Frostproof High School - Bullpup Yearbook (Frostproof, FL)

 - Class of 1950

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Frostproof High School - Bullpup Yearbook (Frostproof, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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, K , 'I' 'Q I0 z " 2' gg.v ,y A 2, ,,Xq ,,g5:1ffff , ,. JL., ,,,,,, In . ff"Ai' ,, , j I ,' , .- . . W! M n ,fl Q: 'id my Z K . 1.5, -.A ft' XX -:wx i Vg 1 ,,, g !f3:f wzvfsyiw.. - n,'6,1i f"ffEfv f i, M 1' . xy! 0 eg,-.N 'N 'M ,yr W? X Fixx! , 5 Q52 1911 I 42 , , Q43 , 1 sg .gi Ji Vx, W X, LT., I gif 1 "-X. 5-225 Q an ' N, ff . . X ' ""l1n.- ' ff 5 ' Q mn-V, W., ef s siff THE ANNUAL STAFF FROSTPROOF HIGH SCHOOL Proudly Presen+s fWA ii: If ' W S 'X Nxxwxxvmrl- X X 0 9 Which ls Dedlcafed By ga 5 The Sensor Class As. 532:11-4. f44fX COACH FRED COMPARATO Afhlefl D T of lx' "I 0 "xr ff. .' ff 7 L' 5 2 X x x 6' as X: .JA-5 2 0 I R1 My J . E X 4 is .JA V Wx A A-4 'f I .'h .X xxx. XX K X X' ,XX -,Nh Am b W. 1, 7 Num WC T mx sk 4 of .2 I 0 Q . as v .55 To fr A 'C irec or hai, ,0 'B- 'N r' ,Z f , 1. 43 yew Wm . faif' ff' J. H. FORD Supervising Principal Frosfproof Schools 'Will' ' 'QL 941 Q0 ' 1 vv r v 1 ' 4' r . 4 xft v 5 f 47fxx U avi, , .1 v ' - - .'1" . ffffh I 3 x'i l 2 . 0 ,gr P fwlffi.. QL, .4 x P i li 5 s r P , Q P Z GX ,fi CHAS. DANA FAULKNER Frosfproof High School Principal I "4 's we , - , '4 .Q9,v. i-irinrrmq 4 T.. . , t, v v 0.1 'env 5 P "v 15' PW BGR 'li WNY' xi if rp P 3 will HOWARD EAGLESON Principal, Frostproof Elementary School 4-5 I I from-, .0 'll ,U ' , v 155 ."E'v0 if . z. X . .QM an-Q..- M Q r "Qty if Q '?:i.Lm3sj'l,+ 6 9 MRS. CELESTE WEBB MR. J. W. COOPER MR. leROY LASTINGER Mathematics Science Social Studies ,,,g,,uu-. r '-PM ,f y 7 MISS KINNARD HART MRS, MOLLIE COOPER Librarian Commercial 7 5 -, C19 if f MISS MARGARET TYNER MR. G. E. TURNER MISS ALICE WESTERVELT Home Economics Industrial Arts Nurse fi n X1 MRS. GLADYS KECK MR. CHARLES CAMPBELL MRS. NINA COOPER Secretary Music Junior High ,"v?f6k'7 3 ,.,l .4-ani, MR. GEORGE RICH MRS. GUSSIE RENEGER Assistant Coach English L I..- as as qfyi fix x' X N. x -95'-f.-I Cv MISS VIDA HARDEE MISS BLYE BITTLE MR. TROY BOYKIN Registrar Girls' Physical Ed. Dir. Custodian THE ADVISORY BOARD ,JAAW0 W. G. Pond, J. H. Ford, B. H. Griffin, Jr., Carson Sullivan. This group is representative ofthe grand. people in our community and in our P. T. A. THE P. T. A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE First Row: Kinnard Hart-Secretary, Mrs. George Graner, Mrs. C. G. Powell. 2nd Row: Mrs. l.. Maxcy, Mrs. Julian Mil- ton, Mrs. W. H. Wardlaw, Mrs. Wm Phares--President. 3rd Row: Mrs. J. H. Webb, Mrs. J. W. Cooper--Treasurer, Mrs. George Turner. 4th Row: Alyce Westervelt, Vasscl Scales, Mrs. Butler Willcoxon, Myra Durrance. f 5th Row: J. H. Ford, Supervising Principal When we remember our annual carni- val, drink from our cold-water fountain, hear our new piano played, or see our well-groomed band marching by, we are grateful to the people who made these things possible. The Students -n r l Z 5 X A, I ff M Hm m M EDI 4 1Il A X l .faqs i, 1 M MH E S F- f'V' '- ,:. 'H ,711 4 ,fr rf' ' ' K KYW wx i-H Z 2 Y ', 2.1 iff! 6 + iii- ,1 1 " mi I I, IZ? gk .iffy ' E + Us :":g K l ,wg 2 1 f if 'rf' ZXZJM K .. , fi fl' .' -N "E ' i It I? J XI 9 I M 2 ,1 a n I' Q-9 T X . -ffl, ' J' ' 'E 2- ig, l I. I X M it 1 X X X A AA? ' 1' ' fil- ' ' fn j X - I - 4'-'ag - 0 -, I L 1 f ' ' f ' ff ' "' 1 f' " " X k , 'X .4 , ff M X f ,gf +5 E' ,, gil XX I M ' X N ' rl. - 5, J 'QQQLQ' T ,Q 34 H ' 2 g . iie p f" 'H' J -Q 1-'-"Q RALPH BLANKENSHIP Transferred from Eastman, Geor- gia, Senior Play, Glee Club 4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. CECIL DAVIS Football 4: Track 4. N BOBBY CARTER Football I, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer of class 3, 4, Usher for graduation .1 0 3, Beta Club, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 4. G.. , I Wx ,Q 0 Q, x ' EDITH DAVIS Basketball I 2 3 4 May Court I 2 Annual Staff 4 Football Sponsor 4 Glee Club 3 4 Ath Ietrc Councrl I 2 3 4 Secretary of class I 4 Paper Staff 4 ar nnval Queen 4: Sensor Play: Stu- dent Council 4. 'Y JOHN COFER Football l, 2, 3, Track 2, Glee Club 3, 4. BILLY DONAHOE Football 2, 4, Paper Staff 4: Baseball 2: Track 3, 4. , xt Q r WlLLlAM E. FLETCHER Football l, 2, 3, May Day Escort 2, Annual Staff 4: Class Secre- tary 3, Paper Staff 4: Glee Club 4, Basketball Manager 2, 4. CHARLES JONES Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4, Class President 3, 4: Senior Play, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, May Day Escort l: 4-H Club 4. lx? gt 1 gvy :- kin? BILLY GROOVER Senior Play: Glee Club 3, 4, Base- ball l. Eg. , s..