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Q1 'W' 'E'-.15 giws 3 W mm QS. " we . 'agua I iiwigm ' 1. Q S W , . ,. A H , 3:2 ,gg Q? Q . Dedication To Our Parents au Q f 'Ix , 15' YI sig ec: fi XX If' ff -I 2' 1 5' J ff ,ewes f X Q ' ' GV 5g X xavl 'N iff? 'R' I x CK fig? I CGD X ff . 5 I 1 W -QE? I 43 mmf: , Caz-J I + Q4-jf ' c 55 X 33 LX ' ' ' Wm For twelve years my footsteps walked the corri- dors of SCHOOL. For twelve years your unceasing kindness helped me to survive the first phase of the Song of Life. You were patient with me when I seemed most unreasonable and you gave me hope when hope was gone. Now I am a Senior, ready to add a new page to the Song of Life, and ready to step forward and strive to reach the goal that I have set for myself. And so, WITH A SONG IN MY HEART I dedicate to you, my parents, the 1953 RED RAIDER. Z W RSQQ 2, be H Q ix 1 qf w ,J f Nx B, ff-?5v d S X if -A X 'S X fx f..,, 7 ff- x H 3 Board of Education W. H. Davidson fSuperintendentQ, Perry Frey cDlT6Ct0T5, .Tohn Tuseth fClerkj, Harold Nelson fChairmanj, F. W. Penrod fTreasurerj, Vic Gits fDirectorj, Mrs. Margaret Downey fDi1-ectorj. '-ami, We have taken from it knowledge, ideals and companionship. We have added our best in the classroom and in competitive circles. We have worn a path to the doorg sometimes willingly, sometimes reluctantly. Through it all we have developed and nurtured an admiration, a respect and a love for OUR SCHOOL. 4 Annan? pl. W. H. DAVIDSON Superintendent m H. C. HICKMAN WANDA SISCO High School Principal Grade School Principal R .WN '21 ' Miss Sisw Prepares Mr. Davidson and his office girl, Carol Mag- Mr, Hickman tending music 19550115 diligent- nus, relax to smile before completing daily his eternal records, lv- office duties. 5 Facult BETTY ANDERSON GERALD L. DAVIS Home Economics' Mathematics, Physical Education, Basketball, Baseball. BETTY J. AUSTIN Fifth Grade- WILLIAM H. EWENS Mathematics, Science, Visual Aids. W. G. BEHM Business, Science, Drivers' Training. H. W. FELT History, Physical Education, Football, Track RGSELLA HALSRUD BETTY KUYPER First Grade- Third Grade. W- S- HOWARTH t MRS. LAU1z LEMMERMAN English, Social, Dramatics. English, Social Science, ERNEST D. IOHNSON WARREN 0. MCCUAIG Veterans' Agriculture- Commercial, Journalism. H L. G. NAUSS LORRAINE STEUCK Industrial Arts. English, Bookkeeping, Annual, Library. PHIL S. NORRDIN OPAL M. SYVERSON MUSiC- Second Grade. GLORIA SODERHOLM CAROL VALKER Sixth Grade! 6 English, Physical Education, Cheerleading .J !-xx I s l s 1 X Q J 19:1 1' N' ll S N f x Vu XX J I 4-n-'sam I S - d , THE UPPER CRUST Seniors JEAN APPEL. A well-groomed senior gal with an abundance of sparkle. Band 15 Homecoming Attendant 15 Class Sec.- Treas. 15 Dramatics 4. HERMAN BAKKER A good humored guy and not as quiet as he seems. Boys' Glee Club 2,35 Chorus 3. MARJORIE BOOMGARDEN A co-operative miss who is jolly and carefree. Criti-Witt 2,3,45 Librarian 3,45 Dramatics 4. ELAINE BRADY Capable, good natured and friendly, a well liked classmate. Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Band 25 Drannatics 2,3, 45 Class Play 35 Choral Reading 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Criti-Witt 3,45 Librarian 45 Red Raider 4. CAROLE BREMER Obliging, helpful and available whenever assist- ance is needed. Pep Club 3,45 Dramatics 45 Criti-Witt 4. NORMA BULTMANN First appearances may betray you: she's not quiet, she's full of fun. Band 213,43 Girls' Glee Club 2,3545 Chorus 3,4. SYLVESTER CHAPA He keeps the golden mean between saying too much and too little. Basketball 35 Track 3,45 Criti-Witt 3,4-. MARLENE CLAUSEN Earnest and energetic spiced with an infectious chuckle. Class Play 15 Dramatics 1,2,3,4: Pep Club 23 Band 2,35 Speech 2,35 Choral Reading 3. THELMA DENNIS A curly, dark haired journalist with everlasting PCP- Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Librarian 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Class Play 35 Criti-Witt 35 Ass't. Editor Red Raider 45 Dramatics 3,4. NORMAN DOEDEN A real friend 'with malice toward none' and a mischievous smile. Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Class Play 35 Choral Reading 35 Ass't Bus. Manager Red Raider 35 Dramatics 3,45 Speech 45 Bus. Manager Criti- Witt 4. NORMA GEERDES A jovial gal about school always concentrating on her attire. Homecoming Attendant 35 Sextet Z5 Girls' Glee Club Z,3,45 Pep Club Z,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Criti- Witt 3,45 Dramatics 3. GAYE GLEASON Cheerleading, conversation and Gaye form a happy trio. Class Vice-Pres. 15 Girls' Glee Club Z,3,45 Pep Club Z,3,45 Class Play 35 Criti-Witt 3,45 Cheerleading 3,45 Chorus 4. .TOANNE GRAHAM An artistic senior who sports the tranquil air of a nurse. Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Art Editor Red Raider 4. FRANK HEMMEN Mischievous at times with a seemingly retiring nature. Boys' Glee Club 2,35 Class Play 35 Choral Reading 35 Class Vice-Pres. 35 Chorus 3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Criti-Witt 3,4. BETTY ILLG She shows unfailing allegiance to friends of fun. Girls' Glee Club 15 Pep Club 3,4. MARGARET KIRCHNER A reserved, studious girl with beautiful, well kept hair. Band 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Criti-Witt 35 Dra- matics 3,45 Clarinet Duet 4. ARLA KOOPMAN Quiet and rnodest5 a girl whose friendship is val- ued. Dramatics 45 Criti-Witt 4. ' DOLORES KUEHL Vibrant, glowing and chatty with a buoyancy of spirit. Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Octet 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Chorus 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Choral Reading 3,4. ROGER LANDERS Possesses the attributes of a gentleman and rad- iates genuine friendliness. Football 1,25 Student Manager of Basketball 15 Chorus 2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 3g Class Play 35 Choral Reading 35 Class Pres. 35 Criti-Witt 3,4. FRANK MACIOLEK He is safe and silentg his silence never betrays him. Boys' Glee Club 2. CLARICE MADISON She always has a friendly smile and dancing brown eyes. Chorus 15 Band l,2,35 Girls' Glee Club Z5 Brass Quartet 25 Student Council Sec. 25 Class Pres. 25 Pep Club 2,3,45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Speech 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Choral Reading 35 Criti-Witt 35 Librarian 45 Prod. Manager Red Raider 4. ELAINE OPDAHL A quiet blond gal with a likable disposition. Class Play 3g Dramatics 45 Criti-Witt 4. WAYNE PLUT A brainy character with theories like Einstei.n's. Dramatics 2,3,45 Criti-Witt 3,45 Red Raider 3,4. TWILA POPKEN A talented pianist inexhaustibly supplied with genuine enthusiasm. Octet 2,3, faccompanist 21, Chorus 2,3,45 fac- companist 2,3,j5 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 Class Sec.-Treas. 2,45 Drarnatics 35 Class Play 35 Criti-Witt 35 Editor Criti-Witt 45 Homecoming Queen 4. 10 ALTA REDENIUS Ambitous and considerate with an ever ready smile that portrays an obliging disposition. Band l,Z,3g Girls' Glee Club Z,3,4g Solo Z,3,4, Dramatics 2,3,4g Librarian 2,3,43 Criti-Witt Z,3, 43 Red Raider 2,3,43 Speech 2,45 Choruf 3,43 Choral Reading 3,4. ANTHONY SAUER You can depict a good natured disposition in his mellow brown eyes. Boys' Glee Club lg Band Z, Football 3,45 Dra- matics 4. GEORGIA SMITH Musical ability, cheerfulness, and a genuine per- sonality rnanifest many pleasant characteristics. Girls' Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Octet l,Z,33 Dramatics Z,3g Chorus Z,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4. WILLIAM STURM A likable jester disrupting the calm of many a class. Class Play lg Track Z,3,4g Baseball 3g Pep Club 33 Dramatics 3,45 Football 4. WILLIAM TOMFORD New in our school this year, talkative and con- genial. Football 1, Basketball l. ANN VOSS A talented artist tempered with earnestness and consistency. Chorus lg Girls' Glee Club lg Pep Club l,Z, Art Editor Criti-Witt 43 Dramatics 4. BONITA WENZEL Happy and carefree, a girl well worth knowing. Pep Club 3,4. JEANETTE WISDORF A graceful senior who accomplishes her every undertaking effectively. Band 1,21 Girls' Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Chorus 35 Pep Club 35 Dramatics 3,45 Choral Reading 3, 43 Librarian 3,43 Criti-Witt 3,4g Class Vice Pres. 4. FRED ZEMLER A real scrapper on the football field with teasing eyes. Football 1,2.,3,4g Baseball 3g Track 3. JOHN ZINS An athlete with a spontaneous personality. Boys' Glee Club lg Football 1,Z,3,4g Basketball 1,Z,3,4g Baseball l,Z,3,4g Track 1,Z,3,45 Class Play 39 Dramatics 3,4. Meet the class officers and advisors Mr. McCuaig, Jeanette Wisdorf, William Sturm, Twyla Popken, Mr. Howarth. IZ 4 UNDER CLASSMEN - 'A' len, It ' v 6 "X A, gr- Q 13 Juniors A VV-tif' Row 1: Verdelle Ramerth, Linus Buss, Audrey Gehl, Jeanette Odenbrett, Marlene Miller, JoAnne Glea- son, Eldon Brock, Verna Magnus. Row Z: Donald Magnus KV. Pres.Q, Randi Coburn, Shirley Hager, Al- vin Evers fPres.l, Arlene Langer, Minnie Vogel, James Frey, Mr. Felt. Row 3: Kathryn Schumm, Al- den Wildfeuer, Betty Stenke, Delores Dass, Walter Bruns, Helen Hellwinckel, Janet Gunderman, Dale Kirchner, Charlene Ommen. Row l: Gladys Bremer, Shirley Goyette, Rose Hindt, Pat Mitchell, Dorothy Tammeus, Marilyn Sturm fSec.-Treas.l, Karen Chepa, Miss Anderson. Row Z: Ralph Mathias, Patricia Johnson, Ralph Peddy- coart, Iviary Fries, Robert Peterson, Shirley Carlson, Wallace Johlfs, Agnes Schwab, Earl Johnson. Row 3: Roland Gertjejansen, Patricia Zins, Jack Baurngartner, Shirley Iviiller, Stanley Jans, Clarine Evers, Paul Ohlenkamp, Elaine Beeck, Maynard Koopman. Not pictured: Marlene Hagberg. 14 Sophomores F 3 Row 1: Marlys Tomford, Lavoy Knott, lviyrna Gehl, Annette Hager, Robert Flynn, Mavis Beckman, Doug- las Bultman, Lylah Gunderman. Row 2: Colleen Goyette, Vernon Pinz, Karen Davidson, Dean Mclntire, F-ilene Ulg, Donald Sturm, Susan Penrod, Leon Gertjejansen,Marlene Wahl, Marlin Legler, Miss Steuck. Row 3: Betty Pollak, Daryl Hippert, Rosemary Follett, Donald Heintz, Marlene Kommes,Burton Peter- son, Marion Greenfield fSec.