Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA)

 - Class of 1948

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x M---1. - 1, 4 Yi. ,, . -. ., ,,,,,,,,A.,,, . ,M , , V -vim V H I , 9 ' Q lv, ' , gf ,ivjfpx Q: ip fyfVfQ W2 QQ Q ' C?f1f'f"5 SWKWQ f2'1fMiif2'ffQ30ff-9f'Jf'f12ffffff'g' wk QLMIWZM WU- wV772f'j fBMQ ff fiaiiffifwlfw gifggi 1,133 :XX -. X XA Q , Rf-V .-ggqg. .3 'VA 1 4, U, , , , I ' - - ' f ,,,--.Q-xxx: 5, X HV K1 X-2 if-Q' :i?1f??'l .N Q-fkxmxx vm! in ::4.x Rm ihxrxmxxm ffm f,Ain.4py,1',61L 19 fl'lkXQfy.j1fPi2l:3','?y22Z5cQz1d:i7Q4Xr1i.s.X .1'.mQmm..::fQf..4:h.. , ZZQQ XJ 6 X, Q LX 5 QQ 6 V3 K L' Q 66,5 CUM K '5 K 5 6634 W GQ Q1 Q, HC QKWjff-gif E70 75 Um 5 iw 53 Q Q WTG Qamx QDW Q5 fwfr gay QW! 7z2Xfm,4MQ 79 ,hy 73 779,144 41141 f4L37g1Jf'0 if 'K GA Ssfafi VQQR X63 t-just eydq if YZQL 46,4 4JV5 'QNX ffqgffvf V 62 'li sq r 9k 4 42,44 H3 - I 5 1' S gn Llfazm - ati D I X763 S-C f:6,fc4rjZffzA H+ WQVV O U50 5 Loovfv LM. JB QSM Nm Y MWSMY X G v ovv IUXVWOVV J 1 cw wwavkovw OV' E8 LC6LfL0lfL A Fi X K R A l gn if tt - S ,pb I C ,SW ti' t Q? X. 1 .E in 7 ffiiglziffi - ,- f?4igs.,Q. s.Qgs?s.53Qi,a,,33v M if as . aswe X . izimzrawig 'wg l . i kN hs...- i as '--.. 1 N' Because of the beauty, not only of its outward appearance but also of its soul, which only we who pass our happiest days here can understand and appreciate to the fullest, we dedicate this book to the campus and all its buildings which have been a constant in- spiration and reminder cf the great opportunities we find here. There is a place of knowledge rare, Of lessons hard and long, XVhere facts are laid down cold and bare, And placed where they belong. And in this place 'tis truly told Are those who make the strife In which we grope to higher aims Much easier in life. Oh! 'Tis a place of mem'ries sweet Of old romances dear, Of Friendships young, so true and deep, And formed with hearts sincere. Our high school days must end forever, S0 as we gather here together, And look into the other's face, Sad tears appear and smiles disf place. GH! Let our Alma Mater be A light which can be seen To guide our steps where they might make Our lives entire and clean. God bless our Alma Mater dear, So watchful, kind and true, And may she be our lighthouse In whatever we may do. ZLL O! Gaim 3600! W6LlfL6Lg8l'I'L8lfLf ZW OLOA JA .fgfkzfic jomrnaf Cam? M 9,4 n -li. .....-....-...1 .-1-Q....--.. ,-.... - - i il L l 1 l N X I I l Ag dim! T or fig e 'ilfmin . Each Year at C0mm9I1C3meI1t, Seniors are faced with the alternative of deciding that they have concluded a phase in their lives or that their diplomas will serve as admission into a newer and fuller life. We hope our seniors will value the experiences they have had. We hope they will humbly take their added maturity as a chalf lenge to make a still richer contribution to life. We hope that much as they have enjoyed the past they will look and work for the future. We hope the example of the seniors will be inspiration to the rest of you. The school year now nearing its conclusion has been a good one. Spirit of students, faculty and towns' people has been high and cooperative. Unusual success has marked efforts in such varied fields as athletics, music, dramatics and scholarship, Distinguished recognition has come to our alumni. The school has shown leadership in statefwide organizations as well as playing host to representative groups from all of Southern Calif fornia. Alumni homecoming is becoming a happy and firmly established tradition. The Quarterback Club and "Tommy Chicks" blossomed as organizations to support Fullerton Union High School and foster clean sportsmanship. We wish to all of you success and much happiness. Mary the ending of this year be but the beginning. Sincerely, -f,, T. STANLEY WARBURTQJN, Superintendent. ...i.-1.-- .1.i..-l-- reefingd As you read this message, you are well aware that another school year is ending. For you seniors it is almost time to say "goodbye". If, during these recent months you have practiced the fine art of becoming an ever better Fullerton Indian, then this year has been most successful. Generations of young people have estabf lished on this campus fine traditions, and have determined by conduct and achieve- ment just what a Fullerton Indian should be. Friendliness, good sportsmanship, a will' ingness to assume and discharge responsif bility, together with the "will to win",- these are typical qualities. With them you are better prepared to live effectively in any situation. Thank you for your help in making our school so enjoyable this year, and best wishes for your further success and happiness. 1 A, Sincerely, GLENN H. LEWIS, principal. eam 0 ir 5 In selecting periodicals as a theme for this Annual, the staff may take satisfaction in the realization that the Pleiades is the publication which the students of Fullerton Union High School have awaited with great anticipation for these many months. As these pages are perused, may they revive memories of lessons well learned, of worthfwhile activities enjoyed and of lasting friendships made during 19474948 on the campus. It has been a joy to work with the. cover girls pictured on the following pages. The American Girl of Seventeen on our campus has more Glamour. She is an intelligent Mademoiselle of character, and with a Variety of interests. Her Scholastic work and lxer extracurricular activities are training her for a career and for that House Beautiful of her dreams. My thanks to her for her neverffailing cooperation throughout the year. Sincerely, Doacixs TURNER, Dean of Girls ,tgp Q6LlfL 0 5 "Aloha" to each and every senior and may l send you on your way by wishing you luck and may your journey on through life be a fruitful one. You have just completed another very important lap of this journey and with new experiences and new friendships gained during the last four years you should be prepared to make greater contributions to society. The year just passed has been a very fine one and could not have become a reality except for the cooperation of every student in F.U.H.S. The "willftofwin" spirit of our athletic teams, the diligent efforts of student leaders, the willingness of the majority of students to serve, the enthusiastic participaf tion in school activities and student loyalty are a few of the things which made. this year so memorable. The experiences gained at F.U.H.S. should prepare you to take your place as a worthy citizen in your community and, in turn, of this great nation of ours. We must prepare ourselves to the best of our ability to meet the challenges of an ever changing com- petitive world. I wish to thank every student of F.U.H.S. for the part he has played in making the school year a most enjoyable and fruitful one and ask that those students returning next year keep up the fine spirit and good work to assure that future years will be just as great or greater. Best of luck, DLJN.-XLD C. CRUICKSHANK, Dean of Boys. ilfwmcioz CC0lfLl0ff0LlfLt Mrs. Mildred Blasingame is another of our "behind the scenes" workers who has a big job on her hands, which she docs very W6 lfwinezffi 6LlfL0'L98l" Although many of us never meet him, much credit is due Mr. Dan Henry, whose work behind the scenes includes purchasing, accounting, bud' get making, payrolls, and many others. pfanf ,gifzloerinfenaienlf Mr. Bill Potter efficiently supervises repa and alterations of buildings and care campus, power house, and janitoring school. N.