Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA)

 - Class of 1942

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H 5 4 MW 545123 af, ,Z-dwfzf aww MW M ' ,JMD away Qfwfxiiqz H may , 0 ' ff. ' Wffifzjiiz QQWVQ. f ,ww fyf?h3 ?ffQiw f f6 W W W? vf1ffwf'WZj?y dj ' MQ f Q if Af www 7, M QZZWMWZZZWQZ 1 I ,pw f , ,QM .. MM! 1TgQ5,gM Q5jfW?'f W ,wafyffgil J D MW 1 feb Q W , ' i M ff y Wy? ,LU MMA U M395 W M7 JMW My ,SMWSWYJS WW QWQW Aw 3EWf2WQ2 ggf?WffQ WM NEW WG MAW. Wfdmw 7,.N,W...1.,44fW,,4.f4y, ' A , .fJNM cwmwwwbm JZDLQWQI - Wh' - f6Qf5Q M tb fig' fag,- Q A7? 74fZ0MfJ,aM,5, fix? Q, 6 2 33 Wi!! 33?72ZZ' WWQWW- ,, Q ' O5 A 5? I' is 'Q 5 fiilgglij 5 33? nf , f V, - - V Y, f , , Y , n',',4vAf' f ffl ,,.,i'2' f K--, fel'-' ' ' ,,,, --- r - ,, f .,-"H wif , " , ,F - H , - J ' V . f L, , 4 J . K. 1V,W'm lbw KJ 1 V X .. N QV . 1 , ', A , V . f" I ff W V ' f M17 A , , Y. Y- 1, V 'x ninefein folrfy-'rwo 1 pleiades fullerfon union high school 'Ps I in. . . .Hall the wor 'I xi- " contents a, administration Qi, N f classes I , g I - ? departments sports activities ,IW 'Wf we l Y 2 xxx 4 Q a 7 ,V I ' I I .-ff- nj, 1' L . f I 2 ' V 4 ww. Q , f f ' ff 7 ' P, , , X Mffp.-,f V f , L " , X 4 A II 'WMA , j ' ah: "ui, I V , ZIVI .717 AI ww M I gpg ,,,IIf,1f,..M,.--0, f34I,I:fiff,, ff v ' f V" W" WZ? N ' - ,,,,.,." -vgzfwwff 2 ' , ff MMV V f 5 , ,I 3 Q f I I , i I I 1 :VM ry, 1 I, -I ff ' 4 M, ,Ugly ,W ,, .Ii Qi 1 ,Q ,I W! w,JI If ,, , . wr, vm, ,M I QI- .NI , I 3 m1,,.n In Y he 4-.I -it ' .fn 1 f H X V, , , 6 X 2 ff 1 K , - With deep appreciation for the long, tedious hours they spend in patient toil coaching our young thespians or behind the scenes on the stage, we dedicate this annual to our drama director, Miss Dorothy Newton, and to our ever-obliging stage manager, Mr. Earl Dysinger. and these the directors help to set it dedication Relaxing before curtain time. A last-minute rehearsal by the rag-pickers. . . . as the year rolls on . The make-up department takes over Must be an interesting game. the job. Sv? ,'.f"f 5 ' P1 .9 'it' fe '75 Eff -. f if W I P- The old school build- ing takes the initial step towards a new structure. The striking facade of our campus front- al. The clock on the tower reports that a new class has just begun. The administration building seen from behind the guard rails. The conformation ot the old. Three reservation- L5 ists start for horne. An animated HF" created by the drill team. . our stage seems a perpetual source . The candy store has its usual noon-time rush . . . Wicker springs a "tall" story . . . lack and Bill wait for class to convene . . . Steve and Dick start for "solid" . . . a pre-game rally on the football field . . . the mid-day chat. X up . of youthful entertainment . Mmm, that must be good . . . delivery wagon quartette . . . Bill and Pat . . . june seems to think it was a good one . . . band members, Randy and john . . . scl'1ool's out. 4 In the architectural pride, marfs triumph mar1's will to power, form. Architecture is of power by means of F. structure, rnarfs over gravitation, assume a visible a sort of oratory forms. W. Nietzsche. fx v k lfmidiion ,F cr ,Zi V V , X., N ff", Y X ' 1' f , , f M, ff superinfenclenf eV9l'YOI"l9 ITIGGTS . Genuine diamonds and rubies touched with dry ice emit thin, discordant sounds. Their basic value, genuineness, is thus determined. Some force always determines value. Righteousness, truth, freedom, decency, and all the vir- tues have lived through the ages. The ethos of a nation, or an individual, built on these forces has basic value. It is genuine. All that our nation is, all that we may hope to be, is determined by their force in national and individual life. The Pharoahs from musty crypts bespeak of tyrannyg cheops and the pyramids fade with the sands of timeg Caesar and his legions are largely mythologyg decadent Rome crumbled and carried the far flung empire to ruin, mankind groped through six hundred years of dark ages, Ghengis Kahn and his merciless warriors are dust and ashes, Napoleon and his generals are recorded in igno- minious defeat-all because they sought to destroy the forces of truth, decency, and right. Nations, and leaders failing to recognize the inherent value of individual worth, will be defeated and ultimate- ly destroyed. They, too, will pass into history as dis- possessed, forgotten, and unsung. The forces of truth and right will live for all time. PROBATUM EST, it has been proved-by the ages. Sincerely, Frederick T. Chemberlen. M d M Ch b l 1 MMIII y ui gg Mchbitk . . and also . . board of trustees A. S. Reclfern - Principal Rex D. Hastings, Harold E. Hale, Ross N. Hodson, Herbert M. Bergen, Richard Nelson. Q boys' vice- principal Well known around the campus for his genial man- ner is Mr. Guy Roney, who, as Boys' Vice-Principal, takes a keen interest in boys, their problems, and their activ- ities. attendance Giving out work permits, keeping the attendance rec- ords, checking absences, and making out state reports are a few of the various duties ot our Attendance Super- visor, Mr. Francis Addy. girls' vice- principal Counseling girls, registering them and handling their problems, and advising Girls' League and Girl Reserve ac- tivities are among the never- ending services of Miss Em- ma l. Kast whose sympa- thetic, kindly manner makes her a friend of all. business office Dorothy Boisseranc, Virginia Martindale, Naomi l-lall, Freda Shubert, Phyllis Corcoran, Dan l-lenry. and then office secretaries Gladys Miller, Lois Wil- liamson, Dorine l-lopert Virginia Withers, Kath- erine Steward. you meet executive board Norman Stark, Bonnie LeBrecht, George C-ipple Keith Souders, Beverlee Adams, Bill Poore, Herbert Bergen, Ruth Pearcy, Bob Updyke lpresidentl lack Newell. student body president On behalf of the executive board I wish to extend thanks to the board of trustees, facul- ty, and the student body tor the cooperation shown during the past year. We, the class of l942, go out into the world better citizens for the experi- ences we have had together in F.U.H.S. Principles have been learned that will never be tor- gotten. May we continue to uphold the standards with which we leave our alma mater. Bob Updyke. ' Y I .1 'V F 'W . NV ' ' 1 P' V , J fy Y X-yi! ,ffdwj J' ' B x riff I V aff X ffju J' 1, ,UU 2 A J ,Eff ff M VW W ' J yy, . LJ, Jug! f x1W,'J?J ' N6 1 'Mia ff! . ,W I 05 AfJ r,"'Mf,D41 MA K ff Www ff J, riff Af? A' yy! , , j ,lffjjfjm-f'M' W WW 1 S K 5 lx 1" ff' 5. Xff 5 XX x N X class 'ig Yrgvi i 4 'F fixm ffl?-XXX ' VV !ff fx w , , nf A if V ' K K 1 Z ,f A,fA 1 f x 1 i l l Valedictorian honor groups ROW 4: Beverlee Adams, Marilee Arnold, Jean Irwin, Frankye Riley, Bonnie LeBrecht, Virginia Newson, Bob Updyke, Herb Bergen. ROW 3: Barbara Vernon, Frances Rodgers, Ruth Pearcy, Evelyn Sutton. ROW 2: Connie Strickland, Myrtle Leimer, Francis Howell, Mar- ian Earley, Violet Wintter, Betty Welch, Bob Blackburn. ROW 1: Don Hass, Don Sutton, Marion Zinn, Mary Lane, Mary Olive McKeny, June Seamans, Jean McNamara. ROW 2: Marilee Arnold, Myrtle Leimer, Beverlee Adams, Jean Irwin, Mary Lane, Connie Strickland, Barbara Vernon. ROW 1: Herbert Bergen, Francis Howell. Barbara Vernon Pr' I fNl'N Siffliw owfj P d t A Id S ott, Secretary Betty Welch, T D S tt d V P d t P I The final curtain falls after the fourth and last act of the pro- duction "The Class of Forty- two." The actors came on the set as bit players in the first act, but under the invaluable guidance of stage managers and directors, they have ad- vanced and are now making their curtain calls. We, the members of the cast, began our careers by learning to play a great variety of minor roles. During our third year, we took more important parts and earned our distinguishing blue sweaters. ln this, our last year, with the help of our stu- dent director and his staff, we have taken the leads. We have all earned rings or pins, and some of us have received vari- ous other awards. We hope that you will remember with pleasure our production as we go out to take part in many others, for "All the world's a stage." ADAMS, RUTH ADAMS, MARY ADAMS, BEVERLEE ANDERSON, WESLEY 5 ALDRETE, PURA AGUILAR, BOB 6: Si-bb . X Q -, fe F' AOKI, TAKEO ARNOLD, MARILEE , "'7':r' ROW 2-Claire Carter, Ral th, Anita Shepardson. f f ROW I-john Miano, Astri nsen, Carrie Cultra, Bolton jones. yy J - .V 1 , ,Q mu-.,, . : I If 4' ' 7 um!!! ARSLANIAN, ANNIE BARNEBY, ROBERT, IR. BERGEN, HERBERT BARTON, ANITA BIZZLE, BETTY BEESON, IOHNNIE BORLAND, BETTY BLACKBURN, BOB BEHMERWOHLD, JAMES BOYD, BERNICE BLOCK, DOROTHY BEHRENS, ROBERT BRYANT, CHESTER BOYD, BILL BLYTHE, BETTY BULLIS, MARTIN BRITTAIN, ELEANOR BOLANO, BEATRICE BUTLER, IOHN BROWN, BOB BYERS, FRANCES BYERS, LOU ISE BROWN, STANLEY CALVERT, WANDA MAY CASTRO, ROSA CARMICHAEL, VELMA CARLSON, RICHARD COLE, JEANNE COBBLE, REVA CHRISTNER, JEAN ROW 2-Arthur Dofy, Robert Strange. ROW I-Dorothy Morgan, Raymond C-runer, Arietta Kelly. COLLINS, BARBARA b CONNER, IACQUELINE f, rmwrjww y . fr . I WWA, MU QfV lZ?J we QWW him.. v 1 I f 45"-W , V. pf WO W M " few 1 f f 2, if 'iff X 7792, 1, ff , 5,7 :ZW f m, fjf hr- CORBETT RALPH COUCH, BERNARD DAVIS HARRY COVEY, RUTH W 'M CL- ,f Wx' in 4. V 4 fl ,I A f., f .- I Q W I 41 ,- 9' w DE PAUW, ARTHUR CRAWFORD, DELBERT DRYDEN ELEANOR ANN DIIVIOND, EVELYN CRICKELAIR DORIS DURAN, LINDA DOUTT, CHARLES CRILLEY COLLEEN ELLINSWORTH, MAXINE DYER, IEAN DRIESBACH VIRGINIA ESSARY, ROY EADINGTON, RICHARD DRUM BARBARA EUBANKS, VELDA EARLEY MARIAN FINLEY, MARIE EBERHART PATSY FINSETH GLORIA GEORGE, BERTIE MAE FRANK, BARBARA FOWLER, CLIFTON GLENN, MARGARINE GIPPLE, GEORGE GIPPLE, ELIVIER X xx ' xl? m J! i M W . 5 1 QB -gg? .Q-Ji '- XX fmiigfxf Q 'XXX J ,EAN QUINAN, ROSALIE BARKSDALE GOODELL, ROBERT GRAFTON, LLOYD 1 .ff X f f x Q YQ , 105' Q I 1 1 I fe N I . k If 31 Tr' ,Q ,V , .ff W ,..'