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3,.- ,. V . 4 4257? 4 f D745 Levee n : lx N -, . . ' ., K I 1' 4 x VV - 5-1 ' I nd J - 1 K Q 12' I f-Q . , 9 ,,..ifi' 4- - r' - 1 ,F - , W 1 mai 7 T A . f F W U X. kh- in .gnf . J... f" ' . " 1- '! .. 4. , gg W: Aki! f l ' 1 1 , -Q 1 ' Aff. fu' f 9:34 y , , s " V 'V I ' ,Q 7- ' - K -- ,f A 1 ' .x - V' I Wa rv-1' il -6594 mx .-wh' 1002584 "" ff Y 1"'f!'xk,w6av gp ,, ' '41 1' ,,, , z - ., '- 'if' V ' V' . . W , , ffl iw- - . T ' ' V- ! . - ' 0' 'X N' -ef 'f 5. 4 ' t an , , i xg , , ' tiff, I ' , 5 9 -H,-f 0 ,, 4 so Yr --' I Y f , ul' 3-4 .,, L :J -V. HQQ' SEQ . sr. . ,11- P 4? 1113? , Q2,..v'i,, , ,... abx, A '. .. ' - V. A '3".:! and -.., . Q H, .. gzdhl- n -f x Iv .I ' A- mins, -' -"- ' - - 1.,m.....n.:.f..ns ev f - . is ax S N54 '3 ka: T Q sl ' 6?-A, , 'TN 6 Y-ilifvf V - fs Y Q 5 ,' X J r i .af , -li- ar y H I M The 1954 Poma Terra is a book of memories to be kept among your most valued treasures and to remind you of the many wonderful times you have had working and learning with your friends. N The Annual Staff has worked hard to make a better and more attractive annual for you this year and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed editing it for you. For many of you students this will be your last year in Fruitland High School Some of you may go on to schools of higher learning and others may venture out into this wide world to provide your own living. Wherever you go and whatever you do our best wishes go with you. Good luck and a pleasant journey! 1 .. ' .f For many.years'you have stood beside us, guiding us, and helping us through- out all the school years. We know that the financial aid you have so freely and generously given us, the moral support and co-operation you have shown us in all the school activities and community projects are the outstanding factors in all our success and achievements. - ' , ' . ' ' - Your efforts to make our community a better place to live is a standing guide- post to us as we go forth from F.ruitland Highf We feel that the Citizenship Award you bestow each year upon onei of our students is a definite product of these efforts It is not only a honorvto the one chosen, but to his friends and fellow classmates as wen! 7 ' ' . . i ' A As a means of expressing our thanks andappreciation, the Annual Staff has cho sen to dedicate our 1954 'POMA TERRA to you, A the Fruitland businessmen and wo- men and the Chamber of Comerce. From each one of usqas students and teachers, we thank you again and again! Q ! ' , . fa ,V,4 .6 f 4+ 'fa T if A 4 I ". . . We will make darkness light before them, and crooked 'places 4. Mr. Kenneth Hansen B. S. Agriculture, U. of Idaho. Vocation Ag. In- structor. Sponsor: F.F.A. and Freshman Class. Miss Alice Grable B. A. College of Idaho, Graduate work at U. of Idaho, U. of Oregon. French, English, Algebra, Librarian. Sponsor: Girls League, Exchange Assembly Pres. Fruitland Educ. Assoc. Mr. Earl Fisher B. S. McPherson College Kansas. Physics, Chem- istry, Geometry, Adv. Al- gebra, Bookkeeping. Sponsor: Junior Class. Mr. John Purcell B. A. College of Idaho. Band, Glee. Mr. Barney Lewis B. s. fEd.J M. s. fEd.j U. of Idaho P. E. and Health, Biology, General Science, F. Club, Basketball and Track, Asst. Football and Baseball. Sponsor: Soph- omore Class. Ni , ,. ball and Track. Mr. Loren Cowgill B. A. Pasadena Ir. College, Lewis and Clark College, Occidental College. English, Speech. Sponsor: Senior Class. Miss Betty Judy A. A. Boise Junior College, B. A. College of Idaho. Commercial. Advisor of Annual, Newspaper, Co- Sponsor Pep Club. WWE Mr r Be'llon . Ma e, Gra te wo . of Id ho 6,2 nd H i , Histgfl gebra. Sponsor: Seni lass Coach: Baseball asket Miss Roma Brown . B. S. Brigham Young Univ- ersity. Home Ec. Sponsor: Junior Class and F.H.A, FHIIUHU L .Q lk fit X F -1 l L f' N t . SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Covington, Mr. Patterson, R. Henggeler, P. Christensen, E. Evans. STANDING: P. Mc- STUIJEIH llllllllllll Our student council is ever-ready and willing to undertake the arising problems of the Student Body. With this gov- erning body lies the power to change the Constitution, impeach club officers, and control the student body activities. Two of the Student Council sponsored activities are the exchange assembly--under the able assistance of Miss Grable- Cabe. M. Mess, R. I-leitz, E. Van Matte. -and the Halloween Dance. The Student Council consisted of the four Student Body officers and the President from each class. Student Body officers were: President, Rudy Henggeler, Vice President, Dick Covington, Secretary, Peggy Christensen, Treasurer, Evelyn Evans, Senior Class President was Marvin Mess. Junior Class President was Peter McCabe. Sophomore President was Richard I-leitz. Freshman President was Ernie Van Matre, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Glasson, B. Trussell, N. Shaffer, Mrs. Tyree. STANDING: M. Higley, P. Christensen, UFFICE STHFF N. Schubert, C. Camefix, I. Oyama. G. Eldred. M. Baines. Fri? portant part tn our school life Un der the direction of Mrs Tyree the school secretary the students learn to manage many different business matter that would be carried on in an average business office Some of the machines that they learn to operate are the adding ma Chine the ditto machine and the mimeograph. They also transfer important data to permanent re- cords, take care of the daily attend- ance and learn to answer the tele- phone in a business manner. IIBHHRU SIHFF Our student librarians play an important part in our high school. They acquaint the students with the card catalog and Reader's Guide. Checking out books, mag- azines and pamphlets and mending books are some of the important duties they perform. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Thompson, Miss Grable R. Vanderpool, V. Samuels. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Cleverly. I. Martin, D. Larkin. CUSIUDIHH Our school building and lawns have been under the tender care of our efficient custodian, Mr. King. Those students who have been called upon to help him have done so with sincere willingness. This proves that Mr, King is not only our custo- dian, but he is also the students' friend. 9 pf.-XY' br Q1 S LUNCH HUUM Under the supervision of the P. T. A, the lunch program was started in Fruitland. Over 400 lunches are served each day to the students and faculty. The lunch room committee consists of Dorothy Groves, Barbara Carnefix, Margaret Evans, Elsie Schmid, Mary Thiessen, Anna Herndon, and Madge Thompson STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: M. McCarthy, L. Tacket B. Trussell, and M. Bingaman. 'n Wh- SIIHPSHUTS Ambitious Seniors! Just one of those days Faithful and true! Seniors in a fine predicament. ". . . We look for the light which shines forth. . . " ,ee SEIIIUH IILHSS UF 1954 STANDING: Mr. Cowgill, Mr. Bellon, Advisors: M. Mess, and B. Connelly. SEATED: E. Tyree and D. Martin. The class of 1954 began its career of four interesting and active years in F. H,S. early in September, 1950. During the first year they elected Bill Con- nelly, pres., Dan Martin, vice-pres, Dorothy Bright, treas., and June Oyama, sec. Miss Connor was the class advisor. That first great year in high school began with that deplorable Freshman Initiation and ended gloriously with a last-day-of-school picnic at Mann's Creek. In the fall of 1951, the class returned as sophomores. Again the class chose Bill Connelly, pres. g Rudy Henggeler, vice-pres., with Peggy Christensen, sec., and Evelyn Evans, treas. Mr. Lewis was the unlucky faculty member to be our class advisor. As sophomores we forgot about our feelings toward Freshman Initiation and like all the classes before us we "did unto others as it was done unto us." At the end of the year we ventured to Ferncroft for our school picnic. As 1952 rolled around we triumphantly took our places as "upperclassmen, " Rudy Henggeler was elected pres., Dan Martin, vice-pres. 5 Earlene Tyree, sec.g and Ruth Glasson, treas. Our advisors were Miss Grable and Mr. Bart- lett. May they forgive us for all the problems we, as juniors, dealt them. On March 27 of that year our young hearts blossomed in our first class play entitled "Professor, How Could You?" We paid our respects to the preceding class by honoring them with the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, May ZZ. This event-packed year came to a happy close with a picnic at Garden Valley. At last, in the fall of 1953, our class appeared with shoulders squared, chin raised, and lips parting in a'triumphant smile--the characteristics so common to all seniors. The first memorable event of the year was the receiving of the class rings. The class officers elected to lead us were Marvin Mess, pres.g Dan Mar- tin, vice-pres. fa third-term manlg Bill Connelly, sec. 3 and Earlene Tyree, treas. Mr. Bellon and Mr, Cowgill were the class advisors. The one ambition of the Senior class was to raise enough money for the Senior Sneak. Well, enough money was raised to pay for a popoorn machine and to sponsor the Senior Ball held March 20. The Sneak--? Well!! !? ? ? June 4 was set'aside as the final day of distinction for the class of 1954. On that memorable day we received our long-awaited diplomas and bade our last fare- well as students to the halls of Fruitland High. CLIFFORD JAY ALLEN Cliff" Ive Got News For You F Club I,2, 3,43 Baseball 4g Track and Base- ball Manager I Finders Creepers". PEGGY LORAINE CHRISTENSEN "Peg" Peg O My Heart Class Sec. 2: Student Council 4, Sec, 4g Grizzly Gazzette I 3 Band 1 2 3 4g Student Director 4g Office Staff 4, WILLIAM JOHN CONNELLY "Bill" "Up In Smoke"g Class Pres. 1, 2, Sec. 4, Vice Pres. 3: Student Council 1,23 F Club I, 2, 3,4g Pres. 4, Basketball 1,2,3, Football 1,2,3,4g ' Baseball I. GRETA LOUISE ELDRED "Greta" "Toot Toot Tootsie"g Pep Club l,2, 3,45 Girls' League 35 F.H,A, I, 2, 3,45 Pres. 45 Grizzly Gazzette 3,4g Poma Terra 3,4g Office Staff RALPH RUDOLPH HENGGELER "Rudy Heartbreaker Class Vice Pres. 2, PICS. 3: Student Council 3,4 s 4 C u 2 .A. I,2,3,4, Treas. 35 Grizzly zette 3 Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball I,2,3,4g Track I,2,3 4 c C ass Treas 2 Student Council 4 Youth Legislature 3 Glee Club 4 Girls League 1,2 F.H A I Grizzly Gazzette I, WILLIAN HARRY HUTCHINSON "Bil1" "On A Saturday Night"g F Club I, 2,3,4g Glee Club Ig Grizzly Gaz- zette 3, Basketball I, 2, 35 Football I, 2, 3,45 Track I, 2, 3.4: "Pro- fessor How Could You" 35 "Finders Creepers 4. CAROL IEAN HOMAN "Buffy" "Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes", Pep Club 1 3- Girls' League 4, F.H..A. l,2,:,GriZZ1y Gazzette 3g "Finders Creep- ers" 4. KENNETH RONALD KECK "Short" "Goin' Steady"g F Club 3,4pG1EC Club 3,4g Pres. 4:.Grizzly Gazzette 3, Band I, Library 4g Basketball 2, 3,4, Track 2, 3.4. PATRICIA EARLENE HEROLD "Pat" "Fun and Fancy Free"g Grizzly Gazzette 3. MARVIN EDWARD MESS "Marv" "I've Got Rhythm": Class Pres. 4: Student Council 4, Youth Legis- lature 31 F Club 4, Band I, 2. 3: Basketball I, 2,43 F0otba114: Track 4: "Professor How Could You" 3g "Finders Creepers" 4. MARILYN JEAN MERRITT "Marilyn" "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"g Pep Club Girls' League I, 3,4g F,H.A. I, 2, 3: Grizzly Gazzette 3, "Professor How Could You 3, 73 W ,2,3, Glee Club r,2, ,mf '-sl' DOUGLAS KAY LARKIN "Doug" "There Must Be A Way"g Glee Club 3g Griz- zly Gazzette 3, 4: Library 4. MARY MARGARET IRELAND "Maggie" "Steepin' Out With My Baby"g Pep Club 1,25 Glee Club Ig Girls' League Ig F,H.A. Ig Poma Terra 2, 3,4, "Finders Creepers" 4. DANIEL ROBERT MARTIN "Dannie" "Ain't Misbehavingng Class Vice-Pres. I, 3, 4g Youth Legislature 3, F Club 2, 3,4i Treas. 