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f . fl XX Y .X w f ,NA fx- Af z, AX? 9 AE 5 D fi in GTZ . , Q 4 Xld egg? Ujncfcfurjibvfz Published Annually by The Associcffecl Sfuclenfs of Fullerfon Junior College F 1 1 N 1 ig A . ., Q? . 5 ,',i' , A 4 f 9 DEDICATION YOUNG MEN WHO HAVE LEFT THEIR HOMES AND JOBS FOR SERV- ICE UNDER THEIR COUNTRY'S FLAG, THIS BOOK IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED. 1 2 3 5 3 f il i I i 4 i A 1 i 2 2 Z 5 3 Z 1 3 4 1 .J 4-. '-0, 1 w ii, Tfgisiislrkivlf 1-eq, L, . , , 1 ,.,. Qffrfafe- 852. ' "'p?,?':xN'gf1vf-'A 5 LA :fa L '-g -4 J gr , T 1. ii 4 'qsptl-' ' file' 2 fvb4 -T 1 f o - ,Q Gr A. oaxfyr ig Y 1 Gees T sim' 6 3 SouThern California affords a perfecT seTTEng for The FullerTon campus. The buildings are carried ouT in Spanish archiTecTure accenTed vviTh Tile roofs. ln The background The Sierra Madre mounTains and nearer sTill, The PuenTe Hills can be seen easily. Con- veniently locaTed near The resiclenTial clisTricT, iT is close To privaTe homes which lessens The disTance from home To school, so imporTanT now wiTh TransporTaTion diTTiculTies. Near by, are The bus lines which also give sTudenTs closer access To Their college. Residenf sTu- denTs also find iT easy To Travel To Los Angeles and The beaches for week end relaxaTion. Hollywood night lite still holds a great attraction tor the Hornets, even though it was slightly curtailed by dim-outs, gas-rationing and the like. Every Friday and Saturday night would tind many l-lerbies and l-lenriettas "doing the town" trom the Palladium to the Biltmore Bowl, dining and dancing to the music ot Benny Goodman, Harry James, or Tommy Dorsey. ,f'N.f' 1 .ff .fff J ,-. f'f ff If f It 51"-J, f '7 ff is Qu xi, ' ,,-7 If XJ A ,nh ,!, Q f .1 , 5 ,I fm X. . f I. !,-- ,I W fy if X, ,ffl 'll ,f"fy' ffl I fffflf f' fl ff fy If X !'ffQff g q .ff " f X- , P7 Al I ' ,,, LK! XX pf ,fi l.w,4'i, Ly! 1 l.,,pfi s47i Lf ,fi y LZ X .Nix ,V ,Q ix, Q ,, X jf -xsrv. .idx K A-If xx, Because the beach is situated so near the college, students find it an excellent spot tor acquiring that early summer tan. Corona del Mar is by tar the most popular as Hor- nets continue to dot its surt and sand. The mountains are not to be push- ed in the background, however, as they prove popular in both summer and winter. InspiroTioncil beouTy is The key noTe To The londscoping oT This FullerTon campus. A vosT expense of lown, love- ly flowers ond mcuny newly plcinTed Trees moke cr perTecT background for The mogniTicenT buildings of Sponish sTucco. The brillignT sunshine brings every color vividly To life, The green oT The gross, The Ton of The buildings ond The red of The Tile roofs. In cleor view from mony poinTs on boTh compuses is The clock Tower which rises from The corner of The oucliforium. The clock which governs oil compus ocTiviTy ouT from Tour sides of The Tower ond spurs The sTudenTs To in- creosed cncTiviTy. From The windows in The Tower one geTs o cleclr view of oil The surrounding communiTy. Fullerton's gardeners and architects have been chosen with the greatest possible care. Their splendid work can be seen plainly throughout the college campus. Spacious lawns provide an inviting place tor lounging during free hours and are tremendously popular as the weather carries us into late spring and early summer. Brick walls determine the way from one building to another. Numerous flower beds dot the campus and the sunken garden is a most attractive sight. Shade trees, although small now, will accent on a beautifully land- scaped campus with tree lined walks when the boys come marching home. 55' ,, ,f , V! V25 f ff? bfi f 1K f- W Xffff gf A X qjfff TXHJR Q,faT,fLf dy Q In ,ffsfjyfif jj lf f Seen in The noT Too Tar disTance are The Sierra Madre Mounfains. These are always winTer week-end refuges for fun seeking Herbies and l-lenrieTTas. The snowy environ- menT pUTs Them in Tine spiriTs and fills Thern vviTh new vigor for Their reTurn To college rouTine and sTudies. The Japanese garden is one of The rnosT piduresque spoTs on The campus. Tall grasses and a large fish pond form parT of This alluring place. y :cj k I 'Elf' , :- Q .1 ,i jgwifl Q -I 5,1 -5 VN. 39. .S fm . ,, ,w.,Q:.iN, f "y 4' -Mkgf vf!5'lw"-Q-YbF"'A"" -I ' - F ' bffw' ,.f:s"Qf5:- ' X .u . ' 4 ' -V .J .fE,:f'E' .. ' ' W- is , 'A eJ,x.:N,q:,m1:gQS -3 , FIESQQ.-si 'MM 5,5-:Aqw ' mg? MW,- Pia K , , , .N k W, ., X ,NM N. X x X: . 1 NM , N X rf N Q X Q , . XX . - .-si' -Lf'-' : w-. --,gf . ,fx W. ,. N. x. .ih- N A 1-xq -51555-I ' f - 'ii' X R 1-fifi X? f"' f f ' 1 ff" I,-'l f ,Y ff 1' f 1. ,- ff 1 X N, ff X lv ,ff 'X 1' C A f 7 X fi if if f"!f"'Tffv2 1 : V' ,jf L 4' f fl ff fx I K ,fx X-'4'uz LA, ,f 1 4 X V l Y f Xf' X .1 'gff' 'fix X 11 j !4,1'fX xg X . -..f , F nf? XQW LffQfQA .f 1 ,fy al x ffl f' I 1 f f ,T ' 'VX rf' y' -I KF' I A, , , ,Z X 1 A fir, . f V r .. ,r W , ,f Lf 1 ,fri i f , ," 1 . , , , T f , . , i . f X .T ,fi-f,,,f.i.f,,,f Z: f' - J i X JMX -, ,.f.V,, ,lf 1 ' fa 11 --., i -,f , T , , L f'W I , l , 1, I, y ,251 , kg, T , .xfu J lazy VJ, 4 I Lf lf -.1 Lf' wx-, X! Quief Please! A chance for acad- emically-mincled sfudenfs To concen- Trafe on lessons is offered in The J. C. library, EfficienT librarians are anxious To serve and To mainfain Their well-organized unif as an assef To higher learning. No references are lefT unfound and all seekers of books and informafion leave The library quife safisfied. Picfure a spoT ThaT combines free- hour recreafion, social occasions, and assemblies vvifh an ideal place for concenfrafion on sfudies and you will have a precise concepTion of The lvlen's and VVomen's Lounges. An informal afmosphere provides sfu- denfs vvifh a chance To enioy The more moderaTe diversions with a liTTle peace and aUieT. A K4 ,f ff! fl In The lasT desperaTe momenTs before exams, sTudenTs crowded The Iilsrary and lounges seeking a place To cram. Those who wished To con- cenTraTe preferred The guarded silence of The lilorary, The lounges offered lighT conversaTion during The heavy Task of sTUdying in The sofT, oversTuTTed chairs. f X f .4 , A ' V C3 ,CAO x7 fm faff f ow -If UVENQN . M , 4-:M ,. bm of f 'Q , 1915 is 211 -4 -v 5 N 1 Q ,sky :ff- S'-.'Qg,:s:,g:':, ' 'sw , . ff, .1 ' .K .fu-Q7 41246-Vyfai 'A 4 'Z' 7 2 f .Q Q' wg 1 K , 4. ..,, , ,, - . -- ., . 2 , '- Q?,. m 5 t K H WMS ' K pg m - V ,V Y ., 6 -E? + ' a n :FA f 1 M , ' , - - . vw, -,im Hnijvt. Q 5 , P ' ' A , V , ...L. . X 'M-x.gg,,53gbg-gmxg, W ' wm- , N- .,,. . Wg..- Xf'-34947 'ffwfv' bl '-'-Qi9:5','52'Wi05 75'-f,95':, -- AEFKZQ945? ' ' si'-'Qf'N1wW:+Nw , N ' V Q fi - X mv .. . V , , ,. ' 74 , , ,J:-X,.q155tg-w,-gf.- "xx-4,523 - D g1,,,,w -Vw v mp-n f .M-My 1 69' l fp 1' A If 4 , V XZ! I, Mnfi, ' . . M 21311,-' f: if ' , ' 4 1' WMM "r ' 4 l Wlwere else could F. J. . Herbies ond Henriettcis find refreshments, relaxation ond friends, lout in the Hornet Hive? The Hive exists tor the student's tree periods which ore constontly spent there. Juke Box Music, cokes, sccittereol books cmd on lively atmosphere choirocterize the interior loud shouts of "double lime coke' ond "stuff Q nickel in the Juke Box" ore tomilior sounds issuing forth ot oll hours ot the dcxy. ln the morning Hornets worm themselves ot the heaters ond Obtoin extro courage tor that tirst period psychology clouss. It cilso serves os ci reunion center tor College Alumni. I-s'.-sffsuhszgimf..Jf LL , ,,. .- V V 1 sw, .' . A 4 ., . 1 as , ,A f , 4 f x -'xviflizf "HQ fiiQ"m.x ., ' f :, :Wi , Awww-I . , K .. AM: Q M - wx,-1 p?v?B1 - 1, -V ' wif i , . is , ., AAAAI ' K -. - Qi?" N K P. +V- - H 5,21 - 1-51 , ,- g,:x, ,,-, N, .NWC i rv 1. , ' ll ' 2 .962 J Q i 5 A Q, - 4 ' f.- 12.3-g:?. ,Q ,fin 'X , bbw-g,,X.. b I f1?"', 14' , V fg 11.. 'i, Yzf'. fuk -Pkwffl' 'ww ' 15 jf ., ff' .+ '13, , 3. M .ssfgfiix , 1A ff ,v f-.ag ,AW-,, f.-1 - - . -f - NWN- - . .,., 'Q - . Q - -X Q- - , 1-I-pf,g.-gj1a.fgk:+- ,f-f,,'Q f 3.5: ' f , 5 H f - w . ,. X , V X 51 ,Q Q l , . M ,-:-' . f:'2 ,'-V " H1-'iz 71. V. 3 -' 12,3 '- g- x-rliwvzx-,:siNe,.X -fs Sf 1- if ,ai w w ,164 J ' -in ' r. M f - AJS? . ML 9 n'Z4E2Xy' 'Q 4 " V ' rg.:-1 ,Q 'P' " f f ' gf I "ffl: K yi'-'Lk-3""' si" 431-5424, , I -?,x,-4,,,gA-.- ,'-Q.-1.-1fvxf-ff-vyn-Q , . .. .. 