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y S a J ' -■■■ P; fvV: , - , f Ki A v,V U€ •} Ho.. JXfiU.r. ► ► ► ► ►♦ ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►♦ ► ► ► ► ► V X - AT ' tit ¥ lv(s tia-4 old Liear, 1X 0 ' f ' S y r ' ' .v " T ' • ' Cv ' : O " ' ' Fullerton Union High School Pleiades 1986 Vol. LXXI ► 1 oP A ' ' ' ■ ■ c ne-f and oo vj. ,1 3 J ' ,( ]:a of . , PLEIADES 1986cr? ' . ' mnc s :;a ' ubiished By The Students Of Fullerton Union High School 201 East Chapman Fullerton, California STUDENT UFE STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENIORS • ?T UNDERCLASSMEN i " , - V J g .t! ¥ ' m i.V • • 1 tV M,,: ■ ' S SPIRIT W V ACADEMICS FACULTY ADVERTISEMENTS 284 V INDEX 310 SUCCESS A JOURNEY . IS For some o four-year struggle Is coming to on end. For others an Odyssey has just begun. But for all a larger journey continues — the journey of satisfaction and fulfillment — the odyssey of success. Life begins with birth and ends with death, but in between lies the myriad of human endeavor — myriad offshoots of a larger path leading onward. Here we begin a journey back through time gone by, A chance is presented to reexamine the paths we ' ve chosen, A chance to be delighted with the good and to ponder the roads we ' ve passed by. •••m .!!• When all is said and done, wlien 1986 has faded Into the shady world of memory, we will recognize that the real triumph lay not in attaining our goals, but rather in the excitement and effort we have put out. All of us have spent at least nine years of our lives learning, preparing for, and exploring the world. From those first halting steps into the first grade classroom to the confident strides in reaching for our high school diploma, we have been moving for- ward. And yet, the itinerary does not end with a mere piece of paper, nor does it call for a long lifetime of exertion The itinerary calls for success, and success is a journey — not a destination. You got an A on the algebra exam, you studied hard. You got your driver ' s license, you persuaded Mom to take you to the DMV. You rented the spiffy Rolls-Royce limo for Prom; you worked three straight months for the money. You made it through your senior year with two-hundred and change in credits, you see four years of hard work in them. You start receiving the flood of college acceptance letters, you find a further passageway to explore. Every student, from 1,0 to 4,0, has seen that the blessing comes with the effort — that the reward is the work. All of us know the relief of finishing the term paper. And all of us know the pride we feel in accomplishing ten pages of mental struggle and physical stress No reward is gained without effort, and all accomplishments ore the result of dedicated work. We have all survived this year-long trek into the unknown, and we have all matured a little, learned a lot (hopefully), and exper- ienced everything from sixth period moth classes to yearned-for weekends, from irate parents to understanding friends, from losing seasons to GIF championships. All crammed into one year — and yet the journey continues . . . 9 NOT A DESTINATION ' r n THIS IS OUR JOURNEY ' i Lm , fua 4MmK£t, SUMMER " So. what did you do this summer ' ' ' This ever-common Dock-to- sctvDol question often receives o dull retort But if you were one of the twenty-one students who pioneered a field studies trip to Bahia de Los Angeles. Bop. Mexico, you probably had a lot more to say Images — cool, sparking blue water, a warm, soothing sun — flood into your mind Sounds like paradise? Maybe so. but those who went know that there was more than mere idle bliss and relaxation The objective of this expedition was to expose the students to a program involving observations of a multitude of life forms, in the sea. as well as on land FUHS science teacher Kevin Bathing beauties take time out to pose at a vacation hot spot — Loke Powell. Utah Ttie free (light of the seagulls revives memories o( tt e simple summer lite A romantic stroll on the waterfront may be one of ttie kisting images of summer. . (AJt OF 1985 Flint coordinated the program in an effort to promote an interest in the exploration of the naturol environment Meanwhile, bacl in Fullerton, students visited the usual hotspots: Disneyland (and VideopolisI), Knotts ' (Studio K). and, of course, the beach. They adorned themselves with everything from trendy broaches to Billabong beachweor while they cranked up the radio Yet among all this, a new breed wds emerging — The Freshmen, who were now enjoying, maybe even dreading, the end of their lost summer ds sub-scrubs. Tourists are present everywhere in Southern California. The Baja crew roughed it overnight on this small island, one of the many lonely islands that dot the beautiful Baja bay. Doug Winningham cuddles up with a furry friend — a puppy that was adopted during the Baja expedition. THE FIRST Representatives of the four stages of educational evolution compressed together in the FUHS stadium stand, paused at atten- tion, to the melody of the National Anthem — the first step in the journey of the school-year has been taken. The opening ceremo- nies are not only symbolic of the commencement of the FUHS school year, but also that of the district. This tradition originated bock when Fullerton was the only high school In the district, and hds been continued with pride throughout the decades. This is evident by the attendance of prominent community figures, no- Jennlfer Eder squints against the morning sun as cheerleaders ignite spirit. Dr. Gobor sets goals for the students to reach for in her optimistic speech. t FEW STEPS tably; Mayor Buck Catlin, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Greg Bice, and Booster Club President Joe Tenney, FUHS Principal Dr. Sally Gobar felt ttiat ttie ceremonies were important in ttiat thiey pro- vided the first opportunity for the students to assemble in a formal, yet fun, manner. School spirit soared as the cheerleaders led the class competitions for the innovative " Spirit Stick, " A, SB, President Doug Winningham stated that the ceremonies " introduced the freshmen to the tradition and spirit that FUHS has maintained for almost a century, and started the year off on a high note, " 6L «»-tf u fif, t f Vf4 f4 :i L I Administrators await the pledge as ASB Presi- dent collects his thoughts. Band decides to take a break while listening to the verbose speeches Doug Winningham scowls at the unruly crowd tossing the beachballs. Precision is the key to the dazzling performances of Drill Team, ((jainiia an. 1985-86 HOMECOMING ROYALTY Picture " just for a moment " . . .nomina- tions, the return of alumni, the walk, spirit week, the Homecoming assembly, the pic- nic, and the dance. It ' s the chaotic, but exciting fun of the traditional Homecoming activities. The essence of the festivities, and by far the most thrilling, is the announc- ing of the nominees. In honoring the chosen few, a walk through the academic court in lavish and bountiful attire is held. The capti- vating Freshman nominees were Miss Alison TRADITION Brown, Miss Jennifer Doolittle, Miss Bonnie Massey, Miss Jennifer Roiter, and Miss Leslie Wallet. The entrancing representatives of the Sophomore Class were Miss Sarah Blackley, Miss Catherine Bloke, Miss Jill Can- onica. Miss Kelly Gillespie, Miss Julie Reuf and the unique Mr Doug Franklin. The stun- ning Junior Class nominees were Miss Lisa Berry, Miss Gino Fernandez, Miss Johanna Kaaiawahio, Miss Laurie Lammens, and Miss Nancy Schultz The exquisite nominees for NEVER FADES Senior Class Princess and Homecoming Queen included Miss Jennifer Eder, Miss Jol- lie Gunther, Miss Sharon Owens, Miss Julie Ramsay, Miss Cane Thomas, and Miss Jerine Voss, In addition, the six distinguished nomi- nees for Homecoming King were Mr, Alfie Agnew, Mr. Curt Daggett, Mr. Garrick McNey, Mr. Bob Petri, Mr Ben Runnels, and Mr Victor Williams. The festivities continued with the return of the alumni for the annual Homecoming picnic Famous alumni were honored as they were presented with a picture for the " Wall of Fame. " Many showed their spirit in the old red and white by wearing varsity jackets of assorted years and proudly singing the alma mater. Homecoming is definitely an exciting festiv- ity to be a part of as it becomes more and more special each year. the Homecoming nominees and escorts show their style fs all smiles for Curt Daggett and Hillary Kish as they step out in style lulie Ramsay brings a twinkle to the eyes of her brothers, James and iteve curie Lammens is lost in oblivion. ■eniors congregate for their last Homecoming walk " Wouldn ' t you like to be the proud escort of Kathryn Blake? " asks Mike Adomson Bob Petri takes pride in being escorted by Kristen Byrne and his sister Tammy At the picnic, Melvin Schwartz asks his wife Agnes why she has to bring peanufbufter-ond-jellybean sandwiches again " Oh my gosh, Brlonl I am so embarrassed! " exclaims Bonnie Ma sey. " You hove ring-around-the-collar! " A DREAM FOR " Just for a Moment " . . Heoring this theme song evokes nostol- gic emotions and affectionate whispers in the minds of each couple who attended Homecoming 1985. October nineteenth was definately an enchanting night to remember. As the couples strolled into the elaborately decorated gym, a delicate red rose was presented to them in order to save these romantic memories. Jennifer Brooks, ASB Commissioner of Social Activities, who orga- nized the entire event believed that " It was a lot of hard work, but THE MOMENT by 8:30 Saturday night, it all paid off. " The South Gym was trans- formed into a rock ' n roll paradise with the silver and fuscia color scheme and KROQ ' s Katie Manor Video Show. A non-alcoholic bar was available to all the thirsty dancers with such drinks such as daquiries and pino coladas. The dazzling Homecoming Queen, Carle Thomas commented, " I was really proud and excited to be queen for Fullerton High School. It was a great honor and an unforgettable experience. The dance made it all worhwhile. " Keith Wasnok urgently questions the photographer. " Should I kiss her? Should I kiss her? " Couples arrived ecstatic to the dance, especially Robin Boberly, Keith Maclntyre, Denise Farnsworth, and Alfie Agnew. A tender moment is definitely one to smile about between Brent Bice and Leslie Brunner. Kalika Paranjpe is glad to have a shoulder to lean on after dancing the night away with her date Mike Cruz. Richard Carnesi wonders why he doesn ' t give Vicki Sylva roses more often. " The night is still young! " Exclaims Kristen Willey as she gets down with her date Richard Garcia. ASB business is a serious topic of conversation for Leslie Wallet and Doug Winningham. SPIRIT MANIA STRIKES INDIANS! Is it an epidemic? Is it a disease? No, it ' s all F.UHS, students running madly around campus dressed as everything from Hawai- ian tourists to guy cheerleaders. On Monday, the students dressed as funky Hawaiians, Tuesday, everyone stalked the halls with their trench coots and pistols disguised as the Mafia, Wednesday, roll- ing out of bed and into your car was the thing to do for Pajama Day. Girls dressed up as linemen for the football team, and guys concealed themselves as fancy cheerleaders for Turn-About Day on Thursday. Finally on Friday, the extra-spirited students were brightened with the school colors for Red and White Day. Though some people looked quite strange, the spirit was flowing through- out the school. Spirit Week was great success that was filled with a great deal of fun and laughter, but above all, school pride was in almost every student on campus. School Spirit Exemplified! Two little girls stand next to their idol. The Easter Bunny James Won keeps a watchful eye on the first f-,alf of " Bonnie and Clyde. " (Christine Phelps) Laura Cooper says to herself, " Gosh a man in uniform ALWAYS takes my breath away! " " Gosh, I never noticed how pretty Debbie ' s teeth ore ' " Wait, you mean to tell me that I, Kevin Sawyer, made it for Head Songleader? " " Hey, that photographer is taking our picture You better hurry and take that bra off before people start looking at us, " ONCE UPON A MATTRESS " Once Upon A Mattress " is ttie musical version of ttie fairy tale " Thie Princess and ttie Pea " . In ttiis tiumorous version, ttie story is told by ttie local minstrel as he sings " Many Moons Ago " . As ttie play starts, ttie kingdom is ruled by a mean blabber-mouthed queen and her meek mute king. The low says that no one can marry until the Prince does, so the whole kingdom sings " An Open- ing for o Princess " . However, the Queen plans to never marry her son. Meanwhile, Lady Larkin and her lover Sir Harry must get mar- ried soon (she ' s pregnant) and so they search for a princess. Sir Harry returns in a while with a princess (named Winnifred) Who Prince Dauntless falls in love with. The Queen, however, hates her — the Princess comes from a giant swamp. Though wild. Princess Winnifred tries to convince everyone that she is " Shy " . Eventually, the Queen makes up a test to prove she is worthy — making It so hard that the Princess will foil. The Queen and the Wizard sing " Sensitivity " . Meanwhile. Princess Winnifred becomes homesick and sings " The Swamps of Home " , end Lady Lorkln has a fight with Sir Harry and decides to run away She Is helped by the King, the N ' Cast in Order of Appearance: MINSTREL Brian Young WIZARD Philip Weltzman PRINCESS NO. 12 Vanessa Lane LADY LARKEN Patti Whiting QUEEN AGGRAVAIN Karen Vernon PRINCE DAUNTLESS Mike Radensky KING SEXTIMUS James Borges JESTER David Monge SIR STUDLEY Jay Cunningham LADY ROWENA Julie Stoffel LADY MERILL Chymaine Polsley LADY LUCILLE Catherine Brick SIR HARRY Brent Schlndele PRINCESS WINNIFRED Amy Somers LADY MABELLE Jenni Christensen CHORUS Shannon Bartels. Catherine Brick, Bryan Carey, Charles Chaidez, Jenni Chris- tensen, Cindy Freeland, Vanessa Lane, Trisha Loo, Ki McAllise. Chymaine Polsey. Angle Poore. Dina Reed. Julie Stotfel Jester, and the Minstrel as they sing " Normandy " , Later, the Queen puts a pea under the princess ' mattress, and then throws a boil to exhaust Winnifred with a dance called " The Spanish Panic " , But Princess Winnitred doesn ' t get tired, especially as the Prince begins to sing " The Song of Love " , Later, alone, she sings " Happily Ever After " end dreams of her prince. At the same time, the King tries to show his son the facts of life with a " Man to Man Talk " , Also that night. Sir Harry discovers Lady Larkin ' s plan, and they make up. singing " Yesterday I Loved You " To help them out, the Minstrel and the Jester team up to find out about the test. Without know- ing, however. Princess Winnifred still cannot fall asleep. In the morning, the Queen believes the Princess has failed, and is shocked to find that she passed. The Queen still tries to stop the marriage, but the prince stands up to her for the first time in his life. Suddenly, the Queen loses her voice, and the King gets his back, taking control of the kingdom and his Queen, Of course, they all live happily ever after. H 1 K ' « H K H Hi B frj !»- ' H Hw ' .Jj N iS ' 1 H H V s 1 L p IT ' i l 1 - - 1 Bb } i l V ■jL JLy ' -j M V J V LmIIH wL ,:.._- B All she wants to do is dance Don ' t mess with the Queen (Karen Vernon), The King (James Borges) dances the night away. Hey! Two girls for every boy! Falling head over heels, Brian Young plays a tune upon his lute. By George. I think I ' ve got it! David Monge laughs it up as Court Jester, Raise your hand if you ' re sure! The Prince (Mike Radensky) tells the Princess (Amy Somers) " You were meant for me, " Sir Harry (Brent Schidele) has a lovers quarrel with Lady Larkin (Potti Whiting), DANCING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND " Al I wont (Of Ch ' tslmo ' . 4 my two (root teeth, " exckalm Cdeen t ; jnn and John Dunkley Schocle cotisins. Kitty and Poitp. practice (or the ego nog cfmgglng contest ft )cey Horgrove. Goo Fernondes and Wendy MclrUoih show their Colgate smiles Th Hnenci h hens, two best triends ond good t wfl never end ' t Dickens and his dote cuddle up while vi- f ;ugar ptums dance m their heads What is Ski Bum?? Snowflakes, a Christmas tree, snowmen, a sleigh, a ski lift, Santa Claus, an ice-skating pond, the North Pole, fireplace, snow, stockings, the candy cane walkway, ski sweaters, scarves, icicles, presents, angels, Christmas carols, the d,j , a starlit sky, wreaths, red and green, mistletoe, eggnog, poinsettias, dou- ble dates, romance, Dec, 14, fun, friends, fantasy in frost, memo- ries . , , Hosted by the Pep Squad, Ski Bum was a snowstorm of excite- ment. The sultry south gym was transformed into the chilly climate of the North which required wool sweaters and scarves Couples arrived anytime after 8:30 ready to boogie down to the newest hits by W,E. Party Productions. Wayne Daniels turned into Christo- pher Kringle for the evening with his warm smile, jovial laughter and miniature candy canes serving as a major attraction for all. With special thanks to Vida Northrup and Nancy Hunyadi, the gym was equipped with a fireplace, a ceiling-high Christmas tree, a snow- man, a sleigh and an ice-skating rink. Students topped off the night by singing Christmas carols such as " Jingle Bells, " " We Wish You a Merry Christmas, " and " Silent Night " Tammy Paine and her date snuggle together in front of the fire Even seniors believe in Santa Clous. " Besides a Lamborghini, and a trip to Bermuda, can i hove an ' A ' in l-(uman Anatomy? " asks Aaron Action. " We three kings ot One ' if are . , merry! " sing Dennise Fleming, Tanya Hcrnidge and Missy Hirs- chorn, Greg Boals and Denise Leon are left breathless by the wonderful winter v onderland AS. .6. .7. ,8.. step-kick-kick-leap-kick-touch. Turn- turn-out-in-touch-step-step-kick-kick-leap-kick-toucti. Turn-turn- touch-down-back-step-pivot-step-walk-walk! Weeks before the concerts, before and after school, these words rang out under the school ' s cafeteria and in the dance production ' s dance room. FUHS Dance Production had an exciting year, having two dance concerts and performing in the district dance festival, which was held at Fullerton this year. The dance festival consists of all of the schools in our district taking classes together and then performing for each other. It sounds fun. but ask any of the dancers — they can tell you that it was not easy! The 33 girls and one boy, which make up the dance production, had to work very hard to achieve their goals, sometimes practicing on the weekends. Nancy Tracy supervised the dancers who volunteered to choreograph the dances at the two concerts. And judging by the applause from the crowds that went to see them perform, this year ' s dance production was at its toe-tapping best. First row: Natalie Terry, Kathy Mode, Julie Hedlund, Lisa Walsh, Amy Tem- pleton, Karen Eder, Jennifer Brooks, Heather Farah, Denise Fleming, Kathy Roemmele, Wendy Mcintosh. Second Row: Andrea Braca- montes, Kristen Willey, Nancy Voi- san, Tara Payne, Jodi Dorfman, Ko- lika Poranjpe, Julie Stoffel, Karen Suich, Amy Somers, Diane Shapiro. Back row Quincy Agee, Kim Hespe, Carrie Gibson, Lesley Brunner, Laura Lantz. Nancy Schultz, Ted Hewlett, Jennifer Eder, Cindy Hawkins, Jolie Gunther. Not pictured: Michelle Kim. Jessie Kohler. Instructor: Nancy Tracy, J I lose ivho can see ramhow (i ie psl B Ij l V ' ' f rK.H 1985-86 DANCE PRODUCTION ■R j Ik: i nil. an sec 1 ' 1 I stars of Dance Production flaunt their expertise, Andrea Bracamontes struts her stuff Shane Allen concentrates on his backflips Seven dancers demonstrate a stylish pose. Amy Somers waves her hat to the balcony. Amy Tempelton giver her all. Julie Hudlund says " Yeah! " Nancy Schultz, Kathy Roemmele. Denise Fleming. Amy Somers, and Laura Lantz wave their tailfeathers. Polka Dots and fedoras characterize this dance The Vocal Ensemble, directed by Ron Perry, had a superb year. Doing more than their share of concerts, the Vocal Ensemble had their own tour during 1985-86, traveling to other schools, a number of concerts in Orange County, and many holiday concerts. Cer- tainly, the Vocal Ensemble hod a very busy year. Besides the concerts, the Ensemble met every w eekday morning before school. Indeed, it vjas a terrific year for the Vocal Ensemble and for all who heard them. Every second period Ron Perry directs the concert choir, traditionally known as a group who has given hun- dreds of people pleasure and enjoyment. Besides performing in many school programs and concerts, the choir spread joy to others in the winter and spring concerts. The Fullerton High School Band gave us wonderful sounds of music this year. Direct by Greg Haake, the band played in a number of concerts and performed many outstanding half-time shows during the football games. Highlighting this year ' s performances were the annual Christmas show and the Fine Arts Department ' s Final concert. The 1985-86 Concert Band puts it all together under the instructions of Mr. Haake The Vocal Ensemble sings out proud and strong during a winter production. Our classy brassy bond strikes up a tune. Matt Severson, Carl Tenney. and Ted Hewlett add their strong deep voices to the sounds of the choir. THE CONCERT CHOIR AND BAND POW wow ROYALTY 1986 Queen Eileen Kinney and King Joshua Miller Miss Noelle Heusser escorted by Mr. Mike Afram Miss Kristen Byrne escorted by Mr Raul Vlllegas Miss GIna DeFellcIs escorted by Mr Tom Hughe Miss Cammy Rice escorted by Mr KIrk Lentz POW wow 1986.. Pow Wow 1986 — the Midnight Mas- querade, black balloons, purple streamers and silver stars decorated the dance floor symbolizing midnight, passion and ele- gance. Couples arrived any time after 8:30 on February 22 and left at the conclusion of the dance at 11:30. The music, provided by DJ. Mark Alameres, consisted of top forty, funk and slovi songs, A lavender backdrop v ith gladiolas in the forefront was the setting for the pictures by Hot Shot Photographers, The highlight of the even- ing was the royalty donee to the theme song " You Mean More To Me " by Lionel Ritchie, Jennifer Brooks, ASB Commissioner of Social Activities and student in charge, was very impressed with how well the dance turned out with especially high tick- et sales Over all, Pow Wow was a striking success — enjoyed by the entire student body. MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE Where is Mr, Porter going? Karen Eder and Scott Devonald share a tender moment John Knight wonders if Tiffany Beamer ' s itch is contagious The nominees and their escorts show their smiles Chris Henderson cries tears of happiness while dancing with his date, Christy Higgins, Stacey Hattan views a cute guy over her shoulder ■ o X - - ' r ' ' ' 0 y .P " i. . ' ■ y K. ' • s ' •J " : - A - ' P ' y " .,;v A • i . ' 0- - .. ]y ' J. ( 0 v Jv q-i vt - ' Vl - ' " STARS OF THE SQUAD SHOW THEIR SUPERIORITY 1Q85-86 Super Squad Flag members: Audrey Ausman, Kim Wrona. Mourie Martinez, Jackie Ar- nold, Laurie Runke, and Beth Stark Super Squad members get down during the Pow Wow assembly, Laurie and Audrey show success in a flag twirl during the assembly Each year around two hundred girls try out for performance squad with only seventy girls making it. And at the end of the football season a select group of these girls make it for Super Squad. And this year ' s Super Squad members were: Drill team: Mia Mozza. Julie Harris, Jenny Dinoso, Gina Mozzo, Naomi Schacor, Allison Brown, Stacy Left, Cayla Polsley, Jennifer Doolittle, and Hilary Heusser, Flogs: Kim Wrona, Germaine Zachariah, Jackie Ar- nold, Audrey Ausman, Laurie Runkey, and Maurie Martinez. The Super Squad is under the direction of Allison Gunther and Bonnie Paisley. These girls put a lot of time and dedication in practicing for their performances at the basketball games. Winter Formal, and various competitions. The girls also were able to perform at Fresh- man orientation to give in-coming freshmen an idea of the various activities of which they can be a part. The squad held a car wash, bake sale, and a pickle sole to raise money. Jenny Dinoso leads the squod in the Egyptian Ripple. 1985-86 Super Squad Drill members: Jenny Din- oso, Koylo Polsey, Naomi Schichor, Mia Mazza. Julie Harris, Jennifer Doolittle, Gina Mazza, Hilary Heuser, Stacey Left, and Allison Brown Super Squad member demonstrotes superior strength and form with flag upraised- Allison, Stacey, and Hilary flash a striking pose. SADIE ' S GOES TO HOLLYWOOD I HI r Hollywood; Glitter, movie stars, excitement, and luxury. These are a few of the aspects the Idakas tried to capture when they planned this girl-asl -guy dance. Couples could come as anything related to Hollywood from tourists to directors. Some of the favor- ite costumes were Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles and Bam- Bam, the Micl ey Mousel ateers, a prince and a princess, tourists. and M M ' s, " Oscars " were given out for the couples with the most original, best, and funniest costumes. The music was supplied by Midnight Productions and pictures were offered by Hot-Shot Photography Mr, Daniels kept tradition again this year and hitched couples as Marryin ' Sam, Hooray for Hollywoodi Jill Gunter chats with her date during a quiet slow-dance, Kevin Sawyer is surprised by a snap finger-count- ing sobriety check (and passes with flying col- ors) Brad Bice and Staah Blackley show real interest as Stacy Hargrove seduces Steve Pearson. David Marget and his date celebrdte their " Os- car " Both Deb Jones and Doug Winningham are at- tracted by Jim Biardi ' s new fashion earring, " Peacel " grin beatniks Gretchen Grodt ond Per- ry Bruce Scarlett and Rhett chose Sadie ' s to make up their differences DONKEYS INVADE FUHS No MattI You ' re supposed to sit on the donkey when you shooti Dr J (Steve Pearson) shows everyone how to slam dunk Jennifer Reuter, eyes closed, trusts her donkey to take her to the bosket Just coll me " Grace " says Lisa Berry. Two determined jockeys fight for the ball as their donkeys stand still. On Thursday, March 6, FUHS students competed in a Donkey Basketball tournament. Teams were divided by grade level, and players filled out applications stating why they wanted to com- pete. The tournament was played round-robin, with the Sopho- more team becoming the eventual champions. The Sophomores started off the evening ' s action by playing against the Freshmen. This gome turned out to be a close one, with the Sophomores narrowly winning by a score of 12 to 10. The next match was between the Juniors and the Seniors. This gome was even more tense than the first one. When the buzzer went off, the score was tied at eight each, signaling that an overtime was needed. Matt Zopf scored the basket that gave the Seniors a 10 to 8 victory. Next on the agenda was the consolation gome. This game would be played between the Freshmen and the Juniors. The winner of this game would take third place in the tournament. The Scrubs scored a big win over the Juniors 16 to 10. Then came the game every one was waiting for: the face-off between the Seniors and the Sophomores that would decide the champions for the evening. Both teams hod a good showing, but the Sophomore team won with a score of 12 to 8. Some of the players were: Casey Norton, Dave McDonald, Jen- nifer Reuter, (Fresh.); Jessie Kohler, Alan Lewis, David Sawyer, Shar- on Spadt, Brent Hiltscher, Ken McKinley, Jon Penrod, Kim Hespe, (Soph.), Lisa Berry, Alex Hess, Dove Hasset, Steve Pearson, (Ju- niors): and Ralph Tollant, Eric Eggurola, Noelle Heusser, Steve Moore, Craig Burnard, Matt Zapf, and Victor Williams, (Seniors). Alan Lewis gracefully drags his donkey across the floor, but Shawna Sandoval doesn ' t have as much luck. Hey Steve, keep your eyes on the ball! Dave McDonald shoots a basket unopposed. Noelle Heusser shows perfect form as she sits calmly on her donkey. A Vr Q p cS. Prom . one of the final steps in on ex- cursion tfirough high school. Couples set sail aboard the elegant Queen Mary on April 26, 1986, travelling toward the shimmering sunset. Yet this was a very special sunset — it not only enhanced the romantic evening and symbolized the dusk of the senior ' s high school years, but also signified the approach of the dawn of their future. The British liner, the Queen Mary, was launched on her maiden voyage in 1934, Throughout the Queen ' s many years, she made lasting impressions on countless peo- ple, yet in our eyes, her most successful voyage will always be that of the FUHS Junior-Senior Prom, ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Noe) Togomi demonstrates the proper tech- nique tor chosing photos Anne Choi gives her co-worl ers a few friendly tips. I eslie Trosport gasps when she is assigned to the freshman mug section Advisor Bob Tomes and Co-Editor Deb Jones cringe as they hear onothef suggestion by Steve Bush Mr Tomes just can ' t seem to make some stu- dents understand deadlines. Naomi Yomomoto struggles desperately with somo troublesome layouts. Long lines and clumps of students blocked the breezeway. Ptione calls from frantic parents flood to Room 86, What ' s the cause of all the commotion? Well, the 1986 Pleiades Yearbook, of course! This year ' s class worked constantly from May of 1985 to June of 1986, beginning with meetings with last year ' s annual staff and ending with the distribution of the books and the traditional stag dance in June of ' 86, To do this, all 25 people on the staff had to have some form of organization with which to work. Each of the 336 pages of the book had to be drawn up, written, photographed, checked, re- checked, and checked again. At times the classroom looked as if it had just been hit by downtown Fullerton ' s first cyclone. Rulers, pictures, layout sheets, pencils, and pens were often strewn from wall-to-wall and floor- to-ceiling. With a lot of effort and much cooperation (not to mention innumerable headaches, thousands of hours of lost sleep, and a few nervous breakdowns) the absolute final deadline on April 15 was met, and this year ' s Pleiades was completed. Most importantly, though, the staff had fun doing it! m WE WANTED TO GETCHA . . . AND WE GOTCHA After a year of brainstorming, organizing, and trying to be creative until all hours of the night (and morning), the 1986 Ple- iades finally came together. As editors we ' ve seen every picture of every event in the yearbook, and we ' ve gotten to know all of you a little bit better. We ' re both glad to have had that chance and — to make this year even more special — we ' ve tried a new approach to the 1986 edition In some places we ' ve planted whole new ideas, in others we ' ve added a little bit ot color, and in still more we ' ve looked in past yeorbooks to get a little touch of tradition. Hopeful- ly we ' ve come up with a book that you ' ll enjoy now. and be able to look back on later with o smile on your face We would like to thank all of you for the chance to chronicle this year in our school ' s long and colorful history. We hope you enjoy the Pleiades — after all. you ' re what it ' s all about! Deborah Jones and Jim Biardi NEWS, OPINION, SPORTS; THE PLEIADES TELLS ALL Editor-in-Chief Leslie Putnam Managing Editor Jim Biordi Lee Irons News Editor Leslie Putnam Feature Editor Stacy Freeberg Editorial Editor Lee Irons Sports Editor Jim Biardi Staff Writers Josh Miller David Northcut Todd Allis Kim Hespe Julianne Whitaker Greg Mascio Perry Bruce Advisor Bob Tomes students ' eyes grew large as they saw the pile of Pleiades dropped off in their classroom. The papers were snatched up like candy, to be read whenever possible, during a Shakespearean lecture or maybe a math problem session. That newspaper which caused so much excitement was formed in the minds and souls of the writers. They wrote to inform the FUHS students and faculty of current events, students ' opin- ions, and the football team ' s victories. The editors started a year of changes for the paper. They were better organized, created quality articles, and brought in some new ideas. An activity that started just this year was a cartoon contest. Each month, student cartoonists would submit their car- toons for judgement. The best was published in the upcoming newspaper. Another innovative idea of the Pleiades was to have guest writers. With a small staff of 13 and only 6 returnees, they have found the writing load hectic. But having had guest writers, they received assistance from outside sources. The news staff was a small, but mighty group which blossomed into a one-of-a-kind work force. Leslie Putnam leads the " brainstorming " session, while Kim Hespe writes down the ideas. Lee Irons, Stacy Freeberg, Greg Mascio, and Josh Miller await their new assignments with great enthusiasm. Mr. Tomes scrunches his brow at Perry Bruce ' s article " Massive rewrite " is the verdict. Jim Biardi prepares his final paste-up board before sending it to the printer. Josh Miller exhibits great concentration in critiquing the latest edition of the Pleiades. ONCE A MONTH: THE PLEIADES TRADITION CARRIES ON I Leslie Putnam is cfinging irom aeadlines, Stocy Freeborg is the " sociolite. " Jim Blardi is txiving fun. while Lee irons sits in omazement Greg Mascio and Josh Mier laugh ovef the re cent sports article in the Troy Oracle Stocy Freeberg puts ttie tmishinQ touches on trie Homecoming spread The Editor-in-Chief, Leslie Putnam (senior) stated that the class was filled with few, but very qualified people. In writing for the Pleiades sf)e realized " that the satisfaction of writing came from the people " that she wrote for. Another senior. Feature Editor Stacy Freeberg, reacted comically to the question of what made her come bock each year: " fourth period lunch runs to McDon- alds, " But in all seriousness, she did admit that journalism was good on a college record and a great experience. Perry Bruce, a staff writer, was a transfer student in his senior year, " I like the eager- ness of the writers. " was his response to the inquiry of what made the class enjoyable. The youngest of the group was Julienne Whitaker, She discovered that being on the newspaper staff as a freshman was difficult and recommended that students " wait until they are sophomores " before joining the staff unless exceptionally motivated. These four people were just a sample of the many writers on the newspaper staff. They only exemplify the abundance of enthusi- asm felt by the entire class. What a technique Jim Biardi demonstrates - being able to do his work while " kicking back " " What a mess! " The paste-up room is deserted and left in sham- bles after the scurrying around on the day of the deadline The binding hold of Greg Mascio keeps bright eyed newcomer. Julianne Whitaker. under control. _1 1- Q Ci 3= § ■:5- -4- ■ii ' - r - 1 T c 5 ' " ? --? J, t " JJ G 5. -ft 1 , vi " " ■ • - . , 4 ■ ' x , ,. " - i -- ' V ' ■A " is J ' y i. V ■ v -A ' k V r v t f 0 £ i V r f J s r ( ' ( J • AW X ) H r • ' N . « v i ' ;j ' V- v.. - " % 51 A LOOK TO THE FUTURE 1985-86 ASB PRESIDENT Return with me now to those thrilling days of old , last fall. This was the time of ambitions, expectations, fears, and other assorted emotions. Now travel through that year, stopping to experience the good times, the bod times, the wild adventures, and the more subdued moments. Now whiz back to the present. Not bod, eh? Indeed, not bad at all. This year was certainly a testimony to a well and long-understood concept of Fullerton High School — Tradition, Whether it be in the form of class rivalry, school rivalry, maintaining — and even more — raising the standard of excellence, or in instituting new traditions, this year was a success. Most important is the fact that you made it all happen. To the class of 1986, it ' s time to split the scene: the coll of the " real world " is deafening. With the memories and experiences, not to mention the education, we ore well-equipped to succeed. This school is special to us and is something we should never forget. Underclassmen, make the most of your years at Fullerton, Keep it strong and never lose the Indian pride!! I wont to thank you all for allowing me the honor of being your ASB President, It ' s an experience that is just too special and rewarding to describe. Suffice it to say that I won ' t forget the challenge and success it has brought to me. Since it is time to move on, I close with congratulations and best wishes. Your ASB President, WCl . hilulUilfUA ASB OFFICERS ASB Vice President Alfie Agnew: " I enjoy being a leader in such a diverse school, I like to hear all sorts of ideas and put them into effect when possible. I like being the voice of the people. ASB is an exceptional experience with a close to im- possible task to accomplish, and for those who dare to take it on: No guts. No glory! " Alfie assumes the duties of president when Doug is absent and he presides over the Student Senate. He is also responsible for the Nomination Convention and of all elec- tions throughout the year. ASB Secretary Porsche Shantz: " The thing I enjoy most about my job is that I have a chance to be involved in every aspect of student life, but I really don ' t have to be a coordinator of any ac- tivities or areas. " Porsche keeps the min- utes of all Executive Board meetings and is responsible and willing to carry on any nec- essary correspondence for the ASB mem- bers. ASB Treasurer Viet Dinh: " ASB is one of the most memorable and valuable experiences of my high school years. The busy and active involvement in the different aspects of school organiza- tion is what makes ASB so enjoyable. I ap- preciate the chance to express myself. and to serve FUHS effectively. " ASB Auditor Bastion Schoell: " My job is cool because I get to touch all the bucks that fly around school. I get to work with all ASB money, count it, bundle it and deposit it. I also love being Viet Dinh ' s slave! " CLASS PRESIDENTS Senior Class President Garricl IVIcNey: " I liked ASB because I was able to get involved with the s chool. I feel like I really contributed to my class. But what I really enjoyed was getting out of classes. " Gorrick, who is responsible for organiz- ing and supervising all senior class sponsored activities and fun- draisers, is the liason between the senior class and the executive board. Sophomore President Brent Hiltscher: " Well. I had a great time as Sophomore Class President. Orga- nizing and selling the rings was a lot of work. The people in ASB are fun and helped me to get things done. " Junior Class President Pam Shade: " Being the Junior Class President was an enjoyable experience. I was able to get to know many new people. Helping to get student activities together was great. We, my officers and I, tried to make prom one of the best ones ever! " Pam serves as a liason between the Junior class and the Executive Board. Freshman Class President Leslie Wallett: " I like being an ofticer and being involved with ASB because I feel when something is accomplished, I was part of it. " Leslie is responsible for organizing and supervising all class sponsored ac- tivities and fundraisers. m Commissioner of Social Activities Jennifer Brooks: " Serving as Commissioner of Social Ac- tivities tics been a fantastic experience, filled vi ltti headaches and rewards ' The rew arding feeling of pulling off a dance topped all of the headaches. Commissioner of Student Activities Lallta Kumar: " My position as Student Activities Com- missioner was very rewarding. I enjoyed planning and directing the various activi- ties. " Lalito Initiates, plans, coordinates, and supervises all ASB sponsored assem- blies end any student activity on campus Commissioner of Student Relations Mike Afram: " What I particularly like about my posi- tion is the chance to help represent the students. I feel that the experience I get for being part of ASB will benefit my future years. The only disadvantage about my job Is that I sit in front of Yvette Melendez, " Mike is in charge of presiding over the Inter- Club Council. WE RUN Director of Assemblies Yvette Melendez: " Assemblies are great because they cut class time down and I love to tell people what to do. even though they don ' t do it most of the time. " Yvette is in charge of all assemblies that go on throughout the school year. Commissioner of Community Relations Mike Garcia: " I like my office of Community Relations because it is very challenging. I hove met o lot of neat people who have been great fun to work with. " THE SHOW Commissioner of Communications Jeff Middlebrooks: " I hod o great time supervising the morn- ing announcements ttiis year, ASB is the only place where a farm animal can turn into a school wide sensation, " Jeff serves as a public relations officer to the press. Commissioner of ASB Fund-raisers Heather Kish: " ASB was a good way to get involved in school activities, I met a lot of interesting people, " Heather supervises the sale of ASB cards and all ASB sponsored fund-rais- ers, and she also assists other campus or- ganizations with executive fund-raisers. Director of Publicity Debbie Boatner: " Being Director of Publicity has been a really good experience for me this year, because I learned a lot about politics- good and bad-and it gave me a sense of accomplishment for my senior year, the artwork was a lot of fun too! " Debbie works with other commissioners in publicizing their activities. Technical Director Mark Alameriz: " I enjoy working with people, and find it very satisfying collaborating with others. " Mark takes care of audio visual services for pep rallies, assemblies, and music at lunch. Campus Historian Karen Bretz: " My job as Campus Historian has made my senior year very memorable, I feel ASB is a great way to grow emotionally through maybe the most important thing of all . , unity. " Deborah Jones Pleiades Yearbook Editor " I love being a part of ASB for tfie sctiool involvement it offers. 1 tiove been involved at Fullerton in other ways, such as Athletics and various clubs; however. I feel ASB of- fers a different, more unique, experience to high school. The dedication of its mem- bers is remarkable, and I enjoyed being a part of its unity. I feel priveleged to have the opportunity to experience the work- ings of ASB. " Debbie is yearbook editor and has the main duties of volunteering for various committees and just plain helping out wherever needed. She also serves as a lia- son between ASB and the Pleiades Year- book, EX-OFFICIO Raul Villegas: Boys ' Athletic Chairman " My job as Boys ' Athletic Chairman is really great! I have a lot of fun relating to coaches like George Van Vliet, Marty Luc- zaj, and Ted Erskin. I never really knew they could be such great guys. 1 also loved all the pizza parties we had in class to make it more fun — and of course it was Giovan- ni ' s! But my favorite part was putting foot- prints on Debbie Jones ' rear end! " Raul was appointed to represent the in- terests of the Boys ' Athletics department. His main duties ore to attend Booster Club meetings and serve as a liason between the Boys ' Athletics department and the ASB, Noelle Heusser: Girls ' Athletic Chairperson " 1 love being Girls ' Athletic representa- tive because 1 think that girls ' athletics de- serves a lot more credit and support than they ' ve been getting in the post, and hopefully I ' ve contributed to their growth. I hove participated all four years in Fuller- ton ' s athletics should be recognized for their many improvements, as well as ac- complishments. " Noelle serves as a liason between the girls ' athletic department and Executive Board. She works with Debbie Bootner, who is in charge of publicity for sports events. Spirit Commissioner Carie Thomas Varsity Head Song Jolie Gunther: " The things I liked best about serving as this year ' s Spirit Commis- sioner, were being involved in promoting school spirit, vi hile also helping the cheerleaders and Spirit Club. It was on exciting year on ASB, which was filled with very special times that I will always remember. Carle is in charge of initiating and supervising all pep rallies. Varsity Head Yell Denise Fleming " 1 like being on ASB because I had a chance to get involved in planning school activities. Promoting school spirit was really fun. I ' m also fortunate that I have been on the Executive Board because the leadership abilities that I have learned will help me in future years. " " I have enjoyed being a part of ASB. It gave me a chance to get more involved and to meet a lot of new people. We had some great times in fourth period! " Jolie serves as a liason be- tween the Executive Board and the cheerleader advisor. Varsity Head Flogs Karen Honks: " Being Head of Flags has been a rewarding experience. It ' s really exciting to work with the student body promoting school spirit. Though it was a lot of hard work, the experience I hod and the friends I met, mode my efforts worthwhile. " Karen is in charge of her squad and also administers points to the girls. THE 1985-86 EXECUTIVE BOARD 1985-86 Executive Board members (left to right) top row Viet Dinti. Gorrick McNey, Doug Winninghom, Karen Hanks, Mike Afram. Denise Fleming, Yvette Melendes, Jennifer Brooks, Jeff Middlebrooks, Leslie Wallet. Porsche Shantz. Brent Hiltscher. Bastion Schoell, second row Alfie Agnew. Mark Alamares, Mike Garcia, Pom Schade. Deb Jones, Carle Thomas. Noelle Heusser, Jolie Gunther. Raul Villegas. Lalita Kumar, Karen Bretz, advisor Rocky Newcomb Service and dedication — the two characteristics of the 1985- 86 Executive Board, This year ' s ASB was not only a productive and worthwhile organization, but a supportive one as well. The mem- bers started off the school year with a very profitable Homecom- ing dance filled with special experiences tor everyone. We hod a number of Shadow Days with other high schools, which helped to promote positive school relations. In addition, ASB supported the Fullerton community by holding a can drive — Canned-Aid — for the Women ' s Transitional Center. Enthusiasm ran high for this event, and a pep rally was held to promote the cause. Another charitable event was the traditional blood drive, Fullerton students again pulled together for a large turnout of donors. Then, for the second year in a row. we put on a lip-sync contest that everyone enjoyed. Finally, the 85-86 school year ended with the spectacu- lar " Good-Bye Assembly. " Through it all, we worked hard and with dedication, but we always found time to just relax and enjoy the activities. We, the members of the 85-86 Executive Board, wish the best of luck to FUHS and the incoming members of next year ' s ASB. May your years be filled with great success. GHA YOUN( - " IB VORITE Move GAZINE AMAZING JOURNEYS TheHToS. -i: AIM DRAIN PLAYBOY INTERVIEW Principal m ' y arninq ' Seriiuu Have Deterininec «« ri. . H .»;lii celebrities Winners — OUR YEAR ' S JOURNEY HIGH FLIGHT Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I ' ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds — and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of-wheeled and soared and swung. High in the sunlit silence. Hov ' ring there. I ' ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up. up the long, delirious, burning blue I ' ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grade Where never lark, nor even eagle flew. And. while the silent, lifting mind I ' ve trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space. Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. A series of devastating earthquai es rum- bled through Mexico City in September and the death toll was in the thousands Few in the metropolis of 18 million es- caped the effects of the first quai e. which registered 8 1 on the Richter scale A Trans World Airlines jet with 145 passen- gers and eight crew members was hi- jacked in Athens, Greece, in June The Shite hijackers took the plane to Beirut, then to Algeria and then back to Beirut Most of the hostages were released within days but the remaining 39 hostages were held for 17 days One American was killed. Local villagers were buried by a mudslide caused by one of the worst volcanoes in South Americas history. Four Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Ital- ian cruise liner Achille Lauro while on a Mediterranean cruise One American was killed President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev share a friendly fireside chat during the Geneva summit Halley ' s 30th consecutive appearance has become the international scientific event of the decade Halley ' s comet is more special than others because it ar- rives every 76 years, making it a once-in- a-lifetime experience for most viewers President Reagan, with his wife Nancy, gives the OK sign from his hospital window in July after undergoing surgery to re- move a cancerous tumor A distraught Moslem man hugs his son mo- ments after they survived a car bomb ex- plosion outside a West Beirut restaurant in late August Christa McAuliffe folds her training uniform for a trip to Houston to begin training for her trip into space McAulifte was a high school teacher in Concord, N H. The flight exploded one minute after liftoff from Cope Canaveral, Florida Police tried to evict members of the radi- cal group MOVE from their fortified ro- whouse by dropping a small bomb on the building A fire was started by the device and about 60 houses were destroyed. Four prominent actors died in late 1985 Orson Welles, 70, of a heart attack, Lloyd Nolan. 