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 - Class of 1973

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-s fi, ' Al . 1 v x .-1' . :-1 . . .W I I . , s ,,.,g f .iw - 'xl-,A M. 'Av ,e- A-, ,.,.r., 4 ncmi- ' M. , f . 1 ,f y S L, an '.i..."- " - ' , , . --.-- - -f, -Q M mm V ,gg ig, V, fx X ,QI . . 4. . .,.n. ,g,:,',r-,,. H, ,- -In-1 14-1 ,f-'Q-'vr 4 A,1' L 1 ' wad !QifWMf WW .JM ,Wi fb-AULJUWL fm74fJ VMTN M JMMUMJ wwf 5-M15 Jwuxgxj, MMM? JLNT WM Q. JU'CL'M" fummi. WJVOYJ Jwwk Qsg ggiwgxg X X 335 QENSE iw wb Siiiigggiisgggib WE Si- XXX? F25 is 5325338 SQZEEQEE 295555 si Eiga 3555 if - Northern Light Volume xxvnl , S FORT FAIRFXEW X '77iXu Q FAC ua.T Y Spams QSM? A S 21115 i ' X ms V ' Q :AMW up 1 1 ""'2ZiS 0 T RW X R4 - I ?493-I X C Lassss ffw s E W , S 7 If f ..-.l... YY.. -.g- -Y-... AAA 'fiffk X 4 W N Q 'OJ tx "- 'X 3 " 'vi r rg A Lk i . ' " . '- ga if X X it Q. e b X- , " Nix. -Q.. Who om I? I feel like a displaced minority of one , 1 W-gray, 1 'Q W 5 ..-fur, xv r f 4, A . ' in ,Q BN fmkj " i ,ai f Wd Y v t for '.-,. 'H , T.. jg A minority that knows no companions. A minority that knows no one to trust. A minority thot fears people. ,,,.,........------ W vw L L , s .1,511,gQQ!42,' . - - -. . - s 1.f1zm1e:ggissiisgsf f , 5 .- ,rg si an 1 M g Q X gg iff' " , ,: ,.. "' 'MES ffb.,3f1fi?Q'1x,.Sf'f K , A A ', .- '.Pt'2..'f1g,-., : .c,., , ,l e " -1. ,M -53: 1 is ig 'n.,. . ' A mnvm Urn: th Y K . 4,4 bqiiv 6,4 Wg Q No' t Z , X "' .., . t w ' . 4 J , 1 K ! 'Ill 5 an E 4 'wg 3 -A 4 An- ,KX-,,:. gg,,f.Q..,X xi . A me-.. x is Q1 N 5 i L -y,.x X V fyhgq-, Vi., kzki M K MX A A ,gi 'L N X A minority that CGI1,f identify. A minority that fears. lm -.M g .s X... 3 Q, i I fear I fear I fear trusts myself people like one who not even himself Af I I ..N-qv" 'S 154 A .. fri:- N5 . . i W.. M..-f" . Al iii ff' EN Q VI N 'm A Age I ,sw xxx X MQ Qfffs QE?iiI1-i Q,,xW:.isf, lel Vi -iws we .,., Q I 1, . , be A ., ,fi IN? lass! ssmi wx?2 I sl' -M wsiww' A - Xl,l I RG, NSN - k 51 ,,,...,... A ' 4 xr cup A S l Who am I? I feel like One always searching One searching for companions One searching for one fo trust One searching for himself - Jim Hill kwa' Q, pf: -' -.. - ' -I K, ,I 7 K - 5 Mig 3 -l 1,,,,-M Q of .,....... School Directors fill ras if w 474' li LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman Grant, John Gorman, Sally Burlock, Samuel Rideout, Phil Orser. qChairman, Mr, Gormanj. Administration Secretarial Staff K up ..,, Q I r- Q-I x x I f ror, ,...... L r LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lawrence Gardner, LEE-T TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lois Clark - Guiclanceg Principalg Mr. James Cowan, Superintendentg Mrs. Marie Russell- General Officeg Mrs, Mr, Richard Lord, Sub-Master, Carolyn Giberson, Mrs. Eleanor Cyr - Superin- rendent 's Office, x, . s Nas 1 .' h4l l,h ' ,' x V g X if x .f- xr tx ' ifnxv 71523-V - Ad ? Language Arts lil Hl,E!iulllH I I u -9 Q5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. David Johnston, Mrs. Darrylin Keenan, Mr. Larry Thibodeau, Mr. Roger Sprague, Mrs. Betty Stevens, Mrs. Mary S, Strout, Mrs. Margaret Peterson. , 5,,,f" S t r, ' 1 N"' .1 A FR , . . f vi. I "ret" ff i 44.1 W 401 lf? TY.. , 'I Social Studies r N 'wr , ka' if L 'N a X a S LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Carl Sjoberg, Mr. Clarence R. Clark, Mr. Micheal Cyr. Kiwi ii 5 71 . I 5 i ,- f un., H? r"Mg 'I E I rv-1""' avsrgj-lfwglfu ,re -"" 'NA IT. , ""'N3i"N ""'N V:-.L ' lx' Q, Science And Math Ga. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Isabelle Nehring, Mr. Gilbert McLaughlin, Mr. Harold Slipp, MrQ John McKenney, Mr. Richard Lord, Mr. Gorden Sprague. S. A. V. E. Q thi, X in f I f px pf Gilford Marquis and Mr. Peter Murphy, Joanne Libby and Mrs. Charlotte Hanson. The Special And Vocational Education program was initiated this school year with Mrs. Slipp, the director: Mr. Murphy, the Special Education teacher: and Mrs. Hanson, instructional aide. Volunteer students from the junior and senior classes assist in the Learning Center. y i lg-mfg! ,,, In SEATED: Mrs. Winnifred Lockhart. STANDING: Mr, Dwight Stickles, Mr. Melvin Kelley, Mr. Kenneth Clark. Mrs. Edith Slipp and Brenda Rowe, Mr. Gary Janosco Physical Education Mrs, Jeanette Peters , , , - 312' J ' .-,f LF jx- Band , K I jf' 5. K NM' in .na I , Mr, Donald Hamalanien aff' , xgwp1ff X X1 5 +wQf x .- 5 5 1 3 in 1- 5f2i1E5.x ' :' 42 k fx . Hi .. . Y iam iw - Q 'SF K 2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, James Ugonc Mr. Eugene Babincau, Mrs. Jane Harburgcr, Mr. George Dinsmorc. ww QUQUQU idx ,JQDQG 534301 JQQGOO J 'lu Behind The Scenes ff' P- rr NLN ,f 'J ff! egg! ef Qee E , K-X ',fArs',kgQ,.g R. , .Nf,.a.,,vH,A P , 5 AIKIJ, ' .Q 411 UPPER RIGHT: A ' UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Anna McDonald Paul Nightingale, Foreman LOWER RIGHT: LOWER LEFT: Phil Rochford Leonard Witham Ra1ph.Osterb1om Chester Witham qAbsent7 In The Cafeteria ' 3-'is -1. Q Q.. N, 4 I I 'Q all X R Y FRONT: Margaret Plant, i Margaret Grant, Theressa 't Shorey. BACK ROW: 5 gi' i is Phyllis Miller, Mildred - f X h sr Trimm, Beulah Clark, 4 - i K Rachel Plummer. w fABSENT: Georgia Dew leyj , ,iv V Qff""5fa .X Ar "ME W' ' Clif' 9 N .'x 156,93 -,, i'f'u.5, ' B. if 5,-if - 1'w,1- - 49.1-ig Let's see, we're having eye of newt and toe of frog and . . . gn , V V--'Y 'Q KV X X K J J r 2 .J riii IN yi! N, 4 1 2 sb " I 8 . J '- .- Library And Guidance K X: -Ne 15 If Ni .1 K K K . lz xi i . i N : ' -' ' -Y K: ' .8 . ' Sex , X N 1' i A i E?TeE9 '- K. Vkigki x xx ' 1 . N 5 .. ' x i Q QQ LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ronald Willette, Mrs. Gertrude Dewley, Mrs. Marilyn Lamoreau L .KVA if , f -g ,H Cl: VN kk fCV N- X' x xx? in x ULLY lv Um ji X K X Z Q X4 1 fc fnlncnwf ff g V Q A N KKK L , cfm ,klahillxf W xzffxx lin ul" if ff! ' K f' XV 5 7 . fl 1. l If NK! f' L K X' 'L UXK kx lf 'L ' Nr LQ y N 4 ynff Axlfzif w ff f ' " rNx K u s IC u X EVKKK X L X f 4 V 4 xx X X I M c, CL kv, XX Cv kxqsx X 11' 7 :il W Yu if Zu QVEXX lwiktl X xfk X Mk x'5K'fxp N ax JKLXJLQXN , v,k,L,,xx ,' Lfxvvxbyrx YUM UUC7V'5'.V QU X 1 1 my ' JJGQN bw f' ff-' N KKK R YU !"iA um wvUi5f1QfQU3 ' ,J W K ' NCQ lf6,LW'W'Nl AB kfkx ki L J 'iff y 'A 55 X' NSXQVL 7-L fm .Lill19NCL .x' N N x K kk Uk lk ILA-KY N-XL J5 C QL L ,:, .rf Q X , XS ll x 2 ! jxx K fy 5 dxf Lk 1 ":TkL'N'X,L, xr 5 Lu UL "N'N'XN- ' Xt LPQLNUL' N . , X Y lg! K kIb,QQ V X X,,x5T'L if K NX 5 Mx 0 JMU IU lv mf 25 N K M I K E 23 Senior Class Officers President: Phil Roberts Vice President: Barb Doughty Secretary: Terry Brayall Treasurer: Brent Boulier Advisor: Mr. Ugone The Class of 1973 began its activi- ties with a dance before the Harvest Recess. As a class project, many sen- iors picked potatoes for George Ste- vens. Freshman Reception was held in November. Initiation took place rn' the afternoon and a dance honored the Frosh in the evening. ' The Senior Play, "You Can't Take lt With You", was presented on Dec. 2 and 3. A magazine drive was another successful activity. An official school seal of F.F,H,S, was chosen by the Class of '73, as, s Q i of i Z 4.5335-N5 A JOSEPH ADAMS g 'IOC' "ills friends arc many, his foes - are there any?" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams. Jr. Exg Sr. Playg French Cl. 1,22 Basketball 1. LAURIE BANKS 'Harv' "Relate yourself to others, not for the purpose of im ression3 but for the contrast of individuals. " Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Banks. Ir. Ex.: Sr. Play3 Dirigo3 Y,B, 2, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1-43 Older Girls 43 Drama Cl. 3,42 Pep Cl. 13 Tiger Tls. 2-43 Fr. Cl. 23 Cheerldr. 3, 43 Softbl. 3,43 Var. Cl. 43 Band 1-43 Chorus 1-4, All Aroos. 2,3. JOHN ANDERSON 'Andy' "He may be new to us, but he's a friend to all." Stage Band 4. DONALD ARMSTRONG 'Donnie' "The devil watches all oppor- tunitiesl' Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ken D. Armstrong. Hi-Y 23 Rock and Ham. Cl. l,2, 33 Bsktb. 1,3,4: Track 2,3,43 X- Ctry 2,3,43 Band 1-4, Coun. 43 Soccer 4. JASON BARNES - "Good things are twice as good when they are short." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Barnes. FFA 1-4, Chap. 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Chess Club 3,43 French Club 1, 2. JILL BECKWITH "Be yourself3 an original is al- ways better than a copy." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Del- bert Beckwith. FBLA 4, Rep. 43 Sr. Play3 Lib. Aide 33 FHA 23 Drama Cl. 43 Tiger Tales 3,41 Basketball 4. SUE BIRD Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings. Daughter of Mrs. Terrie Everett. Class Pres. 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 French Club 1,25 Cheerleader l,25 Chorus 1-35 Council 1-3. THOMAS BOUCHARD 'Tom "A beast, but a just beast." Son of Mr. Joe Bouchard. Basketball 1, 2. DIANA BLAISDELL She can resist anything but temptation. Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Robert Blaisdell. Senior Playg FFA 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Older Girls 2-45 Drama Cl, 2-45 Tiger Tales 3,45 French Cl. 2, 35 Cheerldr. 