1 ,,,, 1, ,7.,,,,f,4,,, ,,-g...f1,-Q-.,-My .., ,!, HW, 4 , :, ,, Q,- 4., 'f.,A9,fi4.ffL 4' W Where else could F. J. . l-lerloies ond l-lenrieffos find refreshmenfs, reloxofion ond friends, buf in The l-lornef l-live? The Hive exisfs for The sTudenT's free periods which ore consTonTly spenf There. Juke Box Music, cokes, scoffered books ond o lively ofmosphere chorocTerize The inferior loud shoufs of "double lime coke' ond "sTuff CI nickel in The Juke Box" ore fomilior sounds issuing forfh of oll hours of The doy. ln The morning Hornefs worm Themselves QT The heofers ond obfoin exfro couroge for ThoT firsf period psychology closs. IT olso serves os o reunion cenfer for College Alumni. gqpsn-fy" S 2 .Q SMQKE ALLEY OT all The popular paThways and meeTing places around l-lorneTville, Smoke Alley was perhaps The mosT widely used. lT is The rouTe which all FullerTon sTudenTs Take when going from one campus To The oTher. BeTween classes Smoke Alley was always crowd- ed, and aT The end of The Alley on The corner of ScoTTies, iT was never sTrange To see Two or Three groups of sTudenTs gaThered around Talking, arguing or engaging in some Type of game. QFACULTV QSTUDENTS -2rCI UBS TH On warm days the F. J. C. patio is the official, social and study place of the student body. The large tables with their bright umbrellas and the ben- ches around the trees afford an ideal place or re- laxation. In reality it is the "l-live's" front yard. A student who has been diligently working can always rush from the patio into the "l-live" for a coke in a few seconds. ,fffhxl if-K7 ff Q lg fQff4O fix e L7 qu Dlfufll f 4 Q V 'ef' fv ' X lxliflsfj My lon! SiTuaTed convenienTly along Smoke Alley loeTvveen The Two campuses, SCoTTiefs vvos consTanTly crowded vviTh sTuolenTs seek- ing Tun and relaxaTion during Their Tree Time. VViTh all varieTies of TounTain foods, I-IorneTs were able To gorge Themselves as They played cards or ganged around The iuTeloox lisfening To The laTesT Tunes. When ScoTTie's was forced To close early in January due To The food shorTage, hundreds of sTudenTs were leTT homeless. ji lkjf 43 PM ff J' 9' ij " -' . ' 11-Qivzia Z4-. if-:meg -23:1--ag The posifion of presidenf of The board of TrusTees was capably filled by Ross H. Hod- son, a La Habra rancher. Mr. Hodson has been on This board before This yeor. Besides presiding aT all board meeTings he was ex- officio member of The commiTTee of Audif and Finance, Adminisfraiion and lnsTrucTion, Transporfaiion, and Building and Grounds. Closely allied vviTh Superinfend- enf, Frederick Chemberlen, The Board of Trusfees has The Task of handling problems of major imporTance arising on The campus. Members of The board are: Dr. Carl B. Wolfe, a bofanisf on The Suzanna Bixby Ranch, Colin Baker, manager of a Fullerfon packing houseg R. D. l-lasfings, a foreman aT California Shipping Company, Richard Nelson, a lumber dealer, and Ross N. l-loolson, presiclenT of The board. ffx X. By eTTicienT supervision, Mrs. STuelke, Deon of Women, direcTed The ocTiviTies of The Women sTu- denTs, She is olvvoys boTh ci compcinion clnd o counselor in cxll posiTions she Tills, giving coreful guidonce ond speciol oTTenTi'on To eoch individucil. PresenT oT all meeTings of The sTudenT council, she succeeded in keeping The sTudenT governmenT running smooihly. This yeor she inTroduced The idecl of giving smcill c1TTernoon Ted pcirTies so ThoT The women sTudenTs could have The opporTuniTy of be- coming beTTer ocquoinTed. if Xl fff' fl! , ff" "AQ fx ,fx ,flux ,f ,ff iff' -' , J , X , , Y!! j ,Dx I ,J X. . ff ' ff X .f I. ,lf 1 M1 VX, T Pf nf f' 1 , T wi , , f ,' ,-jf' l J 1 , 1, ,. , , , , ,e 1 f, , i I . ff l ,.f, , if filo. 1 X 1 Any chorocTer sTudy of The Deon of Men, Den- ver Gcrrner, would involve such Terms os ioviol, indusTrious, Trunk ond compeTenT. Ccipoble of orousing in oThers The some conTogious enThusicism Thc1T he conTinuously displcxys, his posiTion on The Tc1culTy ond in sTudenT governmenT is one of voried inTeresTs ond mciny demands. Mr. Gomer conTri- louTed so much To sTudenT ocTiviTies Thc1T he become noT only essenTicil os on cidvisor, l:nuT cilso o leoder vviTh The oifoirs oT The sTudenT body c1lmosT de- pendcsnT upon his genius. His friendly monner ond reody vviT mcide him populor boTh on The compus ond in repre5enTing The school on olficicil occosions. 1. ,N , ,- yi "Tri '1 f -V ,I .XJ 'A 2 if ,553 N ' 4 fr Lf' T -,5-x fi .1353 ff . Wf- f sir. .---fA""""o"2 ' i 35-12 r we r T tgfrf, 5, 4 X-X 2 H' Xi -T56 :F ' l ' ff ff? jl LfvW.,?1 fp is by -., i' ,. T Qian? SuperinTendenT Chemberlen is indeed forTunaTe To have such an efficienT and capable secrefary as Miss Gladys Miller. l-ler pleasing personalify and friendly manner vviTh The sTudenTs have made her mosT popular. She is in charge of The superinTendenT's office and much of The business ThaT ThaT goes Through This office is Transacfed by her. Along vvifh oTher personal work she also aTTends The board meeT- ings every Tvvo Weeks and Takes down The minufes. Many years of experience in school work preceded Frederick T. Chember- len's corning To FullerTon as disTricT superinTendenT. For Ten years he was acTive in The Los Angeles Cify School sysTem. Besides acTing as general supervisor of school maTTers and planning The policies of The schools, he also is very acTive in represenTing The school aT various civic funcfions and convenfions. His friendly, frank aTTiTude makes him a popular public speaker. Dr. Samuel CorTez heads The adminisTraTive sTafT as DirecTor of FullerTon .lunior College. Under his supervision come The many deTails of running such an insTiTuTion saTisTacTorily. Arranging semesTer schedules, meeTing vviTh The board of TrusTees and various oTher imporTanT responsibiliTies resT upon his shoulders. The Tac:ulTy alvvays feel free To consulT wiTh him abouT The numerous problems ThaT come up in Their divisions, as well as The general sTudenT body. Dr. CorTez is always willing To Talk over sTudenT difTiculTies vviih parenTs. lf a sTudenT cannoT saTisTacTorily vvork ouT his program alTer his advisor's help and is sTill having Trouble, The clireCTor is ready To smooTh ouT The unCerTainTies. Aside from his adminisTraTive duTies he also fills The posiTion of an insTrucTor, Teaching maTerials of consTrucTion and asTronomy. Dr. CorTez has been vviTh Thecollege Tor Three years. Dur- ing The lasT parT of This year he Transferred his duTies as direc:Tor of The college To Those c:onnecTed wiTh The posiTion of LieuTenanT Senior Grade in The Navy. Shailer Arnold Janet lvlacliarland Esther Pierce SCDCIAL SCIENCE l l . . I F3 Q fx l.. -sxift 1 Qto ' 7 , 2 L X I I - P X Jwlxfxx -1 nw 2 Otis l.eRoss Don Brunskill W. T. Boyce Charles Ruby All courses dealing with social or human relationships are found in the social science department. These in- clude history, economics, law, phsycol- ogy, and political subjects. The purpose of these courses is to enable the student to acquire and cippreciate an under- standing ot the relations ot man to man. It also develops his ability on questions of today and gives encour- agement tor a fuller and more intell- igent life. Shailor Arnold is chairman ot the social science division. lva Ernsberger Lena Reynolds Dr. Mabel Myers l-l. H. Tracy SCIENCE and MATI-I ChrisTian A. Worsley Dr, Alben Williams ErnesT Von Gruenigen Edward VVhec1TTill Greafly swelled This year because of The demand Tor scienfisfs, docTors, and engineers, The deparTmenTs of science and maThemdTics expanded iTs curriculum To meeT The vvarTime need. All of The courses in These deparTmenTs are designed To meeT The lower division requiremenTs of The UniversiTy of California. ii Mildred Lee Stuart Hunter Q 0 . 6 0 fi 7 KD J V. ,g IQ, i ,f KW QQ X f I f ll Z lik f C9 iA7fiQi!f'l.9if59xwyG,9 Irma Tapp Jessie Gustafson Freda Schmale Ralph Snyder Lilian Rivers Bruce Clark l l Syclonio Fremonf Dow Pofferson Charles W. Horf !lXf X. ' ' - 'j ff! 'l f .1 ' A l l l VV, P. Corberf Mrs. Agnes Larson Lynn Keller l-lorry Des Gronges Oberf Rod E. A. Ames Martha Ehlan Geneva Johnson Mabel Sharp diff? Q 'fir V Y ,-ff5QT5'zQ l ' 222 i ' ,ff -N M ll l Sgflqgrddx W ,ffgggilxl , ll if i lit ANY" efflygis F"EffT"l Q52 ' .Q if f l tl- ff' f .. il i M Ji feel ii-N Eff f iii? if i in Wi is-i i if '. Q-its .J l l if f 3 il h l if i:'xk'i'J1 iii 2 f"!xig Q iyl l ii XXX l -'hh 4li,i,q,1'r,Vr, 41445 s ,gi iii 1. x XMNM-ssis.,,,'11 SUE ijfxe get jf l ix- Q MXN-sglef I i' N4 52-Lfisl ,J Mrs. Esther Litchfield R. VV. Borst Lynn Sheller Virginia Bailey Earl Dysinger l-llllvlf-XNITIES Richard W. BorsT heads The l'lumaniTies Division vvhich offers a wide range of courses To The sTudenTs, SubiecTs which emphasize The creaTive, appreciaTive, and culTural arTs and values such as liTeraTure, languages, music, arT and philosophy are included in This deparf- menT. A well informed group of insTrucTors endeavor To insTill in The sTudenTs The power To meeT personal and social emergencies and To make consTrucTive use of Their leisure Time. In order To beTTer prepare The sTudenT for fuTure Training, Two Types of curriculum have been designed. One of These is Tor Those who plan To Transfer To higher insTiTuTions and need To saTisTy Their pre-maior reauiremenis, and The oTher Tor Those planning compIeTion courses. Fulle-rTon sTudenTs are indeed TorTunaTe To have such an able assemblage of insTrucTors in This field as Their chances Tor a more comprehensive undersTand- ing of life is greaTly increased. Lucile l-linkle Harold Walberg Mrs Mary l-lodgdon Mona Rafliff Collins Secrefary To bofh dean of men and women is Mona RaTliff Collins. Her dufies vary from secreTarial work To The final arrangemenfs for assembly programs. Mono is a Fullerfon .laysee alumna and has been in The dean's office since l94'I. l-ler popularify vvifh The sTudenTs is evidenf as can be seen by Their eagerness To seek her advice. June Porfer Lois O'Donnell Dan Henry lj J A Frieda Schuberf Eleanor Rodriguez Ema Williams The dufies of The business office under Manager Dan Henry are many and varied. They include doing all purchasing for The school, paying bills, keeping books on all school business maffers, The Hive and The Sfudenf Book Sfore. The registror's office is continuolly meeting the doubts ot students concerning their schedules ond school work. Here the enrollment list ond overoge doily ottend- once reports con be found. Chonges in in progrcxms ond onything thot pertoins to closswork must olso go through this oltice. Three secretciries ond two N, Y. A. girls compose the office stott. Vivicin Woters Mortho Peck Morgurite Dickson MAINTENANCE Howord J. Keepers Williom Potter Earl Pyotte Custodian Plont Superintendent Heod Gordener li In ., if n V.. if it if Ably fulfilling the other offices of the Asso- ciated Student Body were two men and one vvomcnn. Tom Werner, Sophomore from Fuller- ton, serving as vice-president had general charge of all assembly programs and other affairs of the Associated Student Body. The secretary was vivacious Lorna Goodin from Whittier, who handled all records and official correspondence. A