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WEEYERQ3 QQNXBG BX QKSSYS Q QMLYY- ' 189 0 'on 5 15 4, S 9. xv! 0 VU-AND Q0 lylc HC X9 Q O MFI 'X- XI PRI PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF FRUITLAND HIGH SCHOOL-FRUITLAND, IDAHO NTED AND BOUND BY THE CAXTON PRINTERS, LTD.. CALDWELL, IDA 'Sf Foreword As we look baclc on our school year we find many fond memories. To fhe Seniors if was fhe Senior play, fhe sneak, Senior Ball and finally all fhe husfle and and busfle of graduafion. To fhe Juniors if was fhe Junior play, fhe Chrisfmas dance, Jr.-Sr. prom and banquef, fhe worlc of puffing ouf fhe Grizzly Gazeffe, and graduafion. To fhe Sophomores if was fhose geomefry problems, biology, and being able fo call someone Freshman af fhe inifiafion. To fhe Freshmen if was fhose firsf green weeks of high school, fhe fhrill of being no- ficed by a Senior, and finally fhose high school parfies and fhe sense of belonging. We of fhe annual sfaff have fried fo bring fo you in bool: form your high school days of l95l-I952. Fronf enfrance of Fruiflancl High School Mr Earl Fshe M Jay Sfoner IC8lI When school ends fhls year Mr Earl Fisher and Mr Jay Sfoner wull leave for fhe lasl fume as 'leachers Mr Flsher has been In our mndsf as erlher Supermfendenl' Prlnclpal or Teacher since l927. Mr. S+oner has +augh+ m fhe muslc deparfmenl since l929. To you Mr. Fisher and Mr S+oner we +he Annual Sfaff dedica+e fhe l952 Poma Terra wi+h +l-ranks and apprecia+ion for your guidance and helpful encouragemenf lhrough +he years. 3 Contents administrators c I a sses athletics organizations this 'n that 'G i I ,WQYI E O Cochrane Supermfendenf Board of Education Superlnlendenf E O Cochrane has comple+ed +hree school years walh Frurfland finances recommends feachers +o 'rhe school board He also +alces charge of +he ieachers meehngs There are five members of fhe Board of Eclucahon who serve a ferm of +hree years Sealed lefl fo r1gh+ A H Schloffman J K Blackburn Norrrs Wilson Prlncnpal Phrl Borup Chairman E O Cochrane Supermlendenl' Louis Knssell A N Henggeler 6 Af X X a N C . 2 -6317- High School. Mr. Cochrane makes fhe budge+ for 'rhe coming year, handles school Faculty MISS ALICE E GRABLE College of Idaho Grad u eworka'lU ofl o O Algebra French English Libra rlan Sponsor of Girls League MR BARNEYJ LEWIS U ofl Biology en eral Science Geogra p Heallh P E S Icefball Traclc Sponsor of Afhlehcs Lellermens Club Sophomores MISS MARILYN M HOIDAL Norihwesf Nazarene College Home Econo mics Typing I us Ariihmefic. Co-sponsor of Senior Class Pep Cub. MR. NORRIS W. WILSON Colorado Sfafe College of Educafion, Riclns Col- lege, Graduafe worlr af U. of I. American is- Iory, Governmenf, So- ciology, World Hisfory, Foofball, Baseball, Vis- ual Ed. Co-sponsor of Senior Class. MISS MADELINE DE ANGELO Wesfern Slale College, C o I o r a d o. English, Speech. Direcfor of class plays. Co-sponsor of Junior Class, Pep Club. MR J H STONER e c I a I Denver School of Music Band Sponsor of Band MRS AVA NOEL Sfudy Hall Office MR KENNETH E HANSEN Vocahonal Agrnculiure Sponsor of F F A Freshmen. MISS MARJORIE JOHNSTONE U. of I. Commercial Girls' P.E. and Healfh. Adviser of annual and newspaper. Co-sponsor of Junior Class. M R. EARL FISHER McPherson C elle g e, Kansas. Chemisiry, Phy- sics, Geomefry, Alge- bra, Advanced Mafh. Counseling and Guid- ance. S 2 .L if: '. 'M ,,4' Leff +0 righf seared: D. Perlrins, Mr. Wilson, H. Leff +o righf sealed: B. Maschman, Mrs. Noel, Hinafsu, T. Samuels. Slandingz O. J. Pefross, Sfanding: T. Harada, M. Grasmicln, J. Scalph, C. Telford, M. Grasmiclc, D. Klin ensmilh, B. D. Perlrins. 9 Connelly. Student Council The cenler of +he s+uden+ governmenf a+ Frui+land High School is +he S+uden'r Council, presided over +his year by presidenf, Henry Hinalsu and direcfed by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Cochrane. Consisring of +he sfuden+ body officers and presiden+s of +he respec+ive classes, +he Council direcfed +he acfivi+ies of fhe school year, handled +l1e s+uden'r body finances, and decided on fhe narional assemblies. School problems were also under fheir iurisdicfion, and fhey proved fhemselves able fo govern fairly and efficienrly. Office Stall The office s+aFF under Mrs. Noel's compe+en+ direc+ion has had anoiher ac+ive year learning 'lo operale 'rhe mimeograph machine and ihe adding machine, learning +o +ype sfencils, bullefins, and business leHers correclly and efficienlly. These were only a few of fheir office dufies. The s+aFF included Bea Smifh, Barbara Maschman, Dora Be+h Perkins, Terry Harada, Joan Merrifl, Jack Scalph, and Mary Lou Grasmiclr. 8 2: ,.,. 3 gal' ., r Lf' -f f . A 'wi' From leff fo rughf Mr Wulson Mss Houdal D Klungensmsfh presudenf D Cross ce pres denf G Chrusf ensen freasurer No? prcfured Bea Smufh secrerary The 1952 Senuors ln fhe fall of 48 fhe class of 52 enfered fhe doors of Fruufland Hugh School as Freshmen Elecfed 'ro guude fhem fhrough fhe year were Don Marfun presudenf Terry Harada vuce presu denf Henry Hunafsu secrefary Dean Lancasfer 'Treasurer and Mrs Buggers class advuser When summer vacafuon ended The class was agaun seen comung up fhe sfeps of FH S lnsfead of fhe bewuldered Freshman look fhey wore a more confidenf look whuch branded fhem as Sophomores They elecfed fhe followung officers Arlon Schuberf presudenf Terry Harada vrce presudenf Thelma Secoy secrefary Mary Lou Grasmuck freasurer and Muss Conner class sponsor Affer unufuafuon whuch was held In fhe evenung fhey welcomed fhe Freshmen unfo hugh school by enferfaunung fhem af an unformal dance The fall of l950 found 'rhe class as Junuors and now had 'rhe pruvulege of occupung +he upper halls of F H S To lead 'them fhrough fheur firsf year as upper classmen fhey chose Duck Klungen smufh presudenf Jean Makunson vuce presudenf Beffy Davus secrefary Mary Lou Grasmuck 'rreasurer and co sponsors were Mr Lewus and Muss Grable The Junuor class play Bolfs and Nurs was presenfed on December 8 and was a huge success The +heme Sunruse was carrued ouf un fhe decorahons and affer dunner speeches af 'rhe Jr Sr Banquef and Prom whuch fhe class sponsored on May I2 As fhe class finally reached fhe fop s+ep fhey elecfed Duck Klungensmufh presrdenf Dale Cross vrce presldenf Bea Smufh secrefary Georgua Chrusfensen freasurer and co sponsors were Mr Wulson and Muss Houdal On November 30 fhe class play Don f Take My Penny was pre senfed The sfory cenfered around Penny Prungle a suxfeen year old gurl who dreamed of beung a greaf acfress The sneak and fhe Senuor Ball were fhe maun acfuvvfues un fhe sprung On May 23 wufh duplomas clufched un fheur hands fhey descended fhe F H S s+eps and wrfh a sugh uHered Our Alma Mafer' I0 I . , u . - . . . , vu - u 1 . - , . . , . 0 1 v - - , . ' I I I . . . I I l I I ' I ' . . . , . . . I . . ' ' I I I . . . . - . . . I I I I I I . . . . . . . . . ' I I . . . . . . . . - . , ' . . . . . . . . - . . I I I I I I I c 1 1 II . I ' 1 I II II ' II 0 . . . . . . . . . I I I . . . . . I I I I I I A 1 1 Il I II ' I . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . II ll Sensors ROBERT THEODORE ASHBAUGH Ashle Ive a rmnd ol my own Foofball I 2 3 4 Bask l 3 4 Basel: Track 34 FA 2 F Club 2 3 4 ELLIS BURTON BOWMAN ue Nolhlng venlured nolhlng gaunecl Basluelball I 2 4 Traclr 3 eball 4 F Club Grlzzly Gazelle 3 Bolls and Nuls 3 JAMES CAROLL COCHRANE IIT1 n I help nl If al grrls love me? Enlered from Cambrndge Idaho 2 Band 2 3 4 FFA 2 Boys Slale 3 Foolball 4 Bolls and u s 3 Don l Take My Penny 4 DALE EDDIE CROSS Da e Grealer men lhan I may have Iuve bul I cloubl F I2 3 Reporler 4 T cl: I 234 Foofball I 2 3 4 Baslrelball 4 Base ball 4 F Club 3 4 Poma Terra 4 Grizzly Gazelle 4 Class Vnce Pres 4 BETTY LOUISE DAVIS Belly Nolhnng so refreshmg as nonsense I Pep Club Glee Club I Class Sec 3 Poma Terra 34 Graz zly Gazelle 34 Dont Tulle My Penny MELBA DORIS BIVENS Melba Shy and modesl as a vlolel FH I23 GEORGIA CHRISTENSEN Georgna She prefers boolrs boys n II' S League 2 Gnzzly Gazelle 3 Class Treas 4 IVAN B COOK Cooky He Iels lhungs come and go peacefully B n I 2 3 4 CAROL ANN CRUME Bulch Nolecl lor her lalenl and her sunny dlsposlluon Enlered from Onlarno Oregon 3 Gnrls League 3 Glee Club 34 Grlzzly Gazelle 3 JOLETA LUCEILE EVANS Easy come easy go Enlered from ulncy Calllornla 3 FHA 3 4 fl ks 5' Qs-1' in S eI'IIOI"S WILLARD LEROY GORNIK Wlllue Innocence personulled Enlered lrom Florence Monlana 3 FLOYD MARVIN GROSS Floyd Blessed wulh plann rea son and sober sense Foolball Mgr I Foolball 2 Bashelball I2 FFA I reas r s Club I 2 3 4 Poma Terra 4 DonlTalre Penny' 4 ROY LE VERNE HENKEL OY why should llle all I an 2 Glee Club 2 Bolls and Nu s 3 POLLY JEAN HUTCHINSON Po y She sees good un every one especially boys Glee Club I 34 FHA I 2 3 4 Glrls League 2 3 4 Grszzly Gazelle 3 RICHARD ALLEN KLINGENSMITH Duc All lhe worlds a slage and I m lhe manager Band I2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Traclr 2 3 4 F 4 Cass Pr s Balls and Nuls 3 All Norlhwesl Conference Band 3 MARY LOUISE GRASMICK Lu u Lnllle bul mughly Varsnly Cheer Leader G ee Club FHA 2 3 4 Vnce Pres 2 and I 2 3 4 Class Treas 2 3 Gurls League 3 4 Grizzly Gazelle 3 Youlh Leges lalure 3 Sludenl Body Treasurer 4 TERUKO HARADA Terry Nol very shorl and nol very lall bul she us sweel and Inlxed by all FH I Glee Club I J Varslly Cheer Leader I Class Vrce Pres I 2 P p u ec Grrls League 3 Grnzzly Gazelle 3 Poma Terra 3 Ednlor 4 Olllce 4 Bolls and Nuls 3 Donl Talre My Penny' 4 HENRY I-IINATSU Hank s whal I lhmlr Glee Club I Class Sec I Foolball 23 Capl 4 aseball I 2 3 4 a e T Poma Terra 3 4 Club 2 3 4 Sec Treas Sludenl Body Pres 4 Grizzly Gazelle 3 STANLEY PAUL JONES Slan Thal fellow seems l possess only one Idea and lhal one a wrong one Band I 2 3 4 Glee Club FF 2 3 Trac MAHLON EUGENE KRAMER oc When women are pres enl I m conlenl Enlered from Los Ange les CBIIIOFDIB 4 FFA4 S . I , Jr. ' I . Ig I Ig I- - - , ' - . g B : - A : I : r. 2, T . 3, Pe. 4: F. ' : - - - g ' - . - 3 e 3 " ' My CI b I-2-3-4, S . 22 "Ah, ' "I ay ' , no labor be." more, no less." FFA 1 B d I- -3-4: 3 . l I' . Bl - ---Ig B slr.l: ball I-2-3-4: raclr I-2-3- 4: -1 F. - - , .- . 3: .. II .I .. O --7 ' '--I -Z I-2: A---I3 In 3-4. .. - k.. HD .. I-Q ----I-: .Club , ' ' 3 . 2-3- : I e . 3-4: BIRDEEN LARKIN "Birdeen" "Blessed are lhe calm." FHA I-2-3. JEAN MAKINSON "Jean" "Never do loday whal you can pul oll lill lomorrow." FHA I1 Glee Club li Pep Club I-2-3, Treas. 41 Class V.-Pres. 31 Grizzly Gazelle 31 "Bo7ls and Nuls" 31 Poma Terra 3-41 Youlh Legislalure 3. Seniors BARBARA ELLEN MASCHMAN "Bob" "Men are lille slreelcars1 if you miss one you can always calch anolI1er." Pep Club I1 Library Ii Jr. Varsily Cheer Leader I. FHA I-2-3, Treas. 4: Glee Club I-21 Grizzly Gazelle 31 Maiorelle DONALD DAIRE MARTIN 'lDOI'1" "Sober and sleadlaslf' Class Pres. I1 "BoIls and Nuls" 31 Poma Terra 3-41 Youlll Legislalure 3. PATRICIA JOAN MERRITT ..Jo.. "I don'l like war, bul I sure Iilze lo be up in arms." Glee Club I-31 FHA I-2-3, Re- porler 41 Girls' League 3, Pres, 41 Pep Club I-2-3-41 Grizzly Gazelle 31 Girls' Slale 31 Poma Terra 41 Maiorelle 2- 31 Co-Drum Maiorelle 41 Ol- lice 41 "Don'l Take My Penny!" 4. 3-41 Ollice 4. ANNA MAE MOGENSEN "Anna Mae" "For laulls in olliers she never loolrs, sI'ie's loo busy willl her books." FHA I-2-31 Girls' League 2- 3-41GIee Club 3-4. CARLOTTA MOGENSEN "CarIolla" "Her laulls would malce dim shadows." Band I-2-3-41 FHA I-2-3-41 Hislorian I1 Girls' League 2-3- 41 Grizzly Gazelle 31 "Balls and Nuls" 31 "Don'l Tale My DALE LAVAR MON TAGUE "Pee Wee" "For l1e's a iolly good leIlow." Baseball I-2-3-41 F. Club 2-3, Pres. 41 Eoolball 3. if X w In Penny!" 4. DORA BETH PERKINS KENNETH WAYNE READ "Dora" "Wayne" "Always friendly and smiling." "Il silence were golden, liing Glee Club I-2-3-41 FHA 2-3- l1e'd be." 4, Treas. 21 Girls' League 2- Enlered lrom Onlario, Oregon 3-4, V.-Pres. 31 Grizzly Gazelle 21 Grizzly Gazelle 31 Traclr 31 Edilor 31 Office 3-41 Sludenl "Don'l Talre My Penny!" 4. Body Sec. 4. K' l f"S. 15' ff- I 3. STIIOTS DONALD WILLIAM ROYSE Don The world owes me a Iuvlng Baseball I Track 2 Fool 2 Donl Take Penny' 4 JACK CHESTER SCALPH Jackson Oh for a car lhal runs F I23 Trees 4 f lice 4 THELMA JEAN SECOY Thelma Oh hearl be slrll n I 4 League 2 3 4 Class Sec 2 Grllzly Gazelle FHA2 Pres 3 Hlslorvan 3 Donl Take My Pen n 4 BEATRICE MAE SMITH ea A dlamond on her hand and a lwunkle In her eye Enlered from Salmon Idaho 3 Glee Club 3 Grizzly Gazelle 3 Girls League 34 Olllce 4 Pep Club 4 Class Sec Bo s an Nu s Donl Take My Penny' MARY LOUISE STRANGE Mary Her laughler is like sun- shine ln a house. FHA I-2-3-4 Hislorian I- 2' Girls League 2-3-4' Grizzly Gazelle 3' Glee Club 3-4. CHARLOTTE ROSE RUTH Shorly man' A man' All wanl as a man' P Club I 2 3 4 A I 2 4 Vuce Pres 2 e Clu I 3 4 Grizzly G zelle 3 4 Gu-ls League 3 o s and uls Donl Take My Penny ARLON DOUGLAS SCHUBERT Arlon One o lhe Iund al makes lhe world brlghler Gee Club I 2 Band I2 A 23 You Legnslalure 3 Class Pres 2 Sludenl Body Vlce Pres 3 Bolls and u s 3 Don l Take My Pen n 4 JAMES SHAFFER Wilbur Luke a powder pull m lor lhe women Football 2 3 4 Baskelball 4 C 3 I Pres 4 Bolls and Nuls 3 Donl Take My Pen n 4 JULIA ANN STOKES Ju re Always a wmnnng smnle Enlered from Blackfoot Idaho 3 Glee Club 3 4 Glrs League 4 Donl Take My Penny' 4 FLORENCE LOCKNER TIPTON Flossie This married life ' s lovely. Glee Club I-3' Malorelle 2-3' Co-Drum Malo'-,lle ' A - ' Irs League3' Bolls and Nu s 3. 41" 1...--" '1- I 9 4-'nga '-L' id- HELMUT WALCH "Boom" "A fellow who fears no fhing, noi even girls." Enlered from Weizlar, Germany 45 Foo+balI 4g Track 41 "Don'+ Talre My Penny!" 4. BARBARA ANN WILSON "Bobby" "Calm and serene ws a nighi in June.' Enfered from Ashfon, Ida- I1o 41 Girls' League 43 Pep Club 4: "Don'+ Take My Penny!" 4. CLASS COLORS Green and While CLASS FLOWER Carna+ion CLASS MOTTO "Only +I1e darkness brings ou+ +I1e Floyd Gross Valedicforian Don Marlin Salufaforian I i sIars" WILLIAM IVAN WILSON "Pete" wrong answer is bei +er Ilxan none." Library 3-4. 