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L I E . ,x i E gl 2 I 5 5 s f? F 3 S i F 5 Y 1 1 if S S Q Q V1 ? K E X. jy, 1 As X 2 3 's E1 3 If 1 x X. 'I bud Z Q- ,. ' 8 I i VE,--H 7 2 ff' i g ? 49' K 33 1' , -wwf' "fi K ,.- A Q3 -,iz m ay fm ' . ,,,. it ' , ',.W ag. w f 5 W .fd f. 4 -, Q A -,Z , e, W i isa-11 f' A Q5 ii , f Z M S 3 ight r V K' f 4 bg A, f 3 if Q' is in Q 1 5 2 ,9 J EJ Sr if :X ' if .K L ,,,N,:,,l, A K S 4.5! fx' X s ,,...Vw,g,.,,f.,,,.,.,...,..YV.,, .-Us .V,,.,,.,, ,v .. ...W-funn-:ww-av R--, Dedicated to STEPHEN WILSON We, the class of '55, take great pleasure in dedicating this year- book to our advisor, Mr. Stephen Wilson, who has guided and helped us in our activities for four years. We wish to give our sincere thanks for his assistance and wish him the best of everything in the years to come. Appreciation to FRANK MULLET For his guidance and understanding our problems, we would like to say thank-you to Mr. Frank Mullet, without his advice and patience our class would not have progressed as it did, ..,, -... .,..., ..., -,,,,h-,,,A,.,, t Y MWWWW JOHN E. RIDDER Supervising Principal FRANK MULLET High School Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Donald Christie, Vice Presidentg William Roofg Donald Neach, Presidentg Milburn Smith Gerald Casler, Russell German. Absent: George Cronkhite. 1 sl 5 I s ?Mf22 nm fi. M.. ,WM i P n if . F 1 , k ! 1 n fa 1 .M , ,S I GIS J gas N ' i fl f lf? I 'K 5 1, V2 lla if J 1 3 Z J' e xg gi ' ,LZ , il . . ! Sitting: President, A. Florian, Secretary, I. Bowman, Advisors, Mr. S. Wilson and Mrs. E. Smithg Student Council Representative, R, Hoffmang Vice President, A. Miller. Standinz Treasurer, D. Oldick Student Council Representative, W. Utter, zwwpgfaagewagwss On the opening day of school in kindergarten, a group of children, tightly hanging onto their mother' hands, stepped into the sanctum of life, otherwise known as school. They had looked forward to this great event in their lives for a long time, now that the day was present there were varied expressions on their faces, They were soon sliding, playing with sand, clay, blocks, or the big doll house--while a few were screaming at the tops of their lungs for their mothers. Our teacher was Miss Failing. This group of healthy young Americans consisted of Ruth Byer, Bernard Chapman, Thomas Doganieri, Edith Eckert, Joan Ferguson, Louisa Gros, Richard Herb, Robert Hoffman, Allen Miller, Robert Reid, Elaine Rollman, Iona Schrell, Phillip Utter, William Utter, Leona Walrath, Richard Waner, Marlene Sours, and Lois Smith. On entering first grade we had one new classmate, Janet Lamphere. Under Mrs. Frank's supervision we soon could write our names, count to ten, and say our A B C's, We took several autumn hikes and observed how the trees and plants grow. We had a Halloween party and the first six grades dressed up and marched to music-all around the school. What fun! In the second grade Miss Morrone was our teacher. We thought we were growing up to be "big folks, when we entertained the grade school with an assembly program. Our teacher made a silhouette of each individual pupil in black, which we mounted on white and then green art paper for our parent's Christmas present, ln the third grade our teacher was Mrs. Hudson. We had our first history book to study, "Workers at Home and Away. " We enjoyed learning the handicrafts she taught us and worked very hard to be on the honor roll. 3 S In the fourth grade we had some more pals added to our class, They were Barbara Putnam, Mary Wilmer, Bernard Wrobel, Lydia Fralick and Betty Jane Smith, Our teacher was Miss Miller, and we had a very enjoyable year, One of our outstanding activities was a baking contest, Each of the girls baked a cake and brought it to school, The boys judged them by sampling to see which was the best, ln the fifth grade Mary Rubert became a member of our class, The teachers were Mrs, Larkin and Miss Sheffield, We enjoyed a Christmas party and exchanged names so everyone received a present. We also participated in an assembly program, By the time we reached sixth grade, we began to realize how close we were to Junicr High. Under Miss Warner we studied diligently to enter Junior High and obtain the distinctions one nas there, Donald Cole and John Tinka were added to our class, We will never forget Moving-Up -Day when we went in the auditorium where everyone was singing "Where, Oh Where, Are The Lost 6th Graders?" It was a big event and quite a thrill, We wore fancy hats of our class colors which are blue and gold, We all en- joyed a picnic at Wintergreen Park the last day of elementary school, We