Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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my ff-'Qi-,iff -.,,,- M.- .. . V L M 5 N Vw in: V-fit , H V 4 mga. 1 H 'f w 1, A ,L x 6 V ' V -- 1 -Q V- . :V V -. -V+ ff-ff-zghe 'sm V , 1 f- . , ., 4 1334 + ' ' V, V ,Y ' . -1 V' , :Lf V , - - -:gg --3 ., 2 I f ww WQZ3?Q5QQkLWLwfL HWWKQMW mfmg:mifgwV xfYXVg!.YQ.CbA WW UW X .zffo-M'ifjffZ ,,-M40 CM v.,. 1 ' , af N My Xxxsfil 1 'ii jjgghuwjiglpg 7M?hJp?j,' ijfvyggl 4NjyWmMVWwW w tj? 5 WL. on JYAUA' V fi I Q" V W ,yffjve izul ff Y U DQ,"-3 VQSMQ Qifww ,f Q , ' 'fi ' X' Q if Wb fi ,J 2 VJ N X' 'ELF' 1 'A ,z,4,.,z f'.x,Q V ,fi X " .3 . v 3,3 x "S 35 Q-5' -- 53533 S5 V33 , Q mb ,QQ J? X5 Q? RQYEQEE EU V53 x . I K y ,, ' T +351 SX f 3' Y' In 4 , QV pi SMMXX fqww QW " +fwsb?m??S? W MMW4,Mm,mg Vf VV H J, 62 QQSZZ? Q MW xv NP kv jf ' ' w Tmtivf K 'k dk? Q., cl . , Www S64 fw Q, ,X Q6 A235-34,1 54 f 1263 wf X9 LXAQQ9,-'X 4' X X Z3 523, will wggyb QQ Q aww! xp ,M fu W Mfffii 7W,i,Z1f3fV'f2LZ?Aj,gW1 ' CWM WWZJWW WWQQ3 ,, bf 1 , M., , wwvomwwfyf Kij 59 QW B4 Svmmgww in 'gggikf' 4 ww ' MMM ef M W WM , ba 1 , fHfJQ1.UO ff? i 0' KE-LAA V' l V . leafy? -... X if im? , l , , - - A WY -1A.1f , , A b , B MW mf it if 55" . Km , and . , ' 2Q 4'i:f Y QT' - L-ta 51.3 - iE5Sg ' JWZWW 1 A Q A i ll i W + , .V . lj, ffffvn 'fl I JM' , b 7 1' X ,gf Q 6.01, diy T7 ' 'I , ef , MMV? KJ ,MV2 VLQ4' ' 3if'i 'g W M if . f A , jghf"E7I' JAM X If 'W if 9 Y, JMU KJ 4' Wo-ZJWG i 'f' 'VVU ' .ffff 05001 MMM .WM ,ff M W W ,4ff,b wwf My op W Q 0 . cy" P! W X' jvlfajff Rf lp lyiygj J 3 iff, W '. fu, -1,, Aff M Mk , 4 . N, f 'iff' ' ., M, ix: ky X' ,, K, I '- Y, . W" .' I I . I ' .f"lf'f,pL+...f,fp,,,f1,.AM, 1 K, X 1 fa Ycgiiis X it A QQ' E xiipgx QC wltxgxjmgiitr xi X lf A -qf3f?-ex wi Wffwjfi jgifwsgw A ly L , X Mi if f ,Q 1 X, X . , MV ,LQ if W JL wal Ji M. ky W M 'wa fi A 1 7VL-Ajflrl 9 fm QL MN9i,f'f'f JW' Y Dial, , V KQMSQYX M 5 WW QJZM' Y X fi NXT? N ixxxwkwv . fix 'R 1 ix 'Q lx QP XX fb Ti XX M Qffvrvl ' 1,fac.4. E 'ff ' ff-'fff CI!tQ ' -L, ,4,fJ,.f gud 4, 102441 To the Fullerton Union High School Foothall Team . . . Sunset League Champs for two eonseeutive years . . . all that it stands for: determination, leadership and sportsmanship . . . ai shining toreh of progress toward which we constantly strive. May the winds of failure never stifle the flame. Hello, Friendly Indians! This year I can say a word of congratulations to graduating seniors at a time when all of us in California are celebrating our Centennial Annif versary. As a native son, I am proud with you that our State is coming of age. Still I can remember as a graduate student at Yale enjoying the Connecticut celebraticn of their three hundredth anniversary. In history classes we have learaed how short a time one hundred or three hundred years is in terms of recorded history. Geologists do not need to leave Southern California to establish evidence. of forma- tions numbering years by millions. It is thus apparent that although we are one hundred years old we are in our younger days as one of the great common' wealths in this nation. To youth, this is both an opportunity and a responsibility. The pioneer spirit which led to the development of California is a heritage all of us value. We are pleascgl to remember it as a heritage characterized by determination and fortitude adequate to overcome all obstacles. Today we can work together to establish our modest place in history. We need to know other areas and other lands rather well if we are to develop cur own to the limit of our abilities. We need to develop our intellectual curiosity so that we may explore new frontiers and formulate answers to the many perplexing problems confronting us, We must be politically literate, knowing that our American way of life stands supreme, is dynamic and needs our active support. We want to apply the finest moral and ethical values in all our dealings, for any' thing less is unworthy of our leadership. These are rather serious words of greetings to a funfloving group such as the Fullerton Indians of 1949 represent. Still, with your colors of red for courage and white for purity, we know that you merge serious thoughts with your fun. Congratula- tions and best wishes to you pioneers of 1949! Cordially, T. STANLEY W.-xRi3uRTimN, Superintendent. New fda" X Him-ft In riglllj Rams N. llmlsnn, lia ll:lln':1: NY. llarolrl Lung. Clerk, l'llllll'l'l0l'l1 Ralph Shook, Yurlma lallllll llllll R Ilnlus llllllll P1111 l'fln1uml ll 91lte1 irlu l ll 1 1 Pre-s 111, "1 lv 'IA 11: 'l'. Stanley xvill'lPlll'l0ll. SllIN'I'lHH'llll1 The Board of Trustees . . . backbone of our school . . . choice men elected to represent the five communities of cur district . , . bifweekly meetings . . . major project of the year was a longfrangc building program . . . rehabilitation of thc central unit was comf plcted . . . plans for new buildings to facilitate our growing school . . . a group of men well fitted for their jobs. Superintendent T. Stanley Wzirburtcmn . . . diplomatic . . . always a friendly smile . . . an excellent speaker . . . prepared for every occasion . . . what Truman is to the United States, Mr. Wzlrlvurtcail is to Fullerton Union High School. I up a ' 1 1 r I 8 1 5 1 ' . a in 4 lf Q I an q ' V - I if li uf. 4 5s 4 .1 . s ' . 1 .nur fax mg ' l 2211- 122' H fd 09 ? fwh fx Cb W fp fr X J' , W W ff - O, L XC 3f:,j'-.4 S" F N Mm' OW of bf 0 ,W Y Oj!A7jv'f!' l VL Wav' s, J - of!!! iff' J . H' ' V1 iffy! T q fs I IJ, Q ,1'Qf. f ,, I I JSA! A N NW , x lwfw L7 . bob Www W Wm m""?f0ww fi-?f? M mg .HW mffffggw Wwwfgwwgwjjjfgmy Ziufgfij' 7W"'f,,Lfd4? , M ,WW W ,M W ,Y A MW' Q35 fNN,QbJ"J P Qffiyvmv' ADMINISTRATION WW4 :P ,J I .yy L ki lib.-'. f 5' - ' N '1 by fi,""' . 1 f Q5 wif M W Q, I Y Q ,X yji M W Gwfw M W ':vy2f292j4 gfgwvj Que-fffff AW yfwf WV EMM? ,WW W w?fWvf UQ-Qmwzf ' f MW1 ' mf4f'M'WW ww www My fwmjzayfff iw WJ 'W f ffwwaf fwwm fwwwwwqmfw !'XJ'f'VVTJ lgVUfQgL!Nf'0TqC paw X V High School Office Sccrctarics, Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Dwimicll, Mrs. Sullivan. ffl FJ .1.. S x17 1'- Counsclors, Mrs. Riutccl, Mr. Pagcl. s..,-- CW. - 1- 41... ...- LAD i' N J LV! XD -U IZ 9 E 1 Busincs Officc Sccrctarics, Lcft to right, Mrs. jolmf Supcrintcmlcnts Ufficc Sccrctarics, Mrs. Brrnmr son, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. jones, Miss Moore, Mrs. Miss Wcilfc. Williailiis. I' I Principal if nn H. Lewis . . . capable and efficient . . . never too busy to say "hello" . . . always prompt for the morning broadcasts . . . a leader in the community as well as on the Campus. 1 H Mr. Don Cruickshank . . . Dean of Boys . . . financial adviser for the Executive Board . . . the man behind the scenes of the Pow Wow . . . unsurpassed in the field of student administration. ,H Miss Dorcas Turner . . . Dean of Girls . . . a Spanish teacher on the side . . . well liked for her friendly "hello's" . . . ready tn help any girl with any problem English Department: fleft to right, Miss Miller, Mrs. French, Miss Dryer, Miss Moody, Mr. Burnham, Miss Linde, Mr. Pray, Mrs. Spears, Miss Newton. S Scum QJQNM Social Studies Department: Mr. Strange, Mrs. Hunley, Mr. Mann, Mr. Reid. 1... ' X lfgsi , 'i Q3 2. .. Mathematics Department: Miss Hansen, Mr. Shipman, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Garman, Mr. Egcrt- son, Mr. Redfern. O Scicncc Department: Mr. Gproul Miss Spalding, Mrs. Riutcel, Mr Egcrtson, Mrs. Carter. JMD? TagWA J! r O 4 V' 5: wx: gg A 1.5 1 C01 mercc Depamneiity Mr. Smith, Mr. Miss Cultra. W'-L.. Musie Department: Mr. Burt, Mr. Bonar ""'s.. 