Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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'C J I If , f . . .,. g,,, A .-f ff- f Mfflf JU u Q, riff- .!. ' I' v 1 , . ' .1 A... 7 lp filly .. .0 '91, '-" full.-l'r..f ,f ,-', X 1 W x , ' A ,fi ' S M, tk My H541 26, M-iv MQW H I poflz V IW ' ., JU! MV U5-2-f-c C 2.ce,Qo W WM df Q45 J Lfivffgwfywzyf' we-ff M, A. b -6' X o A,-LU' ff GM M b Oxy: M s mm 30,-L W DMNQQ new ., Aw-if . UL dig JVGJVNTJ! fffi ,BQ.LU.jf',v W SU wi f fffwzf - ifgfrjf KLM yu uf, donga' 'J Va 'M by 5 L' af' my ,J" HP. L ,,,,,, , , ,, Wwfyyww W fm ,W M jf MW J ,wffy fig 5 ,+ W WM if fmfyf iwwnfgb QQ CQYWV r I? ZZW4 AIVQAL, K 'Qfbigxf X W U W3 ww MW AQQTWX WW fffw ff Q xp X nviM:,X3Qlf'1l"l' ywfwsv wi fx k ,NJFW ,...- f' , ,- .1 Oi Qf Ei ai? UEIU EI'-HIZNQ'-' U -3 o Q ? , ,M , iff wk ll PM 9mwx,,L',3,, 1 ji . Wiaffcwwm MWA QM!! my "Under the big top!"' is a good theme for this year-our last as a one high school district. Next year the tent of the union district will cover Old Fullerton High School which we love so well and La Habra High School for ninth and tenth grade pioneers from La Habra and Lowell. Shortly we'll have another feature attraction at Buena Park for students from Buena Park and Orangethorpe. May our growing district remain always friendly, dedicated through union to a finer education than any portion of our area could achieve without cooperative support of all. May we continue to strive for good citizens, responsible, clean in thought and deed, spiritual in outlook. May we have vision to chart paths for the future, and courage to go forward. May we never let the side show distract us from the center ring. Good luck in all you do. Sincerely yours, Stanley Warburton Superintendent Logan Wheatley, Administrative Assistant SUPERINTENDENT Glenn H. Lewis, Principal We who have the privilege of occasionally writing or speaking to you, often emphasize the ser- ious side of life. We should, how- ever, not overlook the part that fun and humor play in success- ful living. Don't depend on T.V. comedians to give you all of your laughs. Your own sense of humor developed with kindness and consideration for others is an important part of any prescription for mental health. The quo- tation from Proverbs, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" is just as valid now as it was before the time of Christ. In our complex society life becomes something of a three-ring circus with different activities demanding attention all at the same time. To keep one's poise and sense of proportion let one of these three rings always feature the lighter, brighter side of life. Let our laughter be the result of "doing what comes naturally." any Playing daily to capacity crowds, The Greatest Show On Earth opened under The Big Top in September complete with performers, trainers, ringmaster, construction crew, clowns, wild animals, blaring bands, the smell of popcorn, and the grandstand populace looking on in excited anticipation. There are many and varied people among our perform- ers. Most of them are hard workers who realize the training necessary for peak performance. There are always several who walk a tight rope, and a few who wear the painted smile of a clown to cover an aching heart. Then there are those who find the pace too much for them and leave the show. It's a mad, gay, fast-paced life of sawdust and tinsel, happiness and heartbreak, practice and performance--it's a three-ring circus complete with the tradition that, until the season ends in June, The Show Must Go On. X orofhao 'Hflgyo ears ,,,,,,,...0-.,..-.f--m--'- fe -W'r""'4M"i K X. wi Dorothea H. Dean of Girls X i X X . X Vice Principal, Dean of Boys in it 'F -'-i l Robert E. Fulton, Clerk TRUSTEES Ralph C. Shook ,.u.1.......... Lloyd A. Riutcel, Presidenl 1 anal. Francis N. Laird D. Gordon McComber 9 2. Q 5. gc , w . K El y. t , ,,.f,L , .,, .. f E. .MES Q-,V c he M GOU NSE LORS J. Mann A. lynn MS.. S ' H S. y A .,,, A y IVL w Q Mrs. Betty McKinley, Student Body Activities Secretary J. Brittain 5 3 . HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE-Mrs. F. Sullivan, Mrs. G. Pembroke, Attend- ance Secretaries, Mrs. E. Weisel, Miss C. Vargus, Secretaries to the Principal. .swift Mr. Robert Kill Attendance Supervisor if, ggvix , ogy Qlypgw N gg, bw S H' Dan Henry-Business Office Head S5 WSI? lu V 4 l " f yi N, " "vi, ' ' 'S ' N ' ' 114 . V ' 451. ,. ,. Business Office: Mrs. Peggy Sparks, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mrs. Jean Grape, Mrs. Dean Dederland, and Mrs. Esther Dunham. Mrs. Lucille Dwinell, Mrs. Nina Sleuart, Mrs. Mariolrie Fulmorg secretaries to Supierinlendenl. Adult Education: Mrs. Irene Jones, Miss Jerry Wilson, Mr. John Reid, Mr. Walter Pray. X wligf fl! fig? '-s.N,.,' CQ Q Chester Schuepbach-Cafeteria and 6 LL? Snack-shack QW-Q i M M so E Bus drivers: Warren Stoltz, Andy Ferace, Al B09l1l1ef, ft 4 Ted Sullivan,Merlin Glenn,Carl Nelson,.lack Hull, , ,:., - - M C Marion Hill, Monte Hart Hopkins, John Bass, Jim Hamner. ,,,,, , , I L bb nf ' ,, rx m I E A r " A " .. "',1LQ'S2g f Xiih W 'l 3 'ex Miss Esther Pierce-Study Hall l-lbfiflinii MVS- Mif9if0f C- KHSl9Y, Mrs. Eleanor Campbell-Textbook Store Mrs. Eleanor Hidden, Mrs. Margaret Flynn. I2 E epnS0' 0 151851 unasr . .hm 5 9'o y nh - r 0 , den! 0' P rx SvPe'V's:inxende"' svvemxesxr Baa Nfnauon 5099 Powder.. xiogce? X lf'-U-ans? Bm Cuskzgcodf' Kex e Barbara Peak, Car Secretaries of BBN Swain-Boys' Gymnagium Mrs. Vada Ball-Girls' Locker Room P, Nr ' A' if QA'Z i M -Y . Mrs. Carolyn Schuberf-Girls, Gymnasium e M Mr. Zehnpfenning-Auditorium Mrs. lera Erdma n-Rest olyn Conner the Gyms. I3 s Amling, G. Bonar, N. Briftain, J, Brunskill, E. Archambeaulf, G. J . el xg I A , .,...,, ,, , A ,, -4 N V -A N . 'M .j. 1 I -1. ya it '-33" .5-w " . fa A ' . ,Q " u ur nu Q .. ,V 7, , N, I- fr -if f 71 -1 -. - 4 1 ' - ,- - , - :' 5 : ,j i .- . if -' 'A V... V V 3 , 3-3 . , . 1' . R. J - Q5 3 KM Q ' Y' uf fiwwf-V ' , 5: 1' IW Hilr--?'1.f' Q J f -5435 'wif N , 4,2 ,,l. g":7:iz. s.,Q'5?.?? Bush, J. Butler, S. Armiio, L. Belfon, A Baumgardner, l. Bvlarw. 5 FA Carter, H. ix Chvfon. J. Collins, J, Cooper. V, Coitom, N, LTY Ds Groot, H. De Rubeis, G. Dailey, N. 'M' Davis, M. Dawson, H. Egerison, O. Fa'I'Y' M- English, F. Foulger, V. Ewy, F, Fowler, G. yrs., ww, Lui Frederick V. Foylo, E. ' Hess, G. Hines, J. Hopkins, E. f'- Q f,..4,3,i..i'fg.. , L ,. 4:83 Hunley, D. Inglis D. Inglis. S. . .,,'iTi'i.gi.jm Q- . fl -, 5 ,G- - X M my F""'l'f M' Gerrin, I Garman, l. Helm, H Johnson, D. Kadelbacll. M. Kellogg, M .1 ami? f af? my? Kelly, A. King, I.. Lynn, A. .-'Hi IQ gk. ,,N,, A .M lawyer, R. Linde, V. Mains. M. Mann. J. f 4 aa- .V ' . , , A . K A S .. - .. .'.. 1 3 ,1 5 H iziw :Z-'ff A - , . gi!"-fit' , J W ,, ,. 545. I Q.. ,Q ya., vi Logan E Long E 1-Q4 Marisa, W. McCormick, M. Mclniosh, J. 4 s. Marlo, J. Miller, G. Miller, S. 1. .,..mg.Fmammw.Mq,,. -. .. wwf Egg! Moody R Moore, F Nuffer Pohlod H Pau l Folie, E Phnpps 'Nia' MUYWYI J Newton, D Redfem, B Reid J Remy, R Shaw, D. Snyder, P. Snyder, R. Spalding, E. f R XV A Strange, R. Swoffer, E. Wilson, W. Winter, R. Wrighfson, V. 0-14.-C! Tucker, G. Wiesseman, H Turner, D. wilson, P. ifmfflw W M7 ,Q 1, Tf - - AMN .. 1 V i 42 Charlotte Egerer Secret: ry Shirley Pharris Treasurer -Z - nil Q0 oo O O o O o Don Rilea President :Lv 2 ON O0 Don Blackford OO Vice Pres. Oo on FIRST ROW: Mr. Hines, Mr. Armiio, 'Mak , L 15 .A 'Tiff 1,5 f fin yziiigiiv 4133. xg, -gi 23 , Mr. Inglis, Mr. Bullis, Miss Davis. Z, W SECON D ROW: Mr. Fowler, Miss Pierce, Mr. Strange, Mr. Archambeault JOHN ALVAREZ Football I Boys' League .A-q..,,. BOB AVILA Boys' League JACK BARR Water Polo Swimming Pep Club 4 eeeu ,, - ::,,-: lun? :Y 1 .-Eggs PAT AMONDSEN Band l, 2, 4 Teen Topper l, 2, 4 Foot Lighters l, 2 RAYMOND BAKER Boys' Chorus Future Farmers Boys' League RICHARD ANDREWS Boys' League RONALD BAKER Football 2 Basketball l Baseball 3 vial' .. , 3 if: K ' .1 -14 , 2 . K. "Mil aw, 7 3 I K , g Y, GEORGE BARRERA Football Co-Capt. 4 Track Boys' League S, A 'E f- rras ' zll' ol ao r arl Q . A ge t ' ' PAUL ANDRUS Boys' League SHIRLEE BAKER Head Flag Twirler 4 Teen Topper lf 2 MARY LEE ARDAIZ Y-Teens 2, 3, A Dress Board 3 Christmas Play 3 GEORGE BURNS Latin Club 2 Cross Country 3 Track 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club l, 2, 3, 4 KEITH BASINGER Spanish Club 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Student Court Justice 4 SHIRLEY BATHE Commercial Club l, 2 Bunsen Burners 3 Pep Club 4 PATSY BARR French Club l, 2 Y-Teens l Girls' League OMAR BECK Future Farmers 2 Boys' Chorus l A Capella 2, 3 BYRON BLAIR Key Club 2, 3, 4 Pleiads l, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 NICK BOLDYREFF Bunsen Burners Boys' League .2 f ,J M , at is .2 k if s J F v x 1 .i .. .. ,. . l .1 'L L Q bl 3 I Film QQ ws, as ,y 2 HERSCHEL BERNERD . Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 -V .. vnu 'S I BOv'S league is 4 Q H fi.i,g3y:f-.rq smg PHYLLIS BILLUPS g G-A-A ":: Pleiads ,,,,, L ,LL ', A Capella Ax 4' Bos BINCKES ' , Wafer Polo 2' 3 ' 5 Pep Club 4 J BOYS' l-SHQUG , , Don auxcuronn Class Vice Pres. 4 C 4 Pleiad Vice Pres. 3 ff 3' ' Pleiads 2' 3' 4 . .,.,. l s A C. V Annual Editor 4, I Sem. Pleiad 2 Dress Board 3 iiiisru ' ' f W . , ,,,,, . H ., ., .1,,,,,., ., ., 'W .. . - mf., we M ge . ,, ,,,, C -I JOYCE BONESTEEL G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 DON BOAZ Track l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' League EILEEN BODIE Transfer Student n.. Q, Pep Club 4 Aeronautics Club 4 l 'fi' ' WALTER BODIE Transfer Student if Boys' League , zzffgl V' ll T Q' A .,: I I F il. ' Vs f ' w . ligcffw f n:i'::T' F L' he ,. V 'C lrrl 4 he L .ig beta 't l ' A -'f. 1-1 -, L fi w as ,iw -kfV-, J 1 ,j l VCB., . :fa SHARON BORGESON Class Vice Pres 1 Y-Teens Commercial Club i, 3, 4 BARBARA BOYD Social Chairman 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. l Weekly Pleiades 3, 4 EDNA BRANNON Dress Checker l F.H.A. l Teen Toppers 1 26 ANNIE RUTH BROWN Girls Chorus l, 2, 3 Drill Team 3 Dress Board DON BROUGHER Boys' League 1552 :lim-.f at : t , f b P qs. "'-1. :g -"1 , ' ' 557-IL?-fgqf ., 1 .,, L -::..