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 - Class of 1963

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= I 1 ft s rv -■ - V (f J ov • we y .V W-VM ' v Q - L_ V y T i AA h r is i . rrvjuutk Q .jj±u o u, q nSL dwxhujh iwty .uxMv ipu, y ! B o -O ' mv uao .tfat a oik h (Km nV FULLERTON UNION HIGH SCHOOL W FULLERTON CALIFORNIA THEME rsv Students arc the soul of a school. They are the substance with which an administration must function. Without students there would be no need for schools, instructors, or administrators. The theme for the 1963 Annual Pleiades is focused on the students. We have attempted to capture a cross-section of every pfaase of Fullerton II 1 10)1 s ' cluvl. stu : £ w » 4 i ». s r • - K y- ■ ' " y V V I ' »lr ' J " W ' ' , y . -o y J r ° La ■1 l u v • A LrA ' F-NT t 3 - N yo j ' ryt- j -} ? ' 2 " 7 ' ZJ y J v- DM ' ® 4 ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATORS 9 COUNSELORS PRINCIPAL STAFF MEMBERS 11 DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS 10 FACULTY MEMBERS 12 8 17 j JS s J W- AJL -B. m ja xj , " — 1 Buildinq for the Students are the raw material entrusted into our hands, making it our duty to direct, instruct, and mold them into the kinds of citizens and leaders that we need to shoulder the responsibilities of the years to come. Never before in the history of our country have we needed such leadership in the fields of science, techniques, and human and international relations. It is with a sense of inadequacy that I face this challenge and it is with humble appreciation that I am fortunate enough to be a member of an organization which throughout the years has suc- cessfully promoted this program: Mr. Robert Kill Dean of Students and Vice Principal Mrs. Dorthea Spears Dean of Instruction Administra tors The administrators of FUHS have strive d to unite themselves with the student body and faculty during the 1962-63 school year. Opening their offices for discussions, they aided the students whenever possible. 1 Mr. Edward Harkins Dean of Guidance Mr. Louis Armijo Activities Coordinator and Attendance Supervisor Fullerton Union Hiqh School and Junior College District Administration Dr. Ernest C. Lake District Superintendent of Schools Board of Trustees, (left to right): Herbert M. Warren, Clerk Secretary; James N. Ratcliff; Joe W. Johnson, President; Leonard Andrews; and Francis N. Land. Assistant Superintendents, (left to right); Wallace J. Riutcel, Funds and Business Affairs; Elton W. Ward, Physical Plant and Facilities; Walter ]. Pray, Personnel Services; John W. Mann, 13 ' iysi Instructional Services. Counseling Staff Mrs. Nelson Senior Counselor Five friendly people at FUHS had a neverending job: that of coun- seling and advising every student in the school. Among their many duties were telling FUHS juniors and seniors of information re- garding colleges, the SAT and PSAT tests and scores. Also, they were responsible for helping the Mrs. Murray Junior Counselor freshmen and sophomores with class selections and graduation re- quirements. The jr. high school pupils and their parents were briefed on FUHS curriculum. In addition, the counseling staff lent helping hands and sympathetic ears to many diversified matters. Mrs. Schwartz College Counselor Mr. Miller Sophomore Counselor Mr. Brown Freshman Counselor Virgil Affentranger Chemistry Lyal Baumgardner Typing Elizabeth Brunskill Algebra Lloyd Alford Algebra Geometry Margaret Chaconas English Mary Lou Allec P. E. James Bass Driver Ed. P. E. David Bell Algebra Warren Bowen Business Publication Good teachers are almost as diffi- cult to find as good students. At FUHS we have an abundance of each. Our faculty has learned that experience is the greatest teacher of all and is gained through prac- tice. Because of this, they keep their students " practicing " for they also know that only through the development of the mind can understanding and judgment come. We are grateful to our faculty for their inspiration, guid- ance, and help. 12 Lee Coppick English Norman Cottom Economics Louise Cresto Spanish Alary Virginia Davis Typing Shorthand Hugo DeGroot Driver Ed. P. E Vera Ferraris Algebra Neal Gibby Driver Ed. Health Ed. Wayne Daniels Biology Patricia Dam English Reed Dunkley English Marvin Freitag English ■ t; I ' ' H L - • ' JH Additions to the school stafl fl P JH V V at the semester u,ri. , left to B right): Mrs. Gibbs, Assistant U Weisi Mrs. Yoi u • e oi Si i r (a» | ; and . V A : Pomai ille, Registrar. ■ ' S ' Eldred Douglas Math Algebra Elizabeth Frates History William Gienapp Geometry Algebra Edly Day P. E. Elaine Farris English History Elaine Gayley English James Hamner Wood Drafting Thomas Hewitson Spanish English Mildred Downing Music Engli h Vernon Frederick Agriculture Louise Gillette Math Geometry 13 James Mines English Duane Johnson Speech English Margaret Kessler Librarian Jack Leyda Music Marian Hunnex Homemaking Elizabeth Joy History Marilyn Kreza P. E. Robert Hivner P. E. C. Ray Johnson Special Education Donald Knorr Spanish Val Linde English Richard Jackson Civics Economics Roy Kawagoe Health Ed. Ray Lawyer Driver Ed. P. E Dorothy Lyman History Marie Hoffman History Lindell Jones History Ernest Koch Biology Roger Logan Physics Science Lorena Maddox Homemaking a problem for two students in Mr. Daniels ' biology class. Matthew Mantz English 14 Edwin Mcintosh German Lawrence Myers French Donald Oseid English Barton Redfern Geometry Trigonometry Roger Slocum Science Math Joyce Morton Typing Shorthand Carl Nelson Handicrafts Leona Quigley History Maxme Shurtz P. E. James Sprowell French Learning to type is an essential part of high school training as shown in Mrs. Morton ' s classroom. Charles Peters Drama Arnold Sanchez Exploratory Metal Aria Delle Smith Art English Irene Randall Art David Shelly English Spencer Strader Agriculture Ester Pierce Study Hall, 1st Semester Winifred Semans Latin Josephine Snyder P. E. 15 Robert Strange History Robert Van Voorhis P. E. Ray Winter Drafting Electronics Joseph Yelle English German Gilbert Tucker P. E. H. M. Wareberg Civics Economics Vernon Wrightson Driver Ed. P. E. El: a Swojfer P. E. John Vetter Auto Metal Shop Robert Wood Spanish James Sebring Study Hall, 2nd Semester George Van Vliet P. E. Norma Wilson English Warren Thompson Special Ed. Journalism Helen Walkei Nurse faculty members not pictured . . . Ken Matsumoto and Nicholas Wilson Miss Quigley collects homework in her world history classroom. Students listen attentively as Mrs. Gillette explains some fundamentals m geometry. 16 Behind the Scenes Have any of us really appreciated the behind-the- scenes work done by the school staff, bus drivers, and custodians? With their invaluable help, FU HS was able to operate smoothly. Our sincere thanks go to those pictured here and to the cafe- teria staff who remained patient even while we hunted to find our money. A well known sight at Fuller- ton High is Jess Hurtado, out head custodian, in his little red truck. Dunham, student body bookkeep- -fiv 9 , ■ er and book clerk ■d araf ttjaflSFftl CUSTODIANS Mrs. Van Fleet, assistant to Mrs. Kessler, our head librarian. ' -. o 4 ' [F Left to right: William Anderson, Larry Reynoso and Tito Soto. Left to right: Jeff Batchman, Marv Briggs, Ron Ortmayer, Gary Loope, and Larry Yount. Mk . mm U ' CLASSES SENIORS .. -f JUNIORS 64 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 84 ANNUAL STAFF 102 FLECTION BOARD 105 EXCHANGE STUDENTS 106 EXECUTIVE BOARD 97 FX-OFFICIO MEMBERS 98 PAPER STAFF 1 01 PUBLICITY COMMITTEE 104 STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT 96 STUDENT CONGRESS 100 STUDENT COURT 99 TICKET COMMITTEE 104 I J ' Class of ' 63 Bob McComber headed the riotous " Class of ' 63. " Some of the swingin ' activities enjoyed by all were, decorating Senior Corner at Christmas, a senior breakfast and a da night After Spring vacation, the weeks rushed by with using excitement as Prom, the last big dance of the year, and Senior Party approached. No senior will forget graduation with its festivities and parties-a fitting climax to four wonderful years at Fullerton. Left to right: Bob McComber, Senior class president; Kathy Beattie, secretary; Robyn Jones, Treasurer and Gary Evans, vice president. Senior class officers watch over thetr class during typical Senior Corner lunch hour scene. ADRIANNE ABBOTT AWS Class Council 1, 2, 3 Concert Choir 2 Latin Club 2, 4 JACK ABRAMS AMS DIANNE LUCILLE ADAMS FT A 3, 4 Annual Staff AWS Sec. 4 JUDY KAYE ADAMS FT A 3, 4 GAA Travel 4 GARRY ALDRICH A MS RICK ALLAN AMS SUSAN ALLISON ICC Pres. 4 Jr. Class Treas. Student Congress 3, 4 DIANNE ALNE Idakas 4 Y -Teens 1, 2, 3 V. Pres. 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 TOM AMOTT Basketball 3, 4 Football 4 Pleiades 1, 2, 3, 4 STEPHANT VENETA ANAS Transfer Student Paper Editor 3 Weekly Pleiades 4 2 ' BETTY ANDERSON AWS BOB ANDERSON Football !, 2, 3 Co-Capt. ' 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 KAREN ANDERSON A WS ELIZABETH ANTHONY AWS ANN ANTONIK CAA 1, 2, Y-Teens 3 HENNRI APPY A MS LUCINDA ARCE MIKE ARNOLD JANIE ATTWATER CAROL ANN BAILES AWS JV Baseball 2 FT A 3, Treas. 4 Teen Toppers 2, 4 German Club 3 Drama Club 3 FBL 1 2 IK ' S Cabinet 2, 3, 4 7 awW C u6 3 . Pres. 4 22 PATTY BALL JO-ANN BANDERAS A US Spanish Club Y-Teens AWS Representative GRANT BARNET Concert Choir 2, 4 Pres. 3 Skylarks 2, 3, 4 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA BAUGHMAN AWS Council 1, 2, 3, 4 FT A 3, 4 Travel Club 1, 2, 3 Treas. 4 KATHLEEN BEATTIE Homecoming Attendant 4 Class Secretary 3, 4 Student Congress 2, 3, 4 TED BECK A MS r N JON R. BECKER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Siti Club 2, 3 LINDA BEITEL Girls Chorus Student Congress FBLA DAVE BELKNAP Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club 1, 2, 3 MICHAEL BENNETT Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Bunsen Burners 1, 2 23 HALLGRIM BERG AFS Exchange Student SANDRA BISSON Y -Teens 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 3 Rally Committee 1, 2 C - , Hi Vt A EILEEN BLACK SANDRA BLAIR y-7 ?n.r 2, 3, 4 I H ' S Sii C wfe 2 Featheretts 4 MARY BLOOD I A S JERRY BOATRIGHT A MS TIM BICOURT WILLIAM L. BONAR JILL BOOMER BOB BOS AMS Football 2, 3, 4 AWS German Club 3, 4 Concert Choir 2, 3 Student Medical Society 3, 4 Spn ' ng P ay 3 Student Congress u KEN BOTTOMS AMS RICK BOUDREAU Football 2 Track 2 II ,, , r Pleiades 2, 3, 4 RONALD BOWE .1.U.V DANESE BRAUN Publicity Chairman Idakas 4 -7,,,m 1, 2, 3, 4 BRODIE BRODERSEN Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN BRUNSON Pleiades 2, 3, 4 German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 5 r m n - V t ' HELEN BRYAN Spanish Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 3 F-Teenj 1, 2, 3, 4 4 BARBARA BUCKMANN KEN BURANDT CHARLES BURNER French Club 2, 3 AMS Water Polo 1, 2, 3 GAA 1, 2, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Biology Club 3, 4 25 TIM BURRIS CLAUDIA BUTLER JUDY BUTLER JEAN BYERLY Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 A WS AWS French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 FBLA 2 German Club 1, 2, 3 Y-Teens 4 SHERIE CAPO French Club 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 MARY CARLSON AWS JAYNE CARLTON Annual Pleiades 3, Editor 4 Fr f n C ufc 1, 2, 3, 4 Idakas 4 JAMES CARMODY Forensic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2, 4 F5 3, 4 u? 2£ RICHARD CARPENTER FFA 2, 4 Track 2, 3 Football 3 I F.O CASE AMS RICHARD CATTERSON AMS MARGARET CAYTON Latin Club 3 Sec. 4 CAA 3 Dance Mgr. 1 Student Body Treasurer JIM CECIL Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club PAUL N. CHAFFEE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 AMS Vice President 4 YFC fyat M ImR CLAIRE CHAPMAN KATHRYN CHAUVIN CHARLES CHEESMAN JIM CHRISTENSEN Song Leader 3 Head 4 Annual Staff 3 Af5 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Po» (V ' oui Att. 3 French Club 2 Il ' o(er Polo I, 2, 3, 4 daias 3, 4 Drama Club 4 Varsitv Club 3, 4— — UX 27 NEILS CHRISTENSEN Handbook Editor 4 Annual Staff 3 Pleiades 2 JUDY A. CLARK AWS STEVE CLAPP Varsity Tennis 3, 4 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 A ADRIENNE CLARK V v - V V w r f 8 .V) t ' D iG K • ' . it ' ° .s : -,- CALVIN CLARK Annual Staff Forensic Club Travel Club RAY CLEVER Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Student Congress 1 BILL COLLINS SANDY COLLINS SUE COLLINS JAN COMPTON Football I, 2, .4 WS Productions Chairman Pleiades Water Po o 1 Drama Club } -Teens Track 1, 2 Spring Play 1 GAA 28 ■II BRYAN CONOVER Yell Leader 3, 4 Key Club 3, 4 Class Pres. 2 4 KARF.N CONRAD BONNIE CONWAY RONALD COOK Y-Teens Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Art Major AWS (. ' .-1.4 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 DIANE COPENHAGEN AWS PEGGY COZZENS AWS JANICE CRABBE AWS DALE CRABTREI Varsity Club 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 3, Treas. A PATTY CRISWEL1. AWS ELLEN CURTIS Annual Staff 3, 4 Election Board 3 29 30 CARL J DAM Band 1, . I, I Pep Ban, I 1 Ski Club DONALD DAVIS A MS LARRY DAVIS Tennis 3, 4 Drama Club 4 AFS Treasurer 4 CATHERINE DAY A WS LOUISE DEAN Hi rid Yell Leader 3, 4 I PATRICIA DICKMAN Pleiades 1, 2, 3 Idakai 3, I Spanish Club 3 .SV 4 CAROL DICKSON ■Student Congress 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3 Bus. Mgr. 4 GVM 2, 4, Cabinet 3 BRENDA DEAN Student Congress CAA FBLA -- » I vv RICHARD DRAPKIN Pleiades 1 , 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Forensic Club 2, 3, 4 N V c:Y DREVES Idakas 3, 4 Song Leader 3, I Homecoming Queen -1 MICHAEL K. ERICKSEN AMS RICHARD P. ESPINOZA Cross Country 1, 3 Track 1,3 Willie Ugh 4 ( K()I. DURHAM AWS EUGENE DUTZ AMS GARY ENO i i Club 3, 4 ' ' " ' ' ountry 1 , 2, 3, 4 7VaeA 1,2, !, 1 NANCY ERICKSON Drama Club Mixed Ensemble Concert Choir GARY EUBANKS A MS GARY EVANS Senior Class V. Pres Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 LIXDA FARMER Featherettes 2, 3, Featherette Leader 4 FH l 4 31 J UK FARRELL Pleiades Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 R i.NALD FAULKNER Basketball 3, 4 Student Congress LORRAINE FLORES AWS TERRI FLYNN leatherettes 1, 2 Leader 3 .Vorcj; Leader - Soph. V. Pres. CIIERI LEE FAYINC Featherettes 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, 4 CAROL FERREN French Club 1 Y-Teens 4 Ice Caps 2, 3 RI( M RD FORD Staff 3, 4 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD FORSYTH Baseball 1, 2, 3, 1 Key Club 4 JEANNE FREILING AWS KAREN ELAINE FRENCH Student Medical Club FT A 3, 4 Skylarks 3, 4 32 EDWARD FRITZ RODGER FROST MICHAEL GALLUP JERRY GAMBRELL AMS AMS FT A 2, 3 1 ' ' ! Choir 2, 3, 4 D Club Sec. 4 l-ootball JIM GARDEA Football LYNNE GARDNER GIGI GARRETSON JERRY GAYLER AWS Teen Toppers 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3, 4 GAA Publicity Chairman 3 AMS 33 LINDA GLOVER Featherettes 2, 3 Leader 4 6.1,1 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 LYNDA GOMEZ Student Confess,, ' Featherette Tfi, Majorette tih ' SHARON GOOCH BW 1, 2 7 F7 4 3, 4 Travel Club ,y YOLANDA DARLENE GRANADOS Concert Choir 4 } C .•Hl ' 5 BARBARA JEAN GRAHAM 4r Club 3 7 eaj. 4 } ' -7 ?nJ 3, 4 7V?n Toppers 3, 4 DAVID GREER 4 AW PATTI GRIMES KAY GUDEN LOUIS HADDON LISANNE HALL oming Att. 2 4 WS AMS Freshman Class Treas. n Congress Sec. ldakas 3, 4 Rally Committee 34 PATRICIA HALL JAMES WM. HAMILTON Pep Band DAVID HANCOCK STEVE HANEY Biology Club Band 1, 2, 3 Swimming 2 Travel Club Spanish Club FHA Treas. 4 Water Polo CLARISSE HANNA A 1 1 :s RUTH HARRIS FHA 2 GAA 1 CAROL HAVEN Y-Teens 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 VIRGINIA HEARIDGE A WS TOM HEIDE AMS KAREN ANN HEIN Travel Club 4 GAA 4 Transfer Student 35 BARBARA HENDERSON .11 IX STEPHEN HENDRICKS AMS DANNY HERNANDEZ Student Congress 1, 4 Spanish Club 3 AMS MICHAEL JOHN HIGGINS Pleiades 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 3, Pres. 4 Cross Country 2, 3 KAY HILL AWS ROCKI HILL Drama Club Fall Play 4 OWEN HINTZ Spanish Club 1, 2 PAM HODGSON AWS BOB HOFFMAN AMS MARYSUE HOFFMAN Travel Club 4 Transfer Student M TERRY HOLMES AMS LIXDA HUDSON Featherettes 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Treas. 4 Student Congress 4 KEX HORN Spanish Club AFS MURIEL HOUSTON A US II ' DV HOWARD GAA Dress Board I • •:• ;- " . ' : " • PHIL HUDSON Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Ski Club 1, 2, 3 ' ' " , ... BETTY HUTCHINGS JUDY HYDE Travel Club AWS FBLA Y-Teens 3, 4 DENNIS IVERSON Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4 Uarsi ' 3, 4 JOCELYN IVES Drama Club 4 GAA 3, 4 Transfer Student 37 GARY IWATSURU A MS MALCOLM WAYNE JAHR AMS BARBARA JIMENEZ AWS Cabin,-! 4 Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 4 ILSE JOHNSTONE Pleiades 1, 2 Concert Choir 2, 3 Ensemble 3 KATHRYN E. JONES GAA 1. 2, 3, 4 Cabinet 3,4 FT A 4 Treat. 3 Spanish Club 4 KITTIE JONES Spanish Club 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 BEVERLY JAQUES ASB Social Chairman C Pleiades 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 GARY JILES AMS I ,- i V r v i x M A V ROBYN JONES Senior Class Treas. Idakas 4 French Club 3, 4 TODD JORDAN IMS 38 MIKE KANE RUSS KENNEDY Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Pep Band 3, 4, Track 2 Water Polo 3, 4 FFA 2, 3, VICKIE KERN FHA 1 Girls ' Glee 2 JOYCE F. KILLEEN Dress Board 3 Student Congress 2 Class Council 2 MARY K. KNAUS NANCY KREIMEIER DENNIS LACLEAR MIKE LAGO Y-Teens 4 AWS AMS AMS Teen Toppers 4 3 = m ELISA LAINE MARTY LANCASTER LAVONNE LANIER JOHN LARKIN FT A 3, 4 Water Polo Y-Teens 3, 4 AMS Drama Club 1, 2 yfC 3, 4 Biology Club 4 KAREN LARMARCHE AWS RON LAUGHERY Football Track FFA LEE PATTY LEMKE CHRIS LEVOIT CLEMSON LEWI AWS Football 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Key Club 4 Crew Country 4 Varsity Club 4 40 J NANCY LILLYWHITE Pleiades Y-Teens [ANA LINK AWS BRUCE LIVINGSTON Football Student Congress JEAN LOEFFERT A WS BOB LONG A MS JOHN LONG A MS SANDRA LOUTHAN AWS NANCY LOUVAR Teen Toppers 1, 2 V. Pres. 3, 4 CAA Student Congress DON LOWE A MS TIM LOWE Football 2, 3, 4 Track 4! JILL LYDIC .111 .V RONALD McCASKILL A MS CHARLOTTE McCHESNEY AWS BOB McCOMBER St. Class Pres. SUSY McCOY Feather ettes 1, 2, 3 RAL P H EDWARD McCOY Football 1 Ski Club ronald Mcdonald Football 1, 2 Latin Club I, 2, 3 Biology Club 3, 4 MICHELLE McCILLEN DIANE McCLEMORE LAREN McCHANE FTA Weekly Pleiades Y-Teens 1, 2, Y-Teens GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 CAA Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 42 JEANIE MACDOXALD Featherettes 2, 4 Student Congress 1 Y-Teens 4 JACK MAERTZYVEILER Football 2, 3 Uramfl C wfc 1, 2, 3 • ' a P ay 1 JANET MALONE Flagtwirler 3, 4 aAa5 4, lUS « ■ . Soph. Class Treas. - ' MARY JOIE MANN .nt-.s- T. • ,• . 4 fte . 1 } ' -7Venj 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4 Pleiades 1. 3. 4, Sec. 2 , J J- ' ■ ■ - f - JUDY MANTLE AWS NANCY MARSHBURN AWS NANCY MARTIN Annual Staff 4 Majorette 3, 4 Y-Teens 1,2, P. Pre . 4 GARY MARTONE DOUG MASON DON MASUKAWA Frosh Class Pres. 4AfS AMS Yell Leader 3 Student Body Pres. 4 43 LINDA MAYHEVV AWS FAYE MEANS Band 4 AWS ART MESSENGER AMS LARRY MICKEL FFA 2, 3, 4 AMS ION MIDDLEMISS Football 2, 3 Key Club 4 Ski Club LINDA LOUISE MILBY Student Congress 4 Forensic Club 3, Sec. 4 C4v4 3, Badminton Mgr. 4 JERALYN MILLER AWS JUDY MILLER UN ' S Cabinet 3 C ' L-l 1, 2, 3, 4 let Club Treas. 3 Pr ?5. 4 SALLY MILLER Idakas 3 Pr«. 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 4 Pr«. 