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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1956 volume:

r r-e-rf -C tfri - e- ■ , U -S £-C£- 4_JjCsC t v-i, -CxZV 4 9-f cA- u v v , - " You may have been a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. You remember many events, a multitude of experiences. It was the year 1 955-56, and at least one thing is certain: It was Editor . Business Manager Copy Editor Art Editor . . . Carolyn Cate Mickey Chuchua . . . . Helen Mata Carol Lemberger Faculty and Administration Dorothy Currul Seniors Beverly Stodart, Marilyn Edmonds Classes. Jo Eberhardt, Marilyn Williams Activities Ronald Urban Organizations Charles Perkins Special Events Mary Ann Fidel Sports Jeff Scheel, Judie Johnson Advertising Chuck Barlow Photography Tim Pangborn, Jon Pherteplace, Kenny Crosswhite Adviser William Harris Workmen poured the foundation for the new Buena Park High School and all concerned hoped the structure would be completed by September, 1956. Classes met for the first time in the new Music - Speech - Arts building, which was completed by the second semester. $m fte fieJ Jtde ftiskfiy Jn 1955- 56 After thirty-six years of service to local education, Mr. Glenn H Lewis retired as principal of Ful - lerton High School. It W ' ! II Of - | ' atus for La fer a full, fou ' . I 956-57 4 Great masses of s F.U.H.S. facilities. Student Govetnment flourished ot Fuller- Ion. Pol Heorne, president, and Carolina Cano, secretary of Region V of the Cali- fornia Association of Student Councils. were m chorge of the spring convention held in May. They greeted 300 visiting students to the Fullerton High campus. close of the day it was time to hurry for a bus seat. Even though there was an in- crease in passengers, the num- ber of buses remained the same. Alma Mater Ve are proud of all thy prowess, Fullerton! nd we thy colors bravely bear. Ne will be thy loyal subjects ever; loy and grief we alike will with thee share Chorus Dh, F.H.S., thy name we love, ,nd ever staunch and true you ' ll find us; A e ' ll stand by thee through all eternity, l " he red and white, so true! Contents fiaqe 8 mk fae 32 fiaqe f 2 mizatims fiaqe 136 Sfieckl Qvents fiaqe 160 funis fiaqe 184 faqe 230 P •Atir vm ? %?■ L L We dedicated this, the 1956 Annual Pleiades, to a man who devoted the great er part of his life in service to Fuller- ton Union High School. He was loved and admired by all who knew him as teacher, coach, counselor, principal, and friend. No one could have found a more interested listener, whether asking for advice or sharing an experience. To a man whose spirit will live in the heart of Fullerton even as time moves on . . . Mr. Lewis, to you, the 1956 Pleiades . . . " Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time . . . ' — Longfellow J(? $0U, ewis Dr. T. Stanley Warburton as Superintendent of Schools witnessed the establishment of Lc Habra High School and the ground-breaking for Buena Park High School. He hoped th same unity, friendliness, and good sportsmanship would be the silver keys to the door o education even as the district expanded. Dr. Warburton had been chief officer of th district since 1945, secretary of the district board of trustees, and in charge of the higl school and junior college administration. In addition to his achievements as Superintendent, Dr. Warburton ' s record included man; organizational honors. A few of these were: the California Society of Secondary Educatior (president, 1950-52), Joint Collegiate Federal Service Council of Southern California, Contrc Costa County Principals Association (secretary-president, 1939-41), Phi Delta Kappa, Deltc Sigma Rho. Articles to educational publications were also to his credit. Logan Wheatley, Assistant Superintendent John W. Mann, Administrative Assistant Glenn H. Lewis began a 36-year career at Fullerton High in 192 teacher of mathematics, science, music, soc al studies, and ph. attendance director and vice-principal, he was appointed Principal, held for eleven years. Born in Texas, Mr. Lewis served as a first lisutenant lerton High when the enrollment was 618 students. He watched tr students in 1955-56. His career, dedicated to educational guidance for yc culrr the completion of the new music-arts building . . uter serving as 1956 with je for Mr. Lewis. Dorothea Spears, in her fifth year as Dean of Girls, directed her energies to the guidance and counseling of girls at Fullerton High. As adviser to the Girls ' League, she was active in the promotion of the League ' s objectives: the highest ideals of womanhood, a greater degree of cooperation, and friendship among girls and faculty. Through the fulfillment of these objectives, Mrs. Spears believed high school life, although a time of new adjustments and responsibilities, would be " the best years of your life. " E. William Wylie Fullerton Paul L. Godding Buena Park 12 i Francis N. Laird President, Board of Trustees La Hab Virgil G. Morf Clerk Yorba Linda For Donald C. Cruickshank, it was the final year as Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys, as he prepared to assume the principalship upon the retirement of Mr. Lewis. Mr. Cruickshank came to Fullerton in 1931. After serving five years in the Army Air Force, he returned to Fullerton in 1946 and was appointed Dean of Boys. In 1951 he became Vice-Principal as well as Dean of Boys. Mr. Cruickshank observed how well the stu- dent body adjusted to the crowded condi- tions caused by the largest enrollment in the history of Fullerton High. He advised: " Time passes so quickly; never put anything off. The time you lose can never be recovered. " Arthur W. Lynn Guidance Coordinator Senior Counselor Louis Armijo Freshman Counselor Hazel Johnson General Counselor Josephine Murray Sophomore Counselor Robert i of Child Welfore. i ce Supervisor Gladys Pembroke, Frances Sullivan — Secretaries of the Attendance Office Wilma Miller, Typist-Clerk, Betty McKinley. Steno-Clerk, Student Body Activities Secretary 15 Helen Zincke, Cleo Ketchem — Secretaries in the department of Adult Education — Summer School John Reid Director of Adult Education Forum Moderator 1 Betty Ham, Secretary-Clerk; Noreen McCarty, Typ st Clerk; Betty Beck, Accounts Clerk; Esther Dunham, Student Body Accountant; Dee Farwell, Typist-Clerk; Emma Williams, Accounts Clerk; John D. Hewitt, Bookkeeper of the Business Office El Lucille Dwinell, Loretta Call, Harriet Wallace, Betty Russell Peggy Wildman — Secretaries to the Superintendent Wallace Riutcel , Office Departrm i 17 i fl wif Senved y m Gym Matron Bert Swatn Boys ' Gym Attendant Barbara Peak, Carolyn Conner, Secretaries of the Gyms Harold Keller Transportation Superintendent Phoebe Moulding, Secretary; Helen Walker, Supervisor of Health Service 18 ■ ' tl A . r ri Lefa Erdman Hospital Attendant ' mite i If Leila Flynn, Marguerite Lindsley, Nell Zimmermann — Library Clerks Bill Neiswanger Operations and Maintenance Charles Meeks Warehouse Manager Eleanor Campbell Textbook Store Holbroi FoO ' i I ning Alice Armstrong Physical Education jymn JeacMs flaJ J he Leland Arth Physical Education Mathematics f» Harold Beddows Business Education BDFv «g David Bell Mathematics Dolores Benitez Physical Education Beatrice Bolano Language jime 0j jfiea Xives . . . Nelson Bonar Music I James Brittain Industrial Arts Work Experience Coordinator Elizabeth Brunskil Mathematics Martin Bullis Industrial Arts George Burt Music James Bush Physical Education ' Eileen Carlson Home Economics Norman Cotiom Social Studies Virginia Davis Business Education V jeMninq Jn Herbert Carter Mathematics Dorothy Christianson English Louise Cresto Language Idris Davies English KLIMPEL ERTON Hugo De Groot Driver Education Physical Education Eldred Douglas Science jhe (Jwstoem Oswald Egertson Science Department Head Florence English Physical Education Vera Ferrais Mathematics William Fledderjohann English Social Studies Amma Dare Foster Home Economics Vernon Frederick Agriculture 23 (Jnajieftonint} (fit William Harris English Bert Hathaway Science Paul Henry Industrial Arts Margaret Heuler Health Education Science Eleanor Hidden Assistant Librarian ± James Hines English Jk% mces Elwood Hopkins Industrial Arts Duane Johnson Speech Dorothy Hunley Social Studies Hazel Johnson Counseling English Mathematics c Lindell Jones Social Studies Eleanor Kemper English Engi Myrtle Klahn Language Val Linde English Grace Miller English Ray Lawyer Driver Education Physical Education William Lingenfelder Driver Education Physical Education yellinq jit William Leinberger Social Studies Joe Merlo Physical Education IfVE Margaret Moody Social Studies Floyd Moore Social Studies Student Activities Coordinator JM ames George Morse English Carl Nelson Industrial Arts Josephine Murray Counseling Physical Education Everis Nelson Industrial Arts Department Head 1 1ft - Lawrence Myers Language William Newhard Driver Education Elmer Olson Agriculture Lewis Paul il Studies Esther Pierce Study Hall 27 Shafiinq jjjm i Jake Robertson Social Studies Milton Robertson Social Studies Margaret Rodecker Home Economics Helena Schwartz Counseling Science Ruth Scott Physical Education Aubrey Shafer Industrial Arts Pfime ems Dorothy Shafer Physical Education David Skelly English Roger Slocum Mathematics Science Milton Smaha Driver Education Physical Education Aria Dell Smith Art Beverly Smith Home Economics Paul Sn , Matherrv 29 Donald Spitler Art Photography Spencer Strader Agriculture onfiichinq yeu l Robert Strange Social Studies Department Head Elva Swoffer Physical Education Clarence Szalkowski Social Studies Gilbert Tucker Physical Education Dorcas Turner Language Department Head i John Valentino Physical Education Ray Winter Industrial Arts Andrew Wood Mathematics Science Edgar Woodall Business Education Vernon Wrightson Driver Education Physical Education Margaret Zwick English 31 a asses nil in ■•■ mi in hi hi in m in hi m hi Senior Class officers: Bud Swenson, president; Sis Swenson, secretary,- Kenny Knott, vice-president; Jeanie Takido, treasurer. • Senkfis 34 J P Pr ? BUr 1 TT " K •• l T Joyce Spaulding, Valedictorian Come back some other Time, next summer maybe ■ out your tongue. You don ' t hove to sa sf v ' JP 35 a CHRISTOPHER AGUIIAR Boys ' League JIM ALCORN Boys ' League CAROL ADAMS DONALD ADAMS Drama Club Secretary 4 Spanish Club 4 Thespians 3, 4 Bunsen Burners 4 Big f 3, 4 JIM ADAMS SANDRA ADAMS Basketball Tri C Future Farmers Girls ' League GARRY ABBOTT RONALD ABERNATHY VICKY ACKER Hi Y 3,4 Yell Leader 4 Dress Boa ' d 2 Water Polo 1 , 2. 3, 4 Eight Men of Song 4 Girls ' Chorus 1 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 W BARRY ALLEN Sport Caster 1 , 2, 3 Swimming 1 LINDA ALVARADO G.A.A. 3, 4 Girls ' League RONNIE ANDERSON NADINE ARCE Track 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League Key Club 3, 4 Student Congress 1, 2 Jk ■ Hv «- W l « L c L . a M ' JIM ARMSTRONG WAYNE ARMSTRONG Track 2, 3, 4 French Club Vice-Prexy 4 Football 1, 4 Forensics 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Youth in Government, Mayor 4 : 36 RICHARD ARNOLD GEORGE ARRINGTON LARRY ARROUES Boys ' League Boys ' League Varsity Club 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 VALERIE ARROUES Teen Toooars Vice-Prexy 4 French Club Secretary 2 G.A.A. 7 HENRY ASHBAUGH Basketball 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Water Polo 1 CHARLOTTE AVILA Future Business Leaders Girls ' League JERRY BABINEAU Football 4 Track 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 V Key Club P« Tennis 2, 3, 4 Student Congress 3 ROBERTA CRAPO BALDWIN Future Homcma ' .r-is 1 . 2 Library Club 2 Pep Club 2 o CHUCK BARLOW Key Club Lt. Governor Division 4 Hi Y Council President 4 Life Member C.S.F. MARY ANN BARBER Teen Toppers 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. I. 2, 3, 4 Student Congress 1 , 2 ARLEEN BARNES Transfer Student Latin Club r PETER AVILA Boys ' League DICK BARNES ekly Pleiades Editor 4 eiads I, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 DAVID BARR Footboll 1, 4 Swimming 1 A JIM BABYLON Football 1, 2, 3. 4 Bunsen Burners 1, 2, 3, 4 BRIAN BARRETTE Hi Y Tennis 2. 3, 4 French Club I, 2 PATTI BACH LORIN JAMES BACON MAE B ' French Club Vice-Prexy 2, 3 Y Teens 4 ANNA BASTADY • crctory Spanish Club 4 m - J:± TOM BATES league President 4 otball 1. 2. 3, 4 kelball 1. 2, 3, 4 ROBERT BEESON HARRY BELCHER JANICE BELL Football 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Miniatures Track 3, 4 JUDI BAUERLEIN Girls ' Leagje President 4 Yell Leader 3 Sophomore Class Treasurer KENNETH BELL Boys ' Athletic Manager Baseball Sophomore Class Vice-Prexy VIOLET BENDER Weekly Pleiades French Club CHARLOTTE BAXTER Y Teens 3, 4 Drama Club 4 Girls ' Chorus NORMA BECK Pleiads 1. 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 ROBERT WILLIAM BERRY Water Polo 4 Hi Y 3, 4 Band 1, 2 JUDY BINGHAM Student Congress 2, 3, 4 Y Teens G.A.A. MARGARET BECKER Future Homemakers 3 G.A.A. 3 Future Business Leaders 2 PEGGY BECKER G.A.A. 4 Future Business Leaders 2 CAROLYN BIRD Y Teens 3, 4 G.A.A. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 38 NORMA BEEBOWER ROBERT BEEBOWER ARLENE RAE BEESON Band Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4 Drama Club 1 , 4 Orchestra Pleiads 1. 3 Concert Choir 3, 4 Pleiads Lolin Club 2 Future Business Leader BRUCE BISEL Transfer Student Boys ' League ELWOOD BLACKBURN Photography Club Boys ' League JERRY BLOSE Boys ' League VONNIE BOTTOMS Girls ' Chorus 1 Future Homemakers 1 LcE ROY BOWEN Bunsen Burners 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 4 Water Polo Manager 3 « v CLIFFORD LOREN BOWMAN Eight Men of Song 3 Concert Choir 3 Tennis 1 SUANNE BLAIR Y Teens G.A.A. Future Homemakers ANNE BONAR Mello-Aires 2, 3, 4 Band 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 DAVID BOUCHIER Football 4 Baseball • LEONARD Bl GERALD BRIDGEFORD Football 1, 2 Boys ' League Drill Team 3 . 3RAITHWAITE fer Student Girls ' LENIN BREZOFF Weekly Pleiades Forensics ROBERT BRISON Basketball 3. 4 Baseball 3, 4 Student Congress 3 JUDY BROWN 2, 3 Head Majorette 4 G.A.A. A 1, 4 ' II 3 Tra • 39 PHILIP CANDEE Boys ' Chorus 1 , 2 Track 2 JANET CARTER Future Business Leaders Girls ' League I, WAYNE CARTER Boys ' League CATALINA CANO C.A.S.C. Region Secretary Pleiads Vice-Prexy G.A.A. L 2b. NANCY CARLTON JANET CARROLL Y Teens 1, 2, 3. 4 Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 3 Future Homemakers 2, 3 SALLY CALDER RONALD CALDWELL PATRICIA CANDEE Future Homemakers Boys ' Leogue Girls ' League Girls ' League JERRY CHOATE Freshman Class President Boys ' League Secretary 3 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 MICKEY CHUCHUA Annual Pleiades 3, 4 Pow Wow Attendant 3 Ski Club Treasurer CAROLYN CATE Annual Pleiades Editor 4 Girls ' League Cabinet 3 Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 JAY CHAMBERS French Club 1, 2 Concert Choir 2 Hi-Y Secretary 1 GAYLE CHRISTENSEN Y Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Teen Topoers 1,2,3, 4 Future Homemakers Treasurer 4 JOANNE CLARIDA Girls ' League DEANNA CLARK MARGIE CLARK DANIEL CLAYPOOL Concert Choir 3, 4 Girls ' League Cobinet 4 Future Farmers 2, 3, 4 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Boys ' League G.A.A. 4 Teen Toppers 1, 3, 4 DAVID CLAYPOOL Future Farmers Library Club President BOB CLOUR Transfer Student Boys ' League LEE CLOVIS Water Polo Inter-Club Council Ski Club President DOROTHY COCKBURN Photography Club Ski Club G.A.A. f AL CO ' . Track 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League CAPOL r OOK FREDERICK COOPER Eight Men of Song 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 JACK COALE Student Body Vice-Prexy Tri C President 3 Football VICKEY CORN Drama Club Forensics Thespions MARGO COLE Safe Driving Week Publi( G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, A MICHAEL COLE Transfer Student Key Club Treasurer PATRi Homeco Miniature Club I {ft G.A.A. c lib KENDALL COOPER Hi-Y 3. 4 Tennis 2, 3. 4 Spanish Club 4 CAROLYN CORNELL Y Teens 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Pleiads 4 ' . ' Track 3 Cross Country 3 ]UC RUBY COX Weekly Pleiades 4 Y Teens 4 Pleiads 4 SHARON CRANDALL Girls ' League MARGIE DAUGHERTY BILL DAVIS DAVID DAVIS Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League Boys ' League Future Business Leaders 2, 3 0 CUELIN DeBERRY RICHARD DECKER Transfer Student Water Polo 1 . 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League Library Club 2, 3 DOUGLAS CULL Future Farmers Water Polo Track It DAVID CURTIS Boys ' League DAVID CRIST THOMAS CROSS Future Farmers President Forensics 3, 4 Boys ' League Boys ' League DOROTHY CURRUL Girls ' League Secretary 4 Annual Pleiades 4 Pleiads 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3 42 ANN DAILEY Future Business Leaders 3 G.A.A. Publicity Manager 3 Dance Manager 4 BILL DANIFLS Track 3, 4 Footboll I, 2 Basketball 1, 2 k-.v CURTIS DECKERT RONALD DEGLER unsen Burners President 4 Water Polo 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Swimming 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 GLENDA DEMING Student Congress Drama Club G.A.A. MARY 1UREEN DENNISON Transfer Student Orchestra 3, 4 LEO DERAGISCHN " x Football Trampoline Swimming PATRICIA DONHAM Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 VEATHA DORN Tri C 3. 