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I v 2 Q ,QQLFW f, L 091101 UMW JWWL Cum gl LXlf2!5UpLQQ9Q,dQQKgQp?D CWC WWW gvgwbjg MQ W W MU- Wfffimfw W iw V Tch o 88 rrah 74 For-1' Aflfinson Senior High School For-1' Hflfinson, Wisconsin Volume 57 1 For you - a new day, a new year - high sohool. For three years, your ideas about life grow and develop. Your interests spring in all directions. At first - you look for people like yourself with your interests, your enthusiasm, your feelings. You find them -- you are involved. 2 - Theme +1 Theme - 3 ffkf - ' iifsi 4-Theme if 5 s issr X ' i During the time youyspend at you feel you must y to your life - e l through your studies, e if id your friends, l your community - the world. You find that you musty involved. s M l llllluu V rrer F15 ,y You must make commitmengs - l for your happiness,r,5, yyyy yy yyyyyyyyyy 3 y your security- l llull V' your sanity. "av But you want more. You Want to become - a necessary part of that particular group that interests you. Being involved means being included. You give your time, your ideas, your devotion. You finally realize - you are no longer an observer but an active part. Very necessary. Very involved. : 6 - Theme 'K' . Student Life . . Academies . . Organizations . Athletics .... Underelassmen Seniors ...... uf-VM STudenT Life Vicki Ciaglo depicts lead in "Alice in onderlandw During the month of April, 1973, a chil- the two act play. In the leading male role, dren's theater presented a play at the J. F. Rick Bauer played the king. Luther junior high school. "Alice in Won- Kathy Carpentier headed the make up derland" under the direction of Mrs. crew for the play. The crew handmade all Audrey Fixmer amused both young and old the animals' faces as well as the unique cos- alike. Vicki Ciaglo obtained the lead role in tumes. 10 - Spring '73 Above: Father Endres gives the closing benediction at the annual Rock Day ceremony last year. Above right: Tracy Smith directs Gail Smedal as to the best position for a painting at the FHS art show. Right: At the talent show Rick LaMuro exhibits his skills on the drums during a take-off on Sha-na-na. The students of Fort high presented the annual art show in the month of May in the activity room of FHS. Mr. Hase's art survey and advanced art classes exhibitednworks of art that they completed during the school year. x 351.11 'Nts Above left: A rare moment of silence is found at the worksite of the brand new Robert Street bridge. Left: Vicki Ciaglo portraying "Alice" gives a refresh- ing smile as Theresa Plue looks on. Above: A student from Milton College presents a trumpet solo during a spring concert given at FHS. "Brigadoon" brings Scottish hi hlands to FHS gym By the beginning of March rehearsals for the all-school musical "Brigadoon" began. Mrs. Krizsan, Mr. James and Mr. Schubert served as director, music director and busi- ness manager. Leading the double cast play were Mark Zastrow, Laura Landowski, Luke Russell and Connie Blodgett on Thursday and Sat- urday nights. Taking the stage on Friday and Sunday nights were Mike Ajango, Kathy Poeppel, Eddie Desjarlais, and Karyn Scheid. The four night presentation took place on Mary 10-13. Mrs. Krizsan incorporated the use of male and female dancing and singing cho- ruses. Maureen Riedy choreographed the dancing, while Linda Landowski and Jim Athas lead the cast and crew as student directors. The costume, makeup, and light- ing crews helped to create the mystical environment of "Brigadoon.7, Above: Laura Landowski and Mark Zastrow sing "Heather on the Hill," one of many songs in "Briga- doonf' Right: Debbie Buchholtz, center, and her maids of honor execute a dance before the wedding. 12 - "Brigadoon" Above left: Debbie Schutz and many townspeople mourn over the death of Harry, Rick LaMuro. Above: Connie Blodgett portrays her part as a milk- maid singing "The Real Love of my Life." Left: Maggie and Harry dance a ballet enthusiastically at the Town Square in "Brigadoon.' "Brigadoon" - 13 14- - Junior Prom Above: Admiring their surroundings, Scott Klug and Sue Church enjoy the Prom's environment. Right: To help raise funds for the Prom, Lisa Lueder sells rolls and orange juice to Bernie Gafvert. Queen Sue VanderMause and King Luke Russell Peace Train provides mood music for "Saturday in the Park" Prom "Saturday in the Park' became the theme of the 1973 junior Prom. For the first time in many years the Fort Atkinson Municipal Building was the sight of the Prom. The mood of an old-fashioned eve- ning in the park was created out of chicken wire and cardboard pillars which formed a pavilion that enclosed the entire dance floor. A sidewalk cafe furnished refreshments. Spectators observed couples around the fountain and floral draped ponds. Park benches added a romantic touch and a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Leading the grand march were Queen Sue VanderMause and King Luke Russell. .lunior class representatives were Sue Church and Lori Luebke. Also on the court were co-chairwomen Mary Sue Humphrey and Lisa Lueder and their dates. A five piece group, "Peace Train," provided the music. Above left: Lori Luebke, Prom representative, and her escort enter during the grand march. Left: Enjoying refreshments and observing others, Pat McNamee and his date relax during the Prom. Junior Prom - 15 Fort Fest, Watergate, transpire during '73 summer "Hassle', best described the activities of the summer of '73. Some students had sum- mer jobs as gas station attendants or car hops, while others enjoyed swimming and lying in the sun. 4--H members spent the summer finish- ing their projects for the fairs. Traveling abroad became popular for many FHS fac- ulty members who invaded Germany, Nor- way, Spain, France and Mexico. Political situations in the summer of '73 had some people interested. The T.V. cov- erage of Watergate was so extensive that soap opera addicts will never find out if ,lohn really loved Mary. Chairman Mimi Bienfang planned the Fort Fest dance. Other FHS students lent their dramatic talents to the historic Black- hawk pageant and "Mid-summer Nightis Dream." Seventeen girls vied for the title of Miss Fort Fest, and Gail Mephamfa 1973 graduate, claimed the crown with Cynthia Knaack first runner-up and Lynda Strom second runner-up. Above: Members of the 1973-74 pom-pom squad dis- play their many talents for Fort Fest parade spectators, Right: Kelly Chadwick re-lives the Blackhawk War as a cavalry soldier guarding Fort Koshkonong. 16 - Summer '73 iiilh-1 is Above left: Using solarization, Jim Peterson creates a novel effect with Mike Hoffman and the Municipal Swimming Pool as his subject. Above: Varsity cheerleader Lynda Strom helps with the completion of the refreshment stand which the cheerleaders and pom-pom girls painted last summer. Left: Sophomore Mary Leedle, right, displays one of several costumes worn in the Blackhawk pageant. Summer '73 s--pq-Q w t. gm 2 . 5 . 121 Far above: Dale McKenna expresses his personal views on the proposed Nuclear Power plant. Above: Creative industrial arts students, Frank C004 dale, Joe Bauer and Dave Stanley pose by their sign. Right: Remains of a motorcyle gas tank lies dented in the street after an autumn storm felled a tree in front of the high school. 1. ,rw A ws. ' ,.,,. . A I ni School year begins in 9 O heatg Koshkonon Alert group forms Another year of anticipation began at Fort high at 8:06 a.m. on August 29, 1973. Many faces shown puzzlement during those first few days of classes, especially the sophomores. The sweltering heat of 90 degrees kept attention spans at a minimum for the first week or two. The year started out in the public eye with the very controversial nuclear power plant. A Koshkonong Alert group formed in opposition to the plant. A series of hear- ings were scheduled in the large main room of the high school with many area television stations telecasting the interviews. A new schedule introduced at FHS this year had students participating in an eight period day, each period containing 52 min- utes in the day. Above left: Mrs. Price introduces the cheerleaders mock act of Sha-na-na at a pep rally. Above: Mr. Lepley and Mrs. Burrow distribute stu- dent handbooks during thc sophomore orientation. Left: Blackhawk band member Bob Brown plays the tuba diligently during the Fort Fest parade. Fall of '73 4 19 Below: Many couples enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and moody music found at the Homecoming dance. Below left: First place honors for the character day go to the silent film triog Pat Schroeder, Ellen Zemel and Jean Sarnosky. Below right: ln preparation for the Homecoming hall decorating contest, Kathy Carpentier paints signs for the seniors floor. 20 - Homecoming ueen Jan Foelker Cheerleaders give Sha-ra-ra skit as Homecoming pep week activit "Yesterday Once More" was the theme for Homecoming at which senior Jan F oelker reigned over the event. "Libertine Rock" played for the dance with its nostal- gic theme. The class of '75 captured first place in the hall decorating contest. First prize at character day went to Pat Schroeder, Ellen Zemel, and ,lean Sarnosky as actors of the silent movies era. Dr. Cadaverino, .lim Kelly, claimed second place. On Thursday night of Homecoming week spirited stu- dents attended the bonfire. Seniors won first place in the yelling contest. Homecoming sparked excitement with the cheerleaders greased and ready for their Sha-ra-ra skit and leading the crowd with cheers at a pep assembly. The only disap- pointment to Homecoming was the loss to Sun Prairie 4-9-14 at the football game. Afterwards, students invaded the carnival at which were many booths, including an egg drop, a jail, and a live music booth. Above left: At the dance, crown bearer Sarah Vincent shyly approaches queen Jan Foelker during the pres- entation of the 1973 Homecoming royalty. Above: Students enjoy dripping egg yolks on staff member Kathy Cox for the yearbook camival booth. Left: All three squads of cheerleaders work together to bring Sha-ra-ra to FHS during one of the few pep assemblies boosting school spirit. Homecoming -- 21 Above: Using several makeup techniques, Kathy Car- pontier, makeup chairman, prepares Sue Breit- sprecher for hor role as a gypsy fortune teller. Above right: Phil Schoofs depicts Mr. Antrobus as he jokingly hits Jane Hevey for shirking her tasks. Right: Characlcrizing Gladys, Debbie Buchholtz receives an affectionate smilc from her father. 22 - All-School Play ,lane Hevey dramatizes lead in "Skin of Our Teeth" A cast, consisting primarily of sopho- mores and juniors, presented the all-school play, "Skin of Our Teeth," on November l, 2 and 3. Junior Jane Hevey portrayed the lead of Sabina, the maid. Phil Schoofs played Mr. Antrobus, and Patty Teed per- formed the part of his wife. Their children were Debbie Buchholtz as Gladys and Luke Russell characterized as Henry. This pre-historic, light-hearted comedy called for Mrs. Fixmer using double casting for many of the minor parts in the prod- uction. Three seniors .took control back- stage. Laurine Thureson student directed, while J im Borchardt was technical director. Kathy Carpentier created the makeup for all characters. Mrs. Audrey Fixmer coordi- nated the work of all student actors, chair- men and stagehands. - Above left: Mr. Antrobus, Phil Schools, expresses disappointment with life to family and friends. Left: Mrs. Antrobus, Pat Teed, attempts to settle an argument between her children, portrayed by Debbie Buchholtz and Luke Russell. All-School Play - 23 Keynote speaker George Walter sparks career da Under the direction of Mr. James, choir members went Halloween caroling. They visited teachers' homes and sang songs like 'Tm Dreaming of a Great Pumpkinf' The Milwaukee Symphony again sent some of its fine musicians to the Senior high school. A group of seven men and Above: Mr. George Walter gives a very impressive speech at the bi-annual Career Day assembly. Above right: Staff Sergeant Michael Smith explains the roles of Marines at a Career Day session. Right: Senior Vicki Garrett orders graduation announcements from a representative of lostens. 24 - Fall-Winter women represented the different sections of the orchestra. In December, the Methodist Church became the setting for the community-wide presentation of "The Messiahf' Several high school students participated in lead roles. On December 4, the Kiwanis Club again sponsored the bi-annual Career Day. The event opened with a speech entitled "Three coins in the Fountain," dealing with stu- dents, opportunities after graduation. i 1 X x w - Q? Le 3' Left: Junior Jeff ,Ianke disassembles tables as part of his many duties for Key Club at the blood bank. Below left: The first snowfall of the winter months gives a nostalgic effect to a rural street sign. Below right: Senior Keyclubber Scott Burnette washes dishes at the Kiwanis Pancake Day for Key Club. Fall-Winter - 25 Right: Senior Redskins members portray Santa and his reindeer as they visit the teachers' rooms. Below: Seniors Shannon O'Brien and Ellen Zemel have their own holiday cookie party in the lobby. Below right: Redskin members Cindi Klement and Louise Randall decorate the lobby Christmas tree. Far below: Photographer Tom Lueder preserves the unblemished perfection of a Christmas snow fall. 26 - Christmas Staff enjoys Christmas dinnerg FHA sponsors annual holiday tea Blackhawk Band, Treble Clef choir, Con- cert Choir and Orchestra combined their talents for two Christmas concerts. They presented one for the public and one for the student body before vacation. Redskins decorated the annual Yuletide tree and provided cookies for the teachers, lounge. Senior members frolicked through the halls portraying Santa and his reindeer handing out candy canes. Teachers enjoyed a pre-Christmas dinner of ham and beef on December 13 at Club 26. FHA members entertained teachers at an after-school holiday tea December 19. A late snow delayed Winter Carnival activities, cancelling all except the dance, held after the Monroe game. Several clubs organized holiday parties and activities. Lisa Lueder hosted a Christ- mas pany for the yearbook staff at her home. Tobogganing challenged the skill of choir members while the cheerleaders brought Christmas carols to the homes of the basketball and wrestling teams. Above left: Winter invades Fort, bringing a mixed feeling of euphoria and urgency about Christmas. Above: During the high school Christmas Concert, student teacher Mr. Sievert directs the Blackhawk band in "Russian Christmas Music." Left: Many high school students participated in the "Messiah', under the direction of Richard James. Christmas - 27 "Enchanted Forest" enthrones Senior Gail Smedal Over 100 couples entered the Redskins' "Enchanted Foresti' through a castleis winding staircase. A field of flowers sur- rounded the bandstand on which the group, "The Beans,', played. Pools of shimmering water graced the corners, while a gingerb- read house held refreshments. WW awe is '. , -Q ". aae t-' ' ,. ,'b. ' ' tnse . Above: Couples mingle and discuss events while the band takes a break during the Redskin formal. Above right: After receiving Prince Charming name tags, couples anticipate the coming events. Right: A disguised Commons welcomes those attend- ing the dance with "Enchanted Forestv as the theme. 28 - Redskin Formal Senior Redskins composed the list of candidates for the title of Redskin Princess. Mr. Richard James, master of ceremonies, announced the girls and their escorts as they entered from the ceiling-high castle. He then announced senior member Gail Smedal as the princess. Holly Hutchins crowned Gail on a decorative flower setting. Gail Smedal and her escort Scott Angus led the next dance while the rest of the senior Redskin members joined in. During the evening Redskins presented adviser Mrs. Swanson with a rose corsage and her husband with a boutonniere. ,,,.v- K 1 Far above: Princess Gail Smedal and escort Scott Angus lead the first dance after the coronation. Above: Last year's Redskins Princess Holly Hutchins prepares to crown Gail Smedal as 1974 Princess. Left: Mr. Richard James, master of ceremonies, announces the candidates for the Redskins Princess. Redskin Formal A ,LM I 1 ,. ,rn . , Q, . A x -. .,,.L , .- ,, ,, ,- Q- X Above: Fon residents turn down school and home ' " W'W' -' ' '- G " vi . -. ,- S: 'V thermostats as a national energy saving measure. L 1 x A gk" ' 'i " ' --ni Above right: Local gas station operators experienced 3, R C S - V V many days when they had no products to sell. , - i L ' - 2 ' ' if ' L H ,'e- ' - i ' 1 - V , ., , .1t,ggijgg,,'4,gA Right: Gas skyrocketed to prices unknown to car own- A .hie L ers, causing many student vehicles to go unused. H , M L i e . At,, to to t, t ,, ,, ,,,t,,, ge, ,tt, iA,1 Q,Qjp V X N W L' -A K J gp U t - e tax mclq 'Q iiii 5 l , --e'e"- - Q 0 " "" :L if L ff N csi T 30 - Energy Crisis W 2 President NiXon's regulations cool school to 670 As the temperature outside dropped and the winter winds blew, students entered a cold Fort high school in a darkness that resembled the middle of the night. ,lapuary temperatures fell to a chilling -20 and, many times snow storms threatened the closing of schools. Although the school attempted to maintain President Nixon,s demands of a 67oschool, some rooms felt much colder and some felt very warm. At various times temperatures in the old build- ing soared to Students and teachers arrived bundled up in sweaters and warm clothes, with some sporting insulated underwear. With the nation's January sixth change to Daylight Savings Time, students and teachers began arriving at school in the dark. As a result of the dark mornings, the l IUEIBIH Whitewater Avenue crossing guard suffered numerous injuries when a passing motorist failed to see him and ran into him. Cas shortages and high prices encour- aged students to discontinue driving to school. Students interested in saving gas organized car pools. Concerned adults who traveled to basketball games chartered buses to enable the group to see them. Left: Since the Presidentis request of no gas sales on Sunday, virtually all stations hung signs telling of their recently changed hours. Below left: Total sales remained at zero for many Fort Atkinson stations who had no gasoline to sell. Energy Crisis - 31 Seniors anticipate excursions to Various activities kept students busy dur- ing the early months of 1974. Instrumental band and orchestra students from the high school took part in the Pop's Concert held in mid-February. Mr. Crook, Mr. Werve, Mr. Babcock, and Mrs. Romstad directed phases of the concert. Local Thespian members set February 23, 1974, as the date for the "Thespian Fol- liesf, The "Follies, was a variety show fea- turing high school students. The different acts all involved some aspect of the theme "Energy," Thespians sponsored this show instead of the spring musical. Approximately 50 seniors flew to Hawaii in April during Easter vacation to enjoy eight days of sun and surf. Other students went to Spain during the Spring recess Hawaii, Spain while still others journeyed to Florida. On May 24, 1974, students attended Rock Day ceremonies on the high school lawn. Many anticipated the outcome of Awards Day in May. The editor of the Tchogeer- rah also held the 1974 yearbook presenta- tl0I1. Above: During the 16th annual Pop's Concert Kay Udey and Lori Heth perform with the Blackhawk band. Right: During afternoons students anticipate vaca tions while they still attend classes. 32 -- Spring N i .Q llgijiwl . t 'Ps-, . , if iii ' are-4 r tt 7 - , .,., V i'? cademics . iniarski heads District Athletic Department Functioning as associate principal, Mr. Ed Winiarski performed the duties of Dis- trict Athletic Director. Operating as principal for the tenth year was Mr. Gelnn Lepley. He also acted as Deputy District Governor for the Lion's Club International. Mr. Roland Hunsader, member of the Jefferson County Board for Handicapped Children, completed his thir- tieth year in this school system. He served as the superintendent of schools and belonged to the Southern Wisconsin Educa- tional Communications Service. Receiving an award as a Registered School Business Administrator from the Association of School Business Officials, Mr. Lyle R. Lueschow also operated as bus- iness manager. Mr. Robert C. Merriman acted as safety co-ordinator, attendance co- ordinator and transportation supervisor. He held a position on the Executive Commit- tee, School Safety Administratidn Section and the National Safety Council, l Mr. Orrin Bull returned as guidance director, Miss Derry Brown continued as the school's psychologist and Mr. William Kohls assumed the position as a guidance counselor. Lyle Lueschow 'Derry Brown Ed Winiarski Roland Hunsader Orrin Bull, Jr. William Kohls Robert Merriman Glenn Lepley 36 - Administration M. 2 if tv 405' Far above, front row: Mr. Donald Fry, Dr. Fred Idtse, Mr. Milton Lorman, Dr. Robert Ulrich, Mrs. Milo Jones. Back row: Mike Babcock, Mr. Roland Hunsader, Mr. Lyle Lueschow, Phil Jackson. Above: Sportsman Mr. William Kohls pauses with his dug Princess during a duck hunting expedition. Left: Dr. Bates discusses and answers questions about medical professions during Career Day. Adrninislruliun nification of two departmentsg Industry and Technology emerges The English Department joined with the Industrial Education Department in teach- ing a new class, Industry and Technology. This class joined many aspects of careers and technical writing. Mrs. Kathryn Kriszan served as the department co-ordinator as well as teaching a regular schedule of classes. The drama classes took field trips to theatres for more awareness of what the stage is like. She also served as the assistant Forensics coach. Included in her many hobbies are golf, clas- sical music and drama. Supervising the Occupational Adjust- ment Program was Mrs. Margaret Patzer. She also held the position of chairman for the Special Education Department of SWEA and the presidency of the Jefferson County chapter for Exceptional Children. Mr. Paul Babcock taught several English courses along with serving as the sopho- more class adviser. Acting as the bridge club adviser and helping with the Mark was Mrs. Connie Carlson. She also contin- ued with her hobbies: bridge, reading, remodeling her home, and going to thea- tres. Mr. Camplin served asla District Repre- sentative on the SWEA Executive Board. He also enjoyed camping, fishing, canoe- ing, and biking as hobbies. Mrs. .lanice Kohls, English and Yearbook Journalism teacher, served as the chairman for the fac- ulty graduation standards and review com- mittee. Mrs. Kohls' hobbies included read- ing, travel, and sailing. Student teaching under Mrs. Kohls was Miss Katherine Mad- son. 38 - English Above right: Laura Landowski samples the cuisine of the Elizabethean era during English class. Above: Special education students put study materi- als to good use during their classes. Paul G. Babcock Margarffl M. Patzer David CamPlif1 Kathryn B. Krizsan Jan Kohls Conny Carlson ' Left: Mr. and Mrs. Carlson relax with their dogs, Eliz- abeth and Arthur, during a warm autumn day. English - 39 Kammer bags city championship Monahan instructs ind. studies In August of 1973, Mrs. Harriet Flood received her masters of science degree in teaching. She did her masters paper for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Mrs. Flood taught Shorthand I, Shorthand II, Secretarial Office Practice, and Co-opera- tive Office Education classes. Mr. John Kammer captured the 1973 City Golf Championship. He taught sum- mer school typing. Mr. Kammer taught Bookkeeping and Typing II. In the Busi- ness Education Department Mrs. Mitchell taught Typing I, Shorthand I, and Personal Typing. Mr. Phillips Schubert directed forensics and taught Speech and Mass Media classes. In his spare time he continued with his hob- biesg golf and reading. Floyd Sandels acted as a student teacher under Mr. Schubert during the first semester. X Mr. Monahan held the position as golf coach. Golf was also his favorite hobby. Independent Studies in drivers' education was offered for the first time thie year. Mr. Monahan also taught this course. Carly Monahan Phillips K. Schubert Harriet Flood John Kammer Patricia Mitchell Far left: Typing class occupies Judy Leighton's time as she works on improving her typing skills. Above left: In accordance with Co-operative Secre- tary Office Practice course, senior Kay Kleifgen works part time for Mr. Joel Winn. Left: The "Signal" staff interviews Mr Monahan and Mr. Lansing concerning their views on abortion and war. Driver Education-Speech - 4-1 ildermuth pockets Ph.D. in May from UW-M for social studies In May, 1973, Mr. Ronald Wildermuth received his Ph.D. in social studies curricu- lum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. At FHS he instructed U. S. History and Contemporary Issues and was the Department co-ordina- tor. James Strey served as adviser to National Honor Society. When he wasn't conducting his American Issues and American History classes, Mr. Strey enjoyed classical music and record collecting. Teaching classes and acting as an adviser to Student Council filled Mr. Don Piper's busy schedule. He also coached the cross country team and assisted with the track team. Carpentry, painting and music occupied Mr. Gail Roub during his spare hours. He served as the "Signal" adviser and the fac- ulty representative for AFS. Acting as the Oratorical Contest co-ordinator and a senior class adviser. Mrs. Barbara Voight taught American Literature A, British History, Geography 7 and Speech. Along with this, Mrs. Voight was also the Publicity Director for Choral Union and belonged to the American Historical Association. Mr. John M. Voight instructed Govern- ment, College Economics and Consumer Economics classes along with sewing as a iunior class adviser. Mr. Voight's hobbies included golf and Dixieland music. Mr. Elwood Carlson taught Sociology and Psy- chology classes. He enjoyed redecorating and remodeling his home as a pastime. Elwood Carlson James Strey Don Piper Gail Roub Gustava Swanson Barbara Voight John Voight Ronald Wildermuth 42 - Social Studies Above left: Mrs. Gustava Swanson and Brenda Roh- loff listen to Mr. Swart as he explains the functionings of a replica of an 1870 dairy barn. Above: Mrs. Barbara Voight adeptly plays her hag- pipes while dressed in her native Scottish tartan. Left: Mr. Elwood Carlson pauses for a moment of relaxation while working on remodeling his basement. f-igfiif tte 'V if ,'T5'ff 24-:-21' Social Studies - 43 AV crew tapes sports activitiesg uiz money finances library aids The high school library increased its amount of reference materials with the help of the "Who Knows?" quiz team. Assistant Student Council adviser and librarian Mrs. Mary Nowak ordered a new set of ency- clopedias with some of their winnings. Students under the guidance of audio vis- uals supervisor Mr. Lance Shanahan and Mrs. Mary Donkle, audiovisuals secretary, Above far right: Mr. Marquart discusses his son's progress with Mr. James at parent-teacher confer- ences. Above right: Audio-visuals engineer Roger Kriede- man sets up a video tape program for a class to view. Right: Advanced Art I student Brian Cary attempts to recreate his own image in a clay sculpture. 