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: ne J leicidei 19 4 5 ■ rs. ; " imf rney k PLEIADES Annual Studtint Publicatiun FULLERTDIV UIVIOIV HIGH Full er tun, Cal i f u r n ia LOOKING BACK UPON the excitement nf Pow Wow, tlie sunburns lit tlie beacti, tlie satisfat;tion of winning sume liard fnuglit fnotball games, and all tlie utber tbrills and spills of a schnol year j. , 57 ■- W K HEniCM ' E THIS book to a spirit of leiidliiiess, wurk. uptimism. cooperatiun. thVnkf illness, mid gaiety, the spirit of FuliV iju ' s ijreat leijiiiidary Indian. li ' - + €t CV 1 ■ ■- = " Okef . eServciiion iii The campus with its dignified buildings and its beautifully- kept lawns contri- butes much to the pride of those who go to F u 1 1 er t o n. The tower to which we some- times looked, only to see how far away the lunch period was, will henceforth take a form of beauty and strength always to be remembered. The spacious front campus which we will recall as a picture that bewitchingly changed its personality with each season. ,■ we. B-fC- proud oP all ) prO «S5 TuUtr+o-vv 1 - - :. 4. li loy l 30tj« r 5 ev », Jr. tJidl ( vi« ' - y S--|l .« Will he ( niefS mk m VHSM t, ■■■X .■ RmTEIVDEMT lugh many years has patiently helped to build the le, we express with a simple thank you, all of our 1 J C xecuiwe I e ' donnet Superintendent Vice-principals Faculty Board of Trustees Office Staff Student Government I ■I wm ' ' - ' nUR SUPERIIVTEIVDEIVT To Mr. Redfern, who through many years has patiently helped to build the character of young people, we express with a simple thank you, all of our appreciation. V THE CHIEFTAINS MR. LEWIS MISS KAST ■X- Their job of giving counsel to students on students ' problems demands skill, and they give on admirable and understand- ing quality to the work. DR. CARL B. WOLF, COLIN D. BAKER, FRED R. DUKES HALBERT GRAHAM ROSS N. HODSON BOARD DF TRUSTEES MR. REDFERNS SECRETARIES AMES ARNOLD ARNOLD BONAR BRITTAIN THE FACULTY From eight till three they pour English, history, or math into the heads of sometimes unabsorbmg students, but their work does not end there. At night they often think of how to make the knowledge a real part of the student To the faculty we owe an enormous debt. BRUNSKILL CARTER BYFIELD CORBETT CLARK DRYER EHLEN ERNSBERGER BULLIS FRENCH GERRITT HELM KLAHN MIANO LUND GOODSELL HINKLE LeROSS MILLER RYSTROM HANSEN HODGDON LINDE MOODY STUELKE HART lEFTERS LOGAN PIERCE SCHO ULER HATHAWAY KELLY MARSDEN PORTER SCOLL w ,- --tr — -j;. ,. SCOTT SHEPARDSON SPALDING SWOFFER VON GRUENIGEN SHARPE SMITH STITT TAPP WALBERG SHELLER SNYDER STRAW TURNER WORSLEY HIGH SCHDDL OFFICE While they do their jobs m the various administrative of- fices, secretaries be- come good friends vifith the " kids. " SECRET IHIAL STAFF BUSINESS OFFICE S TUDENT GDVEHIVMENT Students also have a part m admin- istering affairs of the school via a stu- dent executive board. The board is headed by the student body president and consists of representatives from active campus organizations. GOODELL PRESIDENT n " ! k ,J , ■■•■ Plllllllll he bribes FRESHMAIV CLASS • are the Jjndi icin • «- % S tepS of leuetnen t Fresh men Sophomores Juniors Seniors FRESHMAIV CLASS UlieSe are the Jy ndi lan eJeri ation J A f ooSeS Front Row: M- Boisseranc, G Buis, R Buckmaster, D Brackin, R. Bailey, E Ament, C Bradley, M Boaz, I Arnold- Row 2 