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T C H 3 5 ! C H ° 3 5 J O o ■ ' 6 5 V. AWLAKAVIK ENTERING — I — 2 — PRESENTING 1936 TORCH BY Associated Students Fullerton Junior College Consisting OF A history in prose and picture of educational, athletic, social and Ccmpus life during the past nine months FOR Your cmusement and enlight- rnent To bring the memory of supremely happy hours spent here hHours you will fully appreciate when you enter the institution of life and sit under that hard instructor-ex- perience 3 — DEDICATED TO Admiral Byrd» His Crew • The spirit with which they faced the frozen North • With sacrifice and privation they ad- vanced many branches of science TO All of us who will soon face the world of frozen fi- nance«May our sacrifices and privations advance and enrich the many branches of our lives • May we learn to think straisht«To judge fairly To use wisely the opportunities presented to us TO The future — which will not be all ice and snow«lf we remember the past 6 — INTRODUCING A Symbol • Pete the Pen- guin Symbolic of that rare ability to laugh when all luck is bad In a land of cold facts In a land devoid of humor Admiral Byrd and his de- voted crew were cheered by the comic antics of the pen- guins May we as we go through the tough spots in life As our world turns to ice and snow May we rind some spark of humor to cheer us May we be that spark in some- one s life Remember Pete — 7 — ADMINISTRATION — 8- ■9 — CONTENTS BOARD OF TRUSTEES ADMINISTRATION FACULTY LAUNER RIDGEWAY SCHILLER STEWARD JOHNSON rRUSTEES J. W. Schiller Fred Johnson President Clerk Albert Launer Claude RIdgeway L. B. Steward Supervision of all school activi- ties falls to their lot Meet twice a nnonth to take final action on problems referred to them • Employment, finance, building con- struction, contracts, curriculum changes — all pass before this tribunal Although their decisions do not always coincide with the student conception of administrative judgment, their integ- rity, ability, and unswerving devotion to duty are unquestioned — 1 1 MR. PLUMMER Official head of high school and junior college His duties are important to faculty and students alike as his de- cisions are final in prob- lems arising within our in- stitution hias close con- tact with trustees regard- ing finances, contracts, policies, and selection of teachers A central fig- ure about which our col- lege revolves MR. BOYCE The director of our institution Ad- vises superintendent in college faculty relations, chief contact man toward other colleges and uni- versities, director and supervisor of registration and changes in curricu- lum • A busy and useful man with time for one and all — 12 — MRS. E. C. LITCHFIELD " Litchy " +o one and all Her jobs touch every phase of student life Dean of women, A. W. S. adviser, school social adviser, drama instructor True friend indeed to all v omen students Play director extraordinary as season ' s successes w ' testify • A master of all trades MR. WHEATLY Proud and straight with a kindly but active eye A. M. S. ad- viser, N. Y. A. adminis- trator, handles men ' s social, employment, and corrective problems Enjoys the deeper things In life, teaching math, physics, trigonometry A living example of friend in need toward all students 13. R.W. BORST Head of English Dept, W.T. BOYCE Dfiin of Junior Colli ' DON W. BRUNSKILL Commerce BRUCE CLARK Commerce MR. N.CARMICHAEL English W. P. CORBETT Miifiual Arts DR.S. H.CORTEZ Engineering D.C.CRUICKSHANK Physical Edncatton CARRIE CULTRA Commerce L. O.CULP Head of Commerce Dept. HARRY DES GRANGES Manual Arts ROSE DONNELLY Commerce ELEANOR M.DUNN Home Economics BENJAMIN EDWARDS Aliisic EARLS. DYSINGER Soc. Sri., Stagecraft MARTHA EHLEN Language IVA B. ERNSBERGER Mathematics WENDELL S. FLETCHER Aerottaittics CHARLES W. HART Manual Arts H. INAGERRin Hygiene, Home Economics 14- LUCILEB. HINKLE Head of Art Dept. GENEVA JOHNSON Language HENRIEHAS. HELM Head of Home Econ. Dept. MRS. M. Y. HODGDON Art MRS. E. M. KITCHING Library OTIS P. LsROSS Soc. Sci., English MRS. E. C. LITCHFIELD College Women ' s Adviser ELLASUELEMMON English GLENN H.LEWIS Head of Phy. Ednc. Dept. T.H.LODGE Commerce R.A. MARSDEN Head of Man. Arts Dept. DR. MABEL A. MYERS Natural Science EDITH H.LOGAN Physical Education WM. H.MATLOCK Social Science EVERIS F. NELSON Man. Arts, Printing RUTH J. PLIMPTON Commerce LENA E. REYNOLDS Head of Math. Dept. ARTHUR L. NUNN Physical Education FLORENCE C. RANDALL Physical Education LILLIAN F. RIVERS Commerce 15 — FIAMETTA RHEAD Physical Eiliicafiotl MRS. RUTH L Physical Edn .scon cation MABEL L.SHARPE Head of Language Dept. CHARLES L. RUBY Co?nnterce FREDA SCHMALE Commerce DOROTHY P. SHAW Cotnmerce JAMES R.SMITH Physical Education MRS. M.V.STUELKE English H. LYNNSHELLER English RALPH R.SNYDER Commerce IRMAL.TAPP Cofnitiercc E.VONGRUENIGEN Physical Science LOGAN Dean W. WHEATLEY ' of AU-n, Math. H.H.TRACY Head of Nat. Sci. D ept. HAROLD E. WALBERG Music DR .J.A.WILLIAMS Social Science C.A.WORSLEY Head of Phy. Sci. Dept. DR. A. M.WILLIAMS Physical Science ELEANOR M. WRIGHT Phy. Educ; Nat. Sci. — 16 — 17 — n i K COLLEGE — 18 — — 19. CONTENTS STUDENT EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS CONTINUATION STUDENTS — 20 — HAY FICKLE MAYES BUTLER ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY All students registered In twelve units of work automatically become members • Student govern- ment board, consisting of Associated Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Presidents of Associ- ated Women Students, Associated Men Students and classes, acting with Dean has power to execute general business, super- vise expenditures of student body funds, and appoint standing committees • Social activities