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19 5 2 Porrrair Annual Publication by Journalism Class Fort Plain Central Scliool Fort Plain, New York ff 5' . ,JV I. II. Ill IV. V. VI VII. XIII. IA, X Table ot Contents Dedication and Appreciation - Patrons ----- - - - Administration Qljirectorj - Principals ------ Board of Education - - High School Faeulty - Grade Faculty - - - School Views - - - Seniors CC:-Lstj Baby Pictures - Class Officers ----- Class Members ------ Valedictorian and Salutatorian - Senior Class - - - - - - Classes CWaiti11g Listj - Junior Class - - - Sophomore Class - - Freshman Class - Eighth Grade - - Seventh Grade ---- Safety Patrol ----- Activities Clnterniissionj - Soccer ---- ---- Baseball ------ Varsity Basketball ---- Junior Varsity Basketball - Varsity Cheerleaders ---- Junior Varsity Cheerleaders - - G. A. A. ------- F. H, A. ------ - 7C HOII1K5Ylldlill1g Class F. F. A. ----- Portrait ---- Hilltopics - - Senior, Band - - Junior Band - - Orchestra - - - Choir ----- Girls' Glce Club - - Photography Club - - French Club - - - Student Council - Drarnatics Club - - Connnercial Club - Bicycle Club - - Library Club - Senior Play - - - Reading Clinic - - - Literature QScriptj - - - All the World's a Stage ---- D. A. R. Essay ------- Poem. Motto. Colors. Flower, Stone Advertising - - ------ Cover Pages School Informal Snaps Inxon - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 6 - 7 - 7 -3 -9 -10 -ll -12 - I8 -13 -19 - 20 - 20 - 21 - 21 - 22 -22 - 23 - 24 - 24 - 25 - 25 - 26 - 26 - 26 - 27 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 29 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 31 - 31 - 32 - 32 - 33 - 33 - 34 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 40 - 40 -41 5' at Appreciation TO OUR CLASS ADVISER, MR. GEORGE IEERISERIOII, WE EXPRESS OUR SIN- OERE THANKS FOR HIS ASSISTANCE AND IIOYA IITY. Dedication WE, THE CLASS OF 1952, TAKE GREAT PLEASURE IN DEDICATING THIS BOOK TO M I S S LILLIAN F. P E NN E Y IN APPRECIATION FOR HER HELP, FRIENDSHIP, AND LOYALTY DURING THE YEARS SHE HAS TAUGHT AT FORT PLAIN HIGH SOIIOOLQ ROV. and Mrs. LYMAN ACHENISACH Mr. and Mrs. FRED BAER Mr. and Mrs. KENNETH O. 'BARTON Mr. JOSEPH BECK Hon. and Mrs. JOHN F. BENNISON Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. M r. Mr. Rc-v. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. M r. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and and and and Mrs. M rs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs GEORGE BERBERICH HAROLD BOVVERMAN KARL BRONK JOSEPH CAPECE JAMES S. CARNRITE GERALD CASLER ROV. and Mrs. CHESTER C. CIPHLTON Miss CATHERINE COOK and Mrs. CLARENCE CRAMER Father RAYMOND J. DORAN and Rnd and and and El nd and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. GEORGE DUFFY O. H. DUGGLEBY LEO LYGERT RUSSELL J. EHLE, sn. RALPH FAILING WALTER O. FOX ARNOLD FREDERICKS LUTHER FRITZINGER RUSSELL GETMAN GEORGE GLENN NELSON GREENE and Mrs. NELSON GREENSLETE and Mrs. FREDERICK GROS and Mrs. JAMES C. HACK Patrons E N Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. FREDERICK S. IIASLETT EDITH D. HODGE CATHE EMMA Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mrs. ELSIE RINE HUDSON IRVVIN R. V. KILMER FREDERICK J. KIRKIFAIRIL lx LARKIN Mr. and Mrs ARTHUR C. LENEKER Dr. and Mrs. MILTON LIPSON Mr. and Mrs JOHN MAGROY Dr. and Mrs. VVILLIAM MUEIILECK Mr. and Mrs. DONALD NEACH Miss LILLIAN F. PENNEY Dr. and Mrs. STANLEY B. POTTER Mr. and Mrs. JOHN E. RIDDER Mr. and Mrs. VVAYNE RYDER Mr. and Mrs. JOHN F. SAUER Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE R. SCHIEM ER Mrs. MARY H. SELWOOD Mr. and Mrs. DEVVITT C. SHULTS Mr. JAY W. SHULTS Dr. and Mrs. CHARLES SLATER Mr. and Mrs. ERNEST G. SPENCER Mr. and Mrs. CORLISS SMITH Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD SMITH Mr. and Mrs. MILBURN SMITH Mr. and Mrs HAROLD SPONAISLE Miss ANNE VORCE Miss MARY T. VVHITE Mr. and Mrs. EUGENE D. ZAGORSKY 4 if Av EUC' L fl 9 N Aclminisfralion Left to rigl1t: Mn. 'I+1l'c1ENE D. ZAGORSKY, Vice l'rir1uipal 5 MR. JOHN F. lXlAcRoY, Elerueutary Super-visorg MH. JOHN E. RIDDER, Supervising .l'riucipal. Board ol Eclucafion lleft to right: Mr. Russell Gretruaug Mr. Gerald Caslerg Mr. Harold S. Smitllg Mr. llonzllml F. Nuaoh, Vice-Presiderrrg Dr. VVilliam S. Muehleck, Presideutg Mr. Clarence Cramcrg Mr. Harold B. Crcmkhiteg Mrs, Margaret H. Sauer, Clerkg Mr. Joseph Beck, Treasurer, 6 ' .A df Junior-Senior High Faculty Row 1: Mr. Arthur H. Bueche, Physical Education Director, Mr-s. Evadean Handy, Mathematics, Miss Mary T. White, English and Journalism, Mr. James E. King, English, Mr. John E. Ridder, Supervising Principal, Mr. Eugene D. Zagorsky, Vice-Principal, Miss Anne Vorce, Art, Mrs. Irene R. Wood, Commerce, Miss Evelyn E. Venable, Language and English, Mr. Joseph Braco, Indu-strial Arts. Row 2: Miss Lillian F. Penney, Citizenship Education, Mrs. Helen Duggleby, Citizenship Education, Mr. Ross A. Williams, Vocal Music, Mr. Arnold Fredericksen, Agriculture, Mr. George H. Berberich, Science, Mr. Harry W. Paige, English and Dramatics, Mr. Stanley A. Cole, Instrumental Music, Mr. Edward D. Ennis, Physical Education, Miss Marie L. Getzler, Homemaking, Miss Betty J. Grosfent, Physical Education, Mrs. Dorothy Boslet, Librarian, Mrs. Florence M. Bailey, Nurse, Miss Edith Hodge, Mathematics and Science. Absent: Mr. Stephen J. Wilson, Commerce, Mr. Frank Mullet, Science and Coach, Mrs. Marjorie Robbins, Homemaking. Grade Faculty Row 1: Miss Catherine King, Grade 3, Mrs. Helen MacRoy, Grade 5, Mrs. Catherine Russell, Grade 2, Mrs. Mary Failing, No. 12, Minden, Mr. Jack C. Petrie, Grade 6, Mr. John F. MacRoy, Elementary Supervisor, Miss Elisabeth Post, Grade 4-5, Mrs. Blanche Swartz, No. 3, Minden, Mrs. Catherine Sponable, Nellistong Mrs. Elsie S. Larkin, Grade 2. Row 2: Mrs. Vera Phillips, No. 4, Palatine, Miss Rose E. Falso, Grade 1, Mrs. Florence Frank, Grade 1, Miss Helen Failing, Kindergarten, Miss Catherine Cook, Grade 4, Mrs. Mary Roth, Grade 6, Mrs. Georgia Swensen, Nelliston, Mrs. Frances Kittle, No. 6, Palatine, Mrs. Catharine Hud-son, Grade 3, Mrs. May Smith, Nelli-ston, Mrs. Edna Abel, Nelliston, Mrs. Ina Cronkhite, No. 5. Minden, Mrs. Beatrice Ripple, No. 15, Minden, Mrs. Viola Lcttis, No. 4, Minden, Mrs. Evelyn Heansel, No. 7, Minden, Mr. John Davie, No. 7, Palatine. 