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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1958 volume:

Th v± M;k - ! wa.r k Ts Jf w olHli l H " !JuVl£ " " - I,. ' -Y 3 o. M x ., 1953 Student Pub:: cation - ' Pullerton Ur.icr. High School B, onua - | • fhe 65 guic:- - " - ; _ . ■ t sf our - in 1914 ' J ' -.- ' • - This brick building on the corner of Wilshire and Lawrence was the Fullerton Union High School building. first The first FUHS annual, " The Lucky Thirteen " , was named for the thirteen graduating students of the class- of 1905. It sold for ten cents. The class pin of 1906. The first Orange County Superintendent of Schools, J. P. Greeley. This Fullerton Union School building, built in 1906, was on West Commonwealth where Amerige Park is now located. This school bus, the first bus built in Fulierton, was made in John Gardiner ' s Blacksmith Shop. Fulierton Union High School District was the first district in the United States to have school bus service. We hope that here, within the frame covering the 1958 Annual Pleiades, we have placed a true picture of our school. Included in the picture are some of the school ' s sixty-five years of history. We feel that each member of the stu dent body should learn some of that history, and we hope each will be proud to know it. Therefore, let us view the past. Soon after July 5, 1887, the birthday of Fulierton, a petition was sent to the supervisors of Los Angeles County in order to form a Fulierton School District. The petition granted, school opened in September of that year with Edwin Clark as principal. A daily average of forty students is shown by the annual school report for that year. In 1892 W. R. Carpenter canvassed the homes in North- ern Orange County urging students to continue their secondary education. During the summer of the same year William Starbuck and Alex McDermont surveyed the area in order to determine its educational needs. Consideration of the establishment of a high school for Fulierton was made official in 1893 when elections were held. The first two elections were unsuccessful simply because of a lack of voters at the polls. In the third election, due to the efforts of three men in the community who insured enough votes by hiring men to go to the polls, sixteen votes were cast, and FUHS came into being. The earliest preserved edition of the " Weekly Pleiades " is the one pic- tured above, published in 1914. It is now bound in a book containing other early editions and is kept in the school library. Pictured above is an announcement of the commencement exercises of Fuller- ton High ' s second graduating class. s. ' - H n m -x. In the past 65 years, Fullerton High has devel- oped from a student body of eight housed in one upstairs room of the first elementary school building, pictured at the left (now the site of Wilshire Junior High), to our present high school with a student body of 2500. But our large growth and expansion would not have been possible without the many long hours of work contributed by the school ' s founding fathers and early participants. These people, together with all the students and faculty who have been connected with FUHS, created a tradition that has been enhanced rather than forgotten by the years — the tradition that is Fullerton High School. This tradition belongs to each one of us — it is ours to preserve for the generations to follow. And to our traditions, made of dedi- cated personalities and memorable events, we dedicate the 1958 Annual Pleiades. What could better represent our school and what it stands for than the words of our Alma Mater? We are proud of all thy prowess, Fullerton! And we thy colors bravely bear, We will be thy loyal subjects ever,- Joy and grief we alike will with thee share. We have watched thy progress ever With hearts so full of love for thee; We rejoice that in the years before you Thy future ever brighter still we see. Men of F.H.S., now grasp your standard — Ne ' er let the glorious emblem fall, For our red and white must win the conflict For the honor of the school so dear to all. CHORUS Oh, F.H.S., they name we love, And ever staunch and true you ' ll find us; We ' ll stand by thee through all eternity, The red and white, so true! — written by Lilah Esmay, Class of 1912 % k Administration . . . Pages 6-25 Classes . . . Pages 68-111 WVjM Of -anienis Organizations . . . Pages 136-157 Seniors . . . Pages 26-67 .4 Boys ' Sports . . . Pages 178-207 Special Events . . . Pages 158-177 Girls ' Sports . . . Pages 208-227 Advertisements . . . Pages 227-246 j ■wo vo-«A rT X-J -c v -v 4 - ' %■ QLJii! j i i ■i Joe W. Johnson Clerk Francis N. Laird E.William Wylie President «] ft D. Gordon AAcComber Virgil G. Morf With our Board of Trustees rests the responsibility for plan- ning and implementing the educational facilities and pro- grams best suited to meet the needs of young people in our district. In providing for these needs they have added two new high schools and are now completing plans for the building of our fourth high school. Similarly in 1893 Board members William Starbuck, B. F. Porter, A. S. Bradford, and Dr. D. W. Hasson were planning for opportunities in secon- dary education. Their objective was the rental of one room on the second floor of the Fullerton elementary school and thus the establishment of Fullerton ' s first high school. " strict linif ' Ma LimM MV ,J S! Logan Wheatley Assistant Superintendent f Dr T Stanley Warburton has worked in many phases of the educational field. As Superintendent of the Fullerton Un.on High School and Fullerton Junior College Districts, he is constantly working to maintain and improve our high educational standards. He has done an especially outstanding job in planning for increasing growth. Evidence of such planning is the development of two new high schools and preparation for a third. John Mann Administrative Assistant Personnel Wallace Ruitcel Administrative Assistant Business " Good Morning! Here ore your announce- ments for today. " Many hours are spent on the telephone, discussing important school matters. Principal Principal Donald Cruickshank in his second year as head of Fullerton High has led a con- tinuously growing teaching staff and student body to even higher standing in California education. Mr. Cruickshank always welcomes stu- dents to his office. The first person to serve in the capacity of principal was W. R. Carpenter. Receiving a salary of $125.00 a month, Carpenter, prin- cipal as well as the only teacher, instructed a student body of eight. This was the begin- ning of what has become our present high school plant. After graduation of the tenth class in 1905, the school had issued only 67 diplomas, but since then thousands of students have grad- uated. The district ' s 1893 one room high school has grown to three large schools. Fullerton students have brought many honors to our school in both educational and extra-curricular activities. 10 Dean of Girls During her seven years as Dean here at Fullerton, Mrs. Spears has helped girls " ... find the things that are best for them here at FUHS. " Working with the Girls ' League she has seen the girls become more service minded and thoughtful toward our school and com- munity. As our student body continues to expand it becomes increasingly more difficult to welcome and acquaint each new girl at Fullerton; but she hopes that the con- tinued friendly attitude of the students will help coun- teract the less desirable effects of our increasing growth. Dean of lop Dean of Boys, Robert Kill, has worked continually to help to further the educational standards of Fullerton High. As the growth of our school continues, Mr. Kill has been extending his services to act also as Advisor to the Student Body on Financial Matters. His work often extends to after school hours: advising, guiding, and participating in many youth activities. r I I 1 Arthur Lynn Counseling V V f ■ -of J ■ Floyd Moore Student Activities U ■ Milt on D. Robertson Child Welfare and Attendance 1 L r Tying together smoothly the activities of the many different departments at FUHS is the main job of our busy high school coordinators. Working tirelessly, they have maintained the high regulations and standards that are a part of Fullerton High. 12 David A. Skelly Work Experience lk mi n The position of counselor, first held by Glenn Lewis, our former principal, was created in 1939. Growth in the student body neces- sitated expansion of this advisory staff. This year its five mem- bers have again contributed to a successful school year for stu- dents. i - Josephine Murray Senior Counselor m Louis Armijo Junior Counselor Helena Schwartz Joel Dvorman Sophomore Counselor Teachers A very obvious change in F.U.H.S. was the size of its faculty. In contrast to one teacher in 1893 in- structing a one-room class, the ' 57-58 faculty consisted of almost one hundred twenty teachers instructing us and guiding us through the year. Leland Arth Physical Education Lloyd Alford Mathematics James O. Bass Physical Education Nelson Bonar Music Thomas B. Bell Physical Education Lyal Baumgardner Business Education Marjorie Borchers Physical Education Martha Bowen English Wilma Boatman English George Archambeault Drama David Bell Mathematics Evelyn Brignull Language James Brittain Industrial Arts James Bush Physical Education Carol Burnip Home Economics m r Norman Cottonn Social Studies Virginia Davis Business Education Dolores Castanon Language Louise Cresto Langu age Dorothy Christianson English Cecil Crow Driver Education Coaching Martha Dunlay English Elizabeth Brunskill Mathematics Hugo DeGroot Driver Education Coaching Donald Estenson Social Studies Florence English Physical Education William Campbell Business Education Vera Ferraris Mathematics William Gienapp Mathematics William Herzberg Social Studies Dorothea Goodwin Physical Education Elizabeth Frates Social Studies Edgar Green Mathematics Eleanor Hidden Assistant Librarian Bert Hathaway Science James Hines English William Fledderjohann English George Holland Health Education Marjorie French English Margaret Heuler Health Education Elwood Hopkins Industrial Arts Dorothy Hunley Social Studies Marian Hunnex Home Economics Lindell Jones Social Studies !•■■, 1 r s 1 L. " A i r Margaret Kessler Librarian Lenore King English Aeronautics Robert Lahey Science Ray Lawyer Driver Education Coaching William Lingenfelder Driver Education Coaching Matthew Mantz English William Newhard Driver Education Coaching T. L. Nordstrom Mathematics Ralph Olson Industrial Arts Lewis Paul Social Studies Leona Quigley Social Studies Business Education Irene Randall Art Barton Redfern Mathematics Roger Slocum Science Maxine Shurtz Physical Education V, Jake Robertson Social Studies t J Richard Skain Physical Education I Aria Dell Smith Art Ruth Scott Physical Education Don Spitler Art David Skelly E n g I i s h Work Exp. Coordinator Harold Pohlod Business Education Dorothy Shafer Physical Education Duane Sproul Science % v Arthur Stone English Stagecraft George Storm Industrial Arts Robert Strange Social Studies Elva Swoffer Physical Education MM Gilbert Tucker Physical Education Laura Van Deman English Home Economics Harry Stroh English Helen Wall Home Economics H. AA. Wareberg Social Studies Helen Wiesseman English Norma Wilson English Ray Winter Industrial Arts Joyce Wixcm Home Economics (P Robert Wood Language Edgar Woodall Business Education Joseph Yelle English Margaret Zwick English Martin Bu Mis Industrial Arts Winifred Semans Language Lucille Shaw English Josephine Snyder Physical Education Spencer Strader Agriculture Eldred Douglas Mathematics Floyd Moore Social Studies Student Activities Vern Wrightson Driver Education Coaching Idris Davies Informational Services District CooidiMton Earl Dysinger Audio-Visual Services Thomas Sharp Psychological Services Clarence W. Szalkowski Curriculum Helen L. Walker Health Services Elton W. Ward Industrial Education fj» Adult Education Office: (left to right) Janet Hall, Frances Maple, Kathleen Metz, Cleo Ketcham, Helen Zincke. Herbert Carter Guidance Coordinator Evening High School and Evening Junior College John Reid Principal, Evening High School and Evening Junior College Lucille Dwinell District Executive Secretary Helen Zincke Senior Clerk Library Clerks: (left to right) Leila Flynn, Nell Zim- merman, Marguerite Lindley. 22 District Secretaries: (left to right) Lura Waldrip, Phoebe Moulding, Dorothea 3ain, Harriet Wallace, Grace Grainger, (seated) Betty McKinley. Business Office: (left to right) Rita Picogna, Dee Farwell, Edict Larson (seated), Muriel Magnuson, Norene McCarty, John Hewitt, Emma Williams. Bookstore; Eleanor Campbell, Kathrien McCoy High School Office: (left to right) Mary Frank, Frances Sullivan, Gladys Pem- broke, Roma Miller, Clara Vargas. Hazel Holbrook Cafeteria Manager Food Services, (left to right, first row) Kathryn Webber, Elva Scholten, Geraldine Scafe, Faye Travis, Lillian Brawley, Dorthy McPherson. Bertha Gillman, (second row) Stella Drott, Flora Cundiff, Barbara Nixon. Hugh Taylor, Hazel Holbrook, Mary Gibson. Eva Turman, Helen Patterson, Evelyn Mackjust. 23 Custodians- (left to right, first row) Rondal Price, August Okon, William Rosen Anton Schwar.zenberger. Jess Hurtado, (second row| Arnold Caspers, Walter Raymond Hoover, Boyd J. Mason, Walt Cawley, Hal Hedglan, Larry Reynoso. berger, Monto Georg Peter e Miles Mitchell Hugh Taylor, , Ira Roberts, Jess Hurtado Campus Custodian Carl Zehnpfennig Auditorium Caretaker Charles Drott Head, Operations and Maintenance 24 Maintenance Crew- (left to right, first row) John Gleeson, Phillip Aeschhman, Palmer Jorgenson. Emmet. How- ard Clarence Vanderburg, Paul Lewis, Edward Updyke, Robert Stuht, Plox.e Daniels, Clarence Belkna p a ph Sew- ard Charles W. Meeks, Hudson Rennie, John Krupel, (second row) Charles Drott, Gene Dell, Howard S.onebraker, Leo ' Halter, Vinton Lee, Jack Wildman, Pat Patterson, Walt Frederick, J. N. Shober. Harold G. Keller Transportation Head Louise Fitzsimmons, Myrtle Neally, Plant Office. t 7 UJ EE A N I Bus Drivers- (left to right, first row) Jim Adams, Bill Hill, Jerry Jackson, (second row) Bill Herbsf, Thurlow Powell, Jack Wildman, James Lang, Bill Harris, Glen Crandall. (Not shown) Marion Hill, Loren Bowman, Bob Jackson, Chuck Rust, Hugh Hill, Jack Andrews. Diane Boren, Nadine Royer Gym Office E 5 • Carolyn Schubert Girls ' Gym Matron Bert Swain Boys ' Gym Attendant 25 Roger Stull Vice-President i ' Scott Perley President Bucky Murphy Secretary Sesio Uldaa otlicers 28 Karen Hobbs Treasurer Mf £ % I The honor of 1958 Valedictorian was award- ed to Linda Neschke. Linda has taken part in many school actvities during her four years at F.U.H.S. During her senior year she was Annual Pleiades Editor. Her other awards include Bank of America Award and National Merit Scholarship letter of com- mendation. The year 1958 brought Fullerton ' s first foreign exchange student, Gunnar Serck- Hanssen. Gunnar has been in Fullerton for the past school year. He has been active in track and has been a member of several school clubs. Gunnar is from Oslo, Norway. He says that he finds school much easier here at Fullerton than in his own country. Thomas McFadden was one of the two students who graduated from the first senior class at Fullerton High School in 1896. Our school has come a great distance from that first graduating class of two, when Mr. McFadden " drove back and forth with a horse and buggy, " to our present graduating class of approxi- mately 550. Mr. McFadden resides in Placentia, where he has lived since boyhood. 29 « -? The Cast Myrtle Mae Simmons Nancy Adkisson Veta Louise Simmons Lynne Pilchard Elwood P. Dowd Richard Weisman Miss Johnson Anne Langston Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Joy Van der Valk Ruth Kelly, R.N Linda Kennedy Duane Wilson John Stonebarger Lyman Sanderson, M.D Terry Phillips William L. Chumley, M.D Chip Wickett Betty Chumley Linda Rossomme Judge Omar Gaffney Richard Gernes E. J. Lofgren Ron Shaheen Members of the cast and production crew effected a quick change of scenes in front Ml JWDfti 7C y " ' he Play „. Mr. Dowd introduces himself to Mrs. Chumley in her husband ' s sanitarium office. " Harvey " , this year ' s Senior-sponsored play, enters around the character Elwood P. Dowd Rid his unusual friend Harv ey, a six-foot rabbir ivisible to everyone but Elwood. The entire list gave an outstanding performance, and the :ay proved to be one of the most interesting eid humorous in the history of Fullerton High. Mrs. Ethe! Chauvenet is delighted to see Elwood — until he introduces Harvey to her, that is. BILL ALLEN Football ALAN ALLISON Boys ' League NANCY LEE AMBROSE Transfer Student Y-Teens I JUDY ADAMS PHYLLIS AESCHLIMAN JOHN AGRUMS RAYMOND ALBERT udent Congress Latin Club 2. 