2 Annual Staff 4 BRIAN MILNER Track 2 Football 2 Tennis 4 44 marc: minnis AMS ED MIVODA BECKY MONTGOMERY CHERYL M )( )RE AMS Rally Committee 3 Y-Teens 3, 4 Advanced (. ' horus 2, 3 AWS MIKE MOORE Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Ca (. 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 A MS President RAMONA MORAN Fall Play 2 Spring Play 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 MANDY MOREHOUSE GAA Annual Staff 3 ANDREA A. MORENO GAA 3 AWS DIEGO MORENO Football 1, 2, 3 AMS MARY MORENO Spanish Club 4 F .4 4 - !) KATHV MORGAN AWS Treas. 4 Y -Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Treas. 1 Weekly Pleiades 4 MARSHA K. MORGAN Danee Concert 3 GAA DAVID MORRIS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Trade I, 2, 3, 4 Farj! } ' C7ufc 3, Pres. 4 DENA MOSSAR AFS Vice Pres. 4 Pleiades 3, Treas. 4 Rally Committee 4 VICK.I MUIRHEAD Pleiades 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 PATRICIA LYNN MUNOZ FBL.4 1, 2, Y -Teens 1, 2, C f 1 1, 2, 3 JA - v " •• ' " i .- j KATHY MURDOCK Student Congress 2, 3 Rally Committee 2 Ice Caps 2 CAROLYN MYER Student Congress 1 Y-Teens 4 TRUDY MYLES Featherettes 3 Pou IVouj 4M. 3 5V Leader 4 ART NAVA Cross-Country 2, 3, FariUy C7u6 2, 3, 4 Drum Major 3, 4 46 SHERRILL JEAN NEAL GAA 1, 2, 3 Treas. 4 Featherettes 3, 4 Y-Teens BOB NE ALLY IRENE NEGRETE SKIP NEIDHARDT Latin Club 2 GAA 4 Track 2 Ski Club AWS Football 2 POLLY NELSON Sonqleader 4 rfaiaj 3, 4 NORMAN NEVIN A MS DARLA NICHOLSON LARRY NUNEZ STEVE OBA PAUL OBERNDORFF Travel Club Cross Country 3, 4 ylAfS 4jWS Y-Teens 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 47 ! RUTH OESS A IS Exchange Student Idakas Y-Teeni MARY CATHERINE OGREN Flagtwirler 4 Songleader 3 Y -Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 ANDREW OLIYARES Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1 CHERYL OLSON AWS DENNIS OLSON CAROL ORDRONNEAU Art Club 3, 4 Y-Tcens 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2 FrencA C ufc 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 2 Pleiades 2, 3, 4 JOE OTERO DIANA OTTA JESSIE PACHECO Football 2, 3 .41 tS AWS Track 2, 3 DONNA PAINTER Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 CAA 3 Ice Caps ALAN PALESTINE A MS RICHARD PA ' AMS TOHN PARIDON JOHN PARKER Polo Vice 1 :ng 4 Pleiades 2, 3, 4 I Club 4 Latin Club MARYANN PATTERSON AWS DIANE JE.AS " PERONTO Y-Teens 3, 4 Student Congress JUDY PERRY Featherettes 2, 4 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, T-Teenj 1, 2, WILLIAM PETERSON - «■- ir 4 i JOYCE PETTYJOHN K-Tee»u 2, 3, 4 ce Capi 3 AWS St. Class Council CAROL PHELPS CAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Idakas « ROGER PHILIPS DONNA PICK ANDRES PINEDA CAROLYN POGUE Water Polo AWS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 FT.4 Pu6. Chair. 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens Varsity Club 3, 4 Fr f ncA C7ufc 1, 2, 3, 4 German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 YFC AVy C7u6 3 F. Pw. 4 AFS 3, 4 BETTY QUINN HENRY RAMIREZ TERRY RAMIREZ LUPE RAMIREZ GAA 1. 2, 3, 1 Football 1, 2 ,4AfS H ' Spanish Club 4 77acA 1, 2, 3, 4 Travel Club 4 Cross Country 3, 4 50 DENNIS RANDELL A.MS DI VNNE READ Flag Twirler 3, I Teen I Pres. 4 Spanish Club 3, -1 SI ZANNE READ Spanish Club 3, 4 ' Yen Toppers 3 7 ' rem -1 MIKE RE u; AN I, 2, 3 7 fl ; 1, 2, I o - r - s Ajl- s tO c £c HOWARD REEVES A MS ELIZABETH SUSAN RE ID FT A Pre. 3 AFS 2, 3 Sec. 4 Orchestra I, 2, 3 I SUSAN MARIA REMLEV PAT RHOADES MARVIN RICH CRAIG RIESCH Featherettes 1, 2, 3 Travel Club YFC Pres. 3, 4 AMS F ag tztirler 4 Y-Teens Football 1, 2, 4 Frenc i C ufe 1, 2, 3 7 a rA 1, 2, 3, 4 51 CAROLE RIPPETOE FBLA 1, 2 Travel Club 3, 4 r. Red Cross 1 YERN ROBERTS Football 1, 2, 3 ,4 MS FOREST ROBERTS GLENDA ROBERTS a NANCY ROBERTS .4 It ' 5 b JOYCE ROBERTSON P nu It ' om 4H. 1 FF.4 Chapter Sweetheart Featherettes 3, 4 MIKE ROBINSON iey C7ub 4 MICHAEL S. ROBINSON Transfer Student Football 4 PAUL ROBINSON AMS DAVID ROCK AMS 52 CAROL ANN ROESSLER LYDIA ROJAS PATTY ROSIO CHRIS ROYER FT A 3, 4 A US Featherettes 3, 4 Featherettes 4 Travel Club 4 Student Congress 2, 3 Y-Tecns 4 Ice Caps 3 JOY RUSSELL Orman C7ufc 1, 2, 3, 4 Siud. Af ? ! Soc. 3, K. Pr«. 4 AFS Committee 3, 4 EARL RUTZ AMS UKLK O SAITO VICTOR M. SANCHEZ TERRY SANFORD TIM SATCHELL H ' S Key Club 2, 3, 4 M5 Vice Pres. 3 Skylarks 2 Drama Club 3 French Club 4 AMS 5- JOHN SBARDELLATI AMS DIANE SCHAFFER Y-Tt ens 1, 2, 3, 4 Ice Cap 2, 3, Dress Board 2, 3 BILL SCHUBERT Student Congress 1, 2, 4 Basketball Football RICHARD SCHUTZ A MS MIKE SCHWARTZ SANDY SCOTT AMS GAA 1, 2, 4 Student Congress 1 , 2 Dress Board 2 ANITA SEALS Drama Club 2, 3 Treas. 4 Spanish Club 3 •« ; p fl? 3 ROBERT SEAVERSON 4AfS FLOYD SCHADWIDK AMS STEVE SHAW Spanish Club 3, Pleiades 1, 2 54 GRACE ELAINE SHEPARD Freshman Vice Pres. Annual Staff 4 Student Congress MARY SHERMAN CAA 1. 2, 3, 4 Transfer Student 2 ,r V r t ? KATHLEEN SHERRILL GAA 1 ) Veens 2, 3 Ice Caps 3 IEFF SHERWOOD Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 BUTCH SHIELDS AMS MARY SHORT ,4 IKS THOMAS SIEKIERSKE JERRY SLIFER JACK SMITH KATHIE SMITH AMS AMS M5 Featherettes 3, 4 7Ven Toppers 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 55 RALPH WILLIAM SMITH Football 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 2, 3 Pleiads SUE SMITH Y-Teen Pres. 4 Idakas 3, 4 Sec. 3 ICC Sec. 4 MARGO A. SNYDER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Forensic Club 3, ,4 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3 KATHY SPIESS Y-Teens 4 Transfer Student DIANE SPITZER Idakas 4 Treas. 3 Student Court Justice 3, 4 y-7V ms 1, 4 TrfOJ. 2, 3 RICHARD SOWERSBY Basketball 3 Fars! } C ufe 4 Af5 ' Sec. 4 1 JOHN SPRINGER Water Polo 2 Swimming 2 CRAIG STEFFES .4 MS VICKI STEIN Rally Committee 4 Idakas 4 K-Tt ' ns 4 INA STENE P Wadi 2, 3 V. Pres. 4 Freach Club 2, 3, Tr f as. 4 Y-Teens 2, 3 Cabinet 4 56 DIANA STEWART A WS CHARLOTTE ST. GEORGE YFC Ice Caps IJ a x ' - - A h . £ C SHARON ANN STORM FHA 4 K. r«. 3 Ice Caps 2 Pres. 3, 4 G M 2, 3, 4 ANN STRINGFIELD PETER SWEARENGEN YFC 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2 -I M « DOLORES JEAN STROZAK. AWS KAREN STRUVE Featherettes 1, 2 Leader 3 P Wad 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Court Clerk 4 SUSAN SWEET CAROLE TAMME DIXIE TAYLOR Pep Chairman Homecoming Att. 3 FHA Featherettes Class Sec. 2 GAA Y -Teens 1, 2, 4 Treas. 3 Annual Staff 4 57 MARY TAYLOR Stud. Med. Society 3. 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Biology Club 4 MARY THAYER Freshman Class Sec. Skylarks 2, 3 Yell leader 3, 4 TIM THOMAS Travel Club Pres. 4 Latin Club 1 PAT THOMPSON Y-Teens Pres. 4 Banner Carrier EDWARD TRIPP Student Court 4 Biology Club Pres. 4 Boys ' State Rep. 3 s j I k 4 1 1. - r " V 1 JUDY TUCKER Leatherettes 1, 2, 3 Student Congress 4 LIXDA TUCKER RANDY TUNSTILL JO TYRREL I HA 2 I ' -T ns 3, 4 G ' ; j Chorus 2 Travel Club 4 Travel Club Pres. 3 CC 3 Mixed Chorus 3 AL VANDENBERGHE Weekly Pleiades Photographer Sports Program Photographer Latin Club 1, 2 58 LYNN YAXDENBERG AWS Jr. Rep. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Teen Toppers 2, 3, 4 KAREN GAIL YEDEXOY YFC 3, 4 Art Club 4 CAA 3, 4 BILL AMIERHF.IDF Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Ch iej Justici ANN VARNUM AFS President 4 trench Club Pres. 4 ■ I RONNIE VASQUEZ Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 A MS CAROL WALIN Featherettes 4 FRED WALKER AMS COOKIE WALTHER ASB Secretary Jr. Class V. Pres. Idakas 4 SOMA WATERS SAM WATERS Annual Staff 3, 4 AMS Idakas 4 Associate Justice 4 59 4 MERIDETH LEE WATSON erettes 1, 3, 4 AP F, Y-Teens 4 CAA 1, 2, •V ; , TV y JIM WAY Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 AFS 4 BETTY JEANETTE WEBB Pleiades!, 3, 4 Student Congress 2, 3 G44 1, 2, 3, L. Pres. 4 SALLY WERNKE Idakas 4 Rally Committee 4 French Club 3, 4 RUSSELL WEBB Water Polo 1, 2, 3,4 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Rfiiiiis 2, 3, fV«. 4 DON WESCOAT Concert Choir 3, 4 German Club 2, 3 PAM WHITNEY AL WICKETT GEOF WICKETT .4IC5 AFS V. Pres. Concert Choir 3, 4 Water Polo 3, 4 F7M 4 AFS 4 W. MICHEAL WILKINS Football 1 Forensic Club 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 4 60 TERRY WILES AMS ED WISEMAN Forensic Club 1, 2, 3 V. Pres. 4 Sportscaster 1, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 CHICK WILLETTE Tennis 1, 2, 3, A Football 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 SANDRA WODICKA Latin Club 2, 3 Drama Club Pleiads BETH WILLIAMS AWS President Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 FT A 1, 2, 3, 4 SUSAN WILLIS Idakas 3 V . Pres. 4 Flagtwirler 3 leatherettes 2 rf GAIL WOLSLAGEL Fr«n r i C ub 1, 2, 3,4 G i i 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-TVeni 1, 2, 3, 4 GARY WOODROW AMS PEGGY WUBBEN GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 « Caps 2 K. Pr ?5. 3 Y-Teens 4 MARK WYNNE FrccA 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 61 i KATHY ZACCAGNINO Flagtwirler 3 Song Leader 4 Seniors Not Pictured Glen Ballard Henry Banuelos Joseph Biegel Kay Brown William Bryant Bonnie Byrnes Sophie Calvillo Thomas Clerary Christopher Cromwell Mason Davis Diane DeMink Gary Donaghey Ramon Escoto Alan Kinoshita Barbara Knowles Takako Kobayashi Karen Lamarche John Larsen Ronald Lechman Darrel Leroy Frank Lugo Elizabeth Sutherland Due to circumstances beyond the control of the annual staff, the listed Seniors are not pictured. Nancy Tisdale Sally Wingate Charles Brooks Robert Nelson Dennis Richards Paul Runyan Stephen Sharp Kathie Smith Keith Vanderbash Ronald Welhelm 62 ¥ f Up Tte CVS mr l ic {(O 5ttIlMMlfe(x -£ (aefe f L v rtK U4 _ The Junior Class of ' 63 Bob Gienapp, junior class president, lead his class through a pros- perous year. The main objective of the class was to earn money to sponsor the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The money raising projects consisted of selling concessions at the home football games, sponsor- ship of the fall dance, " October in Orbit " , and collecting the class dues. Some of the other highlights were the choosing of the class rings, and junior playnight. Bob Gienapp President Class officers (left to right): Steve Maurer, vice-president; Cristel Simons, secretary; Susan Reeves, treasurer. I f - Cathi Abrarns Sylvia Acosta Richard Adams Mike Afonin Terry Amick Anthony Anderson Bob Anderson f l m John Archer ]udi Arns Linda Attane John Attardi Ruth Austin Deanna Bagby Kit Baker fa ( jS Thorn Baker Pat Barnard Elaine Barrett Janey Bass Sue Baumann Rosalie Baur Richard Beitel Ed Bell Kathv Bell q $! ftp P£ :7 Benham Steve Benn Susan Berlou e Pat Billings na Black Elizabeth Black Steve Black Carter Boehm 4. X Ld %± -ft Peggy Boone Pam Booz Bernice Boyd Doug Brookman Ceroid Brown Marlyn Brown Bill Broun Donald Browns ft Q - ' 77? Krissy Brunkow David Bryant Cheryl Burges Bob Burnard Beverly Burnetle Mike Bultler Anita Byhee Steve Cambre I fS " fd Steve Campbell Judy Carlson Sue Carpenter Gary Carr Angela Cam Sandy Carzoli Steve Christman ¥ Jay Clark Mike Clark Ron Clemann Ronald Cole n Tim Cole f Jeff Coleman Chris Collins Paul Cornish ♦ ft I Marti Connolly Darlene Cook Marcia Cook Steve Cooke David Covey Edward Crafts Sally Crawford Susan Crawford ft - ' Jerry Criner Cheryl Crispino Marilyn Crosswhite Bill Crowl m o I . , David Crum Peggy Cunningham Margaret Daft Doug Da] © ' - .? ■■ (a ■I Bud Dean Diane DeGroot Neil De Marco Alan Demmons Kathy Dever Miria Diaz Margaret Diehl Don Dobashi ft O Marsha Dorsey Cathy Drake Paul Drexler Joan Dryden Wally Eastwood Jack Eherhard Cindy Edmiston Ken Edwards an n Gail Eisenhart Bonnie Ellis Steve Ellis Steve Esparza Cathy Esqueda David Famveather Kathy Farmer Shirley Farner t " " " " L Gale Ferren David Fischer Stephanie Fisher Roberta Fisler Steve Fitzgerald Terry Fitzsimmons Vicky Fogleman F I - «- ' -J . Ifflf til 1 rj • Bill Forgy Pauletta Foster Rod Foster a f Barbara Fox Steve Fox Carin Fraser Claudia Frednksson Kathy Fugill m A ■• K i Diane Fullerton Steve Gabriel Kenny Gann Joy Ganong Connie Garcia Don Garcia Rudolph Garcia Thomas Gardiner 1- - n Charlotte Gates Pat Gaynor Eva Gloria Pat Goerlitz David Goldmann Larry Gooss Nancy Gowen Mary Graham n V, c Cr;s Grat es Jim Grayson Bob Green Bob Crimes Leigh Gronstrand l.ornell Groshong Kathleen Guerin larilyn Gulyas ,1 A yu y Gunkel Nancy Gusta son Rod Guthrie Sheri Hamersky Kathy Hansen Danny Hansford Tracey Hanson jimmy Harper Cyndie Hams Bob Hart Vernon Hart Elias Haught Mitzi Hawkins Pat Hegert Marsha Heidt Bobbie Hem fs (7 5 P Sherry Hesson Kathy High Nancy Hinricks John Hoelzel Sandra Hooks Sharon Hopper Yvonne Hudson Juniors ft » Paula Hunter Carol Hurst Nancy Hurst John James Marilyn Jarchow Launa Je fery Sandy Jenkins Charles Jennings a Don J obe Helen Johnson Kathy Jones Karen Jones Bob Julian Myrle Kabacy Jay Kauble Bob Kauppi (ft L ™ Steve Keller Pal Kennan Ron Kenny Gary Kent Barbara Kern Larry Kern Diane Key Shirley Kibby r? m ■ Beth Kinney Shannon Kirk Tim Klmger fs Judy Klym Carolyn Knoulton Chris Knudsen Bill Krausman Willie Kroonenburg o n fS m Richard Kussenow Jackie Lago Rick LaMarche Mike LaMarche Linda Lane Carolyn Laneville Judy Lamer Bob Large flft Jan Layman Dennis Laughery Jeff Layton Dyna Lee Linda Leff Gail LeCault Nancy Lennert Julie Leseman ■ f 1 Bob Lesher Lucy Levoit Faye Lmder Lauren Lmdsey Kent Livingston Irene Lope Janice Lofdahl ' P5 • V- . Carole Lundberg Garry Lundberg Demse Luse Susie S adley Doug Mahr Rebecca Man ley Paul Mann mm L ■ Ernest Manuel Leslie Maps on Ruhtncia Marable Beth Markham Betty Marshall Maurice Martinez Victoria Martmz Kenny Marts 1 Merdith Mason Eddy Mata Ronnie Matura Steve Maurer Sally McCamish Les McCartney Ann McCauley Dennis McCleary ToniMcClure Sharon McConnell Sonny McDorman Steve McGavran Mike McLean Chuck McPheeters Herbert McWright Patsy Medearis r r rtj £5 p Dayna Mershell Steve Metz Kent Meyers ' V ft i.w Marion Michel Ronald Mickelsen Bob Middle ton Bob Miller Allen Mittelman John Modgling David Mohr Cheryl Moran Arleen Moreno Peggi Morgan Jill Morns Cindy Murphy Richard Murphy j m - v: • iUf rt3Z PocotST 3 fjjimm Z iOLU- C o V X J 9 Walt Musick Jeanette Myers Don Neely John Nelson Lois Nelson Yvonne Nelson Kenny Neuschafer n Terrence Newbum George Newton Gena Newton Bill Nicholson Carol Noble Cheryl Noble Donald Norns Ronald Norris C5 Cj Bonnie Norton Lillian Nunez Dave Olney Don Osgood Carolyn Owens Ted Owens Richard Padilla Craig Painter vi ¥ , ' V Susan Parsell Cheryl Patterson Larry Paul Jim Pearce Judy Peek Eugene Petersen Judi Petersen Gary Peterson ■ - v ■- ' Bruce Petke Phillis Petrillo Louise Phams Judy Phillips Diana Pielrawski Mary Pileggi Sharon Pilger Dominic Piperata £ f j u ■; k_ Ron Pirkle James Pogue Donna Popevis David Price Barbara Pounds Paul Quental Jennifer Quinn Tom Quirk Ricky Ramos Marhry Ramsey Diane Rauhut Dennis Reed Susan Reeves Ronnie Ren row Len Renick Bruce Reno o . - • £ Mike Reynolds Boh Rhey Chris Richards Karen Richards Elvira Rios Danny Rivera Donna Robinson ♦ ? f f f w Linda Robinson Virginia Robles Linda Rock Oscar Rodriguez Ronnie Romo Suzanne Russell Steve Rulkus Rex Ryan o ■ a Oliver Ryder Gerry Sackter Drake Sadler Carol Salzer Mike Sandoral Virginia Sawyers Fred Soardellati Brenda Schnabel £s fit ft v Claudia Schneider Ricky Schroeder Richard Schumacher Susan Scribner RonnySekkel Sheryl Shafer Andra Sharp Kathi Sherrill Glenda Shockey Bill Short Delilah Shrum Christel Simons Dean Singer Ronald Siezmore Leah Smith ft P Marilynne Smith Butchie Smith John Snell John Snow Lyneva Sprague Wanda Steadmon Michael Steen Bonnie Stem f ft ft V - Donna Stemple Dale Stephens Hike Stevenson Norma Stone Susie Storm Bobby Sluber Glenda Sturdevant Paul Swain O C5 Linda Switzer Phyllis Taylor Richard Tedesco Johnny Thomas Alan Thompson Dai id Thompson RexTidd Juniors i . ■ Cheryl Trotter Pat Trust Chris Tubbs Charlene Turner Evelyn Turner Susan Turner Steve Tutile Jo Tyrrel V ' ofeo Uhukata Gene Ullench Charles Vandenburg Bryan Vanderueerd Tina Van Gilder Sandy Vann Dennis Van Vliet ft f Daryl Van Winkle Billy Vasauez Judy Vediner Carol Veil Danny Vernoef Bob Von Denlinger Janet Wadsworth Ann Wagner r !K s Dianne H ' aW} Robin Wallace Marian Walsh Mike Warren Janet Weaver Sally Webster Sue Weddle Doug Welch L t r- Dennis Wells Bill West Judy West Tom Willford Drucilla Williams Marilyn Williams Angela Wils ge la w ilson k ' David Wilson Judy Wmlund Ronnie Winnick Don W odstrchill Mack Woolley Jean Wright J J itu Wright Bill Wright Richard Wulff Michael Wygal Gail Wymer John Yackey Sharrel Yancey Rose Yhara Susan Yeager Helen Young Juniors Not Pictured Altes, Leah Augenslein, Edwin Ayling, Melvin Banderas , Ronnie Benson, Bill Born, Steie Bryant, Richard Clemmer, Linda Crawford, Diana Creed, James Crow, Mike Daniel, Chris Dai is, Elinor Delgado, Johnny Derochemont, Lerea Die hi, Wary Dujre sne , Terry Dutz, Ei leth, ••. . Farner, Shirley Fox, Barbara Garcia, Lucy Geisler, John Gienapp, Bob Gilmore, Judi Goeser, Steve Green, Thelma Grisham, Jeff Gustafson, Gary Haith, Scott Hamilton, Joyce Harbitz, Steve Hart, Sandra Hatfield, Forrest Heyworth, Claire Hicks, Ruth Higgins, Harold Hopper, William Howell, Danny Hoyt, Susan Jiles, Steve Johnson, Bob Jordan, Cheryl Krause, Eric Lyon, Leroy Maloof, Ro ni Martin, Don Martin, Wayne Matzek, Walter McFarland, Bob McGee, Joseph McGranahan, Bill Miller, Bill Milligan, Edwin Milligan, Glenn Morris, Rodger Moss, Paul Nixon, Diana Paine, Sandra Patch, Katky Phillips, Constance Pie trowski, Diana Quezada, Sofia Robinson, Linda Rosales, Rosalie Rose, Edward Rutkus, Dennis Simpson, Richard Smith, David Stidham, Janet Turner, Charlene Unverferth, Marge Veil, Carol Viramontes, Tina Walker, Rogers Walling, Norma Warner, Karen Wiles, Tracy Williams, Donna Wood, Susan Zeckzer, Carol Due to circumstances beyond the control of the annual staff, the listed Juniors are not pictured. 72 P 9 i .i ' " ' J J r 0? J9 VWW . V, -„ „ (JtW J T t i i t r 5 i IN W v. l b Of ; 2 x The Sophomores of ' 63 The sophomore class entered its second year at FUHS under a fine corp of officers. Bill Darke, class president, executed and planned an enthusiastic and fun-filled year. The sophomore class play- night was a big success and every- one had a rip roaring time. They elected class song and yell leaders for the Anaheim basketball game, and had many money raising pro- jects including selling cupcakes at the 10:10 break and selling pop- corn at the football games. . Class officers (Left to right) Bill Darke, Sophomore class president; Sue Varnum, secretary; Wayne Cowell, vice president; and Nancy Gregory, treasurer. rV J Louie Aco sta Annette Adams Alee Alger Barbara Anderson David Anderson Joyce Anderson Ed Andrade Catherine Anthony J t%f) f r ■ o c - AVi . TomArchipley Joan Aufderheide Bev Augenstem Jrm Austin Chuck Bahcock Jeff Baker Donna Banks James Barnes I r • v . " ; Donna Bates Donna Bates Lin Bauer Russ Bedale Sandra Bedell Steve Beers David Behning Neil Black Steve Black Bob Blakesley Jerrv Blanton k w Colleen Bowne : ., Bracket! Pat Bradley Rhonda Br am I e it Earl Breault fb £ Sberrie Briggs Cary Briney Brum met Warren Brunson Mary Br v Bryant r y) c ft m »w V Bonnie Burleson Mike Burnard Rosemary Butler ft 1 ) J I J Virginia Cannon Bob Canon Linda Carlsen John Carlson John Carlton Janet Carrigan Mike Carroll Pam Carter Emelie Cassidy Steve Cathers Dick Clark Sally Clark Anne Clary Randy Clements Jim Cleveland Bill Clapton F fc (?) Linda Cole Beth Comaroto Ira Cone V Dan Conley Dale Conrad Barbara Cook Richard Cooper Wayne Cowell n Greg Cox Ana Crand orjz Clem Crum Janet Cunningham Bill Cunningham Carolynda Czaphnski Kathy Danenhauer Bill Darke Pam Davis Jean Davis Joe Delatorre Richard Delalorre Ed Delrio Ross DuChene Cinny Denton f Debbi Doolittle Charlotte Doman Virginia Drake Gloria Duarte Marylin Dunham Dennis Dunton a m ft 9 . i i k 1 K Sharon Ely landy Engel Manuel Escobar Linda Evenson Frank Fatseas Bob Fazio jay Feuchter Claudette Fields Richard Fischer Pete Fitzek Chris Flinders Wayne Flock Freddie Fluck Candy Ford Grady Fort Steve Frates fl « " " .,:; ' ii$5 Michael Fulmer fi p,A_ £W Garnica K fi. Bob Funk Brenda Galloway Virginia Ganahl Ronald Gardea Tim Gardner Bill Garmon I GaryGarscm Jackie Gaudard Jane Gepfert Ken Germger Krystyne Gibby Thorn Gienapp D Michael Giles Barbara Giron Susan Gooch Paul Gray Penny Green Bob Green Nancy Gregory Phil Grieves jf " Ned Harden Jeff Harmer Bill Hasenplaugh Floyd Hatfield Leo Haught Randy Hawkins Bonnie Heandge George Heisel Paul Heroux x u f ,- r n Ralph Hickman Brad Hicks David Hicks Verton Hill Diana H ins haw Charles Hoffman Linda Hoffman Mike Holmes c : Hk 1 i . Craig Home Cinni Horton Sue Hoskins Leatha Huffman Ronnie Hunt Dai id Iwatsuru Gary Jackson Carol Jacobus ! B » At tie Jaloma Janice James Laura Janus Jeff Jaques Carol Jar chow Erin Jerrett Carol Johnson Uchael Johnson " ' 6k V N Nancy Johnson Robin Johnson Sharon Jones Kent Kadera David Kading Helen Kaiser Cathy Keller o Sophomores fa Bette Kennedy Bonnie Kepner Claudia Kepner Chuck Kilmer Paul King Dean Kinoshila Tom Kirven Shorun Kittle ' --.