.' I 7 5 f ,4,,f.,Q,g., 7 ff ' LQ, I II? 5 ,I 'IIE -' If 4 , , I I f ,f A f ,M r. GRAINGER, LESTER GRAUE, HELEN HALL, PATRICIA GRAY, SABIN HANDSFIELD, FRED GRINDLAY, GERRY HAWKINS, MURIEL HASELTINE, EUGENE GUTHRIE, LUELLA HAYES, IOHN HASS, DONALD HAINI-AIN, ROBERT HILL, EDWIN HEBSON, IOHNNIE HASTINGS, MURRELL HILL, TOM HECK, BILL HAWKINS, ANNA MAE HOBEN, PAT HENDERSON, PAT HODSON, HAROLD HIGLEY, BARBARA HOLLINCSWORTH, LOIS HOLVE, ELINOR HOWE, SHIRLEY HOUSEHOLDER, BUD HoRToN, IACK HUCHES, IUANITA HUDSPETH, CATHERINE HOWELL, FRANCIS ROW 2-Dorothy Newton, Ruth Tilton, Vena Loomis, ROW I-Caillard Hardwick, Nelson Bonar. ' HUMBERT, BETTY IEAN HUMBORC, DOROTHY f .M " f, 4 , 4 1 X Z 4 , yy ,fg I Q jf ' i f HUMBORG, MILDRED HUMPHREY, BILLIE jEAN INAI, YASUKO HUMPHREYS, MARYDITH I IRWIN, IEAN HUNGERFORD, PATTY JOHNSTON, HAROLD IENCKS, ORLENE HUNSLEY, VIRGINIA IONES, LESLIE IENSEN, BEATRICE INAI, TOMIO KARIYA, YONEO IONES, VAUCHN JOHANNESSEN, CARL KAUFFMAN, PAUL IORDON, PHYLLIS IOHNSON, KATHLEEN KEITH, IANE JOYCE, BETTY KENNELL, BETTY KANIMERER, BILL KENNON, ALBIN KENWORTHY, EDWIN KOOER, GLADYS KNAUS, LEROY KILLEN, RUTH KOONTZ, GLENN KOONTZ, DOROTHY KOONTZ, DON MYRTLE KLAHN, MABEL IEFFERS, DORCAS TURNER M I. , X' KOZIO, IEAN Lf-xe, LOUIS IR ' ITV! fgimrgw , I Q I C I I I 4 '53-ff ' I I I 'I f sa I ,. 'T A V' 'I 'W ff I, ,. f "' , I 41 T mmf, I A I ,ff qv s. 2 4 25 I f X MQW f f ay iam ' 1:33 'Wg Q:-W1 .1 nf """"Elf1, , 1. , f,,,ml..V A Z 0 TN 'KS ii- if "?"'! , ,,,, , , in 9 ,H f , - Aw " ' I 51 if-3 'V F ' E ' " ! .x + 1 as-.', 'S 6 9 I , y U ' 1 1 K, -iv, 'wr' 'Y Q , I I .A.A , I I X LANE, MARY LE BRECHT, BONNIE LYONS, FRANCES LEE, BOB H. MacMASTER, MARTHA LEIMER, MYRTLE MAYEMURA, HARUKO MCCARNES, IEANNETTE LEMMON, MILDRED MEIIA, IESS MCCLELLAN, LELA LINDAUER, DELORES MIDDLETON, GAIL MENNES, BETTY MQKEMY, MARY OLIVE MILHOUS, CHARLES MERRITT, ALBERT McNAMARA, IEAN MILLER, DELOS MEYERS, VIRGINIA MILLER, STEPHEN MUELLER, MILT MEYERS, ELSIE ON MURRAY, CHARITY NEWSON, VIRGINIA NEILL, BYRDIE NEISWANGER, BETTY PARKER, GLEN OGATA, SEHIE WEWELL, 1Ac:K ig swf A . E,.,' PEABODY, DON PEARCY, RUTH LX: . - . E l T T ROW 2-Edwin Goddard, Ruth Scott, Arthur Nunn, Mary Shea, james Smith. ROW 1--Clifton Sirnpson, Edith Logan, Norman Kettering, Ray Dawson. xffmgw-fm -. ' N .R ., , 2 . .1 8 15. Q A, X 199 3 .:-,3g::,, . 11 -- R . - Far Q tttae X ev 'S W L, 5 3 T t ' wi 5. A ivy. I X M ,I 'W 4 .wa 3, f ,,y,, IQ, is Q z 5 2 7 5 ,A iff . ! 7 1 I , gyw I I ff, PECK, ROBERTA PECK, VIRGINIA POORE, BILL PEPPER, HURLEY PRIZER, MORTON PHILLIPS, ROBERT RAMSEY, PAT PULTZ, KENNETH PICKENS, CHARLOTTE RATLIFF, BETTY PYEATTE, HELEN POOLE, MAURICE RILEY, ERANKYE REDMAN, ROSETTA RAOLE, RUTH RILL, ROBERT REEVES, VIRGINIA RAINBOLT, BETTY ROBERSON, IUANITA RIEIVIER, BETTY ROBINSON, CLARENCE RIOOAN, MARY RODCERS, FRANCES ROOT, HAROLD SCHMOKER, BOB SAVILLE, ULDINE SAUER, WARREN SEARIOHT, RICHARD SEAMANS, JUNE SCOTT, ARNOLD ROW Z-Edna Spaulding, Ina Gerrift: ROW I-Henrietta Helm, Glenn Lewis, Dorothy Morgan. l SHAFFER, DON SCHAFER, LORENA 1 i 1.4. V. ,iv-' 'M ,I X Q f V 1 7 , qv' fm' If Y 1" "' f,YwV,.., ull, 93 FX ,, X, d N wx C X NGK' Q N.. Q3 f SSI 4? 9 I T1 I 5- l 1' f I If fV,'yW 1 SHERWOOD, BONNIE SHIPMAN, WALTER SMITH, MARION SIEFERT, FRED SMITH, OMA GENE SIMON, GRACE STEELE, BILL SORSABAL, ANDY SMITH, ALMA STEIN, NICK SOUDERS, KEITH SMITH, IACK STRICKLAND, CONNIE STEMPLE, PAUL STARK, NORMAN STURDIVANT, ROBERT STEVENS, BILLIE STEDMAN, ROBERT STUTSMAN, PHYLLIS STEWART, ROBERT SULLIVAN, KENNETH STOREY, BETTY SUTTON, DON SUTTON, EVELYN f 4 ag, U ,, 3 5 I - LLL f -f L.. TALLANT, ROBERT TAFOLLA, BEATRICE SWOFFER, GORDON THORNTON, HELEN TEED, BOB TAYLOR, VIVIAN ROW 3-Robert McCormick, Everis Nelson, Andrew LeTourneau. ROW 2-R. A. Marsden. ROW l-Virgil Van Winkle, Ralph Wertz, Martin Bullis, Lynn Keller. X TOLLAKSON, PAT O O 7: :U O CU l'T1 FU -4 T , . f- ,f-ag .1 X" K-,0L...f'... 5.4 -17f:fW1v-www ,Z ff, all , 'Ty f Egg? ,, X -Lx Aux fi If 'li Www, V. V. fo f I 1 wwf Z f I 'X XA , , 4110, . . ,xy pf? ' ffff, 'cf ff f f I ',V,.gfe5f, ,, ffm? E 1 f W 7'IT7f5"'- f V X .V ., ,vm , 95, V V V V f ... Q fi , -4 AA .IQ , f ff ff!! f, S , A -L 1 TROTTER, RICHARD TULLY, GENE V,,1,fg, V ,V af 4' J ' ' p,,., , -. o " ,WMI Q , Q, 15 A 'Q W V , 'I' ,. v I , 'ii'L'f?!EY , H L - WAITE, TOMMY UPDYKE, BOB WALKER, GLEN VAUGHN, KATHLEEN WATTS, VIOLA WALKER, JAMES VERNON, BARBARA WEAVER, DON WALLER, GEORGE WAITE. BILL WHITTET, IERRY WELCH, BETTY WARTON, EILEEN WICKER, DAVE WELTON, DONALD WATSON, OLIVE WILKINSON, IEAN WESTER, LEI-IA WINTTER, VIOLET WISE, EDWARD ANN WHEELER, JOSEPH WORNOW, MARION WORSHAM, NOEL ZINN, MARION POOLE, IAMES ROW 2-Irma Frank, Marjorie French, Ruth Moody, Helen Dryer, Valborg Linde. ROW I-Gilbert Goodsell. ' ' ' 1 " V l Harold and Pat study it over . . . lean and lean . . . A happy trio . . . After lunch . . . Crand- stand loafers . . . Hungry? . . . Wolf corner . . . Lounging 'round the candy store . . . Mr. Addy tells 'em , . . Mort, lack, and Carl . . . Sleepy? . . . Dancing in the dark - well, almost! Barbara Russell, Mike Kramer, Shirley Hillman, Beverly Withers, Jerry Oliver. ROW 2: Alsup, P. P. Barton, D. Allen, B. Anglin, H. Anderson, M. Apaletegui. ROW 1: J. Barkley, J. Beagle, B. V Appleman, R. Anderson, M. Allen. ROW 2: B. Boelts, B. Beam, M. Bergen, B. J. Beam, B. Boucher. 'T' ROW 1: B. Bacon. B. Beal, D. Bennigsdorf, dllSSFllC'P43 The members of the class ot '43 have risen from bit to feature players, and the next step is stardom, Last year and the year before they gave plays in assem- bly, and this year their biggest produc- tion was a most successful prom for the seniors, This class has been out- sanding in sports, scholarship, and service. The treasurer is jerry Oliver, the secretary, Shirley l-lillmang the vice- president, Beverly Withers: and the president, Mike Kramer. The curtain falls, and when it rises again .... f 0,6 '..w. ROW 2: B. Bryant. D. Carneron. B. Boyce. B. Boyce, B Burke. J. Cooley. L. Carter. ROW 1: G. Berry. B. Burdorf, M. Cadrnan. B. Bruce, G Campbell. ROW 2: G. Cramer. D. Cochran. B. Clark, H. Chamber- lin, G. Cola. ROW 1: F. Cwllman. E. Church, B. Cassidy, B. Chris- tiansen. R. Coffman, G. Crowley. ROW 2: J. Davis, B. Craven, T. Dollarhide, S. Cramer, R. Corona. ROW 1: B. Double, G. Dohner. ROW 2: P. Felton, J. Eubanks, W. Foisl, J. Furnero, A Frank, L. Doyle, J. Eastland, M. Echeto. ROW 1: R. Francis, J. Dillard, J. Eberhari, C. Evereit L. Fiich, M. Fosier, R. Francis, K. Dukes. D. Gough, P. Goswiller, Y. Geer. K. Gerlich, R. Harmon E. Hari, H. Hart, G. Harris, R. Howe. B. Gregory. .r"" ROW 2: C. Hilischer, F. Hill. S. Hillman, V. Hill. ROW 1: J. Hill, S. Hastings, L. Heinz, R, Hill, ROW 2: A. Johnson, S. How, J. Jordan, M. Johnson. ROW 1: M. Kadelbach, A. Johnson. ROW 3: D. Ketchum, K. Kersting, C. Kohlenberger, K. Konagamiksu, G. Ketchum. ROW 2: B. Koch, M. Kariya, D. Klein, R. Klepper. ROW 1: H. Keith, V. Klepper. ROW 2: M. Logue, M. Kramer, N. Johnson, W. Ledbel- ier, D. Rammon, J. Kuhn. ROW 1: J. Kraemer, D. Lounsbury, H. Hesse, D. Love- ridge, J. LaRue, K. Kuhn. ROW 2: R. Miles, T. Morris, D. McManus, J. McDowell N. Miyaya. ROW 1: P. McGraw, A. McCarthy, H. McGraw, E. Mc Carty, B. Lucas, B. Moeno, B. Moore. ,H , , . . '-eff. ."f':,f . ff rf - ff-. 1- .V -f - I. My . ,M-X ., mf f-A -.-iw Vg... W... gs. 1' 1-4 4 2 iff . -- 'T , . .,, Hg. .-,. ROW 3: L. Nevil, T. McCoy, R. McKemy, C. Morefield, W Ozias, F. Nakashima, S. Diaz. ROW 2: J. Oliver, B. McFarland, B. Dillow, R. Olson, B Montiero, N. Mendenhall, J. Neill. ROW 1: B. Morimoto, J. Montgomery, M. Hannon. ROW 3: H. Stone, M. Sheets, G. Straw, J. Strathman, K Sigmund, D. Smith, B. Thompson, G. Smith. ROW 2: B. Strickland, M. Strauss, G. Sjobeck. ROW 1: L. Smith, A. Schumaker, B. Snodgrass, B. Spencer '-. .vw 2 K '54 ROW 3: B. J. Robirds, A. Ross, D. M. Renken, C. Reineke, M. Roland, M. Schweiss, L. Schiller. ROW 2: R. Rayne, D. Proud, P. Palmer, B. Peckham. ROW 1: D. Russell, M. Russell, B. Russell. ,as 1 .'S. .. 1 . ,Qa- lf? X E if QR' lx ll' ROW 2: D. Peabody, E. Navarro, R. Hubbard, S. Poore, B. Pemberton, A. Plumb, F. Padilla. ROW 1: M. Neiman, M. Polly, M. Peiffer, B. Pegler, J. Potts, E. Palmer, M. E. Doty, L. Patterson. ROW 3: M. Tinker, R. Thues, E. Von Gruenigen, G. Walls, T. Stowe, J. Wilson, R. Summers, D. Smith. ROW 2: R. Trook, M. Triplett, M. Trotter, J. Starbuck, J. Starbuck. ROW 1: M. Virgoe, B. Walters, L. Vejar, B. Seamans, A. Ward. ROW 2: B. Withers, P. Wetzel, N. Woods, C. Welch, B. Wilmsen, V. Wilbanks, B. Walker, W. Upton. ROW 1: L. Warren, R. Thurman. ROW 3: L. Hodge, V. Whittaker, B. Rainbolt, R. Green T. Chacon, M. Knlsley. ROW 2: W. Wilson, M. Whittaker, M. Vandenberg, M Klusman, J. Englehart, B. Canavan, C. Houston. ROW 1: B. Wing, B. Janeway, 0. Aldrich, J. Santibanez l 1 Gracie and her partner cook up something tasty . . . Lunch-time . . . A noon-day siesta . . "See you tomorrow, Inky" . . . Dyke, caught in the act. . . Seeing double . . . A little wider please . . . What's the matter, l-lazel, . . . Ye olde bullring . . . "Three Little Sisters", ROW 2: C. McCabe, M. Apalategui, F. Munoz, D. Heying, J. Mun' qer, D. Zeider. ROW 1: R. Gugqisberg, B. Falconer 3CAl3l2lG?1OI22., The second actl The players, still in minor roles, are improving. When the curtain rises again, they will be upper- classmen. The lead role in this act is played by Frank Munoz. Other crarac- ters are Rex C-uggisberg, vice-president, Margaret Apalategui, secretary: joyce Munger, treasurerg Connie McCabe and Dorothy Zeider, song-leadersg and Bob Falconer and Dick l-leying, yell-leaders. The sophomores are completing their second year here, and in both they have been very successful. ROW 3: C. Andrus, G. Adams, D. Baker, Y. Adams. ROW 2: J. Alsup, B, Beltz, G. Barron, B. Boisseranc. ROW 1: M. Apalalegui, J. All- bright. s ROW 3: B. Boyd, H. Caldwell, J. Christiansen, J. Berney, O. Al- drich, E. Chapman, R. Cox. ROW 2: R. Burgess, V. Cagle, I Brabec, M. Browning. ROW 1: B. Conklin, K. Conner M. Carlson. ROW 3: G. Dysinger, B. Falconer, J. Fisher, W. DeWitt, W. Edmondson, A. Figueroa ROW 2: C. Engelman, M. J. Dohrmann, C. Dominguez, G. Eaton, J. Cox, D. Clark ROW 1: B. Falconer, E. Dollarhide, B. Dukes, J. Wylie. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW . Austin, L. Hamilton, B. Reimann, B. Askey, A. Fletcher. F. Young Cole, H. Greene, B. Gilbert, M. Healton. . Funnell, 0. Franklin, E. Hart. . Hiltscher, E. French, E. Ireland, K. Humphry, E. Jennings. Hooper, B. Horton, D. Heying, T. Hano. G. Hunt. Earll, M. Hill, J. Hope, B. Harbert. ROW 3: B. Krupp, J. Clark, B. Lee, E. Johnston, B. Jones, C. Lane, F. Mejia, R. Luailin, K. Aoki. ROW 2: R. R. Kinsella, C. Larsen, C. Knisley, B. Juarez, J. MacClocklin, B. Lang, M. Hoskins. ROW 1: S. Kisner, N. Hill, B. Kover, E. Marshall, G. Lee. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Metz, B. Kuhn, J. Middleton, C. McKinley, Moore, M. Moodie, L. Calvert, S. M. Pausieli, E. Racca, Huff, B. Croskrey, Oglesby, S. Ochoa, G. Kelsay, J. Mikkelsen, Johnson, E. McGaughty. B. Reimann, L. Rodieck, M. Peterson, B. Reinhart, J. Patterson, J. Munger, Myeda, J. McCoy. Milhous, A. Morris, J. Lowery. . Piecke, D. Queyrel, W. Mullins, G. Pierce, H. Rittenhouse J. Pollard, H. Oglesby. . Oba, P. Rand, J. Penn. ROW 2: A. Tallent, M. Victor, J. T A. Stringer, I. Gibson. ROW 2: V. Richards, B. Riddle, V. Spurlock. R. Schiess E. Ridgway. ROW 1: L. Granz, C. McCabe. ROW 2: D. Brown, W. Williams, R. Stedman. ROW 1: E. Losh, S. Nomura, B. Proud. I ' I ROW 3: W. Dosher, F. Currie, C. Wood, A. Roth, J. Drake, G. Dominguez, S. Gutierrez. ROW 2: V. Sandoval, B. White, M. Dixon, B. ingraham, D. J. Blakemore, J. Jeffrey, P. Castro, F. Munoz. ROW 1: G. Gilman, M. L. Thurston, B. Sangban, C. ROW 12 B. Waits, J. Tatum, E evens, J. Taggart, N. Troeller, A. Lae. Hamilton, D. Zeider, D. Crikelair. El S5 ROW 2: V. Olson, G. Gray, M. L. Steele, L. Sheets, H. Whittei, M. Willeford. ROW 1: D. Sorsabal, D. Bryan. .C -J Q I . Q., ... 4 f z I"I"C' k 12l2seSolJ'.. 15 The curtain rises on the first act and we present the class of l9-45 Don't turn away - watch them The principal characters are Mary Lou Steele, president, Lois Sheets vice-president, Helen Whittet, sec retaryg George C-ray, treasurer Velma Olsen and Marguerita Wille ford, song-leaders, and Don Sors abal and Donnie Bryan, yell-leaders The freshmen are the future stars the leaders were once led. Good luckl W! Y V. P li fx kr I ROW 5: M. Bohm. B. Brunson, R. Allin, A. Abshier, M. Barton, J. Bean, B. Blair, R. Beckett, V. Barnes, F. Bittick. ROW 4: F. Ball, N. Baker, C. Amend, B. Ament, M. J. Brower. THIRD ROW: A. Brown, L. Avila, O. Aranda, C. L. Arbiso, P. Beard. ROW 2: B. Beeman, P. Boyd, B. Adams. ROW 1: H. Boisseranc, E. Brewster, F. Anglin. Qs iw! ROW 4: B. Burgess, B. Burdorf, B. Conover, O. Cor- d va B. C rker S. Crowder D. M. Chri t' M. o , o y, , s nansen, Crapo, C. Clark. ROW 3: R. Bryan, M. Chapman, L. Burke, V. Clark, G. Camneld, L. Burgess, D. Bryan. ROW 2: E. Cantu, D. Covey, N. Byers, L. Corkery, H. Cook, D. Burt, J. Collins. ROW 1: H. Chipman, D. Cooke, D. Crooke, R. Crow- ley. ! W -.1 . -fy-Cgfi.-.ff 57 f 7, ROW 4: A. Graham, D. Freek, R. Gardner, E. Fer- nadez, E. D. Ferguson, E. Frulls, H. Fregoso, A. Flores, M. Gomez, L. Fitzgerald, G. Gray. ROW 3: E. Gilfry, B. Felton, M. Eubanks, G. Gra ham, L. Gobar, A. Finley. ROW 2' V Fox C Field K Finla son, D. Gibson, . . , . , . y S. Dyer, E. Foster. Gaines. Era' ROW 4: J. Hires, D. Heying, B. Hawki I Han- non, M. Hodson, N. Heyer, B. Hart, vm M. Helmers, J. Heying, A. Humborg. ROW 3: C. Holguin, E. Hopkins, A. Hartog, G. Has- eltine, R. Hart. ROW 2: G. Willis, M. Hernandez, M. Harris, B. Ham- ilton, S. Hill, B. Griggs, D. Hiltscher. ROW 1: A. Holmes, R. Hall, B. Hanie, H. Herbert. .,, 5-7773 ""'. ,- ROW 3: Ml Erickson, R. Dowell, C. Delgadillo, L. Cariker, J. Deland, S. Easion, C. Bradley, M. Doss, B. Erdman, C. Dryden, L. Dudley. ROW 2: B. Deffendall, L. Dosher, W. Dysinger, P. Dunnington, D. Franklin. ROW 1: A. Dominguez, D. Durham, B. Dix, C. Crandall, M. DeWitt, A. Dimond. Av , 7 ROW 1: K. Esterline, M. Fruits, P. Francis, V. W? r 2 uf R i 9 ll i 9 4. -1 K vs.. 1 ff.. WG -7--....., I 'ln 'ff-, 'Isl ROW 2: L. Lindauer, B. Kohlenberger, A. Kennon, B. Kenney, M. Kennedy, K. Hum- borg, B. Hartog, J. Kammerer, E. Jones, R. Lae. ROW 1: J. Lemke, J. Johnson, M. Jane- way, L. Ledford, D. Johnson, F. Lemmon, J. Leverich, H. ltano, K. Kariya, M. Ken- iston, J. Hack. Wm o-00 ROW 4: D. Mosier, D. Marriott, B. Maynes, E. Mason, B. Mills, A. Merriam. ROW 3: F. Marvin, F. Morris, G. Mori- moto, C. Lewis, V. Lowery, R. Lundeen, F. Jones, H. Mori, R. Kirkham. ROW 2: P. Maxwell, G. McClimans, C. Lozano, J. Lozano, W. M. MacNameS, C. Maduell, L. Morris, D. Moody, M. Miller. ROW 1: B. L. Martin, E. Molina, C. Montgomery, T. Mejia, E. Meiia, L. Mo- lina. il ROW 4: E. Price, B. Neguette, J. Oliver, R. Pollock, B. Price, E. Nellesen, L. Mueller. ROW 3: B. Museh, R. Peabody, V. Olson, L. McCoy, A. Pollock, C. Phillips, L. Packham, D. Peckham, D. Phillips, J. Nelson, B. Nevil. ROW 2: L. O'NeiIl, L. Peiffer, M. Petti- grew, M. Pritchard, P. Pultz, M. Murfield, C. Polly. ROW 1: S. Olivas, B. Pride, V. Oakley, M. Osborne, J. Perry. .--vv,f.fv. -. V ,.. ROW 4: E. Nelson, L. Rains, G. Roney, L. A. Montgomery, L. Sheets, R. Turner, C. Rogers, P. Shaw, E. Sandoval, J. Simon, R. McDowell, G. Snow, J. Reese. ROW 3: P. Ruby, R. Shoemaker, W. Roe, G. Ray, L. Sanders, V. Rust. ROW 2: B. Riddle, R. Richards, L. Strickland, L. Russell, P. Searight, M. Rutherford, L. Roed, D. Stedman, P. Ross. ROW 1: B. Ramsey, J. Schroeder, C. Scroggins, D. Sanchez, E. Savage, L. Shannon, B. Goodell, H. Starr, D. Sorsabal. I 1 1 J . ,. ' ' f' . if f x,- ' 1 W ' 4' 1 . ' , K. 1. ROW 4: R. D. Williams, M. Ybarra, E. Williams, D. Yale, M. Wil- ROW 3: B. Tatsumi, l. M. Stanley, B. Sorrell, M. L. Steele, G. X SOD, P. Waltz, F. Yerian, E. Woods, D. Yarbrough. Sullins, G. Stansbury, C. Thornton, B. Smith, P. Sorrell, B. Strick- ROW 3: L. Smith, R. Wetzel, H. Willwater, B. Williams, P. Watson. I d. w an , Row 2: R. WHEELER, M. Willeford, B. L. Whitelock, J. welch, ROW 2: F. Torkelson, N. Slingsby, A. Taylor, D. Van Wey. H. Whittet, D, Payne. ' V ROW 1: M. Stewart, L. Stewart, D. Smith, M. Ustick. ROW 1: M, Watmer, R, Wise, J. Wurgaft,l',, ' .,J - ,J I V ,H , , f, vhyv pid' ,D M' Scrubs head for class . . . Time out for refreshment . . . Doris and Velda . . . Chew and chatter . . . Fun, Indian style . . . Exhibit A . . . Autumn interlude. . . Clean-up man . . . Hurry it up, Virginia . . . Steadies "Q 'S f ,X fr, jyy, 1 'K 7 ft 1 fb' V ' 1 9 Q' e '16 JK, Indians swing out . . , Exhibit B . . . The after-gym primp . . . Beach substitute . . Oh, yeah? , . . Mr. Pot'rer's whistle . . . Mr. Roney meditates . . . Bull session Hen fest J yi' . Au., of ...-.-I -1--. f"' 3 X ,f r ,ff X X J?pmimeHfS K! if in U , if 'fffif' l, V. 2 ,W f fQzW,y.. 44 ,, w, ,'ffyg Q., f f' img! X W5 - ,, f fhffffpw Wwf cjif yy 7 , 3 f WZ ff C' f ' 5, 0595 f77g,W?ig,z v ,n:j1-yf3.' ,q f, f , f if fi M7451 X ,, , f , 1207.4 45 g ,fl ,, wywyf V, , W Cy! ,5 -1'-QL, ff . fam ' j 'Zfifjiiib g f A ffffpfjg' , ,, I, fW f fam, Qs. K" f . f,l.fQ.1.- , fwwv' ,i'XEw:- . A A vw. Q-fms4f,r'xg?f f :MA-'fail-'jfv,,, "Y fffiiliiirie ' vb, Us-, Hifi. "4 x 'YV 4 " t ' X M -If Af Q. 'ff K 4, .sf .fl f 1757 f . , yifwk' ' W W - r 7 ,. 4 if fu f ,r 1 .,4,.-4 V f 5 x ' . ff, lk? " + , imap 'Riggs 9 QVM. ' Rx ?v X -F fin science department The Science Department offers courses in natural biology, hu- man biology, the study of the human body, and botany, a study of plant life. Also offered are chemistry, dealing with composition and changes in matter, physical science, and physics, dealing with matter and motion. manual arts department The Manual Arts Depart- ment offers a great variety of subjects many of which have been studied by girls as well as boys. The courses include Mechan- ical Drawing, Agriculture, Forge, Foundry, Welding, Woodwork, Boatbuilding, and Machine Shop. commerce department The Commerce Depart- ment includes classes in business principles, gen- eral mathematics, business mathematics, first and sec- ond year typing, book- keeping, shorthand, and stenography. l math department The Mathematics De- partment includes year courses in business arithmetic, first and sec- ond year algebra, and plane geometry. For seniors there are semes- ter courses in trigonom- etry and solid geometry. home economics The Home Economics De- partment offers home- making as a preliminary course. For those desiring more specialized work theer are classes in foods, clothing, home living, and boys' foods. english 'i' 5704 department Grammar, composition, and lit- erature are studied in the three required years of English. Li- brary Science is a useful course designed especially for future li- brarians. Public speaking in- cludes the study of parliamentary procedure, public speaking, de- bate, and panel discussion, while drama students study plays, and learn voice control and acting technique. social science The Social Science Depart- ment presents to freshmen Social Living, an orienta- tion course. World History is offered for second year students. U. S. History is a required third year course, and Seniors must take either Civics orAmer- ican Problems. l . WMM music department The Music Department includes the orchestra, band, boys' glee club, girls' glee club, and the A Capella Choir. language department The Language Depart- ment, under the Human- ities division, offers four years of Latin and Spanish and two of French. The importance of and inter- est in the study of foreign tongues has increased in the last few years. art department The Art Department offers classes in ele- mentary art for begin- ners, design, graphic art, illustration, and jewelry. L -AL 4 J2 X K X. f ,f ff!