7 mi 3 2 5 5 95 2 ii 2 5 E 2? fx ni 2. Zi i w 2 Ak E l ET ff ii W 1 0 ' CIM! Salvatore Davi W Um if 5 R. Gail Achenbach ff ,Y Sonny "Ton lun- tllry build :rho Imild bc'Iau' "If Il1r'1'r"x fumtlwr wrurlfl. ln' Iirrw in bliss, if 1vhc'rc's num- l1r"s marlr' tin' best of this.-" Class vil'6,I'l'l'SidK'Ilt 4. Stud:-ul Cuunvil I'1'0Sid4-nl 3. Choir 2-3-4, Boys' Gln-0 Club 1. Spring: Fivstn 1. llslsobnll 9 Cust. Scnim' 1'l:ly Cust. K'1JmH1l'1'1'i2ll Club 4. lilnpirc Boys' Stall- 3. Elizabeth Jaiser ffBuzzY, "lf'rir'url7y, frlshionablr' rmrl fair, Hur rmswcr to uv young 'llllll'l"8 prayr'r'." Coblvskill 119I1fl'2ll School, CK'01lIl3l Iligli School. Class livportor 3. Studi-ni' Council 1. '1'1'0HSll1'01' 4. Choir 1-2-3-4. Ili-County Musical Festival 2-3. N. Y. S. S. M. A. 4. Cl1ee1'lc':1ding.: 3-4, Clay Club 1. Frl-ncli Club 4. 1'1l0f0,Lfl'2lDllX Club 4. Studi-ut llunnl-1' 4. ..-3-4. Snvcvl' 2. Track 2-3-4. Junior l'l:ly 'fu ffjlff' Ross A. Hack 'KTM' Ifws of rnufillr' flu' more' of lijf'." ,......,-A 4L.::'.:'4- -,. ...- .. .,- -Z V A --fCL:'-- A m4 'gg 1-A :HPI 'vdllkfl PMS 929,-A ,I-'yl"5,.7 gif '5 :E,4:,AZ:. ::-'2- Q- :':q,l5 n ?1c!33'?: .I I., ITM 'If' WTF: .TEV LT'- nf-av4 -1' 'e':- E: r-l?,L,'Zg AA' A411 :fly-Z'1Z 'HQPZKQEE1' "V-Oi: ' ' . . . 2: Warm" P1- -' 2:4-fvgf 251:12 I' Z "' :gg--E':"w5 f. 1 ... 'ffvf fl w ,lf fl!!! fl- -.lx MQ. M' , 'fifffffyjf ' 1 1 ij! the skir's."' Towaxudn High School. Ynlcdictoriam. Class Vice-l'1'cssidcnt 1-2, Clalss Sur'1'v- 1,:u'y '1'1'02lSUl'U1' 3-4. Student Council 1, Choir Girls' 'l'1'iplL- Trio 1. Band 1. 01'Chk'ST1'1l. 1Tl'il1H2lfllfS Club 2-3-4. Fr:-ncli Club 4, 1'l1lltOQZ1'illllly Club 4. l'nitc-d Wnrld Ifvdviullist 1. Junior Play Cust. Sonior l'lz1y Cust. Ililllopics- 4. l'01'- trzlir 4. Studi-nt Kll1'lIl4'l' -4. . l. X 1 X .J Q L in .ff X j " Kg, x. . . I Milburn . Sn1 Jr. , I Hllohl just whim spirit f youth. lift 1111: gn' rs come bring I lqL"tl:r'!l N mu .",y L Class ,' . portvr L Stufygffit Counvil ,Vico-1'r:-sident 4. .Cl1o'1' 1-2-3-4. Hand T21-2. Bi-Counts' lciusic Festival 12-3. iw-ina f1+'ie.m'11'N. Y. Q. M. A. 1- -se. X D'rl'l1n:1tic' ,Club 1-2-3-fi., F1'l'llC'llxl'l 7 -3, 1'lxotog1'zpl1y Club 4. Sl-niur "ly, 'ash llillhopincs 3. 1'01't1'z1it 4. If f- r XM- ,- X N xl "3 fff!5.-- f ffff' 1. f -- LLAX flfey A ld F, , ,, wk Cfffffi ff-fiff7'fl49' HN- 5 . if Blondino P. Augustine "Blondie" "lIw'1'ify is HJC soul of wit." Gerald Burns uJerryn Hfflllldfxiillll' qnrl 'llllfllJ'1ll'f'v, lI1"s lim dll8ll"t'l' tu u .ynungf pru1ll'l'."" F. F. A, 1-2-3-4. .maid'S Robert Bronk 1lBob,, "Hr :rim Iiuvs ufillmut folly is not su lrisf' us lm inn:-ginr's." Studi-nt Council 1-2. Choir 3-4. Band 1-2-4. Bi-County Music Fc-:-tival 2-3 Swrin-' Fieslu 1. Basebzlll 1-2-4. Bas- 3. llramatics Club 3. l'l1otop:raphy Fl 4, Junior Play - 1 ,- km-tball 1-2-4. lizlsketball 1-2-3-4. SQIQTQ-'I' - U' X Bernice Buiey "I lrullc lll'lSf'I'H on, the flrll. xlllllllfllr, IlllSlllII'1'll fll'f'C1I.."" Vlmil' 1. Llill'1ll'j' Club 1. l'ornni1-r- vial Ulub 4. w-J' 'ff LQ, if ,I etty Bergen X uBetsn IM: uirr' to bc mltural ll'Il1'll jlilllift' naturally nice." Choir 1-2-3-4. N. Y. S. S. M. A. 4. Spring Fivstn 1. Band Majorvtto 1-2-3-4. G A. A. 1-2-3-4. Intramurals 1-2-3-4. 'l'rac'k 2. Library Club 1-2-3-4. Drama- tic-s Club 2-4. Junior Play Cast. Svnior Play Cast. l.'li01og1raphy Ulub 4. Vom- mm-rcial Club 4. llilltopics 4. Bus Moni- tor 3-4. Janice Sheila Desmond "Telie" "Ll rfulrr little yell ls sho ll'-i111 u hc, hr, hr, lm, hr." Studvnt Council 1-2. Choir 1.-2-U-4 -1 Ili-Vounty Music Festival. 3. Spring Fi- 4-sta 1. Cheerlczzding 2-3. G. A. A. 2 IIli'1'ZlIl1lll'2l1S 1-2. 1J1'Hl1l2lfiC Ulub 1-2-3-4. Frceuch Club. l'110t0g1'apl1y Club 4. .lun- ior Play Cast, Senior Play Fast. llill- 4. Student Run- topics 1-2-3-4. Portrait nf-r, th. 'S 12 ' Uxqvw gl .4 Q tlulu ,I lm alll Klllll 4. Ililllupivs 4. Edward Dillenbeck "Sleepy" "IJ:-wlwlllillyf 1-runes if u mm: will unly fruit." lf. If, A. 1-2-:I-4. ' 1 J f .'-.. V ff ""J- jvqvfst PIA.. - ., . I 4 " .,. A ' 7 . ' f ,. ,5 -y - 'l ,Jai . I " ' I , , 4 If - . 4 ,. ' . - ' .,-f' .Ll A , sf f - ' , , 1 2 . " ' I dnl, ,.. ff' 1, vi I., ,f 1,8 . Q ,l 1. , . 1 .' f,o 54,12 Gwendolyn Getman "Gwen" llvfffllllli lwrlrls illrrr' ix llfl imma '." 1- . , lilll' l'l:1y Uzlsl. Vo lllllll'l'- L' 4 5 ffl fl ffg ffflff 7.4, .N xv! ', Q . pyfq. , . .- jj 'I 2, l Joan G. Essler "Johnny" --'I'h4' 'uwjul and flu' ba Ulmir H 1 Sf'1lUl'llff'll.U mi- 'rmtiful uw? 1lfl'V'1'I' l-2-3. SIWFIIIK Ficgtu J. Ilflllll Mnjnroi to 1-2. Lilll'Il1'V Flulr 3 Ill'-' I 111 1 lull l B . . lllllips 4, Barbara K'on1nw1:f-iul Club' 4. llil J. Fredericks uBarbn "Xu I'Ill'f' -, . Iu'!ln11zl InfIf1!1." 4 llllll' 1-ZZ. S111'i11g: l"i0s1:l 1. lPl'lllll xl'liHl'L'll0 lf' liln'-lrx' l'l1 In 7 In In K lull ' K . , 1 Lfil. 'alum- -. 111111111-1'f'1z1I l'lub 1. llill- lupivs 1 f' af gf vi . 0, ff, -:L.fa,f5..i-4 Y flf++'v"'7 'jeg x X 2 f -7 X l 410 AcfC.ll,F f'-f L4 4, 644, L-2 L 13 1. if. A J Jane R. Edick "Janie" "Ull1IUl'fllllf,jl, SIIIIIIUI' rn' Iuluj, funn In ull lrlln ll'1lI'L' uurl II'iRll." llllllll' l-2-I-ll Spring -"-r: , l lc 1 l 1 I 1 In llj 1 lub 3--1. loll1l1lL'l't'i:1l Ulub 4 Ililltupivs ll. Bcity J. Gould "fD'lll'fll is fillv bul III1' fll'1ll'I'llN un jilu'r." , Killilll 1-2-3. l"l'r'n4lx Flub I-2-Cl. llill Jils 1-2-3 l . x , ' .n -' I I ,A . , ,af ffl' , 1- " 'f' , i f ' X X Wyyk " ,Ll ,, J , l .Jj-- f' L, ,x -1,0 V gf, N L I 1 ' frxf-v H ...Lf I " William Martin Hoffman Bi , IflfS ost 1:0 . 1 Vernon L. Hinkle fH'hul wry, nhl ffhrlp? The 'zcorlrl lnnlm 1ll'l'ff,U bright." utcr 4 Choir 2-3-4. lloys Class lu-pc ' . Glec Club 1. Bi-County Music Festival 3. N, Y. S. S. M. A. 4. Dramafics Club 4. Junior Play Cast. Senlor Play' Cast. ' ' b 4. lflilltopics 4. lfor- Lommei cial Llu trait 4. oi pung rary C ub 1-2- "A,b 1: ' all 'r .' G 3 tl nnis 4 l Paskciball llItlIl2lgl'l' in-uh ,Y f Emelie F. Hoffman "Hoffie" 5811111-Il, ximplr' llfllll szvvci, but not .s'ilcnl.i' Class President 1. Class Secrctary- Treasurer 2. Student Council 1fl'1l01'i.1'1' 1. Secretary 3. Choir 1-2-3-4. Spring: l ding 12-3-4 G. A. A. Fiesta 1. Cheer ea - . ' -2 3-4. Track 2. Li- 2-3-4. Intiamurals 1 - , brary Club 1-2-3-4. Dramatics Club 4. Junior Play Cast. Senior Play Cast.. Commercial Club 4. Hilltopics 4. Office ,. . .1 ..m' 31 Good Litizenship P1 gn June C. Kibler KlKibU "The rule of my llfe is to make businvss a pleasure and pleasure my business." Binghamton North High School. Class Treasurer 1, Choir 1-3-4. Spring Fiesta 1. Cheerleading 1. G. A. A. 2- 3-4. Intramurals 1-2-3-4. Draniatics Club Frcn lub 4. Gary L. Hokerk 4. Commercial Club 4. Fir-s1a 1. "Silent" "Co1'11,y but crzmiyf-' lloys' Glue Club l. Spring.: Assistant Basketball Managzger 4. Com- ' illtopics 4. Portrait 4 murvial Club 4. II 14 Carl F. Looman Louie 111111. 