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• fes£ l atL- al. J cf Tj J J ; rt uLpti , Qj Qk J J p£ J + £ i ■ JUJUl o-nJLu u JVLUtjl J a-dL x lit srnuU. uJjdUL t UijUQjz_ H £ - ' C0X.d$ ■ A t, .... 01 ark j jVn r a y qW coe- kail grf eAer j4 is umr . ffy onh mre w a 4U- 1 mmM- wt- v ou a«u - T hx p yUr dbeetn become. irff : M r Ink m. -fori W i ht u aA H€ 4r - u +fr. x dflrH- ? hl c +jl work j « » « " sf ■? " 4 „j k Aarny 6» J ( fullepton high school Pleiades 1973 wynette cook 1 jackie muellep I poduction dent life letics student Qove organizations faculty undeRda seniors ' I editOR-in-chi assistant edit contents yet the timeLess in you is awaRe op life ' s timelessness, and knows that yesteRday is But today ' s memopy and tomoRRow is today ' s dReam. wrm ■ ) - 9 1 . _. — ■ • S f i I - Mhlll ■■ W i»i»iMto ittt»iiwiiMi« if l jj. lij Pttld it fl j g -j| yesteRday we wepe-, nb today we ape! J I foR that which is Boundless in you ABiOes in the mansion in the sky, whose Ooor is the moRninq mist, and whose windows Re the songs and the silences of night. L veRily all things move within youR Being in constant half emBRace, the desiRed and the dnezbeb, the Repugnant and the cheRished, the puRSued and that which you would escape. UfflZ this day has enC ed. it is upon us even as the wateRhLy upon its own tomoRROw. 3or . 0° do not meastiRe time By saying theRe was yesteRday, and theRe shall Be tOmORROW. the pResent moment contains all time and within it is all that can Be hoped Por, done and Realized. lit I TTr youR joy is youR sorrow unmasked. and the selpsame well fRom which youR lauqhteR Rises was optentimes pilled with youR te RS. CXo rw SJX j t " iU 2 ) 1W i . Y _ Q± _ --VW - - CX VW °r -£ jt J ) 6 L C rV ; s i came to say a worC and 1 shall say it now. But if death pRevents me, it will Be said tomoRROw, For tomoRRow neveR leaves a secRet in the Book of eteRnity. kahlil QiBRan iirr 11 J you ORk thAt you may keep pace with the eacth and the soul of the e Rth. fOR to Be lOle is to Become stRAnqeR unto the seasons, and to step out of Life ' s pRocession that rruRches in majesty and prouO suBmission towaRd the infinite. 1 kahLil qiBRAn v V " W j p v V i tf spiRit week Spirit Week activities included Grubby Dav. Hat Day, the Penny Race, and the Tricycle Race. The activities concluded with aPep Rally featuring the traditional Mock Funeral of our rival school, Sunnv Hills homecoming celeBRAtion new tradition began this year with the Homecoming Celebration, which brought with it mam new and exciting activities. These included the sponge-squeezing contest, in which the Freshmen kept their heads above the water for a victory; I950 ' s Day, which recalled the days of ponytails, bobb socks, and slicked-back hair; and Button-Grubb) [Ja . which allowed students to express themselves In the buttons and clothes they wore. Eric jacobson, Don Benno, and Pat Rather were named " Mr. Irresistible! " The Celebration ended with a Pep Rallv on Alumni Dav. " Roses and Rainbows " was the theme of this year ' s Homecoming Dance, which was held in the Fullerton Community College Lounge. One of the highlights of the evening was the coronation of Miss Charlene Quijano as the 1972-73 Homecoming Queen by last year ' s queen, Miss Carmen Ayala. The people attending the dance will long remember " Roses and Rainbows. " homecoming h? 1972 FR( ) 1 LEFT: Miss lamer Lutz, escorted hv |ohn Cook; Miss Cind) Wagner, escorted b) Dan Fowler; Miss Charlene Qu M, ss Joanne Starv. escorted b Tim Coughlin; M.sb L.sa Charles, escorted In Paul McKinley. vW Lab ' ed hi CI Uiss Lisa Charles, Sophomore At M,ss lanice L ' .? Freshman Attenda Rallies asseniBlies OUR town The fall plaj for this year u as " Our ' I own. " The three act plaj i entei around the Gibbs and the Webb families, living in Grovers Corners, New Hampshire, just after the turn of the centurv. edda Slirum played the main character, e stage manager who kept the audience formed of all that happened throughout e play. The members of the two families •re Eric Jacobson as Dr. Gibbs, Renee arcoux as Mrs. Gibbs, [oe Cummings as r. Webb, Kathy Kane a- Mrs. Webb, ad Higbee a- George Gibbs, Colleen alone as Emil) Webb, Lori McHenrj as ■becca (jibbs, and foel Smothermon a ally Webb. talent show The annual Thespian Talent Show, sponsored In Thespian Troupe 2498, was once again a great success. Dour Lowe served as Mast,-, of Ceremonies with Ins sidekick, Alan O ' Hern. Last year ' s first place winner. Brad Hiltscher, returned to open the evening ' s entertainment. The Talent Show was complete with thirteen acts including music, dancing, magic, and a scene from THE ODD CO! I ' ll it,, tallying tin- votes, the indues aw arded firsl place to " Drainpipe. " a singing group. Jreg Richter ' s organ s won him second place, and a magic a, i performed bj Bryan Webb captured third Jack R.dlcv. Mart Headman. Mona Rvan. Joel Smothermon, and Nedda Shrum of " Dra.npipe " -First Pla Grey Rii-hrer-Second Bnan Wehb- ' l Innl PL. " Saturday Night at the Movies " was the theme of this year ' s Girl Date planned h the Idakas. Man) of the couples came dressed as their favorite movie stars and characters. The " Academj Awards " were held and " Oscars " were presented to t best actor and actress, and the best supporting actor and actress. I he " Chapel mi the Strip " gave everyone a chance for a quickie " Vegas-type " marriage. " Shade " provided the music for the evening. Old- time movies, movie posters, and popcorn added to the movie atmosphere at one of best dances of the year. WP1 pow wow Bye, Bye Bmdie The spring play. BYE BYE BIRDIE gave a fresh look to schoo icti ins rhis musical was a take-off on Elvis Preslej fabulous fifties. More than one hundred stud performed in this plaj and there were many excellent individua performances. Eight departments were involved ami tin- contributed to the production of BYE BYE BIRDIE to make i success that it was. All who participated deserved th recognition that the) received. S j HI instRumental concept " Night of One-Acts " pro ided a variety of dramatic entertainment. Under the direction of Mrs. Beverlj Booth, three one-act pla ere performed In Fullerton 1 1 igh Si Iioo] students. The) were: " Visitor From Forest H.Ik " Act III of NeilSimoi ' s PLAZA SUITE; " Hello From Bcrtlia. " by I ennessi • Williams; and " Fannj the Frivolous Flapper, " a musics 1 melodrama. donkey BASket- BAlL ' m . r . tit s - CUM " «r ;, ' - i Bfer V . ' ; J ISf ft Mr ' powdep pufp PROtn 1973 Life takes us up and bcars us fRom one pUce to another fate moves us fRom one point to anotheR. kahlil QiBRan m varsity Q J fOOtBALL i L m A J L 1 . Rocky Liapis-34 Bob Melendez-32 John W ArtGaspar-40 Bob LaMarch,- ChrisFewel-5 Ralph Avala-42 Jesse Wallace-44 Tom McAuliffe-46 Bob White- SO Dave Carlock-54 Al Levassuir-61 % " -■ " — FK( ) I Kl W: Ralph -Uala. lolm Williams, Robert Pa.hlla. Minuet Hernandez. Chde Corn.-v I . ■ — ■ Walla., k W . ' O.-ne Ii r.pi.v. Clin, Bartholomew, Bob LaMarche, Mike Worrell. Bob Melen.l.v. Dave Carlu.k. |im Nuh„l en. ROW .?: |,„- Valen uela, Clin Feu el. Fri. LaRoe, Bob White, Paul Cohen. Ron Ball. ROW 4: ! Levassuir |eff Sneed, Tim Duke, Bob Sweeney, Mike Eddleman, Todd Tanner, Tom McAuliffe, I .-ft Blackburn. ROW 5: Coleman Kells, Mark Clark. Inn Leicht, Pete Van Home. NOT PICTURED: Bob Levoit, Rock) Liapis, Art Gaspar, John Stryker. fOOtBALL Full. Fulle Fulle Fulle Fulle Full. ' 14 Sa Kenned Sunny HilU Buena Park Troy LaHabra fposh- soph » ' W footBAU 7 " ' T i FRONT ROW: M,ke Williams. Matt Etchison. Mark Ford. Mark Feltcnberg. Keith Daniels. ROW 2: Stev Kobzoff, Mike Kocicmba, Bruce Barrette. Manny Ortega. John Duncan. ROW 3: Garrett Giemont. Jeff Blackhurr Dun Peek, Strye Lanagan. Steye laram.llo. FRONT ROW: |,m Bak, Tom (emmett, Randj Buchholz, Roger Haas. Gary Boland. lose Roch.n. Scott lacks,,.,. Greg Christenscn. ROW 2: Daw Burn,. St Barber. Robert Klatt, Tim Levoit, Chris Darke. Tom Burns, Jeff Coulter, I Jarj Boeglin Ri )W T |im Fo ' rswh. Mark Quenzler, Charlie Melendez. Doug Elli L.roi Berton, Kevin Prokopchuk, [ohn Cook. Tim Tavlor. ROW 4: Bob M.lWell. Bob McHale, Tom Thompson, Neal Bogart. Curt Baker. Richard Dicks Ron Cole, Robert Stephens. JV CROSS country ' ROM ROW: Steve Carm. Chuck ;Shaw.Dave [oyce, Bryan tis Vernoy, Rick Sparacii R( r 7 ► . RS1T CROSS countRv r £ HHBd Li - ■ ■ ■ :- fROSh- soph V o CROSS IF ' ¥ countRy 3 m-t FRONT ROW; Co-Captain. Stew Urn,-™,, Rul, ( mnvalsen, Don Reck, Paul Metzgar, Paul fones, Keith Black, Peter Callas, Dave Gilmore, Doug Dorsey. Jeff Wagschal. ROW 2: Craig Caprin. Randy] .f, Stu.,n 1,, ,„. , I , id Br, i I h, I Tavlor, Garj Hybl, Dennis Gorrie, Mike Rather. ROW 3: MVP, Bill Cart.-r. Co-Captain. |oh„ Brina,-.. Kru Sh.-att.- I , ,: Pattillo, l.ii rait. Gordon Beebe, |oe Shuk, Dan Grove ROW 4. I im S. Lowe, rracj Vincent, Chuck Throop, Mark " i oung, [efi Yelton, Richard Schultz. Bruo- Danncimu r. ( ,!-,, Sn.-ll.-r. [),.us; Foster. Coach One Martin fROSh-soph wateRpoLo Ion Buehner BobGarr) ui ebb, Managei •; S li „ ' ■ I ■• - «J i$f RONT ROW: Bob Gam. Dave Black, Pete Gulassa, Kevin Knight, Marc Jackson, ROW 2: Bill VIcM.cha.-l. Bruce Strachan. lohn Haspell, |on Buehner, Man O ' Hern, Lee Launer, Doug Lowe. OT PICTURED: Dave Garry. |..hn HaN P .-ll Most Valuable PI Tr.-Captain vARSity wateppoLo U.H.S. I " Ms. U.H.S. U.H.S. 4 Corona 4 Lakewood 17 Lowell 4 Los Alto- .U.H.S. .U.H.S. 1 H S I .H.S U H s .U.H.S. I .H.S Sunns Hills Burna Park Wintrier La Habra Tr.u Newport Bf l !B9B» si VARSIty A 9v ■ T5 1 m i 3 - ffii h v, •» Stevet I. Ralph G( Mark K., 39?9 Afi fi FRONT ROW: DaMd Bovd. Steve Christensen, Inn Wright, [esse Wallace, Ralph Gessner. ROW 2; P.- VanHorne, Bob Sweeney. Jeff Weber, Mark Kamp, Jim Leicht, Steve Slack. JV lOJLii $ 3 3 $ fposh- soph ! BasketBall FRONT ROW: Greg Hendrix, Matt Sutherland. |ett Blackburn. Mike Eldeman. Garrett Giemont. Art Gaspai ROW 2: Doun Elliott. I Ireg Tucker. Keith Van Home, Scott I larter, Dun Peek. in ' A I 1 5 1M 3 9 ROM R( )W: Scott Doucette, Wayne Norman, Inn Forsyth, lohn Cook, Bill Moore. Chris Ma )ay, Mark FeHenberg, Brent Cu.llnan, Randy Bucholz, Dou E Weber. K )W 2 Mark Hornerkamp, Dave McCo , Eric JV wRestlinq VARsity wRestlinq $ $ U 7A1 1J.U Luis Rodriguez 95 - Pollard I23lb . Dav.d Polmg 141 lbs. Charles Cacciata 168 lbs 61bs. Dannv Frcdrickson 130 lb . Brian Stoughton 1+8 lbs. Jeff B. Gilbert Matunno : Eric Bishop 13( Charles Williams 1 57 lbs. Al Levassiur 1 94 lbs. i ■ ■ t : ft I 4 R r " - VARSlty swimming 1 Ml 1 Mi Jul jSA 1 J is - B JS . ' - ' jv swimming FRONT ROW Dave Bolland, Rodger Anderson, Steve Adamson. ROW 2: Bill Ca Jim I.uur, Ruli.mlS, ln.lt . J.-ff Y.-lti.n. JV ' ' . j IT ohn Folsom, Dave Welc FROM " ROW: Ronnie Hart. Tim Levoit, Irtt Coulter, Richard Galli, lim Bak. Mark Dou Seminal ROW 2: |ohn Meza, Paul Metzgar, Scott [ackson, Mark Bonotto, Bob McHale, Rand Buchholz, Pat Godfrey, Tom femmett. ROW 3: Eddie Vincent, Kurt Fromlcnecht, Scott Carter. Ke VanHorne, Tim Taylor, George Munguia, Torn Pizan... Cnri, Griffin. Henn Bante. 