position of very great re- sponsibility-that of treasurer of the Student Body-was consciencously filled by Sophomore Warren Bowen. These three with Don Curl made up this year's efficient student adminis- tration. Probobly The horclesT working, TriendliesT, onol mosT Well-liked mon on The Compus vvos AssocioTeol STuclenT Body PresiolenT Don Curl. Doing his l9esT To mcxke This yeor WiTh iTs mony olonormolifies one of The mosT success- ful in HorneT hisTory. Don olevoTeol much Time To The execufion of his high office. He Wcis prominenT in oll I-lorneT oCTiviTies, especiolly oCTive in The iournolism oleporTmenT. l-le was ci member of The DelTo Alpha Sigmo sociol TroTerniTy, ond in The Marine Reserve. sffx- ,,2'TTT3 .fx if If fi lr i .T ff-,ff X ll' ,V l J ff if f 1 1 fl HX T f if' X , ,f " f fl J f I f' ' 1 fe--ff , X If it X- f 1 i V XX-f k.,.,.fZ Every girl attending F, J. C. is a member of the Associated Women Students. This organization is headed by President Marilyn Eimers, Vice-president, Joyce Ann Hayes, Secretary, Jean Holbrook, and Treasurer, Marge Nordheim. Cabinet members consist of Parlimentarian, Marie Ward, Program Chairmana Bonnie LeBrechtg and Social Chairman, Ann Hamilton. Numerous activities have been under the direction of this group. Virginia lllsley was chairman of the blood drive for the Red Cross. The Sadie Hawkins dance, spring fashion show and chew and chat have also been special undertakings. Meeting once every month the A. VV, S. leaders have planned entertainment tor the girls in an educational wartime mode. Represent- atives trom the various women's service branches have been informative speakers at most ot the A. W. S. assemblies. A service mens' tile ot names has been compiled and special stationery printed tor those wishing to correspond with F, J. C. alumni now sewing their country. A.:, , A ti-A -ff-' ,. . ,ZW A fx fy "ff l ffx K - fl .f" , ' .V ,,.f""f,-' V, if ' y gl X ff , I, V I, , A' .V LUX, , R-'IZ l ft' i Organized to include all men students on our Fullerton campus the Associated Men Students l.ave carried out extensive activities this year. The A. M. S. lost two ot their presidents to the armed forces during the course ot the year-Jack Rogers joined the Navy and Dick Leach ioined the Army Air Corps. Some of the major activities ot the year were the AMS formal, the stag, and the assembly staged tor the men ot the campus. Completely student written, directed, and produced, this assem- bly brought a great deal ot rollicking laughter and enjoyment to the male audience. Finishing out the year as president was Bob Brown, Lee Carson was treasurer, and l-larry Nutter was secretary. fb 7 .? D ,om Qxsg fl Ti f 4 Y , il: X- -54' - 'Xl Y ,.. f, lx q Q 2 xx 9 A .M . TQZTTQ f, y, Na 122 ll fx Tx T iz, NF" T ,Q' Rvxxlxdl 3 F. xxb veg S Q, 1 N 7? fy JW if T T Al sm lg Turning in unusuolly fine perform- onces were Three of The live Song Queens, Helen ThornTon, Rosebud Ensley ond Bobbie BuTTrom. Their supporTing roles in The TooTbcill ond bosl4eTboll seoson were chorcscTer- ized by pep ond enThusiosm which wos evidenT QT oll gornes. Wherever The scene of ocTion wos loid The Song Leoders were There wiTh Their lively spiriT ond snoppy roufines which kepT boTh Teom ond specToTors in o vicTorious mood. Their ocTiviTies Toke ploce noT only oT gornes, buT olso CTT The vorious Pep Rollies held ThroughouT The yeor. Holve PhoTos Helen ThornTon Rosebud Bobbie Ensley Buttrolm NoT To be ouTdone by Their Tellow Song Leaders, Nevvlene PenningTon and Jean Runyon also have much zip and vigor To Their crediT. This was proved by The enThusiasm WiTh which Their Tlips and various anTics were accepTed loy The loleacher occupanTs. The Team, Too, was given an enormous boosT by Their spiriT. Their viTaliTy was noT leTT aT The games, Tor iT was carried wherever These spiriTecl l-lenrieTTas were seen. GENE RUNYAN f"'2f?fj cr g fffrw ,rw fx 5-ff,,l ff JT A Holve Photo JMX!! ff V ,7 , E! fffy ,fm . X., y f , ff f lf? fy ' ' f" f f ,V K T ,V ,ff ' f , .- 1 .f f- , , f - ,ff f, ,f , I A - :fly ,gm .J ' an -' ,Z J, lf, ,T f' lf' ff f ,ffxfU ff f mdff Af f f ff f f K 1 ' 1 uf ff ,wif y f T ' 1 KL-5' K l'Jf'lf'l ffm uf! lffl 1' T ff 'f l TOT ff fil l 1 ff Cx!--I 1,71 XJ .A I K if ,Z R Tgxjfk L Y ff 2.f -f px 1 . T , I 'ju l Ziff f ki . The peppy lecuding of yells by our Two yell kings, Dove Wiclcdrd ond Andy Sorsdbel, helped To cheer our HorneT Teclm To vicTory in our successful TooTloolll seoson. The vibrc1nT personoliTy of looTh Andy ond Dove were TelT keenly in The sTc1nds and They broughT OUT every bif of volume To cheer The Teom on ond help Them deTedT our opponenTs. They sTruTTed in yellow svveoners vviTh l-lornefs in TronT. xl. 1 I QQQWZ gf MQW QQ Cfxfflgf Working Tirelessly, The sophomore closs Took upon iTselT The worThwhile Tusk of sponsoring o number of bond drives during The yeor. One of These vvds To raise C1 memoriol Tund Tor Tellovv sTudenTs killed in c1cTion. Norvol Gronz heoded The cidss os presidenT unTiI coiled inTo service OT The semesTer. Then Bob Troeller Tiiled The voconcy, ond working vviTh his co-oTTicers, Jock SiTTon ond EdyThe Hilliger, conTin- ued The iob olreody begun. V. Ahrnon B, ArmenTrouT C. Boldcissore M. Benningsdorf E. Beymer W. Bowen D. Brdy VV. BriTTIe S. F. .Jones P. Kr J. Brown F. Bmw D. Burdi ck V M. Burf B. Delcmey E. Dormer M. Elmers V. Eli M. Ford L. Gorrefson E. Hcrrdy J A ich Heckrnom M. Lcmnier K. Fisher 7.. L. Jones um B. Lewis A. Lyerm Kershng L. Mclrshoil R. Moss wson H. Krogsrud ey B. Mathews K r Qw- A... 51 I -..:a:f V 51-J ' Q , iff ' is -ff' . . Y ,LQ 1 ,. r . .29-3'.--Q -. ?"2 1 1 ' - EW : . J f, --F Tir- 1 I3-Fliig, aus- 1' , - aff- "1 ...grew T f V' -' 11-+2 :Ts L v c,-51:14 ' - H1-I 5 Mgr- -1 4 aww. .4 .. - -- gy P-.D -".?'gt4fg, - .T Ji.-iff v" 1-.-1 .' '-':fJ'.'5,. -.-lark 31' 'fic ?- ,ff -'-1114.4-'g,y.if' mi.: - I , . wg. -:L :V -'gg' ' 'wg1,.gg5::f rf veg.--gf' '. Ljfr. f :Qi5EL-Lf.m...:L-.- V' -Q... ---,.' +. nf, 1 WE m:f:- fg3J'f"- L' T355 Ar.. mg gif .-pg.'6grS3.:g...Fpe--' V . Ljmkmgslqggvn. . Gm I . A H: f.f..., -' .:'7a?iaf71naf ' if " . R. Mircmde C. Mueller in I Z 3' n rf-', qv' 'fi E Newmcm M. Norclheim VV. Reed B. Schroff A. Smirh B. V. Voorhees J. Walker N. Webb H D. Wendr . C. Wildensrein N. J. Murphy - N, MGCGEII L. E. Smith Warren N: Memqmi . J. N.ecrI.lly L. Porter L. Roy W '. Siffbn M. Webb B. Zimmer L. Zimmer R. Zim'I'Y19.Fm'G'f1 -Ai -W ' wx Q .wf"9"'v'N'p 2 fifa 'Jil-P 5. 25.1511 : ' ' . fi 1 Q 1' mm- f , X ,- . mm ....,.. , NM 16222: . .1 Q -,3 .-HP. Uv, Q 5 V4 i f Z I ' , , , 42561 QW 4.1-1 1+ 4 232 if ff' 9 1, , Freshman class acTiviTies were produced under The leadership of: presidenf, Leonard CrowfooTg vice- presidenf, Fred l-landsfield, and secrefary-Treasurer, Doris Adden. The noon dances which proved so pop- ular wifh The sTudenTs were sponsored for The firsT semesfer by The freshmen as was The rally dance be- fore The Turkey Day game. Leonard Crowfoof, a most oufsfanding characfer in The producTIon of freshman acTiviTies, along wifh Fred I-landsfield, was forced To enTer The service leaving Doris Adden alone To sTar in The class producTIons. Mrs N K A l T ,. ,Q X . ' S l? ll l P 1 A :Q 23 K . as U A Q' If In All Tr" 'fl' M T Xxl r ,ll x XX I4 XXX K ll fl Q l f" ll C fl- T Left To right: Mary Adams, Edith Barron, Joyce Baxrer, Marilee Arn- old, Rufh Adams, Jeanne Arnold, Virginia Bornerf, Rose Apalaiegui, Eva Bonner, Doris Adden, Dororhy Boden, Beatrice Bolano, Earl Boyce, Barbara Anderson, Bobbie Buffram, Dororhy Bakken, Bill Archer, Ben Eoefiger, Bob Blackburn. Leif To right: Leonard Croloof, Ralph Corbett, Ruby Cooper, Jeanne Cole, Mariorie Clanion, Jean Chrisfner, Eeiry Lou Clarke, Beverly Clarkson. Left To right: Tommy Carmack, Bob Brown, Jean Brilrain, Miriam Bru- baker, John Burler, Stanley Brown, Virginia Campbell Left to right: Ladimir Cech, Henry Devoss, Charles Doutt, Rosebud Ensley, Patsy Eberhart, Charles Everett, Ned Cornwall, Ruth de Runtz, Virginia Driesbach, Mary Fairbairn, Barbara Ericson, Mayme Dodds, Bill Basham, Bernard Baum- bach, Connie Everett, Arla Dehart. 'P 'iv Left to right: Fred Hanstield, Harold Hoclson, Evelyn Henderson, Richard Hart, Pat Hoben, Sandy Hoody, Beverly Hansen, Catherine Huds- peth, Shirley Howe, Gloria Hadley. Left to right: Barbara Ann Frank, Helen Graue, Clifton Fowler, Caro- lyn Ferrell, Betty Blythe, Marjorie Gould, Dwight Fearn, Betty Gosch, Joan Guss Lloyd Friend, Luella Guthrie, lrla Funk, Herbert Foss, Doris Foley, LeRoy Gifford, John Frings, Jay Grass, Sabin Gray. ,Y :JI ""iZ,ffgo Lett to right: Gene Riekhus, H. L. Looney, Leslie Jones, Bonnie LeBrecht, Corl Johcinnessen, Dolores Linclouer, Bill Komrnerer, Borboro Lough- boro, Moxine Huggins, Moriorie Knopp, Dorothy Kohl, Shirley Koylor, Leloncl Husband, Orlene Jencks, Scixon LciTurner, Scott Jensen, Jeon Kozio, Lucille Kelly, Phyllis Jordon. -Zhi, Z-X 3 W P ,f I. ,Lis -,W 1 'T V1 f f Y f :Z , If X 1, . --X ff' 1 1 X ,ft f y 2' '7' if jj 4 U ,fly If If I 11, i ,X ,i if , A fi, 1 l W, iff, A , l f A I l Hit T," 'Z-Lf f " il M l 4 Y l'-1' J ' 547 l 41 'f f' pf 'cf '--,ff-' of ,-. I , iw,' Lett to right: Irvine McConoghy, Chorles Milhous, Roland Mottson, Lou Kotnik, Howorcl Morshburn, Dorothy Mortin, Bud Mohoney, Jcinice McClory, Steve Monners, Jean Morion, Georgio Montgomery, Williom Mitchell, Chority Murroy, Andree Mooluell, Kenneth Mitchell, Kieth Mitchell.. Lett to right:, Elaine Nell, Dorothy Perry, Virginia Newson, Mary Pat- erson, Barbara Newton, Wilma Nel- son, Everett Nichols, lvlariorie Ny- looe, Henrietta Perahta, Beverly Cate, Jules Osher, Barbara Nance, Dorris Park, William Nichols, Cath- erine Nelson, Ruth Pearcy, Hurley Pepper. - Lett to right: Joan Rapp, Mary Rig- , gan, Charlotte Pickens, Oma Read, Virginia Reeves, Helen Pyeatte, Lynn Polder, Pat Ramsey, Peggy Reeds, Don Renwick, Betty .lo Rainbolt, Bob Phillips, Tom Phelps, Andreas Rechnitzer. i 4 Left to right: .lane Saulsbery, Beverly Shere, Bob Schmoker, Evelyn Schroeder Marguerite Russell, Jacque Schweiss Bonnie Sherwoocl, Arnold Saul, Ray Runco, June Seamans Glenn Savage. I i 1 1 Lett to right: Norm Stark, Gordon Svvotfer, Keith Souclers, Bill Steele, Pat Stocking, Jeanne Spears, Marion Smith, Alma Louise Smith, Eileen Sites. If ff 1 i y ,ff f f T7 .f f f' f i , .. 