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The Pledge to the Flag I pledge allegiance fo flre flag of fhe Unrfed Sfafes of America And fo fhe Republrc for which rf sfands One Nahon mdlvfsable l l l Foreword Thrs memory booklet rs publrshed to serve os o remmder rn yeors to come of the school yeor of l949 50 These records of school events wrll serve os o key to open the doors of memory to mony hoppy recol lechons through them you will recoll the fraehdshsps ond school octfymes thot were such on nmportoht port of the emoyoble yeors an deor old F H S X X N u 'Q o I ll + H .N . I. . . I 5 U Wiflr liberfy and fusfice for all. ko JA WW-wr 1950 Cggulferton 57 gl: 653611001 e . l. Cgdallerton, nebraska S Dedlreanon lit rs Wautla real pleasure that we eledlrealte 1tl'ns N50 ljullerfcon Warrror Ito nur superrnrendlenlt Wayne Nrehnlls, anal our prnnenpal Edna l Wrdman, who for seven years have fanrlalfully served as the leaclers of our selwol Ri' Pgl 455 KTM , J Q, -7 I i X N.,aff::f' O 0 . . r , o . . i O , V . N .. , Q .. if I I , . Page 2 19 WSM919 291930 Ur 'VM a'b"f' , 'K 4 iv? ' H4 PVIV-pg: Q 1930-1950 Board of Education il Left to Right: Wilbur R, Kellogg fSccretaryj, Dr. I. L. Sebcrg CVice Presidentj, Harold Williams, Keith Kcllcr. Gmac Henman flnrcsidcntl, Frcd Petersen. 41'-4, Pacult 5:6 11-can J J CAHILL Voc Agrtculture Much wlsdom often goes wrth the fewest words Kearney State Teachers College Umverszty 0 Nebras a L W ROZDALOVSKY Math Coach The reason fxrm the temperate Wlll endurance foreslght and skxll ETHEL C DOUGLAS Commercml She specxahzes 1n charm mg manners and courtesy Peru Normal School Lincoln School o Commerce Unwerslty of Nefzras a Lewrs and Clar Portland JANE L NEGLEY En glrsh Doane College Mnlwau ee State Teachers College Charm strxkes the srght but ment wms the soul Umversxty of Nebrask WAYNE NICHQLLS Supermtendent Bonded words valuable advlce cheerful attitude and wmnxng personallty Cotner College Umversny o Nebras a ,111 Page 3 Page 4 ef Faculty EDNA I. WIDMAN Principal ,mas "She has no faults, or we no fault can find." Nebraska Central College Kearney State Teachers College University of Wisconsin National University of Mexico University of Nebraska R J STEININGER Science Where theres a wrll theres a way University of Nebras a Washington and e ferson College Slmvenliam A U Shrzvenham England R O BABCOCK Music WISE to resolve and patrent to perform Milton College Milton Wisconsin University of Nebras a R W RENNER Social Studies Who mrxes reason wlth pleasure and wrsdom with mlrth Hastings College St Louis University MILDRED I SAHS Normal 'Trammg 1 taught rf 0 ly 1 taught well Midland College 1 f 1, ' K li , lf ' - k L "I care not what subject X 's , ' n 't be r Q-if t -40? FRANK F GRUBER Custodzan Ever w1ll1ng amd to len FRED GERBER Custodzan A kmdly word for all Pcrsdnnel 'JG ANNA H GALLOWAY O zce Secretary All IS good and sweet and faxr folded m and nc tlul thc Page 5 Page 6 Class UF H950 CLASS MOTTO Face the sun and the shadows will fall behind. CLASS FLOWER Red Rosebud CLASS COLORS Coral and Gray CLASS OFFICERS Premdent DICK NELSON Vzce Presldent BILL MCNEFF Treasurer MARCIA SMITH Secretary ..,...LS,.....L..,....,,..SS...SS, ...... .,.,............,..S.....,...... R o BERT MILLER Seniors BEVERLY ABBEY "A friendly gal from the farm." Nor. Tr. Course. FTA 3-4. fSec.D 3. Pep Club 2-4. Y- Teen 1-2-4. DANIEL BIALAS "He keeps his thoughts to himself mostly." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 3-4. Ftb. 4. Lettered 4. Btb. 2. DONNA JEAN BROWN "I was born to talk and talk I must." Com. Course. Chorus fGirls' Ei Mixedj I. Band I-2- 3-4. Contest 1-2-3-4. Genoa Clinic 2-4. Pep Club 2-3-4, fSec.j 2, fPres.j 4. Y-Teen I-2-3-4. Jr. Play. Warrior Sig- nal fRep.j 3. FUL- LERTON WAR- RIOR fClass His- tory, 4. MILDRED COLLINS "I am not as bashful as I look." Com. Course. Chorus fGirls' Ei Mixedj l. Band 1-2- 3-4 Lettered 3. Con- test 1-2-3-4. Clinic 4. Pep Club 2. Ir. Play. FULLERTON WARRIOR CRep.l 3, fClass Will! 4. Oflice Practice 4. ANNA DUBAS "Quiet but friend- ly. Com. Course Pep Club 2. FUL- LERTON WAR- RIOR fRepj. 3. Warrior S i g n al fRep.j 4. CECELIA DUBAS "An innocent face but you can never tell. Nor. Tr. Es' Com. Course. C h o r u s fGirls' E? Mixedj 3. Contest 3. FTA 3-4. Pep Club 2. FUI.- LERTON WAR- RIOR fRep.j 4. EVELYN DUBAS "Her temper is cool usually." Com. Course. Chorus fCirls' fs' Mixedj 2-3. Contest 2-3. Pep Club 3-4. F U LLERTON WARRIOR CRep.J 4. VIRGIL EGNOSKE ""I'is no sin for a man to labor in his vocations." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 1-Z-3-4, fPres.J 4. Bcb. 1. Page 7 """..-Q? Seniors BARBARA GOOD "So q u i e t we scarcely know she is here." Com. C o u r s e. Band l'2-3-4. Con- test I-2134. Lettered 3. Cla s s Officer fSec.j 3. FULLER- TON WARRIOR Assist. Editor 3, Ecli- tor 4. Office Prac- tice 4. JUNIOR GRAVES "I am always in haste, but never in a hurry," General Course. Warrior S i g n al QRep.J 3. PHYLLIS GRAVES "There is a time and place for all things." Com. C 0 u r s e. Pen Club 2. FUL' LERTON W A R' RIOR fRep.l 3, fQuotationsJ 4. DICK HILL "God bless the man who invented sleep." General Course. Chorus flvlixed U Boys'J 213. BfBand 2. Frb. 3. Student Mgr. 2. Btb. 1f2-3. Track 2'4. Warrior Signal fRep.j 4. F U LLERTON WARRIOR CAth. Rep.j 314. GRACIE JAIMET "Strong reasons make strong ac- tions." Com. C o u r s e . Chorus fGirls' fl' Mixedj 1f3'4. Con- test 1f2-3f4. Albion Clinic 3. Band 1f2' 3f4. Drum Solo 3 fSuperiorj. Madrigal 3, Girls' Oct. 3. Pianist fBoys' Chorusj 4. Pep Club 2'3'4, YfTeen 1-253' 4. Warrior Signal fBus. Mgrj 4. F U LLE R TO N WARRIOR fDedi' cationj 3. DONALD IARECKE "'There's always two sides to a ques' tion, the lo-ng side and the wrong side." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 3-4, fVice Presj 4. Band 112' 314. Clinic Genoa 2- 4. Contest 1f2f3'4. Warrior Signal fRep.j 3. FULLER' TON WARRIOR fRep.J 4. 1ERoME JARECKB "I came to school to get the general idea of things." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 4. Btb. 1-2. Track l'2. IANICE KELLOGG "A truly worth' while gal." Nor. Tr. E? Col' lege Prep. Course. Chorus fGirls' E? Mixed, 11213-4. Contest 1-2'3f4. Al- bion Clinic 3-4. Oct. 3. Pep Club 2f3'4. YfTeen 1'2f3f4, fTreas.j 4, Cabinet 3. FFA 314, fTreas.l 3, fPres.j 4. Ir. Play. Alt. Girls' State 3. FULLER' TON WARRIOR fRep.j 3, fBus. Mgr.J 4, ANGELINB KULA "The only way to please her is to fol- low the good in' clinations of her na- ture." Com. Course. Chorus fGirls' 3 Mixedj 1f2f3. Con' test l-3. Pep Club 2'3-4. Cheerleader 4. Ir. Play, Warrior Signal fRep.j 3, Bus. Mgr. 4. FUL- LERTON WAR' RIOR fBus. Mgr., 4. EDGAR LANE "Great hopes make great men." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 2-3-4. Ftb. 4. Btb. 2. Track 2. Lettered Ftb. 4. LARRY LASSBK "Maybe I'll worry a lu o u t something someday." Gen. Course. Ftb. 2-3-4. Lettered 4. Btb. 1f2f3-4. Let' tered 4. Ir. Play. Warrior Signal fRep.J 3. Track 1' 3-4. CAROL LUEDTKE "Moody at times, but a good friend to all." Gen. Course. Stu- dent Council 1. Btb. 2f3-4. Lettered 3-4. Ftb. 2f3-4. Lettered 4. Track 1'2-3'4. Lettered 2f4. Swim' ming l. Gymnastics 1-2. Warrior Signal fRep.j 4. FULLER' TON WARRIOR fFtb. Rep., 4. Seniors WAYNE MANGUS "He capers, he dances, he has eyes of youth." Voc. Ag. Course. Ftb. 1f2-3f4. Track lf2f3. Lettered 2'3f4. FFA1-2f3-4. Treas. 4, Ftb. King 4. DICK MATHIESON "Napoleon w a s small, too." College Prep. Course. C lx 0 r u s fBoys' U Mixed, 1' 2134. Clinic 2'3. Student Council 1'2- 3-4. fPres.j 4. Ftb. lf2'3-4. Lettered Z- 3-4. Btb. l'2'3'4. Lettered 213-4. Track 1'2f3f4. Lettered 4. Class Office fVicef Pres.j 3. junior Play. F U L L E R T O N W A R R I O R 3, fAdv.j 4. MELVIN MCCRAY "A quiet tongue shows a wise head." Vog. Ag. Course. Band 1f2-3-4. Con' test 1-2'3f4. FFA 1- 'Z-3f4, QSec.j 3, fNews Rep.j 4. BILL MCNEFF "A student he is." Vog. Ag. Course. Band. 1'2'3-4. Conf test 1-2f3-4. Trom- bone Quartette lSuperiorD 3. FFA l'2f3-4. JOE MICEK "Oh, this learn' ing, what a thing it is." Voc. Ag. Course. FFA 2f3e4. FULf LERTON WARRI' OR CFFA Repj 3. ROBERT MILLER "There is a place and means for every man." Gen. Course. Class Officer fSec.j 4. DICK NELSON "I love the girls with all my heart, and as for flirting, I'll do my part." Gen. Course. Ftb. I'2'3'4 Lettered 2' 3f4. Btb. I'2'3'4. Lettered 2-3-4. Track 1f2-3f4. Lettered 314. Class Office fPres.J lf3-4. jr. Play. State Track Meet 3. All- Conference Ftb. 3. FU L LE R T O N WARRIOR ftrackj 3, fAdvertisingj 4. LOIS NEUMANN "A willing and cheerful miss." Com. Course. Chorus fGirls' and Mixedj 1f2f3f4 Con' test lf2f3-4. Triple Trio l. Mixed Oct. 3. Vocal Solo ISU' periorj 3, Madrigal 3. Dramatics 1f2f3. Class Office fSec.' Treasj 2. Warrior Signal fCartoonistl 4. FULLERTON WARRIOR fAssist. Editorj 3. Cartoonist 4. I v ,sa Seniors ELIZABETH NOWAK "A piece of simple goodness." Nor. Tr. E? Com. Course. C h o r u s fGirls' U Mixedj 3. Contest 3. FTA 3-4 fTreas,j FULLER' TON WARRIOR fRep.l 4. PAT NOWAK "S i l e 'n t often, friendly always." Nor. Tr. fs' Com. Course. FTA 3f4. fVicefPres.j 4. Pep Club 2f3. Warrior Signal fRep.j 3, Ed- itor 4. Ftb. Queen 4. ELLA OSTRANDER "She thinks more than she says." G e n. 3 C o m. Course. YfTeen 4. Warrior Signal fRep.J 4. EAMIL PANOWICZ "I came, saw, and overcame " Gen. C 0 u r s e. Chorus fBoys'J 1. FFA 1f2. Student Council 4, fTreas.j 4. Track 2. Warrior Signal fRep.j 3. Seniors WALTER PAPST "Happy with a car." Voc. Ag. Course. Band 1-2-3'4. Con' test 1'2f3f4. Genoa Clinic 2-4. FFA 1. DONNA PATTON "It's nice to be natural." Nor. Tr. Course. Chorus fGirls' Es' Mixedj l'2. Band 1' 2f3f4. Contest l'2'3' 4. Genoa Clinic 2f4. FTA 3f4. Y-Teen Play 2. Amer. Leg. Essay Contest 1. Warrior Signal fRep.j 3. ELIZABETH PECK "Daughter of Gods, Divinely tall." Nor. Tr. Es' Com. Course. FTA 3'4, fSec.j 4. YfTeen 1. Warrior Signal As- soc. Editor 3, Assist. Editor 4. ZELLA PHILLIPS "Music hath charm, and charm she has!" Com. Course. Chorus fGirls' 3 Mixedj 1f2-3f4. Mu' sic Contest 1-2f3-4. State Clinic Kearney 2. Dist. Clinic Alf bion 2f3f4, Omaha 3, Triple Trio 1. Girls' Sext. 2, Oct. 2-3, Mixed Oct. 3, Madrigal 3, Girls' Ouart. 