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Fryeburg Academy - Academy Bell Yearbook (Fryeburg, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1956 volume:

'I Nw 'S 1 5-A V731 -.1 ,M U Q 'Wk fy ' 'V 4:1 in in if f x - 8 ' . G," lid 'ff 1 " F ' "' . lx Galx 'vp rw--. Q Q H , f , a 4-ab. "x T . fl ' "5 :ge.':a'QWi ' 6, 'ASSSSQ .fy .yu W ww' f fm .wwf M :awww , WA, ,I .f H ,Jiri P wi .- 'film Sm 'TH E BELL FRYEBLIRG MAINE I956 my ,Na ,l.A 5 ,Q I--' A 'ixkfug , XLUQ , If f , gk r V1 j'A 'AX lx X HV f K K Ki Ilkfi- t :- xl! A Q W fx X - ' H , J X - jgQi9,4g e . fl' P Qi' ' ff-i, 1:4 A g - ,N V, ff L: 1-v-"""NXNx I ' 1- -ji "J4" L. it -.. ,.- f- - Eff-1 g..f,., V l X 1 ," I W! X, N fi We A xx x f "JI ! . fl VN M f , 1 Z x k Q. Kf N N xx W 1 X ,, f , . -X .,- , 0,231 :Afyfs f'w J,yK is E E mihfnlnm -W, ,Q ' f ll -221 J, ' 1' ' rl- 1 ' m K 'g l' -"T ' JN I xlff 1, 5:5 Q -5 lblyllyggl pggiwglf X, E .a ,E l x K' 1+ H 3 i tif, J' '+ V A" ' 55,5 , TE ' V f-L-V 'Qi X wi T iiix ' Fryeburq Accldemy - Fryeburg, Marne 'xi V 'XS JOHN H. MITCHELL Principal Coming to Fryeburg Academy di- rectly from Scarsdale, N.Y. where he was assistant principal of the high school, Mr. Mitchell has brought to us his ideas and concepts of education which have resulted from his several connections with many private and public schools alike. His work with the Ford Foundation's School and Col- lege Study interested him in school administration,and as principal of our school he has stressed the value and worth of the education of the "whole" girl and boy ..... the social, physi- cal, moral, and emotional sides of a personality being equally as important as the formaleducation of that person. Both he and Mrs. Mitchell have a. sincere interest in each student at the Academy and are intent upon seeing the Academy grow and prosper. Administration Administrative THEODORE P. BLAICH Director of Curriculum RUTH P. HEARTZ Dean of Girls CLIFFORD L. GRAY Dean of Boys English Hazel M. Ingalls Agrandece L. Healey Clifford L. Gray Ruth S. French John E. MacLeod Elsie M. Lane Faculty Languages Priscilla L. Merrifield Ruth P. Heartz Hazel M. Ingalls Social Studies Richard H. McKey. Jr. Theodore P. Blaich John E. MacLeod - - Hay.. 'Uv Science ELSIE M. LANE RALPH M. LARRABEE ROBERT S. BROWN Special Departments CHARLES S. PARTRIDGE Driver Education ZULA WESTMORELAND Girls' Physical Education WALTER C. JEROME Art and Drafting ELDON W. HEARTZ Boys' Physical Education Mathematics MUNROE G. MOORE GEORGE D. GRIERSON GORDON B. SMITH Vocational STELLA N. GRAY Home Economics ANDREW B. WELCH Agriculture BARBARA W. LEIGHTON Commercial CLARENCE G. WALKER Industrial Arts sr II 5 l Staff Dining Room MRS. FRANCES LORD MRS. IDA WHITAKER MR. DUDLEY A. PERKINS MRS. LAURA BRINE Academy HARRIET C. ELIOPOULOS Boys' Nurse LOUISE A. HURD Principa1's Secretary AGRANDECE L. HEALEY Librarian HELEN N. BROWN Dormitory and Office LAURA A. TAYLOR Girls' Nurse ABBY E. BALLARD Bookkeeper Custodial REUEL O. MOULTON HAROLD G. BENNETT WALTER R. WARD EVERETT W. CHARLES ELIOT N. GALE FRANK M. HARMON NIUR Seniors President. . .JAMES ASA OSGOOD Vice President. . . .JERRY SHEA LEEMAN Secretary. ...... LOUISE RUTH WAGNER Treasurer. ...... JAY GIFFORD BARNES Class Motto-Post proelium, prae- mium After the battle , the reward Class Colors -Royal blue and Silver High Honors LORRAINE ANN DANFORTH CHARLES EDWARD FLAGG PATRICIA LEAVITT 'I Honors SYLVIA EILEEN BAKER EULEITA MARIE BARKER DEAN DRAKE BERNASCONI ANNE ELIZABETH BRADEEN MARGARET ETHEL BRIGGS CAROLYN CLEMONS MARY LOUISE DALLINGER DONALD STUART FINLAY KONRAD GERNAND KUCHEL GAIL LORRAINE MCSHERRY ARTHUR CLARK ROGERS III BARBARA ANN SCHNIKWALD CHARLES ALLAN TRUMBULL BENJAMIN FRANK TURNER PHYLLIS ROXANNA WARREN SUSAN ELIZABETH WEIST Commencement Speakers PATRICIA LEAVITT JAMES ASA OSGOOD CHAR LES ALLAN TRUMBU LL SUSAN E LIZABETH WEIST Class Day Speakers Gifts ...... DONNA ANNE POTTER BRE TTON DONNAN RUSSELL Prophecy. . .CURTIS WILLIAM IVEY PHYLLIS ROXANNA WARREN Will. . ..... ROBERT LLOYD JONES History. . . .ARTHUR CLARK ROGERS III Chaplain. . .RONALD HARVEY ALVING 'FAS of February, 1956 RONALD HARVEY ALVING Maynard, Massachusetts Entered from Maynard High School '54, Track 3. 4: Cross Country 3: Christmas Play 3.4: Latln Club 3. 4: Chess Club 4: Discussion Group 4: Glee Club 3. BEATRICE SYLVIA ANDERSON Lovell. Maine Glee Club 2.3.4: Y-Teens 2.3.4: Future Homemakers of America ROY EDWARD ANDREWS Fryeburg, Maine Saco Valley Farmers' Club 1.2. ReP0rter 3.4. SYLVIA EILEEN BAKER South Chatham, New Hampshire Glee Club 1,2.3,4: Y-Teens 4: Bell Board 4: One-Act Plays 2: Future Homemak- ers of America 1. 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Band I: Library Council 3.4: Fall Plays 4. JUDITH LOUISE BALL Camden, Maine Entered from Camden High School '55. Skiing 4: Glee Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- ica 4. EULEITA MARIE BARKER East Stoneham. Maine Basketball Manager 4: Field Hockey 2, 3. 4: Soft- ball 1,2.3,4: Glee Club 1, 2.3,4: Girls' A. Council 3. 4: Y-Teens 1.2. 3. Secre- tary 4: Bell Board 4: One- Act Plays 1: Future Home- makers of America 1, 2: National Honor Society 3. 4: Class Secretary 3: Knit- ting Club 4: Discussion Group 4: Library Council 3: Senior Drama 4. JAY CLIFFORD BARNES Marblehead. Massachusetts Entered from Marblehead High School '55. Football 4: Chess Club 4:Class Treasurer 4. RONALD GILES BEAVERS Bridgton. Maine Entered from Olinville Ir. High School '53. French Club 4: Debating 3.4: Li- brary Councll 3. DEAN DRAKE BERNASCONI iaverhill, Massachusetts rtered from Lawrence A- ademy '54. Cross Country n 4: Christmas Play 3. 4: rench Club 4: Band 3,4. BARBARA ANN BIGGS ncaster. New Brunswick, :nada .tered from Pine Crest .gh School '55, Y-Teens Knitting Club 4: French ,ub 4: Senior Play 4: Fall ays 4: Bell Board 4. LUCE RONALD BOWLES vnalancet, New Hamp- re :ered from Kennett High 1oo1 '53. Skiing 2,3.4. ANNE ELIZABETH BRADEEN Cornish, Maine sketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Field lckey 2, 3. 4: Softball 2, st. Manager 3, Manager Glee Club l,2.3,4: Girls' Council 3, Secretary 4: Teens 1,2,3,4: Bell Board Christmas Play 3: Na- Jnal Honor Society 3, :retary 4: Class Treas- sr 2: Latin Club 1,2. LOIS CASTINA BRESLIN Hiram, Maine Field Hockey 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Bell Board 4: Future Home- makers of America 2: Lat- in Club l,2: Knitting Club 4: French Club 4: Library Council 3. MARGARET ETHEL BRIGGS Fryeburg, Maine Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Bell Board 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1,2,3,4: Discussion Group 4: Secretary-Treas- urer of Library Council 3: Fall Plays 4. EDWIN TENNEY BROOKS Brownfield. Maine Saco Valley Farmers' Club 3,4: Basketball 1. BARBARA MARY BROWN Lovell, Maine Basketball 2: Skiing 2,3,4: Glee Club 1,2.3,4: Y-Teens 1,2.3,4: Student Council 1: Bell Board 4: Prize Speak- ing 4: Camera Club 2: Lat- in Club 1,2: Library Coun- cil 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Teen Tones 4. ROY EDWIN BROWN Fryeburg, Maine Saco Valley Farmers'C1ub l,2,3,4. SHEILA MARY BUCKLEY Haverhill, Massachusetts Entered from Haverhill High School '53, Basket- ball 2, 3,43 Field Hockey 2.3.43 Glee Club 2,3,4: Bell Board 43 Y-Teens 2, 3,4. GERALD ELROY BURNELL, JR, Denmark, Maine Football 1,23Basketball 1, 33 Baseball l,2,3,43 Cross Country 33 Glee Club 13 One-Act Plays 1. NICHOLAS RIDGELY CAMP East Bluehill, Maine Entered from St. George's School '55, Cross Country 43 Discussion Group 4. JOAN LOUISE CAMPBELL Errol, New Hampshire Entered from Gould Acad- emy '55. Glee Club 43 Future Homemakers of A- merica 4. DAVID OSCAR CARLSON Wellfleet, Massachusetts Football Manager 3,43 Bas- ketball Manager 3,4. PATRICIA LAURA CASAVANT Wellesley, Massachusetts Entered from St. Patrick' S chool '53. Skiing 3,4 Secretary 23 Softball 2 Glee Club 2,3,4: Y-Teen 2,3,43 Bell Board 4g Christ mas Play 43 Latin Club 2 Library Council 33 Cheer leader 3,43 Senior Dram. 4. HOWARD THOMAS CASWELL, JR. Swampscott, Massachusetts Entered from Swampscot High School '53, Basebal Manager 33 Glee Club 2,3 43 Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 2 4. KURTON LEWIS CHAPLIN North Fryeburg, Maine aco Valley Farmers' Club ,2,3, Treasurer 4. CAROLYN CLEMONS East Hiram, Maine oftball 1,2,3,4: Y-Teens .2,3,4: Christmas Play 3: uture Homemakers of A- nerica 2: National Honor ociety 3,4: Latin Club 1, : French Club 4. AMES WILBUR CONRAD Fryeburg, Maine ell Board 4: One-Act .ays 1, 2: Christmas Play .Prize Speaking 1:Cam- 'a Club 4: Debating 3,4: .brary Council 3: Senior rama 4: Fall Plays 4. MARY LOUISE DALLINGER Center Lovell, Maine asketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Field lockey 1,2,3,4: Skiing 1, : Softball 1, 2, 3,4: Glee Zlub 4: Girls' A. Council , Vice President2,3, Pres- ient 4: Y-Teens l,2,3,4: ell Board 4: One-Act lays 1,2: Prize Speaking ,3: National Honor Soci- ty 3, Treasurer 4: Latin lub 1.2: French Club 4: iscussion Group 4: Presi- :nt of Library Council 3: all Plays 4. LORRAINE ANN DANFORTH East Brownfield, Maine Basketball Manager 3: Field Hockey Manager 3,4: Softball 3: Glee Club 2.3, 4: Y-Teens 2.4: National Honor Society 3,4: Latin Club 1,2: Debating 4: Li- brary Council 3. LESTER AUGUSTUS DARBY East Brownfield, Maine E n t e r e d from Yerington High School '55. Football 4: Vice President of Hot Rod Club 4. THOMAS ROBERT DiMAURO New Britain. Connecticut Entered from New Britain High School '54 Football 4,5: Basketball 4.5: Base- ball 4: Saco Valley Farm- ers' Club 4,5. JOHN STEPHEN DOANE Harwich, Massachusetts Entered from Harwich High School '54. Basketball 3. 4: Baseball 3,4: L i b r a r y Council 3: Fall Plays 4. GARY WILSON DOLLEY Fryeburg, Maine Baseball 2. MARGARET SUSAN DOUGLAS Hiram, Maine Softball 1: Y-Teens 4: Bell Board 4: Future Homemak- ers of America 2.3.4. DANA OTIS DUDLEY Bryant Pond, Maine Entered from Woodstock High School '53. Skiing 2, 3.4: Glee Club 2,3,4: One- Act Plays 2: Camera Club 2: Class Treasurer 3: Hot Rod Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3.4: Library Council 3: Octet 4. ROBERT DUNBAR EASTMAN III Fryeburg. Maine Cross Country 1,3,4: Track 2: Skiing 1,2,3,4: Saco Valley Farmers' Club 3. Secretary 4: Latin Club 1. ALFRED EDGECOMB Kezar Falls, Maine Baseball 3: Glee Club 1,2 3.4: Hot Rod Club 4: Ban 1.2,3,4: Orchestra 3.4. BETTY JANE EDWARDS Bridgton, Maine Basketball 2,3,4: Fiel Hockey 2.3,4: Softball 1,5 3.4: Y-Teens 3: Priz Speaking 1: Latin Club I Library Council 3. PHILIP CHARLES EMERY North Fryeburg, Maine Saco Valley Farmers' Clt 1,2.3.4. I MARTIN DANIEL ENGSTROM, IR. West Fryeburg, Maine One-Act Plays 1: Came Club 4: Class Treasurer Hot Rod Club 4. JONALD STUART FINLAY Orleans, Massachusetts ntered from Orleans High ch o ol ' 5 5 . Discussion iroup 4: Baseball 4. Tl-IARLES EDWARD FLAGG Kezar Falls, Maine 'ennis 3: Glee Club 2: Bell oard 4: National Honor ociety 3.4: Latin Club 1, :French Club 4: Debating : Fall Plays 4. LBERT HENRY GENASKE ewton Highlands, Massa- rusetts ltered from Newton High zhool '55. Cross Country .CHARD JAMES GOFF, IR. Fryeburg, Maine motball 1, 2, 4: Basketball 3: Baseball 3: One-Act ,ays 1: Christmas Play 1: ltin Club 1, 2: Hot Rod lub 4: French Club: Glee lub 1. 'F "Klip Q: 1. fi - . ' 2 gy . . f - asasl E Q s ' at 5 .. 15 GORDON HAROLD HILL North Lovell, Maine Track 1,2,3,4:CrossCoun- try 2 ,3,4: Saco Valley Farmers'Club 1,2,3,4: Hot Rod Club 4. CURTIS VXLLIAM IVEY Walpole, Massachusetts Entered from Walpole High School '54. Football 3.4: Baseball 3: Secretary- Treasurer of Skiing 3: Glee Club 3.4: Christmas Play 4: Prize Speaking 3: Treas- urer of Latin Club 3, Pres- ident 4: Chess Club 4: De- bating 3, 4: Fall Plays 4: Discussion Group 4. ROBERT LLOYD JONES Bartlett, New Hampshire Football 1,2: Basketball 1, 2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,4: Christmas Play 1:Class President 3: Library Coun- cil 3: Glee Club 2,3. KONRAD GERNAND KUCHEL Topsfield, Massachusetts E n t e r e d from Topsfield High School '55, French Club 4. CAROLYN LOUISE LANE East Brownfield, Maine Basketball 1,2, 3.4: Field Hockey 3.4: Softball 1, 2, 3,4:G1ee Club 1: Girls' A. Council 4: Y-Teens 3,4: Latin Club 1,2. DONALD MELVIN LAWLER Brownfield, Maine GORDON WALTER LEACH Fryeburg, Maine Baseball 3: Hot Rod Club 4. PATRICIA MAY LEAVITT South Hiram, Maine Girls' A. Council 4: Y- Teens 1,2,3,4: Bell Board 3,4:Christmas Play 3: Fu- ture Homemakersof A- merica 1,2, President 3, Secretary 4: National Hon- or Society 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Cheerleader 3.4. is . JERRY SI-IEA LEEMAN Bailey Island Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 3,4: T r a c k 1,2,3,4: S k i i n g 1,2: President of Student C ouncil 4: Bell Board 4: One-Act Plays 2, 3: Christmas Play 1: Class President 2, V ic e -Presi- dent 3,4: Debating 3: Fall Pla ys 4: Library Council 3: Senior Drama 4. ROCHELLE MARIE LEWIS Lovell, Maine Entered from Cornish High School '54. Knitting Club 4. PHYLLIS CATHERINE LITTLEFIELD Lovell, Maine Basketball 1: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Homemakers of A- merica 4: Latin Club 1,2. GAIL LORRAINE McSHERRY Fryeburg, Maine Field Hockey 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Secretary 3: Bell Board 3: One-Act Plays 2,3: Christ- mas Play 4: Prize Speaking 1,4: National Honor Soci- ety 3,4: Latin Club 1: Or- chestra l,2,3,4: Fall Plays 4: Discussion Group 4: Senior Drama 4: C h e e r - leader 2,3,4. EVERLY CLAIRE MILLS Fryeburg, Maine ,ee Club 1,2,3,4: Y-Teens 2,4: One-Act Plays 1: Fu- re Homemakers ofAmer- a 1, 2, 3, 4: Library 3, 4: ttional Honor Society 3, 'ARDNER JOHN NORTON Center Lovell, Maine votball 3,4,5. JAMES ASA OSGOOD Fryeburg, Maine iotball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ll 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1,2, 4: Student Council 2, 3, One-Act Plays 1.2: Class ,ce-President2, President Fall Plays 4: Discussion 'oup 4: Senior Drama 4. HARLES ROMEO PINGREE Denmark, Maine Jotball 3,4: Basketball 3: Lseball 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Bell Board 4: Saco alley Farmers' Club 1,2, Vice-President 4. DONNA ANNE POTTER Fryeburg, Maine Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Bell Board 4: Latin Club 1,2: French Club 4: Chess Club 4: Debating 3: Library Council 3. ARTHUR CLARK ROGERS III Boston, Massachusetts Entered from Brookline High School '54, Basket- ball 3: Track 3, 4: Cross Country 3: Saco Valley Farmers' Club 3,4. BRETTON DONNAN RUSSELL Fryeburg, Maine Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1: Baseball 3.4: Skiing 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Bell Board 4: One-Act Plays 2.3: Prize Speaking 1: Latin Club 2,3: French Club 4: Fall Plays 4: Discussion Group 4: Sen- ior Drama 4. GERTRUDE DOROTHY SARGENT Denmark, Maine Basketball 1,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4: Bell Board 4: Future Home- makers of America 1: Li- Council 3,4. NANCY KAY SCHILDBERG Rangeley, Maine Basketball 1.2. 3.4: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4: Softball 1, 2, 3.4: Glee Club 1,2.3,4: Girls' A. Council 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: Senior Drama 1: Prize Speaking 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Knitting Club 4: President of French Club 4: Debating 3: Fall Plays 4: Discussion Group 4: Vice President of Library Council 3. BARBARA ANN SCHNIKWALD Boston, Massachusetts Entered from Brewster A- cademy '54. Basketball 3, 4: Field Hockey 3.4: Soft- ball 3,4gY-Teens 3.4: Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- ica 3, Treasurer 4. DONALD EDWIN SCHULZ Weymouth, Massachusetts Entered from Weymouth High School '55, Football 4: Chess Club 4. MILDRED REBEKAH STACY Kittery, Maine Entered from Harmon Hall '55, Skiing 4: Y-Teens 4: Future Homemakers of A- merica 4: Cheerleader 4. 