11111111 111111. Choir 2-3-4. Boys' film- ltlllll 1 v . , , Q , . .. X. X. 5. 5. M. A, 11-4. 5lll'lll1I 1111-stan 1 l!z1sk1'tI1:lIl 2-3. I!3lSl'l1illl 2-3. SOI'1'I'l' 2- Nadine E. Klock 'L l'1111l11g1':1mhy Fluh 4, Illlliijl' l'l:lv Charlotte M. Leneker ".l j1w1 b1'1'11L's llll I111111'x." 1'h11i1- 1-2-3-4. Sprim: Fivstal 1. Irrel- ics Vlllll 1. I". II. A. 4. llilltupivs 4. I'111't1':1i1 4. UZ1fl'll'l'i2l 2-3-4. Bus AIOIIHDI' 1 llDean!l '.l 11111111 Illillll 1111ss1'ss1'.w llv l.'i11y1l1111 " SilllltlllllI'i2lTl. Lilmralry Ulnb 5-4 .fl - m1'1'1'ia1l Uluh 4. Ililliupivi 4. 6 ,f Q 11, of 4 'fy Richard Luft "Dick" "l,if1' is Il 11111110 f11'1: 'muxt 5 JMX ll I Illll . .11 Class Vim--1'1'0sidvnt 3, Hops 1111 fb , 29122 15,fjc' Dorothy, R. March Tl 1 Il 1x1 lm lll 1-Z-314. Ulub 1. Spring Fivs: . :J- vw. 3:1skoth:1ll 1-2-3-4. S0i'L'l'l' 2-3-4. lluk 1-2-3-4, lx0H'1l114'l'i'iil1 Club 4, Patrlcla A. Luft flPat,Y f'.l'1111 fllf I11'1f1' 11'it71 ll 11-11111l1'1'f11l IllIll." f,ll0l1' 1-2-3-4, 15111111 1. SIWIIIQL' I111's1:1 1. Cl1001'11':lding: 1-2-3-4, H, A, A. 2-2-4. IIlll'fklllllI'1llS 1-2-3-4. 'l'1':11-k 1-2. I,ilu':u'y Club I-2-3-1. IH1':lm:1li1's Vlulw 'l, F0111- l110l'i'iill Ululr 4. Ililliupirs 4, of W 1 . VU' 11.11115 M t My, 1"X Mw61mWMM llDotY! X11ll1i11g1 is i1111111ssibl1' 'I11 H111 11'iHi11y llf'llI'f."' 1'111n.1n111'1i:1I Ululw 4. Ililltopivs 4. 1 Helen E. Miller "Bootsie" 'il frrcc flint Pllllllllf smile is nf'-wr fjflllflfv Choir 1-2. Spring: Fivstu 1. Lllll"ll'V 1'lub 3. Iil1'fllUillii'S Club 2. l'omm01'r-iul Club 4, Ilillmpivs 4. Glenn A. Petterson "Busy Iwrf: mul flwrvff Choir 3-4. Boys' Glow Club 1, Spring: Fic-stu 1. C:1fctv1'i:1 3-4. Harry E. Patterson ., rn 'lfllllf must ll1'f'0'lIl1'S him." boys Glen. 4. u w. .Iunml lj .. S1-nior Play Cust. A. 3-4 Mary H. Oldick "I shall Irluyh llljlwlf In flmllll. l'0lllII11'l'4'l2ll Ulub 4. llilllopivs 4. Janet Schrell flJanYY Rl good fare is thc' bmi If'I1r'1' uf 7't'I'll1Il'llll'Il1lilfiUIL.M Choir 1-2-3-4. Spring Fiostfx 1, H, X 1. Intrzunllralls 1. Library Ulub 12 . Commfwvizml Club 4. Ililltopivs 4 Jean E. Perri "'l'1u'rr is fl yrvut viral fin firsi lIll1ll'l'NNlIlllN." LHT11' Falls lligrll Svhuol f'll0l'llS. 1. llib1'ux'y Vouucil 1-2-3. 16 I9 ,-.A., .,----f.a- 1-., 1 , U hp' 0 ' A o ' Q L- ,M- J ,Fl 'ILL , I' 4. ' I ',,ffg4L- Harold G. Sclmwager "l'II rrnxs my lwirlycs wlwu I some In flll'7l1'.'U Choir 2-3-4 BIWQ' 41100 f'l1l 1 9 ' . q. . .11 ..pr1n5r l'iOS1: 1 Q '--' '- ' ' ' 1 . ,nun 23. Ihotogmphy lluln 4. Jumur Play Vast. Senior l'l:1y Fast. Ililltnpim-s 4. I'o1'l1':li1 4. Marlyn C. Wahler lilra' ull fluurl 1rfu1u'H, ham Il 1l'lIl1H'l' nf llvr own." Ullllll' I-2-3-4. Spring Filxilll 1. t'lwvr- lnulmg 1-2-3. G. A. A. 2-3-4. Intra- l'2llS I-2-3-4. 'l'l"lL'lC 1-2. Libra ' . ry Klub 1 P3-4, t'ox11mc1'vi:1l Ulub 4. Ililltupivs 4. fr' Rugm Qual, -Q- Q. JAAA f4Rog!! "l!'s lnrrrl 111 bf' 8f'l'i0IIN rrhvu Ihr' S u'nl'l1l 1 'in sud: jun." Ilzmcl 1-2-3--1. Spring: I+'ivs1:l l, N Y N. S. M. A, 2. Ll1'C'lll'Sll'2l 4. Ralph G. Smith "Ears" -"'l'l1i.w l1'1ll'llill!l, :vlmt u 'Hrin,y it fix" Nuys' lil:-4: Cluln 1. Spring I-'ivstu I. Plxvl ll 2-1 l'lx J ' 1: .' val - . ri.'li1'llHlll 1-2-2,-4. 50t'C01' K'UI11llll'l'l'1lll Ululr 4. 751 I WW' Ronald Wells KlRed,, "ll'l1y xhuulrl lllr' flvfril lulro fill f1l11?f' the Class l'rr-sirlvnt 2. Sturlvnt Couuvil , . , . 0 'll' -. mu 1-Z--u-1. Iloys' lllvv Club 1. llilllfl 1-2-3. N. Y. S. S. M. A 2-'J Spring lfif-sm 1. llnsvlmll 1-2-2-4,'1s:1s1 lu-ul-.11 1214 1 rivs 4. - -Q-'. Snccw-1' SJ. 'l'1'zu'k Hill- Grace N. Tudor 'fllmr yfunrllwss 1H'iflIlfI'llN bwrruly." 1 s1'XY!llllllll'Zl Ili' " . f '- z . 1 " ' ' ' ' llllll lou 1 l 0 lOl' :'s K' l-- ' . Mft! .1 murals 1-2. Vollvy Ilalll l'Iul1 1. Liln':u'v Club 'l I nm , U-rl Cross 1. I". ll, A. -1. V4 1114-1'1'iul 4 'lull 4. Ililllupivs 4 1 , fx! Q 04, Lt' X ' IX Lf IV? ff' ICF VA LIJIIIIYTUIIIA All f G A I IJ A CHEN BA Gll-----95.23 Row Row Row Row Row Row NA IJIYTA TU IHA - NAIJINIC Kli0Ci7K----92.13 : B. Buley, B. Fredericks, H. Miller, E. Hoifman, B. Bergen, J. Schrell, E. Jaiser, R. Hack. : P. Luft, J. Kibler, G. Achenbach, S. Hopkinson, G. Getman, S. Desmond, M. Smith. M . . Wahler, B. Gould, N. Klock, D. March, M. Oldick, C. Leneker, G. Tudor. . R. Luft, H. Patterson, J. Essler, J. Edick, R. Smith, B. Augustine. : W. Hoffman, V. Hinkle, E. Dillenbeck, G. Petterson, H. Schwager. : S. Davi, Mr. George Berberich, Adviser, G. Hokerk, R. Wells, R. Trumbull, R. Bronk, G. Burns, C. Looman. 18 ING LIST U CJSVSTLUCJIQS Q CC 7 A ' 7 V I x jx 1 4 fy! 4 X J 1 ff Y Q' l ge? WM J! mi J ll n7'7Z4""'L li' ji, ,. - x Row 1: D. Luft, S. Vosburgh, F. Dillenbeck, S. Wahler, M. Carrier, P. Muchmore, E. Utter, E. Baer. Row 2: R. Moore, R. Van Der Kar, B. Wood, J. Kretser, G. Siver, J. Saltsman, E. Seeley, M. Looman, D Eckert, J. Swartz, J. Smith. Row 3: Miss Evelyn Venable, Adviser: M. Groff, G. Saunders, J. Mahl, C Swartz. Row 4: H. Siver, S. D'Arcangelis, R. Showerman, R. Campbell, G. Hisert, A. Walrath, A Marsh, R. Subik. E. Brownell, A. Cole, L. Osborn, Mr. Joseph Braco, Adviser. Row 5: G. Swartz L. Young, L. Prall, P. Lasher, R. Carter, J. Lowell, R. Klock, T. Michalik, R. Gould, R. Engle, D Young, L. Van Arsdale, D. Smith. C. Wick, Y. Pelletier, E. Smith, Y. Geweye, C. Conrad, M. Hoyer, E. Getman, P. Wauile, S. Carp- enter, J. Mabbett, S. Knowlton, A. Sickler, L. Bailey. Row 2: Miss Lillian Penney, Adviser: B. Palm S. Kilmartin, B. Morrison, C. Prall, A. Stock, C. Monk, S. Hazzard, B. Oldick, M. Doxtater, L. Moore J. Battaglia, C. Luft. Row 3: A. King, B. Hunter, J. Barbric, L. Gould, M. MacRoy, L. MacRoy, J Timmerman, E. Smith, K. Patterson, J. Aird, S. Dillenbeck, B. Fox, F. Loren, G. Hohenshild. Row 4 R. Wahler, T. Lipson, M. Swartz, R. Shockley, R. Dicks, G. Wells, M. Weaver, R. Reese, M. Conover H. Pomella, R. Colegrove, D. Koester, K. Watson, R Lasher, E. Wick. Row 5: Mr. J. E. King, Advis- er, L. Walrath, C. Hage, R. Hoyer, O. Wilson, R. Dygert, D. Aspinwall, J. Edick, R. Steele, J. Ciani 20 .. I W I 1, MJ! .ff :Cf J. Salt-sman, E. Seeley, J. Kretser, L. Moore, G. Hohenshild, A. Wilkinson, F. Dillenbeck, C. Monk, G. Saund- ers, A. Sickler, B. Fox, J. Lamphere, B. Davi, L. Smith, S. Billington, S. Dillenbeck, B. Smith, G. Tudor, D. Oldick, C. Hayes, B. Wood, L. Gros, B. Putman, J. Aird, J. Ferguson, G. Siver, B. Oldick, M. Doxtater, R. Byers, B. Smith, E. Rollman, J. Fox, S. King, C. Leneker, J. Bowman, Mrs. Marie Getzler, adviser. - Picnic Lunch Climaxes Study of Food Unit. Mrs. Marjorie Robbins, Teacher, G. Beck, T. Streed, M. Falk, S. Snyder, D. Dodge, A. Schwager, A. Arnold, C. Eacker, H. Chapman, E. Waner. 