3, Vocal Solo fExcellentj 1, fSu' periorj 2'3. YfTeen 1f2f3-4, fSec.j 2, fPres.J 4. Y-Teen Cabinet 1-3. State YfTeen Council 3. Girls' State 3. Dist. Dramatic Contest 1-2. Ir. Play. FUI.f LERTOR WAR' RIOR fRep.Q 3, fClass Prophecy, 4. Office Practice 4. LOIS JUNE PIERCE "Tau must scale the mountain if you would view the plain." Nor. Tr. Course. Chorus fGirls' 9 Mixed, lf2. Band 1' 2f3f4. Music Contest 1f2f3-4. Genoa Clin' ic 2-4. Lettered 2. FTA 3f4. fNews Rep., 3. Student Council 4. Y-Teen lf2f3f4. Play mfs. Declam. Contest fExcellentj 3. Ir. Play. Warrior Sig' nal fRep.j 3. FUL- LERTON WARRIf OR fClass Poetj 4. EDWIN PROSOSKI "Although quiet. he is always friend- ly." Voc. Ag. Course. Ftb. 4. Lettered 4. Btb. 2. FFA 3f4. JOAN RIPP "For she seems jes' the quiet kind, whose nature never varies." Com. C o u r s e. Chorus fGirls' Ei Mixed, 1-2-3f4. Mu' sic Contest 1-2-3'4. Albion Clinic 3. Warrior Signal fRep.j 4. FULLER- TON WARRIOR fRep.j 3. BOB RUSSELL "Oh, what a man at 17!" College Prep. Course. C h 0 r u s fBoys' Q Mixedj 1- 2-4. Band 2. Ftb. 112' 3-4, Lettered 3f4. Btb. 1f2f3f4. Let- tered 3f4. Track 1f2f 34. Class Office fVice'Pres.J 1 lPres.j 2, fTreas.j 3. lr. Play. FUL' LERTON W A R' RIOR fBus. Mgrj 3. f 'G Page 12 Seniors EUGENE SHARMAN H19 good humor rs a ountam 'never 'r Voc Ag Course B 1 FFA 1 2 3 4 Jr Play MARCIA SMITH She rs Just what she seems to be om Q 0 Prep Course Chor us fGlflS EJ Mixedl Band 1 2 3 4 brarian I 23 on es C tered 3 Genoa Clin c 2 4 CSec Treasj Y Teen 2 Play 3 Warrior Sig nal Assoc Ed J 3 F U L L E R T O N WARRIOR fRep I 34 Office Practice MARY ANN SNYDER A woman should clmg to her youth but not whtle drw m Com EJ Col Prep Course C h 0 r u s fG1rls E? Mixedj 2 3 Band 34 Music Contest 7. 3 4 Mu sic Clinic Albion 3 Genoa 24 Student o u n c i l ' Treas. 3 ec,J 4. Pep Club 2-3-4 ec. ice Pres.j 4. Y-Teen 1- ' 14 Treas. . . Play Warrior Signal fRep. 3. F U L L E R T O N WARRIOR Editor 4. Office Practice 4. GRACIE TRAVERS The better you 'YIOIU her the better youll li e her Com C o u r s e Chorus f Girls Mixedj I 3 Music Contest 1 3 ep Clu 2 3 4 Vice Pres 3 Y Teen 1 4 P a Warrior Signal u s r F U L L E R T O N WARRIOR Q Rep I 3 Btb Queen 4 RICHARD WHITED As restless as the wmd Gen Course Ftb 1 '7 3 4 Lettcred 2 t 7 Lettered 2 3 Track 1 2 3 4 Lettered 3 4 Play Warrior 1 nal Rep F U L L E R T O N WARRIOR fRepJ Btb King 4 VELMA ZIPF Oh what a dust I have TG.1SCd Nor Tr U Com Course C' h o r u s fG1rls fa' Mixedj Z 3 4 Music Contest 1 Z 3 4 Music Clin ic Albion 3 Genoa 3-4. Oct. 3. Stu ent Council 3. Pep Club 2-3f4. Cheerleader 3-4. YfTeen 1fZf3f4 KTreas. 3 Play 3. Class Office fVice Pres., 2, FULLER- TON WARRIOR fRep,j 4. Class ll-llnstory On a brxght Monday mormng on September 2 1946 fIfty three bashful llttle Fresh1es were standmg quakxng IH the corr1dors of F H S To help us along our way was Mr Walter D Slaugh ter our sponsor during th1s year We went to the Leap for a p1cn1c at the end of the school term FRESHMAN OFFICERS Presrdent DICK NELSON Vrce Presrdent UNKNOWN Sec 69' Treas UNKNOWN Those who dropped from our class were Patty Counts Dean Foreman R1chard Ostrander Mar garet Prorock and R1chard Prososkx Velda une Hagen went to Dannebrog Freshmen and proud o Scared no doubt o Happy you now After our Journey through our f1rst year at F H S we returned for our second year w1th Mr Fred Paper leadmg our way Those who dropped from our claw at th1s po1nt were Glorla Green and Lawrence Knoplk Roberta Welr left to jom Hartmgton H1gh Rlchard Kuta came from Co lumbus but dropped before the year was over Eamxl Panow1cz came from St Paul and Beverly Abbey from Belgrade SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Presrdem BOB RUSSELL Vrce Preszdent VELMA ZIPF Sec 69' Treas LOIS NBUMANN Sophomore T e acquwmg o horse sense Concert Greatest of all Intellxgence The great pretense Energeuc Norse m Study Hall We are now on our last half of our four years ID hIgh school Our sponsor for th1s year IS Mr Wayne N1cholls We presented our class pay Mumbo Jumbo on December 3 1948 I early February the thlrd flngers of the r1ght hands were adorned w1th a long awalted class rlng We were hosts to the SCHIOIS 'lt 1 Garden party on May 12 1949 Carol Lucdtke jomed us from Ooquxlle Oregon JUNIOR OFFICERS Presrdent DICK NELSON Vrce Presrdent DICK MATHIESON Secretary BARBARA GooD Treasurer Bon RUSSELL un1or Gettmg nd of the m s Knowledge The rumatron o a goo Poxse Rarsmg the eyebrow mstead o the roof Fcnty seven Sen1ors came back September 5 1949 to take the last lap of our journey through Fullerton H1gh Upon entermg the door whom should we meet but MISS W1dman and Mr Nlch olls w1th thelr cheerful sm1le to greet us Mlss Wxdman was chosen to be our sponsor durmg th1s year and has helped us through all the ups and downs that only sen1ors can have After regrstra t1on and meet1ng our teachers and fellow students we onee agam felt at home 1n the class rooms as d1gn1f1ed Sen1ors At the end of the f1rst slx weeks Kenneth Emry left our class As the year went on we were busy w1th the usual sIx weeks tests and other school dutxes Later In the year the class play was dec1ded upon and presented In early May The JUIIIOFS were host to the SCHIOIS at the JUDIOI' Sen1or banquet on May 18 Baccalaureate serv1ces were held on May 21 and the Graduat1on cere mony May 23 Sen1or The end of the frght Ambltlous The cuttmg o capers Concentrauon Oh' that party last mght Commencement The handmg of u allqmg papers Page 1 3 0 , . . . . ' I I - ll ll . . gf " " , .n , ' '- J -A----------------------------------- - - J' .............. ' ' kk. fit. ' ' .f f- Green .............. perhaps we show it. T?-Cf ----------- Unsafd Pan of what we think- . ...--e..n-aun--.na.. " '......... ' f - Class Prophecy San Franclsco Calrforma August 14 1970 Dear Barbara I am wntmg to congratulate you on your new promotion as edrtor 1n chlef of the New York T1mes I was so glad when I read that you BAR BARA GOOD had recelved such an honor As you know I left New York a few weeks ago on an extended vacatron durmg whlch I planned to see the Unlted States I had been s1ng mg w1th the Metropolltan Opera Company and I really needed thxs lnterestlng vacatlon just before leavmg New York I read 1n a promment paper that The Great jarecke was gomg to attempt r1d1ng a barrel over Nxagara Falls Ihad planned to attend the exh1b1t1on but my tra1n left before the program was scheduled to be glll You wxll remember hlm as JEROME JARECKE Wh1le 1n Baltmmore I read that there was to be a group of educational demonstratlons rn a certa1n bulldmg and as I had a few spare hours I dec1ded to attend the program One phase of 1t was on Health and as I walked past the 1ron lung I thought the face reflected IH the m1rror was demonstrator of new stream hned 1ron lungs I vta1ted unt1l the demonstratlon was over and then we had a long chat about old schoolmates She was glad to hear about all of them I dec1ded to VlS1t the docks rn Chesapeake Bay It vtas only a few mmutes before a b1g sh1p was scheduled to leave and whom should I see about to board xt but DICK NELSON He was on hrs way to the Afrlcan jungle 1n search of new d6pOS1tS of oxl I understood that he had planned such an exped1t1on slnce hlgh school days Upon my arrxval rn Wash1ngton D C I made my way through the thlck traff1c As I walked along the busy streets I gazed up and up at the tall skyscrapers and clear on the top of one I saw a t1ny speck It proved to be a man pa1nt mg a flagpole a very precarrous job I watched h1S slow descent and as he reached the srdewalk I recognlzed an old school pal EAMIL PANO WICZ I was so surpr1sed I could hardly speak but I went over to hrm and he knew me r1ght away He saxd h1s Job proved very 1nterest1ng somet1mes I traveled on down to Florrda and 1n Palm Beach I ran across CAROL LUEDTKE who IS a sw1mm1ng lnstructor there He IS a confrrmed bachelor though and spends part of the year l1V 1ng 1n h1S penthouse 1n Manhattan Gomg back through the South I stopped a short t1me 1n Kentucky I was there the day of the Kentucky Derby so I dec1ded to go to the races I notrced that one dark ha1red man was qu1te 6XC1t6d and who should It be but VIRGIL EGNOSKE' We talked a few mmutes and he Page 14 told me that he was ovmer of some blg stable and that lt was hrs horse whlch had come ln flrst On my arrrval 1U Phrladelphla I went on a shoppmg tour As I walked past a huge depart ment store I glantcd 1nto the Model Krtchen of 1970 drsplay I thought I reco n1 ed the fam1l1ar tall form of the model whose arms were bur1ed rn soap suds Who should lt be but MARCIA SMITH' I waved but had to go on because she was busy Whlle I was ln Pxttsburgh I called up some old frlends of ours GRACIE TRAVERS and RICH ARD WHITED who are marrled He IS an out standmg radlo sports announcer They say they ve never had a quarrel about vxho IS boss but I notrced she was carrymg the money and handhng the flnanclal affarrs I made a slde trap to Canada at thxs t1me I was extremely surpr1sed when the offlcer who ex amlned my luggage turned out to be EUGENE SHARMAN He said h1s Job as customs off1c1al on the border brought hmm IHIO contact vuth many old frlends He told me that just recently he had seen DANIEL BIALAS who IS owner of a huge f1sh1ng barge 1n the St Lawrence