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i I X X P- . .., Ui - i 1938 TORCH THE TCDRCH PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OE EULLERTCDN JUNICDR COLLEGE EULLERTON, CALIEQRNIA GROVER COLE Edifor SHIRLEY SCOTT Associafe Edifor Horeword ln choosing The Theme oT The I938 "Torch", The sTaTT has selecTed a lceynoTe mosT perTinenT To l938 FullerTon Junior College. MOST imporTanT in The year's worlc was The consTrucTion oT The new campus: regular acTiviTies oT The sTudenT body have been widened and modernized. The year, as a whole, mighT be designaTed as "consTrucTion". The consTrucTion is The resulT oT acTions oT sTudenT and execuTive mindsg bu+ Those minds alone cannoT creaTe prog- ress. They guide our hands-The hands ThaT wield The hammer, ThaT mold The clay: The hands ThaT gesTure in drama and oraTory, The hands ThaT inspire and bring TorTh music: The hands ThaT hold The pen, The hands ThaT dissecT in laboraTory. EveryThing we have accomplished is derived Trom These Tools--our hands. DEDICATION To hands which have molded sfandards of culfural developmenf .. . The friendly hands of R. W. Borslr. 3, Aff 37 rfff' - 'JL K 6 Q l a ,. Tlummer ResulT oT The combined eTTorTs oT ad- minisTraTors and TrusTees, FullerTon's new campus is The mosT signiTicanT and pro- gressive sTep since The college's Tounding. SuperinTendenT oT FullerTon Junior Col- lege, Louis E. Plummer has been insTru- men+al in planning The collegels new siTe. As superinTendenT. he considers school financial problems, makes recommenda- Tions To TrusTees, advises wiTh deans and deparTmenT heads concerning deTails oT school acTiviTies. Ax Boyce As oTTicial direcTor oT The college, Dean William T. Boyce has played an imporTanT parT in The consTrucTion oT FullerTon's new campus. l-le advises concerning maTTers requiring acTion oT TrusTees, conducTs re- laTions wiTh oTher insTiTuTions. supervises insTrucTional procedure and academic policies. Under his supervision also are academic and personal records oT sTu- denTs, direcTion oT sTudenT regisTraTion, annual publicaTion of The college bulleTin. 7' ' Harold Hale Mrs. L. Sydney Chapman L. B. STeward Claude Ridgw Urustees FullerTon's new campus is The resulT oT many years' planning by The Board oT TrusTees. In April, I937, The conTracT was awarded Tor The Social Science and AdminisTraTion building, compleTed This year and laTesT addiTion To The new campus. lT is a parT oT Their supervision oT The new campus To decide upon The locaTions oT buildings as well as color schemes, archiTecTure, lighTing, elecTriciTy and TurniTure Tor The buildings. All maTTers oT policy oi FullerTon Junior College are decided by The TrusTees and They supervise employmenT, consTrucTion, Tinancial problems oT The school. W ADMINISTRATION l ,. - 1,4 'if' .Heads o Departments J. S. Arnold, Social Science: R, W. Borsl, English: L. O. Culp, Commerce: Henrie'Ha S. Helm, Home Economics: Lucile B. Hinlmle, Aff: Glenn H. Lewis, Physical Educafion: R. A. Marsden, Mechanical Ar+s: H. Dudley Nashold, Music: Lena E. Reynolds, Mafhemaficsz Mabel L. Sharpe. Language: H, H. Tracy, Nalural Science? C. A. Worsley, Physical Science. ,J ,fi 5,1 -fl' lf' in J Litchfield Dean oT women EsTher l.iTchTield, also social adviser and AWS adviser, has worked parTicularly This year on The plan- ning oT The new sTudenT lounges. The lounges were a parT oT her work as dean oT women and social adviserg The plays she produced a resulT of her abiliTies as direcTor oT sTudenT producTions. She also insTrucTs drarnaTics and is in charge oT social TuncTions. Wheatley As dean oT men, Logan WheaTley has as his mosT imporTanT TuncTion The working wiTh sTudenTs. Planning oT The sTudenT lounges has This year been one oT his un- derTakings. One oT his biggesT iobs is ThaT oi NYA adrninisTraTor. l-le has charge of The sTudenT body budgeT and Tinances Tor aThleTic conTesTs, insTrucTs lv1aThemaTics classes, is AMS adviser. Haculty E, A, Ames, Planl Superinfendenfg Mildred Binlcley, Librarian: Don W. Brunskill, Commerce, Social Science: Nancy Lee Carmichael, Librarian: Bruce Clark. Commerce: Elhel G. Cooley, Physical Educalion: W. P. Corbelf, Mechanical Arfs: Samuel H. Coriez, Engineering: Harry E. des Granges, Mechanic Arrs: Rose Donnelly, Commerce: Eleanor M. Dunn Home Economics: Earl S. Dysinger, Commerce, Slaqecraff: Beniamin Edwards, Music: Marlha Ehlen, German: lva B. Ernsberger, Mafhemaiicsg Wendell S. Flelcher, Aeronaulics: Denver S, Garner, Journalism: Charles W. Hari, Mechanic Arls: Winifred Hawes, Librarian: Mary Y. l-lodgdon, Arfs and Crafls. QQUX lx ,L?4s,. li ur' W l , 1-i-IL. , Q Geneva Johnson, Spanish: Mrs. E. M. Kilching, Librarian:O1'is P. Le Ross, Social Science: Glenn H. Lewis, Physical Educalion: Edifh H. Logan, Physical Educafionz Mrs. E. T. Long, Home Economics: Vena B. Loomis, Ari: Mabel A. Myers, Biological Science: Everis F. Nelson, Prinling: Arfhur L. Nunn, Physical Educalion: Rulh J. Plimpion, Commerce: Wendell Piclcens, Physical Educaiion: Florence C. Randall, Physical Educaiion: FiameHa Rhead, Physical Educafion: Eihel Richards. Commerce: Lilian F. Rivers. Commerce: Charles Ruby, Law: Freda Schmale, Commerce: Mrs. Rufh L. Scoif, Physical Educalion: Dorothy P, Shaw, Physical Eclucaiion. .f , . 'l ii 'ze 2. 'P Y if , A ' ' R ' V ' " P1 " ,. F:-l rzizesl - T , . , ,.. 4 li A V in Q ii V' 1 M'L"H ' 1 'Q Q fjgji Monroe Sharpless, Nafural Science: H. Lynn Sheller, English: James R. Smith, Physical Eclucafion: Ralph R. Snyder, Commerce: Mrs. M. V. Sfuellce, English: Irma L. Tapp, Commerce: Ernesf Von Gruenigen, Chemisfry: Harold E. Wal- berg, Music: A. M. Williams, Chemisfry: J. A. Williams, Psychology, Philosophy. Office Staff Rufh Williams, College Olzlice: Helen Olsen, College Office: Dan Henry, School Auclifor, Business Office: lcla Middle- fon, Superinfendenfs Office: Geraldine Walker, Booksfore: Margeref Crooks, Commerce Office. Beafrice de Vilbis, Deans' Secrefary: Beffy Woods, Business Ofhceg Elizaberh Bailey, Superinfenden+'s Office: Lois King, College Office: Doris Griffifh, Boolcsfore: Marfha Lee Piffs: Business Office: Margery Moore, Business Office. ,J I .ff ,. I fl ' fr 4? 