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■jty?j?i jSfij}?. ' JSv M A ;ai !«tfc« • ' - Ir ! I S3 mm i c -3 I Z 3 N JU x - s? 9 s ; 9 ' - - ; 7 ci. j@ yt h Z,- - -?ft - - - , - pl l f .. {TH.ZL C ' i ? o V " O o - • u -:- C o o_ g L cC _ l_ l_ g _ j_o OUO LXJL JQuuzJiX-h Fullerton High School Pleiades 1972 KATHY WRIGHT EDITOR JOAN GATES HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER CONTENTS INTRODUCTION THE ESTABLISHMENT FACULTY STUDENT LIFE STUDENTGOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS UNDERCLASSMEN SENIORS 1 17 23 31 57 67 129 169 205 We live in square rooms, in square buildings, on square blocks, with wall to wall cliches. We stand in lines, we stare at watches, we buy tradition and save trading stamps. __J It seems that some of us are so afraid to get involved ... as if the giving, taking and sharing weren ' t worth the risk of uncertainty. JjD NiqaJl- fb tr u - u nx Jj-CUIkj vitHJA x WX U 0- ZA. ( n fru We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. Martin Luther King No problem is so big or so complicated that it can ' t be run away from. 10 jJU OLXJ2JZ toy- jflMJU 6 JU HHHBBI 11 12 A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song. i if ♦ ' 13 Mat fixt. 14 Z) . O « v. V ( c ■ , ' - I ' wo K Let us be the first to give a friendly sign, to nod first, smile first, speak first, and — if such a thing is necessary — forgive first. I have often asked myself the reason for the sadness in a world where tears are just a lullabye If there ' s any answer, maybe love can end the madness, maybe not, but we can only try. 1 16 the establishment : " Dr. Robert L. French Principal Dr Robert L French ' s fourth year at Fullerton has proved to be successful, including his appointment as assistant professor at the University of Southern California He has shown considerable interest for the welfare of students at Fullerton by promoting change and revitalization of the various departments to provide relevancy and promote student interest This year it was evident that Dr French considered every individual important His friendly attitude and desire to discuss problems with students added enthusiasm to our campus r - 18 Mr Barney Stratton Mr Richard Jackson Assistant Principals Previously an assistant principal at Buena Park High School, Mr Stratton completed his first year at Fullerton as Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services His new occupation included the administration of personnel departments, which were counseling, guidance, and attendance. Mr. Stratton ' s first year proved to be a reputable one Also terminating his third year at FUHS was Mr. Jackson. Assistant Principal of Instructional Services. An important function of his job this year was working with the Executive Board at their meetings on Thursdays Through his guidance the board was able to conduct meetings competently and plan student activities throughout the year A familiar face on campus this year was Mr Fowler. Assistant Principal of School Services His occupation involved maintenance of the entire school and the attainment of student discipline. Ending his thrid administrative year at Fullerton. Mr Fowler was known to all as a friendly, outgoing, and sincere person. Through his cooperative attitude, problems were solved efficiently and without tension Mr George Fowler 19 Counselors Mrs Josephine Murray W ' Mr Robert Miller Mrs Helene Schwartz Mrs Roberta Nesheim 20 Office, Library ront Row. Mrs Morton. Mrs Brown Back Row Mrs lehart. Mrs Hines. SECRETARIES- Mrs Baker. Mrs Powelson. Mrs Trust. Mrs Frank. Mrs Sorenson. Mrs Campbell. SECRETARIES Miss Walker. Nurse Mrs. Schlaf. Library Aide. Mrs Keough. Library Aide. Mrs. Dunham. Bookstore. Mrs. Covert. Head Librarian 21 District Administration DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS-Left to Right John W Mann. Deputy Superintendent. Harold L. Throop. Assistant Superintendent. Business Services, (standing). Leonard L Murdy. Superintendent; and John D Renley. Assistant Supennte Superintendent. Personnel Services BOARD OF TRUSTEES-Left to Right Mrs NA (Joan D ) Begovich, Member. Sheldon C Houts. President. J Franklin Sullivan. Clerk. Mrs W G (Laure R ) Hoffman. Member, Peter Churm. Member 22 faculty 23 Faculty With the addition of 10 new teachers, education at Fullerton saw many improvements this year New classes were added to the curriculum, such as proiect science, home construction, and the U.S. History elective program All of these changes were brought about by the influence of teachers and students Requests for improvements in US. and World History. Sophomore English. Science and Business Education were fulfilled Many teachers welcomed the change while others felt insecure because of the change in conditions and subjects taught The atmosphere among students and teachers was very cooperative and the faculty achieved successful results. .4 25 Indoftria rts :h j fit £D l zt " r " J lie r o j £ g fit ? i « B - oS Tff£ UiK-t 26 4 5 II t ry£ o " d l n pttcAj (el £v w J6 j - 27 2S 29 30 student life 31 32 " The turning points in our lives are not the great moments The real crises are often concealed in occurrences so trivial in appearance that they pass unobserved . " William E Woodward 33 34 35 Spirit Week Spirit Week is a tradition at FUHS which starts the Indian fires burning for the big football game against our chief rival. Sunny Hills. Some of the exciting events planned this year included: very big boys on very small tricycles, a penny race in which the Jr class was victorious, and a peanut butter eating contest which left our student body leaders speechless The week ended with a pep assembly, and. of course, the big football game 36 Stag Dances 37 Anne Frank, the po.gnant story of a young girl grow ng up ,n Holland during World War II. tells of the terror, heartbreak, and hopelessness that war brings and of a young girl who. despite her hardships, still bel.eves that " people are rea y good a heart " In the FUHS production of the play, the title role of Anne was touchingly portrayed by Lisa Kalson - Chas.-, played the part of Anne ' s first lover. Peter. Gena Kuenzl, and Curtis Buck played Anne ' s parents, the Franks Peter s parents, the Van Daans. portrayed by Connie Graffis and Steve Premo. brought out the human comedy in the tragedy of self- centeredness Sandy Stevenson and Brad H.ltscher as Anne s sister Margot. and Mr Dussel respectively, contrasted the goodness and ability to get along, with the high and migh y selfishness of the dentist. Carol Hybl as Me.p. and Jon Bouvia as Mr Kraler. represented the good people m the world who bravely fought for what they believed in It was they who hid the Jewish family during the German occupation of Holland The play dealt with many problems we face today, including prejudice, war. parental relationships, growing up. and finding love a Anne Frank 38 Talent Show With the call " curtain-up. " the jitters began for the 23 acts competing in this year ' s Thespian-sponsored Talent Show The Talent Show was presented before an audience of over 700 in Plummer Auditorium The show, in planning since December when a group of teachers did the preliminary judging of the acts, had its share of wavering moments For example, two days bef ore their January 28th opening night, the date was canceled because Plummer was not ready for use The show, postponed until February 25th. came off beautifully despite the January 28th-dated programs and tickets The judges had to take an extra thirty minutes to decide on the winners; this decision is always a very hard one because of the many and varied talents of FUHS student body This year s talent show winners were Brad Hiltscher capturing first with a singing and Flamenco guitar act. Greg Richter. an extremely talented pianist, in 2nd place, and 3rd place won by a folk band consisting of Ellen Burns, singing. Beth Anderson on the flute and Judy McKibbin accompanying them on the guitar Marty Headman. Diane Tudge. Mike Overman. Kathy Royer. and Ellen Burns ' Band combined to entertain a very receptive audience during the judging 39 Homecoming Royalty 40 Homecommg Court Margie Arzola. Charlene Quiiano. Carmen Ayala, Marney Halliwell, Rachel Durand 41 4? 43 ASSEMBLY CREW Jon Bouvia. chairman. Debbie Glaser. Joe Kolb, H F Crane Assemblies 44 Retiring Teachers h Mr Robert Strange. Mrs Jo Murray. Mr Larry Myers NOT PICTURED Mr George Burt Mr Norman Cottom Th,s year FUHS has five retiring teachers Fullerton H,gh will be losing spirit, dear friends, friendly faces and the many memories kept alive by these devoted teachers. Each teacher has been here a east 20 yea ' s the years of service from all five teachers total 140 years, longer than the school tsef has ' be n ere " Mr Strange has taught History s.nce 1937-35 years His w,t and humor have earned many unwilling students through a year of American History with smiles He feels one of his triumphs was keeping in Plummer the memorial plaque of the FUHS student heroes who dedn World War II. Mrs. Murray has been at Fullerton for 24 years She first taught modern d nee and then switched to counseling, which she enjoys because of her interest ,n dealing w, h people Mr Myers, who has taught Languages here for 36 years has accumulated °ver 200 days of unused sick leave Students recognized him by the spirited red coat he wars each Fr.day_ Mr But taught instrumental and choral mus.c from 1 945 until 1 960. He now teaches History and has Seen Key Club adv,sor for 20 years After retiring he hopes to give free , ■nstrumen talesson » handicapped children Mr Cottom. All-Amencan Basketball player at Purdue, has taught at FUHS for 20 years. He was Fullerton ' s varsity Basketball coach for 3 years Mr Cottom taugh Econom c and was Social Studies Department head for 8 years Pleiades wants to thank these teachers for their tireless efforts When they leave, some of Fullerton High goes with them. 4b Christmas ranq thru FUHS halls, started by the freshmen who sold cheesecake photos of students on Santa Clauss (Mr Fowler ' s) lap Elvish Idakas collected spare pennies to g,ve needy families a real Christams The seniors got the seasonal spirit and decorated a Christmas Tree on Senior Corner The stag dance was turned into a Christmas party where every good little FUHS boy or girl sat on Santa s (Greq Plambeck ' s) lap and got a candy cane Everyone got a turn under the mistletoe Before the dance the drama department prese nted STAR SONG, a one act play retelling the traditional nativity story The play is set outside Bethlehem in an inn owned by Tirza (Nedda Shrum) a shrewish woman It is a busy time for the inn which is overflowing with people come for King Herod s Census Staying at the inn are Arod (Scott Smith), a wood dealer and his domineering wife Rachel (Sandy Jones), and two centurions (Pat Lawson and Mike Kieley) The shrewd merchant. Barshan (Larry Nelson), gives his lame slave girl Nuna (Colleen Malone) to the inn keeper for board The greatest guest of the inn that night is the troubled widow of a Roman general. Octavia Becky Bailey) With her is her maid (Maragret Codispoti) Each person finds a little joy and happiness thru Nunas goodness and the birth of a babe The Nativity was created by Allison Green. Brad Hiltscher and Dave Wales Christmas at FUHS was ended )oyously by a two week vacation 4b Christmas ' 71 47 Student Auction During the week before Easter vacation a mass slave sale of all willing volunteers was held at lunch Each day boys were called to the platform and auctioned off to become the property of some female bidder On Friday, the last day before vacation, all the slaves came to school dressed to their owner ' s specifications Huge orange pumpkins and sexy street- walkers wearing backless fringe dresses were the guises of the crazily dressed slaves who had to give into their owner ' s every whim 48 Donkey Basketball A hilarious spectacle took place in the boys ' gym on Sat, March 18 This of course was the annual donkey basketball game With great courage Fullerton High ' s varsity men rode their stubborn, bucking donkeys against Sunny Hills It proved to be an exciting game as each player coaxed his donkey to the basket and attempted to make a clear shot into the basket while sitting on his donkey Even though not many points were scored, the game proved to be entertaining and extremely fun for both players and spectators 49 Miss Janet Verge. Senior Attendant Miss Luanne Lutz. Queen and Mr Jeff Potts. King Former Willie Ugh Mike Vendrell New Willie Ugh, Charles Cacciata 50 51 Arsenic and Old Lace In the spirit of nostalgia the first drama production in Plummer since its re- dedication was ARSENIC AND OLD LACE This was also the first play that Mr Peters directed here in Plummer The play, set in 1 940- Brooklyn in the Brewster family home, tells the adventures of two maiden aunts. Abby (Carol Hybl) and Martha (Jackie Booher) These kindly old ladies contrive to murder twelve old gentlemen such as Mr Gibbs (Brad Higbee). with poisoned Elderberry wine to save them from years of loneliness The comedy begins when the aunts ' newphew Mortimer (Mike Vendrell) finds out about their habits He thinks it is the work of his brother Teddy (Brad Hiltscher) Teddy believes that he is President Theodore Roosevelt When Mortimer finds that his aunts are mental cases, too. he concludes that the madness is hereditary and tells his fiancee Elaine Harper (Gena Kuenzli). the Reverend Harper ' s (Curtis Buck) daughter The plot thickens as the twelve bodies in the cellar become thirteen on the arrival of another mad Brewster. Jonathan (Mark Safarik) who brings two friends with him - the alcoholic Dr Einstein AND Mr Spenalzo (Scott Smith), the thirteenth body 1 If this plot has confused you. imagine how confused Mortimer is while trying to decide what to do about his aunts, getting Jonathan and Dr Einstein (Steve Premo) out of the house, doing something about the bodies in the cellar, and appeasing the police! The policemen are Officers Brody (Dave Wales). Klein (Rick Chastam), and O ' Hara (Jon Bouvia) - the dumb " temporary " cop who wants to be a playwrite The light comedy is resolved as Lt Rooney (Ralph Wallace) and Mr Witherspoon (Pat Lawson), the superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium come on the scene Jonathan is taken into custody. Teddy is committed, the aunts go along with Teddy to Happy Dale, and Mortimer finds that he is not really a Brewster and can marry Elaine As a last gesture the aunts offer Mr Witherspoon his LAST glass of Elderberry wine 1 52 Romance At Rustlers ' Gulch The original musical melodrama written and directed by Mrs Booth was such a success last year that the Drama Department produced another ROMANCE AT RUSTLERS ' GU LCH again directed by Mrs Booth was a huge success One reason this type of drama is so pleasant is the fact that the audience takes part in the production They can boo and hiss the villain Haw Baron (Brad Hiltscher) as he underhandedly tries to control all the ranches in the country and forces our heroine Kate Hartwell (Peggy Wood) to marry him. The hero Pete Armstrong (Doug Lowe) is always greeted with hoorays and loud clapping as he saves the day and tames our willful heroine The ladies in the audience sigh at the romantic scenes between Sam Roberts (Alan O ' Hern). and Becky, Kate ' s sister. (Sandy Jones) They laugh at the match-making antics of Aunt Abby (Kris Safarik) and understand the fatherly concern of Ben Hartwell (Dave Wales) The Sheriff (Greg Sneller) is called to take care of Haw as he is foiled again and like every happy ending the love birds get the knot tied and live happily ever after b3 Plummer. . . Take Two Plummer Auditorium was once again opened for use this year On January 19 and 20 rededication ceremonies were conducted in which area high schools gave performances in singing, dancing, and other entertainment Since 1967 the auditorium stood vacant because of its unsafe construction After it was rehabilitated new larger seats replaced the old ones, more light fixtures were added and the huge pipe organ was repaired among other additions Once again the auditorium was filled with people and performers. Now, not only Fullerton High but the community also has a fine place for giving plays and concerts for the benefit of everyone 54 LOUIS C. PLUMHER AUDITORIUM 5b Prom 1972 bb $?3 .-■ »V i — ■ MUM •v . y - student government 57 K r J2 1 1 ■» Min •|ia pOD u O " The goal is Involvement " Tom Broker 1L 51 4m 0-f tuA rnya " I can ' t really see getting too excited about the elections when you look at the candidates No matter who wins, things are going to pretty much remain the same " A student 58 " A mistake is evidence that someone has tried to do something . " " Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. " Booker T Washington 59 Executive Board Scott Walker - Student Relations; Student Government is working within a system to promote participation and to further the development of individual involvement in the school Executive Board 60 BoDBors ' tim - Communications J$Ue JobeygASB Tr 61 Student Lobby Recently organized Student Lobby, is a represe ntative organization comprised of five students from each grade level The students not only represent the student body, but they also present recommendations and opinions to the executive board concerning impending legislation Each semester Student Lobby members are elected in a general election, and from them a chairman is selected This year Steve Premo served as 1st semester chairman and Paul Simon filled the 2nd semester position With a meeting held every other Tuesday the Student Lobby functions more satisfactorily than the former Student Congress FRONT ROW Rose Hernandez. Roberta Sham. Sue Bloom, Mary Elizabeth Olson, Janet Gunsten. Carol Lester ROW 2 Susan Spence. Barry Hydeman. Vivian linderman. Margaret Bloom. Stacie Beam, Elaine Baker. Judy McKibbin. Diane Tudge IN THE THREE Rick Nuffer. Diane Culp, Pat Poet, Drew Holliman, Wendy Welch. David Loury Steve Premo. 1st semester Chairman ■ Paul Simon. 2nd semester Chairman b2 ICC Becky Bailey. President This year the Inter Club Council was kept busy publicizing active clubs and bringing inactive clubs back to life Under president Becky Bailey ' s leadership ICC conducted a Club Week in order to increase participation in the many campus organizations Revision of the outdated ICC constitution was made this year, and a new activity, the " Clnco de Mayo " Festival was planned to give clubs an opportunity to raise money and create more interest in the various clubs Not only were many clubs made active, but a liaison between Student Government, the Administration, and clubs was accomplished FRONT ROW David Gonzales. Beckey Bailey. President, Sandy Jone.Mo.ly Andrew, Mona Ryaa k- Booher Jamie Arnsteir , ROW 2 Roberta Halog. Janine Wngh,. Clara Ponce ROW 3 Sandy Stevenson. Ton- .Evens. Carol HyW Evelyn " ™ D » ne J Liz Floan Gloria Rueda. Diane Tudge. Jon Bouvia. Paul Simon. J, II Carlson ROW 4 Joe Lummings. Neil Sam Brandt. Mark Schrimmer. Bruce Wood. Gary Simon. Greg Archambault. Casey Collins. 