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 - Class of 1978

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Fort Fairfield High School - Northern Light Yearbook (Fort Fairfield, ME) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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- M Q , f ,f ,wwf ,v X X 14. X MU, X 1 . H, Nr N- A 1 2 . 9 pa- ,Mui M v V. , 1 1 ,,,, ,JW , . 3- Jil. My ,, ., sf . M ,qs . rx 'XL W. . W-ev 1 . J x v FORT F Presen fs: HIGH SCHOCI. t 'THE 1978 NORTHERN LIGHT Volume 33 Conroe H S Conroe, TX W m H vw In is fbi! 1 Q o"d . 0 qt., un' O ,ff Q .Q-.. is 'lor a o 'ha 0 . I . I Q O I O 1-.--at ' As students we learn: about life about others and most of all , abut ourselves . PRINCIPAL 'S MESSAGE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1978: 1 ,f , QM iii E E E 21-2 ,.. 00 3 :rw 'S o 5-'O OS SZ..-. 0 B Q-sc o o 918 '5'0,9, U as ' 1-0 s: 1' ss: F9 D-in o :1 CA "H o D4 ::r' as 4 ... ::s on K0 n: o o cn U3 VJ P6 :: I1' Pi -4 o 5 'Fi as r'4 ch Q. TIE 13. IQ,QlW'l I, I f' 4 S it May you take with you pleasant memories of your days at Fort Fair- W ,g,,QQM' field High School, and always strive to use to the utmost the educa- tion you have acquired . I would like to thank each of you for making my first year in Fort 'f"""" I ' I 'Y ,lj Fairfield such a plesant and personally rewarding one. I close the year " "1 with the feeling that the faculty and students here are the greatest. r.-' ik' ff" If X, t 3 Ax Liga. ,px E "' - M Sincerely , ,,,A,.,,.....m,-.U , , ,. M? MQW! Rodney M. Doody, Principal EDITORIAL As we, the graduating class of 1978, leave behind us Fort Fairfield High School and our past four years, we will find ourselves often looking back. I hope this yearbook will effec- tively help perpetuate those memories. As I finish my duties as Northern Light Editor, I would like to say that my deepest appreciation goes to the members of the yearbook staff and especially Mrs. Nehring. Without their competent help this yearbook would not have been pos- sible. Thank you and good luck. Sincerely , Darlene Plant , Editor xr' L x "'-y X Z a. . X X . The NORTHERN LIGHT staff has come up with a theme which we think pertains basi- cally to our graduating class. The theme is "AWAKENINGS" or what we experience every day from the moment we arise to the end of our waking day. George, our Senior Class President, is pointing out one of the many awakenings we encounter every day. We hope the pages in this edition will help to further our explanation of our theme . O ,41- i w-. f K I I ll U mwu- V , Xt i . I 1 I DEDI CA Tl0N A I if 1 if x s t ' A -' . I I Us x Y jg T V " y 5 f1i35rS"iF'f it 1 y T' Qi t. Q A 9, . 9 Plea if 8 ' - eta pr F., :' 1-U K A W . ef' gb 4? Y 3 5 1, 'L f Z 'J f-4 ' v . f f- ,t -r p t t We, the Class of 1978, proudly dedicate our NORTHERN LIGHT Yearbook to the students, staff, and administration of Fort Fairfield High School. X The memories we take with us will serve as appro- priate and inspiring "Awakenings" for future years. N- Some of us will find our ways to the business world, some to family responsibilities, some to careers, and others will seek post-secondary education. Whatever our future holds, we will never forget our four years within these walls. 'N l NUMBER ONE TEACHER OF THE YEAR The members of the Senior Class of 1978 have voted to recognize a teacher who is "Number One" in everyone's heart. This special lady is Mrs. Betty Stevens. She has served as our class advi- sor, has been in charge of Junior Exhib- ition for several years, has coached many of us for Jr. Ex. speeches and graduation honor essays, has been advisor for Tiger Tales, and has helped us revise and write countless numbers of compositions. Mrs. Stevens has been "Mom" to many of her students, and she has gained the respect of her students through the years. She always has had time to listen to us and to discuss our problems. We know she deserves this fitting tribute of her unfail- ing energies in helping us prepare for life. Thank you for all you have done for us. "YOU DE VILS, YOU" 5 .af I IN MEM ORY OF ALLEN SAUCIER ALLEN SAUCIER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ligorie Saucier. Allen was bom on July 5, 1959, attended Fort Fairfield Schools, moved to Westfield in 1974, and he passed away on October 28, 1977. Allen was a hard guy to understand, yet you had to admire him. Day in and day out, he would come to school - tired like each one of usg but the only difference being was that he had to work harder. He would use his special equipment with ease , but if he happened to run into trouble. he would call on one of us to help. It doesn't sound like much now, but then it was our first try at respon- sibility and we were glad to abide. Yes, Allen was quite a guy to be admired for what he had to cope with and how he did it. We will miss you, Allen. Joey Doherty N if' XA X X Y W- W N Wx ANY ' X f xxf' +'-U X K xx XX dbg,-,:1iXv'yxQNx: x ' X Q .v wk ,il s wx KX XNQCFSA BT. xx ' XR' lxfcwlvi ,I X nf Qf f-:sw WX --5.x l"i":":': Nl Q-ZF .,siQ.g::g5-gggbx jx xfx".'i,N.f:. X MQ' 5 APJQ: 5 Rh Q -'if.Ef. A ,'x..2g:!'5yeif xv X' V? '7ffs. A :'.u:'Z 1 'K Ziff: 173, NTS +-rillzbll?-X Qin 55 .fg'i'N', , gk f 719'- Z f f N v 'fsey-55-Q,-12" I -- 'f"' - X if, if K - ' A 1 - ,gs 4.4 f X 5 'X-ins-:E 4 M . " Ni WERNWQX -7 ,N K Nb M v xcNqg1iNNN 9, 1 ' vu: g,NEQP.4x'x41, QQ 5,-,Ns.ARU'. X, VN 1 IO Yff'-W ' vig .'7l:N4Qur- 'gf' W ':'S5tQY:?g 6-.'Qi:QQ"'5'2, -u' u ' 'PQ .f Q: :WW :mg 'f,6ae5:'f!u5s2F'..':x3 ,X N .v'-:f'f.n'w-we QD 5,I,.qv-qi, w .xx W335v"'?i--5-Q3 X :4.2sf1f2-Q-ali ,tilts nga? :SX , q.m P0 Q YW Q' x Siruwrk ' 'xW'f V9 Q .x KXQXJ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Crightj Row 1: LISA AYOOB - Treasurer Row 2: D'ANN KETCH - Secretary MR. R. GREENLAW - Faculty Advisor ' LINDA LaPOINTE - Vice-President Row 3: GEORGE COTE - President Cbelowj "The gang's all here' 3 1 GEORGE AYOOB "Bing" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence D. Ayoob. Be obsequious, purple and clair- voyant: Be pompous obese and eat cactus: Be dull, and boring and ominpresentg Be oblong and have your knees removed. Live in a swamp and be 3-dimensional. Get all excited and go to a yawning fes- tival. I uf, ii i. 1 -. E davis JANE ASHBY Daughter of Mrs. James Ashby. There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in the sea and in our tears. LISA AYOOB Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ayoob. "If we weren't all crazy we'd all go insane . " t jj ,J , 0 'J 3 . ,f jan-v"" MARY ANN AYOOB Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ayoob. "Don't always follow crowd, just be your own person. " DOUGLAS BANKS Doug Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Banks. "The only thing that I ever learned from experience is that I just make 7 another mistake." TERESA M. BABINEAU Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Babineau. "Enjoy your own life without com- paring it with that of another. " ROBERT BEAULIEU Son of Mr. Valerie and Mrs. Beaulieu . PAUL K. BOULIER Son of Mrs. Eugene Boulier. 3. Ida K., I LAURIE BARNETT Daughter of Mrs. Linda Barnett Mr. Clayton Barnett "In growing, we have shared learning, we have found friendship and . In DARCI LYNNE BISHOP Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paul Bishop. 1 ' Q 3' I 3,,..,,3g,nVU-avr'-'U' PETERBUGBEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bugbee "He who fears to lose what makes the happines of his life has already lost it " KEVIN BROWN Son of Rev. and Mrs. Bernard Brown. BARBARA CAMPBELL "Barb" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell RODNEY CHAMBERS "Rod" Son of Mr. Ronald E. and Mrs. Vir- ginia Chambers ,f.a-P' I Churchill W' SCOTT BURNS Son of Mr. Mrs. P. K. MacGregor GAIL CHURCHILL Richard Wm. Burns a nd Q Daughter of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joyce 'if- 'WEP Xxxs 'fb 4 ir - C. N 1? 'Ks 'VJ 2 ,, 1 , , apr, 'faq uf z z' si N, ,A J , V , 5 H- 4 DEBRA DANAVAN "Deb" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Canavan "It's nice to be important but more important to be nice." JOE CHASSE Son of Mr. Harold and Shirley Chasse Q ,J FRANK CIESIELSKI "Frank" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Cies- ielski LORI CHURCHILL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Churchill "She's as silent as the 4th of July. " s s-.N GEORGE COTE Son of Mrs. Geraldine Cote and the late Alphonse Cote "A friend strenghthens the heart, repairs the hurts, dissolves the pain and banishes the loneliness. ,pw sa DIANE DAY D1 Day passage of trme. BARRY CRAIG Son of Mrs. Sandra Craig "The productivity of our heads, our hands and our hearts is the source of all the strength we can 1 5 command." ff,LglN:l?Q-f it Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence "The Secret of Life is enjoying the MICHAEL CYR "Spike" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Cyr JOSEPH DOHERTY Son of Mr. and. Mrs. Joseph Doherty, Sr. ' 'Angels are long forgotten . " RICHARD EGAN Son of Pug and Lillian Shaw. I IDO It!! DAVID DELANO Dave Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Delano. "Stand with anybody that stand right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong . ' ' DANA FINNEMORE Frnny Son of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Finne- 1'1'1OIC . "If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest." s -2 DEBBIE DOUGHTY "Deb" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Doughty. "It is easier to smile and spread sunshine than frown and be covered by shadows, so smile. " S LYNN EMERSON "Lynn" Daughter of Clara Emerson. "Cherish yesterday: live today dream tomorrow: love everyday. " TED FLEMING in . MARK GAGNON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gag- non. "Stick with me and we'll all be wearing handcuffs. " Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vinal Flem- 8 JEFF GAGNON Son of Mrs. Bessie Gagnon. BILL FLANNERY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Flannery. "It matters not how long we live, F buthow.". is Q. DIANA GIBERSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Giberson. VIRGINIA GALLAGHER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gallagher. "The only time I open my mouth ls to change my feet." DWIGHT K. GUY Son of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Guy "Where we live or how we live is of little consequence. What is all important is to live." ROBERT HATHAWAY "Bob" Son of Arnold and Shirley Hatha- way. PAM GOODWIN Daughter of Clara Goodwin "A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty " REX HOLMES Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Holmes "Live life fast and live it long because there may be no tomorrow. SCOTT HALL Son of Edward and Marilyn Hall. HORACE HIGGINS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprague RONNIE JANDREAU Son of Leonard and Pauline Jandreau DOROTHY JOHNSTON "Dot" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Johnston. "Live as if you expect to live a hundred years, but might die tomorrow." D'ANN KETCH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hardie Ketch. "She who means no mischief does it all. " MIKE HUNTER Son of Earl and Barbara Hunter czgr CLAUDETTE LeBLANC Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LeBlanc . "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. -five, HJJJ 49 LINDA LaPOINTE "'Linda" Daughter of Mrs. Gail LaPointe and the late Gerald LaPointe. "Awake at Dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. " RITA LOWE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lowe. "Kindness makes friends everywhere . ' ' SUSAN LUNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lunn. "If you never attempt the ridicu- lous, you will never achieve the impossible." JOHN LIBBY Son of Mr. Donald Libby Sr. and the late Bernadette Libby . X 4 SP7 X Rf -6 : w i ,W qty! LW ANN MacNAUGHTON MacNaughton . the essence of life " KEVIN LYNCH "Cous" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clement Lynch. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert "Family, Friends, and Freedom, LAURA LYNCH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lynch . JOHN MARTIN "Luther" Son of Gerard and Theresa Martin "There's never any excuse for a 'frenchman' . " PHILIP MARTIN Son of Shirley Butler 'Nav Son of Arnold McNamee BECKY MCKINNION Daughter of Thomas and Judy McKinnion "A flower cannot live without sunshine: and man cannot live with- out love. " f.,, : IIAW by DALE MCGARRIGLE Son of Harry and Minnie McGarrigle MITCHELL MCNAMEE tiffwlg 4 wa, .4 is affiife, Hang' 7 I t::- f' Qgaisi' DANIEL MATCHETT Son of Gladys and the late Bernard Matchett , 1 HATTIE MAE MURPHY "Hattie" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Murphy . "Just remember what ever you wish for and dream about can and will be yours. " N flu., - Y A-ilfhtitg-gA,.H,, A QN ga ' sw A .Q ' 1 SANDRA OAKES "Sam" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rene Oakes "This gal has a future plan: I think it includes a man." t N YVONNE MCMANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn McMann "Live a full and happy life being yourself. ' ' Q ET r MONA PARKS Daughter of Mrs. Muriel Parks F SALLY MURPHY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Murphy. "To be short is no disgrace, just an inconvenience . ' 9 5 , o Jia 3 04,11 Q Y CHERYL OSGOOD Daughter of Jesse and Judith Osgood "Save time for yourself and what you want to do. But never forget to be good to you." ERIC PELLETIER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Helene and Clarence Pelletier "If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest. " JANET PELKEY ' 'POKEY' ' Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvia and John Pelkey The greatest kindness we can offer each other is the Truth " DARLENE PLANT "Daise" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Vera Plant "The grass is greener across the border." Z DAVID REYNOLDS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth a11d Jean Reynolds. f-tfAKQ L V1 IQQQ, Z DEBRA SHAW Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clark. KATHRYN RIDEOUT Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rideout. MICHEAL THIBODEAU "Mike" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldrick Thibo- deau. ANTHONY I. UGONE "Tony' Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Ugone JOHN STEDMAN Son of Mr . and Mrs. John Stedman. TRUDY WALKER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Walker. "Be courteous to all, but imi- mate with few." RICKY WASSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wasson. CHARLES WARD Son of Mrs. Cora Ward. MARGARET WIGLEY "Meg" Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. David Wigley. X, .+I MARY WATSON Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wat- CINDY JANE WILLIAMS "Cindy" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. O. Williams. S011 . A little wit has pleased me more by half 9 I didn't come to learn, I came o to laugh. I I ' 55 L N 5 aj. SALLY WILSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilson. "Be yourself an original is always better than a copy. " . Q, 4-.T 1.07 ' 1 O 4 , Q V. DAVID A WRIGHT Son of Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wright. "Girls are like stockings they have to be changed every so often." INFANC Y AND CHILDHOOD IN THE CLASS OF '7 8. ,Q my ,O,L,1. - M O . f1gfige 4 'OOAAV A 'F if , H L H H ' M '-' - ' oo , K r I 5' N L f N K . ff' K ' 225 Lg 5 'S H NWEOISQ H cf, of DA ' nn Ke 1, ' tSecreta SR ',,' 151mLisa Ayoob A 5 K Hreasferj Ann Ayoob li T-""' .1 ig , -- uri ""- 1' ix A 'f- Q g .. wk gif ,..1 I . - ,SY wx O OFPIEY ' . A Nw--. .,,. Pam Goodwin Debbie Doughty Gail SENIOR FA VORITES A Iv. Iii! A X2 il. N 5 D'ANN KETCH and MARK GAGNON "Best Looking BILL FLANNERY and VIRGINIA GALLAGHER "Class Clowns" HORACE HIGGINS and LINDA LaPOINTE 0 . -XX ,Y KX , -S-Xxx, ff! W ,I sg... ,,,, -...H .,...., ,,..,v, -....,. 'x mfrxgi fn...-f ,via v-...W DARLENE PLANT and RODNEY CHAMBERS ,.,,,...g fx ,MAX V! , I VI, CINDY WILLIAMS and MARK GAGNON "Best Physique" DAVID DELANO VIRGINIA GALLAGHER - DARLENE PLANT "Most Dependable" MARY WATSON and TONY UGONE "Most Ath1etic" sew me N I ft DANNY MATCHETT and DOT JOHNSTON "Too1ers" RANDY WARD and YVONNE McMANN "Biggest Feet" '-'fax ' I s. I IJAVID DEI,.-XNUa11d IVXIII, BULILIIER KATIIRYN RIDEOUT :md IZRIKT PKIIETIEIX "Bust Frifndf' Iwi "Bust Actors" A- x DARLENE PLANT and SANDRA UAKES "Bum Friends I l I I I I 1 Z I I I , I I e I Tiif-:-.115 I DAVID WRIGHT and DARCI BISHUP "Class FIirts" wv-in fi X. H LOR1 CHURCHILL and DWIGHT GLW "Most TaIImrivQ" WI REX HOLMES and CINDY In'II.I.I,XTxIS "Most :XYgl1IIIx,'IIIIlIIYQH -4 I-I I -fix K.-XTHRYN RIDEUUT and SCOTT HALL "Must INIIISICZIIH DARCI ISISHUI' :xml IJANA FINNITIVIURI1 "SII11lIlx QI Rpt" "' I X. s, " 'T TONY LYGONE and VIRGINIA. G,-XI,I.,XGIIIQR "SWccIuSI'4 fo- CHERYL OSGOOD and FRANK CIESIELSKI "QUicIcSI" SL'SANI,IfNNz1nd GEORGE A'1'OOR 'YIILISS Scholars" SENIORS - caught, off guard 7 'Zz . jj J? if '3': fabovej D'Ann the band tempo. E , Will Planning - Lhey call it Htogetherness! " Linda, airborne, at a rally. Cindy, Charge of the Light Brigade - field hockey fbelowj. z 5? ' . , . -M. 1,4 T5 Cinscrj Sandra. our Tiger- my Darci is measured for her cap and gown. fi css. struts Lo Diane aids Mr. Spraguds recovery after donating blood. Tony, in for a rebound. FA ll IJ III' I' Q W.. ,....... ADM INISTRA TION 133 ' i .. 1 MR. GARY IANOSCO - Assistant FFHS Principal MR. RODNEY DOODY - FFHS PRINCIPAL ,1fo1x'r l?AI1lI'IlZl,D MR. JAMES E. COWAN - Superintendent of Schools MRS. MRS. EDITH G. SLIPP - Director of Special Ed. and Fed. Aid Coordinator BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Seated: MR. PHILIP ORSER. SOLOMON. I MRS. SALLY BURLOCK, Chairperson: MR. GEORGE Standing: MR. DAVID WRIGHT, MR. NORMAN GRANT. LIBRARIAN GUIDANCE ,rw .""', iq f 0FFlCE PERS ONN L MRS. LOIS CLARK - Guidance Secretary MRS. GERTRUDE DEWLEY - Library Aide MISS LORRAINE CIESIELSKI - Receptionist MRS. MARIE RUSSELL - High School Secretary. LANGUAGE AR T5 Seated: MRS. SUZANNE HEWS - Adv. Comp. , Eng. Fund. , Frosh Eng. . Lit. MRS. BETTY STEVENS - Fam. People, Mass Media, Frosh Eng. , Lit. , Public Speaking. MRS. DARRYLIN KEENAN - French, Frosh Eng. , Reading, Oral Exp. Standing: MR. LAWRENCE THIBODEAU - U.S. Lit. , Col. Eng. , Frosh Eng. . Composition, Public Speaking. MRS. MARGARET PETERSON - French I-IV. MR. ROGER SPRAGUE - CDept. Headl Art, West. Lit. , Reading, Writing Fund. , Speed Reading. MA THEMA TICS MR. IOHN McKENNEY - Algebra, Gen. Math, Geometry, Shop Math. MR. HAROLD SLIPP - Gen. Math. . Algebra. Sr. Rev. Math. MR. GILBERT MCLAUGHLIN - fDept. Headj Algebra. Geometry, Adv. Math. SCIENCE PERIODIC mvw V' ' ' I 8 R ?0.N'F'-'?Q G Mft fd Ascd tn S ReOsl S ' ' ' HAUAEE Ti Pg sz.