4: F.F.A. 2, 3,4g Poma Terra 3,45 Football 4, Baseball 2,3,4g Track 2, 3,4. MYRNA KAY JOHNSON "Snooks" "Don't Flirt With Me", Pep Club I, 2, 3,43 Vice-Pres. 2: Drill Capt. 3, Pres. 2.4: Girls' League I, 2,3,4g F,H.A. 1,23 Historian 2: Griz zly Gazzette 3,4g Majorette 3, 4, "Finders Creepers" 4. he Trail I,2,3,4: G1ee C1l1bI,4g MILTON CHARLES MCEWEN "Rock" "I Had But Fifty Cents"3 F Club 2,3,43 F.F.A. I, 23 Basketball 2,3,43 af- Football I, 2, 3,41 Baseball I, 3,42 Track 2,3,4: "Finders Creepers" 4. SYLVIA JUNE OYAMA "Jo" N "Sma1l Fry"3 Class Sec. 13 Pep Club 1, 2,3,4: Glee Club I, 23 Girls' ,Q-Y' League I,2,3,4: Pres. 43 F.H.A. I'2,3: Grizzly Gazette 3,4, Asst. Ed. 33 Poma Terra 3,4, Sec. 43 Office Staff 4. NORMAN CLARK PATRICK "Norm" "I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smi1e"3 F Club 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2,4. K' BARBARA LUCENA MONTAGUE "BabS" 'Hair of Gold, Eyes of B1ue"3 Pep Club 43 Drill Capt. 43 Glee Club X, 23 Girls' League 3,42 Griz zly Gazette 2, 33 Poma Terra 3,4, Ed. 4. RICHARD KENNETH WATSON "Dick" "Three O'c1ock In The Morning"3 Entered from Maryland 43 F Club 43 "Finders Creepers" 43 Football 4. SHIRLEY MAE WOOD "Boots" "Give Me My Boots and Saddle"3 F,H.A. 3,43 ..,.....p Grizzly Gazzette33 "Professor How Could You" 33 'Finders Creepers" 4. 1-J RONALD EUGENE SULLINS "Ron" "Love And A Dime"3 F Club I, 2,3,43 Basketball I, 23 Football I,2, 3- 4- OLIVE EARLENE TYREE "Eal'1ene" 'Lady Be Good"3 Class Sec. 3, Treas. 43 Pep Club 33 Glee Club x, 2,43 F.H.A. I,2,33 Girls' League 1,23 Youth Legislature 33 Yell Leader 43 "Professor How Could You"33 "Finders Creepers' 4. ROGER GLENN STRAWN "Squeeze Box" "You'd Be Surprised'3 F Club 1, 2,3,43 Poma Terra 3,4: Business Mgr. 43 Football 43 Baseball I,2,3,4: 'Finders Creepers" 4. MARY ELIZABETH STEPHENS "Mary Beth" "Music Music Music"3 Glee Club I, 2,3,4: Girls' League 1, 2,3, 43 F.H.A. I,2,3,43 Parliamentarian 43 Grizzly Gazette 31 Gir1's State 33 Poma Terra 43 All-State Choir 43 'H.R,H. Miss Jones' 4. The Juniors elected Peter Mc- Cabe, Presidentg Paul McCabe, Vice Presidentg Nellie Mae Shaffer, Sec- retaryg and Janet Van Matre, Treas- urer to lead them in their first year as "upper classmen". The co-advi- sors were Miss Brown and Mr. Fisher. The class published the Grizzly Gazette again this year. Virginia Butler was chosen as Editor. Mr. Cowgill directed the Junior play which was held in March. The Junior Class also sponsored the Christmas Dance and the Junior Q'- TOP TO BOTTOM N M Shaffer Miss Brown Advisor Senior prom and Banquet which was P. I. McCabe, J. Van Matre, Mr. Fisher Advisor P E herd in May. McCabe JUHIUH CLHSS i Earl Ashmore 'ZZ' John Baines Mall Letha Baines is EI' Janet Bell Leon Betts Joanne Bingaman Robert Bivins Elizabeth Boxberger Marjorie Brawner Beneta Bright Olive Britton Q , . 'it li 'N Virginia Butler Lloyd Carpenter Jerilyn Cleverly Dick Covington Dennis Crossley Charlene Dale Lyle Derie Joyce Dorrah Robert Evans Earl Field Betty Gross Mary Higley Carol Jones Raymond Jones Ruth King Duane Kurz Elizabeth Limbaugh Dorothy Lisenby John Matsubu Marilyn Mattoch Merlyn Milton Robert Palmer O. I. Petross Wesley Powell Shirley Preston Barbara Reimers Terry Ross Harley Sager Velda Samuels Neil Schubert Jack Schmelzel Sheryl Shannon Phyllis Smith Frances Tannlund Lona Tschirgi Roberta Vanderpool Carolyn Vaughn Larry Walker IZUICS Wenzel Jim Scalph Earl Spencer Dennis Stone Dick Turner 'D , .-A . J , , wir ,sur fi 776 H ff. ...W ,I-. la , '41 v? . -14" in 'fi FHESHIUHH CLHSS Ernie Van Matre President Duane Coble Vice President Bill Alexander Secetary -Treasurer Richard Barbee James Bright Jo Anne Cary Phillip Conner Ruth Copeland Janet Cross Sharon Cruson Clifton Eldred Gary Groves Ioan Hager Konnie Hale David Hart Lyla Hayes Glen Hendersen Jim Hutchinson Darlene Ireland Darrell Ireland Wanda Johnson Pauline Jones Carol Keck Fern Lockner Danny Lysinger Alan Maine Janet Maine Violet Maine Nicky Mattock Joanne Mootz Nancy Palmer Barbara Parker Warren Pullin Don Reece Betty Reimers Marilyn Scalph Janice Secoy Delno Shuster Clark Skeans Dick Sullivan Melvin Sullivan Margaret Taylor Victor Taylor Chrystal Updegraff Judy Vanderpool Larry Williams Paul Scalph Emory Spangler Jim Wuehler ". . . Send out'thy light and thy truth. . . " x - A FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Lewis, Coachg D. Watson, R. Sullins, B. Connelly, I. Scalph, M. McEwen, M. Mess R. Evans, R. Jones, D. Martin, I. Bellon, Coach. SECOND ROW: R. Keller, R. Strawn, J. Schmelzel, B. Hutchinson, J. Baines, R. Bivins, V. Hansen, H. McEwen. THIRD ROW: A. Maine, E. Van Matte, C. Howell, D. Sullivan, J. Wuehler, D. Moscrip, R. Heitz, L. Williams, N. Stokes, D. Hutchinson. FUUTBHH The first practice of the year was held August 3, with Z8 boys out--including nine Seniors. By the end of the season there were 31 players. The year started with the jamboree where we lost to New Plymouth, 6-O. The regular season started with three straight wins, one of which was a 30-13 victory over Payette. This was the first time we had defeated them in eight years. We also upset Marsing, last year's champs, in our third game. Due to injuries and poor attitude, the next two games were dropped--one to Notus and one to Wilder, this year's champions. We started rolling again winning three out of our last four games. In these four games we scored 122 points compared to our opponents 37 points. Our final record was 6 wins and 3 losses. Eight of our nine Senior losses were from the line, losing only one backfield man ext year we should have a strong backfield man with a relatively weak line. We were well represented on all-conference team by placing John Baines and Milton McEwen on the first team and Ronnie Sullins and Jim Scalph on the second team. This was the first year for Junior Varsity football and they did quite well tying Parma twice and losing once to Ontario. The boys got lots of experience from this and should do very well on the Varsity next year. xii, Robert B111 Evans f,,,...