63 Election Board Election days proved to be a great improvement this year Under the direction of Debbie Glaser. the board accomplished these advancements by conducting elections in an efficient manner More registration tables were set up. sample ballots were posted in the breezeway. and the polls were roped off Through excellent organization, results were given almost two hours earlier than has been customary, and a larger turnout of voters was exhibited PICTURED Diane Buchanan, Roberta Halog. Joe Kolb. Carol Manstrom. Rose Bersen, Patti Burnette Mark Rankin Dereth Sakurai. Cathy Bailey. Bonnie Burandt. Sue Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins PICTURED (RESERVE MEMBERS! Ritchie Kato. Robin Reid. Marylynn Reck. Leslie Slate, Vicki Mayster. Cheryl Thompson 64 Ex-Officio Debbie Glaser - Director of Elections Steve Premo - Student Lobby Chairman (First Semester) f,b Howard Perkins, Vivian Linderman. Kevin Knight, Jack Pearce Dean Isaacs Mike Overman, Ellen Burns, Hector Orozco Rick Campos Student-Faculty Court The Student Court was revitalized in the new constitution and given the title of the Student-Faculty Court. This changed the membership which had previously consisted of seven student justices to include three faculty members Patterned after our own municipal courts, student court had the challenge of making the system work for our school Mrs Katzenstein. Mr Peters. Mrs Booth 66 organizations 67 rfCr- ' • i J ..yd- n sUJiccti 68 Interesting people are people who are Interested Bores are people who are bored 69 Assembly Committee Pictured are Jon Bouvia. Productions Chairman. Ralph Wallace Jim Wright. Larry Nelson. Greg Plambeck. Wynette Cook. Debbie Glaser, Joe Kolb Planning and presenting our school assemblies keep Jon Bouvia and his committee running The Assembly Committee must cater to the tastes and interests of the F.U.H.S. student body This year the fascinating programs included: Mogul Ski Club, The Split Seconds, the band Sound Investment. Hudson and Landry. Redlands and Cypress College Choirs and of course, the Pow-Wow. Pep. and Homecoming assemblies 70 Ticket Committee P.ctured are Sue Tobey. T.cket Cha.rman. Larry Nelson, Randy Evans. Steve Smith. Maile Ch.sm. Craig Martel. Ralph Wallace. Conn.e Grams. Cheryl Perkins. ' ictu Martha Rueda. Barry Heideman A5B for something are you? What would we have done without Sue Tobey and her crew? This year ' s ticket committee handled the impossible task of selling ASB cards and tickets for school activities, such as dances and sport events Thanks should go for all the organization and time spent in setting up entrance to those activities that make school more than class periods 71 Pep Squad Carmen Ayala. Song Jill Tapscott, Head Song 72 Shelley Larson, Song John Wortmann, Head Yell 73 Pep Squad Debbie Shook. Yell Beth Morrison, Song Bob May. Yell Rosa Levoit. Yell 74 JVYell FRONT ROW Paula Champagne. Joanne Starry. Mar.a Jadw.n BACK ROW Jam.e Cook. Darce Edmunds. Head Ye.l: Ellen Cook 75 FRONT ROW Laurie Eschner. Candye Koehler. Janet Hildebrand. BACK ROW Mona Ryan, Jackie Austin. Jeanne Grumet. Joan Gates FRONT ROW Lyn Baker. Marcie Magmnis. Charlene Quiiano. SECOND ROW Shirley Owens. Darlene Quiiano. Debbie Harding, Ethel Turner BACK ROW Joyce Sowder. Debbie Harper. Shelley Switzer. Patti Burnette 76 FRONT ROW Debbie Garrison. Christie Schultz. Jodi Traylor. Carol Hybl. Joan Snavley. Donna Wight. Gail Mauner. Cindy Duff. BACK ROW Kris Safarik. Susan Mattson. Mindy Smith. Sue Umstot, Judy Soltz. Emily Huss. Sharon Daugherty. Janet Gibson. Sandy Stevenson. Sandy Koll UNPICTURED Christina Christenson. Susan Claes. Carrolyn Forrest. MaryAnn Wagner (: ■ (■ FRONT ROW Jackie Thomas, Debbie Calhoun. Clara Ponce. BACK ROW Linda Bowie. Cind. Beckman Dereth Sakurai. Kathi Louri Featherettes Squaw Power - that ' s what the Featherettes are. Instructor Miss Vernie Ford is behind the Featherettes as leaders Donna Hansen and Becky Berger march them down the field for halftime shows, competitions, and pep assemblies Featherettes provide an opportunity for those who seek school involvement They promote spirit all over our campus, support money making projects, and bring honor and recognition to our school Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as each Featherette gains responsibility for herself and learns to give of herself to the group Featherette try-outs are held at the end of each year as hundreds of hopefuls vie for the honor of being a Featherette and upholding the motto " Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world " FRONT ROW Lone Bowlin. Laurie Luce. Shelley Anderson. Heather Dunn. Wanda Calhoun. " S h - ' °™™ T ROW Elaine Baker. Edna Jane Kofford. Heid, Hammond. Debbie Gillette. Jon, McNeil. Suzanne Affery. Debbie Grainger. Stacie Beam BACK 77 Cherokee Dancers A great tradition at Fullerton High is the unique Cherokee dancers who perform at pre-game activities during football season This year ' s Indian maidens were Debbie Glaser, Ihana Hernandez, and Kathy Johnson Gaining the spotlight at home games, the Cherokees did their warrior dance around a blazing fire to a new arrangement of a traditional Indian song No longer was a spotlight used in the field, but the Cherokees ' costume and the Indian fire were preserved At the big and little tea. the Cherokee dancers performed a new dance to the music of the " Electric Indian ' ' Because the Cherokees are something no other school has. they feel that they should have a larger part in promoting school spirit Perhaps next year ' s Cherokee dancers will be able to perform at other activities and receive their well- deserved recognition -Jr ' U. Miana Hernandez Debbie Glaser 7a Willie Ugh Kathy Johnson 79 Marching Band The Marching Band, under the direction of Terry Blackley. is led down the field at every home game by our high-stepping Drum Major Clark Emerson Many long hours are spent getting the band polished to perfection for the shows Not only do the band members have to learn their music, but they must also learn to march eight steps to every yard line At an exhibition held in Brea Stadium, the Marching Indians got outstanding reviews Several articles from the Pleiades newspaper repeated their praises Unlike other schools, Fullerton has the ability to put on excellent half-time shows because the band and drill team work well together Contemporary music like " Jesus Christ Super Star, " " Hair " and " Tommy " , plus new arrangements of old favorites, bring half-time appeal to all HOME _ VISITD ' i)Or. Clark Emerson Band Director. Mr Terry Blackley 80 Pictured are Sue Thomas. Kevin Damewood, Mike Rather. Matt Sutherland. Scott Larson. Mike Black, John Krachmer. Pat Matthews. Karvina Nunley. Ora Wolfe. Kathy Cummings, Carol Wiseman, Audre Kazekevicius. Kathy Hood. Melanie Bowen, Ann Milne. Marlys Rasmussen. Cindy Sullivan. Julie Pope. Cathy Bailey, Penny Powell. Barbara Buhl. Diana Rich. Pam Hughs, Lori Leyda. Bob Hammond. Gumlla Rosensson. Margaret Cornelius. Susan Wilson. Marta Jadwm. Earl Cornelius,. Ron Winn. Thomas Wilson. Linda Butts. Dan Roberts. Marilyn Logan. Jim Bridges. Diana Spidall. Mike Campany, Sandy Woodward. JimWright. Henry Unger. Jim Nicholson. Mark Hess. Bill McMichael. Ron Fulton. Steve Berger, Don Deeks. Dan Kruse. Karl Gunther. Paul Manley. John Bridges, Mark Rankin. Janet Tudge. Craig Owens, Dave Boyd. Dan Fredrickson. Gary Myrick. Ron Lohoff. Dan Matthews. John Daniels. Clyde K Corney. Larry Nelson, Ritchie Kato. Don Brumley, Jeff Yelton. Richard Schultz. Mark Kamp, 8ob Sutherland. Flag Becky Boyd. Patti Nash. Cindy Buck. Cyndi Gunsauls. Debbie Brown, Sue Campany 81 FRONT ROW Craig Owens. Paul Simon. Larry Nelson ROW 2 Gene Crawford. Mr Terry Blackley. Conductor; Dan Kruse. Randy Evans. Dean Walcheck. Dan Fredenckson ROW 3 Dan Keck. Sandy Woodward. Jim Wright. Ron Fulton. ROW 4 Clark Emerson. Charles Sneller. Jim Krachmer. Sue Thomas. ROW 5 Don Deeks. Don Brumley. Ritchie Kato. Bob Couey. Dan Matthews. Clyde Corney Jazz Band All those weirdo musicians walking around campus have been rounded up by Mr Blackley to play their hearts out in the Fullerton Union High Jazz Band This explains all those good sounds coming from the band room after school. No, really each member of the Jazz Band is a musician in his own right Members are selected by Mr Blackley. so the band is an honor as well as a responsibility because jam sessions are on the group ' s own time In the previous two years Jazz Band has entered many competitions and has won high honors. The members are different from the traditional bands because each of them wears a unique outfit 82 Orchestra (£ PC Mrs. Parnsh conducts the String Orchestra and she will be taking her group into competition They participated in the opening of the Plummer Auditorium and performed at the Fullerton Junior College FRONT ROW Susan Burns. Mary Follett. Rosanne Christenson. Betty Maddux. Carol Maddux, Marcy Bosna. Penelope Spencer ROW 2 Karen Kurse. Shelley Switzer. Jack Morrison. Jane! Tudge. Gary Munson. David Moses. Steve Pontmg, Todd Tanner, Nedda Shrum, Craig Owens, Bill Humenny, Dorothy Nyhus, Dorothy White, Julie Pope. Debbie Burke ». « mJ H jr £ ii m ' 1 ;- Jr -A 3ft i 1 W 7 " - J ffNflBi to Si J 83 Concert Band FRONT ROW Earl Cornelius. Tom Wilson, Bob Hammond. Dan Matthews. Margaret Cornelius. Larry Nelson. Cathy Bailey. Diane Tudge, Gunilla Rosensson ROW 2 Bob Couey. Clyde Corney. Mark Camp. Ron Lohoff. Don Lohoff, Bob Southerlan. Don Brumley. Carol Wiseman. Barbara Buhl. Cathy Cummings. Sue Wilson ROW 3 Mark Hess. Mike Campany, Jim Bridges. Scott Barncklow. Marilyn Logan, Ron Wynn. Bob Satler. Becky Boyd, Ora Wolfe. Lome Leyda, Melanie Bowen, Cindy Gunsauls, Karvinna Nunley ROW 4 Paul Manley. Patti Nash. Ron Fulton. Dan Fredenckson. Charles Sneller, Dan Kruse. Clark Emerson. Don Deeks. Kevin Damewood, Dan Keck. Sue Thomas. Kami Stacey. Jim Krachmer. Mark Monroe, Diana Spidall. Jim Wright, Doug Alford, Bill McMichael, Randy Evans, Jim Nicholson, Sandy Woodward, Dean Walcheck 84 ' v Si FRONT ROW Sue Wilson. Gunilla Rosensson. Margaret Cornelius. Pam Hughes, Cindy Sullivan. Cathy Bailey. Janet Tudge, Sandy Woodward. Ora Wolfe. Cathy Cummmgs ROW 2 Diana Spidall. Carol Wiseman. Sue Thomas, Linda Butts. Ritchie Kato. Ron Fulton. Bob Couey. Karvinna Nunley. Tom Wilson, Mark Rankin, Dan Matthews. Audre Kazakevicius. Melanie Bowen ROW 3 Jim Bridges, Randy Evans. Larry Nelson. Mark Hess. Dan Kruse. Jim Wright. Bob Hammond. Don Brumley. Clark Emerson. Charles Sneller. Dan Fredenckson Pep Band If you have ever turned around at a football game to find a tuba staring you in the face, you have met the Pep Band The Pep Band is an organization that has provided music at all the away football games and many of the pep rallies It is a group of enthusiastic students who add a lot of color and excitement to our school activities. So hail to the real victors valiant and root for your favorite tuba 85 FRONT ROW Ellen Cunningham, Margret Schimpf ROW 2 Jackie Thomas. Shirley Owens. Donna Graves, Chris Franks ROW 3 Debbie Rover. Sarah Wales. Kathy Kane ROW 4 Darlene Quijano. Charlene Quiiano. Wanda Calhoun Mrs Kill FRONT ROW Karen Evans, Terria McClain. Heidi Hammond, Vicki Mayster. Cheryl Coke ROW 2 Betty Barnes. Terry Miller. Carol Mallory. Linda Bailey, Michelle Boyer. ROW 3 Chris Dyer. Susan Affrey. Linda Doughty ROW 4 Craig McLaren. Jane Folsom. Brian Martin ROW 5 Rick Nuffer. Paul Vanderwall FRONT ROW Carol Maddux. Debbie Martin, Cindy Parra. Vickie Robertson, Pam Welch ROW 2 Greg Budke, Vincent Day. Bill Lowe. Rick Mallory, Karen Wickman This year the highly respected Concert Choir gave many outstanding performances Many new types of literature with fantastic technique and understanding were used to make the performances fascinating and memorable 86 FRONT ROW Cheryl Coke. Linda Doughty. Debbie Spidall. Carol Mallory ROW 2 Kahty Kane. Jams Bailey. Karen Evans ROW 3 Craig McLaren. Cindy Parra. Kirk McLaren Madrigals The F.U.H.S. Madrigal Singers share the honor of performing for many clubs and organizations Their style of music was both appreciated and admired by the school and community throughout the year The Girls ' Choir of Fullerton High School demonstrated their ability to attain high standards through many fine concerts this year. As Mrs Kill said, Girls ' Choir was " A thoroughly charming and sophisticated group. " Girls ' Chorus PICTURED: Sue Barcenas. Trudy Cannon. Christina Chingan. Vicky Cleveland. Margret Cod.spot.. Karen rley_Cheryl Fletcher. Debbie Gavcus, Teresa Haubien. Jeanne Kohlenburger. Susan Kubm. Terr, Leffel. Pam Musgrave. Jean Liedke. Renee Melendez. Cherrie Maniford. Cindy Pinger. Sue Salazar. Darlene Sparcio. Cindy Staub 37 S.T.A.G.E. " Lights. Camera. Action! " would never happen at FUHS if it was not for the stage crew Stage crew not only does lighting, sound and set for the Drama Department ' s Plays, the Talent Show and Dance Concert, but at every assembly they are hard at work behind the scenes These students deserve much credit It takes special training to handle a spotlight, adjust a mike or dutchman a set The music the song leaders dance to, the spotlight at the Pow Wow assembly, the mikes for student forums are all entrusted to the stage crews ' capable hands • " p .- si m M W - i M ■ 4. ... ■Whbh BS4H FRONT ROW Beth Poole. Bob Trowbridge. Donna Waltz. H F Crane ROW 2 Nancy Petersen. Mike Barton 88 Dance Club Wennerberg, Michelle Zimmer ■m " What is this thing called Dance " is what Dance Club tries to teach its members It is also the title of the opening dance in the spring concert This dance choreographed and performed by the GAA dancers is designed to inform the audience to " What the art of dance is " The club managed by Stacie Beam and Debbie Beckman gives students interested in dancing in the concert a chance to perform regardless of whether or not they are in Dance Company The club meets every week of the second semester and is open to all girls and boys who want to dance 39 Photo Club John McCarron. President Photography is a relatively new class on Fullerton ' s campus, and the photography club Is doing its best to introduce photography to the school as a fine art Everyone has seen the fine work of the students in the Administration building and library The club also sells photo books containing examples of the creative projects of the club You can imagine the fun this club has in their new. improved dark room FRONT ROW Mrs Dodd. Phil Champaign. Mark Graski ROW 2 Cindy Thompson, Jim Gortner, Brad Liedtke ROW 3 Randy Havens, Bob Morrison. Colleen Malone ROW 4 Imy Quinn. Kirk Overman, Beth Morrison, Kathy Royer, ROW 5 John McCarron. Kathy Brown, Theresa Gross, Carol Hart ROW 6 Tom O ' Day, Mark Schrimmer. Bruce Wood ROW 7 Tern Welch. Mark Mealy 90 Art Club Bruce Wood. President The Art Club is set up to honor art students planning to major in that field and who have completed three or more semesters of art. maintaining a B average Because of limited membership, applicants are selected by secret ballot of members and approval of advisors Those desiring membership must submit a portfolio containing five pieces of work not done in class The club ' s motto is. " If it feels good, do it creatively " LEFT TO RIGHT Jean Gardner. Sandy Koll. Caryn Couey. Bruce Wood NOT PICTURED John McCarron. Mered.th Miller. Barbara Reynolds. 91 Thespians " Act well your part, there all the honor lies " is the Thespians motto This club is one of the most active on campus! Membership is an honor which all drama students strive for. Applicants must earn 10 points and work in two major productions in order to qualify Points are earned by acting, and backstage and committee work Once the 10 points are earned the prospective members are initiated in a formal installation, where the members present a ceremony going thru the history of drama and present scenes from periods of the theater There are usually two formal ceremonies a year and old members are invited to attend Besides the typical breaksales to earn money, the Thespians sell refreshments at plays and present the annual Thespian ' s Talent Show Students this year were able to perform the acts in the newly restored Plummer Auditorium Another project this year was the presenting of Girl Date in a 1 950 Sox Hop style ichel Young. Sue Tobey. Jackie Booher STEP 2 Nedda Shrum. Melissa Woody. Kathy Loury. Kris Safarik. Debbie McAvan. Carole Gwmn. STEP 3 le Montgomery STEP 4 Christine Halvorsen. Lisa Kalson. Mike Vendrell. Carol Hybl. Renee Marcoux, Debbie Spidall STEP 5 H F Crane. Curtis Buck STEP 6 Stevenson. Jon Bouvia. Becky Bailey. Larry Nelson STEP 7 Ralph Wallace. Brad Hiltscher. Colleen Malone. Rick Chastam, Gena Kuenzh. Sandy Jones. Steve Premo. Bob Trowbridge 92 Mime Troupe Mime Troupe is a group which is sponsored by Thespians with the purpose of creating an interest in the art of pantomime Once a year try-outs are held for positions in the troupe Applicants are observed as they paint imaginary walls, drink imaginary milk, and jump a make-believe jump rope When performing, the Mime Troupe is costumed in black with painted black features on clown white faces This year the club presented a workshop at the Hintington Beach Drama Festival TOP TO BOTTOM Kathi Loury. Merita Montgomery. Gena Kuenzli, Sandra Stevenson. Michael Vendrell UNPICTURED Connie Graffis. Mike Overman. Jon Bouvia 93 Poetry Club The Poetry Club does a lot more than just read poetry The motto of this club gives a very good definition of its activities: " Fun, Fantasy, and Friendship . " In addition to writing, reading, and learning to appreciate poetry, one member states, " I think the Poetry Club really helps me I meet people and make new friends, besides learning about poetry " The club has held swim and Christmas parties, attended the Renaissance Festival, gone on a walking expedition and visited Huntington Library FRONT ROW Roseanne Chnstensen. Dorothy Wight ROW 2 Cheryl Schnaebele, Margaret Bloom. Sharon Sanderson ROW 3 Penny Spencer. Renuka Viswanathan, Mary Follett ROW 4 Chris Halvorsen. Mrs Katzenstein. adviser. Debbie Gadaire. Vicki Robb. Julie Lambirth. President 94 Sandy Stevenson. President Drama Club Surely you ' ve heard of the " Lunch Box Theater . " This is the big project Drama Club undertakes throughout the year For one thin dime it is possible to leave the busy bustle of student life and retreat into the world of the theater Scenes, short plays, monologs and impressions are some of the material presented by the club members This year Drama Club also performed " Cinderella " for the special training school at La Vista The money the club earns during the year is used for an " Academy Awards Ceremony . " The Drama Club Members elect the people they believe to be the most talented actor and actress and present the trophies at the awards assembly The Club ' s goal is to give students interested in Drama a place to explore their talents and interests. FRONT ROW Merita Montgomery. Debbie Sanford. Scott Smith. Rick Chastain. Michelle