- I Qf'I'f.:f'll:l.....T"'0'i 1 a:':::l 12:2 W f nrzigitb Glu- ' may -E fjfllffl 8X 00 QI" Always ready . . . willing to help . . . our friend and yours . . . Mrs. Eleanor Campbell W gcreIfozrie5 Betty McKinley, Lucille Dwinell. lbw: sf 1 Q l l Q I Q U- m A,A ' fel . Q. s. f " , l ' up A x l l was . 7 nloerinfenjenlf 5 aggcrefowied Rachel Wmvlfe, jean Cnuglmran if afnrmw- .-V,-. .W , ,,, K gl-15i,' HMP! O! aj'lfLff1f88ff The Board of Trustees is responsible for an efficiently run school, routine work of this organization, and the approval of financial matters relating to school affairs. Smooth running is the result of many hours of tedious planning. Fred R. Dukes, Buena Park, E. H. Salter, Fullerton, Ross N. Hodson, La Hahra, Colin Baker, Fullerton, Ralph C. Shook, Yorba Linda, President. "'5..jF+--"- , ? ,mx 5 E E S 2 M-ng, 4' wg -.V A 'S-f3?1:5S'F zu 'W es 4' -ng... 'vw' ard yu? if 11? xv MCMA? Education hcing thc cs' scntial thing for modern youth, il great variety of clziwcs are hcing taught in our schools, giving the stu' dent: many clcctivcs to choose from. Wc'rc proud of our faculty and thc swcll job thcy arc doing. N 3 If Q YY Hansen, A, J. Helm, H. S. Hunley, D. II. Jacques, J. Km-llvy, A. K. Kvsslvlk Bl. U. I.:nwrcncv. L. B Klalllu, M. 0. l.un,:, E. T. Mahler, 0. H. Moody, R. M. Myers, L, A. lilh. KT., Hill, M.. l'ul1l1s0Im's Collins, M., Sk'1'l't'lIll'j'. Sprnul, E. Stitt. H, A. Sp" ,-. Nelson, E. F. Redfern, C. B. Newton, D. M. Smith, R. S. Picruv, E. R. Spalding, E. A Randall, I. M. Spears, D. H. , . SIl'illlg'l', R. XVilli:uns D. X. N U l L il xecoalfiue Mar BCL gd er Under the. alwle leadership of the President, Dick Risher, this yea.r's executive hoard introduced, along with other ideas, a hig homecom- ing celebration, which will be an annual affair. The Pow Wrmw is also made suc- cessful hy the hoard. Tup Row 111-ft lu rip:h1H: lil I.I. S'l'R.UV Tim' l'l'I'Nid4'Ill .I I' DI IC S'l'H.X l N S0l'l't'Ul ry DICK SIWIARS '1'1'c-nsu rm' n0l'G.Xl1Ib 'l'lI.XMI'IR lm x I.t'ilLZlll' l'l'4-sillont I wnpvfflnw Mimldlu Row Qlvfl to rigrlltji MARLJWI' XVl'l"I' Girl's In-:ugrllo l'rvsimIvnl Y.XI4l?0 SMITH Boys .Xthlm-lux' Mzmaxgvx' I-iX'l-ILYN S.XI.'l'l'IR Girl? Mlllvtim- BIllll2l,Lfl'l' linltum Rum' Llc-ft lu Yigfhlvl 1'.KR0l.YX IHCRMAXY XVw'klv l,lih'ZIdl'S Hditm .IOANN ARNOLD Annual Plivnrlvs Co-I-Iditm' fl -rp wi' .L eniom fgwfiicfenf gre! Qureaw After four years on the Indian campus, seniors are filled with mingled feelings of regret and eagerness. Regret at the end of a pleas- ant existence the last four years, and yet eager to face a world full of problems and accept its challenge. ice-Qedidenf gnc! miffemore cggcrefamg wynn 34 drigdf l"e6l1flfU'9I' e0I'?6 .!6'0g5I"lA, ADAMS, JAFK- Al.l.l'IN. MAX-JIL AVNIDRICWS, JOAN- XvIll'Sllj' I'lnlJ 3, -lg Y lg l"l'l-lu-ll Club l, X-lvl-ns l, J, tu..-LA Boys' lwngue offi- 2: prusiclvnt 2. 1,2, 33 Glee- Club. cel' Al. ANIXHRSON, D H - ARNOLID, .lOAN+ ,ll'S'l'lN, l' A R LORICS-Girls' Imax- Iii: I" Ulull 2, Si, 43- MON f l"'llturv I":ll' gm- ut'fim-1' 1. Y-'1'vvus i'.S.l". 4: Allllllill Vo- mu-rs l, 2, Il, 43 pro 1, 22, Zi, -lg Big F 1-Llitm' -l: Class sur- xixlvlll -l. Ululn 41 Sl'lllIl2ll" l'C'l1ll'AV 225 Svuiul' ship -l. Class l'l:ny. BARNES, DONW li.Vl't'llMAN, HLOA li.VlTI'llMAN,GWICN Yuraily Ululm Il, -lg KIA --f Y-'l'n-uns 4: +Y-'l'n-a-ns I, 12: H.A 'l'l':u'k Il, -X. liuml I. A. I, 12: Ulm- Clnh 1. 2, :s, 4. RIGAN, l.l'ISv-llli-Y lildllll, SHARON -- lilfZllNKl'I, HOB --- l, 2, Il, 4: Futurv Y-'l'q-1-llsg Rc-ml Cruss. l"utur1- l":n'mn-1' 1, l"ill'lll0l' l, 2, 3, 4. l3l'INNl'l'l"l', RAR- lil'IRlllN, MARJOR- lill.l.S, JOE- Build B 'KR K Girls' I1-'x " ' ' ' ' ' , . - . . .- 1l,g3-lm-ns .lg Ulm-c l, U, Zi, -I3 Re-1lK'rnss. gum-, Ra-ml Cross. Ululu l, il, 4. BINNS, lllllb-Sl-lp im' Class Play. BOAZ, l'l'1GGY--Big 1" f'l'lh 2. ll, -lg presi- dent -lg Y-'Pm-ns 1, 13, 14, -lg tennis mana'- gvr 4: llomc-Coming quvvn 4. BUAZ, BOB-Varsily Ulllll 3. 3. 4: Future F2l1'llN'l' 13 Football hall 1, 2, ll, 'Lg Puw- Wuw king ll0llM, l'llYl,lllS4 1501 S S E R A N C, BRIGGS, JVNIOR Y-'l'vvns l, 2, Il, 4: MARY-Frvllvlx Club -- NYM-kly l'loiasl0S G.A..X. Il, rl: Latin 1, 2: Future Home- slafl' 'lg fmxtball -1. Club 2, il, -1' l Clulu 1, 2. Elec Malu-rs ll. 1!RllNl?AGE,'JOY-- IKRYANT, MAXINE --Fulnro llonxu Mak- --Y - 'Fm-n treasurer or Il: Rad Crow 1, Ll: G.A.A. 1, 2. l1Yl3l'll'l, LUCILLE CAIIMAN, BOB-- l Q '1 Flaw Play: -Orclwslra 23 Rua KUIIND' 1 .. Crussg Uxrls' League. Freshman Class Playg Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. llxl' C' K DI A S THR, RHIO-Big F Club Il, -l: Y"1'm-ns 1, L55 f5l'l'lli'Sll'Il 1, 2. G.XMl'lll'll1L. l!l'l'1"1'Y --Y-'lk-uns 1, 2, 33 l"utul'o llnuw Makers 35 Gloo Club secre- lary 4. CARLSON, JACK- CASON. EUGENE- CASTRO. ANNIE- Hi-Y 1, 25 1iCdC1'0SB. Buys' Loaguog Rnd G.A.A, 1, 25 Girls Cross. League. CA YAGIIAN, BAR- RY- l'l!'l'Ill'll Club S1'l'l'l'iIll'y Il, S4'i1-live V Lflub prvsirlout 43 C. S. F. 4: vicuqircsi- dn-nl S4-lmlnrship 43 Glvv Club sn-rrutury 3. l'l4AllK, lilllll - Svivnce- Club ll. COOL!-EY, ICVELYN -Scliolursliip 153 Glvo Club I, 43 R4-cl Cross officer lg Senior Clans Play. CHAPMAN, MARY -Y-'l'1-ous 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 3, 43 Lut- in Club 2, 3, 43 WVQQ-kly Plz-iudes As- nisluul editor. Cl.UlP'l', MARVIN- ,lli-Y trvusurer 23 Varsity Club Il, 43 lluskvtbull. CUNNER, INAZOE Y-'lk-ous 1: G.A.A. 1, 2 ,Zl, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, -4. C li, A M .lfl R, VIR- CRAIG, Dl'lLORl'lS G'l'NJlA-- Future -G.A.A. 1, 23 Glue Ilmuv Maki-rs 4. Club 3, 4. DAVIS, Kl'll'l'lI- DARNl'll,l., CHARL- Vursity Club ll, 4: HS-Hi-Y 13 Boys' Fuhm- Furun-rs 1, 1.4-uguv. ., ., .., .. CIIAMBERS, B 0 B -linud 1, 2, 3, 4. COOKSON, LU- Cllllllfl-Y-Teeus 1,2, El, 43 Gln-me Club 2. CORNER, MERVIN -lIi-Y 13, 33 I-'rouch Club 3. -1: Orcllvs- tra 13, Il, -13 vice-presi- dvut 3. CHRISTI A. N S E N, JOAN- Y-Toons 1, 2, 3, 43 Big lf' Club 2, 33 Glvv Club 1, 2, 4: lmtiu Club 2. ll A Y , ROGER -- Boys' Leaglleg Red Cross. DlCl'l'l'Z, DA ' - lli-Y ll: llnnd 2, Il, -11 lVeokly Plviaulvs ZX, 4. DUXVNS. DON - Yursity' Club 4: lli-Y 1, 13: Future Furlxwrs L! Il 4 . . - DITRIIAM, MARY- Y Ill Dlfl 0 C ll O A, HV' llOMl'lNGUl'lZ, I,l'lM- ANGl'll.lNl'I-- Glue UEL-Varsity Club Club 1: Rod Cross. 45 lIiwY 3, -1. ll R I li Sli ACH, DUDNEY, JOE - MARll,l'Il'I - Red Fmmtlmll 2, 45 Boys' Cross, Y-'I'1-Q-ns 1, 2. lmugue. DYER, YSOBEL -- l'IAR'LL, GENE - Y-Teens It, 4: Big Hi-Y 1, 2, presi- Y-Tcens, trvnsurer Il, G.A.A. historian 4: Futurv ,llouw Muk- crs 4. l'lIiI.l0'l"l', DAVID 1" Club lk, -tg Science dont, 3. Club 3 ,-4 orclmstrn 1, 23 Annual Class editor 4. l'Illl.IU'1"l', DAVID l'1S'l'ER, XVANDA - E.-llnys' In-:ignu of- Il.- Boys' Ilenglwg Y-'fuensllgliig F Club fivvrz lli-Y 1, 2, 3, Basvbnll, Senior Class Il, 4, Glen- Club 1. Al, Varsity Club LE, 1'l:l3'. ll, -1. l"AliMl'Il!