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1954 Portrait Annual Publication Journalism Class Fort Plain Central Sclwool Fort Plain, New York l iii? X"-'Z QPR' , ,, ,,4.l..J Portrait Statt EDITOR JOYCE TIMMERMAN ASSISTANT EDITOR CAROLYN PRAIIL BUSINESS MANAGER MARIIENE IIOYER ART EDITORS ANITA KING J o BIACROY LINDA MACROY ADVERTISING EDITORS SHIRLEY KILMARTIN BARBARA PALM ROGER WAIILER LITERARY EDITORS JOAN BARBRIC BARBARA IIUNTER INIARVIN SOIIWARTZ TYPISTS JOE OIANI CAROIIE CONRAD ADVISOR MRS. DIARY F1,ANDERs Forward Busy as bees, we. the Journztlisin Class, have worked to present the yearbook, PORTRAIT, as a syinbol of Fort Plain Central School and its activities. We have chosen to represent the school as the bec- hiveg the administration as the bee-keeper. who watches over the beesg the seniors as the queen beeg the underclass- men as the bees finding' their way in lifeg and the activities, as worker bees gathering honey. In life's pattern. it is the busy bees who get the Inost honey and live without fear. So following their example. we have tried to form R firni foundation for our l.lll,llI'C life. -BARRA RA UIUNTEK 2 Seated: Marvin Schwartz, Carole Conrad, Marlene Hoyer, Carolyn Prall, Joyce Tirnrnerman, Barbara Hunter, Shirley Kilmartin, Joe Ciani. Standing: Barbara Palm, Joan Barbric, Anita King, Roger Wahler, Jo MacRoy, Linda MacRoy, Mrs. Mary Flanders, adviser. Contents DEDICATION - - APPRECIATION - B141 E K E EPERS CADM INIS'l'R,X'l'IOND QVEEN ISEES QSENIORSD - DRONES QUNDERCLASSESD - - WORKERS QAc'r1v1T1EsD ADS - Page - 5 - 5 - 7 -11 -25 - 31 - 49 Custodiz-ms Mr. Harry H. Hoag Mr. Harry F. Hoag Nurses Office Mrs. Florence Bailey, nurse Dr. Stanley Potter, doctor J. Flanders, M. Castle, D. Rollman, J. Edwards, R. Watkins, M. Shults, N. Van Volkenburg Gllice Mrs. Thelma Granger Mrs. Margaret Sauer Mrs. Dorothy Dievendorf Cafeteria Mrs. Evelyn Smith Mrs. Jennie Hudson Mrs. Flora Saltsman Mrs. Camilla Abel Mrs. Con-stance Sponable Dedication NVQ, thc Class of 15154, clecliczitc our yearbook, Portrztit. to MRs. lllARY FL.xND1sRs for hor loyal service to Fort Plain Cvntral School and its students. Wm- wish to thunk her, especially, for her aissistzuice with pro- ducing this Portrait and to wish her success and happiness in tho following years. Appreciation To Miz. Jurns EDWARD IQING, who has given us nnivli help :incl guideince during his years as our class advisor, wo, the gracluziting class of 11154, wish to say ai heeirtfclt t'Tlizmks." Without his aid wc could not have so successfully completed our high si-hool days. Class In September, 1941, sixteen baby bees buzzed into Miss Helen Failing's kindergarten at Fort Plain school. This lively swarm, which was to become the graduating class of 1954 included Joe Ciani, Bob Dicks, Richard Dygert, Yvonne Geweye, Sandra Haz- zard, Marlene Hoyer, Russell Hoyer, Anita King, Shirley Knowlton, Claudia Monk, Yvonne Pelletier, Marvin Schwartz, Bob Shockley, Amelia Sickler, Joyce Timmerman, Roger Wahler and Gary Wells. Arleen Stock joined us in First Grade, where Mrs. Frank was our "Keeper," Third Grade, with Mrs. Hudson, added Jane Aird, Joan Mabbett, and Hugh Pomella. Fourth Grade brought Marion Doxtater and Barbara Hunter, and in Fifth Grade, Tony Lipson and Owen Wilson helped increase the swarm. The first real signs of business appeared in Sixth Grade, along with Marvin Conover. Ours was the distinction of being the "Lost Sixth Graders" on the very first Moving-Up Day. We tried out our drama- tic wings by presenting "Valentine's Day in the Court of Hearts." Seventh Grade, with the coming of Simone Carpenter, Carole Conrad, Shirley Dillenback, James Edick, Ina Frasier, Lois Gould, Florence Loren, Lydia Moore, Betty Oldick, Barbara Palm, Linda MacRoy, Mary-Jo MacRoy, Kay Patterson, Carolyn Prall, Eva Smith, and Leland Walrath, saw the sale of basket- ball pencils and the weaving of an afghan by the class. The next year, Phyllis Wauiie flew in from St. Johnsville to join the growing swarm. Our Freshmen year, with Miss Lillian .Penney and Mr. Kenneth Baumgartner our chief "Keepers" was the beginning of more serious activity. The sale of Fort Plain caps, pennants, and emblems, as well as a food sale brought in honey in the form of money. History Junior High School graduation was a marker on our flight, promising greater things to come. Joan Barbaric, Bernice Morrison, Bob Reese, Evelyn Getman, and Milt Weaver from Nelliston braved the "watery deep" every day to be with us. Mr. James E. King became our adviser during our Sophomore year on the departure of Mr. Baum- gartner. Shirley Kilmartin and Natalie Mowers came to help us with a food sale, while the boys worked hard on Saturday scrap and paper collections. We were very sorry to lose Miss Penney as an adviser, but hoped she would enjoy being in Hawaii. Another animal-a rabbit-appeared in Fort Plain Central School during the Junior Play. Who will forget "Harvey?" The old stand-by, a food sale, was outshone by a very successful hayride and an equally successful dance. A good time was had by all at the Junior-Senior Banquet. Helene Seguin joined our class at this time. The next September we suddenly realized that this was it! Our Senior Year! We became Busy Bees in earnest, for the big Easter trip to New York wasn't too far away. A dance, a hayride, two food sales, and the refreshment concession at basketball games were our money-making activities. "Night Must Fall," the Senior Play, involved a lot of hard work, but brought a great deal of satisfaction when it was over. Jim Lockyer came to spend this last year with us. Marvin Schwartz was our president, Russell Hoyer the vice-president, Yvonne Geweye our secretary and Carole Conrad our treasurer. Carolyn Prall and Hugh Pomella were our representatives to Student Council. Graduation marked the end of one phase of our life and the beginning of another as the Busy Bees of 1954 flew on to even greater success. oy' V A .4 ' mum ,W .iq I QV , X U kv 4?' 0 1 I QE' if 1 5 Q W v .F Q :Za pi? 's f f Q C affe ' ' ,N I if 5bQYQf 1K7 ff . AX fx 7 Principals JOHN E. RVIDDER, Supe2'w'sl'1ig l'rl1zcflpal l+lUG1QNE D. ZAGORSKY, H igli School Principal Board oi Education Left to right, suited: Illxuow C1zoNKH1'i'1s, CLARENCE CRAMER, V1'f'e-Iweslclciitj DQNALD F. NE.kC1'I, Prvsiclenfg JOSEPH BECK, Ti'0aszu'm'5 MARG.xRE'1' SAUER, Clerk. Standing: Rlfssrslii, GETM.xN, Dia. VV1l,i.LxM S. BIUEHLECK, WVILLIAM Roma, GERALD CASLER. 