Montgomery. Joel Newman. Chns Safank ROW 2 Louise Doyle. Pat Lawson. Carol Hybl. Sandy Stevenson. President. Susan Lindsay. Sandy Jones Gail Hybl Edna Jane Crawford. Allison Greene ROW 3 Kathi Loury. Patricia Matthews. Vickie Robb. Neil Peterson. Paul Vargas. Mane Matter. Corvma Nunley. Sara Wales. Nedda Shrum. Karen Wickman. Gena Kuenzli 95 Pep Club Members of the Club Shawn Harrington. Jamie Arnstem. Chairman, Sue Spence. Cindy Beckman. Derith Sakurai. Maile Chism. Linda Hem. Linda Heideman. Julie Rector, Sandy Oba. Pam Welch. Cheryl Thompson. Jackie Mueller. Vicki Mayster. Wynette Cook. Sharon McCarthy Students going to football games this year undoubtedly saw the clever signs posted in the stadium and heard the cheering and yelling of many spirited students Those students were probably members of the F U.H.S. Pep Club. Throughout the year spirit and high morale were boosted at various sports events by the loud cheering of members of the Pep Club Under the leadership of Jamie Arnstem, Pep Chairman, the club was able to participate at many of the sports events 96 Larry Maib. Advrsor Campus Life Campus Life attracted many students at Fullerton High this year Believing in the " Balanced Life. " the organization stressed the spiritual area of life, along with mental, physical, and social aspects Campus Life gave the students a chance to explore and discuss their own feelings about their spiritual Interests, and counseling was offered for those who desired a more personal relationship with God Activities were incorporated among Orange County High Schools, and many participants included Fullerton High students Some of the fun events were the Haunted Warehouse at Halloween and a huge 72-hour New Year ' s party Through Campus Life ' s sincere efforts to give spiritual fulfillment, many students have received direction to their lives FRONT ROW Dave Wilshek. Larry Maib. Advisor. Gloria Enkson, Manstrom. Marc Jackson Cndy Duff. Pam Rather ROW 2 Mary Kramer. Bob White. Patti Nash. Carol 97 FRONT ROW Lyn Coen. Robyn Coulter, Kim Jubla. Jill Carlson. Shawn Harrington. Maile Chism ROW 2 Robin Reed, Susan Mathis. Swan Kadakia, Karvinna Nunley. Sarah Wales. Leslie Slate. Susan Lindsay. Cheryl Perkins. Vicki Mayster ROW 3 Bob Borsum. Vicki Robb. Melissa Woody. Nedda Shrum. Betty Barnes. Cheryl Schnaebele, Linda Torgerson, Linda Hem, Path Johnston, Cheryl Thompson. Vicki Harwood. Karen McDermott. Linda Heideman. Julie Rector. Lone Bowlin Publicity Committee t •» . ,f • iW Jill Carlson, Publicity Chairman 98 Social Committee FRONT ROW Mark Schnmmer. Susan Lindsay ROW 2 Bruce Wood. Jean Gardner. Joan Gates. Jackie Booher Carol I Hybl. I Sail Hybl. Leslie Slate. Cheryl Thompson. Vicki Mayster. Cheryl Perkins. Cindy Beckman. Sharon Daugherty NOT PICTURED ram Genereux, Mindy Martin Mark Schnmmer. Social Chairman Jackie Booher. Social Chairman 99 100 ' A very talented group on campus is the Dance Company Comprised of selected dancers, the company performs in school and community concerts This year the group earned a fine reception in the Cal State concert, in which area high schools performed At the end of the year the annual dance concert is given in which a dance scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding dancer Each year as tryouts are held a whole new group of dancers is formed, each contributing an individual style to make Dance Company an outstanding group ■4 SPLIT SECONDS FRONT ROW Valerie Vlha. Stacie Beam ROW 2 Debbie Beckman. Joan McNeill. Arlene Hiss. Peggy Paul 101 FRONT ROW Bobby Gomez. Anita Morris. David Gonzalez. DeeDee Hernando Ton, Robles ROW 2 o Perede .Ruber f To T 0 1 , Robert Guerrero ROW 3 Juan Gomez. Janet Juarez. Sandie Andrade, Cindy G ullten a V Sa f ' l J eCuLz ROW 6 Joaquin Mabna. Javier Pereda. Shorty Ortiz, Lisa Leon. Sylv.a Gallo ROW 5 Gilbert Maturmo, Andrew Pyono. Tina Lopez. Eva Castillo. Angie Lbavez Javier Saldivar. Juan Gomez. Joe Diaz. Rudy Bailon Student Alianza David Gonzalez. President 102 AFS International Friendship was the goal promoted this year by the American Field Service Although the main purpose of the club is to send students abroad and to bring foreign students here, a lack of membership made the club unable to raise money It is hoped that next year new interest will be promoted among students so that international friendship at FUHS can be preserved Paul Chen. Janine Wright. Roberta Halog. Robin Reed. Rachel Young 103 Forensics The Forensic Club endeavors to stimulate and build the powers of organization, logic, and argumentation into everyday communication. Such development is reached by speech tournaments, classwork. and field trips. Students have the opportunity to earn rewards and honors in tournaments Fullerton has competed locally and nationally in the art of forensics Left to Right: Debbie Glaser. Dean Isaacs. Larry Osgood. Jon Bouv.a. Wynerte Cook, Joe Kolb. 104 Science Fiction Club Michael Anderson. President Left to Right Pat Smith. Mike Anderson. President. Mr Anderson. Advisor. Ralph Overworn. Debbie Gaddaire. Penny Spencer. Sheryl Crammer. Paul Robidoux. Kurt McClaren. Brian Marshall. Bryan Webb The Science Fiction Club on Fullerton ' s campus maintains a surprisingly extensive library of science fiction. All students are welcome to use these books and magazines if they donate a book to the library The club also attends lectures and movies concerning science fiction and holds discussions on this literature. 105 FRONT ROW Bob Wnght. Mrice Vendrell. Jon Bouvia ROW 2: Carolyn Wright. Bob Ball. Terry Carrel. Gary Martin, Steve Premo ROW 3 John Astin. Mickey Weide. Glen Wyman. Dean Isaacs. Ping Pong Club ;06 Spanish Club Diane Tudge. President n , „ r„ir, p a , p nP i KimJubala ROW 2 Amalia Armenta. Rosalia Leon, Diane Tudge ROW 3 Ken FRONT ROW Diana Dominguez. Maria Lozano. Mayra Rodriguez. Diane Culp. Pat Poet. Kim JuDaia huw z Knox. Martha Villanueva. Susan Leon. John Allen. Karen Wickman 107 KEITH LAUMER NINE BY LAUMER FRONT ROW Pam Dulley. Diane Markley. Steve Whaley ROW 2 Margaret Bloom Merrily Smith. Joan McNeil ROW 3 Brenda Williams. Mary Glenn. Debbie Rush ROW 4 Donna Trezise. Rosa Levoit. Cheryl Burns ROW 5 Cheryl Evans Irene Reuda. Nancy Black ROW 6 John Marvin, Ethyl Turner. Pat Miller. Kathy Kreitz. Terry Lopez. Linda Bowie NOT PICTURED Rand Hoover. Larry Earnest. LaRee Selman. Alice Rochester. Tern Dunn. Lee Welty. Ron Winn Library Aides 108 Russian Club Russian Language students who want to learn more about the culture and history of Russia, besides learning to use the language, join Russian Club Under Mr Myers ' inspirational direction, the club valiantly attempted to earn money by having glazed donut sales before school You can indirectly thank Russia for satisfying your growling morning stomach Mr Myers Sandy Sandy Stevenson. Paul S.mon. Bryan Webb. Eric LaRoe. Mark Marvm. Brian Marshall 109 Chess Club FRONT ROW Ray Yokshas. R.cky Perez. ROW 2 Joe Cumm,ngs. Cur„s Buck. Barbra M.ddleton. M,ke Anderson. Cra.g Martelle. 110 Electronics Club FRONT ROW Seth Kalson. Mark Kraven. Mr Winters ROW 2 Pat Smith, Neil Peterson. Ralph Overtoom, Mike Simpfendorfer 111 Quill and Scroll Promoting Journalistic activities is the importance of a club such as Quill and Scroll on campus Students who are members of the newspaper or annual staff comprise the club. President Dave Benno helped to make plans for the annual awards banquet at the end of the year in which announcements of the new editors and awards are given Dave Benno, President FRONT ROW Melanie Ploung. Sheme Gulassa, Cathy Sly. Janine Wright. Roberta Halog. Ruth Askevold. Joan Gates. Jamie Arnstein. Dave Benno. ROW 2 Mark Schnmmer. Sharon McCarthy. Debb ie Glaser. Pam Rather. Gail Hybl, lliana Hernendez. Jeanne Grumet. Bob Borsum. ROW 3 Caryn Couey. Barbara Reynolds, Berry Loyd. Doug McAuliffe. Sue Mattson. Bruce Wood, Wynette Cook, Jackie Booher, Kathy Wright 112 FRONT ROW Sandy Kause Sue Riley. Barbara Berk, Debbie Glaser, Wynette Cook. Alan Ohern ROW 2 Sandy Stevenson. Sandy Oba. Iliana Hernandez Sue Mattson Jeanne Grumet. Mark Schrimmer ROW 3 Jon Bouvia. Rachel Young. Joe Kolb. Lee Launer. John Astin. Bruce Wood ROW 4 Patty Burette. Terry Carrol. Sharon Daugherty. Kevin Knight NOT PICTURED Debbie Smith. Jamie Arnstem. Molly Andrews. Cathy Sly. Roberta Halog. Janine Wright. Kathy Wright Pleiads Pleiades is an honored organization Students with a high grade point average and meeting the various requirements of the California Scholarship Federation qualify for membership Usually the club takes a field trip each semester to an educational institution Awards are given to graduating seniors who are life members 113 Biology-Ecology Club The Biology and Ecology Clubs have joined forces to form one of the most popular clubs on campus One of its mam goals is to acquaint its members with vocational opportunities in Biology This is achieved through guest speakers, films, and field trips. Another important purpose of the club is to make its members aware of the growing problem of pollution and show them what can be done to improve man ' s existence on Earth Besides these problems, these concerned students have fun and help others, an example is their attendance at the Christmas Party at Fairview We also hear they throw a great potluck ft Greg Archambault. President FRONT ROW Renuka Viswanathan. Barbara Berk. Sue Riley, Sandy Kause. Vicki Schultz. Laurie Koski. Roberta Halog ROW 2 Jacki Schulz, Carol Hart. Dave Louy ROW 3 Jeff Nelson. Sandy Koll, Carol Manstrom, Raquel Castillo, Sharon Daugherty. Donna Wright, Dereth Sakurai, Pat Kinoshita. Pam Genereux. Linda Heideman. Linda Hem ROW 4 Paul Chen. Bob Everett, Randy May, Nancy Clark. Bob McNeill. Dianne Baddeley Linda Schmidt LYING Greg Archambault 114 Student Medical Society I President Sam Brandt The North Orange County Student Medical Society under the direction of Thomas Lawton. an eminent Anesthesiologist, is an inter-school organization for students interested in a medical career Once a month on Tuesday in the staff room at St Jude ' s Hospital future doctors and nurses meet with the white-coated men to learn about various medical professions from the professionals. FRONT ROW Paul Berry. Kr,s Van Bladeren. Dereth Sakurai. Pan, Burnette ROW 2 Bill Swartz. Tracey Boyd. John Wortmann. Carol Manstrom. Sandy Koll. Sam Brandt. Donna W.ght. Pat K.nosh.ta IN TREE. Cra.g Le.cht Gary Simons 115 FFA FRONT ROW Larry Gunderman. Pat Peppard. Rick Gunderman. Tom Evans. Carla Taylor. Terry Miller, Mark Hess ROW 2 Jim Altar. MaryAnn Wertenberg. Cindy Wess. Lin Buckholes. Sally Saar, Stuart Maginnes. Sue Sweney. Beth Poole. Marian Bergen. Eric Coulter ROW 3 Ken Kokenda. Beth Anderson. Debbie Middleton. Tammy Ferguson. Terry Dunn, Janine Vonn. Donna Atterbury. Denise Dazidus. MaryAnn Fairgreen. Jamie Ball, Artie Joe Smedley. Charlene Brown, Mark Johnson. Dana Stuart, Bill Prather ROW 4 Mr Boster, John Campbell. Richard Rank, Ed Rawson. Mike Musch, Jerry Gunderman. Mike Barton. Al Villalobos. Mark Barton. Dan Kruse. Tom Lotspeich. Craig Caprine ROW 5 Doug Calber. Eddie Bak. Judy Evans, Judy Woodward. Bob Gary. Don Bouchard. With the motto of " Learning to do. doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve. " the Future Farmers of America completed another successful year on campus Tom Evans, President of Fullerton FFA led the active organization in various events such as field days and fairs. Among the goals which FFA achieved this year were cooperation and outstanding service to the community, and the development of strong leadership qualities among members. With the worthwhile activities and fine service and leadership shown through the year, the Future Farmers of America have continued to be a successful club on campus with a busy future ahead Tom Evans: President 116 FHA Future Homemakers of America is another service club on the Fullerton campus Under Clara Ponce ' s leadership, the organization participated In several service projects this year, including giving hand-made Easter gifts to organizations and making meat trays for Maple and Raymond elementary schools Many people benefited as a result of FHA ' s willingness to serve the community Sandi Lugo. Clara Ponce. Rosalia Leon. Debbie Lugo. Sara Chavira 117 FRONT ROW Shawn Hemngton. Sandy Jones. Maile Chism, Allison Green. Bonnie Brandt. Karen Wickman. Cheryl Thompson ROW 2 Gina Kuenzli. Vickie Robb. Gail Hybl. Cheryl Schnaebele. Melinda Furnes ROW 3 Leolani Corney, Katie Riutcel. Cheryl Perkins. Edna Jane Crawford, Chris Chnstensen. Mane Matter. Margaret Bloom Y-Teens Jackie Booher, Joan Gates, Laurie Koski. Carol Hart, Carol Manstrom. Liz Floan. Sandy Koll 118 FRONT ROW Lyn Coen. Kerry Nelson, Barbara Bull ROW 2 Joan Watten, President. Robyn Reed. Robin Coulter. Secretary, Cindy Buhre. Vice President, TREE Pat Poet, Treasurer Starting off Y-Teens activities this year was the annual Big and Little Sister Tea planned by overall officers to acquaint incoming freshmen with FUHS Another big effort of the Y-Teens was to collect canned foods for needy people during the annual canned foods drive Other activities Included planning of the annual hanging of the greens, winter camp, and creating a volleyball club. The year was indeed a busy one. as each month new activities and services were coordinated by the overall officers FRONT ROW Debbie Grainger, Barbie Lawrence Janet Gunsten. Jackie Shultz ROW 2 Donna Ibbs. Maureen Massey. Linda Alford. Carolyn Forrest. Roberta Sham. Lois Scheesley ROW 3 Irene Rueda. Debbie Ibbs. Vivian Linderman. Terry Lopez. Jodi Bracken. Marty Moore 119 Key Club " To serve the school and community " was Key Club ' s goal this year. The club certainly achieved this goal throughout the year Under the leadership of Sergeant Gary Simons, the club participated in many service projects including Operation Wheelchair, a Christmas gift drive for the Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital, decorating the Rose Parade floats, giving a Christmas party at Fairview in coniunction with the Idakas. holding a car rally, and ushering at various school activities The Key Club ' s many services were deeply appreciated by Fullerton Union High School and the community Gary Simons. President FRONT ROW Paul Mckinley. Mark Schrimmer. Craig Leicht. Treasurer. Gary Simons. President. Bob Sattler, Vice President. Jack Pearce. Secretary ROW 2 Doug Lowe. Cliff Tinker. Alan OHern. Jim Leicht. Charles Cacciata. Don Shaw. Javier Pereda. John Macrone. Craig Owens. Bruce Wood. Mark Rankin ROW 3 Drew Hallmann. Dean Isaacs. Ron Simons. Brad Hrgby, Al Levassuir. Jim Wright. Tom Summerford, Ron Fulton. Kevin Knight. Don Brumley. Brian Stoughton. John Wortmann. Lieutenant Governor. Ritchie Kato. Bob May. Mike Wolfe ROW 4 Chris Kamp, Rick Campos. Mark Safank. Paul Yount NOT PICTURED Lee Launer 120 FRONT ROW Debbie Glaser. Jamie Arnstein. Treasurer. Molly Andrews. President. Cathy Sly. Sue Claes. Publicity ROW 2 Melissa Woody. Melanie Ploung. Laurie Koski. Debbie McAvan. Carol Guinn. Sherne Baron ROW 3 Mary Humenny. Debbie Gromaki. Dianne Baddeley. Joni McNeill. Sandy Oba. Sue Styles. Historian, Kathi Loury ROW 4 Mrs Schermitzler. Advisor. Debbie Shook. Jeanne Grumet. Vice President. Linda Johnson. Roberta Sham, Pam Rather. Secretary, Pam Genereaux. Cerise Jadwin. Mrs McConnell. Advisor NOT PICTURED Robin Austin. Sue Mattson. Sue Spence. Sandy Stevenson. Kathy Wright Molly Andrews. President Idakas As Penny Webster. Idaka ' s first President said. " Each year presents a bigger job-a higher hill. May Idakas continue to grow and grow and grow, and with each new hill may it leave behind a pathway of deep accomplishments ... " Indeed, this was fulfilled this year through the service of Idakas to F.U.H.S. and the community Molly Andrews, President, directed the activities held this year Among the projects were working at Muckenthaler Institute, giving a Christmas party at Fairview with Key Club, serving at sports banquets, collecting money for CARE, staffing the Helping Hands Playroom for physically handicapped children, holding a car rally with Key Club, and planning the annual Pow Wow dance Every Idaka feels pride in belonging to this organization and in being of service to others 121 Pleiades Newspaper Staff Ruth Askevold. first semester editor Emily Huss. second semester editor SEATED (front to backl Ruth Askevold. Joe Valenzuela. Cindy Parra, Cheryl Faulkner. Illiana Hernandez. Melanie Ploung. Emi ly Huss. Cindy Duff. Randy Williams STANDING (front to back) Jesse Wallace. David Ogden. Pam Rather. Howard Perkins. Gail Hybl. David Benno 122 Mrs Guyette. advisor The Newspaper Staff had to survive several catastrophies this year, the worst being a severe cut-back on funds For a time it was thought there might not be a newspaper, but the staff felt otherwise. With a great deal of hard work, they managed to find a new printer and sell enough ads to squeak through They published the paper on the average, every three weeks The staff also moved to a new room in the English Building overlooking the academic court The move meant transferring everything, including the vintage refrigerator The staff has many fun times together, as well as many rush times before deadlines. Each reporter on the staff was assigned a beat for more adequate coverage of school events The newspaper also ran in-depth stories on world and national news events that concerned youth Topics covered included the 18 year old vote, abortion, shoplifting, and various religions The staff ' s motto is " Do you have a restless urge to write? " Kim Pans, artist 123 THE BOOK IS OUR COPY " Annual Pleiades Staff Photographers Mark Schnmmer Janine Wnght, Greg Plambeck. Joan Gates. Bruce Wood 124 Staffers Linda Heideman, Debbi Glaser, Kathy Wright. Wvnette Cook, Greg Plambeck. Mark Schrimmer. Debbi Shook. Sue Mattson. Sharon McCarthy. Joan Gates, Jon Bouvia. Jackie Mueller Jamie Arnstein Jeanne Grumet. Linda Hem. Caryn Couey. Btuce Wood. Jackie Booher Robin Reid Carol Hybl 125 MANAGERS Linda He.deman. Badminton. Melissa Woody. Volleyball. Sue Thomas. Softball. Kathy Cummings. Swimming Tiny Navarrate. Basketball, Carolyn Wright. Tennis. For many girls, sports is an important part of school, and this year the Girls ' Athletic Association fulfilled this desire to compete in athletics Not only did girls en]oy participating in after school sports, but new friendships and leadership were developed. President Robin Reid led the organization in various money-making projects such as the Willie Ugh pin sale. With the spirit of win-win-win. the GAA ended another successful year REPRESENTATIVES Alicia Lozano. Freshman. Roberta Halog. Senior; Katie Riutcel. Sophomore. Mindy Martin, Junior 126 OFFICERS Barbie Lawrence. Recording Secretary: Kris Van Bladeren, Secretary. Linda Schmidt. Treasurer. Jamie Arnstein. Vice- President GAA Cabinet Robin Reid. President 127 Varsity Club To develop leadership and serve the school and athletic programs was the goal of the Varsity Club this year. Under the direction of Club president Casey Collins, F.U.H.S. athletes participated in the