Rlver happened to see a former acquaxntance It x as LOIS NEUMANN who 15 a dress des1gner wlth her he idquarters there 1n Columbus Many of her deslgns are sent to France where they are repro duced on Parlsean models Drrectly from there I went to Indlanapohs as I remembered some busl ness whlch I should transact there On enterlng one of the blg busmess buxldlngs I stepped xnto the elevator and came face to face wrth ELLA OS TRANDER She sald she had been an elevator operator there for some t1me and enjoyed the work very much I took a tram from there to Chrcago and as I arr1ved ln the Grand Central Statlon I heard some beautxful organ muslc I dxscovered that the organist was GRACIE JAIMET She has a steady job playlng the 1nstrument there Wh1le ID M1lwaukee I notxced that PHYLLIS GRAVES was bllled in a new stage productxon I went to the show and afterwards I talked to her 1n her dress mg room She told me that she had yust recently heard from MILDRED COLLINS who 1S an ex per1enced d1et1t1an at the Mayo Brothers Chnxc 1n Rochester Mmnesota From there I went drrectly to Nebraska I had been lookmg forward to that part of the tr1p for a. long t1me On passrng through Omaha I avent 1nto the Brandels department store and whom should I see as dress maker and alterer but JANICE KEL LOGG At thls m1nute I cant seem to recall her marrred name but It was a famlhar one around Fullerton Maybe you can remember It Her job 1S only a srdehne to her wrfely dutxes at home entltled Phylhs Get Your Gun . g . . Y Q . .VE k , an I . . I c 1 , 1 , . I I 77 ' C ' I Q . - . . . , f - t g z 9 , I 4 4 - ' 1 I ' K C . l I 1 rl l Y K . 9 I . . , . . . 1 ' LL 51 ' ' 1 X' ' . . . . . Q ' . u l Y l I I s I 1 I Y ' 5 U 1 U . . , 4 13 . ' 1 i 5 I familiar. It was VELMA ZIPF and she is a In traveling through Columbus, Ohio, I just 5 ' I A , 1 1 I . V1 V , , , , . . . , 1 ' . Q N I , , 7 . . . 'i - " , . .Y , . . . . 'I 1 ' '9 ' 1 l . ' I ' l U 9 ' a ' A .I q I . L , . L, . nu . , . ' 7 , . 1 I . . Another classmate who was an Omaha was EVELYN DUBAS She as owner and manager of a delacatessen shop and her busaness as thravang Then the long awaated day fanallv arraved' I reached Fullerton It just happened that I got there durang the Nance County Faar I ran across MELVIN MCCRAY whose resadence as really at Long Island He as a bag cattle buyer from the East but comes hack to the old home town every year at faar tame to purchase cattle and to renew old memoraes I also saw our old pal LOIS IUNE PIERCE whale I was walkang around the grounds She as a 4H judge of demonstrataons at the Worlds Faar She as also studyang laterature and has started wratang a novel Whale an Fullerton I saw ANNA DUBAS who was home on a short vaeataon She as aaow completang her thard term as the fart woman Unated States senator from Nebraska DONALD JARECKE as now one of the busaest and most prosperous busaaaess men an Fullerton Although at was several moaaths before eleetaon when I wls there he was busy campaagnang for the eonaang eleetaon an whaeh he wall run for mayor He was sure of has electaon I al o learned that BILL MCNEFF as sheraff of Hall County and an has spare tame he as sponsor of a newly organazed polka band He expects to make tours soon wath at Although I hated to go I left and went baek through Laneoln I went anto a cafe and as I placed my order I realazed that the waatress was CECELIA DUBAS She confaded that she had been das apoaaated an love and w as now runnang the cafe as her lafe work As we talked over old tames a lattle bald headed man dashed an and shouted Its twans I recognazed the proud papa as JOE MICEK After he fanally got quaeted down I found out that he was a draxang anstructor an one of the schools there Darectly from Lancoln I went to Kansas Caty where I met DONNA PATTON She had fan ashed traanang school and had a daaly radao pro gram whach broadeast from Kansas Caty Al though I was unable to talk darectly to her for long I dad hear the program It was entatled Patton s Pep Talks to the Homemaker After thas short vasat I journeyed to Dallas Texas and whale there I deeaded to vasat a fraend who was an the hospatal As I entered the ward I caught a glampse of a flame of red haar and ammedaately aecognazed BEVERLY ABBEY As you wall remember her ambataon an hagh was to become a nurse and she had reached her goal As at had always been my ambataon to see Mexaco I went down there for a short whale Youll never guess whom I saw an Mexaco Caty' ANCELINE KULA' She was a hostess at the Marda Gras there When I went an I thought I recognazed the smalang dark haared woman and at was our former classmate We coaaversed a whale and she told me she had been an Mexaco several years and really loved the country From there I went on to the famous vallage of Xochamalco the place that as so well known for the floatang flower gardens Whale there I was extremely surprased to meet ELIZABETH NOWAK She as raasang unusual specamens of flowers whach are of course used for the tourast trade an the lattle boats She says at as an unusual and very anterestang oceupa taon From there I decaded to take a plane darectly to Denver Colorado When I arraved at the aar laner who should assast me up the lattle staars of the plane but DICK HILL He saad he was the steady palot of that plane and seemed to lake at very much We had only a few manutes so I hastened on anto the machane and fastened my safety helt I had settled back an the caashaons for a long easy flaght when the stewardess walked down the aasle I nearly fell out of my seat when I reeognazed JOAN RIPP Thas was provang to be a very anterestang trap One evenang whale I was there an Denver I went to a restaurant whach was famous for ats sangang waaters There I met DICK MATHIE SON the leadang baratone sangang wath the group He saad he had been runnang competataon wath has father by operatang a Daary ueen Stand whale he was an Fullerton but found thas job more anterestang Although we had only a short tame to talk he dad tell me that he had heard from ROBERT MILLER and he as a shappang merehant wath has offaee at the port of New Or leans He earraes on anaport and export traffac be tween thas eountry and the eountraes of South Ameraea I also learned that LARRY LASSEK has an amport aaat job traanang whate does for the Barnum and Baaley Careus I understood that he was on tour at that tame Because I was so near the Rocky Mountaan Nataonal Park I decaded to see at I was an a party of about ten who were to be conducted through parts of the park Our guade turned out to be EDWIN PROSOSKI He had been conduetang tours through the park for several summers I de eaded to go on to Oregon but I stopped an Salt prased person when I saw PAT NOWAK and ELIZABETH PECK They were makang a cross country tour by horse and buggy just for the novelty of at Although at would be quate an ex tensave trap they were seeang a lot of scenery and hav1ng a lot of fun On my arraval an Portland Oregon I decaded to go to a naght club I nearly fell an my tracks when whom should I see as star of the floor show but WAYNE MANGUS and DONNA BROWN the famous dancaaag team I was now on the last lap of my journey I had always planned to see Hollywood When I arraved there I vasated M C M studao On one of the sets I ran aeross MARY ANN SNYDER who was rehearsang for the movae Bessae Rades Agaan After rehearsal she anvated me to have danner wath her and we went to the Browaa Derby I am medaately notaeed the stunnmg unaform of the doorman and as I gazed at at my glance was rav eted to the face and who could at be but EDGAR LANE He was too busy to talk so we just went on an I went on to Los Angeles where I planned to spend the rest of my vacataon Whale there I learned that BOB RUSSELL was playang at an anternataonal golf tournament an England I was unable to see ham Goang baek over events of my trap I reala ed that I had massed seeang only two of our old fraends Upon anquary I dad fand out where they were JUNIOR GRAVES has an amportant chaan of grocery stores and spends most of has tame an has offace an Boston I also learned that WALTER PAPST has a used car lot an Detroat but stall stacks to Old Faathful whach stall erupts every hour on the hour Dont you thank that I had a very nace trap7 It was eertaanly wonderful to see and to hear about all of our classmates agaan Congratulataons once more on your new posataon Your former elassmate ZELLA PHILLIPS Page 15 f I . ' ' V s . . . . . 1 . ' . 1 ' A x K I . . K K ' T . , . . f 1 . a . v ' 1 ' ' I s ' ' ' , . . f , 2 . . Q - . ' I . ' I 1 j , , , A , , Q , I 4 t - ' ' 11 . - ' 1 - L 1 . A A , 1 ' gk H 5 a 5 s sz ' ' '-1 R . s V , ez'." '41, aa, auf- ' , 5' , ' V ' ' ' 4 ' Y I w -1 1 an e 4 A 4 I- I I K K e , . . .. , , ,Z 2 K A 2 . , . as YL 7 Q C 1 y - - , K , . A I ef YK S 1 , . . . . . . A Q . 1 r , . ' I L 1 5 A -A 3 ' ' Lake Caty for a short whale. I was a very surf 2 ' ' . 'z ' , . - . . z f a ' ' - ' 71 ' .. 1 a 11 y 4 x , A ' l 1 ' e 1 ' v Av' ' A I S T I C . f L L . I 1 1 V 1 , , .. j . N .. X j .. N . K I . . Y. . . ' ' ' ' , . . . f , . . . . .. . . . .. - . . aa , , . ' , .. ' a 'Q t ' ' , . . - a I . 1 n I I ' K 4 s YI , 2 I - I e Z , . 