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K: %. - 4- V V ' • - l fffiSiraMikun iainofffiaasBnoBfii iainHKHraMaw iuiHinciBc %? J ' ,( - IT (X w :.: »♦♦♦♦♦ »»«»iiti " . r - K ffi S% fttt tBttfiI ffii ffiBS BHaiHgHnBflH n iH B lllfBOWr ' ' Jxnowledi 9 I Line teen C orty-dlyne eta [Published 6y the yLnnual Lrleiaaes of QJullerton Lirnon uiigh School QJullerton, ( auforma atlglCllgBaiWSWl M n il ll llwJl lu l Ju ulltMm i lll l u l l l lun i lum i iniu i RmmjiiuM i " " c! ' - ' M-i Lo .• : [ 3 ] ' Jjedh ication To our advisor, Mr. Goodsell this book is dedicated. B StggggffiafigtBtBaqi wtrtHBiaHmg ia ag g gauowHi T i Q7ore K ord For some it molds the minds of people to their fancies. For others it expresses the deep emotions of the inner self. For a handful it reveals crystal clear the mysteries of the universe. For a few it guides the hand of mercy. For still others it enriches the skills of the ancient craftsman. And to millions it gives an eternity of pleasure. Truly, Knowledge is powerful and wonderful. ag H i nn BT KMlUHillillM HlgiH»« [Board of cJf r us tees The Board of Trustees is directly respon- sible to the taxpayers for an efficiently run school and must pass on all matters concern- ing this institution. The representatives are: Herbert Bergen (president), Fullerton; Claude Ridgwcy, La Habra; Harold Hale, Fullerton; Rex Hastings (clerk), Yorba Linda, and Richard Nelson, Buena Park. Herbert Bergen Rex Hastings Claude Ridqway xecutive (becretary Much emphasis is placed upon education of the " here and now " variety. It is true that education should be of the kind youth can enjoy and live by today, but it is more than this. It is the foundation of the life we shall presently experience. Sincerely, BmHKmjH fliw giamB lUHflflUfHUIfHT Hil: (Superintendent John Dewey, one of America ' s foremost philosophers and educators, has said: " Education is not a preparation for life, education is life ' And it is so. Our school life is most successful when we give it all the reality, all the seriousness, and seek from it all the happiness that should be ours during any part of life. [ 7 ] ?. nncipa I 1 There is within all an urge toward self-fulfillment of an ideal. We know the kind of person we want to be. To attain that ideal requires thoughtful planning and a life well regulated and fully equipped. a Ti ijA- [ 8 ] m w n fB uw i w i 0. ean o Elizabeth Barrett Browning once asked Charles Kingsley, " What is your secret of life? Tell me that I may make mine beautiful too. " He replied, " 1 had a friend ' Friends, real friends, are such an asset along Life ' s Way. Let ' s learn to make friends! Let ' s learn to understand peo- ple! Let ' s learn how to get along with them! Sincerely, . n. VcM J ounseior We have been privileged to share the experiences of another year. It has been a successful year if we now are better prepared for effective citizenship. Personal plans are subject to change, and in the maturing of these plans we hope to be of asiistance, but citizen- ship responsib ' lity remains a continu- ing challenge. [ 9 ] usiness m anager Much credit is due Mr. Henry for his able handling of the school finances. Under his jurisdiction come all transactions which affect the budget. a ctivities m anager To Mr. Brunskill came the job of Activities Manager. Through him social functions and athletic competitions were completed expertly and courteously. Lrlant Supenntenaent In a swift and efficient manner, Mr. Potter supervised the repairs, power house, electrical work, and janitoring of the school. y ffice Secretaries Top Row: Loram Raupe, Helen Frank, Gladys Miller. Frieda Schubert, Phyllis Corcoran, Marguerite Lindsey. Bottom Row: Vivia Borglum, Edith Morgan, Connie Blose, Betty Carter, Mary McDonald. Doris Gritfith mxiessimmmmimiimmiafiBixmmmisaiBiimtu Shailer Arnold ■cial Science chard W. Bor.st iglish 3ncY Lee Carmichael Drary snrietta S. Helm 3ine Economics Tieads of f [ 11 : Lena E- Reynolds Mathematics Mabel L. Sharpe Language ,4 ' ' Ralph R Snyder X Commerce i ' 9 ' n Harwood H- Tracy Natural Science Harold E Walberg Music LOepartments C. A, Worsley Physical Science Lrresident Likeable, n-annerly, and full of fun is Bill Bra- shears, our Student Body President. Serious when need be, this popular senior did a thorough job of super,vising school activities. ' I ■d xecutive uJoan The Executive Board is chosen by the student body and has control of student affairs. One of their biggest tasks this year was the managing of the Pow Wow. They also plan and present our dances. Beth Anderson Girls ' League President Doris Petterson Girls ' Athletic Manager Pat Hardy Boys ' Athletic Manager Jack Schweiss Annual Pleiades Editor John Longford Treasurer Keith Souders Weekly Pleiades Editor Tom Nakase Vice-President Jean Yale Secretary «.— ivWM WSj [ 12 ] liitr nmniTni iinn r iiia ii i ii iiiii i iii i i [ 13 ] ml 11 [ 14 ] iroHfflflag aattga HiflfflHBWtt ba oBBffgittnii iM uu MiaiincitaiiiJo iHM yl y . ' J«-» -- -. " W- i--- - -C s ■ ( ........- . 3.,p c--- ;i - - J- ■ " " as " ' „.g - . k ■. V faBiH««!«H mHWHWH »HWIWSWWWtflttfmitfW«tttMfI iniMlflimwWH Edna Spalding Human Biology Elizabeth Sprague Natural Science Hjotanii Botany, a study of plant life in its various forms, is a third year science. An interesting feature of this course was the field trips which were taken in search of plant specimens. iOiogyi Biology, the science of life, is a first year sub- ject dealing with life in its various forms. Field trips, dissection, and lectures comprise the larger part of the activities in this class. . uman to l ogM A most vital and interesting study — that of the human body — is token up here. The student learns, among other things, the function 3|c| i4) values of our various systems. f». kgnce Vn cimfe 1 m jysics Physics IS a science dealing with mat- ter and motion. Through it many mir- acles of familiar things are explained, and the way is opened up for further knowledge and independent thinking along the road of truth. ez lemistry Composition and changes m matter are studied m Chemistry. The wonder- workings and reactions of the ele- ments under different conditions and with different substances are learned and experimented with in this course. smti nNBsB iifSica Kience Physical Science combines the more practical applications of chemistry and physics, and offers the student a working knowledge of these two sciences. Higher mathematics is not a prerequisite, as the course is more for the mechanically minded. 1 US. uiistoryi A third-year required subject, U. S History gives every stu- dent a foundation needed to successfully understand our country ' s problems in the light of its history. World criistorti The civilization of man is the under- lying idea of the World History classes. The history of man, from prehistoric cave dwellers to World War 11, is fully covered. [ 18 ] e iViCS The application of our Constitution to modern times and the detailed work- ings of our state, county, and city gov- ernments are studied and discussed by the seniors in this semester course. Don Cruickshank Social Living Mrs. Arietta Kelly Social Living Florine Hopkins World History Allan Dorland Social Science Winifred Jones U. S History Robert Strange U S HiGtory a mencan Lrrobu ems Challenges to American youth ore the topics for dis- cussion in the senior American Probtems classes. Pol- itics, economics, foreign policies, and social problems are a few of the fields explored. Social JLi wing Social Living is a subject designed for freshmen. Here the newcomers strive for orientation, polish, culture, and general education. Problems which confront the high school student in his daily life constitute a large part of the course. [ 19 ] lUMUuuuffin twt w ww Kbnglish Three years oi English are compulsory with two elective fourth year classes. The department offers a diversified course of study, combining literature composition, and grammar. A Sopho- more book is published yearly by the second year students. J Leona Arth Library Helen Dryer English Bolton lones Study Hall L ontemporarij cJ i iterature Contemporary Literature is de- signed for those seniors who wish to keep posted on modern litera- ture. The course is divided into four parts: short stories, poetry, drama, and novels. [ 20 ] sniitiiiiranaiiBnRBmiRaiiitHBSKn [Public Q peaking " Four score and seven years aqo " . . Panels, debates, round iables, and solos comprise the mam part of the Public Speak- ing course. Despite the hard v ork required, this is a course of real value; for besides the speaking experience, the stu- dent is trained to organize and present his thoughts in an or- derly fashion. JLibraru 0( rary science This class is designed primarily for those students who wish to become librarians. A comprehensive course of study and experience is given. Mrs. Marjone French Valborg Linde English English Ruth Moody Mrs. Alma Rounds English English [ 21 ] mj inBBIHffi algebra I II f Algebra I, an elementary course dealing with un- knowns, IS a freshman subject and a college require- ment. Algebra II is a continuation for those who desire higher mathematics. Iva Ernsberger Mathematics John Miano Mathematics Mrs. Claire Carter Mathematics Astrid Hansen Mathematics Anita Shepardson Mathematics cJ ngonometrif Trigonometry is a higher math course deaUng with the rela- tions of the angles and sides oi triangles. It is a semester course open to seniors. Solid (geometry This is also a semester math class for those seniors who desire to continue the study of geometry in three dimensions. (geometry This sophomore math course deals with the properties, mea.s- urements, and relations of lines and angles. It is a college require- ment that promotes logical thmk- ing and reasoning. [ 23 ] CJ reach The two years of French offered the student give him a good background for advanced work A combined