5.2 fiilsx .1 1 vg cc - JL i-.A 51.1- 0 l Gourses of Qnstructzon COMMERCE The Division OT Commerce provides Training Tor sTudenTs desiring a busi- ness career. The Commerce DeparTmenT assumes The respOnsibiliTy Tor Training men and women Tor immediaTe enTry inTO business liTe as clerk, secreTary, boolclceeper and accOunTanT, salesman, or similar posiTiOns. HUMANITIES The Division OT I-IumaniTies includes a wide range OT subiecTs emphasizing The creaTive, appreciaTive, and culTural arTs and values OT IiTeraTure, lan- guages, music, arT, and philosophy. SubiecTs included in This division are Those which The sTudenT learns more or less Tor his own eniOymenT. LIFE SCIENCES The Life Sciences deal wiTh The household arTs, The sTrucTure and physiol- ogy OT planTs, and human and lower Torms OT animal liTe. The group OT sciences Tound in This division are sciences dealing wiTh The problems OT liTe, consec1uenTly The relaTiOnship OT all courses To human liTe' is sTressed. Aim OT The Division OT LiTe Sciences is To help The sTudenT develop a men- Tal aTTiTude ThaT will weigh evidences beTOre conclusions are reached. SOCIAL SCIENCES The Social Sciences deal wiTh hisTOrical and modern insTiTuTiOns OT eco- nomic, pOliTical and social deveIOpmenT. Purposes OT The Division OT SO- cial Sciences are To develop The sTudenT's undersTanding OT man's reIaTiOn To man, TO aid The sTudenT in Torming unbiased Opinions, and To encour- age more inTelligenT parTicipaTion in business and pOliTical liTe. PHYSICAL SCIENCE The Division OT Physical Science includes courses dealing wiTh The physical sciences, wiTh The apparaTus, Tools and machines used in modern indusTry, and wiTh The maThernaTical relaTions OT all exacT sciences. The purpose OT This division is To provide basic Training in The physical sciences and maTh- emaTics. STUDENT BODY ,,.,.-Q., I' lr Cl V. J . F "ii" ,,, , F., - vw' -vq--iw L W 1 gm- ni' Ibs an ,E w QE K W .:. :5 .:, ::, sa '- Y - 1 . x H V. : ' El xx 2 1 v ...X 1 1 s 1 2 1 I 4 1 F .1- 3 s 3 I flreshmen Hreshmen 55,4 51 Hreshmen Jreshmen :sv L ' ff- RY'x" F sw 91134-, 5-f'F?'2". LY fwi- i , w,,s A - Tift , ff , .WEA KQV' 5 .3545 .LWQ1 M 4341 1-SWS!-H , Nw :MW 1 www 3-'.f?""?' Jw-ww ...wwf x"'??" F.- r , gm, ,U Eff: n Rv M mmf 1854 Ureshmen i QE ,VT A' . ' g.m'.s , - ,, 19 5: E , ' . 'f', E gf isjikglxf' , - , Af' l PRESIDENT VIC CHAMBERS Ureshmen X Beginning The year wiih 626 members, +he Freshman class chose Vic Chambers for president LyleTalbo+, vice-president Bill Pheion, secreiary- Treasurer. Eirslr frosh-sponsored even? was Jrhe Homecoming Chrisrmas Dance held in December. "A Councellor A+ Law" was presenlred in May. The class as a whole had no ofher aciiviiies, iou+ freshman parficiparion was oui- sranding in sfucienr government in arhleiics, in dramaiics. STOY, DORIS Business TEED, WALLACE General business TORNQUIST, HAROLD Infernafional relafions Q-.n 'Wur- STUBBS, ARLINE Business THUET, HOWARD Geology TU RNER, DOROTHY Inferior decoralion SWENSON, CARL Journalism THUET, LESLIE Music VAN DERBU R6 Enfomoloqy i WATKINS, CLIFFORD WELTON, GLENN WERNER, RICHARD Deisel engineering Commerce Chemisfry WESSELS, LEWIS Life science WOOD S, ORVILLE Bookkeeping WILSO Aff N, MARGERY WI-I ITE, DAN Chemical engineering WOOLPERT, VELMA Kindergarien educafion WINTERS,DANA Journalism Vice Presidenl' Lenore Cain, Presidenf Joe Spilzer, Secreiary Norma Janlce. Sophomores A+ lhe Fall eleclion Joe Spilzer was chosen presidenl, Joe Kurlz, vice- presidenl, Norma Janlce, secrelary, Archie Baker, Jrreasurer. ln November The annual picnic was held al Orange Counly Perla +0 welcome freshmen. Olher sophomore aclivilies included a Freshman Dance and several olher dances. Class play was Maxwell Anderson's "Mary, Queen of Scollandf' one of The besr produclions ol: Fullerlon's hislory. AIKEN, ROBERT AINSWORTH, BOYD ALEXANDER, DON Mining engineering Foreslry Commerce ALLISON, EARL Journalism BAN KS, HAZEL Secrelarial BARNES, QUINTON Foresiry BATCH MAN, ARLENE Elementary leaching BAUMANN, EVELYN Music BAKER, ARCHIE Commerce BARELS, RALPH General business BARTON, JOHN Eleclrical engineering BATCHMANJRONALD Commerce BEAT, ROBERTA Humanities 3-w BEDDOW, MAUREEN Commerce BLANK,NINA Nursing BROWNING, CLARK General business BELARDES, TED BENSON, BARBARA BENSON, LOUISE BLACKBURN, ELLA MAE Secretarial Secrefarial Secrefarial Secretarial BOYCE, DILLARD BRAY, BETTY JEAN BRIDGE, ROBERT BROWN, CARMEN Pre-medical Educa'rio'n Commerce Commerce BRUNWORTH, EVELYN BERG, ROBERT BYERS, MARJORIE CADMAN, JACK Secretarial Commerce Commerce Liberal arts CARLIN, NAOMI Educaiion CHALMERS, PAUL General education CHRISTENSEN, LESLIE CHRISTENSEN NORMAN Denfisiry Enghsh COLE, GROVER COLLINS CATHERINE AFI Humamhes COLLINS, ELLEN CONRAD GLENN Music Bookkeepsnq COUNTS, MAULYDA COX, MARY JEAN Music Merchandising CUMMINS, I-IALDANE CUSICK, MORRIS Denfisiry Aeronaufics DHYSE, FREDERICK DURHAM, MILDRED Chemisfry General educafion COX, MARY TOM Secretarial DANIELS, MARIAN Home making DUTTON, MARIE Commerce CREW, .IENE Nursing DAUGHENBAUGH, GRACE Commerce EAGLETON, JOYCE Nursing cbd CROCKETT, MAX General business DAVIS, HELEN Commerce ECI-I LE, AN DREW General business Ads EMORY. .RQUTH FALKNER, KELLAND EANNING, KATHERINE Adverhsnnq FO,-557,-y Arr FIGEROA, JESUS General business FOLKERTS, LORNA MAE Home economics FROST, WOODROW Commerce GREG-G, HAROLD Printing GRUBER, CHARLES' Engineering FLYNN, CLINTON Accounfing FOSTER, JAMES History X1 physical educafion GAMBLE, MARY Nursing GRINDE, MARGARET Music 8: secreiarial GUPTILL, JOHN Elecfrical engineering .fr Rnd- 1' 1' HAEGER, NEIL HAMP, LE RON Structural engineering Accounting HEDDEN, BARBARA HEINZ, JOE Art Accounting HOLSTON, JUNE HOPKINS, GRANVILLE Merchandising Radio E ti QQ HAMPTON, GRACE Librarianship H ERBST, MARY Physical education HOPKINS, HELEN Education at Ei .' ,L is 0- ' HAPGOOD, WINIFRED HARMON, PATRICIA Secretarial Commercial HOLDSWORTH, LOUISE HOLSER, DOROTHY English Secretarial HOWARD, WAYNE IMOTA, SATOMI Accounting Life sciences G' E, IMOTA, THOMAS ISRAEL, JANE JANKE, NORMA Denlislry College commerce Commerce ,vm 1 132 ' M , , ,V E 1 -Q .. l l ' , r ,. ' 1 JENKINS, BILL Spanish J ENSEN, M ETA Commerce JOURNIGAN, VERA Pre-nursing KELLER, JOH N General business KNAAK, DON Medicine w 'bb l AI X 1. JEN KI NS, FLORA LEE Secrefarial JONES, FERN Music KARNES, BILLIE Commerce KELLEY, TH EDA Journalism KOPPL, JEAN Klnderqaden leaching LARSON, NORMAN LAWHEAD, DOUGLAS General agriculture Engineering LUFF, BARBARA LUTZ, JUNE English Elementary education McNURLIN, HAROLD MACKAY, BRUCE Humanities Dramatics LEWIS, LLOYD Business administration LYPPS, MARY Social science MASSEY, JUN E Music LEI B, EVELYN Secretarial LYPPS, NORBERT Social science MAXWELL, HARRY General business LOH R, MARION Librarianship McDONALD, FRANKLIN Music MERRILL, JOYCE Humanities MILHOUS, BEULAH MILLER, EDWARD MILLER, MARION F0"E'9f1laf'QUGQSS Commerce Foreign languages Eli ! , -1. , , r I'-L -4.4 5- V is ' 112' ' P553 , ng . .,gg , .I aff" I-I" , -' I2j!',"fi V ' lv 'bl A MOORE, PAUL MORRIS, JEAN Electrical engineering MUNOZ, ELDRED English N ELSON, AVAN ELL Commerce NERDRUM, MARY Commerce OLDS, SH ERWOOD Journalism Secrefarial science NAGEL, ELIZABETH General educalion NELSON, MARION Secrefarial NICHOLS, LAWRENCE Agriculiure OVERACKER, CLIFFORD Diplomaiic service , -ij, IN, , . .gy ,-A '11 . 