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Full Gospel Bible Institute - Burning Lamp Yearbook (Eston, Saskatchewan Canada) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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THE 1957 YEAR BOOK of The Full Gospel Bible Institute Eston, Saskatchewan OUR SCHOOL MOTTO: “To Know the Scriptures and the Power ojGod” OUR SCHOOL COLORS: “ Purple and Gold " Bible Institute 1 YEAR BOOK STAFF Literary Committee Standing, left to right: Harold Cain, Ralph Lemke. Seated, left to right: Agnes Hall, Faye Orvald, Evelyn Caslaw, Inez Herinanson. Editor, Evelyn M. Caslaw Sales Committee Left to right: John Abraham, Mervyn Switzer, Kenneth Ball. Layout Committee Standing, left to right: William Lindberg, Maurice Fuller, Kenneth Haase. Seated, left to right: Shirley Pearson. Dorothy Pohl, Valerie McClelland. CHRISTIAN GREETINGS: We of the above committees have made the attempt to register in these pages some of the events of this happy and prosperous school term. As we send out this book we pray that it will serve as an in¬ spiration to all young people desir¬ ing to be in the service of the Lord. May I express grateful thanks to the staff who worked so diligently and gave unstintingly of their time, to produce this year book. Also a special " thank you " to Brother Pritchard and Brother Sheppard for their invaluable assistance as ad¬ visors. To each and every one, we of the year book staff say: May the Lord’s richest blessing be yours. Yours in Christ, The Editor. 2 Full Gospel 41 m 41 41 41 ff[e Dedicate his Book to the Faculty principal ' ' ' ' Hen. (5. 3. MdLean Biceprincipal ' ' Hen. X. 0. pritchard Bean.Hen. 31. B. Marshall Hen. 31. 3:. 3heppard Hen. 3S. X. McHae Hen. H). X. CrottnJer Ren. Jf. Eosick Hen. H. i:. Wilson Bible Institute 3 . . . your home church away from home S$ton Assembly of (foil GLEN S. McLEAN, Pastor A. D. MARSHALL, Assistant Pastor The Church with an evangelical, Bible-centered ministry Fellowship with students always highly cherished Full Gospel Drooping heads always perk up when our Principal comes in to take a class, because we can be sure that there’ll be a few interesting demon¬ strations to clarify a point here and there as we study verse by verse through the Book of Acts. Brother McLean also teaches the Epistles of Romans, Holy Spirit and Tabernacle Studies. His sound and descriptive teaching of the Word of God is valued highly by the students, the more he teaches the more we want to learn. We as students have a deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the work God has enabled Brother McLean to accomplish in the Bible School, we know that his teaching will leave a lasting im¬ pression on our hearts. OUR DEAN " Say, who ' s taking the next class?’’ " A. D.” " What, and me without my dictionary! " Dictionary or no, we students thoroughly enjoy and appreciate our Dean’s classes. He has a knack for bringing to life men and events that have gone to make the history of the Christian Church. In imagination we are whisked backward into the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, entering the Augustinian convent at Erfurt, Germany, with Martin Luther. Or else going through the " ’Reign of Terror” of the 1555-98 Reformation. Other subjects taught by Brother A. D. apart from Church History are, Christian Evidence, verse by verse studies of the Gospel of John, English Bible, False Cults and Pastoral Theology. Another vital part of his ministry is that of choir director. The verve which Brother A. D. displays in his directing serves as an inspiration to the choir mem¬ bers, and they, as in times past prove to be a real blessing to listeners. OUR PRINCIPAL ' nj e T. Bible Institute 5 Although Brother Pritchard has the responsibility of the Moose Jaw Assembly, we at F.G.B.I. feel that his ministry here is a very vital part of the Bible School teaching. When Brother Pritchard teaches Bible Construc¬ tion, Christology, Ecclesiology and Escatology. he teaches as he preaches, with all boldness of the full gospel. His comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God combined with his keen sense of humour make classes a treat to which we always look forward. We pray that the Lord will continue to use Brother Pritchard mightily in this God-blessed work, which is proving to be a blessing to students who come from far and wide to learn more of the Word. For several years now Brother Sheppard has been on the teaching staff at F.G.B.I. His sub¬ jects include Bible Doctrine, Personal Evangelism and Ephesians. Already with his life dedicated to world evange¬ lism and a heart heavily burdened for the lost, his extensive travels at home and abroad in past years, as an evangelist, have gone to deepen his burden further. Endued with the marvellous power of God upon his own life, it is a deep and sincere desire in his heart that he may witness the moving of the Holy Spirit among the students, for he knows from his own experience the joy it brings to have your life altered completely by God. Full Gospel For the past number of years Brother Crowder has been a member of the F.G.B.I. teaching faculty. He takes the first semester of each year, faithfully teaching Child Evangelism, Pedagogy and Sunday School Administration. He imparts to the students the great need there is for trained children’s workers