4 Big F 4 DAVID DOWELL Drama Club Photographer Stage Electrician MARVIN DeSPAIN Band 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Pep Band 2, 3 SUSAN DOBBINS CONNIE DOMINGUEZ G.A.A. 1, 2 Future Homemakers Dress Board 2 G.A.A. 1 Library Club 2 ISABEL DORAME Future Homemakers 1 G.A.A. 1 RICHARD Dl " Foolbn Baseball 1, 2 CAROLYN DYER Girls ' League JO EBERHARDT I Drill I- Annua! . Ql ROBIN DOZIER 3. 4 I -ppers 2, 3 JOANNE DROTT Spanish Club 3 G.A.A. SHARC. Y Teen Girls ' Leogue Cal WAYNELL ECKELS Girls nard 2 43 DEANNE ELLIS VELMA ELLISON JIM ENRIGHT Future Homemakers 2 Girls Leugue Key Club 3, 4 Dress Board 2, 4 Track 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Hi Y 3 TOM EVERSON Hi-Y I, 2, 3 Boys ' League HILDA ERWIN JACK ESKELSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1 , 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 DORA BETTY FARRICE Future Business Leaders 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League SUSAN EVANS G.A.A. Publicity Manager 4 Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Big F 4 KATHERINE EVERS Big F President 4 Inter-Club Council 4 Tennis 3, 4 HARON ESTERLEY SYLVIA ESTRADA Pleiads 3, 4 Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Big F 3, 4 Drill Team 2 Spanish Club 3 Future Homemakers BETTY FEAZEL Girls ' Chorus 1 , 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. BETTY FERGUSON Pep Club Girls ' League TWILA FERGUSON Youth in Government 4 Future Homemakers 3, 4 GARY FIELD Boys ' League ANITA FERGUSON Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4 Y Teens 4 Future Business Leaders JIM FERGUSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Business Leaders 1 , 2, 3 WILLARD FINCH Commercial Club 1, 2, 3 Future Farmers 2, 3 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 JERRY FISHEL Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club President 4 CLYDE FISHER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 4 Track I, 2, 4 RICHARD FONTAINE Aeronautics Club President 3 Forensics 3, 4 LARRY FISHEL Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 BILL FLESCH Track 2, 3, 4 Cross Country CAROL FROELICH French Club 1, 2 Future Homemakers 1 Orchestra 1 FORD eague MARY JANE FINDLEY ROBERT 1 ME FOWLER SUSAN Majorette Drama Club Orchestra Track Boys ' Lei 4 ague Span 1 Board 4 Senior Cla Y Tei i 4 r - £P 4? 8 !▲ i 1 ROBERT FISH Swimming 1,2,3 Water Polo 3 GARY FRAZIER Boys ' League HENRY FRI :goso Football 1, 2 Track 1 . 2 GEORGE FRYE ■ Tran- 45 Football I, 2 Track 2 3DREY GC rTemokers 1, 2, 3 Girls ' League I MARSHALL GOBLE Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4 Future Farmers 1 , 2 DORLYS GODDING Junior Class Secretary Flag Twirler 4 Organist 4 WILLIAM GABRIEL Boys ' League BELEN GOMEZ Basketball 3 Baseball 4 Volleyball 4 DANNY GOMEZ Football 2 Spanish 1 Boys ' League ANDRES JULIAN GARCIA Basketball Baseball RICH GARNER Track 1 , 2, 3, 4 H.-Y 3, 4 GLORIA GOMEZ G.A.A. 2, 4 ROBERT GONZALES Football 4 Boys ' League JERRY GAULKE Basketball 1, 2. 3 H.-Y BILL GILKERSON Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 ;French 1 , 2 c.s 2, 3, 4 1 GEORGIA GOOLD Latin Club President Inter-Club Council Photogrophy Club Vice-Prexy 46 GORDON GILL Spanish Club 3 Boys League TOM GIVENS Baseball 2. 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 BRIAN GORHAM Football 1. 2, 3, 4 Track 2 GARY GRAHAM Tri C Future Farmers 1 , 2, 3 Chess Club r DON GRAYBILL Hi-Y President 4 Swimming 1,2,3,4 Varsity Club 4 VIRGINIA GUSMAN Miniatures G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 GARY GUTHRIE tudent Court Chief Justice 4 Waterpolo 2, 3, 4 Key Club FRANK GUTIERREZ Track 1, 2, 3 Boys ' League JOYCE Drill Team 3, 4 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3 GARY GRAY Boys ' League MINI GUERRERO Future Business Leaders 2 jres 3 Ski Club 4 GREGORY GUTH Student Body Treasurer 4 Swimming 1 , 2, 3,4 Key Club 3, 4 BEATRICE HALL Dress Board 4 GUTZMANN re 3 Bond Student Cong ' KIM GUYER Teen To; .v 3, 4 Conct rl 3, 4 league ROBERT H grcu - : DON HASTINGS Future Farmers Future Business Leaders Chess Club WOODY HAUTER Track Boys League GALE HAWKINSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls ' Chorus 3, 4 SYLVIA HAZEN Student Congress 2 Future Business Leaders 1, 2 CLAYTON HATZENPILLER Boys ELMO HAUGHT Football 1 Future Farmers JIMMIE HAVENAR Boys ' League RICHARD HAXTON Future Farmers Boys ' League ft TOM HENRY Student Court Baseball 2, 3, 4 Key Club v JOE HERNANDEZ Football 1 Boys ' League ( I LORRAINE HEBERT G.A.A. 1 Girls ' Chorus BEVERLY HEINZ Girls ' Chorus Mixed Chorus Concert Choir 3 AL HERNANDEZ Football 1, 2 Track I, 2 H. Y 1,2 STEVE HERNANDEZ Football 1, 2 Track 3 Basketball 3 J PATRICK HEARNE LINDA HERZOG JERRY HILL CAROLYN HILLHOUSE C.A.S.C. Region President 4 Future Business Leaders 1 , 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Class President Spanish Club 3 Student Congress 2, 4 Girls ' Ensemble 1 Sportscaster 2, 3, 4 Diving 1, 2, 3, 4 DIANE HOCK Y Teens 3, Vice Prexy 4 Teen Toppers Social Chairman 4 French Club 3, 4 DA I ' jHN JACI Hi-Y Bo s League Eigi. 2, 4 I if Song JANICE HOLM Mello Aires 3, 4 Student Court Secretary 4 Dress Board 3 BOBBIE JANSEN Transfer Student Girls ' League DAVID JASPER Boys ' League BEATRICE HOLSCHER G.A.A. 1 Pep Club 2 ESTHER HOOVER Girls ' League TOM JASPER Boys ' League CAROLE JOHNSON G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Big F 3, 4 Mello Aires 3 DENNIS HOPPER Eight Men of Song Concert Choir RONNIE HUEBERT Student Congress 1 Football 1 , 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 JEEIE Business Leaders G.A.A. LARRY HUTCHENS Future Business Leaders Spanish Club 49 iry 3 MARGARET JOHNSON Big F 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 G.A.A. I, 2, 3. 4 BEVERLY JONES Girls ' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League i HARLEY JONES Football Concert Choir Eight Men of Song PAUL JONES Basketball Water Polo Diving PATRICIA JOYCE PATRICIA KAEMPFER Spanish Club 3, 4 Weekly Pleiades Future Business Leaders Modern Dance Y Teens 3, 4 KAY KIKER Drill Team Leader 3, 4 Drama Club 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 NANCY KAHL JOHN KAYLOR CAROLYN KIBBE Girls League Track 2, 3, 4 Forensics 1 , 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Girls ' League Student Congress 2, 3, 4 FRANK KING Boys ' League JOANNE KING Girls ' Chorus 1 , 2, 3 Library Club NED KISNER JOHNNY KISER Boys ' League Vice-Prexy 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 4 Swimming 1,2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 BONNIE KLIMPEL MICKEY KNAPP Y Teens Secretary 3 Football 3 unior Class Treasurer Water Polo 3 Dress Board 4 Basketball 2 DAVID KNIGHT Tennis 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League DELORES KNISLEY Drama Club 2, 4, Vice-Prexy 3 Future Business Leaders 1 , 2, 3 Pleiads 2 M KENNETH KN Senior Clc Football Track Dunsen Burners 4 DON KRIEGER Swimming 1, 2 Boys ' League DORIS KRIEGER Mello Aires 4 Drill Team 2 Student Congress 2 RUTH KRIESANT Student Court Justice Pleiads Featherettes MARJORIE KPOEGER Y Teens 1. 2, 3. Treasurer 4 Student Court Cle - , JON KROGSRUD Track 2, 3, 4 Boys ' League LINDA KROEGER Jub Council President 4 Sophor lecretory D.A.R A.-. LILLIAN LaFREMIER Future Business Leaders ub 1, 2, 3 Club 1, 2 DWAINE LANDRY Footb Track 1. 2. 3 Concert Choir ■ ■ I Court 3 LACEY Bond 1. 2, 3. 4 Orchestra 4 GAY LAIRD Girls Lcogu2 Cab r- G.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4 Spanish Club COLLEEN LANE Dress Board 2. 3, 4 G.A.A 2. 3 AURO 51 L BILL LEE Student Body President Junior Class President Footboll I, 2, 3 JOHN LEIGH Football - Drama Club 1, 2 CAROL LEMBERGER Annua 1 Ski Club 3, 4 Y Teens 2, 3, 4 PETE LONG Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 3 Football 1 JACQUELINE LEMKE Song Leader 4 Y Teen Secretary 2 Pow Wow Attendant 1 JEANNE LEWIS Future Homemakers Advanced Girls ' Chorus 2 Girls Chorus 1 PATRICIA LEMSTER Weekly Pleiades Staff Futuie Business Leaders Modern Dance LESLIE CHARLENE LIESCH Spanish Club 4 Girls ' League LAURA LOBO Student Congress 1 Spanish Club 3, Secretary 4 G.A.A. 1, 3, 4 52 NORMAN LONG Concert Choir Spanish Club 3,4 Drama Club LOUIE LOWERY Track 3 Boys ' League f ' i BOB MacDONALD Bunsen Burners Boys ' League ANNA LOVE Y Teens G.A.A. 1, 2 Library Club LANNY LUCERO Boys ' League SHIRLEY MAISE Girls ' League JACK MANNELL DEANNA MANNING HILDA MARTIN Boys League Drama Club President 4 Future Business Leader G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1 RUTH MARTIN . Pleiades 3, 4 Concert Choir 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club JOHN MASON Band Boys ' League HELEN MATA Annual Pleiades 4 Spanish Club Treasurer 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 TOM MAULDING Boys League A V MaJ W r £ t JEAN MATTINSON I Club 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 EDDIE i: Is 2, 3, 4 Foren KQ glN McCORMIO j Y Teens Future Business Leaders G.A.A. JOHN EDWARD CcOJE Trans ' Boys League SHIRL! • Transfer Student Drama Club 3 UOTT Y Teens 1 Girls League £ Student Football 3 Band 3 ROBERTA McROBERTS Y Teens 3. 4 JANICE MEYER Girls ' League DON MIEGER Baseball 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 MYRON MILLAR Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 PAT MILLER Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 54 DOLORES MINARIK Forensics Ski Club Girls ' Chorus DEANNA MONTGOMERY Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 JIM MONTGOMERY Student Congress Football 2 MARGARET MILLER Girls ' League SUSAN MILLER Y Teens 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 G.A.A. Manager 4 SUE MITCHELL Teen Toppers 3, President 4 Y Teens 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 THOMAS MOORE Football 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1 , 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 HARLENE MORRIS Flag Twirler 4 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 VIRGIE JEAN MITCHELL Future Business Leaders Y Teens MICHAEL MONTGOMERY Transfer Student Boys ' League ANITA MORENO Spanish Club 3, 4 Girls ' League PHYLLIS MORRIS Girls ' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1 G.A.A. 4 DICK MOULTRIE Track 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 JUDITH MOWRY Transfer Student Girls ' League LOUIE MU Boys ' League SANDRA MYERS Transfer Student Girls League DAVE NARVAEZ Baseball 3, 4 Football 2, 3 JOSEPHINE MUNAR iture Business Leaders COPITO MUNOZ Spanish Club 1 Boys League HERB NAAKE Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Student Congress 3 cP PHILLIP NAY Spanish Club 3, 4 Boys ' League PHILLIP NICKELL Spanish Club Forensics ROBERT League Transfer Student Girls ' League GRADY LEON NEAL Track 2, 3, 4 Boys League JOHN LEONARD NEAL French Club 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 4 Diving 1 Varsity Club BUD ' I I Boys League •i LARENCE OWENS G.A.A. Secretary 2, 3, 4 Student Congress 3, 4 Drill Team 1 SONNY OWENS Football Track Varsity Club FRED PADILLA Football 2, 3 Boys League SONDRA PATRICK Y Teens 3, 4 Drama Club ILDA PADILLA Concert Choir Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 4 WALTER PAGET Hi-Y Radio Club 2 TIMOTHY PANGBORN Annual Pleiades Photographer 4 Photography Club 4 GLENN EDWARD PARKER Boys ' League BILL PAUSTELL Boys ' League PATRICIA PATTON Drama Club Future Homemakers D HOWARD PEASE Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 2 CURTIS PARKS Hi-Y Bunsen Burners CARL PENNINGTON Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3. 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 CHARLES PERKINS Annual Pleiades 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 RICHARD PATRICK Boys ' League 56 JAMES PERRY Basketball Band Bunsen Burners PENNY PHALEN Girls ' League LINDA PHILLIPS Spanish Club 3 Library Club 2 G.A.A. ft JOE PINEDO Football 1 Boys ' League LUCY PIZZO Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4 Girls ' League DORLEEN POIRIER G.A.A. Girls ' League J iu NANCY PRIOR Teen Toppers I, 2, 3, 4 Y Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 J Future Bi Y Teens lomemakers LEANNE PREHEIM Mello Aires 4 Student Congress 1 , 2, 3 G.A.A. 3 BILL PROCTOR Debate Team 4 Chess Club CAROL f I : ? Pleiads 1, 2, 3, Ace-Prexy 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Forensics 3 JOANNE REID Y Teens Future Business Leaders Cono JIM REECE Cross Country 4 Track 4 Boys League LESLIE RENCK Boskctball I Latin Club 2 CAROLYN RANSDELL Teen Toppers 1, 2, 3, 4 Y Teens 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 NANCY RAPP Yell I Homecoming Atlendar ■ Girls State ■ 57 3. 4 2, 3, 4 MARDELL REYNALDS Girls Leogue WYNN RIGGEN Bond I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Drum Major 4 ROBERLIEGH RITTENHOUSE Boys Chorus 4 Boys League i-ji JOAN RIPPETOE Girls ' Chorus 1 , 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1 JIM RIUTCEL Football Future Farmers £ NORMAN ROBMAN Football Swimming P 5 ; r " 3 u-» cJ s d ' ROSALIND RODRIGUEZ Spanish Club President 4 Big F 3, 4 Homecoming Queen 4 LOIS ROGERS G.A.A. 1 Y Teens 1 JOAN ROSE Pep Club 2 Pleiads 3, 4 : £3 3 6 Si DONALD ROESNER Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Student Congress 4 JACK RONSKO Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 4 FRED ROSS Football 3 Boys Leag ue « H GAIL ROSS Weekly Pleisades 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 J BILL ROBERTS Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 rp Boys ' League JOHN JAMES ROBIRDS Transfer Student Boys ' Leogue SHARYN ROSS Y Teens 4 Future Business Leaders 4 Future Homemakers 4 KATIE RUNYON Girls ' League Vice-Prexy 4 Girls ' League Cabinet 3 JOYCE RUSCHMEIER Lalin LESTER RYAN ball 2 Track 4 LOUIS SCHU Lt-ague BETTY SANDOVAL jture Business Leaders 1 , 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2 Drama Club 1 MANUEL SANDOVAL Football Co-Captain 4 All-Sunset League Guard Varsity Club DONNA SCHEWE Latin Club 2 Forensics 3, Sscretary 4 California Education Club 4 Adt% DONALD SCHOLTEN Football 1 , 3, 4 Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 JULIANA SANDOVAfc G.A.A. 3 Y Teens 4 Student Congress 4 GLORIA SANTANA Future Homemakers G.A.A. PHYLLIS SE-- II Manager 4 Big F 4 2, 3, 4 LARRY : • Band DELBERT SCOTT Forensics Club 2. 3, 4 .. 3 Pleiads 4 ORVILLE Trock CluL Burners 3. 4 Boys Big F 59 GAYLE SIMMONS Tennis 2, 3, 4 Future Business Lenders 2, 3 i ' 3 BEVERLY SKJERVE Drill Team Future Homemakers Future Business Leaders ROBERT SIMPSON Basketball Future Farmers Hi-Y PATRICIA ANNE SMALES Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 Y Teens 1 , 2, 3 LOUISE SIMS Student Congress 1 , 2, 3, 4 Drill Team 1 Weekly Pleiades PAUL SMITH Water Polo 1 , 2. 3 Swimming 1,2,3 SHARON SMITH Girls ' League CARMELITA SMITH Bunsen Burners Secretary 3 Girls Leagus Treasurer 3 Young Careerist GERALD SMITH Water Polo 3, 4 Swimming 3, 4 EDWARD SMITH Boys ' League DONALD SMOOT Water Polo 1 , 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1 , 2, 4 Future Farmers KENNETH SORENSON Thespians Orchestra 1, 2 Student Congress 3 DENNIS SNODGRASS Tennis Boys ' League JOYCE SPAULDING Y Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice-Prexy 4 Big F 3, 4 Teen Toppers Secretary 2, 4 60 French Club 2, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 KEN STANLEY JIM STAPLES MARSHALL STENTON Football 1 Track Key Club Pep Club 2 Boys ' League Basketball 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3 Pleiads 1, 2 CAROLE STEWART Future Business Leaders G.A.A. Pep Club BEVERLY ANN STODART Annual Pleiades 3, 4 Bunsen Burners 4 Youth in Government 4 . : NSON PHYLLIS SWENSON Senior Big F 3, 4 JEANNE TAKIDO Senior Class Treasurer Court Justice G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Class Fri F.B.L A. President 4 Inter-e GARY STONEBRAKER Boys ' League ANN STRICKLAND Future Busines: Future Homemakers 2 DOLO .cogue JAMES TAYLOR Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 League ROBERT STUELAND Boys ' League BETH STURDIVANT ns 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 3, 4 Forensics 4 NOMAS ANN SUTHERLAND Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 4 SHEIL ' French Club ■ G.A.A. - 61 DON THOMPSON Boys League AUDREY THORNTON Library Club 3 Girls ' League LINDA TREZISE Girls League LOU ANN B. TRIi Girls ' League JIM TUBBE Photography Club 4 Boys ' League FLOY TUCKER Future Business Leaders Girls ' League DENSIL TURNER Football 3, 4 Band 2 CAROL TINKER Future Business Leaders 1 , 2 Girls ' Chorus RONALD TOBIN Track Cross Country 62 MAXINE TOWNSON G.A.A. 2, 3 Y Teens LIONEL TINNES Track Boys ' League JANE TODD G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri C Secretary 3, 4 Student Congress 1, 2, 3, 4 MINNIE TCWNSON Future Homemokers 1 G.A.A. 1, 2 JOHN TWINEHAM Boys ' League JESSE TRAVIS Boys ' League PAULINE UMBERSON G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. Cabinet Y. Teens DEANNA UPSON Teen Toppers Dress Board Advanced Girls ' Chorus RONALD URBAN Transfer Student Annual Pleiades 4 RICHARD VAIL Boys ' League MARSHA VAN DERVOORT Future Business Leaders 2 Girls ' Chorus 1 Forensics 2 JACQUELINE WAGNER Songleader 3 Thespians 3 Modern Dance Concert 3, 4 GALE WAYNE WAITES Boys ' League DAN VALENZUELA Football 1. 2 Basketball I SAND ; BURG Dram i ■KOSKI I I . CARLOS VARGAS Boys ' League - ' ' - " - • X ' - SHERRY WALDRON Lain Club Weekly Pk G.A.A. RICHARD VAUGHAN JONQUIL VINCENZ Baseball 1 , 2, 3 Girls ' League Basketball 1 Hi-Y 3, 4 HiY 3 Ski Club 4 ERA LC ■ lub r - 1 gr«u BILL WATT Woter Polo 1, 2. 