'fri' 511,-,X lx , ,AX 6 ff-it ,AL i 1,7 jfy 5 if 4 ff -' ,f f ff L l , f.f,l, f ,rf ff f','!,f ,ffff 1 , r' if' fy ,f Z4 ,H ,l ,f ,ll ff, ff , ',' ,r ,ffff ,f ff! M H124 K 1,42-X ,jr W L51 'V ,X i-,ni y Lfay ix ,Q 1,1 L , 2,1 X 4 f it 5 ,f i ff lvfl ,f yr , -1 svf L. X ff ,J Left to right: Willis Warner, James Vetter Lorraine Ware, Patsy Wagner, Bob Up- clyke, Bob Teed, Doris Van Antwerp, Robert Seelye, Vivian Taylor, Pat Tollak- son, Barbara Vernon. Lett to right: Raymond Zutall, Dave Wick- er, LaVonne Weatherholt, Stanley Weaver Violet Wilson, Olive Watson, Leslie Cor- bett, Elayne Winger, June Willingham, Dale Wold, Noel Worsham, Norman Worthy, Ralph Woods, l-larold Yates, Doris Zehnptennig. CCDMMISSIQN Perhaps The most active of the representative bodies on the compus is The Student Body Commission. Composed of the four student body officers, presidents of The classes, cmd The AWS and AMS presidents, the commission has as its duty planning all The activities of The student body. The commission supervises The expenditure of all student body funds, appoints all committees of student activities, and executes all general business of The Associated Student Body. Deans Myrtle Stuelke and Denver Garner are The faculty advisors. 372 cg!! ViJ"'!l,V ,X mf '7 f fl X3 ,7 ff, lf-ff-I 7 fy , kffjhcf if rm fA44lQfQ,f lkjl J U Behind every cdmpus socioll event- compus pcirties, doncesy ond all sociol gatherings cissocioted with the Assoc- ioted Student Body, was the ever toith- ful student body sociol committee. Composed of tive student members ond ci number ot deputized ossocicltes, this committee hos os its faculty odvisor Deon ot Women Myrtle Stuelke. The chdirmon ot the committee was Doris Ann Brdy. One ot their lorgest under- tokings this yeor vvcis The Christmos porty in the girls' lounge. l-ICDRIXIET KIXIIGHTS Uncle Sam played a very imporTanT role in This year's l-lorneT KnighTs producTion. The size OT This organizaffion was small and The men were noT able To accomplish The infend- ed major proiecTsg neverTheless small ones were underTalcen and accomplished. The l-lorneT KnighTs played Their roles by oTTiciaT- ing aT all school acTiviTies such as The TooTball games, dances and The sTudenT body picnic. DecoraTions and a Tree were conTribuTed by The group To The l-live aT Chrisfmas Time. The KnighTs oTTen appeared in Their shirTs vviTh The organizaiion insignia on Them. Pins, Too, were Worn bearing The l-lorneT insignia wiTh a large F. Direcring The l-lorneT KnighTs Tor The TirsT semesTer were presidenT Dick STarbucl4, vice-presidenf Joe Wollenman, and secrefary Treasurer Bill Kemper, vice-presidem' Clifford l-lemmerling, and secreTary-Treasurer Dick STarbuck. . ,Y ,X S as is N E. E xx, Q, J '-ST 5 S 1' VESIDIDAE One ot our outstonding odvcrnces toword on democrcitic student government is the stu- dent court, the Vespidcie. The function of this group is the settling ot individuel cmd group student problems. Members ore nominoted by the student commission ond elected by the student body. The boord is composed of three freshmen ond tour sophomores. One of the sophomores, Ross McCollum is the choirmon of the boord. They hcive no specicil time ot meeting but convene whenever cn problem orises. The tciculty odvisor is Deon ot Men Denver Gorner. Members ore: Evo Bonner, Hurley Pepper, Ross McCollum, Mcnry Sovvden, Jock Sitton, ond Mory Jockson. T rrlrl il -lii ra' Q: 9' tl' A ly ll LQ , mg . Q. 1. WL:-'-L if-STH... -vvll Ariz.-1311: v,', , V ,Q Igyyb it . , it----P-e--f----r-.-:zgw '- i T i , A,,.c.,,H..... . ""- c -, 1 . r - . 3 ...,-,, ff ,T I, A , I . ,. J., ,, . r A air' .'r,Q Jeff! lj. jf jf, r'-'K 1 i E l ihfwjjxrx 4.1 fi' Q 'X A.,-A-" ,422 aff ,,f, A ' ., Qi -J I A T. 1 . - f 2, We . ,,,,f-3 - - -ey, if ,fix ,Z 'NX ,,f"w ,fm-'X x lf L? Ax A ,f by ff If X73 JJ, V, If ff fl, ily!! ,E K7 I, j ff! F,-5 ffX ' f :V ,f f gf 4- V, V, If V, -- flxx I, ,f I, ff, X ,fxffj ,ff Z, ff .f, f, ,f,4f, ny , ,ff,,. ,f f .gk If , in A Xl I f.!,,fVg Vx I- , ff' f 1, V,-',f,, AZN! , l,,g!v!.,.f,Af, I, If 1, f f ' ff ff W 1 ul fu. W f V 2 , 1, , . , , , ,f , , 2-f 'J V if 'V' pf U Jvf MJ Cf bf xf V fx ," f' f If ff , ,f ,-. P r Y' x. 5 41 '40 -N11 Mk X , ,M mf? Women medical maiors comprise the Di Gamma Nu Alpha organization. It is head- ed by President Margaret Boeggeg Vice- president, Margery Needham, Correspond- ing Secretary, Avva Nell Crestlieb, Record- ing Secretary, Mariorie Harkness, Treasurer, Marilyn Rogers, Scribe, Patricia Grahamg and Faculty Advisor Dr. Mabel Myers. Of many interesting activities, the most outstand- ing was the sponsorship of the Tuberculosis Drive. Full cooperation with the Red Cross anal First Aid was high on Their list of duties. Special features of their meetings were out- side speakers on related subiects to their interests. Routine tours of hospitals proved very satisfactory in getting ideas for future training. ft , f , i ff 1 Kr N1 Mf ywyifff ffw 'fl' X if f' , fx f--7 , f Lg Sf! QJL jriqff YMCA The social life of The men sfudenfs on The campus is supplemenfed by The acTiviTies of The Young Men's Chrisfian AssociaTion. Many inTeresTing and enlighTening meefings have been held Throughouf The year. One of The mosT enioyable vvas an evening barbecue held aT The hillside home of Dr. Boyce. On The firsT Friday of every monTh a breakfasf was held in The Mefhodisf Church. FeaTured aT These breakfasf meefings were inspira- tional devofions and discussions on conTernporary problems. The officers for The organ- izaTion are: Bob Erickson, presidenfg Harold Hodson, vice-presidenfg Clifford l-lemmerling, secreTary-Treasurer. Arch Raiff and WalT Taylor are The advisors. Freedom Tor Today and Tomorrow has been The Theme around which has cenTered The acTiviTies oT The Y. W. C. A. To TurTher This endeavor, meeTings have been highlighTed by various ToculTy and communiTy represenTaTives. Under The able gui- dance oT The cabinet presidenT, BeTTy Delaneyg vice-presidenT, Isabell STimple5 secreTary, BeTTie Levvis and Treasurer BeTTy Jean SmiTh, inTeresTing dinner meeTings have Taken place once every Three weeks. Miss Geneva Johnson was TirsT semes- Ter advisor while Ivirs. EsTher LiTchTield served for The second. YWCA DevoTing much Time To The Red Cross and oThervvise helping To TurTher The vvar eTTorT, The members of The TheTa Nu TheTa sororiTy, campus social sororiTy, kepT very acTive duing The year. ChrisTmas boxes and many leTTers have been senT To The piloT whom The girls adopTed lasT year, as well as To oTher service men. Near The end of The TirsT semesTer pledges were iniTiaTed inTo The sororiTy. Advisor of The group was Miss Nancy Carmichael, who leTT To Take a war posT. Popular Miss Fredonia FremonT replaced her, Officers ore: Marjorie STroebel, president Norma ShorT and LeTTy .lo Zimmer, Treasurer, and Shirley BurkeTT, parlimenTarian. ff Vx ffl! fi Q ,ff F4 f ,ff I J ,fffy 1'1" ,f ff ff-1 T v.,-, ff ' 7,"7f'! f 'if'i'1 ,ff 1' --'fif' 1, f X X 1' If I, ,w"!!!' X gf! ,0 1 I' X' ,ff f , fi j 4 If K I4 Huw!!! lx f4,.f,7 i,,j , ' A 1 J if .,' ,f Nu, N., A . X, This year the purpose ot Kappa Lambda Sigma one ot the two campus social sororities, was doing its part in winning the war. This was done by co- operating with the Red Cross in tolding bandages, supporting the various campus drives, writing to its adopted pilot and to other service men. They spon- sored an art exhibit and purchased an outstanding piece for the school, an action they hope to make a yearly project. Some of their interesting meetings were Miss Sheppard speaking on "New Books," and Mrs. Horton showing pictures on Burma. Their advisor is Miss Mildred Lee. The otticers are: President, Ruth Zimmerman, First Vice-presi- dent, Bunny Jones, Corresponding-secretary, Gen- evieve Heinz, Recorcling-secretary, Barbara Jean Rogers, Treasurer, Marilyn Johnson, Membership chairman, Marilyn Benningsdort, Parlimentarian, Eleanor Gheen. 1 x ml "fr: fl Ljfxf 1 ,4- , ff I ', ffl- A 1' , ' ' 'Y , ' 1 , I f' f F' ' - X ffffil-'X '57 751 fl? flfi- 2 ," X73 X5 w XX ' ' f ff 'uf' I ,V fffff ' ,f f r Ir' .xx xx QLXX, Lffqflf Aff ,ff gm' ,' 1,2 Y, A Af xx A ,f Kf '-H44 Q ,ff -,fu Afz W X , -,ff 1, ,-.V,.f L, ,I X If ff f s ,ff f Remaining acTive ThroughouT The year, The DelTa Alpha Sigma social TraTerniTy was ably led by Raymond PoThe, a sophomore sTudenT from WhiTTier who served as club presi- denT. Vice-presidenT Bill Spencer performed his duTies as general program chairman ably and well. Ading as secretary who has general charge of all records and Corre- spondence oT The organizaTion was Gene Royer. In charge of all of The funds was Treasurer John Langford. Q lfhw A5 TJ , sir ll ,y li T will T ffifrgfrllll x ily ' l 1 tmrig 3 , ,JT ' X 1 .if rw- fy , , ffl, LAWN! f WEPET 1 f 31? 1 .. Tix 1 9 , NM Tl, fgf, 355, X X 35919 x4,,.