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JAMES HEMKE -fe-fe 1984 PLEIADES FULLERTON HIGH SCHOOL 201 E. Chapman - Fullerton, California 1 " Dreaming, Striving, Achieving The Pursuit Of Excellence Everyone has a dream, For some it is to become an actor or maybe a lawyer. Others just want to enjoy life as best they can in whatever role life dishes out. But no matter what your dream is. you want it to come true. You strive toward your goal with everything you ' ve got until your dream comes true. High school holds memories of past achieve- ments, a lot of effort, and new dreams. As life goes on, those dreams will become reality and new visions will appear on the horizon. What you learn along the way helps you achieve those goals. If you can imagine it. You can achieve it. If you can dream it. You can believe it. -William Arthur Ward 4 Introduction w: m f Queen Miss Cindy Lemlce and King Mr. Richard Williams Homecoming Royalty Senior Attendant, Miss Diane Berry, escorted by Mr, Faron VanDissel, Junior Attendant, Miss Denise Borowski, escorted by Mr. Jessie Guzman, Sophomore Attendant, Miss Lisa Brown, escorted by Mr Mike Willey. Frestiman Attendant, Miss Flo Owens, escorted by Mr. Victor Williams. Homecoming Royalty 9 Homecoming Tradition Lives On The evening was exquisite. There was a trace of excitement in the air. The football team was all warmed up and ready to defeat the enemy, Buena Park. Homecoming, what memorable moments are shared among the alum- ni. Old friends return to the school for a look at their favorite spots. The even- ing festivities started with the annual alumni picnic in the Academic Court. During the picnic the marching band played, and the cheerleaders, old and new, held a pep-rally. As the excite- ment spread through the air, hoards of F.U.H.S. fans headed towards the foot- ball stadium to watch the long-antici- pated game. The crowd ' s noise hushed to a dull roar, and the referee ' s whistle blew begin- ning the 90th anniversary homecoming game. The team turned three of four turnovers into touchdowns to win the game 24-7. Homecoming continues to be a winning tradition. 10 Lisa Brown is overwhelmed at the announce- ment of her name as the 1983-84 Homecoming Sophomore Attendant while her friends con- gratulate her. The 1983-84 Homecoming Nominees: Heather Dickson, Kristen Hemmerlmg, Joanne Hughes, Denise Leon, Flo Owens, Lisa Brown, Jolie Gunther, Eileen Kinney, Hilary Kish, Carie Thomas, Denise Borowski, Shelby Chace, Julie Hepler, Cindy Jerome, Lisa Mcintosh, J.K. Reinhart, Eric Hender- son, Joey Lee, Scott Maginnis, Craig Mas- sey, Richard Williams, Diane Berry, Susan Eraser, Cindy Lemke, Darleen Romney, Kristin Daniel. Students show their smiles and spirit while they wait for the homecoming court announce- ments. Queen Cindy Lemke and King Richard Williams take their majestic walk down the red carpet. Homecoming 11 Spending A Night In Paris As the eager dancers entered the gym through the foyer, they were amazed to see the great transforma- tion taken place. The theme, A Night in Paris, was accented by the many trel- lises placed around the gym, and the tremendous backdrop picturing a beautiful night sky, glittering stars, and a magical moon. The theme song, " When I ' m With You " , was perfect for the setting, and couples danced to the beat of the band The Singles. This was Fullerton ' s annual Homecoming. This year ' s Homecoming was spon- sored by the ASB, with Missy Kenin, Commissioner of Student Activities, heading the committee in charge. " I feel that overall Homecoming was a great success. The hardest part of planning the dance was in trying to create an illusion which made the guests feel as if they were anywhere but the south gym. " According to many students this is exactly what Kenin did. " It was hard to think of the gym as beautiful, but that is really how it could have been described " , com- mented one dance enthusiast. To many, this year ' s Homecoming truly was A Night in Paris. The 1983 Homecoming Royalty Court: Diane Berry, Denise Borowski, Queen Cindy Lemke, King Richard Williams, Lisa Brown, Flo Owens Julie Hepler and her date share an enchanting moment together. 12 Homecoming Dance - F -H ' Eileen Kinney and David Syvock boogie to the beat of The Singles Band Glittering lights reveal a perfect setting for Homecoming 1983 The Royalty Dance is o long remembered event. Homecoming Dance 13 It Only Happens " Once In A Lifetime " This rather funny comedy was about two vaudeville pertormers wtio sell ttieir act to start a voice school and make money. Right when they decide to run out to Hollywood, the movie goes from silent to well-known. The fun starts when they meet some crazy characters and end up working on the wrong film. It turns out that the movie studio gets turned down. But that ' s okay because it ' s all in good humor. The students in the ploy showed their talent as actors and actresses very well. It was definitely good entertain- ment for the audience. CAST George Lewis Kyle Hansen May Daniels Karen Bretz Jerry Hyland Derek Hollingsworth Helen Hobart Sharon Moore Susan ' s mother Karen O ' Brian Miss Lieghton Sally Radensky Mr. Glogauer Ed Preston May Daniels (Karen Bretz), George Lewis (Kyle Hanson), and Jerry Hyland (Derek Hollingsworth) discuss ttie latest stiowbiz talk May Daniels (Karen Bretz) shows off her ciga- rette to Miss Leighton (Sally Radensky). Amy Somers and Amy Linstrom are two scenar- io writers who aren ' t getting along too well. 14 Once In A Lifetime May Daniels (Karen Bretz) is telling George Lewis (Kyle Hansen) what she thinks of him. May Daniels (Karen Bretz) teaches George Lewis (Kyle Hansen) a valuable lesson. 111 Fall Play 15 Being warm puts a big smile on Braum ' s face I mM » ♦♦♦♦ " ■ . ♦ ' ■►-_ " - 16 Snow And Ski Dance German Club Hosts Bum Dance What happened on Saturday night, December 10th from 8:30-1130? The Annual Snow and Ski dance was held by the German Club in the South gym. Most people went as couples with matching sweaters of their own choice. Tickets cost $8.00 without ASB and $6.00 with. This was the first year that you were allowed to go stag. Those tickets cost $4.00. Snow cov- ered mountains and pine trees was the setting of the pictures. It seemed to be very impressive. The decorations made you feel right at home: Christ- mas trees, dangling stars hanging from the ceiling, balloons scattered on the floor, and ski pictures hanging on the walls. The Mormon Relics played excellent music to dance to. Punch and cookies were served as the re- freshments. The dance went as " Smooth as sour Kraut " for the Ger- man club, especially since it ' s so small. Carolyn Vanderveen as the President, and Caro Adams as Vice President, were a big help in making this dance so spectacular. Ski bums get in shape for the slopes. Ski Bum will definitely be a great memory for these girls Snow Ski Dance 17 Winter Program Highlights Year Of Great Music As the lights dimmed down and the curtain rose, the audience hushed its noise to a faint whisper. Such perfor- mances as the Winter Concert really impressed the viewers with all of the talent displayed by the concert band, choir, vocal ensemble, and girls choir. The performers were flawless and seemed so natural at what they did. No one ever stopped to think of how much work, effort, and time it took to make the show look so spectacular. Before even setting the date of the Winter Concert, Mr. Hoake, the band director, and Mr. Perry, the vocal di- rector, took certain care to pick out the best selection of musical pieces. Both vocal and instrumental groups worked long and hard hours on their selections. The groups themselves were not the only ones to work hard. The skill that was used in directing these groups was acquired through long hours of planning, practice, and determination. From the amount of applause given by the crowd, all of the effort seemed to pay off. Mr Perry shows his serious side during perfor- mances Kim. Darleen, and Anne sing their hearts out. 18 Winter Concert " Look deep into my eyes, ' mantha Matt says to Sa- Sam enjoys performing with the FUHS Indiancers, Tappin ' Toes And Tinsel Take Over FUHS Talk about dancing your life away!! The 1983-84 Donee Company put on their annual Winter Donee Concert en - titled " Tappin ' Toes and Tinsel " . The style of dances ranged from fast and funky to slow and mellow. Dance Company was under the supervision of dancer and teacher, Mrs. Tracy. Mrs. Tracy advised the dancers and helped them with their technique. The dances were choreographed and performed by the student dancers. Each dance had lots of energy, originality, and per- sonality. Dance Company, known as the Indiancers, worked long hours on the dances; they were after school every day for four weeks until 6:00 p.m. The overall excitement of the au- dience seemed to please the dancers and Mrs. Tracy. Sam, Cassi, and Jennifer swing to the beat ot the music. The cast: Kim Berg. Melissa Bntt, Jennifer Brooks, Cassi Cannizzaro, Sam Copp, Kelly Deveney. Jennifer Eder, Margie Eder. Tracy Elliot, Angela Eve, Heather Farah, Cindy Frias, Sue Hooper. Joey Lee, Cindy Lemke, Diane Lipiz, LeeAnn Mor- oni. Trisha Paxton. Gabriela Prieto. Ann Schultz, Kelly Sherman, Nancy Sieminski, Jennifer Smith, Stacey Sprigg, Laurie Stanley. Julie Stoffel. Lisa Walsh, Jennifer Yount, Joel White, Tony McGuire. Matt Lemke, Miriam Neal, Michelle Henley. 19 Pow Wow Royalty 1984 Queen Linda Shook and King Tim Ullom. 20 Pow Wow Royalty Miss Margie Eder escorted by Mr. Tom Jones. Miss Trisho Paxton escorted by Mr. Tony McGuire. Miss Kristen Dagget escorted by Mr. Chris Barry. Miss Laurie Ayres escorted by Mr. Jessie Guzman. Pow Wow Royalty 21 Pow Wow Means A Night Of Glamour " Somewhere Down the Road " , by Barry Manilow was the theme song for Winter Formal 1983-84. Winter Formal was held February 11, 1984. This year Winter Formal was held in the popular south gym. Saturday night ' s events were jazzed up by Roller Coaster. This year Winter Formal was organized and put on by the ASB. At the peak of the evening the Pow-Wow court danced to the theme song. The setting for the dance was Hollywood. ASB officer, Ka- ren Smith, commented, " All of the preparations went smoothly, and I think the student body was pleased with the dance. " What a night to re- member, which those who went to the dance did by pictures taken by Hot Shot Productions. Judging from the positive sounding comments about the dance, it seemed to be a smash- ing hit among the FUHS student body. Dancers enjoy the fast paced beat of the mu- sic. Kristen and Cindy donee the night owoy The proper Winter Formal attire is never com- plete without a bow tie to top it off. 22 Winter Forma) " Try this one on for size. " Jennifer soys to Raul The Pow-Wow Court gathers under thie shim- mering Hollywood sign before the court dance. Winter Formal 23 Super Squad Performs Superbly " It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! No, it ' s Super Squad!!! Super Squad was an elite group of drill team performers who were selected through tryouts to be on the award-winning squad. The eight girls who made Super Squad were up at the crock of down (we ' re talking 6:00 AM) and at school chorea- graphing and perfecting routines that they performed at competitions, school pep-rallies, and community functions. By the time the clock had tolled 6:30 AM each girl was in the gym, warmed up and rarin ' to go. One of Super Squad ' s first appearances was this year ' s Winter Formal Assem- bly. Super Squad advisor, Allison Gun- ther, commented, " There was a lot of talent this year, and the girls worked really hard to get their routines togeth- er. " The eight Super Squad members were as follows: Colette Blangy, Gina Campolongo, Sandy Cranley, Christine Hill, LeeAnn Moroni, Sharen Owens, Laurie Tenney, and Jenny Yount. , uit« I liirii ri ■ I Mfi ' il— — -v Super Squad: Christine Hill, Sharen Owens, Jenni- fer Yount, Laurie Tenney, Lee Ann Moroni, Gina Campolongo, Colette Blangy, and Sandy Cran- ley. Sharen and Lee Ann get their kicks from being on Super Squad. 24 Super Squad Super Squad members are not only teammates, but best of friends as well. Super Squad 25 " Cliff darling, why don ' t you come up and see me sometime, " proposes Sally Bowles (Karen Bretz). Fraulein Schneider (Amy Somers) gazes at a pineapple that was given to her as a gift by Herr Schultz (Bruce Lansford). CAST Master of Ceremonies . . . Ted Hewlett Clifford Brodshaw Kyle Hansen Ernst Ludwig Michael l adensky Fraulein Kost Esther Hutton Frauiein Schneider Amy Somers Herr Schuitz Bruce Lansford Sally Bowles Karen Bretz Maitre D ' Dena Gilbert Customs Officer Karen Suich Telephone Girl Julie Stoffel Max Kenneth Sweeney German Soldiers . .Kenneth Sweeney David Peffley Kit Kat Girls: Maria Dorie Hamilton Lulu Julie Eun Fritzie Karen Suich Texas Julie Stoffel Frenchie Dena Gilbert Gorilla Dorie Hamilton Patrons Greg Mc Millan Matt Severson Derek Hollingsworth Master of Ceremonies (Ted Hewlett) gives the audience one of his fanatic leers. M.C. (Ted Hewlett) enjoys attentions of Texas (Julie Stoffel). 26 Cabaret Clifford Bradshaw (Kyle Hansen) exclaims " Gee Gorgeous, I thought you ' d never ask! " Ernst Ludwig (Michael Radensky) trys to con- vince Clifford Bradshaw (Kyle Hansen) of the benefits of the Nazi Party. Life Is A Cabaret Where can you expect to find a Party that features a dancing gorilla, a crazy M.C., a group of " ladies of the even- ing, " and a couple of Nazi sailors? You know the answer to this question if you attended this years ' spring musical. The drama department, under the di- rection of Mr. Paul Bucalstien, put on four performances of the musical " CABARET. ' The show, airing from March 14- 17th, included all of the fun mentioned above, plus a lot more. The story is about a cabaret (dance-hall bar), in Berlin just before World War II. The play shows scenes from inside the cabaret, with all of the interesting people who frequent it. Through the playing out of these scenes, the audi- ence sees the Nazi influence taking over Germany. The end of the play is sad, with the Nazis finally taking over, and leaving everyone in the cabaret in a downhearted mood. But the ac- tors of the play weren ' t left feeling blue; they had had a lot of fun putting on the show, and they had put on a great performance. Cabaret 27 Hillbillies Love Sadie ' s Hoedown On the count of three the girls were off and running, catching every available man, to take to FUHS ' annual Sadie Hawkins dance. The girl-date dance, sponsored by the Idakas, was held in the south gym and proved to be a big success. The theme of the dance was traditional hill-billy, with the gym being decorated in a farm setting. Bales of hay were provided for the dancers to take a rest on, or the more adventur- ous couples could take a break by getting married by Mr. Daniels. Pictures were also taken to commemorate the evening. Idakas sold 150 tickets to the dance, and as president of Idakas, Melissa Britt said, " The evening went well and I think everyone had a lot of fun. " t.-- ' v- ' : . • •, Mr. W.E.D. pronounces the happy couple, Laurie Tenney and Jessie Guzman, man and wife. Susan Townsend and Yvonne Cooperman moke their country bumkins happy. 28 Sadie Hawkins The Yokems gather for a family meal. " Egadsl " , exclaims Mike Willy, " This dance is more fun than bailing hay! " Sadie Hawkins 29 The Best Of Times 30 31 Couples promenade onto the dance floor. Couples were awed by ttie beoutiful castle-like exterior of ffie Anaheim Sheraton Is this the bridge into Paradise? 32 Prom I KENSINGTON ■ West I ■! Sheraton Anaheim Hosts Ninetyth Prommenade " I thought that dreams belonged to other men... " echoes the opening lines of Prom ' s theme song, " Almost Paradise. " But dreams were made to come true for the many people that went to Prom. The dance was held on May 12, 1984, in the Kensington Lounge of the Anaheim Sheraton Hotel. With the dance beginning at 8:00 P.M. and Scott Macdonald and Cindy Jerome strike a formal pose for the press. ending at 12:00 A.M couples attend- ing hod plenty of time to dream them- selves into Paradise. The castle motif of the hotel enhanced the feeling of be- ing in a dreamland. Students danced to the music of the band " Rembrandt " had their pictures taken by " Hot Shot " , or took a friendly stroll through the Sheraton ' s beautiful gardens. Com- memorative glasses were given as fa- vors at the dance and students knew that they would remember Prom as a fun-filled evening with their friends. Prom 33 Explode! Ignite! Indians, Let ' s Fight! Football! Football! Football! Varsity football was the main topic of conver- sation at FUHS for the first two or three months of school. Sweat, determina- tion, and high spirits accompanied the Friday night gomes. Many new players were added to the starting line-up with the majority of newcomers com- ing from the junior class. Even though the beginning of the season was a little bit shakey, most of the players still held an optimistic view. One star player, David Sepulveda, voiced his opinion at the beginning of the season saying he thought the team would do well dspite the fact that there were only ten re- turning lettermen. The dedicated team spent many months, morning and evening hours, preparing for the tough competition during league play. The hard work paid off as the Indians Richard Pippin gets psyched up for the action ahead. fought their way through the season upholding their reputation as the toughest team around. Painted on a wall in the varsity football lockerroom was the team ' s yearlong motto show- ing their true sportsmanship. It read: " It ' s all in a state of mind . . . Life ' s battles don ' t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner of later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. " The enthusiastic crowds and the anx- ious parents gave the team much sup- port as they fought their way through the season. To the FUHS students, the dynamic Indian team met and con- quered its goal of victory. Senior quarterbacic Richard Williams, unleashes his golden arm against Kennedy. TON HIGH SCHOOL J[ © ai ii ' J .37. 48 14.63 34.20 ' ?nAS Varsity Football: Top Row: David McKinnon. Tim Wochholtz, Keith Durden, Brian Hughes, John Ed- wards, Mark Hamilton. Second Row; David Pratt, Richard Williams, Danny Bethencourt, Dario Beth- encourt, Raul Villegas, Third Row: Ken Lentz, Ste- ven Silao, Randy Brown, Jessie Guzman, Damon Dodds, Tom Willey, Roy Mitchison, Fourth Row: Paul Anaya. Curley Guillory, Curt Daggett, J K, Reinheart, Bob Renfro, Greg Putgnami, Robert Welch, Fifth Row: Pat Stewart, Richard Pippin, Chad Brown, Michael Whitehurst, Jeff Stewart, Richard Garcia. David Dinsmore. Front Row: Steve Ramsay, Mark Chavira, Brian Perez, Shane Montey, Tony Guzman. Tom Morrow. David Se- pulveda. Running tor a touchdown is David Dinsmore, run- ning-back. Walter Morris considers the game ds he sits out with a painful injury. 36 Troy Cullen kicks for an extra point to add to the Another one of FUHS ' great plays is performed winning score of 27-7 against Buena Park. by Chato and David Dinsmore, I B W MWW " KM r « f . -v ' .__- i»— Richard Williams on tfie run from a Buena Park defender. The ball is lield wfiile referee signals another touchdown. 38 Varsity Football The Indians burst through the big banner, their tradmark, before the beginning of the gome. Quarterback Richard Williams prepores to hand off to Richard Garcia in the Buena Parl game. Varsity Football 39 Sophomores Score With Skill Skill, discipline, and conditioning were the three main factors describing this year ' s football team. Many hours on hot afternoons were spent condi- tioning and drilling, getting ready for league play. One football enthusiast remarked, " The team started off at a slow pace, but definitely improved as the year progressed. " Most of the players were returning from last year, each with their own special qualities helping the team toward victory. Mike Willey and his motto, " Quitters never win! Winners never quit! " , gave his team members something to think about when their spirits began to fall. Coach Victores and assistant coaches. Bill Kiloh and Matt Nichols all did a fantastic coaching job, spending much time and effort toward prepar- ing the team for playing Varsity. The team ended the season with a 4-5 re- cord. The sophomore team should be commended on it ' s fine playing, hard work, and most of all, dedication. victor William ' s outstanding talent moved him up to Varsity level before the end of the season Hut 1, hut 2, hut 3, Hike . . . Sophomore Football. Top row: Ben Runneles, Mike Ojeda, Raul Villegas, Jules Pacquet, Rich- ard Vanzandt, Peter Wightman. Second row: Lloyd Spicer, Tom Hughes. Ernest Williams. Roy Catero, Garrick Mcnay. Jose Onofre, Mike Wil- ley. Third row: Chris Huttrer. Rudy Gomez. Matt Zapf, Jeff Slusher, Ron Willis, Front row: Dong Do. Erick Egurrola, Steve Gomez, Carlos Solano. Vic- tor Williams. 40 Sophomore Fcotball Wesly Dodds passes for a first down! eE Freshman Football. Top row: Mike Parrott, Jeff Bailey, Danny Anayo, Andrew Coloma, Coach George Van VIeit, Brian Dinsmore, David Wein- gartner, Jim Redington, Marl Piotrowski. Second row: Kurt Duerksen, Wesly Dodds, Micfiael Cha- con, Richie Burrell, Coach Bob Hill. Matt Arnold, Ken Lord, Mike McCarthy, Scott Price. Third row: John Gilyard, Mike Magana, Curt Blogett, Steve Strapac, Cassin Mamoon, Ryan Akina, David Mandel, Gab Sanchez, Aaron Acton, Fourth row: David Jarui, T,D. Hopkins, Marshall Violi, Albert Pina, Greg Bolas, Thang Do, Brad Bice, Loren Nelson. Front row: Victor Viramontes, Tony M er- cado, Jesse Salazar, Robert Encinas, Bobby Mor- eno, Paul Miller, Frank Gonzales. • ' f 1ST Freshmen Succeed Freshmen football has proved to up- hold our winning tradition. They opened the season with high hopes and encouragement from the fans and closed with a record of seven wins and three losses. Working their way through a superb season, they found that the long, hot summer days and the after-school practices paid off. " Hard work is the key to success, " stressed Coach Bob Hill. As the season was completed, Mike Chacon and Paul Miller were chosen " Most Valuable Player " and " Most In- spirational Player " , respectively, by their teammates. Coaches Bob Hill and George Van VIeit did a notably inspiring job coach- ing. Offensive line paves way for victory over Ken- nedy. Freshman Football 41 Water Thicker Than Blood What made our water polo team so special this year? According to Rob Knight their coach, it was due to friendship combined with teamworl and a lot of hard practice that kept the team winning all the way to CIF; however, tragedy come to the play- ers, as well as the fans, when University beat FUHS by a margin of three points in a relatively graceful loss in the first round of the playoffs, This group of young men was always referred to as a polo team. That was it. Though several players stood out, they were not unassisted. They were backed by a group of teammates that practiced hard to gain entrance into CIF. Teamwork, in this case, was height- ened extremely by the fact that the whole team had an extraordinary rela- tionship. Coach Knight claimed that " Since the boys knew one another, they knew each other ' s moves well enough to know what the next would be. " In their spare time, polo players were seen together at football games, dances, or even just talking in the halls. " The man behind the team, " Coach Rob Knight One of the amazing things about this year ' s polo Outstanding goaile James Mal shinoff takes a takes a second to look away from the game, team was the great crowds that it drew, bow at the Homecoming assembly. 42 Off to a winning start, Lewis Unland, Pete Birn- baum. and the rest of this starting line up throw themselves into the game w ' A nJ oN HIGH sc : LANCERS ARE COMING il4-0WATERP0L0 HOSTS SUNNY HILLS RANKED 4 BIG GAME " TUE345 L--- --. es FUHS ' GIF water polo team flexes its muscles as the teammates prepare for their Sunny Hills match; Top row: Scott Maginnis, David Jerome, R J. Hamblin, Sean Allen, James Makshanoff, Greg Bolcer, Ed Gaspers, Jim Lowrey, Lewis Un- land, Ed Schade, Donald Garlson. Front row; Al- bert Schade and Mark Walters. Albert Schade rises up out of the water during Our water polo team was a group of great one of the team ' s victories. friends as David Jerome and R.J, Hamblin show us. 43 Water Warriors Work A Miracle With a 14-1 record, the FUHS Frosh- Soph water polo team was miraculous. The team, though they never gained as much recognition as the " big guys " were able to prove themselves capa- ble and to show that they are great material for future varsity players. The team, in scoring, was led by Jeff Price who was also named most valuable player. Barry Taylor commented, " I was just having fun out there. I guess when I get to be on Varsity it will be tougher and more strenuous, but to me, it will always be fun. " Goalie Eric Carison awaits the attack. J.V. Water Poio: top row; Bob Petri, Jeff Hanes. David Miller. Jimmy Leiser. David Adams. Ctiris Ctiris Frias, Jeff Price, Dennis Fredncks. Scott De- Henderson. Ricky Freyre. Tom Lowrey. Vince vonald. Kent Sokamonfo, Barry Taylor. Front row: Garcia, Bram Tester, Eric Carlson. Rob Upton. Kent Salcamoto shoots for a goal. 44 J.V, Water Pol( . Runners Stay One Step Ahead Robert York and Mark Busleta keep in stride wliile running against Sunny Hills " We had some exceptional runners on both our J.V. and Frosh-Soph cross- country teams, " emphasized Coach Ted Erskin. A great deal of promise was shown in the junior varsity and frosh- soph teams this season. The overall skill of these squads made them both very tough to beat. Actually, the two teams were inter- changeable in many aspects. Runners from each team would run for the oth- er, depending on the opponent and injuries. Some opponents would not have junior varsity squads, causing the J.V. and frosh-soph teams to merge — making them that much tougher. Two sophomores, Brian Castro and Robert Graf, contributed to the varsity team once in a while. The other performers leading the junior varsity side were sophomores Ray Bergeron and Jeff Fergus, and Junior, Loran Galati. The frosh-soph team was led by freshmen Greg Goon and David Hassett, and sophomore Andre Chabanel. Both squads practiced hard over the season, working together with the var- sity squads. In fact, all of the teams came together as " one big happy family. " Under the instruction of Coaches Erskin and Waly Leytham, the teams ran five to eleven miles a day, even getting together early on Satur- days to run. The underclassmen are optimistic for the coming seasons. They plan to train over the summer. Doug Winningham puts all of his concentration Into the run during the Sunny Hills meet Junior Varsity Cross-Country: Allison Lundie (manager). Wes Colvin, Brian Castro. Robert York, Andre Chabanel. Brian Walker, Mark Bus- leta, Anne Pittman (manager), Ray Bergeron. Loran Galati, Craig Burnard, Chris Keeble, and Robert Graf. Frosh-Soph Cross-Country Allison Lundie (man- ager), Andy Caperon. Mike Afrom. Adrian Kline. Jim Biardi, David Hassett, Doug Winningham. Ted Barber, Anne Pittman (manager), and Greg Gaon. Junior Varsity Frosh-Soph Cross-Country 45 Cross-Country Starts Afresh Under Erskin " Starting afresh " is a cliche one could use in describing the season for the men ' s and women ' s varsity cross- country teams. This cliche was strengthened by first-year coach Ted Erskin. Coach Erskin came in with a positive hard-working policy to build a fine team this season. Erskin inspired a true team spirit in the runners, bringing them closer together. The most imortant thing the coach Boy ' s Varsity Cross-Country: Jon Bass. Frank Rehnelt. Steven Bush, Jeff Fergus, Allison Lundie stressed was technique, basically to run straight, to remember how one tackles the particular terrain, to keep the mind clear, and not to use unnec- essary muscles or long strides. He also enforced the working-as-a-team and the maintaining-of-a-positive-attitude models. One of the keys to the teams ' success was in goals set up for each runner. After a meet, individual times were graphed, and each person kept on a path towards his goal for the year. (manager). Cuong Do. Kevin Ruggieri, Hugh Adelsperger, and Anne Pittman (manager) The varsity teams hod a very bal- anced team in a sport where running as a team is crucial. Leading the men ' s squad, which finished 3-4 and fourth in the league meet, were seniors Kevin Ruggieri and Frank Rehnelt, and soph- omore Steve Bush. The up-and-com- ing women ' s team, which topped off a great season with a second-place fin- ish in the Freeway League meet, was headed by seniors Liz Bosa and Bar- bara Adelsperger. Both sides worked hard, showed character, and im- proved tremendously over the season. With the depth in the program, there ' s nothing but promise of improvement facing both varsity teams next year. Seniors Barbara Adelsperger and Liz Bass com- pose themselves just moments before their run against Sunny Hills 46 Varsity Cross-Country Eyeing the finish line ahead. Amber Gerbitz at- The Girls ' Varsity Cross-Country team: Allison bora Adelsperger. Anne Pittman (manager), tempts to hold oft a Sunny Hills runner. Lundie (manager). Amber Gerbitz, Liz Bass, Bar- Ana Felix, and Roma Fronzia. Senior Cuong Do experiences the agony at the end of a three-mile run. Do often served as the squad ' s rabbit (the runner who goes at a much faster pace to lure the opposition out of their strategy.) Quietly waiting for the start of the Sunny Hills meet are varsity runners Cuong Do, Jon Bass, Steve Bush, Kevin Ruggieri, and Frank Rehnelt. Varsity Cross-Country 47 Close Frienship Spikes VB Success " Everyone cares about each oth- er. " stated volleyball coach Cheri Johnson with a warm smile. Indeed, what made the 1983-84 varsity volley- ball team so unique was the close-knit relationship among the players. Each player was very supportive of the oth- er ten. " It was a neat group of girls, " contin- ued Johnson. " They were almost a coach ' s dream team. " The primary reason for the team ' s closeness lay in Coach Johnson herself. " She was looked up to by the whole team, " emphasized Diane Berry, one of the team ' s co-captains. The squad thought that Ms. Johnson " knew her stuff " and " was a good motivator. " One of the reasons she is known for motivation is her giving of " pep talks " either to compose the girls or just to fire them up during a match. The varsity squad showed a great deal of experience and talent led by two seniors, co-captains Diane Berry and Tammy Swanson. Other key players were seniors Susan Nolan, Barbara Carranza, and Kathy Tallant, and junior Alison Terrill. However, there were real- ly no stand-outs as the whole team consistently delivered. Strengths for the team were consistent team play, enthusiastic spirit, and tremendous drive. The team had a good season; they placed third in the Freeway League with a record of 5-5. As a result, the squad made the C.I.F. playoffs. In the first round they gave fourth-seeded La Mirada all they could handle. Despite losing the match in three games, they were close to winning in all three. The team was happy with the season, though; they had fun all year and played some outstanding matches. Varsity Volleyball: Laura Nolan. Tammy Swan- son, Coach Chen Johnson. Teresa Rorldon, Kathy Tallant, Jarene Allen. Diane Berry. Allison Terrill, Susan Nolan. Noelle Huesser, Casey Donoghu, and Barbara Carranza Co-captain Tammy Swanson concentrates on the ball in practicing her passes Coach Johnson kept the team strong in fundamentals 48 Varsity Volleyball Co-captain Diane Berry positions herself for the set-up in the John Glenn match. Senior Barbara Carranza shows fine form in serving against John Glenn The team went on to win the match in three games. Diane Berry leaps high to vie for the ball while Teresa Randan goes up for the block in an intra- squod game. Berry was considered one of the strongest hitters on the team. Susan Nolan shows that the team plays as well in the stands as they do on the court. Also keep- ing their eye on the ball ore Kothy Tallant, and Laura Nolan. Varsity Volleyball 49 JV Spikers ' Skills Shine Through Coming into the ' 83- ' 84 season, ttiere were many questions marks on the J. V. volleyball team. There were only two returnees, and eight newcomers, in- cluding five freshmen. But despite their youth, the team displayed a lot of po- tential skill and learned to play as a team. Coach Barbara Robertson worked the girls hard early, stessing the basics. She believes the fundamentals are an im- portant base which a team must mas- ter before it can improve. Moving through the season, the team became aggressive and jelled as a team. After a match. Coach Robertson would work the team on weaknesses shown in their play. As a result, not only did the team find success in league ploy, but each competitor improved in her own right. The most important thing to Robertson, in her second year as J.V. coach, was that the girls gave 100% and concentrated on their skills. The enthusiastic squad was helped by the experience of the two returnees, junior Deno Gilbert and sophomore Hi- lary Kish. Dena served as co-captain along with freshman Hiedi Shikuma. The freshmen played a key role in the team ' s success. Freshman play was highlighted by Hiedi Shikuma and Merry Siloo, both good setters, and Sue Guest, who played central blocker. But you really can ' t spotlight any one player more than the team itself, since — like the varsity squad — these girls were very supportive of each other. The talent shown promises volleyball will be a strong program for years to come. Freshman Hiedi Shikuma works hard in practice to pertect her serve. Hiedi, a promising setter, also served as co-captain Coach Barbara Robertson gives the JV, team instruction and encouragement between games. Hiedi Adams ottentiveiy looks on. I ' 4 . The Junior Varsity Volleyball team Hillary Kish. Sue Guest, Dena Gilbert. Hiedi Adams. Lisa Berry, Jeri Andews. Jo Kaaiawahia. Merry Silao, Hiedi Shikuma. and Sandra Lang Coach Barbara Rob- ertson is not pictured J 50 Junior Varsity Volleyball The A B Volleyball team: Debbie Waite, Lisa Wendy Clark. Pam Schade, Thuy Ngo, Gobi Woodall, Stacy Nunley, Sylvia Gallegos. Teri Lieon, and Julie Carnvale. Arbiso, Coach Linda Goeggel. Maria DeAnda, Freshman Pam Schade shows off while Wendy Clark, Thuy Ngo, Teri Arbiso, and Gobi Lieon all try to get in the act behind her. Freshman VB Gets Crazy The freshman volleyball team, known as the A .B squad, showed its prowess well this season. In her first year at the helm. Coach Linda Goeggel led the girls to a 3-1 record. Captains Terri Arbiso and Maria DeAnda led a squad described by Coach Goeggel as a " crazy bunch of girls " . The team, how- ever, saw limited action due to the scarcity of A B teams in the league. Jennifer Jeeves was awarded most valuable player, and Wendy Clark and Stacy Nunley were two other key players. J.V. volleyball team members Lisa Berry and Sue Guest, both freshmen, listen to the referee ' s advice before a match with La Habra. Freshman Volleyball 51 A full extension gives Kathie Kawase ' s serve that extra lift. Missy Kenin is psyching herself up for the big Girls ' tennis - Top row. Denise Leon, Cindy Mi- chik. Krista Kiter, Judy Gesk, Lisa Brown, Julie Ramsey. Laura Molott, Janice Kawase, Cammy Bice, Jodeane Lakeman, Kathy Gerola, Amy Gordon, Christine Phelps, Christ! Thompson. Front row: Chi Kim, Camilla Kawase, Jonna Bryan, Kathy Kawase, Kristen Byrne, Pom Corbin, Missy Kenin, Carrie Thomas, Eileen Kinney, Randy Fein- berg. 52 Girls ' Varsity Tennis Unity Swings Success Girls ' Way " I ' m very proud of their hard work and dedication, and it ' s been a privilege to work with such an outstanding group, " said Mr. Hardy, coach of the Varsity and J.V. Girls tennis teams. We say Varsity and J.V. together, because " togetherness is what kept the team going - along with their spirit, " said Coach Hardy. All of the girls practiced together and played in the same tour- Concentration and a smooth stroke keep Eileen Kinney on top of ttie tennis world. naments, creating a great sense of unity. But besides this unity was a com- petitive air that led the girls to victories all the way to the second round of CIF. Also, the doubles team of co-captain, Kristen Byrne and Kim Nguyen won their first two rounds of CIF, then lost in the third round to the number one team from Edison High School. Those who contributed a great deal to the team were the graduating seniors on the Varsity team; Missy Kenin, Amy Gordon, and captain, Kathle Kawase. Intense concentration is evident on Christine Phelps face as she awaits the serve. Chi Kim displays the beauty of a good fore- hand stroke. Varsity And J.V. Tennis 53 Remember When 54 J.V. Girls Basketball: Merry Silao, Heidi Shikuma, Kathy Webber, Noelle Heusser, Debbie Webber. Coach Vernie Ford, Laura Cooper, Vicki Silvo, Susan Guest, Lisa Berry, Carie Thomas Not Pic- tured, Heide Hamilton Heide Shikuma shows us what she ' s got. J.V. Turns In A Perfect Season The J.V. team started ott withi an ex- cellent season and never lost ttieir consistency. Thiey improved on last year ' s score and it looks as if thiey will be just as good next year, if not better. Ttie team ' s coach, Vernie Ford, hias been coactiing at Fullerton for years and much of ttie team ' s success is due to her. Freshman Heidi Shikuma was an excellent player overall, and was an- other major factor in the excellence the team achieved this year. They worked hard together and did a fabu- lous job of fulfilling the high expecta- tions for the season. Noelle Heusser does it with style. J.V. Girls Basketball 55 1 Under the coaching of Brenda Yecke, the Girls ' Varsity Basl etball team had an excellent start this season, with an 8-3 record for pre-season. They lost a lot of valuable players due to gradu- ation and a few non-returning players that were an asset to the team. But in spite of this they played more as a team this year than lost and the lock of experience on the team quickly dimin- ished as the season proceeded. Kristen Daniels, senior and team cap- tain, made All-League at the Brea Tournament. Overall she was an out- standing player, scoring the highest average points per game. The other team captain, Allison Terrill, has been a strong player on varsity since she was a freshman. Two other highly exper- ienced players, Tracy Merrill, senior, and Sandra Williams, junior, helped lead the team on to a successful end. The team had its shares of ups and downs. Michelle Lemnltzer takes a break from heL tough game. ' Coach Brenda Yecke just can ' t quite get the words out. Allison Terrill is flying high. 56 Varsity Girls Bosfeetball I Varsity Girls Basketball Sandra Williams, Tracy Merrill, Michelle Lemnitzer, Gigi Van Dissel, Denise Borowski, Janene Allen, Pam Fritsch, Allison Terrill, Kristin Daniel, Coach Brenda Yecke, Varsity Girls Basl etball 57 Players Have Chance For " O.T.I. " The true measure of a good team is not how many games ore won but how they are played. It could be seen that the talent and enthusiasm of the Varsity Basketball team was high, but was not used to potential. For exam- ple. Coach Kevin DeAllen felt " They ' re a lot of hardworking guys who some- how or another couldn ' t get it all to- gether at the same time. " Even though the players would have liked a better season, they persevered through the good and bad and gave all they could. Besides working hard at practices, the players had an " Oppor- tunity to improve, " or " OTI, " This is a program which is after normal practice hours where an individual can work on basic fundamentals. Kevin DeAllen, who joined the team this season added insight with his youth and playing experience. Coach Bob Von Voorhis hung up his sneakers as he resigned after 21 years of coaching. Coach Van Voorhis and Coach De Allen give some encouraging advice. Varsity basketball: Ken Lentz, Tom Jones, Brett Harril, Robert Welch. Geoff Boone. r?.J. Hamblir ; Chris Barry. Marl Hamilton, Dave McKinnon, Joel White, J.K. Reinhart, Brian Perez. R.J. makes a lay-up for two. 58 Varsity Basketksall La Habra watches as Robert Welchi sinks an- other basket. R.J. Hamblim quickly looks around on the fast break Villa Park can ' t stop Fullerton. Varsity Basketball 59 Hard Work Pays For JV B-Ball Boys JV Basketball had an excellent season thanks to all involved. Ralph Tallant said, " We really had a good season, " and Derek Hollingsworth stat- ed, " I feel that we tried hard, played hard, and that it really paid off. " All in all, that about summarized everyone ' s feelings. Mike Perez scores another one tor the home team. Boys JV Basketball Top row: T.J. Sweeney, White, Front row: Derek Hollingsworth, Kirk Lentz, Ralph Tallant, Ben r?unnels, Mike Perez Joel Richard Carnesi and Peter Whiteman. f Joel White makes another oustanding shot. 60 Boys J.V. Basl e ' ball Boys Frosh-Soph Basketball - Top row: Dean tar: Front row: Steve Pearson, Elisio Bravo, Chiris Strong, Mike Hetland, Brian Massey, Greg Man- Coffee, Jeff Hones, Daniel Anaya, Ray Diaz, Da- ship, Marl McGurer. Ruben Carnesi, Brett Reau- vid South. Greg Manship nearly slam-dunks as he shows Troy who ' s boss. I- M r- " m:Jm 1 1 v jB fli 1 1 Frosh-Soph Hoopsters Enjoy Season ,. The boys ' Frosh • Soph basketball team had an excellent season with special support provided by Ruben Carnesi and Daniel Anaya. Carnesi, his first year at FUHS, has shov n great tal- ent, and has said that being on the team has been a great experience. Mike Wohler shared his enthusiasm: " We gave it our all, and that ' s v hat counts. " Mike Hetland strives to keep the ball away from Sonoro defenders. Boys Frosh-Soph Basketball 61 If It Doesn ' t Matter Who Wins Or Losses, Varsity Football Volleyball Girl ' s Soccer FUHS 22 Anaheinn FUHS 1 Valencia 3 FUHS 3 Brea 1 FUHS 14 Huntington Beach 41 FUHS 3 Tustin 2 FUHS Canyon 5 FUHS 7 35 Kennedy Mayfair 35 3 FUHS FUHS 2 3 Brea Savanna 3 FUHS 1 Katella 11 FUHS FUHS 2 Saddleback FUHS 7 Los Amigos :fl|||||l| ' FUHS 3 John Glenn FUHS 2 Sunny Hills 2 FUHS 10 La Habra ' WSSm M3 FUHS 2 La Mirada 3 FUHS Troy 5 FUHS Sunny Hills 10 FUHS 2 Valencia 1 FUHS Mater Dei 1 FUHS 15 Sonora 8 FUHS 2 Savanna 1 FUHS 3 Sonora 3 FUHS 24 Buena Park 7 FUHS El Dorado 2 FUHS 3 Buena Park FUHS 18 Troy 14 FUHS Connelly 2 FUHS 2 Lo Habra 2 FUHS 21 Valencia „ .33 FUHS 2 Magnolia 3 FUHS 1 Sunny Hills 3 flpfl f FUHS Troy 4 FUHS Troy 5 Varsity Water Polo " ' " FUHS 3 Buena Park FUHS 1 Mater Dei 3 FUHS 18 Santa Ana 2 FUHS 3 Sonora 2 FUHS Sonora 2 FUHS 7 Miraleste 2 FUHS 1 La Habra 3 FUHS 3 Buena Park 1 FUHS 17 Katella FUHS 3 Sunny Hills FUHS 5 La Habra 3 FUHS 12 Santa Ana Valley 6 FUHS 2 Troy 3 FUHS Rosarv FUHS 10 Canyon 7 FUHS 3 Buena Park FUHS 19 La Soma 2 FUHS 3 Sonora 2 Girls Cross-Country FUHS 26 California 2 FUHS La Habra 3 FUHS 14 Artesia 22 FUHS 21 Mira Costa 4 FUHS Sunny Hills 3 FUHS 26 La Habra 29 FUHS 22 Worl man 5 FUHS La Mirada 3 FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS 13 Alumni 15 FUHS Sonora FUHS 10 Whittier 7 Bo s ' Soccer FUHS 17 Buena Park 48 FUHS 20 Miraleste 7 FUHS Estancia 4 FUHS 21 Troy 34 FUHS 22 La Habra 1 FUHS La Quinta 2 FUHS 12 Santa Fe 11 FUHS Orange 2 Girls Tennis FUHS 27 Brea 5 FUHS Cypress 3 FUHS 13 Rosary 7 FUHS 7 Sunny Hills 13 FUHS Mater Dei 1 FUHS 13 El Dorado 5 FUHS 13 Sonora 6 FUHS Dana Hills FUHS 3 Canyon 15 FUHS 18 La Quinta 7 FUHS 3 Lutheran Orange FUHS Tustin FUHS 14 Buena Pork 13 FUHS 2 Valencia 3 FUHS 15 Western 3 FUHS 20 Montclair 7 FUHS 5 La Habra 4 FUHS 17 Brea 1 FUHS 16 Troy 6 FUHS Sunny Hills 2 FUHS 3 Mater Dei 15 FUHS 5 University 8 FUHS 1 Sonora FUHS 16 Troy 2 FUHS 3 Buena Park FUHS 18 Buena Park Wrestling FUHS 1 Troy 4 FUHS 14 Sonora 4 FUHS 30 Santiago 40 FUHS 3 La Habra 1 FUHS 17 La Habra 1 FUHS 48 Anaheim 24 FUHS 2 Sunny Hills 2 FUHS 9 Sunny Hills 9 FUHS 48 Bishop Amat 30 FUHS 1 Buena Park %. i 1 FUHS 18 Troy FUHS 39 La Habra 34 FUHS 1 Troy ■ ' 5 FUHS 17 Buena Park 1 FUHS Troy FUHS 10 Sonora 8 FUHS Buena Park Boys C iross-Country FUHS 8 Sunny Hills 8 FUHS 12 Sunny Hills 12 FUHS 25 Artesia 31 FUHS 13 La Habra 5 FUHS 44 Sonora 25 FUHS 25 La Habra 30 FUHS 15 Warren 3 FUHS 26 La Habra 26 FUHS 15 Sunny Hills 44 FUHS 3 Rio Mesa 3 FUHS Troy FUHS 23 Sonora 30 FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS 14 Buena Park 50 FUHS Buena Park FUHS Troy 62 Scoreboards Why Do They Keep Score? Boys ' Tennis Softball Baseball FUHS 23 Savanna 5 FUHS Cerrito 1 FUHS 3 Orange 4 FUHS 26 Orange 2 FUHS 6 Esperanza FUHS 4 Laguna Beach 7 FUHS 19 V2 La Soma 4 1 2 FUHS 2 Diamond Bar 1 FUHS 0-0 Savanna 10-8 (DH) FUHS 20 ' 2 Kennedy Katella 7 1 2 12 1 2 FUHS FUHS 2 6 Brea Pacifica 3 4 FUHS FUHS 4 6 La Habra Sunny