3, 4 ■ ' 2. 3, 4 CAROLYN WAUGH Girls ' Chorus II Girls ' League LARRY W. WATTS Football 2. 3, 4 Ji Club H.-Y T. LARRY WATTS Junior Class Vice Prexy ouncil Pre, Football A 2, 3 Footballjy?, lUi li ' GAY LOU WEIGHT G.A.A. 2, 4 Fulure Business Leaders 1, 2, 3 rrv HENRY WELCH COLLIE WELLS Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cheer Leader 4 Boys League Football 1, 2, 3 Diving 1, 2, 3 t MILDRED THOMAS WESTERMAN Future Business Leaders 1 , 2, 3 Girls ' League RONALD WESNER Bunsen Burners President Eight Men of Son 3, 4 Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 JOHN WEST Track 1, 2 Boys ' League LAWRENCE WICKWARE Boys ' League Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 3, 4 BOB WIENS JARI WILDMAN oss Country Transfer Student Track Concert Choir 4 Forensics 64 Drama Club ND WILKINSON Student Congress Secretary 3 Pow Wow Attendant 2 LAVERNE WILLIAMS Transfer Student Girls ' League MARILYN WILLIAMS Youth in (government 4 Annual Pleiades 4 Teen Toppers 3 Jlt.m MELVIN WILLIAMS utore Business Leaders 1, 2 Photo Club 4 RALPH WILLIAMS Football 1, 4 Track 2, 4 SUSAN WILLIS Forensics Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Ski Club DONALD WILSON Key Club Vice Prexy Bunsen Burners BETSY WINGERT G.A.A. Girls ' League GARY WINTERS League G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Y T( ' ■ 3, 4 ■VARD Football I. . ESTHER WRIGHT Girls ' Chorus 1 Concert Future Business Leader OOD WYLIE Water Polo Swimming I, 2, 3, 4 if V » MARY EL YORK Transfer Student Girls League i Band 2, 3. 4 Boys League 1 JL 9. ! ■ YOUN I Track 4 GLORIA WOLFE Home Economics Girls League BONNIE WOLFORD Drill Team G.A.A. Y Teens I 65 v Sentimental or not, seniors were leaving a beau- tiful campus, an outstanding high school. 66 4 Sophomore Class Officers: (left to right] Dale Reno, president; Lynne Butler, secretary; Janet Richards, treasurer; John Stonebarger, vice-president. 68 Stood Still . Freshman Class Officers: (left to right] Anne Stone, president,- Robert Carter, vice-president; Julie uchier, secretary; Betty Berwick, treasurer. On the lollowitu) fiaqes . . . The camera caught you in your natural setting- the 9:15 classroom on a typical school day . . 69 unions Drama I (left to right]: Melinda Smith, Judy Rockwell, Nancy Smoles, Norman Shadrick, Beth Derby, Nadine Gale, Tom Sugden, Bob Abbott, Jodi Hodges, Judi Peterson. t ok ' V . V. . ■ J- ■ A f Spanish II (left to right): Judy Cropsey, Gory Tavan, Milton Anglin, Earlene Hart, Kenneth Crawley, Charles Eberhardt, Lois Barnes. r I) I- S 7 Shortland I (left to right): Evelyn Wilkerson, Lydia Rubio, Margare; Barber, Selina McWillis, Carole Montgomery, Joann Homiczewski, Carole Ward, Margie Drake, Joy Lawson, Shirley Houser, Judy Lillis. !Hi 3 U. S. History (loft to right| Jerry Wheeler. Judy Phillips, Vc, Lowry Gory H Bookkeeping (left to right): Terry Zervantion, Rosalie Moore, Sand Weese, Charlotte Dorn, Barbara Morgan, Sharon Decker, Elizabeth Hinkle, Peggy Muir. , ' ' ,J !Ji «»- j l - ' Spanish II (left to rig Cripps, Joan Pepper( Sandy Young, SuWi Clark, Faye ,h II (left to 7) Clothing I |table one): Son ( a Wells, Dee Vomer, Norma Shutz, Dot Moore. (table two): Glenda Gray, Dorlyn Milam, Louise Phelps, (wall) Hildred Newnhom, Beverly Barnard, Joann Plegel V Foods II (Itff to rtght): re Ti f anche , Aliie Elvis, Hilda Jaro, Mar an Ropertson.Vpina forneli, Joflet Hyden, " English III (left to right)i Jud jAncierson, Kay Armour, Ted GiwoK, Don Keichem, DarreM laaa 1 . Bob lathrop, Dotlie Roberts, Eddie Gould. D Drryl Webber, Lola Sedan, Peggy SMham. Modern Dance (left to right): Mary Staffon, Dianne McGoughran, Bev McConaughy, Diane Baker, Kay Selover, Frankie Fletcher, Claudia McGlogan. typing II (left to right): Donna Dickson, Cled .orraine Corona, Darlene Kinnett, Mona Bet 3im. _. English III (left to rigt • son, Mike McRcynolds. Jolene Pryor, Barbara I Steve Myracle, Janic Pitcher usan Brui • Janie Brumley. P. E. Ill (left to right]: Jeanette Meyer, Shirley Spoon, Judy Obermayr, , Goates, Wilma McPheeters, Virginia Arce, Lynda McClood. 73 (left to right): Jerry Morrison, George Willets, Terry Guy, Corolyn McDonald, Shirley Spoon, Patti Holbert, Richard Hyot. ' , Alice Maldonado, Carolyn Kuhns, Clara Kennan, Betty Torres, Linda Smith. U.S. History (left to right): Pat Logan, Nancy Speakman, Mike Shyrer, Claudia Thayer, Robert Smith, Gary Payton, Morylynne Lawrence, Phyllis Larson, Jerry Corum, Ronnie Larson, Bob Counts. Welding (left to right): James Robinson,, Merle Williams, Bob Evans, Eugene King, Eddie Garrison, Johnny May- field, Gene Ryan, Rober. Young. Physical Education (left to right): Francis Stone, Lyn Lewis, Margie Naylor, Delores Morrison, Nancy Gilkerson, Judy Maddox, Joyce Bejore, Janet Burton (front). Algebra II (left • ' om Evons, Jerry Mc Nadme Norris. Bob Ogilvie, Corl Montgc Moore. Bob |olo Casserino, Lynns Human Biology (left to right): Margarite Rodriguez, Carole Raidy, Judy Pawling, Willie Klink, Dick Kolacz, Celestina Garcia, Louise Heckman. (left to right): Dianne Simonson, Wes Fredenburg, Mar- jorie Graves, Jeff Scheel. Ronnie Gorow, Beverly Good, Jim Jeweit, Tom Worden, Liz Hart, Pete Rossburg, Jim Leek. ' 75 Study Hall (left to right): Jessie Hulchings, Dennis Crom- well, Annette Kinney, Pat Westover, Jack Virgil, Bobby Cudd. (Left to .igM): Ken Albright, James Bmns, Curtis Cole, Loni Hoffstadt, Do.t Bjckland, Bill McCouley, Carolyn Soper, Dave Chrispen, Clifford Roseh, George Masters. (Left to right): Richard Holguin, Carolyn Ralston, Akio Okabe. Tony Silvas, Bobbie Reed, John Ziemer, Nancy Burt, Jerry Smith, Jerry Rubright, Jo Good, Marcia Muller, Irene Espy (Left to right): Willis Miles, Bill Mapp, Gerald Ward, Nancy Anderson, Dick Borgen, Allen Seyler. Front: George Veiga. P. E. Ill (first row): Deanna Auser, Carol McComber, Patsy Henderson, (second row) Pat Oliver, Vivian Colburn, Shirley Gregory, Jo Nelson, Sondra Hezmalhalch. -nna Hart. (left to right): Georgia King, Joann Plegal, Susan Ren- neker, Jeff Scheel, Barbara Hardman, Beve ' ly Joyce, Denny Napier, Barbara Rogers, Curtis Balston, Bill Jonson. Dick Enright, Jack Bixby, Gill Kelley. LS 77 Study Hall (lefr to right 1 : DarreH Mr. is, John Harriman, Paula Stanley, Bob Lindow, Bill Peoirs, iron Childers, Bill Maple, Earnie Fields. U.S. Historyj[( ft Floyd WJ McDonolM lii MoorA 1 IU nrfiJ5 Safflg! ■if Jf it 1 J s.3 D. ,, ' y» E. Ill [left to ri J Marian S ■ ght) : Wounell Pike, Delores Hawkins, Aickie Cunningham, Sibyl v j Hardman, Vesta VannWpool, Lynda DelGiorgio, Wilma Alderson. U.S. History (left to right): Russell Moe, Tony Sanchez, Donna Woolley, Sally Foster, Margaret Page, Dick Pinger, Hal Hickman, Gary Bouton, Jeanne Musgrove, Vickie Matthew. (first row) Richard Scown, George Cochran, Margo Ware- berg, Barbara Cherry, Diane McGaughran, Helen Ward, Dick Fleenor, Tom Stephens, (second row) Jan Groves, Pat Brownjee Phyllis Proctor, Lorraine Corona, Norma Moore, Joanie Williams, Roselin Auer, Laulene First. I row) ' om Roblei. John 79 (left to right): Dennis Vanderzyl. John Coley, Marvin Hart, Kelly Peterson. (left to right): Ardis Discher, Beverly Good, David Show, Dave Ketchem. lleft to right): Earl Morton, Ronnie Fupno. Jim Warren, Jim ' Ong W (first row|: Dick Ware, Lorry Pickering, Bob Hill, Nubuo Higashi, Yosh Kasamo, Pete Stemple. (second rowl Charles Jensen, Jimmy Holbrook, Jane Pharris, Terry Brown, Robert Evans, Bob Burkhart. (third row) Masatake Kasama. Mary Louise Lmam, Wayne Wilkerson Junic ' i [lass JnJ: Aaron, Genee — 73 Abbott, Bob — 70 Albright, Ken — 76 Alderson, Wilma — 78 Anderson, Cheryl — 77 Anderson, Judy — 72 Anderson, Nancy — 76 Anglin, Milton — 70 Arce, Virginia — 73 Armour, Kay — 72 Auer, Roselin — 79 Auser, Deanna — 77 Baker, Diane — 72 Balston, Curtis — 77 Barber, Margaret — 70 Barnard, Beverly — 72 Barnes, Louis — 70 Barnes, Lynne — 75 Barnes, Virginia — 77 Barrington, Barbara — 73 Basham, Duane — 78 Bejare, Joyce — 74 Berijma, Raymond — 79 Bethel, Mono — 73 Bim, Sharon- — 73 Binckes, Tom — 78 Binns, James — 76 Bixbv, Jack — 77 Boettcher, Ronold — 75 Borgen, Dick — 76 Bouton, Gary — 78 Bouchey, Dave- — 79 Brown, Terry — 80 . Brownlee, Pat— 79, rum ey, Jame — 73 Brunshll. Susan — 73 BucMarvl, Dor 76 Bullen, Edith — 73 Burkhart, Bofc — 80 Burns, Sonja — 77 Burt, Nancy — 76 Burton, Janet — 74 Busby, Mike — 73 Carlme, Peggy — 79 Carlson, Bruce — 75 Carr, Jerry — 79 Cassenno, Angelo — 75 Gervantes, Henry — 79 Chase, Nancy — 75 Cherry, Barbara — 79 Childers, Garon — 78 Chrispen, Dave — 76 Clark, Maty Susan — 71 Cochran, George — 79 Colburn, Vivian — 77 Cole, Curtis — 76 Coley, John — 80 Cook, Dennis — 75 Corona, Lorraine — 73 Corum, Jerry — 74 Counts, Bob — 74 Cox, Jim — 80 Cox, Judy — 71 Crabtree, Jeff — 73 Crawley, Kenneth — 70 Cripps, Dale Edward — 71 Cromwell, Dennis — 76 Cropsey, Judy — 70 Crowell, Judy — 75 Cudd, Bobby — 76 Cunningham, Jim — 71 Cunningham, Mickie — 78 Dalton, Doug — 71 Decker, Sharon — 71 DelGiorgio, Lynda — 78 Derby, Beth — 70 Dickson, Donna — 73 Discher, Ardis — 80 Dorn, Charlotte — 71 Drake, Morgie — 70 Duboise, Charles — 71 Eberhardr, Charles — 70 Egerer, Caryl — 71 Ellis, Clarke— 77 Elvis, Alice — 72 Enright, Dick — 77 Erlanger, Susan — 71 Espy, Irene — 76 Evans, Bob — 74 Evans, Tom — 75 Fancher, Jean — 72 Ferreira, Emma — 79 Fidel, Mary Ann — 71 Fields, Ernie — 78 First, Laulene — 79 Fleenor, Dick — 79 Fletcher, Fronkie — 72 Foster, Solly — 78 Fredenburg, V. Fu|ino, Ronnie — 80 Furmon, Lan Galante.. But Gole, Nadine — 70 Garcia, Celestin n Garnsh, Edd . Gilkerson, Na G.woff, Ted— 72 Goates, RuL Good, Beverly- — 80 Good, Jo — 76 Gorow, Ronnie — 75 Gould, Eddie — 72 Graves, Morjorie — 75 Gray, Glenda Gregory, Richard — 71 Gregory, Shirley — 77 Groves, Jon — 79 Guin, Donna — 73 Guy, Terry — 74 Hardman, Barbar Harnman, John — 78 Hart, Donna — 77 Hart, Earlene — 70 Hart, Liz— 75 Hart, Marvin — 80 Hartley, Dennis — 71 Harvey, Gary — 71 Harvey, Mike — 71 Hawkins, Delores -78 Heckman, Lou Henderson, Potsy — 77 Herbsf, Vee Ann — 71 Hezmalhalch, Bob -75 Hezmalhalch, Sondra — 77 Hickman, Hal— 78 Higashi, Nobuo — 80 Hill, Bob — 80 Hinds, Darrell — 78 Hmkle, Elizabeth — 71 Hodges, Jodi— 70 Hoffstadt, Lai Holbert, Patti — 74 Holbrook, Jimmy — 80 Holguin, Richard — 76 Holscher, Norbert- 7j Homiczewski, Joann — 70 Houser, Shirley — 70 Howard, Cynthia Anr- Huffman, Terry — 79 Hutchings, Jesse — 76 Hyatt, Richard— 74 Hyden, Janet — 72 Janson, Bill — 77 Jara, Hilda— 72 Jenisch, Bill Jensen, Charles —80 Jewett, Jimmy — 75 Jones, Dick — 79 Joyce, Beverly — 77 Kasoma, Masatoke — 80 Kasama, Yosh— 80 Kelley, Gil— 77 Kennen, Clara — 74 Ketchem, Dave — 80 Ketchem, Don — 72 Key, Jean- 77 Kimbrell, Je- King, Geory King, Jerry — 73 King, William Eugene — 74 Kinnett, Dorl- Kinney, Annette -76 Kloustermeyer, B Klingenberg, Foyc 71 -75 —79 Kofmeh ' Kolocz, Dick Kuhns, Carol . ladd, Lambert, Phil — 78 Lanc r : Lane: Langc, Tim — 78 Larson, Phy M ne — 74 Lawson, Jo Lowson, Joy — 70 73 Lee, K . Lewis, Lyn — 74 Licsch, Lois 7 1 Lillis, Judith— 70 Linam, Mary Louise — 80 Lindow. Bob — 78 Logan, Pot — 74 Lomeli, Trina — 72 Lowry, Clifford — 71 Lunde, Joan — 77 Lutschg, Bob — 75 Lyman, Myrna — 71 Maddox, Ju : Maddox, Londa — 73 Mag.ll, Carol — 79 Maldonado, AIk- Mople, Bill — 78 Mapp, Bill— 76 Masters, George — 76 Matthew, Vickie — 78 Mayfield, John — 74 McCauley, Bill — 76 McCloud, Lynda — 73 McComber, Carol- — 77 McConaughy, Bev — 72 McDonald, Carolyn — 74 McGaughran, Diane — 72 McGlogan, Claudia — 72 McPheeters, Wilma — 73 McReynolds, Mike — 73 McWillis, Selina— 70 Meyer, Jeanette — 73 Milam, Dorlyn — 72 Miles, Willis — 76 Moe, Russell — 78 Moll, Judith — 78 Monies, Louis — 79 Montgomery, Carl — 75 Montgomery, Corole — 70 Moore, Dot — 72 Moore, John — 75 Moore, Norma — 79 Moore, Rosalie — 71 Moores, Larry — 78 Morgan, Barbara — 71 Morris, Dick — 78 Morrison, Dolores — 74 Morrison, Jerry — 74 Morton, Earl — 80 Muir, Peggy — 71 Mujica, Norberta — 79 Muller, Morcia- 76 Musgrave, Jeannie — 78 Myracle, Steve — 73 Napier, Denny — 73 Naylor, Margie — 74 Melson, Jo — 77 Newnham, Hildri Nixon, Glen — 79 Norns, Nadine — 75 Obermayr, Judy — 73 Ogilvie, Bot — 75 Okabe, Akio— 76 Oliver, Palm Ong, Ardath — 80 Ostergren, Norm — 71 Page, Margaret — 78 Parrott, Dick — 71 Pawling, Judith — 75 Payson, Marilyn — 77 Payton, Gary — 74 Peoirs, Bill —78 Pepper, Joe Peterson, Judy — 73 Peterson, Judi — 70 Peterson, Kelly — 80 Pharns, Jane — 80 Phelps, Lou Phillips, Ju Pia, Ph. lip 7 1 •.lyncll — 78 Pingcr, Rich Pitcher, Jan Potts, Proctc Pryor, Jolcr ii Raidy, Carol ' Ralston, Carolyn — 76 Ramsay, Loon 1 Ransom, Eug r ' obbic — 76 Reed, Do. Renneker, Susan — 73 Roberts, Dottie — 72 Robertson, Marian — 72 Robinson, Betty — 71 Robinson, James — 74 Robles, Tom — 79 , — 70 Rodriguez, Carlos — 79 Rodrig - Rogers, Barbara — 77 Rogers, Mary — 79 Rosch, Clifford — 76 Rossberg, Pete — 75 Royer, John — 79 Rubio, Lydia — 70 Rubnght, Je Rust, Russell — 79 Ryon, Gene — 74 Saffcl, Ronnie — 78 Sanchez, Tony — 78 Scheel, Jeff — 75 Schmidt, Sharon — 77 Schutz, Norma — 72 Scown, Richard — 79 Sedon, Lola — 72 Selover, Kay — 72 Serfas, Marilyn — 77 Seyler, Allen — 79 Shadrick, Norman — 70 Shaw, David — 80 Shearer, Marian — 78 Shyrer, Mike — 74 Silvas, Tony — 76 Simonson, Dianne — 73 Smales, Nancy — 70 Smith, Jerry — 76 Smith, Linda — 74 Smith, Melinda — 70 Smith, Robert — 74 Soper, Carolyn — 76 Speakman, Nancy — 74 Spoon, Shirley — 73 Spooner, Helen — 79 Staffon, Mary — 72 Stanley, Paula — 78 Steimle, Corolyn — 79 Stemple, Pete — 80 Stephens, Tom — 79 Stickney, Michael — 77 Stidhom, Margaret — 72 Stitt, Bob — 77 Stone, Frances — 74 Sugden, Tom — 70 Syverson, Cleda — 73 Tavan, Gary — 70 Thayer, Claudia — 74 Torres, Betty — 74 Travaglia, Don — 79 Vanderpool, Vesta — 78 Vanderzyl, Dennis — 80 Varner, Dee — 72 Veiga, George — 76 Virgil, Jack — 76 Vogel, John — 73 Ward, Carole — 70 Ward, Gerald— 76 Ward, Helen — 79 Ware, Dick — 80 Warcberg, Margo — 79 Warren, Jim — 80 Watkms, Lois — 79 Webber, Darryl — 72 Wcese, Sand, Wells. Sonio — 72 Westovcr, Pot — 76 Wheeler. Floyd— 78 Wheeler fvelyn — 70 -80 . ' . Merle — 74 Woolley, Don ' Wordon, Tom — 75 Wright, Belt, Young, Robert — 74 Young, So- Young — 78 John — 76 81 Sofinomebes Typing I (left to right): Penny Webster, Gary Price, Evelyn Wright, Philip Perry, Ramona Thomas, Linda Pullin, Marilyn Edmonds, Linda Rossomme, Don Mc- Cracken, Corole Nelson. Business Math (left to right): Karen Ferguson, Andrea ' . ' ■• ' : ■--. . Belly Kemp, Minnie Coves, Patsy i. ' .er, Charlene Dennis, Donna Pash, Dennis Mickelson. French I (left to right]: Martha Lindsey, Jim Mason, Stewart Ryan, Stan Cline, Norman Hawkins, Leland McCartney, Francine Phillips, Linda Moore, Nanette Arroues, Janet Hopper. Spanish II (left to right] Sherwood Morf, Connie Skeen. Wayne Malone. Margie Shearer. Jeanne Kaump, Judy Grove, Mary Mata, Cnrolyn Bennett Businesi ' ' ' hompion. Jonei Sohl. Sam Sh.r .. Wolford. Wado, Sandra Munor. Typing I (left lo Judy Huntley, Roy D Bernard Burton, Terry Blose ■ e, Robin Randall, Lu Typing I (left to right): Deanna Todd, Catherine Landes, Louise Opsomer, Borgia Eubanks, Jacqueline Juhre, Donna King, Evelyn Huntley, Eugene Stanley, Judy Leander, Mary Jo Stumpf, Diane linker, Eleanor Golemba. P. E. II (standingl: Bobby Johnson, Sandra Patch, Molly MacFarland. (Sitting) : Janet Smith, Nolo Phillips, Ann Olson, Sylvia Starr, Lynne Beckham, Jeannie Ross, Barbara Phillips. Study Hall (left to right): Ronnie Herrell, Dnvo Hamner, Denn s r A, Douglas Karr, Stan Mayes, Pearl Jimenez, Cedra Clark, Ann Chesley. (Left to right]: Shorron Valent, Alice Franco, Betty Lou Roby, Nancy Hickman, Bill Veiga, Ronald R. Delaney, Sandy Flesch, Robert Watt, Dick Spurlock, Verna Allen, John Agrums. frf c c . Sharon I ., Second r ;no Todd - Ronalee Freti, Belly by. English II (left to right): Jon Phelleplace. Judy Harring- ton, Ruby Mitchell. Jerry L. H ' . Warburton, Richard Stewart, Richard Powers, Jim Campbell, Louise Vail, John Anderson, Elaine Hmes. Welding I (left to righ- DeWitt, Jack Braden, Al 0 Ronald Gamble. Gcon.. Doner. Dawn ■ JoAnn Co. 85 Agriculture (left to right): Mr. Strader, Paul Baxter, Dennis Pace, Dewo ne Williams, George Spain, Richard Jones. j La Hr.bm Students: Darrel Berkley, Joe Roche, Phio Cook, Terry Cook. (Left to right): Jerry Bell, Mike Fitzsimmons, Dennis Pace, Rodney Peterson, Raul Montoya, Melvin Caves, Jack Davis, Jim Antle, Martin Herrera, Bill Buckner. Algebra I Heft to right): Gary Nielson, Bucky Hamil- ton, Robert Villegas, Ophelia Miller, Luella Ellis, Ria.ard Davis, Larry Wilsey, Barbara Wingert. Handcrafts (left to right): John Kephart, Billy Fulkerson, Steve Brown, Robert Von Deusen, Duane Warren, Mil- lard Jarnagan, Franklin Stephens, Chuck Brooks, Nyla Witherell, Chris Vickery. Driver Education (lefi 10 right): Jack.e Bolton, Ronnie Bowman, Archie Causland, Joan Wrig franco, Richard Gonzales, Sharon Hayes, Sherrie Holve. ■ P. E. II (first row): Judy Kimbrell, Becky Chambers. Second row; Marcia Hogans, Bur ' .elson. Third row: Margare ' Hosl in Fuller, Jean Stewart, Kathy Pyles. 