-, 0lil'I'l"l'A Fl,O'l"1'0, BILL - FRANCIS, BOB 1 Girls' League, Red Buys' Lt-ngucg Red Boys' League, Red Cross. Cross. Cross, Hi-Y 1, 2, if My Rv tis lv, CK l" R A N C I S, DOR- FROGEN, BOB - O'l'llY-Future Bus- Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Var- iuvss Leaders pro- sity Club 4: Class , i grain chairman 4. l"UL'1'ON, BOB - Hi- 3, -1, vice premi- cl v n t 45 Scholar- ship 1. llav 23 XV1-ekly llei- ados 4. GALLICK, V I R- GINIA-- G.A.A, 3, 4 :Latin Club 25 Fu- ture Horne- Makers 3, 4, president, -4. GOODYVIN, PAUL GIBSON, SUSAN- t 0, 11 KA 1 ' rl Ili-Y 2, presidcn ...' Glcc Club 1. GRAl3A'U, PHIL- Spanish Club vice prvsiclont 43 Hi-Y Zi, 4, secretary 4. G1"l'I ICRREZ, M:- C. A. A. Q Spanish Club 4: G-lee Club El 1 Future H :unc Maki-rs 3. '.i. . , L, Zig Gi s' L1-aguc. GR.Ol-'l-', NANCY - U. A. A. 1, 43 Gln-e Club 1. 3, 4, presi- dent 4: Class offivur 1 5 Pow-XVow queen. IIAAG, JOAN-- C. A A 1 " 'I ' . . , .., . . French Club 25 Sui- :-ncu Club 25 Scu- inr Class Play, lf' ll li ll R,lG'llT, GWYNN - Y-'foe-ns 1 ,LL 3, 43 Big lf' Club Il, -lg C.S.F. 43 Pow-lVuw attondzsnt, 1: Annual business manager -1. G A R li l'l'l"l'. XV l LM A Sl'll'llI'0 Club 3. GOVRl'lAl', IFREII C.S.l". -I3 Latin Club 2,Z!, -1, prvsidvnt 4, Varsity Club 4. GRIGSIIY, JOAN- Big l-' Club ll, -lg Girls Leaguo- officer 3, 45 ll.A.A. n:-c'ru- tary 4: Spanish Club -1: Annual Clubs editor. lIAl,ll, lSEUliAlI- Future llonic Mak- ers. IIAINI IITON. RO- l I .UI RIONII, ROB- HARDY, TED-Fu lIl'lR'l'.l- - KLLA. 2, l'IR'l' - lli4Y 1, 2, lurv l'lill'Ill0l'S 2. II. II, -I2 lil-Ll Cross, Yanrsity l'lub I, LI, JI, -1: ll'0iISll1'Ql' 47 U.S.l". rl. llI1l.X'l'0N, IIARRI- IIICRMANN, UARO' ll, I C K S, BOB -- I'I'l'f-I"uturv llusi- IIYN --Y-'I's-4-ns 'I, Latin Club 2: Tl'5li'li IIUSS I.1-:uh-rs -I, -I: I-'rom-In l'Iub 2, Swinuuiuzr, 32 li.A..l. 12. ll, 4, Sc-Imlalrsllip LE: Edi- tor- iu- llllivf XV00kly l'l4'l:l1lus. ll I IIII, 1'0I,lC'l"l'l'l- ll I l.lI , l.l'1A'l'RlClC ll I ll II, CAROL - lI.A.A. 12, II, 43 Rn-xl - -Gln-0 Club I. U.S.l". 4: Svllolaxrslli U1-Ugg. prcsiilvut -1: Svivm 1 IIUISSON, JAY - lli-Y SK, --I, pwsillvllt -I: 'lll'lIlIlN 12, II, -l, IIOIIICMAN, LUIS-- ll K X I " 'I I Lntiu Club 22 Nvvvk- ly Plclzulvs 4, Fu' lun- Iiusim-ss l.u:ul- vrs prusiclm-ut -I. HUDSON, ROISIIRT -Ili - Y II, Glue Club 1. IIUIAIVIN. DOLO- RIGS-G.A.A, 2. 8, w 4: Spanish Llub 4. l'lub -I: vic'v'lrl'vsl 0 tlvutg lmtiu Club 3, 4. IIOG IIE, DICK - lli-Y -I: Baskctlm HALLUXVAY, JOY- Glou Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Lll3l'ill'lIlll 3, -1. llOl'l.IllAN, BAR- BARA-Y-'l'u0ns 2, ZS, rl, I1'i'1lSlll'l'l' Zig Big l' Ululw 3, 43 G. A. A. Cal-im-t I, 23 Schol- arship 3. lTOl'S'l'0N, ROBER- 'l'Af1l.A.L 1, 2, Il. 43 Rc-ll Cross. ll Il N lb, ll li Ii l,- lDSO, LUCY - Y- Girls' League, Y- Toons l, 11. Il, 'l'm-Q-us. Southern California INGRAHAM, BAR- BARA-Girls'Leaguc scc'1'ot:1x'y 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4, vive pres- iclvul Ilq G.A.A. 1, 12. Si. 43 Annual Ac- tivities editor. JICNSEN, PAUL - Class Play 13 baud .lUllNS'I'ON, NA- DINE - Future lluuu- Mak:-rs ll, 45 Rvd Cross, Play 'l'ournauu-ut 4. .lU'K5"lY M.U?.I0- Rlli-l"u!urv lllilllt' Makers 15, Cl: Glau- Clulr I: XY1-1-kly l'll'lll- des 4. Cl. JOHNSON, DON- Y . Aiv-'l'0l?llS l. 2. ll. 42 G. A. A. 1, Ll, li, 4: Latin Club '3, Sly Xvl'l'kl.x' Plviafla-s .l OX li-S. IRIS- '-irls lmaguv vnu-1-r: Y-'l'w'1'ns I. 2. Il, X. prvsidvnt il, llmno- Ctlllllllg attvnrlant It XVvekly l,l1'lllllQ'S fva- turv orlitur. IIl'l'Il.SKAMl', RI- CHARD - hand lg Svlwlarslxip Zlg Latin clan zz, sz, 4. Row 13 l USO, ODA-Y 'IvQ'l'l1S I, 2, ll, Al. J A M IC S, P ETE - Buys' League, Red Gross. 4. JOHNSON. Rlllll- ARD - l.Ii'Y il, 49 Varsity Ululw Il, 4: Futura Parnwrs 1. JORDAN. .ll'JRl'1 - Ili-Y l: l5oys'l.q-algxw. JIIIIIAN, VIRGINIA - Ilia I" Club 2, 3, lg X-lm-ns 1, 3, S. 45 Girls' lmuguo of- fivorg ll. A. A. Cub- in:-! uffivvr. Kl'Il'1'I'l'IR, Ii.--Boys' lmuguvg lmsobnll 21 buxki-lbnll I, 2, fl,-1. KNIGIIT, JIQRRY- Y-'l'4-vns 43 li.A.A. 2, Il, -lg Latin Club 2, 35 lilve Club 1. KUIIl,l'1NBl'1RGl'IR, .ll'lDlll'I, PICGGY- Y-'I'4-I-ns l, 2, 3, 41 S4'lt'Ill't' Club 2: Ulm' Club I, 2. KICIIIIY, INICZ--Big F Club 2, 3, 4, In-usuror B 3 Y-Teens 1, 2, 11, .xg G.A.A. Cabins-1 ily French l'lub Sl, 4. KNOBLAUCH, M A R Y 1'l'l't'II T011- purs president' 4. KUVAR, RONALD DAVID - Science --Ili-Y 1, 2: Sci- Ulub Il, -8: Glue mu-v Club 21, 4: Club -L bunll I. K Il 0 G S R II II. l.l'N.I. .ll'INNIl'1-- GICORGH 1 W'vvkly Spanish l'lubg G. A .Pluiuclcs 'Ig Class A. 1, 2, 13. treasurer 4. KAYLOR, AXI'I'A-- li.A.A. 11 Y-Tvolns I, 2, 3, 4. tri-nsurvx'. 4. KL0l'l', CTIAR- liO'I"I'l'I - Xvt'llAl0lllI1'l' 4: Big F Club ZS, 43 Y"I'v0nu 1, 2, 3, 4. KOI'ILENlil'lRGER, Ill'IVEIil1I'IY - C. S. F. -ig G.A.A. 2, Sl, 45 Y-'1'01'us 2, Il, 4.3 Glen- Club 1, 43 Lntin Club 2, Science Club 3, 4. KRA l"'l'. VIRGIN IA Y-'l'n'vnN I, 2. 3, -It Glue Club I, 2, 3, 4. LARSON, E L I Z A - BETH - Amateur Artists 3, -15 Glvc Club 1. VALINCIA, LEO- l,l'IN'l'Z, MAURICPI I.AWlil'INl'l'1, l'llYl. NARDO - Boys' R1-tl Cross: liuyu' LIS---Girls' l.v:1g.:lu- ' Y'l's ux " I.c:1g:uvg Red Cross. League. . -0, -V LOUVE, RlF'l'II - I,l'I.lYl'lRli'Il. RAY- I..X.,NHI-'URIL RO!! Gln-0 Club l, L53 R1-sl MONIJ- l"rn-slluwn l'Ili'l'---Ili-Y l. 22.25 Cross. Vlzxss ll'l'IISlll'4'l'I lli -I. tl'4-fnsllw-I' lt VMI' Y. sity Club l, 2: lull in Club 2, ZX. Llili, VERLA-Girls' Ll. LEON. N.l'l'Y -4 LIGXVIS, JOAN - LPIIJIIIK' uffivvx' 4: Y- lil llururlo Club. llfillllil Uluh Cl, sm-rv Tvouz-a 1, 2, Il, 4, se- tury Zig Glu- Club 2 nior pu-siclvlll: liig: l" Ji, vivo-pl'4-sillvllt I! Club 3, 4, treasurer Y-'1'1-uns -1. LINDAITICR, MARI- l.l'I V.lI.l.Y. HICXIIC MAl'l'lil'I, CllAlil.l'IS AN -- baud I, 2, 3, --Y-'l'm-4-us 1, LZ. 53. 1: -- lmliu Club 2: Rn-al 4, ll'0IlSlll'l'I' Ilg Big.: l.:1tiu Club 2, Sl, Al: Uruss. F Club 45 G.A.A. limi Cross uffil-or 2: Cubiuot offivor 135 Y- XVUQ-kly l'lvi:ulx-s 15. TUOIIK Zi, 4 4. MALONE, BETTY- M.XNi'l'Il30. JACK- MANS!-'ll'Il.lb, .IIN Glvo Club 1, 2, 33 Red ll'I-Glue' Ulub Il, 4, x'ill'SllY Club 4: lli Cross offil-or I. h'm':1sl11'01' Il: Future Y 1, 2, Il. 4: llovs ll0llll'lIl2llil'l'S 4. lu-115.2110 ul'l'if'vr 4: All nuzml advertising: lllil Ililg0l'. Mm-i'AR'l'Y, lll'lVlCR- Ma-K'0NNlCl.l.. DON M1-ll0l'GAl., ll X R LY - Girls' Lvngueg Yarsitx' Club 14. 4: BARA- Glen C un Roll Vruss. Wm-klv l'l4-inxlvs 1: R1-rl Cross. Sportzf mlitor. lllr'l70lVl'llll4, 'lllllilf Hl1'l".Xlll..XNll, Hlll-IN Xlciilllll, ROGI R NA - tile-0 Club 1, -fS1-lmlzuralxip l, 12: llzutiu Club 2, 'B I 11. Il: G.A.A, IS. buucl l. 2: Elvvlioll lizuud -l. Iinanml -1. MvKNlGll'l'. ELIOT NI'IllARlS, .l.ll'KlI'I Ml'lDARlS. JOXXN -- Ynl'sily Club 3, 43 -- li.A.A, Il: Glo-v -G.A.A. 33 klvo Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, prosi- Club 2: XV1-1-kly Plc- Club 2. lla-ul Sig liuuil l, LI, ll. ialllvs 4. MOIAIN, lllllll-Rod MOX'l'AGUlC, VIR- MUURIG, CARI X Crms: Boys' lln-argue, GIXIA - Y-Tovus 1, -Vnuitx Ulub I 1 12. Il, 4, s01:r4-tary 13 prvsimln-ul fl: Cl N li.A.A. 1, 3, Sl: Spun- prusialn-nl ,212 Stuc ish Flub 4: Orvlwstrax out llU2lI'il uf Cuu l. 22, Il, 4, sm'4'l'vt:lx'y Il, trol -l MORA LLIS, MAR- KlARl+l'1' -- Spanish Club -l g Rod Cross. MORGAN, GICNICLIA - Scim-1100 Club Il, -1, viw-plvsiclmlt 33 Au- nunl vu-vditm' Al: Lat- in Ulub 23 Aumtcur Artists 3,4 5 Y-Ts-cus 4 MFNGER. XXNCX --Girls' lA'ilLZ'll1 I X l us 1 fin-or I 3 vu 2, 8 1 trvalsuu 4 w G.A.A. 1 MURRAY, MARY - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 3, Spanish Club 4, Lntin Club 2 1 Campus Dress Pllillflllllll 4. NELSON, EUGENE -Williewl'gh 45 Red Cross, Varsity Club 4. Nl'IW'lil'IR,RY, JOAN - Y-'Fvvns 1, 2, 3, 4: Glu- Club 1: Se- niui' Class Play, OSBORNI-I, JOAN- Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, U, 4, Aiuatteur Artists Il, Club 4. PAYNH, BOB -- An- nunl stuff 43 Weekl5' Pleindes 4: Science Club 4. MYERS, ALLA Xl FAYl'I- Y-Tc-vns LC. ll, 4: G.A.A. 22 F11- ture Homo bllllCt'l'!'l 3, 4, vice-prosimlolit -1: Senior Class Plny. NELSON, FRED -- llntin Club 2, Il, 4, vivo-prvsirlent, 3: Sci- ence Club 4: Scholar- shlp 1, 33 Senior Class Play. NIELSEN, TOM - Varsity Club 4, Schol- nrnhip treasurer 33 C.S.l". 