1 ' 1 K , , K . , . ' ' t 1 If . - , Class Wrll We the Senror Claw of Fullerton Hrgh School County of Nance and State of Nebraska berng of unsound mrnd and hazy memory after four back breakrng years do hereby make publrsh and de clare thrs as our last wrll and testament hereby revokrng all former wrlls bequests and devrses of whatever nature by us already made BEVERLY ABBEY wrlls her red locks and cheer ful manner to Suzre Qthe quret one, Rrpp DANIEL BIALAS wrlls hrs good natured smrle to Harold Qrt doesnt appeal to me, Myers DONNA JEAN BROWN wrlls her habrt of whrs perrng to Lola QI do my share, Bonham MILDRED COLLINS wrlls her wrllrngness to work to Davrd QI ll need rt but wrll I use rt Cuba ANNA DUBAS wrlls her quret and studrous manner to Dorrs QIm not bashful, Emry CECELIA DUBAS wrlls her smrle and abrlrty to get along wrth boys to Velma thanks, Coakley EVELYN DUBAS wrlls her wavy harr and drmples to Judy my harr rs just naturally curly, Emry VIRGIL EGNOSKE wrlls hrs farmrng equrpment to Maurrce Qrt probably wont work, Vaughn DICK HILL wrlls hrs sarlor pants to Drck Qlm posrtrve they wont frt, Allrngton BARBARA GOOD wrlls her hrdden vrtalrty to Rosanne I need mrne hrdden, Holmes JUNIOR GRAVES wrlls hrs long legs to Dale QI can use them, Neumann PHYLLIS GRAVES wrlls her weakness for Fords to Camrlla Qbut I lrke Chevres, Holmstedt GRACIE JAIMET wrlls her posrtron as soda jerk to Mary but Im a country gal, Knoprk DONALD JARECKE wrlls hrs blonde harr perox rde formula to Jrm I was lookrng for a new harr style, Marn JEROME JARECKE wrlls hrs farm lrfe to Brll what would I do wrth rt, Frt gerald JANICE KELLOGG wrlls her typrng abrlrty to Clara Qmy typewrrter doesn t work rrght Kula ANGELINE KULA wrlls her Ipana smrle and cheery countenance to Wanda QIm happy, Keyes EDGAR LANE wrlls hrs grrl shyness to Carroll QI need rt, Zaruba LARRY LASSEK wrlls hrs grft of gab to Donald Qanythrng but that, Umstead CAROL LUEDTKE wrlls hrs abrlrty to handle women to Harold Im gettrng along just frne Sullrvan WAYNE MANGUS wrlls hrs carefree and fun lovrng lrfe to Nathanrel QOh' I have fun too Mrcek DICK MATHIESON wrlls hrs abrlrty to wrn a grrls affectron to Clrfford grve me trme Egnoske MELVIN MCCRAY wrlls hrs agrrculture honors to Ray QI try awfully hard, McNeff Page 16 BILL MCNEFF wrlls hrs several dozen brarns to any freshman who thrnks he needs them JOE MICEK wrlls hrs noon hour to Harold Qcan I have your car too, Lohn ROBERT MILLER wrlls hrs poetrc abrlrty to Ray mond Qwart trll I get to be a senror, Dubas DICK NELSON wrlls hrs strrng of broken hearts and co eds wrth hrgh blood pressure to Law rence Qwhat would I do wrth them, Czapla LOIS NEUMANN wrlls her abrlrty to get a dra mond to Adrrenne QI m not the serrous type, Wetovrck ELIZABETH NOWAK wrlls her wrllrngness and frrendly manner to anyone who needs rt PAT NOWAK wrlls her quret gay manner to Elena QI may be gay but not quret, Keller ELLA OSTRANDER wrlls her ambrtron to go to Mrssourr to Betty QI don t lrke to travel, I'Hrrrs EAMIL PANOWICZ wrlls hrs love for rce cream bars to Tommy QI lost my sweet tooth, Travers WALTER PAPST wrlls hrs Tonr and car to Ron me Qyou should have a brke lrke mrne, Huebner DONNA PATTON wrlls her small laugh to Norma Qrf you have to laugh you just have to, Aldrrch ELIZABETH PECK wrlls her herght to Bonnre QI m gettrng there slow but sure, Kula ZELLA PHILLIPS leaves her Amerrcan Govern ment book and knowledge of the subject to Betty QI ll understand, Galloway to Elva I talk enough, Arnold EDWIN PROSOSKI wrlls hrs bashfulness to Drck Im just havrng fun, Denton JOAN RIPP wrlls her quretness to Rrta Qbut I don t want to change, Roman BOB RUSSELL wrlls hrs broad football shoulders to Clrnton grve me trme, Medbery EUGENE SHARMAN wrlls hrs posrtron as a grocery boy to Carl QI m too young to work, Knapp MARY SNYDER wrlls her Model A Bessre to Bonnre Qmy route rs short, Thomas MARCIA SMITH wrlls her Clarence to Ron ald QOh' Ill get by, Shotkoskr GRACIE TRAVERS wrlls her sweet drsposrtron to Rosemarre QIm dorng alrrght, Pachunka RICHARD WHITED wrlls hrs lrttle black mous tache to Ronald QI just can t seem to grow one lrke yours, Whrtaker VELMA ZIPF wrlls her blonde harr and blue eyes to Dolores QI wouldn t look good wrthout black harr, Swanson In Wrtness Whereof we Senror Class of the Fullerton Hrgh School have set our hand and seal hereto thrs twenty fourth day of May rn the year of our Lord one thousand nrne hundred and frfty Q195O, Senror Class QSeal O ' 1 - , - - y . . . I , 4 . . - . C . . . I U l I Y f f f ' ' 1 . ' Lors JUNE PIERCE wrlls her sparing ability . . . 4 . 1 ' . , ' 1 ' ' - D . I . . Q ' . . . 4 f ' 'Z . ' .. Q A I I l ' . - as 91 as ' uw U 4, . . , Q . w . B U . , . . Q . . y . J v . U . ' ' 1 I Lois June Pierce while standmg stlll In the Fullerton Hlgh School hall Am thinking back over our H S days And experiences had by all Just as the class gong sounds And Seniors go scurrying by Loaded wlth books laughmg and talkmg They naturally catch my eye Beverly Abbey who has red hair Is going to her P T class When she is a teacher in another year Ill bet her students will work to pass Daniel Bialas with his winning manner A farmer hopes to be Or else hell run a filling station We ll have to wait and see Donna Brown is so full of fun And always on the go A girl whose leadership well miss She is a grand gal to know Mildred Collins accomplishes much Tn her sweet and quiet way Hue works so hard and hopes to be A secretary come what may Anna Dubas works so quietly You hardly know she s around Yet when you need a loyal pal N0ne better can be found Cecelia Dubas with her attractive eyes Is always hard at work Whether a future wantress or teacher Her Job shell never shlrk Fvelyn Dubas m her own sweet way Trles hard to do her best Wlth her bright smlle and very klnd heart She is loved by all the rest Vlrgll Egnoske is always busy At school and at the farm And thmgs work like a charm Barbara Good co editor on Warrior Just makes her typewriter hum When in an offxce she will have success As is the wlsh of her chums Junxor Graves ls growing tall And IS always ready for fun Some dav lf he owns a grocery store It will keep him on the run Phvlhs Graves wxth her happy smile Works hard ln every line She may end up ln offlce work And she will do It fxne Dick Hill has a clever way Hxs friends think him so swell He kept the record of our football games And filled the place quite well Cracie Jaimet has lots of ambition And is popular at William s Drug Those dellclous sundaes and malts She serves without a shrug Don Tarec-ke in his likeable way Ts a friend to everyone We does hls classwork with a will That s how his grades he s won If-rome J arecke seems always happy Whether at work or plav He would like nothing more to do Than drlve a car all day Class Poem Janice Kellogg IS a faithful pal And with her smile of cheer Has won the hearts of many frlends Who llve both far and near Angeline Kula wlth eyes a twinkle Is always full of pep A busy cheerleader shouting leading She always keeps in step Edgar Lane is always loyal And willing to lend a hand We ll probably hear of him some day As owner of much land Larry Lassek provides the fun Each day for you and me He s always laughing and telling jokes And ls full of life you see Carol Luedtke in his happy manner Quite easily wins a friend In football and in other sports He fights until the end Wayne Mangus with his laughing eyes Is thinking of some trick As our happy king of football He is always full of nick Dick Mathieson in his sports does well He s good in school work too We know that he will have success In what he plans to do Melvin McCray has a frlendly manner That is admired by us Whatever may his problem be He never makes a fuss Bill McNeff IS a good student In school work and music too He s happy m the polka band Playing for me and you Joe Micek has a frlendly way And hkes to drive his car And sell them near and far Robert Miller earns many frlends With hxs bright twmklmg eyes We know success wlll come his way Whatever in the future hes Dick Nelson 15 our presldent Great honors he has had Wnth books and football under arm He IS a busy lad Lois Neumann on our Warrior Signal Dld excellent work in art 'she s happv in her music too We thmk she s very smart Elizabeth Nowak is also quiet Yet busy as a bee Full of ioy and pep galore She s always a friend to thee Pat Nowak co editor of our Signal Tn finding news does well We know that in her future work Her ratlng will be swell Flla Ostrander with determlnatxon Seems to be a qulet gal But if vou want a lot of fun Just choose her for your pal Famil Panowirz is a fine friend to know With a sort of bashful smile He has the vxm to eam the grades He s busy all the whlle Walter Papst with hls bass hom Is surely a busy guy With hamxonica too besides his studies How time for him must fly Donna Patton seems rather shy This really IS not so And she IS such a loyal friend For you and me to know Elizabeth Peck keeps hunting news For Warrior Signal readers We may find her on the Times As one of New York s leaders Zella Phillips has a lot of interests Which keeps her in a whirl With music school work and her iob She is a busy girl Lois June Pierce who is Yours Truly Likes dramatic work and math With an ambition for specializing She ll follow a chosen path Edwin Prososki is also quiet Yet has a winning way We know a farmer good hell be We hope his stock will pay Joan Ripp has the volume I m sure vou ve heard her sing If she continues in the solo line Shell make the echoes ring Bob Russell also fought quite hard To help in winning games Perhaps next year in college you ll find Him in the list of names Eugene Shannen m his FFA Is working hard we hear Another voung and modern farmer Hell probably be next year Marcia Smith has the ambition To enter college next fall Success to her from all Mary Ann Snyder also our editor Is good in school we know She has the smile to win our hearts Now don t you think it s so" Gracie Travers with her sunny smlle Is as loyal as she can be When any of us need a kind friend She does her share for you and me Richard Whlted with very dark 'lair Makes any girl s heart beat faster Busy with studies happy in sports His 8mbltl0n is to master Velma Zipf keeps every one iolly And they all think she ls dear If she is teaching school next fall Her pupils she will cheer Now as I enter English lit Miss Widman s sweet smile greets me I know that s why we all work To win her praise by gee And ln her patient graceful method Much knowledge she imparts Thus bmlrlmv our hves v nth high ideals As our sponsor she has 'zur hearts Mv pen IS dry so I will close Put vnu ust watch next v ar And see how many of the 50 class Do what is mentioned here Page 1 7 n u P ' V v ' ' ' . v r ' ' ' . . I . ll ' ll v , ' , I . I I ' I . n 1 Q . . . 