3fJ fROSh soph l tRACk Vernoy, Steve Hearne. ROW 2: Todd Tanner, Mike Kociemba - •■ ! Litchfield, Bruce Barrette. Steve Pischel. Art Gaspar. ROW 3: Bruce Bufkin. left Blackburn. Mike Spencer. Bill Humenny, Pat Matthews. Mike Simpfendorfer. VARSIty n tRACk LJ i M ft X ? J V V ikji Barbosa Herihr Torn McAuhtfr [■ ' ■■ ' . | M I A Ralph yala Hrun.. D vARsity tennis ' - =■■■■- ic,{! Price Hallmam Paul Halt Mark [ohnson Craig Martelle om Wilson im Wright FRONT ROW: Mark dm, In, Bill Evans, K.nneth Renck. ROW 2: Mark Pecheck, Eric Van Zan.lt M Hornick, Howie Cook. ROW J: Scott Burnside, Steve Pacotti, Chris Beard, Paul Auer, Brian Marshall. I Grove. ROW 4: Brad Higbe e, Bruce Dannemeyer, Bill Auer, Paul S.-lman. Br an W.-hh. NOT PICTURE I tree I ucker, Mike Williams. JV a tennis " v - s Pete Van H . Rommie Pel Ron Ball Brad Lledtke WhitMuldoon JimLeight Chuck March Dennis Kause Terr) Smith jar l jjjjpj V FRI I R( )U l.,r, i llvera, FKis Thomas, |uhn Manin, [avirr Saldivar. Done Flli.itt. ROW 2: |im Rea, Whit Muldoon, Chuck March. Tern Smith. Rommie Perez, Mark Quenzler, Coach Mart,,,. R( ) V 3: Jim Leight, Ren Ball, Denis Kause, Brad Liedtke, Pete Van Home. Doug I lliott Ik m iiMb MarkQuen; Javier Said, JimRea VARsity FULLERTON INDIANS jv BaseBAll tjfof - t I v f fV— $ nt, Inn Pecheck, t§ f @ § fii FRONT ROW: Bill Moore, Scott Doucette. Bruce Diaz, I ■ . 1 idt. ROW 2: Mark Ford, Jim Forsyth. Tracy Garriso. Wa N John Strong. ROW 3: Doug Weber, Eric Day, Mark Feltenberg, Mark Honerkanp, M Shaffer. Jeff Romanelli, Steve Jaramillo. 4 IM H ' fROSh - soph BASeBAll Coach. Mr. McNalU FRI ! I ROW Faye Matsumoto, Co; d Kausr, Vi ki V ' a D i- Muse I Rilev, Bonnie Harwood, M Elaine Buhler, Miss Day, .l Fumes, Ma. Rl U i Be acei Boyd, Kris Van Bladeren. ROW- 1 : nd Woodward, Mary Schade, Katie FRONT ROW: BetM Bloom. Melinda Furn.-s. Kri Melinda Martin, Ellen Huss. ROW3: Debbie Musch, Van Bladeren, Anne Holbrook. Susie Wright. ROW 2: Sue Wilson. Tracey Boyd. Bonnie Harwood. Sand Kause, Sue I mstot, Sue Riley. Jullie Rector, Frosene Papahronis, I ■ . Woll - .e fhomas. ■■ ' ■■ ' ■ Reason and Leaning ARe Like the Body and soul. Who t thiwfty. C fc the souL is nothinQ 7 iLU ,6Mr But empty wind. But senseLess fRAme. KAhLll QIBRAn without the soul, the Body is executive BOARO r .. A ' [ - [{ ' ■ N Bern Ml Treasu t FRONT ROW Chrrvl Perkins, [ear Gardner, Karen Kruse, Wvnette Cook. Robert Scott. L..n.- B.m lin. Mark Rankin. ROW 2: Karen Lar Burandt. Ellen Huss. Emih Huss, Darcie Edmunds. Stacie Beam, Maura Mason, Barbara Berk. X _.i-. - election BOAR6 F.m.K Huss. Director of Fl student Student Lobb) is a representative organization of student government. This group tries to increase cooperation and interest in student government. Each semester five students from each t:rade le el are elected in a general election, Second Semester: FR( INT ROW I lebbi and from them a chairman is selected and serves [), a „,. Markley. Patn John-ton. Bettj Ba a- an ex-officio member of the executive hoard. Garrison, Ken Alford, Mary Ann Fairgrie Lobby h . First Semester: FRONT ROW: Rose Hernandez. Mary Ann Roberts. Tammv Riggen, Laurie Hnlliman. ROW 2: Diane Markley, foni Valadez, Leslie Slat.-. Carlnta Nunez. Barbara NVu ton. I ' att, |„hnst.m. R( )W i: Pam McFarland, Sue Lindsey, Sandy Heard. Ken Mford FRONT ROW: Gloria Eruksnn. Bra.l Higbee, Bern Merrill, Cindy Duff, Mend) Martin. Kris Van Bladeren, Debbie Calhoun, Debbie Gadaire, Ml Carlson, Neil Petersen. ROW 2: F.milv Huss. Elaine Baker, Pam Genereux, Carlota Nunez, Sheryl Cranmer, Sue Spence. Ellen Cook. Man I ' llrrn, Wwirtte Cook. Brad Hiltscher. President. ROW 3: Pat Peppard, Sharon Daugherty, David Poling, Mark Rankin, Joni Valadez, Doug Pruitt, Debbie Garrison, Pete Robbins, Pete Van Home. Kevin K night. Bobb) Guerrero, Steve " oung, Lee Launer, Larry Osgood, Doug Lowe. Janet (iu listen. y i MS? 1, x . • ICC Front row: Price Hallman. Alan O ' Hern. ieorge Muldoon. Howard Perkins. Row two: |ohn Haspell. Bailiff: Film Cook, Clerk; Kevin Knight. Chief student - faculty COURt Kevin Kniji lit. Chief Jus you can muffle the C Rum, and you can Loosen the stRinqs of the type, But who shall command the skylARk not to sinq? kahlil QiBR n ,.y ; 1 Wr " ' ' J0 ' HLt ' -w | fik i Norma Freeman. Song Slnrl.A ()u,n . Head Y.-1I yen AlanO ' Hrrn. V.-II jv yell . 1 i Wr? Laurjflbdrrson j g PMv Tapsc4 «| feather ettes I ' Ki ) I ROW: Su - L ' m.tot ROW J: Susan S P , „„ . CY.iU l,C„rmick. FROM LEFT: Kr.s Safarik. Koren Dav, Sus.e Brown. Linda Torgerson, Lyi ROW i [can Leidtke. ROW 4 Dorthv Wight, Lesa Kenny, Edna Jane Sciarrotta K || - S J? H wr m •• TH 1 Pf LT ' t — km , m ' ■ E ! T " Drill team, march! " This can be heard at the early morning and after school practices of the 1972- 73 Featherettes as they strive for perfection in their marching routines. In addition to performing halftimes and pep rallies, Debbie Calhoun and Debbie Garrison iead the Featherettes as they proudly represent FUHS in competitions and parades. Under the guidance of Miss Betsy Lanman, the Featherettes uphold the Indian tradition of school spirit, enthusiasm, and good will. March on, Featherettes! ler Dunn, Cm.lv H,-, km. Boyd.JodyTraylor, La MamrMamnnis. Sh.-lle Sv cheRokee danceps ,.,, gg iL Willie uqh " V; i. This year ' s Cherokee Dancers have done a good job of promoting the Indian spirit. Besides the traditional football pre-game war dance, they also performed at basketball games, pep assemblies, and rallies. This year they performed to new music-the " Pom Pom Chant. " For the first time the Cherokee Dancers were involved in a football half-time, where they performed a jazz dance to " Fancy Colors. " Supporting Willie Ugh, Cherokee Dancers was Charles Cacciata as school mascot for the 1972-1973 school year. This year Willie Ugh and Cherokee Dancers had thei pictures taken at Knott ' s Berry Farm in Buena Park. Row I: |im Wnuht. Didiir Tu.Lie. u.lr.- Ka akew, ,„s. K.itln Bail Pope Row - ' : Diana Rich, Carvina Nunlcy, ( ra Wolf, Irene Cornelii Stasse, lohri Folsom, Bob Barnhart, David Welch, Mike Rather, [) W Is, Ron l.obett, San.h W Iward. Seott Barnckl.m . I ), ,„- lt, Mi Dowel, Dan Roberts, Don Brumley, Bob Sutherland, Diane Gulp, St, .- Berger, Diana Swirczek, Sand; Heard, Vnn Milne, Carol Wi Haspell, lack Knapp, Don Lohoff, Diana Spidall, Row 8; lim Bridge; S,mU Sullivan. F.nc VanZan.lt. Market Cornel, u,. lunilla R„M-n si.n. Sue Wilson. Julie om Wilson, Patt) Reil, Mar} nn Roberts, Tammy Riggen, Laura Collins, Row 3; Cam. frove, Kevin Damew 1. Scott Larson, Pat Matthews. Row 4; Melanie Owen, Dannv Bill McMichael, Bob G.in, Melanie Waddel. Row S; Paul Manlev, Janet Tudge, Hob irilyn Logan, Peter Callas, Row 6; Bob Harmon. Tim Mori, Tracey Hansen. Ron Fulton. an. Row 7; Karen Sypolt, Linda Butts. Valerie Rich, Barhra Buhl. Scott Jacobson. Jim ... Winn, Mark Camp, Don Deeks, Mark Rankin, Mark Hess. Sue Thomas. Under the direction of Larrv Lowder, the Fullerton Marching Indians provided exciting half-time shows at all home games. This year, they performed such contemporary musical hits as " You ' ve Got a Friend, " " Fire and Ram, " " Heart of Gold, " and " Shaft. " The Marching Band promoted school spirit by competing in parades and other activities. The band succeeded in meeting the high standards of previous years. n ■ a 9 mapchinq Ban 6 and flags % Staiit w t . Louder; Band Dir In onl) their second year, Flags have ireeded in adding more color and excitement to our halftime shows. Thc also marched in parades and competition at Disneyland in January. representing YV HS with Npmt and pride IP pep c Lub FRON ' I ROW Sh.-ll.-i Switzer, Cind B.vkman. Shan.n Daui;l,ert . San.K Ka.br. Sue R,h Tc rjj.-r . n, B.-m Barnes, Patti lohnston, Sheryll Schcr, Sue Godfrey, Barbara Berk, Sand) Oba, G laser, Iill Vand.-rwall, Vicki Harwood, Amalia Armmia, Frosene Papahronis, Kan-,, Md Cunningham. Mar Olson. Ann,- H oll.r. ...k, Sharon M,n.„n. loan VVatt.-n. Bon,,,. ' Haru.u.d. |u ence. ROW 2: Diane rena, Connie B.mhart. Linda 1,1, . ROW i; Basia Lasun.mic . lulie Martin. Lwida leannie Kohlenber er, Bonn,,- Berk. ROW 4; Ellen ,on,Chris Fitch, Paula Schawb. ROW ' 5; Mar Glenn, Mie Rotor. Kin, luhala. Pat Port. Ian.- Varhrouyh, Ann Wolf, . Val.-ri.- Safarik, Cheryl Thompson, Vicki Mayster, Cheryl Perkins. ROW 6; Debbie Rush, Pa Sp.-i.ce, Barbara Newton, Krista Newman. ROW 7, Leolani Corney, Mail.- Chism, Heidi Fichthorn, Cath) Boone asseniBLy committee Front Row: locCummings, L Brm. ' Mauncr. PricrHallr puBlicity committee Committer. The members of the Publicity Committee meet ever) Monday after school to paint and put up posters for sports, dances, assemblies, and all other student bod) activities. The chairmen take care of the breezewa) boards. Thanks to the Publicit) Committee, the students are kept informed of all of the ai tivities going on. ivatmcL |h«.ra. A ticket committee rhairman: B.-m M.-rnll. stags 4 The Indian Stags can be recognized In their white i - isors and their enthusiastic veiling at 1 I i IS basketball games. The Stags are a group of sophomore, junior, and senior boys m ho fi ii :n a spe ial rooting section at all I games. I ' m-, group has done much to ini rease -■ hool spirit at FUHS. SOCIAL committee Rector. V,ck. Haruond. Till Carl mi. Karen McDermo ' »n Dauahrrn. Su an V.lxx-r. Slum,, Siun,.n. Ba-..i La Rilev. ROW 2: Valerie Vlha. Gail Hvbl. Cvnth.a Buck. z. Cindy Beckman. NOT PICTURED: Dave Machado. v«i The Social Committee has the responsibility of palnning the school dances. They plan the stag .lam es as well as planning and decorating formal dances. 1 he k r ' 7 auditioning of the bands is also taken care of by the Committee. As a money-raising project, the) had a pumpkin sale before Halloween. The members are i hosen by application. ■1 V " - FRON I ROW Karvinna Nunlev Sandv Heard. Tim Mori. Paul Manlrv. Don Dr.-K St.-% - R.t .t. S...tt Lar.on. I ) u „l U.-Kh. K„h Karnharr. I nan D .-r.. u , ROW- ' ,. ri„, -. [.,.,„., S,,.lall. I...,,, K..I I»a„(„ Pa, Marl ROW i: [ ,.„u R,.l, [»,,„., S»,. ; k I,.m ,ls.,n.ln-„,-C..rn. -Iiu . . I u i D ii u- I. n, ' ,,„. C,,l„ r r „,, I|„„hi ,„l r ,- Ki jki- K-iu- Sm- UiMin. Lam WiM-man. l-atln Bailf . Margaret enrni-lni . Ininill udge, Cindy i Doug Word, Jim Wright. Jim Bridg R( V I : Mar, Follett. Karen Kruse, Roseann Christensen, Bern Maddux. Carol Maddux, Marcj Bosna, Bill Humcnnv, Betsj Howe. ROW 2: Shell} Swit lanet Tudge.Gan Munson, Stev. Ponting, David Moses, nnette Vlha, Karen Lawrence, Penelope Spencer, Debbie Berk, Doroth) Nyhus, Doroth U ' l ROW i; Frank lo ' hnson. 21 ■ 1 l: I mda Butts. Becky Boyd. Diana Rich. Margaret Cornelius. Cathy Baile) Barbera Buhl. Tracv Hansen Diane Tudgi ROW2: Pat Ni.-kl.-.. Ir.m- (.„,,„ 1, us. Sandy Heard, Diane Swirc-k. IV. . ■ .. Mark kamn R,,n Lohoff Bob and. Don BrumKn. Marta Jadu m. I ' iihK Sullr..,- i ,,lr,- Ka ak.-M. uv ROW i: Sell Barrickl.m . Bnl. M,I ,m,li |,ni Bruins Dunn.- Kevin Damewood, Susan I homas. Gail Ulen, Marlys Rassmussen, MelanieWadd.il. Frn ' an .„,dt. IV,,. u 1 ' " |„i„. | „,,,.. : Pam Hughes, Tim Mori, Laura Collins, MaryAnn Roberts, Tammv Riggen, Karen Svpolt D Word. Jim Wright, Bill McMnha.-l. Inn nl,.,l.,,n v.ndv W jtasse. S. tt Larson. Pat M.mh,-» . M,k. Rath, , John Folsom, Bob Barnhart ROW 5 Jack Knapp. Jim Haspell. Steve Berger, Mark Rankin, Scott Jacobs.,... M, l.