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, :z, 4. PACKARD, JEAN- Big F Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. vice-president, Y-'l'e-ens, 2, 3, 4: Or- 1'llQ!NlI'll 1, 2, S, 4. l'l'lll"l"l'IR. RU'l'll--'- .H VARRO, ll li A A 'l'RlCl'1-tl,A.A. 8, 43 liuntl Il, 4: Ulm' Club lg liutin Club -1 NEISVVANGER NANCY -- bnnd 1 2, 3, 45 orclmstrn 3 43 lJ.A.A. 1, 2, 8, 4, Y-Tcuns 1, 2. Ol!-A, lSl'll -A.Kiun tour .lrtistx 2: R4-f Crux: l. l'A'l"l'QN, VERNA- Y-'Feennq G i r l s Longuc. l'l'lRRY, llAl'llNl Lutin Club 2, ll: -Y-'l'v1-us Sl, 43 G K K I ' l I S Glu-Club I 3 'l'es-n Tuppers 4, vicv-pr4e- sident 4. ..:. .-.v.'Z4I'l t'll1'Q' Club -1: Band 1 2 Il 1'l'l"l'S, lNlAR'l'llA- Y-'l'1-1-us I, 11, Il, -l, pre-sillout -l: assist- nut lluxupus Dru-ss K'llllll'llllIll, liuliu Club 24. ii, Rm-fl Cruxs of- lu-or 2. l'R0l'l7, UA'l'llOR.l - Snug liwule-1' 43 l'uw-Wow nttn-urlauit -lg Big: ll' Club 2, R, 45 Y-'.l'vs-us 1, 2, 3, -l. RANll.llili, DIANE R- Yvll lu-:ulvr Il, -lg Big: l" Club 2, 25, -lg Girls' liongrun- vice- prc-raidum -lg Senior Class Play. RISIIICR, DICK -- Stucln-ul Bully presi- de-ulg bzuul 1, 23, ll, pn-siclclu Il: orcllvstrn 2, Sl, lli-Y -I. RODlblQlll'1Z, lll'lA'l'- w Rlblfi - ll.A.A. 12, 3, -lg Roll Gross. l'R.l'l"l', JOAN - PRIDE, MARY -- Gluo Club 1, 2, Y- li.A.A. 2, 35 Rod 'IR-bus 2, Il, 4: G. Cross. A. A. 12, Cl: Sviuxwu Club Il 1'YA'l"1', DIXIE - RAND, BOB -- Var- G.A.A. 3, -1: Scholar- sity Club 3, 4, Schol- ship LE, lumd 3. ursliip 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3. RICYNOSO. AMADO RILICY, CAZROL-' - lintiu Club Zip Y-'l'01'l1N l, 2, 3, 41 N'l'J.ft'Illll'Ill'lll'lllS 3. liuliu Club 2, Il, -1: Sl'll'lll'l' Club 3, 43 S1'llUl!ll'Nlllll -L RlK'll. liAWRl'INCl'I ROBINSON. ERN- EST- Frvmfli Club 1, 1.2, prvsidcut ZZ, S1'll'lll't' l'lub 3. -ll Rvd Cross uffivvr 2. RODRTQUEZ, ELVI- RODRTQUEZ, SAL- '7 RA - G.A.A. 1, 2, LY - G.A,A. L, 3, ll, 4, Girls' League. -13 Red Cross. ROGERS, JEAN - ROGERS. DORO- Lutin Club 25 Glee THY- Y-Teens 1, .v 1 -. 2, 3. bleu Llub 1, J, Club 1, 21 A Cup- ll 1 " Red Cruss officer 2. pe an , ..., ROSS, BILL-Vinh sity Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lntin Club 25 Weekly Pleizules 3. SALTPIR. FTVICLYN G.A.A. president 4: Big F Club 4: Y-'1'e1-11:4 l, 2, 3, 4. president 2: Iizltiu Club 2, 31 class sec- retary 1. SAUER, JIM-Boys' SANVIIILL, L A U - League, Red Cross. RETTA - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin 1 Club 23 C,.S.F., Sci- e n c e C l u b 4 . SCIIUGT, DIETER SEAMANS. l' H Y L- - Lutiu Club 2, 3, LIS- Y-'Poe-ns 1. 2, 4: 30101100 Club 3, 4, 3, 43 Senior Class president 35 Scholar- Play: Annunl stuff -4. ship president 4g C. S. F. SCHULTZ, BILL -- S li l' U I4 V E D A, liuud 3, 45 Glee Club lRENl-l- ROSlCIJAl,l'l, XVILZI IilAM--- l"utu1'e' Fm' uiers Il, Aly Boys' League, SANDOVAL, LOUIS - Spanish Club 4. president 43 Rnd Cross 2, secretary LZ. SCHMIT, BERNICE -- Glee Club 2, 33 Girls' League. SICGNER, CAROL-l Y-'IR-e-ns 1: G.A.A. 1. 2: Future Home Makers Il. l illAMlllCRGlCR, LOUISIC-G.A.A. 3, 4: Future Home Makers 3, 4, sec- retary 4 3 Give Club I, 2, fl, 4. SlI'l'lLI.l'lR, lllCl.l'IN Slll'IRW00l?, SAL- SHOCK, DICK - -Y-'l't-ons I, 2, Il, 4: LY - Y-'lk-uns 1, 2, lli-Y l, 23 Varsity vim-1--lm-xiqlvlit 4: Big: Il, -tg trvusurvr 2, G. Club Ii, 4, vivo- F Club Il, -I: Sl'llt!l' A.A. Il: Atnutt-ut' Ar- pwsitln-lit 4: Boy's xrship vi4'i--prvsidulit tists It, 4: Glee Club licaguc- offirei' 4. ll, ll! ll. S, F. 1. SHIRYI-IR, lill.l. - SILIIERMAN. BET- SIMMUNS, LEE - Hi-Y l, 2: Boys' TY - Y-Teens 1, 25, Futurf- lloinv Makers L1-uguo. 3: G. A. A. 1: Ama- ll, 4: Glu-v Club 1. lt-ur Artists 8. SMl'l'll, I-'INIS F- liuvs' lmugllt-Q Red HMl'l'll, VAL - Ili- Y 1, 2: sevretaxry 3: SNR!-Ill, l4lYl'1LYN- Y-'l'z-4-us 1, 2. ZS., 4: Cross. Latin Club 2: football tl. A. A. 1. 4: Scwiivc buys' uthlvtiu mun- Club Il: A Capvlla 2. agar: Aunuul sports vditur: XYOekly Plei- adns 3. S 0 t' K lf' l lfl L D. SORltl'lLS, FRAN- SOUIJIGRS, ANN -- l'llllllK --- lli-Y Il, CICS - Y-'l'1-1-us 1, 2, Svliularsllip 2: G. A. 4: bust-bnll 2, Il. 8, 43 Glen- Club 1. A. 1, Il. 4, Y-'Ft-ous 1, 2, Cl, -tg vlass Sven-- tnrv Il: CHIIIIDHS Du-ss t-lniirmau 4: Annual Pl:-iaulvs assistant Nl- itur. SPIGARS. DICK - SPOIIN, PAT-G. A. 'l'ARHORli, LOIS - Student body trvas- A, I, Y-'l'v1'ns -11 G. A. A. nrur 4: lli'Y l, 2, ll. f Il, 4: S1-ivnce Club Il, -I: Varsity 4: Annual Stuff. l swrvtary Il: Baud 2, 8 S 'I' IG Y IC N S O N, ST 0 N l'I, GLIGNNA STONIC, ilIlli'l'lS -- .ll'1RliY - Y-T04-us 4 G. A. A. il: 'l'v4-u lluliu Cluly Zig R1-d LE: Glow Clulu lg A 'fnppcrs -lg S!'L'l'l'lilI'y Uruss. l flaxlu-lla 4. 4. S'l'0llGll, J A N IC T STORY, l3l'I'l"l'Y - STRAIN, Jlllllli - - Y-'l'm-us 23, 33 Y-'l'0vus l, 2, Il, -1: G. Y-'l'vn-us l. 2, ZS, 4: Aumtvur Artists -lg A. A. I, 23 Ulvu vim--pl'osiLl1'l1t Zig lm- Rs-rl Cross offiw-1' 4. Clulu I. liu Ululv 13, Si, -lg K0k'l'1'l!ll'A' Ili li. A. A ZS, -1: Studs-ut hurl.: sv1'1'n-t:l1'y, fl. STRANV, lilllll - '1'RllVl'I. LARRY - S'l'l'RlJIVAN'l', IDA, Studvut Bully vivv- Rod Cross. Vlll - llutiu Ululx Il, prvsirlvul: Ili-Y l, IJ, Sl, -lg Si'l1'Il1'l' Club Il, Ii, 43 Varsity Club 1, -K: S1-lmlzwxlxip Eg 2, Zi, 4. K'lu'ixtm:ns plny I. SlF'l"l'0N, MARION SXVAIN, lll'1l,l'IN - SWIl"'l'. JAFK - l - G. A, A. 8, 43 Y-T04-us l: G. A. A. Buys' I.1-:ngung R4-fl t1'uusux's-r 43 Pow- 1: S1-im-m'v Club Zig Cross. NVow altluuduut 22. Future llumc Muk- ers 3. 'l'AYll0R, D AV ID TAYLOR, LONNIl'l 'l' lf! M l' Il l'I 'l' 0 N. Q Buys' lmagxu-Q Rod -Boys' In-algucg R1-il Bl'll,VIA - Y-'l's-vus Cross. Cross. 1, 2. il, -lg vire- prvsiilvlll -I: ldlllll Ululu 12, Ii, -1: Sulml- :xrship lg Amateur Artists 3, 4. 'l'llAMl'IR, DOUG- 'l' ll 0 M l' S O N. I ll 0 M P S ALD -A Buys' loupx- JANE --- Dance Club IOM xs I L uv prvsirlvnt -lg lli- pr:-sitlvut -I: G. A. A. S 4 lutme Iusl Y 1, 2, Il, 43 prvsi- 3, -I: Futuru Home xx lmulua dl-nl LI: Varsity Cluh Nnkors Il, 43 presi- 1, 2, Il, -lg Spanish mlm-nt -1. Club 4. 'l' ll 0 li N li ll R ll, 'l'lll'liM.XN, DON 1 llNlxl R Kklll ll JICANNIC 1 Y-'ll-ons Sl'll'lll'l' Club Zig H X X 1 -1 1: ll. A. A. 1, 121 Boys' llcaxguo. lutuu llsnno. Ninkus Glvc Club 1. 'l'0l'1l,l,l'l, DAVID - '1'0l7NSl,l'IY, AGNES R1-xl Cross, Hays' -- Roll Cross. IA-zngxxm-. 