't it F i N Industrial Arts Department: Mr. Corbett, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Pagel, Mr. Brittain, Mr. Porter, Mr. Marsden, Mr. Bullis. wk X x X x X X XS ,QU ., , - ws' . , 5559 s 2565 gx Home Economics Dcpzxrtmcntz Mrs. Lung, Miss Holm, Mrs. Lnwrcncc, Mrs. Wclwstcr, Miss Gnrritt. ll vnu. Y 'Ni'-lliw-1 Agriculture Dcpzlrtmcnt: Mr. Frcalricks, Mr. Stitt. Languagc Dcpurtmcnt: Mr. Myers, Miss Turner, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs jcffcrs, Miss Klzzlm. 11 llil I Mr. Potter, Plant Superintendent. M eq, rs. Campbell, Text Book Store. Mrs. Ball, Girls' Locker Room Chester Schuepbach, Cafteria Attcndant' Manager. K, L. Above: Miss Pierce, Study Hall. At left: Ivlrs. Flynn and Mi'm Kessler, Lilwrury. I J' flu .4 ,I ' H1114-lit li Q 'rLsidc'- B l Sllllllllm KJ 4 ,f GN -.""s,3" 3, AJ , l I, 1' - v X, , l'lXl'1'llllYl' limnril. U4-ft lu righf. sittingj Mary Pant Lloyd, SP0l'vl:li'y liill Slillllllllll. pri-sidvnl: Rivliurfl llm-mmm-1'lim:, VlC'f"Ill'l'Slfll'lll istumlingg, I4-fl in riglitj llizuw Svl11'm'1li-r, girls' :iilllx-tis' inzinaigfvr limi l'vti-rsmi, lungs' aathlvtic- I!lilllilL!l'l'1 Mr. l'ruic-ksllzxnk, nclvism-1' Xlvin Hawkins, tl'l'2lSlll'4'l': Alam Amlrlc-r, .'lnnu:1l editor: Pauli l'llSl'llll2lK'll. l'li-izulvs 1-ditur: Bob l"1-mqilsuli, Buys' lmzxggilm- pri-sidi-nt, liiinii-0 limxiilvgriu-z, Girls' l.ez1g1u- pn-sill:-111, 4 ,M Richard Hcmmorling ' V V Mm Pm uayd'-S'c"'my Al In Hawkins Tnasuur Vice President Y . n V . Klefi to right! Mr. Henry, Buisness Managerg Mn. f Bluxingome,-, Financial Accouhrantg Dave Collins, Athndunoo Supervisor N xH iw" Q Y 2 lui 1 1 , fist . i . W rf 4 S-Q . ,.. is Y .' 'K-. if 1 Q.. I 1 .Qi , I 'rw' 5 ,ms 54-QQ '-if 'Lst ' '15 .M S Q QX 5 ..Y...M4..! WW M wtfifffifw N awww ff, jyiywwgwofidm Jigga? 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X. lluff to righll Johnny Hoskins, Heed Basketball Yell Leader and Ann Garner EUNE LEADERS Phyllas Bollnger : Head Song Leader ELL LEADERS Owen Richelieu, Hood Football Yell Leader ' lleft to right! Irene Olson and Norma Jolly A v ,- swf!" YF' WU V .,uK ' vlaxgxh wi. wh all lx ME-:Q Yirginiak C. linilvgs, Allvim-1' flu!! in Flglllj livin- liultmm, Art l'lflitu1': l'l1il Ilulingur, Assistant Clmft tu riglltb Ph lliw lizxkcn, Avl':1l:iSt!':1tl0ll l'Iclitur: .lo Shaman l Ox ' ' ' lm von Rn-ln-lu-u, 131151111-as XI-maui'-1'. l1.x:. Ul.x:s I'I1litn1': :xml Alvin lluvlxin... 0x'g..zic:xtim1 Pldilor a Quick! hand me that dummy . . . watch out for that jar of rubber cement . . . telephone thc darkrrom about that picture . . . gotta work fast, just seven more days 'till the deadline . . . did you get a retake of the Glee Club picture . . . buzz, buzz, buzz . . . general atmosphere of the annual office . . . the staff has worked hard this year to give you what we sincerely hope to be the best annual Fullerton has ever seen . . . an annual truly commemorable to the '49ers . . . we owe a million thanks to Miss Virginia Bailey . . . our adviser who so ably directed us. .J Q' l If .- llmft to riglitj Illalrili-n lilllll0l'1'. Avtivities lirlilorg llivk llvm- ilim-ft to riuhtl lion Bra", l'llo1oi:i'nnlw1': l-'rnnk S4-liunian-ln-r im-rling, Boys' Sport I-Editor: and Marvin Inilloiitv. Girls' Sport Idiutograplii-i': Iiarlnira Brown, Vopy l'Idilo1': th-nn' Davis, l'hs liditnr, gaplivr. 1 1 X W i .f---- V W ---- YW - - V r N -of xo fx qs, 4' xo' . 359 Qc' sfo KU . . xg, 0,-vNx'?' vga 'Q 'oe xv" 1421 of 9 xQX , -xY m A R 'S r 'K k VK W' xx cb-X59 0 P Q , f-0 4,21 , Q2 gf A ' Q , 61" Q32 'O , XV r .Q b awww Aidgodke 38 r Q r fr r fa " Q, r ,bo eb, R09 Q0 6x ' 55 'L-' ' sg, 9 . 'Q '0- Q . Q is cpeiggy, 0 wegaigggeg CS, pow 9 bg . ' L . W 1 0 f N r Q' 6 cb,9S'lQy'1,,Q'0 'bv Q, ,S xv, 695 my if och 'bqioqpf ., O 10-99.49 123105 Qi' , ,g. 090 . r H', P Q xoifkoo-:Sw 9 Sf' V-695921 AL 63936 , oZq,.hLChfef.r N mi4o0mK-Z 5 1 - Q .gssigdbwpw r ,vbmf 'P' e'2'?'wQi9lz1Y'g-,o9'i -'Sf 6162? oy? 'asa 9 4 of-a'57ef'o9'yQo9'5 !v,b'5Qegl4Z,So ACG-535599 619 .xsOOiqii',Y2,vgg4g:5. 6953 455 eoeagobokifeoiiqg '55 09 X790 Q9 'fy-35" 47' 0' hives' 96 f '90 co '59 156' 6 3-n,ok'op r G +216 Q? S 1595 Wy? W N59 'CS' 00 'Rf 'Q' .1969 J XP 0-fr f 4 ' Q o Q, 2. + e Oc, Q .no 1 A 603,333,320 of ,ff ,fi r 0 'S if 0- 19' 9 AQ 4349 f e r 9 ae ' 0 ' Qdgiieijg.-5 Q QgQ,'S'isZ'i. ' gi is-df' 53, 4' 5233195 0 1 6' ogg f-9 Q 'Q 9 0 fb X1-F" J 04904 as Y' Ny 0 Q- 49" +9 wx' 'Y' X as 'V 9' 65 Ki' R9 r r 413' +019 9 r 45' . 0056 qpogfim 915' Jawa vaxilbiyw -C5510 ey? 504' 94:33 Qfdxf 3 wtf 42657455 '53 QQ? af' Q 6 r 05" no Q5 . Y' efkgv' Gi . 'S N90 QQ' cox, 'sg ciafgo' '65 Q" 6.00 6 'GG' ' - N W wr fx n MW 'lf' 'Q Wifi? .ff S K 5,.4'1be'9? Q5 QXQQGQ GQQVAQQQQ .45 .Q. .' ' X Q 4 of Mass Vvrg mu Burley Advlsor and ,yr 0 Mr Ralph Porter Prnnter eve: Q0 deft to right? Les Bean Adverhslng Manager Bull DeLand Assnstcnt Echtor Glee Lohman Business Exchange Editor- and Jackie Dutton Manager 0 'i , I k'rXxfxE-ii fslvr " Put Riley, Girls' Sports lddilm' and Stanloy Janos, Ilnys' Sports Ann xxY4lIkl'I', Cow-rage Editor and Nnrlmran llmwn, F4-nfuro liditm-, Editor. STAFF .4 . .JL ,,,,...---"""""" Mr. Don Cruickshunk, Adviser BG G' LEAGUE UEEIGERS Cleft to right? Don Vaughn, Treasurer, Don Greenfield, Secretary, Joe Potts, Vice-presidentg und Bob Ferguson, President GIRLS' LEAGUE GEEIGEP-.S ilefthto right? Bette Bulron, Viceepresidenty Eunice Dominguez, President, Mary t Stuhleyhshcfetoryg cndbJeonne Koontz, Treasurer ' Miss Dorcas Turner, Adviser HI- UPFICBRS Q., Us -Q.. . v David Collins, Advisor Loft to right: llzirlwy lilaxsllill. S1-01's-l:xl'3': Vinvont linllvrls-ill. 'l'x'v:1surv1'Z George Kl'm-gl-1'. l'1'n-sid:-lit: and Alun Amlmlvr, Yicm--plvsiclvni. 2 X l ri-simla-ut Swxu-1 :i ry Y-TEEN OFFICERS ln-ft In right: .lollnnmx l"1sl1v1', Yivo-prvsimlolxl: Phyllis linkin, ' lgIll'll1ll'il Lovvriupr, 'l'1'1-alsurvr: :md llvlgai Hl'llllf.'fi, L J' K XX ...X x ' X if. ,px - axwl, I - 2, . M. -X .Q -,az ' i K K :gi .G 5. - 2 1 y - , A , K Y i 1 Mrs, Kvlly. Mrs. liilflllilll, Mrs. livilltcvl, Mrs. Loft to right: Gloria VVilms0n, S1-nior l'r--sislvntg liluim- l'sIi:'k. Ii:m'rom-v, and Mrs, llunlcy, Advisors. l"n-slmmn President: Ann Walker, Junior l'x-vsidvmg :mul Sully Rzmdzxll, Sophomore Prcsids-nt. ' 1 f ' Q VARSITY CLUB n Q I Bill lfnstn-r. Sm-rutz1x'y: Iinh Braun 1,l'l'Nidl'Hff ill!ll Don Nvllllgllll, Vice , president GAA. CABINET llianu S1-llrm-flvr, l'rn-siflom BIG F. f':u'ol Mathis, Sa-r'l'4-tzxryt Mnrgurvt Mullon, Pri-sidw-nt: and Shirley Svlmm-idvr, '1'rv:nsur1-r .