Hills 3 7 FUHS 15 1 2 FUHS 16 Valencia 12 FUHS 4 Loara 6 FUHS Troy 11 FUHS 22 La Puente 5 l2 FUHS 15 Valencia 1 FUHS 2 Buena Park 20 FUHS 10 H.H, Wilson 18 FUHS 1 Savanna 2 FUHS 1 Sonora 14 FUHS 25 La Habra 3 FUHS 2 Brea 1 FUHS 1 La Habra 6 FUHS 19 Vi Sunny Hills 8 1 2 FUHS 4 El Toro 5 FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS Sonora FUHS 0-1 Magnolia 3-0 FUHS Troy FUHS Sonora FUHS 6 La Habra 1 FUHS Buena Park FUHS Buena Park FUHS 3 Sunny Hills 2 FUHS Sonora FUHS Troy FUHS 6 Sonora 2 FUHS La Habra FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS 3 Buena Park FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS Sonora FUHS Troy FUHS Troy FUHS Buena Parl FUHS La Habra FUHS Buena Park FUHS Troy FUHS FUHS Sunny Hills Sonora FUHS Sonora Girls ' Swimmina FUHS Buena Park Gymnastics FUHS Montclair 50 FUHS Troy FUHS 16.7 Savanna 87.2 FUHS 83 Brea 78 FUHS Tustin FUHS 89 Troy 64 Girls ' Track FUHS Garden Grove FUHS 103 Buena Park FUHS 87 Brea 23 FUHS Villa Park FUHS Sonora FUHS Valencia FUHS Brea FUHS Mater Dei FUHS La Habra FUHS Santa Ana FUHS La Habra FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS FUHS Sonora Troy FUHS Badminton Sunny Hills 29 FUHS Boys ' Swimming 113 Montclair 36 Boys ' Track FUHS FUHS 7 10 La Habra Troy 22 19 FUHS 97 Brea 67 FUHS 88 Brea 40 FUHS 7 Buena Park 7 FUHS 84 Troy 94 FUHS 55 Valencia 84 FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS Buena Parks FUHS 64 La Habra 71 FUHS La Habra FUHS Sonora FUHS Sunny Hills FUHS Troy FUHS Mater Dei FUHS Sonora FUHS Buena Park FUHS La Habra FUHS Troy FUHS Sunny Hills Scoreboards 63 Memories 64 The J.V. wrestling team: Tony Moreno, Mike Flo- man, Paul Pratt, Al Schade, Mike Carrilio Steve res, David Jarbi, Tony Mercado, Brad Bice. Paul Strapac. Romo, Eric Durkson, Scott Price, Anthony Guz- Mlke Flores is loosening up before a match. Who is the only guy you ' ve ever seen trying to reduce his caloric intake rath- er than scarf down nnom ' s terrific lunch each day? The dedicated wrestler, of course!! Why? Before each match he has to be ploced into a weight cate- gory. Much of the talent seen on J.V, this year was new, but they proved to be a strong team anyway. Strength and endurance are a major qualification, so it was no wonder to see a wrestler running a little 3 mile jaunt around the city or pumping iron up in the weight room. Looking toward next year with more experience behind them, J.V. has a bright future. David JarkI was one of this years aspiring wres- tler ' s. J.V. Wrestling 65 Varsity Takes Them Down " A lot of young talent and desire can be seen on the wrestling team, " says senior, Jessie Guzman. Along with the team captain, Tom Willey and four year wrestlers Dan Cholal ian and Jes- sie Guzman, the varsity wrestling team managed to pull off another successful season. Due to much recruiting, the wrestling team underwent a building season. Lack of experience was a ma- jor drawback to the team, but under the leadership of coach Conrad the season produced on overall well-ac- complished team and showed much Danny Cholakian has got this match all wrapped up. promise for the upcoming years. Fresh- man and newcomer to the sport, Da- vid Jorbi, showed a lot of enthusiasm for the sport and looks to be a team leader in the future. Wrestling, unlike most sports, is one in which one competes as an individual but the score is added into an overall team scor e. When a wrestler is out on the floor, all eyes are on him and he has one chance to make it or break it. Approximately three hours a day ore put into wrestling and it ' s tough work, but in the long run it ' s worth the time and long hours of practice that the sport requires. Jessie Guzman is ready tor anything that comes his way Lou Unland lets his opponent know what he is made of. 66 Boys Varsity Wrestling 4 ,v ? V., Tom Willey gets on top of things Brandon Buck says. " Kiss the floor buddy. " The Varsity Wrestling team; Brian Hoschouer. Eric Egurola, Bob Moreno. Dan Choiokian, Jeff Slusher. Brandon Buck. Ted Barber. Jessie Guz- man. Lou Unlond, Ed Schade. John Salzman. Tom Willey. Brett Helsinger. Ricordo Alverodo. Varsity Wrestling 67 Girls ' Soccer Is A Sure Shot " Better than ever, " is what Coach Peggy Anderson said about the Girls Varsity and J.V. soccer teams. Though they didn ' t make the ' numero uno ' status that they ' d hoped for, she soys " the girls were terrific. . . we had so much determination behind each game, and losing did not faze them. " Jill Gunter said that " We came a long Girls ' Soccer - Top row: Rocio Canpos, Elva Nunez, Christy Thompson, Jill Gunter, Lisa Krem- kow. Cindy Schaffer. Tommy Swonson. Cheryl Stouffer, Marilyn Solano, Christie Ives, Julie Rom- way since last year ' s team, and be- came one in unity. In other words, more organized ... " Krista Kiter com- mented " Our enthusiasm sure strengthened our score many times . . . and next year I ' m primed all the way! " Roma Franzia shows aptly how to stay under control while attempting to kick a bouncing ball. sey, Duyen Do, Front row: Maria Onsuus. Nancy Parker, Mary Allen, Karen Pendleton, Donna Kade, Mia Mazza, Romo Franzia, Renata Franzia. Allison Lundie, Debbie Jones Rocio Canpos tries to kick the ball past the op- ponent 68 Girls Soccer Determined In their attack, Renata Franzia and Allison Lundie push the ball forward against Rosa- ry. ' yii ! • jt m w r ' 1 p " ' 1 Krista KIter gives oil the effort she has to get to Krista keeps her eye on the ball preparing to every ball that comes her way. pass it. Flo Owens booms the ball down field. Girls Soccer 69 Guys Get A Kick Out Of Soccer " On the move, " is the phrase that coach Etchison used to describe his Varsity Soccer Team, which has had an average but rewarding season. It was described by Coach Etchison as " totally fantastic! " On the lighter side, he also had these words to say; " The guys this year were particularly excel- lent; we had sonne stupendous talent on our hands: Matt Palomino, Raul Vil- legas and Ken Easton in particular. " Through persistent mud-flurries, pulled muscles, and headaches (ouch!), they improved and rounded out their al- ready remarkable team. Lance Brun- ner said " This season was just an omen for next year, " and that seemed to be the popular consensus among every- one involved; very optimistic memories shared, and primed for next year. Boys ' Junior Varsity Soccer, 7 " (1 , v % Boys ' Varsity Soccer. Kevin Sawyer figures, that if tie can ' t win ttie game, he ' ll pop the ball so the other team can ' t win either. ,- Sl»! T 70 Boys Soccer Kicking a ball isn ' t always as easy as it may seem. These teammates know who ' s 1 Boys Soccer 71 Balance, Unity Make Varsity A Smashing Success Practice was a time for each player to fine-tune their skills in an atmo- sphere of relaxed concentration. But when a match came up, the attitude changed remarkably. The team got pumped up, enthusiastic, especially for a key match. The players, each responsible for winning points, encour- aged their teammates on. The strength of this confident squad was their balance in both singles and doubles. " Our team didn ' t feature any one awesome player, but we had a consistent, solid team, " said senior Na- dav Shichor. Returning only three of eight, the team was bolstered by three newcomers: Chris ano Mark Vossman, transfers from Ohio, and freshman Bobby Carlton. " This was one of the best teams we ' ve ever had. The newcomers proved to be a big asset to the team, " said Quyet Nguyen, a senior with three years on varsity. There was another key to success, according to junior Kenny Joe: " Ruben Solas and Quyet really inspired the team to challenge one another. It improved the squad as a whole. " Although tennis is a popular sport, to make varsity one had to be quick, mentally tough, and hove a variety of shots. In 1984, twelve individuals made up one of the strongest and most suc- cessful teams at FUHS. Boy Varsity tsnnlt Top row: Andrew Prokopo- vych. Mark Vossman, Chris Vossman, James Carroll, Don Crawford, Richard Arguelles, Front row: Kenny Joe, Nadav Shichor, Bobby Carlton, Ruben Solas, Quyet Nguyen, Tuan Le. Junior Tuart Le is a study of concentration as he drives the boll through on a backhand. s, V " . ' • ■ « « • . N . s • -. 4 » ' V. ' . V.WVAV 72 Boys Varsity Tennis Nadav Shichor moves up to meet ttie boll and put away ttie volley vs. Savanna. Partner Quyet Nguyen prepares for any return. j Richard Arguelles follows throughi on a fore- hand shot down the alley. 1 . 1 1 " I : 4i 1 ■ flS HI H 9 Ml:rk Vossmon, a senior gets over to shoot a Senior Nadav Shichor displays the agony of a forehand back and keep the rally alive. two-handed backhand. Boys Varsity Tennis 73 JV Shows Talent, Determination " His strengths were motivating the players, and keeping good morale. He worked on our strategies and talked a good game, " commented Jeff Ivask on his impressions of first-year JV coach Bob Van Voorhis. Coach Van Voorhis took the helm of a talented bunch. One of the best JV squads in quite a while, it was led by the doubles team of Brian Mossey and Brad Bice, along with the singles play of Jeff Ivask, Doug Schultz, and Gerrard Moses. The team enjoyed playing but never lost their competitive edge. Each play- er hod a different motivation. Some wanted to challenge the best and make varsity; others were happier to do well for the JV and the school One thing is certain: with this strong a pro- gram, spots on the varsity squad will be hard-fought for next year. Sophomore Bob Petri carefully guides the ball over the net on the volley sd r Boys JV tennis: Top row Jeff Ivosk. Gerrard Mo- Hungry for the point, freshman Gerrard Moses is ses. Bill Pomesburg, Brian Massey, and Brad Bice poised to attack at the net. Front row: Brian McFarlane. Bob Petri. Doug Schultz. Tong Do. and Greg Gaon, . .-4- .-+— f - — ( 74 Boys ' JV Tennis Frosh-Soph boys tennis - Top row: Barry Taylor, De Mai, Bryan Thomas, T,D, Hopkins, Hiep Ngo. Freshman Brian Massey, one of the JV ' s stan- Front row: Kevin Terry, Mike Petri, Eddie Preston, douts pauses to consider strategy during a chol- and Viet Dinh. lenge match. Stringers Face The Challenge Playing tennis on the Frosh-Soph level centered around ladder challenge matches. Everyone who played was ranked trom one to thirty-something. Numbers thirteen to twenty were on the JV and the rest on Frosh-Soph. Only, Frosh-Soph played five or six matches, so making the JV level is what one shot for. Challenge matches came on ce a week. One could only meet the guy one above or one below you. The matches gave each player the oppor- tunity to see weaknesses, since the opponent always played to them. The competition, at times, became in- tense and quite heated, but overall team play improved as a result. Tennis was blessed with one of the best freshman bumper crops in years. The program should continue to grow stronger as these new talents gain ex- perience. A good volley needs quick reflexes. This time, Tim Hendra is frustrated on his attempt to take the backhand volley. Boys ' Frosh-Soph Tennis 75 Practice Pays Off Early to bed, early to rise, helped keep the varsity swim team in the pool and away from the guys. Team mem- bers had to be in the pool, hard at work, at 6:30 in the morning and at at least one of the two sesions in the afternoon, " Practice makes perfect. " said coach Carrie Horthorn who is an outstanding swimmer and water polo player and has helped the team tre- mendously. The season went extra well, and the team agreed that Sone- ra was their toughest opponent to beat. There are many excellent swimmers in- cluding Christy Johnson, Debbie Geary and Jodi Lotspeich who were a big help in leading the team to success. Having such a super year gave much confidence for many years to come. Working hard at practice could produce a win at the next meet. " W- iJAmi Girls ' Varsity Swimming - Top Row; Suzy McKin- nis. Debbie Woite, Kelle Fritzal. Vicki Parker, Ctiris Jotinson. Second Row: Michelle Hahn, Debbie Geary, Susannah Carillo, Laurie Tenney, Jodi Lopspeich, Brenda Watkins, Shelly Manzer, Front row: Shrute Amin Praying right before your face con help relieve nerves 76 Varsity Girls Swimming " «■■ 4 Ai- fi. ' UiU: ut •-% T I ««r;.,. lUUUA A good start can make all the difference. 1 ji 11 1 I " • " ' ' .;j:: iuau; ' .Ut«li4Wi«UtilW4««4UmH :. ' .HIt niiw uuuiiinui.i ■■ «»- 1 ' ! .or 4a unuiuiiui - ' f ' y f ' ro r Ttie butterfly, stroke makes quite a splasti with the girls at FUHS, Michelle Is determined to win Varsity Girls Swimming 77 Girls JV swimming — Top row; Karen Hanks, Third row: Kim McCullah, Laurie Lammens, Chris- Nancy Shultz, Mariellen Lindsay, Second row: Mi- tie Phelps, Carlo Hiltscher, Pom Schode, Front Susan barely has enough time to breathe as she chelle Voorheis, Susan Schade, Joanne Hughes. row: Christy Ivester, Nellie Carrillo, works her way to the finish. ' ' ' . ■M Fast Start Aids Swimmers The J.V. swim team dove into a great start. Thieir morning and afternoon workout sctiedule really paid off. Coachi Kerry Horttiorn, who is an excel- lent swimmer hierself, did an outstand- ing job in tielping thiese talented swim- mers reach their goals, Lori Lammens and Christine Phelps were the leaders of many victories which helped the team to another successful year, and set an example for future teams. On your mark, get set, and , . . 78 J,V, Girls Swimming Early Work Pays Off For JV Fish Tremendous dedication and constant hard work is what it takes to be on FUHS swimmer. This group rose every morning at the crack of dawn to swim for on hour before school and then re- turned for another two hours after school The underclassmen, coached by Rob Knight, had a lot of talented swimmers. Bruce Bordner, Tom Lowrey, Scott Devonald, Vince Garcia, and David Adams victoriously led the J.V. team in many of the competitions. All of the members put a lot into perfect- ing their technique and improving their talents. On your mark, get set, go! J.V. Boys Swimming - Top row: Jeff Haties, Raul Vlllegas, Denis Fredncks, Bruce Bordner, Chris Frias, David Gonzales, Chris Henderson, Tom Lowrey, Front row; Charlie Myers, Erick Carlson, Jim Chewy Lieser, Rob Upton, Vince Garcia, Scott Devonald, Rick Friar, David Adams, J.V. Boys Swimming 79 Jimmy Lowrey and Bram Tester study their com- Bruce Bordner heads for the water in pre-seo- petition for the coming races. son competition. s «« ., ami Willi After a hard workout, James Moksanotf takes a breather niuuvi uiuiw 80 Boys Varsity Swimming Effort Makes Varsity First Class Crew Practicing at least fifteen hours a week in the morning and after school is hard work, especially in water with be- low freezing temperatures. But that ' s what it takes to make a first class crew. Swimming is not just a sport to the boys on the team — it ' s a chal- lenge to improve their individual times and to contribute to the team as a stopwatch in hand. Coach Rob Knight times an- other swimmer. whole. Twelve swimmers moke up the tribe with the top competitors being James Makshanoff, Mark Walters , Scott Maginnis, Al and Ed Schade, and Kent Sakamoto. It was the first year as head coach for Rob Knight. Due to sickness and injury it was often hard to get all of the swimmers together at the same time, but with Knight ' s dedica- tion and determination he managed to pull it all together. ' II ■f , «s IK. 1 . -f-- Varsity Boys Swimming — Top row: Al Schade. Jimmy Lowrey. Scott Magginnis, Clark Lew. Front row: Kent Sakamoto, Lewis Unlond. Don Carlson. Pete Birnboum. James Makshanoff, Ed Schade. Don Carlson strokes toward a first place finish. Boy ' s Varsity Swimming 81 Denise Leon shows Michelle Pierce and Lisa Brown how it ' s done. Wendy Clark reaches to the sky while practic- ing her floor routine. JV Gymnastics - Top row: Kathy Webber, Gino Fernandez, Angle Tostado, Front row: Margie Li- con, Denise Leon, Michelle Pierce, Catherine Marsh 82 Gymnastics Gymnastics Makes Demands One of the most demanding wom- en ' s sports is gymnastics. It consists of four events: vault, balance beam, floor exercise and uneven parallel bars. Eocti event demands extensive flexibility, balance, stengtti and grace- fulness. A gymnast must be fit and dedicated to the sport. It is necessary Varsity Gymnastics Noel Togami, Kim Adams, Kathy Kawase, Wendy Clark for each gymnast to warm up properly in order to accomplish each task. The J.V. and varsity gymnastics teams opened the season with a new coach, John Spataford. He had a big job on his hands, but there was a new supply of talents to help him out. Excellent coaching and many new talents re- sulted in a successful season. Kim Adam shows strength and balance on the low beam. Condice Weils works on her beam splits. Gymnastics 83 Pitching, Fun = Softball Strength " Tracy ' s pitching made it easy for us to play defense and stie was one of our best tiitters, " explained the co- captain, Diane Berry. " Tracy is very competitive. Stie compelled everyone else to play well, " emptiasized Gigi Von Dissel. Tracy Merrill was just one of the out- standing regulars for the varsity softball team, one of FUHS ' s best ever. The squad featured strong potential to succeed and great depth. Returning nine of twelve, the varsity was loaded with strengths, most nota- bly hitting and pitching. Although in- tense and pumped-up during games, the girls also hod a lot of fun. Accord- ing to Van Dissel, the team had " a lot of jokers, which helped. " Helping to re- lieve the pressure was Diane Berry. As Van Dissel stated, " Diane picked us up when things went bad; she made it easier for us. " Fortunately, due to suc- cess, the team did not have many low points, Captain Diane Berry fans on this pitch, a rare Tracy Merrill, the ace pitcher, practices her occasion, consistently hard pitch VK% Varsity Softball - Top row: Gabby Licon and Jeri Andrews (managers), Andrea Franke, Tracy Merrill, Debbie French, Sandra Williams, Lesley Laraway, Coach Cheri Johnson. Front row Noelle Heusser. Casey Donaghu, Barbara Car- ranza. Diane Berry, and Gigi Van Dissel. Not pic- tured: Cindy Michik, Tammy Swanson While at ttie plate, GIgi Van Dissel awaits the pitch with intense concentration. 84 Varsity Softball Noelle Heusser, playing catcher, displays a good target for the pitcher. Casey Donaghu, Diane Berry, and Lesley Laraway work on a complicated play in prac- tice. t A model of concentration and deliberation. San- dra Williams is ready for the next grounder at third. Varsity Softball 85 Michelle Lemnltzer pivots to meet and drive the boll. JV Softball - Top row: Coacti Marge Johnson, Lisa Brunk. Janene Alien. Sue Guest, Heidi Hamil- ton, Laura Cooper, Debby George, Annette Ro- driguez, Julie Ramsay, Andrea Rothman, Marcy Cromwell, and Michelle Lemnltzer. Not pictured ' Hilary Kish Laura Cooper bears down and delivers a strike. JV Slugs It Out With two of twelve being returners, this rag-tag bunch of Bobby Sox veter- ans welded into a solid JV team under the direction of Coach Marge John- son. Coach Johnson, known for her knowl- edge and straight-forward honesty, ennphasized the philosophy of strong hitting, which became the team ' s big- gest strength. The offense was led by the big bats of Lisa Brunk, Janene Allen, and Hilary Kish, the three counted on to drive in runs. Not to be outdone, steady fielding backed the consistent pitching of Laura Cooper and Andrea Rothman. Without the pressure of the varsity lev- el, the team worked to improve their basics and polish complicated plays. Did the team have a good season? " Our JV team could have beaten any other school ' s varsity team in our league, " confidently stated junior Julie Ramsey. 86 JV Softball Junior Varsity Baseball - Top Row: Jeff Bailey, Jerry Sanchez, Stephen Pearson, Jeff Middle- brooks, Mark Chambers, Matt Bourgeois. Second Row: Victor Villanueva, John Mele, Jesse Sala- zar, Donny Bankhead, Mike Cabral, Rich Field, Scot Lohman Front Row: Marshall Violo, Buddy Myers, Freddie Sanchez, Stathy Papadatos, Ray Diaz, Wesley Dodds, Brett Reuter. Stephen Pearson throws to first after fielding another grounder cleanly. M JV Provides The Power The Junior Varsity Baseball team doesn ' t have its own field. So the JV players had to walk to Amerige Park every day. It cut down their practice time by about an hour. They were able to hit in the cages only after walking back to the campus. The team featured little experience, with four sophomores and about elev- en freshmen. The JV ' s strength was hit- ting, especially for power. The focal point of the practices was to improve the defense through fielding drills. In his first year. Coach Greg Schammel stressed to never slack off. His strategy was to get ahead early on rallies and then not let the pressure off. Under the leadership of John Mele, Wes Dodds, and Marshall Violi, the rowdy group of individuals came to- gether as a solid team. They were mo- tivated not to make mental errors by Coach Schammel ' s laps, or " rock- heads. " As Jeff Bailey put it, " we learned the FUHS system, the fundamentals of high school baseball, and the way the coaches wanted it played. " With the Varsity graduating only one player, look for much of the same bunch next year, back and better than ever. Brett Reuter smacks the ball into left for a base hit. Junior Varsity Baseball 87 Varsity Baseball - Top row T,J. Richards, Mike Brian Hughes, and Marlon Melendez, Van Winkle, Shane Montag, Kurt Daggett. Steve Ramsay, John Ambriz, John Saltzman, Erik Silvey. David Sepulveda, the junior second baseman, Ray Mitchison. Front row: Paul Bravo, Ron Willes, orks on his release to second for the force. David Sepulveda, David Syvock, Steve Moore, 88 Varsity Baseball Varsity Learns Underdog Role, Plays An Inning At A Time " Rebuilding year " is an often-used cli- che in sports. The fact is that the Tribe only returned six juniors, none of them regulars. The Varsity Baseball team was made up of mostly rookie sopho- mores and juniors. They had to adjust to the strong sys- tem of rapid-fire fielding drills and the cage and live hitting rotation. They kept alive the tradition of intense practices, from 2:10 to dark daily. The young and knov ledgeable Coach Da- vid Torres worked with the players to meet their goals. This season the team made an adjust- ment from the traditional power hit- ting game. " We played to win each inning, hitting more line drives and playing for the run, " said Mike Van Winkle, the team ' s vocal catcher. The Tribe, traditionally very strong, had to learn the underdog role. They en- joyed knocking off the " favored " teams. Instead of the usual cocky popping-off, the players discovered a happy medium, where they were vo- cal when ahead and supportive when behind. Next year, with bigger size and greater experience, they might have reason to become cocky again. 1 1 WVM —5 I22»t ■: fcf ; ' «i mmmimmmmmmi im m Sllki. Catcher Mike Van Winkle takes charge from behind the plate. T.J. Richards delivers his fastball. Varsity Baseball 89 Weekly Competitions Keep Tracksters On Their Toes A gun fires and dust flies into ttie sky as runners take off for their only goal in life at that moment — the finish line. On another side of the field one may see people flinging themselves into the air or throwing heavy objects. These are the sights one would see at any FUHS track meet. Although working with a smaller number of students, the varsity track team managed to pull itself to- gether under the direction of coaches Ted Erskin, Bob Hill, Matt Eichison, Ed Hicks, Bob Hathaway, and Steve Pis- chel. Practicing two hours every day the athletes prepared for competi- tions which were held weekly during the season. Top competitors in their events for the boys were Everett Smith (sprinter), Cuong Do (long jump and triple jump), and Kevin Ruggieri (long distance). Strong competitors for the girls were Heidi Adams (shot put), Alli- son Lundie (sprinter), and Kristin Daniel (sprinter). The spirit of competition was always high and every participant gave his all. On his final lap, Eric Moore kicks for the tape. Girls Varsity Track - Top row: Johanna Kaaiawohia, Heidi Adorns, Merry Silao. Kathy Tal- lont, Heidi Shikuma, Jennifer Contreros. Carrie Thomas. Eileen Kinney, Front row: Mia Mazza, Glory Withrow, Debi Jones, Allison Lundie, Ca- mille Kawase, Christine Hill, Roma Franzia. Not pictured: Kristin Daniel, Beth Devay, Renata Fran- David Jerome (lies over the high bar with ease. 90 Varsity Track Up, up and away. Boys Varsity and Frosh-Soph Track - Top row: Ryan Akina, Michael Ojedo, Andre Chism, Dan Blackley, John Devonald, Mike Afrann, Chris Huttrer, Everett Smith, David Dinsmore, Richard Garsia, David McKinnon. Rod Budke, Joe Hef- ferndm, Greg Dirkin, Richard Vanzandt, Mike Mc- Carthy. 2nd row: Tom Gray. Andre Chebanal, Robert York. Brian Walker, Mark Busleta, Alex Po- lyak, Jon Boss, Phil Burnard, Craig Burnard, Jim Biardi, Doug Winningham, David Jarvi, Jim New- man, Mark Zachariah, Andy Caperon, Danny Hughes. 3rd row: Ken Richter. Frank Rehnelt, Lewis Unland. Robert Graf. Wes Colvin, Ted Bar- ber, George Palomino, Peter Wightman, Shane Allen, Chris Zergo, Pat Roebuck, Mark Perez, Front row: Coung Do, Pablo Diaz, Loren Galati, David Hassett, Ralph Taliant, Jose Onofre. (Not pictured) David Jerome. Kevin Ruggieri.) l || l .»« l iVII( i UI.I,M» i . Wu i L.mMi p ii. UiL Christine Hill smiles after another well-run race. Varsity Track 91 Practice Pays Off For Frosh-Soph Not only did they have strength, the Frosh-Soph Track Team had depth and talent too. Conditioning and practice are an innportant part of every ath- lete ' s life, so these dedicated students stayed after school for a two hour wor- kout every day. Meets were held ev- ery Thursday. This is where everybody got to " show their stuff " . Top competi- tors were Steven Bush (a long distance runner) and Pete Whightman (a mid- dle-distance runner). Throughout the season the excellence of the team as a whole shined through. Frosh-Soph easily takes the lead. With determination, Carrie Thiomas shows us her longest jump ever. 92 Frosh-Soph Track Badminton - Top row: Coach Barbara Robert- son, Chonmone Keolasy, Linda Terry, Ott Chan- phimarn, Sam Simpson, Lisa Berry, Matt Frawley, Adrian Kline, Fran Cooperman. Star McDonald, Mike Patel, Inez Matute. Front row: Chansou- phone Keolasy, Twon Le, Charles Irons, Hilda Koch, Thuy Ngo, Christy Thompson, David Barry, Steve Silao, Not pictured: Diane Koch, David Ha- Som Simpson gets ready to serve. ft Popularity " It ' s not just a game you play in the backyard, " said Lisa Berry, a member of the Badminton Team. The game is a lot more agressive and fast-paced than most people realize. Control, concentration, and most of all quick- ness is vjhai it takes to master the sport. In competitions, individual matches were held and all of the wins were added up to determine the win- ning school. Coach Barbara Robertson stated, " Because it was only the sec- ond year that there has been a bad- minton team on our campus, we have had to face a lot of tough competition from schools that hove hod teams for many years. " Other than being highly competitive, badminton is just plain fun and that is why more and more people are beginning to play. Keeping his eye on the birdie Ott Chanphimorn hits another one across the net Badminton 9 M mm ' ■ ' ■- 1 r ' - W0 ■ ' ' - ' t ' J ' ' ' .4 V b)V m Indians ' Spirit Soars Cheering at football games, dressing up for Spirit Week, participating in pep rallies, or canning a freshman who dared set foot on senior corner, these are only a few of the ways that sut- dents express their school spirit. Spirit is an important part of high school and it can be a lot of fun if you gets involved. Pep rallies are held to get the students " fired-up " for an up-coming game. The main attraction is usually the class competition in which members of each class compete in cheering contests and games. Spirit Week is held each year right before Homecoming. This gives students a chance to really show their spirit by dressing up each day. This year the days were; Monday-Hallow- een; Tuesday-safari day; Wednesday- hillbilly day; Thursday-hippie day; and Friday-red and white day. There was a great turnout for the dressup days, and it all led to boosting student spirit. Cheerleaders get rowdy as ex-yell leader, Skeet Smith gives another fiery speech Excitement generates through the crowd as the cheerleaders rush out for another cheer. The Junior Senior tug-o-war competition is oniii Another exciting Pep rally gets underway Introducing Dan Schecter and Dung Le ' s Mid Eastern Cousins 96 Spirit Andrew Prokopovich gives us the Western look. Jenny and Jeanne are the best of friends The three Musketeers at a Pep Rally, Hmmm . . nice outfit Joey. Is this love at first sight? Spirit 97 Squad ' s Enthusiasm Shines Through Each year, around May, close to 250 girls tryout for performance squad. Only a ghird of these girls make it. Last year ttiere was an idea to have spe- cialty squads instead of one perfor- mance squad. There were separate tryouts for tall flags and drill team in which 64 girls made it for drill and 18 for flags, making one of the largest squads in the country. Under the direction of Allison Gunther and Bonnie Paisley, tall flag leaders Ka- ren Smith and Cindy Jones, and the drill team leaders Laurie Tenney, Cheryl Cole, Christine Hill, and Michelle Henley, FUHS Performance Squad gained sev- eral 2nd place awards in competitions. The performance squad went to Hib- bards Ail-American camp for four days during the summer where they were named " Most Spirited. " During the year they performed at Knotts Berry Farm and also did a half-time show for F.C.C. ' s Homecoming gome. Karen Smith stands tall and proud for the flog salute Julie Hepler displays the dazzeling smile of o true Drill Team Member, Cindy Jones mokes sure her line looks sharp. What a bunch of wild and crazy girls. 98 Performance Squad PERFORMANCE SQUAD (as pictured below): TOP ROW Staci Whitehurst. Kitty Schade, Sharen Owens. Leann Moroni, Jeonnie MIodzIk, Chau Nuygen, Tiffani Foirclough. Jacque Mc- Coy, Lisa Ramirez, Mary Farr, Tonya Hornidge, Audrey Bergman, Debbie Ullom, Holly Kerr, SEC- OND ROW: Michelle Emily, Julie Harris, Kristen Hemmerling, Laurie Lammens, Cathy Marsh, Debbie Wallin, Jan Pope, Sue Schade, Renata Fronzia. Collette Blongy, Kristen Byrne, Carie Thomas, Eileen Kinney, Potty Bridgeford, Leslie Trasport, SITTING; Mia Mozzo, Tracy Voisen, Jill Shellenberger, Melinda Lomko, Melissa Britt, Amanda Ivester, Kim McCulloh, Kim Adams, LEFT STAIRS Shelby Choce, Sue Coppel, Denise Bor- owski, Laurie Malot, Susan Kim, Melissa Floras, LEADERS (FRONT): Karen Smith, Laurie Tenney, Cheryl Cole, Christine Hill, Michelle Henley, (not pictured, Cindy Jones) RIGHT STAIRS, Gino Fer- nandez, Staci Freeburg, Christina Bletterman, Cheryl Ayres, Sharon Badgerow, Jodi Dorfman, Carlo Hiltscher Indians are number one! Drill team getting the hang of the spirit clop Susan Schade really knows how to twirl those Performance Squad members always find time flags to smile. Performance Squa( B 99 .o ' " ;( V I9 ' SV ' T- r I m Wlk, " " liFw §quad s, ■ ' i ' - m f- ■ f Li ' A w ' ' - ; - . • ' , ' -i m : • ■ • ■r .i yV ' ■?, ' ::.; •t, i T?-fi-:: - ii ? Effort Pays Off This year the Varsity Pep Squad con- sisted of varsity yell, varsity song, varsi- ty flag, and the mascots Willy Ugti and thie newly originated Wendy Wam- pum. Ctieering for the teams at all games, painting signs, and igniting un- beatable enthusiasm were only part of the fun they had this year. But, cheer- leading isn ' t all glamour. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours of practice and an unending dedication to the squad and to the school. The cheerleaders ' hard efforts to keep up the traditionally high spirits this year at FUHS paid off. During pep-rallies and at games the crowd ' s excitement generated through the stands to en- courage the teams on to victory after victory. " All right, hey, varsity! " Cheerleaders prepare the run-through sign for the football team. Jodi Lotspeich is our spirited Wendy Wompum. George Palomino, Fullerton ' s Willie Ugh, soys In- dians are number one. Varsity Pep Squad: (Front) Joree Brown, Joylyn Dahms, Suzy Hochman. Stacy Shuitz, Olgo Nunez, Tammy Petri, (Middle) Eyde Royer, Deb- bie Hawkins, Kristen Daggett, Lori Ayres, Linda Shook. Julie West, (Back) Jodi Lotspeich, Miriam Neil, Darleen Romney, Kristin Daniel, Margie Eder, Beth Devay, Angela Eve, George Palomino. 102 Varsity Cheer Yell Shows Their Stuff MrfL f M fl m - 1 - ' r Im 11 1 Yell cheers on James Makshanoff at a pep rally. Julie, George, and Lori waiting to start another cheer Eyde, Linda, and Debbie soy " Hello " . Varsity Yell has it all together. Varsity Yell 103 Beth and Darleen cheering on their team. Yeah team! Song Shines On - - A- . ....A «fe, ...Jtew. . .. Tfiyrni I Jiti o. . i ..,..Afa w . Varsity Song: Beth Devay, Darleen Rom- «„„»« r r4»„«i» +h f ,K ney, Kristin Daniel, Margie Eder (Head), " " performing the tight song. Miriam Neal, Angela Eve Margie Eder clowning around during Spirit Week Angeia and Margie smile tor the camera. Song shows us their spirit. 104 Varsity Song Joylyn and Joree are the best of friends. Olga Nunez flashes o smile. Flags Give It A Twirl Tammy, Stacy, and Suzy stop to pose for a picture Varsity Flag 105 ■ ' WSKa af £S _ ■ -3 K 1 iik«y »).• .1 II ■ w . 1 T ga, ■ ff • • • l m» ' ' ?if4fe »w r ' «-» t »r • Wjgm r%. •4 5 33! S3 S ySS3S555SS553 0B S5SS 5S. 3 ir2a 332 . . «.«.«a J.V. Yell: Tiare Lent, Kelly Sherman, Leslie Laraway, Samantha Copp, Denise Allen. Nancy Sieminski (Head). Denise, Tiare, and Samantlia tell us that they " got the signal, " J.V. shows us how spirited they ore. 108 J.V. Yell Cammy Bice and Jolie Gunther are friends for- Cammy, Heather, and Cindy say there ' s noth- ing lil e good friends. SVs MM J.V. And Frosh. Succeed Energetic and enthusiastic, these words the 1983-84 Junior Varsity and Frosh-Soph cheerleaders perfectly. Their ability to ignite the crowds spirit at all the games was tremendous. They put in a lot of time and practice to perfect their cheers, many times coming to school at 7 a,m, and on weekends. All their hard work paid off at U,S.A. cheerleading camp where they received a Superior rating and spirit awards. It seems as if they ac- complished what they set out to do this year and that was to " Make it Great! " Frosh-Soph Yell: Cindy Hawkins, Heather Dick- son, Jolie Gunther. Cammy Bice. Denise Fiem- ming. Yvette Melendez (Head). Yvette Melendez leads a cheer. 1i s ♦ Deciding that the water is too cold, Frosh-Soph chickens out. Cheerleaders go football crazy. Frosh-Soph Yell 109 110 111 Leslie Laraway is ready for the big game Michelle Seaton demonstrating her ability to play two instruments at once. i Happi Roebuck and her tuba are great friends Some people wonder why Walter Ruggeri is so dingy, others know 112 Marching Band Band Marches On Each morning at the crack of down while you were still home munching on those Wheaties — or perhaps pushing the snooze alarm for another 20 min- utes (?!!), the FUHS band was at school by 7 a.m. to practice for pep rallies, half-time performances and competi- tions. Yes, there is more work behind that fight song than we thought! This year was more successful than ever under the direction of Greg Haake and Drum Major Leslie Larawoy. They took several seconds in fieldshow competition and were quite remark- able! They played at amusement parks and participated in many com- munity parades throughout the year. Participation was tremendous! Band and Drill Team ' s formation is an awe- some sight Drummers are ready for a hot performance. Marching band strides off the field after a pre- game performance. Marching Band 113 tl J - t M 1- B - K? Seniors Settle For Serious Insanity After three years of high school, the class of ' 84 decided it was time to get a little crazy. Term papers, research projects and never having enough time to get anything done had v orn them dovjn. The seniors respond- ed by joking around, being a little louder than usual, and " decorating " senior corner. The senior year is your lost year to act lii e on irresponsible teenager so the class of 1984 decided to take advantage of it After all, one is expected to " settle down " after high school, so if you don ' t act a little crazy when you are a senior, you might not get another chance. Besides, a little fun never hurt anyone and a lot of fun has only positive results. Just ask any member of the Class of 1984. Senior class officers look to the future Some seniors clown around during lunch. Cora Adams John Adams Melissa Adamson Barbara Adelsperger Beofrice Aguirre 116 Seniors Sheik Schechter-the Middle East conflict is spreading Amy Gordon and Pom Corbin are on their way to the " cafe " . Christine Aiien Ricardo Aivarado Richard Argueiies Yoianda Arreola Liora Asa Seniors 117 I ' " Do I have to? " Laura Ayres Rick Bacon Dawn Barba Dara Bass Elizabeth Bass Michael Becker Judy Bagley Mike Belknap Diane Berry Danny Bethencourt Dario Bethencourt Brenda Biby Kerstin Biggs 118 Seniors Kevin Booth Wendy Born Dokkeo Bouasry Tim Ullom takes time out to smile Gina Bowman Mark Hamilton is o " big man on campus " . Seniors 119 Missy Kenin, Grace Lu and Ann Galey have a good time wherever they go Janna Bryan Bridgett Buchanan Robert Bundy Terri Burt Martha Calderon Chris Cailaghan Lisa Canaday 1 9k fB I 1 kM 5, i v Barbara Carranza James Carroli Edward Caspers Magda Castelion Kandi Catero 120 Seniors Don Correy Karen Crapo Donald Crawford Tony Cryer Kristen Daggett Amy Davitian Walter De Almeida Beth Devay engages In stimulating conversation during lunch Seniors 121 I Kristin Daniel always has a dime to spare. All — American Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and J.K. and Kristin? So some people seem to think. Yes, J.K. Reinhart and Kristin Daniel are both al- most everyone ' s picture of the " All Ameri- can kids " . What do they think of this? Kristin commented, ' 1 think of it is a compliment, because the " All American ' image has posi- tive attributes to it, to me. " She likes to be thought of as a v holesome kid because that was the way she was raised to be. J.K., on the other hand, was a little apprehensive about the title of " American kid " . He enjoys his activities, curricular, and extracurricular, but he ' s afraid the image might make him seem a little strange; however, the portrai- ture of the " All American kid " has done nothing of the sort. J.K. and Kristin have very full lives and they enjoy it that way. Both are involved in many activities that have to do with school. Kristin is on the Varsity Song squad and she spends a lot of time at foot- 1 nl ' » . ' v H Michelle Dean George Deanda Sandra Debruyn Erich Dedic Brenda De Leon Sue Dennis Beth Devay Kelly Deveney Bao-Khanh Dinh Anh Do ' 122 Seniors Students Shine ball games and basketball games; yet she still manages to maintain a high grade-point average. Kristin was a member of the drill team for two years and has been a mem- ber of the track, tennis and Girls ' Varsity basketball teams. J.K. has also been a member of varsity basketball for three ye ars. He too maintains a high grade-point average along with being a very active member of the varsity football team. J.K. has a very friendly personality, but is afraid that the American kid image isn ' t really his style. Both of these Super Seniors are very friendly and easy to get along with. The image doesn ' t stop them from having fun, but it does contribute to both of their very full lives. One friend said about two of them. " They ' re both quite charismatic and pretty much open and willing to give their time to anyone who needs it. " J.K. Reinhort takes the job of A S.B President very seriously. Janice Oominguez Daniel Doolan Eric Dorfmon Rebecca Duarte Ingrid Duerlcsen Christopher Duke Cuong Do Julie Duianey Margie Eder Tracy Elliott Seniors 123 Mono Escapite Wm SI % V, - 1 ) Julie Eun Angela Eve Harry Fan Randl Feinberg Julia Ferm Madelyn Fletcher Anthony Flores Jill Foley John Fontaine Lynette Galati Luis Galdamez Kerri Galigher Patricia Gallegos Brian Gaon 124 Seniors Plans To Be Made Throughout the Senior year, there are What to do on Friday and Saturday many decisions to make about the fu- night ture. Whether or not to move away after graduation Whether or not to work full time Travel plans College- J.C. or Stanford Marriage plans Class schedules to make Career choices to be made This is what all seniors have to look for- Who to ask and where to go for Prom ward to. Games to attend Nancy Gatwood Rob Geller Kathie Kawase is " one of the boys " Renae George Eric Gildea Karen Glessner Brian Garrity Lino Gomez Seniors 125 Goalie Gets Recognition Water Polo is a sport that, compared to football or baseball is not very often dis- cussed, but as the years go by it ' s a sport that is gaining more and more notoriety. James Makshanoff, this year ' s goalie, after this season, has been recognized as possibly " the best goalie in Orange County " . James received many awards for his excellent par- ticipation in the Fullerton water polo team and his great abilities at his sport. James is an excellent athlete and has helped to gain recognition for his sport. James is truly a su- per senior. CONGRATULATIONS, JAMES. Richard Govea James Makshanoff shows his winning form Ronnie Granados Curley Guillory Edith Royer and Jona Todd smile during on exciting lunch. f -f I, U Frank Gutierrez Jessie Guzman Edith Hamilton Mark Hamilton Jana Hankins 126 Seniors Seniors can not be serious all of the time. ffi 2 Annie Harris Tom Jones and Margie Eder enjoy each other ' s company. Jonothan Harris Deborah Hawicins lUifl Leanne Hebert Tom Hebert Brett Heisinger Eric Henderson James Henlce Seniors 127 I Gary Herr Christine Hill Suzanne Hochman ScoH Hornick Reanne Houser Jennifer Hughes Teresa Hunsaker Bill Hunt Trish, Teresa, and Nancy enjoy a good lunchtime rap session David Jerome ' Lori Hoschouer Toni Hylton Alan Jones 128 Seniors Sam Jones Tom Jones Katherine Kawase Scott Kremkow • .. " r- ' i d lNJ y ..J J David Jerome is a winner Melissa Kenin Kim Kowalsl(i ■■ S Money To Be Spent A tremendous problem for some students was how to afford everything that high school costs. Football games Yearbooks Class rings ASB Cards Class shirts Dates Trips (Skiing, to the beach etc.) Clothes Lost books High school gets to be very expensive! Kelly Laney Sandra Lang Seniors 129 I Bruce Lansford Bao Le Dung Le -1 ' ffl 1 Tien Le i . f M Joey Lee Cindy Lemke Ken Lentz Alaric Mucino models the fashion of the day. Grace Lu : Amorette Lindner Luis Luarca Katlirine Ledum Robert Linstrom Martin Lucero 130 Seniors Data looks into the future. I Too Busy For Words Time, time, and more time is what Dara Bass, ASB Secretary, does not have enough of. Dora displays one rare quality not found in many students. This characteristic is her ability to effectively budget her time. Her job as the ASB Secretary took up much time, but as Vi ell as this position she also had a role in the fall play, vs as a member of Thespians, was the French Club President, and of course maintained a high grade point average. When asked how she man- aged to participate in so many activities and still keep up her studies she replied, " I don ' t think about how much I have to do, I just get it done. " The incredible way Dara accomplishes all of her many activities proves she is definitely a Super Senior. Hung Luu Tuong Luu Star Macdonald Duong Mai James Makshanoff Robert Macshane Scott Maginnis T Seniors 131 I Shelly Manzer Misty Maple Craig Massey Maria Mata Kelly Mele Melody Meloserdoff Antonia Mendoza Discovering the taste of cold chili is not pleasant Patty Mercado Joking around is thie way ot life for seniors. ' 132 Seniors f S - Tracy Merrill Scheme Michik Enedelia Montalvo Sharon Moore This top secret meeting is now in progress Angela Morales TerrI Moore Maria Morales Ed Caspers and Jill Foley share o quiet moment. Teresa Morales Seniors 133 Aiaric Mucino Jacob Munoz Jacqueline Mc Coy Anthony McGuire Michele McGuire One Step Away We weren ' t quite seniors; we weren ' t very important (second biggest on campus); We were very young, but we were old enough to go to prom; Who were they? We were the junior class of ' 83. Though we weren ' t to graduate until ' 84, we were already looking forward to it in ' 83. All of the ' 82- ' 83 school year was spent planning for the senior year, and then for college. The junior class had to plan prom and all the burden was left on them. It was the first year we could drive to school (if we were fortunate enough to have a car) and the last year before we would be seniors. Prom, which was held at Newport Sheraton was a tremendous suc- cess. After that we had to wait until senior year. Since we didn ' t have to plan it, we could still enjoy it. Scott Hornick concentrates on getting through class. Gail McLaughlin Miriam Neal Jon Newton Tuong Ngo Linh Nguyen Quyet Nugyen 134 Seniors Angela Nicolo Judy O ' Hara i i " «-- 1 1i| I V Cathie Olin Thang Nguyen Carlos Nieto Julie Nixon Susan Nolan Pam Corbin diligently studies for her trig test ..