83, after a battle with lung cancer. Rock Hudson, 59, after a battle with AIDS; Yul Brynner, 65, of cancer A Delta Airlines jetliner crashed near Dallas in August, killing 137 people Thirty-four people survived the crash but five died later of injuries The plane encountered a severe wind shear before it plunged to the ground g Sr F iiJ E -PU YSIQU ' t Af ' l 4 ' J Ky ' - a 7 osT LIK5LV To Succeeh Jir. ' ' : 4 -rP U . ' u L k. ft H P ¥ . , w 1 c 2r ( k 4 z . J .. CO Q en LJJ O O My best friend Laurie has one very bad trait. She constantly sets me up on blind dates. She. ot course, has her very own boyfriend. She ' s sure, if I don ' t, that my life will end I ' m sick of them all, bad manners (and breathv One more blind date will surely bring my death I told Laurie, " That ' s it. this has to end I thought all along that you were my friend. " Through chokes and tears she managed to splutter, " Sorry Karen, I ' ll try to do better But I ' m afraid that I ' ll hove to confess It ' s not over yet You have to meet Bess ' s Second cousin ' s brother ' s nephew-in-law Who, cross my heart, has not even one flow. " So, once again, on the next Saturday night. I prepared myself for a God-awful sight My " dream date " was due by eight o ' clock sharp. Whose name, by the way. turned out to be Mark. The doorbell rang with a clamorous shout. Just great, even my hair hadn ' t turned out. So there he was, I couldn ' t help but store And I hod thought this would be a nightmare? He had raven block hair and eyes to match I couldn ' t believe I ' d made such a catch! And then he spoke, " Hi there, you really look good. His voice rooting me to the porch where I stood I muttered bock some dim-witted greeting. Since all ability was lost tor thinking In the cor, Mark sprung a question on me, " Okay, what would you like to do. or see? " I immediately felt my heart sink Come on brain, hurry up and try to think! What I said next really steals the show: " Uh. gee Mark, wherever you wont to go. " Boy. I was really in rare form that night. I ' d been both dumb and dull, no end in sight. Then he suggested a movie nearby " I ' ve seen the picture. " I said with a sigh. I had seen the next one he mentioned too. Some movie called " Desperately Seeking Sue. " Finally he asked. " What show haven ' t you seen? " " The one at the Fox, " I said turning green, (Because I had really seen that one two times). Next thing I knew, he had bought some popcorn I shot him a look I knew was forlorn. When I eat popcorn, I belch like a cow Nothing went right yet, why should it start now? The show hod started when I was aware That at me. Mark had begun to stare. Caught, gazing vacantly at the old screen. Mark now knew that this one too. I had seen " Don ' t you wont your popcorn ' ' " he wanted to know I blurted. " Of course. " still watching the show. I ate one piece slowly, and held my breath. Only two hundred pieces are still left. I felt something coming, tried to get up. But before I could, come a great hiccup! An incredible force shook the whole room. Seeming to signify impending doom! It was so loud, it knocked off a man ' s cap. Then I spilled popcorn all over Mark ' s lop. A flaming red color flashed across my face — I would never live down this awful disgrace. After the movie, he took me straight home. " I forgot about practice. " was his moon. Who did he think he was trying to kid? He ' d soy he ' d " had fun " , like guys always did. And promise to call, but he never would (I wouldn ' t answer, even if he should ) Finally, at home. Mark walked me to the door. No need to panic, no kiss was in store. I was stuck there, standing on feet of lead. He simply reached up and patted my head. I was sure he would add " Goodnight, Rover. " At least this dote was finally over! What a disaster, I ' d acted so dumb! I slept, hoping morning would never come. I was awakened by the phone ' s jangle I struggled, the sheets were in a tangle Believe it or not, it really was Mark. It turns out he hod liked me from the start He was sick of dating regular chicks. He was tired of their conniving tricks Then he said I was honest, and normal. Would I be his dote tor Winter Formal? That was almost the end of my story. But I nearly forgot about Laurie. Laurie ' s own boyfriend left, he moved away Now it was my turn to ploy! Every weekend night she starts to complain About the dotes I find her, (they ore lame!) So I remind her, " Just wait for that spark It takes a long time, but see. I got Mark! " -Karen Honks ' 86 MUSIC ON THE MOVE This year in rock music was o spectacular one tor both new artists and old. Many artists of the past made comebacks this year — among them Aretho Franklin. Tina Turner, and Bob Dylan with his group Dire Straits. Pop rock saw the reign of supergroups Wham!, Tears For Fears, Phil Collins, A-HA, and OMD capita- lize on both albums and the new medium of music video. Avant-garde groups Depeche Mode. Howard Jones, Madonna, and the Thompson Twins also main- tained a strong following. On the Heavy Metal scene Motely Crue, Twisted Sister, and Judas Priest kept their popularity despite attempts in Congress to rate music lyrics. But probably the biggest name in 86 had to be the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, whose " Born in the USA " album and blockbuster tour across the USA spread a new sense of patriotism. The year in music also took a decidedly political turn as many groups such as Live Aid. Band Aid. USA for Africa. Farm Aid. and Artists United Against Aparthied contributed their time and effort to political and social causes. HGiNQ y ' ' ? ' W ' y ' w " ?• wy ' ' yy ' i y ' ' p ' i ' ' ' ' it-- " y . ». A,v. .»• . « .•• ••• . ' . .•• « . v ••. :• vv. .:. .v. .;.: -. .: :.:.:. .:•:. . . .v .;.:. . ' vy » • ' • » • v n % VVJ v •■ V c • ■• • Cv • • - " I ( ft i r K m :i -:«:- -x :- •:♦:: ' •:•: • •:•:• • • •»• V r ♦ • • • • • -•- .»- .«. -•. ' - - 4- • Wj- J- • 4- jJ- € • 4i:- ?5- • $5- ::- •: :?• • • J cS- ! ••: •:§ a » • • . 4 - 4- 4?. 4. 4. |J. 5. 4- J. 4. ig:. •::: j. j . J. . . J. . J. .4 -r J. J. . i . . •:• 4i ' iij- • 4:- • .•, ' ♦•, .».%•. . .•. ?:-. •_••• ssy 4 4i ' 4i -V-- ;?• ■a . % v « . ): . . j; . . . ■ ::i?viW- ' - ' -i - W •=: X • • i r • I I I %: • J: - vX •:•: •:•:• •:•::• «•:• %•:•:• if-m-m- •;s-:« «:-:iS •!•!• •!•«• -Nt i M " !»!.!»n»M « i ' X %%!.♦ •»%••• « • a %• %• %• V •. V ' • ' jm ' V ?•:• •:•:::• 4 •:?i ' J ' » ::- 3:- O- ..!n -•:.. . .. v » ji : t -i.- Mm 1 1 WE ' LL ' NEVER iORGET i!¥ 4 BEING A SENIOR IS. . . " GOING TO SCHOOL- TRADITIONALLY SENIOR Tradition at Fullerton , . It ' s as old as the school itself, spanning 92 years of history. Some traditions hove long ago been forgotten, such as canoe races in front of the school. But others still remind us of days gone by. We still ring our bell at special pep rallies, and we still hove our Pow Wow formal every winter. Senior Corner will for- ever be taboo to underclassmen, and The Block will always be a place to hong out after prac- tice. With all the history and tradition of a century behind us, we have extra reason to be proud of our alma mater. When we reunite in 1996, Fuller- ton High will be as proud as when we left her. Virginia Avelar Sharon Badgerow Lynn Barba Sylvia Barriga AND LAUGHING AT IT! " — VIET DINH Frank Blatney Christina Bletterman Debro Boatner Bruce Bordner Hiede Boxsen Ronald Brokl e Jermitei Bruoks Devin Brown Mictiae! Brown Perry Bruce f BEING A SENIOR IS. . . " NOT CARING ABOUT SCHOOL, BUT LOOKING CLASS OFFICERS The class of 1986 will certainly produce its share of leaders. But the senior class President Garrick McNey, Vice-President Bob Petri, and Secretary Julio Purcell have led us through a year-long journey we will not soon forget. Be- sides organizing Grod Night, a senior trip, and Senior Ditch Day, the officers commissioned Mrs, Judi Trasport to paint a stunning mural of Fuller- ton High, immortalizing our school forever. Our leaders have made 1986 an unforgettable year. Paul Buchness Craig Burnard James Campbell Regina Campolongo Luz Campos Letty Carrara Maria Carrillo Nellie Carrillo Carol Carter Brian Castro FORWARD TO FOUR MORE YEARS! " — TED HEWLETT Doug Winningham always has a peso to spare for a friend. Jennifer Contreras Laura Cooper Yvonne Cooperman f - i v ; • •; • ••• . • 81 BEING A SENIOR IS. . lEARNING TO LIVE LIFE CRAZILY, CREATIVELY, Super Seniors Eileen Kinney and Kris- ten Byrne always have time to spare to celebrate with friends. " Eileen Kinney and Kristen Byrne, " Best friends? Maybe so, but they are also two of this year ' s super seniors! Both have hit high in the tennis world, having played varsity all four years, and having held number one positions on the team. In addition, both are known for maintaining nearly all A ' s, The girls also served in ASB — Eileen as Junior class president and Kris as Commissioner of Student Relations, They added pep to the spirit department as well. Both performed two years on Drill Team and became members of the 1985-86 Varsity Pep Squad — Eileen a yell leader and Kris a songleader. Ken Dinsmore AND WITH LOTS OF PIZAZZ. " — KEVIN SAWYER Pleiades Feature Editor Stacy Freeberg gasps as she remembers that today Is deadline day. Eric Egurrola Anna Enclnas Virginia Evans Heather Farah Richard Field ► •• i " • i •f •5 83 BEING A SENIOR IS. . . " LOOKING TO THE PAST WITH SMILES; LOOKING Dennis Fredricks Stacy Freeburg Debbie Frencfi Christopher Frias Sylvia Gallegos m J H ! ' W Kathryn Gerola Alex Godinez Steve Gomez Bertha Gonzalez Steve Bush snacks to keep his Martha Gonzalez weight up Robert Graf Gretchen Grodt TO THE FUTURE WITH ANTICIPATION. " — DEBBIE FRENCH Ronnie Guzman Creshia Hackney WE ' RE ALMOST THERE We hod Senioritis, but we weren ' t seniors. We hod mas- sive loads of tiomeworl , but we weren ' t freshmen. We could drive to sctiool, but we couldn ' t park in the senior parking lot. We were upperclassmen, but we weren ' t the Class of ' 85, We were juniors back in ' 84- ' 85, and though it was hard to believe that we made it through U,S History, Chemistry, English, and Math all at the same time, we were willing to go through anything to become seniors. But we have many fond memories of that year, too We remember the rainy night at La Mirada where we cheered our football team to a CIF championship. We watched our soccer team complete their season as un- defeated league champions. We went to our first prom at The Reef in Long Beach, And we remember tearfully bidding our senior friends goodbye in June of ' 85 — look- ing forward to our day of graduation, Leslie Trasport tries to steal a Vespa that matches her shirt. Karen Hanks Staci Harf Cynthia Hawkins BEING A SENIOR IS. . DRAGGING YOURSELF TO CLASS, SO YOU Julie Hedlund Scott Hendricks Veronica Hernandez Kama Hersey Lawrence Hershkowitz " Go Big Red! " urges Varsity Yell leader Laura Cooper. Lan Hoang Craig Hoogland Wayne Hoover WON ' T BE A SENIOR NEXT YEAR. " — JAMES BORGES Doug Hoskey Kitty Schade lets tier true feelings for cousin Pom come to the surface WE KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN As seniors, one of our major goals was to fiave fun! And. as usual, this was tfie easiest part of our year Whether it was " decorating " senior corner, or running through the Sunny Hills banner before the big football game, we always showed a sense of humor unparalled by anyone, except Mr, Rooster, And from Homecoming dates to Prom sweethearts, we managed to always be together to share the special moments. There ' s no doubt that after we graduate there will be more parties and other friends, but no one will ever forget their senior year. Martha Ibarra Charles Irons jf 1 il i L ' it - ' — ' JU jk iM llj B? ? illlHIIIIHH Q.U, south:. in , CrrLES RRftWV KIT VARTELU- ' ■CI nil ' v5-«r-L.-P ■ n ■ Lta BRft - ' . ' — KIT vAn iti-u - » ' . ■: — ,;C « »taf iceR? t " MfLDA ISABEL ROSA lle-eleeirCarieJulfe ' . .l ii iffST lirfE? -C ,- orei BEING A SENIOR IS. . APPLYING TO 20 UNIVERSITIES, AND Bruce Bordner is on the lookout for Biology Club recruih, catching Greg Pierce unawares. Deborah Jones Keoni Kaaiawohia Greg Kafka J ' t i Holly Kerr Bernodette Khong Michelle Kim Eileen Kinney Hilary Kish Christa Kiter Tammy Klingenmaier S • l 5 •• • ENDING UP AT HORNET HIGH. " — BRENDA WATKINS Greg Manship Hilda Marquez Catherine Marsh " Down in front! " bellows Craig Burnard as he prepares for the senior picture in the stadium. 2 " T BEING A SENIOR IS. , ' LIKE 11;59 PM ONE STEP CLOSER , . . The sophomore year - for most of us it meant Biology, a break from history. Health, and Driver ' s Ed, Now we were able to advance in the world, being able to move up in the cafeteria line and having no more fears of being trashcanned by the seniors — as long as we stayed away from Senior Corner. But the best part was laughing the loudest at the new scrubs, watching them make the same stupid mistakes we had. Raul Villegas spreads spirit wherever tie goes — even at Home- coming. Leslie Trasport odmonishes Colette Blangy to " Stop staring at guysl " Cynthia Michik Joshua Miller NEW YEAR ' S EVE. " — LEE IRONS Stephan Moore Victor Moore Tracey Morones Maria Munguia David Myatt Kimberiy McCullali Marl McGurer Sharon McKeag Garrick McNey Heidi McNinch Ruperto Navarro Jennifer Nelson Hung Nguyen Quang Nguyen Thao-Ly Nguyen-Do f.? • ; ••; i - .» Hii i ' i f BEING A SENIOR IS. . . HAVING THE SATISFACTION OF BEING AT 1 Matt Frawley, Ignacio Alava. and Barry Taylor give three different reactions to an early morning pep rally practice in ttie quad. Jules Paquet Gregory Pearce Michael Peltomaa Caren Pembleton Cruz Perez THE TOP, BUT NOT REMEMBERING WHY. " -CRAIG BURNARD SUPER SENIOR Tim Pruitt Julia Purcell Greg Putlgnani Ted Hewlett studies hard for yet another Human Anatomy practi- cum, " Super Senior. " Consider the words for o minute. No one would disagree ttiat Ted Hewlett fits this " role " per- fectly. At the top of the doss academically, Ted was recognized by the Masons for two years, received Rotary recognition all four years, and became a Notional Merit Semi-finalist, Ted is also a leader, having served as Presi- dent of the Thespians, CSF, and Speech Club, Probably Ted ' s biggest love is the theater — and he has greatly excelled in this area. Some of his school performances include " Godspell. " " Cabaret, " and " By The Skin Of Our Teeth. " In addition, Ted has appeared in Fullterton ' s vocal concerts and Dance Company productions. He has ap- peared in La Miroda CLO ' s " Guys and Dolls " and " West Side Story " and SRO ' s " Barnum " and " Pippin " , plus count- less others. To top it off, he is performing in Sebastian ' s Dinner Playhouse production of " Hello Dolly. " Leslie Putnam Kimm Pylant Hilda Quezada BEING A SENIOR IS. . . " LIKE WINE— WE ZI Hl " J H Ben Runnels Colleen St. John Kent Sakamoto Farothah Saleh Lorena Sanchez JUST GET BETTER WITH AGE. " —CHUCK WEISS DO YOU REMEMBER? Remember back in September of 1981 when we were all freshmen? (We were never scrubs!) Remember how many of us were troshconned by the Class of ' 82? Remember the confusion? Remember all the controversy over our new graudation requirements? (No one is even sure today about what they ore!) Can it be that those days are really four years in the past? Now the hairstyles hove changed, the clothes have changed, and the music has changed. But the friends we made in our first few days of Fullerton High will last forever - just like the memories we have of them, Kristen Byrne contemplates taking a ride with Mike Afram, Bill Romesburg, and Jim Campbell Susan Schade Chris Scholz Schultz Matthew Severson Jill Shellenberger BEING A SENIOR IS. . . " A TIME TO GROW UP AND FACE THE WHAT COMES NEXT? Now that we ' ve graduated, what ' s coming our way next? Sure, a lot of us are moving on to college to put in another four years of education in order to earn a decent living. But what else is in store? How about living alone - cooking your own meals, doing your own laundry, paying electric bills and — aaock! — phone bills. What about having to pay car insur- ance, $115 a gallon for gas, and maybe even payments on a new car? But the indepen- dence and freedom we gain makes all the trouble worth- while. Vilavanh Sirixay Jeffrey Slusher Marilyn Sollazzo Theresa South Karia Johnson and Tracy Voisan consult each others ' government notes in preparation for a Pattv Thompson Anne Tocco • mm « « mm « • «i m Z • •• • ' i UNKNOWN, NOT KNOWING WHERE TO BEGIN. " -DARLA YATES Bill Romesburg confronts a scrub approaching his locker. Kitty Trotti Christy Turner Leticia Ugay Debra Ullom Richard Vanzandt 1 nMli Maria Vega Raul Villegas Tracy Voisan BEING A SENIOR IS TAKING THE SAT AND ACH OVER The ocean — the mystery, the vastness. the unexplored depths — this represents our future. As underclassmen the high school years are calm and silent. As our junior year approaches we feel a slight tug toward unknown shores, and an undercurrent of indecision. Our senior year is a turbulent storm of college applications, SAT scores, and career choices. We struggle to keep our heads above water. Then, as the storms dies down, we find ourselves washed ashore, greeting the sun, whose rays illuminate our future. " Oh my gosh!! " exclaims Mike Perez Kim Webb Yvonne Weingartner Charles Weiss Philip Weitzman Jonathan Whitehead Staci Whitehurst Patricia Whiting Peter Wightman Mike Willey - ? ' AND OVER. . AND OVER. . . " —BOB PETRI Nariman Zarrabi Carrie Borough Eliseo Brava Frank Bravo Nga Bui Richard Burbank Richard Campos Chris Cononica Arthur Castle Manuel Castro Andre Chism Chris Coftey Dan Conley Deborah Corpron Nora Zepeda Manito Corre Mario Deanda Naomi Deavilo Jeff Dickens Nuyen Do Ronald Duncan Jennifer Eder Eric Egurrola Ana Encinas Christopher Faike Don Ford David Frederiksen Laurie Gallagher Chris Zerga Shahin Gandomi Carl Garcia Steven Kuznetsov Dung Le Kham Le Phoung Le David Leeper Arturo Lopez Janier Lozano Hue Ly Carlos Magdalene Carrie Martinez Nancy McPherson Dina Mendoza Kimberly Zimmer Victor Meneses Cesar Miranda Jill Moede Victor Moore Peter Morgan James Newman Hoa Nguyen Khiet Nguyen Quang Nguyen Jamie Pena Lisa Ramirez Doug Ramsey Eleazar Rivera Bill Rogers Angelina Romero Timothy Abbott Alicia Acosta Gilberto Arias Rigoberto Arias Loretta Armigo Lorie Arreola Miguel Barajas Sylvia Barriga Stephen Batterton Kimberly Boardman Donald Bohlen Ligia Boici James Borges George Romero Jeffrey Roth Lois Silva Carlos Solano Keo Saukkhyphiang Troy Stephens Stephen Stevens Dean Strong Javier Tinajero Monica Trudell Jeff Uddo Trinh Vu Casey Willis Victor Zavala Lisa Zepeda TRADITION WITH A TOUCH OF TOMORRO M ft Nf4 r. y ' m . i ' ! A CLASS OF CHARACTER EMERGES Juniors are traditionally a class that is just gaining their individuality. They ' ve been at FUHS long enough to know its inner work- ings but lack the seniority to be in charge. With the inspiration and leadership of Presi- dent Pam Schade, Vice-President Joanne Hughes, Secretary Kristen Hemmerling, and Treasurer Nancy Schultz, the juniors head- ed into 1985 with eager anticipation. With money and Prom topping the list of neces- sary accomplishments, the juniors put on our second stag dance, held a T-shirt sale, and a Valentine ' s Day flower sale. The hard work paid off in a memorable Prom aboard the Queen. 1985-86 Junior Class officers ore President Ram Schade, Treasurer Nancy Schultz, Vice-President Joanne Hughes, and Secretary Kristen Hemmerl- ing. Becky Abarca Karim Abdul Maria Acosta Aaron Acton David Adams Rania Afram Ryan Akina Tina Aldotz Julio Alfonso Todd Allis Daniel Anaya Rush Andrews Lupe Armenta Mathew Arnold Enrique Arreola Angela Arriola Jeffrey Bailey Miriam Bales Tony Barbarino Theodore Barber Michael Barmer Laurie Barr Polly Bartlett Tiffany Beamer Rosario Beltran Lisa Berry Bradley Bice Jim Blatney Kurt Blodgett Gregory Boals Deanne Boatner Robin Borbely Lia Borges Michelle Bradley Frank Brave Adroln Breche Heidi Brehm John Bridensflne Jason Brocknoft Lee Brune Angela Brunkhorst Heather Bryant Jeonnine Burge Richi Burrell Jenefer Burt Kenneth Colvo Robyn Camptleld Rocio Campos Socorro Campos Thelma Campos Andrew Caperon Eric Carlson Julie Carnevaze Michael Carrlllo Cynthia Castillo Michael Chacon Yvette Chavez Sung Cho Wendy Clark Bridgette Cloutier Kennith Cantrell Sharon Coleman Sherry Cook Scott Correy Cheryl Crippen Marcy Cromwell Michael Cruz Jennifer Gulp Shown Curry Jeonette Darafrlne Matthew Dennis Scott Devonald Kenny Lord enjoys a good burrlto at the pep rally. Annette Rodriguez does not seem to like he Cdfeteria food very much Ray Diaz Brian Dinsmore Thang Do Wesiey Dodds Bertha Dominguez Kristen Donnley Jody Dorfman Cynthia Douglas Queyen Douglas Lisa Doverspike Kurt Duerksen Kristen Dunn Lionne Easton Manuel Echivesti Katherine Eckert John Edwards Chris Eley Marilyn Emery Michelle Emely Erine Enrigvez Laurie Erskine Wendy Evening Jeffrey Fober Denise Farnsworth Jesus Favela Ana Felix Gina Fernandex Lorenzo Flores Michael Flores Danny Fonseca Roma Franzia David Frederiksen Richard Freyre Tafia Gallatin Greg Gaon Carmen Garcia Cesar Garcia Monica Garcia Michael Garcia Lisa Garza Cynthia Gearhart David Geller Debby George Gregg Giacopuzzi Lisa Gilliam John Gllyord Arthur Glenn Kenneth Golan Manuel Gonnez Norma Gomez Jorge Gonsalez Frank Gonzales Albert Gonzalez Martha Gonzalez Yolanda Gonzalez Barry Gould Allison Graves Tom Gratny Suzanne Greaves Robert Grubbs Yolanda Guerra Marco Guerrero Jeffrey Gusinski Carlos Gutierrez Claudia Gutierrez Dorothy Gutierrez Jose Guzman NancI Hallam Doris Hamilton Amy Hansen Stacy Margrave Julie Harris Donna Harrison Pam Harrison Holly Hart BEING A JUNIOR A junior is being next in line, impatiently waiting for that time. Finally moving up to say. next I ' ll be a senior, and I can ' t wa ' ii for tfiat day! Being able to drive to Prom, without hav- ing to count on Mom Having a massive load of homework, and knowing it ' s not just a quirk. Being a junior, it has been said, is a feeling of being ahead. Memories that ore meant to be put in the past are never forgotten, because they lost, and last, and last. Amy Templeton finds daydreaming is the easy way out David Hassett Stacey Hattan Jeffrey Heanes Kristen Hemmerling Chris Henderson Deborah Herrera Susan Hersey Alexander Hess Mike Hetland Thomas Hewlett Carlo Hiltscher Timothy Holmes Thomas Hopkins Araceli Huerta Joanne Hughes Jill Hunt Gerardo Hurtodo Linda Hurtodo Esther Hutton Hoi Huynh Oliver lbs Karen Irriborren Steven Jackson Louis Jamai Rosa Jaramillo David Jarvid Jennifer Jeeves Thomas Jensen Jennifer Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Michael Jones Johanna Kaaiawahia Camille Kawase Chormone Keolasy Suzanne Keriakedes Bernodette Khong Chi Khong Wade Kidner Kelly Kielhamer Luann Kilanowski Patricia Kiloh James Kimbrell Hilda and Diane Koch are shoring sisterly secrets WHO ' S BEST? Being social and popular requires having a lot of friends, and most everyone does have friends. But who is a best friend? A best friend is one who is understanding, or at least takes the time out to try. Best friends share endless memories that ore never ever forgotten. You will always re- member your best friend in the future, be- cause love never fades. Michelle Renfro and Mimi Sayer are the reflection of " best friends. " Heather Kish Diane Koch Hilda Koch Melinda Krch Lalita Kumar Laurie Lammens Laura Lanz Kevin Lapoint Julie Lazzarino Bich Le Thanh Le Thuy Le Denise Leon Christy Levoit Gabriela Licon Margarita Licon Phong Lien Grace Lierle James Lieser Mariellen Lindsay Jeff Linder Amy Lindstrom Robyn Lindstrom James Livingston Michael Lansford John Lockwood Laura Loera Trisha Loo Renessa Lopez Kenneth Lord Thomas Low rey Eduordo Loza Maria Lucero Grace Maddox Michael Magana Mario Magliano Eileen Mahoney De Mai Daniel Malone Cassim Mamoon David Mandel Cfiris Manzanares Hernando Mares Liliane Maroun Kelly Marshall Hector Martinez Laurel Mason Brian Massey Mio Mazzo Michael Mc Carthy Brian Mc Farlane Wendy Mc Intosh Christine Mc Keag Corrina Mc Laren John Mele Robert Mendoza Jose Mercado Jeffry Middlebrooks David Miller Paul Miller Perry Miller Mark Mitchell Asary Mohamad Anthony Molina Adolfo Montalvo Gabriel Montano Maria Montgomery John Moore Joaquin Morales Sharon Morey Denise Morones Gerrad Moses l£L ' i i ' J OH WELL! " Being late to school and vi alking into the wrong classroom. Everyone in your class got A ' s on their exams and v hen someone asks you what you got you have to say, " I got an F. " Telling a story thatyou happen to think is funny or interesting and the person you ' re telling looks at you very strangely, like, " Why did you say that? " The teacher asks you to go up in front of the class and some clown puts his foot out and you trip and fall. Cookie McKeag. Lisa Doverspike, Angela Brunk- horst, and Tisha Tovar pal around at lunch time. ' ' V K . A. son t . H K, Rebecca Moyer Roger Mucino Paul Mohr Blanco Nopoles Mihai Negru Loren Nelson Mario Netzer Jomes Newton Potrick Newton Help Ngo Hung Nguyen Ly Nguyen Ttionti Nguyen Ngan Nguyen Thu Ngan Nguyen Truo Nguyen David NIckerson Darcy Nielson Melisso Nunez Sfocey Nunley Michael Oates Mictioel O ' Nell MIctielle Ovesen Florence Owens Jose Paez Lisa Palocios Rosario Polomores Stothy Popadotos Kalika Paronjope MIchoel Porrott Stephen Peorson Korl Peno Brent Penrod Elvo Perales Michael Petri Oanh Pham Christine Phelps Minh Phu Phuong Nguyen Thomas Jenson and Hilda Kock discuss their weekend plans during history Jennifer Pla Becky Plata John Poelstra Michelle Ponce Jessica Posada Paul Pratt Angelica Preciado William Preston Scot Price Helen Quezada Fred Quintord Ben Rafanan Emanuel Ramirez Maria Recio Rosalinda Recio Michelle Reichel Andy Reiss Michelle Renfro Brett Reuter Adele Reynolds Suzanne Riggio Jacqueline Rios Luis Rivas Terry Robbins Erica Robertson Maria Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez Del Rodriguez Graciela Rodriguez Pat Roebuck Kathy Roemmele Charlene Rogers Bobby Resales Stacy Rowley Alan Ruggles Gabe Sanchez JUNIOR BLUES Had no date to Prom Left a little paint from Mom ' s cor on the light pole Made it home — but a bit intoxicated Parents received a call from the attendance of- fice Pulled over for driving 50 in a residential area Got an automatic " F " on U.S. History final Career choices to be made Patricia Sanchez Guadalupe Sandoval Rachel Sandoval Naomi Sawa Mimi Sayer Pamela Schade Uva Schlleter Bastion Schoell Nancy Schultz David Seale Stephon Sens Marco Serrato Porsche Shontz Diane Shapiro Heidi Shikuma Ana Silva Vicky Silva Kimberly Simpson Julie Sirch Nancy Slager Craig Snow Amy Somers David South Gayle Stewart Julie Stotfel Steven Strapac Surjonto Sudibjo Karen Suich Shannon Sutherland Mark Swonson Kenneth Sweeney Richard Taylor Amy Tempelton Thomas Tepe Kevin Terry Linda Terry Bram Tester Tramanh Thai Chantavisouy Tiengthong Cynthia Torres Wanda Torres Angelinda Tostodo Francisco Tovar Tisha Tovar Lisa Trent Sang Trieu Tuan Troung Buffy Tytherleigli Robert Upton Ctiarles Vandel erktioff Carmela Vargas Alex Vasiliadis (Vlicaeia Vazquez Karen Vernon Jose Vicorio Victor Viiionueva Thiuy Vu Teresa Wagner Ivlictiaei Wotiler Deborah Waite Traci Warren Kattierine Webber Kristy Webber Sarati Wilde l?andy Wilder Gina Wilkie Kevin Williams Dale Wolford James Won Lisa Woodall Joe An Yeti Jong Yoon Rutfi Yousling tviark Zachoriati Ana Zepeda DAY BY DAY Dear diary: I got to school late, arid I had a big exam first period. I spent all night studying the Vi rong chapter! By the time I got to my next class, I realized that our huge reports Vi ere due — and I left mine at home. On top of all this, my best friend and I got into on argument, and I have no one to pal around Vi ith at lunch. P.S. Being a junior sure isn ' t easy! Steve Strapac took Mr. Sherwood ' s Vietnam War lecture a little too seriously. SOPHOMORES REACH FOR GREATER HEIGHTS No pressure and no hassles is the .sest way to describe life as a sophomore. But three have submerged themselves in the organization and leadership of the class of ' 88. With beads of sweai dripping from their brovi s and ideas swirling in their minds. President Brent Hiltscher, Vice-President Jessie Kohler, and Secretary Treasurer Ma- rie Kawase raised the funds that set the wheels in motion for the sophomore class. After a successful class ring sale, they have gained the necessary experience to moke them the leaders of tomorrow — of a whole new breed of upperclassmen. Sophomore class officers Jessie Kohler, Vice- President, Brent Hiltscher, President, and Marie Kawase, Secretary Treasurer enjoy their high achievements as 1988 ' s officers Ann Abercrombie Julie Adams Michael Adamson Quincy Agee Cristela Aguirre Aaron Almaguer Erik Anderson Jarrod Anderson Susan Anthony Rhonda Ardoin Sandra Arreola Andv Arzolo Eliana Asa James Astorgo Audrey Ausman Robert Ave Lallemant Noram Avina Laura Ayala t»r. !9m Raul Ayon Erin Bailey Wade Bankston Guilbert Baradas Shannon Bartels Niwie Baunsegard Eric Bauserman Ronald Beaver James Becknell Cynthia Bergstrom Frank Bernich Jean Berstein I Palling around at high noon is a favorite past ,», time of Crystel Orosco and Jenni Christ enson. Erin Bialowcs Nadine Bill Sarah Blackley Catherine Black Ken Boatner Gabriel Boettcher Brendon Booth Blake Borowski David Bouchard Philip Boyer Rhonda Boyle Andrea Bracamontes Elizabeth Branden Elizabeth Brick Jill Bridenstien Lisa Brooklier David Brovi n Jon Brown Chad Bruechert Lesley Brunner Scott Bryan David Buck Dixie Bundy Senorino Bustos Kathryn Byrne Elizabeth Cacho Marisela Calderon Keith Calhoun Jose Camacho Manolo Campos Myrtle Campos Jill Canonica Christopher Carmen Rachelle Carmony Rhonda Carmony Stacy Caron Christin Carr Cecilia Carrillo Enrique Carrillo Sylvia Carrillo Christopher Carter Daniel Caspers Vincent Castaneda Alfred Castro Magda Castrom Derreck Cathey Charlotte Causley Javier Ceballos Stephanie Cewinski Marie Chabanel Charles Chaidez Mark Champine Dale Chaney Arturo Chavez Cecilia Chovira Vincent Chavira Tami Chiaramonte Helen Choi Jason Clark Eamonn Clarke Manuel Cobian Dusten Cole Maury Collins Julie Connelly Todd Cords Mainto Corre Morelio Corre Tammy Corry Laura Countryman Rudy Cuevas Felicia Cullen Lorraine Cullen Jay Cunningham Marcia Deck Ruben De Gracia Nicole DeGuiseppe William DePoulo Kerri Deveney Denise Diaz Jorge Diaz Shannon Dickson Long Do Minh Do Phong Doan Christine Dodson Isaias Dominguez Jamie Dominguez Sarah Donaldson Thomas Doutherty Chris Dunawoy " WHAT ' S HAPPENIN ' ? " When asking a sophomore " What does a sophomore do for fun? " one usually receives the reply, " Taking it easy, " or " Hanging around. " Hanging around Vi here? In the sophomore bull ring, cafeteria area, or the major social events like Beachcomber ' s or Winter Formal are usually the places an upper (or lower) classman can catch them socializing. k l pL David Gardner takes a journey through the looking glass John Dunkley y Karen Eder Erin Egurrola Darlene Emery Scott Emery Jon Ervin Christopher Esparza Matthew Esquedo Maria Esquivias Helen Eun Burton Ewing Robert Fairclough Jim Farley Betty Farr Shannon Farrell Maggie Favela Evelia Fernandez Robert Ferre Michael Finney Leigh Fischer Douglas Fleming Brian Fletcher Jesus Floras Dorey Fought Marilyn Fox Stacy Fox Douglas Franklin Christine Frederiksen Cynthia Freeland William Gallic Manuel Galvan Arturo Gamboa William Gann Bertha Garcia Jeannie Garcia Jesus Garcia Michele Garcia David Gardner Ian Garrett Terry George Carrie Gibson Kelly Gillespie Bernardo Goday Frank Gonzales Robert Gonzales Inez Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Veronica Govea William Grace Chris Gracia Matthew Graham Troy Green Sharon Greenwood Roe Gretz Bobbi Griffith Misho Griffith David Guerrero Angie Gutierrez Ricardo Guzman Victor Guzman Steven Hahn Tyler Hahn Tonya Hall Lance Harill Shannon Harrist Lance Hattill Michael Haymes Kimberly Heisinger Jerry Heller Christona Hendricks Jennifer Henslee Michael Herbert Brian Herbst Bardomiano Hernandez Dana Hernandez Michelle Herrera Kimberly Hespe Christy Higgins Brent Hiltscher William Hiltscher Kurt Hindman Robert Hisey Amy Hodges Jon Holmes Dieter Horton Jean Bernstein can ' t believe Superman really exists. BEIN ' FREE WHEELIN ' The new sophomore driver faces many advantages and disad- vantages. Having your own " wheels " is comforting, knowing that you won ' t have to bum a ride to social events (especiolly if you ' re crammed in the back seat) and, alas, INDEPENDENCE, However, there are disadvantages. Of course, a job is needed to pay for gas and car repairs and time is required to pick up your sister and then the walk from the farm ... It is at this moment that you ask yourself " Is the bus really that bad? " Sergio Villegas moves to the music of Madonna ' s groove. Hong Hua Mike Hulsey Minh Huyhh Ismah Idres Mariyam Idres Jennifer Ivask Jesse Jaime Charlie Jaimes Amber Johnson Brian Johnson Karen Johnson Janine Jordan Manuel Juarez Ross Juarez Marie Kawase Philavanh Keolasy Dale Kern Tom Kethcem Thuy Kha David Kim Leslie Kim Randy Klingenmaier Jessie A. Kohler Scott Koryta Viorica Kovacs Victoria La Cuesta Sorin Laica Tom Lalonde Karen Lansing Gregory Lau Huy Le Linh Le Namchi Le Phong Le Tai Le Jeffrey Lemnitzer Trisha Lent Kevin Lentz Alan Lewis Nancy Under Leslie Lindow David Lockwood Sheri Lohman Les Looper Kelly Lujan Troy Lukkes Martha Luna Gillian Lundie Mai Ly Nhung Ly Michael Mac Donald Lee Maggio Liem Mai Andrew Makshanoft Kelly Mallott Jeff Manship Michael Maroun Keith Marszalek Marcia Martinez Moricelda Martinez Olga Martinez Steven Martinez Willie Martinez James Mayfield Eric Maynes David Mc Intosh Teresa Mc Kowen Heather Mc Ninch Ki McAllise John McKelvie Kenneth McKinley Scott McReynolds Francis Mendez Hector Mendez Osvaldo Mendez Francisco Mendoza Sergio Mendoza Robyn Mikolagak SUPER SOPHOMORE Gabriel Boettcher, nick-named " Rocky- Road, " was named Super Sophomore of 1986. Gabe is a very active student at Ful- lerton. He is on the varsity vi ater polo and soccer teams and a member of the Key and Ski Clubs. His best buddies are Josh Miller and John Gilyard. As weW as being an excellent dancer, he has appeared in commercials. Gabe was born and lived in Africa for eight years, yet he did not at- tend school till he was 8. Since he has left Africa, he has excelled in many fields and has enjoyed his high school years. The radical Super Soph shows his spirit at o fun- filled pep rally. Michelle Rhodes and Misha Griffith smile prefty for the camera while the FUHS water polo players defeat Sunny Hills, Jeremy t liller John Miller John Miller Nancy Miller Collin Milligan D. Ming Negar Mirgoli Kathleen Mode Jose I. Molina Martha Molina Isabell Montaivo Andrew Luna Montoya Charles Moore Jason Moore Christina Morales Michael Moron Teresa Moreno Gina Morgan David Morrow Wendy Moser Frances Mullins Romeo S, Muresan Paul Murphy Denise Murrie Sam Negrete Kristen Nelsen Joe Newton Hoc Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Phot Thanh Nguyen Phu Van Nguyen Thao Nguyen Matthew Nicolo Lauren Niesluchowski Debi Niles Robert Norman Kimberly North Jorge Nunez Vivian Ogawa Sen Ong Magdaleno Onofre Crysfel A Orosco Darren Rector and Greg Lau devour lunch in their everyday attire. Viviona Osborne David Owens Zachary Page Juan Paiomor James B, Porker Jonathan Peorce Marcio Pecl Melicent Peck Brent Pembleton Leonn Pembroke Juan C. Penaloza Erika Peraies Mario Perez Kristen Peterson Kho i Pham Alexander Phelps Souphy Phongsavoth Thai Phu Andy Phung Karen Poelstro Michael Polcyn Chymaine Polsley Jorge Posada Shana D. Powell Josh Pretzer Charles Price Wendy Price Adriana Purcarea Cristina Purcarea Tyler Quaranta Renato Quezado Patricia Quintero Elizabeth Ramirez Joseph Ramirez Alison Reode Darren Rector John Redington Dina Reed William Reicks Donna M. Reinhardt Guillermo Renteria Lorenzo Renteria CATCH A WAVE! Wake up at 4 a.m. Grab a fast glass of milk. Grab your gear and skateboard down to the nearest bus stop. Finally, out on the sand, the glistening waves call your name, as they roll towards the shore. The adrena- line starts pumping and away you go. WAIT! The tun ends as you realize you have been black balled. Then it ' s fun in the sun and beach blanket bingo time with Sido, Moondoggie, Gidget, and Kahuna. " Hmmm " says Jon Penrod, flanked by Stacy Freeberg and Laurie Lammens. Kenneth Reynolds David Rhode Michelle Rhodes Patrice Ricchio Phillip Richison Kent Ritter Angelina Robles Norma Rodrigues Eugene Rodriguez George Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Lewis Romero Brian Rose Kent Rosengreen Jill Rozboril Julie Ruet Laurie Ruhnke Robert Rutledge Kristin Saito Julio Salazar Juano Salcedo Azis Soleh Augustin Sanchez Carmen Sanchez Hope Sanchez Isaoc Sanchez Trinidad Sanchez Lourdes Santos Colby Sato Wagni Sauco Laura Sauers David Sawyer Kyle Sawyer Michael Scaglione Arthur Schade Dennis Schmidt Craig Schroeder Mike Seaton Andrew Seesemann Mil e Seifen Gina Selman Charles Serrano l?ober+ Shean Kimberly Shirey Claudia Silva Kristen Silvey Nick Smith Ducce Solis Norma Soso Karia Sotelo Bangone Soukkhyphiang Sharon Spadt Todd Steelman George Steinmetz Shannon Stephenson Janet Stewart Mark Stinson Jim Storey Melissa Sugden Karen Sullivan Thanh To Michael Tadlock Kamran Tajalli Karl Tenney Mark Terrill Brendo Terry Natalie Terry Matthew Thayer Michael Thompson Kevin Timms Son To Robert Tomlinson WHERE TO NOW? " Videopolis Sensation Studio k Old World Bob ' s Big Boy Jack-in-the-box Micky D ' s Brea Mall Library Bus stops Cram sessions at friend ' s houses Fox Fullerton Football game excitement gets to Jessie Kohler, Kathy Byrne, and Jennifer Ivask. Trach Iran Jason Tremble Amber Trent Sinh Trieu Tracy Trotter Danny Trotti Kim-Ctii Truong Ttianhi Truong Trot Truong Curtis Turner Jennifer Turner Melody Turner Claudia Urrutia John Vallin Michael Vallin Jason Vamalkenhors Ryan Van Kirk Tony Vargas Damon Vasilladls Helen Vega Bernardo Vesel Julianne Ventress Sergio Vlllegas Hoi Vo Nancy Voisan Chi Vuong Devdas Wall Kotheleen Ward Sabryna Welch Melvin Whetstlne Frank WIghtman Gregory Wllber Kristen Willey Jennifer Williams Steven Williams Timothy Wolf " Hove a Coke and a smile " says Karen Eder and Amy Templeton. Derek Wood Kimberly Wrona Natalie Wyer Rhonda Yates Aaron Ybarra Toe Yun Lucio Zarate Jotin Zeeb Delcy Zuniga " NO— NOT THAT!! " 1 stay away from orange fights, or you ' re juice 2. Don ' t even go near Senior Corner . . or it moy be " can action " for you. 3. Don ' t appear at upperclass parties; it may become a sticky situation. 4. Don ' t park in the senior parking lot, un- less you want your car towed. ADVICE TO ALL SOPHOMORES: Take cau- tion because if you mess up, it may do damage to your future school years at FUHSM! Julie Giacapuzzi, Natalie Terry, and Karen Sulli- van squirrel around at practice. Friendship is very special to Sharon Spade and Trisha Lent. THEY ' VE DONUT AGAIN Although the 1989 Freshman Class feel they really did not ac- complish much, v:e do know that they tried their best. After all. trying to compete with such highly educated upperclassmen is such a difficult task for such naive teenagers. This type of behav- iour is a classic example of these young ' uns at this state of life. Yet, if they do follow these steps in the near future, they will for sure miss the step ladder of success. However, we cannot harp on these poor souls too much for they hod an electrifying donut sale. These great donut and class leaders are: Leslie Wallett, President; Alison Brown, Vice-President, and Laurel Munson, Secretory Treasurer. Hang in there because there ' s always Winchell ' s to fall back on. Class officers: President Leslie Wallet, Secretary Laurel Munson, Vice Presi- dent Alison Brown. Beth Abbott Farschad Abolfathi Mayra Aceves Oswaldo Aceves Donna Adams Arne Aloya Angela Aldatz Becky Allen Jason Allen Andre Alvarado Anthony Ambrose Shreyas Amin Eric Anderson Venseea Aparicio Jose Arevalo Jackie Arnold Faustino Arzate Carolina Avilo Fausta Azzote Pete Bach Kirk Bacon Julius Barados Angle Borojos Mike Batiste Lupe Beltran David Bernich Brent Bice Jamie Bixler James Blake Christina Bohlen Steve Bolcer Lorena Bonilla Greg Borough Jerry Botello Manny Botello Bryan Bowe I p rs Tracey Boyle Andrew Braddick Gina Brambila Catherine Brick Matt Bridgetord Kathleen Bridwell Showna Brinkman Randy Bristow Letitia Broden Dennis Brookman Karen Brooks Allison Brown Tommy Burbank Jon Bushaw Mohamed Butalep John Cairns Shannon Callaghan Azael Calvillo Lynnette Calvo Juan Camacho Socorro Camarena Jason Campbell Jennifer Campbell Nathan Campbell Eric Campos Homer Campos Ray Campos Bryan Carey Raik Carlton Sam Carrillo David Castle Rochelle Castle Livia Castro Robert Chalmers Jaravanh Champhimara David Chapman Albert Chavarin Armando Chavez Catherine Chavira Jennifer Christensen Chris Cichowlas Christina Clark Emily Henderson is enthralled by the looks of Chad Ledbetter Paul Clark Ben Cior Christine Cole Elaine Cole Mark Coleman Lori Cook Heather Cooper Ricky Correy Carman Cortez Morgan Courtney John Craig Clint Crossley Jim Crouch Jose Cruz Debbie Cudwig Nick Dakis T-u Dao Kathy Darafrine Scott Davis Marc Degiuseppe Chad Delannoy Steve Dephillips Chad Derringer Todd Derringer Adriana Diaz Anthony Diaz Luis Diaz Jenny Donoso Kevin Dinsmore Pho Do I can ' t believe it! I got Wood- shop instead of Sewing! WE AIM TO PLEASE Everybody knows how much freshman want to be friends with upperclassmen, especially sen- iors! Signs to look for are: Loaning of pens, pencils, papers, answers . . . Holding doors for them when they pass Giving them " cuts " in line Relinquishing their lockers to them Clearing pathways for them And ALWAYS saying " yes " to everything they ask Keep up the good work Scrubs! It will pay in the end. John Doverspike Shawn Drew Sheri Duffin Kim Dugan Patricia Dunn Tuan Doung Julie Ediin David Eriksen Jason Espinoza Alex Esquivel Mike Estrick Elton Everling Jonette Fairclough Nedra Fambrough Shawn Fearn Diana Ferm David Field Camerino Fierros Stacy Fitzhugh Laura Flores April Ford Mary Fraire Bryon Frawley Tomnny Frederiksen Karen Freiley Julie Fulton Paula Gaff Jennette Gallegos Elizabeth Garcia Freddy Garcia Rosalia Garcia Tracy Garrett Rufus Gaxiola Shalene George Julie Giacopuzzi Christian Ginter Lorraine Godinez Alex Gomez John Gomez Mario Gomez Mario Gonzales Tina Gonzales Luz Gonzales Normo Gonzalez Julie Gooch Christa Goss Jennifer Gould Kelly Gould Michael Graham Becky Gray Lee Green Hugh Griffin Yvette Guillont Katheryn Gulden Henry Gurrolo Eunice Gutierrez Karlo Gutierrez Michelle Gutierrez Rosa Guzman Tom Haire Scott Hamm Sheri Hand Mike Harbour Emelia Horrill Tara Harrison Devin Hassett Gary Haugen Kim Hauser Emily Henderson Art Hernandez Evelyn Hernandez Jose Hernandez John Herrera Mose Herrera Ray Herrera Hilary Heusser Kristin Hirou Mike Hooglond Ryan Hoagland n ■ W Brent Bice demonstrates his devilish talents in wood- shop. iijn«fi FRES " MANIA Leif Garrett posters plastered in lockers. The first to arrive at dances, A new form of affliction- Sherwoodism, Slotsy Tours and Travel jackets worn daily; Sack lunches made by Mommy Thoughts of going to McDonald ' s for lunch but afraid to cross Pomona. DON ' T WORRY FRESHMAN- Seniors used to have these faults and look at how awesome they are! Anh Hoang Mai Hoang Randi Hokett Jason Hollingsworth Casey Morton Carl Houser Kevin Huarte Sandy Hughes Rich Huritury Mercedes Hurtado Ta Huy Hung Huynh John lacocano Alba Ibarra Mary Ibarra Jose Irribarren Amal Iskandar Steve Jaramillo Erik Jarvl Hilary Jensen Andy Joe Darren Johnson Don Kelly Jeffrey Kenyon Jason Kern Brad Kerr Juli Kilpotrick Brian Knott Netpha-Chon Kongchan Sadaphet Kongchan John Kraus Brian Kushner Barbara Kwiotkowski Ninia Kwiotkowski Corry Lackey Todd Lady Vanessa Lone Leon Lourenh Randy Law Le Duong Chad Ledbetter Stacy Left Rick Lemire Heather Lewis Jill Lewis Taji Lewis Vinh Liem Elena Lin Brian Correy thinks he ' s an awesome farmer; but little dues he know he ' s a scrub. FUTURE FRESHMEN FARMERS Squlrrelly and giggly Just like pigs, Trying to act really big. Devoted and hard working all in one But really in it just for fun. Responsibilities taken care of right. Even If their there late at night Trying them all and giving them a chance. There are standards to meet. There are places to compete. But best of all the people are really neat. Freshman farmers, you are on your way- Medical, science, animals, and plants, Alvi ays remember the Fullerton hay Eddie Lineberry Antoinette Lipman Jason Loeb Carola Loehr Robert Longnecker Cruz Lopez Edelmira Lopez Juan Lopez Yolanda Lopez Charles Lowers Moba Lubke Debbie Ludwig Phot Ly Trang Ly David Mac Donald Troy Manzer Cecilia Marquez Jessica Martorono Paula Masse Bonnie Massey GIna Mozzo Scott Mc Bride Steve Mc Bride Amy Mc Clure Kenllynn Mc Guire Kerry Mc Horney Glen Mc Intyre Leonard Mc Laren Bill Mc Mahon Barry Melchior Sara Mendoza Steve Mezzell Susanne Michael Nathalie Michel Chris Miller Jeanete Miller Annette Millonzi Javier Miramontes Jessie Moriales Felix Mojich Daniel Molina Angela Morales i: I v ip -- Albert Chavarin tries to slow down his pig Wilbur before he devours the hose. Jose Munguia Primitio Munguia Genevieve Munoz Laurel Munson Dorinel Muresan Steve Murray Don Naprovnik Danielle Nava Janna Nelson Adam Nickerson Veronica Nieto Huy Nguyen Ted Ojeda Sol Ong Troy Ortale Tricia Ortega Kathie Ortiz Nancy Ovesen Maria Padilla Trena Palmer Jim Palomino Jose Palmares Chris Parker Tisha Payne A FIRST YEAR LOOK AT A FIRST DATE Timid and shy. Ready to die. Because of the guy. With the baby blue eyes. Starting to date. And beginning to relate. Now it ' s too late. To find a Homecoming date. Don ' t cry because you ' ve missed the dance. Winter Formol is here with another chance. The big night arrives with Qu arterback Lance. But soon you find out that he lacks in romance. You finally meet your Mister Right. He asks you out for Saturday night. Totally jazzed, you say " Alright, " But when he picks you up his car is a bike. As you pedal down the street. Your neighbors store and cheer " How sweet, " Next thing you know you ' re on a yellow seat, McDonald ' s is the joint where he chose to eat. Dates like this will come and go, But there ' s one sure thing you ' ll always know. Freshman year was really rod. Just 3 more years and you ' ll be a grad. Deron Pease Monica Pero Corita Pepito Alejondra Perez Johnny Petrich Thao Phu Suzie Phung Cathy Piccolla Vince Pina Andrea Pinzon Kaylo Plump Coyla Polsley Jenelle Poodry Angie Poore Erika Powell Sonjoy Prajopatl Juan Preciado Eric Prevratil Beatrice Prieto Melody Purdell Quyen Quach Steve Quis Angelina Ramirez Carmen Ramirez Jackie Ramirez Jeanne Romirez Julie Ramirez Ruben Ramirez Sandee Ramirez Range! Rosendo Leticia Recio Marc Reeves Mary Reicks Jennifer Reuter Amparo Rios Shannon Ritter Trisha Dunn doesn ' t feel too well after eating luncti in the sctiool cafeteria. Anna Rivos Anthony Rivera Lisa Robbins Tami Robert Agustin Rodriguez Felipe Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez Misllo Rodriguez Aoron Rogers Debi Rogers Saul Romero Karen Rosales Margaret Rosso Gabrial Ruiz Holim Saleh Jesus Sanchez Shawna Sandoval Stephanie Sarkisian Lisa Sausedo Jason Scanlon Risa Scher Jeannine Schechtei Brent Schindele Coryn Schmidt Arthur Scott Anna Seguro Dennis Sellitto Laura Selway Pom Setter Tracey Seville Randy Shaffer Debbie Sheraga Nomi Shichor Jason Shikuma Farrah Shirazi Efrain Simental Lilo Simental Melissa Simpson Kristen Smedley Steve Smith Julianne Snead Angelica Sosa A. Srinivasan Paige Stackhouse Beth Stark Dawn Steelman Kim Stovall Eric Stroub Tim Sullivan Jason Swan Michael Swanson Linda Sweatman Kokie Tana Nancy Tavera Patrick Taylor Juan Tellez Jennifer Theaker Chris Thompson Darick Thompson Paul Thompson Tina Thompson Benji Thorp Susan Tiengthong Brian Torre Eddie Torres Carolina Tovar Cawlina Tovar Duong Tran Tien Tran Ve Tran Vui Tran Due Trang Ngan Trieu Nora Trigueros Whon Troung Jerry Tudor Rob Tuller Carrie Twomey Gina Underwood Carmen Uribe Yvonne Varamillo Frances Velazquez Don ' t worry about your schedulel Should I shave the other side of my hair? SEARCHING FOR SCRUBS Home on Friday nights Maybe a football gome if they have a ride The public library on weekends. Bus stops Stag dances with millions of friends for security Pre-teen section in department stores Walking down the street Fox Fullerton theater Conversing around their lockers at lunch Trash cans Far away from senior corner The last and most famous place of all- BOB ' S BIG BOY Tjasa Vesel Donna Vincent Ngooha Vo Tina Wagner Leslie Wollett Steve Warner Mike Watts Wendy Weavwr Antia Weintraub Crystal Whitaker Julianne Whitaker Vivanne Wightman Monica Willes Eric Williams Suzanne Wolf Kate Wood Adam Woodoll Wendy Woodberry Stelld Vborrd Jean York Nigel Yoshido Brian Young Tiffany Young Jenny Yun Germoine Zdcharian Ana Zavala Ruth Zavala Ricky Zepeda Daniel Zuniga Hey did you just see that senior guy walk by ' What a total, awesome babe ,y : y , - " ' ' j X.f ' :ii 4 ' Jrv FULL X k% ' t ii? ■ m AHEAD BULDING YEAR " PROVES FUHS Varsity football (in alphabetical order): A. Acton, R. Akina, J. Bailey, B. Bice, J, Blatney, R, Burrell, M. Cabral, M Chacon D Corbin. C. Daggett, W. Dodds, E. Egurolla, A, Gonzales, R. Grubbs, T, Hughes, V. Jaurez, K. Lord, M Magano D Mandel, G, McNey, M. Mineni, S. Moore, M. Ojeda, J. Onofre, J. Paquet. M. Parrott, S. Pearson, S, Price, G. Putignoni, J, Ramsey, J, Redington, A. Reiss, B. Reuter, K. Ritter, B. Runnels, J, Slusher, C. Soleno, R. VanZandt, M. Willey. V. Williams, M. Zapp. Mike Chacon watches the gome intently. Mike Chacon struggles forward through Coyotes. The scoring team of Kurt Daggett and Victor Williams awaits another opportunity. Coach Mitchinson briefs players during a time-out, Mick Mineni kicks another one through the uprights Darryl Corbin gives the Buena Park Coyotes the slip with the help of Mike Solano. First down and ten to go for the fighting Indians. Reuter, Price, McNey and Gonzales give Coyotes a hard time. TO BE A WINNING YEAR An offense full of finesse and an aggres- sive defense allowed the Fullerton Varsity football team to exceed everyone ' s ex- pectations. To live up to ttieir expectations the varsity team had to overcome many obstacles. The toughest obstacle was hav- ing twenty-two starters graduate last year which provided an inexperienced and young team. Fullerton, characterized as a young team, was emotionally up for some games while down tor others. Their season record reflected a young team. Having come from mixed backgrounds and abili- ties, each squad member contributed in his own way. The team ' s motivations was ex- emplified by their squad leaders Mike Cha- con, Curt Dagget, Garrick McNey, Mick Mineni, Greg Putignani, Mike Willey, and Victor Williams. Tribe determination was prevalent in the Sweetwater, Norte Vista, and Sunny Hills games. When the tribe came face-to-face with Sweetwater — a team whose opponents hadn ' t scored many points against them— they succeed- ed in a half-time score of 18-20. This proved to be quite on accomplishment tor this year ' s squad. In the Norte Vista game, the offense and defense worked together effectively to create a Fullerton victory. The tribe ' s determination against their archrival Sunny Hills gave them a narrow victory. Some hove called it a " building year " but they exceeded their expecta- tions. Anaheim a FUNS Won Norte Vista a FUHS Won FUHS a Kennedy Won Sweetwater a FUHS Lost Buena Park a FUHS Won (Homecoming) FUHS a Troy Lost FUHS .a La Habra Lost Sunny Hills a FUHS Won FUHS @ Sonora Lost BSg- -t boB I B " ir " - - ' • Curt Daggett takes on four Anatieim defenders Curt Daggett keeps his eye on the ball amidst defensive pressure. Jules Paquet looks on with concern, Tom Hughes lunges for a score. A Buena Park defender tries to break up the Curt Daggett-Victor Williams connection. Chad Bruechert braces for a head-on collision with a La Habra Highlander. FUHS players display a great show of sportsman- ship after handing Norte Vista a crushing defeat. Mike Parrot steamrolls a Lo Habra Highlander. DESIRE DRIVES SOPHOMORES The dominant quality of the 1985-86 sophomore football team was their desire to do their best. The team was a very dedi- cated group and the goals that they have set for themselves showed that they were serious in their objective. Their goals includ- ed playing 3 shutout games, winning the league, and improving every game. The sophomores had one shutout game to their credit and had a chance to win the league if Buena Park, an undefeated team, lost to Sonora, The team had a setback in their second game of the season — against Norte Vista, Otherwise, they have won all the games they were expected to and have improved after each game, achiev- ing their third goal. Aided by Coach Dave Torres, the team achieved a non-league record of 2 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. The team ' s drive brought them this far and since the players gave 110% at practice, they have a chance to overturn their present league record of wins and 1 loss. The members of the team also went to summer camp with practices going continuously from 7:30 to 11:30 AM and from 2:15 to 5:30 and 6:00 PM when school started. The team ' s strong feelings allowed them to work together and their optimism produced a force to be reck- oned with in all their games. 