course of literature and grammar ore taught m each year. i (Spanish In the Spanish classes the emphasis has been shifted from Spam to South America. The first and second year classes are more concerned with gram- mar and general background, while the third and fourth year students spend their time translating plays, novels, and Spanish literature. [ 24 ] mmsiifmimssmiimBKammasimaaiiB Mrs. Mabel Jeffers Latin Myrtle Klahn Spanish Lawrence Myers Languages Dorcas Turner Spanish £c atifi The four years of Latin offered the language student cov.er various types of work. Hercules, Cicero, Virgil, and Caesar are a few of the selections studied. Besides this classic litera- ture, a sound basis of grammar is given. nguc es [ 25 ] ir .r n ¥ ' J. hr I ; . V ' - ni r J ' v h . S H . V, ■ •g V i J if i ' U C - u J: (?. _ I • ' »SWv«W i»M ' «K«j««MM«4X!9H« rama ■ Earl Dysinger Stagecraft Dorothy Newton Drama cJhe Stage Greasepaint, footlights, greenroom activity, and the thrill of first curtain all combine to form one of the most exciting of all make- believe worlds, the Stage. Many finished productions were staged, thanks to the able direction of Miss Newton and the backstage activity of Mr. Dysinger and his crew. [ 27 ] oose GIRLS ' LEAGUE PLAY CAST Mary Early Doris Ann Bray " Randy " Cunningham . Frank Purnell Delphie Wanda Roberson Hope Early Lynn Dennis Bob Early Robert Kewish Dick Early Robert Blackburn Emily Early Virginia Luff Richard Early Robert Houghton Miriam Walker Shirley Curran Jenny Malloy Charlene Egeler ack Milford Jean Royer " Buzz " Daily William Rainbolt Mrs Forester Barbara Mathews Sanford Welles Don Richey I I [ 28 ] (bu mer FRESHMAN CLASS PLAY CAST Ellmer Collier Frank Young Susan Collier Con-.tance LIcCabe eanie Collier Marilyn Carlson anie Collier Mary Jane Dohrmann Vliss Luisa Pinney Esther Ridgway Ats. Collier Betty Vaughn Fannie Belle Isabell Gibson Hubert Brown Bill lones : usRell Jameson Keith Humphry uddi Clnswers an ' U ad ' SOPHOMORE CLASS PLAY CAST Buddy His father ... His mother ' ' Postman Wesley Ozios Ivlyi-na Mary Margaret Trotter ... Fay Hill William Rainbolt N eill Lyhnstmas LPla HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERS OF CAST Artaban Robert Blackburn Abgarus Robert Houghton Abdus Lee Vandenberg Friend of Artaban Robert Kewish Traveler Robert Burnip Mary Juanita Roberson Wise Man Charles Hertzler Parthian Jew Don Richey Slave Girl Charlene Egeler Roman Soldier Frank Purnell Townspeople . . Julia Iverson, Claire Lombard i I h OJ ne Gtk er Wi. ise m an cJhi Sean enior [PL ay CAST Alex Benson Sam Thatcher lohn Hatton . The Lippincott Buck Buchanan Doc Boyd . Mady Piatt . . Francis Fenn . Kate McKim Walter Beckett . Sally Prescott . Miss Ritchie Mildred . . Doris Ann Bray Robert Erickson Raymond Pothe Jack Rogers . . Carl Drake . . Jean Royer Pat Twombly Charlene Egeler Beth Anderson Owen Johnson Jean Yale Betty Delaney . Jean Holbrook Si ®. pnng juance [ 31 ] m USiC L iub Under the fine leadership of Mr. Bonar, the Boys ' Glee Club, together with other musical organizations, gave superb performances. The group participated in assemblies, concerts, and the Christmas Play. N6l,.gon Bonar I BanH GrcA estra The Orchestra is steadily advancing musically. Mr. Walberg has directed it m incidental music for high school ploys and in the Annual Music Concert May 2. k J v ■ t y., J- ' l€.i ' ; Floor: (1-r) Violins: Corliss, Kov.;ir, KaP.ue. Armoz, DimondJ Bastanchury, Humbi XlLetmer, Violas Kohle berger, Stokes. ' Cellos: Sjobeck. ' Reimann, Keepers, Klusmc n, Pearcy First riser: frDlin Rowland arretso: Aldrich, Healton, Goto Violas: Virgoe, McManus. Harp. Royne. Conductoi: WalbeVl Setond jigert Trumpet Wright, Hczelljne X ' bo s CanaiJan, Upton Flute Hammont;! Clarinets: Peabodyi) Jhne-vJay, (Kennon Smit! French Horn: ClarSd Mellophones. Poole. Bizzle, Third riser: XTrombones: Russel, Ci ooTdsi, |Eqsla2 fercussio: Hawkins, Woods, Gi hne Basses: Seliridge, Watson. - - « % % " 9mssmm Ug SiM ilMti ' m BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Top Row: Bonar, Rambolt, Friend, Van- denberg, Pryor, Von Gruenigen, John- ston. Middle Row: Boucher, Wright, Wees, Herron, Granger, Kewish, BandeL Bottom Row: Kelchum. Sullivan, Wat- son, Graiton, Willhite, Bacon, Ketchum. " " - Peni ' §°s on r " fc. ---■. Co.,,. ifa J an Much credit goes to our band this year. Under the direction of Mr. Bonar they elevated school spirit at football games and rallies. They also took an active part in the Annual Concert. t Top Row: Klepper, Englehart Ward, Lemmon Lounsbury, Lewis. Third Row: Tillon, Bragg Canavan, Moreno land Blythe. Second Row, Roberson, Imm, Rowland, Austin, Ramsey. Dyer, HiUman, Foist, Coiborn, HiU Thu ' ston Hughes Patterson Bottom Row: Rogers, Block, Hawkins, Dalessi, Rowland. Allen, Magill. Alsup, Russell Withers. Chnstner C Keith, Cadraan. Heinz, Hemz. Smith, Dillard, Bennigsdorf, Dukes, Tanner. rdan, WiUhile, Beaty, Lovendge, Kuhn. Potts, Hillman. Palmer, Byers, Bor- Ruth Tilton Music ( iris y lee ( lub Another fine music organization is the Girls ' Glee Club. It is divided into two separate groups, the Advanced Glee Club and the Freshman Chorus, Miss Tilton is the director. Cl apella With new maroon robes and fresh voices, the A Capello choir gave some exceptionally fine performances. Under the direction of Miss Tilton, they sang for an assembly and added color to the Annual Music Concert, besides taking part in various othar productions. Top Row: Grafton, Swofier, Watson, Sullivan, Friend, VandenbJrg, on Gruenigen, Counts, Johnston, Granger. T i Third Row: Carroll, Olson, Benson, Magil!, Beaty, Selfridge, Roq rs, rittain, Borland. Christner, lordan Wees. rtf Second Row: Calvert. WiUhite, Dyer, Dalessi, Rowland . Effhe on. Lombard, Lewis, Riley, Pickens Block, Newson, Heinz. j A Bottom Row: Feimann. LaRue, Boucher, Conner, Smitliu lirj reys, Barton. Waits, Kevdshj ' y ' A. GaiUard Hardwick Vena Loomis QJ undamentals For those who have missed the chance t ' ■ ■ ' ■■sual arts in the fresh- man and sophomore years, Art Funda- mentals offers a reprieve and an inspiration toward creative work. Kbiementarif Cirt The basic principles of drawing and artistry are taught in Elementary Art. It is a prerequisite for advanced art courses and emphasizes appreciation of beauty in everyday life. ■ - mL ustration Illustration is for the advanced student interested m commer- cial art and advertising. Al- though using new and finer mediums, they still employ all principles of design and com- position. CD. esign Concerned primarily with beauty of mass, line, and texture of pictorial accuracy. Design touches the funda- mentals of form and compo- sition. It is a class for those who are interested in creat- ing from their imaginations. Graphic Art stresses inspiration from nature and reproduction of a model. Those who have the urge to sketch and scribble rejoice in the opportunities offered them. % Eleanor Dunn Weaving Mrs. Mary Hodgdon Crafts eweL eweiry For those who love to combine patience and skill in the production of a beautiful object, Jewelry is ideal. Lrotterti Ceramics The consciousness that within a few moments you can create a love- ly bowl from a shape- less mass of cloy is mdeed gratifying. w. eavifig Weaving is for those who enjoy the feel of a fine fabric and the sight of a flawless ma- terial. [ 37 ] [ 38 ] valedn ictonan The Valedictorian of a graduating class is the student with the highest scholastic record cover- ing four years of high school. Beth Anderson was chosen for this honor from the class of 1941. C. O. CA The California Scholarship Federation is com- posed of students who have been Pleiads for six semesters. Fifteen students achieved this distinc- tion. Fourth quarter grades may add six possible members, who are: Burnip, Kohlenberger, Krogs- rud, Longford, Roberson, and Smith. GL ctfonians The Alcyonians are a chapter of the National Honor Society. Requirements for membership are based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Thirty-six seniors were elected to the organization. Miss Ernsberger was the adviser. Top Row: Dohner, Richey, Brashears, Schweiss, Werner, Fuiimoto, Coda, Boucher, Rogers, Third Row: Nakase, Kohlenberger, Ganong, Illsley, Needham, Yale, Roberson, Smith, Burnip. Second Row: Delaney, Luif, Bray, Holbiook, Nordheim, Woiie, Rogers, Egeler Bottom Row: Vetter, Sellridge, Lewis. - Twombly, Andersori, Calkins, p G . C Top Row: Richey, Schweiss, Werner- Middle Row: Day, Self- ridge, Holve, Porter, Fel- ton, Rogers. Bottom Row: Bray, Luit Nordheim, McManis. ee i ' r: ' TT rtiors X ' - Senior U t ass As freshmen we started with a swift pace which we have maintained until now. Our officers the first year were: Charles Hertzler, Jean Royer, Marion Fraser, and Don Richey. Our sophomore year was noted for two tilings — our play, " Who Gets the Car Tonight? " and a roaring class party. That year we were led by: Tom Werner, Jock Yorba, Bettie Mae Lewis, and Marjorie Nordheim. As upperclossm.en in ' 40 we purchased sweaters and gave the seniors a grand Prom John Langford, Bill Brashears, Betty Jean Smilh and Harriet Hacker were our officers. -A vili OFFICERS Pothe, Lombard, Erickson, Kewish As seniors we finished the year characteristically. Our activities included buying rings, a senior play, the resurrection of " ditch-day, " class day at the Norcon- ian Club, and finally baccalaureate and graduation. Our executive board consisted of Bob Kewish, Ray- mond Pothe, Robert Erickson, and Claire Lombard. [ 40 ] ; ; jj- « «— ' 31fli ' ffift3 S fl B in i WJW I IJ1 I WU I itlMtlllli aa ffltBaaMiHWttfMflBBKHWg NETTIE LOU ALLEN; BETH ANDERSON: Girls League Pres 4, Alcyonian 4. Senior Play 4, CSF 4 ROGER ANDERSON: Plf-iaH 3, VIRGIL ANGLIN: Football 1-4, Basketball !