- ..,,1A l5f"9'f?f-? Ura O MRS. ISABELLE NEHRING - Biology, Healm qoept. Hearn. MR. RALPH GALLAGHER - Earth Science. Health. Senior Science. MR. WILLXAM ROOPE - Physics, Chemistry. Geometry. BUSINESS EDUCA TION MR. GEORGE DINSMORE - Consumer Ed. . Typing, Bus. Management, Lester Hill Sim. MRS. RUTH McLAUGHLlN - Typing, Business Math. , Frosh Rotation. MRS. CATHY HOTHAM - Shorthand, Typing, Model Office. MR. EUGENE L. BABINEAU - Accounting Model Office, QBus. Mgr.J, fBusiness Dept. l-leadj. p k K 1 nu-asc. Q5 . SOCIAL STUDIES IcToR1AL 'fl S,,, A M H ,:MA 3- f 9 fy , , ,, W ' "1'f E im , MR. CLARENCE CLARK - U.S. History: MR. MICHA World Hist. , Psychology. VOCA TION LV CARL SIOBERG - World Geog. , 1 MR. KENNETH CLARK - Nat. Resources, Agri. Serv. , Forestry, Frosh Rotation. MR. MELVIN KELLEY - I. A. Rot. , Frosh Rot. , Home Car Care, Engine Rebuild. MRS. WINNIFRED LOCKHART - Home Ec. , Chef's Spec. , Family in Socy, Frosh Rot. MR. DWIGHT STICKLES - I. A. Rot. , Woodworking, Frosh Rot. , Metal Working. 1. w EL CYR - Csealedb Dept. Head, U.S. Govemment: MR. I .,,i I it X! ., M imm ....,-........., SPECIAL EDUCA TION R553 X A 75 R MR. PETER MURPHY - English, Math, Mass Media. MR. LAWRENCE GARDNER - Migratory Instructor. MRS. GAIL KRASS - English, Reading, History. X ix f i ...K MR. DONALD HAMALAINEN - Director of Music, Band. MR. MR. LEONARD COLE - Phys. Ed. Coordinator. JERRY LeVASSEUR - Vocal Music. MRS. IEANETTE PETERS - Girls' Phys. Ed. MR. RICHARD GREENLAW - Boys' Phys. Ed. SPECIAL SERVICES -1.-gl Q, t 73 -Nw W.. n., -1:--1 -Q .- .. .. .. .. ' 3-J" ' , jmi' ' --1 , 'fi , ,rr ' .N MR. PAUL NIGHTINGALE - Supervisor of MRS. MARY BARNES, R.N. - School MRS. TERRIE E. CLARK - Food Services Maintenance and Transportation. Nurse. Supervisor. 'YY' . ' sf' 3' :Si .Qki s .. . ws? S Food Service Employees: Mrs. Georgia Dewley, Mrs. Mary Wilson, Mrs. Beulah Clark, Mrs. Bula Gill, Mrs. Mildred Trimm, Mrs. Lois Nightingale, and Mrs. Joanne Beulieu. fMrs. Nita Nickerson, standing below and Mrs. Phyllis Witham finseth. ..,'.x'N ' Q , ' ' a 1' al NX Q x,,e' 3 41- ' .+- MRS. PHYLLIS MILLER- fseated above! Cafeteria Manager. Custodians: Robert Lajoie, Ronald Johnston, Richard Beaulieu. iabsent - James Withan, Berkley Thompson.J ,---1, -.-,-, nn..- '--v.1,,. .,,. "Siu---.-. "-0"n-Q-0-.1--1. ..- .4vp-,-,.4-,.-.--,,..'v--,,44s .-qs.--1,-.1,4-,--,Q .-,-p- ,.ag.a,,-,-s ,-..a,.-,J .-.,,f-H,-s ,.-,-.- X X X X X X X I X X X X XX fhx X X X NX X X X ,AX XX X X 1 I X X X X I I XX X X X X ' X X X XX X XX X Il X X 1 l X X X X 1 I Xf1f'::::-X901 1' ,f L-dh'--.aff X xx X X X X If X X X X X X X X' X R v Xxxxsx xxx xxx xx I xx SN If ff NN xv! X X xxx!!! OFFICERS: Row 1: MR. McKENNEY Advisor HEATHER PENDLETON, Treasurer LORI WHITE, Secretary MRS. KRASS, Advisor Row 2: TIM SCHWARTZ, President DANA DELANO, Vice- President JUNIOR CLASS JUNIORS ROOM 105: Mrs. Hews and Mr. Roope Clfacultyb Row 1: Karen Banks, Jane Bernard, Ruth Deschesne, Laurie Adams, Gertrude Brooker, Tammy Bames, Vicki Jo Clif- ford, Susan Dean. Row 2: Gary Deabay, David Campbell, Dorothy Cox, Cimmerly Carris. Sharolyn Buhro, Sue Adams, Sabrina Cur- rie. Tina Campbell. Row 3: Fred Dionne, Paul Cassidy, Wendell Bubar, Scott Bradley, Dana Delano, Danny Clark, Randy Cloney, Paul Beckwith. Row 4: Rocky DeWitt, John Deschesne, Gary Deschesne, Robert Chambers, Brent Bishop, Martin Chambers, Danny Beaulieu. Absent: Kathy Blevins, Donna Doughty. ROOM 106: Mr. McKenney and Mr. Stickles CFacultyJ Row 1: Leslie Guiou, Vicki Doucette, Carla Hayes, Bette Foster, Sandra Kinney, Diana Dufour, Kelly Johnson, Tammy Hathaway. Row 2: Phil Guimond, Dale Keegan, Robin Ellis, Sally Doughty, Bobby Ellis, Terry Jandreau, Dylan Guy, Kurt Gunnerson. Row 3: Steve Duncan, Zenon Guimond, David Hunter, Clayton Hayes, Steve Graves, Robert Kilcollins, Jeff Haines. Robert Everett. Row 4: David Fleming, Karl Jackson. Absent: Larry Kierstead, Joseph Muffler. JUNIORS ROOM 107: Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Gallagher. Row 1: Patty O'Neal , Lori McGil1an, Heather Pendleton, Lisa Lovely, Peggy Martin, Kathy Michaud, Kathy Moirs. Row 2: David Rideout, Brian London. Rick Monson, Ken Nelson, Matt Nightingale, Ralph Michaud, Mike Robinson. Row 3: Peter LeVasseur, Gary Milton, David McLaughlin, George McLaughlin, David Levesque, Mike Paradis. Ste- phen Levesque . Absent: James Ossie, Cynthia Owens, Joann Pelkey, Jonathan Reed . ROOM 108: Mrs. Nehring and Mr. Gallagher. Row 1: Theresa St. Peter, Patricia Wolfel. Judy Turner, Patti Thibeau, Kim Thibodeau, Lori White. Row 2: Elizabeth St. Peter, Donna Towle, Greg Shaw, Malcolm Wright, James Schwartz. Row 3: Tim Schwartz, Michael Wulf, Ioe Shaw, Perrin Todd. Absent: Randy Willett. SOPHOM ORE CLASS N 6 Nicky Grass moved in November. "His last class at FFHS IJ 'Je OFFICERS: Row 1: MR. DINSMORE. Advisor DANNY AYCOB. Presidem CARRIE ACHORN Vice-President MRS. KEENAN. Advisor Row 2: MARY STEDMAN Secretary LISA UGONE, Treasurer .W--.....,,, 'B 'Ms .ra - W awww' SOPHOM ORE5 ' tw , .,,.,: Q ROOM 205: Mr. C. Clark and Mr. Babineau 1FacultyJ Row 1: Lisa Boulier, Sally Ciesielski, Peggy Blevins, Kate Barnes, Susan Burlock, Holly Bouchard, Carrie Achorn, Bonnie Bishop. Row 2: Betty Condon, Judy Babineau, Laurie Cyr, Debbie Churchill, Cathy Bright, Gloria Cote, Bethany Bruce, Cathy Achorn, Row 3: Dan Ayoob, Wayne Adams, Marybeth Burns, Robin Blaisdell, Mike Bernard, Stephen Adams, David Carris. Row 4: Mark Cassidy, Donald Cassidy, Mike Beaulieu, Scott Ashby, Tim Chasse, Frank Beaulieu, Gerald Bern- aiche, Bill Campbell. Row 5: Glendon Ashby, Tom Anderson, Paul Cyr. Absent: Katherine Barnes, Gloria Cote. ROOM 206: Mr. Cyr and Mrs. Krass Row 1: Kim Gunnerson, Heidi Haines, Sally Foster, Becky Doughty, Peggy Glew, Lori Graves, Kim Howe, Bonnie Fox. Row 2: Sandy Doughty, Debbie DeMerchant, Becky Frost, Gail Helstrom, Brenda Holmes, Elaine Dumond, Angela Heath, Connie Dawson. Row 3: Laura Hodshon, Skip Fields, Chris Findlen, Kevin Howe, Mike Dean, Mike Gagnon, Jeff Guiou, Robbie Dewitt. Row 4: David Gould, Nicky Grass, Peter Glew, Jeff Davenport. Absent: Buel Emerson, Debbie Higgins, Kelly Holton. SOPHOM ORES -a-n.cJ-mi... ,YM .Q t x rw I ROOM 200: Mrs. Keenan and Mr. Murphy fFacultyJ Row 1: Louann Saucier, Julie Paradis, Krista Plant, Ann Saucier, Pam O'Neal, Mary Stedman, Nancy Walker. Theresa Schwartz. Row 2: George Taggett, David Tuck, Lisa Ugone, Marcia Wright, Julie Wright, Kim Walker, Pamie Worster. Tammy Ouellette . Row 3: Mike Peters, Peter Towle, Gailen Wortman, Scott Thebarge, Paul Towle, Barry Williams, Terry Thompson, George Tilley. Row 4: Kendell Shaw, David Ossie. Absent: Tony Shaw. Stuart Turner. lvl num--5. saw V M-4. L., Vu- ROOM 208: Mr. Sjoberg and Mr. Murphy Clfacultyy Row 1: Brenda London, Nancy Lovely, Barbara Lynch, Martha McLaughlin, Kris McCrea, MaryAnne McCrea, Beth Michaud, Debbie McGil1an. Row 2: Teresa Lowe, Linna Martin, Lori Logsdon, Regina Murphy, Kathy Johnston, Judy Levesque, Denise McGi1lan, Tammy McCue. Row 3: Cathy Matchett, Bennie Jandreau, Steve Huntress, Fred Moirs, Stephen Michaud, Robert Milliard, Stephen Mowbray , David McGarrigle . Row 4: Dale Kierstead, Steven Milliard, David Mourey, Glen Martin. Absent: Todd Merrill, Janice Michaud, Max Neddeau. FRESHM EN CLASS OFFICERS: Row 1: MRS. MCLAUGHLIN. Advisor MR. ROOPE, Advisor Row 2: MARCIA GALLAGHER. President DUSKA KENNESON. Vice-Presidnet DEBBIE DUBAY . Treasurer SHELLY GORMAN. Secretary fin the lower right insetj Q X I Let's hear il from: "eighty-one, eighty one, eighty one! " fi, Q Y .vw i f M -. If , V MW, -V - i FRESHM EN ROOM 201: Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Hotham Row 1: Lynn Craig, Rhonda Doughty, Karen Cyr, Lori Bell, Barbara Ashby, Nora Blevins, Colleen Church- ill, Jean Butler. Row 2: Brenda Churchill, Brenda Brooker, Robin Doak, Dede Cyr, Cathy Bubar, Lisa Burns, Carla Achorn, Sandra Barnett. Row 3: Loretta Bechwith, Lisa Banks, Beverly Ayoob, Patricia Bricknell, Gary Campbell, Ronnie Dewitt, Christopher Dean, Gerald Bubar. Row 4: Robert Adams, Mike Burtchell, Chester Cyr. Scott Adams, Jason Brayall, Michael Craig, Douglas Clifford , Mike Campbell. Row 5: Todd Bishop. Joseph Colony. Absent: Rhonda Currie and Ernestine Belanger. ROOM 203: Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Kelley Row 1: Sheri Logsdon, Annette Levesque, Valerie Gallop, Sandy Fox, Narda LaPointe, Julie Edgecomb, Duska Kenneson. Row 2: Shawn Ireland, Peter Kinney, David Dufour, Scott Doughty, Mike Gallop, David Dubay. Row 3: Denise Dubay, Mary Fowler, Toby Howe, Mark Lunn, Mike Guimond, Douglas Finnemore, Mark Lagassie. Row 4: Debbie Dubay, Mary Lowe, Terry Frost, Cheryl Grant, Lynn Flannery, Marcia Gallagher. Absent: Lynn Dumond, Mike Flannery, L. Fleming, S. Gorman. FRESHMEN ROOM 207: Mrs. Lockhart and Mrs. Hotham CFacultyJ Row 1: Darlene McLaughlin, Linda Milliard, Robin Moirs, Laura McLaughlin. Row 2: Barbara Michaud, Nancy Mazerolle, Lynn Moirs, Patty Momeault. Row 3: Tony McDougal, Paul Matchett, Paul O'Nea1, Robert Osgood , Pat McKenney. Absent: Gary Madore, Scott Michaud, Judy Ouelette, Robert Palmer, Sandra Parady. ROOM 209: Mr. Dinsmore and Mrs. McLaughlin CFacu1ty7 Row 1: Rhonda Ouelette, Mildred Sprague, Tami Ward, Lynn White, Tracey Thibeau, Kiersten Pen dleton. Row 2: Susan Soucier, Rhonda Tracy, Sandra Parady, Bridget Webb, Jerry Sherman, Paul Wright. Row 3: Laurie True, Lori Thorndike, Roxanne Thompson, Rhoda Ward, John Watson. Row 4: Steve Robinson, Scott Pike, Michael Rackliffe. Ricky Wyman. 