8 Core Teachers Row 1: Mr. John F. MacRoy, Citizenship Education, Grade 8 adviser, Miss Edith D. Hodge, Mathe- matics, Grade 7 adviser, Mr. J. Edward King, English, Citizenship Education, Senior adviser, Mrs. Julia Fassett, Citizenship Education, Sophomore adviser, Mr. Frank E. Mullet, Science, Coach. Row 2: Mr. L. Robert Sanders, English and Dramatics, Dramatics Club adviser, Mrs. Helen H. Dug- gleby, Citizenship Education, Grade 7 adviser, Mrs. Evadean Handy, Mathematics, Junior adviser, Mr. Daniel J. Sawyer, Science, Freshman adviser. Row 3: Miss Evelyn E. Venable, French, Latin, English, Le Cercle Francais adviser and Discipuli Au- dentes Club adviser, Mrs. Mary Flanders, English and Journalism, Portrait adviser. Absent: Mr. George H. Berberich, Science and Visual Aids, Student Council adviser, Sophomore adviser, Mr. Bernard Lazar, English and Dramatics replacing Mrs. Mary Flanders, Mrs. Ellen Smith, English, re- placing Mr. L. Robert Sanders. , Special Teachers F Row 1: Miss Betty J. Grosfent, Girls' Physical Education, Cheerleading adviser, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion adviser, Mrs. Marie Pryor. Homemaking, Future Homemakers of America adviser, Mrs. Jessie Harman, Grade Music Supervisor, Mrs. Florence Bailey, School Nurse, Miss Dorothy Dietrich, Reading Supervisor, Mrs. Dorothy Boslet, Librarian, Library Club adviser. Row 2: Mr. Sidney Novak, Vocal Music, Chorus, Glee Club, Mr. Joseph DeSantis, High School Art, Mr. Joseph Braco, Industrial Arts, Grade 8 adviser, Mr. Arthur H. Bueche, Physical Education and Athletic Director, Boys' Intramurals, Mr. Arnold E. Fredericksen, Agriculture, Future Farmers of America adviser, Mr. Alfred Mastro, Grade Art Supervisor, Mr. Edward D. Ennis, Physical Education, Coach Soccer and Junior Varsity Basketball, Mr. Everett Rowe, Industrial Arts and Driver Education, Mr. Richard C. Grif- fith, Guidance, Mr. Thomas R. Pryor, Instrumental Music, Band, Mr. Stephen Wilson, Commerce, Junior Class adviser. Absent: Mr. Frank Redman, Commerce, Commercial Club adviser, Hilltopics adviser, Mrs. Marion Walton, Homemaking, Future Homemakers of America adviser, Mrs, Lucille NVilliams, Dental Hygienist. 9 Gracle Teachers - Culside Schools Row 1: Miss Cora St. John, Minden No. 123 Mrs. Vera Phillips, Palatine No. 43 Mrs. Edna L. Abel, Nellistong Mrs. Catherine Sponable, Nellistong Mrs. Ruth Hunter, Minden No. 10: Mrs. Blanche Swartz, Minden No. 6. Row 2: Mrs. Ina Cronkhite, Minden No. 55 Mrs. Frances Kittle, Palatine No. 63 Mrs. Evelyn Heansel, Minden No. 7: Mr. Lucius Diefendorf, Palatine No. 75 Mrs. Mary Galuski, Nellistong Mrs. May C. Smith, Nellistong Mrs. Beatrice Ripple, Minden No. 15. Grade Teachers - Masonic Temple and High School Row 1: Mrs. Helen MacRoy, Grade 5, Mrs. Catherine Russell, Grade 2: Mrs. Dorothy Maier, Grade 33 Mrs. Mary M. Failing, Grade 6: Miss Elisabeth Post, Grade 55 Mrs. Lena M. Seguin, Grade 1. Row 2: Mr. Alfred Mastro, Grade Art Supervisor: Mrs. Florence B. Frank, Grade 1: Mrs. Elsie S. Larkin, Grade 23 Miss Helen E. Failing, Kindergarten: Miss Catherine,King, Grade 3: Miss Rose E. Falso, Grade 15 Mrs. Catherine Hudson, Grade 4: Mr. Jack Petrie, Grade 6. Absent: Mrs. Helen King, Fourth Grade, replaced by Mrs. Eunice Van Auken. 1 0 ' QUEEN BEES 11 lupwgl 010' 4, M. M ares Jane Esther Aird Joan Barbric "Janie" ll ' YI "1f'x Iliff' In ln' uutllrul Jeanie ll'fl1'll AIXUIU' ll1lfIll'Ul7!! "lf silcm-1' is yolrlwu, ull 7lff20-"' HAl'Yllfll IN ,ll'l'N.u lilo-0 Ululv 1: l'h4ri1' 2. 19100 Club 1: Lzltin 'L 4: 1PI'C'Il1'Sfl'2l 1. 2. ii: l'lulr SI, -1: l,l'illllillil' Stuflm-ul HIIIIIIUI' 3: Czuim- Uluh 1. 4: l'lmtug-mpluy fU1'i2l 1':lshivl' -1: I4ilPl'ill'j' l'1uI1 'IZ I'u1'lr:uil Stuff l'lub 1. II: F. ll. A. 1. 4. 2 3. Simone Carpenter "Butch" 'dis t'lIllSflIIlf as thc stars that slrimff' G11-0 Ulub lg Choir 4: Joseph Ciani "Pasquale" "JIM-wir' 'is utr'II said 10 Im illc S11f'l'I'lL of angclsv Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Choir Lilflll Hub Q, 4, l., A. Ii. -1: U1'4'Ill'STI'2l 2, 33 A. 1, Z, 3: Libl':u'y Club 'Fri-t'ouuty Fvstivzxl 1. 1, 2. 4: I'l1utog1':1pl1y 2: slJl'iIl,2'140Ill'I'l'f 1, 2, l'lub 3. 4: l,l'ilIllZlfil' 22, 4: Up4-1'4-Hu 4: Junior Vlub Ig Iluwling Club 11: Iutrzunurzxls 1, 2, 3, 4. l'l:ly. Svlxiol' I'l:ly Cami., l'o1't1':1it Staff 4. Marvin Conover llBobYl ".l littlv' nvnmrllsa' nun' mul IIIVII fx rvlixlnwl hy 1110 lwxf of mon," Uhoir 2. 3. 4: Sm-niur Play Faust. Carole L. Conrad "Connie" ':ll'ith1mt hm' 1-h1'1'1's ut vrvry fllllllf, I". P. If. S. rrmft bf: the same." I,iln':11'y Club 1. 2, 3, l: l'0ll'lIl'l1'l'C'l2ll Ulub 23. 4: l'lll'l'l'l4'IldlIl1.'f 2, 3, 42 G. A. A. 3, 4 I Class 'lll'l'1lNlll'l'l' 4: Glen Club l: 14. A. A. Play 31 Spring l'u11c01't 2: l'u1'- ll'2llt Stull 4. Shirley Evelyn Dillenbeck uDilly!1 'Sl modest blush slu: :tours not jorrmiil by art." Clmir 2. 3, 113 Librzlry 3' F Il X 4 ,. .,.. Robert A. Dicks "Dixie" ffflvntlrf in. uzzunnw. sfrwzy in 111'rfrn'u1u111'1'."' Varsity Vluh 3. 42 l'l1oir 3. 4: Imml 1, 2. Il: lhxsvlmll 21. 4: Soc-cm' Z, 3, 4: l'llOfUjJ,'l'2l1llly Ululv 3, 4: Student Coun- cil 2: Spring llUllCE'1'lT 1, Z. 3: ljslslivtlmll 1, 2, 3, 4. Marion Doxtater "Toots" 'flluppy cvvr, 'lUllI'1'l:0!l llCL'!'l'.H Chorus 1, 2, F. Il. A. 1, 2, 3, 11. 1-'-"QV wifi.: LE: by '3 3 A '-::5.,, -, , wing :z-M53-' - '4 ' 2 exif:51515251xmwzgzgggqwggrh. zgzgaeg: ' ,.. ,., I .. . ..,.,.., - 0, ..,,, ,.., , ..,,,,,,, A , ..,..,,, , : H lsszzrzzmrzrzz '-f:22:f1f2f1fr2 .:, . , -..:- -.g-:- -Q. ' r-::a5iii5E55:255:2,,,,: sa15f:ff+?.g - -: .-:s2'Q5:1n,:z1 :: ..::... - 2. . ':-:fEE5E5E21:?lE5E5E5E5E5 25. """' ' """" ' . .. . S. P 1, -1,1,12,.1:Q:gg:,:,:,z:15::.:f:1:::sf::5E5:g:5: : b 1 , 5, 1:3:5:5:5:5:5:5:g5:5:5:5:5155E:i:E3i555E5.5:5E5:5 :::1:r:1:g Ng, :.5:,:,5E5E ., .,., .,., , .. .,,,,,, Richard Dygert "Dick" ",Y4'r'1'1' flu forlujf IVIIIII ,Unu 41111 pin' ny' lil! fnnmrrur4'." Sm-cm' 3. 4: l'l1otn- !l'illllll' Vluh 3: 1'0- lll2lll2lQIl'l' l':l1'sity Bals- kctlmll 4. 14 Wim fx KN rx A X 56 is V N 4,9 521 'N-mf f v . .NN ..... . x N 'aw it fxkilfrw x WW ,ff yea.. if 5 El 535:zgg.