-1. hir R1 9 . ifliiii. -- fish -X 'f ir- f 5? DALE BURRILL Swimming 2 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Waterpolo 2 ANNA MAE BURLESON G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Library Club A Girls' League JOAN CHOATE Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 2 Weekly Pleiades 4 PAT CHILDS Concert Choir A Thespian 3, A Pleiad 4 , Q E , Q 5 as ROBERT BUCHHOP A Cappella Concert Choir Bunsen Burners SHERENE BRYSON G.A.A. Girls' League MARGARETTA BURTON F.H.A. G.A.A. Drill Team JOANNE BURT G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens l, 2 Concert Choir 4 CAROLYN CHRISMAN Latin Club 2 Pleiads 2, 3 Pep Club 4 WINTON CHOATE Football 1 Spanish Club 4 Boys' League wwe 4 Q rglrjiiekaiglwzef le SQYQQ Xian ,f K K M 3 fs X QW ,Q are dv H 4 P M 1 it rf H we Q f P3 Mug, 2e,1a,sw 53 I .- x iffig , as 2 X N f 4 Q P 4 JUNE BURDETT French Club Pleiads Commercial Club KENNETH CHESLEY Future Farmers l, 2, 3 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' League - -V-2-EQ gl L' ' - Ysgr ffijf i t .M r sil ken :s5i3'f25'iLS W 1. ,..Ef:g.5..,.fH'5f.1fQf. BRIAN CHUCHUA Aeronautics Club Boys' League Ci: he MARY ANN CHURCH G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads l, 2, 3, 4 Bunsen Burners 3, 4 R 2 l" i .,,, E' itfmjas 2'QvQ ',f 2 CAROL COLE Future Homemakers Dress Board Pep Club 4 b f L 12 . ' 2 if MAX CORAZZA Band Football Key Club Us PAT CLABAUGH A Y-Teens lnterclub Pres, 4 Commercial Club Pres. 3 Ple iad I, 2, 3 MARY COLLINS T5 Commercial Club 4 Girls' League K , - , we aww L was Mimi, M f.. ,,--fx is4'?f?i iw, R fig "Q J is Q.. 6 E: . JOANNE COX Dress Checker 3 Swimming Girls' League in -.er . 'bg' Y MORRIS JEAN CLARK 5 Mello-Aires 3, 4 L G.A.A. 2, 3, A Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, V, ROGER CLARK 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Pep Club A Boys' League N , WOODY CLUM iqs gvwzu Water Polo l, 2, A 5 5 Football 3 Class Vice Pres, 3 E WT see? a tj Q i ., fl. Q 5 ROCH CONKLIN Varsity Football 3, A Student Body Vice Pres. 4 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 MAUREEN CONNER Flagtwirler 2, A Songleader 3 G.A.A. Dance Mgr. 4 NANCY COOLEY ' Girls' League Aeornautics Club Q mwqw ig3W,4E 2H:w?ff,,fgV, . f LORANZY C. CREWS Boys' Chorus Football Boys' League .. BETTY CRILLY Drill Team 2 Pep Club 4 Commercial Club E:'6Lii7??'6'Zz'fL:"lL, 5 , :A', f I .A '- :.A t , A rr l? L g Q,. ij GARLAND cizooks 3 we-Q? if F Latin Club 1, 2 Y XT ' ILW. ef 7 A"' V Y Franch Culb 2, 3 K Aviation Club A DONNA CROFOOT G.A.A. Girls' Chorus Y-Teens .415 JUANA DALTON Christmas Play 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Pres, 4 Pleiad RICHARD DAVIE5 Water Polo I, 2, 3, 4 Swimming I, 3, 4 Band I, 3 RICHARD CRONK Boys' Chorus Tennis Boys' League 95 iff 6, 3' T Basie FP I Es J? ess 4 S 2. X , . 3 H' fl L Es f fggftl " M W 95:55 gg A- Q- V E, ..,,5,,?, l J 32 el: J YEA - iii sf Ez Tl' K Q, ziggy Rlflf ll l weft as ti? ,gl :NWS izgissie, 5 X CAROL DANIELS French Club Footlighters Drill Team 2 FRANK D'AMICO Boys' League BEVERLY DICKEY G.A.A. , Teen Toppers Future Homemakers ANNE DE WITT Pleiads l, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 3 G.A.S.C. Sec. A fi W f 1 22' E X ig 'F ii frv, Q51 'Fl is SHIRLEY CROSBIE Commercial Club Y-Teens 3 Girls' League +"5 "', 6 if L if s 'f will X PAT D'ARCY A Cappella G.A.A. Girls' League - BARBARA CUNDIFF G.A.A, Y-Teens l Girls' League JANE DAVIS A Cappella 3 Spanish Club 4 Concert Choir 4 ,E ,igg BOB DOUGHERTY Boys' League DONALD DRIVER Future Farmers Boys' League B ff :if 4 W H, e - gli ' 3 S if , 5 iw, vi X .,,A, H 2 BILL DUNCAN Basketball Boys' League PAUL EDGAR Swimming 1, 2, 3 Waterpolo l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' League ' ' ' if. aff: .- REG DUNLAP Football 2, 3, 4 Swimming i, 2, 3 Latin Club 2 JOAN EDEN G.A.A. 4 Swimming Team 4 Girls' League , if L f f ERNIE DURAN Football l, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2 gm L CHARLOTTE EGERER Song Leader A Class Secretary A ' LY' I ,V :Q , ' - 1, f a,,l1 5 x MYRNA ERSKINE G.A.A. Y-Teens F.H.A. DOLORES EVERETT Girls' League Y-Teen Vice-Pres. 3 115, K VERNA EVERETT G.A.A. Spanish Club Drama Club Ls- SYLVIA DYER G.A.A. l Latin Club 2 Girls' League MARJORIE EASTON Annual Staff 4 Girls' League ELIZABETH ELLIS Girls' League Sec. 4 Forensics Club Pres. 4 Orchestra 3 JIM ENGLE Band Orchestra wi 545, fi IACK F.F.A. Track Boys' FARMER League .IACK FARRIS Waterpolo l, 2 Track I Boys' League JEAN FERGUS Pleiads i, 2, 3, A Class Treasurer 3 Orchestra 2, 3, A ROY FUJINO Track Future Farmers I, 2, 3 Boys' League V. Pres. 4 la.. MARILYN FOGG Girls' League MARILYN FRANK Transfer Student Girls' League in BETTY GABRIEL G.A.A. Girls' Chorus Girls' League JERRY GAINES Pleiads l, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club l Organist 4 Q YH bl I QQ , " 'ul' t H ,E 2 RAY GILMORE 5' 2 I Class President 2 , 4 :,.: -mtreiiq Q 52:1 ,'f, :si . . Pleiad 1 Boys' League CLARENCE GIESLER DAVID FRYATT Football Boys' League fe is S 5, ., RAY FUJINO "B" Football Varsity Football Co-Captain 4 ANNE GALLICK Girls' League MILDRED GARLITZ Girls' League Rep. 4 Annual Editor A, 2 Sem Ple iads I, 2, 3, 4 TOM GITHENS Key Club "B" Football Annual Staff IB W ww WILMA GOATES F.H.A. F.B.L.A. G.A.A. RICHARD GIBSON Basketball 3, 4 Track Pleiades Artist Varsity Football Track Aeronautics ELAINE GODDING Fleiads I, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. Publicity Annual Stat? 2 KATHERINE GOODWIN Transfer Student G,A.A. 4 JERRY GRUNWALD Track 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Football I, 2 Y. Q ff P ' I: Iwi BRIAN HAIGHT Band I, 2, 3, 4 Swimming I Pep Club 4 Pep Club A HENRY GUERTH Bunsen Burners 4 Waterpolo I, 2, 3 Boys' League JUDY HALL GAA. 3, 4 Teen Toppers 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 PAT GOSS Latin Club V Pres. A Drama Club 3 Weekly Pleiads -1 BOB GUGLIELMANA "B" Football 2, 3, A Co-Coptain 3, A H.'Y 3 BETSY HALLOCK Yell Leader A G.A,A. I, 2, 3, A Teen Toppers Treas. MARILYN GREGORY Girls' League Transfer Student RONALD GUNN Thespians 3, 4-Pres. 3 Drama Club, I, 2, 3, 4 Boys' League 2 GLENN HAMELL YVONNE GRISOTTI Girls' League Girls' Chorus I G.A.A. GEORGE HAGN Hi-Y 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, A Key Club French Club Tennis Mgr. 2 Key Club 3, 4 SUE HARMONY Weekly Pleiades 4 French Club 3, A Pep Club 4 ..-ll. MARJORIE HART ' F.B.L.A. 1 G.A.A. 2 Teen Toppers 4 JUNE HAUGHT - gggzitgi , . ,Q mile? f- - .sw- 3. ,.,,.. ANGIE HERNANDEZ if Pow Wow Attendant 2 Z Big "F" Pres. 4 GORDON HELMERS Chief Justice St. Ct. 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football l Drill Team 3, 4 ROY HATFIELD "B" Football I Varsity Football 2, 3 Boys' League Girls' League HINEMAN GEORGE HOADLEY Body Pres. 4 RONNY HINDS CARLOS HERRERA Football 1, 2 Track I Boys' League JOAN HOBBS Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Teen Toppers 4 Future Farmers l, 2, 3 PHIL HILL Waterpolo 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Future Farmers I, 2, 3 BURL HOBSON Football 3 Boys' League Boys' League EARL HOBSON Football 3 Boys League LESLIE HOVEY Yell Leader 4 Key Club 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3 Swimming 2 Boys' League 5 . .. .,..,.., . .,.,. i1if592???7iiri 2 . CALVIN HUDSPETH Future Farmers 3 Waterpolo 3 Boys' League GAIL HUGLIN Forensics 4 'm Drama 4 mln? Bunsen Burners 4 JEANNIE HUNT Transfer Student A Cappella Girls' League BARBARA HURST L M l Mello-Aires 2, 3, 4 Lax SHIRLEY .IANSSENS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 ANN JOLLEY Flagtwirler 3 Y-Teens l, 2 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 MARTA JAUREQUI Girls' Chorus I, 2 Spanish Club 4 Girls' League AL SHIRLEY INMAN Girls' League Y-Teens Commercial Club SARAH JAUREQUI Home Economics I GAA. 'l 2 Girls League JOHN JORDAN Class Pres. 3 C.A.S.C. Pres. 4 Boys' State 4 BETTY LOU JONES Girls' League FERN JAYNES Girls League HIROMI KARIYA Future Farmers I, 2, 3 Boys League f rga f. wx ,ggl- T W , .A .. . , ...,,,., . MARY JACKSON Drill Team 3 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble I, 3, 4 BILLY JEWETT Football I, 2, 3 Track I Future Farmers I, 2, 3, 4 DON KARR Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 1, 2, 3 Drum Maior 3, 4 , ,, 3 LINDA KEEL Class Secretary 2 Annual Stat? 4 Girls' League V. Pres. 4 . I rg? 2 -, . 5 jf BOB KING Tennis I, 2 Boys' League Pep Club 4 EDWARD KESSLER Transfer Student DEBORAH KESSLER G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 3, 4 PAUL KIRK Latin Club 2 Hi-Y I, 2, 3 Key Club 4 3 Boys' League 1 1.2- CARL KISNER Key Club, 3, 4 Student Congress Commercial Club 'G F . fs s 1 L " A 3' ,i,..,e1g if:-, -'44, I M YL J 5 N It 5 GODFREY KYMLA Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 3, 4 .4 Q ' JOHN KULSTAD Varsity Football 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Varsity Tennis I, 2, 3, 4 ARDELL KRUSE Girls' League JERRY KIMBALL Transfer Student Boys' League . Q-fs-rf-1., ,TM TONY KIMBER Pep Band 2, 3, 4 "C" Football 2 Track Team 4 ROSEMARY KOFMEHL Teen Toppers 4 Girls' League Q TOM KOPPEL Transfer Student Boys' League HELEN LA FREMIER Commercial Club 3, Library Club 4 Girls League ARLENE LAIRD Latin Club 3, 4 G.A.A. I, 3 Girls' League 4-. ' Es! , I g :-- , 'sv TW., . ,. ' al V. 4 . ":""4? 'Q 12. .