-.Xi A Nx .k, , . QQ. p.,.,xQ il Xt loft: Mrs, Mnbvl .lm-fl'o,-rs, Adviser. Al right: John lh-ul, Sn-rgvunt-:xt-:xrznsQ Manrgh and Joy Hunsvn, S1-1'l'vtul'y. savvy, 'l'l'l'llSllI'0l'1 Jnvk NVi0dnu-iur, Prosidont: l.:x1'rv O'IIunlnn View-nw-N G Q ,, I LATIN CLUB but 1 K A xg , ,azsg pyg 4 , 1 K . ' , - 4 1 , 5 M fr . '. S is - ' '.,.e 13 2 s is FRENCH CLUB SPANISH CLUB flAbov0i Monte Hon, President: Phvllis Eokin, Miss Myvfle Klchn. Vic:--president LBeIowJ Mbovu Inf! Oo right! files Lohman, Vice-presfdemg Baverly Corcoran Presidenh Ray Corcoran, Treasurerg Joanne Weber, Secretory. lBelowj Mr. Lowrance Myers, Advisor. - ,J-M, Mxm In-:uns lulm-1', .hlvlsor xll'g'Illlil 54-lwn 'mul K'-nrul Mzllhls. "" Q1 r Qa- RBD CROSS Mrs. Grace Webster 1 Adviser ' C Jo Shanahan, President UNIFORM DP-.ESS BOARD ,N 1,4-ft lip 1'if,:hI: Imvnn Uoffmnn, I'lIIlllI'lI'yf .lvzxlwttv Stunwood, I'r4-sidm-nt: :md Purol Yvmieln- ART CLUB M! ,I , A-u,Q ii 94 . TEEN TUPPERS Left to right: .Tum-L Z1-hnpfvu ning, Sccruturyg Rosondo Gmivr- rez, Prcsidontvz and Mary Svhlzn- genhzulff, xvil'l"I7l'4'Sid0!ll, . . ,- xv-W., 5 . W-q,......,... HUMBMAKBRS CLUB Q -we M scrum: STAGE CREW COMMERCIAL CLUB 31- far'k'frr '., ' x.u-ml FUTURE I url Hulnlu-l'l, Rm-4-nrmlvl' hr- FARMERS Andy " 1mu,' Ill um II I rn-xulvlll 'RUR' ll R353 Nj f 7' A CMP LA MM f . I TUNIIVIYUHICK Masnnzrrns Loft to right: Diane Schroeder, Janet Calico, and Put l'z1tt01'sou A ' N 5'1- .X V .1 'I go' Eunice Dominguez, Drum Mujurvtiv W Y PRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS BUYS'UCTETTE All BOYS'CHORUS arms' cuumrs II i I i 5 s I1 r--wana-u-u - -Wrrv' ' -' -PM ' xrwvwvmwvwmfugawwswwwm -. ,N MW. I i URGANIST .xx Larry King,.Student Bbdiv' Orgonist , 5 y Q.. A liF.SEALBEARBRS mran socrm' 4 69, 3 'X M - KEY CLUB Owen QWWWMW W- , QWMMQWM WW U4 ZVQM W M ,X WWQMW ,WMWQWW My WMM? W3 2 Xfgfqfja, JM, en ,,'..x X. fgifw J M Mm. Ji, if one as .agen Zffeasugw kwwiia Yvx-ei-P avant 005. HD 2 A vm-f4:,,t -f ii 3 wb ' 1 J. 'lx V I H 1 if iv 5 M Q Q lb S giliiiiwgi? wi 55 2 , Q SQ NYZQ M man, fx gg 5 Q, 3 X wsmg QR ACTIVITIES , . fi! ' , - fl QZQMW 1' ' fq' 'Z Jf1v".f+44J!44J I EZ'-Qffx' ya-, 'i!,-VZGJQ, 1726 ' ,dfwfff f:a41f7P5'W4M ewwffy OH6fua 1 WW J I i I"'v5".f3 ' ' V' Qlafvi!-427,cr4p-gg Q W -j 3' zcl:fxn,,Z JJ fwfpwzzbwgwfz A g- ,f Q ,,Q'-Q2 4, J j ,4Q jG,,,r, 4 :' : W -ZL'ZZ:Qf I . , I 'QEMQ-X X 4 1 Mfr N 123 WZ 642223533 ff ,JZ 3 21-'j'4---2A445, 57 ' -I Zxywwmf 1.3235 fffyq 2 'fg,i02Q2i,4 ., . fccdouc 4-e-66 A - -- - ff LZZM Wfi? M W fd!! Oov-V' Q? 9-Z-4761-io-f., AA 00,22 ,:5414uy-Q : 1,357.4 Q Mag 40'-4-aa, 4.00: ffWfWMMMfafM2wMw ,' f 7""-"f'-"'1fffgaf:-J-4:v- ,.,,a,7Q.f,,,,,.,,,5,,I7i,jwVz,? f , :H 7zcZ:ESbL 'J ffrud, A-4-f,fA-aifgznf Z ! I tDaJa-ao rt?u-y.4rZ2u,,5- fly, 'XA' fy" 1' ' f-df Cabmua-4.2! 0cl"'9 -All Q ll ' , A M W W ff VW3MQ6jyQf!W M M WW M11 jMw g jbpgwpwwdf yryfwfywq Q MM ,-J-gl ,f EQEREEQEQQX f??WQm I xiiiiwiiilff L X 3 iw 52 iiwggigsggw llP.SEALBBARERS PLBIAD SUCIETY HQ Q-' 'ffl-f' 4f"'f.+,.f nlnsmwuawwf- A 'N ' KEY CLUB , 'ix pb., Humc-coming Dance . . . all alumni hack on thc rcscrvntinn . . . popularly and wiscly chnscn Quccn Gloria Wilniscim . . . attended hy four charming princcsscs: Ircnc Olson, senior: Beverly Corcoran, juniorg Oletu Clziridu, sophomore: Carol Weaver, fresh' main . . . mcllow music and hluc lights . . . Chuck Croft and his hand . . , anuthcr Humcfcoming Day provcd to hc a big success. 1, .,'?4,u. lip 51 y, ,. ll 1 2 4 " ni. - -f ffl., Ai PP-.UM DAZE LAST MINUTE TOUCH - D1 !':f-w5" E 5 2 "L la'8f. 5 E S , vii Diff ff E TIMES AWASTIN! ,Q 1 I V 'QE 9 Pt: ,gi E J ,'GQZ'1LQ4P F5 QW 1, 1' 5 Q.-N' I fha PUSINE PRETTY... nm, nnmrcmn an Mann? SUCK HUP HUMEUUMING DANCE CHRISTMAS FORMAL JUNIOR-SBNIUP. PP-UM - ,, "For Her Gfhfefilds Sake," a gay nineties melodrama pref sented as the senior class play . , . Marry Anne Morrison as Pansy Paine, the heroine, is saved from the clutches of Gaylord Duckworth, the rascally villain, played hy Owen Richelieu, by Alan Ambler, cast as the manly hero, Fairfax Kissleherg . . . Plotting to gain the Paine cheese factory, Hilary Paine, Dick Hamilton, returns to confront his hard' hearted sister, Ivlareella, played hy Barhara Mziyiics . . . Basil Barrington, Bill DeLand, unwittingly hecomes the villain's tool in order to get money to wed Miclgc Paine, portrayed hy Phyllis Eakin . . . A voice from the past in the person of Beatrice Hudnut, I-lelen Willis, upsets the villain's plan to gain a fcrtune . . . Mrs. Hedda Barrington, lvlarilyn Gilmore, is the local gossip who hears what she can and tells all . . . Elden Buck as Dawson, the hutler, uses Amelia the maid, Bette Bolton, as the straight man in his line of gags . . . Directed hy George Archainheault, assisted hy Shirley Rogers and Noreen Stein . . . Olio acts with canfcan girls, songs and dances in the 1890 fashion . . . Mary Put Lloyd Evelyn XV0Ifc 1949 POW Johnny Hoskms WDW v - IV.. M ,7 Innivv Luna Vcrlvlw Johnson X J, ff 1 t K 'Q ,Uri A., mw- fff M' MONTE HART i i Nix f sv, r .Q 1 o n . f Sweet .md pctitc as il quccu should be l Q M, w-A-...Q . -. ...... .-4.- 5 XX Y X AIN'T IT FUN ff-"4 X. -AT' ll it 9 , Q . E? I, 'V ' 9 s A 'iq . 4: I i 4 L I b 1 W A fam-,. ,: N , xi' vi nw, f ., hw Q Q , -figs 4k Y K ,x 3 P, Q, I f jk S f 94 Na' ' Y! , S, 5 fw . 3 Hi? + 'C tai" Q 5 Q' ' ' . VM GSW' QNKK 4:4 2 v'-'nv 514 lf. Q F Y. f Q 2 A Q- ur' A , SMH xx X NX R i N . Q SFS , 1? X Q, awk ffeifiza ww? ' 1 J , ww H. A WK ' M Q' w wi XX A N? xkxm I' i vw A f A w 5, f xi, Q3 df 'in ml Y IN 'G A 'S X f ,g .M fi f. 1-A-wry -i iw 0 - J w..,xX Sig? - Qu VW W M4 fl -Q, """-w ,,x 5 QW W-ff MMM Jfisffiffff ya Q wgjwf iff Lfwyi MJ WWW ww jg? W , n K n 1 , -Q Q5.1.iNfQ.. x LT -,5u,c3.:, LSJQNQAQM Qkqt GG 'QW--, W+-Jw if Xfvkbq-L ,LMMAL NAM 'V fro QQ! 4-. W fiJxQ.g-kAA,QQ ck-v 6 ME!-'vw gfflibmdi Kvwwg, CK! LUGQ-Q -Q- . EQLDQAK ON ww MMMMWW N6- XL 'Sf C M W' MV 7Mf?N 7Mfm W Qgmggwm , Mfiwgf JMX www fffffff , J ff Muff Q Aj 'IQMQ y "QCfUWflff'jJ jff' Of I 45 fljpavwulf , XM ,il My . -7 , 1 J df . VU dy M!! 11,0 Mk jf!!! M My " . V T J f X ,Vif wwf!! nf M4 wwf N Nj! - f . x U , M! V xx ,IW +64 X YV? K X ff Y - xx, X If , X 1 1 , . M6 5 , 57 lil N X A x .3 x' 1 F N E X, wi 'Qs .Agfk 92 X Y , I X 'Ri QNBN S, 3 N. as X-11 ., .Q N, E xc, -vb ' WN X1 N 1 3, 355 - 51, A3 X 5? Q3 .1 Vx Q, YS Na Wi 3, Q Q X . -- is N 3 xx wr Q .N A -N: xg X Q4 HR K 'ax XX 192 N3 Q Q1 Q N ,X N 35 :Aw xy N- k"'N., X2 -.5 232 il ,A . W own M19 WDffW""M2L1A0'l7 ' A UWA 'L ' J f fW5'Mfj'ivSfM KI DD may Polffflw MT? mwwfgffiw a9WJ ,fWjM,1fWC, MM ff? OTAQ ' ri 'J 77 J' L L' f, - "A .iy P Q JMJJ JL Ojblyfd , JJ Jw , A . jg G fM , df at JM WMM My wwf ,LU WW! 1 js! " ' :qu flrvj if "Q Q A M41 . 1 if gf I M' f 4" ,s-f ,ll . 1 QW' SPORTS ff ig X V . T U , I QQ g M QA, OW-W. WQJJMQ Fl 3 if 5 K 'Y X E QJQ, 'Si 'ifiw fb Xf iixllm S, E52 Hifi X QM if RX Qi E .SRE Q fbi 1+ sk 5 P N3 Q 2 .5 img Q' X VERSIT EUUTEALL Fullerton 20 Sweetwater " 34 NVhittier 19 Redlands 31 Orange 14 Newport 13 Santa Ana 18 Downey 32 Anaheim 42 Huntington 7 Chaffey E 'fl 1 l ll C X ,J A S. KX MX f 13 14 '20 FI5?EZIE ""' H 'Y' 7" SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPS Never hefore in the history of Fullerton Union High School has such a wrecking crew as this year's Indian eleven hlasted through the Sunset League with the power and speed of this year's team. Cofeaptains Alden Guglielmana and Bch Ferguson, hoth all C.I.F. selections, are the names that spelled power and speed for Fullerton this year. These are the kind of hoys who made it possihle for the Indians to score in the last thirty seconds of the Santa Ana game and defeat the Saints when a Santa Ana victory appeared imminent. Coaches Dick Spaulding and Bud Dawson deserve all the praise that it is possihle to heap upon them. For the team that they guided to a sevenfseven tie with the powerful Chaffey Panthers was a far cry from the team that reported to north field in the early weeks of Septemher. The Indians opened up their hig guns against Sweetwater, and only a tie with Chaffey ten games later marred their perfect record: with only one first down standing hetween Fullerton and a further step in the C.I.F. playoffs. Wlitu among the Fullerton rooters that cheered the Indians along their winning way will ever forget the fourth quarter in the Newport game when the Indians came hack after trailing seven to six in the last minutes to push over the winning touchdown in the closing seconds, or the sustained drive that ended with a Fullerton T.D. in the Chaffey encounter. All in all, the comhined efforts cf the team, coaches, and student hody gave Fullerton High a great 1948 foothall season. 