-_ 1 Oiga Nunez Jf ' SW fi Going to class ore Ed and his trusty bdckoack George Palomino Debbie Park Eva Parra Trish Paxton T Seniors 135 The Class Ed Schade likes being at the top. Jesse and Walter discuss what to put on their sign. CkhioKS j ' " " f) ppi ( i ■VR-. Of 1984 Jane Safarik likes the atmosphere in the academic court Yes folks, serious discussions do take place at FUHS. UNDS % Thinking Back To ' 82 The year after Freshman year, the year before Junior year, a year without much significance is what some people think; however, the sophomore class of 82 didn ' t think so. Without much to worry about, the sophomores seemed to have a really good time. " My Sophomore year, I kind of gave up on worrying about things and just had fun, " said Jill Foley, (a sophomore in ' 82). As Sophomores we learned to drive and took simulator driving and actual behind-the- wheel driver training courses. We were no longer freshmen and, therefore, became important. " I guess that ' s why we had so much fun, " said Janna Bryan. Walter decided to save time by dressing for the school play early. mMmiM David Peffley Chris Pena Brian Perez Robert Perez Tammy Petri Nancy Phongsavath Renee Poodry Maria Preciado 138 Seniors Seniors 139 I Places To Go One of the most exciting things about senior year is all the places you get to go. Bob ' s JoJo ' s Brea Moll Pomona Fullerton College (though that was banned, mid ' 83) Skyline (it has a gorgeous view) Principal ' s otfice Work Football games Dances The seniors ore really going places! Seniors lil " = ' ' ' ■ ■ ' : ' • out for lunch Walter Ruggieri Jane Safarik Ruben Salas Edward Schade Dan Schechter Randall Schoellerman Jill Schrader Stacy Sctiultz GIna Sellarole David Shapiro ' 140 Seniors Cynthia Shaver _ WKf Fff ' J 1 1 • - • % ' «i " cr ' " ' " ' ' ' ' W ' i, ! 1 5 Nadav Shichor Linda Shoolc Steven Silao Beveriy Smith Dave Smith Michelle Spotts Lewis Steward Rosanne Silvas Robert Straub Quang Ta Denise Tafolla Kathy Tallant Seniors illustrate ttiat they are really on top. Seniors 141 Thipphachann Tiengthong Eric Van Winkle Jana Todd Hanhi Tran Hoa Tran Hong Tran Tirza Trent K t y i- X I Robert Tayior wmrnammm mm Lf Carolyn Vanderveen Trad Van Doren If - John Verrell Thutrang Vo Brian Von Escli Mark Vossman Tina Weber DIanne Wells Julie West Bruce Weston Jim Wliite 142 Seniors Sylvle Wightman Carrie Willey Tom Willey 1 Richard Williams Ronnie Williams Cafateria food does wonders for the digestive system. Cara dresses warmly for o chilly football game. ' Seniors 143 Juniors Eager To Move On The class of ' 85 thrives on be- coming Seniors. Junior class President Scott MocDonold, Vice President Gigi VonDissel, Secretary Denise Borowski, and Treasurer Potty Bridgeford, did a superior job of leading the entire Junior class on to higher recognition. The four energetic officers put all their dedication and know-how to- gether and had a very suc- cessful year. They had some fundraisers, including a flower sole and a popular t-shirt sale. However, life was definitely not just all work and no play. Ju- niors could always be found at games (playing in and cheer- ing on their teams), participat- ing in pep rallies, going to par- ties, and anything a little outra- geous. Now at the end of the school year, the " four friends " and the entire rowdy class of ' 85 con look back at the great times they ' ve had and a job well done. Debbie Geary wonders, " Will it tit! ' Julie Hepler recalls the Homecoming walk. 146 Juniors Audrey Bergman Anna Denise Kurt Justine Peter Dan Pierrette Bernal Bessette Biederman Biggs Birnbaum Blackley Blangy Melissa Britt Randy Brown Todd Bruechert Jennifer Brunkhorst Jennifer Smith and Lori Connors discuss their homework before class Juniors 147 This group of underclassmen enjoy a friendly lunch together. Lino Cobian Cheryl Cole 148 Juniors :m Jennifer Brad Lori Jim Kimberley Froncoise Somantha Susannah Colley Cone Connors Cook Cooke Coopermon Copp Coppel Carolina Elena Sandra Troy Dan Jack Kirk Michelle Cortes Cozac Cranley Cullen Cummings Dalla Corte Davisson Depoolo John Tammy Donald Wendy David Vinh Damon Steve Devonald Devore Diaz Dllger Dinsmore Doan Dodds Dodson Robert Domonguez Greg Donaghu Chris Drop Bruce Drummond Stacey Duftin Nicoioe Dumitrescu Writing It All Down Dear Diary What a day! be- sides having a fantastic time going back to school after the long summer, I think I ' m in love. You ' re not going to believe it, but it ' s good old Scott. But, you see, good old Scott has be- come toll and gorgeos over the summer He ' s unreal. . . to- tally unreal. Well anyvjoy. he walked me home from school (30 whole blocks). It ' s strange how I drove to school that morning. Oh well! He ' s worth it! See ya tomorrow. -Cindy. High-spirited Juniors just love Mr, Microphone. Juniors 149 According to Brett Harrill and Joel White, juniors are number one. But ask any senior and he will tell you who is really at the top. For these two juniors, be- ing number one means a vari- ety of things. Basketball, good grade point averages, and es- pecially their close friendship were all important factors for a rewarding year. In a junior ' s world, there is only one step beyond- the senior year. The closer they get to this " next step " , the more they look back on the special times they have had and look ahead to the even better times to come. Brett Harrill and Joel White say Juniors are 1 Ken Easton Yvette Egurrola Mark Engels Teffaney Fairclough Carson Fletcher Bertha • Flores Melisso Flores Mike Flory Eulalia Forr Jeff Fergus H F ' ■ " J4 " t " .J.- Rob Flory Kim Foley Margarita Fernandez Elizabeth Flaker Ann Fonseca Paul Forrest Andrea Franke Desiree Friedman Eric Friedman Pom Fritsch Tom Fullerton Loren GalQti Richard Garcia Debbie Geary Lesley Gennaro 150 Juniors Damaris Hernandez Gloria Hernandez Ignacio Hernandez Chad Hoeppner Kelly Vitale and Charles Clampitt work dilligently at club sign-up day Juniors 151 Cindy Jones Susan Kim Juniors Show Enthusiasm Yes they do! This year ' s Junior Class was very active with spir- it and school pride. Led by the J.V. cheerleaders, the Junior Class was about as rowdy and radical as they could be. A majority of Juniors participated in pep rallies by cheering and supporting their class. The class of ' 85 was a terrific example to everyone of the traditional pride of Fullerton. With only one year left to go, they ' ll un- doubtedly continue on with just as much, if not more, en- thusiasm as before. Perlormance Squad ' s spirit soars because of another F.U.HS. victory. 152 Juniors Patty Lopez Sabrina Lopez Gary Lowe Rondo Lowers Jim Lowrey Juniors girls ore tough! Juniors 153 J.V. Cheerleaders show that they ' ve got spirit! Denny Neeld Lynda Newtson Hein Ngo Thuy Ngo 154 Juniors A Junior Is . . . It is generally felt that a Junior is . . . . . . someone who is consid- ered on upper classman . . . almost perfect . . . " too cool " . . . someone who knows how to tie their shoelaces . . . getting there . . . above being trashconned . . . wild and crazy . . . having too much home- work . . . being behind the steering wheel . . . getting on restriction . . . kicking bock . . . like everyone else, always wishing they were a Senior. Anyway you look at it, a Junior is fantastic. " Well, one of us knows how to smile for the camera. " Bich Chau Kim-Chi Hieu Thu-Hong Sobrino Mike Karen Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Nichols Northcutt O ' Brien Carson Fletcher boogies to the beat. Rekha Pat el Rita Potel Jennifer Penrod Jerry Perez Thang Pham Juniors 155 Holly, Greg, and Cara smile for the camera John Saltzam Olivia San Miguel Mike Sandoual Rosa Sandoval 156 Juniors Memories That Last Question: What do Juniors and Levis have in common? Answer: They ' re both moving on. Moving on to better times, fun- filled experiences, and nev challenges is what the class of ' 85 is doing. But, as they look back and reflect on the year, they ' ll recall many fond memo- ries. As for the Junior class itself, Vi ild and crazy describes them perfectly. Wild about v hat they have experienced and crazy about moving on. ' ' Smile and we ' ll take your picture. ' Albert Cathy Schade Schlueter Ann Schultz Wade Scott Michele Seaton David Sepulveda Christine Serrano Cindy Shaffer Dennis Snow Alfredo Solis Bill Soukkhyphiang Susan Spady Annette Spotts Stacey Sprigg Jeff Sprinkel Kerry Stackhouse Paula Stark Pot Stewart Ryan Stewart Annabelle Strebel Karen Stumpf Darilynn Svedin David Syvock David Szerenyi Juniors 157 Timotei Annette Hilda David Morilyn David Julie Scott Timor Togami Torres Townsend Trofo Trotti Trumon Undervi ood Victor Vargas Jose Vasquez Peter Violi Kelly Vitale Are We There Yet? A question asked by most an- ticipating Juniors as they anx- iously await their oncoming Senior year. After almost three years, they have learned to live up to the name " under- classman " . They managed to pull through another year suc- cessfully Vi ith determination, risky tricks, and a little clov ning around. The class of ' 85 is al- ways keeping busy vi ith var- ious activities. For one, they managed to put on a great Jr.-Sr. Prom. For some, the Ju- nior year meant preparing for college, w hile for others it sim- ply meant a year of fun. With all the different concepts, they nonetheless had a very suc- cessful year in scholastics and academics. Well Juniors, keep up the exhilarating v ork, you ' re almost there! These Juniors ask: " Are we Seniors yet? 158 Juniors " Hey lookl They ' re taking my picture! " Robert Welch Eddie Wheat Joel White Michael Wnitehurst Sandra Williams Todd Wiliia ' T.s Julie Wilson A friendly get-together? EE23 David Whiting Mark is in a daze Daniel Ybarra John Yochum Robert York Jennifer Yount " Of course I ' m ready to play tonight ' Juniors 159 Friendly Officers Spell Success For Sophomores 1983-84 turned out to be a very successful year for the soptiomores ttianks to President Carrie Ttiomas, Vice President Eileen Kinney, and Secretary Treasurer Chrissy Clark. Since thiese thiree girls are sucti good friends, they have v orked to- gether to support their class by or- ganizing fundraisers such as a profit- able carwosh and a class ring sale that went very vjeW. The class meet- ings were held during lunch and the attendance seemed to be good and this class was looked forward to by most everyone involved. There are many things to look bock on in your years of high school and being a successful class officer is definitely one of them. Sophomore class officers: President Carrie Thomas, Secretary Treasurer Chrissy Clark. Vice President Eileen Kinney. Day dreaming about something? Scott seems to be enjoying Bridgett ' s company. 160 Sophomores Dawn Rigobart Gilberto Lorretta Javier Lone Denise Sharon Aneurs Arias Arias Armigo Arredondo Arreola Au Badgero ,,.,. 1 , p Bhj P H 5r m f ' ,1- Greg Beckmon Brigett Bellon Tim and Eilleen discuss financial offairs. Christin Bletterman Chris Blodgett Debro Boatner Sophomores 161 Migual Lynn Bruce Jackie Ray Donnie Bruce James Barajas Barba Barnetf Barrow Bern = ' ' in Bohlen Bordner Borges Carrie Hiede Benny Eliso Jennifer Lisa Richard Sara Borough Boysen Brombila Bravo Brooks Brown Brown Bruce Craig Mary Steven Kristen Regina Luz Deenis Chris Burnard Bush Bush Byrne Campolongo Campos Ca nas Canonica Losing is not fun, but winning is a different story 162 Sophomores ' 86 Is Moving Up As Sophomores move up a notch they find that school isn ' t just another bad exper- ience. Just getting past their Freshman year as " Scrubs " is enough to say that things have improved. Finding the right things to do (getting the car for the weekend), and not to do (getting in the way of Seniors), finding the right places to go (games, dances, parties, etc.), and the wrong places to go (Senior corner) was all a part of a wonderful experience of becoming a Sophomore. This new found knowledge will become very useful in their years to come. Great work Sophomores - you ' re getting there. Nicolae Ciurar Shauna Clancy Chris Robert Sean Steve Cathy Clark Clark Clark Clopp Congelllere Mark Cox seems to be " Staying Alive " Wes Colvin Dan Conley Jennifer Contras Laura Cooper Yvonne Cooperman Debbie Ron Mark Jim Curt Dianne Gina Rene Corpron Correy Cox Crippen Daggett Dakis DeFelicis DePriest Maria Naomi Raymond Phung Viet Stefanie Dong Duyun Deanda Deauila Diaz Dinh DInh Dimauro Do Do Gabriela Ramon Casey Deanna Ron Tracy Gregg Steph Dominguez Dominguez Donaghu Dotson Duncan Durham Durkin Dyer Sophomores 163 Virginia Evans Denise Fleming Sylvia Gallegos Bill Fawkes Tom Corbin Remain Fasguelle Robert Felix Debbie Ferber Renata Franzia gr i Mike Garcia Lolis Gomez Kathy Gerola Richard Field Susan Flattum Steve Mireyo Berttio Martha Lyn Robert Mike Gretchen Gomez Gomez Gonzalez Gonzales Goodnight Graf Green Grodt 164 Sophomores Michelle Gotzon Jill Gunter Jolie Gunther Ponce Guerrero Chris Gustilo Monica Gutierrez Darlene Guyette Ronnie Guzman Marc Hertoph Noelle Heusser Ted Hewlett Craig Hooglond Wayne Hoover Tonya Hornidge Can I Use The Car? Excited to drive? This ques- tion was answered " Yes " by many Sophonnores who had drivers ed this year. Not hav- ing to bum a ride to parties or any place else is definitely a plus to look forward to. However, you have to have enough guts to ask your parents that popular ques- tion, " Do you think I could use the car tonight? " It ' s not as easy as it seems. The answer is going to be either crushing or uplifting, but life goes on either way. Well, rookie drivers, don ' t get too impatient for a car. It will come in time. Doug Hoskey Hauty Hsuj Tom Hughes The word " messy " doesn ' t seem to bother Gino Sophomores 165 Nicole Ledbetter David Leeper Kirk Lentz Scott Lohmon Stacy Lipman Duuc Luu Hue Lyh Hung Ly 166 Sophomores Julie Martin Jill Moede Lt ' JL. . Victor Manrrique What are you up to now Holly? Hilda Marquez Cathy Marsh ib " ll Carrie Martinez Anolinda Martinez Frank Martinez Richard Mateos Marilyn Matute Marc Mazzola MarceSa Montano Ruth Moore Steve Moore Victor Moore Bernie Moreno Christina Morey Greg Manship Jerry Martin Kim McCullah Michelle Mindi Sharon Garrick Yvette Heraldo Laura Lulia McFarland McGinnis McKeag McNay Melendes Mendez Mendes Mendez Tracey Morones Sophomores 167 Maria Mungia Buddy Myers David Myatt Ruperto Navarro Hoc Nguyen Quang Nguyen Thao-ly Nguyen Quang Nguyen 1 f M Friendship really means a lot to Eilleen and Leslie Hilda Quezada Mictiael Radensky Lisa Ramerez 168 Sophomores Sophomores Speak Up Oral Communications was a new required class for the Sophomores this year. The class was taught by Richard Arnoldus and designed to make you feel more comfort- able in front or a crowd. It teaches many things for exam- ple how to speak, talk, stand, etc., for other oral assignments or projects. Mr. Arnoldus said that only a few asignments are required. The rest ore optional. He did his best to get most the kids in front of the class. Some seemed to be harder than oth- ers. It is surprising to know how many people are terrified to speak in front of an audience. The class helped many kids this year and no doubt will be a big help in the future. Sisters cant share everything. John TJ Michelle Sonic Morgarlt Eleazar Mane Cherisse Revelli Richards RIcker Rids RIvas Rivera Roberts Rogers Jorge Romero Angelina Ramero Bill Romesburg Paul Resales Lisa Rozborll Ben Rennels Phouang Sabandit Ramon Sanchez ?[3 John Saucedo Kevin Sower Julie Scaglione Susan Schade Kitty Schade James Schdelles Chris Scholz James Schultz Marie Sebourn Matt Severson Jill Shellenberge Pottl Whiting Sophomores 169 Susan Townsend Tammy Talbott Ralph Tallcnt Vicky Tczcrez Hector Tavera Barry Taylor Carle Thomas Bill Thomas Catching up on the latest news John? Keith Wasnok Brando Wotkins Yvonne Weingartner Chuck Weiss Jon Whitehead 170 Sophomores Gloria Withrow Hilary Woodward Susa Yomamoto Victor Zavala Lisa Zepeda Nora An excellent performance by Zepeda Collette Blongy Sophomores 171 Flying Class Of ' 87 Off To Start The Freshman Class had a sparkling year. Officers Car- la Hiltscher, Mike Garcia, and Pam Schade brought new enthusiasm to fundrais- ing. Not only did the officers have a lot to get used to about high school life, but they also had to get the class of ' 87 off the ground financially. Traditional mon- ey-makers such as stag dances and See ' s sucker sales proved profitable, but the big hit was a calendar sale. This was no ordinary calendar, however. For each month there was a photograph of some FUHS students. The calendar sale went over so well that it just may become another fresh- man tradition. Beginning a high school ca- reer is not easy, but, thanks to the freshman officers, the Class of ' 87 is off to a flying start. Ana Zepeda has that baffled look. Ua Borges and her friend enjoy lunch together. Freshman Class officers: Secretory-Treasurer Pom Schade. President Carlo Hiltscher. ond Vice-President Mike Garcia. 172 Freshmen Nancy Schultz is impressed by lunchtime activities, but is impressive tierself. Becky Maria David Aaron Rania Minh Angelica Jerry Abarca Acosta Adams Actow Aframs Ai Albor Aldana Ryan Tina Ben Julio Sam Don Terri Lupe Akina Aldatz Aldrich Alfonso Amadeos Anaya Arbiso Armenta Maria Arevolo Josefina Arias Matt Arnold Enrique Arreolo Tracy Bactimeier Jeff Bailey John Baios Jon Ba mer Freshmen 173 Angle Brunkhorst Heather Bryant Heidi Buchanun Jeannie Burge Richi Burrell David Butler Don Butler Kelly Byrne Bobby Callohan Kenny Calvo Rocio Campos Socorro Campos Thielma Campos Tanya Canas Andrew Caperon Mike Chicon and his friends kill time at the freshman bullring. Starting Out Fresh We freshmen embarked upon our high school ca- reers. Oh, how small and in- significant we felt! It only made matters worse to have someone stop us in the hall and ask if we were " one of those scrubs. " Of course we answered, " Yes. " They would say, " Oh " in a wither- ing tone and just walk off with a smirk on their face. There certainly was a lot to learn, but then there always is. 174 Freshmen Mark Clemann Andrew Coloma Jerry Concho Sherry Cook Donald Copax Heidi Buchanan, What ' s so interesting Bertha Dominguez Kris Donnelly Basilic Dorado Jodi Dorfman Quyen Douglas Lisa Doverspike Jodi Downs Freshmen 175 Confused Freshmen? What might be lurking behind that corner? Who might be awaiting that innocent fresh- man? Most likely its a senior who ' s about to torutre his next victim. Some may describe the freshmen as confused, never knowing whether to trust that senior or avoid him. However these freshmen seem to have de- cided to trust this senior, David Jerome. This years freshmen class seemed to have caught on quickly to all of Fullerton ' s ways and they all managed to make it through alive. Congratulations class of ' 87, it looks like you just might have made it. David Jerome gets mobbed by freshman girls Denise Deidre Kurt Kim Lianne Drop Dudronis Duerksen Duncan Easton Ctiris Marilyn Mictielle Robert Ernest Laurie Lino Wendy Eley Emery Emiey Encinas Enriquez Erskine Estephiane Euerling Jeff Martha Denise Jess Gina Ana Celia Mike Fober Farfon Fornsworth Favela Fernandes Felix Flores Flores Lorenzo Flores Danny Fonseca Tina Fosnight Alfonso Franco Roma Franzia Richard Freyre Samu Gabriela Ti V , Tafia Gallatin Greg Gaon Melissa Garcia Cesar Garcia Carmen Garcia Vince Garcia Mike Garcia Monia Garcia 176 Freshmen Gregg Giacopuzzi Amy Giltinan Lisa Gilliam Erica Robertson and Roger Muncino show their spirit at a pep rally. Martha Gonzalez Eric Goyette Steven Jeff Renee Jose Sue Ricardo John Guerrero Gusinski Guyette Guzman Guest Gurrola Gilyard Freshmen 177 Jong Hun Jill Hunt Gerardo Hurtado Linda Hurtado Esther Hutton Hai Hynh Javier Ibarra Mike Hudgins 178 Freshmen Thomas Jeff Roberta Johanna Camille Chanmone Wade Luonn Jensen Johnson Jordan Kaoiawahla Kawase Keolasy Kidner KllanowskI Patty Jim Heather Diane Jeff Hilda Lalito Laurie Kiloh KImbrell Kish Koch Koch Koch Kumar Lammens Christy Levoit Margie Licon Licon Moriellen Lindsay Jim Livingston Exactly What Is A Freshman? Being a rookie at anything is difficult, but ttie life of a tiigti sctiool frestiman is about as difficult as it gets. A frestiman is: ... a little squirt ... a scrub ... a kid whose fantasy is being a sopho- more. . . . excited about high school . . . someone who needs to watch the up- perclassmen to see how he should act. . . . confused. ... a lower classman. Angle Tostado and her friends show that they ore not camera shy. Freshmen 179 Deanne McKellips Yumm, this cafeteria food sure is good! Danny McKinnis 180 Freshmen Heather Olxon: stop clowning around! Asary Mohamed Paul Mohr John Moore Adolfo Montaho Maria Montgomery Trung Nguyen David Nickerson Tom Nixon Joaquin Norales The Thinker. Freshmen 181 Renee Melissa Stacey Mike Mike Richard Barbara Matt Norman Nunez Nunley Gates O ' Neii O ' osco Ortega Osborne Tina Flo Jose Lisa Stathy Kalika Jacques Patricia Ostiguy Owens Paez Palacios Papadates Paranjpe Parker Parker Mike Gary Steven Vinh Nick Albert Brent Armida Parrott Pealer Pearson Ptiam Pelafique Pena Penrod Perdles We love you too. Pom Schade, Susan Heather Shelly Jim Michele Rasnick Rayburn Reddel Redington Reiche 182 Freshmen Freshmen Alert! Definition of a Freshman: The most unusual specie and the youngest of Fuller- ton. Location: A Freshman can be found at lunch sitting Ground the Bull Ring, doing homework at lunch or in the gym studing the Alma Mat- er. Characteristics: Short and thin with no figure, high whinny voices, braces and their combs in their back pocket. Cure: The only cure for this hopeless freshmen is gradu- ating to a sophomore. Andy Michelle Lorenzo Brett Adele Corinne Reiss Renfro Renferio Reuter Reynolds Rico Suzanne Jackie Melissa Erica Terry Alex Annette Grociel Rigglo Rios Rios Robertson Robbins Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Jennifer Rudd Victor Rumos Alan Ruogles Stiouno Ruttierford Jesse Salazor Olga Salozar Cecilia Sanctiez Gabby Sanchez Gabe Sanchez Potty Sanchez Isabel Sandoval Rachel Sondoval Joe Sandoval Trieu Song Potty Sousedo Naomi Sawo Freshmen 183 Steve Strapac Chris Strode Karen Suich Mark Swanson Ken Sweeney Trent Syverson Richard Taylor Cynthia Telles The Worst Is Over Along with other hardships of being a freshman, one has to be " on the lookout " for upper classmen trying to put them in their worst en- emy " THE TRASH CAN, Con you imagine pulling yourself out of a trash can full of bean and beef buritos and other throw-aways from the cafeteria? Well, think your- self lucky ' cause that ' s all behind you now. Freshmen share good times at FUHS. 184 Freshmen Tran-Anh Thai Angie Tostado Butty Tytherleigh Cynthia Torres T 1 •FT i4 i Lisa Trent Mike Trofa Rob Upton Carmen Vargas Micky Vazquez w 11 n W Christy Lowe shows us some of her moves Nelson Ventura I Ventura Karen . Vernon Victor Villanueva Marshall Violi Ti " P " t Don Wagner Mike Wahler Debbie Woite Kathy Webber Kristy Webber David Weingartuer Lisa Woodall Dale Woltord Jong Yoon Ruthie Young Ruth Yousling Mark Zachanoh Ana Zepeda Freshmen 185 V " - -- V V f ■ ■ ' X- ' tr y i, m- %. , ...-5s«fetv: i - - -?B ' ■.■.■V. . .tii l % . ' f - - • i--Tk» ' %•; ? " ■ j -- -a ' . ' i=-iS J.K. Takes Command This class of 1984 has graduated and as we reflect back on the days we ' ve spent here at FUHS many good memories return: the first date, the first kiss, the first . . .! Well, there are many good memories. All of our friends, activities and responsibilities have made the years at FUHS unique for each of us. Of all the experiences and acquaintances, probably the most long lasting and beneficial thing we take from Fullerton is an education. What! Education? Oh no! Now, I know that sounds terrible, but that ' s something that will stay with us all our lives and it ' s reuseable, too. So now that we have four years of high school under our belts, many of us will start working while others will go on to college. But even when we ' ve all started new lives and become nuclear physicists, bonk managers, salesmen, or family vets., we ' ll remember our times at FUHS. For the graduating class of 1984, 1 hope that your Fullerton experience was a rewarding and beneficial one. Remember, " There ' s more in ' 84! " To the underclassmen, 1 would like to say that graduating is fantastic, so Ha! Hal; plus I wish you all good luck and merriment at FUHS. I hope that your time at Fullerton will help all of you to reach your goals. Go out and get ' em. Class of ' 84! 188 AS. B. Officers A.S.B. Officers 189 Officers Meet The Challenge The ASB officers, commissioners, and ex-officio thot mode up executive board had an astounding year consid- ering there were only two returning members and a new advisor. Worl ing under Mr, (Robinson ' s theme of organi- zation the executive board learned Boy ' s and Girl ' s Athletic ctiairmen, Mark Hamil- ton and Barbara Carranza take time out from ttieir many duties many leadership qualities. They were all faced with the toilsome task of dealing with the administrators, stu- dent body, and even each other. To- gether with a little frustration and a lot of determination, they were able to meet all of their challenges. The ASB officers are really going places Advisor, Jim Robinson is happy after another Yearbook editor Maureen Reesman and News- successtul executive board meeting, paper editor Tina Weber have their backs and acts together Scott Kremkow, Director of publicity, Brian Gaon, tectinical chairperson: Ruben Solas, campus tiistoriari, Kelly Deveney, director ot as- semblies. Executive Board 191 Class presidents: Scott MacDonald. Junior, Carlo Hiltscher, Freshman; Cone Thomas, Sophomores, Scott Maginnis, Senior Karen Smith. Commissioner of fund raisers; Su- san Lu, Commissioner of student activities, Melissa Kenin, Commissioner of social activi- ties, Mike Von Winkle, Commissioner of Com- munity relations, Eric Henderson, Commission- er of Communications, Geoff Boone, Com- missioner of student relations Presidents Show The Way They demonstrated their superior ability to worl together when they organized Homecoming, This pros- perous dance led to yet another tri- umphant event which was Winter Formal, Because of their devotion, these dances provided two spark- ling and memorable evenings to all that attended. Formal meetings were held every Wednesday to organize all special activities. Through the entire year, they devouted their ideas, time, and labor to improving the entire student body and making the 1983- 84 school year one to remember. 192 Executive Board Melissa Kenin. Tina Weber, Eric Henderson, Geoff Boone, Margie Eder, Joylyn Dolims, Ju- lie West, Pom Corbin, Ruben Solas, Susan Fro- ser, Carrie Tfiomas, Susan Lu, Scott Kreml ow, Scott Maginnis, Mark Hamilton, Scott Mac- Donald, J K. Reinhart, Mike Van W inkle, Karen Smith. Barbara Carranza, Kelly Deveney, Maureen Reesman, Carlo Hiltscher, Dora Bass, Julie Eun, Advisor Jim Robinson Susan Eraser, Commissioner of Spirit. Joylyn Dahms, head flag, Margie Eder, head song: Julie West, head yell. Executive Board 193 Council Shows Cooperation Works Consisting of all the highly talented and knowledgeable club Presidents, Inter Club Council got together to un- ify many of FUHS ' extracurricular activi- ties. By working diligently under the leadership of Geoff Boone, ICC contri- buted to improving individual clubs, or- ganizing fun-filled activities, and pro- viding profitable fundraisers. Representing FUHS on the Student Ad- visory Council were Maureen Rees- man, J.K. Reinhort, and Geoff Boone. Together they met with 5 other school ' s representatives in the district to shore new concepts on school poli- cy and discuss various problems. The President Of SAC, Jim Rosan of Sonoro, is on the school board. This enabled the students ' and board ' s ideas to be exchanged. This year ' s SAC supported the Chemical People Project and helped to set a minimum G.P.A. for those students involved in extracurri- cular activities. Election Board was run effectively and smoothly due to the leadership of Pam Corbin and assistant Amy Gordon. Working in a group of 24, the board handed out ballots and counted up votes for all elections made through the year. Kenneth Easton, Geoff Boone, Carolyn Vander- veen, Melissa Britt. Yvonne Cooperman. Mary Bush. Cindy Lemke. Susan Nolan, Cora Adams, Barbara Carranzo, Tina Weber, Dung Le, Doreen Tighe, Brian Gaon, Kevin Ruggieri. President ol ICC, Geoff Boone is dlWays ready vi ifh a smile. 194 Student Government student Senate-Top ow: Jennifer Penrod, David Hassett. Andrew Prokopovich. Tim Hendro. Sec- ond row: Janice Kawase. Lisa Berry, Kelli Sher- man. David Seale, Jack Dalla Corte. Third row: Maria Morifin, Heidi Hamilton, Graclela Gomez, Jaun Mendoza, Mike Parrott, Keith Duedan. Fourth row: Chou Nguyen, Cindy Lemke, Hillary Kish, Shelley MIchik, Doug Winninghom. John Am- briz. Fifth row: Michelle Pierce, Diane Sepulveda. Tern Arbiso, Stephani Demaro, Lisa Walsh. Brian Garrity, Peter Birmbaum, Ricky Freyer. Front row: Brenda Luce, Megan Pendleton, Miriam Neal, Jesse Guzman, George Polimino, David Jerome. I?. J, Hamblin, Election Board-Top row: Krista Kitter, Carrie Thomas Second row: Brenda Luce, VIckl Parker. Karen Smith, Tina Weber. Front row: Pam Corbin, Maureen [?eesman, Olgo Nuhez. Student Advisory Councii: Geoff Boone. J K r?einhart. Maureen Reesmon. SAC. Student Senate. Election Board 195 mm mm: VI Great Moments Remembered . . English is one of the basics of ev- ery student ' s curriculum. On the ligtiter side, we asked, at the end of the first semester, what each person thought was the best thing in their English class. Here ' s what a few ran- dom people said: " Listening to Mrs. Klein talk about her acting career. " - Kristin Daniel, senior, AP English. ' . . .1 can ' t think. I liked it when Rob talked about water polo. " -Greg McMil- liam, junior. Composition. " I did my physics homework. " -Sam Jones, senior, British Literature. " I liked read- ing poetry. " -Jill Foley, senior, AP English. " I liked gossiping with my friends.: Tiare Lent, junior. Advanced Comp. ' 1 liked listening to Mrs. Klein talk, because she really got into whatever she was talking about. " - Olga Nunez, senior, AP English. " Be- ing able to sleep for an hour. " -Karen Smith, junior. Advanced Comp. " Kristen, Cammy, Eileen, Noelle, and I laughed the whole period; we had a lot of inside jokes. " -Carle Thomas, sophomore, English E F. " I learned that horses can ' t go backwards. " - Miriam Neal, senior, Bible as Litera- ture. " Writing essays, or messing around with Don Carlson. " -Ann Gayley, senior. Advanced Compo- sition. " Just that it was interesting. " - Susie Eraser, senior, British Literature. " Sitting in the back with Clarke Lew making fun of people. " -David Jer- ome, senior. Advanced Composi- tion. How To Improve The Common Sophomore There were three courses every soph- omore was required to take. First, there was Drivers ' Education with Mr. Hicks. It was a quarter class where the numerous aspects of driving were grilled into the students ' heads. After intense simulator work, the sopho- mores entered the world of public speech in Oral Communications. Mr. Arnoldus kept the class buzzin ' by con- tinously polishing their story-telling skills. The sophomores, then able to drive and speak eloquently, proceeded to Health, the comprehensive course with either Mr. Kirianoff, Mr. Kawagoe, or Mrs. Robertson. For a semester, they learned how to better take care of their body, while brushing up on nutri- tion, safety, and disease. One of the highlights of the year was the film ex- travaganzas, featuring big name stars like Sonny Bono. These classes made the common sophomore a more well- rounded person, one who can drive, speak out well, and brush his teeth. 198 Academics Kids Experience College Connection The Bridge Program has been working at FUHS for as long as any- one con remember. Through the program, students can take classes at the junior college. The most-used class in the program is Calculus 150 A and B, mostly for seniors. But there is a wide diversity of other courses. The next popular, according to head counselor Mr. Porter, are the classes in art and music: jazz band, for example. The program has become more popular with the introduction of Senate Bill 813 in the second semes- ter. The bill requires all seniors to take five classes. As a result, many take four here and one across Lem- on. What was the hardest aspect of be- ing a bridge student? Scheduling. The junior college works in one or two hour blocks, like 5 to 7 pm, or 1 to 2 pm. With the FUHS classes end- ing at all times of the day, a student has a choice of taking it before or after school, or in the evening — unless he has two free periods in a row. Of course, that doesn ' t take into account homework, jobs, and school activities. Academics 199 Memory Is A Key To Success Social science classes are required basics; no one ever took U.S. History as an elective. In fact, the system is a simple one. Freshmen took some kind of a Vi orld history course. Lucky or not, some of them got Mr. Sher- wood and his jokes. Sophomores didn ' t have any history classes; did you just hear applause? Juniors moved on to study American histo- ry, with the Civil War and the west- ward movement. Seniors were re- warded with the semester courses of economics and American gov- ernment, both with wonderful text- books! What is the key to success in a histo- ry class? It might be a good mem- ory. Most of the history classes cover facts, people, and events. Do most people have good memories? Prob- ably not, since we don ' t seem to learn from past mistakes; history has been known to repeat itself much too often. Secrets Of Homework What is one thing that most students dislike about high school? No, no, I ' m talking about homework. Just about everyone hates to sit down and go through the dreary task of completing daily assignments. So, from time to time, one avoids doing his homework. How did Fullerton students put off this tedious burden? Well, we took an in- formal poll earlier in the year, asking students what they did instead of their homework. The most popular ways out were talk- ing on the telephone with friends, watching television, and listening to the radio. Some people will eat or per- haps daydream. One junior girl decid- ed, " I don ' t want to do it, so I busy myself with something else ... or I for- get it on purpose. " A certain sopho- more class president said, " 1 go out, 200 Academics Avoiding Revealed either running errands for my mom or visiting friends. " Seniors, after catching senioritis, really had a hard time getting homeworl done. Sam Jones " listened to the Clash, or the Dead Kennedys. " Anny Gayley " either played Super Breakout on my Atari, watched t.v., ate, ... or slept. " Susie Fraser liked to " ' leave the house, like I ' d go to a friend ' s house. " " Howie " Jerome " watched t.v., shot baskets, or sorted out my baseball cards. " While Kristin Daniel liked to " vis- it with my family, or just relax. " There you are. It ' s not on important subject, but just maybe someone is avoiding his or her homework right now by reading the yearbook. Perhaps that person has some better ideas on how to waste his or her time. If we have helped . that one person, then this whole article has been worthwhile. Good luck to you. Miracles And Wonders Provide Pleasant Memories If you wince at the word " science, " it ' s probably for the wrong reasons. Maybe you ' re recalling a difficult fi- nal, or confusion over which gases are innate, or which muscles are where and what they do. Your memory could be of the textbook you were supposed to have read, and understood. Remembering these various prob- lems is the wrong thing to do. Sci- ence is like no other subject you ' ve taken; it can be fun and certainly unique. Mr. Logan will tell you any day how lucky you are, discovering " the miracles of nature, the won- ders of the universe. " If you think of some of your science classes, try to think of a clear, color- ful image. Whether it ' s a picture of Mr. Logan wrapped up in a demon- stration, while sporting the latest fashion in bizarre ties. Or perhaps it ' s of the good-humored Mr. Daniels joking with the class. You could be laughing at one of Mr. Mulvey ' s quick quips. Maybe you see the smil- ing face of Mr. Brodshaw, giving a hand during a lab or whopping a yard-stick on the desk top to quiet a class. These are just a few of the pleasant memories. Most students you talk to will soy that their favorite teacher, or one of them, was from a science class. The science classes and teachers must not be so bod offer all. Academics 201 Houser Method Has Students Practicing And Polishing Don Houser has been teaching Al- gebra I and II for nineteen years. He just completed his seventh at FUHS. His teaching philosophy was self-de- scribed as a Woody Hayes ' philos- ophy of " five yards-and-a-cloud-of- dust. " He takes it pretty seriously. For as he explained, the level he ' s teaching is mainly skill development. So his classes drilled and practiced and polished. He sometimes began his class with a " quickie, " or quick quiz. The quiz ' s purpose was to get the students ' minds on the right di- rection for the day ' s lesson. He pre- fers to let the kids work as much of a difficult problem as they can on their own. He ' d usually point out an ex- ample and tell the troubled student to " work it like that. " To keep the class from becoming tedious, he brought in stuff like the " quote for the day, " or a Ziggy cal- ender. Professing his inability to per- form magic, he said he relies more on change of pace and the use of humor. Basically, he just tried to keep the class moving. Mr. Houser ' s biggest problem has been a tendency to use sarcasm. and he knows it all too well. " I al- ways work on keeping my sarcasm to a minimum. It can be used effec- tively for humor as long as you don ' t use it on people. Some days are better than others for me. " Business Ed Handy Sure, the Business Education depart- ment isn ' t large, but that didn ' t keep it from contributing some important skills to a student ' s education. The staff is headed up by Mr. Louie Armijo, who taught typing, account- ing, and business math, while serving as the chairman. Mr. Campbell handled introduction to and the programming of computers. Ms. Day also instructed on typing and business math. Mr. Hamner took care of drafting and in- troduction of computers. Miss Hill var- ied her subjects with typing, shorthand, and office skills. The skills they covered will come in handy in college or on the job. Typing pfl ' ovided memories of sore fingers and fast speed drills. Hey, don ' t look at the keyboard! Hove you learned the home row, yet? Seriously, how would have anyone survived a term paper without the skill of typing? In accounting, the kids learned the exciting ins and outs of bookkeeping, how to keep them bal- anced and work a ten-key calculator. Business math proved handy for ac- counting. Shorthand mode taking lec- ture notes a lot easier, a good skill for 202 Academics Develops Skills college. Drafting is structured drawing, used mainly in architecture. Learning about computers, the single most valuable tool to man in the future, is a smart move in high school. FUHS Has Its Own Animal House This little piggy went to market; this little piggy stayed home; this little piggy had roost beef for lunch, and this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went Wee, Wee, Wee, Wee all the way to the slaughter house. Maybe this poem reminds you of FUHS ' farm. Although the ani- mals raised on FUHS ' farm don ' t usu- ally go to the slaughter house, (they ' re slaughtered right on the farm) FUHS ' Agriculture students do raise pigs. Ag, students can also raise chickens, lambs, sheep, steer, veal calves, and goats. Students taking an Ag class have the chance to raise such an animal either for slaughter, or to show in fairs, or just to keep as on interesting pet, FUHS ' Ag department offers Introduction to California Agriculture and Ag. Production. Both classes are taught by Mrs. Lesh. Academics 203 Seeing Stars In Fine Arts The band was playing, the singers were singing, the dancers were dancing and the show was on! This kind of excitement was enjoyed by many FUHS students who were en- rolled in Fine Arts. These students found creative fun in the many ex- citing classes that FUHS ' Fine Arts department offers. Classes include such interesting things as Concert Choir, Girls Ensemble, Vocal Ensem- ble, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Stage Production, Drama, Dance Company, and various art classes. All of these classes are designed to bring an artistic, cultural awareness to students, and to help them de- velop their creative artistic senses. Students say they take these classes for many reasons. For in- stance, " While belting out a song in Concert Choir, you can really get your aggressions out " , or students in Dance like " Stayin " in shape to the beat of some groovy tunes " . The main reason for taking a Fine Arts class was: " They ' re just plain fun! " P.E. Shapes Up And Smiles Sweat, pain, toil, and an occasional sprained ankle are all things that might be associated with a P. E. class. But P.E. can also be a lot of fun and a great way to stay in shape. FUHS offers a wide variety of P.E. courses, including Tennis, Softball, Dance, Badmitton, Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball, weights. Gymnastics, Archery, Ra- quetball, and Basic Sports. Coaches aim at instilling in students a sense of how a good physical routine will bene- fit them in later life. Next year a new class in team handball will be offered. 