-«■ Ml Keith Klmg Susie Klmger Kitty Knollmiller Betty Kramer Larry Kuhlman James Lafferty Beth Lee Lynne Lekich t j Hill Gary Lis k Richard Lockman Susana Louell Dai jfl " Loiif Dannie addo .Warylynn Madley Chuch Maehr Steve Maguire V, L JjP , tfJP I r a - f. Claude Markan Jean Marshburn Rose Martinez Chris Mata Gary Math is Mark Mature Bob Mayermk Marc ia May fie Id ri n ft 4 Peegy McAulay Denny McCants Carolyn McChesney Tom McCormick Dan McCracken Chris McGlumphy Charles Mclnnish Pat McKee James McKenzie Linda McKillen Jerry McNeely Mack Meissner Connie Merntt n 9 Lynn Miller Tom Miller Larry Miyoda Fred Montgomery Shirley McWright Ann Moore Guy Micco John Miernik Barbara Milby ID - jaco Moore r7fc_ m i . Harris Moore Johnny Mosqueda Jeff Muirhead Dennis Murphy Dennis Murphy Pal Murphy fdttMt Jeff .Myers 3 w J O Diane Murphy Dennis Myer Sally Nava Bob Navarro Richard Nease Nancy Ne f Brenda Neidhardt Lee Nicholson Dennis Nicomede Tl r - OO Diana Nixon Leona Nolan Carole Nolley Eric Norhy Linda Northrop Rick Nuttall Patti O ' Brien Karen O ' Donnell Brian Oldham Becky Oleyar m « .,. , M Jackie Osgood Terry Padilla Jan Palestine Mary Paramo Richard Patrick Jan Patton Jefj Pearce Beverly Pease Mike Perez Susan Perry Bob Pharris ft f " b OP Anrfy Philips Tom Philips Greg Pierson Amee Pineda Shelly Pinizzotto Daniel Pla Jimmy Poole Penny Pry or Karen Pulver Ernie Ramos Linda Ramsay Sandra Rangel Marilynn Read Glenn Reaves Steve Reif ft (fyfi im Catherine Richards Margie Richards Susan Richardson Cindy Rieck Jan Riggs Rosalina Rivera Gloria Roach Margaret Roberts Charlene Robinson Jim Robinson David Rodarte Johnny Rodriguez Martha Rodriguez Chris Roesen Angel Rojas Fermin Rojas 9 Barbara Rosales Mark Royer Ted Russell Charlotte Rutherford James Rys Esperanza Salas Charla San ord r ■ Gary Scheffel Susan Schmidt Jim Schullz Alan Scbulz 0% - . Patti Sherwood Loren Smets Ben Smith Gay Smith f " Valerie Sowder Charlotte Spar Alison Spicer Carter Stack Carolyn Scott Sally Sevelin David Severson John Sherman -, Linda Smith Sandy Smith Steve Smith Kathleen S teele Charlene Stephens Kathy Stephens Chuck Stidham 01 Cs w V -% o f Linda Stotier Phyllis String ie Id S hen Struck Scot Stuart Harold Sturdevant Pat Summers Richard Swart •»- .4nrca Swenson Pat Swift , Erf Tar in r Danny Taylor Anne Terrell gf ' ' ' %». ' Pa»i Thayer Eldon Thiesen Vernette Thomas ' .ftbs Bill Thomas Barbara Thompson Durward Thompson Janie Thompson Lois Thompson Diane Torgerson Charles Torrez David Tovar Virginia Tucker George Turner Sharon Twombly Pam Tyson ■ rl 0fy Saundra linger Yolanda Valenzuela Rick VanTuyle Sue Varnum f I Jenise Vayssie Nancy Vice ert Viramontes Gloria Viramontes Seal Walberg Sandra Walla Bol Cyndi Watt Torreey Webb Alan Welch Gary Welton Terry Whentley John White Carol Whiteside Lynn Wiese ft ft O P AVl Patty Wilkms Linda Wilkinson Sharon Willitle Russ Williams Clark Wilson L irr Wilson Bob Wilson Vanette Wing Earl Wo]cieszab Alary Wolfe • ' Gary Wood Linda Wood Jim Woodall Carl Writer Steve Wymer f a Sophomores hi " 7 M Mary Wynne Daniel Ybarra joe Yharra Cynthia Ziemer James Zimmer A welcome break each day enjoyed by all sophomores is their lower division lunch period. 81 Sophomores Not Pictured dams [ibertsot Jim Albi • Donald Anderson There se Armstrong ■•: Baker Joanna Barnitz Patricia Barron Geraldine Bass Brenda Baxter Patricia Beck Jo Ann Belasquez Steven Berlin Dennis Berry Katherine Bieg Patricia Blankenship Kathy Bleier Phyllis Booker Patricia Borden Gary Bryan Arthur Budd Sophomores whose names appear on this page are not pictured due to circumstances beyond the control oi the Annual Pleiades staff. Curtis Byerly Lloydena Cagle Robert Cairns Bruce Campbell Ronnie Cannon Michael Edward Canty Carol Cardillo Richard Casault Peggy Cbadwick Lupe Chavez Carol Collins Max Copenhagen Patricia Cozzens Gregory Crandall Stephen Creek Jim Crume Steve Cudeck Bergen Davis Eugene Decook Timothy Derry Patricia Dickson Joan Dorr oh Rebecca Downey Audrey Drop James T. Johnson Tessie Kenny Carolyn Kipe Michael C. Lawson Walter W. Lee Laura Lennert Robert Ashton Libbey Susan Liefke John W. Linton Donald J. Mackay Golden R. Martindale Barth 0. Massey Jeanie Maurin John McCann Maryanne McCauley Sally L. McMichael Judith McRae Manuel Melendez Danny Messenger Candace Rae Moore Sandre B. Morgan James F. Nay Terry Lee Newland Michael T. O ' Grady Linda M. O ' Hara Rudy Padilla William R. Duke Patty Erhardt Cheryl Eisenberg Betty Lou Elliott Irene Entzmmger Linda Erikson Marilyn Evans Karen Fritts Jackie Jean Gagnon Darlene Ann Garcia Katherine Gerrick Jose Antonio Gonzalez Bobby Dale Green Margaret Griffin Mary Frances Grizzle Terry Ramon Guy Linda Ann Hall Steven D. Hames Linda Heyer Holly Holkesvick Brenda Howard Robert Hummel! Carolyn Humphreys Karen Janas Marie Antonia Jimenez Carol S. Pender Cynthia Peters Marion Plegel Dick D. Porter Marie Victoria Rangel Gregory Jay Reddicks John W. Rhoades Carole Robinson Claude Roscom Sandra Dos Santos Joann A. Sears Steve R. Shapiro Charmame L. Shirley Charolette Stephens Robert Ta folia Georgia T. Thomas Peter Ancil Turner Kathryn L. Van Patten Steven F. Watson James A. Wieck Kathleen Ann Wells Felicia Whitacre Linda Wood Linda Woestemeyer Doris Young Carol D. Yurasbus B2 Freshmen of ' 63 The 1963 Freshman class, led by Clark Sand, president, has had an active and profitable year at F.U.H.S. Among their many class activities were distributing class cards and collecting class dues. A freshman class playnight was held in the gym featur- ing dancing, games, and refreshments. Class officers (left to right): Scott Smith, vice-president; Gretchen Blume, secretary; Julie Updyke, treasurer; Clark Sand, president. Sf x I Jan Adams Ray Addington Martin A guilar Jo Ann Alders on Steve Aldred Terry Allen v f Jennifer Alpaugh Susan Amott Alan Anderson Tom Anderson Bobby Andrade Ralph Arns t ' ? Jk Doug Baar 7 ir a. Tom Babcock Marlayna Bachman Sheila Baker Bob Bal zer Jaynne Allison J ohn Alne Mary Arpero Doug Austin «aw. Mark Bann Rozalie Barber Ronnie Barbour Dana Rarlou Walter Rarnet J dfe Barnhart Samira Barnhart James liarrett Karen Be V Penny Barret! adine Barter Stephen Barlell Linda Barton . Bauman Connie Beal Donna Redale Cathy Reener 4 S Michael Belanger Anita Bell Diane Benedict Virginia Benson Larry Bergen ? Yolanda Be ma I Marilyn Berry MCV J Max Besler Steve Beverhvrg Eddie Bezeg Alan Biggs Pat Bishop Rert Rlack (Wetchen Blume to B • - 4 t Daryl Boehm Sharon Rolton Gerrit Bomgaars ' Mike Rongioianni Shan Boone Mike Borden Chris Bowen Barbara Bower Chris Bowen Bill Boun Jackie Boyd Mike Boyd rj Laraine Boren Kit Born ■ v- 4 J Rosemary Boyles Sharon Boysl Barbara Braba Linda Bradley Tony Brancato Marcia Braucher Pam Brines Lonm Bnne% Rrenda Brown Cheryl Brown Janice Broun Karen Broun Mary Ann Brown Torn Broun Diana Browning MikeBrummet Rod Buchner Pinkie Buckmann f " i •• ' X. x ' t Rick Budd Brad Budke Jana Buebner Richard Buhre Pam Bunnell Georgene Burt Chris Butler Janette Butler John Cairns Kathy Campitelli Pam Canty Linda Capo fo Steve Cangan Gary Carlson Mark Carlson Gloria Carri ( f I V Donna Caughel Tom Cecil Ejren Cerda Greg Chambers John Chambers Greg Chapman % Bob Christensen Carla Christensen John Christensen James Clapp Terry Cleveland Pat Coffer ■ Susan Cole V -• •» Judy Collar Linda C oilman Nancy Cook Russell Cooley Larry Coons George Cornwall Ellen Covey Jeanette Cox James Crawford Cheryl Creek Robbie Cromwell Gary Crow Mary Crume Margo Cruz Paul Cunningham Gail Dalton Denier Danner Donna Davis Doug Dai is John Davis r m Priscilla Diaz Steve Doane Tom Dollarhide SL ' Richard Dominguez Tommy Dominguez David Dornan Teresa Darke Diane Ducirte Ross Duchene Carol Duf y Jeanne! W L ' •v Carol Duncan Carolyn Dunham Donna Dun Linda Dye Steve Easlon Vargo Eisele Terry Eisenburg Wayne Eisenhart Diana Elliot! Jim Ellis Timothy Ellis Richard Elsass Beatris Espinoza Gloria Esqueda Sharon Evans Freshmen Kaye Evhh Paul Earner Dianne Farnsu orth Janme Farquhar Gary Faust Sue Favinger Wary Fisler Chuck Fitzgerald n ■ to o Tony F lores Louise Fontes Judi Ford Rudy Fornero Cindy Fox Larry Frank S arsha Eraser Cathy Frates " i Linda Freeman Mike Freeman Raynette Freilmg Tonia Fuller JdlGagnon Bob Garcia Barbara Gardner Steie Garret! n n Gates Bruce Gehrke Violet Gettman Gaylyn Giemont Randy Gilles pie Pat Gilpin Jack Gipson Brenda Glenn . Q ,ff5 C? «■- • :- v.; 1 PS - ' Dennis Granados Lome Grant Cathy Graves Janet Gray Pat Gray ■ BBS i ps ) • Martin Gomez Carolyn Gonzales Jesse Gonzales John Goodwin Pat Gorman Dee Goss Joy Lynn Grizzle Lydia Guillen Sharon Gunther Doug Gustafson Cathy Haber Doug Green Ko-thy Green ? Jim Gottfried Scott Grago Pam Hamerskx C ' i Linda Haur fa. ft Sue Hansen Judy Hanson Josine Hard Lyn Hardy Mike Hardy Don Hare Marie Heideman Bill Henderson Judy Henderson Eric Hendricks Pat Hennessey Doug Harris Peggy Harris Gary Hichman Linda Hilhert Mike Htntz Alison Hoak Sandee Hoffman Vivian Holkesvick Larry Howard Philip Howitt Cheryl Hudspeth Reuben Hughes Jsv E -k Eric Hurd Lorea Hunt Linda Jacobs Perry Janus Hill Jenkins Bruce Johnson ' n Johnson George Johnson 9 Greg Johnson Jerry Johnson Linda Johnsc Veronica Kemblou-ski Sue Kennan [ark Kenny p t ) Joe Julian Pa! Kat ' sner Jim Kashner Palli f Jim Kay ft ( fit King Sheri King Pam Kinsey J ante Klaustermeyer S Donalyn Knorr George Knowles Mar Kreimeier Marc Krelzschmar Dick Kryder Elna Kuty Sandra La Fortune - «e- «F» Pete Lancisero Barbara Lanenlle John Large Larry Larragoiliy Date Lasley Wike Lechman V.i ' jorie Lege! Cleve Leonard Jim Lepper Victor Leioil Kordyan Leuandowski Anne Lillywhite Carol Lmgenielder Rodger Linnett Mike Liskay Bob Lobo I Mike Lucascio Evelyn Loho f Katherine Lohman Brad Lorton John Lusk Charlotte Lous ta lot Beatrice Luge Cheryl Lundberg f 9 £$ ■i Melissa Luther Penny Lynch Maureen Lyons Karen Macaulay Marilyn Madison Marilyn Mallory Ken Maltby l.unnon m Made Ion Marple Doug Marks Bradley Martin Jessie Marlindale David Martinez Mary Lou Martinez Larry Wason Bob Matsuyama Mark Mattke Larry Maurer Dennis Maxey Gary McCaskill Larry McCloud f ' t V J r« v T ■ ■ . Judy McConnell Bohra McCorry Corky McMugh Joyce Mclnmsh J, m McLaughlin J on Means Paul Mejia Adelle Meredith Christine Merrill Howard Merrill Pam Merritt Christine Miller Danny Miller Dave Miller James Miller Judy Miller r © ft Kristine Miller Bill Mertz Keith Middleton Janet Milhy 4 Linda Miller Mike Miller Rhonda Miller Kenton Mitchell Jim Mobley r Betty Mole Kathy Moore Vivian Morales Nancy Moran Mike Moreno Lynda Morgan Becky Mosey Carl Mueller Bill Muhlig Ceroid Mulch,; Bonnie Wiur , • Murphy ft£ B FW Michael Murphy Terry Murphy Delois Nash Connie java Raymon Neal Robin Neisess Doug elson Ka thy Nelson fa Saundra Nelson Mike Newkirk Karen X icholson Linda Nicholson Monica Nieto Glen O " Rannon hob O ' Conner Tom Ohl Anita Oldham Lynda Oilier Dave Olson Gerald Olson ]ud Olsen Steve Omaley Freshmen Dorthy Owens Darlene Padilla Deanna Paine Beatrice Paramo Bob Parker - J I A Sherrel Parks Jackie Parra Pam Pastor ill Patch Pat Patterson Dennis Paulson Ellen Payan Wendy Pearce Mike Pennington Kay Pennington Mina Perez 1 5 Ken Petersen Mary Lou Peterson Bobbie Pietsch Norma Pomeroy Pat Poole Jill Pruor Chris Pyeatte Luc O U- K ' aren Ragland Bill Rake Johnny Ramirez Kathie Ramsey Gary Raub .Monica Ray Lee Reed Jim Reed ¥ s ,ffr S V Barbara Reeres Wayne RejtfVr fioi Rei7 y Dar ene Ren row Doug Reynolds Laura Rich Ginger Richardson Arlene Rigdon Ronald Ritchie Gilbert Rivas Rosemary Rivera Carol Roberts Dan Roberts Helen Roberts Lynn Roberts H i v Tim Rock Susan Rodgers Amado Ronauillo Olivia Rueda Bob Rugg Gary Runvan Bill Russell I Sheryl Shaw Clark Sand Mark Sandy Kathy Saunders Cheryl Sayers Jimmy m - Schaeffer Stephanie Scha fer Bill Schatzman — -Si Jfelfty Sc,a um ann CtefVeM ScAenfe Caro yn SrftmiAfe Nic ScA»««fcr Terry Schnepple Diane Schoner Linda Schoner Dean Schroeter r n a K Bj ' Z Schultz Pat Schumacher Pat Schwartz yaren Seals Peter Sellers Craig Sengstock Gayle Serrapica Paula Settles NoelShenn Julie Shirley Dan Shultz Terry Siekiers ki Linda Singer Cherylt Slack Susie Slater Diana Smith Don Smith Linda Smith Mike Smith [iU bell Smith Stacy Smith Dai id Snc Larry Snyder Stanton Spark S L ? L. + ' ; mm. »Hsl HL. ichard Stack , Steve Staples l ' ,,kStaubj J JojiSteeriman Ronnie Stene Craig Steward Jr y t -r % ob Stiles Candy Stillson Shirley Stoughton Chris Stoy Roberta Strickland Barbara Stuart I ■ m Pat Surrah Linda Swift Jeanne Toggart Jackie Tankersley Armando Tarin Eric Taylor S aralee Teall Linda Tetraillt 2Tv Janet Thompson Karen Threadgill Mike Tinder Sally Tout Jance Trenchery Susan Tnay Vickie True Connie Tubbs j Louis Tung Tom Turner Irene Viler Ton Unverferth Dan Updyke Julie Vpdyke Bill Valenzuela Eddie ValenzueM ft ,b VanderWeerd Laurel Van-Gilder Shelly Vayssie jan Yedmer Darrel J erboel Brian Villanueva — ■— ft ft ■ ?rs Shirley Vollmer Tim Wachtel Richard H igner Brenda Walcaak Gary Walker ft I 9 : I Be tty Wall Pal Wall Wilma Wallace Joe Wallers Alice Warren Jim Watt Jane Watlen Sandy Sayland Greg Weasl Joe Weber Tom Weber Mark Weeks Gayle Werner Jim Welch Sharon Wernke Perry West Tim Welklou f ' Linda Whaler Delia Whilacre Larry Whilmer Ken Wiley Mike Williams Sandee Williams Pat Williamson S artba W ilman Larry Wimnger Bill Wintter Ernie Wise Dorsey Wiseman Dean Wolfe Van Wolslagel Cindy Wood Dennis Worm ley rig) Susan Wulff Linda Yeats Doug Young Jimmy Young Freshmen Not Pictured Adragna, Joseph Bailey, Paul Bales, William Benedict, James Bennett, Fred Berg, William Bergbem, Robert Boyer, Tommy Brown, Robert Bruno, Danial Carmela, Albert Carmody, Kathaleen Cash, Janet Chapman, Donna Cleveland, Ken Coleman, Yvonne Colson, Craig Crawford, William Criner, Ricky Cusick, Mary Ellen Daza, Marshall Decker, Leslie Delea, Raymond Delgiorgio, Vincent Delrio, Joseph Derosier, Janic. Dietrich, Doug Duarte, Dennis Eberhard, Stephen Enarson, I an ne Forsyth, Wade Fouler, Gary Gaines, Michael Cenow, Ja Gibby, Brent Gruuell, Jeff Guggisberg, Steve Guinn, Richard Harris, Steve Heath, Alexis Herrera, Charles Hilliard, Thomas Hoge, Sandra Hopper, Teresa Ingram, David Isaacs, Marie Jacobs, Linda Jimenez, Ross Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Pat J ohnston, Dennis Jones, Duarte ! i pner, Andy Kester, John Kreger, Charles Kues ter, Mike Losoya , Albi ■ Lossner, P it Lunnon, Nan Madrid, Betty Markan, Robert Marten, Carlene Matzek, Elaine Maxey, James Mc Laughhlm, Palm h Mershell, Jeanne Morend, Tommy Mosqueda, Rudolph Murray, Michael ci ins, Thomas Nygren, Jeff Ocenasek, Cynthia Pacourek, Scott Parker, Laura l n Peck, Randy Pennington, Karlitta Pollock, Daniel Porter, Marlene Potts, Ken Rake, Frank Ramirez, Diane Rhoads, Don Rice, Dennis Roberts, Wayne Row, James Sebourn, Ron Smith, Scott Soto, Robert Spicer, George Stamper, Teala Stem, Ken Stuveling, Larry Stuyvenberg, Ken Sullivan, Doug Sullivan, Mike Thompson, Ricky Tittle, Leonard Tomberg, Bruce Torgerson, Gary Treltm, Mike Trowbridge, David Turman, Walter Updyke, Timothy Uriarle, Mark Vanderberg, Bert Vanderburg, Rick Vasvary, Bill Vatcher, Cheryl Wagoner, Roy Watson, Jack Wells, Mike Wollenherg, Pal Woodall, John Woodall, Robert Wyrick, jerry Young Shirley Due to circumstances beyond the con- trol of the annual staff, the listed Freshmen are not pictured. 95 F ' Preside " • " ' uMlMUft - ' ?■ l ym Yy £} « V v « y in a wry succes0 1962-63 r open-mindedness and ability to tration and faculty, Gary xababjt ' fried out his mottaj " Better co-operatioj etmeen sULwan 1 body and administration. " This year Garj g a time plan. Gary las also a men aff, Biology C Gary served JL ' ell Leader in his junior year. cessfully engine made a function d over executive bo Ight when he said, " ' 63- i$jfre ye ■omethin " football iS ' lii Al Wickett, Vice President Cookie Walther, Secretary First row, (left to right): Beth Williams, Sue Collins, Sue Sweet, Gary Martone, Sue Allison, Bev Jacques, Danese Braun; Second row, Al Wickett, Margaret Cayton, Cookie Walther, and Mike Moore. Student Body Officers Few students realize the amount of time and effort put in by the Executive Board to keep the school running smoothly. It met regularly throughout the summer and worked to plan the coming year. Many of its members attended a three day leadership conference at Idlewild. During school, the Executive Board met once a week to co-ordinate activities, and discuss different school actions, policies, and problems. Through the year the members worked to strengthen the unity of the student body. Margaret Cayton, Treasurer Ex-officio Members, First row, (left to right): Steve Rutkus, Weekly Pleiades Co-Editor; Louise Dean Head Yell Leader; Claire Chapman, Head Song Leader; ]ayne Carlton, Annual Pleiades Editor; Ann Varnum, AFS President; Bob Geinapp, Junior Class President. Ex- Officio Members The ex-officio members of the Executive Board made it possible for every organization to be represented directly or indirectly at the Board Meetings. Ex-officio members were not voting members but were allowed to participate in dis- cussions. They brought to the Executive Board ' s attention any matter that their organization wished to have discussed at the Board Meetings. Ex-officio Members, First row, (left to right): Carol Phelps, GAA President; Cris Tubbs, Weekly Pleiades Co-Editor; Second row, Bill Darke, Sophomore Class President; Bill Vander- heide, Chief Justice; Clark Sand, Freshman Class President. Not pictured, Bob McComber, Senior Class President. 