-V, X ,lf ,ITG 35 , -1 f- 1 . . T i 1 I 1 X 'xmsw gg lil - , limi? Y gifs lpflllll fx PM , Q ' HLA ,T -'-TM Lijfsl 3-,J,,,--'X xi N Perhaps The mosT acTive social or- ganizaTion of The campus is The DelTa Alpha Sigma TraTerniTy. Numerous din- ners and informal meeTings were held ThraughouT The year. New members were admiTTed To The TraTerniTy aT The beginning of each semesTer. A gruel- ling iniTiaTion was climaxed by an in- formal olance in The lounge given Tor The iniTiaTes. Combining The works OT The greaT masTers vviTh The music of a lighTer mood, The a capella has compleTed a very successful season. When Mr. Maynard leTT early in The year The direcTorship of The choir was Taken over by lvlr. Walberg. This group made many public appearances dur- ing The year, one of The mosT imporTc1nT being The ChrisTmas CanTaTa. UndaunTed by TransporTaTion problems, They have sung aT various clubs and churches in The communiTy. The beauTiTul blue and gold robes, The Type of music sung, and The perTecT blending of voices have associaTed This group vviTh The more dignified evenTs and civic purposes. Bringing TogeTher a small group of accom- plished insTrumenTalisTs and singers To form a perlecTly balanced ensemble, Mr. Harold Walberg has made The College Salon En- semble a unique parT of The music deparT- menT. The aim of This group is The compleTe blending of The human voice wiTh an in- sTrumenTal background. Because of The size They have been very acTive. They have presenTecl beauTiTul chamber music for many civic organizaTions. ,f X X f X 4 ff' 1 ll 1 , ,, -,fe ,I , ,lf O X ff U 'Il ff? ff l ,375 ffyy, V K fm! ff, K ' 1' lfflyljvgffff X fff f lff lofi HM wr Lfi Lf' J J uf- J if ,f v.,w,.f xf ,Ju 1 l'i "" "" "' M "' Leading the band at our football games and participating in halt time entertainment were our tive lively and attractive maiorettes. At- tired in blue and gold satin uniforms with white boots and tall military hats the girls brought great pleasure to the stands with their nimble antics and baton tvvirling. The tive girls who comprised our maiorette team were Bunny Covey, Betty Rainbolt, Dorothy Went, Doris Park, and Annetta Lyen who ably led the team in their snappy routines. , ri . l , 1 Making The necessary sacrifices To The vvar efforT during mosT of The year The loand could noT Travel as exTensively as iT has been accusTomed To doing. However iT was a very Welcome parT To all home foofball and basl4eTball games, performing loeTvveen halves and playing rousing music during The games, They also played a many rallies during The year. A very inTeresTing and succesful experimenT vvas carried ouT in which various band members led The group. l Tirelessly working os cc1rToonisT ond pho- Togropher os well os ediTor, Tom Fennell wds X oble To begin The produc:Tion of This onnudl ' before being colled To service in Morch. His plonning of every poge wiTh equol core, f' ,V fijlf' , ,-' f' T' 1 J ,,m:lf' fr ff fs fi ffs U47 " 7 w'77,f ,J ff! 1' ,ff Al if W S., 4,V:!7J!,f'j,f Ajyjujyfff im ff! fmfffxi, f lf 4 , rf 1 T' T 1- Tlx: f' df' T ' ' k ff V, ,f Z' T f T lx 1 I If Mvfil jfk ffflx gf ik-X, V Q! , V , J, xv' -., gy sf' A consTonTly chonging Torch sToTf hos ToughT The yeor Through Tor ci worThwhile book which would cidequdTely represenf The college This yecur. When Ecliior Tom Fermnell wcls culled To The colors, Jecn Holbrook Took over in The middle of The sTreom To guide The bociT Through The rough chdnnels. GreoT crediT ges To her. WiTh The help of adviser Vir- ginicl Bcxiley ond OberT Rod, PrinTing InsTrucTor in The prinT shop, she sTeered o True course. OThers who answered The TrcmTic coll Tor help were Omg Reed, Joon Guss, Wcnrren Bowen, ond Fronk Purnell. 7734 J ' If .J EEETEWW ' - 5'-. creoTed This book's unpcirolleled conTinuiTy. Faced vvifh The difTiculTies of finishing a half comp!eTed pubIicaTion, Jean Holbrook Took over The ediTorship aT The semesTer vviTh an irnmediaTe comprehension of every parT of her immense Task. Her unbounded energy and resourcefulness kepT The work on sche- dule. T MW., .Au vm. T Tommy Carmack Oma Read Joan Guss Joe Kopsho F13 fy ,, ff ffi ni iff ff ff if f 2 4' 9' flffi ,f I XXJV, X, f T T ,f ve' T-mf kj TN, Snapped aTTer meeTing The deadlines are a porTion of The Weekly Torch STaTT Taking iT easy. Uncle Sam had a large percervrage of The sTaFl aT The end of The year when iT had dwindled from an original TwenTy news hounds To Eve. rf' f -Qi f .l Af - ' U K 4 Q l is T " . ' ' - '7 , .-.- Xl xx lr 'rf T We L XX: as XY , X5 ,-fli - w . if ef' T I ix K ix ff f X lm l 'T Ay WW ww gyxvv X l Bill Bayless, A A . SporTs EdiTor No. l l ' Vw 4 Barbara Loughboro, 1 A STar ReporTer ,T K' , 1 K. Q' it' ,null Barbara Moores Frank EllioTT FeaTure EdiTors Don Curl l-lal YaTes, SporTs EdiTors No. 3 and 4 War played an imporfanf parf in The Torch acTiviTies This year. The sfaff was greaTly affecf- ed by calls To The service, VVarTirne news was followed more Than Thaf concerning The carn- pus. Even The mailing lisT To service men was almosf as large as The school circulafion. Some- how Edifor Shirley Johnson would geT acquainf- ed wiTh her sTaff during The course of The week and manage To puf The Weekly Torch info The hands of The F. J. C. l-lornefs by The nexT Mon- day. Miss Virginia Bailey was faculfy advisor. Shirley Johnson EdiTor-in-Chief fff""'i A I .f" l lf fix 'T ff ,' fl 1' f T , ' xf X'-' ,',?,'Qf V, ,iff yf'v'pf',?f'f.f , X, K' ' 1 I' K X KL! l T. ,TTT 'T ,ffl X xwffr Tu-ell, ' T' ,J , ' ,ff T f if 1 V Xl! fl ,- fl ,.fr'-. ,fb-T3 f,.f'T"l T . ,f lil! f iff Ill lyjv! fly!! flflyfs JTC W T li, if f L41 L ,wr -f X uf , , X ... ,T ,. 4 g M, , Keifh Souders Dorcas Jacobson Charlene MacGregor News EdiTor Business Manager GFOCG ThOrnOS I wg, - W Y- ,53 I , 7521 N W N 'fv 1 A' ,ff ,-gi Q-Ax G J Q 3, ff y!.L .. ,.,. . -' ' L-all 'T' I, 5 ,A:,. . Flu' Z x?Q-:Bn f .A Vvfi -' Y L X ' F . . Q- x, W ff? .IGM ,N , l 4 "L N Q ' L A : - D E E 1 4 I m I 1 3 4 1 I , 9 , Q 55 5 f 2 ? 1 pi Z5 , 3' . , , I 'J N W N .x 1552 ,M V fqi,-9,1 Q :E r. pg, , ,, A w JESSE -453: ,, eiivff. 1 FTE' fr H A -. 1, QQ, , rihfg- 5.-wiv N' , , , is amy. rw! On The brighT, sunliT compus of FullerTon Junior College hundreds of young people hcrve spenT yeors Thai They will never TorgeT-yeors filled wiTh looTh work ond reloxdTion. In looking locick, The memory of The long, TorTurous hours of work Toides. The cheery friendliness of The sTu- denTs, ond The ioyous dcTiviTies be- come The Things on olumnus reflecis upon unTil he wishes ThoT he were once cigoin QT Fullerton J. C. 9? if T?-Q6 To sTorT ci yeor of lively sociol cicTiviTies, l'lorneTs donned Their slcicks ond levis shorTly ofier school loegon, ond svvormed up The hill overlooking The cornpus To beouTiTul l-lillcresT Pork for The cinnuol picnic. Abondoning sophisTicciTion, They WenT Wild, porTicipoTing in Three-legged roces, pie-eoTing conTesTs, Tugs-of-wor, eTc. Then The sTudenTs Tiled up long Tc1bles,ond eoch ouTsTreTched ploTe Wos heop- ed vviTh delicacies ATTer ci few brief games ol bose- boll oncl Toofboll, The crovvd adjourned To The dcince. qv- I"X QUEEN EVA BONNER I WW W , f i im il ff X at ft v ft ' lf it O ft V1 If Qffffff Ufffpflf f X X fl! f K' WQVL 'l f ' gf J 1 f X-lj lfjf' 1 ,Y .,f,,f ig lf X fi fl , if bf f XJ' XJ kj X X f The traditional Turkey Day came to Fullerton in all the glamour and color of past years. Despite war time restrictions the students of l-lor- netville carried out a gala prep rally, Climaxing with the Coronation of the Turkey Day Queen. Highlights of the event, were the rally in the Fullerton Theatre the night before the game, followed by the serpentine to the gym for the victory dance. Then on the following lazy, dusky afternoon, l0,000 thrill-hungry fans really got their money's worth as they witnessed a game which held them breathless from the opening whistle until the final gun. ff-xi X 1 1 f . if iff !! k,f? ,XXX fy' ff X IVV, ,T -V, ,,., A. I ' lf! lY,,"f!, !,jf,'!,fif,f' 2 ff,-X ff' 1 li! E 4k,,.Jf in !, If 14 llrfvlffftl K fy X " fx f xxfijx fbfi 4V ,f K' ,' f,f',f, ff' Q ,f 9 ff-7 ., ffl! J f x.xM,,-f L rm ,if f f' lKlQli"f lv! k'!XX!!C,f ff W Z- LXXXQ ff!!! E "W I , , l. I, fir!! lffiffl 'lf K7 X! Q, f vfflxf ff7L ln, ,lf ff f ' f if f v .,, ,wx w K X 441 If K1 I, iff! .f K-1,1 lf! xy J K XWXN Jijak Ljff X! A' !4 !.!f. J, MJ, J X if nj! Mfg! I, 1 X ,pg 1 f J vf f f 1 .- ' ff x - f f -Z5 fl' 'ft V K,-fr x-ffj ,fl ' ff .V , pf f Qff QL ,fy ,fy W ,A 1,7 Mjcffkfxlf if KL If j in ' f J xCyX kffi 1 Jllkj I ,,. '1 Climaxing many sporfs evenfs, foofball games and baslcefball games, were a number of informal evening dances To which The visifing schools were invifed. Music for These dances,vvhich were generally held in The girls gym was supplied by recordings of The music of all The popular orchesfras of The day. Many of These dances were in The form of rallies before fooT- ball games. Perhaps The biggesf informal dance of The year was The rally dance which was held The nighf before The Thanksgiving Day game vviTh SanTa Ana. 1 .1 K- J X ,' X- 1 v,' x 1 ' f ' f' I 1 ,-' ' lf' ,ffl f'5 ,f--, ,fu f f' " ff' 9 XZ' .fflfff f w ,f f f J , f ' .. 4,-Vffaf , f ,fx L -' JK L, L6 'bf f if ,iff MJ! LX-XI! 'Vx X iff , ff, Vrzfkwsx. if lx. XX X ff, N I ff' J V ,A "K X--, W K 1 ,f " f' ' f' ,4 ,' , f' 9 5 'X' '--2 f' L l,.f",-f"f Len Q1 4 ,',C. --17,44 I .7-J ff . ,f 1 , x,,.4fNx AV X' Lf, gl - uv. V bf xv,-f xx-1 Xxx .1 'Eff' ' j 01 ll: f'7'All? "-, "lib, Q" Q 4-'fin' it T' f,..pf1,.f5yqf 6 r ..