7 -lg, - L, 7' "VCV -J - -gm-11.1-5-L-, -V IF: F 'Y 'V' PAGE, STEVE PARSONS, JOE PLOU, HENRY Elecirical engineering Arf General business PYEATTE, CARLYN PYEATTE, CHARLES RALSTON, JAMES Journalism Pelroleum engineering Agriculfure RICHARDSON, LEE RIECKE, JENNIE FAE ROANE, RUTH Aviafion General commerce Social science PLUMB, R UTH Humanifies RIMAREZ ,MARY Secrefarial ROWLAN Chemic D, RICHARD al engineering PRICE, IDA Bookkeeping RICHARDS, ELIZABETH Secrefarial RUUD, MARGARET English SANDI DGE, HARRY English SCI-IEIFELE, HORACE SCHUBERT, FRIEDA Bookkeeping Secretarial 3 SCH U EPBACK, MILLARD Physical sciences SH I ELL, GWYN ETH Commerce SILER, BURDETTE Salesrnenship SISSON, RICHARD Physical science SMITH, ELOISE Kindergarfen educalion SCHWENDERMAN, General business SH OU PE, ROBERT General business Sl RACUSA, ERNEST Social science SMITH, BILLIE Secrefarial SMITH, FLORA General business H ERSCH EL ACTIVITIES F ww'w w-- K ww, . w gwwwm ww wu w wwuww w ww' ww ww " wwwwjgw www wwwwwwwgw wwww w www wwuwwl, ww wwww w wwwwwwv www ww ww w ww w MM ww wwwwu X w w w "' www :wwQQwww'ww 'wjlh w ww ww X xw w w w A ww Nw, w www ww Q wuw H Awww w M www ww 'ww w 'rg ?, I H ww 5 w wwwwwww,ww?f5wwwwllwwwwwgglgwwggwwww 'gwfwwlgjiww-H" N -V-ww' www Ewwwwwwwwwww wwwlflgww if wwww www W, Em www www ww fwwwwwwwwwwwww w 2 w"ww ww " IU ww ww w ww ,ww V w w www ww w w WM wllwwwwwwlig 'Www H "www, ,. ,.,.r www, X - wwwm' , HW: ww ww, ,!1',wi,www w .' ww A w 1"WU-wwwwggwww.www, w ,wwww,!!,wMww. ,wwwwwwwwwuwyg "ibn ww ww E, ww . w - w 'wif' ww'-'wwxxlwww ':wwW'ww, . ww www", 'www w-www wwww ww ww ww www ,www w Hww I ww wlggwww- , ' ww KP, 1 1. w 1 ww ww ww wgww w .w w ww ww ww www., w w wmww X wx Hlwwub , w w www ww ww! www ww ,A lwkww w wwww .pm HUF www ww w 1 17 , w ww ww 1 J- 1 4 .J ' wig? ?' Q w 1.4 is w T: i w .ww , ww w w ,gap- McPherson, Secr -1 l il e 1 f lbw eTaryq Shirley ScoTT, AssociaTe EdiTor: Grover Cole, EdiTor, .Annual jorch FeaTures inauguraTed in This year's "Torch" were The populariTy conTesT, The use oT candid snaps oT TaculTy members, and The use QT color in The book. ' The populariTy conTesT sponsored by The "Torch" sTaTT was con- ducTed by a voTe oT The s+uden+ body, winners' picTures appear- ing in The "Torch". Annual work was begun second semesTer under The direcTion OT Mr. Garner and EdiTor Grover Cole. STaTT phoTographers AnneTTe Sherwood and Bruce Mackay deserve parTicular crediT Tor snap- shoTs of The TaculTy arid candid shoTs in The snap secTion. AnoTher inauguraTion was The aucTioning OT picTures appearing in The book, aucTioning Taking place aT The Annual STaTT assembly in June. - 4- -- .-np,-f-,-,W -Y- I ,, D. S. Garner R. W. BorsT .Tublications Campus publicaTions include The Weekly Torch, Annual Torch, and The liTerary maga- zine published annually. "The Bull Ring," This year's liTerary publica- Tion, was published Toward The close oT The year under direcTion oT lvlr. BorsT, head oT The English deparTmenT. Known in previous years as "El ConquisTador," This year's magazine conTained work oT The English club and sTudenT worlc in general. ConTribuTions To "EirsT The Blade," anThol- ogy oT poeTrv ediTed by SouThern Cali- Tornia iaycees, were supervised by lvlr. BorsT. Under supervision oT Mr. Garner, iournal- ism insTrucTor, were EullerTon's paper "The Weekly Torch" and The annual "Torch," i I Q A S, fi Q,-f Pony Swenson, Anneife Sherwood, Bill Rose, Ruin Plumb, Sporfs Edifor Phofographer Business Manager Women's Sporfs Edifor Lenore Cain, Virginia Scheifele, James Porler, Bruce Mackay, Sophomore Edifor Freshmen Edifor Pho+ograpl1er Pholographer ms'...u.,. W GI sheen, Sporfs EcliTorg Carlyn PyeaTTe, A T T Edf P y Swenson, Edifor. weekly jorch A new policy This year of"'The Weekly Torch" was The prinTing of The paper on The campus. The prinT shop has done The work pre- viously done in downTown offices, and The new meThod has proved convenienf and successful. This year's large sfaff was headed by Edifor Pony Swenson and sTaff meeTings were under The direcTion of Mr. Garner, adviser. The sTaff, composed largely of freshmen, worked hard Throughouf The year, puTTing ouT consisTenTly good papers. Special menfion should be made of SporTs EdiTor Tom Glasheen, who had no assisT- anTs and wroTe and edifed The enTire sporTs page himself. Special edifions of The year were The Chrisfmas ediTion and The "April Fool" ediTion. Pie 'Dan Brosnan Barbara Lulzf John Spielman Bill Rose Theda Kelly Ruih Plumb Jim Davis Carol Mayes Mildred Frazier Earl Allison Emilie Oas Erny Siracusa gag Grchestra On March ll The College Symphony Or- chesTra, conducTed by l-larold Walberg. presenTed The annual concerT. This is The orchesTra's mosT ouTsTanding yearly achieve- menT, buT oTher performances are given as well. This year The orchesTra played aT The ChrisTmas play, aT Sophomore and Fresh- man dramaTic producTions, and aT oTher sTudenT programs. Band ln iTs second year of organizaTion, Fuller- Ton's band played aT all aThleTic conTesTs oT The year and parTicipaTed in The annual JC Music FesTival. EnThusiasrn aT TooTball games and rallies was heighTened by The band's parTicipaTion. Di- recTor is lvlr. Nashold. .Humana Symphony Direcled by Benjamin Edwards and now in ifs sixl'h year, Fuller'ron's l-lumana Symphony Choir is a well-known organizalion. The choir has placed emphasis Jrhis year on rhree con- cerlrsz Jrhe Annual Spring Concerr presenled May 20, Jrhe Junior College Music Feslival ar Long Beach May 7, and The Weslern School Music Conference Broadcasl over KFI April 9. Addilional concerls were pre- senled To high schools, and music was pro- vided for Jrhe Chrisrmas Play and Baccalau- rea're Exercises. Wirhin Jrhe choir, which has an enrollmenr of sevenly-five, is an organizalion of sixreen memloers lcnown as The "'Parly of sixJreen," which provides music in smaller groups. Sophomore 53lay Friday nighT, February 4, sophomore play "Mary oT ScoTland" was presenTed. ThaT This play should have been The produc- Tion iT was may be due To a number oT Things-noT The leasT among Them The play iTselT. BuT even Maxwell Anderson's lines mighT noT have sounded so well had iT noT been Tor The perTecTion oT TreaTmenT oT The play as a whole. As a whole includes direc- Tion, acTing, seTs, and sTage eTTecTs. This play oT ScoTland and iTs queen, Tilled wiTh dramaTic incidenTs, was The producTion oT The year. lT broughT a young woman named June Massey righT inTo The TronT ranlc oT acTresses. l-ler performance was a noTable evenT, Topping all oThers. Bruce Mackay, as Lord BoThwell, had a diTTiculT roleg his BoThe well was True and well played. Bob WenTz was excellenT as John Knox, and Maureen Beddow's ElizabeTh was dramaTic and con- vincing. Minor players were good as a whole, alThough aT Times seemed To laclc sTage presence. BesT momenTs oT The play were love scenes beTween Mary and BoThwell, duels oT John Knox and Mary, and The dramaTic prison scene oT ElizabeTh and Mary. !""" Ureshman Tlay "Councellor AT-Law," presenTed May I3, was a noTable achievemenT Tor The Freshman class. Elmer Rice's play dealT wiTh The career OT George Simon, New York lawyer. AcTion cenTers around The scheme OT rival lawyer Francis Baird To disbar Simon. Simon had once paid a wiTness To TesTiTy so as To save a young Triend Trom a liTe Term Tor peTTy Thievery. Climax oT The play occurs when Simon uncovers incriminaTing TacTs aloouT Baird and causes Baird To drop proceedings againsT him. CenTering around The principal Theme are minor ploTs