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3,154 ' Y . 4. w Vi- V ., .- ,,,.,,. , X f:'if,,.Mn , ., J vb, 1 .I L : .ink -X 1.1, , . 1"':,31'g: v '4--'. , I fm 'R-xg , '7:?-NLE. --1' in-:Jw e i -'f -. . K. 1.41.5 11 P1-,rf , pf... ' iffy? j3 ,i'.-5, 1 vw, ' .- rf , UU-. - .tn W., bf..,.Q,,,, . A x V 1,fLf!',5ff- , '.-'ws' ': 3 A .-,+:k.'- , .ig 'Y -'rf-,., ,"Iffv'f ".-1:'s,- "., N .z,5-.:w.- - ,Lu .' ,- -k , k Q .4 .,' ,.'iZY'1:gi ,u 6 .L 5-EQ.-.' 1 at-L2-fl ' Q. --3-511, Q -'-fA"'E!'f-2917 ' f 2 f gTr': f s Si- VESQZAMEE . 25. . , ? r 4, ,fi 'fig " qv? v 7' A '36 '1lI.fbIs?.ii,' A 3:15 , 'f71".l.H 4-351--' , -.x., "TL- - 15' ,H , . , Y , ,..,,'A , , '1f'fa:. 1:71 1 ffjg 121-553.- -- - -H4-fd-,,,x wr f .gp fir-4 'J- , ,Z,..., .Qi L . a -' ' " u',2,,E, ' 1.--'gig v jf: - 7 if x-w.q,E.-.y1,-.-- - M .3'f..'.i4' -, 1 I, A h 'Q -AQ ,. 1 r, ,-. 14. wh' li 'Iii 'W - ' - 1 ejlx, " '- vim ,V 1 1 - '.'j,,g. ff.. arm" ' 5, , .LW 5: ' . I, 3 V.. ,V .", -.F ' ,Juju-12' .,I,.,.,..,f .- 4 ' l rm-, 1 , V. ,-1.1 - E 5 5 5 z P QRTRHI Annual Publication by Portrait Club FORT PLAIN CENTRAL SCHOOL Fort Tlain., New York Haley We, the class of 1956, would like to ex- press our sincere appreciation for your years of patient guidance. You have helped us reach our ultimate goal, graduation, We will always remember the wisdom and ef- fort that you have so faithfully contributed to our class. To our class advisors, MISS EVELYN VENABLE and MR, EDWARD ENNIS We dedicate this page to the memory of Dolores Elaine Coffin, salutatorian of the graduating class of 1956. Dolores will always be remembered as the tall, graceful, red-haired girl whose quiet sincerity and sympathetic understanding were felt by all her friends. Her record of scholarship will serve as an inspiration to ur for many years. PORTRAIT Seated: Nancy Paul, Art Co-Editor, Rosalie Stonehouse, Treasurer, Janet Christie, Editor-in-chief, Holly Melick Art Co-Editor, Dorothy Sickler, Subscription Editor, Standing: Anne Edick, Typing Editor, Eric Doerrer and Charles Freebold, Advertising ManagersgRobert Cramer, Assistant Editor, Patricia Saunders, Literary Editor. Ad- visors: Mrs. Failing, Business Manager, Miss Venable, Literary, Mr. Ghent, Artg Mrs. Monahan, Typing, Hi, there! I'm the Spirit of '5'7! The Portrait staff wants me to introduce our yearbook this year, and I am very proud to do so. A yearbook is a mirror of our school. It gives a good overall picture of life at F, P, C, S, However, clubs, classes and sports do not make up our whole school. There is a part which is not so easy to show in pictures, That is our school spirit. I am that spirit, Every year l get a new number, but deep down I am the same old spirit. I am what makes you Viff' yell till you are hoarse for the home team. I am what makes you proud to say you go to F,P, C, S, When you get a lump in your throat while singing the Alma Mater, why that's me again. I am also what will make the Sen- iors say in years to come that they spent some of the best xl, years of their lives at F,P,C, S, '01 JOHN E. RIDDER Supervising Principal FRANK MULLET BERTON G, BULLES High School Principal Elementary Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION MRS. QAM Secretary PHILIP DONALD CHRISTIE MILBURN SMITH DONALD SPALDING JR, President Vice President NEACH RUSSELL GEORGE GERALD GETMAN CRONKHITE CA SLER GUIDANCE COUNSELORS I. Edward King Ross Phelps , I X , I f, Q ' I xigilgzilflifiirig ' l.'flf,fIT': ,iv . ' I f U JSI I gnqfisf K - jg, .ju ,e - :Nik If-ff-f"ff.f' .I If I f f . I 'mis HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF Mrs, Dorothy Dievendorf Mrs, Thelma Granger Fenton Diefendorf ,mv 4 rl ' ii if 'S S A , . f E J I , f if r W gg fs Q r x . , 4 ,J F 4 ff 'Ps if CORE TEACHERS Seated, left to right: Mrs. MacRoy, Miss Venable, Mrs. Handy, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Stover, and Mrs, Failing, Standing: Mr, MacRoy, Mr, Merrifield, Mr, Pritchard, Mr, Dunnells, Mr. Eastman, Mr. Shiminski, and Mr, Berberich. 'Q ."'5:-my SPECIAL TEACHERS Seated: Miss Fagerholrn, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs, Bowerman, Mrs, Boslet, Mrs, Monahan, Mrs. Walton. Standing Mr. Ennis, Mr, Wilson, Mr. Pryor, Mr, King, Mr. Fredericksen, 5 an PRIMARY TEACHERS First rowg Mrs, Sponable, Mrs, Larkin, Mrs, Russell, Mrs, Canfield, Mrs, Watkins, Mrs. Swartz, Miss Vreeland Mrs. Myers, Mrs, Abel. Second row: Mrs, Messenger, Mrs, Frank, Mrs, Lapi, Miss Falso, Miss Failing, Miss King, Mrs, Smith, INTERMEDIATE TEACHERS First row: Mrs, Hunter, Mrs, VanAuken, Mrs. Seguin, Mrs, Maier, Mrs, Hudson, Mrs, Harmon, fMusicJ, Miss Post. Second row: Mrs, Wetherbee, Mr, Trono, Mr. Green, Mr, Gotti, Mr, Bueche, fPhysica1Educationj, Mrs, Davin CNursej, School Nurse - Mrs. Bailey School Physician - Dr, Fox Student - W. Hopkinson X . .fi I , W4 i CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Beck, Mrs, Cramer, Mrs. Abel, and Mrs. Saltsman, Manager for the Fort Plain Central School District L I fi s K mf 2.4 ' ' kihrviliiii ii igffsis'X,,w , ' Q x 1 4 , ,gm 5 4 1,-1 Wg: S' 'H' ' ' ' ' .. Q 4 ' Q. . i -,- - ai l filfffzii' iff? ' ' .' f :zllv ...- My -f .,- if .V "L- - ., . gf,'S?'lg,,,.ifi. lk v ,r I I A::s,qfw :z I.fg,.z... .i:11 .1- - ' BUS DRIVERS Left to right: L. Haz- zard, P. Ciani, C. Swartz, G. Crouse, C VanPatten, W. Horn- ing, Ed Lampman, N. Smith, M. comms, I. Walrath. -...Q--'mf' L .gm ,, , CUSTODIANS Left to right: C. Lasher, H. H. Hoag, Head, H. F. Hoag., L. Haz- zard, L. Laqi, L...,f"5,Q ,,.,..,ef C L , ,d e e . ,- .,,r.-. nu-mx wry ,. .. 3 sv 7, W M Q f . . . , A fs,,j1-ig?-3 Q, 1 X 5, .- 'aff ,, 4 N C, , C 'OL Germ ' ' E -v-g...1uw f - w-wmmm sw -Q- BUS MONITORS First row: N. Douglas, H. Melick, A. Edick, J, Scabar, D. Sickler, C. Van, S., Hinkle, M. Baker, F. Wick. Second row: P. Rock- well, R, Jones, C, Douglas, R, Kretser, R. Graudon, D. Ward, E. Young, G. Douglas M. Van, 450' X I f , X X, I f, ,f AVS F!! I 'x YAQS X I , I , I, I f X K, X f X my ,lex-4..'