1-8g Bsktbl, 45 GAA 1,25 Band 1-4, Coul. 45 Gym Tm. 3,4, BRENT BOULIER "Greater men than I have lived, but where are they?" Son of Mr. and Mrs, Eldon Boulier Stu. Coul. 1-35 Class Treas. 45 Basketball 1-35 Baseball 1-35 Varsity Club 2-4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4. EDWARD BOLSTRIDGE 'Buzzard God bless the man who invented sleep, Son of Mr, and Mrs. C, Tom Bolstridge. Senior Pl.: FFA 1-45 Drama Cl, 45 Band 1-45 Chorus 1,2. .v JUDY BOULIER 'Jude' "A smile for every girl, two for every boy. Daulghter of Mr. and Mrs. Loomis Bou ier, Library Aide 1,35 FBLA 4, Historian 4. Rock and Ham. Cl. 15 Radio Cl, 45 TERRY BRAYALL JOHN BROOKER "The next day is never so good as "There was never a saint with red the da before " hair," Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brayall. Sen. Play, 45 Cl. Sec . 45 FHA, 45 Tri-Hi- 3, Pres. 45 glder Girls 45 Pep Cl. 15 Tiger Tales 3,45 Fr.'Cl. 25 GAA Dir.g and 1-4. N 'YY BRENT CHURCHILL "lf you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it." PAUL BURTCHELL "Every man loves what he is good at. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Burtchell. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Church- Rock and Ham. Cl. 13 Bsktball 1-43 ill. Baseball 1-4g X-Ctry. 13 Soccer 2,4: FFA 1,2. Var. Cl. 2-4. V. P. 4. MERLE BURT CHELL 'Rabbit' "All heroes aren't six feet tall." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Burtchell. Sr. Playg FFA 15 Rock and Ham. Cl. . 1-3g Ind. Arts Cl. 15 Bsktba1l1,2,45 Baseball 1.2.45 Soccer 2-45 Var. Cl. 1, 2, 45 Band 4. PATRICIA CHURCHILL 'Pat' "She appears harmless, but look out!" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Churchill. Candy Striper 4. 27 28 SHERRY CHURCHILL "l like work, it fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours." RICKY CONDON "I'm not lazy, just saving my energy. " Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Condon. Industrial Arts Club 1,2. 1. 185 DANA CLARK "His motto is - 'Pleasure before business ' . " Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Clark. French Club 2g Soccer 4g Wrestling 4. CHRISTINE COX 'Chris' "I have but one love." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Fra Given. Sr. Playg Y. B, 2-43 Tri-Hi-Y 3g Older Girls 3,45 Fr. Club 2g ski Tm. 3,4g GAA 1,2, Sec. 23 Band 1-4, Cou. 3,4, All-Aroos. 2,3g Volleyball 33 Gym Tm. 3,4. ROBERT CLARK 'Bob' "Let us wet our whistles." Son of Mrs. Freda Clark. Rk. and Ham. Club lg Fr. Club 1 2,3,4g Band 1-4g Band Council l- 4g Stage Band 1-4. GLORIA CU RRIE 'BO' "When the power of love over- comes the love of power, then there will be peace." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Currie. Sr. Playg Y, B. 3,45 FFA 43 Drama Club 3,43 Tiger Tales lg Chrldr. 3,4g Pom Pom Girls 25 Softball 3g GAA lg Chorus 4, Art Cl. 1-3. DANNY-CYR 'Dan' "The die is cast." Son o'f'Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cyr. Sr. Play: FFA 1,23 Rock and Ham- mer C1. 1-3g French Cl. 2,3g Basketball lg Ski Team 4. PETER CYR 'Pete "Trust everybody, but cut the cards tyourself. " Son o Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cyr. Track 1-45 Cross Country 1-4g Varsity Club 2-4. 'Sys RICHARD CYR 'Dickie' "Without friends, no one would choose to live, even if he had all other fgoods. " Son o Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cyr. FFA 1-4. .fyx f Q ,," J' Ak V ! r 7 5 STEPHEN DEABAY 'Steve' JAMES DESCHESNE 'Jim' JAMES QEVINE 'Jim' "Friendship is a disinterested "His strength is to sit still." D0 lf today. f.0m0.rr0w there commerce between equalsg love, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry mal' be 3 law agamst lf-" an object intercourse between tyrants and slaves." Deschesne . FFA 1g Rock and Hammer Club 1- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Omar Deabay. 3g Basketball Manager 1. Student Cl. 4g Sr. Playg Y, B. 4g French Cl. 1,2g X Country 1-3: Soccer 4. 'lQ"'w GEORGE DIONNE TRYPHINA DOAK 'Tray' "I didn't come to learng I "As silent as dlynamite and a - came to laugh." ways full of misc ief." S011 of Mp, and Mfg, Charles Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dionne. Doa - Basketball 1, Senior Playg Library Aide 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Ol er Girls 25 Drama Club 45 French Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Chorus 4. BRIAN DORR IOSEPH DOUCETTE 'Joe' "When my studies get E00 deep. "Not that I love study lessg but I lay me down to sleep." I love fun more." LYNNE DODGE "Personality is to a lady what perfume is to a flower."' Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dodge. Stu ent Cou. 45 Senior Playg Library Aide 1-35 FHA 1-4, Treas. and St. Prof. Crm. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,3,45 Tiger Tales 1- 45 French Cl. 2,35 Cheerldr. 1-45 GAA 1-3. BARBARA DOUGHTY 'Barb "The best way to feel at ease is to make others feel that wa . " Daughter of Mrs. Marylou and, Robert Doughty. Sr. Pl.5 Class V. Pres. 2-45 FHA 1-4, Sec. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,35 Older Girls 2,45 Pep Cl. 15 Tiger Tales 1-45 Fr. Cl. 2,35 Chorus 35 Pom Pom Girls 2. DOUGLAS DRISCOLL 'Doug' "We learn to do by doing it." 4.6. ANNE DUBEY "Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individualg you have an obligation to be one. You can not make any useful contribution in life unless you do this." Daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Alcide Dubey. NHS 3,45 Ir. Ex.: Senior Playg Dirigog Class Treas. 1-35 Y.B. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,3,4g Older Girls 43 Drama Cl. 35 Tiig. Tales 35 Fr. Cl. 2,3g Cheerl r. 1,35 Ski Tm. 3,43 Band 1-45 Chorus 1-43 Coul 1. FREEMAN DYER ' "If at first you don't succeed, you'd better give up." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Dyer. French Club 3,4. 'Freem ' 3 sr, IANICE EVERITT "Love is like the measles, we all have to go throu h it." Daughter of Mr. ani Mrs. James S. Everitt, Ir. Library Aide 43 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Rock ini Hammer Club lg French Club 'Jann MERRITT DUROST "I have learned silence from the talkative." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Durost FFA 1. .TEFFERY EVERETT 'Jeff' "Speed is not everything - try going slow." Basketball 1. DARYL FINNEMORE "There's mischief in his eye and plenty of it!" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Finnemore. Ind. Arts Club 1,2. WALLACE FRASER 'Wally' "Friendship and sportsmanship are equal in a well-liked man." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fraser. Ind. Arts Cl. 1,23 Soccer 1. .2 PAUL FRASER "A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something." Son of Mrs. Mattie Fraser. FFA 1, 2. Q. 1"-ff" ELLEN GALLAGHER "ldeals are like starsg choose them as guides, and following them you will reach your goa s." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gallagher. Sr. Pl. 45 Lib. Aides 3,43 Tri- Hi-Y 3g Drama Cl. 4g Fr. Cl. 3, 4g Chorus 4. PHILIP FRASER 'Phil' "I'm willing to taste any drink once." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fraser. Fr. Cl. l-4, Treas. 4: Bsktb. l,4g Sccr. 2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4. x, 'E LISA GIBERSON "Nothing is so popular as kindness." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Giberson. Band 1. Y-ani Yfri' . , "'!""" CHARLES GOODWIN 'Chuck' PETER GRAVES 'Piggy' Never too busy to talk to the Able to corrupt a saint. girls. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Son of Mrs. Clara Goodwin. Graves FFA 1-4, Chess Club 4. Ind. Arts. Cl. 1.2. DANIEL HANSCOM 'Danny A little rebellion now and then is a ood thin 8 8- Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pelletier. Jr. Ex.g Senior Play I, I-J? 4 'my-qw-'yr T -an ssuev SUSAN HARTLEY "Our wisdom, whether expressed in public or private, belongs to the world, but our follies belong to those we love." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hartley. Jr. Ex.: Sr. Pl., FFA 43 Dr. Cl. 3, 45 Tig. Tal. 3,45 Fr. Cl. 2g Chorus 2-4, Coun. Pres. 4. PEGGY HAINES 'Peg' In the twinkling of her eyes, the deviltry within her lies. Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Haines. Stu. Co. 3,4, Treas. 4g Dirigog Class V. Pres. 1: Lib. Ad. 2,35 FHA 1-3, treas. 2, Sec. 3g Tri- Hi-Y 1,3,4, Treas. 3,43 Older Girls 2,45 Dr. Cl..4g Tig. Tal. 1- 3g Fr, Cl. 1-4g Cheerldr. 1-4, Capt. 15 Softbl. 3, Manjg Var. Cl. 3,4g Chorus 2,3, Couns. ANDREW HIGGINS 'Andgf' So what if it's against rules an regulations: he'll do it anyway. Son of Mrs. Ma Hig ins. Rk. and Ham. gl. lsgfrack 3. .9-un-as IAMES HILL 'Professor' "The light which puts out our eyes is dar ness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awoke. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star. "Thoreau Son of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Hill. Jr. Ex.g Senior Playg Dirig-log Rock and Ham. Cl. 1-33 Frenc Club 2, 3. CAROL JENKINS "Find your place and hold itg find your work and do it: and put everything you 've got into it." Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jenkins. Sr. Pl.g Lib. Aide 4g Pep Cl. lg Drama Cl. 43 Rock and Hammer Cl. 1: Tiger Tales 35 GAA 1. JEFF HOPKINSON 'Buck' "He who races on two wheels, does equally well on four. " Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hopkinson. Drama Cl. 4g lnd. Arts Cl. 1,23 Ski Team 1-4g Varsity Club 4. fv- HB5 ROBERT IOHNST ON 'Bob "If the irls don't get me the airlines wig!" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Johnston. Sr. Playg FFA 1,23 Drama Cl. 4g Rock and Hammer Cl. 1,25 X Country 1,23 Ski Team 1-45 Varsity Cl. 3. GERALD JACKSON 'Jerry' "l have never let my schooling interfere with my work." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Jackson. French Cl. 1-3g Basketball lg Band 1-4. BONNIE KINNEY 'Bon' "A good listener is not only popular evegwhere, but after a while she nows somethin . " Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. lgarold Kinney. Tri-Hi-Y 1-43 French Club 1-4, Pres. 4g Band 1-4. ROBERTA LaGASSE 'Bobbie' "I can't understand why you think that I like to argues" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand LaGasse. Sr. Pl. Stage Mgr.g FHA 1,4g Li- brary Aide 4g Tri-Hi-Y 23 Drama Cl. 43 Tiger Tales 3,4. KENNETH MADORE 'Ken' "It's been a struggle but, there I am - a senior." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Madore. Industrial Arts Club 1,2. ' 5 1 DIANE LaPOINTE 'Di' "Our characters are the result of our conduct." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie LaPointe. Sr. Pl.: Library Aide 2-4g FHA 3g Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pep Cl. 1g Tiger Tales 2-4g FBLA Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4g Softball 3. A N-+..,...+f-f RICHARD MANTER "Talent is like moneyg you don't have to have some to talk about it." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell G. Libby. Basketball 4g Track 45 X Country 4g Varsity Cl. 4. INGRID LeVASSEUR "It is therefore that, the older I grow,,the more apt I am to doubt my own judgement of others." B. Franklin. B. Franklin.- Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul LeVasseur. IOANNE MCCARTHY 'Io' "To know solitude is to enjoy freedom." Dali-ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Mc arthy. Sr. Playg Class Sec. 1-3g FHA Hist. 1-3, Pres. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3,4, Sec. 3g Older Girls 45 French Cl. 2-4g Cheerleader 1-4, Capt. 3,43 Basketball 3g Softball 3: GAA Treas. 2. LANA Mc GRAT H 'Goof' "Knowledge is the beginning of tolerance . , . tolerance is the e- ginning of understanding," Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McGrath. TOBY MCMANN "A man without wheels is a bird without wings." SUSAN L. MCGRATH 'P.B.f "Tall, feminine, and sweet, she has a smile for everyone she meets. Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. James McGrath. Band 1-45 Band Con. 43 Ski Team 4 French Cl. 2g Tiger Tales 3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2-4g FHA 4g Sen. Play, chair, 4g Act. Com. 2,3, -vn""""+' JOHN MCSHEA 'Sonny' "No man can lose what he never had." Son of Mrs. Helen McShea. Ind. Arts Club 1. v. DORIS MCLAUGHLIN 'Claud' "Love is too young to know what conscience isg yet who knows not conscience is born of love." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaughlin Jr. Sen. P ay 43 Lib. Aids 2-45 FFA 45 FHA 2-4g FBLA 3, 4. '15- ERLA-LEE MILLER 'Erla' "God grant me the serinity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things 1 can, and the wisdom to know t e difference. " Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R, Miller, sen. Play 45 Y.B. 45 Fr. C1. 23 Lib. Aid 3,45 Tri-Hi-YQ Dr. Cl. 3,4g Tig, Talesg Band 1-4g Chorus 1-45 All Aroos. 3, 4, All State 3, X 5 Q ' - . rf. ' -s-.M 4, . .,,,. F Yi X ii? ia i . I ,. JOHN MONSON BAYFIELD MURCHISON 'Bay' "Well, I never!" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Murchison, Jr. "Quiet? That's what you think!" ,.fr?+'9"' W ELIZABETH NELSON 'Liz' STEVEN H. NIGHTINGALE 'Sam' "A 3 Erin' 3 twinkle "A good 1'1'IlI'1d IJOSSCSSCS 3 klllg' within, you just now it's mischief d0m-" 51155 in, " Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Daughter of Mrs. Charlotte Nelson. Nightingale: - l SE. Play 43 Y. B. 4: FHA 3,4, NHS 3.4: D1-U-go? H1"Y 23 Bsktb- Treas. 4g Dr. Cl. 3,4g Tiger Tales 1'4: TF-210k 1"4, Capfg 3: X"CfY- 2,33 Pom-Pom Girls 2, Girls' Bsktb. 1-4. Capt- 2-4: Varswy Club 1-4. 3,4, Mgr. 3,43 One-Act Play 2, SCC- 2'43 Band 1-4. Pf?S- 4, 3: FBLA 3,4, T1-gas. 4, Stage Band 1-4, Council 3,4, Pres. 4. 1 LINDA MURPHY "Do the job yourself, then it's done!" Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Murphy. Sr. Play 4g FHA lg Pom-Pom Girls 25 GAA 1,2. ff m V f Jvyfff gs DANA OAKES 'oakey' "Peace, love and most of all - GIRLS!" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Oakes. Industrial Arts Club lg Wrestling Team 4. 459' DELBERT PARADY 'Percy ' The best years of your life are spent in school, wait 'till you get out. Son of Mr. and Mrs, Percy Parady, Basketball 1. LYNN PARKS GRAVES She's nice, and she's natural, cause she's naturally nice, Daughter of Mrs. Muriel A. Parks. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Older Girls Conf. 23 Tiger Tales 2g Fr, Cl, 1-35 Cheer- leader 1, 3,4g Pom Pom Girls 29 Basketball 1g Var, Cl. 3,4, Treas. 4. ALAN PETERS 'lalbert' A friend to all, enemty to noneg always cheerful, full o fun, Son of Mr, and Mrs. Jerome Peters, Basketball Mgr. 43 Band 1-3g Chorus 1. LONNA R. PLUMMER Ovemight success is often the result of years of hard work. Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Robert L. Plummer Jr, NHS 3,45 Stu. Cou 2-4, Treas. 2, VP 3, Pres. 4, Jr, Exg Sen. Play, Dirigog YB 3,4g Bus. Mgr.,,4g Tri- Hi-Y 1,33 Cheerldr. 1,3g Chorus 1-3, Cou 2,3g Drama Cl. Secy 4, French Cl. 1-3, Varsity Club 3,4, 4. PHILIP PELKEY 'Phil' The best way to hold a girl is in your arms. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pelkey. Basketball 1, 2g Baseball 1,2. 'Nih- RAYMOND PUTNAM 'Ray' There's time for speaking and a time for being still. Son of Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Putnam. FFA 1,2g Basketball 1. TR'- MELVIN RICH 'Mel' "Fingers were made before forks." Drama Club 3: Rock and Hammer Club lg Baseball 3g Soccer 2,3. PAUL SMITH "S1eep does wonders for you, so why am I at schoo1?" Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith. Ir. Ex.: Sr. Playg Hi-Yg Drama Cl. 43 Pep Cl. lg Rock and Ham. l-3: Chess Cl. 3,4g Tiger Tales 3g Fr. Club 2-4g Golf Team 1-4. PHILIP ROBERTS 'Phil "Success is just 'umph' added to try." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Roberts. NHS 3,4g Sr. Playg Class Pres. 2- 43 Rock and Ham. lg French Cl. 1-4: Basketball 1-43 Track 2-43 Cross Cty. 1,23 Soccer 3,4g Var. Club 2-4. NANCY TARDY "A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus." Daughter of Mrs. Pearl Tardy. Library Aide 2,3g FHA 1-45 Pom Pom Girls 2g Basketball 4: FBLA 3,4. LORI SMITH "The beauty of the heavens are in the stars, the beauty of a woman is in her eyes." Tiger Tales 3g FBLA 3,4, Reporter 4. .gil-"Q LUCI THERIAULT 'Lu-Lu' "Good manners are made up of small sacrifices. " Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rosaire Theriault, Sr. Senior Pl.: Library Aide 2-4g FHA l-43 Tiger Tales l-3. TARA I. THIBEAU 'Poofy' "One ma smile and smile and still be a vi13Iian." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H, Wal ace Thibeau. Sr. Pl.: Library Aide 33 FHA 1-4, Pres. 3, Reg. Sec. 33 State Pres. 43 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,43 Older Girls 23 Pep Cl. lg Drama Cl. 33 Tiger Tales 33 Fr. Cl. 23 Pom-Pom Girls 23 GAA 1,2. 113 '- PHILIP WEST 'Phil' "They who drink beer, think beer." Son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. West, Sr. 3 FFA 13 Ind. Arts Cl. 23 Fr. Cl. 1, 23 Track 2. CHRISTOPHER TURNER 'Tiger' "Great things have been done by little peop1e." JOSEPH WEBB 'Joe' "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!" BRIAN WRIGHT "Work fascinates me. I can sit and look at it all da " Y. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob't Wright. FFA 1,2,43 Basketball 1. IOANNE WALKER "Commit the oldest of wrongs in the newest of ways sunsw" ROBERT WRIGHT 'Bob' "Something between a hind- rance and a help," Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright. Senior Play3 Drama Club 3,43 Rock and Ham. 13 Chess Cl. 3, 43 French Cl. 1-4. 7-, X . X I f if ? , D lily Y ' x ff X f K .E 'Q - -- bi X mxyh N , 1 A L1 Q' Q ,fx , V ,, W5 Y? ' 'ff A A I I f .gr 1 Qvgmg f KS? , 'f if? 5 ' 5, , 5 f' 1 w if 155, P, 11 A f5'?3' X , walt. 5Xq'i4f V it 2'-5. '. , 1502 jf' .33 ivy: ,Z A ,yn - .fi g +53 , , 1-ffm 'affix e 34 fir" E L42 'S TY, ,xii iii" V, SL?S':' A I ':. , 1, , Wm f 4' ff ' Ak CCL .ww 1 mmllllf W 3 " -, 'o7"f . . gf I V . if O , Junior Class 1 , 1? FUN 'l42'I ik -' , A" 'A ii', 1 V " + 5fQ fr his is " rj' rf!-. f Iayne Goughan and Suely Araujo are learning "each other's languages" this year in addition to their usual academic subjects. Suely came here from Natal, Brazil, and speaks Port- uguese. Iayne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goughan, are hosts of our foreign visitor, who is the first exchange student in Aroostook Coun- ty. Both Suely and Jayne will attend school in Natal next year. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Stevens - Advisor, Denise Levesque - dent, David Shea - President, Mr. Thibodeau - Advisor. A C Treasurer, Sherry Dubay - Secretary, Karen Solomon - Vice Presi lst ROW: P. Deschesne, B. Bernard, B, Delvlerchant, A. Dionne, G. Cloney, R, Chambers, M. Ashfield, Adams, Y, Berube, L. Boudreau. 2nd ROW: V. Deschesne, P, Butler, B, Cote, K, Doughty, M, Boyd, S, Beaulieu, D. Bishop, L. Cyr, B, Bouchard, H. Cooperstein. 3rd ROW: S. Dyer, P. Adams, K. Ashby, D. Burns, D, Bird, M, Butler, P, Bouchard, R. Doucette, S, Dubay, C. Ashfield. ABSENT: Steve Burns. P lst ROW: D, Iohndro, G, Helstrom, D. Flannery, L. Glew, K, MacDougal, L, Iarvais, B, Gleason, D, Finnemore, D, Doughty. 2nd ROW: D. Haines, H, Higgins, I, Holland, P, Fraser, C, Giberson, D, Gallop, I. Goughan, S, Araujo, D, Levesque, L, Gagnon. 3rd ROW: P. Fraser, M, Keegan, J, LaPointe, C. Gallagher, L, Hill, R. Higgins. P. Foss, B. Gill, R, Haines, B, Fields. lst ROW: M, Ossie, L, Butler, E, Nightingale, C, Shaw, D. Pelkey, A, Nerhing, B, Monson, E, Reynolds, L. Walton. Znd ROW: L, McNamee, K, Solomon, L, Wilson, L, Saucier, K, Tilley, B, Saucier, M, McKenney, J, Russell, G. McMann, W, Pelletier. 3rd ROW: T, Sage, A, McCrea, R, Russell, S, White- house, D, Shea, L, Milton, R, Rider, I, Norris, L. Walton. Sophomore Class E. BACK ROW: Mr. Murphy - Advisor, Steve Roberts - Vice- President, Frank Thibodeau - President. SEATED: Mrs. Keen an - Advisor, Patty McGrath - Secretary, Vickie Levesque - Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Andy Dionne, Tom Devine, Loretta Denslow, Debbie Durost, Becky Duncan, Charlene Bernaiche, Judy Caldwell, Jean Clark, Anita Deschesne, Harold Cote. CENTER ROW: Dick Dorsey, James Bouchard, Sue Bernard, Cindy Doherty, Sue Blaisdell, Rhonda Cyr, Lori Dodge, Cindy Bird, Gerald Cassidy, Scott Deschesne. BACK ROW: Gerry Beaulieu, Brent Cyr, Wayne Boulier, Pat Beaulieu, Jeff Beaulieu, Kevin Doughty, Scott Dubay, Kirby Doughty, Scott Brown. FRONT: Wendy Grass, Penny McEwen, Sharon Grant, Debbie LaPointe, MaryLee Keegan, Judy Levasseur, Marilyn Libby, Marie Milliard, Reid McLaughlin, Kenneth Johnston. ROW 2: Marina Finnemore, Debbie McLaughlin, Deanna Martin, Janet Lynch, Vickie Levesque, Linda Haines, Patty McGrath, Polly Levasseur, Patti Glew, Roberta Gorman, Scott Estey, Stephen Goodine. ROW 3: Greg McMann, Williard Fraser, Dave Johnston, Bruce Kinney, Detlev McGillan, Gilford Marquis, Reno Marquis, Donny Flannery, Brent MacDougal Larry Jenkins, Ronnie Kenneson. ABSENT: Don Flint and David Hanscomb. FRONT: Jane Russell, Joan Peters, Theresa Rochford, Cindy Saucier, Linda Putnam, Sharon Walker, Sonia O'Neal, Joyce Shea, Susan Towle. ROW 2: Frank Thibodeau, Sam Murphy, Velma Murphy, Carita Paradis, Cathy Orser, Candy Seeley, Marilyn Webb, George Stevens, Kirk Rideout, Shane Shaw, Dale Phillips. ROW 3: Gary Thebarge, Levi Perry, Roger Willette, Steve Roberts, Arthur Shaw, Peter Newcomb, Edmond Perry, Steven Sharpe, Donald Schwartz. Frosh Class OFFICERS: lst ROW: Laurie Edgecomb, V. P., Peggy Thibeau, Pres., Tammy Moirs, Sec. 2nd ROW: Mr. McKenney, Advisorg Ricky Cote, Treas.g Mr. McLaughlin, Advisor. lst ROW: Pam Everett, Betty Dyer, Cathy Dumond, Marilyn Fraser, Nancy Gagnon, Brenda Row, Desi Burtchell, Lisa Adams. 2nd ROW: Roger Flannery, Donna Finnemore, Carolyn Fraser, Terry Beaulieu, Laurie Edgecomb, Avis Berube, Nancy Blair, Pam Fitzherbert, Clifford Buber. 3rd ROW: Jeff Flannery, Tim Atkins, Peter Doak, Allen Churchill, Ricky Cote, Brian Doak, Jeff Armstrong, Scott Bishop, Richard Fitzherbert. 4th ROWi David Butler, Arthur Dewley, Mike Cassidy, Randy Ashby, Kent Doughty, John Cyr, Ricky Boulier, Mike Adams, Frank Cox, Mike Edgecomb, Tilton Doak. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Gray, Paula Robbins, Paula Morse, Brenda Towle, Karen Thibodeau, Paula Huntress, Carla Grass, Kim Gibbs, Nancy George, Gayle Jackson, Cindy McCarthy. SECOND ROW: Mike Glew, Scott Ketch, Cee Ann Lovely, Lori Geddes, Tami Morris, Susan Kinney, Diane Gallagher, Laura Michaud, Donna Parks, Linda Guiou, Debbie Gallop, Fred Morrow, Ricky McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: Marc Gibbs, Philip Kilcollins, Dick Holton, Richard Harvey, Doug Foss, Tony Levesque, Butch Irving, Tim Nightingale, Frank Lagasse, Greg McCue, Dana Morrow, Frank Nelson. FRONT ROW: Nancy Dionne, Brenda Chapman, Joey Dorsey, Linda Demerchant, Sherry Craig, Karen White, Peggy Doughty, Cheryl Wright, Cathy Turner. SECOND ROW: Lisa Cote, Cindy Cyr, Carol Churchill, Alice Cloney, Lorraine Ciesielski, Debbie Cyr, Cathy Dubey, Patty Reynolds, Paula Thibeau, Barry Murphy. THIRD ROW: Kevin Williams, Keith Philbrick, Randy Theriault, Peggy Thibeau, Trudy Chapman, Annette Day, Perry Thibedeau, Ricky Sirois, Dave Thomas, Peter Smith. FOURTH ROW: Brian Swazey, Brent Michaud, Marvin wirham, Wayne Todd, Raymond Holmes, Ricky Lovely, Bill Turner, Mark Pelletier, Regi- nald Wood, Sam Rideout, Tom Rochford. fr . ' my Lg? M I 'Face-lickin' good ! h W N your arms." 'WM , in MT f hw . -iv, A '-vf wt . ' ' f ?f3?g, 1s3'ff n "Love is holding her JN f X Q gs I X' mi. FN! , L mg . s-9. L Is that what Hot Lunch does to Peop1e??? 2 W 1-www 5 .l,o4 I I Linda is a professional dog-walker. 's x ,..... .4 "I think I'11 change my beautiCiaI1." Medical Center comes to F.F. I-LS. BW ! 5 1 vi 'I Q2 lt:-3 . 0 M fC Yearbook Staff ROW 1: Gloria Currie, Betty Nightingale, Rhonda Cyr, Liz Nelson, Anita Nehring, Ingrid LeVasseur, Erla Miller, Heidi Cooperstein, Laurie Wilson, Janet Holland, Denise Levesque, ROW 2: Sue Dyer, Katy Ashby, Chris Cox, Lana McGrath, Barb Saucier, Lonna Plummer, Polly LeVasseur, Laurie Banks. ROW 3: Barry Gill, Andy McCrea, Louis Milton, Steve Dubeay, Dave Shea, Mike Boyd, Joe Adams, Don Flannery, Mrs. Nehring - Advisor. QABSENT - Dan Delano, Anne Dubeyj. lm ,,i mm, ir i.,,,'MM ' :.w1wwuun1 W. I f 3543 l K I- f x X, Xt r i Charles At1as'?'?? Our fearless leader! X 5 X 5 I ,Q M k . vm. X Q N 3 S Q R t 2-'if 3? L s 1 W ww C Af Work And Af Play . 1 pl"f""' ' ft ,Q of 4.4 1 - 1 A I ff, 'uf' , N ' -ms-gf ,Q , . ,g ,,. lr A an fs t 1 JOE: "I'11put it back, really I will." 4' S l F Ne fl rl i , 5 f 'x SMAQ STAFF: "Detention could be worse." me ' at im 1 , 2 Nw f A .girw S ta fl: 4 'i 3 ,lxfh-6 ' .Qt 5 . 'HKS-525-Q, 'Z LAURIE: "l think it 's still alive." 1 Drama Club 3 Qian-:-f'Xi'X l5-f30 ROW 1: Mr. L. Thibodeau, Advisor, Members - B. Gleason, President, D. Levesque, Treasurerg L. Plummer, Secretary, L. Iarvais, J. Shea, T. Moirs, S. Kinney, V. Deschesne, R. Theriault, H. Cote, D. McGi1lan. ROW 2: R. Cyr, V. Levesque, J. Clark, C. Orser, S, Blaisdell, L. Haines, P. Reynolds, L. Geddes, J. Dorsey, D. Parks, D. Gallop, P. Thibeau, L. Cote, L. Michaud. ROW 3: J. LeVasscur, C. Bird, P. McGrath, M. McKenney, J. Holland, L. Gagnon, E. Reynolds, J. Lynch, C. Doherty, S. Bernard, D. Gallagher, L. Guiou, K. Gibbs, C. McCarthy. ROW 4: K. Rideout, S. Whitehouse, B. Nightingale, T. Chapman, K. Durnond, R. Lovely, B. Dyer, T. Levesque, T. Nightingale, R, Fitzherbert, F. Cox. ROW 5: L, DeMerchant, N. Dionne, F. Nelson, F. Morrow, C. Turner, A. Day, C. Wright, P. Thibeau, K. Williams, K. Philbrick, B. Doak, D. Flannery. ROW 6: R. Doucette, C. Cyr, D. Shea, P. Haines, S, Dubeay, P. Adams, N. Blier, T. Beaulieu, L. Edgecomb, P. Doughty, M. Glew. ROW 7: R. Dewley, L. Adams, B. Saucier, C. Shaw, S. Dyer, B. DeMerchant, S. Estey, G, Currie, L. Dodge, B. Gill. ROW 8: K. White, D. Blaisdell, L. Banks, S. Hartley, C. Jenkins, M. Ashfield, P. Bouchard, R. Duncan, L. Milton, B. Jolmston, J. Hopkinson, B. Kinney. ROW 9: P. Smith, E. Miller, R. Lagasse, E. Gallagher, J. Beckwith, T. Doak, E. Nelson, E. Bolstridge, C. Turner, D. Phillips, R. Wright. -9 --v JSR' Optimistic minds and aching feet, "Barefoot in the Park" :Fw rf' V1 KY j 5 . A X " y ,, Arsenic and Old Lace" 1 Barefoot in the Park" The Odd Couple" .lrfggglsiltis Nofionol Honor Society LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. Peterson, Advisor: Anne Dubey, Phil Roberts, Ingrid LeVasseur, ,Steve Nightingale, Lonna Plummer, Mr. McLaughlin, Advisor. fThese members inducted those seated in the picture below in a very impressive ceremony held on January 19.5 Q ss. E NATIONAL i HONOR SOCIETY . S 'ff ? 