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Fort Atkinson High School - Tchogeerrah Yearbook (Fort Atkinson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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X fWW2q7M9s ' 3 rom ATK TVCHQGIEIER INSON HIGH SCHOOL IRAIHI f ft firsfluifjf 'fe ' 4. ,im , 'M uf f fir 4, ' " 1-7 ' f'1"4'L uni Teacher Fruend . . . Counselor To the Students of Fort Hugh theur days un Junuor Hugh seem only a far memory when they funally graduate Part of theur memorues of school days wull always center around Mr Sundt When we thunk back to the days when we went to hum for our make up slups ut seems luke gust yesterday not a few years ago Besudes servung as pruncupal of Junuor Hugh Mr Sundt has also been the manual arts unstructor Whule we serve un Fort Hugh for only a few years Mr Sundt us a veteran He has not only been our teacher fruend and pruncupal but he also was our assustant football coach Although he no longer coaches we can stull pucture hum on the fueld wuth the rest of the boys at the bug game ln grateful apprecuatuon for all he has done and wuth heartfelt thanks we deducate the l953 Tchogeerrah to Arthur Sundt on hus twentueth annuversary of teachung un Fort Atkunson O I . J 0 w 1 ' I , . , . . , . . 1 1 ' 1 1 BUTUFIIIUI RICHARD W SLAVENS July 30 1934 June 7 1951 Even then though I walk through the vale of the shadow of death I wull fear no ev1I for Thou art wzth me Thy rod and Thy staff shall console me On graduotuon nught un the sprung of 1951 a member ofthe class of 1953 was fatally unuured un an accudent Now the class us graduatung and un our hearts Duck us stull by our sude and us graduatung along wuth us Duck was cu member of St Joseph s Catholuc Church and attended uts parochua school through the eughth grade We all entered nunth grade together and there became fruends In the two short years that Duck was wuth us un hugh school he always found tume for hus fruends un hus busy lufe Hus favorute pastume was doung mechanucal work ln hus sophomore year he represented the class on the track team O ' j, Q ziixt ' l 237' it I I , , 1 , , THE NEW SCHUUI. We, the student body and faculty are very happy to have this new addition to our school. For many years it has been our wish to have more room for our classes. Students and faculty alike, have been await- ing the opening of this building all year and on January thirty-first, the gym was opened for the first time. There are three floors in our new school. Above the second floor there is room for another floor if necessary for future use. Arrangements have been made for a band room to be built out on the front of the building in years to come and room was left in the basement for a swimming pool. a ' ' - 4 lk 5- Q! 91 ' il 0 f L uf ,, 4 1,954 .. in L5 , M' 5 Y 4 5,3 , Q xy - , V ew L, 4 '32 , ' fi A 5 an 4, Q "in wzKiW'?'4YA ' 'WP' . I A ' 7. "' . A F : N 'V 4 , 5- Q 'Q 2 9 'Y N Z 5? HDHINISTRHTION I JL 1 Y I 8 X fr,.f'1 :s55.7' J ,Sai The greatest compensation any school administrator can have is to see the boys and girls of his school system conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of the great investment made in public school education. I have confidence in the youth of our schools and l will do all in my power to see that they have the opportunities to develop to the fullest extent of their abilities. To our underclassmen I say, "Carry on to make our school the best." To our seniors, "We hold our graduating seniors in high esteem. Your splendid contributions are firmly woven into the fabric of your alma mater. Your influences follow you, thus making Nowhere outside of the United States could you have acquired them Your generation is an improvement over ours. It is your responsibility to see that the generation that follows you is likewise you a continuing part of F. H. S." and Best Wishes to you all." The School board for this past year consisted of five members: Mrs. Walker, Mr. Moore, Mr. Hein, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Knox. The students of Fort High appreciate the time and effort the school board has spent for our benefit. The experiences you have had here will live with you always. R. W. Hunsader 8 R. H. Shreve To you seniors we cannot say "Goodbye" but gust Good Luck FACULTY JOHN BATHA Biologyg Visual Aids, Conservation. Nature Boy-Stick to your frogs!!" ELAINE CATES Typing, Shorthondg Office Practiceg World Geography. 'A pretty girl is like a melodylm ETHEL BERG Freshman English. Never silent+never quieli Xvherever she is-there is a riot!" LOUISE CONVERSE Senior English, Library. "Patience is one of her virtues!" E. A. BERGEMANN Agriculturey F.F.A. "Old McDonald had a farm . . . I" FLORENCE DEVINE Homemaking. "Whatsoever a man 'seweth', that also shall he 'rip'." LOIS BLINK ' Algebrqf Consumers Mathematics, Annuiul Staff. ,"Fi,ve foot two, eyes of blue!" X - f 6 JEANNE DRUMMOND College Englishg English: I I Journalism, Cardinal Capers. "Smoke gets in her eyesllm X l ,sf s onnm BULL f . ' "5 ,, , rv . Citizenship, X, l Crank up the old car. Push it down the streetf' MARION EDWARDS Homemaking, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" TME5t IL... ...I 'i 4- "ro as un, nur ru at ' ,ihfhgfefglui llllll Q- X 75 ik 4. v'Y 7 L: gj' I S. .. mf ffl 9 . uit ..,,,. -ual Im IEA 3' . -4 g. r 'f ii rf . LE l. F ' Ameri roble - World History "Say, I hear ood ioke over thq, nd-!" so fMITH Conservation? Mathematics 9. "Come pn now, letsfbe ,qfaieff , J 'yi ' i ILAURA GRAPER I I Q Spanishg Lating Guidance. "A friend in need is a friend indeed." MARJORIE EMERSON Art. "Prelty as a 'picture'I" ALVIN HANK Coachf Physical Education. "He's got an 'athIele's' foot!" JOHN EULBERG Junior High Mathemalicsp Assistant Football Coach. "The life of the party!! JAMES HYER Conservationg Mathematics 9. "lt pays to be conservative!" ORMAY FREYE School Nurse. "Always willing to lend a helping hand!" DAVID JONES American History, Driver's Training, Coach. "A 'particular type' of guy!" MARGINE FRYE Speech, College Englishg Forensicsg Dramaticsg Drama Club. "A streamlined cannonbalII!" JOHN KAMMER Typing, Office Practiceg Shorthandg World Geography. A champion in every respect. ,, - s ,Q E . vb FL Seated: Eileen Stevens, Roger Lalk, Sally Zaspel. First Row: Miss Wagner, Janice Tutton, Judy Hanson, Carol Severson, Betty Baker, Angeline Rahn, Beverly Sleaver, Mr. Shreve. Second Row: Joyce Weckler, Evelyn Lehr, Sue Blevin, Mary Mueller, Mary Ramsey, Almayrene Hacht, Ginger Hummel, Beverly Hartwig. Third Row: Gene Heth, Ruth Knilans, Mari- lyn Swanson, Terry Rose, Carol Meier, Tom Beckman, Sylvia Speer, Don Krause, Marilyn Gess, Judy Burns, Shirley Sonnen- schein, Ed Plechaty. STUDENT CUUNCII. The method of organization of the Student Council was different this year. One repre- sentative was chosen from each home room, making a much larger group than ever before. With Mr. Shreve as their advisor, the council elected Roger Lalk to serve as president, Eileen Stevens as vice president, and Sally Zaspel as secretary and treasurer. One of the first proiects on their list was to plan a noon hour program. Mr. Wade served as noon recreation director for the year. With his help, teams were divided up for touch foot- ball, archery and horseshoes. During the winter months, checkers and chess were played in the main room. Another important task of the council was planning the homecoming parade which proved to be a great success. Everyone had a ringing good time at the Student Council's "Bell Hop." lEveryone was required to wear a bell to gain admission.l As the Tchogeerrah now goes to press we are about to move into the new addition which will present many more problems before the council. YUU TH The Youth Council started their year by electing new and very capable officers. They are Kathy Shook, president, Mary Ann Nowak, vice president, Dan O'Brien, treasurer, and Lou Ann Behrend, secretary. The council was under the leadership of their capable and co-opera- tive advisor, Mr. Herdendorf. Helping in the November election was one of their activities of the year. On January 3 they sponsored a community formal which was a huge success. 60UN6ll. The group put on a March of Dimes dance with proceeds going to the March of Dimes Fund. Representatives of the organization were sent to the District Youth Conference at Monroe and the State Conference at Madison. One of the main purposes for sending these people was to teach them how to better the community. The Youth Council, hoping to see their dream of a youth center come true, is continually helping the community. Seated: Mary Ann Nowak, Kathy Shook, Lou Ann Behrend. First Row: Jim Gessl,Sharon Rieck, Judy Fry, Shirley Arndt, Harlene Blazel, Janice Fingel, Duane Riggs, Mr. Herdendorf. Second Row: Judy Hanson, Ellen Warnke, Lynn Prange, Cynthia Baker, Avis Severude, Bonnie Jockowitz, Myrna Moore, Darlene Halverson. Third Row: Bill Knilans, Gene Heth, Verna Nadig, Geri Warner, Barbara Derlein, Shirley Sonnenschein, Donna Barfknecht, Thelma Manz, Irene Sandvald, Jane Ann McMicken, Tom Mason, Douglas Vogel. M1095 J.H 'V' munlty "mm D A R CITIZENSHIP AWARD Mnss Joan Ehlers was chosen to recelve the Daughters ofthe Amerucan Revolutnon Cntuzenshlp Award thus year She has been actuve un many school actuvltues durmg her three years an Sensor Hugh and besudes keepung good grades had also been achve an her church and com CLASS SCHULASTIC LEADERS GENE HETH RONALD OTT LOU ANN BEHREND JOAN EHLERS CAROL SEVERSON CYNTHIA MOE MARILYN GESS BARBARA DERLEIN ROBERT KNILANS DONALD KRAUSE BADGER S TA TE REPRFSENTA TIVES Fave members of the class of 53 were chosen by the faculty to attend Badger State last summer Lou Ann Behrend attended the I952 sesslon of Gurls State on the Unlverslty of Wlsconsm campus whlle Bob Kmlans Gene Heth John Hanson and John Stelnke traveled to the Rnpon College campus for Boys State The Badger State sessnons are sponsored by the American Legion and nts Auxuluary for outstanding hugh school lunlors The youth Ilve together and practuce all phases of democracy for a week They hold offlces from local to state levels and they do all their own campalgn Ing and electnng lx JIM GESSL JOANNE WECKLER JOHN STEINKE JOANNE BIENFANG GLENN WEIST CAROLINE MILLER ROY PREUNINGER SHIRLEY BEISCHEL SYLVIA SPEER ADELINE MILLER fr' .-...-.-g I I O f . . yi ki! ' . it This 1 . . , ' I ,i I I . ' , it 3 DALE L. AMACHER September 8 "Dale" "Here comes Dale with his shambling gait, He doesn't hurry, but he won't be late!!" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN BEHM January 8 "Beamer" "She learns to live and lives to learn." Press Club 3, F.B.l..A. Secretary 2, 3, Vice-President 4 Librarian 4, Student Secretary 4. ORRIN DEAN AUSTIN January 20 "Or" "There are few with black curly hair, so boys like Orrie are mighty rare." Prom 3, Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Intramurals 3. LOU ANN BEHREND September 27 "Louie" "Quiet? Maybe. Shy? Innocent? Pshaw! Not with that twinkle in her eye." Tchogeerrah Staff I, 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, Redskins 2, 3, 4, Youth Council 2, 3, Secretary 4, Masque and Gavel Club 3, 4, Forensics I, 2, 4, Prom Chairman 3, Prom Queen 3, G.A.A. 2, Badger State 3, Choir 2, Librarian 3, 4, Mass Choir 4, Class Play 4. JOHN E. BATEMAN JR. March 8 "Choo-Choo" "None but himself could be his parallel." Band 2, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Golf I, 2, Intramurals 2, 3. SHIRLEY ANN BEISCHEL May 24 "Why take lite so seriously?-I don't!" Tchogeerrah Staff 2, Prom 3, Choir 4. TOM J. BECKMAN June IO "Irv" "lt's such a serious thing to be a tall, tall, man." Student Council 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F Club 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. MARIANNE BENDIG May I2 "A blonde with lots at zip and go." Tchogeerrah Staff 3, Press Club 4, Student Secretary 3, 4, Prom 3. 