and Sunday School teachers, etc. The need is great, for the boys and girls of today are the men and women of tomorrow. During the summer months “W. E. C.” (as he is more frequently known by,) is director of Children ' s Bible Camps and also participates as director of a team of his own. Constantly he travels from place to place conducting teacher training courses in the interest of better Sunday Schools and more skilful workers. Brother McRae is pastor of the Apostolic Mission Church in Regina, where he is greatly appreciated. Their loss is our gain when he comes to teach at Bible School for a short time each year. All at school consider it a privilege to have Brother McRae in our midst. As a preacher and teacher he stands uncom¬ promisingly for the Word of God. His sincerity in the teaching of the Book of Jude, Bibliology and Homiletics is unmistakable and leaves a deep im¬ pression on students. We give God thanks for the service Brother McRae has, through His grace, rendered to the Bible School. Bible Institute 7 Brother Kosick, pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Calgary, comes to the Bible School each year for a short teaching period. His visit has always been a blessing and inspiration both in classes as well as in the pulpit. He recently took a world-wide missionary tour, visiting as many as twenty-one countries. We are looking forward to seeing the many slides he has of his visits to India, Africa and the Holy Land, also a coloured movie of part of his travels which he shows along with the slides to impart to those at home the great need for workers on the mission fields. Brother Kosick takes a keen interest in the work of the young people and Sunday School depart¬ ments of his assembly. His radio broadcast over CKXL every Sunday morning enters many western homes with the won- derous gospel message, for which we can praise the Lord. Bro. R. T. Wilson is a former graduate of F.G.B.I. We were privileged to have him back as a teacher for the first semester. He taught Bible Doctrine to the first and second year students and Christology to the third year class which proved to be very interesting subjects. Bro. Wilson found a place in the heart of the Young People in Eston. Every Friday afternoon after he had finished his classes for the day, he was found teaching the lesson in the " Young Peo¬ ple ' s Happy Hour Club.’ Bro. Wilson is pastoring at the Full Gospel Church in Craigmyle, Alberta. His pleasant personality and his love for young people, proved a blessing to everyone. 8 Full Gospel Congratulations F.G.B.I. from THE CONGREGATION, BOARD AND PASTOR of PANGMAN BETHEL ASSEMBLY PANGMAN, SASK. Pastor, Rev. D. I, Gillett tc MISSIONARIES Rev. and Mrs. E. Johnson, De La Haute Volta, French West Africa Rev. and Mrs. D. Powers, De La Haute Volta, French West Africa TO THE GRADS, Our prayer is that you might become strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might. May the boldness and courage of the Holy Spirit be yours as you face the challenge of a lost world without Christ. THIS IS THE LORD ' S DOING.”—Matt. 21 : 42 . Plan Early to Attend Our 15th Annual Fall Rally Thanksgiving Week-end SUNDAY 11:00—Sunday School 7:30—Gospel Service MIDWEEK TUE.—Prayer meeting FRI.—Family night SAT.—Youth meeting A FRIENDLY WELCOME AWAITS YOU " Bible Institute 9 OUR STAFF MURIEL CARRUTHERS Heb. 13.8 Muriel, a former graduate of F.G.B.I., has joined our staff this year to take over the cooking duties for the school, to¬ gether with Helen Peregraym. Muriel, a faithful gospel labourer from the north, who has opened up the works in Elkpoint and Kitscotty, Alberta, has also pastored in different other places in the north country. HELEN PEREGRYM Rom. 6:23 Helen came from Blackfoot in Alberta. We thank God that He has led her steps to Eston this year, giving her a desire to serve Him. Both girls have won the hearts of the students, not only because o f their excellent cooking abilities, but through their ever-ready smile, kindness and co-operation. Full Gospel PEARL KROGEL Pr. 3:5, 6 Pearl has served the Bible Institute a number of years now. Faithful and kind she has become a vital part in the training of young people for God. Even though hidden behind the scene, without her help Bible School could not have been what it is. In co-operation with Brother Burnside she is responsible for the office work of the school. OUR NURSES Miss Mavis Stein, R.N. Miss Flo Wilson, R.N. RONNIE BURNSIDE Ps. 90:12 Brother Burnside from Pangman, Sask., came as a much needed help in the office department of the school. As mana¬ ger he has great responsibilities and burdens resting upon his shoulders. We do thank God for his love and interest in doing this sacrificial work for the Master alone. Bible Institute 11 APOSTOLIC MISSION 1739 SCARTH STREET E. L. McRAE, Pastor REGINA CONGRATULATIONS To the largest graduating class in the history of F.G.B.I. “YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” Matt. 5:16. EVANGEL CENTRE Gull Lake, Sask. May the Lord Bless The Faculty and Students of F.G.B.I. Be ye steadfast and unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, as your labour is not-in vain in the Lord. I Cor. 15:58 Apostolic Lighthouse 940 St. George NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA Pastor M. Fast Congratulations to the Graduates! “Into His field already