various athletic programs In order to become a member of Varsity Club, one must have earned a varsity letter, been able to compete in athletics, and never have dropped a sport Those applying must have attended two consecutive meetings before a club patch could be bought and application approved Those who were accepted this year showed leadership and willing service - just two of the quahtites of a true athlete FRONT ROW Steve Smith. Gary Kaihera. Buck Frates. Gene Newman. Craig Leicht, Dave Duke. Barry Loyd. Bill Newton. John Stone. Dennis Mahoney. Bob Sattler. George Emigh. Pete VanHorne. Clark Emerson ROW 2 Lee Launer. Joe Valenzuela. Bob Melendez. Randy Haughn. Bob Chavez. Casey Colims. Bob Godfrey. Larry Markin. Terry Car roll ROW 3 Jeff Haspell. Bob Ball, John Macrone. Rodney Simon. Tom Summerford. Al Levassiur, Bob Wright. John Wortmann. Joe Kolb. Steve Pollard. Bob Everett Ron Winn Chris Kamp, Mike Wolfe Jeff Hutchison. Lee Welty Brad Liedtke. Steve Pacotti BigF President Casey Collins This year the Big F was headed by Janine Wright who, like other Big F members, earned a total of 1200 G.A.A. points in order to obtain membership Membership is achieved by participating in G.A A activities, which does not mean that all members are exceptionally well-skilled, but rather that they enjoy sports Set up originally as a service organization, the Big F assisted the G.A.A. in many ways this year Members Janine Wright. Kathy Cummings. and Roberta Halog 128 athletics 129 130 Just as the mountain to be climbed is never what is tested, the real reason for competing is to test one ' s self and discover one ' s limits. James A Gaughran 131 Varsity Football Fullerton 6 Los Alamitos Fullerton 20 Katella Fullerton 21 Savanna 7 • • • •• • Fullerton 14 Kennedy Fullerton 14 Sunny Hills 14 Fullerton 26 Buena Park j Fullerton 17 Troy . Fullerton 24 La Habra Fullerton 33 Lowe Fullertorr tlLa Q " int a 132 133 FRONT ROW Randy Hutcherson. Pete Van Home. Bill Newton. Randy Haughn. Craig Leicht. Larry Markin. Mike Wolfe. Jeff Hutchison ROW 2 George Emigh. Dennis Mahoney. John Stone. Bob Chavez. Dave Duke. Tom Summerford. Al Levassuir, Bob Sattler ROW 3 John Macrone. Barry Lloyd. Sammy Perales, John Quiiano. Bobby Melendez. Joe Valenzuela. Jesse Wallace Varsity Football 134 JV Football FRONT ROW Clyde Corney. Joe Potter. Miguel Hernandez. John Williams George Barnes. Bob U.Vort. Brya.1 ' Stouflhlan ROW £ Steve Chnstensen. Ralph Ayala. Tim Duke. Ron Ball. Bob White. Enc LaRoe. Mark Roberts ROW 3 Jim Le.cht. Paul Cohen. Bob Sweeney. Charles Williams. Chris Fuel. Stan Harding 135 Sophomore Football FRONT ROW Dan Luna. John Beattie. Keith Reynolds. Hal Taylor, Mike Worrell. Joey Casarez. Dave Carlock. Bill Humenny. Gregg Sneller ROW 2 Gary Calentino. Bob Lamarche. Kevin Patrick. Craig Durfee. Jeff Sneed, Randy Beeman. Tom McAuliffe ROW 3 Mark Clark, Victor Perez, Jeff Weber, Ron Liapis. Bob Malley. Arthur Gaspar ROW 4 Gene Bojorquez. Chris Bartholomew, Gilbert Matunno. Robert Padilla. Jim Nicholson. Cory Bartholomew FRONT ROW Jerry Gunderman, Rodney Busse. Gary Coburn. Louis Rodrlquez. Mark Conner. Tim Smith. Steve Jaramillo, Jim McHaney, Mike Kociemba. Mike Williams ROW 2 Steve Torgerson, Ken Kokmda, Fausto Flores, Bill Prather. Val Sessions. Greg Hedrick, Don Benno. Mario Hernandez. John Litchfield ROW 3 Keith Daniels. Steve Kobbzoff. Jon Thomas. Bruce Barrette. John Tuttle. Matt Sutherland, Joel Smothermon. Bill Humenny ROW 4 Jim Nicholson. Todd Tanner. Randy Peek. Rex Wolterman, Russ Sneed, Romie Perez, Mike Eddleman, Jeff Blackburn. Jose Talavera Freshman Football 136 Frosh-Soph Water Polo FRONT ROW Peter Gulassa, Dave Beebe, Jeff Tait. Mike Rather. Dave Bolland. Doug Lotspeich. Glen Snellen Bill Danemeyer. Bruce Strachan Black Steve Brow Dave Brow, Bill Carter. John Bridges. Rodger Anderson ROW 2 Bob Garry Gordon Bolland. Doug Foster. Gary Myrick ROW 3 Jim Lowe. Tracy Vincent. Steve Adamson. Jeff Yel.on, T,m 137 Doug Lowe. Alan O ' Hern. Kevin Knight Coach Read 138 Varsity, JV Water Polo Lee Launer F.U.H.S. 23 F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. FU.H S Steve Lugar 6 8 3 6 14 16 14 7 3 6 Long Eeach Wilson Foothill Garden Grove Newport Upland Anaheim Savanna Aviation Palos Verdes John Muir Downey 13 4 6 10 5 3 1 5 6 5 7 C.I F. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S F.U.H.S F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S F.U.H.S. 12 10 3 b 10 ?4 10 17 10 22 7 Kennedy Sierra Lakewood Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy Whittier La Habra Corona Lowell Newport FINALS Bob Ball Ted Brow John Haspell Danny Keck F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. F.U.H.S. 8 15 3 Valencia John Muir Newport 3 10 4 3 6 8 1 1 6 3 4 7 9 3 5 j J Jack Pearce Most Inspirational Player MikeMcCall Most Valuable Player 139 Varsity Cross Country 140 Tory Briggs Dave Meza Bob Godfrey MOST VALUABLE Coach Hugo De Groot Gary Simons. John Wortman. Managers Fullerton 21 Lowell 21 L Fullerton 19 Savanah 42 vv Fullerton 28 Kennedy 27 L Fullerton 23 Sunny Hills 32 VV Fullerton 29 Buena Park 27 L Fullerton 27 Troy 23 L Fullerton 15 La Habra 50 W 141 Cross Country JV FRONT ROW Casey Collins. Steve Lee. Larry Earnest ROW 2 Bill Bufkm. DavidJoyce. Fred Goossens. Joe Kolb 142 143 Varsity Basketball Greg Archambault Greg Budke Randy Hutcherson Chris Kamp John Macrone John O ' Neal Sammy Perales John Quijano Don Shaw Rodney Simon 144 145 ' 4o JV Basketball FRONT ROW Price Hallman. Jim Wright. John Marvi Jim Leichr n. Robert Levoit. Joe Valencia ROW 2 Steve Christiansen. Mark Kamp. Ron Wmn. Bob Sweeny. 147 FRONT ROW Caesar Lopez. Greg Hednck. Garrett Geimaot. Wayne Kouppe ROW 2 Mark Thomas, Matt Southerland. Hunter Sessions. Javier Melendez. Joe Diaz ROW 3 Al Shaffer, Tom McAuliffe, Tod Tanner. Rocky Liapis. Mike Eddleman Freshman Basketball 148 Sophomore Basketball 1 9 $ FRONT ROW Paul McK.nley. Bob Malley. Ralph Ayala. Al Rodngues. Del Villar ROW 2 Kevm McCarthy. Marc Jackson. Denn.s Kause. Joe Taylor, Bob Southerland 149 . Steve Lee Gary Kaihara Dave Poling Phil Rieutcel Paul Vanderwall Steve Smith Brian Stoughton Charles Williams Dave Duke Gary Evans Charles Cacciata Al Levassieur 100 ■ ' ' ■Si Varsity Wrestling FRONT ROW Steve Smith. Dave Poling. Paul Vanderwall. Garv Kaihara. Phil Rieutcel. Steve Lee ROW 2 Brian Stoughton. Bill Levassieur. Charles Williams. Charles Cacciata. Tom Summerford. Al Levassieur 151 JV VV T0 St I I rl Q FRONT ROW Darnel Luna. Mar.o Hernandez. William Ban.e. Jim Pollard. Fausto Flores ROW 2 Mike Fox. Alan Hunter. Bill Humenny. John Williams. Mike Golden 152 Frosh-Soph Wrestling FRONT ROW Gary Coburn. Louis Rodriguez ROW 2 Mark Chapman, Eric Bishop, Steve Lanagan 153 Varsity Swimming 154 FRONT ROW Alan O ' Hern. Jack Pearce. Ted Brow. Kevin Knight ROW 2 Ritchie Kato. Lee Launer. Tom Buhre. Mike McCall. Bob Ball Alan O ' Hern Tom Buhre 155 JV Swimming Frosh-Soph t Swimming FRONT ROW Dave Bolland Cliff Tinker, Jay Tomlinson. Roger Anderson. Dave Black ROW 2 Bob Garry. Tim Lotspeich. Jeff Milman, Steve Brow John Mathis t m FRONT ROW Steve Adamson, Dave Pattillo, Dave Brow. John GuUendge, Bill Carter. Pete Gulassa ROW 2 Gordon Beebe. Jeff Tait, John Bridges. Jim Lowe. Tracy Vincent ROW 3 Glen Snellen Bruce Strachan 156 Frosh-Soph Track £ p yg ' p f «• vs Doug Shaw Jeff B?ackburn. Rocky Lopez. Jeff Weber, Mark Kamp. Greg Sneller. Todd Tanner. B.I1 McM.cha.l. Al Schaffer Dav.d Polhng 157 INDIANS TRACK V Randy Hutcherson Larry Markin Joe Kolb FRONT ROW Price Hallmann. George Barnes. Terry Carroll. George Emigh, Ruben Juarez. Bob McNeil. Rick Salozar. Steve Lee, Bryan Stoughton ROW 2 Grant Prough David Meza. Ron Brant. Larry Markin. Bob Godfrey. Chris Kamp, John Neil. David Joyce, Fred Goossens, John Macrone. Joe Kolb. Casey Collins L58 ■ i John Macrone INC 1 TWJ i- U s QiffiE Varsity Track Ron Winn Casey Collins 159 JON BOUVIA CLARK EMERSON Varsity DEAN ISAACS CRAIG MARTELLE TOM WILSON JOHN WORTMANN BOB WRIGHT JIM WRIGHT 160 Tennis Coach Lawyer JV FRONT ROW S.eve Pacco.t,. Rusty Levench. Sean Taylor. Jim Alter. Paul M.ller ROW 2 John Cook. Larry Osgood. Bnan Marshall. Brad Higbee. Gil Mellis. Paul McHenry Bob Borsum. Rick Nuffer 161 V S -sl . . a Denton ; : ' S— . ! L JhffaXA JBi dfifl. Rod Bales Vince Day Rick Gunderman Jeff Hutchison Steve Karse Craig Leicht Brad Liedtke Bob May Varsity Baseball ) ? .f vrt Coach Gene Martin 162 r i 1 JJll£M«aJ Mi dm A .M t n Fred Schank Larry Serrano Terry Smith John Stone Pete Van Home Mike Wolfe Bob Wood Manager Kevin Patrick 163 Frosh-Soph Baseball J j WM I Wl i ■ ■ FRONT ROW Victor Perez. John Strong. Clyde Corney Greg Hednck, Mike Tarzwell. Ron Reed ROW 2 Coach Gibby. Jimmy Rea. Steve Kobzoff. Jeff Sneed. Kevin McCarthy. Gene Bojorquez. Steve Slack, Scott Pecheck ROW 3 Chuck Briggs. Matt Sutherland, Danny Hernandez. Jerry Gunderman, Dave Edwards, Richard Conner, Joe Diaz. Jerry Juarez. Javier Salvador. Steve Jaramillo 164 JV FRONT ROW Jim Nicholson. Ronnie Perez ROW 2 Whit Muldoon. Dennis Kause. Chuck March. Jim Leicht. L O Q O 1T Q Coach McNally ROW 3 John Marvin. Marc Jackson. Elvis Thomas. Alan Olvera %m0 % W % W f V ■ 1 165 Girls ' Athletic Association TENNIS TEAM Debbie Batchelor. Tracey Boyd. Kathy Cummings. Koren Day. Roberta Halog Maureen Hamminga. Ellen Huss. Denise King. Mmdy Martin. Cindy Parra, Terry Juarez. Robin Reid. Linda Schmidt. Sue Thomas. Sue Umstot. Sue Wilson. Carolyn Wright. Janine Wright SOFTBALL FRONT ROW Margarita Lopez. Janice Cheney, Treasa Byrd. Diane Esqueda. Jonie Valdez, Artie Jo Smedley. Hermahnda Marquez Row 2 Sandy Woodward. Melmda Furnes. Julie Rector. Kris Van Bladeren. Sue Riley. Mendy Martin. Debby Keiper. Pam Bradley, Terry Welch Row 3 Sue Thomas. Debbie Musch. Tracey Boyd. Sue Umstot. Sandy Kause. Cindy Wagner. Debbie Christopher. Mary Ann Parrish. Vickie Vanderburg. Katie Riutcel. Mary Parrish, Stacie Beam, Valerie Vlha 166 VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW Diane Esqueda. Tresa Byrd. Clara Ponce. Hermahnda Marquez. Carmen Ramirez. Sue Riley. Melissa Woody Row 2 Margarita Lopez Janme Wright Roberta Halog. Kris Van Bladeren. Molly Andrews. Mendy Martin. Lupe Lopez. Alicia Lozano Row 3 Melinda Fumes Tracey Boyd Sue Umstot, Robin Reid. Linda Heideman. Kathy Cummings. Gill Jackson. Sandy Kause. Debbie Musch W 167 GAA BADMINTON FRONT ROW Clara Ponce. Roberta Halog. Kathy Cummings. Janme Wright Row 2 Robin Reid. Linda Heideman. Linda Hem. Linda Schmidt, Cathy Fumes BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Mary Ann Chief. Tresa Byrd. Tiny Navarrette. Sue Riley ROW 2 Lupe Lopez. Margarita Lopez. Dawn Murphy, Kris Van Bladeren, Alicia Lozano ROW 3 Betty Barnes. Mary Parrish Hermalinda Marquez. Margaret Bloom. Kerry Alcott 168 underclassmen 169 170 171 Freshmen Rod Aberegg Donald Allen Gail Allen Margie Arzola Allison Ashcraft Carol Barnhart Carol C. Barnhart Mike Barton Danny Barzee Mary Bathauer Jennifer Bean Mary Beattie Henry Becker Gordon Beebe Marty Beidler Silvio Acosta Steve Adamson Judy Allen Bruce Anderson Jennifer Astin Dawna Atterbury Bruce Barrette Alfred Barrios Julie Bashore Debra Batchelor Martha Aguiar Laurie Anderson Connie Bales Joey Aguilera Cathy Araiza Jamie Ball Laura Alia Sandy Arce Rhonda Barcenas 172 Arlene Bernsen Brian Beroldi Jeff Blackburn Sue Bloom Hyea Gyong Boegen Genevieve Bojorquez Denise Bolock Jim Boone Marcy Bosna Karen Boyer Kenny Breeling Steve Briggs Regina Broady Allen Brown Russel Brown Marianne Bruno Cindy Bryan Carmen Buglione Barbara Buhl Cindy Buhre Deborah Burke Trudy Cannon Scott Burnside Barbara Cardenas Linda Butts Margie CarlocK Donna Byars Mike Carrel Lyn Bybyk Craig Carrine Karen Caldwell Bill Carter John Cannon Pat Castillo Paula Champaign Lynn Chandler Mike Chapman Lisa Charles Susanne Charles Mary Ann Chief Chris Chingan 173 Darlene Chingari Frank Chism Nancy Christensen Vickie Cleveland Ivy Cobban Gary Cobyrn Cheryl Cocke Margret Codispoti Ron Crawford Lyn Coen Larry Cruz Becky Coffield Ellen Cunningham Candy Colucci Diane Culp Trina Copper Toni Dallope Eric Coulter Keith Daniels Robyn Coulter Bruce Dannemeye Greg Dawson Bill Dennis Josie Diaz Chris Dodson Neil Donaldson Diainnia Douglas Louise Doyle Paul Duchene Pam Duncan Lucy Duran Chris Dyer Valerie Ekm Bob Eastwood Dave Edwards Jame Egbert 174 Peter Elkin Jim Fairgrieve Cheryl Fletcher Debbie Ellis Karen Farley Tony French Doug Erlenbusch Debbie Farrelly David Forrest Teresa Espino Tammy Ferguson Armando Garcia Matthew Etchison Joe Filadelfia Kathy Furnes Judy Evans David Finke Gracie Garcia Bobby Everett Alfredo Fiol Isabel Garcia Terri Garcia Debbie Gavcus Alfredo Garza Patty Garza Richy Gertler Garrett Giemont Cindy Gillette Marc Golgn Bill Goll Jerry Gunderman Ruben Gutierrez Bobby Gomez Maria Gomez Martha Gonzalez Becky Gorg Pete Gulassa John Gutteridge John Haddon Bob Hall Nancy Hamilton Sandy Hamminga Tina Hanna Stephen Hearne Brad Hanson Greg Hendrick Jane Harrison Mario Hernandez Paul Hart Danny Hernandez Jim Haspell Rose Hernandez Teresa Haubein Rick Herrera Charles Hayley Kim Hertzberger 175 Hugh Hill David Hoffman Anne Holbrook Kathy Holbrook Teresa Holguin Allison Holland Paul Hollimon Kathy Hood Robert Houghton Pamela Hughes Ellen Huss Jackie Hutcherson Cindy Hyde Loretta Jaimes Rocky Jaramillo Steve Jaramillo Maria Jauregui Robert Jimenez Beverly Johnson Debbie Johnson Jennie Johnson Mark Johnson Brad Joyce Jerry Juarez Kim Jubala Dale Kania Kevin Kasner Audre Kazakevicics Wayne Kauppi John Kenny Lesa Kenny Joni Kern Andy Kinney Colleen Kirkman Wendie Kramp Jeannie Kohlenberger Ken Kokinda Robin Kovack Gary Koski Sue Kubin Monica Lahas Mary Lambourne Steve Lanagan Scott Larson Basia Lasunowicz Bru ce Lee Steffani Lee Terri Leffel John Lemke Lori Ann Lemda Russell Leverich Rocky Liapis Annette Libonati Jean Liedtke John Litchfield Marcie Loewe 176 V 1 - John Logan Jim Lowe Stuart Magmnis Penny Manlord Lupe Lopez Alicia Lozano Manuel Maldanado Debbie Manley Aaron Lovie Eddie Luna Mike Maluy Gaynell Manning Veronica Marines Bruce Mauner Rebecca Marmolejo Cynthia Maupm Barry Marten Jim Max Jim Mascio Lisa May Maura Mason Steve McA lister Patricia Matthews Tom McAuhfte Patrick Matthews Robert McCann m £i y A - 4 {f% d mk Barbara McCarthy Craig Mclain Cecily McCormick Pamela McFarland Pamela Mcginnis Jim Mchaney Kirk McLaren Gary Mekaz Javier Melendez Renee Melendez La Dona Melthrotter Sharon Merriam Joni Mckamey Paul Miller 177 fe % Cindy Mobley Merita Monlgomery Patti Morris Linda Muldoon Jim Murray Dean Nixon Carlota Nunez Javier Molina Bruce Moock Jack Morrison Gary Munson Pam Musgrave Lucille Monday David Moore John Morrison Dawn Murphy Patti Myers Gary Myrick Kerry Nelson Dawn Newman Bill Nichols Wendy Nunez Mary Olson Renee Ortiz Debbie Overtoom Debbie Pacheco Carol Pacotti Ronie Perez Eileen Padilla Rick Phillips Marc Parent Don Pillette Martha Parra Cindy Pinger David Pattillo Gary Pisnii Scott Pecheck Lucy Pitts Ricky Perez Robin Planchon 178 Eva Plata Patricia Poet Jim Pollard Julie Pope Roger Potter Penny Powell Thomas Powell Bill Prather Melanie Premo Mike Prince Paul Prunier Esther Ramos Marlip Rasmussen Mike Rather James Rea Bryan Reed Dee Dee Reed Robin Reed Ron Reed Phil Reid Bill Reynolds Diana R ch Carlos Rodriguez Mike Ritchev Elida Rodriguez Dan Roberts John Rodriguez Vicki Robertson Luis Rodriguez Paul Robidoux Rosa Rodriguez Harold Rochester Frank Roffel Julie Rock Gilbert Rojas Jeff Romanelli Debbie Royer Joy Rubins Laurel Rucken Aruigal Ruiz Cheryl Sable Sally Sahr Susan Salazar IrmaSalvatierra Joel Sanderson Debbie Sanford Rosemary Sausedo Chuck Schmidt Ray Schmitz Catherine Schoulter Richard Schultz Joe Schwartz Lynn Sciarrotta Joe Scofield Sherrie Sease Vicky Shumacher 179 Darrell Seely Paul Selman Jennifer Serinara Paul Serra Hunter Sessions Al Shaffen Pat Sheridan Cindy Sigfusson Mike Simpfendorfer Andres Sisneros Debbie Smith Mary Smith Scott Smith Shen Smith Joel Smothermon RussSneed Glen Sneller Darlene Sparacio Tonie Stafford Gail Stahr Cindy Staub Robert Sternberg Dana Stewart Randy Stockton Sherry Stoddart Sheree Stofferann Bruce Strachan Jeff Straske Vicki Strieker John Strong Cindy Sullivan Shirley Summers Matt Sutherland Sue Swanson Tina Swenson Jose Talavera Todd Tanner Lori Taresh Mike Tarzwell Sean Taylor Tina Swartzendruber Jim Teed Kim Tempel Larry Thomas Mark Thomas Joci Thompson Chuck Throop Keith Tomlinson Scott Traylor Mike Trevino David Trinidad Cecilia Trojo Janet Tudg e John Tuttie Steve Valentine Vicki Vanderburg 180 A £ Jim Vanwey Paul Vargas Anna Vasques Nancie Vendre Cindy West Lauren West Mike Williams Ricky Williams Carol Wiseman Rex Wolacinaw Sandy Woodward La Verne Yearber Linda Wilson Susan Wilson Martha Winner Mark Young Linda Zielinski Michelle Zimmer 181 Class of ' 74 182 183 Sophomores Sandie Acevede Michele Affrey Doug Alford Ken Alford Terry Alley Beth Anderson Rodger Anderson Sandee Anderson Denise Aguilar Amalia Armenta Irma Ayala Ralph Ayala Cathy Bailey Janice Bailey Rudy Balon Elaine Baker Becky Barker Betty Barnes Jams Barnes Chris Bartholomew Cory Bartholomew Mark Barton Vicki Barzee Debbi Basford Claudia Bayne Steve Bayne Stacie Beam Peter Beard John Beattie Randy Beeman Jay Bensen Ben Bermudez Tom Bernich Diane Bishop Eric Bishop Dave Black Nancy Black Mike Blackford Margaret Bloom Gene Bojorquez David Bolland Curtis Booher 184 eiliiS Gary Borgen Pam Bradley Bill Brown Cindy Budke John Campbell Chuck Borden Tom Brandt Charleem Brown Bonnie Burandt Rosa Campos Mary Bos Ron Brant Susan Brown Roger Busse David Carlock Melame Bowen Barry Bratman Christine Bruno Treasa Byrd Barbara Carlson Rhonda Bowlin Chuck Bnggs Cheryl Bryan Wanda Calhoun Marci Carlson Dan Bowman Pam Broady Dan Buhre Gary Calentino Gary Carter Becky Boyd Steve Brow Lynn Buchholz Mike Campany Terrence Casey 185 EvaCatillo Renee Chambers Angelina Chavez Sara Chavira Janice Cheney Maile Chism Christina Christensen Rosanne Christensen Cindy Christiansen Claudia Clark Mark Clark Shirley Cli ntman Chris Coffield Paul Cohen Dean Compton Richard Conner John Coor Margaret Cornelius Clyd Corney Leolam Corney Helen Cossentine Marvin Cox John Craddock Mark Craven Brenda Creager Bill Cross Sheree Crum Jan Dailey Kevin Damewood Colin Day Pamela Dean Kelly Dey Anne Dickson Bruno Dominquez Linda Doughty Ginny Dreves Linda Dugan Tim Duke Rachel Durand Craig Durfee Denise Dziadus Kim Earll Ross Eastman Steve Filadelfia Brenda Espinoza Patty Floe Diane Esqueda Jean Flood Michael Fay Jane Folsom Steve Fazio Mike Ford Janet Ferguson Bob Fort Chris Fewel Betsy Fowler :s6 Juan Gomez Allison Greene Drew Hallman Shawn Harrington John Goossens Robert Guerrero Heidi Hammond David Hatcher Donna Graves Ken Gunther Stan Harding Linda Heard Trilby Gray Rick Hall Connie Harmon Linda Heist Chris Franks Bob Garry Cindy Frasier Terry Gavcus Mary Fredstrom Mark Gennare Craig Freeman Vickie Gibson Mark French Debra Gillette Linda Garcia Susan Godfrey Jean Gardner Frank Gomez Chris Henley Janet Hildebrand Pat Henrickson Debbie Holbrook Curtis Herrera Jeff Hotquin Mark Hess Karen Hughes Barbara Hession Pat Hulse Brad Higbee Debbi Hunter Victoria Hilb Gail