44- - Library-AV gained credits through independent studies or classroom studies in audio visuals. Their duties consisted of taping television pro- grams, repairing equipment and moving A- V material from classroom to classroom. The video engineers acquired free passes to all high school functions. This enabled them to tape games, plays and other types of activities. . 4. as -Jv sz. as-. Iggy.. wQH. fi Mr. James co-ordinates Fort Fest sm Richard James George Werve Robert Hase Martha Romstad Grayson Babcock Mary Nowak music program Art League adviser Mr. Robert Hase headed the exhibiting of the Hoard Museum Art Show. Art Survey and Advanced Art classes I and ll participated. Numerous students received honors for their works. During August, choir director Mr. James co-ordinated the music and sang a selection for the Fort Fest pageant. Among the Blackhawk band's many fund raising projects were selling magazine sub- scriptions, holding a paper drive and selling candy and popcorn. Music co-ordinator Mr. Babcock and Mr. Werve conducted the high school concert and marching bands. The orchestra, under the leadership of Mrs. Martha Romstad, presented a concert at the Bethesda Lutheran Home. They also staged performances at the Christmas Con- cert and the Annual Pops Concert. Music-Art - 45 Five students fly to Spain for three week journey The Language Department offered a new course this year, Spanish V, to replace an Independent Studies course. Mrs. Evelyn Widmann taught Spanish III, Spanish V, and was the Spanish Club adviser. She was also the secretary of the Wisconsin Association of Teachers of Span- ish and Portuguese. Her hobbies included Spanish records and literature, knitting, 46 - Foreign Language and travel to foreign countries. Adviser to a group of students which went to Spain for a 28 day trip with the For- eign Study League, Mrs. Marion Dexheimer taught Spanish I, II, and III, and numerous Personal typing classes. French l and ll, Marching Band Flag Line, and Instrumental Music kept Mrs. Nancy Price busy. She also was the Cheer- leader adviser, French Club adviser, and served on the Homecoming committee. Serving as Latin Club adviser and teach- ing Latin ll, Hl, IV, Humanities, and Eng- lish 10, Mr. Moore lead an active schedule. His many hobbies included membership to the Virgilian Society of America, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, travel, music, art, drama, and reading. Above: Mrs. Widmann explains the origin of the design of her native Spanish costume. Right: Deep thought engulfs Mr. Moore as he contem- plates a response to a student's question. f Q E i l s t t ,. t Robert E. Moore Evelyn Widmann ' . Ni. .. K , . .i v- N -if pit, L a. wi , -v Marion Dexheimer Nancy Price 9 f i Qlo ' S-ii? . V G7 A ' ya Above left: Prom chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Price, dance in the atmosphere of "Saturday in the Parkf, Left: One of the many picturesque scenes taken in during the tour with the Foreign Study League was the Roman aqueducts at Segovia, Spain. Foreign Language - 47 Vernon L. ,Iordan Jerry Price Robert J. Vincent Dennis P. Nehring Donald Reed Lyle Mercer fi y s i l Above right: Adjusting an engine proves interesting and challenging to senior Randy Bleiler. Above: Fixing an axle presents many complications for Industrial Arts student Dan Jones. 48 - Ag.-Industrial Arts Mercer, Reed The Ag-Industrial department increased its staff with the addition of two new teach- ers, Mr. Lyle Mercer and Mr. Donald Reed. Mr. Mercer taught various Ag. courses and Animal Science. He also was the assistant FFA adviser. Mr. Reed instructed the industrial power courses. Mr. Jerry Price, the architecture teacher, served as the junior class and Prom adviser. Homecoming committee member Mr. Rob- increase Ag-Industrial Arts staff ert Vincent taught woods and plastics classes. The metals teacher, Mr. Vernon Jordan, coached the tennis team. FFA adviser Mr. Dennis Nehring was the co-ordinator for Vocational Agriculture. He instructed many students in the Co-opera- tive Education course. Students earned credit by getting jobs on area farms through this agriculture course. Industrial Technology became part of FHS's curriculum. Mr. Vincent, Mr. Price, Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Krizsan team taught the course. Each student had the opportu- nity to choose the direction of his interests. The laboratory activities ranged from the testing of wood hardness to job observa- tions of telephone linemen working. Stu- dents also achieved the knowledge of sim- ple tasks such as writing a letter to a com- pany inquiring about their merchandise. Left: Mr. Reed confers with one of his Industrial Arts student's parents on the progress of their son. Ag-Industrial Arts - 49 B. Kuehl teaches at junior highg Senior boys master practical arts Many senior boys experienced a new class established especially for them. The Bachelor's Course taught them about differ- ent areas of Home Economics. These included foods, clothing and child care. Mrs. Jane Rebne taught the Bachelor's Course, Child Development and Foods ll. She received her B.S. in Home Economics from the University of Wisconsin at Stout. Mrs. Rebne organized and directed the pom-pom squad. Barbara Kuehl 50 - Home Economics A new Home Economics instructor, Mrs. Barbara Kuehl, joined the teaching staff. She taught classes at the junior high in the morning and taught Personal Family Liv- ing, Foods I and Meal Management at the senior high school in the afternoon. Mrs. Kuehl also acted as the adviser for Pep Club and the assistant adviser for FHA. Mrs. .lean Ehrke taught all the clothing classes and served as the adviser for FHA. .lean Ehrlce Jane Rebne ' sr it S New PE instructor holds national swimming record Girls' new Physical Education teacher Miss Nancy Dyer recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. She set an International Collegiate record for the 50-yard butterfly in her freshman year in college. Miss Dyer also coached FHS's girls swimming and track teams. Senior girls had the option of taking independent studies courses in Physical Education under the direction of Miss Bev- erly Killian. She also headed girls sports programs in the capacity of athletic direc- tOI'. Basketball coach and Physical Education Karl Schlender Nancy L. Dyer Don Gruber Beverly .l. Killian department co-ordinator Mr. Don Gruber taught junior and sophomore boys Physical Education. He also acted as the faculty organizer of all Homecoming activities. Instructor for junior and senior boys Mr. Karl Schlender advised the F-Club and coached the football and track teams. Far above left: Fullback Nancy Erdman attempts to kick the ball down the field to score a needed goal. Left: Mrs. Rehne offers a guiding hand to Andy Bauer as he sews a seam on his Bachelor's Course project. Phy. Ed. - 51 s i fl? ,. . e iv. if-21" ill. B L. ' L , .....-Q.. -E m ! . 1: 5 I- z t 'f-- K ' ,K " I 21 5 if Vi Above: Mr. Cronin proves a geometric theorem dur- ing one of the classes he taught first semester. Above right: Sophomore Cindy Bowen examines a live crayfish as part of a Biology lab dissection. Right: Checking the final stages of a rocket, Physics student Bob Miller prepares for its launching. 52 - Science-Math L .- V 'Q ' xx fr- i 'V ., f 'l'i ' ' .- sc E 1 ,:,fc,.zi,2,ia., 3uie,i - f M .S 5 X , L v wig? Emi it 1 l xiii, +5 .53 Kc Q an 1 X x. it 1 fs " r' gi? , 3 x sf xx R, 1, I ,id wk G 359 825 y 55133 3 S l or Sf: -, fa' ' o W ' . W. it f .S 'L in 11 I Xgw X 9 x ,Q W ug ' I t v H g 5 5' xiii l , My Q its M ' lla Q- it my N? Blix 5 5 , it W2 if A rs V -3 Y. ,KL +4 ,. .-5 Q, of lik? V ' 5 M555 wi M . V C QL . ,viii 'KAW 4 'J f-,q . ffl' Photographers Mr. Raasoch again taught Physical Sci- ence courses and Photography. He also advised Photo Club. Photography students received individual points for taking pic- tures and developing them. The photogra- phy students assisted in producing prints for the Tchogeerrah and "Signal," Supervising a new student teacher, Mr. Thomas Cronin, first semester, and teach- earn individual ing Geometry and Algebra classes occupied Mr. Wahl. Mr. Cronin assumed some teach- ing responsibilities during the semester. Besides building a new home during the year, Mr. Wiederhoeft taught the basic math courses including Algebra and Geom- etry. He also taught the new Consumer Math course which proved helpful to many students. Several area businessmen pres- picture points ented talks on many different subjects such as banking and life insurance. Mr. Zentner, Mr. Spaanem and Mr. Fuller again taught the science courses at FHS. Mr. Zentner taught the only Conserv- ation section last year. Mr. LaHann taught Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and a second semester course in Qualitative Analysis. Ardell Wiederhoeft Norvillc Lansing Donald Wahl Paul Raasoch Tom Fuller Carlton Zentner Gerald Spaanem Robert LaHann Left: Several Fort juniors learn about the science of nursing while touring the Memorial Hospital. ,... ...,.e i Science-Math - 53 Right: Janitor Jack Hish gives his opinion on the gen- eral conduct of students to the "Signal" staff. Below: Gail Smedal winces with pain as a county health official injects her arm with a TB antibody. if ,iv itisss 54 - School Employees .K .,,,,.. we K fi s X bm 'Wi " f S - A- il if i'-. F S' .-My -'W' Siiwl 'Q ...A -Qi.. . li F sf ' ' .sliver FQ ' - L . 5.5-A v " 1 s . y ,sis r. ' ,fir J ' I:'GSF4?"i:':'zg.:'f.p.. . 2. . gf wi-XII-E."' L 3 '5 3 K ll 'il 'fm f A-' -as-2 iw' ..----Q. gzifis.. its as X N 1 ' is TNQ fr WN., sk W N 5 sa. We 6 . .. .Y 5 MQW , wi . Savill' 4 i id 2 Kg, Q. Q . ,SQ 0 x Ei M 44- I l 2 Mrs. Findlay storms Fort schools concerning local . . epidemic School nurse Mrs. Beverly Findlay initi- ated a crusade against the causes and effects of V.D. She showed two films to jun- ior and senior high students. Mrs. Findlay encouraged students to seek aid if they had questions concerning the problem. Mrs. Clarence Robbins, Mrs. Ray Czech and Mrs. Art Olsen supervised the lunch program. They prepared lunches for Emery and the Senior High, totaling over 325 meals served each day. Mr. Ruben Stark, Mr. Jack Hish, Mr. Above: Mr. Don Nushart endeavors to restore the imperfection in the second floor drinking fountain. Left: Mrs. Tekeley rings the chimes over the intercom system prior to the daily announcements. Above left: As one of her daily chores, Mrs. Robbins meticulously cleans the ovens ofthe lunch rooms. Don Nushart and Mr. Robert Kunkel kept the stairs and halls of FHS clean. They also waxed the floors and cleaned Phy. Ed. lock- ers during Christmas and Easter recesses. Office secretaries Mrs. Lorraine Tekeley and Mrs. Sue Burrow assisted the principal and vice principal in their many chores. Mrs. Tekeley rang the chimes every morn- ing for the announcements while Mrs. Bur- row helped Mr. Merriman with the attend- ance records and absence slips. School Employees - 55 ,M A JW 'a R R. ir xr! I rf ' , v' i, Mn 1-I ,X ,P ,vavf I ',,., Ai: far. ,f Qnw Q . Q, ,wmv M w m b., ".'s, K, o'Q ,x +'if f I ,o 1' f ,n,v , , 9 11" ' x .4 ,li en 4, 1 ,Q ,yff 96 S4 'P 9 Q w f if 990- 0 3 m dhon NHS initiates seven sophomores into membership National Honor Society President Mark Zastrow served as Master of Ceremonies for the 1973 initiation banquet held April 30. Karen Scheid, sec., presented the new members to those present, as Beth Gore, v. pres., administered the pledge. Principal Glenn Lepley presented NHS pins and membership cards to the 32 new 58-NHS members. This gave NHS a total member- ship of 50 for the end of the 1972-73 school year. Seven sophomores, six juniors and 19 seniors made up the group of new mem- bers. At the banquet, old members of the National Honor Society explained the socie- tyis symbol, its purpose and history to the incoming members. New members then took part in a candle lighting ceremony. National Honor Society members spent many weeks working in the commons snack bar to repay the Student Council for spon- soring half their page in the yearbook. 1--,wmv Above left, front row: S. Huttner. K. Scherwitz, S, Eisenbrandt, M. Bienfang, K. Udey. Back row: P. Teed, B. Dexheimer, J. Weiss, P. Schoofs, P. Jackson, L. Luedcr. Above right, front row: C. Kluge. M. Riggs, L. Ran- dall, L. Landowski, A. Roethe, D. Zelten, S. Rader. Above, front row: D. Ambrose, R. Collins, B. Gore, L. Ward, P. Heiden, K. Scheid, D. Kluge. Back row: C. Blodgett, John Klein, .Jerry Klein, Jim Klein, M. Zastrow, J. Aufderhaar. waukee to defend the championship title. Fort holds Tv6 " ho Knows?" title after winning final round ,lim Peterson, Eric Olson, Bill Dex- heimer, and alternate Scott Reich com- posed the second Fort Atkinson quiz team to win a TV6 'QWho Knowsfw championship in five years. Another team won a similar title in the 1968 spring series of the quiz program. ln May 1973, teachers chose the group from interested students by their ability to answer questions from quick recall. Mr. Don Piper coached this yearis team, while many other teachers provided valuable Brookfield East high school 4-79-238. The team then beat Saint John's Military Acad- emy 516-386, and the defending champi- ons from West Bend West 398-354-. Fort Atkinson trailed Creendale high school through the first five rounds of the championship match. Fort came out with some needed answers in final round action to claim a slim 376-327 win and the "Who Knows?" title for the fallfwinter series. Fort Atkinson sent a second team to Mil- information and trivia for them. The new "Who Knows?,' team consisted of Gregg Petersen, Tom McCord, capt., Kathy Scherwitz and alternate Cindy Revels. Sixteen southern Wisconsin schools entered the "Who Knows?" competition. In the eliminations Fort Atkinson defeated Above, far left: Tv6 representative Barry Judge awards Captain Eric Olson the championship trophy. Above left: Members of the "Who Knows?" panel acquaint themselves with the TV6 studio in Milwau- kee. Above right: Quiz team coach Mr. Piper shows an encouraging smile at the "Who Knows?" taping. Left: Daily sessions allow Kathy Scherwitz, Tom McCord, and Gregg Petersen to study new material. "Who Knows?" 59 Supervisor ilde improves appearance of car lot Student Council kicked off the year as president Kim Summeril greeted students at the opening assembly. Student Council added to its many achievements by receiv- ing the WASC Gavel Achievement Award for the fifth consecutive year. Also Kim Summeril won the Student of the year Award for his outstanding character. Above: Mike Marquart helps in the high school snack bar, a project sponsored by Student Council. Right: Student Council president Kim Summeril gives sophomores a tour of the school at orientation. 60 - Student Council Council members earned money throughout the year from the snack bar. They spent this money in a variety of ways. The Council purchased picnic tables for student use, both in the commons and out doors. Many hot days students could be seen lying on the tables for a dark tan, or just relaxing. Parking lot supervisor Mike Wilde spent Student Council earnings and his time improving the appearance of the stu- dent parking lot and surrounding area. He had the parking lot leveled off and sanded to keep the cars from sliding. ..snf.f -wr r!.f'2!Y2XQ'3i1k .,'. .. Nsq- 4. - V wc. ,. A.... .-g...:..,.i:.., -. -Q. .. . ,V ..i,iV1.X.: ., . X. A - A ' M 'C ' - I f . ' .. .... LM. uiviuwntm 4 :v.,..7:,.,:.. 3 N... . ' ' ' f -l x . .5 5-. 1 K M KN? . ,gs 5 .:x,Y,g,.z A . V XI.. Ju ,Ns t . gy x . . - . . .. . . . tg - , 1-GQ ?-g f ' '99 Cfxlsf Z 4 M fLig'ii,27E ii ?f1'r,f1k"'-X '55 fr'-MR. i -,LZs5:5QQ4t, 43,f5.Sl:9fWQfY5-fvq12f53:4ivSf7Yrf 3 ii were .V "NZ f N .'.-'t"' Q Y, , Ak :R 4 w, ,mi se., .X A ...g.,,g . A' K -pm-1 - 3 .fnfw , , . 1 f . . K ,, . f, . .ESQ , M-, . ,. . fy . M- --,rg i i SQ'Q.'fQ':5P.s,-'Q .. , .v - 1 . ' ' .PT A-5i,.j'-1:-5 95? in K5 Za".-5' - -s., - N a.s.ewaa:g', .. .... . - Below, front row: S. Rader, L. Komes. N. Yoder. S Punzel, L. Luebke. K. Carbon. J. Standard. S. Koeh ler, J. Vail. Row 2: M. Wilde, J. Foelker, B. Foudray M. Babcock, J. Chadwick, A. Schools, M. Bienfang, M Klotz. Row 3: S. 0'Brien, D. Letcher, S. Reich. B Haukom, R. Lindl, S. Klug, P. Jackson. J. Peterson, B Bates. Back row: M. Deets, B. Reineck, D. Dahnert C. Rouse. T. Friedel. B. Carthwait. V. Butler, J. Bauer: P. Schroeder. Above left: The parking lot committee takes care of leveling and cleaning the student parking area. Left: Sophomore Mark Hinich and many other stu- dents enjoy the use of Student Council picnic tables. Student Council - 61 v Powerlifting meet raises fundsg club buys isokenitie equipment By sponsoring the Fort Atkinson Open High School Powerlifting Meet, the weight lifters earned enough money to purchase various pieces of equipment for the club. Funds from this event helped to purchase a 555 pound exercise set, two 4-OO pound Olympic sets and four isokenitic machines. During the year, lifters came in on their own and did different types of exercises using the weights to keep themselves in shape. Many Fort Atkinson students partic- ipated in the March 30 Powerlifting Meet. Entrants lifted weights in the categories of bench press, squat and dead lift. C0-advisers Mr. Hovel and Mr. Kramer, both junior high teachers, explained that in order to perform a bench press, the weight- lifter had to lower his weights to his chest and then extend his arms. To carry out the squat lift, the lifter posi- tions himself parallel to the floor and rises, then puts the bar back on the rack. A dead lift can be done by picking the bar off the floor and extending the arms above the head. 62 - Weight Lifting Club Above: Mike Ferrell studies Harry Sykes as he moves the heavy barbells into the dead lift position. Right: Sophomore Chris Redford demonstrates one of the many ways weight lifters prepare for a meet. Above, far left: Andy Bauer shows stress as he exerts strength in order to lift weights at a meet. Above, front row: K. Pemper, S. Haubenschild, R. Gross, D. Kibbe, A. Bauer, S. Wilde, H. Sykes, M. Fer- rell, M. Paszko. Back row: P. Shuman, S. Coonen, R. lanowski, M. Lenz, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Hovel, M. McGinn, T. Wilde, B. Ehret, C. Redford. Left: Practicing in the weight lifting room, junior Steve Wilde attempts to deadlift 270 pounds. Weight Lifting Club - 63 64-AFS Above: Members of Bonnie Stedman's large AFS fam- ily gather on a patio at their home in Loja, Ecuador. Above right: Bonnie Stedman discovers a new method of washing clothes during her stay in Ecuador. Right: AFS student lrham Dilmy goes tobogganing with his sister Mary Beth Simpkin and other friends. ' fm.. W1 P- 4... ,.. .155 ,g -Kiisg-.K pgmiwg: r , fratl f? lf. ' Open spaces impress Irhan Dilm 3 Ecuador hosts Bonnie Stedman American Field Service student Irham Dilmy journeyed to the United States in July to stay here under the AFS program. Irham lived with the John Simpkin family while he attended classes here as a senior. Irham came to Fort from Bogar, Indone- sia, a large city located on the island of Java. Fort Atkinson provided Irham with a difference both in climate and scenery. The open countryside in the area impressed Irham, where he saw a barn for the first time. His first encounter with snow allowed him to participate in winter activi- ties unheard of in Indonesia. After Irham graduated in June, he plan- ned to see parts of Europe before returning home to complete his education. Loja, Ecuador, provided Bonnie Sted- man with an AFS home during her ten weeks abroad between her junior and sen- ior year. In Loja, Bonnie lived with the Arias Bur- neo family, where she had 14- brothers and sisters. Bonnie relied on her four years of Spanish courses frequently because her family couldn't understand English. Bonnie didnit attend school in Loja, but learned by traveling. She recommended that students strive for more AFS travel because it was a great experience meeting people from new lands. Left: Reading a famous American novel, Irham Dilmy relaxes in typical Indonesian costume. AFS -65 Mellow Winds sta e band plays for One hundered and two band members diligently marched out onto the football field everday at eight a.m., for several weeks. Out on the cold, damp field the Blackhawk band practiced marching for the many parades and football games they attended during the 1973 football season. Band Day proved to be a challenge for the Blackhawk band as they travelled to Madison for a gathering of several selected high school bands. After practicing together all morning, the bands played for the half- time show of the Badger game. Mr. Werve conducted the Blackhawk marching band which placed third in both the Fort Fest and Gemeiitlichkeit Parades. alumni banquet The Mellow Winds stage band, consist- ing of adults and highschool students, played at the Fort Atkinson Alumni Ban- quet in May. Mr. Grayson Babcock directed the stage band and concert band, which performed for many concerts during the year. Above, front row: C. Donohue, L. Fox, J. Koch, S. Church, S. O,Brien, L. Lueder, L. Heth, S. Bowen, V. Wendlandt. Back row: M. Simpkin, J. Schultz, L. Randall, Mrs. N. Price, J. Desjarlais, S. Larsen, J. Olson, Mr. G. Werve, J. Kube, P. Schroeder, M. Hum- phrey. Right: The Blackhawk band practices marching with other participating bands at UWM's Band Day. 66 - Band I A Q1 W ,vp A , ., 'L x 'ri ' I' ,f" V1 , Q 'K 'fe J A57 'Q ' EQ' 'M 1 V Q -if - 7 5 -3' 4 fi-w ' ' -S1 ' Q' 1 Q ,f,.7 lid , ,Q di 'J 1, rj,- tg F 0. r-Js----Q4,i.- ,J-' f jinij5'5V fin- iggggn in 1 K, . .4 M is 'N +53 5 .kg w mb 3 if . 'W in 'fm' asv ' 3 L M Q fu 0 ' my SEV 0 0 Q of Q! 'Af XX l o " 1' 0 Q- 0 . Q, oi A1 ""M' Xl' -2 ri- 5 ' I nf in: my 1 v 4 1 Y nvli , .-f gg .Ld P11 'fix yhgi .-Qi-F . .Q all NS' va. fy ' "' if ..