98 Bill Vanderheide Chief Justice -UUlsprrZ Bryan Conover ft) 7-Lx — -yi . i ' 44 Student Court Karen Struve Clerk r X ■ Vu The duties of our Student Court included interpreting the Student Body Constitution and judging cases of student misbehavior. The Chief Justice and the Associate Justices were selected by the Ex- ecutive Board. The Clerk and Bailiff were appointed by the court members. Associate Justices, First row, (left to right): Diane Spitzer, Sonia Waters; Second row, Mike Higgins, Ed Tripp, Ed Wiseman, Kit Baker. Student Court in action 99 Al Wickett President John Snow Sergeant at Arms Bob Stuber President Pro Tern. Kathy Farmer Secretary Student Congress Student Congress members at FUHS were chosen at the beginning of the year to represent the views and opinions of the students regarding school policies. The Student Con- gress acted as a contact between the administration and the executive board with the students . Important issues this year included discussion on closed campus, clean campus, and increased enforcement of laws and regulations. A major action was the revision of the Student Constitution in order to make the branches of student government able to operate more effectively in the interest of the student body. 100 First row, (left to right): Doug Chambers, Kathie Bell, Cheryl Crispino, Carol Duncan, Dan Updyke, Sue Cole, Chris Stoy, Doug Young, Terry Austin, Gretchen Blume, Judy Ford; Second row: Sande ' e Hoffman, Patti Kauppi, Barbara Giron, Arteen Moreno, Christel Simons, Robyn Jones, Kathy Beattie, Bob Gienapp, Bob Stuber, Butch Smith, Phil Benham, Julie Updyke; Third row: Penny Jimenez, Pam Tyson, Tracy Thomas, Linda Milby, Lorraine Boren, Clark Sand, Mike Murray; Fourth row: Carol Johnson, Ruhtricia Marable, Penny Kaiser, Jackie Caudard, Cann Fraser, Penny Pryor, Kit Bo rn. Sue Brunmet, Kitti Knollmdler, Susan Reeves, Steve EsparzS, Bill Darke, Jimmy Weber, Jeff Jacques; Fifth row: Scott Smith, Jim Kay, Jeff Sherwood, Bill Schubert Angela Willson, Kathy Zaccagnino, Steve Maurer, Bill Crawford, Gary Fowler, Terry Dufresne, Danny Hernandez. Weekly Pleiades Staff This year students noticed some interesting additions to our school newspaper, the Weekly Pleiades. The Indian theme was especially evident in cartoons and articles. By keeping the students up to date on school activities it helped to in- crease our school spirit. The Pleiades also served as a voice for the opinions of students by including student polls and editorials in its bizveekly issues. ' V Chris Tubbs Co-Editor Steve Rutkus Co-Editor Mr. Thompson Advisor First row, (left to right): Stephanie Anas, Adrianne Abbott, Kathy Beattie, Sue Allison, Mary Ogren; Second row: Kathy Bell, Cheryl Crispino, Sue Sweet, Sue Smith; Third row: Bob Lesher, Judy Klym, Carolyn Pogue, Liz Black; Fourth row: Grant Barnet, Phil Hudson, Rick Boudreau, At Vanden- berghe. Co-Editors Chris Tubbs Steve Rutkus Sports Editors Sob Lesher - ' fCl L u r Rick Boudreau C t Feature Editor Diane DeMinK Business Manager Grant Barnet Club Editor Sue Allison Calendar Editor Carolyn Pogue Copy Editors Mary Ogren Cheryl Crispino Photographers Hick Ford Al Vandenberghe Circulation Diane McLemore Exchange Adrianne Abbott Sports ,Ph.il Hudson Richard Drapkin News Sue Sweet Sue Smith Kathy Bell Lisanne Hall Mary Thayer Stephanie Anas Features Diane Pietrowski Liz Black Judy Klym Kathy Beattie Advisor Mr. Thompson 101 Annual Staff Jayne Carlton, Editor-in-Chief The realization of our thoughts, ideas, and dreams, the 1963 Pleiades was the greatest reward we of the Annual Staff could receive. It meant that our work and our fun had at last come to life. It meant that out of so many dummies, engravings, proofs, out of glue, tape, paper, and pictures, that we had made a living book; A history of one year at Fuller- ton Union High School, the last year for some, the beginning for others, but for all a fun packed year. Standing, Diane Alne, Nancy Gowen. Seated, Patti Thayer, Carole Tamme. Mr. Bowen, Advisor Standing, Cookie Walther, Leatha Huffman. Seated, Craig Painter, Ellen Curtis. 102 Standing, Cal Clark, Marion Plegel. Seated, Lois Nelson, Jean Davis. Sonia Waters Carol Haven EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jayne Carlton COPY EDITOR Sonia Waters PICTURE EDITOR Carol Haven ADMINISTRATION Nancy Gowen, Carol Haven, Carole Tamme CLASSES Ellen Curtis, Leatha Huffman Craig Painter, Cookie Walther ACTIVITIES Trudy Myles SPECIAL EVENTS Dianne Adams, Grace Shepard ORGANIZATIONS Kathy Brunson, Cal Clark, Jean Davis Lois Nelson, Marion Plegel BOYS ' SPORTS Carole Tamme, Patti Thayer GIRLS ' SPORTS Diane Alne, Nancy Gowen ADVERTISEMENTS Tiny Dickson, Nancy Martin, Sally Miller ADVISOR Mr. Bowen Standing, Nancy Martin, Sally Miller. Seated, Tiny Dickson. Standing, Trudy Myles. Seated, Grace Shepard, Dianne Adams. 103 Ticket Committee The Ticket Committee made possible the success of many student body activities by often giving up their lunch periods and time after school selling tickets. Members were chosen by the A.S.B. treasurer, Mar- garet Cayton, and Mr. Kill and handled all sales concerned with A.S.B. money in- cluding game tickets, annuals, and student body cards. Each member received a free A.S.B. card and an annual for his service. Margaret Cayton Chairman 7 First row, (left to right): Diane Key, Virginia Tucker, Janet Weaver, Lois Thompson, Ina Stene; Second row: Gary Eno, Pat Trust, Margaret Roberts, John Carlton. Publicizing student body happenings throughout the year was the job of the Publicity Committee. At the beginning of the year all interested students volunteer- ed and the chairman, Danese Braun, chose the members. The excellent publicity helped to make our school activities a success. Publicity Committee Danese Braun Chairman iL. 104 First row, (left to right): Cindy Reick, Nancy Martin, Sally Miller, Diane Alne, Diane DeCroot. A i First row, (left to right): Ann Varnum, Al Wickett, Ina Stene; Second row: Tom Archiplay, Dave Belknap, Gary Evans. Flection Board This year the first permanent Election Board was established. The board consist- ed of eight permanent directors who were chosen by Al Wickett, the chairman of the board. The purpose of the new permanent committee was to set a precedent for more smoothly operated elections in future years. The board was responsible for en- couraging the student body to vote and presenting the results to the student body as early as possible. Al Wickett Chairman Election Board in action 105 iPullertan Union High School is in r lahy aspects tvery different from my Norwegian School. This difference is, of course, the, tnain.reason why I find it interesting andwascinates me so much. The stu- dents have been su%prtfingly friendly, and I have got very many good friends. 1 have had several hobbies and activities ' outside school. I just love everything, from chess playing, photographing and music to skiing and dancing. However, my main hobby has always been collecting jazz records, of which I have approximately 300. I have been joining political groups and last year J was a presi- dent. Because of my numerous interests it is vei difficult to decide what profession I ought to g into. I have a couple of stores to take over, bt personally I could prefef.a job in which Txould get use of my langunge ' experiences. Maybe I. should try ' to become a diplomat.? r also could tike to sVudy%-ate,ajfflirs and law: 7 hope that my stay in Ameriifi wilt help to make this problem clearer. I know that school, .people,, politics j — everything , that I, have experienced here will ' influence and guide ail my later actions. J -will Jhank ■everybody jnho ' hag ' Smadjp ,. this year ' - trp. tfe«- ' unfplgettable experience for mej ' . ' ' . innge student from Norway ?1: VI believe there is no question if an exchange stu- dent likes F.U.H.S. or not! I think, first of all, the school spirit which exists here, red and white day, the rallies, all of the fine school clubs, etc., I really love it. Then I must say how nice and friendly all of the students are and, above all, the American teachers. In short, I can only say: ' I love Fullerton l High School! ' A popular question I am asked is if I do ski? Yes, I do and it is, at the same time, my favorite sport in the winter. My other hobby is to photograph, and I have already taken a lot of slides of California. My future plans are as follows: first, I have to finish the " Han elsschule " in Swit- zerland which will last anothej year There I intend to learn Frenc impressions. Switzerland how 1 ;? ' «» , 1 WTk m he only thing I have to in about is that the time here seems to pass twice " as fast as normal. " luth Oess, foreiglt exchange student from Switzerland 1 Philippe m:$ : . n i Since 1956 the Student Body of Fullerton High has been supporting Philippe Bertho, a war orphan. Philippe lives in France and is in the equivalent to our 7th grade. He is under the supervision of the Foster Parent Plan which has its headquarters in New York. Each month New York sends him pres- ents sponsored by Fullerton. Last Christmas the Executive Board gave Philippe gifts of toys, jeans, shirts, a sweat shirt and a money order for five dollars. The various clubs each gave one dollar and bought him many toys. At first Philippe thought he was writing to a " Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton " , but at the beginning of the 1962-63 school year, Fuller- ton ' s Publicity Chairman wrote and told Philippe that " Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton " was really a whole student body. ' ACTIVITIES AFTER GAME DA.XCES ....112 ASSEMBLIES 127 B ACHCOMBERS 125 I HRISTMAS FORMAL 120 COMMENCEMENT 129 GIRL DATE 119 HOMECOMING 114 PLAYN1TES 128 PLAYS 130 POW WOW 122 PROM 126 VALENTINE DANCE 118 BAND 143 FEATHERETTES .......136 FLAG TW1RLERS 140 MA JORETTES Ml ORCHESTRA 146 ORGANIST 147 PEP BAND 139 RALLY COMMITTEE 142 SINGING GROUPS 144 SONG LEADERS 735 WILLIE UGH 139 YELL LEADERS 134 1 j+ : H r . " , • 1 Iky • -X 1 The first week of school was highlighted by a stag dance, " Touchdown Triumph. " i 112 " October In Orbit " was the theme of our second stag dance of the season, which was immediately following our home football game with Costa Mesa. Let ' s Pony again! Dances Many old and new students became acquainted at the stag dances during the year which were sponsored by the FT A. 113 1 WHaCOMUay w The captivating and charming Miss Nancy Dreves reigned as our 1962-63 Home- coming Queen. 114 (HftUttt I Jurtiu) Attendant, Lucy Levoit Senior Attendant, Kathy Beattie Freshman Attendant, Pam Hamerski Sophomore Attendant, Sue Varnum 115 Presentation of the Royalty and escorts was made at the annual Homecoming Assembly. 4 Chosen by the Varsity and Junior Varsity football teams as Homecoming Queen candidates were the four lovely senior girls below: (left to right) Nancy Dreves, Nancy Martin, Patty Grimes, and Kathy Beattie. Climaxing the Homecoming activities was the coronation of the Queen, by the Student Body President, Gary Martone. , i 116 ) The Queen and her court were presented to the student body during the Homecoming game half time on this unique float, which carried out the French theme, " C ' est Magnifique. " f s 3 %._ V The dance, My Funny Valentine, ivas enjoyed by many Fullerton High students and guests. The Idaka members of F.U.H.S. did a good job at decorating the girls ' gym for the February dance. Couples enjoyed the music presented by the Electro ' s. US April brought a shower of Southern Starlight for the traditional Girl Date Dance. The band played from the center of the floor, surrounded by garlands of magnolias which provided the atmosphere for an evening of fun and enchantment -when the girls treated the boys to a night out. ' .19 Beginning the I o n g audited I mas vacation was the 1962 Christmas Formal, Frosted Fan- tasy. Carrying out the Christmas theme was a large white tree gay- ly decorated with blue bulbs which stood in the center of the room. The students danced to the music of the Notables until the enchanting hour of midnight. plotted 120 ?a ttatof 121 The beautiful and versatile Miss Polly Nelson reigned with the handsome and gre garious Mr. Skip Pineda as our 1963 Pow Wow Queen and King. X . Ruth Oess Senior Attendant P w W w Nancy Long Junior Attendant R o 9 1 t 9 © v Phyllis St ring field Sophomore Attendant ■ Stacy Smith Freshman Attendant ' 23 p w W w The lovely Queen and her four attendants as they appeared at the coronation. Pow-Wow would be dancers eagerly traipse with their es- corts to the big event. Beachcombers ' Selection of the boy and girl with whom you ' d most like to be stranded on an is- land was one of the major highlights of the Beachcomber ' s Ball. The key club trans- formed the tennis courts into a tropical paradise where couples danced under the stars in the warm night air which added special atmosphere to this evening of en- chantment. Junior- Senior Prom The lounge proved to be a perfect place for tired danc- ers and talkative people. The Junior College Lounge was the setting of the Junior-Senior Prom, one of the most mem- orable nights in a student ' s high school life. 126 Assemblies ' 27 128 As commence m e n t neared, seniors donned their caps and gowns with mixed feelings about their graduation. They looked back on their years of high school with a feeling of pride for accomplishment and, it must be admitted, a sigh of relief. But for all, graduation marked a change in their lives, leaving old friends, mak- ing new — with lots of memories of FUHS. p B a c c a 1 a u r e a t e On Sunday evening, June ninth, the class of 1963 attended their bac- calaureate services in the newly rededicated Louis E. Plummer Auditorium, where they heard an in- spirational message . Their parents and friends were also invited to at- tend. 129 First row, (left to right) : Steve Harbitz, Rocke Hill, Lorea Hunt, Janet Wads worth, Ambra King, Dianne DeMink, John Modgling. Second row: Wayne Wagner, Richard Adams, Steve Shapiro, Steve Tuttle, Gary Aldrich, David Goldman, Ed Crafts. Third row: Mike Gal- lup, Bob von Denlinger. Sftyfo " Twelfth Night, " a mad and merry comedy by Shakespeare, was presented in the Little Theater on November 16th and 17th. The cast members worked hard to portray the Shakespearian Charac- ters in a true Elizabethan style. Costumes, besides being properly fitted, had to be appropriate style for that period of history. Hair styles, and make up also of extreme importance. All of these made backstage a very busy place. Cast O RSI NO Steve Harbitz SEBASTIAN . Mike Wilhns ANTONIO JohnModghng SEA CAPTAIN Garry Aldrich VALENTINE J anet Wadsworth curio L ?.Y ' a J !, ' 11 SIR TOBY BELCH Mike Gallup SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK Steve Shapiro MALVOLIO. Ed 9, raft , s FABIAN . Steve Tuttle FFSTE ■■■ Dave Goldmann PRIEST B°b von Denlinger FIRST OFFICER Richard Adams SECOND OFFICER Wayne Wagner OLIVIA Diane DeMink VIOLA Rocki HiU MARIA Ambra Km § 130 Our Town The popular Thornton Wilde? lay u as u rei eii ed by the au- diences as it u as presented as the Fullerton High School ' s Spring dramatic offering. The wedding of George and Emily, given by Mr. Webb. George was played by Steve Tutle: Emily, by Dena Mosser, and Mr. Webb was played by Mike Warren. At the graveyard, Seated, First row, (left to right): Ed Crafts, Delta Schrum. Second row: Lorea Hunt, Steve Shapiro, Kay Hill, Larry Wil- son, and Standing, Mr. Strange, nar- rator. Front row, (left to right): Robby Cromwell, Dena Moser, Mike Gallup, Kaye Hilt, and Jill Lydic. Back row: Steve Shapiro, Mary Souse. Bottom row: Kassy Gerrick, and Ken Bottoms. 131 Yell Leaders Steve Campbell Louise Dean, Head .-et A. ,,. — ♦- iw«j .■» • 1 : h " ™ i4IIW.it V JN ■BMii B «a3r.fflu Terri Jo Flynn Claire Chapman, head ..a 1 ™ ■ folly Nelson • " 4 " ' V ■ -.v l m % Fullerton The FeatheretU i ■ r- formed this yeai with talent, sparkle and enthusiasm. Lighting up the stadium at football half-time , upheld their rec- d reputation as a drill team with bright, intricate rou- tines. Joy e ioberlson, Tom AfcClure, Met Watson Second row, Sally Webster, Barbara Milby, ] ulie ( raw ford, Parn Davis, Nancy Cook, Norma Stone, Mary Kreimeier. Third row: Lauren Lind- sey, Danny Maddox, Jan Murphy, Caren Fraser, Carol Walin, Sue Sweet, Judy Perry. Linda Glover Leader Featherettes A. Front row, (left to right): Jackie Lago, Patte Sherwood, Marcia May field, Patty Rosio, Marion Plegel, Sue Favinger. Second row: Paula Settles, Madeline Mar pie, Cheryl Cri spino, till Morris, Pam Wilson, Barbara Thompson, Kathv Danenhauer. Third row: C] ±ei F avinge r Patty Criswell, Kathy Smith, Dianne Stewart, Carol Cardillo, Dayna Mershell. Linda Farmer Leader 137 • .-_ . «. Richard " Espy " Espinoza L I " ' U ;iU, TJNrf. H ' . IV HJjfVj i Willy lyLLgh ■»! Our 1962-63 Willy Ugh was the peppy, enthusiastic Rich- ard " Espy " Espinoza. Adding to the atmosphere of the foot- ball games, Espy attended faithfully as Fullerton ' s mas- cot. He helped promote spirit, encouraging students to yell and support our team. He was also present at pep as- semblies, working along with the song and yell leaders to raise school spirit. Pep Band, Front row, (left to right): John Snell, Melvin Ayling, Rick Yanderbuig, Stanton Sparks. Second row: Jim Way, Wayne Cowell, Buzz Hamilton, Lorence Smets.t fYJ Pep Band KCfT) This year the Pep Band was di- rected by Mr. Leyda. The band promoted school spirit by playing for the morning rallies and bas- ketball games. The boys got to- gether on their own time to prac- tice the school songs for the en- joyable and exciting events throughout the year. At right: With eager eyes the Pep Band watches the talented song leaders and fiag-twirlers perform to their music. Flaqtwirlers Susie Remley 1 m b Diane Read Tracey Hansen Left to right. Susie Remley, Tracey Hansen. Diane Read. Janet Malone. Marcy Cook, Mary Ogren. l nn ?( Malone Marcy Cook 140 I 7: Drum Major es and Majorettes )ur four majorettes did an excel- lent job this year as they per- formed at weekly rallies, football games, assemblies, and parades. Drum major, Art Nava, led the band at football half-times and in the many parades in which Ful- lerton participated. Connie Merrit Majorette Carol Lingenj elder Majorette Rally Committee Sue Sweet Pep Chairman Front row, (left to right): Steie Campbell, Richard Espinoza, Bryan Conover. Second row: Dena Mossar, Janet Milby, Sharon Wernke, Sally Wernke, Diane Alne, Robyn Jones, Cindy Reick, Brenda Shnabel, Vicki Stein, Paula Hunter, Linda McKillen, Claudia Schneiger, Mari- lyn Gulyas. Third row: Terri Jo Flynn, Nancy Dreves, Polly Nelson, Claire Chapman, Kathy Zaccagnino, Sue Sweet, Trudy Myles, Louise Dean, Mary Thayer, Lois Nelson, Connie Merrit. " Scalp the Lancers! " was a good example of the many slogans chosen by the rally committee, which ivas one of its weekly re- sponsibilities. The rally committee and pep band both worked well and put forth their best to pro- mote school spirit. With the rally committee meeting each Tuesday, the school was seen brightly plas- tered with posters each week as the football, then basketball, teams faced a new challenge. The rally committee also came up with bril- liant ideas and themes for weekly rallies. Of course, the pep band appeared at rallies, cheerfully blasting out familiar school songs, led by our talented song leaders and flagtwirlers. V - Members of the rally committee encourage school spirit by taping signs on trash cans around campus. !42 Indian Band Front row, (left to right): Linda Gomez. Second row: C. Merrit, N. Martin, C. Lingenfelder. Third row: Air. Ley da, K. Wiley, D. Mohr, D. Olson, D. Wormley. Fourth row: . Modg- ling, F. Means, J. Means, S. Kibbey, D. Brookman, S. Smith. Fifth row: M. Kane, M. Besler, C. Reisch, J. Johnson, B. Hart, M. Hall. Sixth " row: B. Wright, H. Moore, S. Berlin. ]. Lusk, N. Vice. Seventh row: G. Newton, K. Gann, S. Stockton, L. Smets, P. Heroux, M. Grizzle. Eighth row: W. Cowell, D. Fazler, L. Maurer, G. Peterson. Ninth row: . Gonzales, R. Parker, ]. Way, I. Mc Ki lien, P. McAulay, C. Daii. Tenth row: . Snell, P. Williamson, J. Hard, M. McEarly, D. Nelson, ]. Jaques. Eleventh row: S. Gooch, L. Wilkinson, C. Scott, C. Zierner, B. Wilson. Twelfth row: L. Attane, J. DeLaPorro, K. Jones. Here the Fullerton band is seen " stepping high, " as they march out onto the football field. The band, led by band leader and director, Mr. Jack Leyda, performed at half-times for each home football game. The band also participated in assemblies, parades, and several civic activities. 