Hybl 187 Daniel Ingouf Marc Jackson Mark Jackson Shannon Jacobson Randy Jaramillo James Johnston Patti Johnston Sandy Jones Betsy Jordan Janet Juarex Victor Kaaria Diane Kane Cathy Kirkman Swati Kadakia Dennis Kause Diane Klunder Lisa Kalson Debby Keiper Kenneth Knox Seth Kalson Athena Ketner Edna Kofford Mark Kamp Ken Kindshita Mark Kovacs Robert Kramp Eric LaRoe Kathy Kreitz Karen Larson Gena Kuenzlt Kim Larson Denise Lakatos Ron Lee Robert Lamarche Jim Leicht Lisa Leon Susan Leon Carol Lester Robert Levoit Christine Lindsey 188 Susan Lindsey Laurie Luce Russell Manion Susan Mathis Marilyn Logan Debbie Lugo Paul Manley Marie Matter Jesus Lopez Danny Luna Bob Marcum Gilbert Maturino Steve Lopez Mike Maciez Brian Marshall Lori May Tina Lopez Carol Madley Deborah Martin Vicki Mayster Timm Lotspeich Betty Madoux John Marvin Kevin McCarthy David Loury Bob Malley Mark Marvin David McClellan Joe McCoy Richard Merritt Elizabeth Mclivain Daniel Meze Paul McKinley Katjo Micholoky Bill McMichael Barb Middleton Susan Mead Hope Miller Ron Melthratter Jari Miller Richard Merrel Meredith Miller Patrick Miller Margaret Mortson Steve Miller Anita Morris Lois Minton Mary Morrison Francine Moreno Richard Morton Jannette Moreno Jackie Mueller Vincent Moreno Debbie Musch Michael Morgan Patti Nash 189 Jeff Nelson Ramon Nunez Cindy Orozco Laurie Nelson Elizabeth Nunley Yolanda Ortiz Gene Newman Dorothy Nyhus Lawrence Osgood Joel Newman Kathleen Odam Michael Overman Jim Nicholson David Ogden Steve Pacotti Kerry Nolan Robert Olson Robert Padilla Rick Nuffer Alan Olvera Richard Page Evie Palacios Debbie Parker James Parker Mary Parrish Kevin Patrick Douglas Patterson Michael Pattillo Peggy Paul Gustavo Pereda Hector Perez Victor Perez Cheryl Perkins Nancy Petersen Penny Pilgrim Janice Pimental Don Pirrs Dave Pisani Julie Piurek Steve Pollard Andrew Pizano Freddie Ponce Frank Plata Beth Poole David Poling Dan Purcell Diana Poling Jaime Ramirez 190 George Ramos Pam Rardin Mike Reed Miles Regan Richard Renck Arthur Renfrow Renee Renno Charlotte Reyes Karin Reynolds Keith Reynolds Kathleen Richards Dorothy Rios Mark Rios Katie Riutcel Vickie Robb Randy Robert Mark Roberts Alice Rochester Alfred Rodriguez Mayra Rodriguez Terri Rodriguez Tony Rodriguez Gunilla Rosensson Norman Roland Jay Rowe Martha Rueda Debbi Rush KristineSafarik Rick Salazar Javier Saldivar Kathy Sambrano Kathleen Sanchez Donna Sanders Sharon Sanderson Paul Sandovai Brian Sankey Barbara Schmidt MelodieSchmitz Cheryl Schnaebele JoAnn Schoonmaker Debbie Schoulten David Schultz Randy Schumacher Cindi Sever Doug Shaw Tim Shepard Carrie ShimeJ Elaine Shook NeddaShrum Ron Simons 191 Steve Slack Artie Jo Smedley Bob Smith Linda Smith Jerry Smith Jeff Sneed Gregg Sneller Rick Sparacio Steve Spencer Diana Spidall Lee Spillman Lori Stanley Cammi Stassi Jack Stephen Jeff Stephen Mark Stephens James Stoddart Susan Stoughton TimStouvenel JohnStryker Joe Stuart Laurie Stueland Janie Summers Robert Sutherland Bob Sweeney Sheryl Swenson Hal Taylor Elvis Thomas Roger Thomas Susan Thomas Cheryi Thompson 192 Clifton Tinker Pedro Trevino Cynthia Tolentino Donna Trezise Jay Tomlinsoo Joni Trowbridge Diane Tortorici Henry linger Steve Towns-snd Lydia Uriba Paula Treat Loretta Valdoz Lydia TreJo Teresa Valenzuela Jill Vanderwall Renuka Viswanathan Debbi Vanko Valerie Vlha Kathv Vankranenburgh Darlene Vollmer Mark Van Slyke Cindy Wagner William Vega Dean Walchak Curtis Vernoy Sarah Wales Martha Villanueva Karen Walters Pam Watkins Bryan Webb Mike Weber Deborah Weed Denise Weed Terri Welch Karen West Debbie Wharton Karen Wickman Dorothy Wight Randy Willcuts Brenda Williams John Williams Norma Williams Sheryl Williams Cathy Woods Pete Wilman Robbie Woods Gordon Winder Judie Woodward Ron Winn Mike Worrel Ora Jean Wolf John Yarbrough Jack Wolfe Steve Young Rod Wolterman Robin Youngreen 193 yti 194 K AN y loA : v cjb bad L om aa vi1± w, omaa £ Class of ' 73 195 Ricardo Acosta Suzanne Affrey Priscilla Aguilera Lynda Alford John Allen Cal Anderson Michael Anderson Shelly Anderson Fernando Arce Don Auerswald Dan Baarstad David Baker Ronald Ball David Barmer Michele Bauer Joyce Beck Cynthia Beckman Mary Benedict Mark Bensen Steve Berger Barbara Berk Jim Betzhold Gary Boehne Kathy Boeker James Bond Don Bouchard Linda Bowie Lone Bowhn David Boyd Tracy Boyd Jodi Bracken Joanne Brennan Debbie Brown Jim Bridges Kathy Brown 196 Juniors Don Brumley Cynthia Buck Jon Buehner Campbell Burke Patricia Burnette Cheryl Burns Donna Burroughs Julie Byres Charles Cacciata Debbie Calhoun Kathy Call Kathleen Callahan Jane Campbell Margaret Campos Jon Caradies Terri Carmelo Pamela Carter Angela Castillo Janet Codispot Raquel Castillo Ellen Cook Phil Champaign Jamie Cook Rick Chastain Wynette Cook Steve Christensen Robert Couey Debby Christopher Don Coulon Nancy Clark Cathy Cover Stephen Crane Gene Crawford Shirley Crawford JoeCummings Stacey Cunningham Dawn Curry Connie Daniels 197 Sharon Daugherty Koren Day Donald Deeks Linda Dees Diana Dominguez Mary Dougherty Karen Doughty Cindy Duff Heather Dunn Terri Dunn Gentry Eakin Steve Edberg Darcie Edmunds Gloria Erickson Laurie Eschner Karen Esqueda Cheryl Evans Mary Ann Fairgneve Cheryl Faulkner Gaylene Ferguson Hopey F lores Mary Follett Robin Forester Carolyn Forrest Denise Foster Ann Fought Dan Fowler Greg Fowler Dan Fredrickson Norma Freeman Gary Fuller Ronald Fulton Deborah Gadaire Patty Gagne Sylvia Gallo Mike Garcia Victor Garcia Debbie Garrison Jim Garver Pamela Genereux Janet Gibson Greg Giemont Jim Gilchrist Lon Gilmore 198 Mary Glenn Bob Godfrey Shelly Goldfarb Jimmy Gomez Jose Gomez Mike Gorg Jim Gortner Debbie Grainger Mark Graski Theresa Gross Rhian Gulassa Janet Gunsten Price Hallmann Christine Halvorsen Maureen Hamminga Donna Hansen Patricia Hardy Paul Harless Debbie Harper Bob Harrison Joy Harrison Vicki Harwood John Haspell Randy Havens Clark Hawkinson Susan Hayes Martin Headman Randy Heape Jermaine Hein Donald Hein Robert Hendrickson Miguel Hernandez William Hernandez Brad Hiltscher John Hinson Bill Hobbins Sue Holcomb Peter Holguin Kris Housel Elizabeth Howe Loretta Howitt 199 Mary Humenny Donna Hunt Alan Hunter Emily Huss Debbie Ibbs Donna Ibbs Charles Irwin Eric Jacobson Renae Jacobson Marta Jadwin Louisa Jaimes Rick Jaimes Sherryl Jefferson Corinne John Debra Johnson Frank Johnson Linda Johnson Marleen Johnson Connie Jones Sue Jones Jay Joslin Steve Kaan Kathyrn Kane Sandra Kause Tim Kelly Sharon Killingrey Mike Kieley Karen Kincaid Denise King Kevin Knight Candye Koehler Mark Koivisto Alan Kreimeier David Kruse Karen Kruse Julia Lynn Lambirth Lee Launer Barbie Lawrence Karen Lawrence Pat Lawson 200 Tracey Lawyer Vivian Linderman Sandra Lugo Chuck March Steve Lee Donald Lohoff Marcie Maginnis Renee Marcoux Joseph Leon Ronald Lohoff Patricia Magness Marta Marines Rosalia Leon Terry Lopez Rick Mallory Diane Markley Al Levassiur Maria Lozano Colleen Malone Craig Martelle Bill Levassiur Douglas Lowe Kenny Maione Brian Martin Brad Liedtke Jan Luce Janet Maples Melinda Martin Rosa Martinez Maureen Massey John Mathis Gail Mauner Barbara Maupin Debbie McAfee Micheal McAlister Steve McCall Karen McDermott Judy McKibben Connie McClain Michael McGee Joan McNeill Terria McClain Paul McHenry Mark Mealey Mike McDermitt Carmen McKell Eileen Mejia 201 Bob Melendez Lupe Molina Jim Morrison Nancy Norby Randy Melendez Margo Montgomery George Muldoon Sandy Oba Gil Mellis Marty Moore Dean Musso Alan O ' Hern Betty Merrill Barbara Moreno Robert Naranjo Dave Ostler Diane Miller Olga Moreno Bebe Nava Ralph Overtoom Debra Middleton Bob Morison Elitania Navarrette Shirley Owens Joaquin Molina Linda Morris Pam Nevins Linda Pacheco Lydia Pallares MikePatti Mike Paul Pat Peppard Robert Perez Howard Perkins Neil Petersen Richard Pinger Grant Prough Mark Rankin Clara Ponce Cindi Pullen Pam Rather Shelly Poole Charlene Quijano Marilynn Reck Kathy Pope Darlene Quijano Julie Rector Stephanie Prather John Ramirez Steve Ribelin 202 Gregory Richter Bob Ricketts Jack Ridley Sue Riley Phil Riutcel Cindy Roberts Toni Robles Bruce Romano Danny Romo Brenda Runge David Rosenberger Teri Rustad Craig Rowe Mona Ryan Irene Rueda Dereth Sakurai LillieSausedo LaReeSelman TimSheahan LoisScheesley Roberta Sham Leslie Skinner Lillie Shannon Leslie Slate Robert Scott Jim Shaw Debbie Smith Dennis Smith Greg Smith Merrily Smith Joyce Sowder Maraiee Spence Susan Spence Alan Spencer 203 Penny Spencer Sharon Swanson Jackie Thomas Robert Trowbridge SandieStanfill Susan Sweney Mario Thomas Diane Tudge Debbie Swenson Linda Torgerson Jill Turman Dan Stein Shelley Switzer Russell Trahan Carol Turner Sandra Stevenson Karen Syk Jody Traylor Ethel Turner Bryan Stoughton Carla Taylor Noemi Trevino Dan Twombly Suzanne Styles Patricia Terry Carter Trigg Rochelle Ulloa Susan Umstot Linda Villegas Joni Valadez Susan Vilsoet Joe Valenzuela Dan Wade Dana Van meter Mary Ann Wagner Steve Van meter Scott Walker Kris Van Bladeren Jesse Wallace Rhonda Van Rosendale Donna Waltz Pam Welch Chip Wertenberger Susan Weston Robert White Allan Wiechmann Arthur Wiechmann Claudia Willey Larry Williams Charles Williams Shawn Williams Tom Wilson Jim Workmann Carolyn Wright Glenn Wyman 204 seniors 205 Senior Service Awards MOLLY ANDREWS JON BOUVIA EDWARD BROW CLARK EMERSON CAROL HYBL JOE KOLB BECKY BAILEY TORY BRIGGS DEBBIE GLASER CRAIG LEICHT 206 GARY SIMONS CATHY SLY KATHLEEN WRIGHT Clark Emerson Kathleen Wright Edward Brow Christopher Kamp Vicki Schultz Carol Hybl Deborah Spidall Molly Andrews Paul Simon Gary Simons Tory Bnggs Susan Picquelle Robert Thomas Evans Terry Lynn Miller Diane Eastwood Eugene Oswald Edward Brow Debbie Glaser Kim Paris Stephen Premo Molly Andrews Becky Bailey Tory Bnggs Jeanne Grumet Jon Bouvia RACHEL YOUNG PAUL YOUNT Bank of America Engraved Plaque Winners Bank of America Certificate Award Winners National Merit Scholars National Merit Finalist Tory Bnggs National Merit Letters of Commendation CSF Life Members Exchange Club Boy and Girl of the Year California Savings and Loan Outstanding Student Kathleen Wright Fine Arts Liberal Arts Science Mathematics Vocational Arts Art Drama Music English Foreign Languages Social Studies Laboratory Science Mathematics Agriculture Business Home Economics Trades Industrial Barry Hydeman Lisbeth Solberg Kathleen Wright Craig Leicht Gary Simons Kathleen Wright Paul Yount Molly Andrews SUELLYN TOBEY 207 RONALD AGEE GORDON ALLEN DAVE ANDERSON MOLLY ANDREWS LESLY ARBOUET GREG ARCHAMBAULT JAMIE ARNSTEIN JOHN ASPRIDY JOHN ASTIN JACKIE AUSTIN ROBIN AUSTIN CARMEN AYALA FRANCES AYALA 208 BARBARA BADDELEY LYNN BAKER ROD BALES ROBERT BALL BECKY BAILEY PATTI BANDERAS LINDA BAILEY JACK BARBER GEORGE BARNES SHERRIE BARRON DEBBIE BECKMAN CURTBEENER ?09 PAM BOHLEN JACQUELYN BOOHER ROBERT BORSUM Joan Gates Senior Class Secretary JON ALAN BOUVIA SAM BRANDT TORY BRIGGS EDWARD BROW DIANE BUCHANAN CURTIS BUCK REBECCA BERGER HAZEL BESHEARS RICHARD BLACKFORD DEBBIE BOGENREIF 210 JONI BURNS SUSAN BURNS CHIP BURRIN NANCY CALDWELL MAUREEN CALENTINO SUECAMPANY RICK CAMPOS DORTHY CASTILLO 211 ROBERT CHAVEZ SUSAN CLAES RANDY CLARE CHRISTOPHER COCHRANE CASEY COLLINS EARLCORNELIUS CARYN COUEY JOHN COVINGTON MIKECRABILL DARLENE CRAWFORD LINDA CRAWFORD SANDRA CROWE KATHLEEN CUMMINGS LIBBY DALEY RAY DAVIS STEVE DAVIS 212 SHffiv VINCENT DAY JENNIE DE ANDA DEBRA DE VITO DIANA DONALDSON JIMMY DRAKE VIVIAN DUARTE DAVID DUKE STEPHANIE DUKIN PAM DULLEY DENNIS DURFEE 213 ROBERT EVERETT GRAHAM FITCHETT LIZ FLOAN SUE FOLEY RITA FORAND JAMES FOWLER ROBERT FRATES BRUCE FREUND ROBERT FULTON ROBERTA GALLI GLENDA GARCIA JOAN GATES 215 MARY GOMEZ DAVID GONZALES FREDGOOSSENS CONSTANCE GRAFFIS JEFF GRAINGER DEBRAGROMACKI JEANNE GRUMET CINDY GUILLEN CISNEROSGUILLERMO MICHAEL GUILLOT SHERRIE GULASSA RICHARD GUNDERMAN 216 CYNTHIA GUNSAULS CAROL GWINN DAVID HALL MARIAN HALLIWELL ROBERTA HALOG ROBERT HAMMOND DEBORAH HARDING JUDITH HARLIS BRIAN HARRIS CAROL HART KAREN HATTEN RANDALL HAUGHN DARRELL HAWKINS VICKI HAWKINSON 217 VERN HEBERT RUDY HELWICH PATRICIA HEROLD SCOTT HOGABOOM LINDA HEIDEMAN LESLIE HENDERSON JERALD HESS ROBIN HOLMES LINDA HEIN FRANCESCA HENLEY CAROL HELDT ILIANA HERNANDEZ 218 JEFF HUTCHISON CAROL HYBL BARRY HYDEMAN DEAN ISAACS MARY JACKSON CERISE JADWIN EVELYN JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON KATHLEEN JOHNSON CHRISTY HOOVER RANDALL HOOVER ROBERT HUGEMBERGER PHILIP HUTCHERSON 219 MIKE JOHNSON TERESA JUAREZ LU KAARIA GARY KAIHARA CHRISTOPHER KAMP STEPHEN KARSZ RITCHIE KATO DANIEL KECK JACK KEEGAN 220 DEBBIE KELLEY SHERRI KENNEY DAVID KIME DONALD KING PATRICE KINOSHITA MARY KRAMER OWEN LAMBOURNE PAUL LEE JOE KOLB DEBBIE KREITZ JOANNE LANAGAN CRAIG LEICHT SANDRA KOLL DANIEL KRUSE MARYANN LANCISERO JAMES KRACHMER FRANK LAKATOS SHELLY LARSON 221 SAUL LEON MARGARITA LOPEZ STEVEN LUGAR BOB MADDUX ROSA LEVOIT KATHI LOURY LUANNE LUTZ CATHY MAGUIRE PAUL LEYDA ARTHUR LOWE RICKMAAS DENNIS MAHONEY DONNA LITCHFIELD GARY LUDWIG JOHN MACRORIE JOHN MALINOWSKI 222 ANU SUSAN MALLEY CAROL MALLORY GARRY MANCINI CAROL MAN ST ROM LARRY MARKIN OLLE MARKSTEDT HERMELINDAMARQUEZ BRUCE MARTIN GARY MARTIN LUCY MATA 223 DAN MATTHEWS SUSAN MATTSON BOB MAY RANDY MAY DOUG MCAULIFFE DEBBIE MCAVAN MIKE MCCALL JOHN MCCARRON SHARON MCCARTHY GEORGE MCCLAIN PENNY MCCOBB BETSY MCHALE 224 CONCHA MELGOZA SANDY MERRITT JILLMESTEMACHER REGINAMETZINGER JANA MILLER JEAN MILLER TERRY MILLER TERRY MILLER 225 VICTORIA MOERKE MICHELLE MONTGOMERY CRYSTAL MOORE TONY MOORE GILBERT MORENO TONY MORENO VICKIE MORENO SHARON MORI BETH MORRISON MIKE MUSCH LARRY NELSON LAURIE NELSON PAUL NELSON 226 DIANE NESBIT CHRISTY NEUHALFEN WILLIAM NEWTON DAVID NIZNIK KATHLEEN NOLAN THOMAS O ' DAY LUPE OLVERA JOHN O ' NEAL LYLE OSTENSEN EUGENE OSWALD HECTOR OROZCO KIRK OVERMAN 227 DALE PARENT KIM PARIS CYNTHIA PARRA JACK PEARCE LORRAINE PEEK SAMMY PERALES MIGUEL PEREZ NORD PETERSON SUSAN PICQUELLE MIKE PILGRIM ESTHER PISANO GREGG PLAMBECK 228 MELANIE PLOUNG JEFF POTTS STEPHEN PREMO JOHN QUIJANO CARMEN RAMIREZ THERESA RAMIREZ EDWARD RAWSON RICHARD RAY KAREN RECLA ROBIN REID BARBARA REYNOLDS THOMAS ROBINSON MICHAEL ROBSON MARICELLA RODRIQUEZ 229 ARLENE ROJAS BEATRICE ROMERO BEA ROSENBURG CLAUDE ROSSOL KATHY ROYER KAREN RUNBERG KEITH SABLE MARKSAFARIK MARY SALAZAR CYNTHIA SANCHEZ AMY JO SAN ROMANI BOB SATTLER MARGARET SCHIMPF LINDA SCHMIDT SCOTT SCHROEDER CHRISTY SCHULTZ VICKI SCHULTZ MARYSELMAN LARRY SERRANO VALERIE SESSIONS FREDSHANK 231 ROY SIMMONS PAUL SIMON GARY SIMONS SARASIMPFENDORFER CATHY SLY MINDY SMITH PAM SMITH PATRICK SMITH STEVE SMITH 232 JOAN SNAVLEY CHARLES SNELLER JUDY SOLTZ BARBARA SOUTHERN DEBBIE SPIDALL MARSHA STALCUP KATHY STERGAR JOHN STONE JULIE STONICH IDAMAYSTRANGMAN VICKI STRONG TERRY STUELAND STEVE STUEZ TOM SUMMERFORD BILLSWARTZ BILLSYKES JILLTAPSCOTT MARY TEED 233 KAREN THEIL PAUL THOMPSON CHERIE VALENZUELA ED VEHLE KAREN THOMAS SUE TOBEY PAUL VANDERWALL RON VEJAR LARRY THOMAS PEGGY TRIGG LUANNE THOMAS ROSA VALDEZ 234 DAVE WALES RALPH WALLACE BILL WALSH CAROL WALTERS GEORGE WARE JOHN WATKINS JULIE WATKINS STEVE WEBER CLARADELL WEIBLER T, 1A MIKE VENDRELL CATHY VERGE JANET VERGE BILL VOLMER 235 MICKEY WEIDE DAVE WEILER STEVE WHALEY DONNA WIGHT VICTORIA WILKOSKI SUSAN WILLIAMS JIM WISEMAN MARK WOLFE MIKE WOLFE BOB WOOD 236 BRUCE WOOD PEGGY WOOD MELISSA WOODY JOHN WORTMANN BRIAN WRIGHT JANINE WRIGHT KATHY WRIGHT ROBERT WRIGHT 237 In Memoriam. . Steve Lugar, senior; Gene Crawford, Junior; an Louis Boyer, custodia I watched a sail until it dropped from sight Over the rounding sea. A gleam of white, A last far-flashed farewell, and. like a thought Slipt out of mind, it vanished and was not Yet to the helmsman standing at the wheel Broad seas still stretchedjbeneath the gliding kee Disaster? Change ' He felt no slightest sigrwi»| Nor dreamed he of that horizon line. So may it be. perchance, wh Our dear ones vanich. PeacefulyUhey On level seas, nor mark the unknown I We call it death — to them ' tis life beyond.™ (author unknown) Painting by Qaryn Couey 238 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALLEN, GORDON C. Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Nomina- ting Convention 1,2; Student Congress 1,2. ANDERSON, DAVE J. Basketball 1 ; Cross Country 2; Track 1,2; Biology Club 3,4. ANDREWS, MOLLY Student Congress 1,2,3; Election Board 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Frosh Pres. 1 ; ASB Sec. 2; ASB Vice Pres. 3; Nominating Convention 1,2,3; Varsity Tennis 1 ,2; JV Volleyball 4; Idakas 3,4; Pres. 4; Class Vice Pres. 3; ICC 1,2,3,4; Constitutional Convention 3; CSF 1 .2,3,4; Dance Concert 3; Poetry Club 2. ARCHAMBAULT, GREGORY R. Varsity Basketball 3,4; Russian Club 1,2; ICC 4; Biology Club President 4. ARNSTEIN, JEANNE-MARIA Pep Chairman 4; Idakas 3;4; Treas. 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Photo Editor 4; Publicity Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4; Rally Committee 1,2,3,4; Pres. 4; Y-Teens 1,2,3.4; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Dance Mgr. 3; Vice Pres. 4; Sr ICC 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Vice Pres. 4; Pleiades 2,3,4; Social Committee 1,2,3, 4; Drama Club 2,3; Spanish Club 1 ,2; Modern Dance Concert 2,3,4. ASKEVOLD, RUTH A. Pleiades Newspaper 2,3,4; Editor 3,4; Quill Scroll 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1 ,2; Pep Club 1; Poetry Club 2. AUSTIN, JACQUELINE Featherettes 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Concert Choir 3; Girls Ensemble 1 ,2; Nominating Convention 2,3. AYALA, CARMEN M. Frosh Art. -Homecoming; Election Board 2; Publicity Club 1 ; Spanish Club 1 ,2; Featherettes 2,3; Song Leader 4; Home Queen 4. BADDELEY, BARBARA D. Pep Club 1 ,3,4; Idakas 4; Biology Club 3,4; GAA 2; Concert Choir 3; Kids Next Door 3. BAKER, LYNN E. Featherettes 4; Drama Club 1 . BANDERAS, PATTIE Pep Club 2; Publicity Club 2; Spanish Club Treas., 2; Y-Teens 2,3; Featherettes 2,3; Photography Club 3,4; Student Congress 1 ; ASB Nom- inating Convention 3. BARBER, JACK R. Football 1,2; Baseball 2,3; Library 3. BARRON, SHERYL L. Idakas 3,4; Talent Show 2; Music Ensembles Group 1,2,3; Drill Team 3; Dance Production Concert 3; Freshman Class Sec. 1 ; Student Congress 1 ,2,3. BECKMAN, DEBRA K. Dance Concert 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Track Club 2; Gymnastic Team 2; Split Seconds 3,4; Biology Club 3; Talent Show 4; Dance Club Manager 4. BEENER.CURT A. Photo Club 3. BENNO, DAVID G. Electronics Club 1 ; Stags 3; Social Com mittee 3; Biology Club 2; Weekly Pleiades 4; Quill Scroll 4; Pres. 4; ICC 4; Delegate ASB Nominating Con- vention 1,3. BERGER, BECKY Y-Teens 1 ,2; Pep Club 9; GAA 1 ; Student Court 2; Student Congress 2; Student Teacher 2; Class Sec. 2; Election Board 2; Featherettes 3,4; Leader 4; Y-Ette Advisor 3. BLACK, PAUL R. Kids Next Door 3; The Dirt Bike Club 4; Drama Club 2; Biology Club 1. BOHLEN, PAM J. Photography Club 4. BOOHER, JACQUELYN S. Social Committee 3; Chairman 4; EBWC 4, Thespians 2,3,4; Drama Club 2; Y-Teens 2; One Acts 2; Brigadoon 4; Night Was Dark 3; Troy Summer Prod ' s 1 ,2; Curious Savage 2; Stage Door 3; Arsenic and Old Lace 4; Charlie Brown 3; Talent Show 4; Vaudeville Show 3; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming Pwo Wow Assemblies 4; ICC 4. BORSUM, ROBERT D. Commissioner of Communications 4; Pleiades 2,3,4; Sports Editor 2; Copy Editor 3; Football Programs Ed. Photographer 4; Sports caster 4; Morning Broadcast Sportsline 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Calif. Scholastic Press Assoc. 