19 I F.H.A. 2, Parliamentarian 3, President 4, Prom 3, NANCIE LEE BICKSLER June 28 "Bicllie" "Ohl Girls, listen!" I F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, c.A.A. 2, librarian 3. BARBARA BOESE August 8 "Barbie" "A simple maid and friendly too!" Tchogeerrah Staff l, 2, Music Festival 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, Forensics l, 2, 3, 4, Student Secretary 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, Class Secretary 2. NANCIE LOU BIELEFELDT March 4 "Beetle" "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do l." Tchogeerrah Staff 3, Press Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Secretary 4, Dramatics Club 3, Librarian l, Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. SANDRA DAHMS February 2 "Sandy" "Silence is golden, give me five cents, please." G.A.A. 3. JOANNE BIENFANG September 19 "Joanie" "So sweet, so fair, and on the square." Press Club 3, 4, Music Festival l, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Forensics 2, Student Secre- tary 3, 4, Class Play 4. DAVID CHARLES DAILEY August l7 "Sometimes I sit and think, other times l iust sit." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4. HARLOW BLOCK February 2l "Hugo" "They say he is a quiet lad, Nothing at all about him bad." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Football I, 3, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4. DELORES DALLMAN April l5 'tDolly" "What sweet delight a quiet heart affords." Choir 3. 20 fr' "U-, Q hi ,X 'Y-'tr E A BARBARA A DERLEIN November I8 Bobs S es not a flower or a pearl but lust on all around popular girl in Club 2 s ins 4 Youth uncnl 4 Librarian 3 4 Spanish u ff' A CAROLINE FETTERER September 3 Ca ol "Dream girl on wheels." ee Club l, . .A. , . . . 3, Prom , oir 2, , Class Play 4. ROBERT G. DRAEGER October 5 "Bob" "When I have nothing else to do evenings, I study." F.F.A, l, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Football l, 2, Intramurals 3, 4. HOWARD A. FINK December 29 "Just wait till I get in the movies, Robert Taylor will lose his iob." Music Festival 3, F.F.A. I, 2, , 4, Choir 3, 4. JULIET DOT EDMUNDSON June I4 "Dottie" "Life without laughing is o dreary blank!" Press Club 3, Prom 3, Student Secretary 3, Choir 4, Cheerleader I, 3. JERRY C FLECK January 3l er "Good natured, good looking, Behind those eyes, what's cooking?" F.F.A. l, 2, Reporter 3, 4, Baseball 3, Intramurals JOAN B. EHLERS June 20 'Joaniei' "The good die young,-l'm feeling fine!!" Tchogeerrah Staff 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Music Festival 2, Glee Club I, Redskins 2, Treasurer 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, Student Council 3, Masque and Gavel Club 3, President 4, Forensics I, 3, 4, Prom 3, Choir 2, Class Play 4. CHARLES J. FRANK August 5 'Short' "There's mischief in this man!" Football 3 4 Track 2 Intramurals 3 4 Prom 3 by T..-of 'Y in-nf Ti .r ,es vvx 'J PATRICIA A. FREEMAN August I5 "Put" "She was just a quiet kind whose nature never varied. Band I, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Choir JAMES J. GESSL December 2l "Jim" "A football star-at least he's always out at night!" Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Band I, 2, 3, Music Festival I, 2, 3, Youth Council 4, Prom Co-chairman 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Class Play 4 JOHN FRY January I8 "Claw" "Why should the devil have all the good times?" Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Intra- murals 3, 4. DONALD C. GILKEY April Pirate One cannot know everything Band M B 3 4 Music Festlv 4 Student Cou i Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3. GARY GEBHARDT October I2 "Gebby" "lt's love that makes the world go round, Oh, how fast it's spinning." Prom 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3. ALLAN D. GRIESMER August I3 "Smear" "A team manager who's as popular as a star." Transferred from Lake Mills 2, Press Club 4, Band I, Music Festival I, Football I, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Track Manager 2, Baseball Manager 3, Intramurals 2, F Club 2, 3, 4. MARILYN A. GESS March 4 "Lefty" "Can it be possible? l'm here on time and nothing forgotten!" Tchogeerrah Staff 3, 4, Press Club 4, Music Festival 2, 3, Redskins 2, 3, President 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Student Council 3, 4, Prom 3, Choir Treasurer 2, 3, Class Treasurer 3, Class Play 4. DIANE B. GUTREUTER January 20 "Di' Wouldnt life be dull if somebody didnt brighten it up?" F.H.A. 4, Prom 3. Tchogeerrah Staff 2, Press Club 3, 4, Glee Club I, JOHN HANSON September 6 "Doc" "I'm a regular heartebreaker, I am! I am!" Latin Club 2, Prom 3, Badger State 3, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis I, Golf 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, DAWN D. JENSEN September 'I4 "Jenny" As lolly a girl as youll ever meet. G.A.A. 2, 3, Vice-President 4. JOAN K. HEILMEIER September "The cautious never err," Glee Club I, F.B.L.A. 4. SHIRLEY ANN JOHNSON April 2 "John" "Away with the books, lets have some fun. Glee Club I, G.A.A. 2, 4, Forensics l, Prom 3, Student Secretary 3, Choir 3, 4, Cheerleader I, Pep Club I, Class Treasurer 2, Class Play 4. GENE A. HETH March 24 "J.O." "He's a star athlete and a desirable escort." latin Club 2, Band I, 2, Music Festival I, 2, Student Council 4, Youth Council President 3, 4, Badger State 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, Tennis I. SHIRLEY A. JUNG May 17 t'Junker" "Everybody's friend, nobody's enemy." Press Club 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Forensics 2, 3, 4: PYOYI1 3, Choir 4, ALVIN R HINRICKS J 31 I are do all that becomes a man who dares do more is none Transferred from Cambridge 2 Press Club 2 3 Band Glee C ub 3 Masque and Gavel Club I I rarian i 2 3 Histo ical Soc: DOROTHY ANN KAKUSCHKE Aril 9 " 0" "Quiet, unassuming, and thoughtful. F,B.L.A. 4, F.H.A. 3, Choir 4. ORMA .IEAN KAKUSCHKY May ll "Jeanie" "Curfew must not ring tonight." F.H.A. J, Choir 3. CLAUDE KRAUS March 24 "Bub Why worry? Things happen anyway. F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ROBERT E. KNILANS February 7 "Whitey" "A good friend and full of pep, To keep up with him, you sure have to step." Latin Club 2, Band I, 2, Music Festival I, 2, Prom 3, Badger State 3, Football Manager 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Class President 4. DELORES M. KRAUS September 28 "Sherrie "She's one person who'd like gym five times a week." Tchogeerrah Staff 4, Glee Club I. LLOYD PRESTON KNOEPFEL September 28 Knothole Small, but so is a stuck ol dynamitel Football I, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F Club 2, 3, 4, Class President l. DONALD C. KRAUSE April 6 Don "Life is a pleasant institution, Let us take it as it comes." Press Club 4, Student Council 4, Intramurals 2. STANLEY KOCH March I2 "Garbage" ld rather hug a prgskm than anything I know." Football 2, 3, 4, Track I, 3, F Club 3, 4. RICHARD A. KRAUSE December 9 "Crop "Life is a waste of wearisome hours." Football 2, 3, 4, Choir Manager 4. RUTH MARIE KRAUSE November 23 "Ruthie" Shed trade some of her fun for a little sleep. F.I'l.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2. ROGER W. I.AI.K February I6 i'WIlI" "A dash to his little blue car is his dash to freedom." Latin Club Vice-President 2, Band I, 2, 3, Manager 4, Mass Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council President 4, Prom 3, Choir 2, 3, Track I, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer I, Class Play 4, Tchogeerrah Staff 4. FLORENCE E. KUBE January I2 "FIossy" "A ring on the finger is better than two on the phone." Music Festival 3, Glee Club I, F.B.I..A. 4, F.H.A. 3, Choir 2, 3. DONNA JEAN LANIEI. October 3 "Donnie" "Gladest words of song and pen, Tonight there is a dance again." Tchogeerrah Staff 2, Press Club 3, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, G.A.A. 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, 4. JOHN E. KURTZ July 27 "Dusty" "He oft hath burned the midnight oil, But not to study." Spanish Club 2, 3, Prom 3, Volleyball 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Gall 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Class Play 4. BARBARA ANN LEHR .lune 30 "Barb' "To laugh and chatter, yes, that is lite." Band 3, 4, Music Festival 3, F.B.l.A. 2, G.A.A. 4 Choir 2. GERALD H. LAATSCH May 4 "Peter" "He knows what he knows and what he doesn't know, he'lI soon find out." Iland I, 2, 3, 4, Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Prom King 3, Football I, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND R. LIPPERER October II "Ray' "When I said I would die a bachelor, I didn't think I would live till I loved." F.F-A. I, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. Gil? 'nw "..-:fm GLORIA LEE LOHMAIER APYII 23 "Hi low" "At al I laugh, he laughs, no doubt, The difference is, I dare laugh out." PYCSS Club I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Forensics I, 2, 3, Class Play 4. JEANIE A. METZKER July 20 "Jeanie' "The question whose solution I require, ls, Which boy do I really most admire?" F.H.A. 3, 4. RICHARD B. MARSHALL January I "Dick" "Arise with a lark, but avoid larks in the evening." Press Club 3, Spanish Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, Bas- ketball Manager 3, Track I, Manager 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. ADELINE E. MILLER March I7 She is never seen wearing a frown. Choir 4, Prom 3. DONALD C. MATHEWS February 26 "Dan" "Occasionally within my brain I gently think a thought." Transferred from Jefferson 2, Football I, 2, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. CAROLINE L. MILLER March I7 "She is too agreeable to make an enemy." Choir 4, Prom 3. CAROL JEAN MESKE June 22 "She's late to bed, and hates to rise." Glee Club I, F.H.A. 3, G.A.A. 2, Forensics I, 2. RICHARD MITTELSTADT September I2 Dock l can study my books at anytime For they are always disengaged Spanish Club 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. 26 17" CYNTHIA ELLEN MOE April 30 "BIN" "She's strickly a woman, chatter, chatter, chatter." Tchogeerrah Staff 2, 3, Press Club 3, Latin Club 2: Redskins 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Drwvwtirs Club 3. 4: Forensics 3, Prom 3, Choir 3, Debate 2, Class Play 4. ROBERT NOVAK December I'l "Bob "He's such a shy chap until you get to know him." Press Club 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Music Festival I, 2 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Football I, 2, 3 Track 2, 3, F Club 3, 4, Class Play 4. VERNA JUNE NADIG June 26 "She's neither a sinner nor a saint, You can't make her what she ain't." Tchogeerrah Staff 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Redskins 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Youth Council 4, Dramatics Club 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Prom 3, Class Play 4. SHIRLEY JEAN OLSON January I8 'iTaty Bug "I'm so-o-o busy." F.H.A, 2, 3, Student Secretary 3. BARBARA NELSON September II "Barb" i'Her circle of friendship will ever grow, For she's the kind of girl it's nice to know," Transferred from Rack Island, Illinois 4, Glee Club I, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Student Council I, Class Play 'l, Librarian I, Student Secretary 4, Volleyball 3. RONALD L. OTT June 4 "Otto' "A quiet manner often hides the active mind." Latin Club 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Intra murals 2, F Club 3, 4. LEONARD R. NELSON April 22 'iLen" "One's studies do so terribly interfere with the regular high school course." Band I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4. ROGER D. PETERSON August I4 "Bvz1' "Here'5 Q boy who gets around, known by the girls in neighboring towns." Press Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, lntra murals 2, 3. 27 Y DAVID PHEIFER May 25 Dave lm not afraid of work I can go to sleep right beside rt Transferred from Jefferson 2 FFA I 2 3 4 ln ra murals I HAROLD M. RADLOFF December 30 "RGB" "Who says I don't like ladies?" Press Club 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club I, 2, Choir 4, Volleyball 3. EDWARD J. PLECHATY July I8 "Plow Boy" "Daytime I am too busy to worry, at night I am too sleepy." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. LORENE LOIS REINHARD November I2 "Lorie" "What would life be without a happy giggling youth." Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Redskins 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, 3, Head of Art Department 4, Class Play 4. CAROL ANN POOLE December 25 "Experience is a good teacher, But charges like a specialist." Transferred from Jefferson 3 F H A 2 4 Student Sec retary 4, G.A.A. I, 3, Tumbling Club I, Pep Club I, 2. DONNA MARIE ROHLOFF September 24 How weak a thing the heart of a woman is! Tchogeerrah Staff 3, 4, Music Festival 3, 4, Glee Club l, F.B.L.A. President 3, President 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Prom 3, Student Secretary 3, 4, Chair 2, 3, 4, Mass Choir 4. ROY JOHN PREUNINGER February I6 "Sober as a iudge." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 4. GERALD E. SCHEIWE January T2 "Jerry" "l've always liked school, at least the vacation part." Baseball 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. 28 JANE MARLYS SCHEPPERT March 23 "Jitters" l m so happy and so tree, Lite is all a joke to me." Press Club 35 Band l, 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 35 F.H.A. 35 G.A.A. 3, Prom 3, Student Secretary 3. SHIRLEY ANN SONNENSCHEIN September 24 "Sunshine" "With her hands upon the keys, She will play what ere you please." Tchogeerrah Staff 35 Press Club 35 Band 3, 45 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 35 F.H.A. 35 G.A.A. 35 i Student Council 45 Youth Council 45 Dramatics 45 Stu- dent Secretary 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Mass Choir 3, 4. MARY CATHERINE SCHROEDL Ulady, why for you talk so much?" Press Club 3, 45 Music Festival 45 F.B.l..A. 3, 45 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Prom 35 librarian lg Choir 4. SYLVIA R. SPEER March 29 "Syl" "Who ever mixed reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth." Latin Club 25 Band l, 2, 3, President 45 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 45 Redskins 2, 3, 45 Student Council l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Prom 3. CAROL MARY SEVERSON December I8 "Hair of blond, eyes of blue, All that and a man too." Latin Club 25 Glee Club lg Redskins 2, Vice-President 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Prom 35 Student Secretary 35 Class Vice-President 35 Class Play 4. CAROL M. STECKBAUER July t7 "This is a happy life, for those who think it so." Press Club 3, 45 Glee Club lg F.B.l.A. 3, 45 F.H,A. 3, 45 Student Secretary 35 Choir 2. WILLIAM L. SLEAVER March 9 "Bill" Willie has a will, but will he?" Football l, 2, 35 Track 25 Baseball 45 Intramurals 3. JOHN STEINKE January 30 "Argue and argue, early and late, If a line were crooked he'd argue it straight." Press Club 35 latin Club 25 Forensics 25 Badger State 35 Choir 45 Football 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 F Club 3, 45 Class Play 4. w Q Ka' C7 EILEEN E. STEVENS July 23 "Leenie" "She has two eyes so soft and alluring. Take Care!" Glee Club Secretary I5 Music Festival 45 Redskins 3, Secretary 45 F.B.L.A. 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil Vice-President 45 Youth Council 25 Prom 35 Student Secretary 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Mass Choir 4. ROGER LEE UMLAND August I2 UI-EO' "Never a harsh word-but always talking." Dramatics Club 35 Choir 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 lntra murals I, 2, 3, 45 F Club 3, 4. -3 JACK STEVENS March I5 "Jacko" "Don't try to convince me, I have my own ideas." nd I u i es iva F I, 2, 3, 45 Prom 35 Volleyball 35 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. GERALD K. VAIL December I7 "Jerry' "Let him go hunting and he's satisfied." Press Club 35 F.F.A. I, 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 Volleyball 35 Basketball Manager 45 Track 'l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 F Club 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 3. NORMA JEAN TELFER January 2 "Red" "She lives from mail call to male call." Band I5 F.H.A. 3, Treasurer 45 Prom 35 Librarian 3. DAVID A. WAGNER November 25 "Mouse "No use have I for the girls. They scare me when they shake their curls." Spanish Club 45 Intramurals I, 2. NANCY LYNNE UHERR January 3 "None" If I loved less, ld be happier. Tchogeerrah Staff 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Glee Club I5 Redskins 2, 3, 45 Prom 35 Debate 25 Class Play 4. DELBERT G. WANDSCHNEIDER January 29 "Louie So long as what might have been isnt why worry your head about nt? Press Club 3 Student Secretary 2 Intramurals I JACQUELYN MARIE WASHELE SKY November Jackie "We grant she has great wit, Nor is she shy when using it." Press Club 3, 45 G.A.A. 35 Redskins 3, 45 Dramatics Club 35 Vice-President 45 Forensics 2, 45 Student Secre- tary 3, 45 Choir 35 Class Play 4. DAVE WOLLET December 23 "Pike" "He's a whiz onthe green5 he's a whiz onthe court, When you see him play ball, you know he's from Fort. Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 25 Intramurals 35 F Club 2, 3, President 45 Class Presi- dent 2. JOAN WECKLER June 2l "Joannie" "She's here, I heard the giggle." F.B.L.B. President 2, Secretary and Treasurer 35 Secre- tary 45 F.H.A, 2, Vice-President 3, Vice-President 45 G.A.A. 3, President 45 Prom 35 Student Secretary 3, 4. DONALD WURTZLER April 5 "Don" "Everybody else worries, so he's different." Basketball l, 25 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. GLENN E. welsr July 3l "Never a care, never in a hurry, Just one girl is his only worry." Youth Council 2, 35 Football l, 25 Golf l, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-President l, 4. THERESA H. YAEGGI October l3 "Terry" "Somewhat livelier than her mother thinks her." Music Festival 35 F.B.L.A. 45 F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. 35 Forensics 25 Class Play 45 Librarian lg Student Secre- tary 35 Choir 3, Secretary and Treasurer 45 Mass Choir 45 Cheerleader l5 Pep Club 4. JOYCE MAE WENDT September 30 "She isn't very big, but she's all there-." Transferred from Milwaukee 35 Librarian 2. FRANK ZECHEL March 5 "Hank" "Modest, quiet, and reserved is he, Though iolliest of friends he can be." Football l, 2, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 3, 45 F Club l, 2, 3 Vice-President 45 Class Vice-President l. ORION J. BRUNK September 6 "lf school is liberty, give me death." Transferred from Kenosha 25 Press Club 3, 45 Tchogeerrah Staff 35 F.F.A. 45 Masque and Gavel Club 3, 45 Prom 35 Basketball 25 Baseball 25 Intra- murals 25 Class President 3. JACK JOHNSTON FRED F. SHOLTES May 30 "Johnny" August 4 "Oh, why should lite all labor be?" Transferred from Arlington Heights, Ill. "These women, they tire me out." Transferred from St. John's 45 Student Band l, 25 F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Librarian 2. Council l, 25 Crew 35 Boxing 35 Volley- ball 25 Football ly Basketball l. We will never forget Mr Hunsader who gave his time and his interest so unselflshly to our class He has been our class adviser for the three years that we have been in Senior High and has made our problems his problems Now as we see our graduation day approaching we give him the many thanks that he has so long deserved and so seldom received His assistance and wise guidance helped to ease the problems of prom and also helped to make it and our many other activities the successes they were Mr Hunsader has been our guiding light for the last three years and he will always be a main part of our memories of Senior High SENIUR CLASS HISTORY Just think graduation day is here at last Doesn t seem like we ve been together for four years does it? lll always remember all the fun we ve had and some hard work that we ve done too Now we are prepared to meet the world with a much more serious outlook This last year certainly has flown hasnt it'9 With Whitey as president Glenn vice president Gessl secretary and Dusty hand ling the money we did all right We certainly struggled under that new schedule I thought we d never catch on to those x and z periods Remember when Lou Ann was always going to her fourth hour class on Tuesday lust because we were following Wednesday s schedule For J about two weeks we wondered who was the Homecoming queen That night Theresa was crowned by co captains JO Heth and John Fry Joanne Ehlers and Jane Scheppert were her pretty senior attendants And we won the game that night tool Wasnt the class play and the whole cast would have everyone rolling in the aisles with laughter lt sure was a lot of hard work though I thought that Joanne Ehlers surely deserved the DAR award didnt you? Dont think I ll ever forget our Junior Prom lll See You In My Dreams on May 9th Lou Ann Behrend and Jvm Gessl were good chair ' I - , , , . .. . . . funny? I thought Joanie Bienfang as Laurie I I I i ' . I , , . 52 . men, helping all of us to do something towards its big success. I can still picture 'King Peter' and lovely Lou Ann leading the big grand march. Who were the guys who were sent to Badger Boys' State? Oh, yes, Hanson, 'Whitey', Steinke, and 'JO', and Lou Ann went to Badger Girls' State. They say it was really a worth- while experience. Orion, as president, finally got us to decorate a Homecoming float, didn't he? Our theme was 'Operation Killer', and we won second prize too! Got a free bus ride and ticket to the Stoughton game. Let's see, Carol Severson was vice-president that year, Jerry Vail secretary, and Marilyn Gess, treasurer. "We were kinda scared sophomores when we came to big Senior High, weren't we? But with Mr. Hunsader as our adviser, we came through with flying colors. Doesn't seem now as if too much happened, but we were busy. First of all we elected Dave Wollet as president, Frank Zeckel, vice-president, Barbara Boese, secretary, and Shirley Johnson, treasurer. It was our first year to have a voice in Student Council and to join other various organizations. Of course, we entered a float in the Homecom- ing parade, and wasn't that the night when Wollet scored a touchdown in the last few moments of the game to make us the winners? Boy, were we proud of him, lust like we were of all our other athletes. Remember when we were little freshmen back in Emery Junior High? Ah, yes, those were the good old days! Now let's see- 'twas so long ago l can hardly remember, but I think I can recollect Lloyd Knoepfel leading our class meetings, Glenn Weist as vice president, and Roger lalk running after class dues. Mr. Mer- riman was our adviser. Oh, yes, can't forget that class party when Sylvia got 'JO' to dance! 'We'll Sail to Victory on the Crimson Tide' is a slogan that'll always remain close to our hearts, isn't it? We got first prize for using it on our Homecoming float. Just think, this happened only four years ago. Does it seem like it?" 'HW xv WQOQQ -E3 Us E05-Sm 0,03 Bao: 20902 U C V- EOE U5 3 CU:-GU W CO3 OCOXCU m U: ECU -Ol MUCOH LE UE uc :Un 2 I -2653 X0 33 U CIW U-Sam 0 B C: 5:59. ra O 0 QOUQ was 0 UQ Om: L 8 CCH U: Um E B: O5 uv- XE ERWUCUE 0: -Om O ke-cm C L EAU 0 mam Ugg 0 Bi E005 -gan 0: 56:01 O5 TUE 04:01 -E :QED 0:2301- -UUDC O z 20: UCOXCU X2-oo E A S8-UEOEOL V-UO m :O as K- Oi w Egwmbzf LS W UE UL ECDC? V-UCS mc ,UD mm E XUWEDK :UL U :O U OEEOQ C032 EO-I Dam-UN Dm L Em E OP-Q 32, gm 5 UU UE:-SI am: O u E3 E :UO mmso LE :SE 0-I 0 CCON- XVU-U UE U2 605 4 E-.SOD 0:3 Um :UND OL CDU :UU 0:3 D-H0520 SEED-Q -E 903 Dm :Z ECW nam waE0! yvunm ,gsm U Om Us 3 L CL Y-UU A L Ur use Q CKOLU as 0 UC-OBE X 30 5 Q S 9-UE m CCD Um U 305- 50 U my-wet :oh 5 :Eg- ou L Ur ,ULU 3 -Bohm ho wean M-go! D Co mon FEE 4 L m 8 O, m ODE: 30: ULU :ES A -OED: YS -one :OC E6 C 0:05- E D39 mC 32 :U 0, -0:0 30:30 m A- Um :Ox 4 I L mm: get gc: UOOm CDEO3 L Z ,UZ X-:Og 0 Em xmwg L Us -U L 25: V-O03 HEC: Bi U 50 V-XUPAOE U mm m 3 :U :ga W U3 :- SOP-m .0 UD am UV- UEOL ,C E-OU :Z :NS U Uwe rm Z 3:0-O L OC E P-0:3 CS-ari C LU -53205 UPU? 