- Band students choose site of tri-annual journey In order to raise funds for the bandis 1975 summer excursion music students traveled around town selling magazine sub- scriptions during the first semester. For their December 18th Christmas Con- cert, band members prepared and studied their music. Those that attended enjoyed the delightful selection presented by the group. They played "Russian Christmas Musicv and "Second Symphanyf, The fea- ture of the evening called "Christmas Story" provided listeners with a narration. In January, members of the Blackhawk band voted on the destination of their 1975 tri-annual trip. The band spent much time preparing for the Pop's Concert held on February 10th and 11th. The Delavan Music festival in March also consumed much of the band's time. Above: Blackhawk band, under the direction of stu- dent teacher Mr. Sievert, plays concert music. Above right: Pat Schroeder and Mary Sue Hum- phrey stand at attention prior to the Gemutlichkeit Days Parade inspection, held by Mrs. Nancy Price. Right: J. Anderson, J. Kjellenberg, D. Cushman, J. Kube, G. Kirschmier, B. Brown, K. Carbon, L. Amacher, J. Burrow, M. Root, T. Lueder, S. Bulgrin, R. Petrie, J. Borchardt, S. Hinz, S. Mepham, R. Sucha- nek, D. McNeir, D. Werner, D. Jung, B. Mepham. 68 - Band Above: B. Choichois, L. Fox, S. Bowen, S. Peterson, A. Schoofs, P. Schroeder, A. Elwood, S. Meyer, I. Koch, T. McCord, L. Emriclc, D. Foelker, V. Garrett, C. Maas, D. Schoeller, D. Stockfisch, J. Schultz, S. Czech, P. Congdon, L. Steinke, L. Klug, L. Goulder. Left: M. Hobe, D. Laach, K. Marshall, E. Zemel, R. Hagen, S. Peterson, J. Stannard, A. Kordodzky, V. Garrett, W. Heinz, L. Emrick, J. Pleester, R. Abbott. Below left: Drummers keep the band in step while performing during halftime on the football field. Band g 69 Choir sells scented candles for new music dept During the second nine weeks choir stu- dents sold candles and stationery to raise money for the new acoustical shell. On November 16, Parents Night, the choir sang and danced to "Everything's Coming up Rosesw during halftime of the last football game. The choir prepared six numbers for the high school music department Christmas concert on December 18. The treble clef choir, formerly known as Above right: Mrs. Romstad directs both the orches- tra and concert choir in a medley of Christmas carols. Right: Choir member Ann Roethe participates in the presentation of "Everything,s Coming Up Roses." 70 - Choir acoustical shell the Cirlls Chorale, visited the Fort Atkin- son Womenls Club and sang for other clubs during the Christmas season. They also sang at Santa's House. The choir partici- pated in church activities and sang during various religious services. Both choirs worked hard through the winter season preparing for the annual spring concert and solo and ensemble festi- -val held in early spring at Delavan. tty. I 5 5-. Q22 , it f ' "-' 'iklrrlll' A "j--,ff , ff .t., K A. ,K , , ,, Win . , W 5 eww: 1' - ' Nw -Q.f.f,f - an to 5 i ff t y aff t a Xf..- f. wg. 1 Q U .. . ....L T 4 -' l ' 'fy'-, , 41 '.,f iig tifg T as of ..,Q . tQ-t - 'li ,. . 5 , 1, ,--. .. are M, N T 2 te, .,. t .2 T , V, ' , rti H A f yu- ,,,. 1 '.,L- .N ,wg gy 'KH Q, c.c,. ' .:-v . , ,, ' " X ' 9 :Jr ? ..,.t't,s i 5 tstaet .,y5:. ,tt "-' z 1 f wr ,wx-at .M f 'fc . Witte is c if ' ' 4 ' I I . rcrr Eiga ft t ,,,f. tg 5 ? ff Q 4 .vrlt y up W pe .ts ff.- f -f-, :qw.ewiM:,Qf. -v-,. .,as-..Mmnt-t....,,.K .,w3QQ1E1E"'k,' 5.11-232:22 5 'ji' 32 ,,.. y , . , Left, front row: S. Pettegrew, B. Canard, K. Hauhen- schild, K. Gebhardt, K. Wollet, D. Seavert, J, Bleilcr. Row 2: D. Murray, M. Furley, N. Erdman, M. Simp- kin, K. Rasmussen, S. Cooley, K. Jelinek, K, Falk, Mr. James. Row 3: D. Eastlick, M. Leedle, J. Fischer, C. Wenham, I. Ludwig, N. Lemerand, T. Koch, S. Schroeder, D. 0'Conner. Back row: P. Teed, N. Jen- sen, C, Akright, D. Wolfgram, P. Mielke, K. Sum- meril, J. Lewis, G. Hedding, R. Rasmussen. Above, front row: D. Buchholtz, S. Eisenbrandt, S Allen, G. Griffin, V. Wendlandt, M. Nordeen, B. Tou ton, A. Roethe, M. Humphrey, S. Schmitt, B. Menzel S. Church, J. Louis. Row 2: D. Lewis, T. Plue, P. Heine, D. Hartwig, L. Luebke, V. Ciaglo, J. Hevey, S Lonsdale, L. Stewart, N. LaMuro, L, Riddell, J. Ros tollan. Row 3: S. Cooley, D. Core, J. Heiser, H. Rawd ing, J. Sarnosky, D. Hays, B. Rheineck, L. Oathout, L. Landowski, P. Schroeder, L. Stoudy, F. Thureson, K Dillin. Row 4-: C. Forsberg, C. Davis, T. Canton, B Stedman, T. Erdman, P. Teed, K. Donohue, T Yonash, R. Milleson, M. Marquart, R. Humphrey, B DeWitt, Mr. James. Back row: D. Shanahan, I Dihlmy, D. Fronk, L. Russell, C. Harmon, J. Bor- chardt, S. Larsen, R. Dems, D. Lemke, K. Morse, L. Brandt, M. Root. gQ Choir - 71 Collins receives Interest in the orchestra grew over the past year with each performance. The orchestra accompanied the chorus during the school musical, "Br'adoonf' At the annual Spring concert orchestra members elected Rhonda Collins as the out- standing senior orchestra member. Mrs. Romstad, orchestra director, presented Miss Collins with the National School Above left: Mary Offerdahl plays the piano to accom- pany the orchestra during practice. Above right: A seven piece ensemble of the Milwau- kee Symphony Orchestra plays during the first of the symphony's three concerts at the school. Right: FHS orchestra members demonstrate their instruments for students at Emery school. The mem- bers hope to spark more interest in orchestra member- ship. 72 -- Orchestra National School Orchestra Award Orchestra Award at the end of the concert. Orchestra Boosters helped the group raise money to provide scholarships enabling orchestra members to attend music camps and clinics during the sum- mer. Orchestra had hopes of recruiting new members this year. They spent a few days visiting the various elementary schools throughout the district. At the schools, they demonstrated the playing ability of the dif- ferent instruments and told what belonging to orchestra was like. The group took two trips this year for enjoyment. One of these was a concert with a dinner following. The other trip was a pic- nic and swimming party. AMN. Left: Senior orchestra member Kelly Chadwick con- centrates on leaming a new piece of music in class. Above, front now: A. Thomas, G. Kluge, C. Moon, M. Hedding, K. Morse, M. Root. Row 2: D. Ajango, K. Kamrath, S. Johnson, B. Dailey, S. Lampert, Mary Jones, B. Chadwick, A. Tauch. Row 3: T. Radloff, D. Redford, S. Kluge, M. Offerdahl, D. Lehman, R. Offer- dahl, Margaret Jones, C. Kluge, S. Schroeder, L. Torpy. Back row: Mrs. Romstad, K. Chadwick, C. Johnson, N. Geszvain, L. Kleifgen, J. Krause, M. Riggs, B. Lyke, K. Kluge. Orchestra - 73 Four obtain " Twenty-eight determined students kicked off the forensic season on February 5, 1973, when FHS determined who would represent Fort Atkinson in the sectional forensic competition. Two FHS students participated in each of nine categories with the exception of the significant speech cate- gory. On April 28, eight students- traveled to Madison to attend the state meet on the UW 99 ' I'3tll1 S at state campus. Four of the eight competitors received "A" ratings. The award winners included Gail Griffin, interpretive proseg Jim Klein, declamationg ,lohn Klein, origi- nal oratoryg and Patty Teed, poetry. Mr. Schubert coached the 1973 team with the assistance of Mrs. Krizsan. Between the two they planned and carried out the first Badger Conference Forensic meet which occurred on April 15. Six of the con- forensic contest ference schools attended the competition which turned out to be a success for FHA. With students participating in eight cate- gories, Fort Atkinsonis team took the tro- phy forthe highest point total. Mr. Carlson advised the debate team which consisted of three senior high school members and two junior high members. Above, front row: S. Eiscnbrandt, V. Ciaglo. Row 2: B. Bullock, S. Schmidt, B. Stedman. Back row: K. Cox, G. Griffin, A. Roethe, P. Teed, C. Harman. Right: Debater Steve Hammer systematically looks over his argument before an important meet. 74- - Debate-Forensu s A i,,, -. ,g - I -. , l'1 Aeef1s- ze 1 1-az1am.i wa. Sf-."x,Nsm FHS Thespians visit convention, replace musical with "Follies" Twenty-five students strived to express themselves, to be creative and most of all, to convey an idea, meaning or theme to an audience. These people and their adviser, Mrs. Fixmer, made up FHS's branch of the International Thespian Society. Although being a Thespian member was not a prerequisite for acting in the all- school play, many who participated in "The Skin of Our Teeth" were Thespians. Viterbo College, LaCrosse, hosted the State Thespian Convention in 1973. Mrs. Fixmer and ten Thespian members attended the convention, along with partici- pants from other charter troops throughout the state. Viterbo College presented the modern opera Q'Herod,,, and Janesville Par- ker senior high school dramatized the Greek classic, "Antigone,', in modern cos- tumes. Thespian Follies was the Thespians' major achievement in the 1973-74 school year. They invited both faculty members and the student body to try out. Students made up original acts and auditioned for this production. A silent movie, an imper- sonation of Nixon, and a men's kicking line, whose members included Mr. Lepley and Mr. Roub, were among the acts pres- ented. Above left: Masters of ceremonies, Mr. Wiederhoeft and Mr. Carlson, rehearse for the "Follies" Left, front row: D. Buchholtz, C. Schroeder, S. Poep- pel, E. Zemel, S. Schmidt, S. Eisenbrandt. Row 2: Mrs. Fixner, L. Goodman, C. Griffin, V. Ciaglo, V. Wendlandt, L. Riddell, M. Simpkin. Row 3: J. Hevey, K. Cox, B. Bullock, K. Carpentier, L. Landowski, B. Stedman. Back row: L. Russell, I. Sarnosky, A. Roethe, M. Hoffman, C. Harman, P. Teed, L. Lueder. Below left: Ellen Zemel, Kathy Carpentier and Vicki Ciaglo relax after a busy day at Viterbo College. Thespians - 75 F-Club negotiates possibilit of female members Threatened by the entry of nearly 20 girls into F-Club, Mr. Karl Schlender organized a committee of ten members to decide if female letter winners should be allowed to join F'-Club. This was the first year at FHS that girls received letters for their achievements in the area of athletics. After pondering and discussing the issue, the committee decided against allowing the girls to join FHS,s lettermen's club. After each sports season new letter win- ners joined F-Club, and older members put them through embarrassing but hilarious initiations. The only requirements for belonging to F-Club were the possession of a letter and upholding the standards set up by the ath- letic board for all athletes, male and female, at Fort Atkinson high school. Above, front row: K. Chadwick, L. Turner, S. Wilde, S. Zelten, M. Hacht, D. Smithback, D. Heinz, D. Frank. Row 2: L. Russell, B. Dexheimer, C. Fors- 1 , berg, J. Chadwick, S. Reich, P. Jackson, M. Babcock, D. Draeger, D. Merriman, D. Hill, M. Marquart. Row 3: D. Wells, K. Dahnert, G. Petersen, T. Yonash, S. Larsen, R. Abbott, J. Dennis, B. Huber, E. Guden- schwager, S. Angus, R. Lindl. Row 4: S. Burnette, E. Olson, J. Kjellenberg, M. Hobe, R. Gess, C. Rouse, E. Jacobson, D. Ketter, R. Suchanek, B. Garthwait, G. Tolen, M.. Hoffman. Back row: Mr. Schlender, D. Kibbe, M. Ferrell, T. Godfrey, J. Kelly, K. Knoll, S. Klug, M. Lenz, B. Jones, J. Weiss, D. McCabe. Right: As a service provided by F-Club, Kim Sum- meril works coatchecking at a home basketball game. --avi?" 76 - F-Club Pep Club sells Blackhawk beanies and concessions at invitational Advising Pep Club for her first year was Mrs. Barbara Kuehl. Approximately 35 members held elections in the fall for new officers. Kathy Cox assumed the position of president, Sandy Poeppel, vice-president, and Sue Schmidt secretary. Pep Club members held regular meetings Wednesdays after school in the activity room. During Homecoming week partici- pating members sponsored a booth with a pretty legs contest. They also sold Black- hawk buttons to raise funds for the group. Participants attempted to bolster school spirit by holding a Homecoming sign paint- ing contest and a yelling contest. Other activities included operating a concessions stand at the Wrestling Invitational, sponsor- ing buses to away games and selling Black- hawk hats. The group also donated 3100 to the pom-pom girls. Above left: Deb Zelten supports Pep Club by energet- ically modeling the hats being sold by the group. Left, front row: C. Schroeder, N. LaMuro, G. Sme- dal, D. Buchholtz, V. Ciaglo, L. Austin, K. Carbon, G. Griffin, S. Schmidt. Row 2: L. Strom, M. Bienfang, S. Punzel, M. Mode. S. Poeppel, J. Stroeh. K. Hauben. schild, L. Rolhberger. Row 3: C. Kluge, D. Fiedler, I. Ludwig, D. Zelten, K. O'Donnell, D. Werner, K. Lantz, J. Fischer, K. Carpentier, Mrs. Kuehl. Row 4: D. Schultz, D. Lewis, M. Riggs, L. Randall, B. Menzel, J. Marquart, K. Griffin, C. Klement, S. Patrick, H. Rawding, M. Klotz, M. Ament, L. Klug, R. Umland, D. Wolfgram, J. Schultz, S. Niehus, B. Turner, S. Paw- lowski, S. Lewicki, S. Wallace, K. Cox. Below left: After hanging signs for the Jefferson game, Sue Kutz shakily descends from her ladder. Pep Club - 77 rt League members decorate downtown windows During the course of the year, Art League members created a variety of pro- jects from painting, to pottery, to pump- kins. They held a bake sale to aid them in purchasing needed materials for their works. Art League members helped during the 78 - Art League festive week of Homecoming. They volun- teered to paint spirit raising signs on store windows in the downtown area. Norm God- frey, co-owner of The Pharmacy, donated the paint for the talented students. Art League members followed tradition by carv- ing pumpkins during the month of October. Artists also found time to make and hang projects for the 1974 Hoard Art Show and to set up the High School Spring Art Show. Many left FHS with the products of their hard spent time in search of profit. Above left: Nancy Lemerand labels her work while helping to set up the Art Show in the activity room. Above: Art League V. Pres. Dick Griffin pauses before completing his canvas stretching frame. Right: Sophomore Richard Kokalares sets the press in preparation for printing his collagraph. fss . if 1.1 X Of. sf bove: Gail Smedal confers with Brian Cary applying gesso to her Art League project. Above, front row: J. Foelker, J. Sarnosky, G. Sme- dal, L. Weber, R. Prabst, B. Touton. Row 2: G. B. Messmer, K. Touton, S. Mepham, L. Austin, Colinski, D. Griffin, L. Komes, L. Brown, D. Holi, Hase. Row 3: L. Horton, Jill Krause, C. Moon, T. L. Dennis, T. Canton, D. Hartwig, K. Carpenlier, Kraus, J. Kutz, K. Coonen. Row 4:1 Christian, Foudray, l. Golich, A. Rodrigues, H. Rawding, S. M. Leikness, J. Mason, B. Turner, S. Schroe- P. Baker, S. Breitsprecher, G. Hummel. Back S. McNeill, P. Davis, J. Koehler, M. Frenzel, S. B. Cheek, G. Golich, J. Heiser, B. DeWitt, E. er, R. Gess, P. Bauer, E. Gess. Art League 4 79 Redskins award 50 scholarshipg burn riVal's effi at bonfire Redskins' junior class members were responsible for making the traditional ini- tials of the Homecoming rival. Students enjoyed drenching their favorite teachers at Redskins' Homecoming booth. Participants used a squirt gun in attempting to extin- guish a candle held by a teacher. Each year Redskins award a S550 scholar- ship to a senior member. The recipient in Above right: Dressed as a teenager of the 50's, Gail Smedal prepares to paint signs for Homecoming. Right, front row: G. Smedal, K. Fiedler, S. Allen, V. Wendlandt, S. Schmitt, L. Heth, K. Lantz. Row 2: Mrs. Swanson, N. Yoder, L. Goodman, C. Schimming, A. Schoofs, G. Griffin, C. Frandson, N. LaMuro, V. Ciaglo. Row 3: J. Fischer, D. Werner, L. Steinke, C. Maas, C. Klement, B. Ghoichois, M. Bienfang, S. Lew- icki, M. Simpkin. Back row: L. Randall, L. Lueder, N. Kutz, A. Roethe, S. Kutz, J. Schultz, L. Emrick, L. Landowski, F. Fixmer. Below right: Mrs. Swanson smiles apprehensively as she waits for the next blast of cold water. 80 - Redskins 1973 was Pat Heiden, past Redskins presi- dent. ln order to raise money for the schol- arship, Redskins undertook many projects. Their biggest and most profitable undertak- ing was Redskins' mid-winter formal in Jan- uary. Other projects were ushering for the Pop's Concert, selling concessions at the local Community Theatre productions, and ushering for the All-School Play. Key Club plays baseball with countryside residents Homecoming was one of the first pro- jects of the year for many organizations, and so it was for Key Club, FHS's honor organization for boys. Key Club members volunteered their study halls to work in the omecoming voting booths. They also had booth called "Stump the Band" at the car- nival following the Homecoming game. Mr. Elwood Carlson remained as the adult advisor to Key Club again this year. At one of their first meetings in 1973, Key Club's 34- members elected Phil Schoofs, president, Jim Foelker, secretaryg Greg Peterson, treasurer, Eric Olson, senior class chairman, and Dale Wells, junior class chairman. Key Club tackled many service projects such as helping at the Blood Bank, judging and setting up cross country meets, and playing baseball with the residents at the Countryside Home and Hospital. F K ,H I. 's Above, front row: K. Chadwick, P. Ackman, B. Dex- heimer, B. Petrie, S. Zelten, J. Schaefer, D. Wentz, D. Cushman. Row 2: M. Root, M. Hobe, S. Larsen, E. Gudenschwager, C. Harman, P. Jackson, B. Yonker, C. Forsberg. Row 3: D. Wells, C. Peterson, D. Bickle, S. Hammer, S. Klug, S. Burnette, P. Merkt, E. Olson. Back row: Mr. Carlson, J. Foelker, M. Leikness, J. Janke, J. Borchardt, P. Schoofs, D. Dannert, Mr. Mer- cer. Left: "Stump the Band" occupies Mike Babcock's time after the Homecoming game against Sun Prairie. Key Club - 81 Spanish lub travels to Chicagog all Hangers yield major profits Mrs. Marion Dexheimer and Mrs. Evelyn Widmann served as co-advisers of the 30 member Spanish club. Participants held monthly meetings the fourth Thursday after school. Students that attended the September meeting voted for club officers. Debbie Zel- ten assumed the position of president, while Jeanna Kraus acted as vice-president and Steve Hammer was secretary. Right, front row: D. Lewis, S. Rader, S. Schmidt, D. Holi, Mrs. Dexheimer, K. Coonen, K. Lantz, J. Leigh- ton. Row 2: C. Kluge, D. Werner, M. Riggs, L. Steinke, K. Maas, I. Kraus, A. Schoofs, S. Lewicki, B. Chiochios. Row 3: D. Brandt, K. Cox, T. Canton, D. Zelten, J. Schultz, L. Amacher, B. Stedman, S. Punzel. Back row: L. Lueder, V. Ciaglo, S. Larsen, S. Ham- mer, J. Foelker, P. Ackman. Above right: Phil Schoofs steadies the pinata as he anticipates the contents of the holiday parrot. 82 - Spanish Club Members sponsored a booth at the carni- val after the Homecoming football game which featured a ring-toss with prizes for the student adept at that game. Other activi- ties included the selling of Harvey-wall- Hangers, which were a type of bulletin board, and traveling to Chicago to see the Spanish ballet Folklorico. They also experi- mented with native Spanish food. rench Club holds second annual Christmas dinner Early planning set off a good year for French Club members and their adviser, Mrs. Nancy Price. They began the year by sponsoring a booth at the Homecoming car- nival. They served cream puffs along with other French cuisine baked by the mem- bers. The 23 members held elections for offi- cers in September of 1973. Assuming offices were Mary Sue Humphrey as presi- dent and Noreen Kutz as vice-president. Members held weekly meetings on Wed- nesdays after school to discuss business matters. These included various French pastry sales held in the commons and a combined second annual Christmas dinner and party which members held in the home economics room. The participants prepared and consumed French food. Money earned by students through the various projects went to pay for the club,s activities. Above, front row: D. Buchholtz, G. Smedal, ,l. Frey, B. Canard, L. Horton. Row 2: .l. Fischer, L. Dennis, K. Sherwitz, L. Abell, S. Schroeder, M. Humphrey. Row 3: L. Steinke, D. Ketter, K. Fixmer, N. Kutz, P. Baker, L. Thureson. Back row: D. Werner, J. Rostol- lan, K. Jensen, A. Roethe, L. Landowski, H. Healy, Mrs. Price. Left: French Club members prepare a reading to be taped so their pronunciation may be improved. French Club 7 83 Co-ordination of department faces AV team dail AV club proved to be very essential in the workings of the school. The department scheduled interested students into the AV center to work with the audio-visual equip- ment during their free periods. They taped television programs, took care of recorders, players and tapes, and repaired equipment. Students also broadcasted their own shows Above: Sophomore AV club member Brad Hish arranges letter blocks on the sign press for printing. Above right: Secretary Mrs. Donkle goes over the daily program schedules set up for AV club members. Right, front row: L. Shanahan, P. Mittelstadt, C. Davis, P. Ackman, Mr. Erickson. Back row: R. Kreideman, S. Hammer, B. Hish, 84 - AV Club originating in the AV center. AV members produced the Stanford Achievement testing instructions and school registration pro- gram in this manner. Students belonging to AV club earned V1 credit for their independent studies. In the evenings students came to the AV cen- .,,. gf f, ter to videotape programs that did not appear during school. They also spent several Saturdays taping and viewing shows. Lance Shanahan and Mr. John Erickson served as AV co-ordinators, while Mrs. Donkle worked as secretary for the group. i, fszfsti .-.,, - '-.., I f- r l i C ess Club engages in area playg evenings serve as practice hours In order to he ready to take on any and all challengers, members of the FHS chess club spent several nights after school build- ing up their knowledge of the game. In its second year of competition, the chess club posted several wins. Although the club had a small membership, it started the season with a 4-1 victory over Whitewa- ter. They followed this with a 3-2 win over Jefferson. Not only did they play area schools, but they competed against large schools, such as Janesville Craig. The team also struggled through a game against a group of students from UW-Whitewater. From practice sessions Mr. Camplin, team co-ordinator, rated each member's ability and stamina. This ranking deter- mined match placement of the players. Terry Canton, an honorary chess club member from Nicaragua, added to the eve- ning practices by teaching participants the Spanish names of the playing pieces. Above left: Steve Hammer's chess skills hold Terry Canton's attention during a practice match. Left, front row: T. Strom, M. Hoffman, P. Ackman. Row 2: S. Hammer, R. Kreideman. Back row: B. Krause, Mr. Camplin, J. Janke. Above: Chess club member Phil Ackman maintains deep concentration in a match against Tom Strom. Ihess Club - 85 Photo Club visits photography exhibition at UW-W Photo Club consisted of ten advanced photographers and Mr. Raasoch, their advi- ser. The ten participants held bi-monthly meetings in an unstructured fashion, with- out officers. The overall motives for the photo club members included improving their photog- raphy skills, experimenting with new films and developing techniques and finding more interesting subject matter. As an extra project two students, Doug Merriman and Jim Peterson, worked as photographers for the "Daily Jefferson County Union." A field trip to Whitewater proved educa- tional for the photo club members. The work of several renowned photographers was on display for the general public. Above, front row: Mr. Raasoch, B. Haukom, B. Huber, J. Bauer, D. Merriman, D. Smithback. Back row: S. Peterson, B. MacWilliams, J. Kammer, J. Peterson. Right: Working in the darkroom, lim Peterson and Brian Haukom prepare to enlarge contacted prints. 