E. AguUar, K. Belcher, B. Burr, P, Bohm, M Baber, D, Anderson, I Brundoge, B Benson, J, Andrews- Row 3: R Brickies, L, Bean, M, Allen, L Camfield, B- Cadman, J. Briggs- Row 4: K. Briggs, J- Bole, C- Austin, B. Boaz, B Chambers, C- Arce, J Adams Front Row: M. Castro, P. Duncan, L Cooley, O- Farmer, M Duncan, G- Dyer, M- Chapman, J Christiansen, M. Durham, W. Ester, Row 2: E. DeOchoa, I. Conner, B. Campbell, E- Cooley, G Doss, M Eosley, M- Cutter, M. Driesbach, V Cramer, M. Fields Row 3: M- Clodt, D- Crocker, K Davis, D- Dietsch, D- Carter, I Dale, R Day, D- Elliott, G- Drake, J. Dudney, E Cason- Row 4: L Dominguez, D- Downs, G- Earll, C. Carter. Front Row: C, Hill, C Hill, V, Gallick, H Heaton, A- Houston, D- Francis, J. Hoag, M Griggs, J. Grigsby, G Ful- bright. Row 2: D. Gradillos, L Gomez, D- Gillespie, D- H:iulihan, N, Johnston, B. Hill, D Gillmore, N- Groff, D. Holguin, R- Hamilton. Row 3 A Hodson, J Haag, B Hammond, P Grabou, J Harris, T Hardy, B Francis, S, Gibson. : ,. m i-. ' isiif,!k! Front Row L Holeman, Z. Holden, J. Holloway, V. Lee, V. Kraft, A. Kaylor, D. Johnson, B, Ingraham. I. Jones, I- Kelly, Row 2: R. Kovar, G. Krogsrud, O, Idso, E. Larson, L. Idso, C. Klopp, V. Julian, J- Knight, B, Holm- sen, B Kohlenberger, Row 3: B. Keeter, P Jensen, R. Hernandez, C Jefferson, B. Jacobs, R. Johnson, R. Long- ford, P Goodwin, R. Huelskamp. Row 4: M Hart. S. Jordan, J. Jordan, B. Hicks, D. Kohlenberger. Front Row: C. Lopez, V. Montague, F. Pasco, B. Navarro, M. Lindauer, N. Munger, B McDougal, E. LeVally, B. McCarty, T. McDowell. Row 2: G. Morgan, M. Murray, A. Meyers, F, Moore, A. Mancebo, M. Morales, G. Maitre, J. Luna, R. Molina, E. McCoy, R. Logue. Row 3: G. McFarlond, R McGill. R. Mills, R, Leverich, D. McConnell, Row 4: C. McKnight, J. Mansfield, C. Moore, M. Montgomery, D McNamara. Front Row: J. Rogers, J. Raub, J. Packard, M. Pitts, L. Struve, R. Risher, D. Phillips. C. Stone, A. Reynoso, T. Nielsen. Row 2: J. Osborne, J. Pratt, V. Patton, M. Pride, D. Randall, C- Proud, I Purnell, F. O ' Mohundro, J. New- berry, C. Riley, G. Obluda, G- Paxton. Row 3: L. Porter, H. Nelson, D Paustell. M Reyes, L, Ritch, B. Reza, G. Parrish, F. Goureau, J. Porra, F. Zuniga, L. Sandoval. Ljettina rid of title criib. ?? Jl tf T Front Row R Rand, J. Stevenson, J. Stewart, D. Rogers, J. Routh, F. Smith, B. Ross, V. Smith, D. Shook, W. Rosedale Row 2: O. Simmons, I. Sepulveda, F. Sorrells, A Souders, E. Saher, L. Sawhill, N. Simons, D. Schugt, B. Shuhz. Row 3: D. Thamer, D. Spears, P. Seamans, S. Sherwood, M. Shelter, D. Sandoval. Front Row H Swaim, B. Word, M. Sutton, W. Thomas, H. Wallingsford, C, Segner, Y. Torres, B. Templeton, S. Wright Row 2- D. Wettstein, B. Story, L. Walker, B. Winn, J. Thompson, G, Wilson, W. Varnell, G. Schan- doney, ]. Strain. Row 3: F. Weed, N. Warden, B. Whiltemore, D. Taylor, F. Taylor, D. Thurmen, D. Sturdivant, B. Straw, T. Thompson, L. Virgoe. Front Row M Woods, M. Skaggs, R. Williams, E. Stewart, C. Wright, M, Witt, E, Snead, H. Vandiver, J. Wolfe. Row 2: N. Neiswanger, M. Lemon, B. Zincke, G. Worley, J. Varnell, C. Lotspeich, P. Siordia, D. Scott. IJ ifieir proleci for thi ear j CLASS OFFICERS I SDPHDMDRE CLASS l i e atdo have the Sophomores wko k xave run iL % aun tlet of ini itiati ion Front Row R Bell, J. Coffey, A Appman, D, Cloyd, B Cooksey, B Barneby, J. Bissitt, P. Adams, L Biasing, D, Arroyo, I Barr. Row 2: A Arnold, E Barton, B Cannon, J, Addington, A. Cann, M. Cole, D. Andres, J. Buxton, L, Brundage, B Bookhout, D Bradshaw, V. Brewster. Row 3 B Clausen, L, Carpenter, H Burton, L- Black, E- Beatty, C. Berns, E Crandall, B Bentley, S, Burgess. Row 4 C Bough, R Bagby, J Beoko, L Apalategui, N. Arroues Front Row: J, Kirkham, I. Haslam, J. Franklin, B, Davis, P. Galbraith, B, Eubanks, J. Easton, J. Dilbeck, V. Garr, V Graham Row 2: A. Hiltscher, Z Henderson, T. Crownover, K. Denny, A. Hendry, R. Huss, B. Crowley, S. Fowler, W Froelich. Row 3 D. Dunnington, J. Holstrom, J. Gifford, A. Deacon, R. Corona, M. Gagnon, E. Fin- ley, E. Edwards, R. Gibson. Row 4: P Grindy, N, Gobar, R. Handy, J Council, H Hacker, Front Row. S. Jordan. L. Gugliemana, L Kenner, B- Harwood, J. Gobar. I jencks E. laberg, P Kadelbach. M Haseltine Row 2 I Timme, I. Millet, R Julian, I Gilbert, M- Johnson, B Green, M, Guttierrez, D. Kingston, D. Heinmiller. Row 3: W Green, M. Hansen P. Gold, M Hawks, C. Heavrin, G, Hilbert Front Row: R. McGill, F, McLane, B, Meyers, M McCabe, J. Kurtz, E. Lotspeich, D. McCane B. Miller, R Massey N Kerloot. Row 2 J Kniaht, H. Middleton, W. Morns, B LaMonte, W. Miller, M Kohlenberger, W Goates, ' K. Nelson. Row 3 G. McClelland, C, King, C. Lane, B. Mills, J. Kehr, D. Kisner, F. Lae, J. Maag, J, Moody, G. McCamish, L. LeTourneau an Jk aue emerae r J Front Row: M. Kenny, S. Jenson, J. Plunkett, B. Raffi, S. Rand, J. Rathbone, L. Priddis, B. Smith, P. Searight, P. Putnam. Row 2: A. Ray, S. Spenser, L. Parker, J. Oertel, V. Renaker, W. Snyder, V. Obluda. Row 3: R. Nielsen, D. Olivas, D. Reck, D. Oglesby, R. Osbourne, L. Schoonover, D. Showier, L. Pride, M. Ingraham. Row 4: E. Pyeatte, L. Seibels, D. Rhodes, G. Spillman. Front Row: A Wilson, D. Wright, O. Stoileth, L. Boyd, C. Turner, J Van Winkle, P. Sutton, N. Weimer. Row 2: S, WilUams, G. Sutton, R. Thomas, G. Trook, T. Vasquez, R. Spohn, J Sitton, R. Uribe, D. Wong, D. Kenney, J, Welch, R. Sullivan, G. Welton. a J ofj iciul members of tlie tribe. L lpperciadS prii ' lie eaes y juivinns CLASS OFFICERS uclt uck a J Mitinq in at dessions Front Row: H, Armstrong, I Anderson, B. Cooley, G. Barkley, D. Cady, A. Doty, I. Dillahunty, T, Austin, L. Anglin, G- Bolton. Row 2: I. Acker, G. Bryant. J, Collins, D. Anglin, E. Baumstark, L Boucher, H Clark, E- Carter, J. Andrus. Row 3: B Bertels. J, Boyd, P Borst, E. Bittick, P. Buettner, B. Barron, D, Bergan, D Blair, M. Burns, D. Davis Front Row: B, Ferguson, L Eszes, V Holker, B Harper, B Harris, D. Dohrmcmn, J Oilman, D, Holt, B Henson, E. Goodwin. Row 2: E. Heap, J. Erwin, C. Holmsen, E. Grabou, E Driesbach, D. Ellis, B Hamilton, M Farley. Row 3: P. Gough, J Haverstick, B. Dowless, J Fisher B. Goodwin Of tlte Lureat ( ouncli ao to Front Row; R. Jordan, P Hopper, B Lowery, J. Horner, A. Joseph, J. Jackson, B. Inman, C. Lennon, L. Lynch, D. McNamara. Row 2: N. Humphry, A, Johannessen, J. Lana, V. Jackson, M. Long, B. Holloway, S. Hemmer- ling, J. Lemke, R. McCamish, M. Lovering, M. Johnson. Row 3; K. Kauifman, L. Jensen, B. McCamish, K, Jona- son, S. Kohlenberger, D. Kraemer, H. Imm. Row 4: D. Henry, J. Conkhn, A. Boisscranc, J. Gomez, R. Hunt, B. Kraemer, D. McClure, J McCarty. Front Row; E. Pennington, W. Davis, A. McLaughlin, O. Murray, L. Mobley, G. Mann, L. Olson, B. Montgomery, H. Phillips. Row 2; R. Fay, B. McConaughy, D. Eads, J. Morris, B. Newell, R. McGraw, C