143 Choral Groups. . . . • • Shawn Nolan, Diana Elliott. Martinez 144 Mixed Chorus.... Girls ' Chorus Mixed Chorus, Front row, (left to right): P. Trust, C. Duncan, K. Gibby, A. Crandon, D. Elliott, C. Tubbs, }. Sears, S. Santos, S. Unger, B. Boyd, J. Bass. Second row: D. Davis, C. Nunz, L. Wood, M. Ray, C. Dornan, S. Wernke, K. Green, S. Willette, L. O ' Hara, S. Crawford, ]. Brown. Third row: C. Richards, J. Shirlie, J. Wright, B. Garcia, C. Mann, ]. Ellis, ]. McConnell, G. Horton, C. McCoy , S. Amott, H. Holkesvick. Fourth row: C. Byerly, B. Jen- kens, D. Staub, S. Nolan, K. Peterson. Fifth row: . Ramirez, M. Hardy, ]. Welch, C. Home. S. O ' Maley, B. Reilly, M. Liskay, J. Gottfried. Sixth row: B. Henderson, F. Montgomery, J. Christian, M. Murphy, L. Hardy. Not pictured: . Ganong, N. Cook, S. Baker. ifc Girls ' Chorus, Front row, (left to right): S. Slater, W. Pearce, C. Hudspeth, G. Esqueda, R. M. Rivera, B. Brown, ]. Farquhar, D. Smith, J. Boyd, M. Brown. Second row: V . Tucker, S. Barnhart, K. Threadgill. D. Knorr, J. Thompson. C. Haber, C. Melvin. M. Eisele, Mr. Leyda. Third row: A. Warren, C. Knapp, M. Berry. S. Twombly, J. Valentine, J. Wallace, D. Wash, S. McGuire. B. Hoi- thaus. Fourth row: G. Freiling, P. Gilpin, K. Whorley, J. Alderson, K. Nicholson, K. High, P. Harris, P. McKee. 145 Concert Choir.... Orchestra } i 1 ill P Front row, (left to right): C. Fredrickson, R. Winnick, P. Wilson, B. Jimenez, N. Erickson, E. Barrett, J. Lydic, L. Nicholson, G. Wood. M. Martinez, L. McShane, D. Wescoat, D. Rock, N. Black, K. Steele, C. Ford, C. Murphy, V. Sawyers, M. Heidt, K. Shaver. Second row: V. Wing, P. Gaerlitz, N. Hinrichs, B. Williams, S. Yancey, L. Lane, K. Warner, C. Daniel, G. Aldrich, B. Lesher, D. Goldmann, T. Archipley, G. Barnet, D. Jobe, R. Ford, S. Harbitz, C. Robinson. S. Scribner. Y. Granados, }. Vediner, C. Schneider, S. Berlowe, K. Jones. Third row: M. Ramsey, ]. Stidham, S. Weddle. K. French, K. Hill. P. Wubben, R. Kusserow, D. Van Winkle, D. McCants. T. Burns, M. Warren, E. Crafts, M. Gallup, G. Wickett, D. Covey, T. Amick, B. Marshall, G. Wolslagel, R. Austin, A. Spicer, D. Robinson. Front row, (left to right): J. Wadsworth, P. Baughman. S. Richard- son, M. Davis, S. Quezada. Second row: R. Hawkins, D. Yurashus, V. Holkesvick. C. Rippetoe, S. Campbell, C. Shirley, G. Richardson, G. Newton. Third row: L. Reid, R. Becker, C. Davi, J. McLean, G. Mathis, S. Nelson. Fourth row: P. Turner, R. Lockman, B. Hamil- ton, E. Thiesen, H. Merril, S. Metzger. Fifth row: S. McGavran, K. Gann. 146 i New Directors Lead Music Groups Throuqh a Successful Year Under the direction this yeai of Mrs. Mildred Downing, and Mr. Jack Leyda, Fullerton ' s , , ral i horal and musical groups performed successfully at many school and programs. Specialty groups, such as thi choral ensemble, appeared before such organizations as the Lions Club and Rotary Club. Each of the choral groups had opportunities to contribute to many of ou school assi mblit u special Christmas programs are enlightened each yeai by Fuller- ton i Orchestra and choral groups. The successfullness of our musit department is, o) trse, attributed to the de- voted work of Mi Leyda and . -. Downing. On Match 12th. tht Thirty-Sixth Annual Musu Come, t was held in the Louii -. ' . Plummet Auditorium, with vocal soloists Ronnie ll ' innick and Mike Warren starring. Selections horn " The Sound of Music " i • r featured. Mrs. Downing Mr. Leyda Orqanist Janet Malone, served as school organist throughout the 1962-1963 school year. She skillfully played selections which were heard at the beginning and end of our weekly assemblies, and special activities such as Pow Wow presentations and Easter medi- tations. 147 " K M ► 2 K»H _I) [w • 1 w ORGANIZATIONS AFS AMS ART CLUB AWS DIG F BIOLOGY CLUB DRAMA CLUB FFA FHA 174 153 163 152 166 156 177 164 162 MUSIC CLUB PLEIADS SPANISH CLUB STUDENT MED. SOC. TEEN TOPPERS TRAVEL CLUB ] r ARSITY CLUB Y-TEENS 17? FORENSIC CLUB 176 FRENCH CLUB FTA GERMAN CLUB GYMNASTIC CLUB ICC IDAKAS JR. RED CROSS KEY CLUB LATIN CLUB I ■ - Beth Williams President First row, (left to right): Robyn Jones, Pam Booze, Brenda Galloway, Linda Capo. Second row: Barbara Jimenez, Joanne Banderas, Linda Milby, Ina Stene, Mary Joie Mann, Dianne Adams. Third row: Karen French, Soma Waters, Jennifer Quinn, Bev Burnette, Kaye Hill, Dianne Stuart. Associated Women Students The Associated Women Students started their activities early when they held the Big and Little Sister Party before school started. This activity helped to acquaint new students with the campus and their classmates. Activities throughout the year were planned to promote better citizenship and encourage a spirit of friendship among all the girls. The AWS-sponsored Girl Date Dance was the highlight of the year, while other worthwhile events included the dressboard assembly, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, and a movie to raise funds for future activities. In the dressboard assembly, a group of girls demonstrated how and how not to dress. 152 Associat ed Men Students Members of this year ' s AMS cabinet worked haul to plan activities that mote sportsmanship, fellou ship, and u hool spirit among th, boys oj the FUHS student body. The bi trait of the yea was the AMS-sponsored cat shou . which carrier the them,- of " traffit safety. " This a th ed a lot of planning by AMS officers, ell as a great amount f tutu and effort on th part of . ' ; n u ho participated. The boys entered theii cars undei several categories, and the winners were presented with troph Mike Moore President First row, (left to right): Vic Sanchez, Tom Cienapp. Second row: John James, Danny Miller, Paul Chafje. n I a Students enjoy looking at cars the boys entered in the annual Spring Car Show. 153 Inter- Club Council The main objectives of the Inter-Club Council are to provide a close relationship among the dubs, co-ordinate activities of the clubs, and pro- vide leadership training for club officers. During the year, two clubs were added to the Inter-Club Council; Music Club, with Mr. Leyda as the ad- visor, and a Gymnastic Club, under the advisor- ship of Mr. Gibby. At one of the first meetings of the year there was a student orientation to acquaint all of the club officers with their duties and how to use parliamentary procedure. Also, this rear a committee compiled a president ' s hand- book. This is to help club presidents of the future years. During Christmas, a dollar was donated by each club for Philippe Bertho, the FUHS orphan. The main project of the year was clean campus. Different things were tried all year to control campus littering, trash can burning, and the misuse of student body property. Club members busily painting trash cans. Sue Allison Chairman Sue Smith Secretary First row, (right to left) : Beth Williams, Jim Thomas, Sharon Storm, Judy Miller, Ann Varnum, Pat Thompson, Robin Johnson, Sandee Hafjman, Clark Sand, Sue Allison, Karen French. Second row: Sue Smith, Tony Anderson, Bill Darke, Richard Espinoza, Gary Martone, Dale Crabtree, Mike Higgens, Mike Moore Glenda Shockey, Susie Madley. Thir Tuw . D u h -McComber, Sally Miller, Diann, Read, Mike Gallup, Ed Tripp, John James, Dave Morns, Russ Webb. 154 L Pleiad Society Membership in Pleiads, the FUHS chaptei of the Califor- nia Scholarship Federation, is granted to those who show outstanding academic achievement as determined by then semester grades. Those who have been members for four semesters and have attended one CSF conference are can- didates for life membership in CSF and receive gold seals on their diplomas. Special privileges include free transfer out of study hall and a day off campus free from make-up work. Seniors Thomas AmotL S Betty Anthony Kaihleen Brunson Jim Christensen Donald Davis Louise Dean Richard Drapkin ' Linda Clover n . Mike H is JfnT Mary Kraus Nancy Lillywhite Bob McComber Mary Joie Mann Nancy Marshburn Dena Mossar Vicki Muirhead Carol Ordronneau John Parker Roger Philips Joan Pomykata _Dianne Read BiU Smith Kar en Struve BilI I anderheide Ann Varnum _ ussell Webb usan Willis Ed Wiseman Juniors ' John Archer Peggy Boone Cherie Burges Timothy Cole Ed Crafts Susan Crawford Margaret Daft Elinor Davis Gail Eisenhart Claudia Fredrickson Steven Gabriel Thomas Gardiner Xaney Gowert " Marilyn Gulyas Kathleen Hansen Virginia Herbst Susan Hoyt Marilyn Jarchow Don jobe Diane Key Joanne Lindstrom Rebecca Manley Paul Mann Ernest Manuel Meredith Mason Kathleen McConnell Michael McLean Kent Meyers Susan Parsell Steven Rutkus Oliver Ruder Brenda Schnabel Claudia Schneider Ronny Sekkel Leslie Seligman David Thompson Dawn Turner Janet Weaver First row, (left to right): Karen Strure, Ann Varnum, Dena Mos- sar, Louise Dean JfcJ J jituu. Srcorra row: Kathy Brunson, John Parker, Richard Drapkin, Jim Christensen. Third row: Ed Tripp, Carol Ordronneau, Jna Stene, Vicki Muirhead. Fourth row: Bill V anderheide, Tom Amott, Bill Smith, Russ Webb. Life Members Sophomores George Anderson Bob Blakesley Sue Brackett Rick Budd Jane Gepfert Nancy Johnson Guy Micco Nancy NefJ Tom Philips Steve Shapiro Carter Stack Kathie Steele Tracy Thomas Lois Thompson Virginia Tucker Torreey Webb Lynn Wiese Linda Woestemeyer Steve Wyrner Diane Yurashus freshmen Susan Amott Christine Anderson Chris Bowen Janice Brown Judy Collar Carol Duncan Gary Fowler Janet Gray David Ingram Anne Lillywhite Jim Moar Bob Parker Richard Stack Shirley Stoughton Chris Stoy Bruce Tomberg Connie Tubbs James Van Hook Douglas Young Officers First row, (left to right): Louise Dean, secretary, second sem.; Dena Mossar, treasurer, first sem.; Parn Booz, secre- tary, first sem.; Ina Stene, vice-president, first se m. Se cond row: Kent Meyers, treasurer, second sem.; Russ WebTFj . president, first and second sem.; Steve Gabriel, vice-presi- dent, second sem. Life member 155 Ed Tripp President Interested Biology Club members inspect wasps ' ne Bioloqy Club Second yeai and still going strong would describe this club well, even though this club is one of the newest on the campus it is very popular wit h students interested in Biology and its related fields. This club during the year had several field trips plus many interest- ing speakers at their meetings. Betty Anthony Secretary Linda Switzer Treasurer I5 First row (left to right): Laura Janus, Betty Anthony, Valerie Vilardi, Ginger Sawyers, Pat Hall, Linda Beitel, Parn Wilson , Mike . Hmgen ' s Second row: Barbara Kenn, Marby Ramsey, Cindy Murphy, Linda Hall, Nancy Neff, Gary Martone, Bryan Conover, Bob McComber, John Cairns. Third row: Marian Walsh, La Vonne Lanier, Mary Beth Taylor, Carol Whiteside, Linda Switzer, Jim Zimmer, Ma., Copenhager. Fourth row: Lynn } lese Rick Feuchter, Steve Prates, Ed Tripp, Kent Kaderz, Bob Libby, Richard Drapkin, Gary Wood, Robert Cairns. Student Medical Society The Student Medical Societ Biology and CI This dub during the yeai had gone on Held trips and h i hud the opportunity of having several doctors, and others ■ ■ ! of medicine speak at theh club meetings. Manx of the students of this dub hope to make medicine theh occupation. Karen French President Joy Russell Vice-President ' Are you sure it won ' t hurt? ' Jon Becker Technical Advisor ■ First row, (left to right): Denise Luse, Linda Taylor, Meredith Mason, Dawn Turner, Karen French, Jil Lydic. Second row: Len Renick, Cyndie Harris, Myrle Kabacy, Sally U ' ernke, Lois Nelson, Mary Beth Taylor. Third row: Jim Christiensen, Jim Carmody, Don Browns, Mary Joie Mann, Joy Russell. Fourth row: Tom Amott, Les McCartney, Jon Becker, Bob Bos, Ed Wiseman. 157 • First row, (left to right): Ruth Oess, Lisanne Hall, Kathy Farmer, Marilyn Gulyas, Christel Simons, Robin Jones, Sally Wernke, Lauren Lindsay, Polly Nelson. Second row: Sue Sweet, Pat Dick- man, Dianne Spitzer, Diane Key, Mary Joie Mann, Margaret Daft, Susie Reeves, Brenda Schnabel, Nancy Gowen, Cookie Walther. Third row: Janet Malone, Diane Alne, Sonia Waters, Sally Miller, Claire Chapman, Carol Phelps, Vicki Stein, NjixLcy DreevesJ ) Idakas Again this year the Idakas had a very successful year as Fullerton ' s girls ' service club. Sally Miller, Idaka president, led the girls in activities such as ushering at Back To School Night, cleaning of the Wampum Wagon, Christmas Care drive, and sponsoring the February dance. Sally Miller President Susie Willis Vice President Brenda Schnabel Secretary Christel Simons Treasurer Janet Malone AWS Representative 158 Sally Wernke Historian Skip Pineda Vice President Russ Webb Secretary Dale Crabtree Treasurer Keif Club Pr esident Mike Higgim directed members of the boys ' service club in the many helpful projects they undertook during, the year. The members worked to prepare themselves for useful citizenship in the community by learning to be leaders and by serving others. The boys sold peanuts to support Kiwanis Club Kid ' s Day, collected gifts foi children in the Orthopedic Hospital and sponsored our F.U.H.S. Beachcombers ' Ball. T " ° ftz you C6v_ -on ' T P ft K i 7 First row, (left to right): Mike Higgins, Dale Crabtree, Richard Ramos, Jon Middtemiss, Vic Sanchez, Bill Darke, Dennis Murphy, Skip Pineda, Tom Cienapp. Second row: Don Jobe, John James, Bob Cienapp, Ken Burandt, Arnold Forsyth, Bob Stuber, Jocko Moore, Steve McGuire, Mike Robinson. Third row: Bob Anderson, Mike Moore, Paul Cornish, Halgrim Berg, Philip Benham, Junior Lewis, Dave Morris, Ron Vasquez, Russ Webb. 159 Y-Teens This year was full of a variety of plans for the Y- Teens. Their activities included the sponsoring of the Christmas Formal, and the planning of a get- acquainted luncheon for all new teachers at the beginning of the school year. The Y-Teens support- ed " Kyung Sook Kim, a fourteen year old Korean war orphan by sending money to the Foster Parents Organization. The goal of the Y-Teens this year W as to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions and nationalities. Overall Y-Teen Officers, (left to right): Nancy Martin, vice president; Sue Smith, president; Mary Mann, treasurer; Sandy Paine, secretary. Senior Officers, (left to right): Pat Thompson, president; Diane Alne president; Sandy Bisson, treasurer; Mary Ogren, secretary. Junior Officers, First row, (left to right): Susan Turner, vice president; Marilyn Gulyas, secretary. Second row: Sally Webster, treasurer; Susan Madley, president. Freshman Officers, (left to right): Sandy Hoffman, president; Diane Elliot, vice president; Sue Amott, secretary; Janice Brown, treasurer. 160 Sophomore Officers, First row, (left to right): Robin Johnson, president; Jane Gepfert, treasurer. Second row: Nancy Johnson, secretary; Peggy McAulay, vice presi- dent. Gymnastic Club The newly established Gymnastu ( ' tub on campus, promises to prosper in future F.U.H.S. years. The club ' s purpose is to get inten sled students togethei for work-outs which will develop their flexibility, confidence, balance, strength, and co-ordination. The hope of interesting othei schools in the forma- tion of similar organization. 1 ; so that competitive gymnastics may be played, is the goal of the club. Henry Banuelos President Mr. Gibby Advisor First row, (left to right): Gay Smith, Becky Downey, Lornell Groshong, Dani Maddox, Krysiyne Gibby, Jenise Vayssie, Linda McKillen, Lynne Lekich, Sue Varnum, Michele Vayssief Second row: Neal Gibby, Evan Fairweather, Chris Daniel, Bill Bonar, Glenn Reaves, Eldon Thiesen, Augy Augenstein, Steve Tuttle, Henry Banuelos, Carolyn Owens. Third row: Eugene Dutz, Steve Dut:, David Greer, Rob Wilson, Rick Kusserow, Steve McGee, John Snell. Steve McGee Vice President Steve Tuttle Treasurer Scott Smith President Clark Sand Vice-president American Jr. Red Cross Anyone who contributed ten cents or more to the American Red Cross disaster fund automatically became a member of the Junior Red Cross Club. It was the club ' s main objective to raise as much money as possible for the disaster relief fund. Tim Updyke Secretary Future Homemakers of America The main goal of the Future Homemakers was to develop an interest in planning and carrying out activities that were related to homemaking. Any girl who had taken or was taking homemaking was eligible to join the club. Activities included lessons in cookery and making tablecloths. They also helped with the A.W.S. fashion show with Mrs. Maddox as their helpful advisor. Gleinda Shockey President Brenda Galloway Vice-president First row, (left to right): Susy Willis, Penny Jimenez, Cathy Keller, Mary Moreno. Second row: Pat Hall, Andy Moreno, Brenda Galloway, Jackie Gaudard. Third row: Billings, Pat Shockey. Karen Anderson, Pat Pat Hall Treasurer Jackie Gaudard Secretary 162 Judy Miller President John Porker Vice-president Ana Stringfield Secretary Art Club Activities ' of the Art Club this year included sketch- ing parties, field trips to ail shows, exhibits, and museums and helping with decorations for the school dances. The club was open to senior, junior and second semester sophomore art students show- ing an ability and interest in art. Under the capable supervision of Airs. Irene Randall, their advisor, they were able to further their experience in art. Barbara Graham Treasurer First row, (left to right): Judy Lanier, J ana Link, Judy Miller. Second row: Barbara Graham, Dennis Olson. Third row: John Attardi, Ana Stringfield, John Parker. Bob Ganahl President Ron Laughery Vice President Paul Robinson Secretary Scott Haith Treasurer Sandy Hooks Chapter Sweetheart Future Farmers of America Throughout the year the Future Farmers worked to improve the future of agriculture in America, and to help others gain a better understanding of their goals and methods. A special effort was made during national FFA week, when our chapter welcomed visitors to the farm to observe their activities and learn about the FFA program. Chapter Sweetheart, Sandy Hooks, was then lovely hostess during the year. First row, (left to right): Mike Boyd, Mike Newkirk, Denver Danner, Jeff Harmer, Sandy Hooks, Tommy Dominguez, Bruce Large, Larry Michel, Tony Garcia. Second row: Ray Martindale, Melvin Ayling, Richard Dominguez, Don Adams, Ken Maltby, Russ Cooley, Joe Weber, Rick Simpson, Wayne Martin. Third row: Paul Robinson, Bob Ganahl, Scott Haith, Dennis Berry, Tom Ohl, John Nelson, Ruben Hughes, Mark Barnett, George Heisel, Mike Murphy, Jerry Boatright. IS First row, (left to right): Elisa Laine, Marbry Ramsey, Nancy Gustafson, Patti Baughman, Judy Adams, Robin Wallace, Karin Janas, Beth Kinney, Cheryl Trotter, Beth Williams, Susan Schmidt, Alison Spicer. Second row: Carole Lundberg, Pat Billings, Carol Bailes, Jan Compton, Penny Pryor, Sue Smith, Susan Gooch Sharon Gooch, Liz Reid, Dianne Adams. Third row: Mike Warren, Alicki McKillen, Carolyn Pogue, Mike Gallup, Richard Adams, Joy Russell, Sally Crawford, JoAnn Topp, Susan Crawford, Jim Way, Geof Wickelt, Carl Davies. future Teachers of America FT A members worked to gain a better understanding of teaching as a profession and of what it really takes to be a good teacher. The most educational events were their visits to other schools. Mike Gallup President Elisa Laine Vice-President Micki McKillen Secretary Janie Attwater Treasurer Two Future Teachers using their teaching techniques. 