87 ft I ' English II (left lo right]: Sylvia Estrello, Dennis Carle, Dennis Ferguson, Leo Jensen, Lee Jewett, Dick Spurlock, Johnny Williams, Sharon Collier, Eleanor Young. En glish II (left to right): Frances Boatright, Dennis Brittain, Pat Lawson, Joe Smith, Bob Pinedo, Charlene Blunk, Hazel Mang, Dolores Acosta. Row one: Bob McLaran, Roger Blankmeyer, Paul Gardner, Ronnie Wiles, Jock Chorbagian. Row two: Gary Mack- just, Larry McDonald, Grenda Gronstrand, Nancy John- son, Beth Harrison. Row on Bob Wangrud Dwain Mitchell, er. B ' II Allen, Jim Shipkey, hn Williams, Jim lynch, ob McNamara. Row one: Donna Matthews, Sharon Stivers, Millie Woods, Mike Quirk, Bill Mclaran. Row two: John DeWitt, Pot Kelly, Tom Reid, George Spain, Gary Sims. Row ori n McCortney Glodyj . .ilfgonc. Fischer, Dovid oimer. K ' uc-jc • 89 Study (left to right): Sandra Atmstrong, Ronald Hendra, Dena Perez, Rob ' Lynne tier, Richard Weis- man, Suzanne Givens, B II • ' -■ !»rson. Bill Ma lone. Mechanical Drawing (left to right]: Chip Wickett, Tom Barr, Bob Chandler, James Waites, Leonard Hoosier, Jerry Bell. Spanish II (left to right): Dee Lassley, Sharon Carmack. Connie Lozo " 0, Mary Ledesmo, Catherine Robles, Jeff Burns, Marcia Renck, Peter English II (left to right]: Cynthia Childs, Billy Burton, Jeanne Kreutzen, Joanne Shore, Katherine Montes, Bob Brassaw, Steve Ellis, Jo Ann Meier, Lyle Skjerve. Row one: Merrcdiih Knoke, Anno Meodor, Sylvia Geyer, Terri Wodo, [ ,-w, Bob Boyd, Isabelle Rsse. Borb . Soion Magnuson. • f I m Row one: Rita Mason, Linda Moore, Sandy Kahl, Pat O ' Brien, Marsha Miller, Betty Potter. Row two: Thelma Lyon, Wanda Trammel, Kenny Casper, Albert Gervenack, Vic Ruzick, Lee H. Schulz. Row one: Larry Boiven, Larry Duarte, Carol Schnoor, Mike Johnson, Carol Coleman, Daneen Tapert, Dave Dowling. Row two: John Hannaberry, Paul Baxter, Ann Wildermuth, Nannette Arroues, Jeri Whitfield, Ronnie Richards, Karen Hobbs. Row c Darlene W.lson Rov. n Kephari. Pot Nicolojzo. Jcannio Hoi . Doretto ■ ob Won, Judy f. 91 P- E. II (firsr row|: Pot Grisolti, Pot Light, Marie Theuret, Julio Sanchez. Second row: Elaine Eckels, Janice Williams, Lupe Arroyo, AAorgoret Klise, Mortho Padilla, Carlo Adler. English II (left to right): Susan Beazley, Muriel Byars, John Stonebarger, Richard Crnpo, Judy Borgeson, Mike Hay, Deanna Hickson, Kent Russell. Driver Education (left to right): Pot Pobrozinsky, Jo ,ter. Arlene Maes, Gory Read, Nellene Led- ford, Sandra Meyers (senior). Gene Tyree. Sharon Cook. Radio (left to right): Noel Johnson, Bob Wiley, Doug Krobbe, Howard Shafer, Jerry Miller, Ronald Boyd. rolyn Boydnon, Nora « Joan DcComp, M jtella Porras, Gloria » iory Plait. Murphy, Dons Fu|ino. Darlene Poi Health Fducotion [left to right) : Ruby Hill, Koren Nard ling, Mary Lou Tillman, . .ilene Wall, Don Wildermuth, Kay Williams, Janie Hodges. Gail Peterson, Harnett Meyer, Carolyn Swan, Jill Olson. Algebra I (left to right): Robbie Snyder, Roland Foucett Don Davies, Paul Nleidhardt, Judy Barnes, Sally Barnes Annette Wall, Roberta Bethel, Carol Faciano, David Good lorn • ■ 93 Health Education (left to right): Teresa Edgar, Freddie Harris, Myrna Magee, Judi Forrest, Judy Adams, Harold Golbraith, Laurine Hogkv.st, Linda Hall, Linda Huff, Elaine Hart. M [left to right): Jackie Crawford, Irene Bernal, Larry Crowell, Gary Hobbs, Rosalie Heinze, Denny Johnson, Phyllis Aeschliman, David Sprague, Jerry Arnold, Eddie Sekine, Eleanor Tonge. Geometry (left to right): Forest S ir.aiett, Fred Ward, ■ ....-), George Scherotter, lor . . jon Bell, Larry See. Pt Bums, c _ ' : ••■ • , English II (left to right): Barbara Bennett, Harold Moore, Sandy Counts, Charles Singleton, Margaret Keppler, Don Audet, Louise Wilmott, Jolane McGuire, Danny Swain. SofiAom te CLm Mex Acosta, Delores — 88 Adams, Judy — 94 Adler, Carlo — 92 Aeschliman, Phyllis — 94 Agrums, John — 84 Allen, Verna — 84 Allen, Bill — 89 Allison, John — 85 Anderson, Bill — 90 Anderson, John — 85 Antle, Jim — 86 Appleman, Arnold — 89 Armstrong, Sandra — 90 Arnold, Jerry — 94 Arroues, Nanette — 82 Arroyo, Lupe — 92 Audet, Don — 94 Bacon, Doretta — 91 Baffert, Margaret — 87 Banderas, Lorraine — 91 Barr, Tom — 90 Baxter, Paul — 86 Beazley, Susan — 92 Beckham, Lynne — 84 Beckham, Sharon — 83 Bell. Don — 94 Bell, Jerry — 86 Bell, LeRoy — 88 Bennett, Barbara — 94 Bennett, Carolyn — 83 Bernal, Irene — 94 Bethel. Roberta — 93 Blackford, Roy — 93 Blankmeyer, Roger — 89 Blose, Terry — 83 Blunk, Charlene — 88 Boatnght, Frances — 88 Boiven, Larry — 91 Bolton, Jackie — 87 Borgeson, Judy — 92 Bo wen, Barbara — 93 Bowman, Ronnie — 87 Boyd, Bob — 91 Boyd, Ronald — 92 Boydston, Carolyn — 93 Braden, Jack — 85 Brassaw, Robert — 90 Brittain, Dennis — 88 Brooks, Chuck — 86 Brown, Steve — 86 Buckner, Bill — 86 Bunch, Wonda — 93 Burns, Pat — 94 Burris, Jeff — 90 Burton, Bernard — 83 Burton, Billy — 90 Butler, Lynne — 90 Byars, Muriel — 92 Campbell, Jim — 85 Carle, Dennis — 88 Carmack, Sharon — 90 Carroll, Dawn — 85 Carter, Anita — 83 Casper, Kenny — 91 Causland, Archie — 87 Caves, Melvin — 86 Caves, Minnie — 82 Chambers, Becky — 87 Chandler, Bob — 90 Chapman, Gary — 88 Chauvin, Mickey — 87 Chesley, Ann — 84 Childs, Cynthia — 90 Chorbagian, Jack — 89 Clark, Cedro — 84 Cline, Stanley — 82 Coffman, Gary — 87 Coleman, Carol — 91 Collier, Sharon — 88 Cook, Sharon — 92 Cortez, Karen — 88 Counts, Sandy — 94 Cownie, JoAnn — 85 Crapo, Richard — 92 Crawford, Jockie — 94 Crawford, Sheryl — 83 Crowell, Larry — 94 Dalton, Richard — 88 Davis, Bob — 85 Davis, Jack — 86 Davis, Richai Dean, John — 83 DeCamp, Joan — 93 Deeble, Roy — 83 Delaney, Ronald — 84 Dennis, Chai DeW.tr, Jackie — 85 DeW.tr, John — 89 Dilley, Celia — 83 Dowlmg, Dave — 91 Dozier, Walter — 85 Duarte, Larry — 91 Dunham, Gerald — 83 Eckels. Elaine — 92 Edgar, Teresa — 94 Edmonds, Manlyn — 82 Ellis, Luella — 86 Ellis, Steve — 90 Esslinger, Lorry — 94 Estrella, Sylvia — 88 Eubanks, Georgia — 84 Farrell, Betty — 85 Faucetf, Roland — 93 Ferguson, Dennis — 88 Ferguson, Karen — 82 Fischer, Wolfgang — 89 Fisher, Patsy — 82 Fitzsimmons, Mike — 86 Flesch, Sandy — 84 . — 94 Fox, Dennis — 84 Franco, Alice — 84 Fretz, Ronolee — 85 Fu|ino, Doris — 93 Fulkerson, Billy — 86 Fuller, Miriom — 87 Galbraith, Harold — 94 Gamble, Ronald — 85 Gardner, Paul — 89 Gervenack, Albert — 91 Geyer, Sylvia — 91 Gill, Mary — 85 Givens, Suzanne — 90 Glennie, Nancy — 88 Goates, Donna — 85 Golemba, Eleanor — 84 Gonzales, Richard — 87 Greaver, Bill — 85 Gregory, Carl — 87 Grisotti, Pat — 92 Gronstrand, Grenda Grove, Judy — 83 Guard, Larry — 87 Guglielmana, Dick — 85 Hagans, Marcia — 87 Hajny, Tom — 87 Hall, Gladys — 89 Hall, Linda — 94 Hamilton, Bucky — 86 Hamner, David — 84 Hannabery, John — 91 Harrington, Judy — 85 Harris, Freddie — 94 Harrison, Beth — 89 E D ,ne — 94 -87 ' .orman 82 Hayes Ronn.e — 84 ' n — 86 Hickson, Deanna — 92 -85 Hill, Jim — 87 a — 82 Hines, Elaine — 85 Hobbs, Karen— 91 Hodges, Jar :urine — 94 B9 ■ ■ — 82 Hover, Lynn — 91 „da — 94 Hull, Clara — 88 Huntley, Evelyn — 84 Huntley, Judy — 83 Jarnagan, Millard — 86 Jensen, Leo — 88 Johnson, Dei e — 88 Johnson, Mike — 91 Johnson, Bobi Jones, Richard — 86 Jones, Jerry — 87 icquelme — 84 Kahl, Sandy — 91 Kaiser, Gloria — 93 Karr, Douglas — 84 Kaump, Jeanne — 83 Kay, Dorothy — 88 Kelly, Pat — 89 Kemp, Betty — 82 Kend.g, Bill — 94 Kennedy, Linda — 93 Kent, Janice — 85 Kephart, John — 86 Keppler, Margo ' et — 94 Kimbrell, Judy — 87 King, Brian — 83 King, Donna — 84 King, Tom — 93 Kinser, Nora — 9j Kiss, Gary — 87 Khse, Margoret — 92 Knoke, Merredith — 91 Krabbe, Doug — 92 Kreutzen, Jeanne — 90 Krohn, Judy — 85 Krueger, Roger — 89 Landes, Catherine — 84 Lassley, Dee — 90 Lawson, Pat — 88 Leander, Judy — 84 Ledesma, Mary — 90 Ledford, Nellene — 92 Lev, Peter — 90 Light, Pat — 92 Lindsey, Martha — 82 Lozano, Connie — 90 lulz Jjichord — 8 5 r ynch, Jim— 89 " Ffielrno — 91 MocFarland, Molly — 84 Mackjusr, Gary — 89 Maes, Arlene — 92 Magee, Myrna — 94 Magill, Barbara — 91 Magnuson, Susan— 91 Mang, Hazel- no, Ge Mason, Rita — 91 Mota, Mary — 83 Matthews, Donna — 89 -84 McAl I — 82 I n — 89 Don — 82 McDoi -89 y — 88 —92 " Mont. Montoy Moore, Linda — 82 Moreno. V.rgn Morf, SI - Munoz, Sandra — 83 Murph. le — 82 N :. j — vu Reno, Dole — 89 Richards. Jonet — 83 Richards, Ror ■ R.ppeto. ■ — 91 Roblc . — 90 Ross, Jeanmc — 84 Rossomme, Ltndo — 82 — 85 • .1 — 93 I I —87 I — 90 Sims, !. Jonet — 84 88 Snydt 83 Spa ii 86 Spclbrmg, Gory — 89 Spraguc. Dovid — 94 • — 84 Stanley, Eugene — 84 Starr, Jerry — 91 Sylvia — 84 Steele. Karen — 85 Steplu jeon — 87 n — 89 Patricio — 88 Olson, J, II — 93 Gloria — 85 Stull. Roaer — 89 Opsorr. Stumpf. Mary Jo — 84 Owens, Al— 85 iky. Pal — 92 Swoin, Danny — 94 Pace, Dennis — 86 Swan, Carolyn — 93 Padilla, Martha — 92 Parson, Darlene — 93 Pash, Donna — 82 Patch, Sandra — 84 Peak, Marjean — 82 Perez, Dena — 90 Perley, Scott — 94 Perry, Philip — 82 V Peterson, Gail — 93 anne — 84 Peterson, Rodney — 86 -ice, Jon — 65 Phillips, Barbara — 84 ' Francme — 82 Nolo — 84 sen— 88 Vail, Louise — 85 Pmedo. Bob— 88 Valenr. Sharron — 84 " rie — 93 Stella 93 Von Deusen, Robert — 86 -84 Vickei , Porter, Bob — 89 Potter, Betty — 91 Villegos, Rot- Powers, Richard — 85 Wado, Tern — 83 Price, Gory — 82 Wanes, James — 90 Pullm, L.nda— 82 Wall, Annette — 93 Pyles, Kothy — 87 Wall, Volcne — 93 .00 Walter Bill o Word, Fred — 94 J,m — 91 j — 87 ■e — 86 —84 Webster, Penny — 82 Wcismon, f ■ —90 — 89 • . —93 » — 86 n — 88 —86 88 ■ ■ ■ 95 $Mm men Mechonical Drawing (left to right): Archie Pollock, Martin Hovath. Don Besselievre, Warren Ranker, Mike Harrison, Bob Reese, Brydon Shirk, Gary Dunton. English I (left to nght|- Paddy Prescott, Bernice Fry, Dottie Vasvory, Gary Sallee, John Fletcher, Susan Trow- bridge, Donald Brill , Gary Farmer, Roy Graham. P. E. I (left to right): Carole Hinman, Shirley Gerlick, Sharon Clour, Mary Kinietz, Pat Jobe, Carole Hawley, Carol Cook, Barbara Brown, Marilyn DeSpain, Elizabeth Harper, Katherine Hightower, Jerri Frary. French I ( left to right): Georgia P.-itchard, Edwin Neal, Leonoid Dickey, Kitty Lyons. Sylvia Beyers, Pat Sparks, Julie Landstad, Fritz Zurick. LUCOl. I Junior Business Training Islanding): Johnny Thomas, Linda Guglielmana, Janice Barnett, Peggy Parke, Carol Porter. (Sitting): Richard Patterson, Danie Lanorah Palmer, Barbara Lipuma, Carol Ann Crawford. Judy Robinson, Charles Fisher, Jenny Biondo. obbie -.gord 97 Story of Notions (left to right): Joyce Armstrong. Arthur Atkins, David Barfuss, Donno Finley, George Degler, Ann McDuell, Linda Mills, Susanne Napier, Gay Naake, Mickey Ryon, Elmer Sobisch. Latin I (left o right); Arrah Dolle, Kathy Degler, Christy Kohlenberger, Alice Knight, Sherry Steffes, Ronald Hal- stead, Jack Edmondson, Mark Lund, Mary Wall, Jim Radford, Sally Turner. .r. I (left to right): John Fi irry Robertson, Reed Turner, Er r . " , aldo Nance, Cynthia Noble, Mnximmo Sanchez. Harold Tarnngion, Judy Solstrom, Judy Frye. Spanish I (left to right): Martina Germonto, Emily Stigers, Melvin Plaskett, Charles Neely, Bob Stoll, Carolyn Nicolson, Donna Jean Clodt, Charlotte Florence, Ellen Haslam, Mary Lynn Anderson, Karen Booth. n Johnson, Apr. Jimmy Huv. t.herg. Mtcl English I (left to i i- I Johnny Sylvia, Dean Carter, David Gorman, Jan Stewart Judy Owen, Don Hooper, Jean Pack, Pat Stockton, Kenny Cross white, Karl Chappell. General Metals (left to ngr- Stevens, Wayne Lee, Dennis Jc Mills, Gary Taylor. lien. Lorry :Coy, Gary ■ 99 ilia tr mfc P. E. I (first row|: Marc Mangsleber, Phil Friedrich, La Verne Dorn, Bob Carter, Kenneth Collins, (second row) Michael Linam, Phil Graham, Roger Gollo, Rodney Cooper, Kenny Acton. Study Hall (left to right): James Gilkerson, Mary Ann Lauro, Danny Sharp, Larry Kimball, Larry Smith, Ronald Childers, David Olson, Bob Kilpatrick, John Wheeldon, Barbara Scharr. English I (left to right): Dan Cornweli, Richie Watts, Linda Sorte, Sharon Hubbard, Mike Clay, Lanny Stevens, Kent Thompson, Gillian Banks, Robert Thomason. English I (left to right): Rebecca Capovani, Sally Anderson, Beverly Iverson, Roger Froslie, Kay Bonsey, Ronnie Haxton, Sharon Williams, Leon Harroun, Diane Hopkins. i, Emma Story of Nations (left to right): Tim Givens. Oliver Renner, Mike Montague. Claudia Mobley, Bevel , penter, Linda Carnahan, Steve Erwin, Linda Jones. P. E I (left to right): Pot Stafford, Connie Talbot, Delores Starnes, Marie Sugden, Jerry Townsend. Luna , Linda Wilson, Elsa Kirker, Janet Nason, I Magill, Helen Parker. Left to right: Larry Spink. 101 Left lo right): Archie Pollock Francis Jesmer, Diane Brownhill, Harry Whiimore, Brenda Boelter, Judy Quig- ey. Hazel Peterson, Lee Stewart, Butch Barnes. Irny Schmidt, Corolyn Lang, John Sellmer. French I Heft tc rausto Flores, Judy dinger, Aioert, Pam Vlakovich, ' r .tobal, Phil Conlifre, Joe Balst da Brown, Benny Infante, ■ ' son. (Left to right): Charles Walker, Pat Shyrer, Tony Medaris, Warren Ranker, John Noble, Jill Scheel, Cheryl Ander- son (junior), Gene Perkins, Georgia Pritchard, Patty Willcuft, Sharon Grimm, Charlotte Byerrum. ■ Sondro ■ B.H Orchestra (left to right]: Nancie Lopp, Patricia Lyon. Carolyn Scott, Janet Reynolds, Gary Nielsen, Wayne Burruss. Algebra I (left to right]: Joanne Ropp, Judy Rathmann, Jackie Good, Barbara Pi irgie Potier Dalton, Guy Davis, Bonnie Har Sexton, Susan Schlice, Barry Wilson, Bobb. Victor Hollman. ■ 103 Story of Nations (left to right): Donald Acosta, Charlotte Boutain, Katie Goodwin, Sandy Gorham, Dick Lindsay, Nancy Moore, Hazel Peterson, Buddy Phillips, Mike Shanta. English I (left to right): Ray Duncan, Donnetta Edgar, Roger Tally, Roy Tower, Cholelle Homngton, Gary Clark, Bob Hinderliter, Kenneth Thompson, Mike Morehouse, Gordon Jahr, Bill Hardwick. English I (left to right): James Warlick, Doug Hankins, Eddie Bach, Lee Roy Brownlee, John Wotu ' . i. Don , Lee Garlitz, Harry Wrrtmore. General Math (left to right): Ernie Blanco, Lorraine Lobo, Johnnine Roe, Annie Granado, Phil Miranda, Charles Killen, Gail Pratt, Bob Neu, Bruce Hill, Larry Gill, Eddie Bagley, Kenneth Mills, Richard Ellis, Joe Duron. 1 iPE Elementary Art (left to right) ; Ronald Romeros, Mary Gregg, Lana Showalter, Darelyn McGavran, Sharon Kelly, Harry Aggers, Don Gilbert. Jul e Broder- Pool, Mary Thornton. Jim Cornwall, Starr English I (left to right): Rita Sanchez, David Tonde, Donald Acosta, John Glover, Richard Tarrant, Eddie Briscoe, Gary Discher, Harole Whitmore, Bill Stuart, Neldene Neil. 105 English I (left to right): Jim Troeller, Georgia Trodd, Doreen Trovis, Richard Sutherland, Jean Rogers, Bob Knight, Leo Connolly, Mary Ann Black, Carol Troeller. Alegbra I ( left to right): Barbara Perigan, Alvin Potes, Robert Boll, Carleen Simonsen, Beth Barnet, Beverly Fernandez, Kathryn Sackett, Gary Dooley, Pat Sharp, Suzanne Barr. Algebra 1 (left to right): Nancy Berry, Kathy Dalton, Phyllis Boydston, Gary Davis, Nick Boicourt, Nancy Adkisson, Bob Burchit, Gary Larson, Julie Bouchier, Barbara Bender, Jim Byard. P. E. 1 (first row): William Martin, Jerry Smith, Mike Leigh, James Sharp, David Miller, Frank Harrigan. (second row) Kent Smith, Steve Kohls, John Matthews, Larry Leal, Marvin Lanker. Story c ' ' . Aderman, Don Williams. Row one: Linda Donaldson, Dellyn Spencer, Nancy Cheatum, Barbara Fluck, Larry Plackelt. Row two: Nancy Sue Hunting, Judy Williams, Fred Sprenger, Larry Smith, Charles Ramirez. (Left to right): Dick Lindsay, James Nehl, Don Mason, Don Gilbart, Johnny Peckler, Judy Combs, Margie Myers. Row 01 Smgleton. Pat Ron, Bonnie Perryman, Row two: Judy Simonsen, Hightower. 