to harvest. " John 4:35 REMEMBER “GRAD” Success is measured by faithfulness to our God Given Task. Apostolic Church NIPAWIN, SASK. Pastor Nels Neilson 12 Full Gospel ' fthfcA ' mctn, w u t Jie .. Isaiah 21:11 Oh! Church of God, with " power ' ' divine, and strength to bind and tie, How can you strain at " gnats " so small While " camels” pass thereby. Oh! Church of God, with " eyes " to see, the secret things unseen, How can you peer at " motes” so small, When therein lies a " beam,” Oh! Church of God, with beacon " lights” the darkness to dispel, How can you sit unmoved and calm While blind men walk to hell. A CHALLENGE TO THE GRADUATES — from — Oh! Church of God, with " love” divine, to give, to woo, to plead, How can you horde your gold and goods While starving souls have need. Oh! Church of God, Oh! Church of God, The world is full of woe. Awaiting, you to lead the fight Against their fearful foe. Oh! Church of God, Oh! Church of God, Remember Calvary ' s tree Obey His call, and give your all Till every slave is free. Every Creature Crusade using proven methods to reach every creature COMMITTEE REV. REV. REV. REV. J. N. NICHOLLS L. S. HEARN A. E. SHEPPARD BEN FRANCESCO REV. REV. IRVING GELLETT MR. P. H. SCHROEDER MR. GALT DOUGALL MR. T. W. SPAETGENS IRVING GILLETT Bible Institute 13 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Mel Hanson, Ken Ball, Alan Mortenson, William Lindberg, Mary Kerr It’s recess time again! Steady! Watch that load! Oh! These dusty halls! Bible Institute 15 Congratulations and God’s Richest Blessings to the Graduates and the F.G.B.I. --- Congratulations to Graduates and Faculty of F.G.B.I. Burns General Store “DEAL WITH BURNS FOR BETTER RETURNS” PHONE 20 VETERAN, ALBERTA Family EH Eston Shoe Repair Shop Heistad General Store JOHN LENZ, Prop. VETERAN, ALBERTA “WE MEND EVERYTHING” Hughes Hughes Congratulations Barristers and Solicitors The Graduates ESTON, SASK. The Students The Faculty of The Full Gospel Bible Institute Yardage , . . Hosiery . . . Flowers Novelties . . . Gifts K WE AIM TO PLEASE Eston Variety Store PHONE 270 DEVEREUX STORE VETERAN, ALBERTA 16 Full Gospel 85 EAST 10TH AVENUE VANCOUVER 1.0, B.C. HPlxele the HP old of Plod is not PBound WITH BEST WISHES IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, TO THE PRINCIPAL, STAFF, STUDENT BODY AND GRADUATING CLASS OF F.G.B.I. DR. W. J. ERN BAXTER, Pastor JAS. H. N1CHOLLS, Ass ' t Pastor 1 Cor. 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. Bible Institute. 17 Full of expectancy, but shy and rather self conscious, was that group of new students that arrived in the fall of 1954 to begin their first year in F.G.B.I. They met curious but friendly looks by the older students, who just didn ' t know what to make of the freshmen. As time went on, a deep love and appreciation one for another grew into inseparable bonds. The teaching of the Word of God and the guiding of the Holy Spirit into sweet fellowship did something to these young lives that nothing else could have done. William Hawke of Hudson Bay, Sask., was chosen to represent the class before the student council. Thirty- five students enrolled, coming from different walks of life in the four provinces of Western Canada. Four came from U.S.A., one from England, and one from Germany. Two students failed to return after the Christmas holi¬ days, joining the II.S. Airforce. At their return for the second term, it was their privilege now to watc h the new-comers. Twenty-four of the original class returned, and one new student joined them. This term too, was greatly enjoyed by all. It was the lot of Ralph Lemke of Calgary, Alta., to be the spokesman of the class for this year. Through the choir tour in the next spring, a wonderful field of service in singing and Child Evangelism opened up. Camp work followed the choir itinerary. The third term brought more back than expected to the study of God’s word. A new record was set for F.G.B.I. by this, the largest graduating class of twenty students. Only one more year to go. William Lindberg of Fosston, Minn., was elected to be class representative. Alan Mortensen of Calgary, Alta., served as president of the student body. All of the graduating class feel a deep gratitude and love to the members of the faculty and staff for their faithful ministry to them in the past three years, and wish the Lord’s richest blessing upon their further ministry. 18 Full Gospel EBWifcib-. ALAN MORTENSEN 2 Tim. 2:13 Faithful and dependable with leader¬ ship ability, he desires to put all that he has into the Master ' s hands. WILLIAM LINDBERG Gal. 2:20 " Sing the gospel, Billy, for the glory of God and the salvation of many.” WILMA WYLIE Isaiah 41:10 Quiet and reserved with a keen sense of her responsibility for the lost. WILBERT M. CONROY John 7:37 He will never have to be instructed from Isaiah 40:9 . . . " ‘lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not afraid " : for he has set his heart upon the Lord. Bible Institute IRENE WENZEL 1 Peter 5:7 Always kind and thoughtful with a ready smile in spite of trials, Irene has a heart dedicated to the Lord. 19 j. valarie McClelland Isaiah 6:8 With her talents dedicated to the Master, and a compassion for the needy, she desires to serve Him alone. INEZ E. HERMANSON John 20:21 With a gospel song on her lips, she brings salvation to the perishing, com¬ fort to the bereaved and joy to the saints. RALPH LEMKE Acts 20:24 Sincere, studious, saved and sanctified, single, but not satisfied! JOY A. ERICKSON Heb. 12:2 The Lord has put a light in her eyes (especially observed by Ralph,) Ed., a smile on her lips and a bubble of joy in her heart. ROBERT LEE ESTES Phil. 4:19 Always joyful and with his heart set on the Lord, he endeavours to develop a writing ministry. 