165 Date This certifies that is a member d] Tlie IBiq rr F ' Society FULLERTON HIGH SCHOOI The Big " F " Society is open to any girl who has earned a minimum of 1500 points in GAA. As a member she tries to create better sportsmanship and cooperation among girls ' sports. Club activities were ushering at Modern Dance Conceits, and service projects. Cash Jones President Biq " F " Society Front row, (left to right): Dianne De Groot and Cindy Edtniston. Back row: Kathy Farmer and Polly Nelson. Not pictured are: Jennifer Quinn, Ann McCauley. and Carol Phelps, the only member for a full year. I6 Varsity Club Any boy who lettered in a varsity sport was eligible to become a membei of the Varsity Club. The lettermen were then voted on by the standing members. As a membei of Varsity Club, each boy tried to promote good sportsmanship and to b, of service to the school. The Club ' s annual events were sponsoring the Red and White garni . trash can painting, and the Donkey Basketball %ame with Sunny Hills. David Morris President John Snow Vice-President ' ■ Bob Anderson Secretary Bill Brown Tre w «.v First row, (left to right) f Jj m Christensen, Jeff Sherw oqj{ Earl Rutz, Bob Gienapp, Steve Clapp, Ralph Cling, Charles Burner. Second row: Butch Smith, Don Jobe, Junior Lewis, Roger Philips, John James, Russ Webb, Johnny Delgato. Third row: Mike Butter, Jon Becker] Doug Mahr . ' Dennis Iverson, John Snow, Dave Belknap, E5b--M4U-e-r-r-£it5C ) c . ire : David Morris, Bob Anderson, Mike Moore, Dale Crabtree, Ted Owens, Bill Peterson, Bill Vasquez, Brayan Conover, Arnold Forsythe, Rick Ramos, Paul Grey. 167 First row, (left to right): Denise Luse, Joanne Lindstrom, Pat Bishop, Bill Cunningham, Lee Nicholson, Nadine Barter, Lora Rich, Janet Gray. Cheryl Eisenberg, Carol Jacobus, Kathy Van Patton, Candy Stillson. Second row: Barbara Anderson, Julie Updyke, Frank Fatseas. Third row: Kathy Patch, Maria Schauer, Becky Manly, Warren Brunson, Bill Muhlig, Dave Ingarn, Mike Wygal, Chris Anderson, Jim Carmody, Joan Aufderheide. Fourth row: Sue Brackett, Carol Kipe, Gary Carson, Phil Grieves, Judy McConnell, Jim Way, £hil Hudson, Bill Hasenplaugh, Art Messenger, Tim Cole. Fifth row: Ron Cannon, Grady Fort, Rick Feuchter. Latin Club A Roman banquet with other Latin Clubs in the district headed the list of activities for the Latin Club. In anothei meeting Mr. Oseid spoke to the members about the island of Crete. The Junior Classical League, composed of Fresh- men, held a convention in Sunnyvale. The freshmen became members of the Latin Club in the second semester of Latin. The main goal of the members was to furthei their interest in Latin and exchange ideas with others. Mrs. Winifred Seamans helped to make the club a success by being its advisor. John James President Lee Mapson Vice-President " , 1 ■ A ( Susan Perry Secretary Susan Turner Treasurer John Archer Ways and Means Chairman Mike Stevenson Publicity Chairman 168 German Club Informal talks and films on thi country of Germany and its people, customs and language were included in the activities of the German Club. A Christmas party and different potluck dinners wei planned undo the capable ;upi n i ■ ; .1 d i in Mi Intosh, tin ' advisor. Thaw students who had a genuine interest in the German languagi were allowed to join the club. Tony Anderson President Carter Stack Vice-President Christel Simons Secretary Bob Bos Treasurer First row, (left to right): Joann Lindstrom, Eleanor e Davis, Claudia Fredricksson.Gail Eisenhart, Julia McLaean, Tony Ander- son, Tom Philips. Second row: Marian Walsh, Susan Parsed, Dawn Turner, Steve Gabriel, Diane Key, Nancy Gowen, Jeff Jacques. Third row: Mr. Mcintosh, Bill Krausman, Solveig Voss, D. C. Osgood, John Snell, Lynn Wiess. Fourth row: Vicki Muirhead, Ed Wiseman, Guy Micco, Rick Budd, Carter Stack, Richard Stack. !69 French Club Under the leadership of Ann Varnum the French • ib had a most ru i essful year. Mrs. Cables, who is an F.U.H.S. teacher, showed her films of the Fundi countryside to club members. The annual trip to Los Anodes was enjoyed by all; after having dinner, members attended a light opera at the Philharmonic. Mr. Myers and Mr. Sproul, the Fundi Club advisors, both agreed that this was a most prosperous and interesting year for the club members. Club members lend French atsmosphere to Senior Corner. Ann Varnum President Tom Archipley Vice-President Carol Ordronneau Secretary Ina Stene Treasurer 170 First row, (left to right): Janie Gepfert, Vanette Wing, Connie Phillips, Virginia Tucker, Lornell Groshong, Lisanne Hall, Pam Boo:, Richard Drapkin, Lois Thompson, Elaine Barrett, Cherie Burges, Ruth Hicks, Jayne Carlton, Ann Varnum, Chris Collins, Susan Berlowe, Becky Oleyar. Second row: Anne Clary, Beth Kinney, Linda Ramsay, Kathy Farmer, Pat Beck, Joyce Anderson, Sue Allison, Mary Thayer, Kathy Beattie, Don Davis, Linda Attane, Joan Pomykata, Donna Black, Steve Tuttle, Robert Middleton, Cheryl Trotter. Third row: Chris Tubbs, Pat Trust, Barbara Milby. Judy Carlson, Ramona Moran, Marylynn Madley, Ina Stene, Liz Reid, Julie Leseman, Susan Crawford, Sally Crawford, Steve Rutkus, Dave Anderson, Eric Norby, Cathy Drake, Meredith Mason. Fourth row: Robyn Jones, Bev Jaques, Sally Wernke, Janet Weaver, -Phil Hudson. Charter Burner. Mike Johnson. Al Wickett, Tom Archipley, Terry Sanford, Rhonda Bramlettt TJancyTJrevSb Carol Ordronneau, Polly Nelson. Spanish Club Starting the yeai off with a very successful initiation dinnei the Spanish Club has had many interesting activities. In order to raise money for the field trip to L. A. many club members sold " pan dulces " , sweet bread, to hungry F.U.H.S. students during the morn- ing break. The highlight of the yeai was the " Las Posadas " which is tin- annual Christmas party the club holds. Richard Espinoza President •■ ■ L wr = ■ » - . ■ ■ ■ » ■ ■ x • i Sharon McConnell Vice-President Los Fertulianos take part in a Mexican Hat Dance. Pat Dickman Secretary Diane Spitzer Treasurer First row, (left to right): Kitty Jones, MjJj JLiggins , Diane Spitzer, Joyce Robertson, Richard Espinoza, Helen tfryan, Gail Wymer, Sandy Vann, Robin Wallace, Georgena Newton. Second row: Lynn Vandenberg, Mary Beth Taylor, Suzanne Read, Jan Compton, Brenda Schnable, Betty Quinn, Kash Jones, Susan Hoyt, Deanna Bagby, Karen Anderson. Third row: Pat Gaynor, Diane Rauhut, David Thompson, Corky McConnell, Marilyn Gulyas, Carole Lundberg, Lauren Lindsey. Suzie Madley, Sally Webster, Cindie Harris, Peggy Boone, Susan Scribner, Marilyn Williams. Fourth row: Steve Cooke, Doug Welch, Ronny Sekkel, Norma Stone. Ramona Moran, Claudia Schneider, Mary Joie Mann, Sill Smith, Bob McCumber, Steve Shaw, Tim Lee. Fifth row: Phil Benham, Don Jobe, Gary Evens, Ken Horn, Anthony Banuelos. Ed Tripp, Alan Palestine. 171 First row, (left to right): Sandy Paine, Lynn Vandenberg, Barbara Fox, Dia ' nne Stewart, Suzanne Read, Dianne Read, Nancy Louvar, Gig ' i Garretson, Ann Stringfield, Nancy Evleth, Judy Alson. Second row: Mary Knaus, Lyneva Sprague, Kathy Smith, Linda Smith, Cheryl Lundberg, Dianne Rauhut , Betty Marshall, Shirley Kibby, Anne Swenson. Not Pictured: Sue Klinger, Babs Giaham, Carol Whiteside, Dede Shrum, Janet Weaver, Judy McConnell, Chris Anderson, Penny Barrett, Shirley Stoughton, Carol Pender, Gail Dalton, Marlayna Bachman, Thelma Green, Ann Terrell, Sandy Smith. Teen Toppers Dianne Read President Nancy Louvar Vice-President Barbara Fox Secretary Any gill 5 ' 8 " or over who is in- terested in solving her problems of poise, and developing respect for height-comfort in the company of other tall girls would surely en- joy Teen Toppers. Some of their club activities during the year were potlucks, theater parties, and service to the school. Since 1947 the Teen Toppers have sponsored an A. W. S. Fashion Show. It was an annual event to which many girls looked forward. Suzanne Read Treasurer Diana Stewart AWS Representative 172 Music Club The 1962-63 school yeai brought a new club to the F.U.H.S. campus. It was mulct the advisorship of Mr. Jack Lyda who helped Patti Baughman, Mus ' u Club l ' n sident, carry out tin club ' s plans. The purposes of the Musit Club were to promote musical interest, to help talented students, and to provide « ll ;e hi foi nil interested students. Project which tin club planned included posting a list all coming musical events, trips to the Hollywood Bowl, jazz festivals, ami othei musical attractions. Then so ial activity plans were Carolina at Christmas tun, and a banquet at which the different musical iii oups could perform. Patti Baughman President Janet Wadsworth Vice-President Liz Reid Secretary Mike Warren Treasurer Vanette Wing Librarian First row, (left to right): Vanette Wing, Ginger Richardson, Sandy Nelson, Susan Richardson, Pat Williamson, Sandra Wodicka, Julia McLean, Gena Newton, Josine Hard. Second row: Mary Brown, Elaine Barrett, Sharon Gooch, Susan Gooch, Patti Baughman, Janet Wadsworth, Vivian Holkescick. Third row: Shirley Kibby, Mary Anne McCauley, Diane Yurashus, Liz Reid, Carole Rippetoe, Holly Holkescick, Buzz Hamilton. Fourth row: Steve Campbell, John Snell, Carlos J. Davi, Mike Warren, Ron McCaskell, Randy Hawkins, Art Messenger. 173 American Field Service Ann Varnum President Thanks to tin American Field Service Club we of Fullerton Union High School have the priv- ilt jji of having foreign exchange students on our campus. In order to raise money many of the mem- bers sold Christmas cards so that next year we may also have for- eign exchange students. An inter- esting assembly was also presented by the club. President Ann Varnum meets with this year ' s foreign exchange students, and those who hope to go abroad next year. ' .74 First row, (left to right): Yukiko Saito, Virginia Tucker, Janie Gepfert, Ann Varnum, Marilyn Read, Linda Wood, Linda Carisen, Sherrie Briggs, Kay Guden. Dena Mossar, Janet Milby, Anita Oldham, Jin tensen, Barbara Milby. Second row: Diane Yurashus, Shelley Prates, Kathie Steele, Sue Smith, Tina Van Gilder, Julie Leseman, Meredith Mason, Margaret Daft, Susan Parsell, Jim Cam:- ' .1 Trotter, Cherie Burgess. Third row: Linda Milby, Liz Reid, Anne Terrell, Janet Weaver, Susan Crawford, Bill Vanderheide, Don Neely, Paul Mann, Claudia Schneider, Ruth Oess, Becky Manley. Fourth row: Geof Wickett, John White, Larry Davis, Jim Way, Bev Jaques, Shil Hudson, Al Wickett, Nancy Gowen, Ina Stene, Mary Mann, Haalgrim Berg, Steve Rutkus. Travel Club Foi the student who likes to travel this dub is ideal. At the meetings trips aic planned jot different and excitin plact Last summei the members of the dub went on a romantii and tantalizing trip to Hawaii foi two weeks. ' This yeai the Travel Club took fmit in the hash can painting project. ' Next time let ' s take the bus! ' Jim Thomas President Carol Bailes Vice-President Carol Hurst Secretary Patti Baughman Treasurer First row, (left to right): Bobbie Hein, Karen Hein, Sue Hoffman, Connie Nava, Sandi Louthan. Judy Adams, Patti Baughman, Sharon Storm, Sharon Ely, Carol Roessler. Second row: Pat Hall, Judy West, Carole Rippetoe, Joe Pecoraro, Jim Thomas, Cal Clark, Carol Hurst, Carol Bailes, Tina Van Gilder. 175 filmtr First row, (left to right): Eric Taylor, Carolyn Kipe, Joan Pomykata, Bill Vanderheide , Ed Wiseman, Roger Philips, Linda Milby, Betsy Lowry, Tom Philips. Second row: Marsha Dorsey, Don Browns, Steve Esparaza, Jim Carmody, Jim Kay, Guy Micco, Cal Clark, Richard Stack, Phyllis Petrillo, Rick Budd. Third row: Joy Russell, Chris Anderson, Phyllis Taylor, Rodney Foster, Tom Gardiner, Mike Warren, Don Jobe, Buzz Hamilton, Kash Jones, Margo Snyder. Ed Wiseman President Bill Vanderheide Vice-President Forensic Club Forensic Club activities this yea) included business meetings, social gatherings, guest speakers, and participation in speech and debate tournaments. The most important event of the year was the State Qualifying Tournament which was spon- sored by Orange State College, and held hoc at FUHS in eaily January. Some forty-five high schools from the east- ern half f the gieatci Los Angeles Metropolitan Area were represented. The year ' s activities ended with the annual Awaids Banquet, honoring the many outstanding speech and debate students we have at FUHS. h : Linda Milby Secretary Joan Pomykata Treasurer Kaye Hill President Stephanie Fisher Vice-President Mike Gallup Secretary John Modgling Treasurer Drama Club This year, membeis of the Drama Club planned events designed to further students ' interests in drama and the theater and to help them in their study of acting. Drama Club played an important part in sponsoring the fall and spring plays by helping with publicity, ticket sales, props, scenery, costumes, makeup, and the cast. Other activities during the year included regular meetings and social events, an assembly presented in the fall, and various field trips to see plays and movies such as " West Side Story. ' ' First row, (left to right): Nadine Bader, Sheri King, Sherry Storm, Donna Bedale, Sue Collins, Steve Amaler, Gilbert Rinas, Dean Schroeter, Robbie Cromwell, Kathy Chauvin, Jill Lydic, Beth Comarott, Jocelyn lies, Jane Watten, Dianne McLemore. Second row: Carol Dunham, Linda Schoner, Diane Schoner, Sally Clah, Lorea Hunt, Karen Anderson, Tracy Thomas, Dave Goldmann. Third row: Ambra King, Linda Collman, Connie Beat, Judy Hansen, Sharrel Yancey, Bob Burnard, Nancy Erickson, Kathy High, Garry Aldrich, Rocki Hill, Steve Shapiro. Fourth row: Steve Harbitz, Kaye Hill, Kent Livingston, Stephanie Fisher, Pam Pastor, Janet Milby, Mary Lou Peterson, Wayne Wagner, Sandy Si John Modgling, Ed Crafts. Fifth row: Carol Hurst, Sharon Ely, Alee Alger, Linda Smith, Steve Fmtle. Sixtrr- Qw : Rick Ford, Kathie Smith, Bob Denlinger , Cheri Favinger Larry Davis, Mike Gallup, Richard Adams. ■ 177 BOYS S. ORTS BASFBAL 208 BASKET HAL 196 CROSS GENTRY 190 footbMl SWIM. TNG TENNIS 1 TRACK II WATER 1 OLL WRESTLING T 2 2 2 792 209 ft B iDMINTON 230 BASKETBALL 220 CABIN i 219 DANCE 222 SOFTBALL 226 SWIMMING 221 INN IS 228 VOLLEYBALL 224 . n ' I r » y I M ky « r ' [ K U ' . fl y P 4 AJ :7 V ■ . ! JL •« I ar ' Football Coaches and Co-Captains Varsity Football Scores 6 Costa Mesa Anaheim 26 Western 7 12 Newport 26 20 Rancho 13 13 Westminster 13 Santa Ana :;:-; Downey 19 20 Sunny Hills 7 Total Contest Conference Scores Won 3 Lost 5 Tied 1 Robot Van Voorhis Georae Van VUet 183 r -? ' ) Bob Gienapp I Bob Anderson m m % RHHT%i John James Mike Moore Skip Pineda Terry Amick Junior Lewis John Garcia Jim Lowe Varsity «»i Bill Vasquez Lettermen w mmwm i i 1 ■ i?o?i Laugher ey Dale Crabtree Bill n Varsity Shows Spirit First row, (left to right): Dale Crabtree, Drive Morris, Bob Ander- son, Junior Lewis, Ron Romo, Terry Amick, Butch Smith, Bob Gienapp, Marv Rich, Mike Moore, Teddy Owens, Clem Crum, Bill Peterson. Second row: Skip Pineda, Ned Harden, Bill Vasquez, Dave Fischer, Rick Ramos, John Hoelzel, Jim Lowe, John Garcia, John James, Ron Laughery, Paul Robinson, Dean Kinoshita, Dave Iwatsuru. Third row: Kent Kadera, Steve Maurer, Jim Cecil, Bill Bonar, John Sbardellati, George Anderson, Gary Kent, Jack Abrams, Dave Severson, Dave Covey, Tom Arcluplay, Tom Amott, Ken EdiMud-s-rMm Lloyd. Fourth row: Bill Smith, Tom McCormiF Uoug Ma}ir, Bob Stuber, Dennis Laughery, Mike Bennett, Mik-t---€anfy, Wayne Martin, Phil Thomas, Darrell Souther, Ernie Manuel. This year ' s student managers were Chuck McPheeters and Jeff Myers. They did much to help the team keep its fighting spirit. !86 A fight to the finish! In the Newport Harbor game, Ron Romo makes another shoe- string tackle. Dave Morris wrestles the ball carrier to the ground, while Bobbie Andeison hits him low. Butch Smith makes a brilliant one-handed catch to com- plete a pass in the victorious Sunny Hills game. Dave Morris and Clem Crumb crunch another opponent into the ground. Junior Varsity football, first row, (left to right): F. Sbardellati, T McCormick, D. Severson, D. Covey, J. Hoelzel, G. Anderson, T Archipley, D. Iwatsuru, D. Laughery, P. Thomas. Second row: E. Manuel, C. Torrez, D. Souther, M. Canty, D. McKay, E Breault, G. Kent, D. Kinoshita, R. Kusserow, W. Martin, D. Fischer. Third row: R. Hunt, H. BorBoa, L. Pual, J. Nygren, J. Green, M. Liskay, ]. Johnson, B. Wilson, R. Norris, D. Norris, D. Baar, G. Bryan, G. Olsen, and C. Mahr. 138 B ' s and C ' s Set Siqhts on Future " B " football, First row, (left to right): P. Crawford, B. Bales, J. Watson, C. Mata, S. Gibby, C. Boehm, E. Norby, E. Andrade, G. Fowler, B. Darke, Gonzales. Second row: . Fornero, D. Roberts, T. Gienapp, J. Baker, E. Ramos, M. Smith, R. Murphy, B. Gar- man. G. Crandel. R. Wells, S. Maguire, M. Martinez, D. Ander- son, J. Nay, R. Cooper. Third row: S. Cudeck, V. Del Giorgio, J. Welch, M. Sullivan, B. Crawford, R. Hummel, S. Guggisberg, R. Vander Weerd, M. Johnson, J. Sherman, T. Paul, M. Murray, C. Stidham, not pictured Coach Johnson. 5 fe-»- ■ ' rtfMA lr. «wra wn » • ' i-i:4 " C " football, First row, (7f ( to right) : T. Moreno, H. Maxey, R. Vandenburg. Second row: P. Mason, C. Herrera, T. Derry, M. Data, D. Aernandez, B. hobo, T. Updyke, D. Jones, D. Buhre, K. Dilley, R. Ritchie. Third row: P. Kapsner, S. Hurd, D. Porter, J. Smith, J. Austin, W. Cowell, D. Milkr, D. Delatorre, L. Raub, D. Nelson, L. Henricksen. Fourth row: C. Sand, B. Andrade, R. Jimenez, W. Forsyth, D. Boehm, T. Anderson, J. Adragna, G. Farren, G. Spicer, M. Freeman. Fifth row: Coach Bass, B. Rugg, K. Cleveland, R. Criner, S. Harris, M. Bann, M. Kretzschmar, D. Rhoads, B. Starr, and Coach Wrightson. 189 Cross Country First row, (left to right): J. Shadwick, B. Cunningham, M. Wynne, S. Keller, M. Stevenson, C. Vanderburg, B. Reno, ] . Mc- Neely, L. Nunez, H. Ramirez, S. Daza, C. Levoit. Second row: R. Neal, ]. McLaughlin, ]. DelaTorre, B. Campbell, E. Taylor, ]. Palestine. S. Wymer, B. Von Denlinger, L. Hern, M. Burnard, R. Dye, B. Julian. Third row: M. Royer, S. McGavran, B. Miller, R. Shumacher, C. Butler, N. Schneider, B. Burnard. S. Black. Fourth row: ). Ingram. T. Burris, M. Sandoval, B. Soto, B. Van- denberg. S. Haith, B. Stiles, D. McDanial, K. Meyers. Fifth row: G. Petersen, D. Smith, S. Cambre, B. Ganahl, J. Genow, M. Mor- eno. B. Oldham, K. Geringer, W. Lee, G. Eno. Sixth row: D Neely. R. Drapkin, G. Barnet, M. Butler, P. Swain, C. Brooks, and B. Short. Coach DeGroot Mike Stevenson finishing his run. 190 Behind the starting line at Sunny Hills, are Fullerton J.V. runners along with other Sunset League finalists. » ' ( % H ' ai ' d ' ng anxiously to be tallied are Jan Genow and Steve Keller. Stan Daza and Chris Levoit are suiting up after their runs. 191 ■ Uww 4 - .