-1 ,f, ff 1 f lf Lf ' 1 f . f f I fl ' I ,' I . ' I , J' I , f I f f rf' , I f I ! ,f ' X f i , ff ff f ff My If K , 1 f ,If f - X , Jfj X ' 1 X , 1 ' I f ' f 9 .' ' f' NEW V f.,.x :.L.1? -.gz, Q V, 2.318 A S N f'f-- .--1'--1. v,,. f, if 1 - Q. gl gg.-f K .2 f,, i .11 -1- .1 :.. , K , ' : - S -Vg .1 V , , 5 Y . . , . ,. ,. A 1 - 3 4 gL1.,f',:v.'.g.gmL-.1 gg.,-L.: 6 0 , ,, x K 4 Z' iz, Lf? ?ET'5'kiK3Xy:Qi",I42. is Tfi-5 filllx' W ' ' A ' ' x X F ah tr' s f R - J W' , , , , 1 , 25' K 1 W v S W X wi R f Ski? 7115- "'Mi:'f.f, ' 'f xv K . 5 uf A gsggsi W- - .rw , , . - 1 ,fl W. 5 x. 97. I T Zi,5s.,3, Q 1 Q 'af ' -, 5 , .,,., . . , . A X H . 5, ,,,, ,., . ,. . ., eg ,M X ,.., Wan ' -- 5 Q 5 4 H Aw. M, ...L H, i 1 K I . xi. .1 y,.L . X , , x' M X f iff. 5 f :Tm . gil..-5, ' - .gg-,EF V, A f.5:fgf 1.-if 1 ,gf xii, , -if ,U QW. .Qlflf , , ff? '35 ff' U. ff W' WW- L-iii kigi l' if-:Z-xiiif?--'f'1.f.1 . , ins-1w.'g1 . sN31i1l--?lii- -ff w?--Vs' .W " ffff -V . w f fi -ii-l'::::f..-Qs ,Q 1 xg- 2,1 :mf-1 Q ,mug 'Fw-"' ff-M---ig w,-,-g1-.w:-:?C,,- ,,,f..- .x.. , W, . ,,ifgm?y:.f..-S.. AQ., ff W ' . - f .- .fisggh Q? wifi" wifi-. -i'3gg1z:.fff' -. 2' 1-Siihgrgk' 7,2 . ' ' -:gj,i,f' E,-PM - -,ig--1-Qiifgjz-I W, ,,., L. ,... .. , M., . M... M , , X .,...-if, f ,-.----ff 4 . , f,-V-My X -4 . ., 2 2...-in 'x S' :- Vi'-v M -as is -4. ,1f,.-Emi. K 'iqllffilk Vfegr 5:1 ' V22 ii"2'2fYi? . , i -SS . A. nf fska-nf 'fi a-k,-REQ' il was -- - K' zgrii,,,2g'qm-ii-1bW,f1.z.-i - . .. .,.s,,M . --W-sim -wi. 1?- ..,.,. . . f Q m,yg.,1 ,,., - , ga... I A ,M S V MLW -+,.,.,, ,.L, W.,-gf. ww-- rsiwi-4g'zafi37lffr.-f'f1' srgzqgpszg-ffl -.,Qw..,, L W ,f.Qm,.Q .ff N.. -:fS,.-4-.---Mx..-1, 1 5 ..,,.., K4w...Nf. 1 - .,..., M M, ,fi 553 '.,m2,,,. , .pad - -'KW' -i 4iii:GE1g,gQEi.,i'Z' X b Q1-'1'fbf12i:i.'zf '- , -'ff ' izq. I I a f DORIS AMBRIDGE - "Dottie" "Those who say the least are often the wisest. " GAA 2, 3,4, Chorus 3, 4, Library 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Portrait 4, BARBARA ANTALEK - "Bobby" "Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why isn't everyone contented like me?" Glee Club 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, At- tendance Club 1, 2, 4, DAVID BOUCK - "Dave" 'Happiness is a habit, cultivate it," Attendance Club 3, Intramurals, FRANK CHAMBERLAIN - "Chank" "They gazed and gazed, still the wonder grew, How one small head could carry all he knew. " Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, IV Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Student Council 3, 4, Vice President Student Council 4, Photog- raphy Club 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, JANET CHRISTIE - "Chris" "A lass so neat, with smile so sweet, " Library Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Portrait Club 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3, Vice President 3, Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Manager 1, 2, Manager 3, General Manager 4, Prom Decoration Com- mittee Chairman 3, ROBERT CRAMER - "Bob" "lf girls interfere with your work, quit work. " Chorus 2, 3, 4, Fort Plain Eleven 2, Photog- raphy Club 2, 3, Basketball Manager 3, Var- sity Club 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Play 3, Portrait staff 4, Assistant Editor CreActive Club 4, Treasurer, Boys' State 3, W 'Y a s t lsf ,,,,, X i g, '-,, lfi' A 'F K s fi' '56 R I -an-humid! A HHH N4 U 1 nv -audi' JJ ERIC DOERRER - "Doer" "A person who is always punctual leads a lonely life," Choir 4, Photography Club 3, 4, President Photography Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Attendance Club 2, 3, 4, Bausch 82 Lomb Award 4, ANNE EDICK "My heart is whole, my fancy free, go away, little boys, don't bother me, " Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, Portrait Club 4, RONALD FINCH - "Finch" "l am the master of my destiny," Soccer Manager 3, 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Baseball Manager 3, Audio-Visual As- sistant 3, 4, Vice President 4, MYRA Fox - "Tuffy" "It's hard to be serious when life is such fun. " GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, choir 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Commentator Club 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, CHARLES FREEBOLD - "Chuck" "I love work, I could sit and watch it for hours. " Basketball JV 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, President 4, Soccer 3, 4, Portrait Staff 4, Advertising Manager, Photography Club 3 JOAN GAUGHAN - "Joanie" "l shall laugh myself to death," Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Portrait Club 4, WLLLIAM HISERT - "Bi11" "Good qualities need no advertising, " FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, Baseball Manager 3, Basket- ball Manager 3,4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Sen- ior play assistant manager 3, Manager 4, JAMES HOFFMAN - "Jim" "Seniority does not depend on size. " Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 3, Sen- ior Play 4. RICHARD IONES - "Dick" "Let nothing disturb you. " Intramurals 2, 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Chapter President 4, County Vice President 4, Cafeteria 4. ALBERT KECK - "Al" "B1essed is the man who invented sleep." EUGENE LAVALLEY - "Gene" "Men of few words are the best of men." FFA 1, 2, Intramurals 2. DAVID LOOMAN - "Dick" "I'1l agree with you, but you're wrong. " Chorus 1, 4, Photography Club 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Attendance Club 2, 3, 4. J fs ,f 1 J' sf-if GORDON MABBETT - "Gordie" "Music is his trademark," Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: IV