'xx RICHARD ROLAND SYLVESTER York, Maine Entered from York Hig School '54. Football 3,4 Basketball 3,4: Track 3,4 Chess Club 4: Senior Dra ma 4. GUY ALLEN THOMAS Manchester, New Hamp- shire Entered from Mancheste Central High School '53 Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3 4: Skiing 2.3,4: Presiden of Hot Rod Club 4: Stage Technician 3,4. MILTON ROGERS TRIPP, JR. Fryeburg. Maine Glee Club 3, 4: One-Act Plays 2: Christmas Play 1: Chess Club 4: Octet 3,4. STEPHEN PEDRICK TRUE Georgetown, Massachusett Entered from Perley Higl School '54. Track 3,4 Cross Country 3, 4: Glee Club 3,4: Christmas Play 3.4: French Club 4: Orches- tra 3,43 Debating 3. CHARLES ALLAN TRUMBULL Fryeburg, Maine uotball 1,2,4: Basketball 2, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Bell ward 4: Christmas Play 2, Prize Speaking 1: Na- onal Honor Society 3, esident 4: Latin Club 1.2: tench Club 4:Library Juncil 3: Senior Drama 4. BENJAMIN FRANK TURNER Auburn, Maine tered from Edward Little gh School '55. Football Baseball 4: Skiing 4: nior Drama 4. OUISE RUTH WAGNER Balboa, Canal Zone tered from Balboa High hool '54. Basketball 3: ftball 3,4: Glee Club 3: Teens 3,4: Future Home- akers ofAmerica 3, Pres- :nt 4: Class Secretary 4: +-captain of Cheerlead- a 4. KVID HARTFORD WARD West Baldwin, Maine it Rod Club 4. is 'E Q 5 5- gfqrff ' . ff 3 , x ,ks ii 9325 1, :si ' t 'QF t K PHYLLIS ROXANNA WARREN East Brownfield, Maine Basketball 1.2, 3, 4: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3.4: Softball 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Girls' A. Council 2.4, Sec- retary 3: Y-Teens Secretary of Student Coun- cil 3,4: Bell Board 4: One- Act Plays 1: Christmas Play 1: Prize Speaking 2,3: Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- ica 2: Class Secretary 1.2: Latin Club l,2,3: Knitting C lub 4: French Club 4: Senior Drama 4. SUSAN ELIZABETHWEIST Center Lovell, Maine Entered from William Wil- son Junior High School '53. Glee Club 2,3,4: Girls' A. Council 4: Y-Teens 2, Vice President 3, President 4: Bell Board 4: One-Act Plays 3: Basketball 2,3: National Honor Society 3,4: French Club 4: Teen Tones 4: Senior Drama 4. FRED ALAN WHITAKER Fryeburg, Maine RICHARD STUART WITTICH Raymond, Maine Basketball 3: Track 1,2,3. 4: Bell Board 4: Latin Club 1: Debating 3. MAREEN ALICE WOODWARD West Baldwin, Maine Basketball 1.4: Softball 3, 4: Y-Teens 1,2,4: Future Homemakers of America 1,2,3,4. RONALD EDWIN PALMER Fryeburg, Maine Basketball 1: Baseball 2.3, 4: Track 1.2.43 Cross C 0 untry 1,2.3,4: Glee Club 1,2: Band 1.2. 20 LORRAINE ANN YOUNC Fryeburg, Maine Field Hockey 2: Y-Teen 1,2,3,4g Bell Board 4: me Act Plays 2:Christma Play 354g Prize Speaking 1,43 Future Homemaker of America 1: Debating 3 Discussion Group 4gSkl1nf 3. 4: Library Council 3 Cheerleader 3. 43 Senio Drama 4. Q! EQ A 1 QP' if ff X af IN 'vs ,np 'C7 .1 rxfx rv" fs Q-. ,..-v ,R 'Q I.: qq A in .f SV if f 'H Ci? -Qi-v 'N VZ? pm 'V' -Cb Xxx 5 NAME NICKNAME Alving, R. Rev. Anderson, B. Bea. Andrews, R. Roy Baker, S. Sylvia Ball, J. Judy Barker, E. Leit Barnes, J. Barney Beavers, R. Ronnie Bernasconi, D. Dean Biggs, B. Barb Bowles, B. Bruce Bradeen, A. Ann Breslin, L. Lo Briggs, E. Ethel Brooks. E. Eddie Brown, B. Barby Buckley, S. She-she Burnell, G. Gerry Camp, N. Nicko Campbell, J. Joanie Carlson, D. ABi Casavant, P. Pat Caswell, T. Beep-Beep Chaplin, B. Burt Clemons, C. Carrie Conrad, J. Jimmy Dallinger, M. Mary Lou Danforth, L. Darby, J. Skip DiMauro, T. Gluke Doane, S. Freddie Dolley, G. Dolley Douglas, S. Susie Dudley, D. Dud Eastman, R. Skip Edgecomb, A. Bo Edwards, B. Twinkle Emery, P. Phil Engstrom, M. Humstrum Finlay, S. Teach Flagg, C. Charlie AMBITION To be a love counselor To be a cook To be a farmer To be a "Whig" To be a nurse To be a secretary To pass English To get the best of Charlie Flagg To go to Middlebury College To be a physical therapist To read every Time magazine To be a nurse To be a nurse To be a musician To stay awake in English class To grow tall Airline stewardess To play second base for the Red Sox To be a minister To be a child psychologist To have a car that runs To be an Airline Stewardess To be a photographer To be a farmer To flunk Chem B To have a larger heirloom To be a Phys. Ed. instructor To be a social worker To be an air force cadet To own a motel in New Brunswick To be a disc jockey To take a girl out To own a horse ranch To hit the big town with his sax To have an airplane to fly to Gardiner To be a mechanic To be the biggest flirt To be a farmer To be a genius To be a civil engineer To be a research scientist 24 WEAKNESS Senior Girls The navy No. Fryeburg Clyde Dear John Schultz ? --no, Schulz Clowning Arguing The boys of Langdon House Teasing Mr. Brown Staying awake "Ping"-pong lce cream Fords Loafing Snow banks ! To live on a certain isolated island Sally Being quiet "Junior" Black limousines Being witty Those drums That Lewis girl Candy G ay appar el Working Travelling Hor s e s That c ertain blonde A little blonde cheer- leader The A 8: P Horses Kezar Falls Joan Talking Marines Cows Fixing things The opposite sex Seeking perfection FAVORITE SAYING "The baby" "Oh dow" "Be sociable" "Oh, I don't know" "Really?" "Heavens!" "Tsh! --you not" "Boo-boo" "Yeh Sport!" "Long live the queen" lIHuh? ll "I guess so" "Oh gosh yes" "Oh it's killing mel! "Wel1, let's see now." "Darn" "No joke" "Smoocher "Well, darn him" "Out of it" "I'1l do it" "Oh crumb" lIBeepll "Well, I don't know" "Oh! Really?" "Goshl" "Oh my gosh" "Oh gosh, I don't know" "Now in Nevada--" "That girl of mine" "Hey Buddy" "Yes, we have no bananas" "Well, for cryin' silly--I" "Well, you know what I mean" "If you say so" Iloh gee!! "It gripes me" "What?" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "I've been sick" "I am under the impression that. . ." Genaske, A.H Goff, R. Hill. G. Ivey, C. Jones, R. Kuchel, K. Lane, C. Lawler, D. Leavitt, P. Leeman, J. Lewis, R. Littlefield, P. McSherry, G. Mills, B. Norton, G. Osgood, J. Palmer, R. Pingree, C. Rogers, A. Potter, D. Russell, B. Sargent, G. Schildberg, N. Schnikwald, B. Schulz, D. Stacy, M. Sylvester, R. Thomas, A. Tripp, M. True, S. Trumbull, A. Turner, B. Wagner, L. Ward, D. Warren, P. Weist, S. Whitaker, F. Wittich, D. Woodward, M. Young, L. Hank Dick Teeth Curt Bob Konnie Rocky Donnie Pattie Jerry Tinker Phyl Windy Bev Pat Jim Ron Mickey Chuck Donna Brett Gerty Nance Bobby Joe Pinky Dick Al Milt Jazz-Bo A1 Ben Squeezer Wardy Little Phyl Sue Freddy Dick Woody Shorty To To To To To To To To To To To To To be an engineer be dominant be a track star teach Mr. Brown chemistry be a Phys. Ed. teacher be a teacher be a nurse be a mechanic go to Farmington State be a building contractor be a sailor's wife be a nurse go to Miami U. To be a lady of letters To graduate A shorter route to Rangeley To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To win an argument with Mr. Blaich own an apple orchard be a gentleman farmer go to Bates be a second Hannes Schnider spend summers in the Yankee Stadium be a nurse be a police woman go to U. of Mass. join the WAVES resemble Gary Cooper fix his car for good join the Navy be a second Gene Krupa be a bach have longer week- ends at home take a trip to U. of N.H. be a jet pilot be secretary at John Hancock Life Insurance Company get married and have three kids join the Navy be a commercial artist meet the right one be a journalist 25 Mr. Gray's English class. Someone "True" That Charles girl Little girls with big eyes Those "Brown" eyes Reading The Northway Diane "Apple Acres" To own an isolated island Green Chevrolet truck Sleeping Boys Talking School Late coffee breaks Sleeping in class Railroad stations Fishhooks Gordon Girls Denmark dance s Springmont Farm Movies Skating evenings Submarines Side burns Hot-rods Collecting cigarette cases Harvest Hill Kennels Arguing with Mr. Blaich Queens Those late phone calls Cars Peppermint Gov. Dummer, Mass. Rochelle His little China doll Boys Gossip columns "Cuff-ie, cuff-ie cuff-ieee" "Who, me? !" "What?" "You like? I like. Ok? Thank-you." "Well, I'11 tell ya "What are you cookin' up" "Now you're loggin." "Made me feel so good" "Judas Priest- wouldn't that burn ya!" "We11, uh--" llwowll "Oh, shucks" "Heel l" "Big deal" "Wait a minute" "Flattery will get you no where" llHuhll "Gee whiz" "Good Lord" "Gee whiz" "You kid me not" ' "I don't know" "Mmmm-boy!" "Oh, he1p" "Look Sonny-Jim" "I can't do that" "Aren't I hand- some ?" "Dig that crazy snow" "Cut it out" "Yeh! Yeh!" "Listen here" "Five or six times" "Ah, come on you guys "You better believe it" "Let's go parking" "For Pete's sake" "That's about the size of it" "I don't feature that" "Yes sir, boy" "C'est la vie" 'QNX xx X XX X XXX? R Qs, xx 5 is W X Www K' N55 U A40 Q3 Z S "S I 43 I!! Zn M1 sr xx '29 s FIRST ROW: N. Kelleher, A. Hill, R. Lewis, S. King, P. Evans, A. Cook, L. Blake, M. Adams, M. Gerry. SECOND ROW: S. Danforth, J. Leach, J. Charles, M. Bennett, R. Lowe, C. Huntress, L. Largey, S. Howard, P. Andrews, L. Charles. THIRD ROW: S. Littlefield, N. Doore, J. Larkin, P. Brown, D. Morgan, E. Dore, B. Lloyd, J. Holmes, K. McAllister. FOURTH ROW: N. Austin, D. Leavitt, H. Lindsay, E. Jones, F. Fox, J. Hardcastle, P. Lusky, P. Harmon, R. Hammond, D. Croke. Juniors President ....... .... P aul Lusky Vice President ...... . . . Roberta Lowe Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . Diane Soule FIRST ROW: G. Nelson, S. Sewall, B. Rogers, J. Stone, D. Soule, D. Trundy, J. Noble, S. Reed, S. Skinner. SECOND ROW: R. Rldlon, R. Payne, S. Stevenson, R. Wadsworth, J. Warren, N. Stanley, R. Kiesman,A. Burgess. THIRD ROW: R. McAllister, D. Page, R. Graustein, C. Buzzell, T. Saunders, H. Bartlett, R. Bailey, M. Breslin, G. Emerson. FOURTH ROW: L. McLasky, J. Solari, A. Pike 4th, E. Doane, D. Watson, D. Wallace, C. Reed. F " N A , I I K I I I .,.. , A V C , I ...... ......