20 Full Gospel HARRY E. ROBERTS Titus 3:5 The study of God’s Word has con¬ vinced him that he too, has a respon¬ sibility to the Lord and the lost, to go and preach the gospel. FAYE D. ORVALD Heb. 12:2 Quiet and studious is Faye, faithful trusting to be used of Him in what¬ ever field He may lead. MERVYN SWITZER Phil. 4:13 He is full of humour and wit but has a deep desire to be in the Lord’s will and make his life count for Him. DANIEL STRAZA 1 Thess. 5:24 The irrevocable call of God has told him to reap the harvest in darkened Africa. Bible Institute. 21 EVELYN M. CASLAW Rom. 12:1,2 Takes a keen interest and has an ability for literary work. Also has a deep desire to labour among the refu¬ gees in Europe. WILLIAM HAWKE Col. 3:16 Like Daniel of old he has set himself a goal to read and to study God’s Word unceasingly and pray systemati¬ cally. ROBERT G. L. ERICKSON 1 Peter 4:11 He still insists that a wife is as im¬ portant in the ministry as a Chev ' . VERN DURKSEN Nahum 1:7 Quiet and pleasant, Vern, desires to be used of the Lord in whatever field of service He may call. Ik v - SHIRLEY PEARSON Isaiah 4:8 Pleasant and joybringing has been her stay in the school. All like her and wish that the Lord might really use her in His service. 22 Full Gospel Congratulations Graduates of 1957 God’s Promise " I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Full Gospel Time Sunday 8:15 a.m. over CKSW, Swift Current 1400 Kc. on your dial Church Calendar SUNDAY 9:45—Sunday School 11:00—Morning Worship 7:30—Evangelistic Rally Tues.—Bible Study, 8 p.m. Thur.—Prayer 8 P.m. Fri.—Youth Meeting 8 p.m. ’ HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE " FULL GOSPEL CHURCH SWIFT CURRENT Pastor—R. A. LARDEN The Western Apostolic Camp Association WELCOME YOU TO THEIR 1957 Family Camp July 14-28 Bible Institute 23 Congratulations to F.G.B.I. Graduates of 1957 from the friendly FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 917 14th Avenue West, Calgary, Alta, and from the district Forest Lawn Full Gospel Church Corner 38th Ave. and 18th Street YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO WORSHIP WITH US— TUNE IN EACH SUNDAY TO FULL GOSPEL TIME— DIAL 1140, CKXL, CALGARY, ALTA. “Calgary’s Full Gospel Church is a Missionary-Minded Church” Gods Richest Blessings The Assembly and Pastor of to all the Grads and F.G.B.I. family for 1957 CEYLON FULL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY “For our Gospel came not unto you in Word only, but in power and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance.” 1 Thes. 1:5. Congratulates the Graduates for ’57 from the THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD May God call each one of you into full time work for Him! of the [CD VETERAN m FULL GOSPEL CHURCH Pastor David 1. Gillett 24 Full Gospel SECOND YEAR CLASS MARY U. KERR Gull Lake, Sask. What mischief is she up to now? • tsa. 41:10. Bible Institute 25 M ' c5 xCP° c. V- too 4« ep p e asa ) ' . s ' - -ft? " ’ eaj •1 s ' ' « ' l 4 9 oi° ' A ' a «••• ■ YuS " 26 Full Gospel v s • v - O o £ ..«W. i 4f- 6 -.9S- L»° 4 -S ' St ' fcf . S ' a e V oT t eU £ ° s wta d v ° set ' ' ' c 1 ' - sV eC ' ,. - 4g s P jf " ’ £ " t ' « e v ‘ Sa 6 70 -2,5. ° " " s s«. ;„r® ju « u Gre feii M s A TrH ariy ' ti n ass un, as k frank ■■ “ ' P-3, fell :Full Gospel BEST WISHES FROM SCARLETT’S—-Drug Store DRUGS AND PRESCRIPTIONS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES MOVIE EQUIPMENT Fresh Films Always on Hand PHONE 137 ESTON, SASK. CONGRATULATIONS . . . to the Graduates of 1957 and sincere good wishes for a successful life of faithful stewardship in the service of the Master. Schlamp’s Garage Limited GRENFELL, SASK. ESTON Co-operative Association Ltd. Eston, Saskatchewan The Eston Co-operative Association solicits the business of the members of the Full Gospel Bible Institute in a spirit of friendly sincerity and courtesy. We trust that you will find personal satisfaction in the quality of our merchandise and the courtesy of our service. Our store, our garage, our lumber yard and our petroleum department can supply you with most of your personal needs. Our business was established to improve economic conditions in the Eston Community and membership is open to all residents of Eston and district. Bible Institute. 29 Congratulations TO The Graduates of F.G.B.I. Matt. 9:37, 38 Johnston Farming Co. ESTON, SASK. FIRST YEAR CLASS OUR IRISH These six young people have come to us directly from Ireland. Five are taking their first year while the sixth, John Abraham, is taking his second term. Charged with the gospel of Christ, stirred with a love for lost souls and zealous for the kingdom of God each one has come to F.G.B.I. We trust that under the teaching and guidance of faithful teachers and the Holy Spirit each one will be well equipped to carry out their de¬ termination to fulfil the ministry whereunto they have been called. 