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens GAA 2, 3, 4 B Football Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Featherettes Election Committee 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 FAYE AMUNDSEN Teen Toppers 3 French Club 2, 3 0 I 4 VERNA MAE ALLEN Concert Choir Drama Club JOHN ANDERSON Tennis 1 , 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 ICC Pres. 4 JIM ANTLE Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 ■ » ARNOLD APPLEMAN Boys ' League MICHAEL ARENDS Boys ' League GARY ARMITAGE Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 B Football 2, 3 JERRY ARNOLD Basketball 3 Band 2, 3, 4 PAT ARNS FBLA Treas. 3 GAA 3, 4 . -«r MANETTE SUSAN ARROUES LUPE ARROYO DONALD AUDET DORETTA BACON MARGARET BAFFERT Drum Majorette 4 Spanish Club J.V. Baseball 1, 2 Spanish Club 3 FBLA 1, 4 Majorette 2, 3 GAA Hl-Y 3, 4 Big F 4 FHA 4 French Club Treas. 3 Student Congress 1 , 3 Weekly Pleiades Staff 2 Dress Board Checker JANNETTE BAGLEY Girls ' League BELINDA BECKERT JPhotography Club Treas. 4 L Spanish Club 4 LORRAINE BANDERAS Y-Teens Pres. 1 Student Congress Featherettes I THOMAS BARR Football 2, 3 Track 2, 3 LYNNE BECKHAM GAA 1, 4 Y-Teens 2 Ski Club SHARON BECKHAM Spanish Club 3 Girls ' Service Club 4 GAA 1, 2 GEORGE BEEKMAN Track 1, 2 Cross Country 3, 4 Radio Club Pres. 2, 3 ■ ■ PAUL BAXTER FFA 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 3 Eight Men of Song SUSAN BEAZLEY Big F 3, Sec. 4 Teen Toppers Spanish Club 3, 4 DON BELL Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Boys ' League Treas. 3 LeROY BELL Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 33 BARBARA BENNETT Teen Toppers 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3 Mello-Aires Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 CAROLYN BENNETT Mello-Aires 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, 4 LEAR BEST Photography Club JUDY BEZANSON Girls ' League ROY BLACKFORD Football Track ROGER BLANKMEYER Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 FFA 1, 2 Ice Caps 3 fc ' • JACKIE BOLTON Latin Club 2, 3 Student Congress 2 Library Club 2 ' MELANIE BLEY Girls ' League TERRY BLOSE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Dress Board Checker 2, 4 CHARLENE BLUNK Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 LARRY BOIVEN Rifle Club 2 Tennis 4 JUDY BORGESON Student Body Sec. Student Court Clerk Y-Teens 1 , 2, 4 THOMAS BORN Boys ' League i JUDY BOURRET FBLA RONNIE BOWMAN Boys ' Chorus 1 Hi-Y 2, 3 Concert Choir 4 ROBERT BOYD Football 2 French Club 1 HI-Y 2 CAROLYN BOYDSTON Girls ' League DAVE BRIDGEFORD Boys ' League CECIL BRIGGS J.V. Football Boys ' League c DENNIS BRITTAIN Forensic Club Varsity Club Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 ANN BRODSTON GAA FHA Treas. Y-Teens PHILLIP BROWN Boys ' League BETTY BRUTON Featherettes 3, 4 Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, 4 GAA 3, 4 WANDA BUNCH FHA Sec. FBLA Girls ' League PAT BURNS Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 Track 2, 3, 4 JEFFREY BURRIS Cross Country 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 3, 4 BERNARD BURTON Water Polo 2 Boys ' League LYNNE BUTLER Girls ' League Pres. Girls ' State Rep. bver-all Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 MURIEL JO BYARS Y-Teens FBLA Ice Caps JIM CAMPBELL Key Club Pres. Hl-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2 Youth Council Vice-Pres. CHARLES CARL Boys ' League DEBBIE CARLSON Y-Teens 3, 4 GAA 3, 4 Pleiads 3 35 ' ! . CHRISTINE CAUSLEY Adv. Girls ' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League BECKY CHAMBERS Student Body Social Chm. Homecoming Attendant 2 Student Congress GARY CHAPMAN Bo ys ' League rERRY CARNES Girls ' League DAWN CARROLL Song Leader 3, 4 Pow Wow Attendant 3 RICK CARSON Yell Leader 4 Pleiads 3, 4 ANITA CARTER GAA 3, 4 FBLA 1 Big F 3, 4 Key Club 4 k MICKEY CHAUVIN Water Polo 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Boys ' League . . -SZ3i •:, saca ARCHIE CAUSLAND Boys ' League ANN CHESLEY Homecoming Queen 4 Song Leader 4 Junior Y-Teens Pres. CYNTHIA CHILDS Assembly Comm. 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, 4 36 JOHN CHORBAGIAN NATALIE CHURNEY ROBERT CLARK STAN CLINE Hl-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Drama Club Swimming 3, 4 Track 1 , 2, 4 Student Congress French Club Water Polo 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Boys ' League GAA Assembly Committee 4 Basketball 1 ROBERT COFFER Radio Club Chess Club Bible Club GARY COFFMAN Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 CAROL COLEMAN GAA 3, 4 Y-Teens 3 SHARON COLLIER GAA Y-Teens SHARON COOK Student Congress Girls ' League GARY CORREY Band Boys ' League Varsity Club Ice Caps 2 Girls ' League KAREN CORTEZ Song Leader 4 Student Congress Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 JACKIE CRAWFORD GAA I, 2 Band 111,2 SHERYL CRAWFORD GAA 1, 2, 3. 4 Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4 Big F J SANDRA COUNTS Drama Club 4 GAA 3 Y-Teens 1 JO ANNE COWNIE Over-all Y-Teens, Treas. 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 se tc V?J o-aQ 1 J 7 I BARBARA COYLE Transfer Student FHA Girls ' Chorus . t RICHARD CRAPO Pleiads 3 Bunsen Burners 2, Sec. 3, 4 BOB CROWELL EDDIE CRUZ JAMES R. DALTON DON DANNER Boys ' League Boys ' League Boys ' League Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 MIRIAM DARLING Girls ' League DIANE DARNOLD Y-Teens Spanish Club Ice Caps SHARON DAROFF Girls ' League WILLIAM DAUGHERTY Boys ' League RICHARD DAVIS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 , 2, 4 Basketball 1 , 4 JOHN DEAN Boys ' League ROY DEEBLE Water Polo 1 , 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1 , 2, 3, 4 Hl-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CHARLENE DENNIS Con cert Choir 2, 4 FHA GERRI DEVENEY GAA JOHN De WITT Latin Club Hl-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 TRACK 2 DONNA DICKSON Forensics 3, 4 Pleiads 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 V CELIA DELL DILLEY TED DOBNER Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Boys ' League Art Club Pres. 4 GAA 3, 4 NORA DOHM Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 GAA 1, 3 Freshman Class Sec. GARLAND DOSS Baseball DAVE DOWLING Water Polo 1 Football 2 Track 2 LARRY CROWELL Student Congress 1 Water Polo 1 , 2 Hi-Y 1, 2 WALTER DOZIER Track 3, 4 J.V. Football 2 Bunsen Burners 3, 4 ROBERT DUNCAN Ice Caps 2 GERALD DUNHAM Stage Crew 3, 4 Aeronautics Club 1 GLENDA EASLEY FBLA 1 FHA 3 Miniatures 1 TERESA EDGAR Concert Choir 1 , 2, 3 Featherertes 4 MARILYN EDMONDS Annual Pleiades Staff GAA k.V I LUELLA ELLIS FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1 Girls ' Chorus i STEPHEN ELLIS Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1 JAMES ENGLERT FBLA Boys ' Chorus Concert Choir JOHN ENRIGHT Track Basketball Football JAMES KAYE ERB Boys ' League JOHN MASCHINO Boys ' Athletic Manager Football 1, 2, 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 EDGARDO ESCOBAR Transfer Student Spanish Club LARRY ESSLINGER Baseball 4 Ski Club 3, 4 Band 1, 2 SYLVIA ESTRELLA Girls ' League ROBERT FEEM5TER Football Basketball Latin Club RAIA JEAN FOLKERTS Transfer Student DENNIS FERGUSON Swimming 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 3, 4 Boys ' League JUDI FORREST Flag Twirler 4 Mello-Aires 2, 3 GAA Tennis Mgr. 4 KAREN FERGUSON Featherettes Y-Teens IP I Ss t DUANE FOSTER Intramural Basketball 2 Boys ' League MIKE FITZSIMMONS Student Congress 1, 2 Water Polo 2, 3 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 HENRY FOSTER Ski Club Science Club Tennis EARL GUIN Boys ' League BILL FOWLER Boys ' League BRUCE FOWLER Transfer Student Hi-Y 40 CHARLES FOWLER BARBARA JEAN FRASER RONALEE FRETZ DORIS FUJINO BILL FULKERSON Swimming 3 Transfer Student Spanish Club 3, 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Boys ' League Boys ' League Photography Club Pres. 4 Jr. Red Cross Rep. Girls ' League Rep. Ski Club Travel Club FBLA Social Chm. 2 I ROLD GALBRAI Forensic Club Boys ' League LARRY GALLIO RONALD GAMBLE PAUL GARDNER CAROLE GATTI Hl-Y 3, 4 Football 1, 2. 3 Boys ' League Drama Club Social Chm. 4 Boys ' League Basketball 2 Forensic Club 2, 3, 4 FFA 2, 3. 4 GAA 3 ROBYN GENOW Girls ' League KAREN GERLOFF GAA Girls ' League SYLVIA GEYER Student Congress 1 , 2 GAA 1 FBLA 1, 2 BOBBIE GILCHRIST World Friendship Club Future Teachers Teen Toppers MARY GILL Girls ' League SUZANNE GIVENS Girls ' League t GORDON GLENN NANCY GLENNIE MADONNA GOATES ELEANOR GOLEMBA RICHARD GONZALES Football GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League Future Teachers 2, 3, Pres. 4 FFA 2. 3 Boys ' League Y-Teens 2, 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Football 1, 3 Card Stunts 3, 4 ICC 4 Boys ' League i LAWRENCE GRAHAM Boys ' League CARL GREGORY Student Court, Chief Justice Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 SHERYL GREGORY Y-Teens 2, 4 Pleiads 2 Organist 3, 4 PAT GRISOTTI Girls ' League GRENDA GRONSTRAND Teen Toppers 1 , 2, 3, Pres. 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Pleiads 2, 3 PHILLIP ROYER Boys ' League i LAWRENCE GUARD Football 2, 3 Photography Club 4 Rifle Club 2 BETTY HORROCKS Y-Teens 3, 4 Ice Caps 3 Transfer Student RICHARD GUGLIELMANA Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Cross Country 1 , 2 MARCIA HAGANS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League TOM HAJNY Key Club Pleiads Football GLADYS HALL GLENN HALL JEANETTE HALL LINDA HALL WILLIE HALL FBLA 2 FFA 2 Ice Caps Flag Twirler 4 Girls League Transfer Student Christmas Meditations Girls ' League Mello-Aires 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 BUCKY HAMILTON Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Student Congress 2 JOHN HANNABERY FFA Boys ' League GERALD HANNAH Boys ' League if GEORGE HARLAN Boys ' League KENNY HARPER Boys ' League JUDY HARRINGTON Over-all Y-Teens Pres. Big F Annual Pleiades Staff 4 ft V BOB HARRY Football 3, 4 ELAINE HART Girls ' League Cabinet 3 Over-all Y-Teens Sec. Annual Pleiades Staff 4 CONNIE HASLAM Y-Teens 1, 2, Treas. 3 GAA 1, 2, 3, Mgr. 4 Student Congress 3 NORMAN HAWKINS Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 4, Treas. 2 Bunsen Burners 2, 3, 4 Pres. 2, 3 MIKE HAY Boys ' League Vice- Pres. Football 1. 2, 3 Freshman Class Vice-Pres. SHARON HAYES Weekly Pleiades Staff 3. 4 Girls ' Service Club 4 GAA 3, 4 VIRGINIA HEHN ROSALIE HEINZE ROBERT HENDRA RONALD HENDRA Skylarks Girls ' League Football 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Ice Caps 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 DAVID HENSLEY ESTHER HERNANDEZ RUTH HERRERA JEANETTE HESS GAA 3 Transfer Student JERRY HILL Swimming 1,2,3,4 Ice Caps 4 Student Congress 1 Girls ' League Water Polo 1 , 2, 3, 4 Bunsen Burners 3 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League Sec. 3 Boys ' League Spanish Club 4 JIM HILL Football 1, 2. 3 Chess Nuts RUBY HILL Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Photography Club SHARON HINDERLITER Girls ' Service Club Vice-Pres. Spanish Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Assembly Committee 4 GARY HOBBS Boys ' League KAREN HOBBS Big F 3, 4 Senior Class Treas. EMMA JANE HODGE S Featherettes 2 Y-Teens FBLA 1 LAURINE HOGKVIST Adv. Girls ' Chorus 2, 3, 4 FBLA 1 JUDY CHURCH FBLA Dress Board Checker Student Congress SHERRIE RAE HOLVE Spanish Club 3 Pleiads 3 Big F 4 DICK HOMICZEWSKI Varsity Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 4 Football 3, 4 JANET HOPPER French Club GAA Y-Teens BOB JENKINS Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2 BOBBIE JOHNSON Dress Board Co-Chm. 4 Asilomar Rep. 3 Girls ' League Cabinet 4 JUDY JOHNSON Girls ' League JULIE JOHNSON GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 MIKE JOHNSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Weekly Pleiades Staff 4 KAREN HOSE LINDA HUFF CLARA HULL MELVIN HUNT ELIZABETH HOWARTH Transfer Student Spanish Club 3, 4 Student Congress 2 Y Teens -1 Girls ' League Transfer Student Teen Toppers GAA Ski Club NOEL JOHNSON Football 1 Rally Committee 2 Boys ' League RICHARD JONES ROBERT JORDAN SAUNDRA KAHL GLORIA KAISER DOROTHY KAY FFA 1, 2, 3 Boys ' League Teen Toppers 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3 French Club GAA 1, 2 Basketball 2 GAA 1, 2, 3 Ice Caps Ice Caps Baseball 4 Spanish Club 3 Y-Teens 45 PAT KELLY Boys ' League BETTY KEMP Girls ' League BILL KENDIG Band 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 3, 4 Orchestra 1 , 4 LINDA KENNEDY Junior Class Treas. Pleiads 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3 Big F. Treas. 4 JANICE KENT Bunsen Burners 3 Agriculture 1 , 2, 3, 4 JOHN KEPHART Photography Club Art Club r JOE KILCH Track Boys ' League JUDY KIMBRELL Yell Leader 3, 4 Teen Toppers 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4 BRIAN KING Hl-Y 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Student Congress 2 DONNA KING Safety Council 4 GAA 4 Transfer Student MARTIN KING Boxing 1 Track 1 Transfer Student 46 TOM KING Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 GARY KISS Boys ' League MARGARET KLISE Girls ' League Council 4 i MERREDITH KNOKE Forensic Club 2, 3, 4 ROBERT KNOP Football Bunsen Burners HILDA KOCH World Friendship Club 3, Pres. 4 French Club 3, 4 DOUG KRABBE Football 1, 2, 3. 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 % GWEN KRESHER JEANNE KREUTZEN JUDY KROHN Girls ' League Student Congress 2, 3 Big F 3. 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 Transfer Student JACKIE KUJAWSKY Transfer Student JUDI LAKE French Club 2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Transfer Student PAT LANCTOT French Club 3, 4 Transfer Student CATHERINE LANDES Girls ' League I PRISCILLA LANDRUM Girls ' League CHARLES LAURSEN Band Hi-Y Boys ' League PATRICIA LAWSON Girls ' League LANA LAYTON GAA Pres. Y-Teens 1 , 2. 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 LARRY LAZETTE Boys ' League JOHN LEATHERBY Boys ' League PATRICK LeCLAIR French Club 3, 4 Boys ' League 47 MARY LEDESMA BOBBIE LEE PETER LEV ELLIOTT LEVENSON LORRAINE LEWIS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2 FBLA Pleiads 1, 2, 3 Boys ' League Y-Teens 4 Girls ' League Council 4 Jr. Red Cross Rep. Football 3, 4 Girls ' League Spanish Club 3, 4 Ski Club PAT LIGHT Y-Teens 1, 2 French Club 2 MARTI LINDSEY GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2 French Club CONNIE LOZANO Spanish Club 3, 4 GAA 1, 4 FHA RICHARD LUTZ Rifle Club Treas. 2 Boys ' League JAMES LYNCH Baseball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Eight Men of Song RONALD MacDONALD Football 1 Water Polo 2 MOLLY MacFARLAND Ski Club 3, Sec. -Treas. 