went swimming and had a grand time, At last we entered Junior High School. We now had a different teacher for each subject, and were eligible to join school clubs, That year we had the largest number of friends added to our class, They were Myrna Beck, Ronald Bramer, Howard Edick, Bruce Failing, Alfred Florian, Kenneth Lasher, Lillian Looman, Doris Oldick, John Pickard, Phyllis Suits and Sidney Saltsman. Our homeroom teachers were Mrs. Duggleby and Mr. King, We elected Class officers and Student Council members for the first time that year. Our activities were selling basketball pencils, a food sale, and weaving an afghan, Our homeroom was high salesman for the annual magazine campaign, and approximately all the children in our class were given a free ticket and bus ride to Utica to see the Shriner's Circus, From here, we passed into eighth grade, with Miss Penny and Mrs. Flanders as our homeroom teachers, We held a food sale to add to the money we made in seventh grade toward the big event, our Senior Trip, Freshmen at last! Loaded down with books, pencils and pens, we bravely faced the four years to come, Our Nelliston friends joined us, They are Joan Bowman, Alicia Cramer and Webster Keck, We elected our 431355 advisgrg Mr, Wilson and Mrs. Handy, Our homeroom teachers were Miss Venable and Mrs. Handy, The class held a food sale, sold Christmas cards, everyday cards and wrapping paper, which was a big success, Our Freshman year ended with Junior High graduation, Our Valedictorian and Salutatorian were Ruth Byer and Mary Rubert, In our Sophomore year we originated the idea of a carnival and talent show, We played games of ring toss, throw a penny, darts, basketball, fortune telling, and gave cash prizes to the winners in the talent show. We also sold refreshments, It was a success and we all enjoyed doing it. We also sponsored a hayride and a food sale. Our homeroom teachers were Mr. Redman and Mr. Mullet, In 1954 we were known as the "Jolly Juniors" around F. P, C, S, Our homeroom teachers were Mr, Wilson and Mr. Mullet, The highlight gf the year was receiving our class rings. We sponsored a hay- ride to a football game at Johnstown, a carnival, food sale, dance, and Ollr Junior play, "The Golden Boy," directed by Mr, Lazar, and enjoyed by our whole community, Our activities ended with a Junior- Senior Banquet held June 5, 1954 at the Manor, Our Senior year has finally arrived, Our homeroom is Mr. King's study hall. Mr, Wilson and Mrs, Smith are our present class advisors, and we are eagerly looking forward to our Senior trip to Washington, D.C, and New York City. To help finance our trip, we have sponsored a hay ride, dance and food sale. We sold Christmas trees which the Senior class cut and transported to the customer's homes, and sold re- freshments at the home basketball games. We are all looking forward to the big event in our lives in June--GRADUATION. We wish to thank all our teachers, advisors, and friends who have made these years so memorable, Ruth Byer RONALD BRAMER "Ronnie" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH BYER "Ruthie" Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Portrait Club 4, Dramatics 4, Y.-., -Y ,, , nllunv--1,1 MYRNA BECK "Beckie" Glee Club 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3,4, Choir 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3: Latin Club 2, 3,4, President 3, Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 2, Attend- ance Club 3, Magazine Homeroom Captain 1, 2, 3. JOAN BOWMAN "Joanie" Glee Club 1, FHA 1, 2, Choir 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Library Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Magazine Homeroom Captain 2, Editor- in-Chief of Portrait 4, Senior Play 4. BERNARD CHAPMAN "Chappie" DONALD COLE vrDon1u Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Class President 2, Student Council President 3, Drarnatics 4, Junior Play 3. ALICIA CRAMER "Butch" Glee Club 1, FHA 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Portrait 4, Dramatics 4. THOMAS DOGANIERI ..Dog.. Soccer Manager 2, Assistant Basketball Manager 2, 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Dramatics, Student Council 3,4, Stu- dent Council President 4, Boys' State 3, Citizenship Award 3, Portrait 4. BRUCE FAILING "E1mer" Student Council 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3. JOAN FERGUSON "Fergy" Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, Portrait Club 4, Dra- matic 4. EDITH ECKERT "Edie" Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Glee Club 1 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 4, GAA 2, 3, 4. HOWARD EDICK llskiplv Portrait 4. 