- 'f ,,': JE' 'ft 1 lj, BEN LALICKER Boys' League JOHN LAM Class Pres. l Baseball l, 3 JEANETTE LA PRAIRIE Footlighters 'l, 2 Girls' Ensemble l Pep Club 4 ' igfii , : . A L :.. :,:, .f,. .:l-,, I 32, '1--' l1'-- V W BRIAN LEACHMAN Football Track Boys' League Football 2, 3 GAIL LARSH Latin Club Pep Club 4 CAROLINE LEWIS G.A.A. I, 2 Girls' Chorus l Girls' League BARBARA LA MONTE G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League JIM LANG Boys' League VIRGINIA LANGSTAFF Girls' League CHARLOTTE LARSON Flagtwirler 3 Girls' League PRISCILLA LARSON Transfer Student Teen Toppers 4 Y-Teens 4 ROSE MARIE LEACH Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2, 3 Girls' League ROGER LEWIS Football 'l, 2 Boys' Chorus I Boys' League 1 ALICE LIESCH Girls' League KENNETH LIGHT Transfer Student Boys' League "'i""'l GRACE LINDOW Pleiads 4 Spanish Club 4 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 GLORIA LINTHEIMER G.A.A. Girls' League JOE LAWRY Transfer Student Boys' League v Q zm s : 4 - J -'f .if KET" 'I L 45 ' Q 1 S VIOLET MAHR Dress Board Co-Chairman 4 Pleiars 1, 2, 3 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 CONCHITA LOZANO Commercial Club GAA 2 3 4 Girls League LORETTA MALONE Transfer Student Future Homemakers Girls' League DONNA LOOPER Band l, 2, 3, 4 Dress Checker l Girls 'League EVERETT MABRY Football 3 Boys' League 'E DAVE LOPEZ "D" Basketball "C" Football J. V. Football DONNA KAY MACKJUST Teen Toppers 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Drill Team 2, 3, 4 DOLORES MARTINEZ Pep Club A Girls' League MARVIN MARKHAM Boys' League THELMA LOUX Tennis 3, 4 Girls' League GLENNA MAGUIRE Annual Stafif 3, 4 Pleiades Stal? 4 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 KAREN MASON Girls' Chorus Mello-Aires Commercial Club MARY ALICE MASON Y-Teens 1 Concert Choir 4 Orchestra 4 SHIRLEY McCONNELL Girls' League JUDY McGRAW Girls' League CATHRYN MASTERS Latin Club 4 Girls' Chorus 2 Girls' League JANET MATTINSON Student Court 4 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads l, 2, 3, A JANELLE MCDUELL Annual Staft 4 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Mello-Aires 4 .IO ANNA McGAUGHY Pleiads 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Bands 1, 2, 3, 4 VERA MCLEAN Latin Club l, 2 Pep Club 4 Girls' League RONALD McROBERTS Hi-Y 4 Boys' League JANICE MCCLENDON Pleiads 3 + Future Homemakers 3, 4 T-Teens 4 C zu' wx , WILLIAM MCCLURE Transfer Student . r X Track 3, 4 Ensemble 4 ,LL,. BARBARA Messe ' Spanish Club 3 D IA i 'f Library Club 2 X ,V J I 3 Pep Club 4 I i 'ARF sscunomo MEJIA if J.V, Football ooys' League GORDON McGOWEN Future Farmers "D" Basketball Baseball 5 'iff X' A, at is , BRUCE MILLAR Varsity Football Baseball I, 2 Boys' League GLEN MILLER Boys' League I PATSY MOORES Transfer Student G.A.A. Girls' League CAROLE MUNROE Annual Art Editor 4 Girls' League Rep. 4 G.A.A. 7 I RICHARD MILLER Future Farmers Boys' League ew: , ,Q I I I x fx if 4 t at at 3, gp M 5 5 'aa I BARRY MORRIS Future Farmers Boys' League BARBARA MURPHY Y-Teens I, 2, 3, A Song Leader 3 Student Congress 2 JIM MONTGOMERY Boys' State 3 Key Club V. Pres. A Basketball 4 fiilifiiiif 5, fi. 5, ' wp: E20 305- I in-i'. C 0: 225 lgnz --1 OCQ SFO -P: YDII1 SAN A-4 Baseball 'Elf CHARLIE MORRISON ' iitt Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 p :ESQ Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, A 153' tif PAT MURPHY Girls' Chorus I A Capella 2, 3 Spanish Club 4 'K Aucusrms MuJlcA Future Farmers Boys' League .IUDIE MOORE iadesi 2 3 O c estra I 2 3 4 Commercial Club 3 4 -JL A. VIRGINIA MUNHALL , Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 WILMA MYERS Y-Teens I, 2, 3 Drill Team 2, 3 Annual Staff 2, 3 LORAYNE NAY Spanish Club 4 Pep Club 4 Girls' League BETTY NORRIS French Club 4 Teen Toppers 4 t eeei4 :-' ,,, , Lies, W 'sew-,-, M as W 1 if X 4 Ti 81,333 .5 W file ,. ,. ,f - ji . 'lf Q ' 222' SL 25 N 4, sf N 'T ff' at P 4,2 Qs sf ,Q , 1 W, 5 new , We-t,f,.J6! 1 RONALD PACKARD Band l, 2, 3, A Aeronautics Club 3, 4 Tennis l, 2 1, 'X -.' 'i Y 'ii-A A Tfi its is , 4 1 f s is F ,.- TW H. Q L 1:1 it s : lx IW: f Q if .ri 'KK -5 5 5 F57 S25 S Q, Rz?ssLR Q I L DON PAUL Football Basketball Track A Ne, . . BARBARA OLIVER Homecoming Queen A Homecoming Attendant 3 Yell Leader 4 AL CAROLE PADGETT Teen Toppers Vice Pres. G,A.A. 3, 4 Y-Teens CHARLES PEASE C.S.F. Tennis HIAY i xii 2 1 fi, , Y x , SHIRLEY oLsoN , Transfer Student , G.A.A. 4 3 Band 4 HENRY onrlz Boys' League A A: ifsazlaiwSafe-miie-fwgfQ,1 A f 1' is ' iclc R +L ' - cl ,I PHILLIP PADILLA " ' Pleiads I Football 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 BERNADINE PEDIGO A MARY LOU PAGE Dress Board 4 Pep Club 4 Girls' League .W I F W' SUE OSBORN Future Homemakers G.A.A. ROBERT PARKER French Club 3, 4 Aeronautics Club 4 Boys' League Tltespians 3, 4 Annual Stal? 3, 4 Christmas Play 3, 4 HowARD PEIFFER Football l ep Club A Boys' League DOROTHY PENDLETON B.A.A. l, 2 Y-Teens I Girls' League ,,, i.....a T, ,SS is , i if wg L If WJ k P eg In K , ' i 1- li Pix, f rw. if-,. f Vfflf: - 9 2' 5 , X .. 5' "C: ., A..L A I MARILYN PENTZ Girls' League A L. DARLA PERRY Drill Team 2 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 A Capella 2, 4 'Rx EVELYN PITTS Girls' Chorus l Pep Club 4 Girls' League Q! - ':- 1, e 'rf-af-f A SHIRLEY PHARRIS Class Treasurer 4 Pep Club Secretary 4 Annual Stal? 4 it K L we J' X A X JIMMY POLLY Boys' Chorus l Boys' League EARL PITTS Football Spanish Club 4 Boys' League COURTNEY PROCTOR Track l, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4 PAT PRANTALOS Pleiads 2 Spanish Club 4 Bunsen Burners 4 Latin Club 2 QM JOYCE PHETTEPLACE G.A.A. Dress Board 5,1- , as I 4. A PRENTIS PORTER Football T, 2, 3, 4 Aeronautics Club Boys' League 5' MERRIJO PROCTOR Bunsen Burners Teen Toppers French Club MARILYN PICKERING Y-Teens 2 A Capella l Commercial Club l "A-it LOUISE PORTWOOD A Capella 2, 3, 4 Teen Toppers 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 p ,, it Q SANDRA PURCELL Y-Teens G.A.A. Girls' League BARBARA PRICE Big F 4 Y-Teens 4 Commercial Club 2, 3 WILLIS QUEZADA Baseball Spanish Club 4 Boys' League A-Q, JUG A JANICE RALPH Future Homemakerg Bunsen Burners Commercial Club JOANN REED Commercial Club 'l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Pep Club 4 -2 aes , it IK 5 1 MARY REYNOLDS Y-Teens Future Homernakers G.A,A. DAVE REID Basketball T Radio Club Treas. 4 HIVY 2, 3, 4 JUDY RICHARDS Student Body Sec. 4 Pleiads 2, 3, A Student Congress PATTI RANDALL Teen Toppers Treasurer Y-Teens Treasurer 2 G.A.A. I, 2, 4 V. . im I A .. A V," FRED REINHART Boys' League ANN RICHELIEU Senior Y-Teen Pres. 4 Forensics Club 4 Student Congress 3, 4 5 I .mp ,- 'L "Mx iiiflx : A JEANIE RANNEY Pow Wow Attendant l Flagtwirler 4 Student Court Justice 4 BONNIE RETTIG Footlighters 2, 3 Teen Toppers 2, 3, 11 Commercial Club 4 r. Karat EXII Q DON RILEA Class President 4 Key Club 2, 3, A Orchestra 1, 2, 3 PITIYLLIS RAWLINS Girls' League Treasurer 4 Student Congress 2 Pep Club Treasurer 4 xxx JANICE RETTIG Commercial Club Y-Teens Future Hornemakers .I -V,-A WM . .-9 fn . JIM ROBERTSON Track 3 Aviation Club 4 Latin Club 2 42 SHIRLEY ROBINSON G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Big F A Y-Teens A -ALL ELEANOR ROTHAERMEL Annual Stal? 4 Homecoming Att. A Drill Team 2, 3 THOMAS RODE' Future Farmers Student Congress Boys' League -1' Ex, gg is . , K. I f sf N 5 5. ,Su 1 M I I ina Mui KAREN SANDBERG Weekly Pleiades A Girls' League Blll. SEMAN5 Key Club Pres. 4 Class Vice Pres. 2 Annual Staff 4 i f 4 VKVV , N , W ' nerlis , zz K L ii ' TOM RODGER Football I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 PAT SCHLAGENHAUFF Teen Topper Pres. 4 Latin Club Annual Stal? A " It BEVERLY SHADFORD French Club 3, 4 Y-Teens I, 2 Footlighters 3, 4 3 21 BERT SHERMAN Water Polo Band II Swimming 11 'Q 'C I -I gm.. Q 'if J' gi JOE RODGRIGUEZ Spanish Club Boys' League PHILIP SCHUYLER Forensics 4 Football I, 2 Band I, 2, f Y c,,, ,Y , fi 2 . ' f ig VIRGINIA SHORE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Teen Topper 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 RICHARD ROSSOMME Key Club Christmas Play Thespians HARRY SEELEY Transfer Student Boys' League , , l ex ,fc M ,is IX.. , . I new lg J A MARTHA SINGLETON Transfer Student Commercial Club ,. , L5 Ke FREDDIE SMITH Commercial Club Tennis Waterpolo WENDELL SOLESBEE Boys' Chorus l Waterpolo 3 Swimming 2 WILLA STEDMAN Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers l, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 LEE SMITH Boys' League DENNY SMOOT Swimming 4 Boys' League ROBERT SOPER Football I Boys' League JOYCE STEEN Girls' Chorus lf 2 Girls' League KAY SPOONER CAROL SNYDER Teen Toppers 3, 4 Pleiads l, 2, 3, 4 Concert Choir 4 Pep Club 4 G.A.A. i HOBERT SPRAY Boys' Chorus l A Cappella 2 f "'e L L ' ww I 2 ' .5 ...s it gg Q l CHARLES STICHNOTH ,Q l 2 Band i,2, 3,4 i' ,Q Football 3 f French Club 3 ANDY STOLTZNER Football l Boys' League 44 Q1 P' l -'S "' fs if E 2 Q 5 -f , Tw if 'Xe iz ,, A 'Ear Q. ,, ,. , MW' X 'eil li? NED SNYDER Track 'l, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4 , Latin Club l, 2 LEE STAVES Girls' League Pres. 4 Teen Toppers V. Pres 3 Pleiads i, 2, 3, 4 l vw Qt Q5 1' -AL 4 ii, 3 if' WPS 5153 rg " 6 DON STOUGHTON Boys' League Pres, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Pleiacls 3, 4 . if ,.. -M.: 43 CHARLES STUCKEY Latin Club 4 Forensics 4 Baseball 3, 4 Y:- 'W , , ., . ,- 19? 1' "ii . to ,J 6 SANDRA SULLIVAN Transfer Student Y-Teens 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 PEGGY TAYLOR G.A.A. 2 Girls' League JIM SUTTON Football 3, 4 Boys' Athletic Mgr. 4 Waterpolo l, 2 3, 1 K K 'H j K FRED THIBAULT Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4 Forensics Club 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 MORRIS TAYLOR J. V. Football 3, 4 Aeronautics Club 4 Boys' League DAVID TOWLE Yell Leader 4 Waterpolo 2, 3, 4 Student Congress 4 if '93 .i txt- f . 1- ty-it 2,- . ,..,,.. at fi. SHARON SWIFT Girls' League Rep. 4 Pow Wow Attendant 3 Teen Toppers Treas. 4 NORMA THOMAS Girls' League i 'Wa 'ff , - t 5. ,il at ,ai W EVERETT TANDE Football 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Student Court Justice 4 BILL TINSLEY Track l, 2 Football 2 Basketball 2 .IANICE TRAVAGLIA G.A.A. l Girls' League PHYLLIS TRAVIS Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 A JOYCE TODD Pleiads 1 Bunsen Burners 3, 4 JAMES TODD Future Farmers I, 2, 3, 4 Boys' League A l 3 'i ,A ,Q s i ., BW., 3 fit, c KENNETH mower: Boys' League JOE VALENCIA Boys' League , . EDDIE WALSH rack Footb 3 Cros uniry 2, 3f 4 FRANKIE TURNER Girls' League MARGARET VAN SCHOYCK Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Pleiad 3 FRED WALTI French Club 2, 3 Boys' League JUDY TURNER Y-Teens 4 Pep Club 4 Future Homemakers 3 GRACIE VILLAGOMEZ Pleiads 2 3 n I 2 3 Spanish Club 3 4 BILL WARD Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Aeronautics 3 SIGRID TURNER Girls' League HAROLD UMBERSON Future Farmers l, 2 Boys' League JUDY WADSWORTH Studenf Body Treas. 4 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Pleiads 3 LETA WALKER Weekly Pleiads Editor 4 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Pres. 2 Pleiads 3, 4 ' I ' rsrl Q wssiev WARDEN H I I A Future Farmers I Q , . ' Football 2 A Cappella 3 ARLYN WARDLE Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 wssnev WARE Football 2 Basketball 2, 4 Track 2, 31 4 TONI WEIDEL G.A.A. Pres, 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 SANDRA WILBUR Commercial Club I, 4 Y-Teens 4 Girls' League 5ggg!'fii73"gL1!, . 