■ m; PanidoM u on s rv-« « zj tnighty Indian poloists close in on anothei winning game. 6 ff ■ t _ », : 5 i Poloists Take League Spotlight Making up the Strang Varsity water polo team which won all conference and lost only 3 non-conference meets were: First row, (left to right): Pete Sellers, Jim Watt, Bob Miller, Terry Newburn, Jon Paridon, Jeff Layton, Rick Oakley, Bryan Conover, Al Wickett. Second row: Ralph Kling, Dave Belknap, Dennis Iverson, Ray Clever, Torrey Webb, John Snoiv, -Jiuss Webb, and Roger Phillips. Not pictured are Donjobe, Gary Evans, and Phil Hudson. Coach Arth r Leading the boys on to a victori- ous year was Coach Lee Arth, who has had more winning teams than any other coach pres- ently at Fuller- ton High. At left: Listening attentively to last minute instructions are the water poloists; RjLy_Clever, Dennis Iverson, Ralph Kling, " Buss Webb, Rick Oakley, John Snow, and Torrey Webb. 193 Bryan Conover, Don Jobe, and Dave Belknap practice a one, two, three combination and catch John Snow off guard. IT lr Indian Poloist passes to teammate over the head of his opponent. The goal is made. ■ ■ju« t ; -- ? ' Attempt is made by Indian frogman to score. Will he make it? . • Anaheim opponents close in too late as Keith Kling scores for another Indian victory. Water Polo- Bee Team First row, (left to right): Dave Snow, Rich Lockman, Mark Misner, Dennis McCleary, Jack Gipson, William Muhlig, John Warren, Paul Gtfjj TerTy Padilla, , " Ra ndy Hawkins. Second row: Ron Gardea, Jim Christensen, Jeff Pearce Klt alt Ty- rtrve Xfampbell, Phil Benham. Dave Olney, Mike McLean, Les McCartney, Rick Feuchter, Ron Kenny, Thorn Baker. cs 3?. Water Po o-Cee Team First row, (left to right): Doug Green, John White, Chris Roesen, Greg Pierson, Keith Kling, Dalton Maurin, Bob Christensen, Tom Willford, Doug Davis, Rick Nuttall. Second row: Pat Gray, Max Besler, Curtis Byerly, Greg Cox, Ken Wiley, Leroy VanderPool, Mike Brummet, Doug Young, Steve Garrett, Terry Austin. 195 ,1 b r l • —rf Coach Lawyer Varsity captain, Jon Becker, scores again for Fullerton Varsity Basketball Conference Non Conference Fullerton 55 Costa Mesa 52 Fullerton 57 Sunny Hills 43 Fullerton 44 Anaheim 52 Fullerton 60 Downey 4 7 Fullerton 56 Western 63 Fullerton 40 Savanna 44 Fullerton 53 Newport 56 Fullerton r; Huntington 61 Fullerton 73 Rancho 55 Fullerton 64 Costa Mesa 67 Fullerton 68 Westminster 60 Fullerton 48 Western 40 Fullerton 40 Santa Ana 42 Fullerton 33 Covina 48 Fullerton 48 Costa Mesa 55 Fullerton 63 Santiago 4-1 Fullerton 40 Anaheim 57 Fullerton 58 Arroyo 55 Fullerton 60 Western hi Fullerton 60 Rosemead 58 Fullerton 48 Newport 65 Fullerton 59 Mt. Miguel 68 Fullerton 66 Rancho 58 Fullerton 48 Magnolia 46 At the end of the season, the Varsity Bas- ketball team stood 6th in the league. The final conference scores were 5 wins, 9 losses and no ties. Non conference was 6 wins, 6 losses and no ties. Total was 11 wins, 15 losses and no ties. Coach Lawyer and Captain Jon Becker must be credited with the fine success of the 1962-63 squad. Many spectators filled the warm gym to watch and cheer their team. Johnny Del- gado lead the Indians through many close games and also brought a victory to Ful- lerton at the Donkey Basketball game with Sunny Hills. Varsity Basketball Managers, (left to right): Rick Simpson, Bob Wilson, and John Nelson. 197 Ron Faulkner Gene Ullerich Jack Farrel Basketball Lettermen Danny Hansford Jon Becker Larry Nunez Tom Amott Kent Kadera David Lowe Paul Chaffee 198 Varsity Basketball in Action A Western ballet dancer performs as Johnny Delgado scores for the In- dians. UTlNnAi First row, (left to right): Jim Cleveland, Terry Amick, Don Dabashi, Bob Cienapp, Dan Tarin, Chuck Torres, Darrel Southers. Second row: Coach Verne H ' rightson, Mike Canty, Dan Ybarra, Ken Edwards, J. C. Moore, John Sherman, David Fisher. Fuller ton 42 Fullerton 42 Fullerton 26 Fullerton 37 Fullerton 41 Fullerton 27 Fullerton 42 Fullerton 55 Fullerton 55 Sunny Hills 36 s Downey 37 Savanna 24 c Magnolia 50 Costa Mesa 39 Anaheim 39 r Western 46 Newport 36 e Rancho in s Fullerton 74 Westminster 42 Fullerton 49 Savana 58 Fullerton 38 Costa Mesa 44 Fullerton 38 Anaheim 1.11 Fullerton 35 Western 11 Fullerton ' ;o Newport 49 Fullerton 62 Rancho 52 Fullerton 64 Westminster -,4 Fullerton 46 Santa Ana 52 V B a s k e t b a 1 1 l w«4 Manager Rob Wilson Rich Torres gets set to shoot for Fullerton B ' Basketball Top row, (left to right): Mike Wells, Steve Cathers, Jeff Nygren, Richard Coo- per, Jim Van Hook, Steve Maguire, Kit Baker. Front row: Eric Norby, Cary Fowler, Mike Johnson, Bob Fowler, Charles Stidham, Bruce Tornberg, Steve Cug- gisberg. The Fullerton B and C basketball teams had winning seasons in the rough Sunset League this year. Much of the credit for their success must fall upon B and C coaches Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jackson. Gary Fowler ivas elected most valuable player and Jeff Nygren was the captain of the B ' s. The C ' s elected Steve Hurd as most valuable player and Mike Freeman as Captain. Top row, (left to right): Jim Smith, Chris Bowen, Doug Gustafson, Clark Sand, Mike Freeman, Jay Genow, Ken Cleveland, Thomas An- derson. Front row: Larry Hendrickson, Steve Hurd, Jim Austin, Mike Mohr, Shawn Noland, Brad Budke . Dan Miller, Bob Ruggs. C Basketball Coach Jackson Mark practice Wynne, Tim Burris, Gary Eno, and Bike Butler come around a curve as they ■e the mile. J Vynne set an unofficial record of 4:31.0 this year. £■» " •- 1 !y£ LO ( PIT! i V I 1 First row, ( ' ( (o right): T. Burns, M. Sandoval, D. Covey, S. Keller, B. V ondenhnger , M. Wynne, P. Swearengen, M. Rich, D. Neeley, R. Laughery, B. Mueller, G. Kent, S. Cambre. Second row: . Green, H. Borboa, G. Bryan, ]. Myers, P. Swain, B. Vasquez, L. Nunez, R. Vasquez, E. Breault, A. Philips, B. Cun- ningham. Third row: D. Mackay, D. Severson, T. McCormick, Varsity r € Track S " E. Manuel, D. Mohr, M. Kanny, K. Kadera, M. Norris, ]. John- son, S. Smith. Fourth row: G. Eno, B. Smith, D. Nickornede, ]. Sbardellati, S. Haith, J. Garcia, }. Long, R. Norris, J. Shad- wick, R. Wilcox. Fifth row: G Olsen, G. Petersen, B. Short, B. Peterson, F. Sbardellati, }. Hoelzel, P. Sellers, R. Cook, C. Crum. Sixth row: D. Morris, M. Moore, D. Laughtery. All three Indian track teams opened the season with wins against Sunny Hills. The Varsity Tracksters beat Costa mesa (70-34) to open Sunset League activity. Winners at this meet included: Cambre (120 high hurdles), Wynne (880), Rich (440), Smith (220), Burris {mile), Crum (broad jump). Long (high jump and shot put), and Ward (pole vault). Crum and Wynne took fourths in the South- ern Counties meet. At the Western meet, Wynne set a new record of 1:59 in the 880. The Bees had an inauspicious season. Building for the future, the Cees had an unde- feated season lead by dash-runner Brown. Bruce Campbell and Chris Levoit practice the hurdles. Dave Morris demonstrates how to put the shot. Darrel Ward goes over the bar while doing the pole vault. Bee Track fi mis 1 ' .,-• - r First row, (left to right): S. Daza, S. McGavran, B. Hummell, J. Nelsen, S. Gibby, C. Levoit, S. Wymer, R. Wulff, D. Kading, K. Meyers, C. Leonarde. Second row: R. Drapkirx, R. Hunt, B. Dean, M. Johnson, J. Nygren, S. Guggisberg, S. Cupeck, B. Rend, B. MillpuJL-DMiley. Third row: L. McCartney, J. Benedict, P. ComishfrTPadiUa,- A. Schulz, R. Kern, M. Wells, R. Bergbon, T. Paul, ]. Cleveland. Fourth row: . Monahand, B. Vander Weerd, J. Van Hook, D. Smith, B. Tomberg, B. Crawford, ]. Harper, J. Stearman, D. Kinoshita, J. Welsh. Fifth row: G. Guviner, S. Cathers, B. Oldham, C. Home, F. Rojas, E. Andrade, E. Norby. 204 Cee Track First row, (left to right): B. Large, R. Dominguez, J. Gonzales, R. Neal, S. Grago, E. Taylor, D. Davies, R. Pye, ]. McLaughlin, C. Butler, R. Ragg, B. Julian, R. Soto. Second row: B. Anderson, T. Weber, J. Becla, B. Garmon, K. Dilley, W. Lee, ]. Palestine, N. Schneider, J. Mc Daniel, S. Hurd, L. Royer, J. Sailor. Third row: K. Geringer, T. Flores, J. Ybarra, M. Kenny, D. Gustafson, E. Ramos, B. Stiles, C. Vanderburg, B. Schatzman, S. Sparks. Fourth row: L. Henricksen, G. Spicer, D. Kryder, M. Kretz- schmar, M. Freeman, }. Smith, J. Austin, D. Vanderbosch, D. Miller, R. Vanderburg. Fifth row: C. Steward, B. O ' Connor, B. Garcia, R. Villegas, A. Ronquillo, T. Moreno, D. Ingram, N. Walberg, M. Bonn, ]. Albright. Sixth row: C. Byerly, P. Kapsner, D. Genow, T. Gienapp, J. McNeely, D. Porter, R. Jimenez, B. Andrade, D. Boehm, T. Anderson. Seventh row: A. ' . Wiley, D. Murphy, T. Derry, B. Vandenberg. Varsity Relay f Butch Smith ten off from a pi at start for the va Clem Crum be il the last 55 yards . . . Wrestlinq Top row, (left to right): Bob H ' oodall, Ned Harden, John James, Jim Green, Bill Baker, Mike Moore. Middle row: Doug Barr, Tom McCormick, Bill Vasquez, Pete Sellers, Jeff Johnson, John Hozel, Jay Severson. Front row: Doug Reynolds, Steve Creed, Jim Benedict, Tom Archiplay, Dean Kinoshita, Mike Smith. Coach VanVliet Bill Bunard attempts to take down another opponent. 206 Top row, (left to right): Bill Garmon, Ned Harden, John James, Denny Laughery, Bud Dean, Dave Mohr. Middle row: Mike Bunard, Tim Dairy, Mike Gains, John Whalen, Bob Stiles, Ken Dilly. Front row: Bruce Clark, Burt Black, Efern Cerda. Paul Herd, Bob Bunard, Richard Delatore. JV Wrestlinq Wrestling, a new sport at Fuller- ton High this year, stirred the en- thusiasm of many boys. The boys worked hard this first year to fur- ther their wrestling interests and abilities. Coach George Van Vliet did a fine job in aiding and di- recting the boys in their activities. Dennis Laughery and his opponent are locked in a referees hold. 207 ' ' ' . ' ri Above: Varsity Players Arnie Forsyth, John Delgado, Steve Maurer, and Doug ]t ' elch get a few important pointers from Varsity Baseball Coach, Jim Bass. At Right: Ted Owens, Robert Starr, and Bill Darke practice close order ball handling as they warm up for Ana- heim game. - w Varsity Baseball With the aid of Coach Jim Bass, the Fullerton Horsehiders had a real fighting season. The varsity coach helped instill in the boys many good qualities which are necessary for a successful baseball team. Although the Varsity play- eis placed 5th in the league this year, they gained a great deal of knowledge through experiences which will help them to achieve even higher goals in the future. Composing this year ' s fighting team were: Steve Campbell, Bill Darke, John Delgado, Arnold Foisyth, Gary Fowlei, Xcd Har- den, Duane Jones, Doug Mahr, Steve Mauer, Bob — MtddJeTon, Ted Owens, Eihice Petke, Marty Pomeroy, Robert Starr, Gene Ul- lerich, and Doug Welch. Below: John Delgado wacks another home run for the Fullerton Horsehiders. ■mm m m ?09 fPfW Junior Varsity Baseball Coach Robert Van Voorhis and players concentrate on the game as each team member awaits his turn at bat. Pictured above are Junior Varsity Coach, Rob- ert Van Voorhis; and the team managers, Ron Ritchie and Stan Turman. Catcher Mike Murray tags Bill Bales out, as Bales attempts to slide into home plate. 230 First row, (left to right): Vince Georgio, Daryl Souther, Gary Fowler, Jack Gipson, Chuck Stidhaw, ' David Lowe. Second row: Richard Cooper, Brad Budke, Mike Murray, Bill Bales, Jim Johnson, Roland Martinez. Third row: Rick Criner, Dennis Murrhy, Daryl Roberts, Joe Adragnk, Jim Robinson, Wade Forsythe. Fowler and Forsythe moved to the varsity at mid- season. N Baseball Means Action A Jl JV Baseball 211 m Greg Cox demonstrates a back swan First row, (left to right) : ' Ray_CUiier, Bob Miller, Jeff Sherwood, Jim Christ Dennis Iverson, Torreey Webb, Dave Winning and setting new rec- ords while doing so was what the varsity swimmers did best. At Sunset League Relays, the 400 yd. medley team of R. Kling, T. Webb, ftttm nd Brown were timed- al-4:04.5 to STt—a new league record. Iverson Newburn, Aliller, Belknap,, and R. Webb won the 300 freestyle with time 77S2.2. The entire team went on to take 1st in the League Relays. Qualifying in every event at prelims, the mermen swam on to win four out of seven at the finals capturing the championship at CIF Relays. Breaking old records were the 300 free team of Iverson, I£rcgrn -£hritt en$en, Benham, Belknap y jrfSPan- don, ancb the ty team of Christ ensen . Jobe, Kling, and R. Webb timed at 1:41.5. Ending their victorious sea- son, the mermen took CIF finals. Terry Newburn, Bill Brown, Ralph Kling. Second row: nsen, Jim Watt, Phil Benham. Third row: Russ Webb, Belknap, John Snow. Coach Arth Swimmers Take CIF ■u c -- l zees ' S H.i ■ if? ,s Swimmers up, to your marks, BANG ' And the race iiUn ?S p •t : " Practice makes perfect " is easily applied in swimming. Here Dennie McCleary, Terry Newburn, Terry Allen, Kit Baker, Thorn Baker, Don Jobe, and Philip Hudson, workout. Dennis Iverson executes a front dive position as the crowd looks on. pike Bs First in Leaque First row, (left to right): Dennie McCleary, Mike McLean, Mark Meissner, David Snow. Second row. Dave Olney, Phil Hudson, Jeff Pearce, Ron Gardea, Phil Grieves, Pete Turner. Third row: Ron Kenny, Gerrald Pick, Richard Lockman, Randy Hawkins, Paul Gray, Greg Pierson, Rick Feuchter. John While pulls haul while doing freestyle. The Bees captured first place in Sunset League relays. Smashing league records were the 200 yd. backstroke team of Hawkins, Ol- ney, Mistier, and Christensen docked at 2:03.4, the 200 fly and 400 free teams. Later in the sea- son, the medley team of Hawkins, Gardea, Christensen, and Olney set a new school mark while the freestyle team of Hudson, Pearce, Christensen, and McCleary set a new mark beating Costa Mesa. Against Newport, the free team of Hudson, McCleary, Benham, and Olney again rewrote the record book. C ' s Second in Leaque Ron Gardea practices the breast- stroke. Winning four events at the Sun- set League Relays, the Cees cap- tured the first place trophy for the second straight year. They also wound up in third place at CIF Relays. At the FUHS-Newport meet, Pearce broke the 100 and 200 yd. freestyle marks. The med- ley team of Willford, Burnett, Reniek, and Kling set a new rec- ord of 1:15.8. This medley team also took first in the CIF medley relay division. First row, (left to right): John Goodwin, Steve Smith, Wayne Wagner, Greg Cox, Terry Aus- tin, Chris Roesen, Dalton Maurin. Second row: Clark Sand, Bob Christensen, Max Besler, Terry Allen, Keith Kling, Steve Garrett,- Third row: Pat Gray, John White, Doug Young. Mike Brummet, Tom Willford, Len Reniek] Rick Nuttall. Tennis Afternoons, seventh period, found this years Indian Netmen perfecting their fore- hands, backhands, and serves. Under the leadership of Coach Lawyer, the team was made aware of their weak spots, and ironed them out to become winners at the end of the season. The crowd intently watches as Earl Rutz demonstrates his serving ability during league competition. Coach Lawyer gives sound advice to Tony Anderson and Bill Van- derheide before a league match. f .a Below: Steve Clap knows just when to connect with the ball as he practices his backhand. Above: Grimly Merton Hill watches the ball as he follows through with his racquet. Varsity Tennis, First row, (left to right): Steve Hames, Chick Willette, Larry Davis, Tony Anderson. Second row: Jack Farrel, Ed Wiseman, Earl Rutz, Bill Vanderheide, Steve Clapp. Y.jf Tension mounted during each league match. There ' s no doubt but that the ball will be re- turned by either Tony Anderson or Bill Van- derheide. Steve Clapp gets into position as Earl Rutz awaits the return. Junior Varsity Tennis, F irst row, (left to right): Paul Wilson, Merton Hill, Tom Phillips, Don Browns, Ken Cleveland, James Lafferty. Second row: Jim Carmody, Chris Bowen, Grant Barnet, Greg Reddicks, John Sher- man, Bill Muhlig, Jeff Harmer. I . (L Remverdh This certifies ,thpfv L has complet, GIRLS ' Fullert G.A.A. President ber of the IATION School UQj z Secretary G.AuA. Advisor Girls ' Athletic Association Throughout the years, the Girls ' Athletic Association has shown enthusiasm and spirit in everything they ' ve done. The organization endeavored to create good sportsmanship among its members. Carol Phelps GAA President An active GAA member, Jenice Vayssie, is shown demonstrating the backhand. 218 Betty Webb Vice President Kash Jones Treasurer Jennifer Quinn AH ' S Representative V Nancy Gowen Secretary Miss Day Advisor Miss Allec Advisor GAA Cabinet As in the past, the Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion has tried to encourage good sports- manship combined with skill and a good attitude to produce better athletes. Some of the activities they enjoyed were a " Get Acquainted " party, a Christmas party, and an evening tea where awards were presented. Under the supervision of Miss Day and Miss Allec, the Cabinet or- ganized and sponsored all these events and was pleased with the large number of girls taking part in the activities. Polly Nelson Publicity Kathy Farmer Recording Secretary Roberta Fisler Historian Kathy Van Patten Sophomore Representative Sally Tout Freshman Representative 219 Basketball Teams Victorious After an exciting interclass tournament, the junior basketball team was victorious with the sophomore and freshman teams coming in second and third respectively. At the intra-district playdays the teams displayed their abilities and good sports- manship. m During a practice game, Cindy Edmiston is seen leaping in an attempt to make a basket. Deanna Bagby Manager Miss Day Advisor First row, (left to right): Penny Kaiser, Linda Woestemeyer, Janie Gepfert, Chris Melvin, Cyndy Watt, Charla Sanford, Cheryl Eisenberg, Sve BrumrnH. Second row-: ArrTeT Pineda, Sally Clark, Judy McRae, Joan Aufderheide, Peggy McAulay, Gerri Bass, Rhonda Bramlett, Peggy Cozzens, Barbara Anderson. Third row: Cindy Edmiston, Mary Graham, Barbara Yackle, Jennifer Quinn, Dina Lee, Diane DeGroot, Irene Negrete, and Deanna Bagby. First row, (left to right) : Jaynne Allison, Shirley Stoughton, Mar- layna Bachman, Dorothy Owens, Helen Roberts, Dolores Nash. Second row: Barbara Reeves, Janine Farquhar, Brenda Brown, Cheryl Hudspeth, Mary Ann Brown, Diana Elliot, Vivian Mor- ales, Yolanda Bernal. Third row: Karen Seals, Sally Tout, Judy Wright, Mary Fisler, Sally Bau- man, Stephanie Shaffer, Carolyn Schmidtke, and Janice Brown. 22:i c, I 4c li 4r i GAA Swimming Regardless of the fact that the ra imming pool was in the process of being repaired, the girls out for GAA swimming maintained a perfect rec- md throughout the sea- Diane DeGroot Manager Mrs. Snyder Advisor Above: First row, (left to right): Barbara Bra- bo, Kathy Haber, Alice Warren, Cheryl Slach, Lynda Morgan. Second row: Helen Roberts, Mary Krimier, Patsy It ' illiamson, Linda Liefke, Lynda Hilbert, Cheryl Lundburg, and Pam Tyson. Below: First row, (left to right): Alyson Hoak, Michele Vayssie, Katy Bieg, Mary Fisler, Ro- berta Fisler. Second row: Joan Aufderheide , Linda W oestemeyer, Carolyn Owens, Mi- chele Bon gio vanni, Diane DeGroot, and Nancy Gowen. Left to right: Corky McConnel, Carol Ferren, Pam Whitney, Virginia Sawyers, Donna Robin- son, Marbry Ramsey, Nancy Evleth, Betty Marshall, Joyce Hamilton, Linda Switzer, Chen Olson, Gail Weymer. GAA Modern Dance The annual dance concert, which was entitled " Time to Dance, " was presented on February 14th, 15th, and 16th in the Little Theater. The girls in GAA Modern Dance presented one dance which was choreographed by Miss Kreza, their advisor. The award for the " best performed dance " was presented to Kathy Brunson and Vicki Stein for their dance, " The Way of the Cross. " Kay Guden, Charlotte McChesney, Carol Ordronneau, and Margo Snyder were presented with the " most original dance " award for their dance, " Life of a Suburban Mousewife. " Margaret Cayton was presented the " most inspirational dancer " award. Louise Dean, the 1963 Dance Scholarship winner, is shown in the final position of her dance, which was entitled " Now Life! W hen Death? " ■ " $+ Robyn Jones, Bev Jaques, Nancy Martin, and Carolyn Myer are depicting Americanism vs. Communism m their dance " A Red Band on Freedom. " " A Touch of Life " is displayed by Tracey Hansen and Dianne Read. 222 First row, (left to light): Marcia Montgomery, Chris Merrill, Becky Oleyar. Second row: Pain Davis, and Linda Wood. Third row: kathy Cam- pitelli, Jan Murphy, Janet Milby, Sheri King, Donna Bates, Linda Carl- son, and Jean Davis. Fourth row: Rhonda Bramlett, Susan Richardson, Dorothy Owens, Helen Roberts, and Bonnie Barbour. £ i Lower Division Dance Under the able supervision of Miss Marilyn Kreza, the girls par- ticipating in lower division dance learned the fundamentals of mod- ern dance and were shown new steps and exercises which helped them to organize and create dance sketches. First row, (left to right) : Mary Lou Peterson, Janine Farquar , Brenda Brown, Laural Van Gilder. Second row: Pam Kinsey, Karen Pulver, Bonnie Muir, Sue Bramlett, Paula Settles, El- len Payan, Kay Evleth, Sally Clark, Dani Maddox, Janie Klaustermeyer, and Janice Brown. . : f Manager Launa Jeffrey T " ii . ' - n I. ' Teamwork 1 ' is the slogan of this energetic junior team at a playday with Lowell. 