1 LOUISA GROS Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Protrait 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Attendance Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3,4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, County FHA President 4, RICHARD HERB "Herbie" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Junior Play. ALFRED FLORIAN ..A1.. Choir 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Student Council 3, Dramatics 3, 4, President 4, Class President 4, Photo- graphy Club 3, 4, Portrait 4. LYDIA FRALICK vlLydvv Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, FHA 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT HOFFMAN "Red" Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Junior Play 2, 3, Senior Play 4. WEBSTER KECK "Web" Student Council 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council 2, Dramatics 2, 4, Photography Club 4. JANET LAMPHERE "Jan" Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3. 49 FHA 1' 29 Press Club 3, 4, Library Club 2. 3. 43 Portrait 4g Attendance Club 3. 4: D13-' matics 4. KENNETH LASHER "Kenny" Basketball 1, 2, soccer 2. 3.4- DORIS OLDICK Attendance Club 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, President of FHA 4, Cafeteria 4, Class Treasurer 4. JOHN PICKARD Student Council 2, Junior Play. LILLIAN LOOMAN "Li11" Glee Club lg Choir 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Dramatics 4. ALLEN MILLER "Pick" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 3, Class President lg Student Council 1, Junior Play 3. ELAINE ROLLMAN "Toots" Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Junior Play, Choir 2. MARY RUBERT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3. I BARBARA PUTMAN "Barb" FHA 1, 2, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Portrait 4, Dramatics 4. ROBERT REID "Windy" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Drarnatics 1, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Varsity Club 3, 4, Photography Club 3, 4, Portrait 4. MARLENE SOURS "Dizzy" Glee Club 1, GAA 1, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Photography 3, 4, Class Secretary 2. LOIS SMITH "Loie" Glee Club 1, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2. -.,..............A.....,.u.,, ,,.. -, , ...1 J... .,.... ........-..,................,,,,,..,-- SIDNEY SALTSMAN " sid" IONA SCHRELL "Onie" Glee Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, Press Club 4, Portrait Club 4. PHYLLIS SUITS "Phil" Glee Club 1, Library Club 2, 4, Choir 3 FHA 3, 4, JOHN TINKA Wjohnnyll Soccer 2, 3, 4, 4, President 3, Basketball 2, FFA 1, 2, 3 PHILLIP UTTER "Phil" Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council 2. WILLIAM UTTER "Cutie" Class Vice President 1, Soccer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Junior Play, Student Council 3, 4, Photography Club 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Class President 3, Student Council Vice President 4. , .,,,,,,,.,.,,.,,, ,,,, , 2- ,TW Vw ,-.--f..-.,,,. ,,.. LEON WALRAT H RICHARD WANER lIDickl1 Junior Play, Stage Manager 3. MARY WILMER graphy Club 3, 4, Junior Play, FHA 4, Dramatics 4g Portrait 45 Magazine Homeroom Captain 1, BERNARD WROBEL "Bernie" Baseball Manager 2, Varsity Club 3, 4 S ,V ., ., .. , ,Qw,.L::1.sfL,e:,w:-, -,,f -v:., , 5 . A . M., M. f lt, ,r.,,-wQg,:t,,,,-ae,-It fa-"iaSs5'2-5 '- , , M ,, A for in-czf 36151952-rf'Ts1SW 2,-VI -V an ,Im ,U ,QQ wig. , ., ,,1,.:t, fwQtwt:3rf17.fgf-.wr ,. X 1 if 2 S af2e2S21LssfE1Kf'f',: ,..1,1.ff,sfewsf:f'fawmifebw wv'sw1'f X 5, ,i mf iwfgrgg tm! ze1f,f Q- Msqw-gf 1. K Z, f,,,.,:ga.,,:afg,5gW,,wfg,a5g,l.ff,51,:w-37 B S,31:gfSfifsw-.:km:n'.5.:wL:.L1. 'fimxwizwf,ffwemiwg 3 X Wf',3a-w-Zasfsiw' Qifww-if-aQn1v-new Q ti-L, X if fv .ff Kiwiiigk'ff5j11gjgfi.gv1Z4W s A ' f:5ggfn'j:5 ,g','f,g5 V' '7-I ' i,:u.f5ifZSxf5fw4'2!kEv' ' L 1 Wzz?1zg:sii':1'Tff-Sis?,fGvsf:,,iQ.'f2i,:1f:iz W if-2 , '- S A ' ' M327 :f32fiQE::SeQit.Q3fZfmf K-kizm 'A'15fi"iTe.j3 m t.,,. W, K .,,,... 9 ,', f 2 ,,., M., ft:,.efPSt:Mse1g:ws1Vf-Qf--M., ,Af - me 1 f -f ,, -xt-filzzwrev' :L1H1.w-1 5 gm15,fQ1.tgg:awgt:w1g--Z..,,- . wvw-1,.wv1s:gaz1:-.:,:-sz-Q4 -1 ffg 1, ffaefagittfvtsrw I :gf fr-1 fi,.fE.!gfH,-4'-11 , Aif'I32-15filizeeefwfgigaylfaiwfiiiWe 'xv 'L' ws?