7 rrii 5 A 1 'ff' DIANE WARK Y-Teens 3 G.A.A. 3, 4 A Cappella 3 L. COLENE LEDFORD WELLS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Big "F" 3, 4 Weekly Pleiades 4 ' , ggi WWE V -f iw BARBARA WILDERMUTH Spanish Club 4 Pep Club 4 Girls' League LYNNE wA1ERwoR1H Girls' Chorus I A Cappella 2, 3 Girls' League SHARON WERHAN Girls' League SHIRLEY WEAVER G.A.A. l, 2 Girls' League DOROTHEA WATSON Commercial Club Girls' League WIESE Teens I, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 JOANN WHITTEMORE Mello-Aires 3, 4 Tennis Manager A Cappella 2 GARY WILES Waferpolo 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 4 Football I l BOB WILLIAMS Transfer Siudeni Hi-Y 3, 4 Boys' League GLEN WILLIAMS Boys' League SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Girls' League DENNIS K. WILSON Pleiacls I, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 4 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 WALTER WILSON Boys' League JOANN WITT Commercial Club 2 Library Club 4 G.A.A. 4 JUDIE WORLEY Girls' League BOB WRIGHT Waterpolo 2, 3, 4 Swimmnig 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 JESSIE WILSON Commercial Club 2, Girls' Chorus 4 G.A.A. 4 ANN WOOD G.A.A. I, 2, 3 Girls' League BARBARA YORBA Song Leader 4 Girls' League Rep. Dress Board 2 4 JOANNE WILSON Footlighfers 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 A Cappella 2 , ,,L, I A I .,., , I' -T s ' ,L',, JOE WOODS FuIure Farmers I, 2, 3 Boys' League MARILYN WILSON Y-Teens I, 2 G.A.A. I, 2 Student Congress 2 SHERRY WOODS Flagtwirler 3 Drill Team 2 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 RAMONA YOUNGER Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Flagrwirler 4 VINCENT ZAPPALA Bunsen Burners 3, 4 Aeronautics Club 4 Tennis 3 MARY LOU NAVA Pleiads 4 Christmas Play 3 Girls' League NT SENIOR M E MORIE .S ,A- Hi!! 'TIE ENIOR SWEIETI-IEART .u A . f Q - 4+ .. K " , 534-Lffw l , X A 'iii , W , :J 'W g V I -4f-- K ,, pf' P iff X ,. , ' , 1 W- f '41 , nf" ,, , A 'iiQf'Tf:f7Qrz9i ,. 2 is 9225 A ery lgvw f f . . V M - ' :alnmfz . 1 ..., , X .EL . :,.,V., QA it A I fx V . . . A' ' .5 ' :X , g Qaxxi' ijri. Q ww w: ,Si-,A-V, , W-mr , ' 53,11 -N. W ,ri W 'X JUN' President Alex King GQLXXR X 3-4 I Vice Pres. Don Valenzuela , rs K ab QA! I i ,, va in fri 1 4. I x Marshburn Treasurer Judy Miller ,,,,7,,,, , ,, ... .l4 FIRST ROW: Mary Adams, Mary Allen, Sarah Andrus, David Archambeault, Earl Arns. SECOND ROW: Bill Bald- win, Forrest Baldwin, Jan Ballard, Don Bastady. THIRD ROW: Jane Bat- tle, Roy Beasley, Joan Belanger, Anita Bell, FOURTH ROW: Paula Berlencourt, Wanda Berry, Susan Blackwell, Patsy Blair. f' ,fx FIRST ROW: Yvonne Bohannan, Eld- ridge Booth, Jerry Borgeson, Bill Bowers, Don Boyd. SECOND ROW: Paul Brabet, Dorothy Bramwell, Gil- bert Brown, Brenda Browning. THIRD ROW: John Bruderle, Bob Brunskill, Carol Buclworth, Carolyn Buechler, Bob Buell. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Bunta, Betty Burnell, Ruby Burns, Carol Burr. FIRST ROW: Robert Berry, Alice Bry- ant, Pat Burton, Gail Butler, Gary Cain. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Carnes, Barbara Chafnlin, Gay Chambers, Rosie Chavez, THIRD ROW: Carole Chesley, Jerry Christie, Jeanne Cloer, Denyece Cole, Jimmy Conner. FOURTH ROW: Henry Cook, Shirley Cook, Steve Cook, Yvonne Counts. FIRST ROW: Linda Coleman, Tom Cos- tello, Truman Cratsenburg, Tim Cree, Malcolm Crichfield. SECOND ROW: Shirley Crooke, Ronald Cullum, Judy Curb, Mary Curren. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Dahlgren, Mary D'Amico, Dorothy Dare, Bob Daugherty, Sigrid David- son. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Davies, Sandra DeHetre, Kaye DelGiorgio, Lee De-lGiorgio. FIRST ROW: Sharon Dalley, Ted Dem- ing, Gary Dial, Don Diebold, Bob Dittberner. SECOND ROW: Norma Dodd, Elisa Dorame, Barbara Dorn, Faye Dunkley, THIRD ROW: Marlene Egerer, Erick Egertson, Rose Ellingson, Paul Elliott, David Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Ken Enright, Annie Escamillas, Lynette Eubanks, Larry Fagan. ar 'Q 0, L -if- 1i4, FIRST ROW: Howard Badgwell, Terry Basten, Darryl Doss, Larry Eldridge, Nadine Edmondson. SECOND ROW: Don Falk, Anita Fay, Angie Ferriera, Ronnie Fleenor. THIRD ROW: Fred Flores, Margaret Flynn, Billie Flynf, Sally Foust, Bruce Foss. FOURTH ROW: Pat Franklin, Don Frisbee, Kathy Fudge, Grace Fuilno. FIRST ROW: Louie Garcia, Nell Gar- land, Jim Garman, Billy Gaw, Jill Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Joyce Gilbert, Connie Glenn, Larry Glennie, Char- lene Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Mary Gomez, Mike Goodwin, Ronnie Gou- ger, Nancy Goyetfe, Ronnie Graham. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Griffin, Ed Grunwald, Roger Grunwald, Larry Guglielmana. FIRST ROW: Judy Haos, Carolyn Hacker, Lee Hains, Janet Hall, Claudia Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Virginia Hammett, Troy Hammonds, Jerri Handley, Kay Hardy. THIRD ROW: Jon Harmon, Beverly Harris, Dick Harris, Earnest Harris, Marlene Hart. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hawkins, David Heil, Mike Heinze, Lois Helm. FIRST ROW: Thurman Hendrix, Myrna Henning, Barbara Henry, Charles Henry, Claudia Hensley. SECOND RO,W: Gloria Hensley, Joanna Henson, Lupe Hernandez, Marlene Hesser. THIRD ROW: Sharon Hezmallfialch, Charles Hicks, Bill Hilser, Terry Hiri- goyen, Harrier Hodge. FOURTH ROW: Rita Hofisiadt, Jerry Holland, Betty Holub, Margie Holub. FIRST ROW: Bob Howland, Warren Hudspeth, Tony Huffman, Mildred Hunter, Jerry Huson. SECOND ROW: Dallas Huston, Hilda Hutchings, Car- ole Hyden, Jerry Jackson. THIRD ROW: Linda Jarnagan, Carol Jenkins, Don Johnson, Harold Johnson, Byron Roger Jones. FOURTH ROW: Mike Jones, Robert Jones, Peggy Joyce, Carolyn Kay. FIRST ROW: Bill Benning, Ronald Bohm, David Knight, Phil Kerridge, Jerry Kreitz. SECOND ROW: Alex King, Jay Kear, Kathleen Kovach, Joyce Lane. THIRD ROW: Larry Laund- er, Robert Leach, Wendy Leander, Dona Lemons, Jerry Leslie, FOURTH ROW: Richard Libby, Ted Lindeboom, Tony Lobo, Carol Lofquist. FIRST ROW: Pat Farr, Pete Furton, Gayle Gillingham, Ray Hartmayer. SECOND ROW: Gordon Loomis, Alice G, Lozano, Alice H. Lozano, Gail Lucas. THIRD ROW: Joanne MacCal- lum, Luis Magdaleno, Doug Magee, Ronald Mahler, Bette Marquette. FOURTH ROW: Sally Marshburn, Henry Mason, Jane Masukawa, George Martinez. . ze yt qv 6- w:,..- .,... ..:1g1-. fi bv: Jar 3 i 3 3 l l . FIRST ROW: Brian Miller, Judy Miller, Jim Mills, Bob Mitchell, Patricia Mo- berg. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Moffit, Ralph Montoya, Harold Moore, Jody Moore. THIRD ROW: Richard Moore, Shirley Moore, Eleanor Morales, Charle Moran, Lupe Monoz. FOURTH ROW: Shirlene Murrell, David Mus- grove, Pat Muzio, Don Myers. J.: Sl' a-.,,,,..- FIRST ROW: Craig Hooper, Roger Nance, Donna Nelson, Joel Newkirk, Ted Nickell. SECOND ROW: Bob No- lan, Phil O'Brien, Patty Ogden, Dick Ormsby. THIRD ROW: Arlene Ortega, Waldo Ortega, Georgia Osborne, David Padilla, Barbara Paine. FOURTH ROW: George -Palm, Betty Parker, Greg Parkin, Carol Parks. FIRST ROW: Richard Parrish, Raymon Parson, Robert Patterson, Angie Per- ez, Anita Perry. SECOND ROW: Rich- ard Pettis, John Phelps, Murray Pilk- ington, Connie Pinedo. THIRD ROW: Glada Pinkerton, Jan Porter, Jo Por- ter, La Verne Poteet, Shirley Potter. FOURTH ROW: Thurlow Powell, Myr- na Prais, Donald Pyatt, Chuck Pyron. X J 9 r, AW FIRST ROW: Manuel Rameriz, Bonnie Randel, Maureen Reed, Glena Renner, Judi Ritchey. SECOND ROW: Mary Robinson, Ralph Rogers, Martin Ruby, Gerald Runyan. THIRD ROW: .lacque- line Ruppe, Raymond Sanchez, Mari- lyn Sandberg, Frank Santana, Mary Sauer. FOURTH ROW: Carol Sautner, Don Schandoney, Gerald Scott, Jac- queline Yett. FIRST ROW: Roberta Dickson, Barbara Schutz, Donald Scroggs, Tommy Seat- on, Ethel Seely. SECOND ROW: Cheri Self, Carol Serfas, Zachary Sham, Lois Sharp. THIRD ROW: Irene Shaw, Cath- erine Shawhan, Gary Sheldon, Jon Sherman, Carol Sherwood. FOURTH ROW: Tom Shipkey, Denyse Sillesen, Diane Singer, Aaron Skaggs. . C ' 4' .J ' ? . A I , 'iii FIRST ROW: Bob Read, Dorothy Skaggs, Peggy Skeen, Jim Smedley, Carol I. Smith. SECOND ROW: Dianne Smith, Lois Smith, Patsy Snavely, Nancy Snow. THIRD ROW: Eugene Snyder, Fred Sorsabal, Sue Spencer, Clinton Spurloclc, Bryan Stafford. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Steele, Nancy Stevens, Robert Stone, Barbara Story. in FIRST ROW: Ida Stotts, Tom Strath- man, Norman Strickland, Robert Stroud, Larry Slurtz. SECOND ROW: Freddie Swindell, Kay Switzler, Doug Tande, Jolincla Tapert. THIRD ROW: Barbara Taylor, Richard Terrell, El- dean Theuret, George Thornton, Ven- etia Tinker. FOURTH ROW: Loretta Townsend, Nancy Tozer, Joida Tray- lor, Paul Trygstad. FIRST ROW: Wayne Collins, Lynn Lyman, Leon Hyde, Art Suarez, Val- erie Twaddell. SECOND ROW: Jayne Uyemori, Josie Valdez, Don Valen- zuela, Wanda Vickers. THIRD ROW: Leonard Waites, Mike Waldman, Bob Walker, Don Wall, Carol Walter. FOURTH ROW: Morgan Ward, Dick Warner, Jo Anne Warren, Sherri Weese. FIRST ROW: Dick Myers, Dortha Wesner, Jim West, Claudia White, Mary White. SECOND ROW: Mike White, Pat Whitfield, Sandra Whit- man, Bonnie Whittiker. THIRD ROW: Penny Wickett, Dick Wilbern, Bob T. Williams, Bob A. Williams, Valerie Williams. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Wil- son, John Wilson, Bob Wilson, Mari- lyn Wise. FIRST ROW: Jack Witt, Don Wolf f Virginia Wons, Ron Wonsley, Patri- cia Woods. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Woods, Kenny Woody, Bob Wyman Jimmy Yee. THIRD ROW: Vernon Yetf, Susann Young, Bob Ziemer. FIRST ROW: Joe Sullivan, Clarine Bos- well, Mary Louise Meakin, Ronnie Giesler. SECOND ROW: Larry Laund- er, Ralph Rogers, Jim Brade. THIRD ROW: Terry Basfen, Bob Maxson. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Dohm. FIRST ROW: Elsie Perez, Carol Webb, Chris Willcutt, Sondra Carmack. SEC- OND ROW: Larry Joyce, Candy Scott, Berl Brown, 1 aigfillglllll Mi.?w1fll Qjlfill FIRST ROW: Joan Powell, Clarine Boswell, Jeannie Townsend. SECOND ROW: Carol Webb, Barbara Chafflm Carol Chamn. '23 ,ww cz. -450- 5 S E 5 Q i E 5 2 X , I I 1 u E V . 