- 3,594 i .Aire-f ff XS-...ss-v-mv-AA,2 Of all The varied ways of spending Their spare Time, alrnosT all of The l-lorneTs preferred dancing To The solid music of The popular recording arTisTs. This overwhelming preference was safisfied by The noon dances, held in The girls' lounge. By soap- ing The floors and playing The hoTesT and sweeTesT records available, The freshman class sponsors of The noon dances made The lounge The gaThering place Tor all HorneT hep-caTs and dance enThusiasTs. Beginning prompfly aT Twelve, These dances were ruled supreme by swaying rhyThms and dancing TeeT unTil The one o'clocl4 bell. , Y Climaxing ci clay of l-lill-billy life a Sadie Hawkins dance was held in The gym. Decor- aTions were in keeping with The DogpaTch Theme cund The mounTain environment Special evenT of The evening was ci conTesT for a Typi- cal Daisy Fae and L'l Abner. Eva Bonner and Jules Osher were chosen as These hill folk. EnTerTainmenT Too was of a yokel naTure. George Garbedian cscTecl as masTer of cere- monies and music was supplied by Bob Garri- son and his orchesTra. Dogpatch had nothing on FJC when Daisy Mae's invaded the campus to catch a man for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Pigtails and slacks dashed madly after unsuspecting males turning the Tables on a very old routine. Old clothes, L'l Abner style, were worn by the fellows. Somehow L'l Abner's hatred of women was not injected into the boys, as Daisy Mae taired tarely well in the chase. The attair was sponsored by the Associated Wo- men Students and was under the general direction ot Marilyn Eimers and Doris Ann Bray. Beginning the series of Formal Dances spon- sored by the Student Body this year, was the Fall Formal, which was held at the Anaheim Ebell Clubhouse. Rythmic music tor the dancers was suppled by Bob Mohr and his orchestra. Beautifully costumed Coeds, good music and a lovely setting made this year's Fall Formal one of the social highlights of the season. fl f .ft Cfffffy X H, llfy y WX' fW X f F! fl J F7 A lxlljyfl , Aff f i1 'x REX fi X . --, A i xx X 1 x ' 5 i 1 -W I Nix , , f XX V i r D XX yfNxX x X y MQ I by fl l XE!! v ffl f4wv fi fi ii ff' , f ,V fa' " A7 fe A, XX- ff 'T is ' F"'ifl ,ew AQ f is e ef ff ,sf , Q xii ff? fxfi fi ,fnf ff ffl! 1 'fry URI,-7y,f fffffffy rff ff,-71 X fdl iff y T67 T fy T fx, '!,' em,-" 'Zig' ,J VX X-jf' l'-.,f" xy' Long Tlovving Tormol dresses, solf Tlc1TTer- ing lighTs, ond oll oT The lovely eFfecTs which go To moke up o Thoroughly enioyed eve- ning mgrlced The Associcned Men STudenT's Tormgl which vvos held early in The spring. ln keeping wiTh The ngTurgl gorden moTiT:T, The decoro1Tions were green Terns ond wild Tlovvers. The bollroom of The FullerTon CiTy l-lgll vvgs The se'TTing for The TesTive occosion The music of Bob Mohr ond his orChesTrol were The Tecrrure of The evening. Snakes, apples and all The Typical Garden of Eden characTers were provided for dancers aT Blue and Gold Formal by Sabin Gray. Carrying ouT This Theme in blue and gold colors mef wiTh insTanT approval by Those presenT. Bringing an end To one oT The mosT imporTanT days aT FJC. The formal was held in The Anaheim Eloell club house. The prince and princess were TeTed while sTudenTs danced To The orchesTra of Dale Cross. Arrangemems were made under The general direcTion of Dorris Bray. N X p fx ff.-Xxx N A ,f fi V 1 f , H f X f iz f ,ff , ' f X ' ' ,Z ZZ! if N x K 'KX , ' A ,-exif X.. R SPRING FQIQMAL Wifh hundreds of couples swirling obouf The soffly illurninofed donce floor, The finol ond perhops The rnosf refined formol was held when school drew fo o close. Lighf con- versofion ond loughfer blended vvifh the music, creofing on ofmosphere of rornonce. Almosf The enfire sfudenf body porficipofeol, ond everyone professed fhof if Wois o fiffing climox fo o wonderful yeor. Intormally visiting over their afternoon tea, Fuller- ton women became acquainted with each other through the gracious foresight ot their popular Dean ot Women, Myrtle Stuelke. A series of ten teas were given by Mrs. Stuelke throughout the year for groups of thirty or forty girls at her home on Chapman Ave. Invitations were issued for each Thursday afternoon from December to the spring months by alphabetical arangement until each Henrietta had enjoyed the warm hospitality ot the charming hostess. Gaeity and light hearted conversation molded many a friendship here in the warmth of an attractive home and an understanding dean. Annual evenT OT The associaTed men sTUdenTs is Their STag. All college men and Their TaThers are inviTed. Under The able supervision of The A. M. S. cabineT and The dean of men an inTeresTing and successTul evening was provided Tor The men and Their guesTs. Babe l-lorell, U. C. L. A. coach, high- lighTed The program wiTh TooTball as The Topic of his Talk. The high school freshman enTerTained wiTh various Tumbling acTs while bar work, boxing, and vvresTling maTches were TeaTUred by The men STU- denTs. The boy's gym served as an appropriaTe place Tor an aThleTic evening. l --s ff' 5 I ,fy fx, fl, il., ' l Proof Thc1T The sTudenTs of FullerTon ore doing Their besT in The vvor eTTorTvvc1s shown in The bond drive held in The spring, ln six- Teen dciys The sTudenTs oT The high school ond junior college sold 394,850 vvorTh of vvdr bonds ond sTornps. VicTory BooThs To sell bonds To The 5TudenTs were seT up on The cczrnpus by Don Curl, sTudenT coordinoTor of The drive. Deon lVlyrTle STuelke ond Deon Denver Gorner were The Tc1culTy odvisors. Wm In This yeor when everyone musT do his shore To TurTher The vvor eTTorT The sTudenTs of This compus puT TorTh every eTTorT To Tul- Till Their duTy. When The Red Cross mode ci coll Tor blood, The sTudenT body quickly responded. The A. VV. S. sponsored cm blood drive ond of o greoT lisT of volunTeers, opproximoTely ll7 were chosen To donoTe Their blood. AnoTher greoT service vvos The Red Cross Surgicol Dressing Room mc1inTc1ined on The compus. STudenTs ond Teachers cilike spenT Their Tree periods folding bondoges which were so urgenTly needed by The Red Cross. Z-N 372 0 12 f 53113 w 1 1 f I Vffjllf QI, M x gLf gycfy I 3-5 Rf: J . l, AA 5KV,L, yrs!-ff , ,ff Tix ,XT A preliminary musTering OT The school spiriT be- TR ,fl Tore all of The ma'or games was achieved b re- in ,N El, , I Y P Y, Cm! game rallies. The fooTball rallies were held in The wil 3 T3 T mul ' .H Q .XJ f ly! . Zfgifij-jaTio wiTh The band, song leaders and yell leaders "X-fl X Q TJ adding To The aTmosphere of The rally. One of The sX Vx, mosT Thrilling of all The rallies was held in The 'gl -f 2-A 2 FullerTon Fox TheaTre on The nighT before The Thanksgiving Day game wiTh SanTa Ana Junior College, The members of The Team were inTroduced 2 and The coaches gave shorT pep Talks an The 1, coming canTesT. 54 'T Zi A 5 X ,L Q 1,1-figs 7 '- R E ,., I 1 l I i N ' I 1 I W :r:Lff':,'x' mea vm ff 2, ff' Dismissihg closses Tor The hour, FuIIerTora's sTuclehT body crowded inTo The c1udiTorium once every oTher week To enjoy The QreoT vorieTy of erxTerToin- menT presemed oT The ossemblies. Promihem guesT speakers were ir1viTed, ond Their inTormoTion of The vvcmr ond relofed subjecfs ihTeresTed os well os er1lighTened The ouciience. AT oTher Times The sTuolenTs puT on ploys cmd skiTs ThoT rormged Trom The serious To The hilorious. 74 . The most outstanding assembly ot the year was the Victory Rally held in the high school auditorium. Arrangements for this spectactular event were made by Dean Denver S. Gar- ner, Don Curl and Sergeant Johnny Whitehead, U. S. M. C. R. Featured was Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Bill Thompson, Liz Tilton and many other famous radio and Holly- wood personalities. The assembly was Spilce's national premiere ot his series ot "Salute to Youth" rallies. Admission was at least one dollar's worth ot defense stamps. The total sum of bonds and stamps sold by J. C. students was over 594,000 Beverly Ann Shear was especially feated by Spike Jones and presented with a trophy tor having sold 335,000 worth of bonds. Records ot the broadcast were made and played over various broadcast- ing stations. , ' 22' B E323 ' 4512 mi 3 JS gf f 2 2 'sf -1 ' Li! as .egg , V JL lf 2 'Q is f -f J ...,- 41 ,. 1 J' if . gy. ,Q Qi , I wiv 2 Zkg..,' , -4 B I. a ww - if '- i:ZQQ"rf' . f 'S+ , , 5 Q 31 . 9 523, S r A .N X .E,,f5i' V , Q A3425 vm, X 'W' ""5lf"Xf. ' 'fin'-F -f ,' :riff P' ' . I x ' 1 ,.bW,,, ,f 'fm .-1 er 5- vizf' f in gg x gig t ' 1,1 ' 'Q JA. 3 if -my ,fr W ' ff X 1 My lu 'fl 5 ... 5 W 's 1 'Y Wm .1 ,Q , ' 1 ,433 , ,ff f 1 f 1 f Q ff f J . ,M ,W ff Wa fzqwif f QMMW, A if V -A 6.g":YW 411 . ., , .,: D a 9' ' '59 5' vb V,-Z!! LEM. 'Q . if f , -35 is W nv- , F, , L 4 - V D V I ,Zz J uh fiiiy nw g . W. N Q .l. 1 .I 1 ,,f-1 X ,f f A w A hi' My 1,7 . f fffj ,' fy! ff-' if fl, W, ' QM V. ,J J,' M' K ,ff lf' K V ff A Pj , , x J K 1 fsxff Y! X1 li ff L 2 -, IVVI f,' if " . ff 'X-ff! -jbfbfxvx, i ' ff ff 1 fx' W ff, fl K , A ff fffffl ff f 'T ff X ff? ffl X ff sp ,,,A , F ' T lil? ififxfiiifgf-J RJ N- kj' -V! xx One of The mosT widely heralded evenTs of The school year is The annual Blue and Gold Day STuolenT TalenT Show. This year was called "STricTly RaTioned," emphasizing The shorTage of men. lT in iTself wiTh an old fashioned can-can dance and preceeding Through a succession of acTs To The finale which ended The show in very modern paT- rioTic Theme. l i CompleTely filled vviTh a greaf variefy of acfivifieszfhis year was The annual Blue and Gold Day. Classes were dismissed in The affernon and prompfly aT noon The sTudenT body gafhered on The lawn in fronT of The pafio. Beginning The program, a recording of The Spike Jones Vicfory assembly was broadcasf, followed by a noon dance in The pafio. lmmediafely following Thaf The HorneT KnighTs acTing as police officers conducfed a kangaroo courf wifh Mr. John Ruby as presiding judge. STuderiTs who were summoned To The courT eiTher had To enTerTain The crowd or buy war sTamps as "bail" Lasf on The program were many acTs of Tumbling by The mens physical educafion deparTmenT. T 'alll fy W1 y Qin fi X875 fffff ff! T . . i V ' l 1 1 2 4221, ,ff , '- , 'f , y. vfwe' .