4if , ' 1 fet i»,- ' " wH H ■ " ■■•.- ■ -A ' Iw Sophomore Football (left to right) top row: M. Finney, C. Dunowoy, C. Martinez, F. Wightman, T Lukkes, B, Rutledge, B, Feree, M, Haymes, M Nicolo, T, Dougherty, C, Carter, second row: S, Mayfield, C, Romero, B Rose, R, VanKirk, B, Reicks, E, Bousermon, M, Cobian: third row: S, Hahn, C, Jaimes, F, Gonzalez, A, Schade, C, Milligan, K, Lentz; fourth row: D, Rhode, S. Negrete, B, Depaolo, A, Seese- man, K. Hindeman, K, Tenney: fifth row: M, Juarez, M, Terril, D, Cathay, D, Owens. D, Franklin, S, Solazar, S. Tremble. Kurt HIndman hangs on to his possession Charlie " Demon Eyes " Jaime seeks for the goal line. " Practice makes perfecti " Charlie Jaimes is tough to take down. " THE WALL " HALTS OPPONENTS Defense! Defense! Defense! These tliree words sumnned up Coach Bob Hill ' s feelings about his freshmen football team. " De- fense is a strong point on any team, " and under the guidance of Coaches Bob Hill and George Van Vliet it was built into a " wall " to be reckoned with. Although the defense was the binding link between the team members, victory could not be ' - ' ■W ' .ii Freshman football (left to right) first row: P, Bach, C, Ledbetter, C. Morris; second row: B. Clor, T, Ojeda. E Campos, S, Salico, A. Shavern, R. Lemear, J. Heisefono, M, Aram, S. Sanchez: third row: S. Drew, S, Leichner, J, Crouch, H Campos, , Campos, C. Torres; fourth row: J, Petri, B. Bice, S. Quis, D. Field, S, Davis; fifth row: J. Whitefield. D Nepravnick, R. Casillo, R. Bristol, M. Watts, J. Merimontes; sixth row: A, Hernandez, J, Nanley, T. Burbank, S. DePhillips, K. Dinsmore achieved without a potent offense. Thus, the team compiled a pre-league record of 4 wins and 1 loss. The goal of our 1985-86 freshmen fight- ing force was victory in the Freeway League. To this point fundamentals have been stressed, for they are the building blocks of success. But the " scrubs " were unique for they have only recently come together as one unit. Unlike the JV and Varsity teams, the freshmen have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but the team was a chance for the players to get to know one another. The coaches had high hopes for VICTO- RY. Though league success is unpredict- able at the freshmen level, the entire squad was optimistic for they have proven themselves a formidable fighting force. Coach George VanVliet and Umpire Doverspike observe the pregame warm-up with satisfac- tion. TOUCHDOWNIII Mike Watt is off in a cloud of dust. VARSITY WATER POLO Varsity Water Polo (left to right) top row: Mike Petri, Robbie Upton, Barry Taylor, Eric Carlson, Jeff Heanes, second row: Tom Lowrey, Scott Devonald, Bob Petri, T. D, Hopkins; third row: Kyle Sawyer, Scott Koryata; fourth row: David Mcintosh, Gabe Boetcher, David Hossett, Bob Petri catapults a pass. Tom Lowrey waits for the ball. A mad dash, but Where ' s the ball? Dove Hasset and Scott Devonald play tight defense. Dave Hasset watches a goal Sunny Hills finds out that T,D, Hopkins ploys tough. Tom Lowrey cocks his arm for a blinding shot. Eric Carlson watches Bob Petri dunk an opponent. STRUGGLES AGAINST SCHEDULE Teamwork . , , friendship . . , effort. These adjectives describe this year ' s Varsi- ty Water polo team. However, the team was a victim of past years ' performances, whose schedules required playing Califor- nia ' s top teams. With so many seniors graduating last year. Coach Rob Knight was left with a semi-inexperienced team at the varsity level. But despite their disad- vantages the team played well. They con attribute their performance to the long hours spent every morning lifting weights and doing laps in the pool. The squad ' s team captain. Bob Petri, provided the ex- tra motivation necessary to get through those long practices. Tom Lowery, the MVP, demonstrated his potential in the illus- trious " holeman " position. The future looks bright for FUHS Polo, with the core of the varsity team returning next year. VARSITY SCOREBOARD mh " " Miraleste FUHS Lost University @ FUHS Lost San Clemente @ FUHS Lost FUHS a Dana Hills Won Buena Park a FUHS Lost FUHS , ' a: Santa Ana Valley Lost FUHS (5. Long Beach Poly Lost FUHS a Troy Won Lakewood a FUHS Won FUHS ,5 Marina Lost FUHS (5 ' La Habra Won Sunny Hills FUHS Lost FUHS :a ' Sonora Lost Indio (g. FUHS Lost rVti-hm JV POLO HANGS TOUGH Few people realize the time and dedico tion playing water polo requires. This year ' s JV squad is learning what has created the winning tradition of Fullerton High water polo. Coach Correy Marvin, a recent FUHS graduate, instructs the team in the basics of water shots. Able JV ' ers move up to the varsity level to try competition at a more advanced level. The squad is composed of hard-working friends pushing each other to greater levels of teamwork and competition. This friend- ship ties the team together. They work out every morning from 6am to 8am and then again in the evening from 2:15 to 5pm. JV water polo players are constantly being drilled in the basics. If " practice mokes per- fect, " then next year ' s JV squad will be unbeatable. The future looks bright for the increasingly popular sport of HO polo at FUHS. Mike Petri peers toward the goal. Shane Allen blocks a Sunny Hills opponent. Gabe Boettcher inhales while waiting for a pass. Shane Allen throws a vicious block to allow Mike Harbour to swim on 1 SIK ' ' -v -- a Hii JV water polo (left to right): T. George, C. Lowers, N. Voshida, B. Schindele, M. DeGuiseppe, M. Harbour, R. Tuller, J. Scanlon, J. Kruas, P. Clark, D. MacDonald, R. Law, B. Gallio, C. Dellaney, M. Scaglione, J. Swan, J. Doverspike. Not pictured: A. Makshanoff, K. Pham, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, j. Lemnitzer, M. Adamson, C. Crossley. Coach: Corey Marvin. JV RAISES A RACKET Upcoming and on their way to a most promising year in 1986 is the JV tennis team with star performances coming from Namchi Le, Marie Kawase, and Lorraine Cullen, The team ' s strengths stemmed from their building of a family unit where encouragement and friendship ore strong. All the players were new. Lack of experience didn ' t deprive them of spirit as they continued to dedicate their valuable time to more practices, more drills, and more lessons. The team was striving for the winning goal on the varsity level as they were looking for- word to playing against competitive teams. rvcrm Back Row B. Kwiatkowski, S Blackley, C Higglns, J. Turner. J, r?ozboril. J York. L. Fischer Front Row: B. Cloutier, N, Le, L. Kim, L. Cullen. K, Heisinger. M, Kawase. A, Srinivason The players are preparing for the next shot. Namchi Le delivers a strong forehand that is sure to make its mark Don ' t stand there! Get in action!!! Christy Higgins lunges for the ball with all her stamina. VARSITY GIRLS TENNIS Bonnie Massey dwells in a moment of frustration. Christa Kiter sends the boll swirling in a top-spin serve. Gritting her teeth, Eileen Kinney is definitely killing her opponent. Kristen Byrne is engoged in a bitter volley. Comraderie grows among the varsity tennis players. Carle Thomas poises on the edge of action for a powerful serve. Julie Ramsay Concentrates on the approaching ball. Carlo Hiltscher gives the ball a go-go. With her eyes rolled and mouth gaped, Katherine Byrne gives an omnipotent back- hand. RACKETS TO THE TOP Success - the most ample description of the varsity tennis team. " This team worked well together like a family, very close-knit- ted, " commented Coach Cronin, The main characteristic that tied the team together was friendship. The players have been friends with one another since early child- hood. They encouraged one another and strlved for the winning goal. They closed the season with twenty wins and three losses. The losses were to three teams, two of which participated in CIF competition. Even so, they weren ' t discouraged as they continued to dedicate their time to master new techniques for challenging tough teams. According to Coach Cronin, the most valuable players are the three singles - Kristen Byrne, Kathy Byrne, and Julie Ram- say. When asked what was the highlight of the season, KIrsten Byrne replied, " Working hard as a team really paid oft the moment we found out we were on our way to CIF. " Another comment came from the double pair, Eileen Kinney and Carle Thomas, " By building a strong team since freshman year and improving each season, we really grew together to make our senior year the best ever! VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 4pK : i m ' — wrau Varsity Girls Cross-Country: T, Tran, D Morones, E, Bialowos, H. Brehm, L. Hurtado, R. Franzia, B. Terry. Craig Burnord is " The Enforcer. " Steve Busti is being chased by a Coyote. The Fullerton pack leaves Sonora in the dust. Bastion Schoell is hungry for another Fullerton victory. Over the hill comes Franzia. Terry, Bialowos; but, where ' s the other team? George Diaz demonstrates Fullerton X-Country is number one! Brenda Terry and Heidi Brehm cruise to another Fullerton victory. Linda Hurtado sets a victory pace for the Fullerton runners. 158 TAKES TO THE HILLS The Boys Varsity Cross-Country team kicked oft its season witti a week-long sum- mer camp in Yosemite, Witti only two sen- iors, Craig Burnard and Steve Bush, on the Varsity squad. Coach Erskin knew this would be a building year, Burnard provided the motivation while Bush set a winning ex- ample for all to follow. With the help of the other Varsity runners. Bastion Schoell and Jorge Diaz in particular, " they turned a tra- dition of losing into a tradition of winning, " remarked Erskin, Coach Erskin expects the Varsity team will moke it to C.I,F. this year. In all, the varsity team was a close-knit group of runners striving for success, push- ing each other to higher and higher levels of expectation. Under the direction of the new assistant coach, Beth Terrel, the Girls Varsity Cross- country team once again went to C.I.F. The young team ' s top performers were Lin- da Hurtado, Brenda Terry, Roma Franzia, and Erin Bialouris, with newcomers Heidi Brehm and Denise Morones not far behind. With no graduating seniors, the team plans to be even stronger next year. VARSITY SCOREBOARD BOYS GIRLS FUHS @ Anahiem Won Lost FUHS @ Los Alamitos Lost Won FUHS ffl Brea Won Won FUHS a El Dorado Won Won Buena Park w FUHS Lost Won FUHS a Troy Lost Won FUHS 5 La Hobra Lost Lost Sunny Hills • w FUHS Won Lost FUHS ■ a Sonora Won Won FROSH-SOPH RUNS ' EM M DOWN The Frosh-Soph Boys Cross-Country team was a small, potent squad. Coach Erskin was quick to recognize the potential they will have when they become seniors. Ers- kln ' s goal was to create a small squad that would work together efficiently. By having the squad run together, they were able to help improve each other ' s performance. Outstanding freshman performers Mike Ba- tiste and Troy Manzer combined with ex- perienced sophomores. Bill Hiltscher and Phong Le, to create a winning team. Coach Erskin expects great things from them in the future. J. Preciado, M. Hoagland M, Swanson talk with a Sunny Hills runner. Troy Manzer cuts through the wind on his way to the finish line. A Fullerton wall of M. Batiste, P. Doon, M. Swan- son J. Anderson holds the lonely Sonora runner bock. " We ' ll catch ' em on the hill, guysl " Frosh-Soph Boys. Top Row: Mike Hoagland, Juan Preciado, Mike Swanson Straub. Bottom Row: Phong Doan, Troy Manzer, Mike Batiste, Bryan Bowie, Jarrod Anderson, Ryan Hoagland. JV SPIKERS STICK TOGETHER The Junior Varsity volleyball team was a young one. It was packed mostly with freshmen. Although the team didn ' t have a victorious season, the players played hard and stuck together as one big family. Each team member devoted her time and ener- gy toward grueling practices to develop and perfect new skills as well as old ones. The members were very responsible as they took the blame when defeated and carried all the pressure on their shoulders as they pushed toward the ultimate goal: win- ning. Young talented players, such as Ve- ronica Govea, Sharon Spadt, and Stacey Nunley, are determined to carry these solid experiences on to the varsity level. Back Row: E. Harrill. J. Jeeves, J. Kaaiawahia, J. Nelson, Coach Robertson, V, Govea, L, Calua, M. Dodds, M. Kirsh, Front Row: S. Spadt, S. Nunley, K. Nelson, H. Heusser, J. Giacopuzzi, T. Hall, K. Lansing, M Reicks, T Payne The team hurries off the court with a hand as Coach Robertson cheers! Veronica Govea waits intensely for the right mo- ment to strike the boll to her opposition. Wow! Lots of actions are going on during volley- ball practice That ' s the way to hit the boll! VARSITY GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Talented Rhonda Ardoin prepares for the most powerful serve ever! " Get that ball over the netl " yells Lisa Berry and Heidi Shikumo The players are strategically working out their next move. Lisa Berry strives for the ultimate goal. We are as solid as a pyramid! Noelle Heusser ' s sister. Hilary Heusser, follows her big sis ' s footstep. Vicki Silva demonstrates a volleyball serve with eyes closed! Don ' t be shy! Go for it! The volleyballers are preparing for action. Energetic Lisa Berry sails in the air as she hits the ball! SWATS AT OPPONENTS The varsity volleyball team started with summer practice while everyone else was at the beach enjoying the warm sun and great waves. In spite of their strenuous ef- forts, they didn ' t come out on top. Howev- er, in every game they showed strong de- termination and confidence. The team was excellent in pre-league competition, but struggled in league with a record of ten wins and fifteen losses. The discourage- ment didn ' t hold them back, as they con- tinued to work hard and improve their techniques in serving, passing, developing court senses, and being consistent. Nor could defeat dampen their spirit of coo- peration—the players supported one an- other and at the same time shared each other ' s joys and sadness, whether in victory or defeat. The hard work, the new exper- iences, and most of all-the fun-produced a comfortable atmosphere among the team members. The team ' s most prominent and consis- tent players, according to Coach Cathy Gray, were Noel Heusser, Janene Allen, and Vicki Silva. Even though the players gave their best, " they never take any game for granted, " commented Gray. La Mirada J FUHS Loss FUHS a Brea Loss Savanna a FUHS Won Valencia • a FUHS Loss fJosary ia FUHS Won Buena Park a FUHS Won FUHS la Troy Loss FUHS la Lo Habra Loss Sunny Hills la FUHS Loss FUHS ,5 Sonora Loss FUHS li Buena Park Won Troy a FUHS Loss La Habra a FUHS Loss FUHS la Sunny Hills. Loss Sonora ' FUHS Loss VARSITY BASKETBALL LIGHTS HOME OF r " t; IIN ' UIANS ' 1 (L-R): Y. Phougsavth, K. Lentz, M, Hetland, L. Harrill. R Tallant, M. Perez. B. Runnels, A. Lewis. C Zerga B. Massey, G. Wilber, D. Morten, Brian Massey seems intent on making a steal from tiis deep defense position. Coach Forgette argues a point wl ile his team listens intently. Ralph Tallant Randy Forgette ponder the loss as Brian Massey hopes for a miracle. Hard driving Ralph Tallant busts through a Sunny Hills defender. Tallant and Hetland play tight defense against the Rebels Chris Zerga ' s leaping ability counts against the Rebels. A basket is made above the watchful eyes of the players. Mike Perez challenges a goal-tending Rebel, A foul is called by the referees against the Rebels. ' f a) UP THE SCOREBOARD i J r i X ■A D ' After a slow start. Varsity Basketball came on strong and made a run for the league championship, Troy and Buena Park were the teams to beat to capture the title. The key factors to a successful season were to play smart, to play as a team and to play with intensity. Senior forward Kirk Lentz felt the team would be able to ac- complish these goals. He hoped they would place high in league and do well in CIF playoffs. The players were confident, but knew it was a matter of using their abilities to the fullest. Returning starters Chris Zerga and Ralph Tallant, MVP, were major forces for the team FUHS FUHS VS Pacifico VS El Dorado VS Laguno Hills VS Cerritos VS Los Alamitos VS Villa Park VS La Mirada VS Valencia VS Savanna VS El Dorado VS Pomona VS Trabuco Hills VS Mayfair VS Savanna CIF VS Western VS Morningside Win Loss Win Loss Loss Win Win Win Win Loss Loss Win Win Win Win Loss JV FINISHES HIGH The J.V. basketball team hod a good season this year. Coaches Steve Singer and Steve Pichel have the Indians perform- ing with style. The squad doesn ' t have much size, so they rely on their aggressive defense to upset opponents defense and force them to make mistakes. The Indians started off vs ell, and should finish at or near the top of league. J.V. player David Sav - yer will hopefully lead FUHS to a successful season this year. lit J_ L: y w; «f Kf . 5 HOME of rw IN m Dave Mcintosh leaps skyward on a lay-up Fullerton and Buena Park watch as Dave Mcin- tosh takes a foul shot. Dave Morrow shoves a Coyote out of the way on a free throw. Ken Mckinley waits for a pass from Dave Mcln- L-R k, Lentz, D. Sawyer, M. Gates. M. Wahler. D Morrow. R. Rutledge, J. Sanchez, C. Carter. D. Wood, K. Mckinley, F, Wightmon. M. Petri, D Mcintosh Kevin Lentz makes a pass on an Indian fast break. FS SHOOTS LONG Frosh-Soph Boys Basketball (top to bottom) R. Longnecker, N Dakis. C Morris, P, Bacti, R, Tomleson, D Pease, C, Norton, S Amin, S. Ritter. J, Maromontez, J. Bravo, J Holllngswortti, R Zepeda, S McBride L Green, S, McBride, Last year the present members of the Frosh-Soph Basketball Team were cros- stown Junior High rivals. This year they have worked and banded together to create a dynamic Frosh-Soph squad. With the direc- tion of coaches Jeff Fauver and Matt Sut- tle, the squad learned the basics of highly competitive basketball in preparation for a promising varsity career. The team plans to better last year ' s record of 13 wins and 8 losses by o substantial margin. The team, mostly freshmen, consists of newly ac- quainted friends working together towards a common goal — a winning season. The horizons are bright for the energetic and competitive Frosh-Soph squad Peter Bach out jumps a Coyote for the boll, Peter Bach touches another through the hoop, " Slam-Dunk = two points! " R. Longnecker attempts a shot through heavy traffic C Norton chalks up a pair for FUNS VARSITY GIRLS Laura Cooper looks beyond her opponent to her target — the basket The Girls Varsity team is in position to defend the basket. Coach Vernie Ford gives the players a pep talk during a time out, Laura Cooper gives the ball a toss from the free throw line The Girls ' Varsity team avi aits the approach of the Troy Warriors Noelle Heusser takes a shot amidst outstretched arms. Heidi Shikuma keeps the ball in ploy as the referee makes the call Defense and offense collide in a struggle for possession of the ball. Players stand by as a Troy Warrior takes the tree throw line. Janene Allen shoots the ball beyond her opponent ' s reach DUNK THEIR FOES After four of the starters hiod graduated in 1985. tfie 1986 Girls ' Varsity Basketball team, led by Coach Vernie Ford, would have been expected to be severely crip- pled, but that was not the case. If any- thing, this team was stronger than that of the previous year. Their strength came from within as each member strived to sup- port each other. Whether the players were in the ball game or sat on the bench, the combination of teamwork and team sup- port from each of the players was one of the most valuable components of this year ' s team. Their outstanding success as a team was the reflection of the strength of its individ- ual players like Sabrina Welch and Heidi Shikuma on the offensive and defensive boards and Jonene Allen on defense. The team also had excellent guards like Trisha Lent and aggressive players like Noelle Heusser. The team compiled an impressive pre-season record of 7 wins and 4 losses by playing well against such powerful teams as El Dorado, Valencia, La Mirado, and Or- ange. Coach Ford also added that the girls played " impressive and exciting games " and had been " a joy to work with. " With all the successes of this past season. Coach Ford had reason to be pleased with the team Kennedy @ FUHS Rosary -a FUHS FUHS a Walnut La Miroda a FUHS Western .a FUHS Magnolia a FUHS FUHS a Buena Park FUHS a Troy La Habra a FUHS Sunny Hills a FUHS FUHS a Sonora Buena Park a FUHS Troy g FUHS FUHS a La Habra FUHS igi Sunny Hills Sonora .a- FUHS Won Won Loss Loss Won Won Won Won Loss Won Won Won Won Loss Won Won JV GIRLS TOP OPPONENTS Fundamentals ore essential to every sport. For the girls ' basketball program, the JV team is where the players strive to improve them. The 1986 Girls ' Junior Varsity team ' s primary objective was to concen- trate on improving their fast-break ability and on moving the ball. A record of 4 wins and 1 loss in preseason (5 wins and 4 losses including tournament competition) reflected their success. Fundamentals were not the only area that the players sought to improve, however. Their coach, Kathy Gray, com- mended the team ' s ability to work together by say- ing, " They worked strongly as a unit. " Thus, team- work and a good grasp of the fundamentals made for quite a successful season Melody Purcell displays her fastbreak ability Rhonda Ardoin shoots while pressed by the opposition. Sharon Spadt blocks her opponent from get ting into the action. Emelia Harrill tries to prevent a Troy steal. Fullerton ' s man-to-man defense plays havoc with the Troy Warriors. GIRLS ' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL (L-R) : T. Smith, C. Clark, M. Purcell, C. Swift, E. Harrill, E. Powell, R. Ardoin, S. Spadt, J. Henslee, W. Weaver, J. Lewis. T. Payne, Coach Cathy Gray. JV PINS OPPONENTS Doing things better ttian last year — ttiat has been the goal behind the Junior Varsity Wrestling team. With two new coaches. Dan Coates and Chris Butler at the helm, the team conquered that goal early In the season. Coaches Coates and Butler both participated In college wrestling, setting a good example for the team members. They have had the team concentrate mainly on basics because the basics must be mastered before more elaborate moves such as switch, leg ride, and slice can be attempted. The team has also developed mental as well as physical toughness, because wrestling is a sport that demands both. Coach Coates also mentioned that he desired " each guy to go out and wrestle his hardest, win or lose, and to do the things they have been taught. " The coaches, therefore, have stressed Improvement rather than winning and since the team consisted of hardworkers the team hod a good pre- season record of 5 wins and 1 loss. Coach Coates commented. " They ore beginning to see that the moves that I ' m teaching them are working. " Juan Palomar gives his opponent o close look at the mat Ben Aldrich gets into position to throw his opponent. Junior Varsity Wrestling (L-Pj Row 1 (Front) : J. Crouch, J Hurtado. E Campos, S Ruiz, Row 2 R, Freyre, F, Gonzales, Row 3 J, Bernstein, J, Salazar. J Nunley, G Rodriguez, S Boker; Row 4: R. The Fullerton JV team shows great promise — a per- Bristow, E Straub. J. Dunkley, B, Aldrich; Row 5 (Back) C. Frias, T. Hewlett, J Edwards. Coach feet example was the neat head-and-arm executed Dan Coates, by Eric Campos. Frank Gonzales prepares for the next round WRESTLERS BUILD Co-CaptaIn Eric Egurn Varsity Wrestling (L-R): Row 1 (Front): E. Egurrola. E, Egurrola. A Vasiliadis, J Brown, M. Corrillo, T. Aldotz, Row 2: C, Dodson, M, Floras. J, Palomar, T, Mercado, A, Tostodo. Row 3 R Compfield, B. Bice, D- Vasiliadis. D. Mandell: Row 4: J. Livingston, J Mdyfield, T. Bdrber, D, Jorvi, Row 5: B. Bice, M. Magana, Row 6 (Bock): Coach Daniel R. Coates III. S, Emery, M. Parrott, R. Diaz. Eric Egurrola dominates the scene by pinning down the opposition. As Coach Butler looks on, Ted Barber breaks his opponent on the mat. David Jorvi eyes the competition. The team stretches out before the match. John Brown applies the chicken wing to give his opponent an up-close view of the mat Mike Flores has a good hold on his foe in on attempt to break him down Eric Egurrola displays technique as he catches a Highlander in a cradle. John Brown overpowers his adversary with the head-and-arm. Ted Barber observes the action from the sides. FOR FUTURE There were many factors that prevent- ed a wrestling team victory. The major fac- tor was the lack of preparation because of a lack of time. The team went without a coach through the summer and fall before Dan Coates and Chris Butler entered the scene in October. Since the sedson began in November, the coaches were unable to condition the athletes in time, and the players were unable to addpt to a new style of coaching. With a tremendous burden on their shoul- ders, the two coaches proceeded to bring their wrestlers back into shape. The basics were drilled instead of the fancy, elabo- rate moves because. Coach Coates com- mented, " Fancy moves don ' t win match- es: basic moves do, " The athletes went through rigorous conditioning and while most would have quit, they " stuck it out. " All things considered, the FUHS team was " better than other first year teams, " said Coach Coates. The team accomplished the goo! that they had set for the season. The ' 85 team had 6 wins and 14 losses, the ' 86 team had 10 wins and 10 losses. And their team also earned a respect for themselves and the sport of wrestling. J , l» Mv P FUHS ig Anaheim Win FUHS a Costa Mesa Win FUHS a Orange Win FUHS a San Dimas Win Savanna ' %• FUHS Win FUHS iO ' Sonora Win FUHS ' w Santiago Loss Troy a FUHS Loss FUHS a Sunny Hills Loss FUHS a Bueno Park Loss La Habra .a FUHS Loss Whittier a FUHS Loss VARSITY BOOTERS Team members: Charlie Jaimes. Ronald Brooke, Victor Meneses. Josh Miller, Raul Villegas. Sergio Villegas, Jim Biardi, John Gilyard, Brian Rose. Matt Nicoio, Dave Marsella, Mke Jones, Gabe Boettcher. Matt Frawley, Andreas Montoya. Rob Grubbs, Manuel Juarez Josh Miller body checl s his opponent and steals the boll. Both teams watch close to see if this will be another FUHS goal. The squad takes a short break at halftime. Jim Biardi blocks a Sunny Hills shot with his left kidney. Johnny Gilyard, Shane Allen, and Raul Villegas head for the goal. Victor Meneses sets up for a cross, Gabe " the Animal " Boettcher shows a Sunny Hills player who ' s boss. Forward Victor Meneses tries to help out on defense Sergio Villegas unselfishly crosses the ball to a teammate. Now the ball is heading my way — what do I do? Manuel Juarez follows a long pass. ■ ; -; M- : ■ " ;-■ -■; ■■ :-l ' - :-:,J-- " ATTACK GIF A talented Boys Soccer team demonstrat- ed wtiat It takes to go to CI F. Ttie Varsity team, for ttie first time In 5 years, made It to ttie second round of C,I,F, Ttiey traveled all tfie way out to El Centro — near ttie bor- der of California and Arizona. Talented seniors Include: Raul Villegas, Josti Miller. Sfiane Allen. Jim Biardi and Victor Meneses, Ttie team stiared some memorable mo- ments. Gabe " the Animal " Boettcher talks tougti and ctieek witti ttie rets. " Bandona- maniai " was the word soccer player Josh Miller used to describe this season. The team played well under the new direction of coach Richard Roth. He taught the team how to use their Individual talents towards a common " goal, " They were a tight group of friends that played together and partied together. Their close friendship al- lowed them to anticipate each other ' s moves. The 85-86 squad continued the team ' s winning legacy. Each soccer sea- son FUHS gets better — imagine next year. FUHS g Magnolia La Mirada a FUHS FUHS a Breo Walnut g FUHS Orange a FUHS Fullerton Tournament FUHS a John Glen Buena Park FUHS FUHS 5 Troy FUHS a La Hobro Sunny Hills a FUHS FUHS 5 Sonora FUHS a Buena Park Troy g FUHS La Habra a FUHS FUHS a Sunny Hills Sonora a FUHS 1st C.I F -FUHS g Valencia 2nd C.I.F -FUHS a El Centro Won Tied Lost Lost Lost 4th Lost Won Tied Lost Lost Won Won Won Won Tied Won Won Lost 177 JV TAKES THE FIELD BY STORM The Junior Varsity Boys soccer team played well under the guidance of former FUHS soccer player, now coach, Hugo Guz- man. The team refined the basics with the hope of moving up to the Varsity level of competition. The team was comprised of freshman all the way up to juniors. This di- versity of experience allowed the team to produce a favorable season. The Palomino tradition of soccer players continues with the introduction of James Palomino. He plans to play on the Varsity level next year as a Sophomore. Freshman blood, such as Chad Ledbetter, provided speed on the playing field. With the absence of a Fresh- Soph team, membership to the JV team was considered hard to come by. The team was big and Hugo tried to give each player enough playing time. With the high quality of talent on the JV. team this year, next year ' s Varsity team should be truly outstanding. Everyone watches as James Palomino takes on a Sunny Hills player. James Palomino throws a move on his Sunny Hills oppo- nent. The J Vers try to score on a fast break against SHHS Chad Ledbetter cuts off his opponent for the ball. FUHS races towards a clear goal. J V Boys Soccer: B. Carey, M. Etchevesti, " Homecookin ' Owens. J Palomino, B Schoell, M Seaton, R Wilder T. Lady, C. Ledbetter, T. Manzer, D. JV TOUGHENS UP Heading Into the season with a bright outlook, the Junior Varsity girls soccer team lived up to their potential. Under a new coach and with strong talent from new players, the team put up stiff competition. Surprisingly, the team came out of pre- season with a 3-1 record, and finished league with a 3-6-1 record. The girls did much better than their record indicated though, as several of their losses were by only one goal. With such tough exper- ience, players such as Jill Rozboril and Susan Waff will have a head start on next year ' s varsity squad. Jill Rozboril streaks down the sideline in pursuit of a goal A Fullerton player traps the ball — ready to make a strategic pass The referee keeps a close eye on a mad scram- ble for the ball Jill Rozboril waits for the ball during a goal kick. Susan Waff marks up closely — a trademark of FUHS defense. A high Fullerton throw-in serves as a long cross to the center. GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER r vmu y- ' - ' mt ' - ' ' m 4«K Renata Franzia attacks a dribbling tiaifback Jill Gunter struggles to get the ball away from her opponent. Mia Mazza waits with clenched fists in anticipation of some action, A Fullerton forward and Sonora defender struggle for the ball. Renata Franzia looks for help from the coach. A sideline drama attracts attention Vida Owens, Christa Kiter, and Lisa Woodall stroll toward the bus after a tough game. Vida Owens cringes from a kick. Jill Ginter winds up to take a free kick. Indian players celebrate a Fullerton goal. The defense overwhelms another player to steal the boll. Mia Mazza and Lisa Woodall chase a Brea forward. i ■- . i jjjj . : ' !i BATTLES THROUGH LEAGUE The girl ' s varsity soccer team didn ' t win as many games as they had hoped for, but each player showed a lot of cohesive teamwork. In the games they won, the team showed their opponents they still can play soccer with the best and win. Each player contributed her individual skills and much sportsmanship to the game and made It an enjoyable season for FUHS Such talented players and teamwork gave Ful- lerton the reputation of a team that doesn ' t give up without a fight. They com- manded respect from their opponents and showed them what soccer Is really about. Even though they didn ' t make CIF, they knew they gave their best effort, and were proud of It. Varsity Soccer FUHS ff Katella Loss FUHS a Brea Won FUHS a Valencia Loss FUHS a Troy Won FUHS d Kenndy Loss FUHS a Rosary Won FUHS a Sunny Hills Loss FUHS a Troy Loss FUHS q Sonoro Loss FUHS g Buena Park Won FUHS a la Habra Loss FUHS a Rosary Loss FUHS a Sunny Hills Loss FUHS 3 ' Troy Loss FUHS a Sonoro Loss FUHS d Buena Park Loss SWIMMING PLUNGES Varsity Boys Swimming (L-R); Row 1 (Front): T. Grotney, R. Upton, B. Bordner, K. Ptiom, R. Freyre, M, Adamson. J. Krous, R. Low; Row 2 (Back): D. Mcintosh, E. Carlson, T. Lowry, J. Lemnitzer, D. Hassett, P, Clark. J, Swan, T. Hopkins. S. Koryta. M, Courtney. uaa Rick Freyre shows off his trim body to the camera. Khoi Pham ' s powerful stroke torpedoes him ahead of the rest. BELLY FLOP - Mike " Haircut " Adamson ' s style. Bruce Bordner makes his final reach for the wall. On your mark get set GO! rjob Upton soars across the pool. Fullerton swimmer plows through the water with ease. Randy Low looks almost shocked by the possibility of being in the lead. The boys hold in depth conversations during practice. David MacDonald demonstrates fine form. Mike Scoglione bursts into flight, like a butterfly. Some of the team members relax after their competitions. U ' I u vuvv " v0tt1 V INTO A NEW YEAR C a :-. Legs are tense, heart starts pounding faster and faster, an intense stare at the valley of shimmer, the " BANG " . . " SPLASH " the race is on. The boys varsity swim team ' s season had started strongly with many victories. The trend was carried throughout the year. Many of the swimmers, surprisingly, were not seniors. Even though the boys were young, they upheld the competitive spirit of FUHS, The basic goal for the team was for each swimmer to time their personnel best at the league meet Coach Rob Knight named Bram Tester, a junior, the most valuable player. Other members that demonstrated excellence were Tom Lowry, Rick Freyre, Scott Devanold, and David Adams. This team of athletes practiced every school day, rain or shine. Their training in- cluded the execution of several laps against the time clock. The strong efforts of all the members of the team paid off. " Itliit ViWini ' . ' i ' Los Amigos a FUHS FUHS 5 Brea FUHS 5 Canyon Buena Park a FUHS FUHS 5 ' Troy Won Loss Won Loss Won FUHS GIRLS muAMi tjCaptain and Most Valuable HlU fcir: Fiffsty Johnson Varsity Girls Swimming (L-R): Row 1 (Front): P. Schode. L. Lommens, L. Woodall; Row 2: 9 Dorraldson, K, Johnson. J Ivask: Row 3 (Back); J, Turner, Q, Agee, B. Watkins. C. Johnson, D. Woite. S, Schade, E, Henderson. Christy Johnson catches a few rays while watching her teammates, Laurie Lommens demonstrates sheer grace in her backstroke. Jennifer Ivask takes a deep breath before submerging one again. Four events in one day takes their toll on Karen Johnson, Rhonda Carmony leaves a trail of ripples behind her as she performs her breastroke. The painful demands of the backstroke is apparent on Rhonda Carmen ' s face. Members of the tribe turn from the meet to give the photographer a smile, Fullerton swimmer makes her turn a split second ahead of her Sunny Hills rival, Emily Henderson gasps during the last few strokes to the finish line, Rhonda Carmony takes a quiet moment to concentrate on her next event, Debbie awaits behind her towel before winning in a flash. Enthusiastic fans throng poolside in anticipation of another Indian victory, Fullerton swimmers are on the edge, ready to leap at the sound of the starter ' s gun. DROWN OTHER FISH Arms tire with each pass through the thickening blue liquid, breath more lobor- ous with each swallow, but your body con- tinues because your eyes see the end near, Exhilirotion comes when your hand slaps down on the cement you finished The girls varsity swim team had a good season. New coaches joined the ranks, which helped in the training of the girls. With only three seniors in the group, the young swimmers did very well. The coaches ' expectation for the year was for each athlete to achieve her fastest time by the end of the season. Christy Johnson swam exceptionally, receiving high praise from coach Rob Knight. Sarah Donaldson, Debbie Waite, and Laurie Lammens also showed great promise for the team. Los Amigos a FUHS FUHS a Brea FUHS 3 Canyon Buena ParkiS ' FUHS FUHS 5 Troy Win Loss Loss Win Loss JV DRIES UP THE COMPETITION Young bodies toned up during intense training atterscliool from 4:00 to 6:00, in addition to early morning workout. Little geysers shiot up into ttie air when the boys took their laps in the pool. Deep concen- tration could be seen on everyones ' face, yet smiles were abundant when practice ended. The Junior Varsity boy swimmers ' hard work paid off early in the competitions. The boys had a lengthy winning streak at the start of the season. Coach Rob Knight said that the team had an outside chance to win the league " if everyone stays healthy. " John Krous. Morgan Courtney, and Randy Law demonstrated superb swimming skills this season and will be wel- come additions to the varsity team in later years. ..ir ■ l i Junior Varsity Boys Swimming (L-R): Row 1 (Front): A. Mokshanoff, Row 2: B. Schindele, R. Tuller, M. Scaglione; Row 3 (Bock): K. Norgren, D. Johnson, B. Gallic, M. Harbour, J. Doverspike. Jason Swan flies to the finish. Coach r?ob knight instructs the team on the days goals. Mii e Adamson gives a look of disgust at a timer ' s call. Teammates take different perspectives on hovi ' the meet is going. Bill Gallio gets out of the pool otter a strenuous worl out. Coach Rob Knight and Coach Fred Forsch share thoughts on the upcoming meet GIRLS MAKE A SPLASH Slip on those bothing suits, suction on thiose cops, and prepare yourselves for the cold of the morning practice and the heat of the afternoon one, because you, the FUHS girls, are going to show off your spec- tacular aquatics sl iils The girls Junior Varsity swim team did well in the season. Each girl concentrated in her every stroke to become an excellent young swimmer The Coaches ' major goal for the team was for every member to improve upon their personal time on a lap. Coach Rob Knight named Quincy Agee, Caylo Polsley, and Emily Henderson the su- perb performers of the competitions. The only hope he had was for the young ladies to stay in swimming for their future years in high school. Namchi Le smiles at some cute guys Debbie Waite spots tfie finish coming. Coach Rob Knight scowls at one of his slower simmers J V swimming sweethearts seek refuge on top of the high dive Quincy Agee and Darren Johnson keep worm while watching their friends in the J V girls ' meet FUHS girl swimmer takes a breather Amelia Herald takes the lead over her competition. The " timers " watch intently on the outcome of the race. Junior Varsity Girls Swimming (L-I?): Row 1 (Front): R. Cormony, E. Harrill. C. Clark, N. Le, G, Lewis, K Smedley, IVI. Lubke; Row 2 (Back) M. Martinez, P, Ricchio, M. Gutierrez, K. Stovell, C Piccolo. VARSITY BOYS ACE (Front to back, left to right): Long Dong, Nick Dakis, Louie Jamal, Andy Joe, Greg Goon, Barry Taylor Bob Carlton, Bill Romesburg, Greg Lau, Brian Mossey, Brian McFarlane. James Campbell, Bob Petri Gerrad Moses, im Captain ' b Petri Gerrad ' . " • . ] i! ws ttirougti and scores ttie final point. Bob Petri sends tfie ball tiurling across ttie net to his opponent. Greg Lau prepares his backhand as the ball shoots towards him, Gerrad Moses is extremely pleased with his deliverance shot, Brian McFarlane studies the ball ' s angle before delivering the ball to his opponent Bob Carlton shows excellent form as he completes his serve James Campbell and Bob Petri help an exhausted Barry Taylor rest his feet, Brian McFarlane demonstrates his forehand as he prepares to smash the ball across the net. Coach Van Vliet begins his pep talk that will encourage the team to CIF THEIR COMPETITORS Although anticipating a rough season, because of injuries. Varsity Boys tennis, led by Coach Von Vliet, started their season with a win, and kept on striving for the gold. With such determination, they hope to have individuals participating in C.tF, this year. One of their most valuable players was Bob Carlton, defending league cham- pion. The team differed from previous years because most of the players were younger and the team was without some players due to injuries The doubles and sin- gles Varsity teams illustrated strong leader- ship and proved better than the overall performance of the Varsity teams. The team looks forward to a remarkable sea- son, with a preseason of 8 wins and 1 loss. Win Win Win Win Win Loss Win Win Win Win Win JV SERVES IT UP The 1986 Junior Varsity team started the season with much determination and emerged victorious. An ex- tremely experienced team ot individuals, they hope to go on to league championships and surpass their com- petitors. The doubles did exceedingly well in their matches. One of their most valuable and stronger skilled double players was Hiep Ngo. while the singles leader was Louie Jamal. As always, the JV team has gained strength in all their playoffs for FUHS. Hiep Ngo reacts to his victory shot. Shreyas Amin strives for the ball as he follows through with his foreh and. Alexander Phelps puts his best arm forwards in a match against Sunny Hills. Eddie Preston serves up another winning shot (Front to Back. Left to Right) Andy Phung, Jim Fox, Shreyas Amin, Eddie Preston. Jon Pearce, Hiep Ngo, Tom Ketchem, Alexander Phelps. Kevin Terry FS MERITS PRAISE The Frosh-Soph Tennis team, led by Coach Van Vliet and Assistant Coach Forgette, consisted ot some very young, experienced players. Al- though the Frosh-Soph team is not otticial, their practice matches be- tween the team players showed great promise tor future games. One of the star players, Mark Carlton, demonstrated many of the strong skills that a varsity team member would use in a tough match against Sunny Hills. Other outstanding players include Jon Penrod and Matt Gra- ham. Coach Van Vliet is very confi- dent that many of the team mem- bers will go on to the JV team with the strong strategic skills and ideas they hove obtained on the Frosh- Soph team. Mark Carlton leans into his swing as the ball advances towards him. Matt Graham prepares to counteract his opponent ' s quick serve John McKelvie and Matt Graham are taking a short rest (Front to back, left to right) Jon Penrod, Jason Hollingsworth, Jeffrey Dorfman, Scott McBrlde, Tom before beginning another set Hoire, Casey Horton, John McKelvie, Matt Graham, Mark Carlton Jason Campbell eagerly awaits his opponent ' s serve. ' 86 VERSION COULD Steve Moore cranks up to tiit a home run. Curt Daggett takes a long lead towards second as he watches the pitcher. Dean Strong hustles from the mound to tag a Roider out at home Pitcher Dean Strong and Catcher John Mele discuss strategy tor a brief moment on the mound. Ron Willes thinks about stealing third as he takes a lead oft second base. Steve Pearson gets ready to make a tog at second. Stathy Papadatos hurls the ball across the plate. You ' re Outll! Steve Pearson sprints tor third ahead of the ball. Victorious Indians head for home. RE TORRES ' BEST Upon entering his fourth season with the FUHS baseball team. Coach Dave Torres remarked that the 1986 team was the best he had seen thus tar. The team consisted of on outstanding outfield, o tight infield, and o pitching staff that showed promise of leading the team to win the league. Their most valuable asset however, was their batting. With everything of their com- mand, the team was able to produce o 2 and 1 record in preseason action. This team was characterized with a lot of experience. The team members were all juniors and seniors and they l new each other well to bring out the best in each other. Their team etfort was also com- mendable because they never quit giving their best when they were down, as in their second game against Garden Grove, 7-3 They were able, however, to raise the score to 7-6 by the end of the game — a respectable defeat. The FUHS baseball team had always managed to be one of the top teams in their league, but in recent years, the team had suffered a setback and were unable to maintain it. Coach Torres, however, was confident that this varsity team, under his guidance and with the help of Assistant Coach Ed Hart, would recover their original position as one of the best. yHH Orange a FUHS Garden Grove g FUHS FUHS g Diannond Bar FUHS (g Bueno Pork — - _ Sonera a FUHS il Jg feJ FUHS a Troy ilM La Habro :5 FUHS Won Won. Loss Won Won Loss Won Won Sunny Hills 5 FUHS Bueno Pork 5 FUHS I ' J jpijj, ' FUHS ig Buena Park JV FIGHTS THE FIELD The JV baseball team ' s road to success was tiampered by many stones and pitfalls along ttie way Their most difficult obstacle chanced to be the unconquerable — the natural elements But the tact that they often did not have a decent field on which to practice did not aid their cause — to win the league. However, even without the regular practices, the team was able to develop a strong pitching staff. The hardworking sophomores and fresh- men on the JV team, aided by Coach Greg Schammel, strove to improve in all aspects of their game. They worked on batting and other techniques, but their main concentration was on running. The effort involved in mastering these skills had its reward: By improving in all the basic areas in which the sport demanded, the team assured themselves success. Todd Boyer slides before the ball reaches Coyote sec- ond baseman. Steve