5 y 'Eff' 'T ""Ua-x is I ,I if . i l I Fred Baines Max Branscomb Jesse Bufcher Doris Carpenfer Alfa Conner Edna Mae Connerly Beverly Covingfon Beverly Dennell' Donna Frazier Joan Geisler Marie Glasson Mary Glasson Juniors is Y Y I in . 4' Ai V 4 ig 'A.: . XC' . ' Q37 A W1 Louise Carfer Phyllis Evans Mary Glenn Byron Champion Norma Jo Fisher Pansy Goff To lead fhem rhrough +he firs+ year as upper classmen 'rhe class of '53 elecled Carlos Telford, president Fred Baines, vice-presidenfg Joan Geisler, secre+ary: Edna Mae Connerly, freasurerg and co-advisers Miss Johnsrone and Miss de Angelo The class elec+ed a s+aff 'ro publish +he Grizzly Gazeffe wirh Myrna Hale as ediior Miss de Angelo direcfed fhe annual Junior class play which was presenfed April I8 l952. The proceeds of fhe play help 'ro cover expenses of +he Junior-Senior Prom and Banquel' which was held in honor of 'lhe graduaring Seniors. lf was held on May Ib, I952. 2 'Kfzrxgi Lef+ fo righfz Fred Baines, Vice-Presi- denf: Carlos Telford, Presidenrq Edna Mae Connerly, Treasurer: Joan Geisler, Secretary: Miss de Angelo, Miss Johnslone, Advisers. pf Qu- - Ray Clonfz Claylon Fifch Darlene Gross K Y-v p5 3: if -1 4: -. T7 ,ff 2 , 1 - -ZA' Nr Lefl' fo rlghf E Evans freasurer P Chrnsfensen secre'rary Mr Lewns d vnser B Connelly presldenf R Henggeler vlce presndenf 44: Fnrsi' row leff fo rughf J Oyama B Orcu++ S Wood M MerrnH A Loclm ner M Sfephens Second row K K c B Wallzer B Monfague E Tyree R Sfrawn R Sullnns B C Q6 'V' ney Thrd row H Fed N rlck D Larkin M Mess M McEwen Ns! Fnrsl' row leff fo rlghf M Ireland E Hasleff D Brlghf P Chrusiensen E Evans Second row G Eldred G B op M Johnson P Herold R asson Thnrd ow C Al en Henggeler B Huichunson V Hanson Ah: 85 'DO tm' Sophomores The Sophomore Slass eIec+ed Bull Connelly +o head Iheur class as presudenl' for +he second consecu five year Elec+ed fo help Boll In has duhes were Rudy Henggeler vice presldeni' Evelyn Evans Secre fary Peggy Chrls+ensen +reasurer and Mr Lewls advuser Margare+ Ireland was chosen by +he F F A boys as Sophomore candlda+e for 'rhe Ag Ball queen The Sophomores gave +he Freshmen a warm welcome unfo fhe good old F H S. when +hey had +heur mifiahon on Ocfober II and I2. The class had several players on fhe foo+I::aIl squad wnfh some of +hem on fhe s+ar'nng line up 3 is ' 1 H I 4- sf, ., . I : . . u I . E all . 3'-Q" . Z - . G - 3-P, jr : - I . I : . L sffrff? ' ' alex-- AA 4,3 'N' 4.1. ,am ,I O , : . , . . . . : . , , 'I DJ.. at .L e Ir, . , . . . O- ' ,, s- ' , . , . ' , . Oh- Y. 6 . I : , X ll. i : . il, .Pa+- 'S Xe ' . , .4 1 -T4 .- . : . , . rsh , . , . , . GI . ' r : . I , R. ' . - . - - Q, r I' - - ,- lw, ,A x I 1 ' Q, . .,..,.,, I 'fi I ' e, 2 -. . ', L IV. - 3 - ' I . - I - I - - - Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS O. J. Pelross, Presidenf: Marilyn Scolf Treasurer, Jerry Fischer, Vice- Presidenlg Mr. Hansen, Adviser: Neil Schuberl, Secrelary. Fronf row, lefi lo righl: B. Brighf, M. Higley, C. Dale, B. Brower, B. Gross, M. Baines, M. Brawner, J. Brighl. Second row: B. Gregg, E. Boxberger, D. Beufler, J. Bingaman, E. Glenn, D. Aclrer, D. Crossley. Third row: L. Carpenler, E. Field, J. Baines, D. Covinglon, L. Bells. Fronf row, lell 'lo righf: R. Palmer, J. Kefchum, B. Reimers, M. Malfoch, E. Limbaugh, C. Jones, P. McCabe. Second row: B. Kefchum, T. Ross, H. Pefross, D. Ogburn, H. McEwen, W. Powell. Third row: P. McCabe, R. Jones, B. Riggs, R. Evans. Fronf row, lefl lo righl: J. Van Malre, W. Zeiger, S. Shannon, F. Tannlund, N. Shaffer. Second row: L. Widner, P. Smilh, M. Scoil, J. Dorrah, V. Samuels, D. Turner. Third row: L. Walker, N. Schubert, C. Wood, H. Sager. Fourlh row: J. Schmelzel, J. Scalph, R. Bivins, C. Schullies. -'x I. This is a car? 2. I am ius+ cleaning my 'lypewriflerl 3. Hi! Ho! Silver! 4. l like if! 5. Ya-a-a feam figl1+! 6. Ca- dence counf. 7. This liffle piggy wenf fo marllef. 8. Dance me loose. .4 :Vik ,M , :I 'VL , ,, wsf?!rff'ff'1" .gil 3 'fmo,,..'.' ,Q 1,18 , . . lv. , ', JA. U , I A , . , . - if 315 f' gg -. -4 .v 'fm 'Xt - x, 5 .' . , . ,K Q, ,x x ,QSM .51 ." TIA-' I as I "9 "' of 'Ui 'aa a"'y' I John Baines Jim Scalph Bill Hufchinson Ronald Sullins Milfon McEwen Don Royse Jaclc SchmeI1el Dale Cross Football The Fruifland Grizzlies under a new coach, Norris Wilson, and assisfanf coach Barney Lewis sfarfed pracfice on Augusf 27, I95I. The Ieam was green and inexperienced, buf seemed +o be willing fo learn. The season was a long hard one wi+h many defeafs suffered. Perhaps +he brighfesi' spof was fhe 'fac'I' we used six freshmen on fhe squad wifh abou'r four sophomores, and +hree iuniors. A+ 'Ihe end of 'rhe season we only had one senior on fhe feam, Jim Shaffer. Henry Hina'I'su, having been injured in pracfice aboui' fhe middle of 'Ihe season, was no longer wifh us. We also were wifhouf Jim Cochrane and Don Ro se y . Wifh some fine underclassmen coming up our for+unes in foorball should be a Ii++Ie brighfer. SCHEDULE , Sepf. I5 Middlefon I8 Fruifland Sepf. 2l Payeffe 39 Fruifland Sepf. 28 Nofus I8 Fruiiland Oct 5 Homedale I9 Fruifland Ocf. I2 Wilder I2 Fruiiland Ocf. I9 Parma 26 Fruifland Oct 26 Marsing 46 Fruifland Nov. 2 Adrian 40 Frui+Iand Nov. I0 New Plymouih 26 Frui+Iand Coach, Norris Wilson CapIain, Henry Hinafsu f . I f 1 -A 1 J-M-Q ' 4 ' :- ii -iii , 53553 -Y 1 V V9 2 , 1, ' 2 , , 'VI A R' r I r ji . lo 1 . K. if g I I W f L r??i: A fs x J- 'R Q L' Q. f B ' A .A gl , fine' , F My ' , .. ,ini ii, I "TT", 1....s "IZ: . ' A x , . . v--I 38 I.- ,, A V T' h Q' 'J J i n , l , fx .-A , y - x , V , --.1 "-'D . .4 wr fy ' .- . .gg . 4 .is 9 .',.Y 1, ' Y v . if fr-V J i ' S' f ' " lx. Q in k u, ' J K Y 4535- Q y , - ,g il.. R X' . .- .,,,,....w A lL ' iff!! . 'fx , , . "-2 'f A l . . rift: .W V . " -A fzfk X --V , 5 xx va V new - I . Byron Champion Harry Maine Horace Wood James Shaffer Max Branscomb Bill Connelly Jim Cochrane James Jones Boflom row, lefl lo righl: Manager, H. Mc- Ewen: H. Wood, J. Jones, J. Cochrane, M. McEwen, J. Scalph, B. Connelly. R. Sullins, H. Pefross, Manager. Sec- ond row: Assishnf coach, Barney Lewis: H. Hinafsu, D. Cross, B. Champion, J. Shaffer, J. Schmelzel, J. Baines, B. Hulchinson, D. Royse, Coach Norris Wilson. Third row: H. Maine, M. Branscomb, J. Maf- foch, R. Jones. T. Ross, R. Evans. C. Wood, D. Turner. 23 U. .Lx I Tension on 'the slde llne 2 Wood fackles Plymoufh man 3 Jones gels a punf off 4 Connelly helps Hufchvnson 5 Hufchmson gauns on off facile 6 Barnes ready 'For a fa r fake off 7 Barnes for e gam Champion bloclung 8 Jones punhng 9 Connelly helps Hufclnnson 24 . X X U 2 1 .i , . 