0 4 3 f X Q. VR'K YA Ax M w h M ,, I V fy ' Y Mt' 119- 1 if ' far" Z ll' X .kbs J f ofiQXT'91v1f ' X X S' A xx V - "" 1" nl. :X ,OLE 3 I E gx cut' '. XXW 14 7 N J Q + ml - e.-4 5' ,A ' Wi NAnoNAL . 4 in 5 , K Honon sogsrv Q Q ., Q , 5 fx! 4 X , 5 3 RY ff W 1 QN '23, G V M 4 5 L v-.MPA ' I V 'MW +145 Q l O? A! fflfhx LIN 5 Q- fx ff A' :UQ " DO g . 5 .V ' MAKfR3- 1 . Q 0.0 ' ' 3 X -, , W O ' mfr - '4'X'i4-xx. ' ' Q Pqgfgf f Yak -WH -' . T' Q X ' f a-DDO . 1' lx: X C . - 1. ' D -O .nw 1 .. l .4 , eff:-Mifxa O X 117551521 '1- ' ' - X - ' 'K-A . gi? .,-. - 312 , ,K ur: ',.- , Qs 4, ' , ., , , 'X X Q E, ,, f. -1.0 4 ' ..', 5 , ' .,' Gas JK- uf. .' no O 'M.'j,3-2 , ' '15 D' f NEWYX Xfp , - rl, ' Q . 4 A 1 X 0 ' 5 L 'fi -QA. V Q . M UD ":,4'.4"",'- " 1' Y , illlwnubulr 'ff P ' A453-ZLQQ P ' '., ' . ' L jf P I f glxoelblfo 21, Y -I ,Q f If ' diyt 'qs 1 x Q V ' 101' bf! f X 4 . x x I N fl! X 1. V W 1" F 3, X 1 A 'xv U , .kv ' x ,, A 1' as X E 7 X' x of , - X 4, ' 7 ' f X K Q 5 K , 3 X 3 M gf! gb N X jj L .0 4 j. e 51' 190 Q-0 -' ' xgu, 1. 47 VARSITY CLUB 'B Front: Tony Ugone, Lisa Ayoob. Row 2: Leslie Guiou, Cindy Williams, David Wright, Kathryn Rideout, Mary Watson, Diane Day, D'ann Ketch, Dot Johnson. Row 3: Laurie Barnett, Karen Banks, Laura Lynch, Rita Lowe, Meg Wigley, Terry Jandreau, George Taggeu, John Sted- man. Row 4: Danny Ayoob, Lisa Ugone, Sally Foster, Mac Wright, Scott Bradley, Gary Deabay, Paul Boulier, Mark Gagnon. Row 5: Don Cassidy, David McGarrigle, Paul Cassidy, George McLaughlin, Doug Banks, Kevin Lynch, Mark Cassidy, Mike Thibodeau. Row 6: Peter Towle, Rick Monson, Ralph Michaud, Matt Nightingale, Jim Schwartz, David Carris, Mike Gagnon, Rob- ert Everett. Row 7: Kathy Moirs, Gary Milton, Dale McGarrigle, Randy Cloney, Paul Beckwith, Mike Cyr, Perrin Todd, Joe Doherty. Row 8: Paul Towle, Mike Paradis, John Libby. I .X f 1 N. ., E Tony Ugone, Pres.: Lisa Ayoob, Secy.-Treas.: George Ayoob, Vice-Pres. FRENCH CLUB Beth Michaud, Secretary Sally Doughty, Vice President Mike Cyr, Treasurer Dan Matchett, President Mrs. Keenan, Advisor Mrs. Peterson, Advisor The candids to the right and below were taken during the annual Christmas skits. Qui est-ce? Qu 'est-ce qui se passe? S 4 t , X fy K fy- f-:Tip , . Q i 5. .P " iv ,. .KA 'G' as Mlle Piggy et Kermit sont betes! Le pere Noel et la mere Noel avec Rudolph Nr i Z X 1 J S qlllxxmxuwwvwi' ...ww -...w..Y...... . .3 Row 1: Mrs. Hotham Cadvisorh, S. Oakes. S. Murphy, D. Canavan L Churchill T Babineau D Plant Row 2: D. Delano, D. Wright, D. Day, H. Murphy, S. Wilson Y McMann Row 3: B. Bishop. M. Bums, C. Hayes, P. Thibeau. G. Helstrom B Holmes P Glew Row 4: K. McCrea. L. Cyr, S. Doughty, D. DeMerchant. D Churchill I Parady Row 5: K. Barnes, L. Bell, C. Achom, B. London, B. Lynch P O Neal Row 6: C. Achorn, G. Cote, B. Doughty, H. Haines. T. McCue J Babineau Row 7: J. Haines. OFFICERS QL to Rb: President, Teresa Babineau: Vice President, Bonnie Bishop: Secretary, Sandra Oakes: Treasurer, Judy Babineaug Historian-Reporter, Lori Bell. This page is sponsored by: BU INESS LEADERS TIGER CAGE STAFF jlfliH5IflHl1U.IJ'l' 5 I H- ,.Y, ,.,... f . .,,---Lll ,,, Q A 6 E .. . F 'L'f R . 2 v J il , if-'li l 1 1? 8 g yygg l r f M gf in 44' kgg- hi ' Y ,S . , , V iklx 7: V if: K ? ' ' A EM 2 Q ,5,,: : ,,!,,.,-5 VEZL g:.j? LL,L::, U Y . X A at at . ' s ,,,,: , 5 T' X Seated: Laurie Barnett, Lisa Ayoob, Doug Banks, Mike Cyr, Jane Bernard, Kelly Johnson. Standing: George Cote, Rita Lowe. Kathy Moirs, Lori McGillan, Robin Ellis, Lori White, Susan Lunn Dot Johnston STUDENT LIBRARIAN STUDENT LIBRARIANS: Row 1: Lori True, Lori Logsdon. Peggy Blevins, Lynn Flannery. Nancy Mazerolle, Donna Towle Row 2: Loretta Beckwith, Susan Lunn, Jean Butler, Mary Lowe, Colleen Churchill. Row 3: George Tilley. THE NORTH RN LIGHT STAFF - . . . .-. I Cuts JW um lead Lf, T,,TT I ,Nw BUSINESS MANAGER: Laura Lynch EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Darlene Plant XAJ' ' N ..-avi SPORTS: Ruth Deshesene, Kevin Howe, Heather Pendleton CLUBS AND ORGANIZATION: Leslie Guiou. Robin Ellis. Lori McGi11ian ADVERTISING: Mary Ann McCrea, Tim Schwartz, Sue Burlock PHOTOGRAPHER: Mary Watson 'ii QHQQ "PUTTlNG IT ALL TOGETH R" in TYPISTS: Kim Thibodeau, Sally Murphy. Teresa Babineau, Virginia Gallagher, Sandra Oakes flefrj - David Wright Cabovej. V Q 'wfff "' CLASSES David Delano, Dana Delano fleft and belowb F SENIOR PAGES: Susan Lunn, Meg Wigley, Jane Bernard, Ann McNaughron - Cleft? F.F.H.5. CHESS CLUB L if 'LR' pm' I i THE TEAM PLACED SECOND IN THE COUNTY. Seated: David Reynolds, Mark Cassidy. John Watson. Standing: Robbie Dewitt. Dwight Guy, Mr. G. McLaughlin Ccoachj Donald Cassidy Tammy Ward. Cbelowzj Members of thc TEAM play their "LIGHTNING Rounds." ami .Exp 0409? -my J - . In 1' f H DIRIGU BOYS' AND GIRLS' STA TE X lliiflitfllfilf- Wi P 9 tts: L iii lift it 111Q Seated: Mary Watson, Dot Johnston, Darlene Plant, Sally Murphy. Standing: David Wright, Mike Cyr, Doug Banks. OLDER GIRLS' CONF. - 3, Q w ,M Seated, Left to Right: D'Ann Ketch, Laurie Adams, Rita Lowe, Betty Foster, Sandra Barnett, Robin Blaisdall and Tammra Barnes. JUNIOR EXHIBITION V I,,. , . ,,, , ,, . - "R I . . A sf 1 5.4, 1 . .5 t eff . .I is-was . , ,t vwfi J., gi 13 '5 'Wg ' P I ,A '-, . tx gg ,,,,. f K1 . 'l W,LL , xp 2 KY- . . 1 3 . .,I., , 1 V - 'III . - . , t. s ,III M. ff" I F' 1. . V W I V 'Vai . I L I X' I I fr 1 i I 6 y , Q . I G 1 5. V ' it 1,55 . ailing! .vfl r "ull, ii 'gtk Susan Lunn' Jane Ashby Sandra Oakes Lori Churchill The Sale Johnny Got His Gun Do or Diet First Day at School l 2 f fe YN , N 4 I , . ' mf , . T 3 s x n...L!aI I o.. 4 h...,.ri 4. Peter Bugbee' Dwight Guy Eric Pelletier Raymond Wirth Peter Partout . . My Father's Hands Write a Jingle Man 8a Superman I. it H Marshals: Row lfL to rj: Diane Day, Darlene Plant, Trudy Walker. Row 2: Sally Wilson, George Cote, Kevin Brown, David Wright. ' WSusan and Peter represented us It at the Aroostook League I o I Speaking Contest in Washburn. If ' ' I ei 8 fl' I W' 2? V Musicians til Y ia. xv Class Song Leaders: Ronnie Iandreau. Darci McGarrigle. 56 it u . xx ggtxhl , Bishop, Dale Mary Ann Ayoobg Poem, Scott Burns: Speech. Darci Bishopg Vocal ist. SENIUR ONE-A CT PLA YS "The Caravan" Miss Sue Dyer puts on finishing touches for Scott's make-up. "Sing to Me Through Open Windows" Susan Lunn - Margaret M: Scott Hall - Richard M: Linda LaPointe - Sarah: Paul Boulier - Dr. Gillespe. "Pyramus and Thisbe" Kathryn Rideout - Loveless: Diane Day - Andrew: Scott Bfad1eY ' Onomon M. Ayoob, R. Lowe, V. Gallagher, S. Bums, E. Pelletier, D. Wright, G. Cote, D. Finnemore, D McGarrigle ,J Q0 STAGE MANAGERS: Trudy Walker, David Delano, Sally Wilson DIRECTORS: Ms. Cathy Shaw. Mr. Larry Thibodeau Ms. Sue Dyer. Row 1: B. Flannery. L. Lovely, N Lovely, M. McCrea, D. Ketch, K. Thibodeau, S. Adams, P. Mar- un. Row 2: Coach Clark, P. Worster P. O'Neal, L. Milliard, S. Logs don, T. Campbell, M. Wright. Row 3: D. Towle, B. Holmes, M Wright. M. Wigley. S. Currie. B. Lynch, B. London. Row 4: P. Cyr, G. Milton, I Doherty, M. Gallop, T. Jandreau, T. Howe, J. Davinport, G. Mar- tin. Row 5: K. Shaw, C. Cyr, M Rackliffe, S. Milliard, R. DeWitt S. Doughty, I. Cloney, S. Ire land, B. landreau. Row 6: H. Higgins, D McGarrigle, B. Campbell, C Findlen, S. Ashby, G. Tilley. Row 7: G. Ashby, C. Ward. F.F.A. in F.F.J.5. . . . "Success often comes from frying, even when you fail: failure to fry, h rew rd a all 'a V OFFICERS: Row 1: Nancy Lovely, Secretary: Bill CREED SPEAKING CONTEST These students will Flannery, President: Mary Ann McCrea , Treasurer. compete at UMO for State Honors Row 2: Lisa Lovely, Vice-President, Peggy Martin, Linda Milliard - 3rd in Aroostook Chaplain: Kim Thibodeau, Reporter, Sue Adams, Scott Doughty - lst in Aroostook Sentinel. Sheri Logsdon - 4th in Aroostook STA TE CHAMPIONS - 1977 S-4' GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM: Seated: Marcia Wright, Kellie Holmes, Kim Thibodeau, Sabrina Currie. Standing: Coach Kenneth Clark, Karen Gallop, Bruce McCrea, Bill Flannery, Jeff Kenneson, Barry Craig, John Dyer, D'Ann Ketch, and Kim Rackliffe , State Secretary for this year. Cleftj The 1977 soil judging team which placed first in the county and second in the State Competition: Kim Thibodeau, Kathy Michaud, and Bruce McCrea with Advisor Ken Clark. After 2 days of competition at U.M.O. the Forestry, Weeds and Forage, Horticulture. Potato Diseases and Parliamentary Procedure Teams placed first: Welding and Land Judging teams placed second. CONVENTION - KANSAS CITY Q9 Cfar leftjz Those attending National Convention in Kansas City: H. Higgins, B. Flannery, N. Lovely, S. Ashby, T. Merrill. Cleftlz Representing Maine in the Nat'1 Horticulture Contest: M. Wright, C. Ward, K. Thibodeau. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY iil 1, 1 34 5 i if , Seniors who initiated new members 'A ,- in a special assembly on March 3, 5 1978: Doug Banks, Lisa Ayoob, Tony Ugone, Dari Bishop, David Delano, Susan Lunn, George Ayoob . New members pictured below and left: Seated: Debbie Canavan, Dana Delano, Tammy Barnes, Lori McGil1an, Heather Pendleton, Dar- lene Plant, Paul Cassidy, Robin Ellis, Mike Cyr, Sandra Oakes. Standing: Sally Wilson, Matt Nightingale, Linda LaPointe, Mary Watson, Jane Bernard. ,A Initiates candles from scholarship, service character and leadership. "Here you are, Mike Cyr, your rose and membership card for N. H. S." A surpised Dana Delano does a hurried "Double Take STUDENT C CUNCIL Mary and Mike placed posters in the hallways to announce the Blood Drive. i Row 1: Lynn Moirs, Lisa Banks Row 2: Sally Foster, Nancy Walker, Becky Doughty, Mr. Slipp, Advisor. Row 3: Robin Ellis, Leslie Guiou, Laurie Adams, Kathy Moirs. Row 4: Doug Banks, Mary Watson, Diane Day, Bill Flannery, Mike Cyr. F.H.A. Row 1: Mrs. Lockhart, Advisor: Donna Towle, Yvonne McMann, Rebecca McKinnon, Kiersten Pendleton, Pam Goodwin. Row 2: Elizabeth St. Peters, Roxanne Thompson, Mary Ann Ayoob, Tracy Thi- beau, Tami Ward. Row 3: Hattie Murphy, Lynn Emerson. Boarding the bus to the District FHA meeting in October. Donna Towle was elected the District Chapter Chairperson for this year. UOLI 4 -1 ' ueAe1g Pl m?9P0q!'-LI. 's ' agung 'x IW 1.13 ' PHE 'w 'A'a13gM .wlsog - 3 'O 51. MOH ' 9103 S 'IIYH 'cl ueg .G .SH 999W 13111 HOSPIH 'G 'IQHHOH 'cl '9 '1 'a W 3 uapl ' Aau -329 'w 'w ealgow W P918 'UELU 9'I SQAEI .N- wvllm 19 MOH 'Q I ' Axauuelg ' Auaqoq 'I 'f ' saugepq WIS .WHA ' agsseB'e'1 'Q ' 1A3 S ' puelaxl 'vwvuna 's ' amoq 'G OH 'x 'uuu3n2'10w 'SM '1 IQAO1 'A IQIMO5 ' W 93.1. U .SH H99 ' W Se 'req 'N 59 MOH 0"I 'AIQA '9 oqav .X .lu 095191 .G .ln N IQPSIYIH 'H 'TWIUD3 'I :I"I Alauuel 's pelted 'A 'w 'P-WFIIIW 9 0'l uopu ouA'1 ' g '11 'cl ' Aeqnq '1 ' unqiineqopxq ' pxeqonog ' H 'H ' SQIIIBH nog 517 's uopsBo1 .w. ' UIIHSWIOW '1 ' uauleg 'zz 0'l 'QM 'u lsoxg 'I Q98 UI T192 uosmeq ' 3 ' "1 qooAV I . nl ISLLI d . VN 'ugu s 'douvo 'A sgg 'g 'ueunog doq .L- '-PS EM f'zu ll3!1M '1 08 H'd58M ' HQUBIOLI 'G ' uosauuapl '1 U!0d VI '91 '1 ' qouA"1 'w HIS!-IM 'a ' aorug H ' A1q3noq 'a SIIQOHOG 0'-WV 'D ' UI a 'down 'cl ' V 'usa -1 'Arms nog -H -1, 's xog .H- ' r ' Snow Luooagpg 'q -Wqnil ' D 's I ' X ' Alqgnoq osuqo .ML.u uxeg Mol 'G 'sa I A 9 1:13115 Aeqnq 'iw :Jo 91' A91 An SB H198 SU O if v-A 'W qooAV 's ' nauxeg 's 919 'lu 'H A9911 !H'Cl' S8 'EQIDOIN 'X 'SUI O'Pi' '3 .IA Cb O 'J' O r-1 :I P ALL AROO5 TOOK '-Q.-ws Row 1: Kelly Johnson, . , 'll Marcia Wrighl. Darci Bishop Mutha McLaughl in J ii LLIA Bum Foster, Q .f ' - f 1 . M1 ii Row 2: Kathryn Rideoul, Dale McGarrigle, Joe Shaw, Jayson Bryall, Susan Burlock. ALL STATE E Dale McGarrigle, Joe Shaw, Kathryn Rideout. Mr. Jerry LeVasseur "Our Chorus director in action" FFHS BAND FAMIL Y A.: Row 1: I. Bernard, H. Pendleton, R. Deschesne, R. Ellis, L. White, C. Achorn, D. Higgins, M. McLaughlin, K. McCrea. Row 2: Mr. Wigley, M. McCrea, S. Burlock, I. Wright, B. Bruce, N. Lovely, L. Graves, V. Clifford, H. Bouchard, G. Shaw, D. Hunter, S. Robinson, S. Turner, Mr. Ham. Row 3: C. Achom, D. Doughty, I. Edgecomb, C. DeMerchant, D. McLaughlin, M. Fowler, L. Banks, B. Frost, T. McCue, 1. Babineau, G. Cote, P. Glew, T. MacDougal, P. Boulier. Row 4: K. Pendleton, D. Dubay, B. Ayoob, K. Barnes, M. Watson, L. Ayoob, L. McGillan, L. White, N. Walker, M. Lowe, P. Mor- neault. Row 5: B. Michaud, K. Rideout, K. Howe, A. Heath, T. Thibeau, P. Cassidy, J. Shaw, B. Ashby. Row 6: K. Johnston, P. McKenney, S. Hall, D. Rideout, L. Ugone, S. Pike, M. Cassidy, G. Cote, K. Moirs, G. McLaughlin, D. Tuck. Row 7: C. Grant, D. Dubay, R. Ward, T. Schwartz, K. Jackson, D. Day, M. Lagassie, C. Findlen, M. Peters, D. Delano, M. Nightin- gale, D. Clark, D. McGillan, T. Ward. Absent: D. Delano, L. Flannery, S. Parady, Managers. R , ,.... W ALL AROOSTOOK: Lori McGillan, Heather Pendleton, Debbie McGillan, Scott Hall, Carrie Achom. "a-one, a-two, a-one, two. three, four" COLOR GUARD: Laura Lynch, Brenda London. Rita Lowe, Narda LaPointe, Terri OUR DIRECTOR - Mr. Ham. Schwartz. . lv 1 an xi, , ', ,yu a Banks . Lis ghl, Wri McLaughlin, Julie ha Mart ichaud thM ,Be 11 Kaihryn Rideoui, Scou Ha Seated David Watson. ohn I Robinson. Steve McLaughlin, i Bishop, George IC Da Ugone, David Rideoui, Tony 1 Boulier, g: Joe Shaw, Pau Standin beau. i Th cey I3 T HHO Dana Del Schwartz im T H SO arl Jack K I'S ike Pere M Bouchard Holly Hunter SOCCER Row 1: Mark Cassidy, Willy Wortman, Chester Cyr, Dan Ayoob, David Wright, Malcolm Wright, Jerry Sherman, Paul Cyr. Row 2: Todd Bishop, Brian London, Jim Ossie, Mike Rackliffe, Peter Towle, Rick Momon, Scott Bradley, Tony Ugone. David Ossie . Row 3: Coach Cole, Stephen Adams, Mgr, David Carris, Paul Towle, Gary Milton, Doug Banks, George McLaughlin, Scott Adams, Joe Doherty, Shawn Ireland, Jeff Guiou, Paul Wright, Mgr. . . V I ' Bt, Our Tiger soccer team was 13-4 for the 1977 sea- son, including their loss to Schenck in the Eastern Maine finals. R. Monson was selected for the Eastern Maine Class B All Star Team. D. Banks, R. Monson and G. Ayoob made the A11 Aroostook Class B Team. G. Ayoob was also high scorer for the season with 27 goals. "NOBODY messes with the Tiger Team! !" , ' Malcolm Wright - "The toughest little guy in Aroostook ' County." W. " ,W 1 I I 'X' I' I .. i , A: 4,71 M KAW ll: Q all lllln 4' lf . I X' CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: Steve Milliard, Robert Palmer, Ricky Wyman, Robert Everett, David McGarrigle. Row 2: Coach Murphy, Kathy Michaud, mgr: Mike Thibodeau, David Campbell, Steve Robinson, Mat Nigh tingale, Mike Cyr, Becky Doughty, mgr. 4. 4 . .. - 1 - 4. I ' Could there be another Bruce Jenner here? "Just Jogging along" - all went to the state meet. The County Cross Country meet was held at the Aroostook Valley Country Club on October 15, "7'7. Team scores for those participating were Fort Fairfield, 53g Caribou, 303 Central Aroos. 105: Presque Isle, 113: Madawaska 128: Ash- land 167, Van Buren, 171, and Hodgdon 179. In the County Meet, it was Mike Cyr who bettered the "record" by one-minute as he came in FIRST. He was fol- lowed close behind by Greg Wardwell of Caribou, Robert Everett, and Matt Nightingale four own Tigersh. These boys all beat former run records! Mike C. , Bob E., Matt N. , Mike T., and David M. ran well in the State Meet. fSee the picture abovej. Sponsored by: "Keep on trucking to the 111116 of vic- NORTHERN NATIONAL BANK tory." 206 Main Streq-.5 F-Qu SKI TEAMS EXCEL W e u mm M . mai am, wtf.. x 'M SID: : an H cnggrv-1 55,03 fiona 5- zrgm 3...-E gg'-U an 8:1915 :s re -F' "' HOHZ og-f-lm :foo :Inga 2'rTo mm... Sim O Oc:QZ ?"E3' QBNF O cn gfgx L-1"'l-fy,-1 Uflfhfi' cu go ZZ-m 3? 3' mo!! 63053 P- EE Q 5"Z:n ,-. LOU?" :x2,'Z.'.Q'g" ct,..:1,: GMBH 32275 Q.2?"J. OUUQ QE.:-:E W':3' H IJ QCd'4O no o OOD mv-4,-0 o0,'gE::f ... rn FU -. :Q at .,,,.5.: 9:3 5 ' " fe H- , .. . , . E 5 I , . -zvfvfsa. 1 1 'WL .ww an A H5113 ' 1 wi ' was 'vu ' " WW -Q 4.1.5 .mf K A 1 ' Mr . 3 F r E ai 3 fr' 3 if 'BQ ls 5 ve K ,yi ig ,rw V Y gh ' - gimm lx M Q1 Q.. wr -. , "OUR BEST" GIRLS' TEAM: CSecond in Banks, Coach McCrea, Lynn Moirs, Beth Bruce, Brenda London, Sally Foster, Mary Ann McCrea, Lynn Grant, Julie Wright, Kathy DeMerchant, Laura McLaughlin, Coach Clark. State Finalsj Barbara Ashby. Lisa il Our IUMPERS get ready to board the bus for an important meet. Www! 3'W5Ff 9 Wm, , -4 gb 5 Q .A x "Trudging onto the Victory" I 1-. Ig ,Av ,M Where's the Finish Line?" I I!! ' ul U sd A V9 , , I A long Tiger. M L.,..n?.... "Going My Way?" 'L ' j ,P . Q A-:gl 5 4 ., " 'J " f 4 1 :WI , V -I ' L, MJ X5 1 f . . A A 1 A 2 . "Who said that it wasn't cold out here." FIELD HUCKE Y V v, QU FI X351 Fi 4fa Row 1: Narda LaPointe, Heather Pendleton, Mary Watson, Dot Johnston. Row 2: Lori McGil1an, mgr: Lisa Banks, Leslie Guiou, Lori White, Cindy Williams, Beth Michaud. Diane Day, Kathryn Rideout, Lisa Ayoob. Sally Foster. Heidi Haines, Bette Foster, Theresa Schwartz, Kate Barnes, mgr. Row 3: Lynn Moirs, Lori Graves, Kathy Moirs, Robin Ellis. Debbie McGi1lan, Lisa Ugone, Carrie Achom, Carla Hayes, Bonnie Bishop. Mrs. Peters - "The Thinker" I-IEA-THER strikes again! SCOREBOARD Fort Katahdin Fort Presque Isle Fort Ashland Fort Caribou Fort Presque Isle Fort Katahdin Fort Madawaska Fort Houlton Fort Ashland Fort Houlton Fort Caribou Fort Madawaska Eastem Maine Play-offs: Fort 0 Cent. E. Corinth 2 1 0 1 QOTD 0 3 3 1 O 1 2 KOTD 2 1 Row 1: Jayson Bryall David Carris Mark Gagnon Fred Dionne David Gould Tom Anderson QManagerb Row 2: John Deschesne fManagerJ Mark Cassidy Bob Beaulieu Mike Gagnon Paul Cassidy David Ossie Mike Burtchell Coach Sjoberg WRESTLING TEAM Mark Gagnon and Bob Beaulieu won top honors in the Northern Maine Regionals in Caribou. This assured them a place in the State Meet in Bidde- fordg alternates were Mike Gagnon and Mark Cas- sidy . Coach Gardner Joe Shaw John Libby Mike Robinson Don Cassidy Ralph Michand Paul Cassidy. Y nn. H Golf TEAM g g The golf team won 2 out of 8 of their regular season matches and captured lst Place in the Regional Meet. Ralph Michaud was Low Medalist in overall performance for the season. Congratulations to Coach Larry Gardner for a fine first year as coach. GIRLS' BASKETBALL VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY -., J Row 1: Diane Day, Mary Watson. Kathryn Rideout Lisa Ayoob, Row 2: Lori McGi1lan, fmanagerl, Lisa Ugone. Beth Michaud. Holly Bouchard. Angela