Basket- ball 1, Photography Club 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Class Presi- dent 2, NANCY MALINCHAK - "Blondie" "Carefree as the day is long." FHA 4, Chorus 4, HOLLY MELICK " I'l1 never do today what I can put off 'til tomorrow." Dramatics Club 3, 4, President 4, Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, Portrait Club 3, 4, Art Editor 4, Commercial Club 2, Photography Club 2, 3, GAA 1, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, ANNA MOORE - "Ann" "Friendly to all, hostile to none, always jolly and full of fun." FHA 1 Songleader, 2 Songleader, 3 Presi- dent, 4 Secretary, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, choir 2, 3, 4, Portrait Club 4, LINDA MOSHER - "Lin" "Words never fail me," Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Trea- surer 1, Class President 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Magazine Cam- paign Assistant Manager 2, 3, Manager 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Senior Play 3, Junior Play 4, Portrait Club 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 3, Student Council President 4, Photography Club 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. JANE OLDICK "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive. " Library Club 2, 4, Chorus 4, Bus monitor 3, 4, 'QR NANCY PAUL - "Nan" "Through life she goes with a happy smile, " Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Portrait 3, 4, Photography 2, 3, Library 2, Dramatics 3, Secretary, Photography Club 2. LORETTA PRALL "Dynamite comes in small packages," Glee Club 1, SONJA RAYVALS - "French" "Sweet, neat, and quite petite," Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Portrait Club 3, 4, Photography 2, 3, Cafeteria 3, 4, Club Activity Editor - Commercial Club, Dramatics Club 3, Pub- licity Editor. PATRICIA SAUNDERS - "Pat" "She says little but thinks a lot," Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Por- trait Club 3, 4, Literary Editor, Attendance Club 1, 3, Commercial 2, 3, 4, Editor of Press Club, IOANN SCABAR - "Jo" "Beware, I may do something sensational!" Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Portrait 3, 4, Commentator Staff 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer, Library Club 3, 4, Attendance Club 1, 3, MANLY SHULTS "Don't rush me, the world is young." Attendance Club 2, 3, Photography Club 3. ,roll yy . in NN ,,. 4? ,pt 1' Sik- VIRGINIA SHULTS - "Lee" "Sincerity is her middle name," Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, 3,4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4. DOROTHY SICKLER - "Dottie" "Her future is planned - fourth finger, left hand," Library Club 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Public Re- lations Chairman of County FHA 3, Presi- dent 4, Portrait Club 4, Bus monitor 1, 2, 3, 4, ROSE SMITH "Even Cupid is her slave," FHA 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, Song Leader 4, Library Club 1, Glee Club 1, Choir 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, LINDA SOURS - "Lin" "She burns the midnight oil, but not always for study," Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3, National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4, President 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Attendance Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Portrait Club 3, 4, GAA 1, Student Council 1, Vice President 2, Trea- surer 3, 4, Prom Chairman 3, ROSALIE STONEHOUSE - "Rosie" "The two studies she likes best of all, the hearts of boys and basketball," Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, IV Basketball Scorekeeper 3, Varsity Assistant 4, Photog- raphy Club 2, 3, Portrait Club 3, staff 4, Treasurer 4, Commentator Club 2, 3, 4, As- sembly Editor 4, Dramatics Club 3, Student Runner 3, Class Secretary 4, JAMES VALASEK - "Jim" "Leave silence to the Saints, I'm just a human. " Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Portrait staff 4, Business Manager, Base- ball 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, JV Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, its 4""""'7V ,F my WILLIAM VESP - "Bill" 'He carries his troubles in his pocket with a hole in it." I Student Council 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball JV 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3. BRUCE VICKERSON "I take life as I find it." FFA 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. CLIFTON WILDER - "Clif" "A1l great men are dying, I don't feel so well myself." Chorus 1, 2, 4, Photography Club 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 1,4, Class President 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Vice President 3, Class Vice President 1, Dramatic: Club 2, Intramurals 4. RICHARD WILKINSON - "Dick" 'Never let studying interfere with your education. " Baseball 1, 2, 4, Basketballll, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Portrait Club 4, Choir 1, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. I Q4 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an important part of our school. Its activities this year have included sponsoring the activity card system, a monitor system in the halls, cheerleading tryouts, the magazine campaign, the selling of individual student pictures, helping with decorations and refreshments for various dances, helping finance the Junior-Senior Prom, the annual election campaign, and citizenship award to out-- standing students. The Council has helped to give its members an understanding of the problems and responsibilities of democratic govemment, Officers for the year are: President, Linda Mosherg Vice President, Frank Chamberlain, Treasurer, Judy Alguireg Secretary, Marlene Nurnberger. Our advisor has been Mr. George Berberich. Members, from left to right, are, Back