-trwi-Ewa1.MA10f:sagsasmqfgsiggssisrasgiiztzgyllg'K BEI I Y JANE SMII H 7 . - - Q -w, Choir 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. , g ' K ,-.,,fgg7f,f711,,' z ..w-J, ..',1mw1ffL5-gas mgra,-siggf1,,,g,,:Q. ,gigazgf ,s1,fzf.l,,,e .uw imma .. ww. fa ww-Hai? isyiaewiiw-1aQ1:ffw if ,L :mfs law,.1t:ff.t,,m,fg--ffm1-f,.w.m.:5ls:Q3,at Sfyfasm-mywe -wtf .ag-W5-. -a,aw.,,,wQ,f.,,fq wfgfaa? f1,:7m:trg.L,.f5 v',g1L::6qaa1Kf,wywf . ftiwqxfaimfwiit--,Gaiat,IE-.Ima ,ww J W ,SMS 3: ami .ft mia,-cal, 3121252445 few-A-w,ws,gf1: 2L'r1'U'-iifff-tiara 1. tg' gp sgfmsxgaf ws.g,,-,wara:,,., fa,-Q-.1 .',w,1gr-Qxilmsie-Q1fm wfewifwasw-th -Vu-v1wYfw1.fguga ,asp 2-wsffwfl,-gefmf?qmy,:gifpwiyfgsiQ,figeaiaiepsieimqtfsztwbz: islyf , ffl it if S is 3+ A Y fl 2, :fl 5 1 Z' V 1 fiiw ff X 5? W + X' 2 f FQ- fiitfys z-.-frlgg an .finger we fr V of Q ,Q ww QQ? :Q.f.,WbQ- . C, .al me ,. salma , if A Grad Ni B at Aga, fi L.. A.. -Ln 2 . -. . ,r.u..r,, .tr -..M-,u.....u.......,,....- ,.,,, A ,.,, ..,...,-.,.m....,.,-...-,.n ,, ix Qgeip J . 4, S at -S5uQgVgf,,1Lj,L,-ii ,M fi mvkedeat . gm French Club 3, 4g Choir 1,.2, 4, Photo- s !1 I A . J ff ,., Q yi Q gg: 5, fl" 771,51 fif' sm .H W Na! W .-s ' -kia f w 5 , ' l , K ' Q V ' mum' ' 44:40 ' Seated: P. KILMARTIN MRS. FASSETT MR, BERBERICH S, SNYDER - - Standing: V, DOUGLAS - I. PANAGAKIS W, STEWART - B. IJOOMAN - - D. DODGE - - Representative - - ------ Advisor - - Advisor - Reporter - - Secretary Representative Vice President - - -President - - Treasurer A EY ABLE CARNA HENR ENTZ ROBERY BERGEN T BILL ARNO INGTON gl' . -. X X fv g fg J, X X X WX LJ Q X KPMG X i mgfwgf-Q, Xu X ,mjsw X N VWAf5Mffx ' X A '1 Y AgV'1A ,X -HN 'f X. L 3,QX, H ' yn, wuz' 1. - ' 'KT' g'Z'1 1 ' an 'Wwe , ' X X' FQ! ' X -,Q -- X , , . X M2 4 , .X AQ X Q, ww ix GQ' fm wXX Q m w y ! Q Q "ww v . x l wwf rw 4 .:. X X. X253-1 mf MM A, Xw X1 K , .mix Xwm f-Q4 Wm , , f, 1 , 5 , iMg?XQZ, 1, Ms. 'X 2114? 'X Maw Tir' " f 4' yi gf 1 QA ' , f ,Z 7 XX' -X. A X W X . .,. ZW mx fx WX N W A . , M ,X X VXMVX my X x My M 1 :A wt m X ,. NN V EUGEN E IDA BQWSSUCK BOWMAN JASQN Lo STANL U CARP HELEN Y c.4RSO1fNTe1e HAPMAN jan-' How mb oou GL AS vw A ooo omxs cmox, amaze. se pm vox aoeevsc emoami amuse GQHQASG S ACQUELY N CLARKE CLNY ON ALLEN Ps MNT ON BOW VDC DOLOY-Y-S COYPXN H4 CON G AY-vi A D ODGE EB?-PS D Y-PSD rvwv-az' 1 R T I LEWIS HA NIFIN URSULA HANIFIN BRUCE H ARBSTER IRLEY HUVKLE RRIET HOGAN CAROL YN HOPKI1vsO1v SH HA DOUGLA s HUNTER DA VID JOHNSON LA UDIA KELLER PA TRLCIA KILMA NORMA RTIN KLOCK BARBA RA KNO WL TON A I .. 'JV YNXXAAPSM XCR?-'Y SER LLXSSXG RON P-XD LE?-CB RXCWAARD cowl D1 LO LO NWS X591 YT Sb sr-rm M0 Sv, ml WW X4 0580195 9,145 X,- ww we x, ge 9 Ps ev-P-XJ go x,Os1Y5'Y P' SU BEN AMN SO M4 LOY CBE ,uh I LA VE BERNREY SCHW AM ICE SMUHAGER DQUG LA syn, S SMU, AURIN G i ..,T.,.4h..,.. .,,.,M-H. ,,,. .MM M,.,,,.-.,L,.,.. . Not present for pictures: KENNETH CARTER PATSY D'ARCANGELIS AUGUST DOUGLAS ROGER GOODRICH GEORGE GRIMM EDWARD LORD HARRY LUFT RUSSELL LUFT RUSSELL SMITH WALTER STEWART THELMA STREED JOYCE T DA VID COX 1- Know ck, B. Be vak, G. No ft Mr. Lu Keller, I . talek, C, An ern, B. sb kle, L. O ffin, S, Hin Co I. Loyche, P, Kilmartin, D. First row Eckert, E. Fox, J. Scabar, I. Luft an, M. cond row: J. Bowm Se Hanfin, S, Snyder, Clark, U. J. ith, V. Shults, ITI Beck, R. S n, M. I0 ge, J. Locorini, M. od ow: D. D I' rd Thi 5. opkinson, L, Gro ,c.H IS de hrell, A. Cramer, I. Lamphere, B. Putnam, R, Byer, P, San Sc I. her , OS 1, L,M ah urs, L. M So ul, B, Regel, L. Pa N. ls Rayva S. Stonehouse , H. Melick, R. udor 1'.I.T Schwa ge Lassig, J. Christie, A. S mith. I. er, A. Arnold, B, ITI il re, M. W OO B. Smith, A. M ro Utte R. I' I6 UD H E. ahler, St Beck, J. Fourth row: D. Haltz, W. Hoffman, L. ton, rnphy, W. Utter, E, Clin Du ick, G. Bronk, H. ld aster, I. O Im Buh or, H, ab i, C. Antalek, P. T CC I 5 e Biancu F. Rivenburgh, D. Fifth row: VI VI as cz eu I-4 :s 2 1-I no is 2. .CII U.. 'E s: ot! wo .EE c: cv. D34 '45 E33 ,gn D4 N I-ll UE .CU 'IE ,zum on: E.: 2. Oi-I .125 .Q '-VS 32 '-its E KD 'P4 V162 H5 23 o QE dm sg .go H2 5 U. -E l-,H 41 Ea Em U. -'E nag gm H. ,Dar rv- ,EB fu Jia: ,gui J. QE r: 2+-v Q5 o. P v-IM v fl x X Q - ' . -A s inkfL.sLmm,,m W ..f.wmsa....1 V-1,fa.k :ak ga an -' 'TjzyiiiiifuaiEmsfkhkk' 7-miifn i..'E'm ML77' 9255 3 Jw'RiLSti'm:QuwWV'SI3LmsmW'f55 ssh 55 if 'fl First row: Mrs, Fasset, B, Suits, A, Moore, L, Sours, L. Mosher, B, Regel, J, Oldick, V. Shults, Second row: J, Rand, R, Smith, P. Saunders, I, Scobar, R, Stonehouse, S. Rayvals, N. Paul, H, Melick. Third row: W. Vesp, R. Wilkinson, M, Shults, B, Vickerson, G. Shults, G. Pesce, D. Oldick, Fourth row: R. Smith, G. Van I. Valasek, D. Saltsman, R. Schwabrow, P, Oertel, - 7enz'4 First row: B. Antalek, K, Luck, I. Gaughan, D, Ambridge, M, Fox, Miss Rupert, A. Edick, M, Gray, L. Mahl M. Lassig, J. Christie. Second row: H. Eutermarks, R. McDuffee, E. Doerrer, F. Chamberlain, C. Freebolcl, S, Knorr, D, Bouck, H. Buddies, G, Douglas, A, Keck, Third row: W. Hisert, R, Finch, J, Hoffman, D. Loo man, R. Cramer, E. Aird, T, Flanders, E, LaVa11ey, R. Jones, T, Hinkle. xx X 'H Q 6 T Ha, fmfinsgfz at 9 'Amina 521 ' m- --WW H-' ' - f P VFLWWW , i First row: B, Saltsman, G, Spraker, P, Kneaskern, M. Nurnberger, D. Rimkis, Mr. Lazar, D. Rimkis, G. Primer D. Watkins, A, Tudor, C. Smith. Second row: J. Sanzen, B, Wozniak, J. Miner, P. Stock, S, Yerdon, E. Lewis, D, Patterson, I. Smith, D, Waner, H. LeRoy, Third row: W. Schwabrow, R. Putnam, J. Kilmartin, D, Reid, L. Smith, I. Seroka, J, Sheely, Fourth row: W. Monk, R. Wilcox, J, Oldick, B. Sweet, R, Utter, R. Sanders, E, Young, Q 6 .. First row: E. Hogan, M. Baker, A. Cook, B. Green, Mrs. Smith, N. Eckler, J. Hayes, J. Hayes, B. Florian. Second row: L, Freehold, P. Bronk, M. Bowman, L. Conover, C. Douglas, E. Grimm, B. Dygert, I. Antalek, I. Alquire, Third row: E. Buley, G, Hopkinson, L. Hazzard, P. Dean, J, Becker, G. Bronk, D. Groff, R. Flint. Fourth row: S. Dodge, G. Coffin, D, Carpenter, H. Dunphy, J. DiStefano, R. D'Arcange1is, V Y QYKYH MHYYYW ,Y , W ,, , ,, .'-,F Firstrow:B. Carpenter, B. Hohenshield, F. Lewis, G. Ambridge, E, Johnson, Mr. MacRoy, S. Murphy, R, Gray J, Cook, M. Van, C. Swank. Second row: C. Raux, P, Pelon, P, Burns, G. Loesch, P. Hinkle, C. Van, S. Hinkle, P. Rockwell. Third row: D, Biancucci, R, Graudon, F. Rivenburg, I. Loren, D. Clinton, C. Bower- man, J. Pavlus, G. Kretser, D. Ward, C, Antalek. Fourth row: R. Kretser, D. Bellows, I. Ambridge, P, Luft, G. Mosher, I, Loadwick. , - ew First row: E. Bulles, L. Guttschuss, S. Shults, S. Zoller, B. Watkins, Mrs. Duggleby, J. Shields, R. Sprung, L. Lockyer, D, Williams, M. Smith, Second row: P. Gros, K. Verdock, D. Doganieri, D. Vogel, N, Douglas, C, Blumenstock, K. Regel, S, Beck, L. Yacobucci, R. Marcellino. Third row: K. Putnam, J. Bennison, R. Gaughan, R. Wick, R. Utter, I. Hunter, L. Beck, J, Stahler, P. Tabor, C. Massari, Fourth row: S. Smith, H. Buhrmaster, J, Mureness, C. Davies, W. Hoffman. ' '4 v ' ' J ,p v'-r'-- W-Y-1-7 -'--"w-'f ------W---f A 34:4 First row: J. De Luise, L, Smith, J. Fredericks, A. Marcellino, Mr. Church, E. Dillenbeck, R. Hopkinson, E, Putnam, D. Hazzard, Second row: N. Failing, R. Rand, L. Conrad, M. Keck, B. Barker, K, Dillenbeck, B, Schrell, W, Van Schaick, Third row: D. Sweet, L, Buddles, D. Holtz, R. Pearl, E, Fredericks, G. Van Derwerker, R. Prall, C. Hazzard, S. Buley, W '- First row: F. Smith, G. LaValley, M, Saltsman, C. Spraker, K. Crouse, Mr. Vertucci, D. Berard, F. Dodson, R. Fox, G, Frasier, W, Hopkinson. Second row1D, Hogan, M. Flanders, L. Smith, I. Wood, P. Palvus, V. Darrach, A, Mosher, L, Hinkle, A. Showerman, C. Kretser, Third row: G. Kretser, L, Fralick, M. Horning, C. Smith, B. Alter, C. Freday, V. Nestle, R. Fox, H. Brownell, B, Kilmartin, dw - First row: L. Boslet, M, Gaughan, V, Smith, L. Bellows, P, Wrobel, Mrs. Young, L, Doganieri, J. LeRoy, C Hammond, L. Sauer, S. Oertel. Second row: P, Rose, K. Palmateer, A. Wagner, M, Stahler, N. Hack, Y. Casler, P, Bouck, L. Van Vechten, S. Abel. Third row: L. Guttschuss, R, Brown, R, Grimm, A. Beang, D. Kilpatrick, R, Devost, R, Edick, E. Hoffman, V. Nestle. Fourth row: R, Brown, W, Marosek, P. Ciani, R, Manclow, G. Douglas, School Nurse, Mrs. Bailey, SC11001 PhYSiCi3H, DF- FOX- ?a4D' Left to right: W. Dillenbeck, M. Collins, W. Horning, I. Crose, L. Hazzard, W. Beard, R. VanPatten, D. Blodgett. Zac ' First row: L. Looman, A, Douglas, Bus 19g W. Kretser, E. Clinton, Bus 551. Loyche, Bus 12. Second row: R. Smith, Bus 123 D. Oldick, M. Lassig, Bus 8g V. Douglas, M. Beck, Bus 2. Third row: L. Smith, Bus 35 P. Suits Bus 5: I. Tudor, Bus 3: I. Lamphere, Bus 3. , x ' A 1 ! f - 1 , L A IVIWI, , ,.,, Sitting: W. Vesp, B, Looman, Treasurer, P. Kilmarling President, T, Doganierig Advisor, Mr, G. Berberichg Vice President, W, Utterg Secretary, M, Lassigg W. Hoffman, G. Mabbett, Standing: R, Marcellino, K. Regel, R, Wick, H, Dunphy, S. Dodge, D. Waner, A, Florian, J. Panagakis, L. Doganieri, P, Wrobel. .datazdad Sitting: L. Mosher, Vice President, I. Loycheg President, P. Kilmarting Advisor, Miss E. Venableg B. Regel, Treasurer, J. Christie, Secretary, U. Hanifing M, Lassig, L. Mahl. Standing: M. Beck, E. Doerrer, L, Sours, M, Rubert, L, Gros. await First row: G. Beck, M. Beck, Literaryg B. Putnam, Typingg M. Rubert, Treasurerg Mr. Redman, Advisorg J. Bowman, Editor-in-Chiefg Miss Venable, Advisor, T. Doganieri, Business Managerg A. Cramer, Subscriptionsg A. Florian, Advertising: J. Fox. Second row: I. Lamphere, R. Byer, B. Knowlton, E. Clinton, M. Carpenter, V. Douglas, L. Looman, S. Hinkle. Third row: E. Rollman, D. Oldick, J. Locorini, D. Dodge, M. Wilmer, L. Gros, H. Hogan, J. Luft. Fourth row: R. Reid, W. Utter, R. Hoffman, Photographyg P. Utter, Muze Sitting: R. Billington, B. Wrobel, Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. Ennis, Advisory R. Herb, President: B. Chapman Vice President. Standing: W. Utter, P. Utter, A. Miller, C. Wilder, W. Stewart, R. Reid, R. Hoffman, T. Doganieri. ' ZW First row: I. Valasek, R. Herb, L, Hazzard, C. Gehring, Advisor, Mr. G. Berberichg M, Beck, U. Hanifin, D. Oldick, D. Rimkis, J, Antalek, R. Marcellino, Second row: I. Sanzen, F. Chanberlain, P. Tabor, R. Utter, E. Hunter, I. Locorini, S. Snyder, P. Kilmartin, B. Regel, L. Sours, B. Antalek. Third row: I. Kilmartin, J. Luft, G. Coffin, D. Reid, B. Utter, D, Dodge, J, Scabar, P, Saunders, A. Edick, C. Eaker, I. Gaughan. Fourth row: I. Oldick, J, Seroka, E, Doerrer, R. Billington, J. Lamphere, L. Gros, I, Loyche, D. Watkins, G. Primer, L. Conover. Fifth row: J. Mureness, M. Shults, R. Schwabrow, M. Keck, R. Hopkinson, M. Bowman. Sitting: R. Reid, R, Stonehouse, S. Rayvals, Secretary, N, Paulg President, R. Hoffman, Advisor, Mr. P. Ver- tuccig Vice President, A. Floriang Treasurer, M, Wi1mergA. Schwagerg L. Osborne, S. Hinkle. Standing: A. Miller, P, Utter, W. Utter, W. Keck, R, Cramer, M. Beck, C. Freehold, S. Knorr, E. Doerrer, H. Melick. daafzq First row: P. Saunders, A. Edick, V, Shults, U, Hanifin, M, Beck, President, Mrs. Boslet, Advisor: I. Loyche, Reporter, I. Bowman, Vice President, B. Putnam, R. Byer. Second row: H, Melick, J. Fox, M. Carpenter, V. Douglas, J. Gaughan, N. Eckler, A. Cramer, J. Lamphere. Third row: L. Mahl, I. Luft, B. Florian, I. Hayes, I. Hayes, N. Paul, L. Looman, M. Bowman, L, Conover. Fourth row: B, Regel, J. Christie, L. Sours, M. Las- sig, L. Mosher, M. Fox, A, Moore, L, Gros, B. Smith. 7644 First row: G. Beck, B, Putnam, I. Bowman, Assistant Editorg Mr. Redman, Advisory A. Cramer, Editor, R. Byer I, Fox, S. Hinkle. Second row: J. Lamphere, I. Locorini, D, Dodge, B. .Know1ton, R. Stonehouse, H. Melick S. Rayvals, V. Douglas. Third row: I. Rand, P, Saunders, I. Scobar, E. Clinton, Myra Fox, I. Gaughan, H. Hogan, J. Luft. ",-ifzdfezw " Kneeling: B. Dygert, J. Clark, I. Luft, S. Snyder, P. Kilmartin, D. Coffin, E. Eckert, B, Knowlton, J. Loyche, D. Dodge, I. Schrell, E. Rollman, I. Locorini, U. Hanifin, C. Hopkinson, D. Patterson, E. Grimm, L. Con- over. Standing: M. Bowman, D. Rimkis, D. Watkins, I. Alguire, M. Fox, M. Gray, D. Rimkis, L. Freehold, M. Rubert, Mrs. Turling, Advisor, D. Ambridge, B. Regel, L. Osborne, S. Hinkle, J. Antalek, N. Eckler, G. Spraker, G. Primer, M. Nurnberger, P. Kneaskern. D . First row: B. Smith, B. Harbster, A. Florian, President, Mr. Lazar, Advisor, L. Looman, Vice President, R. Reid Secretary-Treasurer, M. Beck. Second row: R. Gaughan, J. Lamphereg B. Putnam, M. Wilmer, R. Byer, C. Eacker. Third row: R. Hoffman, C. Keller, J. Tudor, A. Cramer, M. Rubert. Fourth row: T. Doganieri, P. Utter, E. Clinton. atwzeqf aff? ' 1 First row: A. Tudor, P. Bronk, D. Patterson, N. Eckler, J, Hayes, Joan Hayes, P. Stock, Second row: M. Wilmer, U. Hanifin, B. Antalek, E. Rollman, D. Oldick, L. Gros, I. Clark, P. Kilmartin, J. Tudor. Third row Mrs, Pryor, B. Putnam, B, Florian, L. Freebold, M. Bowman, R. Byer, A. Moore, L. Conover, I. Schrell, D. Coffin, C, Keller, J. Smith, G. Spraker, I. Loyche, R. Smith, S. Snyder, A.Arnold, B. Suits, Mrs. Walton. I alma of ff ' First row: G, Shults, Secretaryg R. Jones, Reporter: H. Douglas, Presidentg A. Douglas, Treasurerg Second row: R. Bramer, E. LaVa1ley, G. Hopkinson, D. Groff, R, Sanders, D. Oldick, W. Kretser, W. Hisert, E. Aird, G. Douglas. Third row: J. Tinka, F, Oldick, G, Pesce, E. Buley, L. Smith, B. Vickerson, H. Bergen, D. Johnson. 5544! Left to right: A. Saltsman, G. Srnithg F. Saltsmang E, Smithg C. Abel. Managerg We SW!! D. Dievendorf T. Granger E, Beck F. Diefendorf Sitting: L. Hazzardg M. Collins. Standing: W, Horningg H, H, Hoagg H, F, Hoag, Q Y A z!4C7fWfl0-'- N V', X K is - h X 2 X. 3 as , 4 v Q h S gm. , W wwf f IH X Owfwf Sf' I , if "'.-: ffdgg 9 "'Vi"". E4 Vi f ww, , 5+ L , LV 15,1 Q k l - , 685,25 A . fb , if I ,A T if A ' ' . Q5 f ' me 13, W 5. 