86 - Photo Club FHA participates in fall rallyg attends state convention in June Mrs. Ehrke and Mrs. Kuehl advised the Future Homemakers of America, an organi- zation for girls interested in the area of home making and home furnishing. Early in the year FHS's 25 members col- lected annual dues, elected officers and started planning activities for the 1973-74- school year. As a service project, FHA held a Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the community. They also gave a tea for the high school teachers. FHA participated in several district and state activities, including the fall rally at Milton where members from all over the district met to discuss new ideas and to compare individual clubs. FHA also sent delegates to the state convention at Green Lake in June. In order to raise money for many of these projects FHA sold tee-shirts, stationery and baked goods. Q ' 3' "fs 5 1 B . Q, 'eegseioli Sis Q A s 'ff' i sis' .Y 4 s tt Above, front row: D. Schultz, D. Lewis, J. Waga, L. Wollet, D. Mittelstadt, K. O'Donnell, S. Hish. Row 2: D. Keller, M. Ament, L. Klug, S. Orton. C. Geller, D. Arndt. Row 3: Mrs. Kuehl, B. Kutz, L. Randall, S. Neihus, L. Thureson, P. Baker, B. Smith, Mrs. Ehrke. Back row: B. Turner, J. Saterlee, L. Milheiser, D. Wolfgram, W. janke, R. Umland. Above left: Mrs. Swanson winks at the photographer as she enjoys cookies at the FHA teachers' tea. Left: Beverly Smith and Linda Wollet hurry through clean up after baking cookies for FHA. FHA - 87 . i l F 3 s ' H.. 'X f Right, front row: J. Thayer, J. Tolan, T. Hill, J. Sno- die. G. Schroeder, G. Stasch, S. Coffee. Back row: R. Janowski, R. Lea, J. Meyer, G. Lyke, D. Riggs, S. Foltz. B. Endl. Far above right: The smell of fresh popcorn brings Bill Kirchmayer to the FFA concession stand. FFA members Brad Hish and Bill Mepham collect his money. Right: Connie Yandry helps unload the truckload of citrus fruits sold by FFA members to raise money. Above: Chris Wenham displays Doc, one of the rab- bits she raises as stock for hor FFA co-op project. 88-FFA Future Farmers of America build learning center Future Farmers of America had a very active summer. They sponsored a booth at the State Fair. The BOAC, Building Our American Communities, project found FFA building a twenty-two acre learning center. Ten FFA members traveled through the Badlands as reward for top fruit sellers. Allan Cook and Wayne Dahnert received the State Farmer Degree. FFA elected sen- ior Ron Hagen to the state FFA band. Projects included raising rabbits and selling refreshments at games. Extra activi- ties were a Christmas toy drive and the dis- tribution of sand at several gas stations. This project consisted of FFA members col- lecting milk cartons and filling them with sand for the public to use. FFA also took orders for fresh citrus fruit. Above, front row: R. Wenham, D. Dahnert, C. Dai ley, D. McKinney, K. Dahnert, R. Hagen, D. Dracger, D. Jones. Row 2: J. Rader, H. Stork, L. Staude, C. Wenham, B. Snodie, J. Peterson, B. Hish, Don Foltz, Dan Foltz. Row 3: B. Mcpham, M. Paszko, G. Kutz, A. Garvcrt, R. Knoflicek, S. Huttner, D. Kutz, S Peterson, Chris Revels, N. Buckingham, Mr. Nehring. Row 4-: D. Olson, S. Stork, B. DeWitt, D. Peterson, R. Stockfisch, C. Yandry, J. Kube, J. Wendorf, Cindy Revels. Back row: Mr. Mercer, L. Hinton, K. Roloff, S. Lemke, R. Wendorf, R. Ganzow, S. Tyler, J. Wal- ters, R. Gess, D. Cartwright, H. McKinney, D. Jung. FFA - 89 Alpine Valley Resort provides slopes for ski club Ski club started off the year electing Tom Freeman as their president and Scott Peter- son as vice president. ln early March the club held a bake sale to raise funds for year- book pages and skiing trips. Alpine Valley provided the slopes for ski club's many excursions. Senior high and junior high students went along on the first trip, with the following trips strictly for sen- ior high students. Many casualties befell ski club members during the winter. Brent MacWilliams broke his leg while skiing with the club on January 8, and most mem- bers received bumps and bruises. Mr. Reed, ski club adviser, and Tom Freeman arranged a weekend skiing trip at Devi1's Head during the weekend of Febru- ary 22 to the 24-. 904 Ski Club Above: The quiet ofthe slopes inspires an Alpine Val- ley ski instructor to run the slalom course. Left: Describing the skiing accident in which he broke his leg, Brent MacWilliams grimaces with pain. Far Below: Ski club president Tom Freeman discov- ers that crayfish have sharp pinchers. Below: Relaxing in the snow, Steve Limberts watches as a skier flies over a snow ramp. Ski Club - 91 99 Finances enable "Signal to switch to newsprint Five times a week nineteen FHS students met with Mr. Gail Roub to produce the monthly publication ofthe "Signal." Editor Keith Morse attended a journal- ism clinic during the summer months. The entire staff attended a journalism conven- tion held at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Individuals went to lectures and work sessions organized by the journal- ism department at Whitewater, For the sec- ond year in a row, the "Signal,' received a first place award from the Whitewater Uni- versity for the 1972-73 publications. Business manager Ellen Zemel handled the finances for the "Signal.,, The "Sig- nal" earned funds through monthly news- paper and subscription sales. They also sold advertising to the local merchants. Above, front row: Copy ed. M. Simpkin, L. Komes, Bus. Mgr. E. Zemel, J. Schaefer. Row 2: G. Griffin, ed. K. Morse, S. Kutz, A. Roethe. Row 3: B. Jones, S. Angus, M. Lenz. J. Kammer. Back row: J. Weiss, M. Hobe. Right: After school, Ellen Zemel stops at Hallmark Cards to collect for their ad in the "Signal." 92 - "sig:-aw 'O-5. L 6 Yearbook editor picks Mondriaan as la out style for 1974 yearbook Production of the yearbook took the free time of Tchogeerrah staffers throughout the 1973-74 school year. Plans for the 1974 book began in June with editor Lisa Lue- der attended a journalism clinic at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. More complex, than last year's mosaic style, students worked with a new layout style known as Mondriaan. The work of the 19th century artist inspired the new layout style which bears his name. His compos- itions usually consisted of three basic ele- ments: the three primary colors, the three non-colors and an off-center cross. During September, the entire yearbook staff convened at UW-Whitewater for a one- day journalism clinic. The 1973 Tcho- geerrah, judged by journalism professors at the University, ranked third out of 33. Money raising projects were a major activity for the yearbook class. Because the price of a book to the student covered only one-half the total cost of production. Tcho- geerrah staff members solicited the local merchants for aid. In an effort to pick up sales students created "catchy" announce- ments to be read over the P.A. system dur- ing classes several hours of the day. After the final pages reached the pub- lisher in the spring, yearbook adviser, Mrs. Kohls set up individual learning activities, a first for the entire class. Above left: During a busy day, Louise Randall cor- rects copy forthe Tchogeen-ah's next deadline. Above, front row: J. Foelker, J. Stroeh, K. Carpen- tier, M. Leikness, B. Cossio, J. Peterson, L. Austin, P. Hruska, S. Poeppel, Mrs. Kohls. Back row: B. Kutz, K. Cox, Bus. Mgr. V. Ciaglo, ed. L. Lueder, Copy ed. L. Randall, C. Klement, B. Bullock. Left: Bill Cossio spends many hours working on final pages for the next printing of the Tchogeerrah. Tchogeerrah - 93 5 R 12 5i Q 2 Q 5 5 L 2 liffz Iefics Right, Varsity cheerleaders, front row: G. Sme- dal, M. Lanoway. Back row: L. Strom, D. Buchholtz, M. Beinfang, Below: FHS cheerleading squads presented their ver sion of Sha-ra-ra at the Homecoming pep assembly. Above, Jr. Varsity cheerleaders: L. Brown, D. Kel- Rishi:Wrestling,v0lleyballChf2er1GHder Nanci' ter B- Rheimwk M.K10,Z Jtswnnardh LaMuro raises enthusiasm at the Homecoming hon- , l l fire. 96 - Cheerleaders Cheerleaders, pom-pom girls paint concession stand After returning from summer cheerlead- ing camps, all three FHS squads began work in their job of raising school spirit. Varsity cheerleaders, led by Captain Mimi Beinfang, attended the United States Cheer- leaders Association Camp at George Wil- liams College. Captain Diane Ketter led the l.V. squad which attended the National Cheerleading Camp at U.W. Stout. The wrestling and volleyball cheerleaders, led by Captain Sandi Punzel, also attended the United States Cheerleaders Camp at George Williams College in Williams Bay, Wis. The cheerleaders and the pom-pom girls held money raising projects to help cut the cost of the summer camps and the new uni- forms for the pom-pom girls. Bake sales, car washes, and booths at the Homecoming Carnival raised money for these groups. During the summer the girls painted the concession stand near the football field in school colors. The cheerleaders also pres- ented skits at pep rallies throughout the year. Mrs. Nancy Price served as the varsity, J.V., and wrestling cheerleaders' adviser for the third year. Mrs. Rebne advised the twelve girl pom-pom squad. Far above, Pom-pom girls, front row: L. Austin, C. Kluge, K. Haubenschild, C. Riedel. Back row: S. Rader, K. Cox, K. Lantz, M. Mode, L. Rothberger, K. Garrett, S. Lewicki, S. Poeppel. Above: The pom-pom girls provide an added attrac- tion to halftime activities at home games. Left, Wrestling, volleyball cheerleaders, bot- tom: S. Punzel. Back row: V. Ciaglo, N. LaMuro, J. Desjarlais. Cheerleaders - 97 New system determines championg ayer, I-lobe set school records A new system initiated this year for determining the conference champion shat- tered the 1973 track teamas hopes of retain- ing the conference championship. The sys- tem included dual meets with the other schools and the conference meet. The team that accumulated the most dual meet points, along with their finish in the confer- ence meet, won the championship. Coach Schlender,s thinclads lost dual meets to Middleton and Monona Grove. This elimi- nated any hopes of retaining the conference title. Earlier in the 1973 season Fort came through with respectable performances at the La Crosse Invitational, placing 3rd out tational, placing 2nd out of 8. Team members, individual performances produced many new records. Three school records fell as Dale Mayer set records in the pole vault, soaring 13 feet, 8 IA inches and also in the long jump, leaping 21 feet. Matt Hobe set the third record as he triple jumped 40 feet, 4- W inches. Steve Larsen was the only Hawk to be a conference champion as he won the 880 yard run in a time of 2.02.2 minutes. Larsen and sprinter Dean Wiesmann both qualified for sec- tional competition, but these performances failed to qualify them for State. Ten lettermen returned to Coach Schlen- der's thinclads team. They formed the of 8g at the Madison West Relays, placing 7th out of 4-23 and at the Racine Case Invi- nucleus of the 1974+ Fort track team. Above, Jr. Varsity, front row: S. Alwin, D. Emmons, K. Dahnert, T. Schuelke, B. Huber, J. Sykes, D. Hollenbeck, M. Marquart, Coach Knoll. Back row: J. Mason, C. -Redford, D. Riedy, B. Mepham, J. Peterson, D. Polzin, K. Marshall, B. Wachuta, Mgr. B. Kirchmayer, M. Ferrell, D. Kibbe, B. Haukom, R. F011 Gross, E. Eastlick, T. Sullivan, B. Schroeder, T. Frie- del. Fort 35W 2!11 14 9110 Jr Varsity Opponent Parker Oconomowoc Monona Grove Monroe Edgerton Jefferson Middleton Sun Prairie Place Middleton Inv Edgerton Inv 63 ............ 63 55 ............ 68 76 ............ 52 93 ............ 42 113 ............ 35 Stoughton 102 ............ 69 ' 98 - Track 3 Fort Fort I I 29W .... .....8!13 ..,.11!15 .,...7!12 3116 ..., ..,.4 Opponent . . . Parker . . . Monroe . . . Edgerton . . . Watertown . . . Jefferson . . . Stoughton . , . Middleton . . . Sun Prairie . . . Monona Grove . . . Oconomowoc . . . Whitewater Place LaCrosse Inv. Case-Nicolet Racine Horlick . . . . .3!4-2 West Relays Case Inv. For "A" Inv. Madison Memorial Delavan Inv. Conference Meet Varsity 61 66 65 62 91 34 77 50 103 24 84- 43 57 70 99 . . . 28 51 77 52 57 49 318 40 213 20 15 52 2! 8 24- 6! 8 t 6 20 f 8 meet. Left: Varsity runners. Dale Mayer and Dean Wies- mann sprint to beat the competition at a triangular Above, Varsity, front row: J. Klein, D. Koch, Don Wiesmann, D. Mayer, Dean Wiesmann, M. Ajango, S. Angus. Row 2: M. Hobe, M. Lenz, M. Northey, S. Larsen, K. Summeril. E. Olson, B. Huber, M. Mar- quart, Mgr. J. Schaefer. Row 3: E. Jacobson, J. Kelly, J. Heiser, K. Marshall. R. Gross. D. Polzin, T. Sulli- van, E.East1ick, D. Hollenbeck, Mgr. E. Cuden- schwager. Row 4-: M. Ferrell, K. Dahnert, C. Peter- son, S. Zelten, S. Alwin, P. Jackson, B. Haukum, J. Sykes. Back row: Coach Hamm, Coach Knoll, Coach Piper, Coach Schlender. Center: Distance runner Steve Larsen stretches his lead inthe 880 at the Racine Case triangular. Left: Showing great effort, Brian Haukom pushes him- self to extend his lead over competing hurdlers. Far left, center: Dale Mayer attempts to beat his record breaking 13 foot 8'A inch pole vault mark. Track - 99 . 3 HS! Front row: Mgr. S. Mepham, Larry Turner, S. Arnold, J. Nehmer, J. Hevey, Dan Ketter, Mgr. C. Har- man. Back row: Coach Fronk, J. Chadwick, D. Fronk, Dave Ketter, G. Tolen, LaVeme Turner, D. Marty, L. Russell, K. Chadwick, D. Wells, J. Weiss. Far right: Blackhawk team members listen carefully as Coach Fronk explains the next plan of action. Above: Blackhawk pitcher Joe Nehmer delivers his pitch with a strong and accurate release. Right: Catcher Dale Wells anticipates the next pitch from teammate Joe Nehmer during the Milton game. 100 - Baseball xilff K5 Four baseball lettermen earn all-conference honors i A :hints X 2 ., vp '1' ,D if I 2 - Q ' 1 ,. . iii'-3 VTL ' ., If-+ new v"k M--an .v 4 5 J ifffiit Q. , n , T s ool o vs. 7 tl iff T I V , it l'f.Qr'fCf M F Q k g, A gm 2 k,', H g . a ' I oo ooo 7 o.o Q - ' - '-'-' ,QQ .,,... ,mg Fort Opponents 4- ..,.. 2 Delevan 0 ..... 2 Milton 2 ..... 5 Stoughton 2 ..... 9 Jefferson 7 ..,.. 2 Palmyra 0 ..... 8 Monona Grove 12 ..... 4- Monroe 0 ..,.. 2 Oconomowoc 5 .... ll Sun Prairie 1 ..... 2 Middleton 0 .,... 9 Edgerton 6 ..... 8 Milton 9 . .... 0 Cambridge 3 ..... 8 Jefferson The Blackhawk baseball team ended the 1973 season with a disappointing overall record of four wins and ten losses. The Blackhawks earned their victories over Delevan, Palmyra, Monroe, and Cambridge. The Conference teams overpowered the young Hawk team, pushing the Fort league record to a poor single win and seven defeats. Despite the unsuccessful season, the team still had its bright spots. Short- stop Steve Arnold was the team's leading hitter. His fine batting also earned him all conference honors along with lettermen Larry Turner, Luke Russell and LaVerne Turner. With the return of Luke Russell, LaVerne Turner, and nine other lettermen filling most positions, Coach Larry Fronk had hopes for a successful 1974 season. Far above: A Milton runner cautiously gttempts to lead off base as Jim Weiss prepares to put him out. Above left: Showing great concentration, short-stop Steve Arnold prepares himself for the next pitch. Above: Outfielders Bill Garthwait and Dave Ketter watch action in the infield with great interest. Baseball - 101 Tennis team nets Blackhawk netters played to a successful fifth place standing in the Badger Confer- ence. Coached by Mr. Verne Jordan, the team practiced and played their home matches at the Rock River Park Courts. ,lohn Aufderhaar finished with a remark- able 17-5 record. His only disappointment was the loss of his crown as defending sin- Fort Opponent 9 ............... 0 Elkhorn 2 ............... 7 Oconomowoc 4 ............... 5 Watertown 6 ............... 3 Jefferson 2 ............... 7 Monona Grove 7 ............... 2 Edgerton 5 ............... 4 Middleton 5 ............... 4 Stoughton 2 ............... 7 Monroe 2 ............... 7 Sun Prairie lst Madison Sub-sectionals 3rd Janesville Sectionals 5th Badger Conference twelfth place at gles champion. A strong Monona Grove opponent beat him in 6-4 and 6-2 matches. John also qualified for the state tournament where he picked up four points before get- ting beat in the third round of play. The netters finished the season with a four-win and three-loss conference record state t0l1I'I13IIlCl11 and an overall tally of five wins and fiv defeats. Coach Jordan looked forward to good season in the spring of 1974 wit three returning lettermen: Mike Babcock, Bill Dexheimer and Tom Godfrey. The net ters tied for a 12th place standing at state it 1973. Front row: R. Hagen, D. Wentz. Row 2: D. Batien, D. Scullin, G. Bauer. M. Hoffman, B. Dexheimer, J. Aufderhaar. Back row: Coach Jordan. B. Steinke. S. Reich. M. Babcock, T. Godfrey, J. Beilke. Above, far right: Mark Zastrow practices for impor- tant coming matches against Jefferson and Sun Prai- rie. Far right: Rusty Patefield and opponent watch Dick Patefield concentrate on his final putt. Right: Practicing at the Rock River Courts, Tom God- frey strives to perfect his serves. 102 - Tennis Golfers grab conference fourthg Zastrow putts to medalist honors The 1973 Hawk linksmen pooled their talents to win all their home matches. Unfortunately, they lost all their away matches to very strong opponents. Fort golfers won the Jefferson Invita- tional with a score of 329. Linksmen com- piled a final conference record of four wins and three defeats and finished in fourth place in the Badger conference. Mark Zastrow became medalist at the Jefferson Invitational and tied for the same honor in the regional meet at Whitewater. Zastrow drove and putted for 75,5 in both of his medalist victories. Coach Carty Monahanis experienced 1974 team included four returning letter- men, junior Jim Kjellenberg and seniors Don Heinz, Craig Forsberg and Brian Jones. Above, front row: Gary Meyer, R. Johnson, R. Pate- field, D. Patefield, D. Heinz. Back row: Coach Mona- han, C. Forsberg, M. Zastrow, J. Kjellenberg, B. Jones, L. Justus. Fort Opponent 230 ........... 226 Watertown 210 ........... 247 Milton 217 ........... 218 Stoughton 217 ........... 196 Delavan 227 ........... 214 Jefferson '218 ........... 225 Monona Grove 212 ........... 216 Monroe 222 ........... 227 Edgerton 214 ........... 203 Middleton 226 ........... 204 Sun Prairie 1st -Jefferson Invitational 5th - Badger Conference 6th - Whitewater Regional Golf - 103 Twenty-seven CPOSS COlll1Ill' H1611 strive for conference standing Coach Don Piper's 1974 cross country team attempted to retain the Bager Confer- ence championship. However, other strong squads upset the harriers' plans. The team placed third in the conference, and Steve Larsen led the team as the indi- vidual champion of the F on Invitationals. His teammates voted him most valuable member of the team. Also, the squad voted Scott Reich most improved member and Greg Bauer received the title Rookie of the Above, front row: J. Sykes, K. Dahnert, S. Zelten, S. Reich, C. Petersen, B. Dexheimer. Row 2: G. Bauer, M. Babcock, P. Jackson, S. Larsen, M. Hobe, D. Riedy. Back row: D. Emmons, T. Schuelke, D. Kibbe, Coach Piper. Above right: Phil Jackson and Steve Zelten seek endurance to hold their positions at home meet. Right: Exhaustion dominates Ken Dahnert's face as he recuperates aftcr a seemingly endless ZW mile run. 104- f Cross Country Year. Elections for 1974 co-captains took place later in the fall season. Ken Dahnert and John Sykes received the honors. From the team, ten members earned their letters. Among them were seniors Bill Dexheimer, Phil Jackson, Steve Larsen, Gregg Petersen, Scott Reich and Steve Zel- ten. Junior John Sykes and sophomores Greg Bauer, Ken Dahnert and Dan Riedy possessed letters. Eric Gudenschwager also obtained a letter by acting as team manager. z I Fort Opponents 17 ............. 41 Middleton 18 ............. 45 .Iefferson 20 ............. 35 Stoughton 32 ............. 23 Monona Grove 18 ............. 49 Sun Prairie 39 ............. 20 Monroe Place Meet 5th ......... Sun Prairie Inv. 4-th .....,... Homestead Inv. 2nd ......... Kettle Moraine Inv. 2nd ......... Fort Atkinson Inv. 3rd ......... Badger Conference 3rd ......... W.I.A.A. Regional 4-th ......... Seclionals Left: Dozens of spiked shoes tread the countryside in a test of speed and stamina in a meet at the Mounds. Below left: Senior cross Countryman Steve Larsen concentrates on his pace to place low at a meet. Below: Gregg Petersen glides over mile after mile of territory in an important conference meet. Cross Country - 105 Fort Opponents Bu rlmgton Oconomowoc Stoughton Jefferson Monroe Sun Prairie Middleton Edgerton 0 .......... 22 ' 12 .......... 21 29 ........., 13 12 .......... 14- 14 .......... 21 Monona Grove 9 ,......,.. 27 14- .......... 49 ' ' . 28 .......... 21 ' 33 ......,.... 8 Right: The referee watches carefully as Monroe play- ers attempt to block a Fort Atkinson kick. Above., front row: B. Garthwait, S. Angus, J. Hoff- man, T. Shekey, D. Draeger, E. Olson, K. Summeril, R. Lindl, L. Russell, S. Burnette, Coach Schlender. Row 2: J. Kelly, K. Knoll, D. Hollenbeck, D. Fronk, E. Eastlick, D. Wells, T. Sullivan, R. Burnette, S. Klug, J. Adams, R. Abbott, Coach Borland. Row 3: S. Carson, D. Polzin, E. Martinez, B. Haukom, B. Huber, M. Deets, B. Wachuta, M. Mack, M. Ferrell, M. Mar- quart, C. Rouse, Coach Hovel. Back row: R. Cess, S. Haubenschild, R. Patefield, B. Hutchins, L. Seybold, K. Pemper, B. Meitzner, T. Friedel, Mgr. M. Peterson, Mgr. R. Suchanek, Mgr. E. Gudenschwager, Coach Lueck. Right: The offensive front line prepares for the snap as quarterback Luke Russell calls the next play. 106- Football ,fe 'Gb Sehlender's Hawks finish fifthg f Lindl, Olson ain Badger honors With a fifth place finish in the Badger Conference standings, Coach Schlender's Blackhawks ended their season with a con- ference record of 3 wins, 4- losses and a 3-6 overall record. Fort completed the season with 1,698 total offensive yards, just behind Sun Prairie and Monona Grove. Although injuries hampered the per- formances of many players, they displayed rugged individual effort this past season. Blackhawks captured the third, fourth and fifth place in the league's individual scoring race. Halfback Roger Lindl led the Hawks scoring with ten touchdowns for 60 points, giving him third place in the league race. Senior lettermen Luke Russell and Scott Angus copped fourth and fifth place scor- ing spots, with 36 and 30 points respec- tively. Quarterback Russell completed 52 percent of his passes for a total of 434- yards. Running back Angus was a favorite target and leading pass receiver. With the close of the season came all- conference selections. Conference coaches chose center, linebacker Eric Olson in both offense and defense standings. Lindl gained 585 total yards which brought him all-con- ference honors on offense. Lindl and line- backer Mike Ferrell received special men- tions on defense. Honorable mentions went to running back Angus, tackle Jim Kelly and quarterback Russell on offense. Guard Dennis Draeger and linebacker Angus achieved honorable mentions on defense. Above left: All-conference center Eric Olson pre- pares forthe snap as Luke Russell gives the signals. Center: Hawks display good sportsman-like conduct after a disappointing loss to Monona Grove. Above: Fort Atkinson defensive lettermen prepare to flatten the Jefferson ball carrier. Left: A strong Fort Atkinson defense prevents Mon- ona Grove from gaining additional yardage. Football - 107 Fort 6 .......,..... 0 ............. 0 ...... 0 ..,...,...... Opponent Burlington Edgerton Stoughton .lcfferson Monona Crowe 'Vlonroe Sun Prairie Middleton Above, front row: B. McBain, B. Mepham, B. Schroeder, H. Sykes, T. Rossmiller, R. Hohlbien, T. Madson, J. Peterson. Row 2: J. Pleester, M. Paszko, L. Shermen, S. Ament, B. Jahnke, M. Ciske, S. Bulg- rin, T. Erdman. Back row: Mgr. M. Hacht, D. Peter- son, F. Thureson, J. Lonsdale, D. Brandt, C. Redford, Coach Lueck, Coach Knoll. Above far right: During a match against Madison East, Elvin Jacobson blocks an opponenfs spike. Far above: Rainer Hohlbein, number 76, forsees a running back pursuing a touchdown and tackles him. Right: Tackle John Lonsdale takes advantage of an open spot and goes by for a score against Monroe. 108 - J.V. Football-Volleyball Hawk netters SCIZC 19 3 Badger Conference crown l l l Having one of the strongest line-ups, the Fort volleyball team seized the 1973 Badger Conference crown. Elvin Jacobson broke l the individual school season scoring record l with 194- points earned. The team com- ! pleted its season with a 17-1 conference X record and a 38-9 overall record. During the course of the season, the netters suf- l fered only two defeats, which were at the l hands of Maidson West and Waukesha. y Coach Spaanem expected two returning let- ! termen for the 1974- season, juniors Randy X Jacobson and Jim Burrow. Unfortunately last fall, J.V. football ter- lminated without a single conference vic- l tory. Coach Zentner found that one of the l most promising players, Steve Ament, ran X well with the ball when the squad provided sufficient blocking. Zentner also termed l 1973 "a rebuilding yearf, l l Below front row: D. Batein, R. Jacobson, D. Ketter, E. Jacobson, J. Burrow, B. Jones. Row 2: Coach lSpaanem, D. Wentz, D. Christiansen, J. Borchart, B. W Brown, D. Letcher. Row 3: J. Mansavage, C. Tolsma, B. Gaber, L. Brant, I. Dilmy. Row 4-: R. Steinke, J. lMason, J. Kube, M. Hoffman. Back row: D. Lenz, M. !Bartz, R. Farnsworth, G. Meyer, B. Kirchmeyer. l l l l l Fort Opponents 3 ............ 