27 ' Row 1: C. Vickerson, R. Subik, E. Dillenbeck, G. Burns, R. Kloek, T. Michalik, K. Watson. Row 2: A. Douglas, R. Wheeler, R. Douglas, L. Prall, F. Oldick, R. Steele, R. Colegrove, Mr. Arnold Fredericksen, Adviser. Row 3: H. Douglas, R. Lasher, A. Wick, J. Tinka, A. Brownell, J. Shibley, R. Showerman, L. Van Arsdale F F A Grganizafion Future Farmers of America is a boys' organi- zation in conjunction with the courses in Vocational Agriculture and is advised by the agriculture teach- er. The primary aims are to develop agriculture leadership, cooperation and citizenship, and im- prove farm home surroundings to provide for a better life and a better place to live. During a school year, the F. F. A. boys par- ticipate in many activities climaxed by a banquet at which the degree of Empire State Farmer is awarded. Many awards have been made to the boys this year. At Morrisville State Agricultural Insti- tute, Raymond Klock won individual high honors in dairy cattle judging, having the highest score of all boys participating. He was awarded a pure- bred, registered Holstein bull calf which came from the high producing stock at the Institute. The Fort Plain F. F. A. won fourth place as a school, with thirty-three schools participating, in a similar contest at Cobleskill. The boys placed second in dairy cattle judging. Edward Dillenbeck placed first high individual in Dairy Technology as well as high team score. At open house last fall, the local chapter of Future Farmers displayed a booth representing the home farm business of the F. F. A. boys. This was a pleasing display of the various accomplish- ments of the boys and their projects. Later in the fall, the F. F. A. sponsored a harvest dance together with the Future Home- makers. The F. F. A. boys attended Farm and Home Week, and the advance classes of agricul- ture accompanied Mr. Fredericksen to Ithaca, where they visited the State College, attended lectures, and saw demonstrations and actual practices of modern, up-to-date farm methods. Gerald Burns, Raymond Klock and Theodore Michalik received the Empire State Farmer Degree at the annual Future Farmers of America Conven- tion held in the spring. Front Row 1: Row: R. Wheeler, H Dougla-s, D. Aird, A. McRorie. J. Pickard, R. Bramer, S. Saltsman, S. Oakley, A. Miller, B. Wrobel. Row 2: R. Douglas, W. Keck, R. Waner, L. Smith, B. Davi, S. Billington, J. Bowman, B. Smith, M. Beck, M. Sours, L. Fralick, M. DeLuise, R. Herb. Row 3: A. Douglas, H. Edick, W. Utter, D. Cole, A. Cramer, P. Suits, J. Fox, M. Dart, J. Ferguson, B. J. Smith, M. Wil- mer, C. Vickerson, C. Voght. Row 4: B Chapman, T. Doganere, E. Rollman, D. Oldick, E. Eckert, I. Schrell, S. King, R. Byers, B. Putnam, J. Lamphere, P. Utter. Row 5: R. Osborn, F. Oldick, A. Wilk- inson, J. Waner, L. Looman, Mrs. Evadean Handy, Adviser, M. Rubert, Mr. Stephen Wilson, Adviser, L. Gros, C. Hayes, M. Putnam, L. Walrath, J. Tinka. U. Dyer, S. Hopkinson, A. Schwager, J. Luft, C. Keller, T. Streed, B. Knowlton, J. Clark, D. Dodge, E. Waner, J. Luft, B. Cook, C. Eacker, V. Douglas. Row 2: S. Snyder, D. Coffin, J. Locorini, H Ber- gen, R. Lerch, G. Conrad, J. Luft, A. Arnold, H. Chapman, H. Hogan, M. Mang, Mr. Harry Paige, Adviser. Row 3: J. Loyche, B. Harbster, H. Stauring, G. Grimm, D. Hunter, R. Lassig, J. Panagakis, P. D'Arcangelis, R. Gaughan. Row 4: A. Avery, E. Eckler, S. Yager, J. Mosher, J. Bowman, B. Looman, M. Hinkle, E. Lord, D. Johnson, G. Shults, E. Bouck, W. Billington, E. Clinton, D. Smith. Row 5: Miss Mary White, Adviser, R. Goodrich, S. Carson, C. Wilder, R. Smith, W. Cole, C. Gehring, M. Carpenter, D. Miles, L. Prall, J. Tudor. Row 6: N. Boyer, H. Luft, C. Augustine, C. Bramer, R. Bentz, W. Kretser, R. Luft, D. Saltsman, A. Kretser. -,Q 21 wx f Q . W 1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1: Miss Edith Hodge, Adviser, C. Stafford, E. Doerrer, R. Duffee, W. Hisert, D. Oldick, D. Hazzard, R. Neach, W. 2: E. Lewis, J. Valasek, A. Fuhs, E. LaValley, C. Failing, N. Paul, J. Christie, H. Melick. 3: R. Smith, D. Bouck, A. Keck, B. Vickerson, D. Looman, K. Luft, T. Flanders, M. Fox, J. Gaughan, L. Mosher, 4: W. Monk, H. Eutermarks, G. Douglas, A. Dodson, M. Moore, P. Sanders, J. Rand, G. Cook, R. Wall, B. Antalek. 5: J. Hoffman, R. Wilkinson, H. Buddles, R. Cook, J. Oldick, D. Sickler, B. Weaver, K. Luck, R. Smith V. Shults, A. Edick, M. Lassig, J. Scabar, F. Smith. 6: J. Clark, R. Wheeler, M. Shults, S. Showerman, S. Knorr, E. Aird, Beth Smith, R. Stonehouse L. Sours. Cramer, R. Schwabrow, S. Bennison, R. Mc Vesp, Mrs. Helen Duggleby, Adviser. Peter Oertel, R. Finch, B. Regel, L. Mahl C. Freebold, G. Mabbett, F. Chamberlain B. Suits. Gray, S. Bailey, J. Dodson, Y. Krutz, A 1: M. Bowman, E. Grimm, J. Alguire. 2: E. Buley, J. Sanzen, J. Sheely, D. Waner, S. Dodge, J. DiStefano. 3: Mr. Jack Petrie, Adviser, R. Utter, L. Hazzard, B. Bauder, D. Reid, W. Schwabrow. 22 UIXITERIWSSWN U 'Q' Ur Q D41 Z3 Q Row 1: C. Hage, R. Smith, L. Young, H. Pomella, R. Luft, R. Bentz, G. Hisert, A. Marsh, P. Utter. Row 2: Coach Edward Ennis, B. Chapman, R. Herb, R. Wahler, R. Shockley, R. Dicks, L. Osborn, A. Fuhs, Manager. Row 3: R. Osborn, A. Miller, J. Lowell, R. Carter, P. Lasher. Before Dolgevillc Game. R. Hoyer, E. Brown, R. Campbell, L. Young, R. Luft, S. Davi, R. Billiligton, R. Wells, P. Lasher fAssistant Managerj, A. Walrath CManagerJ, A. Eacker, R. Carter, G. Hisert, A. Marsh, R. Engle, B. Wrobel fMascotJ, Coach A. Bueche. 