4 Weekly Pleiades Staff 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 GARY MACKJUST Boys ' Chorus 1 Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 Eight Men of Song ARLENE MAES Student Congress 1 Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 4 MYRNA MAGEE Student Congress 1 , 2 Flag Twirler 2, 3 Featherettes Director 4 SUSAN MAGNUSON Adv. Girls ' Chorus 3, 4 Transfer Student " i BILL MALONE Student Congress Track Basketball 2 WAYNE MALONE Tennis 3, 4 Football 2 GEORGE MARCIANO Boys ' Leag ue JOAN MARSHALL Girls ' League NORMA MARTINEZ Transfer Student PATSY MARTINEZ Girls ' League JAMES MASON Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Bunsen Burners Vice-Pres. Latin Club Sec. 3 DONNA MATTHEWS Weekly Pleiades Staff 3, 4 Girls ' Service Club GAA jo ellyn McAllister Yell Leader 4 Homecoming Attendant 3 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 aileen McCartney Girls ' League GAA RHODA MAE McCLAY GAA 4 Ski Club 4 Drama Club 4 richard Mccormick FFA 3, 4 DONALD McCRACKEN Boys ' League STUART McDIARMID Boys ' League larry Mcdonald FBLA 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Concert Choir 2, 4 WAYNE McFADDEN Boys ' League 49 L JOLANE McGUIRE JOY McKINNEY WILLIAM McLARAN BOB McLARAN ROBERT McNAMARA Girls ' League GAA Hi-Y Hi-Y 2 Boys ' League Pres. 4 Girls ' League Boys ' League Junior Class Pres. French Club Pres. 2 ANNE MEADOR Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 3, 4 ELIZABETH MILLER GAA Dance Mgr. Girls ' Service Club Big F 3, 4 C5 DOUGLAS MECHAM Hi-Y 4 Bunsen Burners Tennis I AUGIE MELENDEZ Football 2, 3 Track 2, 3 Water Polo 1 V HARRIETT MEYER Girls ' League THOMAS MEYERS Rifle Club Pres. 2 Inter-Club Council 2 Football 2 50 JERRY MILLER JUDITH MILLER MARSHA MILLER MARVIN MILLER RONALD MILLIGAN Boys ' League Travel Club Sec. 4 GAA 1 Hi-Y 2 Football 3, 4 FBLA 1 Ski Club 4 Basketball 3, 4 Student Congress 2 Track 2, 3, 4 OPHELIA MILLER Y-Teens 2 Ice Caps 3 FBLA 2, 3 1 WAYMOND MILLS Boys ' League DONNA MILNES Spanish Club 4 Transfer Student BEVERLY MITCHELL FBLA 4 FHA 1, 2 Y-Teens 1, 2 DWAIN MITCHELL Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 RUBY MITCHELL Pleiads 3, 4 panish Club Social Chm. 3, 4 GAA 3 ROSWITHA MOLLICH World Friendship Club 3, 4 Concert Choir 3 KATHERINE MONTES Y-Teens Sec. 2 Big F Dress Board Checker 4 LINDA MOON GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 FBLA 1 FHA 1 MARTIN E. MOON Transfer Student HAROLD MOORE Boys ' League LINDA MOORE Skylarks 3 Student Court 4 Girls ' League Council GEORGE MORAT Football Baseball Transfer Student SHERWOOD MORF Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3 SANDY MUNOZ Girls ' League BUCKY MURPHY Senior Class Sec. Drill Team 3 Student Congress 1 , 2, 3 r v k GERALD MUZIO JUDY NEIL JERRY NEIMAN CAROLE NELSON World Friendship Club 2.3,4 Song Leader 4 Boys ' League FBLA Bunsen Burners 2,3,4 Student Congress 3 Girls ' League Photography Club 2,3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 RICHARD NELSON Bunsen Burners Pres. ICC LINDA NESCHKE Annual Pleiades Editor 4 Pleiads 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3 Big F 3,4 PAT NICOLAZZO Girls ' League I HARRY NIELSEN Football 1,2 FFA 1,2,3 Student Congress 4 KAREN NORDLING Girls ' League JOHN NOVINGER ROBERT O ' BRIEN PATRICIA O ' BRIEN PATTI OGDEN ANN OLSON Basketball 3,4 Football 3,4 Girls ' League Girls ' League GAA 1,2,3,4 Track 3 Track 3 Teen Toppers Vice-Pres. 3 ' Ple dj Latin Club Vice-Pres. 3 JILL OLSON JEAN O ' NEAL LOUISE OPSOMER RONNY ORTMAYER ALFRED OWENS GAA 3,4 Girls ' League Girls ' League Football 1,2,3,4 Football Co-Captain 3,4 Jr. Red Cross Rep. Track 3 Baseball 4 Baseball 2,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 1 PATRICIA PABRAZINSKY Mello-Aires 3 Ice Caps Vice-Pres. 3 DAWN PAGE Pleiads 3 Mello-Aires 4 French Club Vice-Pres. 4 ANTHONY PARINA Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2 Varsity Club 3,4 JILL PARKER Featherettes 4 Forensic Club 4 GAA 4 DARLENE PARSON Y-Teens GAA FBLA DONNA PASH FBLA Girls ' League SANDRA PATCH Girls ' League MARJEAN PEAK Girls ' League JANICE PENN Featherettes Leader 3,4 Y-Teens GAA 1,2,3 SCOn PERLEY Senior Class Pres. Basketball 2,3,4 Key Club PHILIP PERRY Student Body Treas. Pleiads 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,3,4 53 GAIL PETERSON Boys ' League NOLA PHILLIPS Drama Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 4 Thespians 4 Teen Toppers 1,2,3,4 ROBERT PHILLIPS Wrestling 2 Track 3 Varsity Club 2,3 kft TERRY PHILLIPS Student Body Pres. Sportscaster Key Club ROYLEEN PIETSCH FBLA 2,4 FHA 2,4 Water Show 3 ' RODNEY PETERSON JON PHETTEPLACE p , c e fi f , PHILLIPS FRANCINE PHILLIPS Boys ' League Annual Pleiades Staff 2,3,4 Gi Is le " nue Vice-Pres 4 Big F Pres. 4 Latin Club 2,3.4 Pleiads Sec. 2 PI ;iads 1,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3 Photography CI ub Pres. : Big F 3.4 ICC Sec. 4 BOB PINEDO Boys ' League ARMAND POIRIER Boys ' League ANN POLLEY Girls ' League Sec. 4 Annual Pleiades Staff 3,4 Spanish Club 3 STELLA PORRAS GAA 1 FBLA 1 BOB PORTER Traffic Safety Council Pres. Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 GARY PRICE Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Junior Class Vice-Pres. LINDA PULLIN Girls ' League HP W M V s - ' V tt Sk KATHY PYLES MIKE QUIRK RALPH RAMIREZ ROBIN RANDALL een Toppers 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Hi-Y Council Pres. 4 J.V. Football 3 Pow Wow Attendant 2 Rally Committee Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Cross Country Hi Y 1,2,3,4 ROTC 1 Song Leader 4 Flag Twirlei 3 kk GARY READ Water Polo 2,3.4 Basketball 2,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 1 JUDI REED Drama Club 4 Y-Teens 4 Transfer Student KATHRYN REHO Weekly Pleiades 3, Editor 4 Teen Toppers 2,3, Sec. 4 French Club 2, Sec. 4 THOMAS REID Youth Council Pres. Track 2, 3 . Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 1 JANET RAWLINS Girls ' League ■H wMm MARCIA RENCK Girls ' League Treas. 4 Over-All Treas. 3 Y-Teens 1 2, 3, 4 Teen Toppe rs 2, 3, 4 DALE RENO Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 , 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Class Pres. ROGER REYNOLDS Boys ' League GEORGIA RHOADS GAA Girls ' League JANET RICHARDS Sophomore Class Treas. Big F 3, 4 GAA Publicity Chm. 4 RONNIE RICHARDS Flag Twirler 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, Over-all Historian 4 Big F VALERIE RIDGEWAY Student Court Justice Jr. Red Cross Rep. GAA NIMA JEAN RILEY ALICE RIPPETOE ISABELLE RISSI TERRY ROBERTS Girls ' League Student Congress 2 Ski Club 4 Basketball 1, 4 Dress Board 1 , 2 GAA 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 GAA 2 Track 3 ' y JUDITH POBEPTSON Girls ' League v: EDDIE ROBINSON Intramural Sports Boxing Basketball ROGER ROBINSON Football Basketball Ski Club CATHERINE ROBLES Jr. Red Cross Sec. Travel Club Pleiads BOB RODRIGUEZ Latin Club Boys ' League BONNIE ROGERS Girls ' League 56 ERRY ROGERS BETTY ROLSTAD CECILIA ROMERO MARGARET ROSBURG GARY ROSEN Boys ' League Girls ' League Concert Choir 4 Transfer Student Girls ' League Basketball Transfer Student WALTER ROSENSTEIN Transfer Student JEANNE ROSS GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, Treas. 4 Latin Club LINDA ROSSOMME Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. Inter-Club Council 4 Student Congress 4 KATHERINE ROTHERHAM French Club 2, 3, 4 Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Y-Teens 4 i CURTIS ROUNDS Transfer Studenl KENT RUSSELL Swimming 1 , 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ■ JOAN RUTLEDGE Dress Board Cabinet FBLA 1, 2, 3 Y-Teens VICTOR RUZICH Boys ' League I STEWART RYAN Boys ' League JAN SACKETT Drama Club Ice Caps JULIA SANCHEZ Girls ' League ROSALIE SANDERS FBLA Y-Teens FORREST SCANDRETT Student Court Track 3, 4 Pleiads 2, 3, 4 SPENCER SCHEID Water Polo 1 Boys ' League GEORGE SCHEROTTER Football 2 Track 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 CAROL SCHNOOR Y-Teens 2, 3 Big F 3, 4 Intin Club 2 57 t GUNNAR SERCK-HANSSEN Cross Country 4 Track 4 Student Congress 4 FRED SERFAS Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 , 2, 3 Ski Club Pres. 4 SHARON SEVERSON GAA 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Ski Club 4 JANICE SHAAR Teen Toppers Ice Caps Girls ' Service Club LEE SCHULZ Eight Men of Song 2, 3, 4 Skylarks 3, 4 MARILEE SCHUSTER Girls ' League CELESTINE SCHWARTZENBERGER Y-Teens 1, 2 World Friendship Club 3, 4 ARLEEN SEDIK Latin Club 3 LARRY SEE Basketball Tennis Hi-Y 4 " HOWARD SHAFER Boys ' League GENE SHAMBLIN Boys ' League MARGIE SHEARER Public Relations Rep. 4 Student Court 3 Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 SAM SHIFLETT Plei ' irk Spanish Club ICC JIM SHIPKEY Football LINDA SHOOK Over-all Y-Teens Sec. 2 JONIE SHORE Y-Teens Cabinet 3, 4 Tennis Featherettes 1 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Dress Board 2, 3 Student Congress 3 1 t GARY SIMS FBLA 1 Boys ' League CHARLES SINGLETON Football 1, 2, 3 French Club 1 CHARLOTTE SMART Girls ' League JANET SMITH GAA Treas. 4 Girls ' League Cabinet 4 Big F 3, 4 JOE SMITH Art Club Boys ' League ROBERT SMITH Student Congress 3 Boys ' League V ERNE SMITH Boys ' League ROBERT SNYDER Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 1 , 2, 3 Swimming 2 " NELS SORENSEN Tennis Latin Club LOUISE SORRELLS Big F GAA Concert Choir 2, 3 GEORGE SPAIN Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 1,2,4 FFA 1, Sec. 2, 3, 4 GARY SPELBRING Latin Club Pleiads Assembly Committee MARGARET SPRACKLEN GAA 4 Y-Teens 4 DAVID SPRAGUE Speech Club Boys ' League BILL STANDEFORD Thespians 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4 BILL STANLEY Concert Choir Baseball 2 Football 2 59 JEAN STEWART GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Pleiades Staff 4 RICHARD STEWART Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads Key Club 2, 3, 4 SHARON STIVERS Girls ' League MARY ANN STOLL GAA 2 FBLA 1 fl? kNNE STARKE JERRY STARR SYLVIA STARR KAREN STEELE GEORGE STEVENSON GAA Football Dress Board 1, 4 Featherettes 3 Boys ' League Y-Teens Basketball Mello-Aires 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Ski Club Ski Club Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Swimmi fg 2 JOHN STONEBARGER Student Body Vice-Pres. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 3, 4 SUZANNE STREECH Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4 Junior Class Sec. -4 Ar V W 1 1 I 60 JON STUHLEY ROGER STULL MARY JO STUMPF BRIAN STURMAN ELOISE STUTHEIT Latin Club Sec. 2, 4 Senior Class Vice-Pres. Dress Board 3 Football 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Pleiads 2, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2 Track 3, 4 Girls ' League Cabinet 3 Bunsen Burners Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Latin Club Varsity Club 4 Big F 3, 4 k MARIE THEURET FBLA 4 GAA 1 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2 -2 i RICHARD THOMPSON Fooball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2 RAMONA THOMAS Band Girls ' Laegue GAIL THOMPSON Featherettes 4 Y-Teens 3 FBLA EDWARD SULLIVAN WINIFRED SUMNER DANNY SWAIN DANEEN TAPERT JOHN TARRY Boys ' League GAA Water Polo FFA Sweetheart Football 1 Transfer Student Transfer Student FHA 2 Water Show 3 Baseball 1 LYNNE THOMPSON Drama Club Y-Teens French Club THOMAS THOMPSON Hi-Y 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4 ICC ROBERT TIDWELL Boys ' League MARY TILLMAN Girls ' League DYANNE TINKER FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3 Concert Choir 1 , 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League Council 4 DIANA TODD Girls ' League LIANA TODD Girls ' League 1 BERNIE TORREZ Pleiads 1 Spanish Club 3, 4 WANDA TRAMMEL ANNETTE TRUDELL GAA Y-Teens ) Girls ' League CARMEN URIARTE Girls ' League RUSSEL UTTERBERG Band Boys ' League DON VAIL Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 " V fca JOHN VOSS Transfer Student Boys ' League SHARRON VALENT Girls ' League WALT VANDENBERG Boys ' League V r V ROBERT VAN DUESEN Water Polo 1 Ski Club 4 ROBERT VILLEGAS Boys ' League 62 TERRI WADA RICHARD WAGNER KEITH WAITES ANNETTE WALL VALERIE WALL GAA 3 Track Football 2 GAA 1, 2 GAA 1, 4 FHA 3 Cross Country Ski Club Ice Caps 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 4 Spanish Club 4 t BILL WALTER Football 3 Basketball 3 Ski Club 4 ROBERT WANGRUD Water Polo Cross Country Track JIM WARK Art Club Vice-Pres. Pleiads Latin Club ft GARY WARNER Swimming 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 3, 4 NEVA WATERMAN Girls ' League TERRY WATERS Pleiads Pres. 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Football 3 ROBERT WATT Football 1, 2, 3 Swimming 1 , 2 PENNY WEBSTER Ice Caps Pres. 2, 3 Girls ' Service Club Pres. 4 Spanish Club Treas. 4 SHARON WEBSTER Girls ' League Cabinet 3, 4 Drama Club Sec. 4 Big F 4 RICHARD WEISMAN Rally Committee 4 Swimming 1 , 2, 3 Key Club 4 I?) I ALLEN WHITE Boys ' League JERI WHITFIELD CHIP WICKETT ANN WILDERMUTH DON WILDERMUTH RONNIE WILES -Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Key Club Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Flag Twirler 4 Boys ' League Band 2 Weekly Pleiades Staff 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Y-Teens Sec. 4 Water Polo 1 Student Congress 2, 3 Water Polo 1 , 3 Rally Committee 63 ROBERT WILEY Spanish Club 4 Boys ' League ft DIANE WILKINSON DENA KAY WILLIAMS JANICE WILLIAMS JOHNNY WILLIAMS Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League Football 2, 3 Orchestra 2 Orchestra 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Chorus 1 , 2 Student Congress Ski Club 3, 4 -tr LOUISE WILMOTT Girls ' League ROBERT WILLIS Eight Men of Song Transfer Student LARRY WILSEY FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 ■«, DARLENE WILSON Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 Skylarks 3, 4 Teen Toppers 3 BARBARA WINGERT Forensic Club GAA MILLIE WOODS Pleiads 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4 Dress Board 3 Girls ' Service Club 4 BETTY WRIGHT ELEANOR YOUNG LESTER ZEMANSKY BARBARA MAGILL VIRGINIA MORENO Girls ' League Girls ' League Baseball Boys ' League Girls ' League Spanish Club 3, Sec. 4 Student Congress CAROL BORNHOFT G.A.A. French Club Girls ' League NOT PICTURED: Stephen Conforti Patricia Cooney Patricia Doberty Lester Drake Lawrence Duarte Judith Grove Bernard Lamers David Pitts Pat Ross WILLIAM HARTFEL Transfer Student W " J JAN MAURITS Transfer Student STAN MAYES Hi-Y 1 Boys ' League . v l . NANCY WARBURTON Dress Board Chairman 4 Jr. Red Cross 1 , 2, 3, Pres. 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Big F 3, 4 LA • i yS ' - O » -. js oV J 65 R. Fretzi ?Vn y A3 Cc v_ i ! - Z_s Mary Ellen Cvengros Vice-President uor cue ftiWD! m tncen r Georgia Trodd Secretary Waldo Nance President Mary Mason Treasurer 7 Leanne Brothers Anne Bruckner A Wayne Bunjss Judy Buller Charlotte Byerrum , Ann Cangemi Beverly Carpenter % U o Rose Anne Alley Reed Backman Devirl Barfuss Lynda Bedford Mary Ann Black Earlene Broderson Judy Brooks ' I Gordon Christopherson Bruce Clark Judy Combs Dan Cornwell Bob Crawford .» - Dele res Coi nell Kenny Crosswhite Judt Courson Carol Crawford © 4« Harold Coffer .John Colianm ( i Rod Cooper Carol Copenhaver © " t © Mary Ellen Cvengros Kothy Dolton Diane Dickson a fcfllH Janice Dickson Gary Dunton Aft Raymond Easley Chns Eckman Danny DeJong Linda Donaldson Kitty Fan Donnerta Edgar o - Lou Ferranfe - - Marilyn DeSpain Gary Docley v V Pam Effenbeck " Dennis Elbe tw Dave Duorte I J 1 ;■..... :■ ■ ' . n Dianne Foe, e I i III III III HI III III III ' ■ ■ " III III III III - HI III III III V II III III III A hi iiiil 11 f 1 1 r 1 Roger Gallo Dovid Gorman KaTe Goodw.n P Graharr M Marc Hangsleben fil r» r 1 Aii n John Friek 44 dt Jfe f5 ke Garrily 1 Uulie Geaney •: 1 w, - j ' j I . . Don Gilbert V J ' I tuVmBll Dick Gernes 4 ' Wis jij ■. .h P ■ , Aido Granados Merlene Graybill a O 9 p Doug Han( (__ Laurel Hcnsfo Frank Horrigon Cholerle Harringion- Mike Harrison ft Shorron Haugen Carole Howley Kathy Houler Don Hoymo ' nd Gretchen Hehn Rondo Her.; L.ndo Herbsl a r» tf Bob Hinderh-er 4 L d ' ■ a r Corta Githens a Sandy ( Sharon Grimm 1% Ronnie H - 3sa ie Herrera 3 Diane Hopkins Marry Horvarh Jack Housley Sharon Hubbard Andrew Klein Marilyn Klingenberg Sandra Klingenberg Alice Kn.gh m i Julie Landitad d Anne Langston C )] cs , Bob Knight f M$ Loretta Lasky Betty Lawson Yvonne LeBlanc • ■ ■■:■ Terry Leonard Nancy Lever C$L fW Lou Lindquist Lorraine Lobo flrBfl.Iuiuljyr J iirii -. ' Alfred Loeblich John Lopez Jack Losmann Alice Lossner O @ Pi Kitty Lyons Elizabeth Macris Richard Marlir Lee Martmeau Johnny Lucas A Ken Mathews f Joanne Mannell T • .ll I TV i V ■ w - c Johnny Melillo Jackie Messick Mike Montague i Peg Myers Gay Naake ' V ,,-• Valene Michel m Karhy Horn u f% " J Carol Mai John M Carol McArthur Bob!i 1 I :irihy Pal Mi a Lois McGwire a « j •■ Jh O ■ ■ .. ' ■ ' : Ph. I Miranda Sharon Mobley n LA Waldo Nance Dwighr Napier Glenda Moraski M.ke Morehouse Jean Morris Sue Napier m Janet Noson Virginia Naylor rs Emma Negrefe Gory Neilsen Mary Nelson Bonnie Newhouse John Noble « 3 ■ ■ Dcrmolt Anne W Darrelyn Mi WclCee Judy McKenney Carol McKenzie Christie McReynolds Charles Meek Kenny Mole David Morion Joleen Mulqueen hm£ Leroy Neal f » a 4 A ' -.- ' cy Oldhorr n a f f M ft a j 5 ■ . ■ 9 A Richard Pat ' er ' jon — ' Barbara Pharris Dwayne Phelps f r i Archy Pollock Mnrgie Potier Paddy Prescott ■ Sand , Pe :n n Buddy Phillips John Peebler Lorna Pelton @$ (£ .