DePhillips ' speed leaves the passing scenery in a blur. Augie Gann follows through on a terrific hit, Willie Reicks dashes back to first base. Steve DePhillips races for third base. The umpire looks closely as Steve DePhillips slides for third. Junior Varsity Baseball; B. Bice, T. Boyer, V. Chavira, S. DePhillips, C. Derringer, T. Derringer, A. Gann, L Green, K. Hindman, J Manship, C. Martinez, C. Milligan, D. Pease, S. Quis, W. Reicks, J. Scanlon, M. Siefen, E. Wall, G. Wilber, D. Woods. Todd Boyer strides tor home while Coaches Schammel and Torres watch the other team drop the ball. JUNIOR SOFTBALLERS COME ON STRONG Although the Junior Varsity Softball team had a slow start, its late season status was very strong. The team was led by Jackie Arnold and Diana Fern as captains, with star performances by Catherine Blake, pitcher, and Sharon Spadt, batter and shortstop. The team started fresh with the new coach. Coach Schofield, and inexpe- rienced freshman players: however, the players worked hard and practiced long hours to improve the team ' s strength. With these two skills combined, the team drove toward winning in league. According to Coach Schofield, " discipline held the team together as a whole, " The players worked hard for one another and also enjoyed each other ' s company. With great strength and discipline, the girls were re- warded with a triumphant season! Team Members Jackie Arnold Caterine Blake, Shannon Farrell, Dianne Fern, Leigh Fischer, Julie Giacopuzzi, Hilary Heusser, Heather Lewis, Leslie Lindow, Mary Ellen Lindsay, Tara Smith, Sharon Spodt, Tina Thompson Leslie Lindow catches the final ball as Sharon Spadt cheers tor support Tina Thopmson touches first base before the ball- Arms and legs flying. Tina Thompson lunges forward to make a homerun Sharon Spadt gives the ball a good whdck The awesome Fullerton team bring opponents to their knees Sharon Spadt jogs to word home. DETERMINED GIRLS Team Members: Janene Allen, Lynette Belon, Laura Cooper. Mercy Cromwell, Casey Donaghu, Debbie George, Noelle Heusser, Cindy Mictiik, Amy Moreno, Leanne Pembrook, Larie (?uhnke, and Sabryna Welcti. Cindy Michik congratulotes Amy Moreno as she strolls in with the ball and a confident smile. Janene Allen follows through with a very strong swing! Lynette Belon is in position to catch the flying ball. Cindy Michik winds up to throw a devastating pitch! Casey Donaghu is caught off-balance by a Magnolia slide. Marcy Cromwell puts forth all her efforts into throwing the ball in time to make the ploy Noelle Heusser waits patiently for her first catch from Magnolia. The umpire declares out on Magnolia as the Fullerton Indian scores a victory. Captain Casey Donaghu consults Coach Cothy Gray on the team ' s strategy. SLUG IT OUT It was that time of the year again-the time of hot weather and exciting softball action at FUHS. Our Varsity Softball team emerged with a strong background. The team was very young in contrast to its name. The team suffered a loss of three graduated varsity girls and three who didn ' t come out for the team. Still, the squad maintained a compelling strength against other competitive teams. The girls were very good friends, and no conflicting attitudes were exerted among the players which could alter the team ' s relationship in unity. The spirit was great in the team with an extra hand from a cheerleading candi- date Laura Cooper, Other superstar per- sonnel included Cindy Michik, the number one and strongest piticher, Casey Don- aghue, shortstop, and Noelle Heusser as catcher. The team ' s desire to win every game, to make plays, to get hits, and to stay com- posed under pressure boosted its vitality. Every girl was looking forward to a jubilant year and chance to play in CIF, " If we all keep our heads in the games, and our bats stay strong, we should be the number one in league and a strong contender in CIF. " said Noelle, FS TRAMPLES THE COMPETITION Frosh-Soph Boys Track Rooster: J. Anderson, M. Batiste, J. Bernstein, B. Borowski, J, Bravo. T, Breuctiart, T Brookman. E Campos. B Carey, C. Carter. J, DePecto, P. Doan, S, Emery, M. Fanaselle, R, Ferre, M Gratiam, S. Hahn, IVI, Haymes. B. Hiltsctier. E, Jarvi. T Lady, A. Lewis, J. Loeb, T, Manzer, S, McBride, B Melchier. C. Moore. D, Owens. J, Preciodo. D. Rector. D. Rhodes. K. Ritter, S, Ritter. R Rutledge. I Sanctiez. D. Sawyer. M. Seaton. M, Swanson. R Temlinson, K. Tenney, D. Vallin, D. Wali. F, Wightman. L Zorate The Fullerton Fresh-Soph, track team comprises the bulk of the entire Fullerton track program. Coaches Bob Hill and Ted Erskin believe these tyros will create an awesome Varsity team within a couple of years. Outstanding newcomers to the squad are: Kent Ritter. Brian Borowski, Mike Batiste. Eric Campos, and Mike Rhodes. Two-year veterans include: Frank Wight- man. Phong Doan, Jean Bernstein, John Vallin and many others. With the numbers running building each year, it is hard to say what these talented guys can do in a cou- ple of years. The coaching staff didn ' t let these guys have it easy either. They had the same rigorous workout schedule as the Varsity team. They also learned the mental toughness necessary to do well in Varsity Track. Their performance reflects their win- ning attitude and their desire to push them- selves to the limit. In all. the team has main- tained a winning record and has strong hopes of taking the league title. - ' ig- " " d ' Scott Emery and Todd Breuchart sprint the 100 yard dash, David Owens and John Vallin struggle to compete the 330 hurdles. Phong Doan stretches out before running the 1 mile. David Rhodes flies over the hurdles to take first place. Eric Campos and Phong Doan compete with each other for first place, Mike Batiste " flying through the air with the greatest of ease ... " Eiakr GIRLS VARSITY SPRINTS TO VICTORY The Girls Varsity Track team started ttils year under ttie direction of a new coach: Julie Ortmann, Kothy, being a former track star herself, easily related to the girls and provided the necessary guidance and mo- tivation. The girl ' s all-star performer was Brenda Terry, She was almost invincible in the girls mile and two-mile, she would out- distant her opponents by nearly half of a lap The girls team was small but powerful. Next year, the team hopes to attract more girl members — lessening the load on ev- eryone The strength of the team was in the youth of its runners. As the team gains more and more experience and also play- ers, its record will improve substantially. For a first-year coach and a young team, the girls performed exceptionally well. Kathy Ward pushes the last lop of the girls two-mile. Brenda Terry runs, like usual with no one around her. A portrait of a hardworking girls track runner. Jana three steps it over the 110 hurdles without a blemish. Coryn receives the handoff in the last leg of the mile relay. Three FUHS runners modeling their new uniforms Girls Varsity Track: Jana, Denise, Kathy, Jean, Vivian, Brenda, Caryn, Shana, Eldamira, Sandy, Kristen, Raeonn, Kim, Suzanne, Mary, Rhonda, and Erin Bialowas. TRACK FIGHTS Varsity Boys Track Roster I, Alava, S. Allen, R Akina, P. Bach. T Barber. J, Bass. J. Biardi. B, C. Burnard. S, Busti, A Chism. G, Diaz. Z. Fields. M. Graham, D Jarvi. D, Miller. A. Montoya. D, Morrow. J. Onofre, M. Ojeda, M. Perez, J. Revelli, B. Runnels, B. Schoell, R, VanZandt Bastion Schoell runs the race all alone. Steve Bush gives that extra push towards the finish, Shane Allen easily clears the high jump bar Ted Barber enjoying himself before the 440 yd, dash, George Diaz and Steve Bush fight it out for a FUHS victory. Newcomer Raul Villegas tries to keep up with the pock. All legs. Alan Lewis easily strides the high hurdles, Craig Burnard attempts to put another 440 in the win column, David Morrow — followed by George Diaz, David Jorvi, and Raul Villegas, Zach Fields leaps more than 12 ft. over the bar, David Miller explains: " It ' s time for some Strypper tunesi " Up and over goes Mike Perez for a personal record in the high jump TOUGH LEAGUE With over seventy-five guys registered for track, coacties Ted Erskin and Bob Hill knevi this would be a competitive year. The team has done well, despite its record, ag ainst its opponents. The Freeway League is presently the toughest league in the state. Fullerton is evenly matched tal- ent-wise with Troy, Sonora, Buena Park and Sunny Hills, This provides a very competitive league in which any one of these teams could challenge La Habra for the title. Out- standing seniors ore: Iggy Alava, Shane Al- len, Jim Biardi, Craig Burnard, Steve Bush, Mike Ojedo, and Mike Perez, These seven seniors combined with the talents of Bas- tion Schoell, Ted Barber, George Diaz, Pete Bach, and Zach Fields have mode Fullerton highly competitive in the Freeway League, All the seniors better their P,R, ' s in their re- spective events. With an influx of freshman and sophomore talents the future is very bright for Boys ' Varsity Track VARSITY SCOREBOARD Brea @ FUNS FUNS .-a Valencia FUHS a Buena Park Troy a FUHS La Hobra id FUHS Valencia Relays FUHS a Sunny Hills Sonora ,g FUHS League Prelims League Finals Lost Lost Lost Lost I ;. " ?i ' " 9 KEEP YOUR EYE i Back Row; D. Mai, A, Lopez, K Marsalek. M, Frawley, T. Sanchez, H. Nguyen, O. Pham, D, Castle, A Patel, Q. Nguyen, K. Iran, Coach Robertson. Front Row: L. Terry, M, Mirgoli, P. Chen. N MIrgoli, T. Sudibjo, S. Phongsavath, P, Iran, L. Ngo. Girlsl Get that birdie over the net!!! The double pair. Matt Frawley and Arturo Lopez strikes a return to their opposition Phuong Tran attennpts to slam the birdie down while standing precariously on one foot. Captain Mariam Mirgoli concentrates on delivering a forceful serve with great skills. With arms outstretched for balance and steps in form, Jose Ibarra advances on the birdie Khanh Tran displays good strategy in a one-to-one combat by using his backhand Negar Mirgoli dodges out of the way, as Tien Tran delivers a winning score. ON THE BIRDIE Badminton is not a very well-known sport at FUHS. Thus, ttie team couldn ' t be de- prived of recognition. The team was co-ed with both the Varsity and JV teams boys and girls. Even though the team had lost a lot of valuable players, its winning confi- dence was built upon the Boys ' Varsity team. However, the admittance of new frosh and soph players gave the team the power to hold on against other competi- tive teams, except for Sunny Hills and Buena Park. Still, the players set high ex- pectations for themselves - a chance to compete in CIF individually and to come in third place. The key quality for such a strong team was the family spirit within the team mem- bers. The members were very supportive of one another and worked very hard. The desire to be a team member and to com- pete, strengthened the tedm ' s strong tie, " I think our strongest point in the team is the unity among the team members, " commented Mariam Mirgoli. With the guid- ance from Coach Robertson and the two energetic team captains, Thomas Sudibjo and Mariam Mirgoli, the team dwelled on quickness on courts, power, and consisten- cy. Everyone looked forward to a season of exciting fun! li DIAJV Katella a FUHS Loss Diamond Bar 5 FUHS Win Los Alamitos a FUHS Win FUHS a Bolsa Grande Win Buena Park .a FUHS Loss FUHS .a Troy Loss FUHS gi La Habro Win Sunny Hills a FUHS Win HERE WE GO GO GO AGAIN % i ' t If. if •: i 3 w .a3 V v - 3 . . ! .■ ' ' ■ ' . «l( v.. .■.• ' |«i i TN WAY TO GO MASCOTS!!! When you think of the word mascot you probably think of a shorter than average person wearing a furry oversized suit with a size 28 foot. Yet this is not the case with our mascots. Leslie Trasport, Brenda Watkins, and Shane Allen are Fullerton ' s 1986 mas- cots. It is the mascots ' job to be rowdy and to get the crowd enthusiastic. As all of the students at Fullerton saw. this trio had no problem staying spirited at pep rallies, foot- ball games, and anything else they were asked to do. The mascots were proud to represent the school In a different way than the cheerleaders. Our mascots all practiced about three hours a week at night perfecting their cheers. They painted signs and practiced with the cheerleaders for the pep rallies on Fridays. There are some benefits to being a mascot, as Tra- sport points out, " Mascots aren ' t expect- ed to be precise like cheerleaders. We run around, act wild and crazy, and in general are more like comedians. " Two traditions were again kept alive this year. First, we had two Indian Maidens, which started last year, and second, our Willie Ugh was a wa- ter polo player — a tradition started ten years ago and that has been kept eight of those ten years. WAY TO GO, MASCOTS!! Sriane Allen, Brenda W atkins, and Leslie Trasport spirited friends. Despite his ferocious warpaint, Shane is still a loveoble Willie Ugh ' We ' ve got spirit, yes we do PEP RALLIES SPAN HAWAII TO MEXICO Time: 12:30. Place: Academic Court. Event: Pep Rally. Pep Rallies started off with o bang! Eacti Friday FUHS Indians had rallies to fire up the student body. Everyone got rovi ' dy and radi- cal. Rallies were centered around themes, different from any oth- er year. This new idea brought about a unique enthusiasm to Indian Territory. Aloha! This vi ord not only welcomed the " scrubs " to FUHS, but also represented our first pep rally of 85-86. Hawaiian girls and surfer guys were seen all over campus on that special Friday. A pineapple-throwing contest, a " wipe-out " dance, and a hula contest were among the fun activities many people were in- volved in. The Fiesta rally proved who could eat a burrito the fastest. It also pushed our spirit to the limit with a pinata bash. Indians left the pep rally humming the tune " Tequilla. " Red men invaded FUHS during the Indian pep rally. After the mighty water polo team was introduced, classes competed in a licorice-tossing, gum-chewing game. The drill team also per- formed a dazzling routine to " My Heart Goes Bang. " The Spirit Stick was another new idea brought to life at FUHS pep rallies. It was given each week to the rowdiest, enthusiastic, most spirited class. Every pep rally was a great success and obviously led in the quest for Indian spirit. ,c» ' ' 6 c § ( Catherine Blake concentrates on her flying pineapple, while Pam Schode and Kelly Gould await the arrival of theirs. The pep rally crowd becomes amused when- ever Sunny Hills is mentioned, Laura Lanz, Kitty Schade, Sarah Wilde, Heather Faroh, and Roma Franzia look as though they ' ve " bean " to Mexico. Introducing , , Don Ho ' s Hawaiian chorus line! Jolie Gunther, Eileen Kinney, Cammy Bice. Kristen Peterson, and Debbie Ullom have fun while igniting the crowd ' s spirit. Curt Daggett and Mike Willey look excited to be hula dancers, John Gomez still has to be hand fed. r Vy puHS song ' OyCVs Q_ leaders started the year hJi |x I off on a great note! At USA Camp in V| Santa Barbara, the theme was " Take the Lead " and ' Song did just that by coming home with a spirit stick and su- perior ribbons. Song busily prepared routines for Freshman Orientation and the Homecoming Assembly. Song ' s impressive spirit shone at pep rallies and at games where they could be seen energetically pumping up the mighty Indians. ten Byrne, ' _ J W friends-ignited in school ' spirit " symbolized Yell Squad. Sweat ' ( began to pour early in the summer in preparation for USA Camp in Santo Barbara, where Yell proudly earned su- perior ribbons. They put their experience to the test as they cheered enthusiastically at pep rallies and sports. Thanks to their dedication and terrific spirit. Yell got students fired up and behind the Indians 100 percent. rV- p -s I i A t Eileen Kinciey ■ irMi- : ' " ? _ J " United " was the word to describe the 1985-86 Short Fiags Squod. They were united together in both friendship and dedication. While preparing for USA Camp the girls got to really know each other and strengthen their friendships. The Short Flag Squad worked well together, and their twirling talent was evident at pep rallies, games, and as- semblies. Short Flags were flying high all year, and their expertise was superb! Christina Bletterman ; 1► m : ' ss:£-Mi V ' - " ' " » ' ' ' Jili Shellenberger INDIANS FIRE UP Junior Varsity cheer was definitely a team of high spirited friends. They worked together to accomplish their tasl s with spir- it and precision. Gina Fernandes, as head of the JV squad, did a great job in commu- nicating with the other five girls. She orga- nized, established a good rapport, and really got along well with the rest of the squad. They practiced three times a week from seven until eight o ' clock in the morning; and they performed at waterpolo games, basketball games, baseball games, and special events such as Homecoming and varsity football games. They stuck together by doing other things besides cheering and pep rallies, too. They helped with sign painting, deco- rated the locker rooms, went to squad din- ners, and of course went shopping for new outfits together. The girls said they were brought closer together, and they acted as an enthusiastic group of juniors dedi- cated and proud to represent the Fullerton High School Indians. Roma Franzia explains what ' s going on to Laura, Gina, and Mimi. JV Yell: Laura Lanz, Roma Franzia, Tafia Gallatin. Sarah Wilde, Gina Fernandes. and Mimi Sayer. Gina. Tafia, Mimi. and Sarah cheer the team on at the goal line. JV Yell shows their smiles and their legs for the camera. Roma Franzia doesn ' t need a mega- phone for the crowd to hear her. ■ R 1 1 Hl % ' 1 m j V V M i. .. , ■ This year ' s Frosh-Soph cheerleaders demonstrated their enthusiasm in port by supporting the frosh-soph sports — espe- cially footbolL And they also helped varsity paint signs and perform in pep rallies. " We had a great time participating in oil of the events, especially Homecoming. " said Kim Hespe. Wasn ' t it hard trying to communicate in such a large squad? " No, not really, " commented Nancy Voi- san, who is head of the squad " We ' re all friends and we all get along great! " Frosh-Soph all so displayed excellent spir- it at the USA Cheerleading Camp held at the University of California in Santa Bar- bara, The squad earned a superior rating for a routine they hod devised. Also, by performing superbly in classes, Frosh-Soph took home a trophy — the only squad to do so. These eight sophomores should be congratulated for on outstanding year. Even though they were all sophomores, they also represented the Freshmen class in the pep rallies and at all the games. t) r P 1 1 Frosh-Soph takes the lead: Tricia Lent, Les- lie Brunner, Shannon Stevenson, Nancy Voison, Kristen Peterson, Kim Hespe, Helen Eun, and Cecilia Choviro, Cecilia Choviro is intent on building bi- ceps, just like the ones football players have Head Nancy Voison has tun leading the Homecoming crowd in a cheer, Frosh-Soph enjoys playing " follow-the- leoder " Shannon Stevenson fervently hopes for a victory over Sunny Hills, 5 " i: m i m • - , « •y AiJ ' : BAND STRUTS OUT Dedication, determination, perfection and teamwork describe the 85-86 Indian Marching Band Each week brought a half-time show performance that Band executed with pizazz and style! In order to make every show a success, each member was very dedi- cated. Not everyone can be up at 7:00 am, blaring a horn or tooting a flute! But the FUHS Marching Band was an exception. Every morning band was out on the field practicing hard for their Friday evening performances. Band was more willing than ever to be extraordinary. Under the direction of drum major, Mike Lansford, and director, Greg Haake, each member did his part in adding to the achievement of the half-time show. Band ' s success was apparent when they captured second place in the La Habra Field Show Competition, Perfection was what it took to synchronize the tunes to the Fight Song and the Alma Mater, Band practiced every note until the Fullerton students were proud to hear them perform. And lastly, Band has truly worked together as a team. They hove been rowdy together, practiced together, performed together, and above all, have stood proud together. Mike Lansford settles for nothing less than perfection Mike Hulsey blasts C-flat. " We ' ve got the beat! " Band steps out in style. Band contributes a lot of spirit at games. April Ford performs brilliantly on the clarinet. Ramon Dominguez and Suzanne Riggio are serious band members. FULLERTON Band Members from left to right: First row: Mike Thompson, Mil e Hulsey, Marl Hulsey, Dan Fox. Robyn Mikologak, Thomas Jensen; second row: Jason Moore, Glory Withrow, Chris Thompson, Marilyn Fox, Mark Cole- man, Sanjay PrajapatI; third row: Suzanne Riggio, Deanna Dotson, Deron Pease, Debby George, David Buck; fourth row: April Ford, Paul Thompson, Laurel Mason; fifth row: Bruce Bordner, Ramon Dominguez. BAND 1985-86 First row; Karen Vernon, Joe Ramirez. Alan Ruggles, Steve Jacl son, Tom Lalonde; second row: Jason Kern, Diane Farm, Ctiris Monzanares, Kevin La Point, Jeannine Sctiecter; tiiird row: Tjasa Vesel, Vivianne Wightmon, Ni- cole Ballesteros, Adam Woodoll, fourth row: Justin Langdon, Shdwnd San- doval, Brian Herbst, Debbie Ludwig, fifth row: Bryan Frawley, George Rodri- guez TALL FLAGS FLY HIGH Tall Flags was a squad with a speciol spirit and a special talent. It took hard work and skill to put together the fabulous routines Toll Flogs performed. Led by advisor Bonnie Paisley, Captain Lisa Gilliam, and Lieutenant Kim Wrona. the squad practiced throughout the summer Said Wrona, " Bonnie was owoy on a tour, so a lot of the work was given to the cap- tains. It was o great leadership exper- ience. " Even though they were led by their peers. Tall Flags pulled through the summer due to their superior twirling talent. Using some of their interesting half time routines. Toll Flags entered several compe- titions with the band and Drill Team. Al- though they placed fourth in the La Habra Field Competition, the squad improved to take second place at the Orange Field Competition. Said Gilliam, " Overall, it ' s been a fantas- tic year!! " Captain Lisa Gilliam is daydreaming about her date after the game. Tall Flag pride is evident in the excitement of Germaine Zochariah ' s expression. For Mori Martinez and Julie Ediin, practice is more than " about-faces, left obliques and 5-6-7-81! " Lieutenant Kim Wrona is tickled pink with Indian enthusiasm. Tall Flogs looks sharp during a halftime perfor- mance A DRILL PERFECTS PRECISION Drill Team ' s first competition, the La Ha- bra Field Competition, was on October 27, 1985. Ttiey did a superb job, placing sec- ond, missing first place by three hundredths of a point. This score is indicative of Drill Team ' s success The year of achievement actually start- ed in the summer. The squad practiced from 800 to 12:00 in the afternoon, per- fecting the routine they would eventually perform at Hibbard ' s All-American Camp, Besides placing in competition, the squad earned a first place for spirit! Drill Team performed superbly during football season, adding their own special style to their routines. During basl etball Su- per Squad and Drill Team put on a dazzling display at the Winter Formal assembly Captain Mia Mazza and Lieutenant Julie Harris both felt this year ' s squad was spe- cial. " We did a great job, because we all worked together, " said Harris, Added Mazza, " It ' s been a blast on Drill Team, the best year I ' ve had. " Sarah Donaldson is Drill Team spirit personi- fied! Happiness is having everyone marching on the same foot For Mia Mazza, being in charge is part of the fun of being captain Drill Team members perform the goose-step during half-time. Lieutenant Julie Harris takes her responsibilities seriously. i h= } jaJf- ti Tall Flags (left to right): Hilary Jensen, Julie Whitaker, Laurel Munson. Julie Ediin, Lieutenant Kim Wrona, Julie Adams, Lianne Easton, Germaine Zacha- [ riah, Emily Henderson, Jackie Arnold, Audrey Ausman, Lisa Garza, Mari " Martinez, Derilse ' Worones, Laurie Ruhnke, Thuy Le, Captain Lisa Gilliam, Dixie Bundy, Anita Weintraub, Duong Le, Suzi Phung. " . Drill Team (left to rlQfit): ' T ' op row: Sheri Lohmon, Catherine Brick, Jennifer Ivask Leslie Lindow. Heather Lewis. Monica Willes, Stacy Left, Hilary Heusser, Beth Abbott, Jill Canonica; second row: Sarah Donaldson, Jennifer Doojttle, Gina Mazza, Allison Brown, Kelly Gould, Kristin WiUey, Melissa Dodds. Julie ■. Roof ' , NancrNliefMhiitJ raw; Lieutenant JulieiJarris, Christine Cote, Kelly , Mallott. Catherine Blake, Sarah Blackley, Jessie Kohler, Linda Hurtado, June " " ■ Gtaccopuzzl, Kerri Deveney. Dofey. Fought, Natalie Terry, Captain Mia Mazza: fourth row: Nomi Schicor, Jenni Dinoso, Marie Kawose, Tracy Sevffle, Rachel Sandoval, Cayla Poulsey, Tommy Paine, Karen Sullivan. 3 ■ nmw ■ H I ■ ■ " gfP z:: z: z: . 2 z: 2 z: z z: . z z:: z: z z: z z: z; z: z z:: z z: ■ m AND IN THE KN .if , in . innii mxmMttJ ' m. K BUSINESS Mr. Armijo, our dedicated leader of the Business Department, has built the FUHS department up so well that it is bursting at the seams with new machinery, comput- ers and the basic skills of great teaching. A business education is a great education and there is no other place to start that education than at the FUHS Business De- partment. Students are taught basic skills on how to be better equipped to face the future. All students are proud to re- ceive such great education. Mr. Armijo ' s typing class works hard to ochieve the right speed. Jason Campbell tries to ignore Mr. Armijo hover- ing over him. Renata Franzia and Collette Blangy receive en- couragement from Mr. Armijo. Instead of typing, Mike Chacon wastes valuable time with a friendly wave. MATHE The Math Department, as always, has enabled students to further their exper- ience with numbers! With such teachers as Mel Bennet, Don Houser and Greg Haake, students are challenged to tackle difficult math problems. Geome- try, Algebra I and II, and Trigonometry V 11 " MATICS are among the courses offered at FUHS For students with learning disabilities. classes are geared to take steps slower On the other hand, students who excel in math, have an opportunity to partici- pate on the math team that competes at various colleges. Mr. Reed proves that students can still do geometry with ease. Mr Houser ' s Algebra II class is composed of very diligent students. Mel Bennet is magical when it comes to help- ing students Michael Finney pouts over a tough algebra problem Why is this student smiling ' ' He ' s in math that ' s whyl WEIRD " SCIENCE All kinds of interesting things hoppened in the Science Department this past year. Biology students got the opportunity to observe plonts grow, and learn about he- redity. In chemistry, strange mixtures of chemicals were concocted. Human Anatomy classes had the enviable task of dissecting sharks, mudpuppies and rats. Students tested the frequency of electri- cal currents in Physics The department succeeded due to the efforts of dedi- cated teachers, led by department head, Keith Brodshaw. Viet Dinh shows Tracy Voisan the wonders of modern science A Physics student tests the effect of centrifu gol force in the hall-look outi Mr Bradshaw dishes out agar, like punch, tor a petri dish experiment. Mishd Griffith gives some bacteria a warm, sunny smile. FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department at FUHS was very productive. The drama classes, led by Paul Bucalstein, showed their skills, and performed in severe! plays throughout the year. The choir and Vocal Ensemble participated in many competitions, and put on two concerts for the school. These groups were instructed by Ron Perry. Greg Haake was in charge of the band. The band members met before school and performed during sporting events. The band also entered several competi- tions. Arts, such as painting and drawing were also an important part of the de- partment. TX Concert Choir sings ballads amidst the Span- ish landscape. INDUST Sounds of hammers, drills, and car mo- tors are among the many noises heard while strolling by the industrial arts area of our campus. But more goes on be- yond the doors of those classrooms than just the noises. Auto shop, mechanics drafting and woodshop are among the classes offered by the Industrial Arts De- RIAL ARTS partment. Students are given a first tiand view ot many fields they v ouidn ' t normally come by They are challenged day by day to fix and construct various projects. Each benefits by the exper- iences that will come in handy in the future. This used to be a Vespa before Auto Shop ( to it " And you can get this beauty for $4995. " Two tools of the trade Drafting requires intense concentration. Dad is going to kill me if he sees this dentil HOME ECONOMICS Delicious smells waft across campus. The source of these smells (and other cre- ative projects) was the Home Economics depdrtment. Courses offered included Creative Foods, Clothing, and Child De- velopment. In all classes, students learned through " hands-on " experience: they made their own gourmet dishes, created their own fashions, and took care of chil- dren. All courses are offered for different skill levels, from movice to advanced. Teacher Nancy Hunyadi presided over Home Economics as the department head. Breakfast anyone? " John, you always put butter in the batter! " " You wash and I ' ll dryi " Jan Neufield decides to measure her neck AGRICULTURE The Agriculture Department has the capability of giving students hands-on learning. One may raise livestock for prof- it which the student is solely responsible for. Ornamental horticulture and floral cul- ture is also offered. These nursery classes acquaint students vi ith one of Orange ■LLIHU mi Jii I..JUiWL . County ' s main agricultural jobs. Business is a main aspect of agriculture, where stu- dents learn the skills through marketing and the economic standpoint of raising and selling animals. FFA offers a great ca- reer guidance for a 1 industry. iMfiK Cindy Douglas loves her animals Brian Massey poses with his best friend " The lamb just did WHAT?! " PHYS Physical education, as everyone knows, is a way for students to be intro- duced to a variety of sports. But it con also be used to signify a type of " pres- sure escape. " Many sports are played at FUHS: Softball, tennis, badminton, baseball . . . the list goes on. Students are required to take at least two semes- I ■ ' -57=3? ED ters of physical education. But many people enjoy escaping from the tedious classroom scene by involving them- selves in fun P,E, classes With great teachers such as Vernie Ford and George VanVliet, students can escape the pressure of school. 1 Chris Collins waits for the ball It takes skill to hop on one foot and bounce a ball at the same time. Scrubs enjoy a round of volleyball. Tennis can be turned into a ballet, iHere is a perfect example of a serve. " SPECIAL HELP " This department strives to develop and implement educational and vocational goals that reflect the individual ' s needs. Students receive instruction in academic subjects with emphasis on the develop- ment of refinement of reading and lan- guage arts skills. fJesource classes assist the students in understanding and com- pleting regular class assignments v hile working with the students on his her spe- cial or educational needs. In all special education programs, teachers or special- ists address the unique learning style of the students. Gretchen Buerki provides for much enjoy- ment Wrong direction! Chalkboord is that way A bored glance reflects the subject taught. Mr W illiams gets pleasure from teaching V W s are the lessons tor today FOREIGN LANGUAGE " Que pasa?? " Well, many things are happening In the Foreign Language De- partment. Along with Spanish, French and German, other languages are offered to students at FUHS: These classes are de- signed to expand and develop a greater interest toward new countries and cul- tures. Classes are geared to teach stu- dents the basic dialogue that is needed for a day-to-day conversation. More ex- panded and complex classes are offered to students such as French II and III. These classes help bridge the gap between na- tions . , , " Au revoirl " " Oh great, I get to conjugate more French verbs. " Con you translate this? Mr. Knorr is ready to enlighten his class on Baja. Kristen Peterson studies diligently for her Spanish quiz. ENGLISH As always, the FUHS English Depart- ment taught students how to read, write, and speak. With outstanding fac- ulty members such as Geni Klein, Ted Kopacki and Deanno Morrison, students are given entertaining learning exper- iences to enhance the required courses. .S ' DEPT Interesting classes, sucti as. Bible as Lit- erature and Creative Writing are also ottered. The department provides many ctiances for students to show their talents in poetry and writing contests. All in all, we are tortunate to have such a fine department SOCIAL SCIENCES The Social Studies Department offered FUHS students the opportunities to find out about history and explore our nation today. Freshmen study the history of the world, and learn how civilization has de- veloped. Juniors focused on the history of America and such documents as the Constitution and Monroe Doctrine, Sen- iors studied the importance of the econo- my of the United States and the world. They also studied our American govern- ment — an in-depth study of the political systems in America, Ms, Dooley reads while students struggle with creative juices [Classes ore swamped with on overload of ' books " I can ' t believe iti! This book is actually exciting! ' Mrs. Katzenstein takes o break from her teaching duties. DRIVER ' S ED Do you know how to park o car on a hill? If you do, you ' ve probably taken the course called Driver ' s Education. This class lasts for a quarter and is required of all sophomores. In the class students learn about the skills involved in driving a car. Also part of the class is simulators, a prac- tice driving exercise, and behind the wheel, which gives students the opportu- nity to drive a car with two sets of instru- ments (one for the student and one for the instructor). Once completed, stu- dents may get their cherished licenses. Auto shop often gets new business from Driver ' s Ed We couldn ' t think of a caption for this picture — use your imagination. Would you trust these virgin drivers on the highways of America? If you ' re a new sophomore driver, you ' l soon need a new set of these. MENTAL " Is alcohol (a) a depressant (b) a stimu- lant or (c) a drug?? One finds these an- swers and more by taking the required class. Health. Also in the health depart- ment is Psychology which is offered as an elective They are very similar courses though, in that they both toke The book title says it all-BORINGH Students agree that smoking is hazardous to your health. Posters show the awareness of students to- day. Mr, Kirianoff lectures his students on bad eat- ing habits Mr. Kawogoe discusses the effects of alcohol on the brain. j| HEALTH an in depth look at tiow teenagers op- erate. Students ore taced to deal with their own individuolity and personality They are brought face to face with their fears. Nutrition, drugs and alcohol are topics that are discussed thoroughly. Answer (a) and (c) ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Along with Health and Driver ' s Educa- tion, Oral Communications is one port of three classes required to pass in order to meet graduation requirements The class is full of great opportunities in public speaking, or just how to get points across in a formal or informal way. Students are encouraged to speak in front of their classmates on different subjects that in- terest them The basic purpose of this class is to be able to break the barriers of shy students and outgoing students of getting used to being the center of at- tention. Kitty Schade is busy counting her fingers for the class Greg Gaon is flustered by the applause of ttie audience " The point I would like to stress " debates Darcy Neilson ANNUAL CLUB Annual Club — what a group!! Made up of all those neat people who put together this year ' s book, the club had more fun than any other on campus! (After all, they got to see all the pictures before anyone else!) However, being in the club also meant work — fund-raisers were necessary to help raise money for an end-of-the-year pizza par- ty. Their biggest accomplishment, however, was the last dance of the year, and the attendant slide show. Seniors Deb Jones and Carie Thomas spent hours supervising the music and pictures for the show. Oh — one more thing: enjoy the annual — YOU made it all happen! i=4k ; ■-- AQUATICS CLUB The Aquatics Club reached their Impressive goals for the year. A major activity was to deliver tele- phone books to the local community. Their fund- raisers helped support both the swim and water polo teams by providing referees, tournaments, and their summer trip to Hawaii. (Front to back) D MacDonold. A. Mokshanoft, S, Laica, D, Johnson; S Sutherland, P. Ricchio, S. Donaldson, L. Woodall, J Ivask, S. Schade, T. Gallatin, R. Freyer, D. Adams, D Hassett, R. Upton, K. Pham, M. Harbour; J. Heanes, B Gallio, J, Turner, S. Devonald, T. Lowrey, S. Koryta, B Schindele, J. Swan; P. Shantz, D. Waite, K. Hanks, L Lammens, 3. Allen, P. Scahde, B. Wotkins, K. McCul- loh, M. Adamson, R. Law, C, Snow, J, Lemnitzer, BAND CLUB U PARK BASKETBALL CLUB U5 BIG F Big F has made a tremendous turn around this year. It has grown from a group of approximately 12 girls to one of 15, Our main objectives are to raise money to buy new uniforms and equipment to help send girls to summer camps, and to host two annual banquets to recognize girl athletes from all sports. An added plus to our club this year is that, to those who meet all of the specified requirements. Big F will buy their varsity jackets, (Front to back) L, Kim, K, Heisinger, Q, Agee, L, Brunner, J, Andrews, D, Jones, S. Welch, K. Higgins. H. Eun, A. Gretz, T, Hall. BIOLOGY CLUB Front to back: A. Ford, V. Wightman. A. Sanders. N- Mirgoli, D Farnsworth, R. Sandoval. M, Renfro. B Brambila. W, Martinez, B, Hiltscher. T. Le. D, Mai. R, Taylor. L Hoang. J Beck. K Sctiode. B Wat- kins, P. Sctiade. D Winningham. L Lammens. S, Owens. D Seole. S Price, M. Seifen, M Taylor, T. Allis, M, Peck, K, Ward CSF This elite group consisted ot Freshmen through Seniors vi ho maintained at least a 3.5 GPA. The members w ere responsible for turning in a grade report each semester and paying their annual dues. L, Cooper. J, Biordi. S. Freeberg, L, Kim. D Jones. D. Ullom. K. Hanks, Y. Cooperman, L. Putman (Not all members are pictured.) CROSS COUNTRY CLUB Left to Right G Diaz, D. Jarvi. C Burnard, P, Murphy. M Swanson, S Bush, B. Schell. J hose hIio c ( u sec tnc rjirihoiv DANCE COMPANY N Terry, K, Mode, J Hedlund. L Wdlsh. A. Tem- pleton, K, Eder, J Brookes, H Fdrah, D, Fleming, C r?oemelle, M Mcintosh, A Brocamontes. Q. Agee, K. Wiliey, N Voicen, T Payne, J Dorfman. K Paranjpe, J Stotfel, K Suich, A Somers, D, Shapiro, K Hespe, C Gibson, L Brunner, L Lanz, N Schultz, T Hewlett, J Eder, C Hawkins, J Gun- ther DRAMA Front to Back: (Splitz) T. Loo, S. Bartels, K, McAI- lise, A. Somers. A. Reynolds, D. Reynolds, K, Swich, P, Bruce. P, Weitzmon, E. Hutton, C, Brick, J. Stoftel. J. Borges, M. Rodensky, J. Burge, E. Brick, W, Martenez, B, Young, C. Choldez, J, Zeeb. (Ladder) D, Reed, J Christension. J Cun- ningham FOOTBALL Ttie Football Club after the holiday swung into high gear in preparation of their annual fundraising campaign. This will include the yearly lift and jog- a-thon and the selling off ads for next year ' s program. The members of the football club include freshman, soph., and varsity football players. FREE CLUB The Free Club is a new club at FUHS this year. Led by President Arthur Castle, the club ' s goal is to allow its members to voice their opinions on everything from political issues to religious issues. It ' s name is what it implies — a " free " for all. Front to back A. Castle, T Allis, M, McCarthy, J, FREELANCERS Front to back: G. Twomey, D, Reed, P, Bruce, G. York, M Adamson, and D Schmidt, £: F.F.A. (front to bock) Mr, Trexler, J. Nelson, C. Lackey, M. Peck, L. Trosport, M, Peck, Ms. Flom, B No- poles, R, Joromillo, R Beltran, K Webber, E, Bai- ley, M. Gonzalez, G, Armento, G Padillo. D Em- ery, T, Corry, J Gallegos, K, Johnson, D. Mitctiell, A, Soso, M Rosso, A Ctiovarin, S Ritter, M. Swan- son, J. Kenyon, D. Adoma, B Corry, D, Tompson, J. Bustiaw, M Dominguez, M, Licon, J Contreras, C Milligon, J. Faber, J, Lockwood, C. Snow, A, Agnew, B, Reicks, C Henderson, P Kiloh. D Chapman, J. Fox, J, Dominguez, A, Hess, L, Krem- kow, L. Erskine, J. lacofano, R Shaffer, P Richison, T, Abbott, C. Lee, J, Livingston, T Hughes, S Hunt, F, Mojico, I. Garrett, E Williams, C. Lopez, R, Taylor, L, McLaren ' ii ' R GUITAR CLUB Never before has FUHS had a Guitar Club, This club was dedicated to the playing and appreciation of guitar oriented music. Their activities included trips to Fullerton College to enjoy sonne of the finest jazz, blues, and contemporary musicians in Orange County, and fundraisers to benefit the school, community, and some of the more virtuosic members of the club. This club provided an opportunity for guitar players and oppreciators to gather together for musical fulfillment. (front to bock) K. Wasnoh, T. Allen, M. Ojedo, J. Morrison, M Steinwick, J. Newcomb, B. Rafanan, R. Brokke, R. Shean, Y Malmsteen, M, Corre, R. Von Zandt, A, Thompson, D. Hoskey M Adamson, A Clove, A Crowley, J, Newton, Fred, E. Cam- -j pos, S Koryti, D Cole HOME EC CLUB The Home Economics Club consisted of many happy homemak- ers. They indulged in cooking, sewing, and other activites. The group of community conscious people sold cookbooks to raise money for the home for battered women and children FIDM helped put added fashion emphasis into the member ' s garments They attended fashion shows and meetings at the college IDAKAS Idakas has always been a helpful group of girls. They prided themselves in their community and school service. A family-like closeness was felt at all gatherings, like potlucks, meetings, and other ac- tivities. The club gave young ladies a chance to put their caring hearts to work in the community. (Front to bock) Elizabeth Brick, Michelle Emiey, Karen Ver- non. Karla Johnson, Lisa Berry. Amy Hansen, Cindy Free- land, Julie Stotfel, Denise Morones, Denise Au, Naomi Ya- mamoto: Yvonne Coopermon, Laura Sours, Debbie Jones. Jill Shellenberger; Stocey Lipmon, Lisa Garza, Karen Poel- stro, Leigh Fisher, Lisa Gilliam, Heidi Hamilton, Leslie Putnam, INTERACT CLUB Service at the school, community, and notional level was what the Interact Club thrived on. This group was a student branch of the Rotary Club. This year ' s start of the two-year-old club was slow, but by Christmas they picked up their pace with a Christmas party for shut-ins at the Elks Lodge. (front to back) Thisho-Stephanie Tovas. Artricia Sanders, Kayt Renk; Amy Hansen, Lisa Garza, Lisa Gilliam, Denise Au, Yvonne Coopermon, Stacey Lipman KEY CLUB (front to bock) Richard Freyre. Eric Carlson. David Hassett, Matt Frawiey. Steve Bush; Tom Lowrey, Mark Alamares, Bob Petri: T.D. Hopkins. Mike Afram, Dennis Fredricks. Ron Willes, Josh Miller, MATH TEAM The principal activities of the Math Team were to review mathematical concepts and to solve challenging problems. The purpose of this was to prepare for the spring math contest. The com- petition team consisted of four outstanding stu- dents and one or more alternates De mai, Mr. Bennett. Hoon Cho. Lee Irons, and Pauline Chen. MUSIC CLUB (front to back) A, Reynolds, S, Bortels, A. Cos- tales, T, Iran, K. Suich, J. Rauirez, M, Rosso, Y. Guillont, K. Salim, R Marines; J. Purcell, E, Alvidrez, M. Purcell, D, Hamilton, E Hutton, J. Gunter, A. Somers. K. McAllis e, D Reed, E Bialowas. L, Barr: T. Klingenmoier, C, Bergstrom: R, Herrera. J. Co- mactio, I, Sauce, A, Diaz, E Moore, S. Koryti, C. Snorica, E Anderson, T Holmes, L. loops. D. Ericksen. PEP CLUB (front to bock) Karen Hdnks. Stacy Freeberg, Tracey Mor- ones. Heather Farroh, Regina Campolongo, Cindy Hawkins, Jolie Gunther, Jennifer Eder, Kristen, Byrne, Brendo Wotkins, Lesley Brunner, Kristen Peterson, Helen Eun, Roma Franzia, Gino Fernandez, Laura Lantz, Leslie Trasport: Shannon Ste- venson, Nancy Voison, Heidi Hamilton, Jill Shellenberger, Laura If coper, Eileen Kinney, Denise Fleming, Debbie Ullom, Kitty Shade, Cammy Bice PHOTO CLUB 1986 ' s Photo Club provided students v tio stiared a mutual enjoyment towards phiotograptiy to meet and express ttieir love for the hobby. It gave the students who cherish photography an opportunity to view each other ' s work and a chance to visit many college campus photographic facilities including USC ' s filming studios, (front to back) George Diaz, Mike Radensky, Jim Newman, Lisa loops, Philip Weitzman. Paul Bu- calstein, Gilbert Arias. NEWSPAPER Quiii and Scroll is an exclusive club con- sisting of students on the FUHS newspaper staff. Tlie Pleides staff needed to do more than research and write stories, they, like most other clubs, found it necessary to hold fundraisers. The members couid often be found in a nervous state of panic the day before their deadlines. It was because of the efforts of these students that FUHS re- ceived an excellent monthly newspaper (front to bacl ) Leslie Putman, Kim Hespe, Greg Moscio, Dave Northcutt, Stacy Freeberg, Jim Biardi. Porsche Shantz. Perry Bruce, Lee Irons, Josh Miller, and Doug Winingham RUNNING CLUB r?unning club was on active athletic club that did much more than represent our school in track meets. Craig Burnord, President, led the club in fundraisers to purchase equipment. The ultimate goal of this enthusi- astic group was to make Fullerton ' s Track and Field athletes the best in the league (front to bock) Jarrod Anderson, George Diaz, David Hassett, Jeff Lemnitzer, Mike Seaton, Scott Emery, Mike Hoymes, Jeff Manship, Jean Bernstein, Marcus Allen, Dieter Brock, Martin Potter. Rob Rotledge, David Jarvi, Bill DePaolo, Nancy Schultz, ALon Lewis, Andre Chabanel, Craig Bernard, Ted Barber, Paul Murphy, and Mike Willey. SKI CLUB This year was filled with two festive ad- ventures for the members of the Ski Club. This club consisted of about one hundred " wild and crazy " people that enjoyed ev- erything they did - including the fundraisers that helped get them to Utah and Colora- do for their ski vacations during the Christ- mas and Easter breaks. Christa Kiter and Julie r?amsay (President and Vice-Presi- dent) organized these exciting events to moke the ski club a successful one. L.. SPEECH CLUB The Speech Club members demonstrat- ed their skills of self-expression by receiv- ing numerous awards at varsity and novice competitions throughout the state, (front to bacl ) C, Hawkins, M Willey. H Farah, H. Hamilton, G, Compolongo, K, Scliade. H, Kish. J, Beck. T, Morones. S, Schode, P, Weitz- mon, J Hedlund, M, Lubke, K Webber. J, Ramsey, R Franzia. J, Grigley. C Hosoi. C. Henderson, H Jensen, S, Fitzhugh, E, Hender- son, T. Payne, K, Gould. T. Payne. L, Munson. D, Nielsen. S, Allen. L, Cammens. P Schode. S . . Dyer. J, Shikuma. G, Durkin. C Frias. L Irons. M. - Mazola. V Dinh. M Peltomaa. K Davis. L Sauers. L Byrne. M Reichel SPIRIT CLUB This incredible turriout reflects the enthusiam and excitennent that is shared by the mennbers of the FUHS Spirit Club. SURF ' N SKATE The Surf and Skate Club brought people with these common interests together. President John Beck led the club on several trips with the primary purpose of having fun with sports enjoyed by the members. The group is looking forward to an even great- er success next year. (front to bock) David Sawyer, Brian McFarlane, John Beck, Toby Hill, Brendon Booth, Robert Graf, Bob Fere, Randy Wilder, David Adorns, Alfie Ag- new, David Rodes, Chris Henderson, Frank Blat- ney, Andrew Makshanoff, John Grigley, Tony Hawk, and David Ivlyatt, TENNIS CLUB (front to back) Andy Phung, Darren Rector, Greg Lau, Alex Phelps, George Steinmetz, Bridgette Cioutier, Kim Heisinger, Quincy Agee, Thang Do, Shreyas Amin, Greg Goon, Hiep Ngo, Matt Gra- ham, Nick Dakis, Casey Horton, Jon Pearce, Ta- tia Gallatin. Brian McFarlane, Sarah Wilde, John Beck, Doug McKelvie, John Franklin, Jennifer Turner and Andy Joe. THESPIANS fvlany hours of hard work are required to become a mem- ber of the FUHS Thespian troop. These talented drama stu- dents must earn ten Thespian points by assisting in various activities to be accepted into this group. Their dedication is reflected in their production of several exciting plays a year as well as impromptu performances for the entire school. (front to back) Elizabeth Brick, Karen Suich, James Burgess, Shannon Bartels, Adele Reynolds, Jeannine Burge, Willie Martinez, Michael Radensky, Diane Shapiro, Julie Stoffel, Kim McAllise, Amy Somers, Dennis Schmidt, Dino Reed, Trisha Loo, Philip Weitzman, Esther Hutton and Jay Cunningham, MAGIC CLUB Feats of legerdemain and illusions ore performed whenever the Vanishing Indians get together during the noon hour This is to say that tricks are performed for entertain- ment purposes only. The club has no inter- ests in any areas related to the occult, and all such practices are prohibited ot club meetings. No claims