-Exfzggzgfgzfzgza-g':g:::515f5f5.5.:g.::::,:g- Nasa!- S--, :Z-Q:f::::::as5E::s:.'::::f:-r.:2a::: -H-. -1-:: , -:-:ma EEEErrrirrz3562IEIEIESSIEIEI:2:fEfE':'4352E2l - ' 11'-f: .-EI- Q:':'I' 6525122 ,NY22S,EfE?Y: 2:2:1E-EI.-,-,, -- ,- .C I5I'I:I5I'I'I:I:I:W:32221:-:fS:f:':1: : : : :i:i:1:i' ' ,-:5:5:T:"" '.5:5:5.-.- f - N: 223:12 XN'kBi:2i1rr ,,,,, l , .... , f2'eg2gs5s5ag:, ..f: ' 1+2':- sSgsgsgssg:.:srN'? 2lf'-'IIr2-'r.'-4351515-E'Eef555E:3E2:fI'2E, 12. 15-- :QE2E'5EiS2E2E-52E25-E-E'E'E'E2: ' -.::f5:Zs5gg5.zc55EE5E:. :gg??F: ' '15E5:1 .:?k.:.:.,55:..:.3is2:!:2:2.2f:5:f:553sg'..'.'f:' f :'- f-:ws If ,ra -5:::.-2:a:s:s::eaa:a:::s:sz.z.s:s'1sf...,:s:2:'.a::::':--amiga:-2.1: Shing James Edick l4Jimmyry llilmuyh luis shy, mfs 1l1'1'1'1'1u1.-:wil by." lna Rose Frasier "Franz" 'il youd mimi lnux,w'Nsrw u kiugrlunzff llilurzlry Club Z, 4: tiles Club 1: Chuir Qi, 4, Evelyn Getman lIEviel, Ilikf' all yfrmal 'll7Illllt'Il sin' has 11 trfmpw' of hcl' own." l,1b1':1l'y Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-P Club 1: Cmnmvr- ull Club 3, 4. Yvonne C. Geweye "Vonnie" 'J fuir yilllllll Iam, nunc fI'if'Il1lIil,'1' in flu: floss." G. A. A, 3. 4: Cum- Illl-'1'Cilll Club 3. 4: Li, bl':n'y Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Class S0i'l'L'f2ll'j' 4: Tun- uis team Lois Gould llldoiefl 11's llrlrfl to lu' vVt'ri'IIl8 ll',H'Il, tllff lrvrlrl is sur-I: fun." Choir 2. 53, 4: fllve tlub 1: IlilPl'ill'y Club 1, 7, 3, 4: Opera-flu 3. 4: l'lmlog:rzlpl1y Club 3: ring K'Ull4'k'l't 1. 2, 23. 4, Tri County F1-stivnl Sandra L. Hazzard usandyn 'll is llnf youll flint ll'flllI1'll xlmulfl 711: ulfn11'." , . llllill' 2, 4: Glvv l' lub 1: ll4lll1Ill1'1'l'lJll K lub il, 4: l.1b1':l1'y Club Z, .L -l: Up:-1:1-tm Il, 4: Spring l'Illli'4'l'l 1. Il. 1 I 'lll'l-lltblllllj' Fvxtivzll Z. Russell Hoyer "Russ" "f7'l:zf silent typo- ll ready f1"ic11fZ."' Smwcr 1. 2, 4: llzxskvt- bull 1, 3, 4: llusvlmll 1, 3. 4 : Stmlvut Founcil 3: Vivo-lwesimlvxxt of class 4: l'lmtog:1':1plly Class 3. 4. Marlene Hoyer KCMOPPYH "f'lll't'fl'1'l' and unprv- fliwfrlblvf' Mlm- Club 1: Intru- murzlls 1. Z, Il, 41 S1ll'lllfI l'4llltl'l"f 1: H. A. A. 1. 2. 42 llibrzxry Club 1. 2, ZZ, 4: KllllllTll'l'ClZll Club ll. 4: l'lll'll'illl Stuff 4: 'IR-unls fvillll 3. bl. Barbara Louise Hunter uBax-bn -'Huppizzvss ix u :rinv of thx- l'Ufl'f.'Sf 1fi11layrz" 11100 Vlub 1: Choir 2, 4: Ixltralmuralls 1. 2. 3: G. A. A. 1. 2, ll1'ilIIlil- tic Uluh 2, 4: Obor- msttzx 3, 4: Junior Play Vast: S1'Ill0l'1,lIlY Cust: l'h0T0g1':lpl1y Club 3, 4: Studunt Iiunnm' 3: Por- lrnit Shui 4. Shirley Kilmarltin "Chickey" " 'I'fll'I'1' is cl vu im-llicf Ilrirrklillyf in hw' ,,!,4,s.:: H. A. A. 2: lrmnlsltim- 1' I u b 3: l'Ul1l1ll1'l'Ciill Vlub Sl. 4: .luninr Play: l'Ul'll'illf Stuff 4. Anita D. King llNeteYf "Nh1!'s prvily In 111111: lriflz, wif!!! 111 11111: with, and plrasnul to think off' X'i1-me-p1'1-si1l1-nt of Class l. 2: Sl'1'l'9fill'y uf Class -1- Club 1: Choir 2, , 4: Club 'I'1-cnutiuu 1: lbrauuutic' Club 2, 3. 4: Opl-1'e-Ita 3. -I I 'l'1'i-C11u11- ty l-'1-sfivzll 213 BIilgilZil16 1i0lllPl'0UI1'l Czlptuill 1. 43 l'0rt1':1il Stuff -1. uw we Shirley Knowlton "Shin-1" --1 H1-c fo1'Torluy. To IIHIITOIJ' will ftlkf' l'!l7'C of itx1'If."" Ulm- Club 11 Choir 1 2. tl: Illlbl'Ill'j' Club l. 2: 'l'l'i-Cbullty l"1-stivul 1 2: Girls Illll'2lllllll'2l1S 1 ", 'S 4' F ll X l, " .. , . ,,. -. Anthony M. Lipson avronyn 'ITIIOIIIIII 111' has 1411011 to lin- in., mem cannot be huppll alone." Photogmplly Club, 3, 4. James Lockyer Hjinlii fils good as gnlrlg ax miie? as siI1'1-r." Clluir. ll u y S ' ills-c Club, Fiusulc-11 Club. Florence Anne Loren ulflon 'Iiuxy h4'r1' 111141 flll'l'1',u l.llll'ill'j' Club l. 2. Zi. 4: ,Cnmlum-1'1'i:ll Club il, ll Clluir 2, T71 film- Club l g fl1l0l'0lfil Sl: Spring l'4ln1'1-l't 25. Joan D. Mabbett "Jeanie" lillllllfl uurl Ihr lrlmlr' lrnrlrl IYIIHIIIN with Uflllju 1 f -u . Ig II. A. l. Z, .i, -1. 1 lm- Ululr 1: Choir 2. Zi, 4: fi. .L A. 1: S1-uiur I lny: fllli-'I'4'ffiI 3. 4: 5llllIi'l1f liuunvi' 4: Li- IlI'ill'j' Vlulu 1. 2: Spring l0llK'K'l"f 1. 2. 3, 4: Tri- K nuury l"+-sfivul 2. Linda Lee MacRoy lfldindym "Hy Nfudiuus lIl1'1lHN N110 wins hm' n'uy.f" Glue KAIIIII 12 Vlluil' 2. I. 4: I"l'l'lll'Il Uluh Z. 41 IIl'ilIll1lfIl'1'IllIl l. 2. il. 4: l'lmfup.51':1pl1y P11111 4: lhpa-'11-1f:1 Cl, 4: .Iuniur I'I2lj', Svniul' l'l:uy, l'or- lrzlit Stalif fl. Mary .Io MacRoy HJoeyN ll'r' may In' pwsnnfzlly fl0jf'1ltf'fl. bllf our prin1'ipIv's llfl'l'1'l'.'U tilm- Club 1: Uhoir 2, . 4: IIl'LllIlSltiU Club 1, P. 23. -1: Fl'l'I1L'Il Club 2. li 011:-1:4-tt:l 3, 4: Flinto- 'rzlpliy Cluh 3. 4: .lun- 11-1' l'l:1y. S1-niol' Play. l'm'tr:lit Stuff 4. Claudia lrene Monk "skip" "Wim I.-:lows 'rrhat fame lim hero." 4111-1' Uluh l: Library Vlulu 1: Ulxoir 2, 3, 4: F, ll. .L 2: Hpwvttn 3, 43 SCIIIHI' I'I:1yQ I'hOt0- urzlpliy lflulr 4: Trl- Couiity Ifostivall. Lydia Moore 'Rl frivlul 10 1'r1'ry- lnnlyff Choir 3. -I: F. II, A. 2, 3. 4: Iiilwfiry Club 1. 2, Sl. -I: Junior Play, Senior I' l :1 y , Spring l'0IN'0l't 2 3, 4. Bernice N. Morrison "Bernie" 'Ml plwzxunl jaw' ulnl 11 youll l:1'ur'1."" film' Vluln l: tlihlil' Z. il: l.ihl':l1'y Vluh 1. 2, Il. 4:I.:1til1 Club 3. 4 : .lun- ior l'l:ly Vast. Svllllbl' l'l:ly l'ou1mittv1-. llrcl- mutic Vluh 2. 3. 4: l'l1uIogr:lpl1y Club 23, -l. Betty Oldick "Bett's" "1 um the musfvr uf my falv, I um the Cap- tain uf my souli' F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 l'l1ui1' 2. Kathryn Patterson flxayff 'xl IIVHIIJI fur your fll'IIl!lllfN.3" Vllllil' 2. 41: Owl-1-11:1 4: H1440 Vlulr 1: SlU'ill,Q' l'ux11-wt 1. IZ. 4: Spring Fil-51:13 l.ilur:u'y Club 1, 2. 4. 19 Natalie J. Mowers lKNat,, ".S:rcrr. simplv and small, but Hut xilvlltf' l'e-uu Yau Central Svlmul l. 2: Chorus 3, 4: H. A. A. 3. 4: Li- lu':u'y l'luIJ 3. 4: Com- u1v1'1'izll l'Iuh 3. 42 l'il4'1'l'll!illiill2 ll, -lg ln- trauuurznls Il, 4: Duwliug 4: llrunlaltic Club 4. Barbara J. Palm llBabfs7, "ll'l1y slmulrl lhc devil IIlll'l,'lll1 the full." G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: lutralxlluralls 1, 0l'4'l11'str:1 2, 4: G14-v Club 1: l". Il, A. 1, 2, 3, 4: LilJrz11'y Club l, 2, 3, 4: Drama- tic Clulx 2. 