1 G g 3 E f .1 Z w2i??Z59fSQ.l' in, m S 'ffm f,l5L 1? ff' xl X 224555 P df PfH Vice Pres. K B ll NV , 1 , 5-. 4 M, ca F me-"W asurer y Bauerlein Q FIRST ROW: Garry Abbott, Vicky Acker, Carol Adams, Don Adams, Chris Aguilar. SECOND ROW: Doug Aiken ,Alice Akey, Jimmy Alcorn, Barry Allen. THIRD ROW: Erlinda Al- varado, Adrienne Ames, Ronnie An- derson, Mary Lou Aragon, Eleanor Arbiso. FOURTH ROW: Nadine Arce, Jim Armstrong, Valerie Arroues, Henry Ashbaugh. y WWA' wgwzzrff- ,wlfdw WW FIRST ROW: Jim Adams, Stanley AI- exander, Charlotte Avila, Jim Baby- lon, Patti Bach. SECOND ROW: Lorin Bacon, Mae Badgwell, Mike Bailie, Mary Ann Barber. THIRD ROW: Charles Barlow, Helen Barnes, Rich- ard Barnes, Dave Barr, Eddie Barr. FOURTH ROW: Brian Barrette Anna Bastady, Tom Bates, Judy Bauerlein. FIRST ROW: Norma Beck, Margaret Becker, Peggy Becker, Robert Bee- bower, Norma Beebower. SECOND ROW: Arline Beeson, Harry Belcher, Janice Bell, Ken Bell. THIRD ROW: Charles Berglund, Robert Berry, Jim Billups, Judy Bingham, Angelo Biondo. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Bird, Suanne Blair, Leonard Blanco, David Booth. vilifpfie soc' wif ...WMA ,Lit 1 - .V L...-A FIRST ROW: Anne Bonar, Leroy Born, Bobbie Boteler, Vonnie Bottoms, Lee Roy Bowen. SECOND ROW: Loren Bowman, Lenin Brezoff, Gerald Bridge- ford, Robert Brison. THIRD ROW: Judy Brown, Alma Brumley, Lou Ann Burch, Durelle Burk. FOURTH ROW: Maurice Burton, Cherryl Byard, Jerry Bybee, Catalina Cano. X D FIRST ROW: Robert Beeson, Nancy Carlton, Janet Carrell, Carolyn Cate. SECOND ROW: Jerry Choate, Gayle Christenson, Mickey Chuchua, Joanna Clarida. THIRD ROW: Deanna Clark, Margie Clark, David Claypool. FOURTH ROW: Lee Clovis, Jack Coale, Don Cody, Margo Cole, Pat Cole. FIRST ROW: Roy Compton, Cheryl Cone, Linda Conkling, Carol Cook, Framona Cook. SECOND ROW: Fred Cooper, Vicki Corn, Carolyn Cornell, Armond Corona. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Cox, Roberta Crapo, Margaret Crats- enburg, Don Crawford, Tom Cross. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Currul, Bill Daniels, B,QiDayis7 Richard Decker. FIRST ROW: Lucille Crew, David Crist, Norman Crocker, David Curtis, Ann Dailey. SECOND ROW: Mariorie Daugherty, Bob DeLorto, Connie Do- minguez, Pat Donham. THIRD ROW: Isabel Dorame, Veatha Dorn, Robin Bozier, Joanne Drotf, Carolyn Dyer. FOURT HROW: Sharon Eakin, Joyce Eberhardt, Waynell Eckels, Glenda Eimers. FIRST ROW: Phyllis Eisele, Arlene El- liott. Barbara Ellis, Deanne Ellis, Vel- ma Ellison. SECOND ROW: Hilda Er- win, .lack Eskelson, Sharon Esterley, Susan Evans. THIRD ROW: Katherine Evers, Tom Everson, Betty Farrice, Bet- ty Feazel, Marilyn Feinberg. FOURTH ROW: Anita Ferguson, Betty Fergu- son, Twila Ferguson, Mary Findley. FIRST ROW: Robert Christenson, Dan- iel Claypool, David Davis, Richard Duran, Sylvia Estrada. SECOND ROW: Bob Fish, Larry Fishel, Clyde Fisher, Richard Fontaine. THIRD ROW: Clar- ence Ford, Diane Fowler, Gary Frazier, Charles Fryatt, George Frye. FOURTH ROW: Sam Fuller, Bill Gabriel, Jerry Gaulke, Bill Gilkerson. FIRST ROW: Richard Garner, Gordon Gill, Carolyn Gilmore, Tom Givens, Audrey Gober. SECOND ROW: Mar- shall Goble, Dorlys Godding, Belen Gomez, Bob Gonzales. THIRD ROW: Brian Gorham, Joyce Grammer, Bar- bara Griggs, Mini Guerrero, Virginia Gusman. FOURTH ROW: Gary Guth- rie, Frank Gutierrez, Edward Guiz- mann, Beatrice Hall. FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Hall, Charles Hallam, Robert Hammonds, Lee Hardy, Lewis Harper. SECOND ROW: Ray Harrington, Betty Harris, Jan,et Hart, Don Hastings. THIRD ROW: Elmo Haught, Woody Hauter, Jim Havenar, John Hayes, Sylvia Hazenf FOURTH ROW: Pat Hearne, Lorraine Hebert, Beverly Heinze, Tom Henry. if FIRST ROW: Don Graybill, Bill Herbst, Steve Hernandez, Joan Hertz, Linda Herzog. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hill, Carolyn Hillhouse, .lim Holland, Bea- trice Holscher. THIRD ROW: Nan Hol- stan, Esther Hoover, Karen Hunt, Lar- ry Hutchens, Elise Hyde. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Imus, David Inman, Ken Inman, Tom Jasper. V TW ' f' ff: X T 'I' FIRST ROW: Richard Heath, Gayle Hermance, Joe Hernandez, John Jack- son, Don Jacobson. SECOND ROW: David Jasper, Ruth Jasper, Carole Johnson, Judy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Margaret Johnson, Beverly Jones, Harley Jones, Pat Joyce, Carol Juene- mann. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Kahl, John Kaylor, Bill Kelley, Alyce Kep- hart. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Kibbe, Kay Kiker, Joanne King, Alice Kinietz, Ned Kis- ner. SECOND ROW: Johnny Kizer, Bonnie Klimpel, Mickey Knapp, David Knight. THIRD ROW: Delores Knisley, Ken Knott, John Kohlenberger, Doris Krieger, Ruth Kriesant. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kroeger, Mariorie Kroeger, Jon Krogsrud, Elaine Kuchel. FIRST ROW: Larry Lacey, Lillian La- Fremier, Gay Laird, Stella Laney. SEC- OND ROW:LDwaine Landryh Colleen Lane, Dorothy Lauro. THIRD ROW: B' l Lee,,John Leigh, Carol Lemberger, J lcie Ljmke. FOURTH ROW: Pat L ster,-Paul Long. A IH Q. T- 5 J -If ' 'X-I N . ' UNI N ,I M v ,J Y Fry Ay 5 5 is PI I FXR: I if I w-1 J 'T' '14 z . . X is 55,5 ,XIQ :U Wil? FIRST ROW: Esther Corria, Richard Haxton, Jeanne Lewis, Leslie Liesch, Joan Lippiatt. SECOND ROW: Anna Love, Donnie Lyon, Shirley Maise, eanna Manning. THIRD ROW: Ruth Martin, He en ata, Twila Matthews, Jean Mattinson, Tom Maulding. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Maxwell, Jim Maxwell, Glyn McClain, Joy McClung. K FIRST ROW: Louis Lowery, Robin Mc- Cormick, Ken McDermott, Carol Mc- Donald, Marcia McGee. SECOND ROW: Douglas McHenry, Dick McKee, Margo Metzger, Janice Meyer. THIRD ROW: Glen Middleton, Don Mieger, John Millar, Pat Miller, Ronnie Millar. FOURTH ROW: Sue Mitchell, Virgie Mitchell, Mary Molina, Deanna Mont- gomery. FIRST ROW: Jimmie Montgomery, Tom Moore, Anita Moreno, Harlene Morris, Phyllis Morris. SECOND ROW: Louis Muiica, Josephine Munar, Lou- Cille Myers, David Narvaez. THIRD ROW: Philip Nay, Richard Nelson, Phil Nickell, Joe Noles, Johnny Nor- ton, FOURTH ROW: Ellsworth Olson, Jerry Olson, Irene Osborn, Florence Owens. FIRST ROW: Charles Lasky, Lupe Lopez, Jim Norton, Barbara Oldham, Larence Owens. SECOND ROW: Son- ny Owens, Walter Paget, Glenn Park- er, Sandra Patrick. THIRD ROW: Billy Paustell, Howard Pease, Carl Pen- nington, Charles Perkins, Jim Perry. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Perry, Linda Phillips, Joe Pinedo, Lucy Pizzo. FIRST ROW: Sandra Sanderson, Donna Schewe, Don Scholten, Louis Schu- chart, Judith Schultz. SECOND ROW: Delbert Scott, Phyllis Searight, Ro- berta Self, Roy Sharp. THIRD ROW: Nina Sheehan, Dwayne Sherman,Joan Shirk, Tom Siffermann, Dearine Sille- sen. FOURTH ROW: Gayle Simmons, Bob Simpon, Bobbie Sims, Beverly Skierve. 3- F FIRST ROW: Jack Rosckio, Manuel Sandova, Glenna Shaver, B. K. Slocum, Patricia Smales. SECOND ROW: Car- melita Smith, Carol Smith, Edward Smith, George Smith, Gerald Smith. THIRD ROW: Paul Smith, Ronald Smith, Dennis Snodgrass, Barbara Sorenson, Kenneth Sorenson. FOURTH ROW: La Vonne Sparks, Marshall Stenton, Gary Stonebraker, Ann Strickland. vv ...M N :sf FIRST ROW: Gloria Santana, Joyce Spaulding, Ken Stanley, Jim Staples, Carole Stewart. SECOND ROW: Bev- erly Stodart, Diane Storey, Bob Stue- lancl, Beth Sturclivant. THIRD ROW: Ann Sutherland,Jeanne Takido, Sherie Tarry, Jimmy Taylor, Hudson Teter. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Thomas, Mildred Thomas, Billie Thompson, Don Thompson. FIRST ROW: Leland Timbrook, Carol Tinker, Beverly Todd, Jayne Todd, Dolores Tostado. SECOND ROW: Jesse Travis, Linda Trezise, Peggy Troseth, Gayle Trumbo. THIRD ROW: Floy Tucker, Densil Turner, John Twine- ham, Pauline Umloerson, Deanna Up- son. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Urban, Sandra Vanderburg, Mary Vander- voort, Jonquil Vincenz. FIRST ROW: Dan Valenzuela, Corry Vanderham, Richard Vaughan, Jac- queline Wagner, Marilyn Wakoski. SECOND ROW: Sherry Waldron, Chris- tine Walls, Arthur Walther, James Wangrud. THIRD ROW: Selby Watkins, Bill Watt, Larry Watts, Tom Watts, Gay Weight. FOURTH ROW: Henry Welch, Charles Wells, Phil Wells, Ron- ald Wesner. FIRST ROW: Jenny Lind Wilkinson, Duane Williams, Marilyn Williams, Melvin Williams, Ralph Williams. SEC- OND ROW: Wally Williams, Ronald Wilson, Betsy Wingert, Gloria Wolfe. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Wolford, Melvin Wons, Sandra Wood, Bruce Wood- ward, Kenny Worley. FOURTH ROW: Rock Wylie, Wanda York, Dennis Young, Voyt Young. FIRST ROW: Ronald Abernathy, Gary Fields, Willard Finch, LeRoy Stage. SECOND ROW: Jerry Sutton, Bob Sweet, Bud Swenson. THIRD ROW: Gale Waites, Carol Waugh. FIRST ROW: Sally Calder, Dianne Venter. SECOND ROW: Greg Guth, Philip Candee, Eddie Martini. THIRD ROW: Matt Ballinger, Douglas Cull. ,wig , .x-f. .fi-5 , FIRST ROW: Bob Redfield, Pele Long, AI Hernandez, Bill Flesch. SECOND ROW: Johnny West, Jim Ferguson, Bob Casdorph. THIRD ROW: Tom Jasper, Ronnie Hueberf, Ken Crow- ley, Doug Cull. FIRST ROW: Leonard Neal, Leon Neal. SECOND ROW: Henry Fregoso, CU,-. tis Deckerf. Janice Holm, Barbara Clark, Dean March, Gale Waites. OO N5 Gene Ransom ,Orns Anson Doo OOO Vice Pres. President ,gg Secretary Laurel Davidson Treasurer Susan Renneker FIRST ROW Miss Smith Mrs Brunslull Miss Bolion Mrs Hunley Miss Bolano. SECOND ROW: Mr. Phipps, Mr. Storm, Mr. W. Wilson Mr. Remy, Mr. Burt. E5 B ish mfg FIRST ROW: Lynne Barnes, Orris An- son, Paul Ancel, Sandra Aldinger, Linda Albright, Bob Abbott. SECOND ROW: Dallas Allen, Cheryl Bacus, Margaret Barber, Madeline Ballard, Diane Baker, Shirley Arroues, John Ardaiz. THIRD ROW: Mona Bethel, Beverly Barnard, Bob Bauer, Beverly Bailey, Linda Batchelder, Raymond Bertaina. FIRST ROW: Genee Aaron, Virginia Arce, Kenney Baker, Carlos Barrara, Barbara Barrington. SECOND ROW: Dwayne Basham, Ron Boettcher, Glenda Brandon, Sonia Burns. THIRD ROW: Susan Clark, Carol Clifton, Don Cole, Don Coltrane, Claudia Domin- guez. FOURTH ROW: Marjorie Drake, Richard Eastman, Clark Ellis, Charles Everson. FIRST ROW: Nancy Anderson, Deanna Auser, Dick Brannon, Richard Bremer, Iona Briddle, Tom Evans, Gladys Bur- leson. SECOND ROW: Karon Childers, Ronnie Chrisman, Dennis Cromwell, Terry Cook, Ann DelGiorgio, Anne Dismuke, Charlotte Dorn. THIRD ROW: George Brightwell, Jean Fancher, Pat Frost, Bob Grable, Richard Gregory. FIRST ROW: Betty Bowen, Howard Brown, Pat Brownlee, Janet Brumley, Susan Brunskill, Edith Bullen. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara Bunch, Nancy Burt, Janet Burton, Philip Candee, James Carline, Margaret Carline. THIRD ROW: Bob Casdorph, Maria Castro, Bruce Carlson, Bob Born, Tom Binckes. FIRST ROW: Shirley Chaflin, Betty Lou Chambers, Nancy Chase, Garon Child- ers, David Chrisper, Walter Collins, Helen Contreras. SECOND ROW: Brad Corville, Judy Cox, Dale Cripps, Judy Crowell, Susan Currul, William Dalton. THIRD ROW: John Davis, Marilyn Cur- ren, Jack Deburger, Sharon Decker, Lynda DelGiorgio, Jack Dennis. FIRST ROW: Rick DeVin'e, Donald Dickenson, Helen Dickey, Wanda Dick- ie, Donna Dickson, Joel Dietrich. SEC- OND ROW: Beverly Downing, Linda Easley, Laulene First, Caryll Egerer, David Ellis, Alice Elvis, Susan Erlang- er. THIRD ROW: Emma Ferreira,Wayne Fields, Sally Foster, Ronald Fuiino, Rachel Glass, Ruby Goates. fb"-xi FIRST ROW: Bob Biel, Don Box, Bob Cudd, Laurel Davidson, Rosalie DeGen- naro, Dick Enright. SECOND ROW: Barbara Farmer, Barbara Finley, Fran- ces Fletcher, Carl Ford, John Fruits, Eugene Garrett, Bill Gee. THIRD ROW: Norman Gilbert, Wilmer Giltner, Raul Gomez, Jo Good, Ronnie Gorow. FIRST ROW: Judy Greaves, Donna Guin, Shelvie Hall, Tom Haller, Bob Halstenberg. SECOND ROW: Sena Hanson, Eileen Hanson, Joan Hardy, Zela Hargrave, Art Haught, Terry Guy. THIRD ROW: Earlene Hart, Gary Har- vey, Mike Harvey, Jack Hash, Helen Hawkins, Leon Hawkinson, Ella Heck- man. I 1 ' I f FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Hart, Deloris Hawkins, Mariorie Heet, Patsy Hend- erson, Darlene Henley, Dorene Hen- son. SECOND ROW: Janice Henson, Vee Ann Herbst, Alvina Hernandez, Catherine Hillhouse, Kay Hiner, Jack Hinkel. THIRD ROW: Lani HoITstadt, Richard Holguin, Norbert Holscher, Joann Homiczewski, Frances Hopkins. FIRST ROW: Jesse Huichings, Ray Hall, Cynthia Howard, Dorothy Howe, Beverly Howell. SECOND ROW: Phyl- lis Hull, Richard Hyaff, Elise Hyde, Jane Hyden, Darlene Ingersoll. THIRD ROW: Hilda Jara, Gabriel Jauregui, William Jenisch, Jimmie Jewett, Mike Jeweff. FOURTH ROW: Norma John- son, Ronnie Johnson, Marvin Hart. FIRST ROW: Richard Klepper, Faye Klingenberg, Terri Kochiyama, Teresa Kofmel, Carolyn Kuhns. SECOND ROW: Dee Ann Kuhlman, Mary Lally, Pai Lamb, Phil Lamberi. THIRD ROW: Judy Lancaster, Ernest Landes, James Lane, Tim Lange, Ronald Larson. FOURTH ROW: David Laughton, Jo- Ann Lawson, Joy Lawson, Kay Lee, Erma Leigh. FIRST ROW: Masatake Kasama, Sigrid Larson, Russell Lennon, Billy Leonard, John Levo. SECOND ROW: Ronny Lewis, Donna Lieberman, Lois Liesch, Bob Lindow. THIRD ROW: Anneife Liniheimer, Stan Lirtleworfh, Judy Lofquisf, Eva Logston,Trina Lomeli. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Long, Connie Lopez, Ellen Lowery, Lupi Lozano. FIRST ROW: Esiquio Luna, Joan Lunde, Bob Lutschg, Myrna Lyman, Russel Mabry. SECOND ROW: Buck Jim Maclean, Jesse Magdalena, Sue Malone, Tom Manning. THIRD ROW: Bill Maple, Billy Mapp, Lloyd Masters, Patsy Maturino, Salvador Maturino. FOURTH ROW: Mary Jo Maurer, Jean May, John Mayfield, Lynda McCloud. FIRST ROW: Carol McComber, Caro- lyn McDonald, Claudia McGolgan, James Mcllrath, Paula McMahan. SECOND ROW: Wilma McPheeters, Mike McReynolds, Antonia Meiia, Patricia Mellon. THIRD ROW: Mike Mercado, Richard Metcalf, Jeanette Meyer, Marilyn Middleton, FOURTH ROW: Ray Miller, Billie Minyard, Paul Mirelez, Merle Mitchell. FIRST ROW: Judy Moll, Carl Mont- gomery, Carole Montgomery, Carolyn Montgomery, Diane Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Moore, John Moore, Kenneth Moore, Norma Moore. THIRD ROW: Rosalie Moore, Larry Moores, Mary Jo Moretta, Barbara Morgan, Gwen Morris. FOURTH ROW: Walter Morris, Dolores Morrison, Jer- ry Morrison, Peggy Muir. FIRST ROW: Earl Morton, Norberta Muiica, Jim Murphy, Juanita Murphy, Steve Myracle. SECOND ROW: Julia Navarro, Jo Nelson, Patricia Newell, Marilyn Newman. THIRD ROW: Glen Nixon, Barbara Nolan, Nadine Norris, Robert Norton, Susan Nuckols. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Nunez, Robert O'Dell, Akio Okabe, Patricia Oliver. A f FIRST ROW: Bobbie Pinkerton, Rita Pitcher, Arnold Pitts, Elmo Pittser, JoAnn Plegel. SECOND ROW: Karl Pool, Stella Porras, Larry Porter, Ned Porter. THIRD ROW: Lee Ann Potier, Ronald Potter, Phyllis Proctor, Jolene Pryor, Barbara Purmont. FOURTH ROW: Charles Quetschke, Maria Que- zada, Carol Raidy, Lynda Ralph. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Ralston, Jimmy Ramirez, Leanna Ramsay, Gene Run- son, Bobbie Jean Reed. SECOND ROW: Doug Reed, Susan Renneker, Clyde Reyburn, Roger Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Ralph Rickman, Norma Ridenhour, Mary Riggs, Clyde Riggen, Dorothy Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Mar- ian Robertson, Otis Robertson, Dan Robinson, Betty Robinson. 2,5 ' swf rl. - Q , Wat xii af in' a., 5 13325 . 1 ,If Q . - .. fi' it .S Z ig, ,., , ,, is fflfie T4 'it ,iii ' 1.1,,ffJft FIRST ROW: Rudy Reiterir, Jim Robin- son, Bill Robinson, Bob Rochelle. SEC- OND ROW: Judy Rockwell, Margarite Rodriquez, Mary Rogers,Shirley Roice. THIRD ROW: Jess Romo, Antonia Rosas, Cliff Rosch, Peter Rossloerg, Harriette Rottler. FOURTH ROW: John Royer, Lydia Rubio, Russell Rust, Gene Ryan. FIRST ROW: Ray Saavedra, Carl Sa- loisch, Ronnie Saftel, Tony Sanchez, Barry Sanderson. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Scarlett, Jeff Scheel, Brady Schmidt, Sharon Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Sandra Schnell, Gary Scott, Lola Sedan, Kay Selover, Marilyn Serfas, FOURTH ROW: lvan Serrano, Allen Seyler, Norman Shadrick, Mar- ian Shearer. ' 5 5 . -'17 0 f 'ff :Z D 5 X JE 'Q I ' , 7.1 ff-A R'-1 i., Ai KK 041. . if Y - - Inf, I FlRSl ROW: Mary Lou Saenz, Danny Silva, Mary Sims, David Sitenhot, Le- land Skinner. SECOND ROW: Nancy Smales, Glenda Smedley, Linda Smith, Melinda Smith. THIRD ROW: Patricia Smith, Jerry Smith, Carolyn Soper, Nancy Speakman, Jessie Spink. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Spoon, Helen Spooner, Donna Stanley, Sharon. Staples. FIRST ROW: Tommy Star, Fred Sta- ton, Pete Stemple, Mike Sticlcney, Peggy Stidham. SECOND ROW: Bob Stitt, Frances Stone, Suzanne Stone, Curtis Stout. THIRD ROW: Tommy Stephens, Tom Sugclen, David Suther- lin, Cleda Syverson, Gary Tavan. FOURTH ROW: Claudia Thayer, Adela Torres, Lenard Tower, Don Travaglia. FIRST ROW: John Trygstad, Jack Turn- er, Jack Upfold, Linda Upton, Tony Valencia. SECOND ROW: Vesta Vand- erpool, Dennis Vanderzyl, Sharon Van Leuven, DeeAnn Varner. THIRD ROW: George Veiga, Julian Velasquez, Buryl Villines, Jack Virgil, John Vogel. FOURTH ROW: Erick Van Dorp, Charles Ward, Richard Ware, Barry Warner. FIRST ROW: Charles Warner, Lois Watkins, Darryl Webber, Helen Web- ster, Paul Webster. SECOND ROW: Sandra Weese, Bill Weidman, Hilloah Weight, Pete Weisel. THIRD ROW: Bobbie Weiszbrod, Jerry Wheeler, Lloyd Wheeler, Charles White, Etta White. FOURTH ROW: Paul White, Jerry Whittiker, Judy Wilbur, Evelyn Wilkerson. L , QE ee l FIRST ROW: Wayne WiIkerson,George Willets, Dorothy Williams, Joan Wil- liams. SECOND ROW: Mary Williams, Roy Williams, Mike Wood,Jim Woods, Donna Woolley. THIRD ROW: Betty Wright, Will Wright, Teryl Wylie. FOURTH ROW: Don Yates, Shirley Young, Sybyl Younger, John Ziemer. FIRST ROW: Barbara Tillotson, Sally Lozano, Roselin Auer, Nancy Lassiter, Mary Carnes, Jane Pharris. SECOND ROW: Jim Cunningham, Beverly Joyce, Lorraine Corona, Helen Ward, Marlene Day. THIRD ROW: Angelo Casserino, Troy Bottoms, Chuck Eber- hardt, Richard Bergen, Gary Jackson, Eddie Andrews: FOURTH ROW: Wayne Lancaster, Terry Bean, Jack McKeown, Charles Everson, Louis Barnes. FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Fidel, Arlene Fish, Dick Flenner, Eddie Garrish. SECOND ROW: Nancy Gilkerson, Emma Ferreira, Bar- bara Finley, Raymond Hull. THIRD ROW: Charles Jensen, Ronnie Linn, Billy Klaustermeyer, Marilyn MacCallum. FOURTH ROW: Buck Maclean, Jesse Mag- dalene, Mike Beesby. FIRST ROW: Wayne Henson, Terry Huffman, Bob Huntley, Carol Johnson, Brenda Sue Jones. SECOND ROW: .Ian Jones, Clarence Juneau, Yoshiaki Ka- sama, Karen Kear. THIRD ROW: Charles Kelly, Clara Kennan, Jimmy Kesey, Jerry Kimbrell, Jerry King. FOURTH ROW: Wil- liam King, Mary Kinnett, An- nette Kinney. FIRST ROW: Mildred Bernstein, San- dra Roe, Shirley Houser, Patty West- over. SECOND ROW: George Miller, Bob McDuelI, Leonard Sheetz. THIRD ROW: Gary Bouton, Frank Pellkofer, Jimmy Binns. 7,5 fo 6 13 X Nix N, 15339 J FIRST ROW: Richard Morris, Nancy Smith, Margie Naylor, Joyce Beiare, Kasama Yoshiaka. SECOND ROW: Milton Anglin, Ronald Miller, Dale Cripps, Bob Ogilvie. THIRD ROW: Jerry Rubright, Sheldon Klasky. Qi' ffmlh 3 gwmff WM f M55 'Q xl 2r.n In 'R '! Q 2 2' gm Q ,M 'bs 5 5' y- s V K ,,.,, 5 if mm .a i GQ: in if wegf W,w I 3 1 , 5 F' k W" gdgw l Lnlllm Va r f we , , , M L, ,:zL ? LL,, ' 'wr Y 7 1.1 2 . . . 5 FV r , , Q' , ' i r '3Penny Hineman-Pres. W 44,0 40.19.49-L! Ley Q,,QAeLLe,c Roch C kl' -V. P . f f , , ,ww Ftrs Judy Richa,.ds...5ec, Judy Wadsworth--Treas. Barbara Boyd -Social Chairman X-ew NNAX -'ll ,ff exde , W0 UNK O0 C0 mee O fx Skouqokon V-m Veovw xoewao 'Q ssrl OW Bu X4 XCXK BK STUDENT GOIfRT -EE? STUDENT CONGRESS Glenn McCoy-Sec. Don Stoughton-Pros. Roy Fuiino-Vice-Pros. l? Reg Dunlap-Trgag R. Rohrer, L. Armiio, H. Carter, N. Coiiom, D. Cruickshank, G. Fowler, R. Marisa, C Mulleneaux, L. Munson, E. Folie--advisors. L- AA Miss Mains, Mrs. Spears, M Newton, Miss Builer--advis ,Al Y -:Af Last P 96 Bill Semans-Pres. KEY CLUB , MW Don Myers-Treas. Jim Montgomery-V. Pres. Hal Mqgre-Sec, PLEIADS Byron Blair-Pres. 'H :V ggi HX ,L, " mx.. Jerry Gaines-V. Pres EALBEARER ADYISORS , K gg Wi ffffwlw' A qginkw Wi 4 1,5 'f"f?f.f 51 '35 :td Jean Fergus-Soc. Judy Moure--Treas. 97 M EEN? Pat Clabaugh-Pres. R Charle Moran-Treas. in Virginia Munhall-V Pres Brenda Browning-Sec. V 5 .4--I gp' 1 ff ...W,, Rx ' 2G- 1 3. ,ig Q x is ll f Miss Kaclelbach, Miss Ewy, Mrs. Hess, Miss McCormick, Miss Rulison, Miss Tumor, Miss Wiessemann-advisors. '3'1Q.. . . 