„» d.-r. s..,„U |, I i Nash. Diane Culp. Paul Manle) concern; Band concern; chom FRONT ROW-. Terr, Leffel, Doroth) Burke. Linnette Adams. Lind.Sul.ian. Margaret Codispoti, Don Ba.l.s. Vu-k, Schumacher. ROW 2: Gail Tob.n. Carol Barnhart. Jean,,,.- k„h enberuer. Shelled Anderson. Bas.a L " " ™ ,cz Lee Wehv. Bud Pool, Shrnl Cranmrr. Su- Kub.n. Wanda Calhoun ROW 3: Pamela F.ndlev. Trudy Cannon. Teresa Haube,n. Manhn Marv.n. Karen Farlev. Kathryn Kane. Linda Feinholz. Sharon Memam Cheryl Cocke Susan Lowe. Suzanne Attrey Betty Barnes. L.nda Heard. ROW 4: Sherrie Sease. Barbara Maup.n, C harlene Quijano. Cheryl Fletcher. Gad Stahr. Darlene Quiiann lean L.edtke Tern Carroll. Ian Luce. Martv Headman. ( ire, Ruhter. k.rk McLaren. C hnst.ne HaK orsen. Koren Day. V, la - ,,-r. L,nd„ W,l , IM,W Out,™,, Debt,,,- . cus, NOT PICT! RED : D.ana Swire,,- . R.ck Suffer. Peter Elkin. Lnllu Grav. Sherr, Smith. V.cki Robertson, Debbie Batchelor, Vicky Sharron. He.d. Hammond. Richard Mallory. D.v.d Boyd, Charlene Flory. ensemBle FRONT ROW: Karen Wickman, Sharon Merriam, Carol Forsch. Bettina Bond. ROW 2: Heather Dunn. Shelley Anderson. Rhonda Bnul.n. Mlison Greene. ; FRONT ROW: Seena Reeves, [oann Barth. Bertina Bond, Can. I Forsch, Doreen Murphy. ROW 2: Claudi; ] Wells. Julie Patterson, [nan Ant.sta. Frosene Papahronas, I ill Nelson. Rob.n Krachmer. Elizabeth Mcllvain Dottie Modeseti. NOT PICTURED: Eva Castillo. Pattv Traji. Loreta McKie. Chervl Prough, Karen Dibella ' Student Aid: Pam Welch. QlRlS ' ChOIR FRONT ROW: David Luce. Elizabeth Mcllvain. Karen FareN. Diane Tudee. lohn Mathis. Ken Kmoshita. Marilyn Marvin. ROW 2: Greg Richter. Bosia Lasunowitcz, Don Batch ' lor. |im Ma Paul iAuar. Kirk McClaren. Kathv Kane. Ellen Cunn.neham. ■ maORiQAls The Dance Club gives its member a chance to perform in the danc concert and to learn more abou dance. The members of the [Jane Club per formed a dance title " What is this Thing Calle Dance? " at the dance concert. i b club 1 open to anyone interested i dance and G.A. A. credit is given. dance cLub It ' ■ Si Eiik! RIGHT to LEFT: Karen Kruse. Michel.- Zil spLlt seconds M.E.C.H.A. stands f,,r the Chicano Student Movement of the Southwest. The purpose ' it this club is to encourage Chicano students in education by providing acti ities directed toward the establishment of scholarship. m.e.c.h.a. [ K IN I R( ) V: Yvonne Palac.os. Janet Juarez. Eilene Padilla. Monica Lamas. Sandy Arce, Cindy Orosco. Eva Castillo, Lisa Leon, Lvdia Uribe. Susan Leon. Loretta Valdez, |err luarez. Robert Querrero, Dannv Luna. K i 2 Mr. Hernandez. Roxie Hernandez, Pam Broadv. Roxie Guillen. Katln Sombrano, Olga Moreno. NOT PICTURED: David Morales. Amaha Armenia, Margie Arzola. Rosemary Casarez, Joe, Casarez, Pat Castillo. Lucy Duran. Inez Martinez, Syh la Trevino, Martha Villanueva. Pepper Vargas. FRONT R( W: Sandj ( )ba, Darcie Edmunds, Ellen Cook. Norma Freeman. Wvnette Cook. Jodv Travlnr. Jamie Cook. Joan McNeill, Nanci Norbv. Sue Vilsoe Suzanne Styles, Karen Kruse. ROW 2: Diane Culp. Joan Watten. Shawn Harrington. Melame Bern en. Val Vlha. lanet Hildebrand, Donna Graves, Sta. i( Beai Michelle Zimmer. Laurie Nelson. ROW 3: Edna lane Kofford. Dawn Neuman. Gena Kuenzh. [on, Kern. Kris Satank. Chris Franks, Margaret Morrison, Patt Floe. Pegm Paul. NOT PICTURED: Flame Baker. Diane Tudge. CABinet The G.A.A. Cabinet is the governing body of the Girls ' Athletic Association. The G.A.A. provides athletic activity for girls, and promotes friendship, sportsmanship and student leadership. The G.A.A. members are active in competition with other schools. I his year they sponsored the Willy Ugh Pin sale, a candy sale, and a car wash. At the end of May the members held their annual sports banquet. Lett to Right: Managers: Brenda Creager. Peggy Paul, Sue Thomas, Not Pictured: Linda Ga Left to Right: Debbie Mu -h. : Sec: Ann H.,lbn,„k. H, V.ce Pres.; Bonn,,- Bur.rn.lt. Pubh. in ; San.lv Kause, Se, , he purpose of Big F is to create better sportsmanship and cooperation among girls. It is an honorary athletic organization within the G.A.A. The members must have earned twelve hundred points by participating in G.A.A. activities. BIQf :P;; isfaS iMii Br ' ,;;, Bn,k,n Briu,- St " ..., In K. " " n K.nuh, Mal ' T, ' VJ„, d,,,,,, k-lk I ' .-.- Jul — . Mar, Par,,,,. |,,.„, Tuttl,, Rl ,« V Char.,, Caeca,.. Fausto Flore, Bryan Stoughon, David Poling. Phil Riutcel. Row 6: John Haspcll, Brad Liedke, Doug Lowe, Al Levassiur. ClUB Library Aides IVtured re: Tracev Lawyer. Brenda Williams, Teresa Holguin. Beth Mcllvain. Ionic McNeill, Diane Marklev, D.I.I.,,- Rush, Marta Mar,,,-, ManUnn Reck. Russell Dobbie, Cambell Burke, Grant Garcia, Marv Weed. Hope Miller. Sheri Altepeter, Barbara Schmidt, Debbie Bulman. Helen Cossentine, Gary Boehne, L.llie Shannon, Debra ( i.llespie. David Hoffman. y -teens 1 - I ten is a girls ' service club. The mam goal of this organization is for members to Karn. to grow . and to w rk together as a group. In addition to enjoying snow camp and summer camp. 1 - I eens sponsored the canned foods drive and a candy cane sale. JUNIORS FRONT ROW: Connie Harmon. Edna Jane Kofford K ) J ( hn.Chn.i ,,.SUii Harrington. LeolaniC - Martha Rueda ROW !: Mar .„„ I olso.n Mascot Brad Higbee. Gail Tobin, Jolee H FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT: Man Ann Chua from the Phil hppin.-. Youth for Understanding i- an organization for students who are interested in promoting good w ill among other countries. A major activity of tin- club is sponsoring the foreign exchangi This program gives students an opportunity to meet new and learn to understand others better. yfu I The main goal of the Future Farmers is to f m more invol ved i n America ' s agricultural future. The Future Farmers attend fairs, shows, and assist in community projects. They also learn to raise animals for their own profit and experience. Upholding their motto, " Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to In e, li ing to sen e, " Future Fanners honor rural opportunities and responsibilities, practice brotherhood, and develop qualities of leadership. fpk FROM ROW Man Ann Fairgrieve. Parliamentarian; Beth Poole, Reporter; Mark Hess. Vice-President Eric Coulter, Chaplain. R( )W 2: Mr. Skidmore, Advisor; Dana Stewart, Ratuh Lytle, Cathy Romanelli. Debb. Maginnis, |imm) Bak, Mr. Wright, Advisor. ROW !: [)i„. ( iam. Lucille Mnndav. Rick Renck. Gmh West Dun,. in. Dunna Atterhurv, Sallv Salir. Paula Treat, D.m,th Wight. Sue Matins. ROW 4: Kevin Patrick. Alfre. Lotspeich, Mike Trevino. ROW 5: [ hn Duncan. Chris Henlev. lu.h Euns Lvnn Buchholz, Marian Bergati Iward, Roger Buss,.. cimmumu Activities include field trips pertaining to home economics and participation in community service projects. FHA sponsored a pennant sale this year. Pat P,- P par.l, President; Sue Sweney, Secretary: Baker, Artie |„ Smedley, Paul Manley, Stuart Denise Dziadus, Man Ann Wertenberger, Pam Villalobos, [ohn Campbell, Mike Bart,,,,, Timm (aria Taylor, Denise Brown, Ken Renck, Judy mountaineeRS cLub FRONT ROW: Peter F.lk.n. Teresa Gross, David Brow, Diane Culp, Debbie Harper, Janet Tudge, Diane Tudge. Rh.an Gulassa, ROW 2: left Tate. Paul Harlis, John Kenney, Ken Alford. leff Beattie. Ke.in Patrick. Steve Young. ROW 3: Gordon Behe. Chip Wertenbefger, Mark Young. Ken Kinoshita. Hal Taylor. Bike ClUB ' ROW: Barbara Mopm. Debbie Swensen. Jackie Schulz. Hope Miller. Diane Marklev. David Poling Roger M, Millan, advisor; John Holton, ( ,reg Sneller. Bruce Mooch, Bruce Mauner. Mark Golan. «» 1 Steve Young, Mountaineers ' Club Preside I-.irrv goo i. Colt (. ' bib President; |im Renck. Vice ' RONT ROW: Paul McKinley, George Muldoon, Jim Renck, Hal Taylor. Brian Marshall. Advisor, B,.b Tomes. ROW nm Kause. K.-vm McCarthy, Joe Taylor. Jeff Beattie. Steve Kobzoff, Steve Pischel. Larry ( )sgood. QOlf CLUB photo ClUB The Photo Club consists of photography students who are d in furthering their knowledge and enjoyment of photograph) as a fine art. Some of the activities of the club are field trips and gallery tours. The members also sponsor the sale of photo books, which consist entirely of work done In FUHS students. The club ' s motto is, " Shoot first ask questions later. " , l » FRI I ROW Dave Rosenberger, B..I. White, Mark Graski, [on Caradies, Colleen Mai, me. Helm long. Jermame Hein, Jean Gardner. Margo Montgomery. Rl W 2 I im Coughlin, Gordon Heel,.. Tom Bruno. Donald Lohotf, Bob Morrison, Tim Kellev. Mark Young. Chip Wertenherger. Randi Methanv, Theresa Gross, Pete Robbins. Dorotnj Rios, Allison ( ireene. Ken Alton). Marcie Magmnis, Debbie ( iarr, son. ROW i: Mark Mealed, Ms. Avila. Advisor. Not pictured: Dan Fowler. ' iicu, -Acu JbtccmsL crut oq mu i ADT ' f Q 1 in art as a career or hobby, rhe purpose of this club is to fui ther ) ' )X. _ develop in its members the skills, criticism, and enjoyment of art. ry- Those belonging to this club decorate bulletin hoards in the i T Breezewa) and go on field trips to art galleries, professional art — (X42Ji , schools, and art exhibits. Q XJUL " Uu 4t XX CAJVxdL KjokuA- out Km Ki,„ m.,. Mark Rank,,,. Em Jao.h,,,,, K ath HoIbrook.JayeJoslin. Katie Riutcel. Pam Dean. S Ui crod v-Cij poetpy cIub Th members of the Poetn Club read, write, and enjo) poetii expression. The) share idea-. informally, and often spontaneously. Meetings arc held twice a month during lunch. This year the) went on a whale-watching expedition, visited the Queen Mary, Renaissance Festival, and the Huntington Library. Tins club is also active in community projects such as visiting convalescent homes and Christmas caroling. Through the Poem Club the members experience their motto of " Fun, fantasy, and friendship. " FRONT ROW: Sharon Sanderson. Suati Kadakia. [.win, Gadaire, Dorothy Wight, Rosanne Christensen, malia Ar Advisor. ROW 3: Cliff Tinker. Chen I Schna.-b.-U-. Bill Hun ROW. ' : |ulir Lai tine Halvorsen, Mr n Cranmer. © The Science Fiction Club promotes the reading and appreciation of science fiction. This club maintains and uses an extensive library of science fiction books, magazines, and articles. Members attend weekly meetings, and field trips to lectures, movies, and libraries. 7jj[ science ' f . ' £ fiction ClUB FRONT ROW: Debi Wiechmann. Chcrvl Schnaebele, Penny Spencer. Shervl Cranmer. ROW 2: Debbie Gadaire, Christine Halvorsen, Kirk McLaren. Row 3: Brian Webb. Scott Burnside, Neil Buhler. Ralph Overtoom, Mike Anderson. Mr. Anderson. Adviser. Qepman cLub The German Club is a club for student ' , who art- interested in learning more about German language and culture. ' I heir ac ti ities include potluck dinners and doughnut sales. Their motto is, " Deutsch uber Alles, " which means, " German over Spanish m ClUB FR( INT ROW: Carlntta N ' un.v, Gloria Rodriguez. Sandra Dommguez. ROW 2: Diana Hi.ming, Rachel Leon, Kim lubala. Elida Rodriguez. ROW 3: Mr. Wood. Advisor, Km Knox, Patty McClanahan. lane Folsom, Karen Wiclcman, Diane Culp. fpench cIub The French Club provides its members speaking French and learning about French culture. The members attend meetings twice a month at lunch. This year the members made Christmas cards and put together then own French cookbooks. I indss- tolee Hut Susan Thomas. C Lillie Shannon, Preside thespians Thespians is an honorary drama club. The members must have earned ten points lis a ting and behind-the-scene work and work in two major productions. They attend drama festivals, and this year they were host to the district drama festival. Thespians try to carry out their motto, " Act well your part, there all honor lies. " FRONT ROW: Christine Halverson, Alan O ' He Calhoun, Renee Marcoux, Wynette Cook. Sui Spei Ulison ( !reene, N.i„. y Peterson, Kathy Kan.