-Treas.j, Thornas Zernler fV. Pres.l, Vickie Fuerstenberg, John Tammeus, Claire Wisdorf. Row 1: Marlene Gehl, Leann Dalin, James Brady, Marjorie Kahle, Marguerite Cruit, Phyllis Hell- winckel, Ronald Kelly, Carol Zins, Rosemary Grimes. Row Z: Joyce Bulick, Junior Knorr, Alta Dalin, Robert Gray, Anita Jarmer, Lavoy Lund, Karen Landers, Mr. Ewens. Row 3: Norman Carlson, Shirley Wiener, Duane Schroeder, Deanna Omrnen, Vernon Wenzel, Donna Holinka, Ronald Madison, Bertha Pap- low, Arvin Dierks, Janice Hanson. Not Pictured: Loren Van Oort lPres.l, Gerald House, Jay Vos, Mar- vin Weinzetl. 15 Freshmen Row 1: Frank Doerhoefer, Mary Ann Winter, Lorraine Dass, LuJean Doud, Goldie Versluis, Edward Reusse, Rose Magnus, Karen Dorpinghaus, Deanna Bestge, Magdalen Schreiber, Roger Leinen. Row Z: Mr. Behrn, James Czepa fSec.-Treasj, Jerry Hockstein, Harlan Bruns, Glen Gunderman, Russel Geer- des QV. Pres.J, Tom Odenbrett, Lawrence Zins QPres.j, Ronald Davis, Roger Carlson, Edward Bakker, Dennis Beckman. Row 3: Earline Mitchell, Lyman Janssen, Frances Schurrim, Leo Haseman, Patsy Ommen, Wayne Meyer, Janice Beckman, Duane Westerlund, Mary McGlin, Roger Bothwell, Patty Illg. ai Row l: Jerry Fries, Beverly Schuster, Marty Chepa, Elaine Jenkins, Lloyd Ulferts, Leo Maciolek, Dar- lene Paradeis, Dennis Greenfield, Mary Haberrnan, Howard Kass. Row 2: Miss Valker, Ida Mae Axdahl, Jerry Chepa, Judith Johnson, Orville Bremer, Isabelle Beeck, Herman Bottin, Carol Clausen, Gerald Leinen, Mary Schnuur, Tom Carlson, Barbara Kellen. Row 3: Clarence Dalin, Margene Bremer, An- drew Tiemens, Mildred Voss, William Fugazzi, Twyla Meyer, Burdell Tellinghuiser, Verna Meier, Charles Buschena, Mary Boehnke, Elden Gerdes, Betty Ann Dierks, Dean Greenfield. Not Pictured: Berdelle Gilbertson, Darlene Huls, Andrew Dalle, Florence Vellinga, Douglas Onken. 16 Eighth Grade -- Seventh Grade Row 1: Norman Cowan, Janice Bultmann, Harry Bruns, Shari Landers fSec.-Treas.J, Jerry Miller, Jon Madison, Judy Davidson, Gary Johnson, Ellen Gerber, Tom Tomford. Row 2: Delores Meyer, Murray Doederx, Larry Johlfs fV. Pres.l, Lowell Leinen, Vern Chrestensen, William Graf, John Sweeney, Delbert Kirlin, Peter Boomgarden, Marilyn Clark. Row 3: Robert Wolf, Mavis Bruns, Donald Prieb, Douglas Beckman, Robert Howe, Vernon Pals fPres.l, Lee Coburn, Loren Veen, Charles Paden, Marlys Koehn, Marvell Kellen, Mr. Davis. Not Pictured: John Tuseth, Jackie Versluis, Raymond Weinzetl, JoAnn Gil- bertson, Sheila McGee, Oscar Dalle. Row 1: Bernadine lllg, Janice Dalin fPres.l, Robert Pederson, Carolyn Hultquist, Kenneth Van Oort Lana Faye Lyons, Alan Greenfield, Shirley Fries. Row Z: Fern Magnus, Carl Schumm, Mary Lea Pol- lack, John Clausen, Barbara Bestge KV. Pres.j, Michael Reusse, Myrna Vehlow, Paul Tuseth, Mrs. Lem- merman. Row 3: Janice Wolf, Judith Bulick, Rozella Starzl, La Lahna Uhklken, Juanita Goyette, Ver- gene Getzel, Gloria Toniford, Sylvia Spillrnan. Not Pictured: Carol Olson, Ardella Popken fSec.-Treas.l, Nlagdalen Dalle, Mervin Dirksen. 17 Sixth Grade --Fifth Grade Row l: Marla Lienen, Lawrence Cowan, Nlarilyn Johnson, Joan Landers, Kay Christianson, George Ka- lass, Carol Beckman. Row Z: Robert Carlson, Caryl Dalin, Eugene Johnson, Elaine Magnus, Donald Bruns, Karen Mitchell. Row 3: Robert Boomgarden, Gloria Jenkins, Duane Hagberg, Carol Sanow, Arlen Axdahl, Audrey Popken, Richard Osness. Not Pictured: Judith Evers, Sherlene Dirksen. - fn' Row 1: Gary Heimendinger, Janet Frey, Harlan Veen, lvlarjean Ohlenkarnp, Walter Miller, Sharon Mod- lin, Franklin Bulick, Larry Kalass. Row 2: Dorothy Becknian, Gary Grothe, Ardith Meyer, Karl Vehlow, Karen Greenfield, Roger Gerber, Diana Getting, Burdell Christians, Miss Austin. Row 3: Edward Kel- len, Janice Westerlund, Gary Cowan, Karen Mortenson, Charles Nelson, Helen Olson, Earl Graf, Coleen Brunk, LeRoy Meyer. Not Pictured: Marilyn Tammeus, Shirley Gilbertson. 18 Fourth Grade --Third Grade 1 2 f 5, Q 1 l 3 I ' r l s g , 5 Row 1: Gary Pmoomgarden, Lynnae Johnson, Gary Lehnhoff, Aloha Starzl, Harry Kirlin, Carolyn Radick, Gene Heimendinger, Virginia Doud. Row Z: Terry Grothe, Larry Obermoller, Clyde Vim Oort, Virgil Bottin, Janet Mortenson, Margaret Davidson, Patricia Getzel, Norvel Koehn, Marlys Buss. f L Row l: Ray Kirlin, Judith Wolf, Gary Degrote, Mable Michelau, Leon Mitchell, Rebecca Knorr, Jake Schuur, Sandra Lange, Kurt Pederson. Row Z: Gary Beckman, Audrey Kalass, Harley Christians, Dorothy Anderson, David Highurn, Joan Fries, Dale Hardekopf, Adele Erickson, Larry Funk, Miss Kuy- per. Row 3: Jeanine Sieverding, Dennis Meyer, Marvena Beckman, Allen Knollenberg, Judith Beckman, Frank Leu, Marjorie Veen, Jack Stenke, Marge Gertjejansen, Dennis Modlin. Not Pictured: Joyce Cow- an, Richard Brunk, Duywane Spillrnan. 