24 l . Q M6 Lf-J"f'Vf1. C4"f.f.,fywL fix-z7Q , , ., . f- ll. if Q1 f Kneeling: R. Engle, L. Young, R. Wells, R. Smith, A. Marsh. Standing: W. Hoffman, managerg G. Hisert, H. Pomella, R. Carter, R. Bronk, R. Luft, Coach Frank Mullet f . ,Q :H Mx 63,-.A-2' J'-f Lbllfl , A l X wg - , J l N , X 'N ,dfnaqg '-Af . i X X 'XY yrdqggqa is D I' n J. - J Q 'A.. I I X me X - -. Q7 Kneeling: R. Osborn, A. Miller, A. Walrath, R. Herb, P. Lasher, R. Hoyer. E J..-5 ,, , Standing: G. Hokerk, Managerg R. Dicks, H. Pomella, J. Lowell, J. Bentz, R. Shockley, Coaclf"Edvs7arcl Ennis 0 , E5 50,1 Q r R QE? ,gig wept, f . ' --.. A gl: - Cin-H I7-f'l, 50156 -k'.' Ls. ffl, i" if .."v 1 NV... 'rI: , 1 7 f Wins, 5 u 1 'Y Qld I- . c " "' "' 'fs 0 ff-: 'KI .91 I v.... " Ng "mtv 'M-TN S 's I 'I QIgey,,leacZy,,4, S. Weiner, S. Vosburgh, P. Luft, D. Luft, E. Hoffman. Front row: S. Vosburgh, S. Carpenter, S. Hopkinson, E. Hoffman, P. Luft, M. Wahler, B. G. A 14. Bergen, J. Kibler, P. Wauiie. Second row: S. Wahler, B. Palm, I. Schrell, A. Wilkinson, L. Fralick, C. Wick, M. Hoyer, B. Hunter, B. Wood, Miss Elizabeth Grosfent, Adviser. j, '11, Qkemfeajyu L. Smith, C. Wiek,J. Battag1ia,Y. Pelletier, G. Conrad, E. Reiimen, P. Waufie 26 L LL LL i Seated: Vernon Hinkle, Photography Editor, Charlotte Leneker, Co-Editor: Gail Achenbach, Editor, Miss Mary T. White, Adviser, Milburn Smith, Literary Editor. V Standing: Gary Hokerk, Photography Editor, Sheila Desmond, Art Editor, Shirley Hopkinson, Advertising Editorg Harold Schwager, Business Manager. Absent: Ronald Wells, Assistant Business Manager. Row 1: Mrs. Irene Wood, Adviser: G. Achenbach, P. Luft, M. Smith, N. Klock, S. Hopkinson, G. Lcneker, Miss Mary T. White, Adviser. Row 2: E. Hoifman, M. Wahler, B. Bergen, G. Tudor, J. Essler, J. Edick, G. Hokerk, R. Wells, V. Hinkle, H. Schwager, G. Getman, H. Miller, B. Fredericks, J. Schrell. 29 .X - ---- 2 7 F' 'Q l fb U . L W it ... f ml J' . J A Clarinets: J. Loyche, G. Mabbett, J. Sheely, G. Wells, R. Dicks. Saxophones: S. Vosburgh, H. Chapman, R. Goodrich. Baritones: B. Palm, E. Utter, D. Luft. Bass: R. Hoffman, R. Trumbull. Trombones: D. Cole, S. Knorr. Trumpets: J. Panagakis, J. Ciani, E. Aird, R. Shockley, R. Cramer, F. Dillenbeck, L. Gros. Percussion: S. Wahler, R. Smith, J. Lowell. Majorettes: Y. Pelletier, P. Waufle, B. Bergen. Conductor: Mr. Stanley Cole. Clarinets: R. McDuffee, T. Flanders, R. Neach, J. Sheely, J. Loyche. Saxophone: H. Buhrmaster. French Horn: E. Aird. Trumpets: C. Chilton, C. Davis, J. Stahler, B. Schrell, R. Schwabrow, J. Valasek, S. Smith, W. HoHman, D. Vogel, R. Billington, G. Vanderwerker. Percussion: E. Lord, H. Luft. Trom- bones: D. Cole, S. Knorr. Conductor: Mr. Stanley Cole. Violins: J. Aird, M. Hinkle, J. Christie, N. Paul. Drums: E. Lord, H. Luft. Flute: M. Rubert. Trumpet: C. Chilton, J. Loyche, R. Cramer. Pianist: B. Wood. Bass Viol: S. Hopkinson. Tuba: E. Aird. Clarinet: J. Loyche. Trombones: D. Cole, S. Knorr. Conductor: Mr. Stanley Cole. 30 fr' Row 1: D. Luft, E. Utter, S. Wahler, A. King, B. Morrison, K. Patterson, J. Aird, C. Luft, E. Smith, A. Sickler, G. Hohenshild, J. Schrell, L.. Moore. Row 2: G. Getman, E. Hoffman, B. Bergen, J.,Kibler, P. Luft, S. Dillenback, S. Vosburgh, G. Achenbach, J. Mabbett, J. Battaglia, S. Knowlton, J. Saltsman. Row 3: C. Monk, P. Carrier, J. Mahl, B. Wood, S. Hazzard, F. Dillenback, J. Kretser, E. Seeley, G. Tudor, S. Hopkinson, B. Hunter, C. Prall, L. Gould, M. Doxtater, B. Oldick, B. Gould, C. Swartz. ' Row: 4: L. Young, S. Desmond, R. Hack, L. MacRoy, M. MacRoy, J. Timmerman, E. Baer, C. Leneker, A. Stock, R. Van Der Kar, G. Saunders, G. Siver, R. Moore. Row 5: M. Smith, P. Muchmore, M. Looman, C. Wick, B. Palm, P. Waufle, Y. Pelletier, E. Jaiser, G. Petter- son, P. Lasher, C. Looman, G. Schwartz, R. Campbell, V. Hinkle, H. Schwager, D. Cole, Mr. Ross Williams, Instructor. Row 1: S. Yager, B. Smith, B. Smith, A. Avery, P. Suits, A. Arnold, G. Beck, J. Luft, B. Davi, G. Eacker, E. Waner, S. Billington. Row 2: J. Clark, J. Locorini, T. Streed, J. Waner, A. Wilkinson, C. Keller, E. Eckler, E. Rollman, L. Smith, D. Miles, J. Tudor, H. Hogan, S. Perri. Row 3: D. Coffin, S. Snyder, B. Knowlton, A. Cramer, J. Bowman, J. Fox, C. Hopkinson, L. Looman, M. Putnam, J. Lamphere, B. Putnam. R. Byers. Row 4: D. Dodge, Mr. Ross Williams, Instructor, P. Kilmartin, L. Fralick, M. Beck, M. Sours, M. Wilmer, E. Eacker, I. Schrell, J. Ferguson, V. Douglas, M. DeLuise, S. King, N. Rice, M. Carpenter, B. Cook. Accompanist: J. Timmerman. l 3 1 Seated: M. Looman, E. Utter, J. Mahl, S. Vosburgh, C. Looman. Standing: R. Bronk, R. Campbell, S. Wahler, P. Muchmore, P. Carrier, R. Smith, E. Jaiser, S. Desmond G. Achenbach, E. Baer, M. Smith, J. Lowell, Mr. George Berberich, Adviser. Back Row: L. Osborn, G. Hisert, B. Wood, R. Moore, H. Schwager. Front How: J. Timmerman, Mary Jo MacRoy, G. Achenbach, S. Desmond, Miss Evelyn Vllllilblli, Adviser. Second Row: E. Jaiser, P. Muchmore, S. Hopkinson, Linda MacRoy, E. Baer. J. Lowell. 32 Seated: Alan Miller, Janet Smith, Deo Young, Secretary, Ross Hack, President, Elizabeth Jaiser, Treas- urer, Gary Schwartz, Mr. George Berberich, Adviser. Standing: Linda Mosher, Frank Chamberlain, William Vesp, Philip Utter, Rus-sell Smith, Hugh Pomella, Robert Dicks, Thelma Streed, Yvonne Geweye. Row 1: V. Hinkle, J. Kibler, E. Baer, M. Smith, E. Hoffman, B. Bergen, R. Hack. Row 2: B. Morrison, J. Timmerman, P. Muchmore, G. Achenbach, B. Hunter, A. King, B. Wood, Mr. Harry Paige, Adviser. Row 3: S. Wahler, E. Utter, S. Desmond, M. MacRoy, L. MacRoy, M. Looman, S. Vosburgh. 33 .ss z' A Row ' Row Row Row 1: J. Edick, N. Klock, G. Getman, J. Essler, J. Kibler. 2: B. Bergen, J. Schrell, B. Buley, B. Fredericks, H. Miller. 3: G. Tudor, P. Luft, M. Wahler, M. Oldick, D. March. 4: S. Davi, R. Smith, R. Luft, E. Hoffman, V. Hinkle, Mrs. Irene Wood, Adviser R. Cramer, R. Schwabrow, W. Hisert, R. McDuffee, Coach Edward Ennis, Adviser, R Ne uh R Goodueh S. Benni-son, R. Gaughan, H. Luft, J. Mosher, H. Bergen. 