1 if T J. I 3 , y A 4 Flfch makes a free +hrcw 2 Dog plle 3 Hlnaisu on a lay rn 4 Baunes fouls Msddleion man 5 Adnan misses a shoi 6 Barnes on a fasi break 7 Samuels iakes lump sho? 8 Wood up for a rebound Basketball Coach Barney Lewls and Caplaln Terrel Samuels The I95I 52 Ieam ended a fairly successful season by finishing four+h In 'Ihe mne Ieam S R V B race If was an up hull cllmb from fhe beginning for Ihe Gruzzlles wllh only +hree semors and probably fhe shorfesl and mexperlenced squad an 'Ihe league Affer gefhng off +o a slow srarf Ihe 'feam ended :Is season by wlnnlng sux oul of fhe Ias'I' seven games wlfh Iwo of 'Ihe vlcfornes coming from arch rlvals Frurlland go+ revenge for an earlier defeal' by beaf mg New PIymou+h 49 44 on Ihelr floor A happy nofe of +he season came when fhe Grlzzlles handed 'I'he class A rlval Onlaruo Ihesr larsl defeal slnce l945 46 Fuve lumors made up 'rhe slarhng squad mosf of Ihe year Terrel Samuels 5 8 guard and Ihls year s Capfaun proved +o be a good leader and ball player He received much pravse from coaches and fans Ihroughoul +he Snake Rover Valley for has fine ball handling and floor play Fred Barnes a Ieacllng scorer for +he Grlzzlaes and rhurd un Ihe Conference conhnually amazed hus opponen+s and specfafors wnfh hus shoohng abnlufy CIay+on Fu+ch and Jam Jones handled Ihe rebound scores whale mlxlng un some fancy shoohng of fhelr own Horace Wood 'Ihe fiffh member combined speed and fighf Io round ouf a well balanced five Much credd' should go 'Io Henry Hnnafsu James Shaffer and Roberf Ashbaugh fhree semors whose leadership and splrrl alded In furfherlng 'I'he squad s success Rudy Henggeler and Danme Marhn sophomores proved +ha+ Ihey wull be a greaf asse+ Io Ihe Grlzzlle squad In +he commg +wo years Jesse Bufcher 6 I gumor who was hampered by a broken ankle early In +he season should be one of I'he ou+s+andmg ball players nex'r year The feam finished wrI'h a season record of IO wlns +o 8 ference play Opponenf Noius Muddlefon Homedale Adnan Parma New Plymoufh Onfarlo Marsmg 9 hey Opponenf Wulder Nofus Mlddlefon Homedale Adrian Onlarlo Parma New Plyrnoufh 6 losses and wllh 9 wins Io 7 losses In Con They Opponenf We They Marsung 4 O Wulder DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Homedale Msddlefon 4 Overhme I I I . . . . Ill 5 n ' U ' I w T w 5: 30 ' 34 32 ' 3 5 4 ' 45 48 52 29 ' 46 3I 34 39 ' 52 57 ' 37 33 36 55 42 45 ' 37 33 37 49 ' 59 4I 3 33 40 ' 43 ss ss 35 ' 4 46 ' 3 45 53 49 44 I ' I 26 Clayfon Fifch Cenfer Rudy Henggeler Forward Fred Baines Guard RoberfAsl1baugl1 Forward Terrel Samuels Guard James Jones Forward Jesse Bulcher Cen+er Dan Marlin Forward Hora ce Wood Forward James Shaffer Guard Henry Hinafsu Guard Carlos Telford Guard Farsi' row leff 'lc rlghf Coach Wllson M Mess M McEwen R Jones K Keck R Blvlns R Evans J Barnes J Schmelzel Second row J Fnscher C Allen O J Pefross C Woods C Schulhes B Hufchunson L Wndner H Sager B Con nelly Mgrs L Carpenfer W Powell Junior Varsity The Jumor Varslfy led by Coach Wulson had a record of 9 wms agamsi 9 losses I+ sfood undefeal' ed for fhe firsi' five games of fhe season buf wu+h 'the loss of Rudy Henggeler and Danme Marhn who were moved up fo fhe Varsrly squad before mud season fhe squad lacked bolh helghi and experience Some of fhe players who saw achon were Bull Connelly Mllfon McEwen Sophomores Jerry Flscher Johnny Barnes Roberf Evans Rober+ Buvlns and Raymond Jones Freshmen Jerry Fischer wu+h hrs deadly sho+s from any and all angles was hugh scorer for fhe season Opponenfs Noius Mnddlefon Homedale Adrian Parma New Plymoufh Marsnng Wnlder Noius e They Opponenfs Mlddlefon Homedale Adnan Parma New Plymou+h Marsnng Onfaruo Onfarlo Wnlder e They o o I I I I ' I 7 VV VV , 42 I8 ' 32 42 ' , 39 34 34 37 35 I2 ' 38 30 ' 44 33 46 38 50 26 I9 23 25 37 ' 3I 37 ' , 48 32 ' 33 52 ' 3I 36 ' 42 47 , 39 23 ' 24 3I 28 Baseball SCHEDULE April I I New Plymouth Home I5 Noius There I8 Middle+on There 22 New Plymoufh Home 25 Nofus Home 29 Middleion Home May 6-7 Play off I Coach, Norris Wilson Capfain, Dale Monfague Coach Norris Wilson's I952 baseball squad has a promising ou+look wifh nine refurning lefiermen. On +he mound for 'ihe Grizzlies will be Roger Shawn and Clayion Fiich. Doing fhe back s+op du+y will be Dale Moniague and Horace Wood. The Grizzlie infield combina+ion is made up of Henry Hinafsu holding down firsi base, Roberi Ashbaugh on second base, Carlos Telford on ihird base and Rudy Henggeler fhe springy shorf-s+op. Byron Champion again inherifs cen+er field. Kneeling, lef+ fo righi: H. Hinaisu, M. McEwen, C. Fi+ch, R. Henggeler, R. Ashbaugh. Sfanding: Coach Norris Wilson, D. Mcnfague, Capfain: R. Shawn, B. Champion, C. Telford. 21 'J , 1 . l if sw 2' N ' W or ' . 1 5 "'i'f'.'f ' . Xhvpf if , X f' ' ' ' f X 7 l 'X '1 U f 5 U5 'A we nw B N...-f" Kneeling leff fo rughf T Samuels B Connelly D Royse C Fvfch R Ashbaugh H Walch B Huichlnson Sfandung Coach Le as F Barnes H Hlnalsu D Cross R Henggele E Bowman M Branscomb D Klnngensmufh C Telfod Capiam Track Barney Lewis who coached +he iraclr +eam +o +he S R V Class B Champuonshlp las+ year will agam endeavor fo defend 'lhls hfle The re+urnmg leHermen are Carlos Telford capfam who will run 'rhe 440 yard dash Henry Hlnafsu a sprlnfer, Fred Baines, a relay man, Duck Kllngemmlfh and Harry Marne who wlll be ba'Hllng for fhe mule run: Dale Cross and Max Branscomb running fhe half mile, Terrel Samuels, a relay and low hurdle man, Roberf Ashbaugh and Clayfon Flfch par+lclpa'Hng IH fhe Held evenlsg Don Royse, anofher sprlnler, Bull Huichmson also runnmg 'rhe 440 yard dash, Ellis Bowman, a mule relay runner Already scheduled for fhe I952 season are Aprul 9 S R V Relay Meer April 2I Dnsfrlcr 3 Relay Meer Aprll 26 S R V Class "B" Meer af Weiser May 9 Dusirucf 3 Mee+ 30 Q.. 1 lf vi", I- 4 v A is G , if X ,Q V? 4 F 8 Q 'X 1 'Q if 'Sw .f -ixf -iff: gf 5 Fai? K w 9' V 1 2 lf. x A lv, ,Q '44 'kv ..n'.. .4 H Band The Fruulland Hugh School Band under Ihe capa ble Ieadershnp of Dureclor Jay Sfoner Ioolc par+ In many school ancl muslcal acfnvuhes They parflcupafed In Ihe annual musnc clmnc af Nyssa on February I2 I3 and 'rhe dls+rlc+ musuc fes hval on Aprul I8 I9 A sprung concer+ was also pre sen+ed The bancl complefecl Ihe year by parhclpaf mg In 'fhe annual Apple Blossom Feshval In Paye++e The Pep Band led by Sfudenf Dlrec+or Arlon ScI1uber+ played a+ all of 'rhe home games and pep J H Sfoner Durecfor 6SSemI.DII9S C Carmhx G Chruslensen P Chrusiensen M Grasmuclu B Covunglon R Sager P Evans D Evans Second row N Blessing V Po ell J Harlle R Keller G Groves E Evans C Jones D Covlng+on Thurd row I Coolr B Champnon T Secoy C Mogensen D Royse D Klungensmnfh J Cochrane N Schuberf M Mess S Jones B Wallrer L Schmelzel A Schuberl' Sfudenfl Dureclor R Henkel 32 -A F a n S 0 -.., ---.3fg.., 0- - ' Lefl fo righ+: Maioreffes F. Loclrner, J. Bingaman, J. Merrifl, F. Tannlund, B. Maschman. Firsf row: C. Dale, V. Taylor Irs row leff fo rughf N Fxsher Snmmons C Homan P Hufchlnson P Goff M ScoH' W Zleger B Toofhman J Kefchum E Boxberger P Smlfh B Reumers N Shaffer M Brawner M Johnson Third row E Tyree A Mogensen A Conner S Shannon J Dorrah Fourfh row D Aclcer F Fischer G Bishop P Herold B Orcu'f+ C Crume Fnffh row D Gross D Beuller J Sfolres D Perkins L Carler M Srephens Snxrh row J