107 Arr I (left to right): Dick Odle. Juliana Uriarte, Blaine Wilkinson, Jim Simonsen, Rondo Hendricks, Fred Sprenger, Bonnie Wilson, Ted Ladd. Algebra I (left to right): Barbara Lowe, Carol Moulding, Kenny Leek, Mike Harris, Goyla Kuenzli, Sharon Haugen, Richard Jennings, Betty Lawson, Yvonne LeBlanc, Sandra Klingenberg. Study Hall (left to right): Bobby Dyer, David Blankmeyer, Carol McKenzie, Merle Foster, Clarence King, Kenny Mole, Elizabeth Macns, Claudia Mapp, Dina Marple. Story of Nations (left to right): Richard Young, Bud Sewell, Tom Fisher, John Vendenti, Helen Blair, Margie Dumas, Robert Downing, James Baxter, Tommy Casper. (Left to right): Lanny Hensley, Marilyn DeSpain, Helen Boyd, Rudy Montiel, Danny Morales, Gary Phillips, Linda Benedict, Sandra Spencer, Jerry Moores, Carol Ritzman, Sandy Gorham, Lee Garlitz. Row one : Poisy Bennett, Helen Boyd, Hal Shelter, Virginia Story, Anne Stontr. Row two: Bob Gosney. Andrew Klein. Sondra Johnson, D.anne T.elrooy, Claudio Richards. Row one: Clifford Eaves, Richard Sham, Betty Barwick, Kathy Huntley, Blair Wilkinson. Row two: Dolores Cornwell, Mark Fredenburg, Judy McKenney, Valerie Michel, Jim Sorensen. (Left to right) Lynn Russell, Lester Hutchens, John Seewoster, Jim Sorenson, Carl Evers, Samuel Meek, Blair Wilkinson, Harriett Thomas, Gail Malo. (First row) Lynn Russell, Peggy Still, Barbora Bender, Stephen Loyal, John Quirk. (Second row) Roger Gallo, Bill Yost, Merlin Tannahill. ILeft to right) Robert Gosney, Clifford Clark, Mar- garet Myers, Stephen Loyal, Anita Broyles, John Noble, Gory Howland, Gary Bolla, Carrol Campbell. (Left to right) Judy Simonson, Harry Sheller, Richard Sham, Andrew Klein, Judith McKenney, Sharon Petke, Barbara Dolla, Anne Stone, Judy Williams, Julie Singleton, Virginia Story, Valerie Michel. Acosra, Donald — 104 Acton, Kenny — 100 Aderman, Jackie — 107 Adkisson, Nancy — 106 Agger?, Harry — 105 Albert, Dickie — 102 Alderson, Clifford — 102 Allen, Gordon — 101 Anderson, Annette — 101 Anderson, Mary Lynn — 98 Anderson, Sally — 100 Arce, Anita — 105 Armstrong, Joyce — 98 Arnold, Billie — 101 Atkins, Arthur — 98 Bach, Charles — 101 Bagley, Eddie — 104 Ball, Donald — 96 Ball, Robert — 106 Balston, Joe — 102 Banks, Gillian — 100 Baran, Robert — 97 Borfuss, David — 98 Barnes, Judy Anne — 93 Barnes, Butch — 102 Barnes, Sally — 93 Barnet, Beth — 106 Barnetr, Janice — 97 Barr, Suzanne — 106 Barwick, Betty — 109 Baxter, Chuck — 109 Baxter, James — 108 Baxter, Richard — 107 Bender, Barbara — 106 Benedict, Linda — 99 Benham, April — 99 Bennett, Patsy — 109 Berry, Nancy — 106 Besselievre, Donald — 96 Bethel, Roberta Joan — 93 Beyer, Sylvia — 97 Biondo, Jenny — 97 Black, Mary Ann — 106 Blair, Helen — 108 Blanco, Ernie — 104 Blankmeyer, David — 108 Block, Kenneth — 105 Boelter, Brenda — 1 02 Boicourt, Nick — 106 Bolla, Gary — 1 10 Bolton, Nancy — 103 Bonsey, Kay — 100 Booth, Karen — 98 Bouchier, Julie — 106 Boutain, Charlotte — 104 Bowser, Herschel — 107 Boyd, Helen — 109 Boydston, Phyllis — 106 Briscoe, Eddie — 105 Brodersen, Earlene — 105 Brooks, Judi — 101 Brown, Barbara — 96 Brown, Linda — 97 Brown, Linda — 102 Brownhill, Nancy — 102 Brownlee, Lee Roy — 101 Broyles, Anita — 1 10 Bruckner, Anne — 97 Bullen, Wayne — 99 Burchit, Bob — 106 Burnley, Ralph — 97 Burruss, Wayne — 103 Bush, Bill — 103 Butler, Judy — 105 Byard, Jim — 106 Byerrum, Charlotte — 102 Campbell, Orbin — 97 Campbell, Carroll — 110 Capovani, Rebecca — 100 Carnahan, Linda — 101 Carpenter, Beverly — 101 Carson, Robert — 107 Carter, Dean — 99 Carter, Bob — 100 Casper, Tommy — 108 Chappell, Karl — 99 Chavez, Julie — 105 Cheatum, Nancy — 102 Childers, Ronald — 100 Clark, Clifford — 110 Clark, Gary — 104 Clay, Mike — 100 Clodf, Donna Jean — 98 Clour, Sharon — 96 Cody, Sue — 109 Colburn, Nancy — 102 Colianni, John — 103 Collins, Kenneth — 100 Combs, Judy — 1 10 Conliffe, Phil — 102 Connolly, Leo — 106 Contreras, Daniel — 97 Cooper, Patricia — 101 Cooper, Rodney — 100 Cornell. Dolores — 109 Cornwall, Jim — 105 jfies iman (J ass Jnc ex — 100 f — 109 rol — 102 Crosswh ■ Dalton, Kathy — 106 Degler Degler, Karhy— 98 yn — 96 -107 Dial, Den; Dickey, Leont: Discher, Gary — 105 Dolla, Barbara — 1 10 Dolle, Arrah— 98 Donaldson, Linda — 107 Dooley, Gary — 106 Dorn,. LaVerne — 100 Downing, Robert — 108 Dumas, Margie — 108 Duncan, Ray — 104 Dunfon, Gary — 96 Duran, Joe — 104 Dyer, Bobby — 108 Eaves, Clifford — 109 Edgar, Donnetta — 104 Edmondson, Jack — 98 Ellis, Richard — 104 Erwin, Steve — 101 Estes, Judy — 105 Evers, Carl — 1 10 Farmer, Gory — 96 Farrington, Harold — 98 Fernandez, Beverly — 106 Finley, Donna — 98 Fisher, Charles — 97 Fisher, Tom — 108 Fletcher, John — 96 Florence, Charlotte — 98 Flores, Fausto — 102 Fluck, Barbara — 1 07 Foster, Merle — 108 Frary, Jerri — 96 Fredenburg, Mark — 109 Frick, John — 98 Friedr.ch, Phil — 100 Froslie, Roger — 100 Fry, Bernice — 96 Frye, Judy — 98 Fuller, Janice — 97 Gallo, Roger — 100 Garlitz, Lee — 104 Gerlich, Shirley — 96 Germonto, Martina — 98 Gibson, Dorothy — 97 Gilbert, Don — 105 Gilkers on, James — 100 Gill, John — 105 Gill, Larry — 104 Githens, Carlo — 103 Givens, Tim — 101 Glover, John — 105 Goates, Janet — 102 Good, Jackie — 103 Goodwin, Katie — 104 Gorham, Sandra — 104 Gorman, David — 99 Gosney, Bob — 109 Graham, Phil — 100 Graham, Roy — 96 Granado, Annie — 104 Graybill, Merlene — 99 Greaver, Joan — 97 Gregg, Mary — 105 Grimm, Sharon — 99 Guglielmana, Linda — 97 ■:nny — 102 Hollam, Tom — 107 Hallman, Vctor— 103 Ronald— 98 : ' C 1 00 Hargrove, Torr.r Harper, Elizabeth — 96 Harrigon, Frank — 106 Harrington, Cholette — 104 Harris, M.kc— 108 Harrison, Mike — 96 Harroun, Leon — 100 Hart, Pot— 97 Hoslam, Ellen — 98 Haugen, Hauler, K Hoxton, Ronnn Hensley. Hightovt Huss, Jimmy — 99 Infante, Bcnn, , — 100 John, Johanna — 107 Jeffers, Tom— 99 Jennings, Richord — 108 Jesmer, Francis — 102 109 ■ Kimball II Kirker, Elsa — 101 Kiser, Jerry — 103 Klein, Andrew — 109 Klingenberg, Marilyn — 99 Klingenberg, Sandra — 108 Knighr, Alice — 98 Knight, Bob — 106 Knox, Ivan — 103 Kohlenberger, Christy — 98 Kohls, Steve — 106 KuenzM, Gayla — 108 Ladd, Ted — 108 Landstad, Julie — 97 Lang, Carolyn — 102 Lanker, Marvin — 106 Larson, Gary — 106 Lasky, Loretta — 102 Lauro, Mary Ann — 100 Lawson, Betty — 108 Leal, Larry — 106 LeBlanc, Yvonne — 108 Leek, Kenny — 108 Lee, Wayne — 99 Leigh, Mike — 106 Lemke, David — 101 Linam, Michael — 100 ■ -104 Barbara— 97 Lobo, Lorraine — 104 Looney, Barbara — 97 Lo pp, Nancy — 103 ■ . -97 Luna, Lyd Lund, Mark — 98 Lunde, Janet — 107 Lyon, Patricia — 103 Lyons, Kilty — 97 Elizabeth — 108 Malo, Gail — 1 10 Malone , Mannell, Joanne — 97 " •108 Richard — 101 06 Moson, Don — 104 ' . ' -98 v 98 jl — 93 Ncu, Bob — 104 Nicolson, Carolyn — 98 Gory — 103 Noble, Cynlhio — 98 Noble, John — 102 in — 99 Odle, Dick— 108 Owen, Judy — 99 in — 99 Porker, Helen — 101 Patterson, Richard — 97 107 a— 106 -102 Perrymar 7 Pcstal, Peter — 109 Peterson, Hazel — 102 -1 10 ■j — 103 Buddy — 104 Ploskctt. Melvm — 98 Pollock, Archie — 96 Pool. Gwi - Porter. Corel — 97 Poles. Alvin — 106 Poller. Mmge — 103 104 la — 96 Ranker, Wa 01 Richards, Judith — 99 ia — 97 Robinson, Judy — 97 Roddom, Lmdo — 102 Roe. Johnene — 104 in — 97 Romeros, Ronold IC Ross, Diane — 103 -107 la — 105 -98 101 1 02 -108 Solbei i 100 ; " ; ' ' a. Rose 97 n — 107 Sondro — 109 101 Spraguc - Sprengi " Slofford, Pol — 101 Delorei — 101 —98 i — 100 Stevens, Lorry — 99 Ion — 99 Sleworf, Lee — 10? Still. Peg : Stoll, Bob— 98 Stone. Anne 109 :—l09 Stuart | Marie — 101 — 106 rd — 1 05 Taylor, Gary — 99 — 101 Thomos, Harnett — 110 Thomas, Johnn.e — 97 ■ ■ ■ Thornton, Mory — 105 Dione 109 Tolle. Starr — 105 Tower, Roy — 104 Townsc Doreen — 106 Trodd, Georgia — 106 Troeller, Carol — 106 Troeller, Jim — 106 Trowbr.c: :■ -98 -98 : — 108 96 Johnny — 108 — 102 ■ ' ■ 100 ■ ■• ' ■ r ■ • ' ■ : 11 1 -?itf " " The wisest thing is Time, for it brings everything to light. " —Tholes je-u l Student Bedu 114 Among the accomplishments under the active leadership of Bill Lee, Student Body President, were establishment of a student committee for planning assemblies, participation in a joint meeting with Anaheim student leaders for the discussion of inter-school activities, promotion of exchange assemblies, and launching of a public relations committee and traffic council. Bill stressed a positive attitude in leading a crusade for a cleaner campus and in revising the student body constitution. Ojjicefis XeJ fyu Elaine Kuchel Social Chairman Executive Board, composed of the eleven student body officers, met weekly to consider student body projects and activities. One of the major problems during the year was the revision of all school sponsored club constitutions. The executive board also supported such activities as the pre-Christmas and pre-Easter meditation services, the spring California Association of Student Councils convention, and the presentation of numerous awards for students outstanding in sports, scholarship, and extra-curricular activities. Serving on this executive branch of an active udent government were: (left to right] Bill Lee, Student Body President; Ken Bell, Boys ' Athletic Manager; Tom Bates, Boys ' League President; Judy Bouerlein, Girls ' League President; Jack Coale, Student Body Vice-President; Janef Hart, Girls ' Athletic Manager; Nancy Rapp, Student Body Secretary; Carolyn Cate, Annual Pleiades Editor; Dick Barnes, Weekly Pleiades Editor; Greg Guth, Student Body Treasurer; Elaine Kuchel, Student Body Social Chairman. executive BomJ 116 Student (Jouat The Student Court counseled students who had difficulty with school affairs. They stress while interpreting the student body constitution. The court ' s goal was to have student toward the school. Left to right: Louise Phelps, associate justice; Mike AAcReynolds, associate justice; Ruth Ki Guthrie, chief justice; Janice Holm, clerk; Ronnie Fujino, associate justice; Dick Moultrie, bailiff. (Not shown: Jackie Wagner, associate justice.) UijULi ' .Ht |U Jl ill 117 First row: Sharon Carmack, Linda Huff, Ju l i e_S_rmrlnvnl Inrpnrc Owens, Joyce Spaulding, Tom Fisher, Richard Sutherland, Dwain Mitchell, Dennis Kinnett, Bob Carter. Second row: Antonia Otero, iheresa Sambrano, Penny Guth, Jackie Good, Kathy Goodwin, Pat Jobe, Joanne Rapp, Doug Dalton, Gary Price, Buckey Hamilton. Third row: Pauline Umberson, Diane Hock, Jane Todd, Judy Adams, Myrna Magee, Elaine Hart, Ann Wildermuth, Celia Dilley, Francine Phillips, Kay Bonsey. Fourth row: Anna Bastady, Roberta McRoberts, Bonnie Klimpel, Sis Swenson, Lynne Butler, Alice Rippetoe, Bucky Murphy, Jeri Whitfield, Collie Wells. Fifth row: Margie Drake, Joanne Plegel, Linda Mills, Pat Hart, Julie Landstad, Suzanne Streech, Margie Shearer, Lana Layton. Sixth row: Roger Lee, Gene Ransom, Tom Robes, Carl Montgomery, Judy Robinson, Bill Maple, Judy Lillis, Jeanne Musgrave, Denny Napier, Jerry Wheeler. 118 Jack Coale, presiding officer. Conquest The Student Congress formed a link between the students and Executive Board, helped make and enforce rules concerning student conduct, obtained the opinion of the majority of the students on student government, and informed the students of the issues discussed at the meetings. Representatives were chosen from Story of Nations, English, U.S. History, Civics, and Senior Problems classes. First row Paddy Prescotr, Alice Rippetoe. Judy Bor Kay Bonsey Second row: Lynne B Crosswh.te. Dennis Snodgrass Sixth row: Dottie Robert-, 1 19 ytu l Jueaques Carmelita Smith — treasurer Judy Bauerlein, Girls ' League president, led her cabinet through a year of service projects, banquets, and con- ventions. The cabinet arranged activities such as the Big and Little Sister Party, Dad-Daughter Banquet, and assemblies for participation of all girls at Fullerton High. The cabinet also undertook the task of revising the League constitution to provide for better representation of all members. gilds ' Girls ' League Cabinet: (left to right) Claudia Thayer, Melinda Smith, Margie Clark, Janie Brumley, Jean Mattinson, Carolyn Dyer. {Not shown: Gay Laird.! OMvecl $6 Tom Bates — president eif$ Boys ot FU orgar mbers - ' r yeu i (pnnum Pleiades okfj Carolyn Cate — Editor Mickey Chuchua — Business Manager Dorothy Currul — Administration Mary Ann Fidel — Special Events Carol Lemberger — Art Editor Ronald Urban — Activities Marilyn Williams and Jo fberhardt — Classes Beverly Stodart and Marilyn Edmonds — Seniors. of w -node a final check Chuck Borlow — Advertising Helen Mata — Copy Editor Judie Johnson and Kenny Crosswhite and Tim Pangborn — PI ■ ° Dick Barnes- -Editor c %iouOi -J a J yOtM u tu LJ-J - Judi Jones, Orville Shaw, Gail Ross, Beverly Lowry Advertising Weekly Pleiades Skjj Left to right: Dorejia J3acon, Mike Cole, Pat Lemster, Larence Owens, Kirn Kaempher, Kay Armour, Mr. Paul, Judy Rockwell, Ed Dickinson, Margie Drake, Louise Sims (Page Editor), Valerie Watson, Susan Erlanger. Gary Guthrie, Pat Cole, Lynda Del Giorgio Page Editors ftefwufed jm S vents Weekly staff ' story. an interesting Reporters from thi to right): [ Kay ArmO 1 . Dickenson, Susan I :on, Larence Owens. :ting), Eddie nger, Valerie Watson. jneik Sfiintf in! • »S5aR? " " ' I jUffP " C ■H JT Mt . Jfc For the first time in longer than most of us could remember, Fullerton High hod an oil-male quartet of yell leaders. Their energetic urging, leops and gyrations stirred much enthusiasm. Left to right: Ronald Abernathy, Collie Wells, Maurice Rau, Bud Olson. The roily committee was in charge of all rallies and arousing team spirit. It was the first year ■ ' he rally committee hod been formed on campus os an officio! part of the student body. First row: Jackie lemke. Coryll Egerer, Maurice Rau, Bunny Henry, Pot Cole, Bud Olson. Second row: Jeff Scheel, Collie Wells, Ronald Abernathy, Noel Johnson, J. L. Wilkinson, Sandy Gorham, Kay Bonsey. « 126 Qncoub qeJ $eu Four vivacious song leaders were an importa ' I oorts events. Serving during the 1955-56 schoo jeathe iettes The Featherettes brought color and beauty to football games with their precision routines. They also appeared at the UCLA-Washington and USC-Notre Dame football games at the Coliseum, the Anaheim Hallowe ' en Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Santa Ana Christmas Parade, and the Disneyland Christ- mas Festival. First row: JoEllyn McAllister, LouiseSj s, Louise Phelps, Beverly Skjerve, Betty Potter, Ann Wildermuth, Janice Penn, Jane Hodges, Peggy Carline, Judy Rathman, Kay Kiker, Diane Fowler, Bunny Henry, Casey Cortez, Melome Bley, Melanie B|Ork, Judy Neil, Rosalie Hayes, Joyce Grammer, Dolores Taylor. Second row: Dee Knisley Morrison, Jeneane Spray, Mary Rogers, Joan Rapp, Joan Pepper, Sandra Spencer, Robin Randall, Edith Bullen, Deanna Auser, Bonnie Wolford, Ruth Knesant, Annette Kinney, Susan Rennecker, Sybil Younger, Susan Erlanger, Jo Good, Barbara Barrington, Ann Chesley. t 128 Left to right: Horlene Morris, Sharon Eokin, Judie Johnson, Dorlys Godding, Beverly Bernard, Myrno Mogee, Dawn Carroll. jwf Jwi ilek The Flagtwirlers entertained crowds at games and parades with clever routines and cute capers. J ' tahuiies Wynn Riggen Drum Major 129 jffl Wefie Qnteftkined V » • The orchestra had thirty-seven members including some Junior College students. They entertained at the Christmas Show, Youth Concert, Senior Play, District Festival at Newport Harbor, Regional Festival, and the annual high school concert. Don Rilea (Fullerton J.C.), Ann Olson, Lureen Dennison, Mary Jane Findley, Cheryl Anderson, Mark Lund, Judy Estes. Second row: Karen Booth, Nancy Bolton, Gary Nielson, Laura Lobo, Anne Bonar, Joanne Lunde, Mary Alice Mason (Ful- lerton J.C.). Third row: Alma Brumley, Jeanette Meyer, Joyce Spaulding, Carolyn Bird, Joanna McGaughy (Fullerton J.C.], Norma Beebower, Wynn Riggen, Bob Beebower. Fourth row: Carol Jenkins (Fullerton J.C.), Paul Gardner, Eddie Porath, Wayne Lancaster, Lois Watkins. Fifth row: Larry Lacey, Gary Sallee, Doug McHenry, Eddie Gould, Wendy Leander (Ful- lerton J.C.), Claudette Stanley (Fullerton J.C.). Ofidesifia (left to right): Leonard Dickey, Mack Thomas, Howard Pease, Kent Russell, John Sellmer, Steve Erwin, Eddie Gould, Marc Hangsleben, Larry Plaskett, Bob Neu, Curtis Deckert, Milton Anglin, Jerry Arnold. 130 Bu jheifi ( Music Among the many activities in which the 54 members of the band participated were home football games and rallies, the UCLA- Washington and USC-Notre Dome football games, Anaheim Hallowe ' en Parade, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Santa Ana Christmas Parade, Disneyland Christmas Festival, Buena Park High School Groundbreaking, Commencement, spring activities, annual concert, and the band assembly. Band First row: Howard Pease, Vickie Matthew, Arlene Maes, Sally Garcia, Lanny Stevens, Jim Mason, Carolyn Bird, Joyce Spaulding, Riley Stone, Beth Barnet. Janet Lunde, Jackie Crawford, Shirley Maise. Second row: Wynn Riggen, Sharon Bim, Roy Graham, Bob Beeson, Lois Watkins, Anne Bonar, LeeRoy Bowen, Lola Braden, Henry Fregoso, Mary Staffon, Janet Carrell, Tom Binckes. Third row: Kay Williams, Kent Russell, Bill Kendig, Ernest Pleiman, Leonard Dickey, Mack Thomas, Hilda Erwin, John Sellmer, Steve Erwin, Sherwood Morf, Jerry Corum, Ronnie Hyde, John Kirkpatrick, Doug Reed. Fourth row: Leland McCartney, Ann Sutherland, Mary Jone Findley, Curtis Deckert, Eddie Poroth. Milton Anglin, Jerry Arnold, Roger Blankmeyer, Larry Plaskett, Paul Gardner. Fifth row: Larry Lacey, Don Scholten. Roy Blackford, Marc Hangsleben, Marvin Sebourn, Ronnie Wiles, Eddie Gould, Tommy Worden. •• i First row: Teresa Edgar, Carolyn Hillhouse, Joyce Grammer, Arline Beeson, Sandy Weese. Second row: Nancy Heckman, Sonja Bums, Dionne Tinker, Eleanor Chacon, Vickie Corn, Cha.-lene Blunk, Margaret Keppler. Third row: Louise Sorrels, Bonnie Imus, Claudia Thayer, Bev McConaughy, Mae Allen, Stella Laney, Joanie Shore, Ruby Hill. Fourth row: Henry Cervantes, Norman Shadrick, Dennis Hopper, Horle Jones, Charlene Den us, Sharon Esterley, Jari Wildman, Jerry Gaulke, Dick Jones, Lee Schulz. Fifth row: Roselin Auer, Morgaret Barbar, Charlene Brewer, Beth Derby, Lynn Haver, Carolyn Kuhns, Beth Sturdivant. Kim Guyer, Ruth Martin, Linda Sohl, Linda Moore, Deonna Cla ' k. Sixth row: Jim Bya.d, Jim Enright, Larry McDonald, David Dowell, Richard Hyatt, Gary Mackjust, Norman Long, Dennis Brittain, Roberleigh Rittenhouse, Douglas Reed, Ronald Abernathy, Jerry Kimbrell, Fred Cooper. 