numbered the annual fall picnic and two formal dances • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor Annual Torch Editor Weekly Torch Men ' s Athletic Manager William Hay Arnold Fickle Anne Mayes Paul Butler Eugene Elder Ben Hitt Elmer Grainger Women ' s Athletic Manager Clara Budlong Forenslcs Manager William Seale Yell Leaders Hank Chapman Bill Russell Song Leaders Maxine Farrell Maxine Eliot Gwen Shook — 21 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Comradeship and service among all women ' s activities on the campus the keynote of this organization ® Activities have included two formal dances, tea for freshmen women, informal " Circus Day " dance, vocational week concluding with " Women ' s Day • " In addition studies in social graces were presented as helpful training • A most worth- while organization which serves as a guiding beacon to all women • President Mildred Gallagher Vice-President Jane Sherrod Secretary-Treasurer Adeline Stemple Adviser Dean Esther C. Litchfield SHERROD oALLAoHbR STEMPLE — 22 — ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS Organization dedicated to the promotion of male interests • Due to late start activities were limited • Two stags held in gym consisting of an informal ban- quet, short play, athletic acts, musical numbers Several as- semblies held in school auditorium to prove that on occasions weaker sex might be barred • President Don Maxon discon- tinued school at the end of the first semester • Splendid job completed by remaining members • President Vice-President Secretary Adviser Don Maxon Connie Ridgeway Jack hiardgrave Dean Wheatly RIDGEWAY HARDGRAVE — 23 — — 24 — ARROWSMITH HENNING FOSTER SOPHOMORE CLASS The long flight of the past two years is nearly completed • Needless to say the class has been well represented in every worth-while activity on the campus • Social events featured the Annual Fall Picnic, a Ditch Day at Big Pines, and the play, " Smilin ' Through " • Companionship has been the greatest achievement of the class • Their cheerful acceptance of student members on equal footing will stand as a challenge to all succeeding classes • President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser Dick Henning Bob Arrowsmith Virginia Foster Dr. Myers — 25- ADAMS, JOHN Polifical Science Y. M. C. A. 1-2 D. A. S. Secretary 2 ANDROUS, ANITA LEE Lihrariattihip Dance Club 2 D. P. O. 1-2 French Club 1 Y. W. C. A. 1 A. G. S. 2 " Smiling Through " AINSWORTH, DEAN Chcmhtry Acapella Clioir ALLISON, DALE Speech D. P. A. 1-2 Nightwalkers 1-2 Varsity Club 1-2 Pres. 2 ' Big Hearted Herbert " " Smiling Through " Football 1-2 Basketball 1-2 ALCORN, EARL Forestry French Club 2 ARROWSMITH, BOB Co?umerce D. P. O. 2 " Smiling Through " BENSON. WINONA N urufig BATES, VIRGINIA Eiiucation BENDER, BETTY Dentistry Y. W. C. A. 1-2 French Club 1 Nightwalkers 1-2 A. G. S. 1-2 " Smiling Through " " Big Hearted Herbert " 3ENNETT, HELEN Commerce Y. V. C. A. 2 Sports 2 Orchestra 1 — 26- BLAIKIE, WILLIAM Commerce BERGEN, BETTY Physical Education " A. A. 1-2 Sports 1-2 BERKELEY. THOMAS Political Scie7icc Inter. Rel. Club 1-2 Y. M. C. A. 1-2 Pres. 2 Varsitv Club 1-2 Spanish Club 2 Basketball 1-2 Cap. 2 Track 1-2 BONKOSKY, MILDRED Commerce BOOK, WILMA Coitimerce BUDLONG, CLARA Physical Education ■n ' A. A. 1-2 A. G. S. 2 BUTLER. PAULC. Law Student Body Treas. 2 Xightwalkers 1-2 Vice-Pres. 2 Y. M. C. A. 1 D. A. S. 1-2 Spanish Club 1 BOUCHERT, DOROTHY Political Science Y. W. C. A. 1-2 CAIN, VIRGINIA Nursing CALDWELL, DOROTHY Commerce Basketball 1-2 Vollev Ball 1-2 Hockey 1-2 27- CHEMBERLEN, LOWELL CRAGGS. CHARLOTTE Interior Dccoratioti Theta Nu Theta 1-2 Y. W. C. A, 1 Sports 1-2 CHIDESTER, RICHARD Agriculture Swimming 2 COMBS, ALFRED Commerce CLEMENTS, CHARLES Commerce CURRIE, PHIL Law Nightwalkers 1-2 " Big Hearted Herbert " " Smiling Through " DOZIER, DON Music DAVIS, JAMES Pre-Med DOMENGUEZ, ELIAS Chemistry French Club Spanish Club Wrestling DEWITT. PAULINE Mathematics T. W. C. A. 1 — 28- EBERLE, KENNETH Chemistry ELDER, GENE Aeronautics Aviators Club 1-2 Nightwalkers 1-2 D. P. O. 1-2 Wrestling 1-2 FARRAN, JEAN Commerce FENDER, WILDA Language French Clulj 1-2 Spanish Club 1-2 German Club 2 A. G. S. 1-2 FERGUSON, GORDON Commerce FRIEDRICH, ROSEMARY Commerce FOSTER, VIRGINIA Mathematics Soph. Class Sec. Nightwalkers 1-2 FOCHTMAN, ELEANOR Commerce GALLAGHER, MILDRED Goi ernment Spanish Club 1-2 Int. Rel. Club 2 Nightwalkers 1-2 Theta Nu Theta 1-2 A. W. S. Pres. 2 Y. W. C. A. 1-2 " Big Hearted Herbert " GARRISON, JEANNE English English Club 1-2 Sports 1 A. W. S. 1-2 29 — GLOVER, ELIZABETH Education Y. W. C. A. 2 French Club 1-2 Int ReL Club 2 A. G. S. 2 Acapella Choir 1-2 GOSSETT. REX Social Science Nighlwalkers 1-2 D. A. S. 1-2 Int. Rel. Club 1-2 D. P. O. 1-2 A. G S. 1-2 ' ■Bi? Hearted Herbert " " Smiling Through " GRAY, ALBERT Language A. a. S. 1-2 French Club 1-2 Tennis Team 1-2 GRAVES, ALMA Speech D. P. O. 1-2 Geology Club 1-2 English Club 1-2 Nighlwalkers 1-2 A. a. S. 1-2 W. A. A. 1 Sports 1-2 ' Big Hearted Herbert " " Smiling Through ' GRAINGER, ELMER Commerce D. A. S. 2 Varsity Club 1-2 Baseball 1-2 GRAVES. ROY Law Football Track Nightwalkers French Club Int. Rel. Club " Big Hearted Herbert " GUIRADO, FRANK Social Science G. D. U. 2 P ' rench Club 2 Int. Rel. Club 2 Weekly Torch Staff Varsity Club 1-2 Baseball 1-2 HANTS, EVELYN Bdncatiou Y. W. C. A. 1 Astronomy Club 2 HANSEN, CHARLES Agriculture French Club 1 Football 2 Basketball 2 Torch Staff 2 Nightwalker.s 2 Wrestling 2 A. B. G. 1-2 HAY, BILL Business AJfninistration S. B. Pres. 2 Nightwalkers 1-2 Spanish Club 1 D. A. S. 1-2 Torch Staff 1 Y. M. C. A. 1-2 As.sembly Comm. 1 S. B. Commission 2 — 30- HENNING. DICK Language German Club 1-2 Varsitv Club 1-2 D. A. S. 2 Student Body Coram. 