- Margaret Ramirez Claudia Pi clouds Pauline Pickett jf J Greg Ross Inez Rubolcava i Mary Ramirez D Caryl Ritzman ft Mickey Ryan CS fa ry ft i L ivl : Pn-I ' Inm i Sandy Reynolds Jessie Rodriguez Freeman Rogers ft t • Judy Salstrom Theresa Sambrano A Judianne Richards » ' David Scheesley Carolyn Scott Marilynn Seelbach Jerry Severson f ft n Pat Sharp ■■ Stan Sprague ' ■ ft Mike Tannyhil Margie Thompson Ray Thompson Bob Thomason it Bob ' - 1 umote . r- . Larry Smiih x v a " ' Sherry Steffes Ralph Stej r Sharron Slowe ■ Phyllis Taylor Fred Telraulf Lanny Stevens t--i itroschetn Richard Sul € s f ft a c si Ah Mt Bobbie Snopp n m f i ■ Anna Thaheld uencer ie Spencer «. Barbara Stockton O Carole Swenson s Swiden Johnnie Thomas Kenneth Thompson Dione Tielrooy Roy Tower Jerry Townsend ■ n ■ a a Marilyn Welch ■ ■ a •: Joan Wright I Geraldme Boz e1 Dennis Von Leuven J m Vvn Winkle B 7 n R.chie Watts Sharon Williams Reed Turner p a a n ' , v ii ,v Sally Turner Doug Twomey Jill Vandergriff Jim Van De Walker Jon Van Gelde n Dottie Vosvary Yolanda V.ramontes Linda Waldron Charles Walker Ray Wallace ' i C-j- OaA Co Kenneth Wells Judy Whalley Edna Wilson " — «? AA Jeanne Wilson Hamld White iloir Wilkinson 1 Pati Willcutt Johnnie WoV.urka y ,t| | eei ,■■-..; Joan Zaccagnmo Judy Barnes I ■ ■ a . Gary Clark ' ' Leo Connolly Carol Crosswhile Nancy Bolton o u Ronnie Davies Kay Bonsey Ray Duncan Bob Oyer Steve Erwm Harold Farr.ngton Lee Ann Haslam Sheldon Boege Mark Kabacy A Gayla Kuenzli 3 © n p Bob Gosncy Pete Kloitcrmon Ivan Knox r n f X flUV 1 ' ! ■ .flF 1 c ' twill ■ r ■ i i r - U n lemke Per Chns Kol ■ I | Kenny Leek Carol Moulding rs Mersill McNabb f Barbara Roberts n John Quirl Judy Quigley a Judy Robmson Bud Sewell Don Sullivan a n lean Roger: Gory Russell i m Leonard Dicky ■b -e. Pete Wadsworth Jeanne Ziegler 7 9 !« Jim Phelps Vice-President Ricky Paup President ™inomn c wis nipapa Shirley Wildman Secretary Penny Schneider Treasurer 82 Pete Ackermann Judy Anderson Norman fUTl ® " Pi Kathy Adkisson Sieve Andre A R l Sally Andrews ■ Dov.d Aeschliman r fs V Pa j 3 Babcocl a Terry Armstrong ' f r - A Sally Bauerleir n Carolyn Brandon rs .i Herbert Brandon r i ■ . Donna Balzhiser ZL _ ' er ' e £■ ■:■ j : " e - a 1 : ft s +«£ u k ■.- Andrea Bowles Mike Boyotf 4 .v. P O e rt i Edwin Boyes r a Beverly B ' eesf D ane Britta - Jeff Bafchman Pi Sharron Bird 6k Judy Brandenburg a c s Mary Brown ? Susan Busby . bell mmiiMV,! Ramon Cano : Rfumley Waller Buster Frank Cannon e f% V 4tSi W » l i ft Jeri Burkhardl Richard Codena George Cannon Jodie Cannon Sharon Burmasier Iki Beverly Campbell f Bill Campbell T f a ! 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His motto for the year was: " Let ' s make this the best year ever. " In 1906, at the suggestion of the new prin- cipal, Mr. Brunton, the students of F.U.H.S. formed a student body organization. The students were given the power to transact business and to govern themselves by means of rules made by the organiza- tion. They were subject only to the veto power of the principal. The first Student Body President was Sue Hauser. In 1917 separate student body organizations were developed for F.U.H.S. and F.J.C., but the Federated Student Bodies Commission was formed to prevent a complete break of the two student bodies. 114 One of Terry ' s more pleasant duties is that of crowning our lovely queens. 11 John Stonebarger Vice-President Judy Borgeson Secretary 1 IM m Dfflp li»© The student body officers did a fine job in representing us in their various offices. Their achievements and leadership were appreciated by all and made the year a successful one. Phil Perry Treasurer Becky Chambers Social Chairman 115 fffciJ 1 a Lynne Butler President Barbara Phillips Vice-President $ HP The Girls ' League, under the capable leadership of President Lynne Butler, was the first campus organization to sponsor an activity this year with their won- derful welcome to all freshman girls, the Big and Little Sister Party. Equally successful were the Dad and Daughter Banquet and the Girl Date Dance. The major Girls ' League project for the year was completely renovating the girls ' locker room. Ann Polley Secretary 116 Marcia Renck Treasurer Cabinet members: (seated, left to right) Nancy Warburton, Barbara Pharris , Christy Peairs, Ann Rank, Karen Booth, (standing) Janet Smith, Karen Harrington, Sharon Webster, Bobbie Johnson. With the help of Miss Guthrie and the encouragement of other schools the year 1917 marked the institution of a Girls ' League organization at Fullerton. Among the successes of the League through the years has been the annual Big and Little Sister Party. These parties have been a part of F.U.H.S. tradition since 1919, when the " big sisters " treat- ed their " little sisters " to lunch on the school ' s front lawn. Because of the influence of Glenn Lewis, Boys ' League activities were resumed on the Fullerton campus in the late 1940s. Mike Hay Vice-President Bob NcNamara President 1 Under the leadership of the Boys ' League Cabinet the organization has been led through another suc- cessful year, highlighted by League assemblies. The boys were represented on Executive Board by Presi- dent Bob McNamara. Roger Pembroke Secretary -Treasurer The Boys League Cabinet met to discuss campus problems. 117 $ " IQ m ,:u Members of the 1957-58 Executive Board were: (left to right, first row) Lena Layton, GAA President; Judy Borgeson. Student Body Secretary; Kathy Reho, Weekly Pleiades Editor; Lynne Butler, Girls ' League President; Margie Shearer, Public Relations Representative; Becky Chambers, Social Chairman; (second row) Linda Neschke, Annual Ple.ades Ed.tor; John Maschino, Boys ' Athletic Manager; Phil Perry, Student Body Treasurer, John Stonebarger, Student Body Vice-President; Terry Phillips, Student Body President; Bob McNamara, Boys ' League President; (third row) John Anderson, ICC President; Carl Gregory, Student Court ' Chief Justice; Scott Perley, Senior Class President; Waldo Nance, Junior Class Pres.dent; R.ck Paup, Sophomore Class President; Mike Hall (not shown), Freshman Class President. Executive Board Advisors were; (left to right) Mr. Cruickshank, Mrs. Spears, Mr. Kill The Executive Board, meeting weekly, is responsible for performing all acts necessary to conduct the business of the student body properly, promoting student body athletic activities, and making rules governing student body activities and conduct. This year the Executive Board has been outstanding in promoting club chartering, continuing pre-Christmas and pre-Easter meditations, revising the Student Body Constitution, planning a student lounge, estab- lishing an Executive Board supervision policy, em- phasizing clean campus, and sponsoring successful fund raising activities. 118 Student Court Our Student Court had its beginnings in 1915 when the Board of Control was formed. The board members, two boys, two girls, and the student body president, were to try all cases of campus mis- conduct on the part of students and submit their written decision to the principal. The duties of the present Student Court include interpreting our Student Body Constitution and judging cases of student misconduct. Carl Gregory Chief Justice JmA (Left to right, first row) Valerie Ridgeway, Associate Justice; Linda Moore, Associate Justice,- Judy Butler, Associate Justice; Mary Kinietz, Clerk; (second row) Bill Bush, Associate Justice; Forrest Scandrett, Associate Justice; Roy Tower, Associate Justice; Don Bell, Bailiff. 119 Stiitit Coomss %J x % (Left to right, first row| Jan Richards, Marty Peters, Judy Coop ' tet JJnda Rossomme Karen Cortez Steele, Kay Albert, (second row) Lynda Joyce Brown, Marcia Renck, (third row Kathie Horn, Johnene Roe, Carol Streech, Gary Tielrooy, Dave Citr Trudy Hale, Sally Bauerlein Marsha Glennie, St c Joan Berry, Gajl wil ?Downer, Domingo Melendez, LaVerne hook, DeeDee Anderson, Judy Movley, pnams, Julie Bouchier, Leanne Brothers, Rofet FerranteN David Commons, Hansen, JacteKhcrbagian, Harr Mortom)![)Dqfe Duarte, don Bcteo ,. John Gc Second Semester Marcia Renck, Parliamentarian; Dwain Mitchell Sergeant at ArmsJ (Lett to right first row) Julie Forr, Barbara Mueller, Mary Gnmm, Mary Knight, Barbara Florida, Penny Schneider, Mikey North; (second row) Joan Berry Karen Jenkins, Lynda Rigsby, Nancy Mills, Jeanne Wilson, Sharon Williams, Joyce Brown, Marcia Kretzschma.r; (third row) Marsha Glennie. Judy Cooper, Cathy Evans, Lynda Lang, Marcia Renck, Julie Geaney; (fourth row) Mary Ellen Sambrano, Jan Morris, Jim Simonson, Ann Sallee Valerie Michel, Carol Copenhaver; (fifth row) Jack Losmann, Domingo Melendez, Ronnie Davis, Steve Gomez, Norman Sorensen, Lynne Beckha " rr 71si Th row) Tom H a| nv, Rex Barnes, Gary Tielroov; (seventh row) Brent Downer, Tom Duff, Lee Weldon, Mike Horvath, Vincent Streech; (eighth row) Danny G.bbs, Bucky Hamilton, Bob Weaver, Leonard Dickey, Bob Korsmeier, Karen Steele; (ninth row) Brad Dam, ' Paul Martin, John Mathews, Norman Johnson, Bill Standeford, Alice Rippetoe. 121 Linda Neschke Editor-in-Chief nnii, (Seated, left to right) Barbara Phillips and Elaine Hart, Copy; (Standing) Celia Dilley and Nanette Arroues, Art Katie Rotherham and Jean Stewart Seniors Bob Carter, Promotion and Sales; Diane Ross and Linda Hall Ad Sales and Copy. The first annual of F.U.H.S. was the 1905 Lucky Thirteen. The small paper-bound pamphlet cost ten cents and it listed, not pictured, the thirteen members of the gradu- ating class. When the J.C. was established, the annual was for both the F.U.H.S. and F.J.C. student bodies, until 1922 when the J.C. started publication of the Torch. 122 Staff Margie Shearer Associate Editor Jon Phetteplace Business Manager Don Audet, Boys ' Sports,- Mary Mason, Girls ' Sports Ruby Hill and Valerie Michel, Historians; Karen Booth, Administration Barbara Dolla and Carla Githens, Snapshots Jeanne Wilson, Activities; Judy Harrington, Organizations,- Ann Polley, Special Events 123 FUHS Welcomes Alumni P le iades Vol. XXXIX O icccd PcdticatioH. ' PuiieitoH linion " Tfi ScAool Fullerton. California. Thursday. October 31. 1957 No. Homecoming Events Planned For Oldtimers Fullerton ' s 61st annual Homecoming activities will be held tomorrow. Returning graduates of the class of 1932 will be honored. Highlight of the day ' s events will be the crowning of Ann Chesley as Homecoming Queen and the presentation df her court at the Homecoming Dance to be held at 3 ; the Fullerton Junior College gym. The dance will be from i 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. and will be First Assembly Held Wednesday ■ Bush, student body presi- d for the first !he freshman class in the ! last Wednesday af- by Mr. Redfem, vice-prin- cipal, who also extended a welcome freshmen and announced that there was 1225 students en- rolled in school. In his speech, Merritt asked for loyalty to the school and cooperation of the stu- dents in this year ' s school acidi- ties. It was announced that transfer slips this year are yellow in the cafeteria, white in study hall, and pink in the teachers ' room. Here- tofore they have all been white. No students will be allowed to transfer at the 2:30 period unless their transfer is signed by Mr. Redfern or Miss Kast. The most heartily received an- nouncement was concerning the athletics for this year. Mr. Plum- mer, principal, announced that the board of trustees was going to meet the consent " - athleticc th ' s year pnd present each student with a ticket to all games free. He then Vpoke of the tuition for schooling. The district gives S114-0 to each student who attends high school. The state S25 a student and the county $65 per year in order that each might get training in citizen- ship through the school. The new song leaders, Audrey Houseworth and Katherine Davies. let the assembly in the school song. _ -rrr-t£| Pictured above is the 1957-1958 Homecoming Royalty, who will reign over the annual Home- coming Day ' s activities tomorrow. They are left t » right: Cheri Jewett, sophomore attendant; Doris Fujino senior attendant; Ann Chesley, queen; Judy Butler, junior attendant; and June KimbreU, frestiman attendant. Queen Ann and her court will be crowned at the Homecoming Dance which is being held in the Fullerton Junior College Gym. Some of the other Homecoming activities planned for tomorrou are the assembly, tea, banquet, game against Huntington Beach, and to climax the dav ' s e ents the Homecoming Dance. Everyone is ur K ed to attend the game and dance. Executive Board ETERIA Ml Cruirkshank ted tha: the e;ifetena will be : nened on October 22 if onttnues to progress as ' t .--- now. CONDUCT AT GAMES: Mr Cruickshank stated that the con- ■,-ater polo play- ers a " a . ■ t Huntington Bead he Indian ie is accused of guilty of such up -. ' .ill be declared ineli- gable to participate m sports for the rest of the year PENNY PITCHING: Mr. i;ink asked that the pitch- :ng of pennies in the bullring area be stopped If this practice con- ire to be hurt rMTED DRIVE FUND: John innounced that the .- would a latei Two . have into the .: ies that ■ [ CHECK CONCESSION: ' ' hambers reported that me yet on the the dances. REATION !. ' ■ Chamb ' that the old study hall could be made into a recreation room if rest rooms and soundproofing are added. Junior Class FHS Students Picks Sweaters Participate in Parade Today FUHS ' li tobi ■ 3, 1931 At tht junior class meeting Thurs- day, the important subjei I of ate ■ ■■■■- ■■ - discuss I Kate Launer, hairman of the Seniors Hold First Meeting FUHS, September 30. 1 931 - Charles Webster, senior class pres- ident, presided at the firsl meeting of the year he] old auditorium last Thursday. Dick Swank was elected senioi sweatei committee, and Anna representative to the bo rd of cor!- Johnson and Don Hobbs of the de- trol. Others nominated were Vir- j signing committee have been busy ginia La Grange Ida Klose, Phylis for some time. At last they have Corcoran, and Robi rl Lg. i l I upon a b!ack coat sweat- Harriet Stillians passed out ac- ei ' ; - trimmings and black tivity slips. She wanted to know i an i white Indian head, how much space will be taken up | in the annua! Students may add | other activities latei m the year for ' .he slips will be filed ;□ the journalism room Harriet Stillians also un- dents to pay 50 cents at th for their senior pictures. -WELCOME ALUMNI— Dance a Success FUHS November 20. 1931 In a picturesque setting of a Jap- Garden, with an aroma - about 100 High School a Junior College students attended Mr. Jarrett recovered from his ) the sport-cord dance given in the illness and started taking pictures ' girls ' gym last Friday, last monday. The schedule for sen- I Bill Doyle and Dorothy Daussr, ior pictures is posted in the study | boys and girls athletic managers, hall in alphebetical order. ■■: hosl lostess. $2.00 per couple for students. For alumni the dance will be free with presentation of their 1957-5S Alumni Asso- ciation membership card. Tic- kets for Alumni without Alumni Association member- ship cards will be $1.00 Members of Ann Chesley ' s court will be Doris Fujino, senior attend- ant; Judy Butler junior attendant; Cheri Jewett, sophomore attend- ant; and June Kimbrell, freshman attendant. ■Oriental Autumn " will be the theme of the Homecoming Dance. Emphasis will also be put on the lower clock, gift of the Class of L932 Keith Williams of Hollywood and his seven piece orchestra and vocalist will be featured at the dance Songs which were popular in 1932 will be emphasized. Dress for the dance will be semi- formal according to Becky Cham- bers, student body social chairman. The Homecoming Assembly which will staft the day ' s activi- ties will be held at 1:20 p.m. in the auditorium. All " 32 alumni are in- vited to this tribute to their class. Several of the acts featured in the assembly will be Jack Ringland singing " Goody Goody. " Carolyn arid Sobbi Bennett and Rick Car son with a song and dance act and Robin Randall and Ann Wildermuth doing a tap dance, according to Suzanne Streech. assembly com- mittee chairman. This variety show promises to be very enter- taining for both alumni and stu- dents. The Special Reunion for the Class of ' 32 will be held in the con- ference room from 4:00-5:30 p.m. with refreshments served. Approximately 450 people are expected to attend the Homecom- ing Banquet to b3 held in the cafe- teria at 6:00 p.m. Many of these activities were planned by the Alumni Associa- tion planning committee, working with Merritt Bush. Alumni Asso- ciation president and Floyd Moore. o-ordinator of student activities. The Homecoming Game will be held in Fullerton Stadium at 8:00 Fullerton ' s entry in the Anaheim Halloween parade being held in Anaheim tonight will be a float repn ■ ntmg the planets of the Un- There will be nine Ful- lerton girls on the float wearing ; Idresses representing the plan- ets These headdresses are being made by Miss rYrla Dell Smith ' s P-m Section D will be specially re- i ■ i he float will be over served for the alumni, tall and will feature the Highlights of the game will be girls on different levels l tne traditional Indian Dance, a The nine girls that will be on ! half-time show by the Indian Band, the float are Nola P hi Urns, .lan ice Penn. Judy 4 n -son. " NAME OUR SCHOOL " SUGGESTION BLANK I would like to suggest the following names for the new school which will be built on Cypress Avenue in Fulle! 