204 Academics Home Ec. Offers Healthy Future Who has the largest Home Eco nomics department in the district? Certainly every Fullerton Indian has asked himself this question Well the answer is now yours to cherish- it ' s FUHS! That ' s right Indians, you should be proud! Our Home Economics de- partment offers Foods, Clothing and Textiles, Child Developement and Guidance, Family Living and Parent- hood, and Housing and Home Fur- nishings. All of these classes are de- signed to help the students prepare for a healthy home life in the future. The teachers stress the importance of learning to make good consumer decisions. Academics 205 Oui, Ja, Si — We Love Languages If you ever thought about traveling to the far corners of the world, then maybe you should have thought about taking a foreign language. FUHS students had the chance to take classes in Spanish, German, or French. Learning a foreign language can enable a student to travel comfortably in far av ay lands or just enable him to communicate vjWh a foreign friend. FUHS language classes v ere taught by Mr. Broemel- ing, Mr. Wood, Mr. Knorr, Mrs. Genti- lin, Mr. McCintosh, Mrs. Tracy, and Mr. Knight. The teachers stress not only the grammar of a foreign lan- guage, but also the differences cul- turally between our country and the countries speaking that specific lan- guage. Students studied the basic everyday life of people in foreign countries as well as the language. Industrial Arts Attracts The Best FUHS ' Industrial Arts Department has been called the best in the country. Whether this is totally accurate or not, we do have all the latest and best equipment. Maybe this explains the high enrollment rate in this depart- ment, or maybe it ' s the good teachers that bring in the students. At any rate, kids like to take classes in Industrial Arts. They can take Auto with Mr- Vetter, Wood with Mr. Brodsky, Metal with Mr, Hicks, or Drafting with Mr. Hamner. Re- cently Drafting has been a very popu- lar class because the students now get to work in computer design drafting. This is the latest thing in industry-orient- ed drafting. Next year Industrial Arts will offer a new class, a Drafting With Computers class at the Fullerton Col- lege. 206 Academics 5 ' Student Art — Intricate Work -But Fun! Some of the future Michelangelos of the world may just be found right here, enrolled in one of FUHS ' many art classes. These students have en- rolled in such classes as Art I, Draw- ing and Painting, and Arts and Crafts, Next year they may also want to lend their talents to one of two new art classes that ore to be offered. These classes are Commer- cial Art, which is designed to teach the student certain aspects of com- mercial art such as layouts and let- tering, and the other class is Arts and Society. This class will study the roll of the artist and the artist ' s re- sponsibilities in society. Mrs. Duffle, who teaches all of the art classes, is especially excited about these two additions to the art program. This program is designed to help stu- dents express their creativity. Academics 207 Dr. Bice Leads The Way Appearing at many school functions, Dr Bice loves to speak, especially for the student body He feels that communication is important be- tween the administration and the students The theme at Fullerton Union High School for the 1983-1984 school year was " Achievement Together, " Achievement Together means the students, the par- ents, and the high school staff working together to attain common educational goals. No one group of the triad could accomplish these goals alone. Working diligently as a team, we were able to attain the level of achievement that is expected by previous Fullerton Union High School students, parents, and staff. Such goals as academic excellence, meeting the needs of all students, and the continuance of long standing traditions were just a few of the accepted targets for Fullerton Union High School. These goals are part of the reason that Fullerton was viewed as a strong high school. To maintain and to improve that image, we must all strive in our specific roles to do our best. We control the future of Fullerton High School. Sincerely, Dr. Greg Bice, Principal 210 Administration T " l 1 - -jm Assistant Principals Make Life Easier Pat Carpenter, Bob Davis, and Ron Gross are the triad who keep the school x - ning smoothly year after year. Pat Carpenter, with five years as Assistant Principal at FUHS, is " second-in-com- mand. " She is in charge of operations. Dr. Carpenter oversees the curriculum, handles substitutes and bud- get matters, and assures that the school is physically working smoothly. She also evaluates the math, English, industrial arts, and home economics departments. Bob Davis, who has been here three years, is in charge of student activities and acts as a liason be- tween the administration and both the ASB Board and the athletic department. But perhaps what Mr. Davis is most known for is his respon- sibility for discipline on the campus. He ' s in ch arge of the campus supervisors and handles referrals from other schools. Debuting as an assistant principal at FUHS is Ron Gross, who works with kids to promote self-esteem and positive attitudes. His duties include the guidance pro- gram, data processing of grades and schedules, and attendance records. He also evaluates the following departments: foreign lan- guage, fine arts, science, special education, and the library. As for first impres- sions, he states, " The kids are respectful, apprecia- tive, and very friendly. The atmosphere here is very warm. " As Mr. Davis sees it, assistant principals are " facilitators, people who make things easier for teachers and stu- dents. " Ron Gross, Assistant Principal Administration 211 Counselors Lend A Helping Hand Vido North up, counseling Fred Hardy, Cnapter i Louis Porter, counseling 212 Counseling Secretaries Add Spice To Life Those ladies in the office, with the friendly faces-the ones always telling you to see the OTHER one for your questions?! Well, they aren ' t just there for show; in fact, we probably wouldn ' t get too far without them. They have a lot more work than most of us think. Around noon it can get pretty hectic in the office when they start going on their lunch breaks. It wouldn ' t run as smoothly, though, if they didn ' t all work together. " It ' s necessary for you to get along with your co-workers and work together otherwise things just wont tick, " says Miss Burgess, the Registrar in the office. According to her the secre- taries are all " Wonderful people and we all try to help each other out. " Alicia McDonald never takes a break from her rigorous work schedule. " You want a picture of me? " gloats Mrs. Jack- son, " What do you think you ' re doing, " exclaims a slightly perturbed Betty Daniels Mrs. Valmassey always gives service with style. Mrs. Woods, Dr. Bice ' s secretary, rips through another Important memo. Though working her fingers to the bone, Mrs. Eggert always takes time for a smile Mrs. Slocum gets excited about her work. Secretaries 213 Knight Enjoys New Role Coach Rob Knight isn ' t just a water polo coach any- more; in fact, he ' s much more! In addition to coach- ing the polo and swim teams this year, he also taught English, Spanish, and P.E. Not bad for his second year at Fullerton! Actually, OS a graduating In- dian in the class of ' 77, Mr. Knight isn ' t really a newcom- er to our school. Have the students changed much since he attended Fullerton? " Not really, the styles have changed a little, and so has the way the students talk. But they ' re pretty much still the some, " However, he feels the students are more " academically inclined " than when he went to FUHS, Does being a teacher at his age bring certain advan- tages? In certain aspects, it does. He soys it " helps him to relate to the students more. " He feels that the stu- dents are more open to confide in him and trust him a little more. But, it brings disadvantages as well. The kids don ' t view him as a teacher or respect him quite as much as they might an older teacher. All in all, he ' s enjoying himself be- ing on the " other end of the stick, " even though it is a lot of work at times. Audrey Adams Social Science Louis Armijo Business Ed, Dick Arnoldus Social Science Mel Bennett Math Keith Bradshaw Science Steve Brodsky Industrial Arts spi p llB ' - IB " |.: j. ' ' ' |: M ' F ' .M..:. —i Lou Broemeling Social Science Paul Bucalstein Fine Arts Bill Campbell Business Ed. 214 Faculty Thomas Conrad Social Science Mim Curtis Special Ed. Wayne Daniels Science Ediy Day Phys. Ed. Roger Logan, the mad scientist. setting up one of his enjoyable class spends o lot of his time and effort demonstrations. Ted Erslfin Special Ed. Vernie Ford Phys, Ed. Faculty 215 Campus Welcomes Ten Rookies They are new faces on the scene. They are new sur- names unfamiliar to the ear of the common student. They are fresh breezes in the longstanding breezeway. They are to become l nown, and thus to be judged by the masses — though not al- ways correctly. They are the new full-time faculty mem- bers. Yes, this year was the first for ten new staff members. Heading the group was As- sistant Principal, Ron Gross, who was received in a trade with Sunny-Hills for Mrs. Pick- ering. The following is a list of the other rookies and their general subjects: Rob Knight, English and water polo, Deonno Morrison, Eng- lish; Pat Gentilin, French and Spanish, Sherri McKeogue, math and science, Jim Rob- inson, social science and ASB, Addle Rullo, social sci- ence; Gay Williams, special education; Thomas Conrad, social science and wrestling; and Julia Gale, the school psychologist. In their first season, most of the teachers noticed how easy the students were to get along with and how beautiful the campus is. As stated by Gale, " I think the student body is a group of aware individuals, and it ' s a pleasure to have them stop by to talk, " Pat Gentilin Foreign Language Karen Gray Special Ed. Mel Bennett is mathematician and magician extraordinaire Here, Mr Bennett performs one of tiis famous tricks for a captive audience Every few weeks Mr. Bennett would treat tiis students to a different perfor- mance At Halloween, tie called upon ttie tielp of a small friend ■ gy - gy —n ■ Im K mi 1 1 I ■ v H r 1 i1 _ J Greg Haake Fine Arts Jim Hamner Industrial Arts Bill Hertwig Social Science Frank Hicks Industrial Arts 216 Faculty Bob Hill Math Mill Hill Business Ed, Don Houser Math Nancy Hunyadi Home Ec, Nonnie Katzen stein English Peter Kirianoff Health Ed, Bill Hertwig allows two of his stu- dents to work on his hair style Faculty 217 Bradshaw Always Eager To Help If you walk over to the sci- ence building to room fif- teen, you will find tiim in thie classroom or hiis office. He ' ll be happy to help you out with your biology homework or with your lab notebook. This man, with a friendly face and a worm smile, is Keith Bradshaw. Mr. Brad- shaw has completed his twenty-first year as a biol- ogy teacher here at FUHS. At the age of fifty-one, Keith Bradshaw is content to work with a fine group of col- leagues in the science de- partment: to live in Fullerton with his family, and to do what he loves most on such a nice campus. In looking back over his twenty-six years of exper- ience, Bradshaw has ob- served that the students at- titudes towards education have run in cycles. The stu- dents in the past two to three years, he said, were eager to work hard and learn. He contrasted them with the students of the mid- seventies. Education, then, wasn ' t valued as highly. He believes that the cycles are touched off by historical events, such as the Vietnam War and the space shuttle voyages. The current ea- gerness to learn, he said, compares to the kids of the mid-sixties, when he was first starting out at FUHS. In discussing his teaching methods, he stressed the im- portance of being positive to try to eliminate the stu- dents ' absences and their failures to complete their as- signments. He believes that a teacher has to teach his students something of worth every day or they ' ll drop in- terest in the class. As a re- sult, he tries to be enthusias- tic and diverse. Whether it ' s his friendly de- meanor his eagerness to help, or his Montana charm, Keith Bradshaw is very popu- lar with his students, current and past. Indeed, he is a two-time " teacher-of-the- year, " (in 1975 and 1982), He cherishes the award since it was voted upon by all of the students. As for future plans, he would like to travel eventually: But for now, he ' ll be happy to stay in room fifteen and talk to, or help anyone who comes through that door. Genni Klein English Neil Kleven Social Science Rob Knight English Don Knorr Foreign Language Sandy Knoll Special Ed, Ted Kopacki English Raeno Lesh Agriculture Ellen Levine Special Ed, 218 Faculty Mary Ann Lillywhite Special Ed Roger Logan Science Marty Luczaj Special Ed. Cadie Maclean Home Ec 1 Sharon McCauley English Ed Mcintosh Foreign Language Social Studies Sheri McKeague Math Science Crooning his latest single ' ' No, Martin Luczaj is simply coming assembly. Seated Is distlnguistied alumna Tina Introducing the varsity football team during the home- McCormick. Bob Miller Math Perry Minamide Science Faculty 219 New Chairman Brings Humor " I enjoy people, and I thought I could do as good or better a job than the teachers I had in high school, " recalled Jim Robin- son in answering why he wanted to get into teach- ing when he was a student. Mr. Robinson, who spent his first year on the campus as Chairman of the History de- partment, taught American government and was A.S.B. advisor this year. In his twelfth year of teach- ing, Jim Robinson moved to FUHS from the school where he spent nine years teach- ing, Buena Park. In the past few years there, he taught mostly economics and worked with problem stu- dents, something he ' s al- ways done. He spent two years heading a district pro- gram that works with drop- outs. One might wonder what could hove compelled Mr. Robinson to apply at FUHS when he was happy at Buena Park with a good job and a project gaining mo- mentum. The vacancy at Fullerton was created by George West ' s late-summer promotion; he ' s now Assis- tant Principal at Buena Park. " Well, I ' d have to admit I ' ve had some ambition or inter- est in moving to an adminis- tration post eventually, " Robinson explained. " One has to take on new chal- lenges. It ' s easy in the teaching profession to settle in and end up teaching the same classes every year, it becomes very comfort- able. " Robinson likes to get the best out of his tudents and relishes the positive attitude of building that teaching provides. Mr. Robinson likes to inter- ject a sense of humor into his classes, since he feels that teachers are always on stage. When asked his impression of Fuilerton, he thought the kids were basically the some as anywhere else. He found the students here are easy to get along with and willing to work and learn. He also believed that high school students have not really changed in the twelve years he has taught, " Only the clothes and fads change. " He was particular- ly struck by the " unbeliev- ably beautiful campus. " Deanna Morrison English Art Mulvey Science Ron Perry Fine Arts Barbara Robertson Health Ed. Phys. Ed. Jim Robinson Social Science Addie Rulio Social Science Jim Sanded ESL ((ay Selway English 220 Faculty Donna Spradlin English Bob Stuart Math Ms. Tracy, the dance instructor, always finds time to stretch, even in the morning over a cup of coffee. Barbara Tinkle Chapter I Bob Tomes English Nancy Tracy Fine Arts Foreign Language Corney Vanderbilt Social Science Faculty 221 Bob Van Voorhis Math John Vetter Industrial Arts Science i 1 ' -i H| Wf3 " 1 ife- - ' ' MM " ' ' iT Carol Villoni English " ■IP ■ ' ». ' ' -M» AMI i » i |l i M " .mlL u kfl 1 ' Bob Wood Foreign Language Bob Bowser ROP Mike Doyle ROP Lynn Gooze ROP Donna Ward Career Center FACULTY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Candy Nakanishi ROP Gil Tucker Phys. Ed. George Van Vliet Phys. Ed. Mary Ann Covert Library Evelyn Ostergren Library 222 Faculty The Cool Patrol keeps the campus clear and Lee Wilson is the man behind Plummer Audito- secure. num. Classified Does It With Class Classified 223 Mrs. Hollowell is taking a breather from the heavy duties of her rigorous schedule Mrs. Rossenson is pretty as a picture What? Another problenn for Mrs Keane?! t .» --. 1 mSSF ,4 7 4- k " I m Connie Robles tries to believe she ' s having fun. 224 Classified A Mini Magazine Indian Guide Favorites Found Out C e c " (5 0) Surprised? Well, these are the results of the poll taken by FUHS students. The nunnber to the right of the winner is how many points that song movie received. For example; if a poll had Footloose listed first it would get 6 points, if Splash was listed second it would get 5 points, and so on, going no lower than 4 points. The same was done with songs. Michael Jackson got 6 nominations, but only 2 made the top 10. The songs with the ten highest points made it to the top ten. Duron Duron was another popular group, they received 5 nomina- tions. It seems by for Footloose and [Hold Me Now were the favor- ite movie song of 1984. Alto- gether there were 91 songs no- minated and 48 movies. Success, Sadness For Michael Jackson On February 13, 1984, the biggest news was that Michael Jackson had been seriously injured while filming a commercial for Pepsi Cola. When the details were finally disclosed, it was learned that the special effects equipment behind him exploded and Michael ' s hair caught on fire. He suffered second and third degree burns which left the bock of his head bold. His first appearance after the accident was at the Grammy ' s when he received 8 awards for his album " Thriller " . This album was released late 1982 and was number one for 38 weeks! " Thriller " won Michael a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records. Over 29 million copies of " Thriller " have been sold and it is still going strong. WINNERS-SONGS Place Points Sonq Artist 1 100 Hold Me Now Thompson Twins 2 68 Footloose Kenny Loggins 3 54 Hello Lionele Richie 4 42 Somebody ' s Watching Me Rockwell Jackson 5 35 Save A Prayer Duran Duron 6 32 Beat It Michael Jackson 7 30 New Moon On Monday Duran Duran 8 27 Strip Adam Ant 9 26 Thriller Michael Jackson 10 26 Jump Van Halen WINNERS-MOVIES Place Points Movie 1 156 Footloose 2 94 Terms Of Endearment 3 75 Risky Business 4 60 Flashdance 5 47 Splash 6 44 The Outsiders 7 29 Uncommon Valor 8 27 Scarface 9 26 Vacation Return Of The Jedi 10 22 48 hrs 226 Music, Movies Dressing It Up Have you noticed how much fashion today resembles movies we have seen in the theatre? Well look more closely and you will see that styles to- day can be traced back to movies like Flashdonce and Footloose, and many more. Still a very popular article of clothing is Levi ' s 501 jeans. It seems ev- erywhere you look you see a pair of 501 ' s, and why not, they are comfort- able, they look good and they are and they ae the right price! As you know styles change practically overnight, so who know ' s what next year ' s styles might be?? Videos Bring Music To Life If you have lots of spare time, what do you do? Well, one popular pastime is Music Television. This station that plays videos 24 hours a day has been sweeping the nation. Every Friday night two of the top videos are shown and everyone has a chance to vote for their favorite. MTV concerts let you see your favorite artists without spend- ing big bucks. If you wanted to know how your favorites rate all that you had to do was to tune in for MTV ' s Top 20 Video countdown. World premiere videos, music news, guest VJ ' s (Video Jockey- ' s), and contests keep one up to date with the music world in an en- tertaining way. If you want to see your favorite groups, hear them in stereo, keep up on all the gossip, and have a chance to win backstage passes, your only choice is to become an MTV junk- ie. M-TV, Fashion 227 Senior Polls Margie Eder-Most Talented Eric Henderson-Most Talented Joy Dahms-Best Sense of Humor Richard Williams-Most Athletic David Jerome-Class Clown Best Sense of Humor Edith Royer-Class Clown K Tracy Merrill-Most Athletic 228 Senior Polls Missy Kenin-Best Dressed Tim Ullom-Best Dressed Prettiest Hair Dianne Berry-Prettiest Hair Cuong Do-Most Intelligent Darleen Romney-Most Intelligent Chris Barry-Best Personality Laurie Ayres-Best Personality Kristin Daggett-Best Smile Tony McGuire-Best Smile Senior Polls 229 Cindy Lemke — Best Figure Scott McGinnis — Best Ptiysique Kristin Daniel — Prettiest Eyes Julie Nixon — Biggest Flirt 230 Senior Polls Scott Hornick and Suzanne Friedman — Couple George Palomino — Most Spirited expected to Last Longest Julie West — Most Spirited Ken Lentz — Biggest Gossip Kathie Kawase — Biggest Gossip Jessie Guzman — Biggest Flirt J.K, Reinhart — Most Likely to Succeed Grace Lu — Most Likely to Succeed Senior Polls 231 Memories 232 233 Students Look To Next Year To Avenge Defeat By Fa culty " jv eet! " The referee ' s whistle blew to sound the beginning of the foculty-stu- dent basketball game. Both teams had a wide range of players. The fac- ulty team was comprised of coaches, teachers, counselors, and yes, even our fearless principal. Dr. Bice. Just as the faculty team, the student team was a group of athletes from various sports such as baseball, basketball, football, swimming, water polo and tennis. The student-faculty basketball game was a fun way to help unify the school through athletic participation. All of the students ' thoughts of re- venge on the faculty was set aside in the comical actions of the basketball game. Both teams played to the best of their ability and showed the rest of the student body the true meaning of sportsmanship. Assembly Handicapped The FUHS student body experienced a very special presentation put on by an association for the disabled. The presentation included captivat- ing speakers: a runner who happens to be blind, and a guest appear- ance by Jeri Jewel (Actress from " The Facts of Life " ). During the pre- sentation we learned what it was like to have a disability such as blind- ness, CP. (cerebral palsey) or deaf- 234 F S Basketball; Assembly Shows That Are Not ness. The presentation opened many of our eyes to the fact that a person with a disability isn ' t a freak or a completely helpless person, but a human being. The disabled are no different than anyone else; they hold jobs, have families, and partici- pate in many community events. The program was very intriguing and left a lasting impression in all of our eyes Dear Diary: Well, I finally made it through the taught by grade!! My most difficult class was _. I remember one day in class The class 1 enjoyed the most was and my favorite teacher was . By the time lunch rolled around, I couldn ' wait to tall to my friends . The food wasn ' t as good as the conversation, but we managed to get by, by going to tor lunch. I was a member of_ team. club and the was also involved in _. I also spent time working at The thing to wear this year was_ ite radio station was music groups like . My favor- _, because they played the best . The best movies were and I always watched t.v. You were considered " out of it " if you didn ' t say o r ' " on Everyone went to remember one night when We and I went out to and I didn ' t get home until Over-all, I would say this year has been, like good things too. I ' ll always remember: , I didn ' t _, but I remember the Sincerely, Dear Diary 235 Olympics Return To L.A. Coliseum The Olympics: images of winners, great champions of sports — the best against the best. Superb athletes from around the world will meet in Los Angeles this summer to test their skills and spirits against the highest competitive standards, the loftiest ideals of achievement known to man: the Olym- pics. The site of the games, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, was constructed for the 1932 Olympics, the lost time the games were held here, America last appeared in the 1976 Montreal Gomes, boyc otting the ' 80 games in protest over the Soviety invasion of Afghanistan. As of this writing, there is a question whether the Soviets will be in Los Angeles in 1984. True to the classical roots of the Olympics, which began in ancient Greece, the ' 84 athletic gomes will be comple- mented by the Arts Festival, a magnificent collage of hu- man expression: dance, mime, music, opera, and all forms of visual art will draw multitudes in wonder and delight in witness to the variety of man ' s creative powers. And Ange- lenos and baseball fans will hove yet one more attraction: Dodger Stadium will be host to the first appearance of baseball in the history of the Olympics. © 1980 LA. Olympic Committee Gymnastics Wrestling Boxing Equestrian University of Anaheim Los Angeles Santa Anita California, Los Convention Sports Arena, Park and Angeles Center, Fairbanks UC.L.A. Country Club HHfflSHfflES Welgtitlltting Hockey Modern Volleyball Handball Archery Basketball Cycling Loyola East Los Pentathlon Long Beach Col State El Dorado Park. The Forum California State Marymount Angeles Goto De Coza, Sports Arena. University Long Beach. University, University College, 56 Miles from dovi ntovi n L.A. Fullerton. Dominguez Hills, Carson 236 Olympics American Skiers Go For The Gold Sarajevo, Yugoslavia was host to the vi orld this year for the 1984 Olympic Wiriter Games Americans were charmed by the rustic setting of Sarajevo and the obvious generosity of the townspeople. The games opened with a colorful presentation of music and dancing arranged for the athletes and the world audience The lighting of the Olympic Torch was, as always, a stirring moment. The f lame for 1984 was huge and burned brightly in the night sl y. The winter games are smaller than the giant show of the Summer Olympi- ad, However this did not diminish the excitement of the audience at home- and oh, how we envied those who were there. The weather was a bit uncooperative at first. In the weeks before the games there had been very little snow fall, but when the games began several Alpine events had to be postponed because of too much snow. America had many fine athletes in attendance We l new Scott Hamilton would win a gold medal in men ' s figure-skating, how could he miss? True to form he did win, and skated brilliantly doing it. The press in America ballyhooed the impending skating showdown at the games of Elaine Zajdic and Rosalynn Summers While this proved to be a disappointment there was no disappointment in Tiffany Chin. This lovely 16 year old girl surprised everyone with a fourth place finish. The biggest surprise of all came during the much-delayed men ' s downhill skiing events. No American man had ever won a medal in these events. Suddenly in 1984 we had three- 2 gold, the first was Bill Johnson, a brash young man from Van Nuys, who won the men ' s down hill. Next Phil and Bob Mohre won medals in the slalom. This event closed the two weeks of Olympic events. What a show!! S S S K Track and Baseball Field Dodger Los Angeles Stadium. Memorial Coliseum. Shooting Swimming University of southern California use. r • i«e Fencing Basketball Judo Rowing Canoeing Yactiting Tennis Water Polo Long beach The Forum Col State Lake Cosifas, Lake Casitas, Long Beach University of Pepperdine Convention University Los 84 Miles from 84 Miles from Harbor California Los University 30 Center. Angeles downtown L.A. downtown LA. Angeles U.C.L.A. miles from downtown LA Olympics 237 Breaking Into FUHS 1984 was the year for the " Flash- dance " look and the latest techniques in dancing. Break dancing was the newest style for movin ' to our favorite tunes. It involved popping, kick-spin- ning, and breaking. This style of danc- ing gained popularity when dance movies such as " Flashdance, " " Fame, " and " Footloose, " came out. Many of the students on our campus demonstrated their newly acquired talents at our school stag dances, in the academic court after peprallies, during basketball halftimes, and just on their own free time. The attire worn by the breakdancers was just as unique as the dance style itself. Since break- dancing originated on the streets, the clothing worn was inexpensive, but very distinctive. The breakers had to be comfortable, but they didn ' t have a lot of money to go out and buy Cal- vin Klein sweat suits. So they originated a sort of street chic of jeans, sweat shirts, hightop tennis shoes and deco- rative baseball caps. The mark of a practiced breakdancer, however, was a single glove as was worn by Michael Jackson at the American Mu- sic Awards, and by many breakers since. Since breakdancers weren ' t particular about where they danced, they provided for great entertainment everywhere we went. K-FHS Comes To The Airwaves " I believe K-FHS has been the most exciting addition to Fullerton High School this year, " commented a stu- dent. Until K-FHS (our lunch rock radio) come into being, lunch was pretty dead and students would go else- where for lunch. After K-FHS was cre- ated students enjoyed hanging around camps for lunch. Tower Records of Brea was K-FHS? ' s official sponsor. Due to the sponsor- ship the dj ' s were able to give away a record every Friday. This was good because all of the give-aways were from the " Top 10 " , K-FHS was the result of an incentive given by the students ' comments to " play music at lunch " , Mike VanWin- kle and Brian Gaon with the help of others took the concept one step further and K-FHS was born. 238 Breakdancing, K-FHS Election ' 84- On The Campaign Trail Turning 18 means a lot of things-registering for tlie draft, writing your own excuses for being lote to school, and being " almost legal. " Perhaps the most exciting aspect of reaching your eighteenth year, however, is being able to vote. With 1984 being a presidential election year, voting is even more excit- ing. Ronald Reagan the incumbent, has the Republican nomination sewn up, but the Democrats ' situation is quite different. At first, nine men were competing for the nomination, but by April 1, only three were left. Wal- ter Mondale did the best in the primary elections, but got quite a few surprises from Colorado senator Gary Hart. Reverend Jesse Jack- son captured most of the minority vote. These three candidates agreed on most issues, forcing the campaign into a battle of personalities and platforms. Jackson stressed human rights and his action for what he be- lieves in. He has participated in several marches and went to Syria in 1983 to bring back Robert Goodman who was being held as a prisoner, Walter Mondale spoke of the accomplishments of Jimmy Carter ' s administration during which he served OS vice president. Much of Mondale ' s support came from labor, giving him strength in the South and Midwest, The campaign of Gary Hart was based on national defense. Hart ' s plan was to reduce and eventually abolish the possibility of a nuclear war and reduce defense spending by using the funds all ready allocated more wisely. Young people, in general, favored Hart. Whoever gets the top spot on the Democratic ticket still has a long, hard fight for the presidency. The Reagan administration has hod a fairly quiet four years, U.S. military action in Gren- ada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Lebanon has been very controversial, but many people concern themselves with only the home front. Employment has gone up, and the dollar gained strength around the world. Reagan will be a difficult man to beat in Novem- ber. Election ' 84 239 Kennedy Still Lives In America ' s Heart It has been said that time heals all wounds, but there is one event that has scarred America and Americans forever. On November 22, 1963, Presi- dent John F. Kennedy was assasinated as his motorcade made its way through the streets of Dallas, Texas. Twenty years later Americans recalled their thoughts and feelings of that terri- ble event. Some felt the same numb feeling that appeared two decades earlier, many could not remember the day without tears. One radio station replayed its tape of the broadcast that announced Kennedy ' s death to a shocked and disbelieving nation. The grief, however, did not stop at the At- lantic Ocean. Sadness and a sense of loss was evident in Europe, Asia, and beyond. Leaders of all nations attend- ed John Fitzgerald Kennedy ' s funeral to pay their last respects. When J.F.K. died, America lost not only a head of state, but a leader of the people. Each American felt as if they had lost a personal friend. Kennedy in- spired hope for a nation of people who thought their country was coming to a halt. A bright young man, Kennedy brought new life to America ' s political scene and challenged older politicians to stick their necks out for a cause. He was considered too liberal by some, too young by others. He was disliked as a Catholic, an Irishman, and a spoiled rich kid as well. But he captured the heart of the American people. His sense of humor and refined style sparked the admiration of many, es- pecially the youth. Even if one disa- greed with John Kennedy the politi- cian, it was difficult to dislike John Ken- nedy the man. There are many questions about J.F.K. ' s death that will never be re- solved. Lee Harvey Oswald, the prime suspect, was killed before he was ever tried. The question of conspiratory in- volvement of Cubans or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been posed many times. Almost five years after J.F.K. was assasinated, his brother Robert Kennedy was killed on a presi- dential campaign stop in Los Angeles. This second murder brought up the question of a plot against the Kennedy family in general. The question that will remain uppermost in the minds of Americans, however, is simply " Why? " 240 John F. Kennedy ' " •vT ' " - -s Choir Comes Through " It ' s really great to be a part of choir, " said Amy Witl-irow, who has been with the club for four years. " There ' s a great feeling of together- ness and unity, " the vibrant senior stat- ed. The choir group had a fantastic year, having nnany concerts within the community. Led by Ron Perry, the sea- son was a huge success! Julie Stoffle and Michelle Emiley belt out a tune during one ot tine choir ' s great concerts. Voicing It " Who? " you may ask, is up at 7:00 in the morning with their tonsil ' s toned, and their minds in gear? Why, the FUHS Vocal Ensemble of course! Acknowledged as one of the best vocal jazz groups in Califor- nia, the group had a tremendous year, having many concerts, includ- ing some in Solvang and at Cuesta College. Ron Perry, their conductor, has great pride in them, rightly so! Wonder Woman, disguised as the infamous Leslie Laraway. sings the blues. Choir- Top Row: Janna Buck. Nancy Schultz, Denise Leon. Heather Dickson, Julie Eun. First Row: Karen Suich, Julie Stoffel, Amy Withrow. Gail McLaughlin, Amy Sommers, Karen Wchmadge, and Laurie Bronson. 2nd Row: Cathy Schleuter, Dorie Hamilton. Michelle Pierce. Adele Reynolds. Jennifer Reeves, 3rd Row: Esther Hutton. Michelle Emily. Julie Harris. Luann Kilan- owski. Edye Royer, Hiedi Boysen, 4th Row: Kim Nguyen, Debbie Park, 5th Row: Linda Terry. Gina Fernandas, Amy Davitian, Choir ' s President and Vice-President, Kerstin Klopsch and Julie Eun, 242 Choir, Vocal Ensemble Vocal Ensemble- Front Row: Edele Reynolds. Dorie Hamilton, Julie Eun, Darleen Romney, Anne Galley, 2nd Row: Dena Gilbert. Leslie Laraway, Julia Purcell. Honsino Purcell, Kerstin Klopshe, 3rd Row: Darrell Romney, Ted Hew- lett, Chris Canonica. Matt Severson, Top Row: Bruce Lansford. Dan Blackley, Timothy Holmes, and Dan Hiller, Band Prospers " And now presenting the FUHS Marching Indians! " trumpets J.K. Reinhart at another one of the band ' s fantastic concerts. Lesley Laraway states that the reason why she loves being involved with the band is because " we ' re just one big and happy family, and the friend- ships that you moke last a lifetime. " Also acknowledging the skilled labor of love, she says " I like the fact that it teaches you good musicianship. " This year has been extremely pros- perous for the band, playing at Knott ' s Berry Farm, a Fullerton pa- rade, and competing at LaHabra and Norwalk, taking home second place trophies. Band Club (below)-Top Row: Allison Graves, De- onna Dotson, Clayton Gewin. Jim Crippin, Dan Fox. Pot Roebuck. Sylvie Wightman. Michelle Za- charaiah, Denise Morones, Carmen Michel. Sec- ond Row: Marie Seaboarn. Michelle Gotzon, Debbie George, Suzanne Riggio, Twan Vu, John Poelstra, Greg Pearce, Kevin Payne, Michelle Seaton, Tracy Jontez: Third Row: Laurel Mason, Happi Roebuck, Mike Lonsford, Jennifer Wilcox, Robert Grubbs. Kevin Ruggieri, Lasa Garza, Fourth Row: Garrick McNey, Bruce Lonsford, Don Blackley, Jeff Johnson, Steve Stropas, Walt Rug- gieri. Kevin Lapoint. Amy Hansen. Front Row: Ka- tie Hopkins. Lesley Laraway, Chris Manzarnes, Karen Vernon, Clarice Law, Jean Christianson. Tom Jenson. 243 Jazzing It Up A genuine love of " all that jazz " motivated this year ' s Jazz Band into having a jazzed up year. Members arrived at school at 7:30 a.m. in or- der to practice and perfect the band. This unique group was under the direction of Greg Hoake, who totally supported the band. They attended competitions to test their skills against other schools. Accord- ing to Bruce Lansford, " Jazz Band is not just to play to learn, but, to learn what jazz is really all about. " Blow boys, blow! Jazz Band-Top row: Dan Blackley, Robbie Grubbs. Sam Riggio, Walt Ruggieri, Greg Haake (advisor). Second row: Jennifer Wilcox. Bruce Lansford, Dave Miller, Third row: Kevin Ruggieri, Michael Lansford, Dan Fox, Greg Pearce Front row: Clayton Gewin, Debby George, Tuan Vu, Laurel Mason, Greg Kafka. Sam Riggio and Wait Ruggieri contemplate Jazz Band matters over lunch. 244 Drama Club-Top row: Michael Radensky, Kyle Hansen, Charlotta Jensen, Amy Somers, Derek Hollingsworth, Dena Gilbert, Second row: Bill Romesburg, Ted Hewlett (vice president), Dan Blackley, Karen Bretz, Matt Syverson, Dorie Ham- ilton, Third row; Barbara Adelsperger, Magda Indians On Stage Lights! Camera! Action! These familiar words helped to get Drama Club members off to an active year. They held two festivals throughout the year to promote drama and improve upon individual acting skills. One was a dis- trict festival held at FUHS, in which stu- dents from each school performed scenes for each other. They held an- other educational festival for aspring junior highers. Unique fundraisers included a trash-a- thon in which members picked up trash for the city of Fullerton and a makeup day on October 31 designed to pre- pare trick-or-treaters for Halloween. According to Barbara Adelsperger, " Drama Club improves your mind with educational material about drama, " Going to Fullerton College to see " Cy- rano de Bergerac " also helped to broaden club interests as well as give them a chance to enjoy themselves. Castellon, Amy Linstrom. Cathy Schluetter, Es- ther Hutton, Karen O ' Brien, Diane Shapiro, San- dra Debruyn (secretary treasurer), Paul Bucal- stein (advisor). Front row; Karen Suich. Michelle Dean, Amy Withrow, Sally Radensky, Kathrine Le- dum, Julie Stoffel. Doreen Tighe (president) Thespians-Top row: Derek Hollingsworth. Clarice Law, Karen O ' Brien, Paul Bucalstein (advisor). Jennifer Smith, Ted Hewlett (vice president). Second row: Katie Hopkins, Bar- bara Adelsperger, Dan Blackley, Karen Bretz. Front row: Sharon Moore, Charlotte Jensen. Sally Radensky, Amy Withrow, Katherine Le- dum, Doreen Tighe (president), Edith Hamil- ton (business manager). Clarice Law trusts Barbara Adelsperger not to shoot bullets up her nose. Would you? Barbara Adeisperger aiways dresses her best » Thespians Ham It Up Take it from the top! And that s just whal the Thespians did. To be accept- ed into this club one must earn 10 Thespian points by being involved in theater activities. These dedicated performers held a banquet at the end of the year to initiate new members. They also went to a Thespian Confer- ence at Fullerton College to partici- pate in worl shops, performances, and a banquet. According to Barbara Adelsperger, " Thespians are radical and Fun. We all have a wild time. " 245 Running Club Runs For Support Up at dawn - practice before school - practice after sclnool - all Track team members know the many hours of work a good team requires. This year, however, they were asked to use their social and organizational skills to bene- fit the team by joining the Running club. This club, made up of track team members, worked hard to raise money for various track activities. In the words of David Hassett, " There is more than one way to work for the team " . Mark Zacharlah puts another race In the record book. Running Club - Top row: Mr. Hertwig, Phil Ber- nard, Brian Walker, Mike Afram Second row: An- dre Chabenel, Ryan Akino, Dave Jarvi. Ray Ber- geron. Craig Bernard. Third row: Doug Win- ingham. Bill Romesberg, Steve Strapac. Shane Allen, Tom Fullerton, Fourth row: Heidi Adams. Loren Nelson. Chris Hutterer. Fifth row: Dove Dins- more. Lou Unland. John Bass. Robert Graf. Sixth row: David Hassett. Ann Pittman. Alison Lundie, Front row: Barbara Adelsberger, Debbie Jones. 246 Running ;Club, Cross Country Club Cross Country club - Top row: Liz Bass, Mark Busleta. Andre Chabenel, Doug Winningham, Mike Afram, John Bass. Cross Country X ' s Out Opposition The sight of FUHS ' Cross Country team, clod in their red and white uni- forms, is a familiar one in the hills of Fullerton. The Cross Country team now has a counterpart in the Cross Country club. The club, newly formed this year under the direction of Mr. Erskine, worked to benefit the team. The club, which is mode up of team members, worked hard this year to raise money. The club did what they do best by sponsoring a run-o-thon, as will as a paper drive. This hard work will pay off in new uniforms and a summer camp for the team. According to club presi- dent Kevin Ruggieri, " Working in the club is an excellent way to support the team " . Cuong Do, Greg Gaon, Ted Barber. Loren Galati Front row: Craig Bernard, Ray Bergeron, Tom Ful- lerton Craig Bernard, Andrew Chabenel, and Robert- Graf lead the pack towards home. Hard Work Pays Off In Dance Go ' s Fine Form Every day 22 girls climb the stairs ot a very tall building in order to reacti a room where they may express their creativity. These girls are the top dancers at FUHS and give many per- formances to shov it. Their Winter Concert, held in December, was shown in Plummer for the entertain- ment of all English classes invited to attend. President of the Dance Com- pany, Cindy Lemke, together with vice-president Cassie Cannizzaro, kept together an excellent company. " I ' ve been in Dance Company for three years and I ' ve never enjoyed myself more, " commented Angela Eve. Miriam Neai and Cindy Leml e entertain at the Winter Concert. Dance Company-Top row; Sue Hooper. Leeann Moroni. Jenny Yount. Nancy Sieminski. Kim Berg, Kelly Sherman. Cassie Cannizzaro. Miriam Neol, Tracy Eliott. Ann Schultz. Melissa Brit. Instructor Nancy Tracey. Second row Kelly Deveney, An- gela Eve, Margie Eder, Jennefer Eder. Jennifer Smith, Cindy Frias. Stacy Sprig. Laurie Stanley. Front row: Cindy Lemke. Trisha Paxton, Heather Farrah. Jennifer Brooks, Diane Lipiz. Lisa Walsh, Julie Stoffel. Gabby Prieto. Keiiy Sherman demonstrates how practice pays off. Dance Company 247 Tennis Club A Smashing Success Teen tennis enthusists belong to Ten- nis Club, According to President Quyet Nguyen, " it pronnotes a better tennis team because we raise money for im- proving the team. " In order to raise money to buy new balls and uniforms for boy ' s tennis, club members held a donut sale and a tennis-a-thon in which participants got sponsors to pledge money for their two hours of playing. After about 40 games, not only did they raise money, but, also got in a lot of practi ce. New balls and uniforms obviously made the " racqueteers " a very worth-while organization. Nice swing, Tim, but where ' s the ball Mark Vossman patiently waits for someone to serve hiim a ball. Tennis Club-Top row Tim Hendra, Bobby Carl- ton. Ctiris Vossman, Mark Vossman, Second row Jeft lvasl . Andrew Prokopvicti, John Beck, Greg Gaon, Nadav Schichor. (secretary treasurer), Tuan Le, (vice president) James Carroll. Front row: Ruben Solas, Richard Arguelles, Brian McFor- land, Quyet Nguyen (president), Viet Dinh, Bill Ronsberg. Football Club-Top row: Richard Williams, Danny " Stud " Bethencourt, Brian Perez, Paul Anoyo, Tom Morrow, John Saltzmon, Bob Renfro. Brian Hughes, Richard Cornesi, Mark Chovira, Dove Sepulveda, J,K, Reinhort, Second row: Ray Mitchison, Loren Nelson, Daymen Dodds, Third row: Curt Daggett, Tim Wachholtz, Jesse Guz- Football Keeps Going If you ' re looking for a Boys ' club that provides motivation and helps to de- velop better football techniques, the Football Club is for you. Even when football season ended, club members were still seen supporting their sport. Football Club, consisting of those highly talented muscle men who played football for FUHS, is a very worthwhile club for all football enthusiasts. It gives members a chance to discuss and try out new ploys that will help make a stronger team. According to on active Football Club member and varsity team player, " Football Club gives us a chance to raise money for new equip- ment and work as a group on improv- ing our awesome team. " I man. Ken Lentz. Fourth row: Micheal Whitehurst, Matt Zapf, Mike Parrott, Glen Adorns. Ben Run- nels Fifth row: Victor Williams. Mike Willey. Gar- rick Mc Ney, David Dinsmore, Pat Stewart. Mike Knox, Front row: Dennis Snow. Steve Silao. Rich- ard Garcia. Greg Putogani, Mark Piotrowski. Derek Mc Ney. B-ball Bounces In The Bucks Dribble! Drive! Shoot! This year ' s Basketball Club set out to raise mon- ey for new equipment and improve the team. Holding an M-n-M sale went over big with hungry students and provided large profits for the club. At club meetings, the mem- bers went over new and different plays to improve their skills. Even though the club had a small member- ship, club members were able to have a very sucessful year due to their friendship and love of basketball. As one active member stated, " Basket- ball Club is a fantastic chance for bas- ketball fans to get together and go over different techniques and have a good time, " Raise your hand if you ' re sure now. Basketball Club-Top row: Brian Perez. J.K, Rein- hart. Steve Pearson, Second row: Mark McGuire, John Gates. Mike Hetland, Geoff Boone. Brett Harill. R.J, Homblin. Third row: Danny Anayo, Brian Mossey, Front row: Greg Manship, Roy Diaz. You tell me how J.K, Reinhart plays bosketball and does ballet at the same, Brett Harlli is given a hand for his superior meth- od of handling the ball. 249 Polo Floats In What club is made up of all boys who wear red shirts? If you guessed Water Polo club you ' re right. The HO Polo group is the newest organization on campus. Money-Makers were a stag dance and a M .M sale, both big su- cesses. At the beginning of the year each member purchased a red shirt indicating pride in his membership. The president was Scott Maginnis, vice president was James Makshanoff, and secretary treasurer was David Jer- ome. Scott Maginnis, James Makshanoff, and David Jerome show how much fun being a Water Polo club officer can be Water Polo club-Top Row: Jim Lowery, Peter Birnbaum, Ricky Freyre, Al Schade, Tim Wach- holtz. Ken Sakamoto, Second row, Mark Walters, Luis Unland, Ed Schade, Don Carlson. Third row Chris Frias, Scott Maginnis, David Jerome, James Makshanoff, Greg Bolcer, Jim Lieser. Fourth row: Shawn Allen, Josh Miller, Jeff Price, Bram Tester. J.V. water polo gets it all together before a game 250 Water Polo, Big F Big F Prospers Do you remember getting down at the first stag dance of the year? Well, if you do and you are just dying to know who put it on, it was Big F, Some other BIG fundraisers were a Mug Sale, with two sizes to choose from (an ex- cellent way to remember FUHS) and a fantastic See ' s Sucker Sale — every- body loves See ' s. According to Bar- bora Corranza, " Our purpose is to raise money to give recognition to girl ath- letes. " They do that by holding an awards banquet at the end of the year. Big F otIicers-President Barbara Carranza, Vice President Teresa Raridan, Secretary Treasurer Kellee Fritzal Big F (left side) - Top row: Kristin Daniel, Alison Terrlll. Second row: Laurie Tenney, Debbie Geary, Susannah Coppel. Third row: Tammy Swonson, Kerri Calligher, Teresa Raridan. Fourth row: Casey Donahue, Judy Gesk, Amanda Ives- ter, Heidi Adams. Front row: Barbara Carranza, Kellee Fritzall. a i Bk K BI W Um Varsity Is " It " Some people might ask, what is Varsity club? Well Varsity club is a group of all the guys ' who have made varsity in any particular sport. This club is the same as Big F accept that Big F is for girls. Varsity club is responsible for raising the money to buy the trophies for guys ' sports. Their sign is the letterman jacket, and you can see them all over ccrri- pus. Varsity Club-Top row: R,J, Hamblin, John Sals- man, Second row James Makshonoff. Mike VanWinkle, George Deando, Third Row; Geoff Boone, Curt Dagget, Tim Wachholtz. Fourth Row. Brett Horrill, Ken Eoston, Joe Hef- fernan. Greg Putginam, Fifth Row. Ed Schade, Ed Gaspers, Shawn Allen, Pat Stewart. Steave Moore, Sixth Row; Kevin Ruggeri, John Adams. Richard Garcia. David Dinsmore, Brandon Buck, Eric Egurrola, Front Row; David Jerome, Lance Brunner, Tim Ullom, Danny Cholakian, Paul An- aya, Mark Chavaria. Big F (Right side)-Top row: Kathy Tollant, Diane Berry, Second row: Julia Farm, Sue Dennis, Third row: Jeri Andrews, Jo Lotspeich, Noelle Heusser, Janene Aller. Front row Christine Hill, Tracy Merrill, Gigi Van Dissel. Tom Morrow shows his skills that got him a varsity in soccer. i J t 251 Gone Fishing " Who? " you may ask, can be caught reeling in a 20-pound bass at 5:30 in the morning. " Not me, " you say? Well than obviously you don ' t belong to the Anglers ' club! These rugged individuals devote their spare time to pulling in as many fish as they can carry. Shane Al- len says that " It ' s a great opportunity to meet people v ith the same inter- ests you do. " The club had many ex- citing trips this year. Anglers ' Club-Top Row; Kevin Booth, Jjjdson Lit- tle. Brian Goon. Robert Perez, Walt DeAlmeida, Brian Garrity. Choung Do, Sandra Lang, Olga Nunez, Kristin Daniel. Second Row: Randi Feln- berg, David Shapiro, Danny Shcector. Front row: Star McDonald. Dung Le. Beth DeVay. Shane Allen. Ramon Garcia, Alex Cordillo, Ernie Matute, Star MacDonal d and Yung Le lool forward to their next fishing trip Danny Schecter inspects his latest " catch. ' Hang Ten Riding treacherous waves and getting a radical tan is a religion to these FUHSiand. Henry Mendez soys that " this club gives you a chance to go out v ith friends and catch massive surf. " They ' ve caught " tub- lare " waves all along the West Coast, and plan to go hang ten throughout summer. 