ore mode for the exis- tence of extra-sensory perception, ol- though ESP may be used as a theme of an impressive trick. (front to back) Mr. Bennett (advisor), Bruce Bor- dener, David Seale, Mike Oates, Hoon Cho, Matt Thayer, Marcia Peck, Kathy Ward, and Pauline Chen. H.O POLO CLUB The Waterpolo Club focused its interests on providing for the needs of the vi ater- polo teams. This past summer, the group vi ent amphibious and dropped by local houses with cups. Despite all the rejections, they showed up grinning with about $1300 for their efforts to pay for new hats and ear guards, tvloney from this club also funded repairs, suits, and the club ' s summer trip to Hawaii. (front to bock) B. Bice, D. Johnson, R. Upton, T. Lowrey, S. Devonald, S. Koryta, A. Makschanoff, R. Freyre, J. Swan, S. Allen, K Pham, B Galleio. D. Hassett, L. Woodall. J Heanes, R Law. D. Mac- Donald, M. Tegiuseppe, P. Clark, J. Lemnitzer. M. Adamson, B. Schindele N ' YOU ' VE cojyii A PRINCIPAL WITH PRIDE This is Dr. Gobar ' s second year as princi- pal of Fullerton High School, She has worked as a teacher, counselor, and assis- tant principal at several schools, however, she finds the Fullerton High students to be the friendliest, most cooperative, and the most spirited of any group she has ever worked with. Her goals are to maintain and improve upon the reputation for excel- lence that Fullerton High School has in aca- demics, athletics, and extra-curricular ac- tivities. ' " ' 1 • T - fl ' f B ' ; | | 1 1 ACADEMICS Mr, Ron Gross has a very important job As Assistant Principal, one ot tiis responsibil- ities is to be in charge ot instructions and operations. He is the coordinator of the ocademics program, which includes inter- viewing new teachers and coordinating new classes. Whenever Dr. Gobar is off campus he acts as principal. On top of all this, he is also in charge of the physical plant of the school. ACTIVITIES Ms, Jackie r?eedy only served as Assis- tant Principal at FUHS for a short time. One of her main responsibilities while she held the position was to supervise and direct all activities, Ms. Reedy left after Christmas vacation to help take part in the " magnet program " at Troy High School, Her position is now being filled by the capable Louis Porter, m STUDENTS Don Morrison is o relatively new addition to the FUHS administration. He holds the po- sition of Assistant Principal. He is in charge of discipline, and he can often be seen walk- ing around the FUHS campus, making sure everything is well at school. Look for him the next time an orange fight breaks out at lunch! FAMILIAR FACES IN NEW PLACES Fred Hardy became Head Counselor in December when Mr. Porter was promoted. Before this. Hardy was in charge of Chapter I, a special program for remedial students. Also pictured here is Cheri Hansen, who filled the counselor position vacated by Porter Vida Northup serves FUHS as a counselor Besides counseling, Ms, Northup is an advi- sor for the Varsity cheerleading squads. Northup is a UCLA alumni, and she enjoys her job. She is very involved in school life and she works with students extensively. She is a real asset to FUHS, Louis Porter served as Head Counselor for the first part of the school year. He moved up to Assistant Principal in January to tal e Dr. Reedy ' s place. Porter was picked out of a field of applicants for his position. LIBRA PISCES LEO LEO LIBRA PISOES Gay Ro: ARES Pqtti Radford LEO Joanie Burgess CAPRICORN RAM (March 21 -April 19) The Ram is very domin- eering and headstrong. Rams will go after a project determined to finish. They have a forceful manner and an instant smile. Rams are not bashful. Sandy Knoll TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The Bull is very stubborn, and often makes mountains out of mole- fiills. The Taurus individual simply wants to be left alone. His actions are predictable and his character is strong GEMINI (May 22- June 21) A Gemini will make you think you ore seeing double, there are two distinct sides to his personality. The Gemini knows where he stands, and any kind of fixed routine will bore him CANCER (June 22-July 22) The Crab is very moody, and con easily frustrate those around him. One minute he acts shy, the other he acts outgoing. The Cancer teacher is compas- sionate, your problem is his problem. F mm p)»i » i l lii (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Libras can be kind and nice: tliey love people. A favorite teacher might possibly be one. Beware, because £■ they con sometimes get cranky! iv Lou Broemelin! ,.::ri, Don flbprr Dick Arnoldus VIRGO SCORPIO (Oct, 24-Nov. 21) The scorpIo is all-know- ing. This person can guess deep, dark se- crets. Scorpios are all suspicious, which ex- plains why they always check home work so carefully i CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19) Bewilderment is the word that best descri bes and suits this kind of persona. They tend to be very defensive and secretive. They like to surwise you with unexpected exams. They ar Whntginat greedy, and tenaperote. T| always up tcy orrjj hing ' - SAGITARIUS (November 22 - December 21) The Sagi- tarius teacher tends to be defensive and practical. One thing that must be said is that they are very gullible and forgetful. You can talk them into most anything your little heart desires. They ore optomistic and always look beyond external appear- ences B m Jal||gi eld k i v AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) The Aquarius person loves to talk. You get them started and you can never shut them up. They also tend to be dreamers. The Aquarius is noble yet very curious. This kind of teacher or person tends to be a loner and enjoys pri- vacy. ' . " t PISCES (February 19 - March 20) The Pisces likes to send progress reports home. This teacher tends to be easy going. If you ' ve got one for a teacher you ' re lucky. They retain wis- dom and like to debate whenever possi- ble. Help is hard to come by. Hermap f " ' Go C I c, (FRO - ' EFOLICStC m I --« Joan Greaney The Full Moon In the Seventh House of Leo has caused great turbulence There- fore, these people ' s birthdays were not ob- tained before deadline. It just wasn ' t in the stars. . . X V CONTINUING ON i ? f0 f i Now the year begins to wind down. Friends scribble notes Into each other ' s yearbooks. Teachers give up trying to teach in the last few days ot school. At last the tardy bell rings for the lost time; and then. 57 minutes later, a miracle occurs. Across the campus a buzzing is heard as the dismissal bell rings for the final time, until three months later it Is revived — rejuventoted for another nine months of toil. A louder buzzing grows — this time the shouts and cries of stu- dents. Expressions of joy on their faces, tears In some of the eyes, they look forward. And some look bock. Thousands of footfalls bombard the ears. Engines cough and sputter to life in the parking lots as students and teachers prepare for three months of recuperation. With a metallic clash the last locker slams shut for the final time. The sound of a single set of footsteps slowly recedes Into the distance — a symbol of the conclusion of one journey, but also the beginning of another. Lying In wait for some are a further three years at Fullerton High. Others need last through only two, or even one. And some ore leaving for good, heading separate ways. All of them have many more steps to take. A longer journey lies ahead — the journey of success. ' 0 iMOhf As the year concludes. Freshmen trot along with joy and no longer give upperclassmen such a wide berth. Or stand for being called a " scrub, " Sophomores trudge along, looking forward with dread to their junior year — the U.S. history, the English, and the one year more to survive before becoming a senior. Juniors heave a sigh of relief and dash out to their new do- main — Seniors ' Corner — to start the party that is to last for twelve months. And seniors stride out to meet the freeway of real life with knowledge, confidence, and just a little fear. For this year the road has come to an end. It has brought us laughter and tears, fear and relief. There have been triumphs, and there have been defeats, New friends have been made, and some old friends have grow n apart But, in a larger sense, the trek goes on. Each one of us will put one foot in front of the other and march on in vi hichever direction we chose. Many of us will follow the well-worn paths, and a few adventuresome souls will blaze new trails. Some will find rewards, and some will find difficulties. But no matter what path is taken— college, a job, or further years of high school — success is a journey, not a destination. A LONGER JOURNEY 9 n HELPING HANDS ALONG THE WAY r THE EDITORS AND STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE WHCy HAVE SUPPORTED THE 1986 EDITI®!! OF THBPlljADES 286 Advertisement STEVE WALKER General Manager 444 N. HARBOR BLVD. FULLERTON.CA 92632 714 526-6633 THE DANCf SrCT D J l.3AlI.t t I r 1 H BEGINNERS- PROFESSIONALS 2910 BREA BLVD. FULLERTON, CA. 92635 DEE DEE PATRICK-MADRIGAL (714)529-7730 DIRECTOR " 3 Micha l Papas Ownor SioNNY Haven- SKINNY HAVEN RESTAURANT 1010 N, H.irbor Bdulevcird • FulltTlon, CA 02 32 (714) 525-3068 JmJJ - ' y: j ' i r? cm LLOYD L FREEBERG A Professional Law Corporation Attorney at Law HARBOR LAW BUILDING 608 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, Calif. 92805 (714)526-3030 Defense of Juvenile or Adult Criminal Cases in State, Federal, and Appellate Courts r CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 TOM LAWSON STATE FARM AGENT TERRY L DAVIS STATE FARM AGENT 115 S. HARBOR FULLERTON 714) 870-4342 714) 871-7750 823 N. HARBOR FULLERTON 714) 879-2911 714) 727-7123 L STATE FARM Life iC Fire INSURANCE °14 ti " Jil ' hl- Antonios K. Lee CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTAN ' ' . ' i l-S-l sU J 2 4- MiOKN f.HOVF. CAM Kt HNIi PHONE 871-6040 VAL MED PHARMACY Ras Jensen, M.Sc. RES, 871-7868 100 E, Valencia Mesa Drive (Across From St, Jude Hosp.) FULLERTON, CA 92632 FULLERTON ' S OLDEST INDEPENDE-NT MARKET -ocKER Beef LAKEMAN ' S MARKET EVERYTHING FOR THE TABLE 821 E, COMMONWEALTH CHUCK AND DEAN LLERTON. 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Commonwealth jllerton, CA 92633 Lim (714)992-4541 i 4l illcicje CJasnion C aoncs Y ' our Friendly Store of Quality and Service HARRY and BETH GOOSS 10 E Chapman Ave. Fullerton. Calif 92631 eDhone (714) 526-4511 - «% Cream Pull Specialty Cars with Warranties — Buy with Conlidence « FULLERTON ,7u, 738-3655 WE BUY 1 SELL TRADE • CONSIGN — TWO LOCATIONS- (213)947-2149 r TO CHRISTY The years have gone by so fast it seems. Now I hope you realize the rest of your dreams. For you ' ve brought lots of joy and happiness too. And I ' m proud, Christy, to have A daughter like you. (sister too) CONGRATULATIONS and love Mom and Curtis FOREVER NANA DAD, MOM, NEAL " SACHI " 8c AUGGIE BEAR ' CONGRATULATONS LORI CLASS OF ' 86 CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL PEREZ THE CLASS OF 1986 WE ARE PROUD OF YOU LOVE, MOM, DAD ROBERT V ! K WE LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, Vinny and Steffi 1 : V ' Congratulations to our Lisa. We are very proud of you. God bless you! Love, Mom, Dad, Jill and Denise 292 Advertisement CONGRATULATIONS To our sweet Leslie, Not Only do you " Light up our Lives " doily. But you ore the Best Friend any family ever had! We are very proud to hove raised such an outstanding young adult, Mom-Dad-Tim- Natalie M ID ' CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON DAVID MYATT AND THE CLASS OF 1986 WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! LOVE MOM DAD CONGRATULATIONS to our special girl, Carrie Thomas. We are proud of you and love you very much. You will always be our Queen! Love, Mom, and Dad Chris, Craig Cindy CONGRATULATIONS! Dennis Fredricks We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Leslie, Steve MARIE SPECIAL THEN SPECIAL NOW With Pride And Congratulations in your accomplishments Love You, Mom Advertisement 293 r DEBBIE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OUR SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL CONGRATULATIONS We love you Dad, Mom and Eddie CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN FRAWLEY Even though you switched to " Matt " Love alvi ays. Mom Dad Bryan- ' 89 CONGRATULATIONS JULIE You have been everything we ever hoped for and more. love. Mom, Dad, Steve and James CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE We are very proud of you for achieving academic excellence and graduating from Fullerton High School. You have done a superb job of blending your studies and with school and church activities to live a well rounded, active life. " Deb, we bought you bool s and bought you books and luckily you studied them and didn ' t just chew on the covers " GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE!! Love you Mom, Dad, Tim Sandy Ullom . Thanks for the memories Class of ' 86 From VARSITY SHORT FLAGS: Karen, Stacy, Heidi, Christina, Jill Tracey 294 Advertisement CONGRATULATIONS KRISTEN AND THE CLASS OF 86 ' Wishing you hope and joy in reaching your goals. Love, Monn, Dad, Kim Kathryn Best friends will always be and secrets we ' ll never leave Yvette Naomi Best Buds Kindergarten 1973-1986 seniors Paul I love you! I know we ' ll lost forever. Yvette Paul Abbott -3 12 85- Till eternity y N CONGRATULATIONS JILL " Jilly Bean " CLASS OF ' 86 YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER YOU DESIRE! LOVE, MOM, DAD, RAND FOR YOU, SON, AND THE CLASS OF 86 ' Keep you head up and drive through your opponents. This is just the beginning; may your successes grow on the skills and talents developed through tour years at Fullerton. with love, admiration and respect, Dad, Mom, Bachan and those who hold you dear — Adverflsement 295 r CONGRATULATIONS JOHN AM PROUD YOU ARE MY SON ■ " MOM M The Kmnetj Tnbe. Karin ' ei Linda ' 53 EilecKi ' 8fei fll L , COKGRATULATIONS V t ' o our lasj- litHe IndiilM HkzI jT Love, Worn and Pad CONGRATULATIONS KITTY SCHADE FROM YOUR FAMILY OF F.U.H.S. GRADS. DAD (ART SR.) 1953, MOM (JUDY) 1954 ANNE 1976, JEAN 1978, ART Jr. 1988 " There are times when life isn ' t easy, wh en you wonder where you ' ll find the strength you need. But I know you will. . . because you have a way of creating your own strength of seeing beyond today ' s prob- lems to tomorrow ' s possibilities. . . " We love you are very proud. Mom Karen Coren, You ore the best daughter any parents could have. Congratulations Class of 1986 Love, Dad Mom - iiSL CONGRATULATIONS TRACEY " WE ' RE SO PROUD OF YOU! " Love, Mom, Dad, Denise, Grandma Sc Granppa CONGRATULATIONS Julie Martin It has really been a blast Now and back to the post It hasn ' t been easy Things often weren ' t breezy But we ' re sure that the best parts will lost. Love Dad and all the tribe 296 Advertisement JOSEPH A. STRAPAC PUBLISHER POST OFFICE BOX 2268 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92647 (714)846-3869 CONGRATULATIONS TO: GINA DE FELICIS AND THE CLASS OF 86 ' We ' re very proud of you All our love. Mom, Dad 8c Tony TO OUR CURT You ' re reacfilng deep inside you For things you ' ve never known. It ' s been rougti, tougti going But you tioven ' t gone alone. In Ue years ahieod, there will be friends you miss, as well as a campus you ' ve grown to love. It may not of been exactly like " home " , yet surely has offered you moments of bliss. With you these memories will be, as well as the wisdom and knowledge gained. Add to them modesty, tolerance, patience, and love, and you ' ll possess the secret to be happy and free. Thanks for wonderful memories. Your loving family. Mom, Dad, Suzanne Kristen Advertisement 297 ' ' r- " -im SUPERMAN You have come o Long Way! L O V E Bill-Class of 1980 Jim-Class of 1981 Mom-804 Lois Lane 213 692-8702 213 281-2632 RON HUDSON PRESIDENT I odel Markets, Inc. 606 S. Breo Blvd Brea, CA 92621 714-529-7654 2250 Huntington Dr., Son Marino, California 91108 JOSEPH DIMITRI ' S HAIR SALON (714)447-0755 1023 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92632 Men Women Hair Styling 1 Ur. Cleaners DRAPER SPECIALIST 1428 S. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, California 92632 MAURI HENDRICKSON |7i4| 871-6634 KANE ' S -4a££wa v1 GKOHGL T KANEKO 1117 N. HARBOR BLVD FULLERTON, CA 92632 714-992-1314 298 Advertisemenl ANAHEIM BAND INSTRUMENTS The Bfass S Woodwrnd Specialists 1050 North Slal« Colleg Anaheim. OMIornIs 92806 (714)999-5015 SALES SERVICE REPAIRS RENTALS Hair CliiHin Irtr U n ai if Hair Sludio for Men and Women n WEST BASTANCHURV SUITE IE FULLERTON CA 92635 (714) 526-6Mt ANDREWS and BOYD Automotive Service 250 E. SANTA FE • FULLERTON, CA 92632 PHONE 879-9117 Interior Designer 714-526-1756 • 213-694-3524 623 No. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, Ca. 92632 (71 4) 680-3703 W ( ediciqeS oppe PHARMACY The Classic NATURAL CONCEPT IN HAIR STYLING Naliunol Prmri dwi Ctnlt 1 1 19 W ORANGETHORPE FULLERTON. CA 92633 MARK TAL, R Ph 1312 E. CHAPMAN (POST OFFICE VILLAGE) FULLERTON 526-3754 Mike Chuck BLAKE ' S JANITOR SUPPLY, INC. 1 735 W. Orangethorpe Ave. Fullerton, California 92633 871-0589 LONNY BLAKE SANITATION SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT , 1! ■-J utterlon ( tvic oLiahl Jpera Lt 218 W Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton. California 92632 Bus (7 14)526-3832 J Advertisement 299 r BENNY CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO YOU MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. LOVE MOM, GINA, JOE LAURIS CONGRATULATIONS Alex Godinez and The Class of 1986 We love you. Dad, Mom, Lorraine and Sonia 1965 1985 1986 300 Advertisement A " Super " Scholar A " Super " Athlete A " Super " Son and Brother — That ' s our Jim — With pride and contidence we wish you a bright future! love. Mom, Dad and Scott " 8 j i CLASS OF ' 86 Thanks for the fun times, the special moments and the memories . . . we love you. Varsity Song ' 86 Heather, Jennifer, Kristen, Gina, Jolie Cindy CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 BERKELY CLEANERS ALL RIGHT JULIE YOU MADE IT! XXOO MOM 7 r .V LIKE A LOTUS UNFOLDING CONGRATULATIONS DENISE LOTS OF LOVE MOM DAD THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OUR FRIENDS THE CLASS OF ' 86 LAURA LETTI TTI I J Advertisement 301 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SENIOR YEAR Congratulations Grey Pearce Ronald Brokke Thanks for th e Joy You Give Us Love — Dad, Mom, Jon and Mark 833-3195 w uyuMce. SmaLeA SCHOOL OF CHARM AND MODELING 2380 N. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, Ca. 92705 835-4414 1965Sunnycrest Dr. Fullerton, Ca. 92634 879-1000 DEAREST STACY: From pony tails to prom dresses, The time Inas gone so fast. You ' ve given us happy memories That for the rest of lives will last. Short flags tollflags, class offices, Pleiades, Honor roll, EV Free, Yearbook, Pepperdine, and all the rest, vje know in each endeavor, you did your very best. Your development and growth has been exciting for us to see. Humor, compassion. Faith are all parts of your personality Continue to develop the traits, and remember as you do Each and every one of your family has a tremen- dous pride and love for you. Hugs and kisses Mom, Dad, Jennifer, and Logan 302 Advertisement Don ' t ever be afraid to try to make things better: You might be surprised at the results. Don ' t ever forget that achievement isn ' t as hard as it seems. Don ' t ever stop loving, don ' t ever stop believing. Don ' t ever stop dreaming your dreams. Thanks for all the memories, Fullerton! Margie ' 84, Jennifer ' 86, Karen ' 88 in my heart. Telephone (213)691 7118 La Habra Cyclcry SCHWINN BICYCLES 451 N HARBOR BLVD LA HABRA, CALIF 90631 :jC 871-0152 COUCH ' S PRINTING MOREY COUCH 315 n. lemon street • fullerton, California Dear Lisa " You light up our lives " We love you! Dad Mom, Gramp Gram. Sherri, Bob. David Lauren, Tim, Nicole Timmy, Randy, Carol Katie. Scott Darlene " Class of 1986 " We have tomorrow in our dreams of today We are the future, we ' ll find a way We are the yesterdays gone like the sun We are the memories fading by one After we leave, we ' ll remember our past We shared something special that will hopefully last. We can ' t stay any longer, we have to move on To look for our future- yesterday is gone. J Advertisement 303 I i To a sweet Share Bear, Con- gratulations, Love Mom and Dad Our tiigh school years were lots of fun. But it ' s time to move ahead. Although they ore done We will always remember the WHITE RED. VARSITY YELL Debbie, Laura, Cammy, Kitty, E ileen, Denise You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. CONGRATULATIONS to NOEliE and the Class of 1986 Love, Dad, Mom, Melinda ' 83, Hilary ' i and Rebound Louise CONGRATULATIONS GLORY, BAND FRIENDS AND THE CLASS OF ' 86 We are proud of you Dad, Mom Amy Lydia II Tim. 2:15 " Study to show thyself ap- proved unto God, a work- man that needeth not to be ashamed, righly dividing the word of truth. " L CONGRATULATIONS, DAN FOX It soys in Proverbs 10:1 that a wise son makes a father glad. Your growing up years have been a joy to your whole family. We love you. Dad, Mom, and Mar Ken and Karen Karl and Sheryn Gordon and Sherry Boxer CONGRATULATIONS to our daughter, grandaughter, sister, and aunt. TRACY LYNN VOISAN OUR LOVE Mom, Grandpa, Greg, Ronna. Jeff, Nancy, and Baby Nichiolas SHINE THAT SMILE CAROLY CARTER Our Very Own Made It! ' Hops-A-Lof Here ' s to o Superb Job, Honey! We Luv Ya, Daddy, Mom, Chierry, Candy, and Apricot. LOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO DENISE 8c STEVE For 18 years you have traveled the same paths, but nov those paths may part, but alv ays keep the years and memories deep v ithin your heart. JOSH, May you find your tiappiness in your uniqueness. Love. Mom. Jack, Jeremy, and David CAMMY Congratulations to a great grand daughter and sister. We love youl! Mom, Dad, Brad , and Brent. To: Kid " : r " You have been special from the beginning. Congratula- tions on all your accomplish- ments. We love you so much. I ove. Mom, Dad Coco JnJI Love, Mom, Dad . Coco " Have we told you today that we love you " We ' re proud of you, Heidi Beth. Love, Mom, Dad, and Mark Congratulations Laura Cooper You reached for the stars and caught a ride on a rain- bow. We love you and are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Linda and K.C. Congratulations Mike Afram and the Class of We are proud of you and love you. Rania, Nino, Mom, and Dad L CONGRATULATIONS Debbie and the Class of ' 86 We are proud of all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work. We love You! rv] ( j CO G ' RATUL ]Tio js il ' y i t f) Congratulations to our " ctiampion " , at home, at sctiool, and on the ice. For all thot you are, and a that you have yet to be come, we are very proud! Proverbs 3:5 + 6 Raul, you have made us very proud and we wish you all the success you deserve. " Keep the dream big. " Love. Bryan, Mom, Sergio and Chelsea lelsea MONTY PETTUS ' FULLERTON BIKE SHOP 424 EAST COMMONWEALTH AVE., FULLERTON. CA 92632 ARE YOU GETTING THE BIGGEST BITE FOR THE BUCK? CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 From A Few Of Us In the Classes of ' 57 . 58 Cana ra fu fa:fio n5 JboPy ) on , Darry ancf ffic C aS5 of iqSb ! i fi ■ffic xcjri fariiftf Wherever you may go Whatever you may do My love and prayers are with you alvi ays. CONGRATULATIONS MATT! Love, Mom C oogratulaTioMS SUA,n)E, Ai-uGiO AMb TuL Class or ' g U Ei are: Proud op You ' . UoVe, Mom , ' i ' i ' ' JC ShavwM ' fib ' LO i-i-ie tXfoiA 1 CONGRATULATIONS " 2 " YOU ' RE THE GREATEST WE LOVE YOU DAD, MOM SCOTT, KATIE AND CHARLEY CONGRATULATIONS KIRK THE CLASS OF ' 86 Continue to face Life with a smile Kirk, may your future be filled with as much happiness as you have given us. With Love Pride, Mom, Dad, " Alex " , Kim ' 82, Ken ' 84, Kevin ' 88 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 86 ROBERT K. TULLER Attorney at Low 301 E. Raymond Ave. Fullerton, CA 92634 (714) 879-9379 J Set your sights high Reach for the stars There ' s nothing impossible So go for it! Congratulations Leslie Love Mom, Dad. and Julie CONGRATULATIONS Yvonne And The Class Of 1986 Love, Mom Francoise Tanya, To reach the unreachable star always shoot for the stars!!! Don ' t ever give up your dreams , . . And never leave them behind. Find them: moke them yours. And all through your life, Cherish them, and never let them go. We ' re very proud of you. Love Mom and Dad Classes of ' 68 and ' 86 yp Tanya- Seems like you ' re my sister rather than my niece. Congratulations! Bet you thought you ' d never make it, huh? Well, dear niece, you just did. Good luck in your future, and may we always be close. I love you so much! Your Aunt- Trish Scott Hunt, You mean a lot to us, cuz without you we wouldn ' t lose any radiators, I would have to work, no dinners from High- land, no Toco Bell for Trista or Pepsis, no getting picked up from school or hugs for Talya. And Tessa, she ' s too little, but she still gets real happy when you come over. And Tonya would be lost without a big brother like you. Thank you ever so much. Cowboy, for being a big brother to all my girls and a good worker for us Love the 4 " T ' s " and Bob and Hilda Hornidge 310 CONGRATULATIONS GREG CONGRATULATIONS! We ' re very proud of you! Love. Mom, Dad, Julie CONGRATS STEVE Love- Mom, Dad and Amy Congratulations on your achievements. Ted! It wasn ' t as hard as we thought! We ' ll l eep an eye on you at UCI. end someday I bet we ' ll see you on Broadway! Love. Jim. Deb. Karia CONGRATULATIONS TO LAN AND THE CLASS OF ' 86 You have accomplished so much in your lite just by the kind of person you are. We hope you achieve all your goals! Love. Mom. Dad. Mai and Jennifer ' - 0 ' rr M J r Girl ' s Basketball Foolball ■ Baseball - Basketball - CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 85 FULLERTON INDIAN BOOSTER CLUB 3u!||S3j;V - )138JX ■ luno ssoj - siuuax A Special Thanks DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Dr Thomas Goodley (Businesses Ser- vices). Mr, Ken Jones (Deputy Supt ), Dr Robert Martin (Superinten- dent), Dr. Greg Bice (Personnel Services). Dr. John Machisic (Instruc- tional Services). BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Mr Robert Hathaway. Mr Joe Merlo. Mr, David Erickson (Student Member). Mr, Richard Gross (President), Mrs Mari- lyn Buchi (Clerk). Dr Robert Singer Hiede — As many have told you This is as much a beginning as an ending As friends come and go And times start and finish Be confident that you can count on us For anything anytime anywhere All our love and support Mom, Herb. Greg Mary Ann Regina, You have so many vi onderful memories, so many tine accom- plishments. We ' re proud of you we love you dearly The future holds wondrous oppor- tunities challenges which we Know you ' ll meet with your usual wit and charm. Love always. Mom, Dad, Joe A Aiiaa Ac Acosta. Alicia Fresh, didgreat. Soph; wentdown, Jr: pickedup, Sr Imadeit GradfromF.U.H.S. Goodlucktotheclas sof " 86 " ThankyouMom Dadforbelievinginme llu vUboth " mucho " , Kin, Idocare GoodlukintheArmy lluvUI Takemehome, canyoufellthebeat, thisbuds forUMC lluvUmorethanUluvme! McDonoldluvers, Linda, Neiomi, Lori, LisaR. Letty, Yvette. June, Ve ronica, Theresa. LisaP, act , Don ' tletthoseBigMocs gettoU R,C. discostyle, Qufoefetofodofotefesafa lefebefelngl Sifetefequeferofo L P.B.F.A, BobsB B Carls, TrloBoys D girls Mu.k ijct ( i Afram, Mike CralgPark memories. Ziggy ' n gossip 4ever, 1-4. Irak 2-3; CSF, Howard ' s 2-4; HH-AA, 3-4; Gummy Bears. VD, Limy, ' nSpok 1 AC Easterparty 2; AP failed, PIAD, MG meets planter. SC-Bajo, DW-Bundles 3; Swedtshirt mania. ASB-I hated lt,F=MA-Fiersome 4- some-MA, BR. LP. DU. T-414. Halloween-TheScout. TT 2X. Arky-gohome! Pik, pik, pik. Pearl Necklace, LP-BR= 4 ' n 5, BR-mom, LP-dad, Well Rut, Tete, Oooh. Caress before you dress-Ms, Brian, You ' d be nada w o me! Very spiff. More to come, WFPrlnce, FUHS tunnels, iSADUC. F F-BR DW, JC, LP, HH, DU, CK; I iuv you Mom. Dad. NIna ' n Ronla Deb-thanx for ali the care ' n support-luv ya Mike l QT esN. Altle Well . FFA Presldent Sentinel, President dnd Trea- surer of the advanced Pari-Pro teams. 5th over- all 1st place team at Mt, SAC Field Ddy 3pigs. 2steers. lamb, veal calf. Raked in at 0,C. Fair! Heilo Tom. Scott. Chris, Mark, Craig, whole farm ASB! Thanx Trex Rock. Bands: G-Men. Strike, Almost21 Dl: 2rad dibums! Playedon KROQ, KNAC others, Ev ery color hair on the spectrum. Student sendtor Senate VP, VP of ASB, President of ASB, 3 82GPA (high)1985Homecoming king My greatgiriDenise! Goodbye DeadendSiDippers row. Thanx to the world. See you in vet-school or on r ecords yY 0A.k a. CUii- n vdl Alamdres, Mark ASB TechnicaiDlrector: 4; Anti-DrugProgram: 4; BreadClubPresldent; DeyClub: 4; Quiil Scroll; Chrls- tlanMeetlngs; Entepreneurat16; NEWAGE; Scooter- Boy; 3Sblll; RomanticMusic; Lookupiookdown; DLtheModel; RYtheSec, MHtheVP; Youcantakeallth- atlhavebutyoucanttakemydreamsaway. Remem- ber, thefutureismlne! ThankyouLord, foryouhave- touchedmyheartandsoul. Thankstoallmypreclous- friendswhobelievedinme, forwithoutthemlcould- notbe iwllidlwaysloveyouwithallmyheart Good- bye RY, DL, AZ. MR. dndyes, evenCK. 10:13; LV God Mexico!!: 82-84, Yellowbush; Msseclvrsme; CE DIsneylandScme; Ms. Wf, me, gearhunt TR. LB, KC, JP; Cherl, down PrettylnBev, HIilspink, mscomp, Ivme; Wednights: KR8(TV; McDsrules; Psst: P,B . RW. BP. KD CE, Sat Nights, me; llvGod; Seeyo! FU.HS.; UCIrules! c Jcuuyru. ' . CUUv Allen. Janene 1yr J V Volleyball. 3yr VarsityVoileyball, 1yr, J V Basketball, 3yr VarsityBosketbaii, 1yr Track, 1yr. J,V, Softbdii, 2yr, Varsity Softball. 3yr5 BigF Thank- stoalimy friends A S . KB,. L H . MM,. WD. R G.. S,S.. C,J , C,P , J,H , PC, and K D torollthefunyougave- meduringtheyears. Thanks4theGoodtlmes, Thanks- Mom Dad, youarethebest! Keepthegoodtlmesrol- llngatF.U.H.S. and Classof " 86 " lsthebest - C CL ai2c Allen, Shane VarsltyTrack-3, 4; VarsltyHjOPoio-4; MoeFLG ' er VarsltyDivlng-3, 4, VarsitySoccer-3, 4, CIF-3,4 Unde- teatedChampSoccer ' 85, SA , KE, MP, JM, GB, JG Skyboyz-SA. Mp. CZ; RatMan(mp); Broplng w MP, CZ-4 PT7-4: 12o2C. FUatCC-3.5. EMBO; LANC — gone4good CtheS-4; Fllnt-3; ihateHuck-1. 3; fots- lapped-1 D-idndw thecrew-2. 3. 4 ; Thumper- onSr. D-day SW, Iwonfmycar; WFw LL, LGN; Colora- dow LL, PS ThebestWIIiyUgheverw LeslleSiBrenda, USA. iloveyouMomSiDadthanksforailthesupport ThanksforthememorlesFUHS, SDSU hear I Come!!! T " a AII-Ca ' Allen. Tim GuitdrClub. DrdmaClub, SeniorCornerBums Officlal- memberof theL B.C. Cofounderof Mr , VanderblltsMo- torcycleClub. Mr, VI ' !lfaceyouandyouryellow " Z " . Actlvememberoftheantl " K " club. " Hello " Lou- BroemlingFanClub GoodbyetoallmyfrlendsGP. JU, CS. JP. RF. TH, RG. KB. DY, KL. DB. TC. Here ' stoDoub- ledatlngwIthLN. JPandJB. Goodbyetoaveryspeclal- friendLN. lloveyou " BACKSTAGE " -ROCK Indif AM Andrews. Jeri SenlorCornerBumsB.L.. L.N , DY,, P.W., T,A., KB., A BVolleybass-1. J,V, Volleyball-2, Big FCIub2-4, Promw BC: G.R, Dec, 27, 85 BR goodlucknextyr,, Brat BethThanksforbeingthere, 19W-3, Smtsyou- justhave2say? G,R ILoveYou! Youareawesome ThanksHun! Needafrontendollgn? L.S.-2-1, Mazda- 85. ThanskMom! ILuvYou! BuffoloClub K C BudsF E, 1-48(more; Craig, G L Thanks! C,C,-Honesty- Doyouevenknowwhatitls ' ' ThonksDod Sharonfor- yourhelp! GoodLucktoallinthefuture B.L.C Thank- s4everything! Z7im (2aa qI Au, Denise Fresbangeek enough!; Idakas2, 3. 47; Interactso- vlor3. " sec " . Interactkiller4, " Pres " : SENIORITIS 3. 4; PartGrad ' 85; Infatuation: KJ. SS. GM; 4yr lnfat(8th. 1. 2. 3)GM. CL. JC. JB. KH-JG, FC. seporatefrlends. Au-Gold; OW! BABY; AAA You!, Bandhd-SlsLau; " STRIP " concert, NewFriends: LM, TH. SS. DB. NT. YW. YC. MK, CT. EK. LH. AC. JB. DJ. T JR; Old-NewFrlends: NY. SL. GK. BB. JS. TV. DF. KB; Mysis-Wendy. wishyou- luck; Mc 2famlly: LUV! " OutofPrison " ; CalPolySLO Here I come! readyornot; Chocolate Frenzy; " Junk- Food " JUNKY; " WildRlde " toHOLLYWOOD-nevera- galn; LuvMama-san Popa-san. Brudda2; GBIess; Goo . Bye Z wm " CfjLj ' Uu Ayres, Cheryl Yearbook 1-4camp2; Sec Tresi, DrlllTeam2; Jessie 1, BestbudsM-H,. H,K.. P,T . KG.; Troy parties no. no yes, yes MIke Zeek; Drink up oops! 2 down 5 togo! Crackerfight; 5 bott!esofchamp-H.K2; K,C4; HiJohn! 4; BHS B Rlmissyou 3-4; B F T.M,, B.C , SW,; CSFwestlers; Feeling okTish?3; Retreat-A,G,, R,H,; summersch-timetosleep. Drooling? Glen-Ugh! Barb :; wham, V OchunkyCherl; ROCKY Horror; Barbhowzyourneck? E.R; Danceshow; Goodluck: P T ERNH,K P,WK,G8iJ,WS.W8iJ.G!S,W B C Good- luck intheAF, I ' llmissya! E,S; TC is mine! Thanx every- one for the best 4 yrs! B .?hmn 1 )0jimjouT Badgerow, Sharon Performance Sq, 3years, Tina Ginobestfriendsfor- ever Alotoffuntlmes moretocome. Moreconcerty (SpandGeorge, Maz)Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad. Ron. Den. Terl. Brooke. Michelle, Thankstothe DIGeorgeFamily, ToDebbieGadgerow Richard- Neald Imlssyou wishyouwerehere MayGod bless you and watch over you. Lhc !: :;e : Barb, Lynn Ag 1-2-3-4, desplteTrex StodymybeastLookSta- ceZupcomplementsofMrs, DuffieJulle youhonky, don ' tmakemelaugh HiJohn Thanx4the9theywere- special, GeeLisulookwindbiown Jill, myGod. turn It- down! B Bgorgeous. I ' m Inlust, AndBrlan, didltellu- howsexyulook? Signed, Leroy 1 .. + -, l . " 3 ,: ;i-cu ' 7 A " Alova, Iggy Baseball: 1, Football; 1, Track: 4; Cheryl: 1, 2, 3, 4; life Soc: 1, 2. 3, 4; Arrowhead: 83 with ECC 8c CE wopping: 83. 84; AngelesCrest; 83-86. Kissofdeath underH O: Adv.: M.S. 8i S S; son. sadies 83 with CE lloveyouMomSiDad, DelTacowalks, underwear es capade: BH, TR, JT; nacc: 85; T.H.H.C.S, queen: 82 TRSime BFF Havasu 84, CE. ECC, BA ' s;! Corinthians Arreola, Lone Hey! What ' sup? Iwanttocongratulatemyselfandall- myfriendsthatgraduated! yo. Baby, wedldit! Love- toMomSiDad! Thankyou4everything Lov2myfriends- VirglnidA, AllceA, LIsoR, VernH, Janelie, YvetteM. Theresas. LettyU. LindoP. Thelma SocorroC. Lisa- PSiLettyA. Crulsln ' andPartyinginSantaAna(Virgin- la8(Nlssans!!) HiLisaCfromS H . Concerts FreshFest, UTFO, D-lond-DougEFresh, RFTWgiJefs, NewEd, HiSu- sieY GofmycarSiworkatKnott ' s girlsafterPlayers " CanyoufeeltheBeat? Let ' sJam! ATNouglesSA! Buck- wheat! Boss. Jon X-Country2. 3; Track2. 4; HotelHappyHowe3 Mi- keandRob. boofoobuddiesbeyondreform. FRB. ski jump. Mr, PIpePre-Bejd nobodylovesViet; Spring- Vac portyMikeand Robdiscoverthelrinnermostde- sires2 NoMoreboldBarbanan4, Crestchedogain. at- leasthe ' shdppyl! MushroomsFortheicedtea; whafswrongwiththeTV? It ' sthe new mushroom cut! We ' re out of here; goodbye Class of ' 86 AC. C.B, V D MA TH. RG RF. D S, good luck!! 313 Beck, John J.V. Tennis; 2. 3; Tennis Club Sec.: 2-4; Ski Club; 4; Spirit Club; 4; Surf Skate Club Pres. 4. Speecti Club Sec; 4; Student Senate; 3. 4; Siology Club; 3. 4?; Sherwoodism: 1- RampAGE; 4: P.-C. Pres; 1; K.S. thats B.S.; 4; Attic Adv; 1: Corrupting theyoutti(M.O, K.M.); 3, 4; TunI Adv w D.S.; 4; OH NO! Not Nut- meg(thanx guys); 4; Backstage Concerts; 3. 4: Szabo Club V.P.; 1-4: Rambo; 3; Cooler Days; 3, 4; Daddybobs L.; 4; Sr, Corner Destruction Squad; 3, 4; 502 Open w K.S.; 4; Sadlands; 3, 4; T,G.. C.T.-thnx; 2 ALL my Friends, M, D, G, FHS Ttianx 4 the Good Times Biardi, James Vsoccer4-CiF2ndRdviaEICentro; Track 1, 2, 4(CIF4?); MasonicS; Rotary3, 4; Who ' sWho4, NtlMeritFinalist; PleiadesEdS, 4; yearbookcoed4; CSF2. 3. 4; HO- BYLS2; 1480SAT4; Dramadetourl(rescuedbyDJKJ); Godspelllungel; JSWestCiv-yip! HerrMac Attack: Beachcomberhottubaudience2: UncleTedFan- Club2, 3, 4. THFTECIub4: Summer backbreak2. 3: HappyHouse3, MammothSkiTeamS: Local SkiCrew2, 3, 4: Ryder Allergy4: KG-chortz!: Bob-relax! Nodead- lines: FullOn!: Well ,,: DJ-WecreatedaMon- ster(THLL): DJ-Luv LH24EverlnMyHeart: Thanks2all; TH, DJ, KJ, CB, SB. JM, EK, KB. JS. LI. CT, KG fac JS, Tk. BT. GK. fac JS. TK. BT, GK, LP: LookoutUci-R ScholarontheWay! Bice. Cammy RJ; 2, 3. 4. 5 DrillTeaml Drama(ha)FroshPrincess F Cheer; 2(mud): JVCheer: VYell(MisuYM): USA- Camp: 2. 4(Grinch, Suzy, TJExprs): SnClmnt: 5 6 83 7-11W JR: B.C. ' 83: BarryMw GD: TBLO: WFPrincess- thnxKL: " RVR " BchHse ' 86-gdtimes: " the8ofus " -JG, GD, CH. JR. CB. DF. RF-BstBud54ever: JO G-URthe 2bst frnz in the wrid. thnx4 all the memories, they ' ll b in myhrt 4ever: S.S-my lilsis. ! luvu gdluc. still sco- pin?: Mom Dad-thanx 4 all the support over the yrs. UR the bst: Brad 8t Brent- hve fun. UR the grtst bros in the wrId: 1 20 84-the day I fell in luv w my " R " . the bst 2 ' 86!!! Blongy. Colette Featherheadl 2SuperSqd2: WorkCCw CH. JG. GD4: 5-6-83 CB-THRASH1-4I GangiPatrol. SkylineTh- eBus2: Pls3: PDI SC84SnClmnt2-4: Nurp2-4: JG- L BI))! FrogCalls-Jul-TBLOl CH-LkPeris-fngr-Thnits! The List-DC-Uwin-but no mor4me. I found mine! Ho- tels3-4Mammoth4: GLCFTHRASH! PartyAniml1-4: JR- DRNT-GHHTHD4: JS-LockerBud3-Thanx4everything! BstFrnz-RF. CB, JR, CH, GD, DF. JG-URthebst- thnx4RADyrsl BchHouse4us8rad1s: CH-UR Spec. CC- Here we com! RF-Thnx4theGdTimes. LuvYa! JRDreamboy-l luv U more thanN-Ethng! Thnx! 5-13- 85; Gd. Lck2RF, LC, SW: Thnx2Family-LuvU! No- 85COWS 86SLTS LVmylTLN STLNSI ThnxFHS4mem- rez! 86! Can i Go NOW? i -. -di s C , SUM 1 special J.G. J, J. worldsfastestpounder. NOCLT " girlsNo Youcan ' t eat my lunch H.H. TH. NO P.A.BL: D-LAND. Door. Try-cty. Jak-N-Bxweek ChnlstAx Bletterman. Christina Drill Team2 BunBuns: PepFlag Grinch-USAcamp- TJexp NO RED WHITE: KH. TM. JS. HH. SF. CB. Yaz, Lover; Money HHvCB: 7;00am Yuck; Butterfly: FB: BBYEY! I Luv Them HoppyC: HA: Best Buds DU. SF: DB: V, Lips: Anti-school I Luv Flowers: PARAGUEY: Braces senior year Pep Rallies: Fight Song: Gov ' t what a drag: KL = Babe Kick Back year: Luvthat , : No Money; Nord: spend Jullian BB: OldMovies: Rob- Lowe: DutchGirl: Holland3 Kelp: Chris: Phil hunk: SVH Prom?: Ev Free-SS2 Core Group-Diana: I LUV GOD Thanks Mom Dad: Luv ya Mopsie baby-LasoApso FullBreed: rose; NF HoneyBuni Grad: High School Di- ploma: FUHS End: Class of 1986 0:« ncu52f? vBftztn O Boatner. Debbie I met the most wonderful guy in the whole world- LANCE BRUNNER 3: Sherwoodism 1. 3: Kopackism2. 3: save a giraffe, eat a bushmon!!: IndianWomen 3: " Honey you , " 3: ThanxMa-Markee4: Thanx TK. JS. KB(Barney). PC. NT. KF(WHOOBABY!)! Buds-CB. DU. SF, ldakaDropout(wisest decisionmade)3: ASB Dir. of PublicityScComm. of Commun. 4: Dance 1. 2. 3. 4: 1 love you Dad. Mom. Nan. Sis. and Ken-Thanx! SanDiegoSummersI ' A . : Solvangl 2: Cataline W LANCE3 Vi: UCI HERE I COME! LANCE. I Love you more than anything and always will! Thanks for your love and support! LANCE AND DEBBIE-TOGETHER FOREVER!!! i ' Z .O-liL ' 5 - L ,i »1a4_ Bordner. Bruce Drumline of ' 86 1. 2. 3. 4: Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Vanishing Indians Magic Club 3. 4. (Pres, 4): Concert Band?! 4; JazzBand 4: Swim Team 1. 2. 3. 4: MVPFS, 2: " Flipper " : " Goose " ; ACOW: AYE , DOC; Official Member of The UNCLE TED FAN CLUB! Kopackism and Boxes: Klevenism: NO FAKE SMILES: " Every Class Is An English Class " : Magical Mel: " Just Another Miracle " : " Thank you " Ugh , , Mel; KLIFF Notes Inc: FRI-STAR Prod,: The Crate Club; Beach- Ball Club: InterestinglyEnough: B,S, in A,P, " Get A REAL , " : Principal ' s High Honor Roll: 3,50 K,U,. L,G, 1. L.G, 2. AH. - Best Friends Forever JlUkJbi -o Uier Blatney. Frank BFF. J.J: D.S; T.H: E.P: T.H; M.H; ondthe gong. Hey T,H, look out for that tree. Your so dam Buff, S,H,H,S, BenerDusted; LetsBoogiegang, " Dudes " Deser- tRats; Me(Stingray). M.C. (Fido) J, J, (norton) naaaahMC. J, J, can ' fRide. Let ' sPullPeopleOver TH, andme. victems; DebbieF. JolieG. MimiS, RichF, SomeDudeinaPorche: Let ' s4x4atthe Point! " Bust " Boysen. Hiede I have accomplished getting through high school. Having good friends like LCB, 8t RRA,. CMT, To Chris Mike thanx for all your support, Chris T, (Dim- ples) how about Toco Bell, LCB, RRA good luck andhave fun next year, CMT, keep smilingbut stay owaytrom GREEN M M ' s. I Love ya! Mrs, Buerki Graff, thanx 4your help! ' Umx Wdm { c Brambila. Benny AdiosHa5taluegoClassof86. Hopetoseeyounevera- gain FreshmenyearwasOKSophomoreyearwos- notthatgreat, Jryearwasallright. butSenioryear- wasJammin Revenge, Boringtownwithboring- peoplewithveryboringclossmates SantaAna. LA. Holly woodandmanyotherplaces Naugiescruisinit, Parkit, Lo stinBelAir, Redlight. Conventioncondolen- cestopartycruRIP. Talktomomsaiduglyomazonwo- men Soliel, Lr. Mo. JC. VHYourallbeautifulSideser- vethebest. LadyDeeremmelOyrsfromnow, Fresh- Jams, DiscoOldies, DonQuijoles, CentenialPark, CH, Sorrylrushedthings, Igotmybraceletback , Woodbur- yherelcome, Momthonksforeverything, GinaSiJoe- mybestwishes, PM.ti. ' i. SrtSafVu.., W3. ' ( p f?0.«. . MR. Plia -0 RCU4A 6KAV0 AmO FrtmiLV Bravo, Paul Imetalotofwonderfulpeoplehereot F,U,H,S, and feel very grateful, ILoved every minute ofit, NowI ' m in the lastsemester of my senior year and am looking forwardto continuing my education beyond the high school level, I have applied to four colleges, which include UCI, UCR, Cal-Poly Pomona, and Col- State Fullerton, My interests are focused toward the Irvine campus. If accepted. I would like to earn a bachelor ' s degree in Economics and soon enroll in their Moster ' sProgram to earn on MB, A, I hope God can help me accomplish it! Bretz. Karen I ' d like to say that in the 4yrs, I ' ve been here I ' ve Iearned2things; how to live through Mr, B,. Mrs, G,. Mr, Ptr,. 8i Mr, Davis at the same time and how to write my mother ' s name better than she does, I ' ll miss the whole Mrs, A fan club (L,: DV; BL: GW: JA)lalso love Matt: Sylvia: Jorge-PB: and Paul, Thanks! DearD,V,R,. I ' ll always love you. Stacy. FF; Whips, chains and all Yesterday was a concelledcheck. tomorrow is a promissory note , , today iscashinhand. Cheers! Here ' s to profitable investments, " 86 " Kicks, God Bless You all: Goodbye, Brewer. Julie Band 1-2-3 Istploce, Sweepstakes-Canodo " Oh- well " Howard Bain-1 Brett Cappullati-2. Jules Pa- quet-38(4. but THE BEST! Let ' s Go! Gregg ' s Cuda Prom3, Adolphs-gettinglost 7-11 3in the morning! Prom4 QM-thebeach-D-land " cruzn ' n " Corvettes! " Sr D-day a thebeach-Tim Lauro, Doria. Jules Me Football games-Shakeys 8i ?! My 63 WOW! Lets roll trucks Jules GoodJob! By grt, whiteT By Mrs, Brugess Hunyadi-thonks for everything! " Mountain- Slush " G,P, 8iM,0.. T,A, 8i L,N.. J,P, J,B, Best friends- SharronM,. Tammy P.. Laura N, Gregg MindyHo!- TimScLouro maby ALWAYS JULES GIRL GUvfi A l Brokke. Ronald Soccer 4 a greatteam. thonkstothepeoplewhoma- demystayherealittlenicer. Thank stomyspecial friendsDennis. James. Gobe. David. Ryan. Timmie. Billie. Varen. Sabrine. Barry. John. Josh. Pablo. Jeff. I ' ll miss youwhenbackin Holland, Bob. Ten. Greg. Don and Mark Pearce Thonksforthegreofyear, Iho- pewewillkeepintouch, I ' llneverforget, nrufih ) M ' Brooks. Jennifer DanceCol 2. 3. 4: HonorsAtEntronce: SkiClubS, 4: ASB-ComSocAct4: " Smiles " : DietCokeAddict: Deeps: Nightscape-WhyHere?3: Crip3. 4: NoDozSur- vival4: Amy-RockMeAmadeus4: DTCH, Patrol 4: " Doruel " 4: NoNokes4: G,I,T,L,4: " TooMuchFun " 4: ServiteRoids: " Noooo " : " huhkupah " : M,G- " IMis- sYou " 4: LUvem DarkAT,: PowWow-SleepWher- e?Alniter inB,B-H,F,A,T " How Will I know " : J,D, sotMi- mis4: R.T,T.Rias4: Amer-lluv u. my bestest bud. the best times ever! GoodbyeTootsie: Thanx Mom- Dacl-l luv u; LunchAtBobsM.G.; GoldenHlil. Scoompt; UncleRons, JE. HF, JB, BestOfFriends. Do- minos; " Foever A Dreamer ,. . " lliATi C J? . ' hcij ' jyn Brown. Devin Thanks Mom and Dad I did it I ' m out of High School. Thank You Jennifer we may be miles apart , I will follow you will you follow me all the days and nights we know will be., I will stay with you will you stay with me? I am better for the smile you give I Love You. JENNY Bear! Watch out world here I come! T uiU us Brown, f like " Brownie " " Downtown-Brown " . PA.B.C : Best Friends SL, FB. DC. JK. MO. TH, KG, DS. WB. GG. BP. EP. Party-at-the spots; P.A.B. with " Dan-The-Man " Banner-Busters-SHHSbannerdestroyed Where ' sTH- ' sTruck? -Nonotatreel Cruisinthemoonmobile! Por- tyinwith SL. 85-86, GetareallightblueSQBKI Losersin Auto Slushie and Pete " When are you gonnopain- tyourcar? " KingCobra at BaskinRobbins PABCth- rashes on LBC! Assembly parties84-85-86-TriCity, J- in-a-B, I will ChevyChase and the SuperBowl to Boo- Boo. Jimbo. Mr, and BangeBankston. 86RULES! ! Out- of-this place! Summer Parties withSL, DC. DS, FB, TH, c l lUi LcC- Bruce, Perry Thanx to PW, EH, KS. DM, DR, PW. and NS ToGret- chen, yeah . . The High Sign. Thanx also to Jb. SD, GT, CC(Luv U), DC, Thanx especially to Carrie M, (MS, Luvs U) 2allmy frnds. God luvs U! Burnard, Craig C.C,-1. 3, 4, Team captain-3. 4. Track-3. 4, CIF3. 4(?)-mile relay(M.P . SB,, T F,), Team capt,-3, 4( " The Doctor " ): 816 FTG-my ' 65 stang Baseball 8( Basketball dropout, DONKEYBASS-4. Beck gets Szo- kolized in my car(A-L,, DS.); T,H-nicejob with the term papers; RAD poster(Beck, Bush. Perez); JB, (happy-stuff)-stay oft Pomona. Lip Synch ' 85-2nd- A.C., MA,. D,W,:( " Poger " ); let ' s play thumper (golf, anyone?-S,A , R,V , M,F . AC. V D ); A.L whoev- er else- thanks for the help with KM; K.H, -thanks for Prom, Sadie ' s etc (OIA; I let U drive my stang?). Thanks mom dad for everything; BYE! }iM4:Un . . fi ' !- ' Byrne, Kristen Drill T. 12; VTennis 1-4. champs34 w CT4; ASB3; VSong. HCJrNom. WFPrincess; SanClemente. P S w CT. Im sure BUT, slick, Mamoth, PatiK, ChamChwdr, G-ALERT, Temp Chnge, RT-Lvrboy, goodAMIite, coach, Baracuda, LTIuvsTrx. Boss. Chi. CATS, YMredlitepll, golf-CK8iCT Imgrce, Barium, Ponce, Ronaldus, TM-ILYa, NH-BrakThru, Cindus, Oohloser$?JUST. Hides. KSPhil4 SPTLCIub. LS-BFLuc- dia. JC BP Aewsum escrts! 100%MSM-CPM-Hope- 2seeYaTherel RV-HC82great prnce86 CK-BFF, thnx4beingU: JENsngBud, URSpcl KSAE- Thnx4BeingThr. JULES-U SHINEnHISeyesI Carie- BFFthnx4spclmems, ILY Mutz-ILY, GodBles Kim- Thnx4You M8tD-ILUVYOU, Prov 3:5ThanksGod! Bless FHS! Cabral, Mike RATT Pack, Mike 22, Mick 95. Curt 18 3 4 Party Pals, MM, CD, VW, SM, EE. DS. JB. SP, RB. KL. MB. JD, Football 22safty. conor, K-offReturnerw CD, MM, Baseball 22 Center field, pitcher, w MM, CD Sur- burbtrip. Party ollthewayhomeCurtD, MikeCnochks Parents yelling, screaming, Makegoodgrades, Luv um Phillip, yotinky, letmesmellneck. onemoretime, PHEEW Denise, gettinginvolvedw boys, goingon- dates. Dr. C KL, MB. CD. MM, JD, GD, ES, bone fires, my house. RattPack, RottweneedBeer; 7times, havn ' tbncaught Lenny ' shouse, JD, BeerVodka, whatatimew KL, MB Thnx PortyPals, fighting, steal- ing, scaring, haveingtun Q ' rr%4 0 Qj V ' rr- LL Campbell, James BETAClub, FBLA, KEYCLUB, Who ' sWhoAmg AmerHS- Students Tennis-4, DistRunnerupdble ' s, 2AState- tourn, 4thpl,. ExecGome, BeerBongClub, ARKY, Ark- mobile, Hallwn ' 85 AnhmHiltonT414, $150, SCOUT, HOMECLUB, RUT-RO FarmAction. StickySits, Cham- Chowda, HEIDI, EYELUVU MIKE. BILL, CHRISTA, LES- LIEPT , BOB. CARRIE, KRISTEN, NOELLE, JOHN, RON- ALD. TED, JILL, DEBBIE, JOSH, EILEEN-THEGROUP BESTFRND ' S-MIKE, BILL, CHRISTA, HERID , HEIDI, LESLIE- MAMMOTH, BRUCE, H = NH, WF = HBH. PROM = HBH, Bl- BUBBAGOODLUCKCSUFI. ASTTRM. NEAR502DWI. BSiBFUHS TUNNELS, COLDDUCKCC7%ACL, ILOVE- FUHSTHANKS! GRADUATION! SUMMER ' 86! Are you sure she likes me? f h(fm ( ' a))Lpc(im,(p Campolongo, Regino Dl TM 1, 2; SSqd: 1, 2, AG-thx; D Co: 3. V SONG: 4- The Grench! TJ taxi, outfts Song? WF w RV: 1 , HCw CB 3. Prom 85 w SP(babe!), HCw TH 4 -the VAN!! MTKLBMBGJRTB-missU! RJ sewer! SP, MM, TH - thanx! To Sharen, my very BE, I luv U!-like soul sstrs! WAIT! Fnt raps, Puts! NORML! JS-thx4-alwys Bing there FF! Scotf-friends thru it all! KIT Fevrl UR so special 2 me! LT KS-babes! AT lv ms Ui RB sty cool! DKGH-pty B4FB! sip CJ! DANCE SPOT DAYS, the LUV rules! HF- thx 4 al the gd tms BF! B strg. UI mk it! LUV ALWYS! Smr ' 85w C H-VW cdnUreldte? 3sm! BScJs Thx mStd! GO FOR IT! ' QAn,vo T cTT c n ,. Canonica, Chris Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, 4; The bus broke down on the way to Cuesta: 3(Tremendous,) Shot wads at OIF, Qualifying 3. U S Open 1986 4; Concert Choir: 1. 2. 3. 4. Fun Times at Winchells with Matt during 2nd Period. Scott ate all of the M M ' s; 4; Barely passed Econ, and Gov ' t 4; Goodbye FUHS. and Have a nice day! x . . : Corrillo, Nellie DrillTeom 1, 2, 3; Swim Team JV 1 2; Get Some RC, TO, CC, NC, Heortbreakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Party hop I will settle the Donahue controversy. Give me a better one, RC buddy, thank you FB forever. Twinky. Prom 858(86. Tonight. Mexico City windows Sugar Freak; The Plantation: Knott ' s; Four dynamic dancers; mid- night snacks-Help; Unitax; Party til you puke; Curls; Cruising; My Pals TC. CC, TKS. Fly guys, BED. Dress to Impress; Party People in the House; Army and Danny thank you for the support. Thank you for the memo- ries, FUHS, CMC here I come. Short S daxan J- ' C(XWlV Carter, Carol Thanx 2 ev ' ry-1 4 all your support. I luv you!! To the cafe: Fran, Carl, Richard. Suzi. Steve( " webuiltthis- city " ), L.J.. Tony(HoneyBear!). ormigo Swiss miss- (Carmen), don ' t4-getRphone calls. Ginger nsaps(Theresa), SweatPea (Jenn), Jason (Paper eater), Chris(Dad!) Seesa(Lisa T,)u ' r the best! How- canlpayyouback4ally ' vdone? Gov ' tw TomH- giMarkM, ruled! Uguyzocted pretty lame, but I luv u both! Stilldidn ' tgeta flower! Darla. Letty. Tommy, Ruth. Rania. Laurie. DuranDuran. notes, Luv U lac- tually made it! Yea! I hope a part of me stays n uoll The efSr4yrs KIT LOVEME. " HOPSY " -AKA C j. » Castro. Brian I believe that the following accomplishments are my greatest ever: Computer Literacy I, Computer Programming. Drafting!. Droftingll. Adv CADD Draft- ing. Crosscountry letter awardedtor Fresh Soph for two years, and a Varsity award in C C, Also a Fresh Soph award in Track, Lastly but most importantly. Finding my girlfriend " Jennifer Taylor " Love Brian. « a M Chabanel. Andre CO.: 2. 