-1 Connelly B111 Robert Hutchinson Bivins Rgnnle Ray1'1'10f1d DICR Dan Sullins Jones Watson Martin Dick John Turner Baines Opponent They We New Plymouth Uamboreej 6 O Pa rrna 6 19 Jack Payette 13 30 Milton Schmelzel Marsing 13 25 McEwen No tus 13 7 Wilde r 39 18 Middleton 6 39 Ho me dale 6 3 8 Adrian 6 3 3 New Plymouth 19 L2- 1 Z 7 ZZ 1 Marvin Roger Mess Strawn LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Lewis, Coachg B. Connelly and John Baines, Co-Captainsg J. Bellon, Coach. Jim Vernon Scalph Hansen AN' Q. is f' ,-, ' sv? :ts ,. 5 fN f'-6 '!',..i ' A E 4 fi f,,,.,. ' t r,, 4 ,L s- , . ala' 7 W, V L, A 1 I , - f' ,. H H 1 4, AN Y .,,gt. , ' .- L' 3-ti My -R hkaavjv. K- H , Bam Schm -3, v ' fa lf ' . .gx EQ . g ' 'Z C t 10, , ..., tv - . If? . Fr 1 L Q 5' Q K4 4' in 2.4 4. fair f' .s' F -2- -w A' 54- A 96 ,- .V-Ju- 1-22 ff " fn'iSX3Y,jQfF 'T k ygji I an 1 1 I W A V I U g"ff' 'W .F , .,. -ff.--fm-.f. W. 5 , . fr 5 ,Hit v A . v I V I M ' ' B' fill f' -2? up fi' 3f!'f Q ,NT N ,Q 5, BHSHETBHH This year's Grizzly ball team had a pretty good season, winning nine games and losing eight in regular play. The year was highlighted by a victory over Payette, our yearly class A rivals. With only four returning lettermen-- Rudy Henggeler, Dan Martin, John Baines, and Milton McEwen--the team had an uphill go all the way. Three seniors, Dan Martin, Rudy Henggeler, and Marvin Mess, led the way this year as they all scored over 160 points. They were followed closely by Harley Sager, the brilliant junior guard. Others contributing much to the team this year were Milton McEwen and Kenneth Keck, seniorsg and Robert Bivins, Robert Evans, O. J. Petross, John Baines, and Raymond Jones, juniors. Next year's future loos pretty good. Although they may lack some height hey should make up for it in speed. This J. V. squad may produce some varsity regulars for next year's squad. Date Team We They Date Team We They Dec Marsing Jan Marsing 45 New Plymouth New Plymouth 57 Parma Parma 43 Adrian Adrian 38 Homedale Feb Homedale 32 Middleton Middleton 47 Jan Notus NOf11S 33 Wilder Wilder 41 Feb 13. Payette---455 Fruitland---48 fNon conferencej Mr. Lewis, Coach Rudy Henggeler, Capt. Marvin Me s s 2 Dan Ma rtin I 1 Rudy Henggeler John Baines Harley Sager Robert Evans Robert Bivins -ll O. J, Kenneth Petross Keck Larry Harold Walker McEwen Jack Milton Schmelzel McEwen Raymond James Jones Wenzel FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Moscrip, D. Ireland, D. Hutchinson, E. Van Matre, C. Eldred, C. Howell, S. Bolz D. Hart. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bellon, Coach: R. Bishop, G. Inloes, R. Keller, G. Groves, L. Williams, B. Alexander, A. Maine, H. Malone Opponent Marsing New Plymouth Parma Adrian Homedale Middleton Notus Wilde r Marsing New Plymouth Parma Adrian I-lomedale Middleton Notus Payette Wilder We Z9 26 Z9 51 49 41 35 29 41 41 34 42 42 40 35 40 Z7 They 31 34 Z7 31 2.5 30 31 Z0 Z7 40 Z5 44 40 44 ZZ 35 40 JUHIUH VHHSITLI The Junior Varsity had a good season with the highlight being a nine game winning streak. We also had a win over Payette, the only class A team played this year. The season ended with a 12. win, 5 loss record. The squad was composed largely of freshmen. Most of the burden rested on the shoulders of two sophomores, Robert Kel- ler and Gerald Inloesg and three freshmen, Gary Groves, Clifton Eldred, and Ernie Van Matre. The team was greatly hampered at mid season by the loss of freshman Bill Alexander, high scoring forward. Gerald Inloes, Robert Keller, Randal Bishop, and Don Hutchinson are likely varsity prospects for the next two years. Next year's prospects are very bright with four outstanding freshmen returning--Clifton Eldred, Ernie Van Matre, Gary Groves, and Bill Alexander. Other boys who should help the squad a lot next year are Larry Williams, Darrell Ireland, Duane Coble, Howard Malone, and David Hart. This year's baseball team will have to come from the bottom up. However, with seven returning lettermen and many new prospects, the future doesn't look too dim. Among the returning lettermen are John Baines, catcher, pitcher, and infielderg Roger Strawn, infieldg O.J. Petross, infieldg Rudy Henggeler, infield and outfieldg and Dan Martin, infield and outfield. We have high hopes this year and our uniforms should give us quite a moral lift. SCHEDULE Apr Z Adrian Here Apr Z0 Wilder There 6 Middleton There Z3 Parma Here 13 Notus Here 27 Marsing There 15 Homedale Here 30 New Plymouth There BHSEBHLL KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Heitz, Mgr.: Mr. Bellon, Coach, C. Skeans, Mgr. FIRST ROW: I. Baines, J. Matsubu, R. Henggeler, R. Jones, M. McEwen, D. Martin, H. Sager, R. Strawn, L. Walker, O. J. Pet- ross. SECOND ROW: I. Wenzel, P. Brockus, R. Keller, G. Groves, L. Williams, B. Alexander, R. Bishop, D. Sullivan, C. Howell, P. McCabe. THIRD ROW: P. McCabe, D. Coble, D. Hutchinson, A. Maine, D. Shuster, J. Bright, C. Eldred, D. Hart, D. Ireland. 'm-mWWQ-U5 -- '-:J-il' Y lfslhdlii- f1"hH'9r-Pvlllll gm mmsnnfnlm "' lKB'!:-f'.e1lK2lQ1l!f5IiU8F.ii ,. fy 1114352111 HI- 1' ,fffie f-alfhfidill iFWY!! 'QQL-l1DLl1nuaaifl6W"'vsibf+ibG 'e..a!!'il ijlazfafiflkf XID 'wolf A .liar 1 i... HR that " QQ' Qt. '3 ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: O. I. Petross, R. Evans, R. Bivins, B. Hutchinson, J. Baines, P. McCabe, and Mr. Lewis, Coach. ROW 2, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Jones, D. Martin, and M. McEwen. ROW 3, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Henggeler, K. Keck, and H. Sager. TRHCH The Grizzly track team will try to replace most of its top performers from last year's conference champion team which was lost through graduation. The squad will have ten returning lettermen and some good underclassmen from which to choose. Among those who are expected to make outstanding perfor- mances are Bill Hutchinson in the middle distance and sprints, John Baines in the sprints and relays, Milton McEwen in field events, Rudy Henggeler in the pole vault and high jump, Ray Jones in the hurdles and middle distances, Dan Martin in the field events and relays, and Paul McCabe in the middle distances and relays. Our main goal this year will be to retain the conference championship in both the S, R, V. Relays and the S, R, V. Track and Field Meet which Fruitland won last year. ". . . I will establish justice or a light of the people. " SQITU SN! ir! naim'li4. 