3 , I ' . , . . v ' , 1 3 ' J ' ' , I . . . I Y - I ' 1 - ' . I . We hope his future brings success Perhaps an auto salesman he'l1 be Regardless of what he' Course may be-' . , n ' ' . . L .L : J , , 1 . ' ' , .' . . . , . . . . I . ' ' ' 4 . e . 4 1 . ' ' 4 ' Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct ct Oct ct ct Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 8 Qcfv N. .... 4 of Remember " " School Begms' The Old Grmd Afternoon off for the Clrcus No Cxrcus Fxrst football game at St Paul Vrctory IS our Cry' F T A PICDIC Flxghty Troublemakers Assoc1at1on Freshmen 1n1t1at1on' What those Freshmen dont have to go through to become full fledged membe s of F H S' Scotna Keep up the good work boys' F1re dr1ll The band played on' Genoa Do we want 1t7 We Got It" Fxrst School Dance Ouch my toes' Central Cxty Rah Rah Rah' Seward Tough fxght but you dnd well Y Teen Fall Conference Annual Old M3ldS Conference at Central Clty Aurora 6 6 Is there a vo1ce 1n the house7 YTeen Installat1on of offlcers Recognmon Ceremony Slmple and Impressxve Davxd Cxty Is xt our fault they re bxgge School Dance New Records please' Osceola All s well that ends well Alblon Thats the spmt Football Banquet Captam of 50 Dxck Nelson Musnc Concert fvoxce and mstrumental Squeek Squeek' Blatt Blatt' Thanlrsgwnng Vacatxon Feast and Full r Class Play Dear Daffodfl o does If agam Football Dance What a merry crowd Fxrst Basketball Game w1th Newman Grove WARRIORS Belgrade E1ght pomts are a lot at the rxght t1me Genoa Swedes are bad luck Indxvldual Pxctures Look at the Blrdxe Begmnxng of Hohday vacatxon We need rest Ha Ha Vacatxon Ends Horrxble reahty Osceola Fullerton does It agam St Edward Tough Luck' fi 47 l Q ln i z:- -f' .2l' an D fl 3 3 an 3 8 C 6 6 E C B Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr May May May May May 23 24 1415 Semor Pxctures Glad rag day for the Semors Albxon Slxclr floor boys Proofs of Semor Pxctures Oh' mme are terrnble' But they look just llke you Cedar Rapnds Good Slnkers Davxd Cnty Revenge from football Choral Cl1n1c at Alblon D r me fa whoops' Genoa Heart faxlure' Seward That trumpet must have helped Faculty Supper and Bowlxng Sl1pped on the alley a gutter ball Newman Grove Those bangboards What they dxd to us' Arrxved Ir Class Rmgs Flash' Flas St Edward Flscher drdn t play' Central Cnty Nelson held Sampson Aurora Whew' Hot Game"' F T A F F A and YTeen Party Dosxe Do Achmg Muscles Albxon Standmg room only' Not a chance Partners School Dance Only a few but fun Gothenburg FAR AWAY PLACES Tournament at Central Cxty Ravenna Nervous breakdown' St Bonaventure You could and you dxd Made It to the fmals Alblon Fullerton Second Place Dxck Math1eson Captam' You made them work for lt We re proud of you boys' Declam Contest at Bra1nard The White Lawn Heaven Bound"" Muslc Contest at Central Clty Semor Class Play Honors Convocatxon Hurrah for the Sen 1ors What ll we do now" Iumor and Semor Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement The goal at last MY DIPLOMA' School Song Fullerton Hlgh School We re proud of you There IS no llmlt to what you can do You re the one we all obey You are the one of whom we say We have the best our Fullerton Hxgh Our red and white so proudly wxll fly And when all IS sald and done Oh you are the only one' 0 0 . 5 ' . ' Ian. 10 ' ' . f . 7 ' . ' ! ' . . 16 ' . , " ' ' I - 13 ' . ' , . -N Ia . I6 ' ' . " . ' ' 20 - ' . . . I .. . .. . .. - . .H ' ' Ia . 17 ' . " ' - 22 . h A I ' - Jan. 20 ' ' . . F ' In. 20 ' ' ' . o, e, , , . 23 ' ' , I , . I nh 24 h - ' ' ig ' I - J . 27 . . - - A -- . so ' . " ' - 7 ' . , , . F b. 3 . . . . lt - v .lv ' . Q , 19 ', , ' F b. 6 ' z . ' , . h! ' Q F b. 7 . . ' ' ' . - 21 - ' - ' ' . F b. 10 ' . . O - 24 ' l ' ' 7 ' ' F b. 17 . . ' ' F b. 21 . . ., . . ., f . N ' O . 26 ' ' . ' ' ' r? , ' ," ' - 2 - , - F b, 24 ' . ' . . ' 4 ' l 'N Feb. 28 YfTeen, Ma, Pa, and Me party. "Swing your ' 11 . ' .. . . . Y.. .,, A 15 - ' M U, ' . 1 . . - A 3 1 . . , . 18 ' ' ' D. I 9 - ' n '2'2' N - . 10. .G , '. . 2 . - , . J e ' ' . ' . ll ' . - ' . 6 . . ' - ' . I 9 A Qi . D I . ' . IL- ' . 13 h I ' ' ' l "- . . 16 . - ' 12 ' . . 20 ' ' ' ' ' 17 g . ' . - r 23 . . . . Q .. ' . ' , 'W 18 . . ' Ian. 3 ' - ' ' - 21 . J n. s . ' ' . 23 . , Ian. 6 . - - ' I : .1 231 L, . ..-- fb 1 ' Q a X " ' y . . . , J , ' ' 1 7 t- ' , '13 I , 1 ' S , ' , 4 h 1 F , . I ul E . . ' K ' va ' ' union? Class FOURTH ROW left to nght Dyke Brown Ronald Whxtalcer D1ck Denton Mary Ellen Badura Lyle Holmes Davld Cuba Donald Eggll Dlck DeLaneey Howard Kelth Adrlenne WBt0VlCk THIRD ROW left to rlght Lonme Prososkx oyce Hellbusch Lula Patton Kathryn Prososkx Don McCray A lene Lassek Harold Sulllvan Carroll Zaruba Norbert Leslak Alxce Whelan SECOND ROW left to right Lyle Hawthorne Ronald Shotkoslu Clara Kula Valerle McBr1de Camilla Holm stedt Ted Blalr enme McIntyre Duck Shotkoskl 11m Green 1m Mam FIRST ROW left to rlght Miss jane Negley fSponsor Bcthene McCray Lois Helmes Lola Bonham Carol Neumann Katherme Zuroike Irene Gawryck Carol Lee Betty Galloway Dons Emry Iudy Emry Mr Robert Renner Sponsor NOT PICTURED Francls Nowak joan Bussell Norene Keefauver Clmton Medberry B111 Karel enrolled March 16 from South Omaha Nebraska too late to be mn the pncture OFFICERS Vice Presndent FRANCIS NOWAK Secretary DICK DBNTON Treasurer KATHERINE Zukosluz Page 19 , ' : ' L I , ' , ', , r- , ' 2 ' J, , ' , , 4 JA President ...................................... BETHENB MCCRAY Sophomore Class Page 20 FOURTH ROW left to rlght Donald Umstead Tommy Travers Maunce Vaughn Joe Iarecke Dxck Allmg ton Glenn Hopwood Duck Rneken Allen Scott Mllo Sonderup Carl Knapp Dick Brown THIRD ROW left to rxght Caryl Barr Dolores Swanson jane Sprague Iohnme Bussell Rxchard Bugay Sam my Kmg Dorothy Whxted Elva Arnold Ann Goldsberry Rxchard Blalas SECOND ROW left to rxght Mr Rozdalovsky fSpon sorj Vonne Gewecke Donna Faust Mary Ann Stopak Dons Jean Prososlu Betty Harris Mary Ann Syslo janett Allxson Sammxe Prososkx Iohnme Blalas Laura Eggh FIRST ROW left to nght Carlotta Abbey Bonme Kula JoAnne Schroeder Bonnle Thomas Lyle Owen Glenrose Luedtke Larry Phxlllps Leroy Emry Teresa Stopak Ioan Iarecke NOT PICTURED Harold Myers OFFICERS Vace Pveszdent VONNE GEWECKE Secretary Donorl-xy Warren 'Treasurer TOMMY Tmveas y . 7 1 I , y l 1 v President ...................................... DOLORES SWAN soN Freshman FOURTH ROW left to rxght Velma Coakley Loxs Ann Cedar janet Schumacher Rosanne Holmes Laurence Czapla Urslla Roark Lyle Prerce Rodney Russell Ronald Mxller Irene Kara Dorothy Forbes Maryone Lassek Norma Aldrxch Dxck Adamson THIRD ROW left to rxght Bonme Lane Harold Lohn Russell Hawthorne Bob Gerber Cllfford Egnoskl Ronald Hawthorne Bxll Fxtzgerald 11m Barr James Kudsk Mary Ann Kush LaDonna Egglr Roberta Rus sell Rosahe Mllby SECOND ROW left to rxght Mr Stelnmger fSponsorj Rxta Roman Donna Bussell Betty DeI.ancey Lavonne Hull Mary Knoplk Norma Sharman Shirley Whltaker Donna Brown Elena Keller Wanda Keyes Phylhs Sldders Suzanne Rlpp Rosemarle Pachunka FIRST ROW left to rrght Ray McNeff Ronald Bugay George Bonham Ilmmy Nowak Edward Chmxel Law rence jarecke Ronald Huebner Knute Peterson john Whelan Raymond Dubas Donald Pachunka Dale Neumann Emanuella Dubas NOT PICTURED Nathaniel Mlcek Donald Hamel enrolled March 13 from Peru Nebraska too late to be ln the pxcture. OFFICERS President .............................................. RAY MCNEFF Vice President .............................. RosANN1z HOLMES Secretary ....... - .......... -... .......... ........ B ILL FITZGERALD 'Treasurer ........................................ NORMA Aunlucn Page 21 RRIOR S GN Ednors PAT Nowmc and ELIZABETH Pnclc Assocmte Edlwfs Doxus Emu' and JUDY Emu! Busmess Managers GRACIE TRAVERS and GRACIE JAIMET Page 22 Sltaulfif SECOND ROW left to nght FIRST ROW left to rxght Carol Luedtke, Lila Patton, Ioan Rlpp, Anna Gracle Travers, Dons Emry, Elxzabeth Peck, Judy Dubas, Loxs Neumann, Dxck Hxll, Mrs Ethel Doug' Emry, Gracne Jaxmet las, fsponsorj NOT PICTURED Pat Nowak .........i l, i........- ...ll G ., . W ,, v Qi - 'Q A xf '- Q J T 4. , 1 , 2 Editors .................... BARBARA GOOD and MARY ANN SNYDER Associate Editors .............A...................................,.,......,,.,.. ..................BETTY GALLOWAY and ADRIENNE Warovicx Business Managers .... ANGELINE KULA and JANICE KELLOGG Advertising .................. DICK NELSON and DICK MATHIESON U THIRD ROW, left to right: Lois Neumann, Phyllis Graves, Donald Iarecke, Evelyn Dubas, Ce celia Dubas, Donna Jean Brown Marcia Smith, Elizabeth Nowak. Staff SECOND ROW. left to right: Mildred Collins, Velma Zipf, Lois june Pierce, Zella Phillips, Dick Mathieson, Dick Nelson, Robert Miller, Carol Luedtlce, Mrs. Ethel Douglas, QSponsorj. xf"'w FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Hill, Angeline Kula, Adri- enne Wetovick, Barbara Good, Mary Ann Snyder, Betty Galloway, Janice Kellogg, Richard Whited. xf' 1 10 Page 24 Sllppm around What a day' Ill get xt frxed yet Is thxs a day at school? Cur lexsure tlme The gxrls Mary Bonnie I rate huh? Farm glrl Betty Nowak Ah Spnng' Dxckxe Nelson Ann and Bess Its a grand hfe' Save me' Hows the game? I dare ya' Carol Neumann Out an the garden Marcna Smxth Can I get by huh? Drck Mathxeson erkle People Lose somethmg" Evelyn Dubas , y I A 14" s- u 2 6 7' " Y 9 X51 5 ,. -5' ' 1 X , ' ' ' . 