'WF J mu-I1 Hp:111l1li11L: 1 f R Hoefler on il speudy ond :11'111111d . . . Vu-Calpt. lhxglie-l111:1ll:1 C0-Capt, 1-'1-1-551151111 no sw 1 lpt 11 1111 nl nxlmg, 11 s be 1 xusxn lb L1-11511 llld 1'11,11 :ein lln-rl: 'l':1n111-r. t:1vkl1-1 Dun Yilllgfhll, g.:11:11'd: Ray l"x'1'dv1'i1'li. !,'t'llfl'l'Q Alden f:llLflil'llllilIlil, guaxrdz Burt S11'5ker,t111'klu P:1ws111 Nbr N-Our g SS 3 xx ik 35 F QZu2"'4fAw'V7'7r Qiyw. A15 L 5 N I 'H 4:4 .ff fv',M F - l HA-ft tn riglltl 'Pop row: L. Sw:-nson, ll. Blorlgvtl, M. Hart, R. Bridgefurd, V. Unnwron, ll. l"1'asf-r, li. Arliiso, A. Lund, Conch B. Dawson J. liovvjov. fl0lll'll R. Spnnltling, D, Molloy. Middle row: lb. Hucflvr, D. Pelvrsim. S. Ishii, li. Glvnrle-nning, Il. GH-4-i1t'is-lil, J. King, A. St:-vvns Bottom row: Il. '1lZlIllN'l', B. Stilllmm, 15. Fostvr, D. Vauglin, R. Frederick, A. Gllf,'L'lll'Il11llHl, li. l"c-rglison, B. l'lnnke'tt, G. Krnvrne-r, li. Stryker G. Goodwin. VARSIT An innovation in Fullerton Union High School athletic tcums was formcd this year, Rl .lunizr Varsity football tczlm. Thc tcam was orgzlnizcd quickly at thc beginning of thc 1948 SCQISUI1 but playccl si short schedule anyway. The YCZIID was coaclictl by Ernie johnson und cofcaptainccl lwy Montc Hart and john Beal. J. V. TEAM ll.i-P1 to rigglill lop row: l'. llunlnp, Ii. Al1'l'I'lll, ll, l'A'l'illlIl. IB, Iulliutl, l'I. lioilrlquvx, li. Waite-1'n'oi'tln, l'. lintun. Mgr.: llllflllll' row: ll. limi-llzllv, Y. l'al1m-i'm1, li. liosm-Qlaulv, A. l"i'oxx'l1l'vlta-i', li, liziislraxvk, J. XYn-alvvr. I'. Sllllfll. ll, l"z1l1-nil: luortoln row: R. Ulm-nnflm-nnig, li. lillis, ti. llaxvlu-i'. Bl. llznrt, ,l. lic-ul. R. Smith, ll. l-'islim-i'. S. Al'l'llj'0. 'im A". liz, 5 e, i,.:, '- t -' if Fullerton 12 Whittier 6 22 Orange I3 24 Newport N 0 '26 Santa Ana 0 flmft to rigrlttl top row: ll. Huff. Ass't Coavli XV:iile. J. Dwinell. Il. Heil, YV. lflaek, J. Shanahan, B. Sellaile, H. O Dl7Wncy 8 4-wart, M. lllelhilidloss, II. Rolvlrins. ID. Penninprton, J. Swain: si-eoml row: IZ. Stewart, A. Szittvllo-Z, H. Miller, J. Yvttvr. lt. lierry, IP. Iiaston, XY. Ilovfler, B, Mitvliell, I". Sliydvr, I.. Klliglit. D, ltlom-0. Q' yyiemi' qmmfh 1y1uyii,,y ffl . J Irivkson: thiril row: R. 'I'alla-nt, II. tlarvia, ll. Yillagoniez, R, Holqiiin. C, Nnfiold, R. Doss, U, tlono, B. Seliaslc-, I.. Anllllblm 7 Ingi':uti. J. Owens, R. Vriswell. R. Uloilt, A. Gonzales: bottom row: J. Mansfield, D. XXX-lls. G. Iiang, R. llalstvnhurg, . I Knight, R. lit-am, Ib, tioltlsmith, Ib, Hudson, ti. Boyd, ld. 1305-11, lg, 15mm-y. ip, iyuggms. 0 Huntltlgtcltt 36 Ass Coached again hy Lloyd Martin, this year's Bee team was potential' ly the strongest in years in Mztr' tin's opinion. Wliile schooling the hztys that are to fill in the spots vacated hy this year's A team, this squad turned in an unofficial rec' ord of five wins and two losses. Although they played heads up, wholehearted hall all the time with only a day of fumhliitis at Downey to spoil a good record. They were forced to forfeit all hut their last game because of the ineligihility of a team memher, Cofcaptains were Roger Beam and Gil Lang. n XXX' XX! Coach Art Nunn again turned out a lx winning football squad. This year's I lightweights had a total of six games and lost only two. They scored a total of 136 points to opponents 63. The team was captaincd by Petc Lae and Alvin Boyd. Fullerton - 12 Excelsior 6 12 Covina 0 25 Orange 6 14 Huntington Z5 20 Newport 6 A r W' ' 46 Downey O 7 Anaheim 20 tltft tu rigrhtj Bottom row: A. Boyd, M. Hoover. J. Alhrigllt, B. Nelson, 141. Mnhutt, D. Pre-ciaulo, A. Gomez. P. Lne, R. Harvcv, 14' Stone tv th n :1 vvg :Intl row: U. A. Nivkcll, l.. Owens. W. R1-ed, D. l'lllllll10I'l, R. Kaylor, l,. Hill, D. Piantoni, B. lloefler, C. Kj'llllll, R. l'Ig1-rtsoh, lf: Fields I llcmfvr, ll. l'ort1-rg Zird row: J. Dudley, K. Nelson, B. Dutton, J. Hnmner, G. Meger, R, Koontz, F. Dixon, A. Elliot, B. Spohn, XV. Czuplixlgt-1' l M V' lt ll P l ltll 1 1' C 15 lurk in :gn , . ron: 5 A row: 1. ottvr, . Cumello, E. Ochou, 11. Hooper, l.. Cate, M. Pllllllilll, T. Hoskins, R. Glenn, C. Clnunhers, F. Younger -'sun, I". Stuart, J. Boll. , This year's Varsity lfasketf hall team, ewached hy Bud Dawsztn, turned in only a fair record. Although they played good hall on occasions, they lacked consistency. They started the season hy win' ning four of seven practice games, highlighted hy a 37' 33 win over Covina. Going on to league this team won enly five and lost seven, hut won a hard fought decision over the highly touted New' port Sailors. Dean Erickson was elected captain and most valuahle player. Erickson al' so was high scorer for the team and was an all league selection. Led by Rudy Jara, captain and most valuable player, the Bee bas' ketball squad won nine and lost seven for the whole season. League record was six and six because of in and out ball displayed. Jara was near the top in individual scoring. The team was coached by Lloyd Martin. tlift to rightj Iiottom row: Com-It R. Spauld- ing. It I iltsou lx X R Ilawvvl-'. Mitltlls- row: M. Iloovi-r, W. Iludson, I OI ' N 0 -. 'lp:1',' , '. .'i-Ison, A. Boyd, Ii. Owens, rton, .I. Ilzumwr, li. Cook, M. Toovey. GBUS AND DEE'S Both Cee and Dee basketball was coached by Dick Spaulding. The Iightwcights turned in only fair records but some cf these boys should be of real help to the Varsity in a couple of years. 4-ro, I". Stoll:-, I. Iilatou, Mgr. 'I'op row: CI.et't to tight? Iiottom row: R. Grant. A. Houmz, R, .I:tt':l. IC. Iiovd. .I. Iioyml. Mitltlle row: Com-Il I s. . 'ISIIIZIIL Il, Nluusfii-ItI, Il. Goldstultlx, I.. Iwzuilxxli-t'. 'I'op row: Il. Iiryaut, Ii. thins, ll. III-il, J, Owens, Ii. Ulodt. Clwtt to ritxhtj Bottom row: Uoztell R. Spaulding, .I. Arnoltl. B. YVaIket'. I". Younger. IV. IIIIIIIINJIW, olds, NX. Reed, G. M1-gvr. Mgr. Middle row: Il. I-'orrt-stoii. I.. Potter. R. 'I'Il:xyvr. I., Ilalrvoy, J. Dutton, K. Barton. 'I'op row: I.. Fujiuo, I", Stuart, M, IQIIILIIII, Ii. Slot-Iv, XV. f'2l1!lIIILIl'I', A. Iilliut. 5 z l 2 1 to rightl mp row: XV. Clark, B. Rust, J, Krueger, H. Putm:1n. XV. Parks, B, Mills, J. Holmes lnur.. Mi:Cumioll: si-vom! row: K, lim-tlvr, .l. Xordin, .l. Jones, B. Montgouu-ry, G. Kl'l!l'2,'t'l', A. Ambler, Halley, Couch Collins. WATER POLO The A waterpolo team of 194849 did not turn in as impressive a record as some of our teams in previous years but were always in there scrapping. The team was coached by Dave. Collins and captained by Bob Montgomery. Jimmie jones was elected most valuable player. 5 .. e ..sQ5,rNfpp.,..w Qt. - . - X' Q as rd -ww x - NNN .wvu...: QL4-ft to l'lg'llt, top row: D. Krull, R, Thompson,1C..Hose, B. Mntln-ws, Conch Collinsg si-cond row: P. Lane, ll. '1 rezisv, R. Mc'C:xndl0ss, B. Spl-airs, D. Ermon, J. Blll'4'll UBB'S Captain Teddy Gilbert led the Cee water poloists into battle this year. They won only three of eight league games. Most valuable player was Dean Forsgrcn. NN"'Wlum,.N..