Heath, Karen Banks. Laurie Adams, Kate Barnes CManagersh . Row 1: Debbie Dubay. Debbie McGillan, Becky Doughty, Kim Gunnerson, Denise Dubay. Lori Bell. Row 2: Lori Graves. Cmanagerj Patty Morneault. Kiersten Pendleton. Angela Health. Sandra Barnett, Heidi Haines, Karen Cyr, and Tami Ward qManagerb. Kiersten Pendelton Laura McLaughlin and Dot Johnston FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM Jerry Sherman. Scott Michaud, Christopher Dean, Shawn Ireland, Scott Adams, Chester Cyr. Mike Campbell, Scott Pike, Paul Matchett: Mgr. FRESHMEN CH ERLEADERS SCOREBOARD Fort Fort 61 - 46, Houlton 50 60 - 23, Washburn 50 49 - 63, Presque Isle 61 55 - 53, Presque Isle 50 60 - 50, Limestone 76 46 - 21, Van Buren 48 61 - 23, Mars Hill 66 Caribou Washburn Caribou Limestone Mars Hill Van Buren Houlton Valerie Gallop. Patricia Bricknell , Lynn Flannery: Captain. Duska Kenneson. Shelley Gorman. Robin Moirs. Sandra Fox. J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1: Bob Ellis, Terry Jandreau: Managers. Row 2: Coach Gardner, Bennet Jandreau, Kendall Shaw, Peter Glew, Dan Ayoob, Donald Cassidy, Mike Robinson, Mike Rackliffe, Ieff Davenport, Maxie Neddeau, Frank Beaulieu, George Taggett. SCOREBOARD 49 Fort Fort 43 - 47, Mars Hill 51 35 - 58, Van Buren X 42 44 - 63, Limestone I Q3 58 '71 - 31, Caribou ,Y 7 51 65 - 25, Calais 33 43 - 35, Madawaska I 43 44 - 40, Presque Isle S 5 54 43 - 26, Ashland I so 36 - 27, Fon Kent .55 -5. 39 Mars Hill Madawaska Caribou Fort Kent Limestone Presque Isle Ashland Van Buren , Presque Isle CHEERIN' 'EM ON! Kim Thibodeau Martha McLaughlin Pattie Thibeau Kris McCrea Debbie Higgins Marcia Wright Carla Hayes Carrie Achorn - Captain VARSITY BASKETBALL ,mf B0 :lam Row 2 Larry Gardner Asst Coach Ralph Michaud George Ayoob B111 Flannery Doug Banks Randy Cloney, Mike Robinson, Joe Doherty Captain, Linda LaPointe Ruth Deschesne Jane Bernard Robin Ellis, Heather Pendleton Tiger, Sandra Oakes Lori White, Leslie Guiou D'Ann Ketch Varsity Scoreboard , Mars Hill , Van Buren , Limestone . Caribou , Calais . Madawaska . Presque Isle , Ashland , Fort Kent , Mars Hill , Madawaska , Caribou , Fort Kent , Limestone . Calais , Ashland , Van Buren , Presque Isle . g 9 fzff s 'O Q, I, 'O'l'I63 1 I Qvaazcs s r 1 EFT. 'Z in 2 K -., WH? 3 s . Ox 6 . 8 I lm? 4. I . Si it ., .:gfZ1,,4'? A - f an ., V 4 gf,4,cK,., fjrv F' s 'ii A ' .H rg 6 1. Q if ax if x ' 1 1 Xxx 1 Ish 'S s-4 1 ,J-...Mum X.. A .FK 1 gf 'WW mix ,J NW M -sv Senior Activities ASHBY. JANE - 9 - 11: Chor. 9 - 11: Jr. Ex.: Posi- tive Action Committee. AYOOB, GEORGE - Class Pres. 9: Nat'l Hon. Socy. 11, Pres. 12: Tiger Cage 12: Sen. Play: Var. Club 10 - 12: FFA 10 - 12: Bsktball 9 - 12: Base- ball 9: Track 11 - 12: Soccer 10 - 12: Dirigo Boys' St. 11. AYOOB, LISA - Class Treas. 10 - 12: Nat'l Honor Socy. 11 - 12: Yrbook 10: Tiger Cage 12: Senior Play: Bi Hi Y 11: Frch Cl. 9 - 10: Var. Cl. 10 - 11, Secy-Treas. 12: Bsktball 9 - 12: Field Hocy. 9 - 12: Softball 9 - 12: Band 9 - 12: Vol. ball 11 - 12. AYOOB, MARY ANN - FBLA 9 - 10: Senior Pl. Jr. Ex. fprogramj: FHA 11 - 12: Library 9 - 10: Chorus 9 - 12: Pep Team 11. BABINEAU, TERESA - Yrbook 12: FBLA 9 - 12 Pres. 12: Senior Play: Band 9 - 11. BANKS, DOUG - Stu. Council 12: Nat'l Hon. Socy. 11 - 12: Tiger Cage, Sr. Play: Frch. Club 9 - 10: Var. Cl. 10 - 12: Band 9 - 12: Baseball 11 - 12: Bskeball 9 - 12: Soccer 10 - 12: Dirigo Boys' St. 11. BARNETT. LAURIE - Tiger Cage 11 - 12: FBLA Secy 11: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Drama Cl. 11: FFA 11: Var. Cl. 12: Track 10 - 12: Chorus 10 - 12. BEAULIEU, ROBERT - Wrestl'g Co-Capt. 12. BISHOP, DARCI LYNN - Nat'l Hon. Socy 11 - 12: Jr. Ex. CMusicJ: Band 9 - 12, All-St. 11: Cheerldr. 9 - 11: Majorette 11 - 12. BOULIER, PAUL - Drama Cl. 11: FFA 9 - 10: Var. Cl. 10 - 12: Band 9 - 12: Chorus 10 - 12: Wres- tling 9 - 12: Senior Play. BROWN, KEVIN - Fr. Cl. 10 - 12: Track Mgr. 10: Jr. Ex. Marshall. BUGBEE, PETER - Jr. Ex. 4311 Cboysj: Drama Cl. 11: Baseball 9 - 10: Track 9 - 10. BURNS, SCOTT - Tiger Cage 12: Ir. Ex.: Frch. Cl. 9 - 12: Librarian 9: Sr. Play. CAMPBELL , BARBARA CANAVAN. DEBRA - FBLA 11 - 12: Senior Play: Softball 9: Eng. Award 9: MTA Award 10. CHAMBERS, RODNEY CHASSE, JOE CHURCHILL, GAIL CHURCHILL, LORI - FBLA 9 - 10 - 12: JI. Ex.: Librarian 9. CIESIELSKI , FRANK COTE, GEORGE - Class Pres. 12: Tiger Cage 12: Sr. Play: Jr. Ex. Marshall: Fr. Cl. 12: Library 9: Band 9 - 12: Chorus 9 - 12: Baseball 9 - 10: Track 11 - 12: Ski Team 11 - 12: Pep Team 10 - 11. CRAIG, BARRY - Class V.P. 9: Stu. Council 11: FFA 10 - 11: Basketball 9: X-Ctry 9: Track 9: Soccer 10 - 11. CYR, MIKE - St. Council 11 - 12, Secy. 12: Tiger Cage 12: Bi Hi Y 10: Frch. Cl. 9 - 12, Treas. 12: Varsity Cl. 9 - 12: Bsktball 9: X-Ctry. 9 - 12: Capt. 11 - 12: Track 9 - 12: Ski Tm. 11 - 12: Attend. Award 10: Radio Cl. 9: Dirigo Boys' St. 11: Older Boys 10. DAY, DIANE - St. Council 12: FBLA 11 - 12: Jr. Ex. Marshall: Older Girls 11: Frch. Cl. 9: Drama Cl. 9 - 11: Var. Cl. 10 - 12: Bsktball 9 - 12: Fld Hockey 9, 10, 12: Softball 9 - 12: Band 9 - 12: Chorus 9 - 11: Sr. Play: Chess Cl. 9. DELANO, DAVID - Nat'l Hon. Socy 11 - 12: Yrbook 12: FBLA 11 - 12: Sr. Play Stage Crew 9 - 10, Stage Mgr. 11 - 12: Ir. Ex. fPianistb: Drama Cl. 9 - 11: Band 10 - 12: Pep Team 11. DOHERTY, JOSEPH - Class Treas. 9: V.P. , 10 - 11: Jr. Ex.: Bi Hi Y 10: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Drama Cl. 11: FFA 9 - 12: Chorus 12: Basktball 9 - 12: Baseball 9: Pep Tm. 10: Soccer 9: Older Boys Conf. 9. DOUGHTY, DEBBIE - Jr. EX. Comm. EGAN . RICHARD EMERSON, LYNN - FHA 12: Jr. Prom Comm. FINNEMORE, DANA - Senior Play. FLANNERY, BILL - Stu. Council 10 - 12: Bi Hi Y 103 Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: FFA 0, W1 Potato Judging 10 - 11, Nat. FFA Conv. Delegate to Leadership Conf., N.E. Dairy Judging Tm. 12, Pres. 12: Drama Cl. 11: Chorus 12: Basktball 9 - 10 - 12: X-Ctry. 9: Track 9 - 10: Boys. FLEMING, TED - Cross Country 10: Track 10. GAGNON . JEFF GAGNON, MARK - Yrbk. 11: Var. Cl. 9 - 12: X- Ctry. 10: Track 9 - 12: Wrestling 9 - 12. GALLAGHER, VIRGINIA - Yrbk. 12: Tiger Cage 10 - 11: Sr. Play: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Drama Cl. 11: Chorus 9 . GIBERSON, DIANA - Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Varsy Cl. 11: Cheerldr 9 - 115 Bus. Ed. Award. GOODWIN, PAM - Sr. Play: FHA 10 - 12: Pep Team 11. GUY, DWIGHT - Jr. Ex.: Frch. Cl. 10 - 12: Chess Team 9 - 12. HALL, SCOTT - Band 1 - 4: Senior Play. HATHAWAY, ROBERT - Sr. Play: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Basketball 9 - 10. HIGGINS, HORACE HOLMES, REX HUNTER, MIKE IANDREAU, RONNIE JOHNSTON, DOT - Tiger Cage 12: Drama Cl. 115 Var. Cl. 11 - 12: Bsktball 11: Ski Tm. 9: Field Hockey 10 - 125 Softball 10 - 12: Dirigo Girls' St. 11: Band 9 - 11: Volley ball 11. KETCH, D'ANN - Class Secy. 10 - 125 Sr. Play: Bi Hi Y 10 - 11: Older Girls 11 - 12, St. Secy. 12: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: FFA 11 - 12, Secy. 11, Dist. Secy. 12, Sweetheart 12, Par. Proc. 11 - 12 CSecyJ: Var. Cl. 12: Cheerldr 9 - 11 - 12. LaPOlNTE, LINDA - Class V.P. 12: Sen. Play 125 Chorus 9 - 10 - 125 Cheerldr 9 - 12, Capt. 11 - 125 Track 11 - 12. LeBLANC, CLAUDETTE - Sr. Play: Frch. Cl. 9 - 125 Library 9 - 10. LIBBY. JOHN - Sr. Play: Var. Cl. 11 - 12: Basket- ball 9 - 10, Mgr. 125 Golf Tm. 10 - 12. LOWE, RITA - Yrbook 115 Tiger Cage 12: Sr. Play: Older Girls 125 FFA 9 - 10 - 11, Pub. Spkg. 9: Var. Cl. 125 Chorus 9 - 12: Track 10 - 12: Ski Tm. 11 - 12: Math Tm. 12. LUNN, SUSAN - Nat'l Honor Socy. 11 - 125 Yr. Book 125 Jr. Ex.: Frch. Cl. 9 - 12: Drama Cl. 115 Library 10 - 12: Sr. Play: MTA Award 10: Math Award 11. LYNCH, KEVIN - Var. Cl. 11 - 12: Bsktball 10 - 12. LYNCH, LAURA - Yrbk 10 - 12: Sr. Play: Bi Hi Y 105 Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Dr. Cl. 9: Var. Cl. 12: Chorus 9 - 11 - 125 Track 10 - 12. MacNAUGHTON, ANN - Yrbk. 125 Sr. Play: Frch. C1. 9 - 10: Softball 95 MTA Award 105 Bio Award , Composition Award 10. MARTIN. JOHN MARTIN, PHILIP MCGARRIGLE, DALE - St. Council 11: Tiger Cage 11 - 125 Sr. Play: Bi Hi Y 10: Frch. Cl. 9: Drama Cl. 9 - 115 Var. Cl. 11 - 12: Chorus 9 - 125 All-Aroos. 9 - 125 All-St. 10 - 12: Bsktball Mgr. 9 - 10: X-Ctry. Mgr. 10: Track 11 - 12: Mgr. 9 - 105 History Award 115 Wrestling 12. MCKINNON , BECKY MATCHETT, DANIEL - French Cl. 9 - 11, V.P. 12: Basketball 9. MCNAMEE , MITCHELL MCMANN, YVONNE - FBLA 12: FHA 10 - 12: FFA 12, V.P. 125 Librarian 10 - 11: Band 9: Chorus 9. MURPHY, HATTIE - FBLA 12: Frch Cl. 9: Dra. Cl. 9: FHA 10 - 125 Band 10. MURPHY, SALLY - Yrbook 12: FBLA 9 - 12, Treas. 105 Sr. Play5 Dirigo Girls' St. 11. OAKES, SANDRA - Yrbook. 11 - 12: FBLA 11 - 12. Secy. 125 Ir. Ex.: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Drama Cl. 9 - 115 FHA 9 - 11, V.P. 10 - 11: Library 10: Band 95 Chorus 9: Cheerldr 9 - 12: Pep Tm. 10. OSGOOD, CHERYL - Tiger Cage Typist 12: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10. PARKS, MONA PELKEY, JANET - Librarian 9 - 10 - 11. PELLETIER, ERIC - Class Pres. 10 - 11: Stu. Council 95 Jr. Ex.: Drama Cl. 11: FFA 9 - 10: Creed Spkg. 95 Pep Tm. 10: Art Award 10: Senior Play. PLANT, DARLENE - Yrbook 11 - 12, Ed. 12: FBLA 10 - 12: Jr. Ex. Marshall: Drama Cl. 9 - 11: FHA 9 - 11, Pres. 10 - 115 Dirigo St. Carnival Queen 105 Ft. Fld. Ir. Miss 12. REYNOLDS, DAVID - Frch. Cl. 9: Chess Tm. 10 - 12. RIDEOUT, KATHRYN - Sr. Play: Ir. Ex. Music Bi Hi Y 11: Drama Cl. 9 - 115 Var. Cl. 11 - 125 Band 9 - 12: Chorus 10 - 12: All State 10 - 12: Bsktball 10 - 12: Track 9 - 10 - 12: Field Hockey 9 - 11 - 12: Stage Band 9 - 12. SHAW, DEBRA - Chorus 9 - 10. STEDMAN, JOHN - Frch. C1. 