- x S. k fm Z. 'Q 1.1 RACHEL KELLEY Basketball l, 2, Senior Play, Cheerleader 3, 4, Beta Club, An- nual Staff 4: Vice-President of class 2, Attendant to Prom Queen 3: D.A.R. Award 4, Usher for graduation 3. ALENE GODWIN Paper Staff 4, Senior Play, Glee Club l, 2, 4. EDDIE MCELROY Transfer from Lakeland, Florida, Senior Play: Basketball 4, Track 4, Baseball 4: Glee Club 4, 4-H Club 4. -his ORVlLLE MILLER Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Beta Club, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, May Court Escort 21 Escort in Carnival Court 4, JOAN MEYER l Cheerleader l, Senior Play, Beta Class Vice-President 3. , in-lx F fi'-"' Club, Glee Club 3, 4, Paper Staff 4: Annual Staff 4. J. R. POLLARD Football l, 3, 4, Sound man for Senior Play. effects JIMMY POWELL Student Council 4, Beta Club: Class President l, 2, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Glee Club 4, Boys' State Representative 3, Senior Play: Annual Staff l, 3, 4: Football 2, Basketball l, 3, Baseball 2, 3. A WED P- 2' JIMMY MOSER Glee Club 3, 4. IRWIN SPURLOCK Football Manager 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Senior Play. l Q 'sf Y -:r ,lv FELTON TYRE Basketball 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l Attendant to Prom Queen 4, Foot- ball Sponsor 4: Attendant to Car- nival Queen 4. CASPER WALDEN Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Paper Staff 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4: Athletic Council l, 2, 3, 4. 'Q CARCLYN WATERS Glee Club 3, Senior Play RUBY JOYCE WILLIAMS Basketball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l Attendant to Carnival Queen 4, Senior Play, Annual Staff 4: Pa per Staff 4. , f GWEN WILLIAMS Glee Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Pa per Staff 4, BETTY YATES Glee Club l, 2. I-20 EDITH DAVIS Efff".!4!Z.!gl"0Iftl'LJ BETTY YATES mmf jacifurn ORVILLE MILLER RACHEL KELLY WOM Oggeg fo ,gpncceecf JIMMY POWELL 'il F11 W' .E ' fi 4 -m' '.:f U- ga' 42' JOAN MEYER Wffgedf CMP! W. E. FLETCHER FELTON TYRE ggi EP85526! RALPH BLANKENSHIP EDITH DAVIS EJ Login? CHARLES JONES RUBY JOYCE WILLIAMS WOM Jdfllgffc CASPER WALDEN 4 lr EDITH DAVIS Lgifnoof Lgioirif JIMMY POWELL CAROLYN WATERS CMI CMP Q IRWIN SPURLOCK Ili A E W1 1... 1 We the Senuor Class of 1950 belng of sound mlnd and prlnclples do hereby bequeath I The Sensor class of 1951 and all the future students of Frostproof Hugh School our be loved boks desks excellent grades pleasing conduct and burning desire for knowledge Il Our personal effects are left as follows and we sincerely hope that they will be used to therr fullest extent Charles Jones leaves has Englnsh book to Earl Exum Edlth Davus leaves her speed an basketball to Betty Sue Trammel lrwun Spurlock leaves has good grades to R V Albntton Jlmmy Powell leaves hrs weight to Vernon Johnson Carolyn Waters leaves her curves to Queen Peavy Eddie McElroy leaves his secret formula for gettnng along wlth the gurls with Marcus Morrls Bully Donahoe leaves has fast dnvmg to John Erle Barberee Alene Godwm leaves her ablllty to date boys to Mlnnle Lee Polk Ruby Wllllams leaves her ablllty to star n basketball to Jean Monroe Rachel Kelly leaves her abnllty to act quiet and dngmfled all the tame to Pearl Peacock Joan Meyer leaves her ablluty to be true to all her solduers to Sally Hendry and her pleas ant llttle way to Jewel Smith Ralph Blankenshlp leaves his curls to Mr Faulkner W E Fletcher leaves the school and all of nts atoms to Mr Cooper Joan Meyer leaves her abllzty to get along with Mrs Reneger to Laurie Thornton W E Fletcher leaves has ablllty to stay awake dunng classes to Earl Exum Gwen WlllIGmS leaves her physique to Jewell Smith John Cofer leaves his srlly questions to Bnlly Greenway Edlth Davrs leaves her beloved gym sunt to Jean Lyles and hopes that she engoys wear Ing It as much as Edith has Casper Walden leaves has vocabulary to Jack Keen Orville Muller leaves has explosive temper to Earl Exum Cecal Davis leaves has track speed to Phrllp Wooten Jlmmy Moser leaves hrs height to Dorothy Plppm Bxlly Groover leaves has great literary works by Ersknne Caldwell to Jlmmy Frazrer Ruby Wnllnams leaves her ablllty to go steady wnth three boys to Jeannete Albntton Bobby Carter leaves his bookkeeping book to Kathleen Cannon Felton Tyre leaves her sophrstncated manner to Lou Ann Stewart and her sweet smellmg tennsng shoes to Mlss Tyner Casper Walden leaves has goldne locks and cool temper to Bully Greenway He also leaves hrs typsng speed to Danny Hall 29 And to Mrs M Cooper Mr Faulkner and the other teacher who have lnstened to the entertaunmg sounds of Eduth Davus s chewing gum she leaves one pack of gum a I I l ll A J so 1 l l 1 1 - -1 li- t K RTI l I I 1. ' ' ' . 