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7726 S af mfmfs PCDIQTQAIT N949 Efl1'ffIr-ill-l'l1iff ,,,,,,,,,,--..,.,,,. NORMA Ilmx IIASIIER .lxgyf-1'af4 Eriifor AY- ,..... .... I '.v1'1clc'1.x Iilvlcxlclm l3u,siz1cg,v Editor Y,,,, ,, ,.... ..v. , N Y.x1,'l'lc1c Iiovsr: 1'l10fngrapI1y Eflffm- ,,,,,,. -U RICIIAICIJ XVIX'I'IGIiM.XN Ar! Editor ,,,.,,,, -,,,, .,.w N I .XICIA Vuslwmzll lyiinrary Eflifyr ,.,, K-, .....-. IXI.xm.11:Nl41 Blum: .IJL-Cr!1',m1y Ifflifnr ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,-, SIMM' JIQANNIIJ Immlmzlw .-lrlz:v1'f1'.s1'11g l'fm1nf1'l1'z'c JOAN Iil.1Nc,:. Muex' AIUICTON, XYILLIAM IIrc'K1f:x', I 1 1 Iufvmcl, Nlmcmsox, ,XRIIIJNIJ Ix. SMITH Ilfllilwr ,N.,...-.,,,,,A,.,,. ,.,,H,,.. ,..,, R I lc. XYIININ I Q 'Clie ffze cvdffqf gf M26 Jbfolzazwk' WW, ,,., ,, , . , , , , , . ..,, vnm, , , Y W T A V. 77 ww, i GEORGE H. BERBERICH These friends are like banks of credit on which we can draw supplies of confi- flence, council, sympathy, help and love. L A E DEDICATICDN J AMES E. Kms uffzqf 0 em" STUDENT CQUNCII. Prestdeut .............................. ARTHUR BUECHE Vtce-President ......................... VVIIJLIA M HICKEY Secretary ....,... 7 un--U-----------E----- JEAN IQORNIAT l'reasm'er ,.......,........,,...... DIORMA DEAN LASIIER Assistant 1'rca5ur01f- ........................ DAW119 IIOWE Reporter ..........,.,........,.... .-.. E ME1.1E IIOFFMAN Members 13.xR15,xR.x WOOD Sv1,v1.x FORCUC01 RQRERT BRONK AXIAN D1Eh'ENDO12,lF EXRCIIIE STEWART YvVONNE GEWEYE IJEO SYOUNG SHELIA DESBIUNIJ LXNITA KING JOHN SUITN SAIVIIIC D'ARcANGE1,1s iROBERT SHOCKLEY Aclfvfisur ...................... MR, GElJliGE II. 15ERBERIC1l X? Q . 1 4 I History of lzort Plain I-ligb School The present school system in Fort Plain is directly due to the active interest of its school board of 1893. In the spring of that year, this board obtained an inspection of the Fort Plain School, then located between Mohawk and Division Streets and now known as the Ma- sonic Temple. Fort Plain, upon passing the requirements of inspections, was admitted to the Univer- sity of the State of New York as Fort Plain Union School on J unc 21, 1893. Under this classi- fication, the Classes of 1896 and 1897 were graduated. Then the addition of more equipment and better library facilities raised the rating of the academic department to high school grade in December of 1897 and granted the school the privilege of having non-resident pupils for in- struction. Thirty-five classes forming a force of over 340 alumni were graduated under this rating. The school continued to grow in size until its building and equipment became inade- quate for the students depending upon it. In 1916 the present site on old Clinton Liberal Insti- tute Hill was purchased and a modern yellow brick building was erected. The new school build- ing made use of most of its old equipment throughout the grades thereby permitting a greater expenditure for equipment for the academic courses. In the fall of 1916, three new courses were added to the high school curriculum. They were vocation courses in homemaking, agriculture and a commercial course. Unfortunately, the course in agriculture had to be abandoned after a few years because it did not seem to fit our community 's needs. Then because of a State Department ruling in 1918, that wherever vocation courses were conducted it was necessary to offer both, honiemaking was also discontinued. This ruling, however, brought forth many complaints from small schools throughout the State who were unable to finance both but found one or the other desirable. Due to