-4, Base- ball 1-4 Var tv Club Vire-Pres 4. MARIANNA APALATEGUI: French Club 3,4, Pres 4. Unrorm ' Dress Board 4, Dance Club 3,4, Girls League Play 4, lOHN ARSLANIAN; DOROTHY A USTIN: Etiquette Club 1, Science Club 2,3, Latin Club 3,4, Glee Club 1,2,4, CAROL BAILEY- Swimming 1,2,4, Glee Club 2, HARRY BALLMAN: Basketball 1, Football o,4, DOROTHY BAUMSTARK; BETTY JEAN BEATY: G ' •. A 1-1, Etiquette Club Pres. 4, Dance Committee 4 Weekly Pleiades Staff 4, MARILYN BENNIGSDORF: Etiquette Club 3,4, French Club 4 Girl Reserve 3,4, Glee Club 1,4, LEE BENSON: Band 1-4, JIMMY BEOKA: Football 4 Track 2 4 FRIEDA BIONDOLILLO, JANE .L BISHOP: Girl Reserve 3, Etiquette Club 4 Science Club 4 JUANITA BLAKE; LELAND BOUCHER; WARREN BOWEN: Forensic Ciub 4 Spnni:fh Club Pres, 4, H. " V 3,4, A C.pella 2,3 ARWIN BRANDON: Football 4, BILL BRASHEARS: Student Body Pres. 4, Class Vice-Pres. 3, Football 1-3, H. Y 1-4, DORIS ANN BRAY- C S F 4 Girls ' League Sec. 3, Big F 4. Senior Play 4; BOB BURNIP: Careers CIud Pres 4 Pleiad Pres 4, Latin Club 2-4, Alcvonian 4; BETTY MARGARET CALKINS: Etiquette Club 34 Pres 3 Pleiad 4 Latin Club 3,4, Alcvonian 4, KEITH CAMERON: Basketball 1; martin ' CANAVAN: Orchestra 2-4, Band 1,3 Track 1 LORA CAREY: Girl Reserve 1-4. GAA 1-4 Bia F 3-4 Vice-Pres 4; GERALD CARLSON: Hi " f [ 41 ] c . enior ERNEST CARMICHAEL: Water Polo 1-3, Swimminq 1-3, LEE CARSON: Football 2-4 Water Polo 2,3, Basketball 4, Baseball 2-4, DOROTHY CASSIDY: Latin Club 2 Etiquette Club 2-4 Glee Club 2,3, Uniform Dress Board 4, ALLENE CHRISTLIEB: Latin Club 2 3 Pleiad 3 4 ' Girl Reserve 4, ELAINE CLARK: G A A. 2-4, Girl Reserved Etiquette Club 1-4 ROBERT COCHRAN: Latin Club 2, Baseball 2, Football 2-4, Track 31 MAXINE COFFMAN- EARLE CORCORAN: Kayak Club 2-4, Hi " Y " 1,2, Band 2-4, Latin Club 3,4 MYRTLE CORLISS- Orchestra 1-4; WALTER COUNTS: Weekly Pleiades, Latin Club 2-4, A Capella GEORGE CRILLEY: Hi " Y " 1-4, Vice-Pres 3,4, Football g| Latin Club 2-4; ELINOR DALESSI- Glee ? ' " H- ' ' 2 ' C P " ' 3 ' ' ' ' G-A.A 1-4, Science Rb 3, JOHN DANIEL: Indian Service Club 2-4, Soph Class Play, " B " Football Mgr, 2; FLORENCE DAVID: G A A 13 4 Etiquette Club 3.4, Weejcly Pleiades 4, Girl Reserves 1-4, DOROTHY DAY: CSF 4, Careers Club 3 4 Girl Reserve 1-4, Latin Club 2-4, BETTY DELANEY: Alcyon.an 4, Girl Reserve 1-4 Pres 3 Senior Play 4, Ring Circle 3,4, Pres 4; LYNN DENNIS; ERNEST DOHNER: Hi " Y " Indian Service Club, Pleiad Pres 4; UHLMON DONALDSON; CARL DRAKE: Sen- ior Play 4. HELEN DUKES: Girl Reserve 1 Etiquette Club 1-4, Glee Club 2-4- PAUL EADINGTON; ALMA EADS: Girl Reserve 1,2, Band 1,2, JACK EASTLAND: Football 4 Bmfl HBa ffl BW ii Kaa i ig i w BBimgiiasBBa BiHigmMi iiiiMii] ' fi CURTIS EASTON: Band 3,4, LEE ECKELS; CHARLENE EGELER: Pleiad 1,3, Girl Rererve 1-4, Pres 2 Girls League Cab 3, Senior Play, JAMES EICHLER; MARILYN EIMERS: Girls ' League Treasurer 4, G,A.A. 3,4, Girl Reserve 3,4, Etiquette Club 3,4, BOB ERICKSON: Water Polo 1-3 Hi " Y " 1-4, Senior Class Treasurer 4, Senior Play, DORIS EVERETT: Girl Reserve 1-4 Latin Club 2, G.A.A. 1,2, Etiquette Club 1-3; INEZ FELKNER: Weekly Pleiade.s 4 DOROTHY FELTON: C.S.F. 4, Big F 4, Science Club 3,4, Girl Reserve 1-4, RICHARD FOILES, MAURICE FORD: Pleiad 4, Annual Stall 4, Science Club 3,4, Hi Y " 1-4, PAUL FOSS: Football 1 2, Kayak Club 2, F FA 4, LAURA FOSTER; PATRICIA FRANCIS; RAMONA FRANKLIN; MARION ERASER: Freshman Sonq Leader, Etiquette Club 1-4, Girls League Sec 4 WALLACE FREELAND; LLOYD FRIEND: Track 1,4, Football 4, Weekly Pleiades , Stall 3 4 Gle Club 1,2,4, FUMIO FUIIMOTO: Pleiad 2,3, Track 3,4, Alcyonian 4, Hi " Y " ' 4 VERNE GAGNON; WILLIAM GALLAGHER; Forensic Club, Indian Service, Kayak Club, Hi Y GLORIA GANONG: Pleiad Sec 4, Biq F 3, Pres 4, GAA 1-4, Girl Reserve 1-4; BETTYLOU GARINGER: GAA 1-4, Etiquette Club 3, HELEN GARRETT: Orchestra 2, Eti- quette Club 2-4, Forensic Club 3,4, Unilorm Dress Board Chairman 4 [ 43 ] CL ass s. enior ROBERT GOOD; LLOYD GOULD: Paddle Board Club 2-4, Science Club 3,4, ALICE JANE GRADY: GAA 1-4, Glee Club 1,3, Weekly Pleiades 4. JULIA GUGLIELMANA: G.A.A. 1,2, Stagecraft 4, HARRIETT HACKER: Latin Club 2-4, Girl Reserve 1-4, Junior Class Treas Pan Techne 4, LOUISE HARDISTY: Girl Reserves 3,4, PAT HARDY: Executive Board 4, Hi " Y " Inner Circle 1-4, Latin Club 2,3, Band 1-4, JOYCE HARRISON: Pleiad 2,3, Etiquette Club 2-4, Girl Reserve 2-4, BEULAH HASELTINF.: Dance Club 4, Etiquette Club 1; ORAN HASEL- TINE: Science Club, IREN E HENSON: Pleiad 1-3, Girl Reserve 1-3, G.A.A. 1-3, Transfer Oranqe High, CHARLES HERRON; CHARLES HERTZLER: Freshman Class Pros Latin Club 2,3, Varsity Club 4, Football, BOB HEYER: Foolboll 2,3, Basketball 2,3, Forensic Club 4- CORINNE HILL: Etiquette Club 2-4, Science Club 2-4, MARY ]EP N HILLMAN; JEAN HOL- BROOK: Alcyonian 4, Girl Reserve 1-4, Pres. 4, GAA 1-4, Seplior jPlav DONOVAN HOLVE- Football 2-4, Varsity Club 3,4. Science Club 2-4; LORRAINE HOLVE: Pleiad 1-4, CSF, Girl Reserve 1-4, Latin Club 2-1, ROBERT HOUGH- TON: Latin Club 2-4, Pres 4, Girls League Play 4, Christmas Play 4, Indian Service Club; FXEANOR HOUrS: GAA 1-4, Glee Club 1,3, Etiquette Club 2; MAXINE HOWARD; Glee Club 1, Etiquette Club 2-4, Pre,-;; Club 2 ' AARON HUDSON: Boxing, MYRTLE HUDSON: Glee Club 1,2, Forensic Club 4, Girl Reserve j ffiiffiSt g ta antHffnHi i wHigfflwiittm firoffltigaffl c «. iM ii JACK HUGGINS: Science Club 3,4, Hi " Y " 4, Latm Club 2, Band 2,3, VIRGINIA HUMBORG: GA A 1-4 Big F 3 4 Sec. 4, Girl Reserve 1,2; JERRY HUNGERFORD; MARJORIE H ANS: Etiquette Club 1,2, Spanish Club, Forensic Club; VIRGINIA ILLSLEY: Girl Reserve Pres 1 4 Forensic Club 4, Big F 3,4, Pleiad 3; HUBERT ISLEY: Latin Club 2, Junior Vars. Baseball 2-4 Football 4, Orchestra 1,2; JULIE IVERSON; Girl Reserve 1-4, Etiquette Club 1-4, Pres. 2, G A A 1 Christmas Play 3,4; DAN JACKSON: Water Polo 1-4, Sv imming 1-4, Varsity Club 4 Latin Club 3,4; DORCAS JACOBSON: GAA 1-4, Etiquette Club 1-4, Science Club 4, Weekly Pleiades 4; KATHRYN JESSUP: Weekly Pleiades 4, G.A.A. 1-4, Etiquette Club 2,3 Latin Club 2, Girl Reserve 2,3, MARILYN JOHNSON: Girls 15 " t.,?° „l,c PS " ' r ?k u Vice-Pres 4, Pleiad 4, Annual Staff 4; MAXINE JOHNSON; OWEN JOHNSON: FootbaJ 134 Hi " Y " 2-4, Swimming 1,2, Senior Play; RUSSELL JOHNSON: Football 1-3, Tennis 1,2, Varsity Club 2-4, Hi " Y " 1-4, Sec 3, BUNNY JONES: Latin Club 2-4, Pleiad 4, Girls League Cab 4 GAA 2-4- MANUELA JUAREZ: El Dorado Club 1-4, CLARENCE JUDD: Basketba 1 1 3 Track 2, Football 3,4, Varsity Club 3,4, Sec.-Treas, 4; MAXINE KAUFFMAN: Latin Club i Glee Club 1,2 Etiquette Club 1,2,4, Girl Reserve 1-4; PAULINE KEEPERS: Girl Reserves 3 ' 4 Big F GAA 1-4, Capistrano Junior Class Pres; JOE KEITH: Indian Service Club, Swimming, Water Polo, Tennis; HAROLD KELLEY: Pleiad 1, Latin Club 2-4, Treas 4; BERNARD KERSTING: Latin Club 2-4, Football 1-3, Water Polo 1-3, Swimming 1,2; BOB KEWISH; EARL KIRBY: Hi " Y " 1-4, Science Club 2-4, Indian Service Club 1-4 Sec, 4, QL ass s emor DANIEL KLEIN: Pleiad 1,2, Baseball 1,2, Annual Staff 4, MARSHALL KNISLEY- Hi " Y " Kayak Club; BETTY KOHLENBERGER: Annual Pleiades Staff 4 Pleiad 2-4 Careers Club 3,4 Sec-Treas 4, Alcyonian 4, HEIDI KROGSRUD: GA.A. 1-4, Girl Reserve 1-4, Pleiad 1-3 KENNETH LAE: French Club Pres 3, Pleiad 3,4, Swimming 4, Basketball 4 ROY LAE; JOHN LANGFORD: Student Body Treas 4, Junior Class Pres., Pleiad 1-4, Tennis 1-4 Can ' 3 RUBEN LASKY; NELLIE LEE LAUNDERS: G A.A 1-4, Big F 3,4, Girl Reserve 1-4 ' Etiquette Club 2,4, JACK LEE: Class Yell Leader 1, Indian Service Club 1,2, Forensic Club 4- TRIXIF. LEMONS: Girl Reserve 1, Latin Club 2, WALTER LESTER: Diving 1, Indian Service 2 kayak Club 2 Glee Club 2; BETTIE MAE LEWIS: CSF, Triple Trio, Pan Techne, Girl Reserve 1-4, CHARLES LEWIS: Footbail 3, Bosebnll 3,4, BOB LOCHMILLER: Latin Club 2-4 Sgt at Arms 4, CLAIRE LOMBARD; LILLIAN LONGDON: Latm Club 4 Junior Red Cross 4- LEE LOUMAGNE: Football 1-4, Capt 4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 4, Varsitv Club 3 4 Pres A ■fjrj- [. VIRGINIA LUFF: Girl Reserve MSe T " ' ' ' CSF, L ' once Club 3,4, Girls ' League Play 4- CATHERINE McCORMACK: Girl Reserve 3 4- KENNETH McCOY; FREDDIE McKENZIE: Foot- ball 3, NANCY McMANIS; PAT MAGEE: Sci- ence Club, Weekly Pleiades Staff 1-4 Ed. 4, Executive Board. NADINE MAGILL: A Capella 3,4, Glee Club 1-4, G.A.A. 1-4, Etiquette Club 1,3,4, AGNES MANASSERO: French Club 2-4, Etiquette Club 2-4, Orchestra 1; ANGELINE MANCEBO: Spanish Club 4- JACK MARSHALL: Water Polo 2-4, Swimming 2-4 Capt. 4, Varsity Club 3 4; AUDREY MARTIN: Spanish Club 4; CHARLOTTE MARVIN: Etiquette Club 1,2, G.A.A. 3, Glee Club 1; BARBARA MATHEWS: Girl Reserves 1-4 Treas 4, Etiquette Club 1,2,4, Girls ' League Play 4; DORIS MILLER: Pleiad 3, Etiquette Club 3,4, Girl Reserve 1-4, CLEMENT MIYAYA: Japanese Club 1-4, F.F A. 4, Basketball 1,2, Football 2-4, DONALD MOORE; BRIGHT MORGAN: Track 1, Baseball 2, Basketball 1, HENRY MORIMOTO: Japanese Club, Varsity Club, Football, Baseball: HAROLD MUCKENTHALER; CATHERINE MUELLER: G.A A. 1-4, Girl Reserve 1-4; ETHEL LOU MURFIELD: Uniform Dress Board, Girls ' League Cab., Junior Red Cross; JULIA LEE MURRAY: Pleiad 2-4, Uniform Dress Board 3,4, Girls ' League Cab 3 4 Annual Staff 4; TOM NAKASE: Student Body Vice-Pres. 4, Japanese Club 1-4, Swimming 1, Alcyonian 4; CHIZUKO NAKASHIMA: G.A.A. 1, Etiquette Club 2,4, Latin Club 2,3, Japanese Club 1-4; TED NAVARRO: Band 1-3, Orchestra 1,2; FRANCES NAYLOR; MARGERY NEEDHAM: G A A. 2-4, Alcyonian, Girl Reserve 2-4, Pan Techne; MARGARET NELSON: Glee Club 1-4; JERRY NIQUETTE: Track, Indian Service Club, French Club Treas. 