2,3,4; Publicity Comm. 4; Drama Publicity Chairman, Brigadoon 4; Diary of Anne Frank 4; Publicity Comm. Arsenic And Old Lace 4; PTSA Teepee Tales, Student News Editor 4; Tennis Manager 4; KEZY High School Campus Outlook Report- er 3; FUHS Athletic Reporter 3,4; FUHS correspondence for Fullerton News Tribune 3,4. BOUVIA, JON A. Speech Club 1,2,3,4; Speech Pres. 3,4. Tennis 2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Ping-Pong Club 4; Nat ' l Thespian Troup 4; Tennis 2,3; Cross- country 2; CSF 2,3,4; Nat ' l Forensic Society 1,2,3,4; Movies 3,4; Brigadoon 4; Anne Frank 4; Arsenic and Old Lace 4; Production Chairman 4. BRANDT, SAMUEL R. Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Student Medical Society 3,4; Pres. 4; Madrigal Singers 4. BROW, EDWARD P. Biology Club 2; Student Medical Society 3; Student Court 3; CSF 2,3,4, Math Team 4; Water Polo 2,3,4; Swim- ming 1 ,2,3,4; Varsity Swim 3,4; Kiwanis Bowl 4; Nominating Con- vention 2,3. BUCHANAN, DIANE M. GAA 1 ,2; Gymnastics Team 3; Speech Club 3; Election Board 4; Y-Teens 2,3; Dance Productions 4. BUCK, CURTIS L. Spanish Club 1 ,2; Chess Club 2.3,4; Or- chestra Concerts 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Pep Band 3; Dino 3; Brigadoon 4; Diary of Anne Frank 4; Arsenic and Old Lace 4; Assembly Committee 4; Thespians 4. BUDKE, GREG A. Football 1; Basketball 1,3,4; Men ' s Choir 1 ; Concert Choir 2,4; Kids Next Door 3; Madrigals 3. BUHRE.TOM P. Sports; Wrestling 1,2,3; Football 1,3; Diving 2,4; EBWC 4. BURNS, ELLEN P. Student-Faculty Court 4. BURNS, SUSAN L. Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Concertmistress 4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Vice President 3,4; Pep Club 2; David and Lisa 2; Talent Show 4; CSF 1,2,3. CALDWELL, NANCY A. GAA 1,2. CALENTINO, MAUREEN C. Future Homemakers 2 3 Y Teens 2,3. CHAVEZ. ROBERT R Football 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Track 1,2. CLARE, RANDY L Track 1,2; Football 1, Music Concert 4. COCHRANE, CHRISTOPHER M. Men ' s Choir 1; Concert Choir 2 3 4 VIVA 2,3. COLLINS, CASEY D. Football 1,2; Track 1.2,3,4; Varsity Club 2.3,4; Pres. 4; ICC 4. COUEY, CARYN M. Spring Play 1 ; Varsity Tennis 3; FTA 3; Art Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Lab Asst. Comm. Art 4; Talent Show 2 CRAWFORD. DARLENE K. GAA 1 ,2,3; Drama Club 1 ,2; Publicity Club 1,2; Biology Club 2; Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4; Social Comm. 1.2. CRAWFORD, LINDA J. Junior Att. Homecoming 3. CUSACK, THOMAS D. Germany-Kaiserslautern, Basketball 1; Spain-Madrid, 1; Football; Hawaii Waipahu, Chess Club DAVIS, DANNY R. Photo Club 3,4. DUKE; DAVE P. Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Concert Band 1 ,2; Track 1 ; Varsity Club Treasurer 4. DUKIN, STEPHANIE L. AWS Representative 1; Pep Club 1,2, 3; Social Committee 2; Publicity Club 2,3; Biology Club 3; The Lottery 2; Goon Squad 4. DURFEE, DENNIS M. Biology Club 2. ELKIN, KEITH J. JV Tennis 1 ; Manager JV Varsity Tennis 2,3; Manager JV Varsity Basketball 3. EMERSON, CLARK C. Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Major 3,4; Pep Band 1, 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Tennis 1 ,2,4; Varsity Club 1.2,3,4; Student Congress 1,2,3; Commissioner of Faculty Relations 4; California Scholarship Federation 1,2,3; Russian Club 1,2; American Field Service 2,3; Biology Club 3; Pep Club 3; Rally Comm. 3; Summer Drama Workshop 4; Bank of America Plaque Winner (Fine Arts) 4; Kiwanis Bowl 4. EMIGH, GEORGE V. Football 1 ,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 1. EVANS, GARY A. Football 1.2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. EVANS, RANDALL J. Class Vice-Pres. 2; Class Treas. 3; Marching Band 3,4; Jazz Band 4; Tennis 1 ,2; Commissioner of Student Relations 4. FLOAN, ELIZABETH A. GAA 2,3,4; Publicity 2; FTA 2; Pres. 2; VIVA 3,4; ICC 2,3; Biology Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Pres. 4. Drama Club 1 . Dance Quill Scroll 4, CSF 3.4; Annual Staff 4. Cherokee Dar GLASER, DEBRA D. Y-Teens 1.2,3; Vice Pres. 3; Pleiades 1,2,3,4; Featherettes 2,3.4; Modern Dance Concert 3, 4; Student Congress 1 ,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4; Idakas 3,4; Vice Pres 4. GUNSAULS, CYNTHIA M. Modern Dance Concert 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert and Symphonic Band 1.2,3.4; Color Guard Captain 4; Modern Dance Club 3 GUNTHER. KARL J. rig Band 3,4. GWINN, CAROLE A. Thespians 3,4; Idakas 4; Stage Door 3; Lunch Box Theater 3; One Acts 2,3,4; Student Congress. HALLIWELL, MARNEY A. Featherettes 2; Leader 3; Song Leader 4. HALOG, ROBERTA GAA 1,2,3.4; Class Rep. 1,3,4; Historian 2; FTA 2,3; Permanent Election Board Member 4; AFS 2,3,4; World Friendship Club 4; Pres. 4; ICC 4; Biology Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2.3; Pleiads 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Big F 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Pep Club 1 ,2; Secre- tary-Treas. 4. HAMMOND, ROBERT L. Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pleiads 4. HARDING, DEBORAH A. GAA 3; Featherettes 4 HART, CAROL A. Biology Club 3,4; Photo Club 4, Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 4; Gymnastics 3,4; Nominating Convention 3,4; HAUGHN, RANDALL L. Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2; Baseball 2; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4. HEIDEMAN, LINDA J. Biology Club 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; GAA 3,4; Publicity 4; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4. HEIN, LINDA M. Concert Band 2,3; Pep Club 4; Pep Band 2; Quill Scroll 4; Annual Staff 4; Biology Club 3,4; Publicity Club 4; GAA 4. HELWICH, RUDY F. Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1.2; Student Congress 2,3. HERNANDEZ, ILIANA B. Quill Scroll 3,4; Pleiades, 3,4; Cherokee Dancer 4; Modern Dance Concert 3; Dance Produc- tions 4; Pep Club 4; Mini Dance Concert 3; Editor of Literary Magazine 4; CSF 3,4. HEROLD.TRICIA A. Drama Club 1,2; Lunch Box Theater 1 ,2; One-Act Plays 2; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 1 ,2,3; GAA 2; AFS 2. HUTCHISON. JEFF J. Football 1,3,4,; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. HYBL, CAROL P. 239 Annual Staff 4; Drama Club 1.2,3.4; Thespians 1.2,3.4; Pres. 4; AFS 1,2,; AWS 1; Fall Play 1 ,2,3,4; Spring Play 1,2,3.4; Leads 3,4; Featherettes 4; Biology Club 1,2; Pleaides 2,3,4; Mini Dance Concert 3,4; Social Committee Y-Teens 2; Summer Drama Workshop Play 3; One Acts 2,3; Vaudeville Show 3; Talent Show 3; Director 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Nominating Convention 4. HYDEMAN, BARRY L. Society for the Annihilation of Incommunicability 2; Campaign Manager 3; Threes Company 2,3,4; Lobby Committee 4. JADWIN, CERISE Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1.2; Orchestra 1,2; Student Medical Society 3; Biology Club 3; Modern Dance Concert 3,4; Idakas 4; French Club 2; Nominating Conven- tion 2,3; GAA 1,2 JOHNSON, EVELYN Teenset 1 ; Pres. 1 ; Concert Choir 3; VIVA 3.4; Pres. 4; ICC 4. JOHNSON, KATHLEEN M. GAA 1 ,2; Girls Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Kids Next Door 3; David Lisa 2; Drama Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Cherokee 4; Dance Produc- tions 3. JUAREZ, RUBEN D. Cross Country 2,4; Track 2,3,4. KAARIA, LU Featherettes 2,3. KAIHARA, GARY G. Crosscountry 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4. KAMP, CHRISTOPHER W. Basketball 1,2,3.4; Track 1,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Key Club 4. KARZ, STEPHEN E. Biology Club 3; Pleiades 3; Baseball 2,3,4; French Club 2,3. KATO, RITCHIE K. Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Jazz Band 4; Election Board 4; Water Polo 1 ,2,3,4; Swim- ming 1,2,3,4; CSF 2,3,4; Biology Club 2. KECK, DAN J. Water Polo 1 ,2,3,4; Swimming 1 ,2,3,; Jazz Band 3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Baseball 4; Pep Band 2,3. KENNEDY, FORREST E. Water Polo 1,2; Track 1,2,3. KENNEY.SHERRI D Publicity Committee 1,2; Pep Club 2; Girls Choir 1 ; Drama Club 1 ,2,3; Y-Teens 2,3. KIME, DAVID R. Junior Varsity 2, B Football 2; Pep Club 3. KINOSHITA, PATRICE K. GAA 1 ,2,3; Biology Club 4; Pep Club 1 ; Russian Club 1 ; Student Medical Society 2,3,4; VIVA 3,4; FTA 2,3,4. KOLB, JOSEPH L. Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Speech Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Election Board 4; Movie Maker 3,4; Student Lobby 4; Assembly Crew 4. KOLL, SANDRA M. Biology Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Social Committee 4; Drama Club 1 ; Featherettes 4; Art Club 3,4, GAA 1. KRACHMER. JAMES B. Concert Band 3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Work Experience 4. KRAMER, MARY B. Campus Life 3,4; Choir 2. KREITZ, DEBBI S. Modern Dance Concert 3; Volun- teens Club, Pres 1 ; Student Council 3. LAMBOURNE, OWEN S. Tennis 2,3; Biology Club 3; Concert Choir 1 ,2,3; Kids Next Door 3; Student Congress 2,3; Men ' s Choir 1 LEICHT, CRAIG H. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Base- ball 1 ,2,3.4; Golf 1 ,2.3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Treas. 4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Sec. 4; Student Lobby 4; Student Congress 1,2,3; Student Medical Society 2,3,4; California Scholastic Federation 1 ,2,3,4. LEVOIT. ROSALINDA A. GAA 1 ; Student Council 1 ,2; Pep Club 1,3,4; Featherettes 2,3; Nominating Convention 2,3,4; Poetry Club 4; Varsity Yell Leader 4. LOPEZ, MARGARITA M. GAA 1,2,3,4. LOURY, KATHI L. Modern Dance Concert 3,4; Spanish Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Y-Teens 2,3; Mime Troupe 3,4; Fall Play 1,2,3; Spring Play 3; Talent Show 2; Christ- mas Play 2; Vaudeville Show 3; CSF 1,2,3,4; Social Committee 2; Idakas 3,4; Featherettes 2,3; Volunteens 2. LOYD, BARRY L. Football 1.2,3,4; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 4. MACRORIE, JOHN S. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1; Key Club 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Student Congress Rep. 1,2; Nominat- ing Convention 3. MALLORY, CAROL A. Concert Choir 3.4; Girls Choir 1,2; Madrigals 3,4; Girls Ensemble 2. MANSTROM, CAROL J. Drama Club 1 ; Campus Life 1 ,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Student Medical Society 2,3,4; Election Board 4; Y- Teens 4. MARKIN, LARRY E. Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1 ; Nominating Rep. 3; Track 3,4; Ping Pong Club 4. MARQUEZ, HERMALINDA M. GAA 2.3,4, Biology 4; MECHA 4. MARTIN, GARY R. Ping Pong Club, Pres. 4; Concert Band 1,2; Orchestra 1,2; Marching Band 2. MATTSON, SUSAN J. Y-Teens 1 ,2,3,4; ASB Sec 4; Spanish Club 1,2; CSF 1,2,3,4; Featherettes 3,4; Social Committee 2,3,4; Idakas 4; Spring Play 3; Dance Mini Concert 3,4 Pep Club 1; Quill Scroll 4. MAY, ROBERT D. Student Congress 1,2; Pep Club 4; Class Pres. 2; Varsity Yell Leader 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Biology Club 4; B Football 1; JV Baseball 1,2; B Bas- ketball 1; ASB Nominating Conven- tion 2,3; Publicity Committee 2; Key Club 4; Fall Play 3; ICC 2. McAVAN, DEBORAH L. Idakas 4; Social Committee 4; Thespians 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Homemaking 3. McCALL, MIKE T. Swimming 1 ; Water Polo 1 ,2,3,4. McCARRON, JOHN M. STAGS 2; Photo Club, Treas. 3; Pres. 4; Art Club 4; ICC 4;Football 1 McCarthy, sharon p. Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Publicity 3; Fall Play 3; Drama Club 2,3; Social Com- mittee 3,4; Dance Productions 3,4; Kids Next Door 3; Y-Teens 1 ,2,3; Treas. 3; Summer Play 3; Concert Choir 3; EBWC 4; Dance Concert 3,4; Talent Show 4; Quill Scroll 4; Nom- inating Convention 2; Biology Club 3; Dance Concert 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4. McCLAIN, GEORGE L. Football 1. McCLANAHAN, LORNA G. Spanish Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Biology Club 2. McNEIL, ROBERT P. Football 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Biology Club 4. McNICOL, JAMES P. FFA 2,3,4; Football 2. MERRITT, SANDRA K. Campus Life 2. MILLER, JEAN R. Drama Club 1 ,2; Pep Club 1 ,2; Spring Play 1 ; GAA 3,4; Photo Club 4; AFS 1,2,3; Featherettes 2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Lunch Box Theater 1,2; Night of One Acts 2; Y-Teens 1,2,3. MILLER, TERRY L. FTA 3; Girls Choir 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Madrigals 3. MONTGOMERY, MICHELLE M. Drama Club 3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Thespians 3,4. MOORE, TONY A. Wrestling 1,4. MORI, SHARON K. Pep Club 1 ; Photo Club 3,4; Nominat- ing Convention 1,2. NELSON, PAUL J. Chess Club 1.2,3,4; Pres. 3,4. NELSON, LARRY M. Class Pres. 1; Jazz Band 2,3,4; March- ing Band 3,4; Commissioner of Campus Activities 4; Dance Productions 4; Christmas Play 4; Summer Play 2,3. NESBIT, DIANE R. FHA 2,3; YWCA 3; GAA 1 ; Social Committee. NOLAN, KATHLEEN L. Girl ' s Choir 1 ,2; Concert Choir 3; GAA 2. O ' DAY.TOM A. Photo Club 3,4. OSWALD, EUGENE P. German Club 2; Photo Club 3,4; School Disc Jockey 4. OVERMAN, KIRK R. Spanish Club 1 ; Chess Club 2; Photo Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; Key Club 2. OWENS, CRAIG D. Water Polo 1 ,2,3; Stags 1 ,2,3; Concert Band 1 ,2.3.4; Swimming 1 ,2; Latin Club 1,2; Key Club 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4. PALMER, CLAY A. Russian Club 1,2; Biology Club 2. PARRA, CYNTHIA A. GAA 1,2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 4; Student Congress 1 ,2; Pep Club 4; Photo Club 3; Vocal Ensemble 3; Madrigals 3; Pleiades Newspaper, Photographer 3,4; Nominating Convention 1,2,3,4. PEARCE, JACK B. Class Pres. 3; Varsity Club 1 ,2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Sec. 4; Associate Justice 4; Varsity Swimming 1 ,2,3, 4; Water Polo 1 ,2; Student Congress 2,3; Pep Club 2. PERALES, SAM Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2,4; Varsity Club 1,2, 3,4; Track 3. PEREDA, JAVIER R. Spanish Club 2; Pres. 2; ICC 2; Key Club 3.4; Student Alianza Member 3.4; Student Congress 2; Spanish Club 1,2. PETERSON, NORD A. C Football 1; JV Football 2. PLAMBECK, GREGG E. Water Polo 1,2,3; Biology Club 3; Photo club 3,4; Assembly Com- mittee 4; Annual Staff 4; Student Medical Society 4; Quill Scroll 4; AOPA 1.2.3,4; Student Con- gress 1,2; Student Advisory Com- mittee 4; Stags 1 ,2,3. PLOUNG, MELANIE C. Pep Club 3; Publicity Club 3; Volunteens 2; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Idakas 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Y-Teens 3; Social Work 4. QUIJANO, JOHN M. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Club 3,4. QUINN, SHARON I. Photo Club 3,4. RAMIREZ, CARMEN H. GAA 3,4. RAWSON, EDWARD W. JV Wrestling 1 ; JV Football 2; FFA 2,3,4. RECLA, KAREN P. GAA 1,2,3,4; Big F 3; Student Council 2; GAA Treas. 3; Pep Club 1,2; Idakas 3,4. REID, ROBIN GAA 2,3,4; Pres. 4; AFS 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; ICC 4; FHA 1 ; Election Board 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Quill Scroll 4. REYNOLDS, BARBARA A. Annual Staff 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Art Club 4; Spanish Club 1 ,2; Y-Teens 1,2. ROBSON, MIKE H. Ping Pong Club 1,2,3,4. SAFARIK, MARK E. Chess Club 2,3,4; Forensic 2,3; Tennis 1 ,2,3; Ticket Committee 1 ; Drama Club 3,4; Student Lobby 4; Key Club 3.4; Stags 2,3; German Club 3; Spring Play 4; Pleiades 2,3, 4; RBA 1,2. SANCHEZ, CYNTHIA A. Publicity Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Photo Club 3,4; Pep Rally 2,3; Y- Teens 2; Principals Roll High Honors 3,4. SATTLER, ROBERTA. 240 Concert Band 1,2,4; Marching Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Football 1 ,2,3,4; Wrestling 2; Key Club 3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Varsity Club 4. SAUSEDO, VICTOR M. B Football 3. SCHANK, FRED J. Football 3,4; Basketball 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. SCHIMPF, MARGRETH B. Student Government 1,2,3; German Club 2; FFA 2; Concert Choir 3,4. SCHMIDT, LINDAS. GAA 1 ,2,3,4; Treas. 4; AFS 2,3; FTA 2,3; Biology Club 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Concert Choir 3; Pep Club 4; Talent Show 4 SCHRIMMER, MARKS. Water Polo 1,2; Photo Club 3,4; Social Committee 2,3,4; Chairman 4; Pleiads 3; Assembly Committee 2,3; Biology Club 3; Stags 2,3; Key Club 3,4; ICC 4; Annual Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4; Music Club 4; Pres. 4. SCHROEDER, SCOTT L Hi-Y 2,3; Spanish Club 1 ,2; Photo Club 3,4; Electronics Club 1 ; Biology Club 3. SCHULTZ, CHRISTY S. Featherettes 3; Pleiads 3. SCHULTZ, VICKI L. Biology Club 3,4; Medical Society 2,3,4; Dance Concert 3. SEMAN. LYAL D. Russian Club 2,3,4; Science Fiction Club 3,4; Electronics Club 2,3: Pres. 3. SERRANO, LAWRENCE T. AMS 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Football 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Weekly Pleiades Staff 3,4. SESSIONS, VALERIE A. Modern Dance Concert 3. SHAW, DON J. Varsity Basketball 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Key Club 4. SHOOK, DEBORAH L. French Club 1 ; Student Congress 2; Social Committee 2; Rally Committee 3; Varsity Yell Leader 4; Class Sec. 3; Featherettes 3; Annual Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4, Y-Teens 1 ,2: Idakas 4. SIMON, PAUL E. Jazz Band 3,4; Student Lobby Com- mittee 4. SIMON, RODNEY B. Basketball 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Football 3. SIMONS, GARY R. Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3.4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Key Club Pres 4; ICC 4; Student Medical Society 2,3,4; Student Congress 2; Student Lobby 4; California Scholastic Federation 1,2, 3.4; SLY, CATHERINE E. Modern Dance Concert 2,3; AFS 2; Biology Club 3; Social Committee 1 ; Pleiades Staff 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; CSF 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Idakas 3,4; Election Board 2,3; Treas. 4; Hi-Y 3; GAA 2; Constitutional Revisal Committee 3. SMITH, PATRICK T. Student Congress 1; Student Teacher Aid 1; Nominating Convention 1,2,3; Biology Club 3; Ecology Club 3; Science Fiction Club 3,4; Vice Pres. 4; Electronics Club 4; Poetry Club 3,4. SMITH, STEVEN E. Cross Country 2; Track 2; Wrestling 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; AFS 2,3; Speech Club 2,3; Ticket Committee 4 ' Spanish Club 3. SPLEEN, VIKKI J. Pep Club 2; Publicity Club 2. STONICH, JULIE M. Pep Club 1,2; Publicity Committee 1,2,3; Pow Wow Attendant 2; Social Committee 1.2; Play 2; Featherettes 3. STRANGMAN, IDA M. Modern Dance Concert 3,4; Feather ettes 2; Leader 3; Varsity Yell Leader 4; GAA 1 ; AWS 2. Talent Show 4; Nominating Convention 2,3; CSF 3,4; Pep Club 1 ,2; Social Committee 2; French Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2. STRONG, VICTORIA D. Publicity Club 2. SWARTZ, BILL J Water Polo 2; Tennis 2; Biology Club 3; Student Medical Society 4; U.S. Auto Club 4; Sports Car Auto Club 4. TAPSCOTT, JILL R. Y-Teens 1 ,2,3; Sec. 3; Social Commit- tee 2; Publicity Committee 2; Home- coming Att. 2; Song Leader 4; Feather- ettes 3; Dance Concert 3,4. THOMAS. KAREN P. Publicity Committee 3; Pep Club 3; Social Committee 3; Rally Committee 3; Concert Choir 3; Ensemble 3; Bio- logy Club 3; Y-Teens THOMSON, CINDY M. Photo Club 3; Sec. -Treas. 