1. - Date Signed Please cut this coupon out and put it in the box in Mr. Moore ' s office within the next two weeks. WllKi Ma. ' Allen son, Bobbie Eennelt, Fay sen. and Kay Armour (FJCi —WELCOME ALUMNI— Students Invited to Name New School Many students who are now at- ' tending Fullerton Union High School will be " pioneering ' next year with the opening of the fourth high school of the district on Cy- press Avenue in Fuller-ten Though no definite attendance boundary lines have yet been fixed, it is es- timated that approximately 500 freshmen and sophomore will make up the first student body District administrators and Os- wald Egertson, principal designate of the new school, have asked that the students at FUHS be invited to help name their new school by cutting out the blank on this page and suggesting names. nd the presentation of Queen Ann and her court. Immediately after the game, the Homecoming Dance will be held. ON THE SIDE B DONNA and KATHV CONGRATULATIONS to all the Fullerton Indians for the very no- ticeable decline in such activities as firecracker throwing and trash can fires. Let ' s all try hard to keep up the good work so we can show those alumni tomorrow as well as all the visitors to our cam- pus in the furture just how proud ., ,re of FUHS! , ' NNUALS will be on sale ember 1S-22. This will be the first sale of the year. You can order your 1958 Annual Pleiades for on- ly S3. 50 in the breezeway ticket office. For an extra 25c you can have your name printed on the cover in gold. Kathy Reho Editor-in-Chief Bobbie Johnson, Over-all staff reporter; Jen Whitfield, third page editor. -Jy w bb ' W fB ' ' ■ Donna Matthews Associate Editor Mike Johnson, Photographer, Carleen Simonson, Exchange Editor; Molly MacFarland, Business Editor. Howie Campbell, Sports Editor; Sharon Hayes, second page editor The staff gathered for a conference: (seated, left to right) Jeri Whitfield; Donna Matthews; Mr. Davies, advisor; Howie Campbell; (standing) Bobbie Johnson; Molly MacFarland; Mike Johnson; Carleen Simonson; Kathy Reno; Sharon Hayes. 125 Casey C ortez; Ann Chesley; Robin Randall; Dawn Carroll, Head Song Leader; Judy Neil nnn M m !©l . . awh igin Wl»w i i© d i 11 jWJ i) j y Comauttes 1 26 ' £ Rally Committer (first row, left to right] Casey Cortez, Judy Neil, Ruth Duran, Bonnie Booth, Kafhy Pyles, Nancy Adkisson, (second row) Robin JSarrdatfr-Dgwn Carroll, Jo Ellyn McAllister, (third row) Ann Chesley, Judy Kimbr ll, Kay Bonsey, JiSdy Combs, Lana Layton, (fourth row) Jim Daily, Jack Lossman, Bonnie AEernathy, (standing) Richard Weisman, Rick Carson. ay Boircey Rick Carson; Judy Kimbrell, Head Yell Leader; Jack Losmann; Jo Ellyn McAllister 127 L»VS Featherettes [Left to right, first row) Betty Bruton; Ruby Hill; Elizabeth Casazza; Ingrid Malott; Joy Vandervalk; Cecilia Glenn; Karen Ferguson; Beverly Breest; Carol Lucente; Regina Lo Cascio: Janice Penn, leader; Linda Willis; Janice Cooprider; Lorraine Banderas; Gail Thompson; Margie Green; Marilyn Seelback; Cherie jewett; Teresa Edgar; Bonn.e Abernathy; June Kimbrell; (second row] Fay Amundsen; Christy Peairs; Jan Morris; Vicki Backeberg; Linda Brown; Jill Parker; Mariean Peak; Undo Bedford; Susan Trowbridge; Johnene Roe; Ruth Duran ; Kathy Murphy; Barbara Brown; Trudy Hale ; Sally Bauerlein, Julie Bouchier; Jackie Stiefel; Jan Stewart; Diane Ross; Sharon Kelly; Melidee Christensen. Also leading the Featherettes but not pictured was Myrna Maaee 28 r?, fg T f I w (Left to right) Judi Forrest, Lynda Hall, Ann Wildermuth, Joanne Rapp, Ronnie Richards, Sugar Jewett. Flag Twirlers iorettes Jean Campbell (left), Sharon Grimm (right); baton twirler Steve Gomez (center). Pep Band Left to right, first row) Bill Galloway, Dennis Littleworth, Tony Dalessi, Don Danner, Kent Russell, Bill Kendig, Lanny Stevens, Ronnie Cirre, Leonard Dickey, (second row) Kent Smith, David Gorman, Larry Larsen, Ken Hender- son, Dick Jennings, Russell Utterberg, Ron Rydman, Frank Provencio. j - Nanette Arroues Drum Majorette 130 tVh )W W»l Sheryl Gregory Organist sas JIWI I.IHI (Left to right, first row) Ann Olson, Nancy Bolton, Mark Lund, Ann Tobias, Michael Tenkoff, Gary Nielsen, Karen Harrington, Sandra Schneider, Janet Brunson, Rhoda McClay, (second row) Nick Boicourt, Lynne Adams, Susan Harvey, JoAnn Wheatley, Judy Larson, Terry Waters, Penny Schneider, Aida Granados, Maureen McCoy, Kathy Attane, Janet Lunde, (third row) Gracie Romo, Dana Biel, Waynell Rich, John Brunworth, Laurel Strange, Ken Henderson, Jerry Arnold, Dave Pitts, (fourth row) Paul Gardner, Dena Kay Williams, Diane Wilkinson, Don Danner, Dennis Littleworth, Bill Gallo- ay, Larry Larson, (fifth row) Dave Gorman, Crystal Tilley. Girls ' Chorus I; (Left to right, first row) Shirley Corbitt, Jill Martens, Ruth Ann Weaver, Shirley Martinez, Barbara Virgil, Margie Work, Elva Nava, Linda B Marian Zuerlein, Diane Lambert, Pat McCauley, (second row) Lynda Rigsby, Sharon Gallaway, Maxine Borden, Linda Conet, Shelley Lester, Pennie Yorder Sheila Armstrong, Pat Thompson, Pat McChesney, Verda Longenecker, Ellen Li Susan Harris, Linda " Rippetoe, Karen Ferguson, Sally Stensrud, Val Gottfried, P Darlene Owens, Sue Wood, June Kimbrell, Yvonne Jones, Dee Dee Anderson, Sharon Dennis, (fourth row) Norma Rigdon, Joan Beardsley, Charleen Wilson, Glenora Peek, Gaye Pacorek, Pat Allen, Carolyn Bennett, Donna Reno, Pat Ann play. Piper, Cherie Cacan, Joyce Lawrence, Jill Bertaina, Marguerite Scott, Joyce angs, Beatrice Mata, Deila Sallee, Van Scofield, Klytie Jordan, Linda Herrick, Linda Rucker, Yolanda Giron, Peggy Brown, Jessie Martinez, Lynda Glazier, Linda Ortmayer, Judy Noggle, Lora Bucheister, Patty Goodwin, Susie Pestal, ppiatt, Anne Price, Kathleen Scribner, (third row) Judy Reynolds, Cheryl Thayer, at Crabtree, Mary Lasley, Carolyn Fears, Kathy Weddle, Charlotte Hudson, Sharon Pharris, Marjorie Phillips, Judy Keith, Carole Bullock, Valerie Butler, Mary Sue Alley, Catherine M. Franzen, Diana Johnson, Sharon Leatherby, ala, Susan Bay, Jane Basham, Caroline Simmons, Diane Varalyay, Judy Archi- unor 132 Boys ' Chorus: (Left to right, first row) M. Neptune, D. Louvar, H. Derby, T. Peek, P. Doyle, S. Davis, K. Laney, (second row) V. Lund, J. Jencks, L. Gerow, N. Johnson, D. McWillis, G. Kendall, B. Garcia, J. Stotler. Advanced Girls ' Chorus: (left to right, first row) Janet Clark, Shirley Najjer, Rosalie Sanders, Faye Rodriguez, Muriel Byars, Priscilla Du Bree, Jo Ann Swift, Sally Wilde, Bonnie Wilson, Sharon Stivers, Carol Harrington, Marlene Trisler, Janet Rawlins, (second row) Luvenio Cox, Judy Jones, Marjory Morris, Carole Gerling, Carol Anzevino, Dawn Page, Glenda Moraski, Linda Donaldson, Linda Brown, Lynda Hall, Carolyn Bennett, Jo Ellyn McAllister, Charlotte Marciano, (third row) Linda Herbst, Linda Waldron, Christine Causley, Laurie Hogkvist, Vicki Olson, Linda Huff, Eleanor Golemba, Lois Olson, Barbara Moerke, Alice Stuplich, Linda Ward, Charlene Van Winkle, Pat Hartfel, Regina Lo Cascio, (fourth row| Loretta Crocker, Merry Lindquist, Linda Greene, Barbara Bennett, Sylvia Starr, Roberta Gilchrist, Kay McCoy, Pat Pabrazinsky, Bobbie Coyle, Bonnie Newhouse, Linda Willis, Louise Chapman. Concert Cho.r : (left to right, first rowlQ). Pease ' , C. Schaeffer, K. Murphy, D. Newman, R. Cooper, _B. Shirk, B. Willis, J. Lucas, M. Romero, K. Grant, J. Larsen, E. Vangelder7 C. Romero, M. Gray, (second row) E. Kordick, L. Hunt, A. Furman, P. Saulsury, P. Prescott, C. Ritzman, M. Morenco, B. Stanley, G. Kuenzli, J. Wolfe, J. Townsend, A. Harrison, C. Harrington, J. Barnes, G. Pettis, (third row) B. Snapp, C. Blunk, D. McGavern, B. Freeman, B. Sapp, J. Richards, R. Bowman, T. Givens, B. Burchit, G. Mackjust, C. Waites, M. Potier, P. Taylor, J. Cooprider, S. Smith, K. Guiles, G. Spaulding, J. Mitchell, (fourth row) R. McClay, V. Hehn, L. Waters, C. Dennis, E. Kirker, A. Sallee, N. Adkisson, D. Wilson, D. Carter, P. Baxter, B. Beazley, L. Dozier, L. McDonald, J. Lynch, L. Shulz, C Farmer, K. Adkisson, C. Kohlemberger, B. Breest, J. Hall, K. Maddox, J. Prescott. 133 mmmlj $IU. ■ [ello-Miis (Left to right) Janet Clark, Carol Gerling, Dawn Page, Sylvia Starr, Bobbie Bennett, Carolyn Bennett, Lynda Hall, Jo Ellyn McAllister. (Left to right) John Lucas, Bry- don Shirk, Bob Willis, Gary Mackjust, Paul Baxter, Lee Schulz, Tim Givens, Bob Burchit. (Left to right, first row) Gayla Kuenzli, Cholette Harring- ton, Phyllis Taylor, Ginny Pettis, Linda Waters, Virginia Hehn, Darlene Wilson, Nancy Adkisson, (second row) John Lucas, i donJShirk, Bob Willis, Gary Mackjust, 134 (Left to right, first row) Lynne Butler, Eleanor Golemba, Judy Butler, Grenda Gronstrand, Sharon Smith, Carolyn Quails, Francine Phillips, (second row) Jim Campbell, Sue Streech, Nancy Warburton, Penny Webster, Celia Dilley, Hilda Koch, (third row) John Anderson, Mike Quirk, Fred Serfas, David Boies, Sam Shiflett, Frank Harrigan. John Anderson Pres ient I c c ] ii wl • Mi Working through the Inter-Club Council has given the presidents of all campus clubs a medium of ex- change for ideas and better insight into common club problems. Among the projects sponsored by the I.C.C. this year were the construction of mail boxes for student officers and the regulation of all club charters. Francine Phillips Secretary 138 (Left to right, first row) Lynne Pilchard, Mikey North, Linda Rossomme, (second row) Terry Waters, Danny Gibbs, Tommy Thompson, Kent Watts, Devirl Barfuss, Bob Ball. ■ . Life members of the Scandrett, Philip Perry Dickson, Paul Gardner Margie Shearer, Sylvia Nancy Adkisson Judith Anderson Ken Archipley Gary Armitage Kathie Attane Sharon Beckham Barbara Bennett Carolyn Bennett Dave Boies Nancy Bolton Bonme Booth Karen Booth Jeannie Bouchier Julie Bouchier Glendon Brecht anne Broff California Scholarship Federation: (left to right) Kent Russell, Forrest Norman Hawkins, Terry Waters, Ruby Mitchell, |not shown} Donna Linda Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Linda Neschke, Francine Phillips Starr, Russell Utterberg, Mildred Woods. Virgena Brunkow Janet Brunson Bill Bush- Jeff Burris Jim Campbell Rick Carson Dean Carter Pamela Clark Harold Coffer Carol Coleman Judy Combs Dave Commons... Dan Contreras ) Janice Cooprider Richard Crapo Carol Oosswhite Ann Crutcher Diane Davis Leonard Dickey " " Donna Dickson Dorothy Emerson Judv Evenson Julie Farr Rock Ferrante Janice Fox Paul Gardner Joan Gepfert Dione Greer Bob Hall Mike Hall Laurel Hansen Su san Harvey J " Norman Hawk tins Sharon Hayes Gretchen Hehn Jean Horrocks Norman Johnson " " Linda Kennedy " .-,.■- Elsa Kirker Alice Knight Marcia Kretzschmar Goyla Kuenzli Larry Launer Peter Lawrence Peter Lev Joan Lloyd William Lewis Long Alice Lossner Perry Maguire John Maschmo Ginger McCauley Maureen McCoy " " Robert McNamara Christie McReynolds Anne Meador Va lerie Mic h e I Ruby MitcheT Jim Moore . rda Moore Janet Nason " Linda Neschke Gary Neilsen Kenneth Noble Pleiads Fullerton Pleiads form Chapter Nine of the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation. To become a member of the Pleiad Society a student must earn three A ' s and one B. To be eligible for life membership a student must be a member in good standing for at least four semesters after the freshman year, one semester being in the senior year. Life members are awarded gold lamp pins, (official state emblem) and a certifi- cate with the official seal of the California Scholarship Federation along with their high school diplomas. John Novinger Bermayer Joon O ' Brien Jill Parker Rick Pauo Penny Pearce • ' Philip Perry Sharon Petke Jon Phetteplace Barbara Phillips " " ■ Margie Potier Judi Reed Sandra Reynolds Pauline Rickett Donna Robinson Jean Rogqfs; Kay Royal " •Kent Russell Jan Sampsel Linda Sanson Pamela Soulsbury Elgene Scandrett " Forrest Scandrett Carol Schaeffer Penny Schneider Sandra Schneider Janet Shaw " " Margie Shearer Hal Sheller Janet Smith Sharon Smith Gary Sol berg Gail Spaulding ■Stan - ougjas StevensocL Anne Stone Laurel Strange Suzanne Streech Bruce Swenson Michael Tenkoff Crystal Tt I ley Georgia Trodd " Russell Utterberg Donna Wall Lonna Ward Jim Wark Nancy Warren Linda Waters " Terry Waters Bob Weaver Solly Wilde Gail Wilson • " Millie Woods Barbara Woodson Gwen Wyman ' Life member Terry Waters 1st Semester President Kent Russell 1st Semester Vice-President Millie Woods 1st Semester Secretary Joan Gepfert 1st Semester Treasurer Ken Archipley 2nd Semester Vice-President Pauline Rickett 2nd Semester Secretary Anne Meador 2nd Semester Treasurer 139 Forrest Scandrett 2nd Semester President Freshman Officers: (left to right, first row) Joe Marshall, Doyle Tolbert (second row] Fred Silva, Kent Watts. Sophomore Officers: (Left to right, first row) Dick Clever, Biff Lackey (second row] Gene Schnell, Ken Henderson, Danny Gibbs. Mike Quirk President Gus McAulay Treasurer Bill Campbell Secretary Chip Wickett Vice-President 140 Hi-Y -W Junior Officers (left to right) Devirl Barfuss, Bob Carter, Hal Sheller. Senior Officers: (left to right, first row] Dick Davis, Jack Chorbagian, (second row] Rick Carson, Tom Thompson, (third row) Jim Campbell, Pat Kelly. Freshman officers: (left to right, first row) Cheryl Thayer, Susie Pestal, (second row) Ruth Duran, Margie Poll. Sophomore officers: (left to right, first row) Sheila King, Jane Esterly, (second row) Pam Saulsbury, Sharon Smith. Judy Harrington President 1 -Teens Junior officers: (left to right, first row) Joanne Rapp, Julie Bouchier, Mary Kinietz, Judy Butler. Senior officers: (left to right, first row) Ann Wildermuth, Jeanne Ross, (second row, Suz- anne Streech, Jeri Whitfield. Girls ' League Representative Ann Rank (Left to right, first row] Barry Wilson, Al Owens, Richard Weisman, Ronald Hendra, Dwain Mitchell, Tony Parina, Brian Sturman, Pat Burns, Richard Homiczewski, Forrest Scandrett, Gunnar Serck-Hanssen, Leonard Dickey, (second row! Don Vail, Bob Harry, Dale Reno, Ray Albert, Gary Price, Tom King, Richard Stewart, George Spain, Gary Larson, Fritz Zwick, Pat Milligan, (third row)John Colianni, Gary Coffman, Roger Stull, Scott Perley, Carl Gregory, John Stonebarger, John Anderson, John Maschino, Bob McNamara, Gary Read, Nick Aversa, Sherwood Morf, Buz Beazley. John Anderson President Varsity Club Gary Price Vice-President Richard Homiczewski Secretary -Treasurer lij CIil - Leonard Dickey Secretary Richard Stewart Treasurer Chip Wickett Vice-President . Jim Campbell President (Left to right, first row) Chip Wickett, Tom Hajny, Richard Stewart, Philip Perry, Richard Weisman, Bob Carter, Leonard Dickey, (second row) Jim Phelps, Jack Losmann, Jim Campbell, Bill Campbell, John Stonebarger, Carl Gregory, Bill Bush, Gunnar Serck-Hanssen, (third row] Roy Tower, Forrest Scandrett, Buz Beazley, Tom Hawking, Scott Perley, Terry Phillips, Rick Carson, Rick Paup. tfiJJblJCU--- f- Francine Phillips President (Left to right, first row) Francine Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Carolyn Bennett, Nancy Warburton, Judy Harrington, Dawn Carroll, Ann Chesley, Julie Johnson, Ronnie Richards, Karen Hobbs.