4 Forensic Club 4; JIMMY NISHIO: Japanese Club 1-4. ez ass I 47 ] s. entor LUCILLE NOEL: Etiquette Club 1-3, Forensic Club 4, Glee Club 1, A Capella 3; MARJORIE NORDHEIM: CSF, Girl Reserve 1-4 Vice-Pres 4, GA,A. 1-4, Latin Club 2-4, THOMAS O ' HANLON: Latin Club 2-4 Vice-Pres, 4, Indian Service Club 3,4, Basketball 4; HATSUV OKABE; DOROTHY OLSON: Girl Reserve 1-4, G.A.A. 1,3, Annual Staff 4 Weekly Pl.ind s Stall 4, IIM OSBORNE; DON OSWALD: Football 1,3,4, Track 1, F.FA. 4, Baseball 3, JOSEPH- INE OXANDABOURE: Etiquette Club 1-3, Pleiad 2, Spanish Club Sec. 4, JOE OXARART: Swimming 1-4, Water Polo 1-4, SIBYL PAYNE: French Club 2-4, Etiquettr- Club 2 4 NORMAN PEAK: Water Polo 1-4, Football 1, ALBERT PECKINPAUGH; EDNA PERRY; GLORIA PETER- SON: Pleiad 3,4, French Club 2-4, Etiquette Club 1-4, Girl Reserve 1-4; DORIS PETTERSON: G.A A 1-4 Pres. 4, Biq F 3,4, Executive Board 4, BILL PHILLIPS: Football 2-4 Track 2-4 Water Polo 2-4, JACQUELINE POLLOCK; JUNE PORTER: Pleiad 1-4, CSF, Spanish Club Pub Mqr , Junior Red Cross i LEE PORTER: Band 1-4, Pleiad 1,2,4, Ba.sket- ball 4, RAYMOND POTHE: Senior Class Vice- Pres,, Hi " Y " 1-4, Senior Class Plav, Latm Club 2-4, THELMA PRICE; COLLEEN PRIDE: Girl Reserve 1-4, Etiquette Club 2-4, G A.A. 1-4; GERALD PRINDLE; CHARLES PRYOR. ■ •J ' - u :-- FRANK PURNELL: Annual Staff 4, Girls ' Leaaue Play 4, Pleiad 4, Indian Service Club 3,4; CALVIN QUEYREL; STEWART REED; JAMES REIMANN: Science Club, A Capello, WIL- LIAM REIMANN: A Capella, Orchestra 1-4, Forensic Club, Senior Indian Service Club; DON RICHEY: Alcynnian, Latin Club 2-4, Girls ' League Plav 4; LAURA RITTENHOUSE; WANDA ROBERSON: Alcyonian, Pleiad 2-4, Gids ' League Play 4, Girl Reserve 1-4; KENNETH ROB- INSON; RAY RODABAUGH; ROBERT RODABAUGH; ELEANOR RODRIGUEZ; EDITH ROED: Etiquette Club, Forensic Club, Gid Reserve, GAA; ALVIN ROGERS: Football 1-4, Swim- ming 1,2, Varsity Club 4, Basketball 1,2; BARBARA ROGERS: CSF, Gid Reserve 2-4, Gids ' League Cab. 3, Latin Club 2-4; JACK ROGERS: Student Body Yell Leader 3, Alcyonian 4, Football 3,4, Senior Play; MARTHA ROWLAND; JEAN ROYER: Fresh, Class Vice-Pres,, Student Body Yell Leader 3, Senior Play, Swimming 2-4; CHARLES SALZMANN: Football; GLENN SAVAGE: Football 1-4, Water Polo 2,4, Track 1-4, Varsity Club 4, LORRAINE SCHANDONEY: GAA. 1-4, Ring Circle, Latin Club 2-4, Sec. 4, Big F; EVELYN SCHNEIDER: GAA, 1,2, Glee Club 1,2, Etiquette Club 2-4, Science Club 3,4, CHARLES SCHULZ: Basket- ball 1, Track 1, Tennis 3,4, Indian Service Club 1-4 Pres. 4; JACK SCHWEISS: Editor 1941 Annual Pleiades, CSF,, Pleiad Pres 3, Alcyonian 4. . A — Vi i ' ■b - u eic ass [ 49 ] s. enior HELEN SELFRIDGE: Careers Club Vice-Pres 4, CSF, Girl Reserve 1-4 Treas ' 2 Alcyonian GLEN SHAFFER: Football PERRY SHAFFER; MARY SCHUMAKER; BETTY JEAN SMITH: Pleiad 1-4. Junior Class Sec, Girl Reserve 1-4 Vice-Pres 4 Big F 3 4- CHARLES SMITH- GRACE SMITH; BILL SPENCER: Water Polo 1-4, Swimming 1-4 Latin Club 2 AFTON SPURLOCK: Basketball 1,2 RICHARD STARBUCK: Basketball 2-4, Hi " Y " 1-4 Treas 4 Pleiad 3,4, Latin Club 2-4, DON STEVENS; VIRGINIA STEWARD; Girl Reserve 2,4 Science Club 2,4, Ring Circle 4, Etiquette Club 2 DOROTHY STRAIN; Glee Club 1 2 Etiquette Club 2-4, Science Club 3,4; DON STRINGER; NORMAN STURDIVANT; HOWARD SUMMERS; DONALD SUTHERLAND; RAYMOND SUTTON; HOPE TALCOTT: Dance Club 3 4, Etiquette Club 3,4, Girl Reserve 1, MARILYN TANNER: GAA, Vice-Pres 4, Bio F Band Majorette, Girl Reserve 1; DORIS THIS: Etiquette Club : Spanish Club 4, BOB THOMPSON: Footba! 3,4, Varsity Club, JOYCE THURSTON: Gle Club 1,2, RAY TRAIL. EVELYN TRffiETT: Latin Club 14. Etiquette Club 1-4, Girl Reservfe 1-4 Treas 4, ROBERT TROELLER: Latin Club 2, PAT TWOMBLY: Annual Staff 3,4, Latin Club 2-4, Senior Play, Girl Rp ;erve 1-4- LEE VANDENBERG: Swimming 1,2, Water Polo 1,2,4, Glee Club 1-4, A Capello 2-4; JAMES VETTER: Band 1-4, Latin Club 2, JEAN VETTER: Alcyonion, Girls ' League Cab. 4, Uniform Dress Board 3,4 Chair, 4, Pleiad 3,4, BOB WAITS: Football 2-4, Water Polo 2-4, Swimming 2-4, A Capella 1-4, BETTY WALLER; BETTY WARDRIP; CHES- TER WATSON: Track 2, Kayak Club 4, A Capella 4, Boys ' Glee Club 4, TOM WERNER; CSF, Hi " Y " 1-4 Pres. 4, Alcyonian, Soph. Class Pres., MAXINE WILLHITE; BEVERLY WILSON: G.A.A. 2, French Club 2,3, Student Body Song Leader 3, Etiquette Club 3, JOEL WILSON: Water Polo 1-4, Swimming 1-4, Varsity Club 2-4, Weekly Pleiades 3; WILLARD WILSON; RACHEL WOLFE: Girls ' League Cab. 4, Junior Red Cross Pres 4, Girl Reserve 1-4, Aicyoninn; NITA WORSHAM: G.A.A 1-4 Sec 4, Big F 4; DICK WRIGHT: Band 1-4, Basket- ball 1-4 Kayak Club 3,4, Trumpet Trio 3,4; JEAN YALE: Girls ' League Cab 1, Student Body Secretary 4, Alcyonian, Pleiad; KATSU YANAGITANI: Japanese Club 2,4; ARTHUR YAR- BROUGH: Pleiad 3,4, Hi " Y " 2-4, Track 1-4, Latin Club 2-4; JACK YORBA: Football 1-4, Track 1 2 Soph Class Vice-Pres., Varsity Club 4; ERNEST ZOETER; SHIRLEY ZOETER. QL ass [ 51 ] OrnCEHS. W n.e. Be .en, Blackbur , , ' qteeie, Barton. .r- junior ( ic ass The Junior Class this year lived up to its reputation of the past two years. Their first big activity was the purchase of sweaters They also had charge of the Prom, and did a fine job of man- aging It. They were, as a whole, a very active and vital part of school life. The officers were: Bob Updyke, president; Herbert Bergen, vice-president, Violet Wmtter, secretary; and Bill Steele, treasurer. Ada Amend Adams Aguilar Aldrele Anderson Anderson Aoki Arnold r y r . ; BM gJ i mimilHIIIIIIII l MIHMBUIIUUIlUHU I HIIJ I IlM yj Arslanian Ballard Bentley Bergen Borland Boyd Bullis Butler Carmichael Carpenter Christner Clark Corbett Corona Barneby Bizzle Brewer Byers Castro Cobble Couch Barton Beeson Behmerwo hid Behrens Blackburn Block Blythe Boiano Bnttam Brown Brown Bryant Byers Calvert Carey Carlson Caudillo Chambers Chambers Chapman Cole Collins Conner Cook Covey Cox Crawford Crikeloir [ 53 ] f. aX , ' mI Dimond Eadmgton Fmley Gipple Greenwood Harbert Heinz Doutt Earley Finseth Gipple Griggs Haseltine Henderson Henderson Holve Humbert Hunt Johnson lordan Kennon Higley Hope Huroborg Inai Johnson Joyce Kenworthy Hill Hill Householder Howe Humborg Humphreys Inai Irwin Johnston Johnston Kammerer Kanya Killen Knaus Hoben Hodson Howell Hudspeth Hund Hungerford Jencks Jensen Jones Jones Kauffman Keith Koonl2 Koontz HoUingsworth Hughes Hunsley Johannassen Jones Kennel! Koontz Kozio Lee McGuire Mennes Miller Newson Peck Lae Leimer McKemy Merritt Mueller Ogata Pellenn Lae Lemmon McNcmara Meyers Murray Parker Pepper Lane Lmdauer McDonald Meyers Negus Paulson Phillips Larson Lyons McMaster Middleton Neill Peabody Pickens Leander McCarnes Mancebo Milhous Neiswanger Pearcy Pigg Le Erecht McClellan Mayemura Miller Newell Peck Poole r 56 1 Poole ifnJM P ,., . , 2iM5- -c - A Steele Slein Sleraple Stevens Stewart Stocks StoEleth Slorev Strickland Sturdivant Sulhvan Sutton Sutton Swain Swolfer TafoMa T-llant Tavlor Teed Thornton Thorp ToUakson Trook Trotter Tully Updyke Vaughan Vernon Waite Wane Walker Walker Warton Watson Watts Welsh. Welton Wester Wheeler Whiltet Wicker Wilkinson Wilson Wintter Wise Woods Wornow Worsham Zinn [ 58 ] (booh eic jdman, Kraemer, Smith, Monleiro, Eberhart. Upton opnomore iass Unusual achievement in social activity has marked this year ' s Sophomore Class in its rise to the prominent position it now holds in school life. Great successes were their class party and play. They chose as officers: Marlys Cad- man (president), Don Smith, Joanne Kraemer, ai-d Bette Monteiro. Aldnch Allec , Allen k Allen ' AUsup Anderson Anderson Anderson Anglin Apalategui Appleman Bacon Bandel Barkley Barks 3ar1on Barton Bastanchury Baycroft Beagle Beal Beam •-n r , B iVgsdorl Bergen Berrj. Bollinger Booth Boucher Boyce ttoyce B-agg Bndgelord -.nggs Brown 3ryant Buidorf Burge Cadman Calkins Cameron - ■ ...;i Canavan Canchola Carter Cassidy Chamberlin Church Clark Coan Coffman Colborn Colburn Collins CoUman Corona Cota Cramer Cramer Craven Cressy Crowder Crov ley Curran Cypher Davis Diaz Dillow Uillarcl Dohner Dollarhide Double Doyle Dukes Eastland Eberhart Echeto Engelhart Eubanks Evanson Felton Fitch Foiles Foist Fornero Foster Francis Francis Francis Frank Frost Fuller Gage Garcia Garretson Garrett Geer George Gerhch Goodwin Goss Goswiller Gough Grafton Granger Hart Hill Green Gregory Guthridge Hammond Hardisty Hardman Harmon Harmon Harris Hart Haskins Hayes Hayes Heinz Harley Hill Hill Hill [ 61 ] aa2ia.5 !5ii Hillman Hiltscher Hoff Hooper Home Houston How Howe Humphrey Imm Janeway Jepsen Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Jordan Juarez Kadelbach Klepper Kanya Klusman Keepers Keith Kelly Kohlenberger Kersting Ketchum Ketchum Klein Klepper Knisley Koch Kraemer Kramer Kramer Kuhn Kuhn Larson McFarland La Rue Ledbetter Lilley Logiie Long Loveridge Lucas McCarthy McCoy McGraw McKemy McManiis McPherson Marmolejo Marlin Maynard Mendenhall Miles Miller Nakashima Ozias Mitchell Miyaya Monteiro Montgomery Morales Moreheld Moreno Mori Morimoto Neill Neiman Nevi! Nugent Oliver Olson Overstreet Oxandaboure Oxandaboure Palm Palmer Palmer Palmer Petterson Peabody Peckham Pegler Peiffer [ 62 j Pemberton Renneker ■ Scott Smith Starbuck Summers Tinker Virgoe Wilbanks I Plumb ' j Ridley Polly Poor a Potts Pnddis Proud Rambolt Ravne Renken Robirds Ross Rowland Russell Russell Schandoney Schiller Schweiss Seamans Sheets Sherman Shoemaker Shores Sigmund SiU Simpson Sjobeck Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snodgrass Spencer Stanley Starbuck Stark Starr Stone Stoti Stowe Strothman Strauss Straw Strickland Sutton Swan Tayles Thompson This Thues Thurman Tidwell Tingley Tracy Triple tt Trook Trotter Underwood Updyke Upton Vandenberg Vejar Von Gruenigen Walker Walls Walters Ward Warren Watson Welch Wetzel WiUhife Wilmsen Wilson Wilson Wmg Withers Wood Woods Wymore .._J J an tr f.) . f T 1 y " jf ' !y ' ■yij CJreshman C c (255 The Freshman Class showed unusual activity for scrubs. Their class play was actually funny, and their party was a big success. Officers were: Dick Rogers (president), Alan Hilt- scher, Muriel Dixon, and Bill Proud. OFFi ' -.Ltib Kovar, Hogers Hroud, Dixon, Hiltscher, Heyinq, Ridgway Adams Adams Aldrich Allbnqht Alsiip Anderson Andrus Aoki Apalategui