-, Sandr xn, NVdda Shrum, Bra ce, Sue Lindsay, Patty Stevenson, H.F.Crane 1 High,-,-, Brad Hiltschei Matthews. ROW 3: Te Sandy Jones. ROW 4: |. Kris Safai -r Leffel, S 1 Smotherri FRON1 ROW HFC, Pn .-nt; B bTrowbHdge Robert Stouffel DaM- Hoffman. anci Prtrrsrn. NOT PKURF.P: .-il I rt.r., n and lunch BOX Lunch Box ' ! heatre is the big project of the Drama Club. The Lunch Box Theatre gives students with talent a chance to har - them with the student body. Some .1! theii shows were the " Black Cat " and a mini talent show. The members of the Lunch Box Theatre try to make lunch a little more tun and interesting. The Drama Club organization of students interested in becoming more in theatre arts. The me , ' m participate in the Lunch B jk present the Best Actor an Actress awards at the i m assembly. active mbers i and 1 Best wards FRONT ROW: Lynn Schwanbeek, Allison ( ireene, Karen Wickman. Nedda Sl.rum. ROW TW ): Palm, a Matthews, Connie Hanm.n, Tern Leffel. Edna lane Kofford, Christine Christensen. Susan Lindsay. Karvinna Nunley. ROW THREE: Pain Fmdley, Margaret Codispoti, Mark Bart,.,!. Diane Culp, |oel Sm.. therm, .n. Alan O ' Hern. Pat Matthews, Shawn Harrington, Tom Powell, Kathj Kane. r dRanu cLub chess cLub I I hess Club provides its members with an opportunity to play chess informally and to compete in tournaments. I his i lub enters several intersi holastic tournaments each ear sponsoring a team of Us five best players. These mati hi - are played against different schools throughout the county. OFFICERS: Ra Vokshas, Mike Anderson. Vic Perez. TEAM: Aaron Louis. Ra Vokshas, Mike Anderson, Dan Batchelor. FROM ROW: Brian Webb, Mark Pecham, Mark Craven, Steve Feinholz. Bob Currv. Rav Vokshas. Louis Horowitz, Debbie Middleron. Mike U ' ranme,. ROW 2: Rick ' . Perez, Rand) Buckholz, Mr. nderso„. ,,„„, I., „,„,[)„„ Ban helnr. Chris initio. Bill Shapiro. Mike Vndei on, Vu Perez, Kirk McLaren. Bob Fort, (hi Mellis, Jin Alter. I electRonics ClUB Tint, club ' s goal is to increase its members ' knowledge and interest in electronics. The members of the Electronics Club attend field trips and hold discussions on electronic theory and principles. As another project the members are also training for a future amateur radio station. l£ ' a tivi i lub on campus is the Biologi, Club. The members of this club show their concern for ecologv b participating in reclamation drives and helping plan the annual Earth Da Assembly. t potluck dinners and parties, the members learn about different aspects of biology through films and guest speakers. Biology cIub J »■■ ' f IT . c rv Gtf - FRONT ROW: lames Bond. Mike KieU-v. Kim Jubala David Pattillo Pr, Armenta, Barl.ara S, ln.ii.it. Mum r ' li .il.ett, U,,„ Sue Bloom ROW i- Butnside, Katl.i Fur,,,-., S, , r ,,,,r, . s,„. Si, „■■.„. thena Ketner. ; Ed Miller ROW 2 Louise Dovle, Sue Godfrei n Hart, Neal Buhler, Vlar, Jackson, Bruce Moock, J- Gail Maimer, ! ' , student medical society FROM ' ROW: Gail Maimer, President; Louise Dovle. Wdre Kazakevicius. ROW 2: Dereth Sakura.. Ellen Cook. Cind) Duff, Tr Bovd. [anet Hild.-hrand. Kris Van Bladeren. Patti Burnette. ROW i: Don Brumlev. Vice President-Secretary; Lee Launer. Kevin Knight.. , McNeill mA VM qwli ' Jm SCROLL FRONT ROW: Curt Booher, Claudia Clarke. ROW 2: Lynda Alfc.rd, Iod Brakett, Coleen Malone. ROW 3: lean ( i.ml, mr. W) nette Cook, Renee Marcoux, Shawn Har rington. ROW 4: Pam Rather, Pam Genereux, Sandy Oha, Susan Lindsay. Barbara Berk. Made Chism. Allison Greene. ROW 5: Sue Vilsoet. Jackie Mueller, Sharon I).,ugl»m, Sue Spence. Bern Merril, Tina Swartzendruber, Sue Thomas. Km Safrick. ROW 6: Cinday Buck, luhe Rector. Mary Glenn. Rhonda Bowlin, Kim Hertzberger, Robwi Coulter, Gail Hybl. ROW 7: Tony Bruno, Ned Peterson, Steve Adamson, Robin Reed, Kevin McCarthy. Emily Huss. Cheryl Perkins. Mark Johnson, Mike Rather, Howard Perkins. Tliis club consists of members of the Annual and Newspaper Staffs. The main event that the Quill and Scroll Club sponsored was the Book Fair. Quill and Scroll is a national organization that draws together people who are interested in the field of journalism. ' FRONT ROW: Susan Lm.lsa . Patti [ohnston, Barbara Berk. Leslie Slat,-. Diane Culp, [ulie Pope. ROW 2: Bruce Moock, Debbie [ohnson, lam I ols. Melani.- Bowen. Run lunula. Caml Wis,-,,,.,,,. B.-tn Merrill, Man Reck. ROW3: Linda Heard, Pan, Dean, [ill Carlson, Bern Bar,:,-. Wench Welch, Lues I ' m Film Cunningham, Sue Hi IV, ,U McCormick. ROW 4: Sett Burns,,!,-. Steve Young, Mark Rankin, Brvan Webb, Ken Knox, Mark i oung, Sue Wilson. Life Members- FRONT ROW: Gil Mell The California Scholarship Federation, also known as Pleiades, is an academic honor cluh. Students must meet specific requirements to qualify tor membership. Special awards are given to seniors who are life members. csf I if, Membe. FRONT ROW: Lee Launer. ROW JackiShultz, Betty Merrill. Front Row: Mrs. Schermitzler, Mrs. McConr Duff. ,:-,, -etan; C l,,r,a Frick :, R h •, , :: M- Vil „et. Suzanne Styles. R..w 4: Susan Lindsa) Emilj Huss, Linda Johnson, Pam Rather, Vice Presid II, Advisors Row 2: Sue Spence, Karen West. Debbie Smith, Robin Forrester. Pam Genereux. President; Cindv J. R.m . (.ail H hl. S.,n,h J„„es. San,); S,„ n ,„„, Ann,,- Cl.ua. Valene Vlha. Stacie Beam, Sandv Oba. Sue ( hervl I hi.mi.si.n. .|(me S.iwd.-r, Patti Nash, Shawn Williams |aw|c.slm Treasurer ' [eanGirdner Historian- Joni McNeill. Not Pictured: Mona Ryan, Pam Dean. I. ' esl ' ,,- Slat, ' Idakas has been an active club on the FUHS campus since 1957. Special projects conducted this year included: planning and sponsoring the girls ' Freshman Orientation Assembly and Box Lunch Social at Hillcreat Park; hosting a Christmas party at Fairview; and sponsoring two dances, the Christmas Dance and (iirl Date. Idakas collected $275.00 for charity organizations and ushered at numerous functions at Plummer Auditorium. The word " Idaka " means service, and that is the purpose of this dedicated and enthusiastic group of girls. i6akas v: d ' t ! Y V filler % JW t % ' key cLub a, Howard Perkins, Cram Mart.!!. |im Lenin, Mr .■ Brmv, |!,m C Low,-, K,,n Simons, Mark Karnr,. . harl.s (. a..i..M i.„, Mark Johnson, David Loury. Row 2: Brian Stmmht.m, Brad rlishru, Boh CnHfrri, Mark Rankin, Brad Hilsi her. Gem lit. [),,n Brumliv, Bnh ' iarv K.-n in kni C l,t. L.-r I.aunrr. Mark RuU-rf.. Km Km. lnta, [ •-■» Kallmann.! lifl Hnkei Row pleia6es staff ! ■ Mrs. rWrh Booth, .K FRONT ROW: Neil Petersen, Beverly Booth. Wvnette Cook. Rene Marroux, Barbara Berk, ROW 2: Sue Vilsoet, Cynthia Buck, lackie S, hulz, Pair. iemreux, Susan Spent e. Shaw,, 1 1 arr, ,, u t, „,, IVte Robbins. R( W 3: Curl Booher, [ulie Rector, Marj I ilenn, Mail, I " mi. Sand) Oba, Sue Lindsey. ROW 4: Claudia Clark, Kris Safarik, [ackie Mueller, Lynda Alford, Colleen Malm,,-. Allison (imne, Sharon I j.ni herty. ( mi Booher, Pete Ri ,„,. N.-il Petersen Missinu: Colleen Ma _ annual m stapf i. M ..« : , SS " 4 • jl- MU . . -KaH Va uU. a£j».-tJU J o v LOJ oJLX--fco ( b t) (Jo H vvA tJU COOL There is no wa thai I can begin to explain to the student body of FUHS what takes place all year to make it pn ibie for this annual to be published. The annual started as an idea and dream of two people. It was conveyed to twenty-two staff members and from there the idea took form on paper as layouts. Copy was written and typed for each page with somewhat questionable accuracy. Pictures wen- taken, proportioned, and added to each spread. Once it was corrected, the page received signatures and was scaled. With enough pages completed. thc were mailed. (Usually two minutes before the post office closed, on the dav of the deadline.) If one was listening closely, it was possible to hear a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks from the editors. Take all this and much more than can be put on paper and you have a creation called an annual. The staff this year was inexperienced in producing an annual. With a lot of patience and spirit we made it through. Even now the spirit of the staff lives on. This spirit is found in the masking tape on the windows, proportioned, scattered half-typed pages of copy, unused pictures, triplicate copies of layouts, and brownlines. This staff has tried to capture what FUHS is to its student body and faculty. We have tried to put this on pages to make a book full of memories. Some will feel we have missed the point, while others will be very happy with the book. Granted the annual is not perfect, neither was the staff or its editor. Yet in your hands you hold a year ' s work that I feel could not be better. fc. J JUTY JUrvOO X -Jit- q © cA, . fc ' JJL measuRe time u the measuReless and the immeasuRABLe . . . and is not time even as Love is, undivided and spaceless? kahlil QiBRan i thanks to - Jackie, my assistant editor, painting buddy, who was ; lost and without her the ar :lor, daughter, and there when I felt Claudia, tor her servi it hove and beyond the call of .king of the staff and her Mrs. Booth, for hei patience . . . Mr. Brennan, for his editor ' s workshop. . . Tom, for the aerial photograph of the school. . . Renee, for handling the sales of the books and understanding when I changed the deadline. . . Pete, for Ins great cooperation on the theme. . . Cindy, for her characterizations of the staff. . . Each ami everj staff member, to whom I would like to say that you will have main memories of being on staff. I hope that you will laugh at the times there was yelling about deadlines, tears because you ' d made a mistake on the copy you were typing for the eighteenth time, and no pictures because Tom didn ' t show up. I hope these will become fond memories. But most of all i hope you an- proud of the book you helped to create. My thanks tor your tears, patience and dedication that produced this annual. . . the FU HS student body, for making it possible for in- to experieni e one of the best years of my life. Wvi Edit. ■tte Cook -in-Chief - ttj tfyu f OU Irene K of- ' J „ yu- faulty . - ii new teachers and mam new classes were added to Fullerton tins year. Several English and Social Studio electives were added that better fit the needs of the students as a result of a survey conducted last year. These electives include such classes as Modern Poetry, Speed Reading, Chicano Studies and Minorities. This has provided a more congenial attitude between the faculty and the students. Also initiated into the curriculum were classes such as Computation am! Measurements. Veter- inary Scieii. e, and Better Living. -tVanVoorln Boys ' IT Joe Yelk r- ' .nglisli Robert Wood ' sp Jk Foreign Language ,,,,. Ed Mcintosh ign Language S8BCV v.ireene LeRov Hernandez W m Social Science || Special Edutat Or ROBGRt pRench pRincipal Completing his fifth year at Fuilerton, Dr. Robert L. French has again succeeded in making manv changes to improve the campus. One important change he helped to bring about is the open campus policy. Dr. French is always willing to talk directly with the students concerning many problems that arise during the year. Tin.