'l'l'liNl'lll, .ll'lANNl'l Y .X N l,l'Il'lllNVl'lN, 'A Y-'l'l-ous l, 11, 3, 4: .ll'IXNll'l - Y-Tovus ll. A. A. l. 2. Il, 43 1, 2, Sl, 4: lllvn Lntin Ululu 23, Il, 45 Uluh 1, 22: T4-vu S4'lllIlIll'SlllD V i u 0 - 'l'01DD0l'N -l: Futuru pwsiill-Ill Zig C, S, F. lluuw Makers 3. Y.KlQNl'll.l., JACKA- l R150 li, ll A YV- lloys' lll'1lglIl', livd Rl'INUl'l -- Ili-Y l. Cross. ZZ: Rs-nl Urossg Buys' 1.4-nguc. WAI.l.ACl'l, DOR- VVALLINHSFORID, XVAIIVZ, DON - ENE - G. A. A. 11 IIl'll.l'ZN -- Rod liauul 12, Il, 4. Red Cross. Cross3 Girls' Leng- ue. NVARDEN, MARVIN XVIIITE, XVILLIAM XVICPZID, l-'RANK - - llutin Club 2, 3, 43 - School yn-ll louder Svnior vlnss play 4: 43 Ili-Y 1, 2, IS. Glva- Club l3 Rell Crown officvr 4. XV E L ll I N , MIL- YV ll I 'I' 'l' A K li R. XVlll'l"l'l'IMORl'l, DRED-Y-'l'eex1s7l3 GLORIA - Girls' Alll5l'IR'l' -'- Boys' G. A. A, 33 Iluliu llcnpzllv: R1-il Cross. l.n-uglxv Vi1'1-'l'rc:4i- Club 2. clout I3 Hi-Y 133 Spanish Club 4, NVILLIAMS, M A - XV1I.l., XYILLIAM - XVllll.lAMS, GEOR- BEL - C aterin g Svimlcv Club 4. Gl'l'l"1'l'l - G, A, A, Class 43 Vice4I'resi- 1, 13, Sl, 45 S.-11013,-. dent 4. ship 1: Sn.-niur Cluss 1'l:xy3 A Cnpcllu. 4. AVILSON, GELENE VVl'l"l', MARGOT - YY0l.l4'l'l, .IRAN .. -- Y"l'on-ns 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' l.1-u1.:m- l're-si Y-'l'e-vus l, 153 G A G. A. A. 3, 43 Fu- dvnt-13 Y-'I'f-uns 1, 2, A. l, 14, 4: 01-Lllwsk turn Home Make-rs 3, JI, 43 Prvsimle-nt 1: G. gr., If' .gy 11,-,.Ni.h.m 3 4: A Capella 1, 2, -1. A. A. Offivvr Ii: Big ' P' Club 33 Svlmlur- ship 3. XVRIGIIT. UARO- YAIIVKI, MASAO - ZINKIC. I4Rl'f'E - I,INI'I k Y-'IH-oils If Ilovs' I.c-:up:1w: RHI III-Y l, 2. H. A. .L I. 1.2. II: Cruxs. Glow' CIIIID I. Il0I'Ii, VIRGINIA MOIIINA, ILXUIIICII GIIORIOSO. ANGE- -- Sm-im-vu-v l'lnIv -lg -- G, A. A. 13, IK, 413 L0 -- Nuys' Imngun Futura- Ilumv Mu- Spanish CIIIII -1. Roll Vruss. km-rs lg Imml Cl, I. cf' fjvsgk lfmior Omcem G I L KRA IGMICR BOB MOXTGOME RY MARY LLOYD DEI,0RI'IS A l'AIiA'I'l'l1ilII Unity is strength, and thc junior class has a strong. stickftogcthcr spirit, which makes good leadership. This was madc evident in such things as in a succcssful prom, an cxccllcnt Pow-Wow, and in good athletic support. ws X ,X A -X...-new 33 F! . v wx ws 4:71 ima an N 1 mmm., fig .V 1 A ,Dk will: '71.i.1 La 044 hdsf-44. . 1 I fa ltr w f I W ' ' X ff - 5 Y 4 12.5 3 if 'V mi' A' 1 wi i V Z an .A ,,., wf, 2, , . Mani,-1323 VA ,n , K N C. vw' -Q 1 -. I W 1- fm W U U V1 M V Q1 's Ez' ' .X A I Z ,fa ,X 9' I ,V , ff. .f ,L P I W W ' A v4 vi ' x . W, ,W -411 STANLEY CHAPMAN 3,9 0l'VLOl"86 .5219 OWLOPQ C8I'Zl ANN YVALKER BARBARA QUIST MARY ERICKSON After two years of not only hard work, but also lasting enjoyment, these sophomores are now warriors and little chiefs who will sit in at the great councils. The assembly, sponsored by the sophomore class, proved their true membership in the tribe 9,0 1-' iw' f- -' fm, 'fx ur Ag 3 N W. X x Xa- 'Q' M K ""' N 'I A A A A W u , Ap. X i I ,J 5, .5219 omored VN-x fi 5 x A... x 1 , 1 L 3" Q,- r qi: "" .SZPAOIVLOPGJ Y 'Q' VI. 3,9 0WL0l"0:5 .SZIOAOIWLOPQIS 1 'ez-L , ' an W -I-f, Vlfw t R 1 . 5 xv ,.f.l'a ' A F .14 'VAI Du .1 NjI"8f5Al'1'L8lfL OMCQM T ga X, x sw ,IQ 1 . is .s I X ' Y " ' My x Y X . 3,1 Llili BARRY xgI"8f5AlfIfL8l'L N ago. . X xii ff- . x- x is K A K 6-5 AI,BI'IR'1' ISRAMXVELI. JEAN NELSON BONNIE SIIPIRIVIAN This ycar's passing puradc has been ncw. exciting, and full of cnjoymcnt, in this. thc uscruhs' " first high school year. They arc an well organized and pcppy class and arc hound to have ax vcry sucf cessful high school cnrccr. I ' 1 A A m EK x4Q1 i -' ,, vf Q S wr . fgff Pfzv ' I " M . , pg ., i . on ii , I E Q53 y-11 'I X511 A km ' w I -Ni . ' , 34' Q ki N 3 P Ref 9 - .',. 4- . -FQ ' L .cr Q iz' :QM T Q 5 ":-'--' X L E ..ma. 4' .SA 3 l"8dAl'1'L6'LlfL jl'6f5Al'VL6ll'L 736 1 4 ' 5 1 0 X y , ' m ' fx ds . . JST? il ' w ' ,Z ' free , vs kb , . "h"'z'A 72 .1 C A. 'Q w J 7 7 'i ffigg .mf ,, 'I M1 ,,, W,,- ,f, Aww, A ' wr wa viii? ij 12933363 Wy c . ' x NN NN- Ww, N 3.3.15 Q ,. x :uw X "I""'-N-..x,,,Q . ,. W G V -v-X,,,,W:N-5, . fill AM...-15+ ,Ea N.. , 'bggf 1.1 ' 'f uv" MQ-.X . X N 5 16 'I , fry, 1 If Vx Q.: xx, ggwlfer ,,.,. ,. L 'N may x inf' jx -4- Q-suv" .,..-vfu .451 K E ,mx A 'Q X X XA . .Q A K. C 2 -4 . Ql- E' - iii 5 J if X ,M "N, fc 4- ,,. Y XOXQ X bl . X wi' X f x Xx ,W 'S As Iv ii? 06 Ea 0 ?7'f5' B 1' .J 1 M Q1-., -. - Sitiin' prolly is .loan I nfl with mums Arnold. ,fr A J ' tim' April showers Owen Rinflwlivu, alias UFenr- Ilonmly luring little less Fosdickw protecting Yinvu Bziver- flowers like his wonizui at mi early lvm. 1' li yl Sen- age. lll2lllS. th-niv lmV:ul- lm-v's high on :1 'wimly hill. l'rrl1y :ls :1 l'u't1lr4', Ihzlt s .Immun Osluurlin- YTYTQI if . A K i Let s go, Forgm. -if is lShlinQsl'. Yi' Tl Now :mit lic swvctl lt'sl'Illirwl1Ml-Kniglit. is 5 livzllliv :l lmmlu Alorgrzxn looks 'mth thi H 'ind soil of sur, l'1'1S0lll This rule lit- tle chick is , Juan Grigs- imw is lurlu halllvl' "Mr :null my 'l'4-llclyf' says littlv J ack Adaims. 1 Puls --- thnt's ':L ln- ii :nml liulllly YVhil- diczuu boat. Oh my, what a long driukl tiumru. Illlllllll Juliu- sun IS rm:k- A V- V L Z Lfzlllllwzl, Gwynn :xml Al i-Pb -Sm'-'-ff' A : fbi yt '55 xl, mx xi?" i' - L. 4 lx, jr QQ' fi-P Z? !L li fgmai ALXKXX, Q 4, r f vga' """ 331341, ' '-A-r4Q..,g. mr we f - im ' 'Q '25 MQW K 1.1. lg.: x X ix A S Y XX N 3 3 X 5 . . X sf- K X N X Xxx X S X X Q R . X. Q af M W M3 QE' Bm x 5' 5 ff 'vw ix, n GX E if SX. w x .-H gl ' NX Q . t ifwsyvfx X X gf? - - --x :X -my 5 - 'S g Six! X S X X Q X X S Q X 3 --+R Q . N5 1 Y M: Y M ws? f 159 xg Vik Q65 XS X w Xxx x ix K . XF xi 25254. A Q Q E ssabffw 5 xx xksgwf x. wif- -max Q ... bfi: ' s Y ' Q f Q Queen Peggy Boaz, ruled over the days activities with all the graciousness of a real queen. She, was ably and at' tractively attended by Iris jones, Mary Pat Lloyd, Judy Crankshaw and Gretf Chen Avey, whose loveliness was ap' preciated by all. W we M WW Q Q., M in s ww AXX wx NM? ,......, Q. , ., s .1 f gf' Gf njyfg f' ff fl' f F J" vii " X.. .d 5 .X W X u N XFN, f x 4. W x uf' ,, I is U 'S if x A35 J' 'swf WA: ia RSF 'W R 3 , gg' x . ff ' X- CAST Judy Foster f f f Diane Randall Oogie, Pringle - f Dave Elliot Melvin Foster f f f Bob Cadman Dora Foster f f Joan Newberry Randolf Foster 'fff Bud Binns BarbaraWinsocke f Alla Faye Meyers Mitzi Hoffman f Georgette Williams and Belvia Templton Hanna ffff Phyllis Seamams Mr. Martindale f f f Frank Weed Mrs. Hotchkiss f f f Evelyn Salter Eloise Hotchkiss f f Genie Le Vally Mrs. Shlutzhammer f Joann Arnold Rexford O'Connor f f Joan Haag Announcer f f Richard Huelskamp jze leafre 8 Y DIANE RANDALL enior Cfaw pfay ff.-l?.s"ei. Presenting "A Date Witlm Judy" for their annual play on Iviarch 18 and 19 was the senior class of 1948. "A Date Witli Judy," a comedy in three acts, takes place in the liv- ing room of the Foster home. Judy is a vivacious and very im' pressionahle teenfage miss. Her spirits are always soaring to the heights or sinking deep into the doldrums. The "happy medium" ohviously has little place in Judy's existence. The story concerns Judy and her friend Barhara who, although she is Judy's age is not aggressive, hut is a good follower. Judy and Barham are planning to heat Tootsie Wliitef man out of heing queen of the Com- munity Rclief Ball her cluh is giving. The girl who raises the most money for the fund will he Queen of the hall and get to lead the grand march. How the poor Foster family suffers when Judy hegins to plan how shc can get money fast hy enter' ing all the contests that are ad' vertised. The story moves rapidly and the plot is clever with young przzhlemsg the solutions are as hilarif ous as the conflicts. It can he said that "A Date Witli Judy" was at the top of the list in "Senior play productions." 