19 Second Grade -- First Grade Row 1: Bradley Eshleman, Georgia Gerber, Sharon Cowan, Kay Lehnhoff, Ruth Ann Bestge, Wanda Christians, Sharon Heimendinger, Melvin Tomford. Row Z: Michael Schuur, Wynn Popken, Richard Bruns, Carol Geerdes, Ronald Redenius, Renee Leu, Deloy Dramer, Vicki Osness, Bruce Howe. Not Pictured: Gail Jansma, Kermith Wenzel, Michael Wright, Judith Hagberg. i Row 1: David Popken, Donald Pals, Lee Knollenberg, Linda Brunk, Marlene Lange, Stanley Kirlin, Roger Mitchell, Cheryl Frey. Row Z: Janis Goins, Linda Leas, Douglas Meyer, N131-1y5 G1-eenhoff, Robert Da- vidson, Henry Koopman, Rona Obermoller, Karen Grothe. Row 3: David Nelson, Richard Meyer, La- Verna Ohlenkamp, Joanne Mortenson, Gene Grothe, Sherilyn Roberts, Ardel Wenzel, Gerald Johnson, Kirby Hanson. Z0 F f f X 'rr 5.-fr JV W dv NOTE CHASERS l w l L I Row l: Peter Boomgarden, Linus Buss, Verdelle Rarnerth, Marlene Miller, La Lahne Uhlken, Joyce Bulick, Magdalen Schreiber, Jerry Hochstein, Charlene Ommen. Row Z: Betty Pollak, Judy Davidson, Anita Jarmer, Jarnes Rausenberger, Vernon Wenzel, Le- ann Dalin, Dolores Kuehl, Deanna Bestge, Robert Gray, Mr. Norrdin. Row 3: Mar- garet Kirchner, Karen Landers, Randi Coburn, Janice Hanson, Betty Stenke, Susan Penrod, Duane Schroe- der, Norma Bultnnan, Karen Davidson, Rosemary Follett, Rose Magnus, Vergene Getzel. Row 4: Ed- ward Reusse, Lylah Gunderman, Iviarlene Kornmes, Arvin Dierks, James Frey, Alvin Evers, Loren Van Oort, Lyman Janssen, Shirley Hager, Audrey Gehl, Karen Dorpinghaus, Jeanette Odenbrett, Dennis Beckman. Majorettes Ve rdelle Ramerth, Mar- Marilyn Clark, Judy Da- vidson, Shari Landers. ZZ lene Miller, Verna Meier, l if 3, .5 s 2 i Row l: Ellen Gerber, Norman Cowan, Marilyn Clark. Row 2: Lulean Doud, Janet Frey, Charles Paden, Vergene Getzel, Bernadine Illg, Terry Grothe, ' Robert Gray, Peter Boomgarden. Row 3: Marilyn Tammeus, Fern Magnus, Alice Hultquist, Carl Schumn, Paul Tuseth, Robert Pederson, Donald Prieb, Harry Bruns, Clyde Van Oort. Drurns: Shari Landers, LaLahne Uhlken, Mar- garet Davidson. Director: Mr. Norrdin. The instrumental department, which consists of senior band, junior band, and several ensemble groups, rose to new heights this year under the direction of Mr. Norrdin. Senior band gained enough new mem- bers to reach a membership of fifty. The junior band numbered in the twenties. For the first time in Fulda's music history, fourth, fifth and sixth graders were accepted as members of the junior band. On September 24, the band made a resplendent appearance in the Worthington Turkey Day parade. Oc- tober 10, found them marching in the homecoming parade and fancy stepping it on the football field. A trip to the music festival at Worthington on November 15, gave the band an opportunity to join a mass band under the direction of Weston Noble of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. The instrumental depart- ment was also represented at the fall concert on November 21, at the solo contest in Worthington on April 10, at the spring concert on April 17, at the group contest in Worthington on April 25, and at Me- morial Day exercises in Fulda. Also, throughout the athletic season, the band furnished support to the cheerleaders and musical pep for the games. Clarinet Quartet Contest Groups Clarinet Duet Brass Quartet , l lllr1l1,,,l!, gl 1, Row 1: Karen Landers, Marlene Nliller, Leann Dalin, Patsy Om- ' ' men, Verdelle Ramerth, Rose Iviagnus, Deanna Bestge, Mary McGlin, Helen Hellwinckel, Deanna Ommen, Norma Gerdes, Frances Schumrn, Gaye Gleason, Donna Holinka, Rosemary Fol- lett, Janet Gunderman, Audrey Gehl, Mr. Norrdin. Row Z: Twyla Popken, Mary Ann Winters, Karen Dorpinghaus, Marian Greenfield, Janice Hanson, Shirley Hager, James Rausenberger, Roger Landers, Duane Schroeder, Dale Kirchner, Lyman Janssen, Donald Magnus, James Frey, James Brady, Marjorie Kahle, Verna Magnus, Joyce Bulick, Phyllis Hellwinckel, Lorraine Dass. Row 3: Randi Coburn, Alta Redenius, Georgia Srnith, Patti Johnson, Norma Bultrnann, Delores Kuehl, Dennis Beckman, Loren Van- Oort, Edward Bakker, Dean Mchitire, Frank Hemmen, Vernon Wenzel, Alden Wildfeuer, Alvin Evers, Linus Buss, Marlene Kommes, Susan Penrod, Janice Beckmann, Mavis Beckmann, Alta Dalin, Anita Jarmer, Charlene Ommen. Pianist: Karen Davidson. Row 1: Janice Dalin, Gloria Tomford, Judy Bulick, Marilyn ' ' Clark, Fern Magnus, Janice Wolf, Vernon Pals, Robert Wolf, Karen Davidson, Pianist. Row 2: Alan Greenfield, Robert Pe- terson, Douglas Beckman, John Sweeney, Mavis Bruns, Vergene Getzel, Shirley Fries, Robert Howe, Marvel Kellen, Alice Hultquist, Jerry Miller, Harry Bruns. Row 3: Sylvia Spillman, Shari Landers, Marlys Koehn, Barbara Bestge, LaLahna Uhlken, Janice Bultmann, Juanita Goyette, Larry Johlfs, John Tuseth, Peter Boomgarden, Donald Prieb, Dolores Meyer, Judy Da- vidson. Mr. Norrdin, Director. Helen Hellwinckel, Phyllis