34 Row 1 P WauHe E Pelletier, B. Palm, B. Morrison, Fay Dillenbeck, D. Luft M Looman C Wick B Bergen J Schrell E Hoffman, P. Luft, M. Hoyer. Row 2 P Suits I Schrell J. Timmerman, A. Wilkinson, L. Fralick, M. Beck A Stock G Getman L Gould C Monk S Hazzard, E. Baer, S. Vosburgh, C. Conrad. Row 3 F Loren E Smith J. Kretser, E. Seeley, K. Patterson, J. Aird, J. Perri S Dlllenbeck J Saltsman N Klock G Siver Mrs. Dorothy Boslet, Adviser, L. Looman, C. Swartz L Gros E Getman R Byer, B Putnam, S King, Y. Geweye, C. Luft, I. Frasier. Library Club Activities The purposes of the school library system are to train student library assistants and to develop interest in the school library and librarianship. The student assistants help provide better service to pupils since this gives the librarian more time to devote to library work which students can't do. Daily duties of the student librarian are charging library books, shelving library books, keeping a record of attendance, keeping a record of the circulation of library books, preparing maga- zines and newspapers and sending notices for over- due books. The student librarian's other duties are pre- paring books for circulation, typing catalog and shelf list cards, tiling catalog and shelf list cards, typing letters and book lists, preparing bulletin board displays, helping other students select books, taking inventory, mending books and preparing and filing pamphlets and pictures. 35 "Belvedere" cast included: Harry Patterson, Mr. Appleton, Emelie Hoffman, Alice Foster, Ross Hack, Harry King, Sheila Desmond, Tacy King, Milburn Smith, Lynn Belvedere, Vernon Hinkle, Bill Philbyg Betty Bergen, Edna Philbyg Salvatore Davi, Mark King, Bruce Harbster, Bobby King, Harold Schwager, Sam Troutg Gail Achenbach, Mrs. Appleton. Mr. Harry W. Paige directed the play. William Hoifman was assistant director. P. lJ'Arc:angelis, Mr. J. E. King, Instructor, J. Luft, D. Miles, J. Tudor, D. Hunter, W. Stewart, K. Carter. 36 l 4 J ' f x -Q-1 Q X SQVYPAY N XX x C Q X ? N N dsx ' N X X xx . s N ,J E HAI! The Worlds a Stage" PROLOGUE fTwo children enter, having just come from the first day of school. September, 19395 First Child: Gosh, school looks like its gonna be fun! Second Child: Yes, and there are a lot of swell kids, too. Bob Bronk, Sonny Davi, "Red" Wclls, and that cute Marlyn Wahler. First Child: Is she the one who was chasing Dickie Luft all around Kindergarten? Second Child: Yes. Did you meet Pat Luft, Billy Hoffman and his cousin, Emelie Hoffman? First Child: Sure. Helen Miller and little Mil- burn Smith look like nice kids. I think Miss Fail- ing is gonna be a nice teacher. Second Child: I bet we'll have fun. They're get- ting a new slide this year. First Child: We'll be the first class to go to the Kindergarten in the new school, here on the hill. Last year, they went to the Masonic Temple. Second Child: Yes, I know. I think school is gonna be great. I can't wait to get started. First Child: See you tomorrow. fExitJ ACT I-SCENE I fThe day of registration in the First Grade, 1940. A father and son are talking.J Father: How'd school go, son? Son: Fine, dad. Gee, just think, this year I'm in the First Grade. Father: Are there any new members in your class? Son: Yes, two. Glenn Petterson and June Kibler. Father: Who is your teacher? Son: Mrs. Frank, and is she nice! Father: This year you start to read and write, don't you? Son: Yes. We're gonna learn geography and arithmetic. Father: You'll have to study hard. Son: I know, but I won't mind. School is fun! fExitJ ACT I-SCENE II fFive years later, 1945. Last day of school in the Sixth Grade.l Son: Boy, am I glad this year's over! Father: I thought you liked school. Son: I do, but I can only take ten months of it at a time. Father: Did you learn anything this year? Son: Sure. I learned all about fractions, and Mrs. O!Connell taught us a lot about geography. Father: What's your favorite subject? Son: Well, when I was in the Second Grade, and Miss Buell was the teacher, Math was my favor- ite: that was when Joan Es-sler, Ross Hack, Gary Hokerk. Janet Schrell, and Shirley Hopkinson joined the class. Then, the next year, when Miss Brooks was our teacher, I liked English a lot. In the Fourth Grade. Miss Miller was the teacher, and I liked spelling. Mary Oldick came to FPHS that year. Last year Miss Shediield wa-s our teach- er, and I liked geography. Now, this year I've de- cided all those are too hard. I like Gym the best!!! Father: Were there any new members in your class this year? Son: Blondie Augustine, Ralph Smith, and Ber- nice Buley. Next year, there will be more because a lot of kids come in from the country schoo s. And, next year we pass classes for the first time. qaxitp ACT II QTWO students are on their way to Junior High Graduation, 19495 First Student: Just think, tonight we graduate from Junior High school. Second Student: You know, our Junior High days have been terriffic. So many new kids, new activities, and new subjects. First Student: In the Seventh Grade, we gained more new classmates than in any other previous grade, Betty Bergen, Gerald Burns, Ed Dillenbeck, and Jane Edick. Second Student: Barbara Fredericks, Betty Gould, Charlotte Leneker, too. First Student: There were many who came to F. P. H. S. for the first time from the country schools. Carl Looman, Dorothy March, Harry Pater- son and Roger Trumbull. Second Student: Don't forget Sheila Desmond, she came from Little Falls. First Student: In the Eighth Grade, Harold Schwager joined and this year Gail Achenbach, Gwen Getman, Nadine Klock and Vernon Hinkle also have become new classmates. Second Student: This year was the first year we've had class activities and class officers. First Student: Oh yes, Emelie Hoffman, presi- dent, and June Kibler, secretary-treasurer. Well, here we are at school. Second Student: Gosh, we're practically sopho- mores! fExitl ACT III fTwo Seniors are talking in Journalism Class, 1952.5 , First Senior: Miss White asked me to write the Class History. I've got it all done except our high school history. Let's see, what'll I say? Second Senior: Have you told about class offic- ers, and new members? First Senior: That's right. There've been three new '52ers. In our sophomore year, Betty Jaiser and Grace Tudor, and this year Jean Perri. What about the officers? Second Senior: Let's see, in our sophomore year "Red" Wells was president, and Emelie Hoffman, secretary-treasurer. Then last year Ross Hack was president, with Gail Achenbach secretary-treasurer. Remember, they were so successful, we re-elected them this year. First Senior: I should include some of the activi- ties such