2. ' ' ' . 4. . . . ' 5. . 7. - ' v n n . 10' . . . . . . . I H' . . . - 12. Charles Jones leaves his cue-stick at Wardlow's Pool Room to Danny Hall. 13. ' ' . . 14. . . ' . . 15. ' ' ' . ' . 16. . . ' ' ' ' . 17. ' ' ' ' . 18. . . . . . 19. . . . . - 20. " . 21, ' ' ' ' . 22. . . . . . i 23- . . . . . F 24. . . . . . . i 25. . . .. . . i 26. ' ' . 27. ' ' - ' 28. ' ' ' ' . As we look unto the distant future and gaze unto the year of 1960 we fund the senior class of T950 having a reunuon at the home of Mr and Mrs Dewey Payne Mrs Payne wull be remembered as the former Muss Rachel Kelley As we look around the room we see here un the left hand corner the famous professional foot ball player Charles Jones chatting with W E Fletcher custodian at Webber College Babson Park Florida and Reverend Arthur James Powell Laughing gauly at each other s pokes we fund Mrs Harold Kent the former Muss Edith Davus Mrs Ducky Cannon who was formerly Muss Ruby Joyce Wulluams and Mrs Edward Harnage who was ln the midst of a large group un the center of the room we fund our widely known phulosopher Eddue McElroy our bookkeeper for the local Townsend Lumber Company Bobby Carter and the owner of the Bereah Trucking Lunes Bully Donahoe Seated also at theur table us Muss Carolyn Wa ters registered nurse at Johns Hopkuns Hosputal Baltumore Md and Ralph Blankenshup our wealthy traveling salesman who claums he made hus fortune by playung upon the heart strungs of lonely wealthy women and Casper Walden who us sporting a black eye and a broken arm as a result of a dusputed game that he refereed last week Stull a but wary of theur freedom are Johnny Cofer lrwun Spurlock and Jummy Moser who have recently been released from the local klunk where they have been servung terms for vagrancy charges Arruvung a but late because she was unable to get her sux chuldren to sleep us Mrs Louus Lacy Wuth her us Muss Betty Faye Yates famous Bubble dancer who has come from New York Cuty to at tend our reunuon Mrs. Gwen Williams Pickles and Mrs. Grant Roberts who will be remembered as Miss Alene Godwin are seated at the table with Orville Miller our friendly undertaker. Cecil Dovis our cele- brated rodeo star the Reverend Billy Groover who has a copy of Tobacco Road in his hip pocket and J. R. Pollard well-to-do fruit grower are also in this group. As this vision dims we see Joan rushing out of the room to catch the boat to Japan where she will reside with her present husband General Harnage and Rachel is dashing madly upstairs to change the diapers of her ever-impatient triplets. The vision dims then fades completely and we find ourselves again in the present and we are reminded that there is still plenty of hard work ahead of us but we are inspired by all that we know our future holds. .eF: -xv - . ' 14. V . ' T3-33r.g.v'-T215 mwfyxxxxygyyl , g xiqx .Y 9 S T ff 'D liuu N formerly Mrs. llernon Anderson, who was before thatMiss Jobn Meyer.. I f f fm X if X f X X Lf., X ,G-ff if U, ,f MW Q7 ,, M Q!! WWA? jj U H Z' E' if gr 'Y -,.s I M M :V W f , ff W X ,X S , , I! I N " , X X Z ,l f' f 5 X , f g ! ' if f ? f 6 It X7 I I f K ii ff 'Jah XX 1 f f l 1 I! I fi KX ly , , ' '-7"f , A Q 2 XJ? 4 f ' . I 2 pf! K I" ,f , " TL' 7 ' -'K f .. 'Q-H 4! aj! 1.117 f ,7 L. I v bf fig L I' -',- -I V K in ,""Rru,? I i ,f X z ffcxwvu-x 'ff fn' , ' I' 1: ff A fn: 1. fy 1 11 I ff :Now fh I K ,XXKKNN 17' "" 5 -Lf! f rw X fi rd i Q , 7, M . . .X h i 5: ll I ' Q 1, 5 . f .Tl ,,i lj g- si 1?- '2 N- "f s a t X i 1:4 H ' 1 ,V Z V., ' I its Ag osx SQ , 0,533 U 1 E . '74 L, .W - Y f? ,, .. N. JEANETTE R. V. JOHN EARLE LUCILLE ALBRITTON ALBRITTON BARBEREE BRYANT UMW ' L55 I if EARL MERLE KATHLEEN BULLARD BULLARD CANNON fm . Q7 L A 4 A L. 1 VNLAN JIMMY BILLY DANNY EXUM FRAZIER GREENWAY HALL SALLY HOPE VERNON HENDRY HUSSEY JOHNSON L W I'-rf? '23 QR 'V L LL L? f gf fix fl KATHLEEN JACK B CORINE JONES KEEN KELLER LANIER .g I W Wy QV, 4 J wwf, , , L L ' L " I , V H W Wg Q' A1464 L ' I . 4' L ' LZ+,l:7',. : A WJ., ' xktsrl 5, g' 13:53. -24,8 ' , "f E"-QQ?" , 'Q' "j-Vx.. " J. 9 V? '33, f"-A A ILL ' I JEANETTE JEAN ROYCE LEWIS LYLES LYLES 'YY' 1 MAY .lo BETTY JEAN WANDA JEAN MARLOWE MCKENZIE MILLLGAN MONROE - L ' 1 MARCUS PEARL QUEEN MORRIS PEACOCK- PEAVEY - Q .14 DOROTHY LEE RUTH MINNIE LEE SARA MAE PIPPIN PLATT POLK POND AVICE YVONNE IEWELL RICHARDSON SCOTT SMITH ,LW I Nr! WE. LOU ANN BETTY SUE CARLLS BILLY STEWART TRAMMEL WALDEN WELLS ANN BUDDY PHILLIP WHITEHEAD WISE WOOTEN M K- 'Wd Z-fx Wm i J, 2 1 " Q f f f--f 35' fc: 42 IQ' 44 Z f I lik Af I 1- bl 2?, j, X X A N! bg. Wag E. Ma j f W, Em 1 3 eff'- L Q51 XX f Z , - . , , - Nix P, ' 7 xi , -7 ,M 'Q i 1 f I -1 ' i f f 'o f I fl 1 l' f f i f I ' ' K f ? 