11. ' ' . 2. . 12. . 3. ' ' ' . 13. ' . 4, ' , 14. '. , 5. ' ' . 15. ' . ' ' . 6. ' - , ' , , - 16- . ' ' 7. . 17. '-5 8. ' , . 18. . 9. , ' . 19. ' . . M m m m m m good Playm around Two headed monster Whxstle ba1t Muggm Brrrrrrr' How about that" Some tnck huh? Love must be grand Shoe Rosanne ff 2 5 Leap frog Donald Hamel Bashfu17 Smlles Reserves A11 rn11e An evenmg 1n A four legged dear R1de em cowboy Ears E? C111ps fMary E! Grac1e B111 Karel Page 25 J I ' . 'C ' I V l . 5 1 Q . -QF' ti All ,X Y 'Mn' . F f ' ' ' f - 12. , . ' ' - 15. . - 14. . . ' '- 15. ' . ' '- 16. . - 17. s ' s. - 18. ' ' . ' 1 - 19. . - 20. ' ' . - 21. ' . ' LJ - 2. ' . 'IFE 'S A Mfr? 9.5 i ,. N2 ,X J lj 1.55 I .l J E' 1221 X H 'affix Page 28 Football THIRD ROW left to right Carol Luedtke Larry Lassek Dlck Nelson Carroll Zaruba Dxck Mathle on Don ald Umstead Rxchard Shotkoskx Lyle Hawthorne Galen McBrxde SECOND ROW left to rxght Mr Lester Rozdalovsky fCoachj Duck Allmgton Ronald Whitaker David Cuba Lyle Holmes Edgar Lane Richard Whxted Bob Rus ell Lyle Pxerce Dick Rxeken Ronald Shotkoskr Mr Robert Renner fAss1stant Coachj FIRST ROW left to rxght Edwin Prososkl Dick Brown Dyke Brown Duck Denton Maurxce Vaughn Wayne Mangu Duck Adamson Lonnie Prososkx Danxel Bxalas NOT PICTURED Sam Kmg John Whalen Harold Sullrvan Carl Knapp Leroy Emry Ronald Hawthorne llm Kudsk Allen Scott Howard Kemth Fullerton opened the 1949 season by soundly thumpmg a weak St Paul team From the be g1nn1ng the WHIIIOIS ran wlld the f1nal score bemg 54 0 The hrghllghts of th1s vrctory were Nelsons defenslve play Mathxesons runmng Vaughn s four touchdowns and Zaruba s runnmg Fullerton made thelr flrst home debut agaxnst a strong Scotla team wmmng 60 The second play the Warrlors had the ball Zaruba ran 80 yards to score Thxs turned out to be the decldrng factor of the game Whlteds blocklng and Man guss defenslve play were outstandmg Genoa proved to be easy prey for the Warnors after a scoreless f1rst half In the fxrst half Fuller ton just couldn t get go1ng Durmg the second half after a brlef sess1on Coach L W Rozdalovskys boys were a new team rollmg to three touchdowns The two tackles Russell and Whltaker held the Orloles 1n f1ne fashlon to help 1n the wm Central Cnty was the next vxctrm of Coach Rosles powerful mach1ne The score was 7 O Zaruba scored 1n the second quarter after the Warnors muffed three scormg chances deep 1n the Blson terr1tory The defenslve play was out standxng by Holmes and Allmgton for Fullerton Fullerton recexved rts frrst defeat of the year by Seward The Bluejays were contmually rn scor 1ng terrxtory rn the last half but Lassek Holmes and Nelson rose to the occaslon to keep the score down Traxhng 14 to 6 wlth about two mmutes left 1n the game Fullerton scored on a long pass from Nelson to Vaughn Fmal score was 14 to 12 m favor of Seward A bad pass out of the end zone m the fourth quarter gave the Bluejays the dec1d1ng two pomts Aurora marched some 60 yards to a fxrst quar ter touchdown but mrssed the extra pomt The teams then played three quarters of clean heads up football After a bad Huskle punt Nelson threw 30 yards to Vaughn to score for Fullerton the extra pomt was blocked A senes of Huskre passes faxled to gam and the game ended 66 Nelson was really the spark of th1s game by get tmg more than fxfty percent of the tackles Den ton and Mangus also shared the honors of th1s game Davld C1tys ternf1c blockmg runnmg and tacklmg held Fullerton to 1ts only scoreless defeat of the season Good defensrve playmg by Bxalas Mangus and Luedtke held them to three touch downs and fmal score of 18 0 Fullerton won thelr last home game of the season by defeatmg Osceola 45 0 The whole team was playmg much better than rn the three previous weeks WhlY6dS runnmg and blockmg Luedtkes were a blg help m th1s w1n The Warnors were vrctorxous 1n a w1ndy AHTIISKICE Day game wmmng over Alb1on 25 7 Alb1on scored late 1n the f1rst quarter Zaruba threw a pass to Vaughn for Fullertons flrst touchdown and Nelson kxcked the extra pornt The last play before the half Nelson recexved a short pass over center from Zaruba for the second touchdown The score at the half Fullerton 13 Alb1on 7 ln the thxrd quarter Vaughn ran off hrs own left tackle for about 80 yards w1th superb blockmg makmg the score 19 for the Warrlors Fullerton blocked an Alb1on punt m the fourth quarter and Nelson made the final touchdown endmg the game 25 7 Mathxesons puntrng and the f1ne lme play executed by Holmes Whltaker Mangus and Luedtke were the hxghlxghts of the afternoon The Warrlors ended the 49 season wrth the f1ne record of 6 wms 2 losses and 1 tre It 15 also lnterestmg to note that Fullerton was undefeated and unscored upon thelr home fleld Dxck Nelson and Carol Luedtke were chosen for the Central Exght All Conference Honor Squad by the Coaches R1chard Nelson was unammously elected Honorary Captam th1s year , ' 2 . , ' , . ' 'S , ' , v A D s 5 1 I y - A v -1 - , - ' I ' I ', V ' U .- , ' , f , S! I 7 ' 1 ' , , ' , . . , . - 1 . I Y 1 , Y 1 A A R A V D I . S , - . . . . Q , I a ' - x ' , ' . ' . . . . , . , ' Y A , t V D ' pass catchmg and defense, and Denton's defense . , D ' I I I , . . . . . . . , , ' . 1 7 I ' ' . . - v ' - , , , . . , : , A . . , . . . , ' I D 9 1 . , , , , . . ' , , . , , . . ' I I ' 1 . . . , , . 3 ' . r ' . - . Y . . . . sn ' Q! ' a ' ' ' Basketball FOURTH ROW left to rxght jxm Barr Carl Knapp jxm Green johnme Bussell Dlck Brown Allen Scott Dxck Adamson Tommy Travers Bxll Fltzgerald Ronald Mxller Sam Kxng Ronald Whxtaker fStudent Man agerj THIRD ROW left to rrght M110 Sonderup Wayne Mangus Rodney Russell Harold Sullxvan Dxck Rxeken Glenn Hopwood Davxd Cuba Duck Allmgton Lyle Pnerce Dyke Brown Lyle Hawthorne Howard Kexth Mr Robert Renner fAss1stant Coachj SECOND ROW left to rxght Dxck Mathxeson Maurxce Vaughn Carol Luedtke Rxchard Whxted Lyle Holmes Bob Russell Dxck Denton Larry Lassek Dick Nelson Carroll Zaruba Mr Lester Rozdalovsky fCoachj FIRST ROW left to rxght Johnny Whelan Harold Lohn Raymond Dubasv NOT PICTURED LeRoy Emry Tournament Dlrector V A Chne presents the second place trophy of the Dnstrxct B Con test to Captaxn Dxck Mathxeson Page 29 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 A , . . 1 - - u 10 a 1 1 . As soon as the football 101111168 were past the lxmpmg stage Coach Rozdalovsky started the 49 50 basketball season In answer to h1s call came f1ve lettermen Lyle Holmes Carol Luedtke Dlck Math1eson Rlchard Nelson and Rxchard Whlted Other enthuslasts to answer were Larry Lassek Bob Russell Dlck Denton Carroll Zaruba Maunce Vaughn and Bxlly Fxtzgerald The Warnors opened the season w1th Dlck Mathxeson flxppxng 22 poxnts through the hoop to outscore Newman Grove 61 41 Belgrade had lots of Splflt but went down flghtxng 28 20 Fullerton suffered IYCS flrst defeat ln a gruehng battle 1n whlch Cenoa emerged wlth a 33 28 vlctory After the hollday vacatlon the Warnors came back w1th a strong attack and scalped Osceola 47 30 St Edward and Alblon downed a fxghtlng THROUGH Fullerton qumtet mn the last few mxnutes by scores of 25 22 and 27 22 respectxvely A los1ng jmx that had hounded the Warnors IH the last two games was broken when they avenged a loss from two years ago by trouncmg Cedar Rapxds 5 6 31 The Warnors never got off the warpath and wxth the help of Rlchard Nel son s 19 poxnts downed a strong Davmd Cxty qu1n and knocked Genoa from the ranks of the unde feated ln a thnllmg overt1me 37 34 Fullerton looked stale as Seward showed champxonshxp form and flashed past a t1red Warnor f1VC 44 30 In one of the better games of the season the Wamors waltzed past St Edward 43 38 Coach Rosles powerful machxne came to hfe 1n the second half to down the Central Cxty Bxsons, 32 28 More ' ' ' tet, 39f30. The mighty Warriors kept on rallying . 7 . , 1 ' , , . . Page 30 THE HOOP gray ha1r was gfOW1Dg on Coach Rozdalovskys head after a cold Fullerton team finally found the hoop 1n the last two mmutes and snatched what had looked hke a sure vlctory for Aurora, 31 30 A S1ZZl1I1g hot Albxon team flashed by a mxghty cold Warnor f1VC to the tune of 47 26 Fullerton then traveled to Gothenburg and the f1ne play of Rlchard Wh1ted and Carol Luedtke kept the tall Gothenburg quxntet guessmg but the Warnors fell The Warnors won the f1rst round of the Dls tr1ct Toumament at Central Clty agalnst Ravenna 36 35 1n the last 27 seconds when Bob Russell swxshed a long one handed shot from almost the center of the floor to txe up the game and Dlck Matlueson sank the w1nn1ng free throw wlth only 5 seconds left to play The next nlght Fullerton led by center Lyle Holmes spanked St Bonaventure by a score of 37 26 On the thxrd and fmal mght the Warnors were undoubtedly the coldest of the season and for three quarters scored only 13 po1nts Then as the fxnal quarter started the Wamors flashed to l1fe and cut a 21 polnt margm 1n half but thxs for the loslng Warnors was Carroll Zaruba wxth 6 pomts On the whole, the Warnors turned m a fme season w1nn1ng 11 games and losmg 7 They played 1n the fmals of the Class B DlStf1Ct Toumament and recelved a second place trophy Page 31 5647. l was not enough as Albion won, 37f25. Hlgh scorer Track SECOND ROW left to nght Dncken Rreken Harold Lohn Carl Knapp Rodney Russell Rrchard Whxted Lyle Holmes Don Hamel Mnlo Sonderup Bxll Frtzgerald Inm Green Howard Kexth Maunce Vaughn Lyle Pxerce Drck Hall Mr Lester Rozdalovsky fCoachj FIRST ROW left to nght Raymond Dubas Dxck Brown Lyle Hawthorne Glenn Hopwood Davrd Cuba Bob Russell Carol Luedtke Carroll Zaruba Drck Mathreson Dxck Nelson LeRoy Emry NOT PICTURED Ronald Whxtaker Harold Sullxvan Larry Lassek The Track squad of 50 appears to be strong strong enough to f1n1sh out 1n good fashxon what has been a fme year 1n sports for Fullerton The returnmg WHFIIOIS are Rlchard VVh1ted 880 and hlgh jump Rlchard Nelson shot and broad jump Carroll Zaruba. 