1 ig 5 M L. ,xv if.. mm-:ww A nkleg Hinkleg S. Hi ithg P, H1 Fredericksg L, S J. Verdockg P. Grosg D, Clintonp K. Cookg I. 05 Marcellin R. P, Bronkg nmakerg hoo Sc J. W2 First ro 1'1'1kiSg L, g: D. R1 H IU schussg R. Sp kerg L. Gutt Ba kerg M. I3 SP askerng E, Hogang G. HC K row: P, cond vak. Se No ng C. Svankg Mr. Va M. hg L. Mahlg it Sm C. Pattersong X5 D, Rau rg C. udo W: A.T IO rd Thi quire, A1 J. Numbergerg llerg M. Z0 Watkinsg S. B. Ecklerg N. TS OHOVC C Dygertg B. TH? Freeboldg E. Grim L. vlusg Pa th row: J. UI F0 atkins. W kg D, male A I. . Rimkisg YSD 4: E' :s 2 ui YZ I3 IQR. G e1 kw ROC P. US LOTS J. P, Burnsg E. Fifth row: Loesch. Shields, C. Bowermang G. Shultsg N. Douglasg J. Primerg C. Blumenstockg K, Regalg S, 115 G. 3 M. Bowm Hayes. hs J. it Sm I. esp aY acobucci: I. H Y L. oganierig D D. ogel . V Beckerg D Saltsmang J, Beckg B. Bullesg P, Pelong S. f' n ...WY Y... ,,,...,..v.......,,., uh Janer Shieldsg Miss Wetteraug Mary Wilrnerg Roseann Sprungg Kenneth Putnam, ?afat 37640: gleam First row: R, Schwabrowg R. McDuffeeg A. F1oriangM. Wilmerg R. Marcellinog Mr. Novak. Second row: D. Coleg G. Mabbettg D. Reidg L. Beck: E. Hunterg G. Bronkg G. Coffing E. Clintong C, Wilderg R, Reid: I. Oldickg R. Cramer. fm . -- I - I- II ,iifmy 5 is -S As I, gg 4 I Q as ,A 1, v aiu, - a--1 114 6 2190 . . .. . Aw ., fa my r , .Hi M meti 2 mama, V' -- I, ' M1 , as M, - -, - .. ., ,Lk, K A I I ,fm we - , . , M., ., , , , , , I, -- .M-wg .I I. ,:I,f'rI..-iw -I , I ,L , A .,I :IQ-s,1.I, ,, . I ,I ,-,Q I-., , I S 1,5 Q I I S IW ,I I , ww- IH I- AI,,Mw,, , . I, KI,,,.Qgm3ww.L11g,,wssW- 06602 First row: H. Dumphy: J. Serokag R. McDuffeeg W. Vespg R. D'Arcange1isg K. Lasher: F. Chamberlaing W, Utterg C. Able. Second row: L. Hanifing R, Schwabrowg A. Millerg S. Dodgeg E, Lord: I. Valasekg R. Hoffmang P. Utter i H. Bergeng R. Herb: C. Wilderg E, Clintong Coach Ennis, - gaeeicdl First row: Coach Ennisg C. Abelg P. Utterg W. Vespg R. Billingtong W. Urterg K, Carter, Second row: J. Pickardg A, Millerg R. Reidg B. Failingg R. Herbg F. Oldick. L......d,,,-., -W ,A . , , W - , needy 2 R. Herb, P. Utter, W. Utter, W, Vesp, R. Reid, A. Miller, Coach Ennis, D. Hunter, W. Stewart, C. Wilder, F, Oldick, R. Hoffman. League Record: Won 8, lost 2, Season Record: Won 10, lost 7. V Coach Ed Ennis, in his first year as Varsity Basketball coach, guided the Hilltoppers to a Lower Mohawk Valley league championship, their first undisputed court title in twenty -one years. The Hilltoppers, for the eighth consecutive season, are the Class C representatives from the Mohawk Valley Interscholastic league. In a quarter -final game of the Class C Section Il, NYSPHSAA tournament at Convention Hall, Sara- toga Springs, the Hilltoppers defeated Chatham, Columbia County league representatives, 58-50. In the semi -final game, the Hilltoppers defeated Middleburg by a score of 72 -46. SCORES F. P. Mayfield 60 F. P. Cobleskill 55 F. P. Canajoharie 37' F. P. Dolgeville 36' F. P. Scotia 61 F. P. Frankfort 62' F. P. Scotia 60 F. P. St. Johnsville 40' F. P, Mayfield 69 F. P. St. Mary's 46' F. P. Canajoharie 54' F. P. llion 62 F. P. Dolgevi lle 50' F. P, Frankfort 39' F. P. St. Johnsville 38' F. P. Cobleskill 59 F. P. St. Mary's 67' '- -League Game 1 E K W un-and cazchfa afzdzfq Z First row: G. Mabbettg R. D'Arcange1isg D. Reidg D. Wanerg R. Wilkinsong K. Carter. Second row: Coach Ennisg S. Dodgeg E. Lord: I. Valasekg C. Freehold. Jumping: F. Chamberlaing R, Billington. man Masq Left to right: P. Kneaskerng I. Alquireg G. Primerg D. Watkinsg J. Antalekg M. Numberger, dftdifq Left to right: E. Rollmang G Beck: I. Luft: I. Locorinig D. Dodge. f'1 WMM piqdtkd Study of Static Electricity" awww "Those Precious Hours" SW "Working with Wood" I " Learning by Doing" 77.. Business Know-how" " Developing Co-ordination and Timing" 1 6541? Learning the Use of Our Library" O We T oil, and Toil, and Toi1" I I O I "Problems in Democracy' Teaching Inventory and Vocational Agriculture" Quelle heure est - il?" I "Guidance Counseling is an Integral Part of Modern Education. " Z , ' 7 a 0 16002 4 "Learning the Code of the Road" f-he "Using Clay in Learn- ing the Basic Structure of the Human Body" gzmzm "We Point With Pride" N ' ' ' ,W'Wg'9'AwK."gw,jg.5jjq-3 ' ' ' - ONE! DA MAQKET5 QNCOQPOQATED "The One and Only Nationally Famous WORLD Green Stamps" Canal Street F ort Plain ,...,...,..n..iu ,, .M , A, - H Er2E3'5 CAMERA 51-mop "Photographic Equiprfrent and Supplies" Center Street FORT PLA! N PHARMACY ' ' Headquarters for Gifts " 1 Canal Street n3ug ---Y,m.,. . W ,Y H- . Y ., ,- BU Hz2rv1AsTrfle?1s mleucs rfncjnrelf "Rexall" "Dependable Prescription Service" Canal Street Fort Plain DCDCEAN Flat- I+-SIECDTH E125 "Oils and Fuels" State Street Fort Plain HALLSVI l..L.E FARM SU PPLY Minneapolis-Moline - Modern Machinery "Tractors - Tillage Tools - Ba1ers" "Geh1 Forage Harvesters - Fox Forage Harvestersu "Cobey Wagons and Spreaders' RD 95 Fort Plain Hallsville, New York HANIFIN PQNTIAC, INC. , PONTIAC Sales - Service - Parts Nelliston, New York LOVAIOE Cildlnllfki CDP MOOSE WOMEN OF THE MOOSE E B1 d C Jh NICHOLS DAHEY Reid Street F tP1 ' Y our Ring Committee . We are proud to be the official jewelers for the Fort Plain Central School. HMM A, M. HODGKINS JACK SEXTON R. M. GRAY P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, New York a 5 is E2 EE Q 3 2 az E i? Q 2 T S Q. gs T"""i f l P w i CENTRAL GAHAC5 t:, I NC r Y Z ' "Your Esso Dealer" l CGIZPCKATION , t omplete Service 1 "Storage" 94? Main Street Fort Plain, New York Congratulations E , Class of 55 L Kazan Zfwaz I N C. Canal Street Fort Plain, New York BIEOTI-I E255 RED AND WHITE SUPER MARKET Willett Street Fort Plain, New York Si Xl 55, 3 xv '35 5? 