1, 2 gfg 4 Q , ' Ziyi if ' .'f 46 4 , f f 2 f fi f 2 , fg 4 4?f1 ' f ' 1' 5, 1 , 5 fi! if , u ', , 4 ff f X I, f 'f A 1 .X f ,z , X7 Q , ' f Q., uf ' I X I xxvx , ' 02 I4 K' 1 I xxuxx 44 f Af X k, 1 b , ' I Z 1 on :jgx ' , 4 xx lk ,V I A J, , as I I x y ' , o . X Y, -V I 4 1 4-I , 1 . x. 1 J:- 1 'X , ld L. X 1 X0 .,: X 'et 1: gs- ' i Q M f , , my 151' 1 X - Af 'Y MARY ALBRITTON CAROLYN BURNETTE .n I, L V1 EUELL 3 DUBOSE I I I f 'fis X I 6- ' K s an RALPH ,, ELLIS as x , 2. ' I swikmak 2 J BILLY HERNDON , f ,v ' Ivfiif DIANE IMOGENE ALWARD BEST s J. B O B B Y B R OW N ' x I Z! f 43 f 1 I 4 1, f x', GO 'n i. ,ii- N' f Ii 4 3 II MOI his LH i EDITH HALL JENNY JEAN LU LANGFORD KENT CONRAD CANNON LILLIAN ELLIS HARRIET GRIFFIN KENZIE HARNAGE ii f HORACE BRANCH BARBARA t CHARLES LAMB 6' LEE I N JAMES I ,y MCCLELLAN ' if V, 'I' , Zgig i s SHIRLEY MEYER HERBERT MEYER S ff ' f W f QUILLIAN I H MORHAND I G9 N lx V194 1, 'M F I 5 . xt r 3' II' fi. ill ,,1 S -.A . . V A ' Nw' rf' A .,..4f, A 4 DORIS MULLWEE ANNE POWELL HARTY MARIE MERRITT IVA DENE SCHWAB A JIMMY GERTIE LYNN SMITH THELMA JEAN ' I STEWART SULLIVAN i NANCY SAUNDERS ERNEST THORNTON LAWRENCE TYRE ,ling J 23 f-xfN V f 1' X 4 f fx X M Q ff H fa 4279 L- v 1 '! ' - Mg... I 5 " HQ 1 225 " , - I 5 , fi- Q , gf' ix 2 'k . ff Y I U 1 5 , un' ,fw 1 L , f 4 if if 7 2 "1 ,X ? I Z 1 X 64, Q ff f I4 5a Y 'rpg f wg 1 f W ix t,' ? ? fb? xx .ERR wiv 11 I I EN K1 Q Ulf' Af gg X NX ff I :JM ,I 0 l' ly X A 7 ' X FNB.- , ,f ,ff1' +--'fr 4" - 1, , I M ' ' ' V ,i ,F , I Y A: - f W H 1 - I W Q.. I- :ll .' I if -11 lu ,, K ' 2 . 'ffl 0 4 Q. 4 '1 . f v 1 i , ,,- 0 . K ' fy U X 1 Nw ' PEGGY JONES ERNEST KEEN PHYLLIS LANGFORD BARBARA MAHON RUBY DELL MCBRIDE BESSIE MORRIS DWIGHT MORRIS JUNIOR PARDON MARY ANN POND CURTIS RHODEN MILFRED SANDERS JUANITA SMITH MARGIE STEPHENSON LUCILLE TAYLOR JAMES YOUNGBLOOD ff' fxfiifv 'QE MQW A Kig,.,,,,.. E AW MIM E ex 6, K cwwe 4 1 l k a li g x 2' lull-RZSNI M 2-Eff-1' -f-'W - M -R ' . 5 ' W. ,f" lit l 'w?jT- 1 ff ? fl ff atf ,UQ I f M-in . j V g T2 fx ,-iih KY DFW,-A iw L if gp k fi ,. ' ig W A Z Jilf il K L-Nl I V MA A R I - C-..,.,.,, Q ,,, 5 ,ff Mgr ' Q N Lwnwflstkliifszf U ., 1,.. A I , X54 E ' ,w Z :V Y f'?'.x - , V ill' .,f l - f' If " I ' b K .1 'gr L 515-"5.f."f s eg-'e WIMW ,I , 1.-...J l I, ,. p ' -- V 5 ..- K- 2'2" 'H - 'vv ,J 1 J - , if f X 12' lx! L 1 A 1 f , l , ' A ' '- 4 y . N I 1 , V- W ... , 4' TH l 1 Q H Ewa 1 --S X Q 5'-I f 5 A ' X 'l L- X v N fb' mf 'S- I c 64. It Hur fy, Q 5 il 'x fj 1 ff I . . fe, .mga vt-1..T?.d ' z -:-r,. s f f' , I M54 we 41- 0,1 3 f 'il 0 I , -. I Y "-VX . ' - - K I k . A v H - -in . '::?' . , 4' W , , 4 1 ' A.-z. 'Ze W ' 4- ,f ,. 1. 1 1 ' 1 . f . N"s":"tt' -I -I ' 1" I I . 9, 1 Lyn Q1 x J: V!- E? Qlf SLK f '-f, X . fin T' ..- 2 'GQ if x J E ,:f7fif'f1! 2, il Q- QA A it , Ns I7 . .axis e.,Ar,. , I' A., . WANDA FAYE BENNETT BILLY BROWN J. C. CANNON HOWE CREWS LOIS CUTCHENS REMY FIEGEL IRENE GLUBKA SARAH JANE GRIFFIN JEAN HERNDON RONNIE JOHNSTON LARRY KECK ROBERT MURRAY RACHEL LEE FRANCES MARSHALL CHARLES MATHEWS FRANCES MEEKS JERRY PIPPIN MARY ANN POLK AMY RUTH POND RUBY SHEFFIELD JEANETTE SNOW LARRY SNOW MABLE J. THOMPSON ALROY WATERS CELESTE WEBB MARY L. WILLCOXON MILTON WOODLY DON WILLIAMS Mix -'JL 1:-,I kj.: 1' .Y N. I 1, A X I , I Y ANN AMERSON BENNY BACKUS PATSY BARBEREE ANNELLE BOWDEN BETTY JEAN BROWN JOLENE BRYANT WINONA BUSH ALBERT COLLIER RUBY CONINE DOYCE COTTON SYLVIA DISHONG BARBARA HALL TEDDY HALL JOHNNY HARNESS JIMMY HINES KATHLEEN HOUDESHELL JACKIE JOHNS CAROLYN KECK JO BETH KNIGHT WAYNE LANGFORD BILLY LEWIS TX 5,1 8- gr... LAWRENCE MEYER OLON MILLER EDWARD MURPHY MARILYN PHARES KEITH PIPPIN JUANITA PEACOCK YVONNE RUTLEDGE BETTY SELPH J. B. SMITH EDDIE STEPHENS WAYNE SUTTON DONNIE THOMPSON MARY LOU THOMPSON HENRY THORTON DON TINDELL BUDDY TUCKER ETHEL WAINRIGHT JAMES WILEY CAROLYN WILLIAMS CLAYTON WILLIAMS BETTY SUE WOODHAM LILLIAN YATES I EPARTME NTE AND QR A EZATEQ Q f 1 .., f- z s v x '. ' fl - l Standing: Albert Collier 7, Dwight Morris 9, Larry Snow 8, Horace Branch 10, Bobby Carter 12-Secretary-Treasurer, Jimmy Powell 12-President, R. V. Allbrit- ton, Vice-President, Mr. Joseph H, Ford Supervising Principal, Mr. Chas. Dana Faulkner High School Principal. Seated: Lucille Bryant ll, Miss Kinnaird Hart, Chair- man Faculty Advisory Committee, Edith Davis l2, Harriet Griffin 'lO, Barbara Mahon 9, Patsy Barbaree 7, Mary Lou Wilcoxon. WW.-. W .