-fnmwhnw 'M The B team finished second in league, the highest of our three waterpolo teams. They won six and lost two in league play. Cofcaptains were Bob Montague and Ronnie Howard. flwft to rizhtl ton row: S. Virgil, C. Boyce, L. Hardy, C0llK'll Collinsg second row D .CampbelI, T. Gilbert-, D. Forsgren, J. Broylvs, B. Crowe, J. Putman. N x.,,.,,M M-X s - 0-WMS? qlmfl In Yijjllll lop row: Cualvli Collins. J. Jones, U. Kiwwgi-r. ll. Putmam, .l. Xvm-:lvl-11 .l. lllllllll'SI svvoinl VUXVZ NV. l'l:n'k, XY. Rust. K. lluvllvr, D. Krnll, XV. l':l1'ks. S, xllfllllllillll, li. Mills: third row: G, liI'2ll'lllt'!', J. llullvy, .I. Kniglil, J. Nmwlin, B. Bl0lllg02lH'l'.f. Coaehed by Dave Collins, our swimming team is again a strong outfit. The boys have not lost a league meet at press time. Captain Gil Kraemer, diver, and Jimmie Jones should pick up points in the C. I. F. meets to be held in our pool. nl . . www. x Q 'Q ll llllllllllllll lllllllll :mil .0 a .ft 2. ff ,,, llll ll. l ii i s 1 f f i Q ' M-..,. L . l , all a 'sa 5 s .b.- 2 , ,:,.,.a ,V .::. . .AQ fs- .,..,,. ' . ' ' M W' X . w .g -: . . 'W'-w..,.M. . ws-fhzlww . N-Nfl K 'H-wg. , '- Q .V sw , .,,. .M WV r. Mgiilh- Q f ' 1 A grigaf ,ma a ,305 .. J . .V-ga. ' ' f' ', . Q ., .,.,.. . , ., ,MM f M ,Z i, . .. 6, 'al I ,Q i ,..,w1Ww,.4.f1f1."ff,, . WZ. I "' N , Boh Montague, Pete Lae, Dick Erinan, and Bch Spears are the standouts on this Bee squad. Witlm the returning varsity men and the Bee squad moving up to varsity competition we should he optimistic ahout our swimming future. RH 5395552 aim Uur midget swimmers rarely make the headlines of the paper, but are always on the job. Also coached hy Dave Collins these boys are looking forward to their days of varsity competition. Hit-ft to rigglltj top royv: XV. Cloyd, li. Blilllll1'XV:4, F. Host-. ll. lirxnon, R. M1'i':mill0ss, S. Montaigne. Coach Collins: si-1-onrl row: C. Iirzllnun, lb. 'Frozisn-, P. Luv, li. SlN'lll'S, 15. Svgncr L. Koontz. f S' f. 5:1 '., Ti 13 X' .p X Y- ' x as '55 ,. s 7 Q. mil ' e x 4.- 'fb X h Q, - M. Uieft to rightj C. Boyce, S. Virgil. J. Broyles, C. Chambers, T. Gilbert, J, Albright, D. Johnson, Coauh Collins. 0 J l At press time our varsity track team had lost only ...y Q one league track meet. Their only loss being dealt hy the Newport I-larhor Tars. Led by such senior stalwarts as Don Hoefler, Boh Ferguson, and Ronnie Bridgeford, this well rounded team, coached hy Lloyd Martin, should pick up some points in the hig meets to come. P l N I ff TFP ' I, Q. 2 s ,Jo . ,1r.Bq"li7'wm, -1 Og 'ff irq! Qlmfl to right? Top vow: Conell Martin, li. Lang, G. Failvon, B. Plunkett, D. Smith, Y. Cillllt'l'0ll, G. Hunks: ll Ilm 4 WIKI' 1 I l. 1.4-udlmm, 14. Bl:xsl1ill,.Dn-ihnqh-li. F0l'gllSllI'l, B. Frzlscr, M. Kvynusu, S. Junesg Bottom row: li. llolqnin I, lu xml lJ.gi:fft flu-ft to righll Top row: M. ltli-Uullillvss, J. Knight, J. Sllalnalinn, B. Hugh-. ll. Cllanllmi-rs, R. Halstvilllurg, li. llunsvy, ID. llurlsun, M. Rudick. R. Doss, ll. Rohbinsg Middle row: R. Jura, J. Ri-ynosu, J. XVin-clnieier, U. Gray. ll. Illnnslii-lil, W. llnvflcrg Boltmnn row: R. '1kll0lll1JS0ll, D. Duggins, ll. Milli-F, B. Jnvkson, U. Com-, K. l'i'u1nl, ll. Golilsmilll. 'wil . ' Q 5. x The papoose team's record was' n't quite as impressive as its older brothers' but they were always pulling toward that tape with all their might. Chaney and Nelson always ran good races. G. Ch fam., , 4 1 Our Bee track team also had suffered only one league track meet at press time. This team suffered defeat only at the hands of Huntington Beach. Doyle Duggins and Jack Wiedmeier picked up a considerable number of points in the dashes and hurdle races respectively. QI if! to riglltj top row: M. Hoover, B. Nelson, P. liaymen, J. Fnjinn, ID. lil-us, J. lluopvr, B. Ilun-flvr, Slllllllf Sewniil row: lil, Ovlwa, M. 'l'nnv0y, Ii. YV:xlkol', L. Si-ll, S. Orton, li. Cuteg third row: L. Owen, llllt'-V, G, Arnold, K. Nelson, H. Bock. Nm, A .NX Nw S, -X X X mm xmsx, 'Q 1-v :Nh : . v 4 'r I l., -aw. VARSIT BASEBALL Lead by farur year mam, Bob Brzxnn, and other fine baseball asperants such as joe Potts, Bill Stidhaun, and Eugene Ramsey, this years Varsity lusebnll has a potentially strong teznn. At this time league has just begun, and sinee the boys have just begun to powder the lull, this team shruld be il definite threat for the title. sz Nt . xr .af dvi' 1 -M--iff" A .J , 342.1-Q - 43,-4 . ,wb . , 'fs . ,M .H , flivft to'1'ig:llU Top row: Conch Spaulding, D. Raunsey, IC. Arbisu, II. Blevins, D. Price, V. Bochnifr, ll- H0dl'lCkS, J- POIISZ Svvvlld row: D. Putt-1-sun. li, Stryker, T. Padilla, B. Ureun, 15. Braun, R. lJ'l'9l1l'Il'l'iS. B. Stlllhillll, B. Bryant, lngrs. C, A. Nichuls, J. Dutton. JB.. VARSIT A Although this year's tl. V. Basehall team hasn't at this time played a league game they have a record of seven wins against three losses. Aff ter getting a slow start they rounded into one of the fin' est j. V. hasehall teams this school has seen in many years. Ccached hy Bud Dawson these hoys should hring some baseball glory to Fullerton in a few years. theft to rightj top row: L. Surndeldnle. R. Harvey, D. Pennington, H. Fisher: second row: B. Dawson, R. Shire! YV. Hudson, B. Bnhannon, A. lloyd, B. Bass: third row: D. VVDIIS, B. Milvhell, S. Ranisey, S. Boyd, LR. Arbiso, J. Beal, E. Durant-. TENNIS Another of the very few four year varsity lettermen is on our tennis squad in the person of Owen Richelieu. Add such tennis enthusiasts as jack King and joe Lovejoy and the coaching of Gerald Boege and we have our 1949 , , tennis team. ' 4 Q a s s i Cla-ft to rightj top row: M. Broylvs, Coach Bm-go, R. Jonson. J. Barker, ll, Ilinmls: ss-vom! row: R. Ilownrd, G. Porter, l.. I'0w4'1's, J. 'll2il'lNlll0l'l, J. VVilsnn, J. liuveioy, ll, l,ivlwi'man: third row: li. Fivlds, li. Ilnrlly, li. Currly, F. Maverily, B. Moses, B. .laeksmy -T. '1villYH'llyQllfllllllll row: R. l'Ii.:4-i'tsoii, I.. IS1-rry, H. l,aI'x'm'ic. I WW W ,QW J .s 'gif' JJ M " Qwowjwv 859 ywiw w-MWQU5 4 ? W - f I 41 W! J ' W WQQW -edema g1iVM 4 W . K W QWw fi MWA b M! W 54?-'M KM' X,f i'3" jM!,,1v"Ff'Vfv'N4V2 yf f,ff!W W W! ff f W ff yifw f'CM"MW W L of cf f fiQi3?'9'iff W ,ff QJMW y"f if 4. ,,.,..--- x is Q -.3. 1' . s-S M' gf. xx. -Q ,,f,.n swf ss, -Q.. . .QQ an f Psi ,- Diane Schroeder, vivaeious G.A.A. president, is the personification of the spirit of the G.A.A. This little gal does swell joh in directing the activif ties of an enthusiastic group. Having participated in all sports activities, she is a familiar sight to all the girls on the sports field. Thanks, Diane for a jith well done. l -W ,iii QW " 'Q 1-e. ' KF, In ' ' swf' we f' nf, , . T, 92 'T Q , . N: f'51g!s'g, if ifflviifn Kan Mx -2 , fn ' f , ' ' , K 1 7 M um QM . 1.4! l . . ,, Q Q' L' -3 'f IQ .f . A : N ' 4 1 -, 5 , P 'lung Y J , . q Z fl gfmd g,.gi A 5 2 , if 5? Y X .u 1 ws- X ,t L 4 l Q M i .. bu m A as ' , . 4 . Q ' ' 1 xx ' ' .Luk T" A. K ,I-, v V - M .u,.-vp' ' , 4, . ' 'If T.: t' 4, A V' b' 5 I td' . 1 . ff fx, M Nj 4. ws 1, qu ' 'ff ' lu. . , . -Q iffy" M .- M , . ' A 7 4 x - "' 3.2 , ,,14. , .,M,.,,f .nl X. .vb 1, . ,fl f .N Ax- 4 if U Y -fa ' Mx J .YJMN ww dvxfmor nv I X .- --X v x N. v My v 4-' .J Q. thaw. , 'Wan--w ' ws. -Top Row: J, K I Hansen: R. Q Zirkelboch, i Copioing M. if Mul e ng M. Mullenp M. 2 LoMonte Bottom Row: -Y- D. Schroederg P. Pottersonp- J. Zehnpfen- 'N-M 5 mg Barwu-gs ,pu- Top Row: K. Rondoll, ' Cuptoing J. Timbrook, Rf Frig J. Gib- song R. Dix- on W Bottom Row. J. Mortinezp- F. Terrell: W. Burgess Top Row: D. Sfoneg J. Sherro? Middle Row: J. Wesier- holdp J, King M. Schlagen houff: H. Sol- fel' 'Ton row: G. GifFOYCig B. Richardson: 8. Fri: C. Vanden berg Bottom row: J. J. 