-f if 2224, , 5' Y 1 I JM' , ff ,Z lk ,,,,. 7, W , 5 Y 1 f , , 1 . V: Q M af BLUE AND p'llf0Z66 GCDLD DAY H Zzzwceea Se . f ar- r JV ..-,5-M 'ff ' A Q: . .-X, 53.- v - X, . .. '. -. X K X Tart r '.1fr1,5StA -v 'T5:I5jS"ik..,, . , 1, iw. - l ,ACU ,. Jiffy," im, 4 1 r T 1 533' , i 15, ,QV-A QTNAL Cc1pToin Virgil Anglin i Noel Svveeny ln Their l943 EosTern Conference TooTboll clebuT, The l-lorneTs odrninisTered o 38-O beoTing To The Pomona JC Roiclers on The loser's field. IT wos Fuller- Ton cill The vvoy, os The vicTors scored prodicoily oT will. CopToin Virg Anglin, ond bocks Bill Lewis ond Roberf "Red" Ivlorvin corried The individuel Iourels in This encounTer, wiTh The brillic1nT boll handling ond line blocking playing on imporTonT role in sTorTing The Hornefs on Their woy To gridiron success. ,-" iff xx 'rg 7 1-X X '. fffi , ,, ,,1 V1 f' If yi 7 , o T . .r .rf 2 f ,e f f' f X ,ff . f' f ' f ,T 1 f 5 1 ,T , J X72 T' 1 , f ,f 1 A . if ,f f , f , T f 1 . ,V ' ' ' 1 K N ,4 , -, ff , f ,' f ,f 1 , ,- iw . , f I !.- , f : el , ' ' ' 1- ' ' T' X ' , ' ' ' T V' , ,',- I ' f Gif,-ill T 1, l',',f .-1 i .41 ,1 l ,f- f' T , ,xi ,f ,' ,T ivfffi , , -4 fx -f J! x V f ' u X' ,- Lf -' '- 1 l ' i f kj , ,f x,g,,f , X ,Y V lu, X! -J elf , J, - l wwarren Sauer Kenny PUITZ Roger Harlow Bob Trook ff V 77 ff? fry Ci U Q5 Ray Runco Lee Loumagne Leonard Bouas Dick McDonald Bob Marvin Larry Briano H. L. Looney FullerTon's championship hopes were running high by The Time The San Bernardino game was over, for aTTer They had conquered The Indians 24-7 There was only Riverside and Sanra Ana leTT. The San Bernardino game was rough and rugged vviTh boTh sides TighTing vviTh all They had, buT a superior HorneT eleven, The perTecT passing arm of Fullback Bill Lewis, and blocking by Jess BryanT, proved a main TacTor in knocking off The vanishing Americans. The HorneTs lashed ouT conTinuously dur- ing The enTire one hour of play, and scores each quarTer Through The courTesy of a Trio by Lewis, and one by Bob Marvin, gave The Redmen a very good reason To "biTe The proverbial dusT." Zigi-3 fi "' 'F 'iii fi 4 rf if W f ei fo L9 VLJKJLXCWTQ Li? L Bob Kellick George Crllley -1. 'xg' " 4. P151 X W -.:. 5'f-' A Q Q bww ,,,. ix ax ,QQ x ,. gg... Zi R ., 4 f egg 9231. W ., X, 3 5:15 'S KN Q fwf' X L R Q, M QQ ' -1 ,xg W . , 41 f . ,Q A . ---Ng. - . . w , . . . wbmv .X V , . X3, ff Wa 'X 5. , A.N-NNY f A Qc' lf w, f 1 3 NN., Y an Q V - . Q Q Q 4' K -. , , 1-." 1: A xg f M . V - 5 sg 34 an gg - ' " 1 E 'W A wwf? " f " MR I " f-ws ---,,, G ., 51 ' . 15 , , A . . f ,. 'K Q. ' 4' " " . 1 4 V' ,, 3 , ,H . A Q . R . . v I , .15 Qi - ' . .N an A - . .. .W -..-'vf X - . 'A . A ' .- "":z:A13' , P 3' Q.. , - ,gf A " if ' W A Z.. . j' 1' " 3 5-1f.Iq' ??'r1 .. 5 . f P21 -:W-:nv VZ Q f' ' 'Lu - ,yn ey, ,x J 129 Chuck DOUTT Jim Browning Joe Wollenmom ,f A ,' jg! W,f,7,f 37 A ,f ij! gf if lv f,,'lr,,'f Qlfjflfff '7 -f X X ,ff K7 X3 ffff' Xfff' ,571 "1 if J fi , ff5 ' ' 1 - ,2 ff' K rf Iv! Q! ffl! agp' K1 ff J J ff ,ff ,Ad L, ff,' " -gf Mff' 'W "if f Xfif Nffgfxkxjf MIX' Lf CXXMKJ kzff LJ lfff Bill Reed Bob WhiTTemore Al Trembly Clork WhiTe Svvomping The Bengcils in The FullerTon sTodiurn, The HorneTs scored Their Third consecuTive vicTory by defe-oTing Riverside 3l-O. SensoTiono1l polssing, ond driving line plunges by Fullbock Bill Lewis, were highlighfs of The gclme. Bob "Red" lvicirvin scored The firsT Touchdown, boTTling over The gool from The Three ycird line. The visiTors come wiThin YellowiockeT TerriTory only Three Times ond never peneTroTed beyond The 20 yord line. Only league finals remoined wiTh The HorneTs forcing The decepTive SonTo Ano Dons ond Their Turkey Doy iinx. Z0 A j lf? T fo Gfsff f f' ,X , 49 i X , K ' 1' Coach Dick Spaulding was The name responsible Tor The success of HorneT TooTball and baskeTball squads during The pasT year. Spaulding, a graduaTe of WhiTTier College was very ouTsTand- ing boTh as coach and advisor. The well liked and versaTile lvlr. Spaulding has been in Fulleron since 1940, help- ing To improve The body beauTiTuls. On March 8Th The Navy commissioned "our coach" and Uncle Sam borrowed him Tor vicTory. 1,9 rw ygzfy gf? fgiq I If ,Kal dxf? ffff TQ fgff K Lfkff if cf 4,7 f Ui5ffi,y'lV:f iclfxffo QV J tif Pain sTruck The hearTs of The ciTizens of l-lorneTville Thanksgiving Day as The SanTa Ana Dons, puT an end To The season reign ThaT The l-lorneTs had rev- eled in, when aTTer a long, grueling baTTle wiTh The swarm leading, The Dons pulled a lasT minuTe desperaTion longshoT when They Tried a long pass from Their own 7. Luckily iT clicked and The boys from cross counTy ended up on The besT end of a l3-l2 score. ii-me ,,- fr.. ,K Boriom lefi: Y. Rayburn, Coach Mclvlillan, INI. Sweeney, L. Coda, V.FosTer, V. Anglin, B. Sfeele, R. Runco, R. Marvin, R. Pina, Coach Spaulding. Second Row lefh R. Wesf, C. Wlwire, L. Hays, G. Crilley, J. Wollennwan, H. Looney, R. Steele, B. Wlwiffemore. Third Row left: K. Puliz, D. McDonald, B. Trook, B. Neily, T. Benedicr, J. Bryani, B. Lewis, L. Bouas, Fourilw Row lefr. L. Kornick, lvl. Cook, VV. Sauer, B. Reed, J. Browning, H. Pepper A. Trembly. Fifth Row left: L. Loumagne, G. Mafaisz, C. Doun, R. Harlow, M. Prizer L. Briana, A. LeBas. f Z,--,W f' 'l ,fff A fy X X'-X' , i f fi z I fy ff Lx y ,f , . . ' X f J- fl! X X,-13 X l '- ,- ff 7 Af. Lf fl ,f!,75 V L f-g!fff,',f,f y 1 f' ' V Ui f Ln fgfff If 4 ,fx M f f X! jf lv! S ul! ,J Ly.-f 'xx-,,.f J 1 .7 .-135, fwfr' fern: fygy-yn .' I -'-f ,. ml ,,ff,.Q Kgnwrfvr Yf',1"3 I V. ff' '7' 3 , 7517 Z " , .1 1. , " fZ,'-ty 'N . ,Q 1f75'7 , f. 4 , 0,17 ,WWI - 122 - .1 -.hvfiff V J f' 1 ' 191 wznzwf. X? -.1-1 f in W- 'i ,.-1 ' ' ,f fzff X f C.- . f " -ff If ki wi 'QV M165 , .i,.P,1,. Q! ,f ,Pj-.'f 'i .. WZ A' 'G 'f IJLJ ' " 10 , .V 'UT mi W f f' ..... Gg M 'f"fZ.' - r ' ' 2 aff: gif' hi, ,. -, yy, .".. fx: - jug? .ff , nl 13 .:.v:a ,W ,' f 2. f . .. Mm nf, 1-ya 1 if ,... 1- W. .1 4 .., A .. f W - . hfnyyc 'p5,.'. 14+-.fr-4 TC Mx ' '- 'fffziw ' - , '-9 f M .,. , V . . .f .,,i , ...., ,, rfjffym . ,, cz , w ,, ,,f,.. .1, -. f, W . .45 Mm.-.ffff Jaw, 4' Wff'f"A f. -V, , , :' "'-ffm77f'24 V4 ff. 2271-'4 1' 'Lff JH' -7-515: . "' ...ry , " ' I "" . ff f' "1 fl " ', 'i .J 2' ftcwz-e: ififf'iX'f. i "', fb-V ff ,L ,i zffmf zffpf' 1 'I 114 -L - 'Af J x uzfie- f' -X' J '45l?i'f3'f"1'7'f'f?'fW4f- " '14"5:f?" fir' Y - . f --" P1-V " " '7 ' ' ' 'f f' 1 ,..' f ff f' 1 f .line is ..., . .... . f L "ff ff I' f ' ..fi!"' .ffW'f'f'?if951 Wgfeffi .rw -x '.f'- ff. .41M112'ffrwuQ:xmfmf1ffwvftw' -92"Xf'f'?3'b'?9,'if74Z""f 5 aff: 'f , . ,W W , .. ., 4, . A .f,.ff.,..... .1 ,.f .f . 1 M..A,.4.-,-,. . J I ' V Mal? - " A f A 51251 ' 7 , 71 , .. f " 1 4 if 3' ff 1 s f .. - r V y f f A - W 4 xv ww.. V f -'-', ,f ir , V W5 ,.., gf.. ,M M fy , , 0 '-413. Men- ' . , . ,' LW f ...J -ze , ff. - ,Q vi Coach Dick Spaulding and Captain Kenny George In the beginning the days were dark for the I-lornet basketball stars before they finally managed to reach the switch and turn on the light of victory, which event- ually produced in its rays, an Eastern Conference championship. As the season opened, the casabist dropped a double header to the sailors from Los Alamitos Air Base. The next week they came back by splitting a twin bill with the San Bernardino Army Air Base in the final practice tilt before Christmas vacation. Since time immemoriam, every has had her captain and first rr Fullerton this year, the goddess smiled amicably on the Hornet: for them two of the conference's mr and capable leaders in their respe Coach Dick Spaulding and Cai George. Spaulding, one of the smartest a mentors in the business, proved his he presented to the school, an Ea: ence championship, a la carte. George, not only helped King the plans for invasion, but also displayed his sharpshooting abilit Norm Star BASKETBALL ff 5 X 7 , J' , ,fr fx ,ffffp A X, fx!! X!! ,ff fa? f'7fvlff'-,V , ,f!, ,,,,, ., 1 af , of ,I Off f f .7 ff ,f,f,,q jjmf J, ,fjf ,fy J 1 . .7 f I 4 , 'f 1 'f if 47 , J' XVI ,1 C7R5f,v1KjEiKV',-!!l'!! f'!!f .xxxL4? m f' ff X X Lf' Norm Worthy Kenny George Horry Pond Arnie Saul Bill Lewis ,f"""-Xi ,ff f' XXG, E ,ff U71 4 Q IQ! X, If ff? If ,,,',,Q! A V1 - I, V! I,-' - , 1' J fy-'V ,214 fffgsg I lx V," f'f,'t. f"w ,fl-f -Mid! f-3 ,fl ff! ,fl i .4 X , i 'ff fm, ,,-Jr , , ff' f K' ii -fz l f it r ff! Al r J if r eef,f 'ffm refill lvifil l-r,.