252 Anglers ' Cluti, Surf Club Surf Club-Top Row: Dan Cholokian. Henry Mendez. Mark Cox, Front Row: Eric Egurrolo, David Myatt, Not pictured: Lesley Trasport. Surf Club member Lesley Trasport takes time out to smile. Autographs 253 Keyed Up Key Club: the most popular orgoniza- tion, is a group of young men and women who are concerned with the welfare of our community. They have had a successful year, as usual, and " next year ' s gonna be even better, " according to Key Club member David Jerome, Key Club- Top Row, Donald Carlson, Tuon Vuh, Scott Maginnis, Dennis Fredricks, Second r?ow Scott McDonald, James Mackshanoff, George Palomino, David Jerome, Clark Lew, Sam Jones, R,J. Hamblin, Key Club gets excited about a new job Scott Maginnis and David Jerome stiow ttieir true feelings for each other. 254 Idakas Advance " What ' s Idakas? " Well, have you ever been walking leisurely to your class, and been blinded by a sea of endless pink? Yes, THAT ' S Idakas! Actually Idakas is a service club for young women who are interested in our community, Annette Togomi stated that " It ' s been a lot of fun, because the people that we get to meet, and the things we get to do ore pricel ess, " idakas- Top Row, Kristi Ivester. Heidi Hamilton. Christina Bletterman, Debra McLaren, Karen Swindell. Debbie Boatner. Mayome Yamo- momoto, Carlo Johnson, Third Row: Mary Bush. Melissa Britt, Leslie Putnam, Jean Chris- tiansen, Paulo Stork, Amanda Ivester, Debbie Jones. Ynonne Cooperman. 2nd Row: Mi- chelle Seaton. Judy Gesk, Jill Shellenberger, Clarice Law, Lara Mallot, Janna Buck. Tanya Robertson. Front Row: Cheryl Cole. Annette Togami. Denise Allcott. Jennifer Awdell. Su- san Nolan, and Mrs, Katzenstein. Denise Alcott can ' t wait meeting the next Idakas f m Interaction In its second year at FUHS, Interact Club gained in popularity and mem- bership. The newest service club is open to all of those interested in helping others both at school and within the entire community. Vice President Darleen Romney stated " We ' ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot of precious things. " Good ex- periences bring good memories- something one never has too much of. Interact Club- Top row: Brian Gar- rity, Brian Goon, Walter DeAlmeida. Second row: Judy Gesk, Danny Schecter, Nadav Schicor, Robert Perez. Third row: Laurie Ayres, Joy Dohms, Heidi Adams, Jon Abbot, QuyeT Nguyen. Front row: Darleen Romney, Kathy Tallant, Beth DeVay, Kristin Daniel, Miriam Neal, Carlo Hiltscher, Dung Le. ' Darleen Romney gets hit with pie for not attending on Interact meeting. Miriam Neal daydreams about the next In- teract meeting. Idakas, Interact 255 Hal Hughes moves the little doggies back into ttie barn. Future Farmers o1 America-Top row: Chris Frias, Mark Engles, Tom Corbin, John Revelli, Donny Bankhead, Hilary Woodward, Paul LaMarche, Second row: Laurie Erskin, John Mazin, Mark Cox, Stacey Hatin, Alfie Agnew, Tom Hughes, Scott Hunt, Robert French, Third row: Michelle Pierce, Kelly Barnes. Jim Cook, Ceasor Newton, Karen Stumpf, Cory Pealer, Mike Flory, Brian Massey, Rob Flory, Front row: Sherry Bergstrom, Margee Holler, Dawn Barba, Annette Spotts, Melissa Loew, Marie Roberts. KSlSffliI! « lur ' ' ■ft , -J FFA Combines Work And Fun What do animals, agriculture and a big red barn liave to do with FUHS? These are the ingredients ot the Future Farmers of Amercia. The FFA is a na- tionwide organization which instructs its members in competitive agriculture and technical skills. An overflowing tro- phy case is testimony to the skill of Ful- lerton ' s FFA. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lesh these future farmers have been very successful in county fairs and other competitions. You may wonder why students would be inter- ested in what seems like hard work, but in the words of member Brian Mas- sey, " It ' s fun " . Darrell Romney looks for that prize winning photo. ,fr im z»% ' ; Mark Engles poses with a friend 256 F.F.A. And Photo Club Photo Club: Top row: Hieu Nguyen, Paul Bucal- stein. Brian Gaon. Brett Heisinger, Darrell Romney. Shutterbugs Share Ideas After an absence of a year the Photo Club was back in operation at FUHS. Under the direction of Paul Bucalstein the club has participated in group shoots to Los Angeles and Laguana Beach. In addition to sharing new ideas on the technical aspect of photogra- phy these shutterbugs participated in national and local competition. Presi- dent Brian Gaon expressed his goal for the year as, " We want the photogra- pher to enhance his knowledge with us " . Eric Anderson Front row: Brett Reuter, Derek Hol- lingsworth, Horry Fan Pep Club Keeps The Spirit Going Spirit was in abundance at FUHS this year. This was due in large part to the energetic support of Pep Club. These faithful rooters not only painted signs for all the games but gave a boost to our teams by their unified presence at every game. This year the club fi- nanced their efforts through a car- wash. According to president Susie Fraser these red and white clad boost- ers " supported their school and had lots of fun " . Julie West. Linda Shool . and Kristin Daggett were active in the spirit dept. Pep Club (above) Top row: Kristen Daniel. Mir- iam Neal Second row: Walter DeAlmeido. Jodi Lotspeich. Brian Gorrity Third row David Jerome. Linda Shook. Beth Devay. Debbie Hawkins. Fourth row George Palimino, Joy Dohms. Julie West. Margie Eder, Tammy Petri, Angela Eve. Cara Adams, Fifth row: Jolle Gunther. Cammie Bice. Cindy Hawkins. Susie Fraser. Denise Fleming. Chou Nguyen Sixth row: Nancy Slemenski. Sam Copp. Denise Allen. Tiare Lent. Kelly Sherman, Spirit Club And Photo Club 257 Iv. % ' l ._ 1 ■-.ffl H l fl k Li v ' l S 1 w B r " ' ' - ' BH ■ F H P - - " ' ' ' . - ' ' H ■1 Oulll and Scroll gives Tina Weber serenity. Q And S Passes Info Along Those students interested in keep- ing the student body informed of all ttie events during the school year, were those who belong to Quill and Scroll. Quill and Scroll is a national organization for high school juniors and seniors. According to Bob Tomes, Advisor, " The main purpose of Quill and Scroll is to develop lead- ership on the newspaper staff and to explore the issues of creating a high school newspaper. " Tina We- ber, president of Quill and Scroll, ex- pre ssed her feelings by explaining that " it ' s a great club. Too bad it ' s limited to people in publications. " The club was a tremendous aid to the student body by providing such interesting literature about FUHS. Quill and Scroll-Top row: David Jerome, (secre- tary) Laurie Ayres. (vice president) Kathrine Le- dum, Tina Weber (president). Front rovi : Clark Lew, (treasurer) Kelli Karnafel, Julie Hepler, Leslie Putnam, Annette Togami. Clark Lew can ' t bear to watcti David Jerome beat people with his gavel 258 Quill And Scroll, Computer Computer Club-Top row Bob Renfro, Matt Zapf, John Saltzmon, John Ambriz, Derek Hol- lingsworth Second row: Jack Dodds, Jim Low- rey, Brian Hughes, Brian Gorrity, Ben Runnels, Ken Easton, Third row: Heidi Adams, Lance Brunner, Geoff Boone, Ken Lentz, Tom Jones, Glenn Ad- ams, Tuan Le, Richard Pippin, Tim Ullom, Rick Flo- res. Fourth row: Scott MacDonald, Melliso Britt, George Palomino, Tony McGuire, Brian Gaon, FUHS Enters Computer Age One of the fastest growing clubs on campus is the Computer Club. Brian Gaon believes that " the computer club is by far one of the largest clubs on campus. " Designed for computer enthusiasts, the club provided mem- bers with a chance to discuss various aspects in the computer world. Bi- weekly meetings enabled members to discuss new and informative computer programming techniques. Active club members attended the Southern Cali- fornia International Computer Show in May. The show was a very informative and interesting source that enhanced the members ' computer knowledge. According to Brian Gaon, " The club shall continue to greatly prosper in our computer society here at FUHS. " Walter DeAlmeida, Jeff Carr. Mercedes Kim. Fifth row: Cindy Jerome. Leslie Trasport, Janice Kawase, David Jerome, Susie Froser, Missy Kenin, Clark Lew, Peter Birbaum, Dung Le, Laura Nolan, Stiaron Mckeag, Lisa Rozboril. Front row: Casey Donahue, Denise Borowski. Matt Palomino, Sam Jones, Chris Deeble, Shawn Allen, Greg Bolcer, Danny Schecter Curt Daggett loves the Computer Club and Tim Ullom, After all the hours of strenuous work, total devotion, and rushing to meet deadlines, the 1984 Pleiades is complete. Members of Annual Club worked diligently to raise money to help put out this book that is filled with everlasting memories of fun- filled times shared throughout the year. Annual Club ' s main purpose was to raise extra money to publish the best yearbook at the lowest possi- ble price. In order to do this, the ac- Annual Club-Top row Dorrell Romney. Eric An- derson, Tammy Petri, Holly Kerr. Angela Eve (president). Cara Adams (secretary treasurer), Maureen Reesman (vice president). Noel To- gami, Scott Kremkow. Bob Tomes (advisor). Front row: Harry Fan, Laurie Tenney, Brian Gaon, Greg McMillan, Cheryl Ayres, Michelle Hahn, Dena Gilbert, Matt Severson. Eric Anderson displays his photography skills as well being the perfect model. Annual Club officers Cara. Maureen, and An- gela get taken away five members held See ' s candy and flower sales. An innovative idea to sell FUHS bumper stickers went over fabu- lously with those students who were highly spirited. Their most successful fundraiser was the yearly annual sign- ing dance where everyone come to reminisce about the year gone by, dance the night away, and of course, sign annuals. According to Cara Ad- ams, secretary treasurer, " it ' s very re- warding to be entrusted with produc- ing memories for your friends and peers. " Computer, Annual 259 Home Economics Club puts happiness into ev- erybody ' s face, including Laura Nolan ' s. Home Ec. Helps What ' s Cooking? Home Economics Club is wl at ' s cooking. This fast growing club is a very benefical club that aids in promoting services for the community. They demonstrated their enthusiasm in helping others when they visited a shelter home for abused wives and children. To this group, the club provided Christmas decorations along with a little yule- tide spirit to brighten up the home. Active members also engaged in some seasonal Christmas caroling to fill the air with the ever-present Christmas joy. Other activities in- cluded a potluck held in the Home Economic Building, and profitable key chain and calendar sales. The club also visited people in a rest home and performed a play to add to the enjoyment of their visit. Laura Nolan enjoyed participating in the Home Economics Club because " It ' s fun and we try to help other peo- ple. " Ill ll ' J Home Economics-Top row; Carol Carter, Debby McLaren, Judy Gesk, Cindy Stiaffer. Olivia Son Miguel (secretary treasurer), Amanda Ivester. Mictielle Zachariati. Second row Barbara Adel- sperger, Karen Swindel (vice president), Heidi Adams, Christie Ivester, Lisa Rozboril, Third row Gail McLaughlin, Susan Nolan (president), Mi- chelle Seaton, Janna Buck, Front row: Michelle Spotts, Megan Pendleton, Laura Nolan, Darleen Romney, Nancy Hunyadi (advisor). Sue Nolan is an excited Indian. 260 Home Economics, Biology 1 m ft M Biology Club Captures Kids Brought into action by President Yvonne Cooperman, the Biology Club promoted the area of biological sci- ence. At the beginning of the year the aspiring young scientists held a potluck in the teachers ' lounge. Their guest, a captivating M.D., entertained the members thoroughly. He literally " cap- tured " the audience when he hypno- tized five students from the club. Ac- cording to Biology Club member David Myatt, " Biology club is an in-human, neat-o, and swell club. " Biology Club-Top row: Heidi Adams, Mary Bush. Don Blacl ley, Bruce Lansford. Bob Yeh, John Boss, Robert Graf, Wayne Daniels (advisor). Sec- ond row: Judy Gesk, Francine Cooperman, Bill Romesberg, Sharon McKeag, Lan Hoang, Carlo Johnson, Stacy Lipman. Front row: Phuong Dinh, Thu Ngon Thi Nguyen, Denise Au, Michelle Sea- ton, Michelle Kin, Yvonne Cooperman (presi- dent), Julie Eun (vice president), Naomi Yama- moto (secretary treasurer). Wayne Daniels and Stacy Lipman are totally thrilled about being in the Biology Club, " Do I iiave to disect another worm? " Yvonne Cooperman, asks Math Masters A very rewarding organization for those highly intellectual students on campus was the math team. Each member of the team was required to earn an A grade in their math class and hove Mel Bennett ' s ap- proval to be on this selective team. Although the membership is small, consisting of only four boys, Harry Fan explains that " the team ' s mem- bership is small but our brains are not. " Harry is so right. Members stud- ied independently working on mind- boggling equations in geometry, al- gebra, trigonometry, and calculus. They all worked enthusiastically to prepare themselves for the annual math contest held at Orange Coast College. Each member had a very rewarding year. Summed up by Har- ry Fan, " The math team has been very, very good to me. " Matli Team-Mel Bennet Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen, Harry Fan, Glen Adams (advisor), Quyet Fc " ■ If you ' re smart enough to be on the moth team, like " lucky " Harry Fan, you ' re smart enough to buy a " Bemer " As you can see, Quyet Nguyen ' s joy is being on the math team. 261 Mark Pyeatte and Cara Adams have a wun- derbar " (wonderful) time being in the German Club together. Get German! " Wir hatte eine gutes Jahre, " (we had a good year) stated Carolyn Vanderveen when asked how Ger- man Club did this year. The club ' s major event of the year was the third annual Ski Bum Dance. The small but enthusiastic membership set a winter wonderland scene with snow-covered mountains, glittering stars, and Christmas trees. The Mor- mon Relics completed a spectacu- lar evening and helped to provide an exceptionally fun evening for all who attended and earned large profits for the club. Because of all the mega bucks they mode through the year, the club of- fered $100 scholarships to graduat- ing seniors. This provided a very beneficial start to college life and a marvelous chance to continue the wonderful language of German. German Club - Top row Richard Arguelles, Angela Nicolo, Ruben Solas, Jodi Lotspeich. Second row; Bob Yah, Mark Pyeatte. Carolyn Venderveen (president), Cathy Schleuter (secretary treasurer). Front row: Somantha Simpson. Cora Adams (vice president). Terri Moore, Judy Bagley. Carolyn Vanderveen and Cara Adams look wonderful in that tree, don ' t they? CSF-Top row: Ron Willes. Bob Petri, Steve Bush. Bob Yeh. Quyet Nguyen, Kevin Booth, Glen Ad- ams, Ken Easton. Geoff Boone. Scott MocDon- ald. Clark Lew. David Shapiro, Second row: Lisa Brown, Julie Hediund. Allison Terrill, Denise Bor- owski. Jeff Carr, Horry Fan, Brian Gaon, Third row: Lan Hoong, Jenifer Brooks, Heidi Hamilton, Su- sanoh Coppel. Patty Bridgeford. Mercedes Kim, Dan Schecter. Robert Perez. Phung Dinh, Jill Shel- CSF Sets The Standard Inspiring students who have achieved high academic standards are those who belong to the California Scholarship Federation. Designed to serve FUHS students and others in the Federation, CSF promoted higher aca- demic achievements, One may have asked himself, " what must I do to be in CSF? " Well, you must have achieved and maintained a 3.5 G.P.A. or higher. The prosperous students in the Feder- ation were rewarded with various trips. Some FUHS students enjoyed trips to Los Angeles, Disneyland, and different plays. CSF member, Liora Asa, explains that " CSF stands for higher education in America. " This year the Federation ' s members demonstrated great intelli- gence and were able to accomplish a lot. 262 German, CSF lenberger. Karia Johnson, Laura Cooper. Gigi Von DIssel, Lesley Laraway. Scott Kremkow, Jean Christian Fourth row Viet Dinh, Bill Romes- burg. Ted Hewlett, Margie Eder, Grace Lu, Janna Buck, Clarice Law Front row Tina Weber, Mau- reen Reesman, Sandra Lang, Lioro Asa. Olga Nunez. Kristin Daniel. Darleen Romney. Michelle Kim, Denise Au, Dung Le. CSF member Maureen Reesman, is looking good. French Club Gains Culture, Funds OOh La La to the French Club who completed onother exceptional year. Starting fresh in September the club had a treasury amounting to $16, so they set out to increase their funds. Bagel and croissant sales held at break got them started with in- credible profits. Holding a See ' s suck- er sale shot the club ' s funds up even higher to over $400. Active French Club member Dara Bass, felt " that the French Club was really neat because they participat- ed in French activities enabling them to learn French culture, " One such interesting activity was their trip to the Wilshire Theater to see Marcel Marceau in a French play. They also held two French cuisine breakfasts, one held at school and the other at a French pancake house. A new dimension added this year, thanks to increased funds, was that one graduating senior who has taken French at FUHS and wished to contin- ue the language will receive a $100 scholarship. Besides having fun, participating members were provided with a great learning experience. French Club - Top row: Stacy Lipman. Andre Chabanel. Tim Holmes, Mary Bush (president). Second row: Lan Hoang (secretary), Yvonne Cooperman, Thu Ngon, Thi Nguyer , Pat Gentilin (advisor) Third row: KarIa Johnson (treasurer), Julie Eun. Diana Bortis, Laurie Tammens. Front row: Naomi Yamamoto, Michelle Kim, Denise Au (vice president). Amy Hansen. Bram Tester. Being In the French Club lights up Bram Tester ' s lite. CSF, French 263 Dreaming, Striving, Achieving The Pursuit Of Excellence Excellence is sought by everyone. No matter what one does, he wants to be the best at it. One achieves greatness by having a dream and pursuing it with all of his energy. This applies to the biology tests, and team tryouts as well as college and career plans. Graduation means something different to each of those graduating, Fullerton College, a full time job, or a university are only a few of the endless possibilities. To illustrate why he like the presidency, John F. Kennedy used the Greek definition of happiness. It is the full use of your powers along lines of excellence. If you strive toward excellence in pursuit of a dream, you will find peace of mind, and be happy. 264 Conclusion ■ ) r • ¥=■ Kristen Lorain Follow your dreams . . . take one step at a time And don ' t settle for less, just continue to climb. Follow your dreams, if you stumble, don ' t stop Or lose sight of your goal, press on to thie top. And always remember, the hills ahead Are never as steep as they seem Press on and follow Your dreams. May you never hesitate in the pursuit of happiness through a job well done. We love you and are very proud. Mom, Dad, Curt and Sue Bound lb I rave I li PNINASHICHOR for all your travel needs " 625 S. Euclid Ave. Fullerton.CA 92632 (714)773-0222 CONGRATULATIONS, LAURIE You made it! We love you, Mom, Jim, Cheri and Heather CONGRATULATIONS Robert Perez the class of ' 84 We ' re proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad Michael BREA DATSUN • SALES • LEASING • SERVICE PARTS SERVICE HOURS: Datsun Li ' l Hustler 4x4 with optional Fender Flares and 4x4 Graphics Congratulations and best wishes to our lovely daughter PAM BOLCER We are proud of you!! Love Mom, Dad, Greg and Steve MON.-FRI. 7:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M. SAT. 8:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. Just 1 ' , Miles East Of Tfie 57 Freeway. Or 4 Miles Norttl Of (91) Riverside Freeway In Brea g IMPERIAL HWY u. S YORBA LINDA z BREA DATSUN SALES LEASING SERVICE 3000 E. IMPEr?IAL HWY. 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Santa Fe • FullertON, CA 92632 Phone 879-91 17 2438 E. Chapman Ave Fullerton, CA 92631 (714) 738-0881 Congratulations to Linda Shook and the class of ' 84 We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom Dad Debbie Jeff Jamie Elaine Paul Carrie Ricky Kristie Danny Brandon 270 DIAL 525-3232 Hasson ' s SCHOOL OF FLORAL DESIGN 501 W COMMONWEALTH AVE. FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA 92632 Congratulations Class of 1984 From Shook Building Systems JAMES W SHOOK sbs BUTLER License No. 283001 BUILDER Shook Building Systems Inc. 1027 W La Cadena • Riverside. California 92501 • (714) 682-2516 130 W Bastonchury • Fullerton. California 92635 • (714) 870-56-1 2055 S Baker Ave • Ontario. California 91761 • (714) 947-5817 MILLET ASSOCIATES, INC. CIVIL ENGINEERS • LAND SURVEYORS • LAND PLANNERS Daljit S, Marwah, M.S., P.E. Vice President 101 S Kraemer Blvd.. Suite 125 Placentia. CA 92670 (714)993-3410 FULLERTON 2415 E. Chapman 992-4000 MICHAEL G. JULIEN Franchisee PIZZAS - SANDWICHES - PASTA BEER- WINE Weekday Buffet Lunch - " All you can eat " A RIALTOnt Barbara Kerr Associate A-rwATER a ASSOC. Inc. 3261 N. HARBOR FULLERTON, CA 92635 OFF. S7t-SS40 Continental 1 Hr. Cleaners DRAPERY SPECIALISTS 1428 S. Harbor Blvd MAURI HENDRICKSON Fullerton, California 92632 Manager (714)871-6634 I 271 WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE TO THE TEACHERS, COACHES AND STAFF OF FULLERTON UNION HIGH SCHOOL FOR THEIR PART IN EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN. MANY THANKS, TRACY CLASS OF 84 JIM CLASS OF 77 CHRIS CLASS OF 66 JACKIE AND BOB MERRILL Congratulations and Best Wishes Angela Love Mom, Dad and Allison MIKE JOHNSON 601 East Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, California (714) 870-1020 (714) 525-5575 J. C. PLUMBING AND SONS 16 Years Repiping Water Lines Sprinklers Water Heaters Gas Lines Disposals Dishwashers Drains Boring Trenching Roto Rooting Spa. " All General Plumbing Repairs " Darleen and Darrell Romney 1984 (714) 879-6160 COMIC CASTLE NEW BACK ISSUE COMICS-POSTERS-PAPERBACKS Open Daily 12 Noon to 6:30 p.m. • Sunday 3 p.m. -6:30 p.m. 107 W. Amerige • Fullerton, CA. 92632 For 18 years you have traveled the same path together. Now you are at the crossroads where your paths may separate. always remember that any path can lead to home for Families are Forever. Love Mom and Dad 272 Advertisements Reliable Sheet Metal Works SINCE 1926 CONTRACTORS LIC. 272202 ART SCHADE (714)738-5891 524 EAST WALNUT FULLERTON. CALIFORNIA 92631 Congratulations Teresa We ' re Proud of You! Love Mom Dad ELAINE RICKETTS BUILDING ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS, INC. m 130 W. BASTANCHURY RD. FULLERTON, CA 92635 MANMm h TAimM mTAumr •UIHEHIIC CMPteo FKESK TAlAiN • MiNDUIN nCEIUlU • UECIIUM (714)879-5602 ClOSEO MWDAt UT li » TO fiO ■ ■■ J 528-0440 kmvi ef Writ tron SouUieia Ctlif RnUurasI Wnttn IIM L TOm UMUl n., PUUITIl (Piiuntli Pi«c« Srioppirifl Ctflltf) {Uw Rom Dfirt) _ - CONGRATULATIONS DAVID JEROME KEEP IT UP DAD MOM CINDY Advertisements 273 CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to Karen, Tracy, and Mona From the Glessners Barbara Lee Carranza You have made me, So very Proud of you. Congratulations My Chiquitita! Love You, Mom Congratulations to Joylyn Dahms You ' re the Joy of our life. Love Mom and Dad STATIONARY • GIFTS BOOKS • POSTERS Brewer ' s 1316 E. Chapman Fullerton. CA 92631 OFFICE SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS Charles Roberta Reed (714) 870-9550 Dr. DOUGLAS L. Chase Dr. ROBERT T. RICE OPTOMETRIST 1342 E Chapman Fullerton. California 92631 526 • 5515 POST OFFICE VILLAGE EYES Examined CONTACT LENSES PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED PERCEPTUAL. VISUAL TRAINING Congratulations " Diana " and the class of ' 84. We loved you then We love you now We ore very proud of you. Love olvi oys Dad Mom Vince Del feny k, H 1 ♦ 1 ' M f £ ■ - • X 3 i. ■L M m 274 Advertisements MEN OR WOMEN MMMMMMKfAniAff MTV; Moil Hal OnlfM HAlReiffTER ' jsfjvjifj C -rf rj ' j ' ' nvjin j (714) 525-9933 (714) 738-9933 181 3 W Or;ing(. ' thor|n: (at Brookhurst] Fullerton, CA (behind Spire ' s Restaurant) After we say all there is to say, the bottom line is: We Love You, Stacy Mom and Dad XX 1 OD i omXM Ji " You ' ve come a long way, baby! " Congratulations Class of 1984 From Giovanni ' s Pizza Congratulations to Susie and the Class of 1984 Love Mom, Dad, Ellen and Jan Fraser imperial paint 992 W. Williamson Ave. Fullerton 526-5561 Corner Euclid and Williamson near Euclid Underpass BILL EDIE 714-870-0200 150 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE. ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 92801 275 COyVGrRATU U T I OA 5 0 THE- CL.ASS OP lAyp TO OO OWN y HzlO polo Pl.4VLR -oo c« v4 iCacieuJ _ BEGINNERS - PROFESSIONALS 2914 BREA BLVD. FULLERTON, CA. 92636 (714) 529-7730 BEVERLY V. PATRICK OWNER MANAGER STANDARD CHEM. PHARM. CO., LTD. p. O. BOX 74. HSIN-YIN 1730) TAIWAN REPUBLIC OF CHINA Love Berry Family To our Friends and Faculty; Thank you for all times we ' ve had, Good and bad! Thank you for all you tried to teach US- Some of it sunk in! Seniors- Class of ' 84 Need we say more? " . BicJv Love Friends Always- God Bless You All, Jo Lotspecich Kim Ray 276 Class of 84 Reach out to the future ' That ' s my Boy " Congratulations Ken Lentz Keep reaching for the stars and you ' ll achieve your dreams. We ' re all proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Kim, Kirk Kevin Congratulations Brian Delight thyself in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of your heart. H Psalm 37:4 H We love you The Perez 1 family 1 Mom, Dad, . Nick, Lisa, • . Dana and Stephanie Go for it, Markie Babe! We love you. Mom, Dad and Heidi Beth 277 278 f 279 Yearbook staff- Top row: Scott Kremkow, Dene Gilbert. Second row: Cheryl Ayres. Tammy Petri, Maureen Reesman, Laurie Tenney, Michelle Hahn, Greg McMillan, Cara Adams, Third row: Jill Foley. Matt Severson, Noel Togami, Mr. Bob Tomes (advisor), Angela Eve. Front row: Harry Fan, Darrell Romney, Eric Anderson. Not pic- tured: Brian Gaon, Holly Kerr, Angela Eve needs only three more names, but Cara Adams just doesn ' t know them. The editors- Top row: Tammy Petri (advertise- ment editor), Jill Foley (copy editor), Maureen Reesman (editor-in-chief), Angela Eve (promo- tions director), Cheryl Ayres (layout editor). Front row. Greg McMillan (sales manager), Mr. Bob Tomes (advisor), Darrell Romney (photography editor). The sheer Joy on Noel Togami ' s face does not begin to express the relief one feels after a deadline. 280 Yearbook Staff Yearbook Staff Gets Crazy Designing layouts, writing stories, choosing pictures, writing captions, and turning the page in before your editor kills you is only the beginning of the production of a yearbook. There is also selling ads, waiting for photo- graphs, getting all of the names for a group photo, selling bumper stickers, interviewing coaches, getting ex- cused from other classes, trying to type on a broken typewriter, copying layouts on carbon forms, getting copy approved, and organizing group pho- tos and assemblies. If you live through all of this, you must have at least a little bit of the secret ingredient - insanity. No matter how busy or crazy it got, however, we always found time for a laugh. That ' s the key. As long as you can laugh, you know you ' re all right. Cheryl Ayres and Maureen Reesnnan take a short break from correcting layouts. Designing a page for tfie mug section is baffling Every 5th period the yearbook room becomes to Holly Kerr. a flurry of activity. Yearbook Staff 281 • " ; Congratidations J j o y to our daughter (Deveneij and the, (ass of ' 84 Congratulations Dave Sekhon I Love You- Sharon Aunt Trish, Wishing the best ANT in the World her very best in years to come. Thanks for being our ANT. Tanya, Trista, Talya A " ' ' V ' 71 26-3367 Certified Real Property Appraiser Certtfied Review Appraiser Senior Cerftfied Valuer Investment - Management Port ner ship Syndication PETER N. KIRIANOFF, M.A., PH.D. Charter Member of Int ' l Exchangers Association SUN STARS REAL ESTATE PC Box 2248 La Hobro, CA 90631 300 So Beach Blvd. La Habro, CA 90631 (213) 691-3838 You ' ve come a long way Babe Cakes from your own car seat to owning CONE CHEVROLET CO. 600 W. Commonwealth FULLEI?TON, CA 92632 Your own car. You ' ve made us proud. Keep up the good work. Love you Lots Your Sister Chevrolet Cavalier • Citation • Celebrity • Chevette • Comoro • Monte Carlo • Caprice New 8i LJsed Cars 8i Trucks Bus, Phone 871-91 lO 282 CONGRATULATIONS TO AMY WITHROW (Beloved) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to thenn who are called according to his purpose. LOVE MOM, DAD AND GLORY Always a WINNER You light up our lives Mom, Dad, Marcie, Stuart, Patty Nina Maginnis WHAT ' S IN MICHELLE HAHN ' S FUTURE? COLLEGE? A WELL PAYING JOB? OR MAYBE A FANTASY WEDDING? WHATEVER IT IS, FULLERTON FLORIST WILL BE THERE FOR ALL HER FLORAL NEEDS. TAP. JAZZ. BALLET BEGINNERS - PROFESSIONALS 2914 BREA BLVD. FULLERTON.CA. 92635 (714) 529-7730 CONGRATULATIONS MONA M. ESCAPITE • Class of " 84 LOVE, MOM, DAD AND DEAN ' 82 Mission Press a IfTHOCRAPH CO. 1 18 NORTH MALDEN, FULLERTON Advertisements 283 ™ ' 4 WS 1 t (W 284 V 285 Girl ' s Tennis - Water Polo - Basketball - ASB CONGRATULAIIONS CLASS OF 1984 o n o to o CO v TZ o - CO 3 ' 3 1 D n to D CO r M O cr Q O cr CO " D S Q -n DD O - to " —1 C o CD u to D o E 2 Q 1 O Q FULLERTON INDIAN BOOSTER CLUB D D to 1 -n -n -n O O Crosscountry - Track - Wrestling - Soccer - Softball 286 Advertisements Congratulations Edye Royer During the last twelve years of school, you have been absent three years due to sickness, real or imaginary. You missed one and a half years due to tardiness. You missed one year for Doctor and Dentist appointments and six months for special activities. That means you have graduated in only six years, half as much time as it tool your Mom and Dad. Congratulations again, we love you and we are very proud of of you. Love Mom, Dad, Troy, Barbie Nicole MONITOR PLATING Sc ANODIZING D. R. MIoJziL • • • • • • 800 Grangefair Lane. Anaheim 92801 PHONE 714 526-2400 PHONE 714 526-461 1 ' We Radiate Service " CURRY X-RAY, INC. Medical Industrial X-Ray Service (714) 879-6108 The ' 83- ' 84 Vocal D ' ensemble wishes all their love the best of luck to: Sina, Anne, Bruce, Kim, Darleen, Darrel, Julie " Jason Ryan " X-Ray Dept Planning X-Roy Equipment Automotic Processors RONALD P. CURRY 1155 W Orongethorpe Ave FULLERTON. CAL, 92633 Advertisements 287 Congratulations Maureen and Kelly! You made it through Chocolate " do-do ' s " , Kool-Aid, wearing cassis shirts on your head, Marvelous, a certain person with braces, 828-6804, sunburnt knees, sailboat pajamas and the cat on the stairs . . . And lived to tell about it! Amazing! Love, Wendy t! i -Jl The wide-eyed innocent chiidren of yesterday become the leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations to Jilla and the Class of 84. We love you all. Mom, Kim and Sleepy =.zZp a( . d ' T ' ee fe ' Tfa, Clark, Success is getting what you want Happiness is wanting what you get Mom, Dad, Terri, Anita, Dan, Laura and Sam 992-2671 Od it " Biidai " Jux BRIDAL AND FORMAL WEAR • CUSTOM AND READY MADE TUXEDO RENTALS . V AFTER FIVE COCKTAIL DRESSES 108 N HARBOR BLVD. FULLERTON, CA 92632 CONGRATULATIONS! 1984 GRADUATES! YOU HAVE CLASS!! TRAFFIC ENGINEERING, INC. 2831 E. WHITE STAR AVE.. SUITE C ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 92806 Slate Conlraclors Lie 2374o7 Parking and Traffic Marking Contracting BUDD A. REESMAN, JR. PRESIDENT OFFICE; (714) 635-1951 RES, (714) 990-1951 288 Advertisements HANS J, WEBER BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORE 1343 E. CHAPMAN AVE. FULLERTON, CA 92631 (714) 526-7200 616 W. LA PALMA ANAHEIM. CA 92801 (714) 535-0373 ConaratuCaiioyis jpetr0 ificcmo. 19 H cowtmue! Class of ' 84 Congratulations to our special girl. We love you very much! You will always be our queen! Love, Mom, Dad, Matt, Mark, Jenny Amy a.md amid iije, o6j,,- j e Advertisements 289 X " ■% 41 291 MAUREEN BETH, You have filled our lives with joy as we have watched you grow and reach toward your goals. Have a wonderful time as you live with pride, hope and faith in fulfilling your visions. Do look bock now and then with a smile. Know, as you take each step on your way, that you will always hove our love. MOM and DAD Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1984! Thanks for all the Good Times! Love, 1983-1984 Varsity Short Flag LOWE ' S WILSHIRE MARKET 301 North Richman Avenue Fullerton, California 92632 Complete Grocery, Meat, Produce, Beer, Wine Departments Catering Service Available Open 7 Days Hours 9:00 AM, to 8:00 P.M. Nelson Lowe Ptione (714) 870-7310 OPEN 7 DAYS Looks Like We Made It Class of ' 84 Congratulations Good Luck! Love 1983- ' 84 Varsity Song (714) 679-8310 )24 EAST COr IMONWEALTH AVENUE FULLERTON. CA 9Z632 MONTY PETTUS. OWNER SALES SERVICE 292 Advertisements We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Albert James for putting up with all our Club Photo days, Photo-rushes and last minute cancellations. We Appreciate It! Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1984!! From the Editors of the 1984 Pleiades. 294 Advertisements A Special Thanks To Those Who Have Supported The 1984 Edition Of The Pleiades Ron Scape Linnette Ronge Ronald V. Hahn Mr. Mrs. Patrick Geary Richard Garcia Xung Van Nguyn Nick Evelyn Sirch Mr. Mrs. H. Feinberg 295 Memories 296 297 Senior Accomplishments AAAAAAAAAA Acevado, Martha Adams, Cara High Honot Roll, Pep Club 3, 4. German Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer: 3, Vice-President: 4: Pleiades Staff 4, Yearbook Ptiotograptier 4, P B ' s by ttie pool side, " know " PS " I know the most " . Yeah Carlsbad Foolin I.TLY.I, Coftee breaks with Julie: J T -n- B F,D : Eyde you owe me one! (or 2 or 3); Karm -n- Meber: Adamson, Melissa Adelsperger, Barbara Crosscountry: 1, 2, 3. 4, Crosscountry Club 4: Track 1 3. 4; Running Club: 3: Drama Club 4: Christian Club 3. Home Ec Club 3, 4: Met my Best Friend, J C. 1 Friends Roxanne, Sue, Michelle, Anna Banana 4, Rome 4, Jen- ny and Metty 3. 4: Paula: 2: Laura, 3, 4: Chamber Music (Doctor): 2: Once in a Lifetime (Props): 4. Official day dreamer: 1, 2. 3, 4; Love is Life, Lite is Love, Live without love and you will have no lite A saying for all man Live with love in your heart and a sparkle in your eye one GO FOR IT " Aguire, Beatrice Akina, Rodney Allen, Christine Marie Alvarado, RIcardo Andrews, Leslie Rennee Arenas, Barbara Ann Arguelles, Richard John Arreola, Yolanda Mecha Club 1, 2: Sociable: 2, First Love: 3: Junior-Ca- maro: 3: Cruisin 2: Gloria and Yolanda-Best Friends For- ever; Crazy: 3: Spanish Club President 3; Look Mom mode it, Wild-Bobby and Yolanda 4; Asa, Llora Jambo and Milk and blood juice with Sherwood 1 Pop corn, salad, and diet coke lunches: 4; La Bombo Grande 4, K,P P Bam Smock Pow!: 4: Now, let ' s talk about your paper: 4: Shakespeare 4: The 1983-84 Isra el Experience 3, The society for helping each other on Mulvey ' s text ' s 2; Life through the eyes of a Freshman: 1; This episode to be repeated next year: Ed-Y M M H , Idokas-oh this is dantily fun (if you can fit the image): 2, My ceiling looks like someone ' s face: 4; Learning how to drive: 2. It ' s Kosh; Long trips into L,A. (just James Taylor and me): 4: Au, Hong Tuyet Ayala, Benjamin Ayala, Jesse 2nd place in drafting II Bridge Building Contest. Track: 2. 4: Anglers Club 4: Mrs. Dooley ' s English class; Bored: 1, 2, 3; EEC; Dooley Fan Club; Ayres, Laura Performance Squad: 1, 2; Disneyland With T.H., J.B,, B.B , EC, ES.: 1; 555-5655: 1; Homecoming Nominee 2. D W -as soon as sports come along 2, 3; Kristen, don ' t leave me : 2; The Bomb 2, 3, 4; The armor-all car: 3. 4; Dock parties and the Burnt Mill Beach Club 3. The worm: 3; Lake Mead trips: 2, 3; The Screaming B ' s- L,A,. L,S,, K.D,: 3, 4; The Circle City Club and the Concert Factory: 3; S.H. andM.C- " Hi Linda, What ' s up? " : 3; The Three o ' clock. The Question, The Tories. The Targets, The Jetz, The Modbeats . : 3; Jill Foley and LA -Friends Forever! Good Luck with EC.!; interact Club 3. 4, Pep Club. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll: 1, 2, 3, 4; The Pleiades- Mr Tomes, I Love yo! Tina, you tool: 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Yell 4, Halloween at T.H. ' s house: 2, 3; L,S,-my best friend al- ways!: 2, 3, 4: K.D, -Thanks for being my all-time best bud!: 1, 2, 3. 4; Mormon dances: 3; Beach house 4; Old World- the black hat man!: 3,4; Billy Barfy ' s, Knott ' s, and D-land 2, 3. Mdverick woman: 4; New Year ' s Eve ' s are the pit ' s 3, 4, Raging waters- S.M , LA, S.F., L.S 3; The Swensen ' s Gang- LA., S.F., T.P.. S.S.,- 1 miss you Roman! 3; USA Camp- Suzy C ' monl: 4. " Freak-a-zoid " -l ' m gonna break all over your 4; Let ' s go to Montgom- ery Ward ' s-HAHAI: 4; The Graveyard Groupies 2; Mo- donna is beoutiful: 4; Good luck Kimmie!: 4; Homecom- ing ' 82 was fantastic!: 3; CM ??????? 2. 3, 4 ; Mom, Jim, Cheri, Heather, Ryan and Brad-I love you! 4 Dance Company-Twist and Shout 3, LMC, SMT, EMR, TMC!!!!: 3, 4; Time is iong for those who ponder, short for those who need, endless for those who wont and for- ever for those who love this is for you and your daddy, Linda- I iove yo! BFF : 2, 3, 4; BBBBBBBBBBBB Bacon, Rick Bagley, Judy Choir: 1, 2, 3; German Club: 2. 3. 4; G, 1; R P R: 2; R: 3; D: 4; Disneyland; 1,2,3,4; Thanks to friends who have stood by with a shoulder to cry on; Sunshine 3, 4; Dim- pies: 3, 4; Sunshine and Rainbows 4; Dave Seidel Jr. summer ' 83 and ' 84 and forever; To all my friends. Hove a fun life and live it up Keep in touch and we ' ll remem- ber the good ole days Friends dlwoys; Virginia or bust!, Barba, Dawn Elizabeth Barry, Chris David Stud 1. 2, 3, 4; Football: 1,2, 3; Basketball: 2, 3. 4; MIAFC Club: 4; LAGNAF Club: 4: PNAGL 4; Becki: 3, 4; Track 1. 4; inspiration: Leonard McKinnon; Bod grades 1, 2, 3, 4, Audrey Fan Club: 4; Miller: 1, 2. 3, 4; Norm: 1, 2, 3, 4; BBB Productions 1, 2. 3, 4; The gang 1. 2, 3, 4, Mr Happy; Letterman 2, 3, 4; We iove you Barb, Animal 2. 3, 4; Mountains: 4; 6 ' 2 " , 240 1; 6 ' 3 " : 2; 6 ' 5 " , 216: 3; 6 ' 7 " , 198 4; Deothmobile 3, 4; TEC: 2, 3, 4; Orange Fights 1, 2, 3, 4; Undercover 3, 4; Teddy Bear: 4; Baby Hughie: 1, 2, 3. 4; Movie Debut: 3; Beauty pageant escort: 3; Hair Bear: 3, 4; Tallest guy in the school 4; Big Country: 4; Cars 1, 2, 3, 4; Alamo Motor Lodge: 4; Homecoming 4; Skyline 2. 3. 4; Moma Rosa ' s, Breo ' s Best 4; Fun in Econ 4; Short stuff: 4; Varsity Club 2. 3, 4, Bob ' s Big Boy 3, 4; B V Losing is okay as long as you learn a mora! iesson 4; Becki, you ' re the woman of a life time; Pre-game snoozes at Mark ' s; 8:00 am practices: 2, 4; Scott Krem- kow. Where ' s your bird bath fountain?; Becki I con use a good answer!!!; The worid ' s greatest teachers Mrs Hunyadi, Mr. Hicks. Mr Sherwood. Mr Hi!!; Who ' cha doin ' Ddvey ' ' . Winter Forma!: 4; Got rid of B.V.: 4; Bass, Dara Thespidns 2, 3. 4 ( " The Mole Animal " " Chamber Music " " Pen of My Aunt " " Once in a Lifetime " ); Biology Club 2. 4; French Club Vice Pres : 3; Outstanding French !! Stu- dent: 3. Student of the Month for Foreign Longuage (French II. May. 1983) 3. French Club Pres, 4; CSF 4; ASB Secretary 4; E B . S M , K L,. R R , K.B.. J.E . S M . T H , K.H.. E.H.. KB, D.B , Y C , MB. J B M. AND D. AND THE STRIPPERS! " Imagine " -John Lennon " If you con imagine it. you can achieve it. If you con dredm it. you con become it " FUHS, I love you!!! Bass, Elizabeth Becker, Michael Moved to Fullerton and met Greg, Rdndy, dhd Scott- converted them into New Wave bond ' Runner " 3, Re- cruited Tony and Joey (2 weeks) summer ' 83, Get a clue, Lou, E.B S F G N C F Hi A RES. Runners 1st prefer- ence. Dec 1 at FUHS. MIAF; 1st time in studio 4. Goals. Best bassist in the world! Hove D D, open for us. Belknap, Michael Kent Bernstein, Francois Philip Football: 1; French Club: 1. 2; Weightlifting: 1, 2, 3, 4; Yo Hamner: 1, 4; Ski Club 1. Get a clue Lou 1. 4; E.B.S.F.G.N.C.FHI ARF S 1. 2. 3. 4. Great Summer 1.2. 3, 4; LAGNAF 1984 Rules; Ski Hawaii 3, Lou Broemel- ing (Mr. Hand) Fan Club. Berry, Diane Bethencourt, Daniel 46. Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 4; Basketball 1. CLE. Championship 3-shou!d have pioyed at Anaheim Stadium; C I F Playoffs: 2, 3. 4. All-Freeway League 3. 4: Freeway League Champs 2. 3; Squad Leader (war council) 4; FUHS -7 vs S H H S.-6: 3; Fire up Big Red: 3. 4; Killer " B " 4. Varsity Club 3. 4; ' 84 Animals 4. Ski. Skank, Skull: 1. 2. 3. 4; Hotel Balcony: 3; Orange Fights: 1, 2, 3. 4; Fullerton vs Sunny Hills Brawl 4; Get psyched up! 1, 2, 3, 4; The Hdnd: 4; Condos: 3; Life ' s battles don ' t always go to the stronger or the faster man, but sooner or later, the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can -Good luck to the class of ' 84, Especially to my best friends- CM. CD, ED, LL. FG. RJ, RW, and my Bro Bethencourt, Darlo 22, Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Baseball: 1; Basketball: 1; Free- way League Champs 2, 3; C IF Football Championship Finalists: 3; (Should have played at the Big A; Fullerton 7 vs Sunny Hills 6-awesome gome!: 3; All Freeway League Team: 4; All Defensive Bock: 4, Squad Leader 4; Wdr Council: 4; ' 84 Party Animals 4; Ski. Skank. Skull 1. 2, 3, 4; Weekend Sessions. 1. 2. 3. 4; Hotel Bdlcony: 3; Thrash- ing Threesome 3; Killer ' B ' : 4; Fire up Tribe: 4; Rise Above 4; Lit: 1, 2. 3, 4; The Hand 4; Fullerton. Sunny Hills Brawl 4; Summer Flat-tops: 3; Orange Fights: 1, 2, 3, 4; Old Eng- lish 800 ' s: 2, 3; Pass Out: 4; Good Luck to the class of ' 84. May we all be together again someday! Blby, Brenda Choir 1; Best Friend Martha Morales: 1. 