row: William Vesp, Clifton Wilder, Gregg Bronk, John Vesp. Middle row: Sheila D'Arcangelis, Mary Ann Humphrey, Joyce Bartholomew, Chester Massari, Edward Hoffman, Mr, George Berberich, Gary Stahler, Gary Luft. Seated: Rita Marcellino, Patricia Gros, Marlene Nurnberger, Frank Chamberlain, Linda Mosher, Judy Alguire, Alice Wagner, Peggy Rose. QLQSSFS N 4 are gn W' new N rf-it S., :Q E r ' S. - LX T M, ,L.., X J QW L C Q 'ffl S S f ered S 5 7 et gl S ,E if JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Gregg Bronk, Student Council Representativeg Georgette Primer, Secretaryg Judy Alguire, Presidentg Marlene Nurnberger, Student Council Representativeg Deanna Watkins, Treasurerg Donald R Vice President, Class advisors: Mrs. Walton and Mr, MacRoy. eid, JUDITH ALGUIRE JACQUELINE ANTALEK CAROLYN BARKER GREGG BRONK PATRICIA BRONK DAVID CARPENTER A gy N . gi W Q 6 GILBERT COFFIN LINDA CONOVER STEPHEN DODGE CARL DOUGLAS BARBARA DYGERT THOMAS FLANDERS BRIGETTE FLORIAN ELAINE GRIMM LESLIE HAZZARD F ELICE KARR JAMES KILMARTIN PATRICIA KNEA SK ERN HAROLD LE ROY DAWN LITTRELL JOY MINER WAY NE MON K MARLENE NURNBERGER JOHN OLDICK GEORGETTE PRIMER ROBERT PUTNAM DIANE RIMKIS DONA RIMKIS BARBARA SALT SMAN JOHN SANZEN JOSEPH SEROKA JAMES SHEELY CAROL SMITH IU DITH SMITH LEONARD SMITH GERALDINE SPRAKER PHYLLIS STOCK A LBERT TREU ALICE TUDOR A i T I R E 7 EDWARD YOUNG RICHARD UTTER DEANNA WATKINS ROBERT WILCOX Pictures unavailable: MARGARET BOWMAN, .ROBERT D'ARCANGELIS, GERALD DOUGLAS, HAROLD EUTERMARKS, DUANE GROFF, DONALD REID, RAYMOND SANDERS, - N Rim - HW 'bin N... .., A f L- n ' ui v'-vim' 4 gi za . 1 ' V x, Tw AA 1 1- K ' A w e , hreh M- R ' X .. -fvfammafx I PRITCHARD - TENTH GRADE First row, B, Carpenter, C, Ambridge, J. DeLuise, C, Bowerman, M. Baker, S, Beck, P. Burns, P. Gros, D. Doganieri, E. Bulles, N. Douglas. Second row: E, Fredericks, C. Davies, H, Burhmaster, L, Beck, L, Conrad R. Flint, R, Gaughan. Third row: C. Antalek, D, Biancucci, J. Ambridge, J, Di Stefano, R, Graudon, Mr, Pritchard, FAILING - TENTH GRADE First row: D. Hazzard, J, Schoonmaker, R, Marcellino, K, Regal, S, Murphy, L. Lockyer, A, Marcellino, G, Loesch, P, Hinkle, S. Hinkle. I. Pavlus. Second row: Mrs, Failing, F. Rivenburgh, K. Putnam, C. Massari, E. Hunter, G. Mosher, J. Mureness, P, Luft, R. Kretser, R, Schwabrow, G, Pesce. Absent: G, Kretser, W, Hoffman. I. Loadwick, E. Hogan. HAN DY - TENTH GRADE First row: G. Smith, M. Smith, K. Verdock, S. Shults, D. Vogel, L. Yacobucci, B. Watkins, S. Z.o11er, D. Williams, P. Rockwell, M. Van. Second row: Mrs. Handy, P. Tabor, W. Schwabrow, D. Sweet, D, Wain- wright, W. Van Schaick, C. Van. Third row: R. Utter, G. Van Derwerker, D. Waner. EASTMAN - NINTH GRADE First row: C. Hammond, M. Gaughan, L. Boslet, I. Fredericks, C. Freday, B. Barker, M. Flanders, V.. Downs Y. Casler, L. Bellows, L. Fralick, Second row: R. Edick, E. Hoffman, S. Abel, S. Brown, L. Doganieri, N. Hack, P. Bouck, R. Fox, G. Frasier, Mr. Eastman. Third row: R. Devost, P. Ciani, R, Brown, R, Brown, G, Douglas, A. Doyle, D, Berrard, R, Grimm, I an h' il MERRIFIELD - NINTH GRADE First row: C. Kretser, P. Wrobel, J. LeRoy, K. Palmateer, A. Showerman, V. Smith, L. Van Vechten, A. Wagner, P, Rose, S. Oertel, C. Smith. Second row: C, Hawkes, L. Smith, E. Smith, L. Sauer, M. Keck, D. Patterson, F. Lewis, E, Putnam, B. Kilmartin, J. Melick, Mr. Merrifield. Third row: F. Smith, G. LaVa11ey, I. Wood, W. Marosek, D. Kilpatrick, V. Nestle, R. Manclow, C. Spraker, P. Pavlus, R. Luft. Fourth row: A. Mosher, D. Bellows, E. McRedmond, W. Hopkinson. Absent: B. Schrell, S. Smith, C. Swank. .1 .sun I STOVER - EIGHTH GRADE First row: C. Pavlus, L. Wilmer, B. Luft, G, Schawger, C. Bramer, D. D'Arcange1is, C. Darling, L. Beyer, J, Waits, M, Fox, J. Bartholomew. Second row: J, Utter, P. Lockyer, G. Doxtater, B, Buley, E. Hudson, R. Da- vies, A. Sours, F. Lisco, Mrs. Stover. Third row: R. Beyer, E. Dillenbeck, T. Shalna, R, Hazzard, P. Joyce, P, Loadwick, L. Barker, D. Mureness, A. Oertel, WILSCN - EIGHTH GRADE First row: P. Cook, G. Kretser, B. Alter, N, Cramer, J, Wilder, N. Johnson, J. Chamberlain, B, Saltsman, J, Patterson, S, Flanders, S, McKinstry, Second row: R. Swank, M, Saltsman, D. Sitterly, F. Looman, H. Dar- ling, D. Bowman, W. Hokerk, Mr, Wilson. Third row: G. Frasier, I, Trembly, F. Dodson, J, Vesp, R. Leip, D. Mosher, Absent: M. Horning, L. Snyder. . K Q YOUNG - EIGHTH GRADE First row: D. Lapi, D. Hogan, C. Knoeck, N. Morton, V, Nestle, S. Loyche, M, Humphry, B. Robinson, E. Carpenter, D, Beck, Mrs, Young. Second row: rD.,Massari, W. Fuelleman, V. Darrach, D. Morrell, R. Bouck, J, Dutcher, C, Witkowski. Third row: C. Reinhart, R, Streed, D. Young, L. Smith, R. Aird, 'lr 'F-I-2' '1 -rr -.-4. DUNNELLS - SEVENTH GRADE First row: B. Reibel, F, Wick, M. Green, B. Brooks, P. Weiss, J. Doxtater, L, March, S. Pavlus, K. Reese, G. Shults, S. Roser, Second row: N, VanVolkenburg, C. Karr, R, Loyche, L, Gray, M. Shults, B, Klump, G. Morris, J, Calbet, L. Ehle, G. Stahler, N. Bowerman, Mr, Dunnells. Third row: B. Marosek, G. Luft, J, Knoeck, L. Flanders, G, Nestle, N. Smith, J. Turcotte, L, Michalic, B, Nurnberger, B, Casler, E bv W, IQ, my 'fx by f ,V FW-v is X .X , ,,,, ,Vg VKKL, sw. A XX BRACO - SEVENTH GRADE First row: I. MacRorie, A. Gerlack, F. Garrison, J. King, D. Dingman, C, Douglas, J. Newcomb, S. Murphy, M.Brownel1, P. Lockyer, J, Edwards, Second row: Mr, Zegal, L. Glenn, P, D'Arcange1is, M. Smith, L. Lit- trell, C. Conover, V, Robinson, C. Sanders, W. Wangor, R. Hudson, Mr. Braco. Third row: L. Schoonmaker, D. Beyer, R, Wilder, C. Marcellino, M. Weiner, H. Morrell, D, Smith, R. Hoyer, K, Parks, R. Nolly. Fourth row: R, Bouck, R. Saltsman, E. Saltsman. J WALTON - SEVENTH GRADE First row: N, Pelon, S. Pitcher, M. Smith, T. Maaser, K. DiStefano, S. Knorr, C. DeLong, B, Harper, D, VanAvery, G, Cook, D, Rivenburgh. Second row: G, Primer, B, Bulles, H. Strobel, A. Sentochnik, S. D'Ar- cangelis, N, Maclntyre, W. Schrell, C. DeLuise, W. Watkins, D. Rollman, J. Lane, Mrs. Walton. Third row: E. Horning, M, Fortune, L, Nellis, I, Flanders, M. Casler, H. Mureness, R. Reinhart, A, Kilts, C. Failing, W, Lewis, L. Mereness. MAJORETTES Left to right: Barbara Watkins, Deanna Watkins, Dawn Littrell, Shirley Zoller, Alice Tudor, and Carol. Knoeck L ,uliA.lm.LLl1 1 -.E ..