4. VENDRELL. MICHAEL M. Talent Show 1,2,3.4; Modern Dance Concert 3,4; German Club 1 ; Drama Club 1 ,2,3; Thespians 2,3,4; Poetry Club 2, Pep Club 1 ,2,3; Stage 1 ,2; Track 1,2,3; Water Polo 1,2; Wrestl- ing 1 ; Dance Club 3; Mime 1 ,2,3,4; Willie Ugh 4; Speech Club 2,3; Marching Concert Band 2; Biology Club 3; Chess Club 1 ,2; Student Con- gress 1,2,3; ICC 3; Concert Choir 2. VERGE, JANET G. Concert Choir 1 ,2; Tennis 1 ; Y-Teens 1 .2,3,4; Pow Wow Queen 4. WALES, DAVID B. Basketball 1 ,2,3; Class Pres. 4; Executive Board 4; Plays 3,4; Tennis 2; Pleiades 3. WALTERS, CAROL L. Photo Club 4; Biology Club 3,4. WEIDE, MICKEY B. Vice Pres., Ping Pong Club 4. WHALES, CLAUDE S. Kids Next Door 3; Publicity Club 1 ; Biology Club 3; Concert Choir 2,3; Chess Club 1. WIGHT, DONNA Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Treas. 3; FTA 2,3,4; Pres. 3; Biology Club 3,4; Featherettes 4; Student Medical Society 3.4; Sec. 4; ICC 3,4; Con- stitutional Convention 3. WILSON, SALLY J. Modern Dance Concert 2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Pres. 1 ,2; VIVA 2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; AFS 3; Concert Choir 1,2,3. WOLFE, MIKE E. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Court Justice 4. WOOD, BOB Basketball 1; Football 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4. WOOD, BRUCE C. Football; AMS 1 ; Art Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Latin Club 1.2; Photo Club 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Kids Next Door 3; Concert Choir 1,3; Stags 2,3; Social Committee 4; ICC 4; Annual Staff 4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Music Club 4; Vice Pres. 4. WOOD. PEGGY L. Kids Next Door 3; Silver Threads Among The Coal 3; Brigadoon 4; Drama Club 3,4; Biology Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3. WOODY, MELISSA B. GAA 1 ,2,3,4; Manager 4; Volunteens 1; Spanish Club 2; Publicity Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; Thespians 3,4; Pleiads 3,4; Idakas 4; PTSA 4; Student Congress 3; World of Friendship Club 4; Com- missioner of Curriculum 4; Summer Play 3; Vaudeville Show 3; Talent Show 4. WORTMAN, JOHN D. Football 1 ; Tennis 1 ,2,3,4; Class Vice Pres 2; Russian Club 1 ,2; Pres. 3; Key Club3,4; ICC 3; Yell Leader 4; Lt. Governor Key Club International California-Nevada-Hawaii District Division 30 3,4; Student Congress 1 ,2; Social Committee 3; Pleiads 3; Var- sity Club 3,4; Biology Club 4. WRIGHT. JANINE A. Spanish Club 1 ,2,3; Pres. 2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Cabinet 2,3,4; AFS 2,3; American Student Abroad to Columbia 4; World Friendship 4; CSF 3,4; Fall Play 2; FTA 3; Big F ti Pres. 4; Annual Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4; ICC 4. WRIGHT. KATHLEEN A. Spanish Club 2; Quill Scroll 3,4; Pres. 3; AFS 2,3; Pres. 3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis Mgr. 3; Dance Company 3,4; Dance Concert 2,3,4; ICC 3; Delegate Nominating Convention 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Artist 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Election Board 3; Social Committee 2; Idakas 4; Pleiads 1,2,3,4. WRIGHT, ROBERT C. Water Polo 1 ,2,3,4; Tennis 1 ,2,3,4; Basketball 1 ; Swimming 2; Varsity Club 1 ,2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Ping Pong Club 4; FFA 1 ; Biology Club 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3. YOUNG, RACHEL J. GAA 1 ; Biology Club 1 ,2,3; AFS 2,3, 4; CSF 2,3,4; Drama Club 1 ,2; Thespians 3 4; ASB Sec. 4; Publicity Committee 1,2. 241 Milk Drinkers Make Better Lovers This page was purchased for $100.00 by M.D.O.A. (Milk Drinkers of America) Craig Leicht Gary Simons John Wortmann Rudy Helwich Bob Sattler Mike Pilgrim Don Shaw Chris Kamp Bubbalouie 242 Junior Class 243 Sew Easy 153 North Raymond 526-5144 Child ' s Rug Works CECIL MORTON 1837 W. 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Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, Calif. 92631 member of Presidents Council Phone: 525-0264 Jaheng Fashions 1334 E. Chapman Ave. 526-1976 245 r- Williams Co. 112 Commonwealth 525-7560 246 Fullerton Savings Loan Susie ' s Needlecraft 318 North Euclid 879-9070 200 West Commonwealth Ave. 871-4244 Fashions from BOUTIQUE 202 S BRADFORD PLACENTIA 247 7T 248 Senior Men 249 Congratulations to the Class of 1972 Fullerton Rotary Club NORMAN PAGE- PRESIDENT Schrimmer Insurance Agency 1001 East La Habra Blvd 525-3079 INDEX Aberegg, Rod 1 72 Acevedo, Lisoa 1 72 Acevedo, Sandie 184 Acosta, Ricard 196 Acosta, Silvio 1 72 Adamson, Stephen 137,156,172 Affrey, Michele 184 Affrey, Suzanne 77,196 Agee. Ronald 208 Aguiar, Martha 1 72 Aguilar, Denise 184 Aguilera, Joey 1 72 Aguilera, Priscilla 196 Alcott, Kerri 168 Alford, Douglas 84,184 Alford, Ken 184 Alford, Lynda 196 Alig, Laura 172 Allen, Donald 172 Allen, Gail 172 Allen, Gordon 208 Allen, John 107,196 Allen, Judith 172 Alley, Terry 184 Alter, Jim 116 Anderson, Beth 1 16 Anderson, Bruce 172 Anderson, Calvin 196 Anderson, David 208 Anderson, Laurie 172 Anderson, Michael 105,110,196 Anderson, Rodger 137,156 Anderson, Sandee 184 Anderson, Shelley 77,196 Andrade, Sandra 102 Andrews, Molly 62,121,167,208 Araiza, Cathy 172 Arbouet, Lesly 208 Arce, Fernando 196 Arce, Sandra 1 72 Archambault, Gregory 62,1 14, 144 Armenta, Amalia 107 Arnstein, Jeanne 62,1 12,121, 125 Arzola, Margie 40,41 ,1 72 Ashcraft, Allison 172 Askevold, Ruth 112,122 Aspridy, John 208 Astin, Jennifer 172 Astin, John 106,113,208 Atterbury, Donna 172 Auerswald, Donald 196 Austin, Robin 121,208 Ayala, Carmen 40,72,208 Ayala, Frances 208 Ayala, Irma 102 Ayala, Ralph 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Jennifer 172 Beard, Peter 184 Beattie, John 136,184 Beattie, Mary 172 Beck, Joyce 196 Becker, Henry 172 Beckman, Cynthia 77,99,196 Beckman, Deborah 101,209 Beebe, Gordon 137,172 Beeman, Randy 184,136 Beener, Curtis 209 Beidler, Martin 1 72 Bell, Arlene 209 Benedict, Mary 196 Benno, David 122,209,112 Benno, Don 136 Bensen, Joy 184 Bensen.Mark 196 Bergan, Marian 1 16 Berger, Rebecca 76,210 Berger, Steven 81,196 Berk, Barbara 113,114,96 Bermudez, Ben 184 Bernich, Tom 184 Bersen, Arlene 1 73 Bernsen, Rose 64 Beroldi, Brian 173 Berry, Paul 1 15 Beshears, Hazel 210 Betzhold, James 196 Bishop, Dianne 184 Bishop, Eric 153,184 Black, David 137,156,184 Black, Nancy 108,184 Black, Paul 210 Blackburn, Jeff 173,136 Blackford, Michael 81,184 Blackford, Richard 210 Bloom, Margaret 94,62,108,184, 168 Bloom, Sue 173.62 Boegen, Myea 173 Boehne, Gary 196 Boeker, Kathleen 196 Bogenreif, Debbie 210 Bohlen, Pam 210 Bojorquez, Eugene 136,164 Bojorquez, Geneiveve 173 Bolock, Denise 1 73 Boland, David 137,156 Boiler, Theresa 184 Bond, James 196 Bonfanti, Paolo 196 Booher, Curtis 184 Booher, Jacquelyn 210,92,99, 62,125,112 Boone, Jim 173 Bordan, Chuck 185 Borgan, Gary 185 Borsum, Robert 61,98,112,210 Bos, Mary 185 Bosna, Marcy 173,83 Bouchard, Donald 1 16,196 Bouvia, Jon 44.106,92,93,104, 125,210,71,62 Bowen, Melanie 81,84,185 Bowie, Linda 77,108,186 Bowlin, Lorie 77,98,196 Bowlin, Ronda 185 Bowman, Danny 185 Boyd, Becky 81,83,185 Boyd, David 81,196 Boyd, Tracy 115.196,166.167 Boyer, Karen 1 73 Brackett, Joyce 196 Bradley, Pam 166,185 Brandt, Samuel 62,1 15,210 Brandt, Thomas 185 Branham, Barry 185 Brant, Ronald 158 Brashares, Betty 196 Breeling, Kenny 173 Brennan, Joanne 196 Brewer, Ralph 196 Bridges, James 196,81,84,85 Bridges, John D. 81,137,173 Briggs, Charles 185,143,164 Briggs, Tory 140,210 Broady, Pam 185 Broady, Regina 1 73 Brow, Edward 138,139,210 Brow, Stephen 137,156 Brow, David 137,156 Brown, Alan 1 73 Brown, Charleen 116,185 Brown, Debbie 196,81 Brown, Kathleen 90.196 Brown, Russell 173 Brown, Susan 185 Brown, William 185 Brumley, Donald 197,81.82,84, 85,120 Bruno, Anthony 185 Bruno, Christine 185 Bruno, Marianne 173 Bryan, Cheryl 185 Bryan, Cindy 1 73 Buchanan, Diane 64,210 Buchholz, Lynn 116 Buck, Curtis 81,92,1 10,210 Buck, Cynthia 197 Budke, Cynthia 185 Budke, Gregory 144,211 Buehner, Jon 197 Bufkin, Bruce 143 Bufkin, Bill 142,211 Buglione, Carmen 173 Buhl, Barbara 81,84,173 Buhre, Cynthia 173 Buhre, Daniel 185 Buhre, Tom 21 1 Burandt, Bonnie 185,64 Burk, Ann 185 Burke, Campbell 197,173 Burke, Deborah 83 Burnette, Patricia 64,76,1 13, 115,197 Burns, Cheryl 108,197 Burns, Ellen 66,211 Burns, Joni 21 1 Burns, Susan 21 1 ,83 Burnside, Scott 1 73 Burrin, Chip 211 Burroughs, Donna 197 Busse, Rodney 136 Busse, Roger 185 Butts, Linda 173,81 Byars, Donna 173 Bybyk, Lynn 173 Byers, Julie 197 Byrd, Teresa 168,166,167, 185 Cacciata, Charles 120,150,151, 197 Caldwell, Karen 173 Caldwell, Nancy 211 Calentino, Gary 136 Calentino, Maureen 21 1 Calhoun, Debbie 77,197 Calhoun, Wanda 77,185 Callahan, Kathleen 197 Campany, Michael 84,185,81 Campany, Susan 81 ,84,21 1 Campbell, Jane 197 Campbell, John 116,185 Campos. Margaret 197 Campos, Ricardo 65,66,1 20,21 1 Campos, Rosa 185 Cannon, John 1 73 Cannon, Trudy 87,1 73 Caprine, Craig 1 16 Caradies, John 197 Cardenas, Barbara 1 73 Carey, Danny 1 73 Canoch, Margi 1 73 Carlock, David 136,185 Carlson, Barbara 62,98,89,185 Carlson, Marcie 185 Carrel, Michael 173 Carrine, Craig 1 73 Carrol, Terry 106,113,128,158. 159 Carter, Gary 185 Carter, Pamela 197 Carter, William 137,173 Casarez, Joey 136 Casey, Terrence 185 Castillo, Angela 197 Castillo, Dorothy 211 Castillo, Eva 102,186 Castillo, Patrick 173 Castillo, Raquel 114,197 Chambers, Renee 186 Champaign, Paula 75,173 Champaign, Philip 90,197 Chandler, Lynn 173 Chapman, Mike 153,173 Charles, Lisa 173 Charles, Susanne 1 73 Chastain, Rick 92,95,197 Chavez, Angelina 186,102 Chavez, Robert 128,132,134. 212 Chavira, Sara 186 Chen, Paul 103,114 Cheney, Janice 166,186 Chief, Mary 168,173 Chingari, Christina 87,173 Chingari, Darlene 1 74 Chism, Frank 174 Chism, Maile 71,98,186 Christensen, Christina 186 Christensen, Nancy 174 Christensen, Rosanne 83,94,186 Christensen, Steve 135,147,197 Christensen, Cindy 186 Christopher, Debra 166,197 Cisneros, Andre 174 Claes, Susan 121,212 Clare, Randy 212 Clark, Claudia 186 Clark, Mark 136,186 Clark, Nancy 114,197 Cleveland, Vickie 87,174 Clintsman, Shirley 186 Cobban, Ivy 174 Coburn, Gary 136,153 Cobyrn, Gary 174 Cochrane, Christopher 212 Cocke, Cheryl 174 Cof field, Chris 186 Codispoti, Janet 197 Codispoti, Margaret 87,1 74 Cohen, Paul 135,186 Coen, Lyn 1 74,98 Coffield, Becky 174 Coke, Cheryl 87 251 Collins. Casey 62.128,142.158. 159,212 Colucci, Candy 174 Compton, Dean 186 Conner. Mark 136,164 Conner, Richard 164,186 Cook, Ellen 75,197 Cook, Jamie 75,197 Cook, John 186,161 Cook, Wynette 70,104,113,125. 197 Cooper, Tnna 174 Cornelius, Earl 81 ,84,85,212 Cornelius, Margaret 81 ,84,85, 186 Corney, Clyde 81.82,84,135.164, 186 Corney, Leolani 186 Cossentine, Helen 186 Coulter, Eric 1 74 Coulter, Robyn 174,98 Couey , Caryn 91 ,1 1 2,1 25.21 2 Couey, Robert 81 ,82,84,85,197 Coulon, Don 197 Cover, Cathy 197 Covington, John 212 Cox, Marvin 186 Crabill, Mike 212 Craddock, John 186 Crane, Stephen 44,88,92,197 Crawford, Darlene 212 Crawford, Eugene 82,197 Crawford, Linda 212 Crawford, Ron 174 Crawford, Shirley 197 Craven, Mark 186 Creacer, Brenda 186 Cross, Bill 186 Crowe, Sandra 21 2 Crum, Sheree 105,186 Cruz, Larry 174 Culp, Diane 62,107.174 Cummings, Joe 1 10,197 Cummings, Kathy 81,84,85,126, 128,166.167,168,212 Cunningham, Ellen 86,174 Curry, Dawn 197 Dailey, Jan 89,186 Daley, Libby 212 Dallape, Toni 174 Damewood, Kevin 81,84,186 Daniels, Connie 197 Daniels, John 81 Daniels, Keith 136,174 Dannemeyer, Bruce 137,174 Daugherty, Sharon 77,99,1 13,1 14, 198 Davis, Ray 212 Davis, Steve 212 Dawson, Gregorio 1 73,1 74 Day, Colin 186 Day, Karen 166,198 Day, Vincent 213 Dean, Pamela 186 Deanda, Jennie 213 Deeks, Donald 81 ,82,84,198 Dees, Linda 198 Dennis, Bill 174 De Vito, Debra 213 Dey, Kelly 186 Diaz, Joe 102,148,164 Diaz, Josie 174 Dickson, Anne 186 Dodson, Chris 174 Dominguez, Bruno 186 Dominguez, Diana 107,198 Donaldson, Diana 213 Donaldson, Neil 174 Dougherty, Mary 198 Doughty, Karen 198 Doughty, Linda 87,186 Douglas, Diamnia 174 Doyle, Louise 95,174 Drake, Jimmy 213 Dreves, Ginny 186 Duarte, Vivian 213 Duchene, Paul 174 Duff, Cindy 77,122,197 Dugan, Linda 186 Duke, David 128,132,134,150, 151,213 Duke, Tim 135 Dukin, Stephanie 213 Dulley, Pam 108,213 Duncan, Pamela 174 Dunn, Heather 77,198 Dunn, Tern 116.198 Duran, Lucy 102,174 Durand, Rachel 40,41,186 Durfee, Craig 136,186 Durfee, Dennis 213 Dyer, Cristine 174 Dziadus, Denise 186 Eakin, Gentry 198 Eakin, Valerie 174 Earll, Kim 186 Eastman, Ross 186 Eastwood, Bob 1 74 Eastwood, Diane 214 Edberg, Steve 198 Eddleman, Michael 136,148 Edmunds, Darcie 75,198 Edwards, David 174,164 Egbert, Janie 174 Elkin, Keith 214 Elkin, Peter 175 Ellis, Debbie 175 Emerson, Clark 60,82,84,85.128, 160 Emigh, George 132,134,128,158,214 Enckson, Gloria 196,198 Erlenbusch, Douglas 175 Eschner, Gordon 214 Eschner, Lauralyn 76,198 Espinoza, Brenda 186 Espinoza, Teresa 1 75 Esqueda, Diana 166,167,168,186 Esqueda, Karen 198 Estrada, Alina 214 Estrada, Margarita 214 Etchison, Matthew 175 Evans, Cheryl 108,198 Evans, Gary 150,214 Evans, James 71,81,84,214 Evans, Judy 1 16,1 75 Evans, Karen 86,87 Evans, Robert 116,62,214 Everett, Robert 114,128,175 Everett, Robert 214 Fairgneve, James 175 Fairgneve, Mary 116,198 Farley, Karen 87,175 Farrelly, Debbie 1 75 Faulkner, Cheryl 122,198 Fay, Mike 186 Fazio, Steve 186 Ferguson, Gaylene 198 Ferguson, Janet 186 Ferguson, Tammie 116,175 Fewel, Christopher 186 Filadelfia, Joe 175 Filadelfia, Steve 186 Finke, David 175 Fiol, Alfredo 175 Fitchett, Graham 214 Fletcher, Cheryl 87,175 Floan, Elizabeth 62,105 Floe, Patricia 186 Flood, Jean 186 Flores, Fausto 136,152 Flores, Hopey 198 Foley, Sue 214 Follet, Mary 83,94,198 Folsom, Jane 186 Forand, Rita 215 Ford, Mike 186 Forester, Robin 198 Forrest, Carolyn 198 Forrest, David 1 75 Fort, Bob 186 Foster, Denise 198 Foster, Douglas 137 Fought, Ann 198 Fowler, Daniel 198 Fowler, Elizabeth 186 Fowler, Greg 198 Fowler, James 215 Franks, Christine 86,187 Frasier, Cindy 187 Frates, Robert 128,215 Frednckson 81,82,84,198 Fredstrom, Mary 187 Freeman, Craig 187 Freeman, Norma 198 French, Anthony 175 French, Mark 187 Fuel, Chris 135 Fuller, Gary 198 Fulton, Robert 215 Fulton, Ronnie 81 ,82,84,85, 120,198 Furnes, Katherine 168,1 75 Furnes, Melinda 166,167 Gabriel, Joseph 187 Gadaire, Deborah 94,105,198 Gagne, Patty 198 Galh, Roberta 215 Gallo, Aurora 102,198 Garcia, Arlene 1 75 Garcia, Armando 175 Garcia, Debbie 175 Garcia, Glenda 215 Garcia, Gracie 1 75 Garcia, Isabel 1 75 Garcia, Linda 89 Garcia, Michael 198 Garcia, Theresa 1 75 Garcia, Victor 198 Gardner, Jean 91,99,187 Garrison, Debbie 77,198 Garry, Robert 116,137,156,187 Garver, James 198 Garza, Alfredo 175 Garza, Patty 175 Gaspar, Arthur 136 Gates, Joan 76,99,1 1 2,1 24,1 25, 215 Gavcus, Deborah 87,175 Gavcus, Theresa 187 Genereux, Pamela 99,114,121,198 Gennaro, Mark 187 Gertlar, Richard 175 Geyer, Laura 215 Gibson, Janet 77,198 Gibson, Vickie 187 Giemont, Garrett 148,1 75 Giemont, Gregory 198 Gilchrist, James 198 Gillette, Cindy 175 Gillette, Debra 77,187 Gilmore, Lon 198 Glaser, Debra 44.65,71 ,78,104, 112,113,121,125 Glenn, Mary 108,199 Glenn, Michael 215 Godfrey, Robert 128,141,158, 199 Godfrey, Susan 187 Golden, Mike 152 Goldfarb, Shelley 199 Golgn, Marc 175 Goll, Bill 175 Gomez, Bobby 102,175 Gomez, Frank 187 Gomez, James 199 Gomez, Jose 199 Gomez, Juan 102,187,215 Gomez, Maria 175 Gomez, Mary 216 Gonzales, David 62,102,216 Gonzales, Ruben 102 Gonzales, Martha 175 Goossens, Fred 142,158,216 Goossens, John 187 Gorg, Mike 199 Gorg, Rebecca 1 75 Gortner, Jim 90,199 Graffis, Constance 71,93,216 Grainger, Deborah 77,199 Grainger, Jeff 216 Graski, Mark 90,199 Graves, Donna 86,187 Gray, Trilby 187 Greene, Allison 89,95,187 Gromacki, Debra 121,216 Gross, Theresa 199 Grumet, Jeanne 76,112,113,121, 125,216 Guerrero, Robert 102,187 Guillen, Cindy 102,216 Guillot, Michael 216 Gulassa, Peter 137,175 Gulassa, Rhian 199 Gulassa, Sherrie 112,216 Gunderman, Jerry 116,136,164, 175 Gunderman, Larry 116 Gunderman, Richard 116,216 Gunsauls, Cynthia 81 ,84,85,21 7 Gunsten, Janet 62,196,199 Gunther, Karl 81 Gunther, Ken 187 Gutierrez, Ruben 175 Gutteridge, John 156,175 Gwinn, Carole 121,92,217 Haddon, John 1 75 Hall, Bob 175 Hall, David 217 Hall, Richard 187 Halhwell, Marian 40,73,217 Hallmann, Drew 120,187 Hallmann, Price 105,147,158, 199 Halog, Roberta 62,64,1 12,1 14, 103,126,128,125,166,167, 168,217 Halvorsen, Christine 92,94,199 Hamilton, Nancy 89,175 Hamminga, Maureen 166,199 Hamminga, Sandra 175 Hammond, Heidi 77,187 Hammond, Robert 81,84,85,217 Hana, Tina 175 Hansen, Donna 76,199 Hanson, Bradley 175 Harding, Deborah 76,217 Harding, Stanley 135 Hardy, Patricia 199 Harless, Paul 199 Harlis, Judith 217 Harmon, Connie 187 Harper, Deborah 76,199 Harrington, Shawn 98,187 Harris, Brian 21 7 Harrison, Jane 1 75 Harrison, Joy 199 Harrison, Robert 199 Hart, Carole 90,1 14,21 7 Hart, Paul 175 Harwood, Vicki 98,199 Haspell, James 128,175 Haspell.John 138,139,175,199 Hatcher, David 187 Hatten, Karen 217 Haubein, Teresa 87,1 75 252 Haughn, Randall 128,134,217 Havens, Randy 90,199 Hawkins, Lynn 105,217 Hawkinson, Clarke 199 Hawkinson, Vicki 217 Hayes, Susan 199 Hayley, Charles 175 Headman, Martin 199 Heape, Randy 199 Heard, Linda 187 Hearne, Stephan 175 Hebert, Verne 218 Hedrick.Greg 136,148,164,175 Heideman, Linda 98,114,125,126, 167,168,218 Hein, Donald 199 Hein, Jermaine 199 Hein, Linda 98,114,125,168,218 Heist, Linda 187 Heldt, Carol 218 Helwich, Rudy 218 Henderson, Leslie 218 Hendrickson, Robert 199 Henley, Chris 187 Henley, Franceses 218 Henrickson, Pat 187 Hernandez, Danny 164,175 Hernandez, Denise 102 Hernandez, lliana 78,112,113, 122,218 Hernandez, Mario 152,136,175 Hernandez, Miguel 135,199 Hernandez, Rosemarie 62,1 75 Hernandez, William 199 Herold, Patricia 218 Herrera, Rick 175 Herzberger, Kim 89,1 75 Hess, Jerald 218 Hess, Mark 81,84,85,1 16,187 Hessions, Barbara 187 Higbee, Brad 120,161,187 Hilb, Victoria 187 Hildebrand, Janet 76,187 Hill, Hugh 176 Hillman, Steven 187 Hiltscher, Brad 92,199 Hinson, Lee 199 Hobbins, William 199 Hoffman, David 176 Hogaboom, Scott 218 Holbrook, Anne 176 Holbrook, Debbie 187 Holbrook, Kathy 89,176 Holcomb, Jody 199 Holguin, Jeff 187 Holguin, Peter 199 Holguin, Teresa 1 76 Holland, Allison 176 Hollimon, Paul 176 Holmes, Robin 218 Hood, Kathy 81,176 Hoover, Christie 219 Hoover, Randall 219 Houghton, Robert 176 Housel, Kris 199 Howe, Elizabeth 199 Howitt, Loretta 199 Hugenberger, Robert 219 Hughes, Karen 187 Hughes, Pamela 81 ,85,1 76 Hulse, Pat 187 Humenny, Mary 121,200 Humenny, William 83,136,152 Hunt, Donna 200 Hunter, Alan 152,200 Hunter, Debbie 187 Huss, Ellen 166,176 Huss, Emily 77,122,200 Hutcherson, Jackie 176 