-- interest he shows in the students has helped to give our campus a friendly atmosphere between the administration and the students. assistant principals New to the FUHS administration this year is Miss Diane Austin. She is an assistant principal and is primarily responsible for student body activities as well as working with the executive board. Formerly Miss Austin was assistant principal and director of student activities at Poway High School. Her enthusiasm and friendliness has made her a favorite with main students. Mr. Richard Jackson has become a familiar face on our campus. This year Mr. Jackson has general responsibilit) foi instruction and curriculum. He also assists at student body acti ities such as c on( cits, dances, and graduation. His fourth year at Fullerton has proved to be a successful one. In his second year as assistant principal Mr. Barney Stratton ' s main responsibilities have been counseling and attendance. He initiated the college-type registration system which proved to be very effei tive. it Bpti « ? ■Li jljfiM N gfes Diane Austir ' Mrs. Helena Scl V . I fpeshmen I ™ + wKjjt SPM class Of ' 76 I Tim Levoit ' President t I iana Valenzuela Secretary " ■n- a p k % a o . » r f» «a P» ' , . , , . ' : i n i$ . j , , w „;, © t , " mI I I is!J Peti ■ ■ 1 1 1 iane Arena lain. . II il, Sieve Barbel Steve Beam Sieve Bishop Keith Blaek Betsey Bloom G.irv Boeglin Mark Bonot Unnette Adams Paul Auer Curl Baker Boh Barnhart Christopher Beard Bruee Boyd Richard Agnew Mike Auerswald Steve Baker Connie Barnhart Glenn Betzhold Stephanie Blaek Ncai Boeart lorn Hover I om Baarstad lleur;. Bante Don Batchelor Lee Bishop [racey Blaek Gary Boland Hill Briegs i ( indj n Lianes Susan McMichael Vice President ft q A hemse Hi Lisa Brue K.mhU IV wn Dorothy Burke Mike Burroughs Ralph Campos lerle David Burns Peter Callas Cindy Carson chholz Tom Burns Robin Campell Roberi (arson Riekey Chaffee Cindy Cla [ ' aula ( i.llui Pal ( onlej Robert Con 1 1 ii ■ I lulie i ook Ronald Curr I ,n I uzzolii Jeff Coulter Mvin Darke DianeCowdrej ferri Davis Warren Cranmer i rii Da) Brent Cullman Greg Dean Robert Cum Bruci Di i: r ? MM Mark I dens i || 1 1 Doug Doug 1 lliotl Scotl Doucette Bill I vans Mar! D mi ht) l irk I i Itenberg Leslie Douglas Chri I irt I Luis I iol RayGalvan DaveGilmore Lenna Go BillGanahl Patrick Godfrey Dennis G, Granl Garcia Dan Golan rrudj Gn Itks (i.irrison Dune Gome Chris Grit Sal!) Gayosso Gerardo Gomez David Gn Mart; Gi ntr) Arthur Gonzales Fi d 1 1 orgi Raul Gonzales P.inGrme Mark Guido RichGunvals Doroths Guz Roger Haas i 5 .i t , ' i, ! . 1 ! ■ a MMMMHL v i f r 4 fj | ■si 1 4§J 1 tii 1 £ © i i ■ Bonnie Harwood David Hernande Inn Hatcher S.imniv Ik-nun. David Hatter David Herold Tom Hendrickson Connie Holmes Mark Iloncrkamp Steven Hutch MikeHornick Gary Hybl Hrain Howey Scool Jacksoi lodj lluskins Scott Jacobse Tom Jemmett Chris Jones James Jeppsson Paul Jones Davul lohnson Christine Ke Amy J. uics I mi Ketnei Kent Kinoshila led klo iovvs Robert Klatl Keith Kruse Stacj Koechnts Beckj i am!.. AIKoscll Scott Larson David I I ' CT Jeff Lowe Sl.iii I eonhardt Susan Lowe I mi I evoit Jose Lozano Torn Lirette Randy Lytle Marilynn Marvir Renee NLissev Doug Maupin Dave McCoj Lisa Moore Wayne Norman Rod Page Don Peek Kevin Prokopchuk Andy Rehkow James Renick Valerie Rich 1 ran Morrison Rondee Nunez Frosene Papahronis Rick Peloquin Mark Ouenzler Patti Red Jonathan Reynolds Tammy Risk George Munguia Barl Oakden Greg Paris r-eli Pina Kaths Quinlivan Ken Renck Das id Rhodes Richard Robl Glenn Murray Jon Olson Pam Parish Tony Ptzano Ken Quintero Robert Newton Jessica Orosco Joe Parra Cesar Pla Pat Rather Mark Ni kless Manny Ortega Julie Patterson Freddie Ponce Don Reck Norma Norton Debra Packard Mark Pecheck George Pnndle Seena Reeves f% r » f - 1 ' ft 6 f) I •■• © ■ ? | AO: ( i. f v . f ..; e- r 15 i Ro-er Rossmeisl LeoSchmitz Ph.hr Schultz Hector Salivai I Paula Schwab ml Lynne Schwant Gerald Scott Paul Seminara Vicky Sharron I ric Sheaffer Don Shelton I rank Shepard Joe Shuk Michael Sicilian Cindy Smith Howard Smith Tom Smith lefl Si | lei Mike Spencer Robert Stephens Dee Ann Stoermer Robert Stoffel Jeff Studley Br an Swartz Diana Swirczek Karen Svpolt Stan Tj lor Tim Ta ylor -JQlllSI ™ £V « .- a a a £ A «r- li c 1 l-lr ' Roger Thomas Shaun Tyler Keith Van Home Daud Conrad Thompson Manuel Valadez Eric Van Zandt JeffWa Tom Thompson Patricia Valdez Horace Vega Dou« V Hector Torres Randy Valdez Ron Vernov Greg Tucker Connie Vanderveen Eddie Vincent 1 ; ,i fc ft Glen Weed Todd Wigestrand Theresa Williams Jon Young David Welch Archie Williams Patti Witte Kim Young Richard WTnte Rick Williams Ronald Yokshas Brady Zimme • - sophomoRes 4 ' J IT Jim Alter Jennifer Austin Jamie Ball Carol Barnharl Mike Barton Martv Beider Jeff Blackb Silvio . osta Bruce Anderson Donna Mterbury Nicki Banovich Carol Barnhart Debra Batchelor Don Benno Sue Bloom Steve damson Laurie Anderson Brynda Badeaux William Bante Dede barren Henry Becker Arlene Bernsen Ian B.i|iMi| ' »! 11 tlla :- ' UI ' 1 Nancy Anderson Connie Hales Rhonda Barcenas Bruce Barrette I ,n|. lull Hvvlii Brian Beroldi William Bo Kathj raiza (..ill Mien Sandy Arce John Artinger CUSS Of ' 75 Demsc Bolock Kennj Breeling Russell Brown Scott Bonsanguc John Bridges Mananna Bruno Jim Boone Steve Briggs Cindj Brvan Marcy Bosna Regina Brood) Bruce Bufkin David Br.™ Barbra Buhl Neal Buhler Lyn Bybvk C) nthia Buhre Mike Catentino Debbie Burke John Cannon Mike Buody Trudy Cannon Linda Butts Craig Caprine las Joe) Casarez Margie Carlor Paulj I Mike Carrel Lynn Chandler Bill Carter Mike Chapman Lisa Charles Mary Ann Cheif Chris Chingari Darlene Chingari Nancy Cisneros ql 4 ' 1 P [ ■• I obban Cand) ' olui ci 1 fin. i Cooper I ii. i tei Rohyn Coulter Robyn Coulter Ron Crawford Diane ( ulp Ellen Cunningh; Carolyn Cusack loni Dallape Bruce Dannemeyer Greg Dawson Bruce Deeks Hill Dennis loe Diaz Josie Dia Christine Dy er Chris Dodson Bob I astw ood Neil Donaldson Mike Eddleman Margie Douglas Dave Edwards Louise Doyle Janie I gberl Pamela Duncan Peter hlkin I ucs Duran Doug I rlcnlnis,. Deborah Eshom Matthew Etchison luih I vans Karen I arley Debbie Farrelly Linda 1 einholz Tammie Ferguson 9 1 ft a? V ■ k - miB ' Ak , k w J ' ; 1 ; M Mark Johnson Wayne Kauppi Helen Jong Andre Kazakev Brad loj ce John Kenney (err) luarez Lesa Kenney Kim Jubala Joni Kern Hale Kama nd Kinney Kevin Kasner Colleen Kirkm. Mike Kociemba Mary Lamho [eannie Kohlenberger Scott I arson Ken Kokinda Basia Lasunc Robin Kovacs Wendie Kramp Sue Kubin Monica Lamas Bruce Lee John Lemke Rockv Liapis John Logan Steffani Lee Lori Leyda Jean Liedtke Mare Lolan lerrilellel Russell Leveneh John Litchfield Caesar Lope % ' ? 0- Lupe Lopez Trevor Lowbndge Alicia Lozano MikeMacuy Carol Maddux Stuart Maginnis Cheryl Manfredi Debbie Manley Gaynell Manning Debbie Maitin Jim Mascio Maura Mason Palruu Matthews Pat Matthews Bruce Maimer Cvnthia Maupm Jim Max Lisa Ma Steve McAlistei Robert McCallurr Robert McCann Barbara McCarthy Craig McClain Pattv McClanahan Cecils McCormick Pamela NLI arland Pamela McGinnis Jim McHaney Can Meraz Kirk McLaren Sharon Merr Javier Melendez Paul Miller Cindy Moblej Merita Montgomery Javier Molina Bruce Moock Lucille Mondaj David Morales i (l«9 Pam Musgrave Laurie Myers Patti Myers Felicia Nelson Kerry Nelson Dawn New nun Bill Null. .Is Alisa Nugent Carl. .1.1 Nunez Wendy Nunez Eddie Ochoa Man 1 lizabeth I luira Ortiz Renee Ortiz Cynthia Pearson Gary Pisani Tom Osmonson Scott Pecheck Steve Pische Debbie Overtoom Ronne Perez Lucy Pitts Eileen Padilla Rick Phillips Rohm Plane- Marc Paienl Charles Picard Eva Plata Martha Parra Don Pillette Pat Poet David Pattlllo Cindy Pinger 1 mi Pollard Mike Prince Phil Reid Paul Prumer Bill Reynolds Esther Ramos Diana Rich Marlys Rasmussen Mike Richards Mike Rather Mike Ritchey Dan Roberts Julie Rock Rosa Rodriguez Anibal Ruiz Condelaio Sanchez Yicki Robertson Carlos Rodrieuez del Villai Tim Rustad Joel Sanderson Paul Robidoux EUda Rodriguez Jeff Romanelli Cheryl Sable Chuck Schmidt Harold Rochester John Rodriguez Leiah Rose Sally Sahr Ray Schmitz Sergio Rochin Luis Rodriguez Debbie Rover Sue Salazar Richard Shultz Yn kj Si humachei Jennifer Seminara Debbie Smith Joel Smotherm Joe Schwartz Hunter Sessions Marv Smith Lynn Sciarrotta Pal Sheridan Shen Smith Joe Scofield ( indj Sigfusson SlM|| Smitll Darlene Sparac Darrell Seely Mike Simpfendorfer rim Smith ronie Stafford Gail Stahr Robert Sternberg Sherry Stndil.ni Bruce Strachan Jell Straske John Strong Todd Tanner Keith I omlmsoi Cmdv Sullivan Sean Taylor Scott Traylor Linda Sullivan Jim Teed Cecilia Trejo Sue Swanson Kim Tempel Mike Trevino Ima Suall endlllher Mark Thomas David Innuljd lina Suenson Jaei Thompson Janet I udee JeffTait Chuck Throop John Tultle ?.£ fp - 4 L ' d A - •v ? c € ft! a { " 4 : :. ft ' J m%. P J4 • Maria Valde Allied illalobos McCalhster Warrior Wendy Welch MelW.lman Cheryl Waterhouse Andy Wennerberg Linda Wilson MaryAnne Susan Wilson Wertenbergei Martha Winner Cindi West Res Wolterman Lauren West Danns Wood Mike Williams Sandv Woodward Risk Williams Vieki Vanderburg Gary Vogelenzang Debra Watki Rodnej VaiiRosendale Palls Wagner Darrell Wats Paul Vargas Brad Ward loan Watten N in il endrell Brenda Ware Jeff Weber Norman Victoria Gene Wark Mary Weed CUSS Of ' 74 . i I ( 3 " " Michcle Affrey Doug Alford Ken 1 1 1 r J Belli Andersen Irma Ayala Rodger Anderson Ralph Ayala Sandee Anderson Cathy Bailey Esther Ascencio lanice Bailej Liaine Baker [ranees Barthletl Vaki Bar cc Becky Barker Chris Bartholomew Staeie Beam Belly Barnes Cory Bartholomew Peter Beard Jams Barnes Mark Barton John Beattie Randy Beeman Dianne Bishop Rob Beidler Erie Bishop Naney Bergum Dave Blaek Ben Bermudez Naney Black Ifiu i as 1 (W fTS « A .3 , f J Mike Blackford ( u n Buraen Pam Bradley Margaret Bloom Mary Bos Tom Brandt Gene Bojorque Melanie Bowen Ron Brandt Rhonda Bowlin Pam Broady Curt Booher Becky Boyd Steve Brow Charleen Brown Cindy Budke Mike Campan Susan Brown Dan Buhre John Campbe Tonv Bruno Bonnie Burant Ro iCamp.K Cheryl Bryan ireasa Byrd Steve Cano Lynn Buchholz Wanda Calhoun Jill Carlson Marci Carlson Renei Jerr) Carpenter ' ■ Gar I artei Sara ( havira Terrence Cases ' - 1 Rohm ki »m C5 • A % i i i s ' J 1 pj ' - Vickie Cleveland lyde Cornej i eolani ( tarnej Helen Cossentine Sheryl Cranmei Mark( raven l.iiulj Doughty Teri tan Ginny Dreves Ross Eas Linda Dugan Brenda E Tim Duke Diane 1 s Rachel Durand Karon Ev Inn Chris Franks Cind Frasier Mary redstron Crai; I reeman Mark French Melmda F urnes Linda Garcia Matilda Garci; Jean Gardner Boh Garry Michele Garve MarkGennaro Rime Grant Drew Hall man Linda He rd Mark Hess Vickie Gibson Donna Graves Heidi Hammon Linda Heist Barbara Hessions Debra Gillette Trilby Gra Connie Harmon Chris Henley Brad Higbee SueGodfrev Allison Greene Shawn Harrimrton Pat Henrickson Vicki Hilb Frank Gomez Rosalba Gudino Bill Hart Lydia Hernandez Janet HUdebrand Juan Gomez Robert Guerrero David Hatcher Tarsicio Hemandei Steve Hillman JohnGoossens Rick Hall Robin Haynie ierrera Jeff Ho ' guin John Holton Louis Horowitz Jelee Hoyt Debbie Hunter Bruce Kutchins ■s Y fc K r i$0 I ft 1 y i a •y Giris Ingle lanet luarez Dennis Kause Kenneth Knox Bob Lamarene Jim Leicht Marilyn Logan Laurie Luce Daniel Ingou! Denyce Judovits Debbie Keiper Edna Jane Kofford Darin Lane Lisa Leon 1 ma Lopez Debra Lugo i Kaari Athena Ketner Mark Kovacs Susan Leon Daniel Luna Mark Fohnson Kenneth Kinoshita Robert Kramp Karon Larson Vickie Loser Mike Maciel Seth Kalson Cathy Kirkman Kaltn Kreitz Kim Larson Robert 1 evoit 1 imiii Lotspeich Bern Maddi ! Mark Kamp Dune Klunder Gena Kucn h Susan Lindsay David Loury l hns Mjdlc ■ i ' Dune Kane Jack Knot! Denice Ljkatts Ron Lee Chris 1 indsej Ron Lowe Bob Malley Russell Manion Mane Mailer Paul Manlej Gilbert Maturin Bob Marcum Vicki Maystei Jon Marquette Kent. McCarthy John Marvin Liz Mellvain Mark Marvin Paul McKinlej Susan Matin- Rill McMichael Dan Me a Katja Michalski Barbara Middle Hope Miller Janette Moreno Vince Moreno Mike Morgan Margaret Morison Jackie Muelle Debbie Muse! Pattt Nash Maria V.