-...,,.,...M 5 W, M-. . ...-...m 'lvl t gg f as IQ X si! RJ Y FIRST ROW: R. Lewis, E. Blanchard, G. Billings, D. Magennis, V. Blake, B. Boivin, J. Harmon, C. Eastman, M. Mark- ham. SECOND ROW: S. Murray, M. Maddix, N. Gray, S. Hambly, F. Buckley, B. Kenerson, P. Buzzell, G. McDon- ald. THIRD ROW: J. Griffin, R. Jarvis, D. Gildea, S. Coughlin, B. Hawkins, S. Buzzell, G. Irish, R. Chaplin, L. Drew. FOURTH ROW: G. Andrews, P. Fides, D. Lloyd, D. Edgecomb, P. Keyes, D. Brown, D. Crouse, W. Grover. FIFTH ROW: F. McDonald, D. Carroll, D. Lane, H. Hamilton, J. Heinrich. Sophomores President ....... . . . Donald Lloyd Vice President . .... . . .David Edgecomb Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . Peter Keyes FIRST ROW: J. Stuart. I. Steadman, S. Thompson, E. Whitney, P. Palmer, W. Shaw, S. Thurston, J. Tripp, D. Per- realt. SECOND ROW: D. Stearns, B. Shea. J. Marks, C. Thompson, S. True, C. Roberts, F. Thurston, C. Langmaid. THIRD ROW: R. Hirst, J. Rankin, R. Hill, A. Harmon, F. Trumbull, R. Jones, F. Rogers, R. Breen, R. Cheney. FOURTH ROW: G. Eastman, W. Beckwith, E. Savard, L. Bell, A. Graves, D. Thurston, D. Merrill, D. Hirst, R. Mills. ,.'5.3 is 'EZ7 11:11 Wmixwmfm R New 1 3 -+ ,,,..,.,,....,..........,.-v-'v-- FIRST ROW: L. Kenerson, M. Maines, P. Schmidt, L.Lutte, L. Kiesman, P. Leonard, L. Sawyer, L. Rankin, E. Struven. SECOND ROW: P. Welch, D. Moulton, L. Walker, S. Walker, B. Stevenson, C. True, S. Stearns, I. Mills. THIRD ROW: E. Snaborn, D. Tripp, R. Monson, T. McSherry, L. Solari, W. LaFond, D. Lord, H. Watkins. FOURTH ROW: P. Smith, N. Sanborn, R. Erlick, R. Plummer, D. Stevens, R. Kiesman, C. Lively, D. Severance. FIFTH ROW: C. Lowell, P. Maynard, D. Lane, J. Mansur, O. Lusky, C. Rogers, W. McAlister, D. Vrooman. Freshmen I President ..... ..... F red Dallinger Vice President . . . . . . Thomas Hardcastle Secretary . . . ..... Louis Solari Treasurer . . . . Sandra Bartlett FIRST ROW: J. Gunter, D. Hale, G. Huntress, M. Eastman, C. Giovanella, R. Blake, A. Graves, S. Charles, R. Bliss. SECOND ROW: J. Dinsmore, J. Bryant, S. Davis, P. Danforth, J. Crouse, L. Boothby, 1. Hall, S. Bartlett, A. Gordon, C. Hutchins. THIRD ROW: J. Cox, A. Baker, E. Early, B. Ballard, E. Dore, J. Barbour, J. Graustein, C. Bliss, J. Dou- cette. FOURTH ROW: L. Bean, W. Hurd, P. Barry, D. Blake, T. Hardcastle, F. Dallinger, R. Bryan, L. Brown, C. Barton, C. Hill. FIFTH ROW: I. Bennett, W. Eaton, D. Heath, J. Beckner. , 1 ., S , A .gp .-'- Bn. L.. 1? ,Mr ACT' V' T' ES Q59 Q. I 1 kqewoiv :web LAUM 2, f i '-rf 9976? WWbQ Sofft- fy r CN 45 f- Q fi fx nOT RODD FIRST ROW: A. Hill, S. Weist, Mr. Theodore Blaich, Mr. Richard McKey, A. Trumbull, Miss Barbara Leighton, M Dallinger Mr.C1ifford Gray, Mr. Munroe Moore, J. Leeman, E. Briggs, B. Biggs. SECOND ROW: M. Gerry, P. Casa vant L Young, B. Brown, P. Schmidt, G. Sargent, B. Edwards, D. Potter, E. Barker, P. Leavitt, P. Warren, A. Bradeen S Baker THIRD ROW: P. Brown, R. Lowe, S. Douglas, B. Russell, C. Pingree, C. Flagg. I. Conrad, R. Wittich L Breslin E Dore, S. Coughlin, S. Buckley. Editor in Chief Mary Lou Dallinger Business Manager Allan Trumbull Sales Representatives Lois Breslin James Conrad Susan Douglas Martha Gerry Patricia Leavitt Roberta Lowe Charles Pingree Music and Dramatics Barbara Biggs Ethel Briggs Student Activities Ann Hill Susan Weist Art Editor Jerry Leeman Assistant Artists Barbara Brown Paula Brown Betty Edwards Donna Potter Richard Wittich Yearbook Staff Girls' Sports Ann Bradeen Phyllis Warren Boys' Sports Charles Flagg Bretton Russell Class Reporters Senior: Sheila Buckley Junior: Emily Dore Sophomore: Stephanie Coughlin Freshman: Paula Schmidt Typists Sylvia Baker Euleita Barker Patricia Casavant Gertrude Sargent Lorraine Young Faculty Advisers Barbara W. Leighton Theodore P. Blaich Clifford L. Gray Walter C. Jerome Richard H. McKey, Jr. Munroe G. Moore 32 .r"' KP' Q7 SEATEDg P, Palmer, A, O, Pike IV, Vice President, Mr, John Mitchell, Faculty Adviser, J, Leeman, President, P, Warren, Secretary, STANDING: T, McSherry, J, Osgood, L. Boothby, R. Breen, Student Council National Honor Society FRONT ROW: P, Warren,C, Clemons, A. Bradeen, Secretary, M, Dallinger, Treasurer, A, Trumbull, President P, Leavitt, Vice President, Mrs, Ruth Heartz, Faculty Adviser, E, Barker, A, Hill, J. Hutchins, SECOND ROW: A, O, Pike IV, S, Baker, L, Danforth, M, Bennett, S, Weist, G. McSherry, E, Briggs, S, Reed, P. Evans, D, Wat- son, THIRD ROW: C, Flagg, D, Bernasconi, P, Lusky, A. Rogers. - il- -l- ---lf5-.!lHiH--3-liiE2---.1l--IlnI- fit vl,-1. , . ' YQ QV FRONT ROW: J. Crouse, L, Charles, J, Bryant, M, Maddix, S, Buzzell, Mrs, Priscilla Merrifield, P, Welch, V. Blake, G, Billings, E, Blanchard, P, Littlefield, P, Leavitt, SECOND ROW: L. Blake, P, Leonard, L, Kiesman, L, Sawyer, S, Charles, M. Eastman, P, Warren, J. Stuart, C, Hutchins, M, Adams, L, Young, P, Casavant, D, Hale, THIRD ROW: B, Lloyd, S. Buckley, F, Buckley, P. Brown, B, Stevenson, P, Danforth, C, Roberts, I. Harmon, C. True, C, Thompson, S, True, J, Mills, FOURTH ROW: L. Lutte, S. Bartlett, S. Davis, L. Largey, L. Walker,I.Stone,R. Blake, A, Cook, M, Dallinger, P. Andrews, B. Boivin, N, Gray, P. Palmer, Y-Teens President .... .... S usan Weist Vice President. . . . Marilyn Bennett Secretary .... . . . . . . Euleita Barker Treasurer ..... .......... S ally Murray Faculty Advisor .... Mrs. Priscilla Merrifield FRONT ROW: J, llolmes, M, Stacy, S, Stevenson, R, Wadsworth, E, Barker, S, Murray, S. Weist, M, Bennett, Mrs, Priscilla Merrifield, L, Breslin, C. Lane, S. Douglas. SECOND ROW: P, Evans, R, Bliss, K, McAllister, L, Danforth, J, Dinsmore, C, Clemons, A, Bradeen, J, Hutchins, J. Ball, A, Hill, B, Anderson, S, Sewall, B, Rogers, B. Biggs, L, Kenerson, M, Gerry, TlllRD ROW: D, Morgan, D. Trundy, A. Gordon, L, Boothby, S, Hambly, Ellen Dore, D, Magennis, B, Hawkins, S, Coughlin, B, Schnikwald, L, Wagner, G. McSherry, Emily Dore, B, Kenerson, FOURTH ROW: G, Huntress, G, Sargent, M, Woodward, M, Markham, B, Brown, S, King, W, Schildberg, P, Buzzell, L, Ran- kin, J, Gunter, G, Nelson, S. Baker, S, Reed, C, Giovauella, P, Schmidt, 1 t . Q , fl at , J 1 Bal - - - I Mi - 1 JL -' -1 ll, l m FRONT ROW: Mr. Andrew Welch, Faculty Adviser, E. Struven, E. Buzzell, R. Andrews, C. Pingree, P. Lusky, B Chaplin, R, Eastman, P. Emery, T. DiMauro, SECOND ROW: D. Croke, H. Watkins, L. Drew, P. Smith, L. Brown C, Rogers, D. Thurston, J. Rankin, F, Rogers, A, Burgess, R. Jarvis, THIRD ROW: J. Griffin, C, Hill, D, McAllister G. Hill, W. Beckwith, O. Lusky, P. Keyes, E. Brooks, R, Brown, A, Graves, G. Emerson, R, Chaplin, Saco Valley Farmers' Club President .......... Paul Lusky Treasurer . . .... Burton Chaplin Vice President . . .Charles Pingree Sentinel ....... Chandler Buzzell Secretary ...... Robert Eastman Reporter ......... Roy Andrews Faculty Advisor .... . . . Andrew B. Welch .,A ,K 'nb Q: ap it I ii- .fbi- ' T in 35 FRONT ROW: G, McDonald, R. Bliss, G. Huntress, L, Rankln,J, Gunter, L, Kenerson. SECOND ROW: L, Largey M, Bennett, A. Cook, Mrs, Stella Gray, Faculty Adviser, M. Gerry, P. Leavitt, L. Wagner, B. Schnikwald, D, Soule J.Campbell,J, Stone, P, Andrews. THIRD ROW: D, Hale, S. Danforth, M. Stacy, B. Rogers, L. Kiesman, P. Leonard E. Whitney, I. Hutchins, S. Charles, I, Noble, L. Blake, S. Baker, L. Sawyer, M. Adams. FOURTH ROW: C. East- man,R. Lowe, D, Trundy, B, Edwards, S, True, M, Maddix, C, Roberts, P, Welch, P, Littlefield, S, Douglas, S, Bart- lett, B. Hawkins, J, Bryant, B, Kenerson, FIFTH ROW: D, Morgan, I. Ball, A, Hill, M, Woodward, M. Eastman, V Blake, R, Blake, G. Billings, I. Stuart, K, McAllister, B. Anderson, J. Crouse, S. Murray, L. Charles, N, Stanley,J Leach. Future Homemakers of America President ..... Louise Wagner Vice President . . Martha Gerry Secretary .... Patricia Leavitt Treasurer . Barbara Schnikwald Historian ........ Diane Soule f Reporter ..... Shirley Skinner Faculty Advisor . . . Mrs. Stella Gray ti V? X313 g v K ng' , My flli Q., Latin Club Consul ......... Curtis Ivey Consul Secunda . . Linda Boothby Scriptor ........ Dian Morgan Quaestor ....... Donald Lloyd Consiliaria . . Miss Hazel Ingalls FRONT ROW: N, Shaw, S. King, S. Reed, S. Stevenson, L. Boothby, Miss Hazel Ingalls, Faculty Adviser, C. Ivey, D. Lloyd, M. Bennett, L. Walker, I. Steadman, I. Hall, SECOND ROW: P. Buzzell, G. Eastman, B, Lloyd, D. Watson, Emily Dore, W. LaFond, R, Lowe, B. Stearns, Ellen Dore, H. Lindsay, S, Hambly, J, Mansur, S. Coughlin, L. Solari, S,Wa1ker, S. True, T. McSherry, C. True, I. Graustein, P, Danforth, J. Barbour, C. Thompson, B. Stevenson. THIRD ROW: C, Hutchins, S. Davis, S. Thurston, L. Lutte, J. Dinsmore, E, Blanchard, S. Stearns, P. Palmer, B. Boivin, I, Mills, C. Giovanella, P. Schmidt, M. Markham. - - Vi Ii' . 2" 4 is 'Sf' S V so me :ff x emma. fl' fls Liv", y 4 . L 'Tillie - FRONT ROW: A,O, Pike IV, N, Schildberg, li. Dore, Mrs, Priscilla Merrifield, Faculty Adviser, SECOND ROW: M Adams, ll, lloward, P, Warren, A, llill, N, Shaw, P, Andrews, C, Clemons, 3, King, S, Reed, P, livans, B, Biggs 'l'lllRD ROW: D, Merrill, C, Langrnaid, D, Brown, C. Flagg, D, Bernzisconi, K, lluclrcl, R, Clmnstein, 5, True, R Payne, ll, Erlicli, D, Watson, FOllR'l'lfl ROW: D, Potter, B, llawkins, Il, Breslin, 5, lloward, Gray, D, Morgan, J llolnlcs, S, Weist, R, Wadsworth, C, Thompson, V, Blake, P, Palmer, e Cercle Francais rf ff ,f rl, .4 if Q, A+ rf, f V, Jifitff , A 'A mt -. . aff - ' --' .-A' r 5:1 Fil ill' ' , l ,ly Officers President . . . Nancy Schildberg Vice President . Asa O. Pike IV Secretary ....... Emily-Dore Treasurer .... Jay Hardcastle Faculty Advisor . Mrs. Priscilla Merrifield 25:4 SEATEDg C. Flagg, S. Thurston, Mrs. Ruth French, Faculty Ad- viser, J. Conrad, R, Beavers, STANDING: D. Bernasconi. Debating Club Uur Topic: Should government aid ' ' b gi enneed highschool rad ates? Dlscusslon Group e V Y g U Weekly meetings where matters of social and religious concern are openly discussed. SEATEDg M, Markham,E, Barker,E. Briggs, N, Schildberg, G, McSherry, M, Dallinger, L. Young, STANDINGg Mr, John Mitchell, Faculty Adviser, F, Dallinger, B, Russell, J. Osgood, J. Mansur, Ir., N. Camp, C. Ivey, S. Finlay. 39 4-P- N X48 5 'Q luv!! NWA.. .4--- mr... A lfliONT ROW: N, Sanborn, B, Turuer, Mr, Robert Brown, Faculty Adviser, R, Mouso11,I. Doucelte, SECOND HOW: I, Barbour, D, Vrooman, C, Ivey, J, lxlausur, Jr,, 'l', llardczrstle, R, Cheney, nnouncing Club To broadcast athletic contests for spectators' benefit. C To develop techniques and the art of Seeing. lflQON'I' ROW: ll. Bliss, R, Lowe, J, lNli1llSllI',,ll'., Mr, Theodore Blaiclr, Faculty Adviser, J, Conrad, I, Bryzuu, l,, lluukiu, SIECQONID ROW: l. Doucette, E, llarly, D, Vrooman, D. Crouse, T. Caswell, J, lieuuctt, IJ, Watson, ll, Cjllcney, l, llarhour. lll ms., SEATEDg B, Biggs, L, Largey, R, Wadsworth, P, Brown, Mrs, Ruth French, Faculty Adviser, S, Buckley, J, Stone E, Barker, N, Schildberg, STANDING: P. Evans, M, Adams, Rowena Lewis, Rosalie Lewis, J, Hutchins, P Andrews, Rochelle Lewis, P. Warren, M. Gerry. Knittin Club . For anyone who wants to learn knit- r ting or finish a project already be- gun. An informal meeting where non-arts students may work. SEATEDg L. Kiesman, D. Magennis, Mr, Walter Jerome, Faculty Adviser, A. Gordon, L. Kenerson. STANDING D. Crouse, R. Cheney. F455 X ,J A C77 vfrifif - .3 -ll 9 T3 412 SEATEDg P, Warren, A. Bradeen, Secretary, M, Dallinger, President, Miss Zula Westmoreland Faculty Adviser, P. Brown, Vice President, M. Bennett, Treasurer, P. Leavitt. STANDING: S King, L. Walker, S, Murray, S. Weist, P. Buzzell, C. Lane, N, Schlldberg, E. Barker, Girls' Athletic Council Library Council SEATEDg S, Baker, S. Murray, B, Lloyd, E. Dore, President, D, Morgan, Secretary Treasurer F Wadsworth, S. King, STANDING: G, Sargent, A, Hill, S. Reed, Miss Agrandece Healey Facult Adviser, M. Bennett. I. Larkin, P, Evans, 'ui-v few Sl1.fX'l'ED: IZ. Ncfallisrer, D. DllCIlCX', Treasurer, A, iiromas, Wrcsident, Z.. Durily, '.'iCc Zlresideut Mr, John Mitchell, Faculty Adviser, A, lldQCC0lIlD, Littlefield, r1fAfQDl-JG: ballard, 2.1 Engstrom, D, ard, J, Bennett, R, Plummer, D, Blake, Hot Rod Club To teach safety in Driver Education, as wellas practical auto mechanics. hess Club To foster and promote mental acti- vity, discipline, and leisure enjoy- ment through chess. SEATEDg L, McLasky, R, Hammond, C, Ivey, D, Potter, R. McAllister, M, Breslin, M. Tripp, STANDING: D. Schulz, I. Barnes, Mr, John MacLeod, Faculty Adviser, D, Page, R, Sylvester, J, Mansur, Jr, mm- r T' iii! 3 I ASSET Sadie Hawkins Queen and f aa e if N Attendants Q t, et NN Mary Lou Dallinger Phyllis Warren Louise Wagner "ii W-'Y I sf' " f' 1 , . , a? , rx my Q .1 "' K Sheila Buckley Patricia Casavant Nancy Schildberg M Heyday v Q 'aw Q, A' X M -4 4V -A .- Qgxgggu, g i 'if -Q. 535 S .ww ,gn 3. K r. ,.y.,.. 'N u X cf, g'.o,4 n ' ',k ...-A Q .1 xi C2 - .0 4x, , SQ 0 tu f Q 'n, ,, A M sg asks? wk 'SYN 'in ,,f I!! - um Sv r.x N--- N I MR, PETILLO Band Under the enthusiastic guid- ance of Mr. Petillo, the academy band has had a fine year. A great deal of progress has been made since last year, with several new members doing much to help out. The band played at several events during the year, including Prize Speaking, the Spring Con- certs, and the Gould game. Due to graduation, we will lose several of our musicians who have been with us for a long time, but with the patience and ability of Mr. Petillo to lead us I am sure we will have a fine band next year. Members of the Band SIA I FD P Palmer, J, Leach, L, Walker, E, Briggs, Mr. Frank Petillo, S. Thompson, M. Bennett, L. Lutte, M Ccrry STANDING: W, Hurd, A, Edgecomb, S, True, T, Hardcastle, S. Buzzell, R. Peterson, P. Buzzell, D Bermscorn G McSherry, D, Dudley, C, True, T. Caswell, S. Littlefield, D. Lloyd, B. Ballard, F. Dallinger. Teen-Tones "Teen-Tones," the newly organized octet of four boys and four girls, under the di- rection of Mr. R.obertS. Brown, has been quite successful. They sang at the Harvest Dance, the one -act plays , and prize speak- ing. Girls' Chorus SEATED: M. Adams, B. Anderson, M. Markham Emily Dore M Bennett G McSherry E Brrggs J Crouse D Hale, C. Giovanella, P. Schmidt, A. Hill. SECOND ROW M Gerry P Warren L Boothby A Bradeen S True J. Ball, P. Palmer, M.Da11inger, Ellen Dore J Dinsmore S Buckley L Danforth F Buckley C Thompson B Hawkins, B. Lloyd, S. Stevenson, S. Baker, S Coughlin I Mills S Stearns THIRD ROW B Brown J Steadman E. Barker, N. Schildberg, S. Bartlett, G. Nelson P Casavant wiv? Special Chorus I f 5,1 9 , SIIATED: M. Gerry, M. Markham, G. Nelson, B. Hawkins, E. Dore, G. Mc- Sherry, E. Briggs, P. Schmidt, A. Hill. STANDING: B. Brown, J. Steadman, M. Dallinger, S. Buckley, S. Stevenson, B. Lloyd, C. Thompson, E. Barker, I. Mills, N. Schildberg. The "Muskat Ram- blers," in its second year under the direc- tion of Mr. Partridge , has played for var- ious events such as the Talent Show, the Latin C1ub's Hallo- ween Dance, dorm dances, and Kiwanis. It is indeed a worth- while organization. Selected from the glee club, the special chorus combined with the Eastern Slope Choral Society to pre- s ent the annual Christmas Concert at the Conway Methodist Church. This concert was recorded and broadcast by WJWG on the following Sun- day. Muskat Ramblers S. True, N. Shaw, T. Caswell, R. Peterson, Mr. Charles Partridge, Director S. Thompson, P. Buzzell, A. Edgecomb, D. Dudley, S. Littlefield, T. Hard- castle. hase Hall .,,,. W . ff: q K - ,, QWXL- . M W sfif ifili' - is , ., DR. RICHARD F. CHASE Dr. Richard F. Chase, a trustee of Fryeburg Academy since 1918 and a loyal and ac- tive alumnus for many years, gave Chase Hall in memory of his wife, Leah Barker Chase, herself a former student at Fryeburg. I96 51 fi ii!!! NIKE! flll ll , ...Q-:gay "".' 