220 and broadjump The boys that should turn ln some fme work Luedtke hurdles and 880 Maur1ce Vaughn 220 Ronald Whltaker shot and dxscus Lyle Holmes shot and drscus Bob Russell shot and d1scus The season opens wxth a meet at Grand Island the next 1S at Columbus then at Central C1ty and the last two are at Dav1d Cxty We w1sh to take thls opportun1ty to thank our coaches Mr Rozdalovsky and Mr Renner for the splendld management of our football and basket ball squads Many hours of rnstructxon by the coaches helped to make xt poss1ble for the Warnors to make a flne record Many thanks to you Coach Rozdalovsky and Coach Rennen- Page 32 , ' 2 ' ' , , , , U . y Y ! I I . t I Q 9 Y 9 Y I ' ' , ' : , ' , , , . 7 3 I I I . i I 3 " " are: Dick Mathieson, 100 and hurdlesg Carol - ' ' ' ' , 3 ' , 1 . . . . . ' , ' , ' 7 . . Q . , , , f , . . ' I Band THIRD ROW left to right Marllyn Major Bethene McCray Sammle Prososkl flabrananj Gracie Iaxmet Dolores Swanson Mary Ann Snyder Norma Aldrlch Rosanne Holmes Janet Bradley JoAnne Schroeder Janet Schu macher Rlchard O Babcock fSponsorj SECOND ROW left to rxght Marcxa Smlth fSec and Treasj Donald Iarecke Donna. Brown Ronald Shotkoskl son Bnll Harrxs Gordon Greer B111 McNeff FIRST ROW left to rxght Lxla Patton fhhrarxanj Kathryn Prososln Lois Plerce Barbara Good ane Sprague Donna Patton Melvm McCray fVxce Pres1dentj Ixmmxe Nlckel Judy Emry Tommy Travers fPres1dentj Charles Iarecke Ted Blaxr M3j0I6II6S LEFT TO RIGHT janet Schumacher IoAnne Schroeder janet Bradley Rosanne Holmes NOT PICTURED Norma Aldrich Page 33 Lonnie' Prososlci, Adrienne Wetovlck, Mildred-Collins, Allce Whelan, Walter Papst, Don IvlcCray, Dick Adam: y . I : . - . n. , b ' . ., . . Y , I ' , o Pep Club THIRD ROW left to rxght Ahce Whelan janet Schumacher Rosanne Holmes Irene Gawryck Bethene McCray Kathryn Prososln Mary Ellen Badura I..1la Patton Katherine Zuroske Carol Lee Irene Kara Dorothy Whlted Dolores Swanson SECOND ROW left to right Mxss Iane Negley fSponsorJ Donna Bussell Emanuella Dubas Loxs Cedar Betty Harrns Carol Neumann Camxlla Holmstedt Dorothy Forbes Ann Goldsberry Iamce Kellogg Valerxe McBr1de, enme Mclntyre Zella Phxlhps Dons ean Prososkx joan jareclre Rlta Roman Mxss Mxldred Sahs fSponsor FIRST ROW left to rxght Teresa Stopak Carlotta Abbey Loxs Helms Phyllxs Sldders Betty Galloway Bonme Luedtlre Bonnxe Thomas Wanda Keyes JoAnne Schroeder Gracle Travers CHEERLEADERS left to rrght Velma Zxpf Angelxne Kula Dons Emry NOT PICTURED Vonne Gewecke Jane Sprague Gracxe Iarmet Ioan Bussell Frances Nowak Beverly Abbey Norma Aldrxch Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT Dolores Swanson Rxta Roman Dorothy Whnted Velma Zxpf Angelme Kula Dons Emry Page 34 I ' , ' ' , ' I 1 , ' , ' ' D- Kula fSec.J, Adrienne 'Wetovick fTreas.j, Mary Ann Snyder fyicel-Pres.j, Donna ,Brown fPres.J, 'Glenrose Student Council SECOND ROW left to nght Rlchard Shotkoskx Shrrley Whxtaker Carroll Zaruba LOIS Plerce M110 Sonderup Ann Goldsberry Mrss Wrdman fSponsorj FIRST ROW left to nght Lula Patton fVrce Pres, Dick Mathxeson fPresj Mary Ann Snyder fSecj Emxl Panowlcz fTreasl Nlnxedl Chorus FOURTH ROW left to nght Ann Goldsberry Adrxenne Wetovxck Rosanne Holmes Dxck Mathxeson Harold Sul llvan Dxclc Denton Glenn Hopwood Allen Scott Carroll Zaruha Rodney Russell Alxce Whelan Janlce Kel logg Dorothy Whlted THIRD ROW left to rlqht Glenrose Luecltke Velma Coakley Valerle McBr1de Dorothy Forbes Kathryn Prososkl Irene Kara Jane Sprague anet Schumacher Graeme almet Arlene Lassek Bonnle Lane ennle McIntyre C mllla I-Iolmstedt SECOND ROW left to rxght Velma Zrpf Bonnle Thomas Wanda Keyes JoAnne Schroeder Dorls Emry Shlrley Vsfhxtakcr udy Emry Carol Lee Krtherme Zuroske Elena Keller Mary Knoplk Marjorre Lassek LOIS Cedar janett Allxson Irene Gawryck Zella Phrlhps Norma Sharman Rlchard O Bahcoclc fSponsorj FIRST ROW left to rxght Betty Harris Emanuella Duhas Lola Bonham Carlotta Abbey Carol Neumann Loxs lxeumann Bonme Kula Phyllns Sxdders Betty Galloway joan Rrpp Rxta Roman Vonne Gewecke Rosmarle Pachunka Larry Phllllps Iohnnxe Whelan Knute Peterson Donald Pachunka Dale Neumann NOT PICTURED Ioan Bussell Frances Nowak Page 35 r 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 5 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,J - , ,I 1 1- 1 ,J 1 H 1 - 1 -1 1 1 1 1 . , , ., , 1 . 1 I . 1 - 11 -1 1 1 1 1 . .V .. ' . . I . 1 1 1 K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - . , , Gmrflls Chorus FOURTH ROW left to rxght Marlorxe Lassek Glenrose Luedtke Bonme Lane jane Sprague Allce Whelan Ann Goldsberry Rosanne Holmes Adrxenne Wetovxck Dorothy Whxted Ianxce Kellogg Arlene Lassek Camrlla Holm stedt Betty Harris Kathryn Prososkx THIRD ROW left to nght Norma Sharman Zella Phxllxps Valer1e McBr1de Jennxe McIntyre Irene Kara Gracie Jaxmet janet Schumacher Lors Cedar Velma Coakley Judy Emry Shxrley Whitaker SECOND ROW left to rnght Carol Lee Katherme Zuroske Velma Zxpf Bonme Thomas Dons Emry Wanda Keyes Irene Gawryck Mary Knoplk Elena Keller Ianett Alhson Vonne Gewecke Dorothy Forbes FIRST ROW left to nght Rxchard O Babcock fSponsorj Carlotta Abbey Carol Neumann Bonnxe Kula Phyllis Sxdders Betty Galloway Rxta Roman Io Anne Schroeder Ioan Rxpp Lola Bonham Rosmarle Pachunka, Emanuella Dubas Boys Chorus SECOND ROW, left to right Allen Scott, Glenn Hopwood, Drck Denton, Rodney Russell, Carroll Zaruba, Harold Sullrvan Dxck Mathreson FIRST ROW, left to rxght Donald Pachunka, Knute Peterson, johnnre Whelan, Larry Phxllxps, Dale Neumann, Rxch ard O Babcock fSponsorj Page 36 o 7 f a' ey, , , ' ' ' ' -S f 5- .V ' 'Q . - , , , , , S S t D U S ' , , - , 3 y s y , y , , , . , - 1 3 y , , 1 , . , , , , , - l 5 - y y 1 y , , , , , , ff, f ft I f , 1125- i " Yalfeen FOURTH ROW left to right Carol Lee Donna Jean Brown Bethene McCray Lila Patton Dorothy Forbes Ros anne Holmes ane Sprague Marcia Smith Dorothy Whited Dolores Swanson THIRD ROW left to right Mary Snyder Norma Sharman Gracie aimet Donna Patton Ella Ostrander Elva Arnold Velma Coakley Judy Emry Lois june Pierce SECOND ROW left to right Miss Mildred Sahs QSponsorj Lois Ann Helms Phyllis Sidders Betty Galloway La Gracie Travers Miss Jane Negley lsponsorj FIRST ROW left to right Zella Phillips fPresJ Ann Goldsberry fSecj Janice Kellogg fTreasj Doris Emry fVice Pres J Future Teachers of America SECOND ROW left to right Miss Mildred Sahs fSponsorb Cecelia Dubas Katherine Zuroske Arlene Lassek Bethene McCray Lila Patton Donna Patton Lois une Pierce Velma Zipf FIRST ROW left to right Elizabeth Nowak fTreasj Janice Kellogg fPresj Elizabeth Peck fSecj NOT PICTURED Pat Nowak fVlCC Presj Beverly Abbey Page 37 v L , gli' x R, g V' 35 tg e, 2- : . A 9 XO in. f A A 5 . 2 'ff 1 .. A 1 fi: - ' K. ' if : W , ,- ' 'V el- I - I 3 U , I , . , vonne Hill, Norma Aldrich, Bonnie Thomas, JoAnne Schroeder, Carlotta Abbey, Velma Zipf, Wanda Keyes. , ' 1 ' ' . , , , ' . , ' o .- a ,, V Q V Ax, .,. - X P: X 3. s . . IT - is i 5 A 4. " ' r xg I rf Future Farmers of America FOURTH ROW left to nght Vlfgll Egnoske fPresj Wayne Mangus fTreasl B111 McNeff fSecj Eugene Shar man Dnck Allmgton Edgar Lane D1ck Rxeken joe Iarecke Donald Eggl1 Ierome Iarecke Dxck DeLancey THIRD ROW left to r1ght Lyle P1erce Edwm Prososkx Ronald Shotkosk1 MCIVIH McCray fNews Rep, Dyke Brown Norbert Lesxak oe M1cek Walter Papst R1chard Bxalas Sam Kmg Donald arecke VICE Presj SECOND ROW left to r1ght Don McCray Iohnme Bralas Rxchard Shotkoslu Dan1el Bxalas Allen Scott M110 Sonderup Lonn1e Prososkn Rrchard Bugay ohnme Bussell Laurence Czapla Harold Sullrvan Mr james Ca h1l1 fSponsorj FIRST ROW left to nght Raymond McNeff Clrfford Egnoske Nathamel Mlcek Samm1e Prososkx D1clr Brown Carl Knapp MBUYICC Vaughn Ronald Hawthorne Knute Peterson lmmy Nowak Lyle Owens George Bonham Ronald Bugay Dale Neumann NOT PICTURED Harold Myers Clinton Medbery The Agrrculture IF IF A Organrzatrom The Future Farmers of Amer1ca IS composed of chartered State Assoc1at1ons wh1ch 1n turn are made up of local chapters s1tuated ID h1gh schools hav1ng departments of vocat1onal agr1culture The boys enrolled IH such courses const1tute IIS act1ve membersh1p but prov1s1on IS also made for assoc1ate and honorary membersh1ps Membershrp is entirely voluntary DEGREES OF MEMBERSHIPS There are four grades or degrees of member sh1p Green Hand Chapter Farmer State Farmer and Amer1can Farmer These grades of membershxps depend entlrely on def1n1te accomp l1shments 1n connect1on wxth the vocat1onal agr1cul ture program of the school Local chapters deter m1ne the 1nd1v1dual s advancement 1n the flrst two degrees of membersh1p the State deter1n1nes the th1rd and the nat1onal organ1zat1on confers the fourth degree Spec1f1c levels of atta1nment w1th respec to farm1ng earmngs 1nvestments leader sh1p and scholarsh1p are set up for each degree OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Boy off1cers for each uma of the F F A local state and nat1onal are elected annually Each of these umts meet at a SPECIFIC t1me There are approved forms for conduct1ng meetmgs and for pass1ng members to certa1n degrees of member sh1p Teachers of vocat1onal agr1culture groups serve as local chapter adv1sers and state SUPCYVIS ors of agr1culture educat1on serve as state adv1sers Page 38 FINANCES The F F A IS self support1ng Operatlng na t1onally on ten cents a year member dues It has been ID good f1nanc1al shape SIHCB ICS beg1nn1ng 1n 1928 B1lls are pa1d promptly and the nat1onal treasury ma1nta1ns a safety balance at all t1mes Many chapters operate thnft banks where syste mat1c and regular membersh1p savlng IS encour aged Chapter 1ncome IS often supplemented by var1ous well chosen fund ra1s1ng act1v1t1es Th1s g1ves members busmess tra1n1ng and exper1ence THE EMBLEM The nat1onal emblem of the Future Farmers of Amer1ca IS s1gn1f1cant and mean1ngful 1n every de ta1l Used by members 1n all recogmzed un1ts of the organ1zat1on 1t IS made up of f1VC symbols the owl the plow the r1s1ng sun w1th1n the cross sect1on of an ear of corn wh1ch 1S surmounted by the Amer1can eagle Upon the face of the emblem appear also the words Vocatlonal Agnculture and the letters F F A flj The owl IS symbol1c of w1sdom and knowledge QQ the plow IS the symbol of labor and t1llage of the so1l 13, the IIS 1ng sun IS emblemat1c of progress and the new day that w1ll dawn when all farmers are tra1ned and have learned to cooperate f4l the cross SCCIIOU of an ear of corn represents common agr1culture 1nterests SINCE corn 15 nat1ve to Amer1ca and grown 1n every state UQ the eagle IS 1nd1cat1ve of the nat1onal scope of the organ1zat1on l 1 - - 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 3 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 I f ' - - 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 . . I . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 , , , , I . , 1 , . : , . 0 I 0 0 0 0 , , . . . ' . 1 , . . . I - 1. 11 to 11 as , 11 tt - -11 , , . ' . , . 1 , , 1 1 1 u - . . ,, . . 11 L 1 9 1 - - 1.1 11 - ' , , . . . . 1 . . , . . , . . .i , 1 1 - , 1 f , . 1 1 Pleased to serve you? Sophisticated group-FHS Faculty Dignified group-FHS Faculty Ir. Class Play. "1949" Circle two step. Football King and Queen of "49" QW. Mangus, P. Nowakj Congratulations Dick N. fCaptain of '50'j We wait in elegance. Page 39 Page 40 "Babes in the Woods." Swell pal fRoberta Russell, Goin' some place? QC. LeMaster, Iennie McIntyre., I.et's play ball! fDot Whitedj Morrie Baby sitters. "Lady of the Lake." fVelma Zipfj A group of friends. fZipf, Smith, Snyder, Neu- mann, Sprague., "Freshie" fI.aurence Czaplaj So what? fDon Umstead, Carl Knappj just me! fVelma Coalcleyj Pals. Uoyce Hellbusch, Donna Faust, Frostie. fDonna Faust, A happy cuuplz. fMr. 9 Mrs. Rosiej Giggling girls. Well, look here. fElva Arnoldj Sky line view. Coach CML Rozdalovskyj H X The gang s all here' What s cookm ' The Three Stooges fsnyder Smxth Zxpf Marchnng band practxce Chums Patsy Montana Uanett Allxsonj We uns Im a bxg boy now' fDxck Rxekenj ust loafm ' be Stormy weather' fDan Donj Wha Hoppen7 Ready no place to go My Stars fTom Travers B111 McNeffJ Happy go lucky s Don t fall 1n Gracxes Whxch xs Rosanne"7777 Mutt U jeff fDot E? Rita, Page 41 3.2.3 ,, . wa Q J S AKA- . :ITT . A. 4 X ' V4 . 5 k c ff 1 1 A f f - i . B 1 . 1 Q 9 'G' W Q A ' 1 l Q" Q , "'S .4 f 1 W K. - x A ' . 10. , , ' ' '. 11. . " " . ' , ' J 12. 5 . ' ' . 13. l , ' 14. . N H ' 15. Ed .. I .. 16. . . , . A ' ' . ' ' 17. ' ' I ' '. 18. ' Page 42 Shop At J M MCDONALDS Where You Get Quahty Plus Servlce Everythlng For The Farnlly In Clothmg Shoes Dry Goods and Ready to Wear THE FRIENDLY FAMILY STORE J M MCDONALD COMPANY Telephone 7 Fullerton Nebraska P I N N E L L S CLOTHING STORE Where The Well Dressed WARRIORS Meet SPRAGUE 6 CUNNINGHAM Refngercxtors-Radxos Electnccxl Apphcmces Sales and Serv1ce You Can Buy Only Good Appllances Here Phone 203 W 'I'HE NANCE COUNTY IOURNAL Donor of The lournal Award Presented Each Year to the Outstandmg Student of the Sen1or Class 1 ff Y u I 1 1 ' ' u u 1 1 . . -l - -, CONGRATULATIONS MEET WESTERN AUTO F R I E N D S Asfftfw' YOUR AT OUR T Th FOUNTAIN o eC1c1ss Of195U Fullerton Nebraska WILLIAMS DRUG CO CONGRATULATIONS Re-horble Prescrlptlon Fullerton Hlgh SChOO1 Ser-Vlce The Class BLACK S GROCERY Phone 21 Farmers Co op Gas And O11 PETROLEUM ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FARM EQUIPMENT COURTESY ALWAYS PHONE 17 FULLERTON NEBRASKA Page 4 I Henry, Don, and Dale o ! I HESTED STORES 3 f ' I- 51025 an Meet Your Er1er1cls At l-lesteds The Place to Fmd Bargams Phone 7l f. 5 Watches D1amor1ds lewelry Craneys Iewelry All Work Guaranteed GIFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Phone 44 ...V-' QQE1-ii? CFEVROLET Sales and Servmce Knowles 6. Son Smce 1918 Fullerton Nebraska Sportsman Barber Shop It Pays To Look Well Laverne BUTCH Faborg Mac s Cafe Where Frlends Meet to Eat CONGRATULATIONS Class ofl95U I H Kemp Cedar Valley Lumber Co Modern Bulldlng Servlce CONGRATULATIONS Class ofl95U Luci1le's Beauty Salon Phone 36 CONGRATULATIONS to the Semor Class of 1950 Clara's Cafe O'MARA Adamson Garage Wxllys Sales and SSTVICS Phone 128 W HATCHERY Page 44 7 ' 151551. 19? .. -E 42", gi fi- -1 me -,ur ' Y ls 'il ,rl A eouncrw - - r ff 'im IJ A ' , 1- f . o , N . I I L .. .. I I . I . . - . 1 TO PIIIHIDS W SWANSON OII. CO Fullerton Nebraska E th f th DlSlI1bl,1lOI'S of Very mg or e Farm Home and Car PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Ph 43 At Pnces You L1ke to Pay One LEROY COPPLE OWNER RENTALS FARM MANAGEMENT LOANS BALDRIDGE 6. RUMSEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY Fullerton Nebraska Phone 42 W FULLERTON NA'l'IONAL EEEEE E SERVICE BANK FULLERTON MOTOR CO Fullerton Nebraska O M Hays Fullerton. Nebraska Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Phone 22 Page 45 1 U Coast-to-Coast Stores Good plctures sell themselves We do not have to sell them to you If you llke our shows tell your frlencls 1t not tell us ROYAL THEATRE and Mrs L W Heal CONGRATULATIONS Fullerton H1gh School Class of l95U Best W1shes for Your Success 1r1 Future Years C A Mlller Agency Ted W Mlller Real Estate-Insurance See Us for Fxrst Class Work Cleaners and Tallors GRIFFIN DRUG CO 777e 2211011 Store THE REXALL STORE Phone 19 The Fnendly Store Hardware Huto Supphes Sportmg Goods and Electnc Equxpment MEL LEACH Dealer M I SCHUMACHER HARDWARE FIRST IN QUALITY M I Schumacher Prop Phone 47 I BEAMAN 6 PALMER Home Furmshmg and Funeral S9"V1Ce Phone 53 R 53 W Page 46 Mr. . . . MODERN CLEANERS , I I . REAL ESTATE When You Th1nk Ot Buying Or Selhng Remember Our Record OVER S22 000000 PROPERTY SOLD AND NOT ONE ACCUSATION OF MISREPRESENTATION We Are Spec1al1sts In Real Estate Farm Loans Insurance Property Management The FRANK G ARNOLD AGENCY L O W1ll1ams Frank G Arnold Regma M Nowak Fullerton. Nebraska Phone 27 CONGRATULATIONS To The Class Of 1950 Nelson O11 Co M V GOLDSBERRY MGR Congratulanons to the Class of 1950 Anderson Rad1o and Electncal Sales and Serv1ce d G Bpph G Phone 87 Insurance and Real Estate F R WHITNEY Mattea Standard Serv1ce DUDEK SHOE SHOP B L ANDERSON Auchoneer VAUGHN PRODUCE P ltry Egg M ll F d Congratulahons Class ot 50 Fullerton Feed Seed and Produce wnursn Lasszx Page 47 I I I Electric an as 'ances Bottle as Service Consumers Public Power District Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Buyer of Cream. ou , s - - i er ee s I INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FRED PETERSON FARM EQUIPMENT Farm Eaulpment Headquarters Internahonal Motor Trucks Fullerton Nebraska Phone 74 Our Fam1ly Store Drstnbutors A E KNEPPER Owner Everythmg 1n Good Food Mobll Gas cmd Mobll O11 HN Dlirki, QBN DEER " Iohn Deere lmplements Tractors Dodge Plymouth Norge Parts Sales SSTVICG Dealer Phone 26 Fullerton Nebraska Page 48 of 50 . , s , 4- E Whlted 6- Son Implement 5 FARMERS CO-OP CREAMERY Non-Stock Fullerton Nebraska Our Products Yellow Rose Brand Homogemzecl Mrlk Cream Top Mllk Butter Cream Eggs Grange Drmk Chocolate Mllk Buyers of Cream and Graded Eggs Congratulahons To The Class Of 95 Tranbarger s Vanety 5c to S100 Mclse Congratulatlons To The Sehlor Class Of l95O The Best ls None Too Good for You Bowman s Grocery V g t Ph 64 HPV LEININGER LUMBER CO Congratulahohs To The Class Of l95U School ls Stlll Ah Achlevement We Hope To Serve You ln The Future Phone 29 Pag 49 l 0 , . I Meais--Fruits- e e ables Groceries-Frozen Foods G orge H Bob ne a s To Buy Quahty phone 55 C . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS 1950 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Establrshed 1881 Fullerton Nebraska KOFFEE KUP The Llttle Place Wlth the BIG MEALS Good Luck To You Kelih Keller The Oh1o Ncxtxoncxl L1fe Ins 1 h Congratulatlons To The Seruors Dr Edward R SlCIV1k Fullerton Dry Cleamng Llke New When Phone 79 W Congratulatlons To The Semor Class Of 950 Westslde Inn Congratulatrons to the Class ol 1950 Leophm Rlchrnond Congratulatrons to the Class of 50 TEDS BARBER SHOP Congratulatlons To The Class Of 50 Ernry Brothers 6. Z1pi Congratulatrons to the Class of l950 M yi g Hppl F g d Hppl B til G R C Andrews Ph 701 Pag 50 O F O F F . H . S . All l Agent for ' ' ' . Co. of Cincinncx i. O io x . l' ' Of 1950 We're Thru" 1 . xx VI I cz u icmces , ri i cxire iances o e gs one - e AMERICAN LEGION Congratulatlons To The Class Of l950 Dr I L Seberg Fred Phllbrlck POSt 151 commumty Feed fs. seed store Ted Chlopek Conaratulatlons to the Class of l950 Fullerton Nebraska Mels Transfer Best W1shes P a t r 0 n 1 Z e Our Buslness People To The They Are Always W1lllHg Semor Class Of l950 To Help Us F H S Students Congratulatlons The Faculty And To The Senlors Ol STUDENT BODY OF THE FULLERTON HIGH SCHOOL W1sh To Extend Thelr Appreclatlon To The Buslness People Of Fullerton Whose Adverhsmg l-las Made Th1s Annual Possrble 1950 Wayne Nxcholls Supermtendent Edna I W1dman Pr1nc1pal lane Negley Mlldred Sahs R1chard O Babcock Lester W Rozdalovsky Robert W Renner Iames Cahlll Robert I Stemmger Anna Galloway Ethel C Douglas Page 51 1 u n , 1 1 n n u 1 . 1 L - . 1 1 1 When it comes to any phase of yearbook publishing, the Journal has the right answers. 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