132 C nce ii (Jnoin ■MU$ s; , Front row (left to right): L. Hoffstadt, D. Minarik. B. Feazel, P. Donhom Ledford, D. Phillips, M. Dixson, T. Lomeli. A. Discher, S. Adams. I. Hall ' R. Hayes, C. Skeen, J. Thomas, J. Forrest, M K. Steele, M. Byers, M. Cunningham, J. Holland, N Second row: J. Lancaster, C. Causley, S. Magnuson Kaump, I. Podilla, M. Theuref, D. Simcox, N. Duarte, L. Hebert. S. Patch, C. K.bbe ' A pl r oil u m ° 9 u ' n u " 1 ' A - BOn ° r ' °- Kne9er ' P - Mo ' ri5 ' L Prehiem - W - Alderson. M. Padilla. E. Hernandez A Da L; J T k rk I m T ' « c a c brOZ ' ? ky ' G ' Th ° maS ' C V,ckery ' Fou " h r0W: D - U P son ' J - Kimb ' el1 - D- McGaughron. A. Dailey, J. Moon, B. Jones, M. Neff. S. Starr, N. Johnson, M. Lindsey , J. Juhre, J. Grones, W. Eckels, Bennett, C. Bennett, First row: R. Bethel, F. Rist, D. McGarran, J. Richards, V. Naylor, J. Mannel, S. Steffes, B. Snapp, I. Schmidt, J. Brooks, J. Townsend, I. Wills, C. Byerrom, K. Bonsey, P. Prescott, T. Dalton, K. Dalton, P. Guth, J. Roe, S. Turner, S. Trowbridge. Second row: B. Roberts, M. Ryan, J. Oleson, J. Bouch - Adkisson, C. Moulding, B. Bender, B. Fry, C. Harrington, A. Granodo, H. Peterson, J. Messick, J. Owen, P. Still, D. Brownhill, C. Faciana, N. Colbu " Scheel, B. Perigan, A. Dolle, B. Boelter, M. Dumas, C. Ritzman. Third row- L. Ridgeway, L. Sorte, J. Biondo, B. Chn jn, K Hightower, P. Stockton I Donaldson, S. Barr, R. Hendricks, E. Broderson, S. Gorham, A. McDuell, K. Good, S. Grimm, J. Wilson, N. Mopre, B Hardman, J. Rapp. J Rothmann. D. Vasvary, G. Kuenzli, B. Geer, R. Spagnolo, S. Hubbard. Fourth row: P. Cooper, I. Howie, J. Fuller, L. Brown, ' B. Tutt e, J. Morris, J. Gootes. E. Harper J. Singleton, C. Mobley, P. Taylor, J. Greaver, M. Graybill, S. Klmgenberg, L. Laskey, L. Luna, D. Edgar, L. Pilchard, P. Hart, 8 B i •-. Kohlenberger, M. Anderson, L. Haslam. Fifth row: J. Williams, L. Waldron, J. Chavez, C. Talbot, E. Shaw, E. Kirker, J. Rogers, B. McCann. G M Pack, N. Cheatum, G. Trodd, M. Potier, H. Boyd, S. Anderson, M. Thornton, L. Showalter, S. Clour, P. Boydston, L. Trez.se, S. Kelly, S. Beyer. M. Tillman Sty ' (jhdiius I : irst row: R. Solesbee, B. Shirk, L. Kimboll, I. Lucas, R. Haxton, G. Farmer, P. Miranda, -. Rogers. Second row: R. Thompson, C. ?amirez, R. Elder, L. Robertson, D. Carter, X. Greek, B. Burton, G. Degler. Third row: ). Moores, T. Givens, B. Burchit, L. MacDon- 3lcT, J. Lynch, J. Arnold, J. Haas, J. Smith, I. Gill, J. Reece. oknt Jien 0 Sc mq Left to right: Ronnie Abernathy, Jerry Gaulke, Norman Shadrick, Lee Schulz, Dennis Hopper, Fred Cooper, Gory Mackjust. The Eight Men of Song, boys chosen from Concert Choir, gave many performances, sing- ing for assemblies, service clubs, P.T.A., churches and professional organizations. w$ Mello-aires sang for assemblies, church affairs, service clubs, professional organizations, and P.T.A. Dorlys Godding, organist, was sur- rounded by admirers. Left to right: Judy Thomas, Janice Holm, Leanne Preheim, Sylvia Starr, Barbara Bennett, Anne Bonar, Doris Krieger, Judy Forest. 1 Blue J eies The Bluenotes, a preparatory group for the Eight Men of Song, provided entertainment on several occasions. Members of Boys ' Chorus were eligible to try out for the group. Left to right: George Degler, Bill Burton, Bob Burchit, Larry McDonald, Jerry Arnold, Jim Lynch, Tim Givens, Dean Carter. ■L r Ml i m M l %| m ■ 1 ■H J 8 -k -- ± • ,c ft E ■H Many of you volunteered your time to clubs and organizations of your choice — and, in return, you gained fellowship and ex- perience in co- operative endeavor. 138 Inter-Club Council, com- posed of all club | • • and spon ICC. a book- I which will rst row: (left to right) Bill Lee, Janet art, Pat Hearne, Linda Kroeger, Tom ates, Mike Bailie, Judie Johnson. Second w: Cheryl Cone, Dick Barnes, Dale ripps, Jerry Fishel, Judi Bauerlein, Shene ;e Tarry. First row (left to right]: Linda Kroeger, Tom Bates, Judi Bauerlein, Pat Hearne. Second row: Georgia Goold, George Frye, Chuck Barlow, Kathy Evers. Third row: Barbara Hardman, Vee Ann Herbst. ICC. president was he ' staff were George I Shene Jnkn-Clul C $unc During the year the Varsity Club performed several services. They served of banquets, ushered at special events and offered assis- tance in the Olympic Fund Drive. Members elected Jerry Fishel as president of the Varsity Club. Other officers were Carl Pennington, vice-president; Larry Fishel, secretary; Larry Arroues, treasurer; and Don Mieger, sergeant-at-arms. March 16 was set by the Varsity Club as Olympic Fund Day, during which they campaigned for funds for the U. S. Olympic team. Tom Bates, Dick Barnes, Jack Mr. Tucker, Marshall Stenton, Fuiino. Brian Barrett, Larrv Moultrie. Will Wright, Don Armona Corona. Ronsko, George Smith, Larry Fishel, Larry Arroues, , Leroy Bowen, Grady Neal, Don Ketchem, Ronnie Watts, Carl Pennington. Bob Hezmalhalch, Dick Graybill, Jerry Fishel, Don Mieger, Sonny Owens, va isify (Jiui rfmtn Spanish III . Ken Cooorr Iml n Ann fV . Jim - ug Dolion. Cacyll Eger. ; ■ Ji»tk i B l ott, Joan Peppc Sondro ' ipps. Glc Dan McNamofo, Mite Busby, Anno Bostady, Fronces ■olds, Stephen Street. Don Adams. Bob Cudd. in Anderson, Jonet Burton, Joonn larsor -ob.n D07 ■ jn. Sue rumtejj Spanish IV rd, Doroth, lane. Pat Joyce. Mormon ■ incy Carlton, I son, Louro lobo, Nancy Ropp, Tom Henry, Chuck Barlow, Tone. Sfianish (J ui The Spanish Club, comprised of the third and fourth year Spanish students, practiced talking in Spanish on trips to Padua Hills, at the initia- tion dinner, and at other activities sponsored by the members known as " Los Tertulianos. " Lobo. 141 Left to right: Betty Miller, David Reynolds, Jim Campbell, John De Witt, Mary Jo Stumph, Carol Schnoor, Mickey Chauvin, Gary Spelbring, Jackie Bolton, Judy Leander, Jom Evans, Normon Hawkins, Tom Sugden, Vicki Mathew, Howard Pease 9-B e The Latin Club was very active during the year. After the initiation picnic came several parties and field trips. The club enjoyed learning more of the ancient Roman language and customs. Left to right: Bob Hill, Katie Rotherhom, Terry Guy, Cedra Clark, Jon Phetteplace, Ann Olson, Bill Jenisch, Linda Rossomme, Georgia Goold, Phill Perry, Jeanne Ross, Roger Kroeger, David Lidov, Eddie Max- well, Jon Stuhley, Phyllis Aeschliman. Juaiin (Jlui Georgia Goold served as Latin Club presi- dent. Other officers: Jon Stuhley, vice- president; Vicki Matthew, secretary; Nor- man Hawkins, treasurer. First row (left to right]: Lynne Barnes, Bob McNamara, Fred Serfas. Second Pilchurd, Maxme Dussault, Kothy Recho Hopper, and Melanie Bley, French Club president was Bob McNamara; vice-president, Wayne Armstrong; secre- tary, Lynne Barnes; treasurer, Gary Price. j bench (jlul The French Club promoted the study of the language and customs of France. The year ' s activities included potlucks and a combined party with the Latin Club. row to : - Glor Arro Bob Abb Joan Wright, Norman I ■ Stone, Jea First Semester Pleiads were: The Pleiad Society, a local chapter of the California Scholarship Association, chose Don Jacobson and T. Larry Watts as semester presidents. Serving as first semester officers were Gerow Reece, vice-president; Ann Olson, secretary; Richard Gregory, treasurer. Second semester officers were: Mike Harvey, vice-president; Barbara Phillips, secretary, and Phil Perry, treasurer. Nancy Anderson Deanna Auser Chuck Borlow Anna Bastady Dick Barnes Lynne Barnes Norma Beck Norma Beebower Ron Boettcher Robert Brown Jan_i£_Bminl y Susan Brunskill Janet Burton Catalina Cano Ruby Cox , Dorothy Currul Jo Eberhordt Glenda Eimers Sharon Esterley Susan Evans Phyllis Fink George Frye Pleiads Dorlys Godding Carl Gregory Richard Gregory David Hajny Tom Hajny Mike Harvey Norman Hawkins Pat Hearne Deanna Hickson Don Jacobson Jean Key Johnny Kizer Ruth Kriesant Linda Kroeger Lana Layton David Lidov Ed Maxwell Claudia McGlogan Doug McHenry Linda Neschke Bob Ogilvie Pat Oliver Ann Olson Barbara Phillips LeeAnn Potier Gerow Reece Elizabeth Robinson Joan Rose Delbert Scott Kay Selover Sam Shiflett Marguerite Shearer Carmelita Smith Joyce Spaulding Gary Spelbring Sylvia Starr Richard Stewart Ann Sutherland Sherie Lee Tarry Vesta Vanderpool Sherii Waldron William R. Watt Mildred Woods Second Semester Pleiads were: Life Member Pleiads were chosen from those who had been members for at least four semesters, one of which had to be in the senior year. Life Mem- bers were required to attend one district or regional convention and were awarded Seal Bearer ' s gold pins and gold seals on their diplomas. Life Mem- bers were Chuck Barlow, Dick Barnes, Norma Beck, Dorothy Currul, Susan Evans, Dorlys Godding, Linda Kroeger, Ed Maxwell, Nancy Rapp, Gerow Reece, Joyce Spaulding, Bill Watt ( . t ? ' • Cheryl Lynn Anderson Deanna Auser Chuck Barlow Dick Barnes Lynn Barnes Beth Barnet Barbara Barrington Judi Bauerlein Norma Beck Norma Beebower Nancy Berry Carolyn Bird Ronald Boettcher Julie Bouchier Robert Brown Robert Carter Nancy Cheatum Margie Clark Carolyn Cornell Ruby Cox Carol Crosswhite Dorothy Currul Marilyn DeSpain Leonard Dicky Glenda Eimers Susan Evans Mary Ann Fidel Mary Jane Findley Jimmy Huss Paul Gardner Dorlys Godding Georgio Goold Richard Gregory Sheryl Gregory Grenda Gronstrand Terry Guy David Hajny Mike Harvey Norman Hawkins Sharon Hayes . VeeAnn Herbs? - t Deanna Hickson Sharon Hinderliter Beverly Iverson Don Jacobson Dennis Kinnett Linda Kroeger David Lidov Norman Long Joan Lunde John Maschino Ed Maxwell Claudia McGlogan Douglas McHenry Sandra McReynolds Anne Meador Valerie Michel Bob Ogilvie Patricia Oliver Philip Perry Barbara Phillips Francine Phillips Sharon Petke James Radford Nancy Rapp Gerow Reece Sandra Reynolds Elizabeth Robinson Joan Rose Kent Russell Forest Scandrett Marguerite Shearer Sam Shiflett Connie Skeen Janet Smith Joyce Spaulding Sylvia Starr Anne Stone Jon Stukley Ann Sutherland Ronald T obi n Bill Watt Larry T. Watts Marilyn Wakoski Mildred Woods Terry Wylie Members of the Key Club, a service organization, served the community on Kids ' Day and ushered at sev- eral school activities. The Key Club- bers strived for high standards in all phases of endeavor. Vf $ u Key Club o " sd wos the Beoch- The Key Club members for 1955-56 were left to right, first row: Chuck Barlow, Richard Stewart, Tom Henry, Bob McNamara, Dick Barnes, Mike Cole. Second row: Marshall Stenton, Tom Bates, Dennie Napier, Bill Lee, Bob Ogilvie, Greg Gufh. Third row: Jim Enright, Orris Anson, Pat Hearne, Kent Pembroke, Mike McReynolds, Mike Bailie. Fourth row: Maurice Rau, Don Wilson, Gary Guthrie. ■ 145 Serving os FHA president wos Cheryl Cone. Other officers were Lucy Pizzo, vice-president; Jeannie Lewis, secretary; Gayle Christensen, treasurer. juiufie pomemanefis Future Homemakers learned helpful hints for future domestic careers. Left to right: Sis Swenson, Judy Roynor, Jeannie Lewis, Suonne Blair, Sylvia Estrada, Twilo Fer- guson, Lucy Pizzo, Pauline Urn- berson, Joanne Plegel, Cheryl Cone. 146 T " ■f ' l flfl L__ » ■ iff lii Left to nqht: Jc Joe Roche. B juiuu jafimefis Left to -enn,s Elbe. Allen Seyler, Jomes Sharp, R, chard Hoxtor Taylor n President of the Future Farmers wi Crist. Other officers were Richard Hax president; George Spain, secretary; McFadden, treasurer. Barry Tom 147 The campus speech club brought home many trophies from debates and speech tournaments. jefremics Eddie Maxwell served as Forensics presi- dent, Delberr Scott as vice-president, Donna Schewe as secretary, and Suzanne Streech as treasurer. Left to right: Richard Klepper.teob Carter. Eddie Gutzmonn, Larry Watts, Tom Bates, Judy McKenny, Pat Hearne. Left to right: Eddie Gutzman, Larry Watts, Judy McKenny, Pat Hearne. Commercial Club memt voted time to inc i knowledge of II i wofld_AL_- . uli H V gham, Robin - First and second semester presidents were Sherrie Lee Tarry and Ve e .Ann H eibu— Other officers: Judy Raynor, vice-presi- dent; Judy Rockwell, secretary-treasurer,- Ann Daily, social chairman. First row, below: Esther Wright, Judy Quigley, Betty Torres, Connie Skeen Second row: Doris Fupno, Linda Pullm, Ardath Ong. Nancy Johrn 3 ' meficial % First row, below: Louello Ellis. Carole Nelson. Bobbie McConn, Elso Second row Larry McDonald. Terne Kochiyoma. lydia Rubio, Corolyn Kuhns, and Dennis Vender Zyl. r«-N | Left to right: Mrs. Randall, Mary Ann Barber, Nancy Germer, Elsa Kieker, Judy Wholly, Kathy Rebo, Barbara Pharris, Cedra Clark, Ann Olson, Sandra Kahl, Gayle Christensen, Grenda Gronstrand. Left to right: Kim Guyer, Sandra Schnell, Harlene Morris, Janie Brumle y , Val erie Arrou es, Judy Cox, Sally Foster, Carolyn Kuhns, Nancy AdkTnson, Jackie Good, and Joyce Spaulding. if o The tall teens elected Sue Mitchell to the office of president. Other officers were Va lerie Arroues, vice-president; Joyce Spauld- ing, secretary,- Nola Phillips, treasurer, Diane Hock, social and publicity chairman. 150 Those girls who were 5 feet 8 inches or over were eligible to join Teen Toppers. Among their activi- ties was their annual fashion show. Girls partici- pating were (left to right): -Carol Re«d, Ga J£_-CHm- tensen, Nancy Prior, Diane Hock, Judy Bauerlein, 5ue Mitchell, Harlene Morris, Mary Ann Barber, Barbara Bennett, Valerie Arroues,. Carolyn Ransdell, Kim Guyer, Joyce Spaulding. ( Big F members joined in the activities of the year with a potluck. The organization was an honorary one for girls active in sports. Big F president - was Kathy Evers. Other officers were Judie Johnson, secretary, and Margaret Johnson, treasurer. 13 iq j The advisers enjoyed themselves too Advisers shown ore Elvo Swoffer and Ruth Scott. Left to right: Susan f Prior, ' Kathy -Evers Carolyn ■ Marg ' aref Johnson. Sharon S Liz Hart, Dorothy Rapp, Janet H J S I tf-9 President of the North Orange County Hi-Y was Chuck Barlow. Other members of the council were Bob Abbott, vice-president; Jack Ronsko, secretary; Bill Maple, treasurer; Mike Quirk, chaplain. Working in behalf of the Y pledge To create and maintain high standards of Christian Character, " the members ' activities included three banquets (the Hi-Y Faculty, the Father-Son, and the Mother- Son Banquets), and several school and community functions. Of special interest was the annual Easter trip. Don Greybill, president of the Ful lerton Pharaoh Senior Hi-Y. c George Frye, president of the La Habra Viking Senior Hi-Y. Dale Cripps, president of the Fullerton Sultan Junior Hi-Y. Jim Campbell, president of the Ful- lerton Gallahad Sophomore Hi-Y. 152 Bob Carter, president of the Fuller- ton Trojan Freshman Hi-Y. 9-% eens over-all Y-Teen cabinet was Linda Kroeger. Other officers of the aiding vie. si retaryi Bonnie Klimpel, treasurer, and Nancy Chose, . chairman. Dedicated to Christian living, the Y- Teens worked many hours on service projects for the community. Y-Teens, an organization of the Y.W.C.A., was open to all high school girls. Its members strived to set a good example by their purposeful living and high ideals. Judie Johnson, senior Y-Teen president Mary Ledesma, sophomore Y-Teen president Barbara Hardman, junior Y-Teen president Carole Troeller, freshman ■sident 153 ■MS! i Conservative, but new and interesting, was the Chess Club. President was Den- nis Kinnett. Left to right: Norman Hawkins, Dennis Kinnett, Bill Jenisch, Richard Jennings, Mr. Bell, odviser. (Jhessnuts President of the Rifle Club was Tom Meyers. In his cabinet were Steve Brown, vice-president; Larry Guard, sec- retary, Richard Lutz, treasurer. ftijle (Jlul Marksmanship made its debut as a new sport at F.U.H.S. The Rifle Club improved skill and stimu- lated interest in the sport. Pictured above, left to right: Marvin Lanker, Glenn Hall, Larry Boives, John Dean, Warren Ranker, Frank Schmidt, Tom Meyers, Larry Guard. pro- tess.on Left to right: Carleen Simonsor choir, Janet Nason. Joyce Spauld.ng juiufie jeacmfis Heading the club as president was Ken Soren- son. Others elected were Margie Kroeger, vice- president; Barbara Phillips, secretary; and Nancy Warburton, treasurer. First row (left to right): Janie Brum- ley t Janet Burton, Loanna Ramsey, Larry Plaskett, Nancy Warburton, Francine Phillips. Second row: Caro- lyn Sanderson, Tony Fayton, Janet Ann Block, Barbara Phillips, Joyce Smith, Norman Hawkins, Mary Spaulding. Third row: Margie Kroeger, Ken Sorenson. The Photography Club members leorned much about their hobby and perhaps their career. Left to right: Elwood Blackburn, Jon Phetteplace, Jim Holbrook, Georgia Goold, Tom Evans, Gerald Muzio, Ken Crosswhite, Diane Fowler, Pal Joyce, Curtis Balston, Johnny Willioms. Melvin Williams, Robert Carter, Mr. Spitler. P ioio [tut ■ woi Jon Phr ' 155 i imimiiiiiiii The Bunsen Burners, F.U.H.S. science club, held several inter- esting meetings in order that they might learn more about science. Upper left (left to right): John Frick, Richard Crapo, Peter Lev, Norman Hawkins, Marylynn Lawrence, Barbara Lowe. Below ( left to right): Blair Wilkinson, Bob Beebower, John Kohlenberger, Lee Roy Bowen, Don Adams, Judy Leander, Don Jacobson, Gerald Muzio. President Curtis Deckert made the science year interesting by planning excellent field trips. Other officers were Betty Barwick, vice-president, and Marylynne Lawrence, treasurer. A Zr Officers of the Aviation Club ; . rJ were Brian Gorham, president; jcJ ) jj Tom Jasper, vice-president; and I —Ji b nr if riiiU, secretary. ■ The Aviation Club was open to all students interested in any phase of aviation. Members were Don Buckland, Dale Cripps, Rich Garner, Brian Gorham, Lewis Harper, Don Hastings, Jerry Hill, Tom Jasper, Darrel Ladd, Lanny Lucero, Bob Nelson, Phil Nickel!, Dick Parrath, David Reynolds, Wayne Robertson, James Robirds, Fred Ross, Phylfis Searight, Larry Shephard, Gerald Smith, Dennis Snodgrass, Bud Swenson, Carrol Sylvia, DensM Turner, Henry Welch, and Rocky Wylie. tffvkiwi (jlul The Ice Roger ■ Penny Webster was the Ice Caps ' first presidenr. Other officers were Pat Pabra- zinsky, vice-president; Dorothy Kay, ser retary; Jerry Kimbrell, treasurer. Jce C a fa Pabra- • ' orleen Simonson, Sharon Sharon Linda Huff, Sylvia Starr Left to right: Dick Moultrie, Sheila Sut- phen, Lee Clovis, Louise Phelps, and Mickey Chuchua. GtanMsjifMnqs were Jack Eskelson, vice-president, Oearine Sdlesen, secret ' . Chuchua. neon 01 Lcm- The Drama Club, composed of students with interest in acting and theatrical work, performed on numer- ous occasions. Drama Club members enjoyed a play and returned home by bus. The elected president and staff worked hard pro- moting club events. They were Dee Manning, presi- dent; Ken Sorenson, vice-presideptr Carol Adams7 Patsy Smales, treasurer: — — Serving as officers of the Thespians were Dee Manning, president; Ken Sorenson, vice-president, ■ ■Carat- AillllIlL,— I.J)i.l S Patsy Smales, treasurer and Nancy Smales, re corder. The Thespians, a local chapter of the National Thespian Socii were the special honor students in the Drama Club. Members were Nancy Smiil ii — fioi) Abbott, Patsy Smales, Jackie Wagner, Dee Map rTng Caro[_ «ioms, Dee Montgomery, and Ken Sorenson. 