- iinda-ICennfidx, (second row) Jeanne Kruetzen, Lana Layton, Connie Haslam, Carol Schnoor, ZAfflry Lynn And_e r5QjC : ' Sherry Steffes, Sheryl Crawford, Eloise Stutheit, Janet Smith, Susan Beazley, Cynthia Childs, (third row! ne Butler, Sharon Petke, Christie McReynolds, Dianne Tielrooy, Karen Booth; Joanne Rapp,(J)ottie Vasva) Margie Potier. iff F Susan Beazley Secretary Linda Kennedy Treasurer Girls ' Senrice Club Barbara Fluck Treasurer Alice Knight Secretary Sharon Hinderliter Vice-President (Left to right, first row} Barbara Phillips, Janet Smith, Julie Bouchier, Penny Webster, Millie Woods, Phyllis Aeschliman, Sharon Hinderliter, Sharon Beckham, Betty Miller, (second row) Margie Shearer, Lana Layton, Jeanne Ross, Janice Shaar, Christie McReynolds, Sharon Petke, Alice Knight, Grenda Gronstrand, Karen Booth. Penny Webster President Sam Sh if left President (Left to right first row) Mr Wood, Barbara Phillips, Grenda Gronstrand, Ronalee Fretz, Virginia Moreno, Connie Lozano Sharon Hinderliter, Janet Smith, Susan Beazley, Sylvia Starr, Eleanor Golemba, Judy Borgeson, Ruby Mitchell, (second row) Betty Rolstad, Millie Woods, Bobbie Johnson, Jeri Whitfield, Penny Webster Robin Randall, Elaine Hart, Diane Darnold, Jo Ann Cownie, Donna Dickson, (third row) Rick Carson, ' Edgardo Escobar, Sam Sh.flett, Bob Wiley, Bernie Torrez, Lorraine Banderas, Esther Hernandez, Lupe Arroyo, Belinda Beckert. Ill Sharon Hinderliter Vice-President Jh± Penny Webster Treasurer Ruby Mitchell Program Chairman Virginia Moreno Secretary Connie Lozano Publicity Chairman (Left to right, first row -E cm eorrtTeas, Greta Raney, Barbara Gulyas, Joanne Rapp, Judy Butler, Tenita Osorio, Mary Ramirez, TuTTerBauchier, Sharon Petke, (second row) Kenny Leek, Don Davies, Barbara Pharris, Margie Potier, Judy Snlstrom, Jean Rogers, Carolyn McKenzie, Gary Sallee, Cal Garnica. V I L Dick Jennings President S ' (Left to right, first row) Gayla Kuenzli, Carleen Simonson, (Mis y_ AcC3JJhy7lAndy Klein, Mr. Loughnane, (second row] iSandy__Saynolds, Mary Ellen Cvengros, Jon Stuhley, Anne Meador, Linda Brown, Leanne Brothers, (third row| Dina Marple, Gary Spelbring, Bill Bush, Norman Hawkins, Dennis Kinnett, Dick Jennings. - ° P ) Latin Club u)-U1 4- ' ' Norman Haw Ways and Means (Left to right, first row] JoAnn McAllister, Karen Guiles, Janet Starkey, Mqry,lka Modjeska, Karen Barker, Mr. Loughnane, (second row) Linda Waters, Sharon Smith, Dorothy P aie, Nancy McCormick, Donna Robinson, Pat Jones, Barry Kinney, (third row) David Pratt, Douglas Stevenson BTtt Laj e , Brunworth, Jim Phelps, Jon Dowell, Ed Barstow, Kent Theroff. Mikey North President (Left to right, first row) Gary Tielrooy, Natalie Churney, Joy Vandervalk, Nanette Arroues, Dawn Page, Sharon Webster, Darryl Isley, Paulette McLaughlin, (second row) Janet Hopper, Doug Cortez, Carol Bornhoft, Lynne Thompson, Leonard Dickey, Jim Patrick, Steven Andre, Stephen Wolf, (third row) Francine Phillips, Mikey North, J ohn Franen, Mark Kabacy, (fourth row) Linda Ward, Sally Wilde, Dorothy Beekman, Hilda Koch, Ruby Mitchell, Pat LeCloir, Jerry Arnold, (fifth row) Joan O ' Brien, Mary Kay Mead, Joan Wright, (sixth row) Joanne Marik, Barbara Herrick, Kathie Attane, Janet Nason, Valerie Michel, Clyde Burris, Bob Haahr, (seventh row) Heather Thompson, Katie Rotherham, Bonnie MacKay, Carol Copenhaver. French Club Dawn Page Vice-President Kathy Reho Secretary Leonard Dickey Treasurer 146 (Left to right, first row) Mr. Myers, Valerie Butler, Frankie Sue Davis, Marjorie Poll, Inge Schwab, Marsha Meissner, Ann Wright, Jim Moore, (second row) Becky Talcott, Sandra Campbell, Pam Clark, Janice Fox, Carolyn Linder, Baker Johnson, Don Flemming, Walter Williams, Gilbert Zemansky. (Left to right, first row) Pauline Rickett, Anne Meodor, Lynne Pilchard; (second row) Suzanne Streech, Janet Richards, Kitty Farr, Kathy Reho, Lynne Thompson. Sii Cross r7v " • | 1 k Jk m ' ■ mrZA 1 » f ■ V M v i } f " ' X J — ■ _ j (Left to right, first row) Elsa Kirker, Junior Representative; Sue Sellers, Freshman Representative; (second row) Linda Cook, Sophomore Representative; Val Ridgeway, Senior Represen- tative. (Left to right, first row) Bruce Rothenberger, Sylvia Quezada, Linda Rippetoe, Karen Ferguson, Karen Jenkins, [second row) Tom Jeffers, Beverly Freeman, Beth Dickson, Doyle Tolbert, Elsa Kirker, Bobby Runge, Lynda Rigsby. Nancy Warburton President Suzanne Streech Vice-President Cathy Robles Secretary John Brunworth Treasurer 147 (Left to right, first row] Adrienne Fournier, Carleen Simonson, Leanne Brothers, Jim Salmon, Lynne Pilch- ard, Virginia Hehn, (second row| Dian Markey, Linda Sanson, Marcia Kretzschmar, Suzanne Spatzier, (third row) Corole Swenson, Susan Busby, Lynn Cerha, Bonnie Mackay, Marilyn Gormley, Sally Wilde, Crystal Tilley, Diane Fisher, Alice Stuplich, Michaele Griffith, Janice Shaar, Emily Blake, Janet Starkey, (fourth row] Frank Cannon, Carol Stine, Beth Hansen, Gretchen Hehn, Diana Folsom, Ginger McCauley, Patty Caspers, Karen Barker, Barbara Winiecke. Lynne Pilchard President Ice Caps Jim Salmon Publicity Chairman Beth Hansen Program Chairman Pam Shaw Recording Secretary Carleen Simonson Corresponding Secretary Sharon Grundy Vice-President Diane Fisher Treasurer ilandersffiip Gary Sallee Vice-President Molly MacFarland Secretary -Treasurer Janet Richards Activities Chairman Fred Serfas President (Right to left, first row) Isabelle Rissi, Janet Richards, Molly MacFarland, Jeri Whitfield, Bobbie John- son, Joanne Shore, Eloise Stutheit, Penny WeDsrer, (second row) Mike Miller, Blair Wilkinson, Peter Lev, Gunnar Serck-Hanssen, Fred Serfas, Rick Carson, Jeanne Kreurzen, (third row) Bob Boyd, Keith Waites, Bob Van Dsusen, Gary Sallee, Terry Aggers, Jim Campbell, Bob Clark. (Left to right, first rowl Richard Crapo Dan H aymond, Ronnie Davies, Gary Nielsen, Janet Nason, Anne Meador, Dick Watkins, Ken Stern, Jon Gabriel, (second roWF8on Nelson, Lyle Field, Bob Carter, Devirl Barfuss, John Piper, Richard Nelson, Doug Medium, Gerald Muzio, Alfred Loeblich, (third row) Gordon Christopherson, Bob Knopp, Norman Hawkins, Walter Dozier, Peter Lev. Walter Dozier Vice-President kJ Z ± Bwisen Baruirs Richard Crapo Secretary Forausic Club (Left to right, first row) Christie McReynolds, Mikey North, Linda Samson, Dale Petke, Sandra Holzer, Linda Winkler, Carole Gatti, Patti Gatti, Dianne Davis, Dorothy Follette, Devirl Barfuss, (second row) Jim Dailey, Donna [Dickson, Suzie Haney, Jean Ciavaglia, Susan Lindsey, Susan Sprague, Jean Rogers, Sharon LaLonde, Linda ■ MdDexrnott, Valerie Michel, Fred Silva, Glen Vaughan, third row) Gordon Christopherson, Richard Davies, Da[ [ ' Haymond) Robert Carter, Dean Carter, Tom Hawking, Bill Bush, Dennis Brittain, Jim Patrick, Bill Campbell, Harold | K kLiubt; John Thurman, Hal Sheller. David Boies President Frank Harrigan President Pat McCormick Vice-President (Left to right, first row) Francis Rios, Elsa Kirker, Marijy_n Klinae nbej g, Sylvia Quezada, Diane Brittain, Paddy Prescott, Linda MacDonald, Mary Brown, Judy Evensen, Marian Breault, Patty Singer, Sharon Bird, Trudy Hale, Gerene Headrick, Frank Harrigan, (second row) Diana Johnson, Sharon Beckham, Betty Sotelo, Marlyn Newhouse, Caryl Ritzman, Louise Chapman, June Cain, Pat Hosford, Janice Cooprider, Sharon Williams, (third row) Sylvia Estrella, Bonnie Newhouse, Jean Morris, Janet Shaw, Laurel Hansen, Carol Rogers, Marlene Trisler, JoAnn McAllister, Judy Kimbrell, (fourth row) Judy Allen, Judy Quigley, Leonard Parsons, Bob Dyer, Mark Kabacy, Gordon Christopherson, Rock Terrante, Ron Davis, Suzanne Streech. fitili lisiniii Liiiifi imenca Laurel Hansen Treasurer Paddy Prescott Social Chairman Phyllis Taylor Secretary Gordon Christopherson Bulletin Editor (Left to right) Pauline Rickett, Paddy Prescott, June Cain, Royleen Pietsch, Mary Brown, Patty Singer, Judy Everson, Benita Donaghy, Barbara Stewart, Sylvia Estrella, (second row) Marie Theuret, Pam Price, Carole Nelson, Bonnie Newhouse, Marilyn Newhouse, Linda MacDonald, Beverly Freeman, Diana Johnson, Jean Rogers, (third row) Bob Dyer, Leonard Parsons, Richard Cadena, Gordon Christopherson, Ricky Tappan, Laurel Hansen, Tracy Johnson, Mr. Baumgardner. Dave Blankmeyer President (Left to right, first row) Dick Potter, Bob Vieira, Gary Frydenlund, Bill Novinger, Roy Gabrial, (second row) Bill Bryan, Johnny Stofleth, Don Brown, David Page, Jan Belford, Larry Brown, Paul Hemmen, Bob Cambree, Robert Martin, Bill Bowman, Brent Downer, Bill McLain, Richard Seaman, (third row} Clark Utterberg, Richard Reading, Eddie Plegel, Gary Crist. Futiii Farmer: rfiiUa Barry Wilson Vice-President Wayne Borress Reporter Joe Balston Treasurer George Spain Secretary (Left to right, first row) Roger Heiliger, Ronnie Taylor, George Spain, Dave Blankmeyer, Tom Dewley, Ron Gamble, Spencer Straighter, Mr. Frederick, (second row] Tom Fisher, Frank Chavire, Barry Wilson, Buddy Phillips, Walter Summers, Ron Julian, (third row] Mike Clay, Lloyd Vinson, Dennis Elbe, Dennis Van Leuven, Wayne Burress, Joe Balston, Bob Thomson, Dick McGormick, Dick Martin. (Left to right, first row) Betty Lawson, Wanda Bunch, Beverly Clinkenbeard, Carolyn Quails, (second row) Charlene Dennis, Barbara Magill, Carolyn Under. Jan Napier, (third rowl Margaret Baffert. Future Eoi gxnakens of America future Teachers of America Joan Lloyd Vice-President Sharon Leatherby Secretary Joan Wright Treasurer s v ts Carolyn Quails President » Barbara Magi Vice-President Wanda Bunch Secretary Barbara Bender Parliamentarian fJS ffWSifX Sharon Webster Librarian Eleanor Golemba President (Left to right, first row) Eleanor Golemba, Sylvia Starr, Janet Smith, Nancy Warburton, Daneen Tapert, Sharon Webster, (second row) Ann Wright, Valerie Butler, Sharon Leatherby, Dina Marple, Barbara Bender, Darrelyn McGavean, Mary Wagen, (third row) Sally W.lde, Ellen Lippiatt, Carol Burns, Bobbie Gilchrist, Joan Wright. Linda Rossomme President (Left to right, first row) Terry Phillips, Sharon Webster, Linda Rossomme, Nolo Phillips, (second row) Bill Standeford, Dennis Kinnett, Dick Odle. Thespians Sharon Webster Secretary Carole Gatti Social Chairman Drama Club (Left to right, first row) Joy VanderValk, Susie Haney, Sandra Schneider, Carol Copenhaver, Lynn Thompson, Linda Lang, Joyce Larsen, Valerie Butler, Kirsten Salstrom, (second row) Linda Rossomme, Sharon Webster, Becky Talcott, Kitty Lyons, Jerry Townsend, Carol McArthur, Kathy York, (third row) Ellen Parry, Elizabeth Dickson, Nolo Phillips, Dennis Kinnett, Linda Donaldson, Inge Schwab, Carol Jones, (fourth row) Kathy Evans, Brydon Shirk, Rocky Ferrante, Bill Standeford, Dick Odle. Linda Rossomme President Bruce Clark President (Left to right, first row) Charolette Byerrum, Sharron Haugen, Ronalee Fretz, Kathy McKee, (second row) Janice Cooprider, Diane Ross, Don Davies, Bruce Clark. Cathy Robles David Boies Publicity Manager Treasurer Judy Miller Secretary Barbara Fraser President (Left to right, first row) Barbara Stockton, Sharon Stowe, Barbara Fraser, Belinda Beckert, (second row) Larry Guard, Danny Duarte, Lear Best, Sally Schwa rtzenberger, Ruby Hill, (third row) Gene Schnell, Archie Causland, Jerry Neiman. Hilda Koch President Sally Schwartzenberger Vice-President (Left to right, first row) Gunnar SerckHanssen, Kathy McKee, Sandy Schneider, Beth Dickson, Frick, Dale Sanders, (second row) Carolyn Under, Lynne Pilchard, Joan Wright, Eleanor Street, Koch, Unde Johnstone, Bobby Runge. John Hilda Sandra Schneider Secretary Eleanor Street, Treasurer Linde Johnstone, Reporter „ nenasar CUD Jim Wark Vice-President (Left to right) Dick Odle, Joe Smith, Chip Wickett, Joy VanderValk, Karen Barker. Celia Dilley President Teen Toppers (Left to right, first row] Barbara Phillips, Nolo Phillips, Kathy Reho, Barbara Pharris, Lois McGuire, Sharon Kelly, Sandy Kahl, Grenda Gronstrand, Ann Olson, Janice Shaar, Barbara Gennet, Kathy Pyles, Marcia Renck, (second row) Carole Swenson, Pat Chaffer, Carolyn Nicolson, Janet Nason, Joyce Citron, Ann Crutcher, Diana Johnson, Judy Reynolds, Janice Young, (third row) Rita Layton, Kathy Adkisson, Cathy Evans, Nancy Moore, Kirsten Salstrom, Lyn Jones, Manorie Phillips, Charlotte Hudson. Y y A . ? oaI Borbcia Pharris Girls ' League Representative Kathy Pyles Vice-President Nancy Adkisson Social Chairman 156 r A« ' - s-e-J Homecoming Queen Captivating and vivacious was Ann Chesley, your 1957 Homecoming Queen. Ann served as Homecoming attendant her freshman year and songleader vhile a senior. 160 Homecoming Attendants Judy Butler — Junior Attendant June Kimbrell — Freshman Attendant Cheri Jewett — Sophomore Attendant Following a victorious game and a full day of activities, students and alumni danced to the music of Keith Williams. Queen Ann and attendants were presented at the Homecoming Game. Many fond memories were brought back to alumni as they watched the Homecoming assembly. The Annual Banquet was well attended by alumni. The Reunion of the Class of 1932, Open House, and many other activities highlighted the day. 162 Nanette Arroues did a beautiful interpretation of the iradifional Indian Dance at your victorious Homecoming game with Huntington Beach. Homecoming Activities Your Homecoming royalty and their escorts were: (left to right) Scott Perley and Doris Fujino, Waldo Nance and Judy Butler, Don Bell and Ann Chesley, June Kimbrell and Terry Phillips, Cheri Jewett and Rick Paup. 163 Many old and. new students became acquainted at the first dance of the year, the Hi Neighbor. giro r it Ik 164 After our basketball game with Anaheim, couples enjoyed themselves at the Teen Topper - sponsored Sock Hop. Assemblies L Assembly Committee: (left to right) Jim Salmon, Suzanne Streech, Cynthia Childs, Jeanne Kreutzen, Sharon Hinderliter, Linda Brown, Shiela King, Jeanie Bouchier, Dale Petke. a l H?--?— f— i— I— 5? %, i ! The annual stadium rally helped cheer our team to victory. Students voted for Homecoming royalty, who were presented at the assembly. W " ■ ..iPtppfyti ' An informal assembly was held at noon before our victorious football game with Anaheim. 165 " 1 i VJ 7 ° ; • ■• ' Y f ?P Each couple brought a white gift to be placed under the green tree. These gifts were later given to needy families. 166 The decorated tree dominated the scene of gaiety. Many couples enjoyed the Y-Teen sponsored Christmas Formal. The coming season was well announced in the setting of Holly Holiday. Beachcombers 1 Ball The Key Club sponsored Beachcombers - Ball, was enjoyed by many of the members. During intermission, couples talked and marveled at the scenery. Even Herman The Turtle was in the swing of things at Beachcomber ' s Ball. 168 Girl Date The annual Girl Date Dance sponsored by the Girls ' League, was enjoyed by mm m w- ■ ™ fc pl | .| l w A tM-jpH m In a setting of spr t - e ' r ene. daisies and pastel colors brought out Topics of Balboa, Havasu, and Palm Springs were brought up the week following our Easter Vacation, at the Girl Date Dance. 169 - 1 1 . . 170 The handsome and exciting Ray Albert was elected King for your 1957-58 Pow Wow. Ray was active in sports during his four years in high school. ng Queen The sparkling and adorable Robin Ran- dall was chosen Queen for your 1957- 58 Pow Wow. Robin was attendant for Pow Wow her sophomore year and served in her senior year as song leader. 171 Julie Geaney Junior Attendant Nanette Arroues Senior Attendant Pow Wow Attendants 172 .;|gj Christy Peairs Sophomore Attendant Vickie Backeberg Freshman Attendant Birni i mkM Dick Guglielmono, commonly known as " Gugie " , served as Willie Ugh, Pow Wow court jester. Couples danced To the music of Charlie Barnet ' s orchestra. Pow Wow Activities The annual Pow Wow dance was held in a setting of tepees and totem poles. 173 The 1957-58 Pow Wow royalty was (left to right) Vickie Backeberg, Freshman Attendant; Nanette Arroues, Senior Attendant; Robin Ran- dall, Queen; Ray Albert, King; Julie Geaney, Junior Attendant, Christy Peairs, Sophomore Attendant; and Dick Guglielmana, Willie Ugh. J , h ll wMSmM w m After an enjoyable evening , Juniors and Seniors departed for destinations unknown. The lounge was a perfect place for tired dancers and talkative people. 174 Volleyball Badminton . . . Ill 175 .and ping pong were popular games at the Playnights. misfit a k , H W i n. . jW WW lM r J f ' f- V " S. m N Mt John Maschino Boys ' Athletic Manager Athletic Department Mr. Bass Mr. Crow Mr. Arth It 180 Mr. DeGroot Mr. Lawyer h Mr. Lingenfelder Mr. Skain Mr, Newhard n Mr. Wrightson A Mr. Bell Department Head Mr. Tucker Tony Parina, John Leatherby Student Coaches 181 V Don Bell Co-Capfain Halfback Dick Homiczewski Quarterback Dale Reno Quarterback Jim Antle Guard Dick Knight Tackle John Stonebarger Guard llPfl mm m l 1 " Carl Gregory Halfback Doug Krabbe Tackle 182 Roger Stull End V V Ron Hendra Tackle Al Owens Co-Captain Fullback Doug Hankins Halfback John Maschino End Dwain Mitchell Center Don Vai Tackle Gary Price Guard ll V — " ' : ' ■ i_- [ I Richie Watts Guard Brian Sturman Halfback 183 w % MB ■ T5 u .r . ifc; . . San1«jAna „.