-rct. Jeff NeKon Laurie Nelson R imon Nunez Gene Newman K Jim Nicholson I ' Dean Nixon Robert Olson f — ; in ? ft ■ AI..11 Olvera RobciiPadilla Mike Patillo ( inds Orosco Ri k Pag P . I.i.n Osgood I m ■ " il GusPereda Michael Overman James Parkei Victor Pere Aura Paclieco M r) Parrisli Cheryl Perk Steve i i otti Doug Pattei ion Nam Petei Penny Pilgrim laniee Pimental Dave Pisani Andrew Pi ano Tracy Pogue David Polinc Diana Poling Sieve Pollard Pain Rardin Dorothy Rios Myles Regan Mark Rios Richard Renek Katie Riutcel Renee Renno Mark Roberts Charlotte Reyes Sherry Roberts K.irin Reynolds Alfred Rodriguez Robin Rhodes Myra Rodriguc Pedro Rodrigu Nell Roenke Gunilla Rosen. Jay Rowe Martha Rueda Debbie Rush fj f o «| fi ff 4 f tk i of i s „ i - iNl f l 1 mA R„k S.il., .,t Javier Saldiva M hi i s lit. in Kathy Sambr Kathj Sam In Slur. .n Sanderson JoAnn Sco Brian Sankev Sheryll Scher Kurt Schlick Barbara Schmidt Cheryl Schnaebele Dennis Schoolcraf David Schultz Randy Schuma Shara Schwarti Cmdi Sever Gloria Servern Doug Shaw I mi Sheppard John Sipos Gregg Snel 1 Carrie Shimel Steve Slack Bill Snon Flaine Shook Artie Smedle) Shawn Sou Nedda Slirum Brad Smith Rick Spaia I, .in Simmons Linda Smith Steve Spen Ron Simons Lerrv Smith Diana Spid Rhonda Simons Jeff Sneed Lee Spillm £5 ■ • : i . ' 4, a -a a :,i a a s r f fc rei Ihra Lydia rrejo Jill Vanderwall Martha Villanueva Gregg Wark Tern Welch Norma Williams Robbie Woods Cliff i inker Pedro rrevino Debbie Vanko Renuka Viswanath n Karen Waterhousc Karen West Sheryl Williams Jud Woodward l . :il 1 hi in Donna rrezisc Kathy Valerie Vlha Pam Watkins Karen Wickman Ron Winn Alilccn Woolsey Jay fomiinson Diane rortorici loni rrowl ri Igi Van Krancnhurgh Cindj Wagner Bryan Webb Dorothy Wight Ora W..II Mike Worrell ! l.irk Van Slvke Sarah Wales Mike Weber Randv Willcuts Jack Wolfe John Yarhrough Steve Young Robin Youngreen Steve Townsencl Lydia Uribe Bill Vega Dave Walters Debbie Weed Brenda Williams Rod Wolterman p ;il . 1 real 1 ere a ill i: uela Elsa Velazquez Curtis Vernoy Karen Walters Denise Weed lohn Williams Cathy Woods ( fi %M seekeR of silences am i, and what tReasuRe have i found in silences that i may dispense with confidence? kahlil QiBRc n RICH VRDO COSl FREDERK O DAMI l ZANNEAFFREY LYNDA VLFORD ( I. 1 UMDERSON MICHAEL NDERSON SHELLEY ANDERSON FERNANDO ARCE DAVID AUERSWALD DANIEL BAARSTAD EDWARD BAK DAVID BAKER RONALD BALL EDW RD BATHALER MERIALACE BENEDICT STEVEN BERGER BARBARA BERK ROSE BERNSEN GARY BOEHNE KATHLEEN BOEKER JAMES BOND DONALD BOUCHARD LINDA BOWIE I.ORIE BOW LIN TRACEV BOA ' D |OYCE BRACKET I rOANNB BRENNAN STEPHEN BRENNAN I AMES BRIDGES DEBBIE BROWN KATHLEEN BROWN- DONALD BRUMLEY CYNTHIA BUCK ION BUEHNER CAMPBELL BURKE DONNA BURROUGHS JULIE B ' ERS STEVE CHRISTENSEN DEBBIE CHRISTOPHER MARY ANNCHUA NANCY CLARK SONCEESHRAYCOBl ' R JANET CODISPOTI ELLEN COOK JAMIE COOK CATHY roYFk KATHY CRl ICKSH WK STI PHENCRANJ [OSEPH CI MMINGS SHIRLEY CRAU F )RU ST HI Y CUNNINGHAM CONNIE DANIELS SHARON DAUGHERTY KOREN DA-i ELIZABETH DEANDA DONALD DEEKS LINDA DEES KAREN DOUGHTY CINDY DUFF MICKEY EGGER il.( )RI ERICKSON LAL ' RALVN ESCHNER KAREN ESQL ' EDA LVNDELL El BANKS CHERYL EVANS |()HN EVANS M XR ' i FAJRGRH VE ( III Ki I. I M LKNER IH THER Dl ' NN LARRY EARNEST STEVE EDBERG DARCIE EDMUNDS v i I.KNF. FER il SON MARY FOLLETT CAROLYN FORREST DAN FRF.DRICKSON Hi IP! ill IR1 - ROBIN FORRESTER DENISEMARIF FOSTER NORMA FREEMAN ANN FOUGHT GARY FULLER DANIEL FOWLER RON NIF FULTON DFBORAHGADAIRE PATRIC1 GAGNE SYLVIA GALLO VICTOR GARCIA |OSE GOMEZ RUBEN GONZALES MIKEGORG DEBORAH GRAINGER MARKGRASK1 THERESA GROSS LARRY GUNDERM AN JANET GUNSTEN ROBERT GUSMAN PRICE HALLMANN CHRISTINE HALVORSEN 73-SeHto l AUREEN HAMMINGA DONNA HANSEN PATRICIA H ARDY PAIL HARLESS DEBORAH HARPER VICKIE HAR WOOD I DUN HASPELL RANDY HAVENS CLARKE HAWK1NSON SI SAN HAYES MARTIN HEADMAN RANDY HE APE |ERM INE HEIN RUBER I HENDRICKSON MIGUEL HERN NDI Z v ' l!.!.l M IIF.KN W ' DEZ BRAD HILTSCHER LEE HINSON [ODY HOLCOMB PETER HOLGUIN DENNIS HOI. STUN KRIS HOUSEL ELIZABETH HOWE LORETTA HOWITT ALAN HUNTER MARY HUMMENNY EMILY HISS DEBRA I BBS DONN I ERIC [ACOBSON RICHARD [ONES STEVEN KAAN II W ' KTTE IOSLIN SWAT1 KADAKIA DAVID JOYCE KATHRYNKANE SANDRA KAUSE TIMOTHY KELLY MICHAEL KIELEY DENISE KING KEVIN KNIGHT C Nm E KOEHLER MARK KOI VISTO DAVID KRUSE KAREN KRUSE JULIA LAM BIRTH CHRISTINE LARA LELANDLAUNER JARBARA LAWRENCE KAREN LAWRENCE PATLAWSON " RACEV LAWYER ROSALIA LEON ALBERT LEV SSUR WILLIAM LEV SSI Ik BRADLIEDTKE [UANITALIPUMA DONALD Li IH )! I Ri l.( H|i II I DAVID LONG TERRY LOPEZ MARIA LOZAN ' O JAN LUCE DAVID M AC H ADO MARCIEMAGINNIS RICHARD MALLORY COLLEEN MALONE KENNETH MALONE I WIT M PLES CHARLES MARCH RENEEMARCOUX MART A MARINES PATRICI WIARKLEY ADELINE MARTINEZ ROS M RTINEZ RENEE M ssn | )H MAI HIS YOVONNE MAI PIN DIHRA McAFEE MICHAEL McALISTER TERRIA McCL VIN MIKE McDERMITT KAREN M.DKRMOI T MICHAEL McGEE PAIL McHENRY il ' dv kkihbkn [oan McNeill eileen mejia bobby melendez GILBERT Mill. Is BETTY MERRILL VNN MEYERS [ EBR A M1DDLETON AQUIN M ' I IV .1 PE MOLIN B RB R Mi R MHtggl l. W O ' UFRN M BBIf OI.SI SKI SUEOSMONSON K M.I ' II OVERTOOM SHIRLEY OWENS LYDIAPALLARES MARC P-XQl ' ET BLAKE PARISH HOWARD PERKINS NEIL PJ PERSEN [ ! N MS PH ARRIS MICH U L PIAZZA RICH RDPINGER CLARA PONCE SHELLS ' POOLE DAVID POTTER STEPHANIE PRATHER GRANT PROUGH CYNTHIA Pl ' LLEN IOYCE PURVIS CHARLENEQUIJANO DARLENEQUIJANO FRED RAMOS MARK RANKIN PAMELA R VI HKR M RYI.YW RECK LAREE SELMAN ROBERTA SHAM I II I II Ml NNON LESLIE SKINNER SANDR VST A NEIL |0 NNE ST m ANDR S1 EVENS! [ULIE S fEYSKAL BRYAN STOUGHTON SUZANNE STYLES SHARON SWANSON SUSAN SWENEY DEBRASWENSON SHELLEY SW1TZER KAREN SYKES CARLA TAYLOR PATRIC1 ITRRY fACKIE THOMAS LINDA TORGERSON RUSSELL TR AH AN JODYTRAYLOR CARTER TRIGG ROBERT TROWBRIDGE DIANETUDGE IILLTURMAN CAROL TURNER ETHEL TURNER DANTIVOMBI Y SUSAN UMSTOT ROCHELLEVLLOd JONIVAL [ EZ IOSFPH V l.l N ' .II I. KRISTIN WAN BLADEREN PETE VAN HORNF STEVE VAN METER RHONDA VAN ROSENDALF. BRENDAVASQUEZ LINDA VI LL EG AS SI SANVILSOET MARY ANN WAGNER SCOTT WALKER I ESSE WALLACE DONNA WALTZ PAMELA WELCH AL MANUEL YBARRA fe RAYYOKSHAS " •%., TANYA ZIMMER LEEWELTY MORRIS WERTENBERGER SUSAN WESTON ROBERT WHITE ALLAN VI EC H MANN ARTHUR WIECHMANN CHARLES WILLIAMS LARRY WILLIAMS SHAWN WILLIAMS DAVE W1LSHEK " I IM WORKMAN I MES WRIGHT -J : UYNFTTF COOK ALANO ' HERN il.DRI I KICKS! ) BRAD HILTSCHFR DOUG LOWE MARK RANKIN senioR service AWARDS 234 M I VAN HORNK lames Bond H.F.Crane Michael Kielei Bra,! Hiltscher Wynette Cook Sharon Daughertv Brad Hiltscher Emily Hu Leeland Launei Craig Martelle Gilbert Mellis Mark Rankin Greg Richter Susan Sw enes Merri Alva- Benedict James Bond Janet Codispoti Gloria Erickson Marj Ann Fairgrieve Janet Gibson Brad Hiltscher Maria Lozano (jail Maimer Alan O ' Hern Timotln Workman James Wright National Merit Schola Greg Richter National Merit Certificate of I Bern Merrill National Merit Letter of Commendation Exchange Club Outstanding Boy and Girl of the Year CSF Lit,- Members Bank of America Engraved Plaque Winners Bank of America Certificate inners Gail Mauner Gilbert Mellis Emilv Huss Gilbert Mellis Bett) Merrill Greg Richter Jacki Schulz Robert S( Ott Sandra Stevenson Science ' Mathematics Fine Arts Liberal Arts Vocational Arts Business Laboratory S. ience Home Economics Social Studies Agriculture Art Drama Foreign I . Enlgish Mathematics Trades Industrial Music Barbara Berk Wynette Cook ( jloria Erickson Gilbert Mellis Betty Merrill Greg Richter - - - : - - . - Comm. 4; Election Board 4. SHAM. ROBERTA A. Class Sec. 1 : Publicity Comm. 1,2,3; Rally Comm. 2: Pep Club 3;GAA 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; Y-Teens l,3;Student Lobby 3; Idakas 3.4: Featherettes 3,4; iur of Campus Activ- ities 4. SHEAHAN. TIM S. Swimming 2. SI il . LESLIE A. Student Lobbv 4. Chairman 4; idakas 4; ICC 4; Election Board 3; Social Comm. 3; Ticket Comm. 4: Publicity Comm. 2.3; Pep Club 3,4; Dance Concert 3; GAA 3: CSF4. SMITH, GREG C. Photo Club 4. SMITH, TERRY L. German Club 3,4; Baseball 1.2, 3,4; Varsitv Club 3.4; Kev Club 3.4. SOWDER, JOYCE GAA 1 ; Featherettes 2,3; Song Leader 4. Idakas 4; Rally Comm. 4; Social Comm. 2. SPENCE. SUSAN Pep Club 2,3,4; Pep Chairman 4; Idakas 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Featherettes 4; Student Lobby 3, Sec. 3; ICC 4; Thespians 2.3. 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Annual Staff 4; VIVA 2; Quill Scroll 4. SPENCER, PENELOPE L. Russian Club 1,2; Poetrv Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Science Fiction Club 2,3,4; Bye Bve Birdie 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4. STARY. JOANNE M. Y-Teens 2; Dance Concert 2; Pep Club 3; JV Yell Leader 3; Yell Leader 4; Homecoming Att. 4. STEVENSON. SANDRA M. Drama Club 1,2,3, Pres. 3; Thespians 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3; Idakas 3,4; Featherettes 3,4; Ticket Comm. l;Forensics 1,2, Sec. 1; Poetry Club 1;CSF 2,3, 4; AFS 1,2; Russian Club 1,2,3; David Lisa 1; Stage Door 2; Dino 2; Anne Frank 3; Our Town 4. SWANSON, SHARON M. Y-Teens 2; Dance Concert 2.3; Biologv Club 3; Social Comm. 4; German Club 4; CSF 4. SWEENEY, SUSAN C. FFA 1,2,3,4; Student Lobbv 4; Band 1. SWENSON, DEBRA J. Bike Club 4; Pep Club 4. SWITZER, SHELLEY A. Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1, 3,4; French Club 2; Featherettes 3.4: CSF 4; Dance Concert 2,4. TORGERSON, LINDA R. Publicity Comm. 