this, in 1921, the schools were permitted to reopen courses in either branch and in addi- tion receive State Aid for them so the Fort Plain Homemaking course reopened and is still in operation at the present time. In 1927 the attendance at the high school extended beyond the available room, and once more the Masonic Temple was brought into use. Space was leased for the kindergarten and first grade and this branch accommodated about 70 pupils each year. Continued interest in music and drawing increased until separate departments for both were established in 1928. The health of the pupils of both schools was taken care of by a registered nurse and school doctor. Also provision for recreation was made. At the rear of this school was a large campus with space designated for baseball and other sports and an instructor was provided. This setup was very satisfactory up until 1938 when it was found necessary to again expand the sehool's facilities. In 1939 an addition constructed on the north side practical- ly doubling the size of the school. The present Fort Plain School-kindergarten through high school-is practically a fire-proof building with many modern educational facilities. At present the school has 594 students enrolled and a large and capable teaching staff. PRINCIPAL -J1111x IC. li1Lv1J151c BOAIQD OF EDUCATICDN 11 . f - 1 1 ' 1 111111 li11:1'1c, Irv11.w111'11'.' 3111. l111:1.1Ns m11'1'11. lm. XX11.1.11x11 5. .Xll'1'llI!.I'I1'K. Mu. L11 1 N S11 111 N11 l11x1111 XL1111 NI1 Nix Xl 1H XXIII flu! 1 1 1 , ' , , 1 , 1 1 lJx111:1 l1r11I111fqBl1c,ll,x1c11,11. 1" ,A 1, , .,. .11 ,. cs. . 1:11. 111' .,, cc. 1 w NANCY E, CHENEY WARTHUR H. BUECHE FLORENCE M. BAILEY 'Me 4 ROSE E. FALSO HELEN E. FAILING GERTRUDE I, WARNER EL5lE S. LARQUN V- - V , F. PENNEY xx WAN D MORGAN SYEPHEN J. WILSON , hm wu,w,W M...-.,.,, M-MW GEORGE H. EERBERICH FREDERICK G. TAGGART HELEN E, EARSELOU y KENNETH EAUMGARTNER DOROTHY MULLINS MARIE L. JOSEPH BRACO MARY E. WHITE Z 4.2" :,:,2, X ,V v '-'- 2 , Mk K - ..?i ,gsGf?E3':':I " . f 2. 22 .5:. -:ff:zs5-:'-25552-ek:22I:2:::i...f"-i:: ' 1 .iz ' , . , . , GEYZLER ARNOLD FREDRICKSEN PATRON S Mrs. Mr. :xml Mrs. RALPH ALTER RICHARD ALTER Mr. and Mrs. STANLEY RAIIDER Mr. and Mrs. KENNETH ISAVMGARTNI Ii Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE RERBERIOH Dr. and Mrs. JAMES CARNRITE Mrs. DANIEL I. DEVOE Miss NORMA J. DRESSELT Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE DUFFY Mr. and Mrs. LEO O. DYGERT Mr. and Mrs. RALPH G. FAILING Dr. and Mrs. BERNARD FISHER Miss HELEN S. GANNON Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and CORNELIA GAYLER NELSON GREENE Mr. and Mrs. M. KENNETH ,HAMILT FREDERICK S. .HASLETT Mrs. JAMES E. KING Mrs. XVINNIE LASHER Mrs. FRED LOMBARD Mrs. VERN MILLER Mr. FRANCIS MORTON Miss EUNIOE PANAGAKIS Mr. JOHN PARR Miss LILLIAN E. PENNEY AIrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Miss OHARI Miss MARY Mr. ZIIIII Mrs JOHN SAIIER HAROLD SMITH OHARLES Ii. SNELL . HAROLD SPONABLE IOT T E VV E T TE RA I ' E. VV I II TE . JESSE 'WILKINSON ON PRESIDENT William Hickey UBHIH "'IIis good will makes many friends" Iinnfl 1, 23 Student Council 2, Vice President I lg Class VlC'0'i,1'I?SiIii'Ilt 3, President 45 Empire I lloy's Stun- C33 Junior Play Committee 3, Junior i'l'U1ll k' Zig Scnior Play Committee 4. DIARY QF TI-I I3 C I ASQ OI? '49 Q 1 U45-461 Dear Diary, We passed our exams and here we are recruits. We met our superior oficers and were put into Capt. Bueche's Battalion. On our week-end furloughs, in order to make money for our four years of duty, we had food sales, sold pencils and had