-. .. 7 ? .Huntington Beach ... ullerton 33 ... . . .Newport Beach .-. ullerton 39 ... . . .La Habra .. Ulierton 33 . . . . . . Long Beach Wilson . . . . 14 ullerton 0. ... . . .Whittier . . 14 ull jfton Opponent Total • vffinir- Varsity Football Squad: (left to right, first row) John Maschino, Roger Stull, Don Vail, Dick Homiczewski, Al Owens, Don Bell, Richie Watts, Dwain Mitch ell, Ron Hendra, Doug Hankins, Doug Krabbe, (second rowl Chuck Nygrum, Pat Milligan, Fritz Zwick, Gary Larson, Bill Bush, John Stonebarger, Tom King, Jim Shipkey, Gary Price, Carl Gregory, Brian Sturman, Ron Ortmayer, Bob Harry, Dick Knight, Dale Reno, Mike Murphy, (third rowl Coach Gil Tucker, Sherwood Morf, Gary Hobbs, Eddie Henderson, Jim Sorensen, J ohn Colianni, Bob Knop, Pete Lev, Gary Coffman, Dave Scheesley, Pat Burns, Mike Johnson, Jim Harrington, Jim Antle, Jerry Starr, Bob Rodriguez, Coach Dict SEa in. Coach Jim Bush. fillirtin-Downey Thousands of spectators came early to watch the Indians prepare for the Wilson game. The triumphant Indians! 185 Fullerton-Santa Ana Doug Hankins, the Indians ' top ball carrier during the season, is shown in one of his many gains. Action takes place in the Santa Ana fray which the Indians won 12-7. Santa Ana ball carrier is stopped by Indians ' Dick Homiczewski and Gary Price during the Indians ' close, thrilling victory over the Saints 12-7. Fullerton-Anaheim Action taking place during the traditional Anaheim-Fullerton contest finds Fullerton ' s Doug Hankins picking up some good yardage on some fine double-team blocking by Roger Stull and Al Owens. In the back- ground is the Indians ' Don Vail (75). With would-be tacklers swarming about, halfback Doug Hankins rips off one of his many gains during the Indians ' titanic battle with Ana- heim. The Indians handed the Colonists their first defeat in years and went on to annex the league title. An unidentified Fullerton player is making one of the Indians ' numerous tackles during their Homecoming battle with Huntington Beach. Coming up fast to help are Al Owens (30), Dwain Mitchell (51), and Carl Giegory (41). A Dick Homiczewski pass intended for fullback Al Owens is broken up by Huntington Beach player during the Homecoming contest won by the Indians 26-0. Fullerton-Huntington Beach Closing in on Long Beach Wilson ball carrier are Indians Carl Gregory (41) and Richie Watts (62). The Indians copped the first round CIF contest 32-14. FillirtQn -Wilson In hot pursuit of Long Beach Wilson ball carrier during first round CIF action are Indians Dick Knight (73), Richie Watts (behind Knight), Don Bell (on ground) and Gary Price (64). The Indians won the contest 32-14. 187 Fullerton-Whittier Another gain made possible by the Indians ' outstanding line (Left to right, first row) Colianni, Henderson, Bush, Knudsen, Sorensen, Harrington, Rodriguez, Kent, Larson, Scheesley, (second row) Leatherby, King, Sanders, Gibbons, Phelps, Nielsen, Wilson, Berris, Tielrooy, Beddell, Buck, Morton, (third row) Coach Skain, Acton, Perkovich, Moores, Darnold, Hogg, Paup, Stevens, Jacoby, Gilbert, Wallace, Fri, Scholten, Maschino, Magnuson. (Left to right, first row) Coach l.ngenfelder, Dan Haymond. Jack Roberts, Jeff Jones, Manuel Valdez, Jeff Batchman, Johnnie Taylor, N.ck Miller, Howie Campbell, Ronnie Taylor, Ronnie Davis, Ken Archipley, Gary Whitney, (second row) Jerry Lemster, Gery Anderson, Emil Roberts, Mike Craig, Steve Andre, Gilbert R.chards, Raoul Robles, Don Allen, Sal Rivera, Phil Conliffe, (third row) Don Moore, Leo Ott, Bill Viramontes, Ernest Obermayr, Steven Boies, Gerry Loope, Gary Clemens, Mel Anderson, Steve Bradford, Ronnie Jackson, (fourth row] David Lemke, Gary Russell, John Guzman, Ron Lussow, Steve Thompson, Bob New, Don Hoelzel, Gerry Key, Tom Duff. B ' s and C ' s r i i Li u i fu (Left to right first row) Richard Sham, Curt.s Whiting, Charlie McCoy, rf£fTa1Hm) Steve Stevil, John Stofelt, Jon Belford, Jim Kiefer, Don Sullivan Ron Stellman, Steve Moore, Mickey R.chardson, Tim Thompson, Junior SanchV on C.rre, Dennis Barr, Coach DeGroot (second row] Coach Bass Chuck Prior Steve Hay Mike Caslen, M,ke Winn, Freddie Sotomayor, Rudy Neily, Bill Naylor, Robert Hoyerston, Roger Warburtan, J,m Simonson, Bob Fuller, Terry Andrews Tom Cline, Ken Rouly, Vincent Streech, Ken Watts (third row) Ray Herrera, D,ck Sutherland, Brigham Owens, Manuel Chavez, Dav.d Aeschli- man Steve Beilock. Bob Weaver, Bob Korsmeier, Roy Drake, Brian Sullivan, Hank Harvey, Brian Beeman, Andy Belcher, Gene Spencer. Baker Johnson, David Mann, (fourth row) Ed Dymond, Norman Nussle, James Bell, Arthur Handley, Pat Doyle, Dave LePorto, Rodger Heiliger, Sheldon Boege, Glen Vaugh- an, Don Hill, Barry Parker, Bobby Morse, Dennis Caucler, John Thurman, Bob Valenzuela. 189 illerto llerton 65. . illerton 66 Fullerton 50 Fullerto Fullertoi 67.,, Fullerton 51 . . l lt .Chafte . Sierra Fullerton 51 " :. Fullerton 68... Fullerton 57. . . Fullerton 53. . Fullerton 40... Fullerton 50. . . Fullerton 42... Fullerjon 49... Fullerton 56. . . Fullerton 39... Fullerton 70... Fullerton 70. . . Fullerton, 50. . . Fullerton 48... Fullerton 67. . . Fullerton 60... Fullerton 59... Fullerton 59_.-r. BaWwin Park 8 . Lynwood 57 .Alumni 30 ' .Anaheim 51 .Garden Grove 26 . Newport 54 .Santa Ana 43 .Huntington Beach 45 .La Habra 40 .Anaheim 51 .Garden Grove 61 . Newport 56 .Santa Ana 44 i .Huntington Beach 33 .La Habra 56 .Long Beach Jordan 43 .El Monte , 58 .Compton 71 v. Phil Perry Ronnie Seacord Roger ,:: - 1- ' - j 1 1 Fritz Zwick [Left to right, first row) Ronnie Seacord, Gary Armitage, Sherwood Morf, Scott Perley, Phi! Perry, Dale Reno, Pat Milligan, (second row) Karl Pagel (Manager), Gary Reed, John Anderson, Roger Stull, Gary Larson, Fritz Zwick, Larry See, Roger Pembroke, Raymond Albert, Dick Davis. Two more points for Fullerton, scored by Ronnie Seacord. Excitement runs high in the Fullerton-Anaheim game. -V? 192 Top precision teamwork by the Varsity squad led Fullerton to our first CIF basketball play-offs for many years. Indians and Colonists vying for the rebound. One of the most exciting games of the year was the JV clash with Anaheim. 193 Team- (left to right, first row) Ton, Duff. Bob Street, Bob Dyer, Don P.etsch, How.e Campbell Don Clever, Bill Leyshock, Jim Stone Don n Jack Roberts, (second row) Brad Dam, Gus McAulay, Norm Baker, Mike Fox, Gerry Key, Gerry Singer, Tom Hawkmg. Joel Dean, Don Allei Davis, Jim Harrington l ' J § ail C ' J § ■•C " Team- (left to right, first row) Chuck Hance, Charles McCoy, Kenny Leek. Fred Lotomeyer, John Clarke, Brigman Owens, Mike Hall, (second row) Jim Bailey, Mickey Bouton, Norm Nussle, Don Smith, Bill Christen sen, Bob Weaver, Jeff Wmdslow, Gery Anderson, Nick Miller, Bob Hall. 194 Varsity: (left to right, first row) Mike Marenco, Gunnar Serck-Hanssen, LeRoy Neal, Wilkinson, (second row) Bob Gosney, Roger Powell, Forrest Scandrett, Benny Rivera. Leonard Dickey, Blaine Cioss Ooji fltF JV ' s: (left to right, first row) Johnnie Wokurka, John Seewoster, Mike Hay, George Spain, George Scherotter, Ramon Cano, Harold Ketchem, Roy Dunton, [second row] John Garner, Bob Eubanks, Bob McNamara, Ronnie Harrison, Norm Johnson, Clyde Burns, Walt Buster, Tom Bleier, Joe Peraita. l i JT (Left to right first row) Forrest Scondrett, Leroy Neol, Bob McNamara, Doug Hankins, John Colianni, Ray Albert, Dave Scheesley, Benny Rivera, John Leatherby, Dale Reno, Jack Enrighth, Doug K,abbe, (second row) Ronnie Davis, Leonard Dickey, Gary Price, Scott Perley, Jerry Moores, Karl Kent, Dan Cornwell Dwayne Phelps, Sherwood Morf, (third row) Larry Fri, Richie Watts, Jim Sorenson, Gary T.elrooy, David Morton, George Scherotter, Ted Duncan, Pat Milligan (fourth row) Roger Stull Fr.tz Zw.ck, Don Vail, Richard Wagner, John Bucks, Pat Burns, Dick Homiczewski, Roy Blackford, (fifth row) Dennis Little, Walter Dozier, Peter Lev, Dick Knight, Ray Wallace, Tom Stuart, Jerry Schnabel, Ray Scholten, (sixth row) Fred Hogg, Norman Johnson, Gary Randall, Bill Bush, Alan Stevens. ' sit 1 " ■ Leonard Dickey and Leron Neal limber up for the mile run. Jack Enright winds up to put the shot. 196 Hi ■ " £» ? .v. C5 vmm. (Left to right, first row) Don Pietsch, Bill Walters, Paul Martin, Carl Gregory, Terry Armstrong, David James, Mike McElheney, Steve Thomson, Roger Powell, Baine Wilkenson, (second row) Gary Armitage, Bob Willis, John Workurka, Howie Campbell, Howard Miller, Don Moore, Leo Oil, Gary Whitney, Ernie Ledesma, (third row) Larry Maschino, Mike Marenco, Bob Gosney, Shep Langsner, Dick Clever, Robert Rodriguez, Tom Bleier, Paul Putman, Allan James, (fourth row) Manuel Valdez, Jim Ware, Jim VonTuyle, Chuck Nygren, Bob New, Gilbert Richards, Sal Rivera, Stan Wilson, Gunnar Serck-Hanssen, (fifth row) Dick King, Jeff Winslow, Eddie Henderson, Don Perkovitch, Jeff Batchman, Steve Andre, Ed Barstow, Clyde Burris, Phil Conliffe, (sixth row) John Guzman, Mike Fox, Jim Harrington, Norman Baker, Walt Buster. SJ Fi and O ' i ItA i to Jk MM (Left to right, first row) Bob Hoversten, Roger Magnuson, Ken Rouley, Jeff Winslow, Mike Tannyhill, Frank Chavira, Ramon Cano, Jim Kieffer, Tim Thompson, (second row] Nick Miller, Jim Patrick, Steve Hay, Roy Dunton, Mike Wynne, Ken Wooden, Roy Guzman, Joe Peraita, Brigman Owens, (third row) Mike Cousland, John Spicer, David Hovey, Rex Barnes, John Thurman, Arthur Hanley, Don Kelly, Ronald Stellman, Bob Eubanks, (fourth row) Mike Page, Baker Johnson, Chuck Pryor, Bill Naylor, Daniel Stumetz, John Garner, Roy Gregg, Craig Thomas, (fifth row) Charles McCoy, Bob Zemansky, (sixth row) John Stlfleth, Don Smith, Bob Korsmeier, Bob Smith, Kent Watts. " ■V (First row, left to right) Richard Weisman, Richard Stewart, Jerry Hill, (second row) Dennis Ferguson, Dennis Brittain, Gary Read, (third row) Gary Randall, Stanley Sprague, Roy Graham, (fourth row) Buz Beazley, Waldo Nance, Gary Warner, (fifth row) Frank Smith, Gary Sallee, Bill Bender. jm- i Richard Stewart passes the ball to Gary Read . 1 4 ilIFQ t Q1T?J P ■j wi 198 Co-Captain Richard Stewart in a scrambl . for the ball. Co-Captains Richard Stewart and Waldo Nance. B ' N • •« (Left to right, first row) Roy Deeble, Bob Clark, Kent Russell, Dick Ragland, (second row) Blaire Wilkinson, Dan Contrais, Jack Lee, Peter Lawrence, (third row) Terry Aggers, Barry Wilson, Bob Pat- terson, Gar Reinert, (fourth row) Dennis Nelson, Jim Warren, Bob Hovey, Bob Brent, (fifth row) Tom Hawking, Gary Cox, Jack Currie, Paul Putman, Larry Lang, , -■ »• (Left to right, first row) Anton Schwartzenberger, John Ogilvie, David Proffitt. Bill Prout, Bob Stoll, (second row) Frank Thisler, Larry Lang, John Fluck, Fred Nunlist, Winfield Condict, (third row) Jim Moore, Bruce Swenson, Chuck Hance, Jim Fox, Tony Dalessi, fourth row) David Commons, Walter Goerlitz, Jimmy Born, Kent Theroff -- J V ' (Left to right first row) Denms Ferguson, jerry Hill, Kent Russell, R.chord Stewart, Roy Deeble, R.ck Carson, (second row) Tracy Johnson, Gary Read, Denms Brittcin, Buz Beazley, Gary Sollee, Stand Read. Waldo Nance, Bob Kent (Manager), [th.rd row) Bucky Hamilton, Stan Sprogue, Rocky Pacheco, Bob Gibbons. Arsiu Bucky Hamilton, the Varsity ' s most outstanding diver, executes a perfect jack-knife. rimmin i n ' 1MB I + mum — , r Working out every night after school makes a strong Varsity squad. ?00 X (Left to right, first row) Bob Clark, Gary Reinert, Dick Patterson, Blair Wilkin- son, Peter Lawrence, Terry Aggers, (second row] Pete Sturgeon, Dennis Nelson, Glenn Ostergren, Bob Burandt, Bill Prout, Jack Lee, (third row) Dan Contreras, Dick Ragland, Jim Warren, Bob Hovey, Ken Henderson. Fi Members of Fullerton ' s B swimming team get off to a flying start. Fullerton ' s C team gcrns valuable experience :e meet. : j " ' SRS 9 (Left to right, first row) John Ogilvie, Steve Beilock, Win Condict, David Proffit, Tony Dalessi, Dan McCarty, Bob Campbell, (second row] Tony Cordia, Terry Williams, Lonnie Lenington, Don Campbell, Frank Fisler, Bob Trust, (third row) Jim Fox, Hank Harvey, Toddy Wells, Bob Tuller, Eddie Dyment. 201 I u n . . . , . . - ■ • (First row, left to right) LeRoy Bell, Bill Rice, George Spain, Bruce Swenson, Terry Andrews, (second row) Larry McDonald, Sheldon Boege, John Anderson, Jeff Burris, Henry Foster (captain). tfiit ' WW M t snt Henry Foster Captain Larry McDonald makes another point for FUHS. Waiting for a forehand smash in center court is Henry Foster. Many games are won or lost with a powerful serve. Alertness is always necessa iry for they fas game of tennis. UL ' 4 - Cr- [Left to right, first row) Richard Sutherland, Dave Smitt, Joe Marshall, Mike Hall, Andrew Klein, (second row) Larry See, Barry Wilson, Bob Hall, Larry Launer, Curtis Whiting, Mark Kabacy, (third row) Bill Bender, Bob Harrelson, Gus McAulay, Bob Weaver, Don Williams, Ernest Pleiman. - [First row, left to right) Glenn Voughon. N,ck Aversa, Steve Mor Robert 5treet, Jim Acton, Andy Belcher, Mickey Bouton, (second row) Jim Bass, Gary Larson, Robert Pembroke, Ron Seacord, Tom King, Roy Tower, l ,n Bell, A) Owens | V81V %mu •i-W ]C • ' ■• ■A ri ,.. Jim Acton makes tag at first base. 204 (Co-captains, left to right) Don Bell, Al Owens. ■ Robert Street executes a double play for Fullerton. Don Bell, one of the top pitchers in the Sunset League. 205 Roger Pembroke at bat for Fullerton. - Ron Ortmayer, warming up prior to a game. WHEW ft P lvtew « ii Strike one on Tim Givens. (Left to right, first row] Pat Doyle, Manager; Mike Vaughn, Larry Bish, Bryan Beamon, Walt Goerlitz, Steve Stiefel, Ron Ortmayer, Donald Cratsenburg, 206 Paul Sanders ' Mike Neptune Manager; (second row) Duane Foster, Don Hoelzel, M,ke Bedell, Mike Garrity, Doug Skornerlin, George Morat, Ron Rydman, (third row) Tom Duff, Don Dav.s, Jerry Singer, R.chard Cratsenburg, Ronnie Harrison, Gerry Key, Tim Givens, Pat Hargrove, Jerry Severson, Coach Wnghtson. • w GIV THE ur UNITED FULLQI Lana Layton President fc QJUL Pat Jobe Secretary Eloise Stutheit Vice-President if Janet Richards Publicity Chairman 210 Rita Layton Historian Elva Swoffer Advisor Carol Moulding Recording Secretary Janet Smith Treasurer Mikey North Sophomore Representative Mary Knight Freshman Representative 211 llJa y Dorothy Shafer Advisor Sophomore: (left to right, first row) Sharon Smith, E.ko Kinoshita, Janet Edwards, Kathy Dunham, Lucille York, (second row| Terry Parker, Sally Wilde, Marilyn Gormley, Doris Fry. 212 Freshman: [left to right, first row) Glenora Peek, Judy Noggle, Karen Jenkins, (second row) Julie Farr. Linda Woody, Eva Martinez, Loretta Montes. s si w Senior: (Left to right) Lana Layton, Eloise Stutheit, Anita Carter, Ann Olson. Junior: (left to right) Diane Tielrooy, Georgia Wilson. Puanani Akina Manager Sophomore: (left to right, first row) Linda Waters, Patricia Correy, Eiko Kinoshita, Linda Lyles, Judy Lakeman, (second row) Donna Wall, Kay McCoy, Norlene Guard. JC SSs i C$ )h A Freshma (second n: (left to right, first row) Judy Evans, Janice Crowder, Janet Neal, Karen Harrington, row| Lynne Cruickshank, Susie Pestal, Linda Ortmayer, Candy Miriam, Charlene Wilson. 