'Pocklcrcl D LONG: B. Dfawg D5 ' " Gail Gifford, boskeiboll monoger Bottom Row: G. Laird: U. Ellisg N. Mooreg E. Ustick, Cop- tain R. Fri, hockey manager Top Row: J. White:J. Smithp S. . Gregoryg B. Richardson: A B. J. Frig P. McGill Bottom Row: D, Stock, captain- G Gafford N Jacobsen B Drew J Pac kar R Spencer Top Row: G. Spohng B. VonBlairp J. Whitey B. Quistp B. Bra- becg B. Cran- dallg S. Clum Bottom Row: D. Schroed- er, captdnp M. Mullen: P. Reffigp R. Zir-- kelbachp J. Hansen , f'fl'!J3, I! 5' ' .ff A . ,A . ag - M. top rf-wz K. Rondallg F, Tor- reilg J, Hammer, V. Avalnz: A. Ava!ozg A. ArnoJ'4p J. Gib- son: C. Bakery C. Jonesg R. Fri Bottom row: R. Lutsthf1pJ. Scottg' J. Martinez: R. Dixon: E. Rur- Kgessg J. Rfchc-rdsp J. Slobohmg S. Ronda!! 1 if . Top rcw: D. Copeiondg L. Stcnrborgp C. Vxlca- verg E. Ustickg D. Store A. Harringtong H. Sheri w0Odp M. Mohclttg D KQGU J. Mivefp J. Woodg S. Adams, cop- tcfng B. Zincke Middle row: B. Rilea E. Ustickg J. Kirqg B Berryp M. Schlogen- hauffg M. Rappg V. El- Jisg J. Stverrnttp L. Cor- tezg B. Robinson Bottom row. P. Vander- voortg G. Loirdp D, Pro- verzciop E, Hernandez captaing E. Torresg J Blevinsp D. Cooperg J Page- J. Fraser: N. Berrv 1 1- Top row: Burgessp Nt Eoflonteg M. Clarkp A. Websterp M. Mullen: J. Stcxnlillg Qllzrnes Bottom row: B. Drew: G. Giffordp M. Stcmleyg E. Dominguezp G. Comsfockg J. Zehnpfennlg lf 5 I .qu , f z ' ' gm. ,rf I 30-0 J 1 f D I? . o . . Miss llogcnp M. Clark, tennis manager - 0 'U Q Ace nt 40-0 EN N I 5 Game! 3 Smash it! Mrs. Murray ,vans-vw lb: , .., Top Row: E. Dominguez, D. Pyatt, B. Crandall, C. Burgess, N. Morris, E. U51 Bot1om Row: M. LaMonfe, G. Avey, H. Sherwood, E. Ustick ic Top row. G Aveyf Cap- tain: K. Ran- dall: S. Ran dall: R. Fri R. Dixon Bottom row: W. Coffman: F. Terrell: S. Flores: E. Burgess: J. Martinez 1 Top row: M. Schlagen- lmaull: N. Berry: S. Acloms: J. King: E. Usiick: I B. Berry Bottom row: M. Rogers: B. Robinson: EI Hernandez: G. Laird, Captain: E. Usiick Top row: S. Rogers: M. Mullen, Cop- tain: D. Yar- nell: A. Campbell Bottom row: J. Zehnpfen- nig: E. Orte- ga: BY.Barne's: W, 5, C. Lucas xv Top row: G. Gifford: J. ' Packai cl: C. Vandenburg: B. Richard- son: R. Spen- cer Bottom row: P. Woodman: J. Lana: B. Drew: S. Clum, Cap- lain SS. Randallhvolleyball. X manager 5 . R. Spencer, softball monhger: ww P- X --- .X MA ' wwmq 4 N L.. x 9 , N y gil I -N X 'S in N Yin.: J. Packard, B. Drew, N. Jacobson, J. Sahm Top Row: M. Rapp, K Randall, J. King, L. Lin- clauer, J. Gibson Bohom Row.: B. Zincke B. Berry, N. Moore, N Pratt, J. Fraser, H. Sall- er, M. Mohan N. Jacobson swimming manager f fqp row- V Ellis B Drew J Gibson row J Packard J v ALLEC, BE'I"I'Y LOI Y-Teens I.2,3,4 Counnereial Club 3 Spanish Club 2 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 ALLEN, BEVERLY X - I eens 3.4 w w I .4 loininereial Club 3,4 Latin Club 2 Glee Club l,2,3 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 ALLEN, l'A'l'RlCIA Y-Teens 3,4 Latin Club 22 Art Club 4 Glee Club 1.3,4 G.A.A. l,2,3,-I ALLISON. MANINE Counnereial Club 4 Latin Club 2 G.A.A. 1,2 ALFORD, MARY Freneli Club l Glee Club AMI! LE R, A LA N Ili-Y 2,CI,4 Vive-pi'es. 4 Varsitr Club 4 Pleiad l,2,3,4 C.S.l". 4 Class Play' 4 Annual Pleiades Editor 4 Kev Club 4 Yl'eekly Pleiades 4 Class President 2 Student Board ot' Control 3 'llraek I Football Swbnininp: 2.3,-I Ca WVaterpolo 2,3,-4 ANDRCS. RI"I'll 3 pt. J Girls' League l,2,3,4 ANGLIN. MARY Y-Teens 1 Spanish Club 4 XVeekly Pleiades 4 Class Play 3 APLALA'I'EGl'I, D01 Girls' League 3 GA.A. l," Pleiad I Couunerei: fub 4 Class Tre: Aurer 3 ARBISO, EIDXVARIJ Varsity Club 2,3,-l Band l,2,3,4 Varsi tl .f ES ty lootball 3,-t , Varsity Baseball L,.l,4 Vit-e-pres. 4 B ". ,,f . ERl'l'I"l' 1 'ext 1 rners 3.4 Varsity C lb 2 'lat-ind -1 .:,4 II' ' ' dy ,lub 4 IIALES, EVELYI - Coiutnereial Clul Z ,, I l r , ,-' l imtaat-ts, nifzvunm' 'rugraui ninereial Club I ir. 3.4 s ,, I 4 "I BARRY. BEVl'lRLY G.A,A. 1.3 Latin 1,3 Seieliee Club 2,4 Red Cross See, I Teen Toppers 4 BAIYERLE I N, VINCENT Ili-Y 3,4 'l'reas. 4 Class Play 3 BEMIS. KENNETII Spanish Club 1,2,3 Basketball XVater Polo Swiunning as SENIUP. BENNE'l'T, PANSY Spanish Club 4 Art Club 2,3 B ER L E, N E V E L E E Y-'l'el'lls 4 Red Cross 3,4 Ser. 4 G.A.A. 1,2,Il,4 BLASIIILL. BARNEY Ili-V 3-4 See. 4 Latin Club 2 Class Plar 3 Annual Pleiades 4 .T.V. Baseball 2 Traek 3.4 Christmas Play 3 BLEVINS, IIAROLD Varsity Club 3,4 Baseball 2.4 BOEHNER. V ERNON Basketball I5oys'League IIOLINGER. PHYLLIS Y-Teens G.A.A. 1,2,3.4 Class Plav 3.4 Annual Staff 3.4 Ass't. Ed. 4 Girls' Sports Ed. 3 1Veeklr Pleiades 3,4 Song Leader 3,4 Ilead Leader 4 Maiorettk' 2 Student Congress 4 BOLTON. BETTE Girls' Lealrue Vive-Pres. 4 Latin Club 2 Art Club Ser. 2 Pleiad 2.4 Glee Club 3 A Capella Aeeoinp. 3 Class Plav 4 Annual Staff Art Ed. 4 G.A.A. 2 BRANN. BOB Ili-Y 1,2 Varsity Club 2,3,4 Pres. 4 BROXVN, BARBARA Y-Teens 1 . Ani ual qtadli Mtlittmr 4 mvMlf'U3Ml1lLft'S 3,4 Feature Ed. 4 ' .'Play 3,4 BVCK. I'lLIJl'lN Latin Club 2 Dlfiad 3,4 Ig"Glee Club 1 m ,' Class I lav 4 ' Drama Tournalnent Play 4 Christinas Pla" 2,3,4 Bl'CK. IIELEN Y4'I'eens 1 Future llot Glee Club 4 BULMER, DOLORES G.,x.A. 2,:s,4 BITRGESS, KATHLEEN Y-Teens 1,2.3,4 G.A.A. 1.2,-l Seiont-e Club 3 GQ5 Club 1 CA LICO, -XVANIDA Y-Teens 4 Coiunierrial Club 4 G.A.A. -t Transf. front Fayetteville F.II,A. 2,3 Pep Squad CAMERON. VINCENT Traek l,2,3.-I Football 1,2,4 CARTER, RAYMOND A Capella Band CARPENTER, JEANETTE Future Ilonieiuakers 1,2,3,4 Art Club 2,4 Class Play 3,4 IIUTIVITIBS CHASTAIN, CIIARLIE Boys' League CI'IRIS'l'ENSEN, DAVID Buys' League 1,2,3,4 CLARK, MARILYN Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Red Cross Vice-Pres. 4 Annual Staff Prod. 4 G.A.A. 1.2,3,4 Tennis Man. 4 CONNER, PHYLLIS Spanish Club Program Chair. 4 Glee Club Seeretary 1 Glee Club Pres. 2 Glee Club Vive-Pres. 4 Class Play 3,4 CONNORS, JANET Future Ilomeinakers 4 Transf. from Compton - Scholarship 1,2 COUNCIL. VIRGINIA Coininereial Club 4 Q Art Club 2 ' CRANIJALL, BARBARA Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Band 4 CRANKSHAYV, PIIILLIP Football Man. 2 All So. Calif. Symphony Orch. 3,4 CUNLIFFE, BARBARA Y-Teens 3 G.A.A. 2,3,4 French Club 3 Latin Club 3 Seienee Club Pres. 4 Pleiad 3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 DAVIS. GENE S1-ienee Club 1 Annual Staff Photog. 4 NVQ-ekly Pleiades Photog. 4 DAVIS, KENT Future Farmers 1,2 IJELAND, BILL XVt-ekly Pleiades 4 Asst. Ed. 4 Key Club 4 Pres. 4 YVater Polo 2 Class Play 1.3,4 Boys' Oetette 3 Bnnsen Burners 4 Student Congress 4 Class President 4 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Christmas Play 1,2,3,4 DOMINGUEZ, EIINICE Girls' League Pres. 4 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Pres. 1 Big F 4 G..-LA. 1,2,3,4 Orchestra l,2,3 Majurette 2,3,4 Drum Majorette 4 Red Cross 1,2.3,4 Vive-Pres. 3 Pow lVon' Attendant 3 DI'NNING'l'ON, BILL Hi-Y 1.2,Il,-I Swinuning ly ' Tennis 3 " A' s --,F DIETSCH, LLOYD Boys' League EASLEY, DONNA Y-Teens 1,2 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 3 EAKIN, PIIYLLIS Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 G.A.A, 1,2.3 Spanish Club Vice-Pres. 4 Pleiad 4 Class Play 4 Annual Staff Admin. Ed. 4 Conunercial Club 4 Class Vice-Pres. 2 I l'1RICK'5N I IN C.S.F. XVeeklv iades 4 lhsket . l,2,3,4 ass 'reas. 4 La in Club Vice-Pres. 2 EYRAUD, BOB Buys' League Track 2,3,4 FAIRBAIRN, EARL Seienee Club Cl Latin Club 3 Pleiad 1,2,3,4 Red Cross Ser. 3 FERGUSON, BOB Student Board of Control 3 Basketball 1 Trark 1,2,Zl,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Co-Capt. 4 Boys' League Pres. 4 Baseball 2 FISCHBACII, PAULA Y-Teens 2,3 Class Plav 3 WVeekly Pleiades Coverage Ed. Weekly Pleiades Ed. in Chief 4 l"ISHl'lR, JOIIANNA Y-Teens 1.2,3.4 Council 4 Orchestra Glee Club 1,2,3 Class Play 4 FRASER, BOB Ili-Y 1,2,3 Sec. 2 Varsity Club 3,4 Football 1,2,4 Swimming: l,2,3 7 Track 1,2 B RI DI' RICK, RAY Bass ball -.2 , lrVeekly Ileiades 4 ' 'I I Football 2,3,4 x 0 3 4 I FIYJINO. JOYC ' Y-Teens 2, ' e-Pres. 4 Fixture IN takers 2,3,4 3" es. 4 e Mb 1 f.A. 3 GARCIA, BILLIE St-iene Club 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Glee Club 1,2 GA RRET, JAMES All So. Calif. Symphony Orch. 3 GERLICII, CHARLES Future Farmers 1,2,3,4 GESELLE, JO French Club 2 Class Play 3 GILMORE, MARILYN Y-Teens 2,2l,4 G.A.A. 1 Latin Club 2 Pleiad 2 Class Play 1,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Aetivities Ed. 4 lveekly Pleialles -I GLIC K, MARIAN Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1.2 Glee Club 1 GOLDSMITII, BOB Seience Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Glee Club GOMEZ, LEONARDA Girls' League GONZALES, MANUEL Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 +1 ' T- -if 3 "Q :.1."