0 Madison Lafollette l 2 ..,......... 1 Madison East l 3 ............ 0 Middleton 3 ............ 0 Monona Grove l 3 ............ 0 Madison Memorial W 3 ............ 0 Sun Prairie 2 ............ 1 Madison Lafollette l 2 ............ 1 Madison West 2 ............ 1 Middleton l 3 ............ 0 Madison Memorial N 3 .........,.. 0 Monona Grove 1 ............ 2 Madison West l 3 ............ 0 Sun Prairie W 2 ............ 1 Madison East l 1st Badger Conference l l l l J.v, Football-volleyball - 109 l l Hawk cagers streak to regional championship For the first time in sixteen years, the 1973-74 Fort Blackhawk cager squad emerged as regional champs. Fort played host to regional action this season, and defeated both Mukwonago and Whitewater. The Hawks then went on to Beloit for sec- tional competition. Hopes for state qualifi- cation were eliminated when Fort was defeated by Burlington and Waukesha. With a second place standing in the Above: A mob flocks around "superstars" Elvin Jacobson and Tom Freidel after Fort beat Whitewater in the regional tournament by a score of 45-4-4. Right: With an added effort, Tom Freidel jumps to tip the ball through the hoop for two extra points. Right: Senior forward Scott Angus beats the Stough- ton defense to make a left handed lay-up. Above, far right: Coach Gruber congratulates his team for taking the 1973-74 regional championship. 1 10 - Basketball Badger Conference, the Blackhawk confer- ence record stood at 11-3, while the overall mark ended 15-7. Many players achieved individual honors, especially Elvin Jacobson who earned the Badger Conference Player of the Year award for the second consecutive year. Con- ference coaches chose senior Jacobson unanimously for first team all-conference, along with Tom Freidel and Luke Russell for second team all-conference honors. Jacobson broke the school career rebound- ing and scoring records with 1204 total points and 824- rebounds in his three years at FHS. With junior starters Tom Freidel, Roger Lindl and three other returning lettermen, coach Don Gruber had hopes for another successful Hawk season next year. Ji ., ACKHAWKS ,,,,,,E,--V ,fm u Fort 56 .... .... 5 9 84- .... .... 5 5 61 .... . , . .4-6 52 .... .... 5 8 71 .... .... 4- 7 47 .... .... 3 8 4-9 .... .... 3 7 77 .... .... 4- 2 60 .... .... 5 6 73 .... .... 7 8 66 .... ..,. 4- 2 54- .... .... 5 5 86 .... .... 54- 57 .... ..,. 3 5 68 .... .... 5 9 70 .,.. .... 5 7 4-5 .... ........ 5 2 75 ............. 65 2nd Badger Conference lst ........ Regionals 4-th ....... Sectionals Opponents Whitewater Middleton Monona Grove Oconomowoc Stoughton Edgerton Jefferson Monroe Watertown Sun Prairie Milton Monona Grove Stoughton Edgerton .lefferson Monroe Middleton Sun Prairie r Far above, front row: J. Chadwick, J. Schaefer, K. Chadwick. Row 2: Mgr, C. H rman, M. Ciske, L. Rus- sell, M. Deets, B. Wachuta, Lindl, Mgr. M. Hacht. Back row: Coach Borland, Mgr. E. Cudenschwager, S. Angus, B. Garthwait, E. Jacobson, T. Freidel, C. Rouse, R. Jacobson, D. Ketter, Mgr. M. Peterson, Coach Gruber. l Left: Despite the foul comilflitted by the Jefferson defense, Elvin Jacobson attempts the basket. Above: Guard Roger Lindl huts every effort into a defensive rebound during the ,lefferson game. Basketball - 11 Fort Opponent 54- Whitewater 39 Middleton 42 Monona Grove 57 Oconomowoc 51 Stoughton 36 Edgerton 34 Jefferson 48 Monroe 4-9 Watertown 4-9 Sun Prairie 59 Milton 4-3 Monona Grove 46 Stoughton 37 Edgerton 446 Jefferson 50 Monroe 112 - JV Basketball Above, front row: E. Martinez, D. Riedy, R. Hohl- bein, D. Letcher, D. Ambrose, T. Madson, I. Pleester. Back row: Mgr. B. Roehl, K. Dahnert, J. Kube, B. Weisensel, D. Christiansen. K. Kreuger, R. Ludwig, M. Baker, D. Emmons, Mgr. C. Birk, Coach Hamm. Above right: Dan Letcher fights off a determined Jef- ferson defense to take a calculated jump shot. Right: Surrounded by opponents, Dan Christianson goes for a layup shot during a close JV game. v. Q., ., Basketball heads schedule for intramural sports The winter sports schedule at FHS again included basketball intramurals for boys. Under the supervision of Mr. Schlender, competition started in early December. About 75 boys displayed their basketball skills in the action-packed Monday night games. The ten teams organized into sopho- more and junior-senior leagues. The junior varsity basketball team played a full schedule of an 18-game season. The only losses came to Monona Grove, Jeffer- son, Sun Prairie, Stoughton and Edgerton. Coach Gary Hamm considered balance to be the key to the junior varsity team's suc- cess this season. Six different players led the team in scoring in one game or more during the season. The 1973-74 junior var- sity team will provide many experienced players for next season's varsity team. Above left: Senior Randy Schreiner attempts a field goal during an intramural basketball game. Left: Both teams fight to gain possession as Randy Hilgendorf and Chuck Tolsma jump for the ball. Above: An alert defense jumps to block the shot attempted by senior intramurals player Tim Shekey. Intramurals - 113 Above, front row: P. Smith, T. Yonash, I... Burlin game, S. Babcock, M. Smith, B. Hathaway. Row 2: K Riggs, M. Hoffman, B. Ajango, B. Dexheimer, S Reich, S. Beckman, S. Wallace. Back row: B. Huber D. Hill, M. Babcock, R. Abbott, M. Marquart, ,I Weiss, .l. Dennis, J. Mansavage. Right: Striving to perfect his form, Burt Huber execu tes a back dive as Mr. Quinn watches critically. Fort Opponents 49 33 Oconomowoc 43 40 Lake Geneva 84 106 Delavan 92 80 Sauk Prairie 59 24 Milton 49 42 St. Francis 89 122 Hartford 54 29 Milton 47 35 Madison LaFollette 42 35 Sauk Prairie 92 67 Milton 114 - Swimming Indlvldual efforts make for prominent swim team Coach Sylvan Quinn's tankers turned out one of the best seasons in swimming history at Fort high. Due to individual efforts and good balance, the team was able to come up with a 9-2 conference record. The team finished third in the Southern Swim Conference and ranked second among the class B high schools. Mike Bab- cock took the conference championship in the breaststroke for the second consecutive year, while sophomore Mike Hoffman was the conference champion in the small school 200 yard individual medley event. Coach Quinn planned to have five returning lettermen next season. He expected several freshmen to move up to letter-winning positions and add essential depth in various events in the coming year. Above, far left: Three tankers dive off the blocks and push for a fast start at a practice after school. Above: Mike Hoffman rotates quickly to add to his commanding lead in an important meet with Milton. Left: Senior letterman Jim Weiss exhibits his form in the demanding butterfly stroke competition. Swimming - 115 Right: Wrestling at 167 pounds, senior Scott Klug rides his opponent while trying to obtain a pin. Below: Sophomore wrestler Scott Deichl attempts to gain control over his man by using an arm lock. Far below, front row: J. Marose, T. Krause, S. Coo- nen, D. Peterson, K. Pemper. Row 2: R. Monogue, S. Deichl, S. Schneider, D. Kibbe, D. Wegner, D. Smith, B. Cheek, B. Kirchmayer. Back row: Coach Fuller, A. Bauer, S. Sleaver, D. Scullin, S. Carson, S. Klug, S. Burnette, R. Gess, Coach Lueck. .f Fort 18 9 3 26 28 7 13 34 0 19 20 Place 7th ,.,. Sth .... 7th .... 9th ..,. 116 - Wrestling . . . . . . .Fort Invitational . . . .Elkhorn Invitational . . . . , . . . . .Conference Opponent Cambridge Stoughton Watertown Edgerton Jefferson Monroe ' Sun Prairie V. KVVV johnson Creek ' Monona Grove Middleton McFarland . . . .Regionals Wrestlers Klu , Burnette qualif for seetionals Senior grapplers Scott Klug and Scott wx" Burnette qualified for sectionals after Klug defeated his opponent for first place rank- ings in the 167 pound weight class, and Burnette captured second in the 185 weight division by a wrestleback. Dan Kibbe wres- tled at 112 pounds for fourth place stand- ing at the regional tournament. At the Elkhorn Invitational, Scott Klug dominated his division and gained a cham- pionship by being undefeated during the meet. Kibbe captured a second place while Andy Bauer, Scott Burnette and Rich Gess all attained third place standings. Klug ranked first at the Conference Tournament while Dan Scullin captured a fourth, along with Scott Burnette. The Fort Atkinson Invitational again proved success- ful for Scott Klug who attained a second and for Rich Gess who ranked third in the heavyweight division. Coaches for the grap- plers were Mr. Lueck and Mr. Fuller. Above, left: Dan Kibbe at ll2 moves to gain two points on a takedown at the regionals in Jefferson. Left: Coach Fuller and anxious wrestlers cheer for teammates while waiting for their turn on the mat. Above: Senior Dan Scullin attempts a reversal on his opponent at a home wrestling match. Wrestling - 117 Girls track opens first seasong swimmers compete in sectionals As the 1973 spring season progressed, intramural badminton got underway for girls. Some girls participated as singles players while others played doubles. The team also played a match with the Lake Mills badminton team. Coach Killian noticed improvements shown by the girls this year, and hoped for more participation next season. 1973 was the first year for girls track at Fort High. The team consisted mostly of freshmen girls, along with sophomores and a few juniors. The girls competed in four meets, and earned a total of fifty points. Coach Hausz felt the girls did very well con- sidering the team's limited experience. Nine girls merited certificates. Under the coaching of Miss Dyer, the new girls Phy. Ed. teacher, the girls swim team progressed to a final season record of seven wins and two losses. The team partic- ipated in sectionals, placing in the 400-yard free relay and the 200-yard medley relay. They placed seventh in points out of the 14 schools competing in sectionals. Many team members displayed fine performances, especially Tracy Smith, Sarah Schink and freshman Janet Ketter. Nine of the swim- mers earned letters. Junior Tracy Smith took 20 first places out of the 26 events she swam during the season. , . ,..N....,...a,...rreW.,:1mmewsfm5r ,, Tliififif' "t. 1 V. A W., ' 4 X Ni t V ,, ' 'AW ws. .w .,-iii if 1 " I- 'fra -1-.1121 ...sf rf.. i . ,, .F aa. V. t f .7- 1' . f . f 1 - S S p f , ft, ,, ...Y V Q iii up , f r p ,Q 'tra Q 1 ' . . .i 1':w56f'f-., ' Y. . - 'D '. KJ ' g --1,1g1..a 2, W2 H 52 I wi Qrr ,xii f N .ti , V ..., . , 3 , . a W V - ' ,, f .4 . , ... "as ' i . Lili . 1 iii 1' . . . if 'J ' ' 1 MEi15if11 2 - ,, H' 1 ' fr J 'L .m c M - A L ul I V. . w ' "- - 1vf"fA' H fi.. :ff f ..- .1 55.1. 4 e.:fz..-- 118 - Girls Sports w i ..... , gl Il gf' ww f i .-,.. LLL , Track Fort Opponent 48 .......... 60 Edgerton Meets 2 ............ Edgerton Inv. 0 ............ Conference Meet 0 ............ Regionals Above left: girls track team, front row: Coacl Hausz, J. Stroeh, D. Eastlick, B. Bates, L. Brown Back row: K. Fixmer, C. Akright, N. Baker, P Mielke, S. O'Brien, C. Knaack. Above right: girls badminton team, front row: L Horton, D. Knuth, C. Sigmund. Back row: N. Rog ers, M. Norris, L. Mortimer, J. Rawding, Coach Kil lian. fi 2 s . . , . 4,.,.,..,,?. fi iq at . ' "'X Y f'Ji'fP1'E'- f I 'faint' G1 Egg... fgiv ' ' ' sf-We waeeim wfesisix. . we., , ., . - ,x-, ip-ra. ' "t' Q 5 -if -we 5' 4 54... is 1' ii Q. 5 5 . rift, t , . Q 1' 1. . Mil A a. Far left: Badminton team member Lisa Horton con- centrates on meeting the birdie with an accurate hit. Left: girls swim team, front row: C. Van Schoyck, Lisa Landowski, L. Brown. Row 2: A. Roethe, D. Schneider, K. Gebhardt, M. Simpkin, K. Handeyside, S. Schink, S. Sholtes. Back row: J. Ketter, K. Fix- mer, T. Smith, Laura Landowski, M. Ament, G. Fix- mer, B. Bauer, Coach Dyer. Below left: Debbie Schneider and opponent wait as timers get ready for the start of the next event. Below: Swim team members wait for the start of the 100-yard medley relay at the Sauk-Prairie meet. Far below: Junior Tracy Smith executes a turn in the 100-yard butterfly event at a home swim meet. Swim Team Fort Opponents 122 ......... 45 Milton 44 ......... 36 Badger 80 ........, 73 Delavan 19 Milton 48 ..... . . . .35 Sauk Prairie 38 ......... 45 Badger 65 ......... 17 Milton 41 ......... 4-2 Delavan 66 ......... 16 Milton Place 268 ......,.... lst School Inv. Girls Sports - 119 Tennis Fort Opponents 7 . . . . . 0 Milton 6 . . . . . 1 Watertown 5 . . . .... 1 Jefferson 1 . . . . . 7 Monona Grove 9 . . . .,.. 1 Edgerton 12 . . . .... 3 Stoughton 12 ' ' ' "" 0 Middleton Basketball Fort Opponents 19 ............. 39 Janesville Parker 26 ............. 37 Monona Grove 29 ....,........ 56 Stoughton 19 ............. 14- Edgerton 34- .........,... 29 Jefferson 26 ............. 4-9 Badger 16 ............. 52 Clinton 32 ........... 48 Middleton 19 ----------- 79 Sun Prairie ,age at S is Sie A , 5 .- . Far above right: Varsity basketball player Kris Fix- mer assists center Anne Rouse as she attempts to score. Right: ln the basketball game against Sun Prairie freshman janet Ketter goes high on a jump shot. 120 - Girls Sports Above: Basketball team, front row: A. Rouse, K. Carbon, N. Carlisle, K. Fixmer, S. Kutz, D. Ketter, B. Messmer, C. Rossing, K. Touton, V. Garrett. Row 2: M. Simpkin, I, Ludwig, Kari Ward, S. Sholtes, ,I Krause, J. Marquart, J. Foelker, E. Athas, H. Akright Row 3: C. Olson, P. Ziegler, L. Carpentier, G. Fixmer, S. Taylor, Kiki Ward, J. Ketter, W. Hartman, D Sholtes. Back row: Coach Hanson, A. Roethe, T Lasch, B. Wahl, T. Schaefer. Volleyball team The girls varsity volleyball team prog- ressed to a final season record of 7 victories and 3 defeats. Varsity reserves also had a successful season with 9 wins and a single loss. Coach Killian led the girls to a victory in the W.l.A.A. regionals and a second place in the Badger Conference. A mixture of seniors, juniors and sophomores, along with one freshman, composed the teams. Karla Hayes and Mimi Bienfang were valu- able players for the season. rates second in Badger standings This was the second year of interscholas- tic competition for the girls tennis team. The team increased both in size and experi- ence since last season. The girls ended their season with a successful record of 6 wins and 1 loss, making them Badger Conference co-champs with Monona Grove. The girls varsity basketball team ended the 1973-74 season with a disappointing record of 2 wins and 9 losses. With one less game, the J.V. team had a 2-8 final record. Far above: Tennis team, front row: L. Horton, H. Akright, W. Hartman, P. Punzel, D. Sholtes, V. Gar- rett, V. Godfrey, D. Gore, J. Ankomeus, Sue Jones. Back row: Coach Schultz, S. Church, K. Carbon, T. Koch, C. Maas, A. Schoofs, S. O'Brien, K. Summeril G. Griffin, I. Ludwig, L. Amacher, E. Athas. 1 Above: Volleyball team, front row: A. Rouse, S. Patrick, C. Akright, N. Jensen, D. Green. Row 2: S. Kutz, K. Fixmer, M. Bienfang, J. Sarnosky, D. Ketter, N. LaMuro, K. Hayes, L. Carpentier, Coach Killian. Back row: C. Revels, C. Schultz, T. Green, L. Roth- berger, C. Frandson, S. Allen, V. Jelinek. Leading scorers for the teams were Ann Rouse with 4-8 points and freshman Janet Ketter with 39 points. With the loss of only two seniors, Coach Hanson expected an experienced team for next season. Janet and Diane Ketter progressed to be outstanding performers of the season, along with Ann Roethe who was unable to complete the sea- son. Above: Sophomore volleyball player Sue Allen sets up the ball in the home match against Clinton. Volleyball Fort Opponents 2 ............... 1 Middleton 3 ............... 0 Edgerton 3 ............... 2 Whitewater 2 ............... 3 Stoughton 1 ............... 3 Badger 2 ............... 3 Clinton 3 ............... 0 Monona Grove 3 ............... 0 Cambridge 3 ............... 1 Elkhorn 3 ............... l Janesville Parker Girls Sports - 121 K 9 K li: Un cferclassmen Six sophomore girls net lettersg Pemper earns varsity grid letter Last August 12, Fort Fest talent contest judges awarded first place prizes to sopho- mores Jill Vail and Kari Abbott. They earned seventy-five dollars for their win- ning pantomime-dance routine. Sophomores Jill Vail, Ann Schoofs and Mike Hoffman approached the faculty in order to discuss the matter of open campus for sophomores. On November 21, Princi- pal Lepley explained the study hall pro- gram. Participants needed signatures from one parent, the attendance co-ordinator and Above right: Wrestling practice finds Lon Shermen and Ted Schuclke trying to perfect a new move. Right, front row: C. Bowen, S. Allen, L. Brown, .l. Ankomeus, B. Beech. Row 2: N. Baker, B. Bates, C. Akright, P. Bauer, L. Amacher. Row 3: K. Abbott, D. Ambrose, G. Bauer, S. Ament, D. Beahlen. Back row: B. Brom, S. Bulgrin, C. Birk, M. Bartz, M. Baker, D. Brandt. Below right: Involved with their studies, Judy Stam- nard, Lori Brown and Beth Bates attempt to answer each others Government questions. 124- - Sopliomores the assistant or head principal. Many sophomores merited athletic let- ters in fall activities. Cross countrymen Dan Riedy and Greg Bauer accepted one letter each while Ken Dahnert won his second consecutive letter. J.V. Football player Ernie Martinez and varsity player Kim Pemper bagged letters. For achievements in swimming, Deb Schneider acquired a letter. Award winners for girl's tennis and volley- ball were Sue Allen, Lisa Amacher, Kris Carbon, Tina Koch and Kris Summeril. Left, front row: K. Gebhardl, D. Foelker, M. Furley, L. Golinski. Row 2: K. Haubenschild, J. Heiser, J. Fischer, K. Fiedler, J. Frye. Row 3: L. Griggs, C. Frandson, L. Goulder, B. Foudray, J. Golich, R. Gess. Back row: J. Fay, G. Hedding, N. Floerke, A. Gar- verl, D. Gourley. Below left: Coral Parsons and Lynn Staude work to finish a Biology experiment in the allotted time. Below, front row: K. Falk, A, Elwood, K. Carbon, P, Congdon. Row 2: Rhonda Farnsworth, J. Canard, B. Choichois, L. Doolittle. Row 3: T. Erdman, A. Caley, Rodger Farnsworth, S. Deichl. Back row: D. Emmons, K. Dahnert, P. DeVetter, D. Christianson. Sophomores - 125 Pom-pom squad utlllzes talent of flV6 sophomores Above, front row: D. Jung, R. Johnson, D. Kibbe, D Hustad, M. Klotz. Row 2: J. Kluge, B. Hish, R. Hol bein, M. Hinich, S. Huttner. Row 3: N. Hinich, M Hoffman, L. Hoffman, V. Jelinek, L. Klug. Back row N. Jensen, B. Kirschmcyer, P. Kleifgen, B. Johnson P. Hruska, L. Junker. Right, front row: A. Kordatzky, J. Lendabarker, K Lanlz, C. Langer. Row 2: .J. Krause, S. Lewicki, K Lifzven, T. Koch. Row 3: J. Koehler, T. Lueder, J Lokken, V. Lemke, M. Lecdle. Back row: B. Leme- rand, J. Lonsdale, J. Kube, D. Lclcher. 126 - Sophomorcs Left: During a cross country meet Ken Dahnert does his utmost to improve his position in the race. Far below left: Karen Haubenschild displays her enthusiasm by participating in a pom-pom routine. gg m A-Q .5 Far above, front row: R. Mongue, D. Middelstadt, M. Nordeen, J. Magsamen. Row 2: B. Mepham, B. MoBain. C. Maas. S. Mepham. Row 3: T. Madson, E. Martinez, J. Mason, T. McCord. Back row: D. McNier, P. Mielke. A. Milheiser, J. Meyer. Above, front row: S. Pettegrew, S. Pilgrim, M. Paszko, D. Olson, C. Parsons. Row 2: J. Rader. S Pawlowski, C. Revels, S. Orton, E. O'Brien. Row 3 R. Rasmussen, C. Peterson, D. Riedy, J. Patefield, T Mikulich, T. Pinter. Back row: G. Lanoway. D Peterson, C. Redford, B. Rheineck, S. Mepham, D Kohl. Right: At character day judging, the sophomore class representative Ann Schoofs distributes numbers tell- ing the order of character appearances. Far below right: Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mike Hoffman, straightens his ascot as he prepares to fill the lead role of Sabina in the all-school play. Below right: Fortune teller Sue Breitsprecher attempts to predict the future of the audience. 128 - Sophomores Above, front row: L. Rothburger, K. Rasmussen, Schoenenburger, K. Rolfe. Row 2: J. Schaefer, Sauer, P. Schultz, D. Schneider, K. Roloff. Row 3: Schoofs, T. Scullin, C. Moon, J. Rostollan, Schuelke. Back row: M. Sobolik, L. Shermen, Roloff, M. Schuler, B. Schroeder. K J A T S. ,. 5 If fy ' w ' . afar.. . if . . 55 ' "fi' . si I -,Q -1. si-1.. L fi ,:.,.,,,f tr y, -tea.-. ..,, t V Q. it . of-A i f . .... f it.. f ' vi ' '... f' 9' ' S .esr .t..rr " K ,iff .fy fi J PQ" 1 . f .4 , 'iris ,. 1 awk. , -1. ff ' M . x .r.e , ' 1 ' , S. t f is -.'..,.e s rifle: ' , it S A ' - . .,,. il Q' l X 1. S--w jg :f, .A J., uw ,ff.ft: s.n..a3 J ' .. - n v.,.. 1 -.fig---f.7"5 -,.-' t zf1v:w:-fs2f- t ' 1 . . r fi 7 . "-. : 1fi15e' ill "'i law' 3 'Q ' A ' ' M ,,.i'ti ' f Sophomores open stud hall effective at quarter Far above, front row: J. Stannard, K. Streich, C. Tessman, C. Spalding, B. Thalacker. Row 2: J. Thayer, Michele Stackle, T. Stelse, L. Staude, C. Streich. Row 3: S. Stork, F. Thureson, Mike Stackle, H. Strand, J. Stroeh. Back row: T. Strom, K. Sum- meril, C. Tolsma, R. Stockfisch, S. Suchanek. Above, front row: J. Vail, J. Wirsch, R. Wenham, S. Wallace, S. Wentz. Row 2: Annette Wiesman, K. Woodward, J. Wolfram, R. Umland, K. Wollet, L. Zell. Row 3: L. Wollet, D. Vorlob, D. Wolfgram. P. Wisch, S. Wilson, V. Wendt. Back row: L. Wiese, Allen Wiesman, B. Weisensel, B. Vaughn, R. Wendorf, W. Wilson. Right: Scott Carson seeks assistance with finding cor- rect size and style of his class ring before placing his order with Mr. Ollseary. Below, front row: J. Bleiler, D. Arndt, L. Austin, M. Agaton. Row 2: J. Baker, C. Arnold, P. Ackman, M. Blomgren. Row 3: M. Ament, J. Bauer, J. Anderson, S. Bowen. Back row: J. Bartz, R. Beckman, D. Bickle, B. Beaver. we-....., Above, front row: D. Buchholtz, B. Canard, D. Brandt, S. Cooley, K. Brooks. Row 2: C. Collins, B. Bullock, J. Christian, K. Cox, N. Carlisle. Row 3: W. Carnes, K. Coonen, B. Cheek, S. Carson, B, Brown, B. Cossio. Back row: J, Chadwick, R. Burnette, J. Bur- row, W. Clark, L. Brant. Right: Varsity volleyball team member Randy Jacob- son scores for the Badger Conference champions. w-...Mar 'EVM-V a Simpkin family greets foreign exchange student t ff W .. J,1j'2gfjf5Q5'3i I f 1 f.'+E'3g"' ' 3 f . . . ,. L N .. 411 ""'v'iv4-'41, 4 . . ,.wa.'.t a' Y ' ft. 5 ,LQQA-fa k I H s f"" xx I!'g'4Q arab: , . ' 1 Va .93 '53 ' an Q at if F' y 2 1 x . , .- . 3. . k f 4 'J-i rJeV'o?5:'- :fa " ,V " f y ff' -3,3 ,3',fQ:Q',' xy, ,, 1 f , vu w Ogg 54 4.0 if, . j . 5212 Hffgxjdfg t?'i"' J as 44 Wm ffl., Q10 ..' 'ox . so J ',L' 4 OOO 'QQ Q . ' . wtf-offs 5 -OO' It Casa: , ' -0001 -M, ooo 0-4,0 .f M . Aae4wLv.4 5006 P55 ,Op 4 00w9tfw. -0.0, .C-Oli f 4 n"Q'q9 .f i ...Q li-Q' i , ,B P ,V gyw-,Pe 'few' . ' .oe J " I f5"'ff51V aww gl j.',d,s.Q vi , ,,,... f,f" ' W3 if nw' i 125.1 -,, 4 4 . - ', Q, ' - 'e 4' .f .gi t vw. ',' I ' U9 yi' . ,Y V I 4" Qmarimf .. if . ., y g eQ i Jw X 4 s .1 . fever?" . vw , , ' ' . ' A.,, 5939 K. ,, J , ,.,,. . ,W . 2 Ig, . X 'Z i ' M at Q., W f - '- . .,.....Q nh, . , . 3,0-Q. f Above left, front row: N. Erdman, L. Dahnert, M. Foelker, L. Dennis, C. Forsberg. Row 2: D. Fiedler, B. DeWitt, S. Doolittle, L. Fox, D. Cushman. Row 3: K. Dillin, Dan Foltz, Don Foltz, K. Fixmer, L. Emer- ick, E. Eastlick. Back row: M. Deets, D. Cross, R. Derus, T. Dahnert, M. Ferrell. Above: Batter Dale Wells takes his batting position at a non-conference baseball game against Milton. Left, from row: S. Goddard, L. Goodman, K. Han- deyside, K. Garrett. Row 2: A. Hartman, G. Griffin, K. Griffin, C. Hartman, G. Golich. Row 3: D. Fronk, B. Gaher, C. Harman, M. Frentzel, R. Gross. Back row: S. Hammer, T. Godfrey, T. Friedel, R. Gess, D. Griffin. .luniors - 131 Diane Ketter captains JV squadg Deb Buchholtz cheers on varsity At the annual Miss Fort Fest competition the judges voted junior Cindy Knaack to the queenls court as first runner up. Juniors showed enthusiasm as they won the golden paint brush in the sign painting contest by decorating second floor with crepe paper, cornstalks and posters. Junior class members chose Nancy Yoder as their Homecoming representative. Last spring girls tried out for the cheer- leading and pom-pom squads. Deb Buch- holtz won a spot as the only junior on the varsity football and basketball cheering squads. Nancy LaMuro backed the wres- tlers, and the junior varsity squad voted Diane Ketter captain. The pom-pom squad consisted of eight girls from the junior class, four returning for their second year. Above, front row: R. Hetts, D. Holl, J. Hevey, S. Hish, L. Horton. Row 2: C. Hummel, K. Heitz, S. Hinz, H. Healy. J. Hollenheck, S. Heiman. Row 3: R. Humphrey, B. Haukom, B. Huber, D. Hill, C. Hol- linger. Back row: D. Hollenbeck, J. Heiser, R. Garth- wait, B. Hutchins, S. Haubenschild. Right, front row: K. Jelinek, C. Kluge, J. Koch, S. Koehler. Row 2: C. Klement, D. Keller, J. Krause, W. Janke. Row 3: C. Knaack, R. Knoflicek, D. Krause, J. Kammer, J. Kjellcnberg. Back row: D. Kuntz, R. Kriedeman, B. Kraus, R. Jacobson, J. Janke. 