4 , -uw .As Nag,- Christmas Vespers On December 18 the Annual Christmas Vespers was held in the Harvey D. Gibson Recreation Center. The program consisted of Christmas music di- rected by Mr. Petillo, a play, "Amahl and the Night Visitors," directed by Mr. McKey, and a flute solo by Ethel Briggs. The fact that Gail McSherry did sucha fine job in the female lead is worthy of mention, since she took this part on three days' notice because of the ill- ness of Gayle Nelson. John McSherry of the grammar school had the male lead in this play and did the usual fine performance that he has done for us before. A picture of the cast of the play is shown below. 4? g. Scene from "Amah1 and the Night Visitors" The music prepared by Mr. Petillo was very much enjoyed by the audience. The academy chorus particularly enjoyed doing the new arrangement of " ' Twas the Night before Christmas." The program ended with the singing of tradi- tional Christmas carols. 52 V41 PQ C1lMa".545?-l'EiaH 2 SEATED: P. Casavant, P. Warren, E. Briggs, G. McSherry, S. Weist, E. Barker, B. Biggs, L. Young. STANDING: B. Turner, B. Russell, A. Trumbull, J. Doane, Mrs. Ruth Heartz, Director, R. Sylvester, J. Leeman, J. Conrad, I. Osgood. "January Thaw" was the title of this year's senior play, given under the direc- tion of Mrs. Ruth Heartz. --sveclal 6u65l, l Senior Drama and Fall Plays "Antic Spring" HBENHQSAIU SUI if . Prize Speaking The annual prize speaking contestwas held on December 8, 1955, under the direction of Mrs. Priscilla Merrifield. Gold cups were awarded to Dian Morgan for first prize and to Lorraine Young for sec- ond. Honorable Mention was given to Duane Watson, and Gayle Nelson received Special Mention. i SEATED: P. Evans, D. Morgan, G. McSherry. B. Brown. STAND- ING: L. Young, D. Watson, G. Nelson. Freshman Prize Speaking SEATED: L. Kenerson, S. Bartlett, E. Dore, L. Walker, M. Eastman, A. Graves, P. Schmidt. STANDING: J. Cox, D. Severance, L. Boothby. J. Mansur, J. Hardcastle, F. Dallinger, C. Hutchins. The freshman prize speaking contest was held on February 9, 1956, under the guidance of Miss Elsie Lane and Miss Agrandece Healey. Linda Boothly received first prize for girls. Douglas Severance was a- warded boys' first prize. Honorable Mentionwas given to Carol Hutchins and Thomas Hard- castle. SEATED: S. True, D. Dudley, Mr. Frank Petillo, Director, F. Dallinger, D. Noonan. STANDING: G. Andrews, C. Ivey, D. Lloyd, A. Edgecomb, J. Doane, D. Stearns, J. Man- sur, T. Caswell, H. Lindsey, B. Russell, C. Pingree, M. Tripp. Music The boys' and girls' choruses, under the di- rection of Mr. Frank Petillo,worked long to pre- pare for their public appearances. At the Christmas Vespers, among the selec- tions they sang were "Veni Emmanuel" and "The Holly and the Ivy." At the annual spring concert with Bridgton Academy and Potter Academy, highlights of the programwere selections from"Rose Marie" and "I Like lt Here." In the latter the band joined the chorus. Recorded Concerts Once eachweekagroup of students met in the library to listen to recorded music, and to learn something of the background of some of .the great music under the guidance of Mr. Theodore Blaich. As a result of these meetings , the group's appreciation of the great composers has grown greatly. 0 Bruce and David Mitchell Nl. ,JB ff 5 , f Pamela and Paul Smith 3,5 eng Will, Cameron, and lan MacLeod " Kampus Kids 3 u X W Jean and Beth Ann Partridge m y Q ' 3-Q rv av- A A ',.bQ .rgri .. aw ' I 1 a Q t Mi A X r - who trtt 4, f V ,B Sd x vm Q f X3 -ak 5 i W I Malcolm Gray Richard Walker Betty Jo and Andrea Lee Jerome 56 SPORTS ci-7 I A Yam! 1 .Q J. y A V .f ,wsiy J Q A f AE! an 'V Q15-3 f. Aw, 4 I 445, SSW iV,,vg",QA3- ...My , J gif A A 5 A .Passat - r an T , . fftlslskf 4 Q. , A as .3 V 4 K x " -Y 1 fs. 5. fl -lj' 'I , , . 1: 'fiff-"a3w.,Q'-f. V twig' ' assfgargsss: Y' X S 'if' -,ffkdqffl s S U 4 r I , 'O JK ,aa- . 5 1 .1 4.5 3 ,NJ ' kai? as K Q I is 3, ' V Varsity SEATED: D. Rogers, G. Madsen, G. Sargent, P. Warren, N. Schildberg C Lane C Huntress S Reynolds STAND ING: Miss Marion LaCasce, Coach, J. Eastman, M. Dallinger, L. Wagner B Schnrkwald P Madsen S Howard Varsity Scores F. A Bridgton 30 Westbrook Jr. College 7 Bartlett 19 Kennett 27 Softball- I955 . Opp. F A p 8 Junior Varsity SEATED: Mrs. Margaret Nickerson, Coach, S. Huntress, B. Edwards P Brown B BOIVIH N Shaw J Larkin C Clemons. SECOND ROW: S. Coughlin, D. Allen, P. Andrews, N. Gray L Danforth C Eastman P Buzzell THIRD ROW: A. Bradeen, Mgr., C. Roberts, V. Blake. ggvrauqs i X ' Varsity FIRST ROW: P. Burnham, Mgr., R. Edwards, R. Kiesman, J. Pitman, T. DiMauro, S. Fitts, W. Sanborn, D. Daggett, Mr. Clifford L. Gray, Coach. SECOND ROW: J. Doane, E. Hammond, R. Cook, R. Graustein, J. Photopoulos, H. McAllister, J. Osgood. THIRD ROW: A. Harmon, G. Burnell. Baseball- l955 Varsity Scores Kents Hill St. Patrick's Littleton Gould Academy St. Patrick's Bridgton Academy F.A 4 Junior Varsity Scores Opp. I F.A. Opp F.A. 4 Littleton 5 16 Bartlett 3 5 Gould Academy 5 Kennett 5 Bridgton Academy 6 Bartlett 20 Kents Hill 3 Kennett 12 Alumni 4 Fryeburg Grammar 13 Junior Varsity Opp. 4 2 0 9 8 FIRST ROW: R. Jarvis, G. Leach. SECOND ROW: F. Thurston, B. Russell, A. Pike IV, A. Edgecomb, L. Bell, R. Palmer. THIRD ROW: T. Caswell, Mgr., C. Ivey, C. Pingree, A. Trumbull, D. Stearns, D. Leavitt, R. Goff, Mr. George Grierson, Coach. srlffi . 1, ygQlEB0,,12 Q., FIV RYEBUIY 3 1 . K f QYKBUQ 3 I n Spring Track - I955 Y. Pwnc' . S WifgY?3we3ggg3. NWS' hui-'Le' ' xs.9' C Re 65211 sglignguiess, 5' Rose mgnr XJXCAUS Nioggen ' S Lee' D XL. as. R- 305551. Mggian Ysovii-251' Mg. A 'WOWECOND G. Wu' 0- my ' ROVV 'veS- S Paine' giving' Tissue. Pita? vim? cook- R' 9 G. 'Boil 5' ' Kxgjlittich' A' The creditable record of the 1955 spring track team is due largely to Ray- field Payne's 16-point average, Robert Jones's 28-point average, and Andrew Boy1e's lightning speed in the sprints. Ray Payne's only desire seemed to be to break all the records set the pre- vious year in the distance runs. Robert Jones and his mighty arm took consistent firsts in the javelin, shot put,and discus. His high jumping, pole vaulting, and broad jumping also brought in the blue ribbons. Andrew Boyle sped his way to victory in the 100 and 200 yard dashes. Steve True, Jerry Leeman, George Irish, Chuck Rogers, Chandler Buzzell, Dick Wittich, Bob Payne, and Donald Page formed the backbone of the team. 60 Ss STA? TED D 1vn1Il1G:- gaigaff, R. S . ernasconjoll-UI, G Fo ' gr, ' Wler ' L fone ' A- B S' C F1uHoU8hs ' Hg I A Last year wound up another suc- cessful tennis season for the academy with three victories and only two de- feats. Despite inadequate courts and alate start, our team made an excel- lent showing in all matches. The individual victories for the players were Photopoulos, 3 out of 6g Burroughs, 8 out of 10g Nyman, 4 out 8g Solari, 6 out of 95 and Fowler, 6 out of 8. Tennis - I955 gl In C ' ook- H' Mr- Ralph M. Larrabe C, Coach The Scores F. A. Opp Bridgton Academy 6 O Kents Hill 1 5 Portland High School 8 1 Bridgton Academy 5 0 Kents Hill 3 4 6l -n if m.4swwwmwwf'nw' ,. , ssasmarfmfzri 1 ,, -V wfflg n W wwf if 5' mwgifs " ' final 1 rf 1 f ' "' QM 99- . up s y7.fw'f"l 'QD' wwf, Wk 'J -i .- ., f x . Lx .V , , ii? ... fits., , is-if .Q me- FFF e F' 1- sf .J Varsity SEATED: A. Bradeen, P. Brown, P.BuZze11, M. Bennett, M. Dallinger, E. Barker, P. Warren. STANDING: Miss Zula Westmoreland, Coach, N. Schildberg, B. Edwards, B. Schnikwald, S. Hambly, C. Lane, S. Buckley, S. Murray L. Danforth, Mgr. Field Hockey . Jdd , i To MISS ZULA WESTMORELAND, Coach Varsity Scores Alumni Thornton Academy So. Portland Dee ring Berlin Waynflete 62 F. A. Opp 5 1 1 0 3 0 1 3 9 2. 