dances. Q194 6-47J Dear Diary, Although still in Capt. Bueche's Battalion, we've been promoted to corporals. The big trip and honorable discharge still look a long way distant. Now, we decided to have food sales, a dance, sell post cards, and have raffles. Money seems to be coming in slower than GVQT. Q1 94 7-485 Dear Diary, Here we are toughened Lieutenants under Brig. Gen. Berberich. We have more fur loughs and seem to be reaching our goal :lowly but surely. We are having food sales, raf fles, dances, of course a Junior Prom, sponsoring Otis and Eleanor and a play which is a great success. Q1 948-495 Dear Diary, We made It! We're four-star Generals under Commander-in-Chief Wilson. We seem to violate a few rules and occasionally go A. W. O. L. but we still accomplish a lot. We now are having dances, selling refreshments on the battlefield, a play, food sales, raffles, spon sored magician and selling basketball pencils. We decided to go to Washington on our transfer trip and when we return, we will be honorably discharged, we hope. But we will always remember our four years of active service. Walter Rouse fvice-President, llwaltli "Tina lrurniuy, what u flziny it is" lluskelbnll 1, 2, 3, 4: llzxsebaill 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Vice-President 4: Conunc-1'eial Club 3, 4: Portrait Staff 4: Czmlvain Club 2, President 3: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Play Commit- Iec-: Football 3, -1: Junior Play Com- mittee. Norma Dean Lasher Ccirls' Student Council Representative, ubizzyrv 'fltillmut u kll0lUlf'l1flC of musiv, tl p1'r.wm's rwlzlvatirm is not c1mzpl1'tc"' lhlnd l. 2. 3. 4. Vice-I'1'esicleI1t 3: Choir 1. 2. 3 4: llilltopirs 2, 3: Student Council T1'l'2lSll1'P1' 4: Prom Committee 3: 1'll0l0jII'2lIDhy Club 3: I'ortrait Editor l: Class l'l:ly 3: Junior l'l:ly .Xdv1-rtis- ing: Cllzlirmzln: IflTl'ill1llll'JllN 1. 2, 3,41 G. A. C. 2: lD1':unatir's 1, 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Cziraxvan Club 3: Howling Teaun 2, 3: Lezxders' Club 2, 3. Mary Louck, Csecretaryl avreddyu "Let nothing disturb you" lIll1'2ll11ll1'i11S 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2: Maugnzine Drive Business Manager 3, 4: In-11:1 Gamma Delta 2, 3: Junior Play Committee: French Club 3: Science Club 3, 4: Caravan Club 3: Hilltopics 4: Senior Play Committee: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1: Junior Prom Committee. David Howe CBoys' Student Council Representativel NDave9! "I um' trying to bc a tu.:-i zl1'iv:cr" Chorus 3, 4: Ilalsketbnll 4: Junior l'rom Committee: Junior l'lay Commit- Marlyn Vosburgh CTrea.surerD "Marla" "I'vI'il'Il!Hjl, frzshinnablc and Fair, the unxzccr fu ll llfllllllfl muuks prayer" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: llilltopics 2, LZ: Portrait Slatf 4: Delta Gamma Delta 3, 4, Secretary 3: Student Council 3, 'l'l'L'2lSlll'E'1'Z Librzxry Club 1, 2, President 3, 4: Cheerleading 3, 4: Class Treasur- er 4: Junior Prom Committee: Junior Play Committee: Science Club 4. Alberta Anderson "Bertie" USIIPII silmzvc is goldenf' 'l'r:1rt'ic Offic-e: Assistant 0lfiCl'1'Q LllIlClll'OOl1l Hl'Dl'l'S0llt2lfiV9 : Uolins- townl: llliineogi-alplivi' on Hilltopics. lee: French Club 3: C:u':u'un 2: Stage Mzulznggl-1' of Senior l'l:1y: Student Coun- cil 4: Pliotograpliy Club: Science Club. Madeline Augustine "Maddie" "ll fricml may well bU1'l'Ckll1lL'Il thc masterpiece of nature" Commercirxl Club 3, 4: Ililltopics 3, Julia Devon 4: lflll'2lIl'lll1'illS 3, 4: Caravan Club 2, 3: "Julie" 1712155 Hl'IN'l'fl'I' 42 -THIHOI' Pl'0lI1 C0f11D1if- "Sho profits most, who sr'wrr's most" tfc 35 jlunlffr Play Commlttee 39 Semor Student Council 1: Library Club 2. may C0mm1tt0'4' 3. 