132 - Juniors egrafh' fag! We X ' A , -'Q-few-2 .rwag vt 3 , " Mr- , 5, . . '-'-' ,,,, ,.e11-iv-1 -Q Zim -J-. ' ' - ,, . . --,- - -.N . g- 'f Left: While square dancing in physical education classes, juniors demonstrate a left-hand star. Below, front row: D. Lewis, N. LaMuro, B. Kutz, J. Leighton. Row 2: I. Ludwig, J. Louis, L. Landowski, J. Marquart, A. Lang. Row 3: G. Kutz, K. Marshall, D. Lasch, S. Kutz, K. Larson. Back row: M. Mar- quart, R. Lindl, M. Mack, B. Macwilliams, D. Kutz. Below left: In the musical, Deb Buchholtz portrays Jean dreaming of her wedding day. Far below, front row: L. Meyers, M. Mode, B. Mess- mer, P. Schultz, K. O'Donnell. Row 2: P. Morgan, L. Milheiser, S. Neihus, J. Peterson, C. Meyer. Row 3: J. Morois, R. Milleson, D. Patefield, Scott Peterson, S. Miller. Back row: E. Mueck, M. Peterson, P. McNamee, D. McCabe, Steve Peterson. Right, front row: D. Wollin, L. Wenham, N. Yoder, R. Weggeman, N. Whitmore. Row 2: K. Ward, D. Zel- ton, S. Yonash, B. Turner, D. Werner. Row 3: J. Waga, M. Wileman, J. Wollet, J. Voss, S. Wilde. Back row: D. Wells, R. Wachuta, D. Wisch, J. Zweifel, T. Wolfram. Below, front row: D. Schultz, Chris C. Schroeder, K. Touton, S. Sholtes, J. Tekeley, Chris A. Schroeder. Row 2: D. Schoeller, D. Stockfisch, J. Stroeh, L. Steinke, M. Simpkin. S. Sherrett. Row 3: D. Smith- back, L. Seybold, T. Smith, R. Spalding, C. Streich, N. Steinke. Back row: J. Sykes, B. Shuman, J. Schultz, E. Shipley, S. Schroeder, R. Sprague. mm. 134- - Juniors Class of 7 posts largest enrollment in FHS histor Above left, front row: S. Poeppel, S. Schink, L. Rid- dell, S. Schmitt, B. Rohloff. Row 2: S. Rader, C. Schimming, L. Rothberger, C. Rossing, M. Riggs, C. Riedel. Row 3: Lori Randall, Louise Randall, D. Pol- zin, K. Pfafflin, A. Roehe, H. Rawding. Back row: R. Ratcliff, R. Raasch, T. Schemm, A. Rouse, W. Ram- sey, R. Petrie. Above: Jeff lanke and Ann Roehe attend a student council meeting concerning the smoking issue. Far left: Varsity guard Roger Lindl contemplates his next moves against an opposing team member. Left: Back stage, Barb Canard becomes one of the Muse sisters for her part in the all-school play. Juniors - 135 , sf M Q mmm! -515345 if ,Me u if ,V , . v . oi V QM. 'fu Ah ,, W 2, EZ A 2 Mfg 2 QL-,ilxzvf i +14 10 ,, - W' Q W Q' of ,gf V af 4' we 'P W . , - X i' M .Q'..,, - . V . I N 'Q 0 . " 44,2 4 4... .,.N. w ,Q 'f M? if sm , May 1921 marks first Rock Dayg seniors annually Since the first Rock Day Ceremony, the senior class president hands over the duty of caring for the rock and the tree to the new senior class president, to see that the rock will not be damaged. The rock symbolizes all the students of FHS who have fought and died for their country. The maple tree planted beside the rock became a symbol of everyone involved in the wars. Terry Beck's family donated the fence assume custod that is around the rock and tree, Mrs. George Dailey donated the flagpole in mem- ory of her husband who died in Vietnam. George Dailey was also Co-captain of his 1957 football team, and Mrs. Smith donated the flagpole light in memory of her son. Last year Deb Nowodzelski turned over the responsibilities of the rock and tree to the next senior class president, Bill Garth- wait and the class of '74-. Ray Abbott Linda Abell l38 - Seniors v Above: Senior class officers: Pres. Bill Carthwait, Sec. Pat Schroeder, and V. Pres. Scott Klug watch stu- dents enjoying their free hours. Above right: At the annual Rock Day Ceremony DAR member Louise Converse places a wreath. Right: ,lane Kube shows perfect form as the Fort band marches in the Gemiitlichkeit Day Parade. John Adams Dixie Allen Scott Angus QS, .W,,Q. an nnn o 5 X.,-ww Debra Armstrong Pamila Ault Mike Babcock Patricia Baker Robert Baker Douglas Batien Seniors - 139 Andrew Bauer Brenda Blood Nanetle Buckingham Vi r,' K B . , 36 i . B ,K . B 3533 , -- :xg . - 1 1, .r.r QF. is '." -.iff V' '.rrrn' l ff F3 ' 2 If-Q rrr -' B t B . ' 42 "" 6 We 1, we - gif , Q' M- h K, ls NX., 'tiff Vicki Butler 140 - Seniors Marie Bienfang Debra Blasing James Borchardt Mary Breitsprecher Betty Burlingame Robert Burnette W-0+ Qs: AQ Katherine Carpentier Donald Cartwright we l fa x Class of '74 elects Kim Summeril as class chairman , .T Iggy, A423 m"?-41 4 gf . im-5 115:-2 3 f 'rffzdriiw 57712 if I I N Above left: Doug Batien sets up the volleyball, enabling his team to score ata conference home game. Left: Phil Jackson and Mike Babcock, school board members, discuss issues at a Student Council meeting. Brian Cary Kelly Chadwick Becky Chiochios Sue Church Vicki Ciaglo Mike Coffey Sandy Czech Dave Dahnert Dean Dahnerl Cheryl Dailey Cindy Davis Patty Davis Seniors - l4l Sophomores work for recognition in athletic, dramatic pursuits Each year classes elect one lucky girl to represent them on Homecoming Court. As sophomores, the class of ,74 elected Mari- lyn Rusch to be their representative. Kathy Carpentier was the only sophomore who won a lead in the all school play, "Jane Eyre." She played the part of Leah. Sophomore boys participated in a variety of varsity sports and some obtained more than one letter. Five received letters in cross country. Among them were Bill Dex- heimer, Gregg Petersen, Scott Reich, Steve Zelten and Steve Larsen, who also got a let- ter in his freshman year. Elvin Jacobson earned letters in both volleyball and basket- ball, and Scott Angus received a letter in basketball. Scott Reich and Mike Babcock lettered in swimming. Scott Klug, Doug Merriman, Gregg Petersen, and Steve Zel- ten earned their letters in wrestling. .lohn Dennis .lean Desjarlais William Dexheimer lrhan Dilmy Cathleen Donohue 14-2 - Seniors Above right: Senior runner Phil Jackson struggles to place high in the standings at a local meet. Right: Senior Ray Abbott finds time to relax in the athletic lounge during his free time. df' 3 .L ig , . J N 4 It Dennis Draeger Carole Dunsmoor Don Ebbert Sally Eisenhrand! Christine Ellis w,,. s.Wlrm an 1 H wins Q ,l'- Yi - -is xi . '-- 34 ffilriq Michael Fischer Katherine Fixmer James Foelker Janis Foelker Craig Forsberg Paul Cac .lohn Gang Russell Ganzow Vicki Garrett Seniors - 14-3 William Garthwait Eileen Gess Frank Goodale vip S Xi L.. Debra Core Deborah Green James Griffin Eric Gudenschwager Above right: AFS student Irhan Dilmy takes a few minutes to view his new school surroundings. Right: Cross country runner Steve Zelten dodges a flag in an attempt to stay on course at the Mounds. 144- - Seniors l ophomore Mimi Bienfang attains varsity ranking Ha V x E Deborah Hartwig Laurie Haubenschild Karla Hayes Donna Hayes Maureen Hedding Patricia Heine Lama Donald Heinz Walter Heinz Teresa Hersliman H Mike Hacht Lisa Hagedorn Ronald Hagen Kristine Hansen Seniors - 145 Prom, post prom find new localesg Over two hundred attend events The junior year of the class of ,74 brought all kinds of excitement. The year started when Laurie Haubenschild became Captain and president of the pom-pom squad. The '73 wrestling cheerleading squad consisted completely of juniors. They were Lori Luebke, Vicki Ciaglo, Shan- non O'Brien, and Sandy Punzel. Phil Schoofs and Kathy Carpentier held leads in the all-school play, "Flowers for Algernon," and other class members worked on behind stage crews. ln the musi- cal i'Brigadoon," Luke Russell portrayed J eff, a main character. Student representative on the Board of Education, Phil Jackson, worked to free sophomores from the closed study halls. He succeeded, and the halls became open to the entire student body. There was a new location for the junior prom and post prom. They took place at the Municipal Building and the U.B.C. Church with Sue VanderMause and Luke Russell reigning as queen and king. Lori Heth Mathew Hobe Jeffrey Hoffman Steven Holston Marie Hulbert Mary Sue Humphrey 146 - Seniors .X . ' . Wg 'k.. Rv ' ff- rl. V . . W .J X.. MTW X P TTgr:l3ia as MET K T Nlsmm Q Y A by M ,, W e i i Scott Klug by 1. Above, far left: Vicki Garrett spends spare time scor- ing for Fort Atkinson girls' swim team meets. Below, far left: Tchogeerrah editor-in-chief Lisa Lueder discusses the duties of staff members. Sally Huttner Philip Jackson Elvin Jacobson Kay Jensen Anthony Johann Peggy Johnson Brian Jones Daniel Jones James Kelly Cheryl Kenders David Ketter Kathryn Kleifgen Seniors - 14-7 Kurt Knoll Linda Koch I V x Laurie Kochendorfer Linda Komes Bradley Krahn Debra Kraus Elizabeth Kriedeman Gregg Kruck Jane Kube Timothy Kunkel JoAnn Kulz 148 - Seniors gi P w N 4 WIIWZSS? - fy x'f- : :N .. iw We ,Q M eeee 'eee 1 1--f ,.'. fffffll i ..g -.L. .L . ' li . fm in Luke Russell takes dramatic role in "Brigadoon" Above, far left: Rehearsing for the play "Brigadoon," Luke Russell protraying Jeff, listens as Meg sings. Far left: Rehearsals for the all school play, "Skin of Our Teeth," find Phil Schools attempting to perfect the character of George Antrobus. Left: Marla Lanoway and Kathy Carpentier discuss an assignment given during a previous class period. Noreen Kutz Marla Lanoway Steven Larsen Michael Leikness Brenda Leiske Nancy Lemerand Daniel Lemke Steven Lemke Seniors - 149 Michael Lenz Sandra Lonsdale Terri Lucht Lori Luebke Lisa Lueder Roberta Maas Susan Martin Diane Mayer Dennis McKinney Above, far right: F Club member Bill Dexheimer stands at attention during first hour band rehearsal. Above right: Football manager, Eric Gudenschwager raises the American flag during a pre-game. Right: Fort Fest royalty Gail Mepham and Lynda Strom greet viewers during the Fort Fest parade. 150 - Seniors Susan McNeil Committee selects L nda trom for Fort Fest court Paul Merkt Doug Merriman N of 1 ,,.. Duwayne Metzker Robert Miller Paul Mittelstadt Keith Morse X 1 tri N . lx ,1- H .. . .xt-1: X -. ' f3'1:"::i.1: - L f - ' ., . teee 9 ' N 1 r e sf! N t e,,- ' .gf as V Irene Nelson Sarah Norton Kathy Novak Pamela Nowakowski Linda Oathout Seniors - 151 Seniors attend summer workshops, explore journalism, photograph During the summer many seniors pur- sued special interests by attending scholar- ship funded camps, clinics and workshops. Lisa Lueder attended a two-week yearbook journalism workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where she learned about new ideas, techniques and design. While there, the students attending created a sample yearbook as a project. For new ideas in creativity, Jan F oelker and Sherri Patrick attended an art work- shop at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. They worked on various skills to improve their techniques in painting. Keith Morse traveled to Whitewater to attend a weeklong newspaper clinic spon- sored by the Whitewater University. Shannon O'Brien Bobbie Olson Eric 015011 Judith OISUH David Owens Russell Patefield Sheri Patrick Gregg PCICFSBH Janice Peterson Theresa Plue 152 - Seniors Y QS Robin Prabst Sandra Punzel David Ratcliff Scott Reich Cynthia Revels David Rohde J'-3 -.. 1- -A 'W bv kv Viv: infill Robert Reich Mark Rolfe ' 1-5 "1-5 L7 te. 1 "1,: I Far above, left: Blackhawk Band colorguard mem- bers ,lean Desjarlais and Sue Church march attentively in the Jefferson Gemiitlichkeit Day Parade. Left: A look of irritation appears on Mary Sue Hum- phrey's face as she has her ears tested. Above: Sue Church dons a plaster body cast for an art display for the schoolis art show. Seniors - 153 Mike Root Debra Rossing S .. .. , m-m. - - L L l SE i -ll MFE: x K K E I - 1 1 K' .1-2. - E A., fi iff' ..,, .. , ZR M ,ir K Janis Rostollan William Rouse Sandra Rue Marilyn Rusch Luther Russell Jeanne Sarnosky - Seniors Several FHS students request mid-year graduation Janice Satterlee .lohn Schaefer Kathleen Scherwitz Phillip Schoofs Randall Schreiner Patricia Schroeder Sandra Schroeder X lNs't's-My "'w... , Susan Schroeder Above, far left: Rainbow Worthy Adviser, Sally Eisenbrandt, receives the mascot and a kiss from Randy Chaney. Far left: Art student ,lim Kelly adds final touches to his pot before the glaze is ready to be applied. Left: A look of amazement appears on ,lan Foelker's face as she sees thc first copy of the "Signal" claim- ing her queen over Homecoming festivities. Cindy Schoenenberger Seniors - 155 Rodney Schuette Connie Schultz Dixie Schultz Sandra Schultz Daniel Scullin Debra Seavert Diane Shanahan Timothy Shekey Wendy Sleaver Beverly Smith Bonnie Stedman Jeanine Stewart 156 - Seniors Gail Smedal Linda Stewart 99 Schoofs, Teed attain leads in "Skin of Our Teeth Kurt Stinebrink Jill Trieloff Kay Udey 425' Lynda Strom Richard Suchanek Kim Summeril Patricia Tecd Laurene Thureson Gregory Tolen Barbara Toulon LaVerne Turner Samuel Tyler Above, far left: Manager of the football team, Ric Suchanek shows school spirit by wearing his FA hat, Left: 1973-74 "Signal" editors Mary Hoehne and Keith Morse receive a first place rating in class B at a newspaper conference in Whitewater. Seniors - 157 J une 2 marks senior graduationg sophs, juniors return for exams Right: Seniors Diane Mayer and Linda Stewart deco- rate balloons for the Homecoming sign painting con- test. Above, far right: Deb Armstrong attempts to argue a point brought up by one of her classmates. Flu' right: Dan Wentz takes careful aim before he strikes the pifiata as the Spanish classes prepare to cel- ebrate Christmas, Mexican style. ' iiir , -L iiii' ' ' - t 11.3, 'E ess M I 'V S' i K ,':. a W of Susan VanderMause Michael Vogel Lori Weber Vicki Wcndlandt Christine Wenham Daniel Wemz 158 - Seniors Brad Weckler Joyce Widish .lim Weiss Michael Wilde 'J' 54 4 V " r F fa is f 1+ W I it ? so .3983 H 9 . 1 es R e 51 .M.,whQn.. Connie Yandry Terrance Yonash William Yonker Russell Zeh Norbert Zelten Ellen Zemel Seniors Not Pictured Mark Babcock Jeffrey Bashaw Richard Bauer Randall Bleiler Peter Foelker Darwyn Haser Sandra Kutz Ronald Lendbarker Michael Northey Mary Jo Schinek .loel Stutz Daniel Sullivan Jeff Welters Robert Wilson Seniors 160 - Senior Awards Above: Badger Boys' Slate, front row: B. Dex- heimer, L. Russell, J. Weiss, Alt. Back row: D. Dah- nert, Alt., E. Jacobson, P. Schoofs. Right: DAR Award winner Mimi Bienfang spends her nights after school perfecting varsity cheers. gg 5 1? legion auxiliary sends three to Badger Girls' State "' N .X,.., .N.. ttt: .,,., . , . X ' Jra X39 gmtii' Q' -L15 K c eg r e We t WE was 4 its .- if is Q If We Each year the "Signal" Staff presents a board of teachers with the names of five seniors. From this list the board picks one student on the basis of his leadership, integ- rity and personal characteristics. Kim Sum- meril received the Student of the Year award for 1974. Senior Jean Desjarlais became eligible to go on into national competition after she became the finalist in the local Betty Crocker Scholarship Award Test. The senior class nominated three girls from their class for the DAR Award. The faculty then chose one girl .from the three. The Daughters of the Amerlcan Revolution this year gave Mimi Bienfang the Good Citi- zenship Award. To earn this award, Mimi . had to show outstanding leadership, service . and patrlotlsml I Far above: Badger Girls' State alternate Maureen Hedding tunes her cello for her first hour class. Above: Badger Girls' State: L. Strom, K. Hayes, Alt., K. Scherwitz, M. Bienfang, V. Ciaglo, Alt. Senior Awards - 161 Bienfang cops DAR awardg Summeril merits Student of Year Above: Third place county oratorical contest winner Bonnie Stedman portrays the rabbit in the children's play "Alice in Wonderland." Above right: Student of the Year Kim Summeril packs his trombone away after first hour band. Right: Dairy Queen worker, ,lean Desjarlais scores highest on the Betty Crocker Scholarship Test. Q X,,ig.w.Q.iWQM.x1w-Meg4I - , , , w i' "ie-hr-wxs: 'N 'V ' 5:4 162 - Senior Awards Senior volleyball players take a short break from their practice to take part in a birthday party. Senior Summaries Ray Abbott: AFS 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball, Intramurals 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3. Linda Abell: French Club 3. John Adams: Band 1, 2, Basketball, Intra- murals 1, 2, Football 2, 3, Musical Crew 1, Pep Band 2, Track 1, Wrestling 1. 2. Dixie Allen: Girls Chorale 3. Scott Angus: Baseball 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, "Signal" Staff 2, 3, Track 2. Deb Armstrong: Homecoming Court 3, Pep Club 1. Pam Ault. Mike Babcock: Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 3, F- Club 1, 2, 3, Musical 2, Orchestra 2, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, School Board 3, Stage Band 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3. Pat Baker: AFS 1, Art League 3, FHA 2, 3, Treas. 3, French Club 3, Spanish Club 1. Robert Baker: FFA 1, 2, 3. Jeff Bashaw. Douglas Batien: Baseball 1, Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, F-Club 3, Tennis 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Andy Bauer: All-School Play Crew 1, AV Club 1, Conservation Club 2, F-Club 3, Football 2, Swimming 1, Track 1, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Weight-Lifters 2, 3. Richard Bauer: Basketball, Intramurals 2, Volleyball 2. Mimi Bienfang: Badger Girls' State 2, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3, DAR 3, NHS 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 3, Redskins 3, Student Council 2, 3, Treas. 2, V. Pres. 3, Tennis 1, Volleyball 2, 3. Debra Blasing. Randy Bleiler. Brenda Blood: AFS 1, Latin Club 2, 3. Jim Borchardt: All-School Play Crew 3, AV Club 1, 2, Sec., Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Choir 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, F-Club 3, Follies 3, Key Club 1, 2, Men's Quartet 2, 3, Musi- cal 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Orchestra 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Thespians 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Nanette Buckingham: Art League 2, FFA 3, FHA 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Ski Club 3. Betty Burlingame: Transfer Student 1972, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Scott Burnette: All-School Play 2, Base- ball 1, F-Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Musical Crew 1, 2, Wrestling 2, 3. Vicki Butler: Basketball 1, Choir 1, 2, Photo Club 1, 2, "Signal" Staff 1, 2, Stu- dent Council 3, Tchogeerrah Staff 1, 2. Kathy Carpentier: AFS 2, All-School Play 1, 2, All-School Play Crew 1, 3, Art League 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Masque 81 Gavel 1, 2, Musical 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Tchogeerrah Staff 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Treas. 3, Trees for Tomorrow 3. Donald Cartwright: FFA 1, 2, 3. Brian Cary: Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Swimming 1, Track 1, Volleyball 2. Kelly Chadwick: Baseball 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, F-Club 3, Treas. 3, Key Club 3, Musi- cal 1, 2, Orchestra 2, 3. Becky Choichoisz Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 2, 3, Swim- ming 1. Sue Church: Transfer Student 1972, Janesville, Wis., Choir 3, Color Guard 3, Musical 2, Prom Court 2, Ski Club 3, Ten- nis 2, 3. Vicki Ciaglo: AFS 1, 2, All-School Play 2, All-School Play Crew 2, Badger Girls 2, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Capt. 2, Conservation Club 1, Choir 1, 2, 3, Color Guard 1, Fol- lies 3, Masque Sl Gavel 1, 2, Musical 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Redskins 1, 2, 3, Redskin Formal co-chairman 3, Ski Club 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Tchogeer- rah Staff 1, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 3, Teen Talk 3, Thespians 2, 3, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1, 2, Triple Trio 1, 3. Mike Coffey. Sandra Czech: Band 1, 2, 3, Musical 1, Pep Band 1, 2, 3. David Dahnert: FFA 1, 2, 3, Sentinel 3. Dean Dahnert: AV Club 2, V. Pres. 2, Badger Boys' State 2, Key Club 3, Student Council 3. Cheryl Dailey: Conservation Club 1, FFA 2, 3, Reporter, Musical Crew 1, Ski Club 3, Tchogeerrah 1, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Volleyball 1. Marcia Dailey. Cynthia Davis: All-School Play Crew 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, Girls Chorale 1, 2, 3, Triple Trio 1, 2. Patti Davis: Art League 3. John Dennis: F-Club 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3, Track 3. Jean Desjarlais: All-School Play 2, Cheer- leading 3, Color Guard 3, Follies 3, Musical 1, Pom-pom 1, 2, Student Council 1. Bill Dexheimer: Badger Boys' State 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Track 1, Trees for Tomorrow 1, "Who Senior Summaries - 163 Knows?" 3. Cathleen Donohue: Band 1, 2, 3, Flag- line 1, 2, 3, Sergeant, Latin Club 1, Pres, Musical 1, Musical Crew 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, Triple Trio 2, 3. Dennis Draeger: F-Club 2, 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, V. Pres., Football 1, 2, 3. Carole Dunsmoor: Art League 2, Girls Chorale 2, 3. Ronald Diels. Irham Dilmy: AFS Student 3, Follies 3. Donald Ebbert. Sally Eisenbrandt: AFS 1, 2, 3, All- School Play Crew 1, 2, Choir 2, 3, Follies 3, Forensics 2, 3, Masque 81 Gavel 1, 2, Musi- cal 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, NHS 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Trees for Tomorrow 2, Tri- ple Trio 2, 3. Chris Ellis: Musical 1, Orchestra 1. Mike Fischer: Basketball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, Football 1, Track 1. Kathi Fixmer: All-School Play Crew 1, 2, Choir 3, French Club 2, 3, Masque 81 Gavel 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, Pep Club 1, Swim- ming 1, 2, 3, Trees for Tomorrow 2, Volley- ball 1, 2. Jan Foelker: Art League 3, Basketball 3, Homecoming Queen 3, Student Council 2, 3, Tchogeerrah 2, 3. Jim Foelker: Basketball, lntramurals 3, Football 1, Key Club 2, 3, Sec. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. Pete Foelker: Basketball, lntramurals 2, Latin Club 1, Student Council 1. Craig Forsberg: Basketball, lntramurals 2, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3. Paul Gac. John Gang: AV Club 1, Photo Club 3. Russell Ganzow. Vicki Garrett: Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Flagline 1, 2, Musical 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Track 3, Volleyball 1. Bill Garthwait: Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Class Pres. 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3. Eileen Gess. Frank Goodale: Baseball 3, Basketball, lntramurals 2, 3, Football 1, 2, Photo Club 2. 'Deb core: All-School Play 2, choir 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Masque 81 Gavel 2, Musi- cal 2, Pep Club 1, Redskins 1, Student 164 - Senior Summari Council 2, Tennis 3. Deborah Green. James Griffin. Eric Gudenschwager: Art League 2, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, Basketball, lntramurals 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Track 1, 2, 3. Michael Hacht: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball, lntramurals 2, F-Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2. Lisa Hagedorn: Tchogeerrah Staff 2. Ron Hagen: Band 1, 2, 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, Sentinel 2, Sec. 