1 E, E ' i 3 of . Vs if 3 NEW and OLD MEMBERS: ROW 1: L. Giberson, E. Gallagher, B. Churchill, S, Bird, L. Banks. ROW 2: E. Miller, L, McGrath, I. McCarthy, J. Hill, P. Haines. ROW 3: S. Whitehouse, B. Night- ingale, A. Nehring, A. McCrea, I. Holland. ROW 4: S. Roberts, I. LeVasseur, A. Dubey, L. Plummer, S. Nightingale. Student Council FRONT: Advisor, Mr. H. Slipp. ROW 1: Joey Dorsey, Jeff Arm- strong. ROW 2: Linda Haines, Susan Blaisdell, Reid McLaughlin. ROW 3: Betty Nightingale, Andy McCrea, Marie McKenney, Bob Gleason. ROW 4: Lynne Dodge, Peggy Haines, Lonna Plummer, Steve Dubeay, Ingrid Levasseur. ily in SEATED: Marie McKenney, Secretary. STANDING: Peggy Haines, Treasurerg Andy McCrea, Vice Pres.g Lonna Plummer, Pres- ident. Throughout the year the Student Council has been very successful in their money-raising pro jectsg therefore we will contribute two scholarships to the Seniors. To raise money the Council raffled off a tape cassette, and have sold doughnuts and coffee in the morning. In November, we sponsored the Regional Con- vention in which we all attended. We are presently planning an Honor Week when we will honor the different departments of our school. In March, we plan to attend the State Con- vention in Biddeford. This page is Sponsored by: BROWN'S JEWELRY NET HERLAND TYPEWRIT ER CO. WRAY's FLOWERS Presque Isle, Maine Junior Exhibition LAURIE BANKS l . LONNA PLUMMER "There Must Be Some Trick ToThis" "Yoga" "Illusions" DANNY HANSCOM l I PIANIST: SUSANMIIXRT LEY "Basketball Was What It Was" IHSOH BHFHGS "' 'fo ' " ' A' A' ' 'X' ' " ' PAUL SMITH ANNE DUBEY JOE ADAMS "Girls" "Mary of Scotland" "Levitation" K' xx .lil X -is Ai - If I t X . X R 3- l'.r,f Q 'N' V x 147- V 'ix .. i-4 f ' 1 -ia v -XV ,F ste f Q ik 7 xg A h it A ' The Class of 1973's Junior Exhibition was held ' Q Z1 ,,wf,fi 'g,'qf ig ,ll '-- April 14, 1972. The stage was decorated in Royal K g It t I ' ' 1 Purple and Orchid, The M. C, for the event was l I T X A A Q 1 , A Philip Roberts, z L. A1 Q 'f , ' K ra, -X I l ff gg' , fx X ,R N CLASS NARSHALLS: Gloria Currie, Peggy Haines Ellen G allagher, You Can't Take It With You . '- .vi f 'W' .f ,rain 'Vi C-tx: .f' M " Q xx 1 gf ,nfs -,gm if , 6 . fl 4 zfgdrbxfgxi '19 I 1 w . D f 7 0 A 5 , Fa Q-T ' 'x , fi L I X , K I - sh CAST: lst ROW: Dan, qMacj9 Merle, Uimj: Bob, fPaulj: Rick, fTonyj. 2nd ROW: Qseatedj Laurie, fOlgaj: Anne, qMrs. Kirbyj: Gloria, fAlicey: Susan fPennyj: Diane, fEssieJg Lonna, fLysannej: Chris, qGayj. 3rd ROW: Paul, fliolenkhovjz Bob, fllendersonjs Joe, qEdjg Steve, qDonaldj: Jim, fGrand aj: Phil, fthe Manjg Dan, QMr. Kirb 9 Don, QDePinna . D, P yn u 2, , , sl XE, . I lr. -5 41 .v "4-51 .-2, . , ' . N A 1v"'.F,?- ef!a'Jk" T asus , I W, SENIOR PLAY STAGE CREWS: lst ROW: E. Miller, I. Beckwith, R. La- A X A gasse - Stage Manager, L. Murphy, I. McCarthy, S. McGrath, Mr. Thi- W . ' bodeau - Advisor. 2nd ROW: L. Theriault, L. Nelson, C. Jenkins, T, ' Thibeau, L, Dodge, B. Doughty, I. Walker. 3rd ROW: N. Tardy, D. McLaughlin, D, LaPointe, T. Brayall, T. Doak, E, Gallagher, P. Bur- tchell, B, Murchison, E. Bolstridge. yr 'x . s , f ii A 1 X ' 4' . vx.l'er . -Y X R aff-W 'A R 4. L."---" Af r .jf - 'fnfflx , ,, . ffl! fs f wp' . 3 'gg , f X' , "Ei was , if ' el .f li? yy I' f 1 fr' , f ' E , 5 ,. WV Lf-, QV r K- A- .63 J 3 yu Q F qs f kv N7 C gl x. A i 9 A V , , N 1 td N0 7 O x W 4 F F A ,rf If ,1 ,X F , , " , .J I V f I , . L.. 1 1' ,f, , 1 f ' 5 will Yilxpflfr lk . . . 1' , fry X W L LA' Um. K sf KA X U if L, , 1 . " ..-" ROW 1: Jane Goughan, Betty Nightingale, Sue Dyer, Doris McLaughlin, Advisor - Mr. Ken Clark, Gloria Currie, Susan Hartley, Diane Blaisdell. ROW 2: Ray Haines, Dan Flannery, Jason Barnes, Don Haines, Bob Saucier, Chris Turner, George Stevens, Jeff Beaulieu. ROW 3: Peter Fraser, Ken Tilley, Rick Rider, Gary Thebarge, Charles Goodwin, Kevin Doughty, Dean Bird, Frank Thibodeau. Frank scored 100 in Materials at the District con- test here in Fort Fairfield, F . F .A . OFFICERS Advisor, Ken Clark, Treasurer, Ray Haines, President, Jason Barnes, Vice-Pres- ident, Rick Rider, Reporter, Bob Saucierg Secretary, Frank Thibodeau. I 'i 1 K hgh I A These boys attended the State Championship V and placed FIRST1 I uv' -ff: '.Ql' X95 ' ' fl oofffhp x V ff 'i' -- fe O . 4' Qlcx 0 Champs Agcnn f f f -Z ---H ,W FROSH: ROW 1: Mr. Kenneth Clark, Advisor M Edgecomb P Thibodeau P Kilicolhns k If D5 B. Murphy, R. Harvey, ROW 2: R. Holmes, W Todd T Doak M Cassidy R Theriault Q ffj F. Morrow, F. Nelson. IJ, 5, Rf NATIONAL fit M W -A c,,,,,c.,V rror,,, W1 N Mio WJ FEC Ti My .1 v. if A , ' fl Q ASN ' ' i 1 ! 4 T Q, 'f , x' ' . ' w ff ' 'qua' E k A X y.. f W N3 A f so 5 . t 1:1 sf X A ss' if XA - , 1 ' r " - The boys construct Christmas wreaths as a project to raise money for the local chapter V'1lVJiV'1 MA gondeh FRONT: Mrs. Lockhart, advisor, Barb Doughty, Lynn Dodge, Jo-anne McCarthy, Liz Nelson, Tara Thibeau, Paula Thibeau. BACK: Terry Brayall, Roberta Lagasse, Jo-anne Walker, Doris Mc- Laughlin, Lucy Therieault, Debbie McLaughlin, Susan McGrath. , 112-it L 5-igw Lockhart plan for a yearly project. JoAnn, local club president, conducts one of the monthly meetings. Tara, 1973 State FHA Chapter President, and Mrs. lc cercle. francais lst ROW: Advisor: Mrs. Peterson, I. LeVasseur, J. Russell., B. Kinney, P. Fraser, Advisor: Mrs. Keenan. 2nd ROW: B. Wright, G. Cassidy, L. Gagnon, J, Shea, T. Doak, C. McCarthy, L. Adams, L. Michaud, F, Dyer, D. Thomas, F. Thibodeau, 3rd ROW: R. Fitzherbert, R. McLaughlin, B. Bernard, J. Russell, I. Peters, J. Everitt, S. Craig, T. Rochford, I. McCarthy, S. Estey, L. Jenkins, R. Kenneson. 4th ROW: V. Levesque, C. Bird, R. Cyr, T. Levesque, K. Williams, S. Bernard, A. Day, P. LeVasseur, M. Libby, J. Clark, J. Armstrong, T. Nightingale. 5th ROW: K. Rideout, P. Glew, C. Doherty, D. McGillan, S. Blaisdell, L. Haines, P. McGrath, C. Orser, C. Seeley, K. Philbrick, R. Cote, B, Doak, M. Cassidy. 6th ROW: H. Cote, P. Smith, B. Irvine, P, Everett, K. Gibbs, C. Shaw, E. Reynolds, R. Flannery, J. Flan- nery, D, Butler. 'ith ROW: T. Williams, R. Ashby, D. Flannery, P. Haines, P. Adams, L. McGrath, J. Cyr R. McLaughlin, C. Lovely, G. McCue. 8th ROW: K. Lovely, B. Swazey, S. Rideout, K. Turner, D. Parks, D. Cyr, L. Geddes, D. Gallagher, P, Thibeau, L. Guiou, S. Kinney. 9th ROW: D. Phillips, C. Wright, K. Thibodeau, L. Cote, P, Roberts, L. Edgecomb, P. Doughty, T. Moirs, T. Beaulieu, I. Dorsey. 0 N -TY-lx mp, ., Even teachers have to let their hair down. faites attention! ! l One-Act Plays Dale Phillips and Vickie Levesque Q Q X ms u-2",N , Sue Dyer directed "This Property is Condemned" f"The Lesson" was taken to the regional competition in Presque Isle.J Sue Dyer, Dale Phillips and Vickie Leves que. K1-37A "This Property is Condemned". Kevin Williams and Marie McKenney. Well Done!!! CAST of "Hello, Out There!" LEFT TO RIGHT: Louis Milton, Peggy Doughty, Tim Nightingale, Keith Philbrick, Danny Flannery. n S " Hello, out there!" "The Boor" L to R: Paul Smith, Susan Bernard ABSENT: Laura Michaud . ,,,....-e-- .....---- ,Student Librarians -c4'1w SITTING: Debbie Bishop, Roberta Lagasse, Carol Jenkins, Doris McLaughlin, Diane LaPointe, Mrs. Dewley, Advisor. STANDING: Sue Dyer, Ellen Gallagher, Erla Miller, Yvonne Berube, Barbara De- Merchant, Valerie Deschesne, Denise Levesque, Lucy Theriault, Loretta McNamee, Janice Everitt, Debbie Pelkey. SITTING: Linda DeMerchant, Cheryl Wright, Karen Thibodeau, Pam Everett, Nancy Blier, Mrs. Lamoreau, Advisor. STANDING: Annette Day, Sharon Walker, Marylee Keegan, Betty Dyer, Linda Putnam, Debbie McLaughlin, Sonja O'Neal, Judy LeVasseur, Franklin Cox, Sammy Rideout, Brian Swazey Dirigo Boys' And Girls' State 5 l 2 s Chris Turner attended the 27th annual New England Managers Institute which was held at UMO. This meeting lasted four days and was attended by 150 town and city mana- gers and 6 Boys' Staters. The topic was, "How to run a town government . " CLOCKWISE: Chris Turner, James Hill, Steve Nightingale, Phil Roberts, Anne Dubey, Lonna Plummer Laurie Banks, Peggy Haines. Bi-Hy-Y lst ROW: Mrs. Stevens, S. Dubay, Sec., T. Brayall, Pres., L. Banks, Chap., H. Cooperstein, V.P., P. Haines, Treas., D, Shea, B. Gill. 2nd ROW: I. McCarthy, S. McGrath, D. Blaisdell, L. Dodge, T. Thibeau, S. Dyer, L. Gagnon, K. McDougal, L. Edgecomb. 3rd ROW: V, Deschesne, T. Doak, K. Thi- bodeau, P. Huntress, S, Wright, A. Dubey, P. Thibeau, D, Parks, S. George, T. Beaulieu. 4th ROW: B. Dyer, G, Jackson, K. Gibbs, I, Shea, R, Cyr, P. McGrath, V. Levesque, C. Doherty, C. Orser, D. Gallop. 5th ROW: A, Nehring, P. Adams, L. McGrath, B. Kenney, D. LaPointe, L, Haines, S, Blaisdell, S. Towle, P. Doughty. Older Girls Conference I-we 5. i ad SN T L -Q, .,,. 'J ifisi d A -Q.. 1 M 'fs - fr+ '2'.f ' ' . . ' . ROW 1: A. Nehung, H. Cooperstern, T. Brayall. John Anderson was elected second vice-president to ROW 2: B. Doughty, L. Haines, P. Haines, S, Bla- the Model UN in Bangor. isdell. ROW 3: L. Banks, A. Dubey, I. McCarthy, D. Blaisdell. ABSENT: C. Cox. . F.F.H.S. Band MAJORETTES: Susan Blaisedell, Betty Nightingale, Diane Blaisdell, Jane Bird. BAND MEMBERS: ROW 1: Nancy George, Anita Nehring, Cathy Giberson, Annette Day, Marie Milliard, Heidi Cooperstein, Anne Dubey, Chris Cox, Joey Dorsey fAbsent Erla-Lee Miller, Brian Doaky ROW 2: Steve Nightingale, Cathy Doughty, CeeAnn Lovely, Rhonda Cyr, Liane Mullen, Kim Gibbs, Peggy Doughty, Laurie Banks, Terry Brayall, Judy LeVasseur, Lori Edgecomb, Tammy Moirs, Diane Gallagher, Becky Duncan, Linda Boudreau, Susan Towle fAbsent Cindy Birdy. ROW 3: Marie McKenney, Kathy Turner, Gayle Jackson, Lisa Cote, Bonnie Kinney, Harold Cote, Mark Gibbs, Sam Rideout, Dan Delano, Ron Kenneson, Larry Jenkins, Robert Clark, Andy McCrea, Roberta Gorman, Denise Levesque, Patti Glew, Carl Gallagher, Dickfitzherbert, Ed Bolstridge, Scott Estey, Keith Philbrick, Gerald Cassidy, Ingrid LeVasseur, Jane Russell, Steve Whitehouse QAbsent Tony Levesquej. ROW 4: Cleftj Susan McGrath, Joyce Shea, Laura Michaud, Lisa Adams, Peggy Thibeau, Tilden Doak, Crightj Debbie Bishop, Terry Beaulieu, Dave Shea, Barry Gill, Janet Holland, Jerry Jackson, Karen White, Linda Guiou, Bob Duncan, Kirk Rideout, Bob Gleason fAbsent Cindy Cyr, Mike Cassidyj. ROW 5: Director, Mr. Donald Hamalanien, Arthur Dewley, Don Armstrong, Roger Foster, Chris Turner, Randy Theriault, Scott Dubay, Peter Bouchard fAbsent Sue Dyer, Kevin Williams, Tim Nightingale, Butch lrvingj. QUAGJJA Zig WN Band Activities .A BAND COUNCIL: BACK ROW: Bob Gleason, Dan Delano, Steve Nightingale, Peter Bouchard, Robert Clark, Steve Whitehouse, Tim Nightingale, Don Armstrong, FRONT ROW: Susan McGrath, Laurie Banks, Linda Boudreau, Cindy Bird, Vickie Levesque, Chris Cox. A? vs ' ' . 