2, 3, 4, " Stick with it " Biggs, Kerstin Blasche, Kim Christine Bolcer, Pom CSF : 1. German Club 1.2. Ski Club 3, 4; J V softbai! 2; Son Onofre: 1. 2; Arrowhead (Herman Harold dnd Hemmy Roid): 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Bum: 2, 4. Cdtching Flies- Homecoming: 1; Bob ' s Hong out: 1, 2. 3, 4; Beachcomb- ers-UGH! 2; Lucky ' s 2; Utah (Touche) 3; We iove You Logie!: 3, 4, " Romper Room " : 3; ! iove San Clam 3, 4- ever Magical Mel Fan Club 2. 3; HO at Snow Summit: 3; Bod Times in South Pass: 3. EC. Calculus 4; X; BWA- AK!: 4. Winchell Woman 4; Donut Holes (thanks Cuong): 4. Helga the shark: 4; McJim: 4. Lifeguard Stand 40 (N.B.) and El Morro Beach: 4; The Tuna Boat 2. 3, 4. D T.T in Kleven ' s class: 3; " Cherub " : 1; The Michelin Man 3, " The rod table " - Mrs Seiwoy: 3; Lookout tor on orange van!: 2; Headless Gummy Bears!: 3. JAMF 4; Out of Gas in L.H 3. Sorry. Richard -stdg dance: 3. Drive-ins -good times 3; ! iove Steve. UCI Here I come!; S P., Bolme, Jim Baseball 1, 2; Boys State: 3; Why In the World 4; CSUF Basketball Mr Logon is awesome; I hate girlfriends 1; Rob is a whimp! Booth, Kevin Charles Anglers Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Anglers Club Pres. 3: CSF. : 2,3. 4; -So much for accomplishments on the oilfields in a ' 64! Never go to Newport on a Tuesday-it you do stop for red lights!! Long live F H B SRC and the mighty triumph! NEVER stop in mud. especially when you not in 4wd low. Never go to a pep club car wash if your car is dirty. Irvine Lake -Oto 90 mph in ,7 seconds. SpecidI thanks to good friends J L . K.L.. dnd R P , Good bye to all those people who ! ' !! never see again Born, Wendy Ellen Bouasry, Dokkeo Bouchard, Sara Jean Bowman, GIna Mae Boyd, Charles Brown, Joree Sue Dozed and Confused: 1: Freshmdn Secretary: 1; B.B., TH. LA. 1; Swammy: 1, Performance Squad 1, 2. 3; " Most Inspirational " 3; Varsity Flog 4; Pep Club: 3. 4; Interact 4; T P , CL . D.D . L S . N G.: 2, No Clue: 3; R.R,. J B , T U., T P.. G,K . S C. Forma! 1982, " Open Arms " -a night we ' ll never forget: 2; S C , J.B., N,G„ T,P., CL,: 3; Teresa 1, 4-ever; Pickin ' 3; Grinnin ' : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . .; Ryan: 0. 1.2. 3. 4; Hawaii 1984 here we come! Humon- CL .T P . S.CNG : 3; Let ' s all be absent on est days: 3; Mr M, my buddy: 3, 4; I love you Holmes- 4-ever; Ebony: 2, 3, My Honeyouck; Baby Jane: 3, 4; BMF: 4; Erich 4; T P . Let ' s talk in the iittie girls room: 3. 4; San Francisco with Erich: 4. Gatwood Parties 3. 4; Co. Pres. of the Carol Dooley fan Club: 3. C N.. " Thanks for being my friend. " 0. 1. 2. 3, 4; ! miss you Sharilyn: 4; " Gatwood " : 3. 4; Erich, the memories we have mode wil! Idst forever: 4; ! wont my BMW! Now! Ski Bum What a night!: 4; Hey Tim. Cory Ryan and Trish. Remember " Ledn " : 2, T.P., CL . NG. S.C. TH,, DL.. Together we ' ve accom- plished quite a bit in the past few years Thanks tor the fun. the hugs, the laughter, and the tears ! hope the memories we ' ve mode together cdn be remembered forever When ore we going out to lunch? 4; Teresa We ' ve made it through so much and dll I can say is I iove you 1, 4-ever; I aiways wanted to be on R,N,: 4- ever. T P. How long hove we been going out? FHS thanks for a great four years 1. 2, 3, 4. Bryan, Janna Buksh, Mohammed Burt, TerrI ccccccccccc Campbell, Eddie Canaday, Lisa Dona 3. 4 D.D.S S.: 2. 3, 4, Smoanne and Smeasa; L.L.: 1. 2. 3. 4. E T.P : 3. SB. 1. 2; SO T.B.: 2. 3. 4; Schmeg: 1, 2. 3. 4; Maynord: 3. 4; Seit: 3, 4; Base: 4; I.W.C: 4; Holiday House: 3. 4; Freezer party: 3. 4; B.B.D.LO.S.; Silver Bullet: 1, 2, 3, 4; Mexico. Dove, Moe. Dana. Lisa: 3; Federoie; C in a C: 1, 2. 3. 4; Carranza, Barbara A-B Voileybai! 1.JV Volleyball 2; Varsity Volleyball: 3, 4; Lil ' Hustler 2. 3. 4; Summer League volleyball: 3. 4; J.V. Basketbai! manager: 3. 4; J V. Softball: 2, 3; Varsity Softball: 4; Big F member 3. 4; Big F V.P,: 4; Big F Pres.: 4; Girls ' athletic Chairperson: 4; Run with Harry: 4; Con mar bond: 1. 2. 3; Assistant Drum major: 3; Band council member 2. Band Club 1. 2. 3; Pres. of the anti-feather- head club 1. 2. 3. 4; Babbles: 1. 2. 3, 4; Spanish Award 1. 2; Space Cadet ' s Aide 3. 4. Senioritis: 4; Mr Tradition 3. 4; Anna Uguoy ' s and Delores Deorio ' s Sis: 1, 2. 3, 4. 298 Anderinos Barbarino 1, 2, 3. 4; Thank you Mom, Dad. Eac, and Sissy tor being you!; Tlianl s Jackie for a long lasting best friendstiip, you ore special; For the ones who made my yedrs at FHS fun. you will always be in my heart and memory Carrledo, Rosa Carroll, James Tennis Team 3. 4, Crazy: 3, 4. Radical: 1. 2, 3, 4. Paula. Janna. Carmine, Judy 2. 3, 4; To My friends I will remem- ber you as long as the wind blows, the flowers bloom, and the birds sing; Casco, Vlvlona Beatrice Caspers, E. Clark Water Polo: 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Polo; 2, 3, 4; Swimming: 1 2; Frosh-Soph MVP: 1; Varsity Club: 2, 3, 4; Key Club: 2, 3, 4; Treas,: 4; Sizzler Kiwanis Luncheon: 2. 3, 4; Bill Bush: Glad to Know Yo : 2, 3, 4; " Clark " forever; The one and only EC, (Ed Caspers Elvis Costello) Roger Logan ' s wimp physics cl ass: 3; Shakespeare: 3; Sunny Hills Scoot- er Club: 3; Library 2, 3; " Uh Corey ? " : 2; Magical Mel 2, 4; Key Club Admissions: 3, 4; Key Club Board of direc- tors: 4. H20 Polo: 19 and 2 and very proud, Hawaii of ' 3 with polo, " A man who is a liberal is not a real man " J Townsend; Senior Knorr ' s amazing " Snort Mobile " 2, The Complex: 2; St Mary ' s: 1 2, 3. 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, FUHS: 1,2, 3, 4; University of Lowell: 5, 6; Boston College: 7, 8; The last of the Bright Red Vespos: 3, 4; Frank Vesponda: 3; 0,C Mods Forever; Concert Factory-my home away from home; 3; Lifelong friendship with " Flip " Jones; " . And his eyes hdve dll the seeming of a demon that is dreaming, and the lamp light o ' er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor, and my soul from out that shadow lies floating on the floor shall be lifted never- more " E A Poe; A lifelong dedication to individudlism Amen. ' 84 Castellon, Magda Where do I go now?: 1; French Club: 1. 2. 3; Helped with French Club picnic: 2; La Boheme: 1; Mexico: 3; Jack La Lanne: 3, 4; Drama Club: 4; Against The Grain: 4; Worked with special Olympics: 4; No Job!: 1, 2, 3, 4; Song in Almas De Crystal Bdnd: 4; Classic sounds pro- duction and D,J,: 4; I love breokers esp, A.F , J,G.. H.M . R,E,. V,G , F,F,, J,L,, E,E,. S,B.: 4; To all the raza We ' ve had some great times! Keep up the good work!; Letty my best friend; Castero, Candle Track 1, Dance: 2, 3; Drill Team: 3, ROP: 3; Dental Assis- tant 3, 4; First Semester grodudte: 4; Senioritis: 1. 2. 3. 4; Ladero Vista referral: 1; Fullerton College applicant 3, 4; Cypress College future Hygenist Flip: 2. 3. 4; Walt and Gene are fine and they are now the same size! June 17. 1983. Homecoming: 4; -The Rubin E. Lee; Roy Catero Football ' s Future all-League; Forever friends: Jon Harris. Dorreil Romney. Walt and Kev Ruggieri. Dole Dubelbeiss. Bill Sullivan. Cindy Frias and Jane Soforic; Best of wishes and lots of luck to Sue Ellen Hooper. Julie Harris, Lisa Brown, and Karen Smith. Ceballos, Jose Cerceo, Molse Chanphlmarn, Pornmany Chhokar, Harlnder Singh Cholaklan, Dan Coffer, VIckl Coker, Sharllyn Michelle Cooper, BobbI Ann Railroad Tracks. The Neese ' s: 1. 2. 3. 4; Mickey ' s Big Mouth 1. 2. 3. 4; R.OT.H, (Red): 1. 2; David L,; 3. 4; Ceiling fdns (bad luck); Best friends: T.F. C.H , B.H., (Her- nandez). Y A. G.S ; Shakey ' s P, Pot: 3. 4; Beaching It with Joe. Pedro. Madam. PC; The Rod Crue- Joe PC. Ramjet. Pedro. Uncle Perv. Nobil. Yolando. Terry. Tom. B.C.. Hey. Let ' s go Cruisin; Tour down to Hollywood; Rdd Boogie; Riding on the sidewalks; Poles in the way (Nice Truck); Memories with D W.; Friends forever -T F . C.H ; BC Corbin, Pamela Lee Varsity Basketball: 1; JV Softball: 1; Tennis: 2. 3. 4; ASB V.P.; 4; Sheen Club: 2. 3. 4; Free Red Fan Club: 2. 3. 4; Eh Stout: 1. 2. 3, 4; Ski Club: 2. 3. 4; Ski Bunny: 4; Floinker: 4 Squamous Shtuft; 4; Bootin Racing Team: 2. Tower Climber: 4; Wally ' 86. ' 87; Ponge gong: 3. 4; Tercel Offroader: 3; Cot Saver: 3; C C: 4; UCS.B Camp: 4. 5?; Shtop Talking: 3; Magic Mountain Blow-it: 4; Raaaja: 4; Beach Bum: 1; San Clemente: 1 2; O.N.4? Straight A student: 1. 2. 3. 4; Who lives here-eh Pamela! Penicuii: 4. Gdzelle Cruiser: 3. 4; Jailbird: 4; Bdckpacker 3; B and U Lakes: 3; Tahoe Earthquake 2; Mammoth with Mom: 1. La Primero: 2. 3; Burglar at AG ' s: 3; Where ' s The Beach ' ' : 3; Craig Pork: 1. Signing: 3; Bumper Outhouse 2. 3. 4; Saved by the bush: 4; Corrupted into the better world: May our lives be one big " Elvis Costello Concert " Oh no way! Correy, Don E. Cosper, Brian Allen Crapo, Karen M. Canyon: 1. 2; Softball: 1. 2; Band: 1. 2; B.B ; Courtney. D.B. ' s 4-ever: Sue. Julia. Kelly. Angela; Friends Forever Buff: Melody; I love Steve P.; Journey: 1. 2. 3. 4 ,; Hawaii ' 84 with DB. ' s; MCF.O.: 3, 4 . , ,? Crawford, Donald Alan Cryer, Tony DDDDDDDDDDD Daggett, Krlsten Lorrain Wow. What a big school!: 1; Freshman Treas : 1. Fresh- man Princess Nominee 1; Ski Club: 1. 2. 3. 4; Learn To Ski: 2; Pep Club: 1. 2. 3. 4; French Club: 1. 2; Mr. K hater: 1. 2; Biology Club: 2; Performance Squad: 2. 3; Trdck: 2. 3; Cross Country: 3; Pert Squad Cdmp: 3; Jr. V P. 3; Jr Princess: 3; High honor role: 3; Los Vegds Strip with L.A , L.S , (me) 3; BK 3; -tJS.: 4; (I should hove known better). Lo Bomba-rod trips 2. 3. 4; Mini Bomb: 4; Prom ' 82- EH, -what a tun guy!: 2; Prom ' 83 -J.F.?: 3; Ringless: 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity Yell and U.S.A. Camp: 4; Freak-a-zoid; Cricket Corner; 4; C L.. D.D . T.P.. L.S.. (Me)=chemistry; Bubbly Breakfast with AG.. S.F,. L.S,. LA. And Me Mav dnd dmbuldnce house-4; Sneaking out of the house at 12:00 too t p senior corner RG! paranoial 4; scream- ing B ' s forever; Good luck to Curt! I love you!; " Krlsten pullover-L A : 3; S-U-Z-Y C ' mon 4; Hand Photography of our Lake Mead Trip: 3; My Mori Pal Renoe, I love you! S-K, leave me alone! Thanks to Mom and Ddd:; ' 84 beach house here we come! Thanks Laurie, for being such a Great friend. I love you! Dahms, Joylyn Marie Concert marching band: 1; Pep Club: 1 4; Cross Coun- try: 1; Varsity Short Flags: 4; Head: 4; ASB: 1; Election Board: 4. S C . S.D . L.J . S.H . J D.. K.H.. B B 1; W F with S J ; No Icecream, woods; Yaght Club: 1; Baskin Robins 2. 3. 4; The good old summers with J.F.: 2. 3; Remember 2nd grdde K D,?? K,L ' s red! name is Richard: 1. 2. 3. 4; Pdrty dt Jdno ' s; Steak-out; Courthouse: 2. 3; Freshman orientation- 1 should hdve died; B S.W.: 4; T,W. 4; Thanks to all my close friends- 1 really love you; Jill, thanks for so many memories, EH. dont forget me-I ' m here; Margie, after all these years I love you still; Forking: 2; Beach Parties: 2. 3. 4. Monastery: 1; Car Ralies: 2; Edith-B H, let ' s tdke it off the wall! Will we ever find Bobby ' s house!; April Fool ' s enjoyed it M,H, (SC.A.M.), Daniel, Krlsten JV Tennis 1; JV Basketball: 1; Varsity Tennis 2. 3. (Cap- tain). Varsity Basketball: 2. 3. 4 (Most Inspirational: 3; Captain: 3. 4;); Varsity Track: 1. 2. 3, 4; GIF: 2, 3. 4; Sophomore class Sec-Treos; Pert. Squad: 2. 3; Super Freak Kip: 2; We ' ve got the Beat; Sophomore atten- dent: 2; Pep Club: 1. 2. 4; Biology Club: 2. 3; Big F: 2. 3. 4; CSF: 3. 4; Rotary Interact: 4; Rotary Award: 1. 2, 3; " Leader of the Pock " -with AMN: 3; Dog Food: 3; Varsity Song: 4; My first cost: 3; San Clemente thanks to my " Bestie " -Ann 1. 2. 3. 4; Free ride: 3-4. Morning an- nouncements: 2. 3; Maxwell: 3; Dandy Willet: 2; Beach Parties: 2. 3. 4; Became on aunt (TA-TA) 2; F,K.. W.D.W.: 2; T.I, A, 1. 2. 3. 4; B and B, W.G B,: 2. 3; Spunky: 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Queen Nominee 4; " You ' re the best BULH " : 3. 4; Umm-yuck: 3. 4; 5:30 mass: 4. bowling W MB and B 3. Thanks to my family and friends for dllof their support (ESP, Mommy). God bless them and the entire class of ' 84. Davltlan, Amy Passed Mr. Miller ' s Geometry Class (Barely, but that ' s not the point!) Thanks to oil my geo buddies (LB.. B H.. AS.. J.L.. PS,. C W,. M.B.) Who kept me aiivel: 3; Big Aim, Big Deb. Lori. - 1 iove you guys; Sweet Paula. Keep happy; Lance, buddies dlwdys: 3. 4; Lifetime friendship Debbie P -We ' ve hdd some greot times!: 2. 3. 4. 5 . ; Memories lost forever but I ' ll miss you dll; " 9 out of 10 " ; Remember E.H., in second grode my friend asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, here I am and this is it. and I still don ' t know!; I wish we s till talked. D, 3. 4; Driver ' s training (Thanks for the ride A ). Laguna Beach; Today ' s the day we hove been waiting for Time must hove slipped away somewhere. Try to smile- try not to cry. We all find it hard to say goodbye; Class of ' 84-FUHS Always an Indian!: 1. 2, 3. 4; Bye to all. I won ' t forget!!! De Almeida, Walter Jr. De Leon, Brenda Gayle ' 84 rules; No way Jose; B.G.D. and J.E.B. forever; Office skills with Jackie and Lydio; Taco Bell with Jackie; Band: 1; Dean, Michelle Ann Pep Club: 1, 2, 3; Dance: 1, 2, 3, 4; Diane: Best buddy: 1, 2; Grew up: 3, 4; Rowdiest year: 3; Student senate 1. 2; Nominating convention: 1; Tony and Jorge, Mr. Van Voorhis (Remember): 1; Kori " best Buddy " : 3, 4; S S,J , B.H, J,F., L,H , M.B,, T.H,, G.H.. B C, " All those rod grddsl " ; P rom ' 83 Beachcomber ' s ' 83; B.C. ' s grad party, R.W.- Never gonna forget the secret ' s; S.M.. Spanish will never be the same!; KM, I love you! Thank for the advice!; Richard Neeid. I love and miss you so very much. God Bless; Senioritis; Economics-thanks Mike I love yal; Ski Bum-Llmo! Fun!; To underclassmen- its a long tour years so enjoy it! To Karl. You ' ll always be my " Best Buddy " ; To Dad and T thanks for being there when I needed you. I love you very much!; To Mom and John- I love youl; To Myself: You finally accomplished something-congratulations Dean, Sean Deanda, George Debruyn, Sandra A. The T SS slavery society 1. Aqueous Humor: 1, 2; Aquatics 1. 2; Drama: 2. 3. 4; Barry Alexander Fan Club: 2; Godspell 3; Society of students to further the use of funky ties: 4; " But Dad. that island wasn ' t there the last time I drove down the road " : 4; Spontaneous train trips: 4; The Uncle Roger and Herr Mac-l-smock target shoot- ers Club: 2. 3. 4; When all else foils-get " dewimped " 4; Bdnd Room Bum: 1. 2. 3. 4; Foundation of students for the bombardment of uranium atoms: 4; Coalition of students for the execution of Corol Dooley 3. 4; United union of procrastinators. pres 3. 4; The anti-wimp pa- trol: 3. 4; Boston-Hail to Bean town University: 5. 6. 7. 8 Dedic, Erich M. " The Gang " 1. 2. 3. 4; Lit: 1, 2. 3. 4; O.E. 8 ' s: 1. 2. 3. 4. Hillcrest Excursion: 2; Football Gomes: 2; Luis in the bath- tub, Craig tied to the bed: 3; Hotel Bdlcony: 3; Stddium Pdrties: 1, 2; Summer Flat tops: 3, 4 Lucky Lager; 3; League: 1, 2; Rob ' s 3; Sparky 4; Uncle Ted Fan Club: 2, 3, 4; Ski-Skank-Skull: 1. 2, 3, 4; Captains Brother 1, 2. 3, 4; The " Box " : 2, 3; Market Place: 2. 3 ; Brea Cell (Ed gets nailed) 3. Orange Fights (Foil out of truck): 2; Condo ' s: 3; Speed reading with Auntie Carol 4; T-shirts, sweat- shirts and 501 ' s 1.2. 3.4. Vacant lot otter Dennis Karp ' s 1; Junior ' s Ski team 4. Quzzi and ski with S S dnd the captain 1. 2. 3; Joree-Frisco. Teresa ' s Mom. my house, your house, nice bad influence. Christmds pool. " By the way. do you hove blonde hair? " ; " Thdt ' s why they call it the blues " floating. I ' ll never forget you Thanks. Degracia, Rigo Dennis, Sue Devay, Elizabeth Anne JV Cheer: 3. Varsity Song 4; Interact Secretary: 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Biology Club 3; Angler ' s Club: 4; Surf Club: 4; Dance Club: 3. 4; Performance Squad Wdn- dbe; Junior Homecoming Attendent. Thanks Kev and Lindd; Morning Announcements: 3; Student Sendte 2. 3; L C ' s sister 1, 2; SR of well; JA; 1; Kevin Van Voorhis- May 4, 1981, " Endless Love " ; Prom ' 83 " We ' ve got tonight " , Prom ' 81 " Keep On Lovin ' You " ; Mavwrick: 4; Chemistry Wimps-LS, CL, TP, KD, BD; Lindd Lou- Lake Arrowhead, You ' ll be on Song, I ' ll be on Yell I love you, sister ' s forever, JV together; Ann Gayley=Thanx Mama, I ' m independent 4; Lindd and Beth Jim and Robert- =Daddy ' s together forever; USA Comp-Too: 3; USA Camp S-U-Z-Y: 4; Bestest friends: AG, LS, CS. JR, MK-9, KD. LH, SF, DGNNY BOY; I love U Mommo Ram; El Paso; 4; Camp San Clemente 1, 2, 3, 4; House of Fabrics: 2. 3; I want to teach 2nd grdde!; Suz-bud ' s dlways: 1, 3, 4; Pang gang-PC, SF, AG. DB. BD; Dad, my love and thought ' s were with you: 1, 2. 3, 4, Thanks God Deveney, Kelly Ann Junior Achievement: 1, 2; Beach Volleyball: 1. 2, 3. 4; ME. 1. 2. 3. 4; Vinnie (15): 1. 2. 3. 4; Sleeper: 12; CSF 2. 3. 4; Home Ec: 1. 2; Dance Club: 2. 3. 4. Dance Co. (In- didncers): 3. 4; " Those who can see the rainbow often ddnce upon it " ; CoolRider: 3; On the Dark Side: 4; Living through Mr. West ' s Antic ' s: 3; Getting through Geome- try in spite of Mr Miller: 3; Bedtle ' s: 2. 3. 4. George Harrison 2. 3. 4; Living for Saturday ' s: 2. 3. 4; Always an " Outsider " . Stdying Gold: 3. 4; Rob Lowe: 3. 4; A Little Class: 3, 4; C J.: 2. 3. 4. Sometimes You just gotta soy , , ; Thanks for being a friend. Maureen: 1. 2. 3. 4; Simon and Garfunkle: 3; Special thanks to Mom and Ddd. I love you 1. 2. 3. 4; " Lookout class of ' 88! " Dllks, Mary Lou DInh, BaoKhanh ThI DInh, Klem Trinh Do, Ahn ThI Kim Do, Cuong Quoc German Club: 2. 3; Biology Club; 1 2; Running Club: 4; VC Hunting Club: 1. 2. 3. 4; Secretary: 1, 2, 3, 4; Track and Field 1, 2. 3. 4. Cross Country: 2. 4; CSF 2, 3; Friends: FR. EH. BG. DL. KD. DB. KT. DS. SS. GL, KR. AM. LB. and SMM survived Dooley. Miller. Stuart, and Houser; Favor- ite teacher-Mr. K. L. D. B. A. " CKCK CKCK— 12 O ' clock " Sunny Hills Racquet Club TJ. ' 83 Hussong ' s Exploration ' 84; A good student always brings a pencil and paper to class. Down of the Dead A brilliant and tdst moving film-Jean Siskel. Chicago Tribune, A ten on My book-Gory Franklin. -CBS: Dewimping Ses- sions; Winchell ' s runs, hours of fun; " Killer " , Doolan, Kevin 299 Dorfman, Eric Scott Water Polo: 1, 2. Swimming: 1. 2. 3. Varsity: 3; Aquatics Club: 1, 2, 3; Stocey Miller, L.TR.: 1, 2; Kim Heine. W.AJ.: 2; Becky Stait-Love always 2. 3, 4, C.ECPTJ.: 2. 3, 4, Henry ' s with Jim: 3: Santa Barbara With Swim team: 1, 2, Snow Summit: 3, 4; P.W, P,W,: 1, 2, 3. 4. GTHRG 3, 4; Cathy Clin- Friends Forever 1, 2, 3, 4: Marty Lucero, SODD. Gumby: 4: Jim in Navy 4; Term Papers-yuk; JD: 3: Cruisin ' Hollywood: 3; ML and Denise DTC 1. 2, 3, 4; Beach Parties: 2, 3, 4: Thanks FUHS, Duarte, Rebecca Ann Dubelbeiss, Dale Gordon Track 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2. Senioritis took effect: 1, 1 went to FUHS; Moved to San Jose: 1 ' ; , 2, Com© back to FUHS: 3. 4; Pres, of the " fire Mr, Logan Committee " . Work at deli, trucking co and Golf Course: 1; Did any- thing I could to sell my pile of junk cor: Sherwoodism 1. Uncle Ted Kopacki Fan Club: Col Poly Pomona- Engi- neering: 5 - Life Ambition: to get out of college, move out and live in a state of Euphoria. Duerkson, Ingrld Krista Miguel: 2. 3. 4. Diet Coke: 4. The Rod Van: 3. SM we (ON and me) think you ' re cute: 1. 2. 3. 4; VP of CSJ fan dub (YDM): 4 TRSHG: 4. NFD: 1. 2, 3. 4; The gong: 1. 2. 3: SR and TM (YMMH): 4. Do Brea guys always carry crow bars? 4; NME: 2. 4. The Movies: 4. No Marines: 3, 4. Pres. of the SP fan club (PS, IHUI): 2, 3. 4 . ; CR where did they all go 4: FJC for me! Duke, Christopher John Dulaney, Julie Ann EEEEEEEEEEEEE Eder, Margie J. Concert marching band: ■!. 2. Pep club 1, 4; Tennis team 1. 2. 3: Varsity Song: 4; Head: 4; ASB 4, Election Board 3: Drill team: 3. Choir: 2. Vocal Ensemble 2. 3. 4; SH. BB. SS. LJ. JD. KH: W F with DD? 81-No IcecreamI; Yacht club: 1; summer ' s with JF and JD: USA Spirit Camp 4: Dance Co,: 4; Pep Rallies: Oh God help me!: 4. Har Hee fan club. Idoka ' s outcast: 2. 3: Bob ' s: 3. 4. Mormon dances 3; Oklahoma: 1. Pajama Game: 2: AP History Impossibilities, Chemistry 4: Leader of the pack with K and A. Monkey peokers; SP. Dog chow cup- cakes 4: Song!! To my squad. I love you all- thanks so much for all your support!, sign painting parties 4, Thanks Ange and Tom for all the fun times; Thanks Joy for all your support; To Tommy-! love you always and forever Thank you for everything you ' ve ever given me You ' re the most wonderful guy in the world. I love you, Edwards, Jonathon Jacob Elliott, Tracy Dance Co: 3. 4; Pert Squad: 2; Pep club: 1,2, 3; Ski club: 1, 2, 3, 4; Election Board: 2; Rotary award Honors: 1, Drama Club: 1; " The Pajama Game " 2; " Our Town " : 1; Tick-tockers " : 1, 2, 3, 4; Treos,: 3; Presentation: 4; San Clemente Summer ' s: 1, 2. 3. 4; Camp " RE ' S " : 3; New- port Beach House summers 1. 2, Sunset Beach: 4; Police- ' 83; Jorge-2; I miss you JE. TA, and MK. San diego: 4; Rudy Chavez, thank you so much for everything. I love you!: 4 ; Karen, thank you so much for being my wonderful best friend and for always being there. I love you sooo much!!; Mono. I ' ll always remember, ia Bar ' s and Monerl; If you can imagine it. you can ochieveit-lf you con dream it you can become it Ellis, John Enrlquez, Rocio Escaplte, Mono Maureen Ski Club Utah 3. Spirit Club: 1. 2. The Police Synchroni- city: 4; Newport Beach House: 2. 3; Rose Bowl 4; San Clemente: 1. 2. 3. 4; Cornice Bowl: 3; Hawaii: 1. 3; Top: 4; Friends forever: MK. TE. KG. SM. " Love ya lots and always " ; LH AND GS always: 3; Magical Mel 4; Alaska: 3; TT; ■!. 2. 3. 4; Presentation: 4; Summer ' 82 love yo; who cares: 3. 4; Michelle: " missed you 3. 4 but still glad you ' re my buddy!!! " ; Good, luck to my friends in the future, keep in touch always and forever, Esqulvlas, Ismael Eun, Julie Whittier High: 1; Vocal Ensemble: 2. 3. 4; First Soprano; Biology club vice pres,: 4; Representative for Vocal Ensemble 4; ASB Treos : 4; French Club member: 4; Magic club member: 3, 4; Being a Senior is Getting ready to find out what life really means , Eve, Angela Drill team: 1, 2. 3; Super Squad: 1; Hibbies Camp: 1. 2. 3; Nominating Convention: 1. 2; B and R: 2. 3; Ski Utah: 3; Dance Co: 2. 3, 4- " Main Event " ; Yearbook Staff: 3. 4; Promotions Editor: 4; Varsity Song: 4; " Dog Food " - " What ' s the score now? " ; USA Spirit Camp: 4; Senioritis: 4. Barry ' s Concert- " But i gotta go! " ; Eyde-want to go to a movie?. Looks like we made it class of ' 84 Thanks for the memories! FFFFFFFFFFFFFF Falrclough, Teftaney Drill Team 2. 3. Toll Flog Super Squad: 2; Best Friend Marie Lanz; Good Friends DK. 1. 2. 3; AF: 2. 3; JN: 3; Football Gomes: 1. 2, 3; Stag Dances: 1 2; Graduate: 3; JH rose TF 3; Night at Music Plus; JH stalls little blue companion: 3; Ice tea at the river with AF: 2 ' ' i; The party boat: 2; Man my God hot: 3. Trips to Jack in the Box on Fridays with ML (straws): 3; Red: 3; Fan, Harry French Club: 1 2; CSF: 3. 4; Yearbook Staff Photogra- pher: 4; Photo Club: 4; Math Team: 3, 4; Chinese Stu- dent Assoc, CSUF: 3; AKO 1, 2, 3. 4; Bored: 1. 2, 3, 4; MISAO YAMADA; " ATAMANIKITA " ; Hirsute Aficiondo, Outstanding Student. Rotary Club of Fullerton 2. 3, 4; Student of the Month, English: 3; Principal ' s High Honor Role 3; Outstanding Foreign Language. French: 1; Southland " A " student: 2 Farley, Ronald Fawkes, Marlane Pep Club: 1 2; Erikq: best bud ' s: 2. 3. 4; Club Irvine: 3. 4; BLBGE: 4, Denise best buddy: 3, 4; Denise. Erika. Lance, cruz in the La Bomba: 4; Angel Ann 4; Tom I: 3, 4; Tom II 3. 4; Mission Viejo: 4 Jacuzzi Time: 4; To Mr V B A team member: 4. Denise. always remember (Sleez Bomb) 4; I love you Mom and Paul; Living with Erika 1984, Felnberg, Randl Scruffy 1. 2. 3. 4; Best friends Star. Gail. Michele Z 1. 2. 3. 4; Angler ' s Club: 4; Tennis Team: 2. 3, 4. Form, Julia Ann Fletcher, Madelyn Foley, Jill Fontaine, John Paul Fraser, Susan Mary Gymnastics 1. 2. 3, 4; JV Tennis 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; Ski Club 3, 4; Soph Class V P,: 2; Com of student spirit 4; CSF: 2; Student Senate: 1, 2; Travel Lodge Crew: 2, 3, 4; Smokey Joe Team: 4; Eh Stout: 1, 2, 3, 4; Free Red fdn Club: 2, 3, 4; Fiat " the spaghetti wagon " ; Racing team 2, 3, 4; Summit (Pom, Amy, Sue, Di) " Fire " 4; Ski Utah 3, Shtop Talking 3, Oh No way 4; Signing: 3, 4: " No Problem, tasty wave! " ; No hassles 1, 2. 3, 4; " Floink " ; 6th street diner, " I ' m not eating this junk! " . Good luck to the class of ' 84 French, Robert Frias, Cynthia Fritzal, Kellee Shields 1 Drive in parties: 1, 2; JV Swimming: 1, 2; Varsity Swimming: 3, 4; Varsity Team Captain: 4; Scrub Commandments 4; HT parties 2, 3. 4; Newport Drive 3; The Von: 3; Rod BB games; Hot summer W,P games 3. 4; U-tote-um: 3. 4, cruisin ' : 3. 4; Rod Culdesac 3. GAOL 4; LBFC: 4; Legalty: 4; Humbolt here I come: 4. The suit!: 4; Rot Face: 1, 4; Survived it!!!: 1. 2. 3. 4; Friends Forever C,J,. S and P S. B,T,. TM,. ML Frydman, Suzanne GGGGGGGGGGG GalatI, Lynnette Galdemez, Luis Gallgher, Kerri JV Basketball: 1. 2. 3; Manager JV Volleyball: 2 Man- ager of V Volleyball: 4, Manager of V Softball: 2. 3; Big F: 3. 4; Big F Pres,: 4; Photo Club: 1. 4. ICC: 4; Blue Pinto 2, 3. 4; Chicago 4, RH Head Games: 3. 4; Circus S D ' 82. the memories will always be remembered from the heart; To TR. SN. BC, MS. MM. TS. TW; Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me I may not Lead Just walk beside me and be my friend Thanks for the best 4 years of my life, I love you all, TO CM, GD, CD, AR,: Good luck in the future. You ' re great friends, Gallegos, Patricia Gaon, Brian Cross Country: 1, 3; Track 1; El Pres, of Spanish Club: 3; Pres, Photo Club: 4; Interact: 4; ASB Tech, chairperson: 4; VC Yoon Hunting Club Pres,: 1, 2, 3, 4; CM: 2, 4; SS: 2, 3; MM: 1, 2, 3: Blue bug Turned red: summer ' 83; Peddle power from San Francisco to Fullerton summer ' 82; En- senodo (BC) Mexico Summer: ' 81, ' 82, ' 83; Hussong ' s Exploration; Catalina summer of ' 81, ' 82. ' 83. " Wally Wolly " ; Porsche 911 Targo Someday, someday! Cuong Do Master of Moo-Yeo-Doo! Gorrlty, Brian Bond: 1. 2; Jazz Band: 2; Pajama Game: 2; German Club: 1. 4; Bond Club: 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Basketball Club 2, 3; Ski Club: 2; Varsity Basketball: 3; Executive Board: 3; Assistant Tech Chairperson: 2, 4, Chairperson 3; Savanna CIF: 3; Redlands Conference 3; Santo Bar- bara: 3. Varsity Cameraman: 4. Bob Van Voorhis Fan Club VP 1, 2, 3, 4, George West 3, Lodum ' : 4; Woody 3, 4, Interact: 4; Election Board 4, Logon 3, Dooley 4, Yellow cars: 4; Basketball Announcer. Summer League 2, 3, T p school: 3. 4; Mr NO 2. 3. 4, Gatwood, Nacy Gayley, Ann Vocal Ensemble: 1. 2. 3. 4; Concert Choir: 1. 2. 3; Scat solos 3. 4; Godspell. Light of the world, by My side; Freshman VP: 1; Tennis: 1; Performance squad: 3, 4; Executive Board: 3; Commissioner of Communications: 3; Marquee committee 3, Daily Announcements: 3. 4; To the Mcintosh and Carlson families-Thanks for some of the best times of my life; I love you all. To Lisa- " look its a chain, like we wear! and what are you saying ' ' " I love ya little sister!; To rod Donny Carlson-you ' re the great- est! Thanks for sticking by me at church. Hawaii was the hottest. I love yo u; Son Clemente. home away from home; And to KD my bestest friend 4-ever and ever, you have been such an inspiration to me all of these years You ' ve given me so many special memories, they will stay with me always I ' ll always remember you my very treasured friend, Kristin God Bless. I love you!; To Robert Leibe. Thanks for everything, esp the times we ' ve shared. The Rivera rules. Thanks to all those at FUHS for 4 memorable years, they were the greatest, I love you oil The class of ■84-ever and ever, Gearhart, DIanne Geller, Rob George, Renae Volleyball 1; JV Softball: 1. Hickory Farms: 3; Skinny Haven: 3; Clothestime: 4; Beach Party Boys: 2, 3. 4; " Girls just wanna hove fun " 1, 2. 3. 4; Beach House in the summer; RW Bestest friend; OB; " We ore the girls that roar in the class of ' 84; San Clan; Class of ' 84 is the best; cor rallies all year; KD. Morri; Carbon Canyon; Double-Dote; Drive-ins; LL and CM; Thanks to all of my friends for being there and sticking by my side all of these 4 years I love you guys! EV and Mike V the best brother ' s I will ever hove. We ore out of here!; I love my friends and esp, my parents, Glldea, Eric Glass, Jim UNT 1. 2. 3. 4, Glessner, Karen The John Squad: 1; Pep Club 1. Ski Club: 2. 3, 4; Election Board 2; TT Pres, 2; TT 1. 2. 3. 4; Dancing: 2. 3. Fashion shows 4 ; Son Clemente: 1. 2. 3. 4; Newport House: 2, 3; Camp RE: 2, 3, 4; Police Concert: 4; CN: 2; I miss ya TA, JE, MH, and MK; Rose Bowl: 3, 4; To my giggle twin, thanks for helping me grow up, I con never tell you how much I appreciate your help and support when I was going through bad times-XOXO; Craig-thanks for help- ing me to recognize good from bod Hope you find what you ' re looking for. Take care of him Texas!; To my best friends I love for what you ore, but I love you Yet more for what you ore going to be , Gomez, Ernesto Gomez, Lino Custom car 2, 3, 4; Anti prep and mod club: 3, 4; New- old car club: 4; Party Assoc : 3, 4; University: 2, 3, 4; When I grodudte from this great school, the best part of the school year will occur, " Party Time! " Gordon, Amy Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Eh Stout: 1, 2, 3, 4; Peniculi 4; The Burb: 3, 4; Adv, Forgery: 2, 3, 4; The value: 3, 4; Oh-no-way: 4; Celica Smashing: 3; Sean: 3, 4; Pang Gong: 3, 4; Free Red Fan Club: 2. 3. 4; B and V lakes: 3; Tahoe Eorth- quqkes 2; Utah Eclipse: 3; Ski diggers: 3. 4; Mammoth with Mom: 1; LaPrimero: 2. 3; Puppy: 1; Craig Park: 1;lce Blocking: 3; Signing: 3; Bumper Outhouse: 3. 4; Saved by the bush: 3. 4; San Clemente: 1. 2. 3; Speed reading with Auntie Carol: 4; Shower ' s 1. 3; Supertramp: 4; Snow Summit 4; DSS: 4. Awesome Doubles with Missy: 4; No Hassles: 4; Honor Student: 1 . 2. 3. 4; Hessians (Amy. Pom, Sue. Di): 1, 2, 3, 4; Tasty wave: 3; Shtop talking: 3; Love yq Baby, Don ' t change for anyone baby: 4, Govea, Richard Melinda: 2, 3, 4; The Club 2, 3, 4; Little sister Jean: I ' ll always protect you; Little Mell, Art critics: what do you know?; You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find what you need, Gragg, Timothy Granados, Ronald Gulllory, Curly Gutierrez, Frank Ski, Skonk, and Skull: 3, 4; Partied: 1, 2, 3, 4; Chocha: 2, 3, 4, Condo ' s 3; The orange fights: 3, 4; Hotel Balcony: 3; Flying: 4, Mcintosh: 4; Auto: 4; The Van: 3, 4; Anaheim Patio: 3, 4, Graduating Midterm: 4; Skiing 1, 2, 3, 4; EMBO 1, 2, 3, 4; WTBO: 2, 3, 4; Once a King always a king but once a knight is enough; Hey guys, its been great partying with all of you, Chris, Craig, Don, Dario, Luis, Rob We have some Great memories from FHS, but that ' s in the past and we hove to go on to bigger and better things. Let ' s stay together we hove more good years ahead of us. Hugs and kisses to all of you, PS, 300 Dan. Dario. don ' t you think you guys should start driv- ing ' ' Love. Franl( Gutierrez, Gulllenno Guzman, Jessie Band 1 2. 3. Jazz Band 1 2, 3, Football: 4. Cross- country 3. Wrestling 2, 3. 4. Made it to CIF 4. He-Man: 4. Got thrown in jail: 4. Breaker: 4. Broken hand: 2, Cheryl Ayres 2, 3. Kingsman 2. 3. Splish Splash: 4; Re- ceived nomination for Winter Formal Pow Wow King 4. Winter Formal With Laurie-wow what a night!. Life is a song worth singing so, why don ' t you sing it. Thank you Kevin and Walt for all the good times we have shared. HHHHHHHHHH Hamilton, Edith German Club 1 2. Drama Club: 3, 4; Thespians; 4; Thespians Bus. Manager 4: FCSF Jc Catering Service 3. 4; Novel writing in German II; Word Searches in Chem Am Gov ' t 3. 4; Bock sliding 2nd quarter 4; Coalition of students for the execution for Carol Dooley: 3, 4; Soci- ety of students to further the use of funkey ties: 3. 4; onti-wimp patrol 3. 4, Hamilton, Mark Vars Basketball 3. 4. Football: 4; Baseball; 3; Baseball Club 3. 4. Football Club 4 Baseball Club 3. Vors, orange fight: 4; Sr corner vandelizing committee 4; Berma Rows, limbaris and hell week 4; " Its ok to lose as long as you leom a moral lesson " ; Snow Summit slush 3. 4; Why me ' ' ; JC here I come! Han, Hae Yong Hankins, Jana Honsaya, Vlengkhom Harris, Annie I thank Cindy Frios for becoming the 2nd half of a bobsy twin 4; JAIMES Canizalez and Tony Hernandez, have taught me how to be myself, to express my feelings and love for people; Got my first car 3; My favonte words. ' Oh great " 1; Fire for You!; What a jerky kid: 4 Harris, Jonathon Hawkins, Deborah Lee Volleyball 1.2. Swimming 1.2; Drill Team: 3; Varsity Yell; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Ski Club 3, 4, Drill TearrsCamp 3; USA Camp 4; Suzy, fat lip superior; Margie and me 4, Jumping the hills I?G + RG: 3; Thumper and me 4; Wimp vs Real student: 4; Drive-in plus blood ■!, 2; Class secretary 3; Burnouts in the driveway CL, CH, Plus Me; Rod times at San Clemente: 2, 3, 4; Party scrub JA + Me; Freak-a-zoid 4. Swimmers hove more fun: 1. 2; Chem Freaks DH and VR: 3; Rainy nights at RG,; Sister Kathy Grodudted 1; Sister Susan Graduated: 3; R.M. (my brother in law). We ' ve had some great times! Good luck in football next year I hope you have a winning season, take care of my sister PS because ofextro; TOoCindy (My III ' sis) Youre a great kid to go to school with It was tun being on pep Squad together Good luck in years to come I hope your JR and SR years are as great as mine were Mike. You ' re the one for me and always will be To all my friends Thanks for being the re during the good and bad times, you guys mode my high school years the best! Keep the Good times rolling Hebert, Leanne Lost: 1. SHHS: 2. Back to FHS 3; Pep club 1. 3. 4; Choir 1 2; Dance club 3. 4. Ski club 3. 4; Drive-in parties 3. 4. Rick Martin 3; Thanks to Suzy McKinnis for being my stepping stone 2. 3. 4. Matt Lemke You out of all peo- ple have left the best impression on me. Suzy Hochman Its too bod that we only had two years together. Tanie. and Missy-Kissy I ' ll never forget your smiles, there ' s o reason for everything. Mom and Dad. Thanks for utting up with me. I know it wasn ' t easy, watch out world here I come! We ' re the best forever more, because we ' re of ' 94 Good Luck ' 84. Hebert, Tom Helsinger, Brett Football 1. Vors, 2, 3; Freeway League champs: 2. 3, CIF runner up 3, Track: 1, 2; Vars,: 3, 4; Vars wrestling 2, 4, Master Mechanic Club: 3, 4; VW Club VP 4; 1961 VW 2, 3, 4, MIAF 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; PHOA: 2, 3, 4; Runner roadies, body guard, keyboard dnd bassist Tech ; Ha- waii 4, FJC bound. Alpha Beta employee L H O A club Pres 2, 3, 4, 5 , BBB and LAGNAF productions; Varsi- ty Club: 2, 3, 4 Henderson, Erie TOPS: 1, Dr R: 1, Basketball Bencher: 1. 2, 3; Tennis- mistake 1; Junior class pres, 3, Soph Polls by SA: 2, JD and Mom: 1, 2, 3, 4; Fights with JF: 1, 2,4, Bridgestone 1, 2, Forking 1, 2, Trash can smashing 3, FTW 1, 2, 3, 4, Key club apothite 3, 4; Student Senate 2; German Club 2, 3, Survived Mcintosh 2, Dooley 3, Thrashing Bowling with SJ 3, 4; Jumping Copt 3, Ann ' s Hope: 4; Baja Bridle troili ' : 4, " It ' s almost Friday! " , Mr West ' s AP history comedy hour. Thanks for opening my eyes GW 3, You ' re really lost SC 4 Rood Shows, AR: 2; Prom with JA, PS (joke) 3; Renne the flake and the Italian 4; Trenchcoofs 3, 4; Sunday on tour (San Francisco) 4; Joe, U2 MOD ENG. Elvis. Exec Bored: 3. 4; Thanks for you support you ' re great DG 2. 3. Hold on real people, all four of you. FMTT: 4; It is that bad — get even-E H.; what top ' ' The very top: 4. Henke, James Hernandez, Fabian Herr, Gary Brian Herrera, Brendo Marie HIM, Christine Varsity Track 1. 2. 3. 4. JV Cross country 2; Big F 3, 4; Nominating convention: 2; Spirit Club: 1. 3. 4; Drill Team 3; Drill Team Leader 4; Super Squad: 4. Camp ' 83 " 5. 6. 7. 8 " . mafia member. GYMSP: 1; YM1 (thanks for all the spoon 2. Free lunches with FV (BJN): 3; KR 4. Free rides 3; Survived PK ' s class 1. 2; WCL: 4-ever WAWAPD 1. 2. 3. 4; WAHI. SS ' 84-no WUBA senioritis: 4; Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Good luck class of ' 84. I ' ll miss you! Hlnojosa, Rosle Ho, Cam-Huong Ngoc Hochman, Suzanne Christine JV and Varsity Tennis: 1. 2. 3. 4; " We ' ve got the Sheen! " ; Pam Corbin loves push dolls! Pep Club 3. 4. Thonks David Jerome for some great times Beach- combers ' 81. Homecoming and Sadie Hdwkms ' 82. and Prom ' 83; To Leanne Hebert, " I wish we had more time to make up for the past!. To Tommy Petri, you have made High School unforgetoblel; Vorsity Flag 4; Camp was great; WAWAPD; To my flag squad, I will never forget you " , Especially to Mom and Dad who did ev- erything for me Thanks for two beautiful little brothers, FHS hasn ' t seen the last of us; To Scott Riordon and the rest of the Mormon Relics, Steve, Kurt, and Eric, " I know someday you ' ll be a big success You made Ski bum a big success! Scott, you ' ve mode my senior year even better than I expected Good luck to you and every- thing you do!. Bond room: 1, " Sleeper and Deveney- what a pair!. To Melinda Lamka, you ' ve been and al- ways will be my very best friend. Good luck in every- thing you do; S-U-Z-Y, Suzy Come-ooon! Must be a Malfunction, Good luck to the class of 1984 Homick, Scott Basketball 1, 2; Tech crew chair person: 2, Wimp phys- ics with Roger Logan 3; Trig and Calc with Rogerol Mel 4; Suzanne Friedman 1, 2, 3, 4; CSUF: 5. 6, 7. 8; Brian. Paul. Scott- the Boys: 1, 2, 3, 4; Never Gonna Let You Go. First Time, Babe 1, 2, 3, 4; Mormon Relics: 4, Eye in the Sky- the sun in your eyes amde some of the lies worth believing, I am the eye in the sky looking at you I can read your mind, I can cheat you blind, don ' t leave false illusions behind Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving I am the Eye in the sky , ; Thanks Mom for everything EB.SFGNCFHLAR F,S, : 1. 2. 3, 4 1 love you Suzanne, forever! Hoschouer, Lorl FFA: 2, 3, Orange County Fair: 2. 3; FFA Chapter Sweet- heart 3, 4, Volleyball Team 1 2; Outgoing 1 2, 3. 4; WS 3, 4, BOO-BOO 4, BD: " " : 1, 2, 3, 4; MH: 2, 3, 4 and many more!, " Oh no way! " , DL the graduation day!. The Gang DB, DB, CD. LL. CM. FC, RJ, -unforgetable people!, JT: Good luck with J; To my younger brother, Brian, I hope you ' re years at FUHS will be as good as mine were! I love yo!; And to my Mom and Dad and little sister, Cindy who ' s really growing up! Thanks for everything Houser, Renae Hughes, Harold Hunsaker, Teresa Dazed and what hoppened ' ' ; 1; Drill Team and Rollers in hair every morning 1, Good oT Mrs Shurtz " Cherrubs " , Chris Acton, Tim Ullom-4times a lady Winter Formal in a Limo with JB, RR, JB, AND TH, -Freshman do have mon- ey! " Moving in the brown house Bokersfield 2. 3; Hey goodbye city lite Hello cowboys!; TN the best friend I ever had Thanks for being there " Member T P -ing with DS and BS? " , Thdnk God we had the best of times together Dee Dwight, Aaron, Mya, and Terry We ' ll get them yet! Senior year 4; Corkey and no such things as dumb blonde together again oncemore; Thanks for helping me TP, JB, TH, pass bible class. Thanks Butch and Susie for letting me live here again; To my best friend ever, Joree, " Pick-n-and-a-grin-n " ; TP-ing Senior cor- ner-joil for 3 hours; Erich you ' re unclean, I love you Joree, you ' re the best, Eric Van Winkle- My brother, thank God you were here for me-l love yo. And to all my friends at FHS-I love yo ond thanks for making my last year the " Best of Times " ; Also I want to thank Dad, Sybil. Mom. and Jeff I love you all You hove mode my life so great, ond it wouldn ' t hove been the same with out you Oh yes-70-VW-known as the flame Hunt, Bill Hylton, TonI Big F: 2. 3. 4; Volleyball ' 1. 2: Softball: 1 2. 3; I thank Tammy. Kerri. Jeff. Andrea. Christi. and Greg for making my yeors at Fullerton High worth while; A special thanks to my best friend Andred-Helping me through my senior year I love you kid; I love you Gram tor being there through all my sad and of course happy times; I thank you Donna for being with me through my senior year, too. I love ya! FUHS has been good to me. I ' m going to miss it. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ James, Robert Germany- 1. Lit-2. 3. 4; 84-Porty Animals; " The Balcony " - 3. The Helmet Club Robert, Chris, Eric, Craig; LP, Fan Club; The Gang-1, 2, 3, 4, Summer Flat Tops " 3 " ; The Box-2, 3; Condo ' s-3; Ann Goyley 1-4, Rise Above-2. 3. 4 Jauregui, Jose Accomplishment was in my-1-to study hard and I did. My goal was to have a car in-2-, I was in a Badminton Club-3- I am now in Anglers Club-4-, My goal was to learn the skills of a Draftsman, Engineer and Architect, and I did learn a little in 1,2, 3, 4, My accomplishment was to stoy out of trouble in 3-4 year, I did Jerome, David " Howie " Frosh-soph water polo 1, 2; Varsity woterpolo 3, 4; Free- way League Honorable mention 4; Swimming 1; Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Track 3, 4; " Oklahoma " 1. " Our Town " 1, Esponol Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Key Club Secretary 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Club 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Utah 2. 3; Tahoe 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Water Polo Club 3. 4; Baseball Club 1, Morning Announcements " Guy ' s Sports " 2, 3, 4, Pleiades Staff Reporter 2, 3, 4; Knott ' s Berry Form 3, Disneyland 4; Sophomore Polls 2, Win a Dream Date with Marty 3, Sam " Jones for Asst Trash Monitor 1; Mr T Forever!; National Plaid Day, Curse of the Junior Year=A,l,, K.K., T,L,; Hornet High 5; Orange Flight 4; Student Senate 2; Good luck to those we leave behind Reg-gie " R Stud " Hamblin, Donny, Pete, Brett. Clarke, and all the boys Loid ' Um,; Ample Free Parking 3.4 Jones, Sam Flip Miracle Worker, Our Town, Oklahoma. Drama Club, The Mole Animal, Key Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club Treasurer 3; Key Club President 4, Dream Dote with Marty 3, Operation SHHS 2, 4, Square Bush 2; Roger 4, God Bless Flip Wilson 1 2. 3. 4; Snort Mobile (Senor Knorr) 2; Utah 3; FJB 1, 2, 3, 4; Concept Factory-Home Away From Home-3, Craig Pork 2, 4, Boating Expedition-Laguna Lake-2; Car Rolly- 3; Side Vicious Seonce-4; Doonesbury Fan Club 4; Jill ' s Front Porch-2, Big Bod Bob-3, 4; Lucky Paper-3, 4; Siz- zler-2, 3, 4; Lewis Mobile 4, Sunday 4, Lewis, I won 4; Thanks for Nothing Mr West 3; Baja 1000-Bridle Trail 3; It ' s Almost Friday!!!! 4; Bowling tor Cadillacs 4, Monastery 1; Ann ' s House 4, RHB 4, Todd-the Wall. What a Joke 1. 2; The Recipe 2. 3. 4. Thanks I.H.. AT,. E.B,. MA, C S,, H A , and N E , GMA 4, Elvis is King Jones, Thomas Michael Stole the proctice player of the year award from Ken Lentz 3; Won Margie Eder ' s heart 3. Varsity Basketball 3. 4; Played JV Tennis 2; Joined Ski Club and learned to ski 2. 3. 4; Hove more donee pictures then I know what to do with 4. found some good friends in Geoff Boone and Tina Weber 4. Always had a good friend in Ken Lentz 2. 3. 4. Went to oil of the dances with Geoff and Tina 4, KKKKKKKKKKK Karnafel, Kelll Anne Kawase, Katherine T. Student Government 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Presi- dent 2, Junior Class Treasurer 2, Senior Class Secretary 1; Treasurer 4, Student Senate 1; Nominating Conven- tion 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Idakas 3; Rotary Interact 4: Election Board 1. 2; Big F 2. 3, 4; Water Polo 1; Varsity Tennis 2. 3. 4. Gymnastics 1; Varsity 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1 " Soup with Bleu Cheese Dressing " 1; Slam Dunks 4; " The Chose " 4, Bumper Jumping 3, 4; Ice Blocking 2, 3, J, Kopocki Fan Club 3; " Stthop talking " 3, " Sphort Stuff " 3; Portico 1, 2, " Real Parties " 2, 3, 4; Jennas 4 - " Better luck next time T W , The " Swim " - MH,, K,L,. J G , B.P, 4; I had o good time M V (SC, AM.) 4; Hidden Lake ' s 3, 4; Jacuzzing 3, 4, T P and trash with S F and M V. ' s 4; Smokey Joe (S F,. JKP., M K.) 4; a late night swim 1; Mountoin Resort and Ski Trip 3, 4; " The Shower " 3; Days come and go, but memories last forever! Thank you FUHS for four wonderful years! Keene, Shelly 301 Kenin, Melissa M. Varsity Tennis 1. 2, 3. 4, Co-captain 3, Amy ' s awesome partner 4; Ski Club 2. 3, 4, Tahoe earthquake 2, Ski Utah 3, Idakas, 2, kicked-out 3, Commissioner of Social Ac- tivities 4. Executive Board 4, " Our Town " 1 Election Board 4. Student Senate 1. 2. Booting Squad with Miss Piggy 1 Morning Announcements 3. 4, George West ' s AP Comedy Hour 3, Marv Kanine 2. 3. 