4: Ililllopic-S 2. 3. 4: Commerdzll Club 2, 3, 4: CZIPGIVZID 2. 3: Junior Prom Committee: Junior l'l:xy Committee: Senior 1'l:1y Committee. Elenor Frasier Clark Graham llEle!l ggBugsy, "Ltfc's a lot of fun" l-'ulure Ilomemukers of America 2: Typing Club 1: Cafeteria 3: Choir 1. Ul'm .sitliny on top of tim 14'o1'ld" Choir 1: F. F. A. 1: Baseball 2, 3, 49 Basketball 3, 4: Frat 3, 4: Photo- L!l'2lDlly 3: Science Club 4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Cnmvan Club 3: Class Secretary 1: ll1'2ll'll1ltlCS Club. Mildred Devost "Millie" hllrnuuwt labor bears a pretty face" Llll1'2l1'y Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: llilltopics 2, 3, 4: Caravan Club 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee: .lunior l'luy Cuululitteeg Senior Play Committee. Gladys Homkey "Cactus" "Iwi I'l'1'l'lIl man mind his own lu1simfss" lIlll'2lllllll'2llS 1, 2, 3, 4: 4l.A.C. 21 1'on1m4-1'm'i:1l Club 3. 42 Junior l'l'0lIl Commitlw- 3: Junior lllny Committee 3: Ililltopivs 4: Czirzlvnn Club 2. 3. Joan Kling 'fl,r'yar'y is as rich as honesty" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2: Gleo Club 45 Junior Play Committee: Junior I'l'0lll Comniiltecg Portrait Staig Sonior l'l:1y5 Caimvun Club 25 Delta llununn Delta 2, 3, 4, President S5 In- l1'ill.lll1l'illS 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Jeanne Lombard HI-um!! "Su-r'c'1. xinlplf? and small but nut silent" Vlzlsx I'rl'si1lvl1t li Sluflc-nl ll0lllll'll 1: l'lloir l. 2, Il, -1: llvllzl fililllllllil Iiolfn 2, 23. 4: lllll'2lIlllll'2llS 1. 2. 3, 4: l'ort1'z1it Sinll' 4: l'l'Ulll 1'UlllIllllTl'l' Zi: Ill'2lIl'lillllS Vlulr l, 2. l: Sa-nior I'l:1y 4: llilltopivs 21: Junior l'l:1y lttblllllllllld' Cl: k':1l':1vz11l Vlull J. Edward Kraft "Eddie" "Bz'ttw' Zatc than never" F.I4',A. 15 Commercial Club 3, 45 lvraxmntics 4, Marlene Marsh "Butch" -"Iwo of u, k'i1lrlo1zul.'c u pair" lllll'2Illllll'2llS 1, 2, 3. 45 Hilltopics 1, 2, I: l'ortr:1it Stnlf Literary Editor 45 l4'1-4-nc-I1 Vluh 2. 35 Scoretary-T1'easur0r I'l1o1og1'zl1nl1y Kllub 35 SOC1'ClI211'y-T1'QilS- lll'1'l' Sc-ivm-v l'luh 4: Choir 1, 3, 45 Dol- l:l Hilllllllll I,f'll2l 2, 3, Historian 45 Jun- ior l'l:ly 3: Sonior Play 45 Junior l'ron1 111IIIlIIllll4'l' 3: llrzimzitir-s Vlulr 1, 2. 4: l':1r:1vzl11 Club 2: Iiusinoss Munn- Qor AlIlLfIlZllll' Ilrivo 3, 4: Girls' Ulm-0 Clulx -1. l Z 4 Z Keith Lasher "Woody" "Hu .vrflrliuux mvuns. hr' zzrvnrls his Away" Ilnml 1. 2, 23, 4: Vhoir 1, 2. 3, -15 Class 1lI'llIllll,LE Q, 4. Rachel Morrison llRach7, "l,ll.1- ull ylmnl frullltlll, SYM' fum ll Ll'lIl1l1'l uf hm' own" ln-lI:l Gilllllllil Delta 2, 3, 45 Hilltop- ivs 3. 4: l'ortr:1it SME 45 Junior Play t'onunil11-v 3: Junior Prom Committvo Il: S4-nior I'l:1y Promptor 4: Commer- 1'i:ll Vlllll fi. 43 Czlmvun Club 2: Library Club 15 l'lll'l'1'lCild1Ilg 3, 45 Intramurals 4. Mary Morton "Mort" "lvIll'i1'f-ll is fllf' Njlffl' nj Iij4"' ln-lin HIIIHHIZI In-lln 2, 3. 4: lutru- murals 2. 3, 43 Juniur Play 1'0Illlllllll'0 3: Jllllltll' l'rnm COIllIlllll'l'0 3: Senior l'l:ly 4: llilllopirs 4: Portrait Stuff 43 C0lIlI'Kl4'1'i'lZll Club 3, Prcsidcnt 43 Caru- vun Club 2, 3. Alberta Putman "Bert" "My life is a lot of fun" s'uu1u1erci:11 Club 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 llilltopics 43 Junior Prom Com- ulitlcv. X . l i l Marion Oldick Hllunvl us yulfl. xulirl ax siIl'r'1"' lIlll'2lIlllll'2llS 1. 2, 3, 4: l'0IllIll0l'L'lZll Club 3. 