2 Sophomore Class Pres. 2 Football 1-2 HENDERSON, WILLETA Cottimerce HEFFNER, GERTRUDE Lthrariansbip Acaoella Choir 2 T. W. C. A. 1-2 HERRINGTON. NANCY Costume Designhig HUGHES, RICHARD Optometry INTORF, PHILIP forestry HUNZIKER, ELIZABETH Music T. W. C. A. 1-2 Pres. 2 Acapella 1-2 IMOTO, HAROLD ?re-}Aed KENNEDY, WILLIAM L. y ai igation Aeronautics Club Varsity Club 2 Baseball 1-2 KIGHTLINGER, FRANKYE Social Science A. G. S. 1-2 Geology Club 1-2 V. P. 2 T. W. C. A. 1-2 Int. Rel. Club 2 German Club 2 English Club 2 KLAUSING. GERTRUDE Hovie Economics LITTLE, DON Entomology KNOTT, ELIZABETH Merchamiising LINNERT, MARION Commerce KRENZLER, EMMA Economics LONG, CLAYTON Commerce MacMASTER, JEAN hauguage Nightwalkers 2 Tennis Y. W. C. A. LORENTZEN. BOB Physical Education MAAG, LUCINA journalism McMURTIN, DORIS Commerce — 32 — MAYES. ANNE Law S. B. Secretary French Club T. N. T. Nightwalkers Y. W. C. A. " Big Hearted Herbert " MAYO. MARGARET Education T. N. T. 1-2 Pres. 2 French Club 2 Y. W. C. A. 1-2 MARSHALL. VIRGINIA Sociology T. W. C. A. 1-2 MIDDLETON. CHARLES Liberal Ar s MILHOUS. SARA Eitglisb MUCHOW. ELIEEN Comtnerce Nightwalkers 1-2 Acapella Choir 1 Dance Club 1-2 MORRIS. PHILIP Agriculture Y. M. C. A. 1-2 French Club 2 MITCHELL. FERNE Elementary Teaching Acapella 1-2 Y. W. C. A. 2 MURDICK. MARY Com mercc MYERS. EARL Accounting D. A. S. 1-2 Treas. Nightwalkers 1-2 33. NAKANISHl. GEORGE Aeronautics Aeronautics Club 1 Varsity Club 1-2 Track 2 Football 1-2 NOTTINGHAM MILDRED Frc-Mcil Y. W. C. A. 1-2 NEECE, BOB French Club ; NISHIZU, RUTH M. Cfnnirificf Public Affairs Comni. 2 Pres. 2 Int. Rel. Council 1-2 NISHIO, FRED Engineering PATTEN, WILMA Home Economics V. W. C. A. 1-2 QUANDT, CARL Commerce PATTERSON. GERTRUDE English French Club 1-2 Y. W. C. A. 1-2 A. G. S. 2 PRICE, WILMA Commerce PORTER. WINSTON Commerce 34 — REES, HORACE Commerce RALSTON, PHYLLIS Nursing Acapella 2 T. W. C. A. 2 REDMON. DELORES Ltbrariauship Y. W. C. A. 1-2 French Club 1-2 Spanish Club 1-2 German Club 2 A. G. S. 2 RILEY, MARION Cowmcrce ROBBINS, LEO Music ROWAN, PHYLLIS Commerce A. W S. 1-2 T. N. T. 1-2 French Club 1 ROTHAERMAL, ELLEN MerchiinJisiti RUDY. MARJORIE Commerce Nightwalkers 1-2 Y. W. C. A. 1-2 RUOFF, JEANNE Home Economics RUSSELL, ADELLA Science — 35 — RUSSELL, BILL Commerce Yell Leader 2-3 Class Pres. 3 SCHOENFELDT, ARNOLD Commerce Y. M. C. A. Sec. 2 Nightwalkers 2 Track SCHEY, RAY Meehafiical Arts SCHNEIDER, DONALD Agric2tt itre Varsity Club 2 Y. M. C. A. 1-2 Acapella 2 Tennis 1-2 SCHNEIDER, FRANCES Lihrariaml-Up Y. W. C. A. 1-2 German Club 2 SCHUBERT, HELEN Commerce German Club 1-2 SHERIDAN, KATHLEEN Bdiicdtion SEALE, WILLIAM Social Science A. G. S. 1-2 Forensics 1-2 Assembly Comm. 2 J. C. String Trio 2 J. C. Orchestra 1 " Wrestling 2 SHELL, LEONA Home Economics French Club 1-2 SHAVER, LILA Commerce 36- SMITH. CHARLES F. Forestry Orchestra 1-2 Custodian 1 Y, M. C. A. 1 SHERROD, JANE Language A. -W. S. 1-2 V. P. 2 D. P. O. 1-2 " Smilinsr Through " 2 O. IT. II. 1 SMITH, ERNESTINE Nursing W. A. A. 1-2 V. P. 2 Acapella 1-2 A. D. S. 2 SMITH, GILMAN General Business SPARKS, BETTY Commerce French Club 2 T. X. T. 2 STEELMAN, ELIZABETH Commerce STARBUCK,THURZA English STEIN, BABETTE Science STANLEY. DICK Speech Xightwalkers 1-2 D. P. O. 1-2 Torch Photographer 2 STEMPLE, ADELINE English Sec. A. W. S. 2 French Club 1 Dance Club 1-2 Y. W. C. A. 1-2 Torch Staff 1 — 37. STIMPLE, SAM Di-ntii ry Y. M. C. A. 2 Humana Symphony 2 A. G. S. 2 SWAN Physual French W. A FRANCES Education Club 1-2 . A. 1-2 STYERWALT, ALFRED Mechanical Engineering Orcliestra Band STINE, CHRISTINE Commerce STURTON, MABEL Language STOLL, DOROTHY History Y. W. C. A. 1-2 A. G. S. 1-2 German Club I -2 V. P. 2 TRUXAW, MARY ELLEN Muaic J. C. Orchestra 1 French Club 1-2 TEBBS, NORMA Commerce Sports 1-2 W. A. A. 1-2 Sec. 2 TRIPPLET, CLOE Teaching Acapella 1-2 A. G. S. 2 Y. W. C. A. 1 Astronomy Club 2 TINDILL, CHARLES Lang?tage French Club 1-2 German Club 1-2 38 — WARD, MARY ELLEN Pr,--Mi- German Club 2 English Club 2 WEIDE. ETHEL MAE Home Economics A. G. S. 1-2 Sec. 2 Dance Club 1-2 Acapella 1-2 Y. W. C. A. 1 French Club 1-2 WARD, PATRICIA Nursing German Club 2 j Me. ' WEST, MARIE Eilncation WHEATON, RUTH Commerce Spanish Club Englis h Club W. A, A. Sports Dance Club Y. W. C. A. WOBERMAN ARTHUR General B usiness WICKHAM, MARIE WRIGHT, WILLARD En lhh T. X. T. 2 Y. W. C. A. 2 Night-walkers 1-2 Spanish Club 1 Acapella 1-2 " Party of Sixteen " Meilictue D. A. S. 2 English Club 2 Track 1-2 WHIHEMORE. GEARLD General Business ZIMMERMAN, RALPH Commerce ■39- •40- MERRIAM EAGLETON SUITER FRESHMAN CLASS They came, ihey saw, and they decided to stay • After one year they look back on successful achievement in many lines of endeavor • The Annual Fall Picnic started them on their way and " The Late Christopher Bean " acted as a fitting climax • With this start they should reach un- usual heights next year • President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser Gail Eagleton Bill Merriam Dorothy Suiter Dr. Ruby — 41 — •37 — 42 — •37 — 43 — •37 — 44- ' 37 ■ 45 — •37 •35 ■46- RUSSELL CONTINUATION STUDENTS This is first year continuation students have organized • Group consists of any person attend- ing Fullerton J. C. for a third year or nnore • Due to discontin- uation of many of the leaders the organization did not prove highly successful socially A more active year is anticipated next year Group designated as ' 35. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Adviser Bill Russell Francis Marshall Priscilla BIyback Mr. Wheatley — 47. OFFICE STAFF Secretarial staff comprising College Office, Superintendent ' s Office, Plant Office, Employ- nnent Bureau and Cooperative Bookstore — they who hear all, see all and know all — friends of students and faculty — efficiency experts — guardians of calendars, of records and of duties without number • -48 •49- EDUCATION 50- — bl CONTENTS SOCIAL SCIENCES PHYSICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES HUMANITIES AND COMMERCE — 52- ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA Social chapter of California College Honor Society • Organized to recognize and encour- age outstanding scholarship • A total of thirty-two grade points in twelve units of work is sufficient for membership • One hundred and forty such grade points earns permanent membership • Monthly meetings, annual party, and hosts to convention of California hlonor Society were the outstanding activities • Splendid encouragement given to those who lead the scholarship field • President Alma Graves Vice-President Marion Linnert, Ivan W iley Secretary Ethel Mae Weide Adviser Dr. A. M. Williams — 53- LIFE AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Life Science deals with prob- lems of life • Includes sciences dealing with structure and physi- ology of plants, and both human and animal life • Aims to de- velop mental attitude to weigh evidence before conclusions are reached • To associate student with biological facts having bearing on life • To cultivate powers of observation and create interest in life To give training to make better homes Social Science deals with the relations of man to man • Includes studies of economic, political and social institutions, historically and as they exist today • Aims to enable the student to appreciate progress of man • To present foundation for advanced specialized work • To develop ability to form intelligent opinions and participation in problems of business and politics of today • — 54 — -55- FORENSICS CLUB Forensic activity on cannpus has been largely confined to debating • Opponents in league competition were Pomona, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, and Citrus Junior College plus other practiced contestants League question debated both first and second semesters Forensics Manager Bill Seale Adviser Mr. Matlock — 56- SOCIAL SCIENCE International Relations Club Organized under Carnegie Endowment for Peace Members seek to stimulate intelligent understanding of international prob- lems by means of informal discussions Group has listened to many noted authorities on current international problems • Club is supplied with current books and publications from Carnegie Endowment for Peace Purpose formation of a club library to serve as discussion material President Thomas Berkeley Vice-President Mildred Bonkosky Secretary-Treasurer Harry Masunga Adviser Otis LeRoss — 57 — PHYSICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES Division dealing with physical sciences, their properties and functions; prinnary apparatus, tools and machines used in modern industry; mathematical re- lations ® Aims to offer basis in science and mathematics to train specialists ® To make available a number of useful elementary courses •To provide specialized vocational training in mechanic arts, diesel, radio and aviation • We, as students, dedicate this division to an instructor • A man whose work may well be a goal to all other instructors • Not only because his work ranks with the best, but because he is much more than just an instructor • Because he takes a vital interest in each of us • Because he is " a real guy " we dedicate this division to Wendell Fletcher • 58 — 59- AVIATION CLUB Founded to Increase aeronautic interest and to promote aviation education • Mennbership open to anyone registered in aeronautic classes • Social activities were in the form of beach parties Many trips were nnade to local aircraft industries President hHerschel Smith, Gene Elder Secretary Harold Courtney Adviser Mr. Fletcher ■ 60- GEOLOGY CLUB Maintained to create interest and enrich knowledge in the comparatively new field of geology • Minimunn " B " grade after one sennester is sufficient for membership • Meetings held once each month for purpose of discussing topics of interest geologically • Social activities include field trips to various geological points located In South- ern California • President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Curator Adviser Fred Cramer Frankye Kightlinger Edythe Leo John Lindsey Dr. Myers HUMANITIES AND COMMERCE Humanities division ennphasizes creative, appreciative and culturel values ® Philosophies seek to interpret and integrate wisdom of great thinkers • Courses in music, art, literature, and language cultivate intellectual curi- osity, independence of mind, insight, humor, and tolerance • Develop esthetic concepts ® Cooperative social service • Re- sponsiveness to richer experiences in life • Teaches students how to utilize leisure time • Gives ability to create and enjoy beautiful and good things for their own sake • Division of Commerce provides basic training for business • Courses include foundation for further study or immediate employment upon graduation from Junior College o Aims to train students to be able to meet the demands of business • Attempts to train student well enough that he may have leisure time to enjoy the hlumanities -62 — 63 — EL DON QUIXOTE Spanish Club • Offers oppor- tunity to become acquainted with the culture of Spanish-speak- ing countries • Membership requirements include two years of high school and one semester of college Spanish • Regular meetings held at homes of various members • Social activities were in form of trips to Padua hiills Theater, Olvera Street, and the California Theater • President Virginia Ferguson Vice-President Ruby Minge Secretary Caesar Diaz Treasurer Mae Louise Dusenbury Adviser