as our plays: "Big Hearted Herbert" in our junior year and "Be1vedere' this year. They were a riot! Second Senior: And don't forget the Prom, and the under-water theme, with the fish net, mer- maids and all. That was a darn good prom, even though we did lose a little money on it. First Senior: You know we're the first class to graduate from Fort Plain Central school. Second Senior: I guess I've got it all down. I wonder where we'll all be in the future, about 2,000. Next year we start out in this game of life. It would be interesting to 'see what happens to all of us. I wonder what we'll be doing. First Senior: I wonder. fExitJ EPILOGUE fTwo men are seated in a Rocket Ship on Mars, which is about to take off. The year is 2,000 A.D. They are talking over old times when they were in school together.D First Man: Those were the days! Second Man: Yes, FPCS wa-s really jumping back then. A voice over a loud speaker: All aboard for Ven- us, Earth and Mercury. Humans show tickets at space ship. All robots to the rear. Ready for the take-off. First Man: Remember the Class of '52? Second Man: Do I! You know, they were a swell bunch of kids. First Man: I'll say! There aren't many classes like that now. Second Man: Whatever became of those kids? First Man: Well, let me see, Harold Schwager is the space cadet of this ship, you know, and a few days ago, back on Mars, I saw Shirley Hopkinson. She was converting all the three-eyed Marsians. You remember June Kibler? Well, she's printing the Daily Stock Report. Sales are way up since she's added that gossip column. Who else was in that class? Second Man: There was Sonny Davi and "Red" Wells. Sonny, they call him Rhubarb Davi, he's the Spitfire manager of the "Brooklyn Dodgers." "Red,' is a sportscaster. Last year, during the game in which the Dodgers finally won the pen- nant, "Red" got so excited he couldn't speak. People all over the world thought their TV speak- ers had gone dead. First Man: I remember that. I was in Washing- ton at the time. Second Man: Two of the Class of '52 are in Washington. Congressman Harry Patterson of New York, and Janet Schrell. She's the President's pri- vate secretary. And, you remember Gary Hokerk? He's in Washington quite a bit too. Gary is now Good-Will Ambassador to Europe. First Man: Did any of the class settle in Fort Plain? Second Man: Oh, yes. Dick Luft and his wife, formerly Marlyn Wahler, live there. Dick is Mayor now. Ralph Smith is manager of the Oneida Mar- ket. First Man: Oh, ye-s, I remember now. Joan Essler, Jane Edick, Gwen Getman and Grace Tudor fthose are their maiden namesb are leading citi- zens. And, isn't Glenn Petterson in the Beech-Nut? Second Man: Yes, he has a high paying job there. ' Voice over loud speaker: Now ready for landing on Venus. First Man: Well, go on, tell me more, who else was in that class? Second Man: Let me see, there was Gail Achen- bach. She can be found in the Radio City chorus line, third from the end in the padded pink tights. First Man: What ever became of her friend, Sheila Desmond? Second Man: Sheila combined her two inter- ests, and has just designed a nurse's uniform. They're rather hard on the nurses, but the doctors love them! Remember Betty Jaiser? Well, she's been a nurse in all the great hospitals of the world. Just returned from one in Hawaii. While there, Betty visited Miss Penney. First Man: What about Gerald Burns, Roger Trumbull and Ed Dillenbeck? Second Man: Well, Gerald and Roger are the heads of the Dairymen's League. Ed, commonly known as Dragalong Dillenbeck, is the Marshal of West Gulch, Arizona. Remember Blondie Augus- tine? He owns a chain of restaurants across the universe. Very successful. Let me think, who else was in that class? First Man: Well, I know about some of them, for instance, Dorothy March, and Mary Oldick are out in Hollywood acting as technical advisers on the filming of their latest novel, "My Desire." They used those hours in library to a good advantage. Milburn Smith is in Hollywood too. He's jack-of- all trades out at Metro-Goldwyn-Smith, filming, directing, acting, writing, etc. And, you remember Bob Bronk? He lives an easy life in Fort Plain, controls the petroleum consumption up and down the valley. Second Man: What about Bernice Buley and Betty Bergen? First Man: Bernice is a medium in a carnival. She holds silent seances. Betty is the head of the Actors' Lab Dramatics School on Broadway. Speak- ing of Broadway, Vernon Hinkle just opened there in "0mlette," the story of a melancholy chicken farmer. Second Man: What about Barb Fredericks and Helen Miller? First Man: Oh, they're lecturing on their trip around the universe. Remember Betty Gould? She's just set an endurance record for staying in the air longer than any other pilot. Three years in a jet! Second Man: What ever became of Ross Hack? First Man: Ross is very busy writing the bio- graphy of his idol, Tennessee Williams. I heard a review of his book on Emelie HoHman's TV show. She does the entire telecast in her gym suit. That's the program filmed by Bill Hofman. Second Man: What became of Jean Perri? First Man: She is in charge of all employment for Luxuray. And remember Pat Luft? Last sum- mer she was the first woman to swim the Gulf of Mexico. What a gal! Second Man: Nadine Klock, you know, is now Nadine of the Waldorf, originator of original hair- dos. Carl Looman makes up the State regents exams for Chemistry and Physics. He is an author- ity on science. He just designed a new Atomic Motor. Remember Charlotte Leneker? She is the foremost American tatooist. She also pierces ears while you wait. A voice over loud speaker: Ready for landing on Earth. Second Man: Gee, it's good to hear all about those '52ers again. First man: There'll never be another class like them! ! MILBURN SMITH, Jr. r Gur Bill oi Rights If we were to ask a person today what the Bill of Rights means to him, he might say one of many things: freedom of speech, press, and religion, just an addition to the Constitution, or nothing. First we should all learn what the Bill of Rights is and why we need it. Second we should find out how our country with these rights compares with other countries that are not so fortunate. These ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, are an important addition to the Constitution, and are our