-X pori N, 'gil' 5 L 1941 grid SGBSOH , H 'air ROW 4. H. Root, K. Sullivan, D. Boyd, M. Prizer, H. Pepper, L. Barks, R. Essary, Y. Koriya, S. Namura, D. Shaffer, M. Bullis. ROW 3: B. McCormick Ccoachl, D. Proud, R- TYOOK, L. Granger, G. Cramer, J. Christiansen, V. Wllbanks, W. Anderson, B. Brown, R. Sturdivant, C. Simpson Kcoachj. ROW 2' D. Smith, D Hope, A. Scoit, W. Sauer. B. Steele, H. Hodson, W. Johnson, K. Pultz, L. Vejar, T. Aoki. ROW J. Kuhn, G.-Tully, G. Horne, E. Ripple, C. Doutt, B. Spencer. B. Poore, L. Hodge, S. Poore, F. Munoz. ...i ..,...... 1 i Bill Poore Charles Douit varsity football team The lndian Varsity Squad, led by Co-captains Chuck Doutt and Bill Poore, ran a close second to Anaheim in the race for the Sunset League cham- pionship, this year. They opened the season with a 6-6 tie with Riverside and three scoreless ties with Chaffey, Newport Harbor, and Anaheim, one of the hardest fought games in the league. The four games they won were Huntington Beach, l3-O1 Orange, 3l-Og Excelsior, l8-7, and jordan, l5-7. The jordan game will long be remembered as the strangest game in our football history. The game was called off at the half because of fog, jordan leading 7-O. The fog came in during a striking fireworks display put on by the jordan drill team at the half. lt was so thick that the powerful flood lights were dimly visible across the field. The following Monday the second half was played with Fullerton coming from behind to win l5-7. This four-day game gained national publicity for the team. D k Y b gh Mk K E I Johnson Glenn Koontz b football The Bee squad went through their grid season undefeated with almost a perfect score, running up l74 points to their opponents 7. This touchdown and conversion was made by Anaheim, whom we beat l8 to 7. ln the deciding game for the Sunset League champion- ship, the Bees swamped their opponents 26-O, a victory well earned. The middle-weight squad was led by Captains Dick Yarbrough, Mike Kramer, Ern- est johnson, and Glenn Koontz. Coach Ray Dawson predicts that his Bees will make a var- sity squad strong enough to give Anaheim a close race for the championship next year. c football Ending the '4l season with eight wins and no defeats, jimmy Smith's lightweights copped the Sunset League crown for the second consecutive year by taking the Excel- sior Pilots for a 20-7 ride. The Indians, sparked by triple-threat Captain Seiji Ogata, piled up l56 points to their opponents 32. Here is the Fullerton Cee's championship record: FULLERTON OPPONENTS 6 ................ Covina ................ O 30 .............. Whittier .............. l 2 26 ............ Brea Olinda ............ O 7 ........ Newport Harbor ........ 6 35 ................ Orange ................ O l3 ...,.. ...... E I Monte ....... .... O i9 ...... ..... A naheim .... .... 7 20 ...... ..... E xcelsior ..... .... 7 ROW 5: B. Bruce, A H borg, P. Galarneaux, C. Maduell, C. Wise, J. Smith. ROW 4: B. Nevils, F. R b ds, D. Marriott, J. Wylie, D. Phillips, E. Brewster, R. Bryan, D. Covey. 83223: D. McGowen, A Merriam, J. Hack, B. Goodell, M. Bizzle, G. Garner, E. Savage, H. Ritt house, C. ROW 2: J. Schroed L K h B. Bryan, L. Slingsby, S. Ogata, B. Brown, B. Boyd, L. Shannon, J Eb ROW 1: D. Clark, L. Fitzgerald, S. Maeda, J. Cooley, B. Lee, A. Cosada. ,fee -aj!!-4"V""'N Vps, . 'H+ x K Q if . Q , Y X W w . . X I 'N xi X y ,f Af LW f f ,, ff, 6? , . X I hz X M., Ss , basketball The Varsity hoopsters were second in the Sunset League, with four games won and two lost. Lecl by Captain Ernest johnson, the team beat Newport Harbor, Excelsior, Huntington Beach, and Anaheim. They were clownecl by Orange, league champions, and by Long Beach jordan. Orange Fullerton Long Beach jordan Newport Harbor Excelisor Huntington Beach Anaheim won lost precent 5 O l .OOO .667 .5OO .4OO .4OO .250 ZOO ROW 2: E. Joh C. Fowler, J. Henderson, G. Cramer, Dawso fco h ElJh R0 bItBU BGgyJSthSC W1: W. Raino , . pdyke, . re or, . mi , . ramer, F Jim Kuhn Bob Falconer f 'xi of A. .. y,.,,:V 5962 Q ll A Dick Heying R 1: b team ROW 3: F. Bandel, J. Goodwin, H. Caldwell, D. Updyke. ROW 2: B. Horton Cmanagerj, R. Yar- brough, C. McKlnIey, K. Aoki, Dawson fcoachj. ROW 1: A. Sorsabal, J. Kuhn, V. Wilbanks, J. Juarez, C. Hooper. A I, . fi JJ C 'team ROW 3: L. Fitzgerald, C. Wise, A. Brown, B. Boyd. ROW 2: B. Hill, L. Shannon, A. Merriam, J. Wylie, C. Simpson fcoaehj. ROW 1: B. Walters, B. Bryan, B. Falconer, J. Hack, B. Myers. d team ROW 3: G. Snow, B. Goodell, D. Yarbrough, R. Wise. ROW 2: D. Boyd fmanagerj, R. Gonzales, D. Stedman, E. Gilfry, R. Funnell, C. Simpson fcoachj. ROW 1: H. llano, R. Bryan, D. Heying, D. Bryan, D. Sorsabal. track With Dale Neal, sprinter, and dis- tance man Willis Wilson, as main- stays, the varsity track team was ex- ceptionally strong this year. Neal ran the l00-yard dash in l0.l seconds and the 220 in 22.4 seconds. Wilson did the 880 in 2:50 and the mile in 4:50. Bob Aguilar, Lee Hodge, Bill Poore, and Cruz Ortiz were consis- tent point winners in the hurdle, broad jump, pole vault, and mile events. The varsity team defeated the Santa Ana Saints for the latter's first loss in two years, 49.5-55.5 ROW 3: R, Francis, B. Brown, D. Neal, D. Yarbrough, R. Dawson. ROW 2: V. Wilbanks, D. Gough, J. Fornero, B. Aguilar, C. Johannessen, C. Ortiz, F. Handsfield, B. Boyd. ROW 1: W. Wilson, G. Cramer, J. Kuhn, J. Berney, B. Poore, B. Spencer, J. Newell, B. Waite, Bob Brown Bill Waite ',,,.,v.:z , ,V ,ma . ...f als.. wr-'Q Qfff"?5ga56,?g2 'hd' -Q., . , .,,-, ,,.., G V2 Sarnia b track ROW 3: V. Wilbanks, J. Mejia, J. Ressegue, R. Dawson Qcoachh ROW 2: S. Namura, NI. Sandoval K. Aoki, F. Nlejia, R. Funnell. ROW 1: W. Wilson, J. Kuhn, S Cramer, B. Craven, C. Ortiz, F Handsfield. c Track ROW 3: D. McGowen, M. Bizzle, K. Boyd, R. Dawson fcoachj. ROW 2: A. Dominguez, A. Brown A. Figueroa, A. Qumda, R. Sied: man, J. Schroeder. ROW 1: D. Covey, L. Shannon D. Yarbrough, B. Boyd, L. Kuhn ROW 3: C. Simpson, K. Sullivan, V. Jones, L. Rayburn, M. Bullis. ROW 2: E. Hill, J. Juarez, T. Hill, T. Mitchell, G. Horne. ROW 1: B. Trook, E. Johnson, L. Hodge, W. Johnson, E. Munoz 0 o 0 o varslty lunlor varsity Ke baseball Led by ace hurler Vaughn jones and capable Kenny Sullivan as catcher, the baseball squad went through a highly successful sea- son. To date the Indian diamond men have captured six and lost tive games. Most of their prac- tice games were with Brea's Wildcats. The tour highest bat- ting averages are held by these men: Frank Munoz, Edwin Hill, Trenton Mitchell, and Ernest johnson. nny Sullivan Fred Bandel baseball ROW 3: B. Jones, A. Merriam, B. Myers, G. Garner, J. Christian sen. ROW 2: B. Bryan, A. Taylor, J. Hack, B. Bryant, K. Earll, B. Beal ROW 1: D. Holzgrafe, W. Dyer, F. Bandel, D. Boyd, N. Johnson ROW 2: L. Doyle, T. Aoki, L. Grainger, B. Jones, J. Christiansen, E. donald, J. Smith fcoachj. ROW 1: B. Householder, G. Swo er, . O iver, . eeson, . ruc P Sm ith, M. rizer. water polo The Water Polo season was brought to an eventful end with the annual Fullerton Invita- tional Tournament. 'The varsity squad elimi- nated Inglewood 8-l, but were downed by Huntington Beach in the semi-finals. After playing an hour and fifteen minutes, three overtime periods, Huntington Beach won 7-6. Captain johnnie Beeson and Mort Prizer, the two mainstays of the team, were honored as right forward and right guard on the first string All-Southern California Water Polo team chosen by the coaches and referees. Second string selections were: jerry Oliver, center-back, Gordon Swoffer, sprintg Buster Bruce, left guard. High point men for the league games were Don Smith, Bud House- holder, and Cordon Swoffer, with l5 goals each, ffJl JB BBeD ROW 3: E. Brewster, D. Freek, B. ROW 2: D. Wampler, C. Smith, R. ROW 1: K. Boyd, B. Pemberton, B. Williams, D. c. Payne, R. Leuiwiler, J. smith qcoachp. SONY PMN Miles, D. Peabody, R. P. Francis. Dillow, R. E. Francis, B. Krupp, P. Proud. b and c water polo The Bee squad swam through their season with a .500 average, beating Los Angeles High and Huntington Beach, and losing to Inglewood and Whittier. The Bee division in the fourth annual tournament was won by Inglewood. Captain Sonny Poore, right guard, and Bob Francis, goal guard, were elected for the All-Southern California water polo team. Bert Dillow received honorable mention. The Cee squad captained by Bob Kuhn had two All-Southern California men on their team, Sam lvlaeda, center forward, and john Lemke, goal guard. ROW 3: B. Nevil, D. ROW 2: L. Smiih, J. ROW 1: S. Maeda, J. Mosier, F. Lemmon, A. Clark, C. Dryden, W. N. Slingsby, J. Smith Ccoachl. Nelson, E. Savage, A. Dominguez, E. Cantu, R. Lundeen. Cooley, E. Coan. B. Kuhn, J. Lemke, R. Wheeler, B. Mills. , 52? Johnnie Beeson ROW 2: J. Beeson, L. Grainger, B. Householder, B. Jones, G. Swoffer, H Bergen, J. Smith Ccoachj. ROW 1: E. Brewsier, T. Aoki, B. Sills, J. Oliver, B. Bruce, D. Smith, M Prizer. swimming The high-light of this year's swimming activities was the C.l.F. Midwinter Swimming Meet. Fullerton varsity mer- men placed fourth, the Bees won an easy second, and the Cees were third. john Beeson in the "AH breaststroke and Harry McGraw in the "B" back- stroke were the only Indians to place first in their events. The Varsity team has won sixteen consecutive games since l94O. Outstanding "A" players are: Swotfer, Oliver, jones, 220 tree style, Beeson, breaststrokeg Prizer, Koontz, backstrokeg Bruce, House- holder, sprintsg and Sills, diving. ,M FULLERTON OPPONENTS" - ' A B c A B c ifll 50 36 20 Los Angeles 25 28 l9 55 3l 28 Santa Ana l2 36 ll 5l 53 2l Leuzinger 23 l2 lB 53 23 32 Beverly l-lills 2l 43 7 l... ROW 3: B. Williams, D. C. Payne, R. Le wiler, J. ROW 2: W pl C S th R. Mile, P. B yd, R P Franc ROW 1: Pemberton, B. Dll w, R. E. F cis B K upp, B Proud. ROW 3: P Galarne , F. L D Clark, W. N. Slingsby J Smith Ccoachb ROW 2: ltano J. Nelson, E S g A Dominguez, C. Can R. Lundeen, P. Lookadoo. ROW 1: E. D yden, J. Cooley, E C S Maed B. Hill, R Wheeler, B M ll Y McGraw 5 .