3: Spring Fostivnl 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri- Vuuuiy lfusilvnl 2, 3, 4: lP1w1'0ll'1l 3, 4: Stud0l.l1Z lhuml-r 2, 4: Scolwrlcovp- 1-1' J. V. Basketball 2: Yau-sity lluskullmll 3, 4: .Iuuior Play: S e 11 i o 1' Play: Po1't1':lit Stuff 4. 2, 3, 4, 31 Choir 2, Yvonne M. Pelletier nponyn 'Qls llff'ilN1llIf ax H10 rluy 'is long." 1'0lllll1E'l'i'li'll Club 3, 42 Choir 3, 4: lntra- murals 1. 2. Il, 4: H. A, A. 2. 3. 4: l'll1'4-'l'lC'2Hll1lg.f l. 2: film- Vlub 1: Tri- C n u n t y Fr-stival 2: Spring f'0Il1'4'l't 1, 2, 3, 4: Ma,iorvttv 1. 2: Li- brary Ulub 1. 2, 4: Up- on-tta 3. 4: Spring Fiesta 1. Carolyn M. P1-all filly 104:12 is like a red, wal rose, while it lasts." Choir 2, 3, 4: Glec Club 1: Operetta 3, 43 Studi-nt Council 1 5 Vice' president of Student Uounm-il 3: 'l'reasu1'0r of Studm-nt Council 43 Ibra- matiu Club 1: H. A. A. l: 1'l1ot0g:i':1pl1y Club 3, 1: l'omu1el'ci:1l Club 4, l'n1't1'ait Stuff 4. Hugh Pomella "Hughie" "If fllcrfiw rlnolllvr worlcl lu? livers in bliss, if thc-rc's num: his murlc the br-si of this," Varsity Club 2, 4: Baseball 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class l'l'csimlunt 2: Yir'u-p1'esi- all-nt 33 Studi-nt Coun- cil 1, 2. 3, 4: View-pl'm-si dont of Studa-nt Counril 4: Soccvl' 1, 2, 3, 41 Junior Play. S 4: n i 0 r Play, Buys' State 3. Robert Reese HBOBH "l'II tivklf- your 1-utastroplwf' Marvin A. Schwartz 'nllfuin thu '1lHllftlI'lll- ublcf' Class l'1'l'S1d0llt 3, 4: Junior Play, S4'Ill01' Play. Studs-nt Council l. 3. 4: I'l1ot,0g1'apl1y Vlub 4: l'u1't1'ait Staff 4 ' "':2 5:f' ' , gjgafr 55,51-122gz55:f' 'E5"vg.fff " -- "" 5,.1:555jliiyiiiffiiifififijigijE55:.E:E' ', 1'ff2f2f.,.:g.,..,.LE::E.f" , wffgifg n ag. Helene Seguin "Tina" 'ATI11' huurl 111111 nunlr' Jluu fair, mrnlc you yfrmflf' iihllll' ZZ. -1: Iirumzllic- 0 Club ZZ. 4: I,lill'2ll'y 3, -1. Amelia Ann Sickler KlArnyII 'il yum! h:'1l1't's lrurfh galil." K hmr 2. 3. 4: Upvrm-i't:l 4: l'l1uiop:rzlpl1y 4: lhruuiutim- Club -1: H14-v Club l: k':1I'1-tx-l'izl 1. 22 A ssisluut 'Susllie-1' -1. Robert C. Shockley "Satch" "IIf' lI'llS uni lllI'l'l'ljf Il :Iliff off flu' nlrl hlnvk. but Ihr' blurlr itwlfff Iialslu-tlrzlll l. 2. 3. 'lg Ilusm-hull 23, 41 Sm'c'1'1' Z. . 4: .luuiur Vlilj' Cust. 'ul-sily Ululu ZZ. -I: lluml 2: 1'il4lfUjIl'il1lilA' Uluh 4. Eva Smith "Whoopie" "Howl flliuyjs :Io 1-fum' in small p1l1'l.'11yfr'x." Glu- Ululr 1: Vlmir Z, 21. 4: I,iI1l':u'y l. 2. 23. ll: l.lI. A. 4. Arleen June Stock "A'ofl1iuyf is imposxibln' fu u :filling llf'lIi'f.u H. A. A. l: film: Vlull li l'il0l'llS 2. 3, 4: I". H. A. Z.. 4: l,iIn':11'y Club l. Z. 32 frgwrvflzl Il. 4: 1111111114-l'1'izll 1' I ll ll 4: l'lwlug:1'upl1y Q' I u In 4: Spring' Cullm-1't l. Z, 3, 4. Joyce AM ,, T -15:3 1. .""2'2H .g .-.,. '-E'Er ""' 'mme Ro er Allen Wahler ff' .A.4., I g 1- , -5: - rr-r-r "Nothing smfueecls like H , ,, H , ,,., SNCCCSS32 Peep s ' mm Club 1 Wcom- UAS merry as the day . V' 5 puuist 2, 3: fs. A. A. 1: 18 WW' -4-- -'-' . riim-my Club 1 2 3 4' . 1 ,, ., Y ' ' ' Soccer 2, -THHIOP Plfly P-1'l?1'1:1lfl1? 21,1342 Vast Basvlmll 4: Choir r f 1 1 1 1 - I5 ' ' ral, Cl b 1: 1'11'ff0g1':'vhY Club 41 1-in-U-lil? sfmfoi, U 41 Orwwvttu 3. 4: Junior Play CMI S+"1i01' PW CNS VIHSS T1'021SU1'f'1' 3, 4? Portrait Stutf 4. Leland Walrath llBigY, "Jimi of few words are thc best men." 22 Phyllis Waufle "Phil" "S1l0I2D1l, !l0!l, filll of fun, she has a smile for everyone." Glee Club 1: Choir 2, 3, Commorcinl Club 3, 43 Library Club 1, 2g Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, G. A. A, 1, 2, 33 Intramur- als 1, 2, 35 Tri-County Festival 29 Spring Con' cert 1, 23 Operetta 33 Majorette 1, 2. Milton Weaver "woodchuck" AVAZ .4 ,.A.,.,,,.,. V , H ,,... .,.... , cf .,,....,. , , . ,::. 1 E:- .. Gary Wells ffgoneyn owen J. wilson 'Ufvlll' rnlv of my Ziff' is "Willie" .I E"-:-,:,.,-5' fu Illllkf' lfllsillfsx ll V . V plmslmy Um, 'NWN' ..Axnuc bint llHIIS'Plf.!f-U71 NH' Huff 7lllNill"SN-4' bo my 1'a"'mel" Y:ll'SiIX' I:?lS.'llilll I2 1' Junior Phu" Svnior ' Imml l.'2. rs. 4: vlmfr :xi l":15'f 'V V- Bfmcbml 3? 4 : lm-S' 4.1.-U vnu, 1 - """m:'fif' ' lu" 4? Photo' Spriu: l1Ulll'i'l'1 I. 2. ll. Lvuplly mul' 3-'41 Has' ,g 4: llwln:-st1':l 3: Iizlskvt- lu-tbzlll Blilljllgifl 4. .. , WI' 3- Valeclicforian and Salufaforian MISS JOYCE TIMMICIIMAN MISS CAIIULYX M, PIKAIJ 23 Class Officers Seated: Carole Conrad, treasurer: Marvin Schwartz, president: Russell Hoyer, vice-president. Standing: Carolyn Prall, student council representative: Yvonne Gewcye, secretary: Hugh Pomella, student council representative. Senior Class Row 1: Y. Geweye, I. Morrison, F. Loren. Row Row R. Dicks. Row L. MacRoy, J. Ciani. Row 5: H. Pomella, Row 6: L. Walrath, 4: R. Wahler, Absent: N. Mowers, 2: Y. Pelletier, 3: R. Shockley, Frasier, S. Carpenter, P. Waufle, AJ. Barbric, A. Sickler, E. Smith, B. Palm, B M. Hoyer, S. Knowlton, J. Mabbett, A. King, J. Timmerman, B. Hunter. K. Patterson, L. Gould, S. Dillenbeck, M. Doxtater, C. Prall, A. Stock, J. MacRoy L. Moore, C. Monk. B. Oldick, S. Hazzard, E. Getman, S. Kilmartin, C. Conrad M. Weaver, R. Reese, G. Wells, R. Hoyer, R. Dygert, M. Conover. J. H. Lockyer, J. Edick, J. Edward King, Adviser: M. Schwartz, O. VVi1son, T. Lipson Seguin, J. Aird. 24 A A xy X9 Q ? Q DIQDNES Sophomore Class Row 1: W. Kretser, C. Abel, Janet Luft, D. Dodge, Jean Luft, H. Chapman C. Eacker, V. Douglas, J. Clark, A. Arnold, D. Coffin, P. Kilmartin, S. Snyder, T Streed, J. Locorini, H. Hogan, N. Klock, R. Bentz, L. Hanifln. Row 2: B. Looman R. Lassig, J. Bowman, K. Carpenter, H. Stauring, B. Harbster, D. Hunter, J. Pana- gakis, E. Clinton, H. Luft, H. Douglas, H. Bergen, R. Billington, C, Gehring, N 26 Oldick, R. Weinheimer, J. Tinka, R. Reid, P. Utter, A. Florian, T. Doganieri, R Hoffman, H. Edick, G. Armstrong. Row 3: Mr. Stephen Wilson, adviser, L. Gros B. Chapman, R. Osborn, A. Miller, A. Clinton, B. Wrobel, J. Pickard, A. Douglas L. Walrath, R. Bramer, J. Bowman, D. Oldick, Mrs. Evadean Handy, adviser. Absent J. M. Long, S. Saltsman. Darrach, E. Bouck, W. Stewart, R. Smith. Row 3: J. McPhail, G. Grimm, L. Prall, L. Osborne, U. M. Dyer, B. Smith, M. Mang. A. Schwager, S. Hinkle, J. Loyche, B. Knowlton, U. Hanifin, C. Hopkinson, J. Tudor, C. Keller, M. L. Carpenter, E. Lord, P. D'Arcangelis. Row 4: F. McCready, J. Mosher, R. Goodrich, W. Cole, S. Carson, R. Gaughan, R. Lerch, R. Luft, G. Conrad, J. Luft, D. Johnson, D. Wilcox, D. Smith, G. Van, C. Wilder, Mrs. Julia Fasset, adviser. 