does have limited additional copies of charts available. OPS NAV provides chart tables for use by personnel upon request, for track layout, cruise planning, and chart correction. A complete file of notice to mariners and other navigational information is maintained. Master At Arms Kneeling L to R: DP3 Goldston, MR1 Buella, MR2 Dell, BM2 Stacy; Standing L to R: HT1 Ward, TM1 McNinch, TM3 Smith, MS2 Dunn, MM1 Miles, BM2 Watson, EN2 Bradley, FTG2 Woody » m 01 R-O Division 1st Row L to R: DM1 Bada, SN Lopez, YN1 Yarmon, YNSN Hower, PH2 Millam; Back Row L to R: ENS Cockerham, ETC Graham, ET1 Mahood, LI2 Sullivan, PHAN Wilson, OM1 Berneir, SK2 Curtin, PHI Brown, LIC Wilcox The Repair Administration Division is responsible to provide the following services: Drafting (including making graphs, charts, graphic training aids, metal photo-copy, lettering and small signs), photographic, off-set printing, microfilm, analysis, records and reports section and clerical functions. They produce slides, prints and transparencies. 1 ii EfH. ■ ■■ if! f- ' m ? R-l Division 1st Row L to R: HT3 Miller, HT3 Dennison, HT1 Schuster, HTFN Sanchez, HT2 Demont, HTFN Hoerner, HT2 Farrier, HT2 Rueger, HT3 Moss, HTFN Panerson. HT2 Beauvais, HT2 Valentin, HT2 Macisaac, HT3 Tatro, HTFA Wyschock; 2nd Row L to R: HTFN Cockrum, HT2 Washington, HTFN Reynolds, HT1 Crowley, HT3 Vassallo, HT2 Lanzaro, HT3 Bowman, HT2 Obuchowski, HTFN Robinson, HT2 Fitzpatrick, HT2 Deely, HT1 Patton, HT2 Howard, FN Jones, HTC Mills, CW03 Meierdierck; 3rd Row L to R: HT1 Flaherty, FN Zwierlein, HT2 Phearsdorf, HT3 Lyons, HIT Williamson, HTFN Wegner, HT1 Wear, HT3 Duncan, HTFN Carroll, HT2 Clubine, HTFN Trice, HT1 Longo. HTFN Levine, HT3 Borino, HTC Ahearn, HTCM Taranto; 4th Row L to R: HTFN Lee, HT2 Shortt, HT2 Porter, HTFN Norman, HT2 Rodenhuis, HT2 Margolis, HT1 Devine, HT3 Holmes, HT3 Dunn, HT3 Dougherty, HTFN Carter, HT2 Ireland, HT3 O ' Leary The Hull Repair Division is responsible for making approved repairs and alterations to metal hulls, superstructures, masts, booms, spars, domes, and machinery on ships tended; perform metal rework and or fabrication using all forms and sizes of sheet and plate metal; repair replace high and low pressure piping systems and components including flexible hoses, heat exchangers and condensers, provide qualified personnel to support repairs alterations to nuclear systems, perform in shop hydrostatic and air tests on those valves, piping, or tanks repaired or constructed; provide lagging services. Ifh-Mnm. t, ' % R-2 Division 1st Row L to R: MR2 Merritt, MRFN Pellicionie, OM2 Rotunno, IM2 Cox, MR2 Newman, MR3 Kane, MRC Jones, IM3 Barr, IM2 Corporon, OMSN Kessler, MR2 Sparks, MR2 Breidenstein, MR3 Gibson; 2nd Row L to R: MR1 Cotnoir, OM1 Bolen, MRFN Marsh, MR2 Lemire, MR2 McCollum, IM2 Whitfield, MRFN Weeks, MRFN Strickland, OMSN Badgett, IMSN Sternberg, MR3 Beck, MR1 Post, OM3 Marsh, MR2 Ferguson, IM3 Reif, IM1 Molinaro, IM2 Brown, MRFN Abbott, IM2 Talaga, IM3 Taylor, OM3 Fawcett, MR2 King, MR3 Jones, IM1 Farina; Missing: MR2 Grinnell, MR2 Reynolds, IMSN Adams, MRFN Dukarski, CWQ4 Baernthaler R-2 division is responsible for accomplishment of authorized work in the following shops: Inside machine shop; Engraving shop; Optical shop; Watch and clock shop; Typewriter repair shop; Key and lock shop; Mechanical standards 90 " BL " " ' ' p - ' P ■ B I, M ' Hi h i Il HI ■ VI ' M j ' 1 ' i R-4 Division Kneeling L to R: ET2 Watrous, ET1 Bradford, ET2 Edwards, ET3 Simmons, ET1 Roehs, ETG3 Deckard, ET2 Stiles, ET2 Delisle; Standing L to R: STSC Cloke, ET2 Lewis, ET2 Mainprize, ET3 Gooden, ET2 Taylor, ET3 Abel, ET1 Bernard, STS2 Wheat, ET2 Bonnette, STS2 Meegan, ET2 