involving Simon and his wiTe-, Cora. Simon, discovering Cora's unTaiThTulness, is abouT To commiT suicide when Regina, his secreTary, sTops him. The phone rings, an imporTanT case has come up. Simon, TorgeTTing everyThing buT The work beTore him, rushes Trom The- oTTice wiTh Re- gina To geT on The case, as The curTain Talls. ExcellenT direcTion added much To The Tempo oT The play and occasioned susTained, TasT-moving acTion. l-larold lvlillen's charac- TerizaTion oT George Simon was dramaTic and assured. Grace Laird's Cora was excel- lenTly played, as was DoroThy Gal:Jriel's Regina. ACTICDN ln The snap secTion, which is a picTorial his- Tory oT The school year, we- have included picTures oT The PopulariTy ConTesT winners. Winners oT The conTesT were naTurally acTive in school liTe, parTicularly The social aTTairs oT The year. SnapshoTs oT social aTTairs, Trom The Fall Picnic To The Spring Blue and Gold Day, make up This secTion oT The annual. PhoTographers Anne-TTe Sherwood, Bruce Mackay, and PorTer also snapped Typical campus shoTs. l I2 o'Cloclc, Blue and Gold Day . . .' Ah Nulrs . . . Lil' lvlousie l "Old Lefl'l1ancler" . . . Swa'r! . . . Ahhhhh . . . Pledges . . . Pick . . . Yos+ Reads Bullefin Sfarfish . . . LH'He Caesar . . .u Shinny . . . Ballolr . . . The Gaff . . . Elecfion Ballyhoo How's The Wafer? . . . Squirfin' . . . Thai' Sun . . . NO NO June ay , , , Bullseye . . . Old Bill . . . Muliny ln The Brass Seclion Sfudenf Talenf Rehearsal Jusf a Li++le Luwcf Bird . . . 2 551TfV'7if?ilf' Placen'ria's Joy Looks On I JZ' Sz L3 ' ,, ' Tiff 1 Pony Swenson Topularity Gontest lvlosl popular members of lhe sophomore class are +he six piclured on This page. Seleclecl by sluolenl body vole, Jrhe six were led by June Massey and Pony Swenson, who received The mosl voles. Tying for second were Kay Collins, Helen l-loplcins, Dana Winlers, and Earl Allison. D W fers Kay Collins Helen H ,, W: K A ,.,, 2 u any W .-4 ,QQ D44 y,.. nf., 5 1 ms mf Q R R QQ.: uffsy' Q25 f1fQQ,i gm? ' .. if ,fffj ww rm' 11 ,A ,Wal X, N- Wi- ,ZW . Hy .mth iw . X .. ,EIA 32552 qimw Ziggy. wma gm ' W W wi liggiggffg. ' T52 Q , 35 R: yy "Q is ' x -l'5f1Q5f , 2 F 2 'A Q K :W us-HA ws , gm, 1 x . I , . . 1. Q Insert, Norman Larson: Archie Baker, Erny Siracus Vg Mary Nerdrum, Norman Larson. .Associated Student 73ody Activities ot the Student Body Commission were carried out this year by President Norman Larson, Vice-President Ernie Siracusa, Secretary lvlary Nerdrum, and Treasurer Archie Baker. Presidents ot AMS, AWS, and Freshman and Sophomore classes also serve on the Student Commis- sion. The Commission is the student governing board, acting with the Administration to decide upon general school business. Part ot their work this year has been turnishing the new student lounges, deciding upon athletic awards, and sponsoring social attairs, including the annual Fall picnic. matinee dances and the Fall and' Spring Formals. Beddow, -A. 'gel' .aw SQ Vice-President AWS Organizafion for women of fhe campus, AWS fhis year had charge of flood relief worlc of Fullerfon JC. Aparf from fhe flood relief program was fhe annual Chrisfmas Cheer campaign fo help needy families. Under direcfion of Presidenf June Massey, fhe year was begun wifh fresh- men feas and sponsor parfies fo infroduce new women info campus life. Ofher social affairs included fhe girl-dafe dance- and sponsorship of Dufch Monfh acfivifies. AMS AMS acfivifies included several assemblies, sfag banquefs, dances. lmporfanf in fhis year's program was sponsorship wifh The AWS of flood relief worlc. Direcfed by Presidenf Earl Ellison and supporfed by all men sfudenfs, AMS has as one of ifs imporfanf funcfions fhe sponsorship of rallies. AMS sfaged noon rallies before games and held assemblies before each season's biggesf game. Earl Allison, Presidenf. Dance Recital Theme of The Dance Recilal presenled May 7 was "Americana.'i Three large group dances carried oul The lheme by characlerizalion of Jrhree phases of "Americana," Ideas por- lrayed were Accent Speed, and Freedom. The Dance Recilal is an annual evenl, di- recled by Bobbie Randall and presenled by members of The Dance Club. All worlc is original, each soloisl or each group crealing her own expression of an idea. This year's recilal was exceplional in The Theme chosen and also in il's porlrayal. GRC-ANIZATIGNS x lil 1 Social Ghairmen Chairman of fhe Social Commiffee and do- ing a good iob of if was Mary Jean Cox. As chairman she direcfed plans for all sfudenf body funcfions. Social chairmen have as fheir biggesf under- faking fhe Fall and Spring Formals. Two connmiffees have been formed, one planning food, fhe ofher enferfainmenf, for all sfu- denf body affairs. The social cornrniffee is really a service com- miffee, handling all social affairs of fhe sfu- denf body. ln addifion fo planning and promofion of The picnic and fhe fwo formal dances, fhe commiffee fakes charge of social affairs as fhey presenf fhernselves. Thus, af fhe beginning of fhe year They esfablished a guide bureau for freshmen, and fhey will plan fhe recepfion for The opening of fhe new buildings. IST ROW: W. Dillingham, A. McCormick, R. Roland, J. Cadrnan, R. Young, P. Twombly, R. Werner, B. Srnifh. ZND ROW: S. Kiloka, M. Canfy, E. Smifh, R. Plumb, J. Morris, A. Vail, J. LaRue, N. Blank, l-l. Smilh, G. Laird. M. Gage, E. Naqee, T. Porler, B. Luff, M. Lohr. 3RD ROW: W. C-Breen, A. Nelson, L. Benson, A. Sherwood, R. Smead, B. Wardman, E. Leib, L. Cain, E. Bowman, M. Ruud, G. Anderson, H. Tornquisf, H. Nelson, F. Smilh, Rufh Ehlen. 4-TH ROW: A. M. Williams, L. Chrislenson, C. Barnell, M, Cusick, E, Newman, D. Boyce,C.Gruber. J. Barlon, M. Morgan. G. Walker, Johnson, A. Hancock, J. Heberling, J. So'Prley. .Alpha Qamma Sigma Officers: Presiclenlr, l-larold Tornquislg Vice- Presidenl, Annefle Sherwood, Secrelary, Bonnie Jean Warolman. Purpose: To recognize and encourage our- slranding scholarship. Qamma Delta Upsilon Officers: President Pony Swenson, Vice- Presiclenlq Tom Glasheeng Secrefary, Carlyn Pyealfe. Purpose: To recognize oulslancling work in iournalism. ...A IST ROW: P. Swenson, D. Winlers, D. S. Garner, B. Wenlz, G. Cole. ZND ROW: L. Cain, B. Luhc, R. Plumb, C. Mayes, E. Oas,'B. Rose, D. Brosnan, T. Glasheen IST ROW: D. La Fon, D. Winfers. ZND ROW: I.. Hess, D. Adams. IST ROW: R. Farmer, M. Beddow, H. McNurlin. ZND ROW: B. Mackay L. Cain, B. Mackay. 3RD ROW: E. Newman, D. S. Garner, E. C. Lirclwfield, J. Massey, W. Teed. 3RD ROW: E. Allison, D. Galloway, F. Burl, D. Andrews. E. Dysinger, D. Winlers. Horenszc club Officers: President Douglas AnclrewgDebaJre Manager, Frank Burl. Purpose: Parriciparion in inlercollegiale cle- bare ancl speaking conresrs. Delta .Tsi Omega Oiclicers: President Maureen Beclclowg Sec- rerary, June Massey. Purpose: To furrher inreresr in clramarics and To offer pracrical experience. IST ROW: B. Wiley, B. McPhaffer, J, Cadman, R. Baines, R. Werner, A. Minfer, L. Middlefon, D. Winfers, B, Siler, J. Coleman, R. Nichols, J. Melfon, H. McNurlin, ZND ROW: H. DeMenf, B. Johnson, H. Chamberlen, C. Pearson, E. Koch, B. Slocum, R. Merriff, H. Nelson, R. Vanderburg, L. Chrisfenson, L. Richardson, J. Ganong, W. O'Connor, D. La Fon. 3RD ROW: G. Free, G. Hermes, J. Fosfer, T, Sepulveda, H, Tornquisf, E. Harris, K. Young, V. Lundberg, R. Schofield, D. Galloway, A. Posf, H. Newsome, M. Parnan, L. Clever, A. Ellison, B. Ainsworfh. 