'TN X ,451 S fixi ,1 -SPE: B' ilvixgxm, qw? ' U. ml' 'x 1 "Jw lf' Th S. "'Nm..ulQw.W wwf rw 2 'Q t P? will yn' huh? E 'Q"' 5 'J 5 tl fx'- L - --MM. -+-wKfg,, V- ""f" Bn what to get . . . he remembered . . . ,gjoeaging Qcfztred e ix x ,g 5 gotta get a close shave . . . wonder if it's too dark? tg am- 'S' N W Y xt . - X xr X ,- 5- NX XL ready ? Tlicre are many exciting events during the year, but one of greatest importance, especially to tliejuniors and seniors, is tlic unforgcttalvle Prom! Witli the Prom comes tlic glamor of a new formal, lweautiful flowers, and that special boy and girl, and an evcning to lic remcmlverecl for a long, long time. ,1 VIRGINIA BAILEY JOANN ARNOLD GENELIA MORGAN ANN SOUDERS 3 l l Q fn s s MLW XVe of the staff have worked hard to make this the best Annual ever produced by Fullerton High. We hope it will be the one which will always stand out in your memories as you think back on the happy times you have had here. We hope you like reading it as much as we have loved putting it out for you. At times the going has been rough, and we've been behind schedule, but Miss Bailey has always managed to pull us rhrough. This Annual would not have been possible without her able guidance, and we wish to express our sincere gratitude to her. , v 1945616185 stag CARGLYN HERMANN-Editorfinfchief Associate Editors ffff Mar Anne Cha man Paula Fischhach Y P v Feature Editor fffffffff joan Grigshy Girls' Sports Editor f ff-f-f Evelyn Salter Boys' Sports Editor f f Junior Briggs Exchange Editor f-ffffff Genie Le Vally Advertising Manager f f f f f f f f Lois Holemau REPORTERS: Barbara Brown, Monte. Hart, jackie Medaris, Bob Rand, Paula Fisehbach, Truman Meyers, Marjorie jackson, Donna John- son, Phyllis Bolinger, Diane Randall, Bill Ross, Dorothy Grey, Doris Keith, Eileen Jones, Norma jolly, Fay Bardo, Iris Jones, Mitzi Yabuki, Barbara Ingraham. ,.fv""' ,,,,.av-'-' -,,,,.--' 0' ,...,.,-'M '4' .W .,-f Y 1-' . 7 QI' 15 oggdgbte Ufficcrs are lcft to right, Dclurcs Audcrf sam, trcusurcrg BLlI'iW1l1'2l Iiigrzilimii, SCC1'Ct2l1'yQ Diamc Rzmdull, viccfprcsidcnt, and Margot Witt, prcsidciit. Adviser to thc girls is Miss Turiicr. 1 'O Q X. 'ifkig 'Ev 0? 25 Qdglfle Officcrs :irc lcft um right Bill Stidhum, ssc' rcturyg Bud WliiLtc1i11mx'c, viccfprcsidcntg Dougald Thzlmcr, prcsidcnt. Tlic advisor ui' thc boys is Mr. Cruickslizmk. HVQI. ,dbg XJ! ,W ..- 1 , - 3 s .........s any 5? 61, ge re M! dence Thu science club on the campus goes under the clever name of "The Bunson Burners." Mr. Sproul looks over the club and helps them in moments of need. 5 Jam CPM Officers are: Fred Gzwreau, prcsidentg Dean Erickson, viccfpresidentg Gloria Vkfilmsen, secf retaryg Bob Rand, treasurer, and Miss Jeffers, adviser. is Q . 1 2. x . . .Xx..x .Q --x ix, - ., -s K .Q Q.,-3 ' .. .5 5 ag - s. .. H-, f Officers airc: Louis prcsidcntg Phil Giuhziu, dent: jcnny Luna, sccr Vxfhittcmorc, trcnsurcr, Turner zitlviscr. .fa 5 Thc Art Clulw is another of thc ncwcr cluhs on the campus. Advisor for thc club is Mrs. Ratndaill. 4 Silndovsil, vicc prcsif ttzlryg Bud and Miss 'F ff 7 'This is one of ncwcr cluhs on the campus, having only two years seniority. They arc shown hcrc cnjoying their food :Lt 11 Christmas party. Mrs. Lztwrcncc is the Qitlviscr of thc cluh. Unikrm M54 Mar These are the gals who try to keep the campus dress appropriate. Ann Souders was first semester chairman and Mary Miirrziy was chairman for the seeond semester. jrencA First semester officers are: Barham Cunlfiie, presidentg Mary Miranda, vie: president, Connie Audet, secretaryg Drris Keith, treasurer. Second semester offieers are: Pat Patterson, president, Shirley Snpder, View president, Nancy Pratt, seeretaryp Mir- garet Kokx, treasurer. Wg CM The junior Red Cross is led hy Presif dent Mary Ann Roth, and Miss Gerritt is always around to see that everything goes the way it should. L Thr officcrs for the Hi1Y arc, left to right: LeRoy Ellis, freshman'sophomore piwssitlcntg Bohhy Fulton, jL1l1lOl"SCl1lO1', viccfprcsidcntz Jay Hohsoii, juuiorfscnior, prcsif dcntg Philip Gruhzxu. juniorfscnior, sccrctaiy, and Eugenc Nclson, juniorfscnior, trcas' urcr. Deen lg Y Tccn lcndcrs on thc 2ll'C, lcft to right, Krocgcr, frcslmizm g Pcggy Cauffmam, prcsidcntz Namf u n g c r, treasurer: " Pitts, prcsidcnt: . Hclcn Shcllcr, vice VCll.l Loc, scmor .md lhyllls Eillilll, prcsidcnt. Y7 QQVL OIQIQQP5 iffontf Qfinchcrs were Ll this ytau' amd their lLlVlSCl' is M1's. Rnmlull, qi. Qs' 'xft , . i 3 A I . liizmifg This club was reorganized this year with Carl- ton Moore, president. These are the fellows who have made a varsity letter in any sport. .jlftflftfe d,l"l'l'L8I":f Hero are some of the boys everyone, should be proud of. They are the ones that are raising all of the prize cattle for Fullerton. 4 Inf y..T'.x,. President C F fi if Q.-.-Q 1 -9 The girls in the Big F are those ' ' ' in at least 12 sports. fficers for the club are: Peggy oaz, presidentg Joan Grigsby, ecretaryg Vcrla Lee, treasurer. or a lifetime pass girls must have ,OOO points. There are more get- ing life passes this year than can ver before be remembered. 1 1' ' -f. e V .2 4. Y - H 1 ll flu- xl- . Q S Q - . If u te' f L I r Yir'c-Prcsirlent J e ll Il In ll k ll r d Secretary M I. Il M In-i-onliiig Secretary J 0 ll H G 1. i ll S h 5 Treasurer qqwinuowm, 5 i M 1 2 I. I I 7 0 ll S O O O u t t o n Caginelf 1 .31--A 'I Members of the Pleiads, our honor society, are students who have three A's and a B for a semester. President first semester was Dieter Schugt and the presif dent for the second semester was Carol Hill. Mrs. French is adviser to the group. These, are the seniors who have been members of the Pleiad Society for six semesters, one of which was in their senior year, and have now been made life members of the California Scholarship Federation. They are Joann Arnold, Barry Cavaghan, Gwynn Fulbright, Fred Govreau, Bob Hammond, Carol Hill, Lauretta Sawhill, Mary Helen Sheller and Tommy Nielsen. If ' g ffp x L ' Q , F 5 ,, f 1- l New-' RV l ii A xv E ,sk X X Lang, MAX! 1 Ong 6LlfL odd QPJ These six can he listed as the peppiest group on the campus. 'The yell leaders, above, are left to right: Charlotte Klopp, Bill Wliite and Diane Randall. The song leaders, below, are, left to right: Phyllis Boliugcr, Cathora Proud and Norma jolly. All six have done a wonderful job at the games and rallies and have shown a lot of spirit. 'g-Wm. -Q.. Ne I A .At .AP- X ,-T , YL ,grip 5 53,-1 .- .M is gs iismi. . ii? 'N X - -gg ., ., b N ri f 5. Q-you 1 - 1 1 . p -tfwjfmgg is '- - DRUM MAJOR Fred Ixulson. ' ' -f uw-W ' , guna! The Fullerton Union High School Band is a band in which e.veryone can be proud. Mr. Bonar and the band gave pep to a lot of games and rallies this year and have brought credit to our school by taking a lot of trophies in parades. Byfthef way, we are glad to see you back, Mr. Bonar. .Q mm. 