4 ever. To my buds. Get out of the tuxedo look. Hamburger man. Don ' t let the world get you down-beat the system! I love you. Miss, G.L.: Tahoe Sci Experience, all my Szech- wan. Princess lives in my heart!, the golf course, cruising with M D and R C , Daddy George West. Homecoming Nervous Breakdown, The Bell, Screaming Audrey. Lulu. Stanford here you come To all my friends, I wish every- day was a San Clemente weekend, or a night out on the town with my friends I will never forget you or our special memories I love you all ' Gumby and Pokey forever! " Remember Homecoming 1984, my favorite rubber face ' ' ' ' ? Thanx FUHS for some great times, bye. Kha, Khen KowalskI, Kim Lauralne Concert Marching Band 1. FFA 1. 2. 3 - Secretary, Debating Team 1 2 - President, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Vocal Ensemble 4. Home Economics 4: Idakas 3. Act 1-2. 3, 4. To M2 CS.. DM. GM. AW, RF, -Thanks for everything! I luv ya!! You ' ve really made my senior year worthwhile I ' ll never forget you guys cause you ' re won- derful. To L T Kremkow, Scott M. Rotary Award: 3. 4. Notional Merit Finalist 4: ASB Direc- tor of Publicity 4. Executive Board 4. Annual Staff 4. Mornings with the Mad Scientist 2. 3. Biology Club 2. 3, AP Comedy Hour 3. AP " Do you Understand What I ' m Saying ' ' " 4, " Home " Jerome Fan Club 2, 3, 4, Friday Nites at Trapper ' s (the general) 2, 3, K D " Where would I be without you. Buddy ' ' " Fab Five (friends forever) ■!, 2. 3, 4. " Yeahi Maybe we couldi Naaay! " 3, 4, He Here ' s to the cutest soph (whose last initial is K, but first isn ' t H). Field trip to Chorus Line 2 LLLLLLLLLLLLL Laney, Kelly Can you RELATE in my LITTLE RED CORVETTE ' ' Uhn-uh. NO WAYi Thanx to Simona. a wild and radical redhead, for the best B-day present I ever hadi Thanx to Tina H for all the help. A special thanx to the ODIE fan club. Bos- ketboll " mean viscious " . Friends JL KB , and Dr Pepper-gotto have iti JAM-BOGUS-HARRIET. Blind Tiger. Poncho-fhonx for the gear Garfield ' s fan Get lost Nermoli After 84- we ' re here no more Mom ' s the best Lang, Sandra Francis Lansford, Bruce Alan le, Dung A. Anglers Club 1 2. 3. 4. president 4. Interact 4. Spanish Club " who ' s the president Senior Wood ' ' " . CSF. Survivor of Grandma Dooley, " Gumby " Stuart. Miller, porgutas, and Huckleberry Houser. close to death 3. Thanks Uncle Ted. Magical Mel. Barney Rubbles Logon and Boy Wayne. Thanks for being so nice you guys C D , B G , O.N.. D B., D S , R R , H F , L S., J A , G P , K A , K D , L S , CL . T S , S L , S.N , R F , M M , J B , J D , Car Rally 3-got lost. M J H C 1, 2, 3, 4. ICC. Laguna Beach 1, 2, 3, 4, " You ' re so smart Krisfen! " Let ' s pray " ooga booga Ooga Booga " . I don ' t care anymore . " . UCI. Here I comeM Cuong Olga. I ' ll see you there! Le, Tien Ledum, Kathrlne German Club 1. 2. Vanishing Indians " 1. 2. 3. French Club 2. Drama Club 2. 3. 4. Thespians 3. 4. Costumes- makeup 2, 3, 4, Civic Air Patrol 2, 3. 4, Quill and Scroll 2. 3, 4. Feature Editor 4. Journalism 2. 3. 4. Stair Sitter 1. 2. Daniel Logan Cord Players 1, 2 " " Cards, Anyone ' ' " . Totally and completely 1. 2. 3. 4: " " That ' s beside the point " 2. 3, 4, Best friends Dora Bass, Char Jenson. Rick Rice. Annette Togami. Tina Weber. Catherine Ploeg Square Dancing 1. 2. 3. Edgar Allan Poe " My candle it burns at both ends It will not last the night But ah my foes, and oh my friends it gives a lovely light " First Fig, Edna St Vincent Millay. Anne McCaffrey fan forever . " " I hate math " " Hope for the best, but expect the worst " . I love ' ' 1. 2. 3. 4. " While a bolder note than this might swell From my lyre in the sky " Israfel, Edgar Allan Poe Lee, Joey Football 1- Freshman Class President 1. Executive Board ISurtClub 1.2. 3, 4. Ski Club 1, 2. 3. 4, f aster Mechan- ics Club 3. Rotary Club 2. Dance Production 4 Fullerton VW Club 4 Lemke, Cindy Pep Club 1, 2. 3, Ski Club 3, 4 Interact Club 4, Dance Club 3, 4. Dance Co President 4. Performance Squad 2, 3, Honor Roll 3, Homecoming Queen 1983-84; Junior Princess Reject. Chemistry Wimps T PA L S , K D . B.D . C I . Trish Paxton, Cindy Lemke " Friends forever! " Lake Havosu London Bridge, Cotalina " 83 " CL 8i T.P , Ski Utah 83. Pram 83 JC ; " " 42nd Street " 2, 3, 4: Skateway: 1. Knott ' s T.P.. L S , D.D , J H , 8c C L,, M M ' s forever: I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for everything! Love to the Lemke clan Matt, Mark, Jenny Amy Love ya Grandpa, Grandpa Jack, Grandma Gwen and the rest of my relatives I ' ll always love you Gammy! Good luck to the class of " " 84 " You were all great! Love ya all Trish, Nance, Diane, Teresa, Joree Good luck in the future. Lent7, Kenneth Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Football 4; Basketball Club: 3. 4; Senior Corner Vandalizing Committee: 4: " " Its OK. to lose as long as you learn a moral lesson " B.U , 4; Snow Summit Slush 4, I ' m a lover, not a fighter 1, 2, 3. 4; Orange Fight Survivor 4, Sprained Ankle Freak: 3, 4. Lindner, Amorette D. LInstrom, Robert W. LIplz, Diane K. M D , D.L . T B . Mickey D ' s 1: M.D., D.T , 2: L S. Racket- boll! L G 8c AG ore o k Drill Team 3: T.P , C L., JB., N G , 3. Drive-in Partyi SB with Killer 3. Dance Co: 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; No Clue! Senioritis: 1, 2, 3. 4; I love Mom 8i Dad! Thanx bro ' s A, T.P.. C L , J B., T.H,, N.G , I love you oIN Thanx T P. for the V Dub rides to prison! Little, Judson T. Lotspelch, JodI F S Water Polo 1. Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming Captain 4. Honor Roll 2, 3. Funky 4. Society of students for the Furtherment of Funky Ties 2. 3. 4, president 4. Association of Students for the Execution of Carol Dooley 3. 4. VP 4. French Club 1: German Club 2, 3, 4; Big F 3, 4: Bewildered 1; Spastic 2, 3, 4: Excited 1, 2, 3, 4, Blue Rabbit, 2, 3, 4. Lou Broemeling Fan Club: 1. 4. Air Head 1. 2. 3. 4. To Uncle Roger and Herr Maclns- mok-Ploids, Stripes 8c Polka Dots, don ' t match in the some outfit! J S , A L , D B , K R , SM. -thanx so much for everything-l love you all very much! To all pep-squad members thanx for all you support 8c friendship-l love ya all and remember always to MAKE IT GREATi May God be with everyone and everything that comes from Ful- lerton High School I love you cheer Mom!!! Your ' re a very special lady! Seniors Class of " 84 " Need we say more ' ' Loucks, Vickie Sue Lu, Grace Feotherheads dnd a summer of pre-scrub walliness with AE ond a pseudo-leader 1: Cross Country 1. Gymnas- tics 1. 2, Frosh-soph Cheerleoding 2, Doing the wrong cheer 2. Hydroplaning with BD and S J 3; Library Trips 3, Distributing SA Productions-M K , E H , D J 2. Cork It at JoJo ' s with HL.MK.AG.KD 2; Rotary Award 1.2,3; Concert band, pep band 8c Farrell ' s 1. Metamorphosis 3. Executive Board. Yogurt Trips. Schmarh. Scorrie, Put up with CMS nagging, pseudo-conference to B Bear 8c pizza, free days, rock this town girl, frustration. T.M. ' s great humor 3. Vice President CSF 4. Senioritis 3, 4; I love God 1, 2, 3, 4. Sdn Clemente. Fruit Earrings, Dimin- ishing Bridge, The Earthquake Song, the G ' s A G , B D , K D , 3, Mormon Dances 3 S H football games, girls M K " " Get out of the tuxedo look ' " , changing at Bob ' s, not aching into the dance, what a night! 3. A night spent cruising with Gumby 8c Pokey M D . R C . and the other womon 2. Disneyland 4. K J get the message 3, 4. Baskin-Robbins 3. Son Clemente. Tootsie ' s theme, jogging on the beach withBD , MK ,K D ,C T . A G , To M K , A G , B D , C.T,, T.L., M.C-. S.L . P C -Thanks for the memories, I love you all!: 1. 2, 3, 4 Luarca, Luis G. Football 1. Basketball 1. Loss of credit 1,2. 3, 4, Good luck Chato. S S S . Good bye everyone. Thanks, Fuller- ton High, Con I leave now ' ' . The Liquor Center " " I have to work tonight " . Good luck to the guys Chris, Craig, Erich, Don, Dor. Rob. and Frank We had some good times and gredt memories, keep it going the best is yet to come, the years were easier with you. thanks For- ever together Love you Lucero, Martin G. Luu, Hung D. Luu, Tuong D. MMMMMMMMMM MacDonald, Star Angler ' s Club 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4. Spanish Club 2. Rddminton 3, 4, Felix and Gumby 4, M M , R H . S M , S R , T T . T N . B S , E M , M W,, J B . Car Rally " " 81 " , Team Pinto rides dgain! 2. CSF 3, Chapman Seminar: 4; Ski Fever: 2. 3, 4; Yep a huh. That ' s Right! 4; Best friends Mimi, K C , T P 8c Thoy Love ya! MacShane, Robert C. Maginnis, D. Scott Water Polo 2, 3, 4, 1st team all-league: 3, 4, All CIF. MM 4; All CIF; 3, 4; Co-capt and MVP 4, Swimming 1. 3, 4; BdsketbdII 1, 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club: 3, 4, Suspend- ed 4, Danced with choir 3; ? 5, 6, 7. 8; Sr, Class President 4. No RB ' s 3. New Bum: 3, 4, JV: 3; RF.: 4; Golden Hill: 2, 3, 4; UCS.B, 5, 6, 7, 8: ID.: 3, 4; Orange Fight 3, 4, Mai, Duong Chuong Makshanod, James Water Polo Frosh-soph 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, 2nd team Freeway League Water Polo 3; 1st team Freeway League Water Polo 4; 2nd tedm CIF 4; Co MVP, Ha- waii 4, Swimming Frosh-soph 1. 2; Fear. Fear, Fear; Key Club 4, Ski Club 3, Utah, Key Club Initiation; Water Polo Club President. Orange Fight 3. 4. 2 F JC Here we go Lifeguard 2. 3. Relief in the courtyard Thanks to all the wonderful people who made my four years at Ful- lerton just swell Prep Water Polo All-Americon; All Southern California Water Polo Manzer, Shelly " Sam " Swim Team 2; Swim Team Manager 3, 4, Adam Ant Forever!; Spozzy K ' s 2: Lost in space 1, 2, 3, 4; Cereal parties 2, Inxs, The Fixx 4. Maynard 1. 2, 3, 4; Maynard Bartholomew and Henry Jones 3. Sr Knorr 8c The Snort Mobile 1. 2. 4. The Official I Hate Rodents Club 3, 4; Adry Audams 4. Senioritis 2, 3, 4. Jodi. Traci, Renee, Tammy-luv ya all! Friends always and forever! Renee 8c Traci- " ' We liked you better when you were wally! " 4: Mr B ' s ideors about Canadar stink. 4. Mr Spradley ' s low problems 1. 2. Seniors. Class of 84 Need we say more?; Who says all blondes are dumb? Coalition of Students for the Execution of Carol Dooley: 3, 4; F A WQU , Lou! H Maple, Misty M. Mossey, Craig Farmer 1. 2, 3. 4; S J 2; JB. 2; J.H,: 4. Member of " Greg Bice Fan Club " 1, 2. 3, 4; Eric Bergernon 3, O C W P 3; Lou Porter Fan Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Weekend Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, H C Nominee 4, Field Trip with Choe: 3. C S 8c J T Before Walk 4. Orange Fights: 2, 3. 4, Ski Bongo 2, 3. 4; " Thrashed the Box " 2. 3. 4. " " Lean, green racing machine, long live the vessel " 3, 4. Mata, Maria L. Mazlns, John Punk 1. 2. 3. 4. Deann-3 ' 2, Long hair Leather and Spikes, they copy us cuz they know we ' re right 4. Pass Lou Broemling ' s-Govt class 4 McCoy, Jacqueline BSU (Black Student Union) 1. Drill Team 4; Becky, Arci, Jackie-Friends forever; I live for Prince, Prince is irresisto- ble. " Jack " Prince. Prince and more Prince McGuIre, Anthony Drive-ins 2. 3, 4. Bob ' s 3; Basketball: 2; B.M.X, 1, 2; Jock-in-the-Box 3. 4. Football 2. 3; Parties: 2, 3, 4, Runner 4, The ETC ' s 3, Thanx Miss Continental " " 84 " 3, Male Model 3. Heart like a Wheel 2, " " No Way " (J L 8c T M ) 3. 4, Dance Company 4. Friday night football gomes 3. Good Ole Ted (Kopocki) 3, 4; Broken Gage 4, Cheerleoding (Turnabout) 2, T M , HE, J L 8c J V 4 McGuIre, MIchele Anglers Club 2, 3. 4. Fort Ord 3. Troy. Joining the U.S. Army 4. Best friends KC . Noby. Star. Ker, SR. RG., MS. Mac, " Being o senior is . finally knowing you ' ve accomplished your task " . Spanish Club: 2, Joy Darold 1, Kevin 2. Bill. Pat. Keith, Rob 3. Tony. Geoff 4, on my own 4. 1 teacher ' s aide Mr. Knorr 2, Mr, Hamner 2, 3, 4 McKlnnon, John McLaren, Debra L. German Club 1,2,3 Ag Club 1, 2, HomeEc: 1, 2, 3, 4. Idakas 4. Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Swim Team, JV.: 2, 3; Vanish- ing Indians 1, 2, 3, S EC 4. Dances. H C 3, Ski Bum 2, 3, 4. S H s 3. 4; Prom, yeah great, " " 84 " , Winter Formal 2. 3; SB 3, 4. To all my friends dt FUHS, 1 can ' t name you all, but I ' ve enjoyed my yeors with you all 1 hove a poem for the entire class of " 84 " - " Friends forever " , We met some years before, not too too long ago. Friend- ships made for perhaps forever, now not so long ago. These friendships have grown stronger, throughout our happy times and tedrs, we ' ve had the times to share throughout the years, our laughter with the joys, the sad times With the tears, now we ' re close to leaving, not wonting to part with friends, but we ' ll all remain friends forever, until the very end. Bye Debra Lynn McLaren McLaughlin, Gall Lay Bock 1. 2. Home Economics Club 3. 4. Pep Club 3. Concert Choir 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 4. Friends Bubbo, Mimi. Star, Ms ' Mac, Poem Scarlet Pimperel " " We seek him here, we seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere Is he in heaven ' ' Is he in hell? Thot 302 demmed. elusive Pimpernel? " by Baroness Orczy; Were the Seniors of " 84 " and we ' re proud of it. Its been long and hard but we made it to the big S. And now that it is here, we ' re glad to be the " class of 1984 " . McMurray, Susanne H. Mele, Kelly I love Mike 4; Softball Varsity: 2, 3; Varsity Basketball: 1, 2: 3 (Vluskateers: 3, 4: Newport Beach Party: 3: Journey 1, 2, 3, 4: Steve Perry forever 1, 2. 3. 4: Tippy XOXX: 1, 2, 3, 4: Bobb ' s Apt P 2. 3, 4: Thanks Mom, Dad, John: 1, 2, 3, 4: Sleep: 1,2, 3,4, Summer fun will be great. Skyline Buds Kelly, Schellie, Angella: 1, 2, 3, 4. Meioserdotf, Melody Mendez, Henry U2 and Big Country-favority new groups 4. will never forget surfing in Summer of 83: 4: Jesus Lives, Christ Saves 4: Will never forget Mike S, Drawings of Mr. Broemling 4 Mendoza, Antonio Mendozo, Graclela Mendozo, Juan J. Mercodo, Patty My sweet sixteen H N : going to concerts: 2; L 8c R. T 8i S D 8i L 3, Still hanging in there with Luis Pereyra always 8c forever: 4, Rosanne Silvas best of friends always: 1, 2. 3. 4, I did it " 84 " . Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you (and family) Rosanne Silvos-Thanks for everything, " you ' ve got a friend " Love ya. Merrill, Tracy Alaric 3, 4; Varsity Softball team: 1, 2. 3. 4: Varsity B-Ball team: 1, 2. 3, 4: Big F Club 2. 3. 4: Duron, Duron (John Taylor): 4: Oingo Boingo: 4, Limo 4, Partying 1, 2. 3, 4, C.C: 3, 4: The GAR C Club 4: GAB 4: Beach local 1. 2, 3, 4: Rod Blazer: 2, 3, 4: Harvey: 3, 4: Ted Kopacki 3: Senioritis 4: EDO. A 1. 2. 3. 4: SB.: 1, 2, 3, 4: Houser- ism 1, 4: Head-to- headquarters with Alaric 4; Tardy to class: 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball MVP: 1. 2, 3, 4, Freeway League 1st team: 2, 3: Freeway League MVP 3: All CIF 1st team 3: Times All Orange County 1st team 3. Pitching ERA 0.16: 3: No Hitter Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Country: 4: U24: GQ Club: 3. 4, Son Clemente: 1, 2: Dnve-in parties: 3, 4: S-P Club 2, 3. 4: Moochiano Club: 4; R.HO. before B-Ball Club: 4: MTV 3, 4: BBC Club: 4: Broken Heart Club: 4: Break curfew: 3, 4. Dominos Pizza Delivery: 4. Erotic story writers club: 4; Cheeseburgers: 3; Skyline way: 3, 4. Michel, Daniel MIclilk, Shelly All Stars 1. Volleyball: 1; St. Jude Volunteer: 1, 2; Elec- tion Board 1, 2, 3, Woremaker: 2, 3, 4: Your so LOST.. 2: J V Tennis: 2, 3, Big F Club 3, 4: Varsity Softball: 2, 3; Undefeated vs Radical: 3: Denny ' s the greatest: 3: Newport Beach Parties 2, 3, 4: Auto Club: 3, 4, The Blue Bomb 2, 3, 4; Softball Rick 2, 3, 4. I miss you Grandma Little Bethel 1, 2. 3. 4; Love yo Wiggy Wiglet: 2, 3, 4, Jock: 2, 3: Ski Dance. 4; WW. the best-thanks: 1, 2, 3, 4: More fun to come -college: 5. 6. 7. 8. Miller, Sean Montalvo, Enedella Montono, Dorene Moore, Sharon Moore, TerrI Good luck class of " 84 " Best buds Carolyn, 8c Eva: 1. 2, 3, 4: Football gomes 1, 2, 3, 4. Dances 1, 2. 3, 4, G K, 2. J.F.: 3: J.F.: 4: Duron Duron 4: Go-Go ' s concert 2; Mo- tels concert: 4, TP and KT: 4; Jeff Niedhardf 3, 4, Steve 3, 4: Paul 4: David Bowie 4: Billy Idol: 4; Gneral Hospital: 1, 2. 3, 4: John Stomos: 4: Graduation: 4!, Thanks for the memories FUNS: 1, 2, 3, 4. Morales, Angela Morales, Maria Morales, Martha Morales, Teresa Mucino, Alaric Mueller, Kenneth German Club 1, 2, Computer Club: 3: Joined the Army Reserves in March of 1983 and have attained the rank of PFC-E-3 in only 10 months. I wish to moke a career out of the military I will be taking an officer training course next year. My favorite port of a speech is by John F Kennedy " Ask not what your country can do tor you. ask what you con do for your country " ; I would also like to thank the students and staff of this school tor four great years " 84 " rulesll Thank you Munoz, Jacob Academics 1, 2, 3, 4: Agriculture no pig 1: Car 3, 4: Truck 4, Passed comp test 1, 2, 3, 4, Rop Disneyland: 3; Real Job at Disneyland 4, McDonald ' s 1, 2: Toco Bell: 1, 2; Pup ' n taco: 3. 4: Carl ' s Jr.: 3. 4, Went to Hawaii for free for the whole summer of 83: 3. 4: Alabama (sum- mer of 81) Murray, Jr., Daniel Myers, Tracy S. Though nothing will drive them away. We can beat them, just for one day We con be heroes, just for one day We can be us just for one day. Thin White Duke Berlin, Emergence " 76-77 " They split your pretty cran- ium Fill it full of air Tell you that your eighty, knowing you won ' t care. You ' ll be shooting up on anything. Tomorrow ' s never there. Beware the savage jaw of 1984. Come see. Come see. Remember me ' ' We played our all night movie roles. You said it would last, but I guess we enrolled in 1984 Aladdin Sane " 74 " NNNNNNNNNNN Neal, Miriam Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Choir Club: 1, 2, 3; Choir Club Secretary 3: Choir: 1, 2, 3: Sing it Edie: 3, Interact Club: 4; Dance Club: 4, Donee Company: 4; " P.Y T " , and " The Moin Event?: 4: Pep Squad: 3, 4: J,V. Cheerlead- ing: 3: " I wont money " : 3: Gymnastics spasfics: 1, 2. 3: " sprained ankle " 3, Varsity song 4; " Joe, Joe. Joe loves Kristin " : 4: worked at library 4. Homecoming walk with David: 3; Met Alpha Beta Man 3, 4; Homecoming with Paul: 4, Thonx for the rides Angela, Margie, Dar- leen, Kristin, ond Kothy " : 4, Bus stop at Tammy ' s: 4: I gave blood: 4; Hugs from Jessie: 3, 4: Can tell Walt and Kevin opart: 4: Frog Hunting: 3: UCLA here I comel; Good bye Chau, I love ya 4: best beach parties: 2. 3; most improved gymnastics award: 2: gymnastics schol- arship 2, " The Pajama Game " : 2: Bob ' s after the gome: 3, 4: Barry Manilow Concert: 4 USA, camp: 3, 4; party at Jonna ' s: 4: Wienerschnitzel buddies Gail and Miriam 1, Nickname Mary 3, 4; Gail ' s little sister: 1: Didn ' t drive: 1, 2, 3, 4: My heart belongs to no one: 4, boyfriends R.G. 1 F C 2 D W and K.L : 3: P.K 4: jump- ing in Kothy ' s cor: 3: Woterskiing first time: 3: Jana ' s " Ohoya. hoya, hoy! " : 1, Winter Formal: 4: Bobby McGee ' s, ' I wanna waiter next time " .: 4: " Jill is my sister " 4: " Happy New Yeee " , Congratulations class of " 84 " (too bod about our spirit)! Newton, Jon Ngo, Tuong Nguyen, LInh Nguyen, Quyet Nguyen, Thank NIcolo, Angela Nielsen, Kory NIeto, Carlos " Natural High " Camping Club: 1, 2: Anti-breakers Asso- ciation 4: Three time winner of the Ash Minors Golden Glove Award 1, 2, 3, Bored: 1. 2, 3, 4: Walked on Senior Corner 1, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2 Nixon, Julie Ski Club 1,2,3, 4; Ski Club Prez 4: Menso: 4; Ice Skating: 2, 3: Mammoth Summit 3, Newport Beach 1 ' 2. 2 ' 2. S ' z: Newport Harbor H S. 1 wk 4; B 8c C Lover 1. 2, 3, 4: Ever: S.B Sisters. P.B. 8c MP 3: " Hello Mom? " : 3, Headless Gummy Bears 3: Bud Mobile: 3; Romper Room: 3. Reck- less Driving: 3. Newport Beach Arrest 3; Drive-in ' s with M.F , PB.. R W , ES, LH , CD.. HK. T.M.. S C, M.H.: 3; Team Raleigh Hills 3; Scam Clemente Rats and Parties 1. 2. 3. 4: Rug Burns 4: Lets take the train to Son Clam 4: X Concert 3. NM: 3. 4: Mange-Moi 3. 4; Stacking Teddy Bears 3, 4, 3rd period Sunny Hills Locals with R.R, 3, 4; Please give me a ride: 3 ' 2. 4; Beam me up 8c knock me over 1. 2, 3. 4: 1 luv Todd 1. 2. 3. 4: Frosh-soph-jr-sr- itis: 1, 2, 3, 4: Party at Skyline: 3. 4, Get me to my shrink. Momi 1, 2, 3, 4, Oh well, LA G N A F III Nolan, Susan A 8c B Volleyball 1: J.V Volleyball: 2: Varsity Volleyball 3. 4: Yeah Nat!!! Beachcombers with Matt 1: Phil Keoggy 1,2, 3, 4: TEC 1, Yes Encounter: 1,3, 4:Bopra. Ker. Ter, Kare Bear buddies Michelle is bock-yeoh: 4: Sadie Hawkins with Steve 1: Home Ec Club Pres: 4, Idokos 2, 3, 4, Christian Club: 3, 4: Homecoming with Nick 3, Servile Homecoming 8c Prom with Sam 3, Sadie Hawkins with Sam: 3: Met a good friend Angle- growing in Christ: 3. 4: Cesar 3; Beachcombers with Cesar: 3: Homecoming 84 with Cesar, Yeah Diane B 4; Barbara, Laura-buddies, Beachcombers with Bruce 2, Yeah, Mr Tomes: Volleyball CIF 3, 4: Football CIF: 3: Class of 84 rules: Uttle River Bond Concert: 4: Rick Springfield Con- cert with Mark: 2: Contempo 82 2: Sadie Hawkins with Cesar, double with Ang 8c Bill 4: Mane Calendars 3, 4, Valentines- What flowers ' ' 4, Softball manager 2: Sylvie Sandra, Di-Chinese 4: Knotts: 4: Tec with Cesar: 4; Mar- tha C , Mr M , plaid pants ore out 4: God Bless the class of 84, Good luck! Nunez, Olga Drii! Team: 2: CSF 2, 3, 4, Idakas " The Outsiders 3, 4; Election Board: 2, 4: Varsity Shortflags 4 CSF Vice Presi- dent 3, CSF President 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Interclub Coun- cil 4, Uncle Ted Fan Club 3, 4, Our Cars The Lemon, C H Parties: 4: Diet Coke or Tab and Popcorn 4, Party at Bob ' s or Dave ' s place " ? S.M.: 1, 2. 3. 4, Scavenger Hunts 3. 4; The Bouncing Egg 3. 4, Chemistry 8c Physics Wimp: 3, 4: Senioritis: 2, 3, 4; W. AW. ADD.: 3, 4 ... 5, 6? Beach Parties: 2, 3, 4: USA. Camp more! " Some- times you just gotta soy what the I " Freshman orientation 83 was the worst! You ' re the BEST: L.W.. S.S,, LA,, YMMH . . KPP! U.SC? 5. 6. 7. 8 Thanks FHS for all the memories! Good luck class of 84 0000000000 O ' Hara, Judy Lectro: 1, 2, 3, 4: Journey and Steve Perry forever; Rose Bowl, July 1982; Playing marbles with the Lindenholz Radicals: 1; Shooting Mercedes 8c Heels: 1; Chinook: July 27, 1982, thank you Robert; Football at Huntington 4; Fiat 4; San Francisco 4, Shooting mickeys with MA,, D.V.T.. 8c Tootsie: 4; Van Halen: 4. Sept, 12, 1983; Boon egoohoo; South Coast Plaza with " Jeffie " (gotcha honl): 4; U.C.LC : 56. Olln, Cathie Kurt Muller: 1, 2; Chris Peterson: 3; Brian Mulvihill: 4; Surf Club: 4; Radical: 4; School girl: 2. 3; Pomona: 1; Party hardy 4; graduate from FUHS 4, Ortiz, Grade PPPPPPPPPPPPP Palomino, George Phillip Varsity Soccer: 3. 4. Team All-League 3, ?; Captain: 4, Broken Arm: 4, JV Soccer 1, 2; Unlucky One-Nil. " Yor " 4; " Gumby " : 4, Willie Ugh 4, Pep Club: 4; Camp USA: 4, Newspaper Staff: 3. 4; BBB: 3. 4; Factory Hopping-No- bisco. Shasta: 3; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; " Win a dream dote with Marty " : 3; LHOA, MIAF 4; Mr No 3. 4, Pin- oche 3, 4; Woodie. 2. 3, 4, " Pal " : 1, 2. 3, 4, " China Man " : 3, Varsity Club President 4, Varsity Club: 4; ICC: 4; Ladum: 4; Key Club: 4; Craig Pork excursion 4; Master Mechanics: 3; SENIORITIS 4; See Ya, IH. AT. EB, OB. MA, CS, HA, NE,; " Hurt me baby moke me write bad checks " : 4; T Kopacki Fan Club: 2, Eching Squat: 4; Thanks for oil the great times we hod together It would not hove been the same with out you all. TU. FVD. AM. D " H " J. AP, Good Luck in the future! Thanks to every- one Park, Debbie Parra, Eva Good Luck ' 84 " and to my best buds in the whole world TM. CV. CF; Jeff Neidhardt. I love yo. Radio City, San Diego Mountains with MG and SH, Son Clemente Beach 2. 3, 4; FJC 4 Paxton, Trlsho Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Interact 4; Dance Club 4; Dance Company 4; Performance Squad 2, 3; Tim Ullom . . . the memories will olwoys remain 1, 2; Skatewoy, that was fun! 1, 2; Wilshire Gong: TP, LS, CL, JH, DD,: 1, Lake Hovosu with Cindy 2. 3. 4. One Half the Little one: 3. 4; 42nd Street 1, 2. 3, 4; ET at NPB with CL (ha-ha): 1. 2, 3. 4; Snoopy: 1, 2, 3. 4; TP ' S Blue ' 67 VW: 3. 4; Cindy and Trish-M8cM ' s forever. 3. Catalina ' 83-CL and TP 3. Rob- ert Plunkett forever! 3-19-83-3-4. Prom ' 83 RP I love you! 3; Chemistry wimps: 4; SJ ' s X-mas party ' 83 was that fun or what?; Bears, Bears, Bears: 4; He ' s a dream- Tony 4; Cari-Sorry I was so dumb Rob!; Brat 1. 2. 3. 4; Tanya what wil! you do with out me ' ' I.L.U . your aunt-3 T ' s 1. 2. 3. 4; Love to oil the family: 1, 2, 3, 4; Cindy Lemke: Best Friends Forever; Good Luck Class of ' 84; Promised: 4; CL, JB, TH. NG. DL, -love you all 1, 2. 3. 4; CN. Still my best buddy; WF ' 82 " Open Arms " -don ' t forget me!. Stag dances were the reddest 3; 8-1-84 Hawaii Peffley, Dave Football 1; Rolling Stones: 2; Bust in my backyard 3; Dark of the moon (witch boy) 3; Yes: 4 Billy Joel: 4, Police: 4; Uncle Ted: 3; Aunt Carol 4, Cabaret 4, Prison- er of 2nd Avenue: 4; Thespian: 4; BMOC 4, Presidential Candidate 2 Pell, Steve Pena, Chris A great four years at Fullerton thanks to a lot of friends- Robert, Dorrell, Kent, John A, Friday night football gomes, cor rallys; Monday mornings; Field marking, Bob ' s Big Boy, Prom ' 83, NO N.I. PS. Club Pres., Orange Fights at Midnight; Goodbye to Andy, Zone, Gail. PWI. Chris, Doug, Frank, Sam, Stocey. Renee. Jodi. and I ' ll be seeing you on the streets, -1984 Pendleton, Megan Sooo Confused 1. French Club: 2. 3. 4; NB Lifeguard lookout!. The Dickie Arnoldus Fan Club 1. 3; SBSister ' s PB. and JN. Soloing of Snofree 4; Je t ' aime Jon-I only wish .4, JAWAD: 1, 2, 3; I love you Pom, stay sweet; New Zeoland-here I come (hopefully). Thanks FHS for oil the rod times! 303 Perez, Brian Perez, Robert Tennis team: 1, 3, Loyal Angler ' s Club Member: 1 2, 3. d; Why in the World?. Interact 4. Shadow Lane School Bus 3. 4. Space Age Plastics 3. FUHS Jeep Owners ' ASSN 3, 4. Monkees Fan 2. 3. 4: Irvine Lake-0 to 70 in ,5 sec; KB for Willie Ugh. Roger is my friend. Always wear a crash helmet when JL is driving!. But Rob got this one right! Petri, Tammy Varsity Track: 1, 2; JV Tennis: 1 2. Versify Tennis 3. 4. Wavemakers SM and ST and great times in Spanish: 2. Drill Team 3. Drill Camp 3: Executive Bored and Free- days: 3; Smile Christa Good luck always: Commissioner of student relations 3: Pres, of ICC: 3; WAWAPD: 4: WCL forever 3. 4; Spirit Club: 1, 2. 3. 4; " Make it Great. Varsity Short Flags 4; Freshman orientation-we weren ' t there were we? but we sure hove come a long way. Love ya squad!. Annual Staff 4. Advertisement Editor 4; USA Camp at UCSB 4. B R: 3. Yaght Club: 1. 7am to 8pm in one room with AE and MR- will it ever be over ' ' : 4, CA-it was once white we know (but I know more): 4. Missy and Jon-isn ' t it fun to be followed ' ' 4. EYde-WF was a joke. huh?. Bye Sunshine; Bobby McGees-We want a waiter next time 4; Uncle Ted Fan Club 3. 4; ME- we ' ve come a long way together thanks for being my bestest buddy 1. 2. 3. 4, Suz-thanks for all the memories, we sure have good taste for SH dates (maybe it was a mechanical malfunction). Thanks Mom and Dad for all you ' ve done for me. I love you: 1. 2. 3. 4; Good luck class of ' 84. thanks for all the memories! Phongsavath, VIengham PInell, Edgard Poodry, Renee Drill Team 2. 3, 4; Hibbards Camp 2; Knott ' s cloud none ■1; Tim, James. Zone 1. Best friends Lisa and Lesley G 1. 2. 3. 4. With all my Indian buddies: Undy. Missy, Shirleen. Bonnie. Sandra. Jennifer 1, 2. 3, 4; OCIC Princess: 3, Thanks for the memories Lisa and Lesley and I hope for more to come 1. 2, 3, 4; Most of all thanks Mom and Dad for everything and I didn ' t forget lil ' sis, Janelle Thanks class of ' 84. Pope, Lloyd Preclado, Maria Prokovlch, Andrew French Club 1 2. Ski Club 3. 4; PHOA 1, 2. 3. 4; Roquet Club 3, 4, Tennis Team 1.3, 4; VW Club 4, KROQ 1.2, 3, 4. LA Fair 2, 3, 4, 67 Bug 3, 4, Escorted the prettiest girl 4. Woodski Fan Club: 1, 3; BMX 1, Gravel Pit 3; Ted Kopacki ' s Fan Club 3. LAGNAF 4. Billy 3; Big Country EBSFGNCFHIARFS 1, 2. 3. 4; Love ya Mom, thanks for everything. Get o clue, Lou 1. 4. Puff-n-stuff Purcell, Hanslna 84-Ever friends SP. DR. KB. JV Volleyball 1; Concert Choir 1. 2, 3; FUHS Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3. 4, DA Best, Cuesto: 3, San Fran 4; FC Jazz Festival 3, 4, LBCC Jazz 3. 4; 3 A M . Mem ' ries. mem ' riesMi. District Honor Choir: 3. 4, Buddies SP, KR; Windsurf " 84 " KB; Volleyball to da ' MAX; Hawaii 2, 4, Laurel Class Pres: SP, DR. ER; Flowers- LL, I luv u best " scrub " pals LL. KK. JP-Kermit. No dogs on dotes 1. 2. 3. 4 RRRRRRRRRRRR Radensky, Sally Lisa These past 4 years have been something of on exper- ience I shall never forget I ' ve hod some good times as well as bod I ' ve shared my happiness with many of my fellow peers. One of my most enlightening experiences has been the joys of acting Acting to me, is ' my life My most favorite and inspiring phrases is, " Take your pas- sions and make them happen That reminds me of my acting-it ' s a passion to me I love people and one way that I have met people was in clubs I ' ve only been in two, but the people are crazy, just like me The two clubs are Drama Club 1, 2. 3, 4, and Thespians 3. 4. - two wonderful acting clubs The plays I ' ve been in ore Drama Festival Stage Door 2. Skin of Our Teeth 3. Once in a Life Time 4, I met my two best friends at FUHS-Dovid M and Mark P I hope we always remain best friends forever-cause I love them very muchi AWYPTAHL Ramirez, Susan Softball 1. 2. 3. Volleyball 1. 2. 3, Parties 1, 2. 3. 4, San Ofre 1,4. Cindy, Misty, Jana, Pom. Mercedes 1.2,3,4, Skiing 1, 2, Cool 1. 2. 3. 4; VW Bug 3. 4. Radical 3. 4 Rarldan, Teresa We have more in " 84 " JV Basketball 1. 2, 3; JV Volley- ball 2. 3, Varsity Volleyball 4. Lo Esquine with Nasus. Ker. Babs. Ter, Michelle 1, 2; Past Boyfriends F.H T B . J S ., " Roger " teacher of the year, 4, Di Senior homecoming attendant 4. Favorite teachers Mr A. Mr D . Mr B , 1. 2, 3, Senior corner handout. 4. Bobs 8c ker shore pres of Big F. " Far from over " 3; " Against all odds " 4; Little River Bond 4; Chicago 3. We ' re the Best. Rasnlck, John D. Ray, KImberly Reesman, Maureen Beth Sherwoodism 1; Q-view 1, Cherub 1; Pan Am 1. Cross Country 1. 2; Purple Passion People 1, 2; Idakos (sort of) 2. 3; Junior Achievement 2. Forking 2. Cor Rally 2; CSF: 2. 3. 4; Home Ec: 2. 4; Klein Essays: 2. 4; Kool Aid: 1. 2. 3; Sailboat Pajamas: 2, 3. Life 3. 4; West ' s bribes 3. The Mel Carson Show: 3; Stories, stories, stories 3. 4; Rob Lowe 3. 4; Stay Gold: 3. 4; Drill Team: 3. Big Bad Bob Tomes 3. 4; Election Board: 4; Executive Board: 4; Par- liamentarian ; Mr Organization 4; Student Advisory Council 4; Scott Foresman Committee 4; Shy Boy Re- turns 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-Chiet 4. Ice Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Beach Volleyball 1. 2, 3. 4, Haagen- Dozs 1. 2, 3, 4; PTL 1. 2. 3. 4; RFK 3, 4, And miles to go before I go to Sleep 3. 4; Kelly and Maureen-best friends forever A Uttle Class 2008. here I come! Rehnelt, Frank Relnhart, James K. ASB President 4; Varsity Basketball 2. 3. Captain 4 12. Varsity Football 4. 21. JV Tennis-Partners with Ken 2; Homecoming King Nominee 4. CIF 2. 3. 4. Nominating Convention 2, No Clue 1. " Thats weak " 2, Totally tweaking 2, Bob ' s fan club 2, 3. 4; " Soup with Blue Cheese Dressing " 1; Summer Strut; " melons dropped " 2. Irvine Meadows: 3. 4; Woody 2. 3. 4; Whammy 2. 3, 4; 54 rolls S F ' s house 4, Squirting 3, 4, Yoon Hunting Club 2, 3, 4, " Stop Talking " : 3; MCA Jet 4, MIAF 4, Buzz 4; Quarters 4, X-mas lights 4; " What was her name? " 3, Summit Mountain Cabin with the Gang MH, SF, KK; Broken Pole 3; Returned 4; Would you like to take a shower ? 3; Mama Rosa ' s: 3, 4, Moralistic Man of the ' 80 ' s, sometimes, NH 4. Monkey Peck 4. Mas Madera 4; George Corlin 4. Hurt me Baby, make me write bad checks 4, NO Noses 4, See yo later Bob 4, Santo Barbara 4. 5. Tailgating 3. Oh those nurses, 4, Logan- ized 5th period ME, JW, TL. LH; Had a great time ' RIcchIo, Sam Rice, Richard Anglers Club 2. 3, 4; Water Polo: 1. Pattison: 1 Conti- nental Singers 2. 3. Europe 2; Carribean 3, CSUF 4. " I press toward Mark tor the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus " Phillippians 3 14. 2 Peter 2 22. " Never say diei " Charles Dickens " The Old Man and the Sea " Ernest Hemingway Church 1. 2. 3. 4. VW Bug 4, Disneyland 4, Wimp 1. 2. 3. 4, " Quoth the Raven Nevermorei " Edgar Allen Poe RIgglo, Renee SK INC 1, Spaz and Lectro invade orange 2, Jumpin ' Juniors 3, Mowgli and Monkey raid Beach combers: 3, Flakeys Locals 3, 4, Kleist, AN, Jacoby. Winter, Word- well, Phillips. Key 3. 4-1- . Sunny Hills Locals 4. Miss you FE and JE 3 ' 2, 4. MR and SWC. best friends always; Love ya always Greg, my brother and friend 3 ' 2. 4 -I-; I miss you Rosie Ujkic 4, Hey Wosley forget this! Let ' s go Party in Humbolt, we finally made iti RIggi, Carol French Club 1; Spirit Club 2. 3, Ski Club 3. 4; Get me out of herei 1. 2. 3. 4, That rod Fiat 4, Do all Brea boys carry crowbars? 4, Lifetime Pres -CSJ fan club. TRSHD with ID 4, BOHS gang 2. 3, 4, C and I lost patrol 4, Dromomine Woman 2. 3. 4, Thank you for everything Mom and Dad (esp my cor!)-! told you I ' d make it!. Lost in Whittier with TP -180-1 hate chihuahuasi 3; Hawaii, here i comei See Ya! RIos, Ruth Roberts, Sara Rodriguez, Letty Spanish Club 1, Volleyball 1, 2, It doesn ' t look heavy, a high school diploma, only a bit of paper (It isn ' t really sheepskin), o few drops of ink, a bit of colored ribbon from woolworth ' s It does not weigh much, neverthe- less, a high school diploma is heavy, heavy with expec- tations There is the expectation of teachers that the diploma bearer will be willing to use the dictionary and the encyclopedia, the expectation that he will think clean and clear and frequently There is the expectq- tion of both the teachers and the parents that he will be teachable and being teachable is essentially want- ing to grow in wisdom and understanding The high school diploma is a heavy bit of luggage when the proud graduate sets out for college This poem is for John Life is a sweeter, a stronger, fuller more gracious thing for the friends existence Whether he be near or for If the friend is close at hand, that is best, but if he is for away he is still there to think of, to wonder of, to here from, to write to, to share life and experiences with, to serve, to honor, to admire, to love Rodriguez, Martha Romney, Darleen Songleader 4, Vocal Ensemble 2. 3. 4. Drill Team 1. 2. 3. Drill Team Captain 3, Super Squad 1. 2. 3. Choir: 1 2. 4; Track: 1; CSF 2. 3. 4; Vice-pres of Interact 4. Idakos 2; Masonic Lodge Outstanding Junior 3; Rotary Award 1. 2. 3; Spanish Award 1. 2; Who ' s Who in Science Award: 2; Bank of America Lab Sciences Award 4; Dental Assistant: 3. 4; Don ' t Stop me now Manioc; JT ' s girl 2. 3; 84-ever friends. KB. SB. DR. ESP in OR Darling " D " . Dorrell ' s twinner. A very happy person full of love for her friends and family Romney, Darrell Von Agriculture, FFA: 1. 2, 3; Parliamentary Procedure 1. Spanish Club: 1. 2; Ski Club. 2. 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Editor: 4; Special Effects and Aerial Photos for Yearbook: 3, 4; -Thank you Darleen tor being my twin sister, Rothbart, David Royer, Edith Spanish Club 1. 2. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drill Team 1; Hibbards Camp 1; Choir 3, Home Ec Club: 3; Track 3; JB-best friend; JV Cheer 3, USA Camp, S B Cara. thanks for the dance, Barry-Ill always love you; I miss you Grandma; Tom-W F we tried we failed; Varsity Yell 4, Freak-o-zoidl B H I love ya!, KL ' s real name is Richard; Weekend party at Jann ' s, Hello J C, Ruef, Dan Rugglerl, Kevin Varsity Cross Country: 1, 2. 3, 4. Cross Country Team Captain 3. 4; Cross Country Club Pres 4; Band: 1. 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band: 1.2,3,4;Lost 1.2. Radical 3.4;rmalover not a fighter club: 1. 2. 3. 4. Procrostinotors of America: 1. 2. 3. 4, 5, 6 . ; Varsity Club 4. Darleen Romney Fan Club 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6 ; The Three Musketeers 2, 3, 4; Professional Toilet paperer 3. 4; Orange Fight: 1. 2. 3. 4; Friend of a convict: 4; Killer Elites 4. Track: 4, Not enough parties: 4; Seniorifis: 1-4 Rugglerl, Walt Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Band Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Jazz Band 3. 4; Vocal Ensemble 4. Tamo Drums 4; Cross Country 1; soccer 2. Kings Men D and B 2. Rose Parade: 3; Jazz Lover 1. 2. 3. 4. Classical Lover 3. 4; Music is not a job its a way of life and an addiction. Journalism 4, PJ Game: 3; Godspell: 3; Cabaret 4; Questa 3, 4; FC Jazz 3, 4; Jess, Kev, Ken. Brian ssssssssssssss Safarik, Jane Salas, Ruben Lost in space 1, Scrub bus student 1. Datsun Driver 2. 3. 4. Newspaper photographer 2. Varsity Tennis Team 2. 3, 4, League Champs 3, 4-?, CIF Tennis: 2, 3. 4, Raquet Club 2, 3. 4; Vice Pres Roquet Club: 3; 1 qnd MVP Varsity tennis team 4. Mecho Member 3. hoi. Fullerton Historical Society Member 3. ASB Campus His- torian: 4; Executive Board 4. Redlonds Seminar 4. Stu- dent Senate Chairperson 4. Homecoming Picnic Orga- nizer 4; Drama Club: 4; " I hate space substance " 4. Junior High Drama Festival 4; Best friend-Richard John Arguelles 4; Jack La Lanne: 4, FHS is the best 1. 2. 3. 4; " " To oil my friends that I met these years, my most sincere best wishes for your future happiness I ' ll miss you all (esp you, KID, don ' t forget mei " Sanchez, Patricia Schade, Edward Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4; Team Capt 4; CIF 3, 4; Most Inspirational 4, Won Valencia Tournament 4; Won Magnolia Tournament 3, Hawaiian Tournament: 4. Swimming 1. 3. 4; Santa Barbara Inv 1. 3. CIF Relay 2. 3. Wrestling 4. Walnut Tournament 4th place. Senior class Vice Pres 4; Key Club 2. 3. 4, Polo Club 2, 3. 4; The Fang 3. 4; Win A dream dote with Marty 3. Stayed Single 1. 2. 3. 4. Met Ray Moondog 4; Lower Lecture Hon 2. 3, Mexico 1. 2. 3. 4. Worked qt Liquor Center: 2, 3, Prom 3; Ed ond Scott at Sonoro: 3; Escorted Home- coming Attendant 1; Got my cor 3; Howie Jerome Fan Club 4, Sunny Hills Brawl 4, Ya right!. See ya! Get Lei ' d! Schecter, Danny Marching Bond: 1, 2. 3; Concert Bond 1. Our Town: 1. Male Animal 2. CSF: 2. 3. 4; Bond Club 1. 2. 3, who? 4; Drama Club: 1; Interact 4, Chem and physics wimp, Sherwoodism 1, Secretary 3, Honor Role 3, Marching bond burnout case 4; Pres Hirsute Afficiondo Fan Club 3; Computer Club 3; TV Priducfions Stage Manager: 3. Monkees Fan: 4. Raquetboll Champion 1. 2. 3. 4. Schoellerman, Randy Schroder, Andrea Schuetze, Susan Schultz, Stacey Y MMH. KPP. Stacey. Lioro Olga, qnd Tina-best friends forever, Ihe rod 4 ' 84 babie mobile. Wimps vs real chem students; Varsity Short Flags. Toll Flags Super Squad. Way to go Olga! 3- 10-84. Ms Klein — thank you for teaching me so muchi Go 31 Flavors. Angel Stadi- um, and Dimensions; WAWAPDIi 84; Homecommg-Ran- 304 dy ' 82, Rick ' 84: Ski Bum-Olga. Tammy. Missy, and Jana, ' 84. Winter Formal- Cuong Do. ' 84. T honks Mom. Wayne. Doug, and Christine for your support Sekhon, Davey Sellarole, Gina Shapiro, David Notional High Honor Society: 2. 3. 4. California Scholastic Federation 2. 3. 4. Principals High Honor Roll 3. 4. Photo Club 1. 4, Angler ' s Club 3, 4, Interact 4. Surt Club Drop out 4. Ski Club Drop Out 4. PHOA 3. 4. LAGNAF 3, 4, Nisson Sentra Car of the ■80 ' s: 3. 4; Uncle Ted 3: Sher- woodism 1. Chem and Physic wimp 3. 4. Jesus Lives. Big Yellow House 4. Good Earth; 4. Friddy the 13th pdrty 3. FUHS party animal club 3. 4. Ld Primera 3. Alateen 4. UC Berkeley 5. Ambition: to be rich and famous and live in an exotic land, fdvorite sayings " NO pain, no gam and shmuck " Shaver, Cynthia Cross Country Team: 1. Track Team: 1. Home Ec Club 2. 3. 4. Spanish Club 2. 3. Pres: 2. Club Activities Direc- tor 3. Ms Dooley ' s Slave 3. Rockwell: 4. UCSC Hopeful 4. McD ' s 3. 4. Trainer 4. Junioritis 3: Seniontis 4 Shichor, Nadav Shook, Linda Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4, Interact Club: 4. Dance Club 3. 4. Performance Squad 2. JV Yell 4: Varsity Yell 4. " Freak- a-zoid " . USA Camp 3: TCO, USA: 4, Suzy. Lake Arrow- head: 1. 2. 3. 4. Sledding on dirt withCL. MTN ' s with Pat: 2: Chem wimps 4. Wilshire Gang CL, TP. LS. DD. JH, 1. The Screaming B ' s, Las Vegas Strip with LA, KD, and LS, the bomb 3, 4. Lindd Shook and Laurie Ayres friends forever. MC and SH 3, Circle City and Concert Factory 3: Maverick 4: Mormon Dances 3. SF forever!! Oct 14. 1983 Prom ' 83. Steve. I love you!!. JF ' s condo 3, UCLA-i wish: who says blondes hove more fun?! Beth Devay and Linda Shook Buddies forever, 4: Linda and Beth Jim and Robert = together forever as friends. Good luck class of ' 84, see you in the future. College life here I come!, LMC, SMT, EMR, TMC, Honor Roll: 3: KN He ' ll split you in two: I love you Mom, Dec 1, 1983, Daddy I miss you very much and I ' ll dlwoys be you ' re little girl Silao, Steven Siivas, Rosanne Smith, Beverly Smith, David ETC 500 Team 2, No Hip 3: Almost but not quite Aquamon 4, Aced the first quarter- forget the rest ' I just wanted to see if it could be done!, Fullerton-up there with the best. Later days Smith, Everett Spotts, Michelle Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 1, 3; Diving 1, 2, Home Ec Club 4: Running Club: 4, Friends Forever-Susan, Kerri, Teresa, Barb, and Karen; Carl ' s Junior: 4, Anthony and Michelle, November 20, 1983: I ' m engaged! Steward, Louis Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres of Key Club 4, Crash Car 4, Tennis Club; 2, 3, 4; DD; 4: " A real student doesn ' t write much for senior accomplishment A wimp writes all he can think of " : French Club: 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4; VP of the Under Achievement Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ' Thanks to RP, DL, DB, JG, JR, SJ, KS, EC, and everyone else for being great friends " , FOAD to the TIH, Tennis Team 1,2,3, Rockwell 4; Special thanks to my parents for understanding me and being great parents Stewart, Jetf Straub, Robert Sullivan, William Congratulations, Love Breeze Swanson, Tammy Vorsity Basketball: 1; Varsity Softball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Volleyball 2, 3. 4, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Big F 2, 3. 4. Swindell, Karen First day at FHS 2 ' ?; Swim Team 2. 3. Iddkos 4. Home Ec Club 2. 3. 4. Home Ec VP 4: Arizono Outreach 2. 3. Special friend-Robyn 2. 3. 4 thru eternity. Lighhouse 4. The Door 1. 2. 3. 4. Forest Home 1. 2. 3. 4. Hume Lake 2. 3. 4. Thanks Beth tor all your Support. Tom. I ' m glad we ' re friends dgdin. Good Luck in all you do; Jo. Susan. Michelle. Shelly. Kim, Judy, Thanks for your friendship I love you!. Getting to know my best friend-JESUS, Eng- land, Sweden-wdtch out here I come T Ta, Quang Tafolla, Denise Tailent, Kathy Tavera, Flora Gymnastics 2, 3, Soccer Team 2, Got all of my credits 1, 2 3 4 Graduate at semester Taylor, Robert Thai, Tung Tieng Thong, Thipphachan Timor, ludita Todd, Jana G. Gymnastics 1 2, Bond 1, 2, YOy, Yill dnd Marge, Home Ec Club 2, 3; Student of the month Dec, Mr Z forever ' 1, 2, 3, 4: Good friends always TP, MA, SH, TW, KD, MR, JD, JF, ME, AE, CA, CH, AND LH, I love you guys ' , PPP-Yills house 2, CA-BFD 4; EDE-thanks for being a gredt best friend; Thank you so much Mr, Armijo and Mrs Hunyadi You ' re the gredtest! Tran, Hanh Tran, ttoa Tran, hlong Trent, TIrza 3 5 GPA 3, 3,0 GPA; 3, 4, Laid bdCk: 1, 2, 3, 4, Hedvy Metdl Rules " , 329666 RulesIT Trieu, Suong Trujilio, Eric uuuuuuuuuuu Uliom, Tim Varsity Soccer; 3, 4; Blonde 6 " lucky " unlucky 2-nil; 1983-84 Bug Club Rod ' 61, " 2-AT-LO-69 " Bugs Rule: Bug Club members- Tim and Brett " 61 " , Bill, Andrew, Bobo, Almost Joey, maybe next year Alaric Team Bobo. Soc- cer Team Blondie. Ldd, Yor, Yendra Chips, Vic-Squore, A-Solis, Yen, Shroom, (but no more) Physic 3, 4, Logan Ties, Wimp column; Way to go Willie Ugh, Pow Wow King 4; Lou Broemeling (Mr, Hand), Hello!! Get a Clue LouL Government 4, Class of ' 84 finally graduated, FUHS Rules 1, 2, 3, 4, LAGNAF all summer long. Thanks Mom and Dad vvvvvvvvvvv Van Denburg, George Van Winkle, Eric Football 1 Automotive classes 1, 2, 3, 4; Master Me- chanic Club Pres 3, The Pantry; 2, 3, 4; Member of Loco! 324. Porsche owner and enthusiast; Owner of Van Dea- taling. Host on Mr Armijos morning talk show 4. Little Bro behind me 2. 3. 4. Good luck little Bro. Miss Julie Walker 2, 3.4. Elegol parking 3.4. Parent Support 1.2, 3,4 , , Tahoe at the end. Good luck cidss of ' 84 Vanderveen, Carolyn Survived Freshman year 1, German Club 1, 2. 3, 4; ICC 4, Hit the road with the duto 2, 3, 4, 1 like Mike 1, 2, 3, 4; Yeah PB ' s in the pool Cora 2, 3, Yeah Odie 3; Thanks tor a Great four years EP, TM, SH, CA, JF, PB, bowling for- everi 3, 4, BLSF-catch ya later party animals! Vandoren, Trad Lousy Scrub 1, JV Softball (swinger); 2: room 124 rrrips 4, Swc 4, Adam Ant forever; The Kingdom; Your ugly and your mother dresses you funny Whiplash; 3, Beach- combers ' 83, The class of ' 84 rrrips! Verrell, John Victor, Frank V. Vigil, Betty Vo, Ngoc Vo. Thutrang Von Esch, Brian Vongnakhone, Khmla Vossman, Mark Get a clue Lout Mr Hand; Varsity Tennis 4 BD Assasina- tion squad. 