1 lit ll! .1 A IM Quia -C' ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Judy, Advisor, G. Fry, P. Smith, L. Tschirgi, B. Montague, M. Wenzel, B. Parker J. Oyama, Mr. Patterson, Advisor. ROW 2: W. Johnson, G. Eldred, C. Points, J. Mootz, C. Updegraff, C. Fry. ROW 3: J. Chester, L. Hayes, J. Van Matre, N. Shaffer, L. Limbaugh, M. Johnson, B. Reimers, M. Merritt. PEP IIlUB Under the leadership of Miss Judy, Mr. Patterson, and President, Myrna Johnson, the Pep Club, had a very full and successful year. They marched at the basketball games and carried the blanket at the Line of Dimes, a drive to collect money for the March of Dimes. They also had charge of the Line of Dimes down town. Officers for this year were: Myrna Johnson, Presidentg Nellie Mae Shaf- fer, Vice Presidentg Claudette Points, Secretary, Barbara Parker, Treasurer, Barbara Montague, Drill Captain, Janeal Fitzsimmons, Drill Master, and Corynne Fry, Reporter. New members this year were Ruth Glasson and Barbara Montague, Seniors Lona Tschirgi, Junior, Crystal Updegraff, Joanne Mootz, Lyla Hayes, Ruth Copeland, Wanda Johnson and Barbara Parker, Freshmen. 34 LI" NW' O 3? r- 'Wi ROW I LEFT TO ' RIGHT: R- Heflggelef, J. Baines R Sullins B Hutchinson B Connelly R Strawn D Martin, R. Jones. ROW 2: B. Thompson, M. M E Bellon, Advisor, "F" CLUB The 1953-54 F-Club was one of the most active lettermen's clubs Fruit- land High School has ever known. The F-Club is composed of boys who have lettered in one of the var- sity sports and have been officially initiated into the club. The officers this year Were: Bill Connelly, Presidentg John Baines, Vice President, Dan Martin, Secre- tary-Treasurer, and Milton McEwen, Sergeant At Arms. Activities planned this year included the annual bon-fire before the annual Armistice Day game with New Ply- mouth. They also planned a spring dance and sponsored various other fund-raising activities. Mess, N. Patrick, J. Schmelzel. ROW 3: R, Palmgr L Derle H Sager C Allen W Powell N C ross H- McEwen. K- Keck. ROW 4: Mr. Lewis, Advisor P McCabe J Petross J Wenzel D Moscrip M PUIHH TEHHH TO THE STUDENTS OF FRUIT LAND HIGH dv as In spite of the many prob- Xgxtzkbzgaqv that be siege any production A 4' Qsofbakgqi' staff, we are happy to present to 1 Q95 you the 1954 edition of the Poma Terra. " 5 15,850 Although getting a late start, the staff mem- 9001 bers were very efficient and cooperative in meet- Q09 the deadlines with care and caution. RZSQOK There were few experienced members on the 1953-54 staff, but all the staff members were bursting with inspiration and ideas. We have endeavored to enclose in these pages your Fruitland High School memories of 1953-54. We, the staff, wish to thank the faculty and student body for their sincere cooperation throughout the produc- tion period. We also wish to thank Mr. Harano, our photo- graher, for his patience and understanding. It is our hope that you, the students of Fruitland High, enjoy the annual as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you. Your friends, Members of your 1953-54 Annual Staff SEATED FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Martin, P. McCabe. SECOND ROW: I. Cleverly, R. Strawn. THIRD ROW: M. Braw- ner, R. Vanderpool, M. Milton, M. Baines, L. Tschirgi, M. Ire- land, J. Dorrah, I. Oyama. FOURTH ROW: L. Derie, I.Bing- aman, L. Amos, D. Covington, B. Reimers, M. Stephens, G. E1- dred, E. Evans. STANDING: B. Montague, Miss Judy fAdvisorj, I. Van Matre, V. Butler, E. Lim- baugh, N. Cross, B. Gross. I f News New! NEWS Virginia Butler Editor Ioyce Dorrah Assistant Editor ROW I LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Eldred, C. Dale. ROW 2: P. Smith, S. Preston, E. Limbaugh, P. McCabe, N. Shaf- fer. ROW 3: I. I-lartle, C. Vaughn, M. Johnson, C. Jones, C. Fry. ROW 4: D. Ly- singer, F. Tannlund, I. Baines, N. Schubert, D. Larkin, S. Shannon. ROW 5: D. Cros- sley, D. Lisenby, V. Samuels, I. Bell, E. Boxberger, R. Palmer. ROW 6: Miss Judy, Advisor: J. Van Matre, B. Bright, R. Glas- son, I. Burham, N. Palmer, H. Sager. TALK O' THE SCHOOL Yes, it was the talk of the school! What?--the GRIZZLY GAZETTE! Who? --why, it was published by the Junior Class Where '? --in Fruitland High School, of course! When?--1953-54, our school year! Why? --to inform and entertain you, the students of Fruitland High! The Junior Class ele ctedV irginia Butler as your editor and Joyce Dorrah as your assistant editor. The two chose a very capable staff and soon the news boiled from the press as honey pours from the comb. Yes, they were very busy bees! But you know we have really enjoyed work ing for you. We only hope we have been of ser- vice to you! Oo! ?C" in as ?' g ,1 J" ,jf """QPl"!f", . ' ' ' ...ual ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Hansen, Advisor: P. Brockus, P. McCabe, D. Hart, I. Hutchinson, C. Howell, T. Cook W. Powell, C. Skeans, D. Ireland, D. Reece, J. Wuehler. ROW 2: W. Pullin, R. Heitz, S. Bolz, E. Spangler, D. Coble, E. Van Matre, C. Eldred, G. Henderson, N. Cross, J. Bright. ROW 3: H. Parker, N. Stokes, R. Sturm, J. Hartle D. Covington, P. McCabe, L. Carpenter, P. Scalph. ROW 4: D. Crossley, L. Walker, I. Matsubu, B. Alexander, D. Shuster, D. Kurz, D. Lysinger, L. Williams. ROW 5: E. Ashmore, C. Myers, V. Hansen, R. Henggeler, D. Martin, R Jones, G. Groves, H. Field, L. Betts, E. Field. F. F. H. Neil