Hellwinckel, Jarnes Frey, Leann Dalin, Karen Davidson, Pianist. Row 1: Verdelle Ramerth, Alta Dalin, Betty Dierks, Alta Redenius, Do- ' 7 lores Kuehl, Norma Bultmann, Norma Gerdes, Gaye Gleason, Marlene lviiller, Judy Johnson, Beverly Schuster. Row Z: Ivlarian Greenfield, Twyla Meyer, Shirley Wiener, Janet Gunderman, Shirley Miller, Delores Dass, Deanna Ommen, Marlene Kommes, Anita Jarmer, Claire Widorf, Phyllis Hellwinckel, Betty Pollack, Verna Meier, Isabelle Beeck. Row 3: Twyla Popken, Mavis Beckmann, Charlene Ommen, Jeanette Odenbrett, Carol Zins, Audrey Gehl, Randi Coburn, Shirley Hager, Rosemary Grimes, JoAnne Gleason, Annette Hager, Myrna Gehl, Mary Schnuur, Verna Magnus, Joyce Bulick, Jeanette Wisdorf. Pianist: Georgia Smith. Director: Mr Norrdin. Row 1: Audrey Gehl, Pianist, Mr. Norrdin, Director. Row Z: Douglas Bultman, Lloyd Ulferts, Loren Van Oort, Norman Carlson, Duane Schroe- der, Elclon Brock, Herman Bottin, Lavoy Lund, Howard Kass. Row 3: Jerry Fries, John Tammeus, Burton Peterson, Vernon Wenzel, Alden Wildfeuer, Donald Magnus, Charles Buschena, Arvin Dierks, James Brady. Row l: Verdelle Ramerth, Shirley Hager, Audrey Gehl, Verna Magnus. Row Z: Linus Buss, Donald Magnus, Alvin Evers, Alden Wildfeuer. Di- rector: Mr. Norrdin. ER rade School Operetta SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE, an operetta, was presented by the ele- mentary school children on the evening of December twelfth. The Misses Soderholm, Austin, Sisco, Kuyper, Syverson, and Halsrud directed this production. The children enjoyed dressing in the colorful costumes required to successfully portray Christmas symbols. The operetta was one of the most successful produc- tions of the year with approximately 850 people attending. Kay Christianson played the part of the girl who didn't believe in Christmas. She was helped back to the happiness found in be- lieving by the two elves, Gary DeGrote and Larry Funk. 1. Dorothy and the elves Z. Santa Clauses 3. Housewives 4. Dolls 5. Mistletoe and holly 6. Merchants association 7. Jumping jacks 8. Candles 9. Wind up toys 10. Gifts . Poinsettias . Train VCUCDC 'S , CFWQLL l X J X iff! f 1' 1 f ic.. JCL?-,ik than as.. as R551- ,Wal 'iw Row 1: Dennis Beckman, James Czepa, Leo Haseman, Russell Geerdes, Ronald Kelly, John Tuseth, John Sweeney, Junior Knorr, Larry Johlfs, Douglas Onken, Ronald Davis. Row 2: Harry Bruns, Earl Johnson, Glenn Gunderman, Daryl Hippert, Lawrence Zins, Thomas Odenbrett, Roger Bothwell, Wallace Johlfs, Donald Sturm, Thomas Zemler, William Fuggazzi, Charles Paden. Row 3: Mr. Felt, Ralph Mathias, Fred Zemler, John Zins, Stanley Jans, Paul Ohlenkamp, Alden Wildfeuer, Vernon Wenzel, Donald Magnus, Wil- liam Sturm, Maynard Koopman, Anthony Sauer, James Frey, Mr. Da- vis. S 'J 1952 Football Schedule We They Jeffers -------- 25 0 Walnut Grove -- 7 0 A Butterfield ---- 0 7 lm Q Lamberton ----- 7 Z 5 Westbrook ----- 6 0 Comfrey ------- Z5 15 Storden -------- 18 7 Wabasso ------- Z8 13 A CHEERLEADERS: Gaye Gleason, Verdelle Ramerth, Verna Mag- "" 45924 nus, and Susan Penrod. ,tg an ALL CONFERENCE PLAYERS John Zins Stanley Jans Fred Zemler The Raiders coached by Mr. Felt had a very successful football season this year with six wins and two losses. This record tied the Raiders with Westbrook for second place in the Red Rock Conference. Fulda was proud to have three of her players unanirnously selected as all conference play- ers. They were Fred Zemler, guard: John Zins, quarterbackg and Stanley Jans, end. One of the biggest days in Fulda's football history was December 8, 1952. It was on this day that coaches met at Sanborn and agreed that Fulda should withdraw from the Red Rock Conference and become a member of the Nine Star League during the 1953-54 school year. This not only means a con- ference switchg but it also means a switch from eight man football to eleven man football. Of the seventeen lettermen this year only four are graduating seniors, so Fulda's football future looks bright. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM: Row 1: Mr. Felt, Glenn Gunderman, Lawrence Zins, Thomas Odenbrett, Roger Bothwell, William Fuggazzi, Mr. Davis. Row Z: Ronald Davis, James Czepa, John Sweeney, Russell Geerdes, Leo Haseman, Douglas Onken, Larry Johlfs, John Tuseth, Dennis Beckman. A eo! nan l'fJi1 TKf2!9'?'i'U" 2' "WW 21 'J' A A ' r 'L ' , K 47i"'J44f1w iff-9 .3 lf" Q VM 1 W ' ' ' v A gs A 5 A f Q a " 5 an Q. 