4TH ROW: D. Adams, L. Clever, R. Clifford, M. Miller, D. Boyce, W. Teed, L. Lewis, H. Millen, J. Jamison, A. Baker, R. Winchesfer, B. Mackay, B. Rose. Y. M. C. A. Officers: Presidenf, Harold Newsome: Vice- Presidenf, Don Adams: Secrefary, Ray Van- derburg: Treasurer, Charles Pyeaffe. Purpose: Promofe service fo school and communify, fosfer Chrisfian characfer. Slnternational Relations Officers: Presidenf, Willard Summers: Vice- Presiclenf, Clifford Overaclcerg Secrefary, Eileen Anlcrom. Purpose: To sfimulafe inferesf and infelligenf undersfanding of infernafional problems. V .. v. Wi. . -1 2' '-PVT' 556 ,ftskvw L I IST ROW: W. Summers, B. Johnson, C. Overacker, B. Siler, M. lfahera, J. Figeroa. ZND ROW. N. Lypps, L. MacMillan, H. Tornquisf, B. Howe, R. Plumb, V. Woolperf, S. Kifaoka, M. L. Sharpe. 3RD ROW: D. Walcum, F. Berkeley, P. Knaalc, E. Nagel, E. Fifzpafriclr, J. LaRue, J. israel, J. Arnold. 4TH ROW: G, Fred, R. Winchesfer, F. Burf, M. Long, N. Tashima, R. Hiqa, N. Eimers, O. P. Le Ross. IST ROW: N. Carney, E. Nagel. l. Cleveland, M. Earley, E. Smifh, N, Blank, J. LaRue, D. Sloy, E. Smilh, L. Behrmann C, Mulifleman, A. Sherwood. ZND ROW: J. Langford, D. Dalessi, M. Gage, N. Swealf, L. Tanner, L. Cain, J. Holslon J. Eaglelon, B. Luff, R. Borden, J. Israel, B. Bray. 3RD ROW: S. Kilaolca, G. Sandbury, V, Richardson, A. Maass, C, Wails R. Bongard, J. Sherman, J. Elliol, M, Evans, E, Bessilievre, M. Byers, S. Kinney. M. Canly. T. Porfer, W. Green, F. Nishizu 4TH ROW: G. Perry, l-l. Haines, B. Benson, L. Benson, M. Grinde, F. Berkeley, A. Beichman, M. Ruud, V, Woolperf, B Milhous, D. l-lurlree, P. l-ladewig. E. Beullce. Y. W. C. A. Officers: President Barbara Luliig Vice-Presi- denl, Jane Israel: Secrelary, Rulh Borden: Treasurer, June l-lolslon. Purpose: To promole high Chrislian ideals of living ancl of service. 'gyr - ------ -- -- --W.-w..A..-.--..,.... .- ......... . .,,.,. .-... ..... ...., . .-.HW , ..,,,,,,., ,,K.,,,,. , lm., A I , F IST ROW: D. Werner, A. Guss, H. Hopkins, H. McNurlin, E. Blackburn, E. Pember, M. Cox, B. O'Connor, F. Schuberf, D. Anclrews, E. Harris, E, Bessilievre. ZND ROW: H. Morris, E. Oas, E. Kerchner, J. Langford, M. Gage, H. Millen, R. Borden, 6. l-lampfon, D. La Fon, D. Block, D. Winiers, M. Beddow, K. Kirlcer. 3RD ROW: E. Allison, F. Berkeley, K, Collins, B. Weniz, K. Joslin, M. Lehman, W. Teed, E, Pairick, P. Berfhaum, A. Hancock R. Bear, F. Smifh, B. Slocum. 4TH ROW: L, Fickle, B. Wardman, B. Mackay, M. Palmer, B. MacPhaHer, D. Boyce, M. Wood, A, McCormick, J, LiHle, D. Jordan, R. Farmer. .Nightwalkers Officers: Presiclenl, Bruce Mackay: Vice- Presidenl, Ralph Farmer: Secrelary, Ella Mae Blackburn: Treasurer, Frieda Schuloeri. Purpose: To sludy slaging from a 'rechnical viewpoinl. .Thilosophy club Olilicersr Presiolenl, Ray Winchesler: Vice- Presidenl, George Jenkins: Secrelary, Karh- leen Hall: Treasurer, Josephine La Rue. Purpose: To discuss philosophical anol prac- Jrical queslions, 'ro slrive for an underslancl- ing of personal and world problems. IST ROW-J. A. Williams, M. Talmaclge, H. Sandidqe, M, Reeves, J. La Rue, R. Winchesfer, G. Jenkins, L. Trouf, N. Blank. ZND ROW-B. Milhous, J. Parker, F. Glen, B. Weaver, L. Murphy, D. Gross, K. Collins, W. Summers, J. Fosier, F. Burl, L. Thuer. 3RD ROW-B. Shaw, L, Pickle, T. Glasheen IST ROW: E. Bessilievre, H. Krause, R, W. Borst B. Maclca Yu A. MacDougall. ZND ROW: T. Glasheen, S. Scoif, 3RD English club Officers: President Ira Coleman: Vice-Presi- denr, Dick Liilleiolwng Secreiary, Marie Benson. Purpose: To furrlner sfucleni creafive wrifing. IST ROW: J. Merrill, E, Lynch, M. POPF, A. Vanclerbur 9 ZND ROW: M. A. Myers, T. Porier, l. Middlelon, B. Jenkins 3RD ROW: C. Pyeaife, R. Berg, M. Sharpless. Geology club Officers: Presidenr, Wilbur Scoiurg Vice-Pres idenl, Ida Middleionq Recording Secreiary Thelma Porierq Corresponding Secreiary Maxine Dull: Curajror, Preslon Milclwell. Purpose: To furflfier inieresr in Geology. IST ROW: M. Crockeff, B. Richards, J. Blaich, D. Lalfon, J. Cadman. ZND ROW: H. Millen, L. Lewis, H. McNurlin, W. Yerringfon, L. Smifh. 3RD ROW: S. H. Corfez, D. Winfers. B. Johnson, V. Lundquisf, W, Tweed, B. Bergey, E. Pember. B. O'Connor, B. Armenfrouf, A. M. Williams. Uelta .Alpha Sigma Officers: Presidenf, Dana Winfersg Vice- Presidenf, Clark Browning: Secrefary, Max Crockeffg Treasurer, Jack Cadmang Pledge Masfer, Bob Arrnenfrouf. Purpose: To creafe friendship, fo serve fhe school. jheta .Nu jheta Officers: Presidenf, Pafsy Harmon: Vice- Presidenf, Helen Hopkins: Corresponding Secrefary, Vera Journigan: Recording Secre- fary, Norma Jankeg Treasurer, Ella Mae Blacklourn. Purpose: To promofe friendship among women sfudenfs. IST ROW: V. Simms, P. Harmon. ZND ROW: J. Holsfon, V. Journigan, M. Gage, B. Richards, E. Chillon, D. Blackburn, C. Harger, B, BaiIifF, J. Massey. 3RD ROW: E. Blackburn, M. Nerdrum, J. Eaglefon, N. Janke, M. Beddow, K. Collins, P. McCool, J. Wheaf, M. Shaw, H. Hopkins, Mrs. I-lodgdon, W. l-lapgood, M. Endicoff, N. Carlin, D. Ridgeway, M. Cox, S. S'coH'. IST ROW: H. Haylwursl, H. Morris, W. Ziegler, L. Richardson R. Schofield, P. Herringfon, V. Orr, M. Cusick. ZND ROW M. Farran, D, Tifclwenal, J. Jones, E. Francik, W, Flelclmer, R. Fennell, C. Shaffer, V. Zallee. 3RD ROW: J. Wise, H McCloud, R. Bandel, M. Boehner, L. Clever. ,Aviation Glub Officers: Presidenl, Joe Wise. Purpose: To lurllfier inleresl in aeronaulics. El Don Quixote Officers: Presidenl, Jesus Figeroa: Vice- Presidenl, Hayden Cliamloerleny Secrelary, Marion Reeves: Treasurer, Beula Millwous. Purpose: To acquainl members willw lan- guage and cullures of Spanish-speaking counlries. IST ROW: G. Johnson, J. Merrill, J. Figeroa, M. Earley, N. Lypps, R. Smead, l.. Clwrislensen, H. Chamberlin. ZND ROW: M. Evans, M. Reeves, B. Millwous, 3RD ROW: M. Evans, M. Reeves, B. Millnous. 3RD ROW: A. Seed, R. Beal, P. Yriarle. 4TH ROW: R. Balclwman, R. Berg, A. Pisler, W. Hernandez. vy. 2 5 if Q f' IST ROW-D. Murphy, R, Winchesler. B. Gann, V. Woolperf, M. Sharpe, R. Plumb, W. Fender, M. Long, R. Pelous, A. Vail. ZND ROW- B. Miller, J. Werner, L. Tail, C. Overacker. 3RD ROW-J. Launer, D. Gross, J. La Rue, A. Balch- man, M. Lypps. 4Tl-I ROW-B. Bray, V. Cadman. N. Blank, A. Hancock. STI-l ROW-B. Wentz, B. Luhi, M. Lohr, J Newsome, D. Galloway. 6Tl-l ROW-D, Reinke, E. Thompson, E, Johnson, G. Wardman. 7TH ROW-B. Johnson, S. Olds E. Camou, M. Wilson, J. Figeroa, L. Fickle. 