Orcurr D Sager L Ransom J McClure M MerrnH A Loclmer Glee Club The Frulfland Hugh School Glee Club dlrecfed by Miss Lowe was composed of 47 gurls Rehearsals were held sevenfh period each day On December 2l I95I +he Glee Club presenled a Chrls'I'mas Concerf whlch was well re celved by a large audience Sololsfs were Florence Flscher Delora Sager Mary Sfephens Nor ma Jo Fisher Joyce McClure and Carol Crume The annual musuc clnmc af Emmeff was an orher achvlry of fhls group On December I9 +he gurls wenf fo Boise and sang af several dlf ferenf places nncludlng fhe Vererans Hosplral and fhe Old Soldiers Home Julla Srolces was fhe accompamsr for 'rhe group '33 " I 1' , -va-' ' cl ' - 4 ' K. ,'v ' . l , Rf F ' , , . . Y - r F' f , ' z . ' , D. ' , . . . ' , . . . , . ' , . Monlague, M. Ireland, J. Oyama. Second row: Miss Lowe, Direcrorg C. Tannlund, M. Shange, J. Evans, M. Dale Mo fag b P es J neW gad ClbPes e Cub The F Club has been an achve orgamzahon snnce l948 The Club us under 'rhe supervlslon of Coaches Wilson and Lewns There have been 'rwo unlhahons every year +o brlng new members mio fhe Club The officers for +he years l95l l952 were Dale Monfague presldeni' James Shaffer vlce presudenf Don Shannon secrefary and +reasurer The F Club had a raffle drawing for a furlcey and a goose durmg a baslce+ball game 'ro ranse funds For +he Club Pep Club The Pep Club of +he Ffullldhd Hugh School was organized un +he fall under fhe leadership of 'lhe followung ofllcers June Wlngard presud nl Myrna Johnson vuce ,.,resrden+ Joan Gels ler secrefary Jean Malunson +reasurer The gurls received many complumenfs on fheur fune drills whlch +hey performed durmg half hme af alfernafe foo'fball and baslceiball games Thus year rnsfead of wearmg black dlclues fhe gurls purchased slllc scarfs +o complele e unlform of blaclr slacks and orange V neclced swea+ers The advisers for 'lhe year were Miss Holdal and Muss de Angelo 34 , 'v C n ue i? F. Clu r ldenl u in r up Q Pep u r id nl YF , XX ll I . . . . . I . . H1 Pep Club Fronf row lefl lo nghf T Harada G Bishop G Eldred J Oyama M Ireland P Smufh N Shaffer Second row J McClure L Carler C Homan M Hale M Baines B Relmers Third row M Johnson M Merrufl B Smulh B Wulson E Lumbaugh Muss de Angelo Adviser Msss Hondel Advuser Fourfh row J Merrill J Malcunson C Tannlund J Wungard Presldenf J Van Mafre C Lel+ lo rnghl fronl row lmneelung M Branscomb J Malloch D Shannon D Monlague Presldenl J Shaffer R Shawn R Sull s Second row N Cross B Huichnnson J Jones B Connelly C Telford C Allen R Ashbaugh Mr Lewxs Adviser Thurd row F Gross D Kllngensmlfh T Samuels H Meme N Pafrncl: Fourfh row H H1na+su F Bames R Henggeler D Cross F1f+h row D Royse B Champlon E Bowman H Wood C Fufch wha? 3.6 33 -XSL T as av- ,., 35 U F H l b we 1. . Y 'W , , M' ' ' - :wp ima. ,Meme N EM 4 2 k.w!'L6a' w' fs? ' vi- .: 1 1 A 'D sa K a- G ,ix 8 A .- -6 "' "' 4 sf- -a , S. 0 M' 5. 3 'T' Q 5- .7 A s Q 6- 1' ' EL .5 1 Q Q5- 5 5 H . K ' a lgae, 542 ' N ' 53,35-?ssw-i Q... gs. , aff" ' g.,R5,,i...,.1 .V .XJ C 1 Top cenfer: F.F.A. Officers, leff fo righi: Mr. Hancen, Jack Scalph, Jimmy Hior+h, Hugh Homan, Floyd Gross. ' Siandingz Dale Cross, Mil- fon McEwen. Lower lef+: Repairing a 'fracfor brake. Lower righ+: Gas welding. The Fruifland Chapfer of 'rhe Fufure Farmers of America was re-organized in I'-747 and has been acfive in disfrici, sfaie and naiional confesfs since fhaf +ime. This year fhe Fruifland Chapier par+icipa+ed in ihe following con+es+s in ihe Wes'I'ern Idaho Dis+ric+: Swine iudging, Paliamen+ary Procedure confesi, Dairy Caffle judging, Pouliry judging, Dairy Producfs, Farm Mechanics, Crop and Weed Seed iudging and idenfificafion, and Livesioclr in which Fruilland placed firs'I' wi+h Neil Cross as high individual in fhe coniesi. The F.F.A. boys also enfered 'I'he above coniesfs a'I' Moscow in S+a+e compeiiiion. The Fruifland Chapfer annually sponsors 'lhe Spring Fair, sfaried in I948, and invifes ihe newly organized Paye++e and New Plymouih chap+ers. Some of fhe F.F.A. proiecfs are also shown in The PayeH'e Couniy Fair and in fhe Wesiern Idaho Sfafe Fair which is held in Boise each year. We annually sponsor fhe Ag. Ball whose Chapier Sweeihearl' fhis year was Bonnie Brower, 'rhe Fresh- man candida+e. She was presen+ed wifh a box of chocolafes and an F.F.A. Swee+hear+ iaclce+. Fund raising ac+ivi'ries fhis year included: a Swine proiec+ of four Duroc sows, a soda pop machine, and Chrisimas card sales. Future Homemakers "Toward new horizons" is +he lheme for fhe Fulure Homemalcers of America. This inspires lhe girls 'ro falce more pains wifh projecls +hey work on. This season 'they have been busy selling candy ai' rhe games. During +he foo+ball season +hey sold ho+ dogs and coffee. This work helps fhem 'ro earn poinfs foward +heir FHA leHers. Mrs. Arfhur Baldwin was fhe Chapfer Mofher and fhe officers were: presidenf, Phyllis Evans: vice- presidenf, Charlo++e Tannlundg secre+ary, Dona Frazier: lreasurer, Barbara Maschmang reporfer, Joan Merrill. Selecled +o represenl +he Fruilland Chap+er a+ +he S+a+e Conven+ion in Boise on April II and l2, were Phyllis Evans and Beverly Coving+on. Firsf row, leff fo righf: C. Dale, B. Gross, B. Brower, P. Smifh, P. Hufchinson, M. Baines. Second row: C. Jones A. Mo ensen M . 9 . . Grasmicl, F. Tannlund, J. Bingaman, B. Reimers. Third row: S. Shannon, M. Braw- ner, J. Dorrah, B. Smifh, E. Glenn. Fourfh row: E. Ty- ree, A. Lockner, J. Sfokes. B. Wilson, D. Perkins, J. Evans. Fif+h row: B. Masch- man, C. Tannlund, D. Sa- ger, M. Sfephens, J. Van Mafre. Sixfh row: C. Mo- gensen. M. Sfrange, T. Se- coy, Miss Grable, adviser: E. Limbaugh. lnsef: Joan Merriff, presidenf. Girl League The following officers were chosen af fhe beglnnmg of fhe school year of I95l l952 Joan Merriff, presidenf Delora Mae Sager vlce presudenf Janef Van Mafre secrefary Joyce Dorrah freasurer: Elizabefh Limbaugh reporfer They were advised by Mass Grable The annual conference was held fhns year af Nyssa Affendung were fhe officers and M: s Grable. The sublecf of fhe meefung was The Pilgrim Creed A+ Chrisfmas fhe gurls made popcorn coolues and candy fo send fo fhe Children s Home un Boise. Malorettes A+ fhe end of fhe school year of I95I Jay Sfoner and Mary Wmgard chose 'I'he new Drum Malore++e Florence Loclmer and Joan MerruH were chosen fo be Co Drum Malorelfes and 'ro lead al+erna+e drllls The new malorefles chosen a+ a lafer dare were Joan Blngaman and Frances Tann lund The refurnlng maloreH'es were Barbara Maschman Joan MerrlH and Florence Loclmer New Drum MaloreHe umforms and a Shalco were purchased Cheer Leaders Cheer leaders chosen by fhe s+uden+s a+ fry ou+s early un fhe fall were Donna Simmons Dona Frazier and Beverly DenneH The gurls led +he yells a+ 'rhe foo+ball games and baslce'I'ball games They also were IH charge of fhe pep assemblies Uniforms for 'rhe year were black corduroy flared dresses Cap sleeves and Pefer Pan collars complefed +he unuform A large orange F was 'I'he emblem A+ cold foolball games and af some pep assemblles fhe gurls wore black slaclcs and orange V neclced swea+ers LeH 'ro rlghf J Bungaman B Maschman F L Tnpfon J Merrlff F Tannlund Lefl fo raghf D Simmons D Frazier B DenneH Q n . . . . . . ' 1 1 . n u - ' . . 