31 Bible Institute A w. 32 Full Gospel , etS e 4 rtv« Tt ° 5 J °Sw i M ia ' t s s ee, V 0 ' ’ 33 Bible Institute — Oo “ ' . rf r ' C0- tS fjy ’ V $£■ 3 e ««• ' B Vo ' e V3 0 " Full Gospel Bible Institute -35 CKJffwW” 4 ‘ " SP 5 ’ Off? , , Psa - 3J; 3 oR 0 v. ■P ' ° v - 3 5 ’ 6 36 Full Gospel Congratulations . . . to the 1957 GRADUATING CLASS May Your Leadership Brighten the World “I am the light of the world,” saith the Lord OWENS, JOHNSTON and SWEITZER LIMITED Massey-Harris Farm Machinery Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cars and Chevrolet Trucks Elephant Brand Fertilizer Firestone Tires and Accessories Purity 99 Gasolines and Oils SALES AND SERVICE Phone 97, ESTON, SASK. CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATES AVON Cosmetics and Toiletries | YOUR ESTON AVON REPRESENTATIVE IS D. G. MULLOCK, G.J. Appropriate Gifts for every Occasion Watchmaker and Jeweller PHONE 445 ESTON, SASK. Congratulations KRAFT’S BARBER SHOP Bud — Bruce — Tony TRACY CASKEY Barristers and Solicitors ESTON SASK. Bible Institute- 31 TEMPLE L. O. PRITCHARD, Pastor MOOSE JAW - - SASK. New Church Location 50 HOCHELAGA ST. E. Our New Church Will Be Dedicated APRIL 28, 1957 “Strangers in this Church are friends who haven’t met yet.” CONGRATULATIONS “GRADS” China-Korea-Japan Prayer Band Missionary activities of the China, Korea and Japan prayer band were launched this 1956-57 term upon the scripture " But if our light be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. " II Cor. 4:3. Feeling the necessity of prayer for our missionaries our band gathered every Monday night. We know that through our prayers God not only worked in the midst of our mission¬ aries, but also challenged our own hearts causing us to see how greatly those who were passing on into a Christless eternity needed Christ too. Visiting missionaries were greatly appreciated when ministering in our chapel services at morning devotions, for they were able to present in a few words the urgent needs of their mission fields. Bible Institute. 39 Home Missions Prayer Band It is seldom that the homeland is looked upon as a needy mission field. Therefore, each time the members of the Home Missions prayer band minister to the students in morning devotions, they deem it not only a privilege but a responsibility to remember the many burdens and prayer requests of those labouring in the various fields of service in the vast expanse of the Home Mission field. Thus enlightened, all who feel the call of God to missionary work, give the homeland, this whitened harvest field, much serious thought and prayer " Where there is no vision, the people perish:” Prov. 29:18. 40 = Full Gospel ISLAND WORLD PRAYER BAND The members of this prayer group cover the islands of the world in their prayers. Reports come in frequently from these fields and are eagerly read out to the whole student body during Wednesday morning devotions. The light ' of the Word is being shed abroad by faithful missionaries in Jamaica. In the " Faith Home " orphanage which is managed by Sister O ' Sullivan, and where our own F.G.B.I. graduate Sister Rose Dediluke labours. In Cuba, Rev. Lopez has a broadcasting ministry and is able to reach many with the wondrous gospel message. Rev. and Mrs. Ware also are labouring in Cuba. Rev. and Mrs. J. Thompson are in service for the Lord in Puerto Rico. These are just a few of the mis¬ sionaries spread far and wide across the islands of the world. May the Lord greatly bless and reward their efforts. ■ ' •S ah ' V s»- e s e ' Bible Institute 41 INDIA PRAYER BAND The India prayer band represents the following Irish and Canadian missionaries. From Ireland, Sister S. F. Beardwell, Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Law, Re v. and Mrs. D. C. Lewes, Sister M. Paint, Sister C. M. Paint. From Canada, Rev. and Mrs. G. Shalm, Sister Ashley and Sister Steeves, Rev. and Mrs. G. Neilson. Since the Rev. G. Neilson has been home on furlough, the Rev. Lawson Barber and family are making plans to go to the land of India. We have a special interest in Brother Barber ' s plans because he is a board member of F.G.B.I. We of the prayer band count it a privilege to hold these servants of God up in prayer as they spread the gospel. 42 Full Gospel SOUTH AMERICAN PRAYER BAND South America is a country that is rich with the souls of men, but these precious souls know not of the Christ whom we serve. The large percentage of the people of this land are held in the clutches of Roman Catholicism, while the remainder of the native savages of the jungle tribes have never yet heard the gladsome message of sal¬ vation through our Lord Jesus Christ. It was at the hands of such savages that many of our Protestant missionaries have given up their lives. As the recent murders of the five missionaries to the Aucas come to mind, we are spurred on to greater efforts in reaching the heathen with the glorious gospel message. Yet these martyrs have meant the coming of many other mission¬ aries to take their place. It is for the many labourers such as these in this land that our prayer group has been organized. We of the prayer band praise God for the responsibility and privilege which is ours to pray for this needy land. We are claiming some of the inheritance which the Lord has granted to us. Psa. 2:8, " Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” Bible Institute. 