8TH ROW: G. Blackmore, F. Burl. .Ce Gircle Urancaise Officers: Presidenl, Maurice Long: Vice- Presideni, Barbara l-leddeng Secrelary, Wilda Tenderg Treasurer, Rose Pelous. Purpose: To promole a grealer inleresl and faciliry in The French language. Der Deutsche 'Uerein Officers: Presidenl, Rulh Werner, Vice-Presi- denl, Marion Lohrg Secrelary, Jack Cadmang Treasurer, Fredrick Whipe. Purpose: To learn German cusloms, liiera- lure, and cullure. IST ROW-V. Richardson, J. Bray, R. Ehlen, M. Ehlen, M. Lohr, K. Collins, M. Erwin. ZND ROW- D. Boyce, R. Werner, E. l-lowelh, J. Drake, J. Soiiley. 3RD ROW-C. Gruber, J. Blaich, C. Barneii 4TH ROW-J. Johnson, l-l. Nelson, R. Rowland, W, l-lolve, D. While. 5TH ROW-E. Wilson, Fl Harimann, N. Haeger. 6TH ROW--D. Walker, R. Buckner. 7TH ROW-M. Miller. IST ROW: M. Lypps, R, Pelous. M. Du'Hon, V. Allec, F. Conway, G. Cavanaugh, D, Toney, H. Phelan, B. Johnslon, M. Shea, Rose Donnelly. ZND ROW: J. Spilzer, N. Lypps, N. Eimers, E. Carroll, K. Sheridan, B. Frank, L, Murphy, R. Bandel, N. Bandel, W. Summers. 3RD ROW: l-l. Plou, D. Rankin, A. Echle, l-l. Dingle, J. Spilier, G. Trimble, P. Slein, J. Farley, R. Echle. J. Heinz. .Newman Glub Officers: Presideni, Joe Spilrzerg Vice-Presi- denr, Jaclc Farley: Secreiary, Dorolhy Toney: Treasurer, Ed Wilson. Purpose: To sludy and discuss currenl problems, lo help in any worlhy cause on The campus. .Nursing Glub Officers: President Joyce Eaglelonp Vice- Presidenr, Mildred Purdyg Recording Secre- Jrary, Virginia Slocomg Corresponding Secre- lary, Rulrh Perry. Purpose: Preparalion for laier Jrraining. IST ROW: N. Blank, D. Su++, M. Gamble, D. Loney, V. Jour nigan, J. Eaqlelon, G. Kavanaugh, R. Haskell, ZND ROW H. Thelan, J. Crew, M. A. Myers, K. Sheridan, D. Shook, M Purdy, E. Louis, A. Marlin. 3RD ROW: B. Weaver, J Cadwell, B. Johnslon, G. Sandbury, l. Schmidf, l., Follcerl' V. Slocum. X.. .ia IST ROW: H. Cummins, N. Tashima, E. Enyardr, E. Gagnon, E. Wl'1i1'e, L. Richard- son, P. Hildebrandt ZND ROW: G. Nugenf, G, Madge, H. Messemer, T. Glasheen, D. Davis, D. Adams, R. Law. 3RD ROW: T. imofo, K, Oveii, R. Barels, R, Merrii, R. Young, B. Ainsworih, C9 U3alleo Officers: President Haldane Cummings Vice-President Nori Tashima: Business Man eager, Eugene Enyard. Purpose: Advancemem' of wresiling. ' ATHLETICS iii-1-i Ii- ,1- 2' ...Q-v.zg.vg', g': -,fm -.,- . m m m ww ww W 1 11' wa,amMM--ww ' ' ng 51 ,WW 1 Q .M H N :ww 1 ""'!U lj"' ' 2.3. 1 V J Ei . f Ei-Gm WT?-li ' 'lf .Inj 4 . . r.. 71, , MH'?..','f':' 5 . ,H N H , ,. 1 H H ., W... w N H H H H H H " , 272 if 5 ,if ya-r..iH"1wQ.. m , , w I m m m T6 H H N, w w 5 gi-'Q' W '- W rn my m m .uv ul mum 'ww m Y Y , .ig 5 ij? J SE - - VE. , . . M-Q 4-1 V , ,gg Y V 4- ww- H ,S , fy , ' - .gfzjgx I , ' ' , 1 , " L ' www uw uw wvrlm-yu 1 6' ' K,-1' W, ...,,. , - Q... f 'E' "' ' Kiiwmg x..1 . - 'TT +-Eff-7:20, V -K ' u1' ' l .:.:.:. .. lv . . . ,v. 4, IST ROW D Boyer, E. Allison, E. Shaw, L. Renison, M. Maxwell, J, Jamison, N. Larson,C.5wenson 2ND ROW J Ganong R Pyron, D. Alexander.. B. DeVolder, J. Dudley, E. Miller, A. Echle, R. Echle L MncldleTon 3RD ROW N Tashima, H. Cummins, C. Gruber, B. Bray, R. HiTchcoclc, H. TornquisT, D. Lawhead T Glasheen 4TH ROW: D. Baker, C. Flynn, N. McNurlin, J. Coleman, D. WinTers, A. Balmer, T STegner 'Uarsity Qlub The HorneT VarsiTy Club, reorganized IasT year aTTer dying ouT Tor a Time aT HorneTville, showed mem- bership and acTiviTy growTh This year. Headed by Buck Newsome and advised by Don Brunslcill, The TirsT semesTer conTribuTions by The club To school liTe were comprised mosTly oT posT-game dances held on The campus when HorneT aThleTic Teams played aT home. Second semesTer elecTions insTalled Don WinTers as presidenT. During This Time The club was called on by The sTudenT commission To main- Tain order in assemblies. Gheer Leaders The Blue-Gold cheering secTion was led by one or The mosT eTTicienT groups oT song and yell leaders ThaT has served in years. The Yell deparTmenT was well Taken care OT by head yell lcing Red lvlcNurlin, Claude Horan, Lea Renison, and Leo GaTTney. De Lois Ridgeway, Naomi Carlin, and Jane SmiTh raTed "Tops" as song leaders. IST ROW: H, McNurlin, L. Renison, C. Horan, L. GaTTney. 2ND ROW N. Carlin, J. SmiTh, D. Ridgeway. Goaches The Fullerlon Jaycee physical educalion deparlmenl is one ol lhe besl rounded and balanced ol lhe Easlern Division and is headed by Glenn l-l. Lewis, capable and ellicienl commissioner ol alhlelics ol lhe Orange Empire Conlerence. A one-lime greal alhlele al Fullerlon Junior College, Wendell Piclcens relurned lo serve lhe Blue and Gold as loolball coach, and did a credilable iob by lilling lhe l-lornels lrom lheir cellar posilion up inlo lillh spol in lhe league slandings. Arl Nunn, who has earned lhe cognomen ol "builder ol champions," pul anolher lille winning baskelball leam on lhe lloor lhis year, and al lhe lime ol lhis wrile up had his l-lornel horsehiders leading lhe chase lor lhe conlerence baseball pennanl. Worlhy ol lhe same lille earned by Nunn, Jimmy Smilh has been hailed nalionally as lhe "Knule Roclcne ol waler sporls coaches." The blonde swim menlor conlinued lurning oul cham- pions and record breakers. l-larold Lang also remained in lhe win column, and his l-lornel lraclc squad galloped oll wilh lheir second slraighl league championship. Wreslling conlinued lo soar under lhe guidance ol Oliver Slonehoclcer, whose grapplers were labbed lo again win lhe annual Soulhern Calilornia wreslling lournamenl. Coach Gerald Boege presenled l-lornel lennis lans wilh a llashy leam ol racguel wielders who regained Fullerlon's losl courl preslige. IST ROW: R, Fennell, Mgr., A. MinTer, M. Delviarco, C. Hale, R. Parker, L. iviiddl T D W T G T All JMIT PS JH DBy RBdI G. WrighT. ZND ROW: J. BessanT, J, Ganong, E. ison, . e on, . 'wenson, J. Spiher. 3RD ROW: L, DeiTrick, AssT. Coach, E. Munoz, T. Sfegner, P. Herring H B. Ford, G. Brown, J. Moody, G, Trimble, W. Pickens, Coach. 4TH ROW: C. B g 5 C Fly J Jamison, W. Hardin, L. Fickle, B. HiTchcock, J. KurT Siootball SepTember oT i937 saw The annual coronaTion oT king TooT- ball 'midsT The royal splendor OT moleskin a la Blue and Gold. For The second sTraighT year FullerTon Tound iTselT under a new coaching head. Roy Priebe, I936 menTor oT The YellowiackeTs, had resigned aT The close oT The '36-'37 year, leaving Wendell "Pick" Pickens To sTep inTo his shoes. Pickens, Tormer local grid greaT, soon proved himselT one oT The mosT popular coaches ever To direcT The JackeTs. Working wiTh mosTly new and unTried maTerial, he boosTed HorneTville's sTock Trom The cellar dep+hs To which iT had dropped The previous year To TiTTh place in The comference sTandings. Being one oT The lighTesT Jaysee elevens in The sTaTe proved The main deTrimenT againsT The FullerTon eleven. AT The sTarT oT The season They dropped Their only pracTice game To VenTura Junior College I2-O. Then were clawed by The Riverside Tiger I9-O in The conTerence opener. Facing CiTrus, They won Their TirsT game 25-6. Journeying inland To TaTT, an undeTeaTed Cougar eleven mauled Them. San Berdoo, laTer League co-champs, won a hearT-breaker Trom The HorneTs