1 V. . , . . , . , . . -1 ..2 " 1 The 1952 Po ma Terra The five refurning members of fhe I95l Poma Terra s+aFf mer affer school s+ar+ecl fo choose fheir assis+an+s from The Junior and Senior classes. Terry Harada, who was +he assis+an+ edifor las+ year, became edifor. Her sfaff included: Dona Frazier, assis+an+ ediforg Don Mar'rin, business manager: Hugh Homan, assisfanf business manager: Henry Hinafsu, spor+s edi+org Jaclr Maffoch, assis+an+ sporfs edilorg BeH'y Davis, Senior edi+org Joan Giesler, Junior edi+org Jean Makinson, snapsho+sg Joan Merriff, wrife-ups: Dale Cross and Floyd Gross, pho+ographers. The s+aFf voled fo have Mr. Harano as phofographer and Caxfon Prinfers +o publish fheir annual. Wifh The assisfance of Miss Johns+one, adviser, fhe seciions of fhe annual were comple+ed by fhe deadlines Again in I95I, +he Poma Terra won fhe All S+a're Award The sfaff of I95I I952 has en deavored +0 reach such a goal This year ,wx 6. S f' 'Y Le io rnghf seal d iser avls Mar in iss Johnsione J Merrill' T Harada D Frazier Sfand n D Cross F Gross Maffoch H Hinalsu H Homan 'Y' ' N- A .f fb, I . w 2' .e I ' i if ' , e : J. X Malcinson, J. Ge'l , B. K D ', D. V, M' T ig: .l i , .i ,Ji .,, 1 E .,, . ' i - sy f. .,,. We Sealed leff lo rlghf Mnss Johnsfone J McClure P Goff M Hale edllor N Fusher Slandlng M Malloch C Telford D Cross F Barnes C Tannlund B Davls J Merruil l. Ransom B Monfague Gazelle The Jumor class agaan published +he Grizzly GazeH'e and dlsfrlbuled fhe copies free of charge +o +he hugh school s+uden+s The class +oolc whole hear+ed 1n+eres+ an +he paper and elecfed Myrna Hale as edl+or and Pansy Goff as her assnsfanf Her olher asslsfanfs were elecfed from +he Jumor class wnfh a repor'rer +o represenl' each of fhe o+her classes The sfaff consusled of 'rhe followlng reporfers spor+s Carlos Telford arf Norma Fisher semors Char lo'He Tannlund IUDIOTS Lllllan Ransom sophomores Barbara Monfague freshmen Marulyn MaHoch FFA Dale Cross FHA Joan Merrl++ F Club Fred Baines Pep Club Joan Geisler Poma Terra BeHy Davus Glrls League Delora Sager Mass Johnslone was chosen advuser and helped 'rhe nnexperuenced siaff 'ro overcome many dufficulhes 4I X '-Q I. Snuggle up, Florence. 2. Armisfice Day. 3. Guarding fhem, Ronnie? 4. All sei for ihe IOO-yard dash? 5. Cheek- fo-cheek. 6. Third period s+udy hall. 7. Ci1FiS+mdS Dance. SEPTEMBER Jamboree af Parma Fruufland vs Marsung O Mnddlefon defeafs 'the Grizzlies on Fruliland field Hooray' Flrsl' day of scnooll Payefie s Pnrafes down Fughhng Grizzlies Class meehngs were held 'ro eIec+ officers Happy Day' Seniors receive class rings Fruilland downed on Nolus field OCTOBER Homedale downs fhe mughfy Grizzlies Wilder smears Fruufland on Grizzly ferrnlory P E Gurls playday af Caldwell Grizzlies invade Panfher Ierrlfory 'Io go down in de ear Marsang downs the fighhng Grizzlies on fhe Frunfland lie d Chief Haulsforn vusn+s from Cherokee Tribe JANUARY Happy New Year school day Plymouth Iramples Grizzlies 49 37 on home floor Marslng downs Frulfland Grlzzlles 53 45 Grizzlies edge visnhng Wilder five 34 32 Gruzzlres overpower Nolus on home floor 52 29 Muddlefon wins over Frunfland 52 57 Grizzlies fall Io Homedale 36 55 Grizzlies overcome Adnan five 37 33 FEBRUARY Parma wins over Frulfland 58 35 Frunfland emerges Irnumphanf over New 49 44 Seniors presenf assembly Flghhng Grizzlies fall Io Onfarlo 43 58 I3 Band and Glee Club members lourney for ine annual music clinic Grizzlies vicfornously emerge over Onfarlo I floor 59 4 I6-Fruurland sludenfs affend school I9 Grizzlies 'tramp over Wnlder 46 3I 2526 Fruirland plays hosf Io valley schools NOVEMBER Adrian downs fhe VISIIIFIQ Grizzlies Flghllnq Grizzlies go clown Io Plymoulh Pilgrims home field G Girls League olilicers Travel 'Io Nyssa for annual con ference 23 Thanksgiving Vacahon Sfudenf Body officers and club presndenls g fo Ihe Sfudenf Conference af Payeife Sensors presenf Don? Take My Penny' DECEMBER Srudenf Body presen+s Michael Cane s Magic Show Frulfland slaughlers Nofus 5I 30 for Iirsf win Piero Plerohc Yugoslavian singer presenls Nahonal Assembly Mrddleron Vikings edge Grizzlies 48 45 on Grizzly floor Glee Club sungs for fhe Veferans af Boise I4-Homedale slips by fhe Grlzzlaes 30 34 Grizzlies down Adrian 37 33 Glee Club presenfs Chrlsfmas conceri Parma downs fhe vlslhng Grizzlies 45 42 Juniors sponsor Chrlsfmas dance Mn flefoe Kass Chrus+mas vacahon sfarfs School begins once more 44 speech clinic 27 29 Class B Baskeiball Sub dnsfrncl Tourna a+ Fruurland MARCH F F A Banquer for Farhers and Sons Dora Belh Perkins and James Shaffe a Fnrsf Track Meel held af Nys a APRIL S R V Relay Meer Plymoufh fo Nyssa on home In annual men? held r reign over Senior Fruvlland en'rer'Iams New Plymourh on Grizzly Diamond Frunfland Iravels fo Nofus Wild and Woolly Wesf is presenfed by Juniors Frulf and plays Mlddlefon 'Ihere Senior Sneak New Plymourh visurs Frunfland in relurn game Nofus and Frulfland play on home diamond S R V Irack mee? us held in Weiser Frullland is hosf fo Muddlefon MAY Annual Sprung Farr sponsored by Chamber of Com merce Baseball play off Juniors enferfain Sensors wufh Prom and Banque? Baccalaureale services Seniors presenl Class Nnghl Graduahon exercises End of school year I4- , ' . ' -I2. I- - . us- ' ' ' ' . 4- ' ' - - UU- U U U U aw . . . . U U U U I5- ' ' ' , - . zu- ' ' ' ' . IB- . , U U 24- ' U 22- . . . U U 26- . ' ' ' . 25- ' ' - . za- ' . 29- ' ' ' - - - 1- ' ' - . 5- . . . U 5- . . U UZ- . . . . U -U . 13- . . ' ' . S: . . . . ' . U I9- . . . . . U UZU - U U f . ' ' ' ' U 26- . . . . . HU- . . . . . I . - . 261 . . . . . U U' U U U U F . . - . - . U . . lo- ' ' ' ' ' ' on I6-Bonnie Brower reigns as Chapfer Swee+hear+ over Ag. BU- U U U U B II. US- U U U 20- ' ' - B u. ' 26- ' s . 22- - " ' . 27- ' o 30- ' 'I ' 9- . . . . H- . . . I5- ' . la-" ' ' . 5- - ' ' U I8- 'I ' . 7- . U . U 21- ' . . . . . . . 22' I I I I - 7- ' ' 25- ' ' . 26- . . . ' ' ' . H- . . . . . U . 29- U U U U I3- ' ' . la- ' ' ' . . 3- . -U U I9- ' . f ZOU- ... . . U U 6- . . U- . . .. .U . Ib- ' ' ' ' . ' I8- A . ZI- I i ' 22- ' ' . 3I- ' . 23- ' ' - , I. Oh brofher! 2. Pay here, please. 3. l+'s a cold, cold game. 4. Hit fl-ne dir+! 5. Ya-a orange! Ya-a blacll 6. See you nexl Halloween. az N-vas E Dale Monfague Jr Sr Prom Kung Mary Lou Grasmlck Jr Sr Prom ueen Jlm Cochrane Clhzenshlp Awarded by fhe hamber of Commerce Siudenf Body Presidenf Henry Hinafsu F.F.A. Queen Bonnie Brower Senior Bell King James Shaffer Senior Ball Queen Dora Be+h Perkins grnlul lun I X rms I' it lt Ou: I umhr mm PRI ITI AND PT A Tessmans I -XIJIFQ AI PARFI UNI XRIO ORP! ON erm Mu: I hum Ilnlllr Bm N on III nn nu H Nl H PFP CLUB P-XUI A ROBERTS FARAFF Suk md Smruu I hum 88 UNI XRIO UREI ON ONTARHI FASIERN 0REGON LAUNDRY sl CLEANERS EWPMENT U' Dealers for Tel qq Tel qq Intelnatlonal Trucks I+ arm all Tractorb lem Suit W itel Illstllled Solx enl Pdgkdrd Cars R UN VI XIFR IOINPS hone 191 Ont lrlo Oregon Ongl .atulatmns fmc Best Wwhes To The C I ASQ OF 02 I haze enyozfecl zfmlmzq nailz zfml lhanlms YNY!