'rv , M Q' - t., T lmt 'Lys S: A --. A M "ax T f g,'s,a . 7,9 t is 1 - ,X f W. ,- -gs." 'L W. 5 Q if i, w- f. - fm ,A -, -.l K J CWB? Betty as a "Tin Mr. Ham: "That stinks!" ROW 1: Steve Nightingale, Steve Whitehouse. ROW S01di6f" 2: Joey Dorsey, Carl Gallagher. These students participated in All- Aroostook. Steve Nightingale was our representative to All-State. Stage Band i' ' ' is as A L L . A i 9 4 N STANDING: Donnie Armstrong, Cathy Giberson, Bob Duncan, Mike Cassidy, Bob Gleason, Kirk Rideout, Larry Jenkins, Dan Delano, Bob Clark, Ron Kenneson, Andy McCrea, Mr. Hamelainen, Director. SEATED: Steve Nightingale, Peter Bouchard, Scott Estey, Ed Bolstridge, Steve Whitehouse, Debbie Bishop, Keith Philbrick, Carl Gallagher, Janet Holland. Art Club ROW 1: Diana Blaisdell, Sue Hartley, Carol Jenkins, Dale Phillips, Romie Doucette. ROW 2: Lisa Adams, Ro- berta Lagasse, Gloria Currie, Chris Turner, Mr. Sprague, Advisor. ROW 3: Shane Shaw, Steve Goodine, Gail Jackson, Tammy lvloirs, Diane Gallagher, Louis Milton. 69 F.F.H.S. Chorus wiv, ,,,,J ROW 1: C. Lovely, D. Burtchell, V, Levesque, C. Orser, D. Bishop, D, Blaisdell, J. Clark, L. Iarvais, C. Shaw, ROW 2: J. LeVasseur, C. Bird, P. McGrath, S. Bernard, J, Russell, T, Doak, A. Day, K, Soloman, A. Nehring, C. Turner, ROW 3: L. Cote, C, Cyr, L. Adams, L. Haines, S, Blaisdell, R, Cyr, P. Glew, C. Doherty, S. Dyer, J, Holland, ROW 4: I. Shea, E, Gallagher, T. Moirs, D. Gallagher, L, Michaud, L. Wilson, S. Beaulieu, K. Doughty, T. Nightingale. ROW 5: H. Cote, D, McGillan, K, Rideout, E, Miller, Hartley, G, Currie, T. Beaulieu, P. Thibeau, N. George, P. Doughty, K. Gibbs, ROW 6: P. Fraser, B. Gill, P. Bouchard, D, Flannery, S. Estey, M. Gibbs, F, Cox, K. Williams, B, Doak, CHORUS COUNCIL: -lst ROW: P. Bouchard, S. Hartley, D, Blaisdell, L. Mullen. 2nd ROW: S. Dyer, K. Shaw, L. Banks, K. Williams, R. Cyr, K. Rideout. And our very own Pete Bouchard Represented us in the All-Eastern Chorus 4 ALL-AROOSTOOK: ROW 1: L. Banks, A. Nehring, D. Burtchcll, L. Jarvais ROW 2: F. Cox, L. Mullen, D. Biship, li, Miller, R, Cyr, R, Bouchard. ALL-STATE: Franklin Cox, Liane Mullen, Peter Bouchard, SEAT ED: Bob Bouchard, Pere Bouch- ard, Jim Bouchard, Chris Ash- field. STANDING: Mr. Lord, Advisor, Ed Bolstridge, Jeff Arm- strong, Ger- ald Cassidy. 'n Radio Club ,Qs ' mu" 'N ' if . .Fl ,, . V gang, 1 FF! WT wunvl! mm man - nm 'W E' IYAZSZM """I' 91' Office Staff lL'J'w-Mme L to R: Linda Iarvais, Dot Gallop, Penny Fraser, Lucy Theriault, Mrs. Russell, Lori Walton, Laurie Wilson Chess Club ROW 1: Mr. McLaughlin, Advisor: Tom Sage, Dale Phillips, Brian Swazey, Peter Doak, Richard McLaughlin, Sam'Rideout, Bill Turner, Tim Atkins. ROW 2: Gerald Cassidy, Ray Haines, Patricia Reynolds, Michael Glew Mike Adams, Randy Ashby, Ed Perry, Perry Thibodeau. ROW 3: Butch Irvine, Bob Wright, Kirk Rideout, Reid McLaughlin, Louis Milton, Mark Gibbs, Ricky Boulier, Frank Lagasse. As you can see by these scores CHESS TEAM SCORES Fort Fort 3 Limestone - - - ---- 2 4 Limestone - - - - 1 5 Fort Kent - - - 0 3 Fort Kent - - -2 2 112 Presque Isle - -2 112 3 Presque Isle - - 2 4 112 Houlton - - - - 112 3 112 Houlton - - - 1 3 112 Caribou - - - -1 112 the Fort Fairfield Team are COUNTY CHAMPS, F.B.L.A. ROW 1: Mrs. I. Harburger, Advisor: Ruth Russell, Jill Beckwith, Diane LaPointe, Liz Nelson, Marilyn Libby, Judy Boulier, Lucy Theriault. ROW 2: Valerie Deschesne, Erla Miller, Joanne Walker, Doris McLaughlin, Sha ron Walker, Marylee Keegan, Linda Putnam, Karla McDougal, Lori Smith, Cathy Flannery, Liz Nelson. an I' w. M 5 5 EY Ev: -fx-ff 'K E E F 5 Q x s QM T , .Aff N ,G 'ff je ,X V, 1 S Qifry, .Ak ..-f"" QT' f 'J . N-1. 54' S. , .b qs. - vig ,1- fk- '- vyxsf K 132424447 A 'uf . km, Q-ij pm -442' 5. 1 WV. Cross Country 1st ROW: Tim Nightingale, Steve Nightingale, Frank Thibodeau. 2nd ROW: Mgr. Tony Levesque, Pete Cyr, Rick Manter, Brent Cyr, Bob Saucier, Coach Cyr, '-2 "Well ' 1.4, Done, VARSITY RECORD: Sept. 1 at Caribou - 4th Sept. 6 at Ft. Kent - 3rd Sept. S at P. I. - 4th Sept. 12 at Houlton - 4th Oct. 17 at Fort - 3rd Oct 20 at Fort fCty.J - 4th Oct. 26 at Houlton fReg,J 2nd Nov, 4 at Portland fStatey Sth County Champ - Steve Nightingaleg 2nd place in County Meet - Frank Thibodeau. Steve And Frank!" JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD: Sept. 1 at Caribou - 4th Sept. 6 at Ft, Kent - 4th Sept. 8 at P. I. - 3rd Sept, 12 at Houlton - 3rd Oct. 17 at Fort - 3rd Oct. 20 at Fort qCty.J '- 5th, 'iEugene Babineau - absent from Junior Varsity Cross Country picture, 1st ROW: Chris Turner, Sam Rideout, Jeff Armstrong, Coach Cyr 2nd ROW: Mgr. Tony Levesque, Kirk Rideout, Dan Delano, Andy McCrea, Tilden Doak. Soccer lst ROW: Scott Estey qMgr.J, Steve Whitehouse, Edmund Perry, Bob Gleason, Phil Fraser, Bob Nelson, Wayne Pelletier, Brian Doak, Jim Bouchard, Bob Bouchard, Jeff Boulier QMgr.J. 2nd ROW Coach Solomon, Steve Roberts, Pete Bouchard, Dave Thomas, Donny Armstrong, Merle Burtchell, Steve Deabay, Andy Higgins, Paul Burtchell, Dana Clark, Phil Roberts, Kerby Doughty. L - I 'QTL I Tigers Action Sponsored by: M. P. G. Inc. Presque Isle, Me. Varsity Basketball KNEELING: Phil Fraser, Kurt Lovely, Merle Burtchell, Ty Williams, Don Armstrong. S'I1A,NDIN,G: Alan Peters, Mgr., Steve Nightingale, Phil Roberts, Kerby Doughty, Dave Shea, Roger Willette, Ricky Manter, Steve Roberts Paul Burtchell, Wayne Pelletier, Mgr., Coach Ugone. ,t, . Varsity Cheerleaders E K ' 1:1 2. ,,., M , el .1 X PEGGY HAINES GLORIA CURRIE IOANNE MCCART HY, Captain LYNN GRAVES BETTY NIGHTINGALE LYNN DODGE LAURIE BANKS ANITA NEHRING, Tiger DORTHA GALLOP L M Xp-gg. - La., J.V. Basketball ROW 1: Dean Bird, Don Flannery, Pete Newcomb, Brent Cyr, Ron Kenneson. ROW 2: Scott Esty, Mgr.: Lonnie Levesque, Bob Saucier, Gordon Page, Andy Dionne, Danny Flannery, Larry Jenkins, Dick Dorsey, Coach Gary Fitzherbert. J.V. Cheerleaders Sy . ROW 1: Ellen Reynolds, Marilyn Libby. ROW 2: Bonnie Bernard, Vickie Levesque, Judy LeVasseur, ROW 3: Patty McGrath, Susie Bernard, Lori Dodge, Frosh Basketball ROW 1: Butch Irving, Skip Babineau, Dave Thomas, Coach Ken Clark, Tim Nightingale, Rick Sirois, Dave But ler, Roger Flannery, ROW 2: Mgr. - Mike Cassidy, Mgr. - Jeff Armstrong, Kevin Williams, Tony Levesquc Jeff Flannery, Clifford Bubar, Dick Fitzherbert, Mike Adams, Brian Doak, Peter Smith, Mgr, - Tom Rochford Mgr. - Perry Thibodeau. Frosh Cheerleaders ROW 1: Nancy George, Debbie Gallop. ROW 2: Donna Parks, Laura Michaud, Peggy Thibeau, ROW 3: Linda Guiou, Laurie Edgecomb, Terry Beaulieau. A1125 50 58 53 53 41 54 47 50 73 56 47 64 63 62 62 67 SCOREBOARD Houlton - - - Mars Hill - - Limestone - - Mad awaska - Presque Isle - Van Buren - - Fort Kent - - Caribou - - - Houlton - - - Limestone - - Caribou - - - Presque Isle - Madawaska - Fort Kent - - Mars Hill - - Van Buren - - Track Leads In The County '72 TEAM: SEATED: Donnie Armstrong, Mark Goughan, Steve Nightingale, Mac Wortman, Stan Armstrong, Frank Thibodeau, Bob Bouchard, Rick Rider, Bob Saucier, Mgr. Chris Turner. ROW 2: Mitch Butler, George Stevens, Iim Bouchard, Jack Sprague, Steve Roberts, Ron Russell, Brent Cyr, Doug Delano, Dean Bird, Carl Gallagher, Mike Butler, Jerry LeVasseur. ROW 3: Coach Babineau, Mgr. John Foster, Dan Delano, Shane Shaw, Romie Haines, Dan Doughty, Chip Beckwith, Andy Higgins, Gary Thebarge, Steve Whitehouse, Fred Findlen, Pete Cyr, Phil Roberts, Asst. Coach - Mr. Randy Rolfe. K jjwgs 1. tsfirskts Q -sem :V kin relfsziiiit X N, V. ,.,.. -. - 1 mm assi K ... ' , 4... .. , , .C ,.. X Y V 5' 7- ' A' mi" C. 1 gt. K mg 1 A it 1 G V? M L 'G 1 1 fr , -A, ' f . Y ' af A ,. 2' gk - 1 p r -A 'fr . -gi 2 j , , 'Q - , .., N sr 1 - s, . , -X 9 t , 1 p . H, I , A 'A jfs-X , ---f . " ' 5 f, Q is ,se A I' ' mg, S' X3 9 is 3 24 'R lv , if fg, , H ,f - , .J .gh . f , . ' - -A ,. . is-will j 5 -' . 1 - x.,g , - t by Mil r . 5 .h ' ,,,, - K. f m ' G li J-it . . if ...i-l-. " s 2- 9 i 95.4-.---35, . ,,,v Q M K . Steve Nightingale placed 4th in the State Meet. 1880 yard dash, 2:03.95 , 9 gtk A 6 g gy ' , ,r.t C , , t, , , t , t frs t,'r 5 'sl'i B r ' STATE MEET: f4thp 220 yard dash 24.1 seconds "Sure, smile - who wou1dn't with a team like this one! !" ' 1-..,,: M V I'-' T' 'itil' V --of an A l Q :KTM , ' 1 ,S ly. Qtr 47" - 'i Lf:-it-' S f sail, ' ' ' STATE MEET: 4th, shot put, 46' 4 112 " LOCAL MEETS Fort Fairfield, 108 ---- - Madawaska, 53 - - - - - -Houlton, 14 Fort Fairfield, 134 112 - - - - Limestone, 35 112 - - - - Katahdin, 1 Fort Fairfield, 102 ------------ Limestone, 37 ------------ - - - Caribou, 33 Fort Fairfield, 111 112 - - - Caribou, 90 - - - Van Buren, 20 - - - P, I. , 18 ---- Houlton, 13 112 REGIONAl?ibflEET Fort Fairfield, 118 - - - - - - Lincoln, 70 -QQ ---- - - - Washburn, 17 AROOSTOOK COUNTY MEET Fort Fairfield, '70 112 Caribou, 51 112 Madawaska, 49 Limestone, 38 112 Fort Kent, 28 Presque Isle, '7 Washburn, 6 . .. Van Buren, 4 112 Houlton, 0 . 