nexT, I3-6. LeTTing down againsT Pomona They again TasTed deTeaT I4-O. The annual Thanksgiving Day Tinale Tound FullerTon losing To The oTher co-champ oT The League, SanTa Ana, by a 20-O counT. An inspiraTional capTain, Pony Swenson, second sTring all- comcerence, led SpiTzer, KurTz, lviunzos, Browning, Flynn, Newsome and Allison inTo Their lasT game Tor The Blue and Gold. Uootball G. Trimble D. Siemens D. Boyer T. Sfegner B. Salman J. Moody J. Hanna R, Bandel G. Brown f - ... ... .1 14 C. Browning D. Winlers A. Minfer M. Delvlerco C. Flynn J. Spiher J. Kurfz G. Wrighl P. Swenson R. Parker C. Hale J. Mellon W. Hardin E, Allison J. Jamison L. Micldlelon J. Ganong R. Parker J. Bessanl H. Newsome E. Munoz R. Rogers P Basketball ffl S R, Echle A. Eclwle T. Sepulveda H. Joyner T. Keesey L. Smifh J. Mol-lenry E. Allison J. Sfacy - l IST ROW: T. Sepulveda, J. Mcl-lenry, L. SmiTh, CapTain A. Echle, J. STacy, R. E hl ZND RO EHk HJY TK YM Q DBk Nunn, E. Allison, . ar er, . oner, . eese, ana er Basketball Coach ArT Nunn's I938 YellowiaclceT BaslceTball Team Took up where his I937 SouThland champions leTT oTT, and The EasTern Division pennanT remained aloTT aT l-lorneTville. WiTh SouThern CaliTornia playoTTs iunlced due To unresT in The WesTern Division, The EasTern Comference reverTed baclc To The old sysTem oT The single round oT play wiTh The Two Top Teams in The league sTandings meeTing Tor The championship in a Three-game series. When The preliminary casaba wars had ceased, The undeTeaTed l'lorneTs were piTTed againsT The ChaTTey PanThers. ATTer winning The series opener by a close 45-44 score, FullerTon reTained The championship by snowing The PanThers under wiTh a 52-37 landslide, exTending The JaclceTs' Two-year sTring oT con- Terence vicTories To TwenTy-Two wiThouT deTeaT. Four oT Nunn's sTarTing Tive hailed Trom EasT oT The Mississippi River. From Bowling Green, Qhio, CapTain Andy Echle broughT wiTh him Jim STacy, a guard. Yorlc, Pennsylvania, where coal, iron, and basl4eTball are The chieT indusTries, conTribuTed high scorer and capTain-elecT Tom Keesey, and l-lomer Joyner, ace "Teeder." Sophomore Earl Allison, named mosT valuable player, came from WhiTTier. Echle, Keesey, and Allison made The all-conTerence quinTeT. OTher YellowiaclceTeers sharing in The championship were Regis Echle and Jack lvlcl-lenry, sophomores, and Les SmiTh, Tom Sepulveda, and Eddie l-larlcer. C?-Y ROW K Sgl Groeling, A. Seecl, P. Yriarle, B. Smilh, R. Vanclenburg, J. Dudley, H. Ruiz, C. Groeling. 2ND W F El l H N l F. Bacon, L. Clever, L. Clever, E. Welsh, R. Nichols, B. Dillingham, H. Schwenderman. 3RD ROW: H. Lang, coach, F. Herlel. G. Dingle, B, Blaclcleclge. 4TH ROW H N wsome, J. Moody, N. Larson, K. Young, G. Brown, H. lvlillen, A, Baker, W. Kelly. U rack The abilily lo earn poinls in nearly every evenl enabled coach Harold Lang's Fullerlon Jaycee cinder sguad lo delend ils Orange Empire dual and conlerence meel cham- pionships and add lo Hornelville's laurels in lhe sporls world. Eighl lellermen made up lhe lisl ol holdovers lrom lhe l937 lille winning leam. Lang lound his eighl velerans well spread oul in all lhe evenls. ln lhe sprinls were Hank Ruiz and low hurdler Dave Siemon, a l938 "lind" in lhe iavelin lhrow: Jaclc Dudley sel a new school record al I2 ll. 3 inches lo blossom inlo conlerence pole vaull champ: Norm Larson repealed his league high hurdling champion- ship: Niclc Nichols parlicipaled in weighl evenls: Leslie Clever perlormed in lhe 880 and added lhe mile lo his curriculum: Archie Baker did lhe high iumping: and Cap- lain Ray Vanderburg blossomed inlo a conlerence cham- pion in lhe mile and lwo mile, selling a new school record in lhe laller. This gang ol velerans was baclced by lhe Groeling lwins, sprinlers: Dillingham, pole vauller: Blacliledge, shol puller and league discus champion: Jay Moody, broad iumper and iavelin lhrower: Kerney Sigler, miler and lwo miler: Kurl Young and Bacon, 440 men: Jaclc Peek, high hurdler and broad jumper: Harold Millen, high hurdler: Kelly, high hurd- ler and discus lhrower: and Pal Yiarle and Vic Chambers, new school record holder, broad jumpers. 1-.. , 4 jrack s i -- luli V? A . F 1 . i f H. Millen F. Bacon L, C C. Groelinq J. Moody R. V d lo g X 5 Qi! ,, i n H ... aflt . -..:- A. Seed J. Dudley B. Smifh B. Blaclcledge K. Young N. Larson C. Groeling R, Nichols H. Ruiz J. Peelc K. Signler L. Clever A. Baker V. Chambers - . rr ' V .si 121 ' -- i -', ' r W' ,, - ,y ' , 'f f ' 'A ..-i.:' T. IST ROW B C g J l-leinlz, R, Pyron, D. Alexander, T. I-lines, G. Welfon, B. DeVolder. ZND ROW: h A N L Moore, P. Pugh, S. Byingfon, B. Davidson, R. Orfez, Manager T. Duff. Baseball Wifh an arsenal of booming war clubs in fhe run-making deparfmenf To back up a puzzling brand of pifching by The veferan soufhpaw, Bus DeVolder, and a newcomer, Tony l-lines, coach Arf Nunn's defending Soufhern Califor- nia championship l-lornefs looked pennanf-bound in fhe Easfern Division race af fhe fime of fhis wrife-up. The l-lornefs had clubbed Sanfa Ana, Chaffey, Cifrus, and San Bernardino fo defeaf, and had only Riverside and Pomona fo knock over for fhe league pennanf. While fhe DeVolder- Hines pifching sfaff "fogged 'em pasf" fhe enemy, fhe lflornef baffing order wasfed liffle fime in challfing up The necessary runs. The Yellowiaclcefs lined up wifh Elwood Curfiss af second base, Don Alexander af fhird, Paul Pugh af firsf, Joe l-leinz in cenfer field, Ralph Pyron in righf, Cece Byingfon and Bill Davidson in leff, Bud Cavanaugh af cafcher, and DeVolder and l-lines, pifchers. Of fhis group Pugh, DeVolder, l-leinz, and Alexander saw fheir second year of service on fhe l-lornef nine. Freshman Luke Moore, a .3l7 hiffer, and Paul Pugh, who hif af .3l9, were chosen on fhe l-lelms Olympic Foundafion all-Soufhern California feam. l-lurler DeVolder was given a second sfring spof. Big Ralph Pyron Topped fhe feam's baffing averages wifh a .4I9 average, and Curfiss cloufed fhe ball af a .385 clip. L Moore P ugh T Hanes S. Byinqfon B. DeVoIder R. Oriez J. Heinfz B. Davidson D. Alexander B. Cavanaugh R. Pyron SWIMMING WATER POLO lsT ROW: B. HiTchcock, lvl. Callis, B. Sellers, L. GaTTney, C. Horan, lsT ROW: C. Horan, B. Bray, B. HiTchcock, B. Sellers, D. Lawhead, D. Lawhead, J. Irvin, L. Sparrow. L. Sparrow. 