Rodriguez, ET2 Cimadon, ET3 Rivera, ETSN Duggins, ET3 Kendall, ETCS Potter, ENS Caylor The Electronics Repair Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance, alignment, installation, and calibration of submarine electronic systems including, but not limited to communications equipment (except cryptographic gear and teletypewriters) radar, ESM, and IFF systems; submarine sonar systems; submarine antenna systems; electronic test equipment; and repair of any other electronic equipment on submarines or other ships or activities which is authorized to be accomplished by proper authority. 94 I It R-5 Division 1st Row L to R: MMC Bartlett, MM2 McGarr, MM2 Wright, EMFN Booher, MRFN Taylor, ET1 Covington, MM1 Bottum; 2nd Row L to R: MM1 Jones, MM2 Aldridge, ET2 Robbins, MM1 Myers, MM1 Brewer, EM2 Mages, MM1 McDonald, MM1 Biegler, MM1 Weber « The Radiological Controls Division provides radiological controls support to assigned ships. Shops within the division are: Nucleonics and radcon shop — receipt of anti-contamination clothing and equipment for decontamination; Radiac calibration shop — this shop repairs and calibrates radiac equipment, radiation detectors and special radiation detection devices. R-6 Division Kneeling L to R: PM2 Scherer, HT1 Lawrence, FMFN Bancalari, BM3 Stitzel, HT3 Curell, BM2 Morton, FN Driscoll, ML1 Causy; Standing L to R: ENS Murphy, FN Fouty, FA Justinhammer, ML2 Smith, FN Harper, HT3 Marsh, HT3 Keding, HT3 Palmatere, HT3 Schroeder, BM1 Fuller, MLC Annunciado The Repairs Services Division is responsible for providing diving, rigging, woodworking, sail loft, foundry services, and support. Divisional work is performed in the following shops: Woodworking shop; Pattern shop; Riggers shop; Divers shop; Sail loft and canvas shop; Foundry shop 98 R-6 Division Kneeling L to R: PM2 Scherer, HT1 Lawrence, FMFN Bancalari, BM3 Stitzel, HT3 Curell, BM2 Morton, FN Driscoll, ML1 Causy; Standing L to R: ENS Murphy, FN Fouty, FA Justinhammer, ML2 Smith, FN Harper, HT3 Marsh, HT3 Keding, HT3 Palmatere, HT3 Schroeder, BM1 Fuller, MLC Annunciado The Repairs Services Division is responsible for providing diving, rigging, woodworking, sail loft, foundry services, and support. Divisional work is performed in the following shops: Woodworking shop; Pattern shop; Riggers shop; Divers shop; Sail loft and canvas shop; Foundry shop 98 lti¥ R-7 Division Seated L to R: LTJG Gamble, LT Cherry, EMCM Skinner; Standing L to R: MM1 Lake, MMCS VanVleet, MM1 Sevin, HTC Curtin, MM1 Wimett, FA Vilchez, MM1 Anderson, MM2 Minner, ET1 Cowden, ETC Joy, MR2 McLemore, EMCS Stewart, EM2 Wood R-7 Division plans manpower requirements and assigns lead and assist work centers for all job orders. The completion dates and an estimate of man-hours is also provided on all jobs. Shops consist of: Non-nuclear planning shop; Technical Library shop; Nuclear repair shop. 100 R-8 Division Kneeling L to R: HT3 Flansburg, HT2 Bango, HT2 Moody, EM2 Doyle, HT1 Gallien; Standing L to R: MRC Sharkey, HTC Spann, EMI Dolan, MM3 Ganzenmuller, HT1 Sneath, HT1 Jones, HT2 Dvoran, HT1 Ebright, HTC Flower, MMC Wilson, LT Tenaro The Quality Assurance Division is responsible for ensuring quality control and assurance in the performance of IMA work in accordance with the COMSUBLANT Quality Assurance Manual (COMSUBLANTINST 4355.2 Series). The quality assurance office NDT lab is responsible for performing all required non-destructive testing in support of IMA repair. Shops within the QA divison are: Non-destructive testing laboratory; Quality Assurance; Chemistry Laboratory 102 k 8ANC0 R-9 Division Kneeling L to R: MM2 Tansey, MM1 Stockham, EN3 Dean, FN Meisenheimer, ENFN Blaikner, EN3 