- sg y i, A CHARLES JONES Editor S-xeCutil7eA W. E. FLETCHER Co-editor 0 7he CASPER WALDEN Sports paper EDITH DAVIS Society ii Q 'shi 'Vw x 5 s 5 . . ., W., isii iE , First Row: Larry Keck, Charles, Jack Keen, Charles Jones, W. E. Fletcher, Jean Monroe, Lou Ann Stewart, Anne Whitehead. Second Row: lrene Glubka, Yvonne Rutledge, Kathleen Jones, Sally Hendry, Ruby Joyce Williams, Gwen Wil- Iiams, Alene Godwin. Third Row: Mrs. Cooper, Royce Lyles, R. V. Albritton, John Erle Barberee, Buddy Wise, Casper Walden, Edith Davis, Billy Groover, Phyllis Langford, Billy Donahoe, Nancy Saunders. Not shown: Joan Meyer. ak Q! J. la . -, I V , ' . .J...4, 41, .If A-I ff, A, , ,, wr.,-Q -f-45,55 z,,+g4"-4 Sc-,' -4 - 'A '. ' ,"i-.5 -- j'- -4 -f--f N'...,,,, 1:-f"'g-in . '13 ,Le-'t. , A . ,u9".'r A . -L Ab "un 'J-A ' " "A -A-1 ... I , J' - . sf.. , - '14 . 11- '. -.-. -.-J'- at - , --A " are-f i , J , 4. W . M... . Ist Row: T MILTON LYLES 519' 4-xmwwz '+- DANNY HALL . JAMES MCCLELLEN v n JAMES YOUNGBLOOD f J. C. CANNON LW. CELESTE WEBB I A QUEEN PEAVEY CAROLYN BURNETTE ALROY WATERS 2nd Row: OPAL LANIER MARGIE STEPHENSON BESSIE MORRIS ANNE POWELL JEAN HERNDON PHYLLIS LANGFORD 3rd Row: VIVIAN CAWBY MATTHEW SULLIVAN ERNEST KEEN ":4b.,,a- 'Q PII S 'A 4 rm he . FV X31 Q, LILLIAN YATES DIANE ALWARD JEANETTE SNOW If LARRY KECK CORINE LANIER MARY ELLEN DANDRIDGE JEAN LANGFORD HOPE HUSSEY KEITH PIPPIN CAROLYN KECK PEGGY JONES 4II'1 Row: MORRIS MANLEY BENNY BACKUS BETTY SELPH GRETCHEN SIMMONS ETHEL WAINRIGHT BETTY S. WOODHAM ALBERT COLLIER PATSY BARBEREE JOLENE BRYANT PHONNIE DAWES HARTY M. MERRITT MR. CHAS. CAMPBELL Director la 1 -.--Q ' 5125? - ' ' ' sg 4 'F ' L -iw f "' ' . Q, .., ' sl 4 .iV"' . Q . T ..s..'jX. x 1 A K Ig Qf. s 'S' .Les ' R L' V , l O A 5 I , 3' .sv I , .A ' 24 9 1 X E 7? 14 "' x' ' 5' -xf , K I' L n . ' l ' I ,t f ul :L A , 1 ' , gf Ns' 4 4' f '1-if' -'RQ 'Ei'w? 5 'WN X' ' - 19" ff I . f 9.1 -f "' ff 1' ' 9 i ,sa r- ,f 1 f 7 Q-qs J as V N , 1, , . ui If ' , I. , g I' . Ju' ' - ' 1- I f 1 N-'.f Q ,- 'fa 'r-" mx: , 1'1" ? "' - CW "' - - A G 4 ff' f f , Q K ' 1 la I if I . ,-X-.:'yYr. :I N I N ' A . U I AN 'P X , ' 44 -'Q A 1 2 .i,n Q' - 1 5 X S 0 mM"' 4 ' 1 ' gl f X ' E 1 ' - I up A f Q u. A' .HSL 4 3 l IVY 1 X , 1 'M' ,F Lf hi 4 3 ,,,. JJ. , ,r,, .L-,-1 1-,rg '11 ' ,Nj 4' :W1 A, fe, , , ,,y raf. ,.f , H A ,q,, S I, 1, W nl aw' 1 P '4 . ,Nz uf HE 1 I un ,I f 255359 5, uw i 1 I I ' by 'Mann M.r...... 1 "QQ ,i V 1 5 f AIA v f a wwf I , f ul!-fix 3--Q... 3 mv v 1. V s Q as 94 lj J f ' ' T Z-fl x Wx 5 --if .E -,, A . v .ffl ' Z- X Ir' Q ff. V f ,,.. w rub' - . u f Q, 2 w. H., 1, vt My, 1 N . g ..' qglvn, cY. .... fv, ,K . he library has been well managed and improved by Miss Hart's able ability and energy. Since she has been here, many new books tor the enioy- ment ot the students have been added, ready-reference material, and tlowers making the library more cheerful. ne ot the main proiects ot the library is to sponsor a Book Fair last- ing a week. At this fair each grade enters an exhibit, and people of the town are always willing to lend us exhibits ct personal items. Some ot the exhibits have illustrated The Yearling, The Black Stallion, fruits ot Florida, the Seminole lndians, dolls ot ditterent countries, and many other interesting things. This year, some Latin-American students from Southern College gave a program which helped to make the Book Fair a huge success. The purpose of the Book Fair is to interest students in the importance of good books. .xi Ill' he Library Science girls do a good iob ot helping Miss Hart keep the library in order and assisting students in research work. -,Qi 4 ' x 'T my 1 4 -5 .. 4 an Vi 'f x BUSY FINGERS UNDER MRS. M. COOPER'S SUPERVISION 4, ,f 7 , I 5 3 I Y Ein Jw T 3 O 1 1 i sw-" X A gf' 'fa H,,f"1 , ' iii , a wid xx-ff! . , X MR. COOPER AND THE Cl-IEMTSTRY DEPARTMENT My-ww' Staff Jean Lyles l .lean Monroe lx Mary Albritton Barbara Mahon Lou Ann Stewart Sarah Jane Griffin 5' Joan Meyer Harriett Griffin Casper Walden Daniel Boone Hall Charles Jones, Chief Editor Rachel Kelley 2 Jimmy Powell Co-editors Edith Davis S R. Lee Roy Lastinger, Sponsor W. E. Fletcher, Chief Sanitary Engineer, Custodian and paper-picker-upper 'flue Kul0nup ' i ek i PNK . -fl i' f Ruby Joyce Williams 0 Apixggia JMW5 CMJ f ifdr'-rAv' f 'Y' fr-f'fA'r AT-T- v'Y ZJL Jl,J.v1,2. f Afzvl.