'ff 3-if 2 . 1 ' 4 V f ""'N w H i.g.:f.g .. -xg v .253 f - W4 . Q X .,RNg.i an 3 , . 1 sw - 5 F . X, ' . X ' X K 2 y U i 4 Q rx w 51. ' X. . x . s. iffiii X X .xg- i :'- 5. f 'Y X x We x M E 1 X X 2 "., Q fax .Ei 5 sg Q A Q ' 3 M fx. . Sv X F ff 1 -.. .E ,R . it is xx xl .:. gm. up Q x .K is xx 515 K f mi M if E' 'W' Q Q W. . .. .. x .me .. If pg. K ,Q ' . QT" -kkx 4 ... .55 .K A X S v Q A --is S Q im . .5 ww if . . E W... . Nw' R. X, xg? S., . X L X 5 QW 5' . , fs 5 S ' S+ " Xxx gf . X w, A . . 5 .wig Q g was X x X Q. xk Why... -'lv--., NE ggi H, Rx QR I f K 5, ,E 4 . 5 . x A X . i sf , ' k 6 . Q V i 5 Q 1 . ' 4 N H3 fx, 3 ,, x f K, w s9 sq .QA S J? 25? ,Winn 5 Q, 'W '91 H5013 I ik X. Y , s It M an 1 3 I , M L, .wig N UQVLCQ Le jjl"8:5Al'1fL8lfL 8 This is an organization which intcrcsts all freshmen girls. To thc left is Mr. BODZIYLS group, amd hclow thc group dircctcd by Mr. Burt. T M HTHLETIE JU U17-IDE GN, 7 X t. X, M1 A in Wi, K N gif' 5, 'sf ,A gi Hu -gl, Sw it fi' ,Q rf , .ra ,. yi 1 5' nga . Bi .. Nfgt A if We ,C wi v 1 W I V 4 U T n F r I 1 sv . IE' 1' Y' 2 Y x 'E ,A .... y X X 5 QQ .Kr ,-ww x. N x 53:3 Q :mx Q, . V J :- N., x Qi ., KW, y s Q , . X, -4 jak., - - x W., . ., wxrmsw fwvfis ' xwefi? H at N 3' ' :e f 2 3.3, ,,,,.q5-.:'- . : ,X .-1 4- egg" an . Wifigfff Q- ,Q :.. NL ffffifgf' af 6 Q I 1.2: W, ' ffl 'ff , ,,., . .. . 'l' Q ' ' 'N N a f 'NWA' X I3 ilgf' SK hx y, x X 5. ix is ix AW I , L, 3 i Q W x K hx as , fa 'R Fi .pf 1 A+! lg . ' Q'-fgeslfg sw enigma 6A0Lml01f01fL5 , . , , . lull lime: lhualgri-lord, 1':1lx'vi'l, lilliutt. Altbvll. llammoml, S4-liumavlil-i', Yauglm. llouh-, IH-li-rson. i'uminin X llm-lla-r, 4-ralrau. lllalm-i', Straw. .llnlallw lfnu-3 Wilson, Ill-Q-lx, Nelson, Slruvi-, l-'-nslvr, Ni.-ls--n, -'wg so . l i u n l!IVlUl'. lulliolt, iilllIl'Yl'Illl. l'lunkeit, lfalvoll. Smith, linllnm li'nn': l'o:u4-li Sprrulxlinu. llavis, Uv-vlii-nvvnrl. l"i'Mlol'ieks, Shook, Adams, .lolmsuii,hlSoaz, 'l'l1ompsun. Moore, Downs, Nordin, Blflillllflll, Arlviso, S4-lloefim-lil, Voavh Smith, l'lllis and Iloufler, Managers. Fullerton's varsity foothall squad finished their most successful grid season in eighteen years when they turned in their suits in 1947. Led hy CofCaptains Tommy Thompson and Carlton Moere, the Indians fielded a team featuring one of the finest lines ever to wear the Red and Gold. The hackf field was versatile and experienced, starring Boh Boaz, hrilliant tripplefthreat halfhack. Coaches Spaulding and Smith's squad started slowly, lcsing to Chaffey on a hlocked kick in their first contest. They picked up speed, however, and dumped Wliittier and Redlands hefore losing a tough game at Newport. Then came the traditional Santa Ana contest which saw the Saints come to Fullerton highly favored, only to he heaten 7f6 hy an inspired Fullerton eleven in one of the finest foothall games ever played in Fullerton stadium. The Indians then went on to run their winning streak to five straight games and the first Sunset League championship in the school's history. The team then went into the C.I.F. playoffs, the first Fullerton squad to do this since 1929. They met Pomona, Citrus Belt League champs, and were defeated 26f6 in a game which saw Fullerton outdown and outgain the Red Devils. Boh Boaz, hack, ,lack Adams tackle and Dick Shook, guard, all gained herths on the first string AllfSunset League eleven, with Dick Dick johnson, guard, and Tom Thompson, hack, making the second team. Carlton Moore, end, gained honorahle mention. Fullerton 6 Wliittier 27 Fullerton 7 Garden Grove 0 Fullerton 14 Newport O Fullerton 12 Santa Ana 20 Fullerton 12 Downey 9 Fullerton 12 Anaheim 13 Fullerton 19 Huntington Beach 17. Fullerton 13 Orange 12 .- . The hee squad's season was not as successful 68 dlfl, Ge 00fAd!f ga bl L, Q l M Ballon: In'o11': Eyrand, lialns, Grant, Bonsey, Row: Chinhers, E. Snli Cronvl, llaniilton, Garcia, Bt-mn, Riclilieu, YVil- Briggs, YVhittvmore, Y. Smith, Jackson. Middle th, Striker, Floto, Angel, Lovejoy, Anihler, Dud- reainer, King, Stidham, Payton, Goodwin. Top Roy Roseilalv, Stevens, Courtney, Lang, Homer- ney, Burton, Knight, K Row: Murray, Trojullo, ling, Ralph Rosedale, Glendvning, Beal, Noficld, Haekor, Talent Wedn- mier and Grogsrnd, Mgrs. as the varsity's, although Coach Martin's team finished the league season in second place. Lcd by Co'Captains Bud Whittemore, junior Briggs. and Val Smith, thc tribal middleweights won five games and lost three. Fullerton 14 Whittier O Fullerton 13 Excelsior 6 Fullerton 25 l'luntington Beach 6 Fullerton 20 Newport Harbor O Fullerton Zi Downey O Fullerton 0 Anaheim O Fullerton 33 Orange 6 'The resev'vation's cee aggregation rounded out successlull seasons in many years, hoasting an son and a league championship, Captained hy james Boyd, the Papooses won six games and to a scoreless tie. The ICRHII was inentored hy Co eague gfzam iond Top I-'on-: lloward, llansfin-lil. Swain, lillioil. Stoll, l'ol'Intonio, Miller, llollpalli, .ww-on:I ll'ou'2 tloldsinilli. V1-114-r, Will-ox, llwonvll. Casson, Snvrlvr. l'i'on1l, Snolin, Roilrionvz. Uxias. Thirrl How: Stone, Robins, Frowieh. Conv. llarr, Dnggins, liircli, Jolley. Iiae, Coal-h Nunn. Frou! row: lloglv, 1illllll'ldL1'0, lirm-wer, Slnule. Wells, lloyd, Jura, lierry, 1-olnvz. Xhvlnstely Mgr. one of the most undefeated sea' Dean Wells and battled Anaheim aeh Art Nunn. wrdifg gafefdaff Top Row: Mgr. Peterson, Hammond, Clodt, McConnell, Potts. First Row: Dominguez, Braun, Straw, Hogle, Tluiuier, Conch Dawson not present. Fullerton ...... .... N ewport .... Fullerton ...... .,.. S anta Ana ...... ., Fulledton Downey ..... Fullerton ..... .... A naheim ,.rr.......,..A,,. Fullerton Huntington Beach Fullerton ..... ,.,. O range ,,,,r, ,r44,,,,,,, Fullerton ..... .... N ewport ..... Fullerton Santa Ana ..... Fullerton Downey .... Fullerton Anaheim ,..,........,,r Fullerton ............ 43 Huntington Beach 27 Fullerton ..... .... 3 2 Grange ...... ..,,,....... 3 0 This year's varsity casaba crew finished the league season in third place. 'lhe team, which contained seven lettermen, started slow' ly, losing three league contests the first round. They linished the season strongly, losing only one league game in the second round, and that was to Santa Ana. Sunset League Champs. Bill Straw, guard, made the first string all-league team and Doug Thamer made the second squad as a center. Fullerton 15' .....,...... 25' .....,...... 28 ............ 23 .......,.... 19 .....,.,.... 16 ,........... 13 ..,......... 30 .....,,..... 27 ......,...,, 19 ,........... Hunt. Beach Newport ..... ..,... Orange .... Downey ..... Anaheim ,....... ...... Hunt. Beach Downey ..... Orange .. Anaheim .. Newport at A ls, . in ZZ Cf Q1 Eadleflaff l Top Row: King, Hemerling, Stidham, Erikson, Garvin. Second Row Bonses Boyd Nvodemyer, XVenver, Grant, Hoskins, Smith. Front Row: Hacker, Isofreld Wilson Myers, Lovejoy, Mgr., Berton, Jnra, Coach Martin. Top lfnwz Ilownrrl, Stoll, Robins, Elliott, Berry, Duggins, Swcnoll, Goldsmith, Conch Spnuldinu. Millvr, Ozins, llllfilllll. l"runl li'o1f': Mum, Shnrlv, Berry, Porn-, lluss, NVQ-lls, Angel Mgr. Fu 33 35' 32 25 26 32 ZS llerton Newport Santa Ann ,. .,..........Downey ,Anaheim .,., ,,.,.. 