Geneva Johnson — 64- LE CERCLE FRANCAIS French Club • Seeks to offer speaking practice and knowledge of French language • One sennester of the study necessary for mennbership • Activities included nneetings in member ' s homes, theater parties, and final dinner held in Los Angeles hiighlight of year was recording of members ' voices by Rod Royer • Organization successful in companionship and practical experience • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser Albert Gray Bob Neece Monteen Hipolite Wilda Fender Mabel Sharps 65 — DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN German Club Comprehension and appreciation of German customs, literature, and fine arts • Membership limited by scholarship requirements Social activi- ties were carried on in the form of monthly business and social meetings Club members attended two German films and a pot luck supper at Isaac Walton cabin President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Program Chairman Pianist Song Leader Adviser John Veeh Dorothy Stoll Ivan Wiley Don Perry Wilda Fender Matthew Walker William Hampton Rodney Arkley Martha Ehlen — 66 — ENGLISH CLUB Founded to stimulate interest in creative writing and furthering of contemporary criticism • Acceptance by club members of original manuscripts neces- sary for membership • Meetings held monthly at homes • Activi- ties include publication of El Conquistador and contributions to First the Blade, California Collegiate Anthology of Verse • President Charles Moolick, Jr. Vice-President Alma Graves Sec.-Treas. Mary Elizabeth Quigley Adviser Mr. R. W. Borst — 67 — GAMA DELTA UPSLON Honorary journalism fraternity, Beta Chapter • Purpose to encourage superior work in field of journalism, to better relations with similar organizations on other campi • Members selected for outstanding work on campus publications • Press luncheons were held each month, entire group took part in annual visit to Los Angeles Times plant • Fifth Anniversary Banquet provided fitting climax to work of first semester • President Ben Hitt Vice-President Lucina Maag Sec.-Treas. Wilbur Korsmeir Adviser Otis LeRoss 68 — 69- A A PUBLICATIONS 70- — 71 CONTENTS PUBLICATION HEADS ANNUAL TORCH WEEKLY TORCH OTHER PUBLICATIONS 72- ELDER LeROSS Hin OTIS Le ROSS Adviser to Annual Torch and Weekly Torch Diplonnacy the keynote to his success. BEN HITT Editor of Weekly Torch • hie who tries to present news in a manner pleasing to all • May consider himself lucky if he himself is pleased • GENE ELDER Editor of Annual Torch • He who starts year dreaming of best Annual ever produced • Ends year with just another Annual • — 73 — ANNUAL TORCH STANLEY STANKY LANDRETH SUITOR HANSEN ROLLINS SHERWOOD STONEHOCKER FARRELL ELLIOT Assistant Editor Photography Editor Art Editor Copy Editor John Landreth Dick Stanley Ada Stanky Bill Tallant STAFF Dorothy Suitor, Charles hiansen, Tom Rollins, Audrae Sherwood, Oliver Stonehocker, Maxine Elliot, Maxine Farrell, Geraldlne Yeager 74- WEEKLY TORCH Ak ' k mr(M o r - kl JOLLY LONGSHORE KORSMEIR MERRICK GUIRADO ARROWSMITH PAYNE THOMPSON GULICK CLEMENTS MAAG LAUNDER WILLIAMS TALLANT WALKER RHODES Assistant Editors Fred Merrick Willis Jolly Feature Editor Margaret Longshore Sports Editor Wilbur Korsnneir STAFF Frank Gulrado, Bob Arrowsmlth, Jerry Payne, Elane Thompson, Herb Gulick, Charles Clements, Luclna Maag, Ed Launder, Felton Williams, Bill Tallant, Matthew Walker, Anna Rhodes — 75- OTHER PUBLICATIONS EL CONQUISTADOR Published by English Club • Contains works of English students Any work of sufficient merit accepted • Supervised by Mr. Borst • First year ever printed • FIRST THE BLADE Published by Santa Rosa Junior College • Contributions from all junior colleges in California • Fullerton student, Jack Berry, won first place in free verse division • — 76 — m — 77 — EXPRESSION 78 — 79- CONTENTS DEPARTMENT HEADS DRAMA ORGANIZATIONS ACAPELLA CHOIR ORCHESTRA STRING TRIO DANCE CLUB PRODUCTIONS 80 — EXPRESSION EDWARDS WALBERG LITCHFIELD DYSINGER MRS. LITCHFIELD Head of dramatics activity and responsible for the success of campus productions Conducts large class in Technique of Acting outstanding in drama activity MR. WALBERG Leader of college symphony orchestra • Devotes time to constant study of music Main- tains no static position, but varies the standard of technical application • MR. EDWARDS Guides vocal musical back- ground of campus • Directs far-famed Humana Symphony in difficult ensemble technique • Appreciation expressed by community and school MR. DYSINGER Supervisor of all stagecraft ac- tivities • An artist in stage lighting and amateur photography • Counts instruction in public address and stage craft among duties • Ever ready to lend a helping hand with scant regard for his personal comfort DELTA PSI OMEGA Honorary dramatics fraterni- ty • Recognition of dramatic talent and the furthering of greater achievement is the purpose of the organization • Out- standing performances in any dramatic production is sufficient for membership • Activities for the past year have consisted of play productions, genera l furthering of dramatic interest • President Rex Gossett Vice-President Bruce hiamlin Sec.