Hutcherson, Phillip 132,134, 144.219 Hutchinson, Jeff 128.132,134, 219 Hybl, Carol 62,92,95,99,77,125, 219 Hybl, Gail 99,95,1 12 122,187 Hyde, Cindy 89,176 Hydeman, Barry 71,219 Ibbs, Debra 200 Ibbs, Donna 200 Ingouf, Dan 188 Irwin, Charles 200 Isaccs, Dean 106,120.160,219 Jackson, Mark 149,165,188 Jackson, Mary 167,219 Jacobson, Eric 200 Jacobson, Shannon 188 Jacobson, Renae 200 Jadwm, Cerise 121,219 Jadwm, Marta 200,81 ,75 Jaimes, Loretta 1 76 Jaimes, Louisa 200 Jaimes, Richard 200 Jaramillo. Randy 188 Jaramillo, Rocky 176 Jaramillo, Steven 136,176 Jauregui, Marta 1 76 Jefferson, Sherryl 200 Jimenez, Robert 176 John, Corinne 200 Johnson, Beverly 176 Johnson, Debbie 176 Johnson, Debra 200 Johnson, Evelyn 62,219 Johnson, Frank 200 Johnson, Jennie 176 Johnson, John 219 Johnson, Kathleen 79,219 Johnson, Linda 121,200 Johnson, Mark 1 16,176 Johnson, Marleen 200 Johnson, Mike 220 Johnston, James 188 Johnston, Patricia 89,98,188 Jones, Connie 200 Jones, Sandy 62,92,95,188 Jones, Sue 200 Jordan, Betsy 188 Joslin, Jay 200 Joyce, David 158 Juarex, Janet 102,188 Juarez, Terry 166,164,220 Juarez, Rubin 158 Jubala, Kim 99,107,176 Kaan, Steven 200 Kaaria, Lu 220 Kaaria, Victor 188 Kadakia, Swati 98,188 Kaihara, Gary 128,150,151,220 Kalson, Lisa 92,188 Kalson.Seth 111,188 Kamp, Christopher 120,128,144, 158,220 Kamp, Mark 81,84,147,188 Kane, Diane 188 Kane, Kathryn 86,87,200 Kania, Dale 176 Karsz, Stephen 220 Kasner, Kevin 1 76 Kato, Ritchie 81 ,82,69,220 Kauppi, Wayne 148,176 Kause, Dennis 149,165,188 Kause, Sandra 113,114,166,167, 200 Kazakevicics, Audre 81 ,1 76 Keck, Daniel 82,83,138,139,220 Keegan, Jack 220 Keiper, Debby 166,188 Kelley, Debbie 220 Kelly, Timothy 200 Kenney, John 176 Kenny, Lesa 176 Kenney, Sherri 220 Kern, Joni 176 Ketner, Athena 188 Killinggrey, Sharon 200 Kime. David 220 Kincaid, Karen 200 King, Denise 166,200 King, Donald 220 Kinoshita, Kenneth 188 Kinoshita, Patrice 114,220 Kirkman, Catherine 188 Kirkman, Colleen 176 Klassen, Richard 220 Klunder, Diane 188 Knight, Kevin 120,138,200 Knox, Kenneth 107,188 Kobzoff, Steven 136,164 Kociemba, Micheal 136 Koehler, Candye 76,200 Kofford, Edna 77,89,188 Kohlenberger, Jeannie 87,1 76 Koivisto, Mark 200 Kokinda, Kenneth 1 16,136,176 Kolb, Joseph 44,64,71,104,113, 128,142,158,220 Koll, Sandra 77,91,114,220 Koski.Gary 176 Koski, Lauren 114,121 Kovacs, Mark 188 Kovacs, Robin 1 76 Krachmer, James 81 ,82,84.221 Kramer, Mary 221 Kramp, Robert 188 Kramp, Wendie 176 Kraven, Mark 1 1 1 Kreimeier, Alan 200 Kreitz, Debbie 221 Kreitz, Kathy 108,188 Kruse, Daniel 81,82,84,116,221 Kruse, David 200 Kruse, Karen 83,89,200 Kubin, Susan 87,176 Kuenzli, Gena 92,93.95,188 Lakatos, Denise 188 Lakatos, Frank 221 Lamarche, Robert 136,188 Lamas, Monica 1 76 Lambirth, Julia 94,200 Lambourne, Mary 1 76 Lambourne, Owen 221 Lanagan, Joanne 221 Lanagan, Steve 1 53,1 76 Lancisero, Maryann 221 Lara, Christine 102 Laroe, Linn 109,134,188 Larose, Timothy 188 Larson, Karen 188 Larson, Kim 188 Larson, Scott 81,176 Larson, Shelley 73,221 Lasunowicz, Basia 176 Launer, Leland 1 13,128.138. 139.200 Lawrence, Barbara 127,200 Lawrence, Karen 200 Lawson, Pat 95,200 Lawyer, Tracey 201 Lee, Bruce 176 Lee, Ronald 188 Lee, Stephanie 176 Lee, Stephen 142,150,151,158, 201 Leffel.Terri 87,176 Leicht, Craig 1 1 5,1 20,1 28,1 32. 134.221 Leicht, James 120,135,165.147, 188 Lemke, John 176 Leon, Eddie 201 Leon, Lisa 102,188 Leon, Rosalia 107,201 Leon, Saul 222 Susan 188 i 62,188 I 20, 128, 132 134,150,151,201 ' 51.201 I 76 W,188 salinda 74,108,222 i 136,148.1 76 ■ Brad 90,128.201 in 87,1 76 . Vivian 62.201 Lindsay, Susan 64,89,95,98,99. 189 Litchfield, Donna 222 Litchfield, John 136,176 Loewe, Marcie 176 Logan, John 1 77 Logan, Marilyn 81 ,84,189 Lohoff, Donald 84,201 Lohoff, Ronald 81,84,201 Lopez, Caeser 143,149 Lopez, Margarita 166,167,168, 222 Lopez, Steve 189 Lopez, Terry 108,201 Lopez, Tina 102,189 Lopez, Jesus 189 Lopez, Lupe 168,167,177 Lotspeich, Timm 116,137,156,189 Lovie, Aaron 1 77 Loury, David 62,1 14,189 Loury, Kathi 77,95,92,93.121, 222 Lowe, Arthur 222 Lowe. Bill 86,156 Lowe, Douglas 120,138,201 Lowe, James 1 37,1 77 Loyd, Barry 112.128,132,134 Lozano, Alicia 126,167,168 Lozano, Maria 77,107,201 Luce, Jan 201 Luce, Margaret 77,189 Ludwig, Gary 222 Lugar, Steven 138,139,222 Lugo, Debra 189 Lugo, Sandra 201 Luna, Daniel 136,152,189 Luna, Eddie 177 Lutz, Luanne 222 Maas, Ricky 222 Maciel, Mike 189 Macrorie, John 120,128,134,144, 159,222 Maddux, Betty 83,189 Maddux, Bob 222 Maddux, Carol 83,86,177 Madley, Carol 189 Maginnis, Marcie 76,201 Maginnis, Stuart 116,177 Magness, Patricia 201 Maguire, Cathy 222 Mahoney, Dennis 128,134,222 Maldanado, Manuel 177 Malinowski, John 222 Malley, Robert 136,149,189 Malley, Susan 223 Mallory, Carol 86,223 Mallory, Richard 86,201 Malone, Colleen 90,92,201 Malone, Kenneth 201 Maluy, Mike 177 Mancini, Garry 223 Manion, Russell 189 Manlord, Penny 87,177 Manley, Debra 177 Manley, Paul 81,84,189 253 Manlord, Penny 177 Manning, Gaynell 177 Manstrom. Carol 64,1 14,1 1 5,223 Maples, Janet 201 March, Charles 165,201 Marcoux, Renee 92.201 Marcum, Robert 189 Marines, Manna 201 Marines, Veronica 177 Markin, Larry 128,134,158,223 Markley, Patricia 108,201 Markstedt.Olle 223 Marmolejo, Rebecca 177 Marquez, Hermelinda 167,168, 166,223 Marshall, Brian 105,109,189,161 Martelle, Graig 71,110,201,160 Martin, Barry 177 Martin, Brian 86,201 Martin, Bruce 223 Martin, Deborah 86.189 Martin, Gary 106,223 Martin, Melinda 99,126,166,167, 201 Martinez, Rosa 201 Marvin, John 108,147,165,189 Marvin, Mark 109,189 Mascio, Jim 1 77 Mason, Maura 177 Massey, Maureen 201 Mata, Lucy 223 Mathis, John 201 Mathis, Susan 98,189 Matina, Joaquin 102 Matter, Marie 95,189 Matthews, Dan 224,81,82,83,84, 85 Matthews, Patricia 95,177 Matthews, Patrick 81 ,1 77 Mattson, Susan 77,113,121,125, 224 Matunno, Gibert 102,136,189 Mauner, Bruce 1 77 Mauner, Gail 77,201 Maupm, Ann 1 77 Maupin, Barbara 201 Max, James 1 77 May, Lisa 89,1 77 May, Lori 189 May, Randall 114,224 May, Robert 74,224 Mayster, Victoria 64,86,98,99, 189 McAfee, Debra 201 McAlister, Michael 201 McAlister, Steve 177 McAuliffe, Douglas 224 McAuliffe, Thomas 136,148,177 McAvan, Debbie 92,121,224 McCall, Mike 139,224 McCall, Steven 201 McCann, Robert 177 McCarron, John 90,91,224 McCarthy, Barbara 177 McCarthy, Kevin 149,164,189 McCarthy, Sharon 112.125,224 McClain, Connie 201 McClain, Craig 177 McClain, George 224 McClain, Terria 201.102,86 McClaren, Craig 105 McClellan, David 189 McCobb. Penny 224 McCormick, Cecily 177 McCoy, Joseph 189 McDermit. Mike 201 McDermott, Karen 98.201 McFarland, Pamela 177 McGee, Michael 201 McGinnis. Pamela 177 McHale, Betsy 224 McHaney, Jim 126,177 McHenry, Paul 161,201 Mcllvain, Elizabeth 189 McKamey, Joni 177 McKell, Carmen 201 McKibben, Judy 62,201 McKmley.Paul 120,149,189 McLanahan, Lorna 225 McLaren, Kirk 177 McLaren, Craig 86,225 McMichael, William 81.84,1 14, 1 89 McNeil, Joan 77.101,108,121,201 McNeil, Robert 158,225 McNicol, James 225 Mead, Susan 189 Mealey, Mark 90,201 Mejia, Eileen 201 Mekaz, Gary 1 77 Melendez, Bobby 128,134,202 Melendez, Javier 148,177 Melendez, Randy 202 Melendez, Renee 87,177 Melgoza, Concepcion 225 Mellis, Gilbert 161,202 Melthrotter, La Dona 177 Melthrotter, Ronald 189 Merrel, Richard 189 Mernam, Sharon 177 Merrill, Betty 202 Merritt, Richard 189 Merritt, Sandra 225 Mestemacher, Jill 225 Metzinger, Regina 225 Meza, Dave 140,158 Meza, Daniel 189 Michalshy, Katja 189 Middleton, Barbra 1 10,189 Middleton, Debra 1 16,202 Miller, Diane 202 Miller, Hope 189 Miller, Jana 225 Miller, Jan 189 Miller, Meredith 91,189 Miller, Jean 225 Miller, Patrick 108,189 Miller, Paul 161,177 Miller, Steve 189 Miller, Terry 116,225 Miller, Terry Lynn 86,225 Milman, Jeffrey 156 Milne, Ann 81 Minton, Lois 189 Mobley, Cindy 178 Moerke, Vickie 226 Molina, Javier 178 Molina, Joaquin 202 Molina, Lupe 202 Monday, Lucille 178 Monroe, Mark 84 Montgomery, Margo 202 Montgomery, Merita 93,95,1 78 Montgomery, Michelle 92,95,226 Moock, Bruce 1 78 Moore, Crystal 226 Moore, David 178 Moore, Marty 202 Moore, Tony 226 Moreno, Barbra 202 Moreno, Francine 189 Moreno, Gilbert 226 Moreno, Jannette 189 Moreno, Olga 202 Moreno, Tony 226 Moreno, Vickie 226 Moreno, Vincent 189 Morgan, Mike 189 Mori, Sharon 226 Morison, Margret 189 Monson, Robert 90,202 Morris, Anita 102,189 Morris, Linda 202 Morris, Patricia 1 78 Morrison, Beth 74,90,226 Morrison, Jack 83,178 Morrison, James 202 Morrison, John 1 78 Morrison, Mary 189 Morton, Richard 189 Moses, David 83 Mueller, Jacqueline 125,189 Muldoon, George 165,202 Muldoon, Linda 178 Munson, Gary 83,1 78 Munson, Michael 202 Murphy, Dawn 168,178 Murray, James 1 78 Musch, Deborah 166,167,189 Musch, Mike 116,226 Musgrave, Pam 87,178 Musso, Dean 202 Myers, Patricia 1 78 Mynck, Gary 81,137,178 Naranjo, Robert 202 Nash, Patricia 81,84,189 Nava Beatrice 202 Navarrete, Elitania 126,168,202 Nelson, Jeffrey 1 14 Nelson, Kerry 178 Nelson, Larry 61 ,70,71 ,82,84, 85,92,226 Nelson, Laurie 226 Nelson, Paul 226 Nesbit, Diane 227 Neuhalfen, Christie 227 Nevins, Pamela 202 Newman, Dawn 178 Newman, Gene 128 Newman, Joel 95 Newton, William 134,128,227 Nichols, Bill 178 Nicholson, Jim 81 .84,1 36,1 65 Nixon, Dean 1 78 Niznik, David 227 Nolan, Kathleen 227 Norby, Nancy 202 Nuffer, Rick 62,86,143,161 Nunez, Wendy 1 78 Nunez, Carlota 178 Nunley, Karvinna 84,85,98 Oakden, Bert 189 Oba, Sandra 121,202 Odam, Kathleen 190 Oday. Thomas 90,227 Ogden, David 122,190 Ohern, Alan 120,138,202 Olson, Mary 62,178 Olson, Robert 190 Olvera, Alan 165,190 Olvera, Lupe 227 O ' Neal, John 144,158,227 Orozco, Cindy 190 Orozco, Hector 66,227 Ortiz, Elvira 102 Ortiz, Renee 102,178 Ortiz, Yolanda 102,190 Osgood, Lawrence 161,190 Ostensen, Lyle 227 Ostler, David 202 Oswald, Eugene 227 Overman, Kirk 90,227 Overman, Michael 66,93,190 Overtoom, Debbie 178 Overtoom, Ralph 105,111,202 Owens, Craig 81,82,84,85,120, 227 Owens, Shirley 76,202 Pacheco, Debbie 178 Pacheco, Linda 202 Pacotti, Carol 1 78 Pacotti, Steve 128,140,161 Padilla, Eileen 178 Padilla, Robert 136,190 Page, Richard 190 Palacios, Yvonne 190 Palares, Lydia 202 Palmer, Clay 227 Parent, Dale 228 Paris, Kim 122,228 Parker, Debbie 190 Parker, James 190 Parra, Cynthia 122,166,228 Parra, Martha 178 Parrish, Mary 166,168,190 Patterson, Douglas 190 Patrick, Kevin 136,190 Patti, Mike 202 Patillo, Dave 156,178 Pattillo, Micheal 190 Paul, Michael 202 Paul, Peggy 89,101,190 Pearce, Jack 66,120,138,139, 228 Pecheck, John 164,178 Peek, Larraine 228 Peek, Randy 136 Peppard, Patrick 202 Perales, Sammy 134,144,228 Pereda, Gustavio 102,190 Pereda, Javier 102,120 Perez, Hector 190 Perez, Miguel 228 Perez, Ricky 110,178 Perez, Roberto 202 Perez, Victor 136.164,190 Perez, Rome 136,165,178 Perkins. Cheryl 64,71,98,99, 190 Perkins, Howard 66,122,202 Peterson, Nancy 88,190 Peterson, Neil 62,95,111,202 Peterson, Nord 228 Picquelle, Susan 228 Pilgrim, Mike 228 Pilgrim, Penny 190 Pimental, Janice 190 Pinger, Cindy 87,178 Pinger, Richard 202 Pisani, David 190 Pisani, Gary 1 78 Pitts, Donald 190 Pitts, Lucy 178 Piurek, Julie 190 Pizano, Andrew 190 Pizano, Esther 228 Plambeck, Gregg 70,124,125, 228 Planchon, Robin 178 Plata, Frank 190 Ploung, Melanie 112,121,122, 229 Poet, Patricia 62,107,1 79 Poling, David 150,151,190 Poling, Diana 190 Pollard, Steve 128,190 Pollard, Tim 152,179 Ponce, Clara 62,77,167,168, 202 Ponce, Freddie 190 Poole, Elizabeth 88,190 Poole, Shelly 202 Pope, Julie 81,1 79 Pope, Kathy 202 Potter, Joe 135 Potts, Jeff 229 Powell, Penny 81,173,179 Prather, Bill 136,179 Prather, Stephanie 202 Premo, Stephan 65,92,106,229 Prough, Grant 158,202 Pullen, Cynthia 202 Purcell, Daniel 190 Quijano, Charlene 40,41 ,76, 202 Quijano, Darlene 76,202 Quijano, John 144,134,229 Quinn, Sharon 90 254 Ramirez, Carmen 166,167 Ramirez, Jamie 190 Ramirez, John 202 Ramirez, Theresa 229 Rankin, David 81,64,120,202 Rasmussen, Marlip 81 ,1 79,84 Rather, Mike 81,84,137,202 Rather, Pamela 121,122 Rawson, Edward 229 Ray, Richard 229 Recla, Karen 229 Rea, James 164,179 Reck, Marylynn 64,89,202 Rector, Julie 98,166,202 Reed, Robin 98,191 Reed, Ron 164,179 Reid, Robin 62,64,103,125,166, 167,168,229 Reynolds, Barbara 91 ,229 Reynolds, Keith 136,179 Reynolds, William 179 Ribelin, Steven 202 Rich, Diana 62,81,179 Richter, Gregory 203 Ricketts, Robert 203 Ridley, John 203 Riley, Susan 114,166,167,168. 203 Riutcel, Philip 150,151,203 Riutcel, Kathryn 126,166,167, 191 Robb, Vickie 94,95,98,191 Roberts, Cynthia 203 Roberts, Dan 81,84,179 Roberts, Mark 135,191 Robertson, Victoria 179 Robidoux, Paul 105,179 Robinson, Thomas 229 Robles.Toni 102,203 Robson, Michael 229 Rodriguez, Alfred 153,149,191 Rodriguez, Maricella 229 Rodriguez, Mayra 107,179 Rojas, Arlene 230 Rojas, Gilbert 179 Romano, Bruce 203 Romero, Beatrice 230 Romo, Danny 203 Rosenberg, Lorretta 230 Rosenberger, David 197,203 Rosensson, Gunilla 81 ,84,191 Rossol, Claude 230 Rowe, Craig 203 Rowe, Jay 191 Royer, Kathleen 9 0,230 Rueda, Irene 62,108,203 Rueda, Martha 71,191 Runberg, Karen 230 Runge, Brenda 203 Rush, Deborah 108 Rustad, Ten 203 Ryan, Remona 62,76.197,203 Sable, Keith 230 Safarik, Kristine 77,89,92,95, 191 Safarick, Mark 120,230 Sakurai. Dereth 64,77,114,115, 203 Salazar, Mary 230 Salazar, Rick 140,158,191 Salazar, Susan 87,179 Saldiver, Javier 102,164,191 Sambrano, Kathy 102,191 Sanchez, Cynthia 230 Sanchez, Kathy 89,191 Sanderson, Sharon 94,191 Sanford, Deborah 95,1 79 San Romani, Amy Jo 230 Sattler, Robert 82,84,85,1 20, 128,134,230 Sausedo, Lillie 203 Schank, Fred 231 Scheesley, Lois 203 Schimpf, Margaret 230 Schmidt, Linda 114,166,167,168, 231 Schnabele, Cheryl 94,98,191 Schoulten, Debra 191 Schrimmer, Mark 62,90,99,112, 124,125,231 Schroeder, Scott 231 Schultz, Christie 77,231 Schultz, Richard 81, 179 Schultz, Vicki 114,231 Schulz, Jacquelyn 1 14,203 Scott, Robert 203 Selman, Laree 203 Selman, Mary Ann 231 Serrano, Larry 231 Sessions, Hunter 136,148,180 Sessions, Valerie 231 Sham, Roberta 62,77.121,203 Shannon, Lillie 203 Shaw, Don 120,144,231 Shaw, James 203 Sheahan.Tim 203 Shepard, Kathleen 231 Shook, Deborah 74,1 21 ,1 25,231 Shrum, Nedda 92,98,84,191 Simmons, Roy 232 Simon, Paul 62,82,84,85,109, 232 Simon, Rodney 128,144 Simons, Gary 62,115,120,141,232 Simons, Ronald 120,191 Simpfendorfer, Mike 1 1 1 ,180 Simpfendorfor, Sarah 232 Skinner, Leslie 203 Slack, Jim 164,192 Slate, Leslie 64,89,98,99,203 Sly, Catherine 112,121,232 Smedley, Artie 166,192 Smith, Deborah 203 Smith, Dennis 203 Smith, Gregory 203 Smith, Melinda 77,232 Smith, Merrily 108,203 Smith, Pam 232 Smith, Patrick 105,111,232 Smith, Scott 95,108 Smith, Sheri 89,172,180 Smith, Steven 71,128,150,151, 232 Smith, Tim 136 Smothermon, Joel 136,180 Snavely, Joan 77,232 Sneed, Jeff 136,164,192 Sneed, Russell 136,180 Sneller, Charles 232,81 Sneller, Glen 136,180 Sneller, Gregg 1 36,1 37,1 92 Sowder, Joyce 203,76 Soltz, Judy 77,232 Southern, Barbara 232 Southerland, Bob 141,149 Southerland, Matt 148 Sparacio, Darlene 87,180 Spence, Maralee 203 Spence, Susan 62,121,203 Spencer, Penelope 94,105,204, 203 Spidall, Deborah 87,92,233 Spidall, Diana 81,192 Stalcup, Marsha 233 Stary, Joanne 75,204 Staub, Cindy 87,180 Stergar, Kathryn 233 Stevenson, Sandra 62.77,92,93, 95,109,121,204 Stewart, Dana 180 Stoddart, James 143,192 Stone, John 128,134,233 Stonich, Julie 233 Stoughton, Bryan 128,135,150, 151,158,204 Strachan, Bruce 137,156,180 Strangman, Ida 72,233 Strong, John Strong, Vicki 233 Stueland, Tei Stuez, Steve 233 Styles, Suzanne 121,204 Sullivan, Cindy 8i Summerford, Tom 233 1 20 1 23 134,151 Sutherland, Ma ' " 180 Sutherland, Ri Swartz, Bill 1 15,233 Sweeney, Robert 135,147,192 Sykes, William 233 Tan, Jeff 137 Talavera, Jose 136,180 Tanner, Todd 136,148,180 Tapscott, Jill 72,233 Tarzwell, Mike 164,180 Taylor, Carla 116,204 Taylor, Hal 136,192 Taylor, Joe 149 Taylor, Sean 161,180 Teed, Mary 233 Theil, Karen 234 Thomas, Elvis 165,192 Thomad, Jackie 77,204 Thomas, Jon 136 Thomas, Karen 234 Thomas, Larry 234 Thomas, Louanne 234 Thomas, Susan 81,84,85,166,167, 192 Thompson, Cheryl 64,98,99,192 Thompson, Paul 234 Thompson, Cindy 90 Tinker, Clifton 120,143,156,193 Tobey.Suellyn 71,61,92,234 Tomlinson, Jay 156,193 Torgenson, Linda 98,204 Torgerson, Steve 136 Traylor, Jody 77,204 Trezise, Donna 108,193 Trigg, Peggy 234 Trowbridge, Robert 88,92,204 Tudge, Diane 62,84,85,107,204 Tudge, Janet 81 ,84,85,180 Turner, Ethel 76,108,204 Tuttle, John 136.180 Umstot, Susan 77,166,167,204 Unger, Henry 193,84 Uribe, Lydia 102,193 Valdez, Joni 166,204 Valdez, Rosa 234 Valenzuela, Cherie 234 Valenzuela, Joseph 122,128,134, 147,204 Vanbladeren, Kris 1 15,167,168, 204 Vanderburg, Vicki 166,180 Vanderwall, Paul 150,151,234 Vanhorne, Pete 128.134,145 Van Slyke, Robert 193 Vargas, Paul 95,180 Vehle, Edward 234 Vejar, Ronald 234 Vendrell, Michael 79.92,93,106, 235 Vendrell, Nancie 89,180 Verge, Catherine 235 Verge, Janet 235 Villanueva, Marta 107,193 Vincent, Tracy 137,156,181 V iswanathan, Renuka 94,1 14,193 Vlha, Valerie 101,166,193 Volmer. Bill 235 ,145,204 12.235 Wagne Walch. i 235 Wales, Sarah 95,9 Walker, Pai, Walla ' Walsh, Bill " . Carol 235 innna 88,204 Ware. George 235 is, John 235 e 235 Joan 172.181 Webb. Bryan 105.109,193 Jeff 136,145.181 Steve 235 Wiebler, Claradell 235 Weide, Mickey 106,236 Welch, Tern 90,166,193 Welch, Wendy 62,180 Welty, Dwight 128,140 Wennerberg, Andrea 89.181 Wertenberger, Mary Ann 116.181 Whaley. Stephan 108.236 Robert 135,204 Wickman, Karen 95,107,193 Wight, Donna 77,115,236 Wight, Dorothy 94,193 Wilkoski, Victoria 236 Williams, Brenda 108,193 Williams, Charles 135,150,151. 204 Williams. John 135,193,152 Williams, Mike 136,181 Williams, Randall 122 Williams, Susan 236 Wilson, Susan 81,84,85,166,181 Wilson, Thomas 81 ,160,204 Winn, Ron 81.84,85,128,147, 159,193 Wiseman, Carol 81,84,181 Wiseman, James 236 Wolf, Ora 81,84,85,193 Wolfe, Jack 164.193 Wolfe, Mark 120,236 Wolfe, Mike 134,128,236 Wolterman, Rex 136 Wood, Bruce 62,90,91,99.124, 125,120,237 Wood, Peggy 237 Wood, Robert 236 Woodward, Sandy 81 ,82.84.85, 166,181 Woody, Melissa 61 ,92,98.1 21, 126,167,237 Worrell, Mike 136,193 Wortmann, John 73,115,128,141, 160,237 Wright, Brian 237 Wright, Carolyn 106,126,166, 204 Wright, Donna 1 14 Wright, James 81,71,84,120, 147,160 Wright Janine 62,103,112,124, 126,128,166,167,168,237 Wright, Kathleen 121,125,237 Wright, Robert 106,128,160,237 Wright, Roderick 237 Wyman, Glen 106 Ybarra, Al 205 Ybarra, Diane 237 Yelton, Jeffrey 81,137 Yokshas, Roy 110,205 Young, Rachel 61,92,103,237 Yount, Paul 60.120,237 Zimmer, Michelle 89,181 255 u fY+A with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful Strive to be happy from " Desiderata " sM QJ- . . . therefore be at peace with God. whatever you J 1 JlA jT y » conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and ' . ,} " , . V , A f i , ojr -aspirations. in the noisy confusion of life keep peace lA Mot r J kV y ■ - 5- Cr; , I f L l J f n 0J Our special thanks to Dave Ogden for his many useful photographs 256 , q 4 5 X , V A ( oJ -i J -— Lc M tf r-eeJlfl i.. rL ? 1 . -t Tl I zs - a p t ju « j« fax j- " W»- f°- - apv JL , „- -a. a, • — .Ljc 4 jLj ■ u - J - 0 Y K " t± ?o K c - : y - - o y it 5 COvvJuO M ; m m

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