10 - 125 Var. Cl. 10 - 125 Bsktball Mgr. 9 - 12: Track Mgr. 10. THIBODEAU, MICHAEL - var. Cl. 9 - 12: Track 9 - 12: X-Country 10 - 12. UGONE, ANTHONY - Nat'l Hon. Socy. 11 - 12: Var. Cl. 9 - 12, Pres. 12: Bsktball 9 - 125 Base- ball 9 - 125 Soccer 9 - 125 Band 9 - 12: All- Aroos. Soccer 11 - 125 All-American Soccer 11: Volleyball 9 - 12. WALKER, TRUDY - Jr. Ex. Marshall 11: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Librarian 10 - 11: Band 95 Chorus 95 Cheer- leader 9. WARD , CHARLES WASSON . RICKY WATSON, MARY - St. Council 9 - 11 - 12, V.P. 11, Pres. 125 Yrbook 11 - 12: Sen. Play: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Var. Cl. 9 - 12: Bsktball 9 - 12: Field Hockey 9 - 125 Softball 9, 11 - 125 Band 9 - 12: Volleyball 9 - 125 Girls' State 115 Blood Drive. WIGLEY, MARGARET - Yrbook. 11 - 125 Tiger Cage 11: Sr. Play: Frch. Cl. 9 - 10: Drama Cl. 9 - 115 FFA 12: Var. Cl 125 X-Ctry. Mgr. 115 Track Mgr. 10 - 12: Band 9 - 125 Chorus 9 - 12. WILLIAMS, CINDY - Class Secy. 95 Sen. Play: Bi Hi Y 9 - 115 Field Hockey 9 - 12: Vol. Ball 105 Band 9 - 11: Chorus 9 - 10. WILSON, SALLY - Tiger Cage Typist 115 FBLA 12: Jr. Ex. Marshall: Softball 9: MTA Award 105 Volleyball 95 Senior Play. WRIGHT, DAVID - Yrbook 125 FBLA 11 - 12: Jr. Ex. Marshall: Var. Cl. 10 - 12: Basketball 9 - 125 Track 9 - 11 - 12: Chess Cl. 9 - 11: Boys' State 115 Senior Play. !+ CANDIDS - in and ouf of school Dina and Tim "stuff" the trash to clean up the environ- Stacey Gallagher came to visit one day ment. last fall. 1 Q' 1' X . 4 l Ji h e X, ' Betty Kent helped with CPR in biology Tender, loving care to all Red Cross blood Classes. donors, W,. 'Wu lf? y Maw ,hmfw Robert Everett runs all year round. Mr. Gallagher rests at a campsite on Mt. Kalah- din. ii X a rfl as " LVN. -N Are these guys busy or could they be "camera-shy?" Walking the straight and narrow on the way to the top of Mt. Katahdin . TOURNAMENT: BUCKSPORT vs. FORT Kneeling: Ralph Michaud, Tony Ugone. Standing: Coaches - Greenlaw and Gardner, David Wright, George Ayoob, Joe Doherty, Mike Robinson, Kevin Lynon, Perrin Todd, Doug Banks, Rick Monson, Mgr. John Stedman. :av-ff" 4-'QW Heather Pendleton, Robin Ellis, Jane Bernard, Leslie Guiou, and Ruth Deschesne. xirt I, TIGER COA CHE5 -,r I I . M'-A V , lt .,. .. A E '- -X ,Q Mr. Carl Sjoberg Qwrestlingb ifas- f: f' 3 G Mr. Peter Murphy Mr. Richard Greenlaw " J . - -rssw CTrack and Cross Countryb fVarsity Basketball 1 A . ip zefggyst - ..- figs . GQ-f ell , ,, i ff" V ' M tt - 51: 2- : If V ' Mr. Clarence Clark CBoys and Girls Ski Teaml ux ilf l ' if Mr. Leonard Cole W CSoccerJ Mr. Gary Cyr CFrosh Basketballj Ms. Yvonne Milliard Mr. Bob Osterblom - Girls Track Liznsgiisetgilgefgxi Mr. Larry Gardner Mr. Stephen Ames - Baseball ' ' Y fG01f and JV Baskerballh Sponsored by: STEVEANIQ1 t QTLJ D no S 'Q' K QUIK RF j i .f1-' j5 z QQ ' . "NORTHERN LIGHT" - Photographer: Mary Watson ft in e x -X5 M ""-1-.M N Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Donald Aucoin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Babineau Teresa Babineau Sare and V. J. Bernier Dawn and Donald Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bustard Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Conant Mr. and Mrs. Omar Deabay Linda and Joe Doherty PATRONS Ms. Marion and Alice French Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hall Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hanson Mrs. Margaret Holmes Charlene and Shannon LeMire Mrs. Mina Miller Mr. and Mrs. Donald Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Roland Norris Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Pendleton Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Plant Krista Plant Pastor and Mrs. Cole Price Miss Elizabeth Richards Mrs. Gwendolyn Shaw Bobbie lo Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tranbarger Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tuck Gary Tuck and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walker Cora Ward Mary Lou Doughty Mr. and Mrs. Rene Oakes Dr. and Mrs. Naveed Farooki Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pelletier It is with pleasure that we present these patrons and the advertising on the following pages as a visible means of appreciation for their financial effort to make the '78 Northern Light, an edition to be long remembered. Thank you. everyone . for you continued support. We trust that you will enjoy looking through your yearbook for years to come. We were pleased to have photographed members of the F.F.H.S. Senior Class of 1978. See our togetherness N 0 H E R N engagement photos, weddings, reunions and family groups. Darci Bishop and Happy VOSCAR'S STUDIO 521 Main Street Presque Isle, Maine SUPPLY CO. "Congra1'ula+ions, Seniors" Tel: 496-3011 L.P. Gas - Appliances - Camping Trailers and Accessories Industrial Supplies - Tools and Equipment 147 Main Street Caribou WEGP I39O Presque Presq P Hi Light Sunday Sunday at the Memories Open Mike Roderick McKay ue Isle ersonaliiy Radio Monday Through Friday Ray Larson Show Tim Guiggey Show John Elliot Show Sales Staff Brian Lamont Wayne Knight 12:30 to 3:30 p.1'1'l. Homer T. Ford Clinton Fulton wie:-ws SPORTING eoons EXPRESS ix COLE'S wncnm gh , ', ," k, Sh gg 7 B, 1 "Dependab1e Service Since 1917" S 1 OP 33' q Qfn- lcyc es Our 60th Anniversaty 4gxais3fLSf Athletic Equipment AS Graduate... fe Team Supplies' 4 M 'f,g:'-"",N" Uulfkkk-i :nn X :'.:'..':'i ..-r.:-... 3 nddbhhdlinmidii, W I2H:If""15TUZf hZllml'J1 kili anlvsuutnlullv. if' affirm! I! 1 ',"A., fu4,,I . 4 - A9100 film 589 Wilson Street - Bre 1244 i Being Express talk Canola Aki! 50141 1 Offices wer , ME Genera Bangor , ME 444 Perry Road Open Mon. -Fri . Home OF IN Anoosroox courrrv Levi's for Boys, Men, and Women Levi's Jeans - Corduroy's - Shirts - Jackets Mammoth Mart Shopping Center 9:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Sat. 9:30-5:30 Presque Isle, Maine Mars Hill G R Presque Isle gf ,,, lht 0 P I 4- ix oi xg ff X GRAVES' SHOP 84 SAVE Ya. A ,r s .., W, 1 .L f 'af P-f Asnzosowt . - "Caribou Rd. in Presque Isle 15 11 U ' Sis 5 Ianaa aa,Iaaa i M.. YUSEPS Specializing in Steaks, Seafood , Italian Food: Pizza to Go - Serving Your Favorite Beverages. 54 Access Highway Caribou -, ,Q : , : E H ,ggp ,X 9' .K 4,' Shakes Day! NG CO U ff NEWCOMB S MARKET TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY .- 1 X +749 X . X - wx,-v 4' - WTUX' I3 590 T5 s 1, 'faq Yearbook Publications Announcements Balfour Name Cards Rings ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS 02703 Pins Victor R. Holan, Sales Representative and Thurlow S . Cooper Box 244, Cape Cottage Branch Portland , ME "New Eng1and's Largest and Most Complete Music Store . " 20 Broad Street Bangor, Maine F f'ff'Np T 17 Z? M V ga it P fi if P-, wi' 1 GAIL MARIE'S APPAREL 116 Main Street, Fort Fairfield, ME Health-Tex Maverick Ship 'rx Shore Northern Isle PETERSON'S MOTOR MART Main Street Fort Fairfield, Maine Infants"Gifrs A , ",A slim, ,iv 'W 'N Milt "Our Besi' Wishes +o +he Class of '78 H O agzulu-ssmnxssuzulu-ssrlllllcssuzulcl-tg . . 2 E 5 E ROBERTS-FGSS KING 4 -I AGENCY O THE? 'li Ill " E E ' 5 Q E "4 -f7. E 5 4 'vli3 A 5 If 3, G flux E Q ' MQ' . fm j N t 6 5 SPORT VEHICLES X E 472-3651 and 472-3491 E Caribtil Sweden 223534791 E 183 Main St' Fon Faiffieldww msuzulu4smnK:suzulu4s1lluK:suzulu4 We Exfend Our Besf Wishes fo fhe Graduafing Class of I978 THE BANKING STURE First National Bank of Aroostook? Member F. D.I. C. Member of Federal Reserve System With Offices In: Caribou Fort Fairfield Houlton C23 Presque Isle C25 TIRES BELANGER'S AUTHORIZE ALERS FOR MACHINERY 6 if 'runes a. axrrsmss STAR TIRES By Kelly-Springfield ' I 2 A comtm 5 X uns or IT GL PREMIUM-PASSENGER tea! 1 Tnucx s. mncron " I TIRES 8' TUBES Massey-Ferguson Hesston and Lockwood Dealer THERIAUITS TIRE CENTER OFF THE BYPASS WATER, CARIBOU Nathan L. Grass, 419 Sweden Street I CALL-US-AT I Manager Caribou, ME 04736 Telephone 207 496-2011 Our Congraiulaiions Io M 'rhe Seniors of H ' H Fori' Fairfield High ScI1ooII WI1OIeSaIef' S ABM King Qenrgkz motor hm 8: Restaurant Complete Dining J 8 Banquet Facimies 1 ff' I X X 5 nnfmcf onmis f n 7, 1 ' 3 nntmmnnn 1 ' sfo" Inn., , om 1 nm I? x -- Major Credit Cards Honored f 493-3311 ACCESS HWY CARIBOU Facilities Available 41 Modern Rooms I hx M 130 Main Street Caribou, ME COCA-COLA and DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. pn' 1 Il ,. I1 I II , Y I . .- K .ll . EDP' .xx 4' "Most Original Soft Drink Ever - in the Whole Wide World. " I , 1 S4257 If PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Dr. S. Rideout - Physician and Surgeon Dr. Robert S. George - Optometrist Dr. Donald Cassidy - Dentist Dr. Wayne Clapp - Dentist Roberts and Roberts Law Office Dr. A. D. Pendleton - Physician and Surgeon Sage, Aycob, 8a Langley - Law Firm Dr. N. Q. Farocki - Physician Dr. N. M. Prasanna - Physician Aroostook Mental Health Center in Fort Fairfield , ME Theodore Cummings - Optometrist Williard Hamilton - Optometrist Solman, Page, 8a Hunter - Law Firm in Carthou , ME Serving Aroostook County W ith Dependable Electric Power I MAINE PUBLIC SEFIVICE CU. X Etfcmn: 45111 l' L Presque Isle Fort Kent x 147 ., Us Yr '4 6 Caribou MARSTON'S Largest Selcfction of Cards, Books, Stationery and Magazines in Aroostook County Featuring the Complete Hallmark Line If you don't see the book you want on display PLEASE ASK FOR IT Marston's will be happy to order it, if it is not in stock Shopping Plaza Hours 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Mon-Sat. Main Street Store Hours AIG: 8 A.M . -8:30 P.M. Weekdays 9 A.M.