3: Katahdin, 0 Mars Hill, 0 Girls Basketball SEATED: Ruth Russell, Jill Beckwith, Pat Adams, Cindy Doherty, Diane Blaisdell, STANDING: Peggy Doughty - Mgr., Barb Saucier, Lisa Adams, Tammy Moirs, Karen White, Paula Huntress, Cathy Orser, Coach Peters, Janet Lynch, Sherry Dubay, Roberta Gorman, Lana McGrath Liz Nelson - Mgr. , Linda Demerchant - Mgr. fAbsent - Suely Araujoj Q- F 5. 3 gg ,iz 5 x L ,, we F if ,AS Q' 5 is , " 3 I Qu- X N Mm, by -,2' . Girls Baseball Q L - , FRONT ROW: Sherry Dubay, Patty McGrath, Cathy Orser, Janet Lynch, Patti Glew, Lana McGrath, Mrs. Keenang Asst. Coach, Laurie Banks. BACK ROW: Gayla Demerchant, Marcia Bernard, Gloria Currie, Julio McCarthy, Mrs. Petersg Coach, Sally Burlock, Pat Adams, Carla McCrea, Jo-anne McCarthy, Barb Dcmerchant, Heidi Flannery, Diane LaPointe, Liz Nelsong manager. l .4 ...L Q W A real swinger 85 Ski Team ROW 1: Anita Nehring, Jean Clark, Jane Bird, Chris Cox, Barry Gill, Jeff Hopkinson, Bob Johnston, Andy McCrea. ROW 2: Marie Milliard, Marie Mclienney, Dan Cyr, Tom Sage, Mike Glew, Arthur Dewley, Frank Thibodeau. ROW 3: Coach Clark, Kirk Rideout, Brian Fields, Larry Cyr, Jeff Arm- strong, Ricky McLaughlin, Reid McLaughlin, Sam Rideout, Ricky Rider. CAbsent: Anne Dubeyj 1 'a 'Y REGIONAL SKI MEETQTeam, lstjz ABOVE: Bob Johnston - lst giant slolam, 46. 1 sec. Barry Gill - 3rd jumping, 53's 3rd giant slolam, 47.2 sec. 5 3rd cross country, 22:10 min. Andy McCrea - 1st cross country, 21:08 min. Jeff Hopkinson - 1st jumping, 56 ft. 5 Skimeister of this meet. Andy placed 3rd in cross country f18:23 min.j in the State Meet with the team placing third. Baseball - Spring, 1972 ,, f .w- V may 1 .F ,QW KNEELING: Coach Janosco, Steve Keegan, Brent Boulier, Pete Gorman, Greg Graves, Don Libby. STANDING: Bruce Kinney, Andy Dionne, Paul Burtchell, Randy Dewitt, Larry Jenkins, Ty Williams Lonny Levesque, Gordan Page, Ron Kenneson, Wayne Pelletier, Dave Shea, Kurt Lovely, Bob Nelson Dan Flannery, Coach Ugone. KNEELING: Bob Bouchard, Jim Bouchard, Dana Oakes, Kent Doughty. STANDING: Coach Soloman, M. Butler, Louis Milton, Barry Murphy, Dana Clark. 'Zn- Varsity Club l l l .. ROW 1: Steve Nightingale, Secy: Lynn Graves, Treas.: Brent Boulier, Pres.: Paul Burtchell, V. Pres. ROW 2: Joanne McCarthy, Lynn Dodge, Betty Nightingale, Laurie Banks, Lonna Plummer, Ricky Manter, Bob Saucier, Paul Smith, Frank Thibodeau. ROW 3: Dortha Gallop, Bob Gleason, Sherry Dubay, Cathy Orser, Patti Adams, Gloria Currie, Merle Burtchell, Dave Shea. ROW 4: Phil Roberts, Steve Roberts, Kerby Doughty, Wayne Pelletier, Kurt Lovely, Peter Cyr, Shane Shaw, Gordon Page, Brent Cyr, ROW 5: Phil Fraser, Diane LaPointe, Anita Nehring, Andy McCrea, Peggy Haines, Harold Rider, Bob Johnston, Barry Gill, ABSENT: Jeff Hopkinson. Golf Team lg Og, Q S sxxfmf 5 . cl' Q 'jltf O LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Harold Slipp, Coach: Larry Gardner, Barry Gill, Gene Fraser, Bob Gleason, John Foster, Paul Smith, JAN DRA'S WOODSH ED 24 High S'I'ree'I ANTI UES GIFTS Q Forf Fairfield, Me. COHHHUOUSIY changing Seledion Unusual coIIec+ion of excifing of Small IUFHIIUFG. QIBSS. China. giffs from Europe, Uni+ed S+a+es. lamps, and oiher i+ems of colleclable in'I'eres+. We specialize in MAINE HANDI- "Come in and browse" CRAFTS a+ a moclesl' price. . SA i This series of snaps shows how 'Ieamwork gels 'Ihings done. The proiec+, a siorage annex for +he Voca+ionaI Arfs Depf., began in May and was complefed in June, l972. Mr. S+icIcIes and his class look migh+y proud of 'fheir iob. "WELL DONE!" PATRONS A special "THANK YOU" 'Io all 'Ihose who have helped make our I973 ecIi+ion a special coIIec'Iion of memories - fond +o I'he presen+ and dear for fufure years. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. . WALLACE CAMPBELL MR. AND MRS DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. THOMAS ADAMS GIGI AYOOB HARVEY BANKS ROBERT BLAISDELL DONALD CASSIDY GARY CONDON MRS. JANET COOPERSTEIN MRS. WILBERT CYR MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM C. DAWSON MR. AND MRS. RALPH DELANO MRS. FRANCES DEVINE MISS LORI DODGE MR. AND MRS. ROMIE DOUCETTE MR. AND MRS. ALCIDE DUBEY MRS. DOROTHY DUBAY F.F.H.S. FACULTY MRS. EDA FLANNERY MISS MARION FRENCH MR. AND MRS. JOHN FOSTER MR. AND MRS. WARREN GIBBS MR. AND MRS. NORMAN GLEASON MRS. VELMA N. GRANT MR. AND MRS. MELVIN GRIFFETH MR. AND MRS. LOOMIS GRASS MRS. GLADYS GUIOU DAVE HANSON MR. AND MRS. HAROLD HARTLEY MRS. SHIRLEY HATHAWAY MR. AND MRS. RICHARD HEATH MR. AND MRS. HINZMAN MRS. HENRIETTA V. HOLT HOLLIS IRVINE FAMILY MR. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS .AND MRS MR MR. AND MRS. MR . AND MRS IRVINE JARDINE EARL JENKINS GERALD LaPOINTE ELDON LIBBY PAUL LeVASSEUR MERLE LeVASSEUR I . . , ' 1 -I in-mr . S xi, K , . A fav-. ., I I Iiiii P Iiii I 5, . . m 1' .i I A I 1 .. Furnirure refinishing for a spring proiecf in Ihe Home Economics roo I'Tl. MR. AND MRS. CHARLES LOCKHART MR. AND MRS. JOHN LOVELY MR. EDWARD J. MAGUIRE MRS. GERTRUDE MARTINEAU MR. AND MRS. DALLAS McCREA MR. AND MRS. RALPH McGRATH PAUL McKINNEY MRS. PAT McKINNON MR. AND MRS. R. H. McLAUGHLIN MRS. CENITH MERSEREAU MR. AND MRS. WAYNE MERSEREAU MR. AND MRS. IVAN MORROW MICHAUD'S GARAGE MELVIN E. NEHRING, U.S. BORDER PATROL MR. AND MRS. GEORGE NICHOLS MR. AND MRS. ROLAND NORRIS GERALD O. SAUCIER MR. AND MRS. RALPH OSTERBLOM MR. AND MRS. ROBERT PLUMMER JR. MRS. WALTER REED SR. DR. AND MRS. SAM RIDEOUT MRS. CARL ROBINSON MR. PHILIP ROCHFORD SR. MR. AND MRS. PHILIP ROBERTS OCTAVE SAUCIER DR. AND MRS. JAY SHAPIRO MRS. ELLEN SHERMAN MR. AND MRS. JOE SOLOMON MR. AND MRS. J. STEDMAN LINDA THERIAULT MR. AND MRS. WAYNE THIBEAU MR. AND MRS. CARL THOMAS MR. AND MRS. JACK TOWERS HIRAM TOWLE MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. STEVE ULMAN MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. GLENDON WATHEN PHILIP WELCH MR. BEN WRIGHT, U.S. CUSTOMS I. ........--.... f- Dave has 'Ihe TIGER by 'Ihe fail as Jr. Class Presidenil I,-sly fr 'lvl i , I xx-fl .Kx SQ-gd I, 'X ,f Hn I I f .' X 1 1 a' ss 's,,z ji llfe're If I looking for 1 Q tho 10th E x ooo f Y man ' 's,-,o' ' N If I ' . X x N E, f 069 CEC? -- I -- YY lf xx ,f ni f r ,f fm x t 1 I 1 f x r, xx fl 'x N , - , 4 l' X ',' Ilh ,f"sx 'I' IIN l If , 1 1 , N-, xx -'I ix GG GG? ' ' x ni ,"'Nt ,f no lx I 1 , f - w-'l xx -o 55--5 ...because the other nine don't give a thought to bettering the community. Your local electric company people are dedi- cated to making this area a better place. We want to conserve natural resources, beautify, control air pollution...and make electric service available to meet man's needs. It takes a lot of work. . .a lot of time. ..and a lot of tenth men. Count your- self in. L it 3 I , , INVESTIGATE OUR CHALLENGING M EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. .E n Maine Public Service Company Your Investor-Owned Tax Paying U+ili+y Goldsmi+h's 447 Main Sfreef Presque Isle, Maine Sporll-Ing Goods ID-:ies lll 2-IIIB lll9ii"'-2.i323lIIHfH Boasfing +l'1e newes+ air-condilioned clining room and cocldail lounge in Aroos+oolc Counfy. Two comple+e menus - Ala-Carfe and Dinner. TEAM SUPPLIERS Don invi+es you +o dine and enioy +l1e bes+ food ' division gf and aimosphere in +he area. A. J- GOLDSMITH Old Town . - P? C -I , Sears in , Dep+. Sfore, Au+o Service Appliance and Cafalog Sales 320 Main Sfreel' Presque Isle .'You'vjnfjolgEaPLTS+o live, E go+ a lo+ To give." 0 52 lnduslrial Sfreel' Pmque 'S'e BOTTLING COMPANY A C II 472-524I Dr. LeeMan Wong a H. O. PERRY i S W.. R 81 SON CO. m..v ISE FIRE AUTOMOBILE LIFE 1... SECURITIES REAL ESTATE 'I " I83 Main Sfreef Forf Fairfield PROFESSIONAL BEQUWES'-EP COCHRANS DIRECTORY Hallmark Cards Solman, Solman 8: Page Ilcorgirrilgjtljlhlons' B -dargh ri a op Lawyers ......... 496-303 I Dr. Roberf S. George Opfomefrisf ...... 472-520 I Sage and Ayoob Afforneys ........ 472-3321 Dr. Samuel Rideouf Surgeon, Physician 472-I49I Dr. A. D. Pendlefon Physician ........ 472-24I I Forf Hill Sf. Forf Fairfield 20 Sweden Sf., Caribou SCHWARTZ'S SWEET SHOP W Your choice of Pasfries Caribou, Maine Physician ........ 473-722I I42 Main, Ff. Fairfield Dr. Donald Cassidy Denfisf .......... 473-7723 FRED P STEVENS CQ. Besf Wishes From ' . Men's Clofhing BOB'S EXXON ACHQRNS 43I Main Tel. 473-7390 FAMILY SHOE 1-Prgeaqbmaellglrl 295 Main, Ff. Fairfield OUTFITTERS e ' ' "Besf Wishes, Seniors" 1 l58 Main Forf Fairfield S U V D PlzzA HOUSE J 3.1. gif so varienics of PIZZA xg X H Y - Specializing in .ax ff' I FINE ITALIAN FOODS ' V1 h . AVIS S - ORDERS TO GO - r- ' N f 3 'K 'J' STYLE SHOP Ca11496-5331 X ' Main Sfreef Forf Fairfield Tuesday thru Thursday - 10 a,m, to 1 a,m. Friday and Saturday - 10 21.111, to 2 a.m. Sundays - 10 a.m. to 10 a.1n, Sweden Street Caribou CYR BROS. MEAT PACKING INC. 