-Treas. Anita Lee Androus Adviser Dean Esther Gulp Litchfield — 82- NIGHT WALKERS College drama club Mem- bers consist of students interested in expression • Club started year as a social and drama club Members too temperamental to behave • Club ended year as a drama club Many successful plays produced as result President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser Gene Elder Paul Butler Phil Currie Alma Graves Mrs. E. C. Litchfield — 83 — HUMANA SYMPHONY The experience of singing great and beautiful music serves as the purpose • This huge organiza- tion of sixty-seven voices boasts of twenty-four concert appear- ances In ad dition three radio programs and one motion picture attempt rounds out splendid season Received silver memo for work at San Diego Fair, gained third place at Redlands music festival, and entered famed Eisteddford contest The perfec- tion of the ensemble technique accounts for the remarkable choral effects of astonishing variety which were attained President Talbot Stewart Vice-President Bill Blaikie Secretary-Treasurer Doris McMurtry Custodian Robes Ernestine Smith Assistant Custodian Robes Sam Stimple — 84 — ORCHESTRA The attempt to turn good music into a creative medium falls to this group • Activities many and varied, touching both school and community • Instrumental work on Christmas program, concert for teachers, annual March con- cert, and participation in Santa Barbara music festival Mem- bership has given members higher technical appreciation and greater symphonic beauty • President Leo Robbins Secretary-Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Quigley Social Secretary Arlyne Smith Director hHarold Walberg — 85 — STRING TRIO A talented trio whose chief aim has been school and community entertainment • Over thirty engagements filled during past school year • Group repertoire boasts of higher classics with a few major works • Leo Robbins Thor Walberg William Seale Harold Walberg Violinist Cellist Pianist Director 86 DANCE CLUB This unusual organization is de- voted to creative dance Membership requires at least one original dance contributed to class problems Activities con- fined to open house for the tryouts of original dances and the Fifth Annual Dance Recital Grace and charm of paramount interest to this sterling group President Adviser Jane Sherrod Florence Randall — 87 SOPHOMORE PLAY AUTHOR Allan Langdon Martin DIRECTOR Mrs. E. C. Litchfield PRESENTED November I, 1935 8:15 P. M. New Auditorium ■88- SMILIN ' THROUGH CAST John Carteret Dale Allison Dr. Owen Harding Eugene Elder Ellen Ainna Graves Kathleen Dungannon Phil Currie Willie Ainley Robert Arrowsnnith Kenneth Wayne Rex Gossett Jerenniah Wayne hloward hlart Mooyeen Clare Anita Androus — 89- CHRISTMAS PLAY PRESENTED December 17, 18, 19, year 1935 Afternoon and Evening New Auditorium AUTHOR Elizabeth McFadden PLAY DIRECTOR Mrs. Esther C. Litchfield DRAMA DIRECTOR Dorothy Newton INSTRUMENTAL hHarold Walberg VOCAL Ruth Tilton Benjamin Edwards — 90- WHY THE CHIMES RANG CAST Holger Steen Bertel Old Womar Courtier Soldier Scholar Lady Girl King Queen Priest Madonna Bruce Hamlin Joe Bray Roy Graves Ruth Richardson John Hermsdorf hlarcy Ebeling John Landreth Lucille Neiman Jane Smith Rex Gossett Alma Graves Charles Peters Phil Currie Two Trainbearers Mary Ann Foster Laura Louise Foster Four Pages Mary Medland Lenna Gobar Alice Vanderberg Virginia Rowding — 91 FRESHMAN PLAY AUTHOR Sidney Howard DIRECTOR Mrs. Esther C. Litchfield PRESENTED March 13, 1936 8:15 P.M. New Auditorium ■ 92 — CAST Dr. Haggett Jack Bowne Susan Haggett Dorothy Suiter Abby Winifred McCool Mrs. Haggett Rosalind Beebe Ada Haggett Betty Wood Warren Creamer Jerry Payne Tallant Harold McNurlin Rosen John Landreth Maxwell Davenport Charles Peters THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN 93- 94 — •95 AO or A A AT AE. OH SOCIETY — 96- — 97 — CONTENTS PRESIDENTS OF ORGANIZATIONS DELTA ALPHA SIGMA THETA NU THETA Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. SNAPS— SOCIAL EVENTS — 98. EXECUTIVES k i r ROBBINS SHERROD BUDLONG MOOLICK MAYO HUNZIKER GOSSETT BERKELEY HIH FERGUSON SEALE GRAVES ELDER ALLISON POLLARD NELSON VEEH CRAMER GRAY Leo Robbins — Orchestra, Jane Sherrod — Dance, Clara Budlong — W. A. A., Charles Moolick — English, Margaret Mayo — Theta Nu Theta, Elizabeth hlunziker — ■ Y. W. C. A., Rex Gossett — Delta Psi Omega, Tonn Berkeley — Y. M. C. A. and International Relations, Ben Hitt — Gamma Delta Upsilon, Virginia Ferguson — El Don Quixote, Bill Seale — Forensics, Alma Graves — Alpha Gamma Sigma, Gene Elder — Aviation and Night Walkers, Dale Allison — Varsity, Winston Pollard — Delta Alpha Sigma, Leonard Nelson — Y. M. C. A., John Veeh — Der Deutsche Verin, Fred Cramer — Geology, Albert Gray — Le Cercle Francais • — 99- DELTA ALTA SIGMA Men ' s social fraternity • Found- ed for fellowship Mennbership requirennents be determined by social, athletic, and scholastic attainment • Social highlights in- cluded sponsorship of Christmas dance, inter-fraternity party with Theta Nu Theta, donation of a cup for outstanding honor student, and trip to Biltmore Bowl as a climax • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Master Advisers Winston Pollard Robert Arrowsmith John Adams Earl Myers Bill Hay Dr. Cortez Dr. A. M. Williams — 100 — tS. ?.5 THETA NU THETA Women ' s social sorority • Com- panionship and service among campus feminine element • Members undergo vigorous scholarship and social require- ments • Social triumphs included tea for new women, anniver- sary party, girls ' date dance, Mother ' s Date tea. and combined formal with fraternity • Organization keeps alight the flame of fellowship for women students far and near ® President Margaret Mayo Vice Presidents Adeline Stemple, Maxine Elliot Secretaries Phil Curry, Josephine Davis Treasurers Phil Rowan, Betty Woods Social Chairman Charlotte Graggs, Maxine Farrell - 101 y. w.-c. A. Theme of organization " Know Thyself " • Members endeavor to live up to Christian ideals of fellowship and service • Group has met second Wednesday of each month • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisers Elizabeth h unziker Phil Currie Marie West Audrey hlollingsworth Miss Johnson, Mrs. Stueike Mrs. Wheatly -102 — y. M. C. A. To foster Christian character and service obligations • Organization has met monthly and weekly • Meetings were held twice a month at various churches • Monday noon meetings have consisted of discussions and lec- tures • President Leonard Nelson Tom Berkeley Secretary John Van Tyle Treasurer Connie Ridgeway -103 ■ ' ■ ..!