'A I S gf I . I g Q 'll -Q58 I -M 4' I JL is . J of ,., NXQFF 521319 HQ L gh, X ...ff ' R 5 A 14. :lb Q fi QM 4 ,J . ff up ix 1 ffm 'i ' M. ff ff? i 2 l 'W xx f f 54 'F 442 '13, R ff T ' ,Avi w 1 i F Row 1: Ja.mes Frey, Ralph Iviathias, Sylvester Chepa, John Zins, Donald Magnus, Donald Sturm, Maynard Koopman. Row 2: Mr. Felt, William Sturm, Alden Wild- feuer, Stanley Jans, Vernon Wenzel, Alvin Evers, Wallace Johlfs, Fred Zemler, Fulda track enthusiasts earned the 1952 Red Rock Conference championship with a total 58? points. James Frey placed first in both hurdle events, Wayne Baumgard won the mile, and Erwin Gerdes was first in the high jump. A squad of thirty-seven reported to Coach Felt for the 1953 track season. Re- turning lettermen were: James Frey, Ralph Mathias, William Sturm, Alden Wild- feuer, and John Zins, The 1953 schedule included meets at Mankato, Estherville, Worthington, and Wirldom. James Frey John Zins Fred Zemler Mr. Davis 1952 Baseball Schedule I We Thel' The 1952 baseball team had a season of five wins and Lake Wllson " 6 Z three defeats. The team consisted of five 1952 seniors: Slaytofl """' 8 4 Dick Larsen, Ray Olson, Tom Gits, Bernard Distledorf, WOrth1ngton"' 8 7 and Duane Nemmers. The returning lettermen for the Wcestbrook "" 4 6 1953 season were: John Zins, Rolly Gertjejansen, Fred iigejgljizzzz: 3 2 Zemler, William Sturm, James Frey, Paul Ohlenkamp, We5tbrOok---- 2 1 and Thomas Zemler. The 1952 season was hindered by fielding errors due to , ' lack of experience. With a sound program being de- Dlstrlet at Fulda: veloped under the present athletic administration, the WOrth1ngtOn"' 3 7 Raiders hope to be hard to handle in the Coming years. 32 BLU ' ,,.....-- - f',------L-Q-i X -1- -n---in-1- Junior Class Pla Learning the lines Karen Andre on the stand Mrs. Hutchins gives her testimony Quick review before rehearsel '1'he testimony of a night club dancer The defense attorney objects Mr. Howarth, director, accepts an appreciation gift from the junior presi- dent, Alvin Evers. The night of November 14, was a night filled with mystery, murder, a court trial, and stage fright for the juniors who participated in the class play, THE NIGHT OF JANUARY SIXTEENTH. Karen Andre QVerna Magnus, was accused of the murder of Bjorn Faulkner. Judge Heath fDonald Magnusj presided in the active court room 'as the two attorneys fAlvin Evers and Linus Buss, pre- sented the case. Throughout the trial, the court room was kept in good order by the various court helpers fPau1 Ohlenkamp, Helen Gerdes, Mary Fries, Patricia Mitchell, Wallace Johlfs, and Kath- ryn Schumrnj. Excitement mounted as the wife of the murdered man fMarlene Brunsj presented her side of the story aided by her father fAlden Wild- feuerj. Testimonies which only served to throw in- to more confusion the minds of those who listened were presented by the witnesses fE1don Brock, Dale Kirchner, Jarnes Frey, Roland Gertjejansen, Ralph Mathias, Patricia Zins, Janet Gunderman, Arlene Langer, and Shirley Hagerj. The twelve man jury which was selected directly from the audience without any forewarning found themselves deep in a tangled plot of intrigue. After the last moments of suspense the defendant was declared guilty, thus the jury settled the mystery of the murder. .34 Senior Class Play Three would be heroines in distress Flexing muscles for the hero's part Selecting the play The stage manager checks the lights General try outs Trying out for the villain's role Mr. Howarth checks through the play. One sure way to plunge present day audiences in- to gales of riotous laughter is to show them the pure and down-trodden heroine being pursued by the black-hearted villaing and when she has fallen into the rascal's clutches, bring on the manly-bosomed hero to foil the villain and rescue the heroine in the nick of time. On the night of May l, 1953, the sen- ior class did just that by presenting PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW: OR A WORKING GIRL'S SECRET. Never has an audience seen a more persecuted her- oine than Purity Dean, a more fiercely moustached rogue than Mortimer Frothingham fDoesn't that name reek of villainy? I, or a nobler hero than Leander Longfellow, who follows the romantic call- ing of working in a pickle factory. On a dark and stormy night Purity Dean seeks shelter from the storm and comes to the inn run by Leander's Uncle, Jonathan Logan, and his good wife, Zamah. She has been forced to give up her work in a canning facto- ry because she cannot endure the attentions of Mor- timer Frothingham. From then on the audience was able to hiss the villain and applaud the hero to their hearts content throughout the many situations that Purity found herself in until the end of the play when, naturally, virtue triurnphs and the final cur- tain sees the heroine resting her fair head on Leander's broad and manly chest. 