Cross, F.F.A, President, Greta Eldred, F, H. A, President. The F, F. A, officers for the 53-54 school year were Neil Cross, President, Ned Stokes, Secretary, Lyle Derie, Treasurer, Joe Hartle, Reporter, Peter McCabe, Vice Presi dent, and Paul McCabe, Sentinel. We participated in seven district judging contests. They were dairy products, livestock, meats, farm machineries, crops, poultry, and dairy cattle. We had a state judging contest at Moscow, Idaho, in June that in- cluded all of the above contests. The Fruitland Chapter sponsored the Ag. Ball and took part in the Spring Fair. 4 C I L13 ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Fry, I. Secoy, C. Points, N. Shaffer, M. Scalf, W. Johnson, R. Copeland, J. Cary, K. Hale, B. Reimers, L. Tschirgi, D. Ireland. ROW 2: J. Maine, P. Jones, I. Vanderpool, B. Isabell, C. Fry, D. Prawirz, L. Hayes, M. Newman, J. Hager, J. Mootz, Miss Brown, Advisor. ROW 3: N. Palmer, J. Cross, V. Maine, C. Graves, P. Harold, M. Higley, G. Graham, B. Branscomb, J. Burham, C. Jones, V. Butler, V. Tschirgi. ROW 4: S. Wood, S. Cruson, S. Preston, M. Talbot, 1. Chester, M. Wenzel, L. Strawn, J. Martin, D. Evans, L. Amos, B. Gross, C. Dale. ROW 5: C. Keck, D. Cleverly, J. Fitzsimmons, B. Dennett, M. Stephens, M. Brawner, I. Dorroh, M. Merritt, C. Homan, J. Preston. O Cx- Q X X ff I 4 E x M!!-' sf ?- D S vo S f .P 5 Under the leadership U' A X f, 5 of our new advisor, Miss 6 Sig? iifii asf' S4 Brown, and our officers, Q af!! fi' g ,MO who were elected at the 4190 ' OQ-X beginning of this school NEW rl term, the Future Home- makers of America started another busy year with their formal initiation on October 29, 1953. They observed F, H, A, Week by presenting a thirty minute radio program. Six delegates and six members attended the dis- trict meeting at Meridian on October 17, 1953, The local chapter was represented by two delegates at the State F. H. A. Convention in Twin Falls. The F, H, A, members entered a large number of exhibits in the Fruitland Vocational Spring Fair. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Bingaman, V.Pres.g G. Eldred, Pres.gJ.Ma1-tin, Sec.gV. Butler, Treas.gROW 2: J. Dorra Pub.Mgr.: M. Stephens, Parliamentarian D.Cleverly, Pub. Mgr., D. Evans, Historian. 6IHlS' LEHGUE The Girls' League is a community service organization organized in Fruit- land in 1950. The following officers were chosen at the beginning of the year: June Oyama, President, Janet Van Matre, Vice Presi- f dentg Sheryl Shannon, Secretaryg Marjorie Brawner, Treasurer, Shirley Preston, Re porterg Miss Grable, Advisor. For our projects this year we made a 602693 scrapbook for the hospital and helped a 309 eg? needy family at Christmas time. Later Q4 in the year We sponsored a very success- ful party. ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Montague, M. Newman, M. Christensen, G. Fry, J. Van Matre, M. Brawner, S. Shannon, S. Preston, P. Smith, J. Preston, B. Gross, C. Dale., ROW 2: C. Updegraff, M. Taylor, B. Isbell, C. Fry, C. Prawitz, N. Shaffer, L. Tschirgi, D. Ireland, L. Strawn, J. Burham, C. Jones, W. John- son. ROW 3: C. Graves, C. Vaughn, B. Reimers, B. Dennett, R. Copeland, M. Talbot, R. Vanderpool, M. Merritt, C. Homan, F. Tannlund, B. Reimers, S. Cruson. ROW 4: M. Stephens, Miss Grable, Advisor, I. Dorroh, M. johnson, V. Samuels, G. Graham, B. Branscomb, C. Krahn, J. Cleverly, J. Mootz. ROW 5: J. Fitzsimmons, D. Cleverly, F. Lockner, J. Hager, R. King, O. Britton, J. Martin, L. Amos, V. Tschirgi. g, M 'V ' f A ' Fr i g HE UE ,- Ui. . c fy, f We E ff' " Tw' ., Cheerleaders chosen by the students at try-outs in the fall were Marilyn Mattoch, Mall Letha Baines, and Earlene Tyree. They led the yells at football games, basketball games, and led the pep assemblies. Little "Annie" Bellon was our Mascot. She was dressed identically like the Qheerleaders. Snr' ., A LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Phyllis Smith, Konnie Hale, Frances Tannlund, Joanne Bingaman, Myrna Johnson. At the beginning of the school year a new ma- jorette, Konnie Hale, was chosen to fill the posi- tion left by Barbara Daniels. The returning ma- jorettes were Myrna Johnson, Frances Tannlund, Phyllis Smith, and Joanne Bingaman. Frances Tannlund and Joanne Bingaman shared the position of Drum Majorette in leading the drills and parades. LEFT TO RIGHT: Earlene Tyree, Mall Letha Baines, Marilyn Mattoch 'C MAIORETTES, LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Bingaman, P. Smith, F. Tannlund, K. Hale, M. Johnson. ROW I, SEATED: C. Carnefix, M. Christensen, R. Vanderpool, M. Scalph, V. Christensen, P. Christensen, I. Secoy. ROW 2: V. Taylor, J. Carnefix, R. Stephens, M. Cary, I. Cary, C. Jones, J. Vanderpool, D. Prawitz. P. Jones, F. Schmid. ROW 3: B. Baldwin, L. Dorathy. L. Hutchinson, D. Shuster, D. Reece, G. I-lendersen, N. Mogenson, K. Sager, K. Evans, G. Groves, D. Wilson, T. Neilsen, N. Shubert. ROW 4, STANDING: B. Dennett, J. Cross, T. Cook, N. Palmer, B.Trus sell, Mr. Purcell, Director. Under the capable leadership of John Purcell, the Band has taken part in many activities this year. To start the year they marched at the Jamboree at Parma. On Armistice Day the Fruitland Band and the New Plymouth Band put on a performance during the half time. Peggy Christensen, student director, led the band at all the football and basketball games held at home. The Fruitland High Band took part in the Christmas Parade held in Boise on November 28, and played at the Music Festival and Clinic. They gave a winter Con- cert in December. The climax of the year came when they took part in the Apple Blossom Festival and Parade. The Band not only furnished entertainment through- out the year, but also raised money for new uniforms by sponsering the School Carnival in November. 