Barrios, ENFN Lapatra, MMFN Conboy, FN Specht, EN3 Chernicki, ENC Hotchkiss; 1st Row Standing L to R: ENCS Ford, CW04 Pacheco, MMFN Jaquay, EN1 Edwards, EN3 Phillips, MM2 Van Buskirk, ENFN Samsel, MMFN Lasky, MMFN Horbert, MM2 Brissette, MM3 Ingalls, EN1 Lancey, EN1 Martin, MMC Ratterree; 2nd Row Standing L to R: EN3 Cain, MM2 Kurtz, MMFN Dubreuiz, EN3 Warren, ENFN Lardani, MMFA Carr, EN3 White, EN2 Rosado, EN2 Joidoin, MMFN Angulo, MM1 Wright The Outside Machinery Repair division is responsible for: — Making approved repairs and alterations to mechanical components and systems including, but not limited to, seawater sytems, propulsion machinery, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, refrigeration and air conditioning units, masts, antennas, shafts, planes, and propellers. — Performing inspections and providing technical assistance in the repair, adjustment, and alignment of diesel and internal combustion engines, generators, pumps, and associated components. 104 S-l Division Center L to R: SKI Baran, LT McNeely; 1st Row L to R: SKI Sawyer, SK3 Atkinson, SK3 Crotti, SK3 Burgett, SKSA Bates, SKSN Lausch, SKSN Perry, SN Mulligan, SKSN Mertz; 2nd Row L to R: SK3 Gauthier, SK3 Winkler, SKSN Hazard, SKSA Turner, SKSN Scott, SN Folster, SN Culp, SKSN Voss, SKSN Neptune, SK3 Roche, SKI Cote The mission of the Stores Division (S-l) i is to provide receipt, stowage, issue, and turn-in services of material for the IMA as well as units of Submarine Squadron 10. In addition, S-l provides complete material handling and transportation services. S-2 Division Kneeling L to R: MS3 Harmon, MS3 Skriver, MSSN Romero, MSSN Bazanchuck, MS3 Hill, MS3 Porter, MS3 Powers; Standing L to R: MS3 Kaelin, MSI Anderson, MS2 Covey, MS3 Griggs, MS2 Crelley, MS3 Fletcher, MS2 Doss, MS2 Handy, MS2 Yuskaitis, MSI Rogers, MS3 Frankhouser, MS2 Fuller, MSCS Newell, MSC Price, LTJG Truitt The mission of the Food Service Division is to provide wholesome, well-balanced, and satisfying meals served under the most sanitary conditions possible and in an atmosphere that is conducive to good dining. Additionally, the receipt, stowage and issue of provisions is provided for the support of tended units. S-2M Division Kneeling L to R: SA Roberts, FA Begay, SKSA Jones, SN Ramsey, SA Piccione; Standing L to R: RM1 Sandoval, MLFA Jensenhammer, IMSA Sternberg, SKSA Shell, FA Trumer, FA Drain, FA Feltz, SKSN Sanders, SA Hammonds, FR Davis B 0j( ? f ■i % ;j ' " y - m ' 1 " 1 wm ' J PK r " ? " r 1 HHV l ,--J t ■■ 2L " | ' _ HB V PS B J tilt Ifl v tnKLr p r v% r t ,m S-3 Division Kneeling L to R: SH3 Hollinger, SH3 Webbley, SHSN Gray, SH3 Smith, SHI Codilla; Standing L to R: SHC Wilson, SH3 Nash, SH2 Byrd, SN Bauer, SH3 Flores, SH3 Callery, SHSA Long, SH3 Brown, SHSA Hughes, SHSN Meyers, SHI Gragg, SN Morse, CWQ2 Zaleski The mission of the Sales Division is to provide essential services to the crew of FULTON and its tended units. To accomplish this mission, this division operates a laundry, dry cleaning plant, officer and crew barbershops, a ship ' s store, snack stand and several vending machines and amusement games. The profit generated from our sales are turned over the Squadron 10 combined welfare and recreation fund for the benefit of the crew of FULTON and all its tended units. S-4 Division Kneeling L to R: DKSN Garcia, DKSA Beeley; Standing L to R: SN Sileno, DK3 Underwood, DK2 Guerin, DK1 Manger, ENS Decarolis; Missing: DKCS Cambal, DKSN Lagman I ! The mission of the Disbursing Office is to provide convenient, prompt and accurate disbursing service to all personnel assigned to the FULTON and its tended units. This disbursing service includes payment to personnel