35 Dramatics Club Row 1: Isabelle Beeck, Vicki Fuerstenberg, Patsy Ommen, Donald Magnus, Loren Van Oort, John Tam- meus, Mavis Beckrnan, Mary McGlin. Row Z: Marilyn Sturm, Marlene Clausen, Charlene Ommen, J0- Anne Gleason, Agnes Schwab, Carol Zins, Jeanette Odenbrett, Verdelle Ramerth, Dorothy Tamrneus, Rose Hindt, Jeanette Wisdorf. Row 3: Shirley Carlson, Jean Appel, Elaine Brady, Marjorie Boomgarden, Randi Coburn, Thelma Dennis, Arla Koopman, Arlene Langer, Alta Redenius, Carol Bremer, Dolores Kuehl, Marlene Miller, Mr. Howarth. Row 4: Donna Holinka, Elaine Opdahl, Ronald Madison, Wayne Plut, Dale Kirchner, Walter Bruns, Norman Doeden, Frank Hemmen, Deanna Ommen, Clarine Evers. Row 5: Clarice Madison, Bertha Paplow, Janice Hanson, Marjorie Kahle, Marian Greenfield, Patricia Zins, Betty Stenke, Rosemary Follett, Ann Voss, Shirley Wiener, Margaret Kirchner, Shirley Hager. Speech and drarna enthusiasts spent a busy year at work and play. The eight students who represented Fulda at the district speech contest in Luverne were: Clarice Madison, JoAnne Gleason, Carol Zins, Marian Greenfield, Shirley Hager, Randi Coburn, Verdelle Ramerth, and Janet Gunderman. Of these eight Clarice Madison and JoAnne Gleason received superior ratings and Clarice was selected to repre- sent the district at the regional contest in St. James with her memorized oration. The one act play that Mr. Howarth selected, OUR TOWN, was presented at the district contest in Pipe- stone. William Sturm, Norman Doeden, and Clarice Madison made up the cast. 1. Comparing notes on speeches. Z. One act play practice. 3. A suggestion from Mr. Howarth. 4. Recording Janet's speech. 36 Pep lub and Librarians Row la Phyllis Hellwinckel, Carol Zins, Donna Holinka, Marian Greenfield, Eileen lllg, Rosemary Follett, Janet Gunderman, JoAnne Gleason, Verna Magnus, Clarine Evers, Rose Hindt, Dorothy Tammeus. Row Z: Lorraine Dass, Susan Penrod, Norma Geerdes, Gaye Gleason, Georgia Smith, Audrey Gehl, Shirley Hager, Agnes Schwab, Patricia Johnson, Shir- ley Carlson, Dolores Kuehl, Elaine Brady, Carole Bremer, Clarice Madison. Row 3: Karen Davidson, Karen Landers, Arlene L-anger, Randi Coburn, Beverly Schuster, Shirley Wiener, Bonita Wenzel, Betty lllg, Patricia Zins, Marilyn Sturm, Bertha Paplow, Margene Bremer, Ronald Madison, Dale Kirchner, Stanley Jans, Dean Mclntire. Row 4: Mr. Hickman, Miss Valker, Shirley Miller, Pat Mitchell, Donald Magnus, Alden Wildieuer, Betty Stenke, Char- lene Omrnen, Mary Boehnke, Marlene Gehl, Judith Johnson, Patty lllg, Betty Dierks. ' ' Thelma Den1'1iS. A113119 . l t G d m ny Chadene Ommen, Clarice Madison, l . . itandzfgg-1823328 all Sxarnyn gturm, Patricia Zins, Myrna Gehl, Alta Redenius, Minnie angl 'C rol Zins Rosemaril Grin'16S. Claife WJSSOTL Annette Hager' Sitting: Elaine voge ' a , ' ' Boom arden, Donna Holinka. Marian Gfeen' Brady, Ma-35 steuck, Verna Magwe- Wflofle g rigid, smney Marin, Elaine seem, Marv FYWS- 37 Criti-Witt Verna Magnus Assistant Editor Under the watchful eye of Mr. McCuaig the CRITI-WITT was published monthly in mirneograph form. The paper took on a new look this year when it was rearranged from a three colurnn page to a two colurnn page. The publication contained news colurnns, editorials, special features, and other miscellaneous items. During the first semester newspaper style was used but the journalists decided to use magazine style thereafter. The popularity of the CRITI-WITT arnong the students shows its suc- cess. Staff: Edif01' ------------------------- Twyla Popken Assistant Edl.t0I' ---------------- Verna Magnus Production Nlanager --------- Jeanette Wisdorf Business Manager ---------- Norman Doeden Artists ------- Ann Voss, Helen Hellwinckel M- -Q 4 Twyla Popken Editor Jeanette Wisdorf Production Manager Typists ------- Marjorie Boomgarden, Carol Bremer, Arla Koopman, Norma Geerdes, Elaine Opdahl Senior Interviews --------------- Elaine Brady Grade Reporter --------------- Gaye Gleason Proofreader ------------------ Wayne Plut Mimeographers ----- Roger Landers, Bill Tom- ford, Sylvester Chepa Sports--Donald Magnus, Roland Gertjejansen AdViS01' ------------------------- Mr. McCuaig Others ----- lvfarian Greenfield, Donna Holinka, Shirley Carlson, Verdelle Ramerth, Deanna Ommen, Marlene Hagberg, Alta Redenius, Myrna Gehl, Bertha Paplow, Shirley Hager, Susan Penrod, .T oAnne Gleason. Reporters TYPi5tS Artists Mimeograph Operators Red Raider Thelma Dennis Editor Arlene Langer Clarice Madison Assistant Editor Production Manager The RED RAIDER underwent modernization this past year in that it wore a hard cover for the first tixne. These covers were made a reality due to the untiring efforts of the staff when they sponsored a subscription drive, a Sadie Hawkins party, and sold hot dogs. After financial matters came layout sheets, pic- tures, copy, and deadlines. The staff under the direction of Mr. McCuaig and Miss Steuck tried to give a complete picture of the entire school--its organizations, events, leaders, and momentities. The RED RAIDER is published so that in the future we might be enabled to review life in F.H.S. during 1952-53. Staff: Editor ------------------ Thelma Dennis Assistant Editor ---------- Arlene Langer Production Manager ------ Clarice Madison Business Manager ------------ Wayne Plut Sports Editor ------------ Donald Magnus Art Editor --------------- Joanne Graham Copy Editor-- Advisors ----- ------------------Carol Zine -Mr. McCuaig, Miss Steuck Pat Zins, Donna I-Iolinka, Susan Penrod, Alta Redenius, Verna Magnus, Helen Hellwinckei. Clarine