- X Biff , .M 455.-B' 'Q' A varsity tennis The varsity netmen took to the field this year with only two members lost from the l94l season. Outstanding netmen were Herman Anderson, singles, and Stewart Hunter and George Smith, doubles. George Smith and Keith Souders were co-captains, and George Gipple was manager. iunior varsity tennis The lightweight netmen, urged on by the doubles team, Marvin Erickson and Don l-liltscher, and the singles star, Del Updyke, are the strongest in several years. They are unbeaten in several matches up to the pres- ent time. George Smith Keith Souders ROW 2: J. Hebson, G. Smith, H. Ander- l son, B. App eman, G. Gipple. ROW 1: J. Horton, D. Hammond, D. Clark, S. Hunter. ROW 2: J. Oliver, B. Boucher, D. Hilt- scher, M. Erickson. ROW 1: L. Smlth, B. Falconer, J. Wylie P. Maxwell. 'em, jimmy Wand up Squeaky knlls one a close race Reach hugh! J .MJMM ' ,Q QQ Q Q, 5 L4 ,Q ' Q QQ ,. .Q ,Q .Q Q' ' 4' ' Q Q 1' 4 ,Q V, + I 4 , Q Q' ,. ',Qe.. 41" A-1 vw -ie ?,Qw Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 Q ,rw 1 9 an :if L.. 4 1 A I 1 X va V ry, V ,,. S ',,'1,:, qu...- . , :Q fwgs Q ii' 'ff 5., Q I ii fi rf 3 ff I, 1 1 -. , 'F T 3 M - , i ,kg 4 KY'gg r ., i , fl" 4 M , .Sk ,H +5 ,'7 ' . ,ugj,,q, vff' J L,-A 'W' ,, 21. J' ' ' f . F N f .Y I 1 -Q f-idk Q Q x .z URW X ..- ,Q ' , ,,., , . ,J z Evelyn Sutton, Mary Lou Vandenburg, Alice Morris, Dody Yale. interclass swimming lnterclass swimming, managed by Evelyn Sutton, had an unusually good turnout this year. The juniors and seniors outclassed the freshmen and sophomores in the interclass meet. Our lower division placed first at Tustin, while the upper division took third. Miss Shea, the coach of the tour teams, remarked that prospects for the varsity team in the spring were very promising. Q ' ROW 2: Marilyn Doss, Evelyn Sutton fMgr.b, Mary Lou Vanden burg, Norma Troeller, Alice Morris, Jane Starbuck, Mary Shea. ROW 2: Joanne Kraemer, Lois Hollingsworth. ROW 1: June McCoy, Virginia Lowery, Dody Yale, Esther Ridgway ROW 1: Evelyn Sutton, Mary Lou Vandenburg, Jane Starbuck. Eva Marshall, Lois Hollingsworth, basketball Although basketball play-offs be- tween the different teams were very close, the final tallying of scores showed the seniors ahead. Fullerton was host to the various Orange County schools for the playdayg Maxine Klusman acted as manager. The sophomores and juniors were coached by Miss Logan, and the freshmen and seniors, by Miss Shea. Catherine Hudsueth 4. , f 'I .ME at ,I .- W 2 B. Ratliff, M. Ellinsworth, M. Earley, M. L. ROW 2: B. Ratliff M Ellinsworth M Earley J Star Vandenburg, M. Lane, M. Humborg, C. Pickins, D. Klein. buck. C. Pickens M Lane D Klein ROW 1 J. Starbuck, A. McCarthy, P. Wetzel, M. Echeto, ROW 1: R. Schelss A McCarh!y P Wetzel M Echeto M Cadman. M. Cadman. 1- o The junior and senior teams tied tor interclass cham- pionship. At press time the teams were training tor tournaments to be held with other schools. On the varsity team, the outstanding singles players were Mary Lane, Marlys Cadman and Marian Earleyg the doubles, Marie Echeto and Doris Klein, Pat Wetzel and jane Starbuck. Mary Shea was the coachg Mar- ian Earley, the manager. F, . fn. . 'Y ffl ' 'ali ' Pkwy, '3 if QQ , 115951127 ,, Q ps' 51,3545 I Ni volleyball The juniors succeeded in winning the interclass cham- pionship. As there was no transportation available to get to the playday, an afternoon of interclass competi- tion was held in the gym. Miss Logan coached the freshmen and juniorsg Mrs. Scott, the sophomoresg and Miss Shea, the seniors. 'The volleyball teams were managed by Mildred I-lumborg. ROW 2: M. Humborg, H. Stone, M. Klusman, M. Sheets, J. Starbuck, J. Kraemer, D. Love- ri e. Q ROW 1: M. Echeto, D. Kleln, N. Mlyaya M. L. Vandenburg, P. Wetzel, V. Hill. hockey The interclass games were all very close, the teams being evenly matched. The juniors and seniors played two games, the juniors winning one, the seniors, the other. The two teams tied for the championship, thus each team received ll5 points. At the hockey playday, held at Orange, the juniors and freshmen were both successful in winning their games. The sophomores tied, but the seniors were defeat- ed. The strong junior and senior teams were coached by Miss Logan and Mrs. Scott respec- tivelyg the freshmen, by Mrs. Scottg and the sophomores, by Miss Shea. Hockey manager was Charity Murray. Mt-. - N .1 ROW 3: M. Sheets, G. Dohner, J Starbuck, V H II ROW 2: L. Hoff, R. Hammond, S. Hastings, J. St b k, H. Stone. ROW 1: P. Wetzel, E. Crowder, R. Trook, K. K h M. M. Trotter M KI man, N. Miyaya. indoor Although the indoor season had not yet been completed at press time, a large group of girls had participated in the practices. Mary Lou Vandenberg, the rnan- ager, predicted a good indoor season. Mrs. Scott coached the freshmen and seniors: Miss Lo- gan, the Sophomores and juniors. ROW 4: S. Hastings, R. Harmon, J. Pwtts, M. Klusman, M. Sheets, R. Trook, J. Alsup, F. Dale, J. Oglesby, S. Ochoa, E. Hart. ROW 3: Y. Geer, E. Crowder, L. Schiller, D. Zeider, W. Foist, M. L. Vandenburg, N. Swoap. ROW 2: M. Leimer, J. Starbuck, H. Stone, K. Johnson, C. Hudspeth, M. Chapman, D. Baker, J. Deland, J. Simons, C. Amend. ROW 1: V. Hill, J. Cole, M. Humborg, R. Killen. B. Sherwood, K. Kuhn. B. Sikking, L. Sheets, B. Hart, N. Hill, E. McGaughy. l :QM 'O J' 5, M., LW! 14,14 Z Bullring oratory . . . school's out . . . sunbathers . . . FFA. does its part for defense . . . Shine, Mister? . . . They'II always dance . . . Initiates do their stuff . . . Whatcha doin', Larry . . . Cutter gossip. f--N X x X If J!! dw lhefs + X ,fq ., L,W-l fx ,,,,f 'N 1 ff A .V N I Q 1 1 N 1 '21-N, lx! yy f X 5 1' f I x f Z X 1 4 Z 4' 1' M-...mu f W, ,, , f, M Qisf Z flzf, Q f , -QM , f f Mlm, '1 170 49:0 ' f 'KKK 7 fi, , Ut Q7 07 f 4,g,fW4?, W1 f 572, X WP! f! 1 f , 1, ,,-, , drama The house lights dim and the curtain rises. Once more from weeks of plan- ning and rehearsal has materialized a finished production. Bll B y Al Nl ly B l Vaughn, Keith, Marydith, Nlarian, Bill, Harriet, Bob, Bev, June, Pat, and Barbar lb t th girls' league play A heated discussion ot clothes-line or no clothes- line opened "Once and for All", the Girls' League Play. The play told ot the inhabitants ot Tuxedo Place, the Versettis, Sven and Cora, the Detarges, Mr. and Mrs. West, a couple of chroines, and, ot course ,the landlady. The tragedy ot an overturned fruit truck, the mishap of becoming involved with gangsters, and the honors of romantic misunderstanding cul- minate in the traditional boy-get-girl climax. Christine Detarge and Nicollo Vensetti were the leading characters, played by Bob Blackburn and Beverly Withers. Bill Rainbolt and Bonnie Le- Brecht were Niclds "Poppa" and "Mammal'. eKith Souders performed characteristically as newspaper man West. Marydith Humphreys was his wife. Othre characters were: Albert Merritt, Marilyn Bergen, Bob Phillips, Bill Kammerer, Bunny Covey, Vaughn jones, Fred Hanstield, Marion Mannon, Pat Tollalcson, Ruth Adams, june Sea- mans, Pat Wetzel, Barbara Lang, jack l-lorton, and Sabin Cray. Pst-can you keep a secret -Come on. I beg of you . . . Aw, well, we'll get along Mrs. Vensetti tries to console her husband. 1 christmas play This year the four-year cycle of Christmas plays brought to us Dickens' immortal story, "A Christmas Carol," in which Scrooge, a disagreeable, miserly old man, was suddenly made aware ot his unhappy state by the visitation ot three apparitions, the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The play was produced by high school and junior college actors and music groups. l-ligh school characters were Mary McManus, Elsie lvley- ers, Orlene jencks, Douglas Phillips, Beverlee Adams, Bob Blackburn, Bob Seamans, Eliza- beth Chapman, Shirley Kisner, Mary Olive lVlcKemy, june Sea- mans, Bertie May C-eorge, Robert Trook, Don l-liltscher, Roy Sted- man, lack Albright, Dorothy Zeider, and Roy Pollack. Th gpk pk OI dDgtlkt A tt n..an.- fi?'?'3'f57T The Cratchit family represented by Winfield Rainbolt, Frank Purnell, Don Hiltscher, Roy Stedman, Shirley Kisner, Elizabeth Chapman, Rosella Beeman have Christmas dinner. The Spirit of Christmas Past The Spirit of Christmas Future seniors present Not that basket again? Susan pleads wlth Cappy Susan ns welcomed onio the staff of THE PENGUIN ,cl "ever since eve" "Ever Since Eve," the Senior Class play presented on March lZand l3, depicted the woes and joys of the editor ot the high school paper, the Penguin. The cast included johnnie, the editor, played by Robert Trookg his best friend, Spud, portrayed by Fred Handstieldg johnnie's parents, Pat Tollakson and Carl lohan- nesseng Susan, the girl next door, Ruth Killeng Spud's sister, jean lrwing Lucy- belle, Gracie Simon, the policeman, Harold Hodsong two high school teach- ers, Bonnie Sherwood and Bill Steele, and football players captained by Pres Hughes, the latter played by Norman Stark. The girls' representative moves in . . . Oh! Am I Intruding Spud dJh lyig ihS if .. ..