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,4; FHA 4, Si.. 4. Featherettes 4. TRAHAN, RUSSELL G. Football 1 . TUDGE, DIANE I. Spanish Club 1.2,3, Pres. 3; Concert Band 1.2.3,4; Marching Band 1.2.3,4:GAA l;PepBand 1.2; Student Congress 2: CSF 2; ICC 3; Student Lobby 3; Dance Company 3,4; Madrigals 3,4; Thespians 3,4; Jazz Band 4: Fiat Lux 1; The Night Was Dark 2; Brigadoon 3; Publicity Comm. 2 UMSTOT. SUSAN K. GAA 1.2,3.4; Featherettes 3,4. VALADEZ, JON1 M. FHA 3,4, Pres. 4; Pep Club 4: Co-Chaiiman 4: Student Lobbv 4; ICC 4; GAA 3. VALENZUELA, JOSEPH Football 1,2.3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3; Var- sity Club 3,4. Sec. 4. VAN BLADEREN, KRISHNA A. GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Big F 4; Featherettes 4; ICC 4; CSF 2,3; Student Medical Soci- ety 2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Publicity Comm. VAN HORNE, PETER Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2.3,4; Var- sity Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4; RBA 1; ICC 4, Vice Pres. 4. VAN METER. STEPHEN R. Baseball 1.2. VAZQUEZ, BRENDA L. Girls ' Choir 2. VILSOET, SUSAN J. Y-Teens 1; Split Seconds 2,3: GAA 2; CSF 2,3: Dance Company 3,4; Social Comm. 4; Idakas 4; Annual Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4. VISWANATHAN, RENUKA Talent Show 1; Student Medical Society 1,2; Poetry Club 1,2, 4; Biology Club 1,2. WALLACE. JESSE L. Football 1,2.3,4; Basketball 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball 1 ; Newspaper Staff 3; Varsity Club 3,4. WESTON, SUSAN B. Girls ' Choir 1 ; Concert Choir 2; FHA 2.3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3. WHITE, ROBERT L. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1 ; Baseball 1 ,2; Campus Life 1,2,3; Photo Club 3.4. WI1CHMANN, ALLAN F. Marching Band 2. WILLIAMS, CHARLES D. Wrestling 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3; Basketball 1 : Varsity Club 3.4. WILLIAMS, SHAWN E. Social Comm. 4; Idakas 4; CSF 4, Sec. 4; Pow Wow Princess 4. WILSON, THOMAS L. Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1 ,2.3.4; Concert Band 1,2.3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Bye Bye Birdie 4. WRIGHT, JAMES T. Marching Band 1.2,3,4, Drum Major 4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3.4; Kev Club 2,3,4; ASB Pres. 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Tennis 2,3,4: Track 1.2; Football 1 ; Student Congress i,2: ICC 4; Varsity Club 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Bye Bye Birdie 4. ssemblj Comm. 3. YOkSHAS, RAYMOND T. Chess Club 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, 4; Track 2. L FULLERTON Wf w TROPICAL l 0t?)SH —A Haven for the Hobbyist- BILL. MABEL RANDY COMPTON 1817 W. Orangethorpe (at Brookhurst) Fullerton 879-5644 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 73 From SUNNY HILLS DRUG Don Wolter, Reg. PH Bob Dahlin, Reg. PH SENIOR CLASS RONALD T 511 S. Euclid Fullerton 871-6442 311 N. Euclid. Fullerton 525-7956 - Marion Marge 715 North Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, California 92632 879-7577 look! look! located at villa del sol, 305 n. harbor, fullerton. HAIR UNLIMITED 428 W. Commonwealth In The French Village Fullerton, California 92632 Phone 871-5172 ' £ —; MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORY CENTER CHARLES H. BARRICKLOW 161 North Raymond, Fullerton, California 92631 Phone 714 870-6733 GIOVANNIS PIZZA je Italian Food to Go EAST FULLERTOf- 333 N. STAT Campus Ce 526-5776 JUPY LYNN — £akeri§— PHONE LA 5-5259 113 L Commonwealth, FULLERTON SUSIE ' S NEEDLECRAFT 318 N. Euclid Ave. 879-9070 lee GOURMET SANDWICHES J lis. Ocs. Ll£a»2£tl lOMEMADE ICE CREAM 1714) 870-4572 Phone 871-9650 Jreekj (jaraqe GENERAL REPAIRING DICK FREEK THE WILLIAM ' S CO 1 12 E. Commonwealth Ave. - ■ ■ i WITH GRATEFUL APPRECIATION FOR THE INTEREST SHOWN AND ASSISTANCE GIVEN TOWARD THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNUAL, WE DEDICATE THIS PAGE TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS: A. Leon Anderson, Accountancy Corporation Ronald E. Bigonger S. R. Bloomenthal, M. D. William E.Dannemeyer Charles K. Deeks, M. D. John M. Gorrie, D. D. S. John H. Haroldson, D. D. S. Fred M. Kay, M. D. and Jerry P. Andes, M. D., Inc. John S. Knight James A. Larson, M. D. William A. Larson, D. D. S. Leland C. Launer Law offices of Hara Mordkin, Inc. Robert P. Lawton Lawton, Christensen, Fazio, McDonnell, Attorneys at Law Lenahan, Lawton Fraser, M. D. ' s, Inc. Waynard W. Lowe, M. D. Robert V. Merrill, Certified Public Accountant Paul Peterson, M. D. John H. Pitts Richard A. Romig, M. D. Norman A. Soderquist, M. D. Ronald L. Thompson, D. D. S. Mr. Mrs. Conrad G. Tuohey William P. Wyatt, D. D. S., M. S. D. Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous B B DONUTS WHOLESALE - RETAIL DRIVE-UP WINDOW 922 SO. HARBOR BLVD. FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA 714-879-9670 WE NEVER CLOSE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 73 DR MRS. SAFARIK BUY - SELL - TRADE DOUG SCHULTZ USED CARS THE CLEANEST CARS IN TOWN 135 WEST COMMONWEALTH FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA Phone LA 5-1189 PICK-A-DiLLY " EVERYTHING FOR THE JUNIOR GIRL ' ' 305 l l. Harbor Blvd. VILLAGE FASHION FABRICS 1310 E. Chapman Ave. FOR ELEGANCE IN FINE APPAREL, ESTHER ' S APPARELSHOPPE 203 N. 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CALIF 92633 E SPECIAL ORDER BOOKS AND RUBBER STAMPS THE BOOK RACK TELEPHONE 879 • M-F 10:00 to 9:00 S 10:00 to 5:00 1833 w. orangethorpe fullerton. Calif. Adams, Linnette I 16,170 Adamson. Steve 55,70,146,150. 180 ffrey, Suzanne SO, 101. 116, 204 Alford.Doug 112,115,192 Alford, Ken 132,192 Alford, Lynda 81,146,152,204 Altepeter, Sherilyn 125,170 Alter. Jim 142,180 Anderson, Laurie 99,180 Anderson, Michael 135.142.204 Anderson. Rodger 70.112 Anderson, Shelley 101.116,205 Antista. Joan 117,170 Arce, Sandy 81,180 Arena. Diane 106,170 Armenia, Amalia 106.126,129. 134.144 Atterbury, Donna 128,180 Auer, Paul 75,1 17,170 Avala, Ralph 46,48,72.192 Bailev.Catln 81,104,112,192 Bailey, Janice 100,116.192 Bak, " Jim 50,71,1 28,170 Baker, Curt 50,170 Baker, Elaine 91,121,192 Ball, Ron 47,48,76,1 24,205 Bante, Henry 54,71.170 Barber, Steve 50,170 Barnes. Betty 106.108.111,147, 192 Barnhart, Bob 112,170 Barnhaxt, Carol C. 116.180 Barnhart, Connie 106.170 Barrette, Bruce 51,180 Bartholomew, Chris 48,192 Barton, Mike 128,138.180 Barzee, Vieki 126.192 Batchelor, Debra 116,180 Batchelor.Don 116,117.142.170 Beam. Stacy 88,121.126,148,192 Beard, Christopher 75,170 Beckman.Cvnthia 101.106,111. 205 Beebe, Gordon 55,132,180 Berger, Steven 112,115,206 Berk, Barbara 88,106,146,147, 15 2,206 Beroldi, Brian 112,180 Black, Dave 5 7,192 Black. Keith 55,170 Black, Stephanie 129,170 Blackburn, Jeff 48,50,63,180 Bloom, Betsy 80,81.170 Bloom, Margaret 126.137,193 Bloom, Sue 144,147,180 Boeglin, Gary 50,170 Boehne.Garv 125,206 Bogart, Neal 50,170 Bojorquez, Gene 48,149,193 Boland.Garv 50.170 Bolland, Dave 70,193 Bond, Bettina 116,117 Bond, James 144,206 Bonotto, Mark 71,170 Booher, Curt 87,109,146,152, 193 Bosna.Marcy 114,181 Bowen, Melanie 112.137,147,193 Bowlin, Lorie 88,108,206 Bowlin, Rhonda 116.146,193 Boyd, Becky 105,193 Boyd, Dave 61,1 16 Brant. Ron 51,72,142.193 Bridges, Jim 112,207 Bridges, John 55,70 Brigg., Bill 54.170 Brow. David 55.70.181 Brow. Steve 34.35,149,193 Brown, Debbie 105,207 Brown, Denise 1 28,1 71 Brown, Susan 100,193 Bruinlev.Don 112.145,149.2 Bruno, Tony 132,137,146,15 193 Buchholz.Lynn 128,193 Buciiholz, Randv 171 Buck, Cynthia 105,111,146,1 Buehner, Jon 56,57,207 Bufkin, Bruce 53.124,181 Buhler, Neal 135,144,181 Buhre, Cynthia 181.193 Burandt, Bonnie 88.123,126. 193 Burke, Campbell 125,207 Burke, Dorothy 116.171 Burnette.Patti 101, 145,2117 Burns, David 50,171 Bums, Tom 50.171 Burnside, Scott 75,135,144,1 Cacciata, Charles 102.124,149, 208 Calhoun, Debbie 91.101,138.209 Calhoun, Wanda 101,116,193 CaUas, Peter 55,171 Campbell, John 128,193 Cannon, John 143,181 Cannon, Trudy 116.181 Cano, Steve 5 1.193 Caprine, Craig 55,70.181 Caradies, Jon 132,208 Carlock, David 46,48,124 Carlson, Jill 9 1 ,108,1 1 1 ,1 47, 193 Carroll, Terry 116,124 Carter, BUI 55,70,181 Carter, Scott 63,71 Castillo, Eva 117,193 Castillo, Raquel 101,208 Charles, Lisa 24,25,27,181 Chism.Maile 106,126,146,152 Christensen, Christina 100,114 Christensen, Rosanne 114,134, 194 Christensen, Steve 60,61.209 Christopher. Debbv 137,209 Chua, Annie 127,148.208 Clark. Cindy 171,194 Claxk, Claudia 146,152,194 Clark. Mark 47,48.194 Clark, Nancv 34.35,209 Cocke, Cheryl 116,182 Codispoti, Margaret 116,182 Cohen, Paul 47,48 Cole. Ron 50,171 Cook, Ellen 34,35,92,102,121, 145,209 Cook. Jamie 24.96,121,209 Cook, John 24,25,50,63.171 Cook, Julie 99,171 Cook, Wynette 34,35,88,91,102, 121,138,147,152,153,209 Cornelius, Irene 104,112 Cornelius, Margaret 104.112. 194 Corney, Clyde 48,194 Corney, Leolani 106,126,194 Cossentine, Helen 125,194 Couehlin,Tim 34,35,132.2(19 Coulter, Eric 128,182 Coulter, Jeff 50, 7 1.1 71 Coulter, Robyn 81,146,150,182 Crane, Stephen 137,138,210 Cranmer, Sheryl 91,116,135, 142.194 Cranmer, Warren 134.171 Craven, Mark 142,194 Creager, Brenda 122,126,194 Cullinan. Brent 63,171 Culp, Diane 81,108,1 12.1 15,121, 127. 136. 146. 1S2 Cummings, Joseph 107,210 Cunningham. Ellen 106.108,109, 117.147.182 Currv. Robert 142.171 Daneo, Diane 137,194 Daniels. Keith 50,194 Dannemeyer, Bruce 55,75,182 Daugherty, Sharon 91,100,106, 111,146,152,210 Day, Eric 63,171 Day.Koren 100.116,210 Dean, Pamela 194 Deeks, Bruce 49,182 Deeks, Donald 112,210 Diaz, Joe 49,182 Dickson, Richard 50,172 Dobbie, Russel 125,172 Dominguez, Bruno 72,194 Dominguez, Diana 129.136 Dominguez. Sandra 1 29.1 36 Dorsev, Doug 55,1 72 Doucette, Scott 63,172 Doughty, Mark 54,71.172 Dovle. Louise 108,144,145,182 Duff, Cindy 24,91,96,145,148, 210 Duke, Tim 34,47,48,124,194 Duncan, John 5 1,1 28 Duncan, Pamela 128.182 Dunn. Heather 101.116,210 Eddleman, Mike 48,182 Edmunds, Darcie 88,1 21 ,1 26,2 Elkin, Peter 116,182 Elliott. Doug 50.63.76,77. 1 72 Erickson. Gloria 86.91,126, 148,210 Eschner, Lauralyn 101,210 Etchison, Matthew 50,182 Evans, Cheryl 81.2 10 Evans, Judy 128,182 Fairgrieve, Mary Ann 128,210 Farley, Karen 1 16,1 17.182 Fazio. Steve 51,72,194 Feinholz, Linda 116,182 Felteberg, Mark 50.63,1 72 Ferguson, Gaylene 194,212 Fewel. Chris 46,48,124,194 Fiol, Alfred 54,72 Fletcher, Cheryl 116,182 Floe, Patty 121,194 Flores, Fausto 124,182 Follett.Mary 115,212 Folsom.Jane 126,136,147,194 Folsom, John 55,70,1 12.172 Ford, Mark 50,172,194 Forester, Robin 148.212 Forsch, Carol 116.117,172 Forsyth, Jim 50,63.1 72 Fort, Bob 142,194 Foster, Doug 55,70,182 Fought, Ann 34,35,101,212 Fowler, Da n 24,25,212 Franks, Chris 121,195 Fredrickson, Dan 112,212 Freeman. Norma 96,121,212 Fromknecht, Kurt 71,172 Fulton, Ronald 149.212 Furnes, Kathy 80,144,182 Funics. Melinda 80.81,122,127, 195 Gadaire, Deborah 91.134.135, 213 Galli, Richard 54.71,172 Gardner, Jean 88,132,148,152, 195 Garrison, Debbie 91,101.132, 213 Garry, Bob 56,57,149,195 Gam. David 128,213 Gasp ' ar, Arthur 46.63.1 24. 1S2 Gavcus, Debbie 116,182 Genereux, Pamela 34,91,146, 148,152,213 Gessner, Ralph 60,61 Gibson, Janet 100,213 Giemont, Garret 50,63,183 Gillette, Debra 100,195 Gilmore, Dave 55,70,172 Gilmore, Lori 34,35.81.102,213 Glenn, Mary 106.146,152,213 Godfrey. Bob 53.124,149.213 Godfrey, Patrick 54.71,172 Godfrey. Sue 106.144.195 Gorrie, Dennis 55,70,1 7 2 Graski. Mark 132,214 Graves, Donna 121,136,195 Grav.Trilbv 116,195 Greene, Allison 116,126,132, 138,146,152,195 Griffin, Chris 71,142,143,172 Gross. Theresa 132.214 Grove, Dan 55.75.1 12,172 Guerrero, Robert 91,195 Guido.Mark 75,172 Gulassa, Pete 56,57,124,149, 183 Gunsten, Janet 87.91.109,126, 214 Haas. Roger 50.172 Hallmann, Drew 127.149,195 Hallmann, Price 74,92,107.215 Halvorsen, Christina 116,134, 135,138,215 Hamilton, Nancy 81,183 Hammond. Heidi 100.116,195 Hansen, Tracey 112,172 Harmon, Connie 126,195 Harrington, Shawn 121.126.138. 