-2:00 P.M. Sundays 483 Main St. and Presque Isle Plaza AYOOB BROTHERS 214 Main Street . . . Fort Fairfield Lee leans Tuxedo Rentals Sport Coats Shirt Assortment Outfitters From "Lad, Gal, Dad" Besi' Regards +o +he Class of '78 A. J. eotnsmm-rs Old Town , Maine Q JARICCJ TRUCK BROKERS INC. .A I ll K , Q91 14 Congraiulaiions 5 Davis St. Presque Isle, ME 'MINE MUTUA GROUP The BEST of Insurance YO I I H X 1 ll H ffl llf , INSURANCE SOJMPANIES at cwest COSI' lmmf, AGENT 'lllVll 'Ov Illll' o UNITED MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY MAINE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 551 Main Street - Presque Isle "At Toyota of Caribou the selection is great and the service is even better. For a quality " L, :-- ' automobile at a price you can afford . . . get ,,, 1,1,,,,,,, your hands on a Toyota, you'll never let go. " V ,,. Aa -' Q s Y Y A W " -I '+V 'I' '54, Ig ' I I I T C Xe -V- , W "Zig, ll gg' 'W ' s -' fr I SW The Choice OI Telephonl of Experts 498-2588 coNvERsmE'nIinfJotIBER co. An Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer - Ma1e!Female Fri "Sneakers are made to last when worn by TIGERS!" AROOSTOOK TRUST COMPANY RENO'S PIZZA HOUSE 60 Varieties of A Pizzas T E Specializing n BANK in Fine Italian Q Foods Order to Go - ' s Established 1890 Q Serving Aroostook C2112 fi: 496-5531 6 Caribou ' Pfesque Isle Hours: sun.-Thur. 11:00-11:00 Madawaskaf Fm Kem Pri. and sat. 11:00-2:00 A.M. Mama Italian and American Foods Sweden Street Caribou CRAWFORD CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Wil' Q' ,L 11. N151 ffffh sa' if it as ,C Qfllgsigfj-r4.g,-fa fiwggyyqgtrn PLYMUUTIUNTJ , Z .17 1 Qf -A i .L -gi ,.'., . 1, v... Q- ' 1' fi" """"""' "ini" ' N1 A. bfi., EJ ,lirjl v.,A. ,H,1,1.' 1 WZ 5,4-.1 ' sn V lx 1113- QA My , ,Nf'Pfv"f' -,41fj-V1-'-l.' 2 31.15 J fi.: :, QVQ, T4 -wi ,,,.,,-:.'e:-5-t-If H .. L Headquarters luull 1 IVEVA T -1 for Chrysler, Plymouth including Imperials, Trail Dusters and Voyagers. Ummm Sales Service - Parts ymoufh Choice of A-1 Used Cars. Access Road, Caribou Tel: 498-8781 LEVESOUE oFFIcE SUPPLY 5 Fox Street, Madawaska, Maine 04756 Phone: 207 728-4605 Printing - Photocopy Furniture - Machines Reno W. Levesque, Proprietor 8 Washburn Avenue, Caribou, Maine 04736 Phone: 207 493-3382 l . . mf g ff" . , . vm 7 MCGI LLAN INC. Ear+h Work Con+rac+or Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742 Phone 472-4241 Sears Dept. Store Auto Service Appliances and Catalog A 0- ,-mofv W 320 Main St. Presque Isle 5 ,yi if - , ' if X 1 I g f D I- V- XX V . AROOSTOOK SPORTING GOODS Quality Equipment, Clothing and Supplies for All Sports Brian D. Young Bruce W. Sargent 394 Main Street Presque Isle, ME 04769 HAINES AUTO BODY Expert Body and Fender Repair Truck Painting, Lettering and Auto Painting Charles B. Haines Box 864 Rice-St. Presque Isle, ME gi CYR BROS. MEAT PACKING INC. iBeef 'iPortion Control Meats iPork 'xlnstitutional Canned i:Lamb Goods 'iVea1 iFood Service Paper i'Table Ready Meat and Products Provisions iFood Service Coffee i'Poultry , Fresh and Frozen Equipment and Supplies i'Frozen Food 'ilanitorial Supplies Technical Fod Service Assistance Available on Request Caribou, Maine 04736 220 Washington St. Tel. 496-3331 QCPVSVM. im -H NETHERLAND MNNE TYPEWRITER FARMERS EXCHANGE . -if ,. , A -t4'. .v 3-3:5 -,f"-L A . -'iv' 'Q :TEL-'-Fa. 15: Q- ' r ' '., .ns W alll V L - v Office Supplies and Equipment Q ' 11i?'?MAlNEi5i" xi .- ,dp-HZ J., 'gzflx 1 . ly pnpnn f L 1 , 4' 9 ., ' '-f-VECQUJ f fat 4 l l M, 1 Table Potatoes 3, if Seed Potatoes 0 s A 1 C2075 764-4433 12075764-1844 ' Larry Thibodeau Johnny "Seed" Haley SQ! p H- 4 Don Silver E kr' to 1 RUSH pi Kevin Bishop NP ' Bob Davis 444 Main Street Presque Isle , Maine presque 1316, Maine UD 51 CO-OPERATIVE 'U 3 A .E 'O A LL 5 SERVICE s X25 Akkmgxxiixxs I ! Xffilffvdmoia PeUoXeum"!r .g rainy 'QAM' mm' ?Ff3rm Machinery . if P 5950 X X 0,0609 I? .e SQIGXC cg? 2 9060. - 9 Q50 5 QQ 9 A Q "' O6 Q55 fp Presque Isle L5 96 768-5611 H 'Z CLOTHES CLOSET BGUTICPUE Pamela Burgess Manager if ti .WS . ,-53395 ii! , 'ignkxkiwis .14 J? " W1 ' ' 9 af ga V ' ., . ,vfffffswffr 'WF :+f1,f?,',g?,,i4'14.'5'Pf3g+g,5!1fwI?5e1fg,Y5,, 51 Q !!'m.'5.7vg5.15'5yg gait- -eff sis tu. fmiv-fw+Lf:.'- '-fgm.x1"u:, tt ' ' "n .'-'S ard .,' war . 'T:NN'V'ff"i'f " I I If f xftiizv 4 iffy? . KI ' x' 11,34 f avg, .-'Io X li' M x ggi. N ,LH ', Nu-N "Xe :ff 2 'x 1 Q- Ng N is ,fe ML ., , J. X .1 I xi!-.5 f NN 1 Y sf ,, , 7k eiotlca Wow aaatqu E ,H Qlfifx ' ' ' -L 50 " T' .'.,,,V x , we sure sweet . 3 . . ss Q S PRESOUE ISLE, Minus 04769 'diff -'D-fivf-' 's 5,5 'J I 7695231 '1 -: V, v w,.. R xiii! od Pfwfve 1.-Lf - -' . sf-. 156 State Street, Presque Isle 769-5281 X4 F5 ff 0 A M-je O W. A FORT FAIRFIELD FOODLINER Presque Isle Sireef Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742 Pleasmg You Pleases Us Vmce Bernler, Owner o ,F ' II., v 'ew ..I,e 'S e- I I 'Ex 'ii E I f rfr X 'gg' WV.: E A 1-I 1 V Q I ' 5 I. 5. - 4' fi I I I. I F vw' W, 5 V , , gt LAM K ,J .,.Q..,,, at I J. .V if .,kkL i' Our Complimenis +o fhe Class of ' 3.L",L5f,?Z3Zll2,if?7,z'i3 'ml A+++ PRESOUE ISLE lllllt lmr Auto PORTRAITS WEDDINGS GRADUATION COMMERCIAL PASSPORT FRAMES Wedding Invitations Cor. Hillside and Academy Sts. Presque Isle , Me . 764-0363 DEALERS' ASSOCIATION Carroll's Auto Sales H. G. Slipp Harry's Auto Sales Presque Isle Mazda Etscovitz Garage Co. Freeman Motors International Harvester Silver's Garage ROY'S ARMY 84 NAVY Sporting Goods "Congra+ula+ions, Seniors" Y S ANU '?f'0"I'f'il GOODS I lam ,,,,,W,.,- H f -f f--- -- 157 State Street, Presque Isle LOCKWOOD GRADERS -ww! Complete Line of Planting - Harvesting and Processing Equipment Caribou Road , Presque Isle C. J. LYNCH CO. pi, t wg g sae. Main Street Fort Fairfield X N D ' ' R ' ' IE 414 We Hardware Tools " t' Paint -l , it I F , Garden Supplies pt , i' H J Vri 5 i 'M' F ' Electric and Plumbing H C " i s 1 i A f Building Materials , 4 . v p 1 V li, 1 t f , I. r V im D S t : rr it ECU F , i I If me J i lnsruuus p f:' .I, Fuwofw rY if f 1 A I ' F Y v 9' FE p ,X f- p . , E -s-, "Congra'rula'rions 'ro 'rhe Class of l78ll FORT FAIRFIELD DRUG CC. l R lx t 1 s. 2. HOLD American Greeting Cards 202 Main Street, Fort Fairfield Prescription Headquarters HEDRICH'S I.G.A. "at the Rotary" 288 Main St. Fort Fairfield GENERAL SUPPLY CORP. Compliments of Mr. Jack L. Burlock . f-' I ,-. .- WEINBERG'S ' 1: cton-HNG , .. V OJ "Our Congratulations mv, Q : 5 P3WYeT Road to the Class of 1978" Llmestone' ME 52 State St. , Presque Isle . , LIQUCL . . ..a1i'l dan? M - ARMY 81 NAVY sf l ' 1' p B li l ,. is .ff it ,, t Clothing Footwear L Z ' it A .. Beverages Main Street Fort Fairfield nous: or rnovocumv ,xp - X a P , limv' P I1 447MainSt., 764 3376 a rf, X5 .V g Nl resque s e - t a e,-i s GARDNER - - l h 'V H SENIOR PORTRAITS by C. Holmes Gardner Casual and Formal: Black and White Natural: Indoors and Outdoors 110 Academy St. Presque Isle "Dining is a pleasure at Aucoin's. The Persian Room for dinners and fresh salad bar - The Tea Room for sandwiches, pizza or steaks - The Back Room for the same and also our pleasant bar. " "Come over and dine in the best restaurant in the area. Open '7 days and nights. I'm sure you'll be satisfied! " Donald Aucoin CProp.J GQOD W BoB'S VARIETY ACHORNP W0 1..r::f TZ.. sf REPAIR SERVICES "Shoes for the Em D Family." Watches - Diamonds Fort Fairfield Main Street Fort Fairfield Main Street Fort Fairfield OSSIE'S AVIS' COUNTY MARKET DRESS SHOP CARPETS "Nation-Side Market" "One of the Largest 209 Main Street Selections in the County Main Street Fort Fairchild Fort Fairfield Fort Fairfield SCHWARTZ'S ""GG'N'5 Egg!-2? SWEET SI-IoPPE MARKET ' POE Faiffield lfoiffliflfliln Pffffffite Compliments of PRODUCTS OUT AGWAY Women's Apparel 411 E. Main sr. Pres ue Isle Presque Isle P esque ISIS q LEEPER'S AROOSTOOK MURPHYS HOPPING CLEANERS PAW ENTER BAR Sweden Street Caribou Caribou 217 Main Stre t Caribou RUSSELL'S F. F. REVIEW FRED P. RESTAURANT OFFICE STEVENS CO. 220 Main St. Fort Fairfield Your Weekly Newspaper' Fort Fairfield Men's Clothing Presque Isle 245 Main St. , Caribou Pete and Dale Plourde 81 FURNITURE co. pw CARPET SONS INC Carpets, Furniture SERVICE ' ' Mattresses R d L. 1 PLUMBING - HEATING . ug an mo eum ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES CCESS Rd- Caflb 492-4461 498-8996 249 Main St. Ca b Your friends say they'll keep in touch, but you know they won't. Your teachers say Tha k come back and see them. And you know you won't.W1COTfeI if IH S Mgybe someday it wonft matter. But right now, it hurts a little. In - :naw- , 7 Y 'fam ?EM?""M: . . L ,1J,1,,,-M - 4 ..., 1 MW, ICU, b L- lv WW .fy ' 4' s - 4 ,f'ii5M w mf" , -N 2 --AW , A., , ' pr " - .-nqgfq

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