Evers, Elaine Brady, Verdelle Ramerth, Shirley Hager Others ------- Business Staff Typists Copy editor Art editor 39 and proofreaders and advisors Homecoming '-. K.. Queen Twyla receives the crown The victory smile A post-coronation chat Gathering around the queen The sixth annual homecoming on October 10, was a homecoming that was anticipated long in advance and one that was very carefully planned. It began at 1:30 with a colorful and attractive parade led by the marching band. The parade was the largest in Fu.lda's homecoming history. There was at least one en- try in the parade from each class within the school. Grades one through six dressed in costumes and marched in the parade. Grades seven through twelve each sponsored a float. The slogan that was car- ried out in nearly all of the floats was 'Rock the Rockets.' The Fulda businessmen were also very co- operative in that they contributed rnany beautiful and appropriate entries in the parade. After the parade a large crowd of people gathered in the gyrnnasiuxn to witness the crowning of the queen. The queen candidates were as follows: senior--Twyla Popkeng junior--Helen Hellwinckelp soph- omore--Susan Penrodg freshman--Max-gene Bremerg eighth--Shari Landers: seventh--Ardella Popken. Of the six candidates Twyla Popken was selected by the student body to reign over the remaining home- coming festivities. She was crowned by the football co-captains, John Zins and Fred Zemler. On the same evening the Fulda Raiders met the Comfrey Rockets under the lights on the football field. Inspired with true homecoming enthusiasm the Raiders defeated the Rockets Z5-15. Following the foot- ball victory the music departrnent sponsored a dance in the beautifully decorated high school gyrnnasiurn. 40 Homecoming Events CLASS nr m 1. Modern Mode of transportation--Senior entry. Z. W'ho's it, What's it? It must be the juniors. 3. The band leads the parade. 4. Mrs. Midgeley beats a Rocket on the ex-teachers' float. 5. The sophomores indulged in atomic research. 6. The sixth grade marched too. 7. The eighth grade served Comfrey- burgers. 8. Doorprizes given during intermission. 9. The business men helped make our parade great. 10. Repeat performance--the sophomores. ll. The Music Department served lunch at the dance. 12. The freshmen fellows joined the fun. 13. The frosh gals cut Comfrey on their float. 14. Pep and enthu- siasm on the football field. 15. Verdelle Rarnerth warbles at the intermission. 41 3 1 1. Of all those that went to school, Skipper had it best. He sat upon the master's stool, and never wrote a test. Z. Bookkeepers in banking. 3. Ain't she sweet? 4. Vern, he sweeps and cleans, Lehnhoff. 5. Tick- ling the typewriters. 6. Graceful gals--those Wisdorf sisters. 7. Casey at the bat--or is it Jim? 8 Nice smile, Niarlys. 9. Our hats match! 10. We sew our own. 11. Atomic research? 12. Girls can drivl too! 42 7 5 vii" . rx .gsygk .ay Q '22 'Yr 1. We promised Betty Pollack that we wou1dn't tell who it is. 2-4. Then--Elaine Brady, Donna Holinka, Clarice Madison. 5. Christmas comes to the F'.H.S. concentration camp. 6. Don't go away mad, Thelma. 7. Royal couple of Dogpatch. 8. Those thar Dogpatchers played Bingo. 9. Test tomorrow? 10. Time out for faces. 11. Thunderhead. 12. Thunder-jet. 13. Senior playboys. 14. We three. 15. Picnic r1:1z.e. 16. I'm a lonely little petunia--John Zins. 17. Junior dandy. 18. Dreaming? 19. By the shores of Fulda lake. 20. We like this study hall. 21. Embraceable you. 22. Initiation days fYour socks are baggy, Sturmj. 23. Bottoms up. 43 'V mf 9f"l759 EW BYQQN BONEHEAD I UH T 1.212 OLAJ I CYGAUQTGCI 'T ough G' Cmqy af W I WHS Hl.Ef3T INCLHSS I .fe N, an Q .SMI QQ nn 1 1 LINED IVlX! Teac H1355 A Q., ,.4 21: M., ,.f,. 4, .. J.: . wggg-V gf! V na, .xr .W -:S wi' f, .A , 7 'peg .5 Q .Q gi ll 13,1 ,f .gzuwvl ,aw 1' A: few , . g. ' Qzsayff f y .- 'fi-51221-. ,. . f 2 3 - . 1 .. -mf 2- X. ,vw f my W , 1 1 s:f.f , 4 ,, 4:12. . ,gm A, il' u ..J.,..T.w1f , W t.A fa, a -3 .,, .. .I w..x , ,-., Tw? ' 1 - .L W , . J ., Q - 'ii ' x 44' f' x V .t,! 1 Lax, m I V ' 1 .qv ,Latin uxxg.-'si.m::.z1:

Suggestions in the Fulda High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Fulda, MN) collection:

Fulda High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Fulda, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 48

1953, pg 48

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1953, pg 7

Fulda High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Fulda, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 48

1953, pg 48

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Fulda High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Fulda, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 50

1953, pg 50

Fulda High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Fulda, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11

1953, pg 11

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