-.-"" ,- ss-1 fx 5 L 5 fc si .ilu N 1 WW X ll' lr' .f,:', 71, '.-a.' W- ,,, 5 , Lx, . l uw .-1 6 , ,mmf , h 4 ,V Lk -- -A Am,-4., . x K . F 21 GOOIINYIN. GLENN Football 2,Il,-I Swinnning: 2,2l,I Baskvlball 2 Basi-ball 2,31 GOODWIN, I'A'I' Latin Club 2 Future I"arnu-rs I,2,2l.t GOODWIN, l'llII.LlI' Ili-Y I Spanish Club I A Camilla I GRAIIAN, IYIIIMA Girls' In-:igrliv GRANT, RICIIARD Iiaski-tball 2,15 Football Zi,-I GRl'll'INl"ll'Il.ll, IIIIIIIJRICD Y-'l'm-I-ns l,2,Zl,-t C0lIllIlt'I't'Illl Club 4 Latin Club 2 Plviatl 4 Class l'lay 4 G.A..I. I GIIGIIIMIVIANA. AIIDICN Varsity Club 3,4 lfuturo l"arnn-rs Il,-I Nov. -I Football Il,-I Cn-Capt. 4 GRI LI.. RI'l'A Girls' In-agiw GIYNN. ROlll'IR'l' lloys' Stato 3 IIAIILICY, .ltllfl Swimming I,2,Zl,I IIAMlI.'I'ON, DICK IY1-I-kly PII-izulos -I HANSIGN, JIIIRRY' Boys III-ag:l1v IIANSICN, .IOY Y 'Pu - '-ns I,2,2l,4 lin: I" -I G.A.A. 1,:,:x,4 Latin Club 2,1i,-I Sw. -I St'lt'lll't' Club Il,-I Suv. Il Glen Club I,2 Cniiiim-l'4'i:ll Club JI Class 0I'l'ic'l'I' S042 -I IIANSIGN. 'I'OMMY Buys' In-agua IIARDIN, Iil'lRNlI'ICl'I G.A.A. I Glen- Club I,2,Zl,-I H A R'l', DONNA G.A.A. 1,2 Gln-v Club I,2,2 rvvf' IIA R,'l', III O N'I' I'I IDI I Spanish Club l'x-I-s. 4 IYI-I-lily l'lt-iaulvs f,-I l'nu' Wnw King -I IIAWKINS, ALYIN Stuflunt Iimuls' 'l'rvas. -I S4-in-in-Il Club ll Latin Club 2 I l'ls-iarl I,L.,Jl Annual Stall' -I. Org. l'ltl. -I IYI-4-Iilr I'lt-iallvs -I K1-y Club -I lll'IllIll'lI'IRI.lNG. RICIIARD Annual Stall' 4, Iinys' Hp. lm, .1 llaslu-tball l,2,Zl,-I Fnntball 2,22 Ili-Y l,2 SIIHIUIII llnilv Yivi'-l'l'I's. -I Class 'I'rt-as. 2 Latin Club 2 I'l0ia1I I,2.Zl,-I VIII-okly l'll'iaIla-s -I II I lIIlI'IR'I', MARY Y-'l'vvns 1,2,Il,4 G.A.A. I,2 YVv4'klv l'lI'ia4lI-s 4 llow 'l'it-rs I ,. SENIOR' llOl'lI"Ll'lR. DONN Yarsity Club II.-I Band 2 l"notbaII -I 'l'rai-k 2,2S,-I IIOIIMICS, JACK linvs' la'ap,:lu- Ctuuinitttw 2 Ili-Y 1,2,2l Swinnning 2,2Z,-I Mgr, 2.-1 Football I IIOOYICR. DALIG Buys' lA'ilglll' M IIOOVI-IR. WIIAIA . X Girls' la-a,zuv X IIOSKINS. .IOIINI III-:ull-i' I liaskvtball l.L,2: IYilliu I' gh -I Ili-Y 1,2 I I Yvll lA'Rltll'l' 4 lluR1lQB:1skPtI1:ill . I IIOYICY, MARGIIG Y-'l'v4-ns I,2,Il.-I Sl'lt'IIt'l' Club II Latin Club 2.25,-I Trt-as. 4 Al't Club Il Glen Club I lYt'0kIy Plviallcs 4 G I I 1 " 'I -I .I ,. . ,..,., ll'MliI'lR'I', lfll . XYatifr I'nIn Mgr. .Z JOHNSON. IIICONIC llunsvn llurners 4 St-0. 4 Art Club 2 wv, ..b v..... ,-,., Ts-I-n Tnppl-rs 4 t I I I ' I I JOLLY, NORMA Y-'l'u1-ns l,2,Sl Gln-0 Club I Class Play 35,4 l'nw NYUW Attvmlant I lvvvlilt' lllviallvs 3.4 Sun: III-alla-r 3,4 JONICS, I4III,I4II'IN Y-'l't-4-ns I IYI-4-kly l'l1-iacles S! G.A.A. 2.2! JONES. JIMMIIC Varsity Club 2.3,-I Ort-In-stra 4 Ilanil I,2,3l,-I Class l'lax' I Swiinniing.: I,2,3,-I JONICS. S'I'.INI,l'lY Ili-Y I 'l'i'casuror 1 Cmnnnu-ri-ial Club -I Trl-as. 4 I.-:tin Club 12 I IYm'kly llviallvs -I Sports lill. 4 lil'lI'l'll, DORIS Y-'l'I'0IlS 1 Frm-in-I1 Club I.2,2I Pros. 3 l'lt-iail 21.4 IYUI-lily l'l1'iatlvs JI u..t.lt. 1,2,-I KING, LARRY Latin Club 2,23 I'lI-iad 2,-I Glow t'lnb I Svluml Organist 21,-I KIIIQINAC, GAIC Girls lmapgun- 1,251.4 liantl 2,ZI,-I KNlGll'l', Ll'Il'l I li-Y I,2 live l"nntball I.2,5l,4 'iw-ack 1,2 KOONTZ, Jl'l.INNl'I Girls' l.l'2ll.I'IlU 'l'rn-ns. 4 Latin Club 2 Y-Tut-ns 1.2,2l,4 l'luiad I,2,Zi,-I Sw. 11 C.S.l". -I Glue' Club I. ACTIVITIES KRAIIIMICR. GIIIIIIGRT Varsity Club Sl.-I Hi-Y 1,231.4 Jr. Class l'rm-sillvnt Class I'Iav Sl Baskvtball I.2.2l Football I,2.Il,4 Mr-CANDIIHSS. WlNIl'RI'ID Girls' lloxunin- 'llI't'IINIIl't'I' I 5 Mfuoy, 2' fa A Future Farnn-rs I Iinvs' la-apxiw S " ni f 1,:.::.4 Cllr. 4 J num HL U ONAIID, .IACKIIII KROIIIGICR. GIGORGIC ilfillllhk Clllli 4 I IILY 1'2,Ql'.l, In--,3 4 nw 'nw .ttt-nlant 2 Yarsity Club 4 M 4. XVI-4-kly I'lt-iatlvs 4 Band I Rt-d Crass I,2,Zl.-I Swiinining: IYatm-rpnln I,2,Cl,4 LAMON'I'I'I. MARCIA Y-Toons l,2,Zl,4 Sur. 2 Big: lf' 3,4 G.A.A. I,2,2I,4 Sw. Il RAW, Svc. 4 Fri-in-li Club fl Latin Club 2 PII-iall 1.2,Zi.-I C.S.l4'. 4 Glue Club I,2 Annual Staff 4 Girls' Sport Hd. 4 Ilistrivt C.S.I". St-I-. .I Yalvilivtnrian LI'IDIiIfl'l"I'l'lR, IIAZFL F.I'I.M. I Glve Club Il G.A.A. 1 Illfl D FORD. IIOIY lfl LII Boys' Lvagzin- Fut u rt- Fa rnu- rs I , 2 Ll'IS'l'I'IR, l'A'l' Iiancl I'nil'nrin Coin. 2 ygl-,,,,,,s 1 Cmnnivrrial Club 1 La-tin Club 2 F.II,M. 1 LLOYD. MARY l'A'l' Y-'l'Q'vlls l,2,2l.-I Ser. 2 G.A.A, 1,2,2l,4 Art Club II Snrial Cliairinan 3 Htnno Corning Attendant 3 Pow IYUW Attvnnlant 4 Class Play I5 Junior Class St'CI'l'I2lI'y Il Student limly Sm-1'vt:i1'y 4 LOGAN, FRANK Ili-Y 3 Football I,2 Haslivtlizlll I,2 Base-ball I LVCAS, CAROIIYN Y-'l'vt-ns -I G.A..I. I,2,ZI.-I Art Club 2,51 l.l'ND. AIIIII-IRT Art Club Sl Yiri--I'r0s. . Football 4 Tennis 1,252.4 MAGI IIII, CLYDE Iloxs' I.I-:I:.tlu- I arsit' Club 4 l"ontball II,-I ' MANC I'l BO, GLORIA Girls' In-clgrlio I'.Il.M, 2.15,-I Ilrus. MATH IS, C QOL Drvss lioa Cliairlnan -I Y-Toons 'I , Big I" '. sw-. -I G -I. . .2,:s.4 xi inn, l,2.Zl in al Staff I'rncI. 4 I -kly PII-iatlos -I MAYNIGS, BARBARA Y-'Ik-I-as 1,2,il,4 Cuninu-ruial Club 15 Red Crass 2 Tvun 'l'np1u-rs 3 Class Play 4 XYI-I-kly Pla-iatles 4 u,A..x. 1,z,:s MQKICNZIPI. MARY Cninnu-rcial Club I lfuturt- llnnu- Maki-rs 2 Gluv Club 2 Class I'lay 2 MuINDOl'I, ADI'lI.l'l Glvv Club 2.35,-I SI-c. Il Girls' Ia-agllv IIIIIIIIICR .ll'lAN PIL-lad I,2,Sl,4 C.S.l". 4 Latin Club 2,15 Girls' Glu- I MILl.l'1R, JOAN Y-TI-ons 2,JS,4 Latin Club 2 Plviad I,2,il,4 l'rl's. -I C.S.l". -I Glu' Club I A Capella Clunr I Annual l'l0iaIlI-s l'rnd. 4 Class Play 3 Draina Club 1 Svc. 3 MII.l.l'IR, .ll'NI'I l.'ll't'llt'll. Club 2 F.lI.M. 2,35 MILLIGAN. DOROTIIY Y-'IR-mis I Connnvrs-ial Club 2,2l,4 Pres. 4 Glu- Club 1 MI'l'Clll'lIIlI, .IOIIN Buys' ln-aguu Red Cross 2 MON'I'GOMI'IRY, HOB Annual Stall' I'rnnl. 4 SIVIIIIIIIIIIQ 1,2,Zl,4 Water Polo 2,Il,4 Capt. 4 Football I Cla-ss Vivo-l'rvs'. il IYIORIGNO. MAN l' ICII Bays' In-:xgllc '1'ravk I,2,Il,4 MORRISON, MARY ANNIC Y-'l'1'vns l,2,2l,-I Suu. I Y-Pres G..I.,I. 1 Ul'I'lll'SIl'Zl 2 Glu- Club Sl Girls' S1-Xlvltv IZ Rod Crass I. Rm-p. I Class Play 25,4 MORSIC, RI'I'A Cnninn-rrial Club I I-'.II.M, Zi,-I 'I'rn-as. I 1ll,'lll.I'IN, MARGARIST llig: I" Sl,-I l'rt-s. -I lit-Il Cross 4 'l'm-I-n 'l'npiu-rs Il.-I G.A..t. I,.:,Ji,-I Mgr, ZS llrcss ClIl't'li0l' IS NICICIJIIAM, JOAN I-illvvlls l,2,Cl,-I 'l'l'I-as, fl Latin Club 1.2.35 .xl-I vial. :,::,.t l'lI-iacl 2,13 Glu- Club I,2 Tl-on 'l'oppvrs Il,-I Class Play IS Annual l'l4-ialla-s -I l.'rnil. u.,t..x. 1.:,:s,4 Stuilunt Iimly Sm-ial Cliairnlau NELSON, VIRGINIA Dress lioaral Asst. Chairman 4 Y-T1-cus I,2,2l,4 Cmnnn-rcial Club 3,4 Gle-0 Club Il G.A.A. 1,2,3 I' ' 1 t NIXON, CHRISTINE g -Y'Teens 1 Spanish Club 4 Glee Club 1 G.A.A. 4 OLSON, IRENE Y-Teens 1.2,3,4 Latin Club 2 Class Play 3,4 Pow VVow Queen 4 Home Coming Attendant Song Leader 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ORTEGA, EVANGELINE Commercial Club 3 Big F 4 F.H.M. 