-,I 5 , p ' H IL. . ,. ..:,.-'SA' ' ff . X 4 z HM N. Q 1 , t ,, V ,, 4 Af .IK 1 Vlkbv ,f 1 ' fs? - 52 5 gs-n .,1Q . 4 '- A ,'T .Q Qi, Q M ,rf T V. V + fi ad I'3 1 f ' 9 1 XY7' Q N 4 wwf LA X.: sf .AMR Sf X ,fa Q girls' league ROW 3: J. McNamara, M. Klusman. ROW 2: B. Blythe, B. LeBrecht, P. Hoben, M. Rowland. ROW 15 B- BOYOQ, G. Crowley, M. Cadman. uniform dress ROW 3: Betty Blythe, Wathagene Upton, Albertine Wood, Jean Wilkinson, Virginia Driesbach. ROW 2: Pat Wetzel, Jane Allbright, Dorothy Block, Barbara Vernon, Pat Henderson. ROW 1: Olive Watson, Jean McNamara, Hazel Stone. Beatrice Bolano. redmen executive board ROW 2: Johnny Beeson, Warren Sauer. ' ROW 1: Bill Poore, Mr. Roney, Mort Prizer. .w,, ,. 4 thu , JZ L gs., Tiil Lymj iunior recl cross ROW 5. Barbara Long, Gertrude Dohner, Patricia Wetzel, Charles Kohlenberger, David Hammond. ROW 4: Virginia Newson, Donna Loveridge, Miss Rumsey, Louree Patterson,,Gioria Harris, Mrs. Marian Oakley. ROW 3: Juanita Roberson, Rita Ruth Rayne, Mary Adams, Pat Barton, Janice Beagle. ROW 2: Aileen Frank, Patty Palmer, Jewell Montgomery, Vir- ginia Klepper, Bette Montierro. ROW 1: Billie Jean Humphrey, Kathryn Gerlich. forensic ROW 4: M. O. McKemy, B. J. Waites, P. Henderson, B. Sher- wood, P. Eberhart, 0. Jencks, O. G. Smith, B. Joyce. ROW 3: B. Lang, P. Jordan, F. Riley, B. Frank, V. Driesbach, G. Simon, B. LeBrecht, B. Blackburn, R. Pearcy, J. Tatum, M. Hannon. ROW 2: E. Warton, B. Rainbolt, B. Richart, B. Updyke, J. Newell, F. Handstield. ROW 1: M. Humphreys, R. Adams, B. Ingraham, B. Covey, J. Seamans, B. M. George. ,i, f ,,-.... .tif r I i 'f 0 Q I ROW rl reserve 1: Melva Eubanks, Juanita Simon, Nobuyo Miyaya, Mary Margaret Trotter, Jane Starbuck, Frankye Riley, Beatrice Boyce, Connie Strickland, June Seamans. ROW Zinn, . hi ROW Jones, ROW Jones. 1: Wanda Roe, Marilyn Moody, Rosemarie Scheiss, Marion Charity Murray, Marydith Humphreys, Marilee Arnold. -y officers 2: Steve Miller, Johnnie Hebson, Bill Falconer, Vaughn Robert Trook. 1: Keith Humphrey, George Cramer, Dick Yarbrough, Bill .0 i...f.,..J A 4 4 ,,Vw,.1,.f ff ,. -0 J pleiads ROW 4: M. Erickson, D. Gibson, J. DeLand, B. Lewis, Erdman, N. Hill, M. Hodson, M. Brower, B. Robirds, Chapman. B. Land, M. J. Dohrmann, M. Carlson, Adams, C. Andrus, B. Bolano, H. Bergen, T. Aoki, Milhous, M. Arnold. M. Leimer, W. Roe, P. Henderson M. Bergen, F. Howell. B E G T ROW 3: B. Boucher, V. Lowery, W. Dysinger, W, Wil. Iiams, R. Smith, M. Miller. ROW 2: L. Gobar, C. Dominguez, S. Ochoa, J. lrwin, M Lane. ROW 1: J. Cookerly, J. Allbright, M. Apalategui, D Hass, E. Ireland. ij -fi lf, , ff ,jvc ,Mfg lilo' I, ,f A L ,,f I R W3 M Zinn V Ta lor J Whittet J Wilkinson RO : . ' , . y , . , . , P. Stutsman, N. Swoap, V. Oakley, P. Ruby, M. L. Steele, G. Sullins, P. Wetzel, L. Russell, G. Adams, J. Starbuck M. J. Polly, L. Schiller, V. Wintter. ROW 2: J. Neill, C. Strickland, B. Vernon, G. Sjobeck B. Strickland. ROW 1: M. M. Trotter, B. Withers. CaI'6eI'S ROW 4: D. Sutton, G. Gipple, K. Souders, R. Searight, B. Boucher, L. Doyle, C. Johannessen. ROW 3: B. Strickland, D. Hass, F. Howell, P. Foss, C. Kohlenberger, R. McKemy, D. Hammond, M. J. Polly. ROW 2: M. Earley, M. Arnold, B. Vernon, J. Starbuck C. Murray, M. Leimer, R. LeBrecht, M. Bergen, B Adams. ROW 1: B. Withers, A. Frank, P. Wetzel, S. Howe, M. Humphreys, M. Zinn, M. Lane, M. M. Trotter, B. Robirds, L l Nc ill A 'lsr , .- 4- : . - 7 j A,,A A flier f A y 5- Wa we - 41 .O ,:.',..g1.4,Q,g5fjg"3g:1 . , , f l V 'A li itz? 'L,E'r-... -B-w f-nf' l .- -ia f .. gs. Lv , """2f'f":+ -' . f if ' F 'Q' l waz I x f i. , 4 me ffm.: s-,Eli 2 . 'ffa4",n.. 5111,-f 'Q-v"'5::,fqiH fig: -T,.',:'V1v.,,3,v' ff'--gli-. If Ji, - :j',.A ,. ' a . ' spanish ROW 3: Sabin Gray, Paul Kauffman, Dick Eadington, Cruz Ortiz, Kenneth Sullivan. ROW 2: Charles Milhous, Miss Turner, Virginia Newson, Delores Lindauer, Evelyn Sutton, Harry Davis. ROW 1: Bob Goodell, Beatrice Bolano, Mary Riggan, Marion Smith, Pat Henderson, Dave Wicker. latin ROW 5: D. Cameron, M. Mejia, B. Heck, K. Kersting, B. Fal- coner, H. Greene, J. Christiansen, R. Luallin, K. Konagamitsu. ROW 4: J. Kraemer, M. Humborg, P. Cooley, D. Heying, B. Falconer, V. Eubanks, J. McNamara, B. Frank. ROW 3: M. Healton, J. Brabec, A. Frank, B. Long, V. Dries- bach, P. Jordan, B. Christiansen. ROW 2: Y. Greer, M. Dohrman, R. Cox, E. Chapman, D. Block, C. Andrus, M. Klusman. ROW 1: R. Funnell, G. Lee, A. Morris, M. Carlson, D. Baker, M. Browning, M. O. McKemy, M. Humphreys, F. Hill. el dorado ROW 4: Edward Navarro, Paul Castro, Victor Sandoval, Frances Dale, Sara Olivas, Beatrice Juarez, Gertrude De Los Reyes, Mary Ramirez. Chonito Holguin, Cora Louise Arbiso, Mary Esther, Margaret Gomez, Consuelo Delgadillo, Louise Hernandez, Lupe Avila, Olga Aranda, Juanita Lozano, Trine Mejia, Alfredo Que- zada, Salvador Zuniga, Sam Gutierrez. ROW 3: Esther Mejla, Ofelia Cordova. ROW 2: Baudelio Negrete, Moises Zuniga, Mary Loulse Torres, Emma Molina, Mary Louise Hernandez, Carmen Lozano, Esther Fernandez, Aurora Flores, Joe Mejia, Frank Mejla. ROW 1: Natividad Torres, Fidel Garcia, Linda Duran, Beatrice Tafolla, Tony Figueroa. latin ROW 5: C. Smith, D. Sutton, R. Summers, R. Stedman, R. Thues, W. Williams. ROW 4: J. Seamans, B. Strickland, B. Myers, V, Reeves, W. Upton. ROW 3: A. Ward, B. Welch, C. Strickland, H. Stone, M. Peter- son, N. Troeller. ROW 2: E. Warton, M. Zinn, B. Riddle, B. Rinehart, B. Rob- irds, J. Neill. ROW 1: D. Proud. R. Rayne, M. Trotter, E. Ridgway, D. Zeider, L. Patterson, P. Rand, D. Russell. f --1-'-A -t - ' ,, 7 ,. ... .,,. I ..,... e...-.-W-H-Wm 5 V Q 1 '1 l, ea, 4 N-.A radio ROW 32 Earl Mason, Don Hass, Joe Caudillo, Bill Kohlen- befgef, Hadley Francis, Bill Basham, Don Weaver. R-OW 2: Bugene lreland, Stephen Miller, Joe Wheeler Vir- gil Van Winkle. ROW 1: Bob Janeway, Leslie Jones. -,E A Pls. 1. Q Ig ,Z ',,' 7, I V , f , 1 , 'f f, fff'f"! ,YV f f' f, f .24 W +5 2.fi1ff.f, f f ,,,, ,X a f o o 0 f , I' ' .t 'l l ROW 3: Raymond Precie, Charles Stagg, Don Boyd, Jim Middleton, Robert Hainlin, Vestal Bullington, Ruth Foster Jeanne Raggio, Jules Ressegue, Don Sutton, Mr. Keller ROW 2: Bob Goodell, Charles Milhous, Robert Rill, Yones Kariya, Joe Wheeler, Robert Morris ROW 1: Seijie Ogata, Bob Kenney, Bob H. Lee, Kirk Bell pan techne ROW 4: Elsie Meyers, Helen Thornton, Betty Riemer, Jean Dyer, Virginia Peck, Shirley Woods, Linda Duran, Helen Lar son, Ruby Ann Anderson, Nobuyo Miyaya, Beatrice Moreno, Barbara Boyce, Virginia Hill, Connie Strickland, Pat Hafl, Myrtle Leimer, Mary Adams, Annabel Shoemaker, Marlys Russell, Rosella Olsen, Edna Hart, Shirley Hillman, Gladys Adams, Marilyn Carlson. ROW 3: Merilyn Johnson, Mildred Humborg, Sabin Gray, Marian Earley, Barbara Russell. ROW 2: Gerry Campbell, Beatrice Boyce, Jean Wilkinson, Frankye Riley, Gerry Crowley, Jane Starbuck, Maxine Klus- man, Margaret Schweiss, Patty Hungerford, Harriet Hart, Dolores Lindauer. ROW 1: Don Mike Renken, Glenn Walls, Jack Trail, Fred McCoy, Jack Horton. 'S Beverlee Adams, Editor Associate Editor Francis Howell, and Business Manager lean lrwin. annual This year we have had a lot of fun work- ing and playing in the process of making this annual . . .There have been days when all we did was wrong . . . There have been days when everything just flew along. . . We've written, rewrit- ten, and revised . . . We've taken pic- tures, written copy, and mounted prints until we thought we should never stop . . . We've pestered Mr. Coodsell until he is glad to see us leave. . . pleiades Really though, he has been a wonderful help. . .We couldn't possibly have done anything without him . . . All in all, we've had a truly great year and we wouldn't trade it for anything . . . Our hope now is that you, the reader, will have halt as much fun reading this as we have had editing it. . . Your Editor and Staff Girls' Sports Editor loanne Kraemer, Literary Editor Marilee Arnold and Boys Sports Editor Harry McGraw. rl ' aft- ia., George Ginnie Keith SOLId8fS Lorena Schafer weekly pleiades Since l9l2 the Weekly Plei- ades has grown and prospered. It has expanded from a vehicle for English class mysterystories to a real news agency. On Tues- day evening the staff, antici- pating our desires, sends the paper to press, and the next day the result of their week's work is in the hands of the student body. lf a paper is to be trust- worthy, it must be accurate, if honorable, cleang if popular, entertainingg to all these we set our hand and seal in favor of the Weekly Pleiades. Behind the scenes, silently work the staff and their adviser, Mr. Cudmundson. H. Logue, V. Eubanks, M. Ell Reineke, G. Harris, L. Doyle. insworih, B. Sherwood, C. F k T Aoki, L. Shaffer, B J R b d Koontz, P J rdan, E. Whit boys' glee Under the capable direction of Mr. Bonar, the Boys' Glee Club Qalve some very Hne performances in the year's cycle. In assem- blIeS, plays, and other programs this group was well received. girls' glee With Miss Tilton on the podium, the Girls' Glee Club gave a very good account of itself in all performances-especially in the Spring Concert, a combination of all musical groups of the school. a cappella This group composed of both boys and girls performed many times during the year, each time being received most heartily. ln the Christmas Play they provided the Christmas atmosphere with some Old English Christmas Carols. ah, ,,., I up V 73? f fx JY . N u yi .. Q xx., .x 'Ln S? 1 Q, VG S5 ,.,jt2 Q ,if fw- 1 A 1 1? F? Mi we PLA. ..,,.-I H., I 1.1 x I .