3; Track 2. 3. 4. Absolutelynothing: 1; UhUh; hauntedhouses; B W beware; Orotozoa; EosterPu- kingPorty; MA, greatzombieimpersenation; Hittub- parties; Toesuckinggood; Europew J.B,: 2. Air- hedds Spacy. Iguana; Steve ' sCobin: Happyhouse; dayafter; T hehill65MPH. Preverts; TPseniorcorner; Ar- rested; SBtakethekeysw u; pre-Bojoparty: Bajo. Cervezo: IronBalls. Grape, Beochparties: Europe: 3, We ' reSeniorsnow! CraigPark; MA ' slSth; JDParty; CarbonConyon ISowthatcar. Chickies. Wool Wool; Tunnels. CholkFight! Kangaroo. Thumper 4. Thonx- MomStDdd. MA, JB, CB, VD, RV, BR, DW: Gredt friendsyoumode H.S more than bearable! i-buJll .- (f3i. a Chen. Pauline I ' d like to thank all my friends in Fullerton High School, especially Farvardin Mirgoli. tor all the help. I love you oil I also wont to thank allthe teacherswho have taught me. especially Kenin Flint. Cathy Gray, and Barbara Robertson. I love you all, Onemoreth- ing. lloveVolleyballandMathSiScience HnA a: (A . Chism. Andre It ' shere Thisisto the Hall People-O J Key. Beto. Ku- zoo. Here we go Beto " coolers " NO Black Shoes. 57 ' 5 are RAD-Stoy in touch! Indio 86 champs - 1 Hurdler Fro-Soph Track! Greg-Bondstand-RAD- 85 " King Cab Nissian Parties were RAD Remember always-NOT over yet! Palm Springs. Tri City Park. LA . Compton. L V, Cathy C is RAD - Missy my secret lover ILoveyou Wet Tee Shirts-Rosie " you ain ' t fresh " " Were Only Bussin " " The Beach " Free at lost! Yea THANKS to my whole family I love ya Goodbye. Good luck. Good Future 315 C ' H.- .jl. (iJux Choi. Anne Biology Club 1 2, 3. CSF 2, 3. 4, Good Luck NY, DA. LH. YC. MK. Thnks 4 th Mmrs, Rd CIss ■86!!! jJ nuuncL (Uajnc Clancy, Shauna L, K.H.K, A. F. -fights, wolkson R.H.. oil fields. Chicago 82 ' " Last time I saw him he was DEAD " T.W. 2; Thanx for the special memories P.T. slippery floor in cafete- ria. P,T,-LasVegas MS, Get out of my room K.D. my mom won ' t let me. K.D. oatmeal fights. P.S. jan- April. " No-Na " n " Mar-Mar " frnds 4-ever. Mr. G- THANXI M .H. thanx for the laughs in P.E. It was tun. 3- 9-86 why my family? Student of the monthDec. P.T. M.S.L.K.H.K. -thanx for making 4 years fun WSU 3, 4, Burritto Bash, nice shower-Ernie Mom. Dad. Angle. Gina, Larry I love you FHS 1. mind me " . PuertaSomething? Thanks Dad, from Skate Ranch " weak " The Roof Bust it " Freaks Comt your CreditCardBaby. Carmen,Cori.Theresa.Carol. Out At Nighf ' DulceDulce GoodBye Thank you to Mindi, " what a Bunch " - especially Carmen, the MomScAngela.BreBree, Gail Rose and to allthe Live backbone of all our friendship Have fun in Switz. " be Home Girls. " Get it " all you can be " HoHol 1CuXj6 U Clark, Robert Trashcan underclassman; first car, first ticket Winter formal. Prom: First Job-Denny ' s S3.35hr. Travel Agency - New Friends $5.00 hr. SATURDAY NIGHT-3B movies, Baja, Ratt, Spoons A-ha, Survival-Sher- wood-Kopaki-Klein-Katzenstein SENIORITIS: " Oops, I forgot my homework " STUDENT TEACHERS- " send them back to school " . Summertime temperatures- they are cool. Skiing ' s funbutnotd ownhill, ifnot care- fulyou ' llneedowill. THANX FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES AND BAD, THESE FOUR YEARS WERE REALLY RADH mJ (lJLj-. Colvin, Wes MOM sorry I totaled your brand new $18K car: ' 85, Varsity Soccer: 4; JV Soccer: 3; F S Soccer: 1, 2, Sweetness " Ican ' t stop laughing, eek eek. " Gabe " Hey, Ref. You see THIS!?! Ref.l " B.A. Best game of the season! Varsity Track: 3; F S Track: 1, 2. Varsity X-Country 1; JV X-Country: 2, Mark A " Hey, Wes wanna help me DJ " Spot, " Hey Wes wanna go to LA. Saturday? " J.B. " I think I could get to like this drinking. " or have you seen any Bowlin balls lately? D.W. " I got the MUNCHES! " B.C. STAY OUT OF ELEVTRS! C.B. runover any more dogs? Cheers to my pals, pordy hardy, and farewell FHS P aa p. Cov l-e-v Conley, Daniel P.A.B.C. Full Members: MO, JK, BB, GD, DS. SL, WB, JZ Reserves: TH, KG, FB, EF Mike Wanna go to S.D.? Summer Streetskating w Mlkey of NVY DRT. Who hit a tree?! No, not TomI! Doug, yourdoghigh? L.P.l.A.C.S.M.F.A. Mike, 4Decks atT T, No M.R. ' s Tom willpower!?! Ditching28t5 w Mike, 3, 4 Chamber- ing in Durk ' scar. Durkinw Kots Don ' tDie. Jim wheres Stapleton, T.B.? D.M, JAG. LP, Skate! Skating P.S.w Jim. Newport Trip w Ken8i Mike Buds 8 Suds screwdrivers at the spot, 4. To my friends JK MO.DS.TH.FB.SL.KG.BB.WB.EP.GD.MB.JB.GD. I ' ll ne- verforgetony of you. " •njru EmtUA Contreros. Jennifer Freshman Year, what a PAIN. M.H.S.W Bioloay Club3: OKLAHOMA:2:Noelle.1;S.W.:SophomoTe Year; slightly betfer. Junior Year; Beckett; " Honeys- Buns " ; " Toeachnisown " ; very funny Carmen;Biology Club. Senior Year. wayradl(K.R,C.lingo); Cyclopse Bahia de los Angeles;Rosarito; Ensenada, " don ' t re- 316 " f iunA Mh bmA. L) Cooper, Laura Anti-Dooley,1;MA-My1st.lHH-Bff,1,2;JVSoftball Basketball, 2, 3;CalPolyPomona-summerFUN!2;CB- wait, Dad ' swatching,2;CSF,2,3,4;VarsityB.Balland- Softball,4;HC8iProm, 3; 1SteveP-lluvU!,3,4,etc;all- mycrushes1,2,3,4;Coco ' s8iumpiring,3,4; Varsity Yell, 4,tryouts " Wizardof02 " ;86Yell-USA, CheezWhiz- buds-LT,KS,EK,DU:Tallyhey;theGrinch,K,3Monrovia- bathroom!Dee-nails8conionbarf,Deb-blowpops, RadlKitty-Hello Eileen Cam-lluvU all!Thanx4great mems funtimes-nevforgetU! All my friends, KIT, LP, BestBuds!HH,JS,TVFreeb-lluvU!MA, BR, Mr. Hustle! JW- SkiBum, Disneyland, lluvU4ever,4;RC8iJW-Physics buds! MI P O :r7eo, _ Cooper, Todd I got my 55th referral! I passed GERMAN II. 1 4x4 in my neighbors yard. I wore leopard print to winter for- mal. I gave up on drugs, I drink more though. I got kicked out of Junior State. il Mnl (i xfnirD,i " 3 Coopermon, Yvonne Craig Pork Liars; SaveAPrayer;Witch2(made it KJ) NYEve 85-Sleop in bathtub STAcey; Pseudo-Prom 85!! NYE86 w SL8(SM lost twice;HotTubs 2,3; " En- ough,ST " -yes " mom " ;How we ' ve changedlThe Jerks 2,3; PBSiJB sand 3;NaYam Aug mygroupee buds Denise:1st rate advisor-thanx4Friendship!Sta- cey-great times w a special friend forever;Miss you 8; love you. Dad (Oct. 13,1984), Thanx 4HelpSt- 8cJon;Somehow only 3 of us;Baja 85; Thanx LH(P,2 O JOY),AC HA; Good luck BubbleheadTed, (Hey D J we finished THIS);4: BEST EVER-Thanx,Scott,4 making everything so special . Luv U Mom, F, UB Memrys w a sped place in my heart. - Md (U]C Cox, Mark REBELS!MammothonEaster,CoorsatParkWest,Stand inthe snowcheckthedoorknob,Fair1,2,3,4. Bong,G HilLR.A.D.S., D End,PointlThanx4a!lthesuper times! TH,SH,RO,BM,JR,JM,JJ,R SC, MH.SF.AH, TH,NL,CS,LK,AF. 8i 3rdper. DF;TJw TH SHgetten- busted! IstMthenRthen.A. thenitsW.W,W,W;Teq. Pop;Betsy, dumped, LPally,GT theWoobaBetty ' s Live! B,S.O.T.B.,H. Landers. copy1,2,3,4, consumed over2500Schaefer ' s;The RowSorD.JohnM; vessel- lives; HavefunTeep8(Rey!St Querter:Psstyourdrunk, " IcanTell. " WHAT ' SHER NAME?J.R.where ' dyouget yourshirT? BreaMall!Beer-A-Bond; BM8iRD!How ' d yougetto H.C.G.C.?R.D.Iwon otsemesterlNoMorals! Liberol ' slSurfing vTun dtL Curarcv-tn Cummins, Junete " Ladies8iGentleman " LetsSJamGoodByetoClass of 86 Especially to L.RB.B.A.C.L AD M.T D. Hope Cruz BlueRag Anaheim C.C Jammings 2.1, Party Cru Cal State Long Beach Bunk " Fine Black men I loveJLW forever LA Valley College Bite3times Alice (secret lover) (3) Lisa Men " ComputerLove " Party til Dawn. Rocking in the street. Fresh Jam. Disco LA Finest, FreshFestivol 85 Live crips MTSACU.T.F.O. S ' tV ' - ' J J- f Daggett, Steven Curtis FootbalM ,Varsity2,3,4,CIFCHAMPSnRings3,AII Lea- gue,City,ouchmyknee4: Baseball1,Varsity2,3,4; Cu- mopolisNOIdMilwakeelBClJY GTFOOML. Parents gone = parti,LakeMead w RM,VW,MW,pllofites. Re- bel, 3;LCBros;RattPakMM,MC, CD, Airs;the RowCr- HaatMM8s-YTOOMD-titebuns;THnVicks;MHfirst cardte;CB the list goes on; 18istoofine,TDDs, 1Fly guy;Kingnominee4; Morio-Thonxbud; Hilary ILuvyou 1,2, 3, 4, Mom, Dad, Sue, Kris-Youmeantheworld to me, I love you. Jennifer-Always and forever you ' ll be in my heart, I love you! Look out cos here we come - the RATT PACK. . DeAlivo, Naomi Thisis4Yvette ' sK.Naomi Yvette.bestFriendssince Kinder gordentoSeniorJrlefttoGermany. Seeya nev- er wroteanyoneNice, ILoveUSiSeeyasomedoy. Bye- PottyYvette ' sWenttoS.H. gomesw K.B. inFHS cheer- uniform. ASBYea! IhateAprilforwhotUdidto Paul l. Ifl- seeyoul ' llslapYa, GoodbyeFH.S. Thanks forthenice- memoriesl ' llneverletthemgoK. Magooville, loylow. Easy, O.K. Hi, Bye LA, TD, UD, AA, TS, LU, JC, LP Comi, Com, Gurdi, YourallthepeopleWho matter. Wear- etheseniors! ForYvonne8(Marlon, Cindy I made it! Seniors thanks4 beingmyfriendsyou guys orethebest l ' llnever4-getU. llovePaulAbbott. DeFelicis, Gina Best Buds: JG, CB, JR, CH, CB. DF. RF; OfficiolGD. Demo cc w JG, CH 8i CB4; S.C., 84; P.D., 1-4; W.F, " I ' mhot " " 1: 5-6-83, TP; GH 1-4; SHHS guys parties; Lake Arrowhead 1-4; Sn Clemnte 1-4; Lake Havasu w flat Ind frnz, TL SH, w JO, 3; SO. Chevy w JR DF4; I miss U ML; Bch House 42nd St. 4; 12-23-83 memories w JO; Winter formal Princess4; St. Marys Rejects; TBLO! CS-Nlce Try! GoodLuck HL, ILY! Cam- Thnx 4 olwys being there I LUV U! JO- Your sovery Spcl 2 me Thnx 4 the memories I LUV U! My Bst Frnz Alwys! Richi-Thnx 4 the good times, 4 ILY! Mom, DodSi Tony-Thnx 4 Evrythng! I LUV U! DiMauro. Stefonie Student Counsil; JB Friends 4Ever. " 65 " Mustang Mo- pleCrash " IHateTrees " TH, Me, Rod Times Skiing. TH Watch Out 4 That Tree! LakePowell; TH, SD, MC. Cheap Skate Hill! Party Animals! JG, JS, NZ, SD. T T w NZ, JS, JG NoMoreWheelchairRides! INXSLTSiME LTSiME, NightTime Walks on theBeoch " lmCrzy4U " Lore, ILUVU, Thnx4 putting up w me! U 8( I 4-Ever!! JG No mor e 2 moons! Comfortinn, 17BDayWhere was I CD U WEREtheObjectofmydesire! " HELLO! " SIMOVIES We ' r out of HEREP " 86 " -Goodby FUHS, Hello World! MomRichDoveScGina I Luv U All. Thnx Dad 4Bng Thr Liz, thnx, U Know what I mean! Luv Yo Dinh, Viet Dong Accomplishments? What are those? Oh, I ' ve none! Here goes: Nerd, 1 Bore, 2, Bookworm, 3, Senior, 4 Memories? Plenty: Limy, Ru-Ju. Camel Herder, Skip Hey buds, we had fun! KCK. Ditto thanx! Swam ' way, 1. Skippy, EL Buslo Grande, remember? Tennis, 2, What a joke! TPSr, Cnr., 3: Cops, Guys! Pre-Baja Bash-Who turned out the lights? D-land, 4, Coun- fem Shane, Lost in huh? Lauries? ASB was tun Slave, Shut up! Ha! DW. you ' re OK Debate: thanx, Wiz of Oz, S,D Hal Friends. I Love Yous! Teachers, Thanx much. Sis. Thanx 4 all. So Long FUHS. Love, V.D, Dong, O ' )o Do, Dong Gnag at gold course on the hill Hello Mickeys TO. GH smoking in the boys room. Skoal brothers Snicke ' s pal. Tomes CI Nice PH. wch out for ed K.S, state lade. S, on you pal. Never me W B.I TNKS TK. BK, MN S Thanks-Victores Oriental juice, D.S -Un- cleRon what a combo. Thanks fr good times. W.B - RC, SG, JR Too many HjO lunchs w Uncle Ron Bud, Shaffer, Doritos. Burgle, at point Apmt! JR DDdown in TJ ' splaying Mexicaly White lines Fu- ture luck to SharonS, Nancy S. BigBBis watching! Special thanks to Jim Hamner, Sharon McCauley Only the best for John R, Roy C, Steve G, DongD, WB iSiu wuuiCL Clt jm:! Dotson, Deanna Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, disco sucks so does soul. Foxy dudes classy chicks. We ' re the Class of 86. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Thanx to my sweetheart Brad-u- pulled me through(summer of ' 85) I love you lots!!! SR, thanx 4 being my friend 1, 2, 3, 4 MG my best bud, luv ya! " Ihavesome icecream 8( you ain ' t got none " Few?! 2 ' 65 ' Stang3 Senioritis 1 2, 3, 4 Now that I found my true love-3-ril keep him 4ever, De- cember 7, 1986-The BIG DAY! D D ' s, Joyces, Eds 3 Idle Feast(08iN) B-3-rad parties 3, 4 Brad shreds on guitar, Sy ' s a rod bassist, John on drums Thanx Mom for everything! Bradley and Me forever!!!! fn uS4}r0X) Orf PAiiSiou Downey, Melinda Anne Student Council- 1, Junior Civi tan-1 FBLA-2 FHA-2 B.F.F, T,A,7A,S , A.B., SB,, D D,, C S , C.B AC. We ' ll always be the best of friends. Thanks L,H. T,E, J,C. Carm Carolforyourtriendshipthisyear It meansalot- tome, HeyB lloveyou G P -n-M D 4-ever NOV30.85 Dec31.85 Feb22.85 " 86 rules " Thanks Mom 8t Dad I love you both. Rick. ILoveyou Durham. Tracy 1 2VBTRACKFBDRILL. ILYE. E W F84 ' JAMED 1 C.CKSKPICOVW ACC Egy pt ainLo ver- SOF84 ' G.BGRDCDGVHSBOYSAAJV ?BOYS LOO- KOUTWEEKEND3:4BOYS. MALLS GQJCMEN. MMSPDETHJMWEARTHEMLEVI ' S, IWANTTHEGOLD! SPMYBOYTOY, SWE ETWATERUMMTSMFDN: Original- sinSP OREOLOVE? 80YOURTHEBEST! ILY, WREST- LING 1SPEEJP MOVIESTRICITYNAUGLESJACKS, S FM, HD FT. HN. LGOODS, BJ MD. C ShareShareali- keW F86MELE: PRICEClub YOBABYS, PKISSIWTBYFA- MYCBM, ROCMES PIMSW, KROQ PlayingpoolatK L S, Pcasa: VICWHTCamp? FLYG DigitolDisplay- Corbcanlplay, D FD A, W WOh ' A, TJB SOSWILYH. BD MILY, LETMEBTHE1D C, BLTSGETIT . jfe- i- L — -«- - " O t Lhasa thrash parties, zoo, Wellers hotelroomi The- porch incident, N, Soul, ollthebands and the rallies- nomore! AztecCamarainSB: Depeche hotel fun, the Bellbeefer and a new-foundpassion for Boone ' s The Drunk Duck, the tonguingpineapple, Lawntoys! The dreaded Psychotic Fungus, starring S-S, B-B Lords- Stivswopspit-rm432! CRASH ' Smashitup! That marin- atedsummer-RodioCity, Specimen on the floor Fe- tish, theSmiths! This is portytime: Porkn ' Beans Cheez- Whiz, and of course MACH! To be continued . . I ' m out! Mr Moore and Willies Sex Engine Thing! Dyer. Stephanie Where to Begin-Mods. Circle. theFactory. POW. Earnest. Bill Bill. MARK. Oi. IGOR. HEY! Milwaukee ' s Best. Coors Knotts Scaryfarm ultraScam. B H the OPPRESSED DIandHotel. HeyBud wereshort$150. toobadpunks! BullyBoys. givemeonamericanhondshake. LOOK OUT! THANKS IGORIAImostCRASHED. RIGHT ON CHIEF! OH NO It ' sTHECOPS. EVERYONESMILE. TOO late. S SweatyBettys. weluff YOU. BRUT 33, Guitorclass OUCH, I ' mhurt, bustedNOSE, Tri-CityPark! MARK RatPack, USA, Skins, oi, oi, oi, oi We ' llgetRe- venge! New Mustang! Open container. Court March 18th freelunch scam. M V C . let ' s GO low Riding StevewhatsinYourjocket. NuthinDad. come here son cJ5AirbiyM (5dUA Eder. Jennifer Choin. Godspell. SR0123. DanceCo1234-Pres. FP- Noey. Vi. Mish. Vol. Car-Pstmn. BOF JB. HF. CH-hon MEX. yngl Jsph(Fawn8i.Meno). DStoLV. HC84-Midg- Woitr. Lian goforit! Aims Beefy. JVCheer-HjOPolo. Baja 85: fun sun!; VSong-LuvU. Cmp. Grnch: TJxprs. HCSr Princess-GITL: JB4everfrnd-TCU: JUIs- Thnx4leadingme2HIM: Kris-RmBudy. Imsure. Marth- onM. Hi! URd ' best! Spec, Frnds: TM, CH, JM, SB, EK; G G Splsh, Zoot Sxy17, B G: RAULIN, mysocrstud, lloveyouwith all myheart, BstFrnd, CraigPksesn, SpgtiFac, May 4, Forever together Always yours! Thanks M D M8iK 4luv support! Godbless FHS, seeyallsoon! Bh C £6,umLfi Egurrolo, Eric Football: 1 2: Vars,: 4: Vars, Wrestling: 1(most im- proved), 2(mostimproved, CIF), 3(mostinspira- tional), 4(choked), Thank Godfor the greatest par- ents in the world, I love you Mom Dad! Party ani- mals. Beer Bong, Suburon, BestBros,-S M, J S, M.W, M Z: My other close friends V W. CD, R.T. BR, M,C. Best of luck 8i I ' ll never forget you. To my baby. I love you Wendy Weaver. Class of 86 rules! To my " 87 " Bros Keep partying and stirring up trouble •jM i! i:Lb w Encinas, Anna 2 shy! soccer games-Luis, LIuvia, Mex Hilda! Dooley- Kopacki-OnlyA in Eng. class syljoins in Chaly! Began dance-AIINightLong-Go4it-C A! Hil Mike, Cyn- SiTom, Ana Dove-Amor Primero! Moved to A.S.- BeachBum4-ever! Pink Freak! Chanie-mega mas- sive: MenudoClub-lefters-penpols Prom ' 85-H M AS. SG OC. AE 8i J E -Legs! Los Primos! Gabe? MordySiOsito-TeQuiero! CrushonU-JohnM CyndyT . LouieJSiAnaE Dance Concert! Ugot it all-Ed! LotsaMischiet BasebollFever-Chaconisimo. Whi Knight. Wh. legs Luv ya gong! GonnoMissya Thanx MomStDad! Evans. Virginia I ' ve matured and learned a lot over these years I ' ve made many great friends h. memories I cherish I ' ll always love my ' frenz ' Lori. Mindy. Carm. Jen. Carol, Tammy, Lisa. I thank all my teachers for all their support And for my ' frenz ' and family for al- ways being there, I love you all I ' d be redundant in my attempts to express how much I cherish you all, and the memories I ' ve made I ' ve enjoyed the cafe - even tho. I missed my frenz at lunch. The years passed too quickly. I can but dream of the great years yet to spend with you all. U §AM 4-— P Qk.oc :fcKj2A. OAOlK Faroh. Heather Dance 1-4, VarsitySong4: CampUSATHXSQD4fun! tstdnc HC83TM1stluv: THX4urheart JE. JB. GC. CH. myBF ' slLuvU! JB2Fun23. JESumrl GC CH: 3-SAMV- Watbch myothrcar ' sa ,; SATSCOOLGC(MELATE)CH- LILHABT. 321. SF. 3d ' s HCTHEVANSIumbr PrtysNoGuy- s(HAHA)MCSUMR85Wasfunwhilelasted MOMNYR- ADTIMES86. WFNoDote. SleepwhereATSiJBwhere- 2goJinBx. TRICTY, GLDHILL TPSRCNR, MOMcomeget- meattheSTATION KS, DF, GCFtblGmPre-Festivities GC weneedamanGCtnx4nvrletingmedwn Moml- modeit, Thx4 thehelp KMBcarfulmyfvrtscrub! Thepnt2close2home TKLD pinkdoddy, I ' llolways- missU ThebestyearsofmylifethxallByeFHS r JL V - .- Field, Richard LBC 3 4, LLC-2, 3, 4, u2ruleslongBeach, Forum Buzzbombs, Bullets- 12: BongMALLParkinglot-4: J,V Baseball-2: Tues night study sessions- " Can I hove a ride to work " , Baskin ' , N SS.M TILE surfaces r the Best: L.B,C,M-R F,R,G,T H T A; S M -3, OingoN. Y E,-85: L BAF; 67 STANG " Where ' s my case Rob? " JOUR- NEY TO WATTS: T,P WARS-3, PALM SPRINGS-1, 2, 3: GH -2, 3, 4, JB " Buds " , PARTIESINTHEBOAT, J in the B, BAD HEW Fu IN4thPeriod: MOST EXPENSIVE6-PAC $365.00 PS RFDON ' TBE TEACHING LITTLE BRO THOSE " BAD " HABITS, JKTH.RG. «[kTi fib W Fleming, Denise Cheer 2, 3 Head Varsity Yell 4 Dance 4 ASB 4. Frosh- Soph Original 6 USASuzy C ' mon, Bus rides. Dwn the hall 2 the left D8(C ' s DogTreots Redspot Fire hazard at Krts B " n " B Mis my nail Coke sqwrt. Beef Enchilada Menudos Tyrolia(Vinegar)BA SHHS Grich B TJEx- press Drt Fights MissSiShon sit TALL " Dee Shower- Presses ReadersDigest (Secret Lvr)shhh Bch Dote on the rocksw J, F, D, S Have U Yet? N26th SDTS all night long in GreenBgr, EBFree, The trunk Scm S ' ' S E V DJ R Kl Eric Best Buds Luv Ya Wendi snow Queens 3in1 (M,J,J,T,T,N,M)BchHerewecome! Said " NO, " MOM DADILUVU I mode it BYE BYE, a- Q Fox, Dan Anti-Wally ' s, Adams and Jones, Unofficial official quote. Band Geek, Taxi to beach, dogpack. Still a one girl guy (Thanks Glory), Haunted House trek, 1,200 dollar summer, 52 game winning streak. The real skateboard ramp. Never prime another engine (ok, Mike), The Christmas Eve Buick Roast, Rip tides (sorry Glory), Frisbee Golf, " Egg " , Welcome to the 317 family Thomas, Dead batteries, Mt. High Skiing (afirst). Thanks M and D for everything. Beverly Hills Mar. (hove a little ice cream). Thanks B.G. ' s for T.P,. Thanks for everything. Glory. ILYSVMAYMTWTM tAfjnalh: ' ' ?7 L ? Franzia, Renata What a great school! Cross-country 1. drill team 2, soccer 1-4our team nvr went 2 CIF but we had fun! track 1-3not 4. 1yr, of freedom, go 4 it. ROMA JH! group; Cin. Jo, Cam, Gi, Jules, Deb + Coe, We ' ve hod some rod times: rjfdemo Dnr, team 1-4, San Clemente, the Act w Coe-l-GHHTHD, my boxr. Prog. Dnr, dances -I- hotels, MERP; J,S, Locker bud, skyline bus-2. concerts; mammoth-4; N085 COWS! G.H. 1-3. Jack ' s-4. F.U. sits. TAKE CARE GIRLS! BchHse(42st)here we com! Coe-BBF; crsLght: we ' ve had some rod experiences-French Bud! Tom-UHIU R a wildchild-luv you! U R the best. Dad. mom too! HAVE FUN class of 86! SCU, here I come! I n . 7 1 ha.J . T Frawley, Kevin Matt Varsity Soccer 3. 4 JV 1.2 Undefeated champs 3 Last day of tryouts. scrawley vicsquare cheeps broken ankle club president Speechclubwinner 3 Let ' s B careful outthere, When does it end? World War2stories, Yo little borther no more Sh, Ted ' s quote book-Life ' s hard, then you die! M F,P, in a box, no comment: good luck dras the 3rd Kliff ' s brother teaches EnglishTedK fanclub European invasion, Frawl-monster. fun sum3 Thanx Mr Flint from Peg Here I come Malibu U, New moon over ElCentro only the best RWBP etc and by the way what ' s the Alma Meter jO. fj-yvnte) bidujcMd Fredricks. Dennis Ft Bail: 1 WoterPolo: 2, 3?4; KeyClub: 2, 3, 4, Mary: 2, 3, 4 Shasta 84, HAVASU85 wMary: Hawaii84 wtheboys. 3games adayModnessSiSpecials: 1; Nl- TELITE: FREEEVERYTHING HANGINGTREE 2. 3: FurDu- ty Humanity; RACKETClub 4, (SL!CKi)Thanksforthe- gradeCronin, WhatdoesLANCmean: Thanks to PBR.JHDC-CISM.J.LSM, ThoseiKNEWTHEBEST! It ' s myturntogo ILOVEYOUMARY SDSU: 5; Iceblocking. Quartetgames. HiddenLKS, Mt, Adv. w MC, CJ, SM, Havasu9SNACKSANDTHINGS)ILO- VEYOU: MomDAD, LESLIE. STEVE EL VISiSKING?? MannyMOE JACKEMBO: " HELLO! TOTHEMOSTBEAU- TIFULGIRLIKNOW. " Mary TLC, TEEN ' 85 the Dickies. ECHO THEBUNNYMEN .dmkm AiNrji Freeberg, Stacy Jr. CI. Tr., 3. T.F.. 2. leader, 3-UCLAcamp, P-FD-H6(TG) Pepperdine, 3, OOOGSME. 4. Pep- Flags, 4, Butterfly. T S HipAction, Westwoodjere. 4, Kiev, Pres. Wave; Journalism, 3, 4, McD, TBRuns, MVP, 3. Feature Ed; HCBWG ' 85 BRian- 10 84- 1 86; RO. BAX. RT(SAT, Love); Istilldo NWWITW; Angel; Ru- by ' 32 ' ' BB(64 2): Dogs, DDIives, DDW Yrbook. 4; Grincir Wolfie, KeyGrip; StudioK; HBTB7-DU Cotalino. Jaws, flieWail. FF! Doub. Whammy. Richmond, VA Lonisdead! MS ' .Micecream(JP); GF: Du, CB. DB. LC Thanxyouguvsforallthegoodtimes; GodBlessU Mom, Dad. Logan. iloveUverymuch; goodluckJen! And thank you Jesus for ma ' rting life wonderful. " CDj - fft ion French. Debbie S.B. 1. 2, 3, Athleteofthewk. rejected 4, JR. GD. CB, JG. RF. CB, CH, (DFdestroyers) U guys made my senior yr. the best; thnx! Gdtimes2come; beach house 86, 4ever livethegong! lit ' lJon: my boy. JR. bst, frenz 4ever! HeyJules; Rwe 21 yet? (vegas 85) Thnx 4alws beingthere! The boxbthrm no aids, JR8iGD, SO, Chevy, W-F,86 w CLSiBasi! a nightto remember! LB Imiss U JS; CSF beware! LL, Thanx4all the special times U R un4gtb!e! Ed 1bigbrop thnx MomgiDad; 4 evrything u ' vdone 4 meU ' llnver b for- got; lluvu21ots Thnx FHS 8(the class of 86 4all the memories! GoodLuck! G Gerola. Kathryn Drug Intervention Hit List4 Track 1, 2 Tennis 2 Dazed and confused 1-4 Golden Hill Gong 2. 3 C,A. M.H, H,K, AS. P,T. BFF, Graveyard Groupies 1 2 C,A Parties-Bye-Bye Guppies, Cracker Fight 2 M,C, oat- mealing 4 Good Luck at UCl, DANCE SHOW-4 liquid lunch P T-3 " Get a maturity level! " 4 Circle City-1, M M, When? 5 Down 1 to go Westward HO-3 Thank you. Sir, may I have another?-4 Milwoukees Best is this the best they can do? Europe 2 Beachhouse, Beer Pancakes Anyone?-2 " It was only a small get together Mom " -4: J,W No MORE TACOS! Eh. Boy,,4- FHS thanks 4 Fun it ' s only begun! 86! Godinez. Alex VarsitySoccer3. 4; J V, Soccer 1, 2; Wedidit, CLE Varsity FoofbolW, Diditagain; CLE,; Anglersclub; Photoclub; Angelos, FirstFriday: Don. Greg. Dave; " Party " ! Where, local " TucsonorAnoheimHllls " . ha! ha!: My thanx to everyone thathelped me and to my friends. 1 love you all; Whatan experience it has been for me. I ' ll neverforget myhighschool memo- ries;: Vic. Hao, letsgotothebeachandridethe- 20footers; Perhaps layoutorenjoytheviews, youk- now; Class86weknowwerule. sostoythatway; It- time. Iconfeelit. Hawaii86herewecome; solookout; Trons ' amaction, youknowguys! ah! ha!. ThankMom- 8i.Dad. Iloveyou! .5ijiv-c UJ!rrTr 2y Gomez. Steve Accomplishments? What accomplishments? Yeta- day 1 ate it bud ToRoy rememberCraig Park Look out for girls in porcshesKK. JG. PG. SG = The hoods of ROSS, Kickoss The Hoop Scoop from the To my 111 sis Sharon S thanks for being there JC you Jinx me at the Stadium and the Movies Andrea we cant be late for Mida Mobies JR, RC. DD. SG, we ' re on our way to the Mall Julie S is a good Golfer Lookout for old men I ' m out of here!!! I hope Grot, Robert TRACK123: LBC: cofounder, 34; CROSSCOUNTRY2, 3, LETSDRINKBLEWSCLUB234; SKICLUB234; SKATE- CLUB4.; TOTHEBESTOF FRIENDSTH, JJ, RF, JB, ILL HAVE A CARNEXTWEEKIPROMISE; BEACH HOUSE BB BREAK- FASTPLEASE, " WHAT HAPPENEDLASTNIGHT " ; PGPSUK; HEYWHO ' SPARTYINGATTOBYS " NITE: SCAT- TERZOOMBASH; FINALLYGONNAGRADUATE-WELL- MAYBE; FPHBALWP; J,M " WHERE ' SMIKEHUNT " ?,; MS, " BUTIT ' SABIGIONE " BDTPRFPAD, BBLETSGET CREETCHED; BBGOTTHEMNIP I ' SAGIN ALBERT SONVO, PROM85KS; FUNTIMESEH YESSILVERBUL LETSLIVEON! P A ' SBACKFORMORETH; GOODLUCK MIKE; LOVEYA THANKSMOMANDDAD; 864EVR, Grodt, Gretchen Shkos: SF. KG, KM, KS. CW Never forget!; Heaven 17,Ultravox: 1; " Hold Me Now " ; Culture Club, Alarm Fixx, RH, The Cure(KRS!): 2, Bunheods-EN, DH, TM Official Bunheads of the 1984 Olympics; K-BUN Bloke Chosing-SH, RH. TC: Steve 2; Jacob and Ar- lene: 2. 3; Blokes 1. 2, 3, 44-. B, Idol. 4U2 Concerls, DM. The Lords: 3; Grad Night 85-seance at school- 3:30am: 3; MT 5:3-12; Animal, P,-GNYAILY; Alarm, Cure, Shriekback, ToyDolls: 4; ToEN-my BEST friend: Thanx 4 showing me the light; always being there. Love ya lots! S Fl! PEACE on Earth , , TERMINATING INITIATIONS! , ' Jl ..,2du ortvi i- Gunther, Jolie DT-1, Track- 1; Frsh Sph(Suzy C ' mon-orig6) JV-3 V Song-4(USA-Grinch-TJ exp) ASB-4; Fsnvr-4; VV-4 w CH, CB. GD; San Clemente: 1-4; Fl Club-CH; TBLO ACCIDENTS DO HPN; LK hov w GD-FltInd frnds; CO- L B-oops! Bch, Date-DF SL: ME FB(I miss-r-frndshp) BF ' s=GD. CB. CH. JR. DF. CB. RF-(u-r-vry-spc-2- ME) 1 DEMOTm; SC ' 84; HC ' 85-The Von; TheFnce; 12 23 83-W GD St Mary rejects; BC ' 83 1st my date; bch, House-4 The play w CB-1 M D thnx 4 evrythng-1 luv u! John Al Mimi-Thnx 4 putting up w me; CB GD BF ' s never wouldnt ' ve made it w o ya; 2 my cuz-CH-thnx 4 alwys being there; JR thnx 4 alwys undrstndng H QwdK ZI ' HiqM qj Hackney. Creshia Miss u-Carlo M, Tracey C. Jen L. Kim B DMA- 1st Choir 1. 2. 3 Gyml, 2 DANCE spot 6 yrs-Vegos-Lion SRO sum 84 BF Jen E Amy TPippin-Joseph Mexico- 1st love Russ Disney-Gina G AT-BF Always purple Black- NIGHTSCAPE-FUN Tickle Pink lovers before friends. PJ I ' ll love u 4ever PROM85-SxyDNCR-PURR Cooler Sum VWBUG-Beach BF-HF through the worst 321 all night long SF-DumbHousel live-Thanks u feel IIP 1 do-UGH THINK THIN! U BUG ME MOM-1 HOME-U ' RE Late CurtD-l love tight BUNS in 501 ' s 1 made it to NY THANKS for the support Hove u, Mom Woyne I never did like school-IGroduoted ! 5c:: . Halili. David oh-ZOOT! HermonBoodmanFanClub: 1; KeptTaco Bell in biz with help from " ElBrav " Soccerl, 2. 3 unde- featedinFreebaseleague The " Hang-wich " lives, Wetitdown! The RoyKawagoeBreakdonceSutdio- McCauley ' throwsomegriptapeonthoseshoes! " CampbellNuggets: 2; tokeasb. 4; " doublebut- tered " ; VarsityBadmintonpermanenthealthinJuries, LocalPartyTucson: Bohlentokearaincheck, Beto " ni- celifel ' of Oingo ' 86 AnendlesssearchtorPulp, ' RUSH, theultimateconcert ' 86, Al-xsnoozonthe110 Iwan- tajobat Best! OnthePattyCroninhit-list ' 86; 5 year- plon Custom Airbrush T-Shirts: Cars, Singers, etc. 773-1852 Hall, Lori Biology Club-3, Home Ec, Club-3; D T T O; ITO, Thanks J,P , T,E,, M,D,, JC , CM,, ME . AH,. MR,, CC. FOR GREAT friendship and love, T.E,. I ' ll love you always, FF,, K,I.T,. Always TFF,. my fav sis! JC. always remember you ' reaBuckette: good luck Swiss Miss inEuropel Min, goodluck in future, all KIT! J.F., It ' s been great! USAF, P,B , Utah, BYU, tiere I come! J.F., K,L,, S,R,, memories; Disney, Prom ' 86 R,runningN., LDS. religion always; no i ntimidation; I will miss you all always, " It was norly Dudettes! " Inspir; Ttianx Mom, Dad, and Fam! ! made it! I,W- ,L,Y.A.A, hq }Il f hjrruJutjbr y Hamilton, Heidi J.V B-ball: 2, 3V: 4; J.V S-Ball: 2. 3; Tall Flags: 3, bun- buns: Idakas: 2, 3, 4; Varsity stiort flags: 4, " ttie roof " , USA camp, Tijuana Express, grincti, C Bvs me, 7:00am practice-zzz, " Where ' s everyone ' ' " , ILuv ya squad; Bestfriends 4-ever J,S: H.Cmemorable mo- ments, calmthyself, o-toy. bereal, novery nice, vi- diopolis guys. " Who ' s it tonight " ; C,T-hey " sis " . kick- back, l-i-msure, PTSA Fashion show: C.T. KB, J C. M.H-Mammoth buddies ' 86; LB Have fun next year; J.C and I together 4-ever; my buddies MA. BR; L,C, L,P, TV Luv ya; Mom and Dad Thanks for all your support; C-ya FUHS: Here I come ?! fun; 5, 11, Butterfly, Ripperw sneakers: LoveFP; FUat- Disneylandw BD, JB; Hangingoutw MD, TH: 3.5gps; 4-toocool; CinAG, ThankGod: ByeMrsC; DJw MA- (HatetheMusic), DowntownLAw WC (Hates it), KE; DnDrevivalw CF, KE, WC; ByeBug RUSHintheForum, Trees: CopperedPunkw WC. DW; B R. DirtyNotes, TheWall, ScrapingforCDP, JazznClassical; Buddies KE, DW, CF, WC, MT, TH, ML: ArtatCSUF?(FC), Gla- dl ' mLeavingFUHS: Bye fotnvo tterrY.vVJriG 1- Hernandez, Veronica 1styr-P,R,8iV.H, Best of friends " you ' re trip ' n " 2ndyr- L P V S thanks tor the crazy times 3rdyr-Dr.T, Vern- Roc. Lady D, A.C.C, jams! Jr Prom " What a drag " " Where ' s the limo? " R,C h J.C " you ' re habbidy " " Umm fresh! " Larry Luv Lady D " Rushit " " Cham- bers party! " LisaP-Good luck in 87! " Go to work " Lady D " your hair ' s jam ' n " Best of friends F E Sr. yr- F.R V.H 6-28-85 ' Promised 8-17-85 Yogi Sleepy 1 homegirls F E " Hey Now " Nando R. thanks for the memories! I luv U F E! I made it mom dad! Class of 86! cially entering adulthood has been my highest praise, I have learned to be responsible, cooperat- ive, caring and understanding, but above all I have been able to search for answers, rath er than the first one presented to me. Do not let Society cajole you into what is believed by others, you must think tor yourself and be an individualist, I will go on with my occupation as a musician, and go ontobea jour- nalistas well. : J (fle Lit Hewlett. Ted SurvivedSherwoodism: 1, 3: thegimpingDruid: 2. 3. Fifty miles to San Clemente?! Aaaahhhh!!! To Karia, Yvonne, Jill, Lee. Bill, Heidi, Viet, Steve, Dan - Thanks! Jim: Yosemite or Bust (oh well ,): La Mirada Party Machinei Deb: the 4 of us at the beach? The NOTES! U guys are great - Love ya both! To Ray, for all the opportunities and Jeff, for the best-ever Dad. I love you. Lis, " Oh dear God, do you realize that in 5 minutes we ' ll be clogging in front of total strang- ers? " Come on guys, let ' s DANCE!!! feM ' Ua;l|} D harr-a Kiexs YnoTruu Jei kti Honks. Karen Swimteam: 1. 2, 3; (BSer): pert squad: 3; Fr, Club: 1. 2: CSFimpostors-KH, SF, ASB: 4, varsitytlag 4: tomy- flagsquod-lwillneverforgetyou! Antired wh. MyBud- dies-Shane, Bear, Bill, Dan, Du- " What ' s on the BASIC sign? " TM- " We ' reproud to be N F G ' s! " SF-the orig Molly Pollyhomemakers. MP, SA-ratho!e, guestlist, GummiBears. DW-thanx4SP, " SHUTUP! " Hove DougM, (TroyBoy)LiandKiforever! lloveyouLourie Us VNckiJ V oo KOvi Q Hawkins, Cindy VB, SWIM, DT-1: FRSH-SPH 2-2 MCH FUN! JV 3, V, SONG W JG, JE, HF, GC, KB-BST EVR! CAMP 2-4: SUZI, GRINCH, TJ XPRSS; FL CLUB 4(PRES, JG)DANCE CO 3, 4; WRK AT CC W CB. JG, GD. SAN CLE FUN; SKYLINE-THE BUS; TBLO; TMS ALONE-PRTY; KITCHN FLOOR ST MARYS REJECTS, HEY CUZ. ACDNTS HAPN-FENZ8(W, PIPES? CB-GOOD PLACE 2 DIE CARL ' S SNK SWING ' N AT G H : GLC EQTHRASH: CH DEMO TEAM: 2: cc, jv-IN DREAMS7F O . 85 DOG SQUAD, THRSHRZ 2: CB, JG, GD, CB, RF, JR, DF Thnx 4 the memries KP THE GOOD TMZ ROL ' N; MY FAMILY THNX 4 EVRYTHING! 2 RM 1, 2, 3, 4, FIRST LOVE AND LAST! U R VRY SPCIAL; I ' L LUV U, ALWYZ!! THE BEST 2 U, CLASS OF 86! tuL HedloundL Hedlund. Julie Dances. 4, ShineDown4UGod Deb-RG. DD-1 JM. KB, CC, JE. JB, CT- you ' ve all made a difference 2 me, Chris- I miss you Luv ya! UR the greatest! Kris- Cats. God, F.JS. P ' s. talks, luv ya! JE-Thnx4 support JB-TH, JA! Lighthouse. EK, NH, KB-yarn JE, KB, KR- " Lookotthatsmile " Julie-choc! Weds, Fun! PTLClub: KYMS: Joshie-W F walk, BF, John8 32, Thnx4U; Haiti Eastside: camp; Cher-BF4ever, longtalks Jesus you ' re the best thing that ' s ever happened to me Rod you ' re the 2nd-ril always love you! " The Lord is my strength and my refuge. " Thanx for everything- Mom! lluvU! Missions Here I Come! ByeBye A. K W yWxJd Hendricks. Scott 1 -boring; Photow R, JH. JN, HT(?), scared by GO; 2- cooloer; DnDw CF. DH. JH. PM, OrangehoirnGohdhi, Climbingw ML. 5.9puds; Yah! HerrMoc: DfromMrK, 3- Hersey, Kama We Made It! 2 Kitty8(Shannon B-Friends 4ever 2 Dave P. I LOVE YOU always! Summer 85 w S,T , MR. SR,, R.B, LB: ST, rememberthewindow(Bang) Home ec FoshclubPrez4: Bio club3. 4; Scott it won ' t wake up the neighbors, THEGREATFROGLIVES It URKS ME! Remember Oingo when Cook couldn ' t Breath! OOO your FUGIYI! Hey Dave You Still Ome! Jacuzzi parties: Hairspraybottles! DAVS MNT 192 prf and Big- Bird! EEEEi W MBMS M,F M 180 ' s 2 my Ms Pols: Todd ' s parties. Future Interior designer! I don ' t wont to be a figlet! officer 8 people isn ' t2many! ILUVU- MOM! Thanxforeverything!! cm u vvot jsl- 5ii VJ® Hershkowitz, Lawrence Official Member of the Uncle Ted Fan Club. The breaking of Mr Sherwood ' s thermos. Struggle is be- ing engulfed by the Kopocki box Crow in the Bar- barian; Nap time-AP, Gov ' t-Bruce!!-Pretest, Post- testSiQuiz, A,P=Barrion=Monarch = Cliff=BS Neil -Go Ronnie go!- Republicon all the way! Accepting the system: pretend to learn, -A,P Spanish 1-4; Mr Knorr ' s love of cats - gatos Take a seat outside, Bruce! ' ( dh DliAJjLCJi Heusser, Noelle VVB2, 3. 4; co-cap3. 4; A-Tour3, 4; MHAL3: 1TAL4: A-City4 JVBB-1,2: 20-0, 2; VBB-3, 4; HScore17, 2nd team AL4; 13 VSB2. 3, 4: CIFCHAMPS2; 1TAL3; MVP3, 1of3, ACity3; 15 Vtrokl BigFPres4; ASB4: Dolt4Jeffry-LB, Brea RA-BudsCokeBuds; MyLunchl; ChapManDirtyBuns; MazaRADi; LepSanClem-Tent- naped: A!ICIearlnTheValley-CT; TheBossBreak th- rough; MudFB, NoWF ' s; 13-15ComboTL: H-JC: CC 1 GoltCourseTooFun: HotelParties: WF4:20, Reolly- Bugs! WF-Princess; B8iE-BuscuitBrigade: DonkeyBB; TARDYme? SpecFris-JC, HH, MA, CK, BR, BP, CT, DU, LP; HDH-YorTBestEK-BF, F : FriendsWe ' llAlwoysBe; JM-My4everFriend MM-1lnAMil!ion; JustT20fUs; ILuvU; J-24, Ed-GoAwayl! t-luj-n K Hewitt, Sy I have participated in many activities, pertaining to physical recreation provided by the school but offi- Hewlett. Thomas I ' m not sure if I accomplished anything, I was hyp- motized l .iT J yS ' Hier, Tom Started here Junior year: NO kid: A Tree hit my truck " JAAM " -4. Tennis with Roo, Eddie8iDug-3 butTOO lazyfor4 SHHSfootballbonner-busters, OH! Lun- chonthewall, fires, bottlerockers, orongefights, OH- noits " HOLE " ; Frank, Scott, Run! PABReservesRe- serve, Thewall-Dug, Boo, Frankie, Eddiekool, Ken, Dan, Wade, Mo, Tom, Scott. heavymetolScCABor- Die, MO ' s RAMP, JACK, Tri, thePOINT, GH, CAME- LOT. . What, DuglosthisfireExtinguisher OH! No- moreDrags. Dug, what ' s growingonyour roof? BOO, stretch that stomach. Renato, UH!; HC, WF, Holly- wood, Mammoth, PROM, when ' s Sometime? Thanks for everythingMom Dad " 5t;9 Hill, Toby BROO 1, 2, 3, 4; Seasaw: 1: GoldenHill, Drive-ins, courthouse: 1. 2: Bridletraillumberjacks. trashcanas- saults. signcollecting: 1 2: " TheResf ' liveatBeach- combers: 2: Sneakin ' outforlatenightSchaefswithE.S,, PB., G,B 2: TowerRecordsincident, sorry E,S,: 2. TeomRHB 2. 3. 4. Funeral, Shively ' s Sadlonds. FlowerSt,, Beck ' s: home sowoyfromhome 1, 2, 3. 4: ChinaBowl%Lloyd ' s-maytheyrestinpeace, Skate- Club: JUXTA 3. 4; Beochhouse-BBbreakfasts: 3; LBCco-founder RG, RF. TA " Buds " : 4: WhittierDairy: 3, 4; HansWisGod: 3. 4; SorryoboutyourcarMom: 4; BudikaBrigadeReigns! WjtLuiAx l4j LArAkryvr . Hirschkorn, Melissa BFF TH. JH. NL. HK, DF. MM, I ' ll musUJC. SF. MG, JH, CD ' slstcardate, BF-2Ric. Buck, Hornick, Vic, Curt ByeTeepSiRay, RD-Drv-ins. SB, RT, SHHS Budz MDG- I ' llalwyzcare4u, M8iM= 83-84 crzy 4 U! ThanxGD, DF, your sweeties, I can trustU! AHA-cottielhadfun (Rambo) I ' llmissU, kissme! Mom, Georg, Ang, Mi- chelle, ILUVU, DadlLUVU2! Nicething, Blue42, smoothy. wannab " V " . fiestacit, everynite. nerp. Bird. Bnga. De, Nic. Tan, Thelm Boog-n-Bere. ya! DeeJs, NZ, SD, JV. TA. Greatfrndz! Th-shupup, PS- 319 victim, rocked, 25c, Hawaiinparty 1 7 . Newport39th- here we comel Class of " 86 " i Z-J yJ Jln kj hioc Hoang. Lan FrenchClub 1, 2(Secretary); BiologyClub 2, 3, 4(Sec- retary-Treosurer): HomeEc Yeorbook Staff 4; Bob, you ' re rod! Friends Always YC, NY, KR2, FM. PC, CH, LH, SL. EspANI ILUVU! GG, BMW-Unforgettable Mrs.M Mrs.H-Thanks 4 Your Friendship Over Ttie Years. My special ttianks to KEVIN- You ' re SUPERB! Cham wimp3. Ecology Brain4, TA2YRS, SLAVE- DRIVERI BAJA 85 Grand experience! Great memo- ries. You ' ve made my last 2 yrs. X-SPECIAL! Merci 4 everything We ' ve shared a fantastic time! JE VOUS SERAIS MANQUER BEAUCOUPMI K.I.T, Thanks M and D and S ' I luv u all! CSFI Here I Comel Au Revoir, FUHS! Hornidge, Tanya SD, RADTIMES-LAKEP; MC, SD, TH, MM; MUR. MIC, DINK, FFA PARTIES, CHER, LEE-B, ZETTY, MISU1 D- TEAM, NANA, MDL-ILUVUALWAYS-N-4EVER! SUN- SHINE! BABY, ILUVU! DS, 56CHEVY; ML, JUS-U-N-I, RC, DINNER, BFF, JH, MH, NL, MM, DF, HK; JACK-n-BOX; KYA, FB; BIRDSiMIS-LUVULIKEASIS; SHELURGREAT, SEX- YALC, ICECREAM; BAJA; CD-VICKS; RAMBLER; NIC. STPSHAKING; 25c; DHHS; CRZY4U; Hal, Jenes, Thnxa- lot TP-FRTZ; BINGA, WHTADEVIL; ANTTILUVU; SIS- TERS4EVER; Sum1 special-Mario SH, THANXBRO; KBOTME4EVER; SLVRBULIT-RD; CHEESE FRECK; DUDEE- GOODLUCK! THEORW; MC, TH, JV, TA, NZ, JS DAD, MOM-ILUVU! GRNDMA. THNX4EVRYTHING-ILUVU -% . HuJu " - Hughes, Tom AG-1 2, 3, 4, Treas, 3, 3steers, tvealcalf, 2pigs- Football-1, 2, 4 32-Beechwoodgang-Deadend- Utahtrip-Specialthanksto: S-H.-(B,B,F ), MC, RD, BM, LK, JG, GC, LC, LG, JR, CS, SH, CB, NH, AA, AH, AF, SF, PT, DP, AS, AND Therestofg -21THEDumped, My- factGT, ' Linxpally thewooba-fairhotelparties- checkthedoorknob-Dollarnight- fishing-Newport- Beech-Berrbong-DippersRow-Copenhagen-Mom- mothtrip- TeepeeDance-olltheadpanties-Nomina- tedforWFKing-BSOTB-Offical; Legend, Rods, MS, HP- ConsumedoverlOOOSilverBullets, Schafers, Buds. ondTequilashots -A-21gigswerethegreatest-spen- dingthedayatTJ; HitHitchiKing-SpecialtHankstomy- Mom Dad-Tri-City Hunt, Scott PAULA sfARK; 57Chevy; RD400; Tom, Sneak. Zol- sandBuds; GARY ' S RADIATOR: " WOOBA " : FFA. Jyro, LAMB. Monty, OGEE! corky and CHEVY; AL- MOST21(ALPY); SEEYA FUHS, Hylton. Julie 1; HCNOMINEE; DM; MB; BIRD; NL. HK, TH. LC, SS, CMCM, RJ. ETC; TM, AP. BHETC; TICKLEPINK; SADIES PROM, B-BONG; TB ' SPARTY; RECROOM; 2: TH, MH, J ' S, HEARTS, BOWLING; VIRG RD-JUMP; OJ BCHHOUSE; IDOL; SNOW; RR-i LUV U1 MB RR, CAGE DOMINOES; 3MUSKATEERS T. M, J; 3 MM; FRED CARDS; TH-BFF; DHHS, ERICS; ML, MG, RA, MM; C C; DAVE ' S-BB; TROYS-MP; TJ; HALS; PS- VICTIM; WHERE ' S A? STRIP 25c; BUD; MH-UPALLNITE; NURPS, MPH-CRAZ 4 Uj J ' AIME TOI; 4: BINGA, CHEESE; WB-ILY, THE ROW; 18th B-DAY; WF-IHMD; DESRY; WB ' SFRIENDS; BOWIZRS; TH, MH, MM, NL, HK, BM-TP. DE, NZ, JS, SD, MC, RD, EE, SW, AT, JV, TA, GD. SO, SH, MG, JH, JR, KL-IL MIS U; THNX4WAKINMEUPMOM -ILUVU Irons, Charles Lee To Logan and Einstein: E = mc squ; Newton: F = ma. To Kopacki e.e cummings, existentialism. Truth, la- pis philosophorum To Jefferson: The Statue of Liber- ty. To F. Schaefter and J Montgomery Intellectually defensible Christianity, The Eternal Logos, Jesus is the Son of God, " The sum total of all sums total is eternal, " Die Weisheit ist nur in der Warheit, To the Messiah: " Our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the Will of our God and Father-to whom be glory for ever ever. " J ( OjUuLA ut- Jaimes, Catherine 4-Party; Bud ' s R.N., AC, V,V,, T.K,, M.I,, A.R,, V.H.. L.R., 2, 3, 4-cutting; EnoughingLife!! Thankstomy- brothersandsistersforbeingthereforme. ILOVEyoul! ToMonique. thanks4beingthere4meand4gettingin- troublewithme. itwillbeonehickof amemor- y(S.B,M) ' ' ? Deliayourthebest pal EVER!! Betoond- Friends(Buddy ' s) -itsourbeach?? Wefound-it!! To- Beto-RememberKleven ' sclass ' ' ? Party!! ToTim-lwil- lalwaysrememberusat MC.D ' s I MADE EVERYONE!! Yeah!! Party!! Good luck Party Bud ' s. See ya in THE Future!! God Bless Everyone!! Jaso. Jon Thanks for the times MC, S.C, FB. SL, A.V JS AT. LK. AF nutter SH, R C R.B, Hamner the Wongo. WorldRecPound 3sec. Consumed 3500beers TriCity Jacks Go! Hill Shudupfido Jeffreyatthebeoch The Van RoachStRoacheet Shaffersucks. Ojai Lucerne Stealing cows from SH. Chick from Norco U2 Tff MC. Oingo Boingo Dont Say Boots Vanderbeen -l- Irean Rudolph the point Dana Point, 130 to Holly- wood I killed Cox at Logie See Ya Tony Scott C. Alex Scott P, Mario i Johnson, Christy VarsitySwimmingl 2, 3, 4, AS., TH., 1 2, 3, 4; " BREN- D Aiswally! " -Moody Sean, lightbluebeedoes; 3rdperiodSpanishventurestromlibrary; D.W, scrab- ble3; DeeCee shirts3; Itcouldn ' thavebeen,,; HjO- polo-theultimotespectatorsportU-Tote-em; 3GS; Ax-part; ValleyGirl SixteenCandles " l ' llmeltwith- you " -Surprise17! " Crazyforyou ' totolheartbreaker; MarthoMustang; B.P MallJayJacobs- " thedress " , SanClemente; Kumquat " leaning " -Gawk: AS, PR, TH, JH, T.L-O.J.-Red Nisson ' notworthit, Brenda-Our- friendshipwilllostalifetime. You ' remyverybestbuddy- Thanksforallfhememories-Tomytamily: Thanksforal- lyourlove supportl Johnson, Karia French Clubl 2 (Treas, 2) Biology Club 2. 3 Idakas 2, 3. 4. Homecomingi: D.J. 8t R.R.. K.J. J.B. Sucker Syndrome 1, 2 with D,J. it. D.D.: Smurfl Honors at Entrance, dinner at A 8i V ' s: Jim likes D.J. not K.J ha! French 3 w The Witch Y C 8i LH -smile-nod. Sher- wood ' s AP = a royal pain. Winter Formal 3: w M.B. Guy Shorts throws lemon on floor. Chem tests w D.J. " pass the calculator! " The Uncle Ted fan club- box. Econ. Club-J.S,, Y C, TH,, V,D., L.I. AP. English ditch club - J.S, 8i TV. The almost Fullerton tunnel club - JS. 8i D,J. Prom ' 86 w M.B. Luv ya Deb! Ptl Shu ( mjL, ' aJ Jones, Debbie CSF 2-4; soccer 1-3; X-countryCIF 3; VTrock 2; Hnrs at Entrnc; Rotary 134; 1st HC-doubldate w KJ; mis- match- JB-t-DJ-not KJ! Srprs B-day 4KJ RV! Suckr Symdrm w KJ8iDD! Miss U-DD yur grn beries! Jambo! Kopackism-the " box! " DearAbey! HC 84w LLSiTH! Bchcombers BBQ 84, Skiing 84-85! ThnxKJ! WF 85w " the Gang! " -Boby McG ' s w Gym Shorts! PROM 85 w JB! Chem survivor w KJ-poss the calcu- lator( Math 2!) SBw LP-thnx! Bch B-day prty-thnx guys! Powell 85 H O Skiing-thnx KJ! HC 85-hairflop! Yrbk Editor 4; Deadline brain drain! We did it! Thnx JB YC EK KB KJ SB! Lv ya B Tomes! ASB 4; RV-type on 1 side! WF 86 w LH2; Anti-tunnel Club! Miss ya KGILL, Pie in bed? GdLk K8tC! UCI-bound! To my parents- Luv you alwysl To LH2, luv ya 4-ever! Hugs 8c Kisses!!! K T t r ' XJ. ■fyu LAjx.i SoJk : Kaaiawahia, Keoni Gabriel To Mom and Dad, Your MIJO has grown up. To GOGO (the guy in the blue truck, 4x4, 7%) To the partiers in the hall -OJ-Bet-Jose-Ela-Pepe-Ray-Dr, Dre-Mono-(MO-JO forever) Silver Bul!ets-OJ- We had some kool times with the sign-Beer Wolfz unite - to the twins All you guys keep in touch - Kawagoe thanks- To My Homeboy Phil G. This Bud ' s for you! And to most of all. God. Thanks for the life you gave me. x 2 9 J3ilct 0ie: Kafka, Greg Annua! Staff: 3, 4; yearbook photo editor: 4; March- ing Band: 1, 2; Concert Band: 1 Jazz Band (Cuesto- shrs on bus): 2; Oceanography SS: 1; Ski Club: 1,2,3, 4; Mammoth: 1 2, 3, 4, Ski Utah-Easter ' 85 ' 86; Ski bum 1, 2, 3, 4; Senioritis: 1 2, 3, 4; old clunker but it runs!: 3; ' 68 Bug: 4; Channel Islands - Summer ' 83; Catalina: 1, 2, 3, 4; Defiance " Race " crew: 3, 4; SSYC: forever; Ensenoda Race 1 2, 3, 4; slowest Ensenada race in history (48 hrs): 3; Santa Barbara x-mas ' 85 " surfing practice " ??? Transpac Cabo hopeful ' 87 ' 88III! s sS Kerr, Holly BFLKBestoftimes! DE, cem, party! SO RS BD steal car- stall, oreo C.WF, MC, JM-An experience! Drill team 2, CA5 champ, -drunkfish, -dead- JR Roses 3BB, HK, CA, MH-PT, mem, -ME, KG-WF, RT, TCfor pres! Fl, par- ty-PW, ILuv you! Thanx, HC, SB, WF SH, PR 68V, Brakes, DOOT, grand in Bath, Ihopewestaytogeth- erforever. Party crew, MM, KL, RT, BR, CZ-greot- times! Danceshow4-jumpshoutBoogie! Yearbook2, 3, 4, It ' sunderthebed! CA-Ears, MH-Teeth, PT-freck- les KG-Chest, HK-eyes. Thanx for everything! You all made my year the best ever! 320 Kinney. Eileen DrillTeam12, SophVP. JrPres. TickToci , Rotary234; Masonic2, VTennis1234-Champs34 Soccer12: VTracl 123: VYell: HCSophNom, Grinchturnedwhite. JalapenioChz WIniz. Crustyears. Dirtclods spitwads, Fakenails onionbart, MSMjr, burnBAUM, KSAEGalert, Isurvived UncleTeds chali , Jambo, SrTortuga. wake-upMel, 14ktgoldMercBenz-court8, Lepmo- bile. Baracuda-canlhavearide? AttackofWF ' sSailor- buds, BOSS, moonlitwalk talks. Chili ' sCruisn ' in- convrtbl. SanClementesunsefs. skiing! Alterego. flash, MazaRADi, ILBB. BisketBrigade. ClnpmMansion, BF Noey. KBCTJHMABR lluM D, JOSH-memrysoful- wilnvrprt. Ihldaspclplcenmyheart 4u Kish, Hilary Softball 1. 2 Volleyball 1 2 Watergirl 1 G,0, 1sf LUV, Hey-Bird My Ankle Broke! Boonesfarm 1 , NL JH MM- THRASHIN THREE Moneaters 1-Nic. thnx 4 the scars Rec RM a waterfall-always a ' NICE THING ' THNX 4 yr 2(CD8 RJ) My Best BUDZ(NL. JH. MH. MM. TH)THNX 4 all the memories Runaway 3-THNX Mis! P, Springs 3- WHERZ THE vie ' ' DouDATE? D CHI-LATE nights! Blue- 42 the fiesta. Craig 3. 4 Pooky. I LUV U Chewyz DAD! BIC 3, 4 THNX MARGE! Curt BF ' S 4-EVER I LUV U! THNX 4 Campin Psycho therapy, MM special friend. Bing a(TW-D-MAN) wanna fight? 1 pt of vdka UGH! THNX Family 4 your support-! LUV U. Good Luck 86 I ' ll miss U! L ' T O W ( (X vvJ It- Lambert. Beth 1 Luv my honey Kraig Thanx 4 all your support Buffa- lo fan club Senior corner bums, JA LN DY PW TA KB Best friend Jeri (2) Thanks 4 being there. Beware of tide pools. See ya! BRAT 4-ever, 1999-3. CUE KR Legal! Now what? LA 2-1 Shelly R JP Luv your III Buddy Well guys we made it. good luck c ca C ( Le. Tuan Anglers ' Club rules 2, 3, 4 Radminton!! 2. 3. Not all games LOST 3. passed History A.P test Ted Ko- packi ' s Fan Club 0, 1 . 2. 3. 4 To be or not to be. That is the question we asked in Kopacki 4. Boredom, Sleepiness, A.P English, Thanks for all you have done Mr. Hamner Physics is fun! Cal Tech or F.JC, here I come! Good luck Laurie H . R.R. B.C.B,, MR, C JLu tLj ji- Lee. Chris KARYN JONNSON Love You 4-ever. Honda XL 600 F,F A,, Rocky, Buster, Ramob. EXPO Buds 4-ever " No more pizza, right Tom? " I want my cor Please! Pow Wow Prom Alive in " 86 " To mom Dad for being there with me Love Yal HP DC. NO WAY RIGHT KARYN, 6 Roses 12 Toooo much NAAAA! KARYN I Hope You Love Your Ring " ? " The belt is there to STAY. Dl, Almost 21, Will live 4-ever CutA. «. !«-» ' -- Lentz. Kirk I ' M NOT A PRETTY BOY MY FRENZ R JUST UGLY SLOBS! B-Bal! 1, 2. 3. 4: BB Club: 2, 3. 4. BB-Cpt 3. 4. JV Chmps 10-0. Sins 8i Dish UR the bst!: Fish trp: 3, 4- Tiger Bar: 4-SMN balls; Bch hse: 3, 4-Stve Bth Thnx 4 grt times! Life a ' nt fair - Maybe VanV. wasnt so bod! H.D.: 4 - D.N " U R Hot " : W F Nominee - thnx Cam, W,F, 4-Limo -F Base=Fun, 1:30 pm - where am I?- " Twilight Zone " Bryn Adms Con: 4; Tijuana- ' 86, RO Ramp G H PND Gang-MM, Z, BR, RT, EB, TJ: Good luck in future 2 Class of ' 86 8i my buds MM, Z, BR. EB, RT, PW. TJ. TP, CB, PT: 2 the 2 bst parents in the world-Thnx MomSiDad UR the BST! Bye Bye FHS- UCLC here I come-mny good x ahead! 5toCi£ H0Avia o Lipman, Stacey Swimteami: St and Na 1 2; Stnagysaism2, Best friends w Yvonne; Somehow it ' s just the 3 of us. Red Rose 4. Baja Full moons 3; Memorial wkend w RW CD, New Years Eve ' 84 w YC, AS, CC, KA, TR - Don ' t want to sleep in the bathtub: SG Prom 85-Yv, we ' ll never forget; Frat Party! Maybe not. The Jerks, That was then . this is now; Peanut butter 8i jelly bean sandwitches 3; Straw Hat 4; Forever Gypsy 4: New Years Eve ' 85 - Cold who ' s cold? Where ' s the cab- in? No more, St ; Save a Prayer, Stacey Rick; What to do next? 3-1, Hey Baby . ; Will always remember, forever Ai il7 ' " j i ' Vt ' i Lohman, Scot Best friends: Wade Banxton, Frank Blatney, Tom Hier, Doug Schultz, Jim Kimbrill, Mike O ' Neil, Eddie Preston, Ken Golan. Gregg Gaon. Mike Brown. Mike Magana. Jon Josso me! Wade remember Las Ve- gas ' ' D-Hotel hell raising - THE DESTROYERS- oh, don ' t forget the PABC Pres Dan Connely The Members Mike M. " Moosehead. " " Catfish. " To my poor cars. Pinto, Datsun and my hardworking " Hot VW " squar- eback The Rod U2 concerts. Jack-in-the-box, Golden Hill, Tri-City, Nice truck Tom H Cool Z wasn ' t it Eddie? Ken. filler up! Mike B.-Bondo! I Love you Mom 8 . Dad. Too all the girls I ' ve loved y? ;t dMau, IyI Ledbetter. Nicole LUV2MyBudz-MM. SF, JV, MH, TA, NZ, HK, DF, TH, TD, ETC. CD2 Sworn2FunLoyal2None1. 3, 4 Smoothie- NoNeedToAsk TicklePink-SmelltheVintage Positi- veAlternatives! Wf85Letstradedates! HeyFarrell-Tiff Tuff Ruff Stuff! TotolledtheZ! TBH-KISSMEIDONTDIP! Binga The Swingo Mis 1st Me 2ndShanCamped! The Kennel. BamTheTherapist Driveln. RambosHouse. 312Brookdale ShesA 13 FPD NPD Teen Green- Recall PunxNotDeod NerplnThePulsar! HeyEd! Fred- BarnBedrockCox DCSiJM ShareScShareAlike! Oh- MyNaili DSiGlenfireHazard, PutltOutCookieMonster! Thanx4rides Pig. Fiestas. BingBug, Hondo, TheDoll- date RXTimeSF LifesAKitty. ThenYouDie SeeYaAtTheShore! McCullah, Kim SHHS ' iotfresh. year - " Saw the light " Swimteam 1, 2. 3, 5 Backstroke lane 5, " Jumbo " RobisanlMP. H O polo manager. 2; " Speedo fan " -Brenda W,; I Hate Sadie Hawkins L,U, I love T P., Tall flags. 2; Camp Sucks. Junior yr- " Crash McC " ; PR in a Speedo " Wow " " La Crem " Ditchin ' school with the boys and Shaffer Tom. thanx for being a best friend when I needed one Sean. I love you You helped me survive my Senior year and so much more KM. and S.O. always. I love you Mom and Dad. You ' ve helped me through all the rough spots and hsared the fun Watch out Hawaii, Here come Kim and Tracy! y yfcJ A McGurer. Mark B-Ball2. 