-ww' J -XXQ'!,,f ts, if .kj ix-X, rx!! ,X lj Lf rx! Manager Tom Werner Had Noah Webster been looking for a perfect illustration for his defination of the word champions, he would have had to look only as far as Fullerton Jaysee, for there -on the basketball court was a perfect example. Coach Dick Spaulding's i9-43 confer- ence kings started their trek toward suc- cess way back about the time when kid New Year was still adorned in his triang- ular soot suit. lt was the defeat of Pomona, followed by the trouncing of Santa Ana, Citrus, San Bernardino, and Riverside that really brought them trophy acclaim. i3iaEI ..,,..,, Tom Phelps Earl Warren Top lett: T. Werner, B. Cololren, A. Saul, H. L. Looney, T, Curren, E. Warren, T. Phelps D. Spaulding Bottom left. B. Lewis, H. Pond, N. Stark, K. George, H. Nutter, N. Worthy, L. Kotnik. ,ff , f , ,fl will Q2 T H fff ff A f " fq ff 7,17-,fn 1 ff, f X 'Z y Z5 '5" 'jfgff 42 'f XML Feeling The pang of painful warTime re- sTricTions cmd handicap delT by The gory gods of baTTle, The FullerTon Junior College waTer polo Team hiT a new slump This year when The old league which They have for so many years been champions of, was abolished. lnsTead of The usual Teams This year The Hor- neTs wenT Tree lance and under The excellenT TuTorship of Coach William McAlisTer engaged such squads as U. S. C., Cal Tech., and U. C. L. A. ln These baTTles The l-lorneTs held Their own, ending up wiTh an even number of wins and losses. mx if 'fix J, N' 5 f- B Q B f' A-nlilmmx iw 'V Top Row: Couch Bill McAlisTer, D. Wicker, E. Kloosen, D. Gorman. Boffom Row: G. Svvoffer, B. Brown, R. Pofhe, G. Royer, B. Spencer Hopes for FullerTon To nob cinoTher Soufh- ern ColiTornic1 conference swimming chcmmp- ionship hod no chonce To mdTeriolize This yeor ds dll Oronge Empire swim Tecims were disbonded offer The sedson's opening meeTs. The HorneTs mdnoged To geT buT one meeT under The wire, o Triongulclr dffoir oT Pcwso- dend wiTh The Bulldog AThleTic Club ond OccidenTdl College. Poscndeno Took The meeT buT The Three men represenTing The Bluen- gold Roy PoThe, Gene Royer ond Bob Brown, monoged To ouTscore Oxy's Twelve mon squod To Tcike second. The squod members were inducTed inTo The curmed forces wiTh such rdpidiTy ThoT Cocich Williom McAllisTer wos forced To disconTinue The sporT. ', ,A fi - . , .N K' s , '- ' T' w '1- 'V we ffsf.-ess .bw W f ,W Bob Brown Rosy Pofhe Hurley Hart Gene Royer , W V v ' 4 7' .Mm N ? f f ff "'f""'f' - .ffm W 0- L, .,..z- 1" mxfwfffy My V. ,,,,,m,.5 ,m,f' "W-ff11-.3,44Zf'W5'f45, - V.W, 3 Elgkj' . ,5vsfM41m- ,,5"w 4,44-yf Lx .,.k,, "'-ig' I ' Bb . ra, ,..,, 'ff . ' V .' -- 2-: , V V ' A- ,ff ' .V jimm., . -f,f:,,g.,'L-e1,1-gg ,,t,35,,,, Www WG' , In N ml-.wi MM ,W 1 ,, I ,mv ., A gf. ' v 'T' . ."""'4"",' 0'4Qfv4,71,,.gf" W,,.1 v - V93-., ,W . , :,f. "gf12W"'f'fVQj: , f"' 51 ICQ. -W - ' 'CMG ' ,ff- M , , .f0,.f,'..,,.,Q:U1' ff , .. 224 Coach Alva Sfravv ff WL ff QJCJVQ Xa! f Jllf, I ,N U fflxjgjlvf yxj L. Marshall H. Yafes V. Anglia J. Kaiser R ursT J. Parks L..4,,.......,, ..:,.....-..,-L....... , J, .nf.,...i Coachecl and clirecTecl by newly appoinfed physical ecluCaTion cle- parTmenT head Alva Sfraw, ancl led inio each fracas by 'iron man' .lack Kaiser, FullerTon's i943 version of The perfecT Track Team was Top- ped oFf vvifh an undefeaTecl season and The Taking of California cham- pionship honors aT The l7Th Annual Wesf Coasf Relays aT Fresno. Though The Orange Empire Conference was broken up aT The beginning of The season, The local Tracksfers held meeTs wifh such Teams as Compfon, Pasadena, Sanfa Ana, WhiTTier, and The USC Frosh, and came Through The year wiTh flrsf, The SouThern California Junior College Champion- ship and finally aT The Fresno meeT The California Champions. 'L .I gt wig x .l Osher B. Baumloack F. EllioTT A Baker .. Sf. ,....... Q. . sg T W. , ' 'B -, V 1 l i W. Basham V l-lays Again we have The same olcl sTory of a championship Team vviTh no league of which To be The champions. Under The able supervision of Coach Charles ll can'T unolersfand iTl Ruby, The spiriTecl Hornef baseball Team shaped inTo clefinafe pennanf maferial. Winning Ten games ouT of Thirfeen sTarTs, The Yellowiacl4eT nine would undoubfeclly have been considered The Orange Empire Conference champs- if There had been a conference. The maioriTy of The games were wifh The service Teams ThaT have sTaTionecl Themselves Throughouf SouThern Cal- ifornia anal The near-by iaycees ThaT sTill sporTed baseball clubs. Losing Their opener To The SanTa Ana Army Air Base Team which sporfecl Jolfin' Joe DiMaggio, The l-lorneTs vvenT on To Take The nexT six games before dropping a hearT-breaker To WhiTTier College, 5 To 6. Pushing The season ToTal of llo runs across The plafe To The oppo- nenTs ol, The locals won an easy breaTher over TusTin's Lighfer-Than-Air Craffers To vvind up Their excepfionally successful season. ffi--sy fl , Xl lf, , ,. Q V, ff' " 1' fflfi KG ,iffy fxfck ,AI -"iffQf'Q'! ,143 jffffff C 'X f fl ff, ' fl ff' i if 4' N fl Wil" T" 05" ff ,ffff "'l ,f ,ffl If X LL! Q . ,I ,l f' ,' -'X if if! If k ff l l ff! L!! Nxj ff "fi T, V, "J l If :jx lljiif Lfffi l, v 1,1 ,X 1, N l.f!,6 Yv,!:44X XV, ,K J V, t lf, X, . - , X C41 XX! -J' X Q Egg! lx! Rf' lk!! xf L. Carson J. Kaiser T. Phelps lvl' Pelkcl 42 6' 'HI-: -K 6.07, . - r"r" l e g g? -fx.: ,-...ss -s '-'V .. - or UF.-: '. 2 ' '.Q' 1 ' X N Y X fl '35 Jia l fr sr .N ' S' 1 'ff ' ,mms x Tw, Q J gi s 'ln' ,Li 6, .is 56 v a X 3 6 ov, x JB 5 Q ak X 11, sk if f Qing, E ,A W Q' U vsp, s f.. vp. Y w'Tli'g+9 r if X W X. , ' '31 f 4' , ' ' is f +1 , Sf- X ' ve efx X Sz T ' X X Y 4 X 'FZ ":.,I1'v13'-.Z-.," X -X A A 'Qu .za f A 1 fl? X X Z MIM,-X A 3' W i if his 390 s XS' fm ,g'-'jg , YT sig Q ' 'Sis 'A Q e' -W-' W' ' H 'TVN Q -624' as if ' W ,Q-.X , Ye 0 3 'E ax Magus , ' A fav fm 5 f A Y xx 5 2 Q X X Q rggg, . ET, r, Q ., gen- , ,- -4:1 '-1-,,r-.,-xy-,C-gb -. 7 . ' 1 .i. g:f.1::.,., s's.i1b.-.,,,e,3g'Qxg:, -' if 8355.2 se. F sa-3y..c,i::i, g-giqsi32k-"'x,.f- 3-ws... 5"g::.' sissy! .ckg1,,x5,1..,, ..ss.1,. X sgrzg--ax. . .. . Mx Q41 X. T -SPR i .' -. ff J .- f X- .-4.-'e:-14'gf-5:-si.YEf?l51,mCgLQg 4 ff' 'X .TGwGr'?:'x.,vr'1-- msn!-, , F' "U"-' -I -i l I r I . ,S B. Heinz B. Mahoney B, Lewis A. Soul D. Von Booven A. DeHorT L. Kofnik H. Pepper Z.-:Sir F-I "":.:l5'f- ' -P 4 1 4.-' is 9'-I?Ii"."1:'R,'x:?!1-.j-45335,.YQ6':2,x4"fg1-j-'.' ,KX-.31 v R ..,V,U3..,..,s..,.A ,em ... pq.. .X . , y , ., . 'K 'Elf ' ' ' 'N' . I X f Z 1 ' Q11:':'g:g:-:'g:,e--.::.:,' V - N.-' ' .Fisk ' - ' '- 5 N X .-fz.F'::w-w.e:23f-' .aa ff v 94,gX5J:i53:..l1o-25.5,IVA :YV 1 ,fa .. ' ' fxwfgztgg g: A . ,. - , S ' -'-- ,. N ...l....., . .,,, .. -- ,,-, ::..v.::'." f,,--:.4,-1::.:f1.:5X,g 1 -sf, VN, 2,0898-1... WQBM fr.: :ff ,' '2f1,2?:' -'I-2:15555 ' '- 1- "1 A 'fi , , 1 l ff 1 A ,Q yfyjgf fi T ff f? ffl I ,fy X A, .J e .NJ M The main obiecTive of The girl's aThleTiCs is The building of greaTer and sTronger bodies. To TurTher This eFlorT The women aTTenclecl Their gym classes four Times weekly This year. Swimming, Tennis, baseball, volleyball, hockey, creaTive dance, ancl moclern gym were some of The sloorTs offered To The women of The college. l i Q i i .,. W, .2 ' ff l . 4 fi ff ,-ff? A 272 fi Li ff X i CJ, fp! l ij 5 Q ,V ,W 17 M ---names iw- rf-sggxsa-,sssw 1 Virginia Bailey A jovial personality and a lceen and interested outlook on her work characterizes Bobby Randall's attitude toward girls sports. She handles all the sports with a special accent on creative dance, in which she has a master's degree. Bobby is assisted by Miss Virginia Bailey who took over Miss Wignal's duties upon her departure at the end ot the first semester. Tennis and swimming come under her capable direction. i:.,...,,y Florence Randall .ff-XX 3 C Vila X li iq fit. X X., ,ff i X y f it ff -vi- fleii 2 2" it .f .f f -riff? f i .qv sf--K.,-if WL, 2 in if gf l .f , .., ,ua ,,. l fx X?l'i" x.f i R" Women students who gre porti- rulorily athletic minded gove vent to their teelings by going out tor utter school sports. Anyone who dces this is outomciticolly 0 member ot the WAA cmd enioys the benefits ot this orgclnizotion. Picnics, spreads ond 0 convention dt the Visto Del Arroyo Hotel in Posodencx comprise some ot their octivities. Bosketbcill, hockey, bodminton ond tennis hcive provided the girls with much enjoyment ond competi- tion. Due to trclnsportotion ditticul- ties most of the ploy doys have been restricted to the high school. 4 pam fl 4 . v.-f f f f 1 ' 7 i ff 7 W 5 ffl fffff f ff ' This yeor the Women's Athletic Association, While Combining its meeting with the AWS, still mon- ogecl to be one ot the 'most populor groups on the campus. Doris Peter- son octed cis president ond guide to oll young women seeking pleosure onol tun in Their otter school sports. Seosonol sports were ottered, teoms being tormecl onew eoch seosong ond to climox these otternoons of fun ond frolic, the losing teclms pre- sented their victors with o porty. rf M, f" 1' E W 4 Grciduoution presents to oll students on feeling of mingled emotions. Of course, the "ot lost I've done it" feeling is most prominent. There is cilso room for thonks to mom ond dcid for their splendid help cincl encourogement. Sentiment for the old olmo moter is present, but will only develop loter with time. This yeor, most of cill, groiduotion hos C1 new ond different meosning for the diplomo beorers. Whot next? is no longer the question in their minds, The men hove their courses loid out in their country's service, while the girls following their wcsr time educotion will put prcict- icol knowledge to immeclicxte work for their country ulso. ,,f"'i'A": x7 LX ,f- X9 A When The long, seemingly endless grind of The school yeor is of loisT compleTed, The l-lorneT bond Tempororily disperses ond The vorious sTudenTs wenol Their woys in vorious direcTions. Some of Them will spend Their vocoTion oT The beoch or in The mounToins, while oThers musT spend The summer working. Mony of This yeor's l-lorneTs will enTer The service This summer. Although many of the men students vvill return next year for further studies in their reserve pro- grams, this summer a large number vvill enter the service. Hundreds left during the year, and already some of them are overseas fighting to preserve their country's freedom. The men vvho return to school this fall realize the responsibility placed upon them, and will redouble their efforts to loe- come the finest and best educated officers in the world. M A , . f ifcis , Ser. C , Z-. we .M fx LF!! IZ-yd-I5 A War Dept. Photo X n Z., X4 f K b J My . X Wi Af A - Y -. 1V X , ' 'ui--"-Tf'fL A X iff 'X J M l hu X THE E Q E 3 3 M, 2 F 5 3 5 6 E 2 i 9 Z ff ? 5 2? if

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