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1. Kris Hansen: French Club 2, 3, Swim- ming 1. Deb Hartwig: Art League 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Flagline 1, Volleyball 3. Laurie Haubenschild: Pom-pom 1, 2, Capt. 2. Karla Hayes: Badger Girls' State 2, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Volleyball 2, 3. Donna Hayes. Maureen Hedding: All-School Play Crew 1, 2, Badger Girls' State 2, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Musical Crew 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Patricia Heine. Donald Heinz. Walt Heinz: Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 3. Teresa Hershman. Lori Heth: Band 1, 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, Flagline 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Band 1, 3, Redskins 1, 2, 3, Redskin Formal co-chair- man 3, Spanish Club 1, Stage Band 3, Stu- dent Council 1. Matt Hobez Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball, lntramurals 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, F- Club 2, 3, Key Club 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Pres. 2, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, "Signal" Staff 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 2, Student Council 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1. Jeff Hoffman: Football 3. Steve Holston: Band 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, 2, Basketball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, F-Club 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3. Marie Hulbert: Volleyball 1. Mary Sue Humphrey: Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, French Club 3, Pres. 3, Orchestra 1, 3, Pep Band 1, Prom Court 2, Redskins 2, Swimming 1, 2, Track 1, Triple Trio 3. Sally Huttner: FFA 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1. Above: Senior Dennis Draeger struggles through eco- nomics during his studyhall in the commons. Philip Jackson: Basketball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Co-Capt. 3, F- Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, NHS 2, 3, School Board 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3. Elvin Jacobson: Badger Boys' State 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Kay Jensen: Art League 1, French Club 2. Anthony JoHann: Chess Club 1, 2. Peggy Johnson. Brian Jones: All-School Play 2, Basket- ball 1, Basketball, lntramurals 2, 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Musical 1, Photo Club 1, "Signal" Staff 2, 3, Thespi- ans 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Daniel Jones. James Kelly. Cheryl Kenders. David Ketter: Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 3, Basketball, lntramurals 2, Conservation Club 1, F-Club 2, 3, Key Club 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Kay Kleifgen: French Club 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Band 1. Scott Klug: Class V. Pres. 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, V. Pres, Student Council 2, 3, Track 1, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 3. Kurt Knoll: Basketball 1, Basketball, Intramurals 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Tennis 2, Track 1, Weight-Lifters 2, 3. Linda Koch: Girls Chorale 1, 2. Laurie Kochendorfer. Linda Komes: Art League 2, 3, Cheer- leading 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Redskins 1, 2, "Signal" Staff 3, Student Council 3. Bradley Krahn: Chess Club 2, 3, Ski Club 3. Deb Kraus: FHA 1, 2, Pres. 2. Elizabeth Kriedeman: All-School Play 3, All-School Play Crew 3, Musical 1, 2, Musi- cal Crew 2. Gregg Kruck. Jane Kube: Band 1, 2, 3, FFA 3, FHA 2, Treas. 2, Flagline 3, Pep Band 1, 2, Trees for Tomorrow 3. Timothy Kunkel. Joann Kutz. Noreen Kutz: French Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, Redskins 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3. Sandra Kutz. Marla Lanoway. Steve Larsen: Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Musi- cal Crew 2, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Student Council 1, Track 1, 2, 3. Mike Leikness: Art League 1, 3, Key Club 3, Photo Club 1, Ski Club 3, Tcho- geerrah Staff 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1. Brenda Leiske. Nancy Lemerand: Choir 1, 2, 3, Girls Chorale 1, 2, 3. Steve Lemke: FFA 1, 2, 3. Michael Lenz. Sandy Lonsdale: Choir 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Tennis 1. Teresa Lucht: Flagline 2, Swimming 1, 2. Lori Luebke: All-School Play Crew 1, Cheerleading 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Color Guard 2, Flagline 1, Musical 2, Musical Crew 1, Prom Court 2, Student Council 3. Lisa Lueder: All-School Play Crew 2, Art League 2, Color Guard 2, 3, Follies 3, Mas- que SZ Gavel 2, Musical Crew 1, NHS 1, 2, 3, Prom Court 2, Redskins 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Sec. 3, Redskin Formal co-chairman 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Tchogeerrah Staff 2, 3, ed. 3, Teen Talk 3, Thespians 3. Roberta Maas. Richard Martin. Susan Martin: French Club 2, Pep Club 1. Diane Mayer: All-School Play Crew 2, Pom-pom 1, Tchogeerrah Staff 2. Dennis McKinney. Susan McNeil. Paul Merkt: AFS 3, Key Club 3. Doug Merriman: Band 1, Basketball, Intramurals 1, Cross Country 1, 2, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Musical Crew 2, Photo Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Swimming 2, Track 1, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Wrestling 1. Daniel Lemke: Transfer Student 1973 from Lakeside Lutheran, Choir 3. DuWayne Metzker. Paul Mittelstadt: AV Club 1, 2, 3. Keith Morse: All-School Play 1, Choir 3, Musical 1, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, "Signal', Staff 2, 3, ed. 3. Debra Murray. Michael Northey. Sarah Norton. Kathy Novak: Art League 2. Pam Nowakowski. Linda Oathout: Art League 3, Choir 3, Follies 3, Girls Chorale 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Thespians 3, Triple Trio 1, Volleyball 3. Shannon 0'Brien: Cheerleading 1, 2, Choir 3, Color Guard 1, 2, 3, Sergeant 3, Follies 3, Homecoming Court 3, Musical 1, Pep Club 1, Redskins 1, Ski Club 3, Stu- dent Council 3, Tennis 3, Track 2, 3. Eric Olson: Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3, Pres. 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Weight-Lifters 1, 2, "Who Knows?" 3, Capt. 3. Judy Olson: Color Guard 2, 3, Musical Crew 1, Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 1. Roberta Olson: All-School Play Crew 1. David Rohde: FFA 1, 2. Mark Rolfe. Mike Root: All-School Play Crew 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, Basketball, Intra- murals 1, 2, Choir 2, 3, Follies 3, Golf 3, Key Club 3, Musical 1, 2, Orchestra 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 2, 3, Thespi- ans 2, 3. Debra Rossing. Jan Rostollan: French Club 3. Chris Rouse. Sandy Rue. Marilyn Busch: Homecoming Court 1. Luke Russell: All-School Play 2, 3, All- School Play Crew 2, 3, Badger Boys, State 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, V. Pres. 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Musical 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Thespians 2, 3, Scribe 3. Keith Sake. Jeanne Sarnosky: Transfer student 1972, Rockland, Mass. Art League 2, 3, Badmin- ton 3, Choir 3, Follies 3, Homecoming Court 2, Musical Crew 2, Ski Club 3, Thes- pians 3, Track 3, Volleyball 3. Janice Saterlee. John Schaefer: Basketball 2, 3, Basket- ball, Intramurals 1, Chess Club 1, Key Club 2, "Signal', Staff 2, 3, Historian 3, Track 1, 2, 3. Russell Patefield: Band 1, 2, F-Club 3, Footballl, 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, Swimming 1, 2, Weight-Lifters 2, 3. Sheri Patrick: Art League 3, Basketball 2, Choir 3, Girls Chorale 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pep Club 3, Track 2, Triple Trio 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Gregg Petersen: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, F- Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3, Student Council 2, Track 1, 2, Weight-Lifters 1, 2, "Who Knows?" 3, Wrestling 1, 2. Janice Peterson: Conservation Club 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, Trees for Tomorrow 2. Theresa Plue. Robin Prabst: An League 3, Cheerlead- ing 1, Spanish Club 1. Sandi Punzel: AFS 3, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3, Homecoming co-chairman 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Sec. 3. Irene Nelson. David Ratcliff. Robert Reich. Scott Reich: Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, F-Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Ten- nis 2, Track 1, "Who Knows?" Alt. 3. Cindy Revels: FFA 2, 3, "Who Knows?,, Alt. 3. Kathy Scherwitz: Badger Girls' State 2, French Club 3, NHS 2, 3, "Who Knows?1' 3, YARC 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. Senior Summaries - 165 Mary Jo Schink: Band 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, Pep Band 1. Cindy Schoenenberger. Phil Schoofs: AFS 3, All-School Play 1, 2, Badger Boys' State 2, Basketball 1, Bas- ketball, lntramurals 2, 3, Conservation Club 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Masque 81 Gavel 2, Musical 2, Musical Crew 2, NHS 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Spanish Club 1, Stu- dent Council 2. Randall Schreiner. Pat Schroeder: Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Class Sec.-Treas. 3, Flagline 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Homecoming Co-chairman 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Ba-nd 1, 2, 3, Redskins 1, 2, Stage Band 3, Student Council 3, Track 1. Sandra Schroeder: Transfer student 1972, Columbus, Wis., Art League 3, French Club 3, Girls Chorale 3, Musical 2, Orchestra 2, 3, Triple Trio 2. Sue Schroeder. Rodney Schuette. Connie Schultz: Badminton 2, Girls Cho- rale 1, 2, Musical Crew 2, Triple Trio 1, Volleyball 2, 3. Dixie Schultz. Sandy Schultz: Badminton 1, Conserva- tion Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Trees for Tomorrow 1. Daniel Scullin. Deb Seavert: Girls Chorale 1. Diane Shanahan: AV Club 1, 2, Choir 3, Girls Chorale 1, 2. Timothy Shekey. Wendy Sleaver. Gail Smedal: Art League 2, 3, Band 1, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, Redskins 1, 2, 3, Princess 3. Beverly Smith. Bonnie Stedman: AFS 2, 3, Sec.-Treas, All-School Play 2, All-School Play Crew 2, Americans Abroad 2, Band 1, Choir 2, 3, Flagline 1, Forensics 2, 3, Masque St Gavel 1, 2, Musical 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Pep Club 2, Pep Band 1, Pom- pom 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Triple Trio 2, 3. Jeanine Stewart: Art League 1, 2, 3, "Signal" Staff 3. Linda Stewart: Choir 2, 3, Girls Chorale 1, Volleyball 1. Kurt Stinebrink: Basketball, lntramurals 1, 3. 166 - Senior Summaries Lynda Strom: Badger Girls' State 2, Band 1, 2, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, FHA 1, Follies 3, Musical 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 3, Pep Band 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, Track 3, Volleyball 1. Ric Sushanek: Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, Basketball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3, Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Track 1. Daniel Sullivan. Kim Summeril: Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, Class Chairman 1, 2, F- Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Band 1, 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Track 1, 2, Weight-lifters 2, 3. Patricia Teed: All-School Play 2, 3, All- School Play Crew 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Forensics 1, 2, 3, Girls Chorale 3, Masque 81 Gavel 2, Musical 1, 2, NHS 1, 2, 3, Thes- pians 2, 3, Triple Trio 1, 2, 3. Laurene Thureson: All-School Play 3, Student Director, FHA 2, 3, Pres., Follies 3, French Club 3, Musical Crew 3, Thespi- ans 3. Greg Tolen: Band 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1. Barb T0uton:'Art League 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Flagline 1, Follies 3, Musi- cal 2, Pep Club 1, Swimming 1, Trees for Tomorrow 3, Volleyball 3. Jill Trieloff. LaVerne Turner: Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3. Sam Tyler: FFA 3. Kay Udey: AFS 1, Band 1, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, Swimming 1. Sue VanderMause: Prom Queen 2. Michael Vogel. Lori Weber: Art League 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Pep Club 1, Redskins 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, Track 1. Bradley Weckler. James Weiss: Badger Boys, State 2, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Basketball, lntramurals 3, F-Club 2, 3, Football 1, Key Club 1, NHS 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3, "Sig- nal" Staff 3, Spanish Club 1, Swimming 3, Volleyball 2. Vicki Wendlandt: All-School Play 1, 2, All-School Play Crew 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Flagline 1, 2, 3, Masque 81 Gavel 1, Musical 1, 2, Musical Crew 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Redskins 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Trees for Tomorrow 1, Triple Trio 2. Above: Senior Tim Shekey demonstrates the fine art of threading a needle during boys Bachelor Course. Chris Wenham: FFA 2, 3, Girls Chorale 1, 3. Dan Wentz: Band 1, 2, 3, F-Club 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3. Joyce Widish. Bob Wilson: Transfer Student 1973 from Rockford, lll., FFA 3, Ping-pong 3. Connie Yandry: FFA 1, 2, 3, Girls Cho- rale 1, 2. Terrance Yonash: Choir 3, F-Club 3, Swimming 2. Bill Yonkers Cross Country 1, Key Club 3. Russell Zeh. Norbert Zelton. Ellen Zemel: AFS 3, All-School Play 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Cheerleading 1, Choir 3, Follies 3, Masque Sz Gavel 1, 2, Musical 1, 2, Musical Crew 2, Pep Club 1, "Signal" Staff 1, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 3, Tennis 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2. Faculty Summaries Mr. Grayson Babcock: Lawrence, B.A.: Vandercook, M.A.g Band. Mr. Paul Babcock: UW-Platteville, B.S., UW-Whitewater, M.S., Eng. 10, Novel, Eng. Lit. Miss Derry Brown: College of Wooster, B.A.g Columbia U., M.A.g School Psycholo- gist. Mr. Orrin Bull: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed.g UW-Madison, M.S., Guidance Director. Mr. David Camplin: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed., Black Studies, Comm. 12 A-B, Bus. Eng., Reading. Mrs. Conny Carlson: Valparaiso, B.A.g Drama, Am. Lit. A-B. Mr. Elwood Carlson: Valparaiso, B.A.g UW-Madison, M.S., Sociology, Psychology, Government. Mrs. Marion Dexheimer: U-Illinois, B.S.g Boston U., Spanish Il, III, IV, Per. Typing. Miss Nancy Dyer: UW-LaCrosse, B.S.: Girls P.E. 10-11. Mrs. Jean Ehrke: UW-Madison, B.S., M.S., Clothing, Tailoring, Home Furn., Foods I. Mrs. Harriet Flood: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed., M.S.T., Sec. Off. Prac., Shorthand I, II, Coop. Bus. Ed. Mr. Thomas Fuller: UW-LaCrosse, B.S., Chemistry, Gen. Biol., Phy. Science. Mr. Don Gruber: UW-Plattsville, B.S., UW-Madison, M.S., Boys P.E. 10-11. Mr. Robert Hase: UW-Milwaukee, B.S.g UW-Madison, M.A.g Art Survey, Adv. Art I, II. Mr. Roland Hunsader: UW-River Falls, B.E.g UW-Madison, M.S.: Superintendent. Mr. Richard James: Carthage College, B.A.g Girls Chorale, Concert Choir. Mr. John Kammer: UW-Whitewater, B.E.g UW-Madison, M.A.g Typing, I, II, Bookkeeping. Mr. Vernon Jordan: Westmar College, B.S., UW-Madison, Ind. Tech., Metals Sur- vey, Adv. Metals I, II, Pwr. at Home, Plas- tics! Woods. Miss Beverly Killian: West Chester State College, B.S.g Girls P.E. 10-12, Adapt. Girls P.E. Mrs. Janice Kohls: UW-Platteville, B.S.g UW-Madison, M.S.g Yrbk. Journ., Eng. 10, Eng. 10H. Mr. William Kohls: UW-Stevens Point, B.S.g UW-Madison, M.S.g Guidance Coun- selor. Mrs. Katherine Krizsan: Milton College, B.M.: UW-Whitewater, M.S.T.g Eng. IOG, Bus. Eng., Eng. 11 A-B, Ind.-Tech. Eng. Mrs. Barbara Kuehl: UW-Stout, B.S., PFL, Foods I, Meal Management. Mr. Robert LaHann: UW-Platteville, B.S.g UW-Madison, M.S., U-New Hamp- shire, M.S.C.T.: Chemistry, Organ. Chemis- try, Qual. Analysis. Mr. Norville Lansing: UW-River Falls, B.S.g Beg. Algebra, Mod. Geometry, Geom. H., Alg. II. Mr. Glenn Lepley: UW-LaCrosse B.S., UW-Madison, M.S., Principal. Mr. Lyle Lueschow: UW-Stevens Point, B.S., UW-Madison, M.S.g Bus. Manager. Mr. Robert Merriman: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed.g UW-Madison, M.S., Work Study, Transportation, Safety, Attendance Co-ordi- nator. Mr. Lyle Mercer: UW-River Falls, B.S.g Animal Science, Gen. Agr. Shop, Agr. Engi. Mrs. Patricia Mitchell: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed.g Typing I, Shorthand I. Mr. Carty Monahan: Black Hills State, B.S.g Driver Ed. Mr. Robert Moore: Loyola U., B.A.g Chi- cago U., M.A.g Latin, Humanities, Eng. 10, Comp. Mr. Dennis Nehring: UW-Platteville, B.S., M.S.g Tractor Maint., Hort., Prod. Agr. Coop. Agr., LVEC. Left: Mr. Rirk James proudly displays his second annual B.V.D. gift from the senior choir m4-inbers. Mrs. Mary Nowak: UW-Oshkosh, B.S., UW-Madison, M.S.L.S.g Librarian. Mrs. Margaret Patzer: UW-Whitewater, B.S., M.S.g Special Education. Mr. Don Piper: UW-Whitewater, B.A.g UW-Madison, M.S., Government, Comp. Govt. Mr. Jerry Price: UW-Stout, B.S., M.S.g Mech. Drawing, Intro. Graphics, Pwr. Sur- vey, Bes. Arch., Pwr. at Home. Mrs. Nancy Price: UW-Whitewater, B.E.: French I, II, Music. Mrs. Jane Rebne: UW-Stout, B.S., Child Development, Foods II, Bachelor Course. Mr. Donald Reed: UW-Stout, B.S.: Power I, II, III, IV, Coop. IA. Mrs. Martha Romstad: UW-Madison, B.M.: Orchestra. Mr. Gail Roub: Northwestern U., B.S.g UW-Madison, M.S., Nws. Journ., Russian Hist., Mod. Wld. Hist., Acn Sz Med. Hist., Peoples!Wld. Mr. Paul Raasoch: UW-Whitewater, B.S.g Western New England College, M.B.A.g Photography, Phy. Science, Physics. Mr. Karl Schlender: UW-LaCrosse, B.S., M.S.g Boys P.E. 11-12, Adapt. Boys P.E. Mr. Phillips Schubert: UW-Whitewater, B.E., M.S.g Speech, Media. Mr. Gerald Spaanem: UW-Platteville B.S., Drake U., M.S., Biology, Physiology, Adv. Biology. Mr. James Strey: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed., M.S.T., Am. Issues, U.S. History. Mrs. Gustava Swanson: U-Minnesota, B.S., U.S. History. Mr. Robert Vincent: UW-Platteville, B.S., M.S.T.g Electricity, Elect. Theory, Adv. Plastics, Adv. Woods, Ind.-Tech., WoodsfPlastics. Mrs. Barbara Voight: UW-Oshkosh, B.S., UW-Whitewater, M.S.T.g Speech, Am. Lit. A-B, Hist. of Eng. Mr. John Voight: UW-Oshkosh, B.S., UW-Madison, L.L.B.: Cons. Econ., College Econ., Govt. Mr. Don Wahl: UW-Whitewater, B.E.g Intro. Analy., Geometry, Prob. Sz Stat., Beg. Algebra. Mrs. Evelyn Widmann: UW-Whitewater, B.Ed., Spanish III, Adv. Spanish. Mr. Ardell Wiederhoeft: UW-Madison, B.S., Analy. Geom., Algebra Il, Cons. Math, Geometry. Mr. Ron Wildermuth: UW-Madison, Ph. D.: UW-Milwaukee, M.S.: UW-Whitewater, B.E., Contemporary Issues, U.S. History. Mr. Ed Winiarski: UW-LaCrosse, B.S.g UW-Madison, M.S.g Associate Principal, District Athletic Director. Mr. Carl Zentner: UW-Madison, B.S., M.S., Gen. Biology, Conservation. Fliflllly Summaries 4167 Abendroth Water Conditioning Arcadia Lanes A 81 W Drive Inn Badger Mills The Bank of Fort Atkinson Bell, Bell 81 Short Ben Franklin Bill's Barbershop Blodgett Milling Co. Butler Manufacturing Co. Celeste Beauty Salon Chamber of Commerce HI! Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ciaglo Citizen's State Bank The Clothes Line Como Photo Dairy Queen Brazier Gordon F. Day Dennis Justus Dog 'n Suds 168 - Sponsors 1973-7 4 Tchogeerfah Sponsors Donkle's Insurance Dunlap Memorial Home E 81 F Auto Shop Engan Braun Lumber Co. Jefferson County Farmco Co. The Fireside First National Bank Bill Starke Ford-Mercury Fort Fur Fort Housing Mart Fort Medical Center Fort Savings 81 Loan Cebhardt Hardware Dr. Graef Gruner's Office Supplies 81 Books Drs. Handeyside 81 Bates Harrietls Harry Rose Memorials Hartwig Egg 81 Poultry The Highsmith Co. H 81 R Block Dr. Idtse James Bootery Jeffords Hardware Jellystone Campgrounds Jenson 81 Jones J im's Barber Shop Johnson Hill Press Justus Furniture Kaufmanis Orchard Kemmeter's Grocery Kentucky Fried Chicken Dr. Kleifgen Kopp's Barber Shop Kruegar Jewelry Lamb's Mr. LaMuro Larson Canning Co. Lee Black Jewelers Lemke Fence Co. Pfafflin Motors Loganway Real Estate 81 Appraisers 'The Pharmacy Lorman Iron Pla-Buoy Mack's Prestige Furniture Merle Norman Cosmetics Mclntyre Floral McKelvey Insurance Co. Mile-Away Mittag Quality Dry Cleaners Mode Construction Modern Machine 81 Tool Montgomery Wards Moore's Seafood Products, Inc. Nasco Neipertis Dr. Nysather One-Hour Martinizing Patefield Citgo Patis Ceramic Perry Mfg. Poeppel Bros. Redi-Serve Foods Rex's 66 Gas Station Riverside Farm Foods, Inc. Rodewald's Bakery Rollin Barfkneckt Royal F. Hayes Funeral Home Rueth's Shell Sentry Foods Shop-Rite Sid's Badger Lunch Simonson Oil Co. Smith, Rogers 81 Smith S 81 S Garden Center Sutherland Lumber Co. Thomas Industries Tom's Shoe Store Tot Shop Harold Tracy Tuttleis Pharmacy Uncle Josh Bait Co. Valley Sanitation The Velvet Touch Beauty Salon Voss Chevrolet "'W. D. Hoard 81 Sons Wayne Hayes Realty J im Weiss Realty Welcome Inn Donald W. Wescott Wilson Furs Yerges Van Lines Zechel Realty 'denotes special contributions Sponsors ll x0 A Abbott, Kari 1101 124. Abbott, Ray 1121 69, 76, 106, 114, 142, 148. Abell, Linda 1121 83, 148. Abernethy, Thomas 1111. Ackman, Philip 1111 81, 82, 84, 85, 130. Adams, John 1121 106, 136. AFS 64, 65. Agaton, Milagros 1111 130. Ag-Industrial Arts 48, 49. Akright, Cindy 1101 71, 124. Allen, Dixie 1121 139. Allen, Susan 1101 71, 80, 124. All-School Play 22,23. Alviar, Pancho 1111 67. Amacher, Lisa 1101 68, 82, 124. Ambrose, David 1101 124. Ament, Merry 1111 77, 87, 119, 130. Ament, Steven 1101 108, 124. Anderson, Jeffrey 1111 131. Anderson, Jodi 1111 68, 130. Anderson, Keven 1101. Angus, Scott 1121 29, 76, 92, 99, 106, 139. Ankomeus, Julie 1101 124. Armstrong, Debra 1121 139, 159. Arndt, Debra 1111 87, 130. Arnold, Cindy 1111 130. Art League 78, 79. Ault, Pamila 1121 139. Austin, Lori 1111 77, 79, 93, 130. A.V. Club 84. A.V. 44. B Babcock, Mr. Grayson 45. Babcock, Kathleen 1111. Babcock, Mark 1121. Babcock, Michael 1121 37, 67, 76, 81, 104, 114, 139. Babcock, Mr. Paul 39. Babcock, Sheryl 1101. Baker, Judy 1111 130. Baker, Michael 1101 124. Baker, Nancy 1101 124. Baker, Patricia 1121 79, 83, 87, 139. Baker, Robert 1121 139. Band 66. 67, 68, 69. Bare, Cary 1111. Bartz, Jeffrey 1111 130. Bartz, Michael 1101 109, 124. Baseball 100, 101. Bashaw, Jeffrey 1121. Basketball 110, 111, 112, 113. Bates, Beth 1101 124. Bates, Dr. Donald 37. Batein, Douglas 1121 109, 139, 140. Bauer, Andrew 1121 51, 63, 14-0. Bauer, Gregory 1101 104, 124. Bauer, Joseph 1111 18, 86, 130. Bauer, Pamila 1101 79, 124. Bauer, Richard 1121. Beach, William 1101 124. Beahlen, Duane 1101 124. Beaver, William 1111 130. Beckman, Richard 1111 130. Bickle, DuWayne 1111 67, 81, 130. Bienfang, Marie 1121 77, 80, 96, 140, 160, 161. Birk, Carl 1101 67, 124. Blank, Vicky 1111. Blasing, Debra 1121 140. Bleiler, Julie 1111 71, 130. Bleiler, Randy 1121 48. Blomgren, John 1101. Blomgren, Marlene 1111 130. Blood, Brenda 1121 140. Borchardt, James 1121 68, 71, 81, 109, 140. Borchardt, Laurie 1101. Borland, Mr. Glen 106. 170 - Index Index Bowen, Cindy 1101 52, 69, 124. Bowen, Sherrie 1111 66, 130. Brandt, Debra 1111 82, 124, 130. Brant, Dale 1101 108. Brant, Lawerence 1111 71, 109, 130. Breitsprecher, Sue 1101 22, 79, 128. Breitsprecher, Mary 1121 140. Brigadoon 12, 13. Brom, Barbara 1101 124. Brom, Thomas 1111. Brooks, Karen 1111 130. Brown, Derry 36. Brown, Lori 1101 79, 96, 119, 124. Brown, Robert 1111 19, 68, 109, 130. Buchholtz, Debra 1111 12, 22, 23, 71, 75, 77, 83, 96, 130, 133. Buckingham, Nanette 1121 89, 140. Bulgrin, Stephen 1101 68, 108, 124. Bull, Mr. Orrin 36. Bullock, Rebecca 1111 74, 75, 93, 130. Burfield, Miss Kristine. Burlingame, Betty 1121 140. Burnette, Richard 1111 81, 106, 130. Burnette, Robert 1121 25, 76, 106, 140. Burrow, James 1111 68, 109, 130. Burrow, Mrs. Sue 19. Butler, Vicki 1121 140. C Caley, Anita 1101 125. Camplain, Mr. David 39, 85. Canard, Barbara 1111 71, 125, 135, 172. Canard, June 1101 125. Canton, Terry 1121 79, 82, 83, 85. Carbon, Kristin 1101 68, 77, 125. Carlson, Mrs. Connie 39. Carlson, Mr. Donald. Carlson, Mr. Elwood 39, 42, 43, 81. Carlisle, Nancy 1111 130. Carnes, James 1111. Carnes., Wesley 1111. Carpentier, Katherine 1121 20, 42, 75, 77, 79, 93, 140, 149. Carson, Scott 1111 106, 130. Cartwright, Delbert 1111. Cartwright, Donald 1121 89, 140. Cary, Brian 1121 44, 79, 141. Chadwick, Jordon 1111 76, 100. Chadwick, Kelly 1121 16. 