Askey Austin Baker Barajas ■ C- y. ■.. . ' i-: Behz benson Berney Berry Besv ick Boyd Carlson Coan Croskrey Dominguez Falconer Garner Brabec Carpenter Coda Currie Dosher Fields Gibson Guggisberg Hamilton Brewer Carrisosa Cole Cypher Drake Figueroa Gilbert Hamilton Drown Castro Conklin Dalton Dukes Fletcher Gilman Harbert Brown Brumley Bryan Chacon Chapman Christiansen Cookeriy Cotta £°Hff.. De Los Reyes De Los Reyes De Witt Dysmger Earll 5° ° ' ?, Fletcher Ford Frankhn Gomez Gonzales Goodwin Hart Hartjen Hastings Caale Cadwell Clark Clark Cox Coj: Dixon Dohrmann Edmondson Edmondson French Funnell Graham Granz Healton Healy [ 65 ] J m- a ' ' £9j Herron Keying Houser Huii leffrey lennmgs Kelsay King Larsen Launders McGaughy McGowen Metz Middleton Muncjer Munoz Hill Hill Humphrey Hunt Jensen Jepson Kmsella Kisner Lawrence Lee McKmley MacClockhn MUhouse Miller Murphy Nakase Hiltscher Hodge Hyde Ingraham Johnson Johnson Knisley Kovai Lee Lewis Mceda Marshburn Moodie Moore Nomura Oka Hedge Holzgrafe Hood Ingram Ireland Itano Johnston Jones Juarez Krupp Kuhn Lae Loomis Luna Mejia MejiG Melton Moore Morris Morris Ochoa Oglesby Oglesby Hope Jackson Judd Lang McCoy Melton Mullins Parker [ 66 ] Patterson Rand Riecke Sandoval Sparks Storey Troeller White Vx i{ij M „ Perkins Rector Rittenhouse Schafer Spurlock Stringer Updyke Williams Petersen Reimann Robirds Schandoney Stalhngs Swoap Upton Wise Pierce Remhart Rodieck Schiess Sledman Taliant Vaughan Wood Pollard Rentro Rodriguez Sedan Stevens Tatum Victor Wymore Proud Ressegue Rodriguez Shackelford Stevens Thurston Waits Yanagitani Queyrel Quezada Qumtero Racca Richards Riddle Ridgway Ridley Rogers Ross Roth Sandoval Smilh Smith Smith Smith Stewart Stocks Stofleth Stokes Torres Trail Tremaine Trindel Watkms Webb West Wheeler Yarbrough Young Zeider Zuniga [ 68 ] " O-tVTs. K LSl . NO y Ju j AA,-, J 3U-aL i -Or- ' -O - - ..-;,_ - Job rvvv- « 3S_fiAj { fl v -- i N 9 ' V " X 5 usifiess Lrnnciples Business Principles teaches a founda- tion of simple business law and prac- tice. Various problems arising in the management and operation of a busi- ness are studied. cfi Uping In Typing the student learns the funda- mentals for personal use. This knowl- edge is also indispensable for those who plan to enter the business world. ookeeping Bookkeeping is also a necessity for the commerce major. It is a vital function in business concerns. The student gains enough knowledge in this class to enable him to balance and keep simple books. ;w u i usiness TTiath lematics (Shorthand tjf (btenograpnii Career woman or business executive — any- one entering the business world should be well grounded in the fundamentals of Sten- ography and Shorthand. In this course one learns the basic principles of these two arts. (general TTiath hematics General Mathematics is for those students who wish to obtain a firm foundation in the fundamentals of arithmetic. It covers all types of arithmetical problems. The Business Mathematics course is one which is very practical. It deals with all types of mathematical problems from mortgages to installment buying which arise m daily life Carrie Cultra Commerce Ralph Smith Commerce Kemper Taylor Commerce [ 70 ] James Bnttain Shop Robert McCormick Manual Arts Martin Bullis Shop Forrest Mcintosh Radio William Davies Machine Shop Everis Nelson Printing Lynn Keller AgricuUure William Todd Foundry Stagecraft Color blending, lighting, voice and music mixing, and stage setting are some of the many interesting subjects taught in Stagecraft. Uxadio Advanced electricity, elementary and ad- vanced radio are taught. The use and care of the many delicate instruments are stressed. C C orge Instruction is given in the use of tools, furnaces, and cutters for shaping and working many useful articles from wrought iron. Lrrinting Learning to set type by hand anc linotype and to run the differen printing machines is covered thor oughly in this course. 1 1 Lechamcai ' JJrawing Simple and complex drawing, blue printing, tracing and copying are fully covered by this course. In th« second year one may specialize ir architectural or mechanical drafting vi oodsh op Training in the use of all the wood working tools, selecting wood, anc learning many skills are the chie points stressed in Woodshop. oat ujuiidi ng The building of sailboats, kayaks and surfboards is done in Boat Build mg by advanced woodshop workers ofoundrti With many advancements in equip- ment and the beginning of a trade course, the Foundry class has been made much better. It has a cupola which not many schools can boast. Agriculture, a new course opened this year for juniors and seniors, is to be expanded next year to include all classes. All types of agricultural problems are studied, including community and personal ones. Each member of the class has a home project along his line of interest, which he develops during the year. Iliachine Sh op Working withm a tolerance of .002 gives the student a sense of great accuracy. Shapers, millmg mochmes, and lathes are used by the student to make anything he wishes. Vi eidi tag Both acetylene and arc weldmg are taught in this shop course. Learning the welding charac- teristics of different metals is stressed. [ 73 CJoods Foods I, II and III are designed for domestic- ally inclined girls Various types oi cooking, dietetics, budgeting, and housekeeping are included m these three years. Mary Bell Ina Gerritt Clothing Foods Mrs. Esther Long Mae Sheahan Home Economics Home Making iuOt S Q OOCI S Boys ' Foods is designed for iellows who wish to learn the fundamentals of cooking, Mrs, Long teaches the basic principles of the art and turns out some really fine cooks. omema Ri, ng Homemaking is a combination of cooking and sewing. It is divided into two semesters and offers a fundamental course in both these skills. c ome JLiVi ng The Home Living class is di- vided into two parts: the first semester covers the arrange- ment of rooms, furniture, and the planning of a home, while the second semester is taken up with the problems arising from familv relations. I ( iothi ng Girls who are interested in fashioning their own clothes ore enrolled in Clothing 1, II, and III, Various types of sew- ing are taught besides desiqn- ing and choosing costumes. The girls also presented an excel- lent style show at the Annual Exhibit, May 15. 76 ] 6 £ --A - ive ■ .- -J ' ■ !J cJ •) {i ' ' v - -a ' o t " ' ■ T6t,- -l l-l t-TO ? r ' ' ' SCeith Souder Editor Dolores Brewer Assistant Editor Walter Counts Business Manc ' ' ■ WeeUa iPleiades The first semester staff consisted of: Pat Magee Editor; Keith Souders, Assistant Editor; Walter Counts Business Manager; Lynn Dennis. Feature Editor; Lloyd Friend, Sports Editor; Doris Petterson, Girls Sports Editor; Betty Beaty Staff Artist; Kee Maxwell, Promotion Manager; Dolores Brewer, Exchange Editor. The second semester staff- Keith Souders, Editor; Dolores Brewer, Assistant Editor- Walter Counts, Business Manager; Lynn Dennis and Charlotte Pickens, Feature Editors; Dick Guthridge, George Gipple and Doris Petterson, Sports Editors; Betty Jo Robirds, Fourth Page Editor. Miss Kearney was Adviser. Ruth Kearney Adviser WARDRIP lESSUP [PiMlcafions I Itennis, Gipple, Pickens, Robirds, Guthridge. RFPORTERS Top Row: David lensen, Petterson, Felkner. Bottom Row: Jacobson, Grody. Daniel Klem Barbara Verne Frank Purnell Ruth Pearcy a nnua l [Pleiades We of the Annual Pleiades hope that you will enjoy seeing yourself at work and play as much as we have in making this book. Jack Schweiss Betty Kohlenberger Maurice Ford [ 78 ] Staff Jack Schweiss, Editor; Betty Kohlen- berger, Associate Editor; Maurice Ford, Business Manager; Pat Twombly, Lit- erary Editor; Dorothy Olson, Identifica- tion Editor; Betty Delaney, Activities Editor; Daniel Klein, Class Pictures Ed- itor; Barbara Vernon, Photography Assistant; Ruth Pearcy, Girls ' Sports Editor; Frank Purnell, Boys ' Sports Edi- tor; Beth Anderson, Art Editor; Julia Lee Murray and Marilyn Johnson, Assist- ants; Beverlee Adams, 1942 Editor. Betty Delaney, Pat Twombly, Dorothy Olson Julia Lee Murray, Beth Anderson Marilyn Johnson Gilbert O Goodsell [ 79 ] [Pleiads The Pleiads are honor students whose mem- bership in the society is based on scholarship. Officers were, first semester: Bob Burnip, Bettie Mae Lewis, Beverlee Adams, and Charlene Egeler; second semester: Ernest Dohner, Betty Jean Smith, Gloria Ganong, Donald Hass, and Kenneth Lae. Advisers were Miss Hansen and Miss Hardwick. Top Row: MonmC ' to, Dohner, Wer- ner, Longford, Ireland, Ford, Jones, Slarbuck, Bergen, Hass. Burnip, Lae Hammond. Second Row: Kraemer, Lewis, Leimer, Chnstheb, berger, Arnold, Ganong, fones, iohnson, Anderson, Third Row: Kiusman, Anderson, Bolano, Lons, Adams, Andrus, Carlson, Hill, Lang, Day, Felton, Krosgrud, Evanson, Bottom Row: Bray, LeBrecht, chreys, Irwm, Beraen, Hill kins, Jencks, Luff, Earley. Egeler, Kohlen- Holve, Frank. Hum- , Cal- V I .V- ■ ' : r " Top Row: Zinn, Wetzel, Mil ho us., Smith, Souders, Schweiss, Porter, Purnell, Howell, Parker, Miller, Second Row: Yale, Starbuck, Neill, Vernon, Rogers, Porter, Whittet, Nordheim, Roberson, Peterson, Wil- kinson. Vetter. Third Row: Stutsman. Robirds, Strickland, Polly, Strickland, Nu- gent, Zeider, Ridgway, Peterson,, Munger, Adams Bottom Row: Murray, Wolfe, Tay- lor. Riagan, McNamara, Murray Selfndge [ 80 ] c , • , -• -.x - s cience L iuo The Science Club, whose pur- pose is furthering interest and knowledge in science, was led by Keith Souders, and advised by Mr. Dull. The other officers were Dick Eadington and Marydith Humphreys. e areers CyiUO The Careers Club is a voca- tional organization. Headed by Bob Burnip, the other officers were Helen Selfridge, and Betty Kohlenberger. Mr. Lewis served as adviser. y ' SCIENCE CLUB Top Row: Heck, Schneider, Eadington, Ford, Gould, Huggins, Reimann, Dull- Third Row: Adams, Strickland, Holve, Steward, Kohlenberger, Strain, Johnson, Humborg, Beaty, Rowland Second Row: Swain, Felton, Wolfe, McKemy, Hill, Jacobson, Lemmon, Dalessi, Schneider. Bottom Row: Schweiss, Aoki, Miller, Hass, Souders. CAREERS CLUB Top Row: Howell, Lewis, Luff, Forter, Schweiss, Parker, Arnold, Vernon, Souders. Third Row: Egeler, Bray, Funraoto, Kohlenberger, Starbuck, Holve, Miller, LeBrecht, Anderson. Second Row: Selfridge, Burnip, Day, Hass, Irwm. Boucher, Adams, Bergen, Leimer, Bottom Row: Longford, Humphreys, Earley, Murray, Werner. PAN TECHNE , „ , - , , Top Row: Humborg, Meyers, Garrett, Needham, Hardwick, Lyons; Sutton, Thornton, Zuver, yUreold, ' bgeler, I Hoben, Le Breciit, Third Row: Inai, Beaty, Benson, Dryden, Riley, Rodgers, Hudspeth, ' Egeler, Holve, Foley, Hum- bert, Bennett. ' ' Second Row: Hillman, Humborg, Leimer, Adams. Murray, , Chapman, Calkins, Luff. Holbrook, Nordheim, Strickland, Peck, Larson. .