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E V-L03 mc 303 EDU: Un O Us O2 0: 5 V 8 D mc X, ,ULU XE CO-501 0:0 Q 32103 D 3 XE 0 E C220 :Um ,C CD9 Un 9-an 0 ROME 20 SU, D to MSO: COO: S CEU-6 U L m LO m MEN DO-E E4 v CEO: 0 mm m 0 LU O13 :UO as 0:5 Siam C :QE 00:3 325 3 U Q :E -uO0m 3:00 fo? wg Bam CO3 :Sm 3 ENE mr-on-3 355 0 330: Oor-um mc an in m CE CU 5-1- avnm U X, xw E205 :OU N :Orig Dau in U3 53- Sgx OE-O U zu- EO- L2 UF E502 En-NOC! PQ: C U an L-.Um E20 W V-V05 :W UQ 0:5 Ogg! :OD :EEO USC-um OE UI CD2 :CEU Um P-:OH EO! :D w X: O COO 2:0-Q g Dx V-Uo m 30 EI -amaze V-U D 0552 V-U O : D522-COW Ng B LW mama, DEEP: D 3. 35:02 E as :O UCC D 'CU cv- X0 is :Om UZ A-Um 3 Dim ww L SEUSJUX xc SOD rg m X-C2 1: U- H0301 :DEV-an EOF OSS! V-V D Ezvm N6 L rm ELC Um 0:22 gg! USO M5 V- 3 amen m -UUZ 050, :Oo Cx as :Q Im :UO-I -ocwium 1:4 :Ol- -agz :CUZ :O L01 EEOC E-U E3 :HOG 0 O3 SUD E3 D-an V-CU-L 3 -ULU 5 Joys :DOH COW O N3 L :W 2:3 OCCOD -Dalguw DCO.- COME Wm mam C023 C3-UD E242 i I - h - I m - 5 : W- m - H D- -V - I h m Z . W - :DI E: E mczzcx - mm W W -G O h - AS --2 - 5 - h:m M B 'Ed Tm - m u I Orin D v - I G G e O 8 I - - M O 5 mv - W U : m - - I--am: - M U h N, h nv A 5 G O - : M M e WZ-mrcm M : Q I A W - - W m W 3 I -2 -W h .B W : - h u - G W :M : h . 5 M h W - : h h D A- M: 5 . : 5 G h z - m : - - I W I . A . . Q G m BV- I :U : M 6 u 5 W W I -W M: M M m . M M 2 Q W V- me 2 A - a 5 : - h . m : I h 5 - - : 3 : : FE-bm .LE V-con CE-ocouv :imma -E-hoo E N--2 - :DE 9-BZ -ECU I m - - I W M - G m - Z : L kj - 6 G U :J - - 1 mst -U N2 - G 7 I Sm Q - - I J I u - - I h L I Ev Q G xv - . m 1 W mmm h U . 1 V lm Z - -V W I Q m - N a my M h - M :W W - N - tm 0 - I I t - - - 5 N - m W : .L : . 2 U I co ' -1 - 5 I I Z h M - I - I G :E - - W W U m I -- G V- I . h V - V no-Z: - : m V: u I - - W M : : I w,: - - 2 hz a - - G M D - W I J E V- -:Q Z - h - - U - - 5 m z M - U I Z - : - h : 5 A E . - no- mt O h W W W U - m M 5 5, 2 : 8 . u - M oh - - - - - W I L O Us-on O ED CV- D3 ual E0 L 50m C0251 ru:-. 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OC mC Ou R00 w 5:0 c C10 GO DO XE .C U30 E: w C E 5 2-W O 3 V-V2 :OOD E05 Q0 is-C XE 0 LOL 3 OC mC L3 U30 O E xiao: Un 0 02 E30 L20 is XE 0, hu O :CE U: 3000: C26 0-D g m0-U XE :HOL-m0 0,3 E52 0: OE EEE? Ona-on CONE On O UQ A m 0330: 8-UE O wax:- 1 am XE 5-A V-902 com C 34 C :O :UO E H Lv U:-:OA O LO O as Um UC OEU :Og-UI -EO-4 U02 C L FAU 9.35 Q C52 CO:-L2 X0 B rm COG-nyc:--vow OD U, in-2 U23 EU 2 :U D U U u U :CUZ New Dm ,U B gm mg-4 X0 L :W L0:mU? -U ,Oo O U E-Oz K-0:Ue-00 W CEU YEOEUW TUE L22-RA MACK :ar UE COO 5,00 w Q X Ugg l uw 2: D W ELO., Bu 2:-:E-U? UQ at U A- SCD Ei U2 CO2 92:3-U! EEO CUEOU: ol -gag Sig L0 2 U: OLUU L0 E 0: Uuq SE: so :C 4 E :U Q CF-DZ CUE UQ M20 00 ?-EBDO ECO 200m nam CO 2:2 V-U .4 mv 00m U OSU Eu E I C , 4 m gsm Us-U Ei 565:54 U OD LD N -:ag :OD :O 'Ez u Oar Em: -get XOR 2-:N H-:SL 0,6 :um 4:55 N S! C305 ,fs 0:62, 0 V-MCH V-Cam COMBO 0: U-so 0 Ea O N242 7 I t U h 5 W : :mm - : . z G I W -or m - A4 mc - : - :E 2 : J mf - M 3 Q M . W Y - h W W - me E Q : : , 'V - Z 2 Z 5 h I . - 5 G 5 1 m 3 u W UE EE E u h Q, I co - - OE of -W . mm m M K - W : :Z - W It u : z 5 U- my M . m 0 0 : . 0 3 - W W Q . r W 5 m m -V - -1 5 - M - -m u u I or 2 I G Z H m -m I : - - - L2 S Z Q m : E E M m - 0 : . W 5 D 5 Z - m L3 m :D 5 : W 5- - Q W 5 - - t M - . W V M: h 2 F - E h I A w - E U -S W m . A m 5 ' .E M 5 - E : h F U W t M 5 - - W m : m D : . N u N 4 N N E W 2 W A N M a W m - no-USE Em? CUE U W-:Img 'Vamp-X ho amncoe 9-En: cg-UZ 20:03 2 Z W 2: W m - - W 5 2 M U - E W 5 h WD - - u h - W - D W my I mo I: X . Q W W U u . . I - Z-: 5:2-:U n 5 E W- m h - a M h - I C I :W I :EI :Z O . . .mm O . : - -- O - m - 4 4 - W - Z Q U - E : - E O J : - D Q . . . l 5 E . E , X zo m V-2:2 : my Q a C A E: - 0: Q . E Q 3 - - O: 6 5 me 2: cm . - M . M M J - -U if u M 2 W h - J J - - m - : 1 - Q - - 3 - 0 u . - - u 6 - 3 U h m mm W h Q U I - - m a - In U : M M t M m 0 - m my .U h h W M Z Z - m S C :E I :E - M M 3 F E - Q Z -A G : Q E2 W - 5 u AL u . I E w - W E 3 - - - - - - ,ff X PROPHZCY ' Thus IS ut' The chance of your lufetume Sc: ence has at last come across wuth the thnng we ve antucrpated The very thung we ve talked about here rn thus classroom us no longer a dream Dld you hear me? No longer a dream I Professor Hunsader know ut s true The excitement In hrs Ilned face IS now very evrdent Even hrs grey haur and beard are be grnnlng to curl He IS nervously fumbling wlth has bufocals In one hand and sample atoms un the other Ott what In duce are you thmkrng about? At last you can go to the moon and you dont even look Interested Oh J O and I were lust tryung to flgure out how many atoms we would have to splrt per mule' Huh? How are you goung to spllt em9 asks Harold Radloff Well didn t you know that the Brunk Atom Smashmg Company of whuch Lloyd Knoepful us presudent has had thenr sclentrsts Whltey Knrl ans John Kurtz Glenn Welst and John Stemke experrmentmg and lmprovung everyday Why they ve been splrttrng them for eras Jane Scheppert manager of the Yaeggu Beauty Salon prpes up Do you thunk there would be a chance for Barb Boese Norma Tel fer and I to start busmess up there? Why sure says Dorothy Kakuscke and uf Lorene Reinhard gets her reservatuon In early she can probably contract I.ou Ann Behrend to decorate her fashlon salon Can we brmg the luttle ones along? asked the busy housewrves Verna Nadrg and Nancy Uherr who has been a physlcal therapist un her spare IPI time Say Nanc says Dr John Hanson perhaps you d be wrllnng to help Carol Severson occu patlonal therapist with my patrents a couple nights a week Sure she can comments Elleen Stevens telephone operator at the Gess Babysrttung Agency I ve heard the professlonal sutters Joan Hellmler Sandra Dahms Delores Dallman, Patrlcla Freeman and Mary Schroedl are avanl able any time they re planmng to go I m sure Say Professor Hunsader says Roger Lalk do you thunk there would be a demand for the smooth musuc of my dance band? After all the smooth beat of Bob Novak s drums and the mel low notes of Sylvla Speer s and Jerry Laatsch s trombones and the full crescendos of Barb Lehrs French horn combrne to brrng forth the sweetest of muslc And what about addung the dance act of Lanzel Fetterer and Steckbauer'9 I nmagme so and the torch singers Joan Blenfang Nancy Blelefeldt and Shirley Sonnen scheln would be more than glad to assrst you Thats enough day dreamung now Wurtz lers Whnzzmg Space Ship us planmng to leave when the moon IS full agaun If you plan to go be sure to get your reservatuon soon from the Where s that'9 squeaks General Fred Scholtes Why general says Lreutenant Bateman don t you know? Its next to the Hrnrlchs used parkrng lot Class drsmrssed See me rf you have any questlons says the Professor Oh want mmute' If you re going be at the statuon by 7 30 that night The shup wrll wart untul dark to shoot off After all they must be sure they can see the moon Days pass by wrth everyone busnly planmng to leave Ed Plechaty and Dale Amacher have theur cows on a specual duet so they won t have whoozle tummles when taklng off And over the loud speaker All aboard' Space Shep LX 20 Ieavung from Boomer Way 53 Beckman and Lohmaler leave those boots be hmd The moon IS a dry country nn every sense of the word Draeger Funk and Block get those chuckens aboard before therr eggs are hard bouled Cant fn x 2 1 T 'l "' ll! ' . o Q . l - .I I S f f . , ' . , . , , H U 1 . 1 I , . . . . , I I . ' I - . . . . . . , , I , . . ' ' I vu J f I ' - Iv H . . . ' I In I v - - - ' ' ' ' - , . . I I ' " nr 1 - - u ' I - ' - . Vail-Wandschneider Ticket Agency." . . . . , . , . - .. . I I . I . ' V ' ' ll ll I I v n I ' ' - -1 - ,, . . . , , . Q ' I - . ,.. v .. I G ' . , . . Ir rv sl - . ' ' ' ' ' 1 I ' ' - , ,. n 1 I ' - ' ' Y , . . ll . . I . AA 'Y ll ' ' r - r ' ' r ' I ' ll ll' . I I . I I . 36 you hush the pugs a Iuttle Koch Preununger and Johnston? It sounds luke Old McDonald s Farm tn thus space shup statuon After all the thungs are funally crammed un stewardess Maruanne Bendug and stewardess Shurley Beuschel shout All head helmets un place leg locks locked and crowbars fastened over the waust OK for the take off Pulot Moe Pulot Moe nervously watches the atom energy gauge and at the same tume orders Hey Gessl check the aur pressure' Are the gets O K Gruesmer? Yes Muss Moe but you d better have Wol e Wagner and Umland check the doors My dream us at last nearung realuty muses e professor to himself My only wush now us to land safely What should unterrupt hus thoughts but Golly Adelune do you thunk we should have spent our Iufe savungs for thus trup? asks her twun Carolune Muller Oh for moon s sakes stop your worryung unterrupts Barbara Nelson What you need us a Iuttle for adventure Look at Carol Meske and them bugs Speakung of bugs squeals Dot Edmunson what un heaven s name us that thung hoverung over Ruth Krause s head? Dont get excuted says zoologust Claude Kraus He but Buzz Peterson a whule ago and he usn t dead yet Hey that cant be the moon already' My mullu mule o meter regusters another mulluon mules to go hollers John Fry un an astonushed tone It better not be wrong because Charlue Frank promused to guve me double my money back uf ut wasn t accurate Fat chance you II have of collectung Duck Krause says egotustucally He and Jerry Fleck decuded to play ut safe and stay on dear ole Mother Earth If you guys would stop hecklung for a mun ute youd know that we ve already landed comments Barb Derleun Shurley Behm Carol Poole and Nancy Bucksler are preparung to as semble theur prefabrucated moon stoves whuch Don Mathews and Don Krause desugned and buult whule stull on earth Orrun Austun wull you come here a munute? calls Shurley Jung, head cook for the expedu tuon Thus can of molasses us so hugh I cant reach ut Here s your old molasses and I hope you re satusfued cause I ve spulled ut all over my space suu Dud I hear someone say they have a spot on theur sunt says Joanue Ehlers Just thunk you can have the honor of beung the furst customer un Duane Gutreuter s Jean Metzkers and my dry cleanung establushment Joan Weckler the presser does a fune uob too Out now let s go' shouts conductor Duck Muddlestadt Yes sur answers Leonard Nelson Say Dauley Sleaver and Gulkey wull you dus connect the atom exhaust? asks Pulot Moe Be glad to ma am How about askung Lup perer and Gebhardt to tue the shup down so the moon beams don t carry ut away? OK replues Gubby Do you see Orma Kakuschke and Florence Kube standung alone over there? asks Dawn Jensen R N They sure look worrued Maybe I the matter gurls? Where are we goung to sleep tonught? un quures Orma The bakers Delores Kraus and Shurley Olson got terrubly aur suck and we re wonderung where we can put them to bed Even though they have theur Wushy Washel Aur Foam Pullows and pharmacust Donna Rohloff pre scrubed some of those I Wonder Where I Wendt pulls they need some rest I thunk Jack Stevens and Jerry Schweuwe are puttung up tents untul the Pfeufer Marshall con structuon company starts erectung homes Guess you re rught says Joyce Hey Zechel why do you look so depressed? Oh I dont know It seems thus lufe on the moon wull be awfully borung I wush scuence would do somethung excutung once such as dus coverung televusuon Guve them tume adds the professor They Il get around to ut As I look back on the lncreduble events of prevuous years I can t help but wonder uf soon we won t vustt the stars Gee whuz the moon us enough for me comments one of the others I m not one to be muxung my heavenly bodues . . I . I - .- , , I u 9 'I ' ll I I . . I .. . .'... I I Il . ' I . l - , ' . . ,, . H . YI , . . . I , . . , . ,, . . I I I ' l I . I . ., , . I ,ll uu 1 uv . ll ' I ' . I I ' - I f, , .. . ,. ll ' ' ' ll ll I. , H I 1 1 I ' th . , uu - Q li ' ' ' ' F ll I l U T I ' ' I u n , , . . .. . . . . ,, ' l F ll ll ' I ' I I ' F ll I V l ' VV I. s H '. - .uv . . ll ' ' ' U ' I Shirle Johnsonp the excitement is nearl drivin should fmd ou' Who' S lroublmg 'hem' Who' S .. , , ll ' ll -I . . I" . . I. n ' I 4 n 1 I . ll ' I . ., I ll I ' YI ' F ' I !l - .. . . - .. I ' I ' I , . . . - 1 . v u I' F , V1 I lb I ' ll U I - I uu u - ' I 7 I1 ll I . 