4, Ohio; 5 , . Kicker 1, 2, 3; Reol Physics student: 4; LAGNAF PHOA 4 wwwwwwww Weber, Tina " The Nose " 1, " Hesh Mobile " ; 1, 2, 3, 4, Bdby Mobile, Ld Bombo, Jezebel 1, 2, 3, 4, Pleiades 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor in Chief 3, 4, TRW 3, 4; Executive Board 3, 4; Election Board 4, CSF 2, 3, 4; CSF Sec-Treas 4, Rotory-lnterocf 4, Quill and Scroll 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Carol Dooley Fan 3, YMMH Popcorn parties 4; Diet Coke 4, GH Parties 4, KPP-Slam! 4, Burping Contests 4, Tina, Lioro, Olga, Stocey-best friends forever; Oh no! another Klein essayi 2, 4, The Mole 1,2,3, 4, Big Bad Bob Tomes 1 , 2, 3, 4, Mr Organization 4, Idokos -Long live the Outsiders 2, 3, Bdsketboll Groupie 3, 4, Callipygenous: JK you ' ve got a big mouth 3, 4, Mucho Contento. 3. 4. Smoothie Boone " Just got Lucky " ; 3, 4; Geoff- " He-man " -you ' re in my heart forever! ELD: 3, 4 Wells, Dianne West, Julie Frosh-Soph Cheerleader 1, 2, Homecoming Aftendent Nominee 1; Cheer Camp " nothin ' Like It " 1 Bus ride home otter football " We are the Indians " 2, Cheer Camp: " " Better Than Ever " 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 4, " Boo- Boo " 1,2,3, 4, Leonne and me and M and M ' s (Friends Always) 1, 2, 3, 4; Head Varsity Yell Leader 4, Freoko- zoid 4, Cheercomp " Make It Great " 4, Margie, Joy and Me Getting away at McDonalds 4, Met Michael and fell in love 3, July 1, 1982 Newport 17th street Rddiji; Executive Board 4, Burnout 4, Set Free 3, 4, Praise the Lord! Michael m the Army (571-19-5418) 4, Coffee breaks with Cora; 4, I love my soldier 4; Thank you so much Dad, Mom and Jill for all your patience, your love and understanding I love you Thank you Mi- chael for your love and understanding I love you so much But most of ail thank you Jesus for your gift of life that I never can repay Now a wonderful life with Mi- chael, I can ' t wait!!! Weston, Bruce Surviving Mr Westons class Especially the way he dress- es 4, 3 yedrs of motorcycle repoiring 1, 2, 3, 4; Serviv- ing this school year without being called to the office 4, To Martha Acevodo the one I deeply love and adore very much Love dlwoys, Bruce I ' ll love you always. White, James WIghtman, Sylvie Wllley, Carrie EDHS 1. Swimming 1. 2. M VS 1. Choir 1, 2, 3; M Lund 2, 3, CLW, RAG, and SMS, the three stooges TT and the sting BP dnd his mean 1; WJC: I love you! WACTLA Willey, Tom Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling; 2, 3, 4; MIAF 1. 2. 3, 4; LH; 1, 2, 3, 4 PGNAL 1, 2, 3. 4. LAGNAF 1, 2, 3, 4, Track: 4; NH; 2, 3, 4 Williams, Ronnie Dewitt Williams, Richard Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track: 2; Varsity Club: 2, 3, 4; Gold Medal Holt Mile and 330 Low hurdles 2, Football MVP 1, 4, Team Captain 1, 4, First Team All-Freeway League Quarterback 3, 4, Most Valuable offensive Back 3; Freeway League Most Valuable player 4, Freeway League Champions 2, 3, CIF Championship Game 3, 10-0,13-1 3, Orange Coast NOT Anaheim Stadium 3; Fullerton 7, Sunny Hills 6 3; Deborah Ann Wallin (Knott ' s Berry Formi) (After Knott ' s!); 4. 12 Rules, 2, 3, 4, Williams, Amy Wilson, Chuck Baseball Club 1, VW ' s; 1, 2, 3, 4, Chef 1, 2, 3, 4; Racket Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FILWT 4, SC 4, Snow Summit 3, 4, KAGNAF 4; Frosh-Soph 2; JV Tennis 3; Varsity Tennis 4, Mammoth 4, Chuckles 4, The Beach 1, 2, 3, 4 , Lou ' s fan club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rod Senior 1, 2, 3, 4; FUHS ' 84 1, 2, 3. 4-ever, Johon 1, 4; Tim and Pink socks, Andrew dnd his bare ankles; thanks everyone see ya; 4 Withrow, Amy Lydia Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama 2. 3, 4; Thespi- ans 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 4, Bond Hall Bum 1, 2, 3, 4; Make-up artist 2, Skin of our Teeth, Mole Animal, Chamber Music, Aquatics Announcer and Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Mark Chovira watch out for my baby sister while I ' m gone, A true friend is a gift from God, Glory, Mark, Brendd, Carmen, Lis, Kimmy, Allison, Nancy, Amy S , Karen S , Adeler, Porche, and the rest of you Remember Pro 24 10, May all of your fondest dredms come true while you attend here and wherever you go. May the Lord Keep you under his wing. Smile God loves you and so do I, Thanks Mom and Ddd for oil your support and prayers throughout my years here; Days come and go but the memories of FUHS will always be in the bock of my mind Thanks for the best four years of my lite, FHS!: AWYPTAH1 YYYYYYYYYYY Yoon, Jong zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zachariah, MIchele Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Bdri 3, 4, Tubd 4, Home Ec 3, 4, Friend: 1, 2, 3, 4, Our Gdng has waited for ' 84 since a long four years ago. Now that its here were ready to cheer!. So let ' s go Hip-Hip Hooroh " and get on our woyi. Soy Ha Fred. Ms Mac; Kimbo-friends forever. Hubba 305 AAAAAAA Abarca. Becky 173 Abbott, Timothy Acevedo. Martha Acosta, Alicia 161 Acosta, Benny 145 Acosta, Isabel 161 Acosta, Leticia 161 Acosta. Marie 173 Acton. Aaron 41, 173 Adams, Cora 17, 143, 116, 174, 257, 262, 280, 281 Adams, David 44, 172. 79 Adams. Glenn 262, 261, 248 Adams, Heidi 145, 50, 250, 40, 260, 258, 246, 263 Adams, John 99, 251 Adams, Kim 145, 99, 83 Adamson. Melissa 99 Adamson, Robert 145 Adelsperger. Barbara 46, 99, 260, 245, 244, 246 Adelsperger, Hugh 145, 46, 47 Afram, Mike 45, 160, 91, 246 Afrom, Ronia 173 Agnew, Altle 256 Aguirre, Beatrice 99 Akina, Rodney Akina. Ryan 41, 173, 91. 246 Alamares, Mark 161 Alova, Ignacio 161 Albor, Angelica 173 Albor, Guillermo 145 Aldana, Jerry 173 Aldotz. Tina 173 Aldrich. Benvenuto 173 Altonso, Julio 173 Allen, Christine 117 Allen, Denise 145, 108, 257 Allen, Jane 145 Allen, Janene 48, 49, 51, 161, 86 Allen, Shane 161 91, 246 Allen, Shawn 145, 43, 250, 251 Allen, Timothy 161 Allis, Todd Almaguer, Kim 145 Almas, William 145 Alvarado, Ricardo 67, 117 Alvarado, Rosa 161 Ambriz. John 145, 88, 258, 145 Ames, Mario 161 Amin, Shruti 145, 76 Anoyo, Daniel 41, 173, 61, 249 Anaya, Paul 145. 36, 251, 248 Anderson, Eric 257, 259, 281, Anderson, Matt Andrews, Jeri 50, 161, 84 Andrews, Leslie Arbiso, Tersia 51. 123 Arbiso, Victoria Arenas, Barbara Arevalo, Eva 145 Arevolo, Maria 173 Arguelles, Richard 117, 73, 72, 262, 248 Arias, Gilberto 161 Anas, Rigoberto 161 Arimgo, Loretta 161 Armento, Lupe 173 Arnold, Matthew 41, 173 Arredondo, Irma Arreolo, Carlos 145 Arreola, Lorie 161 Arreoloa, Enrique 173 Arreola, Yolanda 117 Arsenault, Yvette 145 Asa. Liora 117, 262 Au, Denise 161, 263, 262 Au, Hong Tuyet 118 Avalos. Mario 145 Avelar, Virginia Ayala, Benjamin 118 Ayala, Jess 118 Ayres, Cheryl 99, 259, 280. 281 Ayres. Laura 21, 102, 103. 118. 258. 263 BBBBBBBB Bacon. Rick 118 Badminton 93 Bodgerow. Sharon 161. 99 Badri. Helen Bagley. Judy 118, 262 Bailey, Jeffrey 41, 173, 217 Baker, Durand 161 Bales, Miriam 174 Baley, Sharon Balmer. Jon 173 Band 18, 30 Bankhead, Bonny 161, 256, 87 Barajas, Eladlo 174 Borajas, Miguel 162 Barba, Dawn 108, 256 Barba, Lynn 162 Barbarino. Tony 174 Barber, Theodore 145, 67, 174, 91. 247 Barmer. Michael 174 Barr. Laurie 174 Barriga. Sylvia Barrow. Jackie 162 Barry. Chris 21. 58 Barry. David 174. 93 Bartlett. Polly Baseball 87. 88 Basketball 55. 56. 58, 60. 61 Bass. Dara 118. 131. 189. 193. 15 Bass. Elizabeth 46. 47. 118 Bass. Jonathan 46, 47, 161 Bates, Cynthia Batterton, Nicholas 145 Botterton, Stephen 161 Beamer. Tiffany 174 Beck, John 161, 248 Becker, Michael 118 Belknap, Mike 118 Bellon, Brigette 161 Beltran. Margarita 145 Beltran. Rosario 174 Berg. Kimberly 19, 145. 247 Bergeron. Raymond 45. 162. 246. 247 Bergman. Audrey 145. 99 Bergstrom, Sheri 258 Bernal. Ana 145 Bernol. Maria 174 Bernstein. Francois Berry, Diane 9, 11, 12, 13. 48. 49, 16. 84. 85 Berry. Lisa 50. 51. 174, 93, 195, 55 Bessette, Denise 145 Bessette, Gina Bethencourt, Daniel 36, 118, 248 Bethencourt, Dorio 36, 118 Biardi, James 45, 161, 91 Biby, Brenda 118 Bice, Bradley 41, 65. 174. 74 Bice. Camille 161. 109. 52, 257 Biede rman, Kurt 145 Biggs, Justine 145 Biggs, Kerstin 118 Binlcana, Araceli Birnbaum, Peter 145. 43. 81. 250. 258 Black. Heather Blackley. Daniel 145. 242. 243. 91. 245. 244 Blongy. Colette 161, 99, 171, 24 Blangy, Pierrette 145 Blosche, Kim 119 Blatney, Frank 161 Blotney, Jim 174 Bletterman, Christina 161, 99, 264 Blodgett, Chris 161 Blodgett, Kurt 41, 174 Boals, Gregory 41, 174 Boatner, Deanne 174 Boatner, Debra 161, 264 Bohlen, Donald 162 Bolcer, Greg 145, 43, 250, 258 Bolcer, Pamela 1 19 Bolme, Jim 1 19 Boone. Geoff 145, 151, 194, 193, 192, 251, 262, 258 Booth, Kevin 119, 262 Borbely, Robin Bordner, Bruce 162, 80, 79 Borges, James 162 Borges, Lia 172. 174 Born, Wendy 119 Borough. Carrie 162 Borowski. Denise 9. 11, 13, 144, 145, 57, 99, 262, 258 Bortis, Adriona 145 Borfis, Diana 174, 263 Bortis, Sorin Bouosry, Dokfo 145 Bouasry, Dokkeo 117 Bouchard. Sara 119 Bourgeois. Matthew 174. 87 Bovee. Clinton Bowman. Gina 119 Bowman. Marcy Boyd. Charles Boysen. Hiede 162. 242 Bradley, Michele 174 Bradshaw. Mark 174 Brdmbila. Benigno 162 Branden, Elizabeth Brar, Kalpinder 145 Brar. Maninder Bravo. Eliseo 162. 61 Bravo. Frank Bravo, Paul 88 Brecht, Adrian Bretz, Karen 14, 26, 15, 244 Bridgeford, Patricia 144, 145, 99, 262 Bridges, Robin Britt, Melissa 19, 145, 99. 194. 28. 258. 247 Bronsing. Sean Brooks, Jennifer 19, 162, 212, 247 Brown, Joree 102, 105, 120 Brown, Lisa 9. 10, 11, 12, 162, 82, 52, 262 Brown, Randall 36, 145 Brown, Richard 162 Brown, Troy Bruce, Stacey 174 Bruechert, Todd 145 Brune, Lee 174 Brunk, Melissa 86 Brunkhorst. Angela 174 Brunk horst. Jennifer 145 Brunner. Lance 146, 70, 71, 251, 258 Bryan, Janna 138, 120, 52 Bryant, Heather 174 Buck, Brandon 146, 66, 67, 251 Buck, Janna 146, 242, 260, 262 Budke, Rodney 146, 91 Bui, Ngan 146 Buksh, Mohammed Bundy, Robert 120 Burbank, Richard Burge, Jeonnine 174 Burke, Ronald Burnard, Craig 45, 162 Burnard, Phillip 146, 91 Burns, Steven 146 Burrell, Rich 141, 174 Burt, Terri 120 Bush, Mary 162, 194, 263 Bush, Steven 46, 47, 92, 262 Busleta, Mark 146, 44, 91 Byrne, Kristen 99, 162. 53, 52 Byrne, Laura CCCCCCCC I Cobral, Michael 87 Calderon, Martha 120 Callahan, James 174 Callahan, Robert 174 Calvillo, Elizabeth 146 Calvo, Kenneth 174 Campbell, Eddie Compfield, Robyn Campolongo. Regina 162. 24 Campos. Luz 162 Campos, Rocio 174 Campos, Socorro 174 Campos, Thelmo 174 Canadoy, Lisa 120 Conas, Irma 146 Canas, Tanya 174 Connizzaro, Cassandra 19, 146, 247 Canonica, Chris 162 Contrell, Kennith Caperon, Andrew 45, 174, 91 Carlson, Don 146, 81, 250, 264 Carlson, Eric 44, 79 Carlton, Robert 175, 72, 248 Cornesi. Richard 60, 248 Carnesi, Ruben 61 Cornevale, Juli 51, 175 Caron, Steve 146 Corr, Jeffrey 146, 262, 258 Corranza, Barbara 48, 49, 120, 199, 191, 193, 84, 250 Corriedo, Martha Carriedo, Rosa Carrillo. Maria 162 Corrillo. Michael 65, 175 Carrillo, Nellie 78 Carroll, James 120, 72, 248 Carter, Carol 162, 260 Casas, Jose 175 Casco. Viviona Caspers, Ed 43, 120, 133 Cassidy, Michael 146 Castanedo, Stanley Castellon, Cynthia 162 Cosfellon, Magda 120, 244 Castillo, Cynthia 175 Castle, Arthur 162 Castle. Stephen Castro. Beatriz 175 Castro. Brian 45, 162 Castro, Manuel 175 Catero, Kandie 120 Catero, Roy 40, 162 Ceballos, Jose 121 Cercea, Moise Chabanel. Andre 45. 162. 263, 246 Chace, Shelby 11, 146, 99 Chacon, Michael 41, 175 Chambers. Mark 162. 87 Champion. Gerry 162 Chang. Sarah Chanphimarn. Pornmany 121 Chanphimarn. Viraporn 146. 93 Chanphimarn. Virasack 175 Chastain, Kari 146 Chau. Thanh Chavarin. Gloria Chavez, Yvette 175 Chavira, Mark 36, 146, 251 Chavira, Martha 162, 248 Chen, Pauline Chen, William 146 Chhokar, Harinder Singh Chism. Andre 91 Choi, Anne 162 Cholakian, Dan 66, 67, 121, 251 Christensen, Jean 146, 243 Chrysler, Diane 146 306 Church, Kim 162 Cichoski, Lori 163 Ciuror, Nicoloe 163 Clampitt, Charles 146, 149 Clancy, Shauna 163 Clark, Condlus 146 Clark, Christine 160, 163 Clark, Down 146 Clark, Linda Clark, Robert 163 Clark, Wendy 51, 175, 83, 82 Clement, Bryan Clement, Kevin Cloutier, Mary 146 Cobion, Lina 146 Coday, Donald Coffer, Vikki Coffey, Christopher 61 Coker, Sharilyn Cole, Cheryl 146, 98, 99 Coloma, Andrew 141, 175 Colvin, Was 45, 163, 91 Concho, Jerry 175 Cone, Bradley 147 Congelliere, Cathy 163 Conley, Daniel 163 Connors, Lori 145, 147 Contreras, Jennifer 163 Cook, Jim 147, 256 Cook, Sherry 175 Cooke, Kimberley 147 Cooper, Bobbi 121 Cooper, Laura 163, 88, 55, 262 Cooper, Mary Cooperman, Francoise 93 Cooperman, Yvonne 147, 163, 194, 28, 263 Copp, Samantha 19, 147, 108, 257 Coppel, Susannah 147, 99, 250, 262 Corbin, Pamela 117, 121, 135, 193, 194, 52 Corbin, Thomas 256 Coronado, Susie Corpron, Deborah 163 Correy, Don 121 Correy, Ron 163 Correy, Scott 175 Cortes, Francisco Cortes, Carolina 147 Cosper, Brian Cox, Mark 163, 256 Cozac, Elena 147 Cozoc, Nicoleta 175 Cranley, Sandra 147, 24 Crapo, Karen 120 Crawford, Donald 120, 72 Crippen, Cheryl 175 Crippen, James 163, 243 Cromwell, Marcy 175, 86 Cross Country 45, 46 Cryer, Tony 120 Cullen, Troy 38, 147 Cummings, Daniel 147 Curry, Shawn 175 DDDDDDDD Daggett, Kristen 102. 103, 121 Daggett, Steven 36, 163, 251, 259, 243 Dahm, John 175 Dahms, Joylyn 102, 105, 121, 193, 257, 263 Dalla Corte, Jock 147, 195 Damian, Doina Dance 18, 31 Daniel, Kristin 11, 56, 57, 102, 121, 122, 198, 211, 250, 104, 257, 262, 263 Dorafrine, Jeanette 175 Davis, Kenneth Davis, Rick Davisson, Kirk 147 Davitian, Amy 121, 242 De Almeida, Walter 121, 257, 258, 263 De Felicis, Gina 163 De Leon, Brenda 122 De Priest, Rene 163 Dean, Michelle 122, 244 Dean, Sean Deanda, George 122, 251 Deanda, Maria 51, 163 Deavila, Naomi 163 Debruyn, Sandra 122, 244 Dedic, Erich 122 Degrocia, Rigo Delgodo, Viana Dennis, Andrea Dennis, Matthew 175 Dennis, Sue 122 DePaolo, Michelle 147 Devay, Elizabeth 102, 104, 121, 122, 257, 263 Deveney, Kelly 19, 122, 191, 193, 247 Devonald, John 147, 91 Devonald, Scott 44, 79 Devore, Tamatha 147 Diaz, Pablo 91 Diaz, Ramon 163, 61, 87 Diaz. Reinaldo 147 Dickson, Heather 11, 109, 175, 181, 242 Dilger, Wendy 147 Dilks, Mary Dimauro, Stephanie 163 Dinh. Bao-Khanh Thi 122 Dinh, Kiem Trinh Dinh. Phung Thi Khanh 163. 262 Dinh. Viet Dung 163, 75, 262, 248 Dinsmore, Brian 41, 175 Dinsmore, Charles 36, 147, 246, 91, 251, 248 Do, Ahn Thi Kim 122 Do, Chau, Ngoc Do, Cuong Quoc 46, 47, 123, 91. 247 Do. Dong 40. 163 Do, Duyen Thi 163, 68 Do, Thong Quoc 41, 175, 74 Doan, Vinh Thanh 147 Dodds, Damon 36, 147, 248 Dodds, Wesley 41, 175, 87 Dodson, Steven 147 Dominguez, Bertha 175 Dominguez, Gabriela 163 Dominguez, Ramon 147, 163 Donaghu, Casey 48, 163, 85, 84, 250, 258 Donaghu, Greg 147 Donnelly, Kristen 175 Doolan, Daniel 123 Dorado, Bacilio 175 Dorfmon, Eric 123 Dorfman, Jodi 99, 175 Dotson, Deonno 163, 243 Douglas, Cynthia Douglas, Quyen 175 Doverspike, Lisa 175 Downing, Stephanie 147 Downs, Jodi 175 Drake, Sammul Drop, Chris 47 Drop, Denise 176 Drummond, Bruce 147 Duarte, Rebecca Dubelbeiss, Dole Duerksen, Ingrid 123 Duerksen, Kurt 41, 176 Duffin, Stacey 147 Duke, Christopher 123 Dulaney, Julie 123 Dumitrescu, Nicolae 147 Duncan, Kimberly 176 Duncan, Ronald 163 Durden, Allen 36, 195 Durham, Tracy 163 Durkin, Gregg 163 Dyer, Stephanie 163 EEEEEEEEE Earnest, William Easton, Kenneth 148, 194, 70. 251, 262, 258 Easton, Lianne 176 Echivesti, Manuel Eckert, Katherine 176 Eder, Jennifer 19, 164, 247 Eder, Margie 19, 21, 102, 104, 123, 127, 193, 257, 262, 247 Ediin, Neil 164 Edwards, John 176 Edwards, Johnothan Egurrola, Eric 40, 67, 164, 251 Egurrola, Yvette 148 Eley, Chris 176 Elliott, Tracy 19, 123, 247 Ellis, John Emery, Marilyn 176 Emiey, Michelle 99, 176, 242 Encinas, Ana 164 Encinas, Robert 41, 176 Engels, Mark 148, 256 Enriquez, Ernest 176 Enriquez, Rocio Erskine, Laurie 176, 256 Erwin, Eric 164 Escapite, Mono 124 Esquivias, Ismael Esteves, Margarita Eun, Hae Jung 124, 189, 193, 26, 242, 263 Evans, Michelle Evans, Virginia 164 Eve, Angela 19, 102, 104, 123, 257, 247, 280, 281 Everling, Wendy 176 FFFFFFFFF Faber, Jeffrey 176 Fairclough, Teffoney 148, 99 Fall Play 14 Fan, Harry 124, 257, 259, 280, 261, 262 Faroh, Heather 19, 247 Forfon, Martha 176 Farley, Ronald Farnsworth, Denise 176 Forr, Eulalia 148, 99 Favela, Jesus 176 Fawkes, Marianne Fawkes, William 164 Feinberg, Randi 124, 52 Felix, Ana 47, 176 Felix, Roberto 164 Perm, Julia 124 Fernandes, Gina 176, 82, 99, 242 Fernandez, Margarita 148 Fernandez, Mark Field, Richard 164, 87 Fields, Rhodono Fine, Andy Fitzgerald, Lisa Flaker, Elizabeth 148 Fleming, Denise 164, 109, 257 Fletcher, Carson 148, 153 Fletcher, Madelyn 124 Flores, Bertha 148 Flores, Cello 176 Flores, Lorenzo 176 Flores, Melissa 148, 99 Flores, Michael 65, 176 Flory, Michael 148 Flory, Robert 148, 256 Foley, Jill 138, 124, 132, 198, 280, 281 Fonseca, Ann 148 Fonseca, Joe 176 Fontaine, John 124 Football 36, 40, 41 Ford, Donald 164 Forrest, Paul 148 Fosnight, Tina 176 Fox, Don 164, 243 Francis, Cammie Franco, Alfonso 176 Franco, Maria Franke, Andrea 148, 84 Fronzia, Renata 99, 164, 69, 68 Franzia, Roma 47, 176, 68, 90 Eraser, Susan 11, 124, 191, 193, 198, 200, 257, 258 Frawley, Kevin 164. 243, 93 Fredricks, Dennis 9, 44, 164, 264 Freeberg, Stacey 164, 99 French, Barbara French, De bra 84 French, Robert 124, 256 Freng, Amy 164 Freng, Tina Freyre, Richard 44, 176, 79, 250 Frias, Chris 44, 79, 256, 250 Frios, Cynthia 19, 124. 247 Friedman, Desiree 148 Friedman, Eric 148 Fritsch, Pamela 148, 57 Fritzal, Kellee 124, 250, 76 Frydman, Suzanne 124 Fullerton, Tom 148, 246, 247 GGGGGGG Gafoa, Lisi Galati, Loren 148. 45, 91, 247 Galati, Lynette 124 Goldamez, Luis 124 Galigher, Kerri 124, 250 Gallatin, Tatia 176 Gallegos, Sylvia 51. 164 Gomez, Dolores 164 Goon, Brian 124, 191, 194, 256, 257, 259, 262, 258, 280, 281, 263 Goon, Greg 45, 176, 74, 248 Garcia, Carmen 176 Garcia, Centella 177 Garcia, Cesar 176 Garcia, Melissa 176 Garcia. Michael 172. 176 Garcia, Richard 36, 39, 251, 248, 91, 148 Garcia, Vincent 44, 79, 176 Garrity, Brian 125, 257, 258, 263 Garza, Lisa 177, 243 Gatwood, Nancy 125 Gayley, Ann 120, 125, 198. 200 Georhart, Cynthia 177 Georhart. Dionne Geary. Deborah 144. 148. 250. 76 Geller. David 177 Geller, Rob 125 Gennoro. Lesley 148 Gentry. Kelly George. Debby 177. 86. 243 George. Renoe 125 Gerola, Kothy 164. 52 Gesk. Judy 149. 250. 52. 260. 263 Gewin. Clayton 149. 243 Ciocopuzzi, Gregg 177 Gilbert. Deno 149. 50. 26. 242. 259. 244. 280, 281 Gildeo, Eric 125 Gilliam, Lisa 177 Gilyord, John 41, 177 Gloss, Jim 307 Glenn, Arthur Glessner, Karen 125 Godlnez, Alex 164 Golan, Kenneth 177 Gomez, Ernesto Gomez, Lino Gomez, Lisa 125, 177 Gomez. Manuel 177 Gomez, Mireya 164 Gomez, Norma 177 Gomez, Phillip 149 Gomez, Rachel Gomez, Roodofo 40 Gomez, Rosa 177 Gomez, Steven 40, 164 Gonsalez, Jorge 177 Gonzales, Frank 241, 177 Gonzales, Mario 177 Gonzalez, Albert Gonzalez, Bertha 164 Gonzalez, Cecilia 177 Gonzalez, David 177, 79 Gonzalez, John 177 Gonzalez, Kathy Gonzalez, Manuel 149 Gonzalez, Martha 164 Gonzalez, Martha 177 Gonzalez, Rafael 177 Gonzalez, Raul 149 Gordon, Amy 117, 126, 194, 53, 52 Gotzon, Michelle 165, 243 Gould, Barry 177 Govea, Richard 126 Goyette, Eric 177 Graf, Robert 45, 164, 92. 91, 246, 247 Gragg, Timothy Granados, RonadI 126 Grant, Michael Graves, Allison 177, 243 Gray, Thomas 177, 91 Greaves, Suzanne 177 Green, Michael 164 Gries, Dawn 177 Grodt, Gretchen 164 Grubbs, Robert 243 Grube, Lori 149 Guerrero, Marco 177 Guerrero, Steve 177 Guest, Sue 50. 51, 177, 86, 55 Guillory, Curley 36, 126 Gunter, Jill 165, 68 Gunther, Jolie 11, 165, 109 Gurrola, Francisco 149 Gurrola, Ricardo 177 Gusinski, Jeffrey 177 Gutierrez. Carlos 178 Gutierrez, Claudia 178 Gutierrez, Dorothy 178 Gutierrez, Francisco Gutierrez, Frank 126 Gutierrez, Guillermo Gutierrez, Juan 149 Gutierrez, Monica 165 Guyette, Darlene 165 Guyette, Rene 177 Guyette, Tina 149 Guzman, Anthony 36. 149 Guzman, Jessie 9. 21, 36, 66, 67, 126, 128, 248 Guzman, Jose 177 Guzman, Ronnie 165 Guzman Jr , Samuel 149 Gymnastics 82 HHHHHHH Haaland, Michelle 149 Hackett, Lisa Hahn, Michelle 149, 76, 259, 280, 281 Halili, David 165 Hall, Buffy 149 Hall, Lori 149, 165 Hollam, Nancy 178 Halligan, Hope 149 Hamblin, Reginald 43, 59, 58, 251, 249, 264 Hamilton, Doris 26, 242, 178, 244 Hamilton, Edith 126, 245 Hamilton, Heidi 165, 86, 195, 55, 262, 264 Hamilton, Mark 36, 58, 149, 126, 190, 193 Han, Hoe Yong Hankins, Jano 126 Hanks, Karen 165, 78 Hansoya, Viengkham 165, 127 Hansen, Kyle 149, 14, 26, 27, 15, 244 Hansen, Amy 243, 178, 263 Hansen, Greta Hart, Staci Hargrove, Stacey 178 Harms, Norman 165 Harper, Tracy 149 Horrill, Brett 148, 149, 151, 58, 249, 251 Harris, Annie 127 Harris, James Harris, Jonathan 127 Harris, Julie 99, 242, 178 Harrison, Donna 178 Harrison, Pom 178 Hart, Timothy 118 Hassett, David 45, 178, 195 Hassett, Keith 149 Hattan, Stacey 256, 178 Hafton, Steven 165 Haugen, Timothy Houser, Ronald 149 Havi kins, Cynthia 165, 108, 257 Hawkins, Deborah 102, 103, 127, 257 Heanes, Jeffrey 61, 178 Hebert, Leanne 127 Hebert, Tom Hedlund, Julie 165, 262 Heffernan, Joseph 149, 251, 91 Heine, Kim 149 Heine, Laura Heisinger, Brett 67, 127, 256 Heller, Shermaine 178 Hemmerling, Kristen 11, 99, 178 Henderson, Chris 44, 74, 178 Henderson, Eric 11, 127, 193 Hendro, Timothy 149, 75, 195, 248, 247 Hendricks, Scott 165 Henke, James 127 Henley, Michelle 19, 149, 98 Hepler, Julie 11, 12. 144, 149, 98, 258 Hernandez, Damaris 149 Hernandez, Fabian Hernandez, Ignacio 149 Hernandez, Rafael Hernandez, Veronica 165 Herr, Gary 128 Herrera, Brenda Herrera, Debbie 178 Hershkowitz, Lawrence 165 Hertogh, Marc 165 Hess, Alex 178 Hetland, Mike 61. 178, 249 Heusser, Noelle 48, 165, 85, 84, 55 Hewlett, John 165, 26, 242, 245, 262, 244 Hill, Christine 98, 99, 128 Hill, Toby 165 Hiltscher, Carlo 99. 172, 192, 193, 78, 178, 263 Hinojoso, Rosie Hirschkorn, Melissa 165 Ho, Cam-Huong Ngoc Hoang, Lan Dinh 165, 263, 262 Hochmon, Suzanne 102, 105 Hoeppner, Chad 149 Hofsaess, Peter 150 Holler, Morgaunte 150, 256 Hollingsworth, Derek 150, 14, 26, 68, 257, 91, 244, 258 Holmes, Timothy 242, 178 Homecoming 84, 163 Hoogland, Craig 165 Hooper, Sue 19, 150, 257 Hoover. Wayne 165 Hopfinger. Karen 150 Hopkins, Katherine 150, 243, 245 Hopkins, Thomas 41, 75, 173 Hornick, Scott 128 Hornidge, Tanya 99, 165 Hoschouer. Brian 67, 178 Hoschouer, Lori 128 Hoskey, Douglas 165 Houser, Reonne 128 Howard, Christine Howard, Valerie Hudgins, Michael Hughes, Brian 36, 88, 258, 248 Hughes, Danny 178 Hughes, David 150 Hughes, David 178, 91 Hughes. Harold 256 Hughes, Joanne 11, 78, 178 Hughes, Tom 40, 165, 256 Hunsaker, Teresa 128 Hunt, Bill 128 Hunt, Jill 178 Hunt, Scott 166, 256 Hurtado, Gerardo 178 Hutcherson, Catherine 150 Hutton, Esther 26, 242, 178, 244 Huttrer, Christian 40, 166, 91, 246 Huynh, Hai Thanh Huynh, Tarn Cong 166 Hylton, Julie 166 Hylton, Toni 128 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ibarra, Javier 178 Ibarra, Rocio 166 Ibbs, Darren 150 lbs, Oliver 179 Icenhour, Tanya 150 Idres, Chamilah 150 Idres, Ismah 179 Ingland, Terri 166 Irons, Charles 93 Irribarren, Karen 179 Ivosk, Jeffrey 150, 74, 248 Ivester, Amanda 99, 250, 260 Ivester, Helen 166, 260. 78. 264 JJJJJJJJJJJJ Jackson. Rhonda 179 Jamal. Louis 179 James, Robert 128 Joramillo, Rosa 179 Jarvi. David 41, 65, 66, 179, 246 Jaso. Jonathan 166 Jauregui, Jose 1123 Jeeves, Jennifer 51, 179 Jenisch. Cheryl 166 Jensen. Charlotte 150. 244. 245 Jensen, Thomas 179, 243 Jerome, Cindy 11, 150, 33, 258 Jerome, David 43, 129, 176, 198, 200, 250, 257, 90, 251, 91, 258, 263 Jewett, Belinda Joe, Kenny 150. 72 Johnson. Christine 166, 76 Johnson, Jeffrey 179, 243 Johnson, Karlo 166, 263 Johnson, Sandra 150 Jones, Alan 128 Jones, Cynthia 150, 98, 99 Jones, Deborah 166. 68. 246 Jones. James 129. 198. 258, 200, 264 Jones, Michael Jones, Thomas 21, 58, 59. 127, 129, 258 Jontez, Tracy 243 Juarez, Vincent KKKKKKKK Ka Dell, Donna 150, 68 Kaoiowahia, Johanna 50, 179, 90 Kaaiawahia, Keoni Kafka, Gregory 166 Kopahua, Joe Karnafel, Kelli 258 Karyakos. Issom 150 Kawose, Camille 179, 52, 90 Kawase, Janice 150, 52, 195, 258 Kawase, Katherine 125, 129, 83, 32, 53, 52 Keeble. Christopher 45, 150 Keene, Shelly Kenfield, Leslie Kenin, Melissa 12, 120, 129, 142, 193, 53, 52, 258 Keolasy, Chanmone 179, 93 Keolasy, Chansomon Keolasy, Chansouphone 93 Kerr, Holly 99, 166, 259, 280, 281 Kha, Huong 150 Kha, Khen Khuu, Tuyen 166 Kidner, Wade 179 Kielhomer, Kelly Kilanowski, Luann 179, 242 Kiloh, Patricia 179 Kim, Mercedes 150, 262, 258 Kim, Michelle 166, 263, 262 Kim, Susan 150, 99 Kimbrell, James 179 Kimbrell, June 151 King, Julie 166 Kinney, Eileen 11, 12, 160, 99, 53, 52, 90 Kish, Heather 179 Kish, Hilary 11, 50, 166, 86, 195 Kiter, Christa 166, 69, 68, 54 Kline, Adrian 45, 166, 93 Klingenmaier, Tommy 166 Klopsch, Kerstin 151, 242 Knight, John 151 Koch, Diane 179 Koch, Hilda 179, 93 Kohls, Sheibi 151 Kotkin, Jacqueline 151 Kowalski, Kim 129 Kremkow, Lisa 166. 68 Kremkow. Scott 129, 191, 193, 259, 262, 280, 281 Kumar, Lolita 179 LLLLLLLLL La Marche, Paul 151, 256 La Poglio, Robert Lakeman, Jodeane 151, 52 Lambert, Beth 166 Lamko, Melinda 151, 99 Lammens. Laurie 99. 179. 78 Laney. Deborah 179 Laney. Kelly 129 Lang, Sandra 50, 129, 262 Lonsford. Bruce 131. 26. 242. 243 Lansford. Michael 179, 243 Lonz, Laura 178 Lanz, Marie 151 Lapierre, Monique 166 308 Lapoint. Kevin 179, 243 Laraway, Lesley 151, 108, 112, 113, 85, 84, 242, 243, 262 Larrea, Adolph 151 Larrea, Mike 179 Law, Clarice 151, 143, 91, 62, 245 Law, Roger Lawrence, Marialice 151 Le, Bao Quoc 130 Le. Dung 96, 130, 194, 262, 258, 263 Le, Kham Trung 166 Le, Oanh Chali Le, Phuong Dinh 166 Le, Son Bich 151 Le, Thuy Truong 179 Le, Tien, Manh 131 Le, Tuan 151, 72. 248, 258 Le, Tuan Anh 166 Ledbetter, Nicole 166 Ledum. Kathrine 131, 258, 245 Lee, Christopher Lee, Joey 11, 19, 131 Leeper, David 166 Leger, Brenda 151 Lennl e, Cindy 8, 11, 12, 19, 130, 194, 195. 247 Lemke. Matthew 19. 151 Lemnitzer, Michelle 151 56 Lent. Tiare 151. 108. 198 Lentz. Kenneth 36, 58, 130, 258, 248 Lentz, Kirk 166, 60 Leon, Denise 11, 179, 242, 52 Leon, Lydia 151 Levoit. Christy 179 Lew, Clarke 151, 81. 262. 258. 263 Licon. Gobriela 51. 179, 84 Licon, Margarita 179, 82 Lien, Phong Tuye 182 Lieser, James 179, 79, 250 Linder, Jeff 179 Lindner. Amorette 131 Lindsay, Mariellen 179, 78 Linstrom, Amy 14. 244 Linstrom. f?obert 131 Lipiz, Diana 19, 131, 247 Lipman, Stacey 166, 263, 261 Little, Judson 131 Livingston, James 179 Loera, Laura 180 Loew, Melissa 151, 256 Lohman, Scot 166, 87 Lombordo, Michael Longenecker. James 151 Loo. Trisha 180 Lopez. Arturo 180 Lopez. Leica 180 Lopez, Marylu Lopez, Renessa 180 Lopez, Sabrina 151 Lord, Kenneth 41, 180 Lotspeich, Jodi 102, 132, 76, 257, 262 Loucks, Vickie Lowe, Christine 180, 185 Lowe, Gary 151 Lowers, Rondo 151 Lowrey, James 43. 151. 80. 81, 250. 258 Lowrey, Thomas 180, 9, 44 Loza, Eduardo 180 Lu, Grace 152, 120, 130. 262 Lu, Susan 192, 193 Luarco, Luis 131 Luce, Brenda 152 Lucero, Mario 180 Lucero. Martin 131 Lundie. Allison 45, 46, 152, 47, 69, 68. 90. 246 Luong. Hang 152 Lusca. Morgoreto Luu, Due Van 152, 166 Luu, Hung 131 Luu, Tuong Dan 131 Luu, Viet Quoc Ly. Hoa Le 152 Ly. Hue Nhu 166 Ly. HungChi 166 Ly. Thuau Hue 180 Lynch. John 152 MMMMMMM MacDo nold. Scott 144, 152, 192, 193, 33, 202, 258, 264 MacDonald, Star 131, 93 MocShane. Robert 131 Macy. Tim Madrigal. George Mogana. Michael 41. 180 Mogdoleno. Carlos Moginnis. Daniel 11, 43, 131, 264, 192, 193, 181, 250, 191. 258 Magliano. Mario 180 Mai. De Dinh 180. 75 Mai. Duong Chuong 131 Makshonoff. James 42. 264. 43. 126. 80. 81. 250, 251. 103, 131 Malave, Shorron Maldonodo, Jesse Malnentch, Brian Malott. Laura 152. 99. 52 Momoon. Cassim 41. 180 Momoon, Mumtaz 152 Mondel, David 41, 180 Manrique, Jose 180 Manrrique, Victor 167 Manship, Gregory 167, 61. 249 Manzanares. Chris 180. 243 Manzer. Shelly 132. 76 Maple. Misty 132 Markarion. Samson Maroun. Liliane 180 Marquez. Hilda 167 Marsh. Catherine 99. 167. 82 Marshall. Darren Marshall. Kelly 180 Marshall. Michael 180 Martin. Gerard 167 Martin. Julie 167 Martinez. Carrie 167 Martinez. Celena 180 Martinez. Frank 167 Martinez. Hector 180 Martinez. Josie 180 Martinez. Valerie Mascio, Gregory 180 Mason, Laurel 143 Massey. Brian 180, 74, 75, 61 Massey. Craig 132 Mate. Cesar 152 Mato. Leodegario Mato. Maria 132 Mateos. Richard 167 Mathis. Annette 180 Mathis. Gerald Matute. Inez 152, 93 Matute, Marilyn 167 Mazins, John 156 Mazza. Mia 99. 180. 68. 90 Mazzola. Marc 167 McBride. Rachyl McBride. Shannon 152 McCarthy. Michael 41. 180, 91 McCoy, Jacqueline 99, 134 McCullah, Kimberly 99, 167. 78 McDougoll. David 152 McFarland. Michelle 167. 248 McForlane, Brian 180. 74 McGinnis. Mike 152 McGinnis, Milinda 167 McGuire. Anthony 19. 21. 134 McGuire. Michele 134 McGurer. Mark 61. 249, 258 Mcintosh, Lisa 11, 152 McKeag, Christine 180 McKeog, Sharon 167, 258 McKenno, Morjorie 152 McKinnis, Danny 180 McKinnis, Suzanne 76 McKinnon, David 36. 39. 152. 58 McKinnon, John 91 McLaren. Corrina 181 McLaren. Debra 134. 260, 264 McLaughlin, Gail 134. 242. 260 McMaugh. Karen McMillan, Greg 152, 198, 259, 280, 281 McMurroy, Susanne McNey. Garrick 40, 167, 243, 248 Mele, John 181, 87 Mele, Kelly 132 Melendez, Marlon 152, 88 Melendez, Yvette 109, 167 Meloserdoff, Melody 132 Mendez, Clara Mendez. Henry Mendez. Laura 167 Mendoza. Angela 152 Mendozo. Antonio 132 Mendoza. Dina Mendoza. Graciela 132 Mendoza. Juan 195 Mendoza. Robert 181 Meneses. Victor 167 Mercodo. Jose 41. 65 Mercado. Lillian 152 Mercodo. Patty 132 Merrill. Tracy 56. 57, 133, 84 Michel. Carmen 167. 243 Michel, Daniel Michik, Cindy 167, 84, 52 Michik, Shelly 133, 195 Mickelson, Noroh 167 Middlebrooks, Jeffry 181, 87 Miller, David 44, 181 Miller, Joshua 167, 71, 250 Miller, Paul 41, 181 Miller, Sean Mirqmontes. Yolanda 181 Miranda. Cesar 167 Mitchell. Dolores 167 Mitchison. Raymon 36. 152. 248, 88 Miura. Dana 167 MIodzik. Jeanne 152. 99 Moede. Jill 167 Mohamad. Asary 181 Mohr, Paul 181 Montog. Shane 36. 88 Montogne. Renee 152 Montolvo, Adolf o 181 Montalvo, Enedelia 133 Montono. Dorene Montono, Gabriela Montano. Gabriel Monte. Deborah Montgomery. Mario 181 Moore. Jeffery 152 Moore. John 181 Moore. Ruth 167 Moore. Sharon 133. 14. 245 Moore, Stephen 167. 88 Moore. Tern 133. 262 Moore. Victor 167 Mora, Yvonne Morales, Angela 133 Morales, Joaquin Morales, Mario 133 Morales, Martha 133 Morales, Teresa 133 Moreno, Benjamin 152 Moreno, Bernie 167 Moreno, Bobby 41, 67, 181 Moreno. Carmen 181 Moreno. Teresa Morey. Christina 167 Morfin. Maria 181 Mork. Sheila 150 Morones. Denise 181. 243 Morones, Trocey 167 Moroni. Leeonn 19. 152. 99, 24, 247 Morris, Melissa 152 Morrison, Leslie 181 Morrow, Thomas 36, 152, 245, 248 Moses, Gerrad 181, 74 Moyer, Rebecca 181 Mucino, Aloric 131, 134 Mucino, Roger 181 Mueller, Kenneth Munguia, Maria 168 Munoz, Gilbert 181 Munoz, Jacob 134 Murray, Daniel Musick, Jennifer 181 Myatt, David 168 Myers, Buddy 168, 87 Myers, Charles 152, 79 Myers, Tracy NNNNNNN Napoles, Blanco 181 Navarro. Douglas Navarro. Ruperto 168 Neal. Miriam 19. 102, 104. 134. 198. 257. 247. 263 Neeld. Denny 152 Nelson. Jennifer Nelson. Loren 41. 181. 248. 246 Netzer. Maria 181 Newman. James 91 Newton. James 181. 256 Newton. Jon 134 Newtson, Lynda 152 Ngo, Hien 152 Ngo, Hiep 181, 75 Ngo, Thuy 51, 152, 93, 263 Ngo, Tuong 134 Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Bich Thi Thu 153 Nguyen. Chau Tran 153. 99, 257 Nguyen, Chi Kim 153, 53, 52 Nguyen, Hieu Cong 153, 261 Nguyen, Hoa Quang 168 Nguyen. Hung Quang Nguyen, Khiet Thanh 168 Nguyen, Liem Thanh Nguyen, Linh 134 Nguyen, Quang Van 168 Nguyen, Quang Si 63 Nguyen, Quyet Tu 134, 73, 72, 262. 261. 243. 263 Nguyen. T Ngan 181 Nguyen, Thang Si 135 Nguyen, Thu-Hong Thi 153 Nguyen-Do, Thao-Ly 168 Nichols. Sabrina 153 Nickerson, David 181 Nicolo. Angela 135, 262 Nielsen, Kory Nieto, Carlos 135 Niles, Debi 181 Nixon, Julie 135 Noble, Martin Nolan, Laura 48, 49. 168. 260. 258 Nolan. Susan 48. 49. 135. 194. 260 Northcutt. David 153. 168 Northcutt. Michael Nunez, Elva 168, 68 Nunez. Melissa 182 Nunez. Olga 102. 105. 135, 198, 262 Nunley, Stacey 51, 182 0000000 O ' Brien, Karen 153, 14, 244 309 O ' Hara, Judy 135 O ' Neil. Michael 182 Gates, Michael 182. 249 Ojeda. Michael 40. 168. 91 Olin. Catherine 135 Ong. Ten 168 Onofre, Jose 40. 91 Orona, Octavious 153 Orosco. Richard 182 Ortega. Barbara 182 Ortega. Cathy 168 Ortega. Steven 153 Ortega, Tommy 168 Ortiz. Emma 153 Ortiz, Gra cie Osborne. Matt 182 Osborne, Michael 153 Ostiguy. Tina 182 Owens, Florence 9. 11, 12. 182, 69 Owens. Sharyn 99, 168, 24 PPPPPPPPP Padilla, Guadalupe Paez, Jose 18 Paine, Tammy 168 Palacios. Lisa 182 Pallan. Carlos Palomino, George 102. 135. 257, 91, 258. 264 Palomino, Matthew 153. 70. 258 Papadatos, Stathy 182, 87 Paquet, Jules 40. 168 Paranjpe, Koliko 182 Park, Debbie 135. 242 Parker, Jacques 182 Parker. Jennifer 153 Parker, Victoria 153, 76 Parker, Wendy 153 Parra, Eva 135 Parrott, Michael 41, 182, 248 Patel, Mukesh Patel, Rekha Amboo 153 Patel, Rita Amboo 153 Paxton, Trisha 19, 21, 135. 247 Payne. Kevin 243 Peacock, Mario Pealer, Cory 182, 256 Pearce, Gregory 243 Pearson, Stephen 182. 61. 87. 249 Peffley, Dove 138. 26 Pell. Steve Peltomoa, Michael 168 Pembleton, Caren 168. 68 Pena. Chris 138 Pena. James 168 Pena. Kari 182 Pendle ton, Megan 138. 260 Penrod. Brent 182 Penrod, Jennifer 153 Pep Rallies 96. 195 Perales, Elva 182 Perez, Brian 36, 58, 138. 248, 249 Perez, Cruz Perez, Gerardo Perez, Michael 168. 60 Perez, Robert 138. 262, 263 Petri, Michael 182, 75 Petri, Robert 44, 168. 74 Petri. Tammy 102, 105. 138. 257, 259. 280. 281 Pham. Diep Ngoc 168 Phom, Thong Ngoc 153 Pham, Vinh Ngoc 182 Phong, Sen 154, 163 Phelps, Christine 182. 78. 53, 52 Phongsavoth. Bounthovy Phongsavath, Rosmy 182 Phongsavoth, Viengkhom None 138 Phu. Minh 182 Piccolo, James 168 Pierce, Michelle 182. 82, 242. 256, 145 Pina, Linda Pineda. Jacqueline 182 Pinell, Edgord Piotrowski. Mark 41, 182. 248 Pippin, Richard 36, 154. 258 Pittman. Anne 45, 46, 47, 154. 246 Pizano, Ben 154 Pla, Jennifer 182 Plata, Becky 182 Ploeg, Catherine 154 Poelstra, John 243 Polyak, Alexander 154, 91 Poodry, Renee 138 Pope, Janene 154, 99 Pope, Lloyd Pow Wow 20 Pratt, Dovid 36. 154 Pratt. Paul 182 Preciodo, Angelica 182 Preciodo, Blanco 168 Preciodo. Maria 138 Preciodo. Rebeca 168 Performance Squad 98 Preston. William 182, 14, 75 Prevratil, Robert Price, Jeffrey 44, 168. 250 Price, Scott 41, 44, 65, 182 Prieto, Gobriela 19, 168, 247 Prokopovych, Andrew 137, 97, 72 Prom 32, 195, 248 Pruitt. Timothy Dwoyne 168 Purcell, Hansinq 137, 242 Purcell, Juliq 168, 242 Putignqni, Gregory 36, 168, 251. 248 Putnom, Leslie 168, 258, 264 Pyeqtte, Mqrk 154, 262 Pylqnt, Kymm QQQQQQQ Quezodq, Helen 182 Quezadq, Hilda 63 RRRRRRRR Rodensky, Michael 168, 26, 27, 244 Rodensky, Sally 137, 14. 245, 244 Rqfqnqn, Ben 182 Rqmirez, Emqnuel 182 Rqmirez, Lisq 168 Ramirez, Lisq 99 Rqmirez. Susan 137 Ramos. Victor Ramsay, Julie 86. 68. 52, 88 Romsoy, Stephen 36, 154 Ramsey, Douglas Randan, Teresa 137, 48. 250 Rasnick, John 137 Rosnick, Susan 182 Roy, Kimberly 137 Reddel, Shelly 182 Redington, Jim 41, 182 Reesmon, Maureen 137, 190, 194, 193, 259, 263, 262, 280, 281 Rehnelt, Frank 44, 46, 47, 137. 91 Reichel, Deborah 154 Reichel. Michele 182 Reid, Louro 154 Reinhort, James 137, 11, 36, 243, 58, 122, 123, 188, 189, 191. 194. 193. 249. 248 Reis, Nancy 154 Reiss, Andy 183 Renfro, Michelle 183 Rentro, Robert 36, 154, 248 Rento, Donno 154 Renterio, Lorenzo Reuter. Brett 183, 61, 257, 87 Revelli, John 169. 256 Reyes. Jaime Reynolds. Adele 183. 242 Ricchio, Sam 137 Rice. Richard 137 Richards, T,J, 169, 88, 89 Richter, Kenneth 154 Riggio, Renee 137 Riggio, Suzanne 183, 243 Riggs, Cqrol 137 Rim, Kq Riordqn, Dave 134 Rios, Jocqueline 183 Rios. Pqtriciq 154 Rios. Ruth 183 Ri os, Soniq 169 Ritchie, Jamie Rivqs, Mqrio 154 Riverq, Eleozar 169 Robbins, Terry 183 Roberts, Morie 169, 256 Roberts, Soro 137 Robertson, Erica 183 Robertson, Glenn 154 Robertson, Tonya 154 Rodgers, Sheila Rodriguez, Alex 183 Rodriguez, Annette 183, 86 Rodriguez, Carmen 154 Rodriguez, Grocielo 183 Rodriguez. John Rodriguez. Letty 137 Rodriguez, Mario Rodriguez, Mario Rodriguez, Martha Roebuck, Hoppi 154, 112, 243 Roebuck, Pot 183, 243, 91 Roemmele, Kothy 183 Rogers. Andra 183 Rogers, Bill Rojos, Fernando 183 Romero, Angelina 164 Romero, Jorge 169 Romero, Mirto Romero, Simon 183 Romesburg, William 169, 74, 262, 260, 244, 248, 246 Romney, Dorleen 242, 137, 11, 102, 104. 259, 262, 263 Romney, Darrell 137, 242, 256, 280. 281, 243 Romo, Paul 65 Rose, Dona 154 Resell, Frank 183 Roth, Jeffrey Rothbart, David Rothman. Andrea 154, 86 Rowland, Jomes Rowley, Stacy 183 Royer, Edith 137, 102, 103, 126, 242 Rozborll, Lisa 169, 260, 258 Ruef, Don Ruggieri, Kevin 137, 46, 194, 243, 91. 47, 251 Ruggieri, Walter 140. 112. 243. 244 Ruggles, Alan Runnels, Ben 40, 169, 60, 258, 248 Rushbrook, Mary 154 Rutherford, Dona 154 Rutherford, Shouno 183 Rutter, Denise sssssssss Sodie Howkins 28 Soforik, Jane 137, 140 Sakamoto, Kazuyuki 44, 81, 250 Salah, Fqrithoh 169 Solqs, Ruben 140, 191, 193, 72, 262, 248 Solozor. Jesse 41, 183. 87 Solozor. Olga 183 Solgodo, Ausencio 154 Soltzman. John 154, 67, 88, 251, 248. 245, 248 Samu, Gabrielo 176 San Miguel, Olivia 154, 260 Sanchez, Alfredo 87 Sanchez, Cecilia 183 Sanchez, Gobriela 183 Sanchez, Gabriel 41, 183 Sanchez, Jerry 7 Sanchez. Lorena Sanchez. Monica 169 Sanchez, Patricio 183 Sanchez, Patricia Sanchez, Ramon 169 Sanders. Artricio Sandoval , Guadalupe Sandoval, Isabel 183 Sandovol. Mike 154 Sandovol. Rachel 183 Sandoval, Rosa 154 Saucedo, John 169 Squsedo, Patricio 183 Sawa, Naomi 183 Sawyer, Kevin 169, 70 Sayer, Mory 178 Scaglione, Julie 169 Schode, Albert 43, 65, 155, 81, 250 Schode, Edward 137, 43. 136. 67. 251 Schode, Kothryn 99, 169 Schode, Pamela 51, 172, 182, 184, 78 Schode, Susan 99, 169, 78 Schechter, Dan 140, 96, 117, 262, 258, 263 Schlueter, Cathy 155, 242. 262. 244 Schlueter. Uwe 184 Schoellerman. Randy 140 Schoelles. James 169 Scholz, Chris 169 Schroder, Andrea 140 Schuetze, Susqn Schultz, Ann 19, 155, 247 Schultz, Jqmes 169. 74 Schultz. Nqncy 173, 184, 78. 242 Schultz. Stqcy 140. 102. 105 Scoreboards 62 Seole, David 184 Seqton. Michele 155. 1 12. 243, 260 Sebourn, Morie 169, 243 Sekhon, Dovinder Sellqrole, Ginq 140 Sellers, Joel Sepulvedo, David 36, 155, 88, 248 Serrano. Christine 155 Severson, Matthew 169, 26, 281, 242, 254, 244, 268, 280, 141, 155, 68, 260, 252 Shaffer, Cindy Shontz, Porsche 184 Shapiro, David 140. 262 Shapiro. Diane 184. 244 Shaver, Cynthia Shellenberger, Jill 99, 169, 262 Sherman, Kelly 19. 155. 108, 257, 195. 247 Shichor, Nadav 141. 73, 72 Shih, Chiang Po-Hung 155 Shikumo, Heidi 50, 184. 90. 55 Shook, Undo 141, 20, 23, 102, 103 Sieminski, Nancy 19, 155, 108, 257. 247 I 310 Silau, Merry 50, 184. 90, 55 Silao, Steven 140, 36. 93, 248 Silva. Vicky 184. 55 Silvas. Rosanne 141 Silvey. Erik 155, 88 Simpson, Kimberly 184 Simpson, Somantho 155. 93. 262 Sirch, Julie 184 Slager, Nancy 184 Slater, Tracy 155 Smith, Beverly 141 Smith, David 141 Smith, Everett 91 Smith, Jennifer 19. 145. 91. 247 Smith. Karen 22, 98, 99, 192. 193, 198 Snook. Melinda Snow and Ski Dance 16 Snovi . Craig 184 Snow. Dennis 155. 248 Snyder. Dawn Soccer 70. 68 Softball 84, 86 Solano. Carlos Soils. Alfredo 155 Sollazzo. Marilyn Somers, Amy 184. 14, 26. 242. 244 Soukkhyphiang. Keo Soukkhyphiang. Keo 155 South. David 184 South, Theresa 170 Spadt, Susan 156 Spicer. Lloyd 40. 170 Spirit Week 97 Spotts. Annette 155. 256 Spotts. Michelle 141. 260 Sprigg. Stacey 19, 155. 247 Sprinkel. Jeff 155 St. John, Colleen 170 Stackhouse, Kerry 155 Stanley. Laurie 19. 247 Stork. Maryjane Stark, Paula 155 Stephens, Troy Stevens, Stephen 170 Steward, Lewis 141 Stewart, Gayle 184 Stewart, Jeff 36 Stewart, Jerry 155 Stewart, Pat 36, 155. 251 148 Stoffel. Julie 19, 184. 26, 242, 244, 247 Strapac, Steven 41, 65, 184. 243. 246 Straub, Robert 141 Strebel, Annobelle 155 Strebel, Christine 170 Strong. Dean 170. 61 Stumpf. Karen 155. 256 Sudibjo. Surjanto Suich. Karen 184. 26, 242, 244 Sullivan, William 141 Super Squad 24 Svedin, Darilynn 155 Swonson. Mark 184 Swanson, Tamara 141, 48, 84, 250, 68 Sweeney, Kenneth 184, 26 Sweeney, Thomas 170, 60 Swimming 76, 78, 79. 80 Swindell. Karen 141, 260, 264 Syvock, David 12, 155, 88 Tollant, Ralph 170, 60, 91 Tovarez, Eduvigos Tavero, Flora Taylor, Barry 44, 170, 75 Taylor, Richard 184 Taylor. Robert 142 Telles. Cynthia 184 Tenney, Laurie 156, 98, 28, 76, 24, 259. 280. 281 Tennis 52, 54, 72, 74. 75 Tepe, Thomas 185 Terrill, Alison 48. 57. 56, 156, 262 Terry, Kevin 185, 75 Terry, Linda 242, 93 Tester, Bram 44, 185, 80, 250 Thai, Huong Bich 156 Thai, Nha Thai, Tramanh Thanh 185 Thai, Tu Van Thi 156 Thai, Tung Thanh Thomas, Bryn 170, 185. 75 Thomas. Carle 11. 160, 99, 170, 192, 193, 198, 52, 92, 90, 55 Thomas. William Thompson. Anne Thompson. Christine 156. 68. 52. 93 Thompson, Potty 170 Tieng Thong. Thlpphachon Tiengthong, Chantovisouy Tighe, Doreen 156, 194. 244. 245 Timor, ludita Timor. Timotei 156 Tinojero. Javier 170 To. Dien Phuoc Tocco. Anne 170 Todd. Jano 142, 126 Togomi, Annette 156, 258 Togomi, Noel 170, 83, 259, 280, 281 Tohill, Eric Tolone, Andrea 170 Toops, Liso 170 Torres, Cynthia 185 Torres, Hilda 156, 185 Tostodo, Angelina 179. 115. 82 Tovar. Francisco 185 Tovor, Salvador Townsend, David 156 Townsend, Samuel Townsend, Shannon Townsend, Susan 170, 28 Track 90, 92 Tron, Honh Kim 142 Tran, Hoa Tu 142 Tron, Hong Thi 142 Trang. Loon Phuong Trankiem. Hoo 170 Trosport. Leslie 99. 170, 258 Trausch, Christian Trent. Lisa 185 Trent. Tirzo 142 Trieu. Suong Ngoc Trofo. Michael 185 Trotti. David 156 Trotti, Katherine 170 Trudell, Monico 170 Trujillo, Eric Truman, Julie 156 Truong. Sanh 50 Truong, Tuan Quoc Turner, Christy 170 Tytherleigh, Buffy 185 TTTTTTTT uuUUUUU Ta, Quang 141 Ta, Tam Thanh 156 Tafollo, Denise 141 Toit, David 156 Talbott, Tamoro 170 Tollant, Kothy 141, 48, 49, 90, 263 Uddo, Jeffrey 170 Ugay, Leticia 170 Ullom, Debro 99, 170 Ullom, Tim 142, 20, 33, 119, 251, 259, 258 Underwood, Scott 156 Unlond, Edwin 43, 156, 66, 67, 81, 250, 91, 246 Upton, Robert 44, 185, 79 Urban, Joseph 156 vvvvvvv Van Denburg, George Von Dissel, Ghislaine 144, 57, 84. 262 Von Winkle, Eric 142 Von Winkle, Michoel 156, 89, 192, 193, 88, 25 Vonderveen, Carolyn 17, 194, 142. 262 Vandoren. Traci 142 Vanzondt. Richard 40, 170, 91 Vorgos, Carmela 185 Vasquez, Jose 156 Vazquez, Micoela 185 Vego, Mario Ventura, Luis 185 Ventura, Nelson 185 Vernon, Karen 185, 243 Verrell, John 142 Victor, Frank Vigil, Betty Villanueva, Victor 185. 87 Villegas. Raul 36. 40, 170, 70, 79 Violi, Marshall 41, 185, 89 Violi, Peter 56 Viromontes, Victoria 41, 185 Vitale, Kelly 199, 156 Vo, Ngoc Bich Thi Vo, Thai 170 Vo, Thanh Thuy Thi 157 Vo, Thutrong Thi 142 Vo, Tung Von 185 Voccia, William Voisan, Tracy 99, 170 Volleball 48, 50, 51 Von Esch, Brian 142 Vongnakhone, Khomla Voorheis, Michelle 185, 78 Voss, Erick 157 Voss. Jerlne 170 Vossman, Chris 142, 157, 248 Vossman, Mark 73, 72, 248 Vu, Tuon Anh 157, 243 wwwww Wochholtz, Timothy 36, 157, 148 Waddell, Jennifer 157 Wodsworth, Stephanie 157 Wagner, Donald 185 Wagner, Teresa Wohler, Michael 185 Wolfe, Deborah 51, 185. 76 Walderman. Renay 157 Walker. Brian 45. 157. 91, 246 Wallin, Debi 157, 99 Walsh, Lisa 19, 170, 247 Walters, Mark 43, 250 Word, Shorra Warren, Troci 185 Wosnok, Keith 170 Water Polo 42, 44 Watkins, Brendo 170, 76 Watson, Don Webber, Katherine 185, 82, 55 Webber, Knsty 185 Weber, Tina 142, 190, 193, 194, 258, 262 Weingorfner, David 41, 185 Weingartner, Yvonne 170 Weiss, Charles 170 Welch III, Robert 36, 39, 59, 58, 157 Wells, Candoce 83 Wells, Dionne 142 West, James West, Julie 142, 102, 103, 193, 257 Weston, Bruce 142 Wheat, Edward 157 White, James 142 White, Joel 19, 148, 58, 157, 60 Whitehead, Jonathan 170 Whitehurst, Michael 36, 157, 248 Whitehurst, Staci 99, 171 Whiting, David 157 Whiting, Potricia Wieser, Lynda 185 Wightmon, Peter 40, 171, 60, 92, 91 Wightmon, Sylvie 143, 243 Wilcox, Jennifer 157, 243 Wilde, Sarah 185 Wilkie, Gina 185 Wilkie, Greg 157 Willes, Ronald 171, 88, 262 Willey, Michael 9, 40, 171, 29, 240 Willey, Thomas 143, 36, 66 Williams, Kevin 185 Williams, Raymond 157 Williams, Richard 8, 11, 12. 143, 36, 38, 39, 248 Williams, Ronnie 143 Willioms, Sandra 56, 57, 157, 84, 85 Williams, Todd 157 Willioms, Victor 9, 40, 171, 248 Willis, Casey 162 Wilson, Andrew 143 Wilson, Jennifer Wilson, Julie 157 Winninghom, Douglas 45, 91 Winter Ploy 26, 195, 246, 171 Withrow, Amy 143, 242, 244, 245 Withrow, Glory 171, 90 Wolford, Dole Won, James 185 Woodoll, Lisa 51, 185 Woodword, Hilary 171, 256 Wrestling 66 YYYYYYY Yomamoto, Susan 171, 263, 264 Vbarro, Suzonna Yeh, Bob 157, 262 Yochum, John 157 Yoon, Jong Suk 143 Yoon, Jong Toe 185 York, Robert 44, 147, 91 Yount, Jennifer 19, 157, 24, 247 Yousling, Ruth 185 zzzzzzzzz Zachoriah, Mark 185, 91, 246 Zacharioh, Michele 143, 243, 260 Zopf, Matthew 40, 258, 248 Zavala, Rocio Zavola, Victor 171 Zepedo, Ana 172, 185 Zepeda, Lisa 171 Zepeda, Nora 171 Zerga, Christopher 91 ail y

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