•. ' Tf 104 — — 105 i H SPORTS 106 — — 107 CONTENTS MEN ' S SPORTS WOMEN ' S SPORTS 108 COACHES LEWIS NUNN CRUICKSHANK SMITH GRAINGER, Mgr. GLEN H. LEWIS Efficient head of physical edu- cation department • hias been Instrunnental In placing every boy in some phase of physical education • Responsible for smooth- working department ARTHUR L. NUNN Head football, basketball, and baseball coach Remains cheerful self through vi ctory or defeat • Serves as helpful guide to Hornet sport destiny HAROLD LANG Devoted entire time to develop- ing strong track team • Splendid fellow with cheery smile and encouraging word for all hopefuls Has eye on future track triumphs JAMES SMITH Water polo and swimming coach • One of the most popular Instructors at our Institution • Thorough knowledge of all tank tricks with several books to his credit • AL GRAY Student tennis manager and coach • Hard-working and likeable with natural tendency toward leadership OLIVER STONEHOCKER Student wrestling Instructor Assumed difficult role and developed powerful squad from green material Busy and useful with Instruction and grappling • 109 — VARSITY CLUB True sportsmanship on athletic field and in classroom major purpose of this organization • Monthly meetings were in form of Pot Luck Dinners to which leading authorities in field of sports have been invited • President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Advisers Dale Allison Bill Brown Connie Ridgeway Arthur L. Nunn and Charles L. Ruby — no — CHEER LEADERS The responsibility for Fullerton enthusiasm rested upon the capable shoulders of this sterling quintet • Bill Russell, hiank Chapnnan — yell leaders, Maxine Far- rell, Maxine Eliot, Gwen Shook — song leaders • School spirit backed social activities as well as athletic contests • Leaders can look back on a job well done and not much more can be added • — 111 — tk S PlPbik P j B f X im :?; § .f s ,•5 s .f, m hi ' r-. ' i m s f i.,«t i9« f -m • Vr a- . -i ,. -v. , Sw W ' gfifKKM y||ijli K! 0 k — FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Fullerton Pasadena Fullerton 18 Long Beach Fullerton 19 Chaffee 7 Fullerton 12 Pomona Fullerton Riverside 26 Fullerton Citrus 20 Fullerton San Bernardino 24 Fullerton 13 Whittier College Frosh 9 Fullerton 7 Santa Ana LETTERMEN Co-Captains Allison and Farmer, Captain-Elect Lauterborn, Kidd, Burns, Nisbet, hHenning, Ogden, Porter, Maxon, Fox, RIdgeway, Merriam, McNurlin, Lambert, Rockwell, Sully, Land- reth, Leo, and Chandler • SEASON Grid squad had fairly successful season • Team appeared strong but lacked punch in games away from home Comeback against Dons highlight of entire season • — 1 12- LANDRETH CAPT. FARMER FOX KIDD NESBITT LAUTERBORN MAXON MERRIAM McNURLIN PORTER HART — 113 OGDEN LEO HOWELL BURNS RIDGEWAY CAPT. ALLISON HENNING ROCKWELL CHANDLER SULLIVAN LAMBERT SULLY — I 14 — — I 15- BASKETBALL LEAGUE Fullerton 33 Fullerton 29 Fullerton 30 Fullerton 24 Fullerton 41 Fullerton 2 I Fullerton 43 Fullerton I 7 Pomona 17 Citrus 25 Chaffee 24 San Bernardino 14 Santa Ana 36 Riverside 33 Riverside 36 Riverside 29 LETTERMEN Captain Berkeley, Captain-Elect Leichtfuss, Smith, Neja, Lam- bert, Allison, Edmunds, Newsome, Schell, Korsmeir, Robinson, and Rockwell SEASON Team started off in great shape but could not shake the Tiger jinx • Final game was a thriller although a disappointment to hlornet cage fans • 1 16- ROBINSON NEWSOME ROCKWELL ALLISON NEJA CAPT. BERKELEY EDMUNDS SMITH KORSMEIR LEICHTFUSS LAMBERT MGR. HARRIS SCHELL — I 17- 1 18 TRACK LEAGUE SCHEDULE Fullerton 104 Ponnona 27 Fullerton 68J 2 Santa Ana 621 2 Fullerton 81 Citrus 50 Fullerton 85 ' Chaffey 451 2 Fullerton 9 1 | 2 San Bernardinc .341 2 Fullerton 58| 2 Riverside 72 7 LETTERMEN Captain Miller, Moore, Chris- tensen, Kidd, Beagle, Newsome, Kurtz, Hawkins, Rockwell, Hixon, Shaw, Coleman, Colvin, and Merrick • SEASON Had the finest season in many moons • Fell before Riverside jinx • Ended second place in league standings, second in all-conference meet, and fifth in all-southern California meet • - 119 — NEWSOME ROCKWELL BRANSON COLEMAN CHRISTENSEN KURTZ BERKELEY MOC E CAPT. MILLER MERRICK MGR. JOLLY WRIGHT — 120- — 121 BASEBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE Fullerton 3 Pomona 1 Fullerton 28 San Bernardino 2 Fullerton 3 Citrus 10 Fullerton 13 Riverside 1 1 Fullerton 10 Chaffey 2 Fullerton 8 Citrus LETTERMEN 12 Vallasinor, Leichtfuss, Singer, Robeson, Kennedy, Grainger, Merriam, Lannbert, Loumagne, Neja, Oswald, Barman, and Mahn SEASON Started season with bang but gradually slowed down • Faced Citrus in play-off and threw game away by errors Offensive strength strong but pitching staff small and inexperienced • — 122 — SINGER OSWALD LEICHTFUSS FLYNN ROBESON MERRIAM GUIARDO. Mgr. BARMAN CART. LITTLE 123 — VALLASINUK NEJA LAMBbKI LOUMAGNE MAHN KENNEDY NEWCOMBE GRAINGER BEVILL — 124 — — 125 — WATER SPORTS SCHEDULE Fullerton 8 Los Angeles J. C. 5 Fullerton 5 U. C. L. A. 6 Fullerton 12 Los Angeles J. C. 5 Fullerton 7 Pacific Coast Club 3 Fullerton 4 L. A. A. C. 10 Fullerton 4 L. A. A. C. 7 Fullerton 10 Pasadena J. C. 2 Fullerton 14 Pasadena J. C. 3 Fullerton II U. C. L. A. 6 LETTERMEN George Jeffry, Jim Henry, Bob Sully, Richie Sunnmers, Roy Hill, Max Foss, Gordon Ferguson, Hank Chapman, Theodore Reiht, and Ira Coleman • SEASON Sguad not entered in any league but boast excellent record Considered junior college champions • 126- ENNIS Fullerton Fulierton Fullerton