27 Row 1: L. Mahl, B. Regel, V. Shults, R. Smith, J. Oldick, A. Edick, A. Moore, D. Sickler, P. Saunders, B. Antalek, G. Cook, K. Luck, B. Weaver, B. Suits, M. Gray. Row 2: R. Finch, S. Knorr, W. Hisert, R. Schwabrow, E. Aird, N. Failing, R. Mc- Class Duffee, R. Cramer, C. Freebold, J. Clark, S. Showerman, P. Oldick, D, Hazzard, D. Bouck. Row 3: T. Hinkle, L. Mosher, N. Paul, M. Lassig, L. Sours, J. Rand, J. Scabar, Row 1' S Yerdon L Conover G Primer D Watkins J Schoonmwker D Rimkis, P. Kneaskern. D. Rimkis, B. Florian. Row 2: J. DiStefano, G. Coffin, R. D'Arcang'elis, D. Waner, J. Sanzen, B. Harmon, J. Sheely, J. Kilmartin. Row 3: A. Tudor, B. Saltsman, E. Grimm, M. Nurnberger, L. Freehold, J. Smith, C. Smith. Row 4: Mr. MacRoy, B. Sweet, D. Groff, H. LeRoy, L. Smith, R. Flint, W. Schwabrow. 28 ' R. Stonehouse, M. Fox, J. Gaughan, H. Melick, J. Christie, S. Rayvals, R. Wheeler, C. Stafford. Row 4: D. Carpenter, R. Neach, W. Vesp, H. Eutermarks, J. Valasek, H. Buddles, M. Shults, A. Keck, G. Shults, R. Smith, J. Hoffman, T. Flanders, T. McCready, G. Douglas. Row 5: D. Looman, W. Monk, R. Wilkinson, G. Mabbett, A. Fuhs, G. Pecci, E. La Valley, P. Oertel, F. Chamberlain, E. Doerrer, Mr. Daniel Sawyer, adviser. Row lx J. Swartz, J. Becker, J. Swartz, N. Eckler, B. Green, A. Cook, J. Anatalek, J. Alguire, P. Dean, P. Bronk. Row 2: E. Buley, R. Putnam, D. Reid, D. A Wainwright. L. Hazzard, R. Utter, H. Dunphy, R. Sanders, M. Hintz. Row 3: J. Miner, E. Hogan, G. Spraker, P. Stock, M. Bowman, D. Patterson, P. Hoyer, M. Baker. Row 4: E. Young, B. Wozniak, R. Wilcox, S. Dodge, G. Bronk, J. Seroka, Mr. Braco. 29 Row 1: P. Tabor, J. Bennison, C. Antalek, I. Hunter, R. Grandon, Mrs. Helen Duggleby, adviser: R. Prall, P. Luft, W. Hoiman, C. Davies, K. Putnam. Row 2: S. Smith, J. Stahler, J. Mureness, C. Massari, C. Chilton, L. Beck, S. Buley, G. Kretser, E. Fredericks, R. Kretser, C. Hazzard. Row 3: F. Rivenburgh, B. Schrell, R. Wick, L. Buddles, R. Utter, R. Goughan, K. Dillenbeck, W. Van Schaick, R. Baum. Row 4: R. Rand, D. Biancucci, L. Conrad, D. Sweet. H. Crouse, G. Mosher, E. Doxtater, D. Ward. Row 5: N. Failing, L. Pearl, J. Loadwick, R. Smith, G. Van Derwerker, H. Buhrmaster. Sevenfh Grade Row 1: V. Gray, M. Van, J. Loren, B. Hohenshield, C. Hopkinson, J. Cook, Miss Edith Hodge, adviser, K. Regel, B. Watkins, N. Marcellino, P. Gros, J. Shields. S. Beck, P. Gray. Row 2: E. Dillenbeck, A. Marcellino, C. Van, S. Hinkle, P. Hinkle, L. Smith, L. Yaccobucci, G. Loesch, B. Horning, E. Putnam, D. Doganere, J. Young. Row 3: C. Swank, V. Bump, N. Douglas, J. Young, S. Zoller, J. Fredericks, P. Burns, S. Guttschuss, S. Shults, K. Verdock, F. Walts, J. DeLuise. Row 4: E. Johnson, F. Lewis, D. Hazzard, C. Blumenstock, D. Vogel, M. Smith, L. Lockyer, S. Murphy, P. Sprung, P. Rockwell, G. Smith. Row 5: D. Clinton, N. Clark. ' 30 cv wp W .Z IHID 45 EH S L S WORKERS 31 Soccer Row 1: L. Hanifm. R. McDuffee, R. Shockley, R. Dicks, W. Utter, R. Neach, H. Bergen, E. Clinton. Row 2: B. Chapman, F. Dean, H. Pomella, K. Lasher, P. Utter, R. Hoyer, R. Osborn, R. Herb. Row 3: Coach Ennis, R. Hoffman. R. Dygert, E. Lord, A. Miller, R. Reid, J. Lockyer, J. Valasek, J. Tinka Walter Stewart, Manager Baskefball-Junior Varsify Row 1: B. Failing, E. Lord, G. Valasek, F. Oldick, R. Smith, R. Hoffman, J. lVlacPhail, L. Hanifin Row 2: W. Vesp, R. McDuiTee, S. Knorr, R. Billington, G. Mabbett, C. Freehold, G. Chamberlain, K Carter, W. Utter, R. Dygert, Coach Ennis. 32 Baskefball-Varsify Row 1: R. Reid, R. Herb, A. Miller, R. Osborne, C. Wilder. Row 2: O. Wilson, G. Wells, R. Bentz, R. Hoyer, P. Utter, R. Shockley, H. Pomella, Coach Mullet Seasons Record The varsity basketball team finished the regular Mohawk Valley Interscholastic League in second place with a record of seven wins and three losses. The team was undefeated at home in league contests. One of the defeats was at Dolgeville in an over-time game, and another was a two-point decision at Canajoharie. The third loss was at Frankfort, the league champions. For three consecutive years under Coach Mullet, the Hilltoppers have played in the sectional play-offs at Saratoga. The team will miss the offensive play of Richard Osborne and the defensive abilities of Robert Shock- ley, Robert Dicks, and Hugh Pomella when next sea- son rolls around. SUMMARY OF THE SEASON Nov. 17-Fort Plain 62 vs. Mayfield 54, away Nov 24fFort Plain 77 vs. Fonda 45, home Dec. 4-Fort Plain 44 vs. Cobleskill 56, away Dec. 8-Fort Plain 43 vs. Scotia 51, home Dec. 11-Fort Plain 58 vs. Dolgeville 64, away Dec. 12-Fort Plain 49 vs. Mayfield 55, home "'Dec. 18-Fort Plain 66 vs. Frankfort 56, home illan. 8+Fort Plain 75 vs. St. Johnsville 54, home Jan 12-Fort Plain 63 vs. Scotia 72, away illan. 15dFort Plain 54 vs. St. Mary's 50, away i'Jan. 22-Fort Plain 33 vs. Canajoharie 35, away Jan. 23-Fort Plain 58 vs Cobleskill 52, home i:Jan. 29-Fort Plain 84 vs. Dolgeville 63, home Jan. 30-Fort Plain 67 vs. Ilion 85, away i:Feb. 5-Fort Plain 50 vs. Frankfort 61, away i:Feb. 11-Fort Plain 50 vs. St. Johnsville 48, away '-'Feb. 19-Fort Plain 79 vs St. Mary's 43, home 63 vs. 2 5417 ort Plain is--League games '-Feb. 33 Can aj oharie 50, home Varsify Baseball Varsify Club Seated: H. Pomella, R. Dicks. Standing: Coach Mullet, B. Chapman, R. Osborn, R. Herb. W. Utter R. Shockley, A. Miller, B. Wrobel. K' iieagmvwmners-for four eensecutivae years-the 1954 Varsity Basebzf team. Front row, left to right: Robert Hoiman, manager, Robert Billington, Hugh Pomella, Robert Shockley, William Utter, Robert Dicks, William Vesp and Coach Frank Mullet. Back row: Richard Herb, Gary Wells, Owen Wilson, Allen Miller, Frank Oldick, Robert Reid and Phillip Utter. Girls' Afhlefic Associafion Row 1: J. Luft, Y. Pelletier, M. Hoyer, C. Conrad, Y. Geweye, L. Smith, N. Mowers, I. Schrell, J. Locorini. Row 2: L. Sours, L. Mosher, C. Hopkinson, H. Melick, P. Kilmartin, S. Snyder, D. Coffin, J. Clark. Row 3: U. Hanifin, D. Dodge, M. Beck, E. Eckert, T. Streed, A. Wilkinson, E. Rollman, J. Loyche. Row 4: Miss Betty Grosfent, adviserg M. Fox, B. Regel, B. Palm. 35 Cheerleaders J. V. Cheerleaders: Row 1: J. Clark, I. Schrell, B. Knowlton, J. Luft, D. Dodge. Varsity Cheerleaders: , Row 2: N. Mowers, L. Smith, C. Conrad E. Rollman, J. Locorini. Fufure Farmers of America Row 1: Mr. Arnold Fredericksen, adviser, H. Bergen, R. Lassig, H. Douglas, J. Tinka, D. Johnson, A. Douglas, E. LaValley. Row 2: E. Aird, C. Failing, G. Shults, D. Carpenter, G. Pesce, D. Oldick, R. Wheeler, T. Hinkle, B. Vickerson, S. Showerman. Row 3: W. Kretser, D. Lonis, A. Fuhs, F. Oldick, R. Weinheimer, C. Stafford, R. Bramer, W. Hisert, G. Douglas, P. Oertel. F. F. A. Qrganizafion The Future Farmers of America is a boys' organi- BLD-l.1.t.lIlffILO.l1'l.2.bOllL 14 ,to 21 years of The boys also attended the high school judging events at both Cobleskill and Morrisville State Agri- age who are interested in agriculture as their life's work. It is one of the few organizations that actually trains boys for a vocation by the time they leave high school. The FFA in conjunction with the courses in Vocational Agriculture is advised by the Agriculture teacher. Through these courses the boys learn by doing. The requirements of the FFA are that a boy must be interested in farming and have a farm situation whereby he can keep actual records of a farm business and carry on a supervised project of his own such as raising a calf or a flock of chickens. The primary aims are to develop agriculture lead- ership, co-operation and citizenship, improve farm home surroundings to provide for a better iife and a better place to live, and to prepare a boy for his life vocation. The FFA of Fort Plain Central School has grown in the past six years until there are at present 27 members. Several awards were won by the boys this year in the many activities in which they participated. These were climaxed by a parents' and friends' ban- quet. The FFA has entered the annual six-county Milk Quality Control Contest conducted by the Dairymen's League for five consecutive years and has placed in one of the top three places each year. cultural and Technical THstitu'E'WlTer?tl'Tey Tvpnwari ous team and individual prizes. At Open House last fall, the local Chapter of Future Farmers displayed a booth representing the home farm business of the FFA boys. The display included samples of the various accomplishments of the boys and their projects. One of the outstanding exhibits was on farm safety showing how farm acci- dents occur. Twelve of the FFA boys and Mr. Fredericksen attended Farm and Home Week at Cornell University, where these boys had access to all the latest data in modern farming. They attended lectures and saw many demonstrations and exhibits. They also had an opportunity to talk to experts about problems on their home farm. This year the local chapter participated in two radio broadcasts. At WENT in Gloversville, the boys broadcast a program about the "Importance of Dairy Farming." At WGY, their program was the "Production of Quality Milk." One of the outstanding activities of the year was the trip to Kansas City to attend the National FFA Convention. Henry Bergen, Laverne Putnam, and Charles Bramer were representatives from Fort Plain who helped to make up the New York State delegation. These boys attended the regular business meeting and saw the awarding of the American Farmer Degree. This is the most outstanding award a Future Farmer can earn. Fufure Homemakers of America Row 1: B. Smith, P. Suits, D. Sickler, A. Moore, L. Moore, S. Dillenbeck. Row 2: A. Arnold, A. Wilkinson, I. Schrell, L. Smith, E. Rollman, E. Smith, B. Oldick, B. J. Smith B. Palm, J. Mabbett. Row 3: Mrs. Marie Pryor, adviser: L. Gros, D. Oldick, A. Stock, Mrs. Marion Walton, adviser. Commercial Club Row 1: P. WauHe, F. Loren, E. Getman, A. Wilkinson. Row 2: Y. Pelletier, R. Byer, A. Stock, M. Hoyer. Row 3: Mr. Frank Redman, adviser, C. Prall, C. Conrad, Y. Geweye, S. Hazzard, J. Bowman, J. Lamp- here, B. Putnam, S. Wahler, S. Kilmartin, J. Ferguson, A. Cramer. 37 Affendance Club Row 1: D. Rimkis, C. Gehring, secretaryg U. Hanifin, vice-presidentg M. Beck, president B Regel, treasurerg J. Antalek. Row 2: J. Oldick, D. Oldick, B. Antalek, P. Stock, L. Hazzard. Attendance Club The Attendance Club was formed for a two-fold purpose by its adviser, Eugene D. Zagorskyg first to give an opportunity to all students to earn a dis- tinctive Fort Plain letter and become more closely associated with the school, and secondly to increase attendance at school. The idea took hold fast and pictured above are the charter members of the "A" Club who had per- fect attendance during the school year 1952-53. This is a tremendous increase over the previous year when there were no pupils with perfect attendance. The prospects for new members during 1953-54 looks encouraging. Barring' any general illness among students we should admit at least 80 new members this year. The letters are purchased by the Student Coun- cil and are of two types. One is of felt and the other of chenille. For one yearfs perfect attendance the student earns a felt letter, for two years or more he earns a chenille letter. The officers are: President, Myrna Beckg Vice- President, Ursula Haniling Secretary, Charles Geh- ringg Treasurer, Barbara Regel. 38 Dramafics Club Row 1: Mr. L. Robert Sanders, director, G. Shults, B. Palm, B. Morrison, J. Long, M. Beck, B. Harb- ster, N. Mowers, M. Sours, A. King, A. Sickler, M. Rubert. Row 2: S. Carpenter, J. Timmerman, J. MacRoy. B. Hunter, R. Hoffman, H. Seguin. Row 3: A. Florian, E. Clinton, M. Conover, L. MacRoy, I. Schrell, L. Looman. Senior Play M. Conover, J. Mabbet, O. Wilson, J. flimmermun, B. Hunter, L. Moore. "Night Must Fall," a mystery by Emlyn W'illiams, was presented by the Senior Class directed by L. Robert Sanders. The cast included: Lord Chief Justice, Marvin Schwartz, Mrs. Bramson, Joyce Timmermang Nurse Libby, Claudia Monk, Olivia Gruyne, Barbara Hunter, Hubert Laurie, Marvin Conover, Mrs. Terence, Lydia Moore, Dora, Joan Mabbettg Belsize, Joe Cianig Dan, Owen Wilson. 