-r . ,, . 4211.3 ' .:g,,. 'I'I:2i1E-. -1E1E5Qf'i""' ,3g-:--gI'i'i2i2i23::- 1 - - M . . . , ff irseffff212s2Ef:i525iLL.. , . -:iffy .,i1:avf:1l 1. 121:-1-t5':C:.f' " .g:E:' .:f:f" -:lf ,-za?" " 9 3' Complete Building Service Plans-Estimates-Financing SPRING CANYON COAL DEVOE PAINTS Hardware-Tools-Revere Ware-V Belts and Pulleys C. E. HALLOCK. Mgr. Phone -12-.l FRUITLAND IDAHO on ar Un lacffei af 10 VIOLETT MERCAN TILE YOUIx HOME OWNED STORF Frllltldlld Idaho HMTLAND COOPERATIVF NC I"l'lllIldI'ld Idaho Crowers and Shippers of I ERTII IIFRS HARDIL Sl R-XX ERS OHL H XRD SI Pl I IFS Sl R-XX M XTFRIAI 49 I' , fl 1 'J 1' fl A J 0 IDAHO-OREGON BRAND FRUIT HIi1NGGI1LER PACKING CO lm Us and N111 Ill!! PURTRI' SS BR-XXII HXPPLFS and PRIINFS I' I'lIltIdIld Idaho I hone 49 F H HOGUE INC I mime: and Slnppm FAI ION BRAND FRUITQ ANI!! VF! If T-XBI I4 S Ortho Brand IIlb9LtlLlCI9S and Pertllllers PHONF ll I Frultland Idaho 50 'T 7 I IA-2 .,. A' 1 'S W 'Y W W ' lk K A A W . ' 1 A Ap 'A JL I ' - 4 J , . I O , I Main Office: Payette. Idaho J , . , . ' ' , w y 1 1 N 'w A L L 4 L 1 I J A A JK I 1 U - I' ' 1 0 .V 1 4 J ' 'U CHAN EY WHOLESALE CO Phone 1 1 I' RUITI AND Idaho ERUITLAND NURSERY I I I ARNFI IX Irop II lmlesale and hefazl Crow er of All Varletleb of Prult Shade and Ornamental Trees Shrubs and Vlnes I HOINI' 1812 I RIIITI AWD ID AHO PAT S TEXACO OII 5 I Ab I hone 101.13 PRIIITI AIND IDAHO Arthur B Campo D1 trlhutor of UTAH OII REFININF I hone 88 I PRI ITI AIND IDAHO BD RG Prebcrlptlonb Drugs-bundrles I our Rex all Drug Store I rultl und I hone Z8 Z VALLEY I RIIWERS Inf I Rl ITI AND Ill! IbIONI FRAINQ SFFIN PURIIN A I HOV! C' ' 2 .' of . W I I I 411 'A 1 'E Av , n v l , - I Y I . 0 1 1 I I I 1 9 Q , I I - ' 'I A: A . x I 0 .S . X1 . Y If J '." I 1 I - . ' .- w- 'r - Gdteg TITQS Ilarfax Tl 95 ' I , -. 9 I I , . ' N . Q1 v AA Av ' 1 A E1 ' A-2 -L' I L, I: rr A U he 1 , v N' qw - 2 , I -I Sl LEAPER S I ROI FRX AND HARDVI ARF Iozo Iwzemllzf One Stop Sfme Phone 1212 Frultland I' I BPDI4 RD Xl S XII maoh hom I0 om 4 IFUIIIIIICI Idaho Ird Strut LHFTS TRADING POST Dux 1ndS1II I-I RNIII RF H IRDNN 'IRI' I I Ns NIH XIINI-NOP XII RINDS I hone 91 I' I rultl md DRFSSFIN AUTO SFRVII F I Qmr :I R1 p urlng, I KRS IRIIRS IRXI It IS Ihom I0l I2 ITIIIIIAIICI FRUITI AND LAFF Homem ldv I I0 Home IUOIUIII., FRUITI AND CASH MARRFT Shop W lth Confidence I hone I Z I rultlfmd MITII S BI' AUTX SAI ON I hone 109 II I rulll and ART S BARBER SHOP Igenu for Iaundrx Ind Drx Ileanlng DON S CHEVRON SFRVICF Prultlmd Idaho RI 'II NIOIOR OII P F IOHNSON R1 altor 'Notarx I uhhc Rental Ime tments IRI III VND ID IHO SHFII SFRVII F STATION S IROIIRIPS CIR NHPII IRODIK S I hone m II I rultl und PENCUIN LOCKFRS FOINTXIN IINIH I-rultldnd FVFRCRFFIN C OURT I nder New 'II migemenl Sl HOOI SI I I I IFS IROI PRII-S I IIIINS W N 10 , o Ao A RIC. . I'I."I', " 'I 'ER I' ' -II ROS. I'h ' 'SI-III W w 7 ' I y 'I ' 2 v 1 I I' " 'I A A A A A 'W V Y '1 W f A I k -'z ." Y I , .. . . I. 4 I A . 4 I . I . I - - P ' 2 I' . ' -A L, N y I 1 A A , L A ' A QI .1 I 5' ' r ,A K. Z: ,. Z: .. I WHL, x I -.' 9 ' . 6 5 ' ' 1 N A A I 1' S x 1 ,' ,, 1 , I . , R. LEAI ER B. IIILAI ER 1qlym,,1Z1gl,51A A A V 9 N 7 ' A L A , A A .I I. I . l I ' 5 -.r f '- ' 1 'I 9 1 A A A QW ' ' z . 1 A n- Au 4 ' ' l vw 1 F1 e As 1 A A A A A A " .' ,' ' ' s ILL' I "1 If '. INS 's 5 .' I, , ' ' "I'.' " 'MAN . ' T6-I 7 'z v V I1 A 1 A 4 J k A A I J J , ' -' '. 1 . '.'I.' :: .'," N .,,, . I A At . A L 52 Good Luck and Best Wishes For the Future Farbers Dept Store PETERSON FURNITURE CO. Everything in Furniture, Electrical Appliances Floor Cow erings Household If urmshmgs I ayette Idaho GREIE S Muslc Center Phone 744W Pavette iuuslt He xdquarters ot the x illes Payette Mercantile Co Your Shopping Headquarters ll hen in Payette PARR HARIDW ARL Nl uzsu xii un 1 s st BY RON S V ARIFTY I lll mo FPPI E STATIONERY I dOthc Sux t ers NN dd gSup e X I' ID XHO Independent Meat Wlarket PNP! lklh S AC KFRMAN MOTOR CO e fOu I First Security Bank of Idaho x r ir un ROE S FROLK SHOP I X1F'lll' IDXHO PAYFTTE IFWELR1 X l I , v N I , . . . , l 9 9 ' ' 1 V ' ' . . - 2 .' ' 'z j I ' Y 9 n Q J Your. A .' A , ,- ' I . .' ore Payette, Idaho PA YE' 'TE . J J ' 1 L Everything in Schoo an ' e .' 1 plies Sta ion j- 'e in .' pli s PH! .' 225- '. ' 'TTE P. Y I'l"l'E . H. l.. and ll. Precht. Proprieto : CHRYSLER Pl,YMOI"l'H Compliments of O1 1 ' N M I . I , J ' Nut. Phone T15 Pay tt P. Y I'l"' I, . HO We .Kim to Take Fare o r 1 wn lt Pays to Save s N , Y A Q A Smartest Fashions at Lowest Prices yu' me Sterling' Castleton g'h',m ,A ' 4 I Q Fostoria Glassware 53 STATF IINP DRIVF IIN I' KRS I RIPN andl I4 ut on IIILIIIN u I0 AI FYANIJI' R 9 NI ht rt t ood I Iothu l oxt I tw ONI XRIO ORI'I ON ANIIRFVIS SFFII LO tl! XIXN NPI IDN IIIIIIFIO Oregon are ant Nthoo tht rtn I nn Weltolu It ht NIOORF LOFFFF SHOI en I o ex 1 Ontario Oregon Ontario OI' I' It I' sl I I I S Oregon H DXI I XXI Iybb IIRUC S ntarlo Ortgon Ib South Oregon Strut I,I'lIll'I0 Oregon XIIIOHIOIISQ I arts md Pqulpment IPS SIIOI' RII XIR II' XIHPRI Ot IS Ont lrlo Oregon II IRIWI IRI4 XIIIIVNIPS VI FSTFRW AUTO SUPPI I ox: uno omf x IRISH NIAIID BAKFR1 IOI NI N I I Nt H lDI'I It IOI S IS XIxI'IH tOOIlS n No Ort Ont nrlo Oregon I R FARRA I our I'rlendIx XI extern Store lIIlI'I0 Oregon 301 No Oregon St KSRV Iht xtlltt of the I oner Sn :kt Rn er I I U ON I IRIO Ontarlo Bram h The mted tate atlonal Bank of Portland, Oregon fxll Ortgon I anh NEIWIIIL, this I Iltllt IOIIIIIIIIIIIINJ 1 I N v 1 9 L 1 1 A J J- A I 14 I I L sr :A 1- 4' :sa 'ms ' - - : ' AA' A 'S SIA . I': 'ntsz I." I "Id- II:-'s ' '1- 1 t 1 I I .III -1- .4 Ii I' 1 N , A J 1 J L 2 ' . ' III I. 1' tf Ch-I' K Mgr. ' l . 2" I' 1 .v 'I 23 , , ,Y 13 XY Y I1 A I ' 'K l . ., ,,,AmL, T 0 - Basche Sage Hardware Co. HARBOR OF LOST SOLES 2' .' 'Y .' H Z: 2 ' . 'A SHI I 'I '. - . I. H I I DI .' "1 '1 51 I ' 2 ' . ' " ' ' - ' ' , . .' 'If Y N1 N 7 Ak A L . x ' A . . . INF.. N , Y Q L, A A J 277 J . 1 ' . ' I O 1 ' . ' 3 .' . .' . A -.4 gf -' ,- .j fy lv.-I I LQZUX -' 'aux' . . 