43 AFRICA PRAYER BAND Africa is a land overflowing with souls still held in the grip of heathenism. We of the prayer band feel the burden to pray diligently for Africa’s myriads of people. We represent both the missionaries in French West Africa and South Africa. It is a joy to have the Rev. and Mrs. Stanley King home on fur¬ lough at this time, from French West Africa. We were greatly challenged as we listened to Brother King’s heart stirring mes¬ sage recently at morning devotions. Of the thousands across this dark continent " who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through our faithful missionaries to bring salvation to Africa ' s millions. 44 = Full Gospel EUROPE PRAYER BAND We of the Europe prayer band have found a real blessing in corresponding with several of the missionaries in various parts of Europe. In this way we have learned first hand of the work there being accomplished. In Portugal, the Lord is richly blessing the efforts of the Rev. and Mrs. Frank Smith in their work at Coimbra. Also the Rev. and Mrs. Colin Bowker at Corville, and the Rev. and Mrs. Tage Stahlberg, Lisbon. The Rev. Roberts is doing a great work in France, the Rev. and Mrs. Briscoe also are doing extensive evangelistic work in that country. The Lord is greatly blessing the work of the Janz quartet. Seventeen native evangelists are being supported by the Every Creature Crusade, they are also printing thousands of copies of Christian literature. In August of this year there is to be a Youth for Christ congress meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. We of the Europe prayer band will continue to pray diligently for the Lord to give wisdom, strength and anointing to these dear mis¬ sionaries, also the many others which lack of space prevents us from mentioning by name. Bible Institute 45 Congratulations Graduates of 1957 Northcott Construction Limited Construction Work Moving Buildings Cutting Down Barns Excavating and Concrete Work Road Gravelling ESTON Phone 64 J. D. NORTHCOTT President Phone 409 R. J. NORTHCOTT Secretary-Treasurer Phone 324 CONGRATULATIONS TO The Graduates of 1957 and to The Faculty and Students of F.G.BJ. FROM SWIFT CURRENT, SASK. WHOLESALE GROCERS 146 = :Full Gospel TROSSACHS GOSPEL CAMP INVITES YOU! We want our Camp to be a blessing to all the F.G.B.I. family . . . Make Trossachs Camp your Spiritual Feast this year! % f FAMILY WEEK A June 28 to July 7 G .T CHILDREN’S WEEK July 7 to 14 mM Camp Teacher Camp Evangelist REV. A. D. MARSHALL REV. A. E. SHEPPARD For further information contact . . . WM. RENZ, Camp Secretary _ or _ D - • GILLETT, Camp Pastor Khedive, Sask. Pangman, Sask. Full Gospel Bible Institute’s Trio Also in Attendance Motor Specialty Manufacturers Ltd . AUTOMOTIVE, INDUSTRIAL AND MARINE PISTONS Congratulations to Faculty and Students of Full Gospel Bible Institute Our best wishes extended to the graduating class on completion of another term. from MOTOR SPECIALTY MANUFACTURERS LIMITED 475 Clark Drive HA. 3844 Vancouver 6, B.C. “PISTONS AND PARTS” DIE CASTING PERMANENT MOULDING Bible Institute 47 Visitors to F. G.B.I. REV. NORMAN WORTH Our Irish Evangelist .art i - 48 Full Gospel SIS. WILMA ARTHUR Outgoing Missionary to Japan Bible Institute 49 MEMORIES OF THE 1957 PROVINCIAL CONFERENCE CONFERENCE GROUP Our Subjects: Pastoring and Sunday School: Rev. Gillette. Pastoring and Youth Work: Rev. Dalke. Pastoring and Visitation: Rev. Brewer. Pastoring and Missions: Rev. Neilsen. EVENING SPEAKER EVENING SPEAKER 50 Full Gospel ESTON BAKERY Best Wishes CYR’S LADIES’ WEAR Box 489 ESTON, SASK. STORE WITH BRANDED LINES Walter Fritz, Prop. FRESH BREAD AND PASTRY DAILY Birthday and Wedding Cakes by Order ESTON PRESS C. W. COOMBS, EDITOR “Your Local Newspaper” BRIGGS HARDWARE FURNITURE APPLIANCES ESTON, SASK. Daly’s Dry Cleaning Phone 228 Eston Regular Care — Longer Wear Alterations — Repairs Made-to-Measure Suits Congratulations Graduates of 1957 THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE ESTON BRANCH G. D. McEACHERN Manager Bible Institute 51 The Orchestra was formed by students who play musical in¬ struments and who wish to use their talents for the honour and glory of God. The Orchestra adds much to the services, as well as the musical numbers which are greatly enjoyed by all. LEONARD and NORMAN JUELL Have musical talents dedicated to the Lord FRED QUIST and KEN HAASE Enjoy playing their instruments for the Lord Full Gospel The choir of some forty voices under the capable leadership of Rev. A. D. Marshall, musical director, and Mrs. Gillis Killam (standing left), pianist, is indeed a very important and essential part of Bible School life. Here is an opportunity for students to give freely of their talents to the Lord. Besides the choir work, emphasis is given to congregational conducting. This is an essential to young people entering gospel work. Last spring, the choir, consisting of seventeen members with “Bro. A.D.” as director and Miss Marjorie Spicer as pianist and Brother Ian Lockie as assistant speaker, travelled through Saskatchewan and Alberta, right from the Manitoba border west to Calgary, from Kincaid in the south to Cold Lake in the north. The choir travelled for forty-eight days in which time they conducted sixty-one meetings in forty-two assemblies (an increase of fourteen new assemblies over former years). Travelling in all a total of