--Y ,W l 0 As the Student Body Song Leaders, lane Keith, Ruth Killen, and Helen Thornton did a tine job ot leading the sports enthusiasts in school songs. Dave Wicker, Andy Sorsabal, and Betty Clark bolstered the student body morale with peppy yells and spirited songs. , ve., dm With Bunny Covey as head majorette, and Betty jo Rainbolt and Betty Mon- teiro as capable assistants, this well-trained trio gave added zest and sparkle to the year's mid-game activities. " "W-,,.., i ,M . ' 'L , 'f " " W 1 1,7f,fW'-Q,zfJ,,p , ' H ,, I I ,kj f ' v' f A , '-mfg fa, v A ' Lafycwifr gi , V 1 , , , , ,S Mum, ,fg7f'3," f I . 2 . E,V,:f.,W,,q,, ,J ff f - ' if i-cl wg, ffm, f, 1 f 5 f ,J ff, ' 4 mf , nl K 4 ,M A 45, p P K- ,:,::'9,,2,,,, V . ,- ZF J" M ' ' 'Q , V, K ' 3 ' ' ifywfp, 'f ' f wwf " 1+.ff?7if4Znp.gfffl I,-Q 4 , , , ,- -Q 1, ,,,,.,,fgw 4 ,, Q, W,,,,, 'V ,V I V- , . ' well y1.,':9rf'1,,gfw , 1 V ., f!A, t Y, gvwi, V -'L-..:.,,..W5fi',"' wa' -"""" " ln keeping with the general patriotic tendency, the exceptionally well organized, well-trained drill team was this year supplemented by a newly formed color guard consisting ot Shirley Howe, Helen Pyeatte, lxflarydith Humphreys, Mary Lane, Mary Olive lVlcKemy, and lean Christner. 5 Cheerful chatter . . . Indian musicians practice . . . Dody and Connie . . . Let us in on it, Sibyl . . . Harriet and Marian . . . Alma mater . . . Twelve o'cIock . . . And the band played on . . . Barbara disgusted Xi f- Noon-snack . . . What's in there? . . . Radio shark gets a lesson ,J,Shine up .... I Riff! 1' ' X H l' r J' ' What goes on down there? . . . What's this, another story? . . . What a mess! . . . You tell iem, Wick! . . . Resting between acts . . . private con- versation . . .n Shylock . . . a familiar scene. ADAMS, BEVERLEE 1942 Annual Pleiades Ed. Christmas Play 4 C.S.F. Alcyonions 4 Pleiads 1,2,3,4 Girl Reserves, Ring Circle Etiquette Club Pres. 2 ADAMS, MARY Marching Unit 3,4 Pan Techne 3,4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 ADAMS, RUTH Girls' League Play 4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 Dance Club 3 AGUILAR, BOB Track 1,2,3,4 ALDRETE, PURA EI Dorado Club 1,2,3 Pan Techne 4 ANDERSON, WESLEY Football 4 Baseball 4 Latin Club 3 Swimming 2 ARNOLD, MARILEE Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Ring Circle 3,4, Pres. 4 C.S.F., Alcyonions 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Dance Club 3 Careers Club 3,4 BARTON, ANITA Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Girls' League Song Leader 2 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 French Club 4 Latin Club 2 Forensic CIub.,1,2 BASHAM. BILL Radio Club Pres. 4 Band 1,2.3,4 Science Club 1,2 senior BEESON, JOHNNIE Swimming 2,3,4 Water Polo 2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 BEHMERWOHLD, JAMES Baseball 3,4 Band 2,3 BENSON, DORIS Pan Techne 3,4 BERGEN, HERBERT Boys' Athletic Mgr. 4 Pleiads 1,2,3,4 C.S.F., Alcyonians 4 Varsity Football Mgr. 2,3 Junior Class Vice-Pres. Swimming 2,3,4 BLACKBURN, BOB Christmas Play 1,2,3,4 Girls' League Play 2,3,4 Forensic Club 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3 Indian Service Club 1,2,3 Alcyonians 4 BLOCK, DOROTHY G.A.A.1,2,3.4, Big F 4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 3,4 Girl Reserves 1 BLYTHE, BETTY Unllorm Dress Bd. Chair. 4 Girl Reserves 3,4 Ring Circle 4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A.1,2 BOLANO, BEATRICE Uniform Dress Board 4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Pleiads 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 Sec. 4 G.A.A. 1 BOYD, BILL Football 2,3 Water polo 1,2,4 Swimming 1,2 Baseball 2 1... . 1 - ,-N, , ,Y 5414-5 s un 1, s X x f Qixxxxs , xg , l 1 H ' Y . ' z....i. . - M..-,..n-. .f . is:-.., sl f Tv--'Wf activities BROWN, BOB Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4 Spanish Club 3,4 Kayak-Paddleboard Club 3 BULLIS, MARTIN Latin Club 2 BUTLER, JOHN Latin Club 2,3,4 Science Club 2,3 BYERS, FRANCES Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 BYERS, LOUISE Band 1,2,3,4 Girl Reserves 4 Etiquette Club 1 G.A.A. 1 CARLSON. RICHARD Latin Club 2,3 CARMICHAEL, VELMA Spanish CIub3 CASTRO, ROSA Eldorado Club 1,2,3,4 COBBLE, REVA Spanish Club 3 Girl Reserves 1,2 COLE, JEANNE G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F 3,4 COLLINS, BARBARA Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A.1,2 CONNER, JACQUELINE Spanish Club 3 Dance Club 3 COVEY, RUTH Girls' League Play 4 Girl Reserve Sec. 2 Ring Circle 3,4 Band Majorette 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 4 Forensic Club 4 DAVIS, HARRY Soanish C. 3,4 Treas. 4 Forensic Club 4 DE PAUW. ARTHUR Kayak-Paddleboard Club 2,3 DIMOND, EVELYN Latin Club 1,2,3,4 DOUTT, CHARLES Football 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4 Baseball 4 Varsity Club Pres. 4 French Club 1,2 DRIESBACH, VIRGINIA Latin Club 2,3,4 Uniform Dress Bd. 4 Forensic Club 4 Dance Club 3 DURAN, LINDA Soanish Club 4 El Dorado Club 1,2,3,4 Pan Techne 4 EADINGTON, RICHARD Science Club 2,3,4 Snanish Club 3 4 EARLY, MARIAN G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F 4 Bar-d 1,2,3.4 Pleiads 2,3,4 Alcyonions Careers Club 3,4 Sec. 4 Pan Techne 4 EBERHART. PATSY Etiquette Club 1,2.3,4 Girl Reserves 1.2,3,4 Forensic Club Vice-Pres. Junior Red Cross 3,4 G.A.A.1.2.3 ELLINSWORTH, MAXINE Etiquette Club 1 G.A.A. ESSARY. ROY Football 3,4 EUBANKS, VELDA Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2.3.4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,4 4 FOSS, HERBERT Soph. Class,.Yell Leader Careers Club 4 Hi-Y 1,2,3 Treas. 1 Water polo 1,2 Swimming 1,2 FOWLER, CLIFTON Basketball 1,2,3,4 Capt. 2 Indian Service Club 1 FRANK, BARBARA Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 2,3,4 Forensic Club 4 Weekly Pleiades Staff senior activities HANDSFIELD, FRED Track 2,3,4 Girls' League Play 4 Senior Class Play Forensic Club Pres. 4 HASELTINE, EUGENE Band Pres. 4 Baseball 1 HASS, DONALD Science Club 3,4 Pres. 4 Pleiads 2,3,4 Treas. 3 Careers Club 3,4 Pres. 4 Radio Club 4 Alcyonions..4 HAWKINS, ANNA MAE French Club 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,4 Band 1 GEORGE, BERTIE MAE Transf. from Detroit, Mich. Christmas Play 4 GIPPLE, GEORGE Weekly Pleiades Editor 4 Careers Club 4 Baseball 2 Press Club 2 GOODELL, BOB F.F.A. 3,4 Pres. 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Indian Service Club 1,2,3 GRAUE, HELEN Pleiads 4 GRAY, SABIN Pan Techne 3,4 Pres. 4 Spanish Club 3,4 GUTHRIE, LLIELLA Spanish Club 3 HAINLAIN, ROBERT F.F.A. 3,4 Swimming 1,2,3 Water polo 1,2,3,4 HALL, PAT Pan Techne 4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,4 HAYES, JOHN Spanish Club 3 Track HEBSON, JOHNNIE Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Tennis 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2 HECK, BILL Latin C. 2,3,4 Vice-Pres. Science Club 1,2,3,4 HENDERSON, JACK Tennis 2,3,4 Basketball 1,4 HENDERSON, PAT Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 Forensic Club 4 HIGLEY, BARBARA Transf. from Long Beach HILL, TOM French Club 3,4 Pres. 4 Baseball 2,4 HOBEN, PAT Girls' League Sec. 4 G.A.A., Big F. 4 G. R. Ring Circle 3,4 Etiquette Club Pres. 3 Marching Unit 3,4 Latin Club 1,2,3 4 HODSON, HAROLD Football 1,2,3,4 Senior Class Play Latin Club 2 HOLLINGSWORTH, LOIS G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Treas. 4 Big F 3.4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 HOLVE, ELINOR Pan Techne 3 French Club 2 Girl Reserves 1,2 Etiquette Club 1 HOPE, DEAN Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 HORTON, JACK Pan Techne 4 Hi-Y 4 Girls' League Play 4 Tennis 4 HOUSEHOLDER, BUD Swimming 1,2,3,4 Water polo 1,2,3,4 Freshman Class Yell Leader HOWE, SHIRLEY Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Color Guard 4 HOWELL, FRANCIS Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Pleiads Pres, 4 C.S.F. French Club 2,3,4 Alcyonions 4 Careers Club 3,4 Kayak-Paddleboard Club 2,3 HUDSPETH, CATHERINE G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F 3,4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 HUMBERT, BETTY JEAN Pan Techne 3 HUMBORG, DOROTHY Pan Techne3 Uniform Dress Bd. 3 Girl Reserves 1 HUMBORG, MILDRED Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A., Big F3,4 Science Club 2,3,4 Pan Techne 3,4 Latin Club 2,4 HUMPHREY, BILLIE G.A.A. 2 Forensic Club 1 HUMPHREYS, MARYDITH Pleiads 1,2,3,4 G.R.1,2,3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 Girls' League Play 4 Latin C. 2,3,4 Careers C. Science C. Sec.-Treas. 3 Etiquette C. 1,2,3,4 Sec. HUNGERFORD, PAT g G.A.A. 1,3,4 Big F 4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Pan Techne 4 INAI, YASUKO Japanese C. l,2,3,4 Sec. 3 Pan Techne 3,4 IRWIN, JEAN Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Pleiads Vice.-P. 4 C.S.F. Girl Reserve Pres. 1 Senior Class Play Girls' League Play Alcyonions 4 JENCKS, ORLENE G.R. 1,2,3,4 Vice-Pres. 1 G.R. Ring Circle 3,4 Girls' League Play 4 Christmas Play 4 Pleiads 3,4 Etiquette Club 1,3 JENSEN, BEATRICE G.A.A. 1,2,3 Spanish Club 2,3,4 1 JOHANNESSEN, CARL I-li-Y 1,2,3,4 Sec. 4 Track 3,4 Science Club 4 Careers Club 4 Kayak-Paddleboard 3,4 Band 1,2 JOHNSON, KATHLEEN G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 Big F 3,4 Girl Reserves 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 2,3 Science Club 1,2,3 JOHNSON, HAROLD Band 1,2,3,4 Track 3 JONES, LESLIE Band l,2,4 Radio Club 4 Weekly Pleiades Staff 2 Pleiads 2 JONES, VAUGHN Baseball 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Forensic Club 4 Girls' League Play 4 JORDAN, PHYLLIS Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette C. Vice-Pres. 3 Forensic Club Treas. 4 Uniform Dress Board 3 JOYCE, BETTY Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. Forensic Club KARIYA, YONEO Track 3,4 Japanese C. 1,2,3,4 Pres. 3 F.F.A. Treas. 