'V I I ' I . I , I . . - v ' H , . uv ' ' ' " , ul u I I ' ' JT -25 A -1 A H7 vi J . 4. c M54 2:04 + X.. sq fu 1 vs rl' K I -. ' , s 0 A Q i 1 cv- n 0 an . :- 1 ff if I 1 fi? S -f.-S CLASSES fl f X 'fx 1, M Y L,' ,v- "4 V , 1, v " ""' f Q if Nd 'C 3 , - ' Ti? ffvf f, ff-Q v , . If rf.-W' .fa bf , ,, A A A LW, L .L mg' D ' .H x ,J 1 N , I 4 ., V 1- T ' ?' bg' 'f 'if-Af' 1' " gm V af M i iw, - M Hsu ., . -. ,zz ff M gg ' yy F fwg Y , ,J g I A Q :V ff' UQ if 2 l Q i Q A -1 ir 'aa fhvf If 35 QW" ii f I' 2 'fl ,. . ' 'iff , 5 P. ' V ! it 7 ' 5 MM QI pg me , , . 3 1' 4. lx NA, in I il ,f ' Q-5 51, A, ', 3 'r 15 ' ' 3' if ' ' . ', . .ib . so T .mr K 4 . 5 4 , t 9 Q Q g, '14, W N 5 Lf, 1 A s , 3 ' 'Af . Y lb lg I x, Q V it A uf - q V' A na, - f f, f 1 , f., V MN, , Q r if , ix n H 9' N Outside of sponsoring the Junior Prom this year, which was held in the new gym for the first time, the next most important in a Junior's life is his class ring. This year the iuniors re- ceived their rings sometime in the first part of May. Miss Graper's 'Starlits', homeroom of tal- ented Juniors, were rewarded for their efforts by receiving honorable mention for their home- coming float. The theme was "Defend Our Fort". The strong pillars of the class were the offi- cers: president, Tom Smrekar, vice-president, Beth Harrison, secretary, Janice Tutton, and treasurer, Diane Becktell. They have done a good iob of holding our class together. First Row: Mr. Bergemann, Bill Wilde, Pot Peterson, Delbert Towne, Janice Tutton, Dick Scheiwe, Kathy Shook, Rich Simon- son, Connie Willett, Don Wahl, Terry Woeltfer, Bill Ziebell, Miss Drummond. Second Row: Leon Stedman, Alban Tippins, Arnie Van Hoosen, Ellen Wilde, Don Reinke, Margaret Troper, Wesley Wegner, Avis Severude, Delton Staude, Joan Richards, Wayne Wogsland, Carman Vaughn, Joe Shekey, Mr. Jones. Third Row: Jim Roethel, Sharon Rieck, George Purucker, Helen Schatzschneider, Gary Rose, Marilyn Rheineck, Tom Smrekar, Barbara Pihl, Jack Young, Janet Trewyn, Paul Ramsey, Geri Ware ner, Bob Schlee, Nancy Peterson, Wayne Sumpter, Marilyn Swanson, Joe Sturmoski. ff X 1 f 1 ,, ,Q . A , V4 I 'K ,K , Av i , 1 W ,Aww -ff - G xv , 4' , - aff I - x - , L .4 :ag ' 4: I f J 313 ' , 4. S' 5 A . iw rg Q nf: 'A , K Al ' . A "W .. 1. 'f ' Av - 1 f -.V f , E I 5 N I N l L .M T r 'X 'i " .-0.5, J, 2: I - V va -ici. 1 A ..z ' D Gll , ,. ,Q a!35f' D ? Us :fi as 1 -2.- M 'S' al " il N P in 1 sw, ',VV 7 L, r ,M ,K 5 Y Yayxgfwvk' ,, g , - A V ' 542 -4: 4 4 0 gnxff A M W ' yt M? 3 ff ls- ' 4 ' A . f A ' 'wmv' ,,f' 2+--1. ' f wg. 'U' 1 Wx I 'f-if x-4 t ' 4, ', 1' - -' 'TH , . af , 'f Q Y I" CT: ' 5 'M if if 1 5' 1 , H ' '. ' 4 ' . 1 I ' 5 Q ' I l l iv , p 9 rs! .-A ll U ll il I 1 Jr W' 1 I ? The sophomores entered the halls of higher learning bubbling over with enthusiasm for the fifty-two, fifty-three term. President, Dwane Kamla, vice-president, Kathryne Mittag, secre- tary, Irene Sandvold and treasurer, Sandy Vail have done an outstanding iob of representing the class and presenting a full schedule of good times. A large percentage of the "Sophs" entered into numerous organizations as well as the various sports. At Homecoming Mr. Batha's homeroom took second prize with the theme "We'll Tame the L-Cats." Rounding out the year, a large group of the sophomores entered into forensics and attended prom. Finally they took exams which offered the key to next year and the label of Juniors. First Row: Mr. Kammer, Joyce Vail, Jerry Westphal, Barbara Taylor, John Willitz, Diane Wahl, Dick Wendt, Sally Zaspel, Sandy Vail, Joyce Weckler, Miss Cates. Second Row: Beverly Smith, Douglas Sperry, Donna Schlogel, Gordon Wagner, Nancy Stevens, Bob Sexton, Ellen Warnke, Don Van Hoosen, Irene Sandvold, Carol Werner. Third Row: Sally Schae- fer, Jack Sanders, Claudette Sumpter, Gordon Schwemmer, Barbara Shekey, Fred Welzel, Delores Strupp, Gail Smith, Jim Schafer, Diane Sievert. I- ' 4 ,, x , if sl, A Q ff 5 " 3-A ' ' Q- " 4: fm - 2 M I 'sv ' 5 v -L ' 'F v 7 V55 71- ', 3 " 7' 3" 'lr v W 7 I 1 V! A, . 'Q ' J D f lx in V P 1 5 jf H' " . ' 'I 'Vi ,' :H 4 ,wk 9 5 -. t 5 'Kala' W f f 5' 6 ? V ' 'tg S4 E if 5 , 4 nz - ' 5 g ' 1 I I I + l! K if lil ' Y .. 3 If .,.. -- 'Q 'Q .1 , , , , V, f . P I 1: E E l , ' 3 ' is 7 gf A 3 y gr, 3 A 4v 'J . ' 4 v A. A-if l s. A 1. .nv 3 J YA, I 3 bf E ,Lf K, gi 3+ 4 I a ,lg 'Q 1 an " ge M 5 Q , , , rw- ! 7 In the midst of the excitement of coming back to school and getting into the swing of things, the incoming Freshmen Class elected as officers, Dennis Asmus, presidentg Doug Vogel, vice- president, and Judy Burns, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Merriman's homeroom took top honors in the homecoming parade with the theme, "We got our Limit." They seemed to have fun work- ing by homerooms on their floats and it was a wonderful experience for all who participated. "Green Caps" was the name of the dance the freshmen sponsored early in the year. To ad- vertise the event, the freshmen wore bright green beanies for a few days preceding the dance. The "B" team was well supported by their cheerleaders. Corduroy skirts and weskits looked trim on the pert freshmen "B" team cheer- leaders, Judy Fry, Beverly Hartwig, Jean Ament, and Judy Burns. First Row: Miss Blink, Marilyn Ross, Gloria Rostowfske, Ricky Warner, Shirley White, Ina Plue, Duane Riggs, Emily Vinz, Lucille Schultz, Lloyd Stevens, DeAnne Weckler, Bev Sleaver. Second Row: Mary Westbrook, Marilyn Wendorf, Doug Vogel, Judy Wood, Rodney Rueth, Barbara Umland, Darlene Streich, Carol Puerner, Earl Reu, Kay Wittlief, Eugene Westphal, Donna Reinhard, Angie Rahn. Third Row: Stanley Scheiwe, Elaine Silberhorn, Alfred Wolff, Betty Wintermute, Albert Staver, Norma Preuninger, Ronald Schroeder, Sarah Sherman, Gale Puerner, Kaye Tamblingson, David Seavert, Sandra Schoen, Ronald Tellefson, Charlotte Rusch. I 5 f 4 ..-1--L -3,9---47-YQ, Will' 5 S- ,pf 51 D 4 5432? 'ugh' fb N.. ' . 1 V EDSKIN S M4 Qu 8 N0 GHUEL . CLUB 5 Q 9 R x 9 5 " 5 P " 5 ' E 3- L, 3 4 ! E I-I. gil 5 F. P, . G. ,QQ , Q Af ' : fi-. ffwwf A llgfvgieff f Zfljfgf? yr ',i29f5 ff bf? VI . . X , 'Y l , , X 0 5 X Yf , , Q Q, A, fk Q2 Ev v Y . , 7 ,. ., N., I L fi V , f ff., 3 , iv- 4 ftrl' V f' T, f ' y Q H. :- s A A f I I . vw.. .W .M Noi .'m'i..." 1 Q 5 fx E ls 52 0 is GG 0 43? if . if K5 gi D 4 g Q if ,sf I .f 43,17 Q . . .M AM s r . Kneeling: Janice Tutton, Sally Zaspel, Donna Krippner, Sue Halverson, Lorna Black, Delores Garman, Coreen Becker, Barbara Pihl, Evelyn Lehr, Janice Fingel, Betty Baker. Second Row: Bob Ross, Tom Mason, Don Wahl, John Behrend, Albert Gorman, Don Gilkey, Bill Medick, Jim Dorsey, Jim Frisch, Dick Kriesel, Gordon Wagner, Dwane Kamla, Gail Smith. THE FURT ATKINSON HIGH SCHUGI. SENIUR BAND The band got its start this year by keeping in step to some of the world's best marches. With Mr. Wegener leading them through the year, the band elected Sylvia Speer as president, Wava Burkhardt as vice president, Marilyn Matson as secretary-treasurer, and Janice Tut- ton as librarian. Mr. Wegener divided the large group into two bands for the first time. The seventh and eighth graders formed the iunior band and the remaining bandsmen from freshmen through seniors formed the senior band of about sixty members. Both bands presented a mid-winter concert in January. Don Gilkey played a clarinet solo and Roger Lalk, Don Wahl, and Dwane Kamla played a trumpet trio accompanied by the band. The senior band received their new uniforms in April, iust in time for the spring music festival in Whitewater. They have maroon trousers with gray iackets. The junior band will acquire the old uniforms. The senior band sponsored a dance in De- cember called "On the Ball", named after the well known march, "On the Mall". With the money taken in from the dance, the band hopes to take in a musical event in Milwaukee. Our band was also well represented in the massed band concert in Pewaukee. The nine participants from Fort were Don Gilky, Janice Tutton, Evelyn Lehr, Barbara Pihl, Don Wahl, Dwane Kamla, Jim Frisch, Nancy Fullmer, and Roger Lalk. ff F 1?deEA W3 ml ufwa 'FX fm Pmswgwt nh 7' 42:2 'S N 'x "Q N I I ugvv rzvfa' 1 35 sm? aQfwfw7 lid 2aqPW I ,f'l my .,, fx A VV' if .5 , 4 lr X4 4 'x A 'iz 2 4 -I warm ,rw ll J First Row: Mr. Wegener, Irene Sandvold, lynn Prange, Judy Hanson, Sandy Vail, Pat Brummond, Betty Baker, Bonnie Jackowitz, Colleen Holleran, Lucille liebe. Second Row: Jane Ann McMicken, Mary Ann Ramsey, Donna Barfknecht, Ruth Knilans, Kathryne Mittag, Kay Wittlief, Carmen Haug, Sonia Haug, Ellen Warnke, Barbara Pemberton, Lillian Mehl- tretter, Janet Black, Barbara Pfeifer. Third Row: Elaine Silberhorn, Helen Frohmader, Shirley Sonnenschein, Marilyn Swanson, Joanne Bienlang, Diane Sievert, Sandra Schaen, Norma Haynes, Anita Hafemann, Betty Kohler, Marilyn Ama- don, Roberta Rohlolf, Adele Goeglein, Donna Reinhard, Nancy Fullmer, Judy Burns. Fourth Row: Tom Mason, Dwane Kamla, Duane Boyle, Roger Draeger, Jim Gross, Bob Ross. CHUIRS There's music in the air, and much of it comes from the choirs of Fort High School! Under the magic wand of Mr. Wegener, the choirs have had a very enioyable year. For the first time this year a noon-hour choir was organized. It is composed of freshmen through seniors, and the accompanist is Kath- ryne Mittag. They have taken part in the Christmas concert and in assemblies. The fol- lowing officers were elected at the beginning of the year: president, Roger Draeger, vice-presi- dent, Bob Ross, librarian, Betty Baker, treasurer, Dwane Kamla, and secretary, Irene Sondvold. Their meetings are held from twelve to twelve- thirty on Monday and Friday noons. The high school choir also took part in the Christmas concert and in assemblies. The offi- cers chosen to head this group are: president, Arnie Van Hoosen, secretary-treasurer, Theresa Yaeggi, librarian, Avis Severude, managers, Dick Krause, and Shirley Johnson, and Student Coun- cil representative, Shirley Sonnenschein. Shir- ler Sonnenschein also served as pianist. Twelve students chosen from this choir attended Mass Choir held at Whitewater on February 23. They were: Diane Becktell, Marilyn Swanson, lou Ann Behrend, Eileen Stevens, Nancy Fink, Mary Jo Hevey, Shirley Sonnenschein, Don Reinke, Harry Hoffman, Richard Simonson, Howard Fink, and Arnie Van Hoosen. A spring concert will wind up another event- ful and successful year. W5 f' 1 5' an w v f W 1 ,M . MJ -'Iwi 1 ' -Q Z xl ' T A v 'V' , 5 4 K V,.z !' x 1 In Y wi :I b fx 1-34 ' by k KA if! 2 ik 1 if iff! Q , if-qw , 'ff If M. CQ .Q W 'gf p I 4 gf iw:-+M,, f . , Lf wg. - Q A ,- f X V . ,Wx fm, if A VAQ- V , 3, fe 4 .gy ff 2 ',.,,,, ' , f ., 'x G f f 1, A? X 5 2 Y. YZ? ,Zh 5, " ,,, s I , ,V,. V .,,, F 9 4 A 0 0 K? In N.-H I -...Q cf, J Cx I 'if vi 5 VT . ' 7 x rg 'fb 5 , V if 1 Z 'C 5 l , MQW W' J ! I 2 'im I8 O 'bw ? NK 1 J W, Pa First Row: Lois Nitardy, Norma Leuder, Ellen Warnke, Judy Hanson, Sandy Vail, Betty Baker. Second Row: Dianne Sievert, Sally Shaeter, Pat Brummond, Miss Graper, Darlene Halverson, Carol Meier, Donna Matzke. Third Row: Roberta Rohloff, Rich Simonson, Kathy Mittag, Roger Bloxham, Bonnie Jackawitz, Helen Patefield, Lynn Prange, Duane Ander- son, Mary Ramsey, Jane McMicken, Irene Sandvold, Marilyn Amodon, Sally Zaspel, Mary Ann Nowak, Myrna Moore, George Purucker, Terry Rose, LATIN AND SPANISH CLUBS The Latin Club started out their annum by electing new officers. They chose Maria Anna Ramsey, president, Terrentius Rose, vice-presi- dent, Sallia Zaspel, secretary-treasurer and Magistra Graper as advisor. To raise money, they sold some of the best Roman candy here abouts iso they saidl. ln March they held a Latin Luncheon, at which everyone dressed up like a famous Roman character. The first year Latin students were "fugitive" slaves forced to serve everything "ab ova ad mala." lf you step south of the border, into Miss Graper's Spanish room, you hear the lively chat- ter ofthe gay seiores and senoritas. On a typical sunny Mexican day, the mem- bers voted the following people into office: president, Alban Tippins, vice-president, Dick Marshall, secretaryrtreasurer, Carol Severson. The entertainment of the club's Christmas party centered around breaking the traditional pinata. Monthly programs were arranged based on Latin American customs, music, travel, and films. First Row: Delores Dallman, Lois Larson, Micky Matson. Second Row: Alban Tippins, Don Hein, Barbara Pihl, Miss Graper, Barbara Derlein, Dick Middlestadt, Margaret Troper, David Wagner, Carol Severson, Dick Marshall, Audrey Klug. 4. 