'R' . Jerry Christie-Pres. ,gi Darrell Doss-Sec. if A my if G. Tucker, H. Nuffer, P. Wilson, D. Inglis, P. Snyder, W. Wilson, R. Winter, V. Wrightson-advisors. Byron Blair-V. Pres David Ellis-Treas. First Semester editor 02 Margie Easton ffl Glenna Maguire Shirley Pharris -L... - A Y Jan McDuell 1'-an-Y, Millie Garlifz-Second Semester editor Num-e ,xi Tom Giihens Bernadme Pedlgo STAFF' Ma ureen Conner--Ass'1. Editor Mr. Paul-Advisor PAPER T 1 1 N w l i 103 N . ex 95 Q , W1-2 1 R f kk,- "s.' ., 11 . 1 A 1 , 1-.1 x IM..,'z.,i ,U L., 3 , , Qing- 1 ,lx A 1' 1' 3 Q ,i1Qx',',.5,i.wxC ',",I4. :Hg x i 9 - .. . . . fi L ..!.,A'.1 Qkxix, 1l,l,,qL Q ,V - -. 8 x y. 1 1, , ,f ,v--ia i .k ,, . 5 1, nw . Q if "' K ff x - .- l5,,'.1eF1'.. 1 ' fp,-, ,M v QI 1 , -- ,--x.f'.Xf?,', ., ,. '.'5x.x,i,'!g:.. - .I.. l K 1 'qwgx -KJV x 1 lvl. L Y M, fa ,- ?imn?f- 1112 ,, -Qzwrif . he M. . ,,, .. 4 ar.. D.,- Q ,Wg cw --132' fe E 'f s il. I x, W'-9' . - I' ,ff N sv 4 31 54 ww N, Q JJ' J f mix 'J ff' A. S' ., v , Kgzraif Lv' f' wx f 5 K J 9 V , .X X r , F X 4 - - w - XJ fu ,' -H , N v ., l 'r w 4 lj ' V af A 3' U V --L f J I 'if . 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V A 17 QPF? 6 3 N HO 4 1 2 3 ' 2 1 ' ' 3 5 ' 51: I 4 Qll , lln-IQI1 I1 I1 I I1 I IL! 7 F 77' -inn!!-I l'llnumnlllII lr'lnull-I-r' muu-lI'-!-p- lC1, Il X II-Y l5f"l . - hi,,1 2 H1 1 0 41 2 ff fl IA-fFIIl-l lmlumlllll lnnliuiuln IBM-ISBN' IE:::::gi::ii 113' lnllii l lnllil l!l "i' L 1 X -ruinin- lnnmmuln I Inn LY! YCZZQQ 1 Ziff I Ylllll -ll I 5 2 - ll -IU l11 11591 X.1,,,, .- -- IQ ZH X IIIUKL- . YlllQl- Q11 llalffi-llhia I 'l. 1 X I . flflri Y CD Q ll mill LSI! X ZIP-- 'i -IH IIAUQ' f4P3 I. I i n1lHY"HH17'1 I-I1 lln-IQ-Q---f-v-1 11l'Y'I 711 Ll lf'I Llj11 LU 'QQ nj N-'Z ,W M,.,.,..,.,...........--- F595 ken pa 1 W .--.....-- 1 ""l 11T11i1 I I --- .., 1 1 . . 1 1171 IZLJTLLIL-f --"" 'Y 2 4' - I F , I 1 IL! I D SU ll s., FTE? ,- ik -'aiu I. - i, flir 1 :: E ag' jd! I A- 17134 s.f' 3 1 fL, ,f ffi YXY fiff MIXED GI-IOROUS GDNGERT CHOIR jf Charles Stuckey-Pres. '-,Q H rf, , rw, ,Jr rl-,E 'EJ 5, A Gail larsh-V. Pres. was-W, Janet Hart-Sec. Jerry Gain es- Mr. Baumgardnor ,1-' ,, I, B.-.--. , ,A x r ' . LATIN LQLQLUB Qw U off' H' Al r r . J V g .V V, YJ , ll W s .Nfl Q7' Uv' fl' br, f UV f J fl l 1 l l Q . , tg m ,Sm 1 l X - j,x 9- J L ,lf all Treas. il ' l ll 5 q C1 .9 A 'f "lil r f . Q .J s if Mrs. Garman-Advisor G Qs-oxY5' Joan McGaughy-Pres , ..... fan Q , F' r ? fi I L rrr r , "fr i . . Marlene Hesser-Sac. "V!Ig ll Phil Hill-V. Pres. Anita Bell-Treas. GIRLS CHORUS 1 MELO Anznzs GIRLS GHCRUS 1 GIRLS' CHORUS III BOYS' GHORU WU MMU XX 4 HG 4mPTmHF Zm is UCFQ awww: mmwqpu , 6' 1 s g ff ' :M Q ' f 42 , SPANI H CLUB W ,.... QQ : V, . .mf S .,- V 1 .. .... 0 . V My is . I - 1, ' i"?f l0UlS ZUNIGA -PreS- z . up : . . -, - i "' H 'J W . , - Xe ff -vs-fZrffv:f,,.'Q'6i k' in-'bn .:- . r V A , K5 f . V- . V w :V - - - . 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QI X ,i - X I DQR BRRNNoN AMA!-IL AND THE NIGHT YISITDRS The cast for this year's opera was Marian Carascausa CFJCJ as Amahl, Richard Rossomme as Kaspar, John Greenville lFJCl as Melchoir, and Leonard Tetley KFJCJ as Balthazer. Musical director was William Henderson and Florence English was in charge of stage movement and dancing. Scenery was built under the direction of George Archambeault, which included a "silhouette" type set depicting the humble Eastern home of Amahl. Penelope Sycamore Essie Carmichael ..... Rheba .................,... Pa ul Syca more ...,.... Mr. De Pinna ...... ,, Ed Carmichael ,,,,,,. Donald ,...,....,......,,.., Marlin Vanclerhof.. Alice Sycamore ...,., Mr. Henderson .,,,., Tony Kirby ,,,,,AA,,,AA,Y Boris Kolenkhov ,,.,, Mr. Kirby ,.,,,,,,,A,,,,, Mrs. Kirby ...,... Three Men ..,,... Olga .....,,....,. ..,,.............Linda Keel , ..,. Judy Wadsworth v......Judy Richards Fred Thibault .......Byron Blair ,,,,,....Ray Gilmore Reg Dunlap ...,,,Ri:hard Rossornme ..,,.,.,,Carol Daniels .,,,...David Towle ,.,,,,.PhiI Schuyler .,,.....Jol1n Jordan .,....,,.,Roch Conklin Childs ax Corazza, les Hovey, Bill Semans Slaves l IEW 23' GLUMNY his 916 H11 x-119 GOL GHISTS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRIST WITH THE TEEN TDPPERS QW' 'J' f' Q, is Q Q9 Q'-'SF Ev iii? 0 .N . f Y,ie!,-9 :Y , 1c"N cw 3-as fi xixjyi wr xx' J ,J Xl- , Q 22 i K gg 'is WA' wb.. oigfxfwmx SNOW BALL PW 3,6 V GIRLWLDAT F v'- . X L fy". xy jW -2-M 511' N w A 1 - if if PE we 355 Q51 nn S 5? up H. 'S S5 Ki 5 ws: 545 sf? SQ -. .A 9 he ,A X 41 vi' F? qu! A sv. 'V ,,.,ulii1-Mm -f ' ,bg Viiftxif mr ,- ,-'M JN ,"' iv A A, , . . v n I X 5 A i 45 is P s f 2 2 .Q Q- A v-Q ff iwfefkw x I fqp. 4 ' ......g,, .VM xr- jdini 1? iff Z: rx", A ' Q I wi W A5 fx .4 Y-"-T'-. v , 1 .,,,,,,. ...1 H, . ,, .ww wwf . M ff- K' 5 E 5' W , ' i ' . ., 1 AVI, 2 -- 5 . Lf. .sazrzmeazszw -5. - WL ,QL M f Q Y 'K na 5 tiff? DRILL TEAM 4, ,..L Liam JAN G E LIN BAT DA Tls Co LEM AN BARB CHA RL OTTE EG ERE R f ff ws "' ,f Qss2'l"+ 19 ggi NM ig sm Y! 135' r V11 0129 9 C0999- Nmxle scene vypssovxp, 'KOXSYXGEQ ,wma vvvlvxd WG it frlxwa xeaai '6 N09- vow if W w H--ri X4 Q i WON 039 x sx4P'1Y'd Q P- YELL LEADER 4? ,ii gg, -ze an Us 2 1 VI ml I si: :genesis ar ' QM lil BETSY HALLOCK DAVID TOWLE LES H0 VEY GARY DIAL BARBARA QLNE R ES R BABI SWIFT L w Vwifa, Q WEIDEL sgA4g4E af ..i A 1 I l 1 I P5142 EASTON 2 2 E -3 WOW Oy-44 THE 'I954 POW WOW KING, QUEEN AND THEIR COURT REIGNED OVER THE DAY'S FESTIVITIES CONSISTING OF THE BRAWL, MISS WOW AND MR. POW CONTEST, VAUDEVILLE SHOW AND DANCE 7' 3 N fi 7' N ,Lv , N fs, we S E322 :JEL 1 sszf,g3ifN'e gwz. f 'xiii , , Y,.f TM gil AQ 37' 'W r i., --f may -sw vim, .f ww 1 fav:- igf f 265 1 f fel-221, A V-wsu f ,, ,, f ' Fifi 33 if Q, U , W if Eggs P ON was use ow WR. NOW 5106 vi xx,xA?, RNC GXWNO '86 WSC: wJ WT C,OxR, Nw .fam 2'W!!'!9'!"H'Q!W'!H My gm I ki nLw..aU" ! 7 4 I X 43 il--A X X .A -2 . g 5 2 V' A3 A I 6 iw---.,,. , Y -WT-.,,-.,,f. ,,..,w. .,, ..Y,.Y,,. --- -V, .,.,.-,V. ,-,-7',.e,,.., ,, K J 1 ' - f 4, ' A ,, ' - - . 1 .. , ,V . Wh -NJA!-eff fo- , JHMWJHMWMUWV QWMVMW ,QWLAW 'G M925 11,,MPU3lQj9AMAf::li"fjl,,L 'CMWN ,QMKWQJ Www Nwpq - Mafia 5MW dfWWfjiW M1 WM wfjjwg M 1 ,J pw Q S WZQOLMME UWM '- idk-'L-L-4-S" - " ' - -- -1-JA--H 999' Q 1 3 M M, 63 viwyqgfw QBQQQJWW M56 M jf?f5,i?5fKW W XXQQWEEM Q QQ3ifg'W AQ X7 Monrovia is stopped on the 50 yard line by a shoestring tackle by Jerry Fishel in the third game of the season. Fullerton-'I 0 Monrovia-6 Don Boaz picks up a first down against Huntington in the Home- coming game to thrill the alumni with a landslide victory. Fullerton-19 Huntington-0 Newport Sailor falls from a grinding tackle by Ev Tande. Newport played a good game, but fell under the powerful Indian tribe. Fullerton-6 Newport-0 Ray Fuiino rips off 15 yards around left end. Fullerton fought hard, but was edged out by Santa Ana. Fullerton-6 Santa Ana-19 Kulstad carries the ball against Fullerton's chief rival, Anaheim, in one of the season's most an- ticipated games. Fullerton-0 Anaheim-13 Playing his last game, Ge0f9e Barrera spills a Panther behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of four yards. Fullerton-14 Oran9e"o .af J 'W Q59 4. i H W-swf f ' Tom Sfraihman, E B05 Ni9'59"1 T George Barrera, G-Capt. Jim Conner, C Ar! Suarez, G Roch Conklin, T E' T"'d'I E ,,.., Q ' , r r M- ' ',, A Qi 1. I I f Suarez, A.-G Conklin, R.-T Poner' P'-C 1 . aff Q Tande, E.---E Strafhman, T.-E Sutton, J--'H Barrera, G.-G KCaptJ Rodger, T--E Fuiino, R.- CCSP'-J f -.9773 First Row: D. Buckmaster, J. Noles, L. Crews, M. Taylor lco-capt.J, C. Hooper Ico-capt.J, D. Landry, B. Boteler, B. Hilser, L Guglielmana. Second Row: T. Lindebocm lMgr.1, B. Walker, T. Hammonds, L. Watts, M. Miller, L. Waits, D. Cody, E. Maxwell Third Row: D. Lopez. R. Libby, D. Fryatt, L. Millard, T. Joyce, L. Magdalena, C. Stage, T. Baston, L. Launder. Fourth Row B. Kelly, G. Bridgforcl, B. Sheetz, L. Fishal, M. Sandoval, D. Knight, J. Kear, B. McDaniels. Fifth Row: Coach J. Lockhart, Coach H. DeGroot, J. Enright, D. Rosner, B. Carr, D. Meiger, R. Hubert. J. Y. FOOTBALL Coaches H- DGGYON and J- l-0Ckl'llff Co-Captains Morris Taylor and Craig Hooper Q .-- f-fx r ' 1 51.1a,-f.A-"1..-- F 2 A m+ - oo'rBAr..L First Row: Bates, Barerra, Babylon, Badgewell, Bloso, Blair, Brightwoll, Corona, Doyle, Dunlap, Dittberner Second Row: Fish, Fisher, Frigoso, Gohram, Graham, Guglielmana, Gouger, Hammonds, Harris, Hart- moyer, Hezmalhalch. Third Row: A. Hernandez, S. Hernandez, Knott, Kimbrall, Leigh, Laughton, Lee, Lutschg, Mc- Knight, Moore, Morrison, Owens. Fourth Row: Ortega, J. Rameriz, M. Rameriz, Robman, Robinson, Ryan, Swenson Stenton ,Sullivan, Sweet, Witt, C. Wells. Fifth Row: F. Wells, Ward, Wright, Watt, Worley, Zuniga, White, Woody, McKenzie-Mg r., Reedy-Mgr. SUNSET LEAGUE CI-IILMPET Firsf Row: J. Murphy, J. Gaulke, K. Bell, N. Porter, J. Sullon, T. Cook, J. Moore, M. Jewell, J. Norton, R. Fuiino, E. Navarro. Second Row: J. Jones, M. McReynolds, E. Andrews, A. Casserino, J. Morrison, O. Anson, M. Mercado, W. Collins, R. Holguin, S. Myracle. Third Row: B. Correll, J. Mayfield, J. Royer, H. Belcher, J. Virgil, J. Coale, A. Weidman, E. Munez, J. Hill, D. Valenzuela, D. Sherman. Fourth Row: J. Scheel, W. Morris, P. Wiesel, B. Janson, R. Norton, M. Mitchell, E. Garrish, R. Lindow, L. Morres, T. Pangborn, R. Smith. Fifth Row: J. Levo, P. Mirelz, J. Wangrud, R. Larson, W. Wilson. Coach W. Wilson and Top "C" scorer wifh 9 touchdowns, Johnny Moore, Co-Captains Jeweft, Boll, and Sutton. FOOTBALL 3 '47-.fifzf fb w l67 -IOS' N9Wki"k Sleals ball from NBWPM' man in a Gordon Helmers sinks one of his fabulous hooks 'l959lY PlaYed Same- during Anaheim game. VARSITY BASKETBALL Cantor Gordon Holme.