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 PARKER, BOB Varsity Club 4 Band 2,3,4 Football 2 Baseball 3 PATTERSON, PATRICIA Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Treas. 1 Big F. 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 French Club 3 Pres. 3 Majorette 4 Class Play 1,3,4 PAYTON, JAMES Future Farmers 2 Band 2 Football 1,2,3 Track 2,3 Basketball 1 PENNINGTON, JUNE Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Girls' League PERRY, PEARL Commercial Club 1,2,3 Majorette 4 G.A.A. 1,2 PINKERTON PAULINE -if 4 I rl' SBIIIUP. ACTIVITIES REYNOSO, CRUZ Hi-Y 4 Latin Club 2 Art Club 2,3,4 Pres. Pleiad 1,3,4 Treas. Red Cross 3 Key Club 4 Vice President 4 Basketball REYNOS0, IMANUEII Spanish Club 4 Football 1 Track 1,2,3 RICH, CAROL Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Commercial Club 4 Art Club 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3.4 Christmas Play 1 ROBBINS, PHYLLIS Y-Teens 1 Glee Club 1 ROGERS, SHIRLEY Y-Teens 2 Big F 4 Art Club 3 Band 2,4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Majorette 4 RSTHQ, MARY ANN Spanish Club 4 Pleiad 1,2,3,4 C.S.F. 4 Orchestra 2,3 Red Cross 2.3 Sec. Pres. Class Play 3 G.A.A. 2,3 ROY, JOHNNIE Transf. from Huntington Art Club 2f3,4 Y-Teens 3 Girls' League RA' ss Commercial 4 v F- V 'G.A.A. 1,2,3 PLLNKETT, BOB N ' - f..q--- Varsity Club 3,4 SAHM JEANNE Football 3,4 ' 6 Trarfsf Boys' League Q13 Y-Teelfs 3 a ,,,,",,h 'W Lettergirls 3 PORTER, PESLIE G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Songleadel' 3 Future Farmers 1 Pleiad 12 Boys' Lea-gue PORTWOOD, MINNIE Y-Teens 3,4 3,4 RAISBECK, BOB Glee Club 1,4 QM Boys' League RAMSEY, EUDENE Baseball 3,4 Spanish Club 4 RANKIN, MARY JO Y-Teens 4 Bunsen Burners 4 Transf. from Colorado Blue Caps Club 2 Sec. 2 Rep. Girls' State Pres. for 1949 Convention RAYNE. MARY ANN 4 Red Cross 1,2,3 Girls' League RETTIG, PAT Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 A Cappella Choir 1,3,4 nnual Staff Prod. 4 1'ess Board 3 Leadership 3 SCHNEIDER, SHIRLEY Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Big F 3,4 Treas. 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Soph. Rep. Mgr. 3 Vice-Pres. 4 French Club 3 Vice-Pres. Pleiad 2 SCHOFIELD, BOB Hi-Y 1,2,3 Pres. 3 Future Farmers 1,2,3 Football 2,3,4 Track 2 SCHROEDER, DIANE Y'Teens 1,2,3,4 Pres. 2 Big F. 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 Majorette 2,3,4 Class Plays 3,4 Girls' Athletic Mgr. 4 SHAFFER, PEGGY Big F. 3 G.A.A. 1,2 Glee Club 4 2 3 SHAI AHAN, .IO Y-T ns 1.2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 1,2 ed Cross 45ice- res. 3 President 4 Class Play 3 Animal Pleiad s Class Ed. tudent Con ' 's 4 SIORDIA, STELLA Y--Teens 4 Spanish Club 4 Red Cross 1 Rep. 1 G.A.A. 1,2 Q SMITH, CARL Boys' League SMITH, DON Football 3,4 Track 3,4 Boys' League SMITH, ERROL Hi-Y 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Football 2,3 Swimming 2 SMITH. TERI 4 Girls' League STANFILL, JOYCE Commerce Club 3,4 Girls' League STANWOOD, JEANETTE G.A.A. 2,3,4 Latin Club 3 Science Club 3 Teen Toppers 3,4 Pub. Mgr. 3 Pres. 4 Glee Club 1 Y-Teens 1,2 STARR, PHILLIP Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2 Basketball 1 STEDMAN, SHIRLEY Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Sec. 4 G.A.A. 1,2 Orchestra 2 STAHLY, BOBBIE Boys' League 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2 STEPHENS, FREEMAN Hi-Y 2 Water Polo 2,3,4 Boys' League STEVENSON, BILL Spanish Club 4 Kee Birds 3 Pres. 3 Boys' League STIDHAM, BILL Boys' League Sec.3Tre s. 3 Hi-Y 1,2 Varsity Cl 4 Latin Ch 315, Student Bo , "President Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3 Baseball 3,4 SVVENSON, LARRY Hi-Y 1,2 Varsity Club 4 Latin Club 2 Band 1 Football 1,2,4 Water Polo 1,2 Swimming 1 Capt. STONE, ETHEL Orchestra, 4 Class Play 4 Girls' League TRECKER, CONRAD Hi-Y 1,2,3.4 Swimming 4 Baseball 3 Boys' League TRUJILLO, BOB Boys' League Hi-Y 1,2 Future Farmers 1,2,3 VILLAGOMEZ, HENRY Clle 1b 12 Re Mg Bo? ' Leaf e WEAVER, BARBARA Commercial Club Girls' League WEBSTER, AUDREY Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Glee Club 1 WELDIN, NEVA Y-Teens 1,2 Latin Club 2 Glee Club 4 Robe Cliec ILIIIAIVIS, C. OL G.A.A. 1,2,3 Art Club 3,4 Pieiad 2 41. Red Cross 3 Class Play 3 ker 4 1LL1s, HELEN l s 1 2,J,4, -- Art Club 3 Class Plav 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 WILMSEN, GLORIA Y-Teens 2.3,-1 Sec. 3 Pres. 4 G.A.A. 1,2 Latin Club 2,3 Sec. 3 Class Play 1 Home Coming Queen 4 Class Secretary 1 WOOIJ, THOMAS Spanish Club 4 Boys' League WORD, EUNICE Glee Club 1,3 YARNELL, D 'N F en' reas. I I . ' t . 1,3 --- V' Red Cross 4 ' ,- . 1,2,4 YOUNGB LOOD, ELOISE "'li1A'huQCl11b 2 Girls' League ZEHNPFENNIG, JANET Y-Te 3,4 ' Burners 3 Club 2 rt Club 3.4 Sec.-Treas. leiad 1,2,3 Band 1.2 Glee Club 1 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ZIRKELBACH, REGINA YZTeens 1,2 Vice-Pres. Lig 11. 3,4 French Club 1,2 See. 2 Pleiad 3 Orchestra 1,3 Band 2,4 Glee Club 1 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ZUNIGAQ AMELIA G.A.A. 1,2,3 Girls' League 4 2 ,, .J L Ziijilifa W f' 3,1 ZZZWLMQQT K W Li'fL4.f,f?,fzLu,.,f-,rw-M WW FW. ff! "+M7fMM1'A"'f Mlqfffif if M5521 425219 ffvf?l7fM W"7 gf zinfffw Wffliwfwfzf ? , WWA: Q -3 xg Aff ii Q? 2? ia M NEMA if 'ijbg wigafikfil ' - ' P ' ' 5 A ff'- ' 4 . . 1 "Q WWW Sw Wy Mg, Nw M, 252355, Mm ff f ,Z f MZZJ Z M9 Wg 1' I W YW WWW M 153315 WW qwfgiuwbi 7, k N--'N U1 . . . -.-'ff rf qs, 9 .'f.',f,P 1" -' 'Q fi- 1'-JJ.-. da 'Q 'JE 1.1 ' , 4. 45.5" -Aiif-'1 KF CWQ , A 2.- ML. "'-ff '5f,1x:" 3 ,2 --42, v1?'. P'SjfE3 -' -k ., - f -v' - A , V , Y , , . , .- f TQ ' ,v L-'gf :T3fQ'1'1:3? .1 3,1 V gf' ' Y. ,K ' ' 1 - -Ziff? ' i W"-f-f5f'7.z7il ., 45' K- 'FE' -' . f fr .: lj-ri-xi:-Qggilg -QYSV ' VV. :-fav ',, ,i3.,5?1 I - Ag ffl - -' Q A ' -A ' f. ' f - . . ' ,ll I ' Y ' " ' . f A ' aT,'34ci" 4 f -" ii i .A ,- ,i ii 'Q ft' ' Z ," " BEM ' ' ' ' ' - il A 1 -, Y-. 54-,gi-:i.',1.29, vrw.5,:fv - , , ,g ga. -I ' . , ' - -- 159 'fu ' A 5' ' ' - 'fo as 07' ga' EYSVQW Q , m 'N f ix NX Q il I Sf My NNE WS WK?2ifWWi 1. X X ,O Q Q ZW ,ZW owywifyzfg S ihgffwfffff-if 5 if ,,,,W w, iwsifwfff fm is CD S555 M , , 'DQZ-pg, . f' 'XQEZQZ7 L Z' Q X . Lf! X 'Q "" , '?"'7-5? n . - '-19-bg? , Z' I Q W ' Q i V: , X . , , 1 1. ax. fa-Q fi-415.3 ' I . V 1 . 4- ,,,.-'. , ,Q 'Y ' , " Al" i " 1' "fi, , fig?" Qz, -2 , - E51 V ' '. A 1757 ' - YJ MMV? MW ff M ,MW if fwjnjj? WMSQQA W JWWM 5525 WWW WfLMJffJffgfJ,,zZL,f wffywdj WM WH VWKWMNW RITIN N EITHMETTE M MM ,W 95 Q Af WWW Efb2? 9046 AA' IQ jf QU '5 my-Qi 9 V, 4 qfwa 14 I 29 WWW fffy 9 Q 9 W7"f:3S2fff'-7-QM WM 7 if? 3,0 rj if W W WND' Q L 9 M M yu MOM W3 163, Q J, S F XXI Q3 Q Q MJLJ M6-fav 5X4 pb-QC! X .1 I ff 1' ,, I 'z 9 Girl' T819 Qdalfvd' ,Macy , W 4, Ava! E , V ffl, P' A ' v - K Z, ?f7ZM' Q!'Z ww fm GEM Qff? NS - Ziff QW? Qc W We e- S A 9: J ' ,gall q K NE ' X 7? XC.Af ffffe 9 x , Q QMAMMJ. yfgzfga Q4 X QR X QAML77 ix? X L2f..:.,,,, 25, , by X - wk 17Kp7?' A 5 mx -UNX W Qffwmf' M xg 5 3 Lwfywfwff M ,Q WWGQQ wx v . .-"f " W - Lffffff' Q? 1234? J, f Q4 S fwwf ,QM-f .MMM W '101fzfc"1i , 8 ffPwf2?2,7- 99? ' ' ,J 2 WWF 7370! Fawn!! y 4 .,, , ,.y ,

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