-:gi-Af 4f 4Y4v4 4 A ,J wx N4 " Llfffnf W QQELHMWW kvgvg-Lvjry-1 g L WA Y4n.Y4,-J. Y A113 f, Y' Aix? f 'gr ' 4114. . X ' ' ' :mf I fYY?'y'7f'r'v-v1fA-fAf'r'r'vfv-f'v'v'wf'-f' H 1 L 1 MMM? 5, mfm.,w,4,4 Q 7? TE. Q M 'NF f-,J 'X als ' -5 'ex f S ' I-A , 2 K? Ce- -, is Q- if " if ' Q Rachel Kelley .. . I. "The ghostecat will git your tongue!" Carolyn Waters "Marilla, deah, you are a cat!" Joan Meyer "I mean it weally is!" Eddie McElroy "Chust lookink tor mine pussygat!" Alene Godwin -She DIED LAUGHING! Ralph Blankenship "Dil I'm coming, Di!" Billy Groover "G-gu-gosh!" Jimmy Powell "Now, now, don't get excited." Gwen Williams "Ghost cat! what nonsense!" Charles Jones "Peachie!, the han'ts are after us!" Edith Davis f "Hursh! You big black tool!" lrwin Spurlock -He chewed his tongue plumb off! Ruby Joyce Williams "l'm scared ! ! ! " Everette "Meow-w-wewli' I I Bridget Mulquoon Kitty Pike , Iona Pike Otto Swartz Ghost Girl Kim Waller Tommy Upton Levi Hackett Marilla Dalhart Augustus Caesar Jones-"Gus" Peachie Chrysanthemum Jones Ghost Man Diana Dalhart K Ghost Cat N. no .. Q .X P' ge Q R S k S V F X XS ,xrh K - . XX Vx "X-xxx ' H , A . V ' - . K f Memo to the Community of ?roAtp1-cog Thank you for one o'l'rl'1e finesf gymnasiums in +l1e s+a+e. Our pride will help us keep H' loeauliful. Wee Studentd 5 i fi kg i'-x-W, B Q , N Left to right-R. V. Albritton, Merle Bullard, Bobby Carter, Royce Lyles, J. R. Pollard, Earl Bullard, Charles Lee, second row: Curtis Rhoden, Billy Greenway, Euell DuBose, Charles Jones, Casper Walden, Laurie Thornton, Billy Donahoe, Orville Miller, third row: Jimmy Stewart, Vernon Johnson, Bobby Brown, John Erle Barberee, Ernest Thornton, Cecil Davis, Marcus Morris, Frankie Thornton, fourth row: Assistant Coach Rich, Manager Henry Thornton, Don Williams, Buddy McCellan, Mickey Lyles, Junior Pardon, Bill Cotton, Manager Quillian Moreland, and Coach Fred Comparato. scormg in the second quarter of Captain Bobby Carter was the main attractron in the Stuart game Hrs brilliant blocking and hard tackling carried us t fighting tie of 6 and 6 This was a game to be remembered for years to come R V Russ Albritton our out standing end led with skilled blocking on the offense and turn ed many of the plays on the de fense in the game with the Avon Park Red Devils The Frostproof Bullpups open- ed their 1949-50 football season with a 26 -O win over the Se- bring Blue Streaks A marvelous defensive game was played in the first quarter and the first touchdown was made in the sec ond quarter by Casper Walden He made several touchdowns and also made spectacular runs Again the Bullpups were victor nous when they played the Krs srmmee Kowboys by a score of 13 7 Charles Jones was the outstanding player of the game with his excellent passes and the game if Earl Bullard pounced on a fum ble on the 45 yard line during the first half of the game against Auburndale and started the Bull pups off to another 18 12 win over the Bloodhounds Bully Greenway played a very outstanding game when the Bull pups were defeated for the first time this season by the lake Wales Highlanders He made ex traordrnary attempts at gaining ground for the Bullpups by his fast running o ' - 0 . -I . . O 0 - , at Q1 3 ggi Z, f .. v. . - 4' f . 3 , - 4 F I 1 I . CAPTAIN CHARLES JONES THE BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: William Fletcher, Mgr., R. V. Albritton, Charles Jones, Billy Greenway, ' Orville Miller, Marcus Morris, Phillip Wooten. Second Row: Casper Walden, Quil- lian Moreland, Charles Lee, Euell DuBose, Royce Lyles, Eddie McElroy, Jimmy Fraiser. Third Row: Ray Joiner, Charles Matthews, Don Williams, Mickey Lyles, Bill Cotton, Bobby Brown, Ernest Keen. The Ridge Basketball Tournament of 1950 was held in the Frostproof High School Gymnasium. The tournament was a great success in the games and in the attendance. RIDGE TOURNAMENT GAMES AND SCORES Wednesday Night Avon Park 38... ..............Kissimmee l9 Fort Meade 26 Haines City 37 .,,,,...,.,., .,,, . ,,,u...,..u....s....s....,. Lake Placid 34. Mulberry 53 ,,,,,,, Lake Wales 49... .. Frostproof 47,. Girls Fort Meade 37 lake Wales 30 Thursday Night Friday Night Auburndale 22 Haines City 40 ...Avon Park 29 .........Sebring 34 .,..,........Frostproof 34 ...........Haines City 28 Boys Lake Wales 51 .,..............,.. ..... ,.....,..,.,.. ........... l. U li E Placid 23 Mulberry 32 .....,,,,, ,... ,.,.. ..,,..,............................,.. ......... F r o s tproof 30 Saturday Night ' Finals Girls lake Wales 59 ........,... .Fort Meade 35 Boys Mulberry 25 .,..., ..........Lake Wales 20 391194 tproof Kul0nupAT Casper Walden, Co-Captain, R. V. Albritton, Orville Miller, Marcus Morris, Euell DuBose, Quillian Moreland, Charles Jones, Co-Captain, and Billy Greenway, xirzlikk 1 N A 4295 f f Of ff CWWWWJU if Clk Ama B LW Manager Betty Jean McKenzie, Jean Lyles, Edith Davis, Ruby Joyce Williams, Jean- ette Albritton, Jean Monroe, Felton Tyre, Assistant Manager Mary Albritton. lva Dean Schwab, Jenny Lou Kent, Anne Powell, Harty Marie Merritt, Harriet Grif- fin, Gertie Lynn Smith, and Coach Blye Bittle. Betty Sue Cotton, Betty Ruth Bryant, Barbara Lamb, Jean Langford, Betty Sue Trammel, Margie Stephenson, Peggy Jones. Jeanette Lee, Phyllis Langford, Carolyn Burnette, Edith Hall, Vivian Cawby, Bessie Morris. Q ,. , wg 0 f if ,,f' J A6 -4 , , Vx f , 'gg . W 'N " A 1.58 ,qi :I A. A52 td t A W UA 0 A . A g gy QQ? X Q :P fb , ,", 3, 4 1 Q Q 4 .1 J, , ' X If s , qv.: x . 