9 Library Club Row 1: E. Getman, S. Hazzard, F. Loren, Y. Pelletier, B. Morrison, C. Conrad, M. Hoyer, B. Palm, Y Gcweye, S. Carpenter, J. Bowman, E. Smith, A. Avery. Row 2: J. Timmerman, I. Frasier, M. Fox, L. Fralick, S. Dillenbeck, J. Clark, G. Beck, U. Hanifln, L Moore, V. Douglas, J. Luft. Row 3: L. Gould, J. Gaughan, R. Byer, B. Putnam, M. Wilmer, M. Sours, M. Beck, V. Shults, B Suits, Mrs. Dorothy Boslet, adviser. Row 4: K. Patterson, J. Lampherc, A. Cramer, L. Mahl, B. Regel, P. Saunders, A. Wilkinson, L. Gros Row 5: M. Lassig, L. Sours, L. Mosher, I. Schrell, L. Looman, R. Smith, D. Sickler, J. Loyche, T Streed, M. Carpenter. Phofography Club Row 1: L. MacRoy, J. MacRoy, J. Timmerman, S. Carpenter, R. Dicks, M. Schwartz, H. Pomella, Mr George Berberich, adviser. Row 2: C. Prall, M. Sours, A. Stock, M. Wilmer, B. Hunter, A. Sickler, O. Wilson, R. Shockley, T Lipson, W. Utter, R. Hoyer. 40 Siudenf Council Row 1: L. Sours, W. Hoffman, T. Doganieri, C. Prall, D. Cole, H. Pomella, P. Kilmartin, R. Utter, Mr George Berberich, adviser. Row 2: R. Marcellino, B. Dygert, A. Florian, G. Mabbett, M. Schwartz, B. Looman, C. Gehring, W Utter, B. Regel, J. Oldick, S. Dodge. Student Council Functions The Student Council of 1953-54 has sponsored the following: An activity card system that gives the student admissions to athletic events, a yearbook, the school paper, admission to assemblies, a monitor system in the halls, an attendance club, citizenship awards to outstand- ing students, moving-up day activities, student turn- about day, a teacher appreciation day. The Council has contributed the following: S500 to the yearbook, S300 to the athletic depart- ment, S100 to the school paper, S200 to school assem- blies, S100 building of a trophy case in the new school. The Council has given its members an insight into the problems and responsibilities of democratic govern- ment. 41 Chorus Row 1: Mr. Sidney Novak, Director: J. Bowman, S. Hinkle. P. Suits, J Lamphere, J. Luft, J. Clark, M. Sours, M. Beck, D. Looman, D. Waner, lil. Clinton R. Utter, J. Oldick, J. Sanzen, B. Putnam, I. Frasier, T. Streed. A. Stock, A. Sickler Row 2: J. Timmerman, J. Fox, A. King E. Smith, J. Ferguson, U. Haniiin, J. Long. C. Hopkinson, S. Knowlton, U. Dyer, J. Aird, D. Dodge, J. Locorini, D. Cole, J. Ciani S. Knorr, G. Mabbett, R. D'Arcangelis, W. Monk, B. Harmon, L. Fralick, R. Byer - r Girls Glee Club Row 1: A. Sours, D. Rimkis, E. Grimm, N. Nurnberger, B. Antalek, A. Edick, M. Fox, A. Dodson. J Antalek, J. Alguire. Row 2: S. Yerdon, D. Rimkis, A. Moore, D. Watkins, E. Hogan, C. Smith, J. Smith, R. Smith, J. Hayes B. Florian. Row 3: Mr. Sidney Novak, director, A. Tudor, F. Boyer, B. Saltsman, P. Bronk, L. Conover, L. Mosher J. Becker, J. Schoonmaker, B. Regel. Row 4: P. Dean, B. Dygert, J. Scabar, S. Rayvals, R. Stonehouse, M. Lassig, J. Minor, P. Kneaskern L. Mahl. 42 5 . A. Cramer, N. Paul, J. Christie, L. MacRoy, B. Hunter. C. Prall, S. Dillenbeck, H. Seguin, A. Wilkinson, B. Palm. Row 3: B. Smith, H. Hogan, J. Luft, L. Mahl, B. Smith, B. Knowlton, S. Snyder, A. Arnold, C. Monk, J. Loyche. R. Cramer, J. Valasek, R. Smith, R. Conover, J. Kilmartin, A. Florian, G. Coffin, D. Reid, L. Looman, S. Hazzard, L. Moore, D. Cofin, P. Kilmartin, G. Beck, L. Gould, M. MacRoy, Y. Pelletier, J. Mabbett. Band Bass clarinet-Linda Mahl. Tuba-Boyd Harmon. French Horn-Craig Chilton. Clarinets-Gary Wells, James Sheely, Claudia Blumenstock, Gordon Mabbett, Joan Loyche, Helen Chapman, Karen Regal, Corrinne Bowerman, Karen Verdick, Judy Smith. Baritone-Barbara Palm. Flute-Mary Rubert. Tenor saxophonefflrving Hunter. Percussion-Russell Smith, Richard Davis, Jean Luft, Barbara Regal, Marlin Lassig. Trumpets-Joe Ciani, Clifford Davis, Louisa Gros, Robert Cramer, John Stahler, James Valasek, Diane Vogel. Trombones-Stuart Knorr, Donald Reid, Paul Tabor. Instructor-Mr. Thomas Pryor. 43 Le C ercle Francais Row 1: M. Wilmer J. Timmerman Row 2: L. MacRoy, D. Dodge, M. MacRoy S. Snyder, D. Coffin, J. Clark, Miss Evelyn Venable, adviser Discipuli Audenfes Row 1: Miss Evelyn Venable adviser M. Beck, B. Morrison, M. Rubert Row 2: J. Barbric, S. Carpenter E. Eckert L. Gros Geomefry Class Q Class and teacher, Mrs. Evadean Handy listen to and Walter Stewart. Mrs. Evadean It is with genuine regret that we see Mrs. Evadean Handy retire this June. In her years of teaching no one could have served her profession with greater spirit of selflessness. She has been un- failing in giving of her time and effort to bring out the best in each student. She has inspired in her students an admiration Cifizenship Educaiion explanation of theorems as worked by Iona Schrell Handy Retires which lasts. Her record in school speaks for her excellence as a teacher but the devotion of students who remember her speaks for her instinctive under- standing of people. She has always displayed the Hnest qualities of professional ethics. For this she is respected by students, fellow teachers, and people of the com- munity. The Citizenship Education Department participated in the 16th Annual Oratorical contest, sponsored by the American Legion, Department of New York, last fall. Pictured above from left to right, front row: Mr. MacRoy, Mary Rubert, Marlene Sours, Natalie Mowers, Anita Kingg second row, Joseph Ciani, Linda MacRoy, Edith Eckert, Lydia Moore. Donald Cole. 45 Ari Class Art students listen attentively as Instructor Joseph DeSantis demonstrates scenery paint. lndusfrial Arfs . Row 1: C. Massari, R. Utter, Mr. Everett Rowe, teacher. Row 2: P. Tabor, J. Murencss, H. Buhrlmister, K. Putnam, L. Beck, J, Stahler, I. Hunter, C. Chilton C. Davies, W. Hoiman, S. Smith. 46 C hemisfry Class Patricia Kilmartin, Sylvia Snyder, Allen Miller and Donald Cole watch experiment illustrating making of oxygen. Journalism Class Panel: Mrs. Mary Flanders, teacherg A. Stock, R. Hoyer, T. Lipson, Y. Geweye, P. Waufle. The above panel is discussing t'The Need of the Newspaper" for the Journalism Class. 