- - c-.j Bottom Row: Mayemura, Raggio, Hacker, Freelamd. BryfSnt, Gray, Palmer, Rogers, Schandoney, Peck. i . AAjtJ-r - • (Pan J- cJechne The art students organized a new club this year, called the Pan Techne. Officers were Jean Royer, Betty Beaty, Francis Rodgers, and Frankye Riley. Miss Hardwick ad- vised. -ZmUG - Johnson, Von C rf GIRLS ' LEAGUE Top Row; Elmers, Johnson, Murfield, Garrett, Eraser . Middle Row: Anderson, Rambolt, Jones, Murray. Bottom Row: Killen, Hiliman, Vetter. FORENSIC CLUB Top Row: Pothe, Kewish, Blackburn, Vandenbeig Gruenigen, Bowen, Niquetle, McGrav , Newell Third Row; Houghton, Roed, Kraemer, Polly, Illsley, Delaney, Shoemaker Martin, Noel, Werner. Second Row: Twombly, Wetzel, Seamans, Adams, Curran, Clark, Joyce Hyans Reeves , Bottom Row; L e, Re , Wijjnsfen, Hill, Kee rs, Francis - ' { ' ■ 1 1 INDIAN SERVICE CLUB Top Row: Blackburn, Newell, PurnelL Gallagher Third Row: Schulr, Reimann, FCewish Houghton Second Row: Dohner, Werner, Poihe, Niqiiette Bottom Row: Yaibrough, Star- buck, Burnip y iris ' JLeagui The Girls ' League, under the presidency of Beth Anderson, was advised by Miss Kast. The cabinet consisted of Betty Ratliff, Marian Fraser, Marilyn Elmers, Marilyn Johnson, Bun- ny Jones, Mary Jean Hiliman, Rachel Wolfe, Martha Rowland, Ruth KiUen, and Betty Jo Rambolt. 3fc orensic L iub The Forensic Club, lacking a meeting time, was confined to the two public speaking classes- The presidents were, for both semes- ters: Lee Vandenberg and Betty Delaney (1-2J5), and Jack Rogers and Virginia Illsley Indian Service The Indian Service Club, under President Charles Schulz, is composed of junior and senior boys. Other officers were: Ernest Doh- ner, Earl Kirby, and Dick Starbuck. Mr. Strange advised. junior fSinaian Service Lyiuo The Junior Indian Service Club i.s for freshmen and sophomores, and was advised by Mr. Smith. The officers were Bill Krupp, Richard Yarbrough, Bob Falconer, and Charles Kohlen- berger. lUNIOR IMDIAN SERVICE CLUB Top Row: Krupp. W. Falconer, lones. Tinker, Yarbrough. Third Row; Reimann, Bell, O. Aldrich, Slowe, R Smith. Second Row: Kohlenberger, Cookerly, Humphreys, B. Fal- coner, White, Bottom Row: Carpenter, Fiqu- eroa, M. Aldnch, Hamilton, Smith 3{i y The combined Hi " Y " officers were: Tom Wer- ner, George Crilley, Ernest Dohner, Dick Star- buck. The advisers were: Mr. Dorland, Mr. Dull, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Cruickshank. QUGi eserves The combined Girl Reserves was headed by Virginia Illsley, assisted by Marjorie Nordheim, Virginia Luff, and Evelyn Triplett. The group presidents were: Dorothy Zeider, freshman; Margaret Sheets, sophomore; Bonnie Le Brecht, junior; and Jean Holbrook, senior. Advisers were: Miss Kast, Miss Coddington, Miss Sprague, Miss Spalding, and Miss Moody. ETIQUETTE CLUB Top Row: Keith, MacClocklin, Ganong, Magee, Beaty. Middle Row: Swoap, Hoben, Irwin, Potts. Jordgn. Bottom Row: Chgpman. Hill, Ramsey, Rogers. UNIFORM DRESS BOARD Top Row: Jordan, Vetter, Porter. tJeedham, Felton, Cole, ilumborg, Cossidy. Bottom Row: Murray, Meyers, Mcllamara, Blythe, Mur- field- vyi HI " Y " Top Row: Dohner. Hebson, Erickson, Stgrbuck, Kewish. Middle Row: Johnson, Brashears, Cnlley, Longford, Hardy. Bottom Row: Werner, Pothe, Trook. GIRL RESERVES Top Row: Lull, Holbrook, Arnold, Illsley, Sheets, LeBrecht, Smith. Middle Row: Delaney, Curran, Murray, Mathews, Olson, Triplett. Bottom Row: Monmoto, HiII, Nordheim Etiquette luo Etiquette Club presidents were: freshman, Norma Hill; sophomore, Barbara Russell; jun- ior, Pat Hoben; and senior, Betty Beaty. Ad- visers were Miss Lmde, Miss Bell, Mrs. Round, and Miss Jones. LLfiiform Jjress oara The duties of the Uniform Dress Board are to check up on girls out of uniform. They meet once a week in Miss Kast ' s office and were led by Jean Vetter, and Helen Garrett. [ 83 ] ■uwmi) i J Hwnm wp Jxaiiak Of LPaaaleooara Lyiuh ■i The Kayak and Paddle- board Club membership consists of students who hove constructed their own craft. Bob Stedman, Robert Trook, and Connie Blose were the officers under the advisership of Mr. McCor- mick, Mr. Brittain, and Mr. Nelson. ® ance KAYAK CLUB Top Row Aoki Wnght MacDonald, Leander, Erickson, Cox, Corcoran, Knisley Middle Row McCormick Muckenthaler, Carey, Gallagher, Pigg, Clark, Miller, Williams, Brittam Bottom Row: DePauw, Merntt, Howell, Trook, Zoeter, Gould, Watson, Foiles, Stedman Top Row: Egeler, Lull, Christner, Rambolt, Sutton, Thornton. Lmdauer, Yale, Koontz, Apalategui, Thi?d Row: Kohlenberger, McKemy, KiUen, Ragle, Hoben, _Wgl£h, Bennigsdorl, Sellndge, Haseltme, Second Rowf Conner, Collins, Arnold, Wintter, Brittain, Dimond, LeBrecht, Riley McManis, Zmn. Bottom Row: Adams, Murray, Irwin, Humphreys, Warton, Calkins, Adams. Cyiub The Dance Club is a com- bined high school and junior college group, and had as president Joetta Adams. Their spring recital, " Let ' s Be Gay " , was amusing and original. This group is com- posed of girls who are inter- ested in creative dancing. junior Lriea C ross Another new club this year is the Jun- ior Red Cross. Advised by Miss Rum- sey, the officers were Rachel Wolfe, Dorothy Felton, and Jean Vetter. This organization cooperated v ith the local Red Cross chapter. lUtllOR RED CROSS Top Row: Anderson, Wolfe Porter, Kohlenben Bottom Row: Murlield, Eberhart, Jencks, Dimji) Lounsbury, Vetter, Twombly. it3(q, Jordan, Murray, ers, McNamara, [ 84 ] ®. cJ Girls who have earned 1,000 points nfter-school sports are eligible for mem- oership in the Big F Society. Officers v rere: Gloria Ganong, Virginia Hum- oorg, and Lora Carey. Miss Randall advised. [ . Ct. Ci. rhe officers of the Girls ' Ath- etic Association were Doris ; etterson, Marilynn Tanner, Nita Horsham, and Myrtle Leimer. rhe three advisers were Miss Randall, Miss Shea, and Miss i oddington. CJuture QJarmers of Cimenca rhe Future Farmers of America is another lew club on our campus. Under the advis- srship of Mr. Keller, it was organized by the agriculture class. Officers were; Clark Scott, fames Eichler, Donald Conrad, and Jack orba. Varsity iub rhe Varsity Club, advised by Mr. Smith, .Vir. Simpson, and Mr. Spaulding, is an organization of boys who have earned their arsity letters. Officers were: Lee Loumagne, irgil Anglin, and Clarence Judd. BIG -T-- Top Row: Fehon, Pickens, Worsham Ganong, Launders, Codding ton Bottom Row: Bray, Pelterson, KiUen, Koonts borg. Keepers, Tanner, Smith. GAA OFFICERS Top Row: Smith, Tanner, Worsham ohnson rwood, Ilisiey, Cole Hum- lottom ■ ' ickens Row: Leimer, Kilien, She Mennes, HoUmgsworth. Ganong. Petterson, FUTURE FARMERS Top Row: Wilson, Yorba. Hamilton, Eichler, Oswald. Middle Row: Goodell, Lowrey, Pigg, Ortiz, Hainlin. Bottom Row: Miyaya, Foss, Lee. VARSITY CLUB Top Row: Doutt, Hope, Yorba, Pultz, Home, Barks, Trail, Rippie, Marshall. Third Row: Poore, Scott, Egnew, Hardy, Langford, Swollc-r, Thompson, Anglm, Hertzler. Second Row: Savage, Rogers, Morimoto, Loumagne, ijpdvke, Siark, Cnlley, Holve, Salzmann, Brashears. Bottom Row: Wilson, Jackson. Wicker. Waits, lohnson, Sorsabal, Rogers, Mitchell. Top Row: tJakase, Monmoto, Nishio, Aoki Middle Row: Monmolo, Miyaya, Oba, Nakase, Inai, Mayemura Bottom Row: Nakashima, Kanya, Okabe. k JLatin K iuo 9 ' apanese ( lub The Japanese Club under the adviser- ship of Miss Shepardson had as offi- cers Tom Tanaka, Richard Shimado, a.nd Fumio Fujimoto- This club is made up of Japanese students, and its pur- pose is to promote better understand- ing between the races. The Latin Club v as adviced by Mrs. Jeflers, and its members are students having at least one year of Latin. Officers were: Bob Houghton, Thomas O ' Hanlon, Lorraine Schandoney, and Harold Kelley. Top Row: Burnip, Carlson, Kelley , Houghlon, Langiord, Leander, Kam- merer, Kersting, Heck, Butler, Maxwell, Anderson, Schneider. Third Row: Delaney, Egeler, Kraeme:, Evanson, Hoben. LeBrecht, Foster Frank, Eubanks, Koch, Loveridge, Holve, Koonfc:, Lutf. Second How: Rogers, Bray, Curran, Bergen, Geei , Block, Dnesbach, Di- mond, Humphreys, Chapman, Day, Calkins, Jordan, Heinz, Hacker. Bottom Row: Howe, Hammond, Loch- miller, Crilley, Jones, Nordheim, Ad ams, Bandel, LaRue, Goswiller Top Row: Schneider, O ' Hanlon, Polhe, Werner, Star buck, VonGruenigen, Summers, Miles, Sutton, Nakashima. Thir d Row: Olson, Schweiss, McCar- thy, Johnson, ' = ' l ' h Smith, Schand- oney, Warton, Murray, Reeves. NeiU, Second Row: Triplett, Peiffer, Tingley, V alson, Ward, Upton. Strickland, Zinn, Seamens. Strickland, Wetzel, Nugent. Bottom Rowr: Twomblv V oods J-Jnwe McMamaia, Rodgers, Pearcy, Rainbolt, Trotter, Cv - p- T ' " - , ' J rr ' ' -a ' . cy •- ' - Qj reach L lub The French Club, advised by Mr. Myers, is composed of students whc have had more than one year of the language. Officers: Mananna Apola- tegui, Kenneth Lae, Francis Howell and Don Sutherland. L ' yjl i - _ Top Row: Kohlenberger, SturdivanI, Sutherland, Stowe, Howell, Middleton, Third