4: Junior Pluy Committee 32 llilltupics 3, 43 Sc-nior Play Committee 43 K'2lf0t0l'lIl Cashier 4. June Petterson Clpeteff "Serious, industrious, someday illustrious" Choir 1, 43 Junior Play: Senior Play: Pllotograpliy Club 33 Hilltopics 3, Edi- tor 4: Intramurals 33 Delta Gamma llollu, Trealsurer 3, 43 Library Club 3, lg S4-iuuce Club 43 Caravan Club 2, 33 .luuiur Prom Uomluittcc 33 ESSPA Cou- YL'11ll0l.l 4. Derlene Quant "Derl" '-Ultwcfl be Latin if one flocswt llurv too much of it" llibrury Club 1, 2, 3, 43 S4-ivlu-0 Club william Reid I: 1'2ll'ilYilll Club 3. l'1'm-sidl-nl 2: .luniur H , 3, l'luy3 llilltbpics 3: Ls-zulvrs' Club 33 B111 lIlll'ZlIlllll'2llS 3: 1'll'l'Ili'll Club 4. "I'll fry anything flIH'l"! llauslwllnull 1. 2. 3. 43 Class 'l'1't'ZlSlll'l'l' Z. ll: S+-nior l'l:1y 4: l'l1otogrrz1pl1y 3: Svll-mv Club 4: Junior l'r01n Cunuuit- tm-: .luninr 1'l:1y K'0II1IIlllt9P. Herbert Schwager ll YI Y I Blake elm-nm 45 Suu1'c1:u'y. "Hn 1,-mzuilgllxidc is my fllIllHl'lILv l'.L'.A, 1, 2, SOCl'Elill'y 3, Drusiduul Arlene R. Smith 'fsmuhyn 'rr lim jlllUII7LCSS fif1f0 limos llcr si,:'f"' 1'll0l'llS I. 2. 3, -1: Ililltopic-s Smrf 1, . 2 ' 'a' S zllf 4: Sludvnt Cunn- ' 1 4 l'mt1u1Sl Patricia Rickard KlPat!Y "1 1ul'jwrl frijf' for ll llwlny lllllllu 4'll47l'llS 1, 23. 4: Il1l1'2lIlllll'IllS 1 2 Z3 . . Y , l william Schwagel' l: l'lmto:mphy Vlub 2: Ibrzuuutics 13 "Bill" .luuior Class St'1'1'1'1Ql1'j' 1 l'o1't1':1it Sfatfg ..HHmW fm.t,,,w, ,IW mc ,md,wt,.,iUu8f: Ulu- 4 lub -1: Junmr Dunn lUI'I1II11tfl'C. F.F.A. 1 2 Reporter 3, Vice-Pres? Maxine Smith "Micki" "Mu lfmyflls and the world laughs with hcrn C01l1l'1l4'l'l3i2l1 Club 3, 4: Drumulics wlub 3: Junior Play Commiltecg Junior I'l'01ll Uonunitff-cl Hilltopivs Stuff 45 Arlene V. Smith l'ilI'1lYilIl Ulub 2. 3: Band 1. HRH vnu llu' I'UllfllH'l1ll' 1lf'lll.Il lllflllfn . . . I 2: . nur Play: Jllllltll' l,l'Ull1 Mun' ul lm tml: Svllilll' I'l:lXI Inirz 4: Musif' Ululu 23: Il1':1m:1 lllllll'illS 1. Z. bi 1ic'w 1 -f -4' ' "1 L. 31. '. 4 llZlYJlll 2: IW-llzl Hilllllllil Ilrlnl ' 1 gidl-mg flirlx' lilw l'lul+: Fl'4'llK'lI llulm 2. 23. 3, 5 5 i......... A .luniur l'lz1y: ltZlfUiCl'iil 1, 22 Lillfill'-X Q 1 ZZ-'gli Y 5 A5 N , 5255 1 lmsc-lmll 2, 3, 43 Draunzltivs Club 43 Claus 'l'l't'2lSlll'Cl' 1, Clams .l'l'IESl1l1'Ilf Z, IZ: 1l2ll'2lVil11 Club 2, 1 Lester Spaulding KlLes,, "ll'l1m'1' thC1'1I's Iifr' tl1f'1'r"s llllllfu ,, Senior Plzxyg Ilaskelbzlll 2, 3, 4: Shirley Streecl "Shir-I" Afl yn fur out-of-lawn goorl.s" lunim' l'l:1y: Junior .l'1'0IIl ll0l!.11I1ifl.CCQ llilltopics 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2. ZS: .Iunior Play Committee, Cheerlead- ing: 3: Comniercial Club 3, 43 Curavzul Club 21 Portrait Stui 4g Junior Prom Committee 3. Richard Waterman Clara Vofrht acDick9s wroddyn "Wim knows 'what fame lies lLc1'c?" "M"f"UN and UWU"Sffl""f"ff" Chorus 1 2 3 4 President' Band Clmrus 1, 23 F. H. A. 3, 4g Cafeteria l. 2: linsvbzlll 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Coun- 1, 2, 33 Hilltopics 4. 1-il 1, Basketball 1 2, 3, 43 Quartettv 2, 3, ll1'21IIllllLlCS 1, 2, 4, Portrait Stuff 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Junior l'l'OIH Committee: French Club Presi- dent 3, Science Club 3. 4 President. Ralph Swartz uBobyn 'fwhut comes next" liilSK'lHlll 2, 3, 4, C2l1'2lV2lll Club 2, 3 lfnmllmll 3, 4: Junior Play CO1I.lILlittf'0 Senior Play Connuittee. Betty Waufle "Betts" --Nrllinriijf flows 1101 1101101111 on .vi.:1r" 14ll1'l1l11l'l'Cl2ll Club 3. 4, Lilrrzlry Club 1, 2. 3, 4: .Iuniur FlilyK'0I111I1llU'CZ llill tupiw 3. 