73, 76, 81, 100, 141. Cheerleaders 96, 97. Cheek, William 1111 79. Chess Club 85. Choichois, Rebecca 1121 141. Choichois, Roberta 1101 67, 69, 80, 82, 125. Choir 70, 71. Christian, Joan 1111 79. Christian, Patricia 1101. Christianson, Daniel 1101 109, 125. Church, Susan 1121 14, 66, 71, 141, 153. Ciaglo, Victoria 1121 11, 71, 74, 75, 77, 80, 82, 93, 97, 141, 161. Ciske, Michael 191 108. Clark, Danial 1101. Clark, Wayne 1111 130. Coffey, Michael 1121 141. Collins, Cheryl 1111 130. Congdon, Paula 1101 69, 125. Congdon, Weslie 1101. Cooley, Sandra 1111 71. Coonen, Katherine 1111 79, 82. Cossio, William 1111 93, 130. Cox, Kathleen 1111 21, 74, 75, 77, 82, 93, 97. Cronin, Mr. Tom 52. Cross Country 104, 105. Cross, Danial 1111 131. Cushman, David 1111 68, 81, 131. Czech, Sandra 1121 69, 141. D Dahnert, David 1121 89, 141. Dahnert, Dean 1121 141, 160. Dahnert, Kenneth 1101 76, 89, 98, 99, 104, 125 127. Dahnert, Laurie 1111 131. Dahnert, Thomas 1111 131. Dailey, Cheryl 1121 89, 141. Dailey, Marcia 1121. Davis, Cynthia 1121 84, 141. Davis, Patti 1121 79, 141. Debate 75. Deets, Michael 1111 106, 131. Deichl, Scott 1101 125. Dempski, Christine 1101. Dennis, John 1121 76, 114, 142. Dennis, Lynn 1111 79, 83, 131. Derr, Deanna 1101. Derus, Robert 1111 71, 131. Desjarlais, Jean 1121 66, 97, 142, 153, 162. DeVetter, Paul 1101 125. DeWitt, Brian 1111 71, 79, 89, 131. Dexheimer, Mrs. Marion 47, 82. Dexheimer, William 1121 59, 67, 76, 81, 104, 142,151, 160. Diels, Cindy 1101. Deils, Ronald 1121. Dillin, Keith 1111 71,131. Dilmy, Irham 1121 64, 65, 109, 142, 144. Donohue, Cathleen 1121 66, 67, 71, 142. Donkle, Mrs. 85. Doolittle, Linda 1101 125. Doolottle, Steven 1111 79, 131. Dom, Kenneth 1111. Draeger, Dennis 1121 76, 89, 106, 143. Drew, Brett 1101. Duesterbeck, Jerome 1101. Dunn, Barbara 1111. Dunsmoor, Carole 1121 143. Dyer, Miss Nancy 51, 119. E Eastlick, Dorothea 1101. Eastlick, Emery 1111 71.98, 99, 106, 131. Ebbert, Donald 1121 143. Ehrke, Mrs. Jean 50, 87. Eisenbrandt, Sally 1121 71, 74, 75, 143, 154. Eisner, Christine 1121. Ellis, Barbara 1111. Ellis, Christine 1121 143. Elwood, Alison 1101 69, 125. Emmons, Douglas 1101 98, 104, 125. Emrick, Luanne 1111 32, 69, 80, 131. Endl, Lawrence 1111. Erdman, Nancy 1111 51, 71, 131. Erdman, Thomas 1101 71, 108, 125. Erickson, Mr. 89. F F-Club 76. Falk, Kathryn 1101 71, 125. Farnsworth, Rhonda 1101 125. Farnsworth, Roger 1101 109, 125. Fay, Jill 1101 125. Ferrell, Michael 1111 63, 76, 98, 99, 106, 131 FFA 88, 89. FHA 87. Fiedler, Deborah 1111 131. Fiedler, Kathy 1101 77, 80, 125. Fiegel, Richard 1121. Findley, Mrs. Beverly. Findley, Kim 1111. Fischer, George 1101. Fischer, Judy 1101 71, 77, 80, 125. Fischer, Michael 1121 143. Fixmer, Mrs. Audrey 75. Fixmer, Kathy 1121 80, 83, 119. Fixmer, Kristin 1111 131, 143. Floerke, Norman 1101 125. Flood, Mrs. Harriet 41. Foelker, Diana 1101 69, 125. Foelker, James 1121 81, 82, 14-3. Foelker, Janis 1121 20, 21, 79, 93, 143, 155 Foelker Foelker , Mary 1111 131. , Peter 1121. Foltz, Daniel 1111 89, 131. Foltz, Donald 1111 89, 131. Football 106, 107, 108, 109. Forensics 75. Forsberg, Caryn 1111 131. Forsberg, Craig 1121 76, 81, 143. Foudrey, Brook 1101 79, 125. Fowler, Thomas 1101. Fox, Leann 1111 66, 69, 131. Frandson, Candace 1101 67, 80, 125. Frankiewicz, Daniel 1111. Freeman, Thomas 1101 91. French Club 83. Frentzel, Michael 1111 79, 131. Friedel, Thomas 1111 98, 106, 131. Fronk, David 1111 71, 76, 100, 106, 131. Fry, Mr. Donald 37. Frye, Janet 1101 125. Fuller, Mr. Thomas 53. Furley, Mary 1101 71, 125. G laber, William 1111 109, 131. lac, Paul 1121 143. lang, John 1121 143. lanzow, Russell 1121 89, 14-3. larrett, Karla 1111 97, 131. larrett, Vicki 1121 24, 69, 143, 14-6. larthwait, Richard 1111 132. larthwait, William 1121 76, 106, 138, 141, 144. larvert, Arnold 1101 125. larvert, Bemard 1111 15. lebhardt, Kathleen 1101 71, 119, 125. leller, Charlene 1111 87. less, Eileen 1121 79, 144. less, Richie 1111 76, 106, 131. less, Rose 1101 79, 89, 125. limmer, Michael 1111. lirls Sports 118, 119, 120, 121. loddard, Scot 1111 131. - lodfrey, Thomas 1111 76, 131. lolf 103. lolich, George 1111 79, 131. lolich, James 1101 79, 125. lolinski, Lynne 1101 79, 125. loodale, Frank 1121 18, 144. loodrnan, Elizabeth 1111 67, 75, 80, 131. Gore, Debra 1121 14-4. Goulder, Lori 1101 69, 125. Gourley, David 1101 125. Green, Deborah 1121 144. Green, Letticia 1111. Griffin, Gail 1111 71, 74, 75, 77, 80, 82, 131. Griffin, James 1121 144. Griffin, Karen 1111 77, 131. Griffin, Richard 1111 78, 79, 131. Griggs, Elizabeth 1101 125. Gross, Russell 1111 63, 67, 98, 99, 131. Gruber, Mr. Don 51. Gudensehwager, Eric 1121 76, 79, 81, 99, 106, 144, 150. Guttenberg, Joseph 1101. H Hacht, Michael 1121 76, 108, 145. Hagedorn, Lisa 1121 145. Hagen, Ronald 1121 69, 89, 145. Hammer, Steven 1111 81, 82, 84, 85, 131. Hansen, Kristine 1121 145. Handyside, Helen 1111 67, 119, 131. Harman, Corey 1111 71, 74, 75, 81, 100, 131. Hartman, Alan 1111 131. Hartman, Christy 1111 131. Hartwig, Deborah 1121 71, 79, 145. Hartwig, Douglas 1101. Hase, Mr. Robert 45, 79. Haubenschild, Karen 1101 71, 77, 97, 125, 127. Haubenschild, Laurie 1121 145. Haubenschild, Steven 1111 63, 67, 106, 132. Haukom, Brian 1111 86, 98, 99, 106, 132, Hayes, Karla 1121 145, 161. Haynes, Catherine 1121. Hays, Donna 1121 71, 145. Healy, Helen 1111 83, 132. Healy, Patricia 1101. Hedding, Gayle 1101 71, 125. Hedding, Maureen 1121 73, 14-5, 161. Heiman, Suzanna 1111 132. Heine, Patricia 1121 71, 14-5. Heiser, John 1111 79, 99, 132. Heiser, Judith 1101 71, 125. Heinz, Donald 1121 76, 14-5. Heinz, Walter 1121 69, 14-5. Heitz, Kim 1111 132. Hembrook, Karen 1111. Herro, Steven 1101. Hershman, Teresa 1121 145. Heth, Lori 1121 66, 67, 80, 146. Hetts, Renee 1111 132. Left: Students watch the cheerleaders portraying Sha- na-na alan assembly before the Jefferson game. Hevey, Jane 1111 22, 71, 75, 132. Hilgendorf, Randy 1101. Hill, Daniel 1111 76, 114, 132. Hill, Debra 1111. Hinz, Susan 1111 68,132 Hinton, Lana 1101 89. Hinch, Mark 1101 126. Hinch, Nick 1101 126. Hish, Bradley 1101 84, 88, 89, 126. Hish, Mr. Jack 54-. Hish, Shelly 1111 87, 132. Hobe, Mathew 1121 69, 76, 81, 92, 99, 104, 146. Hoffman, Jeffrey 1121 106, 146. Hoffman, Lawrence 1101 126. Hoffman, Michael 1101 17, 67, 76, 85, 109, 114, 115, 126, 128. Hohlbein, Rainer 1101 67, 126. Holl, Debra 1111 79, 82, 132, Hollenheck, Daniel 1111 98, 99, 106, 132. Hollenheck, Jean 1111 132. Holliger, Cynthia 1111 132. Holston, Steven 1121 67, 146. Homecoming 20, 21. Hommen, David 1121. Horton, Lisa 1111 79, 83, 119, 132. Howe, Susan 1111. Hovel, Mr. Steve 63, 106. Hruska, Patricia 1101 67, 93, 126. Huber, Burt 1111 76, 86, 98, 99, 106, 114, 115, 132. Hulbert, Marie 1121 146. Hummel, Gail 1111 79, 132. Humphrey, Mary 1121 66, 67, 68, 71, 83, 146, 153. Humphrey, Randall 1111 71, 132. Hunsader, Mr. Roland 36, 37. Hupkem, Joam 1121. Hustad, Debra 1101 126. Hutchins, Bruce 1111 106, 132. Huttner, Sally 1121 147. Huttner, Susan 1101 89, 147. I Idtse, Mr. Fred 37. Intramurals 113. J Jackson, Philip 1121 37, 76, 81, 99, 104, 141, 143, 147. Jacobson, Elvin 1121 76, 99, 109, 147, 160. Jacobson, Randall 1111 109, 130, 132. James, Mr. Richard 27, 29, 45, 71. Janke, Brian'1101 108. Janke, Jeffrey 1111 25, 67, 81, 85, 132. Janke, Wendy 1111 32, 87. Jelinek, Kay 1111 71, 126, 132. Jelinek, Valerie 1101 71, 126, 132. Jensen, Kay 1121 147. Jensen, Nancy 1101 71, 126. JoHann, Anthony 1121 147. J oHann, Michael 1111. Johnson, Bruce 1101 126. Johnson, Gregory 1111. Johnson, Mark 1111. Johnson, Peggy 1121 147. Johnson, Randall 1101 67, 126. Jones, Brian 1121 76, 92, 109, 147. Jones, Daniel 1121 48, 89, 147. Jones, Mrs. Milo 37. Jordan, Mr. Vernon 48. Jung, Dale 1101 68, 89, 126. Junkar, Linda 1101 126. K Kammer, Mr. John. Index - 171 Kammer, Jonathan 1111 86, 132. Keller, Denise 1111 87. Kelly, James 1121 99, 106, 147, 154. Kenders, Cheryl 1121 147. Ketter, David 1121 101, 109, 147. Ketter, Diane 1111 83, 96, 132. Key Club 81. Kibbe, Daniel 1101 63, 98, 104, 126. Killian, Miss Beverly 51. Kimpel, Carolyn 1101. Kirchmayer, William 1101 68, 88, 98, 1 Kjellenberg, James 1111 68, 132. Kleifgen, Kathryn 1121 41, 14-7. Kleifgen, Paul 1101 126. Klement, Cynthia 1111 26, 77, 80, 93, 1 Klietz, James 1121. Klotz, Marcia 1101 67, 77, 96, 126. Klug, Iaurie 1101 69, 77, 87, 126. Klug, Scott 1121 14, 81, 106, 138, 147. Kluge, Cindy 1111 73, 77, 82, 97, 132. Kluge, Gerold 1101 73, 92, 126. Knaack, Cynthia 1111 132. Knoflicek, Richard 1111 89, 132. Knoll, Kurt 1121 106, 148. Knoll, Mr. 108. Koch, Jacqualine 1111 66, 69, 132. Koch, Linda 1121 148. Koch, Tina 1101 71, 126. Kochendorfer, Laurie 1121 148. Koehler, Jerome 1101 76, 126. Koehler, Susan 1111 132. Kohl, David 1101 127. Kohls, Mrs. Janice 39, 93. Kohls, Mr. William 36, 37. Kokalares, Richard 1101 78. Komes, Linda 1121 79, 92, 148. Kordatzky, Ann 1101 69, 126. Krahn, Bradley 1121 148. Kraus, Debra 1121 132, 148. Kraus, Jeana 1111 79, 82, 132. Kraus, Todd 1101. Kraus, William 1111 85, 132. Krause, Daniel 1111 132. Krause, Jill 1101 79, 126. Krebs, Dorothy 1111. Kriedeman, Elizabeth 1121 148. Kriedeman, Roger 1111 44, 84, 85, 132. Krizsan, Mrs. Katherine 39. Kruck, Gregg 1121 148. Kube, Jane 1121 66, 67, 89, 138, 148. Kube, Jerry 1101 68, 109, 126. Kuehl, Mrs. Barbara 50, 77, 87. Kunkel, Timothy 1121 148. Kuntz, Dale 1111 132. Kutz, Bonnie 1111 87, 93, 133. Kutz, Dennis 1111 89, 133. Kutz, Gary 1111 89, 133. Kutz, Joann 1121 79, 148. Kutz, Noreen 1121 80, 83, 149. Kutz, Sandra 1121 133. Kutz, Steven 1101. Kutz, Susan 1111 80, 92. L LaHann, Mr. Robert 53. LaMuro, Nancy 1111 71, 77, 80, 96, 97, 133. Landowski, Laura 1111 12, 38, 71, 75, 80, 119, 133. Lang, Alan 1111 133. Langer, Cindy 1101 126. Lanoway, Gregory 1101 127. Lanoway, Marla 1121 96, 149. Lansing, Mr. Norville 41, 53. Lantz, Kristen 1101 77, 80, 82, 97, 126. Larsen, Steven 1121 66, 67, 71, 76, 81, 82, 99, 104, 105, 14-9. Larson, Kathryn 1111 133. Lasch, Douglas 1111 69, 133. Lawhorn, Michael 1111. Leedle, Mary 1101 17, 71, 126. Lehr, Gregory 1101. Leighton, Judy 1111 41, 82, 133. Leikness, Michael 1121 79, 81, 93, 149. Leiske, Brenda 1121 149. 172 - Index Lemerand, Nancy 1121 71, 78, 149. Lemerand, William 1101 126. Lemke, Daniel 1121 71, 149. Lemke, Steven 1121 89, 149. Lemke, Vickie 1101 126. Lendabarker, Jody 1101 126. Lenz, Daniel 1101 109. Lenz, Michael 1121 92, 99, 150. Lepley, Mr. Glen 19, 36. Letcher, Daniel 1101 109, 126. Lewicki, Susan 1101 77, 80, 82, 97, 126. Lewis, Doris 1111 71.77, 82, 87, 133. Lieven, Kathleen 1101 126. Library 44. Linberts, Steven 1101. Lindl, Roger 1111 76, 106, 133, 135. Lokken, Julie 1101 126. Lonsdale, John 1101 108, 126. Lonsdale, Sandra 1121 71, 150. Loomer, Connie 1111. Lorman, Mr. Milton 37. Louis, Judith 1111 71, 133. Lucht, Teresa 1121 150. Lueck, Mr. Richard 106, 108. Ludwig, Ingrid 1111 71, 77, 133. Luebke, Lori 1121 15, 71, 150. Lueder, Lisa 1121 15, 66, 75, 80, 82, 93, 146, 150. Lueder, Thomas 1101 68, 126. Lueschow, Mr. Lyle 36, 37. M Maas, Catherine 1101 69, 80, 82, 127. Maas, Mark 1111. Maas, Roberta 1121 150. Mack, Michael 1111 106, 133. Mackovic, Dale 1111. Mackovich, Deborah 1111. MacWilliams, Brent 1111 86, 133. Madson, Timothy 1101 108, 127. Magsamen, Joanne 1101 127. Manke, Bruce 1111. Manning, Gregory 1101. Marquart, Jill 1111 77, 133. Marquart, Michael 1111 71, 76, 98, 99, 106, 114, 133. Marshall, Kevin 1111 69, 98, 99, 133. Martin, Richard 1121. Martin, Susan 1121 150. Martinez, Amulfo 1101 106, 127. Mason, Jay 1101 79, 98, 109, 127. Mayer, Diane 1121 150, 158. McBain, Brian 1101 108, 127. McCabe, Daniel 1111 76, 133. McCord, Tom 1101 59, 69, 127. McKinney, Dennis 1121 89, 150. McKinney, l-larry 1101 89. McNamee, Patrick 1111 15. 133. McNeil, Susan 1121 79, 150. McNier, David 1101 68, 127. Meitzner, Brian 1111 106. Menzel, Barbara 1101 71, 77. Mepham, Scott 1101 100, 127. Mepham, Shari 1101 68, 79, 127. Mepham, William 1101 68, 88, 98, 108 Mercer, Mr. Lyle 48, 81, 89. Merkt, Paul 1121 81, 151. Merriman, Douglas 1121 76, 86, 151. Merriman, Mr. Robert 36. Messmer, Barbara 1111 79, 133. Metzker, Duwayne 1121 151. Meyer, Gary 1111 109, 133. Meyer, John 1101 127. Meyer, Linda 1111 133. Meyer, Scott 1101 69. Michals, Scott 1101. Mielke, Patricia 1101 71, 127. Mikulich, Thomas 1101 127. Milheiser, Arther 1101. Milheiser, Lenore 1111 87, 127, 133. Miller, Robert 1121 151. Miller, Sid 1111 133. Milleson, Robert 1111 71, 133. Mitchell, Mrs. Patricia 41. Mittelstadt, Deanna 1101 87, 127. Minelstadt, Paul 1121 84, 151. Mode, Mary 1111 77, 97, 133. Monahan, M. Carty 41. Monogue, Richard 1101 127. Moon, Cary 1101 73, 79, 128. Moore, Mr. Robert 46, 47. 'wa u""Q'!,-ff Wie If 917' Owens Morgan, Patti 1111 133. Morois, James 1111 133. Morse, Keith 1121 71, 73, 92, 151, 157. Mueck, Edward 1111 133. Murphy, Gary 1121. Murray, Debra 1121 71. N National Honor Society 58. Nehring, Mr. Dennis 48, 89. Nelson, Irene 1121 151. Nelson, Michael 1121. Niehns, Sandra 1111 77, 87, 133. Nordeen, Marcia 1101 71, 127. Northey, Michael 1121 99. Norton, Sarah 1121 151. Novak, Kathy 1121 151. Nowak, Mrs. Mary 45. Nowakowski, Pamela 1121 151. Nushart, Mr. Don 55. O Oakley, Thomas 1111. Oathout, Linda 1121 71, 151. O'Brien, Erin 1101 127. O'Brien, Shannon 1121 26, 66. O'Connor, Denise 1111 71. O'Donnell Katherine 11 77, 87, 133. Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, , 1 1 Deann 1101 89, 127. Eric 1121 59, 76, 81, 99, 106, 107. Judith 1121 152. Robert 1101. Roberta 1121 152. Roy 1111. Orchestra 72, 73, 87. Orton, Sandra 1101 127. owotd, oiin 1111. , David 1121. P Parsons, Coral 1101 67, 125, 127. Paszko, Mark 1101 63, 89, 108, 127. Patefield, Jeffrey 1101 67, 127. Patefield, Richard 1111 67, 133. Patefield, Russell 1121 106. Patrick, Sheri 1121 77, 79. Pawlowski, Sharon 1101 77, 127. Patzer, Mrs. Margaret 39. Pemper, Kim 1101 63, 106. Petersen, Gregg 1121 56, 76, 81, 99, Peterson, Curt 1101 127. Peterson, Dale 1101 89. Peterson, David 1101 108, 127. - Peterson, Heather 1121. Peterson, James 1111 59, 86, 93, 98, Peterson, Jan 1101 89, 108. Peterson, Janice 1121 152. Peterson, Mark 1111 106, 133. Peterson, Scott 1111 86, 133. Peterson, Steven 1111 69, 89, 133. Petrie, Robert 1111 68, 81, 135. Pettegrew, Susan 1101 71, 127. Pfafflin, Kurt 1111 135. Photo Club 86. Pilgrim, Sheree 1101 127. Pinter, Tina 1101 127. Piper, Mr. Don 42, 59, 99, 104. Pleesier, James 1101 108. Plue, Theresa 1121 11, 71, 79. Poeppel, Sandra 1111 75, 77, 93, 97, Polzin, Dennis 1111 98, 99, 106, 135. Pom-pom Girls 97. Prabst, Robin 1121 79, 153. Price, Mr. Jerry 19, 47, 4-8. Price, Mrs. Nancy 4-7, 66, 68, 83. Punzel, Sandra 1121 77, 82, 97, 153. R Raasch, Robert 1111. Raasch, Ronald 1111 135. Raasoch, Mr. Paul 53, 86. Rader, James 1101 89, 127. Rader, Sharon 1111 82, 97, 135. Radloff, Scott 1111. Ramsey, Wendy 1111 135. Randall, Lori 1111 71, 87, 135. Randall, Louise 1111 26, 35, 66, 67, 77, 80, 93. Rasmussen, Kim 1101 71, 128. Rasmussen, Rebecca 1101 71, 127. Ratcliff, David 1121 153. Ratcliff, Ricky 1101 135. Rawding, Hope 1111 71, 77, 79, 135. Rebne, Mrs. Jane 50, 51. Redford, Christopher 1101 63, 98, 108, 127. Redskins 80. Reed, Mr. Donald 48, 49. Reich, Robert 1121 153. Reich, Scott 1121 76, 104, 114, 153. Reichert, Bradley 1121. Revels, Christine 1101 89, 127. Revels, Cynthia 1121 89, 153. Rheineck, Barbara 1101 71, 96, 127. Riddell, Laurie 1111 75, 135. Riedel, Connie 1111 97, 135. Riedy, Daniel 1101 67, 98, 104, 127. Riggs, Mary 1111 73, 77, 82, 135. Robbins, Robbin 1121. Rodriguez, Able 1101 79. Roehl, Robert 1101 71. Roethe, Ann 1111 70, 75, 74, 80, 83, 92, 119, 135. Rohde, David 1121 153. Rohloff, Brenda 1111 43, 134. Rolfe, Kim 1101 128. Rolfe, Mark 1121 153. Roloff, Kim 1101 89, 128. Roloff, Scott 1101 128. Romstad, Mrs. Martha 45, 70, 73. Root, Julie 1101. Root, Michael 1121 68, 71, 73, 81, 154. Rossing, Cynthia 1111 135. Rossing, Debra 1121 154. Rossmiller, Thomas 1101 108. Rostollan, Janis 1121 71, 73, 154. Rostollan, Judith 1101 128. Rothberger, Laurene 1101 77, 128. Rothberger, Lisa 1111 97, 135. Rouh, Mr. Gail 42. Rouse, Teresa 1111 135. Rouse, William 1121 76, 106, 154. Rue, Sandra 1121 154. Rusch, Marilyn 1121 154. Russell, Luther 1121 14, 22, 71, 75, 76, 100, 107, 148, 154, 160. S Sake, Keith 1121. Sarnosky, Jeanne 1121 20, 71, 75, 79, 154. Satterlee, Janice 1121 87, 155. Satterlee, Lee 1111. Sauer, Joseph 1101 128. Schaefer, James 1101 92, 128. Schaefer, John 1121 81, 99, 155. Schemm, Thomas 1111 135. Scherwitz, Kathleen 1121 59, 83, 155, 161. Schimming, Candice 11 11 32, 80, 135. Schink, Mary Jo 1121. Schink, Sarah 1111 119, 135. Schlender, Mr. Karl 51, 76, 99, 106. Schmitt, Suzanne 1111 71, 74, 75, 77, 80, 82, 135. Schneider, Debra 1101 67, 119, 128. Schoeller, Dixie 1111 69, 134. Schoenenberger, Cindy 1121 155. Schoenenberger, Kathleen 1101 128. Schoening, Todd 1101. Scholtes, Sonya 1111 67, 119, 134. Schoofs, Ann 1101 69, 80, 82, 128. Schoofs, Philip 1121 22, 23, 81, 148, 155, 160. Schreiner, Randall 1121 155. Schroeder, Christine A. 1111 77, 134. Schroeder, Christine C. 1111 32, 75, 134. Far left: Tutoring at Emery, Barb Canard attempts to improve Howard Fleck's reading skills. Left: As an American Lit. project, Mrs. Carlson's stu- dents put on the play, "Lady Gets Her Medalsf, Index - 73 Schroeder, Schroeder, Schroeder, Schroeder, Schroeder, Brian 1101 98, 108, 128. Pat 1121 20, 66, 68, 69, 71, 138, 155. Sandra 1121 79, 83, 155. Steven 1111 71, 134. Susan 1121 155. Schubert, Mr. Philips. Schuelke, Theodore 1101 98, 104, 124, 128. Schuette, Rodney 1121 156. Schuler, Michael 1101 128. Schultz, Connie 1121 156. Schultz, Dianna 1111 77, 87, 135. Schultz, Dixie 1121 156. Schultz, Joanne 1111 66, 69, 77, 80, 82, 134. Schultz, Patricia 1101 67, 128. Schultz, Paula 1111 133. Schultz, Sandra 1121 66, 156. Schumacher, Cindy 1111. Schumacher, Scott 1111. Schuman, Brian 1111 134. Scullin, Daniel 1121 156. Scullin, Terrance 1101 128. Seavert, Debra 1121 71, 156. Setterquist, Dori 1101. Seyhold, Larry 1111 106, 134. Shackett, Rodney 1101. Shanahan, Diane 1121 71, 156. Shanahan, Mr. Lance. 84. Shekey, Timothy 1121 106, 156, 166. Sherman, Lon 1101 108, 124, 128. Sherratt, Sandra 1111 134. Shipley, Elinda 1111 134. Shuman, Brian 1111 134. Sievert, Mr. Randy 27. Si al Bn Simpkin, Mary 1111 64, 66, 67, 71, 75, 80, 92, 119, 134. Sleaver, Wendy 1121 156. Smedal, Gail 1121 10, 29, 54, 77, 79, 80, 83. 156. Smith, Beverly 1121 87, 156. Smith, Tracy 1111 10, 119, 134. Smithhack, Douglas 1111 76, 86, 134. Snodie, William 1101 89. Sobolik, Marlene 1101 128. Soneberg, Sandra 1101. Spaanem, Mr. Gerald 53, 109. Spalding, Bonnie 1101. Spalding, Connie 1101 129. Spalding, Robert 1111 134. Spanish Club Sprague, Ross 1111 134. Stackle, Michele 1101 129. Stackle, Michael 1101 129. Stanley, David 1121 18. Stannard, Judy 1101 69, 96, 124, 129. Staude, Lynn 1101 71, 89, 125, 129. Stedman, Bonnie 1121 65, 71, 74, 75, 82, 15 Steinke, Lorilu 1111 69, 80, 82, 83, 134. Steinke, Nancy 1111 134. Stelse, Nancy 1101 129. Stewart, Jealmie 1121 79, 156. Stewart, Linda 1121 71, 156, 158. Stinebrink, Kurt 1121 157. Stockfisch, Debra 1111 69, 134. Stockfisch, Richard 1101 89, 129. Stork, Harlow 1101 89. Stork, Susan 1101 89, 129. Strand, Holly 1101 67, 129. Streich, Cindy 1101 129. Streich, Christine 1111 134. Streich, Kim 1101 129. Strey, Mr. James 42, 167. Stritzel, Candice 1101. Stroeh, Jeannie 1101 129. Stroeh, Julie 1111 77, 93, 134. Strom, Thomas 1101 85, 129, 96. 6, 162. Strom, Lynda 1121 17, 77, 96, 150, 157, 161. Student Council 60, 61. Stutz, Joel 1121. Suchanek, Richard 1121 68, 76, 106, 157. Suchanek, Sandra 1101 67, 129. Sullivan, Daniel 1121. Sullivan, Terrance 1111 98, 99, 106. Summeril, Kim 1121 99, 106, 157, 162. 174- Index Summeril, Kristin 1101 71, 129. Swanson, Mrs. Gustava 42, 43, 80, 87. Swim Team 114, 115. Sykes, Harry 1101 63, 108. Sykes, John 1111 98, 99, 104, 134. T Tchogeerrah 93. Teed, Patricia 1121 23, 71, 74, 75, 157. Tekeley, Jane 1111 134. Tekeley, Mrs. Lorraine 54. Tennis 102. Tessman, Catherine 1101 129. Thalacker, Barbara 1101 129. Thayer, Jill 1101 129. Thespians 74. Thomas, Timothy 1101. Thureson, Frederick 1101 71, 108, 129. Thureson, Laurene 1121 83, 87, 157. Tolen, Gregory 1121 67, 76, 100, 157. Tolsma, Charles 1101 109, 129. Touton, Barbara 1121 71, 79, 157. Touton, Karen 1111 79, 134. Track 98, 99. Trieloff, Jill 1121 157. Tumer, Brenda 1111 77, 79, 87, 134. Turner, LaVeme 1121 76, 100, 157. Tyler, Sam 1121 89, 157. U Udey, Kay 1121 67, 157. Ulrich, Mr. Robert 37. Umland, Rhonda 1101 77, 87, 129. V Vail, Jill 1101 129. Vandermause, Susan 1121 14, 158. Vaughn, William 1101 129. Vick, Kenneth 1111. Vincent, Mr. Robert 48. Vogel, Bryon 1111. Vogel, Michael 1121 158. Voight, Mrs. Barbara 42, 43. Voight, Mr. John 42. Volleyball 109. Vorlob, Deanna 1101 129. Voss, James 1111 134. W Wachuta, Robert 1111 98, 106, 134. Waga, Jean 1111 87, 134. Wahl, Mr. Don 53. Wallace, Sheri 1101 77, 129. Walters, Jeff 1121 89. Ward, Kari 1111 134. Weber, Lori 1121 79, 158. Weckler, Bradley 1121 158. Weggeman, Rhonda 1111 134. Weisensel, Bruce 1101. Weiss, James 1121 76, 92, 100, 114, 115, 158, 160. Wells, Dale 1111 76, 81. 100. 106, 131. 134. Wendorf, James 1111 89. Wendorf, Rodney 1101 89. Wendt, Michael 1111. Wendt, Victor 1101. Wendtlandt, Vicki 1121 66, 67, 71, 75, 81, 158. Wenham, Christine 1121 71, 88, 89, 158. Wenham, Lynnette 1111 134. Wenham, Russell 1101 89, 129. Wentz, Daniel 1121 67, 81, 109, 158, 159. Wentz, Steven 1101 129. Werner, Debra 1111 77, 80, 82, 83, 86, 134. Werve, Mr. George 45, 66, 67. Wettstein, William 1101. Whitmore, Nita 1111 134. Widish, Joyce 1121 158. Widmann, Mrs. Evelyn 46, 47. Wiederhoeft, Mr. Ardell 53. Wiese, Lawrence 1101. Wiesmann, Alan 1101 129. Wiesmann, Annette 1101 129. Wiesmann, Steven 1101. John Heiser takes time out during his Phy. Ed. class tc show off his physique for the photographer. Wilde, Michael 1121 158. Wilde, Steven 1111 63, 76, 134. Wildermuth, Mr. Ron 42. Wileman, Michael 1111 134. Wilson, Robert 1121. Wilson, Sandra 1101 129. Wilson, Wayne 1101. Winiarski, Mr. Ed 36. Wisch, Douglas 1111 134. Wisch, Jean 1101 129. Wisch, Patricia 1101. Wolfgram, Debra 1101 71, 77. Wolfram, Debra,1101 87. Wolfram, John 1101 129. Wolfram, Thomas 1111 134. Wollet, James 1111 134. Wollet, Karen 1101 71, 129. Wollet, Linda 1101 87, 129. Wollin, Debra 1111 134. Woodward, Karen 1101 129. Wrestling 116, 117. Y Yandry, Connie 1121 88, 89, 159. Yoder, Nancy 1111 80, 134. Yonash, Terrance 1121 71, 76, 159. Yonash, Shauna 1111 134. Yonker, William 1121 81, 150. Z Zeh, Linda 1101 129. Zeh, Russell 1121 159. Zelten, Deborah 1111 77, 81, 82, 134. Zelten, Norbert 1121 76, 99, 104, 144, 159. Zemel, Ellen 1121 20, 26, 69, 75, 92, 159. Zentner, Mr. Carl 53. Zweck, Susan 1111. Zweifel, Jean 1111 134. Adviser: Mrs. Jan Kohls Editor: Lisa Lueder Copy Editor: Louise Randall Business Mgr.: Vicki Ciaglo Student Life editor: Vicki Ciaglo Mike Leikness Lori Austin Academics editor: Cindi Klement Bonnie Kutz Organizations editor: Kathy Carpentier Trisha Hruska Kathy Cox Athletics editor: Jan Foelker Bill Cossio Classes editor: Sandy Poeppel 19741 Tchogeerrah Staff Julie Stroeh Art editor: Jan Foelker Professional Photographer: Robert Horton High School Photo Adviser: Mr. Paul Raasoch Photographers: Tom Lueder John Kammer Brian Jones Doug Merriman Jay Mason J im Peterson Doug Smithback Don Heinz Terry .Yonash Scott Peterson Brent McWilliams Brian Haukom Burt Huber Joe Bauer Acknowledgements As the school year comes to a close, another edition of the Tchogeerrah has been completed. It seems impossible to me. The time passed so quickly. Next yearis edi- tor has already begun planning the 1975 Tchogeerrah. For the staff and myself, who could forget all the effort we put into setting up pictures, planning layouts, or try- ing to get the pages to the publisher on time? l have many people to thank for their help in the completion of this 57th edition. First I must thank the AAUW and the Kiwanis Club for their generous scholar- ships enabling me to attend a special jour- nalism clinic last summer. This year, as in the past 16 years, Mrs. Kohls taught the 19744 staff how to work together, write, and survive the many ordeals encountered in creating a yearbook. I must extend my thanks to Mr. Horton and to i'The Daily Unionw for their professional photographs. Another person who spent many hours in Mrs. Kohls' room was Sandy Poeppel. She involved herself not only with the entire classes sections and index pages but found time to help others when they fell behind. Also special thanks must be given to Cindi Klement, Tom Lueder, Louise Randall and Vicki Ciaglo for their extra help when they were frequently called upon to use their special talents. l've observed many aspects of student life in the last three years at FHS and have found that most people here are really moti- vated, interested and involved in their stud- ies, and especially in each other. l have come to believe what the author John Donne once wrote: "No man is an island, entire of itselfg every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the maing . . . any man's death diminishes me., because I am involved in mankind? Each person at FHS can fulfill his every hope and dream if he is willing to take the time to learn to care, to be involved. Lisa Lueder editor-in-chief 1974 Tchogeerrah 176 - Closing -g,'1'i45W'V"f""'H"'9Bre-'--:4..iT5bnii "" 'T ' ' W 'Kam-F . . v - vt ' uwaww iw-as J. .W V. n -- mi, -f - 5, was-rxfagg Wa, , ' Q' ., , V '- . A f , it . 1.1, 'lk 'Er M- e - ,ss..,., " Wf" 14 f , ,,r,' fa f " 5h 'ilE2-e 1 ,.,, ,m,.V,,,J gk , fi, , ,f. f 1 fn 5 J C 1 I 1 f w 4

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