3. F-Ball, 1, Bch Hse II, PD, SS, 25c ' s, Mad Samoan on a T-Seat, KL, Get Ready, EB, RT, TJ, EXPO I. Baja I, Awesome! EM Promotions, 99c Mar- ges, rathole TS. KL, TJ expo II, don ' t get greedy! Taxi, Key13yrs EB, crazy, I squeeze in anywhere! Ro window Carbon Canyon adventure. Twilight Zone, Nice cars TP and KL, Tee Kee 4ever, TP, get d Kar (wheels), PKS " the cops never come " watch out! Run! GH, some rod times, TS, we conquered the hill. Free B-Ball games " tricks " Thanx grandma! ' 69 eico 4ever, TS Grn, machine The " PDING " crew 4ever " 86 " MM, EB, TS, KL, CZ, RT, TP? Sf hh%i ik ' juuf McKeag, Sharon Love always 8( forever Mike EP 8i wish you ' d write before I die Miss ya Suey T 8i Big Bob Jr Want to drop the bomb on Reuben Ken at Jezebel ' s Dan- cin ' at the Pavilion with ChipSiP.J. ' s cooter 20 min drive thru at Naugles Nona Kidnapped at In-n-Out Urges with Tom E Murphy Creative cartoons by Benny What a writing hand. Glad to leave ya crowoman Esta ' s tea Fireman Joe Put out those fires Long Live Ms Beezly h pen cap Losin ' it in nowhere land Jules truck rollin ' job Prom with Falcoman More Disneyland adventures Playcentia trendies Adios abosos Ester. HerbScPoly. ,V 4MlZy V McNey. Garrick Football: 1, 2. 3, 4; CIF CHAMPS: 3; " The Ring " : 3; MR. Sr Pres.: 4; MVP Soph F-Ball; 2; EASTER WEEK NEGRO TANNING CLUB: 1, 2, 3, 4; ETC. (HA) 1. HI TR! MY ' STANG: 3. 4; GOT HIT: 3 Vi: Unofficial Member Of Dance Co.: 3. 4; TUTU BUM CLUB: 4; Wannabee H- King nominee: 4; Rod ' s Gang: KW. TW, RG. RB, RA, LW, LANAMAMA, M, ME, DM, AND THAT BEACH FAG; Novice Day at the Desert: 4; Hey Stinkee!: ' i, ' 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mammoth Buds: NS, LL, LS, SS, ACS My Little Scrambled Egg-ACS MINE! Sis-I ' m still gonna get- chal; Post-Scrub, you best get A ' sl; MOM DAD, YOU ' RE THE BEST! I LOVE YOU, Some Funky University; 5BBB to j (K, t WuAjp Manship, Greg Basketball 1, 2,3; Track 1; Thanks Coaches SS, S.F., F.H. BB. Club 1, 2. 3; Anglers Club (almost a year) Partying w R.F,A.G.D.B D.H.; U2 84 8i 85 Oingo ' 86 " Beto. Nice Life! " Partying in the bomber Weak! BR. Friday Night Deliveries; Pulp Tonighf Yah Well Anyhow!! " Louie hit the beach! " Cruisin PCH " Take a raincheck Bohlen! " 42nd St. Wedge, Summer 85! Bajaa w K,F., B S. great bus! Thanks Jose! Alex-Hey. Betting in Chemistry w M.O. the Bookie Quishhh. Local Party Tucson; Dave t-shirt please! Special teachers-J S . K.F,. L A , B.T. Thanks F.U.HS. " Now it gets hard! " VRSduOL WiPC xw ' j-tP Marquez, Hilda MOON-CHOC! HEY EVERYBODY TAKE A LOOK AT ME!! SCRUB YR- " 1st LUVS " -ME-MIKEY-ANA-LUIS-SYL- FRANK 2-GETHER 4 1st TIME H 4-EVERI-HM-AE-SG- SOPH YR CYN CAME-HATE CAME 2 LUV-I GODA GO 321 PEE D0-W0P2 MOPED ADVENTURES-CHOCO-CHIPS- JR YR-STILL PALS MY GABE YR-BYE GABE-I STILL LUV YA-DAVID 4-ANA HEY-GOD LUVS U!-ST, MARY ' S-85 H 4-EVER-LUCIANO PROM 85-FUN DON ' T LAST-SR YR-RAD!-HURT ME! HI OTT! -HOWZ DOT NYOUR DOG SPOT? PRINCE JAMSI-MENUDO-WHAMI-JETS-GOSH I LUV MY FAMILY-HI JOHN. HEYI-YO COMO MOON- CHOC EN LA MANANA CON Mi MUSKi BAILANDO EN LA ARENA! JAMMIN ' IN ' Sa-BYE Y ' ALL! Marsh, Cathy DanceCol DrillTeann2, GYM2, Morn, FB BB Anoun3, MCWM. ■19840lympicDTOpen CloseCeremonies, SCTMH, SWCMTT. HAREMS, Mashpotatoes GRAVY, MBMCWO? Creamday PPWTB, SOTMHOWLONG- WILLTHISGOON T8GACTL, SPJDGI, WABOD, SAHTB, FAGSTER, MLWOIOC, GHASWRWMB, CHAMBER- SPARTY. WigoutFeb, Va. AirSupply, " 1st8c10 " : NHHS 1 Hawaii 85, LBCMSWnoonecanmatchus!, CLAIREanswerthequestion! 2CD: Thanksforbeingso- cool! CAKE delivery DIS, Suicide, SGPWCIGUH? Ring- mybell! JBLBShockbreakers, Baseball, Shallweplayo- game? MBIbelieveU? lalwayswin! BLT B J, SCOOPISBSunday, MomYou ' retheBEST! ILOVEU! Feb7, MarchIO, LBSWCMBF, Anteater, GoldenWest, PARTY!! X5s-— o 5 ' - yXyCKy yifCZ— Martin, Gerard As for accomplishments I don ' t think I saw any - Now as for the counselors they managed to mess up everybody ' s life for a total of four years - as for the weekends we had a great time even on our unem- ployed low budget thanks to Generic Br We could get a cose tor $5.50 - My last year in school I didn ' t do anything get anything done except sleep. The happening bands this year U2 - Big Country - INXS - The station is KROQ - 91X Martin, Julie National Merit Semifinalist, To all my friends, I wish you good luck and happiness! Boja Summer ' 85, Mateos, Richard R. Anti-Gobor; Stalker extraordinare; Hey Rich - How do you like the game? AUAUHHHI Hey, you want to play some road games? Champagne city; US, Army enlistment, Sally fan club. Alive, she cried - D.M,R, - The lizard king Good deal - Algebra sucks - three consecutive y rs Run ' em off the rood - inglorious bastards Melendez, Yvette Cheerleadingl. 2, 3No4Moneybags, ginahambloo- mersonly Freshman, grtPepralliesFroshSohpHead- Nopts, ?yr, palsbutnotreallyjustonthesquadnotoff, Rollersstayonnomatterwhat, 3, LR nomore " glasses- " lockedinlockerroomw debPutanothershrimponth- ebarbietorus, 0,K, hirunredlightw KBIookingforRT- PA4NocheerthanksBobB08 .M , Tracyyoutoocru- shedmy4yrderamSorryVarsitySucksthisyr. Thisyr. Fin- ollyoverMCTomydearestPaullloveU ! Youreveryth- ingtome, April13. 851stdatepromisedOct29,85, Paul Thonksf orlovingmebock . Ineverwentoutonulpro- mise, Nowofftoawonderfullifew Paul, FHS Never- letthefunend. Thanks Mom Dad4-everything, StayEASY MAGOO, (%umr r UcJuJ Michel, Carmen Freshman year was the best! Marching and Concert Band: 1 2; German Club: 1; Biology Club: 3; R,L, 1, T,M,: 2, NO: 3, 4, ROP: 2, 3; Sophomore year - OK; Junior year was boring; Finally a senior!!! Great year! To: Jennifer C, Lori H,, Carol C, Theresa E,, Lettie U,, and Mindy D,,- you are the BEST of friends and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Take core! Lettie - I wish you the best of luck w G,L, I know you will be happy! Jen,- to you especially the best I ' ll see you in Europe next year! Thanx Mom! Watch out WORLD, here I come!!! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 86!!! Miller, Joshua Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Letter 2, 3, 4: Soccershiek Champs 3: Fiasco 4: Indoor 2, 3, 4: Keeper-Action 2; 4, GB musclemass, JGwhiteboy, best buddies Mexi- co, mixing. Smiths, Speedracer, Ganje, barbie-que KB, MSM, XSM, RSM, TSM, HPSM, PMSM, Me; MSM, CPM, major HanSimonBaconFootlooseWolfgangSo- loLeBon: bambatu mobile: JH, to whom I could al- ways talk; goodluck!! NH, great pal. Ecology, con- fided, senior year late E,R K where to begin? Late walks, long talks, best friends, put up with moods, slow but steady - sure, source of every emotion. I only pray I was same. MSM jr! You are all part of me I can ' t separate. mJuuJ) a- St J y - Mineni, Michael Anthony The Rett Pack MM, CD, MC, 4 Long cut bros inc, CD 8t MM 38(4 CD ' s Taxi service MMSiMC, 4 suburban road trip 3 4 A.V No chicks 3 Air Jordan crew MMn MC, CD, MB 4 CIF Champs 1984 Football 29 yd F.G. vs LaMirada 3 Baseball all league. All-city, Catcher 15 Jan 24, 1986 met Noelle at B-Boll game, 4 No Coolers justCoors, Best time ever, PW-WW FTBU 95 TE, P, PK Squad leader 4 I love U Pepy ' s URTG IWN- TU4ANTW, IWNFTFTWHAWF 2 my bros Curt 8i Mike U R 1, TRP is inseparable 4, 5, 6, etc . TViAxm t.Uc Mirgoli, Farvardin I like to thank Pauline for sharing the best two years of High School with me! Thanks kid. Also thanks Mrs, Robertson and Ms, Gray, Good luck to the whole class of 86, Love you ALL Mitchell, Dolores J, 1:2 FRV.H.R.O.C.M.J.O.L.P, 4 ever lovers! T.D. B.F.F. W.D.C. R.B. F.W. y ' r S.L. T.D. My B.F. S.A Autoboose! Duster flying T.D. Ft. ball game jr. met J. ETA. I Luv U always! K.S.K. Guess Boyz! Louie very pelvic sto- mache. S. " G. " P. D.M. Luvs ya! 80 GOLD = Serg Journal! D.C. T.D will luv u forever! let her B the 1! Serg Thanks! Vic, Scott, Mark I ' ll miss u guyz! DM. T.D, S.W. S.O. B of F.F. I luv u all. DM. 18, 14, 29, CD. V.W. D.C. Awesome = fly guy! A.C.C. T.D. CD. S. " ' G. " S.O. T.McC Get some J.E.T.A, D,M, WLU.F.E! SPA. G.L. 86-87 2u±h -m. -irii Moore, Ruth Well there is no accomplishments for me except that I made it through my lost four years of school Pass or fail! I would like to say thanks to my dear friends, Christy Turner and Michele Bradley, for help- ing me through this. I would especially like to thank my very best friend. Tammy Paine. THANK YOU!!!! Christy, do you remember our sophomore year? Duran Duran forever. Michele, was I ever shy? Tammy, I hope you and Mike will be together al- ways. I only wish Eddie and I could have done that. Good luck to all my friends and to the class of ' 86. y ye Moore, Steve Nora Zepeda thanx for all the great times my girl 12341 love you Thanx MomgtDad 4 all the support you ' re the best I luv you. To my best buds EE MW MZ VW JB RT MC DS CD MM JS It will never end Thanx Jules 4 being so great to me I wont forget you. Varsity baseball 1234 Football 14 Varsity 4 All League The suburban The Igloo The bust The near bust Jack n the Box 85 Grad night Kennedy Game TD RoliingHills Coorslight The driveway B-Ball I was MUP you boys know this Celtics 1 Donkey B-ball Beerbong The Fridoy Saturday parties The neigh- bor boys EE MW MZ Nora Its been great and there is only more to come xjcZn C Z 7 ' :rt U Moore, Victor Eric Football 1 Track 2 Bummin 3, 4 PartyAction 1234 Thanx TC The Edge 34 The Row 1234 I ' ll miss u guys (SH, TH, MC, RD, CS, TP, PROF, ALDO, JG, JH, JR, DD, SG, HK, TA, Etc.) Old English 12 Mich 34 Crs light 34 The bus asst. league Banzi runs My car is a lemon What did she look like? Where ' s BFE, GB, JG, JM, sure as hell hod a good time Sherwoodism 1 . Life in the fast lane BW, JC TC, Gongi runs The Jungle Senioritis 2, 3, 4 Sketch Thanx for all the fun Flint is God The Peanut Gallery Remember to party till ya drop Look out here I come SD crew time ' 7Z . «. jiAf Morones, Tracey USA-TJ express; Grinch, Bobnj! Pepflgs4-HH, KH-NFG, SF Hip action, CB, JS, ILUVUALLITSBENGR8! HiHonney! Very SIckSIck! Oooo; G-alert, VPP; ImSure; CT KB- U ' ve made this yr sofun-GET OUT! Dull; 1, Blah; 2, PC ainiter; Holocaust3; Joy-H; Jason iab! Davy Jones; Bunhead 4! Went Blokehunting w EN-FF do doubt at all! ILuvYa JZ-Ure a bud! AM-KEEP THE LCKR CLEAN! BN-Heres Ure note-GoGoGo! Westwood; D- sorry Im not in SD C-ICE! Uncle Ted Fanclub-llfe membr. BS-rememberUreMorals HIMARiam! yTi- mew MTM! JE-Thanx4theRides! DedDukDIed 5bea- chesNINite! TheJTdream! 1stLuv-WB-Thanx4ma- kingmy Iast2yrs so memorable! Remember, I LUV U! YFFKIT! rflArvA rOunqina Munquia, Maria 1 M.V. and I. A., Assemblies, What no clubs! Where is everyone? Chris where are you? 2. Tennis pro., what ' s a term paper? Biology no way I passed! Thanx! Mr. D., Anna couldn ' t have done it without you! Biology field trip How about those Cliffs Col- leen! Wow we did it. 3. What a summer! I ' m still here yeah! Lupe A. Why do they bug you? Mr. Tomes English III class, H.M., M.D., MM. 4. Piano, floriculture contest 3rd with LA., RB., Amadeus, Pete, GG, Beach life: Hawaii 86, Gumby and Pokey, The hang out Spirit club. Be cool fools, Thanx FUHS! MOM, Lupe, Steven O l-rrJjB Myatt, David Swimmingi; HjOpolo S.L. 2; SurfClub 2, 322 Club 2. 3: Team OSF, DA Boyz. Hall, Craig, Leo, Charlie, Toby. Vesponda, Godfrey, Time Tunnel: The Big " L " . 51 " Hot Rods, Surfing, and girls " . Thank you girls, Krista, Kim and Vanessa, Walker Brigade, " Hey Breckinridge! What? " " Rendezvous " : ' 67 DODGE coronet 500 ' 318 wedge: My Hot Rod, 60 ' s rivivalist forever, Angelo ' s: Love ya Mom and Dad: C-ya folks, P S 51 carts you can ' t beat that Barry! Flyers Whitehead Ediin J,C, polo 5, 6: LongBeach 7, 8, C-ya at the Olympics Maksanoff: I w ant to be a boxboy when I grow up: C-ya again folks! it ' brah ' . N fC n S r Jy ' U Navarro, Ruperto Words: Hola! Buddy, Peace " A " , SeeYa, D,K,, Ban- ner busters, Nice Hair, Gimme a Orange Cooler, Party buds, Van-Van, Salad Bar, Vic(Funny-Funny- Rabbits), Jeff Bud(What are you high or some- thing ' ' ), Buddie(Darin) Smell(Congratulations Bet, I ' m). T,M.(Pump-l-hose breaks!). Jose(Bo20)-lt ' s our Beach! (Salt Creek!) Hall people = Party Budds -l- Key-man. 0,J., Cuzzo, Jimmy, Andre, Pa-Pa, Matt, Big Man, Pe-Pe. Fene. To special people: Hi Tracey! Smile. Be happy, Grethen, I like your Bottons, Dan- ielle, keep on smiling! Hi Scrottie, Christy. Dotfie. Hirou. Mulinda. Gina everyone else! Mr, Hamner, stay cool! Elva. I Love You! . ..,.Ji ■- ' Wilary Nelson. Jennifer Woodshop: 2, 3, 4: MyLifeSaversAreMr SB, Mr.JB, MER, Rickit: M,T T DadMTL, Drive-Ins, R M: Unicorn- sAremylove: CedarHopeChest: S D Beach, Ar- noldSchwartz, BABE!, Holloween! Helpi R8iM, Mrs Cronin, Ya! Gov ' t Down!: Compt, Mr, SB, WOW! WoodshopMrJB! Hunk! FFA, Crazy! MissSF, sweet, cute! Mr CT, Crack-Up! D SFL! JFisMR ' s! McD ' s, FS. CM, FS, HM, Books! RobertMonster, Cute2yrs: Broth- ersSmort: 3 OAverage! Yai MarSKINNY: MomMar- ried: ShawnFun, AIIGrandparentslLove, Never- wouldhavemadeitwithoutmyFamilyLOVEYOUALL! Marie, Friend54-ever!! HaveFun " 86 " : BooksThan- kYou FUHS. ForEverything! Love to everyone! C a f ' i cn2y -oii.ZC Norfhcutt, Dave Professional stalker. 400 career unexcused ab- sences, 19 Saturday schools, 2 years Pleides sports writer, 160 bowling average, C — Average career. Super Bowl XX, Super Bowl XIX, All night poker games, Rambo assistant, hit Gobar with ice real hard, ice cream while Brad plowed pole, got a job - you con figure that one out a .y ZiaUML Nolan, Laura Volleyball 123. most inspirational. Mountains, 86 TA, JP, JB, GP, MD JCILU , Stop staring miguel Seniori- tis attacks, no more meetings RF, TH, TA, RG Senior Ditch Day at the beach Julie is a member of the Seagulls club. Running through the orange groves with Dy, BL, TA. Prom 84 Best dance with JC Prom 86 with TA and JP, JB , New Years 86 TA, Senior Corner Bums DY, KS, TA, PW, JA, BL Great friends DY, BL, DC. JP. JB. KS, PW, JA No more first period, down w fox. Nunez. Elva Bored 1 , Blah 2. Surviving 3, Finally made it 4 Alias - Bunhead 2, Bubbles(Head or ?) Mother of 2 (Pan- ther Spunky) Inherited " Babymobile " 3 PC. all nighter - feast at 3, Dreaming again? Don ' t go away! JT Dreamer - Nowhere land in spring Bloke hunting - Joy - Jason, VP of TC tan club Screaming Car SY, I Love U- Just can ' t get enough Little sis 1, 2 Big sis 3, 4 PJ Dare: Scavenger hunt 5 beaches 1 night Taco heaven w Deb 2, 3 Jumping bail BN, Here ' s your note " GoGoGo " Concert buds Stage jump Morrisey Act Terminating Invitations GG, TM Thanx 4 GD x ' s Luv ya 4 ever 8( a day. o j ! 2 Ojeda, Mike Varsity Football Soph Football Frosh Football Varsity Track Frosh-Soph Track set Frosh-Soph Discus Re- cord at 120 ' 6 " To all guys in hall keep in touch-Bet- Jose-Key-Dre-Kuzoo-Ela-Pepe-South 1969 Chevy Nova(The Moco) will run one day Key-we had the best sign(Silver Bullett) Sham-or Chaka you are my hero HP Cars of the Hall Boys-Moco-Thing-Mini- Truck lndio-1986 Champions, Mom: thanks for put- ting up with me through the years-Miguel Ojeda- (Mijo) Class of " 86 " is the best. God Bless alll! V, ' ' ' , ' Ci ' o;:. Owens, Sharen HC Nominee 1, 3, 4: JR Att, K-PON, Drill SS 1, 2 Lt 3 Dance Co 1: Camp Flo Cheezballs Hamburger- stand 40 club. Joystick at Circle City: Knott ' s and Egypt Fri-nites Mongo-Moren Put: B T fatlip LT, Westwood HB who needs a map ' ' Passport, Sweaty nose, Spaz Feb Get some(l wish!) " Entity " KS LW, KS Harbor walks JC Lockerroom Action RCI: Conven- tion and Pico men Guess Boys get a grasp. Pelvic Milk it, Melcos F-U Tri-City Jack ' s 11PM bush: Che- vette Jetta Muffler TM 4-ever Commercial, JC Gym, Get a job: Brother!!! Attitude 27-28-29-30: Best Buds LT GC TD SW CM KS Love you Mom and Dad! It ' s finally 86 let ' s bail! " Paine, Tammy Drill Team 3. 4. Idakas 2. 3: German Club: 1. S.H,: 2, 4: W F,: 4: B,C 3, 4, SB,: 4: Stag 1, J S Prom: 3. 4: Senioritis 2, 3, 4: Kopackiism 3, Triple R: 7, 8, 1: MJR: 2, 3,4 : Drill Team is 1: Luv my Comoro Z28 2, 3,4: I evol uoy leohciM!!!, Passed Cronin ' s Gov ' t class. Yeah! Thanks Ree, Chele, 8i Christy for being there I love you Mom Dadi Thanks for everything! Runt, hang in there, you ' ll make it FUHS, thanks for all the memories Congrats to the class of 86 ' We ' re 1! Good luck to oncoming classes, you ' ll need it Tammy 8c Michael 4-ever!!! Miss yo-CC, DY, TE, JB, JP j;va. v ' ' i-| - 1 -) Paquet, Jules P, Varsity football 3, 4 CIF champs 63 JP L V S JB Prom 84. 85 " Senioritis " Greg P.. Mindy D,, Tim A Laura N,, Julie B, Jules P, Mountains " 86 " MDLAB. No more first period, down with the fox I want to be like CO. sham, my idol (ha, ha, ho) Greg P. Mike O, Robert G Kent R. are all part of the Jules Paquet Role Team. Senior Ditch day, beach. Julie new member of dice bomber occ 1st per Laura N. clutz of the year Senior Corner, Tim. Laura, Darla. Julie. Jules. Greg P., James P, part of the extinguishers Ano e c.u Pearce, Gregory Edward Band 2, 3: Dropped out 4, Yearbook 4: Uncle Ted 3: No False Smiles, Every class is an English class - inter- estingly enough!!!: Thanx to E V, Free and friends J H and L K : Colombia-84: Good job ACE: I don ' t think so Ingemar!: J S, have fun at T.W - hope you fly high!: J P thanx for fun and friendship in H S,: Ron- see you in Holland!: Ron and Ing write always!; Ed-F ' ' (J.K.): Thanx Mom and Dad tor 17 yrs, so far and Jon and Mark for being bros : PS, 3:3-forever! sLAu - ykUAcy Peltomaa, Michael Graduated w the awesome class of 1986. Sec Treas Speech Club 1984-85, Vice-Pres Photo Club 1985-86 Member Photo and Speech Club 2 yrs Obtained drivers License, Magic Mel Club - Thanx — Ah Mel Our goal was not obtained Thanx for a grueling 4 yrs Life is worth living People ore crazy — Marun lives! People ' s fan club — LIHATYD, Reach for your limitations; and they are yours Cau 3 Pf,,-!i Pembleton, Caren Varsity Soccer 1, 2: What a great 4 years! Spirit Club: Sadie Hawkins with G,B, Lrn to Kiss! Got my license! Had a great time in Hawaii! " I ' ll take the option: " Smart A — Kid!! " Another new car Caren? " Hated Floriculture, 4: Ski Bum with RF 3: " Nice velour Shirt! " Missed ski trip but O-Well! I went dnywoy! Thanks F H S tor all the memories; Prty till dwn! Beach parties rule! " Riptide pulled me under " Best friend Lisa R , MS, DM, J.W , K,L , S,A , Good Luck Brent, enjoy it! 1988 I love you Mom and Dad, You ' re the best! • ' i ' r.cV . ' Fa " - Perez, Michael JV B-Boll 1, 1-9, JV B-Boll 2, 10-0, League Champs, Pretty Good SS, SP: Thanks: Varsity B-Ball 3, 4: CIF 3, 4: It was real - CZ, RT, KL, V, BR: Vulcheros, Keep It Up TRIBE: Varsity Track 1, 2. 3, 4: CIF Track 3, 4? We smoked, then got smoked. CB. TF. SB: HJ 6-1- : Uncle Ted Fan Club 2. 3: No Fake Smiles 3: Huck 3, Rat Mat; C the B: I got an A, Face, Braps 4: PTZ 4, Sky Boyz SA. MP, CZ, the wall 4, birds 4: JB Get a SZABO: CB arch your pelago. Friends: To whom it may concern: J.K: BFF: KIT, BFDI! Later FHS. What ' s the Alma Mate? Biyvy niMu, Petri. Bob Varsity H O Polo: 3. 4; Capt. FWY league 1st team, ALL CIF Polo, most KKouts, Pkled by FUHSD: 4 - GdLk87. Varsity Tennis 3, 4: League champs 3. ? Key Club? ELKs sclshp. Big Sr. VP, Playn the odds w TD, SD, TJ Big Guns, HC King loser 4; high on Physics w Guy AP loser 3, this -rthis = this that = KO 2: CSF 2, 3. 4 Orange Fights?. No Espanol. WP bud: BT wanna pass? th BB. surf, raft, tower, tunnel w Best Bud(GF)RW SOD on fairway w Dean. Bear. Jaime, CAPS OS a Jr 4GB Kristen Carrie-I ' m sure coolest. 323 NN-Ponce De Leon Walking w K.B -HC. WF?; Thanx FB: KB. CT. NH, EK. JE, Mom. Dad. T. M. D-Thonx 4 evrythg. You ' re the greatest u }t- £ . Purcell. Julia Vocal Ensemble: 1. 2. 3, 4. Concert Choir: 1, 2 Vi, Best Freshman Vocalist Award: 1 Dist. Honor Choir: 2; Outstanding Jazz Musician Award: 1, 3; Jazz Fests were " the BEST " ! Cuesta (what luck!): 1-got sick, 2- bus died for 5 hrs. LBCC: -l-rose 4 P,W, from C,P,. K.K.. S.P.. ' n mel. 2. 3. 4; FC Jazz: 1 2, 3, 4. Sr, class Sec Treas.: 4; I MISS SINA ' n LES: 3. 4, Carlo, my inspiration, thanx 4 being U! J.B.. L.H.. C.H.. ME = " Best Times " ; J.B.. C,H., ME = " BEST Buddies! " HC or PC?- HELP JUDY! ! LUV " BUG " THANX- Mom, Dad. Carlo ' n Judy 4 everything! GOD BLESS CLASS OF -86 and FHS! Way to go KYRMIT! -J =« IP Putignoni, Greg " Poot " ; " Ivan " . 76 Football 1, Varsity: 2, 3, 4; CIF Champs 17-7 Head hog, A. Streak busters, 13-1, ask SHHSI TP! rings, squad leader, 4, Shame ' the slave driver! NOS injected ' Cudas will always rule the streets of FUHS; Ant, Bug, Mustang, Ford Clubs of FUHS! Speed Los " Fuego " ! " Surprise " ! " Stop da cor boys " ! Watch out for those leaves; Bondo ac- tion!; Sunset Strip, Sam Baby, Seal Beach; Hvy Metal Lives! Quarters, Coolers trash cans. To Mom and Dad, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU ' VE DONE FOR ME! I LOVE YOU BOTH. " " U t p x)Cv OJvv- Putnam, Leslie R ldakas-2, 3, 4; CSF-2, 3, 4(almost), Spirit Club-1, 2, 3, 4; Pleiades Editor-4; Lunch Runs-2, 3, 4; Spanish Club- 1. 2; Biology Club-1, 2, 3; F=MA. MA. BR. DU. LP- " You can ' t move us " ; Howard ' s-p3-4; Uncle Ted-3; SS-1. 3; T414S150; F F-LC, MA, BR, JC, HH, JS, TV; Thanx- LT, CT, DU. DJ. CK. NH; The Scout. Power-4; Make up your mind. LCI; JK-3. 4; EC-3, 4; Have I ever been wrong?-4; TP parties-3; You ' re still live. LC; JS-Cliff Notes on Life; I don ' t hate you anymore. MA; Don ' t break the table. JC; Airheads Anonymous-HH; THE VOLVO. infrared-BR; Jambo-1; Air Supply; Klein Eyes-2. 4; I luv yo - Mom. Dad. Jules R T ll cMji I C. ' tt LxA Radensky. Michael Drama Club: 2. 3, 4; Thespians: 2, 3. 4(Vice-Pres:4); Honor Thespian: 3. 4; " Once in a Lifetime " . " 1984 " . " The Curious Savage " . " Our Town " . " Good Doc- tor " , " Arsenic and Old Lace " . " Once Upon a Mat- tress " . " Impromptu " ; Photo Club: 3. 4(Pres:4); Fry- Star: 4; Dionysions: 4; Uncle Ted Kopacki Fan Club: 2, 3, 4; l-Jo False Smiles; Student of the Month: English, Math, fir,,? . rts; High Honor Roll: 1, 2, 3, 4; Thank you uh :. ,ei. EvGry class is on English doss!!!; AWYP- TAHL! save it " 4th-0-4 cosmo N S, " Hardtimes " Best of friends L R -V H Buddy Mr,B(B.B) best of luck F,C,0,A,N(V.H,A.A J.CT.DDM.L.U) Love potion 3 Lost in LA SA PARTY CRU, ACC. Centenial Pork main squeeze M.G 2-28-86 1 support Mom and Dad W,M. (no more trouble) " V ' i ' ' - fc: wvoo- Ramsay, Julie N.J, kid 1 Great times and ist loves!! JG.F.F.CA. 234 Better times and great friends! V, Tennis 1-4; plyr of the yr; HC, nominee, thrasher squad: JR, GD, DF, JG, CB. RF, CH. CB-oh. SK ' sD can ES.AD CH, JG the fence -I- Pipe CB and me = 7- 1 1 ! Frog colls: US 4 did Sr, C. 84 My TBLO! Busted on Chevy! UTAH and the zols! Prom 85-J S.(miss ya), JG. DS losk and the cork! WF. 86 with: BR. KL. Basil and my rip; 123 6 BUZZ!! DF Vegas 85 R Secret luvs??!! Spcl Buds 4ever; CK. DL. No mre u no who! PAS Mom Dad I luv U 4ever PS. SR. JR u2 i( m, iicwi Renk. Katherine Marie To GM GP. may you Re-find santuory. LP, is 1. Hey ART S. CHICAGO BEARS ARE 1! Kitridge my T luv Its been a pleasure. LANNO. see you on the MOON!! stares of lone wolves cry out contentment. M.N, Gone but Not 4Gotten, To the new Mr. Mrs, T.R. I DO LUV U, Live Long Prosper, DDS-PFM, To M,H 8c DA To He that is of me, I am of Thee, MUM 8i POP-DOOS, I say Hello. None of man ' s creations can surpass the brilliance found within a single flower NCC1701, Stop to notice that which is all that is. Do you hear the heartbeat which is the world? JAN15,2066TB? TO THE 7 ASTROS, HAIL. ■SK :r 2 .,. iZi- Revelli. John HR1. 2. 3. 4; EW w WS JW CM; burgie for breok- fast3; FGC 1; AUNS 2, 3, 4; liquid lunch 3; Mexico 2. 3; CR. Delivery. SG. NO FAT LADY; Bicordi Smugle w DD; Busted HC w MF WS BTD; STAND IN THE SNOW; CB DRNT Tep were in Capers; Dona Point w MC; UTAH; OC Fair gd Ik WS ME; best days nights w CB; Bug on fire 2 Ya RFI con ski. can you?; Wild Bunch 3; wild night w RC; HP w zols; Beer taster 1, 2. 3, 4 etc.; BB; Pre game at Point; Bryan Adams 85; Fk ID 4; skibum; COORS COORS; Thanks for all the Rowdy times MC, TH SH, RD. BM. TU corner ' 85; Park West Party; stats; Mom thanks for putting up w me. Luv Always CB yjr iiAuJ u Ramirz. Lisa Later class of 861 Gcoc luck I.T.F. 1st- JV Soccer, Softball. 2nd-JV Soccer. Drill Team. Summer Camp M.F.. T.D., M.F., 3rd JV Soccer, Drill team " rush it! Richards, T,J. Varsity baseball for 3 years - the outfield. First time dressed up (Senior picture) Solution shock -Paid for by Bud Light Magical Mel; Flint Flicks-Take a bong hit. Four years boredom maybe five Brought To you by the U.N. F, A mind ' s a terrible thing , -HBO. Trig Feast Z Z i ccc. S uitl Roberts. Marie FFA: 1. 2. 3. 4; Secretary " 85-86 " ; Leadership con- ference; OC. LA, GW; triplets finally; Bodacious (Bo- die); I ' ll never forget you Mr. T, DT, CT; Father ' s Day " 84 " ; Thanx Mr, Porter; Eugene (crunch); drive-in movies Rick, Jen, Jeff; Halloween: a $35 dare; McDonald ' s: happy meal boxes; Dr. Pepper, mint choc, chip ice cream; JF: I ' ll never forget you; SLO: 3, 4, 5am; JN: friends forever; RD: hopeless case; Is this really happening? SLO, here I come; Mom, Thanx for everything, I Lut you! Grandma, Grandpa, I Luv and miss you both; " 13 " »-K onejfj j (n ' J Romesburg, Bill MG VC15 Volvo Oh God. Oh God-3 T-414 Caught- 2 Anti-Ziggy Where ' s my hat Doug Tete-4 FHS tun- nels lots more tennis-234 Cordia 1 U20-4 You owe me! Amigos - MA LP DW DU TH CT KB KH SF SA RC JM EK CB GM KS JCHH JERV and CHARMELLE! -LUV YA THANX! ISADVC CSF-2, 3 Biology Club-2, 3, 4 BAJA 85 ARKYI B-day party Clemente Cliffs-3 " Head over Heals " B,S. Concert-JC MA AC BR NA Don ' t be stu- pid! Mom 3 million in Jordan? Cross country- 1 Happy House-3 ASB Treasurer reject Sondy-Where ' s the Vette?? I love MomSiDad Thanx for being so forgiv- ing Hi Karen Kathy-School? MA-BR trust-loyalty? What a joke!! T l -ffS Romo, Paul School was STIFF IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES Buts THAT alright, cuz I ' m gonna take my time and hove lots of fun; Lots of fun, cuz u know I ' m not the only 1 just out for Funn! Goodbye my friends all of you. Hey Chuck remember Nightscape, we were the 1st and Odessy, what a place, 321 were the FREAKS hove a FREAK-A-THON. Yo 151, Driving crazy, all night long parties! And young lady ' s God they drive me crazy, KARMANNGHIA. Eyeliner, Dep, being so different we had it all! AndHASTA to hte one girl in my life who touched me in a special way; I LOVE U CRESHIA ALWAYS Im Gone; Gonna Dance my life away in Romantic Lust! u M,, ' ctJ vUI Rozboril, Lisa JV Swim Team 1 ; JV Soccer 1 ; Hawaii 86; I love you Ken; Best friend Coren KFCSDKGIZPAR TY: C.C.VO,; MyTie I ' ll take the option. No whammies; 38th Street Floral sucks; " PHOUNG " ; LOU,; BC: RH, RDA, TWISTED, Toyota. 7 Day intox, Ken Lisa 4- ever; THANKS MOM DAD. BFACE = LG, NK; PARTY with KAYO! MOBIL CARD; WHERE ' S MY VISA? 18th BD went to REL " I ' ll have another cocktail " SEE YA AROUND MS, SM, DN, RG, BG, TH, DM, CI, - .-J Runnels, Ben FBALL 1234 10-02 SS-SP-CIF Champs3 McMillin Bros- MM, BH34 Yngwie O-Ln Rules, Shomlstps, SHHSucks, watch out Col-HrlCm.Pnd at GHw KL, CZ. MM, RT- GetWZtd w DH TJ-SHWF w Bose KL=PB We ' re not slobs, you ' re just a PB-CbnCyn, w SG, LS-Cnctsw DH LED LIVES-ZOSO-SG Has to go, FORF-lceBlkn w MM Punch another Teach, Lloyd! Boody-2-Gersw BM-B4GM Behemouth-TOGA Frt,w Lester-B-Ball 1234 I fd up Gys Bock You Mahu! JAIL3, 4-12ozc.lz- Lenny ' y Party-3, TTM Bullet Crew: KL, CZ, MM, TJ, RT, EB, RATT, MM, MO, EE, VW, SP, KL, VW, SP, KL, BM, BH, DH. RB. SG. LS Dip Skoal8(Drink Bullet-See Ya FHS Thanx For everthing Mom. Jill Bill 8t Chuck. s St. John. Colleen Homecoming Nominee 1, 2; Bill Gambles 2, 3, 4 KK 324 my " Tang " 2, 3. 4; Full power Spazz 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 " Shut up Garrlckl " ' m. ' 2, 1. 2, 3, 4; BF 4-ever JP HW Hawaii ' 85 w JP Blue Hawaiian Heaven, Maui Tann- ning consultants. Pro-sand volleyball. TS Rm 273 Knott ' s DJ, MM, BM Security guards; Wtiat do you mean you ' re 27? Mr, O.C. BM, Mr Ironman " Brick Wall? " Rob, I will always luv u; HM my inspiration. Palm " Desert " Springs, Yucca, USC, Peppertree Inn, " Lips " Mammoth and Catalina w lts Ludd, Brdndy- fancy. Mom and Dad I luv u Thanks 4 everything; Scott and Steve I luv U too! I ' m history! i iiSt U O Wk l«2 Sanders, Artricia Hi, V.W, RememberM.G .DeannaandDSHi, tothe Biology room crew K,R,, L,H,. N,M,, V.W,, AND WD, IT WAS A BLAST. S.M, JESSICA ' S OK. HEY KAYT HOW ABOUT HOSE BEARS: DO YOU THINK THEY COULD MAKE IT. NAH! HI STACEY! THIS IS TO VW, K(?, LH, NM, EC, LM GONNA MISS YOU GUYS JA AND SM CUT OUT THAT SNS. GONNA MISS YA TT, FO, VW, NM, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST KAYT, YOUR ONE OF A KIND! MK CALL ME!!! HOW ' S ALFREDO, FLO? NO MORE 3RD PER. VW NO MORE 2ND. LOVE U ALL BUT I GOTTA GO. CLASS OF ' 86 IS THE BEST. cy i - Owy f Sawyer, Kevin Fr. -noontime Blues; stadium; JV soccer; D-iand B.C. C.T Soph — soccer; veek square no jacket? pony express MB. Who? oh BM June. — BO; Yrbk key Mrs. Gharr; F-1; Bishop, Ralphs till I die; Peggy Sue; Debbie Sue; There ya go! How ya doin ' Ed?; Re-admit core grp.; Kenny Rodgers; Laguna Bch; Jac B; S, Goat; Los Al-Rhonna NO TIE I Meeshee- D.C. call; BOMDRO; Sen. — Julie L.; Paraguay — no way; GOD RULES » lunch, MHBC D.N.??; Bushwap; G-Alert; Revival vision; Yeh well umm! 5 yr scare; Mrs. Cronin again; Gov ' t rules; KB, Photo; D- land scam; Lng Bch ski; Prom excitement Kristen B. Jesus Christ ruled my life 3 411 Heb 12:1-3. Scaglione, Julie We R out of here 4 JG thanx 4 everything, 2 bad it had to end, Luv U much NZ B F F 8yrs down w more fun 2 come, Luv U lots JG, SM, LR BoonesFrm in the bushes! SD watch out 4 that tree 3, SM F F Thanx 4 Being there. CL the object of my desire, 3, 4 JG Latin Luvrs. there R no others, SD Party animal F F Luv U. JG Late nites bike rides R the best 3. The gang in Palm Springs, fun times 3 Shielo E w SG one spe cial nite 4 CH, RH, BH, Thanx 4 all the fun times, I luv U all 2 SG 2 much fun of the golf course 4 Luv U Mom Dad. Gd Ik li ' l bro. Thanx Big Bro, Luv U, Gd Ik have fun AZ MG. DF me CSUFbound 7fcMAi t»diM.6i acU X Schade, Kitty FROSH VP, JR. SEC; PORKETTE MY BEST FRIEND(L.K.T.)S.S.(M.D , G.D.); THE CLAN (L.L., N.S., H.K.. K.H.) FAT; " GET OUT OF THE CAR! " -TAQUPA- QUI GIG; YA DUCKRNTU J.B. THATS BS; GC DAVE; ARGH; Szdboclub Prez. 502 OPN 1, D. Team2, 3; Bun-Buns, VAR YELL 4, B4 LAHAB (KGHD)lt ' s a minis- kirt nitel; USASB DIRT FIGHTS-DF DIES Quarters til we drop(DF, MT, CD, KL, AS); DARF; Wayne To Brat U Picked up on me dt RB-I LUV YAI; Closet H.H. Uves; ARRESTED w UB 3,25 has the best! (JR) W F. ' 86- RADTIME Stats on U; GIF Locker Rm (SO, SW)Good- luck BUCK-A-TRON: NO DIPPY-WIPPY; BYE DF Thanx M and D, CLASS OF ' 86-See YA AT 5 YR, ncuxvnj bchode. mncxAAL a UOi: Schade, Susan Jezys bomb dropping, swim 1234, flogs 23, 3-GS Anti-Bunbuns and shell club, SSTP FFO, Mex 4ever Disney action w cooterville, Sharon 8i PJ(couple) Easter vac Mex 24, Panache. 4, HjOpolo watch- er 1234, Hi Indep park, beach scene, Phill affair, cru- zin night Circle City and the cloud, 3 and out, tricity riot BF ' s with LC, BT, SM, BW, CJ. love ya all 4ever! Dick ' s drive thru. Of course we know what a friend- ship is 8t how it is obtained I wish 4every one of you, luck w the friendship thats been goind Days come go but memories stay 4ever, FHF I love U mum dad BFS Thanx 4 everything. Scholz, Chris Football games 1, 2, 3, 4 Pardo 1, 2, 3, 4 GENERIC RUN 1, 2, 3, 4, U2 3 STUART IS RAD IN BIG COUNTRY, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN ARE NOT, INXS. ARE HERE TO STAY. B. BONG 3, 4. NEWPORT 42nd St, PUKE IN A BOX 3, 4, GOLDEN HILL 3, 4 TRI-CITY FIGHT 4 STAY KOOL SCHOOL FULLERTON PARTIES ARE HOT, SCA- MALOT SUCKS, VW NOW MERCEDES LATER VANS ARE RAD. NO MORE PUMPKIN, DIETOR HORTON LOOKS S? Duq f u.ir Schultz. Doug Tennis 1. 2. 3. Too buff for 4; freshman football. Banner busters Co.. Tom. Boo. MRMO. Jim, Frank, Dan, Ken, Scot, Eddie, Wade. Brown, PABC. Pres, Dan, Ford F150. JAAM, ' 65 MUSTANG, Be good to me! R C, No. 1 Too Boo I leave my license, to Frank I leave my job. Chevy Chose, Ken Thanks for driving! Camelot, I need a new fire extinguisher! Kap-N-Keg RUN Weekend Warriors-Come out and play! GD. J.G., H,F, Never Again. R.F. — she ' s back! Mom Wayne Dad, Lili, Stacy, dnd Chris — Thanks for everything — you guys are the best, Louis-Face, I made it! SDSU or BUST or Both ni - Sollazzo. Marilyn Soccer: 1. 2, S,L first love, (the park scene) 4; Stu- dent of the month, Mrs, H you ' re the best. Hey buds buds S.C , C.P,, L R., P,T. What ' s up? SO. T.U lost a hubcap, chased by a dog? Thanx 4 being a good frnd 3 V H. concert 2, 3, Mustang action (racing) 2, 3, dippers row C.P., LR., V.O,. hit Jack in the box sign P T. good luck w E,M., Robert thanx for every- thing, I love ya, 3 restriction 2 ' ' 2 months 3, 4, mobil workers R rod D, N.J. SPA. KM, party in back office! J.B. need to be babysot? Mom, memo you ' re the best thanx 4 everything. £hAMCV $trtC iJ South, Theresa THE WERDST 4 yrs; YET THE BEST, ALAUP 2 MNY THNGS 2 SAY, I MISS U 7 I LUV U! 2ALL THE GUYS DIFF STYLES, ARIZONA, TARZAN, 9,9, OINGO GEORGIA, BETHY U R SO HUGABLE. LOVABLE KISSABLE, LORE ' S PRTY, THANKS LINDA LISA, LETTY GD LCK I LUV YVETTE U R VRY WERD BUT SPCL. BERN STAY SNGL, SMC YUCH. TO MY BABES IN 3rd: FROM YOUR BABE THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER. LP. LP. YM. VH. LU. PS. BS. LA HW. FROM WRK. MC. MB. GW,(?) HILARY THE COW GIRL KIT, DERRICK AND DAVID GD LCK IN LIFE, MOM DANNY I LOVE YOU BOTH TO MY FAIRLANf 500!!!! OH YHEA LA HABRA PRTY! SM, TW-MG. MC. MG(85) It ' s ALL FALLING INTO PLACE! -c f0vtoj J cdUi } Sylvia. Gallegos 9th Grade pals: Sylvia. Hilda, and Anna, 10th Grade fun in Kopacki ' s cidss w Hilda, UNA ADVENTURA LLA- MADA MENUDO-Wilshire theater. Prom ■85-Sylvia Oft, Ana Javier, Hilda Afredo. Bobby McGee ' s " Beautiful Sylvia " Hi! An w me. Rosa, Fullerton High 1, Go, fight, Indidns! DANCE-Boogie to Mrs, Tracy ' s Hot Hits. SAT ' s, scholarships, brain damage-YUKI Homework, Paul we ' re stylin ' at Prom ' 86-Syl, Hil. An. Cyn Jose Gutierrez " Keep on being Jocular! " Lalitc. thanks for helpin me struggle thru Math! Mom thanks for my school ring. Love ya-Sylvia, Severson, Matt Vocal Ensemble 2, 3. 4(%ths); C.P. - 4; Choir: 1 THE BEST OF TIMES: ITWOA: youzizollworth oodles of Au- drey ' s " udles ' ■ THANX: EM(FOR EVERYTHING); DH(aramis; Erotic City; " you bet! " ); AV; LE(D-land and KROQ poser); SSiJP (definethisword: " knock " ); DH " cont. (seatbeltstretchmarks;LA); JS(busrldesto . memorize THISsong); BW BR(Sevie), AG (mls- syousomuchl; drivingbybrail; tapeatQuesta " oh- noool " ) DG(thebest; TOWICAMT ; b. signs; Honks; Hershels); CC(JAFO; chasedbyavan:2), TH(lovetho- seMcDLT ' s); CH, KB; TS; JP; HK; SB; etc, Mom(mor- ethon )Thanks!! QjjUan hiiUntXAt Shellenberger, Jill Choir 1 , Tall Flags2. 3Capt.3. Pep Flags4, CSF 1-4 Bun- Buns. Camp USA-Grinch, Pam. Excellent. TJ, Exp. SHHS Soccor: chest-blok! Owl Cliff Notes on life, Sherwood-Jdmbol, 3; Kopacki-Box3; Magical Mel2, 3 Funy teachers-K F, WED, KB. -science; Lulu- Thanks for all your helpl Luv ya! JB you ' re great! Office KH, CD, SF, TM, HH-I Luv Yall! Butterfly, Yoz 4 Camp 7am routinesCBvsHH. NO RedScWhife! Not nice at all BF w HH, Summer guys, stickshift; 16, 17, 18b-days Videopolis-Chris " Which one? " Stanford, Locksmith? TV-Nick, LC-loves. Tina-talks, DU-Dr Clueless, TM-WB I luv fedybears, Barry M. old mov- ies, shoping w HH. T Tollant, Ralph Thanks Mom. Dad 1. 2. 3. 4 8i bro, sis for help. Bos- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, JV 1, Sucked, JV 2. league chdmps 10-0, 22-3. Sens, Pisch owsome, Var, 3, 4 MVP 3. 4 All tourn. Full, Brea 3, MVP Full. 4, R,0, hill, G,H,, Both romps. Parks, Ramp beat P-boy, P.W MM, B-house 25e S.S. KO ' d, Holloween party, look out Mork Ma- rines. Drive-in TS. couldn ' t hong. Party, E E house tequee, MM, V W, SM. M Z. Wresting party ow- some, we rocked the house, C Z. MM K L, Sun, ball at SM, Dom. Fishing trip 85. the greatest got damned at the tigers Den. KL, P.W, MM, S S, Dale, Good luck in the future. KL. C.Z. MM. BR E E S M. TS. M.Z. ' S yy ' y Taylor, Barry Tennis: 2, 3, 4, Water Polo: 2, 3, 4; CIF 3; Pickled by District: 4; Summer Polo J.C; J.C. Pool is the best; San Clemente trip: 4; Cough attack: 4; Lake Wood Fight 3; S.C. Cheap shot: 4; " Thanks for the playing time coach " , Lucky ' s: 3. 4; 77 cars new recorded 325 beat that DM. NE; " Roast the marshmellow " 3; P.C. Bald Spot; " Thanks Dad " ; Mr. Brown ' s brown pants: 4; Utah; 3; " Oh, no the tog " ; Moe-Petes is really MP; Pat Taylor is Barry Jr.; Nic-nomes: Barney, Opei, Bari- um, Bear, Berj Berj, Richie, etc. THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIMES Bob, Ron. Mike. Raymond B-Ball. Thanks for putting up w me Mom Dad-I love you both; the Class of 86 RW BP CT EK KB HH JC KK DF JW JM ore the best. personality. Michelle drive carefully. P.S. no more racing with the Pinto. Dear Denise you are a very special person with a lot going for you good luck in college. Love ya mom and dad. CciruA, ■ ' i ' -dAoyiouLJ Thomas. Carle VTen1-4BestEverPCAIwaysKBCTChamps 2-gthr, JVBB1-2VTrk1-2VSB3, ASB2-4NO Nukes Gavel? Spirit ComWherz the signs? DrillT2Flash, HCNom2- 4HCQueen4, PS memories, San Clem, YosmteBSn- 77Euro, Mamoth86 ChomChowPot KS RontRowlm- SureBut, Just Calm G-AlertGetOutNormCoke MStMsCoachPonceBoriumRonaldusTheBossFinalNet- Cindus SUALBekisJustOoohVeryValupVerySluckF FBRMALTTMDU JERVLP, I LU JC, HH LUVULOTS, NH- ACIV, EKTickTock U R AL SpeclF F CK URThe BestlLu- vUAIwaysBFF, JHURSpecl thanx 4beingU KBAIIIcan- SayisThanxlLuvUBFFIFJimH, MoMyBigSislLuvU CTThanxUrSpecl, MarkThanx4BeingU ILU4EVER GLKath MndDcccThanx4BeingTherlLuvUGDLCK86 {x . f? ' Jh ApjK Thompson, Anne Choir 1 Van Holen: 2 Seeing Jimmy Page: Auto Shop Thanx Mr. V. Patty you were my best student 4 rod years of parties. House boat party at the riverl Summer School, remember the final Kieth, To Mi- chelle, Karen, 8t Tina Lunch at Taco Bell will never be the samel We almost made it. Best reader Jr. year! To AS. thanx for being there in a time of need! To Mom Dad I did it. (I told you I would) Joseph D. Wolfe I LOVE YOUl Thank you for being with me. Don ' t ever leave!!! f Sj. ■ Xls- MfiiiOX Thompson, Patty S.C. 9th Grade (T.W., R.G., VK.P., M.H., M.W.) Hey pals H.K,, C.A , KG., M.H., I Luv ya 4 ever. M.S. Re- member E.E M.Z ? V.O. M.E, 1, 2, 3 Dribble, EM. 4, 5, 6 May 85, Westward Ho 9:30, It ' s a bust! W B T.H.; N B, Jan 19, Rod; Good luck I ' ll miss yd! Aldo, Ski, Kirk, Dieter, KIT. I ' ll miss ya 2. S.C. Party at S.L Killer Bruise JR. Thanx alot. KG. Thanx you Sir, May I hove another? Dance Show 3, 4. Hey boy EM. Get the blindfold I.C I luv ya lotz! Thanx ma 8i pa. J 8i P, K 8c G for hangin with me, luv U. AmifintWdLJacar Tocco, Anne-Marie Fresh; Good times, Shorro 8i Andy, All my buds, NL JH, Parties, Kingdom, bchs, LeBus, Drivin ' s, M G -My friend for always! Summer ' 84, River Cin Ceb, tokes 8i Mai LK Hovasu, Tazor prties, 54thSt. NWPRT; ' Let ' s go get ' em! ' S.W. My bst prtner, ' watch out for the cot, ' P.I.L. CONCERTS TOO RAD, AT. Miss experinzo, here ' s a nightie Andy. B J ' s, Ice cream thanx cous- A.M, 2, 3, 4 Dance. Bye CA Summer ' 85, met K.N. The bGo; rimes ever Catalina Sr -KELLAN I LOVE U MAD! V ' f ' .- ' i-c rr.vay. ' ; 8i Forever! My best buds, S W., ' ' the gals! We ' re out of here. ' ■ ' ' • Dad. thanx. Tt ' ' it - y Togami, Noel JV Gymnastics 1; Varsity Gymnastics 2; yearbook staff 2, 3, 4; to Therea, thanks for the word noncha- lant means a lot to me. F.K. you have a great A jc rc ' oL.. ISYoz-u Tolone, Andrea Freshman year " Oh No " L.S. We had fun, tye the shoe Garry We were an idol, I miss U, Thonks for the times. Soph yr. Look out! Wild lunch X partying; The Wierdos Annie, Sharra Cesy. I love U We are the best. The Egg, Box, and Strawberry on the road. Junior year " How was your flight? " Yeah man, Blanco you ' re the best friend ever and Cesy to. Wild at my house, M 8i S thanx tor the window. Where ' s the pizza? Is your Dad on the street? Scott 8t I Mis Experienzo will live, Tazer party ' s; Jon J Shove Snowy nites. Officer drive safely. AT. S.W Thanx Scott C. I LUV U Best times to come. 9. 3 ' %SJ rC Trasport, Leslie KiturmyPork, Drum, Hughes, SS, GD, MD, taqpaqGiG, 1 Oyr, Pork, mecos, Getsome, ?Boys, Egypt, Muffler. B Punk, Chip lluvU, pasport, IHateTM, Backhand, Trans, JetfB, Scott Owdell, BobM, Kport, Pelvic, Bman, Thekwhatwouldldow oit, HB whoneedsa- mop, DonJose, UfemdoG, Ftube, skelotormyluv, shelprucwwwoo, ppFlo, BunBunYed, Flags23, NF14, Everyclub, mascotthebest, l!uvuBwF F, ohLee, cage. lampeachesSicream, ShanethebestWU, KB8tCTIIuvU, sticsit, Gkhelp! Carieveryvalup, Boy- Georgelst, Ag4thebest, Lchopolyle, TrexisGQor- what, KJF F, chocscrap, expo, KHB3, UAB J, KFSiPerm, menudo=vinagar, MonddviJVSiJLHAN- GEL, DDURSPAL. ThanxFHS M DlluvUall. ' ■: i ' « Toops. Lisa Concert Choir 1 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3; Vocal Ensemble 4; Photo Club 4; Fullerton JC Jazz Festival 2, 3. 1 can ' t exactly soy that it ' s been fun, but I hove gained a lot from this high school experience. The future holds many exciting times for me My only hope is that Fullerton High School has sufficiently prepared me for the pressures of red! life. Australia, New York, and points elsewhere LOOK OUT WORLD- HERE I COME!!! -SWxv .r-iov-, }«wjr,-iajnc Townsend, Shannon Stage Manager for Cabaret: 1984. Vice President of Home Ec, Club 1986 Biology Club 1984, 1985, 1986. Home Ec. Club 1986 Amb: Always to do something I love and to be remembered tor having done something very well. CJiCNSOO Ssrt Oi j, vsCvVSs Turner, Christy Thanks for all the fun. All my friends: Ruth, Tammy, Carol, Jeri, Arty, Brian, Ben, Jeff, Stephanie, Tracy, Chris, Bryan, and Jennifer. My buds from Skateway! Guy, Jim, Gary. Kurt, and Phil But most of all to my best friend Michele Thanks for always being there for me Michele and Christy best friends 11 21 86- ??? My love DJ, you keep my feet on the ground (almost) Dennis and Christy 3 5 86-? Levi ' s rock and roll, you can ' t go wrong! My high school years ore full of MEMORIES, thanks for everything gang. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ft Trotti, Kitty Biology Club; Home Ec Fashion Club (treas. Sec) Bread Club, " Spdhish Club " (treas, Sec) Thank you to all my friends who mode FHS fun! K.C. Shan. ' Cook SUZ Shor Liso Angi Tish Greg ect Big Bird look clodds Greg ' Whats that Kono ' ' The great Frog may live, but the great cat is . Sept. 14 ' Excuse me but where is room 151? MEOW-Beep Beep ' How fun for me!!! Fuglets anyone? ' ' ' I ' m " a vive. " I ' m " HAP " py how about you? IBM Gee; I don ' t think Cookie can breath? To Later ddysl (but hopefully under better circumstances!) u Ui .{L ' ' .L c- Ugay, Leticia 1; George (who would of thought) 2; Disneyland; G.L. it was the best time ever 1; my fiveteenth B- doy, thanks Mom you ' re terrific! 1, Me and G.L. our first dance 2; Glory W. Winter Formal " 84 " it was " fun " but you got the best! (DF.) 3; Monique L. B,F. 4: Vicki L. Hong in there you ' re half way there! 1. 2. 3. 4; TO ALL MY FRIENDS " 86 " IS THE BEST! 4; Mari- anne 8i Lettie Good Luck! 1. 2, 3, 4 Laura M. you ' ll do good at what ever you do! 3; Prom " 85 " at least we lived through it 4; Got engaged 1, 2, 3, 4; PVT. George L we ' ve only just begun! LP. VH, TS, YM, LP, (87 GD LCK) we are the SURVIVORS! .Mltca. .-vxj2 ?Xi ' ' - Ullom, Debro CSF 2-4; WF Walk 2, 4; Tall Flags- -I- super squad 2-3; Bun-buns, Hamburger Stand; Sr Tortuga 1-2; Bif luvr EVFree; DWWITW; M2; Riz Dog Analyze: Wolfie, KeyGrip, Wolt-cor! SusieAH; SS 1, 3 Jambo, Indian women, SW, Studio K; Lon is dedd 1 teach KF- " Honey you " Arnybaby; HC omen My Coco, I like my dice! I luv pigs, Bdrry M ' n BR-I luv my mom! F=MA; BR, LP, MA, DU INSEPERABLE TABLE; BH; TT concert; Peari necklace; JS-Dr Cluless; Varsity Yell-4; T| Express: Dirtclod spit; K3; CheezWhiz; Grinch(turned white). Blow pop: FN; CB, SF, DB-BEST- BUDS: Mom ' n thanx 4 everything Mike-Thonx 4 mak- ing 1985-6 so special-! luv you! V Van Zandt, Richard Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Quit 4; Guitar 3. 4; US Army 5. 6, 7, 8; Sham. Bo Diddley ' s wedk; Bring Back Bice 3, 4; Senoritis 2, 3, 4; Back You; Veg 4; SgtBilko-USMC; Rob Haltord is living my garage; Flint drop-out 3, 4; Armijo for mayor 4; Word, you are too hard on the beaver; How old was she? Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection, send my creden- tials to the house of detention; For the music is your special friend; Dance on fire, os it intends; Music is your only friend Until the end, — Morrison; " A Wop Bop a lu Bop o Wop Bam Boom " -Little Richard Vega, Mario During my four years in Fullerton High School I have 326 accomplished many things that I wanted when I was in Jr. high, I wanted to know a lot of things about working in an office. I accomplished two years of typing, one year in office skills, and one year in office occupations All of these courses have prepared me to start working in an office. I know that these courses will be with me all my life. i .MK7Umt -I U iJ ,; IMacui Voisan, Tracy Drill Team 2, 3, Spirit Club 2, 3, 4: Eng Scot ' 85 " Ishall return, " I luv my Punky. no one can compare! 4: No more 75 Blue Bomb; Best Friends LC, JS. HH. LP, KM 4+ , Looks like we ' ve started something Disneyland! 4, Saintly 6? Yeah right! 4; GM, Luv ya! 3. 4+ ; Hello! 4, LC aka HB 2; Faster than a speeding ticket? 4; Triple S 4; We were late so I got in free 4; There ' s no E in my name! On to bigger and better things! CSF here I come! FHS, I leave you my sis Nan. Good luck- you are going to need it! I ' m outta here! Voss. Jerine J. v., T.A.; N.L. Bad A mothas. Party at the end-57 Chev Nic? Sadies 85 Sploshin w Bry, Couldn ' t get to sleep! 3, Halloween 84-85, sorry K D! John I ' LL always Luv U! 3-48(on, H C84, sorry dates maybe next yr Parties at the semetary, 3, N.L. B.C, J.V; J.L, Punks not Dead! High up in the stands; 3 1 H.C. princess; 4 By Ange I ' ll miss U, To the gang-l LUV U!-N.L; T.A; M.H; T H, J.H; H.K; D.F; S.F; Cruisen the bomb- " lay scratch T. " Stealin cars W car4l TH: JH; my fry girls- " some day " DF the fire hazard; 4. To my PR friends. I ' ll miss U. CC: LW: KB: SS I luv U! SH; SC; RB; TD; DM; JC; VH. Luv to U ThanxMSiD I luv U! w Walsh, Lisa DanceCo-1234; clue dateless- 1; wrst dbl dt-hu kit? CR-JP-thk gd 4 dck! fee pintw LB(geo); TK-gd bye! mthlchm-cya!; " Iv2tp, outostp, outabuweet, luvya- kel! " " BC, RH, AP. TW. JM " Le-mGrio. LHhts, grnbn; ablats-fan no ' d-3 " nc chkncin ' ; KS W ' tld ya so " Svt rds-3.4 JB-d la s yl; Utah-3(svd sltd-thnxJ8tS); Lisarobes! ' legal " -J,J,S,M-rally " jackets " ; cht sts w vocab-JB St mnth 4 (tch dnc I); chkn pox!-4, thx MfsT-luvVa LB CC-lmisYal; Lts al KIT; 11 15 84- 519-psim; myhmngrbgdspsi; Scott, no mtr wt r ftr hids. I luv U 8( alws will; SLD-tk cr of my peach; M8iD- thnx 4 evthg I luv U! " I finally c light " ; bewore: ' 86 is out!! 5fiarr» :» V ar Ward. Sharro AT. A.M.T you made M.S. great-you ' re the best parents away? lets party-broken windows-car wash Code 1. 2. 3 8i 4=B,E , AT., A M T.. D.D.. S W.. J.P FUN TIMES squeaky noises. Remember the bus- sticky situation! B.T at lunch, let ' s not go to doss. LETS PARTY T H. J.H. H.K. C.S.J. M H. N L " the gang " FUN TIMES S D 8( M.T. the Kingdom. J H remember the cemetary A M T-omellettes-H.D 8( T C-W C - Beach parties C S J. T H, J H-Bowling buds-A T. DONT FAINT Thonx to everyone who has made school fun for me. CURTIS, I LOVE YOU-We ' ve hod the ' be st times. " A Special thanx to you Mom. I Luv Yo-I MADE IT! Wasnok. Keith GUITAR CLUB INFO: 1-800-HESSIAN, PRES, BUDS ILL NOBLE-BAY. OUG HOSKEY-DAY. RS. TS; BS IN AP (thanx Cliff!) GO. JM. BB. JC. JD, DJ. HI HONNEY TM. HOW IS MEL ' ' BP. MW, GM, SO. KH; AUTO SHOP DAZE. TS. DH. AT. KK. UC NARC IN CLASS? HC 84 KM. BB. JS. AND PIG PP ' S. 85 AT KP. SKIING AT GW: FAREWELL TO POMONA. DO THE TWIST!! TM. AT. GC. SG. KK. AS, (ALY). SV. KS. JS(SIS!) BL. TS. STRATS RULE. AS DOES ROCK 8( ROLL RUSH! OZZY SLY PJK. I COULD NEVER STOP LOVING YOU. BM4VR. THANX AND FAREWELL. NVR FRGT! I LOVE YOU ALL! AUF WIEDERSEHEN. YNG- WIE MALMSTEEN IS GOD!! Weitzmon. Philip Drama Club. Speech Club. Honorary Photo Club Member Thespians. Teddy-A8(O.L., Wizard - OUA.M Director-A D D . Program Covers 4 Ploys Thnx Mr. B.. Thnx Mrs D,. Thnx Thespians Esther - Thnx. I Love You - Rem: HR.C. Pnchrbg Thanx to J.B.. K.V.. C.F.. P.W.. DM.. J.S.. A.P.. V.L.. M.R, Accptd 2 C-S.U.F.; Passing Econ 8i Govt (I Hope) Thnx Mom. Dad. Sheri. Ryan 8t Jillian - 1 Lv U All U R A Gr8t Supprt. and Always will be Thanx to F UHS, for two great yrs. Always remember. See ya in 10 years i o ' jda (iui immu Joa at zaa i HireH o, Watkins. Brendo Varsity Swimming 12 3 4; Mascot 4; SD. RW, GB 3 Peaches and Cream you ' re the best! 4; Crockett 4 Halloween 4; Valley Girl, melt with you. I think not 3 RL 4; Sevie 4; KF. it couldn ' t have been 3; Nice 16th birthday 3; Blush. Twinner. braces, borwn hair 3; KM, LL. MA. BR. CK 4; KR; Doesn ' t matter 3; Poltergheist, " noive " 3; CJNAS; Biology adj. 2; Ch. 25 3. Fat Pam 4; Friskies 4; Emily 4. KWIZ " Crazy For You. " Gunne Sax. h20 polo. 501s 4; BR is rod! 4; Farm action 4; free wieght. 