4: Czu':1vzu1 Club Se'c1'e't:11'y 2 .lulicrr Prnm l'0Hl11ll1lL-10, X . g Q anim Glam unica- Sealed Jfamwaaam Row 1: M. Oldick, K. Carpenter, N. Spraker, R.Herb. M. Beck, Mr. King fALiViS01',, D. Giovan- none, S. Ross, V. Davis, M. Moore, C. Richard, J. Abel. Row 2: L. Utter, U. Florian, E. Gros, J. Handy, D. Mowery, J. Wharmby, A. Caldwell, J. Korn- iat, S. Cook, T. Carrier, R. Muhlebeck. Row 3: J. Gibney, F. Doerrer, L. Prime, J. Gibney, L. Dutcher, A. Miller, L. Kraft. Row 4: J. Lisco, G. Brown, J. Saltsman, A. Bueche, A. Stewart, C. Ehle, J. Mallett. 5 i i E i ii 2. i nm... wwufwfw-, o..,.w'wmnm i -W-mwwmwn...I 014:44 Une Row 1: K. Sponable, M. Korniat, D. Prime, D. Shults, J. Getzler, J. Luft, S. Forcucci, B. Kraft, A. Lasher, D. Handy, A. Smith, E. Gehringj. Row 2: C. LeRoy, J. Loren, O. Stock, A. Diefendorf, J. Gold, R. Ehle, R. Battaglia. Huw 1: J. Panagakis, R. Eacker, J. Dopp, C. Stewart, A. King, H. Marshall, M1'. Berberich, fllluss Advisorb, L. Hoke, A. Fox, C. Klock, J. Sweet, A. VVhiteh0use. Row 2: K. Swartz, J. Roberts, R. Biliington, D. Nellis, R. Kilmer, H. Chapman, G. Vreeiand, J. Suits. sf 1 Sw 7m 042,14 4 Row 1: B. Bergen, P. Luft, E. Hoffman, J. Schrell, M. Wahler, Miss Mullins, Miss Gannon fClass Advisorb, N. Klock, J. Essler, J. Edick, G. Getman, D. Marsh. Row 2: V. Hinkle, D. Yerdon, R. Luft, S. Davi, R. Smith, R. Wells, G. Petterson, D. Hazzard. Row 3: E. Dillenback, G. Sweet, R. Bauder, W. Swartz, M. Smith, G. Hokerk, W. Yerdon, C. Loo- man, H. Schwager. 646440160 eladd Gm Row 1, seated: C. Fox, A. Mosher, S. Put1nan,H. Miller, B. Kretser, Mr. Fredericksen, Miss Gannon CClass Advisorj. B. Gould, C. Leneker, J. Kibler, S. Hopkinson, G. Bailey. Row 2, standing: V. Hohenshild, W. Hoffman, F. Fonda, G. Burns, R. Davis, J. Brownell, D. Beck, R. Bronk, R. Hack, H. Patterson, B. Augustine, G. Mang, B. Buley. l A , 1. ..-Q... 014:44 7m qhdn Qaacle Row 1: B. Snyder, P. Muchmore, S. Vosburgh, M. Looman, D. Eckert, L. Penney, C. Failing, M Smith, A. Vought, J. Saltsman, M. GroH, F. Dillenback. Row 2: J. Mahl, G. Hisert, P. Lasher, R. Campbell, R. Gould, T. Wojcicki, J. Swartz, L. Young L. Osburn, H. Siver, A. Cole, L. Prall, L. Van Arsdale, S. VVahler. Row 1: E. Utter, B. Wood, E. Baer, R. Van Der Kar, M. Cook, Miss Hodge, R. Moore, C. Swartz, G. Siver, G. Sanders, E. Seelye, J. Kretser. Row 2: M. Carrier, T. Muchalik, W. Bergen, G. Schwartz, R. Carter, D. Young, E. Brownell, A. Marsh, A. Walrath, J. Lowell, S. D'Arcangelis, D. Luft. edfzzz. awe.. Seaendn Qaeda Row 1: K. Patterson, L. Gould, S. Carpenter, S. Hazzard, B. Hunter, Mrs. Duggleby, J. Mabbett, A. Sickler, C. Monk, A. Brownell, L. MacRoy, A. King. Row 2: B. Oldick, J.Ti1nrner1nan, C. Hage, R. Shockley, D. Koester, G. Wells, R. Dicks, R. Wanter, M. Conover, C. Voght, C. Conrad, C. Prall, J. Battaglia. Row 3: S. Saltsman, H. Pomella, R. Colegrove, A. Wick, L. Walrath, W. Boyer, R. Dygert. swam qw. Q Row l: B. Davi, Y. Geweye, B. Palm, M. Hoyer, S. Knowlton, M. MacRoy, Mr. King, A. Stock Y. Pelletier, L. Moore, S. Dillenbeck, I. Frasier. Row 2: J. Aird, C. Luft, C. Wick, K. Lasher, R. Wahler, R. Hickey, J. Ciani, E. Smith, L. Bailey Row 3: E. Rollnian, M. Doxtater, T. Lipson, K. Watson, O. Wilson, A. Brown, R. Hoyer, M Schwartz, J. Edick, S. Young, F. Loren. VARSITY BASKETBALL Manager. Seated: W. Rouse, L. Spaulding, R. Waterman, L. Dutcher, R. Battaglia. Standing: Mr. Bueche, R. Billington, D. Rasch, A. Bueche, W. Reid, G. Brown, D. Howe, G Vreeland LEAGUE STANDINGS Team Won Lost Frankfort - - - 13 1 Ilion - - - - - 10 4 Canajoharie - - - 10 4 Fort Plain - - 8 6 Dolgeville - - S 6 Mohawk - - - 5 9 St. Mary's - St. Johnsville - --2 -1 12 13 BASKETBALL IQESULTS EOR 1948-49 Fort Plain 31 42 45 36 50 40 49 58 31 Northville-37 Northville-53 