213 11 1 11 i£ " IF IPF " i ) V M - Seniors: (left to right) Janet Smith, Sharon Webster, Ann Olson, Julie Johnson, Nancy War- burton, Anita Carter, Jan Richards, Lana Layton. up 111 ■ a i » Dorothea Goodwin Advisor Juniors: (left o right, first row) Edna Wilson, McTry Lynne Andersoj Mary Ellen Cvengros, Puanani Akina, (second row) Lavelle Foos, SherrySre«e«r-trndrrwTfson, Katie Goodwin. ' ■ i % A Sophomores: (left to right, first row) Rita Layton, Jane Esterly, Linda Sanson, Julianne Ives, Lucille York, Janet Edwards, Doris Fry, Barbara Florida, Sally Bauerlein, (second row) Carol Stine, Bobbie Ross, Ingrid Malott, Sharon Smith, Eiko Kinoshita, Marilyn Gormley, Gwen Wyman, Joan Gepfert, Sally Wilde, Norlene Guard. Ruth Scott Advisor ■ 214 Freshmen: (left to right, first row) Julie Farr, Judy Evans, Barbara Mueller, Linda Woody, (second row) Lynne Cruickshank, Pat York, Susie Pestal, Eva Martinez .Loretta Montes. I : « ■. f ■ ft A ! Captains: (left to right, first row) Julianne Ives, Linda Morales, Judy Evans, Ter Judy Smith, (second row) Georgia Trodd, Lucille York, Bobbie Ross, Cholette H row] Anita Carter, Kay McCoy, Mary Ellen Cvengros. i i H ' l, . I Juniors: (left to right, first row) Carleen Simonson, Kay Bonsey Sharon Grimm, Cholette Har- rington, Claudia Rickards, (second row) Carol Moulding, Padd; rVescott, Georgia Trodd, Mary Kinietz, Bobbie McCann, (third row) Diane Tielrooy, Alice Knight, J3iane WooHs, Kathy McKee, Gail Thomas, Helen Parker, Chris Kohlenberger, Pot Bennett. Edna Wilson Manager Sophomores: (left to right, first row) Barbara Milberg, Ginny Pettis, Judy Smith, Penny Sch Karen Guiles, Toni Oft, {second row) Eileen Van Gelder, Pat Jones, Christy Peaks, Pam bury, Dorothy Pease, (third row) Lisa Couper, Ellen Couper, Donna Wall, Kay McCoy, Balzhiser. neider, Sauls- Donna Freshmen: (left to right, first row) Pat Faria, Linda Spain, Teresa Cano, Carol Fish, Mary Knight, Janice Crowder, Peggy Wright, (second row) Judith Dobashi, Teri Rowland, Judy Noggle, Midge Brothers, Linda Morales, Janet Neal, (third row) Judy Archipley, Glenora Peek, Carol Burns. 215 (Left to right) Connie Haslam. Sue Streech, Jan Richards, Helen Parker, Terry Blose. (Left to right) Julie Johnson, Eloise Stutheit, Nancy Warburton, Jeanne Kreutzen, Betty Bruton. Reach for that bird! 216 The fast pace of the game is set from last. ■erve to the Dorothy Shafer Advisor Connie Haslam Manager Teamwork is the basis for all sports, and badminton is no exception. (Left to right) Barbara Phillips, Lavelle Foos, Anita Carter, Jill Olson. 217 no Fto SLflS ■ in Seniors: (left to right, first row) Ann Olson, Judi Forrest, Anita Carter, Francine Phillips, Julie Johnson, (second row] Barbara Phillips, Marty Lindsey, Janet Smith, Eloise Stutheit, Jeapne Kreutzen, Sue Streech, Lana Layton. J, ' Marjorie Borchers Advisor Juniors (left to right, first row) Georgia Tiodd, Edna Wilson, Claudia Rickards, Bobbie McCann, Carleen Simonson, (second row) Judy Barnes, Karen Booth, Diane Tielrooy, Janet Lunde, Margie Potier, Alice Knight , Pam Effe nbeck, (third row) Judy Whalley, Kathy McKee, Carol Moulding, Sherry Steffes Mary Lynne Anderson, Diane Woods, Carol McKenzie. 218 Sophomores, (left to right, first row) Terry Parker, Kathy Dunham, Cathy Drott, Linda Ferraris, Jo Ann McAllister, Joan O ' Brien, Doris Fry, (second row) Joan Gepfert, Linda Sanson, Pam Sauls- bury, Janet Edwards, Julianne Ives, Rita Layton, Mikey North, Sharon Smith. w !) ] M Tennis i wfrrt » . ' A (Left to right, first row] Goil Wilson, Mary Jo Conger, Judi Forrest, Jo Ann McAllister, Ja net Richards, Julie Johnson, (second row) Barbara Phillips, Francine Phillips, fflary Ly nne AndersoJ), Sherry Steffes, Anita Carter, Edna Wilson, Georgia Trodd. Judi Forrest Manager (Left to right, first row) Paddy Prescott, Bonnie Booth, Ann Olson, Marty Lindsey, Kathy Dunham, (second row] Lana Layton, Sharon Smith, Doris Fry, Jeanne Kreutzen, Eloise Stutheit, Sue Streech, Diane Tielrooy. Interclass Freshmen: (left to right, first row) Mary Jo Conger, Anne Frost, Mary Grimm, Gail Wilson, Marjorie Poll, Linda Younghans, (second row) Mary Knight, Karen Jenkins, Dorothy Emerson, Susan Harvey, Teri Rowland, Margaret Work, Kathy Madley, (third row) Bonnie Booth, Pat Bush, Anne Crutcher, Marjorie Phillips, Nicolee Webster, Nancy Moore. 219 Hi tfli The highlight of this year ' s modern dance concert was the interpretation of " Macbeth " presented by the Dance Production Class. " African Echos " was presented by Carleen Simonson, Jill Parker, Nancy Adkisson, Natalie Churney, Julie Bouchier, and Cholette Harrington. — N L The winner of this year ' s Dance Scholar- ship Award was Robin Randall, with her dance, " Escape from Darkness. " The flashing, South American music was typified in " La Danza, " a dance given by Elizabeth Barwick, Grenda Gronstand, and Betty Miller. Dance After the second performance of the dance concert, this year ' s Dance Scholarship Award winner was announced. Florence English Advisor Grenda Gronstand and Betty Miller show two interesting dance positions. Betty Miller Manager Rhoda McClay, Celia Dilley, Carol Coleman, Sherrie Holve, and Doretta Bacon take their starting positions for their dance, El Cumpanchero. " 221 line ILflfl ilUffcJhJ AT Kathy Hauter. , r V - " i Junior: (left to right) Judy Barnes, Janice Dixon, Ann Bruckner Kathy Hauter. , m . ' A UL ? Dottie Vasvary, Manager I Jvtwtv L 1 X . ft a u jjj Sophomore: (left to right, first row) Maureen McCoy, Beverly Breest, Ann Sallee, Bobbie Ross, Rita jU t -T L ' I V V 1 T 3-AJLa Layton, Joan Gepfert, (second row] Linda Waters, Judy Kreuger, Saily Wilde. 222 Freshman: (left to right, first row) Ruth Anne Piper, Charleen Wilson, Karen Miller, Darlene Owens, Linda Ortmayer, Janice Crowder, Dorothy Emerson, Karen Ferguson, Karen Jenkins, (second row) Pat Bush, Lenore Meyers, Candy Miriam, Terie Butler, Susan Harvey, Nancy Moore, Linda Young- hans, Linda Runqe. Wm M Ms mming (Left to right, first row] Dorothy Emerson, Terie Butler, Bobbie Ross, Ann Sallee, (second row) Susan Harvey, Mary Jo Conger, Candy Miriam, Karen Miller, Bonnie Booth, Ann Bruckner, Sandy Reynolds, Kathy Hauter, Beverly Breest. (Left to right, first row| Kathy Drott, Kathy Dunhajiv-KoierjJenkins, Linda Ortmayer, Linda Young- hans, Mikey North, (second row] Judy Barne t _DoJ_tieVasvaTV, Karen Booth, Pat Bush, Nancy Moore, Marjorie Phillips, Linda Waters, Ruth Anne Piper, Uar1elTe " " Owens, Rita Layton. Elva Swoffer Advisor The swimming team is on their mark for the 223 jfl pH JP " p , !!!! — ► n »„ ' A ■ V The Softball teams sit hs ' ening to last minute instructions before playing their games. " oftba r ' ■ ' 1 9 JE II :;i y V Juniors: McConn (left to right, first rowl Judy Barnes. Cholette Harrington. Claudia Rickards. Bobbie (second row) ' Helen Parker, Sherry Steffes, Diane Tielrooy, Carlo Githens. Maxine Shurtz Advisor Sophomores; (left to right, first row] Elgene Scandrett, Dorothy Follette, Kathy Dunham, Linda Ferraris, Mary Mead, Barbara Florida, (second row) Marcia King, Carol Stine, Gloria Covey, Lynn Cerha, Susan Busby, Carol Zaccagnina, Norlene Guard, Bunny Brown, Joan Gepfert, Eiko Kinoshita, Marilyn Gormley, Marina Breault, Janell Shepard, Jo Townsend. rt- i ' Ph ■ Dorrhea Advisor 224 Freshmen- (left to right, first row) Karen Hart, Judi Thompson, Sharon Smith, Jan Auser, Dorothy Chauvin Karen Jenkins, Darlene Owens, (second row) Nancy Mills. Teri Rowland, Barbara Mueller, ' Julie Farr, Judy Evans, Dixie Miller. Kathleen Scribner, Glenora Peek, Linda Rippetoe, Novalou Hill, Karen Ferguson, Carol Burns Seniors: (left to right) Anita Carter, Sandy Patch, Sheryl Crawford. II II Juniors: (left to right) Caro|yn_Scort, Diane Woods, Kathy McKee, Alice Knight, Sharon Petke, Edna Wilson, Tlary Lynne Anderson? Sophomores: (left to right, first row) Rita Layton, Terry Parker, Barbara True, Ingrid Malott, Linda McDonald, Barbara Milberg, Doris Fry, Denise Hedricks, Cheri Jewett, Margaret Ann Lobo, Carole Ledesma, (second row) Linda Cooke, Bonnie Day, Joanne Travaglia, Beverly Van Vliet, Bonnie Johnstone, Janet Edwards, Janet Redmons, Vickie Olson, Kay McCoy. Freshmen: (left to right, first row) Carol Fish, Janet Neal, Terie Butler, Mary Grimm, Sally Bougher, Mary Wagen, (second row) Mary Knight, Charleen Wilson, Kam Murphy, Susan Harvey, Dorothy Emerson, Midge Brothers, Bonnie Booth, Pat Bush, Janice Crowder, Lora Bucheister, Judy Noggle, Linda Younghans, Pat Faria, Judith Dobaski. Lavelle Foos Manager 225 Juniors and Seniors: (left to right, first row| Carleen Simonson, Claudia Rickards, (second row) Alice Knight, Lavelle Foos, Jo Ellyn McAllister, Bobbie McCann. lockij ..■I JJiPS! Maxine Shurtz Advisor Sophomores: (left to right, first row) Eiko Kinoshita, Joan O ' Brien, Sally Wilde, Bobbie Ross, (second row) Kathy Fitzgerald, Marilyn Gormley, Carol Stine, Norlene Guard, Dorothy Pease, Karen Guiles, Joan Gepfert, Freshmen: (left to right, first row) Lora Bucheister, Carol Fish, Frankie Sue Davis, Janice Crowder, 226 chery , Thayeri Karen Harrington, Susie Pestal, Patty Goodwin, Shirley Rickards, Barbara Rodriguez, (second row| Theresa Cano, Mary Wagen, Lynne Adams, Julie Farr, Lynne Cruickshank, Dixie Kathy Fitzgerald Manager l.. l; + U n k cU; f rhnrn f nrrin Jt - - ■ j yp t st t--C - ?J ; i« ' 0.tr. iQA. ' C s ' £ C- ' - - - 1 s ( 7 -) .. L, c I ? a x 15 c i a. Is I A M V, v V ZEUS SPACE SUPPLY CO " Serving satisfied custom ' n M( x )N MARS - EARTH - SATl JRN Since 1962 " Our senior boys, Brian Sturman and Roger Stull can ' t tell a cow from a calf. Fine examples!! WILSEY DAIRY 7072 Grand Buena Park Lawrence 2-3177 Cookie Blair is admiring her " he-man " ?? truck driver, Pete Wadsworth. MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY Anahei Keystone 5-2121 TjH ♦1 L HL i 1 • J B Li fl frj Ann Wildermuth, having fun on Earthman ' s merry-go-round while Dick Homiczewski struggles to put the " dainty " shoe on her foot. EARTHMAN ' S BOOTERY Fullerton 108 North Spadra LAmbert 5-1802 GENE BURTON ' S Anaheim KEystone 5-2766 One of the many cute Lanz outfits at Gene Burton ' s, modeled by Janice Penn. Carrying the " Packed in Fullerton " label throughout America -HUNT FOODS AND INDUSTRIES, Inc. , V - .t J J Jj ■o b yt Or ' ,t CHUCK BAKERS HOBBY HOUSE 119 East Commonwealth Follerton LAmbert 5-4579 We now know what Tony Parina and Al Owens do in their spare time. Nancy Glennie and Doug Hankins have fun dancing to the music of some fine albums from The Turntable. THE TURNTABLE Fullerton 729 North Spadra LAmbert 5-0811 ; J» . ■SZ-Z? i Pineapple, guava. papaya and passion- fruit. Blend their juices, add Hawaii and you have Hawaiian Punch. Or, buy it ready-made at your grocers! When you ' re thirsty for a taste treat — for a beverage to enchant you — try this rosy-red fruit drink of the islands -Hawaiian Punch. 1 ' vU-J zZt?i X PACIFIC HAWAIIAN PRODUCTS COMPANY - : Fullerton Lambert 5-4735 14 McCOY AND MILLS 700 West Commonwealth Fullerton Lambert 6-5501 4 6 Becky Chambers taking her morning " siesta " on the soft seats of a new ' 58 Ford. Wake up, Becky, it ' s 8: 15!! L K -U 4e e? •yz o. y t u. e ( . Karen Ferguson, I ' d like you to meet Donny Bell !•!.... Strangers ? ? ? ? HARRIS DRUG STORE Fullerton 201 North Spadra LAmbert 5-3576 Anne McDuell and Judi Courson are selecting their favorite perfume for that " special occasion. " I JIN RIUTCEL FURNITURE 223 West Commonwealth Fullerton LAmbert 5-2353 . ,«. ? - J 4 ' i j3i m««- II 234 « A ' ' ' % •-«■ . ■» v- •..,. Diane Ross and Lynda Hall are shown in the antique setting of Knott ' s Berry Farm. Knott ' s Berry Farm Grand Avenue Buena Park • Evinrude — Sales and Service • Boats and Cruisers • Marine Hardware — Boat Trailers Gilbert ' s Boats 1 102 South Spadra Fullerton Lambert 5-8472 m ijbw K. « f .0 " S cv nfi° ,W rfV -fa •n ,V EPT VP A tAP yy ' ; ( if ■u • " " »• " r PATIO STYLE SHOP Fullerton 239 West Wilshire LAmbert 5-3404 Judi Lake and Julie Johnson, are enjoying modeling two of the spring outfits found at the Patio Style Shop. Raymond Duncan is getting his shaving lesson from Sugar Jewett at Wilkinson Drug Store. WILKINSON DRUG STORE 100 North Spadra LAmbert 5-3501 j3 Cj - ju Of-6-O-o ' O 236 Fullerton £X Xr- JL-fr-G AS ' yt JUU; Mooney-Andrews Fine Men ' s Wear N. Spadra - California Hotel Lambert 6-5085 Richie Watts is getting prepared for Fullerton ' s " heat wave " and is choosing his swimwear. Nancy Warburton and Leanne Brothers, Buffums ' Young Careerists, made Buffums ' the first stop on their vacation agenda, where they found a sparkling array of gay playclothes and fashions. Make Buffums ' your summer clothing head- quarters too, whether your plans call for fun and frolic or busy days. BuffumS ' Long Beach • Santa Ana Minnette ' s 1501 North Maine Santa Ana, California Judi Forrest is modeling one of the many beautiful bridal dresses found at Minnette ' s. fl v m T s ttZdZj ' 7 f ' J 1 , ' 3 XVV d s y Ssfy? £ ? Esther ' s Apparel Shoppe 203 North Spadra Fullerton Lambert 5-5656 At Esther ' s you will be able to find many darling summer outfits, such as Julie Geaney and Bobbie Bennett modeling. 238 ( A e-4 Victor G. Loly, Jeweler 138 West Center Keystone 5-3620 Anaheim Looking for diamonds boys? Loly ' s have a fine selection. y - - " ,. 7 c t - •y , , - i i i 1 • ; . J " l ' «rfH i iP 1 ' ! " yjl Cone Chevrolet 320 South Spadra Lambert 5-231 Fullerton Pat Kelly and Chip Wickett are start- ing out to " see the U.S.A., in their Chevrolet. " ( jiyy y ( f i Jl-K U 3 ( L 239 ItitK ) 7 bt-i ' 7 i Lu -1 S £- 4 t- • t . c t fSI CC £C i s o ? e c ass c- s ' c ve e. • " 1 7; ;$ 5 t .sn sr ff G. A 7 The. 6es ck C ( " =l A 7 k-oTs of XL «-. c Al V«fc y; y ,--_•• ' Board? I should say not! Judy Harrington and ■ £rCiJ C £ Zfc ? Bobby Watt are never bored! If it ' s BOARDS you want, ao to Th y , - F-fL. om 7he ZfC i s r O P 7 " oc-o 3$ St+e J -4 :s WARD HARRINGTON LUMBER tO. X y. t PILLOWRY GIFT 306 N. Spadra Lambert 5-4363 Teresa Edgar and Marjean Peak are choosing their china for their hope ' ' chest. Carl Gregory and Karen Booth are viewing the exterior, while John Maschino is enjoying the " feel of the wheel of the ' 58 Dodge. GEORGE RUMPEL 201 S. Spadra Lambert 6- 614 Fullerton j £ V £ -£? ' TIBBETTS 715 N. Spadra Lambert 5-4393 Fullerton Christie Peairs is getting the " spring feeling " from the darling outfit she ' s modeling for Tibbetts. SIXTY-FIVE AND MUCH ALIVE A hand in solemn gesture For sound foundations laid, A pride — an admiration For progress that you ' ve made, A common bond of interest With those in red and white, Sincere congratulations To molders of their might. — Our toast as we salute you F.U.H.S. — in truth — To all these years of building A monument to youth Extruded Products 1222 East Ash, Fullerton Lambert 6-2211 Madison 5-1509 -Rubber and Plastic Extrusions- .-J ■ : iryy j u S UO o? 4L-- La Chiquita 1 1 5 y 2 East Maple Fullerton Linda Cooke and Ronnie Davies say that the food " es muy bueno " at La Chiquita. Too much! !! Charlotte Byerrum has the wrong idea about bowling. Hours of fun for young and old, Fullerton Lanes are open 24 hours a day. Fullerton Lanes 1501 South Harvard Lambert 6-7725 C Aj : (P + taJ JLii tJb © , y2x -a JLo o 1 -kvu2_ " to o— U -(Xc ( J W c , 0-«iJU! JU m_ -p 12- 2S 3 - " far K3 m£Ul£JJ jUtJ. jZ Jl w- C=H - ' ' Congratulations to the class of 1958 from Jim Paino, your photographer " " T— • ( f[ ( I OraCam Photos, Orange, California (£ w It j u rv f W This building, the oldest on our 1 campus, was built in 1911 on a site jv-V- where Amerige Park is located tq=«wtt fl day. It was constructed as a poly-, technic buildinq, but was only used tor a short time for its original pur- pose. In 1912 it was moved to its present site. Currently, the office fonr 1 Sunny Hills High School and driver education classes are housed in our ' " relic. " — Acknojwiiitiiiati We should like to thank the following people for their kind help and guidance in producing our yearbook: Yearbooks Incorporated of California — our publisher Monrovia, California Jim Paino and Bob Bowen, OraCam Studios — our photographers Orange, California S. K. Smith Company — our cover manufacturer Los Angeles, California Yvonne Wagner, Gay 90s Gals — our old costumes Yorba Linda, California The members of- the school staff — for their cooperation Mr. Davies, our advisor — for his invaluable guidance 245 j Your 1958 Pleiades staff. Not pictured; Don Audet. Kay Bonsey, Lynda Hall. (Indian for " good bye L If we- look bedraggled — And burdened with care — We ' ve bargained and haggled — No wonder we stare! With unseeing gaze We look into space, We ' re still in a daze — It ' s been quite a chase! We ' ve dug through the past Of Fullerfon High, We ' re finished at last It ' s time for good-bye! So if you are able To come back next year Remember us fondly — ' CAUSE WE WON ' T BE HERE! I It {S - ( t ;• H : r H ? b )T J- U i . ,a , „_ _ w- % - f- f JT L m. aoUU . ? W,o oav Ar k J ■ ' . . • ' ■ • ■■ f i v J ' ■■ i . • .. J- 1 (KlW 247 ' . pt H 1 .. _ , t . JtJK. • v 248 Ofndfier Xf. 3. 3t. creation PUBLISHERS of year books for the discriminating xLhc Ljearbook utouse .Monrovia ( alifomia 145 t ° ■A- t f 4 - , 7 1-v- - ' y iUfJ h AS _ W8F w CO ■ ' . '

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