Ruby, E. Marzolf, E. Mills, L. Medaris. Front Row; L. Schandoney, A. Raffi, M. Pickens, M Shipley, M. Ross, B. Proud, K. Stoneburner, B. Rodriguez, R. Torres. Row 2; H. Robertson, M. Stroscheim, K. Sullivan, C. Shannahan, E. Pratt, C. Von Gruenigen, M. Sumner. Row 3: G. Story, B. Schroeder, D. Mitchell, B. Scott, B. Pryor, R Roberts, B. Olson, G. Richards, A. Sel- over. Row 4; B. Ross, G. Shofler, D. Thamer, L, Stock, D. Rosedole, B. Shaw, R. Shook, D. Redelberger. Front Row: L Wheeler, S. Weaver, B. Young, M. Rivera, D. Wilson, C. Varcoe, M. Trogdon, H. Wolfe, B. McFad- den, B. Williams. Row 2; B. Tremoine, H. Newman, D. Craven, B. Wright, E. Willwater, V. Welch, D. Keele, N. McGrew, L. Troeller. Row 3: M. Valencia, J. Phorris, R. Nelson, B. Schofield, J. Weide, J. Elias, N. Weaver, G. Witt. ke Ai unions SEIVIDflS C. S. F. To those seniors who have gained membership in the Pleiad Society for six se- mesters comes the honor of being life member of the California Scholastic Federation. Seniors n eniorj huue risen CLASS OFFICERS NELSON I; SHANNON BAKER ERICKSON ' - «r VALEDICTORIAN BARBARA AMENT FLOYD ANGLIN lEAN BAKER J! i A " " • m tq poMLiond .iki.. NANCY BAKER FRANCES BALL VELVA BARNES MARILYN BARTON JOYCE BEAN PAUL BEARD ROSANNE BECKETT FRANK BITTICK MABLE BLACK BARBARA BLAIR MARSHALL BOHM BETTY BRALY MAURICE BROCKINGTON MARIORIE BROWER ALBERT BROWN DONNIE BRYAN RONNIE BRYAN BARBARA BURDORF LOUISE BURGESS LYLE BURKE of l Uci triors and cJLlttie ( liiefs DAVID BURT DONNA CHRISTIANSEN BETTY CONOVER RALPH CROWLEY ALPHONSO DOMINGUEZ NANCY BYERS DONALD CLARK DONALD COOKE JEANNE DE LAND MARILYN DOSS MONA CHAPMAN VELDA CLARK VIRGINIA CRISWELL HENRY DEPAUW LIZZIE DOSHER 4AXINE CHASTAIN JOYCE CONNEALLY DONALD CROOKE ARTHUR DIAMOND WANDEAN DOUGLAS heu will Soon leave ' AULINE DUNNINGTON SHIRLEY EASTON KATHLEEN FAULKNER CHARLIE FRANCO J. DUDNEY JOHN ECHANIS BETTY FELTON LOIS GOBAR STANLEY DYER LOIS ELLIS ALDON FINLEY BUD GOODELL WILDA DYSINGER BETHEL ERDMAN EDWIN FOSTER GENEVIEVE GOODWIN tke tliinaJ that are familictr to them ALAN GRAHAM EUGENE HARRIS MARY HELMERS BARBARA HICKS GEORGE GRAY BETTY HART NORMA HEYER DON HILTSCHER UGENE GUSS MARGARET HARTOG DAVID HEYING MARGARET HODSON DICK HALL BETTY HAWKINS JOHN HEYING ALBERT HOLMES or u tri f HERBERT HOLVE LAVONNE JENNINGS CHARLES JORDAN MARTHA KENNEY LEON LEDFORD SHIRLEY HOVEY BILLIE JENSON JEAN KAMMERER ARLENE KENNON JOHN LEMKE KENNETH HUMBORG NORMA JOHNSON MARLYN KENISTON BILL KOHLENBERGER RAY LEUTWILER MIRIAM lANEWAY ELEANOR JONES BETTY KENNEY JOYCE KOPFER CHARLENE LEWIS to a better J untlna L round kMAM LUTHER LINDAUER BOB LLOYD VIRGINIA LOWERY WAYNE MCNAMES CHARLES MADUELL JOHN MARTI EARL MASON PAUL MAXWELL ROBERT MAYNES MAX MILLER BILL MILLS DAVID MOODY FLORINE MORRIS LAWRENCE MUELLER MARY MURFIELD BEVERLY MUSCH BOB NEVIL JIM NELSON MAXINE OLSON VELMA OLSON thai 13 the world fill eel with ILLIAN OMOHUNDRO LE lENE ONEILL MARION OSBORNE BILLY PAYNE RUTH PEABODY DONALD PECKHAM LORRAINE PEIFFER JANET PERRY DOUGLAS PHILLIPS CHARLINE POLLY RICHARD POND BEVERLY PRIDE PATRICIA PULTZ MARVELLA PRITCHARD BOB RAMSEY BARBARA RANKIN onportunituj beaut Uy unci ii uppinedd tpp IS .;5 . GLENNA RAY HAROLD RECK KATHERYN REDMON BURTON RIDDLE CHARLENE ROD LEROY ROED JUNE ROEDICK CAROL ROGERS PAUL ROSS PHYLLIS RUBY MAXINE RUNNELS KENNETH RUSSELL VIRGINIA RUST PATRICIA