Row: Myers, Monmoto, Starbuck, Harl, Sheets, Potts, Trook, Palmer, Ec-nniqsdorf- , t u Second Row: Vernon, Twombly, Anderson, Roberson, Peterson, Keith, Kober- son, Manassero, Ganong, lllsley Bottom Row: Withers, Kuhn, Riggan, Payne, Walker, HiU, Kozio. DORADO CLUB Top Row: Gerritt, Luna., Sandoval, Mejia, Castro, Garcia, Myers. Middle Row: Ramirez, Torres, Rodriguez, Chavez, Rodriguez, Talolla. Bottom Row: Castro, Navarro, Sandoval, Figueroa, Aldrete SPAIilSH , I, Top Row: Wicker, Sullivan, Hayes, Eadington, Bowen, Eadington, uray, Caudillo Third Row: Henderson, Carmichael, Wornow, Sutton, Lindauer, Whittc:, Porter. Johnson, Mor.cebo. Second Row: Klahn, Conner, Cobble, Simon, Yale, Riggan, Earley, Bolano, Smith Bottom Row: Davis, Brown, This, Hyans, Oxandaboure, Milhouse, Miller p ' W " BB iK., m i ■im. bl Jjorado The El Dorado Club is de- signed for students of Span- ish descent. The officers were: Pura Aldrete, Jess Me- )ia, Joe Caudillo, and Henry Duran. Miss Gerritt advised. Spanish Lyiuh Students taking fourth year Spanish become members of the Spanish Club. The offi- cers were: Warren Bowen, Marilyn Johnson, Josephine andaboure, and Paul gton. Miss Klahn was • f tjtj j4r Kj f King — [ack Yorba Betty Kovar Bessie Morimoto w ow Queen — Beth Anderson Ruth Pearcy r .n . A mjS y .. - Julie Iverson w [ 92 ] A I v Ai rl ' J» y v ■, -J.V r t4 . ;C ,4 N • ' ' ' ; .9 ' r ' i if " h j- ..V 2 - -i A_xJk ■ " " vfc - p- ' C.XI«vuj2_4 _X - -t5T ' :J - ' - ' £-- 3- ' U_- Ci- O (_ -t « " U Z- oJl .C Ww--, . OLwi W €5 . Jc _ -i. d . • c v XXt :i. v- cr »-Swn-. . -v £. . -2) -ft -«o-lL?i o-e vo i -ir -V-G- V-i. ' -l crTr O - l C£-- , axi- =r;i- . ' -4 -o WJ2- -r -e- - - •- -i --- - ' U.-C-vifed) " -Lo-V. OL-tXL.. y luij fe Vw Xo- --M J JiiJf t(ub -• ' ei_ t_ ov - - ' Vwc . ■B ' hi ' U . Jk -ii - 4 H.IX tb n: . .. t ct -it.a. ' U . . C i- - " . ' - w- -n-oio . % - " " " h t " - (f " - ' tu vJi - - m mmms u arsit QJootball In its second year in the Sunset League, the Varsity got off to a good start under Cliff Simpson. However, ' flu hit the team in mid- season, causing them to place fourth. With Lee Loumagne as captain, the team won three, lost five, and tied one. Herbert Ber- gen was manager. ,.. ;i : Ray Dawson Athletics I Clifton Simpson Athletics p= SCORES El Monte . . 8 Fullerton . fi Riverside . . 12 Fullerton . 14 Chaifey . . Fullerton ?.[) Huntington Beach Fullerton 19 Anaheim . . 19 Fullerton . 7 Jordan . . 13 Fullerton . n Oranae ... Fullerton . Excelsior . . 12 Fullerton . 7 Newport Harbor 7 Fullerton . yarsity Squad Lee Lournagne Captain I Top Row: ' Egnew, Pepper, Horne, Doutt, Victor, Isley, Thompson, Ballman. Third Row: Coach Simpson, Peabody, ' Scott, Essary, Christiansen, Vandenberg, Pultz Hod ron, Coach Dawson. Second Row: Johnson, ' Rogers, ' Anghn, Cnlley, Ripple, Smith. Hope, Yorba, Hertzler, Judd Bottom Row: Root. ' Poore, •E:iUard, ' Coda, ' McPherson, ' Lournagne, ' Salzmann, Holve, ' Stark, ' Iriidicates letterman Starbuck, Up dyke, ' Shatter, ' TuUy, Sauer, Schneider, Maynard 3ergen. :.;. Row: Eastland, Zuniga, Fornero, " T Waite, Veiar, •Chambers, Spencer, Tohnson ., u j », , Middle Row: Coach Smith, ' Stemple, ' Miyaya, ' luarez, ' Savage, B W aite, •Poore, " M Kramer, Smith. Hodge, McBnde, Mgr. Bottom Row: ' Walson. Koontz, ' Shaffer, •Williams, ' PhiUips, Captain, ' Yarbrough, ' Kenworthy. Prizer, Morimoto. ' Indicates letterman (d diootbaii Jimmie Smith ' s " B ' s " had a successful season with Bill Phillips captaining them. The team placed third in the Sunset League with seven and one-half wins and three and one-half losses. Manager was John McBride. SCORES Huntington Beach Fullerton 13 Newport Harbor . !3 Fuilerton [I Anaheim . . . Fullerton 13 Tordan . . 6 Fullerton 6 Orange . . . 7 Fullerton 14 Excelsior . . . 6 Fullerton 6 James Smith Athletics Bill Phillips Captain ■ MZm ■■ ||B A K €W 1 1 brh Id - L t w - 1 Bolfom Row: •Johnson, ' Craven. ' Kramer, ' Bandel, ' Rogers, ' Ogaja, ' Oxandaboure, ' Anglin. ' Wilbanks, " Cramer. Middle Row: Murphy, Holzgrafe, Bryan, Askey, ' Rogers, ' Wmg, ' Eberhart, Kuhn. Quezada, Cooley, Brown, Bizzle, Top How: Swasher, ' Updyke, Aoki ' Nomura, ' Munoz, ' Proud, Poole, Galdwell, ' Lewis, ' Guggisberg, ' Wilmsen, McCormick- ' Indicates letterman ,--. i i . JLe eh eague y nafnpions SCORES Newport Harbor Orange ... Anaheim . Excelsior 6 Covina 13 Woodrow Wilson El Monte . 13 With McCormick as coach, the " C ' s " captured the Sunset League Championship with httle trouble. Cap- tain Jack Rogers led the team to eight victories and only one loss. Clark was manager. Jack Rogers Captain [ 96 ] cJ eague (champions cJrack Simpson ' s " B " team again sac- rifice d most of its strength with members performing on the varsity squad. Most of the team made varsity letters this year. JLeague (champions U cJrack The " C " team shows promise of a good varsity next year. Jimmy Kuhn set a new school 50 yard dash record. The team also had a fast relay quartet. Cliff Simp- son coached this team. r- V JifA. u « ' ■ f ii ? :? - : . i« " w ' M ' VARSITY TRACK Top Row: Coach Simpson Meil, Sill, B Waite Kanva, Cruz, Newell, T Waite, Poore Bottom How: Cochran, Fnena, Yarbrough, Watson, PhiUips, Berney, Niquette, Cramer, Wilson. • ' B- ' TRACK Top Row: Coach Simpson, B. Waite, Fornero, Cru2, Gough. Miquette, Wilson, T, Waite, Hands- tield, Spencer. Bottom Row: Ressegue. Yarbrough. Watson, Phi llips, Koontz, Newell, Smith, Johannesson. " C " TRACK Top Row: Coach Simpson, La Rue, F. Mejia. I. Meiia, Guggisberg. Bottom Row: Aoki, Craven, Wilbanks, Kuhn, Nomura, Goodwin. Arthur Yarbrough Captain varsity, oJ rack As we went to press, rain had cancelled most of the track meets. However, Coach Simpson ' s varsity had won three meets and lost only one. The team was managed by Schmoker, Brown and Tully. Varsdif [Jjasketbali A ' BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach Dawson. " Scott ' Pryor, Porter, Queyrel, •Starbuck! I ' arbrough. Bollom How: Root, " Stark, •Home, :;.ke, " Marmolejo, " Pultz, ' " T, " Loumagne- Indicates letterman ■B-- BASKETBAL Top Row: Coach Dawson, Juarez, O ' Hanlon, " Anderson, Gregory, Carsen, " Straw, Johnston Bottom Row: Root " Sorsabal, Fowler, " Merritt, " Hodge, Smith, ' Rambolt, " Parker, " Greenwood, " indicates letterman Bob Updyke " A " Captain With Ray Dawson coaching his first year at F U H S., the varsity placed fifth m the Sunset League, Bob Updyke captained the team to five wins and eight losses. Art Yarbrough managed the team. Id JijasketbaU Ray Dawson ' s " B ' s " were apparently a good team that was stopped by plenty of bad luck. With Lee Hodge as captain the team fought a losing battle to place seventh m the Sunset League. [ 98 ] oCe eh eague nampions C ujaskethali Cliff Simpson, who coached varsity football, had an excellent " C " Basketball team this season. With Cramer as captain, the team went through a series of twelve victories to win the Sunset League Championship Chuck Doutt man- aged the team. Lee Hodge " B " Captain Stanley Cramer " C " Captain Bob Falconer " D " Cap ' .am SCORES Huntington Beach 11 Fullerton . 16 Anaheim . . . 25 FuUerton . 28 Excelsior . . . 17 Fullerton . . 23 Orange .... 5 Fullerton . 20 Newport Harbor 14 Fullerton . . 32 ■■?■■ BASKETBALL Top Row: Doutt, Lae, Aoki, Wilbanks, Hooper, Jennings, IvlL.noz " Goodwin. Nomura. Coach Simpson- Bottom Row; ' Caldwell, ' Lewis, Sandoval, ' Johnson, ' Cra- mer, Bandei. ' Kuhn, ' Milhous, ' Burdori. ■D " BASKLTBALL Top Row: Ripple, U.QGo an, Quezada. ' Johnston. Ritten- house, Bizzle, Coach Simpson Bottom Row: Funnell, ' Walters, ' Heying, ' Falconer {cq. ' d- tamj. ' Stocks, ' LaRue, ' Boyd- •Jndicaies letterman w [Basketoaii The " D ' s " had a fair season under Cliff Simpson ' s coaching. Bob Falconer, the captain, led the team to six wins and four losses. Chuck Doutt also man- aged this team. [ 99 ] varsiti iuaseoau Coach Spaulding ' s varsity team seemed well on the way to victory at press time with two league wins and one loss. The team also had seven non-league wins and six losses. Peabody and Sorsabal were managing the team. junior varsityi Edwin Goddard Athletics Richard Spaulding Athletics jDaseball The Junior Varsity, at press time, was doing all right for itself with six wins and two losses. Coach Goddard stated that the purpose of the Junior Varsity was to tram potential varsity players from underclassmen. VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row: Mitchell, Home, Jones, Trook, Sullivan, Mitchell, •-ocly. Bottom Row: Morimoto, Lou- magne, Anglm, Parker, Hodge. Ogata JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row: Coach Goddard, Handel. Has tings, Johnson, Carson (captain), Lewis Isley, Pepper, Richards, Bottom Row: Bryant, Juarez, Munoz, John son, Earll, Johnson, Ogata. Henry. [100] liar :»-.,., jji.:,.ina,T »:»»jr»..i-.n...,. „.„.„„. .. , -...—.