five thousand miles. The choir finished their tour by attending the Annual Conference at the Apostolic Church in Saskatoon, feeling the Lord had wonderfully blessed their service for Him. Plans are under way at present for another tour this spring, the Lord willing. If you desire the choir to visit your locality contact Rev. A. D. Marshall, F.G.B.I., Eston. Bible Institute 53 in, A a " 3 ht aro- V™ ' d UervY n 3 INEZ HERMANSON BILL MOORE JOYCE TAUBER Has a ministry in song Our Irish soloist Making melody unto " Him " 54 Full Gospel Full Gospel Bible Camp and VBS Teams “Thy word is truth.” John 17:17 General Director: Rev. W. E. Crowder Headquarters: Eston Sask. Reaching children and young people for Christ by means of Bible Camps and Vacation Bible Schools. Please contact us for further information. Reaching Tomorrow’s Adults Today EATON’S OF CANADA THROUGH THE MAIL ORDER CATALOGUES Fairway Sales Service Ltd. ESTON, SASK. J wTrn v Cockshutt Implements Hugas Agent „ Goodyear Tires PHONE 57 1 ROYALITE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Congratulations Graduates “. . . forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Phil 3:13, 14 from Vivian Hunter, Hodgeville, Sask. Best Wishes for the Future ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ HOTEL ESTON Frank Longridge Congratulations Graduates fop JMfcp ICEEANERSl “IT’S O.K. THE TIP TOP WAY” Mrs. F. Hamilton, Manager Eston Bible Institute - 55 THE ESTON AND DISTRICT SAVINGS AND CREDIT UNION LTD. Congratulates the Graduates of 1956. Save Regularly — Borrow Wisely from THE ESTON AND DISTRICT SAVINGS AND CREDIT UNION LTD. C. C. LLOYD — Manager Congratulations Graduates ESTON SHEET METAL Plumbing, Heating, Gas Fitting Sheet Metal Works ESTON PHONE 274 Eston Modern Locker Ltd. The Home of GOOD MEATS Service and Satisfaction our sole aim. ESTON and EATONIA LOCKE’S PHARMACY WHERE YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME! Complete line of Drugs, Photographic Supplies Cosmetics, Stationery, School Supplies, etc. 24-HOUR PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Day 123 — Phone — Night 385 ESTON Congratulations a a Dodge and DeSoto B-A Products and Tires International Harvester A A K. E. Thulien VETERAN, ALBERTA 56 Full Gospel HAPPY HOUR THEME TEXTS Matthew 18:14 Proverbs 22:6 OFF TO EATONIA HAPPY HOUR LEADERS Left to rights—J. Valarie McClelland, Rev. W. E. Crowder, lleene Bayley. Left to right—Harold Cain, Joyce Silvester, Alan Mortensen, Mavis Stein, " Pete’’ Conroy. We would give praise to the Lord for what he has done in Happy Hour throughout the years and this year is no exception. We have had the opportunity of holding Happy Hour in Eston, Lacadena, Eatonia, Brock and Wartime. We count it a privilege to be in such a great work, teaching the boys and girls about the Lord Jesus Christ. In each of our departments we have a leader who is not only capable of teaching but also training new workers. In this hour with the children, we provide Bible Quiz contests, object lessons, memory verses and an adaptable lesson from the Word of God. Throughout the year we hold Happy Hour Rallies which have proven to be a great blessing. How blessed it is to lead a boy or girl to the Lord Jesus knowing he or sh e has a whole life ahead to serve our Wonderful Lord and Master. Bible Institute. 57 58: Full Gospel EVELYN STRAZA SYLVIA McLEAN DANIEL STRAZA BROCK Happy Hour Group JOHN ABRAHAM FRED QUIST WILLIAM LINDBERG LACADENA Happy Hour Group These children love to sing such choruses as: “Jesus Never Fails” “Only a Boy Named David” “Deep and Wide” etc. A group of happy boys and girls WILLIAM HAWKE CHRISTINE EATON JOY ERICKSON WARTIME Happy Hour Group Bible Institute 59 FIELDING McLEAN ESTON, SASK. THE BUSY CORNER STORE WHERE EVERYBODY GOES Phone 143 God Bless You Graduates Congratulations to the Grads MODERN MOVERS UPPER VOLTA MISSION FRENCH WEST AFRICA HOUSE MOVING HEAVY HAULING WINCH TRUCKS Gordon Tiessen Phone 92812 KINDERSLEY, SASK. Martin and Alice Davies, Diebougou Phil and Lucille Davies, Leo Jack and Marg Gordon, Silli Armien and Helen Hildebrandt, Cassou Eldon and Luella Johnson, Batie Stan and Phyl King, Boura Dalton and Audrey Powers preparing in Switzerland God’s Best to You Graduates Beaver Lumber Company from The Apostolic Church Melfort, Sask. Congratulations to the Graduates “The Lord is faithful who shall establish you.’’ 1 Thes. 3:3 Your Plywood Headquarters Pastor L. Barbour ESTON, SASK. Congratulations to The Graduates The Students The Faculty That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give unto you the spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Eph. 1:17. Veteran Full Gospel Camp 1957 CAMP June 30 - July 7 inc. Write T. Thulien, Secretary Phone 25 VETERAN, ALBERTA 60; Full Gospel Personal Evangelism You little monkey Looks like she’s asked " THE” question Dear Miss, . . How I . .Yours, Ken Must be a kid from up town Ten times a day will give him less joy Bible Institute 61 The prayer of a righteous man availeth much Flashes finished . . . now they feast And we all made 100% One subject we all enjoy O.K. You guys. Dry up, eh! Pin ' em up tight or we’ll be a sight 1 i I gill Full Gospel " M-A-I-L . . . One for me? " “Sorry, pal. Waitin ' for a phone call? Not much to say today except . . . Who seen him when he dun it? Bible Institute 63 The left-out fielder, way