6AA Volleyball Advisor Miss Swoffer Volleyball is a very popular sport with the girls at FUHS. During the busy third quartet, the foot- ball field is converted into a dozen or more volleyball courts. With such a large turnout, manager Launa Jeffrey and advisor Miss Swoffer formed four freshman teams which met on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and one senior, two junior, and three sophomore teams which met on Mondays and Wednesdays. Onlookers shout encouragement to this enthusiastic senior team. First row, (left to right): Sandy Vann, Carol Phelps, Peg Cozzens, Janet Malone. Kitty Jones, Judy Miller, Dina Lee. Second row: Judy Gilmore, Carolyn Owens, Cindy Edmiston, Jennifer Quinn, Kathy Farmer, Ann McCauley, Linda Leff, Launa Jeffrey, and Mary Call Graham. 774 First row, (left to right): Arlene Rigd on. Norma Pomeroy, Michele Vayssie, Terry Cleveland, Margo Cruz, Lyn Green. Second row: Sally Tout, Sally Bau- man, Stephanie Schafier, Diana Elliott, Vivian Mor- ales, Beatris Espinoza, and Maureen Lyons. First row, (left to right): Charlotte Dorman, Penny Green, Pam Davis. Linda Carlsen Cheryl Eisenberg Arnee Pineda, Jeanie Maurin, Gloria Duarte. Second row: Jean Davis, Krystyne Gibby, Sally Clark, Pat Cozzens, Barbara Anderson, Peggy McAulay, Joan Aufderheide, Gerri Bass, and Linda Woestemeyer. First row, (left to right): Mary Kriemier, Dolores Nash, Dorothy Owens, Jean Wallace. Brenda Brown, Janine Farqahar, Bonnie Barbour. Second row: Jan- ice Brown, Cheryl Hudspeth, Shelley Frates, Gloria Carri, Janet Thompson, Carolyn Schmidtke, and Helen Rob- erts. 225 Softball Has Large Turn Out The girls of Fuller ton High had an exciting softball season this year. Due credit must be given to Cindy Edmiston, man- ager and Miss Day their advisor, who kept the girls bustling. The fresh- man teams met on Tues- days and Thursdays, while Mondays and Wednesdays found the sophomores, juniors and seniors hard at practice. Cindy Edmiston Manager Miss Day Advisor " Where ' s the bat? " , inquires the curious observer as Peggy McAulay awaits the ball thai Mary Graham appears to be striking at with clenched fists. ■trsz «! it ? It I ' .»!» ' ; First row (left to right): Mary Graham, Jennifer Quinn, Carolyn Owens, Cindy Edmiston. Second row: Carol Phelps, Judy Gilmore, Lucy Garcia, Kathy Farmer, and Ann McAuley. First row, (left to right): Cheryl Eisenberg, Janice Vayssie, Parn Davis, Marcia Montgomery, Patti Sher- wood, Amee Pined. Second row: Jan Patton, Pam Ty- son, Barbara Cook, Freddy Fluck, Janie Gepfert. Third row: Sally Clark, Charlotte Dorman, Jean Davis, and Cyndi Watt. ft V 11 L " 226 First row, (left to right) : Barbara Thompson, Linda Wood, Jean Maurin, Gloria Duarte. Second row : Peggy Mc- Aulay, Pat Cozzens, Joan A uf derheide , Carolyn Xolley, Barbara li on, and Shirley Mc Wright. First row, (left to right): Lyn Green, Janet Thompson, Donnie Knorr, Enna Kuty , Lynda Morgan, Bonnie Barbour. Second row: Cheryl Hudspeth, Diana Elliott, Janice Trenchery, Pat Patterson, Mary Fisler, and Janice Broun. £%% 9 f First row, (left to right) : Kathy Moore, Kris Mil- ler, Kathy Campitelli. Jan Murphy, Chris Merrill, Jean Wallace. Second row: Dot Owens, Deloris Nash, Arlene Rigdon, Sue Wultf, Brenda Brown, Janine Farquhar. Third row: Helen Roberts, Judy Wright, Margo Cruz, and Sally Tout. 227 First row (left to right): Kathy Farmer, Polly Nelson, Jenise Vayssie, Ann McAulay, Kathy Hanson. Second row Nancy Gowen. Carol Phelps, Diane DeCroot, and Diane Key. Ann McAulay Manager Int ere lass Tennis Creates Team Spirit Interclass Tennis was a spoit enjoyed by many girls during the first quarter. Under the supervision of Miss Allec and the man- agement of Ann McAulay. the girls improved many of theii tennis skills. mm Janet Malone serves while Kathy Farmer plays net. Miss Allec Advisor Carol Phelps is shown demonstrating the fore- hand stroke during a practice game. 2 28 Showing good form for a serve is Carol Phelps. Diane Spitzer is shown returning a fast serve. Varsity Tennis The giih out for varsity tennis this year had a very successful season. They were victorious at their play days with Buena Park, Brea, La Habra, Lowell, and Sunny Hills. Carol Phelps demonstrates her powerful serve during a practice game. Manager Ann McAulay is picking up the balls after an exhausting game. Smashing the ball to her opponent is Diane Spitzer. 229 Badminton A very enthusiastic group of girls turned out for bad mint on this year. Tuesday and Thursday nights these girls prac- ticed for their playdays with other district schools. Linda Milby Manager During a practice game, these girls anxiously await the next move. Miss Shurtz Advisor Linda Milby is shown getting ready to return Betty Webbs $ !30 First row, (left to right): Mary Graham, Kathy Far- mer, Jennifer Quinn, Caro- lyn Owens, Cindy Edmiston, Lucy Garcia. Second row: Mary Mann, Liz Reid, Linda Milby, Ann McAuley. Judy Gilmore, Ann Peters. Third row: Ina Stene, and Carol Phelps. rt ADVERTISEMENTS ADEQUATE EDUCATION ADVERTISES CESS prtR Till: FUTURE v fc ■5 ts zz ! % m « II GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS 320 N. Harbor Blvd. LA 6-8331 Glendale Federal Savings and Loan is a well known site to all those who pass through downtown Fullerton. CONE CHEVROLET COMPANY 320 S. Harbor Blvd. TR 1-9110 Preparing for a test drive in one of the most popular models at Cone Chevrolet, the 1963 Corvette, are Ed Bell and Jon Middlemiss. Fullerton LA 6-2281 SCHUTH BUICK CO. 1890 W. Commonwealth Congratulations from HASSON ' S FLOWERS 701 W. Commonwealth LA 6- GARTEN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 318 N. Raymond LA6- SHAKEYS PIZZA 120 W. Orangethrope Ave TR 1-6340 Diane Spitzer, Sue Sweet, Pat Thompson, and Danese Braun are waiting anxiously for the cook to remove another mouth watering pizza from Shakey s oven. THELMA MORAN 405 W. Commonwealth LA 5-5410 Patti Thayer and Cheryl Trotter show off their new out- fits from Thelma Moron ' s. These outfits are just samples of the fine line of clothes offered at Thelma ' s. CHROME AND REVERSED PHONE 1_A 5--444S WHEELS CUSTOM AUTOMOTIVE CENTER Complete Line of Chrome accessories and speed equipment we make club plaques chrome plating - our specialty lOl So. Harbor Blvd. floor stick conv.-kits FULLERTON, CALIF. CUSTOM GRILLES Corner Commonwealth CAMSHAFTS COMPLETE LINE OF HAMMOND ORGANS HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF FULLERTON PHONE LA 6-5559 D. S. HARNEY MANAGER RES. KE 5-3061 North Harbor Blvd. fullerton. calif. Bunnuland W JUICE ' CORPOR ATION Telephone TROJAN 1-0333 605 EAST COMMERCIAL ST. ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Old Colony J-S. i crfaxdivais. 1324 E. CHAPMAN AVE. POST OFFICE VILLAGE Phone 526-4491 FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA 4? ii:s:s- :bi:9s %, • • ::: :f.I4« GIL COLLINS 416 W. Commonwealth Ave. - Fullerton, Calif. • LAmbert 6-9 1 £ P . -TJI 4 b . It La Jg 1 ■ j If m m -m Wf; ' ■ LA CHIQUITA RESTAURANT 115 E. Maple Ave. LA 5-6311 DON Wl! BOYS ' WEAR 403 W. Commonwealth LA 6-4558 Bill Crawford examines one of the sharp looking jackets from Don Wiese. Sportscoats along with many kinds of boys wear can be found here. FULLERTON MORTGAGE 8c ESCROW CO. 513 S. Nicolas LA 5-2368 Diana Peronto waits impatiently for Angela Wilson to open the door to their summer vacation. Fullerton Mort- gage Escrow Company lends money for every one s wants. BLINKEYS PIZZA 1336 S. Euclid LA 6-6061 Diana Browning waits enthusiastically for her pizza as she watches Joyce Robertson, Judy Miller, and Cheri Capo give an excellent example of the fine entertainment at Blinkey ' s. ROY ' S PHOTO SERVICE 216 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, Calif. TR 1-444 Streech Electric ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Avery Streech 1212 E. ASH AVENUE FULLERTON. CALIF. TROJAN I-II61 RAY ' S PETS AND GARDEN STORE For the Owner Who Cares on CAMILLE OF FULLERTON 231 Orangefair Mall LA 6-7873 Grace Shepherd is looking for that certain accessory to go with her skirt and sweater from Camille ' s outstanding choice of clothes for all occasions. 910 Williamson Way LA 6-5154 NORM MEAGER ' S Stores for Men PROUDLY PRESENTS ITS CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE FOR 1963 FROM FULLERTON HIGH SCHOOL BOB GIENAPP T is shown here with Bob Storey (IB J m MEAGERS STOr ' e£ FOR MEN 455 N. Loara Featuring the widest choice of young men ' s clothing in the area. Norm Meagers welcomes you to drop by and make your- self at home. KE 5-2131 Broadway-Robinson Center THAYER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 700 S. Harbor TR 1-0412 Dave Morris and Mary Thayer smile with pleasure at one of the many fine Plymouths which are offered at Fullerton ' s Thayer-Chrysler-Plymouth agency. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1963 from ALEX ALL BEEF TAMALES " Looks Tastes Like A Tamale Should, Wrapped in a Husk To Make It Good " ALEX FOODS INCORPORATED 1201 North Lemon, Anaheim AN ORANGE COUNTY ORGANIZATION FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS fc California Hotel Building Fullerton, California LAmbert 5-4660 Lois Nelson helps to straighten the hem of Liz Black ' s dress. Both complete outfits are from Edna Mac Master ' s. PAULS FLOWERS Serving All Northern Orange County 401 W. Commonwealth LAmbert 6-3329 A thought for the future Nortronics offers the opportunity, . .and the enviroment . . .for a richly rewarding career . . .particularly for college graduates NORTRONICS A division of Northrop Corporation 500 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, California Research . Automatic Test Systems . Optical Systems .Ordinance . Mechanical Systems FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 225 E. Commonwealth LAmbert 6-8361 Bryan Conover and Pam Wilson experience the happy feel- ing of making their first deposit at First Federal Savings and Loan Ass ' n. Formal W ear MAJORS TUX SHOP COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE PR 2-0535 741 Los An Anaheim, Cc jeles St. lif KE 2-5764 106 ' 2 E. 4th Street Santa Ana, Calif. » T I COAST PONTIAC 626 S. Euclid LAmbert 6-4674 Mike Moore smiles happily anticipating his first drive in one of Coast ' s Pontiacs. But only one thing wrong, he can ' t find the keys! Cindy Rieck smiles shyly, she knows. They re in the trunk. VIVIANS 159 N. Raymond LA 6-1822 ■ . . . ' . 1 1,. i, ■ on mod I outfll is , VI vlan ' ( corr I ' i I I porti I • . | iM, I i vc. THE TURNTABLE 729 N. Harbor LA 5-0811 I Indlng 1 1 dlffli ull to pli !• a record from th« ivlde l«loC ii .,n i iiliLI. H the Turntable are Charlie Burner, Judy Carl v .11, I Hollgrlm Qorg SWANBERGER ' S Men ' s Wear of Quality 209 N. Harbor LA 5-4141 ARNOLD OF LOLA ' S FLOWERS 809 N. Harbor LA 5-3232 VILLAGE FASHION FABRICS Yardage and Sewing Notions 1336 E. Chapman 526- KIMBERLY CLARK CORPORATION 2001 East Orangethrope LA 5-8271 Carol Whiteside and Ralph Kling admire the beautiful architecture of the Kimberly Clark Corporation Building. • wt TAMPS BLACK ' S SHELL SERVICE i My Bunnell FRANK E BLACK Dealer »r it Raymond FUI MM Phont " pxec " Pic6-ufi utd " Detiucitf JEFFERY ' S UNION SERVICE 119 EAST CHAPMAN AVENUE FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA LAmbert 6-4910 W MEN ' S WEAK BROADWAY-ROBINSON CENTER CAIIFORNIA s rnt IVY ( - " ' • ' " ■ ' M 5 ° 9 N - L ° grQ FULLERTON SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 200 West Commonwealth Lisonne Hall and Fred Walker learn the easy way to save money at Fullerton Savings and Loan Association. TR 1-4244 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 63 from HUNT FOODS 1645 W. Valencia Dr. TR 1-2100 Marveling at the new executive building at Hunt Foods are Robyn Jones, Karen Struve, and Sally Miller. VANDERMASTS BROADWAY SHOPPING CENTER PR 4-8291 Ellen Curtis helps Jim Gardea choose his sport coat from the fine line of clothes at Vandermast. TIP TOP BARBERS 1227 E. Wilshire LA 6-2490 Nancy Martin is trying to learn her father ' s trade. Let ' s hope for Dale Crabtree ' s sake her father is a good teacher. CONGRATULATIONS Class of ' 63 NSTRUMENTS. INC. 2500 Harbor Blvd. TR 1-4848 JOSTEN ' S AND ENGRAVERS CORPORATION 1044 South Hope, L. A. Rl 9-1261 As a lasting rememberance of their senior year Denny Iverson and Carol Dickson proudly display their class rings from Josten and Engravers. MOONEY-ANDREWS 719 North Harbor LA 6-5085 For the Mooney-Andrews jacket that Skip Neidhardt is is wearing Robin Johnson and Ken Burandt try to select the correct tie. GRAY ' S BOOK STORE Congratulations Class of 1963 1340 E. Chapman HILLSIDE DRIVE-IN For the best hamburger and malt or short order Brea Road between Fullerton and Brea LAWSONS JEWELERS 221 Orangefair Mall TR 1-0410 John Paridon and Parti Criswell are finding it difficult to pick a ring from the wide variety found at Lawson ' s. PACIFIC HAWAIIAN PRODUCTS COMPANY Bev Jaques, Carol Ordronneau, and Dennis Iverson drink a toast of congratulations to the Class of ' 63, compliments of Hawaiian Punch. 360 S. Acacia TR 1-4495 FOR MEXICAN FOOD THERE IS ONLY ONE BILL RUBIDOUS ' S EL COMEDOR Steaks Cocktails Piano Bar 1624 SO. HARBOR, FULLERTON Four Miles North of Disneyland LAmbert 5-7781 ,V [ ■ . ■ 7v MELLOS PEANUT CO 637 Towne Ave. Los Angeles, California MR 2-6104 KNOTT ' S BERRY FARM AND GHOST TOWN Beach Blvd. in Buena Park LAmbert 2-1131 Eddie Tripp, Mary Ogren, Gary Martone, and Patty Dickson are pictured ina typical tourist ' s scene enjoying themselves at Knott ' s Berry Farm. DESERT PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 12326 Lakeland, Norwalk OX 3-3716 Scott Smith shows Sue Smith and Bob Neally how to rise up in the world the fast way. Now all Scott has to do is learn to use one of the many machines used in Desert Pipeline work. HARRIS DRUG STORE 201 N. Harbor LA 5-3576 1001 E. Chapman TR 1-5555 Claudia Schneider and Louise Dean help Ruth Oess to make her choice of hand lotions from Harris ' varied selection. HADDON 3R0THERS ' SHELL 2423 E. Commonwealth TV and HI Fl Sales and Servic MORGAN TV SERVICE 1322 E. Chapman 871- THE PILLOWRY 310 N. Harbor LA 5-4363 LA 5-5270 Complete H ome rumishings THOMPSON ' S FURNITURE COMPANY 223 W. Commonwealth LA 5-2353 KOHLENBERGER ENGINEERING CORP 1600 W. Commonwealth - o uj» XI McCOY AND MILLS FORD LA 6-5501 700 W. Commonwealth Don Wodstrichil is about to take his seat in the exciting new 1963 Fairlane 500 for a scenic drive around Fullerton with Steve Christman, Tom Gienapp, and Jocko Moore. J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 201 Orangefair Mall TR 1-4343 Giving their smiles of approval are Marilyn Gulyas and Marcie Cook to the choice of outfits which Claire Heyworth and Tony Mc Clure are modeling from Penney ' s. F. E. OLDS SON, INC. BAND INSTRUMENTS Cookie Walther demonstrates with ease the proper techniques of how to play a trumpet; while Gary Martone--- F. E. OLDS AND SON, INC. 350 South Raymond LA 5-0221 ESTHERS APPAREL SHOPPE 203 N. Harbor LA 5-5656 Nancy Heindrtck, Jana Link and Joyce Robertson model outfits from Esther ' s for all occasions. SHAFERS MUSIC HOUSE 727 N. Harbor 871-6910 It ' s easy! Diane DeGroot shows John Snow which key to push next; John himself is surprised at the beautiful sounds he can make. GIOVANNI ' S PIZZA AND SPAGHETTI 920 W. Williamson Way LA 6-7322 Linda Beittel and Larry Davis note that Giovannis doesn ' t spare the cheese on their delicious pizza. DESIGNERS MANUFACTURERS Yearbook Covers Catalog Binders Gift Containers THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 5300 West 104th Street Los Angeles 45, California SPring 6-2424 ' Manufacturers of the 1963 PLEIADES covers. PHONE LAMBERT 6-6074 IH EH DUNIYIN CHEVRON SERVICE LUBRICATION SPECIALISTS FORREST DUNIVIN ORANGETHORPE RAYMOND ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Congratulations from UNION OIL RESEARCH CENTER UNION OIL CO. OF CALIFORNIA LA 8-7201 Brea, Calif. P. 0. Box 76 YARDAGE CENTER 1835 W. Orangethorpe, Fullerton 2135 W. Central, La Habra 2124 E. Lincoln, Anaheim ' The girl who sews, has better clothes ' BUDDY ' S BURGERS 177 North Raymond Finding out what it is like to work in Buddy Burger ' s kitchen where some of the finest hamburgers are made are Patty Ball, Pat Munoz, Judy Clark, and Yukiko Saito. LA 5-3456 CLASS OF ' 63 ■ f ■ v w v , R. WALLACE PISCHEL, INC. YEARBOOKS PASCO. WASHINGTON Since 1921 WILSEY DAIRY 7072 Beach, Buena Park LAwrence 2-1179 Ed Tripp is getting his milk first hand-you can get yours from the snack shop or from the campus vending machine. V 7,rJ A 7 rW A vuo cum, Si , S, o 119 E. Commonwealth LAmbert 5-4579 Jack Farrell watches with deep admiration as Kathy Zacca- gino skillfully manuevers her sports car around a dangerous curve. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 63 FROM BERT BLEDSOE CEMENT CONSTRUCTION 1125 N. Oakdal LAmbert 6-1315 SCHOOL PICTURES INC. DAVE E. BLALACK WISHES TO CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 63 School Pictures Inc. took Fullerton Union High School ' s Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class Pictures. 2230 E. Orangethorpe 871-6834 TOWN COUNTRY RAMBLER 555 S. Euclid Bill Dorke points out to Jenist ■ -.---- ' ■- fh« ? ' • ' -- q • ' - " • ' • ' ' -. ' . ' ., " The pi ce s reosonot TR 1-2040 ,,. ' . , r -. -,-. tf| e Cindy Peters and Ron Laughery PALMS RESTAURANT 1010 E. Orangethrope • ■ I Wodi • euppi from the varied offeree ol tf « : " . m ' s Ri TR 1-2410 eols WHITE ' S INSURANCE AGENCY 418 W. Amerige LA 5-1181 C. A. STEVENS JEWELERS 532 W. Commonwealth Studebaker, Avanti, Simca GEORGE KLIMPEL INC. 500 N. Harbor LA 6-6611 SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 117 W. Commonwealth LA 5-1191 : i worli - Mogue bw color T sets. • good e .i -. i ' ol the arge se e I o» n e et department .it Se.its Roebuck. HANSEL OLDSMOBILE 1325 W. Commonwealth LA 6-5511 Carolyn Meyers urges Chris Royer and Kitty Knollmiller to get Into the new 1963 Oldsmoblle Starflre so she can turn the key to driving happiness. ARTHUR E. ALNE,M. D. L. J.MONGEON, M. D. LESLIE E.CHRISTENSEN, D. D. 5. ' PAUL PETERSON, M. D. FULLERTON CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL CHARLES F. RAPP RAY D. LOWE, D. D. S. STANLEY E. ROBERTS, M. D. WAYNARD W. LOWE, M. D., F. A . C. S. EDGAR E. STRUVE,M. D. GORDON McCOY, M.D. VINTON H.WRIGHT, M. D. BLUROCK, ELLERBROCK ASSOCIATES, ARCHITECTS. ALBERT AND JAMES Photographers Congratulations Class of MAIN OFFICE ORANGE 1829 W. CHAPMAN KEMogg 2-3311 1963 FULLERTON 620 N. SPADRA LAmbert 6-3216 » A | Thank You.., R. W. Pischel, Inc. — publisher S. K. Smith Co. — cover manufacturer Albert James — photographers Marsha Dorsey — cover design Al Vandenberghe, Rick Ford, Rob Wilson — student photographers The entire administration, faculty, and student body w I V ¥ J tk I ■1 % .0 t tre. S ' V 4 : U r , " . It? i ? te U4 I o cr r- ' •

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