-1-"""'n 'K "':5':ff. : - :I -uP Meffaialu lllll. : . I' In r 'Caddies 1lll.,,,.,v ' - NN ,pn lm -ffc-r. In, - .I W -M -A. ' -Q , T ,N ' v ! ma A fu LL! " - -ink W A fwf- S X ! H ml s 21, eatin' 'I A m AA fax-x Q , , - - ,K N N C7 7 Nf.'lEY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated, E. Grimm, B. Dygert, I. Antalek, L. Mosher, Secretary-Treasurer, L. Sours, President, M. Nurnberger, G. Primer. Standing: G. Coffin, R. D'Arcangelis, E. Doerrer, Dona Rimkis, Diane,Rimkis, F. Karr, J. Alguire, J. Oldick, Vice President, G. Bronk, S. Dodge. em? A Il M if 5 H ur ? is ai xl VN'V ff fi if riffs XY , 'k"kz'bg1 , v 2-v' T f' 'H it Q... ATTENDANCE CLUB First row: R. Graudon, D. Sweet, E. Fredericks, D. Kilpatrick, Reg. Brown, R. Gaughan, R. DeVost, W. Mar- osek, C. Antalek. Second row: K. Regal, B. Watkins, S. Hinkle, M. Baker, N, Cramer, S. Loyche, B. Buley, E. Hogan, G. Loesch, C. Bowerman, I. DeLuise, B. Antalek. Third row: Mr. Berberich, R. Smith, I. Gaughan, B. Carpenter, P. Rockwell, M, Bgwman, J. Christie, L. Sours, K. Palmatier, V. Smith, J. Scabar, P. Saunders. Fourth row: I. Alguire, E. Grimm, B. Dygert, Diane Rimkis, G. Primer, I. Antalek, Dona Rimkis, L. Conover, D. Watkins, C. Kretser, Fifth row: Y. Casler, P. Gros, V. Nestle, G. Schwager, S. Beck, L. Lockyer, N. Doug- las, P. Stock, B. Florian. Sixth row: P. Burns, S. Shults, G. Mosher, H. LeRoy, S. Dodge, J. Oldick, J. Kil- martin, D. Reid, R. Wilcox. Seventh row: J. Sanzen, J. Sheely, G. Coffin, D. Bouck, R. D'Arcange1is, J. Seroka, F. Rivenburgh. 5' COMMENTATOR CLUB First row: D. Littrell, A. Tudor, Diane Rimkis, Dona Rimkis, P, Sanders, Editor-in-Chief, J, Scabar, Secretary Treasurer, S. Rayvals, R. Stonehouse, Mrs, Monahan, Advisor, Second row, P, Kneaskern, M. Nurnberger, G, Primer, D, Ambridge, J, Gaughan, M, Bowman, P. Bums, S, Shults, F. Karr, Third row, B. Watkins, E. Grimm, J, Alguire, B, Florian, D, Sickler, L. Lockyer, S. Zoller, C. Van, Cs, J 5 QQX PORTRAIT CLUB First row, Mrs, Failing, Advisor, A. Edick, Typing Editor, P, Saunders, Literary Editor, E, Doerrer, Advertising Manager, C. Freehold, Advertising Manager, R. Cramer, Assistant Editor, I. Christie, Editor-in-Chief, R, Stone- house, Treasurer, D. Sickler, Subscription Editor, H. Melick, Art Editor, N, Paul, Art Editor, Second row, D, Littrell, A. Tudor, F. Karr, M. Bowman, P. Bronk, B. Saltsman, J, Antalek, Dona Rimkis, L. Sours, J, Alguire, E. Grimm, B. Dygert. Third row, P, Kneaskern, I. Miner, L, Mosher, J. Scabar, D, Ambridge, 1, Gaughan, A, Moore, B. Florian, G. Primer, M. Nurnberger, Fourth row, D. Looman, R. Wilcox, J. Sheely, L. Conover, D. Watkins, Diane Rimkis, S. Rayvals, R. Utter, R, D'Arcange1is. Fifth row: G. Bronk, J. Kilmartin, D. Reid, T. Flanders, I. Oldick. FRENCH CLUB First row: L. Conover, President, Second row: N. Douglas, Vice President, Third row: B, Sdltsman, Secre- tary, J. Oldick, J. Sanzan. Fourth row: E. Grimm, Treasurer. Fifth row: Miss Venable, Advisor, B. Shults, D. Williams. I. Alguire. S LATIN CLUB First row: D. Doganieri, Secretaryg K. Regal, P, Gros, Treasurerg D. Reid, President: I. Kilmartin, R. Marcel lino, P. Bronk, Miss Venable, Advisor, Second row: J. Sheely, F. Rivenburgh, L, Yacobucci, G. Loesch, J. Christie, L. Mosher, L. Sours, G. Mureness, R, Wilcox, Third row: G, Bronk, S. Dodge, R. D'Arcange1is, R. Utter, E. Hunter, E, Doerrer, DRAMATICS CLUB First row: H, Melick, President, L. Sours, Vice President, Diane Rimkis, R. Cramer, Treasurer, Dona Rimkis, Secretary, Mr, Eastman, Around the "D, " beginning second row, left to right: F. Karr, M. Bowman, L, Mosher, B. Florian, J. Cook, N. Douglas, D, Littrell, R. Smith, J. Oldick, C. Antalek, C. Davies, J. Sheely, R, Utter, D. Clinton, A, Tudor, E. Bulles, K. Regal, I. Schoonmaker. LIBRARY CLUB First row: Mrs. Boslet, M. Smith, G. Smith, L. Lockyer, C. Van, I. Pavlus, G. Loesch, A, Moore, V. Shults, J. Cook, A, Marcellino. Second row: L. Yacobucci, E. Bulles, K, Regal, Y. Casler, J. Gaughan, D. Ambridge, P. Rockwell, B- Carpenter, S. Murphy. Third row: K. Palmateer, A, Wagner, P. Rose, J. Fredericks, V. Downes S. Abel, S. Brown, P. Wrobel, V. Smith, S. Oertel. Fourth row: L. Doganieri, N. Hack, L. Mosher, L. Con- over, L. Van Vechten, C. Swank, C. Smith, B, Barker, P, Saunders, J, Scabar. "FW CRE-ACTIVE CLUB Seated: C. Smith, J. Miner, H. Melick, President, Standing: D. Watkins, J. Cook, B. Dygert, Secretary, R. Cramer, Treasurer, E. Doerrer, Mr. Ghent, M. Nurnberger, N, Paul, L. Smith, G, Primer, G. Smith, PROJECTOR CLUB Left to right: Mr. Ghent, L. Smith, D. Littrell, R. McDuffee, Dona Rimkis, W. Monk, Diane Rimkis, A.. Tudor gg. ,503 ' k "iS.fi5.iz3" fl". 'VL , .,,. .,.f na., ,,s6:..V K, V 4 -V fv'f -' ,. ' ' V..-QLZMEY fan ' " 1 V 55... . V .V ,1:"" .V -3519 'E "-'WI 'f 1.5E3SQ5?l?3:V""' P94 ...xk .V . .x.. 12.14" . Tffgfirgi if 1: ' '.V.:--'-1ii"'.,i fig ' ' 525.2 Epi-:r9vf2f" "K" "' 'X' "4 A Mx: . V . .A-M. fgrwS2':i1' . Q,.M1:..V f V' 'swf X 55 22.2 5' 1 , 4 ,.,, ,,,AZ.r A QM 1.51: ':f',g:gz..5Vu , ff-vs 5:55 Q, .,: '. ifff'w.f2?EFQgPsrg+if -' ' " K .ff . Fw ' Viglqx """'ygM-3119 f. '- - ' - +1-.T 1. li. Q-.5 E15 'V ivfw fzlm ff J 2 2533225 K ,. . . A 1 - . 'VWDJW ' V.-2 ' 43" ,. . v,.... .V "'+..,g-1 .wa v f :'1'. -V.. , "-wfgjg f:5gz ' u, .A Q .V gm Q gg.. 