5 5 5 E M l F. ...., , K... ,, ,,,, up s..,,,,.,-,, -F Y I I I 1 I I CI YDF RANK KNITTING IVIILI. Canal Street F ort Plain CI-IA5. WAUFLE 8r ESCDN "News - Cigars" Main Street Fort Plain I' I-IAVVKI N5 AL-ITG SAI F5 DeSoto Plymouth Sales and Se rvice "Wrecker Service "Several Repairs All Makes Cars - Trucks - Tractors," Nelliston, New Y ork Congratulations Class of '55 PETIQI S jzfefq Canal Street Fort Plain 5 1. i 3 ig S 3 if E 5 Q 3 1 5 ii 3? '21 ax 5 2 E C ong ratulati ons FORT PLA: N Class of '55 HAQDWAQE COMPANY 9 M279 "Hardware of Quality" H ld Canal Street Canal Street F ort Plain F ort Plain daveb DvcsFQT 'S IQESTFXLJQANT DRUG SHG? L, C. DYGERT, Ph. C. "Fountain Service "Prescriptions a Specialty" Canal Street Canal Street Fort Plain Fort Plain EIFCTEKZ STOQE ' 'E le ctric Eqmprnent ' ' ' ef' 'V W wr A 5' Aa 1? EAMEQY 1 N C. Dairy Products 'ff ' w Willett Street Fort Plain .lllwl-.-lv .-fw ,Y wwf- WM, FO I2-V PACIQNC5 CO. 'D'-MN 'C ff " St dF d C 1St t Ch hSt t F tP1 C gh Amana-3n.x. xc I SM:-rs-1 5 Qgfjya SNACK EAI? B8 P P L h S k Mi11Stret D St t Canjh F tP1 If 5 s 5 3 5 E E 1 31 5 X1 9 5 .1 5 5 3 e if 34 H Q - 5 Q. P Z RWXHYZI Kiln 355 W 111e tt Str eet Fort P1a1n Q . Nelliston I. G. A. STORE 4 TS FLC sup , , if xr M ,,,.... ff x1Tr,4-fig, ,r S-vw ,M X F ort P lain PLAIN STORE 3K.'K"E'8'Sl . S 5 53 fx 5 is X ii ii Q 5 fif Q25 fa gl V5 3 , :Q W is Q Qi si F5 Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Beck Donald Bowman Roland Bramer Carlton Byer Howard Cole Clarence Cramer Anthony Doganieri Miss Waona E. Eckert, R. N. Mr. and Mrs. August Florian Mrs. Beatrice Pomella Mr. and Mrs. Webster Gros Mr. and Mrs. Webster Keck Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lamphere Mrs. Zula Lasher Mr. and Mrs. Frances Looman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Miller John Oldick Lynn Pickard Carl H. Putnam Wrothington Howe Charles Rubert Albert Rollman Arthur Schrell Joseph Tinka Alton Utter Edward Wrobel Frank Smith Miss Elsie Failing Mrs. Daniel I. Devoe Mr. and Mrs. Miss Ruth M. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Failing, Jr. Sheffield Alvin Duesler Russell Ehle Miss Elizabeth Hain Mr. and Mrs. Clare Richards PATEON5 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swarts Carlotta Lossa Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mrs. Grace Smith Mr. and Mrs, John E. Ridder Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mullet Mr. and Mrs. Berton Bulles Miss Helen Failing Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Maier Catharine Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. MI. Morgan VanAuken Wilson Failing, Jr. Spenser Lowell Raymond Dievendorf Orville Granger John MacRoy Clarence Duggleby Kenneth Fassett James E. King Milburn D. Smith Bernard Lazar Miss Evelyn E. Venable Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Blanche Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George H, Berberich Nathan Church Rupert D. F. Young Stephen J. Wilson Frank Redman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pryor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Walton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeSantis and Debbie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braco Mr. Everett Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fredericksen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bueche Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ennis Mrs. Dorothy Boslet Florence M. Bailey Mr. and Mrs, Richard Griffith Samuel's Men Shop O'Day's Textile Mill Mr. and Mrs. Walter Turling Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Potter Dr. and Mrs. William S. Muehleck Dr. and Mrs. William Reid Dr. James S. Carnrite Dr. Russell V. Kilmer Dr. and Mrs. Bemard Fisher Dr. and Mrs. Albert Sentocnik Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Swarts Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Failing Mr. Joe Carbone A7.v,an-.wa Ywzsoouc Turion Yrnnoux COMPANY-DALLA 4

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