out Our foreigners, " Sure n ' begorrah. " Same principle as a vacuum cleaner £4 Full Gospel Hey! No raising the puck Good exercise, eh? Our future Moody and Sankey ... Calm down, he s just blowin’ his horn again Think he ' ll live? Bible Institute. =65 Killed the cat Who ' s fighting who? Ringside seat Was this Irish Brawn or Braw? " Work intrigues me ' Could this be our dignified Evelyn ' Cell 999 ' ' Wanted for gratis 66 Full Gospel Time Out for P.T Heads up and straighten those shoulders. One, two, three - - str - - e - etch. Bible Institute 67 . V }| ««« RADUATES of 57 BANQUET HIGHLIGHTS Sponsored by Second Year Class Reply to the Toast First Year Bro. Batke First Year Third Year Impressions From Speaks to the Impressions From History a Girl’s Viewpoint Grads an Irishman s Viewpoint GRADUATES FACULTY AND STAFF 68 Full Gospel Congratulations G-R-A-D-S from the MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF SAMUEL ABRAHAM and SON SWISS EMBROIDERERS HANDKERCHIEF MANUFACTURERS AND EXCLUSIVE IRISH TABLE LINENS BLEARY SWISS EMBROIDERY WORKS LURGAN, NORTH IRELAND Congratulations to Students from Campbell, Wilson Millar Limited Independent Wholesale Grocers SASKATOON HUMBOLDT DICK’S STUDIO GIFTS PHOTOGRAPHERS Photography Jewellery Giftware Phone 32821 Kindersley, Sask., Canada Box 373 Congratulations F.G.B.I. “Invite our Camera to your Wedding” Bible Institute 69 rS SsC l f jy ri f h ft ' ■ zJKr’ ' Fz 7eute jL ¥±°ZL? t}£) a r ' PT c izlv- : P-+(i ' .. q ,;tv CSA y 17 .Li v " r , • u p fi.v ¥ JXXCy- l$ . «- fr :70; -.Full Gospel CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES AND STUDENTS OF F.G.B.I. Saskatoon Apostolic Church 19th Street and Avenue G South, Saskatoon SUNDAY Sunday School . 9.45 a.m. Devotional . 11.00 a.m. Evangelistic . 7.15 p.m. WEEK NIGHT Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday . 8.00 p.m. THE WORD OF LIFE—CFQC. 10.15 a.m. " Holding forth the Word of Life—that (we) may rejoice in the day of Christ.’ ELMER’S GARAGE Repairs ON ALL MAKES OF CARS AND TRACTORS PHONE 344 616 7th Ave. W. ESTON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF “57” FROM THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF HERCO MFG. LTD. PLUMBING HEATING SHEET METAL LICENCED GAS FITTERS SALES AND SERVICE ESTON.. . PHONE 239 71 Bible Institute STUDENT DIRECTORY Abraham, John —41 Beverley Hills, Bangor, County Down, North Ireland. Arneson, Jim —Nipawin, Sask. Audette, Ruth— -Melfort, Sask. Ball, Kenneth —1635-32nd Ave., S.W., Calgary, Alta. Banman, Dorothy —320-7th Ave., N.E., Calgary, Alta. Barker, Marilyn —211 Spy Hill, Calgary, Alta. Barnett, Raymond —16 Lilac Ave., Colraine, County Derry, North Ireland. Bayly, Eileen —320-7th Ave., N.E., Calgary, Alta. Beresh, Pearlye —Maple Grove Road, Beamsville, Ont. Cain, Harold —Carlyle, Sask. Calderwood, Billy —Gunnell Hill, Whitewell Road, Belfast, North Ireland. Calderwood, Mary —Gunnell Hill, Whitewell Road, Belfast, North Ireland. Ca slaw, Evelyn —Eston, Sask. Conroy, Wilbert —Frenchman Butte, Sask. Dueck, Sarah —1149 Willow Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask. Durksen, Vem —Veteran, Alta. Eaton, Christine— Carlyle, Sask. Estes, Robert Lee —900 Redford St., Port Alberni, B.C. Erickson, Joy —1201 Bowness Road, Calgary, Alta. Erickson, Robert— 1201 Bowness Road, Calgary, Alta. Fuller, Maurice —Fauquier, B.C. Greaves, Ruth —Radville, Sask. Greaves, Ronald— Radville, Sask. Gross, Beatrice —Langley Prairie, B.C. Haase, Kenneth —Hazenmore, Sask. Hall, Agnes —Punnichy, Sask. Hawke, Bill —Hudson Bay, Sask. Hanson, Melvin— Rockglen, Sask. Hermanson, Inez —623 Agnes St., New Westminster, B.C. Hooper, Donald —Somme, Sask. Hooper, Ronald —Somme, Sask. Juell, Norman —Assiniboia, Sask. Juell, Leonard —Assiniboia, Sask. Kerr, Mary —Gull Lake, Sask. Leader, Madeline —Kelliher, Sask. Lemke, Ralph —910-7th Ave., N.E., Calgary, Alta. Lockie, Jean— Broadview, Sask. Lindberg, Billy —Route 2, Fosston, Minn. Marshall, Clarence —Box 572, Moose Jaw, Sask. Marshall, Douglas —Eston, Sask. Martin, Ruth —Grenfell, Sask. Mills, Wendell— 1010 Atkinson St., Regina, Sask. Mills, Cecile —1010 Atkinson St., Regina, Sask. Moore, William —17 Westland Gardens, Belfast, North Ireland. Moorman, Clayton —Pleasantdale, Sask. Mortensen, Alan —2508 16A St, S.E., Calgary, Alta. McLean, Sylvia— Tappen, B.C. McClelland, Grace —1570 Argyle St., Regina, Sask. McClelland, Valarie —1570 Argyle St., Regina, Sask. McClelland, Billy— 55 Ashleigh Crescent, Lurgan, County Armagh, North Ireland. Orvold, Faye —Melfort, Sask. Patterson, Gerald —Oak Lake, Man. Pearson, Shirley— 479 Ragland Road, Winnipeg, Man. Pohl, Dorothy —11 Gladstone Ave. N., Yorkton, Sask. Quist, Fred— Box 111, Marwayne, Alta. Reid, Ross— Aubumton, Sask. Roberts, Harry —Ceylon, Sask. Sauer, Mildred —838-4th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta. Sauer, Earle —Edenwold, Sask. Silvester, Joyce— Ernfold, Sask. Stein, Mavis —Eston, Sask. Straza, Daniel —1246 Cornwall St., Regina, Sask. Switzer, Mervyn —Grenfell, Sask. Tauber, Joyce —1147-6th Ave. N.W., Moose Jaw, Sask. Thompson, Betty —Fruitvale, B.C. Trautwein, Dona —Lacombe, Alta. Upshall, Charles —Grande Prairie, Alta. Wenzel, Irene —Morse, Sask. Wilson, Floreen —Pangman, Sask. Wylie, Wilma —205 Healy Booker Block, Swift Current, Sask. Full Gospel X

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