'F as W 9' wit-gang: -"X N, MMM 9 EDQ 49 M! 5 4 QQMHWL Am! jmfnf P JM JZMM5 Q rx QMJTMWV bw n S 2 u Senior Track 'feam Orville Miller, John Earl Barberee, R. V. Albritton, Billy Greenway, Charlie Jones, Kenzie Harnage, Dwight Morris, Coach Rich, Casper Walden, Earl Bullard, Jimmy Stewart, Cecil Davis, and Billy Donahoe. unior Track Team Standing: Joel Jenkins Ronnie Johnston Howe Crews Milton l.yles Seated: Charles Mathews Donald Williams nf- Q9 I -r K . .', 0 Our Annual would not have been possible buf for the bus :ness rnen and friends who have placed ads herein Why nof show Them our apprecla fron by pafronlzlng them first? Cornplrmenfs of Townsend Sash Door G Lumber Company Frostproof Phone E l Wshes f0lLL8 jrosfpr 00 Shoo! BEN HILL GRIFFIN, Jr. jg Jdmmf jaw Florida 3751 l SlIver Nap O0IcIem Nlp Fruif Iunces CITRUS FOR I-IEALTI-I IL MAXQY? Im CITRUS PRODUCTS FROSTPROOF FLORIDA P lf BUCHANAN BUICK PONTIAC FRIGIDAIRE Phone 23 891 Lake Wales Florida FREELAND AND WI-IITEI-IURST MEN S WEAR Lake Wales Fla THE STATE THEATRE Lake Wales Florida Presents Good Wrshes A Ife long Feat sta rung Health and Happiness h 9 e er our Fre ds May Ha e Occas on to Added Attraction SUCCESS AN DFRI ENDS Ad on A m Ie and o good word Ina taxl W tte d ected and p oduced by the anagement and staff of the State Theatre THE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OF THE FROSTPROOF SCHOOL CEVLLC NSZHJWLC P CHICKEN STEAKS an SEAFOODS Sandwiches of All Kunds I I M 2 A M Phone 2 7621 SCENIC HIGHWAY LAKE WALES FLA I I I , . I I 5 lx ' ll .SAO I ure Y . ll ' ll I d s owin at "All Places" and "AII Times" where- ll ' - ll v I n v I be A. . - . . ll Il missi : s I ri n, Ir r m , . Barney Restaurant Phone 2 2181 Barney S Lake Wales Flonda MATHEH nf Lal-in Wales !CompIete Home Furmshrngsl Apprecrates the patronage of :ts nerghbors nn the Cnty of Frostproof Good Luck To The Graduates J V GOODRICH JR Mgr MISS BILLIE TUCKER Bkpr CARL PARNELL Salesman 8. Collector 223 225 Park Avenue Lake Wales Fla Telephone 2 2231 l"6Ll0Ql" 5-J WOIJA ig-lfLlfL8l"6L! CAQVVL8 A Elwood North Licensed Funeral Director 24 hour Ambulance Servnce Lady Attendant CREMATION Phone 2670 Lake Wales Flonda Phone 3991 Ft Meade Florlda Y . . S ? ' - 1 I ' W. E. GRIFFIN, JR., Collector om Imen s o Russell s 8 Hlll s GROCERY MEATS Karberee Q4 ssnvlce smnou an GARAGE MEN S WEAR PUWQJUL S Men S Shwp ByH FtpfEl d FRIEND SPRAYER SERVICE CORP GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES C pl f f 9 I 7 Frostprof, Florida Frosfprof, Fiorido "First with the new" Y X X L U ere ros ro, ori 0 Phone 2781 Frosfproof, Flo. 2 Gifts FINE DIAMONDS Compliments of Better Jewelry Silverware W! A ,W Greeting Cards Chma and Crystal Lake Wales Florlda Phone 21 873 Authortzed Bulova Elgm l-larmlton Watch Dealer ahnlE Smnnmmw Lake Wales Florida ,, 5 wg. xf fx. wax YHPV Ntxlfiail N R X E' 9 Don t miss the game sew AA we Don tmrss your place X XX rnllfe X MQ fx F FIN Go New or used car Plafeswfffw Wells Motor Co "LQ .J MQ Q . - - 1 1 U V r 4 l l 1 I ,- !H.- val mkefewft mae? rlrefwaf Y-K lf R ' Y - -- V X NV A t - YE- A ,T 1 1, M1 1 lr ll Vrvkwjq N :W X: ll V,-EQ -X 1 J t H R' lx I rf' 714553 1 lk' 'N Xt l, ,Ar lvl , 0 4 ,aff 'N ' 235' "A f""- t ' ' l K r 7 ,f XM,-, ,f ' "2 X. rx N1 ' X .r ' -. - - f ,L H ak ' A! 41.7, 'jr i if I X ll r lu "-1, Q Q' 1.15 X . X' Xvfx lvl Rl A qi ft rw XHMMX max- lr ml t Jfflg f R . X, ' V X 5 ff t x Agxlx 'V"'. 'SNC .T-1 l X 'mx l ff' rr VR A Wt-'l v ily l l' l ' ' N lfi ' l- l 'in lx -l ' , If X ' J K X N , RA Aw A girl xxx' Jf X,Kr.,,k V XX X fx , ,- , K 13 '-X Q, xx rt if ff., f 1 312 if gf -xi -w -K , . N X. Qual 557' Xe- 'L TVX 5 V X X , x A ,A 4: I we gm '- ' 2,3 X i ' qi Ani f Y X K X NN at .J Q: JJ' ff lx - . . 