47 MR. and MRS. EZRA ABEL REV. and MRS. LYMAN ACIIENBACII MRS. FLORENCE BAILEY MR. and MRS. GUY BARTON HON. and MRS. JOHN F. BENNISON MR MR MR MR MR MR. MR MR MR. MR and MRS. GEORGE BERBERICH and MRS. CARLTON BOSLET and MRS. HAROLD BOWERMAN and MRS. DONALD BOWMAN and MRS. JOSEPH BRACO and MRS. KARL BRONK and MRS. ARTHUR ISUECHE JOSEPH CAPECE and MRS. GOR-DON CARPENTER and MRS. GERALD CASLER REV. and MRS. CHESTER C. CHILTON MR. and MRS. DONALD CHRISTIE MR. and MRS. CLARENCE CRAMER MR. and MRS E. WILFRED CURRIER MR. and MR-S GEORGE DICKS MR. and MRS. GEORGE DUFFY MR. and MRS. CLARENCE DUGGLEBY MR. and MR-S LEO C. DYGERT MR. and MRS RUSSELL EHLE, Sr. MR. and MRS EDWARD ENNIS MISS IIELEN FAILING MR. and MRS 'WILSON FAILING, Jr. MR. and MRS. RALPH G. FAILING MR-. and MRS KENNETH FASSETT MR. and MRS LEO F. FLANDERS DR. and MRS. WALTER C. FOX MRS. CARL II. FRANK MR. EDVVARD FREDERICK MR. HARVEY FREDERICK MR-. LEONARD FREDERICK MR. PHILIP FREDERICK MR. and MRS. ARNOLD FREDERICKSEN MR. and MRS. RUSSELL GETMAN DR. and MRS. GEORGE GLENN MRS. CARRIE GRAVES MR. and MRS. WILLARD GREEN MISS BETTY JUNE GROSFENT MR. and MRS. JAMES C. IIACK MISS EDITH D. HODGE MR. and MRS. DON HOWLAND MRS. CATHERINE HUDSON MR. FRANK E. IIUFNAIL Patrons MR MR DR. MR MR- aud MRS. and MRS. and MRS. and MRS. ERVIN J. HUNTER LESLIE KILMARTIN R. V. KILMER EVERETT KING and MRS. J. EDWARD KING and MRS. FREDERICK J. KIRKPATRILK REV. and MRS. WILLIAM KNORR DR. and MRS. MILTON LIPSON MR. and MRS. JOHN F. MACROY REV. and MRS. H. H. MAHL M R. MR. DR. MR MR. MR. MR. MR MR. DR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. and MRS. EDMUND MAIER and MRS. WILLIAM S. MUEHLECK and MRS FRANK MULLET and MRS DONALD F. NEACH and MRS R. V. NELLIS and MRS JOHN PALM and MRS ERNEST PATTERSON JACK PETRIE and MRS. STANLEY B. POTTER and MRS. JOSEPII PRALL and MRS. THOMAS R. PRYOR FLOYD REINHART and MRS. JOHN E. RIDDER and MRS. LESTER RIVENBURGII MRS. CATHERINE RUSSELL MR. L. ROBERT SANDERS MR. and MRS. JOHN F. SAUER- MR. DANIEL J. SAWYER MR. and MRS. LELAND G. SCIIWAR-TZ MRS. MARY H. SELVVOOD MR-. MR DR. MR. MR MR MR MR MR and MRS. FR-ED T. SHOCKLEY and MRS. DeWITT C. SHULTS and MRS. CHARLES SLATER and MRS. CORLISS SMITH and MRS. FREDERICK SMITH and MRS. HAROLD S. SMITII and MR-S. MILBURN SMITII and MRS. ERNEST SPENCER and MRS. IIAROLD SPONABLE REV. FATIIER JOHN J. SULLIVAN MR. and MRS. IIAROLD TIMMERMAN MISS MARLIE VOSBURGH MRS. MARION G. WALTON MR. MR. MR. M R. and MRS. LEO WATERMAN and MRS. STEPHEN WILSON and MRS. FRED WOOD and MRS. EUGENE D. ZAGORSKY PALATINE DYEING CCDMPANY, INC. + Dyers and Finishers of WARP-KNIT FABRICS + ST. JCI-INSVILLE, NY. COMPLIMENTS of the CENTRAL GARAGE Fort Plain New York FLUME and FULLER FEED - SEED LUMBER and BUILDING SUPPLIES Dial Canajoharie 3-6311 BEST WISHES tothe CLASS OF '54 FORT PLAIN NATIONAL BANK Compliments of K. J. BAUDER, INC. RICH PLAN BAUDER GAS and ELECTRIC ZERO FOOD STORAGE GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION 28 Mohawk Street Fort Plain Best of Luck to the Class of "54" CONOVER'S HOME OF FINE FURNITURE AND DRY GOODS Canajoharie Fort Plain Compliments of HOB'S RESTAURANT 17 Division Street Fort Plain, New York Compliments of PARK SERVICE CENTER Fort Plain, New York I COMPLIMENTS Compliments of of the CHRISTMAN'S HARDWARE BEECH-NUT Gerald K. Nellis PACKING Owner COMPANY Canajoharie New York Canajoharie New York 4 Compliments of OOMPLIMENTS THE JACK FROST 1-1AWK1N5 Of the A' DRIVE-IN AUTO SALES SMART SHOP It LUNCHES PLYMOUTH and Canajoharie ' ICE CREAM : DeSOTO DEALERS I N elliston EARL HOOK ' ' ' ' VARIETY STORE LADIES' WEAR Best Wishes "Oil" I V BEST WIsIIEs DRY GOODS SNECK ELECTRIC I LOUIS KAPP WALLPAPER I "5 U i A NOTIONS, ETC. F0143 Plain i Fort Plain I ROSE BROTHERS RED and WHITE Compliments of CRAMER'S SPORT SHOP Compliments of SCHOLET FURNITURE, INC HERE's CAMERA SHOP and STUDIO Fort Plain, N. Y. THE MUSIC SHOP Nelliston Compliments of ADLER'S CREAMERY, INC. Fort Plain, N. Y. Compliments of STEWART and BERGEN CO. Fenton G. Diefenclorf and Son BOOKS AND STATIONERY Fort Plain, N. Y. ' Compliments of " GEESLER'S, INC. PLUMBING - HEATING I W Fort Plain Phone 4-6261 Compliments of K. A. BOWMAN J EWELER Fort Plain, N. Y. LOTT'S SERVICE and APPLIANCES Lubrication, Accessories and Repairs Emerson TV and Kelvinator Palatine Bridge, N. Y. Compliments of DAVE'S RESTAURANT FOUNTAIN SERVICE 52- Compliments of ENDICOTT' GROORIES - MEAT WILLIAMS and JOHNSON PROVISIONS SHOE STORE Phone 4-5141 HOLMES 54 Main Street Fort Plain, N. Y. CLEANERS Fort Plain, N. Y. E K 1, DRUG S OR KNITTING MILL FORT aPLAIN H' Sifflliilitster Fort Plain HARDWARE 36-Sl3OSgn1aL3Sgreet New York Telephone 4-5461 REXALL CHURC'fNf':ERVICE' MILDRED ELLEY BEST WISHES Neuiston Y SEORETARIAL SCHOOL '20 the Wholesale Q Retail FOR GIRLS SENIOR CLASS Greeting Cards Church and Sunday School 227-229 Quail Street Albany 3, N. Y. Phone 5-4436 O'DAY TEXTILE MILLS, INC. Fort Plain, N. Y. Supplies Compliments of GRANGEWS Compliments of DYGERT'S SERVICE 8: APPLIANCES .. ,, THE DRUG SHOP On the Square L C Dygert Ph C Canaiohafie, N- Y- COLOR SHOP PRESORIPTIONS' RECORDS - RADIO ' CanaiXSi1EeEeEcjIALIi'IiEt Plai Pialll, Phone Compliments Compliments of The of SALES INC. SNAPPY DRESS Canajoharie, N. Y. GARAGE FORD Fort Plain, N. Y. SALES and SERVICE Fort Plain, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of COMPLIMENTS of the PETRI'S BAKERY Associate Store LUXURAY Fort Plain, N. Y. Fort Plain, N. Y. Fort Plain, N. Y. 53 BEST WISHES to the GRADUA TING CLASS I-IILWICK lI.I.S ORPORATIQN B. GRAY and SONS Compliments of FUNERAL HOME Willett Street G L F QUALITY FURNITURE FEED -u FARM STORE At Prices that Please PETROLEUM Canal Street 4-4153-Phone-4-4581 Fort Plain, New York L I N D 5 A Y NATHAN SAMUELS INC. soFT WATER SERVICE MALLORY HATS Bud Snyder VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS 4 , 6 8 9 4 FREEMAN SHOES 5 Prospect Street Fort Plain, New York HOLEPROOF HOSIERY Fort Plain, New York 54 Compliments of I-IARRY'S SNACK BAR LUNCHES - SNACKS Mac RORIE and BUSCH Division Street - Fort Plain SALES and SERVICE 210 Canal Street Fort Plain, New York ALBANY BUSINESS GULLEGE GUIDANCE - balanced training - activities. Placement in key posi- tions in business, professional and government offices. 126-134 Washington Ave., Albany 6, New York Specializing in BODY and FENDER WORK Telephone 4-6273 U FOR HAGE BPOTHERS Compliments of BEST REFRESHMENTS N 9 . . Visit the FORT PLAIN FORT PLAIN HOTEL GREELEY Fort Plain, N. Y. I Compliments of Compliments of DAVENPURT 31 THE CLASS OF '54 PARR'S LEAVITT TELEVISION SERVICE R0N'D'V00 SHOE 117 West Main Street Fort Plain, N. Y. Johnstown, N. Y. Dial 6-9022 Fort Plain, N. Y. MOHAWK VALLEY ' AGENCY Harvey H. Smith Harvey L. Smith Fort Plain - Phone 4-3223 LeBEL'S STUDIO Commercial and Portrait PHOTOGRAPHY Canajoharie, N. Y. HANIF IN PONTIAC INC. Nelliston, N. Y. 55

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