1 'wi f-s' 'Ku- D D L Seated: Miss Drummond, Joanne Bienfang, Lois Nitardy. First Row: Delores Dallman, Lou Ann Behrend, Marilyn Gess, Donna Bartknecht, Janet Heth, Kathy Shook, Donna Matzke, Shirley Barnes, Evelyn lehr, Barbara Lehr. Second Row: Diane Gutreuter, Audrey Klug, Ellen Warnke, Margaret Troper, Nancy Bielefeldt, Marianne Bendig, Lois Larson, Marion Block, Jackie Washelesky, Lorene Reinhard, Alban Tippins, Pat Brummond, Betty Baker, Mariorie Erdman. Third Row: DuWayne Anderson, Mariorie Matson, Carol Steckbauer, Janet Black, Ruth Knilans, Tom Mason, Marilyn Rheineck, Mary Jo Hevey, Bruce Flaig, Helen Nettum, Skeeter Boese, Donna Fortney, Bette Benoy, Betty Lein, Diane Becktell, Sharon Ashley, Roger Rossing. Fourth Row: Nancy McDermott, Gloria Lohmaier, Harry Hoffman, Myrna Moore, Jane Ann Mc- Micken, lrene Sandvold, Darlene Halverson, Don Krause, Sue Blevin, Joan Ehlers, Harold Radloft, Mary Nelson, Jim Dorsey, Sue Heinz, Gloria Binkert, Allan Griesemer, Marilyn Amadon, Thelma Manz, Paul Ramsey. PRESS Cl. U8 "Say, have you seen the new Cardinal Cap- ers? lt's printed in newspaper style, and it's super duper!" "Wasn't Press Club larger this year?" "Oh, that was because Journalism was of- fered an an 'X' period class and both classes were included in Press Club." "The dance 'Sweetheart's Ball' was a huge success! Everybody had a super time." "Yes, and talking about having a good time, how about the trip we took to Milwaukee to see the Milwaukee Journal go to press?" "But don't forget the staff who was respon- sible for our success! Let's see, there's a Miss Drummond, advisor, Joanne Bienfang, editor, Lois Nitardy, business manager, Lorene Rein- hard, art editor, Mary Nelson, advertising man- ager, Joan Ehlers, distribution manager, and Tom Mason and Harry Hoffman, photogra- phers." REDSKINS Forty-nine Redskins under the supervision of Miss Wagner started their year of activities with new officers. They were Marilyn Gess as presi- dent, Connie Willet as vice-president, Eileen Stevens as secretary, and Janice Tutton as trea- surer. Between semesters Marilyn Swanson was chosen to take over the office of vice-president because of Connie's transfer. The first important date on the calendar was the "Pixie Promenade" formal. Everyone en- ioyed dancing to the music ofthe Rhythmnettes. The Redskins also ushered at all the school events and decorated the halls during the holi- days. In January a dance was sponsored by the organization entitled "June ln January." Cooperation and hard work were the pass words forthe girls this year but fun was not for- gotten. Officers: Marilyn Gess, Connie Willett, Janice Tutton, Eileen Stevens. First Row: Cynthia Moe, Lynn Prange, Sally Zaspel, Betty Baker, Lorene Reinhard. Second Row: Judy Hanson, Norma Lueder, Mariorie Erdman, Lois Larson, Kathy Shook, Bonnie Jackowitz, Cynthia Baker, Verna Nadig, Jackie Washelesky, Carol Severson, Miss Wagner. Third Row: Geri Warner, Marilyn Amadon, Donna Bartknecht, Sandy Vail, Ellen Warnke, Kathryne Mittag, Ruth Knilons, Janet Black, Mary Ann Ramsey, Mary Mueller, Marilyn Matson, Lou Ann Behrend, Nancy Uherr. Fourth low: Sonia Haug, Carmen Haug, Jane Ann McMicken, lrene Sandvold, Roberta Rohloff, Sylvia Speer, Joan Ehlers, Diane Sievert, Thelma Manx, Mary Nelson, Nancy Fink, Diane Becktell, Carol Meier, Marilyn Rheineck, Marilyn Swanson, Barbara Derlein. .9 i5 Seated: Joyce Weckler, Dorothy Albrecht, Donna Rohlotf, Shirley Behm, Joan Weckler. First Row: Miss Cates, Eileen Stevens, Carol Werner, Carol Barlow, Florence Kube, Lillian Lehman, Shirley Hoffman, Mary Schroedl, Sylvia Nelson, Lil- lian Mehltretter, Barbara Pemberton. Second Row: Mary Litts, Sally Schaefer, Diane Sievert, Dorothy Kakuschke, Gail Smith, Barbara Derlein, Carol Steckbauer, Joan Heilmeier, Donna Schlogel, Phyllis Koch, Lois Nitardy. F. 8. LA. This year has proven to be a most successful one for the Future Business Leaders of America. Many new members were received into the club as well as a new advisor, Miss Cates. To- gether with Mr. Kammer, she guided the club through the year. One of the main goals of FBLA is to help to bring about better understanding and co- operation between business, industry, labor, the home, the church, the school, and among the people of our own and other lands. Chosen as officers for the first semester were: president, Donna Rohloff, vice-president, Shirley Behm, secretary, Jean Weckler, and treasurer, Dorothy Albrecht. Officers for the second semester were: presi- dent, Phyllis Koch, vice-president, Dianne Sie- vert, secretary, Joyce Weckler, and treasurer, Lois Nitardy. Chosen as Student Council repre- sentative forthe year was Joyce Weckler. Vi li -I Jn. 'Vila mr, . f F. H. A. The Fort Atkinson Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America began their work of the year by electing Shirley Behm, president, Joan Weckler, vice-president, Norma Telfer, treasurer, Mariorie Erdman, secretary, and Evelyn Lehr, Student Council representative. Miss Devine very capably advised the group in their many activities. Their main event of the year was sponsoring the Homecoming Dance with F. F. A. Cookies and punch, made by the homemakers themselves, were served. National F. H. A. week of November 2-8 found members busily making crepe paper roses forthe party they gave for F. F. A. The organi- zation was in the limelight so much that week that their picture appeared in the Union. The Homecoming Dance was not the only activity, for much time was devoted to their chili and "dandy dog" luncheons. The initia- tion, to which mothers and friends were invited, was very successful. The year was not all work, as bowling and a roller skating party proved to be much fun. Seated: Evelyn Lehr, Norma Telter, Shirley Behm, Joan Weckler, Mariarie Erdman. First Row: DeAnn Weckler, Gloria M 'I R Diane Wahl, Margaret McCune. Rostawfske, Miss Devine, Alice Duesterbeck, Shirley Eckhard, Betty Retrum, ariyn oss, Second Row: Shirley Hoffman, Jean Metzker, Joyce Vail, Darlene Libakken, Betty Meyer, Beverly Lescohier, Mary Miller, Shirley White, Dianna Jahn, Audrey Moe, Barbara Pteiter, Hzlen Kube, Joyce Weckler, Mary Schroedl. Third Row: Nancy Bicksler, Isabelle Kakuschke, Nancy Stevens, Correen Becke', Joyce Krueger, Phyllis Koch, Marlene Dutro, Mariorie B B B tt Lein, Shirley Barnes, Rosemary Bicks- Knierim, Peggy Othmer, Beverly Ebersohl, Norma Prueninger, ette enoy, e y B M r Edwards, Carol Steckbauer, Donna Rohlott, Lorna ler. Fourth Row: Ruth Krause, Delores Strupp, Sheila ottemy, a y L'lI' M hlt tter, Dorothy Albrecht, Joyce Kamrath, Shirley Jung, Carol Poole, Black, Lillian Lehmann, Sylvia Nelson, I ian e re Diane Gutreuter, Janice Calhoun, Nancy Heth, Helen Frohmsder. FY' Y Seated: Roy Prueninger, Roger Draeger, Douglas Mepham, Jerry Vail, John Haberl, Bob Draeger, Jerry Fleck, Jerry Westphal, Harlow Block. First Row: Howard Caylor, Bob Novak, Rex Young, John Jacobson, Gilbert Benoy, Tom Tippins, Stanley Scheiwe, Robert Kemmerling, David Behm, Spencer Belzer, Rodney Dillin, Larry Black, Lyle Hachl, Dean Feldkirchner, Ralph Draeger, David Alexander, John Willitz, Roger Bickle, David Hack, Mr. Bergemann. Second Row: Earl Reu, Neil Howard, Harold Frazier, Bruce Flaig, DuWayne Kutz, Walter Kempf, Gordon Wagner, Allen Buckingham, Marvin Clark, Tom Bartol, Jerome Ehrke, Dave Seavert, Jim Barnhart, Duane Morrow, Loren Lueder, Eugene Westphal. Third Row: Wayne Findlay, Rodney Knoke, Ray Kakuschke, Jerry Laatsch, Carman Vaughn, Rolland Dillin, Bill Wilde, Cliff Anderson, Dick Scheiwe, Bob Schlee, Edward Frohmader, Ed Plechaty, Leonard Nelson, Dave Pfeiter, Bill Ehrke, Albert Staver, Albert Garman, Carl Himmler, Bill Frentzel. Fourth Row: John Bateman, Jock Johnston, Don Gilkey, Claude Kraus, Wesley Wagner, Gordon Schwemmer, Steve Belzer, Terry Rose, Jim Roethel, Jack Young, Gary Rose, Harold Radloft, Dave Dailey, Daryl Burrow, Rodney Masters, Vernon Koch, Roger Falk, Marvin Hack, Ronald Schroeder, Harold Lemke. F. F. A. The Fort Atkinson Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is now in its twenty-third year. The purpose ofthe organization is to pro- vide educational, social, and recreational op- portunities forthe rural youth of this community. Their motto is "Learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, living to serve." The chapter this year has been very active under the leadership of Mr. Bergemann, their advisor. Officers for this year are Bob Draeger, president, Jerry Vail, vice-president, Harlow Block, secretary, Roger Draeger, treasurer, and Jerry Fleck, reporter. One of the year's highlights was helping the local merchants put on a barbecue and auction to raise money for the much needed swimming pool. They conducted a scrap drive with half of the proceeds going towards the new pool, and the other half for the erection of new cattle barns at Jefferson Fair Grounds. The F.F.A. boys also trimmed the trees around the school yard and planted thousands of trees throughout the community for the purpose of stopping erosion. ,f G' X " X ca. Y .14 q xv 5 1 A lv 2 I. I -lv J Q1 , I A 51 'gp yt, 37 vu A, :mm QQ , tn! . , lu 4 iff. ' , 4 D , gs , 4. "' ,Y w T ' P 'A' V'fi,:Q nv 4- -V. -Ov . V: ,E if M X 1 VM? -1 ,, 1 , .v In Q, fa A T' 3 a fwvwsp 1316- a. 2 .1 Q"Mj'VM x Q . I . ...f- 1133 ii 6, Q? ASL, ,Q I Z glx ' R. if ri! . 1 in 4 1. 5 1 f w " if if ' H1 N, V Q 3. Q. , , 0 fr. at -:ff , Q" 3 x"?1B'-S -I B , x3'2'qm 5" x an my an ii u A in Q First Row: Marilyn Kuhl, Genevieve Missfeldt, Colleen Holleran, Beverly Sleaver, Sally Scudder, Marilyn Ross, Janice Klemp, DeAnn Weckler, Marilyn Wendorf. Second Row: Jean Ament, Mary Jung, Donna Krippner, Martha Hanson, Karen Beischel, Harlene Blazel, Emily Vinz, Ina Plue, Angeline Rahn, Diana John, Phyllis Caylor. Third Row: Judy Fry, Nancy Anderson, Kay Wittlief, Carolyn Brandel, Lucretia Ebbott, Karolyn Kaufman, Beverly Hartwig, Mariorie Matson, Nancy Fortney, Shirley Arndf, Adele Goeglein, Donna Rheinhcrd, Judy Wood, Ann Gilbertson, Correen Becker. Fourth ROW: Judy Burns, Ginger Hummel, Nancy Fullmer, Sue Halverson, Betty Kohler, Barbara Bostwick, Sandra Schoen, Nancy McDermott, Susan Nelson, Peggy Othmer, Pat Peich, Norma Prueninger, Beverly Ebersol, Charlotte Rusch, Virginia Callum, Marilyn Miller. The G.A.A. presented a full year of sporting events for the feminine side of F.H.S. Those initiated as new members this year, although forced to undergo a series of gruesome tasks, will admit it was truly worth it. This year's program introduced various new sports including table tennis, and basketball, while those such Cul as kickball and volleyball remained as annual favorites. A tribute is due Mrs. Kiellenberg and the senior officers who helped make all this possible, president, .loan Weckler, vice-presi- dent, Nancy Bielefeldt and secretary-treasurer, Donna Rohloff. :Mfg , 3, 2 My A if :Q I YE ii if J Q XSQIKX in gf 154 Sf 'Z H, ' Af? 1' 'if 4 4 'I..1. rp lollnoo no an 4 or 4 J as, s u Cl ' 1 54 f Q.. .X sms.