3 0 Field Hockey Line-Ups Varsity Barker Warren Brown Schildbe rg Buckley Bradeen Dallinge r Mur ray Bennett Buzzell Schnikw ald Lane Edwards -Iambly Junior Varsity Wings Inne rs Center Left Half Center Half Right Half Fullbacks Goalie Subs J. Gunter J. V. Scores L. Kenerson F. A. Opp N. Gray Thornton Academy 0 4 S. True Deering 0 5 Waynflete 1 0 L. Walker C. Cviovanella C. True ,QQ S. Coughlin W S. King ' B. Kenerson wg B. Boivin f -2-FAX S. Buzzell F. Buckley E. Dore Junior Varsity SEATED: J. Gunter, B. Boivin, S. King, S. True, S. Buzzell, L. Walker, L. Kenerson. STANDING: Miss Zula West- moreland, Coach, N. Gray, F. Buckley, C. True, S. Coughlin, B. Kenerson, E. Dore, C. Giovanella. if A 2 " . if -, 3124451 Ref QQ SEATED: R. Breen, C. Buzzell, A. Thomas, R. Graustein, L. Darby, C. Pingree, J. Leeman, J. Osgood, A. Trumbull, D. Wallis, G. Andrews, I. Solari. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gordon Smith, Coach. A. Burgess, T. Saunders, J. Hardcastle, R. Mills, D. Schulz, J. Bames, D. Steams, R. Kiesman, C. Ivey, T. Dilvlauro, R. Goff, D. Gildea, Mr. John MacLeod, Assistant Coach. THIRD ROW: J. Lake, D. Blake, R. Plummer, D. Tripp, J. Bennett, F. Trumbull, L. Solari, R. Syl- vester, B. Russell, A. Pike IV, J. Graustein, T. McSherry, D. Carlson. FOURTH ROW: B. Ballard, B. Turner, A.Baker The Scores F. A. Opp Berlin O 19 Hebron J.V.'s 6 0 Kents Hill 13 27 Norway 0 0 Berlin 0 13 Gould Academy 7 23 MR. GORDON SMITH, Coach G4 1 ,PX Ng Cp! N-:f In Action Our Team W - 3 i 4 sm, Q , . , if 'SEN-.f " wha-9 2 'x ey' P -- L ,A "iff N 1 X ' ' 33.1 wa' v Varsity B. Brown, G. Nelson, P. Leavitt. G. McSherry, L. Wagner, M. Stacy, P. Casavant. L. Young. gr n,,, G. Nelson, L. Wagner, Co-Captains. heerleaders lili 4' X 'ffl' far-J1 Mr S . Aja rl, DX S Afcke y, VISQ, ": Junior Varsity E. Dore P. Palmer C. Thompson M. Markham P. Schmidt G. Billings B, Lloyd I. Holmes 1. x ,P 0 .... 9' .Q . Q95 I Ure Q F' Q QP f. .W- mf- SEATEDg IJ. Lord, R. Payne, C. Payne, S.True. N. Camp, G. Hill. R. Kiesman. STANDING: Mr. Eldon W. Heartz Coach, F. Dallingrer, H. Bartlett, D. McAllister, M. Breslin, C. Reed, H. Genaske, C. Lively, L. Bean. Cross Countr Despite the loss of star daler Rayfield Payne through graduation, the cross country team, under the able leadership of Coach Heartz, had a highly success ful season winning all the regular season meets and finishing second in the state meet. Outstanding in their performance were Steve True, Ronald Palmer, Robert and Carroll Payne, Gordon Hill, Robert Eastman, and Charles Reed. ,,. can-5 Mr. Eldon W. Heartz, Coach Hebron Academy Stephens High Hebron Academy Bowdoin Frosh Gould Academy Kennett State Meet 68 Scores F.A 20 22 30 30 25 15 36 OPP 36 41 43 54 30 45 28 :mownegan mauve Named lwel"sfseggQeJe5plg,'ggggUnu """"""' j ebur Academ and 5 s Fryeburg Academ Coach leaf ed dedgcatedl NWN' Hom' Mb' Y the evening, The mg. The National Honor Society met FRYEBURG, MW 21--Hes,drrzaster Elroy LaCasce to-as included they Oct. 17. After the busmess was lay announced that Gordon Smith Jr., has been nameclpotlight denceqf J rwpleted, the meeting WHS Turned farsity football and basketball coach at Fryeburg Acad- and an elimlf ' C3T0lg'nd?1em0nS who was amy. , l, t,.....W.lo l The winnin 0' 0 Y o r e entertainment. Smith, al native ' t .ation dance I ' " gave an interesting Ennwilll tealeh lmglt-l . Yyebufg DHICYS heiuxrxlzi frankie Bg7gjY0Qi'+'QI'g'-ff' Q +0 Europe and e oca se oo, ei L L ' X ssistadnt. basketball QTHYH Back Hebron gh? tIgr0d3meegS,iL?,e!g1?Zi'lrl,foZgQQM6 i ,uncil at0gca?Q3g1fsnQl FRYEBURG, sept, so --W Frye-ilf oof' Qnrelfoqr bedfgrbf Qbfiogf ,uncil met with school for the past tW,burg Aeademys cross country F bm, f.q0,O,9lj'1oQ,f ,eeeiga J1f'aJ,,eQzgfI,?Q?,,x ray, Oct. 17. They Smith will b?,3U1liO2team defeated Hebron, BQ to 35, 'Ye TQfPeg,Qelf?1:s,.' 605,21 jo,4,,fea,,f'P2,0 , sweaters for boYS gfffggzmfrllgg 8555991323 today as Steve True led the pack f,,?5lf",g,LQ'?iQijgf'Q15 col, J' 2565? Qoaofeniors, sports award lamp an Lake Cobb homo in 12 minutes flat. 011 00f- tfsqffoggfgeq. Q 9532? fy, f':-84' 0190 nd student council his sumnrer. Itfwill ba rfmf. mddfa' of fmifhl X. .Trai fj2ig'ZZfbz?3'e5abQ'?3'1gi91?a1?'YD0,1-6,0 .5650 Bri- " Eason he? held Fryeburvg Duels Norwu to a Y A to dy 3313, 1950 .st G 31'?1z,y wing freshman student in 3 Close were 0901 'Yeo fe of Jtjyfo To eaepresentatives were elect- t the Wlnthrop e is i Deadkldf l ' 5 1, 353 - l- . 1" - 6' 17 '01 , 312131 ig, X535 V l cademy and Nomayiulefta Barker mhsgwfwgqs Gifs jo fee da Boothby and Ned Me- ,-' v gems one pomt at the J Q, lr, 0 4 'avid Tx v 'A ascoreless deadlockw if 0 fb 'Ye - fr' b h dt the second half. Thomton, f2,?Q, ?0'5'rAummn Leave? Dance r . urgf wiper? ed desperately to score a po.. ' quarterback' Jim lat Barbara Schnikwahfs excellent lffvzgihbifiiflff ck work and foot work prevented magame dance at the gymnasium mv . r r . 4 - , ZXS cnough powernto crack e'i5 Bea Ciosslnt able to top Frhclgftdlrhgxilt Leavesy' being the 17 Sponsored by Cheerleaders l X The cheerleaders held their third Y .Q 'Nl df .dN rel' fem e , played 236211, of mg PvE3aeg,i5i3w,NQ5:5iie5Q2al:: theme of the dance, thi gyergfwas FL i,m3URG. 3? better, but co1ddn,tr,g, we EYYSQGD, abwgected. of freshmen qdecorated wrth leaves gat er rom Zagat Nirgsfox- 0PP01'f?U3itg intciaigoll CO0-ntlfdxilaixgrl, 3: j5.5sO9LssmerrdJd1is year, but . s outsrde. k A 0 D ace nm!! an y LIBUS 8 WX X5 . an A 1 L th kms of the . . , l Q30 lbs e eammg e S Fryeb g Acade A 1 5118 ffl! FXYQIFUYEQ as WC' otha? rt while practicing and playing ' ur my c we asce as prmcip h in Fair cademy an the e Mclieen, and Fianehet.A9'n.oro'!slor games' 1 . ' , It S,-,hegl year, it W l . -V 14, L fl, 0266 urg Academy agrlcul- ,day by trustee fy' h 1 lg. , il, 7 ,Q .oo,., A Wwq Defeats Gould 25-30 of 0, ed and prepared 221-old Western Oxfog O l Pla? BW , d by Sieve True' the FfYebV?F'g,f'31g5,e6f 00' 0 For display at 'SCh001- b d f The versity hockey tearh iancla VKX cross Commy tealfolff' 4530 06d Ngrfgglltflre ,John B.. Mitchell, S few of the IV team attended the 1 Gould 'fcademy 2515 A 'f',p0'9Q'f?Q Q' 'S' ' gmg e , e gegf-bggzibgfnbfgmer amltwll Play Dayrf at Westbrookgume Of ll-44-5lfeS'J1f'gb4,?lrj'e Ofrrjjlr yor, 'of are ' p act e e s tl f'h.'e e 215,053 ' l :tiring in June aftirl Jumoacouege OH Oct' 8' Dust t0 Place mls , e gif Fiber? rife Z57lf5ff'j9'X ,dits-n iheadof' of-'adifmx baddweatherr the tem was una e - 4 l we o1i's0001f0bfeqf3w n fog lMwerg 0,5 elrlerlall are of HS Sched F ryeburg Track ,mfr Qafls 0123, Of' gr, rrgggols in ass., zs 'g' C Ima' WX-Ihey cbd play twoof th - 5-P AJ, 50 041 'irglcipallffgllt egem6nj6Qgr04en bllfll Deefing I anthem A DIZ? AC?QOQ'ennett of 3 ool ea, , lr .S gr A - ,h. hr. l Y A onway col.. ,Q J- gsidsgfrfs of 1853, O' Lat-gal new New If V lg lg 'rs HILL' Mayd14..r'r-we The academytss bile Wwe We' lr dulr1es'JfEfChfteC ifld dojfe who eburg A"J'e6,,,, or 1-Academy defeated Keg 1955 Fqgtbgll schedule Mitchell receiveila.fS 1.613 r. or Of 5 reiired Cadem g Acad 'f'm3lnt1ff"9imegi 'oct' 1 ... New Hampton them Pe from the U'niversit:leuwf?SSnc Us bu' last rn 'V gf-'Yr' e"'-V 0 if ll Oct. 8 H b A ' ' h re ampslzlre, and his Mwonlrgggr-lxftfve Ildihg. 0172211 Gym- n -rl or "' e mn .ca e 'ee from Columbia U11 l 'tte and 31 ' Whig as 3 Af' 0113 d0ry J-5"Kent5H'n e or there e ls working new ferr t was H WUHQU1-1. ollll SW D . man mem ,efftgig l filet. 22- Norway here r's degree, and an unforgettable ever.. .,e. jrfncjp r died . 01,131 Z Sifggejoet 29 in Berlin hem e - team -to see a ame betweenwt 31 81 In I9 0 Le ' ' In addilivn to he S217 l l 5 roses, jfs 3 0.9, T ah ,gNov. 5 - Gould Aca. hero Scarsdale, N. Y., 5 such wellsmatehed Oppenents. points, s' 'eelrere M Hd two he as , . so ,... , . l so lll l l new n Q .,W.,... . , ieveral Hundred Parents Visit the brorogllreaeolnd Ne' Fw-ltr WOM eff Wwe ' l l r f , Among the showings ' D yegglgns gf buttgyflig A tea honormg Mrs M1tchell,l 1 e so 'fyebufg Academy Open House and? were we- ed Ifgfeergomgn and Wfvel snzves, g. ssl a, l f Nr , , FRKEBQTRG, June 4 -- Frye- Wallger, students of the wood-l tle were gaming theslir 6 r tisyiousgg 3? tag EF!