158 ■ j I • A 1 ,, frig a ojieekl Cvenis % 162 Rosi Rodriguez, popular for her friendly smile and charming personality, was queen during your 1955 Homecoming. Rosi served as Spanish Club president and was Homecoming attendant in her junior year. im , , • ! k — M — Becky CI corted b ' jnt, was es- Koy B 163 wmum JV SK ? _ « Decoroted in aquo and brown, the dance had a picturesque setting of Autumn Leaves. " jeu Welcmea tfjlumm, (Jm leJ yam fawned jam fyplty Over 900 students ond alumni danced to the music of Hal Lomans band. Those attending enjoyed seeing Rosi escorted by Manuel Sandoval and Jerry Fishel, co-captains of the football team. " l 164 Your Homecoming assembly carried out the theme of a radio show of the ' Thirties. Among participants were Marcia Muller and Judy Kimbrell. jeam k viciMy, ■jrning alumni attended vorioi Dinner, School Offices Lunc Open House, 1930 Class Reun.on, pictured above. Rosi, attended by her court, was crowned queen by President Bill Lee. 165 r Beachcmletis flad rf Ball Decorated and sponsored by the Key Club, the Beachcombers ' Ball was one of the happiest dances of t he year, with Keith Williams ' band playing many novelty and mixer dances. Those attending chose Jackie Lemke and Bud Olson as the girl and boy ideal to be marooned with on a desert isle. " 168 A South Sea island complete with treasure chest and tropical bird was the center of attraction to the couples os they entered through a palm -covered passageway. The 1956 Sock Hop was called the January Jump, " In a contest for the t by Diane Hopkins, and Nancy Rapp and Tom Strathman (F.J .C.) won first place in rsl place in the stag divn : vision. flanuatof fumfi ' was a Sock f ofi " d played ce and en- oecialties such as the Mexican Hat Dance, ' ' shown above. ■ 169 The gi rls try to get rid of their embarrassing safety-pockets, but they are promptly returned by the helpful admiral. Dick, on his first meeting with Emily, finds her struggling into a life-jacket. The Senior Class of 1956 presented " Our Hearts Were Young and Gay " as the annual play. Written by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough, it is the hilarious story of two live-wire American girls on their first trip abroad. They seem to have a knack for getting into trouble, and their unusual solutions to their problems provided a humorous and enter- taining evening for all who attended. 170 The daring Leo boldly kisses Cornelia a fond good-bye. ' eniois Mti jieatifs an ■j casi Steward .... . . r ,. ... Dick Fontaine Mrs. Skinner r, c , _ . _ Donna S Come ha Otis Skinner Roberta McRoberfJ Otis Skinner ... . r .. Wayne Armstrong Emily Kimbrough ... , , . ... a Jackie Wagner Purser old Bob Brown Stewardess . . ■ „ r— — ; v_ itttinaa Kro_gaer Dick Wirrfers . .). . . " F - _JJ- — ,Leo Deragisc ActmTfaTTr . . . . T -rrTr — Bob Beeson Harriet St. John . n a Dee Manning Winifred Blaugh Sis SwensQn Le0 McEv °V Henry Welch lns P ector Susan Francis Therese Sylvia Estrada Madame Elise Deanna Montgomery Monsieur De La Croix Johnny Ki2er W.ndow Cleaner Freddie p ad|Na ■ Bucky Murphy and Louise Skelton danced to Lovebug. " jeuft jalent Was Pantomimes were popular acts. Shown obove is one done by Janice Penn and Dawn Carroll. Dennis Hopper and Harley Jones sang for you at many assemblies throughout the year, and also entertained at some of the dances. . . . for your entertainment, and, as an ac- tivity to lessen inter-school rivalry, exchange assemblies were introduced. You were en- tertained by talent from Newport and Ana- heim, and in turn traveled to their schools and presented your talent to them. Members of the show and of the assembly committee planned and rehearsed for the Anaheim Talent Show. 172 V 1 .• J There was dancing to records for those who didn ' t wish to play the games or who were waiting for equipment. Pl i niqnt Was jun! at on There were four ploynights thr ougho. I ond bod- minion was a popular sport of all of them. Volleyball, the game most played at the playnights, was available to the greatest number of players and was lots of fun. fi Planned and presented by the Y-Teens, the 1956 Christmas Formal sparkled with red and white decorations as you danced down a " Snowflake Lane. ' ' % jouli je ima! was Jn 1A . , fit ' i f 4 w v WA ■ JL Each couple brougl I plciced it c e or unci omwjlwe Jjane 99 jau y)anceJ an J ponced Listening to the music of Hal Lomen ' s band were students and returning alumni at the annual Homecoming dance. 176 Boys were caught by the black magic " of the girls, for a Girl-Date dance held on Friday the thirteenth. During the week before the dance, the boys were in their glory as, for a nickel, they could get any girl to carry their books. Those attending had free run of the park; the castle, in Fantasyland, provided a make-believe setting. J • »A All the rides were open unril ten, including o river cnjiM on the Mark Twoin. " JM pHom on Cam was at fysneu anJ T The Junior-Senior Prom wos held at Disneyland and was one of the mos and different dances of the year — truly, you felt. The Greatest Pre The lovely J. L. Wilkinson and the handsome Tom Pud " Moore were oresenfed in the Annual Pov Wow Assembly and were crowned af the Pow Wow Dance held on May 4. i, ym psw Wew fyifalty Was P iesented Trish Dolton, freshman attendant, was escorted by Robert Carter, Freshman Class vice-president. 178 Deanne Sillesen, senior oitendant, was escorted by Bud Swenson, Senior Class i IB « r Dot Moore , |unior . 179 The 1956 Pow Wow royalty and their escorts, were (left to right) Robert Carter, Trish Dal ton. Dot Aftoo re Bob Ogilvie, J. L. Wilkinson, Tom " Pud " Moore, Dearine Sillesen, Bud Swenson, Dale Reno, and Robin Randall. The competition was keen and the campaigning enthusiastic as the election day for Pow Wow royalty approached. Shown above are some students as they went to the polls to cast their votes. 180 Well known around campus for his friendliness, the happy Bob Speedy ' Gonzales was chosen as Willie Ugh of 1956 Pow Wow. With black masks carrying out the theme of featured the music of the popular Jerry Fieldu public. 3 1 Pow Wov. )y stud ' ' I you were in class and the campus was deserted. 182 . . . you battled the lunch line at the candy store or in the cafeteria Was $Mm 8 fa 3 . . . gathered your books after afternoon classes . . . hurried to your en 000 . stuffed your books into your lew • 183 C ' W ' 3 40 Ron Fujino Quarterback ! w fie Tom Bates Right Guard All-Sunset League 76 |S Jim Young Tackle A2 % . ,«? fc Jerry Fishel Halfback Co -Captain + 2U Larry Fishel Fullback Co -Captain iJmitif wilm $ r % 8W83 186 Oris Anson Halfback Dick Moultrie End Carl Pennington End v77 Manuel Sandoval Tackle Co -Captain All-Sunset League The ' 55 varsity team showed spirit and en- thusiasm throughout the season. The team won four games, lost four, and tied one. Sonny Owens End 47 ■ C5eorge Halfback Armond Corona 80 ' Guard 4. V Dewey Landry Fullback V m Bob Hezmalh Fulll 78 (i9 A . fj m First row-. Don Sholten , Robert Hezmalhalch, Sonny Owens, Armond Corona, Larry Watts, Manuel Sandoval, Jerry Hill, John Leigh, Dick Moultrie, Jerry Fishel, Carl Pennington. Second row: Orris Anson, Jim Young, John Moore, Bill Lindow, Mike McReynolds, Don Meiger, Chuck Warner, Jim Babylon, Roger Stull, Don Bell, Will Wright. Third row: Roger Montiel, Herb Naake, Charles Hatzenpillar, Bob Beeson, Mike Millar, Brian Gorham, Ray Smith, Angelo Casserino, Curtis Cole, Akio Okabe, Tom Bates. Fourth row: Gilbert Kelly, Gary Tovan, Bilf Peairs, Coach Bush, Larry Fishel, Coach Tucker, Mike Jewett, Ron Fujmo, Dewey Landry, Robert Gonzales, Carl Balston. J A great help to the Varsity team were Gilbert Kelly and Carl Balston, the managers. - : 3» Discussing plans for the varsity team were Coaches Gil Tucker and Jim Bush. An explosive crowd witnessed the rival game between Fullerton and Anaheim. 188 J t uaasm 1 ' :. :-: ; O Fullerton 7 13 Downey Fullerton 13 . ' . ' . Fullerton 6. . 28 N( Fullerton 14. . Fullerton 30. Fullerton 0. Fullerton 29 Fullerton 2. . 189 The band. Yell and Song Leaders, and Flag Twirlers were full of pep as they welcomed the team back on the field after halftime conference. Sonny Owens, always dependable at end position, closed in for the tackle. Ron Fujino, who adequately filled the quar- terback position for Jim Norton, planned strategy with Coach Tucker. Flynn, Anaheim halfback, mode a small gain before being brought down by Fullerton ' s strong defensive line. 1 Vi Basketoall First row: Kenny Worley, Bob Brison, Carl Pennington, Pete Long ' V Andres Garci aAjim Adorns. Second row: Coach Valentino, Marshall Stenton, Eddie Garnsh, Kent Pembroke. Hank Ashbaugh, Les Renck, Jerry Choate, Tom Botes, Phil Nickell. Coach John Valentino The Varsity team enjoyed a successful season. Tying for first place in Sunset League competi- tion with Newport, they advanced into C.I.F. playoffs and won their first game with Oxnard 53 to 52. They lost their second to Redlands. 192 Captain Pete Long was voted by the Orange County News Service the most valuable player of the year. ill Stcnlon i Baseml First row: Mike Morehouse, Jerry Wheeler, Red Atkinson, Jerry Choate, Mike Jewett, Tom Henry, Dick Vaughn, Don Meiger, Gary Bouton. Second row: Coach Valentino, Jerry Fishel, Carl Pennington, Kent Pembroke, Jim Norton, Larry Fishel, Tim Pangborn. The Varsity squad again during the ' 56 season fielded a championship-caliber team, maintaining Fullerton High ' s out- standing record in baseball. t lo the 56 Vo ' ' . who woited his turn ot bot Kent Pembroke owoited his chance 10 base. Action was lively ot one of at Amerige pork. 195 tJUMtt First row: Don Buckland, Will Wright, Sonny Owens, Armond Corona, Jim Enright, Doug Hankins, Ron Fujino, Chuck Warner, Gary Tavan, Dick Moultrie, Ron Tobin, Clyde Fisher. Second row: Orris Anson, Dick Barnes, David Dowell, Larry Arroues, Bob Hezmalhalch, Carlos Barrera, Jim Wangrud, Dwayne Sherman, Bill Peairs, Jim Young, John Kaylor. Third row: Curt Cole, Bob McDuell, Jerry Babineau, Bill Flesch, Doug Krabbe, Mike McReynolds, Dick Knight, Dwaine Mitchell, Ron Hendra, Bob Lindow. Fourth row: Ronnie Anderson, Bob Beeson, Stan Cline, Jim Bacon, Dave Dowling, Bill McCauley, Bob Lutschg, Grady Neal, Bud Olson, Bob Foringer, Jim Wienn. Fifth row: Terry Guy, Don Vail, Curtis Balston, Woody Hauler, Bob Smith, Dave Ketchem, Dewey Landry, Tom Bates, Manuel Sandoval. Sixth row: Pat Burns, Walter Dozier, Ronnie Hyde, John Aderman, Akio Okabe, " Tom Robles. Seventh row: Coach De Groot, Coach Jim Bush, Coach Gil Tucker, Dave Barr, Gil Kelley, Pud Moore. After winning the Sunset League title in ' 55 the Varsity team was out again in ' 56 to regain the crown. The Varsity had many outstanding runners including Sonny Owens in the hurdles and Grady Neal in the mile. Grady Neal, Sonny Owens, and Larry Arroues were the captains. Ors Anson and Will 440-yard dash m ! Carlos Borrera skimmed the bar In h.gh lump compt- »• 3 The gun. as the starters awaited the crack ol 197 ije enms First row: Bill Klaustermeyer, Bill Watt, Ken Cooper, George Spa John Anderson, David Knight. Second row: Coach Lingenfelder, Marshall Stenton, Brian Barrette, 1K : ■1 - ' ■ Coach Lingenfelder The Varsity team was strong for its size during the 56 season, with six seniors on a team of nine. It was Coach Lingenfelder ' s first year at Fullerton High. Brian Barrette, captain, served for the Indians. 198 ,1 i George Spain, men squad, battle for a lead displayed fine boc os Coach Linqei t?Taer looked on. leom spent many extra hours game. Y 199 owii wmmmq First row: Ned Kisner, Jack Ronsko, Ronnie Degler, Jerry Hill. Second row: Denny Smoot, Gary Abbott, Dennis Brittain. Again during the ' 56 season the Varsity team won meets and broke many of the standing rec- ords. Among record breakers were Ronnie Degler and Ned Kisner. ; M U ' M-L ' ,.1 ■iiilfi = l ; ii i f ' ci i -- rr» ; -- ' i«Mr ■««-.-■ ' r-rmmmw m » . m M i m m • 4 ■ I ■ i ■ .»■ it • r« V«-1«Ha ■ ■n -»lu l .|i»ini •■■rr»»M T " ir lllljrr rr ' iMivi— irr- -i-r- ' unin Watching a meet from vontage points, the Fullerton leon members soaked up the sun. IIJ flfliiiH ' TT At the crack of the starter ' s gun it was every man for himself as they sworn for first place. 201 I First row: Jack Ronsko, Gary Guthrie, Dennis Brittain, Richard Decker, Bob Abbott, James Bacon, Denny Smoof, Greg Guth. Second row: Jack Eskelson, John Mayfield, Rocky Wylie, Ronnie Degler, Bill Watt, Gerald Smith, Ned Kisner. K!= Coach Arth ended the 55-56 season with one Orange County League Champion- ship and two second places. Possessing nearly all Senior players, the Varsity team earned a spot in the C.I.F. playoffs, by winning six of their eight games. They took second place in the Orange County Conference, total- ing 201 points to their opponents 100. m i Bill Berry and Dennis Brittain, Managers. 202 Top scorer for ■ for the tribe. S r 2F Denny Smoof, who gave a fine performance d terpolo se- teammates. Ned Kisner, co-captain of the varsity ream, was also voted most valuable player •m s « s -V 1 (Jitoss C nito First row: Blaine Wilkinson, Jack Enright, Rich Garner, Larry Arroues, Grady Neal, LeRoy Neal, Ron Tobin, Jim Ennght, Leonard Neal Dick Barnes, Gene Renner. Second row: David Baron, Don Ketchem, Larry McDonald, George Spain, Tom Reid, Don Buckland, John De Witt, David Good, Larry Porter, Jim Reece. Third row: Gil Kelley, Dwayne Basham, Cliff Eaves, Jeff Burris, Bob McDuell, Bill, McCauley, Chuck Warner, Dave Ketchem, Armond Corona, Coach Bush, Mike Quirk, Jim Motron, Dick Hyatt, Dick Guglielmana, Doug Hankins. The Varsity cross country team took top honors in the ' 55 season. They placed first in the Sunset League. Setting the pace for the home team on all courses were the co-captains, Grady Neal and Larry Arroues. Neal broke the school and league records by running Huntington Beach course in 8:59.8 which knocked 5.2 seconds off the record which he already held. PP Setting the pace in the Orange meet are co-cap- tains Arroues and Neal. J. v. , Bee an J [ee J y M Coach Skain and Coach Waite who tutored the jayvees. ■ John Stonebarger and Richie Watt were the co- captains for the jayvee team. The 55 junior varsity team placed second in league standing, winning four, tying one and losing two games. They revealed good future varsity potential. ■S a - . £t a Front row: Tom King, John Harrimon, Fritz Zwick, Don Vail, Larry Hensley, Mike John, Richie Watts, John Stonebarger, Dwain Mitchell, Jim Wangrud, James Simonsen, Bush, Dick Knight, Doug Hankins, Doug Krabbe. Second row: Terry Brown, Bob McDuell, Angelo Casserino, Archie Causland, Walter Dozier, Bob Brown Robert Hendro, Tom Meyers, Harry Nielsen, Ray Smith, Paul Baxter, Stan Cline, Bob Burns. Third row: Bob Lutschg, Willie Klink, Gary Gray, Bill Malone, Gary Coffman, Curt Cole, Mike McReynolds, Mickey Cochran, Bob Lathrop, Bruce King, Clyde Fisher, Tom Moore, Ross Albergo, Dick Skain, Brad Waite. Bee jeetiall ' ' • ' First row: Lee Jewert, Richard Holgum, Bob McNamara, Bill Smith, John Machmo, Lee Garlitz, Bob Wott, Gary Price, Roy Graham, Manager. Second row: Coach Smaha, Dick Guglielmana, Eddie Bach, Alfred Owens, Dale Reno, Ed Briscol, Tim Givens, Freddie Padilla, Bob Boy Carlos Ba ' rera, John Williams. Third row: Matt Wehn, Herschel Bowser, George Scherotter, Jack Virgil, Don Sharp, Mike Busby, Terry . Tom Hainy, Buck, Horn-: Die!; Davis, Larry Pickering, Lorry Guard, Jim Byard, Bill Janson, Bob Porter, Jerry Bobmeau, Steve Ellis, Terry Hufl rl Morton, Fullerton 26 6 Downey Fullerton 6 20 Whittier Fullerton 45 Newport Fullerton 13 Huntington Beach Fullerton 41 Orange Fullerton 6 20 Anaheim Fullerton 32 Garden Grove •igs. (jee jwiiml Coach Gibby and Coach Lingenfelder discussed pros- pects for the approaching game with Anaheim. Cee co-captains for the game between Fullerton and Orange were Dick Homiczewski, quarterback, and Steve Myracle, left halfback. Steve was voted .nost valuable player of the year for the Cee team. One of the most successful teams to appear on the Fullerton gridiron was the ' 55 team. Losing only one game, they finished the season with the Sunset League championship. First row: Tom Stuart, Steve Myracle, Bruce Carlson, Dennis Fox, John Thomas, Robert Reece, George Spain, Carl Gregory, Raymond Duncan, James Hill, Phil Perry, Dick Homiczewski, Ronald Gamble, Mike Morehouse. Second row: Larry Thompson, Gary Hobbs, Mike Hay, Charles Singleton, David Lemke, Sherwood Morf, Donald Stuart, James Waites, Gordon Allen, Jesse Hutchings, Gene Perkins, J. L McColri ' ick, Gary Guglielmana. Third row: Coach Lingenfelder, Dwayne Phelps, Augustine Melendez, Forrest Scandrett, Jim Cornwall, Ted Giwoff, Vern Smith, Irving Brownlee, Jim Sorenson, Robert Feemster, Panta Lomeli, Ronald Romeros, Raul Montoya, Jerry Moores, Coach Gibby. $. v. Baskiiall First row: Michael Morehouse, Wayne DuBoise, Butch Moore, Jerry Wheeler, Don Bell, Denny Napeir. Second row: Coach Valentino, Dan Cornwell, Leonard Tower, Bob Smith, Pot Kelley, John Anderson, Fritz Zwick, Bill Pearce, Dick Enright The lunior Varsity team took first place honors in Sunset League competition for the second consecutive year. Diet ' Ennghf, captain ■ of the game 209 Coach Ray Lawyer discussed plans with Captain Mike Jewett and Manager Dan Sharp. First row: Mike Jewett, Mike Busby, Lee Garli z. Jack Bixby, Steve Myracle. Second row: Gary Larson, Gary Read, Ed Br coe, Roger Stull, Cliff Lowry, Gary Price, Carlos Barrera, Scott Perley. Bee Bmnemll C B z$ et6al! rst row: Tom Reid, Don Kctchem, Bill Janson, Gory Price, Agns Agrums, Ken Worley, Scott Perley, Earl Morton, David Scheesley. Second row: Jon Krogsrud, Jack Ennght, Jor Lynch, Roy Blackford, Lorry Pickering, Johnr Armstrong. Third row: Richard Hyatt, Terry Huffrr Babineou, Jeff Crabtree, Tom Meyers, Holguin, Butch Moore, John Royer, fourth row: Eddie Bach, Ed Briscoe, Jil Richie Watts, George Scherotter, Freddie Podilla, Angelo Cos- sermo- Fifth row: Coach De Groot, Coach Bush, Coach Tucker, Dave Barr, G.I Kelly. jrner, Jerry hard Larry McDonald cleared the bar at 1 1 feet. C j flock Bee jfiacn n «L ,H V -v ley, j " rong, and Roy Blac- The Cee team, as the Bees, were expected to place high in E League competition. Two o outstanding runneis were Steve Myracle and Bob MclMomn I ,n lorry Porier, LcRoy Neol. Dole R no Bob Porter, Bob McNamara, Roy Duncan, Al Gr ■ I jguitln Mclende . Roy lohn Colionni, Dovid Good. LeRoy Brownlee, Roger Robcrl Baron. . urson, DkV Ho " irl Gregor, ' npbell. Don Gibson. m , Leonard D.ck.y. Jerry Moore.. Don Sharp. ,«h, Coach Tucker, Tom Borr. Gil Kelley. $. v. Baseiall I S Captains Al Owens, and Don Bell Coach Wrightson The Junior Varsity squad, composed of nearly all sophomores and juniors, gave competitive teams a hard workout. F l ;w: Mike Cloy, Jack Bixby, Mike Busby, Al Owens, Kent Hooper, Ray Ward, Bill Burton, Tim Givens, Roy Tower. Second row: Jim Robinson, Garland Doss, Don Audet, Phil Spray, Terry Brown, Bobby Counts, Roger Stull, Tom King, Don Bell, Jim Sims, Rich Lixotte. 