- J H ..., pl ol I ,. . . .. gn 0 ....., .. ,.,.. ,... .. . ,Ju . J . ,. nl nu '.4.'1zg," O0 100' 'L 15.51 il Q In T ll Charles Frank, V, unge H Charles Bi I Frentzel, I, ESS mG y Vail, J .lerr I stin Au rrie ger Umland, O Ro Hanke, Coach WI Ro First Koch, Bateman, Stanley ause, John I' K ck w: Di Ro Second berg. Eu Buck ngham, Coach EN , All Heth ENC G 0, Gebhard 'Y Ga Rose, Gary cl Row: hir T eck Maid el Mat Roeth o let, Jim W Dave Schafer aeger, Jim Dr Koch, Roger DOH stwick, Ver Bo Tom Flem- Bob Hathaway, Duane I Fry chel, John Ze ank Fr Beckman, Tom I Anderson Ph Y, le Be Steve Jerry lane, anz, M Garth A TEAM FUUTBAU. As the new season got under way the Car dunal Grndders looked forward to the new conference with enthusuasm They had an umpressuve season wmmng two and losmg They werent too hampered by IIIIUYIBS when Orrle Austun chlpped has ankle In furst home game and Jrm Roethal had tlghtenlng of hrs leg muscles the Cards these losses very much X U 6 6 C Therr furst game whlch dldnt count In con ference standlngs was lost to the Badger Preps 266 Although beaten they played the opposutlon to a stand stull un the second haf The second game was lost to Stoughton 27 6 at the home grounds Beaten badly once again they battered their opponents In the fmal two stanzas In the third game we dropped a tough one to Edgerton 26 I3 Edgerton s Tom Bartz dud all the damage as he rang up I9 lndrvudual thelr enemy un the last two perlods Finally the Cards put two second halves together and beat a crafty slrppery elusuve Evansvulle eleven 27 I3 Fort was on nts toes at all trmes and recovered many fumbles re sultrng from smashing tackles Heth was a one man show sconng I5 ponnts and passung for 6 more The next game was homecomung and wrth much pressure upon the squad by the students unrestrained actlon the boys came through with flymg colors as they downed the L Cats I3 O The score dudnt show the real dnsplay they put on for Lake Malls gauned only 4l yards on the ground and 5I yards by nts aerlal attack The Cards lost I5 yards In penalties whlch kept them nn the hole John Fry and Gene JO Heth were elected co captains for the game Fort lost to a flred up Monroe team I4 O at the foe s homecoming Although the game started and fannshed fast the greatest share of the game was a defenslve battle In the furst part of the game the Cheesemakers double pass play worked very effectuvely as they tal good defenslve especlally the Cards who Int erally gluttered But the game was marred by an abundance of fumbles lnterceptlons and penaltres The local grldders threatened a num ber of tlmes but had thelr rallnes mpped by very alert defense For the second consecutuve week the Cards lost another hard one thus tlme to the Middle ton Preps who although one of the leagues strongest teams were almost humbled by the Fort Grldders I2 0 The last game of the season was played wrth our close nval Jefferson Jefferson clearly showed theur supenorrty by racking up 7 pomts In the fnrst two mnnutes of play Fort made their only touchdown In the fourth quarter to lose by a score of 37 6 The team s defense throughout the year was based upon lunemen Fry Lane Madlecku Krause Bateman Beckman Umland Koch Manz and Hanson The offensive punch was provrded by Pu rucker Heth Gebhardt Flemmg Frank Wollet Gessl and Austun n n ' ' . un- . . , . . . Si . , . . . b T . . . . . 'h . . th . . . I f H POIUIS- FO' 'he ll"l"Cl time fhe Cords 0UlPl0Yed lied on their first few plays. Both teams played First Row: Dave Wollet, Gene Heth, George Purucker, Bob Knilans, Lloyd Knoepfel. Second Row: Frank Zechel, Fred Wetzel, Jack Young, Ronnie Ott, Maris Pubulis. "A " TEAM BASKETBALL The Fort Atkinson High School basketball team, under the direction of Coach Dave Jones, wound up the season with a bouncing record of eleven wins and three losses in conference play. Our Cards also had the honor of having the best offensive team in the new Badger Con- ference. The team scored a total of 857 points during the season for a single game average of 61.2 points per game. Dave Wollet was the top point-maker for the Fort High team. "Whitey" Knilans and Frank Zechel were the other high scorers for the Cards. In the non-conference games, Fort lost to 66 Edgewood. The last game of the season was played at Watertown with our boys setting a new record for the highest score ever made by a Fort basketball team. The final score was 90-75. At the tournament the Cardinals finally beat Edgerton for the first time this year. Bob Knilans scored a last second free throw to cinch the game by one point, 54-53. When the squad took on Stoughton the fol- lowing night, the powerful team of the previous evening failed in their attempt to continue their wins and took a severe trimming, 61-47. PURK -1-s J.o." A 1.135122 v was .V .Qsmia . . ,,,, I 5 45 xl Q ,stu--4 - -,,-Q ' ,, 5' W' --LEAPIN' LLOYD" First Row: Doug Sperry, Ralph Draeger, Harry Col Iier, Doug Vogel, Jim Marshall, John Haberl, Jerry Westphal, Ronnie Koenig, Ricky Warner, Ron Fullerton, Spencer Belzer, Ray Kakuschke. Second Row: Terry Rose, Bill Hausen, Duke Ander- son, Jerry Burhans, Dick Hebbe, Duane Morrow, Arnie Hacht, Jim Hammon, Dick Allen, Duane Riggs, Doug Mephan, Bud Hacht, Dick Simonson, Bill Lutz. Third Row: Dick Pieritz, Rodney Masters, Jerome Erkhe, Bill Medick, Roger Bickle, Tom Hadinger, Jim Buchholtz, Rex Young, Dave Seavert, Dick Hein, Tom Mason, Stan Scheiwe, Gene Buchholtz, Dick Kriesel, Gordie Wagner. Missing Members: Bill Frentzel, Dwane Kamla. "8" TEAM FUUTBAU. The Fort High "B" team started out the year with much pep and vigor, even though a ma- iority of the team was composed of boys who had played football on the "B" team before. The first game of the new season was played at Edgerton. The Edgerton boys came up fast and scored one touchdown in every quarter to win by a score of 26-0. Stoughton submitted the next problem for our gang. The game, which was played at Stoughton, ended up with the home team on top of a lopsided 27-0 score. High winds and dust hampered the passing attack of the Fort team. The first home game was played against Lake Mills. Fort's offense and defense played very good football until the L-Cats scored their first touchdown. The "B" team boys then lost their enthusiasm, and went on to lose the game 18-0. Before the last game of the year, with Milton Union, Bill Frentzel and Jim Buchholtz were elected co-captains for that night and for the year. Although our team played better football that night with Milton Union than they had ever played before during the season, they lost l9- 6. The lone touchdown was made when Jim Buchholtz picked up a fumble and ran twenty- five yards to a T-D. First Row: Bill Hausen, Dick Hebbe, Ronnie Koenig, Don Van Hoosen, Jim Hammon, Wayne Fleck, Bill Knilans. Second Row: Dick Pieritz, Jim Schafer, Don Wahl, Dick Hein, Harry Collier, Chuck Hunger, John Feller. Third Row: Roger Ehlers, Bill Medick, Ronnie Tellefson, Paul Ramsey, Wayne Wogsland, Gene Hitch, Terry Rose, Coach Al Hanke. "B" TEAM BASKETBALL Coach Al Hanke's Bee team has finished the year with a mediocre record. The Junior Card's final record was nine wins, six losses, and one tie. Paul Ramsey was the high scorer for the Bee's. He was followed closely by "Big Obe" Wogsland and "Big Em" Ehlers. Many of the boys on this year's team will play on the varsity next year. We hope they continue with their clean sportsmanship and fine team spirit. 69 K U .0- BASEBALL Spring has arrived and about twenty-three boys are out for baseball. As this book goes to press, seven games will be played, not including the tourna- ment games. Coach Jake Eulberg has hopes of a fairly good team this year. Seven lettermen are returning and if the pitching holds up, our team should be right up in there. First Row: Bill Knilans, Roger louis, Don Wahl, Bob Sexton, Jerry Vail, Lloyd Knoepfel, Gene Helh. Second Row: Mr. Eulberg, George Purucker, Jerry Scheiwe, Dick Mittelstadt, Bill Sleaver, Bob Knilans, Frank Zechel. W L fi v ' i H r I 1 1 - . 1 fl TRA CK Two seniors and one iunior are the only returning lettermen to the track team this year. There are many sophomores and freshmen who look promising. As this book goes to press the Fort High track team has not entered any meets, but the weather is nice, the track is in good shape, and Coach Al Hanke's boys will be doing their best for Fort. Front Row: Cliff Anderson, Curtis Abendroth, Don Reinke, Jim Gessl, Gary Gebhardt, Harry Collier. Second Row: Coach Hanke, Neil Blair, Orion Brunk, Matt Maidecki. Third Row: Gary Rose, Steve Belzer, Duane Hathaway, Gordon Schwemmer, Dennis Asmus, la Vaughn Miller, GULF Fore When that word IS shouted In the early sprung we know that Coach John Kam mer and hrs golfmg boys are on the green at the Koshkonong Mounds once again With flve returnrng Iettermen the prospects look good Twenty other young hopefuls are trying thelr level best to make the team The schedule for thus year IS as follows 72 Apnl May May Moy May May 29 Edgerton there 5 Lake Malls here I2-Cambridge there Conference meet at Jefferson Edgerton here Lake Mulls there i . . . . 16- . .I May 18-Evansville, here . 22- , . . 1 26- . I 'fav-t 2 Q , .- I R Q, ,ff Seated: Frank Zechel, Dove Wollet, Bob Knilans. First Row: Jerry Vail, Orrie Austin, Lloyd Knoepfel, Bob Novak, Jim Gessl, Tom Mason, Gene Heth, Allan Griesemer, Mr. Hanke. Second Row: George Purucker, Gary Gebhordt, John Hanson, Roger Umlond, Ronnie Ott, Jack Young, Tom Beckman, John Steinke, Stan Koch, Don Reinke. IIFII F Club, the organization of maior letter win- ners, this year elected for president, Dave Wolletf vice president, Frank Zeckel, and secre- tary-treasurer, Bob Knilans. With Mr. Hanke as the advisor, initiation consisted of carrying CLUB out "constructive" duties assigned because the boys didn't show up at the regular planned initiation. On February 10, the F Club had a party, to which they invited the G.A.A. girls. The boys also sponsored an all-school dance. i"l"':,-.. 5+ John Hanson Stan Koch Dick Krause John Fry Jerry Vail FO0T8Al.l. CARDS A powerful center. A great asset to the team. A stalwart fellow in the line. Always rough and ready lremember Jefferson, John?l A husky fullback with a lot of spirit. Dave Wallet Gary Gebhardt Gene Heth Jim Gessl Tom Beckman John Bateman Orrie Austin Charlie Frank A natural running back-made all conference defensive team. Hard runner, hampered by injuries-high scorer for the season. Capable play caller. Dependable when called upon. lniured at the start, by the end he proved his worthiness. "Choo" was a man who was hard to move. Small, but he made up for it with his speed and intestinal fortitude. Best defensive man on the team-made all conference defensive team. T4 Lloyd Knoepfel Dave Wollet Frank Zechel Bob Knilans Ron Ott Gene Heth BASKETBALL CARDS Where there's a will there's a way and Lloyd demonstrated both the will and the way even though he lacked height. A natural, came within six points of setting a new scor- ing record in Fort. An easy going boy but serious when it came to basketball. Whitey plus his jump shots equalled many baskets for the Cards. Best defensive man on the team, was always there with a basket when it was needed. Not the highest scorer, but an important man when it came to setting up plays. 75 . n NUON HUUR ACTIVITIES Coach Tom Wade assusted by Mr Elletson presented a much expanded Intramural program thrs year Many new actrvrtres were added to the program In addrtron to the regular sports Rural students as well as crty students enloyed the noon hour program which was combined wrth rntramurals thus year 'TW Cards chess pmg pong and badminton were played and enloyed by many students during the wunter months An after school actlvlty was bowl ng Kaufman s Keglers placed first un this sport Sprung turned Intramural actuvltles to golf Cnd softball ., ,.sL5,,,. wgdgb-J'L:.v 4 x v V 0:1 .b-V .' 1 ,fy ,N .,.s'w ' . -.-meh! f.. cc .-, K r H.: CHEERLEADERS The peppy popular quartet that led F.H.S. this year in cheering, is said by the mega- phone to be, Judy Hanson, Wava Burkhard, Sharon Ashley, and Nancy Bielefeldt. They were selected by a few chosen faculty and Student Council members. This year's squad was coached by Mrs. Sa Loutos and Miss Berg. Snappy Nancy Bielefeldt was known throughout the conference for her zip. As this is her last year we wish to send her off with a cheer for the gal who's been a pal to the cheerleaders and students of F.H.S. Next under our spotlight is Sharon Ashley. Her eyes how they twinkle, Her dimples how merry, Her cheeks are like roses, For she's our gay "Sharie," No kidding, she's a great cheerleader and one of our best. Five foot two, eyes of blue, and oh what those tive feet can do. Yes sir, she's our "Cookie" and Wava is always ready to cheer the team on to victory. Last, but by no means least, is that "purky" little "SOPH", Judy Hanson. Although this is only her first year as an A-team cheerleader, she added a great deal of pep and sparkle to this year's cheers. The "A" team cheerleaders always seem to get recognition but we're also very proud of our "B" team cheerleaders. Our lively "B" team squad includes, Jean Ament, Judy Burns, Beverly Hartwig, and Judy Fry. They are to be applauded for their undaunted spirit and pep. ,XZ JL!