2nd ROW: Coach J. SmiTh, E. Schaeberlie, K, lv1cNicoll, B. Wiley, 2nd ROW: Coach J. SmiTh, E. Schaeberlie, B. Wiley, B. OTsTad, B. OTsTad, B. Bray, B. Krause. L, Gaffney- Ujater Sports WaTer menTor Jimmy SmiTh's F-ullerTon aqua-HorneTs, who hold nine paciTic coasT J. C. records, conTinued To rule The waves ThroughouT I938 To win The SouThern CaliTornia Junior College swimming championship Tor The Third consecuTive year. This year's campaigning ran The SmiTh- men's dual meeT winning sTreak To TwenTy. The HorneTville H-2-O men have never losT To a iaycee Team since l935. In a schedule oT pracTice meeTs, They losT To U. S. C., UniversiTy oT CaliTornia, STanTord, and The Glympic club, buT handed severe dunkings To U. C. L. A., OccidenTal, and L. A. A. C. The HorneTs Then wafer-logged SanTa Ana, L. A. J. C., CompTon, ChaTTey, Pasadena, and Glendale in an assaulT on iunior college swim Teams. Co-capTains All-American Bob Sellers and Doug Lawhead, Bob Bray, and Kenny ivlcNiccol headed a sTellar lisT oT YellowiackeTs which included: WhiTTaker, lrwin, and Wiley, sprinTsg OTsTed and Horan, 220 and 4403 Callis and Schaeberlie, backsTrokeg Krause and HiTchcock, breasTsTrokeg and GaTTney in The diving evenTs. The medley relay Team oT Bray, Sellers, and lv1cNicoll, splashed over The rouTe in l:22.2, missing The inTercollegiaTe record by Tour-TenThs oT a second. FullerTon's waTer poloisTs also remained supreme in iaycee circles as un- oTTicial souThland champions To compleTe Tour sTraighT years wiThouT de- TeaT. The HorneTs knocked over Los Angeles and BakersTield iaycees, paciTic coasT champions U. C. L. A., The PaciTic CoasT Club, Cal Tech, and The F, J, C, alumni, The HorneTs losT only To U. S. C. and U. C. L. A. in early season games and again To U. S. C. in The S. P. A. A. U. waTer polo championship TournamenT To place as runners-up To The Troians. LeTTermen include: CapTain Hank Chapman, an All-American diver, Horan, Lawhead, WhiTTaker, Sellers, Bray, HiTchcock, Sparrow, Schae- berlie, OTsTed, and Wiley. ' IQ . sr . J. Irwin K. McNIccol B. Ofs+ad D. Lawhead B. Bray L. Sparrow B, Wiley B. Krause M. Callis 37 IST ROW H T q dl Ton, H. FosTer, J. Rodden, R. Hope. ZND ROW: E. Conger. J. Minogue, R. WinchesTer. R. Bergen, D. Andrews. jennis A deTermined FullerTon Junior College Tennis Team ap- peared a "cinch" To reclaim iTs losT conTerence neT championship aT The Time This was wriTTen. The l-lorneTs held The crown Tor Tour sTraighT years previous To lasT year, and coach Gerald Beoge's racqueT wielders wanTed noThing more Than To bring The Tennis Trophy back To FullerTon. The locals were Tigured as "cinches" To recop The crown because oT Their showing againsT Tour oT Their six conference Toes. The FullerTon courT- men wiTh Roger Hope, Herb FosTer, and Harold Torn- quisT playing singles, wiTh "Monk" MiddleTon and Ed Conger, and Bob Bergen and John Minogue playing doubles, unleashed a merciless assaulT on The EasTern Comference enemy. l:ullerTon nerballed SanTa Ana, ChaTTey, and CiTrus I9-O each and beaT San Bernardino by a narrow margin, leaving only inTerior Riverside and Pomona Teams To overcome Tor The TiTle. L,,,-J-L.- 4421, , .N . . . W- IST ROW: T. lmolo, K. Oveil, R. Barels, T. Chanliles, E. While, Caplain T C5 ZND ROW C h O Slonehocker, N. Tashima, H. Messemer, E. Gagnon, R. Young, D. Davis, R L D Ad 3RD ROW B Ainsworlh, G. Nugenl, R. Beauchamp, C. Madge, J. Ryan, L. Rich cl P H Id b d wrestling Body slamming lheir iunior college opponenls handily, lhe Fullerlon l-lornels, under coach Oliver Slonehoclcer, won lhe Soulhern California iaycee wreslling cham- pionship lournamenl lor lhe second slraighl year. Champions in six weighls oul ol nine massed 54 poinls lor lhe Yellowiackel maladors in lhe second annual wreslling lournamenl, wilh Los Angeles Jaycee in lhe runner-up posilion wilh 38. The Blue and Gold parade ol grunl and groan soulhland champions was headed by "Lillle Caesar" Glasheen, lhe lighling Irish caplain, who won his second slraighl lealherweighl lille lo re- main undelealed in iunior college compelilion. Mid- dleweighl Rudy -Barels, wellerweighl l-lal Cummins, l65- pounder Ed While, l75-pounder Dana Winlers, and heavyweighl Tom Chanliles, lhe burly Greek God, were lhe olher champions lor lhe l-lornels. The place and show money in lhe championship lussles was copped by Tom lmolo, who was robbed ol a Soulhern Cal lille when lorced lo delaull lo an opponenl he had previously bealen lwice, Ben Johnson, Barney Barnel, Nori Tashima, Young, and Merril. l .- A H, Cummins E. While T. Chanliles T GI D W l WOMENS ATHLETICS Rhead Scolf L R Cl II Goaches To four eliicienl coaches goes credil for selling a new precedenr in women's sporrs lhis year. Miss F. Rhead, WAA adviser, led women Through hockey, swimming, and badminlon season, while Miss E. Logan coached Tennis. Mrs. R. ScoH was in charge of baslcelball Jreams. Crealive dancing was Jraughr by Miss F. Randall. The year's program included six shorl seasons, during which Jrhere were inlerclass compelirions, invifalional games, and four Sporls Days. Climaxing +he year was a Tennis Elimi- naiion Tournamenl played ai Sanla Ana. IST ROW: M. HerbsT, J. l-lolsfon, A. Sherwood. ZND ROW: J. Caldwell, L. Tanner, J. Wilson. Under The capable leadership of Mary l-lerbsT, presidenT, The WAA sTrove This year To encourage inTeresT, coopera- Tion, and sporTsmanship in women's aThleTics. OTher oTTi- cers oT The group who made iT possible Tor The women To win mosT oT Their games were June Wilson, vice-presidenT, June l-lolsTon, secreTary-Treasurer. Managers oT The various sporTs were Lucille Tanner, baslceT- loallg AnneTTe Sherwood, swimming, Marilyn FolTz, hoclcey: Jane Cadwell, Tennis. Social acTiviTies Tor The approximaTe ThirTy-Tive members included indoor and ouTdoor parTies. IST ROW: D. Holser, M. Talmadge, D. Tuffree. B. Bergen, J. Wilson, A. Sherwood, E. SmiTh. ZND ROW: D. Dalessi, I. Price, B, Weaver, L. Tanner, V, Lydick, M. l-lerbsT. M. Fors'rer. Letter women Women leHer winners mus+ have earned four hundred poinfsg pennarfr winners eighf hundred poinfs. PennanJr winners were Mary I-lerbsf, Melifa Forsfer, June F-lolsfon, Lucille Tanner. Leffer winners were June I-lolsfon, Dorofny Holser, June Wilson, Melba Es+es, Doris Tuffree. I , ,,..,,, , 1 w f f- G .. - - , wen ,' , - e if X m e Baseball Isf ROW: B. Weaver, D. Tuffree, B. Bergen, M. Fors+er, E. Smifh 2nd ROW: V. Lydiclc, L. Tanner, D. Holser, M. Herbsf. jennis IST ROW: A. Sherwood, M. Herbst D. Dalessi. ZND ROW H. Hopkins, E. Johnson, I. Cleveland, J. Cadwell, B. Bergen. Swimming D. Holser, D. Turffree, A. Sherwood, M. Herbsf. Basketball IST ROW: V. Lydiclc, D. l-lolser, B. Smillfi, J. Wilson, L. Tanner E. Smillw. ZND ROW: M. Talmage, M. l-lerbsl, B. Bergen. D. Tullree. W. Bizzel, M. Forsfer. .Hockey IST ROW: B. Weaver. M. Talmage, D. Tulfree, M. Herbsl, A. Sher wood, B. Bergen, W. Bizzel, M. Forsler. ZND ROW: J, Wilson B. Smilh, V. Lydiclu, L. Tanner, I. Price, E. Smillw, D. Holser. Badminton IST ROW: D. Tuflree, M. l-lerbsl, B. Bergen, J. Wilson, M. Forsler. ZND ROW: M. Talmage. l. Price, L. Tanner. gk-if gl. Q Acknowledgements Phofoqraphy Earl S. Dysinger Clarence Block J. A. JarreH Engraving Los Angeles Engraving Company Fred Smirl-x Sal Guerrero Prin+ing Vogue Composifion Company Don Sfeans -. 1 . s L,..L1,- ,fwfr M- 11 - nf" .'f'T-"f' Sfff"f 'N - "nf-?---Af!-iq--H--.-....:.fL-R1 ,Yr ii.:-QQ-If-:fu ,Y .mmf 4. , , . a pfirwurgl, - gf? 1 iF'-':',w:5gE'2'f3fi2:E' fr 1- 1:3-1.15-Q -,-...f..,..,, M . :W .News-. 'J---5'-'-'r,:'I':1,-QP. '1.L--21:.g-.L-,J.-fff'-aiu' fu- L .- -., . ,,, 51 - A V L225112-gfr.-'QQ' '5:L1qf,I2fI.f,?55g-1 -.QQ--M-,.. -..,.,. 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