4 KAUFFMAN, PAUL Spanish Club 3,4 KEITH, JANE Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Student Body Song Leader 4 KILLEN, RUTH Student Body Song Leader 4 Girl Reserves l,2,3 G.A.A. Song Leader 2 Big F 3,4 Girls' League Song Leader 3 Senior Play KOONTZ, DOROTHY G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Big F3,4 Latin Club 2,3 Weekly Pleiades Staff 4 Marching Unit 3,4 KOONTZ, GLENN Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 KOZIO, JEAN French Club 2,3 Band Etiquette Club 1 Pleiads 4 LANE, MARY Pleiad Pres. 4 C.S.F. Etiquette C.1,2,3,4 Pres. 1 G.R.1,2,3,4 Ring Circle 4 Careers Club 4 G.A.A. 1,4 Alcyonions 4 Science Club 3,4 LE BRECHT, BONNIE Girls' League Pres. 4 Play 4 G.R. Pres. 3 Ring Circle 3,4 Etiquette C. Vice-Pres. 2 G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F3,4 Pleiads 1,2,3 Careers C. 3,4 Alcyonions 4 LEIMER, MYRTLE Pleiads, C.S.F. 4 G.A.A. Sec. 4 Big F 3,4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Careers Club 3,4 Latin Club 2 Alcyonions 4 senior activities LENIMON, NIILDRED G.A.A.1,2,3 Etiquette Club 1,2 Girl Reserves 1,2 Science Club 1,2 Latin Club 2 LINDAUER, DELORES Spanish C. 3,4 Pres. 4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 Pan Techne 4 Pleiads 4 LYONS, FRANCES Pan Techne 3,4 MCCARNES, JEANNETTE Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Marching Unit 3,4 G.A.A. 2 McKEMY, MARY OLIVE Latin Club 2,4 Christmas Play 4 Etiquette C. Vice-pres. 4 Alcyonions 4 Girl Reserves 3,4 Forensic Club 4 McNAMARA, JEAN Uniform Dress Bd. Chair. 4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 2,3,4 Alcyonions 4 MacMASTER, MARTHA Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2 MENNES, BETTE G.R. 1,2,3,4 Treas. 4 G.A.A. Song Leader 3,4 Etiquette Club 4 MEYERS, ELSIE Pan Techne 3,4 Dance Club 3 MEYERS, VIRGINIA Pan Techne 3 Uniform Dress Bd. 3 Girls' League Cab. 4 MIDDLETON, GAIL Band 1,2,3,4 Mgr. 4 French Club 2,3 Football 1 MILHOUS, CHARLES Basketball 1,2,3 Spanish C. 3, Vice-pres. 4 F.F.A. Sec. 4 MILLER. DELOS Transf. from Eagle Rock Track 4 MILLER, STEPHEN Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Pres. 3 Science Club 2,3,4 Sec. 4 Radio Club 4 Spanish Club 3 Pleiads 1,2,3 Football 1,2 MURRAY, CHARITY G.R. 2,3,4 Sec. 4 G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F 4 Pleiads 1,2,3 Etiquette 1,2,3,4 Careers Club 3,4 NEISWANGER, BETTY Band 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2 NEWELL, JACK Student Body Treas. 4 Indian Service Club 1,2,3 Track 2,3,4 Sophomore Class Treas. Latin Club 2 Forensic Club Treas. 3 NEWSON, VIRGINIA Forensic Club Treas. 3 Jr. Red Cross Sec.-Treas. 4 Spanish Club 4 Pleiads 3, Alcyonions 4 OGATA, SEIJIE Football 2,3,4 Japanese Club 4 F.F.A. 4 PEARCY, RUTH Student Body Sec. 4 Student Body Song Leader 2 G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Big F 3,4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Annual Pleiades Staff 3 Latin Club, Alcyonions 4 PECK, ROBERTA Pan Techne 3 PECK, VIRGINIA Pan Techne 3,4 PEPPER, HURLEY Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Varsity Club Sec.-Treas. 4 Hi-Y l,2,3,4 Pleiads 1 PHILLIPS, ROBERT Girls' League Play 4 French Club 2 PICKENS, CHARLOTTE G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Vice-P. 4 Big F 3,4 Glrl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Weekly Pleiades Staff 3 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 4 POOLE, MORRY Football 3,4 POORE, BILL Boys' League Pres. 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Sophomore Class Pres. French Club 2 Basketball 2 PRIZER, MORTON Football 1,2,3,4 Swimming 1,2,3,4 Water polo 2,3,4 Boys' League Vice-Pres. 4 PUMPHREY, LOYAL Football 1,2 Swimming 1,2,3,4 Water polo 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 1,2 PYEATTE, HELEN Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 RAGGIO, JEANNE F.F.A. 4 Pan Techne 3 RAMSEY, PAT Etiquette C. 1,2,3,4 Sec. 3 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 RATLIFF, BETTY Girls' League Vice-Pres. 3 Etiquette Club G.A.A. REDMAN ROSETTA Weekly Pleiades Staff REEVES, VIRGINIA Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 2,3,4 Forensic Club 3 G.A.A. 1,2 RICHART, BILL Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Forensic Club 4 Band 1,2,3 RIGGAN, MARY Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Pleiad 1,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 French Club 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 RILEY, FRANKYE G.R. 1,2,3,4 Pres. 2,4 Pan Techne 3,4 Dance Club 3 Latin Club 1 Alcyonions 4 Etiquette Club 1,2 Class Sec. RILL, ROBERT Hi-Y 2,3 Swimming 2 Basketball 1 RODGERS, FRANCES Latin Club 2,3,4 Pan Techne 3,4 Girl Reserves G.A.A. Alcyonions 4 SAVILLE, ULDINE Pleiads 4 SCHMOKER. BOB Track 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Hi-Y 1,2 Kayak-Paddleboard C. 2 SCOTT, ARNOLD Senior Class President Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3 Track 2 SEAMANS, JUNE G.R. 1.2,3,4 Sec. 4 Latin Club 2,3.4 Sec. 4 Girls' Leaoue Play 4 Forensic Club 1,2,3,4 Christmas Play 4 Etiquette C. Alcyonions 4 SHAFFER. DON Football 3,4 Baseball 4 SHERWOOD, BONNIE Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. Song Leader 3,4 Forensic Club 4 Senior Class Play SIEFERT, FRED Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Radio Club 4 SIMON, GRACE Forensic Club Sec. 4 Senior Class Play Junior Red Cross 4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 SMITH, ALMA LOUISE G.R.1,2,3,4 Ring Circle 3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 4 Christmas Play 2 G.A.A. 1,2 SMITH, JACK Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3 SMITH, MARION Spanish Club 3,4 Freshman Class Song Leader SORSABAL, ANDY S.B. Yell Leader 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball Manager 3 Football 4 SOUDERS, KEITH Weekly Pleiades Editor 3,4 News Bureau Director 4 Girls' League Play 4 Science Club Pres. 3 Careers Club 3,4 Pleiads 2 STARK, NORMAN S.B. Vice-Pres. 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 STEELE, BILL Football 1,2,3,4 Junior Class Treas. Senior Class Play Latin Club 2 STEMPLE, PAUL Senior Class Vice-Pres. Football 1,2,3 Basketball 3,4 Track 3 STEVENS, BILLIE Etiquette Club 2,3,4 STOREY, BETTY Dance Club 3 STRICKLAND, CONNIE G.R.1,2,3,4 Vice-P. 4 G.R. Ring CircIe4 C.S.F. 4 Alcyonions 4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Science Club 1,2,3 SUTTON, DON Senior Class Treasurer Latin Club Treas. 4 F.F.A. Pres. 4 Careers Club 4 Science Club 1,2 Tennis 2 Alcyonions 4 SUTTON, EVELYN Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. Big F 3,4 Pres. 4 Spanish Club 3,4 Pan Techne 3,4 Student Body Song Leader 3 Alcyonions 4 STURDIVANT, ROBERT Football 3,4 French Club 2,3,4 Baseball 1 TAFOLLA, BEATRICE Junior Red Cross 4 El Dorado Club 2,3,4 TAYLOR, VlVlAN Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4 Pleiads 3,4 Spanish Club 3 THORNTON, HELEN Student Body Song Leader 4 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 Pan Techne 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 TOLLAKSON, PAT Senior Class Play TROOK, ROBERT Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Treas. 4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,4 Forensic Club 4 Senior Class Play Kayak-Paddleboard C. 2 TULLY, GENE Football 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 UPDYKE, BOB Student Body President Football 3,4 Tennis 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Capt. 3 Junior Class Pres. Latin Club 1 Alcvonions 4 VAUGHN. KATHLEEN Trans. from Brawley VERNON, BARBARA Pleiads Treas. 4 C.S.F'. French C. 2.3 Alcyonions 4 Careers Club 3,4 Etiquette Club Annual Pleiades Staff 3,4 Uniform Dress Board 4 senior WALKER, JAMES French Club 2,3 Science Club 2 Basketball 1 WARTON, EILEEN Band 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Etiquette Club 3,4 Forensic Club 1,2,4 WATSON, OLIVE Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 WATTS, VIOLA G.A.A. 1,2 WEAVER, DON Radio Club Sec. 4 Science Club 4 WELCH, BETTY Senior Class Secretary G.R.1,2,3,4 Ring Circle 3,4 Etiquette 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Alcyonions 4 WELTON, DONALD Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Science Club 4 WHEELER, JOE F.F.A. 4 Radio Club Vice-Pres. 4 WHITTET JERRY Pleiads 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3 Etiquette Club 1 WICKER, DAVE S.B. Yell Leader 3,4 WILKINSON, JEAN Band 1,2,3 Pleiads 2,3,4, Pan Techne 4 Uniform Dress Board 4 Latin Club 2 Etiquette Club 1 - Alcyonions 4 ZINN, MARION Girl Reserves Pres. 4 Latin Club 2,3,4 Science Club 1,2,3,4 Pleiads 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 3,4 Careers C. 4 Alcyonions 4 activities If Q s.l.,3!..A-1- ! CTQJ, eww' U WM ' W.. i gg- - a ' A GLW! fn-cd, EAW 'Qkilnig jtaamhi aj-L .vu-9. 1,1-v-.. U lj i i J. I ,, A. i GZIW1, r Wwe Q, fl ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, fg Phillips Printing Company Babcock Cover Company 1 Los Angeles Engraving Company i Jarrerrs Phorographers - iii i it l gui. w avi 1 N Viffzv Jbafv 202544, ,dui .7 AW4,Wf7Mf Yi S5 ZLMWWUW R-R NNW- a , Coww. C mv. "YN-Gs suwwwsvr. You-ww. w-emxxxxm su-w..u .31,.x -X, ls! kxj' -R-rv' 1 -Qw-:!..hX.,1- xNo'Qvr..KlooNxX I YS IN X045 oy'-,W Qxxgglc with-t-'av waxy' L""x5 Bffxvbvx zwlv u'X'xw-0. Nav-5+ . Qgy l""'1 bv l Q x, 1 0lS e lv . 4 - 1 WJ X QF' X W wiilk .SEER ff? '74 i -of Q X Ki , N 5323 wif jf? Wu . ' ' f ' PTH WMM WWW H Q 3 ggfpl ,,Mfif,f j, W if 'x yvfffk M ' Q, , 3 ,iii W 1LY'f,ifL ' W W V 3, IQ N MW, QW WM MWXEW M 3 Qfgfjgww . QSR- if W WW Ii' gf Eff fl ' - . 'N fl. - ' . ' 1, T I M Q' A ' was , 'N-2 W, , W. A-I l 'f V , MW -ff w 1 -. -.YN ef! 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Suggestions in the Fullerton Union High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Fullerton, CA) collection:

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