54 -ny How we GLOWN FRUITLAN D LUMBER CO. BUILDING SUPPLIES PAINTS HARDWARE Phone 96 I I+ rultland Idaho TIM S UTOCCSERVICE I HONI' 88 3 all I SUPP RIOR QU -XI ITI PROIII LTS If rultland Idaho QC e mov Kltowm Powin 'A' 5 GW Yes we re groumg., together More ll II Ht' DUXNQI 0 CINE YOU! elutru needs Id tho I on er Lomp lm CICLIIILIIJ doe o much costs so llttle 'DQH0 fr?J?9SY'tE'I NltIl0IS0ll Equipment to no I I Caxe Umm :rm Nlachlnerw tor I- wers 'Weed Hudson Automoblles Fngllbh I ars Ontario IHOINE it Oregon IRI US OBSP RN If R CITE I I FANFRQ UNI uno It 1 ', , . I , ' 1 I n A 1 'v 1,fjl'HflIl 'zcff SC'I'l'1.l't' w 1 , Y 1 w 1 K , J 'A A j I , . , I J ' a 1 ' ' I X . XI A L I O '1 NN x: f I I ' ' ' I' - - - w . - .1 w 1 J J n . , , I, ' U' , ' V' ,. -. people. more industry. more opportunity Vongrztrulzttions and lit-st Wishes - '- "iz" tor you,z1d lt ' 1 S " ,' ' HMI", ' 3 ' . ' L'. Y If Y I 1 A I " se A A 2 3 . ' 2 K, . .',' .. S Y 7 'W A J I L L Across from Safeway V ----- -- 01: E GUN 55 f' II CLOVER .len els r IxI'I I S Ilxlf III IIIONIIS ucttt Idlho Inez Loselw Iadv bhop Il I .ftllu N Snmrtxxt I axhlon t tnttr or II omc n Ihout 'H I I ne 1 'NORI FII S IOl R I' IIIII I SHOI SIORI I uette Idaho OI IISIIOIIII I4 II hlte Roberts Motor Co '0 North mh St Ihone N ucttt Ita 'II -IN SER Inc I Ol R FIRST QIIOIC I' S1IeQ Seruce B F Ild ARROLL IIII II INSIRINKI' SIRI ou H1 I III. 1 MFFKFR AND TAI I OR III IRIIORN I' IRII IQI II III NI Ont lrlo Oregon ONTARIO SUPPI I STORF Illdes II ooI IHONI 1 7' I FARMFRS bUPPI Y C O OP etrolcum Iroductx I arm SUIIDIIQS ON I IRIO and NI SS I ORP! OX OWFN S LAFF I I t IOII I'RIt PS n trio Oregon NORRIS uc to S100 STORFS St IIOOI Sl PI I IFS HI' III Ontario Oregon ayette Valley bentlnel Sc-lung., 'NUI I II mouth .ind I rultland tommunltlu I html 78II 'Nan I Is mouth MALHI:UR MOTOR INC Genuine Ford Parts Iirlng I our I'ord Back Home for Serx no ONI IRIO I HONF 'VIERCURY Pavette Valley Co operatne, nc I IS OII l'IRI'S IIII IFRIPS II1 t o operatlu md Bus from I oursclf xx 'II mouth I hone HM Ilter ltlons Ilendlng II ruler Repelllng, IIIII 9037 New I lx mouth Id :ho PI YMOUTH LI FANFRS 7 9 v y . I I. . I O A . , ' If '.'. ' I . . .' .' I ' . I'g-'-1 I ' -. -I' 11- ' Y vw ' ' . ' 1 4 1 su ' " ' ' v . - n I O II. .' ' .' . ' 372.-II 'z ,' . 2 I': 5 - -. I: ho , I . L , . , . ' . . . FO. ' ,EMC ' . .' ' I .' 'I 'IVE . . , u , I'h 1-32" 'ag-ttx .1 - :: . ' - Y Y v 7 J 1 J A J k I be 1 FORII 'I'R,It"I'OR IIZIIIYIIS and 'l'nrps-t'zunping: Supplies in A. ,A A 4: v ,A . Q- . 2' ' .WIT-2..II' W I V I1 1 J - o J K J I' - ' "2 .' 'I'.IS'l' ' " IOII , ' ' If ' -I , II .' O ta ' f .. P ., . 9 I Q J -- 1' Q 1 1 ni "I "II" Ib' ' 'I ' ,. . ' I , - : i ' , r . 1 ' Y . I . . , , 1 . - . I. I , 1, It , . 4 A l I , I ' 'l I ' Y -x , . . , . 1 . X N0 . I h. H : - . u n .1 '.u A Z . .4 - A . - vl . I '. - - - ' . x . . . .. ... . , . . ' .' , 27 ' 1 Y A J A J 1 L 56 EVERYBODYS of Ontario CI OTHINF FOR AI L THF FANIII X G FRUIT ROWERS SUPPLY CO C IDAHO FARMERS CO OPERATIVE CREAMERY CO f S N5 v X X BUTTFR ILF CREAM I y u Id h O t O g Ontario, Ore on O, O '5 1 is FF gg QRQ!!llQf!2:S. J Ov! 1 1 w " e e, a 0-Phone 40 rio, re on-I h ne 467 s eclewztlr Pozclezng C0 Iaekers and Shlppers oi VI ON DFR BRA X Il PRUNTFS APPI I4 S I ARROTQ I I+ TTUI If UNIONS and POT -XTOP S Dealers ln bPRAY NIATI' RIALS SFFIJS and PPRTII ILLRS IRI I'II IND ID XHO UNI XRIO ORF! ON I hone 44 J I hone III ORE IDA LUMBER CO LUMBER PAINT HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIALS I Ientw I- reel .irklng Space Fa t of I nderpds rs Cong.,r ntul ltlllfl to the I Ia mt I rom I our IOHN DFFRF DI' AI FR Hardu are Repalrs Serw lee HOI I INI SWIIIITIIB INI HANIGAN CHEVROLET CO I hone I I fu ette Idaho Fitch Realty Co I or Us CI I orlx Yen A Complete Insurance Serslce Bancroft Hotel Bulldlng, I HONF 101 I AYETTF o o o I. .1 1 W ' . ' L L n 65 v v ' 19 A 1 A DY 13 Y W KT D1 . ,L 1k, AAR, kg JA A, kg WW 4 lk Di 7 1 Y 'YW V W N1 L 1 , JJ K J I K . v . X- H .. , ' 111 . Q . 1 , 41 . 1 '-- 1 D ' . . ' . 1 ,. '-r' - Y. 1 s Assy .12 . , v . T U JA .I JA AJ I 'O I. 1 X1 v., 1 K 1 . 1 1. V' - . . 5 1 Y ji 1 . ' .. 11 I I I J'3 '.S . - . ' 1 rf- , Ih 80 fII1I'll'l 0 gn ' O . 'K 4' . .Q V 2.8 , . N w N . N Y' 9 . L i . . . . r - 1. . 1 1 ' E I . , A 4 . J 58 C -XRNATION MII lx IO on uno oxen ox CINIFI S IPI PIIU KNIH II'I SHOI I elturlng, the World Finest W llmhc UNI XRIO ORP! ON Klss IS the Ile t ln Xppllmce h lie Ill! Xllllhlllli Smruu Turner Refrlgeratlon Serw ue 1 hone I SOI HI I s WIOIJF O DAY o arltels lrlud Hou e Dre Blou 1 IIIILQTIQ Ho 1 I X ORl'I ON L 1 IOSEPHSON POTATOPS and ONIONS P M ETTE IDAHO G8cB Furniture and -Xppllames Inc ON I KRIO XI I hone 'Oh I hom M171 Lomplete I mes of Purnlture I Ioor C ox erlng, md Plemtrual XPPIIAIIL9 VA DERFORD 0lL CONIPA Y Save Here On FA OII FUFI OII Major Products For less I'HONI'1I"Rl IIIAXIIHI z BAKFR SHOE STORF -H hwufuqi ON I XRIO Olilff ON 0l13.,l'dIllIlIl0Il tothcf r1du1tlng.,lI1 II I PNOIN XX S PAYETTF FRFFNHOUSFS uxlte Idiho I hone 108 More P011 er to X ou ln 12 mth NIASSFY H ARRIS IIAIS IMPLFIIENT I0 Phone 1047 Box 163 pS S4-L CM HP I 4 Q runalx nnumx 4 X nuuunn R 9 ONT -XRIO. OREGON Y Yf 'Xi I A J J 1 K :L 1 A I . .:YI, I ' "2 ' f ' 's " 'J 'z ' 's is A- :Q Av . :js s ' . '2 ' s .' ' 1 'I'e ls' . 'z L 1 ' ' ' S " . NI d'z Q ' s ssrs, s's. I' 1-I '1' S1 Uni: rio I' ' 5? SW' UN". NIU II .' Uongratulations and Best Wishes from . . 1 . I -I U 1 . , . lf 1 ' ' I Y. ,lf 1 O1 Y A x 1 L - 1 , --5 W 1 Vi s . v 1 X A A 4' Y' - ' 5-S1 I . '. A '. . A. Y 1 X 1 X r .uh Ii .v I' "' 2 ' s I I2 2 ' " 'ass1"52 I If '. "S sl V A A 'I J J A K Pav. , ' i 1 V , . ..., v. I S A J 4 A ' 1 H1 L 4 ' 4 11 Y' I I I , JL I o ' S 1 59 LENARDB CHOCERY IFIINILSI Ql Al l'lX FROLFRIPS and NIFATS it If Conomu ll I rue lhone 70 9 llultlmd Idaho Kramfwzcle C1416 I' X I' RX BODY IS NN I' l C OMI' Wllllx Shakee Sundaes Soft Drinks Cold Beer Cdndv Clgdrettu l ruxtl md ld tho NICL ARTHX S RADIO QFRVICF I HONI' in IUQT RIC HT CIFLXNFRS I IIOXI I NIAY FI OW FR I4 URN ITURF fi 1 Ontarlo C rotcrv Supphes Fru1tlandCann1n Assoclatlon Inc BI AC K CANYON VVEQTFRN PRIIJF PAYFTTF VAI I FY LRF ANI STYLF C'OI DFN SVI FFT CORN all IDAHO PRIDF PAYFTTF VAI I FY PURPI F PI UWIQ Fruitland, Idaho Phone 76 2 60 O ' I I I 1 ' W ' ' 1 ' Y 1 N J J K J A J 1 V W 17 Y V 1 ' K A I 1 1 1 1 I I t ' V N . 1 F' . , . ' ' ' v 1 I 1 Jk 1 1 4 K K- ' 'K ' . . 1 1 1' W 2 3 ' '2 , ' S J , . ' , J . xx Z.. '.. ' 1 , I 1 4 , 1 79 11 X 1 1 1 ' 1 A A K. 1 L, 1 f 1 . ,Le I 1 11 I 1 x Excellent Work at Reasonable Prices ' .' 'I 277 ' .' 1.2-5 ,X liripfh Future for C'lothes with il Past Fruitland Idaho 381 South Oregon St. Y Y 1 v A 1 1 , 1 , . . . ..., C 0l13Il'Illlll2lll0lIS to the C lass ot .12 llousehol Furniture Iileetrit-al Appliance: a . I . v F' ' 1 . 1 . C . Phone 49:1 :: New Plymouth O O 0 0 O 9 0 Y Y W ' 1 , L, 1 I 1, 1 1 1 1 1 Y , Y Y 1 I JL 4 J I A JA J J 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 l J J J Al K -M-15-fu. .ww-W-,rw 4' mum 1-rfzo r-,eff-,P .fgzw-!,5.f'fg:1,v'1.-1-' '- NEW'--14'-:'.1q.4f -111 "QW Y'

Suggestions in the Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) collection:

Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 8

1952, pg 8

Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 72

1952, pg 72

Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 5

1952, pg 5

Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 29

1952, pg 29

Fruitland High School - Poma Terra Yearbook (Fruitland, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 11

1952, pg 11

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