Fullerton Fullerton SCHEDULE Citrus 9 4 Chaffey 5 Santa Ana 4 Pomona Riverside LETTERMEN Mcmanis, Hobson, Hopkins, Hull, Schneider, Quandt, Veeb, Bradford, Imoto, Frank SEASON Racketeers had a splendid sea- son Met San Berdoo for net title • Credit should be given all members for great year • — 127. f e f ' WRESTLING SCHEDULE Fuller+on 19 Fullerton 10 Fullerton 33 Fullerton 28 Fu llerton I9I 2 Fullerton 25 Fullerton 30 L A.J.C.23 U.C. L. A. 20 Sherman Institute 3 L. A. J.C. 20 Whittier A. C.22I 2 Santa Ana I Santa Ana 8 Hildebrand, Landreth, Macre, Covington LETTERMEN Stonehocker, Dominguez, Elder, Olds, SEASON First year of com- petition • Unusual success, with credit due coaching staff headed by Oliver Stonehocker • S.P.A. A.U. junior champions • LANDRETH HIX STONEHOCKER 128- -129- OK or OP ' : m an OP WOMEN ' S SPORTS ' . -130 — COACHES BUDLONG Mgr. MISS FIAMETTA RHEAD Head of women ' s physical edu- cation department Also finds time to direc t swimming, base- ball, and hockey • Has maintained a most excellent department second to none on any campus MISS FLORENCE RANDALL Creative work in dancing Grace and youth personified by this capable leader Final program by her charges splendid in creative dancing field • MISS EDITH LOGAN Tennis instructor • Active in organizing various tennis activities with other schools Experi- enced instructor with knack of developing young stars MISS ELEANOR WRIGHT Basketball mentor • Latest addi- tion to college coaching staff Rapid action on the hardwood falls to her lot and cooperation is the keynote of her success MRS. RUTH L. SCOTT One of the most popular coaches with the women • Noted for her patience and interest in individuals A hard worker • Appreciated and we!! liked by all WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Aim of this organization to pro- mote participation in sports and clean sportsmanship Boasts no scheduled meetings unless unusual occasion arises • Members participated in many playdays during year • Fullerton played host to All Southern California Playday this year • Annual J. C. Tennis Tournament held in collaboration with playday First time ever attempted by any single school • Social life included beach party 132 — CABINE ' Composed of officers of organi- zation and athletic managers Guiding nucleus of club Principal sports are basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, swim- ming, volley ball and dancing CABINET MEMBERS Clara Budlong Ernestine Smith Norma Tebbs Rosalind Beebe Dot Caldwell Martha Calderwooc ' Betty Bergen hielen Stone Adviser Miss Fiametta Rhead - 133 ? MP Cv BASKETBALL FROSH Donna Frost, Captain Loist Hunter Rosalind Beebe Joyce Williamson Frances Fogle Evelyn McFadden Virginia Clabough SOPHS Betty Bergen, Captain Norma Tebbs Clara Budiong Phil Currie Alma Graves Dot Caldwell Frances Swan Iva Mae Quinn Rosalind Beebe, Mgr. Initial sport of year Both teams had excellent turnouts with Freshmen coming out on top Two- court basketball was tried for first time this year Rosalind Beebe proved efficient manager and Betty Bergen captained Sophomores while Donna Frost led Freshman — 134- SOPHOMORE HOCKEY Betty Bergen, Captain Betty Bender Clara Budlong Martha Calderwood Phil Currie Iva Mae Quinn Ernestine Snnith Bobby Stein Francis Swan Norma Tebbs Alma Graves Martha Calderwood, Mgr. Largest turnout of all sports Sophomores took championship • Teams were closely matched Games exciting and close fought • Teams took part in play day at Griffith Park • hiad fine showing • 135- FRESHMAN HOCKEY Helen Whitaker, Captain Peggy Barth Connie Blase Ellen Bush Frances Fogle Grace Gleason Helen Hay Dorothy Holser Merle Miller Eleanor Neuls Marge Rodger Joy Williamson Betty Zuver Martha Calderwood, Mgr. Freshmen lost close contest to Sophomores All hockey players became affiliated members of the Los Angeles Field Hockey Association Hockey most popular sport among girls • 136 — VOLLEY BALL FROSH SOPHS Peggy Barth, Captain Leona McCubrey, Captain Connie Blase Betty Bergen Margie Rodger Clara Budlong Joy Williamson Dot Caldwell Ainna Graves Eva Mae Quinn Ernestine Smith Frances Swan Norma Tebbs Dorothy Caldwell, Mgr. Sophomores annexed hard- series Freshman turnout small but held up well in competition • All games close and exciting with experience triumphing over fight • Dorothy Caldwell managed the sport with Leona McCubrey elected Sophomore captain and Peggy Barth the Freshmen leader pMMM -P — 137 — Tih y ' - ..., ' 1 imm» ENNIS Helen Stone, Manager and Captain Charlotte Mennes Betty Bender Dorothy Cline Marion Riley Gudrum Nelson hielen Bennet Katherine Sexton Francis Swan Virginia Cain Nadine McKinley A nnixed squad featured tennis Both Sophomores and Freshmen had group of clever racket stars • Several matches were held with other schools • Helen Stone was busily engaged managing and captaining the squad • Dorothy Cline won Southern California J. C. women ' s crown 138 — BASEBALL Norma Tebbs, Cap+ain Betty Bergen Ernestine Snnith Joy Williamson Peggy Price Iva Mae Quinn Calla Hazlitt Frances Swan Frances Fogle Clara Budlong Taigse McElheny Betty Bergen, Mgr. Not enough members turned out to make two separate teams Therefore combined sguad met high school teams • Betty Bergen climaxed splendid year as manager and Norma Tebbs headed the squad as captain — 139. — 140 — — 141 in an CAMPUS LIFE — 142 143- CONTENTS SNAPSHOTS VIEWS OF CAMPUS — 144 — — 145- ' ¥ ■ ' d» ii 146 — — 147 — ■ ' n ' L — 148- 149- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Rupert Hart - Miss Lewis — Western Printing Fred Smith — Los Angeles Engraving Sam Babcock — Babcock Covers Miss C. Phillips — Eskimo Words 150 — — 151 LEAVING ' 1 152 k fS- " H m

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