146,152.195 Hart, Paul 74,144,183 Hart, Ronnie 71,172 Harwood, Bonnie 80,81.106,173 Haxwood, Vicki 106,108,111,215 Haspell, Jim 115,183 Haspell, John 215 Haubein, Teresa 116,183 Headman, Marty 31,116,215 Heard, Linda 100,116,147,195 Hearne. Stephen 54,183 Hein, Jermaine 132,215 Heist, Linda 108,195 Henley, Chris 128,195 Hernandez, Miguel 47,48.216 Herzberger, Kim 146,150,183 Hess. Mark 128,136,195 Higbee.Brad 75,91,92,110,138, 149.195 Hildebrand, Janet 101.121.145, 195 Hiltscher, Brad 31,91,138,149. 216 Hoffman, David 125,138,183 Holbrook, Anne 81,106,1 23,183 Holbrook, Kathy 133,183 Holguin, Teresa 175,183 Honerkamp, Mark 63,1 73 Hornick, Mike 75.173 Horowitz, Louis 142,195 Hoton, John 53,72,195 Hoyt.Jolee 126,137,195 Hughes, Pamela 105,115,183 Humenny, Hill 1 14,149,183 Hunter, Alan 136,216 Huss, Ellen 81,88,183 Huss. Emily 88.89,91.146.148. 150,151.217 Hybl.Gail 11 1,126,146,148,150, 195 Hybl.Gary 55,70,173 Jackson, Scott 50,71,173 i ik 133,217 Jacobson, Scott 1 15,173 Jaimes, Loretta 183,217 Jemmett, rom 50,71,173 Johnson. Debra 217.247 Johnson, Mark A. 74.15D.1S4 Johnson. Mark C. 146,149 Johnston. Path 106,108,1 1 1, 126.147 Jones, Paul 55.1 73 Jones, Sandy I26.13S.I4N Jong, Helen 132,184 Joshn. Jave 133,145,148,218 Joyce, Dave 51, 72, 218 Jubala, Klin 106,109.136.144. 147.1S1.184 Kamp, Mark 60.61,112,149,196 Kane, Kathrvn 116,117,138,218 Kause, Dennis 62,76,149.196 Kause.Sandj so. SI ,100,106,123. 218 Kazakevicius, Andre 104.112, 145,184 KeUs, Coleman 47,48,1 24 Kellv. Tim 132,218 Kennev.Lesa 100,184 Kern, joni 121,184 Ketner, Athena 144.196 Kielev, Mike 144,2 IS Kinoshita. Kenneth 117,133.149, 196 Knight, Kevin 56,57,91.92,124, 145.149.218 Knox, Kenneth 136,147,196 Kociemba. Mike 50,184 Koehler, Candye 100.2 is Kofford, Edna Jane 100,121,126, 196 Kohlenberger, Jeannie 106,116, 184 Kruse, Karen 88,115,121,219 Kubin, Sue 116,184 Kuenzli.Gena 121,126,138,196 LaMarene, Bob 48,124,196 Lambirth, Julia 134,219 LaRoe, Eric 47,48,1 24.196 Larson. Karen 33,126,196 Larson, Scott 1 12.173.1S4 Lasuwowicz, Basia 106,1 1 1 ,1 16. 117,184 Launer, Lee 57,91,124,145,147, 149,219 Lawrence, Karen 114,219 Lawyer, Tracej 1 25,219 Lee. Steve 124,219 Leffez.Terri 116,138,184 Leicht.Jim 47,, 149,196 Leon, Rachel 129,136 Leonhardt, Scott 49,174 Levassiur, Al 46.4S, 72.1 24.149. 220 Levoit, Robert 46,62.124,196 Levoit.Tim 50,71 Liapis, Rockv 46,62,7 2,184 Liedtke.Brad 76.124,220 Liedtke, Jean 100,1 16. 1S4 Lindsay, Susan 126,127,137,138, 146,147,148,152,196 I M iiillil 1 15.196 Lohoff, Donald 132.220 Lopez, Caesar 54.184 1 otspeich, rimm 70.12s. 196 Loury, David 109.149.196 1 owe, Don. ' 30,34,35,56,57,91, 107,1 in. 124. 149 I owe. Susan 1 16.174 Lozano, Marie 101.220 Luce, Jan 1 1 6.220 1 uce, I aurie 100.196 Lutz, Janice 24.2 " 1 yttle,Rand 55,128,174 Macrorie, Chris 63,174 Maddux, Betty 114.196 Maddux. Carol 1 14,185 Maginnis Marcie 101,1 32,220 Maginnis, Stuart 55,70,128,185 Ma ' llev.Bob 6 2.196 Mallory, Rick 116.221 Malone, Colleen 132,146,152, 221 Manley.Paul 112.115,128,197 March. Chuck 76,2 21 Marcoux, Renee 138.146.152,221 Marines, larta 125.221 Markley, Diane 125,221 Martelle, Craig 74,124,149,221 Martin, Melinda 81,91,122,123. 221 Marvin, John 76,77,197 Marvin, Marilynn 116.117.174 Matins. John 1 W222 Mathis, Susan 128.197 Matthews. Pat 112.136.138 Maupin, Barbara 1 16,222 Maupin, Cynthia 81,185 Max. Jim 117.185 Mayster, Vicki 99,106,116,126, ' 197 McAfee, Debbie SO. 101. 222 McAlister, Mike 111,222 McAlister, Steve 136,185 McAuliffe, Tom 46,48,62,72,124 McCarthy, Kevin 62,146,150,197 McClain, Terria 81,222 McClanahan, Patty 136,185 McClaren, Kirk 116,117 McCormick, Cecily 100,137.147. 185 McCoy, Dave 63,174 McDermott, Karen 106,108,111. McDowell. Robert 51.174 McHale. Robert 51.71.174 Mcllvain, Beth 117.125.197 McKee, Loretta 1 1 7,174 McKinley, Paul 24,25.149,197 McLaren. Kirk 135,142.185 McMichael, Bill 57,73,112,197 McNamee, Sandy 81,115 McNeill, Jonie 121,125,145.148, 223 Melendez. Bob 46,48.1 24.223 Melendez, Charlie 5 1,174 Melendez, Javier 62,185 Merriam. Sharon 106.1 16. 1S5 Merrill, Bettv 87,91.109.146. 147.150.223 Metzgar, Paul 55,7 1.1 74 Meza.Dan 124.197 Middleton, Debra 142.22 3 Miller, Eddy 144.174 Miller, Hope 125.197 Modesett, Dottie 1 17.174 Monday. Lucille 128,185 Montgomery, Margo 132.223 Moock, Bruce 144.185 Moore, Bill 63,1 74 Morison, Margaret 121,126,197 Moses. David I 14,186 Mueller, Jackie 152,1 Muldoon, George 76,92,149,224 19.71 .1 75 Munson, Cars 1 14,1 87 Musch, Debbie 80,81,123,197 Nash, Patti 105,1 l 148,19 Nelson. I aurie 121 19 Newman, Dawn 1 21 .186 Nicholson. J mi 4S.197 Norby, Nancy 121.224 Norman, Waj ne 6 !,1 75 Nuffer.Rick 73,1 16 19 Nunez, Carlota 91 1 $6,186 Nunley, Karvinna 104.1 12.136, 197 Nyhus, Dorothy 114.197 Oba. Sandy 101,106,121,146,148, 152.224 O ' Hern. Alan 30,56.57.91,92.97, 124,138,149.225 Olson, Mary Elizabeth 106,108. 109,144.186 Olvera, Alan 76,77,198 Ortega, Manny 51.175 Osgood, Lawrence I). 74.91 .198 Overtoom. Debbie 1 16,186 Overtoom. Ralph 135.143.225 Owens. Shirles 97,225 Packeck, Scott 62.75 Pacotti, Steve 75,124,198 Padilla. Robert 47,48,73,124. 198 Papahronis, Frosene 81,106.1 1 7, 175 Parent. Mark 124.186 Patterson, Julie 106,117,175 Pattillo, David 55.144.1S6 Paul. Peggy 121,122.198 Pecheck. Mark 142.175 Peek, Don 5 1,63. 175 Peppard. Pat 91,128,225 Perez, Rommie 76,186 Perkins, (beryl 86,106,126,146, 150.198 Perkins. Howard 226 Petersen. Nancv 138,139,198 Petersen. Neil 91,107,1 I 1,139, 143.146.152 Pischel, Steve 50,186 Pitts, Lucy 147,186 Pizano, Tony 71,175 Poet, Pat 106.186 Poling, David 91,124,198 Ponce. Clara 101,226 Ponting, Stephen 114,187 Poole, Beth 128,138,198 Pope, Julie 104.136.147,187 Powell. Penny 99.187 Prokopchuk, Kevin 51,175 Quenzler, Mark 51.76,77.175 Quijano, Charlene 24.25,26.97. 116.226 Quijano, Darlene 97.1 16.226 Rankin, Mark 88,91,1 15,133, 149,227 Rather, Mike 55,146.150.187 Rather, Pam 87,146,148,150.. Ray. Jim 76,77.150 Reck. Don 55,143,175 Reck. Marylynn 109,125,227 Rector, J ullie 81,106,111,146, 152,227 Reed. Rohm 146,150.181.187 Reeves. Seena 1 17,1 Renck, ken 75.128,175 Renck, Richard 73.12S.19S Reynolds. K arm 105,198 Rich. Diana 1 04.1 1 2.1 36. 1 87 Richter.Greg 51,1 16,1 17.22 " Ridley, Jacl Riggen, la, .,., n 1 12,175 Riley, Sue 80,81,106,1 11.227 Rios, Dorothj 132,198 Rios. Mark 109,198 Ri itcel Katie 80,122,126,198 Rmteel.Phil 124.227 Robbins, Peter 91,132,136,146, 152,1 6 Robertson, Vicki 1 16,187 Rochin. Jose 5 1 .1 76 Rodriguez. Elida 100.1 36.1 S7 1 (2,228 Rosensson, Gunilla 104.1 1 2.19s Rush. Debbie 106,125,198 Safarik,Kris 100,121,126,127, 138,146,152,199 Satank. Y.,1 106,108 176 Sahr, Sally 128.187 Sakurai, Dereth 96,145,228 Saldivar, Javier 76.77.198 Sanderson. Sharon 134.199 Schade.Marv 80,176 Scher, Sheryll 106.199 Schmidt. Barbara 125.144.199 Schnaebele, Cheryl 108.109,134. 135,199 Schultz, Richard 55,70,187 Schulz. Jacki 146.147.1 52. 22S Schumacher. Vicky 1 16.136.188 Schwab, Paula 106,176 Sciarrotta, Lynn 100.188- Scott, Robert 88,109.150.22s Seely, Darrell 188.199 Seminara, Paul 7 1 .143.1 76 Sessions. Hunter 62,188 Sham. Roberta 87,101,148,229 Shannon. Lillie 125,137.229 Sharron, Vicky 116.176 Shaw, Doug 50,73.199 Sheaffer, Eric 55,70 Shrum.Nedda 31.138,199 Shuk. Joe 55.176 Simons. Ron 34.35,149,199 Simpfendorfer, Mike 142,143,188 Slack, Steve 60. 6 1.199 Slate, Leslie 109.1 47. 14S. 229 Smedly, Artie 128,199 Smith, Debbie92.14S.lss. 329 Smith. Marx 1SS.229 Smith, Sheri 116,188 Smith. Terry 76.199 Smothermon, loel 51,1 58,188 Sneed, Jeff 48,199 SneUer, Glen 55,70,188 Sowder. Joyce Sparcio, Rick 50,73,199 Spence, Susan 91.100,106,138, 14n.14S.152.229 Spencer, Penny 114.135.229 Spidall, Diana 112.199 Stahr.Gaii 100.116.188 „r.r.e Stephens. Robert 51.176 Sternberg. Robert ! 88,199 Stevenson. Sandra 100,138,147. 148 Stoffel, Robert 139,176 Stouabton. Bryan 50,124,149 Strachan. Bruce 56.57.1 24.1 SS : 54,188,199 Styles, Suzanne 121,148 Sullivan, Cindj 104,1 12 188 Sutherland, Robert 53,73,1 12, ■ Swanson, Sue 144,188 Swartzendruber, Fina 146,150. B ib 48.60,61,124,19 Swirczek, Diana 112.116.176 Switzer, Shelley 101.106.114 Tait.JelY75.iSS Tanner. Todd 47,48.62,1 24,1! Tavlor, Sean 55.74,188 Taylor, Tim 51.71,176 Thomas, Elvis 76.77 Thomas, Susan 150.151 Thompson. Cheryl 106,148 Thompson, Tom 51.177 Throop.Chuek 55,188 Tinker, Cliff 50, 134. 149. 200 Tobin.Gail 116,126,200 Torgerson, Linda 100.106 Tortorici, Diane 101,200 Traylor.Jodv 24,101,121 Travlor. Scott 54,188 Treat, Paula 128,200 Tucker, Grea 49,63,75,177 Tudge.Diane 104,112,117,12 Tudae, Janet 114,115.188 Tuttle. John 53,124.188 Valadez.Joni 91.106,129 Valdez, Patricia 129,177 Valenzuela, Joe 46,48,124 Van Bladeren, Kristina 80,81, 91,100,122.123,145 Vanderburg, Vicki 80,122,189 Vanderwall, Jill 106,200 Van Home, Keith 49,63,71,177 Van Home, Peter 34,35,46,48,,124 Van Zandt, Eric 75.104,112.177 Vernoy, Curtis 50,73,200 Vernoy, Ron 54,143.1 77 Villalobos, Alfred 128,189 Vilsoet, Susan 111,121,148 Vincent, Eddie 54,177 Vincent. Tracy 55,189 Vlha, Valerie 111,121,148.200 Waaner.Cindv 24,25.27,200 Wagschal, Jeff 55,177 Wales. Sarah 138.200 Wallace. Jesse 34.46.38,60,61, 124 Watten.Joan 106,121.189 Webb, Bryan 31,56,75.135,142, 147,200 Weber. Doua 63,177 Weber. Jeff 60.61,124.189 Weber, Mike 79.200 Weed, Mary 125,189 Welch. David 70,112,177 Welch, Wendy 127.137,147,189 Wertenberaer, Maryanne 128,189 West,Cindi 128,189 West, Karen 148,200 White, Bob 46,48,1 32 Wkkman, Karen 116.126,127,136, 201! Wight, Dorothy 100,128,132,200 Brenda 25,200 Williams. Charles 25.26.124 Williams. John 46.4S. 200 hams. Mike 50,75,189 Williams, Shawn 34,111,148 Wilson, Linda 116,189 Wilson, Susan 81.104 189 Wilson. Tom 74.1 .Carol 112,137,147 Wolf.Ora 81,104,112,200 Woodward, Judy 128,200 Woodward, Sandj Worrell, Mike 48,2(10 Wright, Jim 60,61.74,104 124,144 Yelton, Jeff 55,70 Yokshas, Ronald 142,177 Youna, Mark 75,1 32,147 Young, Steve 91,127,136,147,200 yesteRday assistant pRincipal New to the F.I .U.S. administrative tram is Mrs. Pickering. Mrs. Pickering assumed the post of assistant principal. She was selected to replace Mr. Richard Jackson who accepted a position of principal at Villa Park High School in Orange. Mrs. Pickering, a Fullerton resident, brings 19 years of teaching and administrative experience r her new post, [n a realignment of administrative duties and responsibilities Mrs. Pickering was given student a( ti ities .is lu-r main responsibilit) . if in youR thought you must measuRe time into seasons, Let each season encipele aLL the otheR seasons, and Let today emBRace the past with RememBRance and the futuRe with Longing. , kahLiL giBRan 7 fev It K ' iA ! ' Zfyl $ M $$ £. ]r 2 K 0 - , 4, ' -■ ' ■ £ K .T V i •p " A jjj-- i id ■J , P W- r L ' ■ R n j r v ■■ y A f ' f ?- £ pV: «V . ? £ J5 r-M 0 % ' ' ULi-L. j CJ0_TTZ- _ - % -■ - v ;% - r ' ' :.:o Ayvv w, '

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