42 ' I . , i i L i O si ROW Ig C. Dale, J. Cleverly, J. Burham, L. Tschirgi, D. Lisenby, D. Cleverly, C. Fry, G. Fry, Mr. Purcell, Director. ROW 2: E. Tyree, E. Evans, J. Martin, N. Stokes, N. Cross, S. Bolz, B. Gross, M. Higley, L. Strawn. ROW 3: J. Dorrah, M. Talbot, D. Evans, I. Bell, M. Milton, M. Stephens, M. Merritt. The gay choristers of Fruitland High under the direction of Mr. Purcell carried on many activities this year, among which were Festivals, Clinics, Concerts, and an Operetta. A girls sextet composed of Jerilyn Cleverly, Deone Cleverly, Mary Beth Stephens, Marilyn Merritt, Merlyn Milton, Evelyn Evans and a boys' quartet made up of Kenneth Keck, Neil Cross, Neil Mogensen and Harley Sager contrib- uted greatly to the programs. , 4 1 Q Mr, 1, X 1' f: , s"f 1 9 5-L U "4'-HV7' 'Q 8 ,Q 'uf i 4' fl -- ' ,. y-pw, -? 1?lf fft iff X' ' A 1 V :ml ' .," 'K mv' 4 ,. T? , S Q uf X1 .fd ' ,QM if Y.. 2 1 ag ,W Q. fd 'a '1 r,l an I is 3 , if f""'GE I 'Q I-'1 gr ' ". . . Then shall thy hght break forth. . . " I K ., 1"-' K iki "T , - ,7 . Sv ,R 'W 444.-ve,--.'.L,i ' - . fb og . ,M I N . ' -.1 5 v f 1 Y-.. Sept ll 12 18 21 25 Oct 2 7 8-9 9 15 16 16 23 30 31 Nov 5 11 18 20 26 Dec 1 3-4 4 8 11,12 10 11 11 11 15 17 18 19 21 22 23 23 Jan 4 8 12 14 1953-1954 Football Jamboree, Parma rises over Fruitland, 6-0. Good start, Fruitland overpowers Parma, 19-6. Grizzlies trample Payette, 30-13. First day of school--we meet once again. Fruitland downs Marsing, 25-13. Grizzlies bow to Notus, 7-13. Senator Welker gives talk on Communism. Teachers' Annual Convention at Boise. Fruitland defeated by Wilder, 18-39. National Assembly presents Snow Allen. Freshmen Initiation. Joyce Dorroh reigns over annual Ag. Ball. Grizzlies trounce Middleton, 39-6. Fruitland downs Homedale, 38-6. Halloween Dance sponsored by Student Council. Grizzlies emerge victoriously over Adrian, 33-6. Fruitland falls to New Plymouth, 12-19, in the Armistice Day Game. Annual S, R, V, Student Officers Conference at Nyssa. Band Carnival, Mary Beth Stephens and Milton McEwen chosen "Goof and Goofus. " Thanksgiving vacation begins. V Grizzlies edged by Marsing, 37-39. Fruitland High School gives exchange assembly. Fruitland tramples New Plymouth on home floor, 46-37 Grizzlies fall before Parma, 36-42. Senior Class presents 3-act play, "Finders Creepers." FFA and Fl-IA skating party. B, J. C. A capella Choir presents Christmas concert. National Assembly, "Experiments with Electricity. " Fruitland wins over Adrian, 56-37. Grizzlies trounce Homedale, 72-45. Glee Club and Band present Winter Concert. Grizzlies fall to Middleton, 46-60. Speech Class presents One-Act Plays. "F" Club and Pep Club skating party. Glee Club has caroling party. Virginia Butler and Peter McCabe reign over Sno Ball. F. H. 5. Christmas party--Christmas vacation begins. Back to school! Fruitland overpowers Notus, 54-32. Grizzlies bow to Wilder, 46-60. u National Assembly presents magic and puppet show. 16 1954 March of Dimes Box Social. Jan Feb Mar Apr May June CHLEHIJHH Marsing goes home undefeated, 52-45. New Plymouth presentes Exchange Assembly. Fighting Grizzlies fall to New Plymouth, 42-57. New Plymouth and Fruitland Faculty game. National Assembly presents "Juggling" act. Fruitland loses to Parma, 29-43. Grizzlies overpower Adrian, 55-38. Pep Club has the Block of Dimes. Fruitland stands victorious over Homedale, 54-32. Emmett High School orchestra entertains us. Music Clinic at Boise, Middleton tramples Grizzlies, 43-47. Fruitland slaughters Notus, 53-33. Music Clinic at Payette. "F" Club has box social. Fruitland won over Payette Pirates, 48-45. Grizzlies go down in defeat to Wilder, 39-41. Mr. America of 1948 gave us a National Assembly. P, T, A. Talent Show. Sub-district Tournament at Fruitland. Parma Exchange Assembly. F. F. A, Banquet. National Assembly presents Chief Little Deer. Speech clinic at Meridian. Sweetheart's Ball presented by Seniors. College of Idaho Concert Choir. Junior Class Play, "Hillbilly Weddin"' Fruitland meets Adrian on home field. Grizzlies play ball at Middleton. District Music Festival. S, R, V, Track Relays. Fruitland entertains Notus at Fruitland. Fruitland plays Homedale at Fruitland. Wilder prepares to welcome the Grizzlies. Fruitland and Parma tangle on the Grizzly field. Fruitland journeys to Marsing. Grizzlies at New Plymouth--last game. Glee Club Operetta. S. R. V. Track Meet. Spring Fair. District 3 Track Meet at Meridian. Baccalureate exercises. Senior Class night. Commencement, and farewell to Fruitland High. WT cfivmai 'favszngamm 70 Eff QQCWNZ C9 93 I Y lm-Lvl cykuc!-3 Xena gelev' 5x..A.nx 15.1 E 9783 I Q Y CTm-ris'len3e,11. 3 Valelkeftovian. V gnc fd yt B ei W., Bme qv YI? wmv! Bch. syqgyk Mixkon 315 Cu VEIYW- SV-ins, S4111 ibqo-1-iq-rg Uiuuov - Senior YOTYL ! 'Cqvlene 'Tzife V xdyyiyg Hess llNAHD'S GRUEERY AND SPURTS To get the most from your dollar, trade here. A large percent of our profits are put back into local civics PROJECTS! Fruitland Phone 202 Idaho P ig a'Qrrh at Q 1 W i R M l L. gl CQNOCO Fruitland Bud's Drugs Idaho BENNIES VIUCU F ruitland Ida Gas, Oil, Fuel Oil Wholesale and Retail Groceries and Fishing Tackle Fruitland Phone 843 Idaho HIIIIHANII CANNINIS ASSIHIIATIIIN INC Flav r pac Western Prlde Payette Valley CREAM STYLE GOLDEN SWEET CORN Flav r pac Norpac WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN SWEET CORN Idaho's Pr1de Payette Valley PURPLE PLUMS and R S P CHERRIES Fru1t1and Idaho Phone 76 Z J E52 -.XL 'M r""'-'aura Ci-ki ""'N F' Q HIWBX 'ff'3'lW"" "M5K""'9 W cnuwfns suvmv cu mc Packers and Shlppers of 'Wonder Brand phone 65 3 Prunes Apples Omons and Potatoes Pumps Pmpes Motors Dealers of Spray Materlals SP1-mkle Systems Seeds and Fertlllzers Fru1tland Idaho 9 o ' ' n n - - , 9 " ,L ' 5110 322 f ltlss T I . te, we W: - " , A 4 gagwssxx kM?,5TaU.?ngfFt .5 V, -fe ' -,I-,gm . '.,l',s " ,Wg ,-,mr'f. V' - :V M , k,,2.,2.v C, , , .C ,I ,Sui ip . ATS , Y W l fn- 1 . 1 ff' ' A...-N" 0: 1' E Q es- L, R '- 7 Ns, . '5 f R . 