'TW Xgygwixz A-. .--Vw f xii i. 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' . , Y V -' ., "'- Vg, ' ,- -5 ' '1 5' 1. .fb5g,g'iQL, V ', 1 ff' ' " .M ' Q X M , , 'V-"' 4 1 ji gi my K N QW 1 H MV' ww A 3.. Zp,.g2z',1. 5 Q BAND Sheely, CLARINETS: G. Mabbett, I. OBOE: N. Hack. M. Flsher, werman, Bo anieri, D. D'Arcangelis, M, Smith, N. 08 S1 D.D TE FLU E. Hunter, BASS CLARINET: re, B. Robinson, C. Bowerman, L. Ehle, L. Littrell, A. Kilts. BASSOON: W uicci, N. Macln ob Yacc L. glas, H. Dar- OU NE: G, D TO RI BA ults. Sh S: E. Bulles, G. HORN Fuelleman, C. Antalek. NES: H, Buhrmaster, W. O PH XO SA S. Shults. TRUMPETS: C . Davies, R. Manclow, F, Looman, A, Oertel. S: SSE BA OI, ab anders, P. T id, L. Beck, I. F1 Re ES: D. N BO M RO ling. T P Gros, G. Loesch, R, Davies, N: SSIO PERCU Vogel, R. Watkins, D. Cook, M. Shults. d King, D. Rollman, J. Valasek, M. Casler, R. Pryor, Director, l'. anclow, M i,R.M ier L. Dogan 'IGPUM '3 'H 'aaggnqow auols 'H 011 'asn 'N 'I 'med 'ausuuo '1 U03 ' "I 'JSQSOIN A0 'Ja 'se13noq 'N '21 oooe 'oumaoxew U1 ed 'lsgu 'cl 0A Sag '51 92 ,.. .Ie 'Q unog 'xaleluv Imox q 'r oqog 'plezzelq '1 'poonqooeg '1 'laxieuluo 'ueu1oo'1 'Q 'cl 'xaluadxeg '9 W 'lwqqv nm Q3- EF .wfn 'cn :r Ea Dm TY' :T '4 I-. 'Cn wg BS l-"ffl 9. 'IU Pm ,IE :-E Q- Qcn .O '-155 :ro 5? I-:ffl on fm 5 ill-J -nw 29 Sf" cm. 'sr Ps Lb-" Em 552 F22 'Q 51 Q? s-Z -1: P5 5.2 HUD E91 08- 'U CD 'Q :US 355 c EF Y' O r..o 'cu UQN QP '-92 -M' PIU 95 ,... :1 5? 53 Smlq .V .9 'aloow 'w OH LUM 'ue euoq WU!!! 'd '5! mise aux 'ul auegq FH 'SDILLI 'G PIWM 'SU 'II9-UIVI 'CI Ioqxaie 5 ssyw 'Lu ooag ox pu .I :M 01 151 5 v-1. 'x1oopJaA '51 IM 'fx 'so19 'uewxamog '3 'LlOS90'I 'D 'aslrwaa I 'UHSOH '3 'quuxs '3 'quws '11 lueA ow -mv 'cl 'wwe 'w SHEIOHD A 1- i m.QA J ,nll""K.T3"l.ilv-UF M.. -M ,,i. 1 ru x M ' 'Was M 455 A' '16-I 'H 3.5 MW 'ff I au.. if '-9 ......b-ur-rv W -- fl 1 . . I i 5, gg: . Mi -f ' Q i ffTi 9 - Vki. we nigh I , , v ' L. 59. r ' ' ' H is M . ,ji ,ivgxfnq dk ,471 ' A--an-of , 1 Q- .X .gs K ' -in, , H Q '4 V' aj 3 1 H Y' rg J .lv A ' NDP' 9 ' 5 "ff 1 ' 'v M 1 su .vp . N' asm, , , t! L , M A 'QJYWKV ' Q 'fi' 4 K I WAw4...,0g.. ,,,,,u, ..Q.",4, kbrr :Nfl ,A 1 if ' fwrus-+vals.z , 1.-.vq,, 1 vs.. . , ...X 5+.-ww-way.. sygmwrr WM-WM' ,.,-Q-v""" "bs . .W " wr dr aw: 'KNUQSJLSW' W V ' 'A' S. S . 3' HCMQMW "'K1ff2!K ' ' ' fu...-mwa1ln0l"' GLEE CLUB Pavlus, M. stry, C . in cK S.M Saltsm an, Schwager, B. D. Beck, G. Palmatier, C, Kretser, K. Miss Fagerholm, S. Oertel, 5 O a-1 u on I-4 uri LL. Second row: A. Wagner, P. Wrobel, Hack. N. Rose, P. Luft. I. Chamberlain, mer, B. ith. I. Fredericks, L. Wil FD Fox, S, Shults, C. S Brown, Buley, B, Alter, C, Hammond, S. K martin, S. Flanders, D. Hogan, D. Lapi, B. v-1 .-I L. M, Sours, J, Barthlomew, C. Knoeck, B, Smith, B. Robinson, E, Carpenter, P. Cook, G, Third row: C. Freday, R. Fox, V. ey, S. Loyche, ph: IT1 S, Abel. J. Patterson, M. Hu R. Marcel- Showerman, V. Downs, L. Van Vechten. I. Wilder, V. Nestle, N, Morton. Barker, A. Keck, B. Kretser, C. Darling, M, accompanist. lino, 1 1 f ry ,M X ,N f K X X X f , A 'X - fa 5? X fw K 9 " ' ,V 1 .K KX 7 1 , x X , v Qi W X Y I fr P3 V J ' ' """"' ? 435 v ' ' if SJW? ,lf-1 ! ' JW Wx- ' I " 1 Iwo ff - X SV 1 X xzx if ,Mi V5 ' 'MA W. : X NI C l V J X f , ' H M' fifgi ,A is xq 'f Jw 5 iXX ,Vfff Q , N-.,.1 Z X' ff ,I E . f V, ' 4 , 4 fffyf ,VVV7'! .JVM ,vA,7.fy L ii K W 'V W iw , f K fc IM, g V- ,. X 7, ri nf- 1 ""' , if' W 1 5 EMA Lf f - M - Wu K Qis' N t' -A f ' X 7 ffl E01 M51 , i VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: C. Freehold, S, Dodge, G. Coffin, I, Valasek, D. Reid, Standing: R, D'Arcangelis, D. Waner, I. Seroka, F. Chamberlain, W. Vesp, Mr. Ennis. Absent: R. Finch, Manager. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL h P T b A Treu E Hunter B Schrell P Luft R Gaughan Stand Kneeling: C. Massari, H. Bu rmaster, , a or, . , . , . , . , . . ing: R. Finch, Manager, C. Spraker, F. Riverburgh, R. Utter, G. Bronk, C. Antalek, D. Biancucci, Mr. Shi- minski. if f' 'Ml' k""'ual' if R' 4 ,fgzfii ey .fy J,,,',, 5 A J , 121 w Q l ,- . - , 1, A P, .1 . uf 1' X 'isa za 3 at , ,F f as Q.: Q.. ki : g:x,,.5 rs, f , n gg ki Q53 2' Q 3 s-X, I R I, I Nu.. f 7 . BASEBALL Kneeling: C. Massari, D. Biancucci, G. Bronk. J. Seroka, R. Utter. Standing: Mr. Shiminski, R. Cramer, D, Waner, W. Vesp, S. Dodge, R. Finch, Manager. SOCCER Kneeling: W. Vesp, D. Waner, G. Coffin, D. Reid, R. Schwabrow, F. Chamberlain. Standing: Mr. Ennis, J Sanzen, D. Biancucci, R. Utter, S. Dodge. J. Seroka, R. D'Arcange1is, J. Hoffman, R. Finch, Manager. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS f ght: J. Antalek, E, Grimm, G. Primer, B. Watkins, M. Nurnberger, P, Kneask L. fl 90' L... -K . in JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ghtg V. Smith, L, Conover, B. Dygert, N. Hack, A, Wagner, Absent: nf la. VARSITY CLUB Seated: R, Utter, R. D'Arcange1iS, J. Valasek. I. Seroka. I. Sanzen. Standing: C. Massari, F. Chamberlain S. Dodge, G. Coffin, R, Cramer, C. Freehold, W. Hisert, Mr. Ennis. G.A.A. First row: M, Van, D. Littrell, M. Bowman, Diane Rimkis, Dona Rimkis, D. Watkins, J, Melick, L. Conover, G. Primer, B, Dygert, Second row: C. Van, S. Hinkle, J. Fredericks, M. Nurnberger, F. Karr, D. Ambridge, D, Patterson, E. Grimm, Mrs, Turling, Third row: P, Wrobel, M. Gaughan, D. Doganieri, N. Hack, S. Zoller B. Watkins, S. Shults, J. Alguire, V, Smith, S, Oertel. many .gc dl.: 5- A Wh fa if Ng' -4 if erm 'HJ v I I am the Spirit of '5'7, the heart of this class. Here I was born and with them I grew, During the seventh and eighth grade years, with Mr. Ennis as our advisor, we had our first real class activities, which started us on the way to Washington, D.C. We sold basketball pencils, had a food sale, and felt very grown-up with our