6:54 72 3; Phong 4; Daddy. I hope you ' re proud, CJ. my paid friend, our friendship will never end. l iYnmie, UeiDb Webb. Kimmie L M, Thanks for being a good friend being there. Tina my twin (Beach) F O, I will alwoyz remember the good timez we all had. You Fredo will moke it- Love ya! S H Love ya lots! To the cuzzoes yes U 2 know who U R! Nobody could ask for better Thanks P.O. TW. remember Hollywood and the houses A. A. F.O. my room is on the top left with the track in the bock Happy 17th Tree I hope you figure out which one? New Year ' s Eve MMMI The 2-4-8 Giriz! To my family-Yes I made it through. Love ya lots. (%MiWmi Weiss. Charles What a Life to live, and Who could do it better? God saw me thru it 9to12. How I did it I con not tell. Jock that I was my frosh year (7 gave H up with no fear) Football-B-boll and all those games they ploy- (GOING D4 VC VS BETTER ANY DAY!) Christi. Cherise. Dana. Dawn. Jennifer. Melissa. Erica. Ashley. Shan- non. Lesley. Kim. Raquel. and ANGEL Where did they go? LOST LOVES. I do not know Remember the nights, remember my car. I BLU IT once, now it don ' t go far! Ron ' s and Parties in the limo. me and my GOOD FRIEND ROMO. After a little rest, I ' ll move on to rriy success!! immjC -n ia C( DAA Weingortner. Yvonne It was four interesting years at FUNS. Biology Club 1. French Club 1 2 Survived (Freshman year) History ot Civilization Class Learned to read and write in Junior English Honors-Thanks TK Absent 2 days out of five in Senior year-(Good Reasons) Michelle-still didn ' t get it together Sho-Sho - Still friends after 12yrs and more to come Little Lupe-Speciol friend and sister for ever Short, permed hair is the look. 1978 Ford-my permanent headache Senior Year-Sleeping in Year Second Aunt to Aileen Milissa Prado " 1 Baby " Whitehead. Jonathan Founding Father of the original Beach Ball Club. Freestyle Flyers Trick Team AKO. Wadly. Necktie Zoot. Boot. Noot, Captain of Varsity Tackle Badmin- ton What on ERT. Eggzercizes, interrestingly Enough. Nod. I ' m not gonna grow up and be just like you. Equalizers - Sign me up Please Hot Tub Birds Eye View Hawaii or Bust - Spreodin ' the Stylin Gospel, Angelo ' s Hot Tip - PC the B No Flamers stcLLujVii-eviua Whitehurst. Staci Drill team 2. 3 28, 29. 30. Bumble Bee Norman Botes Cheez bolls, camp, fftlo. Mr Hibbard Nackstetfin. Sharen O. Tracy D, Dolores M Mondy-n-my schlepp Rock-Leslie t Friends for-ever. Aids. Guess Boyz my idols louie louie U look so good. Richard my Army man. Oh Good. Get a grasp. Chiquito. qttitude forenza. Muffler. Circle City. Trans. The Nebos. Sex Dwarf, Egyptian lover, shackles, it ' s Time. Push the button. Nightscope. Bradley 7. StudioK. Baby I ' m a Star. The Brother, the cat. Baby Punk. Huntington Bch. Bobs Big Boy, Jacks BMW ' s, Porsche. Red. NO. Action. The Gym Pea-head, Good luck to the class of " 86 " Thanx Mom 8c Dad, Luv ya lots ■T- jb: yjt jPKM - " - - Wightman, Peter Track 1, 2, F, Boll 1, 2, B-Boll 1, 2, Fishing Trip 2, 3 K.L, T.R, MM Steve ' s Greatest friend o guy could have. Beach House 3, 4 K.L, R.T, MM, C.Z, S.P, SS, and BS, party time. Tiger Bar Fishing Trip RedO, Ramp, Apt, It ' s party 3, 4 Home C 3, 4 Wintert, 1, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4 Love for Holly Always Thanks for carrying me threw these years Love you always! I ' ll never forget these years thanks to my friends VOLVO my car! Rabbit Hoi ' s! Hotel Party 3, 4 Get arrested 3, 4 10,000 SS ' s Bail! Love my whole family Good luck Pretty boy and friends. Crash 1, 3. 4 Pound boy ' s Good Luck Class of 86!!! RcttjL (JAuUw Whiting, Potfi Fresh, -Choir, Friend. P D Soph-Choir. Frenz-N.Y.??. C S.. NT.. S L Boring Underclassmen Days Jr. -DRA- MA! Curious Savage (E.B. ' s Understudy) — Our Town. " Sam Craig Good Doctor. " Sister " Frenz J.B., K.O., BB., Drama People! SENIOR YEAR-WIG 8( DION- YSIONS Arsenic-(A )S M. Pattress- " Lady Lorken " etc. Frenz-Dovid-Best (Peter Pan, Suic Talks) K.T. T.L . E.H., P B,, J.B., M.R., (3rd Per), P.W w much love to James, Alec, 8i NIKKI-Keep the Faith, " Nobody ' s Fault But Mine " -L.Z. 327 UAii Willes. Ron V. Baseball 2. 3, 4: second base, third base-Tribe G,P.A:3.8 + , rank: 13 372:Scholarship to big Yl (choke?): Eagle Scout: AP Nary: Spiritual Amphibian Fireball, Elder. Class Pres. 3, 4; Piano ... 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . MTA, Guild; COBOL 4-Big JC man; Tunnels, Tower- good clean fun; no more PC abuse I; no weekends; No need for GFs-what a jokel; HC first time: 4 (SJ) ha-hal; couldn ' t get the call for WF; P?-maybe, Hey Bob, what happened to the orange fight5?-weak Surf always-San Onofre; no more Cadillac boards! Thanks BP . . . since kindergarten. No more high school - sweati Y Willey, Mike Football: 1 2. 3, 4 CIF CHAMP: 3 SQUAD LEADER: 4 SWTNSS: 1, 2, 3, 4 SWF: 1, 2, 3. SWF ' d AF 3x, BoBa goes by-by; 2 BaBa, me the double date Porty Bud s: SM, EE, JB, JS, MZ, JM, BG, VW, CD, RB, KL, AA, DAGS prtys: 1 2, 3, 4 The DeckNYES, SIR! Piklewa- gon: 3 Celica: 4, HC. walk: 2. H.C,3, What a Jokel SB My best friend thands for being there, I ' ll never forget you. JM. thands for the great ' 2. To my little scrub thanks for making my Senior year so great, I luv yal Syr crush: JG. To SH, JG, HF my special friends, I luv ya-all Mom Dod I luv you both. Thanx for supporting me in everything I do. Steve, USAF not bad but USMC the best. x-4i S222:i:u Williams, Victor Football 1, Var. 2, 3, 4 Leag. Champs 1, 3 CIF Champs 3 Thnx4the ring 14 2ND Tm,AIILeag3. 1stTmAIILeag4 LA Times " Player of the week. Party w the boyz EE, CD, MW, SM, JS, RC, TH, MZ, MC, MW, DS, MM, RT, SP, RB, KL, AA, DC, RL, LTS Party Archie: SRFN w RB SP at Sn Onofre Who sed I wsnt big enut? Iswear I ' ll get my license. Tri-Cty gidn hill FIrtn Ftbll Kix Budy lineman kik IHD Thnx 4 ev- rythng Im guna grduate Mom n Dad! Suburban Rules! Partees w the boyz r the BEST, Lk.Meod w CDs fam RM-my back! Orange fites. Beer Bong Nominated HC King Congrads ALPHiE H.S. is the Best! Memories Forever! Thank God its over, I Think? Thnk U GOD 4 the BEST PARENTS FAIyllLY I could ask 4, Thnx FUHS for all the good times. kfUiAJ UjjUtLAA Withrow, Glory I owe it all to Jesus!; Fr, Yr. I drowned; Track 2nd yr Shin splints; Haunted House, met my sweetheart Dan " The Fox " , Band Geek 4x; TUBA WOMAN 2 YEARS " ARF " ; I LUV U DAN! IDAKA 1 yr,; Skiing, finally m-F Hi; JAZZ BAND; FUHS B-ball Fan; Music Award Sr, Yr,; Futboll-Go Big Red; R-l-P; GETTING out of Bio w " D " ; Good times. The Beat-up-Buick, OLDSMOBILE; Chevy Truck, No behind, " The Fox-Mobile " ; Fires (3) " My new Bro, I Luv U Thomas " ; I LUV U Mom Dad My Buds, Sis Mar Tom Alison Mike Chris Alan Suz Kev Laur B-Geeks, But My Best Bud DAN! Bye FHS ImYtJatixSwjyAxL Woodward, Hilary I have learned tiiis poem that seems so write: " I walked a mile ith pleasure-she chatted all the way-but left me none the wiser-for ail she hod to say-l walked a mile with sorrow-and never a word she said-But oh, the thing I learned-from her when sorrow walked with me. " This poem written by R,B, Hamilton has got to mean more end more as the years have gone past. Everyone has learned the meaning of this poem. Yamamoto, Naomi BOINKI I ' m serious; Luv ya Miss Ya Auggle-my bo- gus doggie. Thanx so much: Maria-New Zealand, Natasha-Greece, Norma-lreland, Louise-Brazil, Mi- chelle-Australia, ilknur-Turkey, Debbie-Engl and, Mathilde-France: U guys r best, Luv ya Barb Rosie Tues, 7 10 86 TFF-Curt roland. Luv Crockett, Mac, Bangles, Faico, KROQ-SM ' s voice, RB, luvline; Neomaxiezunedwebie; Shash-Good luck, friends 4- ever Shellshock, SHHI; MocFace, Me Igloo, Stud, Buff, Do, Stud Muffin. Pretty In Pink; Thanx Vunsie Denise! Class-BOX ' s Andy; Monkees-DJ, PT; 2 much tv. Thanx AC 8c NT-Great times! ,tht £} yostM Yates, Daria BO, transfer to FUHS Senior Class 86. Good Luck Rondo URA great sis! Julie E, Churp! Ruth, Tommy, Carol membr Arms. Christina lots uv lafs w Howzer. Laura u ' ve been a great trend I wish U 8t Tim good luc. Wity it ' s snarla. Keep cheering Deb, Bobina, Stac, Jil, Karen 8( Kit. Kevin thanx 4 the laughs Keep smil ' n; Solitude at Huningtn h Cgulls gifts 2 Julie. Thanx Mom Dad, Beth, Jerry, Laura 8( Karen re- membr sizzler food lofts. Good Luck Phil thanx 4 the locker. Passed Gov ' t torture!!! Good luck in the future it was a fun year h may God bless oil of youl! (Penelope) -fli ' iyS (liik Zepeda, Nora Steve Moore I luv U 4 ever, 1, 2, 3, 4, JG JS SD Pals 4 ever Girls Just Wana have fun! Palm Springs was fun (Lets do it again girls) HF TH JS MG What about the stony scale? I can count, MH TH JH NL HK MM you no how to party, my kind SD NL MH we think school is cool! dont u forget Thomson Twins an OMD. I hod a little too much BoonesForm How about u SD? JS my best pat 4 ever I Luv U JG sorry things ended Remember Summer of 85? Luv U JC MG MR Just think of all the fun we hod I luv U Mom 8i Dad thanx AZ RZ JZ together 4 ever I luv u SM we did It 4 down and more to come I Luv You i-kfUc, " i-t Zergo, Chris CLSHS 1; FUHS 2, 3, 4; B-Boll 1 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 4; JV B- Ball, 10-0, Thanx Sin 8c Pish; FDRF;z 2, 3, 4; PB, We ' re not slobs, you ' re just a pretty boy NTOA; Muggs, MF; Behemouth, By, Cal Bears; NW; Shek, Eli, DDTS; Poll, YFU; TS, INFIWTS; Spec; SKY BOYZ-SA, MP, CZ; pound-RO, GH, PJH; 12 oz curls; Coors Light Crew; Torpedoes; Bose-WF BH 3 ' 2, I didn ' t have a hang- over! Purple puke OTW; TJ WantABE; IDRC, 67-?; 4x4 The hill, 4; Whis-Fresh, Suck, Ex AB; SHHS Sucks; ILLIN- OIZ TF, these tins are comfortable; BYE FUHS, UCSD- Here I come! 328 INDEX AAA Avelar, Florentine Avelar, Virginia 78 Avin a, Norma 118 Ayala. Laura 118 Ayon, Raul 118 Ayres. Cheryl S Aborca. Becky 106 Abbott, Betrian 132 Abbott, Timothy J, 103 Abdul, Karim 106 Abercromble, Ann C. 1 18 Aceves, Mayra 132 Aceves. Oswaldo 132 Acosto, Alicia O. 78, 102 Acosta, Isabel C. 78 Acosta, Mario P, 106 Acton, Aaron H. 25, 106, 146 Adame, Alexander Adame, Lisa Ann Adams, David E, 106. 258 Adams. Donna E, 132 Adams, Julie 118, 228 Adamson, Michael T. 17, 118, 259 Afram, Mike M 56, 60. 78. 99. 151, 254 Afrom, Rania B 106 Agee, Quincy Marie 26, 118, 258, 247 Agllar, Ana Maria Agnew, Alfie F, 14, 17, 19, 54, 60, 78, 258 Agulrre, Cristela M 118 Akina, Ryan F. 106, 146 Alamores, Mark A. 57, 60, 78, 254 Alavo. Arnaldo Alavo, ignoclo R, 78 Aldatz, Tina G, 106 Aldrich, Benvenuto P. 173 Alejandro, Yolanda Alfonso, Julio C. 106 Allen, Janene 78, 162, 170 Allen, Joson 132 Allen, Shone T 27, 78. 154. 207, 257, 259 Allen, Timothy J, 78, 252 Allls. Todd C, 46. 106 Almaguer. Aaron L, 118 Alvarado. Andres 132 Alvarodo. Rosa 78 Alvidrez. Edith Ambos. Robert C. Amin. Shreyas 132. 258 Anaya. Daniel 106 Andazola. Ray E. Anderson. Eric S. 132 Anderson. Erik C. 118 Anderson. Jarrod R. 118. 256 Andrews. Jerl Lynn 78. 247 Anthony. Susan M 118 Ardoin. Rhonda Mae 118. 162. 172 Arevalo. Jose 132 Arevalo. Mario Arias. Gilberto I. 103, 255 Arias. RIgoberto I, 103 Armenia. Lupe J, 106 Armljo. Loretta J 103 Arnold. Jocalyn 132. 228. 35 Arnold. Matthew L. 106 Arreola. Enrique A. 106 Arreola. Lorle 103 Arreola, Sandra E. 118 Arvizo. Maria J Arzate. Fousta 132 Arzote. Foustlno Arzola. Andy 118 Asa. Ellana 118 Astorga. James E 118 Au. Denise C 78. 253 Ausmon. Audrey 228. 35 Ave ' lallemant, Robert A. 118 BBB Bach. Peter J 132. 151 Badgerow. Sharon J, 78 Bailey. Jeffrey D, 106. 146 Bales, Miriam 106 Ballesteros, Gloria L. Ballesteros, Nicole M. 223 Bankston, Wade P. 118 Baradas. Guilbert I. 118 Barodos, Julius C. 132 Borajos, Angelica 132 Barba, Lynn A 78 Barbarino, Tony M, 106 Barber, Theodore " Ted Wdyne " 106, 158 Barr, Laurie C. 106 Barrlga. Sylvia E, 78. 103 Barrios. Rick C Barry. David J Barrels. Shannon 118. 255. 258 Bass. Jonathan M 79 Batiste. Michael 132. 160 Baunsgard. Nicole E, 118 Bousermon. Eric 118 Beamer. Tiffany May 106, 247 Beaver. Ronald E, 118 Beck. John 79. 257. 258 Becknell. James N, 118 Beltran. Guadalupe Beltron. Rosarlo L, 106. 252 Benltez. Francisco R Bergstrom. Cynthia J, 118 Bernich. David G, 132 Bernlch. Frank U. 118 Bernstein. Jean M, 118. 121. 173. 256 Berry. Lisa M 15. 16. 106. 162. 170 Blalowas. Erin A 119. 158 Blardl. Jdmes E. 41. 46. 47. 79. 256 Bice. Bradley T, 106 Bice, Brent 19. 132. 136, 146. 151 Bice. Comllie L 79. 211. 221. 255. 31 Blxler. Jamie A, 132 Blackley. Sarah 15. 16, 119, 155 Blackstock, O ' Donno P. Blair. Michael T. Blake. Catherine 16. 17. 221 Blongy. Colette E. 79 Blatney. Frank J, 79. 258 Blatney. Jim J, 79. 106. 146 Bletterman. Christina 79. 212 Blodgett. Kurt M. 106 Boals. Gregory W 25, 106 Boatner. Deanne M. 107 Boatner. Debra Lynn Boatner. Ken 57. 79. 1 19 Boeger. Erin P. Boettcher. Gabriel F 119. 154. 152 Bohlen. Christina 132 Bohlen. Donald D. 103 Bolcer, Stephen 132 Bollmonn. Peter J, Bonahora. Jacqueline D, Bonllla. Lorena 132 Books. Carl D. Booth. Brendon 1 19, 258 Borbely, Robin L 19, 107 Bordner, Bruce C, 79, 90, 222, 259 Borges, James A 103 Borges, Lla C 107 Borough, Carrie Jo 103 Borough. Greg 132 Borowskl. Blake S. 119 Bofello. Gerardo 132 Botello. Manuel 132 Bouchard. David C 119 Bowe. Bryan 132 Bowman. Joson E Boyer. Philip T 119 Boysen. Heidi Jo Bracamontes. Andrea M, 27. 119 Braddlck. Andrew 133 Bradley, MIchele Lynn 107 Brombila, Benlgno A, 79 Bramblla, GIna 133 Brandon, Michael E. Bravo. Ellseo Jr. 79, 103 Bravo. Frank A, 103. 107 Bravo. Jose Bravo. Paul Brecht. Adrian S, 107 Brehm. Heidi A. 107. 158 Bretz. Karen J, 57. 60. 79 Brewer. Julie A, 79 Brick. Catherine 133. 228 Brick, Elizabeth A. 119. 253. 258 Bridenstlne. Jill 119 Bridenstlne. John S. 107 Bridgeford. Matthew 133 Bridwell. Mary 133 Brinkman. Showna R. 133 Bristow. Randy 133. 151. 173 Brock hoft. Jason D. 107 Broden. Letitia A, 133 Brokke, Ronald P, 79, 252 Brookman, Dennis D, 133 Brooks. Jennifer C, 18, 56. 60. 79 Brooks. Karen 26. 133 Brown. Allison S. 15, 16. 132. 133. 35 Brown. David 119 Brown, Devin C. 79 Brown. Jon D 119 Brown. Margaret S Brown, Michael S. 79 Bruce, Perry M 147. 79. 256 Bruechert. Chad 119. 148 Brune. Lee W, 107 Brunkhorst. Angela D 107 Brunner. Lesley 19. 26, 119. 215. 255 247 Bryan. Scott 119 Bryant. Heather M. 107 Buchness, Paul E, 80 Buck, David 119. 222 Bui, TrI Van 103 Bundy, Dixie 119, 228 Burbank, Richard M. 103 Burbank, Tommy 133, 151 Burdick, James B. Burdick, Michael R. Burge, Jeannlne M, 107. 258 Burnard. Craig B, 80. 158 Burns. Steven A. Burrell. Richi 107. 146 Burns. Christopher E Bush. Steven M. 80. 84. 158. 259 Bushow. Jonathan 133 Butalep. Mohamed 133 Byrne, Kathryn S, 119. 128 Byrne. Kristen A. 17. 80. 99. 156. 210. 255. 31 ccc Cabral. Michael J, 80. 146 Cache. Elizabeth 119 Calderon. Diane Calderon. Morlsela 119 Calhoun. Keith A, 119 Callaghan. Shannon R 133 Calvo. Kenneth V. 107 Calvo. Lynnette 133. 161 Camacho, Jose H. 1 19 Camacho, Juan 133 Camarena, Socorro 133 Campbell. James E, 60, 80. 99 Campbell. Jason W. 133 Campbell. Jennifer 133 Campbell. Nathan 133 Campfield. Cindi D. Camptield. Robyn C, 107 Campolongo. Regina D. 80. 210. 257. 255 Campos. Eric 133. 151. 173, 252 Campos. Homero 133. 151 Campos, Luz C. 80 Campos. Manolo M. 119 Campos. Myrtle 119 Campos. Raymundo 133. 151 Campos. Rictiard F 103 Campos. Rocio 107 Campos. Socorro 107 Campos. Ttielma 107 Canonica. Chris A. 80. 103 Canonica. Jill R. 16. 119 Cantrell. Kennith B. Carey. Bryan 133 Carlson, Eric B. 107. 152, 254 Carlton, Mark Carlton, Robert T. Carmen, Christopher 119 Carmony. Rachelle 119 Carmony, Rhonda J. 119 Caron, Stacy 119 Carr. Christin S, 119 Carrera. Letty M, 80 Carriera, Chris M. 107 Carrillo. Maria 80 Carriilo, Nellie D. 80 Carrillo, Samuel 133 Carrillo. Sylvia 119 Carter, Carol Y. 80 Carter, Christopher A 119. 150 Caspers, Daniel J, 119 Castaneda. Vincent 120 Castillo. Cynthia D. 107 Castle, Arthur M, 103 Castle, David 133 Castro, Alfred 120 Castro, Brian P, 80 Cathey, Der ' eck L, 120, 150 Causley, Charlotte R. 120 Causley, Susan M. 81 Ceballos, Javier Celaya, Stocee L. Cewinski, Stephanie A, 120 Chabanel, ' Andre E, 81 Chabanel, Marie 120 Chacon, Michael R, 107, 146 Chaidez, Charles R. 120 Chalmers, Robert 133 Chambers, Mark C. 81 Champhinarn, Daravath 133 Champine, Mark 120 Champion, Colleen D. Chaney, Dale A, 120 Chang, Sarah Suiki 81 Chapman, David 133 Chau, Minh Chavarin, Albert 133. 139 Chavez. Armando 133 Chavez. Arturo 120 Chavira, Catherine 133 Chavira, Cecilia 120, 215 Chavira, Vincent F, Cheeseman. Kim Chen. Pauline F, 81, 254, 259 Chen. Pei " Sally " Chiaramonte. Tami K. 120 Chism, ,Andre 81, 103 Ci-iO. Suiig Hoon 107, 252. 259 Choi. Anne Eui-Kyung 81 Choi. Helen Hee-Kyung 120 Chrlstensen. Jennifer L. 133 Chuang. Brad Chung, Jessica Jihye Cichoski, Lori-Anne 81 Cichovi las, Christopher 133 Clancy. Shauna M. 81 Clark, Christina M 133, 172 Clark, Paul 134, 154, 259 Clark, Robert E, III 81 Clement, Bryan E. Clor, Benjamin R. 134, 151 Cloutier, Bridgette L. 107, 155, 258 Cobian, Manuel B, 120, 150 Cole. Christine 134 Cole. Dusten A. 120. 252 Cole. Elaine 134 Collins. Candace Collins, Christopher Coloma. Andrevi R, Colvin, Wes I 81 Conley, Daniel P, 81 Connelly, Julie Ann 120 Contreras, Jennifer M. 81 Cook, Lori 134 Cook, Sherry L. 107 Cooper, Laura B. 81, 86, 170, 211, 255 Cooper, Todd P. Cooperman, Yvonne K. 81, 253 Corbin, Darrell 146 Cords, Todd W, 120 Corre, Manito A. 120 Corre. Morelio A, 120 Correy, Richard 134 Correy. Ron D, 82 Correy, Scott 107 Corrigan, Suzanne L, Corry, Brian D. Corry, Tammy L, 120. 252 Cortez. Carmen 134 Costales, Anna Marie 255 Courtney. Morgan 134 Cox, Mark S, 82 Craig. John 134 Crippen, Cheryl L. 107 Crippen. James A. 82 Cromwell, Marcy M, 107 Crossley, Clinton 134 Crouch, James 134, 151, 173 Cruz, Jose 134 Cruz, Michael E. 19, 107 Cuevas, Rodolfo " Rudy " A, 120 Cullen, Felicia Ann 120 Cullen. Lorraine 120, 155 Cummings, Shannon C. Cummins, June L, 82 Cunningham, Jay H, 120, 258 Curry. Shawn M. 107 DDD Daggett, Steven C, 17, 82, 146, 147, 221 Dakis, Nick 134. 258 Daniel. Sabrina L. Dao. Thu Anh 134 Darafrine, Jeanette 107 Darafrine, Katherine 134 Davis. Allison J. Davis. Kenneth E. 82. 257 Davis. Scott 134. 151 De Felicis. Gina N. 82. 31 De Giuseppe. Marc 134 De Gracia. Ruben De Lannoy, Chad P, 134. 154 De Phillips. Steven 134. 151 De Vega, Antonnieta " Maria " Dean, Ahnolinn Deanda, Maria L, 82. 103 Deborn. William C, Degiuseppe. Nicole 154 Dennis. Matthew S. 107 Depaolo. William A. 15. 120. 150. 256 Derringer. Chad M. 134 Derringer, Todd M, 134 Deveney, Kerri A, 120 Devonald, Scott T. 107, 152, 259, 247 Diaz. Adriana B, 134 Diaz. Anthony 134 Diaz, Denise 120 Diaz, Jorge-Aguilar 120, 158, 225, 256 Diaz, Ramon L. 82. 108 Diaz, Reinaldo Dickens, Geoffery M. 24, 103 Dickson, Shannon L. 120 Dimauro, Stephanie C, 82 Dinh, Viet Dong 54, 60. 82, 257 Dinoso, Jennifer 134, 35 Dinsmore, Kenneth C, 82 Dinsmore, Kevin 134. 151 Do. Dong 83 Do. Duyen Thi Do. Long 120 Do. Minh Quang 120 Do. Pho 134 Do. Thang Quoc 108. 258 Doan. Phong 160 Dodds. Melissa 134. 161 Dodds. Wesley C. 108, 146 Dodson, Christine E. 120 Dominguez, isaias 120 Dominguez, Jamie T. 120 Dominguez, Marie C Dominguez. Michael 134 Dominguez. Michael D Dominguez. Ramon A. 83. 221. 222 Donaghu, Casey 83. 162 Donaldson. Sarah E, 120. 227 Donnellan, James 134 Donnelly. Kristen M. 108 Dooiittle. Jennifer 16, 134, 35 Dorfman, Jeffrey 26, 134 Dorfman, Jodi 108 Dotson, Deanna L. 83. 222 Dougherty, Thomas 120, 150 Douglas, Cynthia K. 108 Doverspike, John 135, 191 Doverspike, Lisa K. 108 Downey. Melinda A. 83 Drew. Shawn 135. 151 Duerksen. Kurt 108 Duffin. Sheri Lee 135 Dugan. Kim Marie 135 Dunaway. Chris L 120. 150 Duncan. Ronald 83. 103 Dunn. Kristine M, 108 Dunn, Patricia A, 135, 141 Duong, Tuan Duron, Esequiel Durham, Tracy D. 83 Durkin, Gregg J. 83, 257 Dyer, Stephanie K. 83, 257 EEE Earnest, William E. 83 Easton. Lianne M. 108, 228 Echivesti, Manuel 108 Eckert, Katherine L, 26, 108 Eder, Jennifer S, 12, 15, 17, 26, 83, 210, 255 Eder, Karen E. 121, 129. 247 Ediin. Julie 135. 226. 228 Ediin. Neil R, 83 Edwards. John P, 108. 173 Egurrolo, Eric P. 103. 146 Egurrola. Erin M. 121 Eikins. Allyson G. Emery. Darlene M. 121, 252 Emery, Scott 121, 256 Emley, Michelle 29, 108, 253 Encinas, Ana A, 83 Enriquez, Ernie R 108 Erik sen, David 135 Erskine. Laurie A Esparza, Christopher 121 Espinoza, Jason A. 135 Esqueda, Matthew B. 121 Esquivel, Alexander 135 Esquivias. Maria D, 121 Estrick, Michael 135 Eun, Helen R, 121. 215, 255, 247 Evans. Virginia T, 83 Evening. Elton 135 FFF Faber, Jeffrey L. 108 Fairclough, Jonette 121, 135 Falke. Christopher W 103 Fambrough, Nedra 135 Fanaselle, Michael D. Farah, Heather L, 26, 83, 210, 221, 257, 255 Farley, James J. 121 Fornsworth, Denise S 19, 108 Farr, Betty 121 Farrell, Shannon L, 121 Fearn, Shawn 135 Felix, Ana 108 Ferm, Diana 135, 223 Fernandes, Gina M. 16, 24, 108, 214, 255 Fernandez, David C, Fernandez, Evelia 121 Fernandez, John J, Ferre, Robert 121, 258 Field, David 135, 151 Field, Richard 83 Fields, Zack C. Fierros, Camerino 135 Finney, Michael 121, 150 Fischer, Leigh 121, 253 Fitzhugh. Stacey 135, 257 Fleming, Denise M 25, 26, 27, 57, 60, 84, 211 Fleming, Douglas R. 121 Fletcher, Brian R 121 Flores, Jesus J, 121 Flores, Laura S 135 Flores, Lorenzo 108 Flores, Michael A. 108 Flowers, Terry L Ford, April 135, 212, 222 Ford, Donald S. 103 Fought, Dorey 121 Fox, Dan L, 84, 222 Fox, James S. Fox, Marilyn J 121, 220 Fox, Stacy L 121 Fraire, Maryonn 135 Franklin. Douglas R. 16, 121, 150, 258 Franzid, Renato C 84, 158, 257 Franzia, Roma H 108, 214, 221, 255 Frowley, Bryan 135, 223, 254 Frawley, Kevin M 84 Fredricks, Dennis A. 84, 254 Freeberg, Stacy E. 46, 47, 84, 212, 255 Freeland, Cynthia A, 121, 253 Freiley, Karen 135 French, Debra A 84 Freyre, Richard T. 108, 173, 254, 259 Frids, Chris R 84, 173, 257 Fuertes, Primitivo R GGG Golbralth, George A Galindo, Kelly M, Gallagher, Laurie E. 103 Gallatin, Tafia J 108. 113, 210, 258 Gdllegos, Jennefte A, 135, 252 Gallegos. Sylvia E, 84 Gallio, William L 121, 154, 259 Galvan, Juan M 121 Gomboa, Arfuro 121 Gancar, Scoff T Gandomi, Shahin R 84, 103 Gann, William A, 121 Gdon, Gerg D 108, 258 Garcia, Carmello 84 Garcia, Carmen L, 108 Garcia, Centella L. Garcia, Freddy 135 Garcia, jeannie 121 Garcia, Jesus A 121 Garcia, Michael T 56, 60, 108 Garcia, Michele C 121 Garcia, Monica D. 108 Garcia, Vincent Gardner, David 121 Garrett, Ian S 121 Garrett, Tracy 135 Garza, Lisa A, 109, 228. 253 Gaxiola, Anthony R. 135 Gearhart, Cynthia 109 Geller, David J 109 George, Debby S 109, 222 George, Shalene L, 135 George, Terry R 121, 154 Gerola, Kathryn C 89 Giacopuzzi, Gregg 109 Giacopuzzi. Julie 135, 161 Gibbs, Darby Gibson. Carrie E, 26. 121 Gibson, Robert F Gillespie, Kelly LA, 16, 121 Gilliam, Lisa M 109, 226, 228, 253 Gilyard, John G, 109 Ginfer, Christina 135 Glass, Buddy E Godinez, Alex G, 84 Godinez, Lorraine 135 Godoy, Benny S Golan, Kenneth J 109 Gomez, Alejadro Gomez, John D 136, 221 Gomez, Kelly Gomez, Manuel M. 109 Gomez, Maria 136 Gomez, Norma 109 Gomez, Steven M 84 Gonsalez, Jorge A 109 Gonzales, Albert Gonzales, Frank J, 121, 150 Gonzales, Frank H, 109, 173 Gonzales, Gina A. Gonzales, Maria F 136 Gonzales, Mary C Gonzalez, Albert G 109, 146 Gonzalez, Bertha 84 Gonzalez, Inez 122 Gonzalez, John J, Gonzalez, Luz 136 Gonzalez, Maria 122 Gonzalez, Martha 84 Gonzalez, Martha C, 109 Gonzalez. Norma L 136 Gonzalez, Poberto A, 121 Gonzalez, Yolanda 109 Gooch, Julie 136 Gould, Barry J 109 Gould, Jennifer 136 Gould, Kelly 136, 221, 257 Goveo, Veronica 122, 161 Goyette, Eric J Grace, William V 122 Gracia. Chris 122 Graf, Robert D, 89, 258 Graham, Matthew 122, 258 Graham, Michael 136 Graham, William F. Grafny, Thomas J, 109 Graves, Allison R, 109 Green, Lee A 122, 136 Grefz. Rae A 122. 247 Griffith. Misho 122. 124 Grodt. Gretchen M 89 Grubbs. Robert C 109, 146 Guerrero, David 122 Guillonf, Yvetfe Gunter, Jill C, 84 Gunfher, Jolie F 17, 26, 59, 60, 85. 210, 221, 255 Gurrola. Henry 136 Gusinski. Jeffrey J 109 Gutierrez. Claudia G 109 Gutierrez. Michelle 136 Gutierrez, Monica G. 85 Guzman, Monica L Guzman, Ricardo A, 122 Guzman. Ronnie G, 85 Guzman, Victor M. 122 HHH Hackney, Creshia K. 85 Hahn, Steven R, 122, 150 Hdhn, Tyler 122 Haire, Tommy 136 Halili, David M 85 Hall, Lori 85 Hall, Tanya M 122, 161, 247 Hallam, Nanci J 109 Hamilton, Doris E 109 Hamilton, Heidi E, 85. 170, 212, 257, 253, 255 Hamm, Scott 136 Hand, Sheri D 136 Hanks, Karen J 59, 60, 85, 212, 255 Hansen, Amy D 109, 253 Hansen, Kamey M. Hanway, Chad Harbour, Michael 136, 154 Hart, Staci E 85 Hargrove, Stacey L. 109 Harrell, Raynard Horrill, Emelia 136, 161, 172 Harrill, Lance 122 Harris, James R Harris, Julie 109, 227, 35 Harrison, Tava 136 Harrist, Shdnnon 122 Hart, Holly G 109 Hossett, David J 110, 136, 152, 254. 256, 259 Hassett, Devin R Hottan, Stacey A, 110, 247 Haugen, Gary 136 Hawkins, Cynthia L 26, 85, 210, 257, 255 Hoymes, Michael T 122, 150. 256 Heones. Jeffrey M 110. 152. 259 Hebert. Michael R, Hedlund. Julie M, 86. 257 Heisinger. Kimberly 122. 155. 258, 247 Heller, Jerry 122 Heller, Shermaine D Hemmerling, Krisfen L, 106, 110 Henderson, Chris C. 110, 258, 257, 247 Henderson, Derrick T Henderson. Emily 136. 228. 257 Henderson, Troy L Hendricks, Christina 122 Hendricks, Scott C 86 Henslee, Jennifer M, 122, 172 Herbst. Brian H, 122, 223 Hernandez, Angelica Hernandez, Arturo 136. 151 Hernandez. Bardomiano 122 Hernandez. Dana M .122 Hernandez, Jesus Hernandez. Jorge Hernandez. Jose 136 Hernandez. Rafael A. Hernandez. Veronica 86 Herrera. Anthony Herrera. Deborah J. 110 Herrera. John 136 Herrera. Moises 136 Herrera, Roy 136 Hersey. Kama O. 86 Hersey, Susan V. 110 Hershkowitz, Lawrence S, 86 Hertogh, Marc F, 86 hespe, Kimberly 26, 46, 47, 122, 256 Hess, Alexander J. 110 Hetland, Mike C, 26, 110 Heusser, Hillary 136, 161, 35 Heusser, Noeile P, 60, 86, 162, 170, 31 Hewitt, Sy C. 86 Hewlett, Thomas G, 28, 86, 110, 173 Hewlett, John E, II 26, 86 Hier, Thomas J. 86 Higgins, Christy 122, 155, 247 Hill, Shann L. Hill, Toby J. 86, 258 Hiltscher, Brent L, 55, 118, 122 Hiltscher, Carlo L. 110, 136 Hiltscher, William L. 122 Hindman, Kurt 15, 122, 150 Hirou, Kristen 136 Hirschkorn, Melissa D, 25, 86 Hisey, Robert B, 122 Hoang, Anh Hai " Tommy " 137 Hoang, Lan Anh Dinh 86 Hodges, Amy 122 Hollingsworth, Jason 137 Holmes, Jon Kenyon 122 Holmes, Timothy J. 110 Honerkamp, Leslie A. Honeycutt, Michele L. Hoogland, Craig S, 86, 160 Hoover, Wayne V, 86 Hopkins, Thomas D, 110, 152, 254 Hornidge, Tanya M. 25, 87 Horton, Casey H. 137, 258 Horton, Dieter C, 122 Hoskey, Douglas A, 87, 252 Hossen, Saynah Houser, Cari 137 Hua, Hoang M. 123 Huarte, Kevin J. 137 Huftmire, Thomas F. Hughes, Joanne L. 106, 1 10 Hughes, Tom B. 87, 146, 149, 31 Hulsey, Mark T, 222 Hulsey. Michael R, 123. 222 Hunt, Jill S 110 Hunt, Scott J, 87 Hurlburt, Richard Hurfodo, Gerardo 110, 173 Hurt ado, Linda A, 110, 158 Hurtado, Mercedes 137 Hutton, Esther L. 29, 110, 258 Huynh, Hai Thanh 110 Huynh, Hung Thanh 137 Hylton, Julie A. 87 lacofano, John 137 Ibarra, Alba 137 Ibarra, Jose C. Ibarra, Martha H, 87 Ibarra, Mary 137 Idres, Ismoh 123 Idres, Mariyam 123 Irons, Charles L, 46, 47, 87, 254, 257, 256 Ivask, Jennifer S, 123, 128, 228 JJJ Jackson, Steven D. 110, 223 Jaime, Jesse 123 Joimes, Chotherine J. 90 Joimes, Charlie J. 123, 150 Jamal, Louis D. 110 Jaramillo, Rosa 110, 252 Jarvi, David S, 110, 158, 256 Jarvi, Erik 137 Jaso, Jonathan D. 90 Jeeves, Jennifer L, 1 10, 161 Jensen, Hilary C, 137, 257 Jensen, Thomas H, 110, 114, 222 Jim, Elsa Joe, Andrew 137, 258 Johnson, Amber 123 Johnson, Brian K. 123 Johnson, Christine E, 90 Johnson, Darren 137, 259 Johnson, Jeffrey J. Johnson, Jenifer S. 110 Johnson, Karen L. 123, 252 Johnson, Karia K. 90, 253 Jones, Deborah S. 41, 60, 90, 253, 247 Jones, Michael L. 110 Jordan, Janine L. 123 Juarez, Manuel 123, 150 Juarez, Ross R. 123 KKK Kaaiowahia, Johanna 16, 110, 161 Kaaiawahia, Keoni G. 90 Kafka, Gregory R 90 Kawase, Camille M. 110, 156 Kawase, Marie 118, 123, 155 Kaylor, Honey M. Kelly, Daniel J, 137 Kelly, James T. Kenyon, Jeffrey A, 137 Keriakedes, Suzanne M. 110 Kerr, Bradley C, 137 Kerr, Dean A, Kerr, Holly M 90 Ketchem, Tom D. 123 Kho, Thuy 123 Khong, Bernadette Ngoc-Diep 90, 110 Khong, Chi Ngoc 110 Kidner, Wade L, 110 Kielhamer, Kelly A, (Byrne) 110 Kiloh, Patricia J, 110 Kilpatrick, Juli 137 Kim, David 123 Kim. Leslie 123, 155, 247 Kim, Michelle 90 Kimbrell, James E. 110 Kinney, Eileen R. 90, 156, 211, 221, 225, 30 Kish, Heather K, 57, 111 Kish, Hilary K. 90, 257 Kiter, Christa C 90, 156 Kline, Adrian D. Klingenmaier, Randy S. 123 Klingenmaier, Tammy L. 90 Koch, Diane E. 110, 111 Koch, Hilda B. 110, 111, 114 Kohler, Jessie A. 118, 123, 128 Kongchan, Netphachon 137 Kongchan, Sadaphet Cong 137 Koryto, Scott 123, 152, 252, 259 Koslosky, Andrea D. Koslosky, Joey J. Kovacs, Viorica 123 Kraus, John 137, 154 Krch, Melinda C. 111 Kremkow, Lisa K. 91 Kumar, Lalita 56, 60, 111 Kushner, Brian 137 Kuznetsov, Steven S, 103 Kwiatkowski, Barbara 137, 155 Kwiatkowski, Nina 137 LLL La. Thuy Thu 91 La Cuesta. Victoria T. 123 Lackey. Corry A, 137. 252 Lady. Todd 137 Lalonde, Tom 123. 223 Lambert. Beth A, 91 Lammens. Laurie A, 17. 111. 127 Lane. Vanessa A. 137 Longdon. Justin S, 223 Lansford. Michael J. 111. 221 Lansing. Karen 123. 161 Lanz. Laura A. 26. 27. 111. 214, 221, 225 Lapoint, Kevin 111, 223 Lau, Gregory A, 123, 126, 258 Lau, Mel Ling Laurent, Leon M. 137 Law, Randy 137, 154 Law, Roger C, 91, 259 Le, Dung Ngoc 103 Le, Duong 137, 228 Le, Huy Thien 123 Le, Kham Trung 103 Le, Linh Thi 123 Le, Namchi Phan Khac 123, 155 Le, Oanh Chau Le, Phong Thanh 103, 123 Le, Tai Anh 123 Le, Thanh Bich Thi 111 Le, Thuy Truong 111, 228 Le, Tuan Anh 91 Ledbetter, Chad 137, 151 Ledbetter, Nicole L. 91 Lee, Christopher J. 91 Leeper, David R. 103 Left, Stacy 137, 35 Lehr, Monica Leischner, Shane 151 Lemire, Richard 137, 151 Lemnitzer, Jeffrey S. 123, 256, 259 Lent, Trisha F. 123, 170, 215 Lentz, Kevin 123, 166, 150 Lentz, Kirk S. 91. 31 Leon, Denise M, 25, 111, 156 Leos, Ronnie R. Leos, Ruben J. Levoit, Christy L. Ill Lewis, Alan 123, 256 Lewis, Heather 137 Lewis, Linda " Jill " 137, 172 Eicon, Gobriela 1 1 1 Eicon, Margarita 1 1 1 Lien, Phong Tuye 111 Lien, Vinh 137 Lierle, Grace L. Ill Lieser, James E. Ill Limage, Chantel Lin, Elena L. 137 Linder, Jeff L. 111 Linder. Nancy J. 123 Lindow, Leslie E. 123 Lindsay, Moriellen E, 111 Lineberry, Curtis E, 138 Linstrom, Amy L. 111 Linthicum, Jeff E. Lipman, Antoinette 138 Lipman, Stacey 91, 253 Livingston, James 1 1 1 Locl wood, David R 123 Loeb. Jason 138 Loera. Laura E 111 Lehman, Scot A Lohman, Sheri L 124. 228 Loi, Lin Lin Lombardo, Miciiael C 91 Longenecker, Robert 138 Loo, Tristia L 111, 258 Looper, Les De Marquis 124 Lopez, Arfuro 103 Lopez, Cristina Lopez, Cruz 138 Lopez, Edelmira P, 138 Lopez. Juan 138 Lopez. Margarita Lopez. Renesso 111 Lopez. Yolonda 138 Lord. Kenneth S 103. 111. 146 Lovi ers. Charles 138. 154 Lowrey. Thomas E. 111. 152. 254, 259 Loza, Eduardo S 111 Lozono. Javier 103 Lubke. Mono 138. 257 Lucero. Mario I 111 Ludwig. Deborah 138, 223 Lujan. Kelly D 124 Lukkes. Troy D 124. 150 Luna. Marttio 124 Lundie. Gillian 124 Luu. Viet Quoc 91 Ly. Hue Nhu 103 Ly. Hung Chi 91 Ly. Mai 124 Ly. Nhung Nhu 124 Ly, Phot Hue 138 Ly, Thuan Hue Ly, Trang Quynh 138 Lynch, Chad D Lynwood, Tracy M. MMM Macalino, Raymon Chan Logay MacDonald, David 138, 154, 259 MacDonold, Michael D 124 Maciel, Juan Manuel F Maddux, Grace Mill Magana, Michael 111, 146 Magliano, Mario T 111 Mai, De Dinh 112 Mai, Liem Thanh 124 Makshanotf, Andrew 124, 258, 259 Malone, Daniel K. 112 Malott, Kelly 124 Mamoon, Cassim 112 Mandel, David S. 112, 146 Manship, Gregory A 91, 158 Manship, Jeff L 124, 256 Manzanares, Chris T, 112, 223 Manzer, Donald T 138, 160 Maram, David Marcu, Nicoleta Mares, Hernando 112 Marines, Rosa E. Maroun, Liliane 112 Maroun, Michael R. 124 Marquez, Cecilia 138 Marquez, Hilda M. 91 Marsella. David M, Marsh. Catherine R. 91 Marszalek. Keith 124 Martin. Dennis D. Martin. Gerald W, 92 Martin. Julie A 92 Martinez, Candelaria Martinez, Carlos M, 150 Martinez, Frank C. 92 Martinez, Josie 112 Martinez, Marcio A, 124, 35 Martinez, Mariceldo 124, 228 Martinez, Olga L 124 Martinez, Willie A 124. 258 Martorana. Jessica Ann M, 138 Mascio. Gregory 46. 47. 112, 256 Mason, Laurel L 112, 132, 222 Masse ' , Paula 138 Mossey, Bonita 16, 18, 138 Mossey, Brian Stephen 112, 156 Mateos, Richard R, 92 Mayfield, James B 124 Mayfield. Lokechia M Mazzo. Gina 138, 35 Mazza, Mia Anna 227, 35 Mazzola, Marc V 92, 112, 257 Mc Allise, Kimberly Jo 124, 258 Mc Bride, Scott 138 Mc Bride. Steve 138 Mc earthy. Michael J. 112 Mc Clure. Amy 138 Mc Comber. Mechelle M Mc Cullah. Kimberly A 103 Mc Farlane. Brian K, 112. 258 Mc Guire. Kenilynn 138 Mc Gurer. Mark A Mc Horney. Daniel Mc Horney, Kerry 138 Mc Intosh. David A. 124. 166. 152 Mc Intosh. Wendy L, 24. 26. 112 Mc Keag. Christine M, 112 Mc Keag. Sharon A. Mc Kelvie. John 124. 258 Mc Kinley. Kenneth 124. 66 Mc Kinney. Terri L 112 Mc Kowen. Teresa J 124 Mc Laren. Corrina A. 112 Mc Laren. M, Leonard 138 Mc Mahon. William 138 Mc Ney. Garrick Kisuke 17. 55, 60, 146 Mc Ninch. Heather A 124 Mc Reynolds. Scott 124 Medrono. Carlos A Melchoir. Barry A. 138 Mele, John P. 112 Melendez. Vvette M. 56, 60, 92 Mendez, Hector E. 124 Mendez, Laura 92, 11 Mendez, Osvaldo 124 Mendoza. Dino E, 103 Mendoza. Francisco A. 124 Mendoza. Sara 138 Mendoza, Sergio J, 124 Meneses. Victor H 103 Mercado, Jose " Tony " A. 112 Michel, Carmen 92 Michel, Suzanne 138 Michik, Cindy L 92 Middlebrooks, Jetfry J 57, 60, 112 Mikolagak, Robyn 124, 122 Miller. Christopher J, 138 Miller. David M, 1 12. 158 Miller. Jeremy 125 Miller. John M 125 Miller. Joshua 46. 47. 92. 254. 256. 30 Miller. Nancy A. 125 Milligan. Collin 125. 150 Mineni, Mick A. 92, 146 Miner, Kathi N, Miramontes, Javier 139, 151 Miranda, Cesar 103 Mirgoli, Farvardin M, 93 Mirgoli, Negar 125 Misa, Meliza T Mitchell, Dolores J, 93 Mode, Kathleen 26, 125 Moede, Jill S 93, 103 Mohamad, Asary 112 Mohr, Paul T, 1 12 Mojica, Felix L. 139 Molina, Antonio B. 112 Molina, Daniel B. 139 Molina, Martha 125 Monge, David S. 112 Montalvo. Adolfo 112 Montalvo. Isabell 125 Montano. Gabriel 112 Montgomery. Maria A. 112 Montoya. Andres L, 125 Moore. Charles 125 Moore, Jason 125, 222 Moore, John M, 112 Moore. Ruth M, 93 Moore. Stephen T. 93. 146 Moore. Victor E. 93. 103 Morales. Angela C 139 Morales. Jesse Morales. Joaquin R 112 Morales. Nick Moron. Luis M, 139 Moreno. Amy 139 Morey. Sharon A 112 Morfin. Juana 139 Morgan. Gina 125 Morgan. Peter L 93. 103 Morones. Denise E, 112. 158. 228, 253 Morones. Tracey A, 93, 212, 257, 255 Morris, Aaron S 139 Morris, Curtis 139, 151 Morrow, David 125, 166 Moser. Christy 139 Moser. Wendy 125 Moses. Gerrad E, 112 Moyer. Rebecca W, 113 Moz. Maria E Mucino, Roger D, 113 Mullins. Frances 125 Munguia. Jose " Chema " 139 Munguia. Maria L, 93 Munson. Laurel 132. 139. 228. 257 Muresan. Dorinel 139 Muresan. Romeo S, 125 Murphy. Paul 125 Murray. Steven 139 Murrie. Denise 125 Myatt. David E. 93. 258 Myers, Buddy 93 NNN Napoles, Blanco E, 113, 252 Napoles, Linda Noprovnik, Donald 139, 151 Novo, Danielle 139 Navarro, Ruperto 93 Negrete, Sam 125, 150 Nelsen, Kristen 125, 161 Nelson, Jonna 139 Nelson, Jennifer J. 93, 161, 252 Nelson, Loren T, 113 Newman, Stacy D. Newton, James C. 113, 252 Newton, Joe 125 Newton, Patrick S, 113 Ngo, Hiep Q, 113, 258 Ngo, Le-Thu Nguyen, Hoo Quang 93, 103 Nguyen, Hoc Von 125 Nguyen, Hung 93 Nguyen, Hung Thanh 113 Nguyen, Huy Ngoc 139 Nguyen, John Van Nguyen, Khiet Thanh 93, 103 Nguyen, Kiet 139 Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Linh Mong 139 Nguyen, Ly Thi 113 Nguyen, Nguyen 125 Nguyen, Phat Thanh 125 Nguyen, Phuong Thanh 113 Nguyen, Quang Si 93 Nguyen, Quang Van 93. 103 Nguyen, Quyen Nguyen. T Ngan 113 Nguyen. Thanh Ngoc 113 Nguyen. Thao 125 Nguyen. Tien Thuy Nguyen-Do, Thao-Ly 93 Nickerson, Adam 139 Nickerson, David H, 113 Nicolo, Matthew 125. 150 Nielsen, Darcy L, 113. 257 Niesluchowski, Lauren 125 NIeto. Veronica 139 Niies, Debi D. 125 Noble, Martin " Biil " J. 94 Nolan, Laura H. 94 Norgren, Kurt 139 Norman, Robert 125 Northcutt, David W, 46. 94, 256 Nunez. Elva 94 Nunez. Jorge 125 Nunez, Melissa 113 Nunley. James 139, 173 Nunley, Stacey 113, 161 ooo O ' Neil. Michael W, Oakes. Chris 139 Oates, Michael S. 113, 259 Ogawa, Vivian 125 Ojeda, Michael 94 Ojeda, Theodore 139, 146, 151 Ong, Sal 139 Ong, Sen 125 Ong. Ten M, 94 Onofre, Jose G. 94. 146 Onotre. Magdaieno 125 Orosco, Crystel A. 125 Ortale, Troy S 139 Ortega, Tricia A. 139 Ortiz, Kathie 139 Osborne, Cecilia Osborne, Viviana 126 Ovesen, Nancy T. 139 Owens, David 126, 150 Owens, Florence 113 Owens. Sharyn S. 17, 94 PPP Padilla, Guadalupe 94. 252 Paez. Jose M. 113 Page, Zachary 126 Paige, Calvin Paine, Tammy D, 25, 94 Palacios, Lisa M, 113 Palmer, Trena 139 Palomar, Juan 126. 173 Palomares. Jose Palomares. Rosario D. 113 Palomino. James 139 Popadatos, Stathy 113 Paquet, Jules P 94, 146, 148 Poranjpe, Kalika W 26, 113 Pardo, Ramiro Parades, Erika P. Parker, Christopher B, 139 Parrott. Michael B, 113, 146. 149 Patel. Ajay A, Payne, Tara H, 26. 257 Payne. Tisha M. 139. 257 Pearce. Gregory E, 90, 94 Pearce. Jonathan 126. 258 Pearson. Stephen R. 113. 146 Pease. Deron 146. 222 Peck. Marcia C 126, 252, 259 Peck, Melicent C. 126, 252 Peltomaa, Michael D. 94, 257 Pembleton, Brent 126 Pembleton, Caren J. 94 Pembroke, Leann 126 Pena, Karl L, 113 Penaloza, Juan C. 126 Penrod, Brent H, 113 Penrod, Jonathon 124 Pepito, Corita 140 Perales, Erika 113, 126 Peroult, Michelle M, Perez, Cruz 94 Perez, Mario 126 Perez, Michael E, 95, 102 Peterson, Kristen E. 126. 215. 221 Petri. Michael J. 113. 152 Petri, Robert W. 17, 95, 152, 254 Petrlch, Johnny 140, 151 Phom, Huynh Pham, Khoi 126, 259 Pham, Oanh 113 Phelps. Alexander E, 126. 258 Phelps. Christine E 113 Phongsavath, Bounthavy 95 Phongsavath. Souphy 126 Phu, Minh 113 Phu, Thai Quoc 126 Phu, Thao Phuong 140 Phung, Andy 126, 258 Phung, Suzie 140, 228 Piccolo. Catherine 140 Piccolo, James A. 95 Piotrowski, Mark Plata, Becky Tover 1 14 Plater, Marilyn J Plump, Kaylo C, 140 Poelstra, John P, 114 Poelstra. Karen 126, 253 Polcyn, Michael J 126 Polsley, Cayla 140, 35 Polsley, Chymoine 126 Ponce, Michelle M 114 Poordry. Jenelle 140 Poore, Angela J. 140 Posadd, Jessica Q. 114 Posada, Jorge A, 126 Post, Nick W Powell. Erika 140, 172 Powell, Shana D. 126 Prajopati. Sonjay 140, 222 Pratt, Paul J 114 Preciado, Angelico T. 114 Preciado, Blanco R. 95 Preciado, Juan J. 140, 160 Preston, William E, 114 Prettyman, Mark S. Prevrotil, Eric 140 Price, Charles 126 Price, Scott G 114 Price, Wendy 126 Prieto, Beatrice 140 Prieto, CIdudio I. Provard, Christopher D. Puritt, Timothy D. 95 Purcell, Julio K 95 Purcell, Melody 140, 172 Putignani, Gregory J. 95. 146 Putnam, Leslie R. 46, 47, 95, 256, 253 Quaronta, Tyler 126 Quezada, Helen 1 14 Quezoda. Hilda M, 95 Quezada. Renato 126 Quintero, Patricio 126 Quis, Stephen 140, 151 RRR QQQ Quach, Quyen " Suzie " 140 Rachoi, Rodney D. Radensky, Michael D. 99, 255. 258 Rafanan. Ben E, 114, 252 Ramirez, Carmen 140 Ramirez, Elizabeth Ramirez, Emanuel 114 Ramirez, Jacqueline 140 Ramirez, Jeanne 140 Ramirez, Joseph 126, 223 Ramirez, Lisa 98, 103 Ramirez, Sandee 140 Ramsay, James 17, 146 Ramsay, Julie A. 17. 98. 156. 257 Ramsey. Douglas M, 98, 103 Rangel, Rosendo M Reade, Alison 126 Recio. Maria P 114 Recio. Puente L. Recio, Rosalinda P 114 Rector, Darren 126. 258 Redington. Jim F. 114. 146 Redington. John 126 Reed. Dina 126. 258 Reichel, Michele L. 114, 257 Reicks, Mary 140. 161 Reicks, William 126, 150 Reiss, Andy W 114, 146 Renfro, Michelle L 111, 114 Renk, Katherine M, 98, 253 Renteria, Guillermo 126 Renteria, Lorenzo B. 114, 126 Reuter, Brett A, 1 14, 146 Reuter, Jennifer 16, 140 Revelli, John G 98 Reyes. Mario E Reyes. Patricia H Reyes. Robert R Reynolds, Adele L, 114, 255, 258 Reynolds, Kenneth L. 18, 127 Rhode, David 127, 150 Rhodes, Michelle L, 125, 127 Ricchio, Patrice 127 Richards, TJ. 98 Richison, Phillip 127 Riggins, Steven Riggio, Suzanne 114, 221, 222 Rincon, Manuel 98 Rios. Amporo 140 Rios, Jacqueline M 114 Ritter, Kent 127, 146 Ritter, Shannon 140 Rives, Ano Rivos, Luis A 114 Rivos, Rudolph A, 114 Rivera, Eleazar 98, 103 Rivera, Richard A. Robbins, Lisa L. Robbins, Terry L, 114 Robert, Tomi M, Roberts, Marie E 98 Robertson, Erica L. 114 Robles, Angelina 127 Rocke, Ann E Rodrigues, John D Rodrigues. Norma 127 Rodriguez. Agustin Rodriguez, Alex 114 Rodriguez. Eugene 127 Rodriguez. George 127. 173. 223 Rodriguez. Graciela I, 98 Rodriguez, Laura Rodriguez, Maria E, 114 Rodriguez, Mario A. 98 Rodriguez, Mireiio Rodriguez, Robert 127 Rodriguez Del, Annette 108, 114 Roebuck, Pat 114 Roemmele, Kathy A 26, 27, 114 Rogers, Aaron Rogers, Deborah Romero, Angelina M 98, 103 Romero, Lewis 127, 150 Romero, Saul Romesburg, William H, 61, 98 Romo. Paul J. 98 Rosales, Karen L, Resales, Robert J 114 Rose, Brian J 127, 150 Rosengreen, Kent 127 Rosso, Margaret Rotti, Jeffrey J 98, 103 Rozborll, Jill 127, 155 Rozborll, Lisa M 98 Rubalcoba, Martin Ruddell, Don Ruef. Julie 16, 127 Ruggles, Alan 1 14, 223 Rutinke, Laurie 127, 228, 35 Ruiz, Gabriela Ruiz, Raul " Sfiawn " D. Runnels, Ben A 17, 98. 146 Rutledge, Robert 127, 150, 166 sss Salto. Kristin L 127 Sakamoto, Kazuyuki 98 Salazar, Julio 127, 173, 150 Salcedo, Juano 127 Saleti. Azis 127 Saleri, Farlthati 98 Saleh, Hollm Salgado, Rosorlo C, Saliem, Apdo Salim, Kathleen F. Sanchez, Alfredo " Freddie " 114 Sanchez, Augustin 127 Sanchez, Gabriel A. 114 Sanchez, Isaac 127 Sanchez, Jackie C 98 Sanchez, Jerry H, Sanchez, Jesus 166 Sanchez, Lorena Sanchez, Ramon 99 Sanchez. RItz Sanchez, Trinidad III 127 Sanders, Artricio C 99, 253 Sandoval, Guadalupe " Joe " 115 Sandoval, Rachel R, 115 Sandoval, Shawna 223 Santos, Lourdes M 127 Sauco, Isogonl V 127 Sauers, Laura C 127, 257 Sausedo, Lisa Sawyer, Dovid 127, 258 Sawyer, Kevin G, 99, 160 Sawyer, Kyle 127, 152 Sayer, Mary " Miml " F 115, 214 Scaglione, Julie A 99 Scaglione, Michael 154 Scanlon, Jason 154 Schode, Kathryn J 24, 87, 99, 211, 221, 257, 255 Schode, Pomelo E 24. 55. 60, 106, 115, 221. 257 Schode, Susan P 99. 257 Schode. Arthur L Jr 127. 150 Schechter. Jeannine 223 Scher. RIsa T, Schlndele, David B 154, 259 Schlueter, Uwe M 115 Schmidt, Caryn Schmidt, Dennis 127. 258 Schoell, Bastion M 54. 60. 115, 158 Scholz, Chris R 99 Schraft, Joseph W Schultz. James D 99 Schultz. Nancy E 17, 26, 27, 106, 115, 256 Seale, David E, 115, 259 Seaton, Mike 128, 256 Seesemonn, Andrew D. 128. 150 Seifen. Mike 128 Sellitto. Dennis Selman. Gino 128 Serrano, Charles 128 Serrano, Olga G. 1 15 Serrate, Marco A, 115 Setter, Pomelo K Severson, Matthew L. 99 Seville, Trocey Shaffer, Randy Shdntz, Porsche L 54, 60, 115, 256 Shapiro, Diane E, 26, 115, 258 Shorror, Kurt A Shean, Robert 128. 252 Shellenberger. Jill A, 99. 212, 253. 255 Sherago, Debbie Shichor, NomI 135 Shikuma, Heidi 115. 170 Shikuma. Jason 257 Shirey. KImberly 128 Silao, Scott Silva, Ana Maria 115 Sllva, Claudio M, 128 Silva, Glorlo S, 115 Sllva, Luis E, 103 Sllva, Vicky 115, 162. 170 Silvey, Kristen 128 Simentol, Efroin Simental, Llla M Simpson, Kimberly A 115 Simpson, Melissa Sirch, Julie A 1 15 Slrixoy, Vllavanh M. 100 Slager, Nancy L 115 Slusher, Jeffrey P 100, 146 Smedley, Kristen Smith, Deborah M 115 Smith, Poul R Smith. Steve Smith, Tara L, 172 Sneod, Julianne 142 Snow, Craig A 115 Solano, Carlos R 103, 146, 149 Soils, Dulce 128 Soils, Ernesto Sollazzo, Marilyn D 100 Somers. Amy J 26, 27, 115, 258 Sosa, Angelica 142 Sosa, Norma 128 Sotelo, Korlo 128 Soukkhyphiang, Bangone 128 Soukkhyphiang, Keo Sonephet South, David W 100, 115 South, Theresa L Spodt. Shdron 128. 161, 172 Sperry, Douglas G, 115 Srang, Fohlmo Srinlvoson, Aorti 142. 155 St John, Colleen M. 20 Stackhouse, Paige 142 Stork, Elizabeth 142 Steelman, Down 142 Steelmon. Todd 128 Steinmetz, George 128 Stephens. Troy R, 103 Stephenson, Shannon 128, 215, 255 Stewart. Janet 128 Stinson, Mark 128 St off el. Julie A 26, 115. 253. 258 Storey, Jim 128 Stovoll, Kim K 142 Strapac, Steven E 115, 116, 217 Stroub, Eric 142, 160, 173 Strong, Dean R, 103 Sudibjo, Thomas Surjonto 115 Sulch. Karen D 26, 115, 258 Sullivan, Karen 128 Sullivan. Timothy 142 Sutherland. Shannon D 115, 162 Swan, Jason 142, 259 Swonson, Mark A, 115 Swonson, Michael 142. 160 Swartz. Christopher R. Swortz. Troy W Sweotmon. Linda 142 Sweeney, uenneth B 115 Swift, Cory 172 TTT To, Huy N, To, Thanh Cong 128 Tack, Michael B. Talbott. Tomoro D 100 Tallont. Ralph E, 100 Tana, Kokle Tavero, Nancy Taylor, Barry G. 100. 152 Taylor, Patrick G Taylor, Richard E, 115 Tellez, Juan Templeton, Amy 26, 27, 109, 115, 129 Tenney, Karl 128, 150 Tepe, Thomas R 115 Terrlll. Mark 128, 150 Terry, Brenda 128, 158 Terry, Kevin L, 115 Terry, Linda A 115 Terry, Natalie 26, 128 Tester, Bram P 1 15 Thai. Nha Hoc 115 Thai. Tramonh Thanh 1 15 Thayer, Matthew K 128, 259 Theoker, Jennifer 142 Thomas, Corle L. 14, 17, 19, 59, 60, 100, 156 Thomas, Michael D 1 15 Thomas, William R 100 Thompson, Anne M 100, 252 Thompson, Christopher 222 Thompson. Darick 142 Thompson, Michael 128, 222 Thompson, Patty A 100 Thompson, Paul 142, 222 Thompson, Tina 142 Thorp, Benjomin 142 TIengthong, Chantavlsouy " S " 115 Tiengthong, Susan Ponquene 142 Tiffany, Eric Ty 115 Timor, Daniel Timor, Joseph 142 To. Dai Timms, Kevin E, 128 To, Ngoc Xuan 1 15 To, Son 128 Tocco, Anne M. 100 Togoml, Noel M, 61 Tolone, Andrea 61 Tomllnson, Robert 128 Toops, Lisa Marie 61, 255 Torre, Brion 142 Torres, Cynthia F 115 Torres, Edwdrd Torres. Wanda E 115 Tortorlcl, Anthony D 129 Tostado, Angelino J 115 Tovar, Francisco 116 Tovar, Tisha B. 1 16, 263 Townsend, Shannon D. 61 Iran, Duong 142 Iran, Hai Van Iran, Hai 129 Tran, Hoai Thu 129 Iran, Nam Phuong Thi 158 Tran, Phuong Minda 129 Tran, Thong Van 142 Tran, Thuy-Tien Thi 142 Tran, Tong Tran, Trach 129 Tran, Tuan Khanh Cao Trang, Due Trang. Loan Phuong 61 Trang, Thien Nga Tronkiem, Hao 61 Trasport, Leslie K. 61, 85. 207, 252, 255 Trausch, Christian M. 61 Tremble, Jason 129, 150 Trent, Amber 129 Trent, Lisa R. 116 Trieu, Ngan 142 Trieu, Sang Hoan 1 16 Trieu, Sinh 129 Trotter, Tracy 129 Trotti, Danny 129 Trotti, Katherine L. 61 Truong, Kim-Chi 129 Truong, Nhon Ai 142 Truong, Thanh Nga Thi 129 Truong, Thanh Tra Thi 116, 129 Tudor, Jerry 142 Tuller, Robert 154 Turner, Christy A. 61 Turner, Curtis 129 Turner, Jennifer 129. 155. 258 Twomey, Carrie 142 Tytherleigh, Buffy C, 116 uuu Uddo, Jeffrey J. 103 Ugay, Leticia 61 Ullom, Debra S, 61. 211. 221. 255 Underwood. Gina 142 Upton. Robert " Rob " S. 116, 152, 259 Uribe. Carmen vvv Vallin. John 129 Vallin. Michael P. 129 Von Kirk, Ryan 129, 150, 252 Van Steinburg. George " Joe " Vande Kerkhof. Charles T VanN lalkenhors. Jason D. VanZandt. Richard P, 61 Vargas, Carmela F, 116 Vargas, Tony 129 Vasiliadis, Alexander G, 116 Vasiliadis. Damon 129 Vazquez, Michaela S. 116 Vega, Helen 129 Vega, Maria C. 61 Velazquez, Frances Venier, Kenneth J. Ill Ventress, Julianne 129 Vernon, Karen A, 116, 223. 253 Vesel. Bernardo 129 Vesel. Tjasa 142. 223 Vicario, Jose Juan V. 116 Viernes. Taisha L. Villcnueva, Victor 116 Villegas, Raul K. 15, 60. 61, 92, 31 Villegos. Sergio 123. 129 Vincent. Donna 143 Vo. Hoai Trinh 129 Voisan. Nancy L, 26. 215 Loisan. Tracy L. 61. 100. 129. 255 Voss. Jerine F 15. 17. 61 Vu. Thuy T. 116 Vu. Trinh K, 103 Vuong, Chi Thien 129 Wyer, Natalie A. 130 WWW Wagner. Teresa L, 116 Wahler. Michael 116 Waite. Deborah A. 116 Wakefied. Joab M. Wali, Devdos 129 Wall. Eric C. Wollett, Leslie 16. 19, 55, 60, 132, 143 Walsh, Lisa L 26, 61. 252 Ward. Kathleen 129. 259 Ward. Sharra 102 Warner. Steven S, 143 Warren. Traci L. 116 Wasnok. Keith A, 19. 102, 252 Watkins, Brenda G. 102. 207. 255 Watts, Christopher B, Watts. Michae J. 143. 151 Weaver, Wendy 143. 172 Webb, Kim G, 102 Webber, Katherine D, 116. 252. 257 Webber. Kristy R, 116 Weingartner. Yvonne L 102 Weintraub. Anita 143. 228 Weiss, Charles F, 102 Weitzmon, Philip A 102. 255, 257, 258 Welch. Sabryna 129. 162, 247 Wellman, Michael H, Wells. Amanda Jo Wells. Garon L. Whitaker. Crystal 143 Whitaker. Julianne 46. 143, 228 White. Chris C 143 Whitehead. Jonathan G. 102 Whitehurst. Staci M. 102 Whiting. Patricia S, 102 Wieser, Lynda Wightmon. Frank 129. 150, 166 Wightman. Patricio L, 143 Wightmon. Peter D, 102 Wightman, Vivianne 143, 223 Wilber, Gregory S. 129 Wilde. Sarah C. 113, 214. 221, 258 Wilder, Randy B, 1 16. 258 Wilkie. Gina M. 116 Wilies. Monica 143 Willes. Ronald L 102. 254 Willey, Kristin 19, 26. 129 Willey, Michael J, 102. 221. 257 Williams, Eric S. 143 Williams, Jennifer L, 129 Williams, Kevin M. 116 Williams, Steven 129 Williams, Victor S. 17, 103. 149 Willis. Casey L, 103 Wilson. Lisa Ann Winninghom. Douglas E. 13. 19, 60, 81 Withrovi , Glory L, 103. 222 Witko. Daniel T. Wolf. Suzanne M. 143 Wolf. Timothy R. 129 Wolford. Dale D. 116 Wood. Derek 130 Woodall. Lisa M. 116. 259 Woodall. Robert " Adam " 143. 223 Woodvjaid, Hilary L 103 Wrono. Kimberley A. 130, 226, 228, 35 YYY Yamamoto, Susan N, 103. 253 Yates, Darlo D, 103 Yates, Rhonda D, 130 Yborra. Aaron 130 Ybarra. Estela M. 143 Ybarra. Suzanna M. 103 Yeh. Joean 116 Yoder, Joseph R, Yoon. Jong Toe 116 York. Jean 143. 155 Yoshida, Nigel 143, 154 Young. Brian 143 Young. Bryan K Young. Tiffany M. 143 Yousling, Ruth A 1 16 Yun, Jenny Injo 143 Yun, Toe Jeong 130 zzz Zacharion, Germoine 143. 226. 228. 35 Zacharioh. Mark T. 116 Zopf. Matthew C. 103 Zarote. Lucio 130 Zarrabi. Narimon 103 Zavala, Ana 143 Zavala, Maricela Zavala, Rocio Zavala. Ruth 143 Zavala. Victor 103 Zeeb. John 130 Zepedo. Ana I. 116 Zepedo. Enrique 143 Zepeda. Lisa Marie 103 Zerga. Christropher S. 103 Zimmer. Kimberly K, 103 Zuniga. Daniel M. 143 Zuniga. Delcy M. 130 5 .6 -fa 3 ' o -t: H O rr j 0 r 0 x v o X) 2 KD i3 2 3 V f V ' cS .O .. ' Z - ' ■t- Ix l ' o if . r c ' -4- _i , i - . Kf A ' " ' i ' ' ' ' -x .W 1p Af ,v T V. cn ■ a r . ? ' ' .c ' .V ' « ' q 7(0 i vw ' - J - ' - ►♦♦♦ ► ►♦ ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►♦♦ ►♦♦ ,r - ■ r- -r " - .-rM ' i r. R:yir-

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