'Beef "'PorIt 'Lamb "'Veal "'TabIe ready meal' 8: Provisions "Poultry, Fresh 8: Frozen "'Frozen Food "'Por+ion Control Meals Insiifufional Canned Goods Food Service Paper Products Food Service Coffee Equipment' 8: Supplies wk lk Ik lk Janiforial Supplies TECHNICAL FOOD SERVICE ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST 220 Washburn S+. Caribou, Maine 04736 Tel. 496-333 I For information see your local B and A Bus Agent or write direct to: Manager. Highway Division Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Bangor, Maine U4-402 annoon - ,LQOSW Q 604191, 1290! B and A Charter BUSES With your own special bus for that special trip, you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends, stretch out in a reclining seat to watch the scenery or nap a bit. Restroom for fresh-up convenience. We'll help with planning, reservations. You have extra safety and economy, too! ! BANGUR and Anoosroox RAILRUAD Hrghu ay Division WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK! -I if At gl. i X l STEVENS STUDIOS A Complete Photographic Service MUSIC COMPANY NEW ENGLAND'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE TO THE CLASS OF I973: 3'-Z 00: si '4 wo "Q: E1 'D-4-. 2-5 ""3 2:- Bm .54 KD 3-+ 95 is gf: -9- 20 '9'-h 7 pm 0:3 3.2 +9- 555' GQ o- DI 3 9. '.,gw:!'f 2 FIX harmony of a chorus. 20 Broad S+ree+ - Bangor, Maine 0440I VINER MUSIC CO., BANGOR Piano and Organ Headquarters in Northern and Eanorn Maine "Homo of the Sfoinway Piano" MAURICE J. FINESON BARRY A. HOLBERT bl Main Sfreef Bangor, Maine 0440l Official Jeweler fo Forf Fairfield High School since I934 Class Rings - Pins - Awards Gracluafion Announcemenfs and Calling Cards JOSTEN'S POTATO HOUSE RESTAURANT MR. KEITH FARMER, Propriefor Befly enioys working here as well as eefingl Norfh Sfreef Shopping Mall, Presque Isle, Me. Tel. 764-4l6l TELEPROMPTER CABLE T.V TELEPHPEPPIE? wr!!!-xx, SERVING - L.A.F. Base, and Presque Isle ADDRESS - II6 H'gh S+ + C ribou, M Caribou. For-'I' Fairfield, Limes one, GENERAL SUPPLY CORP Tel. 328-7373 328-7374 P.O. Box 4-71286 Limesfone, Maine GENERAL CONTRACTORS Commercial - lndusfrial - Residenfial "May The fuiure be a series of Enriching and Rewarding Experiences' A qi Sr? Er C1595 . . I 100 LOCKWOOD GRADERS INC. Donny found fhis I972 model Lockwood Harvesior a really "cool" machine. Dealers on fhe Caribou Road, Presque lsle. Old Presque Isle Road, Forl' Fairfield HOPKINSON'S SPOR'lf CENTER S Our Specially" ' Q Zlflu- X eserr g1!,,f .XSQYQJ half 1- -T-f 0 1' "w s M fM ' .l,3C+:::i,, Mz'3a1hufz:2: J:9 'rhan Any Olher Carrier!" .gs is : r Q r re r of Complimenis of SMYTH'S SUB-SHCP RCBERTS-FOSS INSURANCE AGENCY LEE S. FIELDS Wim I62 ein 1'ree1' - IX A f F F'riT1Id in X NWI Ph 472349 HI-QUALITY The sl-noe co. Philip W. Gervais, Inc. su PERMARKETS, Inc. H h S C bou Q34 ofher lo o serve you., 4 9 M Shed P I I , Mai 04269 Ph - WE EXTEND OUR BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I973 2.1 -., .ff R 1 --V H U! Xxx-M A-J ,f FIRST NATIUNAI. BANK I OF AROOSTOOK I THE BANK THAT S BUSY BUILDING AROOSTOOK M b IFDIC M b fFd lReserv SI' WHI1 Office I CARIBOU FORT FAIRFIELD HOULTON PRESQUE ISLE The For+ Fairfield Drug Co. "Give us Ihe opporiunify of 'Filling your prescripfions. You are assured I'ha+ each one is compounded by a skilled, conscien+ious, regis+ered pharmacisi in exac'I' accordance wilh your doc+or's ins+ruc1ions. RX PRESCRIPTIONS Biological - Hospifal and Siclcroom Supplies VISIT OUR NEW GREETING CARD COSMETICS DEPT. v Mil "When you wan'I' +o remember someone 'Ioo nice +o forge+ - send American Gree'I'ing cards." Dubarry, Clairol, and Rexall Colognes and Perfumes 'IO 4 "Congra+uI:'2onns, Seniors" WILDER'S FABRIC AND CLOTl'IING STORE 402,22:.L1i1:z"' 543135533 , Ha'I's off fo 'I'I'1e Good Luck, Class of '73 Seniors AROOSTOOK FOUR CLEANERS SEASONS I94 Sgeclzn Sfreef Presenxe Isle, "You devil, you" I "Buy flowers or ours scie , ' 'xv COOIl'SrlIfLORIST of A ,Ie 'IPS' X- ' Main S+. Presque Isle CO' fir, A' I l I Presque Isle, Me. I Y OVAN is DON v I , I I A I THlEALgIEIELlsAt:lflila'lN GLASS' M I H g ' BEA'S DRESS SHOP I ' I Ki C"'b"" 724 S+. g " if I " P.I. ' "Lef's see, vl:6:3mgc:!'use If on 'I'I'ue , fum! '47 I ",gQ"'fW"' " Main S+., Caribou "Serving fhe communify wifh dependable LP-Gas" MAINE FARMER'S EXCHANGE Serving Maine's Finesf Growers and Shippers. Box 3773 Presque Isle "CongrafuL4:I1o:s, Seniors" FURNITURE CO. BALLARD SEED Access Road, Caribou Call 496.246l Presque Isle, Me. Doing 'II1 i "EIec+ra Kid" 1 ere, 0891, "Make ii' a GOOD YEAR" n fhing! "Besf Wishes, Seniors, and from CEClL'S Main Sheef For, Fmrheld Main Fairfield Complimenis of "Good luck. Seniors" OSSIE'S MARKET BECKETT MmSFfm,CER.ES ME:.'5w4T::i25d Besf Wishes Seniors "Congra'Iulafions, Seniors" c. J. LYNCH co. TIP-TOP CLEANERS Te'-473-74'7 zoo Mum, H. Fairfield S+. P+. Fairfield RASMUSSEN'S . DRY GOODS PETERSON S MOTOR 376 Sweden Sfreef Caribou Forf Fairfield, Me. I B B E TT S THE Va. APPLIANCE MODERNE f hSHOPPE or f e Iafesf in fashion carigguxzgizg 23736 Fm F'i"ne'd' M" "Take yougiunch break QUIZ MTR THE v 'o"'A""m"' THREE SISTERS RESTAURANT Presque Isle Sf. Fori Fairfield, Me. Watches - Diamonds 105 06 6ULLIVER'S 81 SONS - . . ' A - -- . f " mf fr!! X"- xm l S Sig., 5 do of'essa'H'SoSwo if" .GULLIVER nn- X 111 K --I Your Exxon dealer 256 Main S+ree+ Forf Fairfield, Me. AYOOB BROTHERS .M , - A , K K . t A NX . ,. li .AVF ,,-D 55 S D K 4""'w.4..ll2,lAvZ,:n 5 we X. by :is f A Clofhes for Lads fo Dads" Tuxedo Renfals 2I4 Mem Sfree+ For? Fanrfneld RATHBUN LUMBER CO. g COMPLETE BUILDING SUPPLIES . . . Pain? and Hardware - Roofing and Insulafion 43 S+a+e S+. Presque Isle, GRANTS DAIRY 1mxj:.J:.'.fv . "Only Love Bea+s Milk" Caribou, Maine 'I07 HUTCHlNSON'S of Caribou X 65. .ll 5 Q Q I McDonaId's Amazing Menu GIFTS AND GARDEN CENTER Hcome In +ot:,rsl?,IiJ+ZugvgIl.'iInd Ihe mod 658 Main Sfreef, Presque Isle I I Franklin S+ree+ Caribou "SEE YOU THERE" BERT's DINER WEINBERQS 52 Sfafe S'I'ree'l' Presque Isle SYEAKS CNOPS - SEAFOOD ol g as p" a , l, 4 , if I, Hours: I is 'I o ur ,::::fJ:U'S' -3 K ,fl ' Fir.-sill Pgfgglgyn Su:f'z2:.sf:0.:.,'-.2 BREAKFAST LUNCH and DINNERS BERT LaGASSE, Proprielor Call 496- l45 I Access Road Caribou One of Aroos'IooIr's largesf selec+ions of Nafionally Adverfised wearing apparel for men, women, and children. H. G. SLIPP ,..-, i., W, L , tn .. 4 -v-Q-.W M, ,, ,I -"?""-' I gg H I I nl' VISII' your FORD deaI . M ' S P I I H H D CONVERSE RUBBER COMPANY Presque Isle Divis I no W.E.G.P. 13.90 Kc. For I'he besl sounds on your cIiaI "Bes+ wishes +o 'rhe class of '73" Box II77 Presque Isle, Maine At Toyota of Caribou the 'J ,ET selection is great and the service is even better. For a quality automobile at a price you can afford . . . it will pay you to test drive a new Toyota today. ... H...- ,- 3, I X C,f- '- !e L7 ' ,fl 1 OT 'frm Choice 0' Telephone "Where I go, my Toyota goes." of Experw. amass, The Only Toyota Dealer In Northern Maine for PAINTING, WALLPAPERING, SANDING, and FINISHING: Call 764-4355. GLIDDEN-SPRED Painfs 6I9 Main S+. Presque Isle I ARggLfL?fK w. T. GRANT co Zum Www 52 .- Ib ? 7 ZIV! BETTER 4 I Q5 XX I ' Crmgli ENJOY BETTER LIVING ELECTRIC WITH GRANTS CREDIT SU 450 Mein S'Iree'I, Presque Isle, Maine DAY'S OF CARIBOU "We supply F.F.H.S. w+h film fo 'Ih h I camera and proieciion b lbs for 'II1 d I equipment" Has Everyfhing FOX BUICK-PONTIAC, Inc. 216 Main Street CARI BOU, MAINE BUICK 5- ,, ., A AUTOGRAPHS gi f . Af ff5,Q,L,-'mg , 323329323539 fill wg fiffff QM cheque kjmwuefbw ,QQ-QUUQL Q055Uvd,' Q9 VQJ3f1JQfwJQ,Cil Cgowfwvnyxz, rsvp 1 A -1 ' ' . 3 Lon, gd CJMS-e,QfvQk JW4 nwfugwlfg iL QQlJJ' liiaim an Qxjc JWGLQWUXQL eilguw .7519 tirrijmi fgwwiw D v- ' -' 1 y WNLVuu-bLL JQ5P1.w,Q:HOfA' Qjsfwuu, Q Jwbuxg G7 725' -AWLUUQJMEFWC Cowmovcpwp - Quai LMLCLQ, If iQ Quwwjw VLUNQJ Qfg EA Q2 JJQJULX, ipefwfmg, gbgqqvd ZJQNQ-, QLQnJ nf VXRQMMAL Lew wi QM 2' Papa 1 MV' FUD C110 A M CMAQ 4 W X XJMJMJXQ, W L a QLLqq f' ' X7 v XJ QQ Qgmplfiilw Qf?L'fSfL 4jf C L!f3'1f'4w IQIOLAL1, - -Ill FX 3513 qi ii Qifsggggil ifiifsiigifg ' 13? like is fa S A gigs? 23539 Q, 3 Y M351 iii AP gimp? Eggs? ii 3 iiwg 55 iff ff WLW'0M'nwQK2i 5 SQQQSEQ My fbi? f2f?'C?ff,,,2f 333325 is 'ww ,Q -bi 0 E5Sg35gEXgQwJLWMU?QW'iWQfiWifQffWwfwpiZ:??vM3fg'gf? 3 Qi 1 S35 iii V if iiigiggigc 'np'---vw. , , ld.. . ' - Q A w 1 "' 1 4 f. 4 , , ' I-51 s . -N A '45 ',U L" 7 s-f wa 1 1:0 W," 4 If .- M ' sm.Q":"lS' I ' 4 , ,vs , , ,Na , A W. x -. in an f,,,,x,'.-...-., A'-.147 ' 1 V- - 'Lo-A - - K,-1-4. ,,-.E,,x.n..,,,' ..,.,..1 flax: Y' A .5155 . . LW-.7-1 fgf,1,3g5.'p . a'J'Z.f.i1T. .xg m'yf,.,a.7 fel: -,7jT1','Li'.?L ..tZ,:-..v.,.-:A hi-U --11 --g-,-51,93-jfvgi ' 'fmvl-L4f1'Ll-Lk-.tL'1f'iTiiTLIIPL.flW1ffffL'g'ifff,s:.eQf1LQ.Q,:5L:.JL',I'T '-71--'-all iff! ' ' ' ' LL," 'ilk If . . mf 1 , in -,, ' i" ' ff ' 5- V--Jf .uw ' .rffw ' I - ' ' ,,QA,.'- A lv hu. a v 1 1 A ' . .,.', .. T . WA l , . Q'. uw . . '- ' "' ykrdlbfixf l"'21,il', - -, ','.' '. VT V M r 'wi ,lf " "" ff , 1, ff , V. ' - ' 1 ' :fwf r ,W :wg-L -, - 1- - af, 1 J' '-+-1- ' 'L 'fi .V ,feg1rM.'e,ne:ps"1 5- .Jug ..-..,. .: . w. ..- 'N Aj A ,-.'. . .-Q. . nv. in Ni Q V .um .V .Q .,. M. .mv , . -, ff". 9 . -.. ,.. .ng f,I. '.g.,. - . f .U .1 . .H s . .g. .U M, ,,,. ,, I., 1., In f.. ll. H... .1-A.. 1: we -, v.'.!11 I Q Ml? ,ww

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