responsibilities, The school year 1953-54 marked our last year of Junior high school. During this year, we were introduced to our first high school courses and experienced the thrill of graduation, with Linda Sours as our valedictorian and Marlin Lassig as our salutatorian. Our class officers were: Barbara Regel, president, Linda Mahl, vice president: Linda Mosher, secretary-treasurerg and Linda Sours and Gordon Mabbett, Student Council rep- resentatives. We moved a little closer to Washington by selling Christmas cards, having a hay-ride, and a food sale as our activities. The next year found us as Sophomores, at last a part of Senior high school. By this time, I was well on the way to being an important part of school life, As our officers, we chose Gordon Mabbett, president, Linda Sours, vice president, Linda Mahl, secretary, Barbara Regel, treasurer, and Marlin Lassig and William Vesp as Student Council repre- sentatives. Our second class advisor, Miss Venable, joined us this year. We had sev- eral activities, which included a movie, the selling of sweat-shirts, and a food sale. Time passed very quickly and soon we were Juniors, This was the big year when I made my appearance on our class rings. As our activities, we had a movie, a food sale, and a carnival. We sponsored our play, "Smart Guy, " and "April Showers" became our first dance. Our president was Linda Mosherg our vice president, Marlin Lassig, our sec- retary, Linda Mahl, our treasurer, Barbara Regelg and our Student Council representatives, Frank Chamberlain and William Vesp. In June, we were very busy transforming the gym into the "B1ue Moon Ba1lroom" for our beautiful Junior-Senior Prom, the highlight of the year, Finally, the big year arrived and we were Seniors at last. This year we chose Clif- ton Wilder as president, Ronald Finch as vice president, Linda Sours as treasurer, Rosalie Stonehouse as secretary, and Frank Chamberlain and William Vesp as Student Council rep- resentatives. Our activities were a harvest dance, sponsoring of the Harlem Globe Trot- ters at a basketball game, the Senior play, "Aunt Cathie's Cat, " basketball concessions and a spaghetti supper. At the present time, we are looking forward to our Senior trip to Washington and graduation, with Linda Mosher as our valedictorian and Linda Sours as our salutatorian. As our high school years draw to a close, each and every member of our class cherishes me, the Spirit of '57, and will remember me forever, Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr, and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Donald Neach Charles Scabar Ralph Paul william Doerrer Richard L. Melick Webster Keck, Sr. John Kane Ross Hornbeck John Vesp Charles Antalek Russell Smith Alton Saltsman Eugene Bouck Charles Chamberlain Reverend John J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Failing Mr. and Mrs. Harland Oldick Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Failing Mrs. Florence M. Bailey Miss Lillian F agerholm Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Mr, Mrs. I. Edward King Arnold Fredericksen Carlton Boslet Orville Granger Donald Christie Christian Whaler John Ambridge, Sr. Martin Shults and Mrs. Leonard Shults Edith Gaughan Mr, and Mrs. Roland Mosher Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Smith Mrs. Philip Freebold PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Rev. Rev. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rev. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rev. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs, Harry Cramer Ross Phelps Thomas R. Pryor Ervin Hunter, Sr. Thomas D. Ghent F. E. Finch Robert Pritchard George Berberich William Merrifield Daniel Monahan Frank Mullet Richard Miller Albert Strobel William Knorr Alvah Sours James Alcock Arthur Sickler Kermit Bruggencate Kenneth Fassett John Bennison George Duffy John Pelon Leo Koppel Paul Shiminski Leland Dunnells Fenton Diefendorf Myron Saltsman John Ridder Miss Evelyn Venable Mr. .and Mrs. John MacRoy Dr. and Mrs. Albert Sentochnik Dr. and Mrs. Charles Slater Miss Helen Failing Congratulations to the Class of 1957 From JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS 8TH GRADE FRESHMAN CLASS 7TH GRADE HOWAQUS l:l..l::C r La 4 C Admiral Appliances Sales and Service Gas Heaters 8 Crouse Street Fort Plain, New York 'VI-IE. IDLJG1' OL JT Spauldings and Rawlings Sporting Goods Fort Plain ONEIDA RAAQKETS INCORPORATED "The One and Only Nationally Famous WORLD Green Stamps" Canal Street Fort Plain DA LAT! NE DYE! NG CCNADANV, I INI C Complete Graduation Service Class Rings - Commencement Announcements Caps and Gowns' - Medals and Awards - Diplomas Taylor-made Yearbooks L.. G. EA Ll: CD12 CO. BENTLEY 8: SIMON TAYLOR YEARBOOK CO Your Representative HODGKINS OF BALFOUR "Gus" I-Iodgkins, Bob Gray, and T. K. Hymers P. O. Box 9 Phone 3-5374 Schenectadv, New York W I BLJI--l12kA45.5'l"E12'5 D1:2Ucs se FCJIQI: "REXALL" "Dependable Prescription Service" Best Wishes to Class of 1957 DAN CQANKLI N DAI l2I E5 F tP1 B h Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates I:AlL..l4'S FLAVCI2 SPOT BEVERAGES UC for Me and .Tic Jac Compliments of .gl SIXIVDEIQ C O. l3E'l'l2Cl.l-ELJIXA Canal St Fort Plam Phone 45 1 11 CCDLJIZI E12- STANDAIQD x-uE12B'S CANAEQA Sl-ICDID AND STUDIO "Everything Photographic" "Keepsake Diamonds" and "Art Carved Wedding Rings" 16 Canal St. Fort Plain 4-3331 Fort Plain, N. Easy to Own FINE THINGS for the Home Y Compliments of THE P30121- PLAIN NURSING HOME SINIECI4 ELEC TRIC STORE "Electric Equipment" River Street Fort Plain FORT PLA! N DIAAIQNAACV VERON J. A. SCHRADER, Ph. G. 30 Canal Street Fort Plain Prescriptions Are Our Specialty Everything in Printing Workmanship of Highest Quality Prompt Service Tl-IE BAIQTON 13121255 Z Hancock Street Fort Plain, N. Y. Telephone 4-6821 SVVAIZTZ 'S GAQAGE Towing Day or Night Complete Gulf Service and Welding Hancock Street Fort Plain, New York 4-3123 4-4483 C ongratulations Class of '57 A12s41:l...l . AND , cu-uA12rvn srvu'l'u-I S COTZINIEIZ "The Oldest I NC. Name in Paper Bags" Canal Street Fort Plain, New York STEWAQT AND EEQC-SEN C "American Standard" "Wi11iams Gas-O-Matic" "Gas Conversion Burners" "Gas Package Units" Main Street Fort Plain 'I 1:0127- 13L..AJ N NATIONAL BANK Canal Street Fort Plain SCI-ICLET FURNITURE, INC . "Furniture" "Bedding" "Floor Covering" Main Street Fort Plain Compliments of BEECII-I-NLJT I L..lT-TE SAVEQS, 1 Nc. C anaj oharie , New York I ...... - -N-I ADL.E12'S CQEABAEEV INC. "All Dairy Products" Willett Street Fort Plain EL. QANCMO DQIVE - IN CLIF HALL, P1-op. Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of '57 CIE IXITQAL GAIZAGE INC. "Your Esso Dea1er" "Complete Service" "Storage" Main Street Fort Plain, New York LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE WOMEN OF THE MOOSE Erie Boulevard Canajoharie DAVE'S RESTAURANT "Fountain Se rvice" Canal Street Fort Plain SCI!-ILJ LT5 SHOE STORE Canajoharie, New York "Shoes for the Entire Family" Pl-ll LVVICI4 J. PQEDETZICK lXfllL.L.S 1-T-IZAIXI I4 84 SONS INC . General Electric Appliance s Sales - Service Canajoharie, N. Y. C ORP ORA TION Fort Plain Congratulations Clas s of '57 DET12 IS BAKERY Canal Street Fort Plain Happy Cooking Gas Appliances Ranges - Water Heaters Room Heaters for Happy Cooking Metered Gas Bauder Tank Gas Bulk Gas Service Fort Plain Phone 46-431 BALJDEQ GAS SERVICE B. GQAY AND SONS HOME FURNISHINGS C anal Str e et FUNERA L HOME Willett Street Compliments of EOQT PLA! N HARDWARE 'FDALATI NE BUILDER'S SUPPLY Building Materials Tile - Formica Canajoharie - Phone: 4-2111 Fort Plain 4-0381 Palatine Bridge, N. Y. Corsages - Wedding Flowers VVl L.L. IANA VV CJCDI-'HXI5-IFCDIXIE FLORIST Phone: 3-6631 Route 5 Grand Street Palatine Bridge, N. Y. Floral Tribute s of Distinction Compliments of G. N.. II'- Fort Plain Compliments of 1:-'Cl2"I" l3L..Al N DRY C LEANERS DYGEQTS DRUG sToRE L, c, DYGERT, Ph. c. "Prescriptions a Specialty" Canal Street Fort Plain GEESLE 125 INC. General Electric Appliances Oil Burner s Plumbing and Heating Fort Plain, New York I-IAJXIIIZIINI PONTIAC, INC. Pontiac Sales - Service - Parts Nelliston, New York SEALTEST ICE CREAM General Ice Cream Div. of National Dairy Products Corp Fort Plain Compliments of For Your Complete Insurance Needs MAQVEY F4Al2T2V5 SM ,TH SNACK BAR River Street Fort Plain, N. Y. 43-223 40-122 Compliments of l-'El-ZAJ-3120 MOTOR SALES Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Canajoharie C5-E121-I AQTS FLORIST Nelliston s-IQMEQEB SERVICE STATION Gulf Se rvic e General Repair and Welding C ompliments of EAGLE o1L COMPANY Richfield Distributor Nelliston, New York Compliments ' of DI El:ElNIDCDl2l:l 84 SCDIXI BOOKSELLERS at STATIONERS "A Greeting Card for Every Occasion" Fort Plain, New York l3Al2l2?5 SH OE S T ORE Plus Skills at ABC Guidance - Balanced Training Activities Placement in Key Positions in Business, Professional and Government Offices. ALBANY BUSINESS C OLLEGE 126-134 Washington Ave. Albany 6, N. Y. State Registered Veteran Approved NELSQNS LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning Fort Plain, N. Y. Phone 4-6633 Daily Pick-Up and Deliveries EALJDEE OIL C OMPANY "Fuel Oil - Kerosene Home Heating" "Oil Burners Furnaces" Fort Plain Canajoharie VVAI LJ. IAJVI l DC.DlflZlQFki' WATCHES AND JEWELRY 48 Main Street Fort Plain, N. Y. coNovEr2'S DEPARTMENT STORES, INC . "House of Fine Furniture and Dry Goods" Fort Plain Canajoharie Congratulations to the Seniors N ICI!-ICDL.SS DAIRY Reid Street Fort Plain I--IEIIEIVIARN A. PEI NIE Hudson and Rambler Sales and Service Sc ott -Atwate 1' Outboard Motors GEC. A. ANDEIQSONI STORE T, P, FAHY, Prop. Dry Goods Men's, Women's and Children's Ready-to-Wear Fort Plain, N. Y. PAIQIC SERVIC E CENTER Phone 9- 9 161 THERON J. VOSBURGH EADIO SERVICE SHOP Gas - Oil Lube Wash Texaco Fort Plain l S of KAP? SHOP Fine Portraits Canal Street Fort Plain Fort Plain Phone 46301 Compliments of Your Friendly I3L..AI N EEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY N STORE RICHARD NAT I-IAN MOTOR SALES SAN! LJ E LS INC. Your Local Chevrolet Dealer Main at Hancock Fort Plain Men's and Boys' Wear Fort Plain, New York DeSoto Plymouth HAVVKI NS AUTO SALES Nelliston, N. Y. Phone Fort Plain 46-393 Texaco Gas and Oil Tires, Tubes, and Accessories C 1,1 I-21313 I Trl? BUICK SALES West Main Street Nelliston C ompliments of Tu-IE, SIVlI'l'l--IS GIFT SHOP Center Street ESSO SERVICE Canajoharie Compliments of SMA 1.L.Ev S THEATRE I-ICDBS GRILL AND RESTAURANT Division Street Fort Plain Compliments of I 15A1e1e1:-.eTe1 es TOGGERY Fort Plain Imperial Wallpaper Gifts Canal Street Fort Plain CE PCO LEGS?-C L.. QUANT "Groceries - Meats" Canal Street Fort Plain l5L,Jl2l2OQI4S Canal Street Fort Plain Snappy Dres s SP-IOPDE Canal Street Fort Plain, New York "Compliments of" VVATK I N S FOOD MARKET DLJTQ-uE12'S SHOE STORE "ENDIC OTT JOHNSON" Main Street Fort Plain C ompliments of P-PCDIZDSFZLJSI-I Compliments of PAQIS NEWS ROOM C anaj oharie JACK AND J I L. L.. SHOPS "Togs and Things for Toddlers, Tots, an Teens" d Canaj oharie Fort Plain C ooperstown I-LS. IX!! I LLEIZS BI I..L..l NGTOINI APPAREL SHOP HARDWARE Canajoharie Canajoharie Compliments of PLA! IN! MOTOR SALES 13A12ToN'S PHARMACY Fort Plain, New York Canajoharie SLEJTBFIQISS v 'S NE WS R OOM Fort Plain W W0 ZZQWZZZ CE NTEIZ " Where Once a Customer, Always a Friend. Center and Division Street Fort Plain, New York I Com liments of AND P IIIEEDAV 1. G. A, GEAVES Nelliston FLORIST SHOP 1 1 'nrbm-mAreVAYlOR-MA I I

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