- HCTIVITIES 4 4 4 I 4 4' x Y gy 4 ,J y JJLN Jil JJ' -N INTRAMURA LS Homecoming really raged with school spirit this year. Maybe a little too much, as some teachers say? Snake dances were bounding up and down the stairs and the classes were hardly normal. Pennants were waving and the noise was terrific! Boy! Look at this float. Mr. Merriman's home room walked away with first prize in the pa- rade. Those freshmen were really onthe ball this year. Mr. Bathas sophomore home room was blessed with second prize and honorable mention went to Miss Graper s rumor homeroom lt looks like the younger you are the better prize Pert and pretty Theresa Yaeggi was crowned queen of the Home coming this year with Gene Heth and John Fry as co captains Her court was brightened by seniors Joanne Ehlers and Jane Scheppert rumor Bette Benoy sophomore Mary Ann Ramsey and freshman Ginger Hummel The Cards flew away with the victory over the L Cats of Lake M ls with a score of l3 O The boys really tried this time and t was a great game We were really proud of the team as was every one there The FHA and FFA really did a superb lob on the dance decorations Everybody was there and the orchestra was a novelty With all this and more Homecoming was really done in a big way this year r f . , . . 1 i 1 I 1 f K sl '. . ti' X 13, 1 ' H .. . . .. it ll - . l , QA ta if .EL f. 1 -3 D 6 M hugh L 51 Kung Don Hem and has queen Sue Blevm led the Junlor Class Into a land of Moon lught and Roses on May 8 1953 Thus year s Jumor Class held the hrst prom an the new gym The moonlut stroll through the garden of rose covered trelluses was very umpresslve Decoratuons were streamers hung from wares formmg trelluses whuch made up the walls of the ballroom Roses of all colors were attached to these trelllses A garden scene was de pucted at the end of the gym wlth small tables and a wlshung well Benches and lawn charrs were placed throughout the room to form a terrace scene Sux murals formed wrndows wrth sllhouettes to represent dancers on the nnsrde of the terrace The crownmg ceremony took place on the steps of the bandstand where Ruchard Kent s orchestra played for the Junuor Promenade The crown bearers were Sarah Black and Johnny Kammer Jr The grand march was led by Kung Don Hem and Queen Sue Blevm and thelr court whnch conslsted of Jerry Laatsch and Eileen Stevens George Purucker and Judy Hanson Tom Smrekar and Januce Slagg Bob Knllans and Lynn Prange and Roger Draeger and Helen Patefleld The .lunuor Prom was a huge success due to the hard work and cooperatlon of co chalr man Sue Blevm and George Purucker and their commlttees Therr advnsor Mr Jones dad a lot to make the bug event a wonderful evemng l 'N "THE LITTLE D06 LAUGHGDH Presented By the Senior Class of 1953 CAST Laurie Huntington . . Joanne Bienfang Sidney Huntington . . . John Kurtz Martha Huntington . . Gloria Lohmaier Wally Huntington .... John Steinke Miss l"Gus"l Gustavesky . Cynthia Moe Joan Wood ..... Carol Severson Ted Wood . . . Tom Beckman Lillian Wood . . Joan Ehlers Mark Bradford , . . . Roger Lalk Horatio P. Honeywell . . Dick Marshall Guests at Martha's Tea: Grace Schoenbeck . . Caroline Fetterer Walola Breckenridge . Shirley Johnson Amelia Dennis . . . Lou Ann Behrend Caroline Blakesly . Jackie Washelesky Therese Brown . . . Lorene Reinhard PRODUCTION STAFF Director ..... Miss Margine Frye Student Assistant . . . Nancy Uherr Properties . . . . . Verna Nadig Make-up . . Shirley Sonnenschien Lights . . Bob Knilans, Gene Heth Sound . . ..... Jim Gessl Staging . . . Bob Novak Advertising . . . Diane Gutreuter Prompters . . Marilyn Gess, Eileen Stevens, Donna Lanzel "THE LITTLE D06 LAUGHED T0 SEE SUCH SPORT" Things were bound to happen as Laurie Hunt- ington, a college sophomore maioring in psy- chology, came home for the summer! And they did, as the Senior class presented "The Little Dog Laughed," on Feb. 12. She decided her younger brother, Wally, her mother and dad, and everyone in town was mentally unbalanced, and felt it her duty to straighten them out. Sid Huntington, her dad, was petulant because Ted "Deadwood" Wood, his hated rival in the used-car business, was about to snatch a dealership from him. Her mother, Martha, was over anxious about the tea to which she had invited five of the town's most social-minded women. So - Laurie goes zealously to work convinc- ing her family that they must find their "energy peaks." Soon, they and "Gus", the maid, were walking around with thermometers in their mouths taking their temperatures every hour. Things became more complicated when Laurie insulted her mother's female society set. That night, while Laurie was on a date with handsome, but moody, Mark Bradford, Wally read her notes. That did it! They decided to teach her a lesson when she came home. So they put on a "show", carrying to extremes the characteristics Laurie had "psychologized" them, even demonstrating an unforgettable - Mother Goose "Purge Polka" with Mother and Dad Hunting- ton in their brightest night clothes. Laurie, very much embarrassed, left home. The distressed family spent many hours worrying. Meanwhile, Wally invited "Deadwood" and Lillian, his wife, to the Huntington house. When Laurie came home, she was relieved to find that her father and "Deadwood" were prospective new partners. Wally and cute Joan Wood could at last go steady, Mark's and Laurie's romance blossomed too, and Gus fin- ally netted Horatio P. Honeywell, bird fancier. This is only part of what the seniors have to remember of their class play with capable Miss Frye as director, assisted by Nancy Uherr. The many hours spent at rehearsals, the outbreaks of laughter, the "Ok, start all over!" and Verna June spraining her ankle added to the excite- ment. Joanie and Rog are still trying to figure out how a doorbell can ring without even putting their fingers on it. Just ask sound man, Jim Gessl. He can tell you! And then the post-play party! John Steinke found his "energy peak"-with the help of the girls. But then, they all had a big success to celebrate. Gee! . . . to think this all happened iust be- cause "The Little Dog Laughed." Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov. 29 Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 22-Student gave panel discussion on United Na- tions Week. 24-Last home game with Middleton, 0-l2, Parents Night. 31-Game at Jefferson, 6-37. 3-Masque and Gavel plays 5-Report Cards today. 6-7-Teachers Convention. 14-Sadie Hawkins dance, Tom B. as Lil' Abner and Sally S. as Daisie Mae. 21-Basketball season, Game with Waupun, 48-Al. 26-Game with Stoughton, 49-40. 27-Thanksgiving vacation. -Redskin formal, "Pixie Promenade" "DD V00 REMEMBER " -School again-confusion-new schedule. -Pick cheerleaders-Judy, Nancy, Sharon, and Wava -First game at Wisconsin High, Fort 6-Oppon- ent 27. -Game with Stoughton, 6-26. -Barbecue at Jones's Park. -Edgerton game, I4-24. l-Assembly-Mr. Luther spoke. 3-Girls go to Eagle River, Play Evansville, 27-13. 9-Bonfire and Homecoming Parade. 10-Homecoming game, Lake Mills 13-O. l3-Redskin initiation. l7-Game at Monroe, O-14. .lan Jan .lan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 28- 6- 9-Class Play at Sanitorium. 12- 'I3-Game at Evansville, 73-43. 20- Report Cards, Ugh! Basketball at Milton, 74-58. Mass Band Concert. Band concert. Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. 5-Game at Edgerton, 55-57. 12-Game with Evansville, 63-45. 13-One act play contest. 'I6-Christmas Program by choir and Masque and Gavel club. 19-Game with Lake Mills, 58-46, Christmas Vaca- tion. 20-Mr. Jones gets married-Too bad girls! 3--Youth Council Formal, "Sleigh Bells". 5-Back to the old grind. 8-Tryouts for Senior Class Play. 9-Game with Middleton, 59-45. 'IO-Cast chosen for class play. ll-Seniors at Lake Mills for Career Day. 16-Game at Jefferson, 60-43. 17-New teacher for Seniors, known as Mr. Ellefson. 31-First game in New Gym with Wis. High. Game with Edgewood. Press Club dance, Cupid's couple, Whitey K. and Marilyn G. 8-Game with Edgerton. Presented "Little Dog Laughed" by Senior Class. Last home game with Monroe. -Mass Choir at Whitewater. Game at Watertown, 90-65, broke scoring record. May May May May May May May June June June 8-Prom, "Moonlight and Roses". I3-Fort Invitational Track Meet. 18-District Baseball Tournament. 23-Sectional Track Meet. 25-Sectional Baseball Tournament. 30-State Track Meet. 31-Bacculaureate. Mar. 4-Assembly-Pruth McFarlin, radio tenor. Mar. 5-7-Basketball tournament. Mar. I3-Varsity-Faculty game, Varsity won 65-61 Mar. 24-Swimming Pool big issue. Mar. 30-6-Easter vacation. e Apr. 7-Back to school, all rested. Apr. 'IO-First dance after Lent. Apr. I3-Moving to new addition. Apr. 'I7-Student dedication of new school. Apr. I9-Formal dedication of school. May l-Pre Prom, "Stairway to the Stars". l-State Baseball play-offs. 4-Commencement-Farewell Seniors. 5-School's out!! Yeah!! LET S SHOW THESE BUSINESSMEN THAT WE APPRECIATE THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR I953 TCHOGEERRAH Cutnzens State Bank Arndt s Tastee Bakery Blackhawk Cleaners C R A y Blackhawk Hotel Rex s 66 Statlon Strommen Drug Store Rock Pannt and Chemlcal Company Torssell Studno Bettersox Knuttlng Malls Beckman s Shoe Store Zahn Studio Rhelneck Oul Company Eve s Gnft Shop Fort Atknnson Savungs Bank Dobson Shoe Repair Fort Atknnson Fur Co Hayes Funeral Home and Ambulance Service Schloesser s Cuties Servuce Oul Statuon Farm and Home Co op Fnrst Natuonal Bank Central Meat Market Fort Atkinson Creamery Co Engan Braun Lumber Co Conrad s Coffee Shop Fort Atkinson Bunldnng 8. Loan Assoc Healthway Danry N0 Gordon F Day Creamery Package Heinz Mobllgas Statson Ray s Grill J C Penny Co Wusconsln Gas and Electruc Co Schultz Bros Co Toussannt s Ready to Wear Shop Tuttle s Drug Store Statz Grocery Tellefson s Market Speer Electrsc Co Uherr Plumbing Co Bartelt s Furmture Co Wssconsun Farm Products Hopknn s Shop for Men and Boys Gebhardt 81 Sons Co Gambles Hadunger s Jewelry and Appliance Gruner s Book Store Gessl s Upholstery Friendly Fnnance Corp Fort Egg and Poultry Fort Remnnder Fort Heatlng Servuce Nelperts lnc Modern Cleaners ' Co. . . Ile ' ' Frank's Grocery and Fischer's Market Wallis Jewelry Store Kutz Electruc Co Hoffman Lumber Co Hohensteln s Grocery Jensen 8- Jones Al Barner Ketchpaw s Servlce Station Herb 8- Chuck s Barber Shop Kneslrng 8. Company W D Hoard Lakeland Sport Shop Kruedman s Shoe Store Hetland Starke Garage La Chance Hansen Prunters Holl 8- Carey James Mfg Co Jones Dalry Farm Hrlls Radno Fullmer Cnty Servlce Statnon Hevey s Servlce Station Hr Way Eat Slmonson Super Statron Fort Burck National Agrlcultural Supply Uncle Josh Balt Co Kent s Ice Cream Nrtardy Funeral Home Matson Electric Refrlgeratuon Sales 8- Servnce Mazor Furnzture Mart Roy s Barber Shop Patten s Servlce Statuon Marachowsky Co Montgomery Ward Co Poutsch s Texaco Station Bennetts Cleaners Lorman Iron 8. Metal Co Modern Machme 8. Tool Company Ptefferkorn Studlo Lee Black Jeweler Badger Paint Store Bammel Furnrture Store Badger Lunch Brown s Shell Servlce Station Aspunwall Floral Shop Urban Belschel Insured Savings Yerges Van Lnnes Inc Unlon Pape Frttung Co Norland Englneernng Larsen Canmng Co Loganway Inc Rlverslde Farms 8 Hatchery Moe Lnght John Cullender Insurance Luebke Concrete Co ' ' Co. , . VII -f 1 , V! f" f 1 , f Xu :,,., :. mm: -3,7 eau., -r,w:,.,..1ff:,.-xQ:. 4- ,,5,--- .3 . .',q,-4:T5557i,g-X17 V ,E .W ,.,tiF.,--..',5,r55g3ff!711xif 4 -ga

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