-5 awaits rgbqund in Bam, wifi, Forward Joel Newkirk sinks one from fifteen feet out a ' t gains Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach. Fullerton placed second in the toumey. Captain Gordon Helmers receives trophy after Fullerton placed second in the Huntington Beach Tourney. G!! ii X5x,LERr0 G. RUNYON Guard 9' 79 g R. CONKlIN, Forward B. WARD J. MONTGOMERY Center Forward ,Q Vi ,- 1 f F L Q .iqgyLER5Z gp ERQZE T. RODGER 1. NICKELL Gllifd Forward Toammates Gordon Helmers and Jool Nowlxirk add Roch Conklin after the latter crashed ' t-,eb into wall. F .F ot,'r i .. .l F W"'fa oo tg D. srouemou i J. NEWKIRK Guard Forward .7 . :lv xi G. THORNTON Guard ef, LER7 t , C. PENNINGTON Forward G. HELMERS Center X For t l Q , , 'E F W"'eQ L. ELDRIDGE Guard BASKETBALL Front Row: l. Ryan, R. Warner, T. Bates, J. Connor, J. Kaylor, D. Box. Middle Row: M. Stenion, P. long, K. Pembroke, L. Renck, C. Barrera, D. laughfon. Third Row: P. Hearne, G. Smith, C. Fisher, B. Dittbemer, W. Ortega, Coach Rohrer. Jim Connor iumps again, leaping sama AM man. All hands try for ball in Santa Ana game. CK . l - ,J First Row: Jones, Harvey, Gawldy, Porter. nj .. Second Row: Levo, Moore, Jeweti, Worley, Bell, Basinger: l if F Third Row: Rust, Garrish, Murphy, Manning, Cheale. , 'xr - W NX xi- u -u u e .J .5 g 1 Vzz' u in ' W 1 K I I. 7' , ..f, , f i : I -j: , V r. K Vkkr V. .V k k A -2 , L j - H 1 X 5 11 A j x All 'Q' M T sl 1 N I er, L, f H I ,Z KX X l I u xx Ii cj L . I Q 5 if ' ' K U I gl L L .1 14M , ,xg ' First Row: Jones, Harvey, Gawkly, Pong.-, Second Row: Levo, Moore, Jewell, Worley, Bell, Basinger. C+ D BASKETBALL Third Row: Rust, Garrish, Murphy, Manning, Chgaqg, VARSITY TRACK .3 A, - V We Q, Z, fewiii 4 7 5 4 my s 5- ' Q A A 1 1 W .ihj ji , f rig , fig 3 I T :MI i .. W 9 ff-svfsffggngxgteiz' - .r'::! 'M- : C iii ' 5 ii w 1 ' ,. . 4 " N 3 In I ' , Lu Q-2 ,f "Rf - Qi? 1 'V 'ff?E5'ig5EW - N 5 3 S 5 L' 1' 2 fx. ' 2 J,.Q.ji:'f:-- 'T .V ' Q W 1 ,, , . Qwfqf "?f:2f1"As",. ii' A f I L 331- ' , I J , V- . .. .,,'i.e- ',.xiv5s4 ,E V.?::r?g.:.L,f,' z, ,, Q I X' T? i W, srii g ,,,, 4 Jim Norton G'0"90 Barnes H H Darryl Roberts "V" Mile V 880-2:0'I.2 "V" 'IBO-20:2 Low Hurdles FIRST ROW: Moultry, Mason, Barrera, Hagen, Cartwright, Ward, Snyder, Warclle, Roberts, Tinsley. SECOND ROW: Barnes, Gibson, Hooper, Knight, Sullivan, Sutton, Fagan, Lyman, Guy. THIRD ROW: Neilsen, Arroues, Hawkins, Landry, McClure, Martinez, Shipkey, Kelley. FOURTH ROW: Zuniga, Gaw, Buckmaster, Martinez, Grunwald, Robinson, Ingles, Strothman, Wright, Libby. FIFTH ROW: Coach Merio, Coach Bush, Candee, Rosner, Pyron. F ROW: D. Barnes, S. Hernandez, F. Guterr, C. Fisher, .l. Witt, M. Ramirez, J. Jordan, W. Ware, R. 'Wals , J. Frazier, D. Boaz. SE ROW: D. Box, A. Hernandez, D. Allen, .I. Kaylor, K. Knott, G. Scott, H. Fregosa, J. McKnight, .I C. Barrera, B. Flesch. THIRD ROW: B. Lee, C. Warner, R. Hezmalhalch, C. Procter, A. Henry, B. Hilsner, A. Corona, 5. Owens, R. Fulkerson, B. Gibson. FOURTH ROW: B. Gorum, L. Wattson, B. McDuell, W. Gaw, L. Lacy, L. Ryan, G. Smith, K. Innman, O. Shaw. FIFTH ROW: T. Baits, C. Pyron, H. Badgwell, B. Howland, J. Lesley, J. West, L. Matson, J. Staples. SIXTH ROW: B. Cull, R. Williams. B. Watts, Kephart . Rorman R. Smith G. Neal 4 . ,, ...M -We , . MW ww ufiffar ww :. J..- QVVLJ Sonny Owens , ,,,...2.'lS3...ALmS'lI'0I1g "B" Low Hwdles,-l3:6 C "C" Low Hurdles - K 'I' M cle, Pickering, Nunez, CBSSIFIHO. First Row! KYUSUB'-'If Afmsfmng' Manda' Worley' Dollar' nw? yn Sh M rris. Fourth Row: . - R , N Q Kesy, Cole, Dickinson, Smith, 5I'a"Pf Hman' . 0 Moreno, We2:m':1l:rrie.r::1nr:yroq:'wGavoIr :minor Gawklie Sammi po.-mr, Johnson, Royar, Ellis. Coro. I I Fifth Row: Moore. Neal, S"Yde"- r CROSS COUN M lfflwcs -sewn. . L . 1. V 4 First Row: Barnes, Caserine, Norton, Rameriz, Roberts Holguin, Silva. Second Row: Snyder, Fuiino, Martinez, Gutherie, Corona, Hagn, Moreno, McClure. Third Row: Rurup, Crews, Miller, Snyder, Rosner, Proctor, Fraser, Knight, Arroues, Grunwald, Kimber, Barnes, Engle, Buse. 65 WML VARSITY BASEBALL , .ff 3 ff Amqf 93 5 A I 5 J. Y. BASEBALL mar ,1- .m 5. 3" H 'Q . : ,, 4, 1 - H .. V W in W 1 6 YY -I ml , m .I ,,,,,,,- . 55, ,L ,L M ,.., ir, ,I zzl , ,, 7 r in' z K Miffvx.. Z-I In A i l 1: -1 Fira! Row: Harvey, Chone, Hawkins, Meiger, Belcher oo Jewelr, Bell, Padilla, Magdalene. Second Row: llughfon, Ballinger, Difiburnor, Crafsenbsrg, Bonar, mbrook, Siafford, Henry, Egersfon, Rust, Ruby, Mcbaniels Givens. is Qi Coach Wrighison i X 75. 1 6 + H K . 1" , . ,, .. ? - .1 x K ' 4 '. - 54 jf w .gg-.xv I " r ' .J 42' 4 'X-.-li' HX :La - . f-'-My li '-' -'I-ff rfie' l , 2' , 13: . 95: lf, YARS TY i 80 H5---l ,i YY? ,., 5 2 gf1 ' e Q l - l ,iLjf1s?g.:w lol: Wrighl, Greg Gufh, Ron Wonsley, Gary Wiles, Bob Jones, Don Krieger, Bert Sherman, Jon Sherman, Dave Towle, Tom Rodger, Roger Nance, Ron Graham, Phil Hill, Jack Ronsko. Collie Wells, .lorry Hill WIMMING' was Back: Wells, Bowen, Cripps, Eskelson, Berry, Smith, Bacon. Front: Guthrie, Wylie, Smoot, Fish, Kerridge, Decker, Albott, Devine. Polte, Eastman, Lennon, Robinson, Ostergren, Schmidt, Starr, Wiedman. Binckes, Potts, Nixon, Graybill, Miller, Watt, Harvey, Gregory. C. , Q1 b U 1 , . J I v ' f 2, flxlg -.1-1-1 .-an-If-"W" L Bob Jones, Most Valuable Player Gary Wiles and Richard Davies, Co-captains fl , SPE' f QE? z211f,,,i-i J Jones and Rilea defend Fullerton gaal. Gary Wiles fights for hall. Jim Sturgeon fends off Huntington Beach man. 55' 14 f-K Sgfflr r ererr 183 VARSITY Lf! K in Firsi Row: J. Phelps, D. Dahlgren, K. Cooper, G. Porfer. Second Row: Coach Wilson, A. King, H. Moore, L. Hovey, G. Kymla, M. Sienfon, T, Basien. Dick Dahlgren makes a smashing serve over 'the net pas! Oeammale Les Hovey. K "N -..l,, ' I K 54. ii ' VM- Godfrey Kymla waifs to make a smashing return. the mastermind of ihis year's iennis team. J. Y. 'PEINNI First new: P. Trygslad, G. sarrrrrrerra, s. Barene c. P ease v. Za ala M. Bailie V s econ Raw: F. Cooper, F. ser'SEIji"iarrye es, M. sua Z? nfs air. ' A " ' a ulfliigx we we New ,WWXWQWNJK Sf ff Lx ,JLWX VM ' l t fp' P Jw Coarh P. wilaerr Q e Vincent Zappala and Charles Pease team up for first .l.V. doubles. Xsjgvay W kywjyywijg Er N 1 3 J XP eef fim 355 fy X . l . . . X, 5 -, BUD DAWSON-Varsity Baseball Coach QQ ff. S W VA JIM BUSH-Varsity Track Coach if i aa , C cl NORM COTTOM-Varsiiy Basketball Coach JOE MERLO-Varsity Football Coach ERNIE POLTE-Varsity Waierpolo Coach mwwqmw 'Kc A l I ' f ,gp 1 5, 3, 1" :J f L' ., AA :4. 1 N. Q f'f 12 8 I 9' L f 'wi H ' fi an ', 3. 'fp' J ,Q iv We VR ,Q 35 , kl kmgglw A-ivffiwfff -f .J-,1.-W. Q wk ' 5 ff A 2 ' 93 3' A .. A X 'F L Q gg, I , -J U W W 4 r 'gf diff R- 54 :V sq " 51 ,TT 'F fx 2, 5 ' iv' A Wd liti 'T7'LT'f' I 4 +4 1 R I ,, Q , ' 7 QQ F ?, E S Q '1 I an Shi .dog 439 Wi ff ,., , . . Nj ,. X X , w,,m? 'mm 'Q'-.""W may TA 'GE5f:FvQ'vi2fkpiZg,5f' f ,Q he t ytyt , Vice President -L Betsy Hallock L 3 an ,Y Q .i Kg . E ill i Secretary Recording Secretary Penny Wickett Mary Ann Church ,, ' me fl S S 8 A m 2 f -Sf K , , , K"""'QTi2a,lf T ' .P 'J - . W am, ,fa Q 5 Qian mm , , Treasurer Publicity Manager Diane Smith Elaine Godding IN THE CENTER RIN TQNI WEIDEL FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE ADVISORS Mrs. Scott M555 E'19HSh JUNIOR SOPHOMORE SENIOR JUNIOR ADVISORS Mrs. Scott Miss Logan fam 11 QQ 5 uc 5' dl x Y - .va Nj.. V 4 M V' ' fi f - . U' A SOPHOMORE JUNIOR K """'f QW "...2 If was Q5 ADVISORS MVS- DY5i"'9ef Miss Mclntosh L ,, W WL ,I . W 1 - 'ff' 'W K' urls- ' " " 'Tin ' jg., T I . . T' , W. fm Z ld H nfl! E1 .-db, Q ,, f, ' v 1' A 1 SENIOR ------- f ' ' L 4 .,.-.....Q..... ,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,-,g, - . x . , k K 5 fy? A my , . , ,. 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CENTER H Artists Material "Your Doctor Knows Us , , , , Picture Framing Sick Room Supplies , F h VII French Village rem I age QOI BARTON'S CHEVROLET FOSTER'S FREEZE Eye 4916 Main Street 424 South Spaclra Yorba Linda if, Try if, and You'II Buy lt Fullerton STRIKINGLY MARKED FOR SUMMER FUN are these new sportswear separates from BuFFums'. Barbara Oliver wears summer poplins by White Stag, from the Sun-Charm Sportswear Shop. Tom Roger's sharp McGregor Windras Shirt and Salty Blue Denims are from Buffums' Varsity Shop. lllPPllY Mlllllli YO SOUYHIRN Clllfolllll FOI YIAIS 190010: Qfvrhhiy fyeaz ultum ' Long Beach Santa Ana ' 316 West Fourth Santa Ana C A R A T PETER'S SHOE STORE 113 North Spaclra P H Fullerton U T U - Good Shoes Expertly Fitted 116 North Spaclra Fullerton LAm bert 5-5840 203 PAUL'S FLOWER SHOP SUTTON'S PHARMACY California Hotel loo E357 Central 303 North Spaolra la Habla Fullerton For All Your Drug Needs NUTRLITE PRODUCTS Inc. 5600G'a"dlQ.f,i.1a ,mt 'fl' NWN IH 201 North Spadra Fullerton I-A HABRA HARDWARE McGAUGHY'S MARKET 204 West Central 502 South Spaclra La Halora Fullerton OXford 7-2251 The House of Quality Meats 205 FULLERTON BOWL TIBBET'S 715 North Spaolra 118 West Commonwealth Fullerton It's Fun - It's Healthy Special Student Rates California Fashions KNOTT'S Berry Farm B u,na Park M ywjwmftwlwff A GEORGE Kl.lMPEl. Dodge-Plymouth South Spaclra Fullerton LAm bert 5 3549 9 PBEM!! 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QQ SPONSORED BY WWW Qqwwm czuvrsn Mmacvnvxbvwfi-ELZJ MSM nnnxcmmn 'ro MW WM sm-'En nnzvrncqmfpf mai www 'f,-'T Y g f, iff vuaoxv 2? Q QW 74W'7714Hf'f" .WR Y .,,. ,. . .A ..,,...-M,,.... J 4- . Mmm,-14 -sa I-f,- -1. ...Q-.-... 1145? xxx WWW! .AS wf4wb,f-+YMgM,g3'2-Bm, ,. "f'f"""?ff , J a S 82. ' fran Nw' .YW , --N M, , 'Aff 25 - + - -w.,.,,N . -f 'f 1.,,,, ,,,,,, .,,,..M..M'rf'. w , ,, M. Q -0 H, M,w.,,..,.,,.,,,,5,..lw,,,f,,,,,A.,...,. M A . " Q "rf . fmw,,., ,.. ,NWA ' W ,ha he H M 2 I 5 ,yjqix ,,l" 7 My ,Jw ,M- 1.1 mam: ,r ' 1 2, "Y w E 'J .4 I +sxwWfIvFWl It has in all truth been a circus, with everyone on the annual staff a top-notch performer. We have only one performance to present to you and that is the 'I953-1954 Annual. You will see only the polished acts but we have seen the work and time each member of our staff has put into this annual and we'd like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to each of them for the performances they have given this year. Our advisor, David Inglis, deserves a hearty thanks for his wonderful guidance and help. To the following people and companies we'd like to say "Thanks a million, it's been great working with you!" Mr. Tesch-lithographic Arts, Inc. M 8. W Typographers Mr. Beam-Roberts Studio Mr. Shields-Bindex Corporation S. K. Smith Company . Superior Recordings Co., Inc. Mr. Sullivan-Hi Magazine Mrs. Foulger-Pen and Ink Class Mr. Dysinger, assistants, Elaine Godding, Liz Ellis, Phil Schuyler and all others responsible for the work on the record. Last but not least thanks to each and every Fulli Hi Indian for helping to make the 1953-'I954 Annual Pleiades possible. Janet Blake and Millie Garlitz Gfallo 0 o 0 Editors M - 2 19 uf! gg? bi KSK V- X gQ,SzliQS W

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