2 x A x,-, 1 ' ll' ' ery- tl 'I . yt 1 'A V! ' lf 1 e fx! ' mls- LLKIKL sg X3 H 14 xx l K fifll ff'X X v ' .' Q 'G T Q ' ' rf-2 .. . lt 'l ' i ll X -,4 Ill Y l l g l X X N X i X -.wif I R X 90 e ' '5'x 6211 -X 'ri "ig-'Egan X x 1.1 15555, X . efs FROG FOOD STORE Grade A Western Meats Household Accessorres Frosfproof Fla Scarborough Furmfure Co FURNITURE GI1 Household Furnlshmgs Scemc Highway Telephone 2481 Frosfproof Fla Davls Tires Complrmenfs of Western Aulo Phone 3781 Frostproof Flonda 0 ,J llllfllllf 0 CITIZEN S BANK or PRQSUVPRQUJP Complim n of d A . Groceries all 2 C in 4 ! TY C1f19S Servzce Stahon 62 Garage Phone 3771 OLDSMOBILE CARS Gas Onl Lubrncahon and Cor 3rd Sf and Scemc Hn Way Frosrproof Florida IIUTIIHENS HEEAPPINI3 For Best Service Phone 3951 Lowest Prrces T H A I.'S Fund Stare Frosfproof Florida Where F rosfproof Saves l I .I . . Accessories Frostproof, Florida I E Best Wrshes I llI'lllllll'H lfnmpany INCCDRPORATED , Mr ond Mrs H R Currfe Bczdcock Furniture jd g X General Electric Appllcmces HON an elm Phone 75 Oil-it A on Fork lo o 1 Highlands Coce Cole Bottling Co Avon Pork Flo do of I I V Q ,V I, F rid Avon Pork, Ftoradc 7 , C0111!1A'n1wzf. 'W - . , ri Patlents Annual Staff and Senlor' lass of' Frost proof Hlgh School Dlrectlons Shake well then take llberal doses 'md Congratulatlons from FRCDSTPRCDCDF PHARMACY Inc Frosfproof Florldo or present ond future success cmd hoppmess Complfmenfs of Compfzmenfs of STANDARD BUWDEN 5 WI- 50- HARDWARE J B MCLENDON AGENT Phone 2191 Frosfproof, Florudo Frosfproof, Florndo . . z , . of Best Wishes, Good Will, Compliments, I f 7 Compliments of W G PCND CITRUS GROWERS Phone 3915 Frosfproof Flo do Eof of e ivlzgluland rr Home Cooked Food ond Pres Frosfproof Flondo Service Station Slnclolr Auto Products Tnres Botterues Accessorues Mercury Cutbocxrd Motors Sales and Service Phone 3961 F osfproof Flo SULLIVAN 5 IEE HELIVEH1 Courfeous Servrce Phone 2771 rosfproof Flo th Q 11 Beatty's COSMETICS Revlon Cara Nome Elnzabeth Arden Lrpstucks Nall Polish Face Powder Manicure lmplements Perfumes Powders Etc MURRAY S PHARMACY LAKE WALES l-lallaway and Maxon Shell Service Station Underpass .lunctuon Hwy 60 and l7 Phone 2 l53l Phone 21531 LAKE WALES FLORIDA 57 rm, Lake Wales Floruda Exclusrve Shell Jewelry Souvenlrs and Gifts lor Everday Phone 2695 Jahna Concrete lnduslrles, lnc READY MlX CONCRETE BLOCKS BRICKS Scenic Highway P O Box 586 LAKE WALES FLORIDA SWARTZ SERVICE COMPANY and Sheet Metal Contractors LAKE WALES FLORIDA I . Piers and Bases - Reinforcing Steel 'IQ L I I Lmgefre Ibonald buck Accessories Cl'I'rus Juices Dresses 54 4 Florida Cllrus All Adverrrsed Brands Lake Wales Lake Wales Florlcla Your health rs our business EI I IS DRUG COMPANY WALGREEN AGENCY DRUGS Refreshing Sodus Excellent Food Arr condmoned for your comfort I W rd' ' ' Wfomrenfs Wear canners E1-owne A 11 Alcoma Arcade Lake Wales Fla Telephone 24 652 Rendezvous at BROWNE S Your favorite popular hrts an classics by the masters All Speeds es Wishes From S T O R Y S Frosfproof Florldo Compliments of RIDGE DAIRIES Besf Wrshes from SANTA S WORKSHOP South Pole Lake Woles Florldo The Enclnanlecl Vlllage of Cenlral Florida lOpen ng Ocfoberl 19501 I B f ' I ' n 5-10-25 STORE d BETTS 81 PAYNE S QUALITY GROCERIES 8. MEATS Phone 3991 F o tp oof a GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS W tche o s L J PIKE Jeweler Fo fp oof Flo do Compliments 9fQMmmC9 Frostroof Florida Phone 3881 Complzmenfs GEUHBES Texacn SEFVICE Garage 3rd ond Scennc Phone 3581 FROSTPROOF FLA Compliments of CARI.'I'0N'S HARDWARE sroke FROSTPROOF FLA I r s r , Fl . 0 O I 0 Elgin Keepsake c s . Dium nd o 0 ' r s r , ri ! I I JONES AND HOLCOMB GROCERIES GULF GAS AND OIL an BALLARD S FEEDS Phone 379l Frostproof Floruda McCALLlSTER S GROCERY Babson Park Flonda Where the partncular people of The Ridge Section buy therr food supplies Where they know they wrll ge I6 ounces un every pound and do not have to art for Frnday and Saturday to get quality merchandise at the right prrces Compliments of WALES FURNITURE Phone 2 336l Lake Wales Florida For your favorite Sundaes and drinks stop at ffaneh une Ice Cream and Milk Bar LAKE WALES FLORIDA EHIIILS Parts and Servlce Auto Supply Jobbers Auto Electric and Magneto Repairs Generator Starter Carburetor Voltage Regulator Armature Servlce Phone 23 Oll Lake Wales, Florida Compliments Krng s Icrccrranda Hotel and Dznmg Room AVON PARK FLORIDA Locatzon of SANDSPUR GIFT SHOP I I I 'r , W.. , . O Z . , I l , I 'I I I n Fir .KW F? 292A .-al kv ji -ff 'wwf Y,-Q--2' fx. -vu-.,, SPI: 5 . --ff 2" 1 f 4 Q.- V' :SW "HS SF . w .fa 24. V!! 'b ,Mg 'Q I ff: 61+ Q , gk my -, Mm, . A y 4 f-if A . 5 . :JW , -I A 1 . VW :,,.,...f,-'ff A f-.1 . ' 4 may , V 'f " fab X V if ""' " V . ' ' -ff' ' In I K K x NN. l "' LA .1 7 W"" ' M . L. T A ,,A,.,1 1 ' I? ? ' 3 - ,,,,A 3 .... , .ffff"' x 5 ' ff ff K -if-ffff'f' is 1 bi" A .W . 'f ' V Hi. nk Jeff , , . -J' . 'ruff' Qi gmafa-refwnwfw E1 'V f i ff, 'Miki 4' f. .+-frm' 1 x 1 ,g

Suggestions in the Frostproof High School - Bullpup Yearbook (Frostproof, FL) collection:

Frostproof High School - Bullpup Yearbook (Frostproof, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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