-l gb Bbw mst hm to Bev' Workmg 9011158 had then' prod- rn the pet, Sh""' ' e need e R - l hmgayri V 813132: its-rzgeixgieggs 133123138 merry in the iljgnpdrolm 91aswr"""Letfef ms ermou Cajon ecreahona ral open houseg Exhibits were lampswggufzigfxlqaswasr-ff'S dxf ms Hts - expel who ms 'Wpre 1 - 'ranged by the various depart- che t, ' rl he Chips a ved lim l wma seY0'0W"fS Mlfchell, Mrs ents of the school, these range ilibes ? in 1.g'g 'Mu 83353111935 news: at the Schoibilts MJQRYQ all maobeod, Mrs McKey, le from al eo1leetlQn,loflw.,-f Eg-yt ugweburi omg 33111 Yea YS YeQerlt. s'9 M, rvnss Westmoreland, and Mrs. Tay- mf raged :mmm d d d C see 165' l 11 oi Ywssd st, the SGUOQ or-srwH'G1aSSe lor. ,,. . A . af L, ,QD .Qcrr Ly Fl' . , , A , Visitors l QBXQY 0- WUPOH Cempw Hiro SweakfgfmsnlonlciiceUHlEgslle5l?e1I51lf's Rug l Miss Leighton and Mrs Mem- :rough th foanfegrexih , Warned an l.-..lvey Dow Gibson Miss Ingalls, Clifford field dipped punch and offered ,e facrlltre exglgkff A being 95 ,l-.od,l5ron Center, The show Miss Elsie Lame. Francis brownies and cookies made b the students ilbtioil' A ,elses consisted of the modeling of were under Irirs. Frisc . l d . FH A ,Le fared- be ,ll M -W Q clothes made by the girls of the rifield agriculture xr Junior an senior ' ' ' mem rs' Largest ofthe exhzbits re- cle cl 1' -1 f f ' d A . ' I-.rm vm mr nf rsh., mffm ii l?El.?2?lf?3elEuiEF?BEl.??a1:., S??Flif.Ws19.hl F0mm?Y?1 Hosfesses were Lvwse Wagner, Honored at Tea 'Wh Q. C Q.: Cf FIRST ROW: R. Breen. R. Eastman, B. Russell, C. Reed. SECOND ROWg I. Doucette. A. Thomas, D. Severance, T. McSherry, lf. Dallinger. THIRD ROW: Mr. Walter Jerome, Coach, A. Pike IV. Skiin ln its first meet against Kennett and Dover, Fryeburg finished a close second. The following week Fryeburg went to the Class B State Meet and carrie back victorious. In the next meet against Mexico and Edward Little J.V.'s, Fryeburg finished second in a close contest. 5 --P mi -f.:'.:-v' l Class B Plaque Mr. Walter C. Jerome, Coach TU x. 7 'as X X X XX X' fxfxl- The Ski Tow Since the construction of the Academy Ski Tow was such a large undertaking, it was not surprising that it was not ready for use until the middle of February. Nearly all students had a hand in the project, either through the raising of necessary funds or in the actual engineering of the tow, with Allan Thomas and "Skip" Eastman as chief engineers of the project. With a towline of 800 feet, the tow provides an exceptionally fine ride to the top of the hill where many trails for advanced and expert skiers are available. A beginners' slope adjacent to the tow will be under construction soon for use in another season. 71 l YJ 'db D Potter C Lane G Safilem A' Bradeen' BACK ROW: M FRUNVI' ROW- E. Barker, Manager- N' Scml cm' ' " 'Z Ia Westmoreland. Coach- IJa1Iing,cr. IV UYOWU' M B. Schmkwald, M. Bennett, S. Buckley. xss U Varsity Basketball VARSITY A. Bradeen P. Brown P. Warren B. Schnikwald B. Edwards N. Schildberg M. Dallinger C. Lane G. Sargent M. Bennett D. Potter S. Buckley Lme-ups JUNIOR VARSITY Guards S, King C. True M. Woodward Forwards B, Boivin B. Kenerson S. Howard 5L1bS L. Walker S. True E. Dore C. Roberts I ,Q IK i FRON , . , - f, . alker, B. Boivirr. BACK ROW: C, Tr C. Roberts, Miss Zula Westmoreland, Coach. TROWg M. Woodward S King S True L W J. V. 'S H ' U, XX inksnqan J Q XT' UG, E- DOTS, B. Kcnerson I It F FRONT ROWg T. IJiMauro, J. Solari, A. Trumbull, J. Osgood, J. Leeman, T. Saunders, R. Kiesman. BACK ROW Mr. Gordon Smith, Coach, D. Carlson, Manager, D. Edgecomb, R. Jones, R. Graustein, R. Sylvester, J. Doane. Varsity Basketball Scores I F.A. li 42 . 2 ff Kennett Holderness Gorham J.V.'s Nasson J.V.'s Mechanic Falls Oxford Bridgton Academy Oxford Kents Hill Mechanic Falls Kennett Alumni Bridgton Academy Kents Hill Tilton Holderness Hebron Academy 71 OPP 49 32 sv 32 85 39 50 64 41 43 59 41 72 69 so 53 sz ,wg-p.o,y ,.--, H-ww---1-Y--1-A-W F 1 1 J - Scores f A . F.A. Opp. Kennett 26 64 Bartlett 20 38 Mechanic Falls 2.7 56 Bridgton Academy 18 64 Kennett Z7 63 Bridgton Academy Z4 72. Tilton Academy 34 42 Bartlett 34 50 J. V. Basketball FRONT ROW: Mr. Robert Brown, Coach, D. Tripp, J. Graustein, A. Harmon, L. Solari, R. Jarvis, D. Lord. BACK ROW: T. Hardcastle, F. Trumbull, R. Peterson, W. Grover, D. Lloyd, W. LaFond. X', L e ' f .3 fz f f , , , ,f ' SA 001. is Eiifi i -W .. ,. x X , ' x Q - 3 . 'wk I x- I -lluf N ff f' V' fl Qgx Our Sponsors MERLE G. ABBOTT'S HEATING SERVICE L. G. BALFOUR CO. fDona.ld B. Tupper, Representativej BALI..ARD'S RESTAURANT BASS AND BUCK BUNGALOWS H. C. BAXTER Sz BROS. BECKWITH'S MARKET DR. ROGER M. BOOTHBY BRACKETT'S HARDWARE M. F. BRAGDON PAINT CO. BEN BROWN'S CAMPS Q LAKE KEZARJ CARDINAL PRINTING CO. DR. JAMES P. CARTER, OPTOMETRIST CASCO BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CENTER MARKET A FRIEND CONWAY CAFE THE CONWAY SUPPLY CO. CRESSY'S 54 TO 51.00 STORE A FRIEND A FRIEND FARRINGTON'S CAMPS THE FASHION CORNER FLOWERLAND FLORISTS JOHN R. FOX N. T. FOX CO., INC. FRYEBURG CLOTHING CO. FRYEBURG WATER CO. GOODWIN'S RED 81 WHITE STORE CARROLL H. HALEY'S INTERNATIONAL SERVICE THOMAS HAMMOND 8: SON QLUMBERQ HANNAFORD BROS. CO. lSponsors of Red 8: White Storesj Fryeburg, Maine Attleboro Mass. Freyburg Maine Denmark, Maine Fryeburg Maine Brownfield, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Lovell, Maine Denmark, Maine North Conway, N. H. Fryeburg, Maine Center Lovell, Maine Conway, N. H. Conway, N. H. Fryeburg, Maine Lovell, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Conway. N. H. Lovell, Maine Portland, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Kezar Falls, Maine Fryeburg, Maine East Hiram, Maine Portland, Maine ROY A.HANSON CHAR LES HA PWORTH ALONZO J. HARRIMAN, INC. fArchitects, Engineersj HARRIMAN'S RED 81 WHITE STORE HASTINGS AND SON C. W. HERSEY, D. V. M. F.A. HILL 8: SON HIO RIDGE COTTAGES H. P. HOOD 8: SONS, INC. A FRIEND JACKSON-WHITE STUDIO ROGER PAUL JORDAN JOHN F. KELLY 8: SON ILUMBERQ KENERSON'S BARBER SHOP KIMBALL SUPPLY AND HIRAM WOODCRAFT KING COLE FOODS, INC. LACASCE CHEVROLET, INC. MARION LACASCE LIBBY'S WATCH DEN LORTON'S GARAGE LUTTE'S SERVICE STATION MATHEW'S SALES 8: SERVICE CO., INC. T. E. MCSHERRY NORTH CONWAY PROPERTIES fWendall D. Woodbury, Agentj S. T. OLIVER 8: SON, DRUGGISTS EUGENIA PARKER ASA O. PIKE II AND SON R. E. 8: E. E. PITMAN PORTEOUS MITCHELL 8: BRAUN CO. POWERS RADIO, TV, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES Fryebur g , Maine Fryeburg , Maine Auburn, Maine North Fr yeburg , Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Denmark, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Portland, Maine East Hiram, Maine Fryeburg, Maine East Hiram, Maine Portland, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Center Lovell, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Fryeburg, Maine North Conway, N. H. Fryeburg, Maine Denmark, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Fryeburg , Maine I In 'N r rv H. E. RANKIN 8: CO. RANDALL AND MCALLISTER RED 81 WHITE STORE 8: JOCKEY CAP CABINS CARROLL REED SKI SHOPS THE REPORTER PRESS RICHARD A. REYNOLDS ROWELL 8: WATSON SAGADAHOC FERTILIZER CO., INC. SEVERANG-E LODGE WILLIAM E. SEVERANCE IReal Estate and Insurancej SHAW'S FURNITURE STORE SOLARI'S STORE SPRINGMONT FARM IEarl P. Osgood 8: Sonsj B. D. STEARNS, INC. ECKLEY STEARNS OF JOSTEN'S SWAN'S EXPRESS DR. N. C. THURLOW TROTT'S HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE TRUMBULL'S RED 8: WHITE SUPER MARKET THE VILLAGE STORE E. R. Br P. L. WALKER ICHEVROLETI E. L. WATKINS 8: CO. WEEMAN'S GENERAL STORE WESTERN MAINE FOREST NURSERY CO. JOHN F. WESTON WHITAKER'S GENERAL STORE A. R. WRIGHT CO. YE OLDE INN 8: THE PAGE HOUSE YOUNG'S METAL SHOP Fryeburg , Maine Portland, Maine Fr yeburg , Maine North Conway, N. North Conway, N. Fryebur g , Maine Dover, N. H. H. H. Bowdoinham, Maine Center Lovell, Maine C enter Lovell, Maine North Fryebur g , Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Fryehurg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Denmark, Maine East Brownfield, Portland, Maine Denmark, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Portland, Maine Fryeburg, Maine Fryeburg, Maine The Academy wishes to express its appreciation to its advertisers old and new, for their continued support by advertising in The Bell. Maine both F.. M f. W f. A K .,,. 1 qi H, , ky, wiiiir 'S n n 49" "hh x 1" r - 1 I' 1' f. O O -as eww-TM v 6 is qfjs iw 18' , as ax., "i'2 . ' E5

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