-- Ci ' Jean Royer " A " Caplain Morton Prizer " B " Captain Sonny Poore " C " Captain varsitii vi aterLPoL VARSITY WATER POLO Tod Row: Smitti, ' Aoki. ' Christiansen, Seamans, Watkms. Bottom Row: ' Householder, ' Swoiier, ' Wilson, Royer, Peak, ' ICoontz " B " WATER POLO Top Row: " Griggs, Miller, Cypher, Kenney. •Hood, •Miles, Riecke Middle Row: ' Smith, Bergen, " Wicker, ' Oxarart Oliver •Sills, Smith, Stark Bottom Row: " Keith, " Bruce, " Waits, " Prizer, " Jackson, " Good, ' Beeson. " C " WATER POLO Top Row: Sniilh, " Updyke, " Queyrel, " Meiia ' Hoharafe Wailes Middle Row: " McGraw, Kramer, " Pooie " Krupp " DiUow •Proud Bottom Row; •Maeda, ' Hill, " Pemberton, " Ind.cales lettermcn o Jimmie Smith ' s varsity placed third m the Southern California Tournament Jean Royer was high point man and All Southern Cali- fornia forward. He also received the Helms Medal. Joe Hope was manager. Q outhera aujorma K hampions f m " Water [Polo The " B " team, one of the strongest m F.UH S history, took the All Southern California Cham- pionship. Jimmie Smith coached the team and Reggie Stark was manager. Bob Waits was high point man and All Southern California forward. ' ' OJ Md -W ' mmA • ' }i r V " Water [PoL o The team placed fourth in the Southern Cali- fornia League. Coach Jimmie Smith states that there is plenty of material for future teams in this division. Bob Waits managed the light- weights. [101] Vif «. n ' " t J ' V J ' " 1 % g3 ,-i:Jl i«( T ■A SWlMMiriG Top Row: Smith, Hainhn, Royer, |ones, Chrisliansen, Sea- manE. Bottom Row: SilIs, Householder, " Swoller, ' Wilson, Aoki, ' Pnzer, ' Koonlz ■B " SWIMMING Top Row: Griggs. Miller, Wilhams, Cypher, Kenney, Hood, Can oil, Nakashirna Middle Row: ' Smith, ' Walkei , ' Beigen, Wicker, Oxarart, Fletcher, Miles, Riecke, Smith Bottom Row: Beeson. " Keith, Bruce, Waites, ' Good, 1gc ' :- r.on, Oliver, Prizer, Stark ■■C " SWIMMING Top Row: llano, Lae, Garner, Queyrel, Coan, Hill Middle Row: Smith, Hodge. Brewer, ' Proud. Meua, Stark, Bottom Row: ' Maeda, ' Pemberton. McGraw, ' Dillow, ' H; Li{. [J, ' Hohgrate ' Indicates letterman Jack Marshall " A " Captain Varsiti wimmi ng This year ' s team was exceptionally good, placing only six points behind the Southern California Tournament winner. Jimmie Smith coached the team to eight wins and no losses. Jack Mar- shall was captain and Bob Seamans, manager. Marshall was Southern Cali- fornia 100-yard backstroke champion. m " ■ c . wimming Jimmie Smith ' s " B " team placed sec- ond m a field of twenty-nine schools in the Southern California Tournament. Team members captured backstroke, freestyle, diving, and medley relay championships. South era Gk ornia ampions U ' S wiinmi ng Led by Bert Dillow, captain, the " C " squad copped the Southern California Championship in their division. They had seven wins and one loss. The med- ley relay team took honors in the Southern California Tournament. Bob Waits ' B " Captain Bert Dillow " C " Captain taUitt,i7i.a .rjm .. i.-jw....uo-», «„„„..-,.-.-m,.,,»„,„,„ n,„n, „ VARSITY TENNIS Coach Church, Smith, MacDonald, An- derson, Updyke, Hunter, Crawford. JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS Coach Church. Hammond, Burdorf, Hebson, Carroll, Henderson, Schulz Boucher. Varsity cJe W " ' ennis As we went to press, Coach Church ' s Varsity seemed to be making a clean sweep. John Longford was starring on the team. Church hod hopes that the team would win the championship. Don Smith Varsity Captain Jack Henderson Junior Varsity Captain Howard Uliurcti Tennis junior varsitiy cJd ennis Not much had happened at press time, but Church was confident of a successful season. The Junior Varsity was hampered by team members playing for the varsity. [ 103] Top Row: Klusman, Kraemer, Potts, Sherwood, LeBrecht, Boyc?, Hoben, Welch, Hillman, Kuhn, Johnson. Third Row: Allen, Ragle, Koontz, Mennes, Bragg, Imm, Neimon, Church, Palmer, Cadman, Shea. Second Row: Rambolt, Adams, McCarnes, Bergen, Upton. Boy e, Irwm, Murray, Cassidy. Bottom Row: Virgoe, Killen, Beagle, Russell, Morimoto, Straur.s. Leland Boucher Ruth Covey Mary Jean Hillraan Marilyn Tanner 1 1 iarchina Linit ng Fullerton ' s new Marching Unit, organized this year by Mr. Chemberlen, and with the help of Miss Shea, Betty Jo Rainbolt, and Mr. Bonar, proved a great asset. Colorful costumes and pom-poms brightened the grandstand and football field during the halves at games. This phase of our athletic activity will prove to be bigger and better in suc- ceeding years. ' Jjrum III a ijors Drum Moior Leland Boucher and Drum Majorettes Marilynn TrtSier, Mary Jean Hillman, and Ruth Covey added zest yfend color to the school band. Their prancing feet and sparkling batons really made the student body proud to ave them at the head of the band. Song L eii JLeadi ers Yell Leaders were Dave Wicker and Andy Sorsabal; Song Leaders, Evelyn Sutlon and Jane Keith. The teams were backed by good turnouts and lots of pep and enthusiasm. Aided by Mr. Brunskill a d the rally committee, this year has been outstanding in ' school spirit IW Andy Sorsabal Dave Wicker Jane Keith Evelyn Sutton ...„ Sports After school sports are largely en- tered into by girls from all four classes. There are four seasons of sports. Basketball, interclass swimming, and interclass tennis come in the first quarter, hockey is next, volleyball is the third quarter sport, and in the last quarter are varsity tennis, varsity swimming, and baseball. A man- ager is elected to take charge of each sport. A play-day, which is attended by all schools of Orange County, is held at some school at the end of each season. [105] u arsiti wimming The varsity team is composed of the best swimmers from all four classes — the freshmen and sophomores forming the lower division and the juniors and seniors the upper. In the Orange County meet, the lower di- vision placed second and the upper division placed fourth. VARSITY SWIMMING Top Row: Rathfi. EUmgsworth. SuUon, Needham. MacClockhn, Vandenberg, Shea- Bottom Row: Morris. Troeller, Bailey. HoUingsworth. Marshall, Curran. Stevens, Ridgway. niTERCLASS SWIMMING Top Row: Dohrman, MacClockm, Morns, Troeller rAITHri Bottom Row: Carlson, Stevens. Ftidgway. MarshaTt— rrrKL ' roeller«-AITI:right Cuiran, Vandenberg. S nterciass (bwimming The freshmen and sophomores combmed against the juniors and seniors for the interclass playoffs. This year the freshmen and sophomores had a very good team. Besides defeating the juniors and sen- iors, they beat the Junior College team. Swimming was coached by Miss Shea and managed by Lois HoUingsworth. is HoUingsworth anager [106] i IUM liHMIMIiHyiMiH " ' iinffiT¥ " if¥innn ■wrT " i i irnT Tf¥iii " " iBirir-iTi r ' r- ' j » 1 Charlotte Pickens Manager Edith Logan Tennis Varsitii oJe ennis The varsity tennis team is made up of the best players from all four classes. The sophomores had the most players. The team was very successful in their matches against other schools. They won every meet by a large mar- gin. Marlys Cadman ' s playing was outstand- ing, in that she won every match. S nterciass cJe ennis The sophomores had the best turnout for ten- nis this year. It was only after a very close play-off with the sophomores that the seniors won. As usual, Miss Logan coached tennis, and the manager was Charlotte Pickens VARSITY TENNIS ' ' W Top Row: Klein, Delaney, Grady, T J r. Houts, Cadman, Koch. Krogsrud. — ■ " " Bottom Row: Schandoney, Bray, Ki mers, Pickens, Earley, Echelo, Mueller J, T t ' ; - .pi: ' f v J ifj ' y. INTERCLASS TENNIS Schandcney, Houts, Nordheim, Eimers, rogsrud. Mueller, Grady. [107] : . «Bi taslcetball • , , Louise C Ruth Killen Hockey Manager Betty Jean Smith Basketball Manager Louise Coddmgton Athletic;; m « ' s ulock iey V ' . ' Heavy rams cut short our Hockey season this year The r ' ■cJfns [ijasketbail played each other only once instead of the usual twice result- ing m the sophomore championship The hockey playday was scheduled for Fullerton, but was canceled because of weather conditions. Ruth Killen was manager, and the coaches were- Ireshmen, Mrs. Scott; sophomore, Miss Logan; junior, Miss Uoddington; and senior, Miss Shea. Two court Basketball was introduced this year and was greatly enjoyed After a very close play off with the seniors, the juniors won the championship. The manager was Betty Jean Smith, and the coaches were Miss Randall and Miss Coddmgton The playday was held at Newport Harbor. SOPHOMORE HOCKEY Top Row: Stone, Vandenberg, Holt Cad- .nan Starbijck. Klusman, Kraemer Allen Bottom Row: Dohner, Wetzel, Curran Crowder Miyaya, Trotter, HlU, Hlltscher! JUNIOR GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Top Row: Cole, LeBrecht, Pearcy Arno Hoten Welch, Johnson Bottom Row: KiUen Ragle, Murray JoyCi Hudspeth, Humborg " itiummttimimumtmaimmi rfi " ' ' itfwnfrnf Mwrr ' ' tiiirm " nr " ' ' " " ' ™ ' Florence Randall Athletics Mrs. Ruth Scott Athletics Gloria Ganong y__ Volleyball Manager {N- Kathleen Johnson Softball Manager - The freshma Volleyball turnout was unusually good this season. The seniors were the chantpions. Volleyball manager was Gloria Ganong. Miss Shea coached the (reshmen; Miss Coddington, the sophomores and seniors; and Mrs. Scott, .the juniors. The playday took place at Santa Ana. VOLLEYBALL Top Row: Ganong, Carey, Worsham, lUsley, Needham, Petterson. Bottom Row: Hillman, Tanner, Rowland, Eimers, Keepers SOFTBALL Top Row: Killen, Ragle, Pearcy, Ganong, Carey, Worsham, Needham, Hudspeth, Johnson, Leimer Bottom Row: HiUman, Pelterson, Tanner, Pride, Rathii, Humborg, Hungeiford, Arsia- nian, Keepers Softbali Time did not permit our waiting for the results of Softball. Pictures were taken of juniors and sen- iors. However, both the freshman and the sopho- more teams had some very good players. Soft- ball manager was Kath- leen Johnson, and the coaches were: freshmen and seniors, Miss Codd- ington; sophomores, Mrs. Scott; and juniors, Miss Shea. y [109] timmim " " °™ ' - ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ™ ' °™° ' ' ' ' ' — " " " " " " °° " = " " " " " . a atmM MBBBgwB 77? emonam We must carry on with courage to face the future as our friend Chizuko Nakashima has faced her new life. " I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. " — John 8; 12 (A.ckno s)iedgrnefits r y V PHOTOGRAPHY J. W. Jarrett H. H. Kohlenberger (camera) Pat Twombly (camera) ENGRAVING Los Angeles Engraving Company Fred Smith Sal Guerrero Ray Brennan PRINTING Phillips Printing Company Wood Glover COVER S, FI, Smith Company Sam Babcock. • ■. T - , [112] u. M. .t.m« ...o.u.i. ....... ,. w, ,„„ ..,...„. „„„.......,,,„, , -.»__«io.ni»n,| 1 ,_.,,■ s Mjuo ; - u -y ' -L chMjt XA-z— ;J fPf cnmanilM,.«_«-jnjm«n m„m ,:, .nn,i;mn«n, -.— — —— .) -.,«n,.| ,_— — - -»-n„„w-. _ »mT»T,»

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