3 7 .......,....Hunt. Beach Orange ......... ..... . ,,.,.,,,....Ncwport .. Santa Ana ,.... ...... 31 ,...,,...... 44 36 ...........,Downey ..,.........Anaheim 42 ,.....,,.... Hunt. Beach 33 .......,,,,. Orange .,.... Fullerton 13 ..,....... .. 21 ......,..... 15' ............ Hunt. Beach Newport Orange 20 .......,.,.. Downey .... 12 ........,... 29 ............ 19 ............ 20 ............ 22 .....,,..... 25 ............ Anaheim .... Hunt. Beach Downey ...... Orange .,... Anaheim .... Newport ..., I 'IN Top Row: Conf-h Spaulding, Bryant, Porter, Gr:-en, Kaylor, Arcey, Gomez. Front Row Hudson, Potter. Reed, Jackson. Griggs, Fields. Wafer POZ, lin:-L' Ifmvz l'ill'it'l'. Gntllrimlgv, Unaxvli Smith. Lau-, McCl1:mdlcs. Frunl lfow: Gillxvrt, Sugnur, Parks, Burch, Broylos. Fnllerton,,11'2 Fullerton11'11 Fullerton. 0'l Fullertonl 3'1O Fullerton.. 9'7 Wlmitticr .... 3-10 Luezinger ..., 4'2 Inglewood .. S'll El Segundo., 'VZ Anaheim .,.. 4'5 Fullerton.. 1'l Fullerton.. S'9 Fullerton.. 2'7 Fullerton' 2'O Fullerton .... 4 Fullerton..7'10 Wltittiet '.... 12' Luezingex '.,..., 5 ' Inglewood .... 6' El Segundo 1o'l Downey Anaheim ...... 4, Brick Row: Xvillllllllll, Krm-pzvr, Clark. Rust. Vlnnpmin Kntfh Smith. Front How: Knight, l"l:xck, Amlmlor, llolllry KI'0l'l,Zl!l' ' main, Ernmn. lim-lr Razr: 'l'l'A'ZlS0, MvConm-l, Mills. Buxton, McCoy, Couch Smith. I-'mmf Row: Elliott, Mansfield, Montgomery, Frogen, Jones, Stun Jones, Hoffman. Fullerton.. S6 Fullerton..7'1O Fullerton 7 Fullerton.. Sf? Fullerton ..., 4 Wliittiel' Luezinger ..,r.. El Segundo Anaheim Downey .. - .44 5 5 40 Sm l liizmifg jam Back Row: Downs, Bridgcford, Hovflcr, Boaz. Struvv. l"lc-tc-lic-1'. Govrouu. Darn:-ll, Moen, Shook, Corner Front Row: Bei-ton, Straw, Barnes, Moore, Nielsen, Ferguson, Nelson, Grabau, Adams. Although at this date the track season has not come to a close it was evident that this year's varsity track team is one of the finest to carry Fullerton's colors since 1934. Up to this time many outstanding marks have been established. Don Barnes pole vaulted 12 ft. 101 in. fschool recordj, Bob Ferguson broad jumped 21 ft. 45- in., Don Hoeflcr ran a 9.8 century and a 21.6 220, George Berton ran the S80 in 2.04, Bill Straw ran the mile in 4:49.4, Bob Boaz ran the high hurdles in 14.9 fschool and league record, and the low hurdles in 19.9 Qschool recordj and 20 sec. league rccordj. The relay team composed of Bridgeford, Ferguson, Hoefler, and Boaz sped the half mile in 1:32.1 fleague recordj. if S Q K 2 4 3 . J H-Lx,1.,,x 1 1 ,f....n1 Mrdifg lnnid The tennis squads had rounded into fair aggregatinns hy this time and the varsity, with five returning lettermen had shown that they would plaee well in the final league playoffs. lliwdify Zgwegaff Fullerton's varsity baseball team at the time of Pleiades publication, had won fourteen games and lost seven. The Indians came home with the consolation Cham' pionship of the Pomona 'Tourney for the first time in the history of Fullerton baseball. The defending Sunset League champs were favored again to take the diamond title this year, but at this date had won two and lost three league games. , A X, we' 1 fi. Brwk Row: Convh Spaulding, Potts, Arbiso, Braun, Thompson, Clodt, McConnell, Mgr Parker. Front Row: Rzuusny, Peterson, Ross, Liexlz, Striker, Stedhmn, Taylor. r. amify I Cmm G 26116 EIU Mrs. Lee N. Yf , 1 ! Q . ! I I Q Miss Swoffcr Scott Miss Loga Lllfbdgefzf N1 Us A11 JS. Left top to right top: Virginia Julian, Baskctballg Vcrla Lee, Hockeyg Margaret Mullen, Volleyball jane Thompson, Danceg Joyce Packard, Swimmingg Peggy Boaz, Tennisg Shirley Schneider Softball. ff . ,.. my J' 1 ,H .r QM, ,,,.-' ' ' 41 f Q "'Hf'a- ' On Monday and Wediicsdzly of the lust quarter thc incrmzlids of the school were to be found at thc pool. Both plczrsurc and competitive. types of swimming wcrc offered. The big event of the season was thc Orung: County nicct ut Annlicim, which the girls won. .. wwf ::. Q :.:.. ibb ,.1 "': 455' ss d:0""'M"A ' .fv-P" rf""' 'WW' ' "Mm .,g Q Q 5 m I . G 'MM .,.- K M-4" if .4 sig, min The varsity tennis team is made up from all four classes. The seniors had the most players out this season. At press time the teams were training for matches to be held with other schools. There was a large turnout for interclass tennis. The outstanding players were Diane Schroeder, Rhio Buck' master and Peggy Boaz. Edith Logan was the coachg Peggy Boaz, the manager. N-N 8 X 1 u if x f s F Q W i i s 4 Q 5 A 'F t P Q gg fs Y QSN-ws an Lx, 4 V6 4 O-- ovrfoo t V60 QQ l,... .. '.. reds dv. .- on N , NOUUQQ anonanfn ,gnvuvov a.....f ,..vf ,,..o1. ' ... o 0 l 1 P -loam Simth Skipper Congcr junior girls how to rest of the classes this ycarg althougl' were up to their us with more out for hz any other class. Mary Pat Lloyd Inez Kelly . 1 Rciscmzzry Fri l X of f-sf' ,A- f an an Skills? Msn if J 'H " . if if 'elyn Dominguez Gifford The senior team under the direction of Elva Swoffcr hecamc champs this season. This pnrticuf lar group of girls have had Swoff fer for their hockey instructor all four years of high school. Shirley Schneider Marian Lindauer Sally Randall Betty Fri popular this year ing event was t which Grange co ticipated. The sc: an interclass play junior class winni Volleyball prox B u 1 i Vangic Ortega jean Packard Although the girls softball teams were just getting into full swing at press time, the manager, Shir' ley Schneider, predicted a good season. The girls were looking forward to the Orange County playdays to be held at Tustin and Newport. ..!gCAVLOlfULC!9QlflfL8lfLlf BOARD OF TRUSTEES LONG BEACH ENGRAVERS 1 S. K. SMITH, LOS ANGELES COVER COMPANY PLACENTIA COURIER, PRINTING SERVICE WITZEL PHOTOGRAPHERS, LOS ANGELES JARRETTS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO RALPH SIIAFFER PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, LA HABRA RONNIES PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE ALAN DEACON, PHOTOGRAPHY DON BRAY, PHOTOGRAPHY ANN SOUDERS, PRODUCTION BEVERLY KOHLENBERGER, PRODUCTION GENIE LAVALLEY, PRODUCTION I, a KP gf ffm? 13 WW "' 2 fi 0 W 1, liifffifiiy if JW M QA we WMC Q if dry wfw , if W A W,:,44,.,i,..i.54,,.,iEQ,Q, .L F4 -.:.:f7,p,f .- 5 -.f - -.M -, H ,. . -- .X .. .-,, 116- .......T:.7kW.ai5l ,.-.,- , :.ffE35,?35 5r L 1 15,5 ,, - 51 3 , 1 1-951: Eyrfgf' A . v-,-m,,- f-.f- 1- ,. , ,,,k, , , -, 4 Y , k Y 1. , ' rs-b,g.ff,,,,m:L Y- V , -A-1 A gli! 3 fl fli Af- 35553 - , afiglg fix 5527? QTP QV EE - 53? ,sie ,ii ffffi ' , vyki 5,6 . ,Q s i ' ff 5.3 ik, iii. , ,,,, -NTT u le. ' if 55 . f Q r YS 1 AE v. , gi , gif K , k S Ywf Q -sk 1 1' 1 . 1 3 uf' Q x I' 5' 5 7'- -'14 FE J fi 1 ru? QE, N44 'A 1 1+ . 5 L5 ag 5 6 'QQ- ' 3 2 Y H? , 2 Ei A 2 4 'A if , , L. , - is Sis? J 41' , . E J E 32 X N1 -5' 1 55 -id' 'kb- . Q - , 4' I ,, 'B' K5 Sf' 'Z SX' M ,E 554 MJ! . A2 -.ffr ,Was 4,-Y, 1 '- Ll?.Q ix 4,-r F- ' 7 - I . -14...-, - -L.. .M -Hi. ,, Y 1" f ' -7 ' , , , V -I ' ' - f v, 1 ' W ,u ,.,: ' "V T h 'J -fi. ' ',5??:v7:l3 . i , p - 1 ..,.n- + Q. A . , N., 1 1 A"f"" .aji 5 'Ak' Qt 'bf Palxfx VX divx it , Sgr AK Mx SLQP3-Q'-'f'xxn55'sgi--4. ff if EQ iv "f'f1ff'7f'2 xtff. J- Z. J' S A ff -Q-. J. .,,.v.y.v.wva.,,.. ,ln-'abr

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