rights as citizens of the United States. The first article which gives us freedom of speech, press, and religion is, I think, the most important. These freedoms can be compared more readily than described. In our country there is not one universal religion, but many and from these The Importance The stage is made ready. The Actor has been prepared, And in his mind Are firmly set the lines and action. An audience awaits the curtain, After which, the play will begin. The world has not been made ready. The student, however, has been educated, And in his mind, The thoughts and action will have to be firm. Or, after the graduation, The life will not begin. MILBURN SMITH, JR. we may make our choice. In some countries of the world worship of God is prohibited and religious leaders are imprisoned, tortured, or even killed. The rights of free speech and press can be dis- cussed together. Under these rights we can speak freely, print any but libelous news in our papers, assemble freely and petition the government. In comparison with other countries we note a great difference. In many parts of the world people are restricted in these rights. They are not allowed to think for themselves or criticize the govern- ment and are, therefore, uninformed, downtrodden and persecuted. If all countries had our Bill of Rights, people would be better informed and more tolerant and there would be less bloodshed as a result. -EMELIE HOFFMAN MOTTO- l+'Olt'l'lCS FORTUNA ADIUVAT "Fort-unc Favors thc Jirrwrf' COLORS- RIGD AND W,l'IlTl'E FL0llVER- ROSE STONE- DIAMOND SIENA COLLEGE LOUDONVILLE, NEW YORK DAY DIVISION-Men Only EVENING DIVISION-Men and Women OFFERING A COMPLETE PROGRAM OF APPROVED COURSES LEADING TO BACHELOR'S DEGREES IN ARTS, SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROTC Course in Military Science and Tactics Leading to Second Lieutenant's Commission, Field Artillery, U. S. Army Reserve Required Course for Freshmen and Sophomores THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Evening Classes for Men and Women COURSES LEADING TO MASTER'S DEGREES IN ARTS CM.A.J -- SCIENCE CM. SJ - SCIENCE IN EDUCATION QM. S. in Ed.J BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION fM.B,A.l For Catalogue and Detailed Information Call in Person. Telephone or Write THE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Albany 8-3567 Watervliet ARsenal 3-0330 if PM SKILLS ' 5 l'v'i I al ' l Established 1917 Thousands of girls are needed in business and GUIDANCE-balanced train- government omces NOW , , , I Q The salaries are high and the opportunities for ing-act1V1t1es. Placement ln key i advancement are nnnnnted p0S1t10HS1H buslnessf professlonal The quickest way to prepare for one of these and government Offices, ? good positions is to take a business course at 3 MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL l SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227-229 Quail Street, Albany 3, N. Y. 126-134 Washington Ave., Albany cs, N. Y. REGISTER NOW : Registered by the New York State Board of Regents Stale lfcyixlorczl - lrlcrmz .1pprurc'fl I SUMMER SESSION Starts July 7 FALL SESSION starts September 2 l 41 Dan Franklin Dairies Compliments Fort Plain . ul MANUFACTURERS OF MILK The Central Garage, Inc: . . and . . Fort Plain MILK PRODUCTS Feed - Seed -- Fertilizers Bulklime Compliments Farm Supplies and Equipment olj Petroleum Supplies Bottled Gas FORT PLAIN G.L.F. SERVICE Ron-D-Vee Inn ,Fort Plain li IC H 7' W I N ll IJ H ll IEA Ill A TIN!! If LA NN pl-IILWICK MILLS CCDRPORATION Courier-Standard Co1nplin1enLs of The Fort Plain National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments l of of uBeecii-Nui Yerclon Seallesl PGCIWIQ ICG CFGEIFU Cgmpgny Fort Plain Canajoharie, New York Congratulates You " Compliments of C L Y D E B A N K KNITTING MILL Compliments Fort Plain Lu X u ra y Compliments of HANIFIN PONTIAC, INC Nelliston Compliments of DAVE'S RESTAURANT Fountain Service Compliments of BAUDER OIL COMPANY Compliments of ZERO FOOD STORAGE Compliments of PARR'S SHOE STORE Compliments 1 1 l l of l B A U D E R i GAS and ELECTRIC 5 Compliments i of I l H A R R Y ' s l 5 s N A C K B A H ! l l l GEESLER'S, INC. Plumbing - Heating General Electric Appliances Phone 4-6261 64-66 Canal Street - Fort Plain Compliments of l S T E W A R T 5 a n d l l BERGEN COMPANY - Hardware 45 . ..,, . . I IT.E.e?+L.-.--.--.-W ..-W, were---C-S e-+e-eev---,-- l Compliments of E. WILFRED CURRIER Buick Automobiles General Insurance U S nd S m Neuiston Oldest Name F'-MMAARRPRRRR-RPA M ln Paper Bags Since 1859 Compliments Canajoharie, New York of E. R. LENEKER, INC. The Journalism ffluiss Wislwx lu 7'luml.' Those Who Ilmm in Any Way Hwlpcd to Mako This Yearbook a Success DYGERT'S DRUG SHOP L. C. Dygert, Ph. C. Prescriptions a Specialty 5 Canal Street, Fort Plain Compliments Compliments HERHS CAMERA SHOP of of AND STUDIO R. V. NELLIS FORT PLAIN ,Everything Photographicn Hblue Coaln WINE AND LIQUOR 17 Center Street, Fort Plain Fort Plain STORE ,oi -ii i ,I - LLW-L I Compliments Compliments Compliments of l FORT PLAIN of R I C H A R D COAL COMPANY K' A' BOWMANB M O T O R S A L E S 4 Fon Plain JEWELRY STORE 46 I I BUHRMASTER'S Compliments DRUG STQRE Compliments of H. C. Buhrmaster, Ph.G. f WATK1Ns The Rexaii store 0 F0013 MARKET 46 Canal St., Fort Plain THE SMART SHOP Phone 4-5331 Compliments Compliments Br-ISL Wishes of of from F. G. DIEFENDORF s A M U E L s PETRl'S BAKERY and SON BOOK STORE ' H A Best Wishes CARHART S W K I N S f VARIETY STORE A U T O S A L E S r m O Ladies' Wear - Dry Goods Plymguth and D I C K S Wallpaper - Notions, Etc. DeSoto Dealers BEAUTY SALON Fort Plain Neuiston I C l' 1: Y Compliments Omp lmen S 1 H' V' BERRY of of LUMBER COMPANY, INC. ! MARIANA UNDERWEAR M A R S H , S 3 Fort Plain COMPANY l MEAT MARKET Phone 4-3311 COIHpllII16I1l3S Compliments FORT PLAIN PHARMACX7 Of W of Vernon J. A. Schrader, SNAPPY DRESS SHOPPE W1LL1AM DOERRER 1 Prop. ODDOSVCG Post Office Watches and Jewelry 30 Canal Street RiV61' SfTe6t - F01"C Plain 48 Main Street, Fort Plain Fort Plain - lv W Com ments Compliments MOHAWK VALLEY p Q of AGENCY of i S P A R R O W S H2ll'V6y H. Smith Q E Harvey L. Smith SNECK ELECTRIC Keepsake Insurance of All Kinds I Diamond Rings lF01't Plalll 1 Pl'10I16 47

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