212 K enms First row: Andrew Klein, Jon Stukley, Phil Nickell, Jim Shipkey, leroy Bell, Barry Wilson, Bob Abbott, Richard Sutherland. Second row: Lee Clovis, Coach Lingenfel ' Pete Rossberg, Bill Maple, Roger Tally, Dennis Cromwell, Bob Stilt. Third row: Dennis Snodgross, Les Renck, Jeff Ri Coach Lingenfeldf (left to right) Pat Miller, Gary Larson, Jim Leek, Dan Swain, Gary Reed, Ed Bagley, Mike Harvey, Bob Ogilvie, Rickie DeVine, Richard Stewart, Doug Dalton, Dale Cripps, Rod Hunt, Jim Foringer. Bk ee Finishing the season with five wins and three osses, the bees were an average team. Their co-captains were also their leading scorers with Richard Stewart scoring 26 points, Don Gray- bill 20 points, and Doug Dalton 1 8. Not shown. 214 First row: Victor Hallman, Stanley Sprague, Robert Young, Bernie Burton, Dan Contreras, Ronnie Childers, Barry Wilson, Don Graybill. Second row: Charles Killen, Roy Deeble, Glen Nixon, Jerry Rubright, Gary Sallee, Tom Binckes, Kent Russell, Kenny Leek. Third row: George Degler, Roger Tally, Richard Morris, Robbie Snyder, Mike Montague, Waldo Nance, Blair Wilkinson, Don Davies, Jerry Hill, Richard Weisman. Giving a fine showing in the first year of the newly formed Orange County Leogue, the Cees took the first place spot winning all of their league games. Coach Arth stated that his squad was one of the fastest teams Fullerton has had in recent years. Co-captains were Glen Nixon and Jerry Hill. First row: Gary Warner, Don Graybill, Jim Foringer, Mike Harvey, Dick Sleword, Glen Nixon. Second row: Bucky Hamilton, Tom Hajny, Richard Weisman, Doug Dalton, Gary Larson, Robert Stilt Third row: Dale Cripps, George Stevenson, Dennis Ferguson, Jim Leek, Bob Watt, Jerry Hill, Ted Giwoff. Fourth row: Ed Bogley, Gary Reed, Terry Zervantian, Jerry Rubright. Bee Swi ' , wimmmq With many excellent players, the Bee team continued to break school, league, and C.I.F. records throughout the season. Co-captains were Richard Steward and Jim Foringer. (jee Swimminq I Again «t standing :e Ha m was » ' lowart. Glc Roy Deeblc, Jerry Hill, Don Graybill, Blair Will I Stanley Spraque, Pobbie Snyder, Don Con- Harry Aggers. §. p. (p. The Girls ' Athletic Association had a successful and prosperous year. Among the activities were general meetings, playdays, the Modern Dance Concert, and the Playnight in March which the GAA sponsored. The cabinet organized and su- pervized all these events and were pleased with the large number of girls taking part in the ac- tivities, jy $3 fi iotn ied . . . y w ■V 7 Mrs. Scon, basketball advise Freshman team members were enthusias- tic when they played their rivals, the Sophomores. First row: Mary Mason, Gayla Kuenzli, Phyllis Taylor, Margie Potier, Georgia Trodd, Nancy Cheatum, Mary Lynne Anderson, Diane Tie! - rooy. Second row: Kathy Pyles, Francine Phillips, Betty Miller, Nancy Warburton, Katherine Montes, Eloise Stutheit, Ann Olson, Jeanne Kreutzen, Marsha Higgins, Janet Richards. (pccufiacy . Basnemll Firs: row: Norberta Mujica, Ve e Ann son Brunski II, IJolene Pryor, Dottie Roberts Linda Smitl Second row: Margaret Johnson - Kathy Evers Sharon Esterly, Lorence Owens, Laura L ' obo First row: Sally Garcia, Mujica, Susan Evans, G Sillesen. Seconn - Fvers, Joan Sh rk. r Brur Melinda Srr. Ann Dailey, Judie John tjeamwow . . . vmeifml Sharon I t in 1 :■■ in ohecd - ' Swimming f " " •loger rtr at Marylynn Lawrence, Janet Har The heroines of •■ - Junior College. Nancy Burt, diver, took first ' . ' ■ Sac, girls. e t %Uk Barbara Phillips were Mount San Antonio vafisih 1 unieftcL Miss Amling, adviser, and Glenda Gray, manager m Precision . . J J enms First row: " Kathy Evers,. Susan Brunskill, Joann Burton, Judy Anderson, Margaret Johnson, Claudia Thayer, " Second row: Glenda Gray, Vee Ann Herb st, Dottie Roberts, Caryll Egerer, Jolene Prior, Melinda Smith, Laura Lobo, Janie Brumley. First row: Sherry Steffes, Mary Lynne Anderson, Kathy Hauter, Sharon Petke, Dottie Vasvary, Carol Moulding, Ann Meador, Second row: Ronnie Richards, Julie Johnson, Betty Miller, Lynda Kennedy, Susan Beasley, Barbara Phillips, fl ■n ni Evers served ' o her opponent. Kathy was an asset ir, showing a great interest ' r is. - - ' . ' ■• r ' m tfj JoJL , JUc Jk.. §- l- " - ohnson and Glendo C mager and rated first single — — — ' — " " valuable f Land of Dreams " was the opening number of the 1956 Dance Concert and a good beginning for the travelogue presented by all the Modern Dance classes and after school dance. fthijtlim You traveled from the dreamy to the South Amer- ican where " Rhythmic Interplay " expressed the popular Spanish flavor. jSl One of the problems given the different dance classes was the ground base pattern. This group portrayed the men from Outer Space. The last stop was back in the United States, and the ever-popular western theme was donced to by this group in their interpretation of Tumbling Tumbleweeds. ' Dailey, dor ce manager, worked with Miss ' :y. her advisers. Ann wos also owar ' i- e dance scholarship for her solo entitled " Pi- Worship. ' ' 225 7 T il X L First row: Loanna Ramsoy, Marilyn Serfas, Dee ■ 4 ' Vomer, Joonn Plegel, Barbara Hardman, Donna Wooley. Second row: Diane Baker, Sharon Van Leuven, Lee H Jf J » I Ann Potier, Nancy Speakman, Susan Erlonqer Joann r fl T l Lawson, Susan Renneker, Judy Wilbur. B M M | i i ' ' ' r f C _- M Hft r f 1 First row; Sylvia Hazen, An t Dailey, Glenda Eimers, Kafh Evers, Susan Evans, Margaret Johnson, Joan w H B Ir B fl Shirk, Dearine Sillesen. Second row: Phyllis Searigh Dorn, Glenda Demmg, Lola t. Dee Manning, Veatha Sue Miller, Janet Hart, 7 Nancy Rapp. Nancy Ropp slammed a smash to her opponent. 9 9 9 uadmintm Sue Miller, manager Mrs. Scott, adviser 226 Bkmii amma . • • The Freshmon learn received instructions from their coach before a bottle with the Sophomores. Mrs. Scott and Miss Shafer, advisers, and Nancy Warburton, manager. First row: Lana Layton, Judy Robinson, Chollette Harrington, Christie McReynolds, Carolyn Nicholson, Jerrilyn Frory. Second row: Louise Sorrels, Karen Hobbs, Connie Haslam, Nancy Warburton, Ann Olson, Eloise Stutheit, Cynthia Childs, Jeri field, Janet Richards, Bucky Murphy. Dottie Roberts, manager Mrs. Benitez, adviser Dottie Roberts pitched to Susan Brunskill. Melinda Smith played catcher, and Jolene Pryor officiated the game. • Sojimll First row: Glenda Gray, Sally Garcia, Carolyn Ralston, Sharon Schmidt, Jolene Pryor, Susan Brunskilf Judy AnaV p n, Roberta Mujica, Linda Smith Susan ErTanger. Second 7ow: Sharon Esterly, Kathy Ever ' s, Ann Dai ley, Susan Evans, Glenda Eimers, Margaret Johnson, Laura Lobo, Larence Owens, Glenda Deming, Vee Ann Herbst, Susan Rennecker, Faye Klingenburg, Melinda Smith, Dottie Roberts. g. 07. (ff. Janet Hart, G.A.A. president, led her cabinet through a successful year. The officers planned the many activities that were held. C iinet Susan Brunskill, vice-president Larence Owens, secretary Janet Hart, president Liz Hart, recording secretary Jolene Pryor, treasurer This Cabinet was the coordinator of all the G.A.A. events. The beach party of the long hours of organization and plonning. G.A.A. Banquet were r) q ( 1 A J a mm p- ii n r — ji s 1 1 ■ ■V ■ W M 1 1 ■■ 1 f afl ) , B) J i i £ 5 J ' ' ■ «. 4 H 4 5 ? Si w H J 5 5 I 5 Jl £ Hi u v I C I i •Q O a 1 j ! £ i CM I " 3 ) n HI m 0. I a. U3 I if 3 Ji irt i o- e - The Turntable 116 West Wilshire Fullerton LAmbert 5-0811 232 Robinson Jewelers 1 12 West Commonwealth Fullerton LAmbert 5-2202 You can pay more . . . But you can ' t buy better. Clothes For Men and Young Men 316 West Fourth Street Santa Ana Charge Accounts Invited Kl 2-8722 Fullerton Motor Parts 140 West Commonwealth Fullerton LAmbert 5-2341 . ' • A Career with a Future-.. I .11 high school graduates Im ,iii qualif) . we have int resting positions open in various departments " I oui organization I mplo) menl i- st ad) « ill regulai I ,.i increases, oppoi lunih foi ad am i up nI spei ial training paid ,ii ations and holida) s, sickn benefits and man) otnei cidvfinl Foi furtnei infoi mation, .ill al oui I inploj m nt Office you General Telephone Company of California One of America $ Fastest Grc Companies m ll ■ Communications In ' 1 233 Wilkinson Drug Store 100 North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-3501 234 Earthman ' s Bootery 108 North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-1802 Gifford ' s Stationery 102 North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-4121 Carter Mercury 224 West Commonwealth ' I F..IUrt«„ Fullerton LAmberl 5-3578 Custom Album Finishing, 9 Hour Service Guaranteed Equipment • Kodak Brownies Slide, Movie, 3 Dimensional, Graphics Rental Equipment Including Sound Projectors 1 16 North Spadra Road Fullerton, California Phone Lambert 5-5840 Riutcel Furniture 223 West Commonwealth Fullerton LAmbert 5-2353 OaJj . » 236 Fullerton Drug Company Dependable Prescriptions ' — ' et osffietfl X c, Pearce ' s Bar-B-Q 400 West Whittier Blvd. La Habra OXford 7-6660 •LYMOUTH. j ? ? " USED CARS — « sto . The Pillowry Gift Shop 2 4 b xv Q-) 3t$( Spadra llerton LAmbert 5-4363 Irma Ferris George Klimpel Dodge — Plymouth 201 South Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-3549 Fullerton High School students Ronnie Abernathy, Helen Ward, Diane Hock, and Jim Maxwell enjoy themselves walking through the streets of Ghost Town. Knott ' s Berry Farm and Ghost Town Buena Park, California Orange County ' s Most Popular Recreational Spot GHOST TOWN: Hours of free entertainment for young and old. Long the place to take your friends and relatives visiting you. Ghost Town is a true replica of 1849 gold mining towns. Open daily. STAY FOR DINNER CHICKEN DINNtKS 12 to 8:30 P.M. Except Mon. and Tues. STEAK HOUSE 12 to 8:30 P.M. Except Fridays Excellent banquet facilities from 50 to 500, except during busy summer months. FREE PARKING ... NO ADMISSION CHARGE . Here and Hof ' • 1956 CHEVROLET Bartons ' Chevrolet 4916 Main Yorba Linda LAkeview 8-7221 Tibbetts 715 North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-4393 237 Sunny Hills Chuck Wagon Lunch • Dinner Served Daily LAmbert 5-4021 For Reservations ik OcJL Fullerton LAmbert 5-8074 cTX Castle Miniature Golf Course . JL 215 East Orangethorpe K C - s - ' sT- £ - - LuJL O - -k J «- -Wi-I L msl . Chaney ' s 222Nor t hSpadra 3- 1 J g C % ' ' Your Friendfyl Shopp iH g C e nl uf j 238 Chuck Baker ' s Hobby House 1 19 East Commonwealth Fullerton LAmbert 5-4579 Harris Drug Store 20) North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-3576 239 ready for summer Mini Guerrero and Carmelita Smith, Buffums ' Young Careerists, make their first vacation stop at Buffums ' for carefree, easy-going casuals for summer. Mini ' s slim line skirt and box jacket are by Vogue Sportswear and Carmelita ' s Clam Diggers and " Strap Jack " are of White Stag ' s original sailcloth. Sun Charm Sportswear Buffums LONG BEACH SANTA ANA " 1 • ; R0GERS ■ . - - CARRIAGE WASH - Commonwealth and Nicolas Fullerton LAmbert 5-6386 240 U . . -V vJ J Wic U a ,Oxvh £ • [VJS THIS IS THE PLANT IN FULLERTON TOWN THAT BLENDS THE FRUIT THAT MAKES THE TASTE THAT PLEASES THE PUBLIC FROM COAST TO COAST 33 Hawaiian Punch and Hula Highball, too! Pacific Hawaiian Products Company Fullerton, California 241 I 4 j lencn ■ ■ " -» ' aqe Park Pharmacy 420 West Commonwealth LAmbert 5-1692 31 Flavors Ice Cream hand packed pints and quarts cones — malts — sodas — sundaes 416 West Commonwealth LAmbert 5-0330 X h ■i N 8 nj Xj 5§ 4 la) N " - if ) Village Paint and Art Center featuring Treasure Tones paints and custom picture framing 422 West Commonwealth LAmbert 5-5897 1 ;k. V vaJ 10 3 03 s xj H L m vu $ 3 vg -1? r§ »£ " 242 f mm Fair Lady Beauty Salon 424 West Commonwealth Country Lady Beauty Salon 201 Valencia Mesa Drive LAmbert 5-3809 and LAmbert 5-7943 - s - - ■ MacFarlane ' s Candies greeting cards for every occasion compliments of The Fullerton Candy Company 426 West Commonwealth C. A. Stevens, Jeweler fine watch, clock and jewelry repairing Bulova and Hamilton watches Princess Diamond Rings 428 West Commonwealth LAmbert 5-6878 Arcade Cleaners We g, 4.1? 5-4526 VoVJ 7 CSJvS- Vesferdo — an orange grove, today — a resiricfed subdivision L £ ■ ?% J- J - ' a o A . Claude C. Cafe, Realtor 201 1 North Fullerton Road Fullerton LAmbert 5-2373 244 - i ? ZaS ¥ » ' .; y Esther ' s Apparel Shoppe " First in Fashion and Friendliness " the home of many nationally advertised junior lines all sizes — popular prices 203 North Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-5656 Cone Chevrolet Company 320 South Spadra Fullerton LAmbert 5-2311 246 h V A CL L - C ( j_ ( c ( j V c C to TJcLet Z- %0± ■■( ■ c ' ? ■ - C T JL3 4. C ul A Xcrl c a o-urf ct f A, k c? iM - a$ft , -tzA. H. Aj. Cat Ue McO Congratulations to th( class of 1956 from Jim Pamo, your hotograf ttfe . - 7 c-c r£ : I -£ — • It requires a lot of courage to take a position on the annual staff — this year ' s seventeen members discovered this soon after their first meeting in September. Although many decisions such as the cover design, number of pages, and prevailing style were considered by the group, each individual had his own responsibility. He was assigned to take a portion of the school year, organize it into a section, and come up with results which could please the student body and still fulfill the standards which had been set down by the staff. Many problems arose which demanded important decisions: whether to establish something new and different or to succumb to tradition, whether to try something which might fail, or to revert to the old tried-and-true method. It took courage to go out, completely untrained, to solicit advertising from local merchants; to get out in front of a crowd to take pictures, knowing something might go wrong. Nowhere else but on the annual staff could these things be learned in high school. We are grateful for the opportunity. We also extend a special word of appreciation to those who helped make this publication possible . . . Vu i jfktn s (jfff $0u . Jne Puilisfiei . . . Bill Hubbell, The Yearbook House, Monrovia, California. Mr. Hubbell worked directly with the staff at all times and took a personal interest in the success of the book. J lie Plietepafiliel . . . Jim Paino, OraCam Studios, Orange, California. Jim went out of his way to assist in recording the school ' s activities pictorinlly, and came to our rescue in a crucial mo- ment. Jne level Jlanujacfum . . . S. K. Smith Company. jfuf eifen llnien ljA Sentm . . . for providing a beautiful and growing campus with a student body of active and enthusiastic people ready to carry on the tradi- tions and responsibilities which have been set down since its first year, 1896. (jlenn . Pewis ... to whom this book is dedicated: our final regards to our retiring principal who will never be forgotten in the annuals of Fullerton High. The 1955-56 annual staff thanks you all for your part in recording the year. In service to you, the student body, we have grown immeasurably. Editor 248 , V )w- , ' A ¥ • %,■ j r ? w tu h Jt 4 ! ( trtJfify,

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