Broadalbin-40 i:Frankfort-29 ii St. John sville-3 0 Tk Dolgevillef54 St. Mary's-40 Broadalbin-48 i:Mohawk-26 ii Le Fort Plain ague Gaines SEASCDN Canaoharie-38 Ilionf36 1:Frankfort--60 St. Johnsvi'le-38 Dolgeville-37 St. Mary'sf26 Mohawk-34 Canajoharie-43 Ilion-44 W 0.1: Eaaedall 7eczm Row 1: L. Dutcher, R. Wells, R. Smith, S. Davi, R. Bauder, L. Spaulding, R. Battaglia. Row 2: D. Rasch, R. Swartz, W. Rouse, R. Billington, R. Waterman, C. Graham. Row 3: C. Looman, G. Vreeland, A. Bueche, Mr. Bueche, R. Bronk, G. Brown, R. Luft. uniclz. Qfaadflfq B 7mm lfll floor: R. Bauder, R. Smith, F. Doerrer fMg'1'.J, S. Davi, KT. lftllllllilll. Seated: R. VVells, L. Prime, Mr. King, R. Ehle, R. Luft. Standing: C. Graham, A. Diefendorf, A. Stewart. R. Nellis, R. Bronk. Wafuiiaf Gheea- Zeacleu Marla Vosburgh, Janet Abel, Rosemary Herb, Theresa Carrier, Rachel Morrison, Sally Ross Doris Giovanonne. Murlyn Wahler, Ju Getzler, Derelene Prime, June Kibler, Patricia Luft, Janet Luft, Sylvia Forcucci. 71611443254 edem- kdm 9 Sm Ztfmadm Gnu Bmkeiddl efzampd '4 7- '48 '43 - '49 Norma Dean Lasher, Marlene Marsh, Marla Vosburgh, Gladys Homkey, Patricia Rickard, Mary Jeanne Lombard. Row Row Row Row Row 1: D. Quant, M. Augustine, J. Kling, M. Morton, N. ll. Las M. Marsh, M. J. Lombard, G. Homkey, R. Morrison. 2: Mrs. Turlingi, D. Giovannone, C. Richard, J. K01'Hl21t,l'l. K. Carpenter, M. Beck, S. Ross, R. Herb, Mrs. Ford. 3: A. Whitehouse, R. Eaker, J. Sweet, M. Korniat, D. Prime, A. Smith, S. Forcucci, J. Handy. 4: D. Shults, B. Bergen, M. Wahler, P. Luft, G. Getman, J. T. Roberts. 5: S. Cook, C. Bergen, J. Wharniby, M. Moore. A. Mosher, J. Kibler, J. Abel. her, M. Vosburgh, P. Rickard, Wilkinson, T. Carrier, V. Davis, N. Spraker, E. Gros, J. Luft, Dopp, J. Schrell, S. Desmond, M. Hohenshield, S. Hopkinson, ma Span' 7ea.m4 4. 4. 14. Row 1: G. Mzmg'-, VV. Schwager, Secretaryg H. Schwuger, Presidentg H. Chapman, Reporterg J. Loren, Treasurerg D. Hazzard. Row 2: F. Fonda, H. Schwager, J. Brownell, R. Oldick. Vice-Presidentg Mr. Frederieksen, Advisorg R. Steele, R. Hudyncia, G. Burns, E. Dillenbeek. 4. 04.14. Helen lloxtater, Ursula 1'llUl'lklll, Ele11o1'F1'z1sie1', Jaceniu Sweet, MH1'g'kl1'8t Walrath, Charlotte Klock, Helen Marshell, Rosemarie Eacker, Clara Voght, Trula Robert-s, Elsie Gehring, Shlrley Putman, Theresa Carrier, Mrs. Marie L. Getzler, Instructor. .fiiaaaq 6046 Row 1: K. Carpenter, J. Schrell, F. Wilkinson, J. Korniat. S. Hopkinson, D. Quant, Miss Mullins, Advisor, E. Gros, V. Davis, N. Spraker, C. Richard, B. Bergen. Row 2: E. Hoffman, V. Hohenshield, M. Devost, A. Mosher, S. Forcucci, T. Carrier. M. Wahler, S. Ross, J. Devost. Row 3: M. Vosburgh, K. Sponable, S. Putnam, R. Herb, J. Petterson, A. Putnam, M. Korniat, P. Luft, J. Luft, M. Beck. Row 1: B. Wauiie, D. Shults, S. Streed, R. Morrison, Miss XVhite. Literary Advisor, Miss Gun- non, Technical Advisor, V. Davis, M. Beck, C. Richard, A. R. Smith, S. Ross. Row 2: M. Smith, A. Putnam, J. Handy, M. Morton. H. Chapman, M. Oldick, A. Diefendorf, J. Petterson, A. Hudyncia, E. Gros, S. Desmond, J. Panag-akis, N. Spraker, A, VVhitehouse. i A 2 wi 4 Gammmcial Glad Row 1: Mildred Devost, Marlene Beck, Mary Morton, Miss Gannon, Sally Ross, Kathryn Carpent- er, Betty Waufle. Row 2: Shirley Cook, Alberta Anderson, Gladys Homkey, Mr. Wilson, Alberta Putnam, Jayce W'harmby, Rosemary Herb. Row 3: Rachel Morrison, Maxine Smith, Madalin Moore, Walter Rouse, James Mallett, Edward Kraft, Julia Devost, Shirley Streed. How l: J. Handy, l". VVilkinson, A. Caldwell, J. Getzler. S. llopkirison, Mr. Barselou, Advisor E. Gros, N. Spraker, V. Davis, A. R. Smith, C. Richard. KW.. Cl' 2 if f Row 2: B. Fredericks, J. Essler, R. Bauder, J. Gibney, M. Smith, R. Hack, S. Desmond, H. Miller S ' if Q . A f .. ns' jk? tgp, Q .