of all earned base pay and allowances; payment for travel expenses incurred while in an official travel status and checl- cashing services and special payments. F c ' 1 gj S-6 Division Front Row L to R: SK2 Ballard, SK2 Meyer, SKI Pimentel, SKI Abad, SKI Azucena, SKSN Bucholtz; Back Row L to R: SKC White, SK3 Weston, SK3 Kirby, SKI Willis, SKI Vasquez, SKSN Keesler, LT O ' Brien The Stock Control Division (S-6) through the use of the SUADPS, maintains inventory and financial records for the FULTON and all tended units. Automated files are updated four to five times per week using card input, reviewed and processed. The SUBSAT (S-7) Office is the initial point of contact for all SUBRON 10 units and FULTON divisions requiring material. S-7 is responsible for processing all requisitions and the expediting of high priority material. S-7 trains RPPOs for FULTON departments and generally resolving any supply- related questions of all SUBRON 10 customers. S-7 Division Front Row L to R: SK2 Johnson, SKI Kiefer, SK2 Jones, SK3 Shea, SKI McCauley; Back Row L to R: SK2 Brockington. SK3 Terry, SKSN Benitez, SK3 Fre, YN3 Layburn, LT Eble S-9 Division Kneeling L to R: IM3 Adams, ETSN Duggins; Standing L to R: SKSN Hernandez, SK3 Reso, EMFN Hale, LT Hale The ROV (S-9) Division is the Repair of other Vessels division which expedites requisitions, inventories and maintains parts materials for tended units of SQUADRON 10. S-8 Division Kneeling L to R: DP3 Haapanen, DP3 Slayton, DPSN Provencher, DP3 Robert, DS3 Richard, DPSN Olbrecht; Standing L to R: ENS Saurez, DPSN Weaver, DP2 McLaughlin, DP3 Goldston, DPSN Brownell, DS1 Senclair, DPSN Mort, DP3 Moore, DPI Willis, DS2 Bodmer, DPSN Geer, DP2 Roberge, DP3 Klesmer, DPI Pasternack, DPC Brown The mission of the Automated Data Processing Division (ADP) is to provide computer services to USS FULTON and Submarine Squadron 10. These services include payroll processing, SUADPS and 3M updates, alpha rosters, calibration recall summary and various personnel reports. 118 PALAU 8 days $1799 includes: Air, hotels, diving, transfers tax. CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-348-0842 " There they go again— searching tint ' horizons, challenging ' the unknown. Why do they do it? What dtives them on? " 120 From the Hillsides of LaMadd alena While strolling the hillsides I viewed the sea, Twas peaceful, quiet, just my Lord and me. In awe I looked upon mountains that rise, Up out of the sea, reaching towards the skies. With their greenery blending with reddish stone, Differing so from the scenery back home. They ' re variations of God ' s artistry, Majestic still lifes and statuary. In the distance is standing the stony bear, Among various wind carved stones resting there. Every rock formation on these islands Were skillfully fashioned by God ' s own hands, And every flower, shrub and tree assigned A special place within His own design. I paused in quiet contemplation As I viewed this part of God ' s creation. Asking God to continue to watch o ' re Loved ones at home on the other shore. It is for them that we are here to serve, All our blessed freedoms to help preserve, That our United States remain to be The home of the brave and home of the free. ANONYMOUS 121 126 CRUISEBOOK STAFF ADVISOR: ENS COCKERHAM EDITORS: PHI BROWN YN2 CLEVELAND PHOTOGRAPHERS: PHI BROWN PH2 MILLAM PHAN WILSON COPY EDITOR: YN2 CLEVELAND I COVER DESIGN: ML1 CAUSEY HTCM TARANTO LAYOUT CREW: PHI BROWN DM1 GEARHART YN2 CLEVELAND HTC SPANN EM3 CONNORS WALSWORTHJI CRUISE BOOK OFFICE PUBLISHING 111 1203 Wesl Little Creek Road COMPANyIU Norfolk. Virginia 23505 M«tc«lin«. Mo USA.

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