3 I ' in F I " " an l' E l :Ee A .. , I f f . , L Y Y , I ., -I- I '7 I 1 7 i I Frmtland Phone 74 J I MSE Pllllll lUMBlR EUMPANY Complete Bulldxng Serv1ce """""' Plans Estxmates Fmancmg Sprlng Canyon Coal Devoe Pamts Hardware Tools Revere Ware V Belts and Pulleys Chfford Horn Mgr Phone 42 J Frmtland Idaho ?"'+---. LW fRUIllAND C0 UPERATIVEINE Grower and Shmppers of Idaho Oregon Brand Fru1ts Fertmhzers Spray Machlnes Orchard Supphes Spray Materlals F rultland Idaho Q if I f f' GAYWAY BOWL Bowl For Health Bowl For Fun Bowl For Recreation Gayway Jct. Idaho Welcome to PALISADES We'll clip you .Tay and Junnie Merkley Fruitland, Idaho EVERGREEN- MOTEL AND SERVICE School Supplies Gas and Groceries Fruitland Phone 8ZJ-12 FRUITLAND CAFE Homemade Pies Home Cooking Ed and Zelma Best Wlshes tothe Class of "54' MADGE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 109 53 Frultland FRUITLAND CASH MARKET Shop wlth Conf1dence GUERNSEY GOLD DAIRY A Full L1ne Pasteunzed Da1ry Products at your serv1ce THE JEWEL BOX Courtesy Rellabmlxty Watches D1amonds S1lver Ontarlo Oregon ' Phone 51 -J2 Fruitland Del and Dorotha Wolfe ull - I PAT'S TEXACO Fruitland HEHGGELEH Packers and Shippers of Fortress Brand Apples and Prunes . is Tl C0 Vs ,! .--1 4 E YT' A K: ii Fr Your J I Case Dealer Farm Machlnery For Every Need cu., Hudson Automoblles X-1 Ci ITE fish NICHOLSON EQUIPMENT CO P O BOX 688 T 1 37 ONTARIO OREGON Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes From G and B Furmture and Apphances Inc Ontar1o Yale Phone ZO6 Phone 6624 Complete Lmes of Furnlture Floor Cover1ng,s and Electr1calAppl1ances AllXANDlH S Where Good Clothes Cost Less Ontarlo Oregon RlEHllllD Ull UDRP Frank Blankmshxp Agent Ontarlo Tel 389 W Oregon The House of Paper POWlllS UFHEI SUPPlY Machlnes Leather Goods Glfts 1985 Oregon Ontarxo Oreg GlNlll S Featurlng the World F1nest Watches Ontar o Oregon CITY CllANlRS Across From Safeways Ontarlo Oregon UNIARIU CllANlRS Telephone 99 SMELLS Good' Smells GOOD' Ontar1o Oregon UNIARIU SUPPlY STURE Canvas and Tarps Camp1ng Supplles Hldes Wool Ontar1o Phone 5 29W Oregon H0llUWAY M0103 EU. Goodwill Used Cars 3rd and Idaho Sts. Ontarrlo, Oregon lVlHYBODY'S Your Frlendly Department St ore "S and H" Green Stamps On All Purchases Ontar1o Oregon Congratulahons to the Class of '54 from Your John Deere Dealer H0llIN68WOHlH'S,INC. Hardware Repaxrs Servlce SQX H V h Q ' s J ll 8 I Q-Sly ! -f X 1 . ri . 1-ms -, I 1 ,12 llss sv 9 ' . . . . e . ' 9 O I ll ll , 9 . ,S ' , on i Ontarlo Phone 542 Oregon nlxlvlulfsluuycufvlzullr no Phone 6 Payette INEZ ERVEEY EARY SHR? The Valley s Smartest Fashion Center For Women Phone 94-W Payette Chrysler Plymouth AKERMAN MRERR RR We Aim to Take Care of Our Own Phone 745 Payette PEEERSRN FURNITURE SERRE The Dependable Furniture Store of Appliances Furniture and T Payette Ontario Vale Nyssa RASRHE SAGE HARDWARE RR Automotive Parts and Equipment 36 South Oregon Street Ontario RYRRN S VARIETY Payette Idaho MAEREUR MRERR INR Ford Mercury Ontarlo Genuine Ford Parts Oregon' Service Oldsmobile WRIIE MRERR RR 120 North 8th St Phone 352 Payette Idaho Ontario Branch ERE UNIEER SEAEES NAEIRNAE RANK Portland Oregon An Oregon Bank Serving This Entire Community Ontario Oregon EIERH REAEEY CR For Over Forty Years A Complete Insurance Service Bancroft Hotel Building Phone 101 Payette SEAEIRNERY Serving This Area in School and Office Equipment Stationery and Wedding Supplies 9 r JAX . ' A " I J . , , . V. 9 9 ' 1 Bring Your .Ford Back Home For ' -W ll - , of EPREE Payette Idal-10 lEHPEH'S GROCERY AND HARDWARE ,Q- Your Friendly One-Stop Store Phone 12-JZ R. Leaper Fruitland B. Leaper FHUIHHHIJ HUHSERU W, P, and Warren Carnefix Props. Growers of All Varieties of Fruit, Shade, and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Vines Phone 18-52 Fruitland, Idaho Compliments of CHHHEU UIHULESHLE CU. Phone 77 Fruitland Idaho GREH'S MUSIC CENTER Music and Television Headquarters of the Valley Payette, Idaho Phone 774-W THE NERC Compare Quality Compare Price Shop the MERC in Payette Payette Idaho FIRST SECURITY BANK OF IDAHO N A It pays to save Payette Idaho Dr1nk COCA COLA 1n bottles Pause and Refresh Payette Idaho MANSER INC Your F11-st' cholce m Sales Serv1ce Congratulahons to the Class of '54 GENOWAY'S PAY ETTE GREENHOUSE Payette Idaho Phone 108 EHHWEHS CU UPEHHTIVE CREHWEBU UU Manufacturers of Sunshlne Da1ry Products Butter Ice Cream M1lk Powder Ma1n Off1C6 other plants at Payette Idaho Cambr1dge Idaho Phone 40 Ontarlo Oregon we 3 4 bd Reddy Kxlowatt can be ln a num ber of places at the same tlme That's why electr1c1ty IS really your servant always ready to help 1n any way you choose Electrlclty does so much yet costs so llttle Hag!-IO . Powsn - N All .. Q r. H. HUGUE, mc. 55 Main Office: Payette Idaho Packer and Shipper of FALCON BRAND FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Ortho Brand Insecticides and Fertilizers Phone 44-J Fruitland Idaho Hardware Floorcovering P "" .'.' Qlffuil-'l" 'A" PEHGUIH LUIIHEHS JWESTERN AUTOE FFFY. Ontario, Oregon PHILCO TELEVISION Complete Processing of Meat EASTERN OREGON EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 47-14 Fruitland Phone 597 Ontario, Oregon Movies are better in your car under the Stars! Congratulations Come as you are to the Pau-uma DRIVE-III from IHfH1Hf Puma mann smff Fruitland Night Phone Day Phone to the Class Of "54" 5 bv., ff f'1f4 K.. f-if .. i yn 4 V - . 0 x wa V -Q Q ying, " migfx 'W ',,., 'A ...of dig! y A ' 4- A -'fu' N X , . L -r ,-,- -, Q f-ff!! YEARBOOKS VACUA of auA 2553 2555 Middlefield Recd Redwood Cnfy Calnforma Topeka Kansas Rlchmond Vnrgunna IXXQ A 7 A Q x Q f Qx.'xL.f l"11,4, fw W 1, VA 1 fr fl lfffl ixxxnu v! X 'f f I f' 14 J , ,ML . . . , , I v N us N Q. tu 9. as '51 ,N . 'ii 1 M 7 Q ii. '54 .4 2. 'Lf' P x . Q, if MARS Ani.

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1954, pg 37

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