-,ga 2 W ai ' Mi? - in , 'Wi L 5 'X 'xx Y fb aafnalicd Glad Emu! Row 1: R. Wells, R. Hack, A. Diefendorf, J. Handy, P. Lasher, J. Ciani, R. Shockley, R. Billington. Row 2: C. Hage, G. Wells, R. Dicks, D. Luft, W. Stewart, P. Luft, E. Utter, J. Panagakis, D. Young. Row 3: D. Eckert, S. Vosburgh, S. Wahler, M. Smith, J. Lowell, R. Smith, N. D. Lasher, E. Gros, R. Trumble, J. Abel, C. Richard, K. Lasher, D. Waterman, R. Bronk, D. Mowery, R. Brand, L. Gros, J. Gibney, D. Beck. Row 1: D. Handy, J. Getzler, P. Luft, E. Hoffman, M. J. Lombard, B. Bergen. B. F1'Cd6I'iCkS, J. Schrell, D. Shults, M. Wahler, T. Roberts, J. Panagakis, J. Dopp. Row 2: G. Getman, S. Hopkinson, J. Edick, A. R. Smith, R. Waterman, M. Marsh, Mr. Baumgartner, D. Giavonf none, H. Miller, J. Essler, S. Desmond, M. Walrath. Row 3: C. Stewart, E. Gould, H. Doxtater, A. Smith, M. Louck, P. Rickard, N. D. Lasher, J. Petterson, J. Handy, D. Mowrey, C. Leneker, J. Kling. Row 4: S. Vosburgh, D. Prime, R. Wells, R. Hack, D. Howe, M. Smith, A. Diefendorf, R. Herb, A. DeLuise, Ghafmfi J. Kibler, R. Bauder, J. Abel, P. Lasher. CAFETERIA STAFF Seated: Mrs. Elgic Sultsmzm, Mrs. Everett SZ1ltSH1Zll1, Mrs. Peter Merkel Standing: Marion Oldick, Mrs. H. R. Getzlcr, lW12lI'g'2l1'Qt Walrath, Mrs. William Hudson ALL SENIOR and GROUP PHOTOGRAPHS PUBLISHED IN THis YEARBOOK WERE TAKEN BY QBENAUS STUDIQ 161 Washington Avenue ALBANY, NEW YORK We Specialize in All Kinds of College and School Photography Throughout New York and New England CONOVER-COLLINS FURNITURE STORE Fort Plain PARSONS MOTOR C O u Best Wishes Class of 4:4912 FORT PLAIN COAL CO. ., INC. Nelliston F Compliments of PARR'S SHOE STORE Fine Shoes and Hosiery Compliments of H. V. BERRY LUMBER CO. Everything in Lumber Hardware of Quality at FORT PLAIN HARDWARE Compliments of S N E C K ELECTRIC STORE Fort Plain Hoover Cleaners Compliments of Compliments Comphments JACK and JILL SHOPS of Of G R A Y ' S T f T t d T ' Ogs or O S an gens B Y R O N R O O F S FURNITURE STORE CKute Kiddies Klothesb S 0 N S Fort Plain Fort Plain - Canajoharie C01T1D1im911'CS Compliments Compliments of of of E M LL DOERRER'S ELM TREE R D I Fine Jewelry Store H A L L C 1, t Compliments Omp lmen S Compliments of Of of 1 N E G R I L L FORTPLAINWINE COLONIAL INN R 1aMl AND LIQUOR STORE egu al ea S Served C plim nt - Om e S Compliments Comphments Of of of RICHARD C AL A E BEANY'S MOTOR SALES ENTR GRAG GARAGE Compliments . G E R H A R T S Compliments of of MALLETTYS FlowersFor GRAVES SERVICE STATION All Occasions FLOWER SHOP Beeclw-Nut TSSTANDARD i D a C li i n Q p Company Compliments orc tlwe Spencer Mills Corporation Compliments of THE FORT PLAIN NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Iq'.s111bIixI:c'fI 1917 'l'lllllIrilllIlN ui' girls are ll1'4'4l1'il in lrllsiuiss :lllll guv:'l'l111lm-111 oifiws NOW. The Salaries are high and thi- opportiixiiiivs for :lflv:1r1c-4-111:-111 are unlimile-ml, Thi- Qliiclcvst way in p1'1'pa1':- for one oi' lln-so goml lmsiliulis is in take a lllISIIl1'SS course al MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227 Quail Street, Corner Hudson Avenue Albany 3, N. Y. SIGNID FUR C'A'l'.Xl.Ufl li'Hf1IN'I'la'Ii' .Yllll SUMMER SESSION starts July 8. FALL SESSION starts September 3. Compliments of CLYDE BANK KNITTING MILL Compliments of S C H O L E T FURNITURE STORE Compliments Compliments of of C H A S . 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