SEARIGHT TOM SELF LEE SHANNON Por in oSe PHYLLIS SHAW lUANITA SIMON DONALD SORSABAL MARY STEELE MARIORIE USTICK LOIS SHEETS DORIS SMITH BETTY STANFIELD ELIZABETH STOCKARD JIM VAN WINKLE LOUISE SHIPMAN GAYLEN SNOW ILA MAE STANLEY CORRINNE THORNTON BOB WALTERS ROBERTA SHOEMAKER BETTY SORRELLS DONALD STEDMAN RAMAH TURNER MELBA WATMER mo are di who are UeSeri in 9 BETTE WHITELOCK ROE WILLIAMS HARRY WILLWATER RAYMOND WISE KATHERINE WISEMAN EVELYN WOODS DOROTHY YALE DON YARNELL FAYE YERIAN LORRAINE LAUNDERS DOUGLAS YARBROUCH COLLEEN BRADLEY ' WELL, I ' LL BE DING SWIZZLED ' •QUEENIE r " BAL " •INJUNS " " CHARUE " ' IN THE GUTTER ' SENIDflS HOW •MORE SENIORS " ( nuLunoocn hoocneS ' m r- ' j 1 r - it ' - IE JENSON, EDITOR =r IS the The staff )f which ne goes jres are ; rushed the book y cuiaii led Student Publications Language Clubs Vocational Clubs Girl ' s League Sports Clubs Junior Red Cross Honor Society Musical Organizations Dances Dramatics THE AIVIVUAL eiadeS 111 till] Makiiiq PL BILLIE JENSON, EDITOR The beginning of the fall semester is the beginning of Annual production. The staff arrives filled with ideas, none of whuch con be clearly expressed. As time goes by, the book takes shape. Pictures are taken, copy is written, and all is rushed to the engraver and printer. Then the book comes out. THE STAFF The Paper ' s Out The student newspaper is a biweekly publication which carries all the news, choice gossip, literary works of the stu- dents, advice to those who need it, ac- counts of sports events, and occasionally some eye-catching pictures. FRENCH CLUB One of the three active language clubs on the campus is the French Club. Members glean valuable knowledge by entertain- ing methods such as the play pictured below. GIRLS LEAGUE DFFIEERS SPANISH CLUB Senoritas and senores of the Spanish Club make the most of every meeting, doing such things as eating while the business is being conducted. LATIIV CLUB The ancient Romans had nothing on Fullerton ' s Latin Club. Highlights of the local citizens li are the annual initiation and Roman Banquet. EL DORADO CLUB The El Dorado Club is mode up of Span- ish-speaking students on the campus. The club, under the direction of Miss Gerritt, does fine war work. The big event of the year for the club and all other students is the Taco Sale. GIRL RESERVE OFFICERS GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSDCIATIDIV HI-Y Dtticers The junior Y.M.C.A. organization on the campus is the HI-Y. The club has a large membership. Girls who receive high honors in sports are members of the Big F which compares with the campus Varsity Club for boys. S t a II i; C r v. u Behind the scenes is the stage crew. Perhaps they are the unsung heroes — these who see that the show does get on. n AM ' % »r 1 VARSITY CLUB FUTURE FARMERS Junior Rud Cross Radio Club Uniform Drnss Pleiads Scholastically outstanding stu- dents are members of the Pleiad Society. gI1 LuadBrS BRYAN SORSABAL BRYAN Sonq Leaders clark shipley whuelock MUSIC FDR THE STUDEIVT BDDY Musicians of tomor- row, but today they are the pride of Ful- lerton. Mr. Bonar and the student band pep up the sports seasons, give a dig- nified concert an- nually, and often en- tertain the students with a bit of solid M a j [i r e 1 1 e s Adding their charm and glam- our to the band are the danc.:i ; majorettes. They lead the :. : cession. A CAPPELLA They are the voices. The group sings hght classics, hymns, and spirituals- Besides entertaining at local functions, the members even journey to nearby hospitals to do their shore of war work. GLEE ELUB The girls sing just for the joy of singing. Visiting their rehearsals gives one a lift, and the real performance is something to talk about. o, I iiSicax ' aanlzalioiiS y Other musical organiza- tions on the campus are the orchestra and ensem- ble. Both are directed by Mr. Bonar and take part in the annual Spring Fes- tival. ENSEMBLE DHEHESTRA PDW WDW DAIVCE Biggest ball of the year for everyone. There ' s a big attend- ance, plenty of wailing music with stops pulled out, and a sprinkling of the sweet for the swoon clan — and there ' s a real name band. Swinqsters Whether you ' re swooners, )iv ers, hepsters, or just like corn the Swingsters have it for you They are the Reservations pop- ular glee club. Bund Drive Dance Beauty and patriotism go hand in hand as is proved in the selection of a queen of a suc- cessful bond drive. Au n lor-S en lot P H D M PDW WDW RDYALTY Once a year comes the time for parade, noise, costumes, queen and king, carnival and the ball. It ' s Pow Wow. v_yn tne l Ucimatn % - ■ r- 4 I % % i % A ' (HPI Sports FoDtball Baskthall Swimming Track Baseball Tennis Vnlleyball Indoor Hockey VARSITY FUUTBALL Coached by E. A. Straw and led by their stalwart co-captains, Lacey Lee Shannon and Al Mernam, the squad copped three games, lost two and came out all knotted up in the re- maining duo. The club was more powerful than the record indicates. The opposition garnered two wins. On the other hand, all three victories were well-deserved, especially the season-closing 20-6 picnic at Ana- heim. Second place isn ' t bad in any man ' s league! .i iLi BROWN THAMER YARBROUGH RECK WITT BARRON MORRIS LEUTWILER BLAIR HARRIS VARSITY SCORES FULLERTON CHAFFEY FULLERTON 14 BREA 6 FULLERTON 6 SANTA ANA 6 FULLERTON ORANGE 13 FULLERTON HUNTINGTON 7 FULLERTON 12 NEWPORT 6 FULLERTON 20 ANAHEIM 6 CO-CAPTAINS I WITT ROBERTS BEARD DAVIS BARTON SHAFFER GIBSON NEWELL FINLEY GOODELL LETTERMEIV Coachns Mr. Ralph Smith be- gan his last year at F. U. H. S. for the present, by guiding the Bee footballers thru their schedule. Ex-serviceman Dave Kirkpatrick, Jaycee student, mentored the Cee pigskinners and turned out an always fighting, if not always victor- ious gang. BEE and EEE Rni! Captained by their classy run- ning guard, Roe Williams and by tricky wingback and block- ingback, Don Kraemer, the Bee football hopefuls turned in a creditable record. At times with an erratic line bowling over the defensive while Ed lllsley un- corked one of his fine passes, the Tribal middleweights looked brilliant. Ceo Our Papooses were always in there pitching despite the fact that they turned in an ordinary record. An early season 12-0 triumph over Brea was the high- light of their season. FOOTBALL VARSITY- B EE Here are the midget athletes of In- diandom. They have the edge over their bigger brothers, the Cees, for the season ' s record. They v on two more frays. Bee Fulluhi ' s Bee cagers won six and lost four m league competi- tion. One of the high- lights of their suc- cessful campaign was the conquest of Huntington ' s power- ful middleweight quintet on the local boards. Cee Cee casaba boys had their ups and downs, but emerged with a record not to be sneered at. A 14-13 overtime victory over Newport on the Red and White hardwood was the pleasontest memory drawn from the campaign. Varsity Under the expert tutelage of Coach Hathaway, the var- sity was transformed from an unimpres- sive outfit in practice tussles into a second- place group in league competition and the terror of the league. The squad ' s accomplishments in- clude being the only team all season able to trounce t h e all- mighty Huntington Beach Oilers. CEE-DEE BASKETBALL -i " aaa tid: ■ VARSITY SCORES FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON FULLERTON WHITTIER WHITTIER CAPISTRANO HUNTINGTON VALENCIA EXCELSIOR SANTA ANA ORANGE HUNTINGTON ANAHEIM NEWPORT SANTA ANA ORANGE HUNTINGTON ANAHEIM NEWPORT BASEBALL Red and White had a well-rounded ball team with a record of three wins and two defeats as the 1945 Pleiades went to press. SWIMMING Headed by Ed Illsley, Hank Imm, Ronnie Bryan, Ace Bums, and Earl Palmer, all returning varsity letter- men, and by Bob Hamilton, Southern California 1944 Cee Backstroke Champ, the tribal mermen were pointing for a first at league finals and at least a high placement at Southern Cal as the annual went to press. Other outstanding men on the club were Jeff Millet, Denny Ellis, Fred Lae, Bruce Royer, Ralph Chip- man, Gene Schiller, Greg Welton, Dick Julian, and Bob Longford. SPIKE The squad was ap- proaching the league finals at Newport with hopes for a fourth place in total points and not much more as the annual went to press. They scampered off with the preliminaries, but at Anaheim t h e y were competing against the two weakest teams in the loop, the Colonists and the Orange Pan- thers, while Santa Ana, Newport and Huntington, the three strongest teams in the league, were knocking each other over in the other pre- liminaries. tJ K ' ■ n ' EHS GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSDCIATIDIV VARSITY SWIMMIIVG The local bathing beauties have lots of fun while they streamline their figures. On nice days you ' ll find them racing, splashing, or seriously practicing in the pool. INTERCLASS WE GO m FDHi A popular sport among girls on the campus IS tennis. Teams take part in interclass competition, and when the opportunity is afforded, they ace a few other schools. SOPHOMORES SENIORS VARSITY FEIVIVIS FRESHMEN JUNIORS BASKETBALL Playing to win as well as for fun, ore the basketball teams. Seniors are the year ' s champions. VOLLEYBALL Universally played, is the indoor sport, volleyball. Senior team bat- tled its way " to this year ' s cham- pionship. INDDDR To prove that they too can man- age a ball and bat, girls play Indoor. A great number of girls take part in the fun, and after a hard game they usually have a social gathering m the gym. 1? K ,.« i . jW ' ] kiiili iu.v« HDCKEY When spring comes to Califor- nia, you ' ll find the girls on the hockey field. Though ha rd to play, the game is fun and is generally very popular. 3, ormer J tucientd r